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flat sign(German n.) or B, the flat sign
be.abbreviation of bezüglich (German: regarding, with reference to)
b.e.abbreviation of 'binding edge'
beabsichtigen(German) to intend, to aim, to mean, to contemplate, to design, to have in view, to plan, to propose (plan), to purpose
beabsichtigend(German) intending, purposing
beabsichtigen ein Haus zu bauen(German) to propose to build a house
beabsichtigt(German) intended, intentional, intends, deliberate (intentional), with intent, wilful, wilfully, meant, purposes
beabsichtigte(German) purposed
beabsichtigt für(German) intended for, meant for
beabstanden(German) to space
Beach musicalso known as 'Carolina beach music', a regional genre which developed from various musical styles of the forties, fifties and sixties. These styles ranged from big band swing instrumentals to the more raucous sounds of blues/jump blues, doo-wop, boogie, rhythm and blues. rockabilly and old-time rock and roll
beachte meine Worte(German) mind my words
Beachten(German n.) heeding, minding, noting
beachten(German) to pay attention, to heed, to respect, to mind, to note, to notice, to take notice of, to observe, to follow, to bear in mind, to mark, to attend, to care, to consider, to keep in mind, to observe, to pay regard to, to regard, to show consideration for, to take account of, to take into account
beachtend(German) minding (archaic), noticing, observant, observing, noting
beachten, dass(German) to consider that
Beachten Sie bitte, dass ...(German) Please remember that ...
beachtenswert(German) remarkable, notably, noteworthily, noteworthy, estimable, notable, worth noting, worth paying attention, worth respecting, worthy of note
beachtenswerter(German) more remarkable
beachtenswerteste(German) most remarkable, noteworthiest
beachtet(German) heeded, heeds, minded, observed, minds, noted
beachtete(German) heeded, paid attention to, minded
beachtet werden(German) to receive attention
beachtlich(German) considerable, noticeable, remarkable, respectable, signal, striking, substantial (considerable), sensible (difference, increase, etc.), notable (difference, improvement)
beachtliche Leistung(German f.) no mean feat
beachtliche Niederlage(German f.) signal defeat
beachtlicher(German) more considerable
beachtlicher Fehlschlag(German m.) signal failure
beachtlichste(German) most considerable
Beachtung(German f.) observance, heed, attention, notice, observation, regard, recognition
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Beachtung der Wahrheit(German f.) attention to truth
Beachtung erregen(German) to attract attention, to attract custom, to attract notice
Beachtung finden(German) to attract attention, to attract interest
Beachtung kleiner Einzelheiten(German f.) attention paid to small details
Beachtung schenken(German) to attach value
Beachtungsbedürfnis(German n.) attention-seeking
Beachtung von Einzelheiten(German f.) attention to detail
Beachvolleyball(German m.) beach volleyball
beackern(German) to plough
Beagle(English, German m.) one of a breed of small hounds having short legs, drooping ears, and a smooth coat with white, black, and tan markings
Beamcoda (Italian), barre (French), Balken (German), ligature
horizontal line linking two or more notes that individually would have had flags
see 'note'
the beam that is furthest from the noteheads, and remains unbroken, and connects a group of notes is called a primary beam. Any beam other than than the primary beam is a secondary beam and may be broken, often dividing the grouping into smaller units for easier reading
beamen(German) to beam
Beamer(German m.) data projector, computer projector, video projector
Beamingsee 'beam'
Beamtenapparat(German m.) bureaucracy
Beamtenaufnahmeprüfung(German f.) civil servant entrance examination
Beamtenbeleidigung(German f.) libelling an official, insulting an official
Beamtendeutsch(German n.) officialese
Beamtenjargon(German n.) officialese
Beamtenlaufbahn(German f.) career in the civil service, civil service career
Beamtensprache(German f., dated) officialese
Beamtenstaat(German m.) bureaucratic state
Beamtentum(German n.) officialdom
Beamter (m.), Beamte (f.), Beamte (pl.)(German) clerk (civil servant), officer, civil servant, public servant, officer of the crown, official, public official, registrar (dated)
Beamter am Sozialamt(German m.) social welfare officer
Beamter der Einwanderungsbehörde(German m.) immigration officer
Beamter sein(German) to be a civil servant
Beamteter (m.), Beamtete (f.)(German) official
beängstigen(German) to frighten
beängstigend(German) alarming, scary, appalling, daunting, alarmingly, frightening
beängstigende Aufgabe(German f.) daunting task
beängstigt(German) frightens, cowed (dated), frightened (dated)
Bean kingsee Bohnenkönig
beanspruchbar(German) claimable, stress-resistant
beanspruchen(German) to claim, to demand, to take up (time, room), to stress (engineering), to strain, to arrogate (assert one's right or title to, or one's ownership of), to engross (to devote oneself fully to)
beanspruchend(German) claimed, engrossing, claiming
beansprucht(German) engrossed, engrosses, claimed, strained
beanspruchte(German) claimed
beanspruchter Kredit(German m.) credit used
Beanspruchung(German f.) strain, stress, load
beanstanden(German) to find fault with, to make a complaint about, to object to, to query
beanstandend(German) objecting to
Beanstandender(German m.) complainant
beanstandet(German) faulty, unclean, queried
beanstandete(German) objected to
beanstandete Ware(German f.) defective goods, rejected goods
Beanstandung(German f.) complaint, objection, reclamation
béant (m.), béante (f.)(French) gaping
beantragen(German) to apply for, to propose (for), to make an application for something, to move for (in Parliament)
beantragt(German) applies for, requested
Beantragung(German f.) application
beantwortbar(German) answerable (of a question), responsible
beantworten(German) to answer, to reply
beantwortend(German) answering
Beantworter(German m.) answerphone, answering machine
beantwortet(German) responds, answered, answers
beantwortete(German) responded, answered
Beantwortung (s.), Beantwortungen (pl.)(German f.) reply, answer
(German f.) in a fugue, answer, response or comes
Beantwortung eines Briefes(German f.) answer of a letter
bearb.abbreviation of bearbeitet von (German: revised by, reworked by, compiled by, arranged by, transcribed by - followed by name(s) of arranger(s), etc.), bearbeitet für (German: revised for, arranged for, compiled by, transcribed for - followed by name(s) of instrument(s))
bearbeidet(Norwegian) revised, arranged
bearbeitbar(German) workable, processable
bearbeiten(German, literally 'to rework') to arrange, to revise, to process, to treat, to adapt (theatre), to pester, to pummel, to edit, to machine work, to hew, to belabour, to finish, to handle, to treat, to elaborate (theme, etc.), to ply (with drink)
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
bearbeitend(German) machining, processing
Bearbeiten eines Dokuments(German n.) editing a document
bearbeiten mit(German) to ply with
Bearbeiter (m.) Bearbeiterin (f.)(German) arranger, compiler, author, reviser, editor, transcriber, processor, adapter, caseworker
bearbeitet(German) worked, elaborated, arranged, revised, adapted, edits, machined, wrought, processed
bearbeitete(German) edited
bearbeitete neu(German) reprocessed
bearbeitet für(German) elaborated for, arranged for, revised for, adapted for, transcribed for
bearbeitet für das Radio(German) adapted for the radio
bearbeitet neu(German) reprocesses
bearbeitet von(German) worked by, elaborated by, arranged by, compiled by, revised by, adapted by, transcribed by
Bearbeitung (s.), Bearbeitungen (pl.)(German f.) arrangement (musical work, etc.), revision, compilation, edition, reworking, transcription (musical work), processing, editing, adaptation, handling, manipulation, process, treatment, work, workmanship, machining, edition
Bearbeitung der Eingangspost(German f.) processing of incoming mail
Bearbeitung eines Textes(German f.) adaptation of a text
bearbeitungsbereit(German) ready for editing
Bearbeitungsdauer(German f.) processing time
Bearbeitungsfehler(German m.) defect in workmanship
Bearbeitungsfläche(German f.) working surface
Bearbeitungsgebühr(German f.) arrangement fee, handling charge, processing fee, handling fee
Bearbeitungskosten(German pl.) handling charges, handling cost
Bearbeitung von Anträgen(German f.) processing of applications
Bearbeitung von Dokumenten(German f.) handling of documents
Bearbeitung von Werkstoffen(German f.) machining of materials
bearbejdet(Danish) revised
bearbetad(Swedish) revised
Bear dance(Great Basin Native Americans) a dance performed to request enough food for the tribe
béarnaise(French, after Béarn, in the western Pyrenees) a sauce made of butter, egg-yolks and vinegar, flavoured with tarragon
Bear-pipesee Bärpfeife
bearsi(Italian) to delight
bearsi di(Italian) to delight in
Beast fablea short, simple narrative with speaking animals as characters designed to teach a moral or social truth
Beasts of battlea motif common in medieval Germanic literature (including Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and continental German poems) in which a raven, a wolf, and an eagle (or vulture) appear in short sequence - often one right after another. Because these three creatures scavenge the bodies of fallen warriors, they together serve as quick foreshadowing that a battle is about to occur
Beat(English, German m.) tiempo (Spanish), tempi (Italian), battuta (Italian), temps (French), battement de mesure (French), Takt (German), Taktschlag (German), Zeit (im Takt) (German)
a heavy stress or accent in a line of poetry, the number of beats or stresses in a line usually determining the meter of the line
rhythmic pulse in a piece of music
the motion of a conductor's hand or baton when beating time
in military drumming, certain signals given by the sound of the drum, of which the principal are the 'general', the 'assembly', the 'reveille' and the 'retreat'
a musical ornament variously described as being like a mordent, a battement or a rising appoggiatura
'beatings' or des reflemens (French), in acoustics, when two notes (for example, as on an organ) both sustained and slightly out of tune with one another, cause a throbbing in the sound which as the two notes approach a perfect unison, become less frequent
in the theatre, the smallest division of action in a play, the length of time necessary for a character to play an 'objective' (also called 'intention') from beginning to end. The term is also applied to a very short pause in the action
Beatae memoriae(Latin) of blessed memory (often ironical)
Beata simplicitas(Latin) holy simplicity, the naïveté of the saintly
béat (m.), béate (f.)(French) blissful, smug (prejorative)
Beata Virgo Maria(Latin) Blessed Virgin Mary
Beatbewegung(German f.) beat movement
Beatboxing(English, German n.) the vocal percussion of hip hop culture and music. Considered by many to be a fifth element of hip-hop, it is primarily concerned with the art of creating beats, rhythms, and melodies using the mouth. It can also involve singing, vocal scratching (the imitation of turntable skills), the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments, and the replication of a vast array of sound effects
Beatae memoriae(Latin) of blessed memory
Beatertongue or clapper in a bell, a striking stick or metal rod used to sound percussion instruments (drums, bells, cymbals, xylophone, etc.) in automatic music players
Beat frequencya throbbing or undulating effect taking place in rapid succession when two notes not quite of the same pitch are sounded together - if two notes are one cycle per second apart in pitch there will be a one beat per second difference tone or 'beat'
Beat Generation(German f.) beat generation
Beat generationthe phrase "Beat generation" arose out of a specific conversation between Jack Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes in 1948. They were discussing the nature of generations, recollecting the glamour of the Lost Generation, and Kerouac said, "Ah, this is nothing but a beat generation." They talked about whether it was a "found generation" (as Kerouac sometimes called it), an "angelic generation", or some other epithet. But Kerouac waved away the question and said beat generation - not meaning to name the generation, but to unname it. Jack Clellon Holmes's celebrated article in late 1952 in the New York Times Magazine carried the headline title This Is the Beat Generation. That caught the public eye. Then Kerouac annonymously published a fragment of On the Road called Jazz of the Beat Generation, and that reinforced the curiously poetic phrase. So that's the early history of the term
Beatific Visionthe vision of God in heaven which is the final destiny of redeemed souls
Beating reedstriking reed, anche battante (French f.), ancia battente (Italian f.), aufschlagendes Rohrblatt (German n.), Gegenschlagzunge (German f.)
Beating the nevbetin the Central Asian Turkish tradition, the banging of the big drum in front of the ruler's pavilion on certain specified days in order to demonstrate his power was known as 'beating the nevbet.' This was regarded as a means of demonstrating the ruler's might to friend and foe alike, and was particularly intended to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy
Beating timemarking the divisions or parts of a bar by means of the head, hand or foot such that the head (arm or foot) is raised on the unaccented part of the bar (measure) and lowered on the accented part of the bar (measure)
Beating the strawsa technique where two people play a single fiddle at the same time, with one player using the bow and fingers, while another player stands to the side and taps out a rhythm on the fiddle strings using small sticks called fiddlesticks (also spelled "fiddle sticks")
Beatitud(Spanish f.) bliss (figurative)
Béatitude(French f.) bliss
Beatitudine(Italian f.) bliss
beatitudo(Spanish) blessed, sanctimonious
Beat jugglingthe act of manipulating individual drum beats, or vocal phrases, in order to create a unique composition, using multiple turntables and one or more mixers. This can involve pauses, scratching, backspins and delays. It could be seen as fingertip sampling, and the turntable and mixer combination could be seen as an instrument from which sounds are made, from the sounds of other instruments
Beat-Juggling(German n.) beat juggling
Beatles, Thehugely influential popular music group who recorded over 212 songs in the period 1962-1970
Beatmatching(English, German n.) a technique employed by DJs to transition between two songs while performing either live at a club or event, for radio broadcast or for distribution on prerecorded mix tapes/cds, achieved by changing the tempo of a new track to match that of the currently playing track, then mixing between the two so there is no pause between songs
beatmen(German) to ventilate
Beatmer(German m.) respirator
Beat movementalso called the 'Beat generation', an American social and artistic movement of the 1950s and 1960s, that sought personal liberation through drugs, music (mainly Jazz) and Eastern mysticism. Its writers favoured sponteneity and free forms
Beatmung(German f.) breathing, ventilation
Beatmungsgerät(German n.) respirator, ventilator, respiration apparatus
Beatmungsmaske(German f.) respiratory mask
Beatmusik(German f.) beat music
Beat musicBritish pop music of the 1960s which in its purest form is known as 'Mersey beat'. The music had catchy tunes, a guitar-dominated line-up and vocal harmonisation. The groups that in their early work most typified this movement were The Beatles and the Hollies
Beatnik(English, German m.) the term 'Beatnik' was first coined by Herb Caen in an article published by the San Francisco Chronicle on April 2, 1958. Caen coined the term by essentially Russifying the earlier term, Beat generation. Emblematic of this new stereotype were men wearing goatees and berets, rolling their own cigarettes, and playing bongos. Fashions for women included black leotards and wearing their hair long, straight, and unadorned. This was a rebellion against the middle-class standards of the time which expected women to get permanent treatments for their hair. Beatnik philosophy included an openness to US African-American culture and arts, apparent in beatnik music and literature, such as their love of jazz
  • Beatnik from which this information has been drawn
Beato (m.), Beata (f.), Beati (pl.), Beate (f. pl.)(Italian) a holy man or woman, someone venerated for the saintliess
beato (m.), beata (f.)(Italian) blissful, blessed (religious)
Beatrix(German f.) Beatrice
Beatus(Latin) the blessed one
Beatus of Liebanaauthor of Commentarius Super Apocalypsum, which was written in about 926 and contains illuminations showing many musical instruments of that period
Beau (m.), Beaus (pl.)(German m.) beau (dandy), dandy (archaic terms)
Beau (s.), Beaux (pl.)(French) one who dresses well and has fine manners, a person who pays marked attention to a woman
beau(French) see bel
Beauceron(English, German m. from French) a herding dog breed from the plains region, between the Seine and Loire rivers, surrounding Paris, France, known as La Beauce
Beauchamp-Feuillet notationa system of dance notation used in Baroque dance, originally commissioned by Louis XIV (who had founded the Académie Royale de Danse in 1661), and devised in the 1680s by Pierre Beauchamp. It was published in 1700 by Raoul Auger Feuillet, who began a programme of publishing notated dances. It was used to record dances for the stage and domestic use throughout the eighteenth century, being modified by Pierre Rameau in 1725, and surviving into at least the 1780s in various modified forms
Beau chant(French m.) bel canto
beaucoup(French) much, a lot, very much, many (people)
beaucoup de(French) many (number), a lot of (quantity)
beaucoup de chemin à faire(French) a long way to go
Beau esprit (s.) Beaux esprits (pl.)(French, literally 'fine wits') someone who is clever in his or her speech or writing
Beau-fils(French m.) son-in-law, stepson
Beaufort Seaa part of the Arctic Ocean north of northeast Alaska and northwest Canada extending from Point Barrow, Alaska, to the Canadian Arctic
Beaufort scalea scale of wind strength based on visual assessment of the effects of wind on seas and vegetation
Beaufortsee(German f.) Beaufort Sea
Beaufortskala(German f.) Beaufort scale
Beau-frère(French m.) brother-in-law
beaufschlagen(German) to impinge, to admit (turbine, generator)
Beaufschlagung(German f.) impact, admission flow (turbine, generator)
Beaufsichtigen(German n.) supervision, oversight
beaufsichtigen(German) to supervise, to superintend, to oversee, to be in charge of, to invigilate, to proctor (to supervise particularly an examination or dormitory in a school, college, etc.)
beaufsichtigend(German) controlling, overseeing, proctoring, superintending, supervising
Beaufsichtigender (m.), Beaufsichtigende (f.)(German) peer
beaufsichtigt(German) controlled, oversees, superintends, supervises, proctored, supervised, superintended, proctors
beaufsichtigte(German) overseen, proctored, superintended, supervised
Beaufsichtigung(German f.) supervision, oversight
beauftragen(German) to instruct, to commission (a work of art), to charge with, to assign, to delegate
beauftragend(German) charging with
beauftragen zu zahlen(German) to authorise to pay
beauftragt(German) charges with, ordered, commissioned, delegated, charged (assigned), charges
beauftragte(German) delegated
beauftragte Firma(German f.) contractor
Beauftragte organisierter Interessensgruppen(German pl.) lobby
beauftragte Person(German f.) person commissioned (appointed, mandated, etc.)
Beauftragter (m.), Beauftragte (f.), Beauftragten (pl.)(German) agent, appointee, man of business (m.), commissary, designee, representative, commissioner, private attorney, mandatee
beauftragter Richter(German m.) referee
beauftragt mit(German) charged with
Beauftragung(German f.) commission
beaugapfeln(German) to ogle
beäugeln(German) to ogle
beäugen(German) to eye, to ogle
Beau geste(French m.) a magnanimous gesture
Beau idéal(French m.) the abstract idea of beauty
(English, pseudo-French) the ideal type or model of anything (although this meaning assumes mistakenly that beau is the adjective and idéal the noun
Beaujoyeulx, Balthasar de
an Italian violinist, composer and chereographer who came to Paris in 1555. Thanks to his gift of organizing fêtes at the royal court, he made rapid gains in his career. As a personal servant to Catherine de' Medici (1519 - 1589) he participated in masquerades Defense du Paradis, Ballet Aux Ambassadeurs Polonais, and his most important work, the Ballet Comique de la Reine in 1581, which is considered the first ballet de cour and included elements of speech and drama as well as dance
Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de (1732-1799)French dramatist whose greatest comedies Le Barbie de Seville (1775) and Le Mariage de Figero (1778, but banned until 1784) would form the basis of operas composed by Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Beau monde(French m.) Society, the world of fashion
Beau-père(French m.) father-in-law, stepfather
Beau-pot(French m.) a large ornamental vase for cut flowers
beau plus(French) much more
Beauté (s.), Beautés (pl.)(German f. (dated), French f.) beauty, beauties (plural form)
Beautiful Musicbeautiful music was a mostly-instrumental music format that was prominent in American radio from the 1960s through the 1980s. "Mood music", "easy listening", "elevator music", and (inaccurately) "Muzak" are other common terms for the format and the style of music that it featured. Beautiful Music can also be regarded as a subset of MOR (middle-of-the-road) music
beau trop(French) much too much
Beauty"Is not beauty in music too often confused with something which lets the ears lie back in an easy-chair? Many sounds that we are used to do not bother us, and for that reason are we not too easily inclined to call them beautiful?"
Charles Ives (1874-1954) American composer
Beauty (s.), Beautys (pl.)(German f.) beauty, beauties (plural form)
Beautyshop quarteta term used by some women's 'barbershop' quartets, particularly in U.S. schools, for women's quartets singing in the barbershop style, and for barbershop quartets in drag (i.e. men dressed as women)
Beautyshop-Quartett(German n.) beautyshop quartet
Beaux-arts(French m. pl.) the Fine Arts
Beaux-parents(French m. pl.) parents-in-law
Beaux-yeux(French m. pl.) good looks (espicially where these lead to someone's benefit)
beballern(German) to bombard
bebändert(German) ribboned
bebaubar(German) arable, cultivable
Bebaubarkeit(German f.) development potential
bebauen(German) to farm, to cultivate, to build on
bebauend(German) cropping, cultivating, tilling
bebaut(German) cropped, cultivates, tills, built-up, cultivated, developed
bebaute(German) cultivated, tilled
bebautes Gebiet(German n.) built-up area
Bebauung(German f.) development, cultivation
bebauungsfähig(German) arable
Bebauungsgebiet(German n.) building area, development area
Bebauungsplan(German m.) local plan, legally binding land-use plan, zoning map (US)
bebauungsplanmäßige Nutzung(German f.) use conforming with the binding land-use plan
Bebè(Italian) baby
Bebé(Spanish m.) baby
Bébé(French m.) baby
Bebedero(Spanish m.) drinking trough, watering place
Bebedizo(Spanish m.) potion, poison
bebedizo(Spanish) drinkable
Bebedor(Spanish m.) heavy drinker
bebedor(Spanish) drinking
Beben(German n.) tremor, shaking, quake
beben(German) to tremble, to quake, to quiver, to shake, to shudder, to waver, to tremor
bebend(German) tremulous, quivering, quaking, quaky, quiveringly, tremulously, quavery, quavering, shaking
(German) trembling, tremolando (Italian), tremolierend (German), trembloté (French), trémolo (French, Spanish)
bebender Boden(German m.) shaking floor
Beben der Erde(German n.) quaking of the earth
Beben der Furcht(German n.) tremor of fear
bebende Stimme(German f.) trembling voice, wavering voice, quavering voice
Bébé-éprouvette(French m./f.) test-tube baby
beber(Spanish) to drink
Bebida(Spanish f.) drink, beverage, drinking (activity)
Bebida carbonatada(Spanish f.) carbonated beverage, fizzy drink (colloquial)
Bebida láctea(Spanish f.) milky drink
Bebida no alcohólica(Spanish f.) non-alcoholic drink
bebido (m.), bebida (f.)(Spanish) tipsy, drunk
bebildern(German) to illustrate
bebildert(German) illustrated
bebilderte Anzeige(German f.) illustrated advertisement
bebilderte Beilage(German f.) pictorial supplement, illustrated supplement
bebilderte Bücher(German pl.) pictorial books, picture books
bebilderter Farbprospekt(German m.) illustrated colour brochure
bebilderter Katalog(German m.) illustrated catalogue
bebildertes Farbprospekt(German n.) illustrated colour brochure
Bebilderung(German f.) illustration
Bebisation(English, German f.) a system of solmisation first published in 1623 by a theorist named Daniel Hitzler (1576-1635)
the notes received the following syllable names:
note ab flatcdefgb naturalc sharpd sharpe flatf sharpg sharp
syllable name labecedemifegebicidimefigi
Bebop(English, German m.) also bop, a complex 1940s jazz style, characterized by very fast or very slow tempos with improvised lines of quavers (eighth notes), irregular accents, and extended harmony (the 'higher intervals' of the chords (9th, 11th and 13th) were emphasized in improvised passagework and in piano chord voicings, and alterations were used more freely than before, especially the augmented 11th), the patterns often ending with an abrupt two-note figure that sounded like be-bop. 'Contrafacts' and their harmonic innovations were an outgrowth of bebop ideology, which was characterized by Afro-centrism and emphasis on virtuosity
Bebop scalesa feature of bebop scales is that when they are played in quavers (8ths), up or down, you automatically play a note featured in the corresponding chord on every 4/4 beat
a bebop scale is created by adding either
a major seventh to a Mixolydian mode
a major third to a Dorian mode
a sharpened fifth or a flattened sixth to a tonic scale
Bebop-Skala(German f.) bebop scale
bebrillt(German) bespectacled, spectacled
bebrütet(German) incubated (eggs), hatched (eggs)
bebt(German) quakes
bebte(German) quaked, quivered
Bebung(English, German f., from beben (German), literally 'to tremble') a tremolo effect achieved by rocking the finger on the key of a clavichord while the tangent is in contact with a sounding string
on a stringed instrument without keys, it is done by the quick balancing of a finger on the string
on a wind instrument, a flattement effect, a finger vibrato. Thus Carl Grenser in an article in Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung (1828) writes: "I just want to add for further clarity, that the Bebung consists in a slower or faster alternation of a bright and a muted sound of the same pitch, or very similar pitches." Lichtmann Müller, in Elementarbuch für Flötenspieler (1817), writes: "The Bebung - the tremolo or breath vibrate is indicated either by the italian term tremolo (trem.), or through more or fewer dots above one note, according to whether this ornament has to be played more slowly or faster"
a tremulant stop found in some German organs, also called Schwebung
Bec(French m.) mouthpiece (of a musical instrument like a recorder, flageolet or a clarinet), boquilla (Spanish f.), embocadura (Spanish f.), becco (Italian m.), Schnabel (German m.)
(French m.)beak, nib (pen), spout (kettle), mouth
(French m.) quill (plectrum)
bec.abbreviation of 'because'
Beca(Spanish f.) grant, scholarship
Bécane(French f.) bike
Becario(Spanish m.) scholarship holder, scholar
natural sign(French m.) the natural sign, Auflösungszeichen (German)
bécarre(French) indicates a major key, for example, fa bécarre, F major
beccare(Italian) peck, catch (figurative)
natural flat sign(French m.) the natural flat sign
natural sharp sign(French m.) the natural sharp sign
beccarsi(Italian) to quarrel
Becchino(Italian m.) grave-digger
Becco(Italian m.) mouthpiece (of a musical instrument like a recorder, flageolet or a clarinet), boquilla (Spanish f.), embocadura (Spanish f.), Schnabel (German m.), bec (French m.)
(Italian m.) spout (teapot, etc.)
Becco polacco(Italian m.) a large bagpipe, used in some parts of Italy
Bec-de-cane(French m.) door handle
Bec-de-gaz(French m.) gas lamp (street lamp)
Becerro(Spanish m.) calf
Bech.abbreviation of 'Bechuanaland' (now Botswana)
Béchamelalso Béchamel sauce or sauce béchamel (French f.), a white sauce of butter, flour, and milk or cream, named for Louis de Béchamel (1603-1703)
Béchamelsauce(German f.) béchamel (sauce)
Béchamelsoße(German f.) béchamel (sauce)
Bêche(French f.) spade
Bêche-de-mer(French f., from the Portuguese bicho do mar, 'sea-worm') sea slug, eaten as a delicacy by the Chinese
Becher (s./pl.)(German m.) beaker, mug, carton (for cream, etc.), bell (of a woodwind instrument), chalice, cup, goblet, tumbler (glass beaker), jar, tub (ice-cream, margarine, etc.)
bêcher(French) to dig
Becherform(German f.) dariole (a French term referring to a small, cylindrical mould, as well as to the dessert baked in it)
becherförmig(German) cup-shaped
Becherglas (s.), Bechergläser (pl.)(German n.) tumbler, beaker
Becherhalter(German m.) tumbler holder, cupholder
bechern(German) to booze
Becherrand(German m.) rim of the mug
Becijferde bas(Dutch) figured bass
becircen(German) to bewitch, to sweet-talk
Beckabbreviated form of Becken
Becken (s./pl.)(German n.) cymbal, cymbals, basin, pool (swimming), pelvis (anatomy), bowl, large valley, enclosed basin, enclosed hollow
Becken-(German) pelvic (prefix)
Beckenbruch(German m.) pelvic fracture
Beckenendlage(German f.) breech presentation (childbirth)
beckenförmig(German) basin-shaped, pelviform
Beckenfraktur(German f.) pelvic fracture
Beckenkuppe(German f.) dome of the cymbal
Beckenschlag(German m.) cymbal clash
Beckenschlägel(German m.) cymbal stick
Beckenschläger ( m.) cymbal player, cimbalist
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Beckentrommel(German f.) goblet-shaped drum, goblet drum
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Becker'sche Muskeldystrophie(German f.) Becker's muscular dystrophy
Becker's muscular dystrophya hereditary disease in which the muscles weaken and waste away; similar to Duchenne muscular dystrophy but starts later in life and advances more slowly
Beckflöte(German f., archaic) recorder
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
Beckmesser(German m.) pedantic critic, carper (a person who is always criticising)
Beckmesserei(German f.) slavish observance of the finest details of rules, carping
natural sign(Spanish) the natural sign
Bedin printing, that part of a platen press that the form is laid on, or the part of a flat cylinder press that a plate is laid on
BEd, B.Ed.abbreviation of 'Bachelor of Education'
Beda(German) the Venerable Bede (673-735), monk of Jarrow, biblical scholar and first English historian
bedachen(German) to put the roof on
bedachend(German) roofing
Bedacht(German m.) advisedness, concernment, deliberation, consideration, caution
bedacht(German) cautious, attentively, attentive, careful, considered, deliberate, intent, prudent, thoughtful, preconceived
bedacht auf(German) concerned about, considerate of, anxious for
bedacht auf Frieden(German) anxious for peace
bedachte(German) considered, preconceived
bedächtig(German) slow, cool, thoughtful, careful, deliberate, carefully, cautious, slowly, deliberately, placidly, measured (voice, tone)
bedächtig antworten(German) to answer deliberately, to answer leisurely
bedächtiger(German) more cautious
Bedächtigkeit(German f.) deliberation, thoughtfulness
bedächtigste(German) most cautious
Bedachtnahme(German f.) consideration
bedachtsam(German) considerate, advised, deliberate
Bedachtsamkeit(German f.) thoughtfulness
Bedachung (s.), Bedachungen (pl.)(German f.) roofing
Bedachung mit Blech(German f.) sheet-metal roofing (roof cladding)
Bedachungsmaterial(German n.) roof cladding
Bedaine(French f.) paunch
bedampfen(German) to vaporise, to evaporate
bedampfend(German) vaporising
bedampft(German) vaporised
Bedampfung(German f.) evaporation
Bedankemichbrief(German m.) letter of thanks
bedankend(German) thanking
bedankt(German) thanked, thanks
bedankte(German) thanked
Bedarf(German m.) need, demand, want, needs, consumption, requirement, requirements, requisites
Bedarf an(German m.) need of
Bedarf der Kunden(German m.) customers' requirements, requirements of the customers
Bedarfsanalyse(German f.) needs assessment
Bedarfsanforderung(German f.) requisition
Bedarfsartikel(German m.) commodity, commodities, requisites
Bedarfsdeckungsgüter(German pl.) convenience goods
Bedarfsdeckungswirtschaft(German f.) subsistence economy
Bedarfsfall, im(German) see im Bedarfsfall
Bedarfsformular(German n.) request form
bedarfsgemäß(German) according to requirements
bedarfsgerecht(German) need-based, demand-lead
bedarfsorientiert(German) demand-oriented, demand-orientated
bedarfsorientierte Leistungen(German pl.) means-tested benefits
Bedarfsträger(German m.) public agency, public utility (provider), essential user, user (logistics)
Bedarfsvorhersage(German f.) demand forecast
Bedarfsweckung(German f.) demand creation
bedarf zur Gültigkeit der Schriftform(German) must be in writing in order to be effective
Bedatung(German f.) data input, input of data
Bedauere, dieser Platz ist besetzt.(German) Sorry, this seat is taken.
bedauerlich(German) deplorable, regrettable, regrettably, sad, unfortunately, commiserable, untoward, woeful, woefully
bedauerlicherweise(German) unfortunately, regretfully, regrettably, woefully, say to say (regrettably)
bedauerlich zu hören(German) disagreeable to hear
Bedauern(German n.) regret, sympathy, compunction, sorrow, regretfulness
bedauern(German) to regret, to feel sorry for, to deplore, to be sorry, to commiserate
bedauernd(German) commiserative, deploring, regretful, regretting, regrettingly, worrying, commiseratively, deploringly, regretfully
bedauern, dass(German) to have regrets that, to regret that
bedauern sagen zu müssen, dass...(German) to regret to say that...
bedauernswert(German) pitiful, regrettable, pitiable, deplorable, deplorably, pitiably, lamentable, unfortunate, pathetic
bedauernswerte Kreatur(German f.) silly creature, pathetic creature
bedauernswerter(German) more pitiable
bedauernswerter Kerl(German m.) poor fellow
bedauernswerteste(German) most pitiable
bedauert(German) deplores, regrets, regretted
bedauerte(German) deplored, regretted
Bedaure!(German) Sorry!
Bede, the Venerable
monk of Jarrow, biblical scholar and first English historian
bedecken(German) to cover, to suffuse, to coat (with), to bespread, to cap, to cloak, to coat, to deck, to deck with, to decorate, to overspread, to spread
bedeckend(German) canopying, capping, sheltering, suffusing, covering, smothering
bedeckt(German) muffled (in this sense this word is used in connection with kettle-drums)
(German, probably archaic) verdeckt or stopped, in this sense, playing only notes that are stopped (particularly, playing a passge on a lower string in order to avoid including any open string notes as a means of preserving an equality of tone)
(German) capped, coated, suffuses, covers, clouded, smothered, covered, overcast (sky)
bedeckte(German) covered, canopied, sheltered, suffused, overspread
bedeckte Sonne(German f.) clouded sun
bedeckter Himmel(German m.) overcast sky
Bedecktheit(German f.) dullness (of sky)
bedeckt und vereinzelt Regen(German) overcast and occasional rain
Bedeckung (s.), Bedeckungen (pl.)(German f.) encrustation, coat, coating, cover, shield, spread, tegument (a natural protective covering of the body, site of the sense of touch)
Bedeckungsgrad des Himmels mit Wolken(German m.) cloud coverage
Bedeichung(German f.) installation of dykes
Bedenken (s./pl.)(German n.) doubt, misgiving, objection, qualm, scruples (plural form), concerns (plural form), reservations (plural form), scrupulousness (plural form)
bedenken(German) to think of, to preconceive, to consider, to mind, to take into consideration
Bedenken aus Sicht der Arbeitssicherheit(German pl.) health and safety concerns
Bedenken aufkommen lassen(German) to raise concern
Bedenken auslöschen(German) to silence scruples
Bedenken beschwichtigen(German) to silence scruples
bedenkend(German) preconceiving
bedenken, dass(German) to consider that
bedenken, dass ...(German) to bear in mind that ..., to keep in mind that ...
Bedenken haben(German) to have reservations, to have scruples, to be embarrassed
bedenkenlos(German) unhesitating, unhesitatingly, unscrupulously, prompt, unscrupulous, without worries, without hesitation, unconsidered
bedenkenswert sein(German) to be worth considering
Bedenkenträger(German pl.) sceptical people
Bedenken und Anregungen(German) objections and suggestions, suggestions and representations
Bedenken zeigen(German) to raise doubts
Bedenken zurückstellen(German) to waive scruples, to set aside scruples
bedenklich(German) doubtful, dubious, worrying, serious, questionable, apprehensive, scrupulous, critical, apprehensively, scrupulously, alarming, dangerous, precarious
bedenklicher Charakter(German m.) dangerous character
Bedenklichkeit (s.), Bedenklichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) gravity, hesitation, apprehensions (plural form)
bedenkt(German) considers, preconceives
bedenkt man(German) when one considers
Bedenkung(German f.) misgivings, consideration (legal)
Bedenkzeit (s.), Bedenkzeiten (pl.)(German f.) respite, time for consideration, thinking time
Bedenkzeit benötigen(German) to need respite
bedeuten(German) to mean, to matter, to connote, to amount to, to signify, to imply, to stand for, to involve, to amount, to bode to mean
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bedeutend(German) important, considerable, significant, notable (eminent), prominent, distinguished, substantive (considerable), significantly, notably, major, connotatively, signifying, connoting, conspicuous, substantial, great, eminent, famous (prominent)
[entry corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
bedeutende Angelegenheit(German f.) big affair
bedeutende Leistung(German f.) achievement
bedeutende Nachricht(German f.) great news
bedeutende Person(German f.) grand person
bedeutender Aufschwung(German m.) significant upturn
bedeutender Autor(German m.) notable author, major author
bedeutender Erfolg(German m.) considerable success
bedeutender Faktor(German m.) important factor
bedeutender Fortschritt(German m.) substantial progress
bedeutender Mann(German m.) man of note
bedeutender Moment(German m.) moment of great importance
bedeutende Rolle(German f.) prominent role
bedeutender Schriftsteller(German m.) important writer
bedeutender Vertreter(German m.) great exponent
bedeutendes Buch(German n.) significant book
bedeutend sein(German) to be of significance
bedeutendste(German) most important, most significant, chief (most important), most prominent
bedeutendster (m.), bedeutendste (f.), bedeutendstes (n.)(German) principal (first in importance)
bedeutet(German) connotes, matters, means, signifies, meant
bedeutet, dass(German) signifies that
bedeutete(German) connoted, mattered, meant, signified
bedeutsam(German) considerably, significantly, of importance, momentous, weighty, momentously, great, heavy, significant, meaningful (look), considerable, important, meaningfully
bedeutsame Entscheidung(German f.) momentous decision
bedeutsamer Tag(German m.) great day
bedeutsames Ereignis(German m.) momentous event, significant event, solemn event
Bedeutsamkeit(German f.) remarkableness, significance, momentousness
Bedeutung (s.), Bedeutungen (pl.)(German f.) meaning, importance, signification, prominence, relevancy, significance, weight, denotation, interest, acceptation, breadth, concernment, consequence, considerableness, consideration, greatness, impact, purport, relevance, sense, seriousness, import (meaning, importance), bearing (significance), implication
Bedeutung beilegen(German) to attach importance
Bedeutung beimessen(German) to attach importance, to attach value to
Bedeutung der Disziplin(German f.) value of discipline
Bedeutung eines Satzes(German f.) sense of a sentence
Bedeutung eines Wortes(German f.) meaning of a word, sense of a word
Bedeutung erhalten(German) to attain distinction
Bedeutung erlangen(German) to become important
Bedeutung haben(German) to carry weight
Bedeutung haben für(German) to bear upon
Bedeutung heben(German) to aggrandise
Bedeutungsebenen(German pl.) levels of meaning
Bedeutungsfehler(German m.) semantic error
Bedeutungsgewinn(German m.) increased significance
bedeutungsgleich(German) synonymously, synonymous, coextensive (firgurative) (concepts)
bedeutungsgleiches Wort(German n.) synonym
Bedeutungsgleichheit(German f.) coequality
bedeutungslos(German) meaningless, unimportant, insignificant, irrelevant, meaninglessly, of no relevance, valueless, worthless, immaterial, empty, of no importance
bedeutungslos machen(German) to eviscerate (figurative)
bedeutungslos machend(German) eviscerating (figurative)
bedeutungslos werden (neben)(German) to pale into insignificance (beside), to pale into insignificance (alongside)
bedeutungslose Angelegenheit(German f.) matter of no importance
bedeutungslose Daten(German pl.) irrelevant data
bedeutungsloser(German) more meaningless
bedeutungsloseste(German) most meaningless
Bedeutungslosigkeit (s.), Bedeutungslosigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) meaninglessness, insignificance, valuelessness, unimportance, irrelevance, inanities (plural form)
bedeutungsschwer(German) portentously, fraught with meaning
Bedeutungsumfang(German m.) comprehension
Bedeutungsverschiebung(German f.) shift in meaning
bedeutungsvoll(German) considerable, significant, significantly, of importance, meaningful (look), meaningfully, pregnant, significative, relevant, of consequence
[entry extended by Brian A. Jefferies]
bedeutungsvoll aussehend(German) important-looking
bedeutungsvoller(German) more significant
bedeutungsvoller Blick(German m.) meaningful look
bedeutungsvolles Ereignis(German n.) meaningful event, monumental event
bedeutungsvollste(German) most significant
Bedeutungswandel(German m.) semantic change
Bedeutungswechsel(German m.) change in meaning
Bedeutungswörterbuch(German n.) dictionary of definitions, dictionary of meanings
Bedford Square
the home of Ottoline and Phillip Morrell. Ottoline gathered around her a group of young radical artists whom she supported. This community was arguably the start of the Bloomsbury set. The Morrell's moved to Garsington, Oxfordshire in 1915
Bedhug(Javanese) or Bedug, a large barrel-shaped Javanese drum used in gamelan orchestras
Bedienbarkeit(German f.) operability, operationality
bedienen(German) to serve, to operate, to attend, to handle, to actuate, to attend upon, to control, to manage, to manipulate, to valet (archaic)
bedienend(German) valeting, attendant on, serving, operating
Bediener (s./pl.)(German m.) operator, attendant, machine operator
Bediener des Computers(German m.) computer operator
Bedienereingriff(German m.) user intervention
bedienerfreundlich(German) easy-to-handle, easy-to-use, easy to operate, user-friendly
Bedienerfreundlichkeit(German f.) ease of handling, ease of operation
Bedienerführung(German f.) operator guidance, prompting
Bedienerhinweis(German m.) prompt
Bedienerin(German f. - Austria) char woman
bedienerlos(German) unattended
Bedieneroberfläche(German f.) user interface (UI)
Bedienfeld(German n.) switch panel, control panel
Bedienhebel(German m.) control lever
Bedienkomfort(German m.) ease of use
Bedienkraft(German f.) waiter, waitress (f.)
Bedienoberfläche(German f.) user interface (UI)
Bedienpersonal(German n.) waiting staff
Bedienplatte(German f.) panel
Bedienpult(German n.) control panel, control desk, operating desk, operating console, control console
Bediensicherheit(German f.) operating safety
Bediensteter (m.), Bedienstete (f.), Bedienstete (pl.)(German) attendant, official, servant, retainer
bedient(German) serves, served, valets, valeted, operated
bedient sein(German) to stick (card-games)
Bedientafel(German f.) control panel
Bedienteil(German n.) control panel
Bedien- und Wartungsfeld(German n.) control and maintenance panel
Bedienung(German f.) service, operation, waiter, waitress, handling, operating, attendance, control, servant, service charge, waiting staff (collective noun)
Bedienung!(German) Waiter!, Waitress!
Bedienung inbegriffen.(German) Service included.
Bedienungsanleitung(German f.) directions for use, instruction manual, operating instructions, instructions for use, user manual
Bedienungsanweisung(German f.) operating instructions
Bedienungsaufschlag(German m.) service charge
Bedienungsfeld(German n.) switch panel, console, control panel, panel
Bedienungsfeld für Nummernanzeige(German n.) display panel
bedienungsfrei(German) unmanned
bedienungsfreundlich(German) user-friendly
Bedienungsfreundlichkeit(German f.) ease of operation
Bedienungsgeld(German n.) service charge
Bedienungshandbuch(German n.) reference manual, operator's manual
Bedienungskomfort(German m.) ease of use
Bedienungspersonal(German n.) computer operation staff, operating staff, operators, service personnel
Bedienungsplatte(German f.) panel
Bedienungsplatz(German m.) console
Bedienungspult(German n.) console, control board, control console, control desk, control panel, operating desk, operating console
Bedienungstafel(German f.) operating panel, control panel
Bedienungstisch(German m.) console, control desk
Bedienungsunterbrechung(German f.) service interruption
Bedienungs- und Wartungsanleitung(German f.) operating and maintenance instructions
Bedienungszuschlag(German m.) service charge
bedingen(German) to command, to induce, to condition, to determine, to necessitate, to require
bedingend(German) conditional
bedingt(German) conditional, conditionally, conditioned, provisory, contingent, qualified, with some reservations, partly, induced
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
bedingt arbeitsfähig(German) fit for limited employment
bedingt durch(German) attributable to, contingent on upon
bedingte Annahme(German f.) conditional acceptance, qualified acceptance
bedingt entlassen(German) paroled
bedingt entlassend(German) paroling
bedingt Entlassener (m.), bedingt Entlassene (f.), bedingt Entlassene (pl.)(German) parolee
bedingter Reflex(German m.) conditioned reflex
bedingter Reiz(German m.) conditioned stimulus
bedingter Strafaufschub(German m.) conditional deferral of sentence
bedingter Straferlass(German m.) conditional remission
bedingter Vorsatz(German m.) conditional intent
bedingtes Indossament(German n.) conditional endorsement
bedingte Strafaussetzung(German f.) parole
bedingte Strafe(German f. - Austria, Switzerland) probation, suspended sentence
bedingte Wahrheit(German f.) contingent truth
bedingte Zusage(German f.) conditional promise
bedingt freigelassen(German) probationary
bedingt jugendfrei sein(German) to be rated PG (parental guidance)
Bedingtheit(German f.) relativity, conditionality, contingency
Bedingung (s.), Bedingungen (pl.)(German f.) requirement, stipulation (condition), term, proviso, qualification, condition, terms (of business) (plural form)
Bedingungen ablehnen(German) to refuse terms
Bedingungen absprechen(German) to arrange terms
Bedingungen annehmen(German) to accept conditions, to accept terms
Bedingungen auferlegen(German) to impose conditions
Bedingungen aushandeln(German) to negotiate terms
Bedingungen ausmachen(German) to arrange terms
Bedingungen der Beschäftigung(German pl.) conditions of employment
Bedingungen des Absatzmarktes(German pl.) marketing conditions
Bedingungen des Verkaufs(German pl.) conditions of sale, terms of the contract
Bedingungen einer Vereinbarung(German pl.) terms of an agreement
Bedingungen erfüllen(German) to fulfil qualifications, to meet requirements, to meet conditions
Bedingungen festlegen(German) to set terms
Bedingungen festschreiben(German) to stipulate terms
Bedingungen fordern(German) to stipulate terms
Bedingungen für die Nutzung(German pl.) terms of use
Bedingungen für die Zulassung(German pl.) conditions for admission
Bedingungen stellen(German) to set conditions
Bedingungen vorschreiben(German) to dictate terms
bedingungslos(German) unconditional, unquestioning, unconditionally, unquestioningly, unconditioned, absolute, clean, implicitly, termless, unqualified, without condition, with no strings attached, implicit (trust, belief)
bedingungslose Liebe(German f.) unconditional love
bedingungsloser Gehorsam(German m.) unquestioning obedience
Bedingungslosigkeit(German f.) unquestioning nature
bedingungsweise(German) conditionally
BedlamBethlem Royal Hospital of London is a psychiatric hospital in Beckenham, Kent. Although no longer in its original location and buildings, it is recognised as the world's first and oldest institution to provide care for the mentally ill. It has been variously known as St. Mary Bethlehem, Bethlem Hospital, Bethlehem Hospital and Bedlam. The word bedlam, meaning uproar and confusion, is derived from its name
Bedlam-Nervenanstalt(German f.) St. Mary Bethlehem, Bethlem Hospital, Bethlehem Hospital, Bedlam
Bedlington Terrier(German m.) Bedlington terrier
Bedlington terriera light terrier groomed to resemble a lamb
Bedon(French) an old name for a tabret, a type of drum
Bedon de basque(French) an old name for a tabret, a type of drum
bedonnant (m.), bedonnante (f.)(French) paunchy
Bedouin(French m. from Arabic) (an Arab) of the desert
bedrahten(German) to wire, wired
Bedrahtung(German f.) wiring
bedrängen(German) to throng, to beset, to press, to press hard (crowd), to batter, to importune, to straiten, to pressurise, to pester
bedrängend(German) pressing hard, thronging, pressing
bedrängliche Schwierigkeit(German f.) besetting difficulty
Bedrängnis(German f.) distress, affliction, hardship
bedrängt(German) presses hard, throngs, pressed, straitened
bedrängte(German) pressed hard, thronged
bedrängte Lage(German f.) desperate plight, plight
bedrängt von(German) beset with
bedrängt werden zu zahlen(German) to be pressed for payment
Bedrängung(German f.) badgering, baffle
bedrohen(German) to threaten, to concuss, to intimidate, to menace
bedrohend(German) threatening, menacing, menacingly, threateningly, intimidating, intimidatory
bedrohende Worte(German pl.) threatening words
bedrohlich(German) forbiddingly, threateningly, minatory, angry (figurative: threatening sky, threatening clouds), threatening, menacing, ugly (figurative: unpleasant situation, unpleasant sky), minacious
bedrohliche Anzeichen(German pl.) ugly symptoms
bedrohlicher(German) more threatening
bedrohliches Verhalten(German n.) threatening behaviour
bedrohliche Wolke(German f.) ugly cloud
bedrohlichste(German) most threatening
bedroht(German) threatens, threatened
bedrohte(German) threatened, menaced
bedrohte Art(German f.) endangered species, threatened species
bedrohte Völker(German pl.) threatened peoples
bedrohteste(German) most threatened
Bedrohung (s.), Bedrohungen (pl.)(German f.) threat, danger, intimidation, menace, imminence (the belief that an event is about to occur in the near future)
Bedrohung des Friedens(German f.) threat to peace
Bedrucken(German n.) marking
bedrucken(German) to stain, to imprint (paper, etc.), to print on
bedrücken(German) to depress, to aggrieve (afflict), to bear down
bedrückend(German) depressing, aggrieving, depressive, oppressive, gloomy
bedrückende Atmosphäre(German f.) oppressiveness, oppression (figurative: due to heat, climate, etc.)
bedrückende Last(German f.) incubus
bedrückende Stille(German f.) oppressive silence
bedrückende Verhältnisse(German pl.) pinched circumstances
bedrückend grau in grau(German) oppressively drab and grey
Bedruckstoff(German m.) (printing) substrate
bedrückt(German) glum, depressed, depresses, imprinted, dyspeptic (figurative), heavy-hearted, printed (fabric, etc.), downcast, gloomily, gloomy, despondently, despondent, dejected
bedruckter Kattun(German m.) printed calico, cotton print
bedruckter Rock(German m.) printed skirt
bedrucktes Kleid(German n.) print dress
Bedrücktheit(German f.) oppression
Bedrückung(German f.) depression
Bedugsee Bedhug
Beduine (s.), Beduinen (pl.)(German m.) Bedouin, Beduin
Beduinenlager(German n.) Bedouin camp
bedürfen(German) to require, to need
Bedürfnis(German n.) need, want, requirement, desideratum
Bedürfnisanstalt (s.), Bedürfnisanstalten (pl.)(German f.) public convenience
bedürfnislos(German) frugal, without a need
bedürfnisloser(German) more frugal
bedürfnisloseste(German) most frugal
Bedürfnisse(German pl.) needs, necessities, wants
Bedürfnisse des Körpers(German pl.) bodily needs, bodily wants
bedürftig(German) indigently, needily, indigent, needy, in need (of)
bedürftiger(German) needier
Bedürftiger (m.), Bedürftige (f.), Bedürftige (pl.)(German) beggar, the needy (plural form), people in need (plural form)
Bedürftigkeit(German f.) neediness, beggarliness, indigence, poverty, need
Bedürftigkeitsnachweis(German m.) means test
bedürftigkeitsorientiert(German) means-tested
Bedürftigkeitsprüfung(German f.) means test
Bedürftigkeitstest(German m.) means test
bedürftigste(German) neediest
beduselt(German) dazed, tipsy, dizzy
'Bee Bee' head jointmanufactured by Kotato Flute Company of Japan, the Be Be or Be-mode flute head-joint looks like a normal head joint except that for two extra holes each of which is covered with a plastic membrane and a key. The hole nearer the embouchure is smaller than the hole further down the headjoint. The flute is played normally with both these keys closed. However, when either or both the keys are open, the sound of the instrument changes as the membranes vibrate over the holes. This effect emulates the dizi, the transverse bamboo flute of the Han Chinese
Beech(German Buche, French Hêtre, Dutch Beuk, European Species: Fagus silvatica, American Species: F. grandifolia: Average Weight: from 43 to 55 pounds per cubic foot) Beech is strong and smooth-wearing and thus the standard for plane bodies. It is also used for tool handles and other indoor uses, but not exterior applications since it is very vulnerable to worm and weather. Beech splits easily and was a major source of thin, flat boards, but it tends to warp and split badly in drying. American Beech is similar. Beech mast was one of the main sources for grazing swine
Beecham, Sir Thomas (1879-1961)English conductor, founder of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1946)
Beefeater(English, German m.) yeoman of the guard, officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch
Beehive-Frisur(German f.) beehive (hairstyle popular originally in the 1960s)
beehren(German) to honour
beehrend(German) honouring, gracing
beehrt(German) honours, graced, graces
beehrte(German) honoured, graced
beeidigter Bücherrevisor(German m.) chartered accountant
beeidigter Buchprüfer(German m.) chartered accountant
Beeidigung(German f.) administration of an oath
Beeil dich!(German) Hurry up! Make haste! Look sharp!
Beeile dich!(German) Buckle up! Come along! Hurry up!
beeilen(German) to hasten, to hurry
beeilend(German) hurrying, hastening, spedendo
beeilt(German) hurries, hastens, hurried, speedily, promptly
beeilte(German) hurried, hastened
beeilte sich(German) hastened
Beeilt euch!(German) Hurry!
beeilt sich(German) hastens
beeindruckbar(German) susceptible, impressionable, impressible
Beeindruckbarkeit(German f.) impressionability
beeindrucken(German) to impose, to impress, to strike (impress)
beeindruckend(German) impressing, charming, imposing, impressive, sensational, sweeping, formidable, powerful (film, story)
beeindruckende Rede(German f.) impressive speech, sensational speech
beeindruckender(German) more impressive
beeindruckendes Ergebnis(German n.) sensational result, sensational outcome
beeindruckendste(German) most impressive
beeindruckt(German) impresses, impressed, affected (impressed)
beeindruckte(German) impressed
beeindruckt von(German) impressed with
beeinflussbar(German) amenable to influence, impressionable, open to influence, influenceable, suggestible
beeinflussbar durch Drohungen(German) amenable to threats
beeinflussbare Person(German f.) pliable person
Beeinflussbarkeit(German f.) suggestibility
beeinflussen(German) to bias, to influence, to impinge (on), to affect, to control, to have effect on, to have effect upon, to manipulate, to sway
beeinflussend(German) biasing, influencing, biassing, governing
beeinflusst(German) influenced, governed, coloured (influenced)
beeinflusste(German) influenced
beeinflusst sich gegenseitig(German) interacts
beeinflusst von(German) affected by
beeinflusst werden von(German) to be influenced by, to be under the influence of
Beeinflussung (s.), Beeinflussungen (pl.)(German f.) interference, impact, influencing, affectation, influence, manipulation, propaganda
Beeinflussung der Rechtspflege(German f.) prejudicing the outcome of a trial
Beeinflussungsbemühung(German f.) lobbying effort
Beeinflussungswahn(German m.) delusion of influence
Beeinflussung von Abgeordneten(German f.) lobbying
beeinträchtigen(German) to impair, to vitiate, to compromise (impair), to affect, to alloy, to attack, to damage, to derogate, to encroach on, to infringe, to injure, to interfere, to prejudice, to mar, to restrain
beeinträchtigend(German) impairing, vitiating, derogatory, influencing
beeinträchtigt(German) impaired, affected, impairs, vitiates, aggrieved, constricted, decrepit, having a grievance, vitiated
beeinträchtigte(German) vitiated
Beeinträchtigung (s.), Beeinträchtigungen (pl.)(German f.) derogation, impairment, nuisance, interference, curtailing, curtailment, damage, disturbance, encroachment, injury, trespass, adverse effect, negative impact, spoiling, annoyance, depreciation
Beeinträchtigung der Rechte(German f.) infringement of rights
Beeld(Dutch) picture, portrait
Beelzebub(English, German m.) or Satan, in Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions, chief spirit of evil and adversary of God, tempter of mankind, master of Hell
beenden(German) to end, to finalise, to finish (off), to conclude, to determine (bring an end to), to break up, to terminate, to truncate, to bring to a conclusion, to bring to a finish, to bring to an end, to bring to a termination, to bring to a halt, to bring to completion, to cancel, to cause to stop, to close, to close down, to complete, to finish, to put an end to, to quit, to exit, to stop, to raise (seige), to knock off (colloquial: end work)
beendend(German) ceasing, finishing, terminatory, finalising
Beender(German m.) terminator
beendet(German) ends, cancels, determines, ended, finished, finishes, past, termed, terminated, terminates, unquoted, unquotes, concludes, finalised, completed, finalises
beendete(German) ended, concluded, finished
beendete Saison(German f.) closed season
beendigen(German) to end, to finish, to break up, to complete, to conclude, to terminate
beendigend(German) terminative, finishing
Beendigung (s.), Beendigungen (pl.)(German f.) termination, completion, determining, ending, terminating, finalisation, annulment, cessation, conclusion, finishing time, closure (of a debate, etc.)
Beendigung der Beschäftigung(German f.) termination of employment
Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses(German f.) termination of employment
Beendigung des Verfahrens(German f.) termination of proceedings
Beendigung des Vertrags(German f.) termination of contract
Beendigung einer Beziehung(German f.) termination of a relationship
Beendigung einer Dienstleistung(German f.) termination of a service
Beendigung eines Beschäftigungsverhältnisses(German f.) termination of an appointment
Beendigung eines Geschäftsvorgangs(German f.) completion of a transaction
Beendigung eines Pachtverhältnisses(German f.) termination of a lease, termination of a tenancy
Beendigung eines Vertrags(German f.) termination of a contract
Beendigung eines Vertragsverhältnisses(German f.) termination of a contract
Beendigung von lebenserhaltenden Maßnahmen(German f.) discontinuation of life support (measures)
Beendung(German f.) completion, conclusion, finalisation
Beendung der schriftsätzlichen Vorbereitung(German f.) close of pleadings
Beendung eines Streiks(German f.) calling off a strike
beengen(German) to restrict (also figurative), to hinder, to cramp (style), to stifle (figurative), to inhibit (figurative)
beengend(German) claustrophobic (feeling, atmosphere)
beengende Kleidung(German f.) restricting clothing
beengender Zwang(German m.) bondage
beengt(German) constricted, straitened, confined
beengte Atmung(German f.) constricted breathing, stuffy breathing
beengte Wohnverhältnisse(German pl.) confined living conditions
Beengtheit(German f.) constriction
beengt wohnen(German) to live in cramped conditions, to live in cramped surroundings
Beengung(German f.) constriction, self-confinement
Beeper(English, German m.) a small portable electronic device that emits a beeping signal when the person carrying it is being paged
beept(German) beeps
beerben(German) to inherit
beerben(German) to succeed
Beerbung(German f.) inheritance
beerdigen(German) to inhume, to bury, to lay to rest
beerdigend(German) inhuming, burying, laying to rest
beerdigt(German) buries, buried
beerdigte(German) buried, inhumed
Beerdigte(German pl.) buried people
Beerdigung (s.), Beerdigungen (pl.)(German f.) funeral, burial, interment, burial service, inhumation
Beerdigungsfeier(German f.) funeral service
Beerdigungsgottesdienst(German m.) office of the dead
Beerdigungsinstitut(German n.) (firm of) funeral directors, undertaker's, funeral home (US), funeral parlor (US), firm of undertakers
Beerdigungskosten(German pl.) funeral expenses
Beerdigungstag(German m.) day of the funeral
Beere (s.), Beeren (pl.)(German f.) berry
Beeren brocken(German - Southern Germany, Austria) to pick berries
Beeren sammeln(German) to go picking berries
Beeren suchen(German) to hunt for berries
Beeren tragen(German) to go picking berries
Beerenauslese(German f.) a term for a very sweet, ripe grape that is used to make very sweet wines
beerenförmig(German) berry-shaped
Beerenjoghurt(German m.) berry yogurt
Beerenobst(German n.) soft fruit, berry fruit
Beerensammler(German pl.) berry pickers
beerentragend(German) berried
Beerenzeit(German f.) berry season
Bee-stingthe sharp point of the purfling on a bowed string-instrument such as the violin, as it comes into the four corners of the belly and the back
Beet (s.), Beete (pl.)(German n.) bed, patch (for vegetables)
Beetpflanze(German f.) bedding plant
bef.abbreviation of 'before'
Befa(Spanish f.) jeer, taunt
Befächern(German n.) fanning
befähigen(German) to qualify, to quantify, to enable, to empower
befähigend(German) featuring, empowering, qualifying, enabling
befähigt(German) featured, qualifies, quantifies, competent, proficient, qualified, talented, versed
befähigte(German) quantified
Befähigung (s.), Befähigungen (pl.)(German f.) qualification, ability, competency, aptitude, aptitude for, competence, proficiency, skill, talent for, empowerment
Befähigung, ein Unternehmen zu führen(German f.) managerial ability
Befähigung für ein Amt(German f.) competence for office, qualification for office
Befähigung für eine Tätigkeit(German f.) competence for a job
Befähigung für einen Beruf(German f.) qualification for a profession
Befähigung für einen Posten(German f.) competence for a post, qualification for a position
Befähigungsnachweis(German m.) certificate of competence, certificate of proficiency, certificate of qualification, qualifying certificate
Befähigungsprüfung(German f.) qualifying examination
Befähigungstest(German m.) proficiency test
befahl(German) commanded, ordered
befahrbar(German) drivable, passable, negotiable (road, etc.), practicable (road), driveable, navigable (river)
Befahrbarkeit(German f.) practicability (of road), navigability (of a river)
befahrbar sein(German) to be open to traffic
befahre(German) travel on
befahren(German) to cruise, to drive along, to use (road), to travel on
(German) frequented, used (road, etc.), travelled on (road, etc.)
befahrend(German) travelling on
befahrener Matrose(German m.) able-bodied sailor
befährt(German) travels on
Befall(German m.) affliction, seizure, infestation, involvement
befallen(German) to attaint, to beset, to befall, to afflict, to attack, to smite, to infest, to seize (with anxiety)
(German) smitten, afflicted, stricken
befallend(German) attainting, smiting
befallene Fläche(German f.) afflicted area
Befallenheit(German f.) affectedness
befallen von(German) seized with
befallen werden(German) to catch
befällt(German) attaints, smites
Befana(Italian f.) Epiphany, old witch
Befana, lasee La Befana
befand(German) decided
befangen(German) timid, prejudiced, shy, self-conscious, biased (jury)
befangener Sänger (m.), befangene Sängerin(German) nervous singer
Befangenheit(German f.) partiality, prejudice, predilection, inhibition, conflict of interest, diffidence, shyness, self-consciousness, bias
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
befangen sein(German) to labour under a delusion
befar(Spanish) to scoff at
befarse de(Spanish) to scoff at
befassend(German) occupying with
befasst(German) occupies with
befasst mit(German) occupied with, concerned with
befasst sich hauptsächlich mit(German) is primarily concerned with,is principally concerned with
Befehl (s.), Befehle (pl.)(German m.) instruction, mandamus, order, command, diktat, dictates, imperative
befehle(German) commands
Befehle ausführen(German) to obey orders
Befehle bekommen(German) to receive orders
Befehle hinausschreien(German) to scream out orders
befehlen(German) to order, to bid, to command
befehlend(German) commanding, bidding, mandatorily, mandatory, ordering, imperative
Befehlen folgend(German) on orders
befehligen(German) to command
befehligte(German) commanded
Befehls-(German) instructional
Befehlsbuch(German n.) order book
Befehlsempfänger(German m.) recipient of orders
Befehlsform (s.), Befehlsformen (pl.)(German f.) imperative (grammar)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
befehlsgemäß(German) as ordered
Befehlsgewalt(German f.) authority
befehlshabend(German) commanding
Befehlshaber(German m.) commander, commandant
Befehlshaber eines Geschwaders(German m.) commodore (naval rank)
befehlshaberisch(German) imperious
Befehlskarte(German f.) instruction card
Befehlskette(German f.) chain (of command)
Befehlslandeplatz(German m.) airstrip
Befehlsliste(German f.) instruction list, list of instructions
Befehlsschalter(German m.) control switch
Befehlsstand(German m.) command post
Befehlsstelle(German f.) command post
Befehlsverweigerung(German f.) insubordination, refusal to obey an order
Befehlsweg(German m.) line of command, chain of command
Befehlszusammenfassung(German f.) macro (a set of computer instructions)
befestigen(German) to clamp, to fixate, to mount, to secure, to fortify, to pin, to fix, to attach, to stick, to brace, to affix, to arm, to assure, to baste, to bind, to confirm, to connect, to consolidate, to tack
befestigen an(German) to fasten to, to attach to
befestigend(German) fixing, affixing, appending, clamping, fastening, fixating, fortifying, gartering, attaching, cleating
Befestiger(German m.) fastener
befestigt(German) affixed, affixes, appends, clamps, cleats, fastens, fixates, fortifies, fortified (town, port, position), bastioned, fixed, attached, fixated, cleated, paved, hard-surfaced, surfaced (road), metalled (road)
befestigt an(German) attached to
befestigte(German) fixed, affixed, clamped, cleated, fastened, gartered
befestigter Abstellplatz(German m.) hardstanding
befestigter Feldweg(German m.) cart road
befestigter Hafen(German m.) fortified port
befestigter Hof(German m.) courtyard
befestigter Privatweg(German m.) private road
befestigter Randstreifen(German m.) hard shoulder (of a road)
befestigter Wall(German m.) fortified wall
befestigte Schotterstraße(German f.) metalled road
befestigtes Dörf (s.), befestigte Dörfer (pl.)(German n.) fortified village, castellum (Latin)
befestigte Stellung(German f.) fortified position
befestigte Straße(German f.) made road, paved road
Befestigung (s.), Befestigungen (pl.)(German f.) attachment, fortification, fixation, affixing, battlement, clamp, fixing, holdfast, mounting, fastening, fixture
Befestigungsanlage (s.), Befestigungsanlagen (pl.)(German f.) fortification
Befestigungsklammer(German f.) mounting bracket
Befestigungskonsole(German f.) mounting bracket
Befestigungskunst(German f.) art of fortification
Befestigungsmaterial(German n.) mountings, fittings, fixing material
Befestigungsmauern(German pl.) ramparts
Befestigungsmittel(German n.) fastener
Befestigungsorgan(German n.) fixture
Befestigungring(German m.) fastening ring, mounting ring
Befestigungsschraube(German f.) clamping bolt, mounting screw, mounting bolt, fastening screw, fixing screw, fixing bolt
Befestigungswall(German m.) rampart
Befestigungswinkel(German m.) mounting bracket
Befeuchten(German n.) dampening, moistening, humidifying (air, paper, etc.), wetting
befeuchten(German) to moisten, to moisturise, to dempen, to humidify, to damp, to mist (method of watering plants), to sprinkle, to wet, to make damp
befeuchtend(German) humidifying, moistening, moisturising
Befeuchter(German m.) humidor (for cigarettes, etc.), humidifier, wetting machine (paper making)
befeuchtet(German) dampened, humidifies, moistened, moistens, humidified, moisturises, moisturised
Befeuchtigung(German f.) moisturisation
Befeuchtung(German f.) humidification, moistening, dampening, wetting
Befeuchtungsmittel(German n.) humectant, moisturiser
befeuern(German) to fire (oven), to heat (heating)
befeuerte Landebahn(German f.) flare path (for landing aircraft, etc.)
Befeuerung(German f.) beaconing
Befeuerung mit Kohle(German f.) coal firing (boiler, steam engine, etc.)
Beffa(Italian f.) hoax
beffardo(Italian) derisory, mocking (of a person)
beffare(Italian) to mock
beffarsi di(Italian) to make fun of
Beffroi(French m.) belfry, alarm-bell
befiedern(German) to feather, to fletch (feather an arrow)
befiedernd(German) fletching
befiedert(German) fletched
Befiehl!(German) Order!
befiehlt(German) bids
befiel(German) attainted, smit
Befinden(German n.) state of health, health
befinden(German) to decide, to adjudge
befindet(German) finds
befindlich(German) situated, located, placed, sited
Befindlichkeit(German f.) sensitivities, affectivity
befingern(German) to finger
beflaggen(German) to flag, to decorate with flags, to bedeck with flags, to deck with flags
beflaggt(German) flagged, decorated with flags, bedecked with flags, decked with flags
Beflaggung(German f.) decorations, hoisting of flags, raising of flags, display of flags
Beflaggungstage(German pl.) flag days
befleckbar(German) stainable
beflecken(German) to blemish, to stain, to maculate, to speckle, to sully, to spot, to soil, to befoul, to blot, to blotch, to blur, to contaminate, to defile, to smudge, to imbrue (archaic), to pollute, to taint (figurative)
befleckend(German) specking, staining, sullying, smudging
befleckt(German) specked, speckles, sullies, stains,maculated, maculates, speckled, sullied, fly-blown (figurative), stained, tarnished (figurative)
befleckte(German) blotted, sullied, stained, speckled
Befleckung(German f.) maculation, defilement
befliegen(German) to fly (a distance)
beflissen(German) solicitous, assiduous, officious, assiduously
Beflissenheit(German f.) assiduousness, solicitude
beflissentlich(German) eagerly
beflissentlich akzeptieren(German) to accept eagerly
beflockt(German) flocked (surface)
Beflockung(German f.) flocking
beflügeln(German) to spur, to wing (figurative)
beflügelt(German) winged, inspired
befohlen(German) ordered
befohlene(German) commanded
befolgen(German) to follow, to obey, to comply with, to observe, to abide (by), to act on
befolgend(German) observant, following
befolgenswert(German) worth observing
befolgt(German) follows, followed
befolgte(German) followed
Befolgung(German f.) compliance, abidance, observance
Beförderer(German m.) promoter, carrier
befördern(German) to transport, to promote, to ferry, to advance, to carry, to ship, to forward, to send, to convey, to haul, to promote (advance), to despatch, to dispatch
befördernd(German) promoting
befördert(German) upgrades, promotes, upgraded, promoted, transported, carried
befördert werden(German) to be promoted, to be moved up, to get a promotion
Beförderung (s.), Beförderungen (pl.)(German f.) traction, preferment, promotion, advancement, carriage, forwarding, carrying, conveyance, haulage, posting, transport, transportation
Beförderung auf dem Luftwege(German f.) airlift
Beförderung der Ware(German f.) carriage of the goods
Beförderung der Ware auf dem Luftwege(German f.) carriage of goods by air
Beförderung mit Güterwagen(German f.) trucking
Beförderung nach Dienstalter(German f.) promotion by seniority
Beförderungs-(German) promotional (reference to advancement)
Beförderungsart(German f.) mode of transport, mode of transportation
Beförderungsband(German n.) conveyor belt
Beförderungsbedingungen(German pl.) terms of transportation, conditions of carriage, terms of carriage, conditions of transportation
Beförderungschance (s.), Beförderungschancen (pl.)(German f.) opportunity for promotion, chance for promotion
Beförderungsentgelt(German n.) delivery fee, transportation fee
Beförderungsgut(German n.) cargo
Beförderungsklasse(German f.) class of carriage
Beförderungsmittel (s./pl.)(German n.) transportation, conveyance, means of transportation (s./pl.), means of transport (s.), means of conveyance (s./pl.)
Beförderungsmöglichkeit(German f.) opportunity for promotion
Beförderung stehender Passagiere(German f.) carriage of standing passengers
Beförderung von Briefen(German f.) conveyance of letters
Beförderung von Instrumenten(German f.) conveyance of instruments
Beförderung von Passagieren(German f.) conveyance of passengers
Beförderung von Personen(German f.) carriage of passengers
Beförderung von Waren(German f.) conveyance of goods
Befrachten(German n.) freighting
befrachten(German) to affreight
Befrachter(German m.) shipper, freighter (person, business)
Befrachter eines Schiffes(German m.) charterer
Befrachtung(German f.) affreightment, charter, freighting
Befrachtungsvertrag(German m.) affreightment, charter-party, contract of affreightment
befragbar(German) consultable
Befragen(German n.) consult (consultation)
befragen(German) to poll, to query, to catechise, to consult, to interrogate, to interview, to question, to survey
befragend(German) querying, polling, questioning
Befrager (m.), Befragerin (f.)(German) interrogator, investigator, interviewer
Befrager im Außendienst(German m.) field interviewer
befragt(German) interviewed, polled
befragte(German) queried
befragte Person(German f.) interviewed person, interviewee, respondent
Befragter(German m.) interviewee, respondent
Befragung (s.), Befragungen (pl.)(German f.) questioning, inquiry, interrogation, poll, survey, interview, consultation
Befragung von Experten(German f.) acquisition of expert knowledge
Befragungsdaten(German pl.) survey data
Befragungsgebiet(German n.) area of inquiry
befreien(German) free, clear, exempt
Befragungsmethode(German f.) method of questioning, interviewing method
Befragungsniederschrift(German f.) transcript of an interview, transcript of an interrogation
Befragungsraum(German m.) interrogation room
Befragungstechnik(German f.) interviewing technique
Befragungszeitraum(German m.) enquiry period, inquiry period, survey period
Befragungszimmer(German n.) interrogation room
befreibar(German) escapable, exemptible
Befreien(German n.) freeing
befreien(German) to relieve, to release, to enfranchise, to extricate, to liberate, to rid, to uncage, to unfetter, to unshackle, to dispense (from), to free, to affranchise, to disentangle, to exempt, to loosen, to rescue, to emancipate, to prune (off), to exonerate
befreien aus(German) to deliver out of
befreiend(German) relieving, delivering, enfranchising, extricating, freeing, libbing, liberating, ridding, uncaging, unshackling, releasing, loosing, liberatory
befreien von(German) to free from, to deliver from
(German) clear of, exempt from
Befreier (s./pl.)(German m.) liberator, deliverer, emancipator
befreit(German) delivers, disengages, enfranchises, exempts, extricates, freed, frees, liberates, rids, uncages, unfetters, unshackles, delivered (freed), exempt, liberated, enfranchised, extricated, loosed, uncaged, unshackled, emancipated, relieved, rid
befreit aufatmen(German) to breathe easily, to breathe freely
befreite(German) denfranchised, extricated, freed, liberated, uncaged, unshackled, released
befreite wieder(German) redelivered
Befreitsein(German n.) riddance
befreit von(German) rid of
befreit von seinen Pflichten(German) freed of his duties
befreit wieder(German) redelivers
Befreiung (s.), Befreiungen (pl.)(German f.) liberation, exemption, deliverance (from), riddance, release, affranchisement, clearance, deliverance, delivery, relief, dispensation, extrication, emancipation
Befreiungsbewegung(German f.) liberation movement
Befreiungsfront(German f.) liberation front
Befreiungsklausel(German f.) escape clause
Befreiungskrieg(German m.) liberation war, war of liberation
Befreiungsoper(German f.) rescue opera
Befreiungstheologe(German m.) liberation theologian
Befreiungstheologie(German f.) Liberation Theology (theological movement gaining much popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, which was primarily a phenomenon among minorities and the oppressed)
Befreiung von einer Illusion(German f.) disillusion
Befreiung von Gebühren(German f.) remission of charges
Befreiung von Gummi(German f.) degumming
Befremden(German n.) surprise
befremden(German) to disconcert, to appear strange
befremdend(German) strange, disconcerting, odd, peculiar, outlandish
befremdete(German) appeared strange
befremdlich(German) strange, disconcerting, outlandish
befreunde(German) become friends
befreundet(German) becomes friends, friendly, become friends
befreundete(German) became friends
befreundeter Staat(German m.) ally, friendly state
befreundet sein(German) to be friends
befreundet sein mit(German) to go around with
befrieden(German) to pacify
befriedet(German) pacified
Befriedetes Oman(German n.) Trucial Oman
prior to independence, the United Arab Emirates was Trucial Oman, also known as the Trucial States, and the component sheikhdoms of the territory were under British protection
befriedigen(German) to satisfy, to gratify, to pander, to assuage, to content
befriedigend(German) satisfying, satisfactory, contenting, pleasable, satisfiable, satisfyingly, gratifying, satisfactorily
(German) C (grade), satisfactory (grade)
befriedigende Antwort(German f.) satisfactory reply
befriedigende Eigenschaft(German f.) satisfactoriness
befriedigt(German) gratifies, satisfies, contented, gratified, satisfied, pleased, with satisfaction
befriedigte Gläubiger(German pl.) paid creditors
befriedigt nicht(German) dissatisfies
Befriedigung (s), Befriedigungen (pl)(German f.) satisfaction, pacification, gratification, satiation
Befriedigung der Verbraucherbedürfnisse(German f.) consumer satisfaction
Befriedigung des Ehrgeizes(German f.) satisfaction of an ambition
befriedigungsfähig(German) appeasable
Befriedigung in einer Tätigkeit finden(German) to find satisfaction in doing something
Befriedigung verschaffen(German) to pander
Befriedung(German f.) establishment of peace, contentment
befristen(German) to limit, to restrict
befristend(German) reprieving
befristet(German) terminable, reprieved, reprieves, fixed-term, limited in time, short-run, short-term, temporary, term
befristeter Vertrag(German m.) fixed-term contract, temporary contract
befristeter Zeitraum(German m.) limited period
befristetes Angebot(German n.) time-limited offer
befristetes Mietverhältnis(German n.) short-term let
Befristung(German f.) limitation, time limitation
befruchtbar(German) pregnable (being such that attack, seizure, or capture is possible; vulnerable or assailable)
befruchten(German) to impregnate, to fertilise, to fructify, to inseminate, to pollinate, to fertilise
befruchtend(German) impregnating, fertilising, fructifying, inseminating, pollinating
befruchtet(German) impregnates, fructifies, inseminates, pollinates, inseminated, fertilises, fertilised, fructified
befruchtete(German) impregnated, fructified, pollinated, fertilised
befruchtetes Ei(German n.) fertilised egg
Befruchtung (s.), Befruchtungen (pl.)(German f.) impregnation, fertilisation, pollination, insemination
befugen(German) to warrant, to authorise
Befugnis(German f.) warrant, authority, competence, permission, power, authorisation, capacity (legal power)
Befugnis übertragen(German) to delegate power
Befugnisübergabe(German f.) devolution
befugt(German) legitimated, competent (legal able), empowered, authorised, licenced, entitled (to something)
befugter Arzt(German m.) legitimate doctor, licenced doctor
Befühlen(German n.) palpation
befühlen(German) to feel, to palpate
befühlt(German) touches
befühlt(German) felt
befuhr(German) travelled on
befüllbar(German) fillable
Befülldruck(German m.) inflation pressure (tyres)
befüllen(German) to fill
befüllend(German) filling
befüllt(German) filled
Befüllung(German f.) filling, inflation (tyres, balloons, etc.)
befummeln(German) to finger, to paw (colloquial), to fondle (US)
Befund (s.), Befunde (pl.)(German m.) findings (s./pl.), results (s./pl.), finding, opinion, discovery, result
Befundbericht(German m.) damage report
befunden(German) adjudged, found (verdict, etc.)
Befundkarte(German f.) diagnostic chart
Befundkarte mit Gebissschema(German f.) dental chart
befürchten(German) to fear
befürchtend(German) afraid, fearing
befürchten, dass...(German) to be afraid that...
befürchtet(German) fears, feared
befürchtete(German) feared
Befürchtung (s.), Befürchtungen (pl.)(German f.) misgiving, fear, apprehension, worry
Befürchtungen aufkommen lassen(German) to raise fears
Befürchtungen zerstreuen(German) to allay fears
befürworten(German) to advocate, to support, to recommend, to back, to favour, to sponsor, to endorse
befürwortend(German) recommending
Befürworter (m.), Befürworterin (f.), Befürworter (pl.)(German) supporter, advocator (m.), advocatress (f.), interventionist, proponent, advocate, backer, promoter, seconder
Befürworter eines Projekts(German m.) proponent of a project
Befürworter von ... sein(German) to be the advocate of
befürwortet(German) favoured, endorsed
Befürwortung(German f.) endorsement, plea, advocacy, backing, favourable opinion, sponsorship
Befürwortungsschreiben(German n.) letter of endorsement
beg.abbreviation of 'beginning'
Bega(Italian f.) quarrel
begab sich(German) betook, resorted
begabt(German) gifted, aptly, dowered, talented, apt, giftedly, capable, able, endowed
Begabtenförderung(German f.) scholarship system, (provision of) scholarships for outstanding pupils or students
begabter(German) more talented
begabter Junge(German m.) bright boy
begabter Schüler(German m.) bright pupil, gifted pupil
begabteste(German) most talented
begabt mitendowed with
begabt sein(German) to be gifted, to be talented, to possess ability
Begabung (s.), Begabungen (pl.)(German f.) aptitude, giftedness, endowment, ability, talent, flair, genius, vocation, gift (talent)
begaffen(German) to ogle
begangen(German) committed
begann(German) begun, commenced
Begannasee bagana
Begarden(German pl.) Beghards
begann wieder(German) recommenced, reconvened
Begasung(German f.) fumigation
Begasungsmittel(German f.) fumigant
begatten(German) to copulate, to mate
begattend(German) copulating, mating
begattet(German) copulates, mates, copulated, mated
begattete(German) copulated, mated
Begattung(German f.) copulation, mating
bégayer(French) to stammer
begebbar(German) negotiable
begeben(German) to endorse, to issue, to negotiate, betaken
Begebender(German m.) endorser
Begebenheit(German f.) incident, occurrence, event, opportunity, episode (incident), story
Begebnis(German n., dated) occurrence
Begebung(German f.) negotiation, issuance
begegnen(German) to befall, to come into contact with, to encounter, to experience, to face, to meet
begegnend(German) encountering, meeting
begegnet(German) meets, encounters, met
begegnete(German) encountered, met
Begegnung (s.), Begegnungen (p.)(German f.) encounter, meeting, congress
Begegnungsgruppe(German f.) encounter group
Begegnungsort(German m.) venue
Begegnungsstätte(German f.) meeting place, community centre
begehbar(German) walkable, walk-in
begehbarer Kleiderschrank(German m.) walk-in closet
begehbarer Schrank(German m.) walk-in closet, walk-in cupboard
begehbarer Wandschrank(German m.) walk-in cupboard
Begehbarkeit(German f.) accessibility
begehen(German) to commit
Begehen einer Straftat(German n.) commission of a crime
begehen(German) to walk along, to commit, to celebrate, to perpetrate (crime, outrage, etc.)
begehend(German) committing, perpetrating
Begehr(German n.) desire
Begehren(German n.) conation, demand, desire, wish, desiring
begehren(German) to desire, to covet, to request, to seek
begehrend(German) desiring, coveting, covetting
begehrenswert(German) desirable, covetable, worth desiring, sexy (figurative)
begehrenswerter(German) more desirable
begehrenswerteste(German) most desirable
begehrlich(German) desirous, covetous, covetously
begehrlicher(German) more desirous
Begehrlichkeit(German f.) covetousness, concupiscence, greediness
begehrlichste(German) most desirous
begehrt(German) desires, covets, in demand, sought-after, treasured, coveted
begehrte(German) coveted, covetted, desired
begehrte Artikel(German pl.) articles in demand, articles in favour
begehrte Ware(German f.) goods in demand, goods in favour
Begehrtheit(German f.) desirability
begeht(German) commits
begeht feierlich(German) solemnises
Begehung(German f.) commitment, committal, inspection, celebration
Begehung des Geländes(German f.) reconnaissance
Begehung eines Verbrechens(German f.) commission of a crime, committal of a crime
begeifern(German) to beslobber, to beslobber oneself
begeistern(German) to inspire, to fill with enthusiasm, to delight, to enthuse, to enthral, to enchant
begeisternd(German) inflammatory, sparkling, inspirational
begeisternde Rede(German f.) inflammatory speech
begeisternder Vortrag(German m.) sparkling speech
begeistern durch(German) to delight with
begeistert(German) inspires, zesty, spirited, igneous, ardent, enthused, delighted, excited, high-spirited, keen, with cheers, zealous, glowing, juiced up, avid (enthusiastic), abuzz, enthralled, rousing (welcome, etc.), enthusiastically, rhapsodical, impressed, rapturously, enthusiastic, rapturous (applause)
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
begeistert begrüßen(German) to receive with cheers
begeistert empfangen(German) to accept enthusiastically
Begeisterter (m.), Begeisterte (f.)(German) freak (colloquial)
begeisterter Bewunderer(German m.) warm admirer
begeisterter Empfang(German m.) enthusiastic reception
begeisterter Theaterbesucher(German m.) ardent theatregoer
begeisterter Verehrer(German m.) enthusiast
begeisterter Verfechter(German m.) enthusiastic advocate
begeistert klatschen(German) to clap enthusiastically
begeistert sein(German) to be enthusiastic, to enthuse
begeistert sein für(German) to enthuse about, to enthuse over
begeistert sein von(German) to be delighted with
begeistert von(German) enthusiastic over, delighted with, enthusiastic about, thrilled by, thrilled with
begeistert von dem Ergebnis(German) delighted with the result
begeistert werden(German) to get excited
Begeisterung (s.), Begeisterungen (pl.)(German f.) ardour, enthusiasm, rapture, rapturousness, exaltation, excitement, fascination, rage, verve, zeal, zest, buzz, gusto, animation, poetical excitement
Begeisterung entfachen(German) to arouse enthusiasm, to awake enthusiasm
Begeisterung für(German f.) enthusiasm for
Begeisterung für einen Kult(German f.) cultism
begeisterungsfähig(German) enthusiastic
Begeisterungstaumel(German m.) furore
begeleiding(Dutch) accompaniment
Begenaan Ethiopian string instrument that resembles a large lyre. According to Ethiopian tradition, Menelik I brought the instrument to Ethiopia from Israel, where David had used the begena to soothe King Saul's nerves and heal him of insomnia. Its actual origin remains in doubt, though Ethiopian manuscripts depict the instrument at the beginning of the fifteenth century AD
  • Begena from which this extract has been taken
Beges(Vojvodina, Serbia & Montenegro) a colloquial term for the double bass
Beggar's Opera, Thea ballad opera in three acts written in 1728 by John Gay. It is one of the watershed plays in Augustan drama and is the only example of the once thriving genre of satirical ballad opera to remain popular today. Ballad operas were satiric musical plays that used some of the conventions of opera, but without recitative. The lyrics of the airs in the piece are set to popular broadsheet ballads, opera arias, church hymns and folk tunes of the time
Lysons, in his Environs of London, gives the following particulars: - "The year 1728 is famous in theatrical annals, for having produced the favourite burletta of the Beggar's Opera. Its success surpassed all precedent: it was acted more than sixty nights during the first season. The part of 'Polly' was performed by Lavinia Fenton, a young actress, whose real name, in some of the publications of that day, is said to have been Beswick. Her performance of this character raised her very high in the opinion of the public; and it is uncertain whether the opera itself, or 'Polly Peachum,' had the greater share of popularity. Her lovers, of course, were very numerous: she decided in favour of the Duke of Bolton, who, to the great loss of the public, took her from the stage, to which she never returned; and on the sixty-second night of the performance, a new 'Polly' was, to the great surprise of the audience, who expected to see their old favourite, introduced on the boards"
Beggars' songbookswhen Regent Margaret of Parma was advised in 1566 that she need not fear a group of petitioning Netherlands nobles since they were 'beggars' (French gueux), the movement eagerly adopted this name (Dutch/Flemish geus), which stuck. The Beggars' songbooks were collections of songs of the period in various arrangements
Begharden(German pl.) Beghards
Beghardsa brotherhood which rose in the Low Countries in the twelfth century, and was so called from Lambert la Bégue. The male society were Beghards, the female, Beguins. They took no vows, and were free to leave the society when they liked. In the seventeenth century, those who survived the persecutions of the popes and inquisition joined the Tertiarii of the Franciscans
begibt sich(German) resorts
Begier(German f.) desire
Begierde (s.), Begierden (pl.)(German f.) appetency, avidity, avidness, cupidity, lust, appetite, concupiscence, desire, desirousness, eagerness, lustfulness
Begierde nach(German f.) appetite for
begierend(German) cravingly
begierig(German) eager, avid, aware, desirous, desirously, avidly, acquisitive, anxious, appetent, desirious, eager, wishful, zealous, emulous, thirstily (figurative), ambitious, eagerly
begierig auf(German) eager for, eager after, impatient
begierig aufnehmen(German) to lap up (colloquial: receive eagerly) (a story, speech, etc.)
begierig darauf sein zu(German) to be anxious to
begieriges Temperament(German n.) acquisitive temperament
begierig in sich aufnehmen(German) to drink in (figurative) (sight, words)
Begierigkeit(German f.) desirousness
begierig nach(German) eager for, eager after, impatient for
begierig sein nach(German) to itch after, to itch for
begierig verschlingen(German) to swallow eagerly
Begießen(German n.) perfusion, watering, basting
begießen(German) to dowse, to water, to douse, to baste (cooking)
begießend(German) dousing, dowsing, showering
begießt(German) waters, douses, dowses, showers
Beginen(German pl.) Beguines (historically, women who served their community and God but did not take any formal religious vows)
Beginenhof(German m.) beguinage
Beginenorden(German m.) Beguine convent
begin at onceempezar en seguida (Spanish), attacca (Italian), sofort angreifen (German), attaquez tout de suite (French)
beging(German) committed
beging feierlich(German) solemnised
Beginn(German m.) beginning, advent, inception, start, dawn, commencement, initiation, opening, outset, starting, onset, incipience
Beginn der Reifephase der Trauben(German m.) veraison (the stage when grapes begin to soften and gain colour)
Beginn der Verhandlungen(German m.) beginning of negotiations
Beginn der Vorstellung um 8(German) the curtain will rise at 8
Beginn des Verfahrens(German m.) commencement of proceedings
Beginn eines neuen Zeitalters(German m.) dawn of a new era
beginnen(German) to start, to begin, to do, to commence, to initiate, to set in, to incept (archaic), to strike up
beginnend(German) commencing, initiating, ongoing, incipient, starting
beginnend mit(German) beginning with
beginnt(German) begins, commences, initiates
beginnt wieder(German) recommences, reconvenes
Begin-repeat sign
open repeat signalso called 'open repeat sign' or 'repeat start', marking the beginning of a passage to be repeated
beglaubigen(German) to notarise, to authenticate, to substantiate, to accredit, to attest, to certificate, to certify, to witness, to verify (authenticate)
beglaubigend(German) accrediting, attesting, authenticating, notarising, certifying
Beglaubiger (m.), Beglaubigerin (f.)(German) attester, attestor, authenticator
beglaubigt(German) certified, attests, authenticated, authenticates, accredited, attested, witnessed, notarises, notarised, legalised
beglaubigt durch seine Unterschrift(German) authenticated by his signature
beglaubigte(German) accredited, attested, notarised, authenticated
beglaubigte Ablichtung(German f.) certified copy
beglaubigte Abschrift (s.), beglaubigte Abschriften (pl.)(German f.) attested copy, certified copy
beglaubigte Bibelübersetzung(German f.) Authorised Version (Bible)
beglaubigte Kopie(German f.) attested copy, certified copy
beglaubigter Scheck(German m.) certified cheque
beglaubigter Vertreter(German m.) accredited agent
beglaubigtes Dokument(German n.) authentic deed, certified document, legalised document
beglaubigte Übersetzung(German f.) authorised translation
beglaubigte Unterschrift(German f.) attested signature, authorised signature, legalised signature
beglaubigte Urkunde(German f.) authenticated document
Beglaubigung (s.), Beglaubigungen (pl.)(German f.) attestation, notarisation, authentication, accreditation, accrediting, certificate, certification, verification, witnessing
Beglaubigungsgebühr(German f.) attestation fee
Beglaubigungsschreiben(German n.) credentials, letter of accreditation
Beglaubigungsvermerk(German m.) attestation clause
Beglaubigung von Übersetzungen(German f.) verification of translations
begleichen(German) to settle, to meet, to acquit, to even up, to make square, to balance (account)
begleicht(German) settles
Begleichung(German f.) acquittance, satisfaction, settlement
Begleichung einer Rechnung(German f.) settlement of a bill, settlement of an account
Begleichung einer Schuld(German f.) discharge of a debt, discharge of debt, payment of a debt
Begleichung von Kosten(German f.) defrayal of costs, defrayal of expenses, defrayment
Begleit-(German) concomitant, corollary
Begleitband(German n.) companion volume
Begleitband(German n.) backing band
Begleitbeschwerden(German pl.) accompanying complaints
Begleitbrief(German m.) covering letter, accompanying letter
Begleitbroschüre(German f.) accompanying booklet, accompanying brochure
Begleitbuch(German n.) companion book, accompanying book, tie-in (a book, etc., that is related to or connected with a TV or radio programme)
Begleitdame(German f.) hostess
Begleitdokumente(German pl.) accompanying documents
Begleiteffekt(German m.) accompanying effect
Begleiten(German n.) company
begleiten(German) to see off, to accompany, to squire, to attend, to convoy, to escort, to back
begleitend(German) accompanying, attendant, attending, chaperoning, collateral, escorting, squiring, concomitant, collaterally, concomitantly, associate, convoying, associated
begleitende Erwachsene(German pl.) accompanying adults
begleitende Frage(German f.) attendant question
begleitende Maßnahmen(German pl.) accompanying measures
begleitende Menge(German f.) attendant crowd
begleitender Kommentar(German m.) accompanying commentary
begleitende Software(German f.) accompanying software
begleitende Stimmen(German pl.) accompanying parts (in a piece of music)
begleitende Umstände(German pl.) attendant circumstances, concomitant circumstances
begleitende Werbung(German f.) accessory advertising
begleitend kommentieren(German) to narrate
Begleiter (m.), Begleiterin (f.), Begleiter (pl.)(German) accompanist, companion, attendant, tutor, escort
Begleiter einer Dame(German m.) companion of a lady, cavalier of a lady
Begleiter im Unglück(German pl.) companions in misfortune
Begleiter in der Not(German pl.) companions in distress
Begleiterkrankung(German f.) concomitant disease, accompanying illness
Begleiterscheinung (s.), Begleiterscheinungen (pl.)(German f.) concomitant phenomenon, concomitant, accompaniment, concomitant feature, epiphenomenon, accompanying symptom (to an illness)
begleitet(German) accompanied, accompanies, attends, squires, squired, escorts
begleitet sein(German) to be accompanied
begleitet von(German) accompanied by, attended by
begleitet von einem Lehrer(German) accompanied by a teacher
begleitet von einem treuen Freund(German) accompanied by a faithful friend
begleitet von einem zahlenden Erwachsenen(German) accompanied by a paying adult
begleitet von Fieber(German) accompanied with fever
begleitet von ihrem Ehegatten(German) accompanied by her husband
begleitet von ihren Familien(German) accompanied by their families
begleitet von seiner Frau(German) accompanied by his wife
begleitete(German) attended, chaperoned, escorted, squired, accompanied
begleitete Tour(German f.) guided tour
Begleitfigur (s.), Begleitfiguren (p.)(German f.) accompanying figure, accompaniment figure
Begleitforschung(German f.) concomitant research, accompanying research
Begleitheft(German n.) accompanying booklet
Begleithund(German n.) companion dog
Begleitinstrument(German n.) accompanying instrument, continuo
Begleitkommentar(German m.) voice-over
Begleitkosten(German pl.) associated costs
Begleitliste(German f.) accompanying list
Begleitmannschaft(German f.) escort
Begleitmaßnahmen(German pl.) accompanying measures
Begleitmeldung(German f.) accompanying message
Begleitmerkmal(German n.) concomitant feature
Begleitmusik(German f.) background music, incidental music (in a film, etc.)
Begleitmusiker(German pl.) accompanying musicians, backing musicians
Begleitpapier (s.), Begleitpapiere (pl.)(German n.) accompanying document, accompanying papers (plural form)
Begleitperson(German f.) escort
Begleitphänomen(German n.) attendant phenomenon
Begleitresonanz(German f.) sympathetic vibration(s)
Begleitsänger (m.), Begleitsängerin (f.)(German) backing vocal, backing vocalist
Begleitschreiben(German n.) accompanying letter, covering note, covering letter, cover letter
Begleitservice(German m.) escort service
Begleitsymptom(German n.) attendant symptom, concomitant symptom
Begleittext(German m.) explanatory notes, accompanying text
Begleitumstand (s.), Begleitumstände (pl.)(German m.) concomitant (attendant state), attendant circumstance, concurrent (concurrent circumstance), surrounding circumstances (plural form)
Begleitung (s.), Begleitungen (pl.)(German f.) accompaniment, company, entourage, attendance, chaperonage, backing, chaperon, companion, companionship, escort (at a social event), entourage (for a prominent person), escorted tour
Begleitung in Akkorden(German f.) chord style (piano), block style (piano)
Begleitungsmusik(German f.) musical accompaniment, music to accompany, accompanying music
Begleitungsmusik zu einer Lichtspielszenesee 'Accompaniment to a Film Scene'
Begleitunterlagen(German pl.) accompanying documents
Begleitveranstaltung(German f.) accompanying event
Begleitzettel(German m.) accompanying document
beglücken(German) to make happy, to bless, to delight, to please
beglückend(German) exhilarating
beglückendes Gefühl(German n.) happy feeling
Beglücker(German m.) benefactor
beglückt(German) happy
beglückwünschen(German) to congratulate, to felicitate
beglückwünschend(German) complimenting, felicitating, congratulating
beglückwünschen zu(German) to congratulate on, to compliment on
beglückwünscht(German) congratulates, felicitates, congratulated, complimented, compliments, felicitated
beglückwünschte(German) complimented, congratulated, felicitated
Beglückwünschung(German f.) congratulations
begnadet(German) highly gifted, exceptionally gifted
begnadetste(German) most highly gifted
begnadigen(German) to pardon, to amnesty
begnadigend(German) amnestying, reprieving, pardoning
begnadigt(German) pardons, amnestied, reprieved, pardoned
begnadigte(German) pardoned
begnadigt werden(German) to be given a reprieve, to be granted a reprieve
Begnadigung(German f.) pardon, reprieval, reprieve, amnesty
Begnadigung erhalten(German) to obtain pardon
Begnadigungsausschuss(German m.) clemency board, board of pardons and paroles
Begnadigungsgesuch(German n.) plea for (a) reprieve
Begnadigungsrecht(German n.) right to grant pardon, right to grant reprieve, power to grant pardon, right of reprieve
begnügend(German) contenting with
begnügte(German) contented with
Begoniaany of numerous plants of the genus Begonia grown for their attractive glossy asymmetrical leaves and colourful flowers
Begonie(German f.) begonia
begonnen(German) begun
begoss(German) doused, dowsed, showered
begossen(German) watered
begrabbeln(German) to paw (colloquial)
begraben(German) to bury, to inter
(German) interred, sepulchered, entombed, sepulchred, buried
begrabend(German) sepulchring, burying
begraben sein(German) to be under the daisies (colloquial)
Begräbnis (s.), Begräbnisse (pl.)(German n.) burial, funeral, entombment, sepulture, interment
Begräbnis-(German) funeral, mortuary (prefix)
Begräbnisliturgie(German f.) funeral rites
Begräbnisrituale(German pl.) burial rituals
Begräbnisstadt(German f.) burial place
Begräbnisstätte(German f.) burial ground, grave
Begräbnisunternehmer(German m.) undertaker
begrabschen(German) to paw (colloquial)
begräbt(German) inters, sepulchres
Begradigung(German f.) straightening
begrapschen(German) to paw (colloquial)
begreifbar(German) apperceptible
Begreifen(German n.) apprehension, comprehension, conception, uptake
begreifen(German) to understand, to conceive, to comprehend, to realise, to grasp, to apprehend, to comprise, to catch on (colloquial: to understand), to fathom (understand), to take in (grasp, understand)
begreifend(German) apprehensive, apprehensively, comprehending, conceptive, conceptually, understanding
begreiflich(German) understandable, apprehensible, apprehensibly, comprehensible, conceivable
begreiflicherweise(German) understandably
Begreiflichkeit(German f.) comprehensibleness, conceivability, conceivableness
begreift(German) understands, comprehends, conceits
begrenzbar(German) terminable, terminably, limitable
Begrenzbarkeit(German f.) terminableness
begrenzen(German) to bound, to limit (to), to margin, to terminate, to border, to clip, to confine, to delimitate, to edge, to limit, to restrict, to skirt, to stint, to circumscribe, to form the boundary of
begrenzend(German) bounding, confining, limitative, limiting, delineating
Begrenzer(German m.) limiter, clipper, delimiter
begrenzt(German) limited, bounded, confines, delimited, terminally, limits, determinate, confined, narrow, limitedly, finite, restricted, terminated, circumscribed
begrenzt haftende Teilhaberschaft(German f.) limited partnership
begrenzt von(German) bounded by
begrenzt werden(German) to be bounded, to be limited
begrenzte Anzahl(German f.) limited numbers, limited amount
begrenzte Dauer(German f.) limited duration
begrenzte Garantie(German f.) limited guarantee
begrenzte Haftung(German f.) limited liability
begrenzte Mittel(German pl.) limited means
begrenzte Produktion(German f.) limited production
begrenzter(German) narrower
begrenzter Betrag(German m.) predetermined limit
begrenzter Markt(German m.) limited market, narrow market
begrenzter Raum(German m.) confined space
begrenzter Wortschatz(German m.) limited vocabulary
begrenztes Ziel(German n.) limited objective
Begrenztheit (s.), Begrenztheiten (pl.)(German f.) narrowness, finiteness
Begrenzung (s.), Begrenzungen (pl.)(German f.) restriction, limitation, definition, limiting, zoning, border, limit, margin, astriction, boundary, circumscription, stint, cap (limit)
Begrenzung der Kosten(German f.) capping of the costs
Begrenzung der Mitgliederzahl(German f.) limitation of membership
Begrenzung der Produktion(German f.) limitation of production
Begrenzungsschrägstrich(German m.) delimiting slash
Begrenzungssymbol(German n.) delimiter
Begrenzungszeichen(German n.) separator, delimiter
Begriff (s.), Begriffe (pl.)(German m.) concept, term, idea, notion, perception, conception, apprehension, item
begriff(German) understood, comprehended
begriffen(German) comprehended, grasped
Begriffen.(German) Point taken.
begrifflich(German) conceptual, notional, conceptually, abstract, abstractly
begrifflich strukturiertes Glossar(German n.) conceptually organized glossary
begrifflich urteilendes Erfassen(German n.) apperception
Begrifflichkeit (s.), Begrifflichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) conceptuality, conception
Begriffs-(German) apprehensive
Begriffsapparat(German m.) conceptual framework
Begriff - Satz - Schlussfigur(German) term - proposition - syllogism (logic)
Begriffsbestimmung (s.), Begriffsbestimmungen (pl.)(German f.) definition
Begriffsbildung(German f.) concept formation, conceptualisation
Begriffserklärung(German f.) definition
Begriffsgeschichte(German f.) conceptual history
Begriffsinhalt(German m.) connotation (an idea or meaning suggested by or associated with a word or thing)
Begriffsklärung(German f.) disambiguation (the process of rewriting or reconstructing a sentence or phrase so that one of its possible meanings is singled out)
Begriffsmensch(German m.) abstractionist
Begriffsmonopol(German m.) genericised trademark
begriffsstutzig(German) obtuse, thick-witted, dim-witted (colloquial), slow-witted, dense (colloquial: stupid), dull-witted
Begriffsstutziger (m.), Begriffsstutzige (f.), Begriffsstutzige (pl.)(German) dim-witted person
Begriffsstutzigkeit(German f.) dull-wittedness, slow-wittedness
Begriffssystem(German n.) conceptual system, system of concepts
Begriffsvermögen(German n.) comprehension, conception
Begriffsverwirrung(German f.) confusion of idea
Begriffswörterbuch(German n.) terminology dictionary, terminological dictionary
Begriffszeichen(German n.) ideogram
begrub(German) sepulchered
begründen(German) to establish, to justify, to substantiate, to found, to back up, to cause, to constitute, to create, to give reasons, to originate, to reason, to state a reason, to state reasons, to ground (figurative), to base, to explain
begründend(German) substantiating, constitutive, founding
Begründer (m.), Begründerin (f.)(German) founder, originator
begründet(German) justified, causes, substantiates, accounted, substantiated, founded, justified, well-founded, wellfounded, motivated, reasonable, reasoned
begründeter Anspruch(German m.) sound claim
begründeter Zweifel(German m.) reasonable doubt
begründetermaßen(German) groundedly, on good grounds
begründetes Argument(German n.) valid argument
Begründetheit(German f.) merit
Begründung (s.), Begründungen (pl.)(German f.) reason, substantiation, statement of grounds, explanatory statement, argumentation, explanation, statement, ground, rationale (statement of reasons), justification, credentials, reasoning, motivation
Begründung einer Ablehnung(German f.) reasons for a refusal
Begründung einer Entscheidung(German f.) reasons for a decision
Begründung eines Antrags(German f.) reasons for an application
Begründung für einen Revisionsantrag(German f.) reasons for an appeal
Begründungspflicht(German f.) duty to give reasons
begrünen(German) to green
begrünt(German) greened
begrünt(German) green
begrüntes Dach(German n.) green roof
Begrünung(German f.) greening
Begrüßen(German n.) welcoming (guests)
begrüßen(German) to come and meet, to greet, to welcome, to acclaim, to bid welcome
begrüßend(German) welcoming, salutatory, greeting
begrüßenswert(German) welcome
begrüßt(German) welcomely, welcomes, greeted
Begrüßt man so einen alten Freund?(German) Is that the way to welcome an old friend?
begrüßte(German) welcomed
Begrüßung(German f.) greeting, address of welcome, reception, salutation, welcoming
Begrüßungsbildschirm(German m.) splash screen (a Web page that is the index page to a site, but has only one navigation link - to another page of the site)
Begrüßungsempfang(German m.) welcome reception
Begrüßungsfeier(German f.) welcome party
Begrüßungsformel(German f.) saluation (at the beginning of a telephone call, at the opening of a letter)
Begrüßungsgetränk(German n.) welcome drink
Begrüßungsparty(German f.) welcome party
Begrüßungsseite(German f.) welcome page (the introductory Web Page for a Web Server, also referred to as a Home Page)
Begrüßungssekt(German m.) welcome glass of champagne, welcoming glass of champagne
Bègue(French m./f.) stammerer
Bèguènasee bagana
bégueule(French) prudish
Beguinor Flemish Hood, a rectangle of linen carefully folded into a symmetrical headdress and caught together at the nape of the neck
Béguin(French m.) infatuation, crush (as in, to have a crush on someone)
Béguinage(English, French) an establishment of Béguines, community of lay women living a life of poverty and chastity, without living under a rule or taking irrevocable vows
Beguine(English, German f.) lively and syncopated dance rhythm emerging around the turn of the century in French-speaking Caribbean islands of Guadelope and Martinique
Béguine(English, French) a member of a religious sisterhood founded in the Low Countries in the twelfth century by Lambert la Bégue, lay woman living a life of poverty and chastity in a community, without living under a rule or taking irrevocable vows
Begum(English, German f.) queen (in colloquial Urdu it is also used to refer to one's (or another's) wife)
begünstigen(German) to promote, to pander, to favour, to put forward, to benefit, to bring forward, to encourage, to facilitate, to prefer, to abet, to foster
begünstigend(German) abetting, advantaging, favouring, pandering, benefiting, encouraging, promotive, benefitting
Begünstiger(German m.) accessory after the fact
begünstigt(German) advantaged, benefits, abets, favours, panders, favoured, benefited, fostered, preferential, benefitted, pandered, abetted
begünstigte(German) abetted, pandered
Begünstigter (m.), Begünstigte (f.)(German) beneficiary, optionee, accessory after the fact
Begünstigung(German f.) preferential treatment, protection, benefit, encouragement, facilitation, privilege
Beguss(German m.) slip, engobe
begutachten(German) to give an opinon on, to look at, to examine, to survey, to pass an expert opinion, to render an expert opinion, to report, to eye up
begutachtend(German) examining, surveying, approving
begutachtet(German) examines, surveys, examined
begutachtete(German) examined, surveyed
Begutachtung(German f.) appraisal, expertise, assessment, survey, peer review
Begutachtungsverfahren(German n.) evaluation procedure, evaluation process
begütert(German) wealthy, of considerable means, well off, well-off, prosperous, substantial (person) (well-to-do), well-to-do (person)
begütigen(German) to placate, to mollify, to pacify
begütigend(German) placating, placatingly
behaart(German) hairy
behaart(German) haired, pilose
Behaartheit(German f.) hairiness
Behaarung(German f.) hairiness, pubescence
behäbig(German) stolid, ponderous, stolidly, portly, sedate, comfortable, comfortably
behaftet(German) afflicted
Behagen(German n.) contentment, enjoyment, convenience, pleasure, complacence (contentment)
behagen(German) to please
behagend(German) suiting
behaglich(German) snug, comfortable, comfortably, comfy (colloquial), cosily, cosy, snugly, at ease, easy, comforting, comodo
behaglich gelegen(German) comfortably situated
behaglicher(German) snugger, more snug
behagliches Gespräch(German n.) quiet talk
behagliches Haus(German n.) comfortable home, comfortable house
behagliches Leben(German n.) easy life
Behaglichkeit (s.), Behaglichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) comfortableness, cosiness, ease, comfort, snugness, comforts (collective)
Behaglichkeit des eigenen Heims(German f.) comforts of home
behaglichste(German) snuggest, most snug
behagte(German) suited
behalf sich(German) managed
behält(German) keeps, retains
behaltbar(German) retentive
behält ein(German) retains
behalten(German) to retain, to uphold, to maintain, to keep
(German) held, kept, retained
behaltend(German) retaining, keeping
Behälter(German m.) reservoir, container, receptacle, repository, tank, crib (baby), bucket, bin, bunker, case, box, pod (for storing camera accessories, etc.)
Behälterboden(German m.) container bottom
Behälterinhalt(German m.) container contents
Behälter unterschiedlicher Größe(German pl.) different-sized containers
Behältnis(German n.) receptacle, vessel, container, bin, box, repository, vat
behämmern(German) to beat, to embellish
behämmert(German) bats (colloquial), maniac, batty (colloquial), crazy, harebrained, hare-brained
behänd(German) nimble, agile
behände(German) speedily, agile, lively, nimble, agilmente (Italian), agile (French, Italian), agilement (French)
behandelbar(German) treatable
behandeln(German) to handle, to treat, to attend, to vet, to approach, to cover, to cure, to deal, to deal with
behandelnd(German) medicating, treating
behandelnder Arzt(German m.) attending physician
behandelt(German) discussed, discusses, handled, handles, treated, treats
behandelt brutal(German) brutalises
behandelte(German) medicated
behandelte brutal(German) brutalised
behandelte schlecht(German) mistreated
behandelte wie ein Kind(German) babied, treated like a child
behandelt medizinisch(German) medicates
behandelt mit Fluorid(German) fluoridates
behandelt schlecht(German) mistreats
behandelt werden(German) to be treated
behänder Junge(German m.) agile boy
Behändigkeit(German f.) spryness, legerity, agility
Behandler(German pl.) handlers
Behandlung (s.), Behandlungen (pl.)(German f.) handling, therapy, care, attention, dealing, session, approach (to an issue), caregiving (to a child or old person)
Behandlung der Dokumente(German f.) handling of the documents
Behandlung der Wahl(German f.) treatment of choice
Behandlung eines Themas(German f.) approach to a subject
Behandlungen erklären(German) to advise on treatments
Behandlungsanlage(German f.) treatment facility
Behandlungskosten(German pl.) medical costs, cost of treatment, treatment cost, treatment costs
Behandlungsliege(German f.) treatment couch
Behandlungsmöglichkeit (s.), Behandlungsmöglichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) treatment option
Behandlungsraum(German m.) treatment room
behandlungsresistent(German) treatment-resistant, resistant to treatment
Behandlungszeitraum(German m.) period of treatment
Behandlungszentrum(German n.) treatment centre
Behandlungszimmer(German n.) consulting room, (doctor's) office, surgery
Behandlung von Gewissensfällen(German f.) casuistry (argumentation that is specious or excessively subtle and intended to be misleading)
Behandlung von Krebs(German f.) treatment of cancer, cancer treatment
behandschuht(German) gloved
Behang(German m.) hanging, hangings, curtain, decorations
behangen(German) draped
beharken(German) to rake with gunfire, to strafe (with gunfire), to pitch into (colloquial), to set about (colloquial)
Beharren(German n.) continuance, insistence
beharren(German) to persist, to insist, to persevere
beharren auf(German) to persist with, to insist on
beharrend(German) persisting, insisting
beharrlich(German) persistent, persistently, dogged, doggedly, insistent, insistently, perseveringly, constant, insisting, persevering, stable, sticky, with single purpose, tenacious, tenaciously, assiduously, assiduous
beharrlich sein(German) to be insistent
beharrliche Ausschau(German f.) constant prying
beharrliche Nachfrage(German f.) insistent demand
beharrlicher Widerstand(German m.) stubborn resistance
beharrliches Bedrängen(German n.) importunity
beharrliche Schmeichelei(German f.) sedulous flattery
beharrliches Klopfen(German n.) constant knocking
Beharrlichkeit (s.), Beharrlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) insistence, pertinaciousness, perseverance, adhesion, assiduity, assiduity in something, persistence, persistency, steadiness, tenacity, doggedness
Beharrlichkeit von Gerüchten(German f.) persistence of rumours
beharrt(German) perseveres, persevered
beharrt auf(German) insists
beharrte(German) persisted, persevered
Beharrung(German f.) persistence
Beharrungsvermögen(German n.) inertia
Beharrungszustand(German m.) equilibrium, steady state
behauchen(German) to aspirate
behauchter Verschlusslaut(German m.) aspirate
behauen(German) to trim, to chip, to hew, to carve
(German) hewn
behaupten(German) to say, to retain, to claim, to allege, to aver, to purport, to affirm, to argue, to suggest, to assent, to assert, to contend, to maintain, to predicate, to profess, to let on, to make out (assert, claim)
behauptend(German) alleging, asserting, averring, predicating, purportedly, affirmative, affirming, purporting, insisting, assertory
behaupten, der Erbe zu sein(German) to claim to be the heir
behaupten, ein Fachmann zu sein(German) to claim to be an expert
behaupten ein Monopol zu besitzen(German) to claim to have a monopoly
behauptet(German) alleges, asserted, asserts, avers, purports, purported, alleged
behauptete(German) alleged, asserted, avered, averred, predicated, purported
behauptete wieder(German) reasserted
behauptet wieder(German) reasserts
Behauptung (s.), Behauptungen (pl.)(German f.) assertion, allegation, averment, statement, claim, contention, contestation, maintenance, pronouncement, proposition, thesis
Behauptung einer Meinung(German f.) maintenance of an opinion
Behauptungszeichen(German pl.) assertion sign (introduced by Frege)
Behauptung von Preisen(German f.) maintenance of prices
Behauptung von Tatsachen(German f.) allegation of facts
Behausung (s.), Behausungen (pl.)(German f.) dwelling, housing, shack, habitation
behaut(German) trims
behaute(German) trimmed
Behaviorismus(German m.) behaviourism
Behaviorist (m), Behavioristin (f.)(German m.) behaviourist
behavioristisch(German) behaviouristic, behaviourist
Behaviourisma school of psychology that confines itself to the study of observable and quantifiable aspects of behaviour and excludes subjective phenomena, such as emotions or motives
Behaviourismus(German m.) behaviourism
behebbar(German) repairable, amendable, recoverable, removable, remediable (error, fault)
beheben(German) to remedy, to remove, to correct, to cure, to fix
behebend(German) repairing
behebt(German) repairs
Behebung(German f.) removal, adjustment
Behebung der Mängel(German f.) correction of the defects
Behebung eines Mangels(German f.) remedying a defect
Behebung eines Schadens(German f.) redress
Behebung von Mängeln(German f.) removal of defects
beheimatet(German) domiciled, native, resident, endemic
beheimatet in(German) endemic to
Beheimatung(German f.) providing of a (spiritual) home
beheizbar(German) heatable
beheizen(German) to heat
beheizt(German) heated
Behelf(German m.) remedy, workaround, substitute, makeshift, (auxiliary) means
Behelfs-(German) auxiliary (prefix)
Behelfsbau (s.), Behelfsbauten (pl.)(German m.) temporary building
Behelfsbrücke(German f.) Bailey bridge, makeshift bridge, temporary bridge
behelfsmäßig(German) make-shift, makeshift, temporary, improvised, lash-up
Behelfsmaßnahme(German f.) stopgap measure
Behelfsstraße(German f.) emergency road
Behelfsunterkunft (s.), Behelfsunterkünfte (pl.)(German f.) makeshift shelter, temporary housing (for refugees) (plural form)
behelligen(German) to bother, to importune
behelligend(German) bothering, importuning
behelligt(German) bothers, bothered
behelligte(German) bothered
Behelligung(German f.) molestation
behelmt(German) helmeted
Behemot(German m.) Behemoth
Behemoth(English, German m.) something enormous in size or power (originally a huge animal, possibly the hippopotamus, described in the Bible)
behend(German) nimbly, agile (dated), nimble (dated)
behende(German) nimbly, nimble (dated), lightsome (archaic)
in music, behende can also considered synonymous with schnell (German: fast, quick), allegro (Italian), vite (French) or vitement (French)
behendig(German) nimbly
Behendigkeit(German f.) nimbleness
Behenic acida crystalline, saturated fatty acid, C22 H44 O2, obtained from plant sources, used chiefly in the manufacture of cosmetics, waxes and plasticisers
Behenöl(German n.) ben oil
Behensäure(German f.) behenic acid
beherbergen(German) to put up (accommodate), to accommodate, to host, to harbour, to house (accommodate, store in a building)
beherbergend(German) accommodating, harbouring, housing
Beherberger(German m.) harbourer
beherbergt(German) accommodates, located, harboured, housed, accommodated
beherbergte(German) accommodated, housed
Beherbergung(German f.) lodging
Beherbergungsgewerbe(German n.) hotel trade, tourist accommodation industry
Beherbungsstätte(German f.) accommodation (hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, etc)
beherrschbar(German) controllable
Beherrschbarkeit(German f.) controllability
beherrschen(German) to rule over, to dominate, to control, to rule, to be in control of, to be master of, to bring under command, to command, to domineer, to overrule, to hold in (feelings), to keep under control (emotions, anger, etc.)
beherrschend(German) dominant, ruling, governmental, besetting, commanding, compelling, controlling, pervasive, predominant, governing
beherrschende Stelle(German f.) ascendancy, supremacy
beherrschender Blick(German m.) imperious glance
beherrschender Einfluss(German m.) dominant influence
beherrschender Gedanke(German m.) concern, preoccupation
Beherrscher(German m.) dominator
beherrscht(German) rules, governed, dominated, restrained, composed, with self-control, self-controlled, controlled
beherrschte(German) mastered, ruled
Beherrschung(German f.) governing, control, domination, containment, mastery, self-control, composure (emotional control, calmness)
Beherrschung der englischen Sprache(German f.) command of the English language
Beherrschung der gesprochenen Sprache(German f.) command of the spoken language, proficiency in speaking
Beherrschung der Meere(German f.) command of the seas
Beherrschung des Marktes(German f.) market dominance
Beherrschung einer Sprache(German f.) command of a language, mastery of a language
Beherrschung von(German f.) command of, mastery of
beherzigen(German) to take to heart, to heed, to follow
beherzt(German) courageous, courageously
beherzt(German) spirited, plucky, stout-hearted, encouraged, gallant, doughty, valiant, feisty, dauntless, valiantly, lionhearted
beherzter(German) more encouraged
beherzte Tat(German f.) bold act
Beherztheit(German f.) pluckiness
behexen(German) to bedevil, to bewitch
behexend(German) bedevilling, bewitching
behext(German) bewitches, bewitched
behexte(German) bewitched, bedevilled
behielt(German) kept
behielt ein(German) retained
behilflich(German) helpful, collaborative, instrumentally, collaboratively, assistant, instrumental, helpfully
behilflich sein(German) befriend
behilft(German) manages
Behinderer(German m.) obstructor
behindern(German) to spoil, to handicap, to thwart, to hinder, to frustrate, to hamper, to clog, to cumber, to encumber, to impede, to interfere, to obstruct, to set back, to trammel, to fetter (figurative)
behindernd(German) hindering, impedimentary, obstructive, cumbering
behindert(German) handicapped, hinders, hindered, retarded, impaired, disabled, encumbered, hampered, impeded, cumbered, differently abled, challenged (person)
behinderte(German) hindered
Behinderte (m.), Behinderte (f.), Behinderte (pl.)(German) handicapped person, disabled person, the disabled (plural form)
Behindertenarbeit(German f.) work with the disabled
Behindertenausweis(German m.) certificate of disability
behindertenfreundlich(German) disabled-friendly
behindertengerecht(German) handicapped accessible, disability-friendly
behindertengerechte Badezimmerausstattung(German f.) handicapped-accessible bathroom equipment
behindertengerechte Einrichtungen(German pl.) facilities for the disabled
Behindertenrechtler(German m.) disability rights advocate, disability rights activist
Behindertensport(German m.) sport for the disabled, sports for the disabled
Behindertentoilette(German f.) toilet for the disabled
Behindertentransport(German m.) transport for disabled people
behinderte Person(German f.) handicapped person, disabled person
Behinderter(German m.) disabled person, handicapped person
behinderte Schüler(German pl.) disabled students
behindert sein(German) to be handicapped
Behinderung (s.), Behinderungen (pl.)(German f.) handicap, obstruction, obstructiveness, barrier, deficiency, disability, encumbrance, hindrance, hold-up, interference, restraint, hinderance, disablement
Behinderung der Justiz(German f.) obstruction of justice
Behinderung der Produktion(German f.) production hold-up
Behind the beatwhen a performer deliberately sounds the notes slightly after the beat set by the ensemble, seldom required in any classical idiom
Behn, Aphra (1640-1689)in the 1660s, Aphra Behn served as a spy in Belgium for King Charles II, who had just gained the throne of England after the rule of the Cromwells. By 1670 her first play was produced, The Forced Marriage, the first in a string of successful plays. During the remainder of her life she wrote plays, poems and novels, and is considered one of the first women professional writers in the English language. She died on April 16, 1689, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Henry Purcell (1659-1695) wrote the overture, act-tunes and incidental music for her play Abdelazer (1676)
behob(German) repaired
behoben(German) fixed
behorchen(German) to eavesdrop, to auscultate
behorcht(German) eavesdrops, eavesdropped
behorchte(German) eavesdropped
Behorchung(German f.) auscultation
Behörde (s.), Behörden (pl.)(German f.) public authority, authorities, agency, administration, authority, board, office, government agency
Behördenangaben(German pl.) public statements
Behördendeutsch(German n.) bureaucratese (in German)
Behördenkram(German m.) red tape (figurative)
Behördensprache(German f.) officialese
Behördenweg(German m.) official channel
behördlich(German) magisterial, magisterially, governmental, official, regulatory
behördliche Anordnung(German f.) regulatory action
behördliche Aufsicht(German f.) regulatory supervision
behördliche Bewilligung(German f.) concession
behördliche Maßnahme(German f.) regulatory action
behördlicher Beschluss(German m.) regulatory action
behördlich zugelassen(German) officially sanctioned
behornt(German) horned
behübschen(German) to prettify (derogatory)
Behuf(German m.) behoof, purpose (dated)
behufs(German) for the purpose of
behüten(German) to shepherd, to protect, to care, to guard, to look after, to watch over, to keep
behütend(German) guarding, protecting
behüten vor(German) to safeguard from
Behüter(German m.) shepherd
behütet(German) protects, sheltered (life), protected (childhood, etc.), cared, looked after
behütete(German) protected
behütetes Leben(German n.) sheltered life
behutsam(German) careful, cautious, gingerly, chary, circumspect, scrupulous, warily, with caution, gently, gentle, carefully, cautiously
behutsame Handhabung(German f.) scrupulous dealing
behutsame Schritte(German pl.) wary steps
behutsamer(German) more cautious
behutsam gehen(German) to watch one's step
behutsam in der Wahl der Worte(German) wary in the choice of words
Behutsamkeit(German f.) caution, wariness, cautiousness, circumspection, gingerliness, deliberation, gentleness, care (caution), carefulness, delicacy (fineness of feeling)
behutsam vorgehen(German) to proceed cautiously,to tread warily
behutsam zu Werke gehen(German) to go about it carefully
bei(German) near, by (near, beside), at, on, next to, for, during, with, in, accessory
Beiaard(Dutch, Flemish) bell chime, carillon
Beiaardier(Dutch, Flemish) bell chime player, carillonneur
Beiakte(German f.) supplementary file
bei allem gebotenen Respekt(German) with all due respect
bei allem Respekt(German) with due respect
bei allen Ereignissen(German) at all events
bei aller Liebe(German) much as I'd like to
bei all seiner Klugheit(German) for all his cleverness
bei Anbruch der Nacht(German) at nightfall
bei anderer Gelegenheit(German) another time, on another occasion
bei angemessener Handlungsweise(German) acting reasonably
bei Ankunft der Ware(German) on arrival of the goods
bei Anlieferung(German) on delivery
bei Antritt eines Amtes(German) when taking office
bei Arbeitsantritt die Uhr stechen(German) to clock in
bei Arbeitsende die Uhr stechen(German) to clock out
bei Auftragserteilung(German) when placing the order
bei Ausbruch der Krise(German) at the outbreak of the crisis
bei Aushändigung(German) on delivery
bei Bedarf(German) if required, on demand, when required, when necessary, as needed (pro re nata)
bei bedecktem Himmel(German) when it's overcast, when it's cloudy
beibehalten(German) to keep
beibehalten(German) to maintain, to retain, to hold, to conserve
(German) maintained, retained
beibehaltend(German) retaining, maintaining
Beibehaltung(German f.) retention, maintenance, upkeep
bei Berührung(German) at a touch
bei Besinnung(German) conscious
bei Bestellung(German) at the time of order
bei bester Gesundheit(German) in the best of health
bei bester Gesundheit sein(German) to be as fit as a fiddle, to be in the best of health
bei bester Laune sein(German) to be in a merry pin
bei Bewusstsein(German) conscious, conscious (of)
bei Bezahlung(German) on payment
Beibl.abbreviation of Beiblatt (German: supplement)
Beiblatt(German) supplement, supplementary sheet
Beiboot(German n.) dinghy
beibringen(German) to teach, to procure, to produce, to adduce
beibringend(German) teaching
Beicht-(German) confessional (prefix)
Beichte (s.), Beichten (pl.)(German f.) shrift, confession, admission (of guilt, sin), telling one's sins to a priest
beichten(German) to shrive, to confess
beichtend(German) confessing, shriving (archaic)
beichtet(German) confesses, shrives
beichtete(German) confessed, shrived, shrove
Beichtgeheimnis(German n.) confessional secret
Beichthandbuch(German n.) penitential (book)
Beichtkind(German n.) penitent
Beichtspiegel(German m.) model confession, confession manual
Beichtstuhl (s.), Beichtstühle (pl.)(German m.) confessional, confessional box
Beichtstuhl-(German) confessional (prefix)
Beichtvater(German m.) confessor, father confessor
Bei-da-ge-huto be found in a Chinese orchestra performing the role that the double bass plays in a Western orchestra
beide(German) both, either, both of them, the two of them, all
beide Augen(German pl.) both eyes
beide Enden(German pl.) both ends
Beide Geschichten stimmen überein.(German) The two stories agree.
Beide haben Recht.(German) Both are right.
beide Hände(German pl.) both hands
beide Häuser des Parlaments(German pl.) both Houses (of Parliament)
beide Male(German) both times
bei dem Gedanken an(German) at the thought of
Bei dem Lärm kann man ja Tote aufwecken!(German) You're making enough noise to wake the dead!
bei den Eltern lebende Tochter(German f.) daughter living at home
Beidenhänder(German m., dated) two-handed sword
bei den Meinungsumfragen hinterherhinken(German) to trail in the polls
bei den Römern(German) among the Romans
beide Ohren betreffend(German) binaural
beide Orte(German pl.) both places
beide Parteien(German pl.) both parties
beider (m.), beide (f.), beides (n.)(German) either
bei der Abenddämmerung(German) at dusk
bei der Ankunft(German) on arrival
bei der Ankunft bereits tot(German) dead on arrival
bei der Arbeit(German) at work, at the shop, at the works, in the workshop, on the job, in operation
bei der Arbeit sein(German) to be at work (at one's job)
bei der Ausreise(German) on leaving the country
bei der Durchfahrt(German) in transit
bei der Einreise(German) on arrival, when entering
bei der Eröffnung(German) at the opening
bei der Erstellung dieser Neuausgabe(German) in making this revision
bei der ersten Andeutung(German) at the first intimation
bei der Geburt sterben(German) to die in childbirth
bei der geringsten Berührung(German) at the least touch, at the slightest touch
bei der geringsten Herausforderung(German) at the slightest provocation
bei der geringsten Provokation(German) at the slightest provocation
bei der geringsten Veränderung(German) on the slightest manipulation
bei der Geschwindigkeit(German) at that rate
bei der Geschwindigkeit mit der er vorgeht(German) at the rate he's going
bei der Haltestelle(German) at the stop (bus stop, tram stop)
bei der Hand(German) at hand
bei der Hand nehmen(German) take by the hand
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
beiderlei(German) both
beiderlei Geschlechts(German) of either sex
bei der letzten Gelegenheit(German) at the last possible chance, at the last possible instant, at the last possible moment, at the latest possible moment
bei der nächstmöglichen Gelegenheit(German) at the earliest opportunity
bei der niedrigsten Einschätzung(German) at the lowest valuation
bei der niedrigsten Schätzung(German) at the lowest estimate
bei der Öffentlichkeit gut ankommen(German) to go down well with the public
bei der Post verloren gegangen sein(German) to be lost in the post (mislaid)
bei der Prüfung von(German) examining
bei der Reinigung(German) at the cleaner's
bei der Sache bleiben(German) to keep to the point
bei der Sache sein(German) to mind
beiderseitig(German) mutual, on both sides
beiderseitiger Nutzen(German m.) mutual benefit
beiderseitiger Vorteil(German m.) mutual benefit
beiderseitige Zustimmung(German f.) mutual agreement, mutual consent
beiderseits(German) on both sides, on both sides of
bei der Stange bleiben(German) to keep at it, to stick to it
bei der Tat ergreifen(German) to catch red-handed
bei der Umsetzung ihrer Pläne(German) in the execution of her plans
bei der Vereitelung eines Verbrechens(German) in thwarting a crime
bei der Versammlung anwesend sein(German) to be present at the meeting
bei der Wahl fernbleiben(German) to abstain from voting
bei der Wahl nicht teilnehmen(German) to abstain from voting
bei der Wahrheit bleiben(German) to stick to the truth
bei deren Ankunft(German) on their arrival
beide Seiten(German pl.) both sides
beide Seiten anhören(German) to hear both sides
beide Seiten besprechen(German) to argue the pros and cons off the matter, to argue the pros and cons, to argue both sides of the argument
beide Seiten verstimmen(German) to alienate both sides
beides oder eines von beiden(German) both or either, either or both
beide zusammen(German) both together
beidfüßig(German) with both feet
beidgeschlechtlichen Unterricht einführen(German) to go coed (colloquial), to go co-educational (school, college, etc.)
beidhändig(German) ambidextrous (equally able with either hand), ambidextrously, ambidexter, bi-manual, two-handed, with two hands, with both hands
beidhändiges Schießen(German n.) shooting with both hands, shooting with two hands
Beidhändigkeit(German f.) ambidexterity, ambidextrousness
beidhändig schreiben können(German) to be able to write with either hand
bei Dienstantritt(German) upon entering into office
bei diesem Anblick(German) at this sight
bei diesem Anlass(German) on this occasion
bei diesem Stand der Dinge(German) at this juncture
bei dieser Gelegenheit(German) on this occasion
bei dir daheim(German) at your home, at your place
beidohrige Anpassung(German f.) binaural fitting
beidrehen(German) to heave to, to lay to
beidseitig(German) double-sided, bilateral, on both sides, both ways
beidseitiger Nutzen(German m.) mutual benefit
beidseitiger Vorteil(German m.) mutual benefit
beidseitige Taubheit(German f.) bilateral deafness
beidseits(German - Southern Germany, Switzerland) on both sides of, on both sides
bei Dunkelheit(German) at dark, in the dark, in the darkness
bei Dunkelwerden(German) at dusk, at night-fall, at nightfall, with the fall of darkness
bei Ebbe(German) at low tide, at low water
beieinander(German) together, next to, close to, side by side
[additional entries by Michael Zapf]
beieinander haben(German) to have together, to keep together
Beieinandersein(German n.) being together, get-together
bei Einbruch der Dunkelheit(German) at nightfall, at the coming of night (poetical)
bei Einbruch der Nacht(German) at nightfall
bei einem Anblick zu zittern beginnen(German) to shudder at a sight
bei einem Anblick zurückschrecken(German) to recoil at a sight
bei einem anderen Anlass(German) on a separate occasion
bei einem Autor nachlesen(German) to consult an author
bei einem Autor nachschlagen(German) to consult an author
bei einem Examen betrügen(German) to cheat in an examination
bei einem Examen schwindeln(German) to cheat in an examination
bei einem Freund zu Besuch sein(German) to be on a visit to a friend
bei einem Freund Zuflucht suchen(German) to take refuge with a friend
bei einem Geräusch zusammenschrecken(German) to start at a sound
bei einem Thema verweilen(German) to dwell on a subject, to dwell upon a subject
bei einem Unfall umkommen(German) to be killed in an accident, to die in an accident
bei einem Unfall ums Leben kommen(German) to be killed in an accident
bei einem Unternehmen(German) at a venture
bei einem Unternehmen Misserfolg haben(German) to fail in a venture
bei einem verabredeten Zeichen(German) at a given sign
bei einem vorgegebenem Signal(German) at a given signal
bei einer anderen Angelegenheit(German) on a separate occasion
bei einer Anspielung zusammenzucken(German) to wince at an allusion
bei einer Aussage bleiben(German) to adhere to a statement
bei einer Bemerkung hochgehen(German) to bridle at a remark
bei einer Einstellung bleiben(German) to maintain an attitude
bei einer Entscheidung bleiben(German) to maintain a decision
bei einer Erklärung bleiben(German) to adhere to a statement
bei einer Firma tätig sein(German) to work for a company, to be employed by a company
bei einer Fusion helfen(German) to assist in a merger
bei einer Geschwindigkeit von(German) at a speed of, at the rate of
bei einer Konferenz sein(German) to sit in on a conference
bei einer Konferenz sprechen(German) to speak at a meeting
bei einer Meinung beharren(German) to maintain an opinion
bei einer Meinung bleiben(German) to adhere to an opinion
bei einer Prüfung durchfallen(German) to fail an examination
bei einer Prüfung schwindeln(German) to cheat at an examination
bei einer Schießerei getötet werden(German) to be killed in a shoot-out
bei einer Show der Conférencier sein(German) to compère a show
bei einer Veranstaltung zugegen sein(German) to be at an event
bei einer Vorwarnung von einer Stunde(German) at an hour's notice
bei einer Zeremonie zugegen sein(German) to attend at a ceremony
bei einer zukünftigen Gelegenheit(German) on some future occasion
bei Eintritt in den Ruhestand(German) upon retirement
bei Erhalt der Dokumente(German) upon receipt of the documents
bei Erhalt dieses Schreibens(German) on receipt of this letter
bei Eröffnung(German) at the opening, on opening
bei erster Gelegenheit(German) at the first opportunity, at the earliest opportunity, at the first possibility
bei etwaigen Beschwerden(German) in the event of any complaints
Beifahrer (m.), Beifahrerin (f.)(German) co-driver, front-seat passenger, pillion passenger, sidecar passenger
Beifahrerseite(German f.) nearside, passenger side (of a vehicle)
Beifahrersitz(German m.) pillion (seat), front passenger seat, passenger seat
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
Beifahrertür(German f.) passenger door
Beifall(German m.) applause, approval, acclamation, acclaim, plaudit, clap, approbation, cheer, clapping of hands, commendation
Beifall der Ermunterung(German m.) cheers of encouragement
Beifall auf offener Szene klatschen(German) to applaud during a scene, to applaud during the scene
Beifall ernten(German) to raise a cheer
Beifall finden(German) to meet with applause
Beifall heischend(German) looking for applause
beifällig(German) approving, approvingly
beifällig nicken(German) to nod one's approval
Beifall klatschen(German) to applaud, to make a slapping noise, to splash (water), to gossip, to clap (applaud), to call out bravo, to cheer
Beifallklatscher (s.), Beifallklatscher (pl.)(German m.) clapper
Beifallmeßgerät(German n.) clapometer
Beifall rufen(German) to shout approval
Beifallruferei(German f.) cheerleading (at football games, etc.)
Beifall spenden(German) to applaud, to acclaim, to cheer
Beifallspender (m.), Beifallspenderin (f.)(German) one who applauds, applauder, rooter
Beifallsruf(German m.) cheer
Beifallssturm (s.), Beifallsstürme (pl.)(German m.) thundering applause, burst of applause, storm of applause
Beifallswelle(German f.) chorus of applause
Beifall trampeln(German) to stamp one's applause, to stamp in approval
Beifang(German m.) by-catch, bycatch
bei Fertigstellung(German) on completion
bei Feuer(German) in (the) case of fire
bei Fiebertemperatur(German) at fever heat
Beifilm(German m.) Vorfilm (German m.), supporting feature (in a programme of films - so-called because it is exhibited before the main feature)
beifolgend(German, dated) enclosed (in letter)
bei Flut(German) at high tide, at high water
bei Flut überspült(German) covered at high tide
bei freier Beköstigung(German) with free board
bei Freunden wohnen(German) to stay with friends
bei Frost(German) at freezing temperature
beifügen(German) to add, to enclose, to affiliate, to include, to add, to add in writing, to affix, to annex, to append, to attach
beifügen an(German) to annex to
beifügend(German) attributing, affixing, attributive
Beifügung (s.), Beifügungen (pl.)(German f.) adjunct, addendum, addition, apposition, attribute
Beigabe (s.), Beigaben (pl.)(German f.) adjunct, accompaniment, addition, admixture, add-on, extra (free gift), free gift
Beige(English, German n.) a variable colour averaging light grayish yellowish brown, also a cloth made of natural undyed wool
beige(German) fawn
beigeb.abbreviation of beigebunden (German: bound in with something else - for example, as in a book)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
beigeben(German) to add, to adjoin, to attach
beigebracht(German) taught
beigebunden(German) bound (in with something else), bound with (enclosed)
Michael Zapf comments that beigebunden is a term very common with antiquarians
bei Geburt(German) at birth
beigedreht(German) heaved to
beigefarben(German) beige-coloured
beigefügt(German) affected, appositional, attached, attributed, appositionally, appositive, appositively, accessory, accompanying, affixed, annexed, enclosed
beigefügte Preisliste(German f.) attached price list, price list attached hereto
beigefügter Zettel(German m.) enclosed slip of paper
beigefügtes Dokument(German n.) attached document
beigegrau schimmernd(German) opal
beigeheftet(German) attached
bei Gelegenheit(German) on occasion, from time to time
beigelegt(German) attributive, attributively, arranged (problem, conflict), hove to
beigelegte Bezeichnung(German f.) predicate
beigemengt(German) admixed
beigemengtes Gewürz(German n.) added spice
beigemessen(German) attached importance to
beigemischt(German) mixed with
bei genauerem Hinsehen(German) on closer inspection
bei genauerer Überlegung(German) on further reflection
bei genauerer Untersuchung(German) on closer examination
beigeordnet(German) adjunct to, co-ordinate, co-ordinated, coordinated
beigepackte Muster(German pl.) added samples
beigepflichtet(German) consented
bei Gericht(German) at court
bei geringer Hitze kochen lassen(German) to simmer
bei geringerer Belastung(German) off-peak
bei geringsten Kosten(German) at a minimal expense
Beigeschmack(German m.) flavour, spice, aftertaste
beigesellen(German) to associate
beigesetzt(German) laid to rest
beigesprungen(German) stood by (supported)
beigesteuert(German) contributed
beigetragen(German) contributed, added, acceded
bei gleichförmiger Geschwindigkeit(German) at a steady pace
Beignets(French pl.) fritters
bei großer Geschwindigkeit(German) at great speed
bei Grünlicht(German) at the green light
BeiguanTaiwanese instrumental music
bei günstiger Witterung(German) in good weather, if the weather is good
bei guter Geschwindigkeit(German) at a good speed
bei guter Gesundheit(German) in good health
bei guter Gesundheit sein(German) to be in good health, to be well
bei guter Laune(German) in a good mood
bei Halbtide(German) at half tide
Beiheft(German n.) supplement, appendix (supplement)
other German words with a similar meaning include Anhang and Beilage
Beihelfer (m.), Beihelferin (f.)(German) accessory
bei heranrückendem Winter(German) at the approach of winter
Beihilfe (s.), Beihilfen (pl.)(German f.) financial aid, financial assistance, (student) grant, abetment, aid, allowance, benefit, subsidy, aiding and abetting, benefits, cash assistance
Beihilfe erhalten(German) to receive benefit
Beihilfe leisten(German) to abet, to aid and abet
Beihilfe leistend(German) aiding
Beihilfe zu einem Verbrechen leisten(German) to abet a crime
Beihilfe zum Mord leisten(German) to be an accessory to murder, to act as accessory to murder
Beihilfe zur Tat(German f.) aiding and abetting
bei höchstem Stand(German) at its peak
bei Hochwasser(German) at high watermark
bei Hofe(German) at court
bei Hofe beglaubigt(German) accredited at court
bei hohem Umsatz(German) at a great rate
bei hohen Temperaturen(German) at high temperatures
bei hoher Geschwindigkeit(German) at a great rate, at a great speed, at a high speed, at high speed
bei hoher Temperatur(German) at a high temperature
bei höherem Gericht Berufung einlegen(German) to appeal to a higher court
beiholen(German) to frap (make secure by lashing, i.e. to tie down)
bei ihrer Ankunft(German) at the time they arrived
bei ihrer Suche nach(German) in their search for
bei jedem Schritt(German) at each step, at every step
bei jedem Wetter(German) in all weathers
bei jeder Kurve(German) at every turn
bei jeder sich bietenden Gelegenheit(German) at any given opportunity, at every possible opportunity, at every available opportunity
bei jeder Stufe(German) at each step
bei jeder Tür(German) at every door
bei jeder Witterung(German) in all weathers
Beijing operaPeking opera was founded in the 55th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1790) when the four big Huiban opera troupes entered the capital and combined with Kunqu opera, Yiyang opera, Hanju opera and Luantan. Over a period of more than half a century the present Peking opera evolved, with a richness of repertoire, many stars and enthusiastic audiences. Peking opera is a synthesis of stylized action, singing, dialogue and mime, acrobatic fighting and dancing to represent a story or depict different characters and their feelings of gladness, anger, sorrow, happiness, surprise, fear and sadness. In Peking opera, there are four main types of roles: sheng (male), dan (young female), jing (painted face, male), and chou (clown, male or female). The characters may be loyal or treacherous, beautiful or ugly, good or bad. The repertoire is taken from fairy tales of preceding dynasties, important historical events, emperors, ministers and generals, geniuses and great beauties, from the ancient times to Yao, Shun, Yu, the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States Period and the dynasties of Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing. The music is that of the "plate and cavity style". Its melody with harmonious rhythms is graceful and pleasing to the ears. The melody may be classified into two groups: Xipi and erhong. The performance is accompanied by a melody played on wind instruments, percussion instruments and stringed instruments. The chief musical instruments are jinghu (a two-stringed bowed instrument with a high register), yueqin (a four-stringed plucked instrument with a full-moon-shaped sound box), sanxian (a three-stringed plucked instrument), suona horn, flute, drum, big-gong, cymbals, small-gong, etc. The costumes are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, most of which are made in handicraft embroidery, to traditional Chinese patterns
Beijing qinshua qu category of dagu, which puts the emphasis on a conversational style of singing, simple in tune and rhythm, with greater variations in clapping. It is an appropriate medium to tell stories in a vivid manner. It often features the dulcimar and sihu in its accompanying instruments
bei Kerzenschein(German) candlelit
Beiklang(German m.) connotation
bei Knopfdruck(German) at the press of a button
Beikoch (m.), Beiköchin (f.)(German) assistant chef
beikommen(German) to negotiate with
Beikost(German f.) solid food (for infants)
bei Kosten von(German) at a charge of
bei Kriegsausbruch(German) at the outbreak of war, when war broke out
bei kurzfristiger Kündigung(German) at short notice