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a.k.a.abbreviation of 'also known as'
Akad.abbreviation of Akademie (German: academy)
Akademie (s.), Akademien (pl.)(German f.) academy, academe, college
in the early nineteenth century, the term was applied to a concert or a recital
Akademie der bildenden Künste(German f.) Academy of Fine Arts
Akademie der Künste(German f.) Academy of Arts
Akademie der schönen Künste(German f.) College of Fine Arts
Akademie der Wissenschaften(German f.) Academy of Sciences
Akademie für Schauspielkunst(German f.) Academy of Drama
Akademieschrift(German f.) academic publication
Akademiker (m.s. & pl.), Akademikerin (f.)(German) university graduate, academic, academician, graduate, professional classes (pl. form)
Akademikerarbeitslosigkeit(German f.) graduate unemployment
akademisch(German) academic, academically, scholarly, scholastically, collegiate
akademisch geführte Diskussion(German f.) formal discussion
akademische Ausbildung(German f.) academical training
akademische Auszeichnungen(German pl.) academic distinctions
akademische Berufe(German pl.) learned professions
akademische Berufsstände(German pl.) professional classes
akademische Bildung(German f.) college education, university education
akademische Diskussion(German f.) academic discussion
akademische Ehren(German (pl.) academic honours
akademische Einrichtung(German f.) academic institution
Akademische Festouvertüresee 'Academic Festival Overture'
akademische Freiheit(German f.) academic freedom
akademische Kleidung(German f.) academic robe (part of academic dress)
akademische Kopfbedeckung(German f.) academic hood (part of academic dress)
akademische Kreise(German pl.) academic circles
akademische Laufbahn(German f.) academic career
akademische Qualifikationen(German pl.) professional qualifications
akademische Vorbildung(German f.) professional qualification
akademische Welt(German f.) academe
akademische Würde erreichen(German) to take one's degree
akademischer Abschluss(German m.) academic degree
akademischer Austausch(German m.) scholarly exchange
akademischer Beruf(German m.) profession, professional job, graduate occupation, graduate profession
akademischer Geist(German m.) collegiate spirit
akademischer Grad(German m.) (academic) degree
Akademischer Klassizismus(German m.) Academic Classicism
akademischer Stil(German m.) academic style
akademischer Talar(German m.) academic gown
akademisches Ballett(German n.) the classical style of ballet, danse d'ecole (French f.)
Akademisches Jahr(German n.) academic year, (academic) session
akademisches Lehrfach(German n.) academic discipline
akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus(German n.) (academic) teaching hospital
Akademismus(German m.) academicism
Akadien(German n.) Acadia
Akadier (m.), Akadierin (f.)(German) Acadian
Akadindaa very large Ugandan xylophone with twenty-two keys, played by up to four people with the following titles: omunazi, the first player who plays the main tune, abaawuzi, the two players who join the first player with the second development to create an intermixture, and omukoonezi, the one who using motifs from the other three parts produces a syncopated accompaniment
Akamba musicthe Akimba people are known for their complex percussion music. Their music is divided into several groups based on age. Kilumi is a dance mainly for elderly women and men, mbeni is for young, acrobatic girls and boys while kyaa is for old men and women
Akatamathesiasee 'acatamathesia'
Akathist(from the Greek, akathistos, 'not sitting') a hymn dedicated to a saint, holy event, or one of the persons of the Holy Trinity. When the word akathist is used alone, it most commonly refers to the original hymn by this name, the sixth century Akathist to the Theotokos, attributed to St. Roman the Melodist (though this attribution is hotly debated)
  • Akathist from which this entry has been drawn
Akathistos(German m.) acathistus, Marian office in the Orthodox Church
Akathistos Hymnin the Orthodox rite, a hymn of twenty-four strophes (oikoi) sung, all standing, on the Saturday of the fifth week in Lent, in honour of the Virgin Mary
akausal(German) noncausal
AKCabbreviation of 'Associate of King's College, London'
akeramisch(German) (of a culture, period or site) having no pottery (or no ceramic remains)
Aketona padded and quilted garment, usually of linen, worn under or instead of plate or mail
Akhenatenalso spelled Echnaton, Akhnaton, or rarely Ikhnaton, a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, who died 1336 BC or 1334 BC
  • Akhnaton from which this entry has been drawn
a kilómetros de distancia(Spanish) miles from anywhere
Akinesiaimpaired body movement, without movement (or without much movement). Akinesia is a term used in neurology to denote the absence (or poverty) of movement
Akinesie(German f.) akinesia
akinetisch(German) akinetic
Akkabbreviation of Akkordeon (German: accordion - accordéon (French))
Akklamation(German f.) acclamation
Akklimatisation(German f.) acclimatization
akklimatisieren(German) to acclimatise
akklimatisierend(German) acclimatising
akklimatisiert(German) acclimatised
Akklimatisierung(German f.) acclimatisation
Akkolade(German f.) system, great staff, grand staff, curly bracket, brace
Akkompagnement(German n.) accompaniment
Akkommodation(German f.) accommodation
Akkommodationsverlust(German m.) loss of accommodation (vision)
akkommodieren(German) to adapt, to accommodate (vision)
Akkoord(Dutch) chord
Akkoord-aanduiding(Dutch) chord symbol
Akkoord-afloop(Dutch) chord passage
Akkoord-begeleiding(Dutch) chordal accompaniment
akkoordenschema(Dutch) chord change
Akkoord met toegevoegde septim(Dutch) chord with added seventh
Akkoord met verlaagde kwint(Dutch) chord with flattened fifth
Akkoord-tonen(Dutch) chord notes
Akkoord-voortgang(Dutch) chord progression
Akkord-(German) chordal (prefix)
Akkordzither(German f.) autoharp
[entry provided by Michael Zapf]
Akkord (s.), Akkorde (German pl.)(German m., Danish) chord
(German m.) piecework
Akkordarbeit(German f.) piecework, contract work
Akkordarbeiter(German m.) pieceworker, contract worker, jobber
Akkordbrechungen(German) arpeggio
akkordbrydning(Danish) arpeggio
Akkorddeklamation(German f.) chordal declamation
Akkorde(German m. pl.) chords
Akkordeon(German n.) accordion, armonica (Italian f.), Zeihharmonika (German f.), accordéon (French m.), acordeón (Spanish m.)
akkordeonähnliche Falzung(German f.) accordion-folded design - also concertina-fold, Konzertinafalte (German f.)
Akkordeon mit offener Klaviatur(German n.) accordion with open keyboard, armonica a clavitura scoperta (Italian f.), accordéon à clavier découvert (French m.), acordeón con el teclado descubierto (Spanish m.)
Akkordeon mit Klaviatur(German n.) piano accordion, armonica a clavitura (Italian f.), accordéon à clavier (French m.), acordeón con el teclado (Spanish m.)
Akkordeon mit Registern(German n.) accordion with stops, armonica con registri (Italian f.), accordéon à registres (French m.), acordeón con registros (Spanish m.)
Akkordeon mit stahlönen(German n.) accordion with steel reeds, armonica con voci d'acciaio (Italian f.), Accordéon avec lames d'acier (French m.), acordeón con lengüesta de acero (Spanish m.)
Akkordeon mit verdeckter Klaviatur(German n.) accordion with covered keyboard, armonica a clavitura chiusa (Italian f.), Accordéon à clavier fermé (French m.), acordeón con el teclado encerrado (Spanish m.)
Akkordeonspieler (m.), Akkordeonspielerin (m.)(German) accordionist
Akkordfortschreitung(German f.) chord progression
[entry by Michael Zapf]
Akkordfortschreibung(German f.) chord progression
[entry by Michael Zapf]
akkordfremd(German) nonharmonic
akkordfremde Note(German f.) non-harmonic note
akkordieren(German) to tune, to consent
Akkord in Grundstellung(German m.) common chord (in root position)
Akkord-Inversion(German f.) chord inversion
akkordisch(German) chordal
Akkordkette(German f.) parallel chord
Akkordklang(German m.) chord
Akkordlohn(German m.) piece(work) rate
Akkordlohnsatz(German m.) piece-rate
Akkordnotation(German f.) chord notation
Akkordparallele(German f.) parallel chord
Akkordsatz(German m.) rate for the job
Akkordsymbol(German n.) chord symbol
Akkord-Symbolschrift(German f.) chord symbol notation
Akkordtabelle(German f.) chord chart
[entry by Michael Zapf]
Akkordtypen(German pl.) chord types
Akkordzeit(German f.) allowed time, standard time
Akkordzettel(German m.) job sheet
Akkordzither(German f.) autoarpa (Italian), autoharp, autoharpe (French)
Akkordzusatz(German m.) chord token
[entry by Michael Zapf]
akkreditieren(German) to accredit
akkreditierend(German) accrediting
akkreditiert(German) accredited
Akkreditierung(German f.) accrediting, accreditation
Akkreditiv(German n.) letter of credit (L/C)
Akkreditiv-Bedingungen(German pl.) credit terms
Akkreditiveröffnung(German f.) opening of a letter of credit
Akku(German m.) abbreviation for Akkumulator (German m.), accumulator, rechargeable battery, storage battery
Akkulturation(German f.) acculturation
Akkumulation(German f.) accumulation
Akkumulator(German m.) battery, accumulator, rechargeable battery pack, storage battery
Akkumulatorsäure(German f.) battery acid
akkumulieren(German) to accumulate
akkumulierte Abschreibung(German f.) accumulated depreciation
akkumuliertes Kapital(German n.) accumulated capital
Akkumulierung(German f.) accumulation
Akkurasierer(German m.) rechargeable shaver
akkurat(German) precise, accurate, meticulous, neat (handwriting)
akkurater(German) more accurate
akkurateste(German) most accurate
Akkus(German pl.) abbreviation for Akkumulatoren (German pl.: accumulators)
Akkusativ(German m.) accusative, accusative case
akkusativ(German) accusative
akkusativisch(German) accusatival
Akkusativobjekt(German n.) direct object
Akkusativpräposition(German f.) accusative preposition
Akkusäure(German f.) battery acid
Akkuschrauber(German m.) cordless screwdriver
Akku schwach.(German) low battery
AKMWiener Autorengesellschaft, an Austrian performing rights organisation
Akne(German f.) acne
Aknemittel(German pl.) anti-acne preparations
Akoasma(German n.) acoasma or acousma, the illusory auditory perception of strange nonverbal sounds (a form of hallucination)
Akoestiek(Dutch) acoustics
akoestisch(Dutch) acoustic
AkogoUgandan thumb piano
Akokorattle made out of nutshells
Akolouthia(Greek) or Akoluthia, the order of the office of the Byzantine Church, but not including the Mass which was called leiturgeia (liturgy)
Akolyth(German m.) acolyte
AkontingAfrican long lute from Gambia, believed to be one of the direct ancestors of the American banjo
akonto(German) on account (payment)
Akontobetrag(German m.) amount paid on account
Akontozahlung(German f.) payment on account
Akouein(Greek) to hear
Akoustikos(Greek) pertaining to hearing
Akoustos(Greek) heard, audible
Akpesesee boboobo
Akpwonsong leader within the santeria tradition
akquirieren(German) to obtain, to solicit, to acquire
Akquirierung (German f.) acquisition
Akquisiteur(German m.) canvasser
Akquisition(German f.) canvassing, acquisition, business development
Akquisitionskosten(German pl.) cost of acquisition
Akquisitionsvertrag (German m.) takeover agreement
akquisitorisch(German) acquisitive
Akrasie(German f.) acrasia; in psychology, a lack of self-control
Akribie(German f.) meticulousness
akribisch(German) meticulous, very painstakingly, with the utmost care, painstaking
akritisch(German) acritical
Akroataxie(German f.) acroataxia
Akrobat (m.), Akrobatin (f.)(German) acrobat, tumbler (acrobat), equilibrist
akrobatisch(German) acrobatic, acrobatically
akrobatische Leistung(German f.) acrobatic feat, feat of acrobatics
Akrodermatitis(German f.) acrodermatitis, dermatitis of the distal end of the body's extremities
Akromat(German m.) musician, singer
Akronym(German n.) abbreviation, acronym
Akrophonie(German f.) acrophony, the use of a picture symbol of an object to represent phonetically the initial sound of the name of the object
akrophonisch(German) acrophonic
Akropolis(German f.) acropolis
Akrostichon(German n.) acrostic
Akrylglas(German n.) Lucite ®
Akrylharz(German n.) Lucite ®
Akrylnitril(German n.) acrylonitrile
Aksentti(Finnish) accent
Akt(German m.) an act, sexual act, coitus
(German m.) nude (in art), nude study, nude portrait
(German m.) document
Aktaufnahme(German f.) nude photograph
Aktdarstellungen(German pl.) nude figures
Akt des Gedenkens(German m.) act of remembrance
Akte(Dutch) act
(German f.) file, paper, record (document)
Aktei(German f.) collection of documents
Akt eines Dramas(German m.) act (of a play, etc.)
Akten(German f. pl.) documents, papers, records (documents)
Akten ablegen(German) to do (the) filing
Aktenausfertigung(German f.) file copy
Aktenauszug(German m.) abstract of record, abstract of the records
Aktenberg(German m.) mountain of files
Aktenbündel(German n.) fascicle, bundle of papers
Aktendeckel (s./pl.)(German m.) folder, document folder, file cover
Akteneinsicht(German f.) access to records, inspection of files
Aktenführung(German f.) file management
Aktenheft(German n.) dossier
Aktenheftmaschine(German f.) file stapler
Aktenkladde(German f. - archaic) file
Aktenklammer(German f.) paper clip
Aktenkoffer(German m.) attaché case, briefcase
aktenkundig(German) on file, on record, on records, known (to the police)
aktenkundig werden(German) to go on the record
Aktenlagerungen(German pl.) file storage
Akten manipulieren(German) to manipulate files
Aktenmappe(German f.) folder, file, portfolio
aktenmäßig(German) documentary
Aktenmaterial(German n.) documents
Aktennotiz(German f.) file memorandum, file memo, memorandum for the file, note for the files, memorandum, memo
Aktennotiz mit Festlegung der Aktionspunkte(German f.) action memo
Aktennotizen(German pl.) memoranda
Aktenordne(German m.) file, document file
Aktenpapier(German n.) briefing paper (as opposed to draft paper)
Aktenregal(German n.) filing shelves
Aktensammlung(German f.) archive
Aktenschrank(German m.) file cabinet, filing cabinet, cabinet
Aktenstapel(German m.) stack of documents, pile of documents
Aktenstoß(German m.) bundle of documents, batch of documents
Aktenstück(German n.) document in the archives, document from the archives
Aktentasche(German f.) attaché (case), brief-case, portfolio, brief case, briefcase
Aktentasche aus Straußenleder(German f.) ostrich (leather) briefcase
Aktenteil(German m.) part of a file
Aktenvermerk(German m.) file memo, file memorandum, memo, memorandum for file, note for the files, note
Aktenvernichter(German m.) shredder, file shredder, document shredder
Aktenwolf(German m.) shredder
Aktenzeichen(German n.) file reference, reference number, reference (number), application number (patent), file number
Aktenzeichner(German m.) applicant for shares
Akteur (m.), Akteurin (f.), Akteure (pl.)(German) actor, actress (female), player (colloquial), agent, dramatis personae (plural form)
Aktfoto(German n.) nude photograph
Aktfotografie(German f.) nude photography, nude photograph, nude photo
Aktgemälde(German n.) nude painting
Aktie (s.), Aktien (pl.)(German f.) share, stock, equities (plural form)
Aktienanleger(German m.) investor in shares
Aktienanteile(German pl.) stock options
Aktienanteile an einer Firma besitzen(German to hold stock in a company
Aktienausgabe(German f.) stock issue, issue
Aktienbank(German f.) joint-stock bank
Aktienbesitz(German m.) stockholding, shareholdings, share ownership, holdings, holding of shares, share holdings
Aktien besitzen(German) to hold shares
Aktienbestand(German m.) stock of shares, share portfolio
Aktienbetrug(German m.) stock fraud, securities fraud
Aktienbezugsrecht(German n.) share option, stock option
Aktienbörse(German f.) stock-exchange
Aktienbroker(German m.) stockbroker
Aktienbuch(German n.) stock register
Aktienemission(German f.) floatation of shares, issue of shares, stock issue, share issue, equity issue
Aktien emittieren(German) to offer shares
Aktienerwerbspläne(German pl.) share incentive scheme
Aktiengeschäft(German n.) share transaction, transaction in shares
Aktiengesellschaft (s.), Aktiengesellschaften (pl.)(German f.) joint stock company, joint stock corporation, limited company, public company, stock company, incorporated company
Aktiengesellschaft (s.), Aktiengesellschaften (pl.)(German f.) or AG, stock corporation, joint-stock company, corporation, public limited company (PLC), company limited by shares
Aktiengesetz(German n.) Companies Act
Aktienhandel(German m.) dealing in shares, dealing in stocks, stock dealing, stock trading, equity trading
Aktienhändler(German m.) equity trader, jobber
Aktienhöchststand(German m.) all-time high (stock index)
Aktienindex(German m.) index of stocks, share index, stock index
Aktieninhaber (s./pl.)(German m.) stockholder, equity holder, shareholder, shareholders (plural form)
Aktienkapital(German n.) equity, joint stock, stock capital, share capital
Aktienkategorie(German f.) category of shares
Aktienkauf(German m.) share repurchase, stock purchase
Aktienkurs (s.), Aktienkurse (pl.)(German m.) stock price, stock quotation, price of shares, equity price
Aktienkursschwankungen(German pl.) price fluctuations of shares
Aktienkurve(German f.) stock index, stock chart
Aktienmanipulation(German f.) stock manipulation
Aktien manipulieren(German) to manipulate shares
Aktienmarkt(German m.) shares market, market for shares, equity market, stock market, equities market, share market
Aktienmehrheit(German f.) majority of stock, majority of shares
Aktien mit garantierter Dividende(German pl.) debenture stock
Aktiennotierung(German f.) stock quotation
Aktienoption(German f.) stock option
Aktienoptionsplan für Führungskräfte(German m.) management stock option plan (MSOP)
Aktienoptionsplan für Management, Mitarbeiter(German m.) stock option plan (SOP)
Aktienpaket(German n.) parcel of shares, equity stake, block of shares
Aktienpreis(German m.) stock price
Aktienrendite(German f.) yield on shares, stock yield
Aktienrückkauf(German m.) buyback, share buyback
Aktienschuld einer Gesellschaft(German f.) stock of a company
Aktienspekulant(German m.) stock speculator
Aktienspekulation(German f.) stock speculation, speculation in shares, speculation in stock
Aktiensplit(German m.) stock split
Aktienstimmrecht(German n.) stock voting right
Aktientiefstand(German m.) all-time low (stock index)
Aktienübertragung(German f.) stock transfer
Aktienverwaltung(German f.) asset management
Aktienwert(German m.) share value
Aktien zeichnen(German) to subscribe for shares, to apply for shares
Aktienzeichnung(German f.) application for shares
Aktienzertifikat(German n.) stock certificate, share certificate, certificate of stock, share-certificate
Aktien zuteilen(German) to allot shares
Aktienzuteilung(German f.) stock allotment, allotment of shares
Aktigrafie(German f.) actigraphy, the recording of the movements of a sleeping subject, and analysis of the subject's sleep patterns
Aktigraphie(German f.) actigraphy
Aktion (s.), Aktionen (pl.)(German f.) move, action, campaign
Aktionär(German m.) stock owner, stock holder, shareholder, stockholder
Aktionäre beeinflussen(German) to manipulate shareholders
Aktionariat(German n.) stockholders, shareholders
Aktionärin (s.), Aktionärinnen (pl.)(German) shareholder (female)
Aktionärsbrief(German m.) letter to shareholders
aktionärsfreundlich(German) shareholder-friendly
Aktionärsvereinigung(German f.) association of shareholders
Aktionärsversammlung(German f.) stockholders' meeting
Aktionärsverzeichnis(German n.) stock book
Aktionsbereich(German m.) field of action
Aktionsfähigkeit(German f.) ability to act
Aktionsfeld(German n.) sphere of activity
Aktionsgemeinschaft(German f.) action group
Aktionsgruppe(German f.) action group
Aktionskomitee(German n.) action committee
Aktionskunst(German f.) performance art
Aktionslied(German n.) action song
Aktionsmalerei(German f.) action painting
Aktionsmenü(German n.) pull-down menu
Aktionsnotation(German f.) action notation
Aktionsplan(German m.) plan of campaign, action plan
Aktionsprogramm(German n.) action programme
Aktionsradius(German m.) sphere of action
aktionsreich(German) action-packed
Aktionstag(German m.) day of action
Aktionsware(German f.) promotional goods
Aktionswoche(German f.) action week
Aktiv(German n.) active voice
aktiv(German) regular (soldier), on active duty (soldiers), on active service (soldiers), hands-on, in use, energized, actual, positive, actively, active, live
Aktiva(German pl.) assets
Aktiva und Passiva(German pl.) assets and liabilities
aktiv dienen(German) to be on active service
Aktive(German f.) active participant (female)
aktive Datei(German f.) current file, active file
aktive Geräuschunterdrückung(German f.) active noise reduction (ANR)
aktive Lärmkompensation(German f.) active noise control (ANC), active noise reduction (ANR)
aktive Veredelung(German f.) or AV, inward processing relief (IPR)
aktive Wetterfront(German f.) active front (weather)
Aktiver(German m.) activist, active participant
aktiver(German) more active
aktiver Filter(German m.) active filter
aktiver Leihverkehr(German m.) inter-library loan
aktiver Offfizier(German m.) serving officer
aktiver Vulkan(German m.) active volcano
aktives Teil(German n.) live part (of electrical equipment) (EN 292)
aktives Unternehmen(German n.) operating company
aktivieren(German) to vitalise, to capitalise, to activate, to enable, to energise
aktivierend(German) activating
aktiviert(German) activates, activated, enabled
Aktivismus(German m.) activism
Aktivist (m.), Aktivistin (f.)(German) activist, campaigner
Aktivisten gegen Armut(German pl.) anti-poverty campaigners
aktivistisch(German) activist
Aktivität (s.), Aktivitäten (pl.)(German f.) activity
Aktivkohle(German f.) charcoal, activated carbon, bone black, activated charcoal
Aktivkohlefilter(German m.) activated charcoal filter
Aktivmanagement(German n.) asset management
aktiv mitarbeiten(German) to play an active part
Aktivposten(German m.) asset
Aktivsaldo(German m.) credit balance
aktiv schalten(German) to activate
Aktivüberhang(German m.) net asset position
Aktivum(German m.) asset
Aktivvermögen(German n.) actual net worth
aktiv werden(German) to move (figurative - to initiate action), to engage in an activity, to take action
aktiv werben für(German) to tout
aktiv Werbung machen für(German) to tout
Aktivzinsen(German pl.) interest receivable
Aktmalerei(German f.) nude painting
Aktor (s.), Aktoren (pl.)(German m.) actuator
Aktphotographie(German f.) nude photography, nude photograph
Aktrice(German f. - archaic) actress
Aktstudie (s.), Aktstudien (pl.)(German f.) nude study, study of a nude, study from the nude
aktualisierbar(German) updatable
aktualisieren(German) to refresh, to actualise, to upgrade, to update, to bring up-to-date
aktualisiert(German) up-to-date, updated
aktualisierte Ausgabe(German f.) updated edition
Aktualisierung(German f.) updating, update
Aktualismus(German m.) actualism
Aktualität(German f.) topicality, actuality, up-to-dateness, the degree to which something is current (i.e. up-to-date)
Aktualitäten(German f. pl.) current events
Aktualwert(German m.) actual value
Aktuar(German m.) actuary
Aktuator(German m.) actuator
aktuell(German) latest, in fashion, effective, up-to-date, current, newsworthy, topical, topically, up to date, with it (colloquial), trendy
aktuelle Angebote(German pl.) actual quotations
aktuelle Ausgabe(German f.) current issue
aktuelle Auskunft bieten(German) to provide the latest information
aktuelle Information(German f.) up-to-date information
aktuelle Kurse(German pl.) actual prices, current prices
aktuelle Nachrichten(German pl.) current affairs (journalism)
aktuelle Position(German f.) current position
aktuelle Preisliste(German f.) current price list
aktuelle Seite(German f.) current page
aktuelle Version(German f.) up-to-date version
aktueller(German) more up to date
aktueller Bedarf(German m.) up-to-date requirements
aktueller Bestand(German m.) actual stock, current stock
aktueller Kurs(German m.) current market price
aktueller Preis(German m.) current price
aktueller Wert(German m.) present value
aktueller Zustand(German m.) current condition, current state, present state, present condition
aktuelles Thema(German n.) topical subject, topical theme
aktuelles Zeitgeschehen(German n.) current events
aktuellste(German) latest, most up to date
Aktvorhang(German m.) main drape
Aktzeichnung(German f.) nude figure drawing, nude life drawing
AkubaAfrican conga drums
Akupressur(German f.) acupressure
akupunktieren(German) to (give) acupuncture
Akupunktur(German f.) acupuncture
Akustik(German f.) acoustic, acoustics
Akustikbass(German m.) acoustic bass (guitar)
Akustiker (m.), Akustiker (pl.)(German) acoustician (male)
Akustikerin (f.), Akustikerinnen (pl.)(German) acousticians (female)
Akustikgitarre(German f.) acoustic guitar
Akustikkoppler(German m.) acoustic coupler
akustisch(German) acoustic, acoustically, aurally, sonic, acounstical, audible
akustische Anzeige(German f.) audible alarm
akustische Eigenschaften(German pl.) acoustic properties
akustische Filter(German pl.) acoustic filters
akustische Gitarre(German f.) acoustic guitar
akustische Halluzinationen(German pl.) auditory hallucinations
akustische Impedanz(German f.) acoustic impedance
akustische Impedanzanpassung(German f.) acoustic impedance matching
akustische Kunstsee 'acoustic art'
akustische Leistungsdichte(German f.) acoustic power density
akustische Mikroskopie(German f.) acoustic microscopy
akustische Oberflächenwelle(German f.) surface acoustic wave (SAW)
akustische Ökologie(German f.) acoustic ecology
akustische Optik(German f.) acoustooptics, acousto-optics
akustische Phonetik(German f.) acoustic phonetics
akustische Planung(German f.) acoustic design
akustischer Anzeiger(German m.) audible indicator
akustischer Cortex(German m.) auditory cortex
akustischer Horizont(German m.) acoustic horizon
akustischer Raum(German m.) acoustic space
akustischer Reflex(German m.) acoustic reflex
akustischer Speicher(German m.) acoustic memory
akustischer Standard(German m.) auditory standard
akustischer Filter(German m.) acoustic filter
akustische Rückkopplung(German f.) acoustic feedback, acoustical feedback
akustisches Filter(German n.) acoustic filter
akustische Skala(German f.) (Bartok) acoustic scale
akustisches Signal(German n.) audible signal, acoustic signal
akustisches System(German n.) auditory system
akustische Strahlung(German f.) acoustic radiation
akustisches Warnsignal(German n.) audible alarm
akustisches Zeichen(German n.) beep
akustische Verzögerung(German f.) acoustic delay
akustische Verzögerungsstrecke(German f.) acoustic delay line
akustische Warnung(German f.) audible alarm
akustisk(Swedish) acoustic
Akustooptik(German f.) acoustooptics
akustooptisch(German) acousto-optical
Akut(German m.) acute (accent)
akut(German) acute, severe, acutely, severely
akut behindert(German) acutely disabled
akuter Mangel(German m.) acute shortage
akutes Problem(German n.) pressing problem
Akutkrankenhaus(German n.) acute care hospital
Akvavit(Danish) an strong spirit flavoured with caraway seed
AkynKyrgyz composer-poet-performers. They can be traced back to Attila's time when there was a tradition of telling stories by way of speeches accompanied by komuz, a fretless banjo-like instrument. After Attila called his guests together, there would be a competition for the best akyn. Attila presented the winner his finest cloak and horse
Akzeleration(German f.) acceleration
akzelerieren(German) to accelerate
akzeleriert(German) accelerated
Akzent (s.), Akzente (pl.)(German m.) accent, stress
Akzentbuchstabe(German m.) accent (character)
akzentfrei(German) without any accent, without an accent, with no accent, accent-free
akzentlos(German) accent-free, without an accent, accentless
Akzentneume (s.), Akzentneumen (pl.)(German f.) accent-neume
Akzentschema(German n.) accentual pattern
Akzentstufentakt(German m.) accented bar, accented measure
Akzentton(German m.) pitch accent
Akzentuation(German f.) accentuation
akzentuieren(German) to accentuate, to stress, to accent
akzentuierend(German) accentuating, accenting
akzentuiert(German) accented, accentuated, accentuates, accenting
Akzentuierung(German f.) accentuation
Akzentverschiebung(German f.) change of emphasis
Akzept(German n.) positive answer
akzeptabel(German) acceptable
akzeptabel(German) acceptable, reasonable, alright (less formal than all right)
akzeptabel für die meisten Geschmäcker(German) acceptable to most palates
Akzeptabilität(German f.) acceptability
akzeptable Alternative(German f.) acceptable alternative
akzeptable Änderungen(German pl.) acceptable alterations
akzeptabler Beschluss(German m.) acceptable resolution
akzeptabler Betrag(German m.) appreciable sum
akzeptabler Kurs(German m.) acceptable price
akzeptabler Vorschlag(German m.) agreeable proposal
akzeptables Benehmen(German n.) acceptable behaviour
akzeptables Maßsystem(German n.) acceptable system of measurement
Akzeptanz(German f.) approval, acceptability, acceptance
Akzeptanz des Unvermeidlichen(German f.) acceptance of the inevitable
Akzeptanz erlangen(German) to obtain acceptance
Akzeptanz seitens der Verbraucher(German f.) consumer acceptance
Akzeptbank(German f.) merchant bank
akzeptierbar(German) acceptable
Akzeptierbarkeit(German f.) acceptability
akzeptieren(German) to buy, (colloquial - to accept the truth or feasibility of something), to honour (an agreement), to agree to, to accept, to approve
akzeptieren als(German) to accept as
akzeptierend(German) accepting, acceptingly
akzeptiert(German) accepted
akzeptierte Meinung(German f.) accepted opinion
akzeptierte Standardrichtlinien(German pl.) an accepted standard
akzeptierte Tatsache(German f.) accepted fact
akzeptierte Theorie(German f.) accepted theory
akzeptierter Wert(German m.) accepted value
Akzession(German f.) acquisition, accession
akzessionieren(German) to accession
Akzessionsjournal(German n.) accession book
akzessorisch(German) accessory
Akzidens(German n.) accident
akzidentell(German) accidental
akzidentiell(German) accidental
Akzidenz (s.), Akzidenzien (pl.), Akzidenzien (pl.)(German f.) accidental (in music)
Akzidenzdruck(German m.) printing job
Alafter Antonio de Almeida, the cataloguer of music by Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)
al(Italian) also all', alla, alle, agli, allo, at the, to the, in the, in the style of, in the manner of
al before masculine nouns, alla before feminine nouns
A.L.abbreviation of anno lucis (Latin: in the year of light - a calendar used by some Free and Accepted Masons where 4000 is added to the Christian Era date)
al.abbreviation of alia (Latin) 'other things'
a.l.abbreviation of 'autograph letter'
al(Spanish) the combination of a and el
ALAabbreviation of 'Associate in Liberal Arts' or 'Associate of the Library Association
Ala(Spanish f.) wing (bird, plane, building, etc.), brim (of a hat), winger (sports), flank, wing (position)
in Spanish ala is a feminine noun taking masculine article in the singular
a three finger-hole free reed pipe of the Bahnar people of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, The fibre reed is mounted on a small block of wood, held in place with a string, and sound is produced by the player inhaling
à l'(French) to the, at the, on the, with the, in the manner of, in the style of
the phrase is short for à la mode de, hence the use of a feminine article la even when followed by a masculine noun
à la(French) to the, at the, on the, with the, in the manner of, in the style of
the phrase is short for à la mode de, hence the use of a feminine article la even when followed by a masculine noun
Alaaf!(German, dialect) Hurray!
a la altura de(Spanish) at the height of, abreast of, level with, on par with
a la altura de la cintura(Spanish) waist-deep
a la altura de la competencia(Spanish) on a par with our competitors, on a par with the competition
a la altura de las expectativas(Spanish) up to expectations, up to one's expectations
a la altura de las rodillas(Spanish) knee-length, knee-high
a la altura de los hombros(Spanish) shoulder-high
a la altura de los ojos(Spanish) eye-level
a la altura de los tobillos(Spanish) ankle-deep, ankle-high
a la antigua(Spanish) in the old-fashioned way
a la antigua usanza(Spanish) in the old style
Alaap/Alapchariin Hindustani classical music, a term describing the gradual unfolding and development of a raga through monosyllables, NomTom, and without a fixed composition
a la apertura(Spanish) at the opening, on opening
a la atención de(Spanish) for the attention of, to the attention of
a la avanzada edad de(Spanish) at the advanced age of
a la baja(Spanish) for a fall
alabancioso(Spanish) boastful
à l'abandon(French) in a state of neglect, at random, in confusion, without restraint, with passionate expression
Alabanza(Spanish f.) praise
Alabanzas(Spanish f. pl.) religious praise songs in Spain and Spanish America
Alabaosthe Brazilian equivalent of the Spanish villancicos
alabar(Spanish) to praise
a la barbacoa(Spanish) barbecued
alabarse(Spanish) to boast, to self-praise
a la bartola(Spanish) carelessly, without a care in the world
Alabastro(Spanish m.) alabaster
Alabaster(English, German m.) translucent usually white form of gypsum, used for carving etc.
alabastern(German) alabaster, white and smooth
Alabasterschale(German f.) alabaster bowl
Alabastro(Italian m., Spanish m.) alabaster
Alabâtre(French m.) alabaster
Álabe(Spanish m.) paddle, cog (toothed wheel)
alabear(Spanish) to warp
alabearse(Spanish) to warp
Alabeo(Spanish m.) warping
a la birlonga(Spanish) carelessly, sloppily
à l'ablatif(French) ablative
à la bonne heure(French) well done!, capital!
a la brava(Spanish) by force, daringly
a la brevedad(Spanish) on short notice
al abrigo de(Spanish) protected from, sheltered from
al abrigo de la lluvia(Spanish) sheltered from the rain
al abrigo de la lumbre(Spanish) by the fireside
al abrigo de los árboles(Spanish) sheltered under the trees
à la broche(French) roasted in front of an open fire on a spit
a la bruta(Spanish) crudely, brutally, violently
à la bucolique(French) in a rustic manner
a la buena de Dios(Spanish) any old way, at random, hit-or-miss, without any preparation, without any preparations, without any provisions, without reflexion, without thought, haphazardly, higgledy-piggledy
a la buena ventura(Spanish) with no set plan, at a venture, with no fixed idea, with no fixed plan
a la cabecera del paciente(Spanish) at the patient's bedside
a la cabeza(Spanish) at the head, in the lead
a la cabeza de(Spanish) at the head of, in charge of
a la caída de la tarde(Spanish) late in the afternoon, at dusk, at late afternoon, at nightfall, at the close of day, in the late afternoon
a la caída del sol(Spanish) at sunset, at sundown
à la cantonade(French) for all to hear
a la carga(Spanish) to the attack
a la carrera(Spanish) hastily, at a run, at full speed, in a rush, in double quick time, on the run
a la carta(Spanish) à la carte, on the menu
à la carte(French) itemised menu
in a restaurant, each item is charged for separately, as opposed to table d'hôte or prix fixe where there is a set charge for a set meal
a la casa(Spanish) home
al acaso(Spanish) at random
a la castellana(Spanish) in the Castilian fashion
a la caza de(Spanish) in pursuit of
al acecho(Spanish) on the look-out, lying in wait, lurking (colloquial)
Alacena(Spanish f.) (food) cupboard, larder
à la charnière de(French) at the meeting point between
à la chasse(French) in the hunting style
a la chinesca(Spanish) in the Chinese way
a la chingada(Spanish) to hell, damn it
a la chita callando(Spanish) on the sly, on the quiet, stealthily
a la chiticallando(Spanish) on the sly, stealthily
a la cola(Spanish) at the end, last
a la continua(Spanish) continually, all the time
à la corde(French) with the bow kept on the string (in order to produce a legato effect)
a la corta(Spanish) in the short term
a la corta o a la larga(Spanish) sooner or later
a la cosa(Spanish) ad rem, to the point
Alacrán(Spanish m.) scorpion
alacre(Italian) brisk
Alacridad(Spanish f.) alacrity, Bereitfertigkeit (German f.)
Alacrità(Italian f.) alacrity, Bereitfertigkeit (German f.)
Alacrité(French f.) alacrity, Bereitfertigkeit (German f.)
à la découverte de(French) in search of
Ala delta(Spanish f.) hang gliding
a la derecha(Spanish) on the right, to the right
a la deriva(Spanish) drifting, adrift
à la dérobée(French) stealthily
à la différence de(French) unlike
a la de Dios es Cristo(Spanish) haphazardly without thinking
a la defensiva(Spanish) on the defensive, defensively
a la demanda(Spanish) on offer, on bid, on call
a la derecha(Spanish) to the right, at the right, on the right, on the right-hand side, right, right-hand
a la derecha de(Spanish) to the right of
a la derecha de él(Spanish) at his right
a la derecha de ella(Spanish) at her right
a la derecha de ellas(Spanish) at their right
a la derecha de ellos(Spanish) at their right
a la derecha mía(Spanish) at my right
a la derecha nuestra(Spanish) at our right
a la derecha suya(Spanish) at your right
a la derecha tuya(Spanish) at your right
a la derecha vuestra(Spanish) at your right
a la deriva(Spanish) adrift, drifting, derelict, aimlessly
a la desbandada(Spanish) in disorder, hurriedly, helter-skelter, in confusion
a la descubierta(Spanish) in the open, openly, out in the open
a la desesperada(Spanish) in desperation, as a last resort
a la deshilada(Spanish) in single file, secretly
a la diabla(Spanish) carelessly
a la disimulada(Spanish) on the sly, furtively
a la disparada(Spanish) at full speed
a la disposición de(Spanish) at the disposal of
à la disposition de(French) at the disposal of
alado(Spanish) winged
a la dobladilla(Spanish) doubly
à la dure(French) the hard way
a la edad de(Spanish) at the age of, at age
a la edad de él(Spanish) at his age
a la edad de ella(Spanish) at her age
a la edad de ellas(Spanish) at their age
a la edad de ellos(Spanish) at their age
a la edad de usted(Spanish) at your age
a la edad mía(Spanish) at my age
a la edad nuestra(Spanish) at our age
a la edad suya(Spanish) at his age, at her age, at your age, at their age
a la edad tierna de(Spanish) at the tender age of
a la edad tuya(Spanish) at your age
a la edad vuestra(Spanish) at your age
a la entrada(Spanish) at the entrance
a la entrega(Spanish) on delivery
a la española(Spanish) in the Spanish way, in the Spanish manner
a la espera(Spanish) in wait
a la espera de(Spanish) waiting for
a la espera de él(Spanish) waiting for him
a la espera de ella(Spanish) waiting for her
a la espera de usted(Spanish) waiting for your
a la espera mía(Spanish) waiting for me
a la espera suya(Spanish) waiting for him, waiting for her. waiting for you
a la espera tuya(Spanish) waiting for you
a la espera vuestra(Spanish) waiting for you
a la expectativa(Spanish) on the alert, in suspense, expectantly
a la fecha(Spanish) to date
a la fecha de(Spanish) on the date of, on
à la française(French) in the French fashion, in the French style
a la francesa(Spanish) in the French manner, in the French fashion, in the French style
a la fuerza(Spanish) by force, against one's will, forcibly, forcedly, forcefully, willy-nilly
a la fuerza y con intimidación(Spanish) by force and fear
a la funerala(Spanish) with reversed arms, with weapons pointed downward
a la gran viuda(Spanish) wow
à la grecque(French) in the Greek style
a reference particularly to the introduction of choruses at the termination of the acts of dramas by the French, in imitation of ancient Greek dramatists
a lágrima viva(Spanish) bitterly
a la gruesa(Spanish) bottomry
à la guerre comme à la guerre(French) one must take the rough with the smooth
à la hausse(French) at the heel of the bow, at the frog, al tallone (Italian), am Frosch (German), au talon (French)
a la hila(Spanish) in single file, in Indian file, one after the other
a la holandesa(Spanish) half-bound
à la hongroise(French) all'ungarese (Italian), all'ongherese (Italian), in the Hungarian style, which usually means 'in the Gypsy style', nach ungarischer Art (German)
a la hora(Spanish) on time, punctually
a la hora de(Spanish) at the time of, at the hour of, at the moment of
a la hora de acostarse(Spanish) at bedtime, by bedtime
a la hora de arribo(Spanish) at the time of arrival, at arrival time
a la hora de la cena(Spanish) at suppertime
a la hora de la hora(Spanish) when the time comes, when the time actually comes
a la hora de la verdad(Spanish) at the moment of truth, when it comes right down to it
a la hora de llegada(Spanish) at the time of arrival, at arrival time
(Spanish) when the time comes, when the moment comes
a la hora debida(Spanish) in due time, in time
a la hora en punto(Spanish) right on time, on the dot, on the hour, promptly, punctually
a la hora exacta(Spanish) at the exact time, on the dot
a la hora precisa(Spanish) at the right time
a la hora que(Spanish) any time, at the time, at the time that, by the time
a la hora undécima(Spanish) at the eleventh hour
a la inclemencia(Spanish) exposed to wind and weather
a la inglesa(Spanish) in the English manner, the way Englishmen do, in the English manner, sidesaddle (riding)
a la intemperie(Spanish) exposed to wind and weather, in the weather, out of door, out-of-doors, outdoor, outdoors
a la inversa(Spanish) the other way around, on the contrary, conversely, inversely
al aire libre(Spanish) in the open air, outdoors
Alaise(French f.) undersheet, drawsheet
à l'aise(French, literally 'at ease') in a relaxed manner, unhurried, adagio (Italian), posément (French)
a la italiana(Spanish) in the Italian manner
a la izquierda(Spanish) to the left, left, on the left, on the left-hand side
a la izquierda de(Spanish) to the left of
a la izquierda de él(Spanish) to his left
a la izquierda de ella(Spanish) to her left
a la izquierda de ellas(Spanish) to their left
a la izquierda de ellos(Spanish) to their left
a la izquierda de usted(Spanish) to your left
a la izquierda mía(Spanish) to my left
a la izquierda nuestra(Spanish) to our left
a la izquierda suya(Spanish) to his left, to her left, to your left
a la izquierda tuya(Spanish) to your left
a la izquierda vuestra(Spanish) to your left
al ajillo(Spanish) cooked with garlic, fried with garlic
Al-âlatogether with gharnati and milhûn, the primary form of Andalusian classical music today
see 'Andalusian classical music'
Alalá(Spanish) traditional Galician folk-song (from North-West Spain) which often express passion or longing and is highly ornamented by the singer and is named for its characteristic refrain ay-la-la
a la larga(Spanish) in the long run, by and by, eventually, in the course of time, in the end, in the long term, over the long haul
al alcance de(Spanish) within reach of
à la lanterne(French) as phrase that occurs in the refrain of the revolutionary song Ça Ira, a reference to the hanging of many of the victims of the French Revolution from the chains supporting the street-lamps
al alba(Spanish) at the crack of dawn
à la légère(French) thoughtlessly
a la legua(Spanish) far away, a mile away, a mile off, miles away
a la letra(Spanish) to the letter, literal, literally
à la lettre(French) literally
a la ley de caballero(Spanish) on the word of a gentleman
a la ligera(Spanish) hurriedly, carelessly, lightheartedly, superficially, without due care, without much attention, perfunctorily
al alimón(Spanish) jointly (for example, led an orchestra)
a la línea tirada(Spanish) all the way across the page
a la llana(Spanish) simply
à l'allemande(French) in the German style (which often means at an atypical tempo, or a reference to a typically German dance, for example the Ländler), alla tedesca (Italian)
a la loquesca(Spanish) crazily, madly
à la lumière d'une bougie(French) by candlelight
a la luz(Spanish) in the light
a la luz de(Spanish) in the light of, by the light of
a la luz de la linterna(Spanish) in the torchlight
a la luz de la lumbre(Spanish) by firelight
a la luz de la luna(Spanish) in the moonlight, by moonlight, by the light of the moon
a la luz de las estrellas(Spanish) by starlight
a la luz del día(Spanish) in the daylight, in daylight, in the cold light of day
a la luz del sol(Spanish) in the sunlight
a la luz pública(Spanish) in public
ALAMabbreviation of 'Associate of the London College of Music and Dramatic Art'
à la maison(French) at home
a la mala(Spanish) by force
a la mañana(Spanish) in the morning
a la mañana siguiente(Spanish) next morning
al amanecer at dawn(Spanish) at daybreak
a la manera de(Spanish) in the manner of, in the fashion of, in the tradition of, in the guise of
a la manera de él(Spanish) in his own way, his own way, his way, in his way
a la manera de ella(Spanish) in her own way, her own way, her way, in her way
a la manera de ellas(Spanish) in their own way, their own way, their way, in their way
a la manera de ellos(Spanish) in their own way, their own way, their way, in their way
a la manera de los naturistas(Spanish) the naturist's way, naturopathically
a la manera de pensar de ellos(Spanish) in their way of thinking, in their opinion
a la manera de un beato(Spanish) sanctimoniously
a la manera de uno(Spanish) one's way, after one's fashion, in one's own way, in one's way
a la manera de usted(Spanish) in your own way, your own way, your way
a la manera mía(Spanish) my way, in my own way, my own way
a la manera nuestra(Spanish) our way, in our own way, our own way
a la manera suya(Spanish) his way, her way, your way, your own way
a la manera tuya(Spanish) in your own way, your own way, your way
a la manera vuestra(Spanish) in your own way, your own way, your way
a la maniera(Italian) alla maniera di (Italian), in the manner of, nach Art der (German), nach Art des (German), nach Art von (German), à la manière de (French)
à la manière de(French) a la maniera (Italian), alla maniera di (Italian), in the manner of, nach Art der (German), nach Art des (German), nach Art von (German)
a la mano(Spanish) close at hand, at hand, near, nearby, within easy reach, around the corner, at close hand, at one's elbow, at one's fingertips, easy to reach, near at hand, on hand
à la manque(French) useless (idea) (familiar)
a la marinera(Spanish) in a nautical fashion, in a sailor's fashion
a la mayor brevedad(Spanish) as soon as possible, at the earliest convenience, at your earliest convenience
a la mayor brevedad posible(Spanish) as soon as possible, ASAP
alambicado(Spanish) distilled, subtle (figurative)
Alambicamiento(Spanish m.) distillation, subtlety (figurative)
alambicar(Spanish) to distil
Alambique(Spanish m.) still (used in distillation)
alambiqué, alambiquée(French) over-refined, over-subtle, convoluted, involved (said of works of art, writings, etc., often pejorative)
Alambrada(Spanish f.) wire fence, barbed wire fence, wire fencing (material)
Alambrado(Spanish m. - Latin America) fencing in, fencing off, wire fence
alambrar(Spanish) to fence in, to fence off
Alambre(Spanish m.) wire
Alambre de espino(Spanish m.) barbed wire (material)
Alambre de púas(Spanish m.) barbed wire (material)
Alambrera(Spanish f.) fireguard
Alameda(Spanish f.) (tree-lined) avenue, (tree-lined) boulevard, poplar grove
a la medianoche(Spanish) at midnight
a la medida(Spanish) tailor-made, custom-built, to measure to order
a la medida de(Spanish) in proportion to, in direct proportion to
a la mejor cocinera se le va un tomate entero(Spanish) nobody is perfect
à la même(French) tempo primo (Italian), a tempo (Italian), in the original time, im Zeitmaß (German)
a la menor provocación(Spanish) at the drop of a hat
a la mera orilla de(Spanish) at the edge of
a la merced de(Spanish) at the mercy of
a la mesa(Spanish) at the table
à la mesure(French) in time, a tempo, a battuta
à la militaire(French) in the military style, march style
à la minute(French) cooked to order
a la mira(Spanish) on the look-out, on the tout
A-la-mi-rein solmisation the name of two notes, of the note a (alamire acutum) and the note a' (alamire superacutum) (the term is derived from the three notes A (tonic, la) E (subdominant, mi) and D (dominant, re) which determine the key of A)
a la misma altura(Spanish) on the same level
a la mitad(Spanish) in the middle
a la mitad de(Spanish) in the middle of, around the middle of, half way across, half-way into, halfway into
a la mitad del camino(Spanish) half-way down the road, half-way down the path, half-way down the way, half way through, halfway up
a la mitad del trabajo(Spanish) half-finished, half-way done, halfway done, half-way through, halfway through
a la mitad del trayecto(Spanish) half-way down the way, half-way, half-way down the road
a la mitad entre dos puntos(Spanish) half-way between two points, halfway between two points
Álamo(Spanish m.) poplar (tree)
a la moda(Spanish) in line with fashion, fashionable, in-fashion, up-to-date, fashionably, in fashion, stylishly, à la mode, modishly
a la moda de(Spanish) in the fashion of, in the style of, in the way of
à la mode(French) in the fashion, fashionable
a la moderna(Spanish) in the modern manner
a la morisma(Spanish) in the Moorish way
Álamo temblón(Spanish m.) aspen (tree)
Álamoth(Hebrew) this word is used in the superscription to the 46th Psalm, and is believed to have been the name of an ancient Hebrew melody to which the psalm was intended to be sung
al amparo de(Spanish) under the protection of
a la muda(Spanish) silently
a la muerte de un obispo(Spanish) on rare ocassions, rarely, almost never, hardly ever, seldom
a la mujeriega(Spanish) sidesaddle
alangui (m.), alanguie (f.)(French) languid (attitude, gesture), lifeless (rhythm, style)
Alanguissement(French m.) languidness, languor
Alankarin Hindustani classical music, notes and other features which prominently indicate a raga
Alanna(from the Irish, a leinbh, 'O baby') darling, a common term of endearment
Alano(Spanish m.) mastiff
al anochecer(Spanish) at nightfall
a la noche siguiente(Spanish) next evening
Alantethe front of a stage used for flamenco performances
a la obediencia(Spanish) your obedient servant
a la ocasión la pintan calva(Spanish) you have to make the most of your chances, you have to strike while the iron is hot
a la oferta(Spanish) on offer, on bid
a la oportunidad la pintan calva(Spanish) opportunity rarely seems inviting
a la orden(Spanish) to order, yes sir
a la orden de(Spanish) to the order of, at the orders of, at the service of, in favour of
a la orilla(Spanish) at the side, alongshore, inshore
a la orilla de(Spanish) at the edge of
a la orilla de él(Spanish) at his side
a la orilla de ella(Spanish) at her side
a la orilla de ellas(Spanish) at their side
a la orilla de ellos(Spanish) at their side
a la orilla de la carretera(Spanish) at the side of the road, wayside
a la orilla de usted(Spanish) at your side
a la orilla del camino(Spanish) at the wayside, by the wayside, wayside, by the side of the road, road-side
a la orilla del mar(Spanish) by the sea, beside the sea
a la orilla mía(Spanish) at my side
a la orilla nuestra(Spanish) at our side
a la orilla suya(Spanish) at his side, at her side, at your side, at their side
a la orilla tuya(Spanish) at your side
a la orilla vuestra(Spanish) at your side
a la otra(Spanish) next time
a la otra orilla de(Spanish) to the other side of
Alapin Indian classical music, an introductory, slow movement, free of rhythm, that sets out and elaborates the raga
à la page(French) up to date, in the know, familiar with the latest fashions
a la par(Spanish) on a par, at par, at face value, two abreast
a la par de(Spanish) next to, beside
a la parrilla(Spanish) grilled, barbecued
a la pata la llana(Spanish) without ceremony, simply
a la pata llana(Spanish) unaffectedly, plainly, simply
à la paysanne(French) in a peasant or simple country style (usually a reference to a style of food)
a la paz de Dios(Spanish) God be with you
a la penca(Spanish) come hell or high water, through thick and thin
a la perfección(Spanish) to perfection, ideally, perfectly, to a fare-you-well
a la piedra(Spanish) hearth-baked
a lápiz(Spanish) pencilled, in pencil
a la plancha(Spanish) grilled
à la pointe d'archet(French) at the tip (or point) of the bow, an der Bogenspitze (German), an der Spitze des Bogens (German), colla punta d'arco (Italian), alla punta d'arco (Italian), de la pointe (French), con la punta del arco (Spanish)
à la polácca(French) in the manner of a Polácca
a la porra con(Spanish) to hell with
a la postre(Spanish) in the long run, finally, at the end, in the end, ultimately
à la poupée(French) a method of inking an intaglio printing plate by applying different colours onto the same surface by hand. Traditionally small cotton daubs (dollies) were employed to apply ink, but a number of methods are used. While adding colour to just one plate solved registration problems and increased production speed, sharp and precise colour delineation cannot be achieved
a la presentación(Spanish) at sight, on demand, on presentation
a la primera(Spanish) at the first shot
a la primera mirada(Spanish) at first glance
a la primera oportunidad(Spanish) at the first opportunity, at the earliest convenience, at the earliest opportunity
a la próxima(Spanish) next time
a la prudencia le llaman pendejada(Spanish) there is a thin line between cowardice and prudence
a la púchica(Spanish) son of a gun, darn it
a la puesta del sol(Spanish) at sunset, at sundown
a la pura penca(Spanish) come hell or high water, through thick and thin
a la que(Spanish) whom
à la queue(French) in the queue, in line
à la queue leu leu(French) in single file, one after another
a la rastra(Spanish) reluctantly, unwillingly
Alarde(Spanish m. - Havana slang) show off, display
(Spanish m.) show, displaym bragging, boasting
alardea de mujeriego(Spanish) he brags about being a womanizer
alardea de tener dinero(Spanish) she boasts about being well-off
alardean de ser ricos(Spanish) they flaunt their wealth
alardear(Spanish) to boast, to brag
alardear de ...(Spanish) to boast about ..., to boast of ..., to brag about ..., to brag of ..., to flaunt
à la recherche du temps perdu(French) in a quest of the past, a reference to Marcel Proust's idea that trivial sensations may produce an involuntary but vivid memory of past experiences
a la recíproca(Spanish) vice versa
a la redonda(Spanish) all around, round about, around, roundabout
Alargadera(Spanish f.) extension
alargado (m.), alargada (f.)(Spanish) long, elongated (shape), elongate (leaf)
Alargador(Spanish m.) extension, extension lead, extension cord
Alargamiento(Spanish m.) lengthening
alargar(Spanish) to lengthen (steps, clothing), to stretch out (hand, arm), to let down (dress, trousers), to extend (cable, holiday), to let out, to drag out (discussion), to give, to pass
alargarle ... a ...(Spanish) to hand ... to ..., to pass ... to ...
alargarse(Spanish) to lengthen, to get longer, to grow longer (day), to go on (meeting, party)
a largas jornadas(Spanish) quickly
a largas marchas(Spanish) speedily, hastily
a largo andar(Spanish) in the long run
a largo plazo(Spanish) long-term, long-dated, long-run, long-range, in the long term, in the long run, long term, over the long haul
Alarido(Spanish m.) shriek (of fear, of horror), scream (of pain), screech
à la rigueur(French) if absolutely necessary
Alarippu(Tamil, literally flowerbud) traditionally the first full dance piece that most Bharatanatyam dancers learn. It symbolizes the awakening of the dancer. It begins with the dancer simply moving her eyes, then her head, then slowly it 'awakens' different parts of the body, like the hands and finally the feet. This piece gets rhythmically faster and faster until the climax where the dancer moves all of her body very fast. It is generally seen in the beginning of the barathanatya pieces after the Ganesha Kauvatvam or the Pushpanjali. This dance is set to 3/4 time music and is often accompanied by a drummer and a verbal percussionist
  • Alarippu from which this information has been taken
Alarm, Alarme (German pl.)(English, German m.) military signal sounded by the trumpet, alarm, alert
Alarma(Spanish f.) alarm
Alarma antirrobo(Spanish f.) burglar alarm
Alarma contra incendios(Spanish f.) fire alarm
Alarma contra intrusos(Spanish f.) intruder alert, intruder alarm
Alarma contra robos(Spanish f.) burglar alarm
Alarma de incendios(Spanish f.) fire alarm
Alarma de humo(Spanish f.) smoke alarm, smoke detector
alarmado (m.), alarmada (f.)(Spanish) alarmed
Alarmanlage(German f.) burglar alarm, alarm, alarm system
alarmante(Spanish) alarming
alarmar(Spanish) to alarm, to frighten
alarmarse(Spanish) to be alarmed
Alarmauslöser(German m.) alarm contact
Alarmbereitschaft (s.), Alarmbereitschaften (pl.)(German f.) alert
Alarm blasen(German, archaic) to sound the alarm
alarmé(French) alarmed, allarmato (Italian), beunruhigt (German)
Alarm geben(German) to give the alarm
Alarmglocke (s.), Alarmglocken (pl.)(German f.) alarm-bell, warning bell, tocsin, alarm bell
Alarmglocken schrillen lassen(German) to sound alarm bells
alarmieren(German) to alarm, to alert, to startle, to warn
alarmierend(German) startling, dangerously, alarmingly, alarming, dangerous, alerting (by the effect of an alarm)
alarmierende Größe erreichen(German) to attain alarming proportions (debt, danger, etc.)
alarmiert(German) startled, alert, alarmed
Alarmierung(German f.) alerting
Alarmismo(Spanish m.) scaremongering
Alarmista(Spanish m./f.) alarmist, scaremonger
Alarmkamera(German f.) surveillance camera
Alarmklingel(German f.) warning bell
Alarmlicht(German n.) warning light
Alarmmeldung(German f.) alert box (in a pop-up window)
Alarmpfeife(German f.) alarm whistle
Alarmplatz(German m.) place of assembly (in case of fire, etc.)
Alarmruf(German m.) alarm call, alert
Alarmschalter(German m.) panic button
Alarm schlagen(German) to sound the alarm, to give the alarm, to raise the alarm, to push the panic button
Alarmsignal (s.), Alarmsignale (pl.)(German n.) amber light, alarm, alarm signal, danger signal
Alarmsystem(German n.) alert system, alarm system
Alarmzeichen(German n.) alarm signal
al arrimo de(Spanish) with the support of
à l'article de la mort(French) at death's door
à la Russe(French) in the Russian style
a la salida(Spanish) on the way out
a la salida del sol(Spanish) at sunrise
a las apuradas(Spanish - Argentina, Uruguay) in a rush (familiar)
a las armas(Spanish) stand to your arms, to arms
à la sauvette(French) hastily, illicitly
à la savoÿarde(French) in the style of the airs of Savoy
a la sazón(Spanish) at that time, at that moment, back then, then
a las brasas(Spanish) charcoal-grilled
a las buenas(Spanish) willingly, by fair means, voluntarily
a las buenas o a las malas(Spanish) for love or money, by hook or crook
a las buenas o malas(Spanish) for good or for bad
a las calladas(Spanish) on the sly, secretly
a las cinco de la(Spanish) at five o'clock in the, at five o'clock at
a las cinco y media de la(Spanish) at five thirty in the, at five thirty at
a las claras(Spanish) openly, straight from the shoulder
a las costillas de(Spanish) at the expense of
a las cuatro de la(Spanish) at four o'clock in the, at four o'clock at
a las cuatro y media de la(Spanish) at four thirty in the, at four thirty at
a las derechas(Spanish) honestly, correctly, in an honest manner
a las diez de la(Spanish) at ten o'clock in the, at ten o'clock at
a las diez y media de la(Spanish) at ten thirty in the, at ten thirty at
a las doce de la(Spanish) at twelve o'clock in the, at twelve o'clock at
a las doce y media de la(Spanish) at twelve thirty in the, at twelve thirty at
a las dos de la(Spanish) at two o'clock in the, at two o'clock at
a las dos y media de la(Spanish) at two thirty in the, at two thirty at
à la secondesee seconde, à la
a la semana(Spanish) by the week, per week, a week
a la serena(Spanish) in the night air
a la siga(Spanish) in the chase
a la siga de(Spanish) after
a la si pega(Spanish) trusting to luck
a las malas(Spanish) by force
a las mil maravillas(Spanish) marvellously, like a charm, wonderfully, swimmingly
a las mil y quinientas(Spanish) at an unearthly hour, at an ungodly hour
a las nueve de la(Spanish) at nine o'clock in the, at nine o'clock at
a las nueve y media de la(Spanish) at nine thirty in the, at nine thirty at
a las ocho de la(Spanish) at eight o'clock in the, at eight o'clock at
a las ocho y media de la(Spanish) at eight thirty in the, at eight thirty at
a la sombra(Spanish) in the shade
a la sombra de(Spanish) in the shadow of
a las once de la(Spanish) at eleven o'clock in the, at eleven o'clock at
a las once y media de la(Spanish) at eleven thirty in the, at eleven thirty at
a la songa(Spanish) craftily, cunningly
a la sorda(Spanish) silently, noiselessly
a las órdenes de(Spanish) at the service of, at the orders of;
a las órdenes de él(Spanish) at his service
a las órdenes de ella(Spanish) at her service
a las órdenes de ellas(Spanish) at their service
a las órdenes de ellos(Spanish) at their service
a las órdenes de usted(Spanish) at your service
a las órdenes mías(Spanish) at my service
a las órdenes nuestras(Spanish) at our service
a las órdenes suyas(Spanish) at his service, at her service. at your service
a las órdenes tuyas(Spanish) at your service
a las órdenes vuestras(Spanish) at your service
à l'aspect de(French) at the sight of
a las primeras de cambio(Spanish) at the first opportunity, at the first chance
a las puertas(Spanish) near, at one's door, at one's doorstep
a las puertas de la muerte(Spanish) at death's door
a las que(Spanish) whom
a las seis de la(Spanish) at six o'clock in the, at six o'clock at
a las seis y media de la(Spanish) at six thirty in the, at six thirty at
a las siete de la(Spanish) at seven o'clock in the, at seven o'clock at
a las siete y media de la(Spanish) at seven thirty in the, at seven thirty at
a las tantas de la noche(Spanish) so late at night
a las tasas de interés en el mercado(Spanish) at market rates
a las tres de la(Spanish) at three o'clock in the, at three o'clock at
a las tres y media de la(Spanish) at three thirty in the, at three thirty at
à la suite(French) or de suite, in succession
à la suite de(French) behind, as a result of
a las veinte(Spanish) very late, inopportunely
al atardecer(Spanish) at dusk
a la temprana edad de(Spanish) at the early age of
a la tercera va la vencida(Spanish) if at first you don't succeed try and try again, third time lucky
a latere(English, French from Latin) having plenipotentary powers
à la tête de(French) at the head of
Alati(Arabic) instrumentalists
a la tierna edad de(Spanish) at the tender age of
a la tierra que fueres haz lo que vieres(Spanish) when in Rome do as the Romans do
à la turque(French) alla turca (Italian), in Turkish style, nach türkischer Art (German), im Stil der Janitscharen-Musik (German)
à la tzigane(French) alla zingarese (Italian) alla zingara (Italian), in a gypsy style, in the style of gypsy music, nach Art der Zigeuner (German)
à l'aubade(French) at daybreak
Aláude(Portuguese) lute
a la última(Spanish) up-to-date, in the latest fashion
a la última moda(Spanish) in the latest fashion, modishly
Alaun(German m.) alum
a la una(Spanish) at one o'clock
a la una de la(Spanish) at one o'clock in the
a la una y media de la(Spanish) at one thirty in the
Alaunstift(German m.) styptic pencil (to stop bleeding)
à la va-comme-je-te-pousse(French) in a slap-dash manner, any old how, any old way
à l'avance(French) in advance
à la va-vite(French) in a hurry (familiar)
a la vela(Spanish) ready, prepared
a la velocidad de un rayo(Spanish) with lightning speed
a la velocidad del rayo(Spanish) with lightning speed, at lightning speed
al avemaria(Spanish) at dusk
à l'avenir(French) in future
a la venta(Spanish) for sale, on sale
a la ventura(Spanish) at random, at a venture, wanderingly, with no fixed idea, with no fixed plan, with no set plan, adrift, aimlessly, haphazardly
à la verticale(French) vertically
a la vez(Spanish) at the same time, at a time, at once, at one time, together, at any one time, simultaneously, in tandem
a la vez que(Spanish) at the same time as, while
à la vielle de(French) on the eve of
à la villageoise(French) in a rustic style
a la vista(French) at sight, at plain sight, in evidence, in sight, in view, on presentation, on sight, on demand
a la vista de(French) on sight of
a la vista de este efecto(French) on sight of this draft
a la vista de todos(French) in the face of all
a la vista de usted(French) in your sight
a la vista mía(French) in my sight, within my sight
a la vista nuestra(French) in our sight, within our sight
a la vista suya(French) in his sight, in her sight, within her sight, within his sight, in your sight, within your sight
a la vista tuya(French) in your sight, within your sight
a la viuda(French) wow
à la volée(French) in flight
a la vuelta(Spanish) around the corner, at the turn, on the return, on the other side of the page, overleaf, on the back, on the other side
a la vuelta de(Spanish) around, at the turn of (the century, etc.)
a la vuelta de la esquina(Spanish) around the corner, just around the corner, round the corner
a la vuelta de los años(Spanish) with enough time
a la zaga(Spanish) at the rear, behind, in the rear
al azar(Spanish) at random
Alazona stock character in Greek drama, a stupid braggart who is easily tricked by the clever eiron who tells the alazon what he wants to hear
Albitem of mass vestments, a long tunic decorated with six squares of embroidery known as apparels
Alba(Italian f., Spanish f.) dawn, daybreak
(Provençal) also albe or aube, a medieval troubadour or trouvère lyric or morning serenade about the coming of dawn. theme can be religious but more often the theme focuses on a lover's morning departure from his beloved after an illicit tryst. It was taken into the Minnesinger repertoire as the Tagelied (day-song) or Wächterlied (guardian-song). The more common term in English is aubade
Albacea(Spanish m./f.) executor (m.), executrix (f.)
albacora(Spanish f.) (culinary) tuna (fish), swordfish (Chile)
Albahaca(Spanish f.) basil (herb)
Albañal(Spanish m.) sewer, drain
Albaner (m.), Albanerin (f.), Albaner (pl.), Albanerinnen ( Albanian
Albanés (m.), Albanesa (f.)(Spanish) Albanian
albanés (m.), albanesa (f.)(Spanish) Albanian
albanés(Spanish) Albanian
Albanese(Italian m./f.) Albanian
albanese(Italian) Albanian
Albania(English, Spanish f.) a republic in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula
Albanian music
Albanien(German n.) Albania
Albañil(Spanish m.) bricklayer, building worker, builder (building worker)
Albañilería(Spanish f.) bricklaying, brickwork
Albanisch(German n.) Albanian
albanisch(German) Albanian
albanischsprachig(German) Albanian-speaking
Albarán(Spanish m.) delivery note, despatch note
Albarda(Spanish f.) packsaddle, saddle (Mexico)
albardar(Spanish) to saddle
Albarellevariety of boletus mushroom which grows on chestnut and white popular trees
Albaricoque(Spanish m.) apricot (fruit)
Albaricoquero(Spanish m.) apricot tree
Albatros(Spanish m.) albatross
Albatros (s.), Albatrosse (pl.)(German m.) albatross (Diomedeidae)
Albazo(Andes, South America) a music style of the Otavalo people of the mountainous, Andean region of Ecuador, the Sierra. A small panpipe, the rondador, is the style's most distinctive instrument, but ensembles also include groups of wind instruments, guitar trios and brass bands. The rhythms characteristic of this style include cachullapi, yumbo, danzante and sanjuanito
Albdruck(German m.) incubus
Albdrücken(German n.) incubus
Albesee alba
(German f.) alb
Albedrío(Spanish m.) (free) will
albeggiare(Italian) to dawn, to become bright or whitish
Albéitar(Spanish m.) veterinary surgeon, vet (familiar)
Alben(German pl.) albums
alberato(Italian) wooded, tree-lined
Alberca(Spanish f.) tank, reservoir, swimming pool (Mexico), sink (Colombia: for washing clothes), (feeding) trough (Bolivia, Peru)
Alberello(Italian m.) sapling, a glass or earthenware jar designed to contain medicinal compounds, a paint-pot, a salt-box, a phial
Alberei(German f.) foolery
albergar(Spanish) to put up, to house (people, library, exhibition), to shelter, to accommodate, to cherish (memories), to harbour (hopes, parasites)
albergar falsas expectativas(Spanish) to have unrealistic expectations, to harbour unrealistic expectations, to have unrealistic expectations about something (thing, situation), to have unrealistic expectations of (someone)
albergarse(Spanish) to stay (to lodge), to shelter, to lodge, to take refuge
Albergatore (m.), Albergatrice (f.)(Italian) hotel-keeper
Albergo(Italian m.) hotel
Albergue(Spanish m.) accommodation, shelter, lodging, hostel, refuge
Albergue de juventud(Spanish m.) youth hostel
Albergue juvenil(Spanish m.) youth hostel
Alberich(German) Aubrey
albern(German) goofy (colloquial), clownish, ridiculous, giggly, silly, stupid, frivolous, daft (colloquial), foolish, footling, ludicrously, sillily, simperingly, foolishly, simpering, ludicrous, inanely, fatuously, inept (foolish), fatuous, absurd
(German) to fool about, to play the fool
albernd(German) fooling about, simpering
alberne Antwort(German f.) stupid answer
alberne Bemerkung(German f.) silly remark
alberner Tor(German m.) silly fool
albernes Benehmen(German n.) silly conduct, fooling, absurd behaviour
alberne Tat(German f.) stupid act
alberne Worte(German pl.) silly words
Albernheit(German f.) fatuity, foolery, silliness, ineptitude, absurdity, tomfoolery, daftness (colloquial)
albern und übertrieben reagieren(German) to ham (it) up (slang)
Albero(Italian m.) tree, shaft
Albero di sonaglialso mezzaluna crescent, turkisch crescent, cappello cinese, padiglione cinese, cappello turco
see chapeau chinois
Albero genealogico(Italian m.) genealogy, family tree, genealogical tree
albert(German) simpers, fools about
Albert, ana watch-chain across the waistcoat, from one pocket to another or to a buttonhole, named for Albert (1819-61), Prince Consort, who set the fashion
alberte(German) simpered
Albert Herringcomic chamber opera in three acts Op. 39 by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), based on Guy de Maupassant's story Le Rosier de Madame Husson, and first produced at Glyndebourne in 1947
Alberti bassAlberti Bass
a simple accompaniment consisting of broken chords, usually 'tonic, dominant, mediant, dominant' in succession, named after the Venetian composer Domenico Alberti (c.1710-1740), singer, harpsichordist and composer, which he used but probably did not invent
albertijnse bassen(Dutch) Alberti Bass
albertische Bässe(German pl.) Alberti Bass
Albertonian Bassan old name for an 'Alberti Bass'
Albert systemnamed for Eugene Albert, a pupil of Adolphe Sax, who made changes and improvements to keywork designed by Ivan Muller in 1809. In the United States the name "Albert" became synonomous with these instruments, where in England they were generally referred to as "simple" system. "Albert" system clarinets were manufactured by Buffet, Selmer, LeBlanc, Conn, Buescher, Thibouville-Lamy, Couesnon, Penzel, Mueller, Boosey, Hawkes and many others. A system similar to the 'Albert' is still is use by clarinetists in Germany and Austria today where it is known as the Oehler system. The simple system is usually used for Klezmer, Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Czech, and all other forms of traditional folk music. Its advantages are better, faster fingering for the scales used in that music, and a brighter sound. While the fingering is excellent in many keys, it is clumsy in others, so to cover more "good" keys, these clarinets are made in many slightly different sizes (C, Bb, A, G)
Albert the Greatthe nickname of Albert Chevalier (1861-1923), 'the coster's laureate', a favourite of the music-halls, remembered for his cockney songs, including My Old Dutch and Knock'd 'em in the Old Kent Road
Albertypea trade name given to the first workable collotype process by its inventor, Josef Albert in 1873. It was used widely for book illustrations and postcards
Albicocco(Italian m.) apricot-tree
Albigenser(German m.) Albigensian
Albigenserkreuzzug(German m.) Albigensian crusade
Albigensianor Cathars, a heretical movement found in Germany, Italy and France in the 11th to 13th centuries, based on a dualist belief in two Gods, one of good and one of evil
Albinismus(German m.) albinism
Albino (m.), Albina (Spanish f.)(English, Spanish, Italian m., German m.) an animal or person lacking pigment in skin, eyes and hair
albino (m.), albina (Spanish f.)(Spanish) albino
Albino-(German) albino (prefix)
Albionan ancient and poetic name for Britain
Albisiphonbass (in C) and baritone/tenor (in F) flutes built by Abelardo Albisi (1872-1938). The flute in C was built in 1937 to perform a part in the opera La Parisina by Glauco Meriggioli (1872-1938). That instrument has a very large bore (37.2 mm.) making it very difficult to produce a note. The keys are based on the Boehm system with a closed G# and a foot to add a low B. The three section instrument has a novel T-shaped and coiled head joint allowing the instrument to be held vertically - see picture
Albo(Italian m.) resiter, album
Albokatraditional Basque autochtonous horn built out of cane, wood or animal horn with a double reed, like a clarinet and formed of two tubes, one with five holes, and the other with three. One end contains a mouthpiece made of horn with a holder for the two reeds while the other end is made of a larger horn which acts as a resonator. The player uses circular breathing so that it is not necessary to stop playing in order to take a breath. Traditionally, the albok is played accompanied by a pandero (tambourine)
Albóndiga(Spanish f.) meatball, rissole
Albor(Spanish m.) dawn
Alborada(Spanish f.) dawn
(Spanish f.) morning music, alba (Provençal), Tagelied(German), Morgenlied (German), mattinata (Italian), particular of a rough pastoral form played on bagpipes, or rustic oboe (dulzaina), to the accompaniment of a small drum (tamboril)
Alboreá(Spanish from alba meaning 'daybreak' or 'dawn') gypsy wedding song
a flamenco style
al borde de(Spanish) on the edge of, on the brink of (figurative)
alborear(Spanish) to dawn
Albornoz(Spanish m.) burnous or burnoose (a long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece, worn by Arabs and Moors), bathrobe
alborotadizo(Spanish) excitable
alborotado (m.), alborotada (f.)(Spanish) excited, hasty, agitated, noisy, rowdy, riotous, rough (sea), untidy (hair), disheveled (hair)
Alborotador(Spanish m.) trouble-maker
alborotador (m.), alborotadora (f.)(Spanish) rowdy, noisy
alborotar(Spanish) to make a racket, to disturb, to upset, to agitate, to get ... agitated, to get ... excited, to stir up
alborotarse(Spanish) to get excited, to get upset, to get agitated, to riot, to get rough (sea)
Alboroto(Spanish m.) row, uproar, agitation, excitement, racket (noise), disturbance, commotion, riot
alborozado(Spanish) overjoyed
alborozar(Spanish) to make laugh, to make happy
alborozarse(Spanish) to be overjoyed
Alborozo(Spanish m.) joy
Alb-popAlbanian pop music
Albrecht(German m.) Albert
Albtraum (s.), Albträume (pl.)(German m.) nightmare, bad dream
albtraumartig(German) nightmarish
albtraumhaft(German) nightmarish
Albtraumszenario(German n.) nightmare scenario
Albufera(Spanish f.) lagoon
al buio(Italian) in the dark
Album (s.), Albums (English pl.), Alben (German pl.)(German n., French m., Italian m.) a recorded collection of musical items (for example, an LP), a collection in book form (for example, of photographs, verses, postage-stamps, etc.)
Álbum (s.), Álbumes (pl.), Álbums (pl.)(Spanish m.) album (photographs, stamps), comic book, album (record)
Album a passe-partout(Italian m.) slip-in album
Albumblatt (s.), Albumblätter (pl.)(German n., literally 'a page or leaf from a book') feuille d'album (French f.), from the nineteenth century, a short, easy instrumental piece, usually for the piano as for example Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Album da incollare(Italian m.) paste-in scrapbook
Álbum de canções(Portuguese m.) songbook
Album de coupures de journaux(French m.) scrapbook, book of press-cuttings
Álbum de estudio(Spanish m.) studio album (album recorded in a studio)
Albume(Italian m.) albumen, white of egg (a key ingredient in tempera all'albume)
Albumenwhite of egg (a key ingredient in tempera all'albume)
Álbum familiar(Spanish m.) family album
Album-leaf(English) Albumblatt
Albumin(German n.) albumen, white of egg (a key ingredient in tempera all'albume)
Album-oriented rockabbreviated AOR and originally called Album-oriented radio, originally an American FM radio format focusing on album tracks by rock artists. Similar to the origin of the progressive rock radio format, album-oriented rock took advantage of the new availability of stations on the FM spectrum in the 1960s and the growth of albums as opposed to singles as rock's main artistic vehicle for expression in the 1960s and 1970s. Indeed in many places the AOR format was a conservative evolution of the progressive rock format. In some markets the term AOR was re-positioned as Adult-oriented rock, implying that 'adults' were more likely to buy albums rather than singles
Alcachofa(Spanish f.) artichoke, shower head (shower), sprinkler (watering can, etc.), rose (watering can, etc.)
Alcahuete (m.), Alcahueta (f.)(Spanish) procurer (archaic), gossip (colloquial), tattletale (US colloquial), telltale (UK colloquial)
alcahuetear(Spanish) to act as a go-between, to procure, to gossip (colloquial), to tell on (colloquial), to snitch on (colloquial)
Alcaic verseor alcaics, a Greek or Latin lyrical metre, created by the Greek poet Alcaeus, that consists of a strophe of four lines, each having four feet
Alcalde (m.), Alcaldesa (f.)(Spanish) mayor (m.), mayoress (f.)
Alcaldía(Spanish f.) mayoralty (position), mayor's office (building)
Álcali(Spanish m.) alkali
alcalino(Spanish) alkaline
Alcance(Spanish m.) reach, range (telescope, detector, gun), scope (figurative: possibilities), implications, importance (piece of news), deficit
Alcancía(Spanish f.) money-box (Latin America - colloquial), collection box (church, charity collector), piggy bank (Latin America - colloquial)
Alcanfor(Spanish m.) camphor
Alcantaramilitary monastic order founded in Spain and Portugal in the 12th century
Alcantarilla(Spanish f.) sewer, drain
Alcantarillado(Spanish m.) sewer system, drains (collective term)
alcánzame una silla(Spanish) pass me a chair
alcanzar(Spanish) to catch, to catch ... up, to catch up with, to reach, to catch (bus, train), to get to, to reach (temperature, level, age), to strike (ball), to hit (ball), to be enough (be sufficient), to achieve (objective), to be up to (a number)
alcanzar a(Spanish) to manage
alcanzar a hacer ...(Spanish) to manage to do ... (something)
alcanzar la mayoría de edad(Spanish) to come of age
alcanzarle ... a ...(Spanish) to pass ... ... (somebody, something), to pass ... to ... (something, somebody)
Alcaparra(Spanish f.) caper (fruit), caper bush
Alcatrazaflirtatious and erotic dance for couples from Peru. Traditionally, the woman has a piece of tissue between her legs while the man dances with a lit candle trying to light the tissue. If the man can light the woman's fire, that means that she is his
Alcaucil(Spanish m.) artichoke
Alcayata(Spanish f.) hook
Alcazaba(Spanish f.) fortress
Alcázar(Spanish m.) fortress, palace, citadel, castle
al centro(Italian) in the middle
al centro della pelle(Italian) in the middle of the drumhead
al centro del piatto(Italian) on the dome of the cymbal, on the top of the cymbal
al centro del timpano(Italian) in the middle of the kettle-drum
Alcestean opera in three acts by Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck (1714-1787). The libretto was written by Ranieri de Calzabigi (in Italian) and based on the play Alcestis by Euripidesopera. It was first produced in Vienna in 1767
  • Alceste from which this information has been taken
Alchemie(German f.) alchemy
Alchemismus(German m.) alchemism
Alchemist (s.), Alchemisten (pl.)(German m.) alchemist
Alchemythe medieval and Renaissance precursor to modern chemistry, characterized by mystical philosophy and attempts to turn "base" metals such as lead and tin into "noble" metals such as gold and silver
Alchimie(German f.) alchemy
Alchimismus(German m.) alchemism
Alchimist(German m.) alchemist
Alcinaan opera seria in three acts by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759). The libretto's author is unknown, but the plot is taken (like those of the Handel operas Orlando and Ariodante) from Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando furioso, an epic poem set in the time of Charlemagne's wars against Islam. The opera contains several musical sequences with opportunity for dance: these were composed for dancer Marie Sallé. It was first performed in 1735
  • Alcina from which this information has been taken
alcista(Spanish) upward (tendency), bull (market)
ALCMabbreviation of 'Associate of the London College of Music'
Alcoba(Spanish f.) bedroom, bedchamber (literary)
al Coda(Italian) to the coda
Alcohol(English, Spanish m.) pure spirit of wine, pure or highly rectified spirit (called also ethyl alcohol), the spirituous or intoxicating element of fermented or distilled drinks (for example, whisky, gin, vodka)
Alcohol de 90 (grados)(Spanish f.) rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit
Alcohol desnaturalizado(Spanish m.) methylated spirits
Alcoholemia(Spanish f.) blood alcohol level
Alcohólico (m.), Alcohólica (f.)(Spanish m.) alcoholic
alcohólico (m.), alcohólica (f.)(Spanish) alcoholic
Alcoholímetro(Spanish m.) breathalyser
Alcoholismhabitual intoxication, prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol
Alcoholismo(Spanish m.) alcoholism
alcoholizarse(Spanish) to become an alcoholic
al cominciare(Italian) at the beginning
al contado(Spanish) cash
al contrario(Italian, Spanish) on the contrary
al contrario de(Spanish) contrary to
al contrario riverso(Italian) retrograde
Alcool(French m., Italian m.) alcohol
Alcool à brûler(French m.) methylated spirits
Alcorán(Spanish m.) Koran
Alcornoque(Spanish m.) cork-oak, idiot (familiar: person)
Alcova(Italian f.) alcove
Alcôve(French f.) alcove
alcuno, alcuna, alcun', alcuni(Italian) some, a few, certain
Alcuza(Spanish f.) (olive) oil bottle
Aldaba(Spanish f.) door-knocker, latch
Aldabada(Spanish f.) knock at the door
Aldea(Spanish f.) village, small village, hamlet
Aldeano (m.), Aldeana (f.)(Spanish) villager, rustic
aldeano (m.), aldeana (f.)(Spanish) village, rustic, country
Aldehuela(Spanish f.) hamlet
al dente(Italian) cooked so as to be firm to the tooth, not too soft
Alder(German Erle, French Aune, Dutch Els, European Species: Alnus glutinosa (Black or Common Alder), A. incana (Grey Alder): Average Weight: 33 pounds per cubic foot) Alder is a light, soft wood that is durable under water, but not when in conditions of alternating wet and dry. It was used for shoes and containers as well as fish weirs and the like. Most of the turned pieces from York catalogued by Morris are of Alder. Alder coppices well
al dettaglio(Italian) retail (commerce)
al detalle(Spanish) in detail, retail
Aldi(German m.) abbreviation for Albrecht Discount (German m.: a German discount supermarket chain)
al día(Spanish) up to date
al día siguiente(Spanish) on the following day, the next day
Aldinethe name given to an italic font designed by Francesco Griffo, the type designer of the late sixteenth century Venetian printer and publisher Aldus Manutius (c.1450-1515)
Aldine editionsa famous edition of Greek and Latin classics printed and published in Venice by the firm founded by Aldus Manutius (c.1450-1515) in 1490. The firm closed in 1590
äldre nummer(Swedish) back number [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Aldusblatt(English, German n.) a printer's ornament or fleuron, named for the Italian printer Aldus Manutius who frequently used the heart-shaped leaf as decoration in his books
ALEabbreviation of 'Associate for Liberal Education'
Ale(English, German n.) beer
Aléa(French m.) hazard
Aleación(Spanish f.) alloy
alea iacta est(Latin) the die is cast
alea jacta est(Latin) the die is cast
alear(Spanish) to alloy
aléatoire(French) aleatory, uncertain, random (in mathematics)
Aleatoric(Latin, alea meaning 'dice') or aleatory, a compositional technique, most closely associated with the American composer John Cage (1912-1992), where, through the use of dice, random-number generators, books such as the I Ching, etc. (called 'chance operations'), the choice of pitch, rhythmic value and order of events is left to chance, the music so produced being called 'aleatoric' or 'chance' music. The term 'mobile form' has been used for 'aleatory music'
Pierre Boulez applied the term aleatoric music to his own pieces to distinguish them from the indeterminate music of John Cage, though both are often described as aleatory. While Boulez purposefully composed his pieces to allow the performer certain liberties with regard to the sequencing and repetition of parts, Cage often composed through the application of chance operations without allowing the performer liberties
not to be confused with "indeterminacy" or "improvisation"
"It is thus possible to make a musical composition the continuity of which is free of individual taste and memory (psychology) and also of the literature and "traditions" of the art ... Value judgments are not in the nature of this work as regards either composition, performance, or listening. The idea of relation (the idea: 2) being absent, anything (the idea: 1) may happen. A "mistake" is beside the point, for once anything happens it authentically is." John Cage (1912-1992)
Aleatorik(German f.) aleatoric music, aleatoric techniques
aleatorio (m.), aleatoria (f.)(Spanish) aleatoric, random, uncertain, fortuitous
aleatório(Portuguese) aleatoric, random, uncertain
aleatorisch(German) aleatoric, depending on chance
aleatorische Musik(German f.) aleatoric music
Aleatorysee 'aleatoric'
alebrestarse(Spanish - Colombia, Mexico) to get worked up, to become agitated, to get excited (Venezuela), to get overexcited (Venezuela)
à l'écart(French) out of the way
à l'écart de(French) away from
aleccionador (m.), aleccionadora (f.)(Spanish) instructive, exemplary
Aleccionamiento(Spanish m.) instruction
aleccionar(Spanish) to instruct, to teach, to train (instruct)
à l'écoute(French) listening in
à l'écoute de(French) listening in to
Aledaños(Spanish outskirts
Alegación(Spanish f.) allegation, statement, argument (Argentina, Mexico)
alegar(Spanish) to claim (diplomatic immunity, favourable arguments), to allege (in court), to plead (ignorance, a legal case), to cite (reference, example), to put forward (reasons), to argue (Latin America)
à l'égard de(French) with regard to, towards
alegar de ...(Spanish) to argue about ...
alegar por ...(Spanish) to complain about ...
Alegata(Spanish f. - Mexico) argument
Alegato(Spanish m.) plea, statement, declaration, submission (in writing), argument
alegó que no lo sabía(Spanish) she claimed not to know
Alegoria(Spanish f.) allegory
alegórico(Spanish) allegorical
¡alegra esa cara!(Spanish) cheer up!
alegrar(Spanish) to make happy, to brighten up (figurative), to make ... happy, to cheer up (person), to liven up (party), to make glad, to enliven (figurative)
alegrarse(Spanish) to be happy, to cheer up, to get merry, to get tipsy (colloquial)
alegrarse con ...(Spanish) to be glad about ..., to be pleased about ...
alegre(Portuguese, Spanish) quick, lively (music, party), merry (happy), happy (contented), glad (contented), pleasant (room), cheerful (surroundings), bright (colour), tight (colloquial: tipsy), tipsy (colloquial), merry (colloquial: tipsy), gay (happy)
alegremente(Spanish) happily
Alegría(Spanish f.) happiness, joy
Alegríasor Alegria, a joyful flamenco dance, with twelve beats, from the province of Cádiz, that is the result of a 'flamenco-ised' Aragonese jota
Alegrias por rosaor rosas, an Alegrías usually slow and melancholic that is played in E major
Alegro(Portuguese, Spanish) allegro
[entry suggested by Chad King]
Alegrón(Spanish m.) sudden joy, great happiness
a legua(Spanish) miles away, far away
a leguas(Spanish) at a great distance, far away, miles away
alejado (m.), alejada (f.)(Spanish) distant, far awy, remote, away from (distance from)
Alejamiento(Spanish m.) removal, estrangement (between people), distance
alejar(Spanish) to remove, to move ... (further) away, to get rid of, to separate (figurative), to dispel (fears, rumours)
alejar ...(Spanish) to move ...
alejar a ... de ...(Spanish) to move ... away from ..., to distance ... from ...
alejarse(Spanish) to move away, to walk away
alelado(Spanish) stupid
alelar(Spanish) to stupefy
alelarse(Spanish) to be stupefied
Aleluya(Spanish m./f.) alleluia, halleluja
Alemán (m.), Alemana (f.)(Spanish) German
alemán (m.), alemana (f.)(Spanish) German
Alemana(Italian f., Spanish f.) allemande
Alemania(Spanish f.) Germany
Alemania Occidental(Spanish f.) West Germany
Alemania Oriental(Spanish f.) East Germany
à l'endroit(French) the right way round, right side out
flat sign(Finnish) the flat sign, a sign which lowers the pitch of a note by one semitone
alentador (m.), alentadora (f.)(Spanish) encouraging
alentar(Spanish) to encourage (figurative), to cheer ... on, to cherish (hopes, illusions), to breathe
à l'envers(French) upside down, back to front (trousers, etc.), inside out (sock, etc.), umgekehrt (German), in Gegenbewegung (German)
à l'époque(French) at the time
Alerce(Spanish m.) larch (tree)
Alergia(Spanish f.) allergy
Alergia a ...(Spanish f.) allergy to ...
alérgico (m.), alérgica (f.)(Spanish) allergic (reaction)
Alero(Spanish m.) eaves (roof)
Alerón(Spanish m.) aileron
Alerta(Spanish f.) alert
alerta(Spanish) alert, on the alert
¡alerta!(Spanish) look out!
alertar(Spanish) to alert
alertar a ... de ...(Spanish) to alert ... to ...
alertar de(Spanish) to alert to
alerte(French) agile
à l'essai(French) on trial
Alessandrina(Italian) a skipping dance from the region centred on Pavia
Alessandroan opera seria in three acts composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) in 1726. Paolo Rolli was the librettist and based the story on Ortensio Mauro's La superbia d'Alessandro. This was the first opera where Handel had cast together in the same opera the famous singers Faustina Bordoni, as Rossane, and Francesca Cuzzoni, as Lisaura. Handel made use of their real-life professional rivalry in his treatment of the story. The story is based around Alexander the Great's journey to India, where he meets Poro, the king of India
  • Alessandro from which this information has been taken
Aleta(Spanish f.) wing, fin (of a fish), flipper, wing (car), nostril (figurative)
à l'étage(French) upstairs
aletargado (m.), aletargadoa (f.)(Spanish) lethargic, drowsy
Aletargamiento(Spanish m.) lethargy
aletargar(Spanish) to make lethargic, to make ... feel drowsy, to make ... feel lethargic
aletargarse(Spanish) to become lethargic
Aletazo(Spanish m.) flap of the wings (bird), flick of the fin (fish)
Aletea(Spanish, literally 'flutter') one of the many rasgueo or strumming techniques on the guitar
aletear(Spanish) to flap its wings, to flutter its wings
à l'etendard(French) a military signal sounded by the standard, for troops to gather round the standard when it is under attack from the enemy
Aleteo(Spanish m.) flapping (of the wings)
à l'étranger(French) abroad
a letra vista(Spanish) at sight
à l'étroit(French) cramped, in straitened circumstances
aleve(Spanish) treacherous
A levelabbreviation of 'Advanced level'
Alevín(Spanish m.) young fish
Alevosía(Spanish f.) treachery, premeditation
alevoso (m), alevosa (f.)(Spanish) treacherous (person), premeditated (act)
Alexander Balusan oratorio composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) to a biblical text compiled by the Revd Thomas Morell. It was composed in 1747 and first performed in London in 1748
Alexander Nevskythe score for the 1938 Sergei Eisenstein film Alexander Nevsky, composed by Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953). He later rearranged the music in the form of a cantata for mezzo-soprano, chorus, and orchestra. It has remained one of the most renowned cantatas of the 20th century
Alexander's Feasta choral work with music by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) set to a libretto by Newburgh Hamilton. Hamilton adapted his libretto from John Dryden's ode Alexander's Feast, or the Power of Music (1697) which had been written to celebrate Saint Cecilia's Day. Jeremiah Clarke (whose score is now lost) set the original ode to music. Handel composed the music in January 1736, and the work received its premiere in London in 1736
Alexander techniquethe Alexander Technique is a method that works to change (movement) habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination. The technique teaches the use of the appropriate amount of effort for a particular activity, giving you more energy for all your activities. It is not a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a reeducation of the mind and body. The Alexander Technique is a method which helps a person discover a new balance in the body by releasing unnecessary tension. It can be applied to sitting, lying down, standing, walking, lifting, and other daily activities
Alexander-Technik(German f.) or Alexandertechnik (German f.), Alexander technique
Alexandra Palacealso known affectionately as the 'Ally Pally', it is set in north London and was first opened on 24 May 1863 but sixteen days later it burnt down and had to be rebuilt. It was again badly damaged by fire in 1980 but after restoration it reopened in 1988. After the first rebuilding in 1875, it contained a concert hall, art galleries, a museum, a lecture hall, a library, a banqueting room and a theatre. The Willis organ installed in 1875 (vandalized in 1918, restored and re-opened in 1929) is still working, but its restoration is continuing. In its 1929 restored form, Father Willis's masterpiece was declared to be the finest concert-organ in Europe by Marcel Dupré
Alexandrian schoolan academy of learning founded about 310 BC at Alexandria by Ptolemy I (Sotor) and Demetrius of Phaleron, especially noted for for its literary scholars, philosophers and mathematicians, particularly Euclid (fl. c.300 BC) and Ptolemaeus (2nd century AD). The city remained a centre of learning until the destruction of its library in 640 AD. The period when the Alexandiran school was active is called the Alexandrine age
Alexandrin(French m.) Alexandrine
AlexandrineAlexandriner (German m.), a 12-syllable line of verse known to date from the twelfth century and used for almost all French poetry from the sixteenth century when it was revived by Jean Antoine de Baiif, one of the seven poets known as the Pleiades. In English poetry it is often divided into two groups of six syllables (or feet), while in French poetry is is more usually divided into three groups of four syllables (feet). In English, the alexandrine is iambic hexameter
Alexandriner(German m.) alexandrine
à l'exception de(French) except for
Alexiaparticularly 'musical alexia', a lost ability to read music
Alexie(German f.) alexia
Alexithymiaa psychological disorder in which a person suffers from the inability to describe and/or cope with his feelings
Alexithymie(German f.) alexithymia
à l'extérieur (de)(French) outside
alfabetico(Italian) alphabetical
alfabético (m.), alfabética (f.)(Spanish) alphabetical, alphabetic
Alfabetización(Spanish f.) teaching of basic literacy, arranging in alphabetical order, arranging alphabetically
alfabetizar(Spanish) to alphabetize, to teach ... to read and write, to put ... in alphabetical order
Alfabeto(Italian m., Spanish m.) alphabet
(Italian m., Spanish m.) the five-course guitar, called 'the Spanish guitar' by the Italians, was probably introduced in Italy during the last quarter of the sixteenth century via the Spanish dominion of Naples. The proto-continuo notation for guitar known as alfabeto also emerged during this period, first in connection with the Napolitana, villanella, villanesca, canzonetta and other forms of light, strophic song - most of them native to Rome and Naples - and soon after in some of the earliest sources of monody. Indeed, the singular importance of traditional, south-Italian singing and accompanying practices in the rise of monody fuels the notion that the guitar and its Neapolitan alfabeto system were developed, first and foremost, to serve the stylistic requirements of early monody. The notation was known as alfabeto, because its originators employed the letters of the alphabet (and a few other signs) to represent specific finger patterns on the guitar's fingerboard, that is, specific block harmonies. Evidence points to alfabeto having been developed in Naples sometime during the mid-1580s
Alfabeto falsodiscords, passing notes placed between chords, whose introduction saw guitar repertoire develop from being purely chord-based to one where melodic line combined with strummed chords became free-voice counterpoint
Alfabeto MorseMorse code
Alfaiaa large wooden rope-tuned drum that features in maracatu nação (also known as maracatu de baque virado) an Afro-Brazilian performance genre
Alfajor(Spanish m.) type of candy or cake varying from region to region
Alfalfa(Spanish f.) lucerne (plant)
AlfandoqueSouth American maracas
Alfar(Spanish m.) pottery (items)
Al-farabisee 'Farabi'
Alfarería(Spanish f.) pottery (place where items of pottery are produced), pottery shop
Alfarero (m.), Alfarera (f.)(Spanish) potter
Alféizar(Spanish m.) sill, windowsill
Alféizar de la ventana(Spanish m.) the windowsill
Alferecia(Spanish f.) epilepsy
Alférez(Spanish m.) second lieutenant
Alfil(Spanish m.) bishop (in chess)
Alfiler(Spanish m.) pin, brooch, tiepin, peg (tent)
Alfilerazo(Spanish m.) pinprick
Alfiler de corbata(Spanish m.) tiepin
Alfiler de gancho(Spanish m. - Central America, Venezuela) safety pin
Alfiler de nodriza(Spanish m. - Colombia) safety pin
Alfiletero(Spanish m.) pin-case, pin-cushion
al final me animé a confesárselo(Spanish) I finally plucked up the courage to tell her
alfine(Italian) eventually, in the end
al fine(Italian) to the end
al fine e poi (la) coda(Italian) to the end (where Fine is marked), then to the Coda (which will be marked as such)
Alfombra(Spanish f.) carpet, rug, mat
alfombrado (m.), alfombrada (f.)(Spanish) carpeted
Alfombra magica(Spanish f.) magic carpet
alfombrar(Spanish) to carpet
Alfombrilla(Spanish f.) rug, mat, bath mat, German measles (medicine)
Alfombrilla para ratón(Spanish f.) mouse mat (computer)
Alfons(German) Gilbert, Alphonsus (Latin)
Alfonso X of Castile
commissioned or co-authored numerous works of music during his reign. These works included Cantigas d'escarnio e maldicer and the vast compilation Cantigas de Santa Maria ("Songs to the Virgin Mary"), which was written in Galician-Portuguese and figures among the most important of his works. The Cantigas form one of the largest collections of vernacular monophonic songs to survive from the Middle Ages. They consist of 420 poems with musical notation. The poems are for the most part on miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary. One of the miracles Alfonso relates is his own healing in Puerto de Santa María
Alforja(Spanish f.) saddle-bag, knapsack
Alfredmasque by Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778), to a libretto about King Alfred by Thomson and Mallett, which contains the song 'Rule Britannia'
a heroic opera in three acts by the Czech composer Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904). It was Dvorák's first opera and the only one he composed to a German text
al fresco(Italian) in the open air, en plein air
sometimes written as a single word, alfresco
Alga(Spanish f.) seaweed (in the sea), weed (in a pond, etc.), waterweed
alga is a feminine noun taking masculine article in the singular
AlgaitaBurmese folk shawm
al galoppo(Italian) at a gallop
Algarabia(Spanish f.) gibberish (familar, figurative), nonsense (familiar, figurative
Algarada(Spanish f.) uproar
Algarroba(Spanish f.) carob (bean)
Algarrobo(Spanish m.) carob tree
Algas(Spanish seaweed
Algazara(Spanish f.) uproar
Algebrathe mathematics of generalized arithmetical operations in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, are used in place of particular numbers or sets of numbers
Álgebra(Spanish f.) algebra
álgebra is a feminine noun taking masculine article in the singular
algebraico(Spanish) algebraic
algebraisch(German) algebraic, algebraically
algebraische Funktion(German f.) algebraic function
algebraischer Ausdruck(German m.) algebraical expression
algebraisches Zeichen(German n.) algebraical sign
Alger(French m./f.) Algiers
Algerian hip hop
Algerian scaleAlgerian scale
Algérie(French f.) Algeria
Algerien(German n.) Algeria
algérien (m.), algérienne (f.)(French) Algerian
Algerienfranzose(German m.) pied noir (French)
Algerier (m.), Algerier (pl.), Algerierin (f.), Algerierinnen ( Algerian
Algerino (m.), Algerina (f.)(Italian) Algerian
algerino (m.), algerina (f.)(Italian) Algerian
algerisch(German) Algerian
AlghaitaNorth African folk shawm
álgido (m.), álgida (f.)(Spanish) decisive (figurative), critical, culminating (moment)
Algier(German n.) Algiers
al giorno(Italian) per day
al giorno d'oggi(Italian) nowadays
algo(Spanish) something, anything, rather
(Spanish) a little, slightly
Algodón(Spanish m.) cotton, piece of cotton, piece of cotton wool
Algodonal(Spanish m.) cotton field
Algodonar(Spanish m.) cotton field
Algodón de azúcar(Spanish m.) candy floss, cotton candy (US)
Algodonero (m.), Algodonera (f.)(Spanish) cotton farmer, cotton planter, cotton dealer
algodonero (m.), algodonera (f.)(Spanish) cotton
Algodón hidrófilo(Spanish m.) cotton wool
Algojaan Indian duct flute
¿algo más?(Spanish) is there anything else? anything else?
Algorithmin mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a procedure (a finite set of well-defined instructions) for accomplishing some task which, given an initial state, will terminate in a defined end-state. Informally, the concept of an algorithm is often illustrated by the example of a recipe, although many algorithms are much more complex; algorithms often have steps that repeat (iterate) or require decisions (such as logic or comparison). In most higher level programs, algorithms act in complex patterns, each using smaller and smaller sub-methods which are built up to the program as a whole. In most languages, they are isomorphic to functions or methods
  • Algorithm from which this extract has been taken
Algorithme(French m.) algorithm
AlgorithmenGerman pl.) algorithms
Algorithmic compositionthe technique of using algorithms to create music. Algorithms (or, at the very least, formal sets of rules) have been used to compose music for centuries; the procedures used to plot voice-leading in Western counterpoint, for example, can often be reduced to algorithmic determinacy. The term is usually reserved, however, for the use of formal procedures to make music without human intervention, either through the introduction of chance procedures or the use of computers. There is a radical distinction (both in terms of philosophy and in the heard result) between composers who use indeterminate (e.g. stochastic) procedures to compose music and those who use routines which produce deterministic results given a fixed input into the algorithm. Many algorithms that have no immediate musical relevance are used by composers as creative inspiration for their music. Algorithms such as fractals, L-systems, statistical models, and even arbitrary data (e.g. census figures, GIS coordinates, or magnetic field measurements) are fair game for musical interpretation. The success or failure of these procedures as sources of "good" music largely depends on the mapping system employed by the composer to translate the non-musical information into a musical data stream
algorithmique(French) algorithmic
algorithmisch(German) algorithmically, algorithmic
Algorithmus (s.), Algorithmen (pl.)(German m.) algorithm
algoritmico(Spanish) algorithmic
Algoritmo(Spanish m.) algorithm
Algozeya wooden, beaked double-flute traditionally played by goat herders in the Punjab who hold a drone note creating a melodious, hypnotic sound. This instrument is used in the Bhangra dance form
Alguacil (m.), Alguacila (f.)(Spanish) bailiff, constable, sheriff
alguien(Spanish) someone, somebody, anyone (in a question), anybody (in a question)
alguien con experiencia(Spanish) somebody with experience, someone with experience
algún(Spanish) form of alguno used before masculine singular nouns
alguna que otra vez(Spanish) from time to time, now and then
algunas veces(Spanish) sometimes
algunas veces me río sin motivo(Spanish) some times I laugh for no reason
alguna vez(Spanish) sometimes
algún día(Spanish) some day, one day
alguno (m.), alguna (f.), algunos (, algunas ( some, any, at all, one, some, someone, somebody, some people (plural form)
alguno de nosotros(Spanish) one of us
algunos creen que fue así(Spanish) some (people) believe that was the case
algunos críticos elogiaron la obra(Spanish) some critics praised the work
alguno que otro(Spanish) someone or other
Alhaja(Spanish f.) piece of jewellery, gem (person), treasure (figurative: person)
alhajar(Spanish) to deck with jewels, to furnish (room, house)
Alhajero(Spanish m. - in Latin America f.) jewel case
Alhambrathe name of a famous theatre and music-hall in Leicester Square, London built in Moorish style, named for the citadel and palace built at Granada in Spain by the Moorish kings in the thirteen century
Alharaca(Spanish f.) fuss
Alhelí(Spanish m.) wallflower, stock (plant)
Alheña(Spanish f.) privet
Alhucema(Spanish f.) lavender
Aliado (m.), Aliada (f.)(Spanish) ally
aliado (m.), aliada (f.)(Spanish) allied
Alianza(Spanish f.) alliance, wedding ring
aliar(Spanish) to combine
aliarse(Spanish) to form an alliance, to join forces, to become allies
aliarse con ...(Spanish) to form an alliance with ..., to join forces with ...
Alias(English, German m., Spanish m., from Latin, literally 'otherwise' or 'at another time') an assumed name, a link, a handle (US)
alias(Spanish) of or pertaining to 'alias'
Alias-Effekt(German m.) aliasing
Aliasing-Frequenz(German f.) aliased frequency
Aliasname(German m.) surrogate name
Alibi(English, German n. from Latin, 'elsewhere') the plea of having been somewhere at the same time other than where a crime was committed
in modern usage, an excuse or pretext
Alibiaktion(German f.) tokenism
Alibibeweis(German m.) evidence of innocence based on an alibi
Alibi clocka clock that chimes a different hour from that shown by the hands on its face
a libro aperto(Italian) at sight, without having seen the score before, a primera vista (Spanish), a prima vista (Italian), vom Blatte (German), à livre ouvert (French), à première vue (French)
alicaído (m.), alicaída (f.)(Spanish) weak (figurative), feeble (figurative), depressed (figurative), down (figurative: depressed, sad), low (figurative: depressed, sad), down in the dumps (figurative, colloquial)
alicatar(Spanish) to tile
Alicates(Spanish pliers, nail clippers, cuticle clippers
Alice banda band worn accross the front of the top of the head holding hair from the face. Named after Alice (Alice in Wonderland) from Lewis Carroll's classic book
Alice in Wonderland scheme/ideaa scheme/an idea that is unreal or totally impractical
Aliciente(Spanish m.) incentive, lure, charm, attraction
alidominantti(Finnish) subdominant
Alienación(Spanish f.) alienation (medical, political)
alienado (m.), alienada (f.)(Spanish) mentally ill, insane, deranged, alienated
alienar(Spanish) to alienate
alienare(Italian) to alienate
Alienation(English, German f.) the feeling of being alienated from other people
Aliénation(French f.) alienation
Alienation effectsee Verfremdungseffekt
Aliéné (m.), Aliénée (f.)(French) an insane person
aliéner(French) to alienate, to give up
alienieren(German) to alienate
Alienígena(Spanish m./f.) alien, extraterrestrial
alienígena(Spanish) alien, extraterrestrial
Alienista(Spanish m./f.) psychiatrist
alieno da(Italian) opposed to
Aliento(Spanish m.) breath, encouragement, support (encouragement)
¡aligera!(Spanish) hurry up!
Aligeramiento(Spanish m.) lightening, alleviation
aligerar(Spanish) to make lighter, to lighten (load), to alleviate, to ease, to quicken (to hurry), to speed up
aligerar a ... de ...(Spanish) to relieve ...of ...
aligerar el paso(Spanish) to quicken one's pace
align.abbreviation of 'alignment'
Alignement(French m.) alignment
aligner(French) to line up (objects), to make lines of, to string together
aligner sur(French) to bring into line with
alignieren(German) to align
Alignment(German n.) alignment
alijar(Spanish) to unload, to smuggle
Alijo(Spanish m.) unloading, contraband, consignment, haul
Alijo de drogas(Spanish m.) consignment of drugs
alikeskisävel(Finnish) submediant
Alimaña (s.), Alimañas(Spanish f.) vicious animal, pest, vermin (plural form), scoundrel (figurative, pejorative)
aliment(French) bread-and-butter (figurative)
Alimentación(Spanish f.) food, feeding, diet, supply
Alimentación integral(Spanish f.) health food, wholefood (US)
alimentar(Spanish) to feed (person, animal), to nurture (hopes, illusions), to nourish (feelings of affection), to cherish (hopes, illusions), to boost (ego), to fuel (passion), to stoke (furnace), to be nourishing, to be nutritious
alimentär(German) nutritional, nutritionally
alimentario (m.), alimentaria (f.)(Spanish) food, alimentary, nutritious, nourishing
alimentarse(Spanish) to feed oneself
alimentarse con ...(Spanish) to feed on ..., to live on ... (as food)
alimentarse de ...(Spanish) to feed on ..., to live on ... (as food)
Alimentation(English, German f.) the act or process of giving or receiving nourishment
Alimente(German pl.) maintenance, alimony, affiliation payment
Alimentenklage(German f.) alimony suit
Alimente zahlen(German) to pay alimony
alimenticio (m.), alimenticia (f.)(Spanish) food, alimentary, nutritious, nourishing
alimentieren(German) to support
Alimento(Spanish m.) food
Alimento completo(Spanish m.) complete food (nutritious and wholesome, for example milk)
Alimentos(Spanish alimony
Alimentos naturales(Spanish health food
à l'impériale(French) in the imperial manner
à l'improviste(French) extempore, unexpectedly, on the spur of the moment
A-lineskirt or dress shape, very popular in the sixties, that kicks out from the bust or waist to make an 'A' shape silhouette
Alinéa(French m.) paragraph
Alineación(Spanish f.) alignment, line-up, selection, lining up (strands, threads)
alineado (m.), alineada (f.)(Spanish) aligned, lined-up
alinear(Spanish) to select, to pick, to align, to line up
alinearse(Spanish) to fall in (troops on parade), to line up (children)
aliñar(Spanish) to season (food), to dress (salad), to flavour (to add flavouring)
Aliño(Spanish m.) seasoning, dressing (for a salad)
Alioli(Spanish m.) garlic mayonnaise, garlic and olive oil vinaigrette
alio modo(Latin) 'in another way', 'in another manner', as, for example, a marking used to indicate an alternative arrangement or version
Aliquot(Latin) so many
aliquoter Teil(German m.) aliquot part
Aliquotierungsfaktor(German m.) aliquot factor
Aliquot notes(Latin, aliquot meaning 'several') harmonics, overtones, upper partials
Aliquot partcontained in a greater quantity an integral number of times
Aliquotsaite(German f.) aliquot string, corda di risonanza (Italian f.), corde de résonance (French f.)
Aliquot scaling(Latin, aliquot meaning 'several') the use of aliquot or sympathetic strings on a piano, devised by the Blüthner firm, whereby the weak upper notes of a piano are provided with sympathetic strings tuned an octave higher, thus increasing volume of tone
Aliquot strings(Latin, aliquot meaning 'several') extra sympathetic strings placed above the strings to be struck on a piano, used to add tonal lustre. These were first introduced in 1873 by the piano manufacturer Blüthner as a fourth string placed over the others from G above middle C
Aliquotton (s.), Aliquottöne (pl.)(German m.) harmonic, partial, overtone
aliquottonen(Dutch) also calledboventonen, the 'aliquot notes' produced by sympathetic vibration
Aliquot tones(Latin, aliquot meaning 'several') harmonics, overtones, upper partials
alisar(Spanish) to smooth, to smooth out (paper), to smooth down (surface)
alisarse(Spanish) to smooth out (wrinkles, creases), to smooth down (with one's hand), to straighten (frizzy hair)
Aliso(Spanish m.) alder (tree)
Alistamiento(Spanish m.) enrolment, enlistment, recruitment, call-up (military service), draft (US: military service)
a listas blancas y negras(Spanish) striped black and white, black and white striped
alistar(Spanish) to put on a list, to recruit, to enlist
alistarse(Spanish) to enrol, to enlist (army, etc.), to join up, to get ready (Latin America)
alistarse en el ejército(Spanish) to join the army
à l'italiénne(French) in the Italian style
Aliteración(Spanish f.) alliteration
Alito(Italian m.) breath
alitoonika(Finnish) subtonic, leading note
aliviador(Spanish) comforting
alivianar(Spanish - Latin America) to lighten
aliviar(Spanish) to lighten (weight), to make lighter (less heavy), to relieve (sadness, etc.), to sooth, to alleviate, to make ... feel better, to steal, to pinch (steal)
aliviarse(Spanish) to diminish (sadness, etc.), to get better (person), to let up (pain)
Alivio(Spanish m.) relief
à livre ouvert(French, literally 'at the opening of the book') at first sight (as 'to play or sing at sight'), a prima vista (Italian), a libro aperto (Italian), vom Blatte (German), à première vue (French), a primera vista (Spanish)
Aljibe(Spanish m.) tank (water), cistern, well (water), dungeon (Peru)
Alk(German m.) booze (colloquial)
Alkali(German n.) alkali
Alkalibatterie(German f.) alkaline cell
alkalifrei(German) non-alkali, alkali-free, non-alkaline
alkalihaltig(German) alkaline
alkalisch(German) basic, alkaline, alkali
Alkaneta group of plants whose roots give off a red dye; used primarily as a colouring agent
Alkestis(German) Alcestis (Euripides)
Alkohol(German m.) alcohol, spirit (alcohol), booze (colloquial), grog (colloquial), spiritus (Latin)
Alkohol- oder Drogenmissbrauch am Steuer(German m.) driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI)
Alkoholabhängigkeit(German f.) alcohol dependency
Alkoholabusus(German m.) alcohol abuse
alkoholarm(German) low-alcohol
alkoholbedingt(German) alcohol-related
Alkoholbrenner(German m.) alcohol burner
Alkoholexzess(German m.) binge drinking
Alkoholfahne(German f.) smell of alcohol
alkoholfrei(German) non-alcoholic, nonalcoholic, alcohol-free
alkoholfreie Getränke(German pl.) soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages
alkoholfreie Getränkeindustrie(German f.) soft drink industry
alkoholfreies Getränk(German n.) soft drink
Alkoholgegner (m.), Alkoholgegnerin (f.)(German) teetotaller
Alkoholgehalt(German m.) alcohol strength, alcohol content
alkoholhaltig(German) alcohol-containing, containing alcohol
alkoholhaltiges Mischgetränk(German n.) cocktail
Alkoholika(German pl.) alcoholic beverages
Alkoholiker (m.), Alkoholikerin (f.)(German) alcoholic
alkoholisch(German) alcoholic, alcoholically
alkoholische Getränke(German pl.) spirits, liquors, ardent spirits, alcoholic liquors, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic drinks
alkoholisches Getränk(German n.) tipple (colloquial), alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, liquor
alkoholisches Getränk, mit Drogen versetzt(German n.) Mickey
alkoholisches Mischgetränk(German n.) cocktail
alkoholisiert(German) inebriated, pickled (colloquial)
alkoholisierter Fahrer(German m.) drunk driver, drunken driver
Alkoholismus(German m.) alcoholism
Alkoholkonsum(German m.) consumption of alcohol, alcohol intake
Alkoholkontrolle(German f.) (roadside) breath test
alkoholkrank(German) alcoholic (person)
Alkoholkrankheit(German f.) alcoholism, alcohol addiction
alkohollöslich(German) soluble in alcohol
Alkoholmissbrauch(German m.) alcohol abuse
Alkoholpegel(German m.) blood alcohol level
Alkoholproblem(German n.) drinking problem, alcohol problem
Alkoholprohibition(German f.) Prohibition (US 1920-1933)
Alkoholschmuggel(German m.) bootlegging
Alkoholschmuggler (m.), Alkoholschmugglerin (f.)(German) bootlegger, moonshiner
Alkoholsucht(German f.) alcohol addiction, alcoholism
alkoholsüchtig(German) addicted to alcohol, dipsomaniac, addicted to drink
Alkoholtest(German m.) breathalyser test
Alkoholtestgerät(German n.) breathalyser
Alkoholverbot(German n.) ban on alcohol, Prohibition (US 1920-1933)
Alkoholwirkung(German f.) effects of alcohol
Alkomat(German m.) breathalyser
Alkotester(German m.) breathalyser
Alkoven(German m.) alcove
Alkuin(German m.) Alcuin
alkyonisch(German) halcyon
All(German n.) universe, outer space
all(s)abbreviation of alleluia(s) (Latin)
all'(Italian) to the, at the, on the, with the, in the manner of, in the style of
alla(Italian) to the, at the, on the, with the, in the manner of, in the style of
al before masculine words, alla before feminine words
allá(Spanish) there, over there
allá abajo(Spanish) down there
allá arriba(Spanish) up there
allabendlich(German) regular evening, every evening
alla breve
alla brevealso called 'cut time', used for quick duple time in which the minim (half note), or occasionally the semibreve (whole note), is given one beat instead of two
see 'small alla breve', 'large alla breve'
see alla cappella
variations 10 and 22 of J S Bach's Golberg Variations both use imitative dialogue and are marked 'alla breve'. 'Alla breve' is often associated with works written in the stile antico, where imitation, both canonic and fugal, is a prominent feature. The term da cappella, used in German music of the eighteenth century, implied a work in this older stile antico, with imitative writing, and marked 'alla breve' (for example, several movements from Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer's 6 Concerti Armonici which were written between 1725 and 1740 and masses from Vienna in the second half of the eighteenth century by Albrechtsberger, Tuma, Wagenseil, etc.)
[entry prompted by Bonnie Jo Dopp]
the term alla breve has its origins in church music and refers to the time value of a whole bar, which is a breve (or double whole note). When divided into two beats the beats are semibreves (whole notes) (meter: 2/1), and when divided into four beats, the beats are minims (or half notes) (meter: 4/2). A particular feature of this form of notation was that the minims were seen as quick notes (indeed they served rather as crotchets do today). When transcribing this music, modern editors often replace each note with that of half its time value, thus breves (double whole notes) become semibreves (whole notes), semibreves (whole notes) become minims (half notes) and minims (half notes) become crotchets (quarter notes). Other editors divide the original breve bars into two semibreve bars, leaving the note values unaltered. The latter results in what some call alla cappella, although others treat alla cappella and alla breve as being synonymous
alla caccia(Italian) in the style of a hunting piece
alla camera(Italian) in the style of chamber music
alla cappella(Italian) synonymous with a cappella, in the sacred or church style
Quantz, writing in 1752, uses the term alla cappella synonymously with alla breve, that is for a meter that has either 4 light beats or 2 slow ones. Hotteterre (1719) informs writes that the Italians use the alla breve sign only for tempo di gavotta and tempo di cappella or tempo alla breve, the last having two light beats
alla carrettiera(Sicily) monodic chants
allacciare(Italian) to tie (up), to fasten, to lace up
alla con molto(Italian) an animated allegro
alla contadina(Italian) in the style of a peasant dance, bäurisch (German), wie ein Bauerntanz (German), comme une danse paysanne (French)
alla corda(Italian) on the string, auf der Saite (German), an der Saite (German), à la corde (French)
alla Cosacca(Italian) in a Cossack style
alla diritta(Italian) ascending or descending by degrees, proceeding diatonically, in direct or similar motion
al lado de(Spanish) at the side of, next to, beside
¡allá él!(Spanish) that's his lookout, that's is business, that's his problem (colloquial)
allá en América(Spanish) over in America
alla francese(Italian, literally, 'in the French manner') a term, that appears, for example, in Adriano Banchieri's Canzoni alla francese (1596) and Mozart's Marcia alla francese from Divertimento in D Major, K. 251 as well as many other works, alluding to their form, style or manner of performance which will be along the lines of some French model. As it applies to violin music, the terms implies a moderate tempo, with each note detached using a short and light coup d'archet
Monteverdi heads his third setting in the Selva morale of the Vespers psalm Confitebor tibi, Domine, alla francese, 'in the French manner', and offers the performers the choice of performing it either with five voices, or with solo soprano and strings. The precise derivation of canto alla francese which Monteverdi also applied to settings in his Scherzi musicali (1607) and his Eighth Book of Madrigals (1638) is still uncertain, though it seems to apply both to a manner of singing, with full voice, and to a melodious musical style characterized by clear-cut phrase-structures, alternation between solo voice and full ensemble
although the music, some of it written by Antonio Vivaldi, in the serenata, Andromeda liberata (1726), is typically Venetian, it occasionally adopts the alla francese style, notably in its sinfonia, which imitates some of the rhythmic and instrumental peculiarities of the French overture, while also including brief passages of counterpoint and imitative procedures typical of the alla romana style, allusions to Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni (1667-1740) banishment from Venice in 1712 for accepting the post of protector of French interests at the Vatican and thus infringing one of the republic's laws. The arrival in Venice in 1723 of an ambassador from France, Jacques Languet, allowed Ottoboni to return to La Serenissima, a return that furnished the pretext for countless celebrations
alla franzese(Italian) in the French manner
allá fuera(Spanish) out there
alla hanacca(Italian) in the style a hanacca, which resembles the Polonaise
alla Madre(Italian) to the Virgin Mary, in particular hymns and sacred songs addressed to the Virgin Mary
alla maniera di(Italian) a la maniera (Italian), in the manner of, nach Art der (German), nach Art des (German), nach Art von (German), à la manière de (French)
alla marcia(Italian) in the style of a march, like a march, wie ein Marsch (German), dans le caractère d'une marche (French)
alla mente(Italian) extemporaneous
alla militare(Italian) military, in a military or martial style, militarily, militarmente (Italian), militärisch (German), militairement (French)
alla misura(Italian) in strict time
alla moderna(Italian) in the present day or modern style
alla moresco(Italian) in the Moorish style
allampanato(Italian) lanky
Allan-a-Dalea minstrel in the Robin Hood ballads
Allanamiento(Spanish m.) raid (Latin America: authorized), breaking and entering (Spain, Mexico: unauthorized), levelling, removal (of obstacles)
Allanamiento de morada(Spanish m.) unlawful entry, burglary
allanar(Spanish) to raid (Latin America), to break into (Spain, Peru), to solve (problem) to resolve (problem), to remove (obstacle), to overcome (obstacle), to level out (ground), to flatten (ground), to level (ground), to smooth (figurative: obstacles), to iron out (difficulties, etc.), to burgle (a house)
allanar el terreno a ...(Spanish) to smooth the way for ..., to smooth the path for ...
allanarse(Spanish) to fall down, to submit
allanarse a(Spanish) to submit to
Allant(French m.) drive, verve
allant(French) going on, continuing to get, spirited
allant grandissant(French, literally 'continuing to grow') getting louder
all'antico, all'antica(Italian, literally 'from the antique') (Italian) in the ancient style, in a former style, in an old style (usually a reference to the style associated with classical Greek or ancient Roman), im alten Stil (German), dans le style ancien (French)
(Italian) old-fashioned
alla Palestrina(Italian) in the style of Palestrina, a term applied to noble, unadorned church music
the term may also be applied more generally to unaccompanied vocal compositions which in the seventeenth century would have been termed stile antico or stile osservato
allá para enero(Spanish) sometime in January
alla polacca(Italian) like a polonaise
this term implies that the tempo of the piece is rather slow, each note is played firmly although softly sustained, with a blending of the semiquavers (sixteenth notes) into groups of four unless marked otherwise
allá por el ....(Spanish) around about ..... (date)
allá por el 1970 (Spanish: around about 1970)
allá por los años 40(Spanish) back in the forties
allá por los años cuarenta(Spanish) back in the forties
alla prima(Italian) a technique in painting in which the picture is completed in one session, not used for finished painting until the nineteenth century
alla punta d'arco(Italian) colla punta d'arco (Italian), at the point or tip of the bow, an der Bogenspitze (German f.), avec la pointe de l'archet (French), de la pointe (French), à la pointe (French), con la punta del arco (Spanish)
alla quarta bassa(Italian) a fourth lower, as for example in Sonata pian' e forte a 8, alla quarta bassa by Giovanni Gabrieli [entry suggested by Richard Pace]
the term is found associated with the use of chiavette
alla quindecima(Italian) (play) two octaves higher or two octaves lower
alla quinta(Italian) in fifths, or at the fifth
alla quinta bassa(Italian) a fifth lower [entry suggested by Richard Pace]
the term is found associated with the use of chiavette
allarg.abbreviated form of allargando
allargando(Italian, literally 'broadening', 'widening') enlarged, broadening out, getting slower and slower accompanied with an increase in the tone (i.e. a crescendo), en élargissant (French), breiter werdend (German), largando (Italian), verbreiternd (German)
allargare(Italian) to widen, to open, to let out (clothing)
allargate(Italian) to go slower
all'aria aperto(Italian) in the open air
Allarme antifumo(Italian m.) smoke alarm, smoke detector, fire alarm
allarmare(Italian) to sound the alarm, to beat to arms
allarmato(Italian) alarmed, beunruhigt (German), alarmé (French)
alla romana(Italian, literally 'in the Roman manner') a term, as for example in villanella alla romana, used to describe music whose form, style or manner of performance follows a Roman model, e.g. dances from the region, the use of counterpoint or imitation, etc.
alla rovescio(Italian) or al rovescio, in a contrary or reverse movement
alla russe(Italian) in the Russian style, resembling Russian music
alla scozzese(Italian) in the Scottish style
alla semi-brevean archaic term synonymous with alla breve
alla siciliana(Italian) in the style of a siciliano, a dance associated with Sicilian peasants, often characterised by the musical figure known as the salteretto
alla stregua di(Italian) like
alla stretta(Italian) in the style of a stretto, in close imitation
a close compressed style, that accelerates in time (that is, gets faster and faster)
alla tedesca(Italian) in a German style (which often means at an atypical tempo), à l'allemande (French)
alla tromba(Italian) like a trumpet
allá tú(Spanish) that's your lookout, that's your problem (colloquial)
alla turca(Italian) or à la turque (French), nach türkischer Art (German), im Stil der Janitscharen-Musik (German), in the Turkish style, for example, Mozart's rondeau alla turca, which, on the piano, made use of stops on the Viennese fortepianos of the time called 'Turkish percussion' that included a drum, bell(s) and a cymbal, and which when written for orchestra would feature similar instruments from the percussion section
alla unissono(Italian) all'unisono
¡allá va!(Spanish) there he goes!
alla veneziana(Italian) in the Venetian style, like a barcarole
¡allá voy!(Spanish) here I come! here I go!
alla zingara(Italian) alla zingarese (Italian), in a gypsy style, in the style of gypsy music, nach Art der Zigeuner (German), à la tzigane (French)
alla zingarese(Italian) alla zingara (Italian), in a gypsy style, in the style of gypsy music, nach Art der Zigeuner (German), à la tzigane (French)
alla zoppa(Italian) or alla zoppo (Italian), in a constrained and limping manner, in a syncopated style, hinkend (German), boiteux (French)
specifically used to describe a rhythm where the second quaver in a bar of four quavers (written 2/4) is accented, as for example, with the 'Scotch snap'
allbeherrschendes Interesse(German n.) absorbing interest
allbekannt(German) universally known, notorious
Allbekanntheit(German f.) notoriety
allda(German) here
all das(German) all that
all das bedeutet nichts(German) all this means nothing
all das Geld(German) all that money
all das Gerede über(German) all that talk about
all das Getue(German) all that fuss
All das ist seine Mache.(German) All this is his handiwork.
All das ist Unsinn.(German) All that's nonsense.
All das macht mir Sorge.(German) All this is worrying me.
All das stimmt mich traurig.(German) All this makes me sad.
all das umsonst(German) all that for nothing
all die entzückenden Dinge(German) all the delightful things
all die schmutzigen Details(German) all the sordid details, all the gory details (colloquial)
All dies ist das Ergebnis von ...(German) All this is the result of ...
All dies ist deine Arbeit.(German) All this is your work.
all diese Bücher(German) all these books
all diese vergebliche Mühe(German) all this toil for nothing
all diese Vorbereitungen(German) all these preparations
alldieweil(German) because, all the while
alle(German) all, every, tutti (Italian)
(Italian) to the
used following a passage marked solo to indicate that all are to enter
alle alten Markierungen entfernen(German) remove all old marks
alle am selben Ort versammelt(German) all gathered in the same place
alle an Bord(German) all on board
alle anderen(German) all the others, everybody else, everyone else, all the rest of them
alle anderen Plätze(German) all other places
Alle Anerkennung gebührt ihm.(German) All the credit is due to him.
alle Ankömmlinge(German pl.) all comers
alle Anwesenden(German pl.) all present, all persons present, all those present
alle Anwesenden(German pl.) all present
alle Anwesenden hörten es(German) all present heard it
Alleanza(Italian f.) alliance
alle Anzeichen deuten darauf hin(German) all signs point to
Alle Anzeichen sprechen dafür, dass ...(German) There is every indication that ...
alle Arbeiter(German pl.) all the workers
alle armen Verwandten(German) all the poor relations
All earsoriginally 'all ear', meaning 'to be all attention'
alle Arten von Leuten(German pl.) all sorts of people
alle Arten von Ornamenten(German pl.) every sort of ornament
alle Arten und Beschreibungen(German) all kinds and descriptions
alle Arten von(German) all sorts, all kinds of, all types of
alle Arten von guten Dingen(German) all sorts of good things
alle Arten von unterschiedlichen Leuten(German) all sorts of different people
alleato(Italian) allied
alle auf einmal(German) all at once (all together)
alle Augen auf ihm(German) all eyes were turned towards him
alle Augen auf ihr(German) all eyes turned to her
alle Augen fixiert auf(German) all eyes were riveted to
alle Augen in seiner Richtung(German) all eyes turned in his direction
Alle Augen richteten sich auf ihn.(German) All eyes focused on him.
Alle Augen waren auf ihn gerichtet.(German) All eyes were focused on him.
Alle Augen waren auf mich gerichtet.(German) All eyes were focused on me.
alle außer(German) all but
alle außer einem(German) all but one, all save one, all except one
alle außer ihm(German) all but him, all except him
alle außer mir(German) anyone but me
alle Ausführungen(German pl.) all styles
alle ausgenommen(German) all but
alle Bedenken in den Wind schlagen(German) to throw caution to the wind, to throw caution to the winds
alle beide(German) the two of them
alle beieinander sein(German) to be (all) together
alle Beschränkungen aufheben(German) to remove all restrictions
alle Beteiligten(German) all involved, all those involved, all those taking part
alle beteiligten Parteien(German) all parties concerned
alle Betroffenen(German pl.) all the persons concerned
allécher(French) to tempt
alle derartigen Versuche(German) all such attempts
Alle derartigen Versuche schlugen fehl.(German) All such attempts have failed.
alle die(German) all who
alle die es angeht(German) all whom it may concern
alle, die ihm nahe stehen (German) all those close to him
alle, die wir(German) all of us who
alle die zugegen waren(German) all present
alle Dienste(German pl.) all services
alle diesbezügliche Information(German) all relevant information
alle Dinge ändern sich(German) all things change
alle Direktoren(German pl.) all the directors
alle Dokumente(German pl.) all types of documents
alle drei(German) all three
alle drei Jahre stattfindend(German) triennial, triennially (every three years)
alle drei Monate(German) quarterly
alle drei Tage(German) tertian
Allee (s.), Alleen (pl.)(German f.) avenue, tree-lined road
Allée(French f.) avenue, lane, drive, driveway, a path between trees and shrubs
alle eingegangenen Briefe(German) all letters received
alle Einzelheiten(German pl.) all the details
alle Einzelheiten von(German) all particulars of
alle erforderliche Information(German) all the information required
alle Ersten(German) in music, all the first violins
alle Erwartungen übertreffen(German) to exceed all expectations, to surpass all expectations
Allées et venues(French f. pl.) comings and goings
alle Fakten aufdecken(German) to investigate all the facts
alle Faktoren berücksichtigen(German) to take into account all factors
alle Fehler die Sie finden(German) any errors you may detect
alle Fenster schließen(German) to shut all the windows
alle Formalitäten erfüllen(German) to comply with all formalities
alle Formen und Größen(German) all shapes and sizes
Alle Fragen sollten beantwortet werden.(German) All questions must be attempted.
alle Frauen(German) womanhood
alle fünf gerade sein lassen(German) to stretch a point
alle fünf Jahre (stattfindend)(German) quinquennial
alle Fünfe gerade sein lassen(German) to stretch a point (figurative)
alle für einen und einer für alle(German) all for one and one for all
alleg.abbreviation of 'allegory'
Allegado (m.), Allegada (f.)(Spanish) close friend, relative
allegado (m.), allegada (f.)(Spanish) close (friend, relative)
Allegado de la familia(Spanish m.) close friend of the family
Allegados del difunto(Spanish those closest to the deceased
alle ganz feierlich angezogen(German) all dressed up
allegar(Spanish) to collect
allegare(Italian) to enclose, to set (teeth) on edge
alle Gäste(German pl.) all the guests
Alle Gäste hatten Platz genommen.(German) All the guests were seated.
Allegat(German n.) citation, quote, quotation
Allégation(French f.) allegation
allegato(Italian) enclosed
allégé(French) light
alle gegangen(German) all gone
alle Geiseln(German pl.) all the hostages
alléger(French) to make lighter, to lighten (weight), to alleviate (figurative)
alle gesellschaftlichen Ränge(German) all social ranks
alle gesellschaftlichen Schichten(German) all social ranks
alleggerire(Italian) to lighten, to alleviate
alleggerirsi(Italian) to put on lighter clothes
allegieren(German) to quote, to cite
alle gleich groß(German) all (of) the same size
Allegorese(German f.) allegorical interpretation
Allegoresisthe act of reading a story as an allegory
Allegoria(Italian f.) allegory
allegorico(Italian) allegorical
Allegorie(German f.) allegory, similitude (allegory)
allegorisch(German) allegorical, allegoric, allegorically
Allegory(Greek, allegorein, literally 'speaking otherwise') a representation, a description or illustration of some abstract quality or idea, in art either by means of a single figure (personification) or by grouping objects and figures together, in literature or music by employing symbolism or metaphor. The term loosely describes any writing in verse or prose that has a double meaning. Renaissance allegories make frequent allusions both to both Greek and Roman legends and literature, and also to the wealth of Christian allegorical stories and symbols developed during the Middle Ages
allegra(Italian) cheerful, lively
allegramente(Italian) brightly, briskly (at a speed similar to an allegro), gaily, cheerfully, fröhlich (German), flott (German), allégrement (French)
allègre(French) lively, jaunty, allegro
allégrement(French) or allègrement (French), brightly, briskly (at a speed similar to an allegro), gaily, cheerfully, allegramente (Italian), fröhlich (German), flott (German)
alle Grenzen überragend(German) beyond all bounds
Allègresse(French f.) gaiety, joy, alacrity
allegrettino(Italian) a short allegretto
a little slower than an allegretto
allegretto(Italian, diminutive of allegro) light and cheerful, lively but less so than allegro and more so than andante, lively and moderately fast
the title sometimes given to a short allegro movement
allegretto poco mosso(Italian) a lively allegretto, almost an allegro
allegretto scherzando(Italian) lightly, cheerfully, in a playful and vivacious style
allegretto vivace(Italian) a moderately quick tempo
Allegrezza(Italian f.) joyfulness, cheerfulness, gladness, gaiety, liveliness
Allegria(Italian f.) joyfulness, gladness, gaiety, liveliness
allegrissimamente(Italian) very joyful, wth great animation
allegrissimo(Italian) very joyful, very fast tempo marking between presto and vivacissimo
Allegro(Italian m., German n., from Latin alacer, 'lively') quick, not as fast as presto but faster than allegretto
as with many marks we now take to indicate tempo, allegro was originally an expression mark indicating the mood of a piece of music, in this case, 'bright', 'cheerful' or 'lively', as opposed to 'pathetic', 'sad' or 'mournful'
often used as a title for the first and last movements of a sonata
also allégro, in dance, a term applied to all bright and brisk movements. All steps of elevation such as the entrechat, cabriole, assemblé, jeté and so on come under this classification. The majority of dances both solo and groups, are built on allegro. The most important qualities to aim at in allegro are lightness, smoothness & ballon
  • Allégro from which this information has been taken
allegro(Italian) bright (colour), tipsy
allegro agitato(Italian) quick and agitated
allegro allegro(Italian) very quick, quicker than allegro
allegro animando(Italian) increasingly rapid tempo
allegro aperto(Italian) an allegro with a broad, clear phrasing, for example in the first movement marking of Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K.219 "Turkish", by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
allegro assai(Italian) allegro di molto (Italian) or allegro molto (Italian), very quick
Allegro barbarowritten for piano (BB 63 (Sz. 49)) and composed in 1911, one of Béla Bartók's most famous and frequently performed solo piano pieces. Spanning over 200 bars, the composition is typical of Bartók's style, making use of folk elements
allegro brioso(Italian) quick and spirited
allegro comodo(Italian) a convenient degree of rapidity
allegro con anima(Italian) quick and lively
allegro con brio(Italian) quick and spirited
allegro con espression(Italian) quick and expressively
allegro con fuoco(Italian) with animation and fire
allegro con fuoco e selvaggio(Italian) quick, fiery and wild
allegro con grazia(Italian) quick and graceful
allegro con moto(Italian) quick with extra animation
allegro con selvaggio(Italian) quick and wild
allegro con spirito(Italian) quick and spirited
Allegro con Variazione(Italian) allegro with variations
allegro di bravura(Italian) a brilliant allegro, often applied to music designed to display the performer's extreme technical skill
allegro di molto(Italian) or allegro molto (Italian) or allegro assai (Italian), very fast
allegro e presto(Italian) bright and very fast
the mood follows from allegro, while the speed follows from presto
allegro feroce(Italian) quick and forceful
allegro furioso(Italian) quick and impetuous
allegro giocoso(Italian) quick and playful
allegro giusto(Italian) quick with precision
allegro guerriero(Italian) quick with martial references
allegro maestoso(Italian) quick but majestic
allegro ma grazioso(Italian) quick, but graceful
allegro ma non presto(Italian) quick but not as quick as Presto
allegro ma non tanto(Italian) lively, but not too quick
allegro ma non troppo(Italian) lively, but not too quick
allegro moderato(Italian) moderately quick (in result, rather similar to allegretto)
allegro molto(Italian) allegro di molto (Italian) or allegro assai (Italian), very quick
allegro molto, più tosto presto(Italian) very quick, almost presto
allegro non tanto(Italian) not too fast
allegro non troppo(Italian) not too fast
allegro reale(reale, Italian, literally 'royal') the marking used by William Walton at the beginning of his Crown Imperial Coronation March
allegro risoluto(Italian) quick and decisive
alle Größen von(German) all sizes of
allegro veloce(Italian) lively and quick
allegro vivace(Italian) very quick and lively
allegro vivace e disinvolto(Italian) very quick, lively and jaunty
allegro vivo(Italian) quick and lively
allèguer(French) to put forward
alle guten Dinge(German) all good things
alle guten Wünsche(German) all good wishes
alle halbe Stunde(German) every half hour
alle Hände(German pl.) all hands
alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen(German) to pull out all the stops (i.e. to make every effort)
alle heiligen Zeiten(German) once in a blue moon (colloquial)
alle Helfer(German pl.) all hands
alle Hindernisse durchbrechen(German) to break through all obstacles
alle Hoffnung aufgeben(German) to abandon all hope
alle Hoffnung fahren lassen(German) to abandon all hope
alle Hoffnung fallen lassen(German) to abandon all hope
alle Hoffnung zerstören(German) to shatter all hopes
alle Hüllen fallen lassen(German) to bare all
allein(German) alone, single, solo, only, lonesome, lonely, on one's tod (colloquial), unescorted, reclusively, single-handed, solely, unpartnered, solitary, singularly, on one's own, by oneself, sole
(German) mit zarten Stimmen allein, with delicate stops only
(German) eine Violine allein, one (solo) violin
Alleinanbieter(German m.) sole supplier, sole source
Alleinanspruch(German m.) sole claim
allein arbeitend(German) single-handed
Alleinauftrag(German m.) exclusive order
allein auf weiter Flur(German) out on a limb
allein auf weiter Flur stehen(German) to plough a lonely furrow
allein aufgrund der Dokumente(German) on the basis of the documents alone
allein aufgrund zahlenmäßiger Überlegenheit(German) by (sheer) weight of numbers, by (sheer) force of numbers
allein beim Gedanken an(German) at the very thought of
Alleinberechtigung(German f.) exclusive right
allein dastehen(German) be alone (figurative)
allein der Gedanke an ...(German) the mere thought of ...
allein die Schrift(German) sola scriptura (Latin)
allein durch Denken gewonnen(German) a priori (Latin)
alleine(German) alone
Alleineigentümer(German m.) sole owner
Alleineigentümer und Alleinbewohner(German) owner-occupier
Alleineigentümer und Geschäftsführer(German) owner-manager
alleine lassen(German) to leave alone
Alleinerbe (m.), Alleinerbin (f.), Alleinerben (pl.)(German) sole heir, sole heiress (female)
Alleinerziehende(German m.) single parent (female), lone parent (female)
alleinerziehende Mutter(German f.) single mother
Alleinerziehender(German m.) lone parent (male), single parent (male)
alleinerziehender Vater(German m.) lone father, single father
Alleinerzieher(German m.) lone father, lone parent (male), single parents (plural form)
Alleinerzieherin(German f.) lone mother
alleinerziehend sein(German) to be a single parent, to be a single mother, to be a single father
alleine zu Hause sein(German) to be home alone
alle Information die Sie benötigen(German) all the information you require
alle Information die Sie wünschen(German) any information you may wish
alle Informationen die wir erhalten(German) any information given
alle Informationen, die Sie uns geben(German) any information you will give us
Alleinflug(German m.) solo flight, going it alone (colloquial), solo run
alleingehend(German) soloing
allein gehören(German) to belong exclusively to
alleingelassen(German) forsaken
allein gelassen werden(German) to be left alone
Alleingesellschafter(German m.) sole shareholder
Alleinheit(German f.) all-encompassing unity
Alleinherrschaft(German f.) sole reign, autocratic rule, (absolute) dictatorship, autarchy, exclusive control
Alleinherrscher(German m.) autocrat, (absolute) dictator
Alleinhersteller(German m.) sole manufacturer
alleinig(German) solely, only, lone, sole, exclusive, unaccompanied
alleinige Ausnahme(German f.) solitary exception
alleinige Verantwortung(German f.) sole responsibility
alleinige Verfügungsberechtigung(German f.) sole discretionary power
alleiniger Beweggrund(German m.) single and only reason
alleiniger Eigentümer(German m.) sole owner
alleiniger Erbe(German m.) sole heir
alleiniger Fehler(German m.) sole mistake
alleiniger Gesellschafter(German m.) sole shareholder
alleiniger Pächter(German m.) sole tenant
alleiniges Recht(German m.) sole right
alleiniges Sorgerecht(German n.) sole custody
alleiniges Verfügungsrecht(German n.) sole right of disposition
Alleininhaber(German m.) sole owner, sole proprietor
Alleinkonzession(German f.) exclusive franchise
allein lassen(German) to leave alone
alleinlebend(German) solitarily
Alleinmakler(German m.) exclusive agent
Alleinmieter(German m.) sole tenant
allein mit seinen Gedanken(German) alone with one's thoughts
Alleinpächter(German m.) sole tenant
Alleinrechte(German pl.) sole rights
Alleinsein(German n.) loneliness
allein stehend(German) unpaired, unmated (archaic), living on one's own (archaic)
alleinstehend(German) single (the state of being alone)
alleinstehend(German) unmated, single (unmarried), unpaired, solitary, unattached, stand-alone, living on one's own, living alone
Alleinstehende(German f.) single (female), single person (female)
alleinstehende Frau(German f.) single woman
alleinstehende Mutter(German f.) single mother
alleinstehende Person(German f.) single person
Alleinstehender(German m.) single person, single
alleinstehender Vater(German m.) single father
alleinstehendes Bauernhaus(German n.) isolated farm
alleinstehendes Haus(German n.) detached house
Alleinstellungsmerkmal(German n.) unique selling proposition (USP), unique characteristics, unique selling point
Alleinstellungsmerkmale(German pl.) unique features
alle Interessenten(German pl.) all those interested
Alleinunterhalter (m.), Alleinunterhalterin (f.)(German) (solo) entertainer
Alleinverantwortung(German f.) sole responsibility
Alleinverdiener(German m.) sole wage earner
Alleinverkauf(German m.) exclusive sale, monopoly
Alleinverkaufsrecht(German n.) monopoly, franchise, sole selling right, exclusive right of sale, sole distribution rights, exclusive distribution rights
Alleinverkaufsvertrag(German m.) exclusive sales agreement
Alleinvertreter(German m.) sole representative, exclusive agent, exclusive representative, sole agent
Alleinvertretung(German f.) sole agency, exclusive agency
Alleinvertretungsanspruch(German m.) claim to sole representation
Alleinvertretungsrecht(German n.) sole right of representation
Alleinvertrieb(German m.) sole distributors, sole distribution
Alleinvertriebsklausel(German f.) exclusive rights clause
Alleinvertriebsrecht(German n.) sole right of distribution
allein zeichnungsberechtigt(German) solely authorised to sign
allein zu Hause sein(German) to be home alone
alle ... Jahre(German) every ... years (number)
alle Jahre wieder(German) year after year, every year
alle Jubeljahre(German) once in a blue moon
alle Jubeljahre einmal(German) once in a blue moon
alle Kinder(German pl.) all the children
alle Kosten(German pl.) any costs, any costs that may arise, the full cost
alle Kosten tragen(German) to bear the full cost
alle Kosten übernehmen(German) to bear all costs
alle Kräfte anspannen(German) to make every effort
alle Kraft zusammennehmen(German) to brace oneself
alle Kriterien erfüllen(German) to tick all the boxes
alle Läden waren ausverkauft(German) all the shops were sold out of
alle Läden, die diesen Artikel führen(German) all shops carrying this line
Alle lassen dich grüßen.(German) Everyone sends their regards (to you).
alle Leute(German pl.) all the people, all men
alle Leute in der Stadt(German) all the people in the town
alle Leute unter vierzig(German) all the under-forties
alle Liebenswürdigkeit(German f.) every kindness
Alleluia(Latin form of the Hebrew Hallelujah, 'praise ye the Lord') a highly melismatic responsoral chant from the mass, traditionally the third element in the Proper of the Roman Catholic Mass
a characteristic feature of English Restoration anthems is a concluding alleluia chorus in fugal style
Alleluiasymphonie(German, literally ''Alleluia' Symphony') Haydn's Symphony No. 30 in C major, composed in 1765, so named for the quotation of an Easter plainsong Alleluia in the first movement
Allelujah(Latin) Alleluia
alle Mädchen(German pl.) all the girls
Allemagne(French f.) Germany
allemal(German) every time, certainly, always
allemal wenn(German) whensoever (poetic)
Allemand(French f.) allemande
allemand (m.), allemande (f.)(French) German
Allemanda(Italian f.) allemande
Allemande(German f., English, from the French, meaning 'German') also 'alman', 'almaine', etc., a dance of German origin , performed by couples, with 4 moderate beats to the bar, although sometimes written as two longer beats in a bar, often the first movement in a suite of dances. The allemande is sometimes followed by an afterdance in triple time known as the tripla, proportz or in the seventeenth century, by the courante
in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Southern Germany, a quick dance written in triple time like the Deutscher Tanz or Ländler, the precursor of the waltz
in contredance, a basic figure in which two dancers join either right or left hands in a thumbs-up grip and walk around each other
Allemande giguée(French f.) a gigue written in common time, in which the even quavers of the allemande are changed to dotted quaver/semiquaver, particularly associated with French lute music of the first half of the seventeenth century
allem anderen überlegen(German) superior to any other make
allemann(German) everybody
alle Mann an Deck(German) all hands on deck
allem Anschein nach(German) apparently, to all appearances, by all appearances, from all appearances
alle miteinander(German) alle und jeder (German), all and sundry, one and all, the whole lot
alle Mitglieder unserer Familie(German pl.) all the members of our family
alle modernen Verbesserungen(German) all modern improvements
alle möglichen(German) all possible, all kinds of, every kind of
alle möglichen(German) all kinds of, every kind of
alle möglichen Leute(German pl.) all sorts of people, every sort of people
alle möglichen Wege prüfen(German) to explore every avenue (figurative)
alle Möglichkeiten einkalkulieren(German) to allow for all possibilities, to allow for every possibility
alle Möglichkeiten erschöpfen(German) to exhaust all possibilities
alle Möglichkeiten erwägen(German) to study all possibilities, to study every possibility
alle Mühe(German f.) every effort
alle Mühe war umsonst(German) all the trouble was for nothing
allem voran(German) first of all
allem zustimmen(German) to agree to everything
Alle Nachforschung war ohne Erfolg.(German) All investigation proved useless.
alle Nachtlokale besuchen(German) to take in the late spots
Allenamento(Italian m.) training
allen anderen die Show stehlen(German) to steal the show
allen Anforderungen entsprechen(German) to meet all requirements
allen Anforderungen genügen(German) to meet all requirements
allenarsi(Italian) to train
alle naselang(German) all the time, all the while
alle nasenlang(German) all the time, all the while
alle naslang(German) all the time, all the while
Allenatore(Italian m.) trainer
Allen, Barbarasee 'Barbara Allen'
allen Einwänden zum Trotz(German) despite every objection
allen Erfordernissen genügen(German) to meet all requirements
allen Ernstes(German) in all seriousness
alle Nerven anspannen(German) to strain every nerve
alle nett angezogen(German) all dolled up
alle Neuerungen(German pl.) all innovations
allenfalls(German) possibly, if necessary, if need be, at best, at most, in any event, at the outside
allen Formalitäten entsprechen(German) to comply with any formalities
allen Grund haben, ... zu tun(German) to have every reason to do ...
Allen key(German) also known as an hex, zeta, Unbrako key or wrench, a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head
allen Menschen zu Eigen(German) common to all mankind
allentamento(Italian) or allentando (Italian), slowing (the pace), relaxation, lingering, giving way
allentando(Italian) or allentamento (Italian), slowing down, slackening the tempo, loosening the tempo, rallentando (Italian), en relâchant (French)
allentare(Italian) to loosen, to relax
allentarsi(Italian) to become loose, to work loose
allentato(Italian) slowing down, slackening the tempo, rallentando, relaxation, lingering, giving way
allenthalben(German) all about (all around, everywhere), everywhere
allen überlegen sein (German) to be second to none
allen voran ...(German) with ... leading the way
allen voraus(German) ahead of everyone
allen Wetterlaunen trotzen(German) to brave all kinds of weather
allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz(German) against all (the) odds
allen zugänglich(German) open to the public
allen Zweifel ausschließen(German) to eliminate all doubt
allen Zweifel zerstreuen(German) to resolve all doubt
alle ohne Ausnahme(German) all without exception
alle paar Stunden(German) every few hours
alle Pausen gut gehalten(German) all rests well sustained
alle persönlichen Ausrüstungsgegenstände(German) all one's gear
alle persönlichen Sachen(German) all one's things
Alle Plätze sind besetzt.(German) All seats are taken.
alle Preise gestrichen(German) all prices slashed
Aller(French m.) outward journey
aller à la maison(French) to go home
allerältester (m.), allerälteste (f.), allerältestes (m.)(German) oldest of all
aller Anfang ist schwer(German) the first step is the hardest
aller Art(German) of all sorts
aller au devant de ...(French) to go to meet ..., to anticipate ...
aller Augen(German pl.) all eyes
Allerbarmer(German m.) the All-merciful
Allerbeste(German n.) the very best, the very best thing
allerbeste (m.), allebester (f.), allebestes (n.)(German) very best
aller cahin-caha(French) to jog along
aller chercher(French) to go and get, to go and fetch, to go for
aller de-ci de-là(French) to go to and fro
Allerdings!(German) Quite so! Sure is! Indeed it is! Too right! (colloquial)
allerdings(German) of course, certainly, indeed, sure enough, even so, to be sure, mind you, admittedly, however, but, albeit
allerdümmste(German) stupidest of all, most stupid of all
Alle Rechte vorbehalten!(German) Copyright reserved!
alle Rechte vorbehalten(German) all rights reserved
alle Register ziehen(German) to pull out all the stops
alle Reichtümer in der Welt(German) all the riches in the world
alle Rekorde brechen(German) to break all records
aller en classe(French) to go to school
allerenden(German) everywhere
allererste Gelegenheit(German f.) earliest opportunity, first opportunity
allererste Sahne(German f.) cream of the crop (US)
allererster (m.), alleerste (f.), allerstes (n.)(German) first of all, earliest
Aller et retour(French m.) return journey, return ticket
allerfrühestens(German) at the very earliest
Allergen (s.), Allergene (pl.)(German n.) allergen
allergen(German) allergenic
Allergia(Italian f.) allergy
Allergie(French f., German f.) allergy
allergiefrei(German) allergy-free
Allergien(German pl.) allergies
Allergiepatient(German n.) allergy sufferer
Allergiepatientin(German f.) allergy sufferer (female)
Allergiespezialist(German m.) a specialist in allergies (often a dermatologist)
Allergiestoff (s.), Allergiestoffe (pl.)(German m.) allergen (a substance or material that may cause an allergic reaction)
Allergietest(German m.) allergy test
allergico(Italian) allergic
Allergiker (m.), Allergikerin (f.)(German) person suffering from an allergy, allergy sufferer
allergikergeeignet(German) suitable for allergy sufferers
allergique(French) allergic
allergisch (gegen Penicillin)(German) allergic (to penicillin)
allergische Reaktion(German f.) allergic reaction
allergischer Schock(German m.) anaphylactic shock
allergnädigste(German) most gracious
allergrößte(German) biggest of all , largest of all, greatest (of all)
allergrößter (m.), allergrößte (f.), allergrößtes (n.)(German) utmost
Aller guten Dinge sind drei.(German) Third time lucky.
Allergythe word "allergy" was coined by the Viennese pediatrician Clemens von Pirquet in 1906. Pirquet noted that some of his patients were hypersensitive to normally innocuous entities such as dust, pollen, or certain foods. He called this phenomenon "allergy", from the Greek words allos meaning "other" and ergon meaning "work". Allergies were thought at first to be caused by an improper activation of the antibody class called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). It later became clear that several different disease mechanisms were implicated, with the common link being a disordered activation of the immune system in one or another of its many pathways. A new classification scheme was designed by P. Gell and R. Coombs to reflect what were then rebaptized hypersensitivity reactions. The word "allergy" was then restricted to Type I Hypersensitivity, which is caused by the classical IgE mechanism. Type I Hypersensitivity is characterised by excessive activation of mast cells and basophils by IgE, resulting in a systemic inflammatory response that can result in symptoms as benign as a runny nose, to life-threatening anaphylactic shock and death
allergic reactions are possible to many agents used in the manufacture and maintenance of musical instruments. Contact allergies are associated with many species of tropical and sub-tropical hardwood including rosewood and rosewood substitutes (the active ingredient are generally a class of chemicals called quinones), with nickel (which is found also in so-called 'silver' coins which are actually are composed of cupro-nickel, paper clips, typewriter keys, musical instrument plating, etc.) and oils derived from nuts which might be used to preserve and waterproof the bores of woodwind instruments
allerhand(German) all sorts of, of all kinds of, every kind of
Allerheiligen(German n.) All Saints' Day, All Hallows Day
Allerheiligstes(German n.) Holy of Holies, sanctum
allerhöchst(German) sovereign, highest of all
allerhöchstens(German) at the very most
alle Richter zusammen(German) en banc
alle Richtungen(German pl.) all directions
alle Risiken(German pl.) all risks
alle Risiken tragen(German) to bear the full risk
alle Risiken übernehmen(German) to assume all risks
allerkleinste(German) tiniest
Allerlei(German n.) hotchpotch, farrago, potpourri, all sorts of, welter, miscellaneous (items, things, etc.)
allerlei(German) all kinds of, sundry, a number of things, all sorts of things, various
allerlei Kurzweil treiben(German) to amuse oneself
allerlei Nebenarbeiten(German) off jobs
allerlei Reste(German) odds and ends
Allerletzte(German n.) the very last, the last of all, ultimata
allerletzte (m.), alleletzter (f.), alleletztes (n.)(German) very last, last of all, ultimate
allerletzte Nachrichten(German pl.) up-to-the-minute news
allerletzter Rettungsversuch(German m.) last-ditch rescue effort
allerletzter Versuch(German m.) last-ditch attempt, last ditch effort
allerliebst(German) dearest, most loved
allerliebste (m.), alleliebster (f.), alleliebstes (n.)(German) favourite, most beloved
allermeist(German) mostly, for the most part
allermindestens(German) at the very least
allernächst(German) very next
allernaselang(German) every few minutes
allerneust(German) very latest
allerniedrigster Preis(German m.) rock-bottom price
allernotwendigster Bedarf(German m.) bare necessities of life
allerorten(German, archaic) everywhere
allerorts(German) everywhere
aller persönlicher Sachbesitz(German) all personal effects
aller quérir(French) to go in quest of, to go seek
allerschlimmstenfalls(German) if the worst comes to the worst
Allerseelen(German n.) All Souls Day
allerseits(German) on all sides, all together, on every side
Aller simple(French m.) single ticket
allerspätestens(German) at the very latest
allerunterst(German) bottommost
allerunterster (m.), allerunterste (f.), allerunterestes (n.)(German) bottommost
aller vier Jahre stattfindend(German) quadrennial
aller Vierteljahre(German) quarterly
Allervollkommenste(German n.) the peak of perfection
aller Voraussicht nach ... tun werden(German) to be almost certain to do ...
aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach(German) in all probability, in all likelihood
aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach ...(German) chances are that ...
allerwärts(German) everywhere
allerwegen(German, archaic) everywhere
allerweil(German - Austria and Southern Germany) always, at all times
Allerwelts-(German prefix) common-or-garden, run-of-the-mill, all-purpose (derogatory)
Allerweltsthema(German n.) common-or-garden subject
allerwenigste (m.), allewenigster (f.), allewenigstes (n.)(German) very least
allerwenigstens(German) at the very least
Allerwertester(German m.) sit-upon (Australian) (colloquial), posterior (humorous)
aller zwei Jahre(German) every other year, biennially
aller zwei Monate(German) bimonthly
aller zwei Woche(German) every second week
alles(German) the whole lot, all, everything, anything, all of it
alles abräumen(German) to sweep the board (win all the prizes, etc.), to make a clean sweep
alles Amerikanische(German n.) all things American
alles an ... lieben(German) to love everything about ...
alles an sich reißend(German) usurping (figurative)
alles andere(German) everything else
alles andere als(German) anything but
alles andere als ... sein(German) to be far from ...
alles andere als erfreut(German) far from pleased
alles andere als klug sein(German) to be anything but clever
alles andere als komisch(German) anything but funny, distinctly unfunny
alles andere als perfekt(German) everything but perfect
alles andere als sicher(German) far from certain
alles auf den Kopf stellen(German) to turn everything upside down, to turn everything topsy-turvy
alles auf eine Karte setzen(German) to put all one's eggs into one basket, to go for broke (colloquial)
alles auf einmal(German) all at once, all in one chunk (colloquial)
alles aus sich herausholen(German) to get the best out of oneself
alles außer(German) anything but, anything except
alles außer ...(German) all but ...
alles ausplaudern(German) to spill the beans (colloquial)
alles beherrschen(German) to domineer
alles beherrschend(German) domineering
alles beichten(German) to confess everything
alles beim alten lassen(German) leave things as they are
alles beinhaltende Gebühr(German f.) inclusive charge
alles bereit(German) all set
allesberuhigend(German) all-soothing
alles beschützend(German) all-protecting
alles billiges Zeug(German) all cheap stuff
alles bis auf den letzten Rest aufessen(German) to scrape one's plate
alle Schwierigkeiten durchstehen(German) to win through all difficulties
alle Schwierigkeiten meistern(German) to overcome all difficulties
alles daransetzen(German) to do one's utmost
alles daran setzen, ... zu tun(German) to do one's utmost to do ...
alles deutet darauf hin(German) everything points to
alles durchdringend(German) all-pervasive
alle sechs Monate(German) every six months
alle sein(German) to be exhausted (used up), to be finished
alles eingerechnet(German) all-up, all-inclusive, including everything
alles eingeschlossen(German) all-inclusive
alles eingestehen(German) to confess everything, to make a clean breast of
alles einschließend(German) blanket
alles einstecken(German) to bag the whole lot, to sweep the stakes
Alles einsteigen!(German) Take your seats, please!, All aboard! (US)
alle Seiten einer Fragestellung(German pl.) all sides of a question
alle Seiten eines Problems(German pl.) all sides of a problem
alles Erdenkliche tun(German) to do everything imaginable, to go to any lengths, to do everything conceivable
alles erlaubend(German) permissive
alles fressend(German) omnivorous, omnivorously
Allesfresser (s.), Allesfresser (pl.)(German m.) omnivore, omnivorous animal
alles für(German) everything for
alles für die Reise vorbereiten(German) to arrange everything for the journey
alles geben(German) to give it everything, to give (it) one's all
alles geben, was man hat(German) to give everything one's got
alles gefunden(German) all found
Alles geht.(German) Anything goes.
alles geht drunter und drüber(German) everything is topsy-turvy
alles Geld aufbrauchen(German) to spend all money
alles gesetzt(German) all set
alles ging gut(German) all went well
alles glauben(German) to swallow anything, to believe anything
Alles Gute!(German) The best of luck! All the best! Good luck! Wishing you well!
Alles Gute für den Ruhestand!(German) Happy retirement!
Alles Gute hat sein Ende.(German) All good things must end. All good things come to an end.
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!(German) Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!
alles haben, was ein ... braucht(German) to have all the makings of a ...
Alles hat einmal ein Ende.(German) All good things must come to an end.
Alles hat seine Grenzen.(German) There is a limit to everything.
Alles hat seine Zeit.(German) There is a time for everything.
Alles hat seinen Preis.(German) Everything comes at a price.
alles hinschmeißen(German) to pack it all in (colloquial)
alle sieben Jahre stattfindend(German) septennial (every seven years)
Alles im grünen Bereich.(German) Everything is okay.
alles in allem(German) taken en masse, all in all, on balance, all things considered, all told, altogether
alles in Butter(German) all done and dusted (colloquial)
alles in einem(German) all in one
alles in einem Aufwasch(German) all in one go (figurative)
alles in einen Topf werfen(German) to measure everything by the same yardstick
alle Sinne ansprechen(German) to appeal to all senses
Alles in Ordnung?(German) All right?
alles in seinen Kräften stehende tun(German) to do everything in one's power
alles in seiner Macht stehende tun (German) to do everything in one's power
alles inbegriffen(German) all-in, all-inclusive, all-up, all included
Alles ist in Butter.(German) Everything is fine.
Alles ist in Ordnung.(German) Everything is in order.
Alles ist möglich.(German) The sky's the limit. All bets are off. (colloquial)
Alles ist möglich bei ...(German) All things are possible with ...
Alles ist möglich mit ...(German) All things are possible with ...
Alles ist relativ.(German) All things are relative.
Alles ist schiefgegangen.(German) Everything went wrong.
Alles ist vergänglich.(German) All things must pass.
Alles ist wohlauf.(German) All's well.
alles ist wohlauf(German) everything's fine
alle Sitze sind reserviert(German) all seats reserved
alle Sitze sind verkauft(German) all seats sold, every seat sold
alle Sitze waren belegt(German) all seats were filled, every seat was filled
Alles käme mir gelegen.(German) Anything would suit me.
alles klar(German) all clear
Alles klar!(German) You got it. (slang)
Alles klar.(German) It's all good.
Alles klar?(German) You all right? (colloquial)
alles klären(German) to smooth things over
Alleskleber(German m.) universal adhesive
Alleskönner(German m.) jack-of-all-trades, all-rounder
Alles Liebe(German) Love (letter ending)
Alles Lügen!(German) (It's) all lies!
alles Menschenmögliche(German n.) all that is humanly possible
alles mit der gleichen Elle messen(German) to measure everything by the same yardstick
alles mit Eins bestehen(German) to get straight As (top grades)
alles mit Staub bedeckt(German) all covered with dust
alles Mögliche(German n.) everything feasible, anything and everything, this, that and the other, all that is possible, everything imaginable, all sorts of things, anything, any number of things
Alles Mögliche könnte schief gehen.(German) Any number of things could go wrong.
alles Mögliche über ... wissen(German) to know everything possible about ...
Alles muss raus!(German) Everything must go!
alles nass(German) all wet
alles nur Mögliche(German n.) everything possible
alles oder nichts(German) make-or-break (colloquial), all or nothing, all-or-none
Alles ok bei mir.(German) Everything's ok with me.
alle solche(German) all such
alle sozialen Gruppierungen(German) all social groups, every social groups
alle sozialen Schichten(German) all social classes, every social class
all' espagnuola(Italian) in the Spanish style
Alles rein platonisch.(German) We're strictly platonic.
alles richtig(German) all correct
alles sauber(German) all clean
alles setzen auf(German) to put one's shirt on
Alles spricht dafür, dass ...(German) There is every indication that ...
Alles startklar.(German) All systems are go.
alles stehen und liegen lassen(German) to leave everything behind, to drop everything
allestimento(Italian) preparation
Alle stimmen überein, dass ...(German) All are agreed that ...
allestire(Italian) to prepare, to stage (a show)
alle Straßen(German pl.) any road, all routes
alle Streitigkeiten die sich ergeben(German) all disputes arising
alles strikt nach Anleitung machen(German) to do everything by the rulebook, to do everything by the rules
alles trifft zusammen um(German) everything conspires to
alle Stunde(German) every hour
alles tun, was in seiner Macht steht ,um ... zu tun(German) to do all in one's power to do ..., to do everything in one's power to do ...
alles über den Haufen werfen(German) to upset the apple cart
alles über einen Kamm scheren(German) to measure everything by the same yardstick, to lump together
alles über einen Leisten schlagen(German) to measure everything by the same yardstick
alles über mich(German) all about me
alles Überflüssige wegschneiden(German) cut out everything superfluous
alles überragende Geschicklichkeit(German) surpassing skill
alles überragendes Talent(German n.) incomparable talent
alles übersteigend(German) transcendent
alles übertreffen(German) to crown it all, to cap it all
alles Übrige(German) the rest, all the rest, everything else
alles umfassend(German) all-embracing, all-engrossing, all-inclusive
alles umfassender Preis(German m.) all-inclusive price
alles umsonst(German) all for nothing
alles umsteigen(German) all change
alles und jedes(German) anything and everything
alles unter ein Dach bringen(German) to bring everything under one roof
alles verlieren(German) to lose one's shirt
alles vermasseln(German) to bungle the job, to mess things up, to make a mess of things
alles verpfuschen(German) to make a mess of things
Alles verstehen heißt alles verzeihen.(German) To understand all is to pardon all.
alles verwetten(German) to bet everything
alles, was das Herz wünschen kann(German) all that the heart can desire
alles, was dazu gehört(German) all that goes with it
alles, was du tun kannst(German) all you can do
alles, was du tun mußt(German, archaic) all you have to do
alles, was du tust(German) all that you do
alles, was er aufgebaut hatte(German) all that he had built up
alles, was er berührte(German) all that he touched
alles, was er wert ist(German) all he is worth
alles, was gesagt werden kann(German) all that can be said
alles, was glitzert(German) all that glisters, all that glitters
alles, was ich weiß(German) all that I know
alles, was ihm noch verblieben ist(German) all he has left
alles, was keinen Sinn hat(German) all that is to no purpose
alles, was man hat(German) all that one has
alles, was man sich wünschen kann(German) all that one can wish for, all that can be desired
alles, was mir einfällt(German) all I can think of
alles, was mir gehört(German) all that is mine
alles, was mir unter die Hände kommt(German) anything I can get my hands on (colloquial)
alles, was möglich ist(German) everything possible
alles, was neu ist(German) all that is new
alles, was notwendig ist(German) all that is necessary
alles, was Rang und Namen hat(German) everybody who is anybody
alles, was recht ist(German) in all conscience (colloquial)
alles, was sich tun lässt(German) all that can be done
alles, was sterblich ist(German) all that is mortal
alles, was vernünftig ist(German) anything within reason
alles, was wir am Lager haben(German) all we have in stock
alles, was wir haben(German) all we have
alles, was wir liefern können(German) all we can supply
alles, was zurückblieb(German) all that was left
alles weitere Streben(German) all further ambition
alles Wesentliche über ... enthalten (German) to encapsulate ...
Alles wird ihm passen.(German) Anything will do for him.
Alles wird mir passen.(German) Anything will do for me.
alles wird passen(German) anything will do
Alleswisser(German m.) know-all (colloquial), know-it-all (colloquial)
alles, wodurch er sich verletzt fühlen könnte(German) anything that might offend him
alles wohl gebunden(German) all the notes well slurred, i.e. legato
alles worauf es ankommt(German) all that matters
alles worauf es mir ankommt(German) all that matters to me
alle Symphonien von Beethoven(German) all Beethoven's symphonies
alles zusammen(German) a whole lot of it
Alles zu seiner Zeit.(German) All in its proper time. Everything at the proper time. All in good time.
alles zugeben(German) to confess everything
alles zurücknehmen(German) to eat one's words (colloquial)
alles zusammen(German) all told
alles zusammengenommen(German) all in all
allet(German) all (alles is more correct)
alle Tage(German) everyday, daily
alle Teile(German pl.) all sections, all parts
alle Teilnehmer(German pl.) all those attending
alle Texte stimmen überein(German) all the texts agree
allet Klar?(German) you alright? (alles Klar? is more correct)
alle Tricks(German pl.) all the tricks
alle Trümpfe in der Hand halten(German) to hold all the aces, to have all the cards, to hold all the cards
alle Türen schließen(German) to shut all the doors
alle Türen versperren(German) to bar all the doors
alle übrigen(German) all the rest
alle Umstände(German pl.) all the circumstances, every circumstance
Alle umsteigen!(German) all change!
alle und jeder(German) alle miteinander (German), all and sundry, each and every
alle Ungelegenheiten(German pl.) any inconvenience
alle Unkosten bezahlt(German) all expenses paid
Alle unsere Leitungen sind zur Zeit belegt.(German) All our lines are currently busy.
allevare(Italian) to bring up (a child)
alle Verantwortung ablehnen(German) to decline all responsibility
alle Verbindungen abbrechend(German) breaking all bounds
alle verfügbaren Mittel(German) all available funds
alle Verluste(German pl.) any loss
alle verschieden groß(German) all (of) a different size
alle Verwandten(German pl.) all the relatives, all the relations
alle Vettern(German pl.) all the cousins
alle vier(German) all fours
alle vier Jahre stattfindend(German) four-yearly
alle viere von sich strecken(German) to put one's feet up (colloquial)
alle vierzehn Tage(German) fortnightly
alle Vögel in der Luft(German) all the birds of the air
alle Völker der Erde(German) all the peoples on earth, all the peoples of the world
alle Völker der Welt(German) all the peoples of the world
alle Vollmachten von ... haben, ... zu tun(German) to have ...'s complete authority to do ...
alle von uns gefertigte Ware(German f.) all products manufactured by us
alle von uns, die(German) all of us who
alle Vorsicht außer Acht lassen(German) to throw caution to the wind
alle Vorsicht treffen(German) to take every precaution
Alle waren sich darüber einig gewesen, dass ...(German) Everyone had agreed that ...
Alle Wege führen nach Rom.(German) All roads lead to Rome.
alleweil(German - Austria, Southern Germany) always, at all times
alle weiteren Einzelheiten(German) all further particulars
alle weiteren Kosten(German) any other expenses
alle Welt(German) the whole world
alle wichtigen Dinge(German pl.) all the important things
alle wirtschaftlichen Interessengruppen(German) all economic groups
All eyesvery attentive, watching closely
alle zehn(German) all ten
alle zehn Jahre stattfindend(German) decennial (every tenth year)
alle Zeichen(German pl.) all signs
allezeit(German, archaic) always, at all times
alle Zeit aufbrauchen(German) to spend all time
alle Zeit der Welt haben(German) to have all the time in the world
alle Zeitungen(German pl.) all the papers
alle Zimmer(German pl.) all the rooms
Allez regretschansons, including De tous biens plaine (possibly the most famous chanson of its age) and Allez regrets, by Franco-Flemish composer Hayne van Ghizeghem (c.1445-c.1495) were a source for many works by other composers. The three known intabulations based on Allez regrets all carefully follow the model with little structural deviation, although there is a great deal of elaboration in the borrowed melodic material. In the five chansons based on Allez regrets, each begins with a literal quotation from the superius and tenor of the model. Throughout the remainder of the new pieces, one voice is borrowed from the original and the others are freely composed, resulting in a greater amount of experimentation with the existing material than was found in the intabulations. Five known masses are based on Allez regrets, and employ a variety of techniques in using the borrowed material, including quotation, paraphrase, cantus firmus, and use of melodic material as points of imitation. These varying usages result in a wide range of resemblance to the model, and point to the potential of Allez regrets for use in many compositional contexts
[Cholji, Irena. "Borrowed Music: Allez regrets and the Use of Pre-existent Material." In Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music, ed. Tess Knighton and David Fallows, 165-76. New York: Schirmer Books, 1992.]
alle Zugänge und Abgänge(German) all the ins and outs
alle zusammen(German) all together, in a body, broadside, in chorus, en masse (French)
alle zwei bis drei Jahre(German) every two to three years
alle zweihundert Jahre(German) bicentennially
alle zwei Jahre(German) biennially, biennial, every two years
alle zwei Jahr stattfindend(German) biennial
alle zwei Jahre stattfindendes Fest(German n.) biennial festival
alle zwei Monate(German) bimonthly, bi-monthly, every two months
alle zwei Stunden(German) at two hourly intervals
alle zwei Tage(German) every other day
alle Zweiten(German) or alle Zwöten, in music, all the second violins
alle zwei Wochen(German) every couple of weeks, biweekly, bi-weekly
alle Zwöten(German) synonymous with alle Zweiten
allfällig(German - Austria, Swiss) possible, where applicable, possibly
Allfinanz(German f.) complete range of financial services (especially banking and insurance)
All fingers and thumbsawkward, clumsy (probably a corruption of 'all my fingers are thumbs')
alg.abbreviation for allgemein (German: general - English equivalent 'gen.')
Allgeber(German m.) Giver of all (God)
Allgefahrendeckung(German f.) all risks cover
Allgegenwart(German f.) ubiquitousness, omnipresence, ubiquity
allgegenwärtig(German) ubiquitously, omnipresent, ubiquitous, ever-present
allgemein(German) universal, in general, global, catholic, across-the-market, universally, generically, general-purpose, public, generally, popularly, across-the-board, generic, ationwide, abstract
allgemein akzeptiert(German) received (accepted, standard), universally accepted, widely accepted
allgemein akzeptiert werden(German) to become generally accepted
allgemein akzeptierte Idee(German f.) generally accepted idea
allgemein akzeptierte Theorie(German f.) generally accepted theory
allgemein anerkannt(German) accepted, generally accepted
allgemein anerkannte Ansicht(German) accredited belief
allgemein anerkannte Grundsätze(German) generally accepted guidelines
allgemein anerkannte Macht(German f.) authority generally acknowledged
allgemein anerkannte Prinzipien der Buchhaltung(German pl.) generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
allgemein anerkannte Regeln der Technik(German pl.) generally recognised codes of practice
allgemein anerkannter Grundsatz(German m.) axiom
allgemein anwendbar(German) universally applicable
Allgemeinarzt(German m.) general practitioner (GP)
Allgemeinbefinden(German n.) general condition
allgemein bekannt(German) notorious, public, familiar, common
allgemein bekannt als(German) commonly known as
allgemein bekannt sein(German) to be common knowledge, to be common currency
allgemein bekannt werden als(German) to become generally known as
Allgemeinbesitz(German m.) property in common
Allgemeinbibliographie(German f.) general bibliography, universal bibliography
allgemein bildend(German) providing an all-round education, providing a general education, with general educational value
allgemeinbildende höhere Schule(German f. - Austria) grammar school
allgemeinbildendes Schulsystem(German n.) general education system, general school system
Allgemeinbildung(German f.) general education, general knowledge, all-round education
allgemeine Anerkennung(German f.) global acceptance, universal acceptance, general acceptance
allgemeine Anerkennung finden(German) to meet with universal approval
allgemeine Angelegenheiten(German pl.) general affairs
allgemeine Annahme(German f.) general acceptance
allgemeine Ansicht(German f.) fame
allgemeine Anwendung(German f.) universal application
allgemeine Aufnahme(German f.) general acceptance
Allgemeine Auftragsbedingungen(German f.) General Conditions of Contract
allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung(German f.) general technical approval
allgemeine Bedingungen(German pl.) general conditions
allgemeine Begnadigung(German f.) amnesty
allgemeine Bemessungsgrundlage(German f.) general basis of assessment
allgemeine Beschreibung(German f.) general description
allgemeine Bestimmungen(German pl.) general provisions
allgemeine Bezeichnung(German f.) common name
allgemeine Billigung(German f.) universal approval
Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie(German f.) German biographical reference work
allgemeine Dienstpflicht(German f.) compulsory military service
allgemeine Flaute(German f.) general depression in trade
allgemeine Gasgleichung(German f.) ideal gas law
allgemeine Gegebenheiten(German pl.) general scheme of things
allgemeine Geltung(German f.) prevalence
allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen(German pl.) trade terms, general terms and conditions of trade (GTCT), standard business terms, general business terms
allgemeine Geschäftskosten(German pl.) overheads (expenses)
Allgemeine Geschichte(German f.) general history
allgemeine Haftung(German f.) general liability
allgemeine Informationen(German pl.) general information
allgemeine Kosten(German pl.) general expenses
allgemeine Lage(German f.) general situation
allgemeine Lohnerhöhung(German f.) across-the-board wage increase
allgemeine Meinung(German f.) consensus
Allgemeine musikalische ZeitungGerman weekly music journal published by Breitkopf and Härtel in Leipzig, from 1798-1848, 1863-1864 and finally 1866-1882
Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse(German f.) German public health insurance company
allgemeine Präferenz(German f.) general preference
allgemeine Preiserhöhung(German f.) general rise in prices
allgemeiner(German) more general
allgemeiner Anklang(German m.) general approval
allgemeiner Ansturm(German m.) common run
allgemeiner Beifall(German m.) éclat (French) (literary)
Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club(German m.) General German Automobile Association
Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst(German m.) General German News Service
allgemeinere Anwendbarkeit(German f.) more general applicability
allgemeine Regel (s.), allgemeine Regeln (pl.)(German f.) universal rule, general rule
allgemeine Relativitätstheorie(German f.) general relativity
allgemeiner Frachtsatz(German m.) general commodity rate
allgemeiner Glaube(German m.) received belief
allgemeine Richtlinien(German pl.) guidelines
allgemeiner Name(German m.) common name
allgemeiner Nörgler(German m.) advocate
allgemeiner Nörgler(German m.) fault-finder
allgemeiner Preisanstieg(German m.) general rise in prices
allgemeiner Sprachgebrauch(German m.) common parlance
allgemeiner Streik(German m.) general strike
allgemeiner Trend(German m.) general tendency
allgemeiner Vertrieb(German m.) general distribution
allgemeine Rücklage(German f.) general contingency reserve
allgemeiner Wettbewerb(German m.) free for all
allgemeiner Wunsch(German m.) popular wish
Allgemeines(German n.) general, miscellaneous
Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch(German n.) General Civil Code (Austria)
allgemeine Schulpflicht(German f.) compulsory education, compulsory schooling, compulsory school attendance for all children
Allgemeines Gebet(German n.) General Prayer (of Intercession)
Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz(German n.) The General Equal Treatment Act
Allgemeines (Kirchen)Gebet(German n.) Prayer of the Faithful, Prayer of Intercession, Litany (of Intercession), General Prayer (of Intercession)
allgemeines Krankenhaus(German n.) general hospital
allgemeine Stammfunktion(German f.) indefinite integral
allgemeines Unternehmensrisiko(German n.) general business risks
allgemeines Verhalten(German n.) general conduct
allgemeines Wahlrecht(German n.) universal suffrage
allgemeines Wohlbefinden(German n.) sense of well-being
allgemeines Wohngebiet(German n.) general residential area
Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen(German n.) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
allgemeine Tendenz(German f.) general tendency
Allgemeine Theorie der schönen Künste (1771/1774)by Johann Georg Sulzer (1720-1779), Allgemeine Theorie der schönen Künste (1771/1774) is the first German encyclopedia of aesthetics. The two-volume first edition of 1771/1774 represents aesthetics of the German Enlightenment and supplied the basis for the German classics [now available on CD-ROM ISBN 3898531643]
allgemeine Untersuchung(German f.) general investigation
allgemeine Unzufriedenheit(German f.) popular discontent
allgemeine Verbesserung der Marktlage(German f.) a general improvement in trade
Allgemeine Vermittlungsrechner-Schnittstelle(German f.) Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen(German pl.) general policy conditions, general conditions of insurance
allgemeine Vorstellung(German f.) broad idea, general idea
allgemeine Wahrheit(German f.) universal truth
allgemeine Wehrpflicht(German f.) general conscription, universal conscription, compulsory military service
allgemeine Zielsetzung(German f.) overall aim
allgemeine Zweckbestimmung(German f.) general function
allgemeine Zwecke(German pl.) general purposes
allgemein geltend(German) prevailing
allgemein gesprochen(German) generally speaking
allgemeingültig(German) universal, universally valid, absolute
allgemein gültig(German) universal, universally valid, general, generally valid, generally applicable
allgemein gültige Regel(German f.) general rule
allgemeingültige Regeln(German pl.) generalities
Allgemeingültigkeit(German f.) catholicity, generality, universality, universal validity, general validity
Allgemeingut(German n.) common property
Allgemeinheit(German f.) general public, universality, commonalty, community, commonality
Allgemeinheit(German f.) community, general public
Allgemeinheiten(German pl.) universalities
Allgemeinmedizin(German f.) general medicine
Allgemeinmediziner(German m.) general practitioner (GP)
Allgemeinmedizinerin(German f.) general practitioner (GP) (female)
allgemeinmenschlich(German) common to all mankind
allgemeinste(German) most general
Allgemeintoleranz(German f.) general tolerance
Allgemeintoleranzen(German pl.) standard tolerances
allgemein üblich sein(German) to be common practice
Allgemeinuntersuchung(German f.) general examination
allgemeinverbindlich(German) generally binding
allgemein verbreitet(German) prevalent
allgemein verbreitete Ansicht(German f.) general opinion
allgemein verstanden(German) popularly understood
allgemein verständlich(German) generally intelligible, intelligible to all
allgemeinverständliche Beschreibung(German f.) popular description
allgemeinverständliche Vorträge(German pl.) popular lectures
Allgemeinverständlichkeit(German f.) or Allgmeinverständlichkeit (German f.), general intelligibility
Allgemeinverweisung(German f.) general reference
Allgemeinwissen(German n.) general knowledge
Allgemeinwohl(German n.) general public interest
Allgemeinzustand(German m.) general state, general condition
All Gents Kneel and Do-Sione of the big circle figures danced by all couples in one large circle facing the centre which are traditionally associated with square dancing
allgettoabbreviated form of allegretto
Allgewalt(German f.) omnipotence
allgewaltig(German) all-powerful, omnipotent (sometimes ironic)
Allgmeinverständlichkeit(German f.) or Allgemeinverständlichkeit (German f.), general intelligibility
Allgottlehre(German f.) pantheism
All Greek to mequite unintelligible (i.e. like a foreign language)
allgütig(German) infinitely good, all-bountiful
All Hallows Dayanother name for All Saints' Day, established in 610 by Pope Boniface IV, which since 834 has been celebrated on 1st November. Before then it was celebrated on 1st May
All Hallows Evethe day before All Hallows or All Saints' Day, also called Halloween, Nutcrack Night or Holy Eve. Scottish tradition has it that those born on this day have the gift of second sight
Allheilmittel(German n.) panpharmacon, cure-all, universal remedy, panacea
Allheit(German f.) allness
allí(Spanish) there, over there, then (time)/td>
allí abajo(Spanish) down there
Alliage(French m.) alloy
Allianz(German f.) alliance
allí arriba(Spanish) up there
allibiti(Italian) astounded
allibire(Italian) to be astounded (at)
allí dentro(Spanish) in there
allí donde(Spanish) wherever
allí donde estés(Spanish) wherever you are
allí donde vayas(Spanish) wherever you go
Allié (m.), Alliée (f.)(French) ally, relative by marriage
allietare(Italian) to gladden
allietarsi(Italian) to rejoice
Allievo (m.), Allieva (f.)(Italian) scholar, pupil (student)
allí fuera(Spanish) out there
Alligator-Dübel(German m.) toothed ring
Alligatorzange(German f.) alligator forceps (also medical)
alliiert(German) allied
alliierte Anführer(German pl.) allied leaders
alliierte Besatzung(German f.) allied occupation
alliierte Streitkräfte(German pl.) allied forces
alliierte Streitmächte(German pl.) allied forces
alliierte Truppen(German pl.) allied troops
Alliierter (m.), Alliierte (f.)(German) confederate, ally
allí mismo(Spanish) right there
all'improvviso(Italian) suddenly, extemporaneously, without previous study, improvised, improvisiert (German)
all'improvvista(Italian) extemporaneously, without previous study, improvised, improvisiert (German)
all'improvvisto(Italian) suddenly
All incompletely exhausted
all'incirca(Italian) more or less
Allineamento(Italian m.) lining up, alignment
allineare(Italian) to line up, to align
all'inglese(Italian) in the English style
All in good timein due course, when conditions are right
all'ingr.abbreviation of all'ingrosso (Italian: wholesale)
all'insaputa di(Italian) unknown to
Allintervallreiche(German f.) all-interval row
All-interval rowa note row in which all the necessary intervals for the musical material of a work are to be found
All-interval tetrachordan all-interval tetrachord is a tetrachord from which any interval class can be extracted by means of various inversions. There are only two possible all-interval tetrachords. In set theory notation, these are (0,1,4,6) and (0,1,3,7)
All-interval seta 12-note set in which every note is represented
Alliosisthe rhetorical use of any isocolon parallel sentence that presents two choices to the reader, for example, "You can eat well, or you can sleep well.". While presenting a reader with only two alternatives may result in the logical fallacy known as false dichotomy or either/or fallacy, creating a parallel sentence using two alternatives in parallel structure can be an effective device rhetorically and artistically
all'italiana(Italian) in the Italian style
Alliteration(English, German f.) characteristic of ancient Northern European poetry such as Beowulf, the use of words, close together, with the same initial letter, for example, adopted by Richard Wagner in Der Ring des Nibelungen, viz. Nach Welten-Wonne mein Wunsch verlangte aus wild webendem Bangen, and also in English phrases such as 'dead as a doornail' or 'pretty as a picture'
Alliterative prosemany texts of Old English and Middle English prose use the same techniques as alliterative verse. Aelfric (c. 955-1010 CE) and Wulfstan (d. 1023) wrote many treatises using skilful alliteration
Alliterative revivalthe general increase or surge in alliterative poetry composed in the second half of the 14th century in England
Alliterative versea traditional form of Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse poetry in which each line has at least four stressed syllables, and those stresses fall on syllables in which three or four words alliterate (repeat the same consonant sound)
alliterieren(German) to alliterate
alliterierend(German) alliterating, alliterative
alljährlich(German) annual, annually, every year, yearly
allliebend(German) all-loving
Allmacht(German m.) omnipotence
allmächtig(German) almightily. omnipotently, almighty, omnipotent, all-powerful
allmächtiger Gott(German m.) Almighty God
Allmächtiger Gott!(German) God almighty!
Allmachtsgefühl(German n.) feeling of omnipotence
allmählich(German) allmählig, allmälig, gradual, gradually, by degrees, little by little, carefully, bit by bit
allmählich abnehmen(German) to decrease gradually
allmählich abnehmend(German) decreasing
allmählich einführen(German) to phase in
allmähliche Entwicklung(German f.) evolution
allmählicher Ausfall(German m.) gradual failure
allmähliche Tilgung(German f.) amortisation
allmählich gehen(German) to wander off (colloquial)
Allmählichkeit(German f.) gradualness
allmählich schneller(German) accelerando (Italian), quicker by degrees, faster by degrees
allmählich schneller werden(German) to pick up speed
allmählich schwächer(German) softer by degrees
allmählich verstummen(German) to fade away (laughter, sound of thunder, etc.), to trail off
allmählich wachsen(German) to mount
allmählig(German) gradually, by degrees, little by little
allmälig(German) gradually, by degrees, little by little
Allmeind(German f.) common land
Allmende(German f.) common land
allmonatlich(German) every month, monthly
allmorgendlich(German) every morning
Allmutter Natur(German f.) Mother Nature
All my eyeall nonsense, all rubbish
allnächtlich(German) nightly, every night
alloabbreviation of allegro
allochthon(German) allochthonous
Allochthonousdescribes flora, fauna, or inhabitants that have moved to the region in which they are found from elsewhere, or features of the landscape or elements of its geology that have moved to their present position as a result of the action of tectonic forces
al loco(Italian, literally 'in the place' or 'to the place') a sign used after a passage where the player played an octave higher or lower than written indicating that he or she should now play at the normal octave (i.e. in the usual manner)
Allocution(rhetoric) a formal or authoritative address that advises or exhorts
(French f.) speech
Allod(German n.) allodium (land held free of rent or service)
allodial(English, German) inalienable, owned freely and is clear of any encumbrances such as liens or mortgages, pertaining to allodium (freehold), held free of rent or service (as opposed to feudal)
Allodola(Italian f.) (sky)lark
Allodyniapain from stimuli which are not normally painful, the pain occurring other than in the area stimulated
Allodynie(German f.) allodynia
All of a suddenabruptly, without any warning, all'improvviso (Italian), auf einmal (German), Knall und Fall (German), ganz plötzlich (German), mit einem Mal (German), unversehens (German), urplötzlich (German), tout à coup (French), de repente (Spanish)
Allokation (s.), Allokationen (pl.)(German f.) allocation
Allokution(German f.) allocution, a formal or authoritative address that advises or exhorts
Allomorpha different pronunciation of a morpheme. For instance, consider the -s plural morpheme. The standard /s/ sound (as in <elks>) becomes a /z/ sound in some allomorphs (such as <boxes>.) However, the same grapheme >s< is used to represent each sound
All one's eggs in one basket, to put/havein a speculation or undertaking, to risk all one's investment on one outcome
All one's geese are swansto see things in a rosy light
all'ongarese(Italian) or all'ungherese (Italian), in the Hungarian style, which usually means 'in the Gypsy style', nach ungarischer Art (German), à la hongroise (French)
Allonge(German f.) allongé (banking), extension (commerce), rider
allongé(French, literally 'elongated') on a string instrument, prolonged bow stroke
(French) in dance, extended or outstetched, i.e. an almost horizontal pose
(French) a slip of paper pasted to the end of a bill of exchange or promissory note to make room for further endorsements
allongement(French) lengthening
allonger(French) to lengthen (the notes), to slacken (the tempo)
(French) to stretch out (an arm or leg)
in string playing, the term, written allongez l'archet, has the specific meanings of 'lengthening the stroke of the bow' or 'prolonging the stroke of the bow'
allongez l'archet(French) lengthening or prolonging the stroke of the bow
Allontanamento(Italian m.) removal, dismissal
allontanando(Italian) or allontanandosi (Italian), receding, moving away, dying away, sich entfernend (German), entfernend (German), en s'éloignant (French)
allontanandosi(Italian) or allontanando (Italian), receding, moving away, dying away, sich entfernend (German), entfernend (German), en s'éloignant (French)
allontanare(Italian) to move away, to dismiss, to avert
Allopathie(German f.) allopathy
allopathisch(German) allopathic, allopathical, allopathically
Allopathya term coined in 1842 by C.F.S. Hahnemann to designate the usual practice of medicine (allopathy) as opposed to homeopathy, the system of therapy that he founded based on the concept that disease can be treated with drugs (in minute doses) thought capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself
Allophone(Canadian) a person whose native language is other than French or English
a predictable change in the articulation of a phoneme. For example, the letter t in the word top is aspirated, but the letter t in stop is unaspirated.
Allophonie(German f.) allophony
Allophony(linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme. For example, the aspirated t of top, the unaspirated t of stop, and the tt (pronounced as a flap) of batter are allophones of the English phoneme /t/
allora(Italian) then, at that time, in that case
allora allora(Italian) just (then)
Allorhythmiaan irregularity in the rhythm of the heartbeat or pulse that recurs in a regular fashion
Alloro(Italian m.) laurel, bay (culinary herb)
Allorrhythmie(German f.) allorhythmia
Allortoafter Ricardo Allorto the cataloguer of music by Muzio Clementi (1752-1832)
Allosonic borrowingsee 'intertextuality'
Allostatic(psychology) the physiological wear and tear on the body that results from ongoing adaptive efforts to maintain stability (homeostasis) in response to stressors
allostatisch(German) allostatically, allostatic
Allotransplantat(German n.) allograft
Allotransplantation(German f.) homologous transplantation, allogeneic transplantation, allotransplantation, allograft
allotrop(German) allotropic, allotropically
allotrope Modifikation(German f.) allotrope
Allotropie(German f.) allotropism, allotropy
allotropisch(German) allotropic
all'ott.abbreviated form of all'ottava (Italian: play an octave higher)
all'ottava(Italian, literally 'at the octave') alternatively all' 8va or simply 8va, a direction to play an octave higher (also marked 8va (placed above specific individual or groups of notes), or 8va alta) or lower (also marked 8vb, 8va bassa, or 8va (generally placed below specific individual or groups of notes)) than the written note
(Italian) an expression used in scores to indicate that two instruments should play an octave apart
a direction in figured bass to continue playing with both hands but with the left playing the bass notes only, and the right playing the same notes one octave higher (i.e. without additional chords), until the bass is again figured
all'ottava alta(Italian) an octave higher
all'ottava bassa(Italian) an octave lower
allouer(French) to allocate
All over bar the shoutingsuccess is so certain that only the applause is lacking
All-overishnot at one's best, weary and indifferent (possibly the prelude to the onset of an illness)
All over the shopall over the place, a performance filled with lots of mistakes, scattered randomly
allozieren(German) to allocate