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ATabbreviation 'arrival time'. 'attainment target'
a t.abbreviation of a tempo
à t.abbreviation of à tempo
Ataa bamboo Jew's harps of the Lahu people of southern China, and northern South East Asia
Atabal(Spanish) or timbal, timpani
a wide cylindrical double-headed bass drum or tabor from the Basque regions of Spain and France, originally Moorish
a conical single-headed barrel-shaped Brazilian drum usually played in threes with sticks or with the hands:
le'the smallest drum
rumpitothe middle drum
rumthe largest drum
à table sec(French) the practice of vocal exercises without accompaniment
à table sèche(French) the practice of vocal exercises without accompaniment
Atacama Desertan arid region of northwest Chile, one of the driest areas in the world, which has yielded great nitrate and copper wealth
Atacamawüste(German f.) Atacama Desert
Atacante(Spanish m./f.) attacker, assailant
atacar(Spanish) to attack, to assault
atacar los nervios(Spanish) to lose one's cool
Atacticor ataxic, lacking motor coordination, marked or caused by ataxia
Atadero(Spanish m.) rope, fastening, hook
Atadijo(Spanish m.) loosely-made bundle
Atado(Spanish m.) bundle, bunch (Latin America)
atado(Spanish) tied, tied up (with obligations), timid (figurative)
Atadura (s.), Ataduras (pl.)(Spanish f.) tying, tie, hindrance (figurative)
Atair(German m.) Altair (the brightest star in the constellation Aquila)
Atajada(Spanish f. - South America) save
Atajador (m.), Atajadora (f.)(Spanish f. - Mexico) ballboy (m.), ballgirl (f.)
atajar(Spanish) to take a short cut, to catch (Latin America), to intercept (pass, ball), to parry (blow), to block (punch), to stop (person), to catch (person), to stop (detain), to keep ... in check, to contain (fire), to quell (rumour), to put a stop to
atajar por(Spanish) to take a shortcut through
Atajo(Spanish m.) short cut, bunch (group of people)
sois un atajo de inútiles (Spanish: you're a useless bunch)
ataktisch(German) atactic, ataxic
Atalanta(English, German f.) in Greek mythology, a hunter who agreed to marry any man who could defeat her in a footrace
Atalante(German f.) Atalanta
Atalaya(Spanish f.) watch-tower, vantage point (figurative)
a tal efecto(Spanish) for that purpose, hereto, hereunto, to that end
a tal extremo(Spanish) to such an extreme, so much, to such a degree, to such an extent, to such extent
a tal grado(Spanish) to such a degree, ever so, insofar, so, that, to such an extent, insomuch, so much
a tal medida(Spanish) to such a degree, to such an extent
a tal medida que(Spanish) to such an extent that, insofar as
a talón(Spanish) on foot
At a loose enduncertain what to do next, without anything to do
a tal pregunta tal respuesta(Spanish) a stupid question deserves a stupid answer
a tal punto(Spanish) to such an extent
a tal señor tal honor(Spanish) to each his own
a tal velocidad(Spanish) at such a rate
Ataman(English, German m., from Russian) a Cossack leader
a tambor batiente(Spanish) triumphantly, with flying colours
AtamoEthiopian drum, played by tapping the fingers or the palm of the hand
atañer(Spanish) to concern, to have to do with
Atangan Igede (Nigeria) brass bell used during funeral ceremonies
a tan sólo(Spanish) at only
a tanto alzado(Spanish) by the job, in a lump sum
a tanto possible(Italian) as much as possible
a tantos de(Spanish) on a certain day of, on such and such a day of
a tantos días fecha(Spanish) from and after this date, to be paid on the date stated
a tantos días vista(Spanish) to be paid on the date stated
Atap(Javanese) or attap, thatch made of palm-fronds
At a pinchif absolutely necessary
Ataque(Portuguese, Spanish m.) assault, attack (also medical), fit (medicine)
in music, attack (the beginning of the sound generated by a musical instrument, synthesiser, etc.)
Ataque aéreo(Spanish m.) air strike
Ataque al corazón(Spanish m.) heart attack
Ataque de asma(Spanish m.) asthma attack
Ataque de nervios(Spanish m.) hysterics, panic
Ataque de risa(Spanish m.) fit of hysterics, fit of laughter
Ataque epiléptico(Spanish m.) epileptic fit
atar(Spanish) to tie, to tie up, to tie ... down (figurative), to tether (goat, donkey), to tie ... up (person, horse)
le até el pelo con una cinta (Spanish: I tied her hair back with a ribbon)
lo ataron de pies y manos (Spanish: they bound him hand and foot)
ató al perro a un poste (Spanish: she tied the dog to a lamppost)
atarantado (m.), atarantada (f.)(Spanish m. - Colombia, Mexico, Peru) dazed (from a blow), stunned (form a blow)
(Spanish - Mexico, Peru) in a spin, dazed
(Spanish - Chile) harum-scarum (colloquial)
atarantarse(Spanish - Colombia, Mexico, Peru) to get flustered, to get in a dither
con tantas preguntas me atarantaron (Spanish: they made my head spin with all their questions)
el golpe lo atarantó (Spanish: the blow left him dazed)
Ataraxiaimperturbability, peace of mind
Ataraxie(German f.) ataraxia, ataraxy
Ataraxyvariant of ataraxia
atar cabos(Spanish) put two and two together
atar corto(Spanish) to put on a short leash
Atardecer(Spanish m.) dusk
atardecer(Spanish) to get dark, to grow dark
atareado (m.), atareada (f.)(Spanish) busy
atarearse(Spanish) to work hard
atarse(Spanish) to get tied up (figurative)
Atariganea Japanese hand gong also known as chan-chiki or kane, it is played held in the hand or suspended by a cord and struck with a deer horn mallet called the shumoku
At a round pacebriskly, rapidly, smartly
atarse(Spanish m.) to tie up (shoe, etc.), to do up (coat, etc.), to tie up (hair)
a tasa fija(Spanish) flat-rate
Atascadero(Spanish m.) stumbing block (figurative)
atascado (m.), atascada (f.)(Spanish) stuck, blocked
atascar(Spanish) to block, to obstruct, to hinder (figurative), to stall (Mexico)
atascarse(Spanish) to get stuck, to block, to get snarled up, to jam (mechanism), to seize up (mechanism), to stall (Mexico), to become obstructed, to become blocked, to get bogged down (figurative)
Atasco(Spanish m.) obstruction, traffic jam, holdup, delay, blockage (tube)
a tastoni(Italian) gropingly
à tâtons(French) groping, feeling one's way, tentatively
Ataúd(Spanish m.) coffin
ataviar(Spanish) to dress up, to dress sombody up in something
ataviarse(Spanish) to dress up, to get dressed up, to attire oneself
atávico (m.), atávica (f.)(Spanish) atavistic
Atavío(Spanish m.) dress, attire
Atavisma reappearance of an earlier characteristic
Atavismus(German m) throwback, atavism, reversion
atavistisch(German) atavistically, atavistic
Ataxialoss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement
Ataxic aphasiasee 'Broca's aphasia'
Ataxie (s.), Ataxien (pl.)(German f.) ataxia
At bestin the best favourable light, making every allowance, taking everything into consideration
Atcherésee acheré
ATCL, A.T.C.L.abbreviation of 'Associated of Trinity College of Music, London'
ATCSabbreviation of 'Associate of the Tonic Sol-Fa College'
ATDabbreviation of 'actual time of departure'
At death's doorvery dangerously ill (the danger being that of death)
ATEabbreviation of 'automatic test equipment' (used in electronics)
Ate(Greek, literally 'ruin', 'folly', 'delusion') the action performed by the hero, usually because of his or her hubris that leads to his or her death or downfall
Ate(German f.) Até
Atéa goddess in Greek mythology, a personification of ate
Ateísmo(Spanish m.) atheism
a teja vana(Spanish) under a bare roof, in impecunious circumstances
Atelectasisof the lung, a failure of full expansion at birth or a collapse thereafter
Atelektase(German f.) atelectasis
atelektatisch(German) atelectatic
Atelier(French m., German n.) an artist's or an artisan's studio or workshop
(French m.) a leading fashion-house
see 'studio'
Atelieraufnahme(German f.) studio shot
Atelieraufnahme(German f.) studio work
Atelierfenster(German n.) studio window
Atelierfest(German n.) studio party
Ateliergelände(German n.) studio lot
Atelierkamera(German f.) studio camera
Atelierwohnung(German f.) studio, studio apartment, studio flat
Atellan farcesor Atellane farces, coarse improvised interludes in Roman theatres
a tem.abbreviation of a tempo (Italian: in time)
à tem.abbreviation of à tempo (Italian: in time)
Atem(German m.) breath, breathing, respiration, pneuma
Atem-(German) respiratory (prefix)
Atemanhalten(German n.) breath holding
Atemapparat(German m.) respiratory system
Atem ausstoßen(German) to puff
atembar(German) respirable
Atembehandlung(German f.) breath control
atemberaubend(German) breath-taking, stunningly, mind-blowing, stunning, staggering, vertiginous (sensation), breathtaking, spectacular, breathtakingly
atemberaubend schön(German) stunningly beautiful
atemberaubende Geschwindigkeit(German f.) breath-taking speed
atemberaubende Schönheit(German f.) stunning beauty, ravishing beauty
atemberaubendste(German) most breathtaking
Atembeschwerde (s.), Atembeschwerden (pl.)(German f.) breathing difficulty, difficulty of breathing, dyspnoea (difficult or laboured breathing, shortness of breath)
Atemdepression(German f.) hypoventilation
Atemdepression(German f.) respiratory depression
Atem-Durchflußgeschwindigkeit(German f., older form) volumetric respiratory flow
Atem-Durchflussgeschwindigkeit(German f.) volumetric respiratory flow
Atemfrequenz(German f.) breathing rate
Atemgerät(German n.) breathing apparatus, respirator
Atemgeräusch (s.), Atemgeräusche (pl.)(German n.) sound of breathing, respiratory noise
Atemhilfe(German f.) ventilatory support
Atemhilfsmuskulatur(German f.) accessory respiratory muscles, auxiliary respiratory muscles
Atemhöhle(German f.) air pocket
Atem holen(German) to draw breath, to breathe, to catch one's breath, to take breath
Atemhub(German m.) breath
Ateminsuffizienz(German f.) respiratory insufficiency
Atemkontrolle(German f.) breath control
Atemlähmung(German f.) apnoea (absence of breathing, stopping breathing), respiratory paralysis (caused by polio, etc.)
Atemlänge(German f.) breathing space, breathing spell, breathing-space
Atemloch (s.), Atemlöcher (pl.)(German n.) spiracle, breathing hole, spout (of a whale), blowhole (of a whale)
atemlos(German) breathless, out of breath, puffed, without breath, gasping, pantingily, winded, breathlessly, affannato (Italian), essouflé (French)
atemlos vor Aufregung(German) breathless with excitement
atemlose Spannung(German f.) breathless anticipation
atemlose Stille(German f.) breathless silence
atemlose Verfolgung(German f.) breathless chase
Atemlosigkeit(German f.) shortness of breath, breathlessness
Atemluft(German f.) breathing air
Atemmaske(German f.) respiratory mask
Atemmessgerät(German n.) spirometer (device that measure show much and how fast a person can blow air out of the lungs after taking a deep breath)
Atemmuskeln(German pl.) respiratory muscles
Atemnot(German f.) difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, dyspnoea (difficult or laboured breathing, shortness of breath), respiratory distress, breathlessness
atemorizar(Spanish) to frighten, to intimidate, to terrorize, to scare
atemorizarse(Spanish) to be frightened
à temp.abbreviation of à tempo (Italian: in time)
Atempause (s.), Atempausen (pl.)(German f.) breathing spell, pause for breath, breather (colloquial), breathing space, breathing time, reprive (figurative)
(German f., literally 'breather') a small pause on a weak beat used to strengthen the following strong beat, often accompanied by a breath, for example, a slight anticipation of the second beat of the bar in the classic form of the Viennese waltz
a temperatura ambiente(Spanish) at room temperature
a temperatura natural(Spanish) at room temperature, unchilled
a tempo(Italian, literally 'in (strict) time') a tiempo (Spanish), im Takt (German), im Zeitmaß (German), en mesure (French), returning the the original pace, used particularly after a change in the tempo (for example, the result of accelerando, ritardando, tempo libero, tempo rubato, etc.), when wanting to return to the original speed
a tempo commodo(Italian) in a moderate, convenient time
a tempo comodo(Italian) in a moderate, convenient time
a tempo di gavotta(Italian) in the time of a gavotte
a tempo di menuetto(Italian) in the time of a minuet
a tempo giusto(Italian) in strict time, in equal time, im angemessenen Zeitmaß (German)
a tempo libero(Italian) in a free tempo, im freien Zeitmaß (German)
a tempo ordinario(Italian) in a moderate or an ordinary time, im gewohnten Zeitmaß (German)
a tempo primo(Italian) a return to the original tempo (usually the opening tempo), im ersten (ursprünglichen) Zeitmaß (German)
a tempo rubato(Italian) in irregular time, for example, acceleration or retardation of parts of the bar, im willkürlichen Zeitmaß (German), im freien Zeitmaß (German)
Atemprobleme(German pl.) respiratory problems, breathing problems
atemraubend(German) breathtaking, breathtakingly
Atemregler(German m.) diving regulator
Atem schöpfen(German) to draw breath, to breathe, to take breath
Atemschutz(German m.) breathing protection, respiratory protection
Atemschutzfilter(German m.) respirator filter
Atemschutzgerät(German n.) breathing apparatus, respiratory device, respirator, piratory protective equipment
Atemschutzmaske(German f.) filter mask, respirator mask, respirator
Atemschwierigkeiten bereiten(German) to cause difficulty in breathing
à temps partiel(French) part-time
à temps plein(French) full-time
Atemstillstand(German m.) apnoea (absence of breathing, stopping breathing), respiratory arrest, breathing arrest
Atemstoß(German m.) pant (short shallow breath)
Atemstütze(German f.) breath support, voice support
Atemtechnik(German f.) breath control, breathing techinque
Atemtraining(German n.) breathing exercises
Atemtrakt(German m.) respiratory tract
Atemübung (s.), Atemübungen (pl.)(German f.) breathing exercise
Atemvolumen(German n.) respiratory volume
Atemweg(German m.) airway
Atemwege(German pl.) respiratory tract, respiratory passages, airways, air passages
Atemwegserkrankung(German f.) respiratory disease, respiratory illness, respiratory infection, airway disease
Atemwegsinfektion(German f.) respiratory tract infection
Atemwegsobstruktion(German f.) obstruction of the airways, airway obstruction, respiratory obstruction
Atemwegswiderstand(German m.) airway resistance
Atemzeichen(German n.) breath mark
Atemzeichen(German n.) breath mark, breathing mark
Atemzentrum(German n.) respiratory centre
Atemzug (s.), Atemzüge (pl.)(German m.) act of respiration, breathing, breath, breath of air
Atenas(Spanish f.) Athens
atenazar(Spanish) to torture (figurative), to grip
a tenazón(Spanish) suddenly, blindly
Atención(Spanish f.) attention, courtesy, kindness, interest, service (hotel), opening hours (public office)
¡atención!(Spanish) look out! watch out!
atención a(Spanish) beware of
¡atención, por favor!(Spanish) (your) attention, please!
atender(Spanish) to pay attention, to attend to, to help, to agree to, to heed (advice, warning), to look after
el doctor no atiende los martes (Spanish: the doctor does not see anyone on Tuesdays)
en esa tienda atienden muy mal (Spanish: the service is very bad in that store)
los atendieron enseguida en el hospital (Spanish: they were seen immediately at the hospital)
atender a(Spanish) to pay attention to
atender a ...(Spanish) to pay attention to ... (something, somebody), to meet ... (obligations, commitments, expenses, etc.)
atenderse(Spanish) to be attended to, to be seen (attended to by a doctor)
Atene(Italian f.) Athens
atenerse(Spanish) to abide
atenerse a(Spanish) to abide by
a tenor(Spanish) likewise, in the same fashion
a tenor de(Spanish) in accordance with, according to
Atentado(Spanish m.) offence, attack
Atentado contra la vida de uno(Spanish m.) attempt on someone's life
atentamente(Spanish) attentively, politely, kindly
atentar(Spanish) to commit an offence
atentaron contra su vida (Spanish: they made an attempt on her life)
esta mañana atentaron contra la vida de un famoso escritor (Spanish: there was an attempt on a famous writer's life this morning)
atentar contra la seguridad del Estado(Spanish) to threaten national security
atentar contra la vida de uno(Spanish) to make an attempt on someone's life
Atentebenor atentenben, soprano bamboo flute from Ghana
a tente bonete(Spanish) determinedly, doggedly
atento (m.), atenta (f.)(Spanish) attentive, polite, kind, courteous, considerate, thoughtful
Atenuante(Spanish f.) extenuating circumstance, mitigating factor
atenuante(Spanish) extenuating, attenuating
atenuar(Spanish) to attenuate, to diminish, to dim (light), to reduce, to lessen, to tone down (colour), to extenuate
atenuar el tono(Spanish) to tone down (criticism)
atenuarse(Spanish) to weaken
Ateo(Italian m.) atheist
Ateo (m.), Atea (f.)(Spanish) atheist
ateo(Italian) atheistic
ateo (m.), atea (f.)(Spanish) atheistic
aterciopelado (m.), aterciopelada (f.)(Spanish) velvety
aterido (m.), aterida (f.)(Spanish) frozen (stiff), numb (with cold), blue with cold
a término(Spanish) full term
a término fijo(Spanish) at a fixed term
aterrador (m.), aterradora (f.)(Spanish) terrifying
aterrar(Spanish) to terrify
le aterra la idea (Spanish: she's terrified at the thought)
aterrarse(Spanish) to be terrified
à terre(French, literally 'on the ground') in dance, this term indicates that the entire base of the supporting foot or feet touches the ground or that the foot usually raised in a pose is to remain on the ground with the toes extended
Aterrizaje(Spanish m.) landing
Aterrizaje forzoso(Spanish m.) emergency landing
aterrizar(Spanish) to land, to touch down, to arrive (familiar), to settle down (familiar), to get used to (familiar)
acabamos de aterrizar en este pueblo y todavía nos cuesta encontrar la panadería (Spanish: we are newcomers to this town and still haven't found the bakery)
todavía estoy aterrizando en mi nuevo trabajo (Spanish: I'm still getting used to my new job)
aterrorizado (m.), aterrorizada (f.)(Spanish) terrified
aterrorizar(Spanish) to terrify, to terrorize (military, police)
aterrorizarse(Spanish) to be terrified
natural sign(Swedish) the sign placed before a note that is neither sharpened or flattened
atesorar(Spanish) to hoard, to amass (wealth, fortune)
Atestado(Spanish m.) sworn statement, affidavit, testimonial
atestado (m.), atestada (f.)(Spanish) packed, crammed, packed with, full up
atestado de ..., atestada de ...(Spanish) packed full of ...
el salón estaba atestado (de gente) (Spanish: the hall was packed (with people), the hall was crammed (with people))
atestar(Spanish) to fill up, to pack, to testify, to cram
atestar de(Spanish) to fill up with, to pack with, to cram with
atestiguar(Spanish) to bear witness to, to testify to (judicial), to prove (figurative)
à tête reposée(French) in a leisurely moment
At first handfrom one's own knowledge or personal observation
At first sight(playing music) that has not been seen before, a prima vista (Italian), vom Blatte (German), a première vue (French)
ATHsee 'absolute threshold of hearing'
Athambia(Greek) imperturbability
Athame(English, German f.) a double-bladed knife used for ritual magic, never used to cut anything in the physical plane
Athanasiaor athanasy, the quality of being deathless, immortality
Athanasianer(German pl.) Athanasians
athanasianisch(German) Athanasian (of or pertaining to Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria in the 4th century)
Athanasie(German f.) athanasia, athanasy
Athanasyvariant of athanasia
At handconveniently near
Äthanol(German n.) ethanol (active ingredient in alcoholic beverages), ethyl alcohol
äthanolisch(German) ethanolic
Athazagoraphobiaa persistent, abnormal phobia of being forgotten or ignored, or of forgetting things
Athazagoraphobie(German f.) athazagoraphobia
At heartbasically, deep down
Athée(French m./f.) atheist
athée(French) atheistic
Atheismthe doctrine or belief that there is no God
Athéisme(French m.) atheism
Atheismus(German m.) atheism
Atheist (m.), Atheistin (f.), Atheisten (pl.)(German) atheist
atheistisch(German) atheistical, atheistically, atheistic
Atheliathe congenital absence of one or both nipples
Athelie(German f.) athelia
Athem(German n.) Athus (a town in the Aubange municipality of the province of Luxembourg, in south-eastern Belgium)
(German m.) breath, breathing, respiration (archaic spelling - in modern German, Atem)
[information supplied by Michael Zapf]
Athematica piece of music lacking any clear theme or melody
athematisch(German) athematic
athemlos(German) breathlessly (archaic spelling - in modern German, atemlos)
[information supplied by Michael Zapf]
Athemzug(German) the act of breathing, respiration (archaic spelling - in modern German, Atemzug)
Athen(German n.) Athens (the capital and largest city of Greece, named after Athena, its patron goddess)
Athen.abbreviation of 'Athenian'
Athenain Greek mythology, the goddess of war, wisdom and of the arts and crafts
Athenaeumoriginally the name of a temple in Athens which became a meeting place of learned men, it was later the name of a famous academy in Rome founded by Hadrian in about 135 AD. The name is still used for literary and scientific institutions
Athenäum(German n.) athenaeum
Athene(German f.) Athena
Athener (m.), Athenerin (f.), Athener (pl.)(German) Athenian
Athenetempel(German m.) athenaeum
Athenian cantatha(Greek) urban popular songs, which reached the peak of popularity during the period 1870-1930, were affected by Italian music and flourished alongside a parallel rage for Italian melodrama in Athens. The Heptanesian cantatha (also called 'Eptanessian songs') also influenced the Athenian cantatha after the union of the Ionian islands with Greece in 1823. These folk melodies are still sung by Greek people as though they were true folk songs
athenisch(German) Athenian
Äther(German m.) Aether, ether, air, airwaves (figurative)
ätherisch(German) wraithlike, aerial (light, graceful), ethereal, ethereally, essential (oil)
ätherisches Öl (s.), ätherische Öle (pl.)(German n.) essential oil
Ätherophon(German n.) theremin
Atherosclerosisthe progressive narrowing and hardening of the arteries over time
Atherosklerose(German f.) atherosclerosis
atherosklerotisch(German) atherosclerotically, atherosclerotic
Ätherwellengeige(German f.) theremin
Äthiopien(German n.) Ethiopia
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Äthiopier (m.), Äthiopierin (f.), Äthiopier (pl.), Äthiopierinnen ( Ethiopian
äthiopisch(German) Ethiopian
äthiopisch-orthodoxe Kirche(German f.) Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Äthiopistik(German f.) Ethiopian studies
Athlet (m.), Athletiker (m.), Athletin (f.), Athleten (pl.)(German) athlete
Athletik(German f.) athleticism, athletics
athletisch(German) athletic, athletically
athletischer(German) more athletic
athletischste(German) most athletic
athletisch trainiert(German) athletically trained
Athlotheta(Greek) or Agnotheta (Greek), the person who was appointed judge in the ancient Greek public musical contests
Äthylalkohol(German m.) ethanol, ethyl alcohol
atiborrado de gente(Spanish) packed with people, jam-packed with people
atiborrar(Spanish) to fill, to pack, to stuff
atiborrar ...(Spanish) to fill ... (something), to stuff ... (something)
atiborrar a ... de ...(Spanish) to fill ... (somebody) with ... (something)
atiborrar de ...(Spanish) to fill ... (something), to stuff ... (something)
atiborrarse(Spanish) to stuff oneself
atiborrarse de ...(Spanish) to stuff oneself with ... (something)
Ático(Spanish m.) attic, top-floor apartment, top-floor flat, penthouse, garret, attic-flat, loft
a tiempo(Spanish) on time, in time, in good time, on schedule, opportunely, betimes
(Spanish) (in music) in time, a tempo (Italian), im Takt (German), en mesure (French)
a tiempo completo(Spanish) full time
a tiempo de(Spanish) in good time to, in time to, just in time to, just in time for, in good time for, in time for
a tiempo para(Spanish) in time to, in good time to, just in time to, in time for, just in time for, in good time for
a tiempo para no(Spanish) in time not to
llegamos a tiempo para no perderla (Spanish: we arrived in time not to miss her)
a tiempo parcial(Spanish) part-time
a tiempos(Spanish) at times, from time to time, once in a while, sometimes
a tiempo y a destiempo(Spanish) in season and out of season
a tientas(Spanish) in the dark, searchingly, gropingly, uncertainly
a tiento(Spanish) gropingly, uncertainly
a tierra(Spanish) ashore
atildado (m.), atildada (f.)(Spanish) elegant, neat
atildar(Spanish) to put a tilde (~) over, to tidy up
atildarse(Spanish) to smarten oneself up
Atimypublic disgrace or stigma, infamy, loss of civil rights
atinademente(Spanish) rightly
atinado (m.), atinada (f.)(Spanish) right, wise, sensible, appropriate, pertinent, spot-on (colloquial)
atinar(Spanish) to hit upon, to guess right, to guess correctly
atinar con ...(Spanish) to hit on ..., to hit upon ..., to find ..., to come up with ... (solution, idea, strategy)
atinar en el blanco(Spanish) to hit the target
¡atinaste!(Spanish) you're dead right!
atinaste con el regalo(Spanish) the gift you got him was perfect, the gift you got her was perfect
atinó a decir unas palabras(Spanish) she was able to say some words
a tinta(Spanish) in ink, pen-and-ink
Ätiologie(German f.) aitiology, aetiology, etiology (US) (the study of causation)
ätiologisch(German) etiological (US), aetiological
ätiologische Sage(German f.) aetiological tale, etiological tale (US)
atipico (m.), atipica (f.)(Spanish) exceptional, atypical, out of the ordinary
atiplado (m.), atiplada (f.)(Spanish) high-pitched, piercing
a tipo de broma(Spanish) joking, tongue-in-cheek
atirantar(Spanish) to tighten
a tiro(Spanish) within shooting range, within range, within reach
a tiro de bala(Spanish) within gun shot
a tiro de ballesta(Spanish) at a distance
a tiro de cañón(Spanish) within cannon shot
a tiro de fusil(Spanish) within rifle shot, within gunshot
a tiro de piedra(Spanish) within a stone's throw, at a stone's throw
a tiro hecho(Spanish) deliberately, with absolute certainty
a tiro limpio(Spanish) guns blazing
a tirones(Spanish) by jerks, jerkily
atisbar(Spanish) to spy on, to make out (visualize)
Atisbo(Spanish m.) spying, hint (indication), sign (indication), inkling
Atishudraone lower than the shudra, the fourth caste at the bottom of Hindu social herarchy, 'untouchable'
At issueunder dispute
a tí te toca(Spanish) it's your turn, it's your move
à titre gracieux(French) complimentary
a título de(Spanish) by way of, acting as, in capacity of, in the way of
a título de donación(Spanish) as a grant
a título de información(Spanish) by way of information, informatively
a título de prueba(Spanish) on a trial basis, on trial
a título gracioso(Spanish) gratuitously
a título gratuito(Spanish) gratuitous
a título lucrativo(Spanish) commercially, for profit
a título oneroso(Spanish) on a payment basis, based on valuable consideration, onerous
a título precario(Spanish) for temporary use and enjoyment
a título propio(Spanish) in one's own right
atiza(Spanish) really?, wow!
atizar(Spanish) to poke, to stoke, to deal, to give (blow), to stir up (figurative), to rouse, to arouse, to excite (passion, etc.)
sus palabras atizaron los sentimientos de ira del público (Spanish: her words made the audience furious)
Atkins dietAtkins Nutritional Approach, popularly known as the Atkins diet, a controversial high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that was made popular by Dr. Robert Atkins
Atkins-Diät(German f.) Atkins diet
Atlant (s.), Atlanten (pl.)(German m.) atlas (support or column), atlas
Atlante(Italian m.) atlas
Atlantean shouldersshoulders able to bear a great wight like those of Atlas (one of the Titans)
Atlantesfigures of men used in architecture as pillars (female figures are called Caryatides)
Atlantiaden(German pl.) Pleiades (in Greek mythology, 7 daughters of Atlas and half-sisters of the Hyades, placed among the stars to save them from the pursuit of Orion)
atlantico(Italian) Atlantic
Atlántico(Spanish m.) (the) Atlantic
el (océano) Atlántico (Spanish: the Atlantic (Ocean))
atlántico (m.), atlántica (f.)(Spanish) Atlantic
Atlantico, l'Oceano(Italian m.) the Atlantic Ocean
Atlántida, la(Spanish f.) Atlantis
Atlantiden(German pl.) variant of Atlantiaden (German pl.)
Atlantik(German m.) Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean
Atlantikinsel(German f.) island in the Atlantic
Atlantikküste(German f.) Atlantic seaboard, Atlantic coast
Atlantikprovinzen(German pl.) Atlantic Provinces (Canada)
Atlantiküberquerung(German f.) Atlantic crossing
Atlantique(French m.) Atlantic (Ocean)
atlantique(French) Atlantic
Atlantis(English, German n.) the continent that was submerged in the Atlantic ocean, according to occult teaching and Plato
atlantisch(German) Atlantic
Atlantische Ozean(German m.) Atlantic Ocean
Atlantisches Bündnis(German n.) Atlantic alliance (political)
atlantisches Klima(German n.) Atlantic climate
At largeat liberty
Atlas (s.), Atlasse (German pl.)(English, German m.) a large book of maps, named for Atlas one of the Titans
in the paper trade, a standard size of drawing paper 26 x 34 inches (660 x 864 mm)
(English, German m.) in Greek mythology, a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders
(English, German m.) first vertebra (of the neck)
(German m.) Atlas Mountains
(German m.) Atlas silk
(Spanish m.) a large book of maps, named for Atlas one of the Titans
Atlasbindung(German f.) satin weave
Atlasfarbe(German f.) satin ink
Atlasgebirge(German n.) Atlas Mountains
Atlasgrad(German m.) satin rib
Atlas Mountainsmountain range located in Morocco and Tunisia near the Strait of Gilbralter
Atlaspapier(German n.) satin paper (a smooth paper with a slight sheen)
Atlasseide(German f.) satin
atlassen(German) made of atlas (silk)
Atlas silksilk with startling colours and beautiful patterns, a unique local specialty of Jiya village in Hotan Prefecture, China
Atlasspat(German m.) satin spar (one of the four crystalline varieties of gypsum: Selenite, satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower)
Atlaswirbel(German m.) first vertebra (of the neck)
Atleta(Spanish m./f.) athlete
atlético (m.), atlética (f.)(Spanish) athletic, athletics (club, competition)
Atletismo(Spanish m.) athletics
At loggerheads, to beto be in a state of disagreement
atm.abbreviation of 'atmosphere' (unit of pressure)
Atmana philosophical term used within Hinduism and Vedanta to identify the soul. It is one's true self (hence generally translated into English as 'Self') beyond identification with the phenomenal reality of worldly existence
Atmen(German n.) breathing
atmen(German) to breathe, to respire
(German) see einatmen (to breathe in)
(German) see ausatmen (to breathe out)
atmend(German) breathing, respiring
Atmender (m.), Atmende (f.)(German) breather
atmet(German) breathes
atmet auf(German) respires
atmet ein(German) inhales
atmete(German) breathed, respired
atmete ein(German) inhaled
Atme weiter!(German) Keep breathing!
atmogen(German) airborne
Atmolyse(German f.) atmolysis
Atmolysisthe act or process of separating mingled gases of unequal diffusibility by transmission through porous substances
Atmosfera(Italian f.) mood, atmosphere
Atmósfera(Spanish f.) mood, atmosphere
atmosférico(Spanish) atmospheric
Atmosphäre (s.), Atmosphären (pl.)(German f.) mood, atmosphere, feel (atmosphere), vibe (colloquial), air (of a building, town, etc.), ambience, aura (atmosphere)
Atmosphäre des Friedens(German f.) aura of peace
Atmosphäre des Vertrauens(German f.) atmosphere of trust
Atmosphärendruck(German m.) atmospheric pressure, barometric pressure
atmosphärisch(German) atmospheric, ambient, atomspherically
atmosphärische Entladung(German f.) atmospheric discharge
atmosphärische Störung (s.), atmosphärische Störungen (pl.)(German f.) atmospheric disturbance, static (in the atmosphere)
Atmospherethe mass of air surrounding the Earth
or 'air', a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing
the mood of a play created by scenery, lighting, sound, movement, and other effects. Often the opening scene in a play or novel establishes an atmosphere appropriate to the theme of the entire work
Atmosphère(French f.) mood, atmosphere
Atmosphericof, relating to, produced by, or coming from the atmosphere
translucent or hazy
evoking a particular emotional or aesthetic quality
atmosphèrique(French) atmospheric
Atmung (s.), Atmungen (pl.)(German f.) breathing, respiration
atmungsaktiv(German) breathable (fabrics)
Atmungsbeschwerden(German pl.) difficulty in respiration
Atmungswege(German pl.) respiratory tract
Atmungszeichen(German n.) breath mark
Ätna(German m.) Mount Etna (an inactive volcano in Sicily, the highest volcano in Europe)
a toca penoles(Spanish) grazingly, very close
a toca teja(Spanish) cash, cash down, for cash, on the nail
a tocateja(Spanish) cash, cash down, for cash, on the nail
atocinado (m.), atocinada (f.)(Spanish) fat, fleshy
a toda brida(Spanish) at top speed, at full gallop, at full speed
a toda capacidad(Spanish) at full capacity, full-swing
a toda carrera(Spanish) at full speed, in great haste
a toda costa(Spanish) by all means, at all cost, at any price, against all odds, at all costs, at any cost, at any expense, by fair means or foul, through thick and thin
a toda fuerza(Spanish) with might and main
a toda hora(Spanish) at all hours
a toda leche(Spanish) at full blast
a toda ley(Spanish) strictly according to the rules, duly, justly, strictly according to the principle
a toda luz(Spanish) manifestly, by all means, from every point of view
a toda madre(Spanish) great, wonderful, pleasant, likeable, nice, at full speed, with heart and soul
a toda máquina(Spanish) at full blast, at full speed, full blast, full speed, full-swing, in full blast, using full power
a toda marcha(Spanish) at full steam, all-out, full blast, in high gear
a toda mecha(Spanish) at full pelt, at full blast, at full speed, at full stretch, at full throttle
a toda pastilla(Spanish) at full speed
a toda plana(Spanish) full-page, full column, full spread
a toda potencia(Spanish) at full power, at full blast, using full power
a toda presión(Spanish) at full pressure
a toda prisa(Spanish) in great haste, as quickly as possible, at full speed, at full tilt, with all possible haste, with all speed, hotfoot, posthaste
a toda prueba(Spanish) fail-proof, foolproof, sure-shot
a todas estas(Spanish) all in all
a todas horas(Spanish) at all hours, day and night, night and day
a todas luces(Spanish) to all appearances, any way you look at it, by all appearances, clearly, evidently, from every point of view, obviously, to all outward appearances
a todas partes(Spanish) everywhere, everyplace
a toda vela(Spanish) under full sail, at full sail, full sail
a toda velocidad(Spanish) at full speed, at full blast, all-out, as fast as possible, at breakneck speed, at full pelt, at full swing, at full tilt, at top speed, full blast, full speed, with all speed, full tilt
At oddsat variance
a todo alrededor(Spanish) all about, all around
a todo alrededor de(Spanish) all around, all about
a todo andar(Spanish) at full speed, at full blast, at top speed
a todo color(Spanish) in full color, in full colour
a todo correr(Spanish) at full speed, at a cracking pace, at top speed, in great haste
a todo dar(Spanish) first-rate, top-quality, top-notch, nice, likeable, pleasant, at full efficiency, at full blast, all-out
a todo despliegue(Spanish) spread across the page
a todo escape(Spanish) at full blast, at full speed
a todo esto(Spanish) all in all
a todo galope(Spanish) at full gallop
a todo gas(Spanish) at full blast, at full power, at full stretch, at full throttle
a todo lo largo(Spanish) at full length
a todo lo largo de(Spanish) all along, alongside, throughout
a todo lo largo del libro(Spanish) all through the book
a todo meter(Spanish) at full speed, all-out, at full pelt, at full tilt, full steam
a todo mi alrededor(Spanish) all around me, all about me, everywhere around me
a todo nuestro alrededor(Spanish) all around us, all about us, everywhere around us
a todo pasto(Spanish) in abundance, in great quantity, without limit, galore, without restriction, freely
a todo pulmón(Spanish) at the top of one's lungs
a todo riesgo(Spanish) against all risks
a todos lados(Spanish) everywhere, all over
a todos les cae bien(Spanish) loved by everybody, all the world loves a lover
a todos les llega su momento de gloria(Spanish) every dog has its day
a todos los niveles(Spanish) across-the-board
a todos nosotros(Spanish) to us all
a todo su alrededor(Spanish) all around him, all about her, all about him, all around her, everywhere around her, everywhere around him, all around you, all about you, everywhere around you, all around them, all about them, everywhere around them
a todo tirar(Spanish) at the most
a todo trance(Spanish) at all costs, at all cost, at any cost, at any risk, by fair means or foul, in all events
a todo trapo(Spanish) under full sail, at full sail, at full speed, at top speed
a todo tren(Spanish) in style (travel), in great comfort, with every luxury
a todo tu alrededor(Spanish) all around you, all about you, everywhere around you
a todo turbio correr(Spanish) however bad things may seem
a todo vapor(Spanish) at full steam, at full blast, all-out, full blast, full speed, full steam, full steam ahead, in full blast, under full steam
a todo vuestro alrededor(Spanish) all around you, all about you, everywhere around you
Atokesmall single boat-shaped bell from Ghana, that is laid in the open palm and played with a metal striker
Atole(Spanish m. - Mexico) hot corn drink, hot maize drink
Atoll(English, German n.) a ring-shaped coral reef enclosing a lagoon
Atolladero(Spanish m.) mire, bog, tight corner (figurative), predicament (figurative), awkward situation (figurative)
Atolón(Spanish m.) atoll
Atolondrado (m.), Atolondrada (f.)(Spanish) scatter-brain, feather-brain
atolondrado (m.), atolondrada (f.)(Spanish) scatter-brained, feather-brained, foolish, bewildered, rash, impetuous, dased, stunned
Atolondramiento(Spanish m.) bewilderment, thoughtlessness
atolondrar(Spanish) to bewilder, to stun, to daze, to fluster
atolondrarse(Spanish) to be bewildered, to get flustered
a tolondrones(Spanish) by fits and starts, precipitately, stumblingly
Atom, Atome (German pl.)(English, German n.) the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element
(German n.) corpusle
Atom-(German) nuclear (prefix)
atomar(German) atomically, atomic
a toma y daca(Spanish) on a give and take basis
atombetrieben(German) nuclear-powered
atomfrei(German) nonnuclear
Atomgegner (m), Atomgegnerin (f.)(German) anti-nuclear protester
atomgetrieben(German) nuclear-powered
atómico (m.), atómica (f.)(Spanish) atomic
Atominferno(German n.) nuclear holocaust
atomisch(German) atomic, atomically
Atomiseur(French m., German m.) atomiser, spray
atomisieren(German) to atomise
atomisierend(German) atomising
atomisiert(German) atomised, atomises
atomisierte(German) atomised
Atomisierung(German f.) atomisation
Atomismthe interpretation of the world as composed of individual particles
Atomismus(German m.) atomism
Atomist(German m.) atomist
Atomistik(German f.) atomism
atomistisch(German) atomistic
Atomizador(Spanish m.) atomiser, spray
Atomizador de laca(Spanish m.) hair spray
atomizar(Spanish) to atomize
Atomkatastrophe(German f.) nuclear disaster
Atomkraft(German f.) nuclear power, atomic power
atomkraftbetrieben(German) atomic-powered
Atomkraftgegner (m.), Atomkraftgegnerin (f.)(German) opponent of nuclear power
Atomkrieg verhindern(German) to avert atomic war
Atommedizin(German f.) nuclear medicine
Atommülldeponie(German f.) atomic waste dumping site, radioactive waste disposal site, nuclear waste disposal site
Atommüllentsorgung(German f.) radioactive waste disposal
Atommülllagerung(German f.) nuclear waste disposal
Atommülltransport(German m.) transport of radioactive waste, transport of nuclear waste
Átomo(Spanish m.) atom
Atomoxetin(German n.) atomoxetine
Atomoxetinethe first non-stimulant drug approved for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Atompatt(German n.) Mutual assured destruction [MAD]
Atomphilosophie(German f.) atomic philosophy (Democritus)
Atomphysiker (m.), Atomphysikerin (f.)(German) nuclear physicist
Atompilz(German m.) mushroom cloud, atomic cloud
Atomprogramm(German n.) nuclear programme
Atomrakete(German f.) nuclear missile
Atomreaktor(German m.) atomic reactor, atomic pile, nuclear reactor
Atomschiff(German n.) nuclear ship, nuclear-powered ship
Atomschutzbunker(German m.) nuclear fallout shelter
Atomspaltung(German f.) nuclear fission, atom splitting, splitting of the atom
Atomsperrvertrag(German m.) non-proliferation treaty
Atomstopp(German m.) nuclear ban
Atomstrom(German m.) electricity generated by nuclear power (plants)
Atomtest(German m.) nuclear test
Atomteststopp(German m.) (nuclear) test ban
tomteststoppabkommen(German n.) (nuclear) test ban treaty
Atomuhr(German f.) atomic clock
Atomunfall(German m.) nuclear accident
Atomunterseeboot(German n.) atomic submarine
Atomwaffe (s.), Atomwaffen (pl.)(German f.) nuclear weapon, atomic weapon
atomwaffenfrei(German) nuclear-free
Atomwaffengegner(German m.) anti-nuclear protester
Atomwaffensperrvertrag(German m.) Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, (nuclear weapons) non-proliferation treaty, nonproliferation treaty
Atomwaffentest(German m.) nuclear weapons test
Atomwaffenverbot(German n.) ban on nuclear weapons
Atomwirtschaft(German f.) nuclear industry
Atomwissenschaft(German f.) nuclear science
Atomwissenschaftler (m.), Atomwissenschaftlerin (f.)(German) nuclear scientist
Atonal(English, German, Spanish) an keine Tonart gebunden (German), a property of music that avoids a key centre but is not constructed on serial principles, such works being written usually without a key signature
this definition, while strictly correct, begs the question 'what makes music tonal?'. The strictest definition of 'tonal music' is that it is based on principles of tonal relationship/tonal harmony, which arguably might be reduced to the use made of the tonic-dominant-subdominant relationship, which provides the need, and the mechanism, for resolution to the tonic. This 'rule' is weakened by the observation that quartal music may have a tonicized 'tonal centre' but it is not 'tonal music'. Likewise, modal music, has a 'tonal centre' but is not strictly speaking 'tonal music' because its harmonic rules are based on the relationships of certain key tones of each different mode rather than strictly on the tonic-dominant-subdominant relationship (indeed, some modes have no subdominant-dominant relationship at all). Wagner's music is largely 'atonal' because he freed harmony from the stricture of the dominant-subdominant relationship. His music always returned to 'tonal' relationships when he was reinforcing the arrival of his target tonic, but otherwise, he avoided the all important dominant-subdominant relationship so as to blur and disguise any possible passing tonics. The term 'atonal' is too often confused with 'dissonant', which is a relative term except when it comes to counterpoint, where is refers only to intervals between two voices, and covers seconds, sevenths, and tritones (and their octave extensions). The interval of a perfect fourth was also considered a dissonance when it occured between the bass and another voice. So, to summarize, music can not 'seem' atonal/tonal... it either is or is not. Music can 'seem' dissonant, however, since this is a perfectly relative and subjective question of perception
[most of this material quotes from two submissions to the forum by Michel R. Edward and Jamie Kowalski]
Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) detested the use of 'atonal' to describe serial or twelve-tone music, preferring to call it 'pantonal'. However, 'pantonal' never gained much currency and 'atonal' has become the standard term to describe all music without a tonal centre. Other theorists prefer the term 'post-tonal'
atonal(German) pertaining to music that avoids a key centre but is not constructed on serial principles
atonale Musik(German f.) atonal music
Atonalidad(Spanish f.) atonality
atonalismo(Spanish) atonal
Atonalität(German f.) atonality
Atonalité(French) atonality
Atonaliteit(Dutch) atonality
Atonalitythe character of a piece that is atonal
atone(French) toneless
At one's beston top form in all respects
At one's elbownear at hand, within easy reach
At one's wits endquite at a loss as to what to do or say
Atoniain medicine, also atonicity, atony or amyotonia, lack of normal muscular tension or tonus
in phonetics, lack of stress
Atonía(Spanish f.) atonia, lethargy, atonicity, atony, amyotonia
Atonía muscular(Spanish f.) muscle tone
Atonicin medicine, relating to, caused by, or exhibiting lack of muscle tone
in phonetics, a syllable that carries no stress (unaccented)
Atonicityvariant of atonia
Atonie(German f.) atonia, atonicity, atony, amyotonia
atonisch(German) atonic
atónito (m.), atónita (f.)(Spanish) amazed, astonished
atono(Italian) toneless
átono (m.), átona (f.)(Spanish) atonic, unstressed
a tono con(Spanish) in harmony with, in agreement with, in sympathy with, in tune with
atontado (m.), atontada (f.)(Spanish) bewildered, stupid, silly, foolish, amazed
atontar(Spanish) to stun, to daze, to confuse, to bewilder
la televisión los atonta (Spanish: television turns them into vegetables, television turns them into zombies)
atontarse(Spanish) to get confused
a tontas y a locas(Spanish) without rhyme or reason, by fits and starts, helter-skelter, in disorder, any which way, haphazardly, undiscerningly
Atonyvariant of atonia
a tope(Spanish) as much as possible
Atopiasociety without territorial borders
Atopica hereditary tendency to experience immediate allergic reactions because of the presence of an antibody in the skin
Atopie(German f.) atopy
atopisch(German) atopic
atopisches Exzem(German n.) atopic eczema
Atopya medical term used to refer to a strong family tendency to develop what are known as classic allergic conditions, including nasal allergies
atóralo con este alambre(Spanish - Mexico) secure it with this bit of wire
atoramos la puerta con una silla(Spanish - Mexico) we jammed the door shut with a chair, we jammed the door open with a chair
atorar(Spanish - Latin America) to block (up)
atorarse(Spanish) to become blocked up, to become tongue-tied, to choke, to jam (zipper)
se me atoró el cierre (Spanish: my zipper got stuck)
se le atoró el chicle en la garganta (Spanish: the chewing gum got stuck in her throat)
Ator-atorthe name given to Christmas songs in the Spanish Basque Country
Atormentador(Spanish m.) tormentor
atormentador(Spanish) tormenting
atormentar(Spanish) to torture, to torment
atormentarse(Spanish) to worry, to torment oneself
a torna peón(Spanish) mutually
a torna punta(Spanish) mutually, reciprocally
atornillar(Spanish) to screw on, to screw down
Atorrante(Spanish m./f. - Latin America) tramp, vagabond, good-for-nothing, layabout, slob (colloquial), pain in the neck (colloquial)
es un atorrante (Spanish: he's a bit of a crook (colloquial))
atorrante(Spanish m./f. - Latin America) lazy, scruffy, crooked
no seas atorrante (Spanish: don't be such a pain in the neck (colloquial))
à tort(French) wrongly
à tort et à travers(French) without thinking
atosigar(Spanish) to pester, to harass, to hassle (colloquial), to pressure (person), to pressurize (person)
Atout(French m.) trump (card), great asset
à toute allure(French) at full speed
à toute volée(French) with full force
Atoxicnontoxic, not producing or resulting from poison
atoxisch(German) atoxic
At pleasuread libitum (Latin), a bene placito (Italian), a piacere (Italian), senza tempo rigore (Italian), nach Belieben (German), à plaisir (French), à volonté (French), a voluntad (Spanish)
atrabancado (m.), atrabancada (f.)(Spanish - Mexico) rash (precipitate), reckless
Atrabiliousgloomy, morose, bad-tempered, irritable
Atracadero(Spanish m.) quay
Atracador (m.), Atracadora (f.)(Spanish) attacker, bandit, (bank) robber, raider, mugger
atracar(Spanish) to tie up (ship), to bring alongside (boat, ship), to rob (bank, person), to hold up (bank, person), to tie up (boat), to berth (ship), to dock (spacecraft)
atracarse(Spanish) to stuff oneself
atracarse de(Spanish) to stuff oneself with
Atracción (s.), Atracciones (pl.)(Spanish f.) attraction, entertainment (plural form), amusements (plural form)
las atracciones están en la playa (Spanish: the funfair is on the beach)
Atracción más concurrida(Spanish f.) most popular attraction
Atracción turística(Spanish f.) tourist attraction
Atraco(Spanish m.) hold-up, robbery
Atraco a mano armada(Spanish m.) armed robbery
Atracón(Spanish m.) blowout (over-eating)
ayer nos dimos un buen atracón (Spanish: we made pigs of ourselves yesterday)
se dio un atracón de paella (Spanish: he stuffed himself with paella (colloquial)
Atractivo(Spanish m.) attraction, charm, appeal
tiene mucho atractivo (Spanish: she's very charming)
el mayor atractivo de la ciudad (Spanish: the city's main attraction o appeal)
para mí viajar no tiene ningún atractivo (Spanish: travel holds no appeal to me)
atractivo (m.), atractiva (f.)(Spanish) attractive, appealing (attractive)
atraer(Spanish) to attract
atraerse(Spanish) to gain (friendship), to attract (interest, each other)
atragantarse(Spanish) to choke
se le atragantó una espina (Spanish: he choked on a fish bone)
atragantarse con(Spanish) to choke on
la historia se me atraganta (Spanish: I can't stand history)
las matemáticas se me han atragantado (Spanish: I can't stand maths)
a trago amargo darle prisa(Spanish) let's get it over with once and for all
a tragos(Spanish) little by little, slowly, by draughts (drinking)
a traición(Spanish) treacherously
Atramentumor atrament, generally means a very black, usually liquid, substance - for example, a pure carbon-black ink that never fades (for example, the type of ink used on papyrus, made of soot mixed with a gel from boiled animal skins and bones, and so on, and thinned with water or vinegar)
Atranatrana(Madagascar) a xylophone with mobile bars that sits directly on the knees, played exclusively by women
atranca bien las contraventanas, que hay viento(Spanish) it's windy - close up the shutters!
atrancar(Spanish) to bolt (door), to block (up) (tube), to bolt (down), to secure (bolt), to bar (door, window)
atrancarse(Spanish) to get stuck, to get blocked (familiar)
a trancas y barrancas(Spanish) with great difficulty, in spite of all obstacles, through fire and water, through hell and high water, catch-as-catch-can
Atranco(Spanish m.) difficulty
a trancos(Spanish) in a slapdash way, hurriedly and carelessly
atrapado (m.), atrapada (f.)(Spanish) trapped
atrapar(Spanish) to trap, to land (figurative: a job), to catch (a chill, a cold)
a traque barraque(Spanish) at all times, continuously
Atrás(Spanish, Portuguese) derrière (French)
(Spanish) rear of a stage used for flamenco performance
atrás(Spanish) behind, back(wards), previously (time), before (time), in the past, ago, at the back
¡atrás!(Spanish) get back!
atrasado (m.), atrasada (f.)(Spanish) overdue, behind, slow, in arrears (debt), backward (step, region), back number (magazine), old-fashioned (ideas, person)
va atrasado en los estudios (Spanish: he is behind in his studies)
está muy atrasado en los estudios (Spanish: he's really behind in his studies)
el proyecto está atrasado (Spanish: the project is behind schedule)
el tren llegó atrasado (Spanish - Latin America: the train arrived late)
el tren salió atrasado (Spanish - Latin America: the train left late)
se me ha atrasado 15 minutos (Spanish: it's 15 minutes slow)
atrasar(Spanish) to slow down, to put back (watch, clock, meeting), to delay, to postpone (meeting, journey), to be slow, to lose time (watch, clock)
atrasarse(Spanish) to be late, to be slow, to lose time (watch, clock), to be behind, to be delayed, to fall behind (work, studies, project, industry, walking), to get behind (work, studies, project)
atrás de(Spanish - Latin America) behind
a trasmano(Spanish) out of reach, remotely
Atraso(Portuguese) delay, slowness, backwardness
Atraso (s.), Atrasos (pl.)(Spanish m.) delay, slowness, backwardness, arrears (plural form)
salió con unos minutos de atraso (Spanish: it left a few minutes late)
viene con una hora de atraso (Spanish: it's (running) an hour late)
a trasquilones(Spanish) haphazardly
a trastabillones(Spanish) by fits and starts, helter-skelter, in jerks
a tratti(Italian) at intervals
à travers(French) across, through
à travers les siècles(French) across the centuries. through the centuries
a través(Spanish) across, through
atravesado (m.), atravesada (f.)(Spanish) lying across, lying crosswise, cross-eyed, wicked (figurative), difficult (personal relationship)
su cuñada es algo atravesada y le hace sufrir cuando puede (Spanish: her sister-in-law is a bit mean and makes her suffer whenever she can)
el piano estaba atravesado en el pasillo (Spanish: the piano was stuck across the corridor, a piano was situated across the corridor)
un árbol atravesado en la carretera (Spanish: a tree lying across the road)
un camión atravesado en la carretera (Spanish: a truck blocking the road)
Atravesao(Panama) a popular style of Panamanian cumbia
atravesar(Spanish) to cross, to go through, to pierce, to lay across, to put across (impediment), to put ... across (something: as an impediment)
le atravesó la pierna (Spanish: it went through his leg, it pierced his leg)
atravesarse(Spanish) to lie across, to get stuck, to stick, to interfere
se nos atravesó un camión (Spanish: a truck crossed right in front of us)
se me atravesó una espina en la garganta (Spanish: I got a fish bone stuck in my throat)
se me ha atravesado este libro (Spanish: I can't stand this book)
a través de(Spanish) through, across, all through, thru (US), athwart
a través de argumentación lógica(Spanish) through logical argumentation, dialectically, through logic
a través de él(Spanish) through him, by means of him
a través de ella(Spanish) through her, by means of her
a través de ellas(Spanish) through them, by means of them
a través de ellos(Spanish) through them, by means of them
a través de la boca(Spanish) through the mouth, oral, orally
a través de la Internet(Spanish) on-line, through the Internet, on line
a través de la lógica(Spanish) through logic, dialectically, logically
a través de la piel(Spanish) through the skin, percutaneously, transcutaneously
a través del campo(Spanish) across country
a través de los años(Spanish) over the years, through the years
a través del país(Spanish) through the country, nation-wide
a través del proceso de prohibición judicial(Spanish) injunctively
a través del tiempo(Spanish) through time, over time
a través de mí(Spanish) through me, by means of me
a través de nosotros(Spanish) through us, by means of us
a través de ti(Spanish) through you, by means of you
a través de toda la vida(Spanish) all through life, through one's life, through one's whole life, through the whole life
a través de usted(Spanish) through you, by means of you
a través de vosotros(Spanish) through you, by means of you
a través mío(Spanish) through me, by means of me
a través nuestro(Spanish) through us, by means of us
atravesó el río a nado(Spanish) she swam across the river
a través suyo(Spanish) through him, by means of her, by means of him, through her, through you, through them
a través tuyo(Spanish) through you, by means of you
a través vuestro(Spanish) through you, by means of you
atrayente(Spanish) attractive, appealing (attractive)
Âtre(French m.) hearth
a tre(Italian) of a 3, for three instruments or voices, trio, terzetto, zu dritt (German), dreifach besetzt (German), in dreistimmiger Besetzung (German), à trois (French)
a tre battute(Italian) or ritmo di tre battute (Italian), 'in three', in triple time
a trechos(Spanish) at intervals
a tre corde(Italian) for three strings, with the three strings, auf drei Saiten (German), dreichörig (German)
on a pianoforte, playing without depressing the left-hand pedal so that the hammers strike all three strings
a treinta días vista(Spanish) at thirty days sight
a tre mani(Italian) for three hands, à trois mains (French)
a tre parti(Italian) for three parts
a tres dobles y un repique(Spanish) broke, down-and-out, penniless
a tres manos(Spanish) three-handed
a trés voces(Spanish) for three voices or parts, für drei Stimmen (German), dreistimmig (German), à trois voix (French)
Atreus(English, German m.) in Greek mythology, a son of Pelops and Hippodameia, a grandson of Tantalus, and a brother of Thyestes and Nicippe
a tre voci(Italian) for three voices or parts, a tre voci (Italian), für drei Stimmen (German), dreistimmig (German), à trois voix (French), a trés voces (Spanish)
atreverse(Spanish) to dare
atreverse con(Spanish) to tackle
atrévete!(Spanish) I dare you (to)
atrevido (m.), atrevida (f.)(Spanish) daring, bold, cheeky, impudent, insolent, risqué, sassy, brave (valiant)
Atrevimiento(Spanish m.) nerve (daring), daring, audacity, boldness (audacity), insolence, impudence
a tre voci(Italian) for three voices, für drei Stimmen (German), dreistimmig (German)
a tre voci uguale(Italian) for three equal voices
Atriaplural of atrium
Atribución (s.), Atribuciones (pl.)(Spanish f.) attribution, authority (plural form)
atribuir(Spanish) to attribute, to ascribe, to confer (functions, power)
le atribuyen algo que no dijo (Spanish: they attribute words to him which he did not say)
le atribuyen propiedades curativas (Spanish: it is held o believed to have healing powers)
atribuir ... a ...(Spanish) to attribute ... (something) to ... (something/somebody)
atribuirse(Spanish) to take credit for, to claim (authority, success), to assume (control, responsibility)
atribular(Spanish) to afflict
atribularse(Spanish) to be distressed
atributivo(Spanish) attributive
Atributo(Spanish m.) attribute, symbol, quality, insignia (symbol)
Atril(Spanish m.) bookrest, lectern (stand for holding a book in a church etc., the notes of a lecturer, etc.), music stand, Notenständer (German m.), pupitre (à musique) (French m.)
atrincherar(Spanish) to fortify with trenches, to entrench
atrincherarse(Spanish) to entrench oneself
se atrincheraba en ideas del pasado (Spanish: he entrenched himself in ideas from the past)
Atrio(Italian m.) entrance hall
Atrium (s.), Atria (English, Latin pl.), Atrien (German pl.)(English, German n. from Latin) the central hall of a Roman house, upper chamber of the heart (also called auricle)
atroce(French, Italian) atrocious, dreadful
a trochemoche(Spanish) pellmell, helter-skelter, in a mess
a troche y moche(Spanish) helter-skelter, haphazardly, pell-mell, pellmell
Atrocidad(Spanish f.) atrocity (event), barbarity
Atrocité(French f.) atrocity (event)
atrochar(Spanish) to take a short cut
Atrofia(Spanish f.) atrophy, degeneration (atrophy)
atrofiarse(Spanish) to atrophy
à trois(French) or à 3, for three people (meeting, meal, etc.) without other company
(French) for three instruments or voices, trio, terzetto, trio, terzetto, a tre (Italian), zu dritt (German), dreifach besetzt (German), in dreistimmiger Besetzung (German)
à trois mains(French) for three hands, a tre mani (Italian)
à trois parties(French) for three parts
à trois voix(French) for three voices or parts, a tre voci (Italian), für drei Stimmen (German), dreistimmig (German), a trés voces (Spanish)
atrojarse(Spanish - Mexico) to be cornered
a trompadas(Spanish) with one's fists
a trompa y talega(Spanish) helter-skelter
a trompicones(Spanish) by fits and starts, in jerks
a trompón(Spanish) helter-skelter
atronador (m.), atronadora (f.)(Spanish) booming, deafening, thunderous
atronar(Spanish) to deafen
atropelladamente(Spanish) hurriedly
atropellado (m.), atropellada (f.)(Spanish) hasty
atropellar(Spanish) to knock ... down, to run ... over, to push ... aside, to bully, to violate, to abuse, to ride roughshod over, to outrage (figurative), to insult (figurative), to rape (Latin America)
atropellarse(Spanish) to rush
salieron corriendo, atropellándose unos a otros (Spanish: they came running out, pushing and shoving as they went)
Atropello(Spanish m.) (car) accident, outrage (figurative)
Atropello a ...(Spanish m.) violation of ... (something)
Atropello de ...(Spanish m.) violation of ... (something)
a tropezones(Spanish) by fits and starts, haltingly, stumblingly
Atrophicmarked decrease in size
Atrophie(German f., French f.) atophy
atrophié(French) atophied
atrophisch(German) atrophic
Atropin(German n.) atropine
Atropinea drug obtained from the solanaceous plants Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade), Hyoscyamus niger (black henbane), and Datura stramonium (thornapple). The active ingredient is administered via injection, eye drops, or in oral form to relax muscles by inhibiting nerve responses. It is used particularly as a mydriatic (to dilate the pupils) and as an antispasmodic. Atropine is also administered in small doses before general anesthesia to lessen oral and air-passage secretions. Its ability to reduce these secretions is also utilised in several preparations commonly used for symptomatic relief of colds. The name belladona is believed to have arisen from the use of atropine by Spanish ladies who applied it as drops to their eyes for the allure given by the resultant large, black pupils (hence belladonna, literally 'beautiful lady')
Atropos(English, German f.) the Greek goddess of fate who cuts the thread of life
a trote(Spanish) quickly
atroz(Spanish) atrocious, enormous (familiar), tremendous (familiar), huge (familiar)
atrozamente(Spanish) atrociously, awfully
a trueque(Spanish) in exchange
ATSabbreviation of ayudante técnico sanitario (Spanish m./f.: registered nurse)
ätsch(German) tee-hee (the sound of a snigger)
Atschinsk(German n.) Achinsk (a city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located on the right bank of the Chulym River)
At seawide of the mark, in a state of uncertainty or error, having lost one's bearings
Atsiã(Ewe language, literally 'style' or 'to display') created by the Ewe-speaking people of Ghana, atsiã is considered by many to be one of the oldest styles of music and dance among the Ewes. Atsiã is a social dance, in which pieces comprise collectively drumming, dance and songs
Atsiagbekoratsiagbekor is among the oldest traditional dances of the Ewe-speaking people of Southern Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Originally a war dance performed after battle when the warriors returned to the village, it is now performed on many social occasions. One of the outstanding features of the dance is the interaction between the master drummer and the dancers: 'every rhythmic theme played on the master drum has a corresponding sequence of dance movements which is timed to precisely match the drum rhythms' (Locke, 1978). Atsiagbekor songs constitute an important heritage of Ewe oral tradition. Most of the songs contain historical references to their chiefs, war leaders, migration stories, themes relating to the invincibility of the Ewes against their enemies, themes of loyalty, bravery, and death etc. To watch an atsiagbekor performance today in Ghana is to watch scenes which may have their actual origins in battles that were fought as the Ewes trekked through hostile countries in search of peace
At sighta primera vista (Spanish), a prima vista (Italian), a libro aperto (Italian), vom Blatte (German), à livre ouvert (French), à première vue (French)
in music or theatre, a performance involving the reading of music or text in which the material is being seen for the first time
Atsimevuor atsimeuu, large lead drum from Ghana standing about 4.5 ft. tall and covered with deer or antelope skin, which sits, tilted, on a stand called avudetsi. It is played with a stick or with the hands, its rhythmic 'language' controlling the rest of the ensemble
At sixes and sevenshiggledy-piggledy, in a state of confusion
for example, 'he/she was all at sixes and sevens', meaning he/she was in a state of confusion
Atsu-mori playa warrior play in Noh drama in which a military man disguises himself as a priest to repent a life of violence
att.abbreviation of 'attached', 'attention', 'attorney'
åtta(Swedish) eight [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
attacca(Italian f., meaning 'attack') at once, attack, immediately
used at the end of a section (or movement), the marking instructs the performer to 'go on immediately to the next section (or movement) without a gap or pause'
Attaccabottoni(Italian m./f.) (persistent) bore
Attaccabrighe(Italian m./f.) troublemaker
attacca il seguente finale(Italian) commence immediately the finale following
attaccamento(Italian) attachment
Attaccapanni(Italian m.) coat-hanger, clothes-hook
attaccar briga(Italian) to pick a quarrel
attaccare(Italian) to attach, to tie, to hang, to pass on, to attack, to start, to stick, to catch on
(Italian) to begin at once, to attack immediately, the term means 'go on immediately to the next section (or movement) without a pause'
attaccarsi(Italian) to be sticky, to cling, to adhere, to be popular (of ideas), to become attached
(Italian) to quarrel, to scuffle, to come to blows
Attacca subito(Italian) or attaccate subito, go on immediately to the next section (or movement) without a pause
Attacca subito il seguente(Italian) or attaccate subito il seguente, begin the following at once
Attaccate subito(Italian) see attacca subito
Attaccato subito(Italian) to be started immediately
Attaccate subito il seguente(Italian) see attacca subito il seguente
Attacco(Italian m.) attack, junction
(Italian m.) a motif, shorter than a soggetto, often no more that three or four notes, used in imitation or as a fugal subject (see also andamento)
(Italian m.) attack (playing technique), action
Attacco dolce(Italian m.) soft attack
Attacco duro(Italian m.) hard attack
Attacco sul fiato(Italian m.) aspirated attack
attachant (m.), attachante (f.)(French) likeable
Attache(French f.) fastener, tie
Attaché(English, German m., from French m.) a member of the staff of an ambassador
Attaché-case(French m.) attaché-case
Attache cordier(French f.) Anhängesaite (German f.), Hängelsaite (German f.), reggi-cordiera (Italian m.), tailgut
Attachment(English, German n.) the act of attaching or the condition of being attached, a file attached to an e-mail
(English) a tie, band, or fastener that attaches one thing to another
(English) a feeling of affection for a person or an institution
a supplementary part (or document), an accessory
Attachement(French m.) attachment, e-mail attachment
attacher(French) to tie (up), to fasten (clothing), to attach (label)
attacher à(French) to attach to, to stick (cooking)
Attack(English, German m.) the beginning or manner of beginning a piece, a passage, or a musical note. The antonym is 'release'
in French orchestras, the leader or concert-master is called the chef d'attaque, recognising his role in the precise entry of the principal violin section
Attack Decay Sustain Release
one of the most salient aspects of any sound is its amplitude envelope. This envelope determines whether the sound is percussive, like a snare drum, or persistent, like a violin string. Most often, this shaping of the sound's amplitude profile is realized with an "ADSR" (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelope model applied to control oscillator volumes. Each of these stages is modelled by a change in volume (typically exponential). The attack is the initial run-up of the sound level. The decay is the run down immediately after the attack. Sustain is the volume when the note is held. The release is the volume profile when the note is released. Exponential rates are commonly used because they closely model real physical vibrations, which usually rise or decay exponentially
Attacke (s.), Attacken (pl.)(German m.) pot shot (figurative: critical remark), broadside (figurative), onset
(German m.) attack, the beginning or manner of beginning a piece, a passage, or a musical note. The antonym is 'release'
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
attackieren(German) to attack, to tackle
attackierend(German) attacking
attackiert(German) attacked
Attack instantlyattacca subito (Italian), sofort angreifen (German), attaquez (tout de suite) (French)
Attack pointthe moment at which an organ pipe begins to speak, when the key is pressed. Different kinds of pipes have a variety of attack points ranging from soft to strong and clear
Attack timefor an instrument or other sound source, the time interval from silence to maximum loudness or timbre
Pierre Attaingnant
(c.1494-late 1551 or 1552)
French music printer, active in Paris. Attaingnant is considered to be the first to use movable type for music-printing, thus making it possible to print fast and cheap. He published over 1500 chansons by many different composers. In this collections the Paris composers, like Claudin de Sermisy, Pierre Sandrin and Pierre Certon, are prominently present, but Clément Janequin is at the top of the list with five books of chansons, dedicated to his chansons only. He acquired royal privileges for his music books, which were renewed many times. Eventually he was named imprimeur et libraire du Roy en musique (Royal music-printer and librarian)
Attaque(French f.) in music, attack (the beginning of the sound generated by a musical instrument, synthesiser, etc.)
Attaque cérébrale(French f.) stroke (a sudden disabling attack most commonly caused by thrombosis)
Attaque dure(French f.) strong attack, glottal attack
Attaque murmurée(French f.) aspirated attack
attaquer(French) to begin at once, to attack immediately, to begin the performance
attaquer la corde(French) to bow the string without preparation, hesitation or ornament
attaquer la son(French) to sing the note with precision, without preparation or ornament
attaquez tout de suite(French) begin at once
attardarsi(Italian) to stay late, to linger
attardé(French) backward, outdated, late
attastare(Italian) to touch, to strike
åtte(Norwegian) eight [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
atte.(in correspondence) abbreviation of atentamente used in lo saluda atte. (Spanish: sincerely yours, yours sincerely, yours faithfully)
attecchire(Italian) to take, to catch on
atteggiamento(Italian m.) attitude
atteggiare(Italian) to assume
atteggiarsi a(Italian) to pose as
atteindre(French) to reach, to hit (wounded), to affect
atteint de (m.), atteinte de (f.)(French) suffering from
Atteláni(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) see mattacíni
John Florio defines atteláne, "men that with fowle mouthes, unseemely speeches, disfigured faces, minike gestures and strange actions professe to procure laughter"
Attelle(French f.) splint
atten(Danish, Norwegian) eighteen
attenant à (m.), attenante à (f.)(French) adjoining
Attendant keysthe attendant keys are the keys or scales most nearly related to, or having most in common with, the principal key; those, namely, of its fifth above, or dominant, its fifth below (fourth above), or subdominant, and their relative minors (if the key is major) and their relative majors (if the key is minor)
attendant en(French) meanwhile
attende(Danish) eighteenth
(Norwegian) eighth
attendere(Italian) to wait for
attendere a(Italian) to attend to
attendersi(Italian) to expect
attendible(Italian) reliable
attendre(French) to wait for, to expect (a baby), to await, to expect, to wait
attendrir(French) to move (to pity)
attendrissant (m.), attendrissante (f.)(French) moving (emotionally)
attendu(French) expected, long-awaited
attendu que(French) considering that
attenersi a(Italian) to stick to
attentare a(Italian) to make an attempt on
Attentat(French m., German n.) murder attempt, attempted assassination
Attentat auf(German n.) attempt on (somebodie's life), assassination attempt on, attempted assassination (of)
Attentat aux moeurs(French m.) an indecent assult
Attentäter (m.), Attentäterin (f.), Attentäter (pl.)(German) assassin, would-be assassin
Attente(French f.) wait, waiting, expectation
Attentatsplan(German m.) assassination plot
Attentatsversuch (auf)(German m.) attempted assassination, assassination attempt (on)
attentif (m.), attentive (f.)(French) attentive, careful
attentif à(French) mindful of, careful of
attentivement(French) attentively
Attention(French f.) care, attention
Attention deficit hyperactivity disordera mental illness characterized by an impaired ability to regulate activity level (hyperactivity), attend to tasks (inattention), and inhibit behavior (impulsivity). For a diagnosis of ADHD, the behaviors must appear before an individual reaches age seven, continue for at least six months, be more frequent than in other children of the same age, and cause impairment in at least two areas of life (school, home, work, or social function)
attentionné(French) considerate
Attentisme(French m.) a policy of wait-and-see
attento(Italian) attentive, careful
attenuando(Italian) lessening, dämpfend (German), en attenuant (French)
Attenuante(Italian f.) extenuating circumstances
attenuare(Italian) to attenuate, to minimize, to subdue, to calm, to soften
attenuarsi(Italian) to diminish
Attenuation(English, German f.) especially the steady reduction in the amplitude of a signal, the opposite of amplification. When audio signals are attenuated, typically a decrease in loudness occurs. However, attenuation need not always affect loudness - for example, the attenuation of a vibrato will result in a lessening of the "depth" of the vibrato
Attenuator(English, German m.) a device that attenuates (i.e. reduced the amplitude of) a signal
atténuer(French) to tone down (violence), to ease (pain, grief), to mitigate
Attenzione(Italian f.) attention
atterrer(French) to dismay
atterrirsi(Italian) to be terrified
Attesa(Italian f.) waiting, expectation
Attest (s.), Atteste (pl.)(German n.) sick note, certificate, attestation
attestare(Italian) to state, to certify
Attestation(French f.) certificate
attester(French) to testify to
attester que(French) to testify that
Attesto(Italian) certificate
At the back of one's mindin one's subconscious thoughts
At the drop of a hatimmediately, on a signal
At the eleventh hourjust in time, at the last hour
At the end of one's tetherat the limit of one's endurance
(At) the original speedtempo primo (Italian), Ursprüngliches Zeitmass (German), mouvement original (French)
At the sharp enddirectly involved in the action, where the competition or danger is greatest
At the top of the treeat the top of one's chosen profession or calling
Atti(Italian m. pl., plural form of atto) proceedings
Ätti(German m.) father
åtti(Norwegian) eighty [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Atticathe territory of Athens in ancient Greece where the Ionic dialect was spoken
Attic Bird, Thethe nightingale
Attico(Italian m.) attic
Attic saltelegant and delicate wit
a Roman publisher, scholar of Greek and patron of the arts, noted particularly for his taste and judgment
Atticus, ChristianThe Rev. Heber (1781-1826), a greater writer of hymns
attifé(French) dressed up
attiguo(Italian) adjacent
Attika(German f.) attic
Attika(German n.) Attica
Attikawohnung(German f.) penthouse (apartment)
Attila, der Hunnenkönig(German) Attila the Hun
Attila the Hun
leader of the Huns (434-453), the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire
attillato(Italian) close-fitting (clothes), dressed-up
Attimo(Italian m.) moment
attinente a(Italian) pertaining to
attingere(Italian) to draw, to obtain
åttio(Swedish) eighty [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Attirail(French m.) gear
Attirance(French f.) attraction
attirant (m.), attirante (f.)(French) attractive
attirare(Italian) to attract
attirer(French) to draw, to attract, to bring
attiser(French) to poke (a fire), to stir up (feelings)
attisch(German) Attic (pertaining to an ancient Greek from ancient Attica or Athens)
attisches Griechisch(German n.) Attic Greek (an ancient Greek from ancient Attica or Athens, characterised by purity, simplicity and an elegant wit)
attitré(French) accredited, usual
Attitude(French f., literally 'attitude', 'bearing') in dance, a particular pose in dancing derived by Carlo Blasis from the statue of Mercury by Giovanni da Bologna. It is a position on one leg with the other lifted in back, the knee bent at an angle of 90 degrees and well turned out that the knee is higher than the foot. The supporting foot may be à terre, sur la pointe or sur la demi-pointe. The arm on the side of the raised leg is held over the head in a curved position while the other arm is extended to the side. There are a number of attitudes according to the position of the body in relation to the audience
  • Attitude from which this information has been taken
Attitüde(German f.) attitude, gesture
Attitude-Studie(German f.) study of attitudes
Attitüdentheorie(German f.) attitude theory
Attitudine(Italian f.) aptitude, attitude
attivare(Italian) to activate
Attività(Italian f.) activity, assets
Attivo(Italian m.) assets
attivo(Italian) active, productive
Atticisma favouring of, or attachment to, the Athenians
the style and idiom of the Greek language, used by the Athenians, in particular, a concise and elegant expression
Attizismus(German m.) Atticism
Attizist(German m.) Atticist
attizistisch(German) Atticist
attizzare(Italian) to poke (the fire), to stir up
Attizzatoio(Italian m.) poker
attnabbreviation of 'attention', 'for the attention of'
Atto(Italian m.) the act of a play or opera, action, deed, certificate
Atto di cadenza(Italian m.) acte de cadence (French)
Atto di decesso(Italian m.) death certificate
åttonde(Swedish) eighth [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
quaver(Swedish) a quaver, a note one eighth the time value of a whole note or semibreve [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
quaver rest(Swedish) a quaver rest, an eighth rest, a rest one eighth the time value of a whole rest or a semibreve rest [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
attonito(Italian) astonished
Atto primo(Italian m.) first act
attorcigliare(Italian) to twist
attorcigliarsi(Italian) to get twisted
Attore (m.), Attrice (f.), Attori (pl)(Italian) actor(s), singer(s) in an opera
attorniare(Italian) to surround
attorniarsi(Italian) to surround oneself
attorno(Italian) around
attorno a(Italian) around, about
Atto secondo(Italian m.) second act
Attougblana large standing drum from the Ivory coast
Attraction(English, French f.) quality of arousing interest or admiration
attraente(Italian) attractive
attrahieren(German) to attract
Attrait(French m.) attraction
Attrait-nigaud(French m.) con
Attraktion (s.), Attraktionen (pl.)(German f.) attraction
attraktiv(German) attractive, attractively, handsome, fanciable, fetchingly, fit (colloquial), fetching, dishy (attractive), hunky (of a man) (colloquial)
attraktiv aufgemachtes Buch(German n.) ttractively got-up book
attraktive Ausstattung(German f.) attractive terms
attraktive Bezahlung(German f.) attractive salary
attraktive Erscheinung(German f.) attractive appearance
attraktive Gelegenheit(German f.) attractive opportunity
attraktive Persönlichkeit(German f.) attractive personality
attraktiver(German) more attractive
attraktiver Laden(German m.) boutique
attraktiver Preis(German m.) attractive price
attraktiver Wohnsitz(German m.) des res (colloquial) (desirable residence)
attraktives Angebot(German n.) attractive offer, attractive proposition
Attraktivität(German f.) palatability (figurative), attractivity, attractiveness, appeal
Attraktivitätssteigerung(German f.) increase in attractiveness
attraktivste(German) best looking, most attractive
attrapé(French) well-caught (likeness), successful (imitation)
attraper(French) to catch, to pick up, to take in, to tell off
Attrappe (s.), Attrappen (pl.)(German f.) dummy, fake, mockup, mock-up
attrarre(Italian) to attract
Attrattiva(Italian f.) charm
attraversando la scena(Italian) crossing the stage, crossing the set
attraversare(Italian) to cross, to go through
attraverso(Italian) through, across
attrayant (m.), attrayante (f.)(French) attractive
Attrazione(Italian f.) attraction
attrazzare(Italian) to equip
Attrazzatura(Italian f.) equipment
Attrezzatura meccanica(Italian f.) paraphernalia (mechanical equipment)
Attrezzature ritmiche(Italian f. pl.) rhythm units, rhythm machines
Attrezzi(Italian m. pl., plural for of attrezzo) equipment, props (theatre)
Attrezzo(Italian m.) tool
attrib.abbreviation of 'attribute', attributed, 'attributed to', 'attribution'
attribuer(French) to award, to assign, to attribute
attribuieren(German) to attribute
attribuire(Italian) to attribute
attribuirsi(Italian) to ascribe to oneself
attribuirsi il merito di(Italian) to claim credit for
Attribut (s.), Attribute (pl.)(German n.) attribute, adjunct
Attribution(English, German f.) (music) the act of regarding as the work of a certain composer an unsigned composition, on the basis of its style or some other physical evidence. An attribution may also be made to a work's place or time of origin
Attribution(French f.) awarding, assignment
Attributionstheorie(German f.) attribution theory
Attribution theorya framework for predicting the causal inferences people make to explain their own and/or other persons' behaviours
attributiv(German) attributive, attributively
Attributo(Italian m.) attribute
Attrice(Italian f.) actress
attristé(French) con afflizione (Italian) or con accoramento (Italian), with grief, miserable, gloomy, miserably, gloomily, mit Betrübnis (German), trübselig (German)
attrister(French) to sadden
Attrition(English, German f.) a rubbing away or wearing down by friction, a gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress (battles, etc.)
Attrito(Italian m.) friction
Attroupement(French m.) crowd
attuale(Italian) present, topical, actual
Attualità(Italian f.) topicality, news
attualmente(Italian) at present
attuare(Italian) to carry out
attuarsi(Italian) be realised
Attuneto adjust or to accustom to, to bring into harmony with, to bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship
Attunementa non-touch (or light touch) approach to healing, employing spiritual techniques (prayer and meditation) to restore one's naturally vibrant energetic and physical well-being
attutire(Italian) to deaden, to muffled, to dampen (muffle)
attutire il colpo(Italian) to soften the blow
attutire ogni colpo(Italian) to dampen after each beat
attutirsi(Italian) to diminish
a tu albedrío(Spanish) however you like
a tu cargo(Spanish) in your care
a tu costa(Spanish) at your expense
a tu costo(Spanish) at your expense, at your cost
a tu criterio(Spanish) in your opinion
a tu cuenta(Spanish) on your account
a tu derecha(Spanish) at your right
a tu derredor(Spanish) around you
a tu discreción(Spanish) at your option, at your discretion
a tu disposición(Spanish) at your disposal
a tu edad(Spanish) at your age
Atuendo(Spanish m.) dress, attire, outfit (attire)
a tu entender(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, the way you see it
a tuertas(Spanish) upside down, back to front, backwards
a tuertas o a derechas(Spanish) rightly or wrongly, justly or unjustly, by hook or by crook
a tuerto o a derecho(Spanish) rightly or wrongly, justly or unjustly
à tue-tête(French) at the top of one's voice
atufar(Spanish) to choke, to stink (give off a bad smell), to irritate (figurative)
atufarse(Spanish) to be overcome, to get cross
atufarse con(Spanish) to be overcome by
a tu favor(Spanish) on your behalf
a tu gusto(Spanish) the way you like it, to your liking
a tu instancia(Spanish) at your request
a tu izquierda(Spanish) at your left
a tu juicio(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view
a tu lado(Spanish) at your side, by your side
a tu manera(Spanish) in your own way, in your way, your way
a tu manera de pensar(Spanish) in your way of thinking, in your opinion
a tumba abierta(Spanish) at top speed
a tu merced(Spanish) at your mercy
a tu modo(Spanish) in your own way, your own way
a tu modo de ver(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view
a tu modo de ver las cosas(Spanish) the way you see things, from your point of view, in your opinion
Atumpana talking drum, normally played as the master drum of an Adoa ensemble, played as a pair with bent sticks by the Ashanti people of Ghana. Sometimes the drum is carried on the shoulders of one person while another, standing or walking behind, plays it
Atumpanibig bass drum from Ghana, single skinned, played with stick or by hand
Atún(Spanish m.) tuna (fish)
a tu orilla(Spanish) at your side
a tu parecer(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, the way you see it, to your way of thinking
a tú por tú(Spanish) disrespectfully
a turbio correr(Spanish) however bad things may seem
aturdido (m.), aturdida (f.)(Spanish) bewildered, thoughtless, stanned, dazed
aturdir(Spanish) to bewilder, to stun, to deafen, to confuse, to daze
la música te aturdía (Spanish: the music was deafening)
este ruido me aturde (Spanish: I can't think straight with this noise)
aturdirse(Spanish) to be stunned, to try to forget, to get confused, to get flustered, to be dazed
aturullar(Spanish) to bewilder
aturullarse(Spanish) to become bewildered, to get confused, to get in a tizzy
no me mires así, que me aturullo (Spanish: don't look at me like that - you're getting me in a tizzy!)
a tu salud(Spanish) to your health
a tus anchas(Spanish) at ease, comfortable, relaxed
atusar(Spanish) to smooth, to trim (hair, beard, etc.), to preen somebody, to make somebody trim, to dress somebody up
siempre atusa a los niños antes de salir de casa (Spanish: she always preens the children before they go out)
atusarse(Spanish) to primp, to preen
se pasa media hora atusándose delante del espejo (Spanish: he spends a half hour preening (himself) in front of the mirror)
a tu servicio(Spanish) at your service
a tus espaldas(Spanish) behind your back, behind you
a tus expensas(Spanish) at your expense, at your own cost
a tus órdenes(Spanish) at your service
a tutiplén(Spanish) in abundance, abundantly
a tutt'oggi(Italian) up to the present
atypisch(German) atypical, atypically
Ätzanlage(German f.) etching equipment
Ätzbad(German n.) etching bath (containing an acid solution that attacks the exposed lines of the plate)
Ätzbarriere(German f.) etching barrier (acid-resistant resin applied to the plate, usually of copper or zinc)
Ätzdauer(German f.) etching time
Ätzdruck(German m.) dye-and-discharge, discharge printing (a method of printing with a bleaching agent on pre-dyed fabric (usually medium to dark colors). The discharged areas may be left white and/or simultaneously printed with other colours)
Atze(German f., occasionally m.) friend, fella (colloquial), brother (also friend)
Atzel(German f.) magpie (Pica pica)
At-Zeichen(German n.) at sign (@), commercial at (@)
Atzen(German pl. - Berlin) fellas (colloquial)
Ätzen(German n.) cauterisation, cautery (the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing )
(German n.) etching
ätzen(German) to corrode, to cauterize (medicine), to etch, to acid-treat, to feed (the young (birds of prey)
ätzend(German) corrosive, erosive (effect of acid, etc.), searing, astringent (figurative), cauterising, vitriolic, etching, acrid, corrosively, acridly, mordant (figurative), caustically (ironically, critically), caustic (wit, remark, criticism), pungent (smel), great (colloquial), grotty (colloquial), lousy (colloquial), naff (colloquial)
ätzende Säure(German f.) corrosive acid
ätzende Schärfe(German f.) corrosiveness
ätzend sein(German) to suck (US) (colloquial: to be unpleasant, useless)
ätzen tief(German) to overetch
ätzfest(German) etch-proof
Ätzglas(German n.) etched glass
Ätzkali(German n.) potassium hydroxide, caustic potash, quicklime, caustic lime
Ätzkraft(German f.) corrosiveness
Ätzlauge(German f.) caustic solution
Ätzlösung(German f.) pickling solution, etching solution
Ätzmaske(German f.) etching mask
Ätzmittel(German n.) caustic agent, corrosive agent, caustic soda
Ätzsperrschicht(German f.) etch barrier
Ätzstern(German m.) sunspot
ätzt(German) cauterises, etches, corrodes
ätzte(German) corroded, etched, cauterised
Ätzung(German f.) etching, cauterising, eeding (of the young) (birds of prey), cauterization
Ätzverfahren(German n.) etching technique