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AVacronym for Allroggen-Verzeichnis, the catalogue prepared by Gerhard Allroggen of music by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman (1776-1822)
referring to the catalogue by Erich H. Mueller von Asow (1892-1964) of music by Max Reger (1873-1916)
also A or MvA, referring to the Asow-Verzeichnis prepared by Erich Hermann Mueller von Asow (1892-1964), the catalogue of music by Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Av.abbreviation of Avenida (Spanish f.: avenue - the equivalent abbreviation in English is Ave.)
av.or avda., abbreviation of avenida (Spanish f.: avenue - the equivalent abbreviation in English is ave.)
Avagasingle iron gong with an iron clapper from Ghana, shaped like a cone, that tapers to a handle
Avain(Finnish) clef
Aval(Spanish m.) guarantee, backing, support, reference (recommendation), endorsement (of a policy)
(German m.) guarantee, surety, surety for payment
Avalakzept(German m.) collateral acceptance
Avalancha(Spanish f.) avalanche
Avalanche(English from the French f., originally Swiss-French dialect) Lawine (German), valanga (Italian), avalancha (Spanish)
a mass of snow and earth, loosened from a mountain-side, plunging into the valley below
avalar(Spanish) to guarantee, to endorse, to act as guarantor for (a person)
aval en(French) downstream
avaler(French) to swallow
avalorar(Spanish) to enhance, to encourage (figurative)
avaluar(Spanish - Latin America) to value
Avalúo(Spanish m. - Latin America) valuation
Avambraccio(Italian m.) forearm
avançado(Portuguese) advanced (standard)
Avance(French f.) advance, lead
(Spanish m.) advance, trailer (film), balance, early news bulletin, forward move
un avance en este campo (Spanish: an advance in this field, a step forward in this field)
avancé (m.), avancée (f.)(French) advanced
Avance científico(Spanish m.) scientific advance
Avance de fonds(French f.) advance (of money)
avance de página(Spanish) next page
Avancée(French f.) projection
Avance informativo(Spanish m.) publicity handout, news summary (TV, radio), preview of news headlines (TV, radio)
Avancement(French m.) promotion
Avancen(German pl.) advances (moves into a state of favour)
avancer(French) to move forward, to advance, to make progress, to be fast (clock, watch), to jut out, to put forward (clock)
Avance rápido(Spanish m.) fast forward (video)
avancer á tâtons(French) to grope one's way along
Avance tecnológico(Spanish m.) technological advance
avancieren(German) to be promoted, to advance
avancieren zu(German) to rise to the position of, to advance to the position of
avanciert(German) advanced
Avanguardia(Italian f.) vanguard, avant-garde
Avanie(French f.) affront
Avant(French m.) front
avant(French) before, preceding, front, forward
Avantage(French m.) advantage, benefit (commercial)
avantager(French) to favour, to show off to advantage
avantageux (m.), avantageuse (f.)(French) attractive
Avant-bras(French m.) forearm
avant-coureur(French) precursory, foreshadowing
Avant-courier(English, from the French avant-coureur) a scout, a skirmisher, a precursor
avant de faire(French) before doing
Avant dernier (m.), Avant dernière(French) last but one
avant dernier (m.), avant dernière(French) last but one
avante(Spanish - Latin America) forward
Avantgarde(German f.) avant-garde, vanguard (figurative), advance guard (figurative)
Avant-garde(English, Avantegarde (German f.), French f., literally 'in advance' or 'vanguard') also avanguardia (Italian f.), an intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts and are seen to be 'ahead' of the mainstream, and that challenge norms through innovation in subject, medium, style, or technique
radically new or original
Avant-garde jazzalso known as avant-jazz, a style of music and improvisation that combines elements of avant-garde art music and composition with elements of traditional jazz. Avant-jazz overlaps with free jazz, but differs in that free jazz is generally performed with fewer, or no predetermined structure or composition
Avantgardismus(German m.) avantgardism, avant-gardism
Avantgardist (m.), Avantgardistin (f.)(German) avant-gardist
avantgardistisch(German) avant-garde
avantgardistische Musik(German f.) avant-garde music
avant-goût(French m.) a foretaste, something to whet the appetite
avant-hier(French) the day before yesterday
avanti(Italian) before, preceding, forward!, go on!, go ahead!
avanti a(Italian) before, in the presence of
avanti e indietro(Italian) backwards and forwards
avant peu(French) before long
Avantpop(German m.) avant-pop
Avant-popmusic that employs conventional pop idioms - engaging melodies and harmonies, a straightforward verse-bridge-chorus structure, accessible hooks - and changes things up by putting an exotic, unpredictable spin on things. This can be accomplished through the addition of unexpected and unconventional instrumentation, tape effects and electronics, studio trickery, etc.
avant-première(French f.) preview
Avant-progressive rocka style of rock music that explores unconventional territory, often incorporating non-standard chord progressions, tempo changes within a piece, odd time signatures, avant garde passages and complex horn and orchestral arrangements
avant-propos(French m.) preface, foreword
avant qu'il faire(French) before doing
Avant-Rock(German m.) avant rock
Avant rockor 'experimental rock', a type of rock and roll which experiments with the basic elements of the genre, and/or which pushes the boundaries of common composition and performance technique
Avant-scène(French f.) stage front
avant tout(French) above all
avant-veille(French f.) two days before
Avanzada estudiantil(Spanish f.) student activism
avanzado (m.), avanzada (f.)(Spanish) advanced
Avanzadilla(Spanish f.) scouting party
Avanzamento(Italian m.) progress, promotion
avanzandosi(Italian) moves forward
avanzandoso(Italian) moving forward
avanzar(Spanish) to move forward, to advance, to move ... forward, to wind on (on a spool), to make progress (studies, project), to draw on (time)
avanzare(Italian) to advance, to progress, to be left, to be left over, to surpass, to promote
avanzarsi(Italian) to advance, to approach
Avanzata(Italian f.) advance
avanzato(Italian) advanced, late
Avanzi(Italian m. pl.) remains, left-overs
Avanzo(Italian m.) remainder, surplus
a vapor(Spanish) steam-driven, steam-powered
Avare(French m./f.) miser
avare(French) miserly
avare de(French) sparing of
Avaria(Italian f.) damage, (mechanical) breakdown
a varias voces(Spanish) for several voices, di piu voci (Italian), mehrstimmig (German), à plusieurs voix (French)
Avaricia(Spanish f.) avarice, greed
la avaricia rompe el saco (Spanish: if you're too greedy you end up with nothing)
Avaricioso (m.), Avariciosa (f.)(Spanish) greedy person, miserly person, avaricious person
avaricioso (m.), avariciosa (f.)(Spanish) greedy, miserly, avaricious
avariciento(Spanish) greedy, miserly
Avariento (m.), Avarienta (f.)(Spanish) greedy person, miserly person, avaricious person
avariento (m.), avarienta (f.)(Spanish) greedy, miserly, avaricious
Avarizia(Italian f.) avarice
Avaries(French f. pl.) damage
Avaro (m.), Avara (f.)(Spanish) miser, avaricious person
avaro (m.), avara (f.)(Spanish) miserly, avaricious
Avarohain Indian classical music, a descending note pattern
avasallador (m.), avasalladora (f.)(Spanish) overwhelming (event), domineering (person, attitude), overbearing (person, attitude), resounding (triumph)
avasallante(Spanish) overwhelming (event), domineering (person, attitude), overbearing (person, attitude), resounding (triumph)
avasallar(Spanish) to dominate, to tyrannize, to push somebody around, to trample on, to be pushy, to be overbearing
avaskulär(German) avascular
avaskuläre Nekrose(German f.) avascular necrosis (death of the cells in a bone or joint due to a loss of blood flow)
Avatar(French m.) misfortune
(English, German m., from Sanskrit literally 'descent') incarnation of a deity, especially of Vishnu in the Hindu Trinity
a word used metaphorically to denote a manifestation or embodiment of some idea or phrase
AvazIranian modal system, made up of twelve modes, divided into seven principal modes (called dastgâh) and five secondary modes (called avaz which are sub-dastgâhs)
Avda.abbreviation of Avenida (Spanish: Avenue - the equivalent abbreviation in English is Ave)
avda.or av., abbreviation of avenida (Spanish: avenue - the equivalent abbreviation in English is ave)
Avdelning(Swedish) section
AVEabbreviation of (tren de) alta velocidad español (Spanish: high-speed train)
Ave(Spanish f.) bird
in Spaish, ave is a feminine noun taking a masculine article in the singular
(Latin) Hail!
ave atque vale(Latin) hail and farewell!
avec(French) with, towards, with it, with another, with them
avec abandon(French) with abandon, abbandonatamente (Italian), abbandono (Italian), mit Hingabe (German)
avec accompagnement(French) with an accompaniment
avec adoration(French) con adorazione (Italian), adoringly, mit Anbetung (German)
avec affection(French) con affetto (Italian), with affection, lovingly, with wramth, mit Zuneigung (German), liebevoll (German)
avec agilité(French) with nimbleness, with agility, with clean and light expression, con agilità (Italian), mit Behändigkeit
avec agitation(French) con concitazione (Italian), con agitazione (Italian), agitato (Italian), concitato (Italian), with agitation, agitatedly, restlessly, hurriedly, erregt (German), unruhig (German), agité (French)
avec aisance(French) with facility, lightly, easily, with ease, con agevolezza Italian), con facilità (Italian), mit Leichtigkeit (German)
avec allant(French) con movimento
avec allégresse(French) con allegrezza (Italian), con allegria (Italian), joyfully, cheerfully, gaily, with lightness, mit Fröhlichkeit (German)
avec amabilité(French) con garbo (Italian), con amabilità (Italian), tenderly, with sweetness, gracefully, with elegance, with grace and gentleness, mit Liebenswürdigkeit (German)
avec âme(French) with soul, con anima
avec amertume(French) con amarezza (Italian), with sadness, with bitterness, with affliction, mournfully, mit Bitterkeit (German)
avec amour(French) con amore (Italian), with love, lovingly, with affection, with devotion, fondly, tenderly, mit Liebe (German)
avec ampleur(French) con ampiezza (Italian), with breadth, mit Weite (German), mit Ausdehnung (German)
avec ardeur(French) longingly
avec badinage(French) playfully
avec baguette(French) with a stick
avec baguette de bois(French) with a wooden stick
avec baguette de caoutchouc(French) with a rubber mallet
avec baguette de carillon(French) with a felt glockenspiel mallet, with a bell mallet
avec baguette de cuir(French) with a leather mallet, with a leather stick
avec baguette de fer(French) with an iron mallet, with an iron stick
avec baguette de feutre(French) with a felt mallet
avec baguette de feutre dur(French) with a hard felt mallet
avec baguette de feutree(French) with a soft mallet, with a soft stick
avec baguette de feutre mou(French) with a soft felt mallet
avec baguette de flanelle(French) with a flannel mallet
avec baguette de liège(French) with a cork mallet
avec baguette de marimba(French) with a marimba mallet
avec baguette de métal(French) with a metal stick, with a metal beater
avec baguette d'eponge(French) with a sponge mallet
avec baguette de tambour(French) with a side-drum or snare-drum stick
avec baguette de timbales(French) with a timpani stick
avec baguette de triangle(French) with a triangle beater
avec baguette de vibraphone(French) with a vibraphone mallet
avec baguette de xylophone(French) with a xylophone mallet
avec baguette dure(French) with a hard mallet, with a hard stick, with a hard beater
avec balai métallique(French) with the wire-brush
avec battent de cloche(French) with a chime mallet
avec beaucoup de liberté(French) con molto libertà
avec beaucoup d'expression(French) espressivo, ausdrucksvoll, with expression
avec brio(French) brilliantly
avec célérité(French) quickly
avec chaine et baguette fautrée(French) with chain and a soft stick
avec chaleur(French) ardently
avec charme(French) with charm, gracefully
avec clou(French) with a pin, with a nail
avec cymballes(French) with cymbals
avec délicatesse(French) with delicacy
avec deux baguettes(French) with two sticks
avec deux pièces de monnaie(French) with two coins
avec douleur(French) sadly, with an expression of grief and tenderness
avec élan(French) with dash, con islancio
avec emphase(French) with emphasis
avec empressement(French) eagerly, enthusiastically
avec énergie(French) energetically
this marking indicates that the music should be strongly accented and phrased distinctly
a veces(Spanish) sometimes, at times, now and then, occasionally
avec esprit(French) with spirit, spiritedly
avec fervour(French) fervently
avec force(French) forcefully
avec goût(French) tastefully, with taste and style
avec grand expression(French) very expressively
avec hâte(French) with haste, con fretta
avec humour(French) scherzend, giocoso, scherzando, with humour
avecinarse(Spanish) to approach, to come near
avecindarse(Spanish) to settle
avec l'(French) with the
avec la(French) with the
avec la baguette(French) with the stick
avec la mailloche(French) with the bass-drum beater
avec la main(French) with the hand
avec la main droite(French) with the right hand
avec la main gauche(French) with the left hand
avec la paume de la main(French) with the flat of the hand
avec la pointe de l'archet(French) at the point or tip of the bow, an der Bogenspitze (German), colla punta d'arco (Italian), alla punta d'arco (Italian), de la pointe (French), à la pointe (French)
avec l'archet(French) with the bow (for example, after a passage played pizzicato), mit dem Bogen (German)
avec la voix(French) with the voice, colla voce, col canto
avec le(French) with the
avec le balai(French) with the brush
avec le balai effleuré(French) with the striped brush
avec le balai métallique(French) with the wire-brush
avec le balai métallique de jazz(French) with the wire-brush
avec le bas de la main(French) with the wrist
avec le bois(French, literally 'with the wood') col legno, mit der Bogenstange (German)
avec le bouts des doights(French) with the finger-tips
avec le chant(French) col canto
avec le genou(French) with the knee
avec le manche(French) with the handle
avec le manche de la mailloche(French) with the handle of the bass-drum beater
avec lenteur(French) lingering, con lentezza, langsam, at a sedate pace
avec le pouce(French) with the thumb
avec les doigts(French) with the fingers
avec les ongles(French) with the finger-nails
avec les pieds(French) with the feet (in organ playing)
avec les deux cymbales(French) with two cymbals
avec le tampon de la mailloche(French) with the head of the bass-drum beater
avec liaison(French) smoothly
avec maillet(French) with a beater
avec mailloche(French) with a mallet
avec mailloche de tam-tam(French) with a tam-tam mallet, with a gong mallet
avec marteau(French) with a hammer
avec mouvement(French) with movement, con moto
avec passion(French) in an impassioned manner
avec plateau(French) with the flat
avec poids(French) with weight
avec précipitation(French) with precipitation
avec prompitude(French) with quickness, con speditezza
avec quelque impatience(French) with some impatience
avec quelque inquiétude(French) with some anxiety
avec quelques licences(French) somewhat freely
avec rapidité(French) with rapidity, con rapidità
avec rigeur(French) with rigour, con rigore
avec rudesse(French) with harshness, harshly, with roughness, ruvidamente (suggested by Prof. Wes Kenney)
avec sécheresse(French) dryly, without embellishment
avec sentiment(French) with feeling, with sensitivity, with sentiment
avec sillets(French) fretted, tastato (Italian), mit Bünden versehen (German)
avec soin(French) con cura (Italian), con accuratezza (Italian), with care, mit Sorgfalt (German)
avec sourdine(French) muted, damped
avec timbres(French) snares on
avec vélocité(French) con velocità
avec verge(French) with the brush, with the switch
avec verve(French) lively
avec vibration(French) with vibration
Ave de corral(Spanish f.) fowl
Ave de mal agüero(Spanish f.) bird of ill omen
Ave de paso(Spanish f.) bird of passage (also figurative)
Ave de presa(Spanish f.) bird of prey
Ave de rapiña(Spanish f.) bird of prey, shark (person)
avejentado (m.), avejentada (f.)(Spanish) aged, old
está muy avejentado (Spanish: he's aged a lot)
un rostro avejentado (Spanish: an old face)
avejentar(Spanish) to age, make ... look older (someone)
avejentarse(Spanish) to age
se ha avejentado mucho con los disgustos (Spanish: she has aged a lot because of what she has been through)
a velas tendidas(Spanish) in full sail
a vela y remo(Spanish) with all speed
Avellana(Spanish f.) hazelnut
Avellano(Spanish m.) hazel (tree)
a velocidad constante(Spanish) at a steady rate, steadily
a velocidad estable(Spanish) at a steady rate
Avemaría(Spanish f.) Hail Mary, Ave Maria
in Spanish, Avemaría is a feminine noun taken a masculine article in the singular
Ave Maria(English, German n., from Latin, literally 'Hail Mary') a prayer, in Latin, to The Virgin Mary, used in Roman Catholic liturgy, and set to music by a number of composers including Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
Avé maria(French) Hail Mary
Ave Maris Stella(Latin, literally 'Hail, star of the sea') a Roman Catholic hymn, one of the four antiphons sung as a Vesper hymn from Purification until Easter
Avemmaria(Italian) referring to the hymn or prayer to the Virgin Mary, a term is used also for the tolling of a bell, at dawn, noon and dusk, which, in Roman Catholic countries, calls the faithful to prayer
Avena(Italian f., Spanish f.) oats
(Italian f., Spanish f.) reed, pipe
avenant (m.), aventante (f.)(French) pleasing
avenant à l'...(French) in a similar style to ...
avenar(Spanish) to drain
à vendre(French) for sale
Avènement(French m.) advent, accession (of a king)
Avenida(Spanish f.) avenue (street), boulevard, flood (river in full flow), freshet
possible abbreviations, in Spanish, Av., Avda.
avenido (m.), avenida (f.)matched (as in 'well-matched')
es una pareja muy bien avenida (Spanish: it's a well-matched couple)
hace mucho tiempo que están mal avenidos (Spanish: they have not been on good terms for a long time)
Avenir(French m.) future
avenir(Spanish) to reconcile
avenirse(Spanish) to come to an agreement, to get on well, to agree
avenirse a(Spanish) to agree to
al final se avino a sus exigencias (Spanish: in the end, she gave in to his demands)
avenirse con ...(Spanish) to get on with ... (somebody)
avenirse en ...(Spanish) to agree on ... (something)
Avensthe herb was used in salads and the root to impart a clovelike flavour to ale
aventajado (m.), aventajada (f.)(Spanish) outstanding, exceptional, promising (student)
aventajar(Spanish) to surpass. to be ahead of, to overtake, to get ahead of
aventajar a(Spanish) to be ahead of
aventar(Spanish) to fan, to winnow (grain), to blow away (wind), to throw (Colombia, Mexico, Peru: stone, ball), to thump (Colombia, Mexico, Peru - colloquial: somebody), to push (Mexico)
aventarse(Spanish) to dare (Mexico), to throw oneself (Colombia, Mexico). to dive (Colombia, Mexico: into water)
aventarse a hacer ...(Spanish - Mexico) to dare to do ... (something)
Aventón(Spanish m. - Mexico) lift (familiar: ride)
Aventura(Spanish f.) adventure, venture, risk, (amorous) fling, (illicit, love) affair
Aventura amorosa(Spanish f.) love affair
aventurado(Spanish) risky
aventurar(Spanish) to risk, to venture, to put forward, to hazard (guess, hypothesis, conjecture)
aventurarse(Spanish) to dare, to venture
Aventura sentimental(Spanish f.) love affair
Aventure(French f.) adventure, (love) affair
Aventurero (m.), Aventurera (f.)(Spanish) adventurer
aventurero (m.), aventurera (f.)(Spanish) adventurous
aventureux (m.), aventureuse (f.)(French) adventurous, risky
Aventurier (m.), Aventurière (f.)(French) adventurer
Avenue(English, German f.) a line of approach, a wide street or thoroughfare, a broad roadway lined with trees
Avenue stagingstaging in which the audience in placed on both sides, as though the acting space is a street. Alternative terms for the same staging arrangement are alley staging or tennis-court staging
a ver(Spanish) let's see, let's have a look
Ave rapaz(Spanish f.) bird of prey, shark (person)
Avere(Italian m.) property
avere(Italian) to have, to get
avere a che fare con(Italian) to have to do with
avere caldo(Italian) to be hot
avere da fare(Italian) to be busy
avere fame(Italian) to be hungry
avere freddo(Italian) to be cold
Ave Reginathe antiphon, Ave Regina Caelorum, one of the four Marian antiphons, is sung as the concluding antiphon in the The Liturgy of the Hours from the Presentation of the Lord until Holy Thursday. It was originally sung for None for the Feast of the Assumption. The author is unknown. The earliest plainchant manuscript stems from the twelfth century
avere mal di gola(Italian) to have a sore throat
avere sete(Italian) to be thirsty
avere sonno(Italian) to be sleepy
avere un bambino(Italian) to have a baby
a verga(Spanish) by force
avergonzado (m.), avergonzada (f.)(Spanish) ashamed, embarrassed
avergonzado por ...(Spanish) ashamed of ...
avergonzar(Spanish) to shame, to embarrass
avergonzarse(Spanish) to be ashamed (of oneself), to be embarrassed (by oneself)
avergonzarse de ...(Spanish) to be ashamed of ... (something)
Avería(Spanish f.) breakdown (motor vehicle), damage
averiado (m.), averiada (f.)(Spanish) broken down, out of order (lift, telephone), damaged (fruit, goods), spoilt (fruit)
averiar(Spanish) to damage, to break
averiarse(Spanish) to get damaged, to break down (vehicle)
averiguable(Spanish) verifiable
Averiguación(Spanish f.) verification, investigation, enquiry, inquiry, argument (Mexico: dispute)
Averiguador(Spanish m.) investigator
averiguar(Spanish) to verify, to find out, to investigate, to ascertain, to quarrel (Mexico), to argue (Mexico)
averiguárselas(Spanish - Mexico) to manage, to get by
aver la bava alla bocca(Italian) to foam at the mouth
a ver mi nombre escrito in el agua de los premios(Spanish) to have your name written in water is to be lost to memory (the text written on the tombstone of the English poet John Keats)
Avers (s.), Averse (pl.)(German m.) obverse (of a coin)
Averse(French f.) shower
à verse(French) in torrents
a ver si(Spanish) # we'll see if, let's see if, we will see if
a ver si aciertas quién es(Spanish) (let's) see if you can guess who it is
a ver si nos aclaramos(Spanish) (let's) see if we can sort things out, (let's) see if we can get things straight
a ver si por fin se deciden(Spanish) we will once they make a decision
Aversion(English, German f.) fixed or intense dislike, repugnance
Aversión(Spanish f.) aversion
Aversión a(Spanish f.) aversion for
Aversion gegen(German) aversion to
Aversión hacia(Spanish f.) aversion for
Aversión por(Spanish f.) aversion for
aversiv(German) aversive
averti(French) informed, warned
avertir(French) to inform, to warn
Avertissement(French m.) prefatory note, warning
Avertisseur(French m.) car horn
Avertisseur de fumée(French m.) smoke alarm
Avertisseur d'incendie(French m.) fire alarm
Avestathe primary collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the Avestan language. Prior to the arrival of Islam, Zoroastrians performed choral and solo performance songs. However, most of those songs are no longer performed, though there remain Zoroastrian religious songs. Many are derived from the Avesta, or from the Gathas (sayings attributed to Zoroaster). Islamic influence can be seen in the melodies of the Naderi method of prayer recitation and pilgrim's songs. The ancient tambourine music of Kermanshah (in Iran) is similar as well to some kinds of Zoroastrian music. Darbe Mehrs and Zoroastrian fire temples usually possess one to two bells which are intoned at certain times during ceremonies
Avestruz(Spanish m.) ostrich
avete(Latin) greetings!
Aveu(French m.) confession
Aveugle(French m./f.) blind man, blind woman
aveugle(French) blind
Aveuglement(French m.) blindness
aveuglément(French) blindly
aveugler(French) to blind
avezado (m.), avezada (f.)(Spanish) skilled, experienced, seasoned
Avgiolitzides(Greece) an alternative name for 'fiddlers'
Avhandling(Norwegian) essay
Avi(Italian ancestors
Aviación(Spanish f.) aviation, air force
Aviación civil(Spanish f.) civil aviation
aviado(Spanish - Argentina) well off
Aviador (m.), Aviadora (f.)(Spanish m.) member of the crew (aeroplane), pilot, air force pilot, flyer, flier, money-lender (Argentina), mining speculator (Argentina)
aviar(Spanish) to get ready, to clean, to prepare, to tidy, to lend money (Latin America), to repair, to hurry up
vamos a aviar la casa que va a llegar la visita (Spanish: let's get the house ready, as our guests are arriving)
(German) avian
aviarse(Spanish) to get ready
¡avíate!(Spanish) hurry up!
see Abu ibn Sina
a vicenda(Italian) alternately, by turns
Avicinium(Latin) an organ stop that imitates the warbling of birds
avícola(Spanish) poultry
Avicultor(Spanish m.) poultry farmer
Avicultura(Spanish f.) poultry farming
à vide(French) empty
(French) open, as in cord à vide (French: open string - i.e. an unstopped string)
avide(French) greedy, eager
avide de(French) greedy for, eager for
avide de faire(French) eager to do
Avidez(Spanish f.) eagerness, greed
Avidità(Italian f.) avidity, greed
Avidité(French) greed, eagerness
ávido(Italian) avid, greedy (pejorative)
ávido (m.), ávida (f.)(Spanish) avid, greedy (pejorative)
estamos ávidos de saber y de paz (Spanish: we are thirsty for knowledge and peace)
avieso (m.), aviesa (f.)(Spanish) wicked, malicious
Avignoner(German m.) Avignonese (a person born in or associated with Avignon, France)
avilir(French) to degrade
avinagrado (m.), avinagrada (f.)(Spanish) sour (also figurative), vinegary
avinagrar(Spanish) to sour, to make ... taste vinegary (something), to make ... taste sour (something), to make ... taste biller (something), to embitter (figurative)
avinagrarse(Spanish) to go sour, to turn vinegary, to go vinegary, to become bitter (figurative: person), to become sour (figurative: person), to become embittered (figurative)
Avío (s.), Avíos (pl.)(Spanish m.) preparation, provisions (plural form), equipment (plural form)
Avion(French m.) plane, aeroplane, aircraft
Avión(Spanish m.) plane, aeroplane, aircraft, house martin (bird)
Avión a chorro(Spanish m.) jet (plane)
Avión anfibio(Spanish m.) seaplane
Avión a reacción(Spanish m.) jet (plane)
Avionazo(Spanish m. - Mexico) plane crash
Avión de combate(Spanish m.) fighter plane
Avión de pasajeros(Spanish m.) passenger plane
Avioneta(Spanish f.) light aircraft
Avionik(German f.) avionics
Avis(French m.) opinion, notification, advice (note)
(German m.) advice letter, advice slip, letter of advice, notification, notification of despatch
(German m./n.) advice (note)
avisado(Spanish) wise
avísame cuando acabes(Spanish) let me know when you've finished
avisar(Spanish) to warn, to notify, to inform, to call (doctor, nurse, etc.)
avisar a ... de ...(Spanish) to let ... (somebody) know about ... (something)
avisar a la policía(Spanish) to call the police
avisar al médico(Spanish) to send for the doctor, to call the doctor
avisé(French) sensible
aviser(French) to notice, to advise, to decide what to do
aviser à(French) to decide what to do about
avisieren(German) to advise, to announce, to send notification of, to advise of, to notify
avisierend(German) notifying
avisiert(German) notified
Aviso(German n.) advice, advice note, notice (Austria)
(Spanish m.) warning, notice (announcement), bell (cinema, theatre), advertisement (Latin America), ad (Latin America)
Aviso al público(Spanish m.) notice to the public
Avispa(Spanish f.) wasp
avispado (m.), avispada (f.)(Spanish) sharp (familiar), quick-witted, bright (familiar)
Avispero(Spanish m.) wasp's nest, mess (figurative)
Avispón(Spanish m.) hornet
a vista(Italian) or a prima vista, at (first) sight, a libro aperto (Italian), vom Blatte (German), à première vue (French), à livre ouvert (French), a primera vista (Spanish)
a vista de(Spanish) in the presence of, in front of, within sight of, in view of, before (in front of)
a vista de la costa(Spanish) offshore
a vista mía(Spanish) in front of me
avistar(Spanish) to catch sight of, to see
a vista y paciencia de(Spanish) openly in front of, under the eyes of
a vista y paciencia de él(Spanish) openly in front of him, under his eyes
a vista y paciencia de ella(Spanish) openly in front of her, under her eyes
a vista y paciencia de ellas(Spanish) openly in front of them, under their eyes
a vista y paciencia de ellos(Spanish) openly in front of them, under their eyes
a vista y paciencia de usted(Spanish) openly in front of you, under your eyes
a vista y paciencia mía(Spanish) openly in front of me, under my eyes
a vista y paciencia nuestra(Spanish) openly in front of us, under our eyes
a vista y paciencia suya(Spanish) openly in front of him, openly in front of her, openly in front of you
a vista y paciencia tuya(Spanish) openly in front of you
a vista y paciencia vuestra(Spanish) openly in front of you
Avituallamiento(Spanish m.) supplying, provisioning
avituallar(Spanish) to provision
a viva fuerza(Spanish) by sheer strength, by bodily force, by pure force, by sheer force, forcibly
avivar(Spanish) to stoke up (fire), to brighten up (colour), to arouse (interest, passion), to intensify (grief), to get ... going (fire), to make ... brighter (colour), to quicken (to increase the pace)
avivarse(Spanish) to revive (fire), to flare up (fire), to come alive, to liven up, to cheer up, to wise up (Latin America: colloquial)
aviver(French) to revive
Avlosthe Thracian gaida
Avocado(German f.) avocado, avocado pear
Avocadobaum(German m.) avocado tree
Avocadobirne(German f.) avocado pear (Persea americana)
Avocadofrucht(German f.) avocado fruit
Avocadofruchtfleisch(German n.) avocado pulp
Avocadokern(German m.) avocado stone, avocado pit
Avocadoöl(German n.) avocado oil
Avocadosuppe(German f.) avocado soup
Avocat (m.), Avocate (f.)(French) barrister, attorney, advocate (figurative)
Avocationan activity that a person does as a hobby outside their main occupation
Avocato(German f.) avocado
a voce alta(Italian) speaking aloud
a voce piena(Italian) with full voice, mit voller Stimme (German), à pleine voix (French)
a voces(Spanish) aloud, in a loud voice, at the top of one's voice, clamorously
a voce sola(Italian) for one voice alone, für eine (Sing-)Stimme allein (German), ohne Instrumentalbegleitung (German)
Avoided cadencesynonymous with 'interrupted cadence'
Avoid notesa note from a scale of a chord that sounds dissonant when held against the chord. So-called 'avoid notes' provide the creative musician with opportunities to break tentative rules and expand the scope of the art. Needless to say, the notion that certain notes should be avoided in certain situations should never be considered a hard rule and classical literature contains many counter-examples to the idea of 'avoid notes'
in jazz, the convention is that, except where they are passing notes, 'avoid notes' are:
root note as a suspended note over a major 7th
minor 3rd on a major 7th chord
major 3rd on a minor chord
4th over any major chord (unless it is an 11th or a sus 4)
flattened 6th on a major 7th chord
flattened 6th on a minor chord
minor 7th on a major 7th chord
major 7th on a minor 7th chord
major 7th on a dominant 7th chord
flattened 9th on a major 7th chord
flattened 9th on a minor chord
sharpened 9th on a major 7th chord
11th on a dominant chord
Avoid-Note(German f.) avoid note
Avoine(French f.) oats
Avoir(French m.) assets
avoir(French) to have, to get, to take in
avoir à faire(French) to have to do
avoir ... ans(French) to be ... years old
avoir beaucoup à dire à propos de(French) to have a lot to say about
avoir besoin de(French) to need
avoir bobo(French) to have a pain
avoir bon coeur(French) to be kind-hearted
avoir bonne conscience(French) to have a clear conscience
avoir chaud(French) to be warm, to be hot
avoir conscience de(French) to be aware of
avoir confiance en(French) to trust
avoir de la chance(French) to be lucky
avoir de l'allure(French) to have style (said about a person's manner or look)
avoir de la peine(French) to feel sad
avoir de la repartie(French) to be good at repartee
avoir de la tension(French) to have high blood-pressure
avoir de la valeur(French) to be valuable, to be of some worth
avoir de la veine(French) to be lucky (familiar)
avoir de l'ordre(French) to be tidy
avoir droit à(French) to be entitled to
avoir du bagou(French) to have the gift of the gab
avoir du bagout(French) to have the gift of the gab
avoir du bol(French) to be lucky
avoir du chagrin(French) to be distressed
Avoirdupois(English, German n., from old French) the name of the standard system of wieghts used in the British Isles and specifical the avoirdupois pound which is equivalent to 0.45359237 kg
Avoirdupois-Pfund(German n.) avoirdupois pound
avoir du succès(French) to be a success
avoir du ventre(French) to have a paunch
avoir en commun(French) to share
avoir envie de(French) to want, to feel like
avoir envie de faire(French) to want to do, to feel like doing
avoir faim(French) to be hungry
avoir la bosse de(French) to have a gift for
avoir la langue bien affilée(French) to have a quick tongue, to have a sharp tongue
avoir la langue bien pendue(French) to have a ready tongue
avoir la langue déliée(French) to have a ready tongue
avoir la langue fourchue(French) to speak with a forked tongue
avoir le béguin pour(French) to have a crush on
avoir le cafard(French) to be feeling low
avoir le chic pour(French) to have the knack of
avoir le dessus(French) to get the upper hand
avoir le doigt luxé(French) to have a dislocated finger
avoir le droit de(French) to be allowed to
avoir l'épaule luxée(French) to have a dislocated shoulder
avoir le pouce luxé(French) to have a dislocated thumb
avoir les cheveux longs(French) to have long hair
avoir le sens de la repartie(French) to be good at repartee
avoir le send du rythme(French) to have a sense of rhythm
avoir l'estomac barbouillé(French) to feel liverish
avoir le vertige(French) to feel dizzy
avoir l'habitude de faire(French) to be used to doing
avoir lieu(French) to take place
avoir lieu de(French) to have good reason to
avoir mal au coeur(French) to feel sick
avoir mauvaise conscience(French) to have a guilty conscience
avoir pied(French) to be within one's depth
avoir pour but de(French) to aim to
avoir qualité pour(French) to have (the) authority to
avoir roulé sa bosse(French) to have been around
avoir ses quartiers de noblesse(French) to be well established and respected, to have earned one's colours
avoir soif(French) to be thirsty
avoir tendance à(French) to have a tendency to, to tend to
avoir tort(French) to be wrong
avoir tout son temps(French) to have plenty of time
avoir un vertige(French) to feel dizzy
avoisinant (m.), avoisinante (f.)(French) neighbouring
avoisiner(French) to border on
à voix basse(French) mit leiser Stimme (German), unter der Stimme(German), sotto voce (Italian), sottovoce (Italian), under the breath, in lowered tones, softly, as an aside, in an undertone
Avokado(German f.) avocado
Avokadomilch(German f.) avocado milk
Avokadoöl(German n.) avocado oil
a volar(Spanish) get out of here, get out, beat it, scram
à vol d'oiseau(French) as the crow flies
a volontà(Italian) as required, at pleasure, ad libitum (Latin), nach Belieben (German), frei im Vortrag (German)
à volonté(French) as required, at pleasure, ad libitum (Latin), nach Belieben (German), frei im Vortrag (German)
a voluntad(Spanish) at will, whenever one wants, as required, at pleasure, ad libitum (Latin), ad lib (Latin abbreviaiton), nach Belieben (German), frei im Vortrag (German)
a volver a empezar(Spanish) back to the drawing board
Avorio(Italian m.) ivory
à vos ordres!(French) yes sir!
à votre gré(French) a bene placito
Avoué(French m.) solicitor, attorney
avoué(French) avowed
avouer(French) to confess, to confess to
à vous!(French) over to you!
a voz en cuello(Spanish) in a loud voice, at the top of one's voice
a voz en grito(Spanish) at the top of one's voice, in a loud voice, at the top of one's lungs, with tremendous screams, with tremendous shouts
av págabbreviation of avance de página (Spanish: next page)
Avril(French m.) April
avtrykk(Norwegian) impression
a vue(French) at sight
a vuela pluma(Spanish) without stopping to think
a vuelo(Spanish) very quickly
a vuelo de pájaro(Spanish) from a bird's eye view, from a height
a vuelta de(Spanish) about, around
a vuelta de correo(Spanish) by return mail, by return of post
a vue spelen(Dutch) play at sight
a vuestra costa(Spanish) at your expense
a vuestra cuenta(Spanish) on your account
a vuestra derecha(Spanish) at your right
a vuestra espera(Spanish) waiting for you
a vuestra instancia(Spanish) at your request
a vuestra manera(Spanish) your way, in your own way, your own way
a vuestra manera de pensar(Spanish) in your way of thinking
a vuestra merced(Spanish) at your mercy
a vuestra obediencia(Spanish) your obedient servant
a vuestras espaldas(Spanish) behind your back
a vuestras expensas(Spanish) at your expense, at your cost
a vuestras órdenes(Spanish) at your service
a vuestro albedrío(Spanish) however you like
a vuestro cargo(Spanish) in your care
a vuestro derredor(Spanish) around you
a vuestro entender(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, the way you see it
a vuestro favor(Spanish) on your behalf
a vuestro gusto(Spanish) the way you like it, to your liking
a vuestro juicio(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view
a vuestro lado(Spanish) at your side
a vuestro modo(Spanish) in your own way
a vuestro modo de ver las cosas(Spanish) the way you see things, from your point of view, in your opinion
a vuestro parecer(Spanish) in your opinion
a vuestro servicio(Spanish) at your service
a vue van blad lezen(Dutch) sight-reading
avulsieren(German) to tear off the nerve
Avus(German f.) the name of the ring-road in Berlin
avvalersi di(Italian) to avail oneself of
Avvallamento(Italian m.) depression
avvalorare(Italian) to give value to, to enhance
avvampare(Italian) to flare up, to blush
avvantaggiare(Italian) to favour
avvantaggiarsi di(Italian) to benefit from, to take advantage of, to profit from
avvedersi(Italian) to notice, to realize
avveduto(Italian) shrewd
Avvelenamento(Italian m.) poisoning
avvelenare(Italian) to poison
avvenente(Italian) attractive
Avvenimento(Italian m.) event
Avvenire(Italian m.) future
avvenire(Italian) to happen, to take place
avventarsi(Italian) to fling oneself
avventato(Italian) rash
Avvento(Italian m.) advent, Advent
Avventore(Italian m.) regular customer
Avventura(Italian f.) adventure, (love) affair
Avventuriero (m.), Avventuriera (f.)(Italian m./f.) adventurer (m.), adventuress (f.)
avventuroso(Italian) adventurous
avverarsi(Italian) to come true
Avverbio(Italian m.) adverb
avversare(Italian) to oppose
Avversario (m.), Avversaria (f.)(Italian) opponent
avversario (m.), avversaria (f.)(Italian) opposing
Avversione(Italian f.) aversion
Avversità(Italian f.) adversity
avverso(Italian) adverse, averse
Avvertenza(Italian f.) care, warning, notice
Avvertenze(Italian instructions
Avvertimento(Italian m.) warning
avvertire(Italian) to warn, to inform, to feel
avvezzare(Italian) to accustom
avvezzarsi(Italian) to accustom oneself
avvezzo(Italian) used to
Avviamento(Italian m.) starting, goodwill
avviare(Italian) to start
avviarsi(Italian) to set out
avviato(Italian) under way
Avvicinamento(Italian m.) approach
avvicinare(Italian) to bring near, to approach
avvicinarsi(Italian) to come near, to approach
Avvilimento(Italian m.) despondency, humiliation
avvilire(Italian) to dishearten, to humiliate
avvilirsi(Italian) to lose heart, to humble oneself
avvilito(Italian) disheartened, humiliated
avviluppare(Italian) to envelop
avvilupparsi(Italian) to wrap oneself up, to get entangled
avvinazzato(Italian) drunk
avvincente(Italian) charming, enthralling (book, play, etc.)
avvincere(Italian) to charm
avvinghiare(Italian) to clutch
avvinghiarsi(Italian) to cling
avvisare(Italian) to inform, to warn
avvistare(Italian) to catch sight of
Avviso(Italian m.) notice, announcement, advertisement, warning
Avviso teatrale(Italian m.) playbill
avvitare(Italian) to screw down, to screw in
avvivando(Italian) enlivening
avvizzire(Italian) to wither
Avvocato (m.), Avvocatessa (f.)(Italian) lawyer, advocate (figurative)
avvolgere(Italian) to wrap, to wrap up
avvolgersi(Italian) to wrap onself up
Avvolgible(Italian m.) roller blind
A/Wabbreviation of 'art work'
Awalimfemale Egyptian performers who danced, sung, played musical instruments and recited poetry
Awakenedrisvegliato (Italian), erwacht (German), réveillé (French)
Awaren(German pl.) Avars (a Turkic people who migrated into what is now Hungary in the late sixth century)
Awdl(from Middle Welsh odl) the term in Welsh poetry has come to acquire several meanings. In its earliest usage, an awdl meant a stave bearing the rhyme in any poem. Next, it came to mean a series of monorhymes or a poem in monorhyme by a bard. Even later, the term came to mean a poem written in awdl meter. By the late Renaissance, the term meant a lengthy poem written in cynghanedd and in one of the strict meters
AWGabbreviation of 'Art Workers' Guild', 'American Wire Gauge'
a wilbur(Spanish) by force
AWLabbreviation of 'absent without leave'
Awna slender, bristlelike appendage found on the spikelets of many grasses
AWOLabbreviation of 'absent without leave'
AWSabbreviation of 'acoustic well sounding'
AWVthe catalogue of music by Daniel François Esprit Auber (1782-1871) prepared by Herbert Schneider
ax.abbreviation of 'axiom'
Axamentaor Assamenta, Salian verses sung by the Salii, the 'leaping priests' of Mars in Ancient Rome, in honour of men. They played a pivotal role in the Festival of the Salii, during which they sang the Carmen Saliare. In Ancient Rome, the term carmen was generally used to signify a verse; but in its proper sense, it referred to a spell or prayer, form of expiation, execration, etc. The Salii's duty, and the song's function, was to keep Rome safe in battle
Axatse(Ghana) gourd shaker or rattle of the Ewe people, that has beads on a net woven around it. The axatse is typically shaken and struck with the hand and thigh
Axe(French m.) centre pin, axle, axis
the use of 'axe' as slang for a musical instrument dates back to 1955. The instrument to which 'axe' was first applied, however, was not the guitar, but the saxophone. The logic may have been simply the 'sax/axe' rhyme, but another theory ties 'axe' to the 'swing' of a jazz sax player in full stride. 'Axe' was also later applied to the trumpet before becoming accepted as slang for the guitar, a use which has probably persisted in part because of the instrument's resemblance to an actual axe
[entry prompted by Dave Keckes-Chartrey]
  • Axe from The Word Detective
Axé(Yoruba, derived from the word meaning 'life force') a percussive Brazilian pop music style from Bahia in northern Brazil that incorporates samba, rock, soul and many other musical influences
Axel(English, German m.) a jump in figure skating that is initiated from the outer forward edge of one skate, followed by one and one-half midair turns and a return
Axel-Heiberg-Insel(German f.) Axel Heiberg Island (the 31st largest island in the world and Canada's 7th largest)
Axenicnot contaminated by or associated with any other living organisms
axenisch(German) axenic
axer(French) to centre
Axialrelating to, characterised by, or forming an axis; located on, around, or in the direction of an axis
in anatomy, pertaining to the head and trunk (vertebrae, ribs and sternum) of the body
axial(German) axial, axially
Axialbewegung(German f.) axial movement
axiale Belastung(German f.) axial loading
Axialkräfte(German pl.) axial forces
Axiallager(German n.) thrust bearing, axial bearing
Axiallänge(German f.) axial length
Axialschub (s.), Axialschübe (pl.)(German m.) axial thrust
Axialspiel(German n.) axial play
Axila(Spanish f.) axilla, armpit
axilar(Spanish) underarm (as in 'underarm deodorant')
Axilla(English, German f.) armpit
axillär(German) axillary
Axillarlinie(German f.) axillary line (Linea axillaris)
Axinomancydivination using an axe or hatchet. Both the handle and the blade are used in various forms
Axinomantie(German f.) axinomancy
Axiom (s.), Axiome (German pl.)(English, German n.) maxim, a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits, a postulate
Axioma(Spanish m.) axiom
axiomático(Spanish) axiomatic
Axiomatik(German f.) axiomatics (the study of self-evident truths)
axiomatisch(German) axiomatic
axiomatisieren(German) to axiomatise
Axiomatisierung(German f.) axiomatization
Axiome(French m.) axiom
Axis(English, German m.) an imaginary straight line on which an object rotates
Axminster carpeta machine-woven carpet where an enormous variety of colours are used to produce colorful patterns
Axminster-Teppich(German m.) Axminster carpet
Axminsterteppich(German m.) Axminster carpet
Axt (s.), Axte (pl.)(German f.) axe
axtähnlicher Zimmererhammer(German m.) adze hammer
Axthammer(German m.) adze hammer
Axtschlag(German m.) blow of an axe
Axtwerfen(German n.) axe throwing
Axumite Empireor Aksum Empire, an important trading nation in northeastern Africa, growing from the proto-Aksumite period c. 4th century BC to achieve prominence by the 1st century AD. Its ancient capital is found in northern Ethiopia. The Kingdom used the name 'Ethiopia' as early as the 4th century. It is also the alleged resting place of the Ark of the Covenant and the home of the Queen of Sheba. Aksum was also the first major empire to convert to Christianity
Axumitisches Reich(German n.) Axumite Empire
ay(Spanish) ow! ouch!, oh!, oh dear!
Aya(Spanish f.) governess, child's nurse, lady's maid
Ayacatchtlipre-Hispanic Mexican rattles
Ayacaxtlia Nahuatl (Mexican) rattle made from various materials including clay and gourds
Ayah(Anglo-Indian, from the Portuguese) a native nurse-maid or lady's maid
Ayatollah(English, German m.) a high-ranking Shiite religious authority regarded as worthy of imitation in matters of religious law and interpretation
ay de(Spanish) poor
¡ay del que se atreva!(Spanish) woe betide anyone who tries it!
¡ay de tí!(Spanish) poor you!
Ayer(Spanish m.) past, yesterday
el ayer (Spanish: yesterday, the past)
ayer(Spanish) yesterday
ayer en la mañana(Spanish - Latin America) yesterday morning
ayer hizo un mes(Spanish) a month ago yesterday
ayer por la mañana(Spanish) yesterday morning
ayer por la noche(Spanish) last night
ayer por la tarde(Spanish) yesterday afternoon
Aymara(English, German pl.) a modern cultural group of the Andes in Peru, and the descendants of the Tiwanaku Empire in the Lake Titicaca region of Bolivia and Peru (400-1500AD)
Ayo(Spanish m.) tutor
AyochicahuaztliMexican metal rattle
Ayote(Spanish m. - Mexico) pumpkin
Ayreold spelling of air, which is generally applied to English lute-song from the early seventeenth century
"if the English Ayre, intended for solo (usually male) voice originally self-accompanied on a lute, became celebrated throughout Europe, this was mostly because we produced in John Dowland a composer-singer-lutenist of exceptional calibre: whose songs, setting verse mostly of lyrical distinction and of dramatic intensity, achieved perfect equilibrium between the melodic expressivity of the voice part and the harmonic density of the quasi-polyphonic lute accompaniment" Wilfrid Mellers from The Gentleman
Ayrshire Poet, TheRobert Burns (1759-1796), who was born in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland
Ayuda(Spanish f.) help, assistance, aid
un joven vino en ayuda de los accidentados (Spanish: a young man came to the aid of the injured peopl)
Ayuda de cámara(Spanish m.) valet
ayúdame a poner la mesa(Spanish) help me (to) set the table
Ayudante (m./f.), Ayudanta (f.)(Spanish) assistant, adjutant (military)
Ayudante de cátedra(Spanish m./f.) assistant professor (US), (junior) lecturer
Ayudante de cocina(Spanish m./f.) kitchen assistant
Ayudante de maestra(Spanish m./f.) teaching assistant
Ayudante de redacción(Spanish m./f.) editorial assistant
Ayudante mágico(Spanish m./f.) magician's assistant (theatrical magic), fairy godmother (colloquial), genie (in Arabic tales)
Ayudante técnico sanitario(Spanish m./f.) registered nurse (abbreviated ATS)
ayudar(Spanish) to help
ayudar al prójimo(Spanish) to help one's neighbour
ayudarse(Spanish) to help oneself, to help each other, to help one another
ayunas, ensee en ayunas
ayudas para la inversión(Spanish) incentives for investment
ayunar(Spanish) to fast (i.e. do not eat)
Ayuno(Spanish m.) fast (not eating), fasting
Ayuntamiento(Spanish m.) town council, city council, town hall (building), city hall (building)
Ayurveda(English, German m.) one of India's traditional systems of medicine, the other being South India's Siddha medicine
ayurvedisch(German) Ayurvedic
Azabache(Spanish m.) jet (fossilized coal), jet black (colour)
Azada(Spanish f.) hoe
Azadón(Spanish m.) large hoe, mattock
Azafata(Spanish f.) air hostess, flight attendant, hostess (conference, etc.), tray (Peru)
Azafata de tierra(Spanish f.) ground stewardess
Azafata de congresos(Spanish f.) conference hostess
Azafate(Spanish f. - South America) tray
Azafrán(Spanish m.) saffron
a zaga(Spanish) at the rear, in the rear
Azahar(Spanish m.) orange blossom, lemon blossom
Azalee(German f.) azalea (Rhododendron spp.)
Azar (s.), Arares (pl.)(Spanish m.) chance, misfortune, mishap, ups and downs (plural form), vicissitudes (plural form)
azarar(Spanish) to fluster, to embarrass, to confuse
azararse(Spanish) to go wrong, to get confused, to be embarrassed, to get flustered, to be flustered
azarosamente(Spanish) hazardously
azaroso (m.), azarosa (f.)(Spanish) hazardous, risky, evenful, unlucky (person)
azellulär(German) acellular, noncellular, cell-free
azentrisch(German) acentric (not centred or having no centre)
Azeotrop(German n.) azeotrope
azeotrop(German) azeotropic
Azeotropea liquid mixture of two or more substances that retains the same composition in the vapor state as in the liquid state when distilled
azeotropes Gemisch(German n.) azeotrope
azephal(German) acephalous (in anthropology, a term applied to societies without centralized political organization or a recognised head)
azephal(German) acephalic
Azephalie(German f.) acephalism
Azerbaiján(Spanish m.) Azerbaijan, Azerbaidzhan
Azerbaijani hip hop
Azerbaiyán(Spanish m.) Azerbaijan, Azerbaidzhan
Azerbaiyaní(Spanish m.) Azerbaijani
azerbaiyaní(Spanish) Azerbaijani, Azeri
azerbaiyano (m.), azerbaiyana (f.)(Spanish) Azerbaijani
Azetabulum(German n.) acetabulum (the cup-shaped cavity at the base of the hipbone into which the ball-shaped head of the femur fits)
Azetaldehyd(German n.) acetaldehyde (a colourless, flammable liquid, C2 H4 O, used to manufacture acetic acid, perfumes and drugs)
Azetat(German n.) acetate (a salt or ester of acetic acid, which can be formed into sheets, fibres, etc.)
Azetatband(German n.) acetate tape
Azeton(German n.) acetone (a colourless, volatile, extremely flammable liquid ketone, CH3 COCH3 , widely used as an organic solvent)
Azetylen(German n.) acetylene (a colourless flammable gas, formula C2 H2, used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis)
Azidität(German f.) acidity
Azienda(Italian f.) firm
Azienda agricola(Italian f.) farm
Azienda di soggiorno(Italian f.) tourist bureau
Aziliana mesolithic culture pf the transitional period between Palaeolithic and Neolithic, which is named for the bone and flint fragments found in a cave at Mas d'Azil in Southern France
Azimut (s.), Azimute (pl.)(German m./n.) azimuth (a direction in terms of a 360° compass. North is at 0°, east is at 90°, south is at 180°, and west is at 270°)
azimutal(German) azimuthal
Azimutalprojektion(German f.) azimuthal projection
Azimuthal projectiona projection on which the azimuth or direction from a given central point to any other point is shown correctly
azionare(Italian) to operate
Azione(Italian f.) action, drama (see azione sacra), share (business)
Azione sacra(Italian f., literally 'sacred action') opera based on a religious subject, a sacred drama for Holy Week, a description of the Italian sepolcro, a one-act musical enactment of the Passion (that made use of scenery, costumes and acting) that developed in mid to late seventeenth-century Habsburg Vienna. It would later spread to Italy to become an early form of 'oratorio'
Azione teatrale(Italian f.) eighteenth-century term for an opera or musical festival play
the German composer Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787) working in partnership with his librettist Ranieri Simone Francesco Maria de Calzabigi (1714-1795) who was also an Italian poet and music theorist, devised a form of opera in which words and music work together to convey in the most direct form a musical drama. The first fruit of their reform is Orfeo ed Eurydice, performed in Vienna in 1762. The piece is described in the programme as an azione teatrale per musica (Italian, literally 'theatrical action through music')
Azionista(Italian m./f.) shareholder (business)
Azithromycin(English, German n.) an antibiotic approved for the treatment of chlamydia and bacterial infections of the skin and respiratory tract
az.ld.abbreviation of 'azure laid (paper)' (in printing)
Azmariitinerant musicians who play traditional music in Ethiopia
Azobenzen(German n.) azobenzene
Azobenzenecrystalline solid used in dyes
a zocas(Spanish) the wrong way
azogado(Spanish) restless
azogarse(Spanish) to be restless
Azoica period before the appearance of life, so that, for example, azoic rocks contain no organic remains
Azoikum(German n.) Azoic
Azolve(Spanish m. - Mexico) obstruction
azorado (m.), azorada (f.)(Spanish) flustered, embarrassed, excited, alarmed, amazed (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina), astonished (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina)
Azoramiento(Spanish m.) confusion, embarrassment
azorar(Spanish) to embarrass, to alarm
azorarse(Spanish) to become embarrassed, to be embarrassed, to become alarmed, to be alarmed, to get flustered, to become flustered
Azoren(German pl.) Azores
Azorer (m.), Azorerin (f.)(German) Azorean
Azores(English, Spanish islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal
azorisch(German) Azorean
Azotador(Spanish m. - Mexico) caterpillar
Azotaina(Spanish f.) beating, hiding (beating), thrashing, spanking (familiar)
azotar(Spanish) to beat, to flog, to whip, to lash, to slam (Mexico: door, gate)
Azote(Spanish m.) whip, lash, scourge (also figurative), smack (blow), stroke (cane, etc.), gust (of wind), calamity (figurative)
te voy a dar unos azotes (Spanish: I'm going to spank you)
Azotea(Spanish f.) flat roof, terrace roof
Azteca(Spanish m./f.) Aztec
Azteca(Spanish) a ritual dance that is performed mainly in the Mexican states of Guanajuato and Querétaro
azteca(Spanish) Aztec
Azteke (m.), Aztekin (f.)(German) Aztec
Aztekenherrscher(German m.) Aztec ruler
Aztekenreich(German n.) Aztec empire
aztekisch(German) Aztec
aztlabbreviation of azione teatrale (Italian)
Azubi (m.), Azubine (f.)(German) trainee, apoprentice
Azúcar(Spanish m./f.) sugar
el nivel de azúcar en la sangre (Spanish: the blood-sugar level)
azucarado (m.), azucarada (f.)(Spanish) sweet, sweetened
azucarar(Spanish) to sweeten, to add sugar to, to sprinkle ... with sugar (fruit, etc.)
Azúcar blanca(Spanish m./f.) white sugar
Azucarera(Spanish m.) sugar bowl (Latin America), sugar refinery
Azucarero(Spanish m.) sugar bowl
azucarero (m.), azucarera (f.),(Spanish) sugar (as in 'sugar industry'), sugar-producing (region)
la industria azucarera (Spanish: the sugar industry)
Azúcar en terrones(Spanish m./f.) sugar lumps, sugar cubes
Azúcar glas(Spanish m./f. - Mexico) confectioners sugar, icing sugar
Azúcar glasé(Spanish m./f.) confectioners sugar, icing sugar
Azúcar lustre(Spanish m./f.) castor sugar
Azúcar morena(Spanish m./f.) brown sugar
Azúcar pancitos(Spanish m./f. - parts of South America) sugar lumps, sugar cubes
Azucena(Spanish f.) (white) lily, Madonna lily, Annunciation lily
Azufre(Spanish m.) sulphur, sulfur (US)
Azul(Spanish m.) blue
azul(Spanish) blue
azulado (m.), azulada (f.)(Spanish) bluish
Azul celeste(Spanish m.) sky blue
azul celeste(Spanish) sky-blue
Azul cielo(Spanish m.) sky blue
azul cielo(Spanish) sky-blue
Azul de lavar(Spanish m.) (washing) blue
Azulejo(Spanish m.) (glazed ceramic) tile
Azul marino(Spanish m.) navy blue
azul marino(Spanish) navy blue
Azul turquesa(Spanish m.) turquoise
azul turquesa(Spanish) turquoise
Azul verdoso(Spanish m.) greenish blue
azul verdoso(Spanish) greenish-blue
Azumaryu nigenkina simplified variant of yakumogoto. The player applies pressure to the fingerboard with an ivory tenkan (tube) placed on the middle finger of the left hand and plucks either one of two strings at a time with the nail of the right hand index finger
Azur(French m.) sky-blue (colour)
Azurblau(German n.) azure blue
azurblau(German) azure blue
a zurdas(Spanish) with the left hand
Azure(from the Arabic for 'lapis lazuli') the heraldic name for the colour blue, although the word is also a poetic synonym for the clear blue sky
azurn(German) azure
azuzar(Spanish) to urge on, to incite, to egg ... on (person), to egg on
azuzarle los perros a ...(Spanish) to set the dogs on ...
azuzó a los perros contra nosotros(Spanish) she set the dogs on us
az.wo.abbreviation of 'azure wove (paper)' (in printing)
azyklisch(German) acyclic, non-cyclical, acyclical
azzardare(Italian) to risk
azzardarsi(Italian) to dare
azzardato(Italian) risky, rash
Azzardo(Italian m.) hazard
azzeccare(Italian) to hit, to guess (figurative)
azzuffarsi(Italian) to come to blows
Azzurro(Italian m.) blue
azzurro(Italian) blue