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Biaggi, Girolamo Alessandro2 Feb. 1819
Calcio, c. Bergamo
21 Mar. 1897
Florence, Italy
Italian music critic, conductor and composer
Bial, Rudolf26 Aug. 1834
Habelschwerdt, Schlesien
26 Nov. 1881
New York, USA
German composer
Bialas, Günter19 Jul. 1907
8 Jul. 1995
German composer
Bianchi, Andrea [Bianco]fl. 1611-26 Italian composer
Bianchi, Antonio1758
Milan, Italy
after 1817Italian singer and composer
Bianchi, Caterinofl. 1574-88 Italian composer
Bianchi, [Giuseppe] Francesco
c. 1752
Cremona, Italy
27 Nov. 1810
Hammersmith, London, England
Italian composer and theorist and organist at St. Mark's, Venice (1785-1797)
Bianchi, Giovannic. 1660after 1720Italian composer and violinist
Bianchi, Giovanni Battistafl. 1675 Italian composer
Bianchi, Giovanni Battistafl. 1780-82 Italian conductor and composer, resident in England
Bianchi, Giulio Cesar1576 or 1577in or after 1637Italian composer and musician
Bianchini, Domenico [Bianchini Veneziano]c. 1510c. 1576Italian lutenist, composer and mosaicist
Bianchini, Franceschofl. 1547-48 Italian lutenist and composer
Bianchy, Jacobelus2nd half of 14th century Italian composer
Bianciardi, Francesco [Bianchardus, Bianchiardus]c. 1571-72between 1 March and 21 Sep. 1607Italian organist and composer
Bianco, Giovanni Battistafl. 1610-21 Italian composer
Bianco, Pietro Antonioc. 1540bur. 2 Feb. 1611Italian composer and singer
Biandrà, Giovanni Pietrolate 16th centuryafter 1633Italian composer
Biarent, Adolphe
16 Oct. 1871
4 Feb. 1916
Belgian composer, cellist and music teacher
Bibalo (or Bibalitsch), Antonio (Gino)18 Jan. 1922
Trieste, Italy
 pianist; written an opera The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder, orchesral and piano works
Biber von Bibern, Karl Heinrich
4 Sep. 1681
Salzburg, Austria
19 Nov. 1749
Salzburg, Austria
son of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, as a composer Karl Biber wrote exclusively for the church. He was also a violinist and held musical positions at Court
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von
bap 12 Aug. 1644
Wartenberg, Bohemia
3 May 1704
Salzburg, Austria
virtuoso on the violin; composed chamber music and sonatas, some including folk and popular tunes of the period, as well as music with religious significance, for example The Rosary Sonatas which use non-standard tunings for the soloist's violin strings
Biber (von), Maria Anna Magdalena1677
Salzburg, Austria
Nonnburg, Austria
composer, daughter of Heinrich von Biber, who became a nun. She took the name Maria Rosa Henrica and became director of the choir and chapel in the Benedictine convent of Nonnberg
Biberian, Gilbert
1944 virtuoso and prolific composer for the guitar
Bibic, Bratko
Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Ljubljana (Slovenia) based accordionist and composer
Bibl, Rudolph
6 Jan. 1832
Vienna, Austria
2 Aug. 1902
Vienna, Austria
Austrian organist and composer
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Bicilli, Giovanni [Becilli, Biccilli]16231705 or laterItalian composer
Bidgood, Thomas
Woolwich, London, UK
1925studied violin and clarinet and played E flat Bass in the 9 Kent Artillery Volunteers - he later attended the London Conservatory of Music, studying violin. He was a conductor, teacher. He arranged and composed numerous works for Band and Orchestra. His best known work is the March Sons of the Brave, which is still popular amongst Military and Brass Band
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Biebl, Franz Xavier
1 Sep. 1906
Pursruck, Germany
2 Oct. 2001
Munich, Germany
In 1959 Biebl became the founding director of the Department of Choral Music at the Bavarian State Radio Broadcasting Company (Bayerischen Rundfunk). Biebl is chiefly known in America through his Ave Maria (1964) made hugely popular by the Chanticleer recording 30 years later. It exhibits Biebl's characteristic tenderness, clarity and simplicity of form
Biechteler, Benedict26 Mar. 168921 Aug. 1759German composer
Biechteler, Ignatius1701
Obergünzburg, nr. Kempten
26 Nov. 1767
Wiblingen, nr. Ulm
German composer
Biechteler von Greiffenthal, Matthias Sigismund [Biechtler, Pichteler, Piehtler]c. 1670c. 1744Austrian composer
Biego, Paolofl. 1682-1714 Italian composer and organist
Biel, Michael von30 Jun. 1937 German composer
Bieling, Franz Ignazafter 170014 Aug. 1757German organist and composer
Bieling, Joseph Ignaz7 Mar. 17357 Jan. 1814German organist, court musician and composer
Biene, Auguste van1850
The Netherlands
violoncellist; composed the very popular The Broken Melody which he played over 6,000 times in music halls throughout England
Bienvenu, Florent [Le Bienvenu, Fleurant]3 Mar. 156820 Jul. 1623French organist and composer
Bierey, Gottlob Benedikt25 Jul. 1772
Dresden, Germany
5 May 1840
German composer
Bierman, Bernard
  prolific writer of songs and song lyrics
Biermann, Wolf
15 Nov. 1936
East Germany
 singer-songwriter and former East German dissident, who fell out of favour with the regime and moved to West Germany
Biernacki, Nikodem18266 May 1892Polish violinist and composer
Biesemans, Janpieter
16 Nov. 1939
Vilvorde, Belgium
 Belgian composer, conductor and teacher
Bifetto, Francesco [Biffetto]fl. 1545-61 Italian composer
Biffi, Antonio [Antonino]1666 or 1667early 1733Italian composer and singer
Biffi, Gioseffofl. 1596-1606 Italian composer
Bigaglia, Diogenioc. 1676c. 1745Italian composer
Bigelow, Frederick Ellsworth
Ashlans, USA
1929one of five brothers, he studied music at Worcester Academy - and later completed a degree in Pharmacy - he composed several marches, the most famous of which is Our Director
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Bignami, Carlo6 Dec. 18082 Oct. 1848Italian violinist, composer, and conductor
Bignetti, Emiliofl. 1671 Italian composer
Bigot (de Morognes), Marie Kiene1786
helped to introduce Beethoven to Parisian audiences. She had a great reputation as a pianist and published many piano compositions
Bihari, Jánosbap. 21 Oct. 176426 Apr. 1827Hungarian violinist and composer of gypsy descent, noted for writing in the verbunkos style
Bijster (or Bijester), Jacob
Haarlem, The Netherlands
6 Nov. 1958Dutch organist and composer whose compostions include much organ music: variations, partitas, preludes & fugues, Passacaglia in d-minor (1935; revised 1954), chorale fantasias, psalms, ricercares, Toccata in E-major, Triptyque (Intrada, Fugue, Final), 1949
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Bijvanck, Henk7 Nov. 1909
Kudus, Java
5 Sep. 1969
Heemsted, nr. Haarlem
Dutch composer and pianist
Bikkembergs, Kurt
Hasselt, Belgium
 Belgian composer and conductor
Bildstein, Hieronymusc. 1580in or after 1626Austrian composer and organist
Bilik, Jerry7 Oct. 1933
New Rochelle, New York, USA
 American composer, arranger, songwriter, conductor, and director of stage productions
Billartfl. c. 1420 French composer
Billi, Luciofl. 1601-03 Italian composer
Billi, Vincenzo
Italian composer
Billings, William
7 Oct. 1746
Boston, MA, USA
26 Sep. 1800
Boston, MA, USA
a tanner by occupation, he was also writer of 'fuguing tunes' (a form of imitation), hymns and psalms. Inspired by the American Revolution, America's first popular songs emerged from these psalms. Billings, a friend of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, was a passionate advocate of the Revolution. Billings 'adapted' many of his hymns as war songs with new lyrics. His Chester became America's first war song, and was sung in all the camps
Billington, Elizabeth (née Weichsel)London, c. 1768Venice, 1818soprano, pianist and composer; the subject of scandalous false Memoirs published in 1792 to which she wrote a reply entitled An Answer to the Memoirs
Billington, Thomasc 17541832London composer whose works include 'Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis' (1784)
Billon, Jhan de [Billhon; Jan, Jehan, Joannes; du]fl. 1534-56 composer, possibly Flemish
Billone, Pierluigi
Milan, Italy
 Italian composer
Bimboni, Alberto24 Aug. 1882
Florence, Italy
18 Jun. 1960
New York, USA
Italian-born composer
Bimstein, Phillip
Chicago, Illinois, USA
 American alternative classical music composer and politician
Binaghi, Benedetto [Binago]late 16th centurybefore 1619Italian composer
Binchois, Gilles de Bins dit [Binch, Binche]
c. 1400
possibly Mons, Belgium
20 Sep. 1460
professional soldier who later became chaplin to Philip the Good, and a Franco-Flemish composer, one of the earliest members of the Burgundian School, and one of the three most famous composers of the early 15th century. While often ranked behind his contemporaries Guillaume Dufay and John Dunstable, at least by contemporary scholars, his influence was arguably greater than either, since his works were cited, borrowed and used as source material more often than those by any other composer of the time
Binder, Abraham Wolfe13 Jan. 1895
New York, USA
10 Oct. 1966
New York, USA
American composer
Binder, Carl (Karl)29 Nov. 1816
Vienna, Austria
5 Nov. 1860
Vienna, Austria
Austrian composer and conductor
Binder, Christlieb Siegmundbap. 29 Jul. 17231 Jan. 1789German harpsichordist, organist, and composer
Binelli, Daniel
Quilmes, Argentina
 bandoneonist and composer
Binet, Jean17 Oct. 1893
Geneva, Switzerland
24 Feb. 1960
pupil of Jacques-Dalcroze and Bloch; composer of choral, orchestral and chamber works
Binfield, Hannah R.1810
1887published a number of works for organ and harp
Binge, Ronald
15 Jul. 1910
Derby, England
6 Sep. 1979English composer and arranger who also wrote a number of film scores. The 'cascading strings' effect associated with Mantovani (1905-1980) was created in 1951 by Ronald Binge who was then Mantovani's arranger
Bingen, Hildegard von
17 Sep. 1179
Bingen, Germany
German abbess, artist, author, counselor, linguist, naturalist, scientist, philosopher, physician, herbalist, poet, activist, visionary, and composer. Hildegard's music is described as monophonic; that is, consisting of exactly one melodic line, designed for limited instrumental accompaniment and characterised by soaring soprano vocalisations. Hildegard is the first composer whose biography is known
Bingham, Judith
Nottingham, England
 English composer who studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and with Hans Keller, and has appeared as a singer with the Taverner Consort and Combattimento
Bingham, Seth16 Apr. 1882
Bloomfield, N.J., USA
21 Jun. 1972
New York, USA
organ pupil of Widor and Guilmant; composer of choral, orchestral and chamber works
Bini, Pasquale [Pasqualino]21 Jun. 1716Apr. 1770Italian violinist and composer
Binicki, Stanislav27 Jul. 1872
Jasika, nr. Krusevca
15 Feb. 1942
Serbian director and composer. He graduated from the Munich Conservatorium. He was the first director of the Belgrade Opera and the founder of the Stankovic Music School. Among his compositions, the the opera 'Rising Early' combined the style of Italian veristic opera and Serbian urban folklore
Binkerd, Gordon Ware
22 May 1916
5 Sep. 2003
Urbana, Illinois, USA
composer of 3 symphonies, choral works and songs
Bins, Gilles de (see Binchois, Gilles)   
Biondi, Giovanni Battista [Cesena]fl. 1605-30 Italian composer
Bioni, Antonio1698
Venice, Italy
after 1739Italian composer, active mainly in Germany and Bohemia
Biordi, Giovanni169111 Mar. 1748Italian composer
Birch, Johnfl. 1728 North Midlands psalmodist who published 'A choice collection of psalm-tunes' (1728)
Birck, Wenzel Raimund Johann
17181763one of the early proponents of Symphonic music in Vienna, along with Georg Christoph Wagenseil and Georg Matthias Monn, and an early tutor for Mozart. Along with Georg Christoph Wagenseil, Birck also tutored a young Joseph Haydn
Birckenstock, Johann Adam
1 Feb. 1687
26 Feb. 1733
German composer and violinist
Bird, Arthur23 Jul. 1856
Belmont, Mass., USA
22 Dec. 1923
Berlin, Germany
American-born composer
Birgisson, Snorri Sigfus
Copenhagen, Denmark
 Danish composer now working in Reykjavík, Iceland
Birgitta of Sweden (St.)c. 1303
the parallels between her life and that of Hildegard are already evident in her noble family line, a descendent of King Sverker (1134-1156), and in the visions that began in early childhood. As an adult she also pursued contact with higher clergy and royalty, and like Hildegard, had her revelations set down on paper
Biriukov (or Birjukov, Biryukov), Yuri14 Apr. 1908
Moscow, Russia
1 Nov. 1976
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer
Birnbach, Karl Joseph1751
Köpernick, Schlesien
29 May 1805
Warsaw, Poland
Biro, Dan
  merging jazz, pop and classical roots it comes as no surprise that the music of Daniel Biro sounds so distinctive. Of Hungarian origin, Biro spent his first years in Rome, grew up in France and has been living and working in London since 1985
Biro, Daniel
Johannesburg, South Africa
Birtwistle, Harrison (Paul)
15 Jul. 1934
Accrington, England
18 Apr. 2022
Wiltshire, England
a pupil of R. Hall, and a prolific composer whose output include chamber music, orchestral works and opera. Birtwistle's pieces are in a complex modernistic style. His early work is sometimes evocative of Igor Stravinsky and Olivier Messiaen (both acknowledged influences), and his technique of juxtaposing blocks of sound is sometimes compared to Edgar Varèse. His music makes frequent use of ostinatos and often has a ritualistic feel
Bischofswerder, Boas
nineteenth century
Berlin, Germany
twentieth century
Jewish cantor and composer
Biscogli, Francesco
before 1750after 1750Italian composer
Bishop, Henry Rowley
18 Nov. 1786
London, England
30 Apr. 1855
London, England
prolific composer of operetta. Also writer of glees and other songs including Home, Sweet Home
Bishop, John16651737organist at Winchester college, (1695-1737) and at cathedral, (1729-37) who composed several sets of psalm tunes: A new set of psalm tunes (1710), A new set of psalm tunes (1722), A supplement to the new psalm-book (1725) and A new set of psalm tunes (1730)
Bisquertt, Prospero8 Jun. 1881
2 Aug. 1959
Bisset, Elizabeth Anne1800
 composer for harp
Bissell, Richard Pike
27 Jun. 1913
Dubuque, Iowa, USA
4 May 1977
Dubuque, Iowa, USA
American novelist and playwright. He wrote the novel, 7 And A Half Cents (1953). In 1954 his novel was turned into a Broadway musical play and film in called, The Pajama Game
Bissill, Richard
Leicestershire, UK French horn player, composer and arranger
Bitsch, Marcel
 French composer
Bittering (or Bittering, Biteryng, Gyttering)
fl.c.1400-1410 English musician and composer
Bitti, Martino1655/6
Genoa, Italy
2 Feb. 1743
Florence, Italy
Italian composer
Bittner, Julius9 Apr. 1874
Vienna, Austria
9 Jan. 1939
Vienna, Austria
first a lawyer; then a highly successful composer of operas, songs and chamber music
Bittova, Iva
22 Jul. 1958
Bruntál, Czechoslovakia
 Czech avant-garde violinist, singer and composer of Romani ethnicity
Bixio, Cesare Andrea
11 Oct. 1896
Naples, Italy
5 Mar. 1978
Rome, Italy
Italian composer
Bizet, Georges (legal name: Alexandre-César-Léopold)
25 Oct. 1838
Paris, France
3 Jun. 1875
Bougival, France
primarily known as an opera composer; works include Pêcheurs de perles, Jolie fille de Perth, Djamileh and, three months before his early death, Carmen
Bjelinski, Bruno1 Nov. 1909
Trieste, Italy
 Italian composer
Bjork (born: Björk Gudmundsdóttir)
21 Nov. 1965
Reykjavík, Iceland
 Icelandic singer-songwriter, composer, actress and music producer
Bjorkander, Nils
28 Jun. 1893
Stockholm, Sweden
5 Mar. 1972
Södertälje, Sweden
Swedish painist and composer
Björklund, Steffan
1 Sep. 1944
Njurunda, Sweden
 Swedish composer and pianist. His organ works include Organ Symphony (1975-6); Melody (1982); Choral Fantasy on Swedish Psalm 43, Beredenväg för Herran (1979)
[supplementary information provided by Terry L. Mueller]
Bjørklund, Terje1945
Narvik, Norway
 Norwegian composer
Björlin, (Mats) Ulf (Stefan)
21 May 1833
Stockholm, Sweden
23 Oct. 1993
Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Swedish composer
Bjornsson, Arni
23 Dec. 1905
Northern Iceland
Icelandic composer
Blacher, Boris19 Jan. 1903
30 Jan. 1975
Berlin, Germany
composer particularly of opera
Black, John
c.15201587John Black worked initially in Aberdeen as a singer, assistant organist and eventually Master of the Song School. During the reformation, Black at first refused to give up the old faith for the new, but by 1575 he had abandoned Catholicism and his holy orders and taken a wife. A Pavan and Galliard dedicated to William Keith are the only thematically related paired dances to have survived in Scottish manuscripts
Black, Stanley
14 Jun. 1913
London, England
26 Nov. 2002
London, England
English conductor who directed the BBC Dance Orchestra from 1944 to 1953. Black wrote much incidental music for radio and films (and later TV). From 1958 to 1963, he served as music director for the Associated British Pictures Corporation at Elstree Studios. Among his many film scores are It Always Rains On Sunday (1948), Laughter In Paradise (1951), The Naked Truth (1957), Too Many Crooks (1958), The Long and The Short and The Tall (1961) and Cliff Richard's films The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962)
Blahetka, Marie Léopoldine15 Nov. 1811
Guntramsdorf, nr. Vienna, Austria
12 Jan. 1887
Boulogne, France
Austrian-born composer
Blainville, Charles Henri de1710
possibly Rouen, France
Paris, France
French composer
Blaise, Adolfe Benoit 1772
probably Paris, France
French composer
Blake, David (Leonard)2 Sep. 1936
London, England
 English composer
Blake, Howard
 pianist, conductor and composer. He worked as the music supervisor for the films The Hunger (1983) and The Snowman (1982)
Blake, James Hubert (Eubie)
7 Feb. 1883
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
12 Feb. 1983American composer of ragtime
Blake, Michael
Cape Town, South Africa
 South African composer who divides his time between composing, teaching, and promoting the work of fellow (especially younger) composers
Blamont, François Collin [Colin] de 22 Nov. 1690
Versailles, France
14 Feb. 1760
Versailles, France
French composer
Blanchard, Henri-Louis1791
Bordeaux, France
18 Dec. 1858
Paris, France
French composer
Blanchard, Terence
13 Mar. 1962
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
 Blanchard originally began performing on Spike Lee's film soundtracks before becoming that director's regular film composer. Since then, he has become a widely renowned jazz musician
Bland, James A.fl. 19th century songwriter in the 19th century minstrel tradition. His songs include Golden Slippers In the Evening by the Moonlight and Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, the latter the state song of Virginia from 1940 to 1997
Blangini, (Giuseppe Marco Maria) Felice18 Nov. 1781
Turin, Italy
18 Dec. 1841
Paris, France
Italian-born composer
Blank, Allan
27 Dec. 1925
New York, NY, USA
 American violinist, professor of composition and composer. Allan Blank studied at the Juilliard School of Music, Washington Square College, the University of Minnesota and the UI. He was a violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and is currently professor emeritus at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he taught from 1978-1996
Bland, James, A.
22 Oct. 1854
New York, NY, USA
5 May 1911
Philadelphia, USA
one of the greatest composers of minstrel show tunes. He composed Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (1878) which was made the official state song by the Virginial State Legislature in 1940
Blanter, Matvey (Isaakovich)10 Feb. 1903
Pochep, Chernigov
 Russian composer
Blaramberg, Pavel (Ivanovich)26 Sep. 1841
Orenburg, Russia
28 Mar. 1907
Nice, France
Russian composer and writer
Blardony, Sergio
Madrid, Spain
 Spanish composer
Blasius, (Mathieu-)Frédéric [Matthäus]24 Apr. 1758
Lauterbourg, Bas-Rhin
Versailles, France
French composer
Blatný, Pavel
14 Sep. 1931
Brno<, Czechoslovakia/td>
 Czech composer
Blavet, Michelbap. 13 Mar. 1700
Besançon, France
28 Oct. 1768
Paris, France
French composer
Blazek, Zdenek24 May 1905
Zarosice, Hodonin
7 Dec. 1974
Czech composer
Blech, Leo21 Apr. 1871
25 Aug. 1958
Berlin, Germany
German composer
Bleichmann (or Bleikhmann), Yuli (or Yuly) (Julius Ivanovich)6 Dec. 1868
St Peterburg, Russia
8 Jan. 1910
St Peterburg, Russia
Russian composer and conductor
Blewitt, Jonathan19 Jul 1782
London, England
4 Sep. 1853
London, England
English composer, noted for his vaudevilles and works for piano and organ
Bleyle, Karl7 May 1880
Feldkirch, Vorarlberg
5 Jul. 1969
Stuttgart, Germany
German composer
Blezard, William
10 Mar. 1921
Padiham, England
2 Mar. 2003
Barnes, London, England
Blezard composed music for a number of film documentaries. He is also arranged Noel Coward's music for his play The Astonished Heart and composed the music for the 1948 film, Song of Tomorrow. He was Max Wall's and Joyce Grenfell's accompanist as well as Marlene Dietrich's musical director. From his concert works and Duetto are highly regarded
Blidström, Gustavlate 17th/early 18th century oboeist and composer famous for his collection of Swedish peasant music Menuetter och Polska Dantzar written during his captivity in Tobolsk 1715-1716
Bliss, Sir Arthur
2 Aug. 1891
London, England
28 Mar. 1975
London, England
English composer who wrote score for movies such as Things To Come (1936)
Blitheman (or Blytheman), William (or John)
English musician. Chorister of St Paul's Cathedral from some time in the 1540s. Christ Church (Oxford) in the 1550s. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 1558-91. Appointed Master of the Choristers of Christ Church (Oxford) 1564. Appointed Organist of Chapel Royal, successor to Tallis, in 1585. Teacher of John Bull, who succeeeded him as organist of the Chapel Royal on his death
Blitzstein, Marc
2 Mar. 1905
Philadelphia, USA
22 Jan. 1964
Fort-de-France, Martinique
a child prodegy as a pianist who early in his career composed works for or mainly for piano. Following his wife's death in 1936, and at the suggestion of Berthold Brecht, he wrote his opera The Cradle Will Rock which received a sensational premiere, under Orson Welles' direction; it would make Blitzstein famous overnight
Bloch, André18 Jan. 1873
Wissembourg, Alsace
7 Aug. 1960
Viry-Chatillon, Essonne
French composer
Bloch, Augustyn (Hipolit)13 Aug. 1929
 Polish composer
Bloch, Ernest
24 Jul. 1880
Geneva, Switzerland
15 Jul. 1959
Portland, Oregon, USA
Swiss-born American composer of Jewish ancestry who studied the violin with Ysaye in Brussels. His most famous work is Schelomo for cello and orchestra
Blockx, Jan25 Jan. 1851
Antwerp, Belgium
26 May 1912
Kapellenbos, nr. Antwerp, Belgium
a student of Peter Benoit and personal friend of Sinding and Grieg, Blockx began teaching at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory after his studies at the Leipzig Conservatory and travels in Italy. He succeeded his teacher Benoit, and became the director of the Conservatory in 1901. His contribution to the establishment of the Belgian musical identity is enormous, particularly in opera. He was the founder of the National Flemish Opera and composed a number of operas in Flemish
Blodek, Vilém [Wilhelm]3 Oct. 1834
1 May 1874
Czech composer
Blomdahl, Karl-Birger
19 Oct. 1916
Växjö, Sweden
14 Jun. 1968
Kungsängen, Stockholm, Sweden
'modernist' composer of ballets, operas, concerti and a number of symphonies
Blon, Franz von
16 Jul. 1861
Berlin, Germany
21 Oct. 1945
Seilershof, Germany
from 1898 von Blon was leader of the Berliner Philharmonischen Blase-Orchesters and in 1906 he became conductor of the Warsaw Philharmonic. Among his many compositions are several marches and waltzes and songs
Blondeau, Pierre-Auguste-Louis15 Aug. 1784
Paris, France
Paris, France
French composer
Blondel de Nesle
fl. late 12th century a French poet and musician, a trouvère
Blood, Denis
fl. 1940s contributed music for several British documentaries from the 1940s
Blood, John
1 Mar. 1951
Ruddington, Notts., UK
 British composer
Bloom, Rube
24 Apr. 1902
New York, NY, USA
30 Mar. 1976
New York, NY, USA
pianist/composer who produced a string of hits from Soliloquy (1927) to Here's To My Lady (1952) by way of Fools Rush In (1940)
Bloomer Deussen, Nancy
1 Feb. 1931
New York, USA
 American composer
Blore, John  contributed music for several British films including Welcome Mr. Washington (1944) and The Butler's Dilemma (1944)
Blovin, Julienfl. 17th century composer
Blow, John
probably at North Collingham, Notts., England
1 Oct. 1708
London, England
English composer, particularly of church music, and organist. His pupils included William Croft and Henry Purcell, the latter replacing him as organist of Westminster Abbey in 1680
Blum [Moritz, Karl], Robert27 Nov. 1900
Zürich, Switzerland
1994Swiss-born composer
Blumenfeld, Felix Mikhaylovich
19 (Old Style 7) Apr. 1863
Kovalhovka, Ukraine
21 Jan. 1931
Moscow, Russia
Blumenfeld's style is closely related to that of Balakirev, Borodin, Chopin and Liszt. He was conservative in that there is little dissonance and no experimental aspect in his music
Blumenfeld, Harold
15 Oct. 1923
Seattle, USA
 American composer
Blumenthaler, Volker
Mannheim, Germany
 German cellist and composer
Blumer, Theodor24 Mar. 1881
Dresden, Germany
21 Sep. 1964
Berlin, Germany
German composer
Blytheman, William (see Blitheman, William)   
Blyton, Carey
Beckenham, Kent, UK
Jul. 2002composer, arranger, music editor and lecturer, nephew of the children’s writer, Enid Blyton. From 1963-73 he was Professor of Harmony, Counterpoint and Orchestration at Trinity College, then visiting Professor of Composition for Film, Television and Radio at London's Guildhall School of Music