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Name Born Died Information
Aiblinger, Johann Kaspar
23 Feb. 1779
Wasserburg, Germany
6 May 1867
Munich, Germany
studied in Munich and as a pupil of Simon Mayer in Bergamo, Italy. After posts in Vicenza, Venice and Milan he moved to Munich in 1819 as Kapellmeister of the Italian Opera as well as holding a number of posts in charge of music at various Munich churches
Aichinger, Gregor
c. 1565
Ratisbon (Regensburg), Germany
21 Jan. 1628
Augsburg, Germany
German composer, organist and priest. He studied in Ingolstadt and served the Fugger family there and in Augsburg. Between 1584-7 he studied with Giovanni Gabrieli, in Venice, and in Rome. At the time of his death he was singer and canon at St Gertrude in Augsburg. His music shows the influence of Lassus and of the contemporary Roman school. He cultivated the Venetian style, was one of the first Germans to imitate Viadana, and also wrote some purely instrumental music
Aigner, Engelbert 3 Feb. 1798 27 Aug. 1866 Austrian composer
Aikman, James (Whitton)
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  American composer
[provided by James Aikman]
Ailbout, Hans 2 Jul. 1879 1957 [used pseudonyms E. Becker, Bell, E. Born, Jean Boutail, E. Brandt, F. Eilenburg, Hans Ernesti, H. Faneau, Jose‚ Ferrin, F.K. Huber, Konrad ö”sen, H. Lange, Torelli], German teacher, conductor, and composer
Aim, Vojtech Borivoj 13 Apr. 1886 10 Sep. 1972 Czech composer and choirmaster
[entry corrected by Mats Hedelius]
Aimeric de Peguilhan
c.1170 1230 Provencal troubadour. His first patron was Raimon V of Toulouse, and in the course of a wandering life he came to know all the greatest musical patrons of the time. Of his work there survive fifty-four poems and six melodies
Aimon, Esprit 1754 1828 French violoncellist and composer
Aimon, (Pamphile Léopold) François 4 Oct. 1779
L'Isle, nr. Avignon, France
2 Feb. 1866
Paris, France
French cellist, conductor, and composer
Ainger, Geoffrey 28 Oct. 1925   English minister, teacher, and composer
Ainley, William Clark 13 Jul. 1834 1910 English organist, choirmaster, teacher, and composer (NS)
Ainscough, Juliana Mary 25 Apr. 1957   English teacher, organist, and composer
Ainslie, John 1942   English editor and composer
Aiolle (Aiolli), Francesco dell' (see Layolle, Francesco de)   
Airaksinen, Arvo bur. 4 May 1910 14 Jul. 1993 Finnish composer, organist and conducter of the Pori String orchestra
Aist, Dietmar von
fl. 1150-1170   Dietmar of Aist, a minnesinger in upper Austria; the earliest reference to him dates from 1139 (namely to a Ditmarus de Agasta who died around 1171) but there is doubt that this refers to our Dietmar von Aist who is considered the author of the first German Tageliedes (Trennung der Liebenden am Morgen)
Aitken, Hugh
7 Sep. 1924
New York, USA
  American composer and teacher (NS)
Aitken, Robert
28 Aug. 1939
Kentville, Nova Scotia
  began formal composition studies with Barbara Pentland while principal flutist of the Vancouver Symphony (1958-59) and then at the University of Toronto with John Weinzweig for both his Bachelor (1959-61) and Master's degrees (1961-64). As the first composition student admitted to the Electronic Music Studio of the University of Toronto, he became familiar with the latest developments in electronic music and composed a number of prominent electronic works. The first work which established him as a composer in the eyes of the concert public was his Concerto for 12 Soloists and Orchestra
Aiuola, Francesco dell' (see Layolle, Francesco de)   
Aivazyan (or Aivazian), Artemy Sergeyevich 9 Jul. (Old Style 26 Jun.) 1902
Baku, Armenia
1975 Armenian composer, cellist, and conductor
[entry corrected by Vramshapuh Jihanian]
Aizberg, Il'ya Semyonovich 26 (Old Style 14) Jan. 1868 7 Jul. 1942 Georgian pianist, pedagogue, and composer
Ajdinovic, Jacek Wiktor
1 Mar. 1985
Kraków, Poland
  Polish composer and cellist who lived in live in Kraków from 2001 to 2004. He studied with the composer, Professor Marek Stachowski. His music was performed at the International Contemporary Music Festival, Warsaw in the Autumn of 2004. He is a member of the Board of Youth Circle of Polish Composers' Union
[information provided by Jacek Wiktor Ajdinovic]
Ajlec, Rafael
29 Aug. 1915
Mokronog, Slovenia
11 Dec. 1977
Ljubljana, Solvenia
Slovenian composer and teacher (NS)
Ajolle, Francesco dell' (see Layolle, Francesco de)   
A Kempis, Nicolaus
(alternatively à Kempis)
c.1600 bur. 11 Aug. 1676 Flemish composer of instrumental works including a number of Symphonia (or Symphonies) published in Antwerp in the 1640s
A Kempis, Joannes Florentius (Jean-Florent) bap. 1 Aug. 1635 after 1711 Flemish organist and composer
a Kempis, Thomas (Petrus) (see Kempis, Thomas (Petrus) a)   
Akbarov, Ikram Il'khamovich 1 Mar. 1921   Kazakstani composer
Åkerberg, (Carl) Erik (Emanuel) 19 Jan. 1860
Stockholm, Sweden
20 Jan. 1938
Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish composer, organist, and conductor
Akerman, Richard Frank Martin 1871
Reading, England
Windsor, England
English organist, teacher, editor, and composer (NS)
Akeroyd, Arthur Thomas 10 Mar. 1862 18 Jul. 1943
Knaresborough, England
English organist, choirmaster, teacher, conductor, and composer (NS)
Akeroyde, Samuel fl. 1684-1706   English violinist and composer
Akers, Doris (Mae)
21 May 1924
Brookfield, Missouri, USA
26 Jul. 1995
Minneapolis, USA
American gospel singer, pianist, and composer (NS)
Akers, Howard Estabrook [pseudonym: Archie Masters] 17 Jul. 1913 1 Oct. 1984 American band director, conductor, editor, and composer
Akhinyan, Grigor Mushegovich 20 Apr. 1926   Armenian composer
Akhmetov, Fasil' Akhmetgaliyevich 23 May 1935   Russian (Kazakstani?) composer
Akhmetov, Khusain Faizullovich 6 Jan. 1914 (Old Style 24 Dec. 1913)   Russian composer
Akhron (see Achron)      
Akhundov, Vahid     tar-player and mugam composer from Azerbaijan
Akimenko (or Yakimenko), Feodor (Fyodor) Stepanovich 20 (Old Style 8) Feb. 1876
Khar'kov, Russia
3 Jan. 1945
Paris, France
pupil of Balakiref and Rimsky-Korsakof, teacher of Stravinsky; composer of piano and chamber music and opera
Akimov, Pietari 1876 1944 Russian composer
Akiyama, Kuniharu
22 May 1929
Tokyo, Japan
17 Aug. 1996
pupil of Cage and Xenakis; associated with music using objects like bottles and stones (NS)
Akiyoshi, Toshiko
12 Dec. 1929
Liaoyang, Manchuria, China
  jazz pianist, arranger and a major figure in jazz composition. She grew up in China, and only discovered jazz in her late teens after her family moved back to Japan. There she led her own band from 1952, and in due course moved to the USA to attend Berklee College of Music from 1956. She made a reputation as a fiery bebop pianist, and played in a quartet with saxophonist Charlie Mariano, whom she married. She also worked with Charles Mingus, before spending the mid-1960s back in Japan. After returning to the USA she led a trio, which grew to a quartet with the addition of tenorist and flautist Lew Tabackin, who became her second husband. By this time she was writing material of great originality and flair, and in 1973, she and Tabackin founded a large orchestra on the West Coast that made her an international reputation as a brilliant big band composer and bandleader. In the 1980s, already recognised as a major force in the big band world, she relocated to New York, and re-formed her band, which she continued to lead into the 21st century. Her distinctive, percussive piano style is rooted in bebop, but her compositions have a broad stylistic range, and many of her pieces conjure up a feeling of Japanese delicacy and grace
Akpabot, Samuel Ekpe
3 Oct 1932
Aug 2000
Uyo, Nigeria
Nigerian composer and organist (NS)
Aksakov, Sergey Sergeyevich 6 Jan. 1891 4 Sep. 1968 Russian composer
Akses, Necil Kâzim
6 May 1908
Constantinople, Turkey
16 Feb. 1999
Ankara, Turkey
Turkish composer
[date of death provided by Willem Pin] (NS)
Akst, Harry
15 Aug. 1894
New York, NY, USA
31 Mar. 1963
Hollywood, CA, USA
American popular composer and pianist; hit songs include Dinah (1925) and Am I Blue? (1929) (NS)
Aksyonov, Aleksey Nikolayevich 14 (Old Style 1) January 1909 15 May 1962 Russian composer
Aksyonov, Semyon Nikolayevich 1784 or 1790 11 Jun. (Old Style 30 May) 1853 Russian guitarist, composer, and pedagogue who developed or advanced the use of harmonics on his instrument
Aktug, Mehmet
30 May 1959
Istanbul, Turkey
30 Nov 2009
Essen, Germany
Turkish composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed in Europe and elsewhere (NS)
Akutagawa, Yasushi
12 Jul. 1925
Tokyo, Japan
31 Jan. 1989
Tokyo, Japan
son of Ryûnosuke Akutagawa, a prominent Japanese novelist, Yasushi studied composition with K. Hashimoto and conducting with N. Kaneko. His style, rather than drawing on Japanese folk or popular idiom, is internationalist inspired by Shostakovich and Prokofiev (NS)
Ala, Giovanni Battista c.1598 c.1630 Italian composer and organist
Alabiev (see Alyabiev)      
Aladau, Mikalai Illitsch (see Aladov, Nikolai Illyich)   
Aladov (or Aladow), Nikolai Illyich (or Aladau, Mikalai Illitsch) 21 (Old Style 9) Dec. 1890
St. Petersburg, Russia
4 Dec. 1972
Minsk, Russia
Belarusian composer and pedagogue
[additional information provided by Willem Pin]
Alagna, Matthew 27 Feb, 1920 14 May 1965 American composer, pianist, and trumpeter
Alain, Albert 1880 1971  
Alain, Jehan-Ariste
3 Feb. 1911
St.-Germain-en-Laye, France
20 Jun. 1940
Petit-Puy, France
born in to a highly musical family, his father, Albert Alain, was also a composer and organist (some of Albert's works are published by Leduc along with those of Jehan's younger brother Olivier), he studied organ with Marcel Dupré and composition with Paul Dukas. He composed music for organ, piano and various chamber variations
Alain, Olivier
3 Aug. 1918
Saint-German-en-Laye, nr. Paris, France
28 Feb. 1994
Paris, France
French composer, pianist, and musicologist (NS)
Alaire fl. 1534-49   French composer
Alakotila, Timo
15 Jun. 1959
Hattula, Finland
  Finnish pianist, harmonium player, composer and arranger
[birth date confirmed by Wim Pin] (NS)
Alaleona, Domenico
16 Nov. 1881
Montegiorgio, Italy
28 Dec. 1928
Montegiorgio, Italy
Italian composer and organist (NS)
Alamanda d'Estane, Lady
flourished late 1100s   trobairitz
Alamani, Jo(?hannes) fl. 14th century   composer
Alamire, Pierre (Petrus) (also Peter van den Hove)
Nuremberg, Bavaria
26 Jun. 1536
to describe Petrus Alamire as a composer would be misleading, since there never was such a person, and it had been thought doubtful that he ever personally contributed a work to the ornate books that he prepared. He led a colourful life, including that of a British spy, so there may have been good reason that he arrived in that part of the world that is now Belgium, using a pseudonym. He was German, probably called Petrus Imhoff, and he was skilled in music, in particular as a copyist, who produced the most beautiful books. He was soon in demand by Royalty who used these elaborate books as major gifts. They have, therefore, been well preserved. The origin of all the music is not known, and Alamire had probably collected it on his travels before he arrived in the Low Countries - as they were then know. Handed down is around 850 works in 48 choir books. Music is even discovered in bookbindings, obviously incorrectly copied and used for this purpose. We know that his fame spread throughout Europe, as he supplied famous houses with these fine documents, Only one work is attributed with certainty to Alamire, a four-part instrumental piece Tandernaken op den Rijn; however his evident skill as a composer suggests that many of the anonymous works of the time may be his
Álamo, Lázaro González del c.1530 between 17 Mar. and 19 May 1570 Spanish composer active in Mexico
Alandia Canipa, Edgar
Oruro, Bolivia
  Bolivian composer, now resident in Italy, of stage, orchestral, chamber, vocal, and electroacoustic works that have been performed throughout Europe and in the Americas; he is also active as a conductor
Alanus, Johannes [Jo. Alani]
  c.1373 English composer (NS)
Alard, Jean-Delphin
8 Mar. 1815
Bayonne, France
22 Feb. 1888
Paris, France
French composer and violinist who was praised by Paganini and performed at a memorial service for Felix Mendelssohn. Alard compiled a collection of 56 pieces entitled Maitres clasiques du violon and wrote Ecole du violon: methode complete et progressive [Studies for the violin: A complete and progressive method] which include 24 caprices in all of the different keys. Alard succeeded Baillot in the royal orchestra and as professor of music at the conservatory in Paris which position he held from 1843 to 1875. Jean-Delphin Alard, son-in-law of the French luthier Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798-1875), inherited both the 1715 Alard and 1716 Messiah Stradivari
Alardy, Jacques (Jacobus) c.1515 c.1593 Flemish composer active in Spain
Alarius (see Verloge, Hilaire)   
Alart, Simon   after 1515 French composer
Alary, Jules (Giulio) Eugène Abraham 16 Mar. 1814
Mantova, Italy
17 Apr. 1891
Paris, France
Italian composer and conductor
Alasgarov, Suleyman 1924   Azerbaijani professor at the Baku Academy of Music, most famous for his popular musical comedy Ulduz
Alassio, Nino 13 Apr. 1872 7 Mar. 1954
Genoa, Italy
Italian composer (NS)
Alba, Alonso Perez d' c.1475
Spanish composer and A singer at the Court of Queen Isabella from 1491. He is represented in the Cancionero de Palacio, and also wrote a quantity of sacred music
Alba, Pedro fl. 1557-72   Spanish composer
Albam, Manny (Emmanuel)
24 Jun. 1922
born at sea en route to Dominican Republic
2 Oct. 2001
Croton, New York, USA
composer/arranger, saxophonist. Emigrated to New York when he was six years old. Played alto and baritone NYC from 1940; wrote for many bands in that decade including Muggsy Spanier, Boyd Raeburn, Bobby Sherwood, San Donahue, Charlie Barnet. From 1950 a fluent, successful Swing Era-based freelance arranger. Drum Suite (1955) on RCA typical of best work: wrote half the arrangements (rest by Ernie Wilkins); band included Al Cohn, Joe Newman, Conte Candoli, other excellent sidemen; drummers Osie Johnson, Gus Johnson, Don Lamond, Ted Sommer providing tasteful punctuation: no loud solos, just beautiful swing. Much TV and film work; visited UK, recorded with Tubby Hayes; many albums as leader now out of print on RCA, Dot, Solid State, Coral (The Jazz Greats Of Our Time, two vols of original comps. with all-star sidemen; West Side Story, Sophisticated Lady 1957-8). Wrote and recorded with Curtis Fuller, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins (La Vie En Rose (1956)), Gerry Mulligan, Buddy Rich, Clark Terry; wrote Afro-Dizzyac for Dizzy Gillespie, Country Man for Dakota Staton, etc. Taught at Eastman School of Music (1970s)
Albanese, (Egide-Joseph-Ignace-)Antoine 1729 1800 French soprano castrato and composer of Italian origin
Albanese, Guido 2 Dec. 1893   Italian composer
Albanesi, Carlo 22 Oct. 1856 21 Sep. 1926 Italian pianist and composer
Albanesi, Luigi 3 Mar. 1821 4 Dec. 1897 Italian pianist and composer
Albano, Marcello fl. 1601-16   Italian composer and musician
Albany, Joe [Joseph Albani]
24 Jan. 1924
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
11 Jan. 1988 pianist and songwriter. Important bop pianist, modern execution not obscuring deep feeling for the blues. Overlooked by critics for many years, partly because he walked out of jobs (e.g. with Charlie Parker) over musical differences. Worked 1940s with Benny Carter, Stan Getz; his first recording session was with Georgie Auld's big band in 1945 (Honey, Stompin' At The Savoy), but records with Lester Young (1946) in LA revealed both in comping and solos that he was well ahead of the field. In a broadcast from the Finale Club in 1946 Albany is an aggressive participant, his choruses fully a match for Charlie Parker's, raising memories of the creative duelling of Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines. Albany was potentially a giant who got lost, perhaps because of drugs; in the late 1940s, he told Ira Gitler, he was passing as an albino in a black neighbourhood in Tulsa. First recording as a leader was quartet set The Right Combination (1957) with Warne Marsh; he wrote songs recorded by Anita O'Day (At Mr Kelly's '58 on Verve); worked with Charles Mingus in NYC (1963). Further albums included Joe Albany At Home and Proto-Bopper (1971-2) on Spotlite; trio set Birdtown Birds and Two's Company with bassist Niels-Henning Oersted Pederson, both on Steeplechase, made in Copenhagen (1973-4); solo sets incl. one made in Milan (1974) on Horo, This Is For My Friends and Plays George Gershwin And Bruce Lane made in Paris (1976) on Musica, The Albany Touch (1977) on Seabreeze in CA; duo Joe + Joe (1974) in Rome with Joe Venuti on Horo; trio Bird Lives! NYC (1979); Portrait Of An Artist (1981) on Elektra with George Duvivier, Charlie Persip, Al Gofa on guitar (NS)
Albareda, Marcián fl. 1622-26   Spanish composer
Albarello, Riccardo 1869 Jan. 1896 Italian teacher and composer
Albéniz, Isaac (Manuel Francisco)
29 May 1860
Camprodón, Catalonia, Spain
18 May 1909
Cambô-les-Bains, France
child prodigy and pupil of Liszt, significant composer of music for piano often exploiting Spanish rhythmic and melodic idiom including the cycle Iberia. He formed a contract with the English banker Francis Burdett Money-Coutts in which Albéniz set the banker's libretto but the association produced only one success Pepita Jiménez. A trilogy based around the story of King Arthur was never performed. (NS)
Albéniz, Mateo Perez
23 Jun. 1831
San Sebastián, Spain
a Spanish composer and theorist. He was maestro de capilla in Lograno and San Sebastian. A Sonata in D, his only surviving keyboard work, is in a lively 6/8 tempo inspired by the Spanish Zapateado (NS)
Albéniz y Basanta, Pedro
14 Apr. 1795
Logroño, Castile, Spain
12 Apr. 1855
Madrid, Spain
son of above, pianist, organist and composer of minor piano and vocal pieces (NS)
Alberch Vila, Pere
Vic, Spain
16 Nov. 1582
Barcelona, Spain
Spanish composer (NS)
Alberdi, Juan Bautista
29 Aug. 1819 19 Jun. 1884 Argentinean laywer, man of letters, and composer (NS)
Alberga, Eleanor
30 Sep. 1949
Jamaica, W.I.
  Alberga was born in Jamaica, came to Britain in 1970 on a scholarship to the RAM, and then settled here. Her music is both informed by her classical training and reflects the diversity of her background, which includes dancing with an authentic African dance company and singing Jamaican folksongs. The press frequently comment on the rich, colouful atmospheres she evokes, and her bright, energetic scoring. Her music has been performed by many leading orchestras, including the London Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic, LMP and the Bournmouth Sinfonietta. In 1991 Alberga wrote the music for the film Escape from Kampala which was nominated for a BAFTA award
Albergati (Capacelli), Pirro Conte d'
20 Sep. 1663
Bologna, Italy
22 Jun. 1735
Bologna, Italy
Italian composer (NS)
Alberghetti, Bernardino probably c. 1600 after 1649 Italian composer and musician
Alberghi, Paolo Tommaso bap. 31 Dec. 1716 11 Oct. 1785 Italian violinist, composer, and teacher
Albero y Ananos, Sebastian Ramon de
Roncal, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Spanish organist and composer, a contempory and colleague of Dominico Scarlatti during the latter's period at the Spanish Court (NS)
Albers, Bradley Gene 26 Aug. 1952   American administrator and composer
Albers, John Kenneth 10 Dec. 1924   American popular composer, singer and arranger
Albert, Prince Consort, Prince of Saxe-Coberg-Gotha
26 Aug. 1819
Schloss Rosenau, Germany
14 Dec. 1861
Windsor, England
consort to Queen Victoria, organist and minor composer of songs and church music much of it influenced by Mendelssohn
Albert, Adrienne
  American mezzo-soprano, noted for her work with Igor Stravinsky, and composer living and working in Santa Monica, California. Although relatively new to composition, Albert is established in the field with a recent NEA grant for a “symphony” about Homer, Alaska, now complete, and various other commissions, artist in residencies, and awards. Albert's work is performed internationally, in the US, in Europe, and extends to a recent set of Chinese performances
Albert, Charles Louis Napoléon d'
25 Feb. 1809
26 May 1886 French dancing-master and composer (NS)
Albert, Eugen d' (originally Francis Charles)
10 Apr. 1864
Glasgow, Scotland
3 Mar. 1932
Riga, Latvia
studied under Liszt, composer of 20 operas, including Die Abreise and Tiefland, piano concertos, a symphony and much chamber music. He married six times. His music showed the influence of Brahms.
Albert, Franz Eduard 29 Oct. 1879   German military band director and composer
Albert, Heinrich
8 Jul. 1604
Lobenstein, Saxony
6 Oct. 1651
Konigsberg, Germany
German organist and composer, cousin and pupil of Heinrich Schütz (NS)
Albert, Karel
16 Apr. 1901
Antwerp, Belgium
23 May 1987
Liedekerke, Belgium
Belgian composer who wrote some of his work under the pseudonym Karel Victors. (Some sources suggest he died 4 Oct. 1987)
[information revised by Ivo Jacobs (23/Apr/2008)] (NS)
Albert, Ludwig
26 Apr. 1966
 Belgian marimba virtuoso and composer
Albert, Stephen
6 Feb. 1941
New York City, USA
27 Dec. 1992
Cape Cod, MA, USA
American composer who won the Pulitzer Prize 1985 for his symphony RiverRun
Albert, Thomas
14 Dec. 1948
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
  American composer and teacher. His music is stylistically postmodern, exhibiting influences of Ives, Copland, Crumb, minimalism and 20th century American popular music
Albertazzi, Alberto 1783   Italian composer and piano teacher
Albertet de Sestaro fl. 1210-31   troubadour
Alberti, Bob
1 Dec. 1934   American popular composer and arranger (NS)
Alberti, Domenico [de Albertis]
Venice, Italy
Formio, Rome
Italian singer, harpsichordist and composer whose works bridge the Baroque and Classical periods
Alberti, Gasparo
Padua, Italy
Bergamo, Italy
an Italian composer who worked his way through the ranks at the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Bergamo, starting as a cleric in 1503, and eventually becoming maestro di cappella by 1536. He was forced to retire in 1550, but was reappointed and worked there until 1559. Alberti was one of the first composers to use a number of new techniques, including the use of cori spezzati and salmi spezzati
Alberti, Giuseppe Mateo
20 Sep. 1685 18 Feb. 1751 Italian composer and violinist (NS)
Alberti, Innocentio
c.1535 15 Jun. 1615 Italian instrumentalist and composer (NS)
Alberti, Johann Friedrich
11 Jan. 1642
Tönning, Schleswig, Germany
14 Jun. 1710
Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
German composer and organist (NS)
Alberti, Lodovico
1857 6 Apr. 1939
Santa Margherita, Ligure, Italy
Italian composer (NS)
Alberti, Nino 1878   Italian composer and critic
Alberti, Pietro fl. 1697-1706   Italian composer, violinist, and organist resident in North Europe
Albertin, Alfons 18th century   German composer
Albertine, Charles
24 Feb. 1929
Passaic, New Jersey, USA
18 May 1986
Los Angeles, California, USA
American popular composer who though completely self-taught wrote and arranged for many of the leading bands of his day, wrote film scores and music for successful TV series and even classical works including a symphony (NS)
Albertini, Albert Nicholas [Al Alberts]
10 Aug. 1922
Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
27 Nov 2009
Arcadia, Florida, USA
American popular composer, lyricist, and singer (NS)
Albertini (or Albertino), Ignazio
possibly Milan, Italy
22 Sep. 1685
Vienna, Austria
violinist and composer of instrumental music and sonatas for his instrument. He was for some time attached to the court in Vienna and was, for a reason as yet unelucidated, murdered in 1685 (NS)
Albertini, Joachim (Gioacchino) 1749
27 Mar. 1812
Warsaw, Poland
Polish composer of Italian birth
Albertini, Thomas Anton c.1660 3 Oct. 1735 German composer
Albertoni, Azzo [pseudonym: Alberto Edelmann] 14 Feb. 1862   Italian composer, librettist, director, and voice teacher
Albertsen, Per (Hjort) 27 Jul. 1919
Trondheim, Norway
  Norwegian composer, organist, and teacher
Albertus Parisiensis, Magister
fl. 12th century   French cantor and composer, probably originally from Estampes, in the Arrondissement of Mirande
Albertz, Sef
4 Mar. 1971
  Venezuelan guitarist, arranger and composer now based in Germany (NS)
Albicastro, Henrico (Heinz or Heinrich von Blankenburg or Weissenburg)
before 1670
after 1738
Bieswangen, The Netherlands
pseudonym of Johann Heinrich von Weissenburg. He studied at the University of Leiden from 1681. Around 1700 he was in Amsterdam, where Roger published a number of his virtuosic works for strings, including concertos and more than fifty sonatas for violin (some with viola or cello) and continuo and used the Folia in one of his sonatas. J. J. Quantz mentions (in his autobiography in Marpurg's Historisch-kritische Beiträge) having practiced Albicastro's works as a youth (NS)
Albin, Peter Scott 6 Jun. 1944   American popular composer, lyricist, and electric bassist
Albini, Felix 10 Dec. 1869 18 Apr. 1933 Croatian composer (NS)
Albini, Filippo probably between 1580 and 1590 1626 or later Italian composer and musician
Albini, Francesco Maria Mar. 1829 11 Jun. 1917 Italian composer
Albini, Srecko (Felix) 10 Dec. 1869 18 Apr. 1933 Croatian composer and conductor
Albini, Francesco Maria Mar. 1829 11 Jun. 1917 Italian composer
Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni (Zuane)
8 Jun. 1671
Venice, Italy
17 Jan. 1751
Venice, Italy
Italian violinist who was a significant influence on J.S. Bach; composer of concerti grosso, more than 40 operas and a spurious although charming Adagio most probably the work of his biographer Remo Giazotto (b. 1910)
Alboniz, Miguel29 May 1917 guitarist and transcriber
Albrecht, Alexander
12 Aug. 1885
Arad, Hungary
30 Aug. 1958
Bratislava, Slovakia
in 1908 he was elected chief organist of the church in Bratislava and he taught in the church school. From 1921 he was chief organist at the cathedral of St. Martin. Performances of his compositions have taken place in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Berlin, Chicago U.S.A.; some of them under his personal direction (NS)
Albrecht, Georg von
19 Mar. 1891
Kazan, Russia
15 Mar. 1976
Heidelberg, Germany
German composer and pianist (NS)
Albrecht, Johann Lorenz
8 Jan. 1732
Görmar in Mühlhausen, Germany
29 Nov, 1768
Mühlhausen, Germany
German writer on music and composer (NS)
Albrecht, Karl (Franzovich) 8 Sep. (Old Style 27 Aug. 1807 8 Mar. (Old Style 24 Feb.) 1863 German conductor and composer resident in Russia
Albrecht, Ludwig [Lyudvig Karlovich] 8 Jun. (Old Style 27 May) 1844 1899 Russian cellist and composer
Albrecht, Max Richard 14 Mar. 1890 13 or 14 February 1945 German composer
Albrecht, Pôl
23 May 1874
8 May 1975
Luxembourg band conductor and composer (NS)
Àlbrechtsberger, Johann Georg
3 Feb. 1736
Klosterneuburg, Austria
7 Mar. 1809
Vienna, Austria
friend of Joseph Haydn, teacher of counterpoint to Beethoven; composer and important musical theorist. In 1772 he obtained the position of court organist in Vienna, which he held for twenty years, before he became choirmaster at St. Stephen's Cathedral
Albrici, Bartolomeo c.1640 1693 or later Italian keyboard player and composer
Albrici, Vincenzo
26 Jun. 1631
Rome, Italy
8 Aug. 1696
Prague, Bohemia
Italian composer and keyboard player
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Albright, William
20 Oct. 1944
Gary, Indiana, USA
17 Sep. 1998
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
American composer, organist and pianist. Although he had composed music for practically every instrumental and vocal medium, he was primarily known for his keyboard works
Albu, Sandu 22 Aug. 1897   Romanian violinist, teacher, and composer
Albuzio, Giovanni Giacopo fl. 1536   Italian lutenist, viola player, and composer of German birth
Alcalay, Luna
21 Oct. 1928
Zagreb, Croatia
9 Oct. 2012
Vienna, Austria
sometime teacher with the Vienna Boys Choir and piano teacher. As a result of contact with avant-garde influences, she developed a highly personal compositional system (NS)
Alcaraz, Jordi
10 Jun. 1943 11 Jun. 1985 Catalan composer (NS)
Alcarotto [Alcarotti], Giovanni Francesco c.1536 8 May 1596 Italian composer
Alcedo, José Bernardo
20 Aug. 1788
Lima, Peru
28 Dec. 1878
Lima Peru
Peruvian composer
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Alchevsky, Grigory Alekseyevich
Kharkiv, Ukraine, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Ukrainian vocal pedagogue, singer, and composer
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin]
fl. 7th century BC   Ancient Greek choral lyric poet from Sparta
Alcock, Gilbert A. 1870 10 Jan. 1954 English organist, choirmaster, and composer
Alcock, Gillian
1950   Australian dulcimer maker, player, music publisher, teacher and writer (NS)
Alcock, James 29 Jun. 1778 30 Apr. 1860 English singer, teacher, and composer
Alcock, John snr.
11 Apr. 1715
London, England
23 Feb. 1806
Lichfield, England
composer. Organist at St Andrew, Plymouth (1737-41), St Lawrence, Reading (1741-49), Lichfield Cathedral (1749-60), Sutton Coldfield (1761-86), Tamworth (1766-90); composer of church music, glees and instrumental music (NS)
Alcock, John jnr.
bap. 28 Jan. 1740
Plymouth, England
bur. 27 Mar. 1791
Walsall, England
son of above; organist at Newark (1756-68), Walsall (1773-91); composer of church music
Alcock, Stanley 1871 7 Jan. 1964 English composer
Alcock, Sir Walter Galpin
29 Dec. 1861
Edenbridge, Kent
11 Sep. 1947
Salisbury, England
organist of Salisbury Cathedral; composer of church music (NS)
Alcorn, Michael
  Michael Alcorn studied at the University of Ulster and completed a PhD in composition with John Casken at the University of Durham. In 1989 he was appointed composer-in-residence at Queen's University, Belfast, where he continues to teach in the School of Music. He is particularly active as a promoter of new music technologies and was appointed director of SARC, the Sonic Arts Research Centre based at Queen’s University, Belfast, in 2001. He has been a visiting composer at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University, and at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. (NS)
Alcorta, Amancio Jacinto
16 Aug. 1805
Santiago del Estero, Argentina
3 May 1862
nr. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentinean composer and politician (NS)
Aldana, José Manuel 1758 7 Feb. 1810 Mexican violinist and composer
Aldana, Mario Kuri (or Kuri-Aldana, Mario) 15 Aug. 1931   Mexican composer (NS)
Alday (le père) 1737   French violin teacher and composer
Alday, François (l'aîné) c.1761
Mahón, Menorca
possibly Lyons, France
French violinist and composer
Aldega, Giovanni 26 Feb. 1815 April 1862 Italian composer
Alden, John W. 13 May 1895   American composer and teacher
Alden, Joseph Reed 28 Jul. 1886 18 Sep. 1951 American popular composer and lyricist
Alder, Cosmas c.1497 7 Nov. 1550 Swiss composer
Alder, Richard Ernst 8 Jun. 1853 Mar. 1904 Swiss conductor and composer
Alderighi, Dante
7 Jul. 1898
Taranto, Italy
12 Dec. 1968
Rome, Italy
Italian pianist and composer (NS)
Aldomar, Pedro Juan fl. 1506   Spanish composer
Aldous, Benjamin
Cornwall, England
  he studied composition with Jonathan Powles and Stephen Pratt at Liverpool and then studied with Adrian Beaumont at Bristol for his Masters degree. He was awarded a grant from the RVW trust to study in Bristol. He has met occasionally with Philip Cashian (NS)
Aldous, J(ohn) E(dmund) P(aul)
8 Dec. 1853
Sheffield, England
23 Jan. 1934
Hamilton, Canada
English organist, teacher, conductor, and composer who became resident in Canada (NS)
Aldrich, David Brent 30 Aug. 1951   American composer and jazz pianist
Aldrich, Henry
22 Jan. 1648
London, England
14 Dec. 1710
Oxford, England
composer of church music and catches including, according to some sources, the round Great Tom Is Cast. Mark Gilson, in a personal communication, notes that Great Tom Is Cast was published in The Musical Companion, attributed to Matthew White. Aldrich would only have been 19 at the time and is unlikely to be the author, though he would certainly have been familiar with the round. His most famous round was Bonny Christ Church Bells which shares certain characteristics with 'Great Tom' (NS)
Aldridge, Amanda Ira [Amanda Christina Elizabeth; Ring, Montague]
10 Mar. 1866
London, England
5 Mar. 1956
London, England
English composer, singer, and teacher (NS)
Aldridge, Donald Ray 24 Apr. 1947   American popular composer, lyricist, and singer
Aldridge, Robert Livingston
7 Sep. 1954
Richmond, VA, USA
  Robert Livingston Aldridge is a faculty member of Western Oregon University. He earned his Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Musical Arts from Yale University, a Master of Music from New England Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Massachusetts Artist's Foundation, and the Lila Wallace/Reader's Digest Fund. His opera, Elmer Gantry, was given its full stage world premiere by Tulsa Opera in 2001. He has been Composer-in-Residence at the American Dance Festival, and has been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony on five occasions. He represented the New York Foundation for the Arts in a solo concert of his music at Lincoln Center, and he is a founder of Composers in Red Sneakers. His music has been recorded on BMG, RCA Red Seal, GM, Foghorn, SoundVision, Open Loop, and Northeastern labels, and he is published by G. Schirmer and Dorn Publications (NS)
Aldrovandini, Giuseppe Antonio Vincenzo
(alternatively: Aldovrandini, Andervandino, Androvandino, Giuseppe, Gioseffo, Antonio Vincenzo, Giuseppe Maria)
8 Jun. 1671
Bologna, Italy
9 Feb. 1707
Bologna, Italy
Italian composer, principally of opera
Alegiani, Romolo 11 May 1890   Italian composer and conductor
Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Vasil'evich (see Alexandrov, Alexander)      
Alemshah, Kourkene 22 May 1907 14 Dec. 1947 Armenian composer
Alenev, Yevgeny (or Eugen) Fyodorovich 17 (Old Style 5) May 1864 12 Mar. (Old Style 27 Feb.) 1902 Russian composer and pianist
Aleotti, Raffaella (see Aleotti, Vittoria)      
Aleotti, Vittoria (also known as Raffaela Aleotta)
1574 1646 composer of madrigals and sacred works that were published in Venice in 1593
Ales, Oreste 1853 1929 Italian composer
Aleskerov, Suleiman Eiyub ogly 22 Feb. 1924   Azerbaijani composer
Alessandrescu, Alfred 14 (Old Style 2) August 1893 18 Feb. 1959 Romanian composer, pianist, and conductor
Alessandri, Felice
24 Nov. 1747
Rome, Italy
15 Aug. 1798
Casalino, nr. Modena, Italy
Italian composer (NS)
Alessandri, Giulio d' fl. 1684-96   Italian composer
Alessandrini, Luigi 1736 29 Jan. 1794 Italian composer
Alessandrino, Venetiano 16th century   Italian composer
Alessandro (or Alessandri), Gennaro d' fl. 1739-40   Italian composer
Alessandro, Raffaele d' 17 Mar. 1911 17 Mar. 1959 Swiss composer, pianist, and organist
Alessandro Mantovano fl. c. 1510-c. 1530   Italian composer
Alessandro Padovano fl. 1563   Italian composer
Alessio, Carlos D'
Buenos Aires, Argentina
14 Jun. 1992
Paris, France
Argentinean-born composer of songs, music for the theatre and for film who is particularly associated with the films of Marguerite Duras (NS)
Aletter, Wilhelm
(pseudonym is Alphonse Tellier)
27 Jan. 1867
30 Jun. 1934
Wilhelm Aletter, a German-American pianist, was a prolific writer of light music and used five pseudonyms especially Alphonse Tellier, Leo Norden and Herbert Wells Thayer. Under his own name he published Happy Youth: Twelve Easy Pieces (2 vols.) and under the name Tellier he published Plainte d'amour (1908), almost certainly a transcription. Perhaps Hearts and Flowers was his best known piano piece
Alexander, Alfred 8 May 1844   English organist and composer
Alexander, Arthur 25 Mar. 1891
Dunedin, New Zealand
20 Dec. 1967
Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England
pianist, organist, singer, conductor and composer of songs and piano music. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music where he won the McFarren Prize and the Chappell Gold Medal, debuted in Vienna and spent three years in Paris. He spent a number of years in Ametrica as music adviser to George Eastman, founder of the Eastman School of Music. In 1922 Eastman instantly dismissed Alexander, a musician whom he admired very much. Arthur, in addition to being in charge of Mr. Eastman's music and teaching voice at the Eastman, was conductor of the Eastman Theatre Orchestra and was to conduct the new Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. He and Mr. Eastman were talking about the programmes in the theatre. Mr. Eastman suggested that it would be a good idea to have Samuel L. Rothafel, managing director of the Roxy Theatre, come from New York to "see how we are doing." Arthur disagreed and a heated argument developed. Finally Arthur said, "If 'Roxy' comes here, I quit." Without raising his voice Mr. Eastman replied, "I accept your resignation, Arthur." Thus ended the Rochester career of a brilliant musician. Alexander returned to London and was professor of piano at the Royal College of Music. He premiered Bax's Piano Sonata no.2. He was married to the composer Freda Swain from 1921
(known as Der Meister or Der Wilde)
fl. 1247-1288
in Germany and Schwabia
  a minnesinger of the late thirteenth century. Four of his melodies survive, including a relatively mature example of the Leich(or lai)
Alexander, Christian (David) 15 Jan. 1964   English composer
Alexander, Haim [Heinz]
9 Aug. 1915 18 Mar. 2012 Israeli composer and teacher of German birth (NS)
Alexander, Jeff
2 Jul. 1910
Seattle, Washington, USA
23 Dec. 1989
Whidbey Island, Washington, USA
American popular composer and conductor (NS)
Alexander, Josef 15 May 1907 28 Feb. 1992 American composer
Alexander, Larry 21 Jul. 1939   American popular songwriter
Alexander, Leni
8 Jun. 1924
Breslau, Germany
7 Aug. 2005
Santiago, Chile
Chilean composer of German origin (NS)
Alexander, Monty (Bernard Montgomery)
6 Jun. 1944
Kingston, Jamaica
  jazz pianist who moved from Jamaica to Florida in 1962 and then to New York in the early 70s. He led own trio with Milt Jackson and Ray Brown in the early 1970s. His unique laid-back style, slightly behind the beat and with Caribbean influence, has been characteristic of his live performances and his many recordings
Alexander, Robyn Lynn 10 Jun. 1951   American popular composer, lyricist, and singer
Alexander, Russell
26 Feb. 1877
Nevada City, Missouri, USA
2 Oct. 1915
Liberty, New York, USA
virtuoso on the euphonium; joined the circus band of Belford's Carnival at the age of 18. At 20, became arranger and euphonium soloist with Barnum & Bailey Circus Band under the noted circus bandmaster Carl Clair. Toured Europe with the circus from 1897-1902. As a composer he is considered one of the greatest of American march writers, particularly noted for his circus marches. Famous marches include Colossus of Columbia, Memphis the Majestic, Belford's Carnival, Storming of El Caney Galop, The Southerner and Burr's Triumphal
Alexander, Van (born Alexander Van Vliet Feldman)
2 May 1915   American popular composer, lyricist, and arranger (NS)
Alexander, William P. 8 Nov. 1927   American composer
Alexandra (Moraru), Liana
27 May 1947
Bucharest, Romania
2011 (?) Romanian composer and teacher (NS)
Alexandre (Alessandro), Charles-Guillaume c.1735 late 1787 or early 1788
Paris, France
French composer and violinist
Alexandrescu, Romeo 17 Jun. 1902 1976 (?) Romanian composer, pianist, and musicologist (NS)
Alexandrov, Alexander (aka Vasil'yevich) (see Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Vasil'evich
13 Apr. 1883
Plakhino, Russia
8 Jul. 1946
Berlin, Germany
a Russian Soviet composer, the founder of the Red Army Choir, who wrote the music for the national anthem of the Soviet Union, which in 2001, became the anthem of Russia (with new lyrics)
Alexandrov (or Alexandrof, Alexandrow), Anatoly Nikolayevich
25 (Old Style 13) May 1888
Moscow, Russia
16 Apr. 1982
Moscow, Russia
pupil of Taneief; composer of songs, piano sonatas and orchestral works. Alexandrov was influenced by Scriabion, Medtner and Rachmaninov. His work typifies the development of Russian music from the turn of the century to the final stage of socialist realism and the dissolution of Soviet cultural policy in the 1980s
Alexandrov, Boris Alexandrovich
4 Aug. (Old Style 22 Jul.) 1905 17 Jun. 1994 Russian composer and conductor, particularly of military music (NS)
Alexandrov, Nikolay Ivanovich 23 (Old Style 11) Dec. 1818 5 Jan. 1886 (Old Style 24 Dec. 1885) Russian guitarist and composer
Alexandrov, Yury Mikhailovich 1 Sep. (Old Style 19 Aug.) 1914   Russian composer and editor
Alexandrova-Kochetova, Alexandra Dorimedontovna 24 Oct. 1833 17 Nov. 1903 Russian singer and composer (NS)
Alexandrowa, Mlle. A. 1835
  pianist, singer and published composer
Alexiadis, Minas
Athens, Greece
  Greek jazz pianist and composer (NS)
Alexiou, Haris
(nee Hariklia Roupaka)
27 Dec. 1950
Thebe, Greece
  Greek singer and composer of songs (NS)
Alfano, Franco
8 Mar. 1875
Posilippo, Naples
27 Oct. 1954
San Remo
composer of operas, including Cyrano de Bergerac and chamber music, but he is remembered most for completing, at the suggestion of Toscanini, Puccini's Turandot from sketches left by the composer, an achievement maligned by some but which has not been attempted by any other (NS)
Alferaki, Akhilles Nikolayevich
3 Jul. (Old Style 21 June) 1846
Kharkov, Russia
27 Dec. 1919
Petrograd (St. Petersburg), Russia
Ukrainian composer and statesman of Greek descent
Alfidi, Joseph (Jo)
28 May 1949
Yonkers, New York, USA
 composer, pianist, conductor and teacher
Alfeyev (Bishop of Vienna and Austria), Hilarion
24 Jul. 1966
Moscow, Russia
 a hierarch of the Moscow Patriarchate, theologian, church historian, composer. Author of several monographs on dogmatic theology, patristics and church history, numerous articles in various languages, musical compositions.
Alfieri, Pietro
29 Jun. 1801
Rome, Italy
12 Jun. 1863
Rome, Italy
Italian musicologist and composer (NS)
Alfiero (Alfieri), Giuseppe 1630
Naples, Italy
21 Jan. 1665
Naples, Italy
Italian composer
Alfonso II of Aragon
11521196also Alfons I of Provence and Barcelona, known as the Chaste or the Troubadour was king of Aragon and count of Barcelona from 1162 to 1196
Alfonso X of Castile ('El Sabio')
23 Nov. 1221
Castile, Spain
4 Apr. 1284
Castile, Spain
King of Castile and León (from 1252) and brother-in-law of Edward I of England. A patron of Castilian literature and historiography, and of the arts, he initiated the study of music at Salamanca University. Many troubadours found favor at his court, and it was here that the MS known as the Cantigas de Santa Marìa was compiled; Alfonso himself may have composed some of its melodies.
'El Sabio' means 'The Wise'
Alfonso, Don 13 May 1899   American samba composer of Italian birth
Alfonso, Javier 1 Feb. 1904) 1988 Spanish pianist and composer (NS)
Alfonso, Mariano (see Lara, Agustin)      
Alfonso, Nicolas6 Dec. 1913
Santander, Spain
2 Oct. 2001
Brussels, Belgium
composer, guitarist and teacher
Alford, Delton L. 13 Aug. 1938   American religious composer, conductor, and arranger
Alford, Harry L.
1875 or 1883 4 Mar. 1939 American organist, composer, and arranger (NS)
Alford, Henry
7 Oct. 1810
London, England
12 Jan. 1871
Canterbury, England
English minister, writer, editor, translator, and composer
Alford, Kenneth (see Ricketts, Frederick Joseph)      
Alford, Marmaduke 1647 May 1715 English vocalist and composer
Alfred, Roy 14 May 1916   American popular composer and writer
Alfvén, Hugo (Emil)
1 May 1872
Stockholm, Sweden
8 May 1960
Faluns, Sweden
conductor, violinist and composer of 5 symphonies, 3 orchestral Swedish Rhapsodies, cantatas and a violin sonata. Alfvén's interest in Swedish folk music and Swedish folk songs penetrates the larger part of his works
Algazi, Léon
19 Feb. 1890   French-Israeli composer and conductor of Romanian descent (NS)
Alghisi (Algisi), Paris Francesco
19 Jun. 1666
Brescia, Italy
29 or 30 Mar. 1733
Brescia, Italy
Italian composer and organist (NS)
Al-Haj, Rahim
Baghdad, Iraq
  Iraqi ud player and composer who is now resident in the United States
Aliabiev, Alexander
(see Alyabiev, Alexander)
Alin, Pierre [Pierre Schüler Jr.] 26 Jul. 1879 6 Oct. 1920 Swiss composer, pianist, singer, and journalist
Alinovi, Giuseppe 27 Sep. 1790 18 Mar. 1869 Italian composer
Alío y Brea, Francisco 27 Mar. 1862
Barcelona, Spain
31 Mar. 1908
Barcelona, Spain
Spanish composer, folklorist, and music critic
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin]
Aliotti, Bonaventura
Palermo, Italy
Palermo, Italy
also known under the name 'Padre Palermino', Aliotti was a pupil of the organist Giovanni Battista Fasolo (author of Annuale, published in 1645, an influential text on playing the organ) and choirmaster of Palermo Cathedral, Bonaventura Rubino (composer of Vespro del Santissimo Stellario (1644) set for twelve choruses and various instruments). In March 1671 Aliotti moved to Padua. There, working with Pallavicino, Aliotti composed sacred music until, probably to find a more comfortable climate, he moved in October 1674 to Ferrara to take up an appointment as organist at the church of the Confraternita della Morte. It is known that he wrote at least eleven oratorios of which only four have survived (NS)
Aliprandi, Bernardo Maria (Bernhard) 5 Feb. 1747
Milan, Italy
19 Feb. 1801
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Italian cellist and composer active in Germany
Alis, Román
24 Aug. 1931
Palma de Mallorca
29 Oct. 2006
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer (NS)
Aliseda, Jerónimo de c.1548 28 Jun. 1591 Spanish composer
Aliseda, Santos de   4 Jul. 1580 Spanish composer
al-Isfahani, Abu al-Faraj
Isfahan, Persia
967 compiler of the collection of song texts, the monumental Kitab al-Aghani, or Book of Songs (NS)
Alison, Richard (Allinson, Allison)
fl. 1592-1606   composer of madrigals, lute solos and compiler of book of metrical psalm tunes
Aliverdibeyov, Nazim 1926 1985 Azerbaijani composer and teacher, especially remembered for writing Organ Fantasy based on Bayati-Shiraz mugam
Alix, René 14 Sep. 1907 30 Dec. 1966 French composer and organist
Alizade (or Alizadeh), Akshin Alikuly ogly (or Agshin Aligulu) 22 May 1937
Baku, Azerbaijani
  Azerbaijani composer (NS)
Alizadeh, Ali
Baku, Azerbaijan
  Azerbaijani composer, now resident in both Azerbaijan and Turkey, of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and piano works that have been performed throughout Asia and Europe
Alizadeh, Franghiz [Frangis Ali-Sade]
28 May 1947
Baku, Azerbaijan
  studied piano under U. Khalilov at the Music School of Baku, 1954-65; Azerbaijani State Conservatory 1965-72 under Kara Karayev; post-graduate research in composition at Azerbaijan State Conservatory 1974-76; candidate degree in 1989; in 1982 she married the film-maker Dzhangir Gasanga Zeinalov; since 1989 she has been Professor at the State Conservatory
Alkan, Charles Henry Valentin (né Morhange)
30 Nov. 1813
Paris, France
29 Mar. 1888
Paris, France
died under a falling bookcase - child prodigy who won the premier prix for solfège at the Paris Conservatoire at the age of seven, composer of extremely difficult piano music, who also wrote for the pedal-piano
Allabene, Gregorius 1720 1802 Italian composer
Allacher, Heinrich 11 Mar. 1929   Austrian trombonist, teacher, and composer
Allaga, Géza
19 Mar. 1913 Hungarian composer who wrote many concert works featuring the Hungarian hammered dulcimer or cymbalum (NS)
Allaire, (Joseph Georges-Émile) Gaston
18 Jun. 1916
Berlin, New Hampshire, USA
15 Jan 2011
Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA
Canadian musicologist, teacher, organist, pianist, and composer (NS)
Allaire, Ulderic 1901 1969 Canadian wind director, editor, and composer
Allam, Walter Edward 1902
London, England
  Composed a wide range of music including one symphony
Allan, Cameron 1955   Australian film composer
Allan, Esther 28 Apr. 1914   American popular composer, pianist, and organist of Polish birth
Allan, James 27 Jul. 1842 10 Aug. 1885 Scottish lithographer, precentor, and composer
Allan, N(orman) Fraser 1911 1940 Canadian songwriter and pianist
Allanbrook, Douglas (Phillips)
1 Apr. 1921
Melrose, Boston, USA
29 Jan. 2003
Annapolis, Maryland, USA
American composer, concert pianist and harpsichordist. He was associated with a group of mid-twentieth century Boston composers who were students of Nadia Boulanger (NS)
Allard, Émilien
12 Jun. 1915
Montreal, Canada
18 Nov. 1977
Ottowa, Canada
Canadian carillonneur, pianist, clarinetist, and composer (NS)
Allard, Joseph
1 Feb. 1873 14 Nov. 1947 Canadian fiddler and composer (NS)
Allchin, William Thomas Howell 1843 8 Jan. 1883 English organist, teacher, and composer
Alldahl, Per-Gunnar 11 Oct. 1943   Swedish composer
Allegra, Salvatore
15 Jul. 1898
Palermo, Italy
12 Sep. 1993
Florence, Italy
composer of operetta and opera including Ave Maria (1934), I viandanti (1936), Il medico suo maigrado (1938) and Romulus (1952)
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Allegri, Domenico
c.1583 5 Sep. 1629
Rome, Italy
Italian composer
Allegri, Gregorio
Rome, Italy
17 Feb. 1652
Rome, Italy
maestro di cappella of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome (1610-1629). Composer of church music including the celebrated nine-part Miserere mei (Psalm 51) for nine voices, which, after a single hearing, or maybe two, in the Sistine Chapel, was transcribed by the 14 year old W. A. Mozart (NS)
Allegri, Lorenzo [Il Tedesco]
c.1573 15 Jul. 1648 Italian composer and lutenist, possibly of German birth
Allemanov, Dmitry Vasil'yevich 3 Nov. (Old Style 22 Oct.) 1867   Russian composer and researcher of church music
Allen, Alfred Benjamin 4 Sep. 1850   English pianist and composer
Allen, Allen David 26 Aug. 1936   American popular composer, lyricist, and producer
Allen, Barclay 27 Sep. 1918   American popular composer, conductor, and pianist
Allen, Bernie 22 Aug. 1938   New Zealand composer, performer, and conductor
Allen, David Bliss 16 Sep. 1939   American popular composer and lyricist
Allen, Eugene W. 1927   American military band director and composer
Allen, George Benjamin
21 Apr. 1822 30 Nov. 1898 English singer, organist, opera director, and composer (NS)
Allen, Henry Robinson
1809 27 Nov. 1876 Irish baritone singer and composer (NS)
Allen, Sir Hugh (Percy)
23 Dec. 1869
Reading, England
20 Feb. 1946
Oxford, England
English organist, conductor, administrator, and composer
Allen, Lanny 7 Aug. 1942   American religious composer, director, and singer
Allen, Paul Hastings 28 Nov. 1883
Hyde Park, Mass., USA
28 Sep. 1952
Boston, Mass., USA
American composer
Allen, Peter
18 Feb. 1952
Ottawa, Ontario
  Canadian composer particular of music for film and TV commercials
Allen, Peter Charles
    Canadian pianist and composer
Allen, Peter John Douglas 1935   Scottish minister and composer
Allen, Peter [Woolnough]
10 Feb. 1944
Tenterfield, NSW, Australia
18 Jun. 1992
California, USA
Australian popular songwriter and stage entertainer (NS)
Allen, Rex (Elvey) 31 Dec. 1924   American country-music singer and songwriter
Allen, Richard Gould 12 Sep. 1924   American popular composer, lyricist, and actor
Allen, Robert 5 Feb. 1928
Troy, NY, USA
1 Oct. 2000
Quogue, NY, USA
American popular composer, writer, accompanist and producer; his hits include I Never Felt More Like Falling in Love, To Know You and You Are Never Far Away From Me
Allen, Robert E. 1 Feb. 1920   American composer
Allen, Steve [Stephen Valentine Patrick William]
26 Dec. 1921
Chicago. IL
30 Oct. 2000
Los Angeles, CA, USA
American composer, pianist, singer, and comedian, creator and first host of The Tonight Show. These all describe the artist that Noel Coward once called "the most talented man in America". However, Allen himself ranked his gift for musical composition above all others (NS)
Allen, Thomas S.
16 Dec. 1876
Natick, Massachusetts, USA
23 Oct. 1919
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
American instrumentalist and composer (NS)
Allen, Thornton W.     composer of Bill Bailey
Allen, Virginia
    currently residing in New York City, where she is a member of the conducting faculty at the Juilliard School and a Conductor of the Juilliard Trombone Choir. She studied French Horn and conducting and earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree and Master of Music degree in Performance from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and a Diploma in Wind Conducting from the University of Calgary. Allen was a pioneer for women in military bands. She was the first woman to command and conduct an active duty military band that included women, when she was appointed Principal Conductor of the Army’s band in Atlanta
Allen, Ward [Warden Ambrose]
11 May 1924
Kirkton, Ontario, Canada
3 Aug, 1965
Hull, Quebec, Canada
Canadian fiddler and composer (NS)
Allen, William Clyde, Jr. 20 Apr. 1945   American composer, author, and conductor
Allende Sarón, Adolfo 29 Aug. 1890 9 Oct. 1966 Chilean composer and writer on music
Allende Sarón, Pedro Humberto
29 Jun. 1885
Santiago, Chile
17 Aug. 1959
Santiago, Chile
Chilean composer whose works include 12 Tonadas, of popular Chilean character, for piano, works for orchestra and songs
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Allende-Blin, Juan
24 Feb. 1928
Santiago de Chile, Chile
  Chilean composer who, since 1951 has worked extensively in Germany (NS)
Allessandra, Caterina (see Assandra, Caterina)      
Allevi, Giuseppe 1603 or 1604 18 Jul. 1670 Italian composer
Alleyn, Alfred Hopkins 1867 24 Feb. 1949 English author and composer
Allier, Gabriel 6 Sep. 1863 31 Jan. 1924 French conductor, military band director, and composer
Allik, Kristi A.
6 Feb. 1952
Toronto, Canada
  Canadian composer and teacher, who received her musical education at the University of Southern California, Princeton University and the University of Toronto, tutored by such prestigious professors as John Weinzweig, James Hopkins, Frederick Leseman, Lothar Klein, Oskar Morawetz and Milton Babbit, specializing in electronic music
Allinson, Thomas [Allanson]
Lincoln, England
English organist and composer (NS)
Allison, Horton Claridge 25 Jul. 1846 17 Oct. 1926 English pianist, organist, teacher, and composer
Allison, John A. 27 Apr. 1914   American popular composer and lyricist
Allison, Mose (John Jr.)
11 Nov. 1927
Tippo, Mississippi, USA
  American jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter (NS)
Allitsen, Mary Frances [real name Bumpus]
30 Dec. 1848
London, England
30 Sep. 1912
London, England
English composer and singer
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Allman, Michael L(ee) 9 Oct. 1911   American popular composer, lyricist, and musician
Allmand, Frank 1858 8 Sep. 1948 English composer
Allon, Henry
13 Oct. 1818
Welton, Elloughton-cum-Brough, near Hull, England
16 Apr. 1892
London, England
English minister, musician, and hymnbook compiler (NS)
Allon, Henry Erskine
Oct. 1864
Canonbury, England
3 Apr. 1897
Marylebone, London, England
English composer (NS)
Allori, Pietro
18 May 1925
Gonnessa, Cagliari, Italy
31 Mar. 1985
Sardinia, Italy
entered the clergy in 1951 and became choir master and canon of the cathedral in the nearby town of Iglesias, where he remained the rest of his life. From an early age he devoted himself to the study of music and this was the only reason that he left the island for some time, in order to study at the conservatories in Florence and Milan. In his compositions Allori stays close to the Gregorian chant. He was strongly influenced by his homeland, especially the folk music. Sardinia is one of the places where the village people keep up a tradition of a kind of Passion plays, in which very old melodies are used to recite liturgical texts (NS)
Allton, Minette 13 Apr. 1916
  composer of popular music
Allum, Charles Edward 27 Jun. 1852   English organist, choirmaster, and composer
Allworth, Robert
10 Mar. 1943
  Australian symphonic composer and recorder producer who achieved recognition in 1965 when the ISCM selected a sonata for piano for performance in Stockholm
Allyn, Marilyn Ione 25 Feb. 1946   American country composer, lyricist, and singer
Almaliach, Ambrose Lupo de (see Lupo, Ambrose)      
Alman, Samuel
20 Sep. 1878
Sobolevka, Podolia, Russia
20 Jul. 1947
London, England
considered by many to be the greatest 'English' composer of synagogue music (NS)
Almandoz (Mendizabal), Norberto
5 Jun. 1893 7 Dec. 1970 Spanish composer and organist (NS)
Almaran (or Eleta Almaran), Hector Varela Carlos Eleta late nineteenth century second half of twentieth century Panamanian composer of popular songs, in particular Historia de un amor, an internationally acclaimed bolero, that was recorded by virtually every major Latin artist during the 50s and 60s
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin]
Historia de un Amor
Ya no estas más a mi lado corazón
en el alma solo tengo soledad
Y si ya no puedo verte
¿Por qué Dios me hizo quererte?
Para hacerme sufrir más
Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir
Adorarte para mi fué religión
En tus besos yo encontraba
El amor que me brindaba el derecho y la pasión
Es la historia de un amor como no hay otro igual
Que me hizo comprender todo el bien todo el mal
Que le dío luz a mi vida, apagándola después
Ay que noche tan oscura
Sin tu amor no viviré
Almasio, Francesco
1806 14 Nov. 1871 Italian organist and composer (NS)
Almeida, Antonio d' fl. 1550   Portuguese composer and choir director
Almeida, Carlos 7 Jul. 1906   Brazilian violinist, composer, and conductor
Almeida, Eumire Deodato de [Eumir Deodato]
21 Jun. 1942   Brazilian popular composer and lyricist (NS)
Almeida, Fernando de c.1600 21 Mar. 1660 Portuguese composer
Almeida, Francisco António de
Lisbon, Portugal
possibly Lisbon, Portugal
composer of many operas, the majority first performed in Lisbon, Portugal (NS)
Almeida, Inácio António de 18 Feb. 1760 25 Oct. 1825 Portuguese composer
Almeida, John Kameaaloha
28 Nov. 1897
Pauoa Valley, Oahu, Republic of Hawaii
9 Oct. 1985
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Hawaiian composer, lyricist, and teacher (NS)
Almeida, Laurindo Antonio de
(Laurindo José de Araujo Almeida Nobrega Neto)
2 Sep. 1917
Miracatú, São Paulo, Brazil
26 Jul. 1995
Los Angeles, California, USA
Brazilian guitarist, composer and arranger who brought the Bossa Nova to the US audiences (NS)
Almeida, Waldemar de 24 Aug. 1904   Brazilian pianist and composer
Almeida Prado, José Antônio Rezende de
8 Feb. 1943
Santos, Brazil
21 Nov 2010
Almeida Prado is a prolific Brazilian composer who, from 1969 to 1973, studied with Ligeti and Foss (in Darmstadt) and with Messiaen and Nadia Boulanger (in Paris). His piece, Cartas Celestes (Celestial Charts) dates from 1973 and was intended originally for a multimedia show in a planetarium as a musical description of the night sky in the southern hemisphere between August and September. However, it has gained acceptance as a concert piece in its own right (NS)
Almenräder, Carl
3 Oct. 1786
Ronsdorf, Wuppertal, Germany
14 Sep. 1846
Biebrich, Germany
German bassoonist, inventor, and composer (NS)
Almeri, Giovanni Paolo 17 Aug. 1629 after 1689 Italian composer
Almila, Atso
13 Jun. 1953
Helsinki, Finland
  Finnish composer whose first operas was Kolmekymmentä hopearahaa (Thirty Pieces of Silver, 1988), based on the story of a Revivalist preacher in the 19th century. He has later written the emigrant opera Ameriikka (America, 1992); Isontaloon Antti (Antti Isotalo, 2000), set in early 20th-century Ostrobothnia; and Pohjanmaan kautta (Bottoms Up! 2002), set in the time of the Prohibition. Almila's operas are simple in style, consciously designed as folk operas, and often quote folk music (NS)
Almivare, Martin-Pierre d' (or Martin-Pierre Alvimare)
18 Sep. 1772
Dreux, France
13 Jun. 1839
Paris, France
Martin-Pierre Dalvimare (Marquis d'Almivare) was a French composer particularly of concertos for harp; Almivare is one of the composers whose works were copied by the Duchess of Norfolk (formerly Countess of Surrey), Lady Charlotte Sophia (Leveson-Gower) Howard, (1788-1870) part of the The James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection at Yale University (NS)
Almodar, Pere Joan sixteenth century   Spanish composer of the song Ah, Pelayo que desmayo
Almond, Marsha Renee 25 May 1959   American popular composer and lyricist
Almoro, Juan c.1485 1504 Spanish composer
Almukhamedov, Gaziz Salikhovich
Muraptalovo, Tatar
an ethnic Bashkir Tatar opera singer (tenor) and composer
Almqvist, Carl Jonas Love (Ludvig)
28 Nov. 1793
Stockholm, Sweden
26 Sep. 1866
Bremen, Germany
Swedish author, journalist, and composer
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Alnæs, Eyvind
29 Apr. 1872
Fredriksstad, Norway
24 Dec. 1932
Oslo, Norway
Norwegian composer, conductor and organist (NS)
Alnar, Hasan Ferit
11 Mar. 1906
Istanbul, Turkey
27 Jul. 1978
Ankara, Turkey
Turkish conductor and composer, a member of the so-called "Turkish Five" which included Ahmet Adnan Saygun, Necil Kazim Akses, Cemal Resit Rey, Ulvi Cemal Erkin and Alnar. These musicians, all sent abroad to train, returned to Turkey in 1934, a year before Paul Hindemith was placed in charge of the planning of the musical institutes and musical training in Turkey. (NS)
Aloisi, Giovanni Battista fl. 1628-44   Italian composer
Aloiz, Vladislav Frantsevich [Aloys] 1 Jul. 1860 1918 Bohemian cellist and composer resident in Poland and Russia
Aloma, Harold David 8 Jan. 1908   Hawaiian popular composer, lyricist, and musician
Alomía Robles, Daniel
3 Jan. 1871 17 Jul. 1942 Peruvian ethnomusicologist and composer (NS)
Alon, Aaron
14 May 1981
  American composer
Aloni, Aminadav
14 Sep. 1928
Tel Aviv, Israel
9 Aug. 1999
Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Israeli composer and musician (NS)
Alonso fl. 1500   Spanish composer, perhaps identifiable with Alonso de Plaja
Alonso, Francisco
9 May 1887
Granada, Spain
19 May 1948 Spanish composer of zarzuelas, revistas and revue-style sainetes
Alonso, Lopez Francisco
9 May 1887 18 May 1948 Spanish conductor and composer (NS)
Alonso Bernaola, Carmelo
16 Jul. 1929
Ochandiano, Spain
5 Jun. 2002 Professional known by his mother's maiden name Bernaola, Basque composer Carmelo Alonso Bernaola, a leading figure in Spanish music wrote symphonies and themes for hundreds of movies, television shows and theatre productions. He studied classical music in Rome and Siena, Italy, and Darmstadt, Germany. He became director of the Vitoria Conservatory in the Basque regional capital in the early 1980s and in 1993 he was accepted into the academy of fine arts and recognized as one of the leading Spanish composers of the 20th century (NS)
Alonso-Crespo, Eduardo
18 Mar. 1956
Tucuman, Argentina
  composer and conductor, Eduardo Alonso-Crespo studied at the National University of Tucumán in Argentina, where he also received his civil engineering degree. Through a Fulbright grant, he obtained his master's degree in conducting at Carnegie Mellon University. Alonso-Crespo's works have been performed by orchestras and ensembles from France, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and the United States. He has been awarded more than a dozen national and international prizes from Argentine, Spanish, and Italian institutions, including the Alejandro Shaw Award from the National Academy of Fine Arts of Argentina and the Cristóbal Colón International Prize for Symphonic Music. His compositions range from chamber to orchestral music, while his works for the stage include the ballets Two Stories of Birds and Medea, the incidental music for Macbeth, and the operas Putzi, Juana la loca, and Gorbachov (NS)
Alonso de Alba c.1475
Spanish composer, probably also a singer at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella, who composed a Stabat Mater
Alotin, Yardena
19 Oct. 1930
Tel-Aviv, Israel
4 Oct 1994
New York City, New York, USA
composer, pianist and teacher, studied at Tel-Aviv Music Teachers Seminary and at Israeli Academy of Music (NS)
Alpaerts, Flor (Florent)
12 Sep. 1876
Antwerp, Belgium
5 Oct. 1954
Antwerp, Belgium
Belgian composer and conductor (NS)
Alpen, Hugo
26 Oct. 1842
Kellinghusen, Germany
20 Jun. 1917
Strathfield, Australia
Australian music educator and composer of German birth (NS)
Alperin, Mikhail (Jefimowitsch)
7 Nov. 1956
Ukraine, Soviet Union
  Ukrainian born pianist and composer, an exponent of Moldovian jazz, more recently based in Oslo, Norway (NS)
Alperson, Edward Lee, Jr
3 Apr. 1925
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
31 Oct. 2006
Encino, California, USA
American popular composer and film producer
Alpert, David A. 2 Mar. 1929   American popular songwriter and musician
Alpert, Herb
31 Mar. 1935
Los Angeles, California, USA
  American popular trumpeter, bandleader, composer, and record company executive (NS)
Alquen, Peter Cornelius Johann d' 7 Sep. 1795 17 Nov. 1863 German composer
Alrich, Alexis     American composer who studied at the New England Conservatory, California Institute of the Arts and with Lou Harrison at Mills College
Alschausky, Joseph Serafini
12 Mar. 1879
15 Jan 1948
Falkenberg, Germany
Trombonist and composer of French birth
Al'shvang, Arnol'd Alexandrovich 1 Oct. 1898 28 Jul. 1960 Soviet music historian, pianist, and composer
Alsina, Carlos Roqué
19 Feb. 1941
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Argentinian pianist, self-taught composer and co-founder of the French improvisation group New Phonic Art who has composed well over 100 works
Alsleben, Julius
24 Mar. 1832
Berlin, Germany
8 Dec. 1894
Berlin, Germany
German musicologist, pianist, and composer (NS)
Alsted, Birgitte
15 Jun. 1942
Odense, Denmark
  Danish composer and violinist (NS)
Alsters, Georges-Jacques
Ghent, Belgium
11 Apr. 1849
Ghent, Belgium
composer, organist and carillonneur (NS)
Alstyne, Mrs. Alexander
24 Mar. 1820
Putnam County, New York, USA
12 Feb. 1915
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
one of several pseudonyms employed by the remarkable blind composer of hymns, Frances Jane Crosby
Alt, Bernhard
7 Apr. 1903
Munsterburg, Silesia, Germany
7 Feb. 1945
Berlin, Germany
German composer and violinist (NS) - not to be confused with composer below
Alt, Bernhard
15 Dec. 1896
Klosterneuberg, Austria
23 Aug. 1942
Mechelen, Belgium
Belgian composer - not to be confused with composer above
Altavilla, Onofrio 5 Sep. 1887   Italian composer and choral music teacher (NS)
Altena, Maarten
22 Jan. 1943
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Dutch double-bass player and composer; founder of the Maarten Altena Ensemble (NS)
Altenburg, Johann Ernst
15 Jun. 1734
Weissenfels, Germany
14 May 1801
Bitterfeld, nr. Leipzig, Germany
German trumpeter in the French Army (1757-1766); later organist in Landsburg and, from 1769, in Bitterfeld. He is most famous for an important treatise on trumpters of this period, Versuch einer Anleitung zur heroisch-musikalischen Trompeter- und Pauker-Kunst (1795) and their approach to playing the trumpet
Altenburg, Michael
27 May 1584
Alach bei Erfurt, Germany
12 Feb. 1640
Erfurt, Germany
German church musician and composer (NS)
Alter, Louis
18 Jun. 1902
Haverhill, Mass., USA
5 Nov. 1980
New York, NY, USA
American pianist and composer; wrote many popular songs including Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans, My Kinda Love, Rainbow On The River, The Blues Are Brewin', You Turned The Tables On Me and Manhattan Serenade
[additional information by Willem E. M. Pin] (NS)
Alter, Myriam
Belgium   coming from a Judeo-Spanish family (Sephardic Jews), Myriam Alter was raised with all kinds of music such as Latin, Italian, Oriental, Spanish, South American and classical. As a piano player she was trained in classical music but later found her way into jazz. It was not until she was in her mid-30s that she began writing and performing romantic jazz
Alter, Paul
11 Mar. 1922
Chicago, Illinois, USA
11 Jun. 2011
Los Angeles, California, USA
American popular composer and lyricist (NS)
Altès, Ernest (Eugène) (called Altès jeune) 28 Mar. 1830
Paris, France
2 Jul. 1899
St. Dyé sur Loire, France
French violinist, conductor, and composer of chamber music and orchestral works, including a Divertissement on Auber themes for the Auber centennial in 1882
Altès, Joseph-Henri (called Altès aîné)
18 Jan. 1826
Rouen, France
24 Jul. 1895
Paris, France
French flautist and composer of works for flute, methods, etc. (NS)
Altherr, Ernst 9 Apr. 1921   Swiss wind conductor, composer, and arranger
Althoff, Ernie
22 May 1950
Mildura, Victoria, Australia
  Australian composer (NS)
Althouse, Monroe A. 26 May 1853 12 Oct. 1924 American conductor, composer, and circus musician
Altier, Stephane
Avignon, France
  studied composition in Rueil-Malmaison with Alain Roizenblat (1er Prix de composition 1995 / Mention d'excellence 1997), then at the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris with Jacques Charpentier (1er prix de composition 1999), and finally at the Royal Academy of Music (London) where he is awarded a Master Degree (M.MUS) in composition 'with distinction' in 2001 (NS)
Altieri, Paolo 29 Jan. 1745 17 Oct. 1820 Italian composer and music teacher
Altink, Hendrik 10 Oct. 1888 29 Jan. 1966 Dutch hornist, cellist, pianist, singer, conductor, and composer
Altmaier, Josef 1939   German composer
Altman, Arthur
28 Oct. 1912
Brooklyn, NY, USA
18 Jan. 1994
Lake Worth, Florida
American popular composer and lyricist who wrote the hit All or Nothing at All (1943) (NS)
Altman, Ludwig
2 Sep. 1910
Breslau, Germany
27 Nov. 1990
San Francisco, California, USA
German-American organist and composer (NS)
Altman, W.L.
    completed his Bachelor of Music in theory and composition in 1986, for which he received the Murray Adaskin Composition Award. In 2000, under the supervision of Randall Snyder, he went on to complete a Master of Music in composition at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he was bestowed the Vreeland Award for outstanding graduate student in Fine Arts
Altnikol, Johann Christoph
baptised 1 Jan. 1720
Berna with Lauban, Schlesien
25 Jul. 1759
Naumburg, Saale
organist and composer; a pupil of J.S. Bach (NS)
Altschuler, Ernest 1 Oct. 1922 11 May 1973 American popular composer and lyricist
Altschuler, Modest (Moisei Isaacovich)
15 Feb. 1873
Moghilev, Ukraine
12 Sep. 1963
Los Angeles, California, USA
cellist, conductor and composer
Alvarado, Diego [Diogo] de c.1570 12 Feb. 1643 organist and composer attached to the Royal Chapel, Lisbon, Portugal
Álvares, Paulo Sergio
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  Brazilian-born pianist and composer, Alvares received his undergraduate degree in Sao Paulo. He came to the United States to study at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Later he went to Cologne, Germany, to pursue his interest in contemporary music, and he received several prizes in performance competitions there. He is a faculty member of the Superior School of Music in Cologne where he leads the Ensemble for Aleatoric Music (NS)
Alvares Lobo, Elias 1834 15 Dec, 1901 Brazilian composer
Alvares Pinto, Luiz 1719   Brazilian composer
Alvarez, Calixto 15 Mar. 1938   Cuban pianist and composer
Álvarez, Fermín Maria
Zaragoza, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Spanish composer of music for voice including La Partida "Sierras de Granda" made famous by Enrico Caruso (NS)
Alvarez, Javier
Mexico City, Mexico
  Mexican composer who studied composition with Mario Lavista, then with John Downey at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; in London with John Lambert at Royal College of Music and at City University. Founder member and past chairman of Sonic Arts Network. Visiting professor at Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden; teaches at City University, London, and University of Hertfordshire. Output includes opera and works for chamber ensembles, solo instruments (with and without electroacoustics), voice, choir and orchestra. Has also written for film and dance (NS)
Alvarez Acero, Bernardo mid-18th century 21 Jan. 1821 Spanish composer
Álvarez Alonso, Antonio
11 Mar. 1867 22 Jun. 1903 Spanish conductor and composer (NS)
Alvarez Solar-Quintes, Nicolas
23 Jul. 1893
Gijon, Spain
9 Aug. 1967
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer and musicologist (NS)
Alvaro fl. 1470-75   Portuguese court musician, possibly identifiable with Alvaro Afonso
Alvaro, Romero 1908   Italian jazz pianist, singer, and violinist, and popular composer
Alvazzi, Clementefl. 1826
Varzo, Italy
 Italian composer known for his religious music
Alvazzi, Giulio Maria Delfrate- (see Delfrate-Alvazzi, Giulio Maria   
Alvear, Maria de
Madrid, Spain
  Spanish composer, whose mother is German, Maria works in the field of music theatre and video installations, the latter with her sister Ana de Alvear. Her work parallels that of Joseph Beuys, an important influence in her thinking and work, both seeking to exploit archaic cultures and shamanistic traditions, both rejecting the division between artistic and everyday creativity. Many of her works have been written employing "écriture automatique" or "automatic writing" where the music is written down as it is drawn from the subconcious rather than through the use of rational deliberation. Maria de Alvear is based in Cologne, Germany and since 1989 she has also been working as a painter and sculptor (NS)
Alveri, Giovanni Battista1660-70
Bologna, Italy
after 1719Italian composer
Alvernhe, Peire d'
flourished between 1149 - 1170
Clermont, France
  troubadour from the Auvergne, a region of France (NS)
Alves, Bill
  American teacher, composer and director of Microfest an annual Southern California festival of microtonal music (NS)
Alvimare, Martin-Pierre (see Almivare, Martin-Pierre d')   
Alvisi, Adolfo 1880   Italian conductor and composer
Alwin, Karl Oskar [Alwin Oskar Pinkus] 15 Apr. 1891
Konigsberg, Germany
15 Oct. 1945
Mexico City, Mexico
German composer and conductor
Alwood, Richard 16th century   English composer
Alwyn, Kenneth (born Kenneth Alwyn Wetherell)
28 Jul. 1928
London, England
  English composer (NS)
Alwyn, Mary (see Carwithen, Doreen Mary)      
Alwyn, William
7 Nov. 1905
Northampton, England
11 Sep. 1985
Southwold, Suffolk, England
son of a grocer, left school at 15 to join the family business, but won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, London where he won prizes for composition. Eventually he became professor of composition at RAM and flautist with London Symphony Orchestra. Founder member of Composers' Guild, CBE 1978. Major Works: 5 symphonies, two operas, song cycles, piano & chamber compositions and a wealth of film scores including Odd man out and The History of Mr Polly (NS)
Alyab'iev, Alexander Alexandrovich (Alabiev, which is an incorrect alliteration, Alabief, Alabiew)
15 (Old Style 4) Aug. 1787
Tobolsk, Russia
6 Mar. (Old Style 22 Feb.) 1851
Moscow, Russia
composer of songs, especially The Nightingale formerly added to the Lesson Scene from Rossini's Barber of Seville, and operas. He acquired a considerable knowledge of folk music and an understanding of Oriental and Caucasian subjects
Al-Zand, Karim
  formerly a jazz pianist and director, now a composer and university teacher. The music of composer Karim Al-Zand has been called "strong and startlingly lovely" (Boston Globe)