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  1. Academe This Week (free guide to non-subscribers to The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  2. Academe Today (on-line service for individual, paid subscribers to The Chronicle of Higher Education, with daily news in higher education, a guide to academic resources on the Internet, the full text of The Chronicle, hundreds of job ads, etc)
  3. Aktuelles aus der DDR-Forschung (newsletter on research on German DDR history)
  4. Alternative Access (music e-zine)
  5. American Historical Review [note that only subscribers can reach this URL]
  6. American Historical Review [note that everyone interested in information and titles in the JSTOR Project can access this site]
  7. Annual Review Sociology Online
  8. Ariadne (journal of Internet issues for librarians and information specialists)
  9. Arte salvaje de las Pampas (arts and music in Buenos Aires)
  10. Atlantic Monthly (electronic edition of magazine devoted to politics, society, arts and culture since 1857)
  11. Austrian History Yearbook
  12. BIBLIO (journal on book-collecting and bibliophiles)
  13. Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology (published by the Italian National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music, featuring articles, news, and announcements related to traditional Italian music, its performance, and related scholarly endeavours)
  14. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science (online edition of the print journal of the same name; the site includes a complete listing of electronic journals in psychology)
  15. The Celebrity Cafe (on-line magazine with entertainment interviews)
  16. Central Europe Review
  17. Chronicon (online history journal)
  18. Classic Digital (classical music magazine from Barcelona, "dealing with current events, agenda, new recordings, top classic, concert criticism, Hi-Fi, letters, selection of links, etc")
  19. Cognitive Psychology (online version of the print journal of the same name)
  20. Computer Music Journal (containing only a selection of full-text articles from the hard-copy journal, but with an abundance of other and supplementary material so as to be a valuable resource in its own right)
  21. Computer Music Journal abstracts
  22. Conference (interdisciplinary journal of philosophy and theory produced by graduate students at the City University of New York Graduate Center, Columbia University, Fordham University, the New School for Social Research and New York University)
  23. Consciousness and Cognition (online version of the print journal of the same name, with two types of articles: empirical research and theoretical articles, besides reviews of books and other literature)
  24. Contemporary Educational Psychology (online version of the print journal of the same name, with "articles that involve the application of psychological theory and science to the educational process")
  25. Correo Bibliotecario: Boletín informativo de la Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria (Ministry of Culture, Spain: monthly newsletter on Spanish public libraries and related topics, by FTP)
  26. Critical Inquiry (excerpts from articles in current issue, lists of forthcoming articles, excerpts and tables of contents from back issues, details of subscriptions, etc)
  27. Critical Musicology Journal
  28. CROMOHS (Cyber Review of Modern Historiography, including a "specialized library of texts, documents and research materials" for historiography since the 16th century)
  29. Culture & Tradition (news about the journal and the full contents of an associated newsletter: "Canada's longest running, bilingual folklore journal, run by graduate students in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland and l'Universite Laval de Quebec; topics covered include the traditional arts, music, cuisine, architecture, beliefs, cultural psychology, and sociological structure of regional ethnic, religious, and industrial groups in Canada")
  30. Czech and Slovak Music Society Newsletter (Judy Mabary, Washington University at St Louis)
  31. Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists (abridged version)
  32. Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists (complete archive)
  33. Early Modern Literary Studies (16th- and 17th-century English literature)
  34. Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA, peer-reviewed journal published entirely electronically, at Arizona State University, dealing with education policy at all levels and in all nations)
  35. EJournal (past issues)
  36. EJournal (experimental website)
  37. Electronic Musicological Review (EMR, quarterly Brazilian trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English) publication with articles and reviews on historical musicology, ethnomusicology, theory and analysis, performance practice and composition)
  38. Electronic Soapbox Magazine ("dedicated to being a platform for the discussion of the mass media")
  39. Enculturation (journal "for Cultural Studies, Rhetorics, and Theories, devoted to theoretical approaches to discourse, culture, and society, including rhetoric, music, film, literature, and critical, literary, postmodern theory")
  40. ESCOM Newsletter (electronic version of the bilingual (English/French), bi-annual, print newsletter published by ESCOM, the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music; October 1996 will be the last issue of the ESCOM Newsletter, after which its functions will be taken over in part by ESCOM's new journal, Musicae Scientiae (see below), and in part by the ESCOM WWW page at (abstracts only)
  41. Essays in Sound (set up in 1991 by Contemporary Sound Arts, Newtown, NSW, Australia. "to
    • create and promote a facility for critique, analysis, research and production in the area of sound, and to encourage and promote debate amongst practitioners, nationally and internationally
    • facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to the critical investigation of sound encompassing historical, political, philosophical, artistic, sociological and technological perspectives
    • engage in and support research, and the production and distribution of various forms of print and electronic media related to sound")
  42. EF/hm (EthnoFORUM/hypermedia, online interactive journal for ethnomusicologists)
  43. Ethnomusicology Online (alternative address also available)
  44. European Music Journal (Europäische Musik Journal, EMJ, European internet journal for music and music education)
  45. Filmkultura (online journal of the Hungarian Film Institute, in English and Hungarian versions)
  46. Folklore (ISSN 1406-0949; electronic journal on folklore: more specifically, shamanism, urban legends, ethnomusicology, pareomiology, popular calendar data and folk belief; published by the Folklore Department of the Institute of Estonian Language and the Estonian Folklore Archives)
  47. Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft (FZMw, online musicology journal)
  48. generationMusic (for graduate students in music theory, hosted by the University of Iowa)
  49. Guitar and Lute Issues (electronic journal and WWW site dedicated to the scholastic and practical aspects of the guitar and lute and guitar and lute playing)
  50. HARPA (Harp Journal)
  51. Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI, index to more than 400 journals of interest to Latin Americanists published throughout the western hemisphere and in Europe from 1970 to the present)
  52. Iberian Discoveries (e-journal offering a platform for scholars working on Iberian or Latin-American music who wish to make their research available to the academic community)
  53. InMusic and Media (web magazine focused on the Australasian Music Business)
  54. ITEM (Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology) (alternative address also available)
  55. ITonline (online version of InterActive Teacher, containing "all the content of the printed version as well as additional information for which there was no room in the hard copy")
  56. Jazz Guitar Online
  57. Journal for MultiMedia History
  58. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (E-journal)
  59. Journal of Excellence in Higher Education (University of Phoenix, Southern California Campus)
  60. Journal of Internet Cataloging
  61. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, affiliated with the Society for Mathematical Psychology
  62. Journal of Memory and Language
  63. Journal of Modern History [only those from institutions with a site licence can reach this URL, containing the complete backfiles of the print version of The Journal of Modern History, from 1929 up to 1990, as of 20/1/1997; the project has a moving wall--generally three or five years--which dictates the most recent volume that will be put online]
  64. Journal of Modern History [general description of the project, available to all]
  65. Journal of Music Theory (information about subscriptions and article/review submissions, contents of recent and forthcoming issues, and details of an ongoing back-issue sale)
  66. Journal of New Music Research (with "an interdisciplinary orientation, affording a forum as an interface for disciplines ranging from musicology (music theory, aesthetics, sociology), psychology (from psychoacoustics to cognitive psychology--with emphasis on modelling), information sciences (from sound engineering to artificial intelligence), philosophy (epistemology and methodology) and brain sciences; the emphasis is on an interdisciplinary foundation for music by means of the most advanced technologies")
  67. Journal of Phonetics
  68. Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (E-journal)
  69. Journal of Sound and Vibration
  70. Journal of the American Musicological Society home page
  71. Journal of the Association for History and Computing (e-journal of the American Association for History and Computing)
  72. Journal of the Royal Musical Association home page
  73. Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (contents of current issue)
  74. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (Miami University, Oxford, OH)
  75. Jouvert: A Journal of Post-Colonial Studies (multi-disciplinary bi-annual journal engaging in postcolonial theory, literature, history, arts, and politics)
  76. Kinema (journal of History, Theory and Aesthetics of Film and Audiovisual Media, from the University of Waterloo, Canada)
  77. (the e-mail address of Latin American Music Review at the University of Texas at Austin)
  78. LIMEN ("e-journal dedicated to the performance paradigm")
  79. MandoZine ("online journal for mandolinists, including reviews, instruments, and tablature")
  80. MEMI (Magazin für Elektronische Musik im Internet, E-journal)
  81. Men & Masculinities
  82. Mikropolyphonie ("journal for scholarly analysis and discussion of contemporary music making and research", provisional site)
  83. Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online
  84. Musicae Scientiae (Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music)
  85. Music Analysis
  86. Music & Anthropology (online multimedia interactive journal, founded by the Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), hosted by the Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo (Università di Bologna), and supported by the Fondazione Olga e Ugo Levi, Venice)
  87. Music & Letters home page
  88. Music & Vision (daily web magazine)
  89. Music Monitor (monthly music magazine "featuring reviews, interviews, news & concert listings")
  90. Music Research Digest (ftp from the Psychology Department, University of Pennsylvania)
  91. Music Theory Online (E-journal of the Society for Music Theory)
  92. Music Theory Online: automated database searching of the archives
  93. Music Week (online magazine concerning the music business)
  94. Muziek en Wetenschap, Dutch Journal for Musicology
  95. Nash (ISSN 1081-132X; dedicated to American Roots music (country, bluegrass, etc.) with articles on performers, reviews, internet links, etc)
  96. NetMagazine (E-journal: relationships between culture and technology, Centro Studi Baskerville, Italy)
  97. Neue Musikzeitung (in German, for classical music, music education and new music; reports on festivals, congresses, competitions, etc; archive full text search, links, news with weekly updates, jobs for musicians)
  98. NewJour archive (Internet list for reporting and announcing new on-line electronic journals)
  99. Newsletter of Asian American Creative Music
  100. New York Times Book Review (includes both Sunday and daily reviews (up to current date), with archives back to 1980; site is freely available, but requires registration and a choice of password for access)
  101. NIC-NEWS (update on network resources)
  102. Notitiae Cantus (files also available via FTP)
  103. Online Musik Magazin (Germany)
  104. Online Trombone Journal
  105. Oxford University Press (UK) home page, including home page for OUP journals, a Journal Abstract database, full text online journals services and the Oxford English Dictionary Newsletter
  106. Perspectives of New Music home page
  107. Polish Music Journal (research in Polish music, available from the Polish Music Reference Center, University of Southern California)
  108. Postmodern Culture (e-journal of interdisciplinary criticism: North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press, and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities)
  109. PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
  110. Psychology journals online: see Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science listing above
  111. Renaissance Forum (refereed e-journal "specialising in early-modern English literary and historical scholarship and the critical methodologies of these fields, published biannually from ... Hull University")
  112. Renaissance News and Notes
  113. (Re)Soundings (journal in multimedia format, encouraging interaction among traditional disciplines including art, history, literature, and music, while particularly inviting multicultural, ethnic, and women's studies participation)
  114. Revista Electronica de Electroacustica
  115. Revista Electronica de Musicologia (REM, Electronic Musicology Review (Brazil)
  116. Sincronia (published by University of Guadalajara, Mexico, in cultural studies, literary criticism, philosophy and linguistics; submit articles by e-mail to
  117. Sonus: The Internet Journal of Critical Musicology
  118. South African Journal of Musicology (SAMUS)
  119. Speculum [only those from institutions with a site licence can reach this site, containing the complete backfiles of the print version of Speculum, from 1926 up to 1989, as of 20/1/1997; the project has a moving wall--generally three or five years--which dictates the most recent volume that will be put online]
  120. Speculum [general description of the project, available to all readers]
  121. STM-Online (Swedish Musicological Society, Swedish version; English version is here)
  122. Storia della Storiografia
  123. Studies in Bibliography On-Line (textual database from the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia and the University Library's Electronic Text Center: "this service will include the full text of the nearly 1,000 articles in the 49 annual volumes of Studies in Bibliography (1948-1996) in a searchable and browsable database; it will be completed in time for the 50th volume of Studies in spring 1997, and will be encoded in Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML), following the Text-Encoding Initiative Guidelines (TEI); Volume 7 of Studies (1955), along with a cumulative table of contents for Volumes 1-49, is already available)
  124. taktlos (music magazine of Bavarian Radio)
  125. Talk (monthly Brazilian journal: interviews with personalities linked to Brazilian music)
  126. Theory and Practice
  127. Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie (Dutch Journal of Music Theory)
  128. to the QUICK (web journal of media and cultural analysis)
  129. Traditio (history, thought, and culture of antiquity and the Middle Ages, including author index and subject index to the 50 volumes published up to 1995, cataloguing almost 800 items)
  130. Transcultural Music Review (Revista transcultural de música, E-journal)
  131. Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory (electronic version of a print magazine published through New York University's Department of Performance Studies, featuring essays, scripts, interviews and articles on performance from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives)

Other Resources:

  1. Open Source Coursework Materials - recommended by Angela Wright