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ASabbreviation of 'American Samoa'
As(German n. (old form), Spanish m.) ace (cards, tennis)
As, as
note A flat
(German n., Dutch) the note 'A flat'
ascomo (Spanish), come (Italian), so (German), wie (German), comme (French)
As.abbreviation of 'Asia', 'Asian', 'Asiatic'
a.s.abbreviation of al segno (Italian: to the sign, at the sign), anno salutis (Latin: in the year of salvation), anno Salvatoris (Latin: in the year of the Saviour)
A-Sabbreviation of 'Anglo-Saxon
a-sabbreviation of 'all-sung'
A/Sabbreviation of Aktieselskab (Danish: joint stock company), Aktjeselskap (Norwegian: limited company, Ltd.)
ASAabbreviation of 'Acoustical Society of America'
Asa(Spanish f.) handle
in Spanish, asa is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
Asaaduaasaadua was once a popular recreation musical type among the Akan people of Ghana. Its performance is now limited to some few communities in Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions. Like other popular entertainment music, which evolves from the ingenuity of some veteran traditional musicians, asaadua started as a youth recreational music for the men of the Akan tradition
a saber(Spanish) namely, to wit, scilicet (Latin), SS, videlicet (Latin), viz.
a sabiendas(Spanish) on purpose, consciously, deliberately, knowingly, wittingly, scienter (Latin)
a sabiendas de que(Spanish) knowing full well that, fully aware that
as abovecome sopra (Italian), wie oben (German), comme dessus (French)
a sacrificio de(Spanish) at the expense of
a sacudidas(Spanish) by jerks, jerkily
Asadera(Spanish f. - parts of South America) roasting pan, roasting dish, roasting tin
Asadero(Spanish m. - parts of South America) griddle
Asado(Spanish m.) roast (meat), joint, barbecued meat (Latin America), barbecue (Latin America)
asado (m.), asada (f.)(Spanish) roast(ed)
estamos asados de calor (Spanish: we are roasting)
asado a la parrilla(Spanish) grilled
asado al horno(Spanish) baked, roast
Asador(Spanish m.) spit, rotisserie, barbecue
Asador (m.) Asadora (f.)(Spanish m.) cook (person who cooks the meat at a barbecue)
Asadura(Spanish f.) offal, innards
A Sagração da Primavera(Portuguese) The Rite of Spring
Asalariado (m.), Asalariada (f.)(Spanish) employee, wage-earner, salary-earner
asalariado (m.), asalariada (f.)(Spanish) salaried, wage-earning
Asaltante(Spanish m./f.) attacker, (bank) robber
los asaltantes de la embajada (Spanish: those who stormed the embassy)
asaltar(Spanish) to storm (position), to assault, to attack (person), to raid (bank), to hold up (bank), to rob, to mug (person), to assail (figurative: thought), to cross one's mind (figurative), to strike (idea)
me asaltó una duda (Spanish: I was struck by a sudden doubt, I was seized by a sudden doubt)
Asalto(Spanish m.) hold-up, robbery, mugging, attack, assault, round (in boxing), bout (boxing match)
Asalto a mano armada(Spanish m.) an armed robbery, an armed raid
Asalto a un banco(Spanish m.) bank robbery, bank raid, bank hold-up
a salto de mata(Spanish) headlong, haphazardly
a saltos(Spanish) by leaps and bounds, by leaps, in leaps and bounds, skippingly
a saltos gigantes(Spanish) by leaps and bounds
a saltos y a corcovos(Spanish) by fits and starts, in jerks
a saltos y brincos(Spanish) by leaps and bounds, by fits and starts, by large movements forward
a salva mano(Spanish) without danger, without running any risk
a salvo(Spanish) safe and sound, in safety, in the clear, out of danger, out of harm's way, out of the woods, home and dry, unscathed, safely, without harm
a salvo de(Spanish) safe from
Asamblea(Spanish f.) assembly, meeting, conference
Asamblea de trabajadores de banca(Spanish f.) meeting of bank workers
Asambleísta(Spanish m./f.) member of an assembly
a sangre caliente(Spanish) in the heat of the moment
a sangre fría(Spanish) in cold blood, cold-bloodedly, coldly, cruelly, ruthlessly
a sangre y fuego(Spanish) by fire and the sword, by fire and sword, violently, with blood and iron, with fire and sword, mercilessly, ruthlessly
a santo de(Spanish) because of, under the pretext of
a santo de qué(Spanish) on what grounds, why, on which basis, why on earth
a.s.a.p.abbreviation of 'as soon as possible'
Asapán(Spanish m. - Mexico) flying squirrel
Asapha famous musician on David's time who is supposed to be the founder of the choir in the Second Temple. Psalms 50 and 73-83 are ascribed to him
asar(Spanish) to roast, to grill, to spit-roast, to bake, to pester
asar a(Spanish) to pester with
asar a la parrilla(Spanish) to grill
asar al horno(Spanish) to bake, to roast
asarse(Spanish) to be very hot, to be roasting (figurative)
note A double flat
(German n.) or ases, the note 'A double flat'
a satisfacción de(Spanish) to the satisfaction of
à savoir(French) namely
A. Sax.abbreviation of 'alto saxophone'
asbach(German) ancient
as beforecome prima (Italian), wie früher (German), comme avant (French)
Asbest(German m.) asbestos
asbestbedingt(German) asbestos-related
Asbestexposition(German f.) exposure to asbestos
Asbestfaser(German f.) asbestos fibre
asbestfaserhaltig(German) containing asbestos fibres
Asbestfeuerschutzanzug(German m.) asbestos fireproof suit
asbestfrei(German) asbestos-free
asbesthaltig(German) containing asbestos
Asbesto(Spanish m.) asbestos
Asbestosa strong and incombustible fiber widely used in the past for fireproofing and insulation
Asbestose(German f.) asbestosis
Asbestosis(English, Spanish f.) diffuse pulmonary fibrosis caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles
Asbestsanierung(German f.) asbestos removal
Asbeststaub(German m.) asbestos dust
Asbestverbot(German n.) asbestos ban
Asbestverseuchung(German f.) asbestos contamination
asc.abbreviation of 'ascend', 'ascent'
ASCAPabbreviation of 'American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers', the first and still largest of American performing rights societies, which collect and distribute royalties to members from use of their music
Ascella(Italian f.) armpit
Ascendant(French m.) influence
ascendant (m.), ascendante (f.)(French) ascending, upward
Ascendants(French m. pl.) ancestors
Ascendencia(Spanish f.) descent, ancestry, origin(s), ancestors
es de ascendencia francesa (Spanish: he is of French descent)
su ascendencia humilde (Spanish: her humble origins)
Ascendente(Italian m.) ancestor, ascendency (influence)
(Spanish m.) ascendant
ascendente(Italian, Spanish) ascending, ascendant, upward, rising
Ascendenza(Italian f.) ancestry
ascender(Spanish) to promote, to go up, to rise, to ascend, to come to, to amount to, to be promoted, to climb (stairs, mountain)
ascender a ...(Spanish) to amount to ... (something)
ascender al trono(Spanish) to ascend the throne
Ascendiente(Spanish m./f.) ancestor
(Spanish m.) ascendency, influence
el párroco tiene mucho ascendiente sobre su madre (Spanish: the priest has great influence over his mother)
Ascendinga term applied in music to describe a rising melodic line, that is one rising in pitch
Ascending intervalintervalo ascendente (Spanish), intervallo ascendente (Italian), intervalle ascendant (French), steigendes Intervall (German)
the melodic interval where the first note is at a lower pitch than the second note
ascendió rápidamente en su carrera(Spanish) he advanced rapidly in his career
Ascenseur(French m.) lift, elevator
Ascension(French f.) ascent
Ascensión(Spanish f.) ascent, climb, promotion, accession (to the throne)
la Ascensión (Spanish: the Ascension)
ascensional(Spanish) upward
Ascensione(Italian) ascent
Ascenso(Spanish m.) ascent (mountain), promotion (sport, employment), rise (temperature, prices)
Ascensor(Spanish m.) lift, elevator (US)
Ascensore(Italian m.) lift, elevator (US)
Ascensorista(Spanish m./f.) lift attendant, elevator operator
Ascensussee anabasis
Ascension Dayalso known as Holy Thursday, the feast of the ascent of Christ into Heaven, celebrated forty days after Easter
Ascertainmentthe Enlightenment's desire for and obsession with standardization and regulation of the English language - i.e., making grammatical rules (often based artificially on Latin grammar or mathematical principles, or based on creating style and spelling guidebooks for "correctness" of usage, and so on)
Ascesa(Italian f.) ascent, accession (to the throne)
Ascesis(Greek) the practice of self-discipline (for example, subject to monastic rules)
Ascesso(Italian m.) abscess
Asceta(Italian m./f., Spanish m./f.) ascetic
Ascète(French m./f.) ascetic
ascético(Spanish) ascetic
ascètique(French) ascetic
Aschanti(German f. - Austria) peanut
Aschantinuss(German f. - Austria) peanut
Aschbecher(German m.) ashtray
aschbleich(German) ashen-faced, ashen (face)
aschblond(German) ash blond, ash blonde
Aschdod(German n.) Ashdod (Philistine city-state on the Mediterranean Sea)
Asche(German f.) ash, cinders, ember, cinder, ashes
Asche zu Asche, Staub zu Staub(German) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
aschen(German) to tap the ash off one's cigarette
(German) ashen
Aschenbahn(German f.) cinder track (used for running, dirt-track motorcycle racing)
Aschenbahnrennen(German n.) dirt-track racing
Aschenbecher (s./pl.)(German m.) ashtray, ash-try
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Aschenbrödel(German n.) Cinderella
Aschenbrödel-Walzer(German m.) Cinderella waltz
Ascheneimer(German m.) ash bin, ash can
Aschenkasten(German m.) ashpan
Aschenkreuz(German n.) ashing (part of the religious ceremonies associated with Ash Wednesday)
Aschenkrug(German m.) cinerary vase (containing the ashes of the dead)
Aschenputtel(German n.) Cinderella
Aschenurne(German f.) cinerary urn (containing the ashes of the dead)
Ascher(German m.) ashtray
Asheraor Asherah, Canaanite goddess of fertility
Ascherabild(German n.) image of the goddess Aschera, image of the goddess Asherah
Asherahor Ashera, Canaanite goddess of fertility
Aschermittwoch(German m.) Ash Wednesday
äschert ein(German) cremates, incinerates
äscherte ein(German) cremated
aschfahl(German) ashen-faced, ashen (figurative), ashy
aschfarben(German) ashen
aschfarbig(German) ashen
Aschgabat(German n.) Ashgabat
aschgrau(German) ash-grey, ashen-faced, cinereous, ashen
aschig(German) ashy
Aschkali(German pl.) Ashkali (ethnic minority, especially in Kosovo)
Aschkelon(German n.) Ashkelon (Philistine city-state on the Mediterranean Sea)
Aschkenas(German m.) Ashkenaz
Aschkenasen(German pl.) Ashkenazi Jews, Ashkenazim (Ashkenazi Jews)
Aschkenasim(German pl.) Ashkenazim (Ashkenazi Jews)
Aschkuchen(German m.) ring-shaped cake
Aschram(German m.) ashram
Aschtarak(German n.) Ashtarak (an industrial town in Armenia, on the Kasagh River gorge)
äschyleisch(German) Aeschylean
Äschylus(German m.) Aeschylus (525-456 BC) (father of Greek tragic drama)
Ascia(Italian f.) axe
ASCII(English, German m.) acronym for 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange', a standard coding system within the computer industry to convert keyboard input into digital information. It covers all of the printable characters in normal use and control characters such as carriage return and line feed. The full table contains 127 elements. Variations and extensions of the basic code are to be found in special applications
ASCII tabASCII tab is a text file format used for writing guitar and bass guitar tab using plain ASCII numbers, letters and symbols. It is the only widespread file format for representing tab, and is extensively used for disseminating tab via the Internet
  • ASCII tab from which this extract has been taken
ASCII-Code(German m.) ASCII code
ASCII-Tastatur(German f.) ASCII keyboard
Asciugacapelli(Italian m.) hairdryer
Asciugamano(Italian m.) towel
asciugare(Italian) to dry
asciugarsi(Italian) to dry oneself, to dry up
asciutto(Italian) dry, thin
Asclepiador Asclepiadic meter, a Greek and Latin verse form consisting of one spondee, two or three choriambs and one iamb, usually with a caesura in the middle
ASCM, A.S.C.M.abbreviation of 'Associate of the State Conservatorium of Music (NSW)'
Asco(Spanish m.) disgust, repugnance
me dio asco (Spanish: it made me feel sick)
el parque está hecho un asco (Spanish: the park is in a real state (colloquial: in a poor state))
tanta corrupción da asco (Spanish: all this corruption is sickening)
ascoltare(Italian) to listen, to listen to
Ascoltatore (m.), Ascoltatrice (f.)(Italian) listener
Ascolto(Italian m.) listening
Ascorbic acidcommonly known as vitamin C, found in citrus fruits and blackcurrants
Ascua(Spanish f.) ember
in Spanish, ascua is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
ASDA, A.S.D.A.abbreviation of 'Associate in Speech & Drama Australia'
a/s deabbreviation of aux soins de (French: care of, c/o - used in a postal address)
As dead as muttonstone dead
As deaf as a beetlea reference not to the insect but to a large mallet used for levelling paving-stones or driving in fence posts
As deaf as a (door)postquite deaf, or so unattentive as not to hear what is being said
As deaf as an addera reference to a belief in the East that when a charmer is brought in to a house to entice the snake to leave, it turns one ear to the ground and stops the other with its tail
As deaf as a white cata reference to a belief that white cats are both stupid and deaf
key of A flat major(German n.) the key of 'A flat major'
As-Dur-Tonleiter(German f.) A flat major scale
aseadamente(Spanish) cleanly
aseado (m.), aseada (f.)(Spanish) clean, neat, tidy
asear(Spanish) to wash, to clean, to tidy up, to straighten up
asearse(Spanish) to wash (oneself), to get washed, to clean (oneself), to tidy oneself up, to straighten
a secas(Spanish) bluntly, offhand, offhandedly, curtly
a secas y sin llover(Spanish) without warning, without preparation
a secco(Italian) (painting) on dry plaster
'A' Sectionthe first section of a tune, typically 8 bars long, generally the main theme
asediar(Spanish) to besiege (castle, person), to lay seige to, to surround, to pester (figurative)
Asedio(Spanish m.) siege
a seguir(Spanish) to follow
Asegurado (m.), Asegurada (f.)(Spanish) (the) insured (person), policy-holder
asegurado (m.), asegurada (f.)(Spanish) insured, secured (guarantee)
Asegurador (m.), Aseguradora (f.)(Spanish) insurer (person)
asegurador (m.), aseguradora (f.)(Spanish) insurance (of or pertaining to insurance)
Aseguradora(Spanish f.) insurance company
asegurar(Spanish) to secure, to make safe, to make ... secure, to assure, to insure, to safeguard, to guarantee, to fasten, to tighten up, to maintain (opinion, position)
asegurar el éxito de una empresa(Spanish) to ensure the success of a project
asegurarse(Spanish) to make sure, to insure oneself, to guarantee oneself
a sei(Italian) for six, in six parts, zu sechst (German), sechsfach besetzt (German), in sechststimmiger Besetzung (German), à six (French)
a semejanza de(Spanish) like, as
asemejar(Spanish) to make ... (look) like, to compare, to liken
asemejarse(Spanish) to be alike, to look alike, to be similar
asemejarse a ...(Spanish) to resemble ... (something, someone), to look like ... (something, someone)
äsen(German) to graze (animal), to browse (animal)
Äsen(German n.) browsing (by animals)
Asen(German pl.) Æsir (a term denoting one of the principal gods of the pantheon of Norse paganism)
äsend(German) grazing (animals)
as en la manga(Spanish) ace up one's sleeve
Asenowgrad(German n.) Asenovgrad (a town in central southern Bulgaria, located in Plovdiv Province, close to the city of Plovdiv)
a sentadillas(Spanish) sidesaddle
asentado (m.), asentada (f.)(Spanish) situated, established, settled (in) (consolidated), deep-rooted, deeply rooted, mature (Latin America)
el pueblo está asentado a orillas de un río (Spanish: the village lies on the banks of the river, the village is situated on the banks of a river)
Asentador (m.), Asentadora (f.)(Spanish) wholesaler
Asentamiento(Spanish m.) settlement
asentar(Spanish) to place, to set up, to place carefully, to place firmly, to consolidate, to enter, to settle, to note down, to be suitable
asentarse(Spanish) to settle, to be situated, to be built, to settle down (Latin America)
Asentimiento(Spanish m.) consent, assent
asentir(Spanish) to agree, to consent, to assent
asentir a(Spanish) to agree to, to consent to, to assent to
asentir con la cabeza(Spanish) to nod (in agreement)
Aseo (s.) Aseos (pl.)(Spanish m.) cleanliness, tidiness, bathroom, toilets (plural form), rest room (US)
Aseo personal(Spanish m.) personal hygiene
Asepsis(English, German f.) the state of being free of pathogenic microorganisms, the process of removing pathogenic microorganisms or protecting against infection
aséptico (m.), aséptica (f.)(Spanish) aseptic
aseptique(French) aseptic
aseptiser(French) to disinfect, to sterilize (kill germs)
aseptisé(French) sanitized (prejorative)
aseptisch(German) aseptic, aseptically
aseptische Meningitis(German f.) aseptic meningitis (inflammation of the membranes (meninges) that cover the brain and spinal cord, not caused by an infection)
'aseqwandering Middle-eastern minstrels, many players of the folk oboe, balaban
asequible(Spanish) obtainable, reasonable (price), approachable (person), affordable (price), attainable, achievable, accessible (easy to understand), easy to understand
Aserbaidschan(German n.) Azerbaijan
Aserbaidschaner (m), Aserbaidschanerin (f.), Aserbaidschaner (pl.), Aserbaidschanerinnen ( Azerbaijani
Aserbaidschanisch(German n.) Azerbaijani
aserbeidschanisch(German) Azerbaijani
Aserradero(Spanish m.) sawmill
aserrar(Spanish) to saw
Aserrín(Spanish m. - Latin America) sawdust
Aserrío(Spanish m. - Colombia, Ecuador) sawmill
aserruchar(Spanish - Chile) to saw
a servicio suyo(Spanish) at your service
a servicio tuyo(Spanish) at your service
Ases, ases(German n.) synonymous with asas, the note 'A double flat'
asesinar(Spanish) to murder, to assassinate
Asesinato(Spanish m.) murder, assassination
Asesino (m.), Asesina (f.)(Spanish) murderer, assassin, murderess (f.), killer
asesino (m.), asesina (f.)(Spanish) murderous
Asesino a sueldo(Spanish m.) hired killer
Asesino en serie(Spanish m.) serial killer
Asesor (m.), Asesora (f.)(Spanish) adviser, consultant
asesor (m.), asesora (f.)(Spanish) advisory, consultant
Asesoramiento(Spanish m.) advice
asesorar(Spanish) to advise, to give advice, to act as a consultant
asesorarse con ...(Spanish) to consult ... (somebody)
asesorarse de(Spanish) to consult
Asesor fiscal (m.), Asesora fiscal (f.)(Spanish) tax advisor
Asesoría(Spanish f.) consultancy, consultant's office
Asesoría fiscal(Spanish f.) tax consultancy
Asesoría jurídica(Spanish f.) legal consultancy
asestar(Spanish) to aim (gun, etc.), to strike (a blow), to fire (weapon), to deal
me asestó una puñalada (Spanish: he stabbed me)
me asestó un puñetazo (Spanish: he punched me)
le asestaron dos puñaladas (Spanish: he was stabbed twice)
Aseveración(Spanish f.) assertion
aseverar(Spanish) to assert
Asexual(English, Spanish) without sexual desire or interest, with seemingly no sexual drive
reproduction without the combination of genetic material with another individual; for example yeast can reproduce asexually by budding
asexuado (m.), asexuada (f.)(Spanish) sexless, asexual
Asexualität(German f.) asexuality
asexuell(German) asexual, nonsexual
asexuelle Vermehrung(German f.) asexual reproduction
asfaltado (m.), asfaltada (f.)(Spanish) asphalt, asphalted
asfaltar(Spanish) to asphalt, to lay asphalt
Asfalto(Spanish m.) asphalt
Asfissia(Italian f.) suffocation, asphyxia
asfissiante(Italian) suffocating, asphyxiating
As fit as a fiddlein a very healthy condition, in excellent physical form
Asfixia(Spanish f.) suffocation, asphyxia
asfixiante(Spanish) suffocating, asphyxiating
asfixiar(Spanish) to suffocate, to asphyxiate, to stifle
murió asfixiado (Spansh: he died of asphyxiation, he died of suffocation)
asfixiarse(Spanish) to be asphyxiated, to suffocate, to choke to death, to feel stifled
me asfixiaba de calor (Spansh: I was suffocating in the heat)
as from a distancecome da lontano (Italian), wie aus der Ferne (German), comme d'une distance (French)
Asgard(English, German n.) in Norse myth, the heavenly city where the great gods lived. It was connected to earth by a "rainbow bridge" known as Bifrost
asgdabbreviation of 'assigned'
As good asalmost, virtually
asgmtabbreviation of 'assignment'
Ash(German Esche, French Frêne, Dutch Es, European Species: Fraxinus excelsior, American Species: F. americana (White ash), F. nigra (Black ash): Average Weight: 45 pounds per cubic foot) Ash wood is flexible and shock resistant, but susceptible to worm and decay. It was mostly used for tool handles, spear shafts, wheel spokes, and other applications requiring strength and flexibility. Ash bends very well. Ash also turns well and was commonly used for turned vessels. American Ash is similar but slightly lighter at 40 pounds per cubic foot
Ash(also spelled aesc or asc when referring to runes) the letter used in Old English to indicate the sound /æ/ as in the modern English word <at>. The name comes from the Old Norse rune aesc. It represented a vowel sound akin to the "a" in father, as opposed to the vowel sound in bat or rate
As hard as nailsstern, hard-hearted, unsympathetic
A sharp
note A sharp
the raised sixth note of the scale of C major, which in 'fixed do' solfeggio is called li
A sharp majorthe key of 'A sharp major', enharmonically equivalent to the key of 'B flat major'
scale of 'A sharp major
the scale of 'A sharp major'
A sharp minor
key A sharp minorthe key of 'A sharp minor'
AshdodPhilistine city-state on the Mediterranean Sea
Ashikoa cone-shaped drum of the Yoruba people (Nigeria) made with strips of wood placed next to one another and skinned with goat, antelope, or rarely with cow skin that produces a resonant bass tone when struck in the middle, and a high tone when struck on the rim
or assiko, music based on Bantu rhythms and women's choirs, enriched by Cuban influences brought by Ashanti sailors from Liberia, and played on electric guitar backed by percussion, including a beer bottle hit with a knife
Ashiqor Ashik, mystic troubadour or traveling bard, in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran who sings and plays the saz, a form of lute. Ashiks' songs are semi-improvised around common bases. They also can be found in Turkey, the Turkmen Sahra (Iran) and Turkmenistan, where they are called bakshy
  • Ashik from which this extract has been taken
AshkelonPhilistine city-state on the Mediterranean Sea
Ashkenasim(German pl.) Ashkenazi Jews
AshkenazMedieval Hebrew name for Germany
Ashkenazipertaining to the Ashkenazim
AshkenazimJews originating from Europe, mostly from Yiddish speaking countries
Ashoughsearly Armenian travelling musicians
Ashramabode of spiritual teacher, place for disciplined community living, a stage of life
Ashton Keynes
a Bruderhof community set up on the 200 acre Ashton Fields Farm after the sect was forced to leave Europe by Nazi persecution which grew to some 250 members as it attracted English followers. The group developed the farm, renovating buildings and cultivating the land, adding 103 adjoining acres in 1937 and running a successful mixed farm & large market garden. They also set up craft and publishing ventures. Following anti-German harrassment at the outset of the War they sold up and moved to Paraguay
Ash Wednesdaythe first day of Lent
Ashygh-singinga style of folk singing found in the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan
asi(Spanish) so, like this, like that, such, this way
asi(German) anti-social
Asia(English, Spanish f.) the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population, joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia
in Spanish, Asia is a feminine noun that takes a masculine article in the singular
Asia Menor(Spanish) Asia Minor
in Spanish, Asia is a feminine noun that takes a masculine article in the singular
Asian American jazza musical movement in the United States begun in the twentieth century by Asian American jazz musicians
Asian Undergrounda term associated with various British musicians of South-Asian (mostly Indian or Pakistani) origin which blend elements of western underground dance music and the traditional music of their home countries
asi asá(Spanish) so-so
asi asado(Spanish) so-so
asi asi(Spanish) so-so
Asiat (m.), Asiatin (f.), Asiaten (pl.), Asiatinnen ( Asian
Asiate(French m./f.) Asian
Asiatico (m.), Asiatica (f.)(Italian) Asian
asiatico(Italian) asian, asiatic
Asiático (m.), Asiática (f.)(Spanish) Asian, Asiatic
asiático (m.), asiática (f.)(Spanish) asiatic, asian
Asiatique(French m./f.) Asian, Asiatic
asiatique(French) asian, asiatic
asiatisch(German) asian, asiatic
asiatisch-pazifisch(German) Asia-Pacific
Asiatische Grippe(German f.) Asian flu
Asiatischer Elefant(German m.) Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus), Asian elephant
asi como(Spanish) just as
así ... como(Spanish) both ... and
así como Juan me parece adorable, no soporto a su hermana(Spanish) just as I think Juan is adorable, I can't stand his sister
¡así cualquiera!(Spanish) that's cheating! (colloquial)
Asidein the theatre, a performance convention in which a character speaks directly to the audience while the other characters pretend that their characters do not hear the speaker's words
A-sidethe first or front side of a vinyl record, the opposite side to the B-side which is also called the 'flip side'
así de alto(Spanish) this high
¡así de fácil!(Spanish) it's as easy as that
así de grueso(Spanish) this thick
Asidero(Spanish m.) handle, hand(hold), excuse (figurative: pretext)
asiduamente(Spanish) regularly
Asiduidad(Spanish f.) regularity, assiduity
Asiduo (m.), Asidua (f.)(Spanish m.) regular (customer, client)
asiduo (m.), asidua (f.)(Spanish) regular, assiduous (persistant), devoted (admirer), frequent (customer)
Asie(French m./f.) Asia
Asien(German n.) Asia
Asiento(Spanish m.) seat, saddle (bicycle), base, site, entry, sediment (dregs)
por favor, tome asiento (Spanish: please take a seat)
tome asiento, por favor (Spanish: please take a seat)
Asiento abatible(Spanish m.) reclining seat
Asiento anatómico(Spanish m.) anatomically designed seat
Asiento delantero(Spanish) front seat
Asiento trasero(Spanish) back seat
así es(Spanish) that's right
así es como pasó(Spanish) this is how it happens
así es la vida(Spanish) that's life
as ifque (Spanish), quasi (Italian), gleichsam (German), comme (French)
as if from a distancecome da lontano (Italian), wie aus der Ferne (German), comme d'une distance (French)
Asignación(Spanish f.) assignment, allocation (funds), salary, wages, allowance (payment), appointment, homework (Central America)
asignar(Spanish) to assign, to ascribe, to allot (portion, time, etc.), to allocate, to appoint
me asignaron la vacante (Spanish: I was appointed to the post)
le asignaron una beca (Spanish: he was awarded a grant)
asignar a ... a ...(Spanish) to assign ... to ... (somebody to something)
Asignatura(Spanish f.) subject
Asignatura pendiente(Spanish f.) failed subject (education), subject that one will have to retake, matter still to be resolved (figurative), unresolved matter (figurative)
Asilado (m.), Asilada (f.)(Spanish) inmate
Asilado político(Spanish m.) refugee (who has been granted polotical asylum)
asilar(Spanish) to take ...into care, to grant ... asylum, to put ... in a home
asilarse(Spanish) to take refuge, to seek asylum
Asile(French m.) refuge, (political) asylum, home (for the sick and/or the old)
Asilo(Italian m.) shelter, nursery school
Asilo(Spanish m.) asylum, shelter (figurative), home, institution
Asilo de ancianosd(Spanish m.) old people's home
Asilo de huérfanos(Spanish m.) orphanage
Asilo de la tercera edad(Spanish m.) old people's home
Asilo politico(Italian m.) political asylum
asilvestrado (m.), asilvestrada (f.)(Spanish) grown wild
¡así me gusta!(Spanish) that's what I like to see!
así me podré comprar lo que quiera(Spanish) that way I'll be able to buy whatever I want
asimétrico (m.), asimétrica (f.)(Spanish) asymmetrical, assymmetric
Asimilación(Spanish f.) assimilation
asimilar(Spanish) to assimilate (food, ideas, culture), to take (blows in boxing), to soak up (colloquial)
asimilarse(Spanish) to be assimilated, to assimilate
asimismo(Spanish) in the same way, likewise, also, as well, moreover
asimmetrico(Italian) asymmetrical
a simple vista(Spanish) at a glance, with the naked eye
a sinistra(Italian) left, links (German), for the left hand, für die linke Hand (German)
Asino(Italian m.) donkey, ass (stupid person)
así nomás(Spanish - Latin America) just like that
asintió con la cabeza(Spanish) she nodded (in agreement)
asintomático (m.), asintomática (f.)(Spanish) asymptomatic
ASIOacronym for 'Audio Stream Input/Output', developed by Steinberg, a cross-platform, multi-channel audio transfer protocol that is being adopted by many of the manufacturers of audio/MIDI sequencing applications. It allows software to have access to the multi-channel capabilities of a wide range of powerful sound cards. ASIO expands on the basic capabilities of a standard computer sound card, most of which can only provide stereo (two-channel) audio input and output. The ASIO specification defines the interface that manufacturers of professional audio sound cards must use to create an ASIO driver for their hardware. This driver allows the host audio/MIDI application to "see" all of the inputs and outputs available on the sound card. The user can then assign these I/O ports as needed for recording or playback when using an ASIO-compatible software program. This allows the users to record more tracks simultaneously than the previous limitation of two channels imposed by a standard sound card
así pasa lo que pasa(Spanish) that's why those things happen
así pues(Spanish) so
así que(Spanish) so, as soon as
así que ...(Spanish) so ...
asir(Spanish) to grasp, to seize
la asió de un brazo (Spanish: he seized her arm, he grasped her arm)
asirse(Spanish) to grab hold
se asió a la cuerda (Spanish: she grabbed (hold of) the rope, she seized the rope)
asirse a(Spanish) to grab hold of
asirse de(Spanish) to grab hold of
asi sea(Spanish) so be it
Asistencia(Spanish f.) attendance, people present, audience (theatre, concert, etc.), assistance (aid)
Asistencia a ...(Spanish f.) attendance at ... (something)
Asistencia en carretera(Spanish f.) breakdown service
asistencial(Spanish) welfare (as in welfare-funding)
Asistencia médica(Spanish f.) medial care, medical attention
Asistencia pública(Spanish f. - parts of Latin America) municipal health service (especially for emergencies)
Asistencia social(Spanish f.) social work
Asistencia técnica(Spanish f.) after-sales service
así tenga que...(Spanish) even if I have to...
Asistenta(Spanish f.) assistant, charwoman, cleaning lady, cleaning woman
Asistente(Spanish m./f.) assistant
los asistentes (Spanish: the public, those present, the audience)
asistente(Spanish) attending
Asistente de dirección(Spanish m.) assistant director
Asistente social(Spanish m.) social worker
asistido (m.), asistida (f.)(Spanish) assisted
asistir(Spanish) to assist, to help, to treat (medically)
asistir a(Spanish) , to attend (class, mass, patient), to be present at
asistir al concierto inaugural(Spanish) to attend the opening concert
asistir a los pobres(Spanish) to care for the poor
asistir a misa(Spanish) to go to Mas, to attend Mass
¡así te rompas la crisma!(Spanish) I hope you break your neck!
a sitio alguno(Spanish) nowhere, noplace
Asitoaster(German m.) tanning bed
As I Went to Walsinghamthis anonymous popular ballad frequently appeared as thematic material in sixteenth-century instrumental compositions, for example, Francis Cutting's Walsingham, John Dowland's Walsingham, Edward Collard's Walsingham, and John Marchant's Walsingham, for lute solo include sets of theme and variations, and William Byrd's Have With You to Walsinghame for keyboard (harpsichord or virginal)
à six(French) for six, in six parts, a sei (Italian), zu sechst (German), sechsfach besetzt (German), in sechststimmiger Besetzung (German)
à six temps(French) 6/8 time
asi y todo(Spanish) even so
Askalaphos(German m.) Ascalaphus (two people share this name in Greek mythology)
Askanier(German pl.) Ascanians (medieval rulers of Brandenburg, a historical region and former duchy of north-central Germany)
Askese(German f.) asceticism, ascesis (the renouncing of material comforts which leads a life of austere self-discipline, especially as an act of religious devotion)
Asket(German m.) ascetic
Asketentum(German n.) asceticism
Asketer (m.), Asketin (f.), Asketen (pl.)(German) ascetic
asketisch(German) austerely, austere (ascetic), ascetic, ascetical, ascetically
Asketismus(German m.) ascetism
Asklepios(German m.) Asclepius (Greek and Roman god of healing)
Asklepius(German m.) Asclepius (Greek and Roman god of healing)
Askomadourathe Cretan bagpipe with a double chanter and no drone
Askorbinsäure(German f.) ascorbic acid (vitamin C: E-300)
Äskulap(German m.) Asclepius (Greek and Roman god of healing)
Äskulapstab(German m.) rod of Asclepius
a.s.l.abbreviation of 'above sea level'
As large as lifelife-size, in person, in the flesh
A/S levelor AS level, abbreviation of 'Advanced Supplementary Level'
ASMabbreviation of 'assistant stage manager'
Asma(Italian f., Spanish f.) asthma
in Spanish, asma is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
Asmático (m.), Asmática (f.)(Spanish) asthmatic (person)
asmático (m.), asmática (f.)(Spanish) asthmatic
key of A flat minor(German n.) the key of 'A flat minor'
as-Moll-Tonleiter(German f.) A flat minor scale
Asnada(Spanish f.) silly thing
Asnado(Spanish m.) donkey, ass (stupid person)
Asno(Spanish m.) donkey, ass (also figurative), dimwit (colloquial)
Asowooden xylophone from Benin, also known as doso
a sobre haz(Spanish) on the surface
a sobrevienta(Spanish) suddenly, unexpectedly
a socapa(Spanish) surreptitiously, on the sly, clandestinely
Asociación(Spanish f.) association, partnership (business)
Asociación de ideas(Spanish f.) association of ideas
Asociado (m.), Asociada (f.)(Spanish) associate, partner, (club) member
asociado (m.), asociada (f.)(Spanish) associated, associate
asociar(Spanish) to associate, to take into partnership
asociarse(Spanish) to associate, to become a partner, to go into partnership, to collaborate
asociarse a ...(Spanish) to become a member of ... (something)
asociarse a ... con ...(Spanish) to associate ... with ... (somebody with something)
asociarse con ...(Spanish) to associate with ..., to become a partner with ..., to go into partnership with ... (somebody)
Asogwe(Benin) a sacred drum
AsokaIndian monarch of 3rd century BC. famed for his renunciation of empire and conquest and for his rock-edicts embodying Buddhist dharma
ASOLabbreviation of 'American Symphony Orchestra League'
Asola(Italian f.) buttonhole
asolador(Spanish) destructive
asolar(Spanish) to destroy, to devastate (war, hurricane, drought), to dry up (plants)
asolarse(Spanish) to be destroyed
a solas(Spanish) alone, all alone, by oneself, in private, solo
a solaz(Spanish) with pleasure, agreeably
Asoleada(Spanish f. - parts of Latin America) sunbathing
asoleado (m.) asoleada (f.)(Spanish) sunny
asolear(Spanish) to hang ... out in the sun (clothes), to dry ... in the sun (grapes, etc.)
asolearse(Spanish - Latin America) to sunbathe
a solicitud(Spanish) on request, at call, at request, by request, upon request
a solicitud de(Spanish) at the request of, at request of, by request of, on request of, upon request of
Asomada(Spanish f.) brief appearance
asomar(Spanish) to show, to appear, to put out, to stick out
asomó la cabeza por la ventanilla (Spanish: she stuck her head out of the window)
abrió la puerta y asomó la cabeza (Spanish: she opened the door and stuck her head out, she opened the door and stuck her head in)
empiezan a asomar los primeros brotes (Spanish: the first shoots begin to show, the first shoots begin to appear)
asomarse(Spanish) to lean out, to appear (thing), to pop in (for a moment), to pop out (for a moment)
se asomó a la ventana (Spanish: she looked out of the window, she leant out of the window)
se asomarseon al balcón (Spanish: they came out onto the balcony)
asomarse a(Spanish) to lean out of
asomarse por(Spanish) to lean out of
asombradizo(Spanish) easily frightened
asombrar(Spanish) to amaze, to surprise, to astonish
asombrarse(Spanish) to be amazed, to be surprised, to be astonished
se asombró con los resultados (Spanish: she was amazed at the results, she was astonished at the results)
me asombró su reacción (Spanish: I was astonished by his reaction, I was taken aback by his reaction)
asombrarse de(Spanish) to be amazed at, to be surprised at, to be astonished at
Asombro(Spanish m.) amazement, surprise (astonishment), astonishment
no salía de su asombro (Spanish: he couldn't get over his surprise)
asombrosamente(Spanish) amazingly, surprisingly (amazingly)
asombroso (m.), asombrosa (f.)(Spanish) amazing, astonishing
Asomo(Spanish m.) sign, trace, hint
Asonada(Spanish f.) mob, riot
asonante(Spanish) assonant
à son compte(French) (work) for oneself, on one's own
As one manall together, unanimously
a son nourri(French) a full or well-sustained tone
Äsop(German m.) Aesop (620-560 BC) (a Greek slave who taught moral lessons in the form of fables)
äsopisch(German) Aesopian, Aesopic
äsopische Fabel(German f.) Aesopian fable
Äsops Fabeln(German pl.) Aesop's fables
Asor(Hebrew) signifying ten-stringed (mentioned in Psalms 92:4 where it probably denotes an instrument distinct from the nebel), elsewhere it seems to be simply a description of the nebel as ten-stringed (for example, Psalms 33:2 144:9)
a sordas(Spanish) silently, noiselessly
asorocharse(Spanish - Latin America) to get mountain sickness, to get altitude sickness, to flush (with heat, with embarrassment), to blush
a sotavento(Spanish) to leeward, toward the lee, under the lee
a sovoz(Spanish) sotto voce (Italian), in a low voice
Asowsches Meer(German n.) Sea of Azov (a bay of the Black Sea between Russia and the Ukraine)
asozial(German) antisocial, asocial, anti-social, antisocially
asozialer(German) more anti-social
Asozialer (m.), Asoziale (f.), Asoziale (pl.)(German) antisocial man (m.),antisocial woman (f.), antisocial elements (plural form)
Asozialität(German f.) asociality
asozialste(German) most anti-social
Aspa(Spanish f.) cross, X-shape, (windmill) sail, blade (fan)
in Spanish, aspa is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
aspado(Spanish f.) X-shaped
Aspaviento (s.), Aspavientos (pl.)(Spanish m.) show, fuss, gestures (plural form), 'song and dance' (figurative: plural form)
Aspavientos(Spanish m. pl.)
Aspe(German f.) European aspen (Populus tremula)
Aspect(French m.) appearance
Aspecto(Spanish m.) look, appearance, aspect (figurative)
de aspecto distinguido (Spanish: distinguished-looking)
Aspectos teóricos(Spanish m. pl.) theoretical aspects
Aspekt (s.), Aspekte (pl.)(German m.) aspect, issue, facet
Aspereza(Spanish f.) roughness, sourness (taste), sharpness (flavour), harshness (climate, voice)
asperger(French) to spray
Asperger-Autismus(German m.) Asperger's syndrome
aspergere(Italian) to sprinkle
Asperger-Syndrom(German n.) Asperger's syndrome, Asperger's disorder, Asperger syndrome
Asperges me(Latin) sung during the purification of the altar at the beginning of the Mass
Aspergill(German n.) aspergillum
Aspergillose(German f.) aspergillosis
Aspergillosisa person with aspergillosis has an infection of the lungs, caused by the fungus, Aspergillus. The infection causes coughing, chest pain, wheezing and difficulty breathing
Aspergilluma branch, brush, or perforated metal globe, with a handle, used for sprinkling holy water
Asperità(Italian f.) harshness, roughness (terrain)
Aspérité(French f.) bump, rough edge
áspero (m.), áspera (f.)(Spanish) rough, bitter (taste), surly, harsh (wind, voice, climate, sound), coarse (material, fabric), abruptly, surly, acrimonious (discussion)
Aspersion(English, German f., French f.) spray, spraying
Aspersión(Spanish f.) sprinkling
Aspersor(Spanish m.) sprinkler
aspettare(Italian) to wait, to wait for, to expect
aspettarsi(Italian) to expect
aspettativa(Italian f.) expectation
Aspetto(Italian m.) appearance, point of view
Asphalt(English, German m.) mineral pitch, tarmac, bitumen
asphaltieren(German) to bituminise, to metal (road), to lay asphalt
asphaltiert(German) asphalted, asphalt
Asphaltierung(German f.) bituminisation
asphaltisch(German) asphaltic
Asphaltlack(German m.) Japan black (a quickly drying black lacquer or varnish, consisting essentially of asphaltum dissolved in naphtha or turpentine, and used for coating ironwork), Brunswick black (synonymous with Japan black), Japan lacquer, black Japan, Japan (lacquer or varnish)
Asphaltstraße(German f.) asphalt street, asphalt road, metalled road
asphärisch(German) aspherically, aspherical
Asphyxia(English from Latin, from Greek) suffocation
Asphyxie(French f., German f.) suffocation, asphyxia (Latin)
asphyxier(French) to suffocate, to asphyxiate, to stifle (figurative)
Aspic(French m.) asp (snake)
(English) a savoury jelly made of clarified meat, fish, or vegetable stock and gelatin (in cooking, used mainly for buffet work)
Áspid(Spanish m.) asp
Aspidistraa very hardy member of the lily family which became a symbol of late Victorian and Edwardian lower middle-class philistinism and dull respectability
Aspik(German m.) aspic
Aspiración(Spanish f.) breath (also in music), breathing in, inhalation, ambition, aspiration (ambition, desire, linguistics)
Aspirador (m.), Aspiradora (f.)(Spanish) vacuum cleaner
aspirador (m.), aspiradora (f.)(Spanish) suction
aspirando(Italian) breathing audibly (the result, whether in singing or on a wind-instrument, of bad management of the breath)
Aspirant (m.), Aspirantin (f.)(German) aspirant (a seeker after spiritual knowledge who typically reads spiritual books, attends seminars and lectures on meditation and spirituality)
Aspirante(Italian m./f., Spanish m./f.) candidate, applicant
ocho aspirantes al puesto de redactor (Spanish: eight candidates for the post of editor, eight applicants for the post of editor)
las aspirantes al título (Spanish: the contenders for the title)
aspirante(Italian) aspiring
Aspirapolvere(Italian m.) vacuum cleaner
aspirar(Spanish) to inhale (physiology), to breathe in (physiology), to aspirate (linguistics), to suck up, to suck in, to suck (machine), to pick up (dust with a vacuum cleaner), to vaccum (Latin America), to hoover (Latin America)
aspirar a ...(Spanish) to aspire to ... (something)
aspirar a hacer ...(Spanish) to aspire to do ... (something)
aspirare(Italian) to breath audibly, to aspirate, to inhale, to suck in
noisy breathing, whether by an instrumentalist or a singer, is considered a fault in a musician's performance
aspirare a(Italian) to aspire to
Aspirat(German n.) aspirate
Aspirata(German f.) aspirate
aspiratamente(Italian) aspiringly
(Italian) as a musical term, breathy, flowing, smooth
[entry suggested by Caren Luckenbill]
Aspirate(in linguistics) the speech sound represented in English h, a speech sound followed by a puff of air, the puff of air accompanying the release of a stop consonant (for example, we aspirate the words horse and house)
(in linguistics) to aspirate a vowel or a liquid consonant (for example, f, th in thin, ph in phonics, etc.)
(in singing) a fault into which singers may fall (in which case the singer is said 'to aspirate'), of breathing strongly or giving the effect of an h upon every note of a legato passage - as for example, when instead of the vowel a, the syllable ha, or for the vowel o, the syllable ho is sung
(medical) to remove (fluid or gas), as from a body cavity, by suction
Aspirateur(French m.) vacuum cleaner
Aspiratingin linguistics, to pronounce (a vowel or word) with the initial release of breath assocaited with English h, as in 'hurry'
to follow (a consonant, especially a stop consonant) with a puff of breath that is clearly audible before the next sound begins, as in English 'pit' or 'kit'
Aspirating needlea long, hollow needle for removing fluid from a cavity
Aspiration, Aspirationen (German pl.)(German f., French f.) inhaling, suction, ambition (something hoped for)
(English) a puff of breath made along with a consonant sound while vocalizing
(French f.) an ornament which is also called in French, accent or plainte, in German, Nachschlag and in English, the 'acute' or 'sigh'
Aspiratedadjectival form of aspiration
aspirato(Italian) breathing audibly (the result, whether in singing or on a wind-instrument, of bad management of the breath)
Aspirator(English, German m.) a device for removing liquids or gases by suction
Aspiratore(Italian m.) exhaust fan
aspiratorisch(German) aspiratory
Aspirazione(Italian f.) inhalation, suction, ambition
aspirer(French) to inhale, to suck up (liquids)
aspirer à(French) to aspire to
aspirieren(German) to aspirate, to apply (ask)
aspirierend(German) aspirant, aspirating
aspiriert(German) aspirates, aspirated
aspirierte(German) aspirated
Aspirin(English, German n.) a drug widely used for relieving pain and reducing fever in adults, also in the relief from mild itching and to reduce swelling and inflammation
Aspirina(Italian f., Spanish f.) aspirin
Aspirine(French f.) aspirin
aspirininduziert(German) aspirin-induced
Aspirin-induziert(German) aspirin-induced
Aspirin-induziertes(German n.) aspirin-induced asthma
Aspisviper(German f.) (European) asp (Vipera aspis), asp viper
asportare(Italian) to take away
aspramente(Italian) harshly
asprezza(Italian) harshness, roughness, coarseness, severity, sourness
aspro (m.), aspra (f.)(Italian) rough, harsh, sour, severe
asqueante(Spanish) sickening, nauseating
asquear(Spanish) to sicken, to be sickening, to revolt (sicken)
asquearse(Spanish) to be disgusted
asquerosamente(Spanish) disgustingly
Asquerosidad(Spanish f.) filthiness, disgusting thing, filthy thing, revolting thing
Asqueroso (m.), Asquerosa (f.)(Spanish) disgusting person, filthy person, revolting person (repulsive)
asqueroso (m.), asquerosa (f.)(Spanish) disgusting (person, clothes, book, film), filthy (person, book, film), revolting (repulsive, smell)
asquiento (m.) asquienta (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) disgusting (person, clothes, book, film), filthy (person, book, film), revolting (repulsive, smell)
Ass(German) hotshot (colloquial)
Ass (s.), Asse (pl.)(German n.) ace (unreturned serve in tennis), ace (cards)
(German) eat, ate (rare)
ass.abbreviation of 'assembly', 'assistant', 'association', Assistent (German m.: assistant)
Assagai(English, German m.) assegai, assegaai (spear)
assaggiare(Italian) to taste
Assaggio(Italian m.) tasting, taste (a small amount)
assai(Italian) very, extremely, very much, enough, more, sufficiently
presto assai (Italian: very quick)
moderato assai (Italian: very moderate)
largo assai (Italian: very slow)
assai commosso(Italian) extremely moved
Assaillant(French m.) assailant
assaillir(French) to assail
assai moderato(Italian) very moderate
assai mosso e agitato(Italian) very quick and agitated
assainir(French) to clean up
assai più(Italian) much more
Assaisonnement(French m.) seasoning
assaisonner(French) to season (to add spices, etc.)
Assakhalebo(Africa) a water drum made with large gourds so that the larger part rests on the ground and is filled with water, while the smaller part floats inverted and is beaten with rings, sticks, etc.
assalire(Italian) to attack
Assalto(Italian m.) attack
Assam(English, German n.) a region in northeastern India, known for its robust, high quality teas characterised by their smooth round, malty flavour
Assamesisch(German n.) Assamese
assaporare(Italian) to savour
Assassinmurderer (especially one who kills a prominent political figure) who kills by a surprise attack and often is hired to do the deed
(French m.) murderer, (political) assassin
assassinare(Italian) to murder, to assassinate
Assassinat(French m.) murder, (political) assassination
Assassine(German m.) assassin
Assassinendolch(German m.) Assassin dagger
Assassinenklinge(German f.) Assassin blade
Assassinenschwert(German n.) Assassin sword
assassiner(French) to murder, (political) to assassinate
Assassinio(Italian m.) murder, assassination
Assassino(Italian m./f.) murderer, assassin
assassino(Italian) murderous
Assaut(French m.) assault, onslaught
Assay(English, German m.) the testing of gold or silver to determine its fineness or purity
Asscorefusion of hardcore hip hop and heavy metal
Asse(Italian m.) axle, axis (mathematics)
Asse(Italian f.) board
Ass-earedsaid of someone who has little or no powers of aesthetic judgment in matters of musical performance or of someone who is tone-deaf
assécher(French) to drain
assecondare(Italian) satisfy, support (favour)
Assegai(Portuguese, from the Arabic) or assagai, a light spear, associated originally with the Berbers of North Africa but later associated with any similar iron-tipped wooden-shafted lance carried by African tribesmen
Assegno(Italian m.) allowance, cheque
Assegno circolare(Italian m.) bank draft
Assekuradeur(German m.) underwriting agent, underwriting agency, underwriter
Assekuranz(German f.) insurance, insurance company
Assekuranzmakler(German m.) insurance broker
Assel (s.), Asseln (pl.)(German f.) woodlouse, pill bug (woodlouse)
Assemblage(German f., French m.) assembly, collection, joint
similar to montage in painting, the assembly and fastening together of disparate objects to create a sculpture
(French m.) double-tonguing on a wind instrument, rapid passages executed on wind instruments
Assemblage en queue d'aronde(French m.) dovetail joint
Assemblé(French f., literally 'assembled' or 'joined together') in dance, a step in which the working foot slides well along the ground before being swept into the air. As the foot goes into the air the dancer pushes off the floor with the supporting leg, extending the toes. Both legs come to the ground simultaneously in the fifth position. If an assemblé is porté it requires a preparatory step such as a glissade to precede it. If an assemblé is en tournant it must be preceded by a preparatory step. Assemblés are done petit or grand according to the height of the battement and are executed dessus, dessous, devant, derrière, en avant, en arrière and entournant. They may be done en face, croisé, effacé or écarté. Assemblé may also be done with a beat for greater brilliance. In the Cecchetti assemblé both knees are bent and drawn up after the battement so that the flat of the toes of both feet meet while the body is in the air
  • Assemblé from which this information has been taken
Assemblea(Italian f.) assembly, gathering, conclave, congregation
Assemblé en tournant, grand(French f., literally 'big assemblé, turning') this assemblé is done in the same manner as grand assemblé. It is taken only dessus or derrière. It is traveled directly to the side, on a diagonal traveling upstage, in a circle, etc. It is usually preceded by a pas couru or a chassé. The battement at 90 degrees to the second position is taken facing upstage, then the dancer completes the turn en dedans and finishes the assemblé facing the audience
Assemblée(French f.) meeting, gathering, (politial) assembly
Assembler(English, German m.) a computer program that translates assembly language instructions into machine language instructions
(German m.) assembly
assembler(French) to assemble, to put together, to gather
Assemblersprache(German f.) assembler language
assemblieren(German) to assemble
assemblierend(German) assembling
Assemblierer(German m.) assembler (language)
Assembliersprache(German f.) assembly language
assembliert(German) assembled
assemblierte(German) assembled
Assemblierung(German f.) assembling
Assembramento(Italian m.) throng, gathering
aßen(German) ate
assennato(Italian) sensible
Assenso(Italian m.) assent
assentarsi(Italian) to absent oneself
Assente(Italian m./f.) absentee
assente(Italian) absent, absent-minded
Assenteismo(Italian m.) absenteeism
Assentiment(French m.) assent
Assenza(Italian f.) absent, lack (shortage)
asseoir(French) to sit, to sit down, to establish, to base
Asse per lavare(Italian f.) washboard
asserire(Italian) to assert
assermenté(French) sworn
Assertion(English, German f.) a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)
Assertion signa T rotated anticlockwise by 90° used by Frege to put in front of sentences that are being asserted as true, as opposed to sentences that are involved in some process of reasoning, but are not themselves put forward as true
Assertoricaffirmation or negation is taken as true (real)
assertorisch(German) assertory
assertorische Aussage(German f.) assertoric statement
assertivo(Italian) assertive
Asservat (s.), Asservate (pl.)(German n.) exhibit
Asservatenkammer(German f.) room where court exhibits are kept
asservir(French) to enslave
Assessment(English, German n.) the process of gathering and judging evidence in order to decide whether a person has achieved a standard or objective
Assessor (m.), Assessorin (f.), Assessoren (pl.)(German) assessor, a person who sets valuations (as on property for taxation), a person with special knowledge in some field who provides an independent judgement
Assessore(Italian m.) councillor
assessorisch(German f.) assessorial
Assestamento(Italian m.) settlement
assestare(Italian) to arrange
assestare un colpo(Italian) to deal a blow
assestarsi(Italian) to settle oneself
Asset(English, German n.) anything owned by an individual or a business that has commercial or exchange value
assetato(Italian) thirsty
Assetmanagement(German n.) asset management
Asset-Management(German n.) asset management
Assetto(Italian m.) order
assez(French) enough, sufficiently, quite, fairly, rather
sometimes used in the same sense as assai (Italian: very, extremely, very much, enough, more)
assez de(French) enough
assez grand(French) rather big, fairly big
assez lent(French) rather slow, rather slowly, fairly slow, fairly slowly
assez rapide(French) rather fast, rather quickly, fairly fast, fairly quickly
assez vite(French) rather fast, rather quickly
Assi(German m.) antisocial person, assistant
assi(German) antisocial, crummy (colloquial)
Assibilation(English, German f.) the change of a non-sibilant letter to a sibilant, as, in English, of '- tion' to '- shun'
assibilieren(German) to assibilate
assicurare(Italian) to assure, to insure, to register, to secure, to ensure
assicurarsi(Italian) to make sure, to insure oneself, to fasten oneself
Assicurazione(Italian f.) assurance, insurance
Assideramento(Italian m.) exposure
assidu(French) assiduous, regular
assidu auprès de(French) attentive to
Assiduité(French f.) assiduousness, regularity
assidûment(French) assiduously
assiduo(Italian) assiduous
assiéger(French) to besiege
assieme(Italian) together
Assiette(French f.) plate, seat
Assiette anglaise(French f.) assorted cold meats
Assiette creuse(French f.) soup-plate
Assiettée(French f.) plateful
Assiette plate(French f.) dinner-plate
assigner(French) to assign, to fix (a limit)
assignieren(German) to date to
assigtabbreviation of 'assignment'
Assikoor ashiko, a spectacular and popular dance and a musical style from the South of Cameroon
  • Assiko from which this extract has been taken
assillare(Italian) to pester
Assillo(Italian m.) worry
assimilare(Italian) to assimilate
Assimilation(English, German f.) the adoption of the cultural norms of a group of which one is not a part, as for example when immigrants adopt the ways of their host country
(French f.) likening, classification, assimilation
Assimilationslicht(German n.) supplementary light
assimilatorisch(German) assimilative, assimilatory
Assimilazione(Italian f.) assimilation
assimiler à(French) to liken to, to class as
assimilierbar(German) assimilable
assimilieren(German) to assimilate
assimilierend(German) assimilating
assimiliert(German) assimilated
Assimilierung(German f.) assimilation
assis (m.), assise (f.)(French) sitting, sitting down, seated
Assise(French f.) foundation (base)
Assisengericht(German n.) Court of Assises
Assises(French f.) assizes, conference, congress
Assist(English, German m.) help
Assistance(French f.) audience, assistance (help)
Assistant (m.), Assistante (f.)(French) assistant, assistant lecturer (university)
Assistants(French) members of an audience
Assistent (m.), Assistentin (f.), Assistenten (pl.)(German) assistant, right-hand person
Assistent(German m.) assistant to the master, assistant
Assistent der Vorderhausleitung(German m.) front of house assistant, front-of-house assistant
Assistent des Filialleiters(German m.) assistant branch manager
Assistent des Leiters der Gesamtinbetriebsetzung(German m.) assistant commissioning manager
Assistent des Oberbeleuchters(German m.) best boy
Assistent des Vizepräsidenten(German m.) assistant to the vice-president
Assistente(Italian m./f.) assistant
Assistentenstelle(German f.) assistantship
Assistentenzimmer(German n.) assistants' room
Assistente sociale(Italian m./f.) social worker
Assistenz(German f.) assistance
Assistenzarzt (m.), Assistenzärztin (f.), Assistenzärzte (pl.)(German) intern, medical assistant, junior doctor, assistant physician, houseman, (medical) resident, assistant doctor
Assistenzarzt auf der Inneren(German m.) resident in internal medicine
Assistenzkoch(German m.) commis chef
Assistenzprofessor (m.), Assistenzprofessorin (f.)(German) assistant lecturer, assistant professor, adjunct professor
Assistenzsekretär (m.), Assistenzsekretärin (f.)(German) assistant secretary
Assistenztrainer(German m.) assistant coach
Assistenzzeit(German f.) residency (position in a hospital)
Assistenza(Italian f.) assistance, presence
Assistenza sociale(Italian f.) social services
assisté par ordinateur(French) computer-assisted
assister(French) to assist
assister à(French) to attend, to be (present) at, to witness
assistere(Italian) to assist, to nurse (take care of)
assistere a(Italian) to be present at, to watch
assistieren(German) to assist
assistierend(German) assisting
assistiert(German) assists, assisted
assistierte(German) assisted
assistierte Beatmung(German f.) ventilatory assistance, assisted respiration
Aßling(German n.) Jesenice (a town and a municipality in Slovenia, on the Slovene side of the Karavanke mountain range, south of Austria)
assmtabbreviation of 'assessment'
assnabbreviation of 'association'
assoc.abbreviation of 'associate', 'associated', 'association'
associare(Italian) to join, to associate
associarsi(Italian) to join forces, to enter into a partnership
associarsi a(Italian) to join, to subscribe to
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Musicor ABRSM, an educational body that provides examinations in music. Often referred to simply as the "Associated Board", the organisation is based in London, but runs examination centres all over the world. In addition, the ABRSM is a publishing house for music, that produces syllabuses, music pieces and exam papers which assist students in preparing for their exams
Association(English, French f.) organised group, society, connection of ideas
Association caritative(French f.) charity
Associative agnosiaa condition in which people fail in assigning meaning to an object, animal or building that they can see clearly
Associative memorya simple form of memory that is established due to the co-occurrence of two stimuli or events. In the case of music, it is common for people to form personal associations between some particular musical work with a specific past circumstance where the work was first (or frequently) encountered. Associative memories may be entirely arbitrary. For example, a 'happy' musical work might be associated with memories of a dangerous or life-threatening event. Conversely, a sedate musical work might be associated with memories of an exciting or thrilling event
Associazione(Italian f.) association, society
Associazione corale(Italian f.) choral society
Associé(German m., from French) associate
Associé (m.), Associée (f.)(French) associate, partner
associé (m.), associée (f.)(French) associate
associer(French) to associate, to combine
assocnabbreviation of 'association'
assoggettare(Italian) to subject
assoiffé(French) thirsty
assolato(Italian) sunny
Assolo(Italian m.) (musical) solo
Assoluta(Italian f.) or prima ballerina, leading ballet-dancer
assolutamente(Italian) absolutely
assoluto(Italian) absolute, free
(Italian) in music, not slurred or bound
Assoluzione(Italian f.) acquittal, absolution (religious)
assolvere(Italian) perform, acquit, absolve (religious)
assombrir(French) to darken, to make gloomy
assomigliare a(Italian) to be like, to resemble
assommer(French) to knock out, to kill, to stun (an animal), to overwhelm, to bore (induce boredom)
Assomption(French f.) Assumption
Assonance(English, French) similarity of tone, resemblance of sound, the matching of vowel or consonant sounds or of syllabic rhythm but without the necessity of rhyme, thus 'moat' and 'load' or 'lover' and 'hover'
Assonantal rhymelyrics that depend of resemblance in sound rather than a true rhyme, for example 'penitent' and 'reticence'
assonante(Italian) consonant, harmonious
Assonanz (s.), Assonanzen (pl.)(German f.) assonance, similarity of tone, resemblance of sound, the matching of vowel or consonant sounds or of syllabic rhythm but without the necessity of rhyme, thus 'moat' and 'load' or 'lover' and 'hover'
[additional information by Michael Zapf]
Assonanza(Italian f.) assonance
assonnacchiato(Italian) drowsy, dozing
assonnato(Italian) drowsy, very sleepy, asleep
assonnito(Italian) drowsy, very sleepy, asleep
Assopimento(Italian m.) drowsiness, dose, dosing
assopiri(Italian) to make sleepy, to lull to sleep
assopirsi(Italian) to doze off
assorbente(Italian) absorbent
Assorbimento(Italian m.) absorption
assorbire(Italian) to absorb
Assordamento(Italian m.) assordimento (Italian), deafening
assordante(Italian) deafening, stunning
assordare(Italian) to deafen, to stun
Assordimento(Italian m.) assordamento (Italian), deafening
assordire(Italian) to deafen, to grow deaf
assorti(French) matching, assorted (objects)
assortieren(German) to assort
Assortiment(German n., French m.) assortment
assortimento(Italian m.) assortment, set, blend, match
assortir(French) to match
assortir à(French) to match with, to match to
assortir de(French) to accompany with
assortire(Italian) to supply, to sort, to suit, to draw lots
assortito(Italian) assorted, matched (colour, people)
assorto(Italian) engrossed, immersed, absorbed
Assottigliamento(Italian m.) diminution
assottigliando(Italian) diminishing, softening, verringernd (German), en amenuisant (French)
assottigliare(Italian) to make thin, to sharpen, to reduce, to diminish
assottigliarsi(Italian) to grow thin, to be reduced
As sound as a bellin perfect condition
assoupi(French) dozing
assouplir(French) to make supple, to make flexible
assourdi(French) muffled, gedämpft, coperto, voilé
assourdir(French) to deafen (person), to deaden (noise)
assouvir(French) to satisfy
Assoziation(German f.) association
Assoziationstest(German m.) association test
assoziativ(German) associatively, associative
assoziative Agnosie(German f.) associative agnosia
assoziatives Gedächtnis(German n.) associative memory
Assoziativität(German f.) associativity
Assoziativspeicher(German m.) associative memory
assoziieren(German) to associate
assoziiert(German) associated, allied
assoziiertes Unternehmen(German n.) associated enterprise
Assoziierung(German f.) association, amalgamation, affiliation
asstabbreviation of 'assistant'
asstd.abbreviation of 'assorted'
Assuan(German n.) Aswan
Assuan-Staudamm(German m.) Aswan High Dam
assuefare(Italian) to accustom
assuefarsi(Italian) to get used to
assujettir(French) to subject, to subdue
assujettir à(French) to subject to
assumare(Italian) to assume, to engage
assumare informazioni(Italian) to make enquiries
assumer(French) to assume
assumere(Italian) to assume, to take, to undertake, to appoint, to engage
assumersi(Italian) to assume, to take, to take upon oneself, to undertake
Assumpsitan agreement or promise made orally, or in writing but not under seal
Assumptionist (s.), Assumptionisten (pl.)(German m.) Augustinians of the Assumption, known as the Assumptionists, hold to an Augustinian definition of the charism (a divine spiritual gift given to an individual or group for the good of the community)
Assumptionact of assuming or putting on, pride, supposition
in Roman Catholic theology, ascent of Virgin Mary into heaven
Assunto(Italian m.) task, charge, undertaking, enterprise, assumption
assunto(Italian) assumed, undertaken, appointed
Assurance(French f.) self-assurance, insurance
Assurance-maladie(French f.) health insurance
Assurance-vie(French f.) life assurance, life insurance
Assurbanipal(English, German m.) king of Assyria who built a magnificent palace and library at Nineveh (668-627 BC)
Assurdità(Italian f.) absurdity
Assurdo(Italian m,) absurdity
assurdo(Italian) absurd
Assuré(French m.) insured
assuré (m.), assurée (f.)(French) certain, assured, self-confident
assurément(French) certainly
assurer(French) to ensure, to provide, to carry out, to insure, to steady, to make secure
assurer la gestation de(French) to manage
Assureur(French m.) insurer
assyabbreviation of 'assembly'
Assyr.abbreviation of 'Assyrian'
Assyrer (m.), Assyrerin (f.)(German) Assyrian
Assyrianation in Mesopotamia that became a large empire in the time of the kings of Israel and Judah. Its capital was Ninevah
Assyrian musicsee 'Babylonian music'
Assyrien(German n.) Assyria
Assyriologe (m.), Assyriologin (f.)(German) Assyriologist
Assyriologie(German f.) Assyriology
assyrisch(German) Assyrian
Assyro-Chaldäer(German pl.) Assyro-Chaldeans (also known as Chaldo-Assyrians)
Ast (s.), Äste (pl.)(German m.) limb (of a tree), branch (of a tree), bough, perch (of a bird), knot (in wood)
Asta(Italian f.) staff, lance, pole, bar, stem (of a note), stroke (writing), auction
(Spanish f.) spear, flagpole, handle, horn, shaft (of a wheel)
in Spanish, asta is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
Astabandera(Spanish f. - Mexico) flagpole
astabil(German) astable
Astable circuitthe output continually switches between the high and low states without any intervention from the user, producing a 'square' wave
astabile Kippschaltung(German f.) astable circuit
astado(Spanish) horned
Astana(English, German n.) remote city of Kazakhstan that (ostensibly for security reasons) was made the capital in 1998
Astante(Italian m./f.) assistant, bystander, onlooker(s), spectator (s)
astante(Italian) assistant
Astanteria(Italian f.) first aid post, staff on duty (in a hospital)
Astarte(English, German f.) a Caanite goddess known as Isis in Egypt, Ishtar in Babylonia
Astasie(German f.) astasis, astasia
Astasisalso known as astasia, the inability to stand because of disruption of muscle coordination
astatisch(German) astatic
Ästchen(German n.) branchlet
asteikko(Finnish) musical scale
asteikon sävel(Finnish) scale degree
Asteismussee 'pun'
asteittainen liike(Finnish) conjunct movement
astemio(Italian) abstemious
asten(German) to struggle
astenente(Italian) abstaining
astenersi(Italian) to abstain
astenersi da(Italian) to abstain from
Astenia(Spanish f.) asthenia
Astensione(Italian f.) abstention
Aster(English, German f.) any of various chiefly fall-blooming herbs of the genus Aster with showy daisylike flowers
astergere(Italian) to wipe, to clean
Asterion(German m.) in ancient Greek mythology, a river-god, presumably one of the sons of Oceanus and Tethys. Asterion was one of the three river-gods (also the name of mythical kings of Crete)
Asterisco(Italian m., Spanish m.) asterisk (*)
Asterisk(English, German m.) a star-like typographical symbol (*)
Asteriskus(German m.) asterisk (*)
Asterisma star-like luminous effect caused by reflections of light in some stones, like star sapphires and star garnets
Asterismus(German m.) asterism
Astérisque(French m.) asterisk (*)
Asterixis(English, German f.) an abnormal tremor consisting of involuntary jerking movements, especially in the hands
Asteroid (s.), Asteroiden (pl.)(German m.) asteroid
Asteroide(Spanish m.) asteroid
Asteroidengürtel(German m.) asteroid belt
Asteroidensonde(German f.) asteroid probe
asterso(Italian) cleansed, wipped
Äste stutzen(German) to cut branches
Äste treiben(German) to shoot forth branches
astfrei(German) free of knots (wood)
Astgabel(German f.) fork of a branch
Astheniaweakness, lack of energy and strength, loss of strength
Asthenie(German f.) asthenia
Astheniker (m.), Asthenikerin (f.)(German) asthenic
asthenisch(German) asthenic
Asthenosphäre(German f.) asthenosphere
Asthenospherea zone of the earth's mantle that lies beneath the lithosphere and consists of several hundred kilometers of deformable rock
Ästhesiophysiologie(German f.) aesthesiophysiology (the physiology of sensation and the sense organs)
Ästhet (m.), Ästhetikerin (f.)(German) aesthete
Ästhetentum(German n.) aestheticism
Ästhetik(German f.) aesthetics
ästhetisch(German) aesthetic, gifted with a sense of beauty, aesthetically, aesthetical
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ästhetische Chirurgie(German f.) aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery
ästhetische Qualität(German f.) aesthetic quality
ästhetischer Wert(German m.) aesthetic value
ästhetische Zahnheilkunde(German f.) aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry
ästhetisieren(German) to aestheticise
ästhetisierend(German) aestheticising
ästhetisiert(German) aestheticised
Ästhetisierung(German f.) aesthetic configuration
Ästhetizismus(German m.) aestheticism
Asthisburned bones collected from a funeral fire
Asthma(English, German n.) respiratory condition marked by wheezing
Asthmaanfall(German m.) asthma attack, attack of asthma
Asthma behandeln(German) to treat asthma
Asthmabehandlung(German f.) treatment of asthma, asthma treatment
Asthma bronchiale(German n.) bronchial asthma
Asthmapatient(German m.) asthma patient
Asthmaspray(German n.) asthma inhaler
Asthmatiker (m.), Asthmatikerin (f.), Asthmatiker (pl.)(German) asthmatic, asthmatic patient, sufferer from asthma
Asthmatique(French m./f.) asthmatic
asthmatique(French) asthmatic
asthmatisch(German) asthmatic, asthmatically, asthmatical, short-winded
asthmatisches Schnaufen(German n.) wheeziness
Asthme(French m.) asthma
Asthore(Irish a stóir, literally 'O treasure') darling (a term of endearment)
ästig(German) branched
Astigiano(Italian m.) a person from Asti in the Piedmont region of Italy
astigmatisch(German) astigmatic
Astigmatisman optical aberration resulting from unequal magnification across different diameters
Astigmatismo(Italian m., Spanish m.) astigmatism
Astigmatismus(German m.) astigmatism
Astilla (s.), Astillas (pl.)(Spanish f.) chip, splinter, firewood (plural form), kindling (plural form)
astillar(Spanish) to splinter
astillarse(Spanish) to splinter (wood, bone), to chip (paint)
Astillero(Spanish m.) shipyard
ästimieren(German, dated) to hold in estimation, to esteem
astinente(Italian) abstinent
Astinenza(Italian f.) abstinence
Astio(Italian m.) rancour, spite, grudge, resentment
astioso(Italian) resentful, spiteful, rancorous
astiquer(French) to polish
Asti spumante(Italian m.) a sparkling wine from Asti in the Piedmont region of Italy
Astley'sthe popular name for a popular place of entertainment developed by the former riding school owner Philip Astley (1742-1814). Astley's project began as a theatre in 1770 but after being burnt down and rebuilt on several occasions, often being relaunched under a new name, it finally closed in 1862. It promoted a mixture of theatre and circus entertainment
Astloch(German n.) knot-hole, knot (wood), knothole
Astracán(Spanish n.) astrakhan (coat)
Astrachan(German n.) Astrakhan (a city in southwestern Russia on the delta of the Volga River)
Astrachanmantel(German m.) astrakhan coat (sheep's wool coat made with a mohair warp to add lustre and curl to the surface although poor grades often have cotton warp or back)
Astragaloi(German n.) knucklebones (game)
Astralof or pertaining to the stars
astral(German) astrally, astral
(Spanish) astral
Astral-(German) astral (prefix)
astrale Geister(German pl.) astral spirits
Astralkörper(German m.) astral body
Astralleib(German m.) astral body
Astralreise(German f.) astral projection
Astraphobie(German f.) astraphobia
Astrapophobie(German f.) astrapophobia
astrarre(Italian) to abstract
astrattamente(Italian.) abstractly
Astrattezza(Italian f.) abstractness
astratto(Italian) abstract, inattentive, absent-minded, abstrakt (German), abstrait (French), abstracto (Spanish)
Astrazione(Italian f.) abstraction
Astre(French m.) star
astreich(German) knotted (wood)
astreignant (m.), astreignante (f.)(French) exacting
astrein(German) on the level (colloquial), above-board
astreindre à faire(French) to force to do
astretto(Italian) constrained, compelled
astringent (m.), astringente (f.)(French) astringent
Astringente(Spanish m., Italian m.) astringent
astringente(Spanish, Italian) astringent, binding (Spanish)
Astringenza(Italian f.) astringency
Astringeror austringer, a keeper of goshawks (used in hunting)
astringere(Italian) to bind, to tie down, to compel, to constrain
Astro(Italian m., Spanish m.) star, heavenly body, luminary
Astro-(German) astro- (prefix)
Astro del cinema(Italian m.) film star (male)
Astrolabean instrument that was used to determine the altitude of objects (like the sun) in the sky
Astrolabium(German n.) astrolabe
Astrologe (m.), Astrologin (f.), Astrologen (f.)(German) astrologer
Astrologersomeone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and Sun and Moon reletive to the stars
Astrologia(Italian f., Spanish f.) astrology
astrologico(Italian) astrological
astrologisch(German) astrological, astrologically, astrologic
Astrologo(Italian m.) astrologer
Astrólogo (m.), Astróloga (f.)(Spanish) astrologer, astrologist
Astronaut (m.), Astronautin (f.), Astronauten (pl.)(German) astronaut, space traveller, spaceman (m.), space woman (f.)
Astronauta(Spanish m./f.) astronaut
astronautisch(German) astronautic, astronautically, astronautical
Astronave(Spanish f.) spaceship
Astronom (m.), Astronomin (f.), Astronomen (pl.)(German) astronomer
Astronomia(Italian f.) astronomy
Astronomía(Spanish f.) astronomy
astronomico(Italian) astronomic, astronomical
astronómico (m.), astronómica (f.)(Spanish) astronomical
Astronomie(German f.) astronomy
astronomisch(German) astronomically, astronomic, astronomical
astronomisch groß(German) astronomically large
astronomisch große Zahl(German f.) astronomically large number
astronomische Beobachtungen(German pl.) astronomical observations
astronomische Einheit(German f.) astronomical unit
astronomische Tabellen(German pl.) astronomical tables
astronomische Uhr(German f.) astronomical clock
astronomischer Kalender(German m.) astronomical calendar
astronomischer Satellit(German m.) astronomical satellite
astronomisches Jahr(German n.) astronomical year
astronomisches Teleskop(German n.) astronomical telescope
Astronomo(Italian m.) astronomer
Astrónomo (m.), Astrónoma (f.)(Spanish) astronomer
Astrophysik(German f.) astrophysics
astrophysikalisch(German) astrophysical, astrophysically
Astrophysiker (m.), Astrophysikerin (f.), Astrophysiker (pl.)(German) astrophysicist
astroso (m.), astrosa (f.)(Spanish) miserable, shabby
astrusamente(Italian) abstrusely
astruso(Italian) abstruse, recondite
Astsäge(German f.) branch saw
Astschere(German f.) branch shears, branch cutting shears, (long-reach) pruner, (a pair of) loppers, (long-reach) pruning shears
Astschneider(German m.) branch cutter
Aststumpf(German m.) snag
Ästuar (s.), Ästuarium (s.), Ästuare (pl.), Ästuarien (pl.)(German n.) estuary
Ästuar-(German) estuarial, estuarine (prefix)
Ästuarmündung(German f.) estuary
Astuccio (s.), Astucci (pl.)(Italian m.) (instrument) case, custodia (Italian - for a violin, etc.), Kasten (German - for a violin, cello, etc.), Etui (German - for a flute, oboe, etc.), étui (French), housse (French - cover or case)
Astuccio per gioielli(Italian m.) jewel case
Astuce(French f.) smartness, trick, wisecrack
Astucia(Spanish f.) cleverness, cunning, astuteness, slyness, shrewdness, craftiness, trick, ploy, ruse
Astucia del zorro(Spanish f.) slyness of a fox
astucieux (m.), astucieuse (f.)(French) smart, clever
Asturiano(Spanish m.) Asturian
asturiano(Spanish) Asturian
Asturias(English, Spanish region and former kingdom of northwest Spain south of the Bay of Biscay
Asturien(German n.) Asturias
Asturisch(German n.) Asturian
asturisch(German) Asturian
astuto(Italian) astute, shrewd, cunning
astuto (m.), astuta (f.)(Spanish) astute, shrewd, cunning (pejorative), crafty (pejorative), sly (pejorative)
Astuzia(Italian f.) shrewdness, trick
Astwerk(German n.) branches
A-style mandolinesee 'mandolin, mandoline'
a su albedrío(Spanish) however he likes, however she likes, however you like
a su alcance(Spanish) within your reach, within your power, within his reach, within her power, within her reach, within his power
a su antojo(Spanish) in one's own sweet way, as one pleases
a su cargo(Spanish) in his care, in her care, in your care, in their care
à succès(French) successful
a su costa(Spanish) at his expense, at her expense, at your expense
a su costo(Spanish) at your cost, at your expense
a su criterio(Spanish) in his opinion, in your opinion
a su cuenta(Spanish) on his account, on her account, on your account
a su cuenta y riesgo(Spanish) for your account and risk
a su debido momento(Spanish) in due course
a su debido tiempo(Spanish) in due time, all in good time, at the appointed time, at the proper time, in due course, in due season, in good time, duly
a su derecha(Spanish) at his right, at her right, at your right, at their right
a su derredor(Spanish) around him, around her, around you
a su discreción(Spanish) at your discretion, at your option, at their option, at their discretion
a su disposición(Spanish) at your disposal, at your service, at his disposal, at her disposal, at her service, at his service, at their disposal, at someone's beck and call
a su edad(Spanish) at his age, at her age, at your age, at their age
a sueldo(Spanish) on a salary
a sueldo de(Spanish) in the pay of
a su entender(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, the way you see it, in his opinion, from her point of view, from his point of view, in her opinion, the way he sees it, the way she sees it
a su entera discreción(Spanish) in its sole discretion
a su espera(Spanish) waiting for you, waiting for him, waiting for her
a suerte mala paciencia y buena cara(Spanish) smile in the face of adversity
Asueto(Spanish m.) time-off, holiday
a su favor(Spanish) on your side, on his side, on your behalf, in your favour, to his credit, to your credit
a su gusto(Spanish) the way he likes it, the way she likes it, to her liking, to his liking, the way you like it, to your liking
a su hora(Spanish) in due time, all in good time
a su instancia(Spanish) at your request, at their request
à suivre(French) to be continued
a su izquierda(Spanish) at your left, at his left, at her left, at their left
a su juicio(Spanish) in his opinion, from her point of view, from his point of view, in her opinion, in your opinion, from your point of view
a su lado(Spanish) at his side, at her side, by her side, by his side, at your side, by your side, at their side
a suma alzada(Spanish) lump-sum
a su mandado(Spanish) at your service, at your orders
a su manera(Spanish) his way, her way, in her own way, in her way, in his own way, in his way, your way, in your own way, in your way, your own way, their way, in their own way, in their way, their own way
a su manera de pensar(Spanish) in his opinion, in his way of thinking, in your way of thinking, in your opinion
a su más pronta conveniencia(Spanish) at your earliest convenience
a su merced(Spanish) at his mercy, at her mercy, at your mercy, at their mercy
asumir(Spanish) to assume (responsibility, attitude, adopt a position), to take on (cargo, responsibilities), to take (risks), to come to terms with (to accept)
a su modo(Spanish) after a fashion, in your own way, your own way, in his own way, her own way, his own way, in her own way
a su modo de ver(Spanish) from his point of view, from her point of view, in her opinion, in his opinion, from your point of view, in your opinion, in their opinion, from their point of view
a su modo de ver las cosas(Spanish) the way he sees things, from her point of view, from his point of view, in her opinion, in his opinion, the way she sees things, the way you see things, from your point of view, in your opinion
Asunceno (m.), Asuncena (f.)(Spanish) person from Asunción
asunceno (m.), asuncena (f.)(Spanish) of Asunción, from Asunción
Asunceño (m.), Asunceña (f.)(Spanish) person from Asunción
asunceño (m.), asunceña (f.)(Spanish) of Asunción, from Asunción
Asunción(Spanish f.) assumption
(Spanish f.) the capital and chief port of Paraguay, on the Paraguay River, 1530 km (950 miles) from the Atlantic
Äsungspflanzen(German pl.) the browsing of plants (trees etc. cropped by animals)
Asunto(Spanish m.) subject (matter), motif, matter, plot (of a novel), business, affair (romantic)
el asunto es que (Spanish: the fact is that)
Asunto muy delicado(Spanish m.) very delicate matter, a very delicate issue
Asuntos de negocios(Spanish business matters
Asuntos exteriores(Spanish foreign affairs
a suo arbitrio(Italian) at pleasure, as you please, at will, a piacere (Italian), a capriccio (Italian), nach eigenem Ermessen (German), ad libitum (Latin)
a suo ben placimento(Italian) as you please, at will, a piacere (Italian), a suo commodo (Italian), nach eigenem Ermessen (German), ad libitum (Latin)
a suo bene placito(Italian) as you please, at will, a piacere (Italian), nach eigenem Ermessen (German), ad libitum (Latin)
a suo commodo(Italian) or a suo comodo (Italian), according to the player's convenience, a capriccio (Italian), a suo arbitrio (Italian), nach eigenem Belieben (German), ad libitum (Latin)
a suo comodosee a suo commodo (Italian)
a suo luogo(Italian) loco
a su opción(Spanish) at your option, at their option
a su orilla(Spanish) at his side, at her side, at your side, at their side
a su parecer(Spanish) from your point of view, in your opinion, the way you see it, in his opinion, from her point of view, from his point of view, in her opinion, the way he sees it, the way she sees it
a su presentación(Spanish) on presentation, at sight, on demand, upon presentation
a su propia manera(Spanish) after one's own fashion, after its own fashion, one own's way, one's way
Asuri sampatmind's propensities leading to evil and darkness
a su salud(Spanish) to your health
a sus anchas(Spanish) comfortable, relaxed, at ease, at leisure, as one pleases, freely, to one's heart's content, unrestrictedly
a su servicio(Spanish) at your service, at his beck and call, at his service, at her service
a sus espaldas(Spanish) behind your back, at your back, behind you, behind his back, at her back, at his back, behind her, behind her back, behind him, behind their back, at their backs
a sus expensas(Spanish) at your expense, at their expense, at his expense, at her cost, at her expense, at his cost
a sus instancia(Spanish) at your request
a sus órdenes(Spanish) at his service, at her service, at your service, at their service, yes sir, at your orders, your wish is my command, yours to command
a sus ratos perdidos(Spanish) at odd moments
asustadizo(Spanish) easily frightened
asustado (m.), asustada (f.)(Spanish) frightened, worried
asustar(Spanish) to frighten, to scare
asustarse(Spanish) to be frightened, to get frightened, to be scared, to get scared
a su tiempo(Spanish) in due time, at the proper time, at the right time, in season, opportunely
a su turno(Spanish) in its turn, at its proper time
a su vez(Spanish) in turn
Aswannamed Sunnu by the Egyptians and Syene by the Greeks, and located at the First Cataract of the Nile, the area was famous for its red granite
as writtenloco (Italian), wie geschreiben (German)
Asyl(German n.) home, (political) asylum, refuge
Asylant (m.), Asylantin (f.)(German) asylum-seeker, person seeking (political) asylum, person granted (political) asylum
Asylantenwohnheim(German n.) asylum-seekers' hostel
Asylantrag(German m.) application for asylum, asylum request
Asylantragsrücknahme(German f.) withdrawal of (an) application for asylum
asylberechtigt(German) entitled to (political) asylum
Asylbescheid(German m.) decision on asylum
Asylbewerber (m.), Asylbewerberin (f.)(German) asylum seeker
Asylgesuch(German n.) application for asylum
Asylgrund (s.), Asylgründe (pl.)(German m.) reason for asylum, grounds for asylum
Asylland(German n.) country of asylum
Asylpolitik(German f.) asylum policy
Asylrecht (s.), Asylrechte (pl.)(German n.) asylum law, right of asylum
Asylrechtsgruppe(German f.) activist group to promote the interests of those seeking asylum
Asyl suchen(German) to seek asylum, to seek sanctuary
Asylsuchender (m.), Asylsuchende (f.), Asylsuchende (pl.)(German) asylum seeker
Asylverfahren(German n.) asylum procedure
Asylverfahrenssekretariat(German n.) registration office for asylum proceedings
Asylwerber (m.), Asylwerberin (f.)(German - Austria) asylum seeker
Asymmetricin clothing, meaning uneven or one sided, non-symmetrical; hemlines are often diagonal; tops having one shoulder strap or sleeve
Asymmetrical meteror 'asymmetrical time signature', usually, meters (time signatures) with 5 or 7 as the top number, although these meters are more properly examples of 'additive meter' or 'additive rhythm'
Asymmetrical scalessee 'diatonic scales'
Asymmetrical time signatureasymmetrical meter
Asymmetrie (s.), Asymmetrien (pl.)(German f.) asymmetry
asymmetrisch(German) asymmetrically asymmetric, asymmetrical
asymmetrisches Metrum(German n.) asymmetrical meter
asymmetrische Taktart(German f.) asymmetrical meter, asymmetrical time signature
asymmetrische Tonleiter(German f.)asymmetrical scale
Asymphonie(Greek, German) dissonance
asymptomatisch(German) asymptomatic
Asymptote (s.), Asymptoten (pl.)(German f.) asymptote
asymptotisch(German) asymptotic, asymptotical, asymptotically
asynchron(German) asynchronous, asynchronously
asynchron-synchron(German) asynchronous-synchronous
Asynchronmotor(German m.) AC induction motor, asynchronous motor
asyndetisch(German) asyndetic, asyndetically
Asyndeton(English, German n, from Latin, from Greek) a stylistic scheme in which conjunctions are deliberately omitted from a series of related clauses. Examples are veni, vidi, vici and its English translation "I came, I saw, I conquered." Its use can have the effect of speeding up the rhythm of a passage and making a single idea more memorable. More generally, in grammar, an asyndetic coordination is a type of coordination in which no coordinating conjunction is present between the conjuncts
  • Asyndeton from which this extract has been taken
As you pipe, I must danceI must accommodate myself to your wishes
Asystolie(German f.) cardiopulmonary arrest, heart attack, asystolia, asystole, cardiac arrest
Aszendent (s.), Aszendenten (pl.)(German m.) ascendant, ascendent
aszendent(German) ascendant
Aszendenz(German f.) ascendancy
aszendieren(German) to ascend
Aszese(German f.) ascesis (rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint)
Aszetik(German f.) asceticism (rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint)
Aszites(German m.) ascites (an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen)