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East, Michael
c.15801648English Renaissance madrigalist
Eastwood, Thomas Hugh
Hawley, Hants., UK
1999English composer
Ebdon, Thomas
Durham, England
23 Sep. 1811
Durham, England
English church music composer and organist [entry prompted by Ton Meijer]
Ebel II of Ventadorn
after 1086
Corrèze, France
Montecassino, Italy
Viscount of Ventadour (Corrèze, France), known as the Ebolus cantator (a singer named Eble, Eble le chanteur), who according to a contemporary historian, Geoffroy, prior of Vigeois, erat valde gratiosus in cantilenis ("gave a great deal of pleasure by his songs"). None of his poems survive: perhaps none were written down. He is often credited as the first Provençal troubadour, an immediate predecessor of and an influence on William IX of Aquitaine and Bernart de Ventadorn
Ebeling, Johann Georg
July 1637 (or 1620)
Lüneburg, Germany
Stettin, Germany
German composer and hymn-writer
Eben, Petr
22 Jan. 1929
Zamberk, Czechoslovakia
24 Oct. 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Czech composer and organist
Eberl, Anton
13 Jun. 1765
Vienna, Austria
11 Mar. 1807
Vienna, Austria
Austrian composer, teacher and pianist
Eberlin, Daniel
Jan. 1646/Dec. 1647 (bap. 4 Dec. 1647)
Nürnberg, Germany
between Dec. 1713 and 5 Jun. 1715
Kassel, Germany
German Kapellmeister and composer
Eberlin, Johann Ernst
27 Mar. 1702
Jettingen, Germany
19 Jun. 1762
Salzburg, Austria
German composer and organist whose works bridge the baroque and classical eras. He was a prolific composer, chiefly of church organ and choral music
Eberlin, Maria Caecilia Barbara17281806Mozart's E. Waberl
Eberwein, Traugott Maximilian
27 Oct. 1775
Weimar, Germany
2 Dec. 1831
Rudolstadt, Germany
German musical director and composer
Ebolus cantator (see Eble II of Ventadorn)   
Ebreo da Pesaro, Guglielmo (Benjamin)
fl. 15th century  Italian dancing-master who wrote a treatise on dancing, Trattato dell' Arte del Ballare. It is one of the earliest in existence
Eccard, Johannes
Mühlhausen, Thuringia, Germany
Königsberg, Germany
German composer and kapellmeister. He was an early principal conductor at the Berlin court chapel
Eccles, Daniel
fl. 1690-1710 English musician and composer, brother of Henry Eccles
Eccles, Henry
16701742English composer, the son of Solomon Eccles and the brother of John Eccles
Eccles, John
London, UK
12 Jan. 1735
Kingston-upon-Thames, UK
English composer, the son of Solomon Eccles and the brother of Henry Eccles
Eccles (or Eagle), Solomon
16181683English composer who became a Quaker. He burned all his books and compositions so as to distance himself from church music. His repugnance for the organised church showed in his name for them: "steeple-houses"
Echenfeld, Katharinafl. 1521 wrote music for unaccompanied voice
Eckard, Johann Gottfried
Augsburg, Germany
Paris, France
composer and vituoso keyboard player; when Johann Gottfried Eckard died at the age of 74, the Parisian press commemorated him as the most celebrated keyboard player in Europe. In his life-time Eckard was a well-known and celebrated artist but his music is rarely played today
Eckart, Edmundo
Barcelona, Spain
 Spanish composer
Eckhardt-Gramatté, Sophie-Carmen (born Sofia or Sonia Fridman-Kochevskaya)
24 Dec. 1902
Moscow, Russia
2 Dec. 1974
Stuttgart, Germany
Russian-born Canadian composer and virtuoso pianist and violinist
Eddy, Clarence Hiram23 Jun. 1851
Greenfield, MA, USA
10 Jun. 1937
Chicago, IL, USA
a pupil of Dudley Buck, he was the organist of the First Congregational Church and the First Presbyterian Church in Chicago. In his time he was a famous concert organist, giving numerous recitals throughout the United States. He went to Paris to study with Franck, Guilmant and Widor. He became a good friend of Guilmant and arranged the first concert trip of Guilmant to the United States. He composed a mere handful of works himself among which the best known are Praeludium in a minor, Festival Prelude on 'Old Hundredth' (1909), Faust-Fantasie and Concert Pieces
[supplementary information provided by Terry L. Mueller]
Edelman, Mademoisellefl. 1780s composer and member of a prominent Strasbourg family that moved to Paris in the 1770's. Her brother, Johann Friedrich, was a distinguished performer, teacher and composer who promoted the piano as a fashionable instrument. She was published in Paris in the 1780s
Edelinck, Pieter (or Elinc, Petrus)fl. c.1500 Dutch composer who was choirmaster at the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft from 1504 to 1506
Edelman, Randy
10 Jun. 1947
Paterson, New Jersey, USA
 American film and TV score composer
Edelmann, Jean Frederic
5 May 1749
Strasbourge, France
c. 17 Jul. 1794
French pianist and composer who, during the French Revolution, was arrested and executed
Edens, Roger
9 Nov. 1905
Hillsbro, Texas, USA
13 Jul. 1970
Hollywood, California, USA
Hollywood composer, arranger and associate producer, and is considered one of the major creative figures in Arthur Freed's musical film production unit at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer during the "golden era of Hollywood"
Eder, Helmut
26 Dec. 1916
Linz, Austria
8 Feb. 2005
Salzburg, Austria
Austrian conductor and composer
Edlund, Lars
1922 Swedish composer
Edmunds, Christopher Montague1899
Birmingham, England
spent his life in the area in which he was born, as a teacher of harmony and composition at the Birmingham School of Music (now the Birmingham Conservatoire) from 1929 and as Principal from 1945-56. He was one of the talented circle of pupils surrounding Sir Granville Bantock during his time as Payton Professor and Principal of the School until 1934. Edmunds composed several symphonies, operas, choral works and numerous chamber works. He was prolific too as a composer for the piano. Many of his part-songs were written for the choral festival movement of the 1920s and 30s. His style was described in a December 1990 obituary written by his pupil James Langley as being "rhapsodic, rather late-romantic". His 'Second Symphony in D' was started soon after the outbreak of war in 1939 and completed early the following year. Edmunds wrote in his programme note: "The underlying character of this symphony is one of sober relief from the long years of tension and anxiety and an expression of firm conviction in the successful outcome of the gigantic struggle which lay ahead." Sir Adrian Boult performed separate movements from it before Julius Harrison broadcast the work with the BBC Northern Orchestra in April 1944
Edmundson, Garth
11 Apr. 1900
Prospect, PA, USA
2 Apr. 1971
New Castle, PA, USA
American organist and composer. His best known organ work is Toccata 'Vom Himmel hoch'
[supplementary information provided by Terry L. Mueller]
Edwards, John David
Penderlwyngoch, Gwnnws Isaf, Wales
1885Welsh cleric and composer of the Welsh hymn tune Rhosymedre sometimes known as 'Lovely'
Edwards, Richard
English composer who was was Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal in London under Henry VIII
Edwards, Ross
23 Dec. 1943
Sydney, Australia
 Australian composer of a wide variety of music including orchestral and chamber music, choral music, children's music, opera and film music
Eechaute, Prosper van
2 Jul. 1904
Ghent, Belgium
26 Jun. 1964
Ghent, Belgium
Belgian composer and teacher
Eeckhoute, Rogier Van (see Rogierus de Lignoquercu)   
Eeden (or Vandeneet), Gilles Van denc.1708
possibly Liège
17 Jun. 1782
Bonn, Germany
Belgian organist and composer
Eeden, Jan (Jean-Baptiste) van den24 or 26 Dec. 1842
Ghent, Belgium
4 or 7 Apr. 1917
Mons, Belgium
Belgian composer and pianist
Eerola, Lasse1945
a teacher of clarinet at the Joensuu School of Music, he composed many works for wind orchestra, as well as chamber and orchestral music
Eespere, Rene
14 Dec. 1953
Tallinn, Estonia
 Estonian composer
Efeski, P
fl. 19th century Russian composer of music for the Orthodox church
Egea, J Vicente
Cocentaina, Alicante, Spain
 Spanish composer
Eggert, Moritz
25 Nov. 1965
Heidelburg, Germany
 German composer and pianist
Eghiazaryan (or Egiazaryan, Egiazarov, Yegiarazyan), Grigor (Yegizarovich)8 Dec. 1908
Blur, Turkey
 Turkish born composer
Egidius de Francia (Magister Egidius, Magister Guilielmus de Francia)
  French medieval composer. He may be identifiable with the composer Egidius named in the Chantilly codex (c.1400) or with a number of other musicians of the same name
Egidius de Pusieux
fl. 14th century this Egidius is probably identical with 'Egidius de Puiseus', chaplain and familiar to Hugues Roger de Beaufort, a nephew of Pope Clement VI, who died in 1348. His single motet Portio nature is known from 5 sources
Egidius de Thenis
  medieval composer know for a Sanctus (à 3; Strasbourg 222 No. 201) from the Bibliothèque Municipale, Strasbourg
Egk, Werner
17 May 1901
Auchsesheim, Germany
10 Jul. 1983
Inning, Germany
German composer
Ehrlich, Abel
Cranz, East Prussia
30 Oct. 2003
Tel Aviv, Israel
Israeli composer notable for winning the Prime Minister's Prize for Israeli Composers and the Israel Prize for Music
Ehrlich, Marty
31 May 1955
St. Paul, Minnisota, USA
 multi-instrumentalist (saxophones, clarinets, flutes) who is one of the leading figures in experimental or avant-garde jazz
Ehrström, Fredrik August18011850Finnish composer who focused on vocal music, and known today by virtue of a handful of well-written miniatures: Svanen (The swan, 1833) and Vid en källa (At a spring, 1834) for male voice choir
Eichendorff, Joseph von
10 Mar. 1788
Schloß Lubowitz, nr Ratibor in Upper Silesia
26 Nov. 1857
Neiße, Upper Silesia
German poet and novelist considered the greatest of the German Romantic lyric poets. His guiding poetic theme was that Man should find happiness in full absorption of the beauties and changing moods of Nature. He also wrote a history of German literature that was posthumously published. Eichendorff's poetry been set by many composers, including Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Hugo Wolf, Richard Strauss, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hans Pfitzner, and Alexander Zemlinsky
Eichmann, Dietrich
Erlangen, Germany
 German pianist and composer
Eichner, Ernst
15 Feb. 1740
Arolsen, Germany
Potsdam, Germany
German composer
Eielsen, Steinar
26 Sep. 1948
 Norwegian composer and conductor
Eiges, Konstantin Romanovich (or Karl Konstantinovich)5 Jun. 1875
Bogodukhov, Ukraine
2 Dec. 1950
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer and musicologist
Eijken, Gerrit Jan van
5 May 1832
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Dalston, England
Dutch organist and composer, who died in England of the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol
Eijken, Jan Albert van
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Elberfeld, Germany
Dutch organist and composer
Eijsackers, Hans
15 Feb. 1967
The Hague, The Netherlands
 Dutch pianist and composer
Eilenberg, Richard
13 Jan. 1848
Merseburg, Germany
6 Dec. 1925
Berlin, Germany
German composer
Eimert, Herbert
8 Apr. 1897
Bad Kreuznach, Germany
15 Dec. 1972
Düsseldorf, Germany
a German music theorist, musicologist, and composer
Einaudi, Ludovico
23 Nov. 1955
Turin, Italy
 Italian pianist and composer
Einem, Gottfried von
24 Jan. 1918
Bern, Switzerland
12 Jul. 1996
Oberdürnbach, Austria
Austrian composer, known chiefly for his operas influenced by the music of Stravinsky and Prokofiev, as well as by jazz
Einfelde, Maija
2 Jan. 1939
Valmiera, Latvia
 Latvian composer
Einhorn, Richard
 American composer
Eiriksdottir, Karolina
10 Jan. 1951
Reykjavik, Iceland
 Icelandic composer
Eisemann, Michael (or Mihály)
19 Jun. 1898
Bács, Paripás, Hungary
25 Feb. 1966
Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian composer, noted particularly for his film scores
Eisenhuet, Thomas1644
Augsburg, Germany
Kempten, Germany
south-German cleric and composer
Eisenga, Douwe
25 Dec. 1961
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer
Eisler, Hanns
6th July 18986th September 1962Student of Arnold Schoenberg who spent the period 1934-48 in the United States of America before returning to the newly created East Germany. His compositions include 325 lieder, songs, ballades and small cantatas, as well as many works for choir, orchestra, and instruments. He also wrote film scores. He is best known as the composer of the National Anthem of the former East Germany (Auferstanden aus Ruinen) written in 1949. The lyrics were written by Johannes Becher.

1. Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Und der Zukunft zugewandt,
Laß uns dir zum Guten dienen,
Deutschland, einig Vaterland.
Alte Not gilt es zu zwingen,
Und wir zwingen sie vereint,
Denn es muß uns doch gelingen,
Daß die Sonne schön wie nie
|: Über Deutschland scheint. :|

2. Glück und Frieden sei beschieden
Deutschland, unserm Vaterland.
Alle Welt sehnt sich nach Frieden,
Reicht den Völkern eure Hand.
Wenn wir brüderlich uns einen,
Schlagen wird des Volkes Feind!
Laßt das Licht des Friedens scheinen,
Daß nie eine Mutter mehr
|: Ihren Sohn beweint. :|

3. Laßt uns pflügen, laßt uns bauen,
Lernt und schafft wie nie zuvor,
Und der eignen Kraft vertrauend,
Steigt ein frei Geschlecht empor.
Deutsche Jugend, bestes Streben,
Unsres Volks in dir vereint,
Wirst du Deutschland neues Leben,
Und die Sonne schön wie nie
|: Über Deutschland scheint. :|

Eisma, Will Leendert
13 May 1929
Soengailiat, Indonesia
 Dutch composer and violinist
Èiurlionis, Mikalojus Konstantinas (see Ciurlionis, Mikalojus Konstantinas)   
Eklund, Hans
1 Jul. 1927
Sandviken, Sweden
8 Mar. 1999
Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish composer
Ekstrom, Lars
23 Mar. 1956
Kalmar, Sweden
 Swedish composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works
El-Din, Hamza
10 Jul. 1929
Toshka, Southern Egypt
22 May. 2006
Berkeley, California, USA
a Nubian composer, oud player, tar player, and vocalist
Eldridge, Roy
30 Jan. 1911
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
26 Feb. 1989
New York, USA
nicknamed "Little Jazz", Eldridge was an American jazz trumpet player. His sophisticated use of harmony, including the use of tritone substitutions, his virtuosic solos and his strong influence on Dizzy Gillespie mark him as one of the most exciting musicians of the Swing Era and a precursor of bebop
Elewyck, Xavier van
24 Apr. 1825
Ixelles, Belgium
28 Apr. 1888
Tirlemont, Belgium
Belgian composer and choral conductor
Elfman, Danny
29 May 1953
Los Angeles, California, USA
 American composer of music for film (Batman, Mars Attacks, etc.) and TV (The Simpsons, etc.)
Elgar, Edward
2 Jun 1857
Lower Broadheath, UK
23 Feb 1934
Worcester, UK
an English composer. Several of his first major orchestral works, including the Enigma Variations and the Pomp and Circumstance Marches were greeted with acclaim. He also composed oratorios, chamber music, symphonies and instrumental concertos. He was appointed Master of the King's Musick in 1924
Elias, Brian
30 Aug. 1948
Bombay, India
 British composer
Elias, Josébefore 1712after 1725Spanish organist and composer
Eliasson, Anders
3 Apr. 1947
Borlänge, Sweden
 Swedish composer
Elinc, Petrus (see Edelinck, Pieter)   
Elkjer, Robert
 American composer and arranger
Ella, John
19 Dec. 1802
Leicester, England
2 Oct. 1888
London, England
(some sources give his birth-place as Thirsk, which was his father's birth-place). John Ella was the founder of the Musical Union (London) in 1845. He wrote a Victoria March in November 1837, almost his only experiment as a composer [birth-place information supplied by Ray and Marie Ella]
Eller, Heino
7 Mar. 1887
Tartu, Estonia
16 Jun. 1970
Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian composer
Ellerby, Martin
Worksop, Notts., England
 English composer who was educated at the Royal College of Music, London, where he was taught by Joseph Horovitz
Elliott, Vernon
27 Jul 191212 Oct 1996a bassoonist who trained at the RCM and was subsequently principal bassoon in a variety of ensembles: the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra, Sadler's Wells Opera Orchestra, sundry dance bands, the Band of the Irish Guards, the (New) Philharmonia, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the English Opera Group. His career as a TV composer began when ATV was looking for someone to write a bassoon tune for a children's cartoon about an anthropomorphic railway engine. This was, of course, Ivor the Engine, and the tunes Elliott composed became so popular that they have been arranged as concert pieces. He went on to write tunes for other children's television programmes: Noggin the Nog, The Pingwings, The Clangers, and Pogle's Wood
Elliott, "Zo"18911964the composer of There's a Long, Long Trail a Winding and the opera Top Sergeant. He wrote many popular songs and had a particular interest in the history of John Brown
Ellington, Duke
29 Apr. 1899
Washington, D.C., USA
24 May 1974
New York, USA
American composer, pianist, and bandleader
Ellington, Mercer
11 Mar. 1919
Washington, D.C., USA
8 Feb. 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark
American jazz trumpeter, composer, and arranger, son of Duke Ellington
Ellis, Don
25 Jul. 1934
Los Angeles, California, USA
17 Dec. 1978
Hollywood, California, USA
American jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and bandleader, best known for his extensive musical experimentation, particularly in the area of unusual time signatures. Later in his life he worked as a film composer, among other works contributing a score to 1971's The French Connection
Ellis, Vivian
29 Oct. 1904
Hampstead, London, England
19 Jun. 1996
London, England
English composer, lyricist and author who wrote romantic music for reviews and musicals and a number of film scores
El-Salamouny, Ahmed
 of Egyptian-German descent, El-Salamouny lives in Munich, Germany. He completed his classical music education under the direction of Professor Barna Kovats at the Academy of Music, Mozarteum, in Salzburg, Austria. Extended travelling and contacts with musicians in Europe, South America and Egypt broadened his interest and knowledge in other music cultures and nurtured a very individual music style. El-Salamouny’s interpretations and compositions have become well known and appreciated in Europe as well as in North and South America
Elsner, Józef Antoni Franciszek (often, also, Elsner, Józef Ksawery or Elsner, Joseph Xaver)
1 Jun. 1769
Grottkau, nr. Breslau, Prussia
18 Apr. 1854
Warsaw, Poland
Polish composer, music teacher and music theoretician, and a Freemason who taught Fryderyk (Frédéric) Chopin and Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski
Elst Johannes (Jan) van der1598
possibly Ghent, Belgium
6 Feb. 1670
Ghent, Belgium
Belgian organist and composer who also known for his writings of the theory of music
Elstak, Nedley Andrew Gurk1931
Semarang, Indonesia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Javanese-born Dutch jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer
Elven, Maurice van
1950 Dutch organist and composer
Elvey, Sir George Job
27 Mar. 1816
Canterbury, Kent
9 Dec. 1893
Windlesham, Surrey
English organist and composer
Emer, Michel (né Michel Rosenstein)
19 Jun. 1906
St. Petersburg, Russia
23 Nov. 1984
Paris, France
Russian-born French composer
Emery, James
Youngstown , Ohio, USA
 American guitarist and composer, in 1977, co-founder of The String Trio of New York
Emmanuel, Maurice
2 May 1862
Burgundy, France
14 Dec. 1938
French composer and choirmaster
Emmanuel, Tommy
31 May 1955
Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
 Australian guitarist, arranger and songwriter, best known for his fingerpicking style and energetic performances
Emmer, Huib
6 Sep. 1951
Utrecht, The Netherlands
 Dutch guitarist and composer
Emmerich, Wolfgang Joseph
17721839German composer
Emmerik, Ivo van
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer
Emmerson, Simon
Wolverhampton, England
 composer, author of numerous articles and electroacoustic music books and Senior Lecturer at City University, London
Emmett, Dan (Daniel Decatur)
29 Oct. 1815
Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA
28 Jun. 1904
Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA
American composer of Dixie and organizer of one of the first minstrel show troupes
Emre, Yunus
Turkish poet, a troubadour and Sufi mystic who has exercised immense influence on Turkish literature, from his own day until the present. Because Yunus Emre is, after Ahmet Yesevi and Sultan Veled, one of the first known Turkish poets to have composed works in the spoken Turkish of his own age and region rather than in Persian or Arabic, his diction remains very close to the popular speech of his contemporaries in Central and Western Anatolia. This is also, it should be noted, the language of a number of anonymous folk-poets, folk-songs, fairy tales, riddles (tekerlemeler), and proverbs
Encina, Juan del
c. 1469
Salamanca, Spain
Salamanca, Spain
at one time he served the second duke of Alba, and also received favours from Pope Leo X in Rome, at whose court he stayed for five years; he also undertook a journey to the Holy Land. As well as being a composer, Encina was also a poet of great delicacy, and translated the Bucolics of Virgil. He was a pioneer in the Spanish secular theatre and several of his compositions, which are presented in the Cancionero de Palacio, are based on Virgil's Eclogues, and were written for stage presentation
Endler, Johann Samuel1694
Olbernhau, Germany
Darmstadt, Germany
Kapellmeister, violinist and composer, one of the earliest symphonists, who is known to have played in Bach's collegium musicum in Leipzig in 1736
Endo, Koji
 Japanese composer known also for his film scores
Enesco, Georges [Enescu, George]
19 Aug. 1881
Liveni-Virnav, Romania
3 May 1955
Paris, France
violinist, conductor, pianist and composer, he studied violin with Marsick and composition with Faure and Massenet. His pupils included Menuhin, Grumiaux, Gitlis and Ferras. He made his US debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1923, appearing as violinist, conductor and composer
Engel, Joel (Yuliy)
18681927musical critic, composer and folklorist who was born in Russia, worked for a time in Germany before emigrating to Palestine in 1924
Engel, Lehman19101982a major figure in the American musical theatre - writing for it, conducting performances, and writing about it. Near the end of his career he led the BMI Workshops, training many aspiring Broadway musical composers. His compositions cover a variety of media, though he was most attracted to theatrical works
Engelberg, August18171850minor Finnish composer who died prematurely, drowning himself in the Aura River in Turku on the 100th anniversary of the death of J.S. Bach
Engels, Adriaan
Haarlem, The Netherlands
The Netherlands
Dutch composer and organist, Engels composed primarily church music (published by Ars Nova, Harmonia et al.), including works for organ, organ with brass, choral music both a cappella and accompanied, hymn melodies, and many arrangements for the Hervormde Bundel 1938 and the Liedboek voor de Kerken (1973)
Englund, Einar
17 Jun. 1916
Ljugarn, Gotland, Sweden
27 Jun. 1999
Finnish composer. "After that concert, we were all Englundians," Joonas Kokkonen said of the premiere of Englund's First Symphony (1946) in January 1947. Englund had already attracted attention with his Piano Quintet (1941), but the Symphony was his real breakthrough, consolidated further by his masterly Second Symphony (1948). Within a short space of time, Englund became the most talked-about new composer in the country. Compared with earlier Finnish Neo-Classicism, Englund's music was quite new, more powerful and broader in scope. His Neo-Classical style also injected a new flavour into Finnish films. His music to the film Valkoinen peura (The White Reindeer, 1952) by Erik Blomberg is a classic in its genre in Finland comparable to Prokofiev's music to Serge Eisenstein's films Alexander Nevsky (1938) and Ivan the Terrible (1943–46)
Enheduannafl. later 2300s or early 2200s BC
 the songs of Enheduanna comprise the oldest literature by an identified author written in cuneiform. She was first appointed high-priestess during the reign of her father the Sumerian king, Sargon
Enna, August Emil
13 May 1859
Nakskov, Denmark
3 Aug. 1939
Cpenhagen, Denmark
Danish composer of Italian descent, the son of a cobbler, Enna was almost entirely self-taught. The family moved to Copenhagen in 1870. In 1888 Gade helped him to study in Germany for a year. He had already produced an operetta by that time and become a provincial conductor
Eno, Brian (Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle)
15 May 1948
Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
 English musician, singer, music theorist and record producer. As a solo artist, he is best known as the father of modern ambient music
Enríquez, Manuel17 Jun. 1926
Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico
26 Apr. 1994
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Mexican composer with a strong interest in serialism who was also director of CENIDIM (Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Musical 'Carlos Chávez') and founder of the Mexican Society for Contemporary Music
Enríquez de Valderrábano
after 1557
Spanish vihuelist and known author of one work, Libro de música (1547), which contains lute songs, many based on folk tunes or dances; arrangements of pieces by such composers as Josquin Desprez, Willaert and Morales for one or two lutes; thirty-three imaginative and expressive fantasias; and diferencias, including a set of 120 variations on Gúardame las vacas
Enstrom, Rolf
 Swedish composer known particularly for his electro-acoustic works
Entelis, Leonid1903
Kamenetz-Podolsk, Ukraine
 Russian composer
Eötvös, Peter
2 Jan. 1944
Odorheiu Secuiesc/Székelyudvarhely (then part of Hungary, now in Romania)
 Hungarian composer and conductor
Episcopius, Ludovicus (or Ludovicus de Bisschop)
Low Countries
29 Apr. 1595
Southern Germany
from 1545 till 1565 and from 1577 till 1585, he was choirmaster at the Basilica of Saint Servatius in Maastricht. He was replaced by Jean de Chaynée; after his successor had been assassinated, Episcopius recovered his former position. About 1582, he exchanged the Low Countries for Munich where in 1584 he became a singer in the choir that was lead by Orlando di Lasso. He retired in 1591 and became a canon in Straubing. Only few of his works have survived; Missa super 'si mon service a merite', four motets, a Salve regina and 12 Dutch songs of which some have been partially preserved
Erart, Jehan
Erb, Donald
17 Jan. 1927
Youngstown, Ohio, USA
 American composer best known for large orchestral works such as Concerto for Brass and Orchestra and Klangfarbenfunk
Erbach, Christianc.1570
Algesheim, nr. Mainz, Germany
Augsburg, Germany
German organist, teacher and composer
Erdenko, Mikhail18851940Mikhail Erdenko was the founder of a dynasty of Russian Roma musicians, singers, dancers and artists. An outstanding violinist, he was professor at the Moscow conservatory and a personal friend of Lev Tolstoy, for whom he also played. He was a master in arrangements of popular music, of which the most celebrated is his version of the Kol Nidrei, a Jewish prayer in Aramaic which is said in the Synagogue at the evening service on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Erdenko's Kol Nidrei is still considered to be the most beautiful version of the prayer
Erdenko, Sergei
Khabarovsk, Eastern Siberia, USSR
 Russian violinist and composer
Erdmann, Eduard
5 Mar. 1896
Wenden, Livonia
21 Jun. 1958
Hamburg, Germany
Baltic German pianist and composer
Eredi (or Heredi), Francesco
10 Oct. 1575 or 8 Jan. 1581in or after 1629Italian composer and maestro di cappella
Erkel, Ferenc
7 Nov. 1810
Gyula, Hungary
15 Jun. 1893
Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian composer and noted chess player, the father of Hungarian grand opera, written mainly on historical themes, which are still often performed in Hungary. He also composed the music of Himnusz, the national anthem of Hungary, which was adopted in 1844
Erkin, Ulvi Cemal
14 Mar. 1906
Istanbul, Turkey
15 Sep. 1972
Ankara, Turkey
virtuoso pianist and composer, a member of the "Turkish Five" group, Erkin studied in Paris under Jean Galion and Isidor Philip, and later under Nadia Boulanger. He graduated 1930, and returned to Turkey. When the Ankara State Conservatory was founded (in 1936), he was appointed head of piano department. His compositions include two symphonies, a piano concerto, a violin concerto, a sinfonia concertante for piano and orchestra, a string quartet, a piano quintet and a piano sonata
[entry supplied by Colin Davis]
Erkkilä, Eero 1941
 Kalastaja (The Fisher, 1988/96/2000) is an example of the religious or meta-religious genre found in Finnish opera. Erkkilä has also written sacred choral music
Erköse, Barbaros
Bursa, Turkey
 his father was the ud player for famous Turkish singer Hafiz Burhan. He started playing the clarinet at the age of nine and started to attend the classes of Saffet Gündeger. In Ankara he played before the plays in the Sen Theatre where Ismail Dümbüllü was working too. After five years in that theatre, he passed the entrance exams for the State Radio of Ankara. He came to play for a performance in Istanbul and stayed to work for the State Radio of Istanbul. He accompanied many famous Turkish singers like Zeki Müren and Nesrin Sipahi. He also played for the albums of famous jazz players like Anvar Brahem, Craig Harris and Peter Pannke. He took stage with many foreign musicians, in many festivals all around the world.
Erlanger, Frédéric d'
29 May 1868
Paris, France
23 Apr. 1943
London, England
Anglo-French composer
Erlebach, Philipp Heinrich
25 Jul. 1657
Esens, East Friesland
17 Apr. 1714
Thuringa, Germany
German composer and Kapellmeister particularly associated with the Thuringian court. A fire in 1735 wiped out the entire collection of Erlebach's manuscripts which had been purhcased by Prince Ludwig Friedrich I. Posterity is dependent upon published editions, manuscript copies and a single holograph in Erlebach's own hand to account for his talents
Ernesaks, Gustav
12 Nov. 11908
Peningi, Harjumaa, Estonia
24 Jan. 1993
Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian composer who played an integral role in the Singing Revolution and was one of the father figures of the Estonian Song Festival tradition; one of his songs, set to Lydia Koidula's poem Mu isamaa on minu arm, became an unofficial national anthem during the years of Soviet occupation; ironically, he was also the composer of the Anthem of Estonian SSR used between 1945 and 1990
Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm
Jan. 1814
Brünn, Moravia
8 Oct. 1865
Nice, France
Moravian violinist and composer. Ernst was widely seen as the superior violinist of his time and Paganini's greatest successor
Eröd, Iván
2 Jan. 1936
Budapest, Hungary
 Hungarian-born Austrian pianist and composer
Erquiaga, Steve
20th century
San Francisco, USA
 cross-over guitarist, composer and arranger
Erskine, Peter
5 Jun. 1954
Somers Point, New Jersey, USA
 American percussionist and composer
Erskine, Thomas Alexander, 6th Earl of Kellie
1 Sep. 1732
Fife, Scotland
9 Oct. 1781
Brussels, Belgium
composer and violinist who studied in Mannheim with Johann Stamitz, and because of his skills with the violin, he became known as "fiddler Tam"
[entry suggested by Kenneth John Holmes]
Ertamo, Sampsa
6 Oct. 1973
Helsinki, Finland
 Finnish composer and conductor. He studied trumpet and piano at the Sibelius Academy (from 1992) and composition, with Erkki Jokinen and Tapio Nevanlinna (1995). He gained a Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy in 2004
Erythraus (or Erythraeus), Gotthartc.1560
Strasbourg, Germany
Altdorf, Germany
German composer primarily of religious music
Esbroeck, Dirk Van
1 Jun. 1946
Gent, Belgium
23 May 2007
Belgian singer, musician and composer who grew up in Argentina
Escalona (Martínez), Rafael (Calixto)
27 May 1927
Patillal, Colombia
13 May 2009
Bogotá, Colombia
Colombian singer and composer, known as el maestro of vallenato folk music from the northern Caribbean coast
Escande, Pablo
22 Jan. 1971
Buenos Aires, Argentina
 pianist, harpsichordist, arranger and composer who lives in the Netherlands
Eschenbach, Wolfram von
c.1170c.1220poet and Minnesinger, who took part in the Sängerkrieg at the Wartburg in 1207 that appears in Wagner's Tannhäuser. The real Tannhäuser was also present. The association of von Eschenbach with Wagner is found also in the opera Parsifal which is based on the poet's epic poem Parzival
Escher, Rudolf (George)
8 Jan. 1912
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17 Mar. 1980
De Koog, The Netherlands
Dutch composer and music theoretician especially noted for his chamber works. He is noted also for his arrangement for small orchestra of the Six épigraphes antiques originally composed by Claude Debussy (1862-1918) for piano four hands
Escobar, Maria Luisa5 Dec. 1912
Valencia, Venezuela
14 May 1985
Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuelan composer, singer and pianist
Escobar, Pedro de (or Pedro do Porto)
after 1535
Évora, Portugal
a Portuguese composer of the Renaissance, mostly active in Spain. He was one of the earliest and most skilled composers of polyphony in Spain whose music has survived
Escobedo, Bartolomeo (Bartolomé)
c. 1500
Zamora, Spain
11 Aug. 1563
probably Segovia, Spain
irascible Spanish composer who was a Papal singer from 1536 to 1541 and is best known as the teacher of Tomás Luis de Victoria
Escoudé, Christian
23 Sep. 1947
 French jazz guitarist. His father, gypsy and guitarist, played in the popular dances of the region and has a boundless passion for Django Reinhardt that he passed on to his son
Escribano, Juan I
c. 1480
Spanish composer who sang in the Papal Choir (1507-1539)
Escudero, Mario
Alicante, Spain
19 Nov. 2004
Miami, Florida
guitarist, composer, teacher
Escurel, Jehannot de l' (or Jehan de Lescurel)
fl. 13th century/14th century medieval poet and composer
Esenvalds, Eriks
26 Jan. 1977
Priekule, Latvia
 Latvian composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works
Eshpai, Andrei
15 May 1925
 he draws his inspriation from the folklore of his native Mari people. His colourful orchestral sounds are a distillation of the essence of the natural world of the far north. He uses syncopated rhythms, alternating ostinatos and tuttis, and rhythmic shifts as found in folk music
Eshpai (or Eshpay), Jakov Andreyevich29 Oct. 1890
Kokshamary, Russia
20 Feb. 1963
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer and musicologist
Eskelin, Ellery
16 Aug. 1959
Wichita, Kansa, USA
 American tenor saxophonist, improviser and composer
Espinal, Gautier d' (Gautier V d'Èpinal)
between 1205 ↦ 12301272trouvère from Lorraine (although there is an alternative identification with Gautier, a cleric, the nephew of the Bishop of Metz, who died c.1232.)
Esplá y Triay, Oscar
5 Aug. 1886
Alicante, Spain
6 Jan. 1976
Madrid, Spain
Spanish composer who was a student of Max Reger and Saint-Saens and lived in Belgium from 1936 to 1949
Esposito, Genaro
17 Feb. 1886
Buenos Aires, Argentina
24 Jan. 1944
Paris, France
bandoneonist, guitarist, pianist, composer and leader
Esposito, Michele
29 Sep. 1855
Castellammare di Stabia, Italy
Florence, Italy
Italian pianist and composer who lived most of his professional life in Dublin, Ireland
Essex, Kenneth (real name Rufus Isaacs)
  a composer who seemed to have a gift of being able to composer numerous bright and frothy numbers, his works were published by many mood music companies. Some of his other pseudonyms include Derek Dwyer, Howitt Hale and Claude Vane
Essex, Margaretfl. 1775
 composer whose compositions included chamber and vocal music
Essl jnr., Karlheinz
15 Aug. 1960
Vienna, Austria
 Austrian composer, performer, sound artist, improviser and composition teacher
Estendorffer, Anton
16701711Estenfdorffer was a monk in the Benedictine abbey of Ottobeuren. Twenty-one of his compositions are preserved in the archive there, possibly constituting his complete works. They were written for keyboard instruments and demonstrate the influence of the French music popular at the time, making frequent use of variation and cyclical forms (such as the aria with variations and the ciaccona)
Esterhazy de Galantha, Pal Fuerst
7 Sep. 1635
Kis Marton (Eisenstadt)
26 Mar. 1713
Kis Marton (Eisenstadt)
a lover of the arts and sciences, he wrote several religious works, and was one of the chief compilers of the Trophaeum Domus Inclytae Estoratianae
Estes, Sleepy John (born John Adam Estes)
25 Jan. 1899/1900
Ripley, Tennessee, USA
5 Jun. 1977
Durhamville, Tennessee
U.S. blues guitarist, songwriter and vocalist
Esteve, Pablo
18th century Spanish librettist and composer, who was jailed in 1779 as the result of insufficiently circumspect references to his patronesses, the Duquesa de Alba and the Condesa-Duquesa de Benavente-Osuna, in one of his operettas (tonadillas)
Esteves, João Rodrigues
1 Nov. 1755
Lisbon, Portugal
a Portuguese composer of the early eighteenth century and a key practitioner of Latin sacred composition whose surviving works number about 100. All of his manuscripts are located in Portuguese libraries, the majority of them in the Lisbon Cathedral archive. All that is known about Esteves is found in the marginalia of these manuscripts; the first mention of him dates from 1719, when he was sent to Rome under the aegis of King João V to study with composer Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni. He was back in Portugal by 1726, but it wasn't until 1729 that he was installed as master of music in the Basilica de Santa Maria, a chapel attached to the main body of Lisbon Cathedral. Some manuscripts were sent by Esteves from Rome to Lisbon, and a few others are located in Evora and in the ducal palace of Vila Viçosa
Estocart, Paschal de l'
Noyon, France
after 1584French Renaissance composer
Estrada Velasco, Julio
10 Apr. 1943
Mexico City, Mexico
 composer, theoretician, historian, pedagogue, and interpreter
Estrange, Alexander
1974 published composer and arranger, jazz double bass player and pianist, jazz examiner for the Associated Board
Etsen, Julius van23 Sep. 1881
Anvers, Belgium
13 Oct. 1957
Anvers, Belgium
Belgian composer and musicologist
Europe, James Reese
22 Feb. 1881
Mobile, Alabama, USA
9 May 1919
an American ragtime and early jazz bandleader, arranger, and composer. He was the leading figure on the African American music scene of New York City in the 1910s
Evangelatos, Antiochos (see Evanghelatos, Antiochos)   
Evangelista, Jose
5 Aug. 1943
Valencia, Spain
 Spanish-born composer and teacher now based in Canada
Evangelisti, Franco
21 Jan. 1926
Rome, Italy
28 Jan. 1980
Rome, Italy
Italian composer specifically interested in the scientific theories behind sound
Evanghelatos (or Evangelatos), Antiochos
25 Dec. 1904
Lixouri, Greece
1981Greek composer and conductor
Evans, Bill
16 Aug. 1929
Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
15 Sep. 1980
New York, USA
one of the most famous and influential American jazz pianists of the 20th century. His use of impressionist harmony, his inventive interpretation of traditional jazz repertoire, and his syncopated and polyrhythmic melodic lines influenced a generation of pianists and guitarists
Evans, Ray
4 Feb. 1915
Salamanca, New York, USA
15 Feb. 2007
Los Angeles, California, USA
American songwriter. He was a partner in a composing and songwriting duo with Jay Livingston, known for the songs they composed for films. Evans wrote the lyrics and Livingston the music for the songs
Eve, Alphonse d'20 Aug. 1666
Brussels, Belgium
10 Oct. 1727
Antwerp, Belgium
Belgian choirmaster and composer. Alphonse d'Eve was appointed choirmaster at Antwerp Cathedral on November 5, 1718, having previously directed the choir of the church of St. Martin in Courtrai for many years
Evett, Robert
30 Nov. 1922
Loveland, California, USA
3 Feb. 1975
Takoma Park, Maryland, USA
Evett studied composition with Roy Harris and Vincent Persichetti. The bulk of his instrumental work is in standard forms; for the piano there are sonatas, etudes, and a concerto. He also composed a number of choral works. Evett settled in Washington, D.C., where he pursued a double career as an editor of The New Republic and The Atlantic Monthly and as a composer
Ewald (or Evald), Victor Vladimirovich27 Nov. 1860
St. Petersburg, Russia
26 Apr. 1935
Leningrad, Russia
Russian engineer and composer
Ewazen, Eric
1 Mar. 1954
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
 American composer, pianist and teacher
Ewing, Alexander Lt.-Col.3 Jan. 1830
Aberdeen, Scotland
14 Jul. 1895
Taunton, England
Ewing trained for the law, but went into the army and served with distinction in the Crimean War and also in China with General Gordon. He was connected with a body of singers who, under the title of The Harmonic Choir, devoted themselves to the study of old English music, sacred and secular. His only piece of written music published in 1853 has been, since 1861, the tune for the hymn known as Ewing. The original rhythm is different (in triple time), and the composer was unhappy that in the new form it sounded `a good deal like a polka'
Ewing, Montague
18901957primarily an arranger of pot pourris and also a writer of light music for piano and of popular songs. A surprising number of his piano suites were orchestrated, usually by other hands, and broadcast. Ewing also wrote songs (e.g. Butterflies in the Rain, Scarecrow and Moonlight on the Ganges) and piano pieces (some, like Fiddler in the Rain, Highland Fiddler and Wedding of the Wasps, orchestrated by other hands) under the name of Sherman Myers
Eybler, Joseph Leopold von17651846pianist, singer and composer who was a pupil of Mozart's and assisted him in the 1790 rehearsals for Cosi fan tutti. Mozart’s wife asked him to complete the Requiem (K.626) after Mozart died, but he returned the work after sketching only a few bars. Eybler conducted the work at a memorial service for Haydn in 1809, and he suffered a stroke while directing the Requiem in 1833. He succeeded Salieri as Kapellmeister in 1824
Eyck, Jacob van
probably Heusden nr, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
26 Mar. 1657
Utrecht, The Netherlands
one of the most remarkable figures in Dutch musical life during the Golden Age: a nobleman, blind from birth, widely known as a carillonneur, leading expert in the field of bell casting and tuning, and... admired as a brilliant recorder virtuoso. His demanding solo variations, preludes and fantasias from Der Fluyten Lust-hof are both loved and feared by recorder players today, all over the world
Eycken, Stefan Van
31 Dec. 1975
Ninove, Belgium
 studied musicology at the K.U.Leuven and attended summer courses in English literature at the University of Edinburgh and composition in Avignong (with Marco Stroppa). In 1997, he moved back to Edinburgh to undertake a PhD on the work of Brian Ferneyhough at the Faculty of Music. He also taught analysis and aesthetics of contemporary music there. In October 2000, he moved to Tokyo on a one-year Japan Foundation Fellowship, affiliated to the Kunitachi College of Music, to work on a book dealing with the music of the most prominent Japanese contemporary composers. He continues to reside in Tokyo, where he also has close working relationships with exponents of the improvised music and traditional music (gagaku a.o.) scene, but also spends time in Belgium, where he holds a Fellowship (the first in its sort) with the Ictus ensemble
Eyken, Ernest van der
23 Jul. 1913
Anvers, Belgium
 Belgian composer, viola player and conductor and teacher
Eylar, Leo
Los Angeles, California, USA
 American violinist, conductor and composer
Eysler, Edmund
12 Mar. 1874
Vienna, Austria
4 Oct. 1949
Vienna, Austria
Austrian composer