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Nabokov, Nicolas17 Apr. 1903
Lyubcha, Novogrudok, Minsk
6 Apr. 1978
New York, USA
Russian-born composer
Naderman, (Jean) François Joseph
12 Feb. 1781
Paris, France
3 Apr. 1835
Paris, France
French harpsist and composer, son of publisher and instrument maker Jean-Henri Naderman (1734-1799)
Nadirov, Ovanes1907
Gyandja, Azerbaijan
1941Azerbaijani composer
Nadler, Serge (see Natra, Sergiu)   
Nagasawa, Katsutoshi
Tokyo, Japan
 Japanese composer
Nagel, Matthias
Luening Westfalen, Germany
 German organist and composer
Nagl, Max
1960 Austrian composer, arranger and saxophone player
Nakanishi, Satoru
Osaka, Japan
 Japanese composer
Nakano, Jiro
10 Apr. 1902
10 Jun. 2000
Japanese composer
Nakata, Yoshinao
19232000Japanese composer
Nakhchivanlyh, Muradagafl. 18th century noted chahargah-player and composer from Azerbaijan
fl. c. 600 court musician of the Sassanids. The main theme of his songs were in praise of king Khosrau II. He collaborated with Barbod on his famous septet piece the Royal Khosravani (al-torogh l-molokiah)
Namtchylak, Sainkho
Tuva, Russia
 Tuvan composer and singer. She has an exceptional voice, spanning seven octaves and proficient in overtone singing; her music combines avant-jazz, electronica, modern composition and Tuvan influences. In Tuva numerous cultural influences collide: the Turkic roots it shares with Mongolia, Xinjiang Uighur and the Central Asian states; various Siberian nomadic ethnic groups, principally those of the Tungus-Manchu group; Russian Old Believers; migrant and resettled populations from the Ukraine, Tatarstan and other minority groups west of the Urals
Namyslowski, Zbigniew
9 Sep. 1939
Warsaw, Poland
 Polish jazz alto saxophonist, flautist, cellist, trombonist, pianist and composer
Nancarrow, Conlon
27 Oct. 1912
Texarkana, Arkansas, USA
10 Aug. 1997
Las Águilas, Mexico City, Mexico
American experimentalist composer who worked in Mexico for most of his life, becoming a Mexican citizen in 1955
Nanes, Richard
Philadelphia, USA
 American contemporary composer and pianist
Nanino (or Nanini), Giovanni Bernardino
Vallerano, Italy
Italian composer, teacher and singing master of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, and a leading member of the Roman School of composers. He was the younger brother of the somewhat more influential composer Giovanni Maria Nanino
Nanino, Giovanni Maria
Tivoli, Italy
11 Mar. 1607
Rome, Italy
Italian composer and teacher of the late Renaissance. He was a member of the Roman School of composers, and was the most influential music teacher in Rome in the late 16th century. He was the older brother of composer Giovanni Bernardino Nanino
Napravnik (or Naprawnik), Eduard Francevic24 Aug. 1839
Byst,nr. Hradec Kralove, Czechoslovakia
23 Nov. 1916
St. Petersburg, Russia
organist, composer and conductor
Narbutaite, Onute
Vilnius, Lithuania
 Lithuanian composer
Nardetti, Antonio
Venice, Italy
Italian organist and composer Nardetti was second organist at the Basilica del Santo (S. Antonio) in Padua from 1827 to 1857: first as substitute for Carlo Bernardino Lenzi of Bergamo, then as titular organist. He was forced to give up his position when he broke his arm
Nardini, Pietro
12 Apr. 1722
Fibiana, Italy
7 May. 1793
Florence, Italy
Italian composer and violinist, pupil of Tartini and much admired by Leopold Mozart
Nares, James
19 Apr. 1715
10 Feb. 1783
English composer of mostly sacred vocal works, though he also composed for the harpsichord and organ
Nargeot, Pierre Julien
8 Jul. 1799
Paris, France
30 Aug. 1891
Passy, Paris, France
viola player and composer of operas
Narvaez, Luys de
c. 1500
after 1550Spanish choir director, vihuelist and composer
Narvilaite, Loreta
 Lithuanian composer
Nascimento, Milton
26 Oct. 1942
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 self-taught Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is considered an icon of Brazilian music
Nascinbeni (Nascimbeni, Nascembeni), Maria Francesca1657c. 1685pupil of Lazarini and composer of madrigals and canzoni in 1674
Nash, Peter Paul
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England
 British composer
Nasidze, Sulkhan
17 Mar. 1927
21 Sep. 1996
Georgian pianist and composer
Nasveld, Robert
26 May 1955
The Netherlands
 Dutch pianist and composer
Nath, Pandit Pran
3 Nov. 1918
Lahore, Pakistan
13 Jun. 1996
Hindustani classical singer and teacher of the Kirana gharana (school). In 1972, he established his Kirana Center for Indian Classical Music in New York City and stayed in the U.S. for the rest of his life. He taught at several universities and above all attracted a strong following among the American minimalist composers
Nathanson, Roy
17 May 1951
Brooklyn, N.Y., USA
 saxophonist, composer, band-leader, actor and teacher. He is leader and principal composer of the Jazz Passengers, a six piece group that he founded with Curtis Fowlkes in 1987
Nathusius, Marie1817
1857composer and publisher of over 100 songs, she also wrote numerous novels
Natori, Goro
Japanese composer
Natra, Sergiu (Nadler, Serge)
12 Apr. 1924
Bucharest, Romania
 Romanian-born Israeli composer
Naudot, Jean Jacques-Christophe
French composer and flautist
Naujalis, Juozas
18691934Lithuanian composer who organized a private music school in 1892, which in 1919 became the State Conservatory in the newly independent nation
Naumann, Johann Gottlieb
17 Apr. 1741
Blasewtz, Germany
23 Oct. 1801
Dresden, Germany
German composer, conductor and Kapellmeister
Naumov, Lev
12 Feb. 1925
21 Aug. 2005
Russian classical pianist, composer and educator. Received a title of People's Artist of Russia and was nicknamed the "Godfather of the Russian piano school"
Naushad Ali
25 Dec. 1919
5 May 2006
Mumbai, India
Indian musician, who was one of the foremost music directors (composers) for Bollywood films
Nauss, Johann Xaver
Augsburg, Germany
German organist and composer
Nauwach, Johann
Brandenburg, Germany
Dresden, Germany
German composer
Navarre, Thibault de (or Thibault the Chansonnier)
30 May 1201
Troyes, France
14 Jul. 1253
Pampelune, Spain
Navarre-Champagne (de), Agnèsc. 1320
Navarro, Fats
24 Sep. 1923
Key West, Florida, USA
6 Jul. 1950
New York City, USA
American jazz trumpet player. He was a pioneer of the bebop style of jazz improvisation in the 1940's. He is regarded by many to have been one of the first modern jazz trumpet improvisers and in his short career had a strong stylistic influence on many other players, most notably Clifford Brown
Navarro, Juan
c. 1530
c. 1610
author of the first work devoted entirely to music to be printed in the New World
Navas, Juan de
Medrid, Spain
Spanish harpist and composer
Navok, Lior
Tel Aviv, Israel
 recipient of numerous awards, Navok established himself as one of today's leading young composers. A partial list of his awards include the Lily Boulanger Award, the Jerome Foundation, "Prime Minister Award" (Israel), America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Omaha Symphony Composition Award, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and Alea III Composition Competition Prize. Navok is the chosen artist of Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence) for the year 2003/2004. Recent commissions include the Fromm Music Foundation, American Composers Forum, Collage New Music and a consortium of twenty U.S. wind ensembles (including MIT, New England Conservatory, Harvard, and Yale.)
Naylor, Edward Woodall
9 Feb. 1867
Scarborough, UK
7 May 1934
Cambridge, UK
English organist and composer
Nazareth, Ernesto
20 Mar. 1863
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 Feb. 1934
Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian composer and pianist, especially noted for his creative tango and Choro compositions
Nazianzenos, Grigorios
early Byzantine poet/composer
N'dour, Youssou
1 Oct. 1959
Dakar, Senegal
 Senegalese singer and percussionist
Neander, Joachim (Neumann)16501680Protestant vicar and church hymn composer
The Neanderthal was first discovered in August 1856 by Dr. Johan Karl Fuhlrott (a schoolteacher from the town of Elberfed) near the Dussel River in the western part of Germany. Technically, this was not the first Neanderthal skull ever found. Researchers did not realize until the 1860s, that a skull found in 1848 at Gibraltar was of a Neanderthal. Fuhlrott's find was in a valley called Neander (Tal means valley in German). Thus, the site and the creature are known as Neanderthal. The valley's name comes from the 17th-century composer, Joachim Neander, best known for his hymn which we know in its English translation as Praise the Lord, the mighty King of God. Actually, Neander was not the author's real name. Joachim Neumann, similar to other composers of his time, created a last name, a practice predicated on a classical language meaning. In Greek, Neander translates as "New Man" and thus a suitable choice for Mr. Neumann. How ironic: the find was not the new man, but rather, the old man
[taken from Neanderthal and Humans - Long-Term Climate Change, Conflict and Extinction - by James R. Lee]
Neander, Juliane (pseudonym of Klaus L Neumann)19 Aug. 1933
Innsbruck, Austria
 Protestant chorale settings (e.g.: Gott des Himmels und der Erden, 5v, 1963; O Licht, geboren aus dem Lichte, 4v, 1982; Lobt Gott in seinem Heiligtum, 5v, 1983; Meerstern, ich dich gruesse, 5v, 1993; Geh aus mein Herz und suche Freud, 5v/3v, 1995; Du hoechstes Licht, ewiger Schein, 5v, 1996)
[information provided by Klaus L Neumann]
Near, Gerald
1942 American organist and composer of works for organ as well as anthems, services, motets, etc. for church use
Neaum, Michael
20th century composer, arranger and accompanist for the Cantamus Girls Choir
Nebbia, Félix "Litto"
21 Jul. 1948
Rosario, Argentina
 Argentinian jazz musician
Nebra (Blasco), José (Melchor de)
Spanish composer
Necasova Nardelli, Jindra
5 Jul. 1960
Prague, Czech Republic
 studied at the Conservatory of Music in Prague from which she graduated in piano under Dr. Jaromir Kriz (1982) and in composition under Dr. Jindrich Feld (1985). The symphonic picture, Jackson's Journey, based on the novel by Gerard Herzog about the American mountainer in the Alps, became her graduating work for which she was awarded Best Composition of the Year from the Conservatory in 1982. Doctoral study in composition was completed in 1991 at the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague under Dr. Vaclav Riedlbauch
[entry prompted by Dr Amy Dunker]
Nechayew (or Netchayev), Wassilij28 Sep. 1895
Moscow, Russia
5 Jun. 1956
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer
Necke, Hermann
18501912composer remembered mainly for his galop Csikos Post
Nedbal, Oskar
26 Mar. 1874
Tábor, Czech Republic
24 Dec. 1930
Zagreb, Croatia
conductor and composer
Neefe, Christian Gottlob
5 Feb. 1748
Chemnitz, Saxony
26 Jan. 1798
Dessau, Germany
organist, singer, teacher and composer
Neele, Perrot defl. second half 13th century poet and composer
Nees, Staf
2 Dec. 1901
Mechelen, Belgium
2 Jan. 1965
Mechelen, Belgium
Belgian carilloneur and composer
Nees, Vic
8 Mar. 1936
Mechelen, Belgium
 Belgian composer
Nef, Dirk De
17 May 1957
Ghent, Belgium
 Belgian conductor and composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal and piano works
Neglia, Francesco Paolo
22 May 1874
Castrogiovanni (Enna), Italy
31 Jul. 1932
Lago Maggiore, Italy
Italian conductor and composer
Negri, Francesco
Verona, Italy
after 1635Italian composer
Negri, Gino
25 May 1919
Perledo, Italy
Montevecchia, Italy
Italian composer
Neikrug, Marc Edward
24 Sep. 1946
New York, NY, USA
 pianist, composer and conductor
Neill, Ben
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
 trumpeter, composer and inventor of the mutantrumpet
Nelhybel, Vaclav
24 Sep. 1919
Polanka, Czechoxlovakia
22 Mar. 1996
Scranton, Penssylvania, USA
Czech-born composer. After World War II he was affiliated as composer and conductor with Swiss National Radio and became lecturer at the University of Fribourg. In 1950 he became the first musical director of Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany, a post he held until he immigrated to the United States in 1957
Nelson, Havelock
25 May 1917
Cork, Ireland
5 Aug. 1996
Belast, Norther Ireland
Irish composer, conductor and adjudicator
Nelson, Jalalu Kalvert
Oklahoma City, USA
 composer and trumpet player
Nelson, John Arrigo- (see Arrigo-Nelson, John)California, USA jazz pianist, composer, and recording artist
Nelson, Josh
California, USA jazz pianist, composer, and recording artist
Nelson, Oliver
4 Jun. 1932
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
28 Oct. 1975
Los Angeles, California, USA
American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, arranger and composer
Nelson, Ron
14 Dec. 1929
Joliet, Illinois, USA
 American composer of two operas, a mass, music for films and television, 90 choral works, and over 40 instrumental works
Nelson, Rudolf
4 Apr. 1878
5 Feb. 1960
Berlin, Germany
German composer of hit songs, film music, operetta and vaudeville, and the founder/director of the Nelson Revue, a significant cabaret troupe on the 1930s Berlin nightlife scene
Nenna, Pomponio
bap. 13 Jun. 1556
Bari, Italy
before 22 Oct. 1613
probably Rome, Italy
an Italian composer of the Renaissance. He is mainly remembered for his madrigals - his eighth book of madrigals went through several printings in the 17th century, and was widely distributed - which were influenced by Gesualdo
Nenov, Dimitar
19 Dec. 1901
Razgrad, Bulgaria
30 Aug. 1953
Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian classical pianist, composer, music pedagogue and architect
Nepomuceno, Alberto
6 Jul. 1864
Fortaleza, Brazil
16 Oct 1920
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian composer and conductor
Neri, Massimiliano
Brescia, Italy
Bonn, Germany
Italian organist and composer. He was first organist of St Mark's, Venice, in 1644-64, also working at SS Giovanni e Paolo, and later served at Cologne. His principal works are his sonatas and canzonas (1644, 1651)
Nerijnen, Jan van
14 Mar. 1935
Dubbeldam, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer and conductor
Neruda, Johann Baptist Georg
c.1780violinist, conductor and composer
Nervo (de) Montgeroult (de), Hèléne1764
Nesbett, John
 c.1488Nesbett is represented in the Eton Choirbook only by a Magnificat, one of the most attractive settings surviving
Ness, Jon Øivind1968
 his knowledge and mastery of compositorial techniques is impressive. In Norway he is well known and respected for his completion of Geirr Tveitt’s Prillar, a large symphonic poem in three movements
Nessler, Victor E.
18411890conductor and director of operas. His opera Otto der Schütz was first produced in 1886
Nestico, Sammy
6 Feb. 1924
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
 prolific and well known composer and arranger of big band music, Nestico is most known for his arrangements for the Count Basie orchestra. He made tours with the Woody Herman and Tommy Dorsey bands and performed with the Boston Pops. His arrangements and compositions have been a part of over 60 television programs, including M*A*S*H and Love Boat
Neubauer, Franz Christoph
Horin nr. Prague, Czechoslovakia
11 Oct. 1795
Buckeburg, Germany
German composer
Neubert, Gunther
11 Mar. 1936
Crimmitschau, Germany
 German composer and Tonmeister
Neuen, Jacques
 multimedia, audiovisual productions and intellectual property lawyer and composer
Neuendorff, Adolf [Heinrich Anton Magnus]
13 Jun. 1843
Hamburg, Germany
4 Dec. 1897
New York, USA
came to New York with his parents in 1854. Two years later he began his studies on the violin with Joseph Weinlich, becoming chorus-master and member of an orchestra before he was sixteen. He also studied theory and composition with Gustav Schilling, under whose direction he also made his first appearance as a pianist at Dodworth hall in 1859. After a two-years' trip to South America, he became conductor of the orchestra at the German theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in 1864 was chorus-master of Carl Ansehtitz's Get-man opera company. Later he succeeded Anschutz as conductor, and in 1867 became music-director of the New Stadt theatre, New York. In 1870-1 he brought a German company from Europe, produced Tannhauser and Lohengrin, the latter being seen for the first time in America. In 1872 he brought Theodor Wachtel to this country, and, with Carl Rosa, gave a season of Italian opera at the Academy of music. In that year he also established the Germania theatre in New York, of which he was manager for eleven years. During that time he was also organist of a church and conductor of a choral society. In 1875 he gave a season of German opera with Wachtel and Madame Pappenheim, conducted the Beethoven centennial concerts, and went to the first Wagner festival at Bayreuth as correspondent for the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung. In 1878 Neuendorff succeeded Theodore Thomas as conductor of the New York philharmonic. In 1881 he transferred his German theatre to the building that had been vacated by Lester Wallack but the change proved disastrous, and he lost a fortune in two years. He has directed operas and concerts in all the large cities of the Union. His compositions include two symphonies and three operas, Der Rattenfänger von Hameln (1880), Don Quixote (1882), Prince Waldmeister (1887), and numerous other instrumental and vocal works
[information from Adolph Neuendorff]
Neufville, Johann Jacob de
bap. 5 Oct. 1684
Nuremberg, Germany
bur. 4 Aug. 1712
Nurembuerg, Germany
German organist and composer
Neugart, Joachim
 German organist, conductor and composer
Neukomm, Sigismond (Ritter) von
10 Jul. 1778
Salzburg, Austria
3 Apr. 1858
Paris, France
Austrian composer and pianist
Neuling, Vincent
18th century19th centuryAustrian composer, an obscure Viennese contemporary of Beethoven's
Neumark, Georg
16 Mar. 1621
Langensalza, Thuringa, Germany
18 Jul. 1681
Weimar, Germany
hymn writer, composer, court poet, librarian, and registrar of the administration at Weimar
Neupert, (Carl Fredrik) Edmund
184220 Mar. 1888
Oslo, Denmark
a Norwegian pianist and composer
Neusidler, Hans
Pressburg, Germany
2 Feb. 1563
Nuremberg, Germany
composer and lutenist of the Renaissance
Neuss, Heinrich Georg
11 Mar. 1654
Elbingerode, Germany
30 Sep. 1716
Wernigerode, Germany
German composer
Neuwirth, Olga
4 Aug. 1968
Graz, Austria
 Austrian composer
Nevanlinna, Otto Tapio
7 Apr. 1954
 a sensitive explorer of tonal colour who constructs fields from melodic fragments, clarity and brightness are his guiding ideals. Nevanlinna is first and foremost an instrumental composer; he has written no vocal music since the mid-1980s. His output is rather limited, and especially since the early 1990s he has written very little
Neves, Ignacio Parreiras
Vila Rica, Brazil
Vila Rica, Brazil
Brazilian singer, conductor and composer
Nevin, Arthur Finley
27 Apr. 1871
Edgeworth, PA, USA
10 Jul. 1943
Sweickley, PA, USA
American conductor, ethnomusicologist, and composer
Nevin, Ethelbert Woodbridge
25 Nov. 1862
Edgeworth, PA, USA
17 Feb. 1901
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
American composer and pianist. He wrote mainly songs and short piano pieces, which are graceful and daintily chromatic but often predictable and over-sentimental; his song The Rosary (1898) was particularly popular
Nevonmaa, Kimmo10 May 1960
18 Sep. 1996he wrote a very limited but deeply expressive body of work. His teacher Kalevi Aho wrote in his obituary that the "feelings [generated by his illness] and proximity to the threshold of death are reflected in his compositions. His highly concentrated and dense principal works are all, in a sense, music of extreme mental states." Nevonmaa's principal works are the strange ghostlike String Quartet (1990), the pain-exploring Dolor nascens et effluens (1992) for string orchestra, piano, harp and percussion, and the more confident Lux intima (1994) for orchestra. He was working on the Saxophone Concerto Heros serenatos at the time of his death of a cerebral haemorrhage
Newborn, Ira (sometimes James Ira Newborn)
20 Dec. 1949
New York, USA
 American musician and composer, best known for his work composing motion picture soundtracks
Newcombe, Georgianne H.1843
 composer of piano pieces and the prize-winning song The Miner and His Boy
Newitow (or Nevitov), Mikail28 Dec. 1886
Wolsk, Russia
 Russian composer
Newley, Anthony
24 Sep. 1931
London, UK
14 Apr. 1999
Jensen Beach, Florida, UKA
English actor, singer and songwriter known for the stage hit Stop the World -- I Want to Get Off' and the 1967 film version of the children's classic Doctor Doolittle
Newlin, Dika
22 Nov. 1923
Portland, Oregon, USA
  Dika Newlin took private lessons with Roger Sessions and Arnold Schoenberg when she was astudent at University of California in Los Angeles. She taught at several American colleges and universities and eventually established the Department of Music at Drew University. While she is an important composer, her writings on music have been valuable because of their importance to the study of twelve-tone music. Among these, one finds a significant analytical study Bruckner-Mahler-Schoenberg (1947) and the translation of Schonberg's seminal text Style and Idea (1951). Dika Newlin also edited an important Schoenberg memoir, Schoenberg Remembered: Diaries and Recollections, 1938-76
Newman, Alfred
17 Mar. 1900
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
17 Feb. 1970
Hollywood, California, USA
American composer of music for films. He received 45 Academy Award nominations making him (currently) the second most nominated person in the history of the Academy Awards, tied with John Williams, and behind Walt Disney (Newman's scores for The Hurricane and The Prisoner of Zenda were also nominated at a time when composers were not eligible to be nominated in the score category). He won the Oscar 9 times; in 1940 he was nominated for 4 different films. Between 1938 and 1957, he was nominated an incredible twenty years in a row
Newman, Chris
London, UK
 contemporary composer, painter, author and performance artist
Newman, David
11 Mar. 1954
Los Angeles, California, USA
 American composer known particularly for his music for the movies, sister of Maria Newman
Newman, Lionel
4 Jan. 1916
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
3 Feb. 1989
the brother of Alfred Newman and Emil Newman, uncle of Randy Newman, David Newman and Thomas Newman, and grandfather of Joey Newman. His life was in film,initially as a rehearsal pianist, then Musical Director for Television at Twentieth Century Fox, followed by promotion to senior vice president of all music for Twentieth Century Fox Films. He wrote several classic TV themes for Fox, including The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Adventures in Paradise and Daniel Boone
Newman, Maria
Los Angeles, California, USA
 conductor, violinist, violist, composer and pianist, Maria Newman was born into one of the most famous and influential musical families in Hollywood. She is the youngest daughter of the nine-time Academy Award-winning composer/conductor, Alfred Newman
Newman, Master
15th century (?) compose of a gravely beautiful Pavan for virginal found in the Mulliner Book, an historically important musical commonplace book compiled, probably in the late 1560s, by Thomas Mulliner, about whom practically nothing is known, except that he figures in 1563 as modulator organorum (organist) of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He is supposed to have lived between circa 1545 and 1570. This is the only manuscript sources for works by Newman about whom nothing more is known
Newman, Randy
28 Nov. 1948
Los Angeles, USA
 Academy Award- winning American songwriter, arranger, composer, singer and pianist who is notable for his mordant (and often satirical) pop songs and for his many film scores. The paternal side of his family includes three uncles who were noted Hollywood film-score composers: Alfred Newman, Lionel Newman and Emil Newman. Newman's cousins Thomas and David, and nephew Joey are also composers for motion pictures
Newman, Thomas
20 Oct. 1955
Los Angeles, California, USA
 American Academy Award-nominated film score composer who is a member of a film-scoring dynasty in Hollywood that includes his father Alfred Newman, his uncle Lionel Newman, his brother David Newman, and his cousins Joey Newman and Randy Newman (who is best known as a singer and songwriter)
Newson, George
London, UK
 British composer
Newton, Mrs. Alexander1821
1881a bravura singer of exceptional ability who also wrote songs and piano pieces
Newton, Lauren
16 Nov. 1952
Coos Bay, Oregon, USA
 avant-garde jazz and contemporary classical singer, composer and teacher, best known as a founding member of the Vienna Art Orchestra
Newton, John17251807English slavetrader who renouced his profession upon experiencing a religious converstion. The composer of the hymn Amazing Grace set to a traditional American sacred harp tune New Britain
Nguyên, Lê
14 Jan. 1959
Paris, France
 guitarist and composer of Vietnamese parents
Nibelle, Henri Jules Joseph
Briare, Franche
1967French organist and composer. He studied with Guilmant, Vierne, Gigout and Fauré. As organist he worked as choir organist at the Versailles Cathedral and the Church of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in Paris. From 1912 to 1931 he was 'organist titulaire' of the church of Saint-Francois-de-Sales in Paris. He served this church as maître de chapelle until 1959
Niblock, Phill
2 Oct. 1933
Anderson, Indiana
 New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia
Niccolò di Francesco (see Francesco, Niccolò di)   
Nichelmann, Christoph
13 Aug. 1717
Treuenbreitzen, Germany
20 Jul. 1762
Berlin, Germany
German composer
Nichifor, Serban
25 Aug. 1954
Bucharest, Romania
 Romanian cellist and composer
Nicholls, Frederick
  not to be confused by Frederick Nicholls Crouch, this Frederick Nicholls was active especially between the two wars, was noted for his songs; but he published instrumental miniatures as well
Nicholls, Horatio (see Wright, Lawrence)   
Nichols, Herbie
3 Jan. 1919
New York City, USA
12 Apr. 1963
New York City, USA
American jazz pianist and composer
Nicholson, Richard
c.15701639English composer and organist who was appointed the first Professor of Music at Oxford University (1627)
Nicholson, Sydney
9 Feb. 1875
London, UK
30 May 1947
Ashford, Kent, UK
English choir director, organist and composer, now chiefly remembered as the founder of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM)
Nicholson, Vanessa-Mae
27 Oct. 1978
 Vanessa-Mae is a Singaporean-born British pop and classical musician, especially noted for her violin skills. Her music style is self-described as "violin techno-acoustic fusion," as several of her albums prominently feature the techno style
Nick, Edmund
22 Sep. 1891
Reichenberg, Czechoslovakia
11 Apr. 1973
Geretsried, Germany
German composer, conductor, and music writer
Nickerson, Camille (Lucie)
30 Mar. 1888
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
27 Apr. 1982
Washington, D.C., USA
pianist, composer, arranger, collector, and Howard University professor from 1926–1962. She was influenced by Creole folksongs of Louisiana which she arranged and sung
Nicode, Jean Louis
12 Aug. 1853
Jerczig, nr. Poznan, Poland
5 Oct. 1919
Langebruck, Germany
Prussian pianist, composer and conductor
Nicolai (or Nicolaÿ), Johann Michael
Ulrichshalben, near Weimar, Germany
26 Jan. 1685
Stuttgart, Germany
German composer
Nicolai, Otto
9 Jun. 1810
Königsberg, Germany
11 May 1849
Berlin, Germany
German composer, conductor, and founder of the Vienna Philharmonic
Nicolau, Dimitri
21 Oct. 1946
Keratea, Greece
 Greek-born but now a naturalised Italian working in Rome as a stage director, conductor and musicologist, Nicolau has written more than 280 works including 3 Operas, 5 symphonies for large orchestra, numerous concertos, many works for plucked string orchestra, soloist and ensembles, works for chamber ensemble, many works for voice, two cantatas for soloist, choir, actors and large orchestra and ballet music. He has also produced sound tracks for cinema, television and radio , music and songs for children and over a 100 scores for the theatre. His music make technical demands on player and instrument alike, exploiting unusual tonal effects and calling for extended playing techniques
Nicolson, Alasdair
Inverness, Scotland
 Scottish composer who also works in music theatre
Niebelschitz (von), Annafl. 1601 she published some of her works in 1601
Nieder, Fabio
Trieste, Italy
 Italian-born German-based composer of stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works
Niederberger, Max
active 1930s & 40s German conductor and composer
Niedermeyer, Louis
27 Apr. 1802
Nyon, Switzerland
14 Mar. 1861
Paris, France
Swiss composer chiefly of church music but also of a few operas, and a teacher who took over a school for the study and practice of church music, where several eminent French musicians studied including Gabriel Fauré and André Messager
Niël, Matty
Nieland, (Hermanus Jacobus Josephus) Herman
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1993Dutch organist, pianist and composer
Nielsen, Carl
9 Jun. 1865
Sortelung, Denmark
3 Oct. 1931
Copenhagen, Denmark
conductor, violinist, and the most internationally known composer from Denmark. He is especially admired for his six symphonies
Nielsen, Ludolf
29 Jan. 1876
Norre Tvede, Denmark
16 Oct. 1939
Hellerup, Denmark
Danish violinist, conductor and composer
Niemann, Walter
10 Oct. 1876
Hamburg, Germany
17 Jun. 1953
Leipzig, Germany
German composer, pianist, and writer on music
Niemeläinen, Ilkka
9 Mar. 1956
 Finnish guitarist and composer
Nieminen, Kai
 a guitarist and composes specifically for the guitar. He has also written chamber music, orchestral works and the Flute Concerto Palomar (2001) for Patrick Gallois
Nietzsche, Friedrich
15 Oct. 1844
Röcken bei Lützen, Germany
25 Aug. 1900
Weimar, Germany
German philosopher and unsuccessful compser
Nieuwehove, Ernest van
31 Mar. 1880
Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium
10 Jan. 1968
Belgian composer and pianist
Nieuwkerk, Willem Wander van
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer. The music he wrote for early music ensembles (especially the recorder) has now gained acceptance worldwide from delighted professionals and amateurs alike through numerous performances and recordings. From this interest in early music he developed a Classicist approach that is unique in the soundscape of Dutch new music, one that speaks to the audiences from the outlook of Classical and Early Romantic music but with a strong sensibility to the idioms that mark our own musical age. van Nieuwkerk is a lecturer in 20th-century Music History and New Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam
Niewerth (Niewerth, Neuwerth, Niewardt and Niewardh), Hinrich
before 1 Jan. 1666before Nov. 1699lutenist at the Swedish court, formerly attached to the Hofkapelle, and composer for the instrument
Nightingale, Mark
1967 British trombonist and composer
Niimi, Tokuhide
1947 Japanese composer
Niitvägi, Taivo
fl. 20th century Estonian musicologist, folksong collector, arranger and composer
Nikolayev, Aleksei
24 Apr. 1931
Moscow, Russia
28 Dec. 2003
Moscow, Russia
Russian composer whose work exhibits simplicity and lyrical charm. The fresh and individual harmony is intimately linked with the Russian tradition, though the expressive quality of Nikolayev's work is distinctly contemporary
Nikolayev, Leonid (Vladimirovich)13 Aug. 1878
Kiev, Ukraine
11 Oct. 1942
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Ukrainian pianist, teacher and composer
Nikolayev, Vladimir
Nikolayev, Ukraine
 Ukrainian-born Russian composer of mostly stage, orchestral, chamber, vocal, and electroacoustic works
Nikolayeva, Tatyana
4 May 1924
Bezhitsa, Russia
22 Nov. 1993
San Francisco, USA
Russian pianist, composer and teacher
Nikolopoulos, Hristos (or Christos)
11 Jul. 1947
Kamohori, Greece
 Greek bouzouki player and composer
Nikoloudis, Mihalis (or Michalis)
20th century
Pireaus, Greece
 Greek manoline and guitar player and composer
Nikolov, Lazar
26 Aug. 1922
Bourgas, Bulgaria
7 Feb. 2005
Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian pianist and composer
Niks, Arend
Schiedam, The Netherlands
 Dutch percussionist and composer
Nikula, Markku
25 Oct. 1959
Helsinki, Finland
 Finnish composer who works in the fields of pop and jazz
Nilsen, Lillebjorn
21 Dec. 1951
 Norwegian singer and composer
Nilsson, Bo
 Swedish composer
Nilsson, Stefan
27 Jul. 1955
Kukasjärvi, Sweden
 composer of Swedish film music
Nilsson, Torsten
21 Jan. 1920
Höör, Sweden
 Swedish composer, church musician and teacher
Nimax jr., Pierre
 organist, conductor and composer from Luxembourg
Nin y Castellanos, Joaquin
Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba
Cuban pianist, composer and musicologist
Nin-Culmell, Joaquin Maria
5 Sep. 1908
Berlin, Germany
14 Jan. 2004
Oakland, California, USA
the son of the pianist, composer and musicologist Joaquin Nin Castellanos, and the singer Rosa Culmell Vaurigaud, pianist, composer and teacher
Nitsch, Hermann
Vienna, Austria
 Austrian-born actionist and painter, composer and stage designer
Nitschké, Alain
 music teacher and composer from Luxembourg
Nivers, Guillaume(-Gabriel)
Paris, France
Paris, France
French organist, musical theorist and composer
Nixon, Roger
8 Aug. 1921
California, USA
 American composer, musician, and professor of music
Noble, John  until his retirement a lecturer in music at Doncaster College, his works, all delightfully tuneful with just a whiff of jazz - which their composer enjoyed playing - include sonatas for recorder (originally a clarinet sextet) and clarinet, a saxophone quartet and a Sonatina for alto saxophone. Compositions in light vein include a suite, Fiesta for piano duet, a Suite for two clarinets and piano, another suite, of delicious Fairy Dances for recorder and piano - based on a 13 note "motto" and written in 13 bar phrases, as it was originally written for a concert put on by a local society on a certain Friday the 13th - and, Noble's only work to achieve publication to date, a charming Cats Suite
Noble, Ray
17 Dec. 1903
Brighton, England
3 Apr. 1978
London, England
British bandleader, composer, arranger and actor
Noble, (Thomas) Tertius
5 May 1867
Bath, England
4 May 1953
Rockport, Massachusetts, USA
English-born organist and composer, resident in the United States for the latter part of his career
Nobre, Marlos
18 Feb. 1939
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
 Brazilian composer
Nock, Mike (Michael Anthony)
27 Sep. 1940
Christchurch, New Zealand
 pianist, composer, bandleader and jazz educator
Noda, Teruyuki
15 Jun. 1940
Mie, Japan
 Japanese conductor and composer
Nohain, Jean
16 Feb. 1900
Paris, France
25 Jan. 1981
Paris, France
French lyricist and songwriter
Nola, Gian Domenico del Giovanni da
Italian organist and composer, possibly a pupil of Giovanni Tommaso Maio. One of the first important composers of canzone villanesche, he published two books of canzoni villanesche has tre voci (1541) and one of three and four part canzoni napolitana (1567) in the deliberately primitive early villanella style, with consecutive fifths, which became very popular
Nono, Luigi
29 Jan. 1924
Venice, Italy
8 May. 1990
Venice, Italy
an Italian composer of contemporary music
Noord, Adriaan van
The Netherlands
 Dutch composer and clarinetist
Noordt, Anthoni van
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
23 Mar. 1675
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dutch composer and organist
Noordt, Sybrandus van
16591705Dutch organist and composer
Norbury, Kevin
  British-Canadian pianist, brass-band conductor and composer who is Director of Music at the Salvation Army in Toronto
Norby, Erik
9 Jan. 1936
Gentofte, Denmark
16 Jan. 2997
Frederiksberg, Denmark
Danish composer of orchestral music and songs
Norcombe (Nercom, Nercome, Nercum, Norcome, Nurcombe, Nurcome), Daniel
English lutenist and composer. The fine madrigal With angels face in The Triumphes of Oriana (RISM 160116) may be by an older (Daniel) Norcombe
Nordal, Jón Sigurdsson
6 Mar. 1926
Reykjavik, Iceland
 Icelandic composer
Norden, Maarten van
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer, saxophonist and clarinetist
Nordensten, Frank Tveor
Frederikstad, Norway
 Norwegian composer
Nordentoft, Anders
 Danish violinist and composer
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik
19 Jan. 1944
Saltvik, Finland
25 Aug. 2008
Kaustinen, Finland
Nordgren writes, "Music is not an isolated, 'made' phenomenon, and thus composing cannot be separated from life, from everything that one sees and experiences and feels. I see composition as a manifestation of a need to express, broader than speech, a mode of communicating with my fellow men." Pehr Henrik Nordgren studied musicology at the University of Helsinki, taking an MA in 1967, and composition as a private student of Joonas Kokkonen from 1965 to 1969. From 1970 to 1973, he studied composition and traditional Japanese music at the Tokio University of Art and Music
Nordheim, Arne
20 Jun. 1921
Larvik, Norway
 Norwedian composer
Nordholm, Adolf
19th century20th centurySwedish composer
Nordin, Jesper
6 Jul. 1971
Stockholm, Sweden
 Swedish conductor and composer
Nordine, Ken
13 Apr. 1920
Chicago, Illinois, USA
 American voiceover and recording artist best known for his series of Word Jazz albums. His deep, resonant voice has also been featured in many commercial advertisements and movie trailers. He is also noted for being associated with the poetry-and-jazz movement
Nørgård, Per
13 Jul. 1932
Gentofte, Denmark
 Danish composer
Nørholm, Ib
24 Jan. 1931
Soborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
10 Jun. 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish organist and composer
Norman, Ludvig
28 Aug. 1831
Stockholm, Sweden
28 Mar. 1885
Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish composer, conductor, pianist, and music teacher who together with Franz Berwald and Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, ranks among the most important Swedish symphonists of the 19th century
Norman, Monty
4 Apr. 1928
London, UK
 singer and film composer best known for the creation of The James Bond Theme
Normandeau, Robert
11 Mar. 1955
11 Mar. 1955
Québec City, Canada
 Canadian electroacoustic music composer
Normiger, August
c. 15601613German composer and keyboard player
Norris, Homer Albert
18601920organist who studied with Guilmant, Dubois and Gigout. He was organist of Saint George's Church in New York City. The only organ composition published was Christmas Fantasy on Antioch
Norris, Michael
Dunedin, New Zealand
 New Zealand freelance composer and computer programmer
North, Alex (born Isadore Soifer)
4 Dec. 1910
Chester, Pennsylvannia, USA
8 Sep. 1991
Los Angeles, California, USA
American composer responsible for the first jazz-based film score (A Streetcar Named Desire) and the first truly modernist film score (Viva Zapata!)
Norton, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah1808
1877a novelist, poet and composer of songs
Norton, George Frederic
11 Oct 1869
Broughton-in-Salford, U.K.
15 Dec 1946
Holford, U.K.
Norton is connected in the minds of music lovers with just one work, the musical comedy Chu Chin Chow, produced at His Majesty's Theatre on 3rd August 1916 and which ran for five years and a total of 2238 performances, then a record
Norvo, Red1908 percussionist and leader of his big band in the 1930s. Norvo's staff arranger was Eddie Sauter who also played trumpet in the band
Noskowski, Zygmunt
(2 May 1846
Warsaw, Poland
23 Jul. 1909
Warsaw, Poland
Polish composer, conductor and teacher
Nossov, Gueorgui Nikiforovich1911
Ural, Russia
 Russian composer
Nosyrev, Mikhail
28 May 1924
Leningrad, Russia
28 Mar. 1981
Voronezh, Russia
Russian composer whose membership of the USSR Union of Composers was supported by the recommendation of Dmitri Shostakovich
Notker (the Stammerer), Balbulus
Jonswil, Switzerland
St. Gallen, Switzerland
musician, author, poet, and Benedictine monk at the Abbey of St. Gall (the modern St. Gallen in Switzerland)
Nottebohm, Gustav
12 Nov. 1817
Lüdenscheid, Westphalia
29 Oct. 1882
Graz, Austria
pianist, teacher, musical editor and composer who spent most of his career in Vienna. He is particularly celebrated for his studies of Beethoven
Nouailles (de), Mme fl. 1699composer who published in Paris in 1699
Novacek, John
 American pianist and composer
Novácek, Ottokar Eugen
13 May 1866
Fehertemplom, Hungary
3 Feb. 1900
New York City, USA
Hungarian violinist and composer of Czech descent and is perhaps best known for his work Perpetuum Mobile for violin and orchestra
Novacek Rudolph
1929joined the 11th Infantry regiment in 1879 playing in the military string orchestra under the baton of Karel Komzack. He joined the Infantry band number 74 in Pilsen in 1880. He succeeded Komzack as leader of the 74th Regiment band in 1885. During his tenure as bandmaster he wrote numerous compositions including the Castaldo March which became the regiments official march. His military career ended in 1890 and continued to write music for military band throughout his life.
Novák, Jan Frantisek
 1771Austrian composer
Novak, Vitezslav (baptised Viktor Nováahojry)
5 Dec. 1870
18 Jul. 1849
Skutec in Eastern Bohemia, Czeckoslovakia
one of the most well-respected Czech composers and pedagogues, almost singlehandedly founding a mid-century Czech school of composition.
Novello, Ivor [pseudonym of David Ivor Davis]
15 Jan. 1893
6 Mar. 1951
Welsh actor, composer, songwriter and dramatist
Novello Davis, Clara18611943Welsh-born, wrote many songs of the ballad type, such as A Voice From the Spirit, The Vigil and Comfort. She sang in public and conducted the Royal Welsh Ladies Choir, which she had formed and toured with world wide, earning prizes at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and the Paris Exposition of 1900. She also published a book about singing and an autobiography, but is best known as the mother of Ivor Novello
Novotny, Franz Nikolaus
6 Dec. 1743
Eisenstadt, Austria
25 Aug. 1773Austrian organist at the Esterhazy court and composer
Nowowiejski, Feliks
7 Feb. 1877
Wartenburg, East Prussia
18 Jan. 1946
Poznan, Poland
Polish composer, conductor, concert organist, and music teacher
Nucius, Johannes
Görlitz, in Lower Silesia
25 Mar. 1620
Jemielnica, Poland
German composer and music theorist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. His Musices poeticae which gained him his reputation which lasted at least until the 18th century; this treatise was influential on three of the most famous German Baroque treatises of all, the Syntagma musicum (1618) of Michael Praetorius, the Critica musica (1722-1723) of Johann Mattheson, and Johann Gottfried Walther's Musicalisches Lexicon (1732)
Nuffel, Jules van
21 Mar. 1883
Hemiksem, nr. Anvers
29 Jun. 1953
Wilrijk, nr. Anvers
Belgian composer, choral director, organist and teacher
Numan, Toek
26 Aug. 1971
Schagen, The Netherlands
 Dutch composer
Nummi, Seppo
30 May 1932
Oulo, Finland
1 Aug. 1981
Tampere, Finland
Finnish composer who focused almost exclusively on solo songs. He wrote some 230 solo songs, many of which form song cycles. The best-known of these is Vuoripaimen (The Mountain Shepherd, 1951–61/80), a cycle of settings of poems by his brother Lassi Nummi. Another important set is the Kiinalainen laulukirja (Chinese Song Book, 1945–77), divided into four separate cycles: Lauluja hyljätyltä seudulta (Songs from a Deserted Place), Kevätteiltä (From Spring Roads), Länsilinnan lauluja (Songs of the Western Palace) and Joen lauluja (Songs of the River)
Nunes, Emmanuel
31 Aug. 1941
 Portuguese composer presently living in Paris
Nunes Garcia, José Mauricio
20 Sep. 1767
Rio de Janeiero, Brazil
18 Apr. 1830
Rio de Janeiero, Brazil
Brazilian harpsichordist, singer and composer, one of the greatest of the Classical era in South America
Núñez, Juan Carlos1949
Caracas, Venezuela
 Venezuelan composer. In 1973 he travelled to Warsaw, Poland to study conducting at the PWSM state school. Later he conducted the orchestra of the Warsaw Conservatory and of La Fenice in Venice, Italy. He was awarded the National Prize of Music with the work Tocata sinfónica (1972). Nowadays he heads the school of composition Cátedra Latinoamericana de Composición Antonio Estevez which he founded
Nunn, Elizabeth Annie1861
1894composer of religious works
Nuorvala, Juhani
5 Dec. 1961
 Nuorvala's first significant work was Kajauksia, väreitä (Rings and Ripples, 1985) for chamber ensemble. It weaves a Minimalist texture with rich tonal colour, incorporating an almost Romantic violin solo rising from the static background towards the end. Tonal colour is also an important element in Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1987) for chamber orchestra and Pinta ja säe (Surface and Phrase, 1991) for orchestra, Nuorvala's closest approach to French spectral music
Nuyts, Frank
3 Feb. 1957
Ostend, Belgium
 Belgian percussionst and composer
Nyman, Michael
23 Mar. 1944
London, UK
 English composer of minimalist music, pianist, librettist and musicologist, perhaps best known for the many scores he wrote during his lengthy collaboration with the filmmaker Peter Greenaway
Nyro, Laura (born Laura Nigro)
18 Oct. 1947
New York, USA
8 Apr. 1997
Danbury, Connecticut, USA
an American songwriter and singer, one of the most influential musicians to emerge in the 1960s
Nystedt, Knut
3 Sep. 1915
Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway
 orchestral and choral composer who grew up in a Christian home where hymns and classical music were an important part of everyday life. His major compositions for choir and vocal soloists are mainly based on texts from the Bible or sacred themes. Old church music, especially Palestrina and Gregorian chants, have had a major influence on his compositions.
Nystroem, Gösta13 Oct. 1890
Silvberg, Sweden
9 Aug. 1966
Göteborg, Sweden
studying in 1920 Paris, he let himself be influenced by French modernism and composed for the Ballets Suédois that scandalised Paris. But even this troupe found the Skating Rink ballet, with Cubist-inspired costumes by Fernand Léger, far too rich. The sea fascinated Nystroem and his magnum opus is the gripping Sinfonia del Mare. As well as composing for large orchestras, he also wrote well-formed and touching songs, here too, often with sea motifs