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AHor A.H, placed beside a designated year, this abbreviation can stand either for Anno Hebraico (Latin, literally 'in the Hebrew year) or it can stand for Anno Hegirae (Latin, literally 'in the year of the Hegira'). The Hegira refers to the flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in CE 622, marking the beginning of the Moslem era. A reader generally knows which of these identical terms is being used because its context concerns either Jewish or Islamic history. Although, because these two cultures are so closely related, the reference must be made clear or it may cause confusion
a.H.abbreviation of außer Haus (German: out of the office)
ah(Spanish) ah!, oh!
äh(German) er (interjection)
Aha!(German) I see!
Aha-Erlebnis(German n.) aha experience, light bulb moment, epiphany (feeling)
Aha-Reaktion(German f.) aha-reaction
Ahasver(German m.) wandering Jew
à haute voix(French) forte
ahdabbreviation of 'ahead'
a hecho(Spanish) uninterruptedly, continuously
aherrojar(Spanish) to oppress (figurative)
ahí(Spanish) there
ahí abajo(Spanish) down there
ahí arriba(Spanish) up there
Ahidus(Berber, Morocco) group dance performed by women of the Middle Atlas region in Morocco
a hierro caliente batir de repente(Spanish) strike while the iron is hot
a hierro y fuego(Spanish) without mercy
a hierro y sangre(Spanish) without mercy
ahí está(Spanish) there he is
ahí está el problema(Spanish) that's the problem
ahí está el truco(Spanish) that's the secret
Ahijada(Spanish f.) god-daughter, godchild
Ahijado (s.), Ahijados (pl.)(Spanish m.) god-son, godchild, godchildren (pl. form)
ahijar(Spanish) to adopt (a child)
a hilo(Spanish) one after another, in line, consecutively, uninterruptedly
ahí mero(Spanish - Mexico) right there, just there
ahí mismo(Spanish) right there, just there, there and then
Ahimsa(from Sanskrit, literally 'harmlessness') the Hindu doctrine of sacredness of life, a leading tenet of the Jain sect
Ahinco(Spanish m.) enthusiasm, insistence, eagerness
ahí nomás(Spanish - Latin America) right there, just there
ahistorisch(German) ahistorical
ahíto (m.), ahíta (f.)(Spanish) full up, sated, fed up
a hito(Spanish) permanently
ahí viene(Spanish) here he comes
a.h.l.abbreviation of ad hunc locum (Latin: on this passage)
Ahle (s.), Ahlen (pl.)(German f.) broach, bodkin, awl
ahmt nach(German) imitates
ahmte nach(German) imitated, mimicked, pantomimed
Ahn (m.), Ahne (f.), Ahnen (pl.)(German) forefather, ancestor (m.), ancestress (f.), progenitor (m.), progenitrix (f.), forebear
ahnden(German) to avenge, to take action against, to punish, to avenge
ahndend(German) avenging
Ahndung(German f.) revenge
Ahne(German f.) spiritual forebear (figurative)
ähneln(German) to resemble, to be similar to, to simulate (resemble), to look like
ähnelnd(German) resembling
Ahnen(German m. pl.) ancestors
ahnen(German) to forebode, to presage, to intuit, to suspect, to anticipate
Ahnen-(German) ancestral
ahnend(German) guessing, foreboding, forebodingly, presaging
Ahnenforscher(German m.) genealogist
Ahnenforschung(German f.) genealogy, genealogical research
Ahnengeister(German pl.) ancestral spirits
Ahnenkult(German m.) ancestor worship, ancestor cult
ahnen lassen(German) to foreshadow, to adumbrate
Ahnenpass(German m.) proof of ancestry
Ahnenreihe(German f.) ancestral line, genealogy
Ahnentafel(German f.) pedigree, genealogy, family tree
Ahnenverehrung(German f.) ancestor worship, ancestral worship
Ahnfrau (s.), Ahnfrauen (pl.)(German f.) ancestress
Ahnherr(German m.) (first) ancestor, head of a line of ancestry
Ahnin(German f.) ancestor (female)
ähnlich(German) similar, resembling, likewise, related, like, alike, akin, similarly
[corrected by Isabel Sterner]
ähnliche Dokumente(German pl.) similar documents
ähnliche Dreiecke(German pl.) similar triangles
ähnliche Fassungen(German pl.) similar expressions
ähnliche Worte(German pl.) similar words
ähnlicher Art(German) similar in kind
ähnliches Buch(German n.) book similar to this one
ähnliches Ereignis(German n.) similar occurrence, similar event
Ähnlichkeit(German f.) similarity, likeness, resemblance, conformity, affinity, analogy, conformability, correspondence, semblance, structural resemblance
Ähnlichkeit der Aussprache(German f.) similarity of pronunciation
Ähnlichkeit der Gesichtszüge(German f.) similarity of features
Ähnlichkeit der Interessen(German f.) similarity of interests
Ähnlichkeit der Kleidung(German f.) similarity of dress
Ähnlichkeit des Benehmens(German f.) similarity of manners
Ähnlichkeit des Klangs(German f.) similarity of sound
Ähnlichkeit haben mit(German) to bear analogy to, to bear a likeness to, to bear resemblance to
Ähnlichkeiten(German pl.) resemblances, similarities
Ähnlichkeiten der Sprache(German pl.) conformities in language
Ähnlichkeiten des Stils(German pl.) conformities in style
Ähnlichkeiten des Wesens(German pl.) conformities in nature
Ähnlichkeitsbeziehung(German f.) similarity relation
ähnlichmachen(German) to assimilate (make like)
ähnlich machen(German) to simulate, to conform
ähnlich sein(German) to resemble, to approach
ähnlich werden(German) to assimilate
ähnlich wie(German) similar to, quasi, like, in the fashion of
ähnlich wie die letztgelieferte Ware(German) similar to the goods supplied
ahnt(German) forebodes, presages
ahnte(German) guessed, presaged
ahnte voraus(German) anticipated, divined
ahnt voraus(German) anticipates
Ahnung (s.), Ahnungen (pl.)(German f.) intuition, intuitiveness, apprehension, prescience, notion, inkling, hazy notion, foreboding, hunch
Ahnung der Gefahr(German f.) feeling of danger
ahnungslos(German) unsuspectingly, innocent, naive, unsuspecting, clueless (colloquial)
Ahnungslosigkeit(German f.) naïvety, innocence, cluelessness (colloquial), ignorance
ahnungsvoll(German) portentous, full of foreboding, full of presentiments, apprehensive, ominous, boding
Ahogado (m.), Ahogada (f.)(Spanish) drowned person
ahogado (m.), ahogada (f.)(Spanish) drowned (in water), suffocated, stifled (cry, scream), blind drunk (Mexico - familiar), rolling drunk (Mexico - familar)
Ahogador(Spanish m. - Chile, Mexico) choke (in a car)
ahogar(Spanish) to drown (person, animal - in water), to suffocate, to flood (car engine), to drown out (voice, words), to stifle (cry, scream), to drown (sorrows), to put out (a fire)
ahogarse(Spanish) to drown (person, animal - in water), to suffocate, to choke, to flood (car engine)
Ahogo(Spanish m.) breathlessness, distress (figurative), financial trouble
Ahoi!(German) Ahoy! (interjection)
a hombros(Spanish) on the shoulders, on one's shoulders
ahondar(Spanish) to deepen, to go deep
ahondar en(Spanish) to examine in depth (figurative)
ahondar en un tema(Spanish) to go into a subject in depth (figurative)
ahondarse(Spanish) to get deeper
ahora(Spanish) now (at the present time), just now, very soon
ahora bien(Spanish) but, however, well then
a hora fija(Spanish) at a set time, at a fixed time
ahora mismo(Spanish) right now, now (at this moment)
ahora mismo acabo de verle(Spanish) I've just seen him
ahora mismo iba a salir(Spanish) I'm just leaving
a hora muy temprana en la mañana(Spanish) early in the morning
a hora muy temprana por la mañana(Spanish) early in the morning
ahora que lo pienso(Spanish) now I come to think of it
a horas alternas(Spanish) every other hour
a horas extraordinarias(Spanish) after-hours
a horas fijas(Spanish) at a fixed time, at a set time
a horas muy tempranas en la mañana(Spanish) early in the morning
a horas tan avanzadas(Spanish) at such a late hour
ahora te lo muestro(Spanish) I'll show it to you in a minute, I'll show it to you in a second, I'll show it to you in a moment
¡ahora voy!(Spanish) I'm coming!
ahora vuelvo(Spanish) I'll be right back
Ahorcado (m.), Ahorcada (f.)(Spanish) hanged person
ahorcado (m.), ahorcada (f.)(Spanish) hanged
Ahorcadura(Spanish f.) hanging
a horcajadas(Spanish) astraddle, astride, straddling
a horcajadas sobre(Spanish) astride
Ahorcamiento(Spanish m.) hanging
ahorcar(Spanish) to hang (person)
ahorcarse(Spanish) to hang oneself
ahorita(Spanish - particularly in Latin America) now (familiar), just now, right now, a moment ago
ahorita mismo(Spanish) right now
ahorita te lo doy(Spanish) I'll give it to you in a second, I'll give it to you in a moment
Ahorn (s.), Ahorne (pl.)(German m.) Érable (French m.), Esdoorn (Dutch), legno di acero (Italian m.), maple, sycamore
Ahornblättrige Platane(German f.) European plane, London plane
Ahornholz(German n.) maple (wood), maplewood
Ahornsirup(German m.) maple syrup
Ahornzucker(German m.) maple sugar
ahorquillar(Spanish) to shape like a fork
Ahorrador (m.), Ahorradora (f.)(Spanish) saver, investor
ahorrador (m.), ahorradora (f.)(Spanish) thrifty
Ahorrante(Spanish m./f. - Chile) saver, investor
ahorrar(Spanish) to save (energy, money, water, time), to save (from molestation, etc.), to spare (a person from a beating, etc.)
ahorrarse(Spanish) to save oneself (from a beating, etc.), to save (oneself money)
ahorrativo (m.), ahorrativa (f.)(Spanish) thrifty
Ahorrista(Spanish m./f. - Uruguay, Argentina, Venuzuela) saver, investor
Ahorro (s.), Ahorros (pl.)(Spanish m.) saving, savings (s. or pl. form)
Ahouacha dance that permeates the lives of the Chleuh Berbers of the South of Morocco. While men and women perform together in other parts of the country in Tile regions around Agadir the Ahouach is performed by males dressed in white, dancing shoulder to shoulder to the strains of the flute (al owed) and drums (alum)
Ähre(German f.) spike (flower spike), ear (wheat), head (grass seed head)
Ähren lesen(German) to glean
Ähren tragend(German) eared
Ährenkranz(German m.) garland of corn
Ährenlesen(German n.) gleaning
Ährenleser(German m.) gleaner
ahuecar(Spanish) to deepen (the voice), to hollow (out), to cup (the hands), to fluff up (pillow, mattress), to plump up (pillow, cushion), to give volume to (hair), to clear off (familiar: to go away, to leave)
a huevo(Spanish) by force
à huis clos(French) behind closed doors, in secret, in camera
Ahuizote(Spanish m. - Mexico) bore
Ahulado(Spanish m. - Latin America) oilskin
ahumado (m.), ahumada (f.)(Spanish) smoked (food), smoky (colour), tinted (glass, windows)
ahumar(Spanish) to smoke (fish, meat), to fill with smoke, to blacken (face with make-up, discolour ceiling with soot from a burning candle)
ahumarse(Spanish) to become smoky, to acquire a smoky taste (food), to get drunk (familiar)
a humo de pajas(Spanish) without good reason, lightly, without reflexion
ahurir(French) to dumbfound
a hurtadillas(Spanish) stealthily, by stealth, on the quiet, on the sly, secretly, furtively
ahusado(Spanish) tapering
ahusarse(Spanish) to taper
a.h.v.abbreviation of ad hanc vocem (Latin: at this word)
Ahwashthe term given by the Chleuh people of Morocco to many collective dances that are sung or played with a flute and accompanied by drums
ahuyentar(Spanish) to drive away, to frighten off, to frighten away, to scare away, to keep ... away (somebody), to banish (something from one's thoughts)
AIabbreviation of 'artificial intelligence'
ai(Italian) at the, to the
ai.abbreviation of anno inventionis (Latin: in the year of the discovery)
a.i.abbreviation of ad interim (Latin: for the meantime)
Aiapá(Brazil) a shaker
AIBabbreviation of Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (Italian: Italian Library Association)
AIBMabbreviation of Association internationale des bibliothèques musicales (French: International Association of Music Libraries)
AICBabbreviation of Association internationale contre le bruit (French: International Association Against Noise)
AIDAAIDA-Prinzip (German n.), an acronym used in advertising which stands for 'attention, interest, desire, action' (of the prospective customer)
Aïdaa grand opera in four acts by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (1831-1901), text by Italian journalist, poet, and novelist Antonio Ghislanzoni (1824-1893), commissioned by Ismail Pacha, Khedive of Egypt, for the Italian Theatre in Cairo which opened to a performance of Rigoletto in November 1869. Aïda was produced there on the 24th December 1871
Aide(French f.) help, assistance
Aide(French m./f.) assistant, a confidential assistant
Aide-mémoire(German n. from French m., literally 'help memory') handbook of facts and figures, a mnemonic, note of headings (for a speech, meeting, etc.), a memorandum
AidjéBrazilian bullroarer
AidosGreek term for the great shame felt by a hero after failure
AIDS(English, German n.) acronym for 'acquired immune deficiency syndrome'
aidskrank(German) suffering from Aids, AIDS
Aidskranke(German f.) AIDS patient (female)
Aidskranke(German pl.) aids patients
Aidskranke(German m.) AIDS patient
Aidspatient(German m.) AIDS patient
Aidspatientin(German f.) AIDS patient (female)
Aidstest(German m.) HIV test
AIEabbreviation of 'Associate of the Institute of Education'
Aierein early dance, one of the most important aspects of step performance is called aiere (literally "air") by Guglielmo and ondeggiare (wave) by Cornazano. It refers to a gentle rising and falling motion to be made by dancers as they dance the steps of the dance
Aïeul (m.), Aïeule (f.)(French) grandparent
Aïeux(French m. pl.) forefathers
AIFF(English, German n.) audio interchange file format
AIGCMabbreviation of 'Associate of the Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians'
Aigis(German f.) aegis
Aigre-doux (m.), Aigre-douce (f.)(French) bitter-sweet
Aigrette(French f. literally 'egret') bunch of feathers, clusters of jewels, etc. worn on the head as an ornament
Aigreur(French m.) tartness, bitterness (of tone, speech, etc.)
Aigreurs d'estomac(French f. pl.) heartburn
aigri(French) amareggiato (Italian), embittered, verbittert (German), erbittert (German)
aigrir(French) to sour (personality)
Aigu(French m.) sharp, acute, high, the highest register (of an instrument's range)
the three parts of an instrument's range are l'aigu (French: high), le médium (French: middle) and le grave (French: low)
aigu, aiguë(French) shrill, high (pitched), high (notes), treble, clear
a igual trabajo igual salario(Spanish) equal pay for equal work
Aiguille(French f.) needle (on a record player), hand (on a watch), pointer (on a set of scales), sharp peak (of a mountain, etc.)
Aiguillette(French f., from anguiles (French pl.) literally 'needles') a tagged braid on a full-dress uniform, small strips of cooked fish or meat
aiguiser(French) to sharpen, to stimulate
Aigus, lessee les aigus
Aika-arvo(Finnish) meter, duration, beat
Ail (s.), Ails (pl.)(French m.) garlic
Aile(French f.) wing of poultry or game bird
ailé(French) winged
Ailerone(French) winglet
Ailler-Brennink Chromatic Notation
chromatic notation
an alternative notational system not requiring accidentals, also called 'dodecaphonic notation'
ailleurs(French) elsewhere
Ailloli(French m.) garlic mayonnaise
aimable(French) garbato (Italian), amabile (Italian), elegant, graceful, lovable, sweet, tender, graceful, gentle, pleasant, kind, lovingly, tenderly, elegantly, gracefully, liebenswürdig (German)
aimablement(French) kindly
Aimará(Spanish m./f.) Aymara Indian
aimará(Spanish) Aymara
aimer autant(French) to prefer
aimer mieux(French) to prefer
A in altthe A placed on the first upper added line above the staff bearing a treble clef
A in altissimothe A placed one octave above A in alt
aindiado (m.), aindiada (f.)(French) Indian-like, Indian-looking
aîné (m.), aînée (f.)(French) eldest, elder (of two) (the younger being named cadet)
a inicios del siglo(Spanish) at the turn of the century
ainsi soit-il(French) so be it, amen (colloquial)
a instancia de(Spanish) at the request of, upon petition of;
a instancia de él(Spanish) at his request
a instancia de ella(Spanish) at her request
a instancia de ellas(Spanish) at their request
a instancia de ellos(Spanish) at their request
a instancia de parte(Spanish) at the request of one party
a instancia mía(Spanish) at my request
a instancia nuestra(Spanish) at our request
a instancias de(Spanish) at the instance of
a instancias de ellas(Spanish) at their request
a instancias de ellos(Spanish) at their request
a instancias mías(Spanish) at my request
a instancias nuestras(Spanish) at our request
a instancias suyas(Spanish) at his request, at your request
a instancias tuyas(Spanish) at your request
a instancia suya(Spanish) at your request, at his request, at her request
a instancia tuya(Spanish) at your request
a instancia vuestra(Spanish) at your request
a intervalos(Spanish) at intervals, intermittently, on and off, betweentimes
a intervalos irregulares(Spanish) at odd intervals, betweentimes
a intervalos regulares(Spanish) periodically, intermittently
A.Inv.abbreviation of anno inventionis (Latin: in the year of the discovery - a calendar used by some Royal Arch Masons which begins at the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, where 530 is added to the Christian Era date)
Air(English, German n., French m.) ayre, melody, strain, melodic line, (musical) line, melodic phrase, tune, tuneful song, aria (Italian f.), Melodie (German f.), mélodie (French f.), aire (Spanish m., also in English), melodía (Spanish f.), tonada (Spanish f.)
(French m.) art song accompanied by the lute (from the 16th century France) or viola da gamba
instrumental or vocal interlude between passages of accompanied recitative in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century stage works
see 'operatic air'
a movement in a Baroque or Classical suite
Air à boire(French m., literally 'drinking song') a simple type of air, on a light-hearted text, popular in late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France. Composers who contibuted pieces included Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687), François Couperin (1668-1733) and Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764), written for multiple voices with lute accompaniment. Collections of airs à boire were issued regularly for over 30 years
airado (m.), airada (f.)(Spanish) annoyed, angry, irate
Air and variationssee 'variation'
Air angloisfour sets of pairs of oblong partbooks, printed in Amsterdam between 1702 and 1706, sets of arrangemenets by George Bingham designed to profit from the great interest amongst Continental musicians of the time, in dance-tunes, and particularly those with an English or Scottish flavour. By the time Bingham published his books, the source for original airs had been virtually exhausted and so this collection comprises mainly gallant entertainment music written by many of the leading composers of the day including Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Geoffrey Finger - born Gottfried Finger - (c.1655-1730), and Nicola Matteis (died after 1714)
Airbag(English, Spanish f.) a safety mechanism found in cars, etc. - a cushion that inflates automatically in case of an accident preventing the driver and passengers from potentially life-threatening contact with parts of the vehicle, etc.
Airbrakepart of the governor mechanism on mechanically driven music playing machines
Airbrush(English, German m./f.) the application of atomised ink though the use of a small and precise air sprayer employing high pressure. Abner Peeler patented the first airbrush in 1879, but Charles Burdick's patent of 1893 refined the design into a model more recognisable today. Ink applied this way has soft edges and can create subtle blends, but it cannot produce fine detail. Originally, airbrush was primarily used for retouching photographs and illustrative work. Sometimes stencils were used along with it. Eventually its commercial use drew the attention of the Bauhaus artists who made much use of it
Air calliopesee 'calliope'
Air chambersee 'wind chest'
Air chantant(French m.) aria cantabile
Air comprimé(French m.) compressed air, aria comprimato (Italian f.), Druckluft (German f.), arie comprimado (Spanish m.)
Air de charactère(Italian f.) aria di carattere
Air de cour(French m., literally 'court song' or 'courtly song') monodic song or chanson often with a simple lute accompaniment which dominated secular vocal music in France in the early seventeenth century, was written largely to conform with the manners and conventions cultivated at the courts of Henri IV (reigned 1589-1610) and especially Louis XIII (reigned 1610-1643) where the King's favour became the ultimate mark of success and source of power. Growing out of the popular homophonic vaudeville and incorporating the declamatory stlye of musique mesurée, these songs with their over-ripe texts, of extreme and often unrequited love, in which the beloved's eyes are typically altars (or suns) before which her suitor languishes in distress, and their suave and rhythmically evasive melodies, reflect a society rich in excess, intrigue and dissembling, all the more fascinating for being so distant, no less impressive for being so introverted. The form would influence Lully who absorbed elements of the form into his own works, and particularly the new French recitative style
Air de danse(Italian f.) a melody suitable for dancing
Air détaché (s.), Airs détachés (pl.)(French m.) a number taken from an opera, operetta, etc.
Air drummingplaying an imaginary drum, in the same way that air guitar is the playing of an imaginary guitar
Aireexpressiveness, atmosphere or general character of a flamenco performance
see 'air', 'ayre'
Thomas Morley, in his Plaine and Easy Introduction uses the word 'aire' in the sense of mode, thus "these aires which the antiquity termed Modi"
(Spanish m.) tune, air (music)
(Spanish m.) breeze, air (what we breathe), draught, appearance, resemblance
Aireación(Spanish f.) ventilation
Aire acondicionado(Spanish m.) air-conditioning
aire acondicionado(Spanish) air-conditioned
airear(Spanish) to air (troom, etc.; also figurative: opinions), to aerate, to ventilate, to make public (figurative), to publicize (figurative)
Aire aristocrático(Spanish m.) aristocratic air (manner, bearing)
airearse(Spanish) to get some (fresh) air (person), to air (blanket, clothes)
Air écossais(French m.) a Scotch air
Aire de familia(Spanish m.) family resemblance
Air gracieux(French m.) an instrumental or vocal piece written to accompany dancing in French opera and ballet of the 17th-18th centuries
Air guitarthe act of pretending to play guitar, consisting of an exaggerated strumming motion and often coupled with loud singing or lip-synching
Air italien(French m.) an Italian air
Air motora suction-operated (or rarely pressure-operated) mechanism for turning music rolls, etc. in mechanically operated music playing machines
Air noteson a wind instrument, blowing air through the instrument without deliberately sounding a pitch
Airón(Spanish m.) heron
Air on the G stringan arrangement for violin and pinao of the second movement of J.S. Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D, transposed down a tone by the German violinist August Wilhelmj (1845-1908) so that it can be played on the lowest (G) string of the violin
airosamente(Spanish) gracefully
airoso (m.), airosa (f.)(Spanish) draughty, graceful, elegant
Air passagesee 'windway'
AIRSabbreviation of 'acoustic-imaging recognition system'
Airs des bateliers vénétiens(French m. pl.) melodies sung by the Venetian gondolieri
Airs sérieux(French a French song which typically had texts on more serious subjects including love, pastoral tales and political satire
Air tendre, (s.), Airs tendres (pl.)(French m.) amatory air, love song, soft pleasing air
(French m.) an instrumental or vocal piece written to accompany dancing in French opera and ballet of the 17th-18th centuries
Air varié(French m.) a theme (air) with variations, tema con variazioni, an air that has been embellished and ornamented
Ais, ais
note A sharp
(German n., Dutch) the note 'A sharp'
Ais-Dur(German n.) the key of 'A sharp major' (rarely used, usually replaced by its enharmonic equivalent 'B flat major')
Aise(French f.) joy, ease
aisé(French) well-off (financially)
(French) comfortable, easy, comfortably, leisurely, easily, lazy, light and easy, at ease, with agility, mild, moderate, easy-tempered, unconstrained, ready-witted, handy, agevole (Italian), bequem (German)
aisé (m.), aisée (f.)(French) unhurried, effortless, comfortably, naturally, facile
the term might be applied to a clear (i.e. is intelligible) flowing style in poetry, or to anything that is neither strained nor awkward
aisément(French) kindly, easily, freely, readily, amiable, easy to get on with, homely, cosy, leisurely, informal, genial, cosily, easy-going, comfortable, in a leisurely manner, informally, gemächlich (German), gemütlich (German), comodo (Italian), agiatamente (Italian)
note A double sharp
(German n.) the note 'A double sharp'
Aislacionismo(Spanish m.) isolationism
aislado (m.)m aislada (m.)(Spanish) isolated, remote, cut off (without means of communication), insulated (electrically)
Aislador(Spanish m.) insulator (electrical)
aislador(Spanish) insulating (electrically)
Aislamiento(Spanish m.) isolation (in general), insulation (electrical)
Aislante(Spanish m.) insulator (electrical)
aislante(Spanish) insulating (electrical), insulation
aislar(Spanish) to isolate (to separate, virus), to keep in isolation, to place ... in solitary confiement, to cut off (without means of communication), to insulate (electrically)
aislarse(Spanish) to cut oneself off
Aislepart of a church, parallel to and divided by piers or columns from the nave, choir or transept
key A sharp minor(German n.) the key of 'A sharp minor' (rarely used, usually replaced by its enharmonic equivalent 'B flat minor')
Aisselle(French f.) armpit
Aitaa stringed instrument from the Baka forest people of southeast Cameroon
aitante(Italian) sturdy
Ait attaa Moroccan harvest dance performed by men and women
Ait bodara Moroccan warrior dance performed only by men. They link arms as if welded to each other and chant their song during a continuous backwards and forward movement. The dance appears to symbolize the indivisible unity that should link the warrior of the tribe in the face of the enemy
Ait bouguemazseeait bugemaz
Ait bugemaza Moroccan dance. The central figure wears a costume different from the rest of the group. The leader has a pointed bonnet covered with a strip of white muslin and plays a double flute. He is the only professional in the group and produces a nasal buzzing with his instrument that has a striking effect while the men and women of the village turn in a circle. The dance is at times light, composed of slides and little steps, or more dynamic when the performers stamp hard on the ground. It is an abstract dance by the mountain folk but it has the virility also of warrior dances. Poems are recited
aiutare(Italian) to help
Aiutante(Italian m./f.) assistant
Aiuto(Italian m.) help, aid, assistant
ajado (m.), ajada (f.)(Spanish) worn (clothes), wrinkly (hands), wrinkled (skin)
AjaengKorean seven-string bowed tube zither, that is derived from the Chinese yazheng
Ajahli kemana string instrument from Turkey
ajajá(Spanish) good!, splendid!
ajar(Spanish) to crumple, to spoil
Ajedrecista(Spanish m./f.) chess-player
Ajedrez(Spanish m.) chess (the game), chess set
ajedrezado(Spanish) chequered, checked
Ajenjo(Spanish m.) absinthe
ajeno (m.), ajena (f.)(Spanish) someone else's, other people's, belonging to other people, unconnected, strange, alien
ajeno a nuestra voluntad(Spanish) beyond our control
ajetreado (m.), ajetreada (f.)(Spanish) hectic, (very) busy
ajetrearse(Spanish) to be (very) busy
Ajetreo(Spanish m.) hustle and bustle, hustle, bustle, activity, hard work
Ajian Igede tin whistle associated primarily with children's ensembles in Nigeria
Ají(Spanish m. - Latin America) chilli, chilli sauce (salsa), pepper (pimento: Uruguay, Argentina)
Ajiaceite(Spanish m.) garlic sauce
Ajilimójili(Spanish m.) piquant garlic sauce
Ajillo(Spanish m.) garlic
Ajo(Spanish m.) garlic
Ajo arriero(Spanish m.) cod in garlic sauce
Ajonjolí(Spanish m.) sesame
Ajorca(Spanish f.) bracelet
a jornal(Spanish) by the day
Ajouaga Berber flute
à jour(French) up to date
Ajourmuster(German n.) openwork
Ajournement(French m.) postponement
ajourner(French) to postpone
Ajout(French m.) addition
ajouté, ajoutée(French) added (for example, an organ stop)
ajouter(French) to add (for example, an organ stop)
¡ajo y agua!(Spanish) like it or lump it! (familar, humorous)
Ajsino oroAlbanian dance for men and women, in separate circles
Ajuar(Spanish m.) furnishings, trousseau (the possessions, such as clothing and linen, that a bride assembles for her marriage), layette (a set of clothing and bedding for a newborn child)
a jugar(Spanish) let's play
a juicio de él(Spanish) in his opinion, from his point of view, in her opinion, in her way of thinking, in his way of thinking
a juicio de ella(Spanish) in her opinion, from her point of view
a juicio de ellas(Spanish) in their opinion, from their point of view, in their judgement, in their way of thinking
a juicio de ellos(Spanish) in their opinion, from their point of view, in their judgement, in their way of thinking
a juicio de usted(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, in your way of thinking
a juicio mío(Spanish) in my opinion, from my point of view, in my way of thinking
a juicio nuestro(Spanish) in our opinion, from our point of view, in our way of thinking
a juicio tuyo(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, in your way of thinking
a juicio vuestro(Spanish) in your opinion, from your point of view, in your way of thinking
ajumado(Spanish) drunk (familiar)
ajumarse(Spanish) to get drunk (familar)
ajustado (m.), ajustada (f.)(Spanish) right, reasonable, tight(-fitting)
Ajustador (m.), Ajustadora (f.)(Spanish) fitter
Ajustage(French m.) fitting
ajustamiento(Spanish) fitting, adjustment, agreement, settlement
ajustar(Spanish) to fit (things, parts, pieces), to set (to arrange), to adapt, to agree, to settle (a bill), to tighten (garment, fitting), to take in (garment), to tighten up (joint), to adjust (volume, temperature), to regulate (adjust), to balance (accounts)
ajustar ... a adapt ... to ...
ajustar la entrada de agua(Spanish) to regulate the flow of water
ajustarse(Spanish) to fit (things, parts, pieces), to adjust, to adapt oneself, to come to an agreement
Ajuste(Spanish m.) fitting
(Spanish f.) adjustment, agreement, settlement (of a bill)
ajuste(Portuguese, Spanish) set, adjust, fit, fitting
ajusté(French) close-fitting
ajustées(French) an ancient term used by some French writers, viz. tetrachord des ajustées or adjusted tetrachord both synonymous with the synnemenon tetrachord
ajustement(French m.) adjustment
ajuster(French) to adjust, to fit (adjust)
à juste titre(French) with good reason, quite rightly, deservedly, rightly
Ajusteur(French m.) fitter
ajusticiar(Spanish) to execute
a justo título(Spanish) rightly so
a juzgar por(Spanish) judging by, judging from, to judge by
a juzgar por el talante de(Spanish) judging by
a juzgar por el tenor de(Spanish) judging by, to judge by
a juzgar por las apariencias(Spanish) judging by appearances, at first sight, on the face of it
a juzgar por su aspecto(Spanish) judging by the look of her