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A(English, French m.) first letter of the Latin alphabet
Aafter Vladimír Altner, the cataloguer of music by Frantisek Xaver Dusek (1731-1799)
also AV or MvA, after Erich H. Müller von Asow (1892-1964), the cataloguer of music by Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
after Gerhard Allroggen, the cataloguer of music by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman (1776-1822)
Aabbreviation of 'ampere' (English, French: unit of electrical current), 'alto' (contralto voice), Alt (German m.: contralto voice) or altus (Latin), for example, in Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, the four voices in a choir,
abbreviation of 'antiphon', 'advanced' (as in A level)
Athe highest category of marks in an examination, etc.
Athe first section, i.e. the A section, of a piece of music in binary form, ternary form, etc.
an ISO system of finished printing trimmed paper sizes
A0841 x 1189 mm (33.11 x 46.61 inches)
A1594 x 841 mm (23.39 x 33.11 inches)
A2420 x 594 mm (16.53 x 23.39 inches)
A3297 x 420 mm (11.69 x 16.53 inches)
A4210 x 297 mm (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
A5148 x 210 mm
A6105 x 148 mm
A774 x 105 mm
A852 x 74 mm
A937 x 52 mm
A1026 x 37 mm
A, a
note A
(English, German n.) the name of the scale note, the sixth in the scale of C major (the submediant), commonly used to set the pitch of a musical instrument or of an orchestra (concert A which is a', A4 or la3 having a frequency of 440 Hz, where Hz is the unit of frequency equivalent to one cycle per second) and which in 'fixed do' solfeggio is called la or lah
A major triad in music theory, A stands for the A-major triad
A minor triad in music theory, a stands for the a-minor triad
ain right-hand guitar notation, a lower case 'a' indicates the use of the ring finger or anular (Spanish)
aabbreviation of 'alto' (instrument)
a(Italian) at, by, for, in, to, with, in the manner of
when used in the title of a piece of music, a followed by a number indicates the number of parts (voices) in the piece, as for example Magnificat a 5 would be a Magnificat with five distinct vocal or instrument parts
[entry provided by Ed Batutis]
a(Spanish) in, at (for example a 5 km: 5 km away), to (direction), towards, at (for example, a las 2: at 2 o'clock; a los 25 años (edad): at the age of 25), to, until, on (for example, a 28 de febrero: on the 28th of February), later, by, for (price), about to
à(French) by, for, in, to, at, with, in the manner of, in the style of
when used in the title of a piece of music, à followed by a number indicates the number of parts (voices) in the piece, as for example Magnificat à 5 would be a Magnificat with five distinct vocal or instrument parts
[entry provided by Ed Batutis]
a.abbreviation of ante (Latin: before), abendfüllend (German: concert length (work))
a-(prefix: also an- before a vowel) not, without (for example, amoral)
A1originally a reference to the Lloyd's Register of Shipping classification indicating that the hull of a ship is in 'excellent condition' but nowdays used more generally about the condition of any object
a 2abbreviation of a due (Italian: for two, a reference to two instruments or two voices)
à 2abbreviation of à deux (French: for two, a reference to two instruments or two voices) typography, abbreviation of 'author's alteration'
AAin typography, abbreviation of 'author's alteration'
abbreviation of 'Associate of the Arts', 'Alcoholics Anonymous' (ex-alcoholics support group), Alcohólicos Anónimos (Spanish: Asociación de Alcohólicos Anónimos), acuerdo ampliado (Spanish: extended arrangement - equivalent English abbreviation is EA)
AABAsymbolising a variant of ABA, also called 'song form', where the first section, A, is played twice before the middle section B, and a third time to conclude the piece
AACacronym for the 'American Artists' Congress'. In the early 1930s, the Popular Front and the American Communist Party issued a call for intellectuals, artists, and writers to form local groups to fight the spread of Fascism. In 1936, in response to this call, the American Artists' Congress was founded by a group of New York artists, including Adolph Dehn, Louis Lozowick, Moses Soyer and Harry Sternberg
Aachen Cathedralfrequently referred to as the "Imperial Cathedral" (in German: Kaiserdom), a Roman Catholic church in Aachen, western Germany. The church is the oldest cathedral in northern Europe and was known as the "Royal Church of St. Mary at Aachen" during the Middle Ages. For 600 years, from 936 to 1531, the Aachen chapel was the church of coronation for 30 German kings and 12 queens
Aak(Korea) Confucian temple music
aalglatt(German) slippery, slick, greasy (figurative), suave (pejorative), suavely (pejorative), silky (figurative)
aalglatt Art(German f.) slipperiness (figurative)
aalglattes Wesen(German n.) oiliness (figurative - of a person)
a alguna hora inaudita(Spanish) at some unearthly hour
a alguna parte(Spanish) somewhere
a algún lado(Spanish) anywhere
a algún lugar(Spanish) someplace, somewhere
a algún sitio(Spanish) somewhere, someplace, toward someplace
a altas horas(Spanish) very late
a altas horas de la noche(Spanish) very late at night, in the dead of night, late at night, at dead of night
a alta velocidad(Spanish) at high speed
a altura de pecho(Spanish) chest high
a ambos extremos(Spanish) at both ends
a ambos extremos de(Spanish) at both ends of
a ambos lados(Spanish) on both sides
a ambos lados de(Spanish) on both sides of
A & Racronym for 'artist and repertoire', the record label department in charge of finding, developing, and signing new bands or artists
Aanhangsel(Dutch) (of a book) appendix, appendice (French m., Italian f.), Anhang (German m.), apéndice (Spanish m.)
aan het einde(Dutch) at the end
aanhouden(Dutch) to sustain
doorklinken (meaning to sustain) is used for the passive 'sounding on' or 'reverberation' of percussion or a piano with the sustaining pedal depressed, while aanhouden (also meaning to sustain) is used for the active continuation of a note on strings or wind, where the player continues to generate the tone
[clarification by Peter Nilsson]
Ääni(Finnish) tone, note
(Finnish) voice, as in a polyphonic composition
Ääni ääntä vastaan(Finnish) counterpoint
Ääniala(Finnish) ambit, ambitus
Aanslag(Dutch m.) attack (battery, assault), attempt, touch (one of the senses), appraisal, assessment (judgement), scale (fish), scum, tarnish, stain
Aantekening(Dutch) note (in a book)
Aanvulling(Dutch) supplement
Aanzet(Dutch) attack
Aanzetstuk (van instrumente)(Dutch) extension
a aquel lugar(Spanish) to that place, thither
a aquel sitio(Spanish) to that place, thither
Aaron(English, German m.) brother of Moses and first high priest of the Israelites (Exodus 4:14)
Aarón(Spanish m.) Aaron
Aaronicof or pertaining to Aaron
aarónico (m.), aarónica (f.)(Spanish) aaronic
Aaronita(Spanish) descendant of Aaron
aaronita(Spanish) aaronic
Aaroubian evolved form of al-andalous, classical music that comes from Algiers
Aarvak(Old Norse) in Scandinavian mythology, the horse that pulled the chariot of the Sun, driven by the maiden Sol
aarzelen(Dutch) to hesitate
AASabbreviation of 'Associates in Arts and Sciences'
aasig(German) horrible, disgusting (smell), mean, malicious
aasig kalt(German) damned cold (colloquial)
AAVEabbreviation of 'African American Vernacular English'
AayaNorth-American vessel rattle
ab(German) from, off, away, departs
as of, as from
used in German organ music to disengage a stop previously on, or as in Sordinen ab (German: 'mutes off')
see 'cancel'
(Latin) from, for example ab ovo (Latin: from the egg)
ab.abbreviation of 'abridgement'
ab-(prefix) off, away, from
ABa musical form that has two sections, A followed by B, also called 'binary form'
ABAsymbolising ternary form in which the first section A precedes and follows a second section B, a form so common in classical song that is is also called 'song form'
Aba(Spanish f.) patriarch
aba(Spanish) watch out
Ababa(Spanish f.) poppy
Ababol(Spanish m.) poppy, corn-flower (flower), simple-minded person, foolish person
a babor(Spanish m.) on the port side, larboard
ab absurdo(Latin, 'from the absurd') establishing the validity of one's argument by pointing out the absurdity of your opponent's position
ABACAalso called 'rondo' form, with three sections A, B and C
Abacá(Spanish m.) Manila hemp (from which a fibre, used in making textiles, is extracted)
Abacachí(Spanish m.) pineapple
Abacaxí(Spanish m.) pineapple
Abacería(Spanish f.) grocery store, grocery, grocer's, grocer's shop
Abacero (m.), Abacera (f.)(Spanish) grocer
abacial(Spanish) abbatial
Abaco(Italian m.) abacus, calculating frame, counting frame, numerator, Rechenbrett (German n.), Rechenmaschine (German f.), abaque (French m.), boulier (compteur) (French m.), ábaco (Spanish m.)
Ábaco(Spanish m.) abacus, calculating frame, counting frame, numerator, abaco (Italian m.), Rechenbrett (German n.), Rechenmaschine (German f.), abaque (French m.), boulier (compteur) (French m.)
(in architecture) uppermost slab of a capital, uppermost slab of a column
Abacora(Spanish f.) tuna fish, albacore
abacorado (m.), abacorada (f.)(Spanish) frightened, chickened-out
abacorar(Spanish) to harass, to press closely
abacterial(Spanish) not bacterial, abacterial, not caused by bacteria
abacteriano (m.), abacteriana (f.)(Spanish) abacterial
Abactio(Spanish m.) induced abortion
Abactor (m.), Abactora (f.)(Spanish) cattle thief, horse thief, rustler;
Abacuáor abakuá or abakwa, the musical styles of the Abacuá people and folkloric ensembles greatly influencing Cuban secular forms such as rumba
Abacus(Greek, a reference to abax, a board covered in sand on which calculations can be traced) abaco (Italian m.), Rechenbrett (German n.), Rechenmaschine (German f.), Abakus (German m.), abaque (French m.), boulier (compteur) (French m.), ábaco (Spanish m.), a counting device traditionally consisting of a frame holding rods on which ten beads can slide. Each rod indicates a power of 10 (thus 1, 10, 100, etc.)
Abacus harmonicusan ancient diagram showing the structure and disposition of the keys of an instrument in order to produce the necessary musical scales, etc., described by Athanasius Kircher (1601/2-1680)
Abacus Pythagoricusa multiplication table believed to have been invented by Pythagoras
Abad(Spanish m.) prior, abbot, abate (Italian m.), abbé (French m.), Abt (German m.)
(Spanish m.) blister beetle
Abada(Spanish m./f.) rhinoceros
Abadejo(Spanish m.) cod (fish), haddock, pollack
(Spanish m.) blister beetle, Spanish fly, cantharis
(Spanish m.) kinglet (bird)
Abadengo(Spanish m.) abbacy, jurisdiction of an abbot, abbotship, abbacy
abadengo (m.), abadenga (f.)(Spanish) abbatial
abadernar(Spanish) to fasten with ropes, to fasten with short ropes
Abadesa(Spanish f.) prioress, abbess, badessa (Italian f.), abbesse (French f.), Äbtin (German f.), Äbtissin (German f.)
Abadía(Spanish f.) cloister, abbey, abbazia (Italian f.), Abtei (German f.), abbaye (French f.)
Abadiado(Spanish m.) abbacy, abbotship
Abadiato(Spanish m.) abbotship
ab aeterno(Latin) from the beginning of time, since time immemorial
abafado(Portuguese) muted
Abagamiento(Spanish m.) funk
a bailar(Spanish) let's dance
a bailar se ha dicho(Spanish) everybody dance
Abaimajania rhythmic a cappella song of the Garifuna of Honduras and Belize
abaissé (m.), abaissée (f.)(French) flattened, lowered, droopy
Abaisse-langue(French m.) tongue depressor, an instrument for pressing down the tongue (medical)
Abaissement(French m.) drop, fall, depression, humiliation, abasement, lowering, decay, curtailment
Abaissement de la main(French m.) abbassamento di mano (Italian), the lowering of the conductor's hand at the beginning of a bar (or measure)
abaisser(French) to let down, to let fall, to lower, to diminish, to bring down (prices), to reduce, to pull down, to push down, to humiliate, to make lower, to cut up
abaisser, s'see s'abaisser
abaixo(Portuguese) below, underneath
Abajadero(Spanish m.) downward slope
Abajador(Spanish m.) stableboy, groom, stable-boy, stableman, equerry, stable man
Abajamiento(Spanish m.) humiliation, belittlement, deprecation, descent
abajar(Spanish) to lower (move to a lower position), to get down (from an animal or a vehicle)
a baja voz(Spanish) in low voice, sotto voce (Italian)
Abajeño (m.), Abajeña (f.)(Spanish) lowlander, person from El Bajío in Mexico
abajeño (m.), abajeña (f.)(Spanish) lowland, pertaining to the lowland, relative to the lowland, pertaining to something from El Bajío in Mexico
Abajeñosfolk music of the Perépecha of Mexico
abajero (m.), abajera (f.)(Spanish) lowland, bottom, lower
abajino (m.), abajina (f.)(Spanish) lowland
abajo (m.), abaja (f.)(Spanish) below, down, beneath, underneath, under, downstairs
abajo citado (m.), abajo citada (f.)(Spanish) cited below, undermentioned
abajo de(Spanish) under, beneath, below, down, down under
abajo de él(Spanish) below him
abajo de ella(Spanish) below her
abajo de ellas(Spanish) below them
abajo de ellos(Spanish) below them
abajo de la cama(Spanish) under the bed
abajo de mí(Spanish) below me
abajo de nosotros(Spanish) below us
abajo de ti(Spanish) below you
abajo de usted(Spanish) below you
abajo de vosotros(Spanish) below you
abajo el rey(Spanish) away with the king, down with the King
abajo encontrara la descripcion de(Spanish) below, you will find a description of
abajo firmado (m.), abajo firmada (f.)(Spanish) undersigned
Abajo firmante(Spanish m./f.) undersigned
abajo firmante(Spanish) undersigned
¡abajo la dictadura!(Spanish) down with the dictatorship!
abajo mencionado (m.), abajo mencionada (f.)(Spanish) mentioned below, undermentioned
abajo mío(Spanish) below me
abajo nuestro(Spanish) below us
a bajo precio(Spanish) low cost, low-priced, at low cost, cheaply
abajo nuestro(Spanish) below us
abajo suyo(Spanish) below him, below her, below you
abajo tuyo(Spanish) below you
a bajo volumen(Spanish) softly, low (for example, 'the radio on low')
Abakuáa men's society of carabalí ethnicity in Cuba [information supplied by Donald Skoog]
see also abacuá
Abakus(German m.) abacus
Abakwasee abacuá
abalado (m.), abalado (f.)(Spanish) spongy, flabby
Abalanzadero(Spanish m.) ford, cattle crossing in a river
Abalanzamiento(Spanish m.) swoop (rapid descent)
abalanzar(Spanish) to balance, to make balance, to counterweight, to throw violently, to ford (river), to make cross a river
abalanzare sobre ...(Spanish) to leap on ... (somebody, something)
abalanzarse(Spanish) to rush towards, to lunge forward
abalanzarse a(Spanish) to jump blindly into, to rush toward, to surge toward, to jump at, to hasten (to do something)
abalanzarse a los peligros(Spanish) to rush into danger
abalanzarse ciegamente a(Spanish) to jump blindly into, to rush blindly into
abalanzarse con furia contra(Spanish) to rush head-on against, to fly at
abalanzarse contra(Spanish) to dash against
abalanzarse encima de(Spanish) to come down on
abalanzarse hacia(Spanish) to rush toward, to surge toward
abalanzarse hacia adelante(Spanish) to rush forward, to throw oneself forwards
abalanzarse sobre(Spanish) to jump at, to fly upon, to come at, to leap on, to lunge at, to make a rush at, to make a swoop on, to pitch into, to pounce at, to pounce on, to pounce upon, to run at, to rush at, to rush toward, to spring at, to swoop down on, to swoop down upon, to lunge on, to rip into, to swoop upon
abalar(Spanish) to stir up (emotions, etc.)
abalaustrado (m.), abalaustrada (f.)(Spanish) balustraded, with balusters, balustered, with banisters, bannistered
abalaustrar(Spanish) to install balusters on, to install bannisters on
abaldonadamente(Spanish) courageously, audaciously, fearlessly, wickedly, perfidiously
abaldonado (m.), abaldonada (f.)(Spanish) vile
Abaldonamiento(Spanish m.) debasement, affront
abaldonar(Spanish) to deride, to affront, to aggrieve, to humiliate, to pillory, to smite
Abaleador (m.), Abaleadora (f.)(Spanish) gunman (m.), gunmoll (f.)
Abaleadura(Spanish f.) chaff
abalear(Spanish) to winnow, to shoot, to separate grain from chaff
Abaleo(Spanish m.) shooting, exchange of shots
Abalienación(Spanish f.) abalienation
abalienado (m.), abalienada (f.)(Spanish) abalienated
Abalienationmental deterioration or derangement, estrangement, alienation
Abalizamiento(Spanish m.) marking with beacons, buoyage, buoying, marking with buoys, marking with caution signals
abalizar(Spanish) to mark with buoys
aballar(Spanish) to tone down
aballestar(Spanish) to tense
abalonado (m.), abalonada (f.)(Spanish) balloon-like, balloonlike
Abalone(English, Spanish m.) or, in English, 'mother of pearl', a shell material commonly used on instrument inlays, or the creature that is the source of this material
Abalorio (s.), Abalorios (pl.)(Spanish m.) glass bead (necklace, etc.), trinket (small ornamental item), bead, beading, beadwork, fantasy jewellery
abalourdir(French) to make dull, to make stupid
Abalourdissement(French m.) rendering dull or stupid, dullness, stupidity
a ballata(Italian) in the style of a dance, in the ballad style, wie eine Ballade (German), tanzliedartig (German), im Charakter der Ballata (German), comme une ballade (French)
abalserar(Spanish) to pile up, to heap up
abaluartado (m.), abaluartada (f.)(Spanish) fortified, bastioned
abaluartar(Spanish) to fortify with bastions, to fortify with a bulwark
abalumar(Spanish) to stack up untidily
abalumbar(Spanish) to stack up untidily
Abama(Spanish m.) bog asphodel
Abampere(English, Spanish m.) a unit of current equal to 10 amperes
Abañador(Spanish m.) sifter, sorter
Abañadura(Spanish f.) sifting
abanar(Spanish) to fan, to cool with a fan, to ventilate with a fan
abañar(Spanish) to sift
abanarse(Spanish) to whisk flies away with the tail (horse, etc.)
a banderas desplegadas(Spanish) blatantly, with flying colours, fully
abancaino (m.), abancaina (f.)(Spanish) from Abancay
abandalizar(Spanish) to form into a band, to divide into bands, to band together
abandalizarse(Spanish) to be divided into bands, to be formed in bands
Abanderado (m.), Abanderada (f.)(Spanish) standard-bearer, standard bearer, champion, follower of a cause, joiner of a movement, spokesperson for a cause, best representative, spokesman for a cause, linesman, assistant referee, line judge, line keeper, lineman, switchman (railways)
Abanderado de una causa (m.), Abanderada de una causa (f.)(Spanish) spokesperson for a cause
Abanderamiento(Spanish m.) flagging, registry, registering
Abanderamiento de un buque(Spanish m.) flagging of a ship
abanderar(Spanish) to register (boat, ship), to put a flag (on a ship), to lead (rebellion), to take sides with, to champion, to uphold
abanderarse(Spanish) to take sides politically
abänderbar(German) alterable, modifiable, changeable
Abanderizador (m.), Abanderizadora (f.)(Spanish) ringleader, agitator, revolutionary
abanderizar(Spanish) to divide into bands, to agitate for a cause, to band together
abanderizarse(Spanish) to be banded together
abändern(German) to mutate, to revise, to vary, to amend, to modify, to change, to correct, to alter
abändernd(German) altering
Abänderung(German f.) modification, alteration, amendment
Abänderungsantrag (s.), Abänderungsanträge (pl.)(German m.) amendment
abänderungsfähig(German) changeable
Abando(Spanish m.) Egyptian vulture
Abandon(French m.) desertion, abandonment, neglected state, resignation (acceptance)
to abort (when exiting a computer program), to yield to a passion or to another's control
abandon, avec(French) or, in Italian, con abbandono, (play) with feeling, (play) without restraint, (play) with passion
abandonadamente(Spanish) neglectedly, unmindfully
abandonado (m.), abandonada (f.)(Spanish) forlorn, forsaken, uncared-for, derelict, high and dry, deserted, abandoned (person, dog, place, behaviour), neglected, untidy, unkempt, sloppy, neglectful, negligent, slatternly, deserted, desert-like, phantom, uninhabited, unpopulated, derelict, dissipated, dissolute, incontinent, profligate, wanton
abandonado en un lugar solo(Spanish) abandoned in isolation, marooned
abandonado por largo rato(Spanish) long-abandoned, long-time abandoned
abandonado por largo tiempo(Spanish) long-abandoned, long-time abandoned
Abandonador (m.), Abandonadora (f.)(Spanish) abandoner (one who abandons)
Abandonamiento(Spanish m.) abandonment, loneliness, slovenliness, carelessness, sloth
abandonar(Spanish) to abandon, to desert, to forsake, to bail out on, to fail to assist, to fail to attend, to let go, to neglect, to run out on, to throw over, to walk out on, to renounce, to lay aside, to leave off, to let go of, to quit, to quit on, to relinquish, to resign, to waive, to abort, to leave, to depart from, to do away with, to forsake, to leave behind, to check out on, to cease trying, to desist, to give up, to drop away, to fling up, to abdicate
abandonar a(Spanish) to abandon to, to leave to
abandonar a ... a su suerte(Spanish) to leave ... to his fate
abandonar a la suerte(Spanish) to leave helpless, to maroon
abandonar a su suerte(Spanish) to leave to one's fate, to turn adrift
abandonar al asegurador(Spanish) to abandon to the insurer
abandonar causa(Spanish) to abandon cause, to back down, to back off, to back out, to recoil
abandonar completamente(Spanish) to abandon completely, to forsake, to leave hopeless
abandonar con el fin de(Spanish) to give up in order to
abandonar con furia(Spanish) to storm out of
abandonar económicamente(Spanish) to abandon economically, to disendow
abandonar el asunto(Spanish) to drop the subject, to change the subject, to drop the issue
abandonar el barco(Spanish) to give up the ship
abandonar el campo(Spanish) to leave the field
abandonar el estrado de testigos(Spanish) to stand down
abandonar el hogar(Spanish) to run away from home, to abandon home, to run from home
abandonar el lugar(Spanish) to leave the place, to leave
abandonar el patrón-oro(Spanish) to abandon the gold standard
abandonar el puesto(Spanish) to lie down on the job
abandonar el refugio(Spanish) to come out in the open, to break cover
abandonar el tema(Spanish) to drop the subject, to change the subject, to drop the issue
abandonar el tema de la conversación(Spanish) to drop the subject
abandonar el trabajo(Spanish) to abandon work, to lie down on the job, to walk out
abandonar en carrera(Spanish) to leave running
abandonar en la soledad(Spanish) to abandon in solitude, to strand
abandonar filas(Spanish) to defect, to desert
abandonar géneros(Spanish) to abandon goods
abandonar géneros al asegurador(Spanish) to abandon goods to the insurer
abandonar hecho una furia(Spanish) to storm out of
abandonar la acción(Spanish) to abandon the action
abandonar la actividad(Spanish) to abandon the task, to call it quits
abandonar la apelación(Spanish) to abandon the appeal
abandonar la causa(Spanish) to abandon one's cause, to apostatize, to defect, to tergiversate
abandonar la costumbre(Spanish) to grow out of the habit, to break from the habit, to grow out of one's habit
abandonar la costumbre de(Spanish) to grow out of the habit of
abandonar la lucha(Spanish) to give up, to lay down one's arms, to throw in the towel, to toss in the sponge
abandonar la prima de opción(Spanish) to abandon an option
abandonar la propia fe para pasar a(Spanish) to defect to, to apostatise to, to apostatize to
abandonar la sociedad(Spanish) to withdraw from the partnership
abandonar la tarea(Spanish) to quit, to abandon, to lay off
abandonar las esperanzas(Spanish) to abandon hope
abandonar las responsabilidades(Spanish) to abandon one's responsibilities, to abandon responsibilities, to cop out
abandonar los estudios(Spanish) to give up studying, to abandon one's studies
abandonar para(Spanish) to give up in order to, to abandon to
abandonar para siempre(Spanish) to abandon
abandonarse(Spanish) to abandon onself, to indulge oneself
abandonarse a(Spanish) to abandon oneself to, to give in to, to give oneself over to, to give oneself up to, to indulge oneself in
abandonarse a la suerte(Spanish) to give oneself up to chance, to trust to luck, to be left to one's luck, to be abandoned to one's destiny
abandonarse en las manos de la suerte(Spanish) to give oneself up to chance, to stake one's all, to trust to luck, to be left to one's luck
abandonarse en manos de(Spanish) to abandon oneself to
abandonarse en manos de la suerte(Spanish) to give oneself up to chance, to gamble everything, to stake one's all, to be left to one's luck
abandonar sus deberes(Spanish) to neglect one's duties, to neglect one's study
abandonar toda esperanza(Spanish) to abandon all hope
abandonar toda reserva(Spanish) to let one's hair down
abandonar todo(Spanish) to give up all, to abandon everything, to give up everything, to throw everything out the window
abandonar una hipótesis(Spanish) to drop an assumption, to abandon an hypothesis
abandonar una opción(Spanish) to abandon an option
abandonar una patente(Spanish) to abandon a patent
abandonar una pretensión(Spanish) to abandon a claim, to sign off
abandonar una reclamación(Spanish) to abandon a claim
Abandon de poste(French m.) abandonment of service
Abandoneddeserted, forsaken, unrestrained, profligate
abandonen el barco(Spanish) abandon ship
Abandonismo(Spanish m.) defeatism, lassitude
Abandonista(Spanish m./f.) defeatist
Abandonmentfreedom from inhibitions, dissoluteness
abandonnant(French) abandoning
abandonné (m.), abandonnée (f.)(French) negligent, free-and-easy, relaxed, shameless, graceless, profligate, forsaken, disused, derelict (abandonded), abandoned, helpless, marooned
Abandonnement(French m.) freedom from inhibitions, dissoluteness, profligacy
abandonner(French) to give up, to hand over, to surrender, to renounce, to forsake, to desert, to throw over, to turn one's back on, to abandon, to leave, to quit (to give up), to neglect, to drop, to retire, to relinquish, to maroon (on an island)
abandonner à la dérive(French) to turn adrift
abandonner la partie(French) to throw in one's hand
abandonner se prétentions(French) to renounce one's claims
abandonnieren(German) to abandon
Abandono(Spanish m.) abandon, abandonment, nonchalance, unrestraint, wantonness, withdrawal, desertion, desolation, abandoning, dereliction, drop-out, proscription, retirement, resignation, neglect, personal carelessness, carelessness, untidiness, departure, giving up, renunciation, relinquishment, complete surrender
Abandono al asegurador(Spanish m.) abandonment to insurer
Abandono de acción(Spanish m.) abandonment of action, discontinuance
Abandono de apelación(Spanish m.) abandonment of appeal
Abandono de bienes(Spanish m.) abandonment of goods
Abandono de bienes en la aduana(Spanish m.) abandonment of goods in customs
Abandono de buque(Spanish m.) abandonment of ship
Abandono de carga(Spanish m.) abandonment of cargo
Abandono de cargamento(Spanish m.) abandonment of cargo
Abandono de cónyuge(Spanish m.) abandonment of husband or wife, desertion
Abandono de cuidados(Spanish m.) abandonment of care
Abandono de derechos(Spanish m.) abandonment of rights, waiver of rights
Abandono de flete(Spanish m.) abandonment of freight
Abandono de la instancia(Spanish m.) abandonment of action
Abandono de la opción(Spanish m.) abandonment of the option
Abandono de la prima de opción(Spanish m.) abandonment of the option
Abandono de la propia voluntad(Spanish m.) self-surrender
Abandono del aseo(Spanish m.) untidiness, personal carelessness
Abandono del buque y de los fletes(Spanish) abandonment of ship and freight
Abandono del deber(Spanish m.) dereliction of duty
Abandono del hogar(Spanish m.) abandonment of domicile, desertion
Abandono de menores(Spanish m.) failure of father to provide for children
Abandono de mercancías(Spanish m.) abandonment of goods
Abandono de mercancías en la aduana(Spanish m.) abandonment of goods in customs
Abandono de niños(Spanish m.) abandonment of children
Abandono de proceso(Spanish m.) abandoment of process, nolle prosequi (Latin)
Abandono de propiedad(Spanish m.) renunciation of property
Abandono de recurso(Spanish m.) abandonment of appeal
Abandono de sí mismo(Spanish m.) self-surrender
Abandono de un contrato(Spanish m.) abandonment of a contract
Abandono de una carga(Spanish m.) abandonment of a cargo
Abandono implícito(Spanish m.) implied abandonment
Abandono infantil(Spanish m.) child neglect
Abandono tácito(Spanish m.) implied abandonment
Abanicada(Spanish f.) fanning, fanning motion
abanicar(Spanish) to fan
abanicarse(Spanish) to fan oneself
Abanicazo(Spanish m.) blow with a fan, swat delivered with a fan, tap with a fan
Abanico(Spanish m.) fan, range (figurative: as in, a range of possibilities), agreement easy to wriggle out of
(Spanish m.) a stylised roll played by the timbalero usually to signify a change in the music (i.e. from verse to chorus)
(Spanish m.) a word used to describe the timbales figure (roll and accent) played to introduce or close sections and to setup various ensemble passages
Abanico aluvial(Spanish m.) alluvial fan, alluvial cone, fan delta
Abanico colgante(Spanish m.) ceiling fan, punka
Abanico con mango(Spanish m.) fan with a handle
Abanico de culpas(Spanish m.) guilt-ridden person
Abanico de deyección(Spanish m.) debris cone
Abanico de emociones(Spanish m.) range of emotions
Abanico de entrada(Spanish m.) fan-in
Abanico de mano(Spanish m.) fan
Abanico de mar(Spanish m.) sea fan
Abanico de posibilidades(Spanish m.) a range of possibilities
Abanico de salida(Spanish m.) fan-out
Abanico eductor(Spanish m.) exhaust fan
Abanico extractor(Spanish m.) exhaust fan, extractor fan
Abanico grande(Spanish m.) large fan
Abanico hecho de plumas usado por el Papa(Spanish m.) flabelo (Spanish m.), fan made of plumes used by the Pope
Abanico mecánico(Spanish m.) mechanical fan
Abanico salarial(Spanish m.) wage range
Abanillo(Spanish m.) frilled collar, mechanical fan
Abanino(Spanish m.) adornment made with gauze formerly used in ladies's dresses to cover the neck
abaniquear(Spanish) to fan
Abaniqueo(Spanish m.) fanning, fanning motion, excessive gesticulation while speaking
Abaniquería(Spanish f.) fan shop, fan factory, fan store, fanmaker's shop
Abaniquero (m.), Abaniquera (f.)(Spanish) fan maker, fan vendor, fan dealer
Abano(Spanish m.) fan, ceiling fan
Abanto (m.), Abanta (f.)(Spanish) African vulture, Egyptian vulture
abanto (m.), abanta (f.)(Spanish) shy, timid, dull, stupid
Abapical(English) being opposite to or directed away from the apex
abapical(Spanish) abapical
Abaque (s.), Abaques (pl.)(French m.) abacus (s.), abaci (pl.), abacuses (pl.)
(French m.) counting-frame (a mechanical aid used for counting)
in architecture, a flat slab forming the uppermost member or division of the capital of a column, above the bell, whose chief function is to provide a large supporting surface (wider than the capital) to receive the weight of the arch or the architrave above. The diminutive of 'abacus', 'abaculus', is used to describe small mosaic tiles, also called 'abaciscus' or 'tessera', used to create ornamental floors with detailed patterns of chequers or squares in a tessellated pavement
Abaratado(Spanish m.) reduced in price, bargain, discount, cheapen, cut the price of, rebate, reduce the price of
abaratador (m.), abaratadora (f.)(Spanish) cheapening
Abaratamiento(Spanish m.) price reduction, cheapening, reduction in price, reduction of price
Abaratamiento artificial(Spanish m.) artificial cheapness
abaratar(Spanish) to reduce the price of, to make cheaper, to cheapen, to reduce the price of, to rebate
abaratarse(Spanish) to come down (prices), to drop (prices), to become cheaper, to come down in price
a barba regada(Spanish) abundantly, by the handful, liberally
Abarbeiten(German n.) machining (removing of material as on a lathe, a milling machine, etc.)
abarbeiten(German) to process, to handle
Abarbeitung(German f.) processing
Abarbeitungsfolge(German f.) sequence of operations
Abarbeitungszeit(German f.) processing time
Abarca(Spanish f.) sandal, clog, wooden shoe
abarcable(Spanish) that can be embraced, that can be clasped, that can be understood, that can be encompassed, that can be grasped
Abarca de esparto(Spanish f.) fibre sandal
abarcado (m.), abarcada (f.)(Spanish) sandaled (wearing sandals)
Abarcador (m.), Abarcadora (f.)(Spanish) monopolizer, gatherer, embracer, monopolist
Abarcadura(Spanish f.) inclusion, inclusiveness
Abarcamiento(Spanish m.) scope, embracing
abarcar(Spanish) to put one's arms around, to embrace, to span (to cover), to cover (to span), to cope with, to extend over, the extend through, to range over, to stretch over, to encircle (with arms, hand, etc.), to monopolize (Latin America), to dominate, to comprise, to comprehend, to encompass, to include, to reach over, to take in, to subsume, to sweep over
abarcar con la vista(Spanish) to have a view of, to dominate
abarcar dentro de sí(Spanish) to comprise, to contain, to comprehend
abarcar en tiempo desde(Spanish) to range in time from, to reach in time from
abarcar mucho(Spanish) to cover a lot of ground
abarcó varios temas(Spanish) ranged over many topics
abarcuzar(Spanish) to monopolize
abaritonado (m.), abaritonada (f.)(Spanish) baritone-like
abarloar(Spanish) to approach, to go near
a barlovento(Spanish) windward
Abarognosia(Spanish f.) abarognosis
Abarognosis(English, Spanish f.) (medicine) lack of ability to estimate the weight of an object one is holding
Abarognoticof or pertaining to abarognosis
Abarquero (m.), Abarquera (f.)(Spanish) sandal maker, sandal vendor, sandal dealer
abarquillado (m.), abarquillada (f.)(Spanish) warped, bent, curved, curled-up
Abarquillamiento(Spanish m.) warping, curling up, wrinkling
abarquillar(Spanish) to warp, to bend, to curve, to curl up, to twist
abarquillarse(Spanish) to warp, to curl up (page, cover of a book), to buckle
abarracar(Spanish) to accommodate in barracks, to canton, to quarter, to set up barracks, to camp in barracks
abarrado (m.), abarrada (f.)(Spanish) striped
Abarraganamiento(Spanish m.) concubinage, cohabitation, illicit cohabitation, liaison
abarraganarse(Spanish) to live in concubinage, to cohabit illicitly
abarrajado (m.), abarrajada (f.)(Spanish) bold, shameless
abarrajar(Spanish) to run over (person, animal), to drive over (person, animal)
Abarramiento(Spanish m.) shaking, hurtling
Abarrancadero(Spanish m.) precipice, difficult situation, deadlock, jam
Abarrancamiento(Spanish m.) bogging-down, stranding
abarrancar(Spanish) to bog down, to run aground
abarrancarse(Spanish) to bog oneself down, to run onself aground
abarrar(Spanish) to throw, to throw hard, to hit, to beat
Abarredera(Spanish m.) mechanical sweeper, sweeper
abarrotaba el teatro, el público(Spanish) the theatre was packed (with people)
abarrotado (m.), abarrotada (f.)(Spanish) crammed, completely full, packed, crowded, full
abarrotado de (m.), abarrotada de (f.)(Spanish) packed with, crammed with
Abarrotador (m.), Abarrotadora (f.)(Spanish) general store keeper, monopolizer, person who monopolizes a specific market
Abarrotamiento(Spanish m.) crowding
abarrotar(Spanish) to pack full, to cram, to stuff, to fill up, to pack tight, to stow, to overstock, to pack, to monpolize
abarrotarse(Spanish) to become crowded
Abarrote(Spanish m.) grocery
Abarrotería(Spanish f.) grocery store, grocery, convenience store, general store, grocer's, grocer's shop, hardware store
Abarrotero (m.), Abarrotera (f.)(Spanish) general store keeper, grocer, general grocer, ignorant (familiar)
Abarrotes(Spanish m.) groceries
Abart(German f.) modification, variety
Abart des gleichen Modells(German f.) version of the same model
abartig(German) abnormal, deviant
Abartigkeit(German f.) deviancy (characteristic), abnormality
a barullo(Spanish) galore
abarustado (m.), abarustada (f.)(Spanish) nervous, excited, startled
à bas ...!(French) down with ...!
a base de(Spanish) thanks to, by means of, based on, on the basis of
a base de amiguismo(Spanish) through special contacts and influence
a base de bien(Spanish) very well
a base de comisión(Spanish) on a commission basis, on commission
a base di(Italian) containing
Abashedembarrassed, disconcerted
abasí (s.), abasíes (pl.)(Spanish) of or pertaining to the Abbas or Abbasid caliphate descended from Muhammad's uncle, Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (566–662)
Abasia(English, Spanish f.) inability to walk
abásico (m.), abásica (f.)(Spanish) abasic, abatic
Abasidas(Spanish m.) Abbasside, Abbasid, Abbassid
see 'Abbasids'
abasourdi (m.), abasourdie (f.)(French) thunderstruck
abasourdir(French) to stun (to stupify), to bewilder, to dumbfound, to stupify, to daze, to deafen temporarily
Abasourdissement(French m.) bewilderment, stupifaction
a bassa voce(Italian) to speak in a low or damped voice, mit leiser Stimme (German), leise (German)
Abastamiento(Spanish m.) provisioning, furnishing with necessary provisions, supplying with necessary provisions
abastar(Spanish) to supply, to furnish with necessary provisions, to provision, to purvey, to supply with necessary provisions
abastardarse(Spanish) to become bastardized, to degenerate
Abastanza(Spanish f.) copiousness
Abastecedor (m.), Abastecedora (f.)(Spanish) supplier, provisioner, caterer, purveyor, grocery store, store, wholesale butcher, meat supplier
Abastecedor de buques(Spanish m.) ship's chandler
Abastecedor de provisiones en el ejército(Spanish m.) victualer, sutler, victualler
Abastecedor principal(Spanish m.) principal supplier
abastecer(Spanish) to supply, to furnish, to give, to provide, to meet the demand of, to minister, to provision, to purvey, to stock, to give supplies to
abastecer con provisiones(Spanish) to supply with provisions, to provision
abastecer de(Spanish) to supply with, to furnish with, to provide with, to stock with
abastecer de comida(Spanish) to supply with food, to cater
abastecer de municiones(Spanish) to supply with munitions
abastecer de provisiones(Spanish) to supply with necessary provisions, to provision, to supply with provisions
abastecer el mercado(Spanish) to supply the market
abastecerse(Spanish) to stock up
abastecerse de(Spanish) to stock up on, to get, to get some stocks in, to lay in, to lay in a stock of, to stock up with
abastecido (m.), abastecida (f.)(Spanish) supplied, fuelled, provisioned, stocked
Abastecimiento (s.), Abastecimientos (pl.)(Spanish m.) supply, catering, provisioning, supplying, purveyance, victualling, supplies (plural form), stocks (plural form)
Abastecimiento de agua(Spanish m.) supply of water, water supply
Abastecimiento de combustible(Spanish m.) fuel supply, fuel tank, fuelling
Abastecimiento de provisiones(Spanish m.) munitioning
Abastero(Spanish m./f.) cattle trader, whole livestock dealer, wholesale cattle dealer, supplier, purveyor, wholesale butcher, meat supplier
abastionar(Spanish) to fortify with bastions
Abasto (s.), Abastos (pl.)(Spanish m.) provisioning, plenty, supplying, profusion, supply, stock of provisions (plural form)
Abasto mundial(Spanish m.) world supply
Abatanador (m.), Abatanadora (f.)(Spanish) fuller
abatanar(Spanish) to full (cloth), to maltreat (person, animal)
abatanarse(Spanish) to become matted or worn due to use or over-washing
abâtardir(French) to cause to degenerate, to debase, to bastardise
Abâtardissement(French m.) degeneration, debasement
abatatado (m.), abatatada (f.)(Spanish) stocky, scared, awed
abatatar(Spanish) to shame, to embarrass
abatatarse(Spanish) to become embarrassed
Abate(English) make or become less strong, diminish, as for example 'noise abatement' meaning 'noise reduction'
(Italian m., Spanish m.) abbot, clergyman, priest, abbé, presbyter, abad (Spanish m.), abbé (French m.), Abt (German m.), father (title of an abbot)
Abatí(Spanish m.) corn, maize
abatible(Spanish) folding, collapsible, reclining, abatable, tip-up
Abaticof or relating to abasia (inability to walk)
abático (m.), abática (f.)(Spanish) abatic
Abatida(Spanish f.) abatis, barricade
Abatidamente(Spanish) dejectedly, despondently, dispiritedly, sadly
Abatidero(Spanish m.) drain, drainage ditch, sluiceway
Abatido(Spanish m.) slating, boarding
abatido (m.), abatida (f.)(Spanish) depressed, crestfallen, dejected, despondent, disheartened, down in the mouth, downcast, low-spirited, broken-down, prostrate, contemptible, despicable, devalued, fallen in price, depreciated
Abatimiento(Spanish m.) discouragement, depression, abatement, dejection, desolation, dismay, low spirits, poor spirits, weariness, despond, despondence, despondency, doldrums, drift, leeway, prostration, abaissement, dismantling, disassembling
Abatimiento de las barreras al comercio(Spanish m.) dismantling of trade barriers
Abatimiento del rumbo(Spanish m.) leeway
abatir(Spanish) to bring down (plane), to knock down (wall, building), to demolish, to pull down (building, etc.), to fell (tree), to recline, to fold down, to depress, to dishearten, to cast down, to abate, to prostrate, to stamp out, to eradicate, to shoot down, to down, to humiliate (figurative), to knock out, to batter down, to beat down, to break down, to break in, to defeat, to run to ground, to tumble down, to drift, to cast, to make leeway, to shatter
abatir a golpes(Spanish) to knock down, to bash in
abatir a tiros(Spanish) to gun down
abatir la corrupción(Spanish) to stamp out corruption
abatirse(Spanish) to get depressed, to befall ..., to swoop
abatirse a(Spanish) to fall to
abatirse al suelo(Spanish) to throw oneself to the ground, to be thrown to the floor
abatirse con(Spanish) to let oneself be overpowered by
abatirse de ánimos(Spanish) to get discouraged, to get depressed
abatirse de espíritu(Spanish) to get depressed
abatirse en los contratiempos(Spanish) to become disheartened by setbacks
abatirse por(Spanish) to be overpowered by, to be crushed by
abatirse por los contratiempos(Spanish) to become disheartened by setbacks
abatirse sobre(Spanish) to attack, to bear down on, to charge down upon, to swoop down on, to swoop down upon, to swoop upon, to strike, to hit
Abatismo(Spanish m.) power of the abbots, body of abbés
Abat-jour (s.), Abat-jours (pl.)(French m.) a skylight, a device that is used to deflect daylight downward as it streams through a window, a shutter or awning used to exclude daylight
(French m.) lamp-shade, lampshade
à bâtons rompus(French) jumping from subject to subject
Abats(French pl.) offal, giblets (poultry)
Abat-sonsa louver or luffer-board (used to reflect sound downwards)
Abattage(French m.) cutting down, slaughter
Abattage d'arbres(French m.) felling
Abattant(French m.) flap, leaf (of a table, desk etc.)
Abattement(French m.) dejection, despondency, apathy, reduction
Abattement fiscale(French m.) tax allowance
Abattement forfaitaire(French m.) fixed-rate rebate
Abatteur(French m.) slaughterer (of animals), lumberjack
Abatteur de besogne (m.), Abatteuse de besogne (f.)(French) slogger, hard worker
Abatteuse(French f.) tease (woman)
Abattis(French m. pl.) rubble, debris
Abattis de volaille(French m. pl.) giblets (poultry)
Abattoir(French m.) butchery, slaughterhouse
abattre(French) to dishearten, to weaken, to depress (to make dispirited), to drain (energy from a person), to sap, to demoralize, to tire out, to wear out, to pull down (a wall, a building), to account for (to destroy), to chop down, to knock over, to butcher (to slaughter), to shoot down, to shoot somebody down
abattre du travail(French) to get through a lot of work
abattre, s'see s'abattre
abattre un arbre(French) to cut down (a tree) to fell
abattu (m.), abattue (f.)(French) dejected, despondent, worn out, exhausted, feeble, very weak, demoralized, downcast, depressed (dejected), crestfallen, down-in-the-mouth
abattu(e), êtresee être abattu (m.), être abattue (f.)
a battuta(Italian, literally 'as beaten') with the beat, in strict time, misurato (Italian), a tempo (Italian), im Takt (German)
when the words a battuta are found in Italian scores after a recitative, they indicate that the tempo of the air or aria following must be strict (or measured) rather than free as would have been the case in the recitative
Abaturegrass and sprigs beaten or trampled down by a stag passing through them
Abat-voix(French) a sounding board, a wooden canopy (often placed over a pulpit in a church, cathedral, etc.) whose purpose is to reduce the dispersion of sound
Abätzen(German n.) etching
abätzen(German) to etch, to cauterize (a wound)
Abaxiallocated away from or on the opposite side of the axis
abaxial(Spanish) abaxial
abaxil(Spanish) abaxial
abayado (m.), abayada (f.)(Spanish) bacciform, berry-shaped, berrylike, berry-like
abayuncar(Spanish) to throw, to put on the spot
abayuncarse(Spanish) to become countrified
Abazón(Spanish m.) cheek pouch
abb.abbreviation of 'abbey'
Abb.abbreviation of 'abbey', 'abbot' or 'abbess'
abbacchiato(Italian) with a dejected, melancholic expression
Abbacyoffice or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess
abbaiare(Italian) to bark, to bay, to howl, to yelp, to snarl
Abbaiata(Italian f.) barking, baying, howling, yelping, snarling, scolding
Abbaione(Italian m.) noisy fellow, great talker
Abbaino(Italian m.) dormer widow, skylight, garret window, garret
Abbán moccu Corbmaic
also known simply as Abbán, Eibbán or Moabba, an Irish saint
abbandonamente(Italian) or abbandono (Italian), vehemently, violently, passionately, unrestrained (for example, with unrestrained emotion), relaxed, hingebungsvoll (German), mit Hingabe (German), avec abandon (French)
free, particularly as regards the time
abbandonamento(Italian) abandonment, forsaking, deserting, loss of strength or of courage, weakness, profligacy, dejection
abbandonandosi(Italian) abandoning oneself, sich hingebend (German), en s'abandonnant (French)
abbandonare(Italian) to abandon, to leave, to desert, to foresake, to quit, to forgo, to let go, to drop, to let fall, to disuse, to give up, to relinquish, to surrender, to concede, to throw away
as in senza abbandonare la corda (Italian: without quitting the string)
(Italian) neglect
abbandonasi(Italian) with abandon, unrestrained, without restraint, with ease, with passionate expression (making the tempo subordinate to the expression)
abbandonatamente(Italian) or abbandono (Italian), vehemently, violently, passionately, unrestrained (for example, with unrestrained emotion), relaxed, with abandon, mit Hingabe (German), hingebungsvoll (German), avec abandon (French)
free, particularly as regards the time (making the tempo subordinate to the expression)
abbandonato(Italian) abandoned, deserted, forsaken, neglected, given up
abbandone(Italian) despondingly, with self-abandonment
making the time subservient to the expression
abbandonevolmente(Italian) vehemently, violently, desperately
making the time subservient to the expression
Abbandono(Italian m.) abandonment, desertion, dereliction, renouncement, relaxation, unconstraint, isolation, neglect
abbandono(Italian) abbandonatamente, abbandonevolmente
abbandono, con(Italian) nachlassend (German), avec abandon (French), to play negligently, to play in a free-and-easy manner, to play in an impassioned manner, with a burst of passion
abbarbagliare(Italian) to dazzle, to daze, to hallucinate
Abbas(Arabic) or abbass, strict, stern, severe (in appearance)
Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib
uncle of Mohammed and forefather of the founder of the Abbasid Khalifate dynasty, who were the khalifs of Baghdad between 750 and 1258
Abbasidssee Abbassids
Abbassamento(Italian) the act of lowering or the state of being lowered
Abbassamento di mano(Italian) the falling or lowering of the hand, down-beat in conducting, abaissement de la main (French)
Abbassamento di voce(Italian) the lowering of the voice, Sinkenlassen der Stimme (German)
abbassando(Italian) similar to diminuendo (Italian), waning, lowering, calante (Italian), calando (Italian), schwächer werdend (German), absinkend (German), en faisant descendre (French), en descendant (French), en abaissant (French)
abbassare(Italian) lower, in the sense of 'to tune a string down', a type of scordatura in which a string is tuned down so that the range of the string or keyboard instrument, for example a harpsichord or spinet', will be able to satisfy the needs of a particular piece
(Italian) turn down (the volume of a radio or TV)
Abbassidsa dynasty of caliphs who ruled the Arabian empire from 750 to 1258. During this period the Muslim world became the unrivaled intellectual centre for science, philosophy, medicine and education as the Abbasids championed the cause of knowledge and established a "House of Wisdom" in Baghdad; where both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars sought to translate and gather all the world's knowledge into Arabic. Many classic works of antiquity that would otherwise have been lost were translated into Arabic and later in turn translated into Turkish, Persian, Hebrew and Latin
  • Abbasid from which this information has been taken
abbasso(Italian) below
abbatersi(Italian) to be discouraged
abbatial(English, French) of or pertaining to an abbey-church or abbey
(English, French) of or pertaining to an abbess or an abbot
Abbatiale(French f.) abbey-church
Abbau(German m.) cut (reduction), disassembly, downsizing, depletion, breakdown, dismantling, disintegration, slimming, cutback, reduction
Abbau des Personals(German m.) reduction in staff
abbauen(German) to dismantle, to exploit, to abolish, to phase out, to axe, to lower (costs), to detach
abbauend(German) degrading, retrenching
abbaufähig(German) exploitable
Abbau von Arbeitsplätzen(German m.) job cuts
Abbaye(French f.) abbey, Abtei (German f.), abbazia (Italian f.), abadia (Spanish f.
Abbazia(Italian f.) abbey, Abtei (German f.), abbaye (French f.), abadia (Spanish f.)
Abbé(French m., German m.) abbot, priest (particularly in France), a cleric, abad (Spanish m.), abate (Italian m.), Abt (German m.)
in the eighteenth century, the title was applied to one in minor orders, wearing clerical dress, but serving little or no ecclesiastical function
Abbecedario(Italian m.) primer (elementary text book)
Abbéde cour(French m.) an abbé who, having obtained a lucrative and influential position at court, is perceived as being more worldly than a cleric should be
abbedingen(German) to waive
abbeißen(German) to bite off, to snap off
Abbeizen(German n.) removing paint, removing varnish
abbeizen(German) to strip (paint, varnish, etc.), to remove a stain (from wood, etc.)
Abbeizer(German m.) paint stripper
Abbeizmittel(German n.) paint stripper, paint remover
Abbeizpaste(German f.) scouring paste
abbellare(Italian) to embellish with ornaments
Abbellimento (s.), Abbellimenti (pl.)(Italian m.) embellishment(s), ornament(s), grace note(s)
abbellire(Italian) to embellish with ornaments
Abbellitura (s.), Abbelliture (pl.)(Italian) embellishment, ornament
abbeordern(German) to commandeer
Abberufung(German f.) recall, dismissal
Abbessthe head of a community of nuns
Abbesse(French f.) abbess, abadesa (Spanish f.), badessa (Italian f.), Äbtin (German f.), Äbtissin (German f.)
abbestellen(German) to countermand, to unsubscribe, to counter-order, to cancel
abbestellend(German) countermanding
Abbestellung(German f.) cancellation
Abbestellung einer Zeitschrift(German f.) cancellation of a periodical
abbetteln(German) to wheedle, to wheedle out, to get something through flattery, to scrounge
abbettelnd(German) wheedling
Abbeyabadia (Spanish f.), abbazia (Italian f.), Abtei (German f.), abbaye (French f.)
buildings occupied by a community of monks (headed by an abbot) or nuns (headed by an abbess)
a community of monks (headed by an abbot) or nuns (headed by an abbess) occupying such buildings
Abbey of Lorsch(German: Reichsabtei Lorsch; Latin: Laureshamense Monasterium, called also Laurissa and Lauresham), in Lorsch, about 10 km (6 miles) east of Worms, one of the most renowned monasteries of the Carolingian Empire. Even in its ruined state, its remains are among the most important pre-Romanesque buildings in Germany. Its chronicle, entered in the Lorscher Codex compiled in the 1170s (now in the state archive at Würzburg) is a fundamental document for early medieval German history. Another famous document from the monastic library is the Codex Aureus of Lorsch
abbezahlen(German) to pay off
abbezahlt(German) paid off
Abbicci(Italian m.) alphabet, spelling book, primer, rudiments
abbiegen(German) to deflect, to divert, to diverge, to branch off, to turn off, to turn, to fork
Abbiegespur(German f.) turning lathe
abbiente(Italian) well-to-do, prosperous
Abbigliamento(Italian m.) clothes, clothing industry, dress, attire
Abbigliamento da sera(Italian m.) evening dress (for a man)
abbigliare(Italian) to dress, to dress smartly
abbigliarsi(Italian) to dress, to dress smartly
Abbigliatura(Italian f.) dressing, style of dress, style of dressing
Abbild(German n.) likeness, reflection, portrayal, picture, image, copy
abbilden(German) to image, to map, to picture, to model, to project, to figure, to portray, to illustate, to show, to reproduce, to depict, to describe
Abbilder(German pl.) images
Abbildtheorie der Kunst(German f.) mimetic theory of art
Abbildtheorie der Sprache(German f.) picture theory of language (Wittgenstein)
Abbildung(German f.) illustration (or abbreviated Abb., ill.), figure (or abbreviated Abb., fig.), a plate (illustration in a book, etc.), map, picture, reproduction (of a picture), portraiture
Abbildungsspeicherun(German f.) image storage
Abbildungssystem(German m.) imaging system
Abbildungstechnologie(German f.) imaging technology
Abbildungsverhältnis(German n.) magnification
Abbildungsverzeichnis(German n.) list of figures, table of figures
abbinamento(Italian) combining
abbinare(Italian) to combine, to pair, to unite (generally two things of the same class)
Abbinden(German n.) ligature
Abbindezeit(German f.) curing time, setting time (for a glue, etc.)
abbindolare(Italian) to cheat, to dupe, to deceive, to lead by the nose (figurative)
abbisognare(Italian) to want, to be in want (of(, to require
Abbitte(German f.) apology
Abbitte leisten(German) to apologize, to eat humble pie
abbitten(German) to apologize
Abblasen(German n.) tower music (choral melodies performed at set times from church towers, or other public places, on wind instruments)
abblasen(German) to sound the trumpet, to sound the retreat, to sound for the last time
abblättern(German) to chip off, to exfoliate, to flake (off), to peel off, to come off in flakes
abblätternd(German) peeling (off), flaking
Abblätterung(German f.) chipping, exfoliation
Abblenden(German n.) blinding, stopping down (camera)
abblenden(German) to fade out (light, music), to turn down (volume, brightness), to dim, to dim out, to screen off, to stop down (camera), to dip (lights)
abblendend(German) screening off
Abblendlicht(German n.) dim light
Abblendung(German f.) dimming
Abblendvorrichtung(German f.) dimming device
abblitzen(German) to meet with a rebuff, to rebuff
abblitzend(German) rebuffing, meeting with a rebuff
abblocken(German) to block
Abblühen(German n.) fading
abblühen(German) to fade (also used figuratively)
Abboccamento(Italian m.) interview, talk, conversation
abboccare(Italian) to seize with the mouth (bite), to be deceived (figurative)
abboccarsi(Italian) to have an interview, to talk, to confer
abbonacciare(Italian) to appease, to calm, to quiet, to soothe
abbonacciarsi(Italian) to become calm, to grow calm (wind), to blow out (storm)
Abbonamento(Italian m.) subscription (concerts, theatre, journal, etc.), reduction, allowance
biglietto di abbonamento (Italian m.: season ticket)
abbonare(Italian) to take out a subscription (for someone else), to induce someone to subscribe, to approve, to allow (a discount)
abbonarsi(Italian) to subscribe, to take out a subscription (for oneself), to take out a season-ticket (theatre, etc.)
Abbonato (s.), Abbonati (pl.)(Italian m./f.) one who subscribes to a subscription series at an opera house, a season-ticket holder, a consumer (of gas, etc.)
abbondante(Italian) roomy (clothes), abundant, plentiful, copious, rich, profuse
Abbondanza(Italian f.) abundance, plenty, fullness
abbondare(Italian) to abound
abbondare di(Italian) to abound in
abbondevole(Italian) abundant (literary)
abbonire(Italian) to calm, to soften, to appease, to ripen, to cultivate (land), to improve (land)
abbordabile(Italian) approachable (person), accessible, reasonable (price)
abbordare(Italian) to accost (figurative), to go up to, to broach (a subject)
Abbordo(Italian m.) access, approach
abborracciare(Italian) to botch, to bungle (a piece of work)
Abborraccione(Italian m.) a bungler
Abbotthe head of a community of monks
Abbot's Bromley Horn Dancesee 'horn dance'
Abbotsholme Guild of Handicraftsestablished c.1890, a short-lived country outpost of CR Ashbee's Guild of Handicrafts at the Abbotsholme progressive school in Derbyshire
abbottonare(Italian) to button up, to button
abbottonarsi(Italian) to become reserved, to be secretive, to keep something to oneself
Abbottonatura(Italian f.) (row of) buttons, buttoning (on a dress, coat, etc.)
abbozzare(Italian) to sketch (out), to outline, to make a rough draft, to rough-hew (sculpture)
abbozzare un sorriso(Italian) give a hint of a smile, to break into a smile
Abbozzata(Italian f.) a rough sketch
abbozzaticcio(Italian) sketchy, slight, rough-cast
Abbozzo(Italian m.) a sketch, an outline, a rough model, a rough draft, a dwarf, a manikin
abbr.abbreviation of 'abbreviation'
abbracciare(Italian m.) embrace, hug (a person), take up (a profession), include (figuratively)
Abbraccio(Italian m.) embrace, hug
abbrechen(German) to sever, to dismantle, to abort, to cut short, to tear down, to truncate, to abandon, to cancel, to break away, to discontinue, to break off, to demolish, to kill, to break up, to break off (talks, negotiations), to strike (camp, etc.), to interrupt
abbrechend(German) breaking off, aborting, dismantling
Abbrecher(German m.) drop-out (from a course, etc.)
Abbrecherquote(German f.) drop-out rate (from a course, etc.)
Abbremsen(German n.) braking
abbremsen(German) to slow down, to decelerate
abbremsend(German) slowing down, slowing
abbrev.abbreviation of 'abbreviation'
Abbreviamento (s.), Abbreviamenti (pl.)(Italian) abbreviation (for example, in musical notation), abbreviatura (Italian f.), abbreviazione (Italian f.), Abbreviatur (German f.), Abkürzung (German f.), abréviation (French f.), abreviación (Spanish f.), abreviatura (Spanish f.)
abbreviare(Italian) abbreviate, shorten, curtail
Abbreviateshorten, particular where a word is represented by only a part of it
Abbreviationor shortening, abbreviatura (Italian f.), abbreviazione (Italian f.), abbreviamento (Italian m.), Abkürzung (German f.), Abbreviatur (German f.), abréviation (French f.), abreviación (Spanish f.), abreviatura (Spanish f.)
any symbol used to indicate elements that might otherwise require a more extended notation. In musical notation, the most common abbreviations are the signs for repeated notes or repeated note patterns (see 'Repeated notes, notation of'); in piano music, the use of chords to indicate arpeggio-like figuration; con 8va or con 8va bassa both indicating the addition of notes an octave above or below the written note; as well as abbreviations of terms like piano (p.), etc.
more generally, there are many standard abbreviations, for example e.g., cf., SATB, and so on. We have included a large number in our dictionary. The rules in English are generally simple. Abbreviations end in a full stop and are never the first word in a sentence. So, vol. for volume, chap. for chapter. In these cases the plural forms are vols. for volumes, chaps. for chapters. Note that some plurals do not end in s. So, p the abbreviation for page has the plural form pp. for pages
abbreviativ(German) abbreviative
Abbreviator (s.), Abbreviators (English pl.), Abbreviatores (Latin pl.)also called Breviators, a body of writers in the papal chancery, whose business was to sketch out and prepare in due form the pope's bulls, briefs and consistorial decrees before these are written out in extenso by the scriptores
Abbreviatur (s.), Abbreviaturen (pl.)(German f.) or Abkürzung (German f.), abbreviation (s.) (for example, in musical notation), abbreviatura (Italian f.), abbreviazione (Italian f.), abbreviamento (Italian m.), abreviación (Spanish f.), abreviatura (Spanish f.), abréviation (French f.)
Abbreviatura (s.), Abbreviature (pl.)(Italian f.) abbreviation(s) (for example, in musical notation), abbreviazione (Italian f.), abbreviamento (Italian m.), Abbreviatur (German f.), Abkürzung (German f.), abreviación (Spanish f.), abreviatura (Spanish f.), abréviation (French f.)
Abbreviazione (s.), Abbreviazioni (pl.)(Italian f.) abbreviation (for example, in musical notation), abbreviatura (Italian f.), abbreviamento (Italian m.), Abbreviatur (German f.), Abkürzung (German f.), abreviación (Spanish f.), abreviatura (Spanish f.), abréviation (French f.)
abbrevieren(German) to abbreviate
abbringen(German) to dissuade
abbringend(German) dissuading
abbröseln(German) to flake off
Abbruch(German m.) abortion, breakup, discontinuance, break, break-off, stopping, stop, truncation, severance, dropout, demolition, termination, abandonment
Abbruch der Verhandlungen(German m.) breakdown in negotiations
Abbruch eines Streiks(German m.) calling off of a strike
Abbrucharbeiten(German pl.) demolition work
Abbruchgebäude(German n.) building to be demolished
abbruchreif(German) condemned (building, etc.)
Abbruchsarbeiten(German pl.) demolition work
Abbruchtaste(German f.) escape key (for example, on a computer keyboard)
Abbrutimento(Italian m.) brutalization
abbuchen(German) to deduct, to write off (a debt), to debit
abbuchend(German) writing off (a debt)
Abbuchung(German f.) debiting, direct debit, write-off (a debt)
Abbuchungsverfahren(German n.) direct debiting
Abbundrippe(German f.) cut-off bar (on a sound-board)
abbürsten(German) to dust down, to brush down, to brush off, to give a brush
abbürstend(German) brushing off
abbüßen(German) to expiate
ABCabbreviation of 'American Broadcasting Company' (English, Spanish f.), 'Australian Broadcasting Commission'
ABC(English, German n.) the alphabet, the rudiments of a subject, alphabetical guide
(French m.) alphabet book, fundamentals, primer
(French m.) rudiments, as in l'abc du métier (French: the rudiments of the job)
ABC-Buch(German n.) primer
ABC-dieren(Dutch) in singing exercises, to use note names rather than the solfeggio syllables do, re, mi, etc., a system most commonly found in Germany
ABC-diren(German) or Abcidiren, in singing exercises, to use note names rather than the solfeggio syllables do, re, mi, etc., a system most commonly found in Germany
Abcès(French m.) abscess
Abcidiren(German) or ABC-diren, in singing exercises, to use note names rather than the solfeggio syllables do, re, mi, etc., a system most commonly found in Germany
ABC-Kunst(German f.) minimal art
ABCMabbreviation of 'Associate of Bandsmen's College of Music'
ABC notationABC is a format for writing tunes in a portable and easy way. It was invented by Chris Walshaw, and is used for sending tunes via e-mail, for putting tune books on the net, and for typesetting tunes. There are now a number of different software packages available for handling ABC files on various platforms
Abcoulomb(English, Spanish m.) a unit of electrical charge equal to 10 coulombs
Abc-Schütze (m.), Abc-Schützin (f.)(German) abecedarian
abdämpfen(German) to evaporate, to depress, to clear off (colloquial - a person)
(in music) to dampen, to mute, to muffle (particularly with regard to timpani)
abdanken(German) to resign, to abdicate (king, queen, etc.)
abdankend(German) resigning, abdicating (king, queen, etc.)
Abdankung (s.), Abdankungen (pl.)(German f.) resignation, abdication (king, queen, etc.), funeral service
ab dann(German) from then on
Abdeckband(German n.) masking tape (decorating), cover plate (slide), cover sheet
Abdeckcreme(German f.) concealing cream, blemish cream, cover-up cream
abdecken(German) to conceal, to mask, to uncover, to clear away
abdeckend(German) enveloping, uncovering
Abdeckfolie(German f.) cover sheeting
Abdeckhaube(German f.) dust cover
Abdeckklebeband(German n.) adhesive masking tape
Abdeckmasse(German f.) covering material
Abdeckpapier(German n.) masking paper
Abdeckplane(German f.) covering sheet, tarpaulin, canvas cover, drop cloth
Abdecktuch(German n.) dustsheet (decorating)
Abdeckung(German f.) barrier, covering, capping, shrouding, mask, cover, access cover
Abdeckung des Marktes(German f.) market coverage
Abdelazer see 'Behn, Aphra'
ab dem Jahre ...(German) as of .... (a particular year, for example 2003)
ab dem Zeichen(German) dal segno, from the sign
da capo
Abderian laughterfrom Abdera (in Thrace), whose citizens were considered rustic simpletons who would laugh at anything or anyone they didn't understand
abderitano (m.), abderitana (f.)(Spanish) Abderian, pertaining to Abdera (in Thrace)
Abdicación(Spanish f.) abdication, renunciation, resigning, surrendering, demission, quitclaim, renouncing, act of abdicating, act of resigning
Abdicante(Spanish m./f.) resigner
abdicar(Spanish) to abdicate, to give up, to relinquish, to render up, to resign, to demit, to forsake
abdicar a(Spanish) to relinquish
abdicar la corona(Spanish) to give up the crown, to relinquish the crown
abdicar los derechos(Spanish) to give up one's rights, to relinquish one's rights
abdicar para(Spanish) to abdicate in favour of (person)
Abdicate(from Latin abdicatus, pp. of abdicare 'disown, disinherit' - specifically abdicare magistratu 'renounce office') to divest oneself of office
Abdication(English, French f.) the formal relinquishing of high office, power or responsibility
abdicativamente(Spanish) by proxy
abdicativo (m.), abdicativa (f.)(Spanish) abdicative, pertaining to abdication
Abdicten(German n.) sealing, seal
abdicten(German) to isolate, to pack, to seal, to tighten, to seal up, to caulk
Abdichtung (s.), Abdichtungen (pl.)(German f.) seal, sealing, jointing, waterproofing, packing
Abdikation(German f.) abdication
abdingbar(German) modifiable, alterable (by mutual consent), negotiable, alienable
abdiquer(French) to abdicate, to cede, to give up, to relinquish, to chuck up (colloquial: an opportunity), to chuck in (colloquial: a job)
abdizieren(German) to abdicate
Abdomen(English, French m., Spanish m.) also belly, paunch, stomach or tummy; in mammals and other vertebrates the abdomen (belly) constitutes the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis. The region enclosed by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity
  • Abdomen from which part of this extract has been taken
Abdomen abombado(Spanish m.) bulging abdomen
Abdomen de péndulo(Spanish m.) pendulous abdomen
Abdomen péndulo(Spanish m.) pendulous abdomen
Abdominal(English, Spanish) pertaining to the abdomen, the region of the body also called, in English, the belly or tummy, sit-up (exercise), situp (exercise)
abdominales (Spanish pl.: sit-ups (exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles), abdominal muscles)
abdominal(English, German, Spanish) of or pertaining to the abdomen
abdominal (m.), abdominale (f.)(French) abdominal
Abdominalatmung(German f.) abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing
Abdominalgia(English, Spanish f.) abdominal pain
abdominalmente(Spanish) abdominally
abdominell(German) abdominal
abdrängen(German) to force back, to push out of the way, to push away
Abdreheisen(German n.) turning tool
Abdrehen(German n.) turning, lathe machining
abdrehen(German) to switch off, to turn off, to twist off, to veer away, to face off (on a lathe), to turn (on a lathe), to skim (on a milling machine, lathe, etc.), to turn a taper profile (using a lathe, etc.), to remove material by turning, to remove material by machining, to turn down (e.g. a thermostat, etc.)
abdrehend(German) truning off
Abdrift(German f.) leeway, drift
Abdruck(German m.) an impression, a print, a reprint, an offprint, a printout, a reproduction, a cast, a copy, a replica, a (dental) cast
abdrucken(German) to imprint, to print, to publish, to reproduce, to run off (copies), to overprint, to mould, to mark
abdrücken(German) to pull the trigger
Abdrückschraube(German f.) set screw
Abdrucksrecht(German n.) right of reproduction
Abducción(Spanish f.) abduction, kidnapping (for example, by an alien or by a UFO)
Abducción de hombro(Spanish f.) side shoulder raise (exercise to develop the deltoid muscles)
Abducción de hombro con codo flexionado e inclinado(Spanish f.) bent over shoulder raise (exercise to develop certain deltoid muscle groups)
Abducción de hombro en posición inclinada(Spanish f.) bent over shoulder raise (exercise to develop certain deltoid muscle groups)
Abducción de hombro inclinado(Spanish f.) bent over shoulder raise (exercise to develop certain deltoid muscle groups)
Abducción de hombros con codos flexionados(Spanish f.) lateral raise (shoulder exercise in which the arm is raised and lowered against resistance, such as through use of a dumbbell, cable, or resistance band)
abducir(Spanish) to abduct, to abduce, to move away from the axis of the body
Abducteur(French m.) a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
abducteur(French) abductor, of or pertaining to a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
Abduction from the Seragliosee Entfuhrung aus dem Serail
abductivo (m.), abductiva (f.)(Spanish) forcible
Abductor (English, Spanish m.), Abductora (Spanish f.)kidnapper, someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)
(English, Spanish m.) a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
abductor(Spanish) abducent, of or pertaining to a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
abdunkeln(German) to dim (light), to darken, to tone down (colour)
Abdunkelungsvorrichtung(German f.) dimmer
abdünsten(German) to evaporate
Abêa gourd shaker enveloped in beads that features in maracatu nação (also known as maracatu de baque virado) an Afro-Brazilian performance genre
Abebben(German n.) fading away
abebben(German) to recede, to ebb away, to fade away, to die away, to die down, to abate
abebbend(German) ebbing away, fading
a beber y a tragar que el mundo se va a acabar(Spanish) eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
Abecé(Spanish m.) ABC, alphabet (familiar term), rudiments, basics (fundamentals), spelling book, first-reader
Abécédaire(French m.) alphabet primer, spelling book
Abecedarian hymnsa student, new to the art of singing, who intones the notes of a piece of music using the note names, c, d, e, etc. rather than the more correct solfeggio syllables, do, re, me, etc.
Abecedarian hymnshymns whose lines or divisions begin with the letters of the alphabet in order. For example, psalm 119 is abecedarian, and its 176 verses are divided into groups of eight, each beginning with (and headed by) a different letter in the Hebrew alphabet
Abecedario(Spanish m.) alphabet, ABC, spelling book, speller
Abecedario manual(Spanish m.) manual alphabet, dumb alphabet (signed alphabet for the deaf)
Abecedario para los sordos(Spanish m.) dumb alphabet (signed alphabet for the deaf)
Abedul(Spanish m.) betulaceous trees of the genus Betula
Abedul amarillo(Spanish m.) yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis)
Abedul blanco(Spanish m.) white birch (Betula alba)
Abedul blanco de Norte América(Spanish m.) Western paper birch (Betula fontinalis - resembling the paper birch but having brownish bark)
Abedul de papel(Spanish m.) paper birch (Betula papyrifera)
Abedul negro(Spanish m.) black birch (Betula lenta)
Abedul plateado(Spanish m.) silver birch (Betula pendula)
Abegg VariationsRobert Schumann's op. 1 that employs a figure made up of the five notes a, b flat, e', g', g' which in German pitch names A-B-E-G-G spell the name of the works dedicatee Meta Abegg
Abeille(French f.) bee
Abeille cirière(French f.) worker (bee)
Abeille mâle(French f.) drone (bee)
Abeille mère(French f.) queen-bee
Abeja(Spanish f.) bee, honey bee
Abeja albañila(Spanish f.) mason bee (any of various solitary bees of the family Megachilidae that use clay to build their nests)
Abeja carpintera(Spanish f.) carpenter bee (any of various solitary bees of the family Apidae that bore tunnels into wood to lay their eggs)
Abeja de miel(Spanish f.) honeybee
Abeja doméstica(Spanish f.) honeybee
Abeja machiega(Spanish f.) queen bee
Abeja madre(Spanish f.) queen bee
Abeja maesa(Spanish f.) queen bee
Abeja maestra(Spanish f.) queen bee
Abeja neutra(Spanish f.) worker bee
Abeja obrera(Spanish f.) worker bee, honeybee
Abeja pequeña(Spanish f.) small bee
Abejar(Spanish m.) beehive, apiary
Abeja reina(Spanish f.) queen bee
Abejarrón(Spanish m.) bumblebee, humblebee, humble-bee (any of various large, hairy, social bees of the genus Bombus that nest underground)
Abejaruco (m.), Abejaruca (f.)(Spanish) bee-eater, gossip, gossipmonger
Abejera(Spanish f.) beehive, apiary, lemon balm, garden balm, sweet balm
Abejero (m.), Abejera (f.)(Spanish) beekeeper, apiarist, apiculturist, bee-keeper, bee-eater
Abejón(Spanish m.) bumblebee, humblebee, humble-bee
Abejorreo(Spanish m.) buzzing, buzz, hum, bumbling
Abejorro (m.), Abejorra (f.)(Spanish) bumblebee, humblebee, carder bee, cockchafer, humble-bee, bore (perjorative - person)
Abejorro zángano(Spanish m.) drone (male bee)
abejucado (m.), abejucada (f.)(Spanish) reed-like, rattan-like
abejucarse(Spanish) to become reed-like, to become rattan-like
Abejuela(Spanish f.) small bee
abejuno (m.), abejuna (f.)(Spanish) of or pertaining to a bee or bees, bee-like
Abelian(in mathematics) a reference to any of number of different mathematical concepts named after the Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829)
(historically) one of a sect in Africa (4th century), mentioned by St. Augustine, who states that they married, but lived in continence
abeliano (m.), abeliana (f.)(Spanish) Abelian
abellacado (m.), abellacada (f.)(Spanish) villainous
abellacar(Spanish) to debase, to degrade, to make boorish, to make mean
abellacarse(Spanish) to become debased, to become degraded, to be made boorish, to be made mean
Abellar(Spanish m.) beehive, apiary
Abellimento(Italian) embellishment, ornament
Abellitura(Italian f.) embellishment, ornament
abellotado (m.), abellotada (f.)(Spanish) acorn-shaped (for example, the shape of mouthpiece of a cornett, cornetto, Zink, etc.)
Abelmosco(Spanish m.) abelmosk
Abelmoskan evergreen shrub (now Hibiscus moschatus, formerly Abelmoschus moschatus), sometimes called musk mallow, of the East and West Indies and Northern Africa, whose musky seeds are used in perfumery and to flavour coffee. The seeds, usually referred to as ambrette, are the source of an oil extracted by distillation, that is used as a fixative for perfume
abemoladamente(Spanish) sweetly, caressingly, softly
abemolar(Spanish) to flatten, to put into a minor key, to mark with a flat
(Spanish) to sweeten, to sugarcoat, to soften, to sugar-coat
Abencérages, Lesthe title a reference to the Moorish Abenceragi warriors, a three-act opera by Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842) to a libretto by Victor-Joseph Étienne de Jouy (1764-1846) based on the novel Gonzalve de Cordoue by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian (1755-1794), first performed in Paris in 1813
Abend(German m.) evening, eve
Abendandacht(German f.) evening service, vesper service, evensong
Abendanimation(German f.) evening entertainment
Abendanzug(German m.) dress suit, dinner jacket
Abendausgabe(German f.) evening edition
Abendblatt(German n.) daily evening paper, afternoon daily paper
Abendbrot(German n.) light evening meal, supper
Abendbrot essen(German) to have (high) tea
Abenddämmerung(German f.) twilight, dusk, nightfall, gloaming (literary)
abendelang(German) for the whole evening, all evening long
abendessen(German) to have dinner, to have an evening meal, to have supper, to have dinner
Abendessen(German n.) tea (evening meal), supper, dinner
Abendessen inbegriffen(German) evening meal included
abendfüllend(German) concert length (work), feature-length (film), full-length (opera, movie, etc.)
abendfüllender Spielfilm(German m.) full-length (feature) movie (film)
abendfüllendes Programm(German n.) full evening's programme
Abendgarderobe(German f.) evening clothes (formal), evening attire, evening dress
Abendgarderobe Einladung(German f.) black tie invitation
Abendgebet(German n.) evening prayer
Abendgeläut(German n.) evening bell, evening bells, vesper bell, vesper bells
Abendgesellschaft(German f.) soirée (French f.), evening party
Abendgesellschaft mit Tanz(German f.) dinner dance
Abendglocke (s.), Abendglocken (pl.)(German f.) evening bell, curfew, evening bells, curfew bells
Abendglühen(German n.) after-glow, glow in the west after sunset
Abendgottesdienst(German m.) vespers, evening service
Abendgymnasium(German n.) evening school, night school
Abendhimmel(German m.) sky at sunset, evening sky
Abendkarte(German f.) evening menu (at a restaurant, etc.)
Abendkasse(German f.) box office
Abendklasse (s.), Abendklassen (pl.)(German f.) evening class, night class, night school (pl.)
Abendkleid(German n.) formal gown, evening dress, evening gown
Abendkleid aus (reiner) Seide(German n.) (pure) silk (evening) gown, (pure) silk evening dress
Abendkleid mit geschnürtem Rücken(German n.) lace-up back gown
Abendkleid mit Nackenträger (or Neckholder)(German n.) halter-neck gown
Abendkleid mit Schwalbenschwanz(German n.) fish-tail gown, fishtail gown, fish tail gown
Abendkleider(German pl.) evening dresses
Abendkleidung(German f.) evening dress
Abendkühle(German f.) cool of the evening
Abendkurs (s.), Abendkurse (pl.)(German m.) evening class, evening course
Abendland(German n.) the Western World, the occident
Abendländer (m.), Abendländerin (f.)(German) westerner
abendländisch(German) western, occidental, occidentally
abendländische Kultur(German f.) western civilization
Abendländische Platane(German f.) sycamore (tree) (Platanus occidentalis)
abendlich(German) evening, in the evening
abendliche Kühle(German f.) chill of evening
Abendlicht(German n.) evening light, light at sunset
Abendlied(German n.) an evening song or hymn, for example, Vespers
[addition by Brian A. Jefferies]
Abendluft(German f.) evening air
Abendmahl(German n.) Holy Communion, Eucharist, the Lord's supper
Abendmahlkelch(German m.) chalice, Communion cup
Abendmahlsbrot(German n.) altar bread, Host
Abendmahlsfeier(German f.) communion service
Abendmahlsgänger(German m.) communicant
Abendmahlsgast(German m.) communicant
Abendmahlsgemeinschaft(German f.) full communion
Abendmahlsgottesdienst(German m.) Communion service
Abendmahlskelch(German m.) chalice, Communion cup
Abendmahlsteller(German m.) Communion plate
Abendmahlstisch(German m.) Communion table
Abendmahlswein(German m.) Communion wine
Abendmahlzeit(German f.) evening meal
Abendmesse(German f.) vespers
Abendmusik(German f., literally 'evening music') originating in the seventeenth century, evening music usually of a religious or contemplative nature, the German equivalent of Vespers, applies particularly to a series of Advent concerts started by Franz Tunder (1614-1667), and continued by his son-in-law Dieterich Buxtehude (c.1637-1707), in Lübeck from 1646. Dietrich Buxtehude (c.1637-1707), belongs to the generation of organists before Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), who, like George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), once travelled to Lübeck to hear the master perform at the Marienkirche, where he served as organist for forty years, from 1667 until his death in 1707. He wrote a considerable quantity of music, choral and instrumental, for church use, as well as chamber music and keyboard music of a more secular kind
Abendnachrichten (German pl.) evening news
Abendpost(German f.) evening mail
Abendrobe(German f.) evening gown, evening dress
Abendrock(German m.) evening skirt
Abendrot(German n.) afterglow, (red) glow of sunset
Abendröte(German f.) afterglow, (red) glow of sunset
abends(German) in the evening
Abendschuh(German m.) evening shoe, dress shoe
Abendschule(German f.) nightschool, evening school, evening classes
Abendschüler (m.), Abendschülerin (f.)(German) night-school student
Abendsegen(German m.) evening prayer
Abendsonne(German f.) evening sun, setting sun
Abendspaziergang(German m.) evening walk, evening stroll
Abendständchen(German n.) serenade
Abendstern(German m.) evenstar, vesper, evening star
Abendstille(German f.) quiet of the evening
Abendstimmung(German f.) evening mood
Abendstudium(German n.) evening course
Abendstunde(German f.) evening hour
Abendtau(German m.) evening dew
Abendtoilette(German f.) formal clothes
Abendunterricht(German m.) evening classes, night classes
Abendunterricht besuchen(German) to attend evening classes
Abendveranstaltung(German f.) soirée (French f.), evening party
Abendverkauf(German m.) late opening
Abend vor Allerheiligen(German m.) Hallowe'en, All Hallow's Eve, Halloween
Abendvorstellung(German f.) evening performance
Abendwache(German f.) first (evening) watch
Abendwind(German m.) evening breeze
Abendzeit(German f.) evening, eventide
Abendzeitung(German f.) evening paper, evening newspaper, afternoon daily paper
Abendzug(German m.) evening train
a beneficio de(Spanish) for the benefit of, in aid of
a bene placito(Italian) or a piacere (Italian), ad libitum, at will, as you like, at the performer wishes, up to the performer, at (the performer's) pleasure, nach Belieben (German), frei im Vortrag (German), à volonté (French)
in music, indicating that the performer may change tempo, add ornamentation or change the instrumentation as he or she wishes
Abenteuer (s./pl.)(German n.) adventure, (love) affair, adventurer (male)
Abenteuerbuch(German n.) book of adventure stories
Abenteuerclub(German m.) adventure club
Abenteuerdrang(German m.) spirit of adventure
Abenteuerferien(German pl.) adventure holidays
Abenteuerfilm(German m.) adventure film, adventure movie
Abenteuergeschichte (s.), Abenteuergeschichten (pl.)(German f.) adventure story, tale of adventure
Abenteuerin (s.), Abenteuerinnen (pl.)(German f.) adventuress
Abenteuerkleidung(German f.) safari clothing
Abenteuerleben(German n.) adventurous life, a life of adventure
abenteuerlich(German) adventurous, adventurously, venturous, venturously, swashbuckling, rash, bizarrely, fantastically (dressed), hazardous, risky
abenteuerliche Gesinnung(German f.) adventurous spirit
abenteuerliche Reise(German f.) adventurous journey
abenteuerliche Sache(German f.) cloak and dagger operation
abenteuerlicher Plan(German m.) wild scheme
abenteuerliches Leben(German n.) adventurous life
Abenteuerlichkeit(German f.) bizarreness, riskiness, hazardousness
Abenteuerlust(German f.) thirst for adventure, spirit of adventure
abenteuerlustig(German) adventurous
abenteuerlustig sein(German) to have a thirst for adventure
Abenteuerroman(German m.) adventure novel
Abenteuerstimmung(German f.) sense of adventure
Abenteurer (m.), Abenteurerin (f.)(German) adventurer (m./f.), adventuress (f.)
Abenteurer mit hohen Zielen(German m.) aspiring adventurer
Abenteurergeist(German m.) adventurous spirit
Abenteurernatur(German f.) adventurous person, adventurous nature
Abenuz(Spanish m.) or ébano (Spanish m.), ebony
aber(German) but, however, but for all that
aber dafür(German) but on the other hand
aber dennoch(German) but yet
aberenjenado (m.), aberenjenada (f.)(Spanish) coloured like an aubergine, aubergine coloured, shaped like an aubergine
aber es ist so, dass ...(German) but the fact of the matter is that ...
Aberglaube(German) superstition, reverence for the unknown
abergläubisch(German) superstitious, superstitiously
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Aberhunderte(German pl.) hundreds (upon hundreds)
Abería(Spanish f.) bush used for quickset hedges
Aberínkulathe secular batá drums, played at parties and for music and folkloric performances and commercial recordings
Aber ja!(German) Yes, indeed!
aberkannt(German) denied
aberkennen(German) to disallow, to revoke, to deny, to disprove, to disqualify, to confute (in argument), to deprive
aberkennend(German) denying
Aberkennung(German f.) denial, annulment, cancelation, deprivation, retraction, disallowance, dispossession, revocation
abermalig(German) renewed, repeated
abermals(German) again, once more, anew, once again, de novo (Latin)
Aber natürlich(German) But of course
Aber nicht doch!(German) Of course not!
aber nicht eilen(German) do not rush
aber ohne Erfolg(German) but to no effect
Aberración(Spanish f.) aberration, deviation, utter confusion, aberrance, aberrancy, abjection, twistedness, wrongheadedness, stubbornness, bullheadedness, deviant act, twisted act, insanity
Aberración axial(Spanish f.) axial aberration
Aberración cromática(Spanish f.) chromatic aberration, Newtonian aberration
Aberración de colores(Spanish f.) colour aberration
Aberración de esfericidad(Spanish f.) spherical aberration
Aberración dióptrica(Spanish f.) dioptric aberration (synonymous with spherical aberration)
Aberración esférica(Spanish f.) spherical aberration
Aberración mental(Spanish f.) mental aberration
Aberración newtoniana(Spanish f.) Newtonian aberration (synonymous with chromatic aberration)
Aberración por defecto(Spanish f.) drop-out (loss of information in a signal)
Aberración por exceso(Spanish f.) drop-in
Aberración sexual(Spanish f.) sexual abberation
aberrant(English, German) deviating from what is usually considered normal or acceptable (for example, rogue)
aberrant (m.), aberrante (f.)(French) aberrant, abnormal, crazy (mad), mad, absurd (story), illogical, nonsensical (story), irregular (linguistics)
aberrante(Spanish) aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, deviant, not normal
aberrar(Spanish) to err, to be mistaken, to deviate
aberrarse(Spanish) to become obdurate
aberratio(Latin) abberation
Aberration(English, French f., German f., from Latin aberrationem, itself from aberrare 'go astray') deviation from the normal, strange behaviour, lunacy (foolish act)
Aberrazione(Italian f.) aberration
aberrierend(German) aberrant, aberrantly
Abertal(Spanish m.) unfenced agricultural land
abertal(Spanish) cracked, full of cracks
abertausend(German) thousands upon thousands of
abertausende(German) thousands and thousands
Abertausende(German pl.) thousands upon thousands
abertausendfach(German) a thousand times over
Abertura(Spanish f.) opening, aperture, crack (gap), slit, hole, crevice, openness, frankness, large opening, rima (narrow opening)
Abertura angular(Spanish f.) angular aperture
Abertura automática(Spanish f.) automatic opening
Abertura cavernosa(Spanish f.) cavernous opening, maw
Abertura de bocina(Spanish f.) horn aperture
Abertura de la laringe(Spanish f.) aperture of larynx
Abertura de la parte superior de la laringe(Spanish f.) or glotis (Spanish), opening in the upper part of the larinx, glottis
Abertura de lente(Spanish f.) lens aperture
Abertura del lente(Spanish f.) aperture of the lens
Abertura de diafragma(Spanish f.) lens aperture
Abertura de dispersión(Spanish f.) scattering aperture
Abertura de espíritu(Spanish f.) broad-mindedness
Abertura de presa(Spanish f.) sluiceway, spillway
Abertura de una lente(Spanish f.) aperture of a lens
Abertura de un archivo(Spanish f.) opening of a file
Abertura de ventilación(Spanish f.) vent opening, vent, vent hole
Abertura efectiva(Spanish f.) effective aperture
Abertura grande(Spanish f.) large opening, hole
Abertura limitadora(Spanish f.) limiting aperture
Abertura máxima efectiva(Spanish f.) maximum effective aperture
Abertura pequeña(Spanish f.) small opening, crack, slit, crevice
Abertura plana(Spanish f.) plane aperture
Abertura profunda(Spanish f.) deep gash
Abertura relativa(Spanish f.) relative aperture, lens speed
Abertura retardada(Spanish f.) delayed opening
Abertura selectiva(Spanish f.) selective opening
Abertura superior de la laringe(Spanish f.) aditus laryngis
aber und abermals(German) time and again, again and again
Aberwitz(German m.) madness, folly, piece of lunacy
aberwitzig(German) crazy, cracked (colloquial), ludicrous
aber wuchtiger(German) but weightier, heavier
Aberystwythhymn-tune by Joseph Parry published in 1879 to which the words, written by Charles Wesley, 'Jesu, lover of my soul', are sung
Abesana(Spanish f.) first furrow
Abesón(Spanish m.) common dill (Anethum graveolens)
Abessinien(German n.) Abyssinia
Abessinier (m.), Abessinierin (f.)(German) Abyssinian
Abessinier(German m.) Abyssinian (breed of cat)
Abessinierkatze(German f.) Abyssinian (cat)
abessinisch(German) Abyssinian
abessinisch-orthodoxe Kirche(German f.) Abyssinian Orthodox Church
abestiado (m.), abestiada (f.)(Spanish) beast-like, bestialized
abestializado (m.), abestializada (f.)(Spanish) beast-like
abestiarse(Spanish) to become an animal, to become a brute, to become brutalized
Abéstola(Spanish f.) ploughstaff, plowstaff (US)
Abetal (s.), Abetales (pl.)(Spanish m.) fir wood, fir grove, fir forest
Abetar (s.), Abetares (pl.)(Spanish m.) fir wood, fir grove, fir forest
Abete(Italian m.) fir (tree), wood of the fir tree
Abete rosso(Italian m.) or legno di abete rosso (Italian m.), Rot-Tanne (German f.), Fichte (Holz) (German f.), (bois de) sapin (French m.), spruce (wood)
Abetinote(Spanish m.) fir tree resin
abêtir(French) to turn into a half-wit, to make dull (to make stupid)
abêtir, s'see s'abêtir
abêtissant (m.), abêtissante (f.)(French) stupefying (work)
Abêtissement(French m.) stupidity, mindlessness
Abeto(Spanish m.) fir (tree)
Abeto albar(Spanish m.) silver fir (especially Abies alba)
Abeto amarillo(Spanish m.) or picea del Pacífico (Spanish m.), yellow spruce
Abeto balsámico(Spanish m.) balsam fir (Abies balsamea)
Abeto blanco(Spanish m.) white fir, silver fir
Abeto del Norte(Spanish m.) spruce, red spruce (Picea rubens)
Abeto falso(Spanish m.) spruce, red spruce (Picea rubens)
Abeto negro(Spanish m.) black spruce (Picea mariana)
Abeto plateado(Spanish m.) silver fir
Abeto rojo(Spanish m.) red spruce, red fir, spruce
Abetuna(Spanish f.) fir sprout, fir tree shoot
abetunado (m.), abetunado (f.)(Spanish) pitch-like, tar-like, blackened, blacked, tarred, covered with pitch, covered with tar, polished, very brown
abetunar(Spanish) to polish, to polish to a shine (especially shoes)
ab extra(Latin) not eminating from the mind
Abey(Spanish m.) jacaranda
Abeyancetemporary disuse
Abey hembra(Spanish m.) mimosa
Abey macho(Spanish m.) jacaranda
Abf.abbreviation of Abfahrt (German: departure)
ab Fabrik(German) ex factory, ex works
abfahrbar(German) retractable
abfahrbereit(German) ready to leave, ready to go, about to depart
Abfahren(German n.) shutdown
abfahren(German) to set off, to be off, to drive off (car, etc.), to take off, to leave, to start off, to sail, to move off, to shut down (machine, etc.)
abfahren nach(German) to sail for
abfahren von(German) start from
abfahrend(German) departing, outgoing, leaving, outbound (bus, train, etc.)
abfahrende Passagiere(German pl.) leaving passengers, departing passangers
Abfahrshafen(German m.) port of departure
Abfahrsignal(German n.) departure signal
Abfahrt(German f.) departure (abbreviation Abf.), departure (of vehicle), descent, start, downhill skiing
Abfahrt eines Schiffes(German f.) departure of a ship
Abfahrten(German pl.) departures
Abfahrtsbahnhof(German m.) departure station
Abfahrtsdatum(German n.) date of departure
Abfahrtshafen(German m.) port of departure
Abfahrtslauf(German m.) downhill race, descent
Abfahrtsliste(German f.) sailing list
Abfahrtsort(German m.) point of departure
Abfahrtsplan der Schiffe(German m.) schedule of sailings
Abfahrtssignalflagge der Schiffe(German f.) Blue Peter (signal flag on a ship about to depart from port)
Abfahrtstafel(German f.) departures board
Abfahrtstag(German m.) day of departure, sailing date
Abfahrtszeit(German f.) time of departure, sailing time
Abfall(German m.) waste, trash, rubbish, refuse (waste), scrap, spoilage, wastage, chippings, chaffloss, descent, falling, decrease, falling off (of faith)
Abfallablagerung(German f.) waste disposal
Abfallbehälter(German m.) litter bin, dustbin
Abfallbeutel(German m.) refuse bag
Abfalldeponie(German f.) refuse dump, rubbish dump, rubbish tip, waste landfill
Abfälle(German pl.) litter, debris, off-cuts, cuttings
Abfälle anhäufen(German) to accumulate rubbish
Abfalleimer (s./pl.)(German m.) bin, rubbish bin, garbage can, trash can
abfallen(German) to fall off, to dip, to decay, to descend, to apostatize, to slope, to slope down, to drop down, to drop away, to decrease
abfallen auf(German) to descend to
abfallend(German) sloping, slanting, falling off, deciduous, apostatising, seceding
in a cappella works, especially if the singers are suffering from the effects of "low pressure" weather, the conductor might speak of in der Tonhöhe abfallend, i.e. 'losing pitch'. You know what it's like. Some choir conductors say: "Early in the morning, C sometimes becomes B, and if your luck is out, even B flat!" In that case, of course, the loss of pitch is not intentional. Conductors of orchestras say etwas abfallend, which may refer to an agogic accent, or to an effect of a purely dynamic nature, i.e. 'slight decline in speed or slight decline in strength (loudness)'
[comment provided by Brian A. Jefferies]
Abfallentsorgung(German f.) waste management, garbage collection, waste disposal
Abfallhaufen(German m.) trash pile, rubbish heap
Abfallholz(German m.) waste wood, scrap
abfällig(German) disparaging, disparagingly, derogative, derogatively, snide, snidely
abfällige Bemerkung(German f.) aspersion
Abfallkorb(German m.) wastebasket
Abfallpapier(German n.) waste paper
Abfallstoff (s.), Abfallstoffe (pl.)(German m.) waste product, waste material
Abfall vom Glauben(German m.)lapse from faith, apostasy
Abfallverwertung(German f.) recycling
Abfallzeit(German f.) release
abfälschen(German) to deflect
Abfangen(German n.) enticing away a customer, interception
abfangen(German) to retain, to intercept, to trap, to secure (cable)
abfangend(German) intercepting
Abfangscheibe(German f.) guard
Abfarad(English, Spanish m.) also abF or aF, a unit of capacitance equal to one billion (10^9) farads
abfärben(German) to stain
abfärbend(German) fading (colour, etc.)
abfasen(German) to chamfer
abfassen(German) to compose, to draft, to indite, to draw up (to formulate)
abfassend(German) composing, drafting, inditing, drawing up (formulating)
Abfasser(German m.) composer, author
Abfassung(German f.) composition, wording (of a text), drawing up (of a text, document, etc.)
Abfassung von Berichten (German f.) writing of reports
Abfasung(German f.) chamfer, bevel, bevelling
abfedern(German) to cushion
abfeilen(German) to file down, to file off
abfeilend(German) filing off
abfendern(German) to fend off
abfertigen(German) to send away, to deal with, to dispatch, to ship
abfertigend(German) dispatching
Abfertigung(German f.) snub, dispatch, processing
Abfertigungen(German pl.) dispatches
Abfertigungsgebühr (s.) Abfertigungsgebühren (pl.)(German f.) clearance fee, servicing fee, dispatch fee
Abfertigungshalle(German f.) check-in area, terminal building
Abfertigungspapiere(German pl.) clearance papers
Abfertigungsschalter(German m.) dispatch counter, check-in desk, check-in counter, customs clearance (office)
Abfertigungsstelle(German f.) dispatch office
abfetten(German) to degrease
abfeuern(German) to fire off, to let off, to fire
abfeuernd(German) firing off
abfiltrieren(German) to filter out
Abfindung (s.), Abfindungen (pl.)(German f.) (monetary) compensation, severance payment (payment on loss of job), commutation, pay-off, gratuity, financial settlement, lump-sum settlement
[additional information provided by Brian A. Jefferies]
Abfindungssumme(German f.) amount of compensation
Abfindungsvertrag(German m.) deed of settlement, termination agreement
Abfindungswert(German m.) amount payable on settlement
Abfindungszahlung bei Entlassung(German m.) severance payment, redundancy payment
ABflabbreviation of Alt-Blockflöte (German: alto or treble recorder - flûte à bec alto (French))
abflachen(German) to provide a flat surface, to face, to bottom out, to flatten, to machine a surface flat
abflachend(German) levelling, flattening
Abflachung(German f.) flat section, flat portion, flattening
Abflauen(German n.) abatement, tailing off
abflauen(German) to die down (wind, applause), to slack off, to calm down (wind) , to wane, to decline, to slump, to subside, to tail away, to abate, to tail off
abflauend(German) waning
abfliegen(German) to start
abfliegend(German) taking off, outbound
Abfließen(German n.) drain
abfließen(German) to empty out, to flow off, to drain off, to run off
abfließen lassen(German) to drain, to drain away
abfließend(German) draining off
abflöten(German) to play on the flute
Abflug (s.), Abflüge (pl.)(German m.) take-off, departure, start
abflugbereit(German) ready for departure
Abflughafen(German m.) airport of departure
Abflughalle(German f.) departure lounge, departure hall
Abflugplan(German m.) schedule of departure
Abflugschalter(German m.) check-in desk
Abflugtermin(German m.) departure date
Abflugterminal(German n.) departure terminal
Abfluss(German m.) outlet (of lake), run-off, effluent, drainage, drain, discharge
Abfolge(German f.) order, array, series, sequence, succession
abfordern(German) to requisition
abfordernd(German) demanding
Abformtechnik(German f.) moulding method
Abformwerkzeug(German n.) moulding tool
abfotografieren(German) to photograph
abfotografiert(German) photographed
Abfrage(German f.) polling, query, prompt, detection, survey, enquiry, request, recitation, interrogation, retrieval
Abfragen(German n.) scanning
abfragen(German) to quiz, to retrieve, to enquire, to interrogate, to poll, to scan, to sample, to request, to query, to carry out
abfragend(German) quizzing, questioning
Abfragesprache(German f.) query language
Abfragesystem(German n.) retrieval system
Abfrageverfahren(German n.) polling method
abfräsen(German) to mill off, to bevel, to chamfer
abfrottieren(German) to rub down (person)
Abfühlen(German n.) sensing
abfühlen(German) to read, to sense
Abfuhr(German f.) carriage, removal, put-down, rebuff
Abführung(German f.) payment