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Qarayev, Qara (see Gara Garayev)   
Qin Daping
18 Jun. 1957
Beijing, China
 Chinese-born Finnish pianist and composer
Qin, WenchengShanghai, China represents the younger generation of Chinese composers. Originally from Shanghai, he now teaches at the Central Conservatory in Beijing
Qin, Yong Cheng1933
 Chinese composer of Musical Poem by the Sea for violin and piano, Happy Grassland (1957) for orchestra and and Romance for violin and orchestra
Qu, Xiaosong
1952 1983 graduate of the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music's Composition Department and instructor there, Qu Xiaosong came to the United States at the invitation of the Centre for U.S.-China Arts Exchange at Columbia University. He currently resides in New York. Typical of his work, The Test, a chamber opera, combines Far Eastern tradition with Western modernity. Lasting about 100 minutes, the work employs instrumentalists from both the western and eastern worlds. Seven string players and a mixed percussion group are set against Chinese players of pipa, Chinese flutes, a Sheng (mouth organ) and a Gusheng (a kind of zither). He has also written the music for Ang Lee's film Pushing Hands (1992)
Quagliati, Paolo
15551628Italian composer and organist
Qualey, David Ernest1947 American composer for guitar
Quantz, Johann Joachim
30 Jan. 1697
Oberscheden, Hanover
12 Jul. 1773
German flautist and composer for the flute. In 1741 he became chamber musician and teacher of the flute to Frederick the Great, for whom Quantz wrote more than 500 pieces, including flute sonatas and concertos. He also wrote a famous textbook for the flute, Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversière zu spielen (1752). He also invented several improvements on his instrument
Quaregnon, Regnier defl. 13th century trouvère
Quarenghi, Guglielmo22 Oct. 1826
Casalmaggiore, Italy
3 Feb. 1882
Milan, Italy
Italian cellist and composer whose opera Il dì di San Michele was produced in Milan in 1863
Quartier, Bart
2 Jun. 1961
Anderlecht, Belgium
 after six years of percussion studies he concentrated on keyboard percussion playing and performed in several European countries. Together with Gert Francois, he formed the mallet duo Miroir and released a debut album called Meeting (Circle Productions, Belgium). Contacts with Robert Van Sice led to further emphasis on the marimba. At present, Bart Quartier performs as a mallet player and teaches at the Brussels Royal Conservatory. He has written music for the marimba
Quasimov, Alim [Kasimov]1957
Baku, Azerbaijan
 musical arranger and the greatest classical Azerbaijani singer of his generation
Quebec, Ike
17 Aug 1918
Newark, NJ, USA
1963influenced by Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster but definitely his own person, Ike Quebec was one of the finest swing-oriented tenor saxmen of the 1940s and 1950s. Though maybe not as innovative as some of his peers, Quebec had a big, breathy sound that was distinctive and made him a cornerstone of many a recording session
Queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani
2 Sep. 1838
Honolulu, Hawaii
11 Nov. 1917
Honolulu, Hawaii
known for composing many Hawaiian songs, including the popular Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee). Hawaii's motto still bears words which Liliuokalani herself spoke, Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono (The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness)
Quef, Charles1 Nov. 1873
Lille, France
2 Jul. 1931
Paris, France
French organist and composer, Quef studied first at Lille Conservatory. Later he went to Paris, where he studied with Charles-Marie Widor, Alexandre Guilmant and Louis Vierne. He was organist at a number of churches in Paris: the Église Sainte-Marie-des-Batignolles (1895-1898) and the Église Saint-Laurent (1898). In 1898 he was awarded First Prize for organ at the conservatory following which he was appointed assistant organist at La Trinité in Paris succeeding Théodore Salomé, and where he worked with Guilmant. After Guilmant's resignation in 1900 he became the organiste titulaire in November 1901 a position he held until his death
Quehl, Hieronymus Florentinusfl. late 17th century organist and composer, composition teacher of Johann Peter Kellner (1705-72), known for his 205 Choralfugen which are in the Jagellonian University Library, Krakow, Poland (Mus. Ms. 40301)
Queiroz, Jose Oliveira1897
1968Brazilian composer for guitar
Quentin, Jean Baptiste [le jeune]c. 1685c. 1750French composer
Quentin, Tityfl. 1930s she was a French jazz accordionist, bandleader and composer of a tango for accordion and orchestra
Quercu, Simon defl. early 16th century Flemish composer and musical theorist born in Brabant
Querrero, Francisco  early renaissance composer of church music
Quesnel, (Louis) Joseph (Marie)
15 Nov. 1746
St. Malo, France
3 Jul. 1809
Montreal, Canada
French violinist and composer of two operettas, Colas et Colinette, described as a comedy with ariettas, produced in Montreal on 14 Jan. 1790, and Lucas et Cécile
Quijano, Joe
27 Sep. 1935
Puerta De Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Latin bandleader, singer, percussionist, composer and label boss
Quill, Gene
15 Dec. 1927
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Jan 1989
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
jazz alto saxophonist
Quilter, Roger
1 Nov. 1877
Hove, W. Sussex, England
21 Sep. 1953
St. John's Wood, London, England
fellow-student of Percy Grainger, Cyril Scott and Balfour Gardner at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, Quilter's reputation in England rests largely on his songs and on his light music for orchestra, such as his Children's Overture, with its interwoven nursery rhyme tunes
Quin, Douglas H.
17 Nov. 1956
Fayetteville, NC, USA
 an American soundscape composer, Douglas Quin grew up in Algeria, Sweden, Canada, Iceland and Great Britain. After graduating from Gordonstoun School in Scotland, he went on to receive a BA in Art from Oberlin College and an MFA in Sculpture and Performance Art from Tufts University and The School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He holds a Ph.D. in Acoustic Ecology from the Union Institute. Quin's music and soundscape projects have been performed at festivals and venues and for radio broadcast internationally. He has been commissioned to compose and perform music for diverse media and genres including film, video and dance. His latest recording, "Forests: A Book of Hours" is available on the Earth Ear label. In a decade of recording wildlife, Quin's field work has taken him from the mountain rainforests of Madagascar to the Brazilian Amazon and from Antarctica to the Alaskan Arctic. His recordings have been used by scientists and zoos internationally for research and education
Quinault, Marie Anne1692
 a French singer and composer who was awarded the Order of St. Michael by the King of France in recognition of her musical accomplishments, the first time it was ever awarded a woman. She was also a composer of church music
Quinciani, Luciafl. 1611
 composer who published in Venice in 1611, in the Affetti Amorosi of Mark-Antonio Negri, where she is listed as his disciple
Quinet, Ferdinand29 Jan. 1898
Charleroi, Belgium
24 Oct. 1971
Liège, Belgium
Belgian conductor, cellist and composer, one of of the teachers of Arthur Grumiaux (1921-1986)
Quinet, Marcel6 Aug. 1915
Binche, Hainaut, Belgium
16 Dec. 1986
Woluwé-St. Lambert, Belgium
Belgian pianist, composer and teacher. His opera, entitled Les Deux bavards, was produced in 1966
Quinichette, Paul
17 May 1916
Denver, Colorado
25 May 1983
New York City, New York
jazz saxophonist
Quintavalle, Antoniofl. 1699-1713c. 1724Italian composer of operas, including L'oracolo in sogno, produced in Mantua on 6 Jun. 1699, Il trionfo d'amore, produced on 19 Dec. 1703, Paride sull'Ida, ovvero Gli amori di Paride con Enone (1704) and Partenope produced in Trento in 1713
Quinton, Jose Ignacio
1 Feb. 1881
Caguas, Puerto Rico
19 Dec. 1925
Coamo, Puerto Rico
pianist, bandleader and composer of danzas. Aside from the danza, he also composed other types of music: Quartet for stringed instruments, Variations on a theme by Hummel, Overture, Triumphal March, etc. He also wrote waltzes, marches, nocturnes, religious music and some masses, as well as a Requiem Mass written as a posthumous tribute to the Puerto Rican composer Angel Mislán
Quitschreiber, Georg30 Dec. 1569
Kranichfeld, Germany
Magdala, Germany
organist and composer who was Stadtkantor at Rudolstadt (1594) and Schulkantor in Jena (1598). He is also remembered for his observation that " sings best with a quivering voice..." which is quoted in Greta Moens-Haenen's book Das Vibrato in der Musik des Barock (1988) as evidence for the use of vocal vibrato in early seventeenth century Germany. Quitschrieber wrote De Parodia, tractatus musicalis which was published in Jena and Musikbüchlein für die Jugend published in 1605