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AMabbreviation of 'amplitude modulation', annus mirabilis (Latin: year of wonders, 1666), anno meridiem (Latin: before noon), 'assistant manager' or Ave Maria (Latin: Hail Mary)
abbreviation of Amplitudenmodulation (German f.: amplitude modulation)
or MA, abbreviation of 'Master of Arts'
am(German) by, to, at, at the, on (the), in the, by the, near the
am + a date, for example, am 21. August (German: August the twenty-first)
A.M.abbreviation of anno mundi (Latin: in the year of the world - a calendar used by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons which uses the Jewish calendar, so adding 3,760 to the vulgar or Christian era date)
a.m.abbreviation of ante meridiem (Latin: before noon), antes del mediodía (Spanish: before noon)
a/mabbreviation of 'above mentioned'
Ama(Portuguese f.) nanny, nurse (for a child), bambinaia (Italian f.), Kindermädchen (German n.), nounou (French f.), niñera (Spanish f.)
(Spanish f.) lady of the house
ama de casa (Spanish: housewife), casalinga (Italian f.), Hausfrau (German f.), ménagère (French f.)
ama de cría (Spanish: wetnurse), nutrice (Italian f.), Säuglingsschwester (German f.), nourrice (French f.)
ama de llaves (Spanish: housekeeper), governante di casa (Italian f.), Haushälterin (German f.), gouvernante (French f.)
am Abgrund(German) on the brink
amabile(Italian, Spanish) garbato (Italian), lovable, sweet, tender, graceful, gentle, amiable, pleasant, lovingly, tenderly, liebenswürdig (German), aimable (French)
as a musical marking, amabile suggests a tempo somewhere between andante and adagio, where the notes should be sustained and struck in a soft and gentle manner
Amabilidad(Spanish f.) kindness
Amabilità(Italian f.) tenderness, sweetness, gracefulness, loveliness, gentleness, amiability
Amabilité(French f.) kindness, amiability
amabilmente(Italian) gracefully, amiably
amable(Spanish) kind, nice (sympathetic), pleasant (South America)
amablemente(Spanish) kindly
am absoluten Tiefpunkt angelangt sein(German) to be at rock bottom (colloquial)
am absoluten Tiefpunkt ankommen(German) to hit the rocks, to hit rock bottom
Amaca(Italian f.) hammock
a macha martillo(Spanish) definitely, firmly
a machamartillo(Spanish) thoroughly
a macroescala(Spanish) macrolevel
am adäquatesten(German) most adequate
Ama de casa(Spanish f.) housewife, casalinga (Italian f.), Hausfrau (German f.), ménagère (French f.)
Ama de cría(Spanish f.) wetnurse, nutrice (Italian f.), Säuglingsschwester (German f.), nourrice (French f.)
Ama de leche(Spanish f.) wetnurse, nutrice (Italian f.), Säuglingsschwester (German f.), nourrice (French f.)
Ama de llaves(Spanish f.) housekeeper, governante di casa (Italian f.), Haushälterin (German f.), gouvernante (French f.)
AmadindaUgandan log xylophone, also known as embairé
Amadis (of Gaul)the hero of the famous prose romance Amadis de Gaula. the oldest extant edition (1508) is in Spanish. Amadis is represented as a poet and musician, a linguist and a gallant, as a knight errant and a king
Amado (m.), Amada (f.)(Spanish) sweetheart
amado (m.), amada (f.)(Spanish) dear (beloved), loved, beloved
Amador(Spanish m.) lover
amadouer(French) to win over
amadrinar(Spanish) to be godmother to, to act as madrina at, to launch (ship), to christen (ship)
amaestrado(Spanish) trained, performing (in a circus)
Amaestramiento(Spanish m.) training
amaestrar(Spanish) to train (animals)
amagar(Spanish) to threaten, to show signs of, to be in the offing, to dummy, to fake, to feint
amaga tormenta(Spanish) there's a storm threatening
amagnetischer Stahl(German m.) amagnetic steel
Amago(Spanish m.) threat, sign (signal), symptom (medical), first sign, attempt
Amago de bronquitis(Spanish m.) touch of bronchitis
Amago de infarto(Spanish m.) mild heart attack
Amago de revuelta(Spanish m.) threat of revolt
amagó una sonrisa(Spanish) she forced a smile
Amah(Anglo-Indian) a native wet-nurse
Amahl and the Night Visitorsan opera in one act by Gian Carlo Menotti (1911-2007) with an original English libretto by the composer. It was first performed on 24 December 1951 in New York City, at the NBC studios, where it was broadcast on television as the debut production of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. It was the first opera specifically composed for television in America. The opera is now a popular Christmas classic. The 'Night Visitors' are the Magi
Amahl und die nächtlichen Besucher(German) see 'Amahl and the Night Visitors'
amaigrissant (m.), amaigrissante (f.)(French) slimming (regime)
amainar(Spanish) to ease up (rain), to ease off (rain), to abate (storm, wind), to die down (wind), to drop (wind)
à mains(French) with two hands
A major
key of A majorthe key of 'A major'
scale of A major
the scale of 'A major'
amal.abbreviation of 'amalgamated'
a mala hora(Spanish) at an unearthly hour
a mal Cristo mucha sangre(Spanish) the sensational always covers up bad workmanship
Amalgam(English, German n.) amalgam
Amalgama(Spanish f.) amalgam
amalgamar(Spanish) to amalgamate
amalgamarsi(Italian) to amalgamate
Amalgamationthe synthesis of sound events into an inter-parametric unit where parameters act together, the opposite of dissolution
Amalgame(French m.) combination
amalgamer(French) to combine, to amalgamate
amalgamieren(German) to amalgamate
Amalien-Bibliothek, Die(German f., literally 'library of Amalia') the Leipzig library named for Prinzessin Anna Amalia von Preußen (1723-1787) famous for its historical material associated with the Bach family and with the German writer Goethe
a malincuore(Italian) unwillingly
am allerbesten(German) best of all
am allergrößten sein(German) to be the largest of all, to be the biggest of all
am allerliebsten(German) more than anything else
[entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
am allerliebsten haben(German) like best of all
am allermeisten(German) most of all
am allerschlimmsten(German) at the very worst
am allerwenigsten(German) least of all
am allerwichtigsten(German) most important of all
a mal paso darle prisa(Spanish) let's get it over with
a mal que no tiene remedio ponerle buena cara(Spanish) no use crying over spilt milk
am ältesten(German) oldest, eldest
a mal tiempo buena cara(Spanish) no use crying over spilt milk, one has to overcome adversity, one may as well look on the bright side, face adversity with courage, smile in the face of adversity
a mal vivir mal morir(Spanish) live by the sword die by the sword
amamantar(Spanish) to breastfeed, to suckle
am Amtsort ansässig sein(German) to be in residence
a manadas(Spanish) in herds, in flocks
amañar(Spanish) to arrange, to rig (familiar: election), to fiddle (election, expenses), to fix (election, hair), to tamper with (documents, evidence), to alter (information), to doctor (pejorative: results), to dream up (excuses, story), to cook up (excuses, story), to concoct (story)
amañarse(Spanish - Latin America) to settle in, to get used to
Amancay(Spanish m. - Latin America) lily
amancebarse(Spanish) to live together
Amanacer(Spanish m.) dawn, daybreak
amanacer(Spanish) to dawn, to wake up (person)
amanacer al(Spanish) at dawn, at daybreak
amañar(Spanish) to arrange
à manche longue(French) long-sleeved
am anderen Ende(German) at the further end
am anderen Ende des Ladens(German) at the other end of the shop
am anderen Ende des Raumes(German) at the other end of the room, at the further end of the room
am anderen Tag(German) next day
these days am anderen Tag would be considered dated
[comment courtesy of Michael Zapf]
Amanéoriginated in Ionia and famous in Smyrna, this popular music genre includes an instrumental introduction, two lines sung with long melismas on the word aman, and a faster instrumental refrain. This vocal form was practiced in the Café-aman, a type of musical café which quickly spread in Eastern Mediterranean towns, including Athens and Piraeus, Larissa, and Thessalonika in mainland Greece. It is one of the forerunners of rebétika
amanecía cuando partieron(Spanish) dawn was breaking when they left
amanecí con un horrible dolor de espalda(Spanish) I woke up with a terrible backache
amanecieron bailando(Spanish) they were still dancing at dawn
amaneció con fiebre(Spanish) he woke up with a temperature
amaneció nublado(Spanish) it was cloudy first thing in the morning
a manera de(Spanish) by way of, like, as, in the manner of, after the fashion of
a manera de cono(Spanish) conically
amanerado (m.), amanerada (f.)(Spanish) affected, mannered (also familiar), effeminate (US), camp (familiar)
Amaneramiento(Spanish m.) affectation
amanerarse(Spanish) to become affected
Amanes (s.), Amanedhes (pl.)vocal improvisations part of a late Ottoman musical tradition, that became one of the early twentieth-century Café-aman musical styles. One particular commentator has called them "a cry of bitterness that rose from their innermost being and spelled, to singer and audience, the Orient they had been forced to abandon", a reference to the uprooting of populations that followed the Turko-Greek War of 1920-1922. However, the privation and resentment experienced before and during the Second World War saw itself expressed more effectively in the Piraeus rebetika, with their generally unsentimental lyrics, their strident combination of bouzouki and baglama, and their male dances, which seemed more suited to represent the public mood of suppressed anger than the nostalgic Asia Minor amanedhes
Amanezca(Spanish - Mexico) dawn
am Anfang(German) at the beginning, in the beginning, at first, early, at the outset, to start with, in the early stages
am Anfang anfangen(German) to begin at the beginning
am Anfang der Liste(German) at the head of the list, top of the list
am Anfang der Straße(German) at the top of the street
am Anfang der Woche(German) at the beginning of the week
am Anfang der Zeit(German) at the beginning of time
am Anfang des Buches(German) at the beginning of the book
am Anfang des Jahres(German) at the beginning of the year
am Anfang des Monats(German) at the beginning of the month
am Anfang des Winters(German) at the beginning of winter
am Anfang dieses Jahrhunderts(German) at the beginning of this century
am Anfang seiner Rede(German) at the beginning of his speech
am Anfang von(German) early in
am Anfang (von ...) stehen(German) to start out (on ...)
am angeführten Ort (a.a.O.)(German) at the place already cited, loc. cit. (Latin abbrev.), loco citato (Latin)
am angegebenen Ort (a.a.O.)(German) loco citato (Latin), loc. cit. (Latin abbrev.)
am angegebenen Tag(German) on the specified date
am angenehmsten(German) pleasantest, most pleasantly, most pleasant
am angesetzten Ort(German) at the appointed place
Amaño(Spanish m.) scheme, crafty trick (prejorative), fiddle (pejorative: fraudulantly rig election, etc.)
a mano(Spanish) at hand, within reach, by hand, manually, at hand, at close hand, near at hand, on hand, to hand
a mano abierta(Spanish) open-handedly, generously, unstintingly
a mano airada(Spanish) violently, by violence
a mano alzada(Spanish) by a show of hands, by show of hands
a mano armada(Spanish) insistently
a mano derecha(Spanish) on the right-hand side, on the right
a mano izquierda(Spanish) on the left-hand side, on the left
Amanojá(Spanish - Panama) a popular style of Panamanian cumbia
a mano salva(Spanish) without danger, without running any risk
a manos de(Spanish) under the hands of
a manos de la ley(Spanish) in the hands of the law
a manos llenas(Spanish) by the handful, fully, generously, liberally, with full hands, in handfuls, generously
Amansador(Spanish m.) tamer
a mansalva(Spanish) without taking risk, with certainty, without risk
Amansamiento(Spanish m.) taming
amansar(Spanish) to tame (wild animal), to calm (figurative), to break in (a horse), to soothe (figurative)
amansarse(Spanish) to calm down, to become tame (wild animal), to quieten down
Amant(French m.) lover
a manta(Spanish) plentifully, in great quantities, by flooding
a manta de Dios(Spanish) plentifully, in great quantities, cats and dogs (rain)
Amante(Italian m./f., Spanish m./f., French f.) lover (also lover of opera, theatre, etc.), mistress (female)
amante(Spanish) fond
Amante attitré(French f.) an official lover, one who meets the expenses of a lady of easy virtue (for example, by providing an apartment, living expenses including an allowance for clothes, servants, etc.)
Amante de coeur(French f.) a chosen lover, one who is taken in addition to an official lover, usually, although not necessarily, without the official lover's knowledge
Amante de la música(Spanish f.) music lover
Amante de la ópera(Spanish f.) opera lover
Amante della musica(Italian f.) music lover
amante della musica(Italian) music-loving
Amanuensis (s.), Amanuenses (pl.)(Latin) someone who takes dictation (text, music, etc.) or who makes fair copies of a rough draft
Amapola(Spanish f.) poppy
Am Apparat.(German) Speaking. (on the phone)
am Apparat bleiben(German) to hold the line, to hang on (on the telephone)
am Äquator(German) at the equator
amar(Spanish) to love, to be fond of (sport, music, etc.)
Amara(German pl.) bitters (added to drinks)
Amaraje(Spanish m.) landing on the sea, splash-down (astronaut)
amaramente(Italian) amarevole (Italian), bitterly, in bitterer Weise (German), amèrement (French)
amarar(Spanish) to land on the sea, to splash down (astronaut)
am Arbeitsplatz geschultfactory-trained
a marchas forzadas(Spanish) against the clock
amare(Italian) to love, to be fond of (sport, music, etc.)
amareggiato(Italian), embittered, verbittert (German), erbittert (German), aigri (French)
a mares(Spanish) by the bucketful, copiously, without limitation, profusely
amarevole(Italian) amaramente (Italian), bitterness, sadness, grief, afflication, bitterly, mournfully, sadly, with bitterness, in bitterer Weise (German), amèrement (French)
Amarezza(Italian f.) bitterness, sadness, grief, afflication
Amargpoetry sung by women from the Atlas region of Morocco
poetry sung by Chleuhs, wandering minstrels
Amarga(Spanish f.) bitter
(Spanish f. - Colombia) beer
Amargado (m.), Amargada (f.)(Spanish) bitter person
amargado (m.), amargada (f.)(Spanish) embittered, bitter, fed up, annoyed
amargar(Spanish) to make bitter, to sour (figurative: relationship), to embitter (figurative: person), to spoil (occasion, day), to make ... bitter (person)
amargarse(Spanish) to get bitter
Amargo(Spanish m.) bitterness
amargo (m.), amarga (f.)(Spanish) bitter, unpleasant, sour
Amargura(Spanish f.) bitterness
amariconado(Spanish) effeminate
amarillear(Spanish) to go yellow
amarillento (m.), amarillenta (f.)(Spanish) yellowish, sallow (complexion)
Amarillez(Spanish f.) yellow, paleness (of a person)
Amarillismo(Spanish m.) sensationalism (pejorative)
Amarillo(Spanish m.) yellow
amarillo (m.), amarilla (f.)(Spanish) yellow, jaundiced
amarilloso (m.), amarillosa (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) yellowish
amarissimamente(Italian) very bitterly, with great anguish
amarissimo(Italian) very bitterly, with great anguish
am ärmsten(German) poorest
Amaro(Italian m.) grief, bitterness, anguish, affliction, Bitterkeit (German f.), amertune (French f.), amarga (Spanish)
amaro(Italian) bitter, sharp, painful, hard, bitter (German, English) amer (French m.), amère (French f.), amargo (Spanish)
Amarra(Spanish f.) mooring rope
amarra bien la tienda de campaña, que esta noche va a hacer viento(Spanish) secure the tent well, as tonight it's going to be very windy
Amarradero(Spanish m.) bollard, mooring ring, berth, slip (US)
amarrado (m.), amarrada (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) mean, stingy (colloquial), tightfisted (colloquial)
amarrar(Spanish) to moor, to tie, to tie up, to do up, to study hard (familiar), to swot (familiar)
amarrar ... a ...(Spanish) to tie ... to ...
Amarras(Spanish influence (figurative, familiar), moorings
Amarre(Spanish m.) mooring (action, place)
Amarre de los barcos(Spanish m.) mooring the boats
Amarrete (m.), Amarreta (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) scrooge (colloquial), skinflint (colloquial)
amarrete (m.), amarreta (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) mean, stingy (colloquial), tightfisted (colloquial)
amarse(Spanish) to love each other
amartillar(Spanish) to cock (fintlock, pistol)
a martillazos(Spanish) by hammering
Amaryllisa rustic sweetheart, from a shepherdess in the pastorals of Theocritus and Virgil
Amas(French m.) heap, pile
a más andar(Spanish) at full speed
amasar(Spanish) to concoct, to cook up (familiar), to knead (bread), to mix, to amass (fortune)
a más de(Spanish) in addition to, along with, besides
Amashakoin Burundian drumming, the drum that keeps a steady beat while the inkiranya drum plays more complex rhythms
a más honor más dolor(Spanish) the more danger the more honor
Amasijo(Spanish m.) dough, kneading, hotchpotch (figurative), jumble (familiar)
a más no poder(Spanish) to the utmost, all-out, for all one's worth, to the limits of one's endurance, to the limits of one's power, with might and main
a más tardar(Spanish) at the latest, at the longest, at the very latest, on or before
a más tardar a(Spanish) on or before, not later than
a más tirar(Spanish) at the most
a más y mejor(Spanish) a great deal, a lot
amat.abbreviation of 'amateur'
a mata caballo(Spanish) at full gallop, at breakneck speed
a matacaballo(Spanish) at full gallop, at breakneck speed
Amate(Spanish m. - Mexico) fig tree
Amateur (m.), Amateurin (German f.)(English, German, Spanish m./f., from French) amateur, dabbler
Amateur, Amatrice (French f.), Amateurs (English pl., Spanish pl.)(English, French, Spanish m./f.) a person who pursues some interest for the love of it rather than to profit from it. The term is now widely applied to mean someone less proficient than a professional although, historically, many 'amateurs', often people of independent means, established rich areas of study that professionals had, until then, ignored
amateur(Spanish) of or pertaining to the amateur
Amateur-(German) amateur (prefix)
Amateurboxen(German n.) amateur boxing
Amateur de musique(French m.) music lover
Amateurisme(French m.) amateurism
Amateurfilm(German m.) home movie
Amateurfunk(German m.) amateur radio, ham radio (colloquial)
Amateurfunker (m.), Amateurfunkerin (f.)(German) radio ham (colloquial), amateur radio operator
Amateurfunklizenz(German f.) amateur radio licence
Amateurfußballer(German m.) amateur footballer
amateurhaft(German) dilettantish, amateurishly, amateurish, dilettante
Amateurmeisterschaft(German f.) amateur championship
Amateurschauspieler (m.), Amateurschauspielerin (f.)(German) amateur actor, amateur actress (f.)
Amateurtheater(German n.) amateur theatre
Amateurtheateraufführungen(German pl.) theatricals
Amatia family of stringed instrument makers who worked in Cremona between 1550 and 1700. Andrea Amati (c.1505-c.1580) brought the violin to its present form. Andrea's sons Antonio (c. 1538-95) and Girolamo (1561-1630) were also fine makers. Nicolò Amati (1596-1684), son of Girolamo, taught both Andrea Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari
Amatista(Spanish f.) amethyst
Amato (m.), Amata (f.)(Italian) beloved (the one who is loved)
amato (m.), amata (f.)(Italian) loved
amatorio (m.), amatoria (f.)(Spanish) love
am aufrichtigsten(German) sincerest
Amaurose(German f.) amaurosis
Amaurosisany form of blindness that is accompanied to no obvious change to the eye; often the result of disease of the optic nerve
amaurotisch(German) amaurotic
am Ausbrüten(German) hatching
am äußersten Ende(German) at the very end
am äußersten Ende(German) at the extreme end, at the very end
am Ausgabetag(German) on the date of issue
am Ausgang der Bucht(German) at the outlet of the bay
a máxima velocidad(German) at top speed, at the top of one's speed
a mayor abundamiento(German) furthermore, moreover, all the more
Amazighmusic performed by the Berbers of Northwestern Africa
Amazing Gracea hymn written at the end of the eighteenth century by John Newton (1725-1807), who had commanded an English slave ship. It was followed his becoming deeply involved with religious activities and describes his feeling of redemption and salvation
Amazonmythical female warrior of an ancient nation or a society dominated by women, at the edges of Scythia in Sarmatia (Herodotus). The histories and legends in Greek mythology appear to have a factual basis in warrior women among the Sarmatians
Amazona(Spanish f.) Amazon, mannish women, horsewoman
Amazonas(German m.) Amazon (river)
el (rio) Amazonas (Spanish: the river Amazon
Amazonasbecken(German n.) Amazon Basin
Amazonasindianer(German pl.) Amazon Indians
Amazonastiefland(German n.) Amazonian lowlands
Amazonaswälder(German pl.) Amazonian forests, Amazon forests
Amazone(French) a riding-habit
(French f., German f.) Amazon
Amazone à cheval(French) a riding position designed particularly for women, which is called, in English, side-saddle
Amazonenstrom(German m.) River Amazon
Amazonian china beardless chin
amazónico (m.), amazónica (f.)(Spanish) Amazonian, Amazon
Amazonie(French f.) Amazonia
Amazonien(German n.) Amazonia
amazonisch(German) Amazonian
Ambages(Spanish circumlocutions
am Bahnhof(German) at the station, at the railway station
am Bahnhofsausgang(German) at the station exit
am Ball bleiben(German) to keep trying (figurative)
am Bankschalter(German) across the counter
Ámbar(Spanish m.) amber (material, colour)
ambarino(Spanish) amber
Ambas-bey(Cameroon) street music that appeared in the 1920s and 1930s in the Bay of Ambas, close to Douala, played on the guitar and backed with bottles tapped with sticks or forks. Ambas-bey has mutated into assiko under Ghanian and Cuban influence
Ambascia(Italian f.) breathlessness, anxiety, distress, anguish (figurative)
Ambasciata(Italian f.) embassy, Botschaft (German f.), ambassade (French f.), embajada (Spanish)
Ambasciatore (m.), Ambasciatrice (f.)(Italian) ambassador (m.), ambassadress (f.), Botschafter (German m.), Botschafterin (German f.), ambassadeur (French m.), ambassadeuse (French f.), embajador (Spanish m.), embajadora (Spanish f.)
Ambassade(German f., archaic) embassy
Ambassadeur(German m., archaic) ambassador
ambedue(Italian) tutti e due (Italian), entrambi (Italian), nello stesso tempo (Italian), both, beide (German), tous les deux (French), toutes les deux (French), à la fois (French), ambos (Spanish), los dos (Spanish), al mismo tiempo (Spanish), a la vez (Spanish)
am behutsamsten(German) most cautious, cautiously
am Bein angeschossen sein(German) to be shot in the leg
am Bein verwundet sein(German) to be wounded in the leg
am Beispiel von(German) using the example of
am beliebtesten(German) best liked
Ambera hard, yellow, translucent fossil resin derived from extinct coniferous trees
amber(English, German) pertaining to amber (colour, textural quality, etc.)
am bereits festgelegten Tag(German) on the date already fixed
Amberes(Spanish) Antwerp
am beschwerlichsten(German) most burdensome
am besten(German) at best, best
am besten angezogen(German) best-dressed
am besten bekannt(German) best known
am besten besucht(German) best-attended
am besten davonkommen(German) to come off best
am besten erhalten(German) best-preserved
am besten geeignet(German) most qualified
am besten gekleidet(German) best-dressed
am besten sein(German) be best
am besten wegkommen(German) to have the best of it, to get the best of the bargain
am Bestimmungsort(German) at destination
am Bett(German) at the bedside
Ambiance(French f., German f.) ambience, atmosphere
Ambiance d'un morceau(French f.) mood
ambiant (m.), ambiante (f.)(French) surrounding
Ambición(Spanish) ambition, aspiration
ambicionaba ser el nuevo Cervantes(Spanish) his ambition was to become the new Cervantes
ambicionar(Spanish) to strive after, to aspire to, to have as an ambition
ambicionar set(Spanish) to have an ambition to be
Ambicioso (m.), Ambiciosa (f.)(Spanish) ambitious person
ambicioso (m.), ambiciosa (f.)(Spanish) ambitious, overambitious
ambidestro(Italian) ambidextrous
Ambidextrie(German f.) ambidexterity
Ambidextro (m.), Ambidextra (f.)(Spanish) ambidextrous person
ambidextro (m.), ambidextra (f.)(Spanish) ambidextrous
Ambidextrousequal facility with either hand (writing, painting, holding a snooker cue, etc.)
Ambiencethe reverberant quality of a sound space, for example, a room
loosely the term is equivalent to atmosphere or mood, but more specifically, ambience is the atmosphere or mood of a particular setting or location
Ambientación(Spanish f.) atmosphere (film, theatre production, novel), adjustment (of a person), setting (cinema, theatre)
ambientado (m.), ambientada (f.)(Spanish) lively (bar, nightclub, etc.)
Ambientador(Spanish m.) air freshener
ambientale(Italian) environmental, background (music)
ambientar(Spanish) to give an atmosphere to, to set (film or play set in a certain period or location), to give ... an atmosphere (celebration, bar), to liven up (bar, etc.)
la película estaba ambientada en la Edad Media (Spanish: the movie was set in the Middle Ages)
ambientare(Italian) to acclimatize, to set (a film, etc.)
ambientarse(Spanish) to adapt oneself, to adjust
ambientarsi(Italian) to get acclimatized
Ambiente(German n., Italian m., Spanish m.) atmosphere, ambience, environment, element (as in 'he is in his element')
[German entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
Ambiente de camaradería(Spanish m.) friendly atmosphere
Ambiente de fiesta(Spanish m.) festive atmosphere
Ambiente familiar(Spanish m.) home environment
Ambiente rural(Spanish m.) rural environment
Ambient housea mix between house music and ambient music is a music style that describes itself as dreamy, chill out and quiet music. Ambient house usually has no beats but can have an underlying rhythm
Ambient musicor 'ambient noise', sounds in the background arising from the environment or background music
a loosely defined musical genre that incorporates elements of a number of different styles, including jazz, electronic music, new age, rock and roll, modern classical music, reggae, traditional, world and even noise
the term ambient music was first coined by Brian Eno in the late 1970s (with an album of music titled Ambient 1: Music for Airports, released 1978) to refer to music that would envelop the listener without drawing attention to itself, that can be either "actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener"
Ambient-Musik(German f.) ambient music
Ambient noisesee 'ambient music'
ambig(German) ambiguous
ambig.abbreviation of 'ambiguous'
ambigu (m.), ambiguë (f.)(French) ambiguous
ambiguamente(Spanish) ambiguously
Ambigu comiquesee Théâtre de l'Ambigu-Comique
ambigue(German) ambiguous
Ambigüedad(Spanish f.) ambiguity
Ambiguità(Italian) ambiguity, shadiness (of a person)
Ambiguität(German f.) ambiguity
Ambiguïté(French f.) ambiguity
Ambiguityin Western cultural history ambiguity has been a pejorative term until the twentieth century. This bias against the presence of two or more meanings in any statement reflects the general bias of the civilization which traditionally from Classical Greek times has placed its faith in reason and an orderly universe - a civilization which, by extension, has operated on a tacit belief in the reliability of the reasoning process and its correspondence with external reality. Consequently men for centuries did not question the relationship between words and things, and were able to assume that no responsible statement could contradict any other, that if apparent contradictions emerged in speaking, clarity and coherence, hence truth, could be achieved by amplification. Ambiguity in this cultural context represented therefore a failure at truth, a failure in communication attributable either to excessive brevity, deliberate obscurity of phrasing, or to ineptitude
ambiguo (m.), ambigua (Spanish f.)(Italian, Spanish) ambiguous, shady (person), effeminate (person)
ambindend(German) tethering
Ambio(Madagascar) a pair of rounded resonant wooden sticks that are struck together
ambire a(Italian) to aspire to
Ambit(from the Latin ambitus) originally a term for the compass or pitch range of a mode or plainchant (to which the table below applies), although today the term is used also for the note range of any piece of music
narrow ambitustypically a sixth or lessthe ambitus in psalm tones is usually a fourth
normal ambitusabout an octavethe ambitus in the more melismatic graduals and alleluias is generally an octave or a ninth
wide ambitususually an eleventh or more
Ambitendencyambivalence, esp. when acted out; a tendency to contradictory behavior arising from conflicting impulses
Ambitendenz(German f.) ambitendency
ambitieux (m.), ambitieuse (f.)(French) ambitious
Ambition(English, German f.) a determination to succeed
ambitioniert(German) ambitious
ambitionierte Ziele(German pl.) ambitious goals
ambitionner de(French) to have as one's ambition to
ambitiös(German) ambitious
Ambito(Italian m.) ambit
Ámbito(Spanish m.) ambit, sphere, range, scope
Ámbito (de aplicación) de la ley(Spanish m.) scope of the law
Ámbito económico(Spanish m.) economic field
ambitransitiv(German) ambitransitive
Ambitransitivein linguistics, which can be used transitively or intransitively without requiring morphological change
Ambitus(Latin) a 'going round', a circuit, a revolution, an orbit, an extent
(Latin, German m.) ambit (extent), diapason
(Latin, German n.) gamut, compass or range of sounds (for example, the compass, range or gamut of the melodies found in Gregorian chant), the interval between deep (low) and acute (high) sounds
in the theory of church or ecclesiastical modes, the ambitus is what distinguishes a plagal from an authentic mode
in plainchant the ambitus is the range of a mode, such that the ambitus of a perfect mode extends to one octave, that of the a superfluous mode exceeds one octave and that of diminished mode is less than one octave
(sometimes anglicized to ambit) is mostly found in vocal and some instrumental scores from the Medieval/Renaissance period and it is a notational representation placed just before the clef in the modern multiple-staves system, indicating the note range for a given voice or the pitch range that a musical instrument must be capable of playing
see 'ambit'
ambivalent(German) ambivalent, ambivalently
Ambivalenz(German f.) ambivalence, ambivalency
Ambizione(Italian f.) ambition
ambizioso(Italian) ambitious
am Bleistift kauen(German) to chew one's pencil
am blindesten(German) blindest
Ambo(Spanish m. - Central America) (two-piece) suit
Ambo (s.), Ambos (pl.)(German m., Greek origin, 'mountain', 'elevation') Ambon (German m.), in early Christian churches, a special platform or reading-desk on the steps of which the gradual was sung
am Boden(German) at ground level, on the bottom, on the ground, underfoot, at grassroots level, gutted (colloquial)
am Boden liegend(German) prostrated
am Boden von(German) at the bottom of
am Boden zerstören(German) to raze, to dash to the ground
am Boden zerstört(German) devastated
am Boden zerstört sein(German) to be shattered (figurative)
am Boden (zerstört) sein(German) to hit rock bottom
Ambon(German m.) ambo
Ambonesalternative plural of ambo
ambos (m.), ambas (f.)(Spanish) both
ambos a dos(Spanish) both of them
ambos aceptaron la propuesta(Spanish) they both accepted the proposal
ambos aprobaron el examen(Spanish) they both passed the exam
ambos me gustan(Spanish) I like them both, I liked both of them
Amboss (s.), Ambosse (pl.)(German m.) anvil, incus (Latin), smithy, incudine (Italian), enclume (French), yunque (Spanish)
Amboß(German m., old form) anvil, incudine (Italian), enclume (French), yunque (Spanish)
Ambra(German f.) amber
Ambree, Marysee 'Mary Ambree'
Ambros, August Wilhelm
Austrian writer on music who was one the the earliest 19th century commentators to recognize the quality of the music of the Renaissance. He authored a three volume History of Music which was published in Leipzig (1862-8) - a further two volumes were issued posthumously in 1878 and 1882
Ambrosebishop of Milan from 374, the saint (c.340-397) was noted for his organisation of church music
see 'Ambrosian chant', 'Ambrosian hymn', 'Ambrisian rite'
Ambrosia(English, German f., from Greek) food of the gods, any delicious comestible
Ambrosía(Spanish f.) ambrosia
Ambrosian chantor Milanese chant, canto ambrosiano (Italian, Spanish), canto milanese (Italian), Ambrosianische Gesang (German), chant ambrosien (French)
purely diatonic series of sacred melodies or chants collected and introduced into the Catholic Church by St. Ambrose (c. 339-397). Of the medieval chants apart from Gregorian chant, Ambrosian chant alone survived to the present day, preserved in Milan due to the musical reputation and ecclesiastical authority of St. Ambrose
Ambrosian hymnor Ambrosianisher Lobgesang, the Te Deum laudamus, although there is no evidence that St. Ambrose was the hymn's author. Indeed, hymns written by St. Ambrose that have been authenticated number fewer than twenty of the 120 or so that were previous ascribed to this author
ambrosianisch(German) Ambrosian
ambrosianische Liturgie(German f.) Ambrosian Liturgy
ambrosianischer Choral(German m.) Ambrosian chant
ambrosianischer Gesang (s.), ambrosianische Gesänge (pl.)(German m.) Ambrosian chant
ambrosianischer Lobgesangsee 'Ambrosian hymn'
Ambrosian modesa term applied occasionally to the four authentic church or ecclesiastical modes, although with no clear historical justification
Ambrosian Ritealso sometimes called the Milanese Rite, is named after Saint Ambrose, bishop of Milan (333-397). It is a Catholic liturgical rite practised among Catholics in the greater part of the Archdiocese of Milan (excluding notably the city of Monza, and a few other towns), and neighbouring area, including some five million Catholics in Lombardy, Italy and in about fifty parishes of the Diocese of Lugano, in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland
ambrosisch(German) ambrosial, sublimely delicious
Ambrosius(German) Ambrose
Ambry(from amarium (Latin: cupboard, chest)) a cupboard, wall press or locker, which, in a church, is used to keep books, vestments, sacramental plate, and the like
Ambubaiesee Ambubaje
Ambubaje(Greek) or Ambubaie, the name of a society of strolling flute-players at the time of the ancient Greeks. Ambubaje feature in the tragic opera Nerone by Arrigo Boito (1842-1918)
am Bug(German) at the bow, at the prow, on the bow
Ambulancia(Spanish f.) ambulance, field hospital
Ambulanciero (m.), Ambulanciera (f.)(Spanish) ambulance man (m.), ambulance woman (f.)
los ambulancieros (Spanish: the ambulance crew)
Ambulant (m.), Ambulante (f.)(French) an itinerant musician
ambulant(German) ambulatory, ambulant, outpatient
ambulant (m.), ambulante (f.)(French) wandering, itinerant, travelling
ambulant behandelt werden(German) to get outpatient treatment
ambulant behandelter Patient (m.), ambulant behandelte Patientin (f.)(German) outpatient
Ambulante(Italian, Spanish) an itinerant musician
ambulante(Italian, Spanish) wandering, itinerant, travelling, mobile (library)
ambulante Behandlung(German f.) outpatient treatment
ambulante Händler(German pl.) travelling salemen
ambulante Krankenpflegerin(German f.) home nurse (female) (visits patients in their home)
ambulante Patientin(German f.) outpatient (female)
ambulanter Handel(German m.) hawking, peddling
ambulanter Händler(German m.) chapman (archaic), pedlar (one who sells door to door)
ambulanter Patient(German m.) outpatient
Ambulanz(German f.) outpatients' department, outpatient clinic, ambulance, casualty department (casualty dept.)
Ambulanzdienst(German m.) ambulance service
Ambulanzfahrer(German m.) ambulance driver
Ambulatorio(Spanish m.) outpatient clinic, outpatient's department (in a hospital)
ambulatorio (m.), ambulatoria (f.)(Spanish) outpatient (services, clinic)
Ambulatorium(German n.) outpatient clinic, outpatient's department (in a hospital)
Ambulatorya semi-circular or polygonal aisle enclosing an apse or a straight ended sanctuary
AMCabbreviation of 'American Music Center'
amd.abbreviation of 'amend'
am Dachboden aufräumen(German) to clear up in the attic
am darauffolgenden Tag(German) one day later
am Daumen lutschen(German) to suck one's thumb
am deutlichsten(German) plainest
A.M.D.G.acronym of ad majorem Dei gloriam (Latin: to the greater glory of God), the motto of the Jesuit order
am dichtesten besiedelt(German) most densely populated
am dichtesten bevölkert(German) most densely populated
am diesseitigen Rand(German) on this edge of
am Dösen sein(German) to be snoozing
am dringendsten(German) most urgently
am drolligsten(German) drollest (funniest)
am Drücker sitzen(German) to be in a key position (figurative)
amdtabbreviation of 'amendment'
am dümmsten(German) most stupidly, stupidest, most stupid, silliest
am dunkelsten(German) darkest
am dünnsten(German) slimmest
am düstersten(German) sombrest, most sombre
Âme(French f., literally 'the soul') the sound post of a stringed instrument, anima (Italian f.), Stimmstock (German m.), alma (Spanish f.)
Ameba(Spanish f.) amoeba
a mecate corto(Spanish) on short leash
Âme damnée(French f.) one so entirely devoted to another that he, or she, has no moral scruples in how this devotion manifests itself
Âme d'élite(French f.) a soul specially marked out for spiritual favours
a media asta(Spanish) at half-mast
a media cuesta(Spanish) halfway up
a mediados(Spanish) in the middle, about the middle, around the middle
a mediados de(Spanish) around the middle of, halfway through, in mid, in the middle of
a mediados de la semana(Spanish) midweekly
a mediados de los(Spanish) in the mid, in the mid-
a mediados de los noventa(Spanish) in the mid nineties
a mediados del año(Spanish) midyear
a media luz(Spanish) in a half light
a medianoche(Spanish) at midnight
a media paga(Spanish) half-pay
a media palabra(Spanish) at the least word, at the least hint
a medias(Spanish) halfway, betwixt and between, by halves, half-way, partially, half-and-half, fifty-fifty
a medias cachas(Spanish) under the influence, slightly drunk, tipsy, crocked, feeling no pain, full of Dutch courage, merry, in one's cups
a media semana(Spanish) midweek
a media tinta(Spanish) halftone
a media vista(Spanish) at a glance, at half a glance
a media voz(Spanish) under one's breath, in a low voice, low, softly, sotto voce (Italian)
a medida(Spanish) custom-made, tailor-made, tailored
a medida que(Spanish) as, according as, in proportion as, in the measure that, in the same proportion as
a medida que el tiempo pasa(Spanish) with time
a medida que el tiempo pase(Spanish) with time, in time
a medida que eso va a(Spanish) as it goes to
a medida que más(Spanish) as more
a medida que más y más(Spanish) as more and more
a medida que pasa el tiempo(Spanish) as time goes by, as time passes, with time
a medida que pase el tiempo(Spanish) with time, in time
a medida que sea necesaria la información(Spanish) on a need-to-know basis
a medida que transcurra el tiempo(Spanish) with time, in time
a medida que transcurre el tiempo(Spanish) with time
a medida que uno va a(Spanish) as you go to
a medio abrir(Spanish) half-open, half-opened
a medio armar(Spanish) at half cock
a medio asar(Spanish) not too rare (meat)
a medio camino(Spanish) half-way down the road, half-way, half-way down the way, halfway, midway
a medio camino de(Spanish) half way through
a medio cerrar(Spanish) half-closed
a medio cocer(Spanish) half-done, rare (meat)
a medio cuerpo(Spanish) up to the waist
a mediodía(Spanish) at noon, at midday, at midnoon, at the middle of the day
a medio entrenar(Spanish) half-trained
a medio fumar(Spanish) half-smoked
a medio ganchete(Spanish) half-done
a medio hacer(Spanish) half-done
a medio llenar(Spanish) half-full, half empty, half-filled
a medio mogate(Spanish) half-done, carelessly
a medio palo(Spanish) half way through
a medio plazo(Spanish) medium-term
a medios pelos(Spanish) slightly drunk, lit-up, tipsy, crocked, merry
a medio sueldo(Spanish) half-pay
amedrentar(Spanish) to frighten, to scare, to intimidate, to alarm
amedrentarse(Spanish) to be frightened, to be scared, to be intimidated
am effektivsten(German) most effectively, most effective
am ehesten(German) most likely, soonest
am eigenen Arbeitsplatz(German) at one's place of work
am eigenen Leibe(German) at first hand (experience)
am eigenen Platz(German) at one's post
Âme incomprise(French f.) one whose spiritual or intellectual ambitions are misunderstood or denigrated by his colleagues
am einfachsten(German) simplest
am Eingang(German) at the entrance
Ameise (s), Ameisen (pl.)(German f.) ant
ameisenartig(German) antlike
Ameisenbär(German m.) anteater, ant-eater
Ameisenbau(German m.) anthill
ameisenhaft(German) ant-like, antlike, beaver-like
Ameisenhaufen(German m.) anthill
Ameisenhügel(German m.) anthill
Ameisenkolonie(German f.) ant colony
Ameisenkönigin(German f.) queen ant
Ameisensäure(German f.) formic acid
Ameisenstaat(German m.) community of ants
Ameisenstraße(German f.) column of ants
am elegantesten(German) smuggest, smartest
Ameliaa congenital abnormality characterized by the absence of one or more limbs
Amelie(German f.) amelia
Amelioration(English, German f.) making or becoming better
a semantic change in which a word gains increasingly favourable connotation
Amélioration(French f.) improvement
ameliorieren(German) to ameliorate
am Ellbogen(German) at one's elbow
am empfindlichsten(German) tenderest
Amen(English, German n. from Hebrew, literally 'so be it') the concluding word in a prayer of the many Christian rites. When set to music in a lengthy oratorio, the amen may be a chorus of considerable duration in which the word is repeated again and again, often of a fugal nature, which has led to the two terms Amen-chorus and Amen-fugue
Amén(Spanish m.) amen (closing word at the end of a prayer)
Aménagement(French) fitting out, conversion, fitting up, adjustment
aménager(French) to fit out, to convert, to fit up
Amenaza(Spanish f.) threat
Amenaza de bomba(Spanish f.) bomb threat
Amenaza de muerte(Spanish f.) death threat
amenazador (m.), amenazadora (f.)(Spanish) threatening, menacing
amenaza lluvia(Spanish) it's threatening to rain
amenazante(Spanish) threatening, menacing
amenazar(Spanish) to threaten
amenazar con hacer ...(Spanish) to threaten to do ... (something)
amenaza tormenta(Spanish) there's a storm brewing
Amen Break(German m.) amen break
Amen breakone of the most frequently used sampled drum loops in jungle and drum and bass music. It consists of 16 beats of the drum break lifted from the song Amen, My Brother as performed by the 1960s funk/soul outfit The Winstons
Amen cadencesee 'plagal cadence'
Amen chorussee 'amen'
amend.abbreviation of 'amendment'
Amende(French f.) a fine
amén de(Spanish) as well as
am Ende(German) rearward, eventually, finally, at the end, at an end, after all, in the final stages, at the finish
am Ende aller Zeit(German) at the end of time
amén de buena persona(Spanish) as well as being a good person
am Ende deiner Kräfte(German) at the end of your tether
am Ende der Darbietung(German) at the end of the performance
am Ende der Einatmung(German) at the end of inspiration
am Ende der Liste(German) at the foot of the list
am Ende der Mahlzeit(German) at the end of the meal
am Ende der Reihe(German) at the ends of the line, at the end of the row
am Ende der Sitzung(German) at the close of the meeting, at the end of the meeting
am Ende der Straße(German) at the end of the street, at the end of the road, at the bottom of the road
am Ende der Verhandlung(German) at the end of the trial
am Ende der Vorlesung(German) at the end of the lecture
am Ende der Welt(German) in the middle of nowhere (colloquial), at the back of beyond, in the back of beyond
am Ende der zweiten Halbzeit(German) at the end of the second half
am Ende des Absatzes(German) at the end of the passage
am Ende des Arbeitstages(German) at the end of working hours
am Ende des Essens(German) at the end of the dinner
am Ende des Finanzjahres(German) at the end of the fiscal year
am Ende des Geschäftsjahrs(German) at the end of the trading year
am Ende des Jahres(German) at the end of the year, at the end of a year
am Ende des Konzerts(German) at the end of the concert
am Ende des Monats(German) at the end of the month
am Ende des Tages(German) at close of day, at the end of the day (figurative)
am Ende des Winters(German) at the end of the winter
am Ende des Wirtschaftsjahres(German) at the end of each trading year
am Ende des Zeitabschnitts(German) at the end of this period
am Ende dieses Satzes(German) at the end of this sentence
am Ende doch(German) after all
Amende honorable(French) a public apology for an insult or offence, which may or may not involve some form of reparation
am Ende meiner Weisheit(German) at my wits' end
Amendement(German n., French m.) amendment (of text)
amender(French) to improve, to amend (document, etc.)
am Ende sein(German) to be at an end, to reach the end of the line (figurative), to be finished, to be down and out, to run out of steam (figurative)
am Ende seiner Geduld(German) at the end of one's patience
am Ende seiner Kraft(German) at the end of one's tether
am Ende seiner Kraft sein(German) to be ruined (colloquial)
am Ende seiner Kräfte sein(German) to be ruined (colloquial)
am Ende von(German) at the tail of
amendieren(German) to amend
amendtabbreviation of 'amendment'
Amener(French m.) seventeenth-century triple-time dance, derived from the branle de Poitou à mener (for example, one movement in a balletto by the Italian-born composer Alessandro Poglietti (f.1641-1683))
amener(French) to bring, to bring about (to cause)
Amen fuguesee 'amen'
Amenidad(Spanish f.) pleasantness
amenità(Italian f.) pleasantness, pleasantry
amenizar(Spanish) to brighten up, to make ... more enjoyable (conversation, discussion)
ameno (m.), amena (f.)(Italian, Spanish) pleasant, entertaining, enjoyable, pleasing
Amenorrhoeathe absence of menstruation
Amenorrhö(German f.) amenorrhoea
Amenorrhoe(German f.) amenorrhoea
amenorrhoisch(German) amenorrhoeic
a menos burros más burros(Spanish) all the more for us, all the more for them
a menos de la par(Spanish) below par
a menos de que(Spanish) unless
a menos del costo(Spanish) below cost
a menos por supuesto que(Spanish) unless of course, except of course, except of course that, of course except, of course unless, save of course that, save that
a menos que(Spanish) at less than, less than, unless, save that, excepting that
a menos que se acuerde de otro modo(Spanish) unless otherwise agreed
Amensalisma symbiotic relationship between organisms in which one species is harmed or inhibited and the other species is unaffected
Amensalismus(German m.) amensalism
a menudo(Spanish) often, many times, usually, frequently, many a time, offtimes, oftentimes, oft
amenuiser, s'(French) to dwindle
amer (m.), amère (f.)(French) bitter
Amer.abbreviation of 'American'
a merced(Spanish) voluntarily
a merced de(Spanish) at the mercy of, depending on
a merced de él(Spanish) at his mercy
a merced de ella(Spanish) at her mercy
a merced de ellas(Spanish) at their mercy
a merced de ellos(Spanish) at their mercy
a merced de nosotros(Spanish) at our mercy
a merced de usted(Spanish) at your mercy
a merced de vosotros(Spanish) at their mercy
a mercedes(Spanish) voluntarily
a merced mía(Spanish) at my mercy
a merced nuestra(Spanish) at our mercy
a merced suya(Spanish) at your mercy
a merced tuya(Spanish) at your mercy
a merced vuestra(Spanish) at your mercy
Amercementa financial penalty inflicted at the mercy of the king or his justices, for various minor offences. The offender is said to be "in mercy" and the monies paid to the crown to settle the matter is called amercement
amèrement(French) amarevole (Italian), amaramente (Italian), bitterness, sadness, grief, afflication, mournfully, sadly, with bitterness, in bitterer Weise (German)
América(Spanish f.) America
América Centrale(Spanish f.) Central America
América del Norte(Spanish f.) North America
America del Sud(Italian f.) South America
América del Sur(Spanish f.) South America
Américain (m.), Américaine (f.)(French) American
américain (m.), américaine (f.)(French) American
América Latina(Spanish f., Portuguese f.) or Latinoamérica (Spanish), Latin America
América Meridional(Spanish f.) South America
Americana(Spanish f.) jacket
see 'alternative country'
Americanada(Spanish f.) something typically American (in a pejorative sense: for example, a typically American film)
American bass violearly in the nineteenth century, Protestant church music required a prominent bass line. The American composer William Billings (1746-1800), writer of hymns, anthems and psalms, preferred that half the singers in a choir be basses. To strengthen the bass, an instrument called the bass viol, (but known today as 'bass fiddle', 'bull fiddle', 'string bass', 'double bass' or just 'bass') was used. It was a member of the violin family, and not, as it name might suggest, of the viol family
American cabaretalso called 'classic cabaret', a form of Turkish belly dancing performed in the United States
American country dancingAmerican country dance includes 'southern mountain big circle dance' and 'Appalachian dance'
American dreama theme in American literature, film, and art that expresses optimistic desires for self-improvement, freedom, and self-sufficiency
American Englishthe English language as it developed in North America, especially in terms of its diction and the spelling and grammatical differences that distinguish it from British English
American Federation of Musiciansalso known by the acronym AFM, the largest union of professional musicians in the US and Canada
American fiddling
American fiddle styles vary from state to state, and even more regionally within states. Individuals differ in the ways they hold an instrument, the way they bow the fiddle, level of improvisation, and even the number of strings played (some fiddlers play only one string at a time while others play "double-stops," the playing of two strings at the same time):
Old Time fiddlingfor Americans, Old Time fiddling represents a nostalgic link with the country's past- a tradition rooted in the simple, honest, hardworking lives of the first rural farmers. British settlers began arriving in the uplands of the southeast in the mid 1700's, colonising the Blue Ridge mountain and Southern Appalachian states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. Whilst fiddlers would have existed among all the nation's settlers, it was in these isolated communities of the southeast that the tradition was best preserved
New England style fiddlingfiddling in New England has always been tied to dancing from its earliest beginnings in the 1600s. The lives of early settlers were hard, and music and dancing were a very welcome break from their labors, serving a valuable social function in the communities of New England. Our contradance comes from the French le contredanse a dance figure hundreds of years old, where a line of women faced a line of men and couples moved up or down the line in a continuous pattern of dancing to live music
Cajun fiddlingthe Cajuns are a French-speaking people who emigrated from France to Nova Scotia, only to be expelled by the British in 1755 for their Catholic faith and their refusal to swear allegiance to the Crown. Years of wandering and hardship lead many of them to the unpromising backwaters of Louisiana, where other French speakers already lived. The first instrument widely used by Cajuns was the fiddle; from Acadian times it provided accompaniment for dancing at Bals de maison (house parties). It was common for one fiddler to play the melody while another provided rhythmic accompaniment (called 'bassing' or 'seconding'). The fiddle style of this time was relatively delicate and complex, using many old French melodies
Texas style fiddlingthe fiddle music which came to be known as Texas-style, was brought to Texas by Anglo immigrants in the early nineteenth century. The tunes they played were those of their homeland, known as "jigs," "hornpipes," and "reels," and these terms are still used today. Settlers celebrated and preserved their heritage through music, but they also encountered Mexican songs, African American blues, and Czech and German polka. As these groups lived near one another, and played music with one another, they shared their cultural heritage with one another, and in the process formed a new culture
Western Swing fiddlingnever was there such an unlikely but gloriously rich musical hybrid as Western Swing. Combining the infectious swinging urban dance rhythms of 1930s and 1940s jazz with the "down home" sounds of rural Texas, a new and exciting style was created in which the fiddle played a challenging and pivotal role. If there is one name which personifies Western Swing, it is that of fiddler and bandleader Bob Wills.
Contest fiddlingfiddle contests have been held since fiddles first came to the New World. Record exists of a contest in the colony of Virginia in 1736. Fiddle contests traveled west with the pioneers and their music and were often incorporated into civic events or celebrations. By the late nineteenth century, fiddle contests became increasingly associated with Old Settlers Days and Confederate reunions. In the 1920's Henry Ford took steps to revive "old-time" fiddling by sponsoring fiddle contests across the country as qualifying rounds for the national championship held in Detroit. Contests were fierce competitions which inspired innovation and improvisation in fiddlers in order to win favor with the judges and audiences. Texas-style fiddle music rose directly out of this contest tradition
Bluegrass fiddlingone of the most exciting and challenging of styles that the fiddle player can attempt, requiring considerable technique and dedication. It is widely considered to have been the Creation of One Man- whether or not it took seven days is open to theological question! Bill Monroe (1911-96), a Kentucky mandolin player, took old-time Appalachian tunes and songs as his bedrock, added a touch of blues and gospel, and constructed a radical new sound quite different from anything heard before
American fingerstyle guitara style of fingerpicking. It includes elements of blues, ragtime, country, gospel, jazz, and many regional music traditions
American gripa technique used to hold drum sticks and mallets to play percussion instruments. This form of matched grip is a hybrid of the French grip and German grip. The palms of the hands typically are at about a 45-degree angle, and both the fingers and wrist are used to propel the stick. This grip is considered a general-purpose grip by percussionists because it combines the power of German grip with the finesse of French grip. It is used to play everything from snare drums to xylophones
American Guild of Organistsnon-sectarian organisation that supervises a system of professional examinations for academic, church and concert organists
American hip hop
American Indian musicsee 'Native American music'
Americanisman expression that is characteristic of the U.S.A. or one which first developed in America
Americanism, compositionalcompositional Americanism, the borrowing of native musical materials for concert music, begins with Anthony Philip Heinrich (1781-1861) and reaching its peak during the Depression era with Aaron Copland, Roy Harris, and William Schuman, among others. Aesthetic issues and historical contexts motivating the use of American folksong in art music include the influence of Gebrauchsmusik, Marxism and leftist politics among American artists, a growing scholarly interest in American folksong, the support of the Works Progress Administration and the rise of patriotic nationalism associated with World War II
Americanismo(Spanish m.) Americanism
Americanista(Spanish m./f.) Americanist
American mandolinesee 'mandolin, mandoline'
American musicsee 'Music of the United States', 'Native American music', and entries for the music of other parts of the continent of America
American Musicological Societyor AMS, founded in 1934 to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship
American Neo-Classic dancea twentieth-century dance style associated primarily with the choreographer George Balanchine (1904-1983) and the New York City Ballet
americano(Spanish) American
Americano (m.), Americana (f.)(Italian) American
americano (m.), americana (f.)(Italian) American
American organinvented in about 1860, an instrument very like a harmonium except that the reeds are smaller and the bellows, rather than driving, draw in or suck air through the apertures against which the reeds are placed. The individual reeds are sometimes placed in a separate tube or a very short pipe of soft wood
American percussive dancean unique confluence of cultural influences that have contributed to the development of various styles of percussive dance in North America, including 'English Waltz Clog' in wooden shoes, the African-American based 'hambone', Appalachian 'clogging' and 'tap dancing', which originated in a number of English, Irish, African and Native American sources, through the influence of vaudeville and the development of Jazz during Northern American industrialization
American primitive guitara subset of American fingerstyle guitar, which can be characterized by the use of folk music or folk-like material, driving alternating-bass fingerpicking with a good deal of repetitious ostinato patterns, and the use of alternative tunings (scordatura) such as 'open D' and 'drop D'
American Rhythmcategory of dances in American Style ballroom competitions, that includes 'cha-cha-cha', 'rumba', 'East Coast swing', 'bolero', 'mambo' and sometimes 'samba' and 'West Coast swing'. This category corresponds loosely to the 'Latin' category of International Style ballroom
American Smoothcategory of dances in American Style ballroom competitions that includes 'waltz', 'tango', 'foxtrot' and 'Viennese waltz' and formerly included 'Peabody'. This category corresponds loosely to the 'Standard' category of International Style ballroom
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishersalso known as ASCAP, a voluntary, US-based non-profit-making copyright collecting agency
American Styleterm describing the particular style of ballroom dances developed in the USA, as opposed to the 'International Style'
American Tribal Style Belly Dancesee 'Tribal Style Belly Dance'
American Waltzthe Boston Waltz, also known as American Waltz, was introduced to Boston, MA, in 1834 by dancing Master Lorenzo Papatino when Mrs. Otis Beacon Hill employed Papatino to give a dance presentation at her mansion. The Boston waned in popularity in the early 1900s
  • Boston from which this information has been taken
América Septentrional(Spanish f.) North America
America the BeautifulAmerican patriotic song to a poem by Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1929). The music most often associated with the poem was composed by church organist and choirmaster Samuel A. Ward (1847-1903)
Amerika(German n.) America
Amerikaner (m.s./pl.), Amerikanerin (f.s.), Amerikanerinnen ( n.) American
Amerikaner arabischer Herkunft(German pl.) Arab-Americans
Amerikaner asiatischer Herkunft(German m.) Asian American
Amerikaner englischer Abstammung(German m.) Anglo-American
Amerikaner japanischer Abstammung(German m.) American of Japanese parentage
Amerikaner japanischer Herkunft(German m.) American of Japanese parentage
Amerikaner lateinamerikanischer Herkunft(German m.) Latino
Amerikaner mexikanischer Abstammung (m.), Amerikanerin mexikanischer Abstammung (f.)(German) Chicano (m.), Chicana (f.)
Amerikaner mit japanischen Eltern(German m.) American of Japanese parentage
Amerikaner spanischer Abstammung(German m.) derogatory slang for a Hispanic person
amerikanisch(German) US, American
amerikanisch(German) American
amerikanisch-englisches Wort(German n.) Americanism
Amerikanisch-Samoa(German n.) American Samoa
amerikanische Abgeordnete(German f.) congresswoman
amerikanische Arbeiter(German pl.) American workers
amerikanische Arzneimittelzulassungsbehörde(German f.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
amerikanische Bedingungen(German pl.) American terms
amerikanische Bürgerrechtsvereinigung(German f.) American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Amerikanische Erklärung der Menschenrechte und -pflichten(German f.) American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man
Amerikanische Jungferninseln(German pl.) American Virgin Islands, United States Virgin Islands
amerikanische Landsleute(German pl.) fellow Americans
amerikanische Lebensart(German f.) American way of life
amerikanische Norm für Drahtquerschnitte(German f.) American Wire Gauge (AWG)
Amerikanische Platane(German f.) sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)
amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg(German m.) American Civil War, War between The States (1861-1865)
amerikanischer Doppelkontinent(German m.) the American continents, the Americas
Amerikanische Revolution(German f.) American Revolution (1775-1783)
amerikanischer Kongress(German m.) U.S. Congress
amerikanischer Sektor(German m.) American Sector (Europe/Berlin after WWII)
amerikanischer Soldat(German m.) GI
Amerikanischer Unabhängigkeitskrieg(German m.) American Revolutionary War, American War of Independence (1775-1783)
amerikanisches Englisch(German n.) American English
amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft(German f.) US citizenship
amerikanische Tonn(German f.) short ton (unit of weight: 907.18 kg)
Amerikanische Weißbirke(German f.) paper birch (Betula papyrifera)
Amerikanische Weißeiche(German f.) white oak (Quercus alba)
Amerikanische Zitterpappel(German f.) trembling aspen, American aspen, quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides)
Amerikanischer Bison(German m.) American bison (Bison bison)
amerikanisieren(German) to Americanise
Amerikanisierung(German f.) Americanisation
Amerikanismus(German m.) Americanism
Amerikanist (m.), Amerikanistin (f.)(German) Americanist
Amerikanistik(German f.) American studies
Amerikareise(German f.) trip to the USA, trip through the USA
Amerikatournee(German f.) US tour
Amerikawissenschaften(German pl.) American studies
Amerindian(Native) American Indian
Amerindio (m.), Amerindia (f.)(Spanish) (Native) American Indian, Amerindian
amerindio (m.), amerindia (f.)(Spanish) (Native) American Indian, Amerindian
Amérique(French f.) America
Amérique centrale(French f.) Central America
Amérique du Nord(French f.) North America
Amérique du Sud(French f.) South America
Amérique latine(French f.) Latin America
ameritado (m.), ameritada (f.)(Spanish - Latin America) meritorious (deserving of praise)
ameritar(Spanish - Latin America) to deserve
Amerizaje(Spanish m.) landing on the sea, splash-down (astronaut)
amerizar(Spanish m.) to land on the sea, to splash down (astronaut)
am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag(German) on Christmas Day
Amertume(French f.) bitterness
à merveille(French) wonderfully well
am Erwerb interessiert(German) acquisitive
a mesa puesta(Spanish) without trouble, without cost, without expense, without worries
AmeslanAmerican Sign Language, a language composed of hand-signs for the deaf
Âme soeur(French f.) soul mate
am Essen sparen(German) to stint on food
à mesure(French m.) measured, in strict time, misurato (Italian), a battuta (Italian), im Takt (German), im Zeitmaß (German)
amethysten(German) amethyst-coloured
amethystfarben(German) amethyst-coloured
Ametralladora(Spanish f.) machine-gun
ametrallar(Spanish) to machine-gun
Ametricwithout a time signature or lacking a regular sustained pulse (i.e. without meter), as in Gregorian chant
Ametric music
ametrisch(German) ametric (with no meter)
Ametropiaan eye abnormality, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, resulting from faulty refractive ability of the eye
Ametropie(German f.) ametropia
a ... metros de altura(Spanish) at an altitude of ... metres
Ameublement(French m.) furniture
ameuter(French) to draw a crowd of, to stir up
am Existenzminimum leben(German) to be on the breadline (figurative)
am Existenzminimum sein(German) to be on the breadline (figurative)
a mezza aria(Italian) half way between a recitative and an aria, i.e. a vocal piece which includes characteristics drawn from both forms
a mezza corda(Italian) in the middle of the string, auf der Mitte der Saite (German), auf halber Saite (German)
a mezza voce(Italian) subdued tone, the half the power of the voice, an expression than can be applied also to the tone of instruments as well as to the voice itself, mit halber Stimme (German), halblaut (German)
a mezzo arco(Italian) in the middle of the bow, in der Mitte des Bogens (German), mit halbem Bogen (German)
am falschen Ende anfangen(German) to begin at the wrong end
am falschen Fleck(German) in the wrong place
am falschen Ort anfangen(German) to begin on the wrong tack
am falschen Ort sein(German) to be in the wrong place
am falschen Platz(German) out of position
am feinsten(German) finest
am Fenster(German) at the window
am fernen Ende(German) at the far end
am ferneren Ende(German) at the farther end
am festgesetzten Tag(German) on the appointed day
Amfiparnaso, L'madrigal-comedy premiered in Modena, comprising a prologue and 13 scenes, by the Italian composer Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605). A quasi-dramatic work for five voices, it was not intended to be staged but many consider it to be one of the earliest examples of 'opera'
am Firmament(German) in the sky
am Fließband arbeiten(German) to work on the assembly line
am Fließband herstellen(German) to churn out
am Fluss(German) along a river, by the side of the river, beside the river, by the river, by the riverside
am Fluss gelegen(German) situated on the river
am Flussufer(German) on the riverbank, on the bank of the river
am formschönsten(German) shapeliest
am fraglichen Ort(German) at the place in question
am frechsten(German) sauciest
am frohesten(German) gladdest
am Frosch(German, literally 'at the frog') using that part of the bow near (to) the heel or frog, al tallone (Italian), au talon (French), à la hausse (French)
am frühen Abend(German) by early evening
am frühen Nachmittag(German) early in the afternoon
am frühen Sonntagmorgen(German m.) early Sunday morning
am frühestmöglichen Tag(German) the earliest possible day
am Frühstückstisch(German) at the breakfast table, for breakfast
am Fuß der Seite(German) below
am Fuß von(German) at the foot of
am Fuße des(German) at the bottom of
am Fuße des Hügels(German) at the foot of a hill
am Fuße von(German) at the foot of
amgabbreviation of 'among'
am ganzen Körper(German) all over the body
am ganzen Leibe zittern(German) to be all of a tremble
am ganzen Markt(German) throughout the market
am Gedeihen hindern(German) to blight
am geeignetsten(German) most suitable, most suitably
am gemütlichsten(German) snuggest
am geräumigsten(German) roomiest
am Gewinn beteiligend(German) profit-sharing
am Gewinn beteiligt sein(German) to have a share in the profits
am glänzendsten(German) silkiest
am gleichen Ort(German) in the same locality
am gleichen Strang ziehen(German) to pull together, to act in concert
am gleichen Tag(German) same-day, on the same day
am glücklichsten(German) happiest
am Gottesdienst teilnehmen(German) to attend divine service
am Grabe(German) at the graveside, at the grave
am Griffbrett(German, literally 'at the fingerboard') to bow over the fingerboard rather than between fingerboard and bridge. A similar direction appears also in some music for the guitar requiring that the player strum or pluck the strings at a point over the fingerboard
[entry corrected by Michael Zapf]
am größten(German) greatest, tallest, largest, biggest
am günstigsten(German) most convenient
am Halse haben(German) to be burdened with, to have on one's back
am Hang(German) at the slope
am Hang gelegen(German) hillside
Amhara(German n., pl.) a region in the central highlands of Ethiopia, ethnic group that inhabits the central highlands of Ethiopia (plural form)
Amharisch(German n.) Amhara (language)
amharisch(German) Amharic
am härtesten(German) hardest
am häufigsten(German) most frequent, most often
am häufigsten angewandt(German) most frequently applied
am häufigsten gebraucht(German) most commonly used
am häufigsten vorkommend(German) commonest
am heftigsten(German) at its most fierce
am hellen Tag(German) in broad daylight
am hellichten Tag(German, archaic) in broad daylight
am helllichten Tag(German) in broad daylight
am hellsten(German) brightest
am Herzen(German) at heart
am Herzen liegen(German) to lie at the heart
am heutigen Tag(German) at the present day
am Himmel(German) in the sky, overhead
am hinteren Ende ankommen(German) to come in at the tail end
am hinteren Ende der Straße(German) at the far end of the street
am hinteren Ende des Gartens(German) at the bottom end of the garden
am hinteren Ende des Korridors(German) at the far end of the corridor
am hinteren Ende des Raumes(German) at the farther end of the room
am hochmütigsten(German) sniffiest (colloquial)
am höchsten(German) highest, highly
am Hofe(German) at court
am Höhepunkt(German) at the climax of, at the height of, at the zenith
am Höhepunkt des Ruhmes(German) at the height of one's fame
am Höhepunkt seiner Macht(German) at the height of his power, at the height of one's power
am Höhepunkt seines Ruhmes(German) at the height of his fame
am Horizont auftauchen(German) to come up on the horizon, to loom on the horizon
am Horizont erscheinen(German) to appear on the horizon
Amhrán na bhFiann(Irish, literally 'The Soldiers' Song') the national anthem of Ireland. The music was composed by Peadar Kearney and Patrick Heeney, and the original English lyrics were authored (as "A Soldiers' Song") by Kearney. It is sung in the Irish language translation made by Liam Ó Rinn. The song has three verses, but the national anthem consists of the chorus only
am Hungertuch nagen(German) to be down on one's uppers
am Hungertuch nagend(German) struggling
Ami(German n.) Yank, Yankee (familar terms for an American), gringo
Ami (m.), Amie (f.)(French) friend, lover (of books, art, music, etc.)
ami (m.), amie (f.)(French) friendly
Amiablefriendly and pleasant, likeable
a mi albedrío(Spanish) however I like
a mi alrededor(Spanish) around me
Amianto(Spanish m.) asbestos
a mi/tu/su antojo(Spanish) in one's own way, as one pleases
Amiba(Spanish f.) amoeba
a mi buen saber y entender(Spanish) to the best of my knowledge
Amicablefriendly (especially of an arrangement, relations, etc.)
Amicale(French f.) association
amicalement(French) in a friendly manner
a mi cargo(Spanish) in my care
Amiceitem of mass vestments - a rectangular piece of fabric worn around the neck, forming a loose collar
amichevole(Italian) friendly
Amicizia(Italian f.) friendship
Amicizie(Italian f. pl.) friends
Amico (m.), Amica (f.)(Italian) friend
Amico del cuore(Italian) bosom friend
a mi costa(Spanish) at my expense
a mi criterio(Spanish) in my opinion
a mi cuenta(Spanish) on my account
Amicus curiae (s.), Amici curiae (pl.)(Latin, literally 'friend of the court') a neutral party who does not represent any individual party in the case who will be asked by the Court to make representations from an independent viewpoint
Amidin the middle of, among
Amida-Buddhismin part as a response to the esotericism of Heian Buddhism, and in part as a response to the collapse of the emperor's court at Kyoto and the subsequent rise of individual, feudal powers in Japan, medieval Japanese Buddhism moved towards more democratic and inclusive forms, of which the most important was Pure Land Buddhism. Pure Land or Amida Buddhism was oriented around the figure of Amida Buddha. Amida, the Buddha of Everlasting Light, was a previous incarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Amidism was not a Japanese invention; Pure Land develops out of Mahayana Buddhism in India and became wildly popular in China, where the invocation of Amida (in Chinese, A-mi-t'o-fo ) became the most common of all religious practices. But the spread of Pure Land through Japan signals a profound change in Japanese thought; above all else, the shift to Amidism represents a shift from a religion which stresses individual effort aimed at enlightenment to an exclusive reliance on salvation by the Amida; this opened up Buddhism to all classes, including women, who had previously been excluded from the various Buddhist priesthoods. Because of its democratic nature, the priesthood became evangelical rather than retiring; Buddhism began to become, in late Heian Japan and medieval Japan, a religion of the streets. Because of Pure Land, Japanese art also profoundly changed; the art of Heian Japan is placid and rigid; the Amidists began to produce more involved and animated artworks which portrayed such subjects as the tortures of all ten levels of hell, the pleasures of Paradise, and the transcendent and resplendent beauty of the Amida Buddha
Amida-Buddhismus(German m.) Amida-Buddhism
a mi derredor(Spanish) around me
a mi discreción(Spanish) at my discretion
Amidismus(German m.) Amida-Buddhism
a mi disposición(Spanish) at my disposal
Amid Natureor 'In Nature's Realm', a Concert overture Op. 91 by Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904) composed in 1891, the first of cycle of 3 overtures called Nature, Life, and Love, the others being Carneval and Othello. The title was also used by Dvorák for five choruses for unaccompanied mixed voices Op. 63 composed in 1882
Amido(Italian m.) starch
Amidon(French m.) starch
amidonner(French) to starch
Amidshipsin or into the middle of a ship
Amie(French f.) a mistress
a mi edad(Spanish) at my age, at my time of life
a mi entender(Spanish) in my opinion, as I see it, as I take it, the way I see it, to my way of thinking, to the best of my belief
a mi favor(Spanish) on my behalf, on my favour, on my side, to my credit
Amiga(Spanish f.) friend, girl-friend, lover
amigable(Spanish) friendly, amicable
amigablemente(Spanish) amicably
amigarse(Spanish) to live together
Amigdala (s.), Amigdalas (pl.)(Spanish f.) tonsil (s.), tonsils (pl.)
Amigdalitis(Spanish f.) tonsillitis
Amigo (m.), Amiga (f.)(Spanish) friend, lover, boy-friend (m.), girl-friend (f.)
amigo (m.), amiga (f.)(Spanish) fond
amigo de (m.), amiga de (f.)(Spanish) fond of
Amigo mío(Spanish m.) friend of mine
Amigos y parientes más allegados(Spanish close family and friends
Amigote(Spanish m.) crony (colloquial, pejorative), buddy (colloquial), mate (colloquial)
Amigowirtschaft(German f.) jobs for the boys (colloquial), nepotism
Amiguete(Spanish m.) chum (familiar), mate (familiar), pal (familiar), buddy (familiar)
Amiguismo(Spanish m.) favouritism (familiar, pejorative), jobs for the boys (familiar, pejorative)
a mi gusto(Spanish) the way I like it, to my liking
a mi juicio(Spanish) in my judgment
amikal(German) amicable
a mi lado(Spanish) at my side, by my side, next to me
amilanar(Spanish) to frighten (off), to scare (off), to daunt, to unnerve
amilanarse(Spanish) to be frightened (off), to be scared (off), to be daunted
a mi leal saber y entender(Spanish) to the best of my knowledge and belief
a millaradas(Spanish) by the thousand
a millares(Spanish) in thousands, by the thousand
a millas de distancia(Spanish) miles from anywhere
a millones(Spanish) in millions, by the million
am Infostand erfragen(German) to ask at the information desk
a mi manera(Spanish) in my own way, in a way, my way
a mi manera de pensar(Spanish) in my way of thinking
a mí me da lo mismo(Spanish) it is all the same to me
a mí me parece que(Spanish) it's my guess that
a mí me toca(Spanish) it's my turn
a mi merced(Spanish) at my mercy
a mi modo(Spanish) my way, after my own fashion, in my own way
a mi modo de ver(Spanish) in my opinion, as I see it, from my point of view
a mi modo de ver las cosas(Spanish) the way I see things, from my point of view, in my opinion
Aminoácido(Spanish m.) amino acid
a mí ni me va ni me viene(Spanish) I couldn't care less, I don't mind, I'm indifferent
A minor
key of A minorthe key of 'A minor'
aminorar(Spanish) to lessen, to slow down (speed)
aminorar la marcha(Spanish) to slow down
am interessantesten(German) most interesting
am intolerantesten(German) most intolerantly, most intolerant
a mio avviso(Italian) in my opinion
a mi parecer(Spanish) in my opinion, from my point of view, the way I see it, to my mind, to my way of thinking
a mi propio parecer(Spanish) in my opinion
a mí qué(Spanish) so what, what does it matter to me
a mí que me investiguen(Spanish) search me
a mí que me registren(Spanish) search me, it's not my fault
a mis anchas(Spanish) comfortable, relaxed, at ease
amisch(German) Amish
a mi servicio(Spanish) at my service
a mis espaldas(Spanish) behind my back, on my back
a mis expensas(Spanish) at my own cost, at my expense, to my cost
a mis instancias(Spanish) at my request
a mis órdenes(Spanish) at my service
Amisswrong, out of order, wrongly, inappropriately (e.g. everything went amiss)
Amistad (s.), Amistades (pl.)(Spanish f.) friendship, friends (plural form)
amistomente(Spanish) amicably
amistoso (m.), amistosa (f.)(Spanish) friendly
a misura(Italian) a tempo (Italian), a battuta (Italian), in strict time, streng im Takt (German)
Amitabha-Buddhismor Amida Buddhism. Amitabha is the principal buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in East Asia. According to these scriptures, Amitabha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. More directly; the term Buddha Amitabha is simply translatable as 'Fully Conscious Infinite Light'
Amitabha-Buddhismus(German n.) Amitabha-Buddhism
a mitad de(Spanish) halfway through
a mitad de camino(Spanish) half-way down the road, half-way, half-way down the way, halfway
a mitad de camino entre dos puntos(Spanish) half-way between two points, halfway between two points
a mitad de precio(Spanish) half-price, at half the price
a mitad de trayecto(Spanish) half-way down the way, half-way, half-way down the road, halfway
a mitad del camino(Spanish) half-way down the road, half-way down the path, half-way down the way, half way through, halfway
a mitades(Spanish) half-and-half
Amitié(French f.) amity, friendship
Amitié amoureuse(French f.) a sentimental or erotic friendship between a man and a woman
Amitiés(French f.) kind regards (at the end of a letter)
a mi ver(Spanish) in my opinion, to my way of thinking
à mi-voix(French) half voice, mezza voce (Itlaian), mit halber Stimme (German)
am Jahresende(German) at the end of the year
am jüngsten(German) youngest
am Kai(German) at the quay, on the wharf, on the quay
am Kai längsseits anlegen(German) to come alongside the quay
am kältesten(German) coldest
am Kamin(German) at the fireside, by the fire, by the fireside
am Kanthaken nehmen(German) to take by the scruff of one's neck
am Klassenende(German) at the bottom of the class
am Klavier(German) at the piano
am Klavier üben(German) to practise on the piano
am kleinsten(German) smallest
am klügsten(German) cleverest
am knappsten(German) scarcest
am Kochen(German) on the boil
am komischsten(German) rummest (slang)
am Kontrolltisch(German) at the controls
am Kopf der unteren Treppenflucht(German) at the head of the lower flight of stairs
am Kopfe(German) at the head
am Körper tragen(German) to wear
am kostengünstigsten(German) most cost-effective
am Kragen fassen(German) to collar
am Krankenbett(German) at a person's sick bed
am Krankenbett stehen(German) to stand by the bedside
am kritzligsten(German) scrawliest
am kürzesten(German) tersest, shortest
am Lager(German) stocked
am Lager führen(German) to stock
am Lager haben(German) to stock
am Land(German) ashore
am Land(German - Austria) in the countryside
am Land(German - Austria, Southern Germany) in the country
am längeren Ende der Kurve(German) at the longer end of the curve
am langsamsten(German) slowest
am längsten(German) longest
am langweiligsten(German) most boring
am laufenden Band(German) non-stop, continuously
am laufenden Band produzieren(German) to churn out
am Leben(German) alive
am Leben bleiben(German) to keep alive, to stay alive
am Leben hängen(German) to cling to life, to love life
am Leben sein(German) to be alive
am Leben verzweifeln(German) to give up on life
am leichtesten(German) lightest, easiest
am Lesen sein(German) to be reading
[entry suggested by Michael Zapf]
am letzten Tag(German) on the last day
am liebsten(German) preferably, best
am linken Ufer(German) on the left bank
am listigsten(German) slyest
AMLSabbreviation of 'Master of Arts in Library Science' (USA)
am magersten(German) skinniest
ammaccare(Italian) to bruise, to dent (metal object)
Ammaccatura(Italian f.) bruise, dent (metal object)
ammaestrare(Italian) to teach, to train (an animal)
am Main (a.M.)on the Main (German river)
ammainare(Italian) to lower (a flag), to furl (a sail)
am makabersten(German) most macabre, most macabrely
Ammanco(Italian m.) deficit
Amma-no-fuye(Japanese) double whistle
ammassarsi(Italian) to crowd together
Ammasso(Italian m.) mass (of people), pile
ammattire(Italian) to go mad
ammazzare(Italian) to kill
ammazzarsi(Italian) to kill oneself (suicide), to be killed
Amme(German f.) foster mother (archaic), (wet) nurse (nanny)
Ammenmärchen(German n.) old wives' tale, cock-and-bull story
am Meer(German) by the sea, at the seaside
am meisten(German) most, most of all, the most, best (like, enjoy), mostly
am meisten überbewertet(German) most overrated
am meisten überschätzt(German) most overrated
am meisten verkauft(German) most frequently sold
ammesso che(Italian) supposing that
ammettere(Italian) to admit, to acknowledge, to suppose
ammiccare(Italian) to wink
amministrare(Italian) to administer, to run
amministrativo(Italian) adminstrative
Amministratore(Italian m.) adminstrator, manager, director (of a business)
Amministrazione(Italian f.) adminstration, management
ammirare(Italian) to admire
Ammiratore (m.), Ammiratrice (f.)(Italian) admirer
Ammirazione(Italian f.) admiration
ammirevole(Italian) admirable
ammissibile(Italian) admissible
Ammissione(Italian f.) admission, acknowledgement
ammobililare(Italian) to furnish
ammodo(Italian) proper, properly
ammogliarsi(Italian) to get married
Ammogliato(Italian m.) married man
ammogliato(Italian) married
ammollare(Italian) to soak (in a bath)
Ammonalan explosive made up of ammonium nitrate, trinitrotoluene, and aluminium powder
am Monatsende(German) at the end of this month, at the end of the month
am Monatsende fällige Wechsel(German pl.) bills due end of the month
Ammoniak(German n.) ammonia, ammoniac
ammoniakalisch(German) ammoniacal
Ammoniakgas(German n.) gaseous ammonia
ammoniakhaltig(German) ammoniacal
Ammonimento(Italian m.) warning, admonishment
ammonire(Italian) to warn, to admonish
Ammoniumcarbonat(German n.) sal volatile (Latin)
Ammonshorn(German n.) Ammon's horn, hippocampus
am Montag(German) on Monday
am Montageband(German) on the assembly line
ammontare a(Italian) to amount to
ammonticchiare(Italian) to heap up
ammorbidire(Italian) to soften
am Morgen(German) in the morning
am Morgen(German) in the morning
am Morgen des ersten Mai(German) on the morning of May 1
am morgigen Dienstag starten(German) to start tomorrow, Tuesday
ammortizza(Italian) redeem (a pledge), cushion (a shock)
ammosciarsi(Italian) to get flabby
AMMREAnstalt für mechanisch-musikalische Rechte GmbH (Institute for mechanical musical rights), an organisation founded in Germany in 1909 for the exploitation of the mechanical reproduction rights for phonograph records. It would later become part of GEMA
ammucchiarsi(Italian) to pile up
ammuffire(Italian) to go mouldy
ammutolire(Italian) to become dumb
am Nachmittag(German) mid-afternoon, in the afternoon
am nächsten(German) closest, nearest
am nächsten Morgen(German) in the next morning
am nahesten an ...(German) the closest to ...
am nassesten(German) wettest
am nervösesten(German) most nervous, most nervously
Amnesia(English, Spanish f. from Greek) forgetfulness, loss of memory (medical term)
Amnésico (m.), Amnésica (f.)(Spanish) amnesiac (person)
amnésico (m.), amnésica (f.)(Spanish) amnesiac
Amnesie(German f.) amnesia
Amnestie (s.), Amnestien (pl.)(German f.) amnesty
Amnestieangebot(German n.) offer of amnesty
Amnestiebeschluss(German m.) decree of amnesty
amnestieren(German) to amnesty
amnestisch(German) amnesic
amnestische Aphasie(German f.) anomia
[entry by Michael Zapf]
am niederträchtigsten(German) basest
am niedrigsten(German) lowest
amniótico (m.), amniótica (f.)(Spanish) amniotic
Amnistía(Spanish f.) amnesty
Amnistiado (m.), Amnistiada (f.)(Spanish) person pardoned under an amnesty
amnistiar(Spanish) to grant an amnesty (to)
am Nordrand von(German) on the northern edge of
Amo (m.), Ama (f.)(Spanish) master, owner, boss, head of the family, mistress (f.), lady of the house (f.)
Amöbe (s.), Amöben (pl.)(German f.) amoeba
Amöbenruhr(German f.) amoebic dysentery
am oberen Ende(German) at the top end, at the head
am oberen Ende der Straße(German) at the top of the street
am oberen Ende der Treppe(German) at the head of a staircase, at the head of the stairs
am oberen Ende des Tisches(German) at the top of the table, at the head of the table
amöbisch(German) amoebic
amocher(French) to mess up
a moco de candil(Spanish) by candlelight
am oder um den(German) on or about
am oder vor dem Verfalldatum(German) on or before the expiry date
a modo de(Spanish) like, in the manner of
a modo de aclaración(Spanish) to clear the matter, parenthetically
a modo de advertencia(Spanish) as a warning
a modo de epílogo(Spanish) as an afterword, as an epilogue
a modo de excusa(Spanish) by way of excuse
a modo de explicación(Spanish) to clear the matter, parenthetically
a modo de orden(Spanish) as an order
a modo de prólogo(Spanish) as a prologue, as an introduction, prefatorial, prefatory, in the manner of a prologue
a modo de súplica(Spanish) as a request, imploringly
Amodorramiento(Spanish m.) sleepiness
amodorrarse(Spanish) to get sleepy, to feel sleepy, to feel drowsy
Amoeba (s.), Amoebae (pl.)(Latin, from the Greek) a single-celled organism, in many case the cause of disease
am offenen Feuer(German) by the fire
am offenen Feuer braten(German) to barbecue
am offenen Feuer gebraten(German) barbecued
am öftesten(German) most often, oftenest
amohinarse(Spanish) to become sullen, to sulk
amoindrir(French) to diminish
à moitié juste(French) half-true, half-right
amojonar(Spanish) to mark out
Amok(German m.) amok, amuck
Amok laufen(German) to run amok, to run wild, to run riot, to run amuck, to go berserk, to go wild (colloquial)
Amoklauf(German m.) rampage, killing spree, killing frenzy
Amoklaufen(German n.) running amok
Amokläufer (m.), Amokläuferin (f.)(German) frenzied attacker, person running amok
Amokschütze (m.), Amokschützin (f.)(German) crazed gunman (m.), mad gunman (m.), crazed gunwoman (f.)
Amolador(Spanish m.) knife-grinder
amolar(Spanish) to sharpen, to annoy (familiar)
amoldable(Spanish) adaptable
amoldar(Spanish) to mould, to fit (accommodate), to adjust
amoldarse(Spanish) to adapt, to adapt oneself
amoldarse a ...(Spanish) to adjust to ...
key of A minor(German n.) the key of 'A minor'
amollir(French) to soften
a momentos(Spanish) by the moment
Amonal(Spanish m.) ammonal
amonedar(Spanish) to coin, to mint
Amonestación(Spanish f.) rebuke, reprimand, banns (for a wedding)
amonestar(Spanish) to rebuke, to reprimand, to admonish, to caution (in football), to book (in football), to publish the banns (for a wedding)
Amoniaco(Spanish m.) ammonia
Amoníaco(Spanish m.) ammonia
à monocorde(French) on one string only
Amontillado(Spanish m.) a pale dry sherry from the hills of Montilla in Spain, dry (in manner, style, speech, etc.)
a montón(Spanish) in bulk, wholesale
amontonadamente(Spanish) in a heap
Amontonamiento(Spanish m.) piling up
amontonar(Spanish) to pile up, to pile ... up, to accumulate (figurative)
amontonarse(Spanish) to pile up, to heap up, to crowd together, to gather together, to live together (familiar)
a montones(Spanish)
Amor (s.), Amores (Spanish pl.)(Spanish m.) love, love affairs (plural form)
(German m.) Cupid
Amora (s.), Amora'im (pl.), Amoraim (pl.)renowned Jewish scholars who "said" or "told over" the teachings of the Oral law, from about 200 to 500 CE in Babylonia and the Land of Israel. Their legal discussions and debates were eventually codified in the Gemara. The Amora'im followed the Tanna'im in the sequence of ancient Jewish scholars. The Tanna'im were direct transmitters of uncodified oral tradition; the Amora'im expounded upon and clarified the oral law after its initial codification
Amoräer(German pl.) Amora'im, Amoraim
amoräisch(German) Amoraic
Amoral(German f.) amorality, lack of morals
(English, Spanish) of or pertaining to something that indicates a lack of moral sense
Amor a la patria(Spanish m.) love for one's country
amoralisch(German) amoral, amorally
amoralische Lebenshaltung(German f.) amorality
Amoralismthe doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid
Amoralismus(German m.) amoralism
Amoralität(German f.) amorality
Amor al prójimo(Spanish m.) love for one's neighbour
Amor a primera vista(Spanish m.) love at first sight
amoratado (m.), amoratada (f.)(Spanish) purple (bruise), blue with cold, black and blue (bruising), bruised
amoratarse(Spanish) to go black and blue
Amor brujo, El(Spanish, literally 'Love, The Magican') a one-act ballet by Manuel de Falla y Matheu (1876-1946) based on an Andalusian gypsy tale first performed in 1915
Amorcillo(Spanish m.) Cupid
amordazar(Spanish) to gag, to silence (figurative), to muzzle (dog)
Amor de lonh(Occitan) love from afar, far-off love (a theme developed by the troubadour Jaufré Rudel, in his songs)
Amore(Italian m.) love, tenderness, affection, ardour
Amore-proprio(Italian m.) self-respect
Amores(Spanish m. pl.) love affairs
A moresco(Italian) in the Moorish style
Amoret(from the Old French amorete, a diminutive of amour (French: love)) a general word for a love song, love knot, love affair or any personification of love
Amoretto (s.), Amoretti (pl.)(Italian m.) a Cupid (for example, in decoration, sculpture, etc.)
Amorette(German f.) amoretto, Cupid
amorevole(Italian) amoroso (Italian, Spanish), lovingly, tenderly, gently, fondly, affectionately, liebevoll (German), doux (French), tendre (French)
amorevolmente(Italian) amorosamente (Italian), lovingly, tenderly, gently, fondly, affectionately, with tenderness, in liebevolle Weise (German), tendrement (French)
Amor fino(Pacific Coast of Ecuador) a popular song and variety of dance music
amorfo (m.), amorfa (Spanish f.)(Italian, Spanish) amorphous, shapeless, colourless (personality), insipid (uninteresting personality, characterless personality)
Amor fraternal(Spanish m.) brotherly love
am Originalschauplatz(German) on location
Amorino (s.), Amorini (pl.)(Italian m.) a Cupid (for example, in decoration, sculpture, etc.)
Amorío(Spanish m.) love affair, flirtation
a morir(Spanish) to death, in great quantities
Amor maternal(Spanish m.) maternal love
amor mío(Spanish) or mi amor (Spanish), my darling, my love
Amor no correspondido(Spanish m.) unrequited love
Amorosaorgan pipe
amorosamente(Italian) amorevolmente (Italian), lovingly, tenderly, gently, fondly, affectionately, with tenderness, in liebevolle Weise (German), tendrement (French)
(Italian) in a tender, gentle and affectionate style
amoroso (m.), amorosa (Spanish f.)(Italian, Spanish) loving, affectionate, lovely (Latin America), beautiful (Latin America)
(Spanish, Italian) amorevole (Italian), lovingly, tenderly, gently, fondly, affectionately, liebevoll (German), doux (French), tendre (French)
Amor patriae(Latin) love of country, patriotism
amorph(German) amorphous, amorphously
amorphe(French) listless
amorpher Festkörper(German m.) amorphous solid
Amorphie(German f.) amorphy
Amorphismthe state or quality of being amorphous
Amorphismus(German m.) amorphism
Amor platónico(Spanish m.) platonic love
Amor propio pride(Spanish m.) self-esteem
Amors Bogen(German) Cupid's bow
Amorschallinvented in about 1758, a French horn with two keys (in German, Klappenhorn). The Bohemian-born inventor, Ferdinand Kölbel (c.1705-1778), was active as 2nd horn virtuoso at that Imperial Court in St. Petersberg, Russia, and also played in Vienna
Amors Pfeil(German m.) Cupid's arrow, Cupid's dart
Amor spielen(German) to play Cupid
am Ort(German) on the spot, local
amortajar(Spanish) to shroud, to wrap in a shoroud
am Ort des Verbrechens(German) at the scene of the crime
amorti(French) subdued, gedämpft (German), smorzato (Italian)
Amortiguador(Spanish m.) shock absorber (car)
amortiguador(Spanish) deadening (sound)
Amortiguamiento(Spanish m.) deadening, dimming (lights)
amortiguar(Spanish) to deaden, to absorb (blow), to muffle (noise), to subdue (light), to dim (lights), to cushion (blow), to tone down (a colour)
amortir(French) to cushion (a blow), to deaden (a sound), to pay off (a debt)
Amortisation(German f.) redemption, amortisation, paying off, paying back
Amortisationsdauer(German f.) repayment period
Amortisationsphase(German f.) repayment period
Amortisationsplan(German m.) repayment plan
amortisieren(German) to pay off, to redeem, to pay back, to amortise
amortisierend(German) amortising
amortisiert(German) amortised
Amortisierung(German f.) redemption, amortisation
Amortisierungsphase(German f.) repayment period
Amortissement du bruit(French m.) noise reduction, noise suppression
amortizable(Spanish) redeemable
Amortización(Spanish f.) repayment (of a debt), redemption (of a bond, etc.), amortisation, recovery (of an investment)
amortizar(Spanish) to repay (a debt), to pay off (debt), to recoup the cost of, to recover (investment), to amortize, to redeem (goods)
am Ort sein(German) to be in place
am Ort telefonieren(German) to make a local call
am Ort verkaufen(German) to sell on the spot, to sell locally
am Ort wo(German) at the place where
am Orte ankommen(German) to arrive at the place
am Orte wohnend(German) resident
amoscarse(Spanish) to get cross (familiar), to get irritated
amoscazarse(Spanish) to get cross
Amostrador de sons(Portuguese) sampler
Amotinado (m.), Amotinada (f.)(Spanish) insurgent, rebel
amotinado (m.), amotinada (f.)(Spanish) rebel, insurgent, rebellious
Amotinamiento(Spanish m.) riot, mutiny
amotinar(Spanish) to incite ... to riot, to incite ... to mutiny, to incite ... to rebellion
amotinarse(Spanish) to rebel, to mutiny, to rise up (population)
Amour (s.), Amouren (pl.)(German f. (archaic), from French m.) love (originally meaning an illicit love affair or an intrigue, although from the fourteenth century the implications of immorality disappeared)
Amour courtois(French m.) courtly love, the medieval convention in which love takes on a quasi-feudal aspect
Amour de voyage(French m.) a temporary infatuation, as might be experienced during a sea voyage
Amourette(French f.) a trivial love-affair
amoureusement(French) lovingly, amorously
Amoureux (m.), Amoureuse (f.)(French) lover
amoureux (m.) amoureuse (f.)(French) loving, affectionate, amorous, amoroso
amourös(German) amatory, amorous
Amour-propre(French m., literally 'self love') self-respect, self-esteem, self-regard
amovible(French) removable
amp.abbreviation of 'amplified' or 'amplitude'
amparar(Spanish) to help, to protect, to shelter, to give shelter to, to abet, to support
ampararse(Spanish) to seek protection, to shelter
ampararse con ...(Spanish) to shelter from ...
ampararse de ...(Spanish) to shelter from ...
Amparo(Spanish m.) protection, shelter
Ampel (s.), Ampeln (pl.)(German f.) hanging basket (for plants), traffic light
Ampelanlage(German f.) set of traffic lights, traffic lights
Ampelausfall(German m.) traffic light failure
ampelgesteuerter Fußgängerübergang(German m.) signal-controlled pedestrian crossing
Ampelpflanze(German f.) hanging basket plant
Ampere(German n.) ampere, amp (unit of electrical current)
Amperemeßgerät(German n., archaic) ammeter
Amperemessgerät(German n.) ammeter
Amperemeter(German n.) ammeter
Amperesekunde(German f.) coulomb, ampere-second
Amperestunde(German f.) ampere-hour (Ah)
Amperewindungszahl(German f.) ampere-turn
Amperezahl(German f.) amperage
Amperio(Spanish m.) ampere, amp (familiar)
Ampersandthe character & meaning 'and', the symbol being an adaptation of the scribal abbreviation of et (Latin: and)
Amphetamin(German n.) amphetamine
Amphibie(German f.) amphibian
Amphibien-(German) amphibious (prefix)
Amphibienfahrzeug(German n.) amphibious craft, amphibious vehicle
amphibisch(German) amphibious, amphibian
Amphibium(German n.) amphibian
AmphibrachAmphibrachys (German m.), a musical or metrical foot consisting of one short, one long, and one short note or syllable
Amphibrachys(German m.) amphibrach
Amphictyonic Councilin Greek history, the council of the Amphictyonic League, consisting of the deputies of the 12 member tribes, who administered the Pythian Games which were held in honour of Apollo two years after (and two years before) each Olympic Games, and between each Nemean and Isthmian Games. They were founded sometime in the 6th century BC, and, unlike the Olympic Games, also featured competitions for music and poetry. The music and poetry competitions pre-dated the athletic portion of the games, and were said to have been started by Apollo after he killed Python and set up the oracle at Delphi
Amphigoryverses which while making sense in terms of their sound and meter, in fact contain no meaning (for example, Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky)
Amphimacer(English, German m.) a musical foot, the reverse of the amphibrach, where the three syllables are one long, one short and one long
Amphionin Greek mythology, one of the twin sons of Zeus and Antiope, who built the walls of Thebes by drawing the stones into place with the music from his lyre, a gift from the god Hermes
Amphisbaenic rhymea poetic structure invented by Edmund Wilson Wilson in which final words in strategic lines do not rhyme in the traditional sense, but rather reverse their order of consonants and vowels to appear backwards
Amphitheater(German n.) ampitheatre
amphitheatralisch(German) amphitheatrical
Amphitheatre(from the Greek amphi, around, and theatron, theatre) the ancient Greek theatre building, or theatron, was a large open-air structure consisting of three parts: the orchestra, the skene, and the audience, that sat on tiers of benches built up on the side of a hill
Amphithéâtre(French m.) amphitheatre, (university) lecture hall
amphitheatrisch(German) amphitheatrical
Amphora (s.), Amphorae (Latin pl.), Amphoras (English pl.)(English, Latin) large two-handled containers for storing or transporting wine, olive oil, etc.
Amphora (s.), Amphore (s.), Amphoren (pl.)(German f.) amphora (plural can be amphoras or amphorae, the latter the correct Latin form)
Ampicoa player-piano mechanism introduced by the American Piano Corporation in response to the Duo-Art Pianola mechanism made by the Aeolian Corporation
Ampiezza(Italian f.) width, spaciousness, fullness
ampio(Italian) ample, wide, spacious, loose (clothing), full
ampl.abbreviation of 'amplifier'
am Platz bleiben(German) to continue at a place
am Platz kaufen(German) to buy on the spot
ample(French) broad (movement)
Ampleur(French f.) extent, size, breadth, fullness (of clothing)
Ampli(French m.) amplifier
Amplia gama de colores(Spanish f.) wide range of colours
Ampliación(Spanish f.) extension, enlargement (photograph)
ampliando(Italian) amplifying, erweiternd (German), en agrandissant (French)
ampliar(Spanish) to extend, to enlarge (photograph, etc.), to blow up (photograph, etc.), to increase, to expand (on), to widen, to broaden
ampliato(Italian) enlarged
Amplificação(Portuguese) amplification
Amplificación(Spanish f.) amplification, extension, addition (to a room), expansion, widening, enlargement (photograph, plan)
Amplificador(Portuguese m., Spanish m.) amplifier
amplificar(Spanish) to amplify
amplificare(Italian) amplify, magnify (figurative)
Amplificateur(French m.) amplifier
Amplificatore(Italian m.) amplifier
Amplificazione(Italian f.) amplification
Amplifieran electric device that increases the magnitude of a voltage or current without distorting the wave form of the signal. An amplifier takes a weak signal from a line level or mike level source and provides the necessary power level to operate loudspeakers
see Echeia
a mechanism for altering the volume of sound produced by air-powered automatic music playing machines by modifying the difference between the pump suction pressure and that of the atmosphere
amplifier(French) to amplify, to expand, to develop
Amplifikation(German f.) amplification
amplifizieren(German) to amplify
Amplifyin music, to increase the volume
amplio (m.), amplia (f.)(Spanish) wide, roomy, broad (wide), spacious, loose-fitting (clothes), comprehensive (programme, guarantee)
Amplitud(Spanish f.) amplitude (of a soundwave), extent, spaciousness, space, width, looseness, range, extent, depth (knowledge, learning), breadth (knowledge, learning)
la amplitud de sus conocimientos (Spanish: the breadth of his knowledge, the depth of his knowledge, the extent of his knowledge)
Amplitude(English, German f., French f.) the magnitude or strength of a signal. Amplitude is measured by determining the amount of fluctuation in air pressure (of a sound), voltage (of an electrical signal), or numerical data (in a digital application). When the signal is in the audio range, amplitude is perceived as loudness
amplitude is commonly measured by one of three methods
peak amplitudethe difference between the maximum excursion and the equilibrium point
peak-to-peak amplitudethe difference between the maximum positive and maximum negative points of excursion
RMS amplitudethe standard deviation of all values
wave form
human amplitude range is from 0 dB to 120 dB where 130 dB = pain level: 0 dB is, by definition, the threshold for audibility: the decibel scale is logarithmic so that an increase of 10 dB represents a doubling in perceived loudness
Amplitude envelopesee 'Attack Decay Sustain Release'
Amplitude modulationa change in the level of a signal. For example, if a 'low frequency oscillator' (LFO) was modulating a 'voltage controlled amplifier' (VCA), the result would be a periodic increase and decrease in the audio level of the signal. In musical terms, this would be referred to as 'tremolo'. The abbreviation of 'amplitude modulation' is AM
a technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave. AM works by varying the strength of the transmitted signal in relation to the information being sent
Amplitudenbegrenzerschaltung(German f.) amplitude limiter circuit
Amplitudenbegrenzung(German f.) chopping, clipping
Amplitudenfrequenzgang(German m.) amplitude frequency response
Amplitudenfrequenzgangkurve(German f.) amplitude frequency response curve
Amplitudengang(German m.) amplitude-frequency characteristic
Amplitudenhöhe(German f.) pulse height
Amplitudenkennlinie(German f.) amplitude characteristic
Amplitudenmodulation(German f.) amplitude modulation (AM)
amplitudenmoduliert(German) amplitude-modulated
amplitudenmoduliertes Signal(German n.) amplitude modulated signal
Amplitudenreserve(German f.) gain margin
Amplitudenspektrum(German n.) amplitude spectrum
Amplitudenverzerrung(German f.) distortion, amplitude distortion
Amplitudenwert(German m.) amplitude value
Ampolla(Spanish f.) blister (medical), flask, ampoule (for medical use), phial, vial
Ampolleta(Spanish f. - Chile) light bulb
ampollosamente(Italian) pompously, bombastically
ampolloso(Italian) pompously, bombastically
Amponga(Madagascar) a simple cylindrical two-headed drum, covered with two skins, one considered 'male', the other 'female'
am Postamt(German) at the post office
Ampoule(French f.) (electric light) bulb, phial (for carrying holy water, a drug, etc.)
ampoulé(French) turgid, high-flown, bombastic
am Pranger(German) in the pillory
am Pranger stehen(German) to stand in the pillory
am Programmende(German n.) at the end of the radio programme
am prominentesten(German) most prominently, most prominent
am protzigsten(German) swankiest, most swanky, swankest (colloquial)
Ampulle(German f.) phial, vial, ampoule
Ampullenspritze(German f.) cartridge syringe
ampuloso (m.), ampulosa (f.)(Spanish) pompous, bombastic
am pursten(German) purest
Amputación(Spanish) amputation, deletion (figurative)
amputar(Spanish) to amputate, to delete (figurative), to cut out (text, picture)
Amputation(French f.) reduction (figurative)
Amputation(English, German f.) cutting off surgically
amputer(French) to reduce (figurative)
amputieren(German) to ablate, to amputate
amputierend(German) amputating, ablative
amputiert(German) amputated
Amputierter (m.), Amputierte (f.)(German) amputee
am Rand(German) at the edge, on the rim (of a drum), on the brink of, on the margin
am Rand befindlich(German) marginal
am Rand der Gesellschaft(German) on the margins of society
am Rande(German) at the edge, on the sidelines (figurative), at the sidelines (figurative), on the brink, marginal (also figurative), on the edge
am Rande der Gesellschaft(German) on the margins of society
am Rande der Pauke(German) near the rim of the kettle-drum
am Rande der Stadt(German) on the outskirts
am Rande der Verzweiflung(German) at the end of one's tether, on the edge of despair
am Rande des Bankrotts(German) on the verge of bankruptcy
am Rande des Dorfes(German) on the edge of the village
am Rande des Eises(German) at the edge of the ice
am Rande des Ruins(German) on the verge of ruin
am Rande des Todes(German) on the brink of death, on the point of death, on the edge of death
am Rande des Wassers(German) at the water's edge
am Rande eines Abgrunds(German) at the edge of a precipice
am Rande eines Abgrunds stehen(German) to stand on the edge of an abyss
am Rande eines Krieges(German) on the brink of war
am Rande eines Krieges stehen(German) to be on the verge of war
am Rande liegend(German) marginal
am Rand entlang(German) along the edge
am Rande sein(German) to be on the edge
am Rande stehend(German) marginalised
am Rande von(German) on the verge of
am rechten Ort(German) in the proper place
am rechten Ufer(German) on the right bank
am reichsten(German) richest
am reinsten(German) purest, cleanest
am Reisen seine Freude haben(German) to delight in travelling
am Rhein (a.Rh.)(German) on the Rhine (German river)
Amri(English, German pl.) an Arabic ethnic group of Sudan whose members speak Sudanese Arabic
am richtigen Ende anfangen(German) to begin at the right end
am richtigen Ort(German) at the proper place
am Ring(German) ringside
Amritain Hindu mythology, the elixir of immortality, corresponding to the ambrosia of classical mythology
am Rockzipfel der Mutter hängen(German) to be tied to mother's apron strings
am romantischsten(German) most romantically
am rötesten(German) reddest
am rötlichsten(German) ruddiest
am Ruder(German) at the helm
AMSabbreviation of 'American Musicological Society' or 'automatic music search'
am Samstag(German) on Saturday
am saubersten(German) cleanest
am Schaden seine Freude haben(German) to delight in mischief
am Schalter(German) at the counter, over the counter
am Schalter verkaufen(German) to sell over the counter
am Scheideweg stehen(German) to reach a crossroads (figurative)
am schlauesten(German) shrewdest
am schlechtesten(German) worst
am schlechtesten angezogen(German) worst-dressed
am schlechtesten gekleidet(German) worst-dressed
am schlechtesten wegkommen(German) to get the worst of it
am schlimmsten(German) worst
am schlimmsten betroffen(German) worst hit, hit hardest
am schmerzhaftesten(German) achiest
am schmutzigsten(German) dirtiest
am schnellsten(German) most rapid, most rapidly, fastest, weakest
am schwersten(German) heaviest, most heavily
am schwungvollsten(German) snappiest
am See(German m.) on the lake
Amsel (s.), Amseln (pl.)(German f.) blackbird
am selben Tag(German) on the same day
am selben Tage(German) on the same day
am seltensten(German) scarcest, least often
am sichersten(German) surest, most confident, securest, safest
am sichersten aufgehoben sein(German) to be in the safest possible hands
am Sieg zweifeln(German) to be doubtful of the victory
am Sitz festkleben(German) to be glued to the seat
am skizzenhaftigsten(German) sketchiest
AMSLabbreviation of 'above mean sea level' (for example, a parameter for defining the speed of sound)
am snobistischsten(German) most snobbishly, most snobbish
am späten Abend(German) by late evening
am späten Nachmittag(German) late in the afternoon
am Spielfeldrand(German) on the sidelines
am Spieß(German) en brochette, on a skewer, on the skewer
am Spieß braten(German) to roast on a spit
am St. Nimmerleinstag(German) at the Greek calends (figurative: never)
am Stadtrand(German) on the outskirts
am standhaftesten(German) steadiest
am stärksten(German) strongest
am stärksten gewürzt(German) most spiced
am Start(German) at the start
am Steg(German) at the bridge (on a bowed string instrument, in order to produce a heavier, stronger tone), sul ponticello
am Steg festgemacht sein(German) to be moored
am steilsten(German) steepest
am Sterben sein(German) to be about to die
Amsterdam(English, German n., Spanish f.) Amsterdam (Dutch city)
Amsterdam, the(English, German m.) an American dance from the end of the nineteenth century, also known as the American waltz
Amsterdamer (m.s/pl.), Amsterdamerin (f.), Amsterdamerinnen ( Amsterdammer (inhabitant or native of Amsterdam)
am Steuer(German) at the wheel, at the helm
am Steuer des Schiffes(German) at the helm
am Strand(German) on the beach, on the seashore
am Straßenrand(German) roadside, on the side of the road, by the roadside, on the roadside, at the roadside
am Strauch gereifte Tomaten(German pl.) vine-ripe tomatoes
am Streiten seine Freude haben(German) to delight in quarrelling
am Stück(German) piece of (cake, etc.), on the trot (colloquial), at a stretch, straight (without a break, without interruption)
am Südufer(German) along the south bank
Amt(German n.) (adminstrative) office, task, (telephone) exchange, duty, appointment, bureau, charge, post, agency, function, commission, department, trunk (telephone line)
amtabbreviation of 'amount'
AMTabbreviation of 'Master of Arts in Teaching' (USA)
am Tag(German) a day, in the daytime, at daytime
am Tag darauf(German) the day after, the following day, one day later
am Tag davor(German) the day before
am Tag des Kaufs(German) on the date of purchase
am Tage(German) in the daytime
am Tage nach seiner Verkündung(German) on the day subsequent to its promulgation
am Tage vor(German)on the eve of
am Tage vorkommend(German) diurnal, daytime
am Tage zurückgelegte Entfernung(German f.) daily mileage
am Tag vor(German) on the eve of
am Tag zuvor(German) the previous day
AMTCabbreviation of 'Academic Member of the Trinity College of Music, London'
Amt des Premierministers(German n.) premiership (office)
Amt des Vizepräsidenten(German n.) vice-presidency
Amt des Zweiten Obersthofmeisters(German n.) Lord Steward's Department
Amt eines Bischofs(German n.) see
Amt eines Senators(German n.) senatorship
Amt eines Verwahrers oder Verwalters(German n.) custodianship
Amt eines Vorstehers(German n.) wardship
am Telefon(German) on the phone
am Telefon hängen(German) to be on the telephone, to be on the phone
am Telefon verlangt(German) wanted on the phone
am Telefon verlangt werden(German) to be wanted on the telephone
amten(German) to be in office
Ämter(German pl.) administrative bodies
Ämterkauf(German m.) simony
am teurersten sein(German) be the most expensive
Amt führen(German) to hold office
Amt für unzustellbare Briefe(German n.) Dead Letter Office (undelivered mail)
am Theater(German) at the theatre
am theatralischsten(German) stagiest
am tiefsten(German) deepest
amtieren(German) hold office, to be in office, to officiate
amtierend(German) acting (in a temporary position), sitting, incumbent, officiating
amtierender Meister(German m.) reigning champion
amtierender Präsident(German m.) acting president
amtiert(German) officiated, officiates, holds office
amtierte(German) held office, officiated
am Tisch(German) at the table
am Tisch bedienen(German) to wait at table
am Tisch sitzen(German) to sit at table
amtlich(German) offical, officially, curatorial, ministerally, functional, official, ministerial, authoratitive (official)
amtlich beglaubigen(German) to legalise, to certify
amtlich beglaubigt(German) certified, legally attested
amtlich bekanntgeben(German) to gazette, to confirm officially
amtliche Anzeige(German f.) official announcement
amtliche Auflistung(German f.) official list
amtliche Bekanntmachung(German f.) bulletin
amtliche Beschaffungsstelle(German f.) official procurement agency
amtliche Bescheinigung(German f.) certificate, official certificate
amtliche Eintragung(German f.) registration
amtliche Erklärung(German f.) official statement
amtlich eingetragen(German) incorporated, Inc., inc.
amtlich eintragen(German) to register
amtliche Landesvermessung(German f.) ordnance survey
amtliche Liste(German f.) official list
amtliche Mitteilung(German f.) official note
amtliche Nachrichtenagentur(German f.) official news agency
amtliche Notierung(German f.) official quotation
amtliche Notierungen(German pl.) official quotations
amtliche Rechnungsprüfung(German f.) audit
amtliche Schweigepflicht(German f.) official discretion
amtliche Statistik(German f.) official statistics
amtliche Stellungnahme(German f.) official statement
amtliche Untersuchung(German f.) official inquest
amtliche Untersuchung eines Todesfalls(German f.) coroner's inquest
amtliche Urkunde(German f.) official document
amtliche Verlautbarung (s.), amtliche Verlautbarungen (pl.)(German f.) official statement, official bulletin, communiqué
amtliche Veröffentlichung(German f.) official publication
amtliche Verwahrung(German f.) legal custody
amtlicher Feiertag(German m.) official holiday
amtlicher Leichenbeschauer(German m.) coroner
amtlicher Schriftverkehr(German m.) official correspondence
amtlicher Vordruck(German m.) official form
amtlicher Waagschein(German m.) certificate of weight
amtlicher Wechselkurs(German m.) official exchange rate
amtlicher Zeitungsschreiber(German m.) gazetteers
amtliches Dokument(German n.) public document
amtliches Formblatt(German n.) official form
amtliches Kennzeichen(German n.) registration number
amtliches Kennzeichen(German n.) registration mark
amtliches Kursblatt(German n.) daily official list, official list
amtliches Verzeichnis(German n.) official register
amtlich geheim gehalten(German) confidential
amtlich genehmigter Schutzhelm(German m.) officially approved protective helmet
amtlich sein(German) to be official
amtlich zugelassen(German) accredited, licensed
amtlich zugelassener Wirtschaftsprüfer(German m.) certified public accountant (CPA)
Amtmann(German m.) district magistrate, senior civil servant, bailiff
Amt niederlegen(German) to resign
am toten Ende(German) at a dead end
am Tropf hängen(German) to be on a drip
am Tropf sein(German) to be on a drip
am Trudeln sein(German) to be in a tailspin (figurative)
Amts-(German) official (prefix)
Amtsantritt(German m.) taking office, assumption of office, accession to office
Amtsanzeiger(German m.) official journal for notices, official house gazette
Amtsarzt (m.), Amtsärztin (f.)(German) public health officer
Amtsbefugnis(German f.) authority
Amtsbefugnisse(German f.) competence, authorities
amtsbekannt(German - Austria) known to the authorities
Amtsbereich (s.), Amtsbereiche (pl.)(German m.) prelacy, area of competence
Amtsbezirk(German m.) bailiwick, administrative district
Amtsblatt(German n.) official gazette, gazette, official journal
Amtsbruder(German m.) colleague
Amtsdauer(German f.) term of office, period of office, tenure of office
Amtsdelikt(German n.) malpractice (in office)
Amtsdeutsch(German n.) officialese (German)
Amtsdiener(German m.) usher
Amtsdruckschriften(German pl.) government documents
Amtseid(German m.) oath of office, official oath
Amtseinführung(German f.) inauguration (into office)
Amtseinsetzung(German f.) installation (in office), chairing, investiture
Amtsenglisch(German n.) officialese (English)
Amtsenthebung (s.), Amtsenthebungen (pl.)(German f.) removal from office, deposition, dismissal of an official
Amtsenthebungsverfahren(German n.) impeachment proceedings, suspension proceedings, impeachment, procedure for divestiture, impeachment trial
Amtsfähigkeit(German f.) eligibility to hold public office
Amtsfranzösisch(German n.) officialese (French)
Amtsführung(German f.) administration (of [an] office)
Amtsgebäude(German n.) official building
Amtsgeheimnis(German n.) official secret
Amtsgenosse(German m.) colleague
Amtsgericht(German n.) Magistrates' Court (England/Wales), local court, county court
Amtsgericht für Zivilsachen(German n.) county court (GB)
Amtsgerichtsbezirk(German m.) local court district
Amtsgeschäfte(German f.) official duties
Amtsgewalt(German f.) official powers
Amtshaftung(German f.) public liability
Amtshandlung(German f.) official act
Amtshilfe(German f.) administrative assistance, mutual assistance (between authorities), administrative cooperation
Amtsinhaber (m.), Amtsinhaberin (f.), Amtsinhaber (pl.)(German) holder of an office, holder of the office, office holder, office-bearer, office bearer, office-holder, incumbent
Amtsjargon(German m.) officialese
Amtskette(German f.) chain of office
Amtskirche(German f.) official church, established Church
Amtskleidung(German f.) vestment
Amtskollege(German m.) counterpart, ministerial colleague
Amtsleiter (s./pl.)(German m.) head official
Amtsmissbrauch(German m.) malpractice, abuse of a position, abuse of office, abuse of position
Amtsmissbrauch begehen(German) to abuse one's office
amtsmüde(German) weary of office
Amtsmüdigkeit(German f.) jadedness from holding office, weariness of holding office
Amtsnachfolger (m.), Amtsnachfolgerin (f.)(German) successor in office
Amtsperiode(German f.) time in office, period of office, term of office
Amtspflicht(German f.) official duty
Amtsraum(German m.) bureau
Amtsrichter (m.), Amtsrichterin (f.)(German) Circuit Judge
Amtsschimmel(German m.) red tape
Amtssekretär (m.), Amtssekretärin (f.)(German) agency secretary
Amtssiegel(German n.) official seal
Amtssitz(German m.) residence, seat, office, official residence
Amtssprache(German f.) official language
Amtsstab(German m.) wand (of office)
Amtsstampiglie(German f. - Austria) signet
Amtstitel(German m.) title
Amtsstil(German m.) officialese
Amtsstube(German f.) office
Amtsstunden(German pl.) official hours, office hours
Amtstätigkeit(German f.) office
Amtstracht (s.), Amtstrachten (pl.)(German f.) official attire, vestment, (official) robes
Amtsträger (m.), Amtsträgerin (f.)(German) office holder, officeholder, office bearer, official
Amtsübergabe(German f.) handing-over of one's duties, handing-over of office
Amtsübernahme(German f.) assumption of a post, assumption of an office, assumption of office
Amtsüberschreitung(German f.) official excess
amtsunfähig(German) unable to hold office
Amtsunfähigkeit(German f.) incapacity for office
Amtsvergehen(German n.) malfeasance (in office), misdemeanour in office, misconduct in office, abuse of office
Amtsverletzung(German f.) misconduct in office
Amtsverlust(German m.) loss of official position
Amtsverschwiegenheit(German f.) official secrecy
Amtsvorgänger (m.), Amtsvorgängerin (f.)(German) precursor (in office), predecessor in office
Amtsvorstand(German m.) head of an office
Amtsvorsteher (m.s./pl.), Amtsvorsteherin (f.)(German) head of an office, head official
Amtswechsel(German m.) change of office, rotation (in office)
Amtswohnung(German f.) official residence
Amtswürde(German f.) abbacies
Amtszeichen(German n.) dialling tone (telephone)
(German n.) badge, badge of office
Amtszeit (s.), Amtszeiten (pl.)(German f.) period in office, period of office, term, tenure, term of office, incumbency, curatorship
Amtszeit als Premierminister(German f.) premiership
Amtszeit des Präsidenten(German f.) presidential term
Amtszeit von vier Jahren(German f.) four-year term
Amt übernehmen(German) to come into office
Amt wieder übernehmen(German) to resume office
am übelriechendsten(German) smelliest
a mucha distancia(Spanish) far away, miles from anywhere, far afield
a mucha hambre no hay pan duro(Spanish) beggars can't be choosers
a mucha honra(Spanish) with pride, full of pride, one should be proud of it
a mucho amor mucho perdón(Spanish) with great love comes great forgiveness
a mucho hablar poco obrar(Spanish) he who talks too much does too little
a mucho recado(Spanish) in safety
amuebar(Spanish) to furnish
amueblado (m.), amueblada (f.)(Spanish) furnished, fitted
a muerte(Spanish) to death, life-and-death, to the death
am Ufer(German) on the waterfront
am Ufer entlang(German) along the waterfront
am Ufer gelegen(German) riverside
amuinar(Spanish - Mexico) to annoy
a mujeriegas(Spanish) sidesaddle
Amuleta trinket or piece of jewellery worn, usually round the neck, as a preventative charm
Amuleto(Spanish m.) (lucky) charm, amulet
Amulett (s.), Amulette (pl.)(German n.) amulet, charm (amulet), talisman
am unangenehmsten von allem(German) most unpleasantly of all
am unbeugsamsten(German) steeliest (attitude)
a mundos de distancia(Spanish) worlds away, worlds apart
am unhöflichsten(German) rudest
am unregelmäßigsten(German) snatchiest
am unteren Ende(German) at the lower end
am unteren Ende der Klasse(German) at the foot of the class
am unteren Ende der Liste(German) at the foot of the list
am unteren Ende der Skala(German) at the bottom of the scale
am Unterricht teilnehmen(German) to attend school, to be at school
am unverdaulichsten(German) stodgiest
amurallado (m.), amurallada (f.)(Spanish) walled, fortified
amurallar(Spanish) to build a wall around, to wall, to fortify
Amusabbreviation of 'Associate in Music'
AmusA, A.Mus.A.abbreviation of 'Associate in Music Australia (AMEB)'
amüsant(German) priceless (colloquial: amusing), fun (colloquial), funnily, diverting, enjoyable, amusingly, amusing, enchanting
amusant (m.), amusante (f.)(French) funny (joke), enjoyable (evening), entertaining
AmusDabbreviation of 'Doctor of Musical Arts'
Amuse-gueule(French m.) appetizer
Amusement (s.), Amusements (pl.)(French m.) amusement, diversion (to pass the time)
(French m.) a short composition in an easy, pleasing style
Amüsement(German n.) amusement
Amusements champêtres(French m. pl.) by the seventeenth century, the new fashion of amusements champêtres was all the rage amongst the nobility. These amusements were a type of outdoor recreational event where the courtiers would play at being shepherds in Arcadia. The courtiers imagined or possibly even believed that the shepherds in Arcadia in ancient mythology used to play the musette, so by singing and dancing with this instrument they felt themselves to be recreating their own little piece of Arcadia
amuser(French) to amuse, to distract (attention from)
Amuseur(French m.) pejorative term for an entertainer
AmusiaAmusie (German f.), also called dysmusia, a general term referring to any neurological disorder which interferes with musical functioning. Amusias might include musical alexia (lost ability to read music), musical agraphia (lost ability to notate music), musical anomia (lost ability to name works, composers, styles, etc.), tone deafness (which is also called 'tune deafness' or 'dysmelodia', the lack of an ability to recognise or sing a tune, smaller pitch interval, etc.) and so on
Amusie(German f.) amusia
Amüsier dich!(German) Amuse yourself!
amüsieren(German) to amuse, to beguile
amüsierend(German) amusing
amüsiert(German) amuses, amused
amüsiert sein(German) to be tickled (amused)
amüsierte(German) amused
Amüsierviertel(German n.) nightclub district
amusisch(German) unartistic
AMusLCMabbreviation of 'Associate in Music, London College of Music'
AMusTCLabbreviation of 'Associate in Music, Trinity College of Music, London'
a mutuo(Spanish) on loan
a muy buena distancia de(Spanish) very far away from, a great deal away from, a good distance away from
am Verblühen(German) overblown
am verdaulichsten(German) most digestible
am vereinbarten Ort(German) at the place agreed on
am verfluchtesten(German) most cursed
am vergesslichsten(German) most forgetful
am Verkaufstag(German) on the day of sale
am Verkümmern sein(German) to be stunted
am Verlust beteiligt sein(German) to participate in a loss
am vernünftigsten(German) most reasonably, most reasonable
am verrücktesten(German) craziest
am Versandort(German) at the point of departure
am verstohlensten(German) stealthiest
am vollsten(German) fullest
am Vorabend(German) overnight
am Vorabend von(German) on the eve of
am Vormittag(German) midmorning, before noon, before midday, in the morning
am vorsichtigsten(German) most cautious, most cautiously
am Vortag(German) the previous day
am Wachsen(German) growing
am Waldrand(German) at the edge of the woods, on the edge of the woods, at the edge of the forest, on the edge of the forest
am wärmsten(German) warmest
am Wasser(German) waterside, at the water
am wässerigsten(German) most watery, wateriest
am wässrigsten(German) wateriest
am Wegesrand(German) wayside, by the wayside
am weichsten(German) softest
am weidgerechtesten(German) most expertly
am weitesten(German) widest, furthest, farthest
am weitesten entfernt(German) farthermost, furthermost
am weitesten entfernt von(German) furthest from
am weitesten verbreitet(German) most prevalent
am wenigsten(German) at least, fewest of all, least, least of all
am wenigsten beeinträchtigt(German) least affected
am wenigsten flexibel(German) most inflexible
am wichtigsten(German) of capital importance, most important, of prime importance
am wichtigsten aber(German) but most importantly
am wirklichkeitsfremdesten(German) most unrealistic, most unrealistically
am Wochenende(German) at the weekend, on the weekend
am Wochenende ausschlafen(German) to have a lie-in at the weekend
Amygdala(English, German f.) a brain structure with strong connections to the hippocampus and other structures of the limbic system that is vital to emotional arousal and the formation of long-term memories
Amygdale(French f.) tonsil
am zähesten(German) toughest
am Zahlungsort(German) in the place of payment
am zartesten(German) tenderest
am zentralsten(German) most central, most centrally
am Ziel(German) at the finish
am Ziel vorbeischießen(German) to miss the mark
am zufälligsten(German) most accidental