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How to order from us

  • You can place your order by post.
  • You can order online by sending a message to our email address
  • You can order by phone (outside UK: +44 1428 651473; within UK: 01428 651473).
  • You can order using our SKYPE VoIP service - our SKYPE name is brianedmundblood.
  • Mioplant Currency Converter - download this desktop utility to find out prices in your own currency!

How to order from the US

  • Our US order forwarding agent has retired. You can still order and purchase directly from us, but all transactions will be in £ sterling.
  • Alternatively, a number of US dealers handle our mid-priced wooden recorders. Contact Magnamusic for further details.
  • At present, our hand-made instruments are only available in the US directly from us.

How to order from our Australian agent

  • Orpheus Music stocks and sells our instruments and sheet music from within Australia and processes your order locally in Australian dollars
  • Click here to go to our Australian agent's site

How to order from our Hungarian agent

  • Velõsy Péter Kristķf is our Hungarian agent
  • His local telephone number is: 06-30-858-68-13
  • His SKYPE name is petervelosy
  • Click here to go to our Hungarian agent's site

How we handle orders placed with us (our agents will have their own arrangements)

  • All prices quoted on this site and on our invoices are in £ sterling
  • To estimate the price in your own local currency use's online currency calculator
  • From 1st April 2010 our products if purchased from us are VAT free
  • Once we have received your order, we will confirm the price, postage and packing and availability
  • When the item(s) are available we will send you a proforma invoice (by email if you have provided an email address)
  • Upon receipt of this invoice please pay by sending us a cheque, by making a bank-to-bank transfer or by using your credit card (we recommend Paypal)
  • Before you place an order please read all about the Dolmetsch Two Year Guarantee
  • If, on receipt, an instrument proves unsatisfactory you may return it
  • On receipt of the returned instrument by us, we will refund the full purchase price but not the postage or packing

How to pay for orders placed with us

To pay by credit card

Our Paypal facility accepts most credit cards.

  • If you want to pay by credit card please use our Paypal facility (see below)
  • Do not send credit card information by e-mail as our server is not secure

telephone from within UK: 01428-651473
telephone from outside UK: +44-1428-651473

To pay by money order or cheque
Please send it to our trading address:
Dolmetsch Organisation
Grayswood Road
GU27 2BS
The money order/check should be made out to B.E. Blood in £ sterling drawn on a UK bank. If you send a cheque in your own non-sterling currency please add the equivalent of £20 to the amount you are paying to cover the cost of conversion from your currency into £ sterling.

To pay bank to bank by electronic transfer
Please make sure that all charges are made to your account.

Please contact us for details of our account.

To pay invoices or make donations via Paypal

  • You can pay invoices or make donations using our 'donation' facility below.
  • To make a donation, click the 'donation' button below and follow the instructions.
  • To pay an invoice, click the 'donation' button, follow the instructions and enter the invoice number and invoice date in the information box.

    All about VAT

    What is VAT?

    Value Added Tax (VAT) is a sales tax which, in the United Kingdom, is administered by HM Customs & Excise. From 1st January 2010, in the UK, the main VAT rate is charged at 17Ŋ%.
    In the UK, as in all the member states of the European Community (EC), VAT is charged on the supply of goods and services by persons and firms who are taxable. In the case of VAT, taxable means registered to charge VAT. Each EC member state sets its own rate(s) and exemptions.
    In the UK, some goods and services are liable to VAT but the rate is zero (e.g. books and sheet music). In other cases, goods and services are exempt, in which case VAT is not charged at all (e.g. postage stamps purchased directly from a shop or post office).

    From 1st April 2010, VAT is no longer applicable on Dolmetsch product purchased directly from us.