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Name Born Died Information
Apell (or Capelli), David August von 23 Feb. 1754
30 Jan. 1832
German composer and author, awarded a knighthood of the Golden Spur in 1800 by Pius VII (1740-1823) for a mass he had written
Apelles, William H. 1859
Apelles' father was the bandmaster at West Point in 1853 when General Sheridan (1831-1888) graduated. Sheridan was to become only the fourth man in US history to be awarded a fourth star. W. H. Apelles became a noted clarinettist, wind director and composer, and among his works is a march entitled "Sheridan March"
Aperans, Dace
19 Dec. 1953   studied at McGill University with Brian Cherney and Bruce Mather. Besides her compositional activities, she has worked as a musical director, assistant conductor and music lecturer. She has composed works in the chamber music, vocal, choral and orchestral genres
Aperghis, Georges
23 December 1945
Athens, Greece
  Greek composer who has worked mainly in France. Many of his works feature the voice, including a number of operas
ApIvor, Denis
14 Apr. 1916
Collinstown, West Meath, Eire
27 May 2004
Robertsbridge, East Sussex
studied medicine at University College, London and composition with Patrick Hadley; composer of ballets (working with Constant Lambert), four operas (including Yerma), five symphonies, concertos (including the first British guitar concerto, in 1954, premiered by Julian Bream), a cantata Alterwise by Owl-light (to text by Dylan Thomas) and chamber music
Apolinar, (Danny) Daniel George 15 May 1934
23 Mar. 1995
American songwriter and singer. Apolinar, working with Hal Hester, supplied the music and lyrics for Your Own Thing, produced at the Orpheum Theatre in 1968. I ran for 937 performances and won a Drama Critics' Circle Award in 1968
Apolloni, Giuseppe
8 Apr. 1822
Vicenza, Italy
31 Dec. 1889
Vicenza, Italy
Italian composer, in particular of 5 operas, one, L'ebreo, was to remain in the repertory for almost 50 years, making it one of the most important works by a contemporary of Verdi
Apolloni (or Appoloni, Appolini), Salvatore (Salvadore) c. 1704
Venice, Italy
  Italian composer of operas, La fama dell'onore (1727), Le metamorfosi odiamorose (1732), La Pelerina (1734) and Il pastor fido (1739)
Aponte-Ledée, Rafael 15 Oct. 1938
Guayama, Puerto Rico
  educated at the Madrid Conservatory and later at the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires where he studied with Alberto Ginastera and Gerardo Gandini. As a composer, Aponte has been interested in controlled improvisation and extensions of the playing techniques used on traditional instruments In 1968, the Fluxus group, under the leadership of Aponte-Ledée and Francis Schwartz was organized to ferment avant-garde music and break with the nationalist position. These two composers embraced the full range of international modernist ideas, from serialism to mixed-media expressions and made a strong impact on the music aesthetics of the decade. Aponte-Ledée has been a major figure in the promotion of new music in Puerto Rico, as founder of the discontinued Biennials of New Music (1978) and director of the Latin American Foundation for Contemporary Music (1981)
Apostel, Hans Erich (Heinrich) 22 Jan. 1901
Karlsruhe, Germany
30 Nov. 1972
Vienna, Austria
German-born serial composer, pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg, his works include symphonies, three string quartets, a Requiem and solos for piano. As a Jewish-Austrian composer, of German birth, Apostel’s music remained unperformed until after the Second World War
Apostolov, Pavel Ivanovich 6 Dec. 1905
19 Jul. 1969
Leningrad, Russia
Russian military bandmaster, musicologist and composer. The premiere of Shostakovich's Symphony no. 14 (Opus 135) was also notable for the death in the audience of Pavel Apostolov who had been one of the composer's most vicious critics
Apothéloz, Jean 12 May 1900
10 Jul. 1965 Swiss composer
Appeldoorn, Dina
26 Feb. 1884
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
4 Dec. 1938
The Hague, The Netherlands
Dutch composer
Appelby Thomas
probably Lincoln, England
an English Renaissance composer and church musician, he was Informator Choristarum at Magdalen College, Oxford from 1539 until 1541, where he was succeeded by John Sheppard. Appleby was also organist and instructor of the choristers at Lincoln Cathedral 1538-39 and 1541-62
Appell, Dave 24 May 1922   American popular composer. One of the two men who made Philadelphia one of the brightest lights in the popular music galaxy, Dave Appell worked as a composer, engineer and producer at Cameo-Parkway Records. Appell, whose first hit was the 1958 novelty tune Mexican Hat Rock, a bizarre amalgamation of the Mexican Hat Dance and O Dem Golden Slippers (“the nuns loved it”), revealed one of the secrets of his songwriting success — find a song that had come off copyright and re-work it. Ida became Wild One for Bobby Rydell. "South Street? That’s the Stephen Foster classic Camptown Races,” Appell explained
Appenzeller, Benedictine (Benedictus) c. 1480-88
after 1558 Flemish composer, chansonnier and maitre de la chapelle to Mary of Hungary (1505-1558), sister of the Emperor Charles V, who acted as regent of the Netherlands in Brussels between 1531 and 1555
Appert, Donald Lawrence
2 Jan. 1953   American composer, author and trombonist
Appia, Thédore 27 Oct. 1887
  Belgian composer and teacher resident in Switzerland and the United States
Appiani, Vincenzo 18 Aug. 1850   Italian piano teacher and composer
Appignani, Adelaide Orsola c. 1807 30 Sep, 1884 Italian composer, singer and conductor
Applebaum, Edward 28 Sep. 1937   American composer and teacher, based in Santa Barbara, California, USA
Applebaum, Louis
3 Apr. 1918
Toronto, Canada
19 Apr. 2000
Toronto, Canada
Canadian composer of several hundred film scores
Applebaum, Mark
Chicago, USA
  Mark Applebaum received his Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego where he studied principally with Brian Ferneyhough. His solo, chamber, choral, orchestral, electro-acoustic and electronic work has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia with notable premieres at the Darmstadt summer sessions. He has received commissions from Betty Freeman, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, the Paul Dresher Ensemble, Zeitgeist, MANUFACTURE, the Jerome Foundation and the American Composers Forum, among others. He is the recipient of the 1997 Stephen Albert Award, administered by the American Music Center
Applebaum, Stanley 1 Mar. 1922   American composer, arranger, conductor and author
Appleby, Thomas c. 1535-63   English church musician and composer
Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van 2 Oct. 1927
Holland MI, USA
  American composer
Appleford, Patrick Robert Norman 4 May 1925   English minister and composer
Appleman, Sidney Herbert 10 Apr. 1927   American composer and pianist
Appleton, Jon (Howard)
4 Jan. 1939
Los Angeles, CA, USA
  American writer and composer mostly of stage, chamber, piano, electroacoustic and multimedia works
Appleyard, Peter 26 Aug. 1928
  Canadian jazz vibraphonist, percussionist and composer
Appo, William c. 1808 after 1877 American composer, horn player and conductor
Appolloni, Gioseffo fl. 1591-c. 1600   Italian composer
Appy, Charles Ernest
25 Oct 1834
The Hague, The Netherlands
 his father was a tenor player in the Royal band, but moved with his family to Amsterdam. The 14-year old Charles Ernest began his piano stusies with Richard Hol. A year after he gave up the piano for the violoncello, on which the Belgian, Charles Montigny, and later, Merlen, the first cellist at Amsterdam, gave him instruction. He received the final finish from Franco-Mendes, under whom he also studied composition. His cello compositions consist of Fantasias on Motifs from the Freischutz and Robert le Diable, as well as some smaller light pieces
Aprea, Tito 10 Oct. 1904   Italian pianist and composer
Aprikian, Garbis
  composer and choral conductor of Armenian origin
Aprile, Giuseppe [Scirolino, Sciroletto] 28 Oct. 1732 11 Jan. 1813 Italian singer and composer
Aquanus, Adam c. 1492   Belgian composer
Aquila, Marco, da l' (or dall') c.1480 after 1538 very few facts or contemporary statements survive concerning the life of this early Italian master of lute playing. He was active as a lutenist and composer in Venice where, in 1505, he was granted the privilege to publish lute tablatures for ten years. However, no such publications are known to exist. Stylistically and chronologically, de L'Aquila stands between the "Petrucci-lutenist's" (Spinacino, Dalza, Bossinensis, with their mood-searching, often short quasi-improvisatory Ricercari) and Francesco da Milano, Albert de Rippe, Simon Gintzler and Valentin Bakfark, who brought the imitative Ricercar/Fantasia to an artistic climax at the middle of the century
Aquino, Frank Joseph [Bernie Kane] 3 Dec. 1906 American composer and singer
Aquitaine, Guillaume IX d'
1071 1127 troubadour
Aracil, Alfredo 13 Jul. 1954
Madrid, Spain
  Spanish composer and writer; Associate Professor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Araia, [Araja] Francesco 25 Jun. 1709
Naples, Italy
sometime before 1770
Bologna, Italy
Italian composer who worked for the Russian court between 1735 and 1759. Although the majority of the operas he wrote in Russia were of Italian libretti, his Tsefal i Prokris (1755) was the first opera in Russian. He briefly returned to Russia in 1762
Arakelian, Melvin Sam 19 Apr. 1946   American songwriter, singer and musician
Arakishvili, Dimitri (Ignat'yevich) 23 (Old Style 11) Feb. 1873
13 Aug. 1953
Georgian composer, ethnomusicologist and teacher
Aralla, Paolo
Lecce, Italy
  composer of a wide range of music, both traditional and making use of computer technology. Since 1994 he has collaborated with the MM&T studio in Milan and in the autumn of 1997 he attended a course in the musical application of computer technology at IRCAM in Paris
Arámbarri (y Gárate), Jesús
13 Apr. 1902
Bilbao, Spain
11 Jul. 1960
Madrid, Spain
Basque composer who studied composition in Paris with Paul Dukas. Many of his stylish and expressive compositions were conceived as tributes to those who had most influenced his career, Manuel de Falla, Jaun Carlos de Gortázar and Javier Arisqueta
Aranaz y Vides, Pedro bap. 2 May 1740
24 Sep. 1820
Spanish composer
Aranda, del Sessa d' fl. 1571   Italian composer
Aranda, Luis de   1627
Spanish composer who was maestro de capilla at Granada Cathedral
Aranda, Mateo de fl. 1500s   Portuguese composer for the vihuela and author of Arte Nueva para tecla y Vihuela
Arañés, Juan late 1500s
Alcala de Henares, Spain
c. 1649
Rome, Italy
Spanish composer who worked in Rome where he published his Libro segundo de tonos y villancicos in 1624
Arant, Jack 4 Jul. 1917   American songwriter
Aranyi-Aschner, Gyorgy 16 Mar. 1923   Hungarian teacher and composer
Arapov, Boris (Alexandrovich)
12 Sep. (Old Style 30 Aug.) 1905
St Peterburg
27 Jan. 1992
St Peterburg
Russian composer and teacher
Arató, Istvan 19 Feb. 1910)   Hungarian composer
Araujo, Gina de 1890   Brazilian singer and composer
Araujo, Juan de
Extremadura, Spain
Sucre, Bolivia
outstanding South American composer of the early to mid-baroque
Araújo, Pedro de before 1662 9 Dec. 1684 Portuguese composer
Arauxo, Francisco Correa de (Correa de Araujo) ca. 1576 1654 organist and composer. Organist at the Church of S. Salvador in Seville from 1599 until 1636, then at Jaén Cathedral until 1640, finally at Segovia Cathedral until his death. His Libro de tientos y discursos de música practica, y theorica de organo, intitulado Facultad organica (Alcald, 1626) contains 62 tientos and seven other pieces, all for organ, introduced by a theoretical treatise and arranged in order of increasing difficulty
Arban, (Joseph) Jean-Baptiste (Laurent) 28 Feb. 1825 9 Apr. 1889 French cornet player, conductor and arranger
Arbatsky, Yury Ivanovich 15 (Old Style 2) Apr. 1911
3 Sep. 1963 American folklorist and composer
Arbeau, Thoïnot (pen-name of Jehan Tabouret) 17 Mar. 1519
Dijon, France
23 Jul 1593
Langres, France
author of famous book on dance, Orchésographie
Arbeel, Marcel 10 Jan. 1919   Dutch saxophonist, conductor, adminnistrator, teacher and composer
Arbel, Chaya
Nuremberg, Germany
  composer who has lived in Israel since 1936
Arbenz, Wilhelm 20 Oct. 1899   Swiss composer and choral conductor
Arbós, Enrique Fernández 24 Dec. 1863
Madrid, Spain
2 Jun. 1939
San Sebastián, Spain
Spanish violinist and conductor; arranged part of Iberian by Albéniz
Arbuckle, Dorothy M. Fry 23 Jan. 1910   American composer and author
Arbuthnot, John 1667 27 Feb. 1735 Scottish doctor, author and composer
Arca, Paolo 1953    
Arcadelt, Jacob (Jacques) (Arkadelt, Arcadet, Arcadente, Archadelt or Arcadelth)
Liège, Belgium
14 Oct. 1568
Paris, France
Flemish composer or madrigals, motets and masses who worked in Rome who was perhaps the most important of the northern composers to settle in Italy at the time when the madrigal was developing. As a distinguished polyphonist, he brought a contrapuntal element to the song-like chordal Italian style to produce madrigals of balance and polish. His first book (1539) was reprinted more than thirty times over a period of more than a century; it was this that contained the famous Il bianco e dolce cigno
Arcais, Francesco 'd, Marchese di Valverde15 Dec. 1830
14 Aug. 1890
Castel Gandolfo
Italian composer
Arcaraz, Luis
5. Dec. 1910
Mexico City, Mexico
15 Dec. 1963
nr. San Luis Potos, Mexico
composer and bandleader who was most active writing music for Mexican films, but also had a big band that toured both Mexico and the USA. His theme song was Sombra Verde
Arcas, Julian 1832 1882 Spanish-born guitarist, composer and teacher
Arce, Jose Martinez de 1660 1721 Spanish madrigalist
Archalgelsky, Alexander 1846 1924  
Archambeau, Jean-Michel d' 3 Mar. 1823
Herve, Belgium
Aug. 1899
Verviers, Belgium
Belgian composer and organist
Archer, Frederick 16 Jun. 1838
Oxford, England
22 Oct. 1901
Pittsburgh, USA
composer of works for organ
Archer, Harry [Auracher] 21 Feb. 1888
Creston, IA, USA
23 Apr. 1960
New York, NY, USA
trombonist, bandleader and composer particularly of many successful Broadway musicals including Little Jesse James (1923)
Archer, Kimberly K.     studied trumpet at Florida State University and received her Bachelor of Music Education in 1996. She composed Symphony No. 1 “For those taken too soon...,” which was premiered at her alma mater in 2001. Ms. Archer was commissioned by the Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Northeastern Division to compose a work for their convention. She now lives in Syracuse, New York
Archer, Malcolm David
29 Apr. 1952   composer, organist and master of the choristers at Wells Cathedral; conductor of Wells Oratorio Society and the City of Bristol Choir; appointed organist and director music at St. Paul's Cathedral in 2004
Archer, Richard Donald 3 Jul. 1947   English music teacher, organist, conductor and composer
Archer, Stephen Mark 5 Jan. 1953   American popular composer and singer
Archer, Tim James 29 Jul. 1949   American songwriter, singer and producer
Archer, Violet [Balestreri]
24 Apr. 1913
Montreal, Canada
22 Feb. 2000
Ottawa, Canada
composer, performer and teacher, she had a tremendous impact on musical life in Canada, an impact that has been acknowledged widely: among other special awards and distinctions, she was recipient of several honorary doctorates (McGill, University of Windsor and University of Calgary) and the Order of Canada (1983)
Archilei, Antonio ["Antonio di S Fiora"] c. 1550 Nov. 1612 Italian singer, lutenist and composer
Arconati, Felice Antonio c. 1610 after 1679 Italian maestro di cappella and composer
Arcuri, Serge
10 Jun. 1954
Beauharnois, Québec
  he completed his musical studies in composition and analysis with Gilles Tremblay at the Montreal Conservatory of Music in 1981. He then pursued studies in electroacoustic music with Yves Daoust at the Conservatory and with Marcelle Deschênes at the University of Montréal
Ardanaz, Pedro 1638 11 Dec. 1706 Spanish composer
Ardemanio, Giulio Cesare c. 1580 1650 Italian composer
Arden, Jeremy
London, England
  British composer of stage, orchestral, chamber and electroacoustic music that has been performed in Asia, Europe and the USA to great acclaim. He is especially noted for his stage music
Ardesi, Carlo c. 1550-60 in or after 1612 Italian composer and instrumentalist resident in Bohemia
Ardesi, Giovanni Paolo after 1550-60 in or after 1612 Italian composer
Ardespin, Melchior d' c. 1643 1717 composer, cornettist and flautist, who worked in the Munich court of Prince Max Emmanuel III, rising to become director of chamber music
Ardévol, José 13 Mar. 1911
7 Jan. 1981 Spanish-Cuban composer who along with young Cuban composers established Grupo de Enovacion Musical in 1943
Arditi, Luigi 16 Jul. 1822
Crestentino, Piedmont
1 May 1903
Hove, nr. Brighton, England
composer of operas, but best known for the vocal waltz, Il Bacio - 'The Kiss'
Arditti, David
1 Jul. 1964
Bournemouth, England
  English composer
Ardley, Neil (Richard) 26 May 1937   English jazz composer and writer
Arel, Büent 23 Apr. 1918 24 Nov. 1990 American composer of Turkish birth
Arel, Hüseyin Sadeddin 18 Dec. 1880 6 May 1955 Turkish composer
Arellano, George Isidro [George Arno] 22 Feb. 1933   American religious composer, teacher and singer
Arena, Giuseppe 1713
6 Nov. 1784
Naples, Italy
Italian organist and composer
Arend, Arie den 3 Feb. 1903 22 Feb. 1982 Dutch conductor, teacher, organist and composer
Arends Andrej Fedorovich [Heinrich-Eugen] 14 (Old Style 2) Mar. 1855 27 Apr. 1924 Russian conductor, violinist, and composer of German extraction
Arendt, Joachim 20 Sep. 1893   German music director and composer
Arensky, Anton Stepanovich (Arenski)
12 Jul. (Old Style 30 Jun.) 1861
Novgorod, Russia
25 (Old Style 12) Feb. 1906
Perkijarvi, Finland
composer of operas, symphonies and piano music and teacher of Rakhmaninov and Skryabin
Arentino, Paolo 1508 1584 Italian Renaissance composer
not to be confused with Leonardo Aretino (c.1370–1444), Florentine humanist, historian and chancellor; Pietro Aretino (1492–1556), Italian writer; or Spinello Aretino (c.1330-c.1410), Italian painter
Arenz, Heinz 1924   German wind director, administrator and composer
Aretz (de Ramón y Rivera), Isabel 13 Apr. 1909   Venezuelan ethnomusicologist, folklorist and composer of Argentinean birth
Argamakov, Vasily Nikolayevich 1 Nov. (Old Style 20 Oct.) 1883 3 Jun. 1965 Russian pianist, pedagoguge and composer
Argauer, Wilhelm   28 Feb. 1904 Austrian composer
Argent, William Ignatius 26 Aug. 1844   English organist, choral conductor, writer and composer
fl. second half 14th century singer who may have been a composer
Argentina, Sareno S. 7 Feb. 1917   American songwriter
Argento, Dominick Joseph
27 Oct. 1927
York, PA, USA
20 Feb. 1919
Minneapolis, MN, USA
pupil Dalla-Piccola; American composer of 5 operas, including Christopher Sly, Letters from Composers for tenor and guitar. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1975 for his song cycle From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
Argese, Leonard 6 Oct. 1942   American popular songwriter and guitarist
Argilliano, Ruggiero fl. 1612   Italian music editor and composer
Argine, Costantino dall'12 May 1842
1 Mar. 1877
Milan, Italy
Italian composer
Argir, Frederick Emmett 4 Sep. 1943   American songwriter and performer
Argiro, James Anthony 11 Jul. 1939   American popular composer, conductor and pianist
Arho, Anneli
12 Apr. 1951
  composer of Minos (1978) for harpsichord, written for her husband Jukka Tiensuu, Once upon a time (1980) for wind quintet and AikAika (TimTime, 1987) for three cellos. Many of her works explore the philosophy of time in music by contrasting completely static moments with frenzied virtuoso eruptions
Aria, Cesar 21 Sep. 1820 30 Jan. 1894 Italian choir director, pianist, composer and administrator
Ariani, Adriano 25 Nov. 1877 28 Jan. 1935 Italian pianist and composer
probably Liège, Flanders
music theorist and probably a composer
Aridas, Chris William John 12 Nov. 1947   American religious songwriter, singer and producer
Arienti, Ugo 1 Mar. 1879   Italian choir director and composer
Arienzo, Nicola d' 24 Dec. 1842
Naples, Italy
25 Apr. 1915
Naples, Italy
Italian composer
Arif Bey 1831 1885 Turkish composer
Arima, Daigoro 12 Sep. 1900   Japanese composer and musicologist
Arimino, Vincentius da (see Rimini, Vincenzo da)      
Ariosti, Attilio (Malachia [Clemente]) [Frate Ottavio] 5 Nov. 1666
Bologna, Italy
c. 1729
possibly England
composer of operas and performer of the viola d'amore who, together with Handel and Bononcini produced opera in eighteenth-century London
Ariosti, Giovanni Battista 1668 after 1715 Italian composer
Aristakesyan, Emin Aspetovich 19 Nov. 1936   Armenian composer
c. 448 BC 380 BC Greek playwrite
Arizaga, Rodolfo (Bernardo) 11 Jul. 1926
Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 May 1985
Escobar, Argentina
studied Ondes Martenot in Paris with Ginette Martenot and introduced the instrument in Argentina when he returned to the country during the mid 50s. A prolific composer, many of his works include the Ondes Martenot including Délires, cantata for soloist, female chorus (three voices), celesta, vibraphone, harp, Ondes Martenot, 3 violins, 3 violas and 3 cellos, Sonata Breve for piano and Ondes Martenot, El organillo for solo Ondes Martenot and El ombligo de los limbos, la momia y una encuesta
Arizmendi, Fermin de bap. 11 Jun. 1691 15 Dec. 1733 Spanish composer
Arizo, Miguel de c. 1595 in or after 1642 Spanish composer
Arizti (Sobrino), Cecilia 28 Oct. 1856 30 Jun. 1930 Cuban composer, pianist and teacher
Arkadiev, Mikhail 1958   Russian pianist and composer
Arkad'yev, Ivan Petrovich 19 (Old Style 19) Jan. 1872 30 Dec. 1946 Russian conductor, pedagogue and composer
Arkas, Nikolay Nikolayevich 26 Dec. 1852
13 Mar. 1909
Ukrainian historian and composer
Arkhangel'sky, Alexander Andreyevich 23 (Old Style 11) Oct. 1846 16 Nov. 1924 Russian choral conductor and composer
Arkhimandritov, Boris Ivanovich 1932   Russian composer
Arkin, Alan
26 Mar. 1934
New York, USA
  although better known as an actor, Alan Arkin has also composed a number of songs including 'The Banana Boat Song', which featured in the film 'Calyso Heat Wave' (1957) and 'Quinto (My Little Pony)' which featured in the film 'Riso amaro' (1949)
Arkin, Robert B. 1 Aug. 1923   American songwriter
Arkwright, Marian (Ursula) 25 Jan. 1863 23 Mar. 1922 English composer
Arkwright, Mrs. Robert   1849
sister of poet Felicia Hemans and composer of songs
Arlen, Albert 1905 1993 Australian composer and director
Arlen, Harold (born: Hyman Arluck)
15 Feb. 1905
Buffalo, NY, USA
23 Apr. 1986
New York, NY, USA
American writer of many of the greatest hits from the 1930's and 1940's, including the entire score for The Wizard of Oz including the songs Over the Rainbow, Get Happy, Stormy Weather, It's Only a Paper Moon, I've Got the World on a String and Last Night When We Were Young which have become standards
Arlom, Wilfred 1 May 1887
12 Nov. 1945 Australian pianist, organist and composer
Arlt-Kruse, Lotte married 13 Apr. 1930   German pianist, composer and administrator
Arluck, Elliot 23 Jun. 1915   American composer and author
Arluck, Hyman (see Arlen, Harold)      
Arma, Paul [Pál; Imre Weisshaus] 22 Oct. 1905
28 Nov. 1987 French composer, pianist and ethnomusicologist
Armanini, Mark 11 Feb. 1952
  studied composition with Elliot Weisgarber and Robert Rogers at the University of British Columbia. Apart from his composing, he is very active in the Vancouver music community, having been involved with a number of organizations, including being the founder/producer of The Vancouver Composers Showcase, president of the Vancouver Pro Musica and vice-president of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. His music includes instrumental, chamber, vocal and orchestral works
Armbruster, René 30 Nov. 1931   Swiss violinist, teacher and composer
Armenian, Raffi
4 Jun 1942
  conductor and composer, Raffi Armenian began studying the piano at the age of ten. After a successful debut in a performance of a Mozart piano concerto, he continued his studies under Prof. B. Seidlhofer at the Academy of Music in Vienna, receiving an artists diploma in piano in 1962. In 1963 he emigrated to Canada and made Canada his home. Mr. Armenian's subsequent academic honors include a Bachelor of Science from the University of London and diplomas in conducting and composition from the Academy of Music in Vienna, where, as a recipient of a Canada Council Grant, he studied under Profs. Swarowsky, Schmid and Uhl. During this time, he also received vocal training from Prof. F. Grossman, musical director of the Vienna Boys' Choir
Armentrout, Lee 30 Apr. 1909   American songwriter, arranger and trombonist
Armentières (d’), Peronelle 1340
  Machaut described her as being "the best singer born in a hundered years" and she was clearly an expert reader of the intricate rondeaux he sent to her
Armenyan, Gevork Artashesovich 5 Jan. 1920   Armenian composer
Armer, Elinor 6 Oct. 1939   American composer and pianist
Armes, Philip 15 Aug. 1836
10 Feb. 1908 cathedral organist and composer of Church music
Armfelt, Carl
12 Nov. 1956
Helsinki, Finland
  studied with Einojuhani Rautavaara and Osmo Lindeman (1975-1982)
Armiger, Martin     born in England and educated there and at Flinders University in South Australia, Armiger began writing music for performance groups, multimedia events, student films and various kinds of theatre. Fifteen years playing in bands touring Australia, the U.K and U.S.A. and recording four albums with the Melbourne band The Sports before giving up the touring life to concentrate on record production, music arrangement and ultimately on composition, with film score credits including Young Einstein, Come in Spinner, The Secret Life of Us and Marking Time
Armingaud, Jules 3 May 1820 27 Feb. 1900 French violinist and composer
Armino, Vincenzo da (see Rimini, Vincenzo da)      
Armistead, James 1877 30 Aug. 1935 English organist and composer
Armitage, Reginald Moxon (see Gay, Noel)      
Armocida, William Francis 29 Mar. 1922   American songwriter
Armsdorff andreas [Armsdorf, Armstorff] 9 Sep. 1670 31 Dec. 1699 German composer and organist
Armsheimer, Ivan Ivanovich [Johann-Josef] 19 (Old Style 7) Mar. 1860
St. Petersburg, Russia
Leningrad, Russia
Russian composer, trumpeter, military conductor and pedagogue
Armstrong, Craig
Glasgow, Scotland
  studied composition and piano at the Royal Academy of Music where in 1981 he was awarded the Charles Lucas prize and the Harvey Lohr scholarship for composition, writer of or contributor to scores for the Baz Lurhmann hits Romeo + Juliet (for which he received the Anthony Asquith BAFTA Award and an Ivor Novello for Best Original Score) and Moulin Rouge (for which he received a Golden Globe in 2002). 2003 saw his soundtracks to three major films - Phillip Noyce’s critically acclaimed take on Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, starring Michael Caine; fellow Glaswegian Peter Mullan’s Magdalene Sisters and Love Actually, the smash hit directed by Richard Curtis
Armstrong, Harry (Henry W.) 22 Jul. 1879 28 Feb. 1951
New York, NY, USA
American songwriter and entertainer, who wrote the music to Sweet Adeline
Armstrong, James 1840 30 Apr. 1928 Northern Irish minister and composer
Armstrong, John Gordon
Toronto, Canada
  studied composition at the University of Toronto where he received a Bachelor or Music in Theory and Composition in 1975. After a year of study with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, he continued his formal studies at the University of Michigan where he received both a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in Composition
Armstrong, Lil(ian) [née Hardin] 3 Feb. 1898 27 Aug. 1971 American jazz pianist, singer and composer
Armstrong, (Daniel) Louis [Satchmo; Satchelmouth; Pops; Dippermouth]
c. 1898
New Orleans, USA
6 Jul. 1971
New York, USA
African-American virtuoso jazz trumpeter, singer and band-leader
Armstrong, Lil Hardin
3 Feb. 1898
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
27 Aug. 1971
Chicago, USA
jazz pianist, composer, arranger, singer, and bandleader, and the second wife of Louis Armstrong with whom she collaborated on many recordings in the 1920s
Armstrong, Sinclair [Bob] 12 Feb. 1912   American composer and arranger
Armstrong, Thomas (Henry Wait) 15 Jun. 1898
Peterborough, England
26 Jun. 1994 composer particularly of church and chamber music; sometime Principal of The Royal Academy of Music, London
Armstrong, Tommyfl. 19th century a miner from the North of England who was known as The Pitman's Poet and who set many of his rough-and-ready poems to popular and traditional tunes. Examples include Trimdothe 1882 n Grange Explosion and The Oakey Eviction
Armstrong, William D(awson) 11 Feb. 1868 9 Jul. 1936 American composer and administrator
Armstrong-Gibbs, Cecil
Great Baddow, Essex
12 May 1960
Chelmsford, Essex
a little-known prolific English composer, adjudicator and conductor, who studied under Sir Adrian Boult and Ralph Vaughan Williams and a contemporary of Sir Arthur Bliss, Herbert Howells and Sir Arnold Bax. Known principally for his solo songs, Armstrong Gibbs also wrote music for the stage, sacred works, three symphonies and a substantial amount of chamber music, much of which remains unpublished. He gained wide recognition during the early part of his life, but until recently, like many of his contemporaries, has been little known. Although he retired from adjudicating, he continued conducting and composing right to the end of his life. He died in Chelmsford on 12th May 1960 and is buried with his wife in Danbury churchyard
Arnaboldi, Joseph P. 2 Dec. 1920   American composer
Arnaldi, Stefano  
  composer/pianist who wrote film scores for Liberate i pesci! (2000), Tea with Mussolini (1999), played piano solos in Besieged (1998) and orchestrated Jane Eyre (1996)
Arnaoudov, Gheorghi
Sofia, Bulgaria
  Bulgarian composer of stage, orchestral, chamber, vocal and piano works
Arnatt, Ronald 16 Jan. 1930   English composer, conductor and organist resident the United States
Arnaud, (Jean) Stéphane (Guillaume) 16 Mar. 1807 Jan. 1863 French composer
Arnaud, Léo (born Noël Leon Marius Arnaud)
24 Jul. 1904
Lyon France
26 Apr. 1991
Los Angeles, California, USA
French composer who studied at conservatories in Lyon and Paris. After studying with composers Vincent D'Indy and Maurice Ravel, he emigrated to the United States in 1931. For many years, he performed in Fred Waring's band. He also worked in Hollywood as an arranger, composer and orchestrator from 1936-1966
Arnauld, Serge 16 Nov. 1944   Swiss composer
Arnaut Danièl (see Danièl, Arnaut)      
Arnaut de Mareuil
fl. c.1170-1200   one of the troubadours of Provence, to him is attributed the introduction into Provençal poetry of the amatory epistle
Arndt, Felix
20 May 1889
New York, USA
16 Oct. 1918
Harmon-on-Hudson, USA
American composer of light songs, most famously Nola, named for his wife, also a composer of light music, he made over 3,000 piano-rolls. Arndt, a fine pianist, was also an influence on the young and then unknown George Gershwin, who would visit him at his studio in the Aeolian Building on 42nd St., between 6th and 7th Avenues. This contact may have been the inspiration for Gershwins Rialto Ripples and through Arndt, Gershwin came to make piano rolls in Jan 1916. It is said that it was Arndt who got Gershwin a job at Aeolian Hall
Arndt, Nola 11 Jul. 1889 19 Jul. 1977 American composer, singer and teacher
Arne, Michael c. 1740
London, England
14 Jan. 1786
London, England
illegitimate son of the above; composed music for the stage including The Lass with a delicate air
Arne, Thomas Augustine bap. 28 May 1710
London, England
5 Mar. 1778
London, England
composer of operas, oratorios, orchestral and keyboard music and most famously, Rule Britannia
Arnell, Richard (Anthony Sayer)
15 Sep. 1917
London, England
10 Apr. 2009
Bromley, England
best known today as a teacher and as a composer of film music
Arnestad, Finn (Oluf Bjerke) 23 Sep. 1915 1994 Norwegian composer and critic
Arnheim, Gus
4 Sep. 1897
Philadelphia, PA, USA
19 Jan. 1955
Los Angeles, CA, USA
American popular composer and conductor; hits include I Cried for You (1923) and Sweet and Lovely (1931)
Arnheim, Richard 18 Feb. 1869   medical doctor and composer
Arnic, Blaz
31 Jan. 1901
1 Feb. 1970
Slovenian composer and organist
Arnie, Ralf [pseudonym Dieter Rasch] 14 Feb. 1924   German writer of popular songs, composer and publisher
Arnim, Bettina von Brentano 1785
1859 composer of songs and masses. She held salons for famous literary and musical figures of the time
Arnold, Bernard [Buddy] 11 Aug. 1915   American popular composer and writer
Arnold, Byron 15 Aug. 1901 25 Dec. 1971 American composer and teacher
Arnold, David
  film and TV music composer whose work includes Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Independence Day (1996)
Arnold, David H. 9 Oct. 1933   American popular composer and producer
Arnold, Ernst (pseudonym for E. Jeschke) 12 Feb. 1890
Vienna, Austria
5 Jan. 1962
Vienna, Austria
composer, lyricist and singer of typical Viennese popular songs who wrote about 800 songs
Arnold, Frank Arthur 12 Jan. 1944   American songwriter
Arnold, Georg   16 Jan. 1676 Austrian composer and organist resident in Germany
Arnold, George Benjamin 22 Dec. 1832 31 Jan. 1902 English composer and organist
Arnold, Gustav
1 Nov. 1831
28 Sep. 1900
Swiss conductor, organist and composer
Arnold, György 5 Jun. 1781
Paks, Hungary
25 Oct. 1848
Subotica, Hungary
Hungarian composer and church musician
Arnold, Johann 1773 1806 composer for the guitar
Arnold, John 1715-20
Great Warley, England
bur. 14 Feb. 1792 composer of songs and catches but also a collector of metrical psalm tunes
Arnold, John Henry 29 May 1887 19 Jun. 1956 English organist, writer, teacher and composer
Arnold, Karl 6 May 1794 11 Nov. 1877 German pianist, conductor and composer
Arnold, Malcolm
21 Oct. 1921
Northampton, England
23 Sep. 2006
Norwich, England
born the son of a well-to-do shoe manufacturer. Brought up in a musical family and educated privately at home. Took up the trumpet, inspired by Louis Armstrong and studied it on a scholarship at the RAM. Joined LPO as 2nd trumpet and gained exposure to wider repertoire, especially Mahler. Conscientious objector during the 39-45 war, but changed mind and enlisted 1943, only to get discharge by shooting himself in the foot. Played in the BBC SO and LPO. He is the composer of the Oscar winning film score to The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), Inn of the Sixth Happiness, the various St. Trinians comedies, The Sound Barrier, Suddenly Last Summer, Hobson’s Choice, and the Rose Tattoo. Arnold is as prolific in the fields of chamber music, symphonic, and brass music and also Grand Grand Overture Op. 57 (1956) which is scored for three electric vacuum cleaners, electric floor polisher, rifles and Orchestra. In addition he has composed nine symphonies, several suites of dances and many concertos (these contain his finest work). His personal life has been particularly fraught with tragedy and it is reflected in the later symphonies (except for the ninth where some resolution seems to take place)
Arnold, Maurice [Maurice Arnold Strothotte] 19 Jan. 1865
St Louis, USA
23 Oct. 1937
New York, USA
American conductor, teacher and composer
Arnold, Samuel Dr. 10 Aug. 1740
London, England
22 Oct. 1802
London, England
unrelated to John Arnold; edited Handel's works in 36 volumes; composer of popular operas and church music, also produced a collection of metrical psalm tunes; from some time he was also organist to the Chapel Royal
Arnold, William 1768 1832 English shipwright, choirmaster and composer
Arnold, Yury (Karlovich) [Jurig von] 13 (Old Style 1) Nov. 1811
St. Petersburg, Russia
20 (Old Style 8) Jul. 1893
Karakesh, nr. Simferopol, Russia
Russian writer on music and composer
Arnoldus, Flandrus (see Flandrus, Arnoldus)   
Arnone, Dominick L. [Don] 2 Dec. 1920 16 Jun. 2005 American popular composer, teacher and guitarist
Arnott, Archibald Davidson 25 Feb. 1870   Scottish organist, choirmaster and composer
Arndt, Felix
20 May 1889
New York, USA
16 Oct. 1918
New York, USA
pianist and composer of popular music. His mother was the Countess Fevrier, related to Napoleon III
Arntzen, Kees     Dutch composer and music critic
Arnulphus de Saint-Ghislain (see Saint-Ghislain, Arnulphus de)   
Arolas, Eduardo 24 Feb. 1888
29 Sep. 1924
Paris, France
a virtuoso bandoneonist, arranger and composer of tangos such as Una Noche de Garufa written when he was just 17 years old, the title a reference to the Garufa, a place in the Mondiole district of Montevideo, Uruguay. He died in Paris the victim of of pulmonary tuberculosis and alcoholism
Aroca y Ortega, Jesús Oct. 1877
Algete, Spain
31 Oct. 1935
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer and musicologist
Arodin, Sidney J. [Arnondrin] 29 Mar. 1901 6 Feb. 1948 American jazz clarinetist and composer
Arolas, Eduardo
24 Feb. 1892
29 Sep. 1924
Paris, France
nicknamed 'The Tiger of the Bandoneon' (El Tigre del Bandoneon), he was a virtuoso bandoneonist, arranger and composer, who wrote many orchestrations and arrangements as well as many tangos
Aromando, Joseph S. 19 Jan. 1912   American songwriter
Aron, Pietro (see Pietro Aaron)      
Arona, Colombino 1885   Italian song composer including the patriotic O Gioventu' d'Italia written in 1914 to words by Giov. Corvetto
Arpa, Giovanni Leonardo dell' [Mollica] c. 1525 Jan. 1602 Italian harpist, composer and actor
Arpa, Rinaldo dall' (see Trematerra, Rinaldo)      
Arpin, John (Francis Oscar) 3 December 1936   Canadian ragtime pianist, singer, composer and arranger
Arques, Lluís Blandes 1929   Spanish administrator, teacher and composer
Arquette, Cliff 28 Dec. 1905   American songwriter and pianist
Arquimbau, Domingo c. 1758 26 Jan. 1829 Spanish composer
Arras, Andrieu Contredit d’ c. 1180 1248 trouvère. He was a member of the Puy d'Arras, one of several French societies that organized literary and musical festivals with compositions durung the trouvère period. He was connected with Guillaume le Vinier, and may have been a knight. Sixteen poems with melodies survive.
Arras, Jean d'   1584
probably in Madrid, Spain
Flemish composer and organist originally from Arras in Flanders who was active in Italy and Spain
Arras, Moniot d' fl. c 1190 - 1239   a trouvère who worked as a monk at Arras. He had many noble patrons and wrote a jeu-parti jointly with Guillaume le Vinier. Twenty-three of his poems, with thirteen tunes, survive; his especially fine Ce fut en Maiwas was used by Hindemith in the suite Nobilissima Visione
Arregui, José Maria c. 1875 1955 Spanish composer
Arregui Garay, Vicente 3 Jul. 1871
Madrid, Spain
2 Dec. 1925
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer
Arrell, Greg F. 15 Jan. 1950   American popular composer and singer
Arresti (Aresti), Floriano c. 1660
Bologna, Italy
Bologna, Italy
Italian organist and composer
Arresti, Giulio Cesare 26 Feb. 1617 or later 17 Jul. 1701 or later Italian composer and organist
Arriaga (y Balzola), Juan Crisóstomo Jacobo Antonio 27 Jan. 1806
Rigoitia, nr. Bilbao
17 Jan. 1826
Paris, France
Spanish composer of opera, a symphony and 3 string quartets
Arrieta Corera, (Emilio) Juan Pascual Antonio
21 Oct. 1821
Puente la Reina, Spain
11 Feb. 1894
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer of many operas and zarzuelas
Arrieu, Claude
30 Nov. 1903
Paris, France
7 Mar. 1990
Paris, France
(pseudonym: Luise Marie Simon) a prolific French composer, who studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Dukas, among others, taking first prize for composition in 1932. Her music had the ease of flow and elegance of structure that typified Parisian neo-classicism, while avoiding the often concomitant frivolity. Vivacity, clarity of expression and a natural feel for melody were her hall marks. Her radio score Frederic General won a Prix Italia in 1949. Her music included several stage works, concertos and numerous wind chamber pieces
Arrigo [Henricus] fl. 14th century   Italian composer
Arrigo, Girolamo
2 Apr. 1930
Palermo, Italy
  Sicilian composer who lives in Paris; writer of vocal works and works for large instrumental ensembles
Arrigo, Giuseppe 9 Sep. 1838 30 Sep. 1913 Italian organist and composer
Arrigoni, Carlo 5 Dec. 1697
Florence, Italy
19 Aug. 1744
Florence, Italy
lutenist, theorbo player and composer who worked in Florence until around 1731 when he moved to London giving concerts as a performer, supervised performances of his opera Fernando (1734) and sang and played at the original performances of Handel's Alexander’s Feast (1736). After his five year stay in London, he gained the patronage of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and returned to Florence. His music was performed in Vienna, although he does not appear to have ever travelled there
Arrigoni, Giovanni Giacomo fl. 1635-63   Italian composer and organist
Arro, Edgar Alexandrovich 24 (Old Style 11) Mar. 1911 1986 Estonian composer and organist
Arroio (or Arroyo), Joao Marcellino 4 Oct. 1861
Oporto, Portugal
18 May 1930
Colares, nr. Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese composer
Ars, Nikolay Andreyevich 1857
Moscow, Russia
8 July (Old Style 25 Jun.) 1902
Kaunas, Lithuania
Russian composer and conductor
Arsenault, Angèle 1 Oct. 1943   Canadian popular singer, songwriter and media host
Arseneault, Raynard
9 Jun. 1945
Quebec, Canada
1995 he studied at the Montréal Conservatory with Gilles Tremblay (composition and analysis), Françoise Aubut-Pratt (harmony and organ) and in 1973 was awarded premier prix and the Prix d'Europe in composition. He spent eight years in France from 1973 to 1981. There he studied with Tony Aubin (composition) and Pierre Cochereau (organ) at the Académie Internationale de Nice, with Claude Lefebvre (composition) at the Conservatoire National de la Région de Metz and Claude Ballif (analysis and composition) and Michel Philippot (composition) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris. Encounters with Yvan Wychnegradski in Paris and Jacinto Scelsi in Rome had important effects on his development as a composer
Artamonov, Aleksey Pavlovich 17 (Old Style 4) Feb. 1906   Russian conductor, pedagogue and composer
Arteaga, Edward
    a native of New Jersey, he attended Boston University, graduating in 1972 with a Bachelor of Music degree in composition. Emigrating to Canada later that year, he attended the Shawnigan Lake Summer School of the Arts where he studied with Jean Coulthard. Since then he has worked as musical and technical director for the Paula Ross Dance Company (whose tours have given his music national exposure), attended Canada's first choreographic seminar at York University in 1978 and has had works commissioned and premiered by Toronto's ARRAY-MUSIC
Artemovsky, Semyon (Stepanovich) (see Gulak-Artemovsky, Semyon Stepanovich)   
Artemyev, Edward [Edouard] Nicolay [Artemiev]
30 Nov. 1937
Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia
  Edouard Artemyev is regarded as the most firmly established among Russian composers of electronic music and film scores
Arter, Matthias 1964
  Swiss oboist and composer. He studied with Thomas Indermühle (Zurich) and Heinz Holliger (Freiburg-in-Breisgau). His musical activities are dominated by chamber music, unaccompanied solo concerts and free improvisation
Arthopius, Balthasar [Artocopus, Artopaeus] c.1490 late Jul. 1534 German organist and composer
Arthur, Alfred 8 Oct. 1844 20 Nov. 1918 American singing teacher and composer
Arthuys, Philippe 1926   French composer
Artioli, Enzo A.G. 1886   Italian composer
Artl, Christian 25 Nov. 1875   Swiss composer
Artman, Ruth Eleanor 19 Sep. 1916   American composer, choral director and clinician
Artomius, Piotr [Artomiusz, Artotomius, Krzesichleb; Grodicensis] 26 Jul. 1552 2 Aug. 1609 Polish clergyman, hymnologist and ?composer
Artôt (Montagney), Jean-Désiré 23 Sep. 1803
Paris, France
25 Mar. 1887
Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium
horn player, teacher and composer
Artôt (Montagney), Joseph (called Alexandre) 25 Jan. 1815
Brussels, Belgium
20 Jul. 1845
Ville-d'Avray, nr. Paris, France
violinist; composer of music for violin as well as chamber music
Artyomov, Vyacheslav
29 Jun. 1940
Moscow, Russia, Moscow
  Artyomov's early style was neo-classical. Then, influenced by the folk music of Russia and of the Caucasian and mid-Asian peoples, he developed a free-rhythmic, polytonal style, sometimes even minimalistic. In his later years his compositions exhibited a mystical and religious character
Artsybuchev (or Artzibushev, Artzybushev, Artsibushev, Artchibousheff, Arcybusev), Nicolas [Nikolai] Vassilievich 7 Mar. (Old Style 23 Feb.) 1858
Tsarskoe Selo, Russia
15 Apr. 1937
Paris, France
Russian-born composer and teacher who also used the pseudonym Ennart
Artusi, Giovanni Maria
c. 1540 18 Aug. 1613 Italian theorist, polemicist and composer
Artusini, Antonio bap. 2 Oct. 1554 before 6 May 1604 Italian composer, lawyer, poet and orator
Artyomov, Viacheslav (Petrovich) 29 Jun. 1940   Russian composer
Artyom'yev, Eduard 1937   Russian composer
Artz, Carl Maria 10 Jun. 1887 21 Jul. 1963 German composer
Arundell (or Arundel), Dennis Drew 22 Jul. 1898
Finchley, London, England
10 Dec. 1988
London, England
composer of incidental music, several radio operas and a writer on music
Arutiunian (or Harut'unyan), Alexander Grigorievich
23 Sep. 1920
Jerevan, Armenia
  Soviet-Armenian composer
Arvanitaki, Eleftheria
Piraeus, Greece
  Greek singer and songwriter
Arvey, Verna [Mrs. William Grant Still] 16 Feb. 1910   American composer, pianist and writer
Arvinte, Constantin 21 May 1926   Romanian composer
Arvonio, Angelo Carmen, Jr. 4 Jun. 1948   American popular composer, lyricist and singer
Arvonio, Robert Anthony [Bobby Arvon] 13 Sep. 1941   American popular composer, lyricist and singer
Arzumanov (Arzoumanov), Valery Grantovich 1944
Vorkuta, Russia
  Russian composer
Asachi, Elena [née Teyber] 30 Oct. 1789 9 May 1877 Romanian composer, pianist and singer
Asafiev (or Asafev, Asafief, Assafieff, Assafiev, Aszafjev, Assafjew), Boris Vladimirovich
29 Jul. 1884
St. Petersburg, Russia
27 Jan. 1949
Moscow, Russia
Russian musicologist and composer of ballets, operas and symphonies who used the pen name Igor (or Boris Vladimirovich) Glebov
Asantschevsky, Michail Pavlovich 1838 or 1839
Moscow, Russia
24 Jan. 1881
Moscow, Russia
Russian pedagogue and composer
Asbóth, Wilhelm von 20 May 1821 6 Mar. 1877 Hungarian military music director and composer
Ascencio, Vicente 5 Apr. 1903   Spanish composer
Ascenso, Antonio 1 Nov. 1850   Italian organist, pianist and composer
Aschaffenburg, Walter (Eugene) 20 May 1927
Essen, Germany
  American composer and educator of German birth
Aschenbrenner, Christian Heinrich 29 Dec. 1654 13 Dec. 1732 German composer and violinist
Ascher, Emil 12 Apr. 1849 22 Oct. 1922 American publisher, conductor and composer of German birth
Ascher, Everett [Frank Morton; Richard Hoffman; Ed Aster] 3 Apr. 1936   American popular composer
Ascher, Joseph 4 Jun. 1829 20 Jun. 1869 German pianist and composer born in England of German parents
Ascher, Józef 1829 or 1831 1869 Polish pianist and composer
Ascher, Kenneth Lee 26 Oct. 1944   American popular compsoer
Ascher, Leo
17 Aug. 1880
Vienna, Austria
25 Feb. 1942
New York, USA
lawyer and composer of 32 operettas, the most famous being Hoheit tanzt Walzer (1912)
Ascolese, Raffaele 1855 1923 Italian wind director, composer and editor
Ascone, Vicente 16 Aug. 1897
Siderno, Calabria, Italy
5 Mar. 1979
Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan composer
Asencio, Vicente
29 Oct. 1908
Valencia, Spain
3 Apr. 1979
Valencia, Spain
pianist and composer, who was Professor of Harmony and Composition at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Valencia, Spain and wrote many attractive works for the guitar. Under the influence of Joaquin Turina and Manuel de Falla, Asencio discovered the aesthetic canons of the nationalistic movement
Ásgeirsson, Jón 11 Oct. 1928
Ísafjördur, Iceland
  Icelandic critic, composer and teacher
Ash, Frances     she wrote the music and lyrics of I'm Gonna Love That Gal (Like She's Never Been Loved Before)
Ash, Paul 11 Feb. 1891 13 Jul. 1958 American composer, lyricist and conductor of German birth
Ashbourne, Peter 14 Jul. 1950   Jamaican composer and arranger
Ashby, Dorothy 6 Aug. 1932
Detriot, Michigan
13 Apr. 1986
Santa Monica, California
pianist and harpist with several small jazz groups, often as leader, who recorded with Richard Davis, Jimmy Cobb, Frank Wess and others in the late 50s and early 60s. During the latter period, she had her own radio show in her home-town. Her husband drummer John Ashby, played in her early trios and was founder of a theatre company, the Ashby Players of Detroit, for which his wife wrote scores. After relocating to the west coast she played in studio orchestras, sometimes appearing on albums featuring leading jazz musicians. She was one of very few harpists to play jazz convincingly and was, perhaps, the only such instrumentalist successfully to adapt the instrument to accommodate the language of bop
Ashcroft, Johnny c. 1927   Australian country music singer-songwriter
Ashdown, Doug 1947   Australian popular guitarist and singer-songwriter
Ashe andrew c. 1759 1838 Irish flautist and composer
Ashe, Frederic H. 1917 1968 American teacher and composer
Ashe, John 1907   Australian country music songwriter
Asheim, Nils Henrik
Oslo, Norway
  Norwegian organist and composer
Asherman, Alice Cornett 21 Jul 1911   American popular composer, singer and teacher
Asherman, Edward M. 19 Jan. 1913   American popular composer, guitarist and singer
Asherman, Nat 12 Aug. 1909   American popular composer and pianist
Ashfield, Robert James 28 Jul. 1911
Chipstead, Surrey
  educated at Tonbridge School and the Royal College of Music, Ashfield was assistant organist at Westminster Abbey in the 1930s, organist of Southwell Minster from 1946 until 1956 and organist at Rochester Cathedral between 1956 and 1977
Ashford, Nikolas 4 May 1942   American soul singer, songwriter, and record producer
Ashforth, Alden (Banning) May 13, 1933
New York, USA
  organist in Sherman Oaks who taught at the University of California
Ashikawa, Satoshi 1953
  Japanese composer
Ashley, Anthony William 1803 1877 English composer
Ashley, John ["of Bath"]   after 1834 English singer, composer and bassoonist
Ashley, John James 1772 5 Jan. 1815 English organist, pianist, singing teacher and composer
Ashley, Robert (Reynolds)
28 Mar. 1930
Ann Arbor, Michigan
  American composer with an interest in film, electronics and multimedia
Ashot, Arian
3 Apr. 1973
Yerevan, Armenia
  Armenian composer, now resident in Russia, mostly of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and piano works
Ashpole, Alfred 21 Jun. 1892 early 1990 English musician, conductor, and composer
Ashrafi, Mukhtar (Ashrafovich) 11 Jun. (Old Style 29 May) 1912
15 Dec. 1975
Russian composer and conductor
Ashton, Algernon (aka Bennet Langton)
9 Dec. 1859
Durham, England
10 Apr. 1937
London, England
English composer and pianist
Ashton, Bob Bruce 2 Jan. 1921   American popular composer, author, and educator
Ashton, John 1830 31 Dec. 1896 Welsh shoemaker, policeman, and composer
Ashton, John Howard 11 Jul. 1938   American composer, conductor, and trumpeter
Ashworth, Caleb 1722 1775 psalmodist and Baptist minister at Daventry, Northants
Asia, Daniel
27 Jun. 1953
Seattle, USA
  American composer
Asins Arbó, Miguel 1916
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer including music for two films, Not On Your Life (1965) and Face of Terror (1964)
Asioli, Bonifazio 30 Aug. 1769
Correggio, Italy
18 May 1832
Correggio, Italy
Italian composer, noted particularly for his Intermezzi, 2- and 3-act operas; also wrote on tuning and temperament
  • Osservazioni sul temperamento proprio degl'istromenti stabili: Dirette agli accordatori di pianoforte ed organo. Emilio Giusti, Milano, 1816
  • Disinganno sulle osservazioni fatte sul aggiunta al suo opusculo. Opera postuma. Ricordi, Milano
  • Anleitung, Clavierinstrumente zu Temperiren und auf die leichteste Art ohne Beihülfe eines Meister rein und richtig zu stimmen. Artaria, Vienna, c.1819
Asioli, Francesco c. 1645-50 in or after 1676 Italian composer, guitarist and guitar teacher
Askew, Dennis Lee 19 Apr. 1953   American popular composer, author, and performer
Askew, R. fl. c. 1595   English composer
Askin, Ali
Munich, Germany
  Ali N. Askin composes, produces, arranges and plays music in the most diverse genres, styles and formats. He has composed for concert halls as well as for film and television. Electronic music, club tracks and remixes are as much a part of his works and productions as chamber music, pieces for radio and music for the theatre. As a musician (keyboards, electronics), he has been active in a variety of projects and bands. He has lived in Berlin since 2001.
[information taken from his web site]
Aslamas, Anisim Vasil'yevich 24 or 26 Jul. 1924   Russian composer
Asma, Feike
Den Helder, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dutch organist and composer, pupil of Jan Zwart; he succeeded his father as organist of the Dutch Reformed Church when only 14, after which he was successively organist of the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden and the Lutherse Kerk in The Hague. In 1965 he accepted an appointment to the Grote Kerk in Maassluis
Asmara, Michael
17 Jun. 1956
Jakarta, Indonesia
  Indonesian composer, now resident in both Indonesia and Japan, of stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, piano and multimedia works
Asola, Giammateo (Giovanni Matteo Asula)
c. 1532
Verona, Italy
1 Oct. 1609
Venice, Italy
Italian composer, a pupil of Ruffo. He was a secular canon from 1546, then a secular priest after 1569, active in various northern Italian cities, he held the post of maestro di cappella successively at Treviso and Vicenza cathedrals and led the Italian musicians' tribute to Palestrina in 1592. He became a chaplain at S. Severo in Venice in 1588 and remained there until his death. His very large output, though largely conventional in style, does include some double-choir pieces and works requiring basso continuo. He also published three volumes of madrigals, one of which consists entirely of 2-part canons
Aspa, Edwin May 1835 17 Aug. 1883 English composer and teacher of Italian parentage
Aspa, Mario1799
Messina, Italy
14 Dec. 1868
Messina, Italy
Italian composer
Asper, Frank W. 9 Feb. 1892 8 Nov. 1973 American composer, conductor, and organist
Asperi, Ursula 1807
  produced her first opera in 1827 and for a year (1839), conducted an orchestra in a Florence theatre
Aspestrand, Sigwardt 13 Nov. 1856
31 Dec. 1941
Norwegian composer
Aspinwall, Joseph [Aspinall] 18th century   English composer
Asplmayr (or Aspelmayr, Aspelmeier, Asplmyer, Aschpellmayr, Appelmeyer), Franz
bap. 2 Apr. 1728
Linz, Austria
29 Jul. 1786
Vienna, Austria
Austrian violinist and composer of Italian Opera
Aspull, George Jun. 1813 19 Aug. 1832 English pianist and composer
Aspull, William 1798 16 Jan. 1875 English composer, teacher, and singer
Asquith, John fl. 1878-1882   English organist and composer
Asriel, Andre 22 Feb. 1922   German composer of Austrian-Turkish origin
Assad, Clarice
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Brazilian pianist and composer, daughter of Sergio
Assad, Sergio
26 Dec. 1952
Sao Paolo, Brazil
  guitarist and composer, father of Clarice
Assafiev, Boris
29 Jul. 1884
St Petersburg, Russia
27 Jan. 1949
Moscow, Russia
composer, particularly of ballets and opera and music critic, a pupil of Rimski-Korsakov
Assandra (Allessandra), Caterina fl. 1609-1618   nun and composer of religious works. Her fame as a composer and performer extended beyond Italy during the first half of the 17th century and some of her works were published during her life
Assante, Allison 6 Mar. 1923   American popular composer and lyricist
Assche, Anatole van 11 Apr. 1888
Saint-Trond, Belgium
23 Mar. 1978
Saint-Trond, Belgium
Belgian composer, teacher and administrator
[entry corrected by Michel Eyckmans, the composer's grandson]
Asselbergs, Lucas 30 Mar. 1959
Heemstede, The Netherlands
  Dutch-born pianist, composer, arranger and lyricist. His work includes film music (Blonde Dolly, WEA 1986), arrangements for the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra (Edison award for It's the talk of the Town, 1984), and approximately 100 songs for The Handsom Harry Company (1991-2008). Asselbergs is also the keyboard player with Mark Foggo's Skasters
[information provided by Lucas Asselbergs]
Asselin, (Paul) André 25 Feb. 1923   Canadian pianist, composer and writer
Assis, Gilson de
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Brazilian-born percussionist and composer based in Germany
Assmeyer (Aßmayer), Ignaz 11 Feb. 1790
Salzburg, Austria
31 Aug. 1862
Vienna, Austria
composer, organist at St. Peter's Abbey, Salzburg, conductor of the Court Orchestra and friend of Franz Schubert
Ast, Max 17 Mar. 1874   German organist, choir director and composer
Ast, Maximilian 3 Sep. 1875   Austrian composer and conductor
Astaire, Fred [Fred Austerlitz]
10 May 1899
Omaha, NB, USA
22 Jun. 1987
Los Angeles, CA, USA
actor, dancer, pianist, drummer and prolific composer
Astarita (or Astaritta), Gennaroc.1745-9
possibly Naples, Italy
after 1803Italian composer particularly of opera
Astley, Edwin (Thomas)
12 Apr. 1922
Warrington, Cheshire, England
19 May 1998
Goring, Oxfordshire, England
composer for the British film industry who worked on well over 30 films
Aston, Hugh (Ashton, Austen, Aystoun)
c. 1485 Nov. 1558 an English composer of the early Tudor period. While little of his music survives, he is notable for his innovative keyboard writing
Aston, Peter (George)
5 Oct. 1938
Edgbaston, England
13 Sep. 2013
English composer and conductor
Astorga, Baron Emanuele (Gioacchino Cesare Rincón) d' 20 Mar. 1680
Augusta, Sicily
c. 1757
possibly Madrid, Spain
harpsichordist, singer and composer of Cantate da Camera and a famous Stabat Mater
Asuar, José Vicente 20 Jul. 1933   Chilean composer and acoustic engineer
Aszodi, Ferenc 6 Aug. 1929   Hungarian military musician and composer
Atanackovic, Slobodan 23 Sep. 1937   Yugoslavian composer
Atanasov, Georgy (Georgi) 18 May 1882
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
17 Nov. 1931
Fasano, Lago di Garda
regarded as the founder of Bulgarian opera, Aranasov composed many operas on Bulgarian historical themes. Initially, his music showed a strong Italian influence although later he was less successful seeking inspriation from the work of Wagner and Richard Strauss
Atayan, Robert Arshakovich 7 Nov. 1915   Armenian musicologist and composer
Atchley, Samuel Lee 26 June 1945   American popular songwriter
Atehortúa, Blas Emilio 3 Oct. 1933   Colombian composer
Atema, Gerard     Dutch composer of music for theatre and television
Ath, Andreas d' fl. 1622-30   South Netherlands composer and organist
Athanasiu-Gardeev, Esmeralda 1834 1917 Romanian composer and pianist
Athanassov, Georgi 18 (Old Style 6) May 1882 17 Nov. 1931 Bulgarian composer and conductor
Athenaeus fl. 200   Greek author, also called Athenaeus of Naucratis, because he was born and resided in Naucratis, Egypt. Athenaeus is remembered primarily for his anthological anecdotal collection Deipnosophistae, Banquet of the Learned, in which a variety of characters debate a wide spectrum of topics including food, luxury, diet, health, sexual relationships, pornography, music, humour and linguistics. Athenaeus' works provide much valuable information about the ancient world which would otherwise be missing
Atherton, Michael 17 Feb. 1950
  Australian composer
Atherton, Percy Lee 25 Sep. 1871 8 Mar. 1944 American composer
Atienza y Pineda, Francisco de c. 1657 March 1726 Mexican composer, probably of Spanish birth
Atinsky, Jerry [Allen] 9 Oct. 1917   American popular composer, author and guitar teacher
Atkerson, Paul 2 Jul. 1921   American popular composer, author and pianist
Atkins, (Chester Burton) Chet
20 Jun. 1924
Luttrell, Tennessee, USA
30 Jun. 2001
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
influential American guitarist, songwriter and record producer
Atkins, Ivor Algernon
29 Nov. 1869
Llandaff, Wales
26 Nov. 1953
Worcester, England
English organist, composer and conductor
Atkins, John   1671 English violinist and composer
Atkins, Robert Augustus 2 Oct. 1811 3 Aug. 1889 Welsh organist and composer
Atkins, William 29 Jul. 1907
7 Mar. 1979 Canadian bandmaster, teacher and composer
Atkinson, Condit Robert 4 Jul. 1928   American composer, author and educator
Atkinson, Frederick Cook
20 Aug. 1841
Norwich, Norfolk
30 Nov. 1896
East Dereham, Norfolk
Atkinson served as a chorister at Norwich Cathedral. He graduated from Cambridge University and was organist and choir­master at St. Luke’s Church in Manningham, Bradford; Norwich Cathedral; and St. Mary’s Parish Church in Lewisham, London
Atkinson, Gordon Hewlett
6 Nov. 1928
Melbourne, Australia
  organist and composer
Atkinson, John   12 Feb. 1671 English violinist and composer
Ato [Hatto] episcopus Trecensis fl. 1123-45   composer
Atrash, Farid c. 1915 26 Dec. 1974 Egyptian composer and singer of Syrian origin
Atrio, Hermanus d'
c.1470c.1513probably Flemish singer and composer
Attaingnant, Pierre c. 1494 late 1551 or 1552 publisher of French lute and keyboard music and of one of the oldest dance collections that includes pavanes, basse dances and branles. Some of these compositions were later transcribed for the lute and guitar
Attal, Dario 11 Oct. 1881   Italian pianist and composer
Attanasio, Donald Joseph [Don Christopher] 15 Mar. 1938   American songwriter
Attaway, William A. 19 Nov. 1915   American popular composer and arranger
Attenhofer, Carl 5 May 1837 22 May 1914 Swiss choral conductor and composer
Atterberg, Kurt (Magnus) 12 Dec. 1887
Gothenburg, Sweden
15 Feb. 1974
Stockholm, Sweden
trained as an engineer; composed a nationalistic opera Fanal and several symphonies, his sixth entitled Dollar Symphony, won an international competition sponsored by the Columbia Graphophone Company causing international outcry when it was awarded a special price of £2,000, on the occasion of the centenary of Schubert's death (1928). Swedish folk music influences were a major element in many of Atterberg's orchestral works
Atterbury, Luffmann c. 1740 11 Jun. 1796 English glee composer
Atteridge, (Richard) Harold 9 Jul. 1886 15 Jan. 1938 American popular librettist
Attey, John before 1622
Ross-on-Wye, England
1640 composer of last published book of lute songs in 1622
Attrup, Carl August 4 Mar. 1848 5 Oct. 1892 Danish organist and composer
Attwater, John Post 26 Jun. 1862 10 Apr. 1909 English organist, choirmaster, administrator, singer, violinist, conductor and composer
Attwood, Thomas
bap. 23 Nov. 1765
London, England
24 Mar. 1838
London, England
pupil of Mozart; organist and composer of theatre and church music
Atwell, Roy 2 May 1878 6 Feb. 1962 American popular composer and comedian
Atys, ______ 18 Apr. 1715 8 Aug. 1784 French creole flautist, composer and teacher
Auber, Daniel (François Esprit)
29 Jan. 1782
Caen, France
12 or 13 May 1871
Paris, France
pupil of Luigi Cherubini, violinist and composer of instrumental music but later very successful composer of more than 40 operas, including Muette de Portici, Manon Lescaut, Fra Diavolo, Cheval de bronze, Diamants de la couronne and Domino noir
Aubert, Jacques le père 30 Sep. 1689
Paris, France
17 or 18 May 1753
Belleville, nr. Paris, France
composer of music for violin and for the stage
Aubert, Louis François-Marie 19 Feb. 1877
Paramé, Brittany
9 Jan. 1968
Paris, France
pupil of Fauré; composer of songs, piano music and the fairytale opera The Blue Forest
Aubert, Mrs     she published music in London in 1719
Aubéry du Boulley, Prudent-Louis 9 Dec. 1796
28 Jan. 1870
French composer and teacher
Aubigney (d’), Nina von Engelbronner 1777
India her songs are written in English, German and Italian. She also wrote a book on singing
Aubin, (Aimé-Nicolas) Napoléon 9 Nov. 1812
12 Jun. 1890 Canadian conductor, composer, editor, journalist, printer, poet and chemist
Aubin, Tony (aka Louis Alexander or Alexandre)
8 Dec. 1907
Paris, France
21 Sep. 1981
Paris, France
French composer and conductor
Auchy, Michel d' (Seigneur du Mesnil)
fl. 13th century trouvère
Audefroi le Batart
fl. 1190-1230   French trouvère who was born in Arras
Audiffren, Jean bap. 24 Sep. 1680 8 Aug. 1762 French composer and priest
Audinot, Nicolas-Médard 1732
Bourmont-en-Bassigny, Haute-Marne
21 May 1801
Paris, France
French bass, librettist, composer and impresario
Audran, (Achille) Edmond 12 Apr. 1840
Lyons, France
17 Aug. 1901
Tierceville, France
composer of church music but later highly successful comic opera, including La Mascotte
Aue, Hartmann von
c.1170c.1210a leading poet of the Middle High German period. He belonged to the lower nobility of Swabia, where he was born. After receiving a monastic education, he became retainer (Dienstmann) of a nobleman whose domain, Aue, has been identified with Obernau on the Neckar. He also took part in the Crusade of 1196-97. The date of his death is as uncertain as that of his birth; he is mentioned by Gottfried von Strassburg (c.1210) as still alive, and in the Crône of Heinrich von dem Türlin, written about 1220, he is mourned for as dead
Auenbrugg (Auenbrugger) (von d'), Marianna   1786
Vienna, Austria
harpsichordist, singer and composer
Auer, Leopold 1845
Dresden, Germany
violinist and composer for the violin
Auerbach, Lera
21 Oct. 1973
Chelyabinsk, Russia
  Russian-born poet, pianist and composer, she was one of the very last artists to defect the Soviet Union during a concert tour in 1991 while still in her teens. She subsequently studied at The Juilliard School, where she studied piano with Joseph Kalichstein and composition with Milton Babbit and Robert Beaser. In 2002 she graduated from the prestigious piano soloist program of the Hannover Hochschüle für Musik where she studied with Einar-Steen Nøkleberg
Auer-Sedak, Eva 17 Jul. 1938   Yugoslavian composer
Auernhammer, Josepha Barbara von 25 Sep. 1756 20 or 30 Jan. 1820 Austrian pianist and composer
Aufderheide, May (Frances)
21 May 1888
1 Sep. 1972
California, USA
American ragtime composer
Auffmann, Joseph Anton c.1720 c.1774 German organist and composer
Aufschnaiter, Benedikt Anton bap. 21 Feb. 1665
Kitzbuhel, Germany
bur. 24 Jan. 1742
Passau, Germany
in a letter written in 1724, Aufschnaiter indicated that it was in Vienna that he received most of his musical training leading some scholars to suggest that he worked in at the Court there. On 16 January, 1705, Aufschnaiter was appointed to succeed Georg Muffat as kappelmeister to the prince-archbishop Johann Philipp, Count Lamberg, based in Passau. Although he wrote some music for ecclesiastical use the major part of his output was secular. This led to his being accused by various bishops of showing insufficient devotion to his religious musical duties. He produced a theoretical work entitled Regulæ Fundamentales Musurgiæ which described works by composers he regarded as his masters, Giacomo Carissimi, Orlando di Lasso, Kaspar Kerll and Adam Gumpelzhaimer
Auget, Paul [Auger] c. 1592 22 Mar. 1660 French composer
August, Peter 1726 16 Feb. 1787 German harpsichordist, organist and composer
Augustinas, Vaclovas
  Lithuanian conductor and composer who has also been a member of two rock groups. He has gained a high reputation especially for his choral writing
Augustine, Daniel Schuyler 3 Jul. 1942   American composer, arranger and teacher
Augustus, Janice G.
1945   American pianist, violinist and composer
Aulas, Francisque 1884 30 Jun. 1915 French composer
Auld, Georgie [John Altwerger] 19 May 1919 7 or 8 Jan. 1990 Canadian jazz tenor saxophonist, composer, and conductor
Aulen, (Johannes) 15th century   German composer
Auletta, Domenico 1723
Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy
Italian composer
Auletta, Pietro Antonio c. 1698
Sant' Angelo a Scala, Avellino
Sep. 1771
composer of opera seria and opera buffa
list of his operas
Auli, Juan 1797
Felanitx, Mallorca
10 Jan. 1869
Felanitx, Mallorca
Spanish organist and composer
Aulich, Bruno [pseudonym: Alfred Boesting] 19 May 1902   German writer on music
Aulin, (Laura) Valborg 9 Jan. 1860 13 Mar. 1928 Swedish composer, pianist and teacher
Aulin, Tor (Bernhard Vilhlem) 10 Sep. 1866 1 Mar. 1914 Swedish composer, conductor and violinist
Aumann (or Aumonn, Aumon, Auman), Franz Joseph (Franz-Seraph, Johann, Leopold) 24 Feb. 1728
Traismauer, Austria
30 Mar. 1797
St. Florian, Austria
member of the order of the Austinian Canons and composer of church music that shows Venetian and Neapolitan influences and was later to have a strong influence on a young Anton Bruckner
Aurenga, Raimbaut d' (Count of Orange)
fl. 1144/7-1173   French troubadour
Aurenhammer, Josefa (Josephine) 1776 1841
Vienna, Austria
composer and pianist. Mozart praised her technique
Auric, Georges
15 Feb. 1899
Lodève, Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
23 Jul. 1983
Paris, France
one of Les Six, composer of orchestral and chamber music as well as for film, including many of the greatest Ealing comedies including The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), and Roman Holiday (1953)
Aurisicchio (or Euresicchio, Eurisechio, Orisicchio), Antonio c. 1710
Naples, Italy
3 or 4 Sep. 1781
Rome, Italy
Italian composer
Auspitz-Kolar, Auguste 1843
23 Aug. 1878 a successful concert pianist who left many songs and piano works
Austen, Augusta Amherst [Mrs. T. Anstey Guthrie] 2 Aug. 1827
5 Aug. 1877 a student at the Royal Academy and organist who composed sacred and secular songs
Auster, Lydia Martinovna
30 (Old Style 17) May 1912
Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
3 Apr. 1993
Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian composer
Austin, Axel W.E. 1875
  American military music director, publisher and composer
Austin, Billy 6 Mar. 1896 24 Jul. 1964 American songwriter
Austin, David 10 Oct. 1932   English teacher and composer
Austin, Dorothea
    a member of the New York Women Composers Association, an association of women composers specializing in Electronic and Computer Music, Dorothea Austin has proved her skill in the field of this area with her composition Transformation for Viola, Piano & Tape, (1973)
Austin, Elizabeth R.
15 Jul. 1938
Baltimore, Maryland USA
  Elizabeth Austin received early musical training at the Peabody Preparatory Department. A student of the late Grace Newsom Cushman, Mrs. Austin spent her teenage summers at the Jr. Conservatory Camp. At sixteen, she won First Prize in the NFMC's Composition competition for Christ Being Raised (SATB), which is published by Arsis Press. When Nadia Boulanger visited Goucher College (Towson, MD), where Mrs. Austin was a music major, she awarded the composer a scholarship to study with her at the Conservatoire Americaine in Fontainebleau, France (1958). The Drei Rilke Lieder (middle voice and piano) had been the deciding factor in Mlle. Boulanger's choice. Mrs. Austin also counts Robert Hall Lewis and Donald Harris among her teachers
Austin, Ernest
24 Jun. 1900
Gainesville, TX, USA
21 Jan. 1972
Palm Springs, CA, USA.
American crooner and songwriter including The LOnesome Road (1929)
Austin, Kevin 10 Jul. 1948   Canadian composer and teacher of English birth
Austin, Larry (Don)
12 Sep. 1930
Oklahoma, USA
  American composer, pupil of Milhaud. His works include electronics and improvisatory techniques. Co-founder and president of the CDCM (Consortium to Distribute Computer Music). Administration Council member of the International Computer Music Association, and president form 1990 to 1994. Director of the Studio EMS at the University of North Texas (1978-1996)
Austin, Patricia 10 Aug. 1950   American popular songwriter and singer
Austin, Ray 26 May 1915   American composer, arranger, and conductor
Austin, Tony 29 Oct. 1938   American popular songwriter and publisher
Austin, William Frank 23 Dec. 1846 16 Feb. 1891 English organist and composer
Auteri Manzocchi, Salvatore26 Dec. 1845
Palermo, Italy
21 Feb. 1924
Parma, Italy
Italian composer noted for his opera
Autras Vila, Juan d' 1900
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Spanish composer, particularly of songs
Austin-Philips, Eric 12 Oct. 1947   Australian composer
Auteri-Manzocchi, Salvatore 26 Dec. 1845 21 Feb. 1924 Italian composer
Autry, (Orvon) Gene
29 Sep. 1907
Tioga Springs, Texas, USA
2 Oct. 1998
Los Angeles, CA, USA
American country-music and popular singer, songwriter and actor
Auvergne, Antoine d' 3 Oct. 1713 12 Feb. 1797 French composer
Auvinen, Antti
3 May 1974   Finnish composer
Auvray, Georges fl. 19th century   composer of French ballroom music
Aux-Cousteaux, Artus [Hautcousteaux; Arthur] c. 1590 c. 1654 French composer and singer
Auza-(Léon), Atiliano 5 Oct. 1928   Bolivian composer and violinist
Avalon, Robert
25 Sep. 1955
San Antonio, TX, USA
30 Apr. 2004
Houston, TX, USA
American composer-pianist who wrote in a wide range of genres
Avanesov, Artur
9 Dec. 1980
Moscow, Russia
  Russian-born Armenian pianist and composer of chamber, choral, vocal and piano works
Avanzolini, Girolamo c. 1600 c. 1678 Italian composer and author
Aveau, Frans 22 Nov. 1882 10 Feb. 1921 Belgian bassoonist, military director and composer
Avella, Giovanni d' fl. 1657   Italian theorist and composer
Avella, Vicente
27 Nov. 1970
Caracas, Venezuela
  Venezuelan composer, now resident in the USA, of orchestral, chamber, choral and vocal works that have been successfully performed in the Americas. He has also written many film scores
Avellino, Alfred 10 Feb. 1913   American popular composer, author, and arranger
Avena, Renato 19 Oct. 1870   Italian composer and conductor
Avenarius, Philipp c. 1553 in or after 1610 German composer and organist
Avens, Ludolph fl. 19th century   composer of Fugue humoresque
Averkamp, Anton [Anthonius Josephus] 18 Feb. 1861
Willige Langerak
1 Jun. 1934
Dutch composer and choir director
Avermaete François-Fidèle (Frans) van13 Mar. 1845
Courtrai, Belgium
23 Jul. 1918
Ghent, Belgium
Belgian composer, pianist, organist and teacher
Avery [Avery Burton] c. 1470 c. 1543 English composer
Avgerinos, Yannis 30 Apr. 1949   Greek conductor, composer and teacher
Avesian, Garo
28 Apr. 1979
Beirut, Lebanon
  Lebanese-born Armenian composer mostly of chamber works
Avetissian (Avetisyan), Khachatur
Gyumri, Armenia
1996Armenian composer who founded the Folk Music Department of the Komitas National Conservatory in 1978 where, under his guidance, an entire generation of master instrumentalists were trained. He created numerous famous songs, ballet, oratorio, film and dance music, as well as a large number of works for various folk instruments. His brilliant melodic work reveal a refined lyricism. In 1958 he assummed the role of the artistic director of National Dance Ensemble, and later, the Tatoul Altunian Song and Dance Ensemble, where his new folk instrumental and vocal music became a staple of the repertory
Avianus, Johannes   22 Jan. 1617 German writer on music, composer and schoolmaster
Avidom, Menahem [Mahler-Kalkstein] 6 Jan. 1908
Stanislav, Poland
5 Aug. 1995 Polish born Israeli composer of 7 symphonies, an opera Alexandra and music for piano
Avignon, Raimon d' fl. 1225 Avignon, France   troubadour
Aviles (or Avilez), Manuel Leitão de   between 13 September and 25 October 1630 Portuguese composer who was maestro de capilla at the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel) in Granada from 1603 until his death in 1630
Avison, Charles
16 Feb. 1709
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
9 or 10 May 1770
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
pupil of Geminiani; composer of concertos, editor of Marcello's psalm-settings with English texts
Avison, John 25 Apr. 1915 30 Nov. 1983 Canadian conductor and pianist
Avitrano, Giuseppe Antonio 1670
Naples, Italy
composer particularly of string sonatas
Avitsur, Eitan
Jerusalem, Israel
  musical director and conductor of the Jerusalem Youth Orchestra (1987-1999). Honorary Member (since 1998) of the administrative committee at the Kiskunfelegyhaza Orchestra, Hungary. Founder of the Music Department’s Electro-Acoustic Music Laboratory. B.Mus, Rubin Academy of Music, 1972. Diploma Mozarteum, Summer Academy, Saltzburg Austria, 1976. Composer, arranger and conductor, with special interests in electro-acoustic music, theory, harmony and counterpoint
Avni, Tzvi Jacob
2 Sep. 1927
Saarbrücken, Germany
  Israeli composer, pupil of Copland Foss and Ben-Haim, composer of works for orchestra, chamber ensembles and string quartet and winner of the 2001 Israel Prize for Music
Avola, Alexander Albert 27 Jan. 1914   American composer, author, and teacher
Avondano, Pedro Antonio bap. 16 Apr. 1714
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese composer of Italian ancestry
Avoort, Aliocha van der 1966
Brussels, Belgium
  van der Avoort studied to be a cameraman at the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle in Brussels and has been working as such since 1992. Parallel to this he has been developing his passion for music and since 1995 he has been studying electroacoustic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons under Annette Vande Gorne. He has developed and produced sound projects for theatre and video as well as sound installations for the plastic arts
Avosani, Orfeo fl. 1641-45   Italian composer and organist
Avossa, Giuseppe (d') 1708
Paolo, Calabria
9 Jan. 1796
Naples, Italy
Italian composer
Avraamov, Arseny Mikhailovich
22 (Old Style 10) Apr. 1886 19 May 1944 Russian theorist, folklorist and avant-garde composer
Avrahami, Gad 1952
Kibbutz Shamir, Israel
  Israeli percussionist, composer and arranger
Avramovski, Risto 1943   Yugoslavian composer
Avsenik, Slavko 26 Nov. 1929   Slovenian radio orchestra musician and composer
Avsenik, Vilko 9 Nov. 1928   Slovenian composer and musician
Avshalomov (or Avshalomoff, Avshalom), Aaron 11 Nov. 1894
Nikolayevsk, Russia
26 Apr. 1965
New York, USA
composer active in China between 1928-46 and whose music was inspired by Chinese themes
Avshalomov, David
New York, NY, USA
  singer, conductor and composer, he represents a musical lineage whose story stretches from the Caucasus to Siberia, through China, to the US. His father Jacob is a nationally renowned composer and conductor, now retired, and his mother Doris a well-known Northwest poet
Avshalomov, Jacob (David)
28 Mar. 1919
Tsingtao, China
  son of Aaron, conductor and composer of choral and orchestral music
Awad, Emil 2 Aug. 1963   Mexican composer and conductor
Axman, Emil 3 Jun. 1887 25 Jan. 1949 pupil of Novák; Moravian composer of symphonies and choral works and music critic
Axt, William L. 19 Apr. 1888 13 Feb. 1959 American composer and conductor
Axton, Hoyt1938 guitarist/singer of the folk revival in the 1960s, Hoyt is now known mainly as a songwriter. His Greenback Dollar was performed by the Kingston Trio in 1963 and his The Pusher was recorded by Steppenwolf and used in the film Easyrider
Ayala, Robert Steven 9 Mar 1951   American religious composer and singer
Ayala Pérez, Daniel 21 Jul. 1906 20 Jun. 1975 Mexican conductor and composer
Ayedonitsky, Pavel Kuz'mich 19 Aug. 1922   Russian composer
Ayer, Nat D.
Tin Pan Alley composer who wrote King Chanticleer" (1911) used in the Ziegfeld Follies
Ayers, Lydia
    a member of the New York Women Composers in the Electronic and Computer Music Association, Lydia explores the possibilities available with electronics, computers, traditional acoustic instruments like the gamelan, the human voice and anything capable of producing music
Ayler, Albert
13 Jul. 1936
Cleveland Ohio
sometime around 25 Nov. 1970 African-American tenor saxophonist whose innovations in style and technique were a major influence on free jazz
Ayleward, Richard 1626
Winchester, England
15 Oct. 1669
Norwich, England
Ayleward was a chorister at Winchester Cathedral under Christopher Gibbons (1638-9) and organist and Master of the Choristers at Norwich Cathedral from 1661-4 and from 1666-9. He wrote service music and twenty verse anthems (some keyboard music attributed to him may be by his father)
Aylott, Lydia Georgina Edith [Thomas] 28 Jan. 1936   English teacher and composer
Aylward, Florence 10 Mar. 1862 14 Oct. 1950 English composer
Aylward, Theodore c. 1730 27 Feb. 1801 English organist and composer
Aylward, Theodore Edward 28 Feb. 1844 6 Feb. 1933 English organist and composer
Aynes, Edith Annette [Pat] 2 Apr. 1909   American composer and author
Ayoub, Nick [Nicholas] 7 Sep. 1926 2 May 1991 Canadian wind player and composer of Lebanese parents
Ayres, Frederic [Frederic Ayres Johnson] 17 Mar. 1876 23 Nov. 1926 American composer
Ayres, Marvin
    he studied at Trinity College of Music, specialising in cello as a first instrument. Today he is composer and player for film and television. The result of his work in the 90s is the electroacoustic album Cellosphere, a fusion of ambient and classical techniques realised entirely playing solo cello and violin, using experimental bowing and treatments. The basis for the broad outline of Cellosphere was to create an amorphous soundscape using new technologies and treatments, but without the rigid confines of restrictive music sequencers. Marvin Ayres has his own solo electric string quartet using the new generation of electric string instruments alongside orthodox acoustic instruments, both playing, composing and arranging strings for sessions and various musical projects
Ayres, Mitchell 24 Dec. 1910   American popular composer, author and conductor
Ayres, Paul
London, UK
  British composer & arranger, choral conductor & musical director and organist & accompanist
Ayres, Richard
Cornwall, England
  in 1986 Richard Ayres followed Morton Feldman's classes at the Darmstadt and Dartington summer schools and which he decided to make music a full-time occupation. He studied composition, electronic music and trombone at Huddersfield Polytechnic, graduating with Distinction in 1989. Since September 1989 he has lived and worked in the Netherlands. He followed the postgraduate composition course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, studying with Louis Andriessen and graduating in 1992.
[information taken from Richard Ayres' homepage]
Ayres, Warren Joyce 6 Feb. 1908   American popular composer and author
Ayrton, Edmund bap. 19 Nov. 1734 22 May 1808 English organist and composer
Ayrton, William 24 Feb. 1777 8 Mar. 1858 English composer, writer and impresario
Ayscue, Brian Thomas 25 Apr. 1948   American composer, saxophonist and clarinettist
Ayse, Sultan 2 Nov. 1887 May 1960 Turkish composer
Aytano, Aldo   1900 Italian composer
Azäis, Hyacinthe 4 Apr. 1741 c. 1795 French composer
Azalais de Porcairages
fl. mid-12th century   trobairitz (woman troubadour). The sole source for her life is the collection known as Biographies des Troubadours, which tells us only that she loved Gui Guerrejat, the brother of William VII of Montpellier, and made many good songs about him; meaning, probably, that the one poem of hers known to the compiler had been addressed to Gui
Azanchevsky (or Azancheffsky, Azancsevszkij, Asanchevsky), Mikhail Pavlovich (von) 5 Apr. (Old Style 24 March) 1839
Moscow, Russia
24 (Old Style 24) Jan. 1881
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer and scholar
Azarashvili, Vazha Shalvovich 13 Jul. 1936   Georgian composer
Azarova, Svitlana
9 Jan. 1976
Izmail, Ukraine
  Ukrainian composer of contemporary solo, chamber and orchestral music
Azdil, Sidika (see Ozdil, Sidika)      
Azevedo da Silva, Conde Fernando de   1923
Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese composer
Azevedo, Carlos
Vila Real, Portugal
  Portuguese composer mostly of orchestral and chamber works. He is also active as a jazz composer, conductor and pianist
Azevedo, Geraldo

Petrolina, Brazil
  Brazilian guitarist and song composer
Azevedo, Sérgio
Coimbra, Portugal
  Portugese composer of ballet, chamber music and prize winning works for choir. In 2001 he founded SCORE to promote new Portugese music
Azeyev, Yevstafy Stepanovich 7 March (Old Style 23 Feb.) 1851 1918 Ukrainian composer and choirmaster
Azguime, Miguel
Lisbon, Portugal
  composer, poet and percussionist, he founded the Miso Ensemble in 1985, a flute and percussion duo recognised by the public and by the critics as one of the most important Portuguese contemporary music groups. Besides giving numerous concerts in Portugal, the “Miso Ensemble” has been presented regularly abroad. In 1997, he established the first Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra and as a researcher, he has been working on the development of real time computer music
Azkué (Aberasturi), Resurrección María de 5 Aug. 1864
Lequeitio, Vizcaya
9 Nov. 1951
Spanish composer, ethnomusicologist and philologist
Azmayparashvili, Shalva Il'ich 7 Jan. 1903 (Old Style 25 Dec. 1902)
17 May 1957
Georgian composer and conductor
Aznavour, Charles
(born Varenagh Aznavourian)
22 May 1924
Paris, France
  French chansonnier and writer of popular songs
Azopardi, Francesco
5 May 1748
Rabat, Malta
6 Feb. 1809 Azopardi studied music in Malta and in Naples where he became a celebrity as much for his piano and organ playing and orchestral conducting as for his compositions. He was a prolific composer and an excellent teacher of music. His scientific treatise on music, Il Musico Pratico was translated into French and used at the Royal Conservatory of Paris in 1778. Cherubini in his Course of Counterpoint and Fugue, quotes from this work. Azopardi also wrote L'Origine delle regole della musica as well as a large number of sacred works including the oratorio La Passione di Cristo
Azpiazú, Raul 23 Sep. 1924   Cuban composer, singer and woodwind player
Azza Gëra fl. 16th century   inventor of Ethiopian chant notation
Azzaiolo, Filippo
ca. 1530 1569 Italian composer and singer associated particularly with Bolognese churches. He is best remembered for three books of villotas alla padoana for four voices, published in Venice between 1557 and 1569 under the title Villotte del fiore. The books comprise works by Azzaiolo and by others, some featuring dance rhythms and nonsense syllables. When, in 1568, Wilhelm V, son of Duke Albert V of Bavaria, married Renee of Lorraine, Orlando Lassus, who had charge of the music at the festivities sang Azzaiolo's celebrated Chi passa per sta strada to his own lute accompaniment. A description of the music-making at the event is included in an account written by the Italian-born composer and poet Massimo Troiano who provided a libretto for the event. The same piece forms the basis of a keyboard piece, Qui passe (chi passa) for my Lady Nevell, by the English composer William Byrd
Azzara, Bennie Anthony [Bennie Martini] 2 Nov. 1910   American popular composer, author and singer
Azzolina, Mark 1925   American military musician, conductor and composer
Azzolina, Philip J. 6 Aug. 1890   American military musician, direector and composer
Azzoni, Giulio 4 Oct. 1881   Italian pianist, composer and writer
Azzoni, Italo 23 Dec. 1853 28 Sep. 1935 Italian composer and conductor