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Aug.abbreviation of 'August', 'Augustan' (relating to or characteristic of the times of the Roman Emperor Augustus (27BC-AD14))
aug.abbreviation of 'augmented'
Augapfel (s./pl.)(German m.) eyeball, apple of one's eye, eye-ball
Auge(French f.) trough
(Italian m.) height, apogee, zenith, acme, high water mark (figurative)
(Spanish m.) peak, boom (e.g. stock market)
Auge (s.), Augen (pl.)(German n.) eye, spot, bud, eye of a potato
Augebiet(German n.) riparian zone (an area located on the bank of a natural watercourse, as for example a river, or sometimes of a lake or a tidewater)
Auge des Künstlers(German n.) artist's eye
Auge des Orkans(German n.) eye of the hurricane
Auge des Sturms(German n.) eye of cyclone, centre of cyclone
Auge des Wirbelsturms(German n.) centre of a cyclone
Auge eines Vogels(German n.) bird's eye
Auge für Details(German n.) eye for detail
Auge-Hand-Koordination(German f.) eye-hand coordination
Auge in Auge(German) face to face
Auge in Auge mit(German) eye to eye with
Augello(Italian m.) bird (poetic)
äugen(German) to peer, to look (intently)
Augen-(German) ophthalmic, ocular
Augenabstand(German m.) interocular distance, distance between the eyes
Augenabstand vom Bildschirm(German m.) viewing distance
augenähnlich(German) ocular
augenähnliche Öffnung(German f.) oculus (a circular opening, especially one at the apex of a dome)
Augenarzt (m.), Augenärztin (f.)(German) oculist, eye specialist, ophthalmologist
Augenarzthelfer (m.), Augenarzthelferin (f.)(German) ophthalmologist's assistant
augenärztlich(German) ophthalmologic
Augenaufschlag(German m.) look
Augenauswischerei(German f. - Austria) sham
Augenbeanspruchung(German f.) eyestrain
Augenbelastung(German f.) eye strain
Augenbinde(German f.) blindfold
Augenblick (s.), Augenblicke (pl.)(German m.) blink of an eye (figurative), trice, minute, wink, jiffy, instant, moment, tick
augenblicklich(German) instantly, instantaneous, this minute, momentarily, at once, in a jiffy (colloquial), immediately, immediate, in the twinkling of an eye, currently, instant, present, current, momentary, at present, at the moment, presently
Augenblicklichkeit(German f.) instantaneousness
augenblicks(German) immediately, at once, instantly
Augenblicksaufnahme(German f.) snapshot
Augenblickserfolg(German m.) short-lived success
Augenblickswert(German m.) momentary value
Augenbraue (s.), Augenbrauen (pl.)(German f.) eyebrow, brow
Augenbrauenkamm(German m.) eyebrow comb
Augenbrauenpiercing(German n.) eyebrow piercing
Augenbrauenpinzette(German f.) eyebrow tweezers
Augenbrauenstift(German m.) eyebrow pencil
Augenbutter(German f.) rheum (a watery or thin mucous discharge from the eyes or nose), sleep (colloquial) (mucous matter which collects at the corners of the eyes)
Augenchirurg (m.), Augenchirurgin (f.)(German) eye surgeon
Augenchirurgie(German f.) eye surgery
Augencreme(German f.) eye cream
Augendeckel(German m.) eyelid
Augendiener(German m.) complier (one who complies, yields, or obeys or who is of an easy, yielding temper)
Augenentzündung(German f.) ophthalmitis, ophthalmia, inflammation of the eyes, inflammation of the eye
Augenerkrankung(German f.) eye disease
augenfällig(German) ocular, ocularly, palpably, conspicuous, obvious
augenfälligste(German) most evident
Augenfältchen(German pl.) crow's feet (wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes as the result of aging)
Augenfarbe(German f.) colour of the eyes, colour of eyes, eye colour
Augenflimmern(German n.) flickering before the eyes
augenfreundlich(German) easy on the eyes
Augenglas (s.), Augengläser (pl.)(German n.) eyeglass, eye glass, spectacles (plural form in Austria), glasses (spectacles) (Austria)
Augengymnastik(German f.) eye exercises
Augenheilkunde(German f.) ophthalmology
Augenheilkundler (m.), Augenheilkundlerin (f.)(German) ophthalmologist
Augenhöhe(German f.) eye level, eye height
Augenhöhle(German f.) orbit, cavity of the eye, eye socket, orbital cavity
Augeninfektion(German f.) eye infection
Augeninnendruck(German m.) intraocular pressure, intra-ocular pressure
Augenklappe(German f.) eye patch
Augenklinik(German f.) eye clinic, eye hospital
Augenkompresse(German f.) eye compress
Augenkontakt(German m.) eye contact
Augenkontakt herstellen(German) to make eye contact
Augenkonturenstift(German m.) eye liner (pencil), eyeliner (pencil)
Augenkrankheit(German f.) eye disease
Augenleiden(German n.) eye complaint
Augenlicht(German n.) sight, eyesight
Augenlid (s.), Augenlider (pl.)(German n.) lid (of the eye), eyelid, palpebra (eyelid)
Augenlinse(German f.) eye lens, crystalline lens
augenlos(German) eyeless (fish, needle, etc.)
Augen-Makeup-Entferner(German m.) eye make-up remover
Augenmaß(German n.) sense of proportion
Augenmusik(German f., literally 'eye music') music in which the arrangement of graphical elements themselves is considered a part of the composition
see 'eye music'
Augennerv(German m.) optic nerve
Augenöffner(German m.) reality check, eye-opener
Augenoperation(German f.) ophthalmic surgery, eye surgery, ocular surgery
Augenoptiker(German m.) optician, dispensing optician
Augenpaar(German n.) pair of eyes
Augenpads(German pl.) eye pads
Augenpemperl(German n. - Austria) sleep (colloquial) (mucous matter which collects at the corners of the eyes)
Augenpflege(German f.) eyecare, eye care
Augenpflegecreme(German f.) eyecare cream, eye care cream
Augenpinsel(German m.) eye brush
Augenprothese(German f.) ocular prosthesis (artificial eye)
Augenprothetiker(German m.) or Ocularist (German m.) ocularist (an eye specialist who designs, makes, and fits ocular prostheses, i.e artificial eyes)
Augenpupille(German f.) pupil of the eye
Augenränder(German pl.) rims of the eyes, bags under the eyes
Augenringe(German pl.) dark circles (around the eyes), rings under the eyes
Augensalbe(German f.) eye ointment, ophthalmic ointment
Augenschäden(German pl.) eye damage
Augenschatten(German pl.) shadows under the eyes
Augenschein(German m.) appearance, (visual) inspection
augenscheinlich(German) ostensible, evident, ocularly, obvious, manifest, self-evident, obviously, evidently, apparent
augenscheinliche Gefahr(German f.) apparent danger
augenscheinliche Tatsache(German f.) clear fact
augenscheinlicher Mangel(German m.) apparent defect
Augenscheinseinnahme(German f.) local inspection
Augenschirm(German m.) eyeshade
Augenschlag(German m.) blink (of the eye)
Augenschmaus(German m.) eye candy, treat for the eyes, feast for the eyes
Augenschmerzen(German pl.) eyestrain
Augenschraube(German f.) eye bolt, eyebolt (a bolt having a looped head designed to receive a hook or rope)
Augenschutz(German m.) eye protection
Augenspiegel(German m.) ophthalmoscope (a lighted instrument used to examine the inside of the eye, including the retina and the optic nerve)
Augenspiegelung(German f.) funduscopy, ophthalmoscopy
Augenspülmittel(German n.) eye rinsing solution
Augenspülung(German f.) eye wash
Augenstern(German m.) shining star (figurative) (used as a term of endearment)
Augentäuschung(German f.) optical illusion
Augentropfen(German pl.) eye drops
Augenüberlastung(German f.) excessive eye strain
Augenuntersuchung(German f.) eye exam
Augenverletzung(German f.) eye injury
Augen voller Tränen(German pl.) eyes filled with tears
Augenwasser(German n.) eyewash
Augenweide(German f.) feast for the eyes, sight for sore eyes, eye candy
Augenwimper (s.), Augenwimpern (pl.)(German f.) eyelash
Augenwinkel(German m.) canthus (the inner or outer corner where the eyelids meet), corner of the eye
Augenwischerei(German f.) eyewash (colloquial) (old-fashioned), window dressing (figurative)
Augenwischerei betreiben(German) to engage in window-dressing
Augenwischerei sein(German) to be a sham
Augenzahn (s.), Augenzähne (pl.)(German m.) eye tooth, cuspid
Augenzeuge (m.), Augenzeugin (f.), Augenzeugen (pl.)(German) eye witness, eye-witness, eyewitness
Augenzeuge einer Schlacht(German m.) witness of a battle
Augenzeugenbericht (s.), Augenzeugenberichte (pl.)(German m.) eyewitness report, eyewitness testimony, eyewitness account
Augenzeugenberichten zufolge(German) according to eyewitness accounts
Augenzittern(German n.) nystagmus (rapid rhythmic repetitious involuntary eye movements that can be horizontal, vertical or rotary)
augenzwinkernd(German) with a wink, winking
Augerone of a group of ancient Roman religious officials who foretold events by observing and interpreting signs and omens, a seer or prophet, a soothsayer
Augerysign foretelling good or bad luck, omen
Augmentatio(Latin) augmentation (particularly, the imitation of a principal melody by augmentation)
Augmentation(English, German f., French f.) the lengthening of note values (usually they are doubled) when recapitulating a fugal theme adding to its dignity and weight. The antonym is 'diminution'
the increase of a perfect or major interval by a chromatic semitone (half-step), in which case the interval is said to be 'augmented'
the addition of players to the standard forces in an orchestra, choir or band
(French f.) increase
Augmentation canonalso Augmentationskanon (German m.) or sloth canon, in which a later entry doubles the rhythmic values of the leader
Augmentation de salaire(French f.) pay rise
Augmentation dotpuntillo (Spanish), punto (di valore) (Italian), point (French), Punkt (German), Verlängerungspunkt (German)
one or more dots placed after a note or rest to extend its duration
a single dot extends a note or rest by a further half of its undotted duration; a second dot extends a note or rest by a further quarter of its undotted duration; a third dot extends a note or rest by a further eighth of its undotted duration
Augmentationskanon(German m.) augmentation canon
augmenté (m.), augmentée (f.)(French) augmented
Augmentedaumentato (Italian), erweitert (German), ubermässig (German), augmenté (French)
bigger, larger, increased
Augmented chordin general, any chord that has contains an augmented interval
Augmented fifthan interval which is one chromatic semitone wider than the 'perfect-5th' of the diatonic scale
Augmented fifth chordsthe augmented 5th chord (also referred to just as the 'augmented chord') is a chromatic chord made up of two major thirds which added together make up the interval of an augmented 5th. In equal temperament, if a further major third is added, the pitch arrives at an octave above the original note. Because of this, augmented 5th chords can only be formed on four different notes, without duplication (enharmonically, at least). Augmented 5th chords formed on the three notes: C, C#, D, D# are consequently the only possibilities. The augmented 5th chord does not occur in the diatonic scale but occurs on the 3rd degree of the harmonic minor scale
Augmented fourthan interval composed of three tones (whole-steps). The augmented 4th occurs naturally in every diatonic scale, between the 'subdominant' (4th degree or 'IV') and the 'leading-tone' (7th degree or 'VII')
the 'tritone'
Augmented hexatonic scale
augmented hexatonic scale
the augmented hexatonic scale, widely used in jazz
Augmented intervalintervallo aumentato (Italian), intervallo eccedente (Italian), übermäßiges Intervall (German), intervalle augmenté (French), intervalo aumentado (Spanish)
an interval wider by a chromatic semitone (half step) than a major or a perfect interval
Augmented scalesee 'augmented hexatonic scale'
Augmented secondan interval one half-step (semitone) wider than a major second, which appears between the 6th degree and the 7th degree of the harmonic minor scale. It is characteristic of many oriental melodies
Augmented seventhan interval which is one chromatic semitone wider than the 'major-7th' of the diatonic scale
Augmented seventh chordwritten +7, a dominant 7th chord with a raised (i.e. augmented) 5th
the name is misleading because it is the 5th, not the 7th, that is augmented
Augmented six five chordsee 'German sixth chord'
Augmented six four three chordsee 'French sixth chord'
Augmented sixthan interval which is one chromatic semitone wider than the 'major-6th' of the diatonic scale
Augmented sixth chord
augmented sixth chords are formed with a lowered sixth degree and raised fourth degree of a major scale. They come in several varieties:
German sixth chordan augmented sixth chord consisting of a major third, perfect fifth, and augmented sixth above a given note. The German sixth chord is sometimes called an 'augmented six five chord'. The German augmented sixth chord is derived from the raised subdominant, whereas the Swiss augmented sixth chord is derived from the raised supertonic chord. Both are functionally equivalentusually resolved onto the dominant (V) or second inversion of the tonic (I 6/4)
English sixth chordan augmented sixth chord consisting of a major third, perfect fifth, and augmented sixth above a given note. The English augmented sixth differs from the German augmented sixth in its 'spelling' (i.e. the perfect fifth is replaced by its enharmonic equivalent, a doubly augmented fourth). This is why the English augmented sixth is sometimes known as the misspelled German or doubly augmented fourth. resolves immediately to the tonic and is enharmonically equivalent to a tritone substitution dominant seventh and itself a substitute for the dominant of the dominant (V/V)
French sixth chordan augmented sixth chord consisting of a major third, augmented fourth (which may be read as a diminished fifth), and augmented sixth above a given note. The French sixth chord is sometimes called an 'augmented six four three chord' usually resolved onto the dominant (V)
Italian sixth chordan augmented sixth chord consisting of a major third and augmented sixth above a given note. It has no fifth. The Italian sixth chord is sometimes called an 'augmented sixth three chord'. It contains only three notes, as opposed to a German sixth chord, or a French sixth chord usually resolved onto the dominant (V)
Neapolitan sixth chordthe first inversion of a major chord on the flattened second degree of a major scale, which in the key of C would be 'F', 'A flat' and 'D flat', called 'sixth' because it is a first inversionusually resolved onto the dominant (V) or second inversion of the tonic (I 6/4)
doubly augmented sixth chordan augmented sixth chord, which contains a sharpened second from the tonicusually resolve to the second inversion tonic (I 6/4)
Augmented sixth three chordsee 'Italian sixth chord'
Augmented thirdan interval which is one chromatic semitone wider than the 'major-3rd' of the diatonic scale
Augmented triada modified major triad obtained by raising the fifth note one semitone (half step). It is two major thirds, one on top of the other. An augmented triad is denoted by appending a "+" to the major triad name
augmenter(French) to increase, to increase the pay of
augmentieren(German) to augment
au grand galop(French) at full galop, full tilt, as fast as possible
au grand jour(French) in the open
au grand sérieux(French) in all seriousness, perfectly seriously (implying that usually the matter would not be taken seriously)
au gratin(French) dressed with bread-crumbs or grated cheese and baked in an oven
Augsburger Bekenntnis(German n.) Augsburg Confession of Faith (1530), also called the Augustan or Augsburg Confession, the document submitted to His Imperial Majesty Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530 by Philip Melancthon (1497-1560)
Augsburger Glaubensbekenntnis(German n.) Augustan Confession
Augsburger Interim (1548)(German n.) Augsburg Interim (1548), an imperial decree ordered at the Diet of Augsburg, after Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, defeated the forces of the Schmalkaldic League in the Schmalkaldic War, from 1546 to 1547. The document was written by three theologians: Johannes Agricola, Julius von Pflug, and Michael Helding. Although it ordered Protestants to readopt traditional Catholic beliefs and practices, including the seven Sacraments, it allowed for Protestant clergymen the right to marry and for the laity to receive communion in both kinds (bread and wine)
Augsburger Konfession(German f.) Augsburg Confession
Augsburger Religionsfrieden(German m.) Religious Peace of Augsburg, a treaty between Ferdinand I, who replaced his brother Charles V as Holy Roman Emperor, and the forces of the Schmalkaldic League, an alliance of Lutheran princes, on September 25, 1555, at the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany. It officially ended the religious struggle between the two groups and made the legal division of Christendom permanent within the Holy Roman Empire. In respect of the famous quote Cuius regio, eius religio, derived from the document allowed German princes to select either Lutheranism or Catholicism within the domains they controlled, ultimately reaffirming the independence they had over their states. Families were given a period in which they were free to migrate to different regions of their desired religion
Augumentazione(Italian) augmentation
Augumento(Italian) augmentation
Augur(English, German m.) one of a group of ancient Roman religious officials who foretold events by observing and interpreting signs and omens
augurar(Spanish) to predict, to augur, to foretell
augurare(Italian) to wish
augurarsi(Italian) to hope
Augure(French m.) oracle
auguri!(Italian) all the best!, Happy Christmas (at Christmas)
Augurio(Italian m.) wish, omen
Augurio (s.), Augarios (pl.(Spanish m.) omen
sus augurios no se cumplieron (Spanish: his predictions did not come true)
es un augurio de mala suerte (Spanish: it's (a sign of) bad luck, it's a bad omen)
Auguryproperly, the function of an auger, a Roman religious official, which was to pronounce by the observation of signs called auspices, whether the gods favoured or disfavoured a proposed course of action
August(English, German m.) the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar
(German m.) clown
Augustabend(German m.) August evening
Augustanrelating to or characteristic of the times of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus (27BC-AD14), the time of Virgil, Horace, and the birth of Christ
literary scholars use Augustan to refer to any important or pivotal period of any national literature, especially eighteenth-century England and the "Augustan" writers: Alexander Pope (1688-1744), Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Joseph Addison (1672-1719), Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), and Oliver Goldsmith (1728/30-1774)
see 'Augustan Age'
Augustan agethe golden age of Latin literature (named for the Roman Emperor Augustus (27BC-AD14))
a golden age of English literature, the classical writers of the time of Queen Anne and George I: Alexander Pope (1688-1744), Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Joseph Addison (1672-1719), Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), and Oliver Goldsmith (1728/30-1774)
a golden age of French literature, the period of Pierre Corneille (1606-84), Molière (1622-73) and Jean Racine (1639-1699)
Augustan literaturethe term derives from authors of the 1720s and 1730s themselves, who responded to a term that George I of England preferred for himself. While George I meant the title to reflect his might, they instead saw in it a reflection of Ancient Rome's transition from rough and ready literature to highly political and highly polished literature. Because of the aptness of the metaphor, the period from 1689 - 1750 was called "the Augustan Age" by critics throughout the eighteenth century (including Voltaire and Oliver Goldsmith)
auguste(French) august (important)
augusteisch(German) Augustan
Augustferien(German pl.) August holidays
Augustiannamed after Saint Augustine of Hippo, several Catholic monastic orders and congregations of both men and women living according to a guide to religious life known as the Rule of Saint Augustine including order of regular canons following the Rule of St Augustine (established from pre-existing orders in Italy and France in the 12th century) and order of mendicant friars founded in Italy in the 13th century (also known in England as the Austin Friars)
Augustine of Hippoa Latin church father, is one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity. Augustine was heavily influenced by the Neo-Platonism of Plotinus. He framed the concepts of original sin and just war. When the Roman Empire in the West was starting to disintegrate, Augustine developed the concept of the Church as a spiritual City of God, distinct from the material City of Man. His thought profoundly influenced the medieval worldview. He is considered the patron saint of brewers, printers, theologians, sore eyes, and a number of cities and dioceses
Augustiner(German pl.) Augustinians, Augustinian Friars, Austin Friars (an Augustinian monastic order)
Augustinerchorherr(German m.) Augustinian canon
Augustiner Chorherren(German pl.) Austin canons, Augustinian canons
Augustiner-Eremiten(German pl.) Augustinian Hermits
Augustinerinnen(German pl.) Augustinian sisters
Augustinermönch(German m.) Austin friar, Augustinian monk
augustinisch(German) Augustinian
augustinischer Einsiedler(German m.) Augustinian hermit
augustinischer Mönch(German m.) Augustinian monk, Augustinian friar
Augustinismus(German m.) Augustinianism (doctrines held by Augustine or by the Augustinians)
Augustinus(German) Augustine
Augustinus von Hippo(German) Saint Augustine of Hippo
Augustmorgen(German m.) August morning
Augustnacht (s.), Augustnächte (pl.)(German f.) August night, night in August
augusto(Italian, Spanish) august (important)
Augusttag (s.), Augusttage (pl.)(German m.) August day, day in August
Augustwoche (s.), Augustwochen (pl.)(German f.) week in August
aujourdhui(French) today
au jus(French) a roasted meat dish that is dressed with its own juices
au juste(French) exactly, rightly (with certitude)
auka(Norwegian) enlarged
Auktion (s.), Auktionen (pl.)(German f.) auction, public sale
Auktionator(German m.) auctioneer
Auktionierung(German f.) auctioning
Auktionshammer(German m.) gavel, auctioneer's hammer
Auktionshaus(German n.) auction house, auctioneers (firm)
Auktionskatalog(German m.) auction catalogue
Auktionslokal(German n.) auction room
Auktionspreis(German m.) hammer price
Auktionsverkauf(German m., literally 'auctioneer's speak') cant (stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition)
auktorial(German) authorial, auctorial (pertaining to the author, his work or his intentions)
auktoriales Erzählen(German n.) authorial narration, auctorial narration
Aula(German f., Italian f., Spanish f.) (assembly) hall (in a school), lecture room (in a college), seminar room, auditorium
in Spanish, aula is a feminine noun that takes a masculine article in the singular
Aulaga(Spanish f.) gorse
Aula magna(Spanish f.) main lecture theatre, main lecture hall
Auld Lang Syne(Scottish, literally 'long ago') song written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796) in about 1789, possibly based on lines written originally by Robert Aytoun (or Ayton) (1570-1638) a Scottish poet employed by King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England)
Auld Robin Graya ballad by Lady Anne Lindsay written (1771) to an old Scottish tune called The bridegroom grat when the sun gaed down
Auletes(ancient Greek) a flute player
au lever(French) on getting up
Aulicof or pertaining to a royal court
aullar(Spanish) to howl
Aullido (s.), Aullidos (pl.)(Spanish m.) howl
los aullidos del perro (Spanish: the howling of the dog)
Aulos (s.), Auloi (pl.)(English, German m., from Greek) double-reed pipe (played for public and religious functions in ancient Greece)
the aulos came originally from Phrygia. Tradition had it that Marsyas, the satyr who first formed the instrument using the hollowed antler of a stag, was a Phrygian follower of Cybele. He unwisely competed in music with the Olympian Apollo and inevitably lost, whereupon Apollo flayed Marsyas alive and provocatively hung his skin on Cybele's own sacred tree, a pine
Aulozonum(Greek) the tuning wire of organ reeds
a última hora(Spanish) at the last moment, late, at a last stage, at the eleventh hour, at the last gasp, at the last minute, at the last possible chance, at the very last, last thing
a última hora de la mañana(Spanish) late in the morning
a último de(Spanish) in the latter part of, towards the end of
a últimos de(Spanish) at the end of
a ultramar(Spanish) overseas, oversea
a ultranza(Spanish) do-or-die, to the death, do-or-die, out-and-out, decisively, extreme
au maigre(French) dishes prepared without meat
Aumbrya stone cupboard, usually set in the north wall of the chancel, for mass vessels, books and other sacred objects
AUMEAustro-Mechana. Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung mechanisch-musikalischer Urheberrechte GmbH, an Austrian mechanical rights organisation
au même mouvement(French) the same speed
Aumentación(Spanish f.) augmentation
aumentado (m.), aumentada (f.)(Spanish, Portuguese) augmented, enlarged
Aumentado intervalo(Spanish, Portuguese) augmented interval
aumentando(Italian) augmenting, steigernd (German), vermehrend (German), zunehmend (German), en augmentant (French), increasing (an alternative to crescendo)
aumentar(Spanish) to increase, to raise (prices, wages), to put up (prices), to magnify (image), to enlarge (image), to step up (production, voltage), to rise (pressure, temperature), to go up (rise), to appreciate (value of object)
aumentar de ...(Spanish) to increase in ... (something)
aumentar de peso(Spanish) to put on weight, to gain weight, to increase in weight
aumentare(Italian) to increase
aumentarse(Spanish) to increase
Aumentativo(Spanish m.) augmentative
aumentativo (m.), aumentativa (f.)(Spanish) augmentative
aumentato (m.), aumentata (f.)(Italian) augmented
(Italian) enlarged
aumentato(Italian) augmented (as applied to an interval)
Aumentazione(Italian) augmentation
Aumento(Italian m., Portuguese m., Spanish m.) augmentation, increase, rise (in salary)
Aumento de peso(Spanish m.) increase in weight
Aumento de precio(Spanish m.) price rise, price increase
Aumento de sueldo(Spanish m.) salary increase, pay rise
Aumento de temperatura(Spanish m.) rise in temperature
au mépris de(French) in defiance of
Aumône(French f.) alms
Aumônier(French m.) chaplain
au mouvement(French) in time, a tempo (Italian), im Zeitmass (German)
au mouvement antérieur(French) previous tempo, former speed
au mouvtabbreviation of au mouvement (French: a tempo)
au moyen de(French) by means of
a.u.n.abbreviation of absque ulla nota (Latin: with no distinguishing marks)
aun(Spanish) even
aún(Spanish) still (in affirmative phrases and questions), yet (in negative phrases), even (in comparisons)
a una buena distancia(Spanish) far away, far
a una chorda(Latin) on one string
a una corda(Italian) on one string, auf einer Saite (German), einchörig (German), à una corde (French)
a term used on the piano to mean use the una corda (Italian), una corde (French) or soft pedal (that is, to fully depress the left hand pedal, beim Klavierspiel mit voller Verschiebung (linkes Pedal) (German))
à una corde(French) on one string, a una corda (Italian), auf einer Saite (German), einchörig (German)
a term used on the piano to mean use the una corda (Italian), una corde (French) or soft pedal (that is, to fully depress the left hand pedal, beim Klavierspiel mit voller Verschiebung (linkes Pedal) (German))
a uña de caballo(Spanish) at full gallop, at full speed
a una distancia de muchas millas(Spanish) many miles away, miles away
a una distancia igual(Spanish) at an equal distance
a una edad avanzada(Spanish) late in life
a una edad temprana(Spanish) at an early age
a una hora disparatada(Spanish) at an unreasonable hour
a una mano(Spanish) in agreement, in one direction
a una milla de(Spanish) a mile from, a mile off
a una milla de distancia(Spanish) a mile away, a mile off
a una milla de distancia de(Spanish) a mile off, a mile from
a una misma distancia(Spanish) at the same distance, at an equal distance, equidistantly
aunar(Spanish) to join, to combine (ideas), to unite
aunar esfuerzos(Spanish) to join forces
aunarse(Spanish) to unite, to come together
aun así(Spanish) even so, even then
aun así, creo que ...(Spanish) even so, I think ...
a una tasa de(Spanish) at the rate of
au naturel(French) in the natural state, unadorned
(French) uncooked, plainly or simply cooked, without any extras
a una velocidad mayor a la señalada(Spanish) at a speed higher than posted
a una voce(Italian) for a single voice, für eine Stimme (German), einstimmig (German), à une voix (French), a una voz (Spanish)
a una voz(Spanish) with one voice, unanimously
(Spanish) for a single voice, a una voce (Italian), für eine Stimme (German), einstimmig (German), à une voix (French)
a un buen trecho(Spanish) far away
à un clavier manuel(French) or à un seul clavier manuel (French), single manual
aun cuando(Spanish) although, even though
à une main(French) for one hand, für eine Hand (German), einhändig (German - piano music)
aún estamos aquí(Spanish) we're still here
¿aún estás aquí?(Spanish) are you still here?
à une voix(French) for a single voice or part, a una voce (Italian), für eine Stimme (German), einstimmig (German), a una voz (Spanish)
a un extremo de(Spanish) at one end of, at the end of
aún falta un mes(Spanish) there's still a month to go
a un grado considerable(Spanish) to a considerable extent, considerably, to a considerable degree
a un grado tan alto(Spanish) to such a great degree, to such a degree
Au ni aau`Are`are (Malaita, Solomon Islands) panpipes made from bamboo, used as a solo instrument
a un lado(Spanish) on one side, aside, out of the way, clear the way, move to one side
a un lado de(Spanish) at the side of, aside, by, on the side of
a un manuale(Italian) single manual
aún no(Spanish) not yet
aún no ha llamado(Spanish) she hasn't called yet
aún no ha llegado(Spanish) it still hasn't arrived, it hasn't arrived yet
a uno(Spanish) of one accord, as one
au nombre de(French) among, one of
au nom de(French) on behalf of
a unos pasos(Spanish) a few steps away
a un paso(Spanish) a step away, just a step away
a un paso de(Spanish) within an ace of
a un pelito de(Spanish) within an ace of
a un pelo(Spanish) within a hairbreadth, within a very short distance
a un pelo de(Spanish) within an ace of
a un precio alto(Spanish) at a high price, at a high figure
a un precio bajo(Spanish) at a low price, at a low cost, at a low figure, on the cheap
a un precio exorbitante(Spanish) at an exorbitant price
a un precio muy alto(Spanish) at a high price, at a premium
aunque(Spanish) although, though, even though, even if
aunque llegamos tarde, no perdimos el tren(Spanish) even though we were late, we didn't miss the train
aunque no estaba bien fue a trabajar(Spanish) although he wasn't well he went to work
aunque no lo creas ...(Spanish) believe it or not ...
aunque no lo parezca(Spanish) though he may not look it
aunque no te lo creas(Spanish) even if you don't believe it, even if you don't believe it or not
a un ritmo veloz(Spanish) at a good speed, at a cracking pace
Aunt Ednaa typical theatre-goer of conservative taste
a un tiempo(Spanish) simultaneously, at the same time, all at the same time
a un tiempo muy pausado(Spanish) in a very slow tempo, largo
a un toque(Spanish) at a touch
a un tris de(Spanish) upon the verge of, on the verge of
¡aúpa!(Spanish) up! lift up!, get up!
Au pair, Au pairs (pl.)(English, Spanish m./f., from French) where light domestic services or child-care is exchanged for board and lodging, the person who renders such a service
Au-pair(German n., from French) au pair (French)
Au-pair-Mädchen(German n.) au pair (French), au pair girl
¡aúpame!(Spanish) pick me up!
aupar(Spanish) to lift up, to pick up (child)
Au pasiawa`Are`are (Malaita, Solomon Islands) two-stringed musical bow made from bamboo, used as a solo instrument
au pied de la colline(French) at the foot of the hill, at the bottom of the hill
au pied de la lettre(French) absolutely, exactly, literally
au pied de l'escalier(French) at the bottom of the stairs
au plus tard(French) at the latest
Au porare`Are`are (Malaita, Solomon Islands) two-hole transverse flute made from bamboo
auparavant(French) before(hand)
au petit bonheur(French) hapharzardly
au plus tôt(French) at the earliest
au poteausynonymous with à la lanterne
au premier abord(French) on first acquaintance
au premier coup(French) a technique of painting in which the picture is completed in a single session
au premier étage(French) on the first floor
au premier rang(French) in the first row, at the forefront (figurative)
auprès de(French) by, next to, compared with, (addressed) to
au quart de poil(French) perfectly
Aura(Italian f.) Jew's harp
(English, Italian f., German f.) according to theosophists, a visible emanation supposed to surround the human body
(Spanish f.) halo
in Spanish, aura is a feminine noun, that takes a masculine article in the singular
(German m.) a type of blue cheese produced in Äänekoski, Finland
Aural(English) of, relating to, or perceived by the ear
aural(German) of, relating to, or perceived by the ear
Aural fatiguesee 'adaptation'
Aural history
in order to shift the emphasis from the transcript as a final document to the sound itself as recorded on tape, aural history involves the creation of a document in sound which, by virtue of being tape recorded, is historical as soon as it is made. Sound so preserved may be of several kinds:
sounds of an eventcalled an actuality, that including sounds of nature, the playing or singing of music, and speech of all kinds
running commentarya voice or voices talking about something happening at the time of the recording
recalla voice or voices reminiscing about events of the past
Aural illusionthe auditory equivalent of visual illusions, effects that hint at the complexity of the 'hearing process'
Aural skillsthe ability to identify the sounds of different chords, intervals, rhythms, and other elements of music
Aural trainingsee 'ear-training'
Aurea mediocritas(Latin) the happy medium, the golden mean
Aureate dictionor aureate terms, elevated rhetorical style of writing characterized by the use of unusual words from Latin, a conscious stylistic that flourish in Middle English
Aureola(Italian f., Spanish f.) halo, aureole (literary), aura (fame, glory), corona (astronomy), ring (Latin America: stain)
Aureole(English, German f., from aureola corona (medieval Latin: golden crown)) also corona or halo, a luminous radiance surrounding the whole figure in paintings of the Saviour or of the saints
(English, German f.) or corona, the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere, visible as a white halo during a solar eclipse
Auréole(French f.) halo
au revoir(French) farewell!
Auricula(German f.) auricle (anatomy)
Aurícula(Spanish f.) auricle (anatomy), atrium (anatomy)
Auriculaire(French m.) little finger, meñique (Spanish), auricular (Spanish)
Auricular (s.), Auriculares (pl.)(Spanish m.) (telephone) receiver, little finger, meñique (Spanish), headphones (plural form), earphones (plural form)
auricular(Spanish) of the ear
Auricleor pinna, the principal projecting part of the ear
Aurignacianthe name of a culture of the Upper Palaeolithic located in Europe and southwest Asia. It dates to between 32,000 and 26,000 BC. The name originates from the type site of Aurignac in the Haute Garonne area of France. The Aurignacian culture is considered by some archaeologists to have co-existed with the Périgordian culture of tool making
Aurignacien(German n.) Aurignacian period
Aurikel(German f.) auricula
aurikular(German) auricular
Aurikular-(German) auricular (of heart) (prefix)
Aurora(Italian f., Spanish f. from Latin) dawn
Roman goddess of the dawn
Aurora austral(Spanish f.) aurora australis, southern lights
Aurora australisa celestial phenomenon, similar to the aurora borealis, observable in the Southern hemisphere
Aurora boreal(Spanish f.) aurora borealis, northern lights
Aurora borealisthe northern lights, electrical disturbances visible in the northern sky, particularly in Arctic regions
Aurora's tearsthe morning dew
Aurore(French f.) dawn
Aurreskualso arrescu or aurrescu, a Basque folk dance. Several types of Basque dance can be distinguished according to their functions and character. Those related to social and playful celebrations are romerias (religious processions and festivals), are open circle dances, danced by a wide circle of men and women holding hands, or joined by handkerchiefs, who allow the specialist dancers, dantzari, to perform some often spectacular and difficult steps. At such moments those participating, as well as the spectators, take a secondary role in the proceedings as they admire the skill of the dantzaris. Such dances are for example the aurresku, the gizon dantza or the soka dantza among many others
Aurum mosaicum(Latin) bisulphide of tin, used in the preparation of paints and stains
Aurum potabile(Latin) a cordial consisting of a suspension of fine particles of gold in oil
au rythme de(French) to the beat of, to the rhythm of
Aus.abbreviation of 'Australia', 'Australian', 'Austria', 'Austrian'
Aus(German n.) end, finish
aus(German) ex (no longer), out, of, from, (made) of, off (radio, light, power, food in a restaurant), dead (gone out, e.g. fire, candle), over (ended)
aus ... (heraus)(German) out of
aus allen Berufen(German) from all walks of life
aus allen Blickrichtungen(German) from all perspectives
aus allen Gesellschaftsschichten(German) from all walks of life
aus allen Knopflöchern platzen(German) to be bursting at the seams (figurative)
aus allen Knopflöchern stinken(German) to stink to high heaven
aus allen Nähten platzen(German) to be bulging at the seams (colloquial), to be bursting at the seams (colloquial)
aus allen Richtungen kommen(German) to come from all sides
aus allen Teilen der Welt(German) from all over the world, from every corner of the earth
aus allen Teilen der Welt kommen(German) to come from all parts of the world
aus allen Wolken fallen(German) to be flabbergasted (colloquial)
aus aller Herren Länder(German) from all over the world
aus aller Welt(German) from all over the world, from around the world
aus alten Zeiten(German) from olden times, from ancient times
aus Altersgründen(German) on grounds of age, for reasons of age
aus alter Zeit(German) ancient
aus Altstoffen hergestellt(German) made from second-hand materials
aus Aluminiumguss(German) cast aluminium
aus amtlichen Quellen(German) from official sources
aus Angst(German) through fear, out of fear, from fear
aus Angst, die Kinder aufzuwecken(German) for fear of waking the children
aus Angst vor(German) for fear of
Ausarbeiten(German n.) finishing
ausarbeiten(German) to map, to work out, to elaborate, to map out, to develop, to construct, to calculate, to hammer out, to flesh out, to write out, to work up, to finalize
ausarbeitend(German) elaborative, elaborating
Ausarbeiter(German m.) elaborator (one who, or that which, elaborates)
Ausarbeitung(German f.) workout, draft, development, elaboration, working out
(German f.) in music, the last finish, or elaboration, of a composition
Ausarbeitung eines Vertrags(German f.) hammering out a deal
aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen(German) with deprived backgrounds, from lower-income backgrounds, from a lower-income background
ausarten(German) to degenerate, to become unruly, to get out of control, to get out of hand
ausartend(German) degenerating
ausarten zu(German) to dwindle into
Ausartung(German f.) degeneracy
aus Asche(German) ashen
aus Äthiopien stammend(German) Ethiopian-born
Ausatmen(German n.) expiration (of breath), exhalation
ausatmen(German) to breathe out, to expire (exhale), to exhale
ausatmend(German) breathing out, en expirant, expiratory, exhaling
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Ausatmung(German f.) breathing out, exhalation, expiration (of breath), aspiration (expulsion of breath in speech, or, in linguistics, the pronunciation of a consonant with an aspirate)
aus Australien oder Neuseeland(German) Antipodean
au saut du lit(French) on getting up
Ausbackteig(German m.) batter (for frying)
ausbaden(German) to pay for
ausbadend(German) paying for
Ausbaggern(German n.) dredging
ausbaggern(German) to excavate, to dredge (river), to deepen (harbour, channel, etc.), to clean out
ausbaggernd(German) dredging
ausbalancieren(German) to balance out, to counterbalance
ausbalanciert(German) balanced
aus Barchent(German) fustian (bombastic, pompous or pretentious, particular with regard to talking or writing)
Ausbau(German m.) extension, upgrading, fitout, removal (excision, extraction), expansion
ausbaubar(German) removable
Ausbauchen(German n.) bulging
ausbauchen(German) to bulge, to belly out
ausbauchend(German) bulgy
Ausbauchung(German f.) bulge, bulginess
ausbauen(German) to remove, to extend, to expand (figurative), to disassemble, to expand, to restore, to reconstruct, to dismantle, to complete, to enlarge, to demount, to upgrade, to parlay (bet, wager)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausbauend(German) extending
ausbaufähig(German) upgradable, capable of development, expandable, capable of improvement
Ausbaufähigkeit(German f.) upgradability, expandability
ausbaufähigste(German) most expandable
ausbedingen(German) to stipulate
Ausbedingung(German f.) stipulation
ausbedungen(German) agreed upon
ausbeinen(German) to bone (meat, fish)
Ausbeiner(German m.) boning knife
Ausbeinmesser(German n.) boning knife
aus Bern(German) Bernese
aus bescheidenen Verhältnissen stammen(German) to be of humble birth
Ausbessern(German n.) mending
ausbessern(German) to overhaul, to restore, to correct (mistakes), to make corrections, to mend, to patch, to refit, to repair, to remodel, to darn
ausbessernd(German) repairing, darning, refitting
Ausbesserung(German f.) repair, correction, reparation
Ausbesserungsarbeiten(German pl.) repair work
ausbesserungsfähig(German) repairable, mendable
Ausbesserungslack(German m.) touch-up paint
aus besten Quellen(German) from the very best sources
Ausbeulen(German n.) dent repair, dent removal
ausbeulen(German) to remove dents from, to flatten (especially in autombile body repair work), to make baggy
Ausbeulhammer(German m.) panel (beating) hammer
Ausbeulung(German f.) bulge
ausbeutbar(German) exploitable
Ausbeute(German f.) booty, yield, spoil (booty), haul, recovery, pickings, gain, profit
ausbeuteln(German) to clean out
ausbeuten(German) to prey, to exploit, to utilise
ausbeutend(German) exploiting, exploitative
Ausbeuter(German m.) exploiter
Ausbeuterbetrieb(German m.) sweatshop
ausbeuterisch(German) exploitative
Ausbeutung(German f.) daylight robbery (colloquial), exploitation
Ausbeutungsbetrieb (s.), Ausbeutungsbetriebe (pl.)(German m.) sweatshop
ausbezahlt(German) paid out, paid-off, paid off, paid-out
ausbieten(German) to offer (auction)
ausbilanzieren(German) to balance
ausbilden(German) to breed, to instruct, to train, to cultivate, to qualify, to educate, to develop, to form
ausbildend(German) apprenticing
Ausbilder (m.), Ausbilderin (f.)(German) trainee teacher, training supervisor, trainer, instructor (Austria)
Ausbildner(German m.) instructor
Ausbildung (s.), Ausbildungen (pl.)(German f.) formation, tuition, apprenticeship, drill, qualification, education (school), schooling, training, instruction
Ausbildung am Arbeitsplatz(German f.) in-service training, on the job training, on-the-job training
Ausbildung der Führungskräfte(German f.) management training
Ausbildung, die nicht direkt an Berufsarbeit gebunden ist(German f.) off-the-job training
Ausbildung erhalten(German) to receive training
Ausbildungsabbrecher(German m.) drop out
Ausbildungsabteilung(German f.) education department
Ausbildungsberatung(German f.) educational guidance, youth employment service
Ausbildungsbescheinigung(German f.) certificate of training
Ausbildungsbetrieb(German m.) company that takes on trainees
Ausbildungsdauer(German f.) duration of training, length of training, training period
Ausbildungseinrichtungen(German pl.) training facilities
Ausbildungshilfe(German f.) educational endowment
Ausbildungskosten(German pl.) training costs
Ausbildungskrankenhaus(German n.) teaching hospital
Ausbildungslehrgang (s.), Ausbildungslehrgänge (pl.)(German m.) training course
Ausbildungsmöglichkeit (s.), Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) education opportunity, training facility, training opportunity
Ausbildungsniveau(German n.) educational level, level of education
Ausbildungsniveau der Hochschulen(German n.) academic standards
Ausbildungsort(German m.) training place
Ausbildungsplatz(German m.) apprenticeship place
Ausbildungsprogramm(German n.) training scheme
Ausbildungsreform(German f.) educational reform
Ausbildungsrichtung(German f.) faculty
Ausbildungsstelle(German f.) apprenticeship place
Ausbildungsverhältnis(German n.) apprenticeship
Ausbildungsvertrag(German m.) indenture, articles of apprenticeship, indentures
Ausbildungszeit(German f.) duration of training, period of training, training period, period of education, length of training
Ausbildungszentrum(German n.) training centre
Ausbildung während der Dienstzeit(German f.) in-service education
aus Billigplastik(German) plasticky
aus Birkenholz(German) birchen (consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree)
ausbitten(German) to ask for
ausbittend(German) asking for
ausblasen(German) to blow out, to puff out, to sound out, to announce by sound of trumpet
ausblasend(German) blowing out
aus Blei(German) made of lead, lead
Ausbleiben(German n.) absence, nonappearance, non-appearance
ausbleiben(German) to fail to appear, to fail to materialize, to stay out, to be absent, to stay away, to come to nothing
[entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausbleibend(German) absent, missing, overdue, staying away
ausbleichen(German) to bleach, to bleach out
ausbleichend(German) bleaching
ausbleichsicher(German) fade-resistant
Ausblendbefehl(German m.) mask instruction
Ausblenden(German n.) blinding out, masking, shielding (graphic), reverse clipping (graphic)
ausblenden(German) to fade down, to fade out, to blind out, to blank out, to hide
Ausblendung(German f.) fade, fade-out, prospectus (stocks, shares)
Ausblick (s.), Ausblicke (pl.)(German m.) view, prospect, outlook, lookout, vista, perspective
Ausblick von diesem Fenster(German m.) view from this window
Ausbluten(German n.) bleeding, haemorrhage (figurative)
ausbluten(German) to bleed to death, to bleed dry, to bleed to death (figurative), to bleed white (figurative)
ausblutend(German) bleeding to death
Ausbohren(German n.) counterboring
ausbohren(German) to counterbore, to drill (out)
ausbooten(German) to disembark by boat, to disembark in boats
ausbooten(German) to boot out (colloquial), to displace
ausborgen(German) to lend, to borrow from
ausborgend(German) borrowing from, borrowing
aus Boshaftigkeit(German) out of spite
Ausbrechen(German n.) swerve
ausbrechen(German) to break out, to erupt, to burst, to drop out, to escape, to swing off (street, piste, etc.)
ausbrechend(German) cracking, breaking out, erupting
Ausbrecher(German m.) breakaway, break-away, jailbreaker
[entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausbreiten(German) to spread, to spread out, to diffuse, to disseminate, to send out, to unfurl, to spread (out), to splay
ausbreitend(German) spreading, splaying, sprawling, unfurling
Ausbreitung(German f.) spread, propagation, expansion, spreading, broadening, dissemination, dispersal, sprawl (of cities, etc.), proliferation, distribution (of a species)
Ausbrennen (s.), Ausbrennen (pl.)(German n.) burnout, cauterising, cauterisation
ausbrennen(German) to cauterise, to burn out, to be gutted (building, by fire), to burn oneself out
ausbrennend(German) burning out
ausbrennsicher(German) heat-resistant
ausbringbar(German) exploitable (source of raw materials)
ausbringen(German) to bring out
Ausbringung(German f.) production, output
aus Bronze(German) brazen (made of brass or resembling brass in color or strength)
Ausbruch (s.), Ausbrüche (pl.)(German m.) outbreak, eruption, outburst (rage), escape, break-out, raptures, outburst, burst, impetuosity, onset (illness), sally
Ausbruch der Begeisterung(German m.) burst of enthusiasm
Ausbruch der Emotionen(German m.) outburst of emotions
Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten(German m.) outbreak of hostilities
Ausbruch der Leidenschaft(German m.) burst of passion
Ausbruch des Feuers(German m.) burst of fire
Ausbruch des Gelächters(German m.) burst of laughter
Ausbruch einer Krankheit(German m.) outbreak of a disease
aus Bruchstücken(German) fragmental
Ausbruchsversuch(German m.) attempt at escaping, attempt to break out
Ausbruch von(German m.) rash of
Ausbruch von Tränen(German m.) outburst of tears
ausbrüten(German) to breed, to brew, to incubate, to hatch, to concoct (scheme or plan also)
ausbrütend(German) hatching, incubating
ausbuchen(German) to close out, to abandon
aus Buchenholz(German) beechen (consisting of or made of wood of the beech tree)
ausbuchstabieren(German) to spell out
Ausbuchtung (s.), Ausbuchtungen (pl.)(German f.) protrusion, projection, bulge, convexity, indentation, (small) cove, lay-by (for parking)
Ausbuchung(German f.) retirement
ausbuddeln(German) to dig up
ausbügeln(German) to iron out
ausbuhen(German) to boo, to shout down, to catcall
Ausbund(German m.) epitome
(German m.) well over 400 years old, the Ausbund is one of the most famous and important books to the Amish. First published in German in 1564, shortly after the Reformation, it is reputed to be the oldest Protestant hymnal in continuous use. With hymns added over the years, editions today contain nearly 900 pages. The Ausbund is important for many reasons. First and foremost is the religious heritage that it preserves. The core of the hymnbook consists of about 50 hymns written mostly by sixteenth-century German Anabaptists, many imprisoned in castle dungeons for their religious beliefs. The forefathers of the Amish and Mennonites, the Anabaptists ("re-baptizers") were so named because they practiced adult rather than infant baptism. Because of their beliefs in the separation of church and state, and pacifism, they were considered radicals and heretics. These Christians, hunted down by both Protestants and Catholics, were usually imprisoned if they did not recant their beliefs. Thousands were tortured and put to death
Ausbund an Tugend(German m.) paragon of virtue
[entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausbürgern(German) to deprive of citizenship
ausbürgernd(German) depriving of citizenship
Ausbürgerung(German f.) deprivation of citizenship
Ausbürsten(German n.) brushing out
ausbürsten(German) to brush, to brush out
ausbürstend(German) brushing
ausbüxen(German) to make off, to bunk, to abscond
aus Corduroy gefertigte Kleidung(German f.) cords, corduroy trousers
aus Cornwall(German) Cornish (of or relating to Cornwall, its people, or the Cornish language)
Auscultationthe act of listening to sounds within the body, such as the heartbeat, with a stethoscope
auscultar(Spanish) to examine with a stethoscope (listen to the chest), to ausculate
el médico me auscultó (Spanish: the doctor listened to my chest (with a stethoscope))
ausculter(French) to examine with a stethoscope (listen to the chest), to ausculate
Ausdauer(German f.) perseverence, stamina, persistency, patience, hardiness, enduringness, endurance, staying power, constancy
ausdauern(German) to persevere, to bear up
ausdauernd(German) persevering, untiring, perennial (botany), with perseverance, untiringly, constant, persistent, perseveringly, sustained
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausdauernde Arbeit(German f.) patient work
ausdauernde Pflanze(German f.) perennial (plant)
Ausdauertraining(German n.) endurance training
Ausdauerübung(German f.) endurance exercise
ausdehnbar(German) extendable, expandable, expansible, extensible, extendible
ausdehnbarer(German) more extensible
Ausdehnbarkeit(German f.) expansibility, extensibility
ausdehnbarste(German) most extensible
ausdehnen(German) to enlarge, to extend, to distend, to spread, to continue, to stretch, to expand, to enhance, to broaden, to widen, to prolong, to elongate
ausdehnend(German) extending, expansive, distending, expanding
Ausdehnung (s.), Ausdehnungen (pl.)(German f.) development, stretch, extension, dilatation, expanse, dimensioning, expansion, widening, stretch-out, spread, extent, enlargement, expansiveness, enhancement, dimensions, broadening
Ausdehnung der Ladenöffnungszeiten(German f.) extension of opening times
Ausdehnungskoeffizient(German m.) coefficient of expansion
Ausdehnungsvermögen(German n.) expansibility, expansivity
aus dem Amt ausscheiden(German) to resign from office
aus dem Amt scheiden(German) to retire from office
aus dem Amt scheidend(German) outgoing (president, chairman, governor, etc.)
aus dem Amt stürzen(German) to be removed (from office)
aus dem Ausland(German) from abroad
aus dem Bad steigen(German) to come out of the bath
aus dem Bauch der Erde(German) from the bowels of the earth (literary)
aus dem Bauch heraus(German) visceral
aus dem Bett sein(German) to be out of bed
aus dem Bett springen(German) to bounce out of bed
aus dem Bewusstsein streichen(German) to banish from one's mind
aus dem Blick entschwinden(German) to pass from view
aus dem Blickpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit rücken(German) to fade from the spotlight
aus dem Blickwinkel von(German) from the point of view of
aus dem Boden gestampft(German) built overnight
aus dem Boden schießen(German) to spring up
aus dem Deutschen übersetzen(German) to translate from German
aus dem Dickicht herauskommen(German) to come out of the thicket
aus dem Dienst ausscheiden(German) to retire
aus dem Dienst entlassen(German) to remove from office
aus dem Dienst scheiden(German) to retire from a service
aus dem einfachen Grunde weil(German) for the simple reason that
aus dem einfachen Grund weil(German) for the simple reason that
aus dem Ertrag(German) from the earnings
aus dem Erwerbsleben ausscheiden(German) to give up work
aus dem Exil zurückrufen(German) to call back from exile
aus dem Feld schlagen(German) to drive from the field, to outcompete
aus dem Fenster werfen(German) to toss out of the window
aus dem Fokus der Aufmerksamkeit rücken(German) to fade from the spotlight
aus dem Freiland(German) from the open ground
aus dem Gedächtnis(German) from memory
aus dem Gedächtnis(German) from memory
aus dem Gefängnis ausbrechen(German) to escape from prison, to break out of prison, to break out of jail
aus dem Gefängnis entlassen(German) to release from prison
aus dem Gefängnis entlassen werden(German) to be released from prison
aus dem geistigen Gleichgewicht gebracht(German) mentally deranged
aus dem Gesicht verlieren(German) to lose sight of
aus dem gleichen Grund(German) for the same reason, by the same token
aus dem Gleichgewicht(German) out of balance, out of equilibrium
aus dem Gleichgewicht bringen(German) to throw off balance, to upset, to unbalance, to overbalance, to unsettle
aus dem Gleichgewicht bringend(German) unbalancing
aus dem Gleichgewicht kommen(German) to lose one's balance, to overbalance
aus dem Glied treten(German) to break ranks
aus dem Griechischen(German) derived from Greek
aus dem Gröbsten heraus sein(German) to be out of the woods
aus dem Grundstück weisen(German) to warn off grounds
aus dem Handgelenk(German) offhand, offhanded, off the cuff
aus dem Hause schlüpfen(German) to slip out of the house
aus dem Haus stürmen(German) to storm out of the house
aus dem Hinterhalt schießen(German) to snipe
aus dem Hinterhalt schießend(German) sniping
aus dem Hinterhalt überfallen werden(German) to be ambushed
aus dem Irrtum befreien(German) to disabuse
aus dem Jenseits zurückkommen(German) to come back from the dead
aus dem Job fliegen(German) to get the push (colloquial)
aus dem Kaffeesatz lesen(German) to read the tea leaves, to read tea leaves
aus dem Koffer leben(German) to live out of the suitcase
aus dem Kontext gerissen(German) quoted out of context
aus dem Konzept kommen(German) to grow confused
aus dem Kopf(German) by heart, from memory
aus dem Gedächtnis schwinden(German) to fade away (from memory of the public)
aus dem Gedächtnis streichen(German) to erase from memory
aus dem Kopf(German) from memory, by heart
aus dem Land verbannen(German) to banish from the country
aus dem Lande weisen(German) to banish
aus dem Lateinischen(German) from the Latin
aus dem Leben gegriffen(German) taken from real life
aus dem Leben gegriffen(German) true-life
aus dem Leben gerissen werden(German) to be robbed of one's life
aus dem Leben scheiden(German) to depart this life
aus dem Leim gehen(German) to come apart at the seams (figurative)
aus dem Lot geraten(German) to be thrown out of kilter
aus dem Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit rücken(German) to fade from the spotlight
aus dem Mund riechen(German) to have bad breath
aus dem Mustopf kommen(German) to be slow on the uptake
aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern(German) to betray secrets
aus dem Nichts(German) from scratch
aus dem Nichts auftauchen(German) to appear out of thin air
aus dem Nichts heraus(German) out of the blue
aus dem Offensichtlichen eine Tugend machen(German) to make a virtue of the obvious
aus dem Pfarramt ausscheiden(German) to leave the ministry
aus dem Priesteramt verstoßen(German) to defrock
aus dem Rahmen (des Üblichen) fallend(German) out of the ordinary
aus dem Rahmen fallen(German) to get out of line
aus dem Rampenlicht treten(German) to take a backseat
aus dem Raum hinausschleichen(German) to slip out of the room
aus dem Regen hereinkommen(German) to come in out of the rain
aus dem Ruder geraten(German) to get out of control (colloquial)
aus dem Sack gelassen(German) unbagged
aus dem Sack lassen(German) to unbag
aus dem Sack lassend(German) unbagging
aus dem Sattel geworfen werden(German) to be thrown out of the saddle
aus dem Sattel werfen(German) to unsaddle (throw the rider)
aus dem Schlaf auffahren(German) to awake with a start
aus dem Schlaf aufschrecken(German) to wake up with a start, to awake with a start
aus dem Schlaf gerissen werden(German) to be rudely awakened
aus dem Schlaf wecken(German) to arouse from sleep, to awake from one's sleep
aus dem Schneider sein(German) to be off the hook, to be out of the woods (colloquial)
aus dem Schuldienst austreten(German) to leave teaching
aus dem selben Holz geschnitzt(German) cast in the same mould (figurative)
aus dem sich ergibt, dass(German) indicating that
aus dem Stand(German) from a standing position
aus dem Stand antworten(German) to answer offhand
aus dem Stegreif(German) extemporaneous, ad-lib, ad lib, ad libitum (Latin), off the top of one's head, impromptu, off the cuff, offhand
aus dem Stegreif antworten(German) to answer offhand
aus dem Stegreif begleiten(German) to vamp
aus dem Stegreif reden(German) to extemporise
aus dem Stegreif schaffen(German) to improvise
aus dem Takt kommen(German) to get out of step, to lose the beat, to get out of time
aus dem Trott herauskommen(German) to get out of a rut (figurative)
aus dem Vaterland Vertriebener (m.), aus dem Vaterland Vertriebene (f.)(German) expatriate
aus dem Verkehr gezogen(German) laid up
aus dem Vollen schöpfen(German) to pick from an embarrassment of riches
aus dem Wald herauskommen(German) to come out of the woods
aus dem Wege gehen(German) to avoid
aus dem Weg gehen(German) to get out of the way, to dodge
aus dem Weg räumen(German) to sweep out of the way, to iron out (problems, difficulties)
aus dem Weg schaffen(German) to clear away, to convey out of the way
aus dem Weltall(German) from outer space
aus dem Winterschlaf erwachen(German) to come out of hibernation
aus dem wirklichen Leben(German) from real life, real-life
aus dem Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit rücken(German) to fade from the spotlight
aus dem Zimmer schlüpfen(German) to slip out of the room
aus dem Zug steigen(German) to alight from the train
aus dem Zusammenhang ersichtlich(German) contextual
aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen(German) taken out of context
aus dem Zusammenhang nehmen(German) to decontextualise
aus demselben Holz geschnitzt sein(German) to be cast in the same mould
aus den Angeln heben(German) to unhinge, to take off its hinges (door)
aus den Augen verlieren(German) lose sight of
aus den Augenwinkeln(German) out of the corner of one's eye
aus den Berichten ergibt sich(German) it appears from (the) reports
aus den Federn kriechen(German) to crawl out of bed
aus den Fehlern anderer lernend(German) learning from the mistakes of others
aus den Fugen geraten(German) to come apart at the seams (figurative), to be thrown out of joint (figurative)
aus den Fugen geraten sein(German) to be turned completely upside down (figurative)
aus den Gleisen werfen(German) to be thrown off the rails (also figurative)
ausdenkbar(German) imaginable
ausdenken(German) to invent, to think out, to conceive, to devise
ausdenkend(German) inventing, devising
aus den Latschen kippen(German) to keel over (colloquial: to faint)
aus den Nähten platzen(German) to burst at the seams
aus den roten Zahlen heraus sein(German) to be out of the red
aus den roten Zahlen kommen(German) to get out of the red, to break even
aus den Schulden heraus(German) out of debt, out of the red
aus den Socken kippen(German) to keel over (colloquial: to faint)
aus der Arbeiterklasse stammen(German) to have a working class background
aus der Art schlagen(German) to be different from all the rest of the family
aus der Art schlagen(German) not be true to type, to differ from the rest
aus der Bahn geworfen von(German) reeling from
aus der Bibel zitieren(German) to quote from the Bible
aus der Deckung hervorbrechen(German) to break cover
aus der eigenen Mitte wählen(German) to elect from its midst
aus der eigenen Tasche zahlen(German) to pay out of one's own pocket
aus der Erinnerung löschen(German) to erase from memory
aus der Erinnerung verschwinden(German) to fade from memory
aus der Fassung bringen(German) to discompose, to confuse
aus der Fassung gebracht(German) flustered
aus der Fassung sein(German) to be upset
aus der Feder ein und desselben Schreibers(German) penned by one and the same author
aus der Ferne(German) from a distance, at a distance
aus der ferneren Vergangenheit(German) from long ago
aus der Flasche ernähren(German) to bottle-feed
aus der Form kommen(German) to get out of shape
aus der ganzen Welt(German) from around the globe, from all over the world
aus der Gefahr befreien(German) to deliver from danger
aus der Gosse kommen(German) to be born in the gutter
aus der Gruppe ausscheiden(German) to be dropped from the group
aus der Haft entlassen(German) to release from custody
aus der Hand geben(German) to lose grip
aus der Hand gleiten(German) to get out of hand
aus der Haut fahren(German) to lose one's patience, to jump out of one's skin, to fly off the handle
aus der Herde ausbrechen(German) to go one's own way
aus der Höhe(German) from a height
aus der hohlen Hand trinken(German) to drink with cupped hands, to drink out of cupped hands
aus der Hüfte schießen(German) to shoot from the hip (figurative)
aus der Kälte hereinbringen(German) to bring in from the cold
aus der Kälte hereinkommen(German) to come in out of the cold
aus der Kirche austreten(German) to leave the Church (as an organization)
aus der Krise führen(German) to turn around (business)
aus der Leitung fliegen(German) to be cut off
aus der Leitung geworfen werden(German) to be cut off
aus der Mitgliedsrolle gestrichen werden(German) to be struck off the rolls
aus der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts stammend(German) mid-19th-century
aus der Mode(German) démodé, dated
aus der Mode gekommen(German) out of fashion
aus der Mode gekommen sein(German) to have gone out of style
aus der Mode geraten(German) to go out of fashion
aus der Mode kommen(German) to pass out of use (word), to go out of vogue, to go out of fashion
aus der Mode sein(German) to be out of fashion
aus der Nähe(German) from close to, at close quarters
aus der Nase bluten(German) to bleed from the nose
aus der Not eine Tugend machen(German) to make a virtue (out) of necessity
aus der Not geboren(German) born (out) of necessity
aus der Not heraus handeln(German) to act from necessity
aus der Perspektive des Mörders(German) from the killer's perspective
aus der Praxis(German) from experience
aus der Provinz(German) from the countryside
aus der Provinz kommen(German) to come from the provinces
aus der Quarantäne entlassen(German) to release from quarantine
aus der Reihe fallen(German) to fall out of alignment, to be the odd one out
aus der Reihe tanzen(German) to march to a different tune, to break ranks, to step out of line (figurative), to break ranks
aus der Rolle fallen(German) to forget one's part, to misbehave, to forget oneself
aus der Scheide ziehen(German) to unsheathe (sword)
aus der Schule plaudern(German) to tell tales out of school (colloquial), to talk out of school
aus der Sicht verloren sein(German) lost to sight
aus der Situation Kapital schlagen(German) to capitalise
aus der Tageszeitung ersehen(German) to see from the daily paper
aus der Tasche(German) out of pocket
aus der Übung(German) out of practice
aus der Übung sein(German) to be out of practice
aus der Verantwortung flüchten(German) to escape responsibility
aus der Versenkung kommen(German) to come out of the woodwork
aus der Vorderansicht(German) as viewed from the front
aus der Wahrnehmung gewonnen(German) a posteriori (Latin)
aus der Welt schaffen(German) to eliminate, to sort out
aus der Zeit der Weltwirtschaftskrise(German) depression era
aus der Zeit Eduards VII.(German) Edwardian
ausdeuten(German) to interpret
aus Deutschland(German) from Germany
Ausdeutung(German f.) interpretation, reading (interpretation)
ausdienen(German) to serve one's time
aus diesem Grund(German) for that reason, on this account, for this reason
aus diesem Grunde(German) for this reason
aus diesem Grunde ist es ratsam(German) for this reason it is advisable
aus dieser Idee wird nie etwas werden(German) this idea will never materialise
Ausdifferenzierung(German f.) differentiation
ausdiskutieren(German) to thrash out
ausdörren(German) to season (timber), to become parched, to dry up, to dry up, to parch, to desiccate, to wither (plants), to shrivel (up) (plants)
ausdörrend(German) withering (heat), drying up
Ausdrehen(German n.) reboring
ausdrehen(German) to turn off
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausdrehend(German) turning off
Ausdrehmeißel(German m.) internal turning tool
aus drei Schichten(German) three-ply
aus drei Teilen bestehend(German) three-piece, consisting of three parts
Ausdreschen(German n.) threshing-out
ausdreschen(German) to thresh out
Ausdruck (s.), Ausdrücke (pl.)(German m.) manifestation, phrase, locution (idiom), verbalism, (arithmetical) expression (feeling), feeling, term, printout (computer), hard copy, routine, significance, hard copy printout, print
ausdrückbar(German) expressible
Ausdruck der Freude(German m.) expression of joy
Ausdruck des Grades(German m.) qualifier
Ausdrucken(German n.) printing
ausdrucken(German) to print
ausdrücken(German) to phrase, to express, to print, to enunciate, to crush, to squash, to squeeze the juice of (orange), to print out, to put (express), to print off, to reveal, to stub out (cigarette)
ausdrückend(German) enunciative, phrasing, enunciating
Ausdruck finden (in)(German) to find its expression (in)
ausdrücklich(German) express, expressly, explicit, formally, expressly, assertive, emphatically, assertively, emphatic, explicitly, specifically, distinctly, particularly
ausdrücklich angeben(German) to state explicitly
ausdrückliche Ablehnung(German f.) express rejection
ausdrückliche Aufforderung(German f.) express request
ausdrückliche Bedingungen(German pl.) specific conditions
ausdrückliche Bitte(German f.) specific request
ausdrückliche Empfehlung(German f.) explicit recommendation
ausdrückliche Erfüllung(German f.) specific performance
ausdrückliche Erklärung(German f.) explicit declaration
ausdrückliche Limitierung(German f.) explicit limits
ausdrückliche Meinung(German f.) pronounced opinion
ausdrücklicher(German) more explicit
ausdrücklicher Befehl(German m.) strict order
ausdrücklich erklären(German) to state expressively
ausdrücklich erklärend(German) expressly declaring
ausdrücklicher Wunsch(German m.) express wish
ausdrückliches Vermächtnis(German n.) specific legacy
ausdrückliches Versprechen(German n.) specific promise
ausdrückliche Vereinbarung(German f.) express agreement
ausdrückliche Vollmacht(German f.) express authority
ausdrückliche Warnung(German f.) explicit warning
ausdrückliche Zusicherung(German f.) express warranty
ausdrückliche Zustimmung(German f.) explicit consent
ausdrücklich oder stillschweigend(German) expressed or implied
ausdrücklichste(German) most explicit
ausdrücklich verbieten(German) to prohibit specifically
ausdrucksfähig(German) expressive
Ausdruck meiner Anteilnahme(German m.) expression of my condolence
Ausdrucksästhetik(German f.) aesthetics of expression
ausdrucksfähiger(German) more expressive
Ausdrucksfähigkeit(German f.) expressiveness, articulateness (speech)
ausdrucksfähigste(German) most expressive
Ausdrucksform(German f.) form of expression
Ausdruckskraft(German f.) expressiveness, verve (of play, performance)
Ausdruckskraft eines Satzes(German f.) significance of a sentence
ausdruckskräftiger Sprecher(German m.) forceful speaker
ausdruckslos(German) blank, expressionless, ineloquent, unimpressive, inexpressively, unexpressive, meainglessly, inexpressive, unimpressively, deadpan, vacuous, blankly, vacant (lacking expression), emotionless, bland, toneless (voice)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausdruckslos auf den Bildschirm starren(German) to stare blankly at the screen
ausdruckslos starrer Blick(German m.) vacant stare, blank eyes
ausdrucksloser(German) more expressionless
ausdrucksloser Blick(German m.) blank stare, blank look
ausdrucksloseste(German) most expressionless
Ausdruckslosigkeit(German f.) meaninglessness, inexpressiveness
Ausdrucksmächtigkeit(German f.) expressiveness
Ausdrucksmittel(German n.) means of expression
Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten(German pl.) means of expression
ausdrucksstark(German) punchy, expressive
Ausdruckstanz(German m.) free dance, character dance, modern dance
(German m.) also Moderner Tanz, Absoluter Tanz (German m.), Freier Tanz (German m.), Tanzkunst (German f.) and Bewegungskunst (German f.), a modern dance form, with a strong element of improvisation and personal expression, which reached its peak during the 1920s and is associated with Rudolf von Laban (1879-1958), Mary Wigman (1886-1973) and Kurt Jooss (1901-1979)
Ausdrucksvermögen(German n.) expressive powers
ausdrucksvoll(German) with expression, expressively, in an expressive manner, expressive, espressivo
ausdrucksvoller Stil(German m.) bold style
Ausdrucksweise (s.), Ausdrucksweisen (pl.)(German f.) manner of expression, enunciation, way of expressing, idiom, phraseology, diction, parlance, style, phrasing, mode of expression, locution (style)
Ausdruck verleihen(German) to give utterance to, to declare (hope)
Ausdruck von Zärtlichkeit(German m.) display of affection
Ausdrückwerkzeug(German n.) extraction tool
Ausdünnen(German n.) thinning
ausdünnen(German) to thin out
Ausdünnung(German f.) thinning
Ausdünstung (s.), Ausdünstungen (pl.)(German f.) exhalation, evaporation, perspiration
aus Ebenholz(German) ebony
aus edlem Haus(German) from a noble house
aus Eiche(German) oaken
aus Eifersucht(German) out of jealousy
aus eigenem Antrieb(German) off one's own bat (colloquial), of one's own accord, of one's own volition, spontaneous
aus eigenem freien Willen(German) of one's own accord
aus eigenem Recht(German) in one's own right
aus eigenen Stücken(German) on one's own free will, of their own volition
aus eigener Erfahrung(German) first-hand, from one's own experience
aus eigener Kraft(German) under one's own steam
auseinander(German) asunder (archaic), in two, apart, in pieces
auseinanderbeißen(German) to bite in two
auseinanderbekommen(German) to be able to get apart
auseinander bekommen(German, old form) to be able to get apart
auseinanderbiegen(German) to bend apart
auseinander biegen(German, old form) to bend apart
auseinanderbrechen(German) to break apart, to break up, to break in two, to break asunder, to go to pieces, to disrupt, to burst
auseinander brechen(German, old form) to break apart, to break up, to break in two, to break asunder, to go to pieces, to disrupt, to burst
auseinanderbreiten(German) to unfold
auseinander breiten(German, old form) to unfold
auseinanderdividieren(German) to divide
auseinander dividieren(German, old form) to divide
auseinanderdriften(German) to drift apart
auseinander driften(German, old form) to drift apart
Auseinanderfallen(German n.) disintegration into parts
auseinanderfallen(German) to disintegrate, to fall apart, to fall to pieces, to come asunder, to come apart, to collapse
auseinander fallen(German, old form) to disintegrate, to fall apart, to fall to pieces, to come asunder, to come apart, to collapse
auseinanderfallend(German) falling apart
auseinander fallend(German, old form) falling apart
auseinanderfalten(German) to unfold
auseinander falten(German, old form) to unfold
auseinanderfliegen(German) to fly in all directions, to fly apart, to flow in all directions
auseinander fliegen(German, old form) to fly in all directions, to fly apart, to flow in all directions
auseinander fließen(German, old form) to flow in all directions
auseinander gebaut(German) disassembled
auseinandergefallen(German) fallen apart
auseinander gefallen(German, old form) fallen apart
auseinandergegangen(German) parted
auseinander gegangen(German, old form) parted
auseinandergehalten(German) kept apart
auseinander gehalten(German, old form) kept apart
auseinandergehen(German) to part, to diverge, to disperse, to separate, to fall apart (relationship, etc.), to split up (with the intention of meeting again), to put on weight, to get fat, to break up, to come apart
auseinander gehen(German, old form) to part, to diverge, to disperse, to separate, to fall apart (relationship, etc.), to split up (with the intention of meeting again), to put on weight, to get fat, to break up, to come apart
auseinandergehend(German) divergent
auseinander gehend(German, old form) divergent
auseinandergejagt(German) scattered
auseinander gejagt(German, old form) scattered
auseinandergelebt(German) drifted apart
auseinander gelebt(German, old form) drifted apart
auseinandergenommen(German) taken apart
auseinander genommen(German, old form) taken apart
auseinandergerissen(German) torn apart
auseinander gerissen(German, old form) torn apart
auseinandergeschnitten(German) cut apart
auseinander geschnitten(German, old form) cut apart
auseinander geschrieben werden(German) to be written as two words
auseinandergesetzt(German) grappled with
auseinandergetrieben(German) dispersed
auseinandergezogen(German) exploded (view, diagram, etc.)
auseinander gezogen(German, old form) exploded (view, diagram, etc.)
auseinandergezogene Darstellung(German f.) exploded view
auseinanderhalten(German) to keep apart, to tell apart, to distinguish between
auseinander halten(German, old form) to keep apart, to tell apart, to distinguish between
auseinanderhaltend(German) keeping apart
auseinander haltend(German, old form) keeping apart
auseinander halten können(German) to be able to distinguish
auseinanderjagen(German) to scatter
auseinanderjagend(German) scattering
auseinander jagend(German, old form) scattering
auseinanderkennen(German) to tell apart
auseinander kennen(German, old form) to tell apart
auseinanderklaffen(German) to gape open, to diverge (wildly), to be far apart, to gape, to diverge
auseinander klaffen(German, old form) to gape open, to diverge (wildly), to be far apart, to gape, to diverge
Auseinanderklaffen der Meinungen(German n.) divergence of opinion(s)
auseinanderkriegen(German) to be able to get apart
auseinander kriegen(German, old form) to be able to get apart
auseinanderlaufen(German) to go their separate ways, to melt, to run, to disperse, to break up, to spread, to diverge
auseinander laufen(German, old form) to go their separate ways, to melt, to run, to disperse, to break up, to spread, to diverge
auseinanderlebend(German) drifting apart
Auseinandernehmen(German n.) dismantling
auseinandermachen(German) to unfold, to spread apart, to take apart
auseinander machen(German, old form) to unfold, to spread apart, to take apart
auseinandernehmen(German) to dismantle, to tear to pieces, to tear apart, to take apart, to take to pieces
auseinander nehmen(German, old form) to dismantle, to tear to pieces, to tear apart, to take apart, to take to pieces
auseinandernehmend(German) taking apart
auseinanderpflücken(German) to pick to pieces
auseinander pflücken(German, old form) to pick to pieces
auseinanderplatzen(German) to burst asunder
auseinanderreißen(German) to rip apart, to pull apart, to tear apart, to split up, to sever
auseinander reißen(German, old form) to rip apart, to pull apart, to tear apart, to split up (also figurative), to sever (also figurative)
auseinanderreißend(German) tearing apart
auseinanderschneiden(German) to cut asunder, to cut apart
auseinanderschrauben(German) to unscrew
auseinander schrauben(German, old form) to unscrew
auseinanderschreiben(German) to write as two words
Auseinanderschreibung(German f.) writing as two (separate) words, writing as three (separate) words
auseinanderschwenken(German) to swing apart
auseinandersetzen(German) to expose, to explain, to dispute
auseinandersetzend(German) grappling with
Auseinandersetzung (s.), Auseinandersetzungen (pl.)(German f.) discussion, argument, contention, hassle, debate, row (dispute), quarrel, dispute, contest, involvement, altercation, controversy, run-in (colloquial), conflict
auseinandersortieren(German) to sort out
auseinanderspalten(German) to wedge apart, to cleave asunder
auseinanderspreizen(German) to spread apart, to open, to splay, to blow up (explosion), to disperse (crowd), to scatter (animals), to place apart (furniture, etc.), to put apart (from each other)
auseinander spreizen(German, old form) to spread apart, to open, to splay, to blow up (explosion), to disperse (crowd), to scatter (animals), to place apart (furniture, etc.), to put apart (from each other)
auseinanderstieben(German) to scatter
auseinanderstiebend(German, old form) scattering
auseinanderstreben(German) to diverge
auseinanderstrebend(German) diverging
auseinandertreiben(German) to drive apart, to drift apart, to disperse (crowd), to scatter (animals)
auseinander treiben(German, old form) to drive apart, to drift apart, to disperse (crowd), to scatter (animals)
auseinandertreibend(German) dispersing
auseinanderwickeln(German) to unwrap, to unwind
auseinanderziehen(German) to spread out, to separate (and live apart), to pull open, to pull apart, to uncompress, to move out (into separate accommodation), to stretch
auseinander ziehen(German, old form) to spread out, to separate (and live apart), to pull open, to pull apart, to uncompress, to move out (into separate accommodation), to stretch
auseinanderzwängen(German) to force asunder
aus einem Amt ausscheiden(German) to vacate an office
aus einem anderen Blickwinkel sehen(German) to see from a different angle
aus einem anderen Grund(German) for some other reason
aus einem anderen Land importieren(German) to import from another country
aus einem bösen Traum erwecken(German) to awake from a bad dream
aus einem Buch lesen(German) to read out of a book
aus einem Buch vorlesen(German) to read from a book
aus einem Bus aussteigen(German) to get off a bus
aus einem Bus steigen(German) to alight from a bus
aus einem fahrenden Zug fallen(German) to fall out of a moving train
aus einem Gemeinschaftsunternehmen austreten(German) to abandon a joint venture
aus einem Geschäft aussteigen(German) to back out of a deal
aus einem Schreiben entnehmen(German) to learn from a letter
aus einem sehr guten Grunde(German) for a very good reason
aus einem Stück(German) of one piece, one-piece
aus einem Traum erwecken(German) to awake from a dream
aus einem unerfindlichen Grund(German) for some unknown reason
aus einem Unternehmen ausscheiden(German) to retire from a company
aus einem Verein austreten(German) to resign from a club
aus einem Wagen springen(German) to leap out of a car
aus einem Wettbewerb ausscheiden(German) to drop out of a contest
aus einem Zimmer kommen(German) to come out of a room
aus einem Zimmer stürmen(German) to flounce out of the room
aus einer anderen Gemeinde kommen(German) to come from another parish
aus einer Entfernung von(German) at a distance of
aus einer Firma scheiden(German) to leave a firm
aus einer Gelegenheit Nutzen ziehen(German) to benefit from an opportunity
aus einer großen Anzahl wählen(German) to choose from a large number
aus einer Gruppe austreten(German) to separate from a group
aus einer guten Familie stammen(German) to come of a good stock, to come from a good family, to come of a good line
aus einer Kolonne ausscheren und überholen(German) to queue-jump (in road traffic)
aus einer Laune des Schicksals heraus(German) by a quirk of fate
aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen(German) to make mountains out of molehills, to make a mountain out of a molehill
aus einer Nachbarschaft ausziehen(German) to abandon a neighbourhood
aus einer Person schlau werden(German) to make out a person
aus einer Position der Stärke heraus(German) from a position of strength
aus einer Schauspielerfamilie(German) born of a theatrical family
aus einer Schuld entlassen(German) to deliver from bondage
aus einer Tradition ausbrechen(German) to break from a tradition
aus einer Verlegenheit befreien(German) to disembarrass
aus einiger Entfernung(German) from a distance
aus emotionalen Beweggründen(German) visceral
Ausencia(Spanish f.) absence, lack
el orden brilla por su ausencia (Spanish: there's a distinct lack of order)
ausentarse(Spanish) to leave, to go away
pidió permiso para ausentarse un momento (Spanish: he asked to leave the room, he asked to leave the class)
Ausente(Spanish m./f.) absentee, missing person
ausente(Spanish) absent, distracted (person)
todos los alumnos ausentes (Spanish: all those pupils who are absent)
Ausentismo(Spanish m.) absenteeism
Ausentismo escolar(Spanish m.) absenteeism (from school, college, etc.), truancy
aus Erfahrung(German) from experience, empirically, by experience, a posteriori
aus Erfahrung lernen(German) to learn by experience
aus Erfahrung sprechen(German) to speak from experience
aus Erfahrung wissen(German) to know from experience
au sérieux(French) seriously, in earnest
auserkoren(German) elect, predestined (chosen), selected
Auserkorener (m.), Auserkorene (pl.)(German) boyfriend (m.), girlfriend (f.)
auserlesen(German) choice, select, exquisite, choicest, exquisitely, particularly, especially
auserlesend(German) selecting
auserlesene Begleitung(German f.) select company
auserlesene Gruppe(German f.) select group
auserlesene Person(German f.) chosen person
auserlesener(German) more exquisite
auserlesenes Sortiment von(German n.) choice selection of
Auserlesenheit(German f.) choiceness
auserlesenste(German) most exquisite, choicest
ausersehen(German) to designate, to predestinate, to earmark, to pick, to destine
(German) chosen
aus erster Hand(German) at first hand, first-hand, firsthand, straight from the horse's mouth
auserwählen(German) to choose, to predestinate
auserwählt(German) chosen, elect, select
auserwählte Braut(German f.) bride-to-be
Auserwählter (m), Auserwählte (f.)(German) the chosen one, the elect
Auserwähltheit(German f.) choiceness
aus Eschenholz(German) ashen
aus ethischen Gründen(German) for ethical reasons
aus Exportgeschäften(German) from export activities
Ausfachung(German f.) infill
aus falschem Stolz handeln(German) to act out of false pride
ausfahrbar(German) extendible, extendable
ausfahren(German) to take for a drive, to take out (e.g. baby in a pram), to go for a drive, to come up, to leave the pit, to lower (landing gear) to pull out, to extend, to deliver (packet)
ausfahrend(German) outbound, delivering, lowering
Ausfahrt (s.), Ausfahrten (pl.)(German f.) drive, exit, gateway
Ausfall (s.), Ausfälle (pl.)(German m.) deficit, financial loss, malfunction, sally, breakdown, failure, loss, sortie, outage, blackout, absence, non-achievement, deficiency, drop-out, diatribe, cancellation, loss (in business), casualty
Ausfall an Produktion(German m.) loss of production
Ausfallbetrag(German m.) deficit, deficiency
Ausfall des Einkommens(German m.) loss of income
ausfallen(German) to be cancelled, to fall out, to fail, to come off, to sample out, to precipitate, to malfunction, to be cancelled (lecture), to drop out, to make a sortie, to be absent, to turn out, to break down
ausfallen lassen(German) to cancel (flight, bus run, etc. by the operator)
ausfallend(German) verbally abusive
Ausfallende (s./pl.)(German n.) drop out
ausfallend werden(German) to get abusive
ausfällig(German) abusive, offensive, verbally abusive
Ausfallschritt(German m.) lunge, sidestep
ausfallsicher(German) fail-safe, failsafe
Ausfallsicherheit(German f.) reliability
Ausfallzeit(German f.) downtime, down time
Ausfalter in der Mitte einer Zeitschrift(German m.) centrefold
aus familiären Gründen abwesend sein(German) to be absent for family reasons
ausfasern(German) to rove
ausfasernd(German) roving
ausfechten(German) to fight out
ausfechtend(German) fighting out
Ausfederung(German f.) hopping
ausfegen(German) to sweep, to clean out
ausfegend(German) sweeping
aus Fehlern lernen(German) to learn from mistakes
ausfeilen(German) to file down, to file out (a shape), to polish (figurative) (speech, plan, etc.)
ausfeilend(German) filing
ausfertigen(German) to write out, to issue, to execute (will), to make out (cheque)
Ausfertigung(German f.) counterpart, copy, engrossment
aus finanziellen Gründen(German) for financial reasons
ausfindig gemacht werden(German) to be traced
ausfindig machen(German) to find, to track down, to detect, to trace, to locate, to come across, to find out, to seek out
ausflaggen(German) to change flag
Ausflaggung(German f.) outflagging (under flags of convenience)
aus Flechtwerk herstellen(German) to wattle
ausflicken(German) to patch up, to patch
ausflickend(German) patching up
ausfliegen(German) to fly out
ausfliegend(German) flying out
ausfließen(German) to flow out, to issue
ausfließend(German) flowing out, emanative, effluent
ausflippen(German) to freak out, to rage, to go wild, to go bananas (colloquial)
ausflippen bei(German) to freak out over
Ausflucht (s.), Ausflüchte (pl.)(German f.) cop-out (colloquial), quibble, tergiversation, subterfuge, prevarication, evasion, pretext, expedient, pussyfooting (plural form), fencing (evasiveness) (plural form), double talk (plural form), stone-walling (plural form), beating about the bush (plural form), equivocation (plural form)
Ausflüchte machen(German) to make excuses, to dodge, to prevaricate, to beat about the bush
Ausflüchte machend(German) prevaricating
Ausflüchtemacher(German m.) prevaricator
Ausfluchten(German n.) alignment
ausflüchten(German) to shrink aside
Ausflug (s.), Ausflüge (pl.)(German m.) pleasure trip, run, jaunt, outing, sally, trip, excursion, getaway, foray
Ausflüge machen(German) to go places (travel)
Ausflug ins Grüne(German m.) trip into the countryside
Ausflug ins Kino(German m.) trip to the cinema
Ausflügler (s./pl.)(German m.) day-tripper, tripper (colloquial)
Ausflug mit Boot oder Schiff(German m.) boating excursion
Ausflugskarte(German f.) excursion ticket
Ausflugsschiff(German n.) cruise vessel
Ausflugsziel(German n.) destination for day-trippers, tourist attraction, destination of an excursion, destination of the outing
Ausfluss (s.), Ausflüsse (pl.)(German m.) flowing off, outflow, effluence, efflux, discharge, outlet, flux (archaic)
ausfolgen(German) to issue
ausformen(German) to give final shape to (text, work of art)
ausformen zu(German) to shape (into)
ausformulieren(German) to formulate, to tidy up (a speech)
Ausformung(German f.) implementation
ausforschen(German) to sound
Ausforschungsbeweis(German m.) discovery
ausfragen(German) to interrogate, to sound out, to quiz, to question
ausfragend(German) quizzing
Ausfragung(German f.) interrogation
ausfransen(German) to frazzle, to fringe, to fray
ausfransend(German) fraying
Ausfräsung(German f.) milling groove
aus freiem Entschluss(German) voluntary
aus freiem Willen(German) spontaneous, of one's own volition
aus freien Stücken(German) on one's own free will, willingly, voluntary, of one's own accord (of persons), on his own free will
ausfressen(German) to erode
ausfressend(German) eroding
aus Freude singen(German) to sing for joy
Ausfuhr(German f.) export (business), exporting, exportation
Ausfuhr-(German) export (prefix)
Ausfuhranmeldung(German f.) export declaration
Ausfuhr von Waren und Dienstleistungen(German f.) export of goods and services
ausführbar(German) achievable, feasible, practicably, practicable, feasibly, executable, doable, designable, workable
ausführbare Datei(German f.) executable file (.exe file)
Ausführbarkeit(German f.) practicability, feasibility, workability
Ausfuhrbewilligung(German f.) export permit
Ausführen(German n.) performing
Ausfuhren(German pl.) exports
ausführen(German) to conduct, to work out, to put into practice, to use, to carry out, to perform, to effect, to accomplish, to realise (plan), to implement, to execute, to export, to do, to obey, to expedite, to achieve, to take out, to administer (law), to act out, to engineer, to explain, to run (program)
ausführend(German) performing, executive, achieving, executing, implementing, exporting, accomplishing
Ausführender(German m.) performer, executor
Ausführer(German m.) exporter
Ausfuhrerklärung(German f.) export declaration, export customs declaration
Ausfuhrerlaubnis(German f.) export permit
Ausfuhrgenehmigung(German f.) clearance outward, export licence, export permit
Ausfuhrhandel(German m.) export trade
Ausfuhrland(German n.) country of departure, exporting country
ausführlich(German) detailed, in detail, extensive, lengthy (speech), at length, explicitly, elaborately, in-depth
ausführlich angeben(German) to particularize
ausführlich beschreiben(German) to describe in detail, to detail
ausführlich darstellen(German) to amplify (to recount something in more detail)
ausführliche Antwort(German f.) detailed answer
ausführliche Beschreibung(German f.) particular description, full description, amplification
ausführliche Darstellung(German f.) elaboration
ausführlicher(German) more detailed
ausführlicher Bericht(German m.) detailed report, full account, detailed account
ausführlicher Kontenauszug(German m.) detailed statement
ausführliches Gespräch(German n.) extensive conversation
ausführliche Tabellen(German pl.) detailed tables
ausführlich geschildert(German) particularised
Ausführlichkeit(German f.) elaborateness
ausführlich schildern(German) to particularise
ausführlichste(German) most detailed
Ausführung (s.), Ausführungen (pl.)(German f.) performance, workmanship, execution, version, finish, styling, explanation, deed, carrying out, realisation, implementation, conducting, achievement, accomplishment, remark, observation (remark, coment), explanation
Ausführung {f} eines Auftrags(German f.) execution of an order, execution of a commission, executing an order
Ausführungsplan(German m.) design plan
Ausführungsplanung(German f.) detailed design
Ausfuhrwaren(German pl.) exports
ausfüllen(German) to fill (in), to fill out, to complete, to occupy, to fill up, to fill in (a form)
Ausfüllen eines Formblattes(German n.) completion of a form
ausfüllend(German) expletive
Ausfüllhinweise(German pl.) guidelines (for filling out a form)
Ausfüllung(German f.) filling in, infilling, filling out (middle voices)
aus Furcht, dass(German) for fear that, lest
aus Furcht handeln(German) to act out of spite
aus Furcht vor einem Unfall(German) for fear of an accident
ausfütternd(German) lining
Ausg.(German) abbreviation of Ausgabe (German: edition)
Ausgabe (s.), Ausgaben (pl.)(German f.) edition (of a work)
other German words meaning 'edition' include Auflage, Gesammelte Werke, Gesamtausgabe, Sammelwerk, Sämtliche Werke
(German f.) version, issue, issuance
(German f.) expense, disbursement, spending, outlay, expenditure, office, counter, desk
(German f.) outcome, denouement (in a story), result, upshot, readout, output (from a computer program)
Ausgabe implies that a work has been completely re-edited, while Auflage is a new edition of a book (which may have minor additions and corrections)
Ausgabe: Andere Materialien (German: Edition: Other materials), Ausgabe: Bücher, graue Literatur, Liefer. (German: Edition: Books, pamphlets, fasc.), Ausgabe: Unveröffentlichte Werke (German: Edition: Unpublished items)
Ausgabe der Verbraucher(German f.) consumer expenditure, consumer spending
Ausgabegewohnheit(German f.) spending habit
Ausgabe in einem Band(German f.) single-volume edition
Ausgaben bestreiten(German) to meet expenses
Ausgabenbuch(German n.) (petty) cash book, accounts book
Ausgaben drastisch kürzen(German) to slash expenses
Ausgaben einplanen(German) to budget
Ausgaben einschränken(German) to reduce expenses
Ausgaben für Kleidung(German pl.) clothing expense
Ausgabenkürzung(German f.) cut in spending, cut in expenditure, expenditure cut, spending cut, retrenchment
Ausgaben mindern(German) to tighten the purse
Ausgaben reduzieren(German) to cut down expenses
Ausgabenschätzung(German f.) estimation of expenditure
Ausgabensenkung(German f.) spending cut, expenditure cut, cut in expenditure
Ausgaben überschreiten Einkünfte(German) excess of expenditure over income
Ausgabenziel(German n.) spending target
Ausgang (s.), Ausgänge (pl.)(German m.) output, issue
(German m.) way out, going out, egress, exit, gate (airport), end, outcome, success, pass, result, ending, outlet, source, conjunction, conclusion, denouement (figurative), permission to go out
Ausgang haben(German) to have time off, to have a pass
Ausgangsbahnhof(German m.) departure station
Ausgangsbasis(German f.) starting point, point of departure (figurative)
Ausgangsbedingungen(German f.) initial conditions
Ausgangsdaten(German pl.) initial data, original data, raw data
Ausgangsdatum(German n.) start date
Ausgangsflur(German m.) exit corridor
Ausgangsfrage(German f.) opening question, initial question
Ausgangsgleichung(German f.) initial equation
Ausgangsjournal(German n.) original journal, original issue (as opposed to a reprint)
Ausgangskorridor(German m.) exit corridor
Ausgangslage(German f.) starting position, point of departure
Ausgangslager(German n.) base camp
Ausgangsleistung(German f.) power output, power rating
Ausgangslinie(German f.) base line, reference line
Ausgangsmaß(German n.) original measurement
Ausgangsmaterial(German n.) raw material, source material
Ausgangsmeldung(German f.) initial report
Ausgangsniveau(German n.) base level
Ausgangsort(German m.) starting point
Ausgangsposition(German f.) original position, initial position, starting position
Ausgangsposition eines Gespräches(German f.) point of departure
Ausgangspost(German f.) outgoing mail
Ausgangspunkt(German m.) jumping-off point (figurative), centre, originator, point of origin, starting point, initial point, basis, zero point, point of departure (also figurative)
Ausgangsrohstoff(German m.) basic raw material
Ausgangsschalldruckpegel(German m.) output sound pressure level
Ausgangssignal(German n.) output signal
Ausgangssituation(German f.) initial situation, starting situation
Ausgangsspannung(German f.) output voltage
Ausgangssperre(German f.) curfew, confinement to barracks (soldiers)
Ausgangssperre erteilen(German) to gate (to confine within college, school, etc.)
Ausgangssperre haben(German) to be confined to barracks
Ausgangssprache(German f.) source language, original language
Ausgangssprache(German f.) source language
Ausgangsstellung(German f.) home position, original position, beachhead, initial position, basis, tarting position
Ausgangsstoff(German m.) reactant, source material, raw material, base material
Ausgangsstrom(German m.) output current
Ausgangssummenleistung(German f.) total output power
Ausgangstelex(German n.) outgoing telex
Ausgangstext(German m.) source text
Ausgangstoff(German m.) source text
Ausgangston (s.), Ausgangstöne (pl.)(German m.) fundamental
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Ausgangszustand(German m.) initial state
Ausgang zur offenen See(German m.) outlet to the sea
Ausgasen(German n.) degassing
ausgasen(German) to degas
ausgasend(German) outgasing
ausgearbeitet(German) wrought, elaborate, laboured, elaborated
ausgearbeitet sein(German) to be worked out
ausgeartet(German) degenerated, degenerate
ausgeatmet(German) exhaled
ausgebadet(German) paid for (figurative)
ausgebaggert(German) dredged
ausgebaut(German) enlarged, built out, removed
ausgebbar(German) displayable
ausgeben(German) to hand out, to issue, to spend, to buy, to expend (money), to pay out (money), to administer, to disburse, to emit, to export, to lay out (money), to read out, to readout, to release, to type out, to write out, to output, to display
ausgebend(German) issuing, dumping, emitting, outputting, displaying
ausgebessert(German) refitted, repaired, mended, darned, corrected (blunder, error, fault)
ausgebeult(German) baggy
ausgebeutet(German) exploited
ausgebildet(German) apprenticed, skilled, trained, legitimate (voice)
[correct by Michael Zapf]
ausgebildete Krankenschwester(German f.) trained nurse, registered nurse
ausgeblasen(German) blown out
ausgebleicht(German) bleached (faded), faded
ausgeblieben(German) stayed away, absent
ausgeblutet(German) bled to death
ausgebogt(German) scalloped
ausgebohrt(German) drilled out, bombed out
ausgebrannt(German) burned out, burned-out, spent, burnt-out, burnt out, raddled
ausgebrannte Zigarette(German f.) burnt-out cigarette
ausgebreitet(German) broad, spread, outspread, outstretched, splayed, unfurled
ausgebrochen(German) broken out, erupted
ausgebrütet(German) hatched, incubated
ausgebucht(German) booked up, booked out, booked solid, fully booked, sold out
ausgebuht(German) booed
ausgebunden(German) disbound (bookbinding)
ausgebürgert(German) expatriated
ausgebürstet(German) brushed
Ausgeburt(German f.) epitome
Ausgeburt der Fantasie(German f.) figment of the imagination
Ausgeburt der Phantasie(German f.) figment of the imagination
ausgedacht(German) contrived, fictional, invented
ausgedauert(German, dated) persevered
ausgedehnt(German) distended, prolonged, spaciously, vast, expanded, copious, puffed out, widespread, extended, extensive, long, broad, large-scale, extended, enlarged
ausgedehnte Beziehungen(German pl.) widespread connections
ausgedehnte Suche(German f.) extensive search
ausgedehnte Tour(German f.) extended tour
ausgedehnter(German) vaster
ausgedehntes Wissen(German n.) copious knowledge
ausgedehnteste(German) vastest
ausgedient(German) worn out, retired (person)
ausgedient(German) veteran, disused, worn out
ausgedienter Soldat(German m.) veteran soldier
ausgedörrt(German) sun-baked, arid, dried up, torrid, parched, bone-dry, bone dry, barren, dried up, shrivelled (plants)
ausgedroschen sein(German) to be threshed out (crops)
ausgedrückt(German) expressed, phrased, worded, squeezed out, stubbed out (cigarette)
ausgefahren(German) delivered, lowered
aus Gefahr retten(German) to save from danger
ausgefallen(German) unusual, fallen out (teeth, hair), exceptional, outlandish, edgy, unusual, recherché, off-beat (originally jazz use), turned out, offbeat, fancy, outrageous (clothes)
ausgefallene Idee(German f.) gimmick
ausgefallener(German) more eccentric
ausgefallene Speisen(German pl.) fancy food
Ausgefallenheit(German f.) outlandishness (of name, colours, clothes, appearance)
ausgefallenste(German) most eccentric
aus Gefälligkeit(German) by courtesy
ausgefällt(German) precipitated
ausgefegt(German) swept (floor)
ausgefeilt(German) elaborate, polished (speech, essay, poem, performance, etc.), sophisticated
ausgefertigt(German) engrossed
ausgeflippt(German) freakish, flipped out (colloquial), freaked out (slang)
ausgeflogen(German) flown out (by plane)
ausgeflossen(German) flowed out
ausgefluchtet(German) aligned
ausgefochten(German) fought out
ausgefragt(German) quizzed, questioned
ausgefranst(German) frayed, tattered
ausgefressen(German) eroded
ausgefuchst(German) crafty, cunning, clever
ausgeführt(German) performed (accomplished), accomplished, achieved, executed, conducted, completed, carried out, explained
ausgeführte Handlung(German f.) completed action
ausgeführter Teil(German m.) portion completed
ausgefüllt(German) filled out, filled, filled in, completed (form, questionnaire), solid (object)
ausgefüttert(German) lined
ausgegangen(German) gone out
ausgegarter Stahl(German m.) dead steel (steel that is very low in carbon and that has been annealed until it is very soft)
ausgegast(German) outgassed
ausgegeben(German) outputted, spent (money), emitted, dumped, issued, displayed
aus gegebenem Anlass(German) in view of the occasion, in (the) light of (recent) events
ausgeglichen(German) smooth, on even terms, in balance, even, equated, compensated, evened, counterbalanced, square, level, apollonian (characterized by clarity, harmony, and restraint), evened out, equalised, on an even keel, level-headed, evenly-matched, well-adjusted (character, person)
ausgeglichene Ernährung(German f.) balanced diet
ausgeglichene Persönlichkeit(German f.) balanced personality, well-adjusted personalty
ausgeglichener(German) more balanced
ausgeglichenes Gemüt(German n.) sober mind
ausgeglichenes Konto(German n.) closed account, balanced account, account in balance
ausgeglichene Stellung(German f.) balanced position
Ausgeglichenheit(German f.) poise, calmness, equilibrium, balance, concinnity (harmonious or purposeful reinforcement of the various parts of a work of art)
ausgeglichen mit(German) square with
ausgeglichen sein(German) to be all square
ausgeglichenste(German) most balanced
ausgeglichen werden von(German) to be set off by
ausgegliedert(German) outsourced
ausgeglitten(German) slipped
ausgeglüht(German) annealed
ausgegossen(German) poured out, effused
ausgegraben(German) unearthed, excavated, dug out, dug up
ausgegrenzt(German) excluded, sidelined
Ausgegrenzter (m.), Ausgegrenzte (f.), Ausgegrenzte (pl.)(German) outsider (from society)
ausgehalten(German) endured, sustained, kept (financially), withstood, held on
ausgehandelt(German) brokered, negotiated
ausgehandelter Preis(German m.) negotiated price
ausgehändigt(German) handed over
ausgehängt(German) hung out
ausgehängtes Telefon(German n.) telephone (receiver) off the hook
Ausgehanzug(German m.) one's best suit
ausgeharrt(German) held out
ausgehärtet(German) hardened, aged
aus Gehässigkeit(German) from spite
ausgeheckt(German) concocted, contrived
ausgeheilt(German) healed up
ausgehen(German) to go out, to run out, to come out, to come off, to finish, to run dry (resources, funds, patience), to go clubbing (colloquial), to fall out (hair), to date (someone), to end
ausgehen auf(German) aim at
ausgehend(German) outbound, outgoing, going out
ausgehende Nachricht(German f.) outgoing message
ausgehendes Gespräch(German n.) outgoing call
ausgehen von(German) starting from, coming from
(German) to spring from, to prceed from (hope)
Ausgehend von ...(German) Based on ...
ausgehen wie das Hornberger Schießen(German) to come to nothing
Ausgeherlaubnis(German f.) permission to go out, exeat, pass
Ausgehkleid(German n.) going-out dress, clubbing dress
ausgehoben(German) excavated
ausgehöhlt(German) hollowed out, hollowed, holed, concave, undermined
ausgeholfen(German) helped out
ausgehorcht(German) sounded out
aus Gehorsam(German) out of obedience
Ausgehschuh(German m.) clubbing shoe, going-out shoe
ausgehungert(German) starved, starved out, famished, pinched with hunger, ravenous
Ausgehverbot(German n.) curfew, confinement to barracks
Ausgehviertel(German n.) nightlife area, nightlife district
ausgekannt(German) been well versed
ausgekehlt(German) scalloped
ausgekippt(German) dumped
ausgeklammert(German) eliminated, factored out
ausgeklappt(German) folded out
ausgekleidet(German) lined, undressed
ausgeklopft(German) beaten
ausgeklügelt(German) ingenious, calculated, sophisticated, elaborate, cleverly worked out, cleverly thought out, cunning (device), sophisticatedly
ausgeklügelter Plan(German m.) scheme, clear-cut plan, well thought-out scheme
ausgeklügeltes Muster(German n.) elaborate design
ausgeklügeltes System(German n.) elaborate system
ausgeklungen(German) died away
ausgekocht(German) crafty, seasoned, wickedly crafty
ausgekochter(German) craftier
ausgekochter Schwachsinn(German m.) exemplary nonsense
ausgekochteste(German) craftiest
ausgekommen(German) managed-with
ausgekratzt(German) scratched out
ausgekugelt(German) out-of-joint, dislocated
ausgekundschaftet(German) reconnoitred, explored, scouted
ausgekuppelt(German) declutched
ausgelagert(German) evacuated
ausgelagerte Werkbank(German f.) extended work bench
ausgelassen(German) high-spirited, boisterous, exuberant, playful, sportive, playfully, larking, exuberantly, boisterously, melted, missed out, frolicsome, wreaked, rollicking, rackety, left out, hilariously, wild, hilarious, rompy, tomboyish, skittish, rumbustious, frisky, omitted
ausgelassene Lustbarkeit(German f.) revelry
ausgelassene Party(German f.) boisterous party, shindig
ausgelassener(German) more frolicsome
ausgelassener Spaß(German m.) unbridled fun
ausgelassenes Fest(German n.) jamboree
ausgelassenes Kind(German n.) wanton kid
ausgelassene Stimmung(German f.) wanton mood
Ausgelassenheit(German f.) rompishness, friskiness, hilarity, racket, tomboyishness, wantonness, high spirits, exuberance, frisk, frolic
ausgelassen sein(German) to rollick, to revel, be in high spirits
ausgelassenste(German) most frolicsome
ausgelassen von(German) omitted from
ausgelastet(German) busy
ausgelaufen(German) leaked, sailed
ausgelaufene Größe(German f.) obsolete size
ausgelaugt(German) emaciated, depleted, worn out, exhausted (worn out), leached
aus Geldmangel(German) for want of money
ausgeleert(German) emptied
ausgelegt(German) publicly displayed, construed (interpreted)
ausgelegt für(German) meant for, dimensioned for
ausgelegter Betrag(German m.) amount of outlay, amount of expenditure
ausgelegtes Geld(German n.) cash disbursement
ausgeleiert(German) beat-up (colloquial), ageing, worn, baggy (clothes), trite (expression, figure of speech), hackneyed (phrase)
ausgeleierte Maschine(German f.) decrepit piece of machinery
ausgelernt(German) trained, fully trained
ausgelesen(German) singled, selected, elected
ausgeleuchtet(German) illuminated
ausgeliefert(German) extradited, delivered
ausgeliefert werden(German) to ship (to be shipped)
ausgelieferte Menge(German f.) quantity delivered
Ausgeliefertsein(German n.) being at the mercy of somebody, being at the mercy of something, helplessness, subjection
ausgeliefert sein(German) to be at the mercy of somebody, to be be at the mercy of something, to be helpless, to be subject to
ausgeliehen(German) borrowed, lent
(German) ppp. of ausleihen
[comment by Michael Zapf]
ausgeliehene Bücher(German pl.) books on loan
ausgelobt(German) awarded
ausgelöffelt(German) spooned up
ausgeloggt(German) logged out
ausgelöscht(German) obliterate, wiped out, razed, expunged, extinguished, obliterated, very quiet
ausgelöst(German) initiated (started), drawn lots for, precipitated, triggered, ransomed (for money)
ausgelüftet(German) aired
ausgemacht(German) agreed, arranged
(German) utter (nonsense), outright
for example, ausgemachter Quatsch (German: utter nonsense, utter rubbish), ausgemachter Unfug (German: utter nonsense), ausgemachter Unsinn (German: utter nonsense)
[clarification by Michael Zapf]
ausgemachter Dummkopf(German m.) positive fool
ausgemachter Esel(German m.) consummate ass (colloquial)
ausgemachter Heuchler(German m.) consummate hypocrite
ausgemachter Lügner(German m.) consummate liar, out and out liar
ausgemachter Tag(German m.) appointed day
ausgemachter Unfug(German m.) utter nonsense
ausgemachter Unsinn(German m.) utter nonsense, absolute nonsense
ausgemachte Sache(German f.) foregone conclusion
ausgemachtes Datum(German n.) appointed date
ausgemachtes Signal(German n.) arranged signal
ausgemachte Zeit(German f.) appointed time
ausgemeißelt(German) gouged, gaunt, emaciated, worn out (horse), pinched (from hunger, disease), cadaverous
ausgemerzt(German) eliminated
ausgemessen(German) sized
ausgemustert(German) withdrawn from service, invalided out
ausgenommen(German) drawn (gutted), gutted, excluding, barring, apart from, excepting, excepted, except for, excluded, except, exempt, exempted, save (except), fleeced (colloquial)
ausgenommen dass(German) unless
ausgenommen von(German) exempted from
ausgenommen wenn(German) unless
ausgenutzt(German) exploited, utilised
ausgepackt(German) unwrapped, unpacked
ausgepeitscht(German) whipped
ausgepfiffen(German) booed
ausgepfiffen werden(German) to get the bird (colloquial) (disapproval by booing)
ausgeplaudert(German) divulged
ausgepolstert(German) bombastic, padded
ausgepowert(German) jaded, pooped (colloquial), worn out, exhausted
ausgeprägt(German) marked, pronounced, distinct, bold, distinctive, chiselled (figurative), keen (interest)
ausgeprägte Tendenz(German f.) distinct tendency
ausgeprägter amerikanischer Akzent(German m.) broad American accent
ausgeprägter schottischer Akzent(German m.) broad Scottish accent
ausgepresst(German) squashed, wrung
ausgepreßt(German, dated) wrung
ausgepumpt(German) pooped (colloquial), exhausted
ausgepumpt werden(German) to be pumped (stomach)
ausgequetscht(German) squeezed out
ausgerahmt(German) deframed (removed from its frame)
ausgerastet(German) flipped out (colloquial)
ausgeraubt(German) mugged, robbed
ausgerechnet(German) calculated, of all things, of all people
ausgerechnet du(German) you of all people
ausgerechnet er(German) he of all people
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausgerechnet heute(German) today of all days
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausgerechnet Sie(German) you of all people
ausgereicht(German) sufficed
ausgereift(German) well-engineered, matured, mellow, mature, ripe (cheese, etc.)
Ausgereiftheit(German f.) sophistication
ausgereist(German) left (the country)
ausgerenkt(German) dislocated, out of joint
ausgerichtet(German) justified, straightened, oriented, aligned
Ausgerichtetheit(German f.) directedness
ausgerissen(German) runaway (person, horse, etc.), run away
ausgerottet(German) eradicated (killed), exterminated, extirpated, liquidated
aus Gerüchten(German) from hearsay
ausgerückt(German) marched out
ausgerufen(German) exclaimed, proclaimed
ausgeruht(German) rested, relaxed
ausgerüstet(German) equipped, mounted (supplied with equipment), apparelled (dressed)
ausgerüstet mit(German) powered by, equipped with
ausgerutscht(German) slipped
ausgesagt(German) predicated, sawed out, sawn out
ausgesandt(German) sent out, emitted
ausgesät(German) sowed
ausgeschaltet(German) off, shut off, turned off, cut off, switched off, neutralised (figurative), off-state (equipment)
ausgeschieden(German) separated, precipitated, secreted, dropped out, eliminated (from a competition), excreted, retired
ausgeschiedener Gesellschafter(German m.) former partner
ausgeschildert(German) signposted
ausgeschilderter Preis(German m.) marked price
ausgeschimpft(German) scolded
ausgeschlachtet(German) gutted, cannibalised, exploited (figurative)
ausgeschlafen(German) well rested, alert
ausgeschlagen(German) redounded, knocked out, rejected (proposal)
aus geschliffenem Glas(German) cut-glass
ausgeschlossen(German) out of the question, excluded, barred, impossible, precluded, debarred, disqualified, shut out, foreclosed, ruled out
Ausgeschlossener (m.), Ausgeschlossene (f.), Ausgeschlossene (pl.)(German) outsider (from society)
Ausgeschlossensein(German n.) debarment (an act design to exclude, shut out, bar, forbid, hinder, or prevent)
ausgeschlossen von(German) barred from
ausgeschlüpft(German) hatched
ausgeschmiert(German) humbugged (to be the victim of a hoax or fraud or of the actions of an imposter)
ausgeschmolzen(German) rendered (fats, etc.)
ausgeschmückt(German) embroidered, decorated
ausgeschmückter(German) more decorated
ausgeschmückteste(German) most decorated
ausgeschnitten(German) low-cut (dress), cut out
[entry clarified by Michael Zapf]
ausgeschnitten(German) cut out
ausgeschnittener Zeitungsartikel(German m.) scrapped article
ausgeschnittenes Kleid(German n.) low-cut dress
ausgeschöpft(German) exhausted
ausgeschüttelt(German) shaken out
ausgeschüttet(German) distributed
aus Geschützbronze(German) gunmetal (a metal alloy, which is 90 percent copper and 10 percent tin)
aus Geschützmetall(German) gunmetal (a metal alloy, which is 90 percent copper and 10 percent tin)
ausgesehen(German) looked
aus Gesellschaftsmitteln(German) from the company's own resources
ausgesendet(German) transmitted
ausgesetzt(German) set out, deferred, exposed
ausgesetzte Position(German f.) exposed position
Ausgesetzter(German m.) maroon (a runaway slave in the West Indies, Central America, South America, or North America)
Ausgesetztsein(German n.) exposure
ausgesöhnt(German) reconciled, conciliated
Ausgesondertes(German n.) cull
ausgesperrt(German) debarred, locked-out
ausgespielt(German) finished
ausgespien(German) spat out
ausgespreizt(German) sprawled out
ausgesprochen(German) decidedly, vocalised, pronouncedly, avowed, distinctly, markedly, pronounced, downright, marked, regular (genuine, real), absolutely (criminal, awful, etc.), real (colloquial: very)
ausgesprochen beliebt(German) most popular
ausgesprochene Fähigkeit(German f.) great ability
ausgesprochene Lüge(German f.) downright lie
ausgesprochener Atheist(German m.) declared atheist
ausgesprochener Blödsinn(German m.) downright nonsense
ausgesprochener Unsinn(German m.) perfect nonsense
ausgesprochene Tendenz(German f.) pronounced tendency
ausgesprochen falsch(German) distinctly wrong
ausgesprochen gemischtes Gefühl(German n.) decidedly mixed feeling, markedly mixed feeling
ausgesprochen gut(German) decidedly well done
ausgesprochen hübsch(German) gorgeous
ausgesprochen lächerlich(German) downright ridiculous
ausgespuckt(German) disgorged, spat out
ausgespült(German) rinsed, sluiced down
ausgestalten(German) to formulate, to flesh out, to develop, to embellish, to form, to shape, to build up (theory, etc.), to decorate
ausgestaltet(German) arranged, shaped
Ausgestaltung(German f.) embodiment, configuration, designing, decoration, arrangement
ausgestanden(German) borne (endured)
ausgestanzt(German) blanked out
ausgestattet(German) furnished, equipped, endowed, vested, invested
ausgestattete Küche(German f.) fitted kitchen
ausgestattet mit(German) armed with, fitted with, stocked with
ausgesteckt(German) unplugged
ausgesteift(German) stiffened, braced
ausgestellt(German) issued (document), exhibited, displayed, on display, laid off, flared (trousers), A-line (skirt), redundant
ausgestellte Hose (s.), ausgestellte Hosen (pl.)(German f.) flared trousers, bell-bottom trousers (plural form)
ausgestellter Rock(German m.) A-line skirt
ausgestellt sein(German) to be on exhibition, to be on display
ausgestellt werden(German) to become redundant, to be on display
ausgestiegen(German) exited, disembarked, got out
ausgestopft(German) stuffed, bombastic, padded
ausgestorben(German) extinct, died out, dead (custom), obsolete
ausgestorbene keltische Sprache(German f.) extinct Celtic language
ausgestorbene Spezies(German f.) extinct species
ausgestoßen(German) outcast, expelled
Ausgestoßener (m.), Ausgestoßene (f.), Ausgestoßene (pl.)(German) outcast, pariah, castaway, derelict, outlaw
[entry clarified by Michael Zapf]
ausgestoßen sein(German) to be shunned by the world
ausgestrahlt(German) emanated
ausgestreckt(German) sprawled out, outstretched, stretched, stretched out
ausgestreckter Arm(German m.) extended arm
ausgestreut(German) disseminated
ausgeströmt(German) emanated, escaped (steam, gas)
ausgesucht(German) picky, choice, picked (out), chosen, sought out
aus gesundheitlichen Gründen(German) for health reasons, on health grounds
ausgetauscht(German) interchanged, exchanged
ausgeteilt(German) distributed
ausgetestet(German) experienced
ausgetickt(German) gone out of one's mind
ausgetreten(German) resigned from
ausgetretener Pfad(German m.) well-worn path, beaten path
ausgetretener Schuh(German m.) worn-out shoe
ausgetrieben(German) driven out
ausgetrocknet(German) dried up, dried out, parched, dried-out
ausgetrunken(German) drunk up
ausgetüftelt(German) subtle
ausgetüftelter Plan(German m.) elaborate scheme
ausgeübt(German) practised, exerted
ausgeübter Beruf(German m.) job, regular occupation
ausgewachsen(German) mature, full-grown, fully grown, adult (animal)
ausgewachsener Skandal(German m.) fully fledged scandal (figurative), full-fledged scandal (figurative)
ausgewachsenes Männchen(German n.) adult male
ausgewählt, ausgewählter, ausgewählte, ausgewählten(German) culled, selectively, chosen, selected, select
[entry clarified by Michael Zapf]
ausgewählte Absätze(German pl.) chosen passages
ausgewählte Gedichte(German pl.) selected poems
ausgewählte Leute(German pl.) chosen people
ausgewählter Punkt(German m.) selected point
ausgewählte Werke(German pl.) selected works
ausgewählt werden(German) to be selected, to get picked
ausgewalkt(German) rolled flat, flattened
ausgewandert(German) emigrated
ausgewaschen(German) washed out, sluiced down, sluiced out, washed-out
ausgewaschene Illustrationen(German pl.) bled illustrations (drawings or photographs reproduced so that they covers the entire page or poster, i.e. leaving no margin)
ausgewechselt(German) replaced, exchanged
ausgewechselte Teile(German pl.) replaced parts
ausgeweidet(German) disembowelled
ausgeweitet(German) enlarged
ausgewellt(German) flattened, rolled flat
ausgewichen(German) sidestepped (also figurative)
ausgewickelt(German) unwrapped
ausgewiesen(German) accounted, evident, declared, renowned, qualified
ausgewiesen als(German) accounted for, accounted as
ausgewiesener Preis(German m.) marked price
ausgewischt(German) wiped out
aus Gewissensgründen(German) on grounds of conscience, for conscience' sake
ausgewogen(German) balanced, even-keeled, level-headed, well-balanced
ausgewogene Ernährung(German f.) balanced diet, balanced nutrition
ausgewogene Verhältnisse(German pl.) nice proportions
ausgewogenes Klima(German n.) even climate
Ausgewogenheit(German f.) balance
Ausgewogenheit des Gemüts(German f.) balance of mind
aus Gewohnheit(German) by custom, by force of habit, by habit, out of habit, mechanically (by force of habit)
ausgewrungen(German) wrung out
ausgewuchtet(German) balanced
ausgezackt(German) serrated
ausgezahlt(German) disbursed
ausgezahlter Betrag(German m.) amount paid out
ausgezehrt(German) haggard, cadaverous, emaciated, cachectic (relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia, a wasting syndrome that causes weakness and a loss of weight)
ausgezeichnet(German) excellent, excellently, perfect, eminent, ticketted, distinguished, superb, singular, shining, renowned, prized, magnificent, first-rate, first class, fine, brilliant
ausgezeichnete Artisten(German pl.) distinguished artists
ausgezeichnete Bemerkung(German f.) brilliant remark
ausgezeichnete Darbietung(German f.) brilliant performance
ausgezeichnete Dienste(German pl.) distinguished services
ausgezeichnete Durchführung(German f.) brilliant performance
ausgezeichnete Leistung(German f.) first-rate performance
ausgezeichnete Leistung(German f.) brilliant achievement
ausgezeichneter(German) more excellent
ausgezeichnete Referenzen(German pl.) excellent references
ausgezeichneter Schriftsteller(German m.) writer of distinction
ausgezeichneter Verstand(German m.) excellent understanding
ausgezeichnetes Hotel(German n.) first-rate hotel
ausgezeichnetes Restaurant(German n.) first-rate restaurant
ausgezischt werden(German) to get the bird, to be hissed
ausgezogen(German) extracted
ausgiebig(German) extensive, extensively, long, abundant, exhaustive, thorough, copious
ausgiebige Beträge(German pl.) copious amounts
ausgiebig Gebrauch machen von(German) make full use of, make an extensive use of
ausgiebiger(German) ampler, more ample
ausgiebiges Beweismaterial(German n.) copious evidence
Ausgiebigkeit(German f.) copiousness
ausgiebigste(German) amplest
ausgießen(German) to effuse, to diffuse, to pour out, to empty (container with liquid)
ausgießend(German) pouring out, effusing
Ausgießer(German m.) spout
aus Glas(German) vitreous, glass
Ausgleich (s.), Ausgleiche (f.)(German m.) balance, compensation, settlement, agreement, equation, offset (figurative: counterbalancing factor), evening-up, equilibrium, correction, compromise, chargeback, accommodation (arrangement), recompense, setoff, conciliation, trade-off, equivalent, equalisation
Ausgleich auf Raten(German m.) settlement in instalments
Ausgleichen(German n.) equalising, balancing
ausgleichen(German) to draw level, to compensate, to even out, to square, to balance, to counterbalance, to settle, to equate, to even up, to make good, to make up for, to offset (financially, statistically, etc.), to counter-balance, to compromise, to balance out, to accommodate, to equalise, to accord, to adjust, to adjust imbalances, to break even, to bring level, to smooth, to correct, to level up, to level, to cancel out
ausgleichend(German) countervailing, corrective, correcting, compensatory, compensating, balancing, offsetting, counterbalancing, equalising, redeeming, retributive (justice)
ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit(German) poetic justice, retribution
ausgleichende, strafende Gerechtigkeit(German f.) nemesis
ausgleichend wirken(German) to be a counterpoise (figurative)
Ausgleich für Verlust des Amtes(German m.) compensation for loss of office
Ausgleich in Güte(German m.) amicable settlement
Ausgleichs-(German) compensatory (prefix)
Ausgleichsbetrag(German m.) settlement amount, amount of compensation
Ausgleichsbuchung(German f.) balancing entry, chargeback
Ausgleichsgerade(German f.) regression line
Ausgleichsgewicht(German n.) balance weight
Ausgleichsgymnastik(German f.) keep-fit exercises
Ausgleichsleistung(German f.) compensatory payment
Ausgleichung (s.), Ausgleichungen (pl.)(German f.) equalisation
Ausgleich verlangen(German) to claim compensation, to demand compensation
Ausgleiten(German n.) slip
ausgleiten(German) to slip, to skid, to slide
ausgleitend(German) slipping
ausgliedern(German) to outsource, to phase out
ausgliedern aus(German) to separate from
ausgliedernd(German) outsourcing
Ausgliederung(German f.) spin-off, spinoff, outsourcing
Ausgliederung einer Abteilung(German f.) spin-off
ausglühen(German) to anneal, to cease glowing, to wear out
ausglühend(German) annealing
aus Gold geschmiedet(German) wrought in gold
ausgraben(German) to scoop out, to unearth, to excavate, to dig out, to root out, to root up, to dig up, to grub out
ausgrabend(German) unearthing, digging out, excavating
Ausgräber (s./pl.)(German m.) excavator
Ausgrabung (s.), Ausgrabungen (pl.)(German f.) disinterment, dig, excavation
Ausgrabungsstätte(German f.) archeological excavation, site of an excavation
ausgräten(German) to bone
ausgrauen(German) to grey out
ausgrenzen(German) to exclude
Ausgrenzung(German f.) exclusion, isolation (social, political), outlawing
aus grobem Stein hauen(German) to boast
aus großer Höhe(German) from a great height
aus Gründen der Genauigkeit(German) for the sake of clarity
aus Guatemala(German) Guatemalan
Ausguck(German m.) look-out, crow's nest (ship)
aus Gunst(German) out of favour
Ausguss (s.), Ausgüsse (pl.)(German m.) sink, beak-shaped spout, outlet, spout, drain, optic
Ausguß(German m., old form) sink, beak-shaped spout, outlet, spout, drain, optic
aus Gusseisen(German) cast-iron
aus gut unterrichteten Kreisen(German) from well-informed quarters
aus gutem Elternhaus stammen(German) to come from a good home
aus gutem Grund(German) with (good) reason
aus guter Quelle(German) on good authority, from a good source
aushaben(German) have finished (a book)
aushacken(German) to peck out, to hoe up, to pick out, to hack out
aus Hafer(German) oaten
aushaken(German) to unhook
aushalten(German) to sustain, to endure, to withstand, to hold out, to abide, to bear, to bear up, to resist, to stand, to tolerate, to hold on, to dwell (note), to take (tolerate), to keep (for example, eine Frau aushalten (German: to keep a woman))
[clarification by Michael Zapf]
aushaltend(German) pertinacious, withstanding, sustaining
aushalten gegen(German) to bear up against
Aushaltung(German f.) the sustaining of a note
fermata(German n.) a symbol placed over a note or rest to be extended beyond its normal duration
this term is now very rare, being synonymous with the more commonly used Fermate
[additional information by Michael Zapf]
aushandeln(German) to negotiate, to strike (bargain)
aushandelnd(German) negotiating, brokering
aushändigen(German) to deliver, to hand over, to turn over, to surrender
aushändigend(German) handing over
Aushändigung(German f.) handing over, delivery, surrender
Aushang(German m.) (public) notice, placard, posting, poster, notice (announcement displayed on a board)
Aushang der Preise(German m.) table of prices
aushängen(German) to hang out, to be displayed, to take off its hinges (door), to show (exhibit), to unhinge (door)
aushängend(German) hanging out
Aushängeschild(German n.) sign, figurehead, poster child, flagship (figurative), embodiment (figurative), walking advertisement (figurative)
Aushängesicherung(German f.) safety catch
Aushangfahrplan(German m.) timetable (at a bus stop, etc.)
ausharren(German) to bear up, to stay (with) (hold out, endure), to endure, to hold out, to stay out, to persevere, to wait, to sit tight
ausharrend(German) holding out
Aushärtelicht(German n.) curing light
aus hartem Holz geschnitzt sein(German) to be made of stern stuff (figurative)
aushärten(German) to cure
aus härterem Holz geschnitzt sein(German) to be made of sterner stuff (figurative)
aus härterem Stoff gemacht sein(German) to be made of sterner stuff (figurative)
Aushärtezeit(German f.) period of hardening
Aushärtung(German f.) cure, age hardening, hardening
Aushärtungsprozess(German m.) curing process
Aushärtungszeit(German f.) cure time
aushauchen(German) to exhale
aushauen(German) to cut out
aushäusig(German) outside the home
aushebeln(German) to lever out, to leverage
ausheben(German) to excavate, to take off its hinges (door), to muster, to conscript (army)
aushebend(German) conscripting
Aushebung(German f.) roundup, conscription, recruitment
Aushecken(German f.) concoction
aushecken(German) to hatch (figurative), to contrive, to conspire, to concoct, to brew, to think up (tricks)
ausheckend(German) concocting
ausheilen(German) to heal up
ausheilend(German) healing up
aus heiterem Himmel(German) out of a clear (blue) sky, out of nowhere, out of the blue, out of a clear sky, out of the sky
aushelfen(German) to accommodate, to assist, to help out
aushelfend(German) ancillary, helping out
aus heutiger Sicht(German) from a present-day perspective
Aushilfe (s.), Aushilfen (pl.)(German f.) temporary assistant, temp, stand-in, temporary help, assistance, odd hand, auxiliary, temporary job, accommodation
Aushilfe gesucht(German) help wanted
Aushilfsarbeiter(German pl.) temporary workers
Aushilfsbelegschaft(German f.) ancillary staff
Aushilfskraft(German f.) temporary employee, temporary worker, casual employee, temp
Aushilfskraft auf Abruf(German f.) relief staff
Aushilfslehrer(German m.) teaching auxiliary, supply teacher
Aushilfspersonal(German n.) temporary staff, temporary personnel
Aushilfspersonal auf Abruf(German n.) relief staff
Aushilfssekretärin(German f.) temp (colloquial: female)
Aushilfstätigkeit(German f.) temporary job
aushilfsweise(German) temporarily
aus höherem Rang(German) higher-ranking
Aushöhlen(German n.) undercutting (streambank, cliff)
aushöhlen(German) to hollow out, to channel, to erode, to undermine
aushöhlend(German) grooving, hollowing, hollowing out, holing
Aushöhlung (s.), Aushöhlungen (pl.)(German f.) cavity, hollow, erosion, undermining (figurative), weakening (figurative), corrosion
ausholen(German) to strike out, to reach back, to raise one's hand, to lunge, to lunge out, to wind up
ausholend(German) striking out
aus Holz (gebaut)(German) log-built
aushorchen(German) to sound out
aushorchend(German) sounding out
aus Horn(German) made of horn
Aushub(German m.) spoil, overburden
Aushubhügel(German m.) spoil heap
Aushubmaterial(German n.) excavated material
aushungern(German) to famish, to starve out
Ausiliare(Italian m./f.) auxiliary
ausiliare(Italian) auxiliary
aus irgendeinem Grund(German) for any reason, for some reason or other, for some reason or another, for some reason
aus irgendeinem Grunde(German) for some reason
aus irgendeinem seltsamen Grund(German) for some strange reason
aus irgendeinem unerklärlichen Grund(German) for some inexplicable reason
ausixen(German) to cross out
ausjäten(German) to weed out
aus Jux(German) for a joke, as a joke, for fun
Auskämmen(German n.) combing-out
auskämmen(German) to comb, to comb out
Auskehlen(German n.) fluting
auskehlen(German) to chamfer, to flute, to groove
Auskehlung(German f.) chamfer, channel
Auskehren(German n.) sweeping out
Auskehrer(German m.) broom
auskeilen(German) to kick out (horse)
aus keinem besonderen Grund(German) for no particular reason
aus keinem ersichtlichen Grund(German) for no particular reason
auskennen(German) to be well versed
auskennend(German) versed, being well versed
ausklammern(German) to ignore, to factorise, to disregard, to factor out, to leave aside, to exclude
ausklammernd(German) factoring out, eliminating
Ausklang(German m.) conclusion, passing (of the old year), end, finale, finish
ausklappbar(German) foldout
ausklappbare Seite(German f.) pull-out
ausklappen(German) to fold out
Ausklapper(German m.) fold-out (page)
ausklarieren(German) to clear outward
Ausklarierung(German f.) clearance
auskleiden(German) to undress, to line
auskleidend(German) undressing
auskleiden (mit)(German) to coat (with)
Auskleidung(German f.) lining
Ausklingen(German n.) decay (sound, note)
ausklingen(German) to die away, to fade away
ausklingend(German) fading away, dying away
ausklingen lassen(German) to let ring, to let vibrate
Ausklingzeit(German f.) sustain
ausklinken(German) to notch, to release, to trip
Ausklinkfräse(German f.) end milling machine
ausklopfen(German) to beat
ausklopfend(German) beating
ausklügeln(German) to contrive
auskneifen(German) to run away
ausknipsen(German) to switch off
auskochen(German) to cook up, to boil out, to concoct, to decoct, to prepare a complete meal
Auskommen(German n.) income, competence, subsistence, livelihood
auskommen(German) to make both ends meet, to handle, to manage, to get along
auskommen mit(German) to get on with, to get along with, to have enough, to suffice
Damit komme ich aus, meaning 'This suffices for me'
[clarification by Michael Zapf]
auskommend(German) managing-with
auskommen ohne(German) to get on without
auskommentieren(German) to comment out
auskömmlich(German) adequately (assuring a livelihood), sufficient, adequate
auskömmliche Verhältnisse(German pl.) easy circumstances, comfortable circumstances
auskömmlicher(German) more adequate
auskömmliches Einkommen(German n.) comfortable living
auskömmlichste(German) most adequate
auskonkurrieren(German) to outcompete
aus Kontinentaleuropa(German) continental
aus Kontrollgründen(German) for checking purposes
aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau(German) certified organic
Auskoppeln(German n.) decoupling
auskoppeln(German) to decouple, to take from an album, to lift from an album
auskosten(German) to enjoy, to enjoy to the full, to savour
aus Kostengründen(German) for cost reasons, on grounds of cost
auskragen(German) to overhang
auskratzen(German) to scratch out, to scrape out
auskratzend(German) scratching out
aus Kreta(German) Cretan
auskriegen(German) to finish (a book)
auskugeln(German) to put out of joint (arm, shoulder, etc.), to dislocate (joint)
Auskugelung(German f.) dislocation (of a joint)
auskühlen(German) cool
aus Kulanz(German) as a gesture of goodwill
Auskultation(German f.) stethoscopy, auscultation
Auskultation und Perkussion(German) auscultation and percussion
auskultieren(German) to auscultate
aus Kundensicht(German) from a customer's point of view
Auskundschaften(German n.) spotting
auskundschaften(German) to reconnoitre, to spy out, to explore, to scout
auskundschaftend(German) reconnoitring, exploring, scouting
Auskundschaftung(German f.) reconnaissance
Auskunft (s.), Auskünfte (pl.)(German f.) directory information, reference, disclosure, information, information desk, bureau, enquiries (telephone)
eine Auskunft (German: a piece of information)
Auskunftei(German f.) credit agency
Auskunft einholen(German) to obtain information
Auskunft erhalten(German) to obtain information
Auskunft erteilen(German) to furnish particulars
Auskunft geben(German) to provide information
Auskunftgeber(German m.) informant
Auskunftsabteilung(German f.) reference department
Auskunftsbegehren(German n.) application for information
auskunftsbereit(German) willing to give information
Auskunftsbereitschaft(German f.) willingness to provide information
Auskunftsbibliothekarin(German f.) reference librarian (female)
Auskunftsbüro(German n.) inquiry office, information bureau, information office
Auskunftsdienst(German m.) information service, readers' service, reference service
Auskunftsersuchen(German n.) application for information, request for information
Auskunftsgeber(German m.) informant
Auskunftsperson(German f.) respondent, informant
Auskunftspflicht(German f.) obligation to give information, duty of disclosure
Auskunftsrecht(German n.) access right, right to information
Auskunftsschalter(German m.) information (desk), desk, inquiry desk, information desk
Auskunftsystem(German n.) information system
aus Kunstfasern(German) made of synthetics, made from synthetics
auskuppelbar(German) disengageable
auskurieren(German) to cure
aus kürzester Entfernung(German) at point-blank range
auslachen(German) to laugh down, to laugh at
ausladen(German) to land (passengers, cargo), to unload, to discharge (cargo), to jut out, to protrude, to put off (passengers)
ausladend(German) projecting, wide (dress), sweeping (gestures, claims), unloading, discharging, protruding, overhanding, sprawling, expansive, jutting (chin), prominent
Ausladung(German f.) nosing (the horizontally projecting edge of a stair tread)
Auslage (s.), Auslagen (pl.)(German f.) display, outlay, disbursement, expense, delivery, expenditure, shop window
Auslagen decken(German) to meet expenses
Auslagen erstatten(German) to refund expenses, to reimburse expenses
Auslagenkonto(German n.) account of disbursements
Auslagen machen(German) to incur expenses
auslagerbar(German) pageable
Auslagern(German n.) aging
auslagern(German) to take out of the warehouse, to evacuate, to swap, to season (timber)
Auslagerung(German f.) evacuation, outsourcing, outplacement
Auslagerung von Waren(German f.) taking out of the warehouse, taking out of the storage
Auslagerungsdatei(German f.) pagefile, swapfile, page file, swap file
Auslagewaren(German pl.) display goods
Ausland(German n.) foreign countries
Auslandauftrag(German m.) order from abroad
Ausländer (m.), Ausländerin (f.), Ausländer (pl.), Ausländerinnen ( foreigner (often implying a lack of civilization), non-resident, alien, stranger
Ausländeramt(German n.) alien office, alien's department
Ausländeranteil(German m.) percentage of foreigners, proportion of foreigners
Ausländerbehörde(German f.) aliens registration authority, foreigners' registration office
Ausländerdiskriminierung(German f.) discrimination against foreigners
Ausländerfeind(German m.) xenophobe
ausländerfeindlich(German) xenophobic, hostile to foreigners
Ausländerfeindlichkeit(German f.) xenophobia
Ausländerhass(German m.) xenophobia, hatred of foreigners
Ausländermeldeamt(German n.) aliens registration office
Ausländerstatus(German m.) alien status
ausländisch(German) foreign, alien, outlandish, external
ausländische Arbeitnehmer(German pl.) foreign labour, foreign workers
ausländische Arbeitskräfte(German pl.) foreign labour, foreign workers
ausländische Besucher(German pl.) visitors from abroad
ausländische Körperschaft(German f.) foreign body
ausländische Niederlassung(German f.) overseas branch
ausländischer Akzent(German m.) foreign accent
ausländischer Arbeitnehmer(German m.) foreign employee, guest-worker
ausländischer Einfluss(German m.) foreign influence
ausländisch erscheinend(German) foreign-looking
ausländische Touristen(German pl.) foreign tourists, tourists from abroad
ausländische Währung (s.), ausländische Währungen (pl.)(German f.) foreign currency
Auslandkorrespondenten(German pl.) foreign correspondents
Auslands-(German) external (prefix)
Auslandsabteilung(German f.) export department
Auslandsamt(German n.) international (telephone) exchange
Auslandsamt(German n.) international students' office
Auslandsaufenthalt(German m.) visit abroad, stay abroad
Auslandsauftrag(German m.) foreign order, order from foreign customers
Auslandsaussteller(German m.) foreign exhibitor
Auslandsberichterstatter(German m.) editor-at-large (foreign correspondent)
Auslandsbeziehungen(German pl.) foreign connections, foreign relations, external relations, international relations
Auslandsbrief(German m.) letter going overseas, international newsletter, foreign letter
Auslandseinsatz(German m.) foreign assignment
Auslandsentsandter(German m.) expatriate
Auslandserfahrung(German f.) international experience, foreign experience, work experience abroad
auslandsfinanziert(German) foreign-funded
Auslandsflug(German m.) international flight
Auslandsgeschäft (s.), Auslandsgeschäfte (pl.)(German n.) international business, business transacted overseas, foreign business, foreign transaction
Auslandsgespräch(German n.) international (telephone) call
Auslandsinvestition (s.), Auslandsinvestitionen (pl.)(German f.) investment abroad, foreign investment
Auslandsjahr(German n.) year abroad
Auslandsjournalisten(German pl.) foreign journalists
Auslandskonkurrenz(German f.) foreign competition
Auslandskontakt (s.), Auslandskontakte (pl.)(German m.) contact abroad, overseas contact
Auslandskorrespondent (m.), Auslandskorrespondentin (f.)(German) foreign correspondent
Auslandskrankenschein(German m.) health insurance document for abroad
Auslandskunde(German m.) foreign customer, international customer
Auslandslieferanten(German pl.) foreign suppliers
Auslandsmarkt (s.), Auslandsmärkte (pl.)(German m.) foreign market, export market
Auslandsmedien(German pl.) foreign media
Auslandsmesse(German f.) foreign fair (trade or promotional exhibition)
Auslandsmission(German f.) foreign mission
Auslandsnachfrage(German f.) demand from abroad, external demand, foreign demand
Auslandsnachrichten(German pl.) foreign news, news from abroad
Auslandsniederlassung(German f.) overseas branch, foreign branch
Auslandspresse(German f.) international press
Auslandsprogramm(German n.) world service (also radio)
Auslandsreise(German f.) trip abroad, foreign tour, trip overseas, foreign trip, journey abroad
Auslandssemester(German n.) semester abroad
Auslandssender(German m.) international broadcaster
Auslandsstartgenehmigung(German f.) authorisation to take part in events abroad
Auslandsstimmen(German pl.) comments from abroad, foreign opinion
Auslandsstudium(German n.) year abroad
Auslandstelexnetz(German n.) international telex network
Auslandstournee(German f.) foreign tour
Auslandsüberweisung (s.), Auslandsüberweisungen (pl.)(German f.) international credit transfer
Auslandsumsätze(German pl.) foreign sales
Auslandsurlaub(German m.) holiday in a foreign country, holiday in another country, holiday abroad
Auslandsverbindung(German f.) international call
Auslandsvermögen(German n.) property abroad
Auslandsvertreter(German m.) agent in a foreign country, foreign representative, representative abroad, agent abroad
Auslandsvertretung(German f.) diplomatic mission, agency abroad
Auslandswechsel(German m.) foreign draft (payment)
Auslandswerbung(German f.) foreign advertising, overseas advertising
Auslandszahlungen leisten(German) to make payments abroad
auslangen(German - Austria) to be enough
Auslaß(German m., old form) outlet
Auslass(German m.) escape, outlet
auslassbar(German) omittable, omissible
auslassen(German) to let down (trousers, dress, etc.), to leave out, to miss, to vent, to cut out, to spare, to render (down), to ignore, to let out (dress), to skip, to elide, to omit, to wreak (revenge)
auslassend(German) leaving out, wreaking, venting, omitting, missing out
Auslassung (s.), Auslassungen (pl.)(German f.) omission, ellipsis, skip, elision, interleaf
Auslassung eines Wortes(German f.) omission of a word
Auslassung in einem Dokument(German f.) deletion in a document
Auslassungsfehler(German m.) error of omission
Auslassungspunkte(German pl.) suspension marks, ellipsis
Auslassungszeichen (s./pl.)(German n.) apostrophe, ellipses (plural form)
Auslauf(German m.) underrun
Auslaufartikel(German m.) discontinued line
Auslaufdatum(German n.) expiration date
Auslauf des Mietvertrages(German m.) lease expiration
Auslaufen(German n.) leakage, warm-down, departure
auslaufen(German) to sail, to mature, to leak out, to expire, to discharge, to underrun, to run out, to peter out, to run dry, to be discontinued (model, version), to end, to put to sea, to debouch, to level off
auslaufend(German) leaking, petering out, outbound, outgoing (ship), expiring (deadline)
auslaufende Flüssigkeit(German f.) escaping liquid
auslaufen lassen(German) to taper off, to phase out
Ausläufer (s./pl.)(German m.) offshoot, branch, sucker, extension (e.g. of ocean current), tail, delivery boy (Austria, Southern Germany), delivery man (Austria, Southern Germany), foothills (plural form)
Auslaufgefahr(German f.) risk of leakage
Auslaufmodell(German n.) phase-out model, end-of-range model, discontinued model
auslaufsicher(German) non-spillable, leakproof, leak-proof
Auslaugen(German n.) leaching
auslaugen(German) to leach out, to leach, to exhaust, to wear out, to emaciate
auslaugend(German) emaciating, sapping, gruelling, arduous
Auslaut (s.), Auslaute (pl.)(German m.) final sound
auslauten(German) (a word) ending in, to end in
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
ausläuten(German) to ring out
auslautend(German) ending in
aus lauter Angst(German) from sheer fear
aus lauter Jux und Tollerei(German) out of sheer fun
aus lauter Übermut(German) just for the devilment
ausleben(German) to live out, to enjoy life to the full, to work off, to run free, to live it up, to act out, to let out
Ausleeren(German n.) emptying
auslecken(German) to lick out, to empty (out), to evacuate, to scoop out
ausleeren(German) empty, empty out
ausleerend(German) emptying
auslegbar(German) construable
Auslegekran(German m.) jib crane
auslegen(German) to expound, to disengage (gears), to interpret, to construe, to construct, to disburse, to lay out, to inlay, to put down (bait), to display, to cover, to line, to pay
auslegend(German) outlaying, interpreting
auslegen mit(German) to cover with, to line with
Ausleger(German m.) cantilever, outrigger, exegete (a person skilled in an extensive and critical interpretation of an authoritative text), expositor, interpreter, delivery, boom (crane)
Ausleger eines Gesetzestextes(German m.) constructionist (a person who construes a legal text or document in a specified way)
Auslegerkreissäge(German f.) radial-arm (circular) saw
Ausleger-Kreissäge(German f.) radial-arm (circular) saw
Auslegeschrift(German f.) examined and published patent application
Auslegetag(German m.) publication date (examined but not yet granted patent)
Auslegeware(German f.) carpeting
Auslegung(German f.) interpretation (of evidence), exegesis (critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text), reading, exposition, construction (interpretation)
Auslegung eines Gerichtsurteils(German f.) construction of a sentence
Auslegung eines Testaments(German f.) construction of a will
Auslegung eines Vertrages(German f.) construction of a contract
Auslegungsdaten(German pl.) technical data
Auslegungsfrage(German f.) question of construction, question of interpretation
Auslegungsfrist(German f.) display period
Auslegungskriterien(German pl.) design criteria
Auslegungsparameter(German m.) design parameter
Auslegungsschwierigkeiten(German pl.) interpretive problems
Auslegungsspielraum(German m.) scope of interpretation
Auslegungswert (s.), Auslegungswerte (pl.)(German m.) set value, design specification, design data (plural form)
Auslegung von Klauseln(German f.) interpretation of clauses
aus Leibeskräften schreien(German) to shout with all one's might, to scream your head off
aus leicht ersichtlichen Gründen(German) for obvious reasons
usleiern(German) to go baggy
ausleihbar(German) circulating, borrowable
Ausleihbibliothek(German f.) lending library
Ausleihe(German f.) lending (process)
Ausleihe für Boote(German f.) boat hire service
Ausleihen(German n.) lending
ausleihen(German) to borrow, to lend, to lend and borrow, to loan, to lend (out), to rent (video)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
the ppp. of ausleihen is ausgeliehen
[note by Michael Zapf]
ausleihend(German) lending
Ausleihfrist(German f.) loan period
Ausleihgebühr(German f.) loan charge
Ausleihtheke(German f.) information desk
Ausleihung(German f.) lending
Ausleihung unter Banken(German f.) interbank lending
Auslenkung(German f.) deflection, excursion
auslernen(German) to finish one's training
Auslese(German f.) selection, pick, elite, the pick (of a set), choice, screening
Auslese-(German) elite (prefix)
auslesen(German) to sort out, to readout, to cull, to select, to pick out, to finish reading (book)
Ausleseprozess(German m.) selection process, natural selection
Ausleseprüfung(German f.) screening test, competitive examination
Auslesetest(German m.) screening test
ausleuchten(German) to illuminate, to floodlight
Ausleuchtung(German f.) illumination
aus Liebhaberei(German) as a hobby
Auslieferdatum(German n.) date of dispatch, date of despatch
Auslieferer(German m.) delivery man
ausliefern(German) to hand over, to carry, to extradite, to deliver, to ship (goods)
ausliefernd(German) extraditing, delivering, distributing
Auslieferung(German f.) extradition, delivery, distribution, handing over, commitment
Auslieferung an(German f.) commitment to
Auslieferung an Dritte(German f.) delivery to third party
Auslieferung der Sendung(German f.) delivery of the shipment
Auslieferung in alle Teile der Stadt(German f.) delivery to any part of town
Auslieferungsabkommen(German n.) extradition treaty
Auslieferungsantrag(German m.) request for extradition
Auslieferungsanzeige(German f.) advice of delivery, notice of delivery
Auslieferungsbereich(German m.) delivery area
Auslieferungsersuchen(German n.) application for extradition, extradition request
Auslieferungsgebiet(German n.) area of distribution
Auslieferungslager(German n.) depot, entrepot, distribution centre
Auslieferungsvertrag (s.), Auslieferungsverträge (pl.)(German m.) extradition treaty
Auslieferzentrum(German n.) delivery centre
ausliegen(German) to be on display
ausloben(German) to offer as a reward, to offer as a prize, to tender (award, prize)
Auslobung(German f.) offer of a reward
auslöffeln(German) to spoon up, to spoon out
auslöffelnd(German) spooning up, spooning
ausloggen(German) to log out
aus logistischen Gründen(German) for logistic reasons
aus London wegziehen(German) to move away from London
auslöschbar(German) erasable, effaceable
Auslöschen(German n.) extinction
auslöschen(German) to obliterate, to efface, to annihilate, to raze, to put out, to blow out, to extinguish, to rescind, to kill, to expunge, to end an incomplete sentence with dashes, to replace a word (or part of it) with asterixes (for example, bl***y), to erase, to delete, to blot out, to put an end to, to wipe out, to snuff out, to dowse, to douse (candle)
auslöschend(German) estinguendosi (Italian) spegnendo (Italian), extinguishing, dying away, verlöschend (German), en éteignant (French)
(German) extinctive, obliterative, effacing, obliterating, razing, eliminating
Auslöschung (s.), Auslöschungen (pl.)(German f.) effacement, obliteration, erasure, cancellation (numerical analysis, physics)
Auslösen(German n.) triggering
auslösen(German) to activate (alarm), to induce, to take out (bones etc.), to set up (a process, series of events), to provoke, to trigger (an event), to set off (series of events, alarm), to ransom, to initiate, to release, to actuate, to draw lots for, to trigger, to unleash, to trip, to cause, to draw by lot, to light the blue touchpaper ([figurative: to set of a conflict, etc.), to redeem (pawn)
auslösend(German) ransoming, releasing, triggering, drawing lots for
Auslöser (s./pl.)(German m.) escapement lever, hopper (piano), trigger, shutter release (camera), actuator, escapement lever (piano)
Auslösereiz(German m.) cue (an actor's line that immediately precedes and serves as a reminder for some action or speech, a trigger that elicits a response)
Auslosung(German f.) draw, drawing, assignment, lottery, raffle
Auslösung (s.), Auslösungen (pl.)escapement (English), scappamento (Italian), clearing, per diem (daily allowance for living expenses while travelling), release, triggering, accommodation allowance, cleardown, tripping
(German f.) the repeating mechanism of a piano
ausloten(German) to sound, to sound out, to plumb, to fathom
auslotend(German) plumbing
Auslötpinzette(German f.) unsoldering tweezer, unsoldering tweezers
auslüften(German) to air (clothing, room, etc.)
aus Lumpen(German) shoddy (recycled or remanufactured wool)
ausmachen(German) to make up, to detect, to recognise, to constitute (to make up), to compose (constitute), to make out (manage to see or hear), to locate, to amount to, to perceive, to recognize, to represent, to spot, to conclude, to catch sight of, to add up to, to account for, to douse (candle), to pick up (signal, etc.), to turn off (light, TV)
ausmachend(German) amounting to
ausmachender Betrag(German m.) actual amount
ausmachen können(German) to be able to make out
Ausmahlungsgrad(German m.) degree of fineness
aus Mais(German) corny
aus Maiskolben gefertigte Pfeife(German f.) corn-cob pipe
ausmalen(German) to paint, to paint in, to describe (figurative)
ausmalend(German) picturing
aus Manchester(German) Mancunian
aus Mangel an(German) from deficiency of, for want of, for lack of
aus Mangel an Beweisen(German) for want of evidence
aus Mangel an Ermunterung(German) for want of encouragement
aus Mangel an Gelegenheit(German) for want of opportunity
aus Mangel an Information(German) for want of information
aus Mangel an Kapital(German) for want of funds
aus mangelndem Interesse(German) for lack of interest
ausmanövrieren(German) to outmanoeuvre
aus Marmor(German) marble
aus Marmor heraushauen(German) to cut in marble
aus Marmor meißeln(German) to carve out of marble
Ausmaß (s.), Ausmaße (pl.)(German n.) extent, intensity, magnitude, dimension, seriousness, size, volume, scale, scope (extent)
Ausmaß der Verwüstung(German n.) scale of devastation
Ausmaß des Schadens(German n.) degree of damage
Ausmaß eines Erdbebens(German n.) amplitude of an earthquake
Ausmaß eines Problems(German n.) size of a problem
aus mehreren Gründen(German) for several reasons, for a number of reasons
aus mehreren Rassen bestehend(German) multi-racial
aus mehreren Teilen bestehend(German) complex, compound
aus meinem letzten Schreiben(German) from my last letter
aus meiner Jugend(German) of my youth
ausmeißeln(German) to chisel out, to gouge
ausmeißelnd(German) gouging
ausmergeln(German) to macerate, to emaciate, to exhaust (soil)
ausmerzen(German) to eradicate, to stamp out, to weed out, to wipe out, to delete, to raze, to blot out
Ausmerzung(German f.) excision (the action of cutting something off), eradication (plucking out by the roots)
ausmessen(German) to measure, to size, to survey
ausmessend(German) gauging (estimating the size of), sizing
aus Messing(German) brazen, brassy, shameless (figurative), insolent (figurative), harsh in sound (i.e. brassy)
ausmisten(German) to muck out, to tidy out
aus Mitleid(German) out of pity
aus Mitleid weinen(German) to weep out of pity
aus moralischen Beweggründen(German) out of moral considerations
ausmulden(German) to hollow out
ausmultiplizieren(German) to multiply out
ausmustern(German) to invalid out, to decommission (arms), to take out of service (machine, etc.), to phase out, to reject
Ausmusterung(German f.) rejection, withdrawal from service
Ausmusterung von Artikeln(German f.) withdrawal of articles
aus Nächstenliebe(German) for charity's sake
aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt(German) renewable
ausnagen(German) to erode
Ausnahme(German f.) exemption, exceptional case, exception
Ausnahme-(German) exceptional (prefix)
Ausnahmeantrag(German m.) application for exemption
Ausnahme beantragen(German) to apply for exemption
Ausnahmebedingung(German f.) exception
Ausnahmebescheinigung(German f.) certificate of exemption
Ausnahmebestimmung (s.), Ausnahmebestimmungen (pl.)(German f.) exemption clause, admission regulation
Ausnahme der Regel(German f.) exception to the rule
Ausnahmeerscheinung(German f.) extraordinary appearance
Ausnahmefall (s.), Ausnahmefälle (pl.)(German m.) exception, exceptional case
Ausnahmegenehmigung(German f.) certificate of exemption
Ausnahmeklausel(German f.) escape clause
Ausnahmekönner(German m.) exceptionally skilled player
Ausnahmepianist(German m.) piano player extraordinaire
Ausnahmeregelung(German f.) exception, derogation, exemption clause
Ausnahmesituation(German f.) exceptional situation
Ausnahmestellung(German f.) special position
Ausnahmetalent(German n.) exceptional talent
Ausnahme von der Regel(German f.) exception to the rule
Ausnahmezustand (s.), Ausnahmezustände (p.)(German m.) emergency rule, emergency situation, state of emergency
ausnahmslos(German) without exception, unexxeptional, invariably, unfailingly
ausnahmsweise(German) as an exception, by way of exception, by way of exemption, for a change, exceptionally
ausnahmsweise einmal(German) for once
ausnahmsweise mal(German) just this once, for once
ausnehmensee herausnehmen
(German) to gut, to eviscerate, to disembowel, to except, to make out
ausnehmend(German) exceptionally, exquisitely
Ausnehmung(German f.) recess
aus Neugier handeln(German) to act with curiosity
aus niederem Antrieb handeln(German) to act from base motives
aus Nordost(German) from the northeast
aus Nordwest(German) from the northwest
ausnuten(German) to dado
ausnutzbar(German) usable
ausnützen(German) to impose on someone's kindness, to take advantage of, to exploit, to shortchange, to utilise, make the most of
ausnutzend(German) utilising
Ausnützung(German f.) saturation, exploitation, utilisation
Ausnutzungsgrad(German m.) occupancy rate
Ausoniaan ancient name of Italy, named for Auson, the son of Odysseus (Ulysses)
Auspacken(German n.) unpacking
auspacken(German) to unpack, to unwrap, to tell all, to come clean (colloquial), to reveal all, to pack out, to do one's own unpacking
auspackend(German) unwrapping, unpacking
aus Pappmaché(German) papier-mâché (sculpture medium that uses paper or rags dipped in wheat paste (wallpaper paste) over an armature)
Auspeitschen(German n.) flogging, whipping, flagellation
auspeitschen(German) to flagellate, to whip, to flog
auspeitschend(German) whipping
Auspeitschung(German f.) lashings, lashing
aus persönlichen Gründen(German) for personal reasons
Auspfeifen(German n.) catcall
auspfeifen(German) to whistle and boo, to catcall
auspfeifend(German) booing
auspflanzen(German) to prick out, to plant out
Auspflanzung(German f.) planting out
aus Pflichtgefühl(German) out of a sense of duty, out of a sense of obligation
auspflocken(German) to peg
auspflocken(German) to delimit (archeology)
auspice(Latin) see
Auspicesin ancient Rome, the name for the interpreters of signs from birds, animals and other phenomena, who were later called augurs
auspiciar(Spanish) to back (person, event, project), to sponsor, to foster (promote), to promote, to foresee (future)
Auspicio(Italian m.) omen, auspices
Auspicio(Spanish m.) omen, auspices, sponsorship
hay muy buenos auspicios para nuestro plan (Spanish: our plan has very good prospects)
está bajo mi auspicio (Spanish: it's under my auspices)
Auspizium(German n.) auspice (sign)
aus Pietät(German) out of reverence
ausplappernd(German) blabbing
ausplattieren(German) to plate
Ausplauderer(German m.) whistle-blower (colloquial), tell-tale, blabber, blab
ausplaudern(German) to babble, to blunder out, to blurt it out, to give the game away, to blab, to divulge
ausplündern(German) to loot, to rob (a person), to pillage, to ransack, to depoil (countryside)
ausplaudernd(German) divulging, blabbing
aus politischen Gründen(German) for political reasons
auspolstern(German) to pad out, to upholster, to line, to pad, to bolster
ausposaunen(German) to blazon, to broadcast, to blaze
ausprägen(German) to coin, to mint (coinage), to stamp (coinage)
Ausprägung(German f.) peculiarity, markedness, characteristic, form
aus praktischen Überlegungen(German) for reasons of prudence
auspreisend(German) ticketing
auspressen(German) to squeeze, to wring
Auspresser(German m.) extortionist (landlord)
Auspresspistole(German f.) cartridge applicator gun
aus Prestigegründen(German) for prestige purposes
aus Prinzip(German) on principle, as a matter of principle
aus prinzipiellen Gründen(German) as a matter of principle
ausprobieren(German) to check out, to test, to try out
ausprobierend(German) testing
ausprobiert(German) tested, tried
ausprobiert und fehlgeschlagen(German) tried and failed
aus Protest (gegen)(German) in protest at, to protest over, to protest about
ausprüfen(German) to test, to check out
Ausprüfung(German f.) check out
auspumpen(German) to pump out, to exhaust
aus purem Vergnügen(German) just for the fun of it
auspusten(German) blow out
ausputzen(German) to clean out
ausquartieren(German) to dislodge
aus Québec(German) Québécois
ausquetschen(German) to squeeze out
ausquetschen wie eine Zitrone(German) to squeeze the orange dry
ausquetschend(German) squeezing out
aus Rache (für)(German) in revenge (for)
ausradieren(German) to rub out, to erase, to scratch off, to obliterate, to delete
ausradierend(German) erasing
ausradiert(German) obliterated, eradicated
ausrahmen(German) to deframe (to remove a picture from its frame)
ausrangieren(German) to stable, to discard, to erase, to scrap, to shelve
ausrangierend(German) discarding
ausrangiert(German) discarded, scrapped, withdrawn, dumped
ausrasten(German) to lose one's rag, to go ballistic (colloquial), to snap (figurative), to be released (engineering), to rest (Southern Germany, Austria), to go berserk (colloquial), to flip (colloquial)
ausrauben(German) to rob, to blag (slang)
ausraubend(German) mugging, robbing
ausrauchen(German - Austria) to lose flavour
ausräuchern(German) to fumigate, to smoke out (also figurative)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Ausräucherung(German f.) fumigation
ausräumen(German) to clear, to clear out, to dismantle, to strip, to evacuate, to clear up (misunderstanding, etc.)
Ausräumung(German f.) removal, evisceration
ausrechnen(German) to figure out (work out by arithmetic), to compute, to calculate
ausrechnend(German) calculating
Ausrechnung(German f.) calculation
aus rechtlichen Gründen(German) on legal grounds
Ausrede(German f.) excuse, whitewash (figurative), plea, subterfuge, pretext
ausreden(German) to finish speaking
ausredend(German) making excuses
Ausreden erfinden(German) to conjure up excuses
ausreiben(German) to rub out
Ausreiber(German m.) reamer
ausreichen(German) to hold out, to suffice, to reach, to be adequate, to be enough, to last
ausreichend(German) adequate, adequately, satisfactory, enough, sufficing, sufficient, sufficiently, good (sufficient), acceptable
ausreichend Beweismaterial(German) ample proof
ausreichend finanziert(German) adequately funded
ausreichend große Anzahl(German f.) sufficiently large number
ausreichend gültig(German) valid enough
ausreichend Material(German) sufficient material
ausreichend Parkplatz(German) ample parking space
ausreichend Zeit einplanen(German) to arrange enough time
ausreichend Zeit lassen(German) to allow enough time
ausreichende Auskunft bieten(German) to provide sufficient information
ausreichende Deckung(German f.) sufficient funds
ausreichende Einkünfte haben(German) to be comfortably off
ausreichende Einrichtungen(German pl.) adequate facilities
ausreichende Ernährung(German f.) adequate nutrition (quantity)
ausreichende Erwerbsmöglichkeit (s.), ausreichende Erwerbsmöglichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) sufficient means to earn a living, sufficient possibility to earn a living
ausreichende Genauigkeit(German f.) adequate accuracy
ausreichende Information(German f.) adequate information
ausreichende Kontodeckung(German f.) sufficient funds
ausreichende Lagerhaltung(German f.) adequate stock
ausreichende Menge(German f.) fair amount
ausreichende Mittel(German pl.) sufficient resources, sufficient means, sufficient funds, enough money
ausreichende praktische Kenntnisse(German pl.) working knowledge
ausreichender Beweis(German m.) sufficient proof
ausreichende Reserven(German pl.) adequate reserves, sufficient reserves
ausreichender Nachschub(German m.) adequate supply
ausreichender Rechtsbehelf(German m.) adequate remedy
ausreichender Zugang(German m.) adequate access
ausreichendes Einkommen(German n.) comfortable income
ausreichendes Guthaben(German n.) sufficient funds
ausreichendes Kapital(German n.) sufficient capital
ausreichendes Taschengeld(German n.) adequate pocket money
ausreichende Unterhaltung(German f.) sufficient amusement
ausreichende Versorgung(German f.) adequate supply, full supply
ausreichende Zahl(German f.) sufficient number
Ausreifungszeit(German f.) gestation period (investment)
aus reinem Gold(German) of solid gold
aus reinem Mutwillen(German) from sheer wantonness
aus reiner Gehässigkeit(German) out of sheer spite
aus reiner Sensationsgier(German) for the sheer sensation
aus reiner Verzweiflung(German) in sheer desperation
Ausreise(German f.) departure (particularly, leaving the country), outward voyage, outbound passage, exit
Ausreisebewilligung(German f.) exit visa
Ausreiseerlaubnis(German f.) pemission to leave the country, exit permit
ausreisen(German) to leave (the country)
ausreisend(German) leaving, outward
Ausreisende(German pl.) outgoing passengers
Ausreisesichtvermerk(German m.) exit visa
Ausreisestempel(German m.) exit stamp (passport)
Ausreisevisum(German n.) exit certificate, exit visa
ausreisewillig(German) willing to leave (a country)
Ausreißen(German n.) avulsion (the forcible tearing away of a body part by trauma or surgery, the movement of soil from one property to another as the result of a flood)
ausreißen(German) to pull out (knobs), to tear out (hair), to run away, to bolt, to duck, to decamp, to shear, to break away (from the rest of the field, gaining the lead)
ausreißend(German) running away
Ausreißen, um zu heiraten(German n.) elopement
ausreißen, um zu heiraten(German) to elope
Ausreißer (m.), Ausreißerin (f.), Ausreißer (pl.)(German) outlier, runaway, aberration, anomaly, wild shot, stray bullet, rogue result, eloper, a person who breaks away from a group
[entry provided by Michael Zapf]
ausreiten(German) to ride out (on horse)
ausreizen(German) to exhaust, to thrash out (theme)
ausreizend(German) exhausting
aus religiöser Überzeugung(German) for conscience' sake (religious)
ausrenken(German) to dislocate
ausrenkend(German) dislocating
Ausrenkung(German f.) luxation (bones in a joint that are no longer in the correct functional position to each other, synonymous with dislocation)
Ausrichten(German n.) truing, alignment
ausrichten(German) to justify, to joggle, to align, to orient, to adjust, to rectify, to put right, to bring him into line, to bring into line, to bring into a line, to co-ordinate, to equalise, to orientate, to deliver (message), to achieve
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
ausrichtend(German) effecting
Ausrichtung(German f.) justification, alignment, bias, rectification, orientation, direction, correction, concentration, bringing into line, directionality
Ausrichtung auf die Linie(German f.) alignment
Ausrichtungsfehler(German m.) misalignment, alignment error
ausrinnen(German - Austria) to leak out
Ausriss(German m.) avulsion (the forcible tearing away of a body part by trauma or surgery, the movement of soil from one property to another as the result of a flood)
Ausritt (s.), Ausritte (pl.)(German m.) ride, hack
ausrollen(German) to roll out, to unroll, to roll (dough)
ausrollend(German) rolling out
ausrottbar(German) eradicative, eradicable
ausrotten(German) to extermine, to stamp out, to wipe out, to exterminate, to extirpate, to kill off
ausrottend(German) exterminating, extirpating, eradicating, exterminatory
Ausrotter(German m.) exterminator
Ausrottung (s.), Ausrottungen (pl.)(German f.) extinction, eradication, extermination, extirpation, excision
Ausrottungsmittel(German n.) eradicator, exterminant
ausrücken(German) to disengage, to release, to march-out, to outdent (word processing), to run away, to march off
ausrückend(German) marching-out
Ausrücklager(German n.) release bearing
aus Rücksicht auf(German) out of deference to, out of consideration for
Ausruf (s.), Ausrufe (pl.)(German m.) exclamation, interjection, outcry, cries (plural form)
Ausrufen(German n.) proclamation
ausrufen(German) to evoke, to explain, to exclaim, to burst out, to call out (a name), to proclaim, to call (a strike)
ausrufend(German) exclamatory, proclaiming, exclaiming, paging
Ausrufer(German m.) crierm bellman
Ausrufezeichen(German n.) exclamation mark
Ausrufung(German f.) proclamation
Ausrufungszeichen(German n.) exclamation mark
Ausrufverfahren(German n.) open outcry
ausruhen(German) to relax, to rest
ausruhend(German) resting, relaxing
Ausrundung(German f.) internal radius
ausrupfen(German) to pluck (feathers, hair)
aus Rupfen(German) hessian (a plain woven cloth of flat yarns, usually jute)
ausrüsten(German) to fit out, to rig, to issue, to furnish, to equip, to trim, to tool up, to outfit
ausrüstend(German) equipping, apparelling, fitting out, tooling up, furnishing (equipping)
Ausrüster(German m.) equipment supplier, outfitter, supplier
Ausrüstervertrag(German m.) supplier contract
Ausrüstteile(German pl.) accessories
Ausrüstung (s.), Ausrüstungen (pl.)(German f.) equipment, rig (outfit), kit, accoutrement, equipage, machinery, paraphernelia, plant, apparatus, outfit, furniture, gear (outfit), stores, tackle
Ausrüstungsgegenstand (s.), Ausrüstungsgegenstände (pl.)(German m.) piece of equipment
Ausrüstungsspezifizierung(German f.) equipment specification
Ausrüstungsstück(German n.) implement
Ausrutschen(German n.) slip
ausrutschen(German) to skid, to slip
ausrutschend(German) slipping
Ausrutscher(German m.) gaffe, faux pas, slip, lapse (moral)
Ausrutscher der Feder(German m.) slip of the pen
ausrutschen und hinfallen(German) to slip and fall