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B.G.abbreviation of bassus generalis or basso generale (i.e. thorough bass)
Bg.abbreviation of Bogen (German: bow) or Bogenstrich (German: bowstroke)
B-girlingalso 'B-boying', an alternative name for 'breakdancing'
BH (s.), BHs (pl.)abbreviation of Busenhalter (German m.: bra); the same abbreviation in Swedish [added by Lars Hellvig]
(German m.) bra, of which there are several different types:
BH aus französischer Spitze(German m.) French lace bra
BH mit am Rücken überkreuzten Trägern(German m.) criss-cross (back) bra, cross strap bra, cross back bra
BH mit aufklappbaren Schalen(German m.) pop-open bra
BH mit durchsichtigen / transparenten Trägern(German m.) clear strap bra, clear strapped bra, clear-strapped bra
BH mit Formbügeln(German m.) underwire bra
BH mit Geleinlage(German m.) gel-filled bra
BH mit Ketten(German m.) chain bra
BH mit Nackenträger(German m.) halter-neck bra
BH mit nahtlosen Schalen(German m.) seamless bra
BH mit Schnallenverschluss(German m.) buckle (closure) bra
BH mit Straußenfedern(German m.) ostrich feather bra
BH mit Trägern(German m.) strap bra, strapped bra
BH mit vorderem Bindeverschluss(German m.) tie (front) bra
BH mit vorderem Hakenverschluss(German m.) hook front bra
BH mit vorderem Reißverschluss(German m.) zip (front) bra
BH mit vorderem Schnallenverschluss(German m.) buckle front bra
BH mit weichen Schalen(German m.) soft-cup bra
BH ouvert(German m.) open bust bra, open front bra, open (cup) bra
gefütterter BH(German m.) padded bra
Gel-BH(German m.) gel bra
gemoldeter BH(German m.) moulded bra
Glitzer-BH(German m.) glitter bra
Guckloch-BH(German m.) peephole bra
Gummi-BH(German m.) rubber bra
Häkel-BH(German m.) crochet bra
Haftschalen-BH(German m.) stick-on bra, adhesive bra
Halbschalen-BH(German m.) demi-cup bra
Hawaii-BH(German m.) hula bra, Hawaiian bra
components of a bra:
BH-Bügel (s./pl.)(German m.) bra wire
BH-Formbügel (s./pl.)(German m.) bra wire
BH-Futter(German n.) bra lining, bra padding
BH-Haken(German m.) bra hook
BH-Riemen (s./pl.)(German m.) bra strap
BH-Schnalle(German f.) bra buckle
BH-Seitenteil (s.), BH-Seitenteile (pl.)(German n.) bra side
BH-Stäbchen (s./pl.)(German n.) bra bone
BH-Träger (s./pl.)(German m.) bra strap
BH-Verschluss(German m.) bra catch, bra clasp, bra fastener
Bhagavadgita(German f.) Bhagavad-Gita
Bhagavad-Gita(English, German f., from Sanskrit 'Song of the Lord') or Bhagavad Gita, Hindu religious and philosophical poem a summation of the Vedic, Yogic, Vedantic and Tantric philosophies, dated from around 1000 BC, and that forms an episode in the sixth book of the Mahabharata one of the two great Hindu epics
Bhajan(English, German n., Northern India) Hindu devotional song, sung singly or in a congregational setting
Bhaktaa devotee
Bhangiscavenger, sweeper
Bhangra(English, German m.) Bhangra originated in the state of Punjab (today split between India and Pakistan) sometime between the 14th- and 15th-centuries and is regarded as being one of the oldest folk dances in the world
Bhangra beata popular hybrid of traditional Punjabi music fused with late twentieth-century 'pop'
Bhangraggaor bhangramuffin, a reggae-rap-bhangra fusion made popular in the 1990s by Steve Kapur (b. 1967)
Bhangramuffin(English, German m.) see bhangragga
Bhangra-winesee bhangragga
Bharat MataMother India
Bharatnatyam(English, German m.) one of the four main Indian classical dancing styles, the others being Kathak, Kathakali and Manipuri. Over 2000 years old, it is a solo female dance, performed by Hindu temple dancers in Southern India, usually accompanied by cymbals and singing. The tradition was codified in Bharata Natya Shastra a book written sometime between 300BC-200BC
BH-Ersatz(German m.) bra substitute
Bhfabbreviation of Bahnhof (German: railway station)
BH-GrößeGerman f.) bra size
Bhikkuni(English, German f.) a fully ordained female Buddhist monastic. Male monastics are called Bhikkhus. Both Bhikkunis and Bhikkhus live by the vinaya. Bhikkhuni lineages enjoy a broad basis in Mahayana countries like Korea, Vietnam, China and Taiwan
Bhikkhu(English, German f.) Bhikkhu or Bhiksu is a fully ordained male Buddhist monastic. Female monastics are called Bhikkhunis. Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis keep many precepts: they live by the vinaya's framework of monastic discipline. Their lifestyle is shaped so as to support their spiritual practice, to live a simple and meditative life, and attain Nirvana
Bhojpuri(English, German n.) the rustic Hindi language used in the Bhojpur province of the Indian state of Bihar
Bhutan(English, German n.) a landlocked principality in the Himalayas to the northeast of India
Bhutaner (m.), Bhutanerin (f.), Bhutaner (pl.)(German) Bhutanese
Bhutanesisch(German n.) Bhutanese
bhutanisch(German) Bhutanese
BIafter Maurice J. E. Brown, the cataloguer of music by Frédéric François Chopin (1810-1849)
Bia syllable formerly used in solmisation instead of si
bi-(from Latin bis, two times, twice, repeat) (prefix) double, twice
minim(Italian f.) a minim (half note), a note half the value of a semibreve (whole note)
Biancheria(Italian f.) linen
Biancheria personale(Italian f.) underwear
Bianco(Italian m.) white, blank
bianco(Italian) white, blank (page)
Bianco sopra bianco(Italian, literally white on white') decoration in white enamel on a white ground, characteristic of English Delft ware
Biancospino(Italian m.) hawthorn
Biankomésee biankomeko
Biankomekothe set of four drums used by the Abakwa to play music, the bonkoechemillá, biankomé, obiapá and kuchiyeremá, played together with a bell (ekón), two shakers (erikundi) and two wooden strikers (itones). The drum skins are tuned with wooden blocks that are driven sideways under strips or ropes that pull vertically on the skins
Bianqingstone chimes from China. Bian means 'being bound together', a reference to a number of qing that are grouped together and hung on wooden frames
Bianzhonga set of tuned bronze bells (or chime bells) from China that produce several notes each at different intervals. Bian means 'being bound together', a reference to a number of zhong that are grouped together and hung on wooden frames
  • Bianzhong from which some of this material has been taken
Biais(French m.) expedient, angle (side)
biaiser(French) to hedge
Bias cutcutting fabric diagonally across the grain, causing the material to drape fluidly and elegantly across the body, used often for silk or satin dresses
biasimare(Italian) to blame
Biasimo(Italian m.) blame
Biathlet (m.), Biathletin (f.), Biathleten (pl.)(German) biathlete
Biathlon(German n.) biathlon
Bib.abbreviation of bibliothèque (French: library), 'Bible', 'biblical'
bibbern(German) to tremble, to shiver (with cold)
jittering (colloquial)
bibbert(German) jitters (colloquial)
bibberte(German) jittered (colloquial)
Bibbia(Italian f.) bible
Bibel(German f.) bible (figurative), Scripture, Bible
Bibelarbeit(German f.) Bible study
Bibelausgabe(German f.) Bible edition
Bibelauslegung(German f.) exegesis, interpretation of the Bible, biblical interpretation
Bibeldichtung(German f.) literary adaptation of the Bible
Bibeldruckpapier(German n.) Bible paper
bibelfest(German) well-versed in the Bible
Bibelforscher(German pl., dated) Jehovah's Witnesses
Bibelforschung(German f.) biblical research
Bibelgelehrter(German m.) biblical scholar
Bibelgeschichten(German pl.) Bible stories
Bibelgesellschaft(German f.) Bible society
Bibelgürtel(German m.) Bible Belt
Bibel in gerechter Sprache
(German f., literally 'the Bible in inclusive language') a translation of the bible that embraces three theological discourses:
1.sensitivity toward political and social mechanisms that marginalise the "other"
2.sensitivity toward gender relations and open acknowledgement of the contributions of women to society and religion
3.sensitivity toward the problem of Christian anti-Judaism that has led to distorted depictions of Judaism in many Christian Bible translations
Bibelkommentar(German m.) biblical commentary, Bible commentary
Bibelkonkordanz(German) concordance of the Bible, concordance to the Bible
Bibelkreis(German m.) Bible study group
Bibelkritik(German f.) biblical criticism
Bibellektüre(German f.) Bible reading
Bibellesung(German f.) Bible reading
Bibelot(French m.) a curio, an article of virtù
Bibelspruch (s.), Bibelsprüche (pl.)(German m.) verse from the Bible, Bible verse
Bibelstelle(German f.) scriptural passage, biblical text, passage from the Bible
Bibelstudienkreis(German m.) biblical study circle
Bibelstudium (s.), Bibelstudien (pl.)(German n.) Bible study, Biblical study, scriptural study, scripture study
Bibeltext(German m.) Bible passage, Bible text
bibeltreu(German) bible-abiding
Bibelübersetzung(German f.) Bible translation
Bibelunterricht(German m.) Bible teaching, Bible lessons
Bibelverbreitung(German f.) Bible distribution, distribution of Bibles
Bibelwissenschaft(German f.) biblical studies
Bibelwort(German n.) biblical saying
Bibelzitat(German n.) biblical quotation
Biber (s./pl.)(German m.) beaver (animal) (Castor spp.)
(German m./n.) flannelette (fabric)
Biberburg(German f.) beaver's lodge
Bibergeil(German n.) castoreum
Biberhut(German m.) beaver hat
Biberpelz(German m.) beaver (pelt), beaver fur
Biberratte(German f.) nutria, coypu (Myocastor coypus)
Biberschwanzbedachung(German f.) plain tile roof cladding
Biberschwanzdacheindeckung(German f.) plain tile roof cladding
Bibhishanbrother of Ravana, in the Ramayana, known for his wise counsel
Bibita(Italian f.) (soft) drink
bibl.abbreviation of 'bibliographer', 'bibliographical', 'bibliography'
Biblethe basic literature of Christianity, comprising the Old Testament which essentially describes the history of the Jewish people up to the birth of Christ, and the New Testament which describes the events of the life of Christ and their aftermath
Bible Belta term coined by the American journalist, satirist and social commentator, Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956), in the early 1920s, to describe that part of the southern and midwestern United States where Protestant fundamentalism is dominant
Bible moraliséeThe most important of the picture Bibles of the Middle Ages which have survived, a work of the thirteenth century, and from the copies that still survive there is no doubt that it existed in at least two editions. They were similar in the choice and order of the Biblical texts used, but differed in the allegorical and moral deductions drawn from these passages
Bible paperthin printing paper, maximum of 50gsm, opaque, intended specially for use in deluxe productions including bibles, dictionaries and high quality books
Biblia(Spanish f.) bible
Biblia pauperum(English, German f., from Latin) a tradition of picture Bibles that began in the later Middle Ages, the biblia pauperum sought to portray the historical books of the Bible visually. Unlike a simple "illustrated Bible", where the pictures are subordinated to the text, these Bibles placed the illustration in the centre, with only a brief text or sometimes no text at all. Words spoken by the figures in the miniatures could be written on scrolls coming out of their mouths
Biblicalfrom, or pertaining to, the Bible
biblico(Italian, Spanish) biblical
Biblioclasta destroyer of books
Bibliodrama(English, German n.) a type of play based closely on stories from the Bible often taking its text from the verses themselves
Bibliograf (m.), Bibliografin (f.)(German) bibliographer
Bibliografia(Spanish f., Italian f.) bibliography
Bibliografie (s.), Bibliografien (pl.)(German f.) bibliography
bibliografisch(German) bibliographical, bibliographic, bibliographically
bibliografische Anmerkung(German f.) bibliographic note
bibliografische Beschreibung(German f.) bibliographic description
Bibliograph (m.), Bibliographin (f.)(German) bibliographer
Bibliographic recorda record that contains information about a published or unpublished work of some kind, including the exact title, the person(s) or body responsible for creation and/or publication, date of creation or publication, edition, and other information appropriate to the work. A library catalogue is usually made up of bibliographic records
Bibliographic referencethe information necessary to identify a document. It normally includes: author; title; place of publication, publisher, and date (in the case of a book); or author; title; name of journal; volume/edition, page number(s), and date (in the case of an article). Additional details may be included for clarification
Bibliographie (s.), Bibliographien (German pl.)(French f., German f.) biblography
bibliographisch(German) bibliographic, bibliographical, bibliographically
bibliographische Anmerkung(German f.) bibliographic note
bibliographische Beschreibung(German f.) bibliographic description
Bibliographya list of works arranged in a logical order, usually alphabetically by author. Details provided include author, title, place and year of publication, publisher and details of the edition (if published). Bibliographies range from: A list of works consulted during the process of the writing of a book, or journal article (or thesis or assignment etc....), to a complete list of all the works published in a particular country, or by a particular author, or on a particular subject, or by a particular publisher or printer... or a list of all the works held in a particular collection
the study of books
Biblioklast(German m.) biblioclast
Bibliolatrie(German f.) bibliolatry
Bibliolatryworship of a book, particularly the Bible, a term of criticism levied against individuals who give an excessive regard to the text of the Bible
Bibliomancyoriginally, the divination used to assess the guilt or innocence of a person accused of sorcery. The person was weighed against the great Bible in the Church and if the person weighed less than the bible they were deemed innocent. Today, bibliomancy refers to divination interpreting randomly chosen passages in books and is also called stichomancy. The most common form is opening a book to a random page to answer a question. The Bible is still the most frequently used book, although any book may be used. Using books by Virgil and Homer specifically is called stoichemancy. The variant of using a book of poetry is called rhapsodomancy
Bibliomantie(German f.) bibliomancy
Bibliometricsthe application of statistical or mathematical methods to groups of bibliographic references (for example, authorship, publications, literature use) for comparison or comprehension
Bibliometrie(German f.) bibliometrics
Bibliophagista voracious reader
bibliophil(German) bibliophilic
Bibliophiliathe love of books, for qualities of the format as opposed to the content
Bibliophile(French m./f.) book-lover
Bibliophilie(German f.) love of books, bibliophily
bibliophob(German) bibliophobic
Bibliophobie(German f.) bibliophobia
Bibliopola(Latin) bookseller
Biblioteca(Spanish f.) library, bookcase
(Italian f.) library, bookcase
Biblioteca ambulante(Spanish f.) mobile library
Biblioteca de consulta(Spanish f.) reference library
Biblioteca de préstamo(Spanish f.) lending library
Bibliotecario(Italian m., Spanish m.) librarian
Bibliotecaris(Dutch) librarian
Biblioteek(Dutch) library
Bibliotek(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) library
Bibliotekar(Danish, Norwegian) librarian
Bibliotekarie(Swedish) librarian
Bibliotheca(Latin) library
Bibliotheca Corvinianathe foundation of Matthias's famous library at Buda was chiefly due to the influence which Johannes Vitéz exerted over the King. Vitéz was the founder, organizer and guide of Hungarian humanism; as archbishop of Esztergom, even as late as the first decade of Matthias's reign, he was still a power behind the scenes directing the course of Hungarian history. The Corvinian Library was a magnificent symbol of the Hungarian Renaissance. While it is no longer possible to reconstruct the original library, for a considerable number of manuscripts have been lost or destroyed, many of its splendid items are preserved in various parts of the world. Contemporary records provide evidence that Matthias was the chief rival of the Italian humanist princes in his passion for collecting books, and that he preserved in his library several thousands of valuable, richly decorated hand-written volumes. The humanist Bartholomaeus Fontius, the King's Italian librarian, wrote that the collection in the Corvinian Library was superior to that of every other princely library, and thus stimulated even the famous banker-dictator of Florence, Lorenzo Medici, who had already founded the Laurenziana Library there, to follow King Matthias's example. After the death of Matthias and during the subsequent period of Turkish occupation in Hungary, the items of this famous library were scattered and for the most part destroyed. There are now in existence about one hundred and sixty-five authentic manuscripts which have been identified beyond dispute. The majority of these - 43 codices and two incunabulae - are preserved in Hungary. Nothing could illustrate more graphically the ruin and dispersion of the library than the fact that a century ago there were very few illuminated manuscripts from King Matthias's Library in Hungary; since then their number has gradually increased as a result of gifts and purchases. Thus in 1877, the Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid II donated to Budapest University Library 35 manuscripts looted from Hungary - including 11 authentic Corvinian codices. Sixteen authentic illuminated manuscripts from the Corvinian Library were transferred in 1933 from the Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek to the collection of the Széchényi Library at Budapest in compliance with the so-called Venice Agreement
Bibliothécaire(French m./f.) librarian
Bibliothecarius(Latin) librarian
Bibliothek (s.), Bibliotheken (pl.)(German f.) library, bibliotheca
Bibliothekar (m.), Bibliothekarin (f.), Bibliothekare (pl.)(German) librarian
Bibliothek des Britischen Museums(German f.) British Museum library (now part of the British Library)
Bibliothek des Kongresses(German f.) Library of Congress (USA)
Bibliothek für Blinde(German f.) library for the blind
Bibliotheksausbildung(German f.) library education
Bibliotheksaußenstelle(German f.) branch library
Bibliotheksausweis(German m.) library pass
Bibliotheksbestand (s.), Bibliotheksbestände (pl.)(German m.) library collection
Bibliotheksgebäude(German n.) library building
Bibliothekskarte(German f.) library card
Bibliothekskatalog(German m.) library catalogue
Bibliothekspersonal(German n.) library personnel, library staff
Bibliotheksregale(German pl.) stacks (US)
Bibliotheksschule(German f.) library school
Bibliotheksschulen-Ausbildung(German f.) library school education
Bibliothekstechniker(German m.) library technician
Bibliothekstechnologie(German f.) library technology
Bibliotheksverwalter(German m.) custodian of a library, library manager
Bibliotheksverwaltung(German f.) library maintenance, library management
Bibliothekswesen(German n.) librarianship
Bibliothekswissenschaft(German f.) library science
Bibliothèque(French f.) library, bookcase
Bibliothèque bleue de Troyes(French f., so called because of the blue colour of their pages) the Bibliothèque bleue de Troyes represents a long and storied tradition in popular French print culture. Spanning more than 250 years and involving the publication of mass-produced, inexpensive books that were sold to peasants for pennies by colporteurs (peddlers), the Bibliothèque bleue was comprised of texts ranging from the practical (recipes, almanacs, and how-to books) to the pious (hagiographies, prayer books, and other religious instruction) and to the entertaining (fiction, romans de chevalerie, songbooks, burlesque), providing a unique insight into the popular culture of 17th to mid-19th century France
Bibliothèque nationale de Franceor BnF, the National Library of France. It is intended to be the repository of all that is published in France. The National Library of France traces its origin to the royal library founded at the Louvre by Charles V in 1368. It expanded under Louis XIV and opened to the public in 1720. Following the series of regime changes in France, it became the Imperial National Library and in 1868 was moved to newly constructed buildings on the rue de Richelieu designed by Henri Labrouste
biblique(French) biblical, scriptural
biblisch(German) biblical, biblically, scriptural, scripturally
biblische Geschichte(German f.) Bible history
biblische Orte(German pl.) biblical places
biblische Theologie(German f.) biblical theology
Bicchiere(Italian m.) glass, tumbler (glass)
Biche(French f.) doe
Bicho(Spanish m.) small animal, creature, insect
Bichon (à Poil) Frisé(German m., from French m., literally meaning 'curly lap dog') often spelled bichon frise in English, a breed of small dog
bichonner(French) to doll up
Bicho raro(Spanish m.) odd sort
Bichord(Latin) having two strings, especially two strings tuned in unison for each note
Bichordon(Latin) a colachon with two strings only
Bici(Spanish f.) bicycle, bike
Bicicleta(Spanish f.) bicycle
Bicicletta(Italian f.) bicycle
Bicinium(Latin) an unaccompanied song for two parts (voices or instruments)
in sixteenth century Germany, pieces of a pedagogical nature
bicolor(Spanish) two-coloured
bicolore(Italian) two-coloured
Bicoque(French f.) shack
Bicyclette(French f.) bicycle
Bicyclicconsisting of or having two cycles. In botany the term is used to mean composed of or arranged in two distinct whorls, as the petals of a flower
bicyclisch(German) bicyclic
Bide(French m.) belly, flop (theatrical performance)
Bidello (m.), Bidella (f.)(Italian) school caretaker
Bidenhänder(German m.) two-handed sword
Bidet(English, German n. from French) a plumbing fixture used for intimate washing
Bidialectalusing or capable of using two dialects of a language
bidialektal(German) bidialectal
bidirektional(German) bidirectional
bidirektionales Drucken(German n.) bidirectional printing
Bidon(French m.) can
Bidón(Spanish m.) drum, can
bidon(French) phoney
Bidone(Italian m.) bin, swindle
Bidonville(German f., French f., from bidou, an oil-drum or petrol-tin) shanty town, a settlement of houses built of petrol-cans hammered flat especially in France or North Africa
Bidrag(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) contribution
Bidule(French m.) thing
bieder(German) worthy, stuffy, unadventurous, upright, conservative, honest, simple, staid (serious), staidly (soberly)
biedere Person(German f.) stuffy person
Biedermeier(English, from German n.) the name of a style that was a simplified adaptation of the French Empire style, Biedermeier was a derogatory term used to describe conservative, middle-class in art and music for the undemanding and sentimental as found particularly in Germany, Austria, Finland and Denmark between about 1815 and 1850. The word was originally coined as the name of a caricatured schoolmaster, Gottlieb ('Lover of God') Biedermeier (Bieder: worthy, upright - also, contemptuously, 'naive', 'gullible'; Meier: a common German surname). This fictitious, dull, Philistine character was created by Ludwig Eichrodt (1827-92) as the pretended author of a series of comic verses published in the Fliegende Blätter, a widely read, humorous and political magazine. On the other hand, Romantic artists, like Schumann, regarded Biedermeier as a symbol of philistinism
the most typical musical activities took place in the house of the well-to-do citizen who aspired to support and encourage the arts, formerly a privilege of the aristocracy. The salon became the cultural centre where family and friends gathered to enjoy musical performances (e.g. Schubertiads). Composers increasingly wrote salon or house music, usually pieces of small dimensions and of a poetic, lyrical character, bearing such titles as Albumblatt, Bagatelle, Impromptu, Lied ohne Worte, Moment musical, or dances, rondos and études (explained at the time as Fingerübungen mit Geist). One of the finest flowers of Biedermeier musical art was the lied with piano accompaniment
although string and wind instruments were used in the drawing-room, the piano became practically indispensable in the bourgeois household, especially for the performance of duets. In the concert hall, the Biedermeier music lover favoured brilliant virtuosity in the service of poetic expression. Large-scale, dramatic symphonies found less general acceptance; hence Haydn and Mozart were preferred to Beethoven. In the opera house, he attended performances of Singspiels rather than grand operas. Besides Kreutzer, Spphr, Nicolai, Flotow, Marschner, Weber etc, the most successful composer of typical Biedermeier operas was Lortzing (1801-51), whose operas (e.g. Zar und Zimmermann, Der Wildschütz and Der Waffenschmied) contain effective scenes interspersed with arias and lieder, cleverly written to his own, skilfully constructed librettos. Lortzing was a master of musical humour, and with the right admixture of amusing situations and sentiment, melodic inventiveness and competent orchestration, his operas belong to the finest stage products of the Biedermeier period and achieved immense popularity
Biedermeier-(German) Biedermeier (prefix)
Biedermeiersträußchen(German n.) nosegay
biegbar(German) bendable, twistable, malleable
Biegbarkeit(German f.) bending property, pliability
Biegebruch(German m.) bending fracture
Biegedehnung(German f.) bending strain
Biegeelastizität(German f.) elasticity of bending
Biegefestigkeit(German f.) bending strength, resistance to bending, flexural strength
Biegemaschine(German f.) bending machine
Biegen(German n.) flexure, bending
biegen(German) to bow, to inflect, to flex, to warp (wood, etc.), to curve, to bend
biegend(German) inflecting, bending, winding
Biegeprüfmaschine(German f.) bending machine
Biegewelle(German f.) flexible shaft
biegsam(German) limberly, pliable, pliably, supplely, pliant, pliantly, flexible, plastic, whippy, bendy, supple, willowy (flexible), ductile, limp
biegsamer(German) suppler, more supple
biegsames Kabel(German n.) flexible cable
biegsames Rohr(German n.) flexible tube
Biegsamkeit (s.), Biegsamkeiten (pl.)(German f.) flexibility, limberness, pliability, pliancy, resiliency
biegsamste(German) supplest, mmost supple
biegt(German) inflects, bends
Biegung (s.), Biegungen (pl.)(German f.) inflection, bend, crook, inflexion, curvature, curve, wind, flexure, bend (on a saxophone, mouth organ, guitar, etc.), turnings (plural form)
Bieler See(German m.) Lake Biel
Bielle(French m.) connecting rod
Biel Mean Time(German f.) or BMT, Swatch global internet time
Bien(Spanish m.) good, property, advantage, benefit
Bien(French m.) good, possession
bien(Spanish) very, quite, right, willingly
(French) well, very, quite, alright, comfortable, attractive, nice, respectable
bien.abbreviation of 'biennial'
bien acompañado(Spanish)in good company
Bien-aimé (m.), Bien-aimée (f.)(French) beloved
bien-aimé (m.), bien-aimée (f.)(French) beloved
bienal(Spanish) biennial
bien avant dans(French) very deep, very deeply, far into
bien avenido(Spanish) harmonious
bienaventurado(Spanish) fortunate
bien avisé de(French) well-advised to
bien bâti(French) well-built
bien chanté(French) molto cantabile
bien coiffé(French) with tidy hair
bien conçu(French) well planned
bien des(French) many (in number)
bien disposé(French) in a good mood
bien du(French) a lot of (in quantity), much
Biene (s.), Bienen (pl.)(German f.) bee, cootie (body louse)
bien élevé (m.), bien élevée (f.)(French) well-mannered, brought up to observe conventional morality
Bienenbalsam(German m.) bee balm (Monarda didyma)
an aromatic eastern North American herb (Monarda didyma) in the mint family, having variously coloured, tubular bilabiate flowers
Bienenbaum(German m.) euodia, evodia
Euodia ruticarpa, Evodia rutaecarpa or Tetradium ruticarpum, a plant genus of the family Ruraceae which is used in Chinese medicine
bien en chair(French) plump
bienenfleißig(German) as busy as a bee, industrious
Bienengift(German n.) bee poison, bee venom
Bienengiftbehandlung(German f.) melissotherapy, apitherapy
Bienengifttherapie(German f.) melissotherapy, apitherapy
bienenhaft(German) bee-like
Bienenhaltung(German f.) apiculture, beekeeping
Bienenhaus (s.), Bienenhäuser (pl.)(German n.) apiary, bee house
Bienenhonig(German m.) (bee) honey, natural honey
Bienenkönigin(German f.) queen bee
Bienenkorb (s.), Bienenkörbe (pl.)(German m.) hive, beehive
Bienenkorbhütte(German f.) beehive hut
Bienenkultur(German f.) bee culture
bien en mesure(French) a misura
Bienenstock(German m.) beehive
Bienenschutzanzug(German m.) bee (protection) suit
Bienenschwarm (s.), Bienenschwärme (pl.)(German m.) swarm of bees
Bienenstaat(German m.) beehive
Bienenstand(German m.) apiary
Bienenstich(German m.) sting of a bee, bee sting
Bienenstock (s.), Bienenstöcke (pl.)(German m.) beehive, hive, bee-hive, alveary
Bienenstockhütte(German f.) beehive hut
bien entenu(French) of course, naturally
Bienenvolk(German n.) bee colony, colony of bees
Bienenwabe(German f.) honey-comb
Bienenwachs(German n.) beeswax
Bienenzucht(German f.) beekeeping, bee-keeping, apiculture
Bienenzüchter (m.), Bienenzüchterin (f.), Bienenzüchter (pl.)(German) bee keeper, beekeeper, apiculturist, apiarist
bien équipé(French) well equipped
bienestar(Spanish) well-being
bien établi(French) well-established (for example, well-established fact)
Bien-être(French m.) well-being
Bienfaisance(French f.) charity
bienfaisant (m.), beinfaisante (f.)(French) beneficial
Bienfait(French m.) favour, benefit
Bienfaiteur (m.), Bienfaitrice (f.)(French) benefactor
Bien-fondé(French m.) soundness
bienhablado(Spanish) well-spoken
Bienhechor (m.), Bienhechora (f.)(Spanish) benefactor, benefactress
bienheureux (m.), bienheureuse (f.)(French) happy, blessed
bienintencionado(Spanish) well-meaning
Bienio(Spanish m.) two years, two-year period
bien joué!(French) well done!
bein mis(French) well-dressed
bien mouvementé(French) said of a piece that is rhythmically well constructed
biennale(Italian) biennial, held every two years (an exhibition, convention, etc.)
bien nourri(French, literally 'well nourished') with a rich and full tone
Bien-pensant (m.), Bien-pensante (f.)(French) right-thinking, a person who holds all the right opinions
bien-pensant (m.), bien-pensante (f.)(French) right-thinking, holding all the right opinions
bien que(Spanish) although
(French) though, although
bien que ça ait(French) although it has
bien que soit(French) although it is
bienquistar(Spanish) to reconcile
bienquistarse(Spanish) to become reconciled
bienquisto(Spanish) well-liked
bien rangé (m.), bien rangée (f.)(French) steady, methodical, leading a serious life
bien rhythmé(French) ben ritmico, highly rhythmic, highly rhythmically
bien rythmé(French) ben ritmico
Biens de consommation(French m. pl.) consumer goods
Bienséance (s.), Bienséances (pl.)(French f.) decorum, propriety, good breeding, the proprieties (plural form)
bienséant (m.), bienséante (f.)(French) proper
bien sentie(French) well expressed or accented
bien sûr(French) of course
bien tenu(French) well-kept
bientôt(French) soon
bien trouvé(French) ingeniously invented, ben trovato (Italian) [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Bienveillance(French f.) kindness, kindliness
bienveillant (m.), bienveillante (f.)(French) kind, kindly
Bienvenida(Spanish f.) a welcome
bienvenido(Spanish) welcome
bienvenu (m.), bienvenue (f.)(French) welcome
bien venu(French) timely
bien vu(French) well thought-of, highly esteemed
Bier (s.), Biere (pl.)(German n.) beer, ale
Bierbank(German f.) ale-bench (a bench in or before an alehouse)
Bierbass(German m.) deep bass (voice)
Bierbauch(German m.) beer gut (colloquial), (beer) paunch, beer belly (colloquial), potbelly, pot belly
bierbäuchig(German) beer-gutted (colloquial)
Bierbrauen(German n.) brewing of beer, brewing
Bier brauen(German) to brew beer
Bierbrauer (m.), Bierbrauerin (f.), Bierbrauer (pl.)(German) brewer
Bierbrauerei (s.), Bierbrauereien (pl.)(German f.) brewery
Bierbrauerfamilie(German f.) brewery family
Bierchen(German n.) (glass of) beer
Bierdeckel(German m.) beer-mat, (beer) coaster (US), beermat
Bier der alten Ägypter(German n.) zythum (Latin spelling for the ancient Greek word for beer or ale)
Bierdose(German f.) beer can
Bière(French f.) beer, coffin
Biereifer(German m.) grim-faced zeal, dogged determination
Bierernst(German m.) deadly seriousness
bierernst(German) deadly serious
Bierfahne(German f.) beery breath
Bierfass (s.), Bierfässer (pl.)(German n.) beer barrel
Bierfest(German n.) beer festival
Bierfilz(German m.) beer mat, (beer) coaster
Bierflasche(German f.) beer bottle
Bierflaschenverschluss(German m.) beer-bottle cap
Biergarten(German m.) beer garden, pub garden
Biergeld(German n.) beer money
Bierglas(German n.) beer glass
Bierhahn(German m.) beer tap
Bierhalle(German f.) large pub (colloquial: large public house)
Bierhaus(German n.) ale house, ale-house
Bierhefe(German f.) yeast, ale yeast, beer yeast, brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), barm
Bierherstellung(German f.) beer-making, beer production
Bierhumpen(German m.) beer stein
bierig(German) beery
Bierkäse(German m.) beer cheese, bierkaese, cheese spread (often served with beer)
Bierkasten (s.), Bierkästen (pl.)(German m.) beer crate
Bierkeller(German m.) beer cellar
Bierkiste(German f.) beer crate
Bierkneipe(German f.) pub (colloquial: public house)
Bierkrug (s.), Bierkrüge (pl.)(German m.) beer mug, beer stein, beer jug, beer tankard
Bierkrügel(German n. - Austria) tankard for a half-litre of beer
Bierkutscher(German m.) brewers drayman, beer delivery driver, dray-man
Bierlaune(German f.) jolly mood, high spirits
Bierleiche(German f.) drunken body, drunken heap
Bierlokal(German n.) pub (colloquial: public house)
Biermischgetränk(German n.) shandy
Bier ohne Schaum(German n.) beer with no head
Bierplauze(German f.) beer belly
Bierpumpe(German f.) beer pump
Bierreise(German f.) pub crawl (colloquial), bar-hopping
Bierruhe(German f.) unflappability
Bierschaum(German m.) beer foam
Bierschenke(German f.) alehouse
Bierseidel(German n.) beer mug, (beer) stein
bierselig(German) beery, boozed up (colloquial)
bierselige Zusammenkunft(German f.) beery get-together, booze-up
Bierstand(German m.) beer stall
Bierstimme(German f.) beery voice
Bierstube(German f.) ale house, beer parlour, brasserie, (small) pub, tavern
Biertatzel(German n. - Austria) beer mat
Bierteig(German m.) pastry made with beer
Bierteller(German m. - Switzerland) beer mat, beermat, (beer) coaster
Biertisch(German m.) cracker barrel
Biertischpolitik(German f.) bar-room politics
Biertischpolitiker(German m.) bar-room politician
Biertrinker (m.), Biertrinkerin (f.)(German) beer drinker
Bieruntersetzer(German m.) beer mat
Bierverbrauch(German m.) beer consumption
Bierverlag(German m.) beer wholesaler
Bier vom Fass(German n.) beer on tap, draught beer
Bierwampe(German f.) beer paunch
Bierwanst(German m.) beer paunch
Bierzeitung(German f.) comic newspaper (for a closed group of people)
Bierzelt(German n.) beer tent
Biese(German f.) tuck (for decoration), trouser stripe (especially military), braid (on trousers), decorative seam (on shoe), piping
Biesen nähen(German) in to tuck (put tucks in)
Biest (s.), Biester (pl.)(German n.) beast
Biestmilch(German f.) beestings, colostrum
Bieten(German n.) bid, bidding
bieten(German) to offer, to proffer, to provide, to afford, to bid, to make a bid, to make an offer for, to present, to tender, to give
Bietender(German m.) bidder
Bieter(German m.) bidder, tenderer
Bieter am Telefon(German m.) telephone bidder
bietet(German) bids, offers
bietet an(German) offers, tenders, proffers
Bietungsverfahren(German n.) bidding process
Bifacein archaeology, a biface is a two-sided stone tool and is used as a multi purposes knife, manufactured through a process of lithic reduction
Bifara(Latin) an open stop consisting of pipes with two mouths, from which an undulating sound in produced
biffer(French) to cross out
Bifocala lens that focuses for distance and reading
bifocale(Italian) bifocal
bifogad(Swedish) added
bifokal(German) bifocal
Bifokalbrille(German f.) bifocals (colloquial), bifocal spectacles, bifocal glasses, bifocal specs
bifokale Linsen(German pl.) bifocal lenses
Bifokalglas (s.), Bifokalgläser (pl.)(German n.) bifocal lens
Bifolium (s.), Bifolia (pl.)(Latin) two leaves (four pages) formed by a single folded sheet of vellum or paper
Bifurcación(Spanish f.) fork, junction
bifurcarse(Spanish) to fork
biforcarsi(Italian) to fork
Bifurcation(English, French f.) fork, junction, branching
Biforcazione(Italian f.) fork
Bifurkation(German f.) bifurcation
bifurquer(French) to branch off, to fork
Bigame(French m./f.) bigamist
bigame(French) bigamous
Bigamia(Italian f., Spanish f.) bigamy
Bigamie(French f., German f.) bigamy
Bigamie begehen(German) to commit bigamy
bigamisch(German) bigamous, bigamously
Bigamist, Bigamisten (German pl.)(English, German m.) a person illegally married to two or more people
bigamistisch(German) bigamous, bigamously
Bigamo(Spanish m./f.) bigamist
Bigamo (m.), Bigama (f.)(Italian) bigamist
bigamo (m.), bigama (f.)(Italian) bigamous
Big Applepartner dance and line dance that originated in the Afro-American community of the United States of the beginning of the twentieth century
bigarré(French) motley
Big Band(German f.) or Bigband (German f.), big band
Big band(English, Bigband (German f.)) a large musical ensemble, usually about seventeen in number) that plays jazz music. The term is synonymous with the bands of the Swing Era, which were popular through the 1930s and 1940s, but is generally applied to any large jazz ensemble. The term jazz orchestra is also used
  • Big band from which this extract has been taken
Bigband(German f.) or Big band (German f.), big band
Big band eraalso called the 'Swing era', a term describing popular music during the period c. 1935-47 characterised by fixed arrangements rather than improvisation, orchestration by mixing instrument on the same parts, and a strong dance-rhythm, for Big Bands were mainly dance bands
Big Beat(German m.) big beat
Big beator 'chemical breaks', a term devised in the mid 1990s, for electronic dance music with rock-style drum lines with individually-sampled drums, music that ,consequently, combines elements of dance and rock music
popular music, especially rock 'n' roll, having a strong backbeat
Big Ben
(English, German f. (bell), German m. (bell tower)) to hear the chimes of Big Ben click here popular name for the Great Bell of Westminster, weighing approximately 13.8 tonnes, in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London the largest of the five bells which strike the Westminster Chimes every quarter hour. Cast in 1858, this is the biggest bell Whitechapel Bell Foundry ever made. 9 ft. in diameter and 7 ft. 6 in. high. It needed three furnaces to melt the metal and, once the mould was filled, it took 20 days for the bell to solidify and cool. Transporting the bell the few miles from the foundry to the Houses of Parliament was a major event. Traffic stopped as the bell, mounted on a trolley drawn by 16 brightly beribboned horses, made its way over London Bridge, along Borough Road, and over Westminster Bridge. The streets had been decorated for the occasion and enthusiastic crowds cheered the bell along the route. Big Ben is equally famous for being cracked. Finely tuned and cast from the brittle alloy that gives bells their fine tone, Big Ben needed careful treatment. But Edmund Denison, who had commissioned the bell from Whitechapel, thought he knew better. Fitting an oversized hammer, he managed to crack Big Ben within two months. The hammer was changed but the crack remains - and gives the distinctive, slightly off-key, tone that we hear today. The combined weight of the five bells is 21.4 tons. They sound the notes E, G sharp, F sharp and B. There are two theories of how the bell got its name. The first suggests that it was taken from the nickname of a champion heavyweight boxer of the time called Ben Caunt. The second and more probable explanation, is that it was named after the Welshman Sir Benjamin Hall, who was First Commissioner of Works from 1855 to 1858 and whose name was inscribed on the bell
see 'Westminster Chimes'
Big Drum(English, German n.) a genre and a musical instrument from the Windward Islands. It is a Caribbean music, associated mostly closely with the music of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Carriacou in Grenada and in the music of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The drums were traditionally made from tree trunks, but are more often made from rum kegs now. Big Drum is commonly performed at weddings and other celebrations, especially the launches of boats
  • Big Drum from which some of this information has been taken
bighellonare(Italian) to loaf
Bighellone(Italian m.) loafer (one who loafs)
Bigini(West Africa) a small fiddle
Bigiotteria(Italian f.) costume jewellery, jeweller's shop
Bigliettaio(Italian m.) booking-clerk, ticket-collector
Biglietteria(Italian f.) ticket-office, booking-office, box-office
Biglietto(Italian m.) ticket, note, card, banknote
Biglietto de sola andata(Italian m.) single ticket (train, bus, coach, etc.)
Biglietto de sola andata e ritorno(Italian m.) return ticket (train, bus, coach, etc.)
Biglietto di abbonamento(Italian m.) season ticket
Bigodino(Italian m.) roller
Bigoncia(Italian f.) wooden tub
Bigot (m.), Bigote (f.)(French) religious fanatic
bigot (m.), bigote (f.)(French) over-pious
Bigote(Spanish m.) moustache
bigott(German) over-pious, bigot
Bigotto(Italian m.) bigot
bigotudo(Spanish) with a big moustache
Bigoudi(French m.) curler
Bigsby vibrato tailpieceor simply 'Bigsby', a type of vibrato device for electric guitar designed by its namesake Paul A. Bigsby. The device allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects
  • Bigsby from which this extract has been taken
BiguineMartinican folk music combining the traditional bèlè music with the polka There are two distinct types: bidgin bélè (also called 'drum biguine') and 'orchestrated biguine'
Biguine moderneMartinican biguine adapted to pop forms and including reggae and other influences
Bihänder(German m.) two-handed sword
Bihu dancea folk dance from the Indian state of Assam related to the festival of Bihu
bij de kam te spelen(Dutch) play near the bridge (of a string instrument)
Bijlage(Dutch) appendix, supplement
Bijou (s.), Bijoux (pl.)(French m.) jewel, a trinket (the term can be applied to any small object that is of outstanding excellence)
the term is now often used ironically, as, for example, in 'a bijou residence'
Bijou de jais(French m.) jet jewellery
Bijouterie(French f., German f.) jeweller's shop, jewellery, small articles of virtù
Bijoutier (m.), Bijoutière (f.)(French) jeweller
Bijsk(German n.) Biysk (a city in Altai Krai, Russia, after Barnaul, the second largest city of the krai)
Bijvoegsel(Dutch) supplement
Bike(English (colloquial), German n.) bicycle, motorbike
Biker(English (colloquial), German m.) bike-rider
Bikerbar(English (colloquial), German f.) drinking establishment particular patronised by bikers
Bikini (s.), Bikinis (pl.)(English, German m.) a two-part swimsuit
Bikini mit Haftschalen-Oberteil(German m.) stick-on bikini
Bikini-BH(German m.) bikini bra
Bikinihöschen (s./pl.)(German n.) bikini panty
Bikinilinie(German f.) bikini line
Bikinioberteil(German n.) bikini top
Bikinioberteil(German n.) bikini bra
Bikini-Oberteil(German n.) bikini top
Bikinislip(German m.) bikini briefs
Bikinistreifen(German m.) bikini line
Bikini-Stringtanga(German m.) bikini string thong
Bikini-String-Tanga(German m.) bikini string thong
Bikinitanga(German m.) bikini thong
Bikini-Tanga(German m.) bikini thong
Bikini-Top(German n.) bikini top
Bikiniunterteil(German n.) bikini bottom, bikini bottoms
Bikini-Unterteil(German m./n.) bikini bottom, bikini bottoms
bikonkav(German) biconcave, concavo-concave, biconvex, convexo-convex
having both sides concave
Bikutsicharacterised by an intense 6/8 rhythm, bikutsi, which originated with the Beti people of present day Cameroon, means, literally, 'to thump the earth'. Originally played with balafon, then adapted to the guitar, these rhythms were associated with war, the shedding of blood and calls for vengeance against other groups.
bilabial(English, German) in phonetics, consonants formed by using both the upper and lower lip to articulate, for example, /p/, /b/ or /m/
Bilag(Danish, Norwegian) appendix, supplement
Bilaga(Swedish) appendix, supplement
Bilan(French m.) outcome, toll (casualty), balance sheet
Bilancia(Italian f.) scales, balance (clock, commerce)
bilanciare(Italian) balance, weigh (figurative)
Bilancio(Italian m.) budget, balance (sheet)
Bilan de santé(French m.) check-up
Bilanz(German f.) balance sheet, result (figurative), balance of accounts
Bilanz ziehen(German) to make up the balance, to strike a balance, to take stock (also figurative)
Bilanzaufstellung(German f.) balance-sheet
Bilanzbetrug(German m.) accounting fraud
Bilanzbuchhalter(German m.) accountant, certified management accountant
bilanziell(German) financial, financially
bilanzieren(German) to make up the balance
Bilanzierung(German f.) balancing, equilibration
Bilanzierungssystem(German n.) accounting system
Bilanzierungstrick(German m.) balancing trick
Bilanzierungszeitraum(German m.) accounting period
Bilanzprüfung(German f.) audit, audit investigation, auditing of accounts, balance-sheet audit
Bilanzprüfung durchführen(German) to audit
Bilanzwert(German m.) book value
bilateral(German) bilaterally, bilateral
Bilateral deafnessinability to hear (that is, completely deaf, both ears affected)
BilbilKosovar Albanian duct flute with a mouthpiece that is usually cut diagonally and stopped with a plug
Bilch(German m.) dormouse (Gliridae)
Bild (s.), Bilder (German pl.)(Norwegian, German n.) figure (picture), plate (illustration in a book), picture, image, tableau, view (scene), scene (theatre), cartoon, illustration, painting, photography (plural form)
[entry extended by Brian A. Jefferies]
Bild-(German) image (prefix)
Bildabtaster(German m.) a scanner (for scanning documents, etc.)
Bildabtastgerät(German n.) video scanner
Bildarchiv(German n.) picture library
Bildaufbereitungssystem(German n.) video editing system
Bildauflösung(German f.) resolution, image resolution
Bildaufzeichnung(German f.) videography
Bildaufzeichungsgerät(German n.) video recorder
Bildausschnitt(German m.) display detail, image detail
Bildband(German m.) coffee-table book, illustrated book
Bildbearbeitung(German f.) image processing, image editing, picture manipulation, picture editing
Bildbereich(German m.) range, picture area
Bildbeschreibung(German f.) picture description, image description
Bildbetrachter(German m.) viewer of a painting
Bildbetrachtungswinkel(German m.) viewing angle
Bildchen(German n.) little picture
Bilddatei (s.), Bilddateien (pl.)(German f.) picture file
Bild der Kulturlandschaft(German n.) appearance of the cultural landscape
Bild der Vorstellung(German n.) image
Bild der Zerstörung(German n.) scene of destruction
Bilddiagonale(German f.) TV screen size (measured diagonally)
Bilddigitalisierer(German m.) video digitiser, video digitizer
Bilddokumentation(German f.) pictorial documentation, picture documentation
Bildebene(German f.) image plane
Bildeditor(German m.) video editor
Bildeinstellung(German f.) centring up, framing, (image) focusing
Bildelement(German n.) picture element, pixel (picture element)
bilden(German) to frame, to form, to build, to pattern, to compose, to configure, to constitute, to generate, to shape, to mould (shape), to establish (government), to educate, to be (form), to set up
bilden aus(German) to mould out of
bildend(German) educating, formative, forming, shaping, building
bildende Kunst (s.), bildende Künste (pl.)(German f.) graphic art, the visual arts (plural form), the imitative arts (plural form), the plastic arts (plural form)
bildende Künstler (m.), bildende Künstlerin (f.)(German) visual artist
Bilderarchiv(German n.) picture library
Bilderausstellung(German f.) painting exhibition, picture exhibition
Bilderbeilage(German f.) pictorial supplement
Bilder betrachten(German) to view pictures
Bilderbibel(German f.) illustrated Bible
Bilderbuch(German n.) picture-book, picture book, storybook, textbook (figurative)
Bilderbuch-(German) picture-book, storybook (figurative) (prefix)
Bildergalerie(German f.) picture gallery, art gallery
Bilder in ein Buch kleben(German) to stick pictures in a book
Bilder je Sekunde(German) frames per second (fps)
Bilder pro Sekunde(German) or Bilder pro Sek., frames per second (fps)
Bilderkalender(German m.) pictorial almanac
Bilderklärung(German f.) legend
Bilderrahmen (s./pl.)(German m.) picture frame
Bilderrätsel(German n.) picture puzzle, rebus
bilderreich(German) rich in imagery, figured (language)
Bilderroman(German m.) graphic novel (novel in picture form)
Bildersaal(German m.) hall of paintings
Bildersammlung(German f.) collection of pictures
Bilderschiene(German f.) picture rail
Bilderstreit(German m.) iconoclastic controversy
Bildersturm(German m.) iconoclasm, breaking of images
bilderstürmend(German) iconoclastic
Bilderstürmer (s.), Bilderstürmer (pl.)(German m.) iconoclast
Bilderstürmerei(German f.) iconoclasm
bilderstürmerisch(German) iconoclastic
Bildersymbolik(German f.) visual imagery
Bilderverbot(German n.) prohibition of images, ban on images
Bilderverehrung(German f.) idolatry, veneration of images
Bilderzimmer(German n.) painting gallery
Bilderzyklus(German m.) picture cycle
bildet(German) educates
bildete(German) educated
bildete ab(German) mapped
bildete ein(German) surmised
bildet ein(German) surmises
bildete sich ein(German) prided
bildete um(German) reshaped
bildet nach(German) emulates
bildet sich ein(German) prides
bildet um(German) remodels
Bildfenster(German n.) film gate (of a camera)
Bildfenstergröße(German f.) camera aperture size
Bildfernschreiben(German n.) teleautograph, teleautography, teleautograph
Bildfläche(German f.) image area, screen
Bildformat(German n.) image format, picture size, film size
Bildfunk(German m.) facsimile transmission, facsimile broadcast(ing)
Bildfunkgerät(German n.) facsimile apparatus, facsimile machine
bildgebend(German) imaging
bildgebende Kernspintomografie(German f.) magnetic resonance imaging
bildgebende Verfahren(German pl.) imaging techniques, imaging procedures
Bildgebung(German f.) imaging
Bildgeschehen(German n.) image narrative (the result of applying narrative theory to an image)
Bildgeschichte(German f.) comic strip
bildgewaltig(German) visually stunning
Bildgüte(German f.) picture quality
bildhaft(German) pictographic, pictoral, pictorially, pictorial, eidetic
bildhaft dargestellt(German) pictured
bildhafte Sprache(German f.) picturesque language, figurative language
Bildhalter(German m.) picture holder
Bildhauer (m.), Bildhauerin (f.), Bildhauer (pl.), Bildhauerinnen ( sculptor, carver, sculptress (f.)
Bildhauerarbeit(German f.) sculpture
Bildhauerei(German f.) sculpture, sculpting, statuary (art of making statues)
bildhauerisch(German) sculptural
bildhauerisch bearbeitet(German) sculptured
Bildhauerklüpfel(German m.) sculptor's mallet
Bildhauerkunst(German f.) statuary, sculpture
Bildhelligkeit(German f.) brightness of image
Bildhintergrund(German m.) image background
bildhübsch(German) very pretty, (as) pretty as a picture (colloquial)
bildhübsches Mädchen(German n.) peach (colloquial: a very pretty young girl)
Bild im Bild(German) picture in picture
Bildinhalt(German m.) picture content
Bildjournalist (m.), Bildjournalistin (f.)(German) photo journalist
Bildkalender(German m.) picture calendar, pictorial calendar
Bildkarte(German f.) pictorial map, illustrated map, picture card (in a deck of playing cards), face card (in a deck of playing cards)
Bildkompression(German f.) image compression
Bildkontrast(German m.) image contrast
Bildkorrektur(German f.) image correction
Bildkunst(German f.) pictorial art
Bildlauf(German m.) scrolling
Bildlaufleiste(German f.) scrollbar, scroll bar
Bildlegende(German f.) caption
Bildli(German n. - Switzerland) picture
bildlich(German) figurative, pictorial, metaphorical, in effigy, figuratively
bildlich dargestellt(German) pictured
bildlich darstellen(German) to illustrate
bildlich(German) figurative, figuratively
bildlich gesprochen(German) metaphorically speaking
bildliche Darstellung(German f.) illustration, pictorial representation
bildlicher Ausdruck(German m.) metaphor, trope, image (metaphor)
bildlicher Sinn(German m.) figurative sense
bildlos(German) nonpictorial
Bildmarke(German f.) figurative mark, design mark, logo
Bildmaterial(German n.) footage
Bildmeditation(German f.) picture meditation
Bildmessung(German f.) photogrammetry
Bildmischer(German m.) vision mixer
Bildmontage(German f.) montage
Bildmotiv(German n.) subject of the painting, image motif
Bildnachweis(German m.) picture credits
bildnerisch(German) artistic
bildnerische Arbeit(German f.) sculptural work
Bildnis (s.), Bildnisse (pl.)(German n.) effigy, portrait, image, likeness
Bildplatte(German f.) videodisk, optical disk, optical videodisk
Bildpostkarte(German f.) pictorial postcard, picture postcard
Bildpredigt(German f.) sermon on a picture
Bildpunkt (s.), Bildpunkte (pl.)(German m.) pixel
Bildqualität(German f.) image quality, quality of image, picture quality
Bildquelle(German f.) origin of photo material
Bildrand(German m.) picture margin, edge of the screen
Bildredakteur(German m.) picture editor
Bildrekonstruktion(German f.) image reconstruction
Bildröhre(German f.) picture tube
Bildrolle(German f.) picture scroll
Bildsamkeit(German f.) ductility
Bildsäule(German f.) ornamented column, statue
Bildschärfe(German f.) focus, picture sharpness, image sharpness, image definition
Bildschirm (s.), Bildschirme (pl.)(German m.) display, screen, telescreen, monitor, television screen, video screen, visual display, visual display unit (VDU), monitor screen
Bildschirm-(German) on-screen
Bildschirmabbild(German n.) screenshot, screen shot
Bildschirmabdruck(German m.) screenshot, screen shot
Bildschirmaufbau(German m.) screen layout
Bildschirmauflösung(German f.) screen resolution
Bildschirmaufteilung(German f.) split screen, screen layout
Bildschirmausdruck(German m.) hardcopy
Bildschirmausgabe(German f.) soft copy, softcopy
Bildschirmblättern(German n.) page turning
Bildschirmdiagonale(German f.) screen diagonal
Bildschirmeinheit(German f.) display unit, monitor
Bildschirmfenster(German n.) screen window, window, display window
Bildschirmfoto(German n.) screenshot, screen shot
Bildschirmgerät(German n.) video terminal, video set, visual display unit (VDU)
Bildschirmgröße(German f.) screensize, screen size
Bildschirminhalt nach oben verschieben(German) to scroll upward
Bildschirminhalt nach unten schieben(German) to scroll downward
Bildschirminhalt nach unten verschieben(German) to scroll downward
Bildschirmmenü(German n.) menu, on-screen menu
Bildschirm mit Berührungseingabe(German m.) touch-screen terminal
Bildschirmmitte(German f.) middle of the screen
bildschirmorientiert(German) screen-based
bildschirmorientiertes System(German n.) screen-based system
bildschirmorientiertes Textsystem(German n.) screen-based text system
Bildschirmrollen(German n.) scroll
Bildschirmschoner(German m.) screen saver, screensaver
Bildschirmstation(German f.) display terminal
Bildschirmtelefonie(German f.) video telephony
Bildschirmtext(German m.) or BTX, interactive videotex
Bildschirmtextdienst(German m.) or BTX, interactive videotex service
Bildschirmtextseite(German f.) (screen) page
Bildschirmtextsystem(German m.) viewdata
Bildschirmunterteilung(German f.) split screen (interface)
Bildschirmverschieben(German n.) scrolling
Bildschnitzer(German m.) sculptor, woodcarver
Bildschnitzerarbeit(German f.) sculpture
Bildschnitzerei(German f.) sculpture
Bildschnitzerkunstwerk(German n.) sculpture
bildschön(German) ravishingly beautiful, as pretty as a picture, very beautiful
Bildseite(German f.) face, obverse (of a coin)
Bildseitenverhältnis(German n.) aspect ratio
Bildserien(German pl.) series of paintings
Bildsprache(German f.) picture language (in formal language theory, a picture language is a set of pictures, where a picture is a 2D array of characters over some alphabet)
Bildstelle(German f.) educational film hire service
Bildstock(German m.) wayside shrine
Bildstrecke(German f.) photo gallery
Bildstreifen (s./pl.)(German m.) filmstrip
Bildsucher(German m.) viewfinder
Bildsymbol(German n.) pictogram
Bildtafel(German f.) plate (illustration in a book)
Bildtelefon(German n.) video-telephone, viewphone
Bildtelegrafie(German f.) facsimile, phototelegraphy
Bildtelegramm(German n.) wirephoto, facsimile, phototelegram, teleautogram
Bildtelephon(German m.) video telephone
Bildteppich(German m.) tapestry (wall hanging)
Bildtext(German m.) legend, caption (below a picture in a book, etc.)
Bildthemen(German pl.) pictorial themes
Bildtitel(German m.) picture title
Bildtrennung(German f.) picture separation
Bildüberschrift(German f.) caption
Bildübertragung(German f.) phototelegraphy, facsimile transmission, image transmission, picture transmission
Bildumkehr(German f.) image reversal
Bildumlauf(German m.) wraparound
Bild- und Tonmaterial(German n.) video and audio material, visual and audio material
Bildung (s.), Bildungen (pl.)(German f.) education, literacy, acquirements, attainments, breeding, conformation, generation, formation, edification (formal), development, culture (particularly that expressed through art, philosophy, education and learning), forming, formation, development, establishment (setting-up), setting-up, creation
Bildung eines Konglomerats(German f.) conglomeration
Bildungs-(German) educational (prefix)
Bildungsabbrecher(German m.) drop out
Bildungsabschluss(German m.) educational achievement, educational attainment
Bildungsanforderung(German f.) educational requirement
Bildungsanstalt (s.), Bildungsanstalten (pl.)(German f.) educational establishment, seminary, academy
Bildungsanstrengungen(German pl.) educational effort
Bildungsarbeit(German f.) educational work
Bildungsaufwand(German m.) cost of education
Bildungsausgaben(German pl.) education spending
Bildungsbürger(German m.) member of the educated classes, (traditionally educated) middle-class intellectual
bildungsbürgerlich(German) following educated middle-class principles
Bildungsbürgertum(German n.) the educated German middle-classes, products of mid-eighteenth-century industrialisation, comprised of professors, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, artists, engineers, etc.
Bildungschance (s.), Bildungschancen (pl.)(German f.) educational opportunity, educational chances (plural form)
Bildungseinrichtung (s.), Bildungseinrichtungen (pl.)(German f.) educational establishment, educational institution, institution of education, education institute
Bildungselite(German f.) educational elite
Bildungsentscheidung(German f.) educational choice
bildungsfähig(German) cultivable
bildungsfeindlich(German) antieducational
Bildungsfernsehen(German n.) educational television
Bildungsforschung(German f.) educational research
Bildungsgang(German m.) course of education
Bildungsgewebe(German n.) cambium, formative tissue, meristem
Bildungsgrad(German m.) educational level, level of education
Bildungsgut(German n.) established part of one's general education
Bildungshunger(German m.) thirst for education
bildungshungrig(German) thirsting for education
Bildungsinhalt(German m.) curricula
Bildungsinstitut(German n.) educational institute
Bildungsinstitution(German f.) educational establishment
Bildungsinvestition(German f.) investment in training
Bildungskarenz(German f. - Austria) unpaid leave for further training or education
Bildungskosten(German pl.) cost of education
Bildungskredit(German m.) education loan
Bildungslosigkeit(German f.) lack of education
Bildungslücke (s.), Bildungslücken (pl.)(German f.) gap in education
Bildungsmaßnahmen(German pl.) training measures
Bildungsminister (m.), Bildungsministerin (f.)(German) Secretary of State for Education, Education Secretary, Secretary of Education (US)
Bildungsministerium(German n.) Ministry of Education
Bildungsniveau(German n.) educational achievement, educational level, level of education
Bildungsplan(German m.) curriculum
Bildungspläne(German pl.) educational schemes
Bildungsplanung(German f.) educational planning
Bildungspolitik(German f.) educational policy
Bildungsprojekt(German n.) educational project
Bildungspsychologe(German m.) educational psychologist
Bildungsreform(German f.) educational reform, education reform
Bildungsreise(German f.) educational tour
bildungsresistent(German) immune to education
Bildungsressourcen(German pl.) educational resources
Bildungsroman(German m., literally 'novel of education' or 'novel of formation') also called an Erziehungsroman (German m.), a novel which traces the spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growth of the main character from (usually) childhood to maturity. The poems of Chrétien de Troyes (died c. 1185) and Wolfram von Eschenbach (fl. 1207) concerning respectively Perceval and Parzival are early examples of the genre although the term is normally applied to German literature from 1765/66 and C. M. Wieland's Agathon. The term has been applied also to some dramatic works and opera libretti, for example, that of Wagner's Parsifal
Bildungsschicht(German f.) educated class
Bildungssendung(German f.) educational programme
bildungssprachlich(German) pertaining to the distinctive vocabulary of the educated class
Bildungsstand(German m.) educational background
Bildungsstätte(German f.) educational establishment, educational institution
Bildungssystem(German n.) training system, education system, educational system
Bildungsträger(German m.) educational provider
bildungsunfähig(German) ineducable
Bildungsungleichheit(German f.) educational inequality
Bildungsunterschiede(German pl.) educational differences
Bildungsurlaub(German m.) educational leave
Bildungsweg(German m.) course of education
Bildungswesen(German n.) education
Bildungszentrum(German n.) educational centre, centre of education
Bildungsziel(German n.) educational goal
Bildunschärfe(German f.) image softness (degree to which an image is unsharp)
Bildunterschrift(German f.) caption
Bilduntertext(German m.) legend
Bildverstärkerbrille(German f.) low-light goggles, image intensification goggles
Bildverzerrung(German f.) image distortion
Bild vor Augen(German n.) mental picture
Bildvordergrund(German m.) image foreground
Bildvorlage(German f.) camera-ready art
Bildwahrnehmung(German f.) image perception
Bildwalze(German f.) engraving cylinder
Bildwand(German f.) projection screen
Bildwerfer(German m.) projector
Bildwerk(German n.) sculpture
Bildwinkel(German m.) picture angle, angle of view
Bildwörterbuch(German n.) picture dictionary, pictorial dictionary
Bildzahl(German f.) number of exposures
Bildzeichen(German n.) pictograph
Bildzergliederung(German f.) image dissection
Bildzusammensetzung(German f.) image composition
Bildzyklus(German m.) picture cycle
Bileam(German m.) Balaam (a paragraph describing something wonderful, used to fill out a newspaper column)
Bilharziose(German f.) schistosomiasis (also known as bilharzia, bilharziosis or snail fever) is a parasitic disease caused by several species of flatworm
Bilithe older name for the guan zi, a Chinese oboe
biliär(German) biliary
Biliardino(Italian m.) (small) billiard table, pinball
biliäre Zirrhose(German f.) biliary cirrhosis
Biliaryhaving to do with the liver, bile ducts, and/or gallbladder
Biliary cirrhosisprimary biliary cirrhosis is a slowly progressive form of liver inflammation in which the liver is slowly destroyed
Bilico(Italian m.) equilibrium
bilieux (m.), bilieuse (f.)(French) bilious, irascible
Bilingualismusing or able to use two languages, especially with equal or nearly equal fluency
bilingue(French, Italian) bilingual
bilingüe(Spanish) bilingual
Bilinguismus(German m.) bilingualism
Bilione(Italian m.) thousand million (i.e. 109)
biliös(German) biliary, bilious
bilioso(Italian) bilious
Biliousrelating to or containing bile
Bilirubin(English, German n.) a yellow pigment that is excreted in the bile
Bilirubinuriain medicine, an abnormality where bilirubin is detected in the urine
Bilirubinurie(German f.) bilirubinuria
Billabong(Australian billa bung, 'dead river') a stagnant backwater
Billet(French m.) ticket, note, column (newspaper)
Billet aller simple(French m.) single ticket
Billet d'aller et retour(French m.) return ticket
Billet de banque(French m.) banknote
Billet de faveur(French m.) complimentary ticket
Billet doux (s.), Billets doux (pl.)(French m.) a love letter
Billete(Spanish m.) ticket, banknote
Billete de abono(Spanish m.) season-ticket
Billete de banco(Spanish m.) banknote
Billete de ida y vuelta(Spanish m.) return ticket
Billete sencillo(Spanish m.) single ticket
Billetero (m.), Billetera (f.)(Spanish) wallet
Billett(German n.) ticket
Billetterie(French f.) cash dispenser
Billard (s.), Billiarden (pl.)(German n.) billiards
Billiarde(German f.) thousand million million (i.e. 1015), quadrillion
[entry extended by Michael Zapf]
Billardkugel(German f.) billiard ball
Billardqueue(German n.) billiard cue
Billardqueue(German m./n.) cue (pool, billiards)
Billardsany of several games played on rectangular cloth-covered table (with cushioned edges) in which long tapering cue sticks are used to propel ivory (or composition) balls
Billardsaal(German m.) billiard hall, billiard saloon
Billard spielen(German) to play at billiards
Billardspieler(German m.) billiards player
Billardstock (s.), Billardstöcke (pl.)(German m.) cue (pool, billiards), billiard cue
Billardtisch(German m.) billiard table
Billardtuch(German n.) (table's) cloth (pool, billiards), baize
Billardzimmer(German n.) poolroom
Billet(German n. - Austria, Switzerland) ticket
Billet-doux(English, German n.) a love letter
Billeteur(German m.) usher, guard
Billett (s.), Billette (pl.)(German n. - Austria) greetings card
(German n. - Austria, Switzerland) ticket
(German n. - Switzerland) driving licence
Billiarde (s.), Billiarden (pl.)(German f.) thousand trillion, quadrillion (US)
billig(German, Swedish, Norwegian) cheap, cheaply, low-cost, inexpensive, tacky, at a cheap rate, economical, low in price, low priced, low-priced, on the cheap, trashy, reasonable, low-end, meet (archaic),cheesy (colloquial), brummagem, just, justly, proper, fair, poor (joke, remark) [Scandinavian correction by Lars Hellvig]
Billig-(German) cut-price, cut-rate, cheapjack (US), cheapo (colloquial) (prefix)
billig abgeben(German) to sell cheap
billig abgefrühstückt werden(German) to be given short measure
Billigairline(German f.) budget airline
Billiganbieter (m.), Billiganbieterin (f.)(German) low-cost supplier, supplier of cheap goods, supplier of cheap products, discounter
Billigangebot(German n.) bargain offer, cut-price offer
Billigausgabe(German f.) cheap edition
Billigauto(German n.) low-cost car, low cost car, cut-price car, low-price car, cheap car
Billigbok(Norwegian) cheap paperback
billige Arbeit(German f.) cheap labour
billige Arbeitskraft(German f.) cheap labour
billige Ausrede(German f.) petty excuse
billige Bemerkung(German f.) facile remark
billige Bilder(German pl.) cheap pictures
billige Eintrittskarte(German f.) cheap ticket
billige Ersatzgüter(German pl.) inferior goods
billige Fahrkarte(German f.) cheap ticket
billige Fahrt(German f.) cheap fare, cheap rate, cheap trip
billige Frauenkleider(German pl.) cheap woman's clothes
billige Gaststätte(German f.) cheap eating-house
billige Herberge(German f.) doss house
billig einkaufen(German) to make a good bargain, to buy cheap
billige Klunker(German pl.) brummagem jewellery
billige Kneipe (s.), billige Kneipen (pl.)(German f.) speakeasy
billige Kopie(German f.) ersatz
billige Lösung(German f.) facile solution
billigen(German) to approve, to endorse, to applaud, to approve of, to back, to consent to a person's going, to permit, to ratify, to sanction, to countenance, to OK (colloquial), to assent, to grant, to condone
billige Nachahmung(German f.) bogus merchandise
billigend(German) approving
billigender Blick(German m.) look of approval
billige Novelle(German f.) cheap novelette
billige Nummer(German f.) cheap shot (colloquial)
billige populäre Wochenzeitschriften(German pl.) cheap popular weekly magazines
billige Popularität(German f.) cheap popularity
billige Qualität(German f.) cheap quality
Billiger(German m.) approver
billiger(German) cheaper, tawdrier, at a lower price
billiger Artikel(German m.) cheap article
billiger auszeichnen(German) to mark down
billige Redensart(German f.) cheap phrase
billiger Effekt(German m.) cheap effect
billige Reise(German f.) cheap journey
billiger Ersatz(German m.) pinchbeck
billigere Sorten(German pl.) cheaper grades
billiger Frachtsatz(German m.) cheap rate
billiger Gegenstand(German m.) bargain
billiger Jakob(German m.) cheap jack, cheap-Jack, cheap skate, cheap-skate, cheap John (archaic)
billiger Käse(German m.) mousetrap cheese (colloquial)
billiger Kredit(German m.) cheap credit
billiger Kredit(German m.) cheap loan, easy money
billiger Laden(German m.) bargain shop, cheap shop
billigermaßen(German) rightly, justifiably
billiger Preis(German m.) knock-out price
billiger Roman(German m.) cheap novel, dime novel
billiger Ruhm(German m.) cheap glory
billiger Scherz (s.), billige Scherze (pl.)(German m.) cheap joke
billiger Schmuck(German m.) cheap jewellery, trinkets
billiger Schwank(German m.) cheap farce
billiger Thriller(German m.) cheap thriller
billiger Trick(German m.) shoddy trick
billiger verkaufen(German) to undersell
billiger Wein(German m.) cheap wine
billigerweise(German) rightly, justifiably
billig erwerben(German) to get cheap, to get on the cheap, to buy on the cheap (colloquial)
billiger werden(German) to become cheaper, to cheapen, to get cheaper
billiger Witz(German m.) cheap witticism
billig erworben(German) bought cheap
billiger Zusatz(German m.) cheap add-on
billiges Cafe(German n.) cheap cafe
billige Schmeichelei(German f.) cheap flattery
billiges Darlehen(German n.) cheap credit
billiges Ermessen(German n.) reasonable discretion
billiges Fähnchen von einem Kleid(German n.) skimpy dress
billiges Gebäude(German n.) cheap building
billiges Geld(German n.) cheap money
billiges Imitat(German n.) rip-off (colloquial)
billige Sitze(German pl.) cheap seats
billiges Kaufhaus(German n.) five-and-ten (US) (colloquial)
billiges Kleid(German n.) cheap dress
billiges Material(German n.) cheap material
billiges Parfüm(German n.) cheap perfume
billiges Restaurant(German n.) cheap restaurant
billige Süßigkeit(German f.) cheap candy
billige Süßigkeiten(German pl.) cheap sweets
billiges Warenhaus(German n.) bazaar
billiges Zeug(German n.) cheap things
billige Tagesrückfahrkarte(German f.) cheap day return
billige Tricks(German pl.) cheap tricks
billige Unterhaltung(German f.) cheap entertainment
billige Versprechungen(German pl.) cheap promises
billige Ware(German f.) cheap goods
billige Zeitkarte(German f.) cheap season-ticket
billige Zigarette(German f.) cheap cigarette
billige Zigarre(German f.) cheap cigar
Billigflieger(German m.) budget airline, low-cost airline, low-cost carrier
Billigflug(German m.) budget flight, cheap flight, low-cost flight
Billigfluggesellschaft(German f.) low-cost carrier, low-cost airline, budget airline
Billigfluglinie(German f.) budget airline, no-frills airline, low-cost airline
Billigflugpreise(German pl.) cut-price (air) fares
Billigheimer(German m.) cheap supplier
billig im Gebrauch(German) cheap to run, economical, economical to run, with a low running cost
Billigimporte(German pl.) cheap imports, cut-price imports
Billigjobs(German pl.) low-paying jobs
billig kaufen(German) to buy cheap, to buy on the cheap
billig kaufen und teuer verkaufen(German) to buy cheap and sell dear
Billigkeit(German f.) cheapness, inexpensiveness, equity, shabbiness (figurative), fairness, justness
billigkeitsgerichtlich(German) equitable
Billigkopie(German f.) cheap imitation
Billiglohnland(German n.) low-wage country
Billiglohnzone(German f.) low-wage zone
Billigmarke(German f.) cheap brand, budget supermarket
Billigpreis(German m.) low price
Billigpreisgeschäft(German n.) bargain store
Billigpreisland(German n.) low-cost country, country with low prices/costs
Billigprodukt(German n.) cheap article, down-market product
Billigreise (s.), Billigreisen (pl.)(German f.) cheap travel, bargain travel, cut-price travel
billigst(German) cheapest, at the lowest possible price, at th best price (lowest price)
billigste(German) cheapest, tawdriest, least expensive
billigstes Angebot(German n.) cheapest offer
billigst kaufen(German) to buy at the lowest possible price, to buy at the best price (lowest)
Billigstpreise(German pl.) rock-bottom prices
billigt(German) approves
Billigtarif(German m.) cheap rate
billig und schäbig gebautes Haus(German n.) jerry-built house
Billigung (s.), Billigungen (Pl.)(German f.) approbation, approval, acceptance, agreement, applause, assent, sanction, endorsement
Billigung finden(German) to meet with an approval, to meet with approval
billig verkaufen(German) to sell cheap, to sell on the cheap
billig verschleudern(German) to sell dirt-cheap
Billigware(German f.) cheap goods, cheap merchandise
Billigwein(German m.) cheap wine, plonk (colloquial)
billig wie Sauerbier(German) as cheap as chips
billig zurückkaufen(German) to buy back cheaply
either of two numbers:
1,000,000,000 (one thousand million; 109)increasingly common meaning in English-language usage
1,000,000,000,000 (one million million; 1012)increasingly rare meaning in English-language usage; standard meaning in many other languages
  • Billion from which this entry has been taken
Billion (s.), Billionen (pl.)(German f.) million million (i.e. 1012), the more common meaning of trillion
[amended by Michael Zapf]
  • Trillion from which this entry has been taken
Billón(Spanish m.) million million (i.e. 1012), the more common meaning of trillion
[amended by Michael Zapf]
  • Trillion from which this entry has been taken
Billionstel(German n.) billionth
Billot(French m.) block
Bilmesschnitter(German m. - Bayerisch) demon who destroys the crop in the fields
bilobär(German) bilobate, bilobular, bilobed
Bilobatedivided into or having two lobes
Bilione(Italian m.) if mille miloni then thousand million UK), billion (US)
(Italian m.) if milione di milioni then billion (UK), trillion (US)
bilioso (m.), biliosa (f.)(Italian) bad-tempered (figurative)
Bilocale(Italian m.) two-room flat (UK), apartment (US)
Bilsenkraut(German n.) henbane (Hyoscyamus spp.) (plants used as poisons and in witches charms)
Biltong(English, German n., from Afrikans) strips of sun-dried lean meat
Bim(German f. - Austria, particularly Vienna) tram
bim.abbreviation of bimestrale (Italian: monthly), bimestre (Italian: a two-month period)
bim bam(German) ding dong
Bimbashi(from Turkish) a Turkish colonel
Bimbo (m.), Bimba (f.)(Italian) (small) child, little boy (m.), little girl (f.), baby
bimensile(Italian) fortnightly
bimensual(Spanish) fortnightly, bi-monthly, twice-monthly
bi-mensuel (m.), bi-mensuelle (f.)(French) fortnightly, bi-monthly
bimestrale(Italian) two-monthly
Bimmelbahn(German f.) narrow-gauge railway (with a warning bell)
bimmeln(German) to jingle, to tinkle, to ring
bimmelnd(German) jingly
Bimmolle(Italian m.) synonymous with bemolle
Bimodalisma twentieth-century approach to harmony, first developed as a recognizable system in the 1950s by the Cuban-born composer Enrique Ubieta, Bimodalism is a modern alternative to atonal and other progammatic styles of composition. The essence of the harmonic discipline of bimodalism lies in the simultaneous blending of major and minor modes in triads with the same fundamental root
Bimodalismus(German m.) bimodalism
Bimodalität(German f.) bimodality
Bimodalitythe simultaneous use of two different modes
Bimolle(Italian m.) synonymous with bemolle
Bims(German m.) pumice
bimsen(German) to cram (intensive learning)
bimsend(German) pouncing
Bimshohlblockstein(German m.) pumice block
Bimsstein (s.), Bimssteine (pl.)(German m.) pumice, pumice stone
bimste(German) pounced
Bimusicalityin 1960, the influential ethnomusicologist Mantle Hood coined the term 'bimusicality' to describe the work of musicians of the Imperial Japanese Court, who were trained in both gagaku and pan-European classical traditions. As it happens, well before the publication of Hood's article, musicians trained in jazz were already well known as early practitioners of the bimusical. In 1930, William Grant Still's optimistic belief in the viability of a 'Negro Symphony Orchestra' was based on his own experience as both composer and performer in classical, jazz, and popular idioms
Bimusikalität(German f.) bimusicality
BinIndian plucked lute
see pungi
bin.abbreviation of 'binary'
bin(German) am
Binasee 'vina'
BinadaoChinese multiple reed pipe
binaire(French) binary
binaire, Croches(French f. pl.) even quavers, even eighth notes
binaire, Rythme(French m.) duple rhythm
binär(German) binary, dual, dichotomising
Binärcode(German m.) binary code
binäres(German) dichotomising
Binario(Italian m.) track, platform
binario(Italian, Spanish) binary
binärisch(German) binaurally
Binarisma mode of thought predicated on stable oppositions (as good and evil or male and female)
Binarismus(German m.) binarism
Binarybinario (Spanish, Italian), binaire (French), zweiteilig (German), zweitheilig (German)
dual, two-part, (in music) a musical form in two sections usually written AB
Binary formbinary form is sometimes characterised as having the form AB, although AA' is also frequently used. In the former case (AB) the first section (A) begins usually in the key of the piece (say C major) and ends on the dominant (in this case, G major). It may then be repeated. The second section (B) starts in the key in which the first section ended (in this case, G major) but finishes in the key in which section A started (in this case C major). The second section too may be repeated. In the latter case (AA') the two halves are very similar in rhythmic and melodic shape and, where written for a mixed ensemble, the instrumentation does not vary between the sections. Binary form is commonly found in Baroque dance movements such as the allemande, courante, sarabande, etc.
Binary measureor common time, two beats (usually minims or half notes) in a bar or measure, so that there is an accent on every alternate beat. The alternative is ternary measure or triple time in which there are three beats (usually minims or half notes) in a bar or measure
in medieval music theory, binary measure was called 'imperfect' (signified by a half circle or a half circle with a dot in its centre - from which comes our modern symbol C) while ternary measure was called 'perfect', a reference to the Holy Trinity (signified by a circle or a circle with a dot in its centre)
binational(German) binational
binationale Paare(German pl.) binational couples
Binauraal(Dutch) binaural
Binauralof or pertaining to, or used by, both ears
binaural(German) binaural
Binaural recordinga method of recording audio which uses a special microphone arrangement. The term "binaural" has often been confused as a synonym for the word "stereo", and this is partially due to a large amount of misuse in the mid-1950s by the recording industry, as a marketing buzzword. In truth, binaural recordings are the best way to reproduce stereo with headphones
Bindligadura de prolongación (Spanish), fascia (Italian), Bindebogen (German), liaison (French)
a tie (less commonly, a slur)
see 'brace'
(Danish, Norwegian) volume (of a periodical)
a short harvest song from the eastern part of England
bind.abbreviation of 'binding'
Binde (s.), Binden (pl.)(German f.) band, bandage, fascia, linking, ligature, fasciae (plural form), binder
(German f., archaic) in music, tie or bind
Bindebåge(Swedish) tie, a curved line used to join two or more notes of the same pitch so that they are played without a break
Binde-BH(German m.) lace-up bra
Bindebikini(German m.) lace-up bikini
Bindebogen (s.), Bindebögen (pl.)(German m.) slur, bind, tie, ligature
Bindebue(Danish) tie, a curved line used to join two or more notes of the same pitch so that they are played without a break
Bindedraht(German m.) binding wire
Bindefrist(German f.) commitment period
Bindegarn(German n.) binder twine, lacing twine, bale twine
Bindegarnbrücke(German f.) twine holder
Bindegewebsentzündung(German f.) fibrositis
Bindeglied(German n.) link, connecting link, connecting piece, connection, connector, go-between, copula
Bindehautentzündung (s.), Bindehautentzündungen (pl.)(German f.) conjunctivitis
Bindekraft(German f.) cohesion
Bindemappe(German f.) bound cover
Bindematerial(German n.) binder, binding material, cementing material
Bindemittel (s./pl.)(German n.) cement, binder, binding material, bonding agent, excipient, thickener, cementing material, binding agent
binden(German) to tie, to bind (a book), to tie up, to tie down, to thicken (cooking), to ligate, to link, to spellbind, to truss, to bond, to attach, to cohere, to cord, to absorb, to slur, to stick, to harden (cement), to make, to fix (price), to thicken (sauce), to cooper (barrels)
binden an(German) to tie to, to link to, to tie down to
Bindenahtfestigkeit(German f.) weld line strength
bindend(Dutch) legato
(German) binding, tying, committing, firm, stringent, hard and fast, compulsive, obligatory (legal, moral), ligating, trussing, definite
bindend bis(German) firm until
bindender Präzedenzfall(German m.) binding precedent
bindendes Angebot(German n.) firm offer
bindende Verpflichtung(German f.) commitment
bindende Wirkung(German f.) binding effect
Binder(German m.) binder, bonder, linker, truss beam, tie, necktie (US), girder
Binderythe finishing department of a print shop or firm specialising in finishing printed products
Bindeschnur(German f.) binder twine
Bindestrich (s.), Bindestriche (pl.)(German m.) hyphen, dash (-)
bindet(German) binds, ligates, spell binds
bindet ab(German) undoes, tethers
bindet auf(German) unties
bindet los(German) unclamps, unties, unbinds
bindet wieder(German) reattaches
bindet zusammen(German) interconnects
Bindewort(German n.) copula, conjunction (grammar), connective
biner(French) to hoe
Binette(French f.) hoe, face
Bindfaden (s.), Bindfäden (pl.)(German m.) packthread, string, thread, cord
bindig(German) cohesive
Bindingin string instrument making, a protective and decorative strip made of wood or plastic that is placed along the outer most edges of the top, back, neck, fingerboard and some times headstock to seal and project the joints. It should not be confused with 'purfling' which serves a very different purpose
in printing, to fasten sheets or signatures with wire, thread, glue or by some other means
Bindingsboog(Dutch) tie, a curved line used to join two or more notes of the same pitch so that they are played without a break
Bindung(German f.) in music, a tie or bind
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
(German f.) suspension, a dissonance with its consonant preparation
(German f.) tie (figurative), bond, relationship, commitment, weave (textile), fixation, attachment, liaison, absorption, earmarking, engagement, tie-up, obligation, loyalty, ligature, binding
Bindung an(German f.) attachment to, linking to
Bindungsdauer(German f.) commitment period
Bindungslosigkeit(German f.) detachment, lack of emotional bonds
Bindungszeichen(German n.) bind, tie, slur, ligature
Binge-Eating-Störung(German f.) binge-eating (disorder)
Bingoabend(German m.) bingo night
Bingosaal(German m.) bingo hall
Biniaouer(Breton) also sonneur or soner, a player of the biniou
Biniou(French m., German f., Spanish m., from the Breton) or cornemuse bretonne (French), a Breton instrument that resembles a set of bagpipes with a small seven-holed chanter with a single drone, pitched an octave higher than usual
Biniou kozh(Breton, literally 'old biniou') the traditional biniou
Biniou braz(Breton, literally 'big biniou') the great Scottish bagpipe, also called cornemuse écossaise, was imported into Brittany in 1895 by Charles Le Goffic from Belle Ile en Terre
binnen(German) within
Binnenalster(German f.) Inner Alster (one of two artificial lakes within the city limits of Hamburg, Germany, which are formed by the river Alster)
binnenbords(German) inboard
Binnendeutscher (m.), Binnendeutsche (f.)(German) German living in Germany
Binnendruck(German m.) internal pressure
Binnenflüchtlinge(German pl.) internally displaced persons
Binnenflug(German m.) internal flight
Binnengewässer (s./pl.)(German n.) inland water
Binnengrenze(German f.) internal border, internal frontier
Binnengrenzen der Gemeinschaft(German pl.) internal Community borders
Binnenhafen(German m.) inland port, river port
Binnenhandel(German m.) domestic trade, domestic commerce, home trade, inland trade, internal trade
Binneninsel(German f.) lake island, river island
binnen Jahresfrist(German) within a year
Binnenkonjunktur(German f.) domestic (economic) trend
binnen kurzem(German) before long, shortly, soon
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Binnenland(German n.) inland
Binnenländer (s./pl.)(German m.) inlander
binnenländisches Becken(German n.) continental basin
Binnenmajuskel(German f.) camel case, CamelCase
Binnenmarkt(German m.) domestic market, home market, internal market
Binnenmeer(German n.) inland sea
Binnennachfrage(German f.) domestic demand
Binnenreim(German m.) internal rhyme
Binnenschifffahrt(German f.) inland navigation
Binnensee(German m.) lake
Binnenstaat(German m.) landlocked country
binnenstaatlicher Küstenhandel(German m.) trade between ports of a nation
binnen Stunden(German) within hours
Binnenverkehr(German m.) inland traffic, domestic traffic
Binnenvertriebene(German pl.) internally displaced persons
Binnenwanderung(German f.) internal migration
Binnenwasserstraße (s.), Binnenwasserstraßen (pl.)(German f.) inland waterway
Binnenwasserweg(German m.) inland waterway
Binnenwirtschaft(German f.) domestic economy
binnenwirtschaftlich(German) internal
bin nicht(German) ain't, is not
Binocolo(Italian m.) binoculars
binokular(German) binocular, binocularly
Binokular(German n.) (pair of) binoculars
binokulares Mikroskop(German n.) binocular microscope
Binokularmikroskop(German n.) binocular microscope
Binsasara(German f.) bin-sasara, binsasara
Bin Sasara(German f.) bin-sasara, binsasara
Bin-sasaraor binsasara, Reihenklapper (German), a strung clapper made of many small slats of wood connected by a spine of string with handles at each end. By flicking the handles back and forth, the slats strike each other
Binse (s.), Binsen (pl.)(German f.) rush, bulrush (Typha latifolia)
Binsenwahrheit (s.), Binsenwahrheiten (pl.)(German f.) truism, commonplace, bromide (slang)
Binsenweisheit(German f.) truism (obvious truth), bromide (slang), platitude
Bint(from the Arabic) a woman (although, in English, often applied to a woman of easy virtue)
Binyegeseed rattles used by the Bunyoro people from Uganda. Young male dancers tie the rattles around the lower legs and compete for the attention of young women
Binyon, Laurence (1869-1943)an authority on Oriental Art, his book Painting in the Far East (1908) was the first book on the subject to be written in any European language. Binyon was also an expert on Japanese and Chinese Art. His first volume of poetry Lyric Poetry was published in 1894. He was in his mid-forties when he wrote the poem For the Fallen (September 1914) of which four lines from the fourth stanza are read every year at Armistice services across Britain, and feature as an inscription for thousands of memorials. Binyon also wrote nine verse plays (six of which were performed), including Arthur (1923), a treatment of the Arthurian legend, which was staged at the Old Vic with music by Edward Elgar (1857-1934), with whom he had collaborated when Elgar set three of Binyon's poems as The Spirit of England (1917). In 1971 Douglas Guest (1916-1996) wrote a setting of "They shall grow not old" composed in 1971 for Westminster Abbey
Bin zasarasee bin-sazara
Bio-(German) organic (prefix)
Bioabbau(German m.) biodegradation
Bioabbaubarkeit(German f.) biodegradability
Bioacousticsthe study of how animals, use sound for communication and echolocation. Animals use sound ranging from infrasounds to ultrasounds to send messages to conspecifics
Bioakustik(German f.) bioacoustics
Bioarchäologe (m.), Bioarchäologin (f.)(German) bioarchaeologist
Bioarchäologie(German f.) bioarchaeology
bioartifizielles Organ(German n.) bioartificial organ
Biobauer (m.), Biobäuerin (f.)(German) organic farmer
Biobrennstoff(German m.) biofuel
Biochemiker (m.), Biochemikerin (f.), Biochemiker (pl.)(German) biochemist
biochemisch(German) biochemical, biochemically
biochemische Evidenz(German f.) biochemical evidence
Biodiesel(German m.) biodiesel
Biodiversität(German f.) biodiversity
Biodiversitäts-Konvention(German f.) Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Biodynamik(German f.) biodynamics
biodynamisch(German) biodynamic, organic
bioelektrisch(German) bioelectric
Bioerdgas(German n.) bio natural gas
Bioethanol(German n.) bioethanole
Bioethik(German f.) bioethics
bioethisch(German) bioethical, bioethic
biog.abbreviation of 'biographer', 'biographical', 'biographic', 'biography'
Biogarten(German m.) organic garden
Biogärtner(German m.) organic gardener
Biogas(German n.) biogas
Biograf (m.), Biografin (f.)(German) biographer
Biografia(Italian f., Spanish f.) biography
biografico(Italian) biographic, biographical
biográfico(Spanish) biographical
Biografie (s.), Biografien (pl.)(German f.) life (biography), biography
biografisch(German) biographical, biographic, biographically
biografischer Katalog(German m.) or Personenkatalog (German m.), name catalogue, name card index
Biográfo(Spanish m.) biographer
Biografo (m.), Biografa (f.)(Italian) biographer
Biograph (m.), Biographin (f.), Biographen (pl.)(German) biographer
Biographe(French m./f.) biographer
Biographie(French f., German f.) biography
Biographie (s.), Biographien (pl.)(German f.) biography, life (biography)
biographisch(German) biographical, biographically, biographic
biographische Daten(German pl.) biographical data
biographischer Roman(German m.) biographic novel
Biography(from the Greek words bios meaning life, and graphein meaning write) a genre of literature and other forms of media like film, based on the written accounts of individual lives. While a biography may focus on a subject of fiction or non-fiction, the term is usually in reference to non-fiction. As opposed to a profile or curriculum vitae, a biography develops complex insight and highlights different textures of personality including intimate details of experiences. A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts like birth, education, work, relationships and death. It also delves into the emotions of experiencing such events
  • Biography from which this extract has been taken
Biohof(German m.) organic farm
Bioinformatik(German f.) bioinformatics
biokompatibel(German) biocompatible
Biokost(German f.) organic food
Biokraftstoff (s.), Biokraftstoffe (pl.)(German m.) biofuel, bio fuel
Bioladen(German m.) wholefood shop, organic grocery store, health food store
Biolandbau(German m.) organic farming
Biologe (m.), Biologin (f.), Biologen (pl.)(German) biologist
Biologie(German f.) biology
Biologiebuch(German n.) book about biology, book on biology, biology book
Biologielehrer (m.), Biologielehrerin (f.)(German) biology teacher
Biologiestudium(German n.) studies in biology
biologisch(German) biological, biologically, biologic, organic
biologisch abbaubar(German) biodegradable
biologisch abbaubarer Schadstoff(German m.) biodegradable pollutant
biologisch abbaubares Polymer (s.), biologisch abbaubare Polymere (pl.)(German n.) biodegradable polymer
biologisch aktiv(German) biologically active
biologisch angebaut(German) organically grown, organic, grown organically
biologisch eliminierbar(German) bioeliminable
biologisch gefährliche Materialien(German pl.) biohazardous materials
biologische Abbaubarkeit(German f.) biodegradability
biologische Anthropologie(German f.) biological anthropology
biologische Arbeitsstoffe(German pl.) biological working materials
biologische Diversität(German f.) biological diversity, biodiversity
biologische Landwirtschaft(German f.) organic farming
biologische Mutter(German f.) biological mother
biologischer Abbau(German m.) biodegradation
biologischer Anbau(German m.) organic farming
biologischer Elternteil(German m.) birth parent
biologischer Vater(German m.) biological father
biologische Sanierung(German f.) sanitation, bioremediation
biologische Uhr(German f.) biological clock
biologische Vielfalt(German f.) biodiversity
Biologismuse of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior
Biologismus(German m.) biologism
Biolumineszenz(German f.) bioluminescence
Biolyse(German f.) biolysis
Biolysisthe decomposition of tissue and the subsequent death of the organism
Biom(German n.) biome
Biombo(Spanish m.) folding screen
Biomea very large ecosystem, of which, of the main types, there are six: tundra, taiga (boreal forest), desert, tropical rainforest, savannah (grasslands) and marine
Biomechanik(German f.) biomechanics
biomechanisch(German) biomechanical, biomechanically
biomedizinisch(German) biomedical
biomedizinische Forschung(German f.) biomedical research
Biomedizintechnik(German f.) biomedical engineering
biometrisch(German) biometric, biometrical
biometrische Daten(German pl.) biometric data
biometrischer Reisepass(German m.) biometric passport
Biomilch(German f.) organic milk
Biomilchbauer(German m.) organic dairy farmer
Biomüll(German m.) biodegradable waste, organic waste
Biomusicologythe study of the influence music has on society, the way it is perceived in the human brain and what evolutionary advantages we may have gained from it and from its use in ritual
Biomusikologie(German f.) biomusicology
Bionda(Italian f.) blonde
Biondo(Italian m.) fair-coloured, fair-haired man
biondo(Italian) blond
Bionicsthe study of functions, characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of machines
Bionik(German f.) bionics
bionisch(German) bionic
Bioökologe(German m.) bioecologist
Bioökologie(German f.) bioecology
bioökologisch(German) bioecologic, bioecological
bioorganisch(German) bioorganic
Bipartite forma form first found in the opera arias of the mid eighteenth century (ABABcoda)
Biopharmakologie(German f.) biopharmacology
biopharmazeutisch(German) biopharmaceutical
Biophiliathe love of nature and all living things
Biophilie(German f.) biophilia
Biphonea pipe register used in certain pipe organs and including two ranks of stopped flute pipes at 16 ft. (or occasionally at 8 ft. and 16 ft. scale) used in the melody or countermelody section and often used with a general tremolo
Biophysik(German f.) biophysics
Biophysiker (s.), Biophysiker (pl.)(German m.) biophysicist
Biopic(English, German n.) a biographical film based on the life of a famous historical figure
Biopiraterie(German f.) biopiracy
Biopolitik(German f.) biopolitics
Biopolymer(German n.) biopolymer
Bioprodukt (s.), Bioprodukte (pl.)(German n.) organic product, eco-product
Biopsie(German f.) biopsy
Biopsychiatrie(German f.) biological psychiatry, biopsychiatry
Biopsychiatryor biological psychiatry, an approach to psychiatry that aims to understand mental disorder in terms of the biological function of the nervous system
Biopsychologie(German f.) biological psychology, biopsychology
biopsychologisch(German) biopsychological
Biopsychologyor biological psychology, the branch of psychology that studies the biological foundations of behavior, emotions, and mental processes
Bioremediation(English, German f.) the use of living organisms (eg, bacteria) to clean up oil spills or remove other pollutants from soil, water and wastewater
bioresorbierbar(German) bioresorbable
Bio-Resort(German n.) eco resort
Biorhythman innate, cyclical biological process or function
Biorhythmus(German m.) biorhythm
Biorythmus(German m.) biorhythm
Bioscopean early form of film projector, a South African movie theatre
Biosemioticsthe study of the production, action and interpretation of signs in the biological realm
Biosemiotik(German f.) biosemiotics
Bioskop(German n.) bioscope
Biosphäre (s.), Biosphären (pl.)(German f.) biosphere
Biosprit(German m.) biofuel
Biostatisticsthe use of statistical tests to analyse biological data
Biostatistik(German f.) biostatistics
Biosynthese(German f.) biosynthesis
biosynthetisch(German) biosynthetic
biosynthetisieren(German) to biosynthesise
biosynthetisiert(German) biosynthesised
Biotechnik(German f.) bioengineering
biotechnisch(German) bioengineering
Biotechnologie(German f.) biotechnology
biotechnologisch(German) biotechnological, biotechnologically
Biotherapie(German f.) biotherapy
Biotherapya type of cancer treatment that stimulates the immune system or uses antibodies to fight cancer
Biotin(English, German n.) part of vitamin B complex, that is involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
biotisch(German) biotic
Biotop(German m./n.) biotope, habitat
Biotopschutz(German m.) habitat protection
Biotreibstoff(German m.) bio fuel, biofuel, green fuel
Biourlaub(German m.) eco-holiday
Biowissenschaft(German f.) biological science
biozentrisch(German) biocentric
Biozentrismus(German m.) biocentrism (the belief that all creatures have rights and values; being centered on nature rather than humans)
biozertifiziert(German) certified organic
Bipedie(German f.) bipedalism, bipedality
Bipedität(German f.) bipedality
Biphon(German n.) biphone (organ pipe register)
bipolarbipolar, double-pole
bipolare affektive Störung(German f.) bipolar affective disorder
bipolare Störung(German f.) bipolar disorder
Biqa(Arabic) lamentation
Biquadro(Italian m.) synonymous with bequadro
Birbante(Italian m.) rascal, rogue
birbone(Italian) wicked
Birch(German Birke, French Bouleau, Dutch Berk, European Species: Betula alba or pendula (Silver birch), B. pubescens (Downy birch), American Species: B. lenta (Yellow birch), B. papyrefera (White birch): Average Weight: 35 pounds per cubic foot) Birch wood is soft and fibrous and not much use except as firewood. The green twigs are flexible and can be used for bindings. The bark is waterproof and can be used for containers or split and twisted and used as twine. American Birch is a hard, heavy wood that doesn't appear to have much in common with its European relative. It averages 48 pounds per cubic foot. Russian birch is apparently closer to American birch as it is a hard, heavy wood used for construction and carving
Birch barkthe thin white bark from certain types of birch trees that have a tendency to shed off in large pieces. Being similar in consistancy to paper, this surface has long been used to write on
Birch oilmethyl salicylate, a liquid ester with a strong odor of wintergreen, applied externally for minor muscle and joint pain
Birch tar oilA toxic liquid mixture of guaiacol, phenols, cresol, xylenol, and creosol, derived from distillation of birch tar and by dry distillation of the wood of Betula alba, used as a disinfectant, in leather dressing, and in medicine
Birdie(German n.) birdie (golf: one under par)
Birdie in the Cageone of the two-couple figures danced in a circle of four people traditionally associated with square dancing
Bird organcanary organ, serin (French), serinette (French) or perroquette (French), a small hand-cranked organ with pewter or wooden pipes, operated via a pinned wooden cylinder, originally used in France to teach canaries and used in Germany to teach bullfinches to sing
Bird pipea small, high-pitched flageolet
Birdschand(German n.) Birjand (the capital of South Khorasan province, formerly a subprovince named Birjand or Quhestan, a part of Khorasan province, in the east of Iran, known for its saffron, barberry, rug and handmade carpet exports)
Birdseyealso 'bird's eye' or 'birds-eye', a term used to denote an aerial view from an aircraft, although originally one from a height. While this vantage point could be little more than a medium sized hill, the term was more often applied to views from a tall structure that rose above the tree line, the most common of which was a town's church belfry
Bird's eyeslang term for 'fermata'
Bird songa reference to the sounds, usually melodious to the human ear, made by many birds of the order Passeriformes as a form of communication. Animal song is not clearly defined in the scientific literature, though most investigators agree that it must have syllabic diversity and temporal regularity akin to the repetitive and transformative patterns which define music. Most song is emitted by male rather than female birds. The avian vocal organ is called the syrinx
  • Bird song from which this extract has been taken
Bird whistlea term applied to a wide variety whistles, including a small metal pipe one end of which is immersed in oil or glycerin to effect a warble that was used in a few automatic music players, that are designed to mimic the sound of birds or, in some cases, will have been used to train certain species to sing contrived pieces
Birett(German n.) biretta
Biretta(Italian f.) a square cap with three or four ridges or peaks, sometimes surmounted by a tuft, traditionally worn by Roman Catholic clergy, as well as by some clergy of the Anglican Communion. It is also the term used for a similar cap worn by those holding doctoral degrees from some universities, and is occasionally used for caps worn by advocates in law courts, for instance the Advocates in the Channel Islands and Malta
  • Biretta from which this extract has been taken
Birgitta, Saintalso known as Santa Brigida or St. Bridgid of Sweden and Birgitta of Vadstena, born Birgitta Birgersdottir (1303-1373), was a mystic and saint, and founder of the Bridgettine Order. Uniquely among saints of the second millennium, she was also the mother of a saint - Saint Catherine of Vadstena of Sweden
Birgitta von Schweden(German) Saint Birgitta
birgt(German) salvages, contains
Birichino(Italian m./f.) little devil
birichino(Italian) naughty
Birillo(Italian m.) skittle
Birimbao(English, German m.) a horseshoe shaped Jew's harp from Galicia (Spain), made of wood or iron
Biritchalternatively birich or biryuch, a herald, in ancient Kievan Rus', an announcer of the will of a knyaz, sometimes kniaz's deputy in police or diplomatic affairs, or a tax collector. A birich travelled to settlements, played bugle or horn in the centre of a town square or yard to gather people and read the announcement
  • Biritch from which this extract has been taken
Birke (s.), Birken (pl.)(German f.) birch (tree) (Betula)
Birken-(German) birch (prefix)
birken(German) birchen
Birkenbaum(German m.) birch tree
Birkenfurnier(German n.) birch veneer
Birkengehölz(German n.) birch wood
Birkenhain(German m.) birch grove
Birkenholz(German n.) birch, birch wood, birchwood
Birkenöl(German n.) birch oil, birch tar oil
Birkenrinde(German f.) birchbark, birch bark
Birkenrute(German f.) birch. birch-rod
Birkenteeröl(German n.) birch tar oil
Birkenzweig (s.), Birkenzweige (pl.)(German m.) birch branch, birch twig
birlar(Spanish) steal, pinch (steal)
Birm.abbreviation of 'Birmingham'
Birma(German n.) Burma, Myanmar
Birma-Katze(German f.) (Sacred) Birman, Birman cat
Birmane (m.), Birmanin (f.), Birmanen (pl.)(German) Burmese
Birmania(Spanish f.) Burma
birmanisch(German) Burmese
birmanisch(German) Burmese
Birmano(Spanish m.) Burmese
birmano(Spanish) Burmese
Birnbaum(German m.) pear-tree
Birnbaumholz(German n.) pear wood
Birne (s.), Birnen (pl.)(German f.) pear (Pyrus cummunis)
(German f.) (light) bulb, bonce (colloquial: head), pate (head), dome (colloquial: head), nut (colloquial: head)
(German f., occasionally birn) or Fass, that part of the clarinet, basset-horn, etc. below the mouthpiece (German: Mundstück) and above the upper joint (German: Oberstück), barrel socket (in a wind instrument) barilotto (Italian m.), Wulst (German m.), barillet (French m.), baril (French f.), barrilete (Spanish m.)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Birnenbaum(German m.) pear tree
birnenförmig(German) pear-shaped, piriform, pyriform
Birnengeist(German m.) pear brandy
Birnenmost(German m.) perry
Birnenpo(German m.) pear-shaped bottom
Birnensaft(German m.) pear juice
Birnenschnaps(German m.) pear brandy
Birnenzeiger(German m.) spade hands
Birnmost(German m. - Austria) perry
Birra(Italian f.) beer
Birreria(Italian f.) beer-house, brewery
BIRSabbreviation of 'British Insitute of Recorded Sound'
Birthday ParadoxGeburtstagsparadox (German n.), a counterintuitive result in statistics and probability. It is commonly expressed as: "In a group of 60 people, it is almost certain (99.2%) that two have the same birthday." This may seem counterintuitive, because we tend to erroneously interpret such a situation as comprising 60 "probability trials". In fact, there are 1770 "trials" in this situation, representing all possible pairs of individuals
Birth pangany of the repetitive spasms of pain associated with labour (although the term can also be used figuratively)
Bis(Latin) twice (denoting a repetition of a melody, a relevent action or a passage over which it is placed)
(French, Dutch, from the Latin, meaning 'twice') repeat, again
(French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, from the Latin, meaning 'twice') encore, play again!
bis(German) until, as far as, to, up to, till, by (a certain date), before, til (abbreviation: until) (colloquial)
bis.abbreviation of 'bissextile'
bis (m.), bise (f.)(French) greyish brown (colour)
Bisabuelo (m.), Bisabuela (f.)(Spanish) great-grandfather, great-grandmother
Bisabuelos(Spanish m. pl.) great-grandparents
Bisaccia(Italian f.) haversack
Bisagra(Spanish f.) hinge
Bisam(German m.) musk, muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), musquash (pelt)
Bisamratte (s.), Bisamrüssler (pl.)(German f.) muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), musquash
bis an den Boden hinab reichen(German) to reach down to the bottom
bis an die Grenze gehen(German) to push the envelope
bis an die Grenzen des Möglichen(German) to the hilt
bis an die Ohren erröten(German) to colour up to one's ears
bis an die Zähne bewaffnet(German) armed to the teeth
bis an eine gewisse Grenze(German) up to a certain point
bis anhero(German) up to now
bis an mein seliges Ende(German) until the day I die
bis an sein Lebensende(German) to one's dying day, till one's dying day, until one's dying day
bis anher(German) up to now
bis anhin(German) up until now
bis ans Knie hinunter reichen(German) to reach down to the knee
bisar(Spanish) to call for an encore, to call out 'encore'
bis auf(German) down to, to, except, except for, up to, save for (except), bar (except for)
bis auf das i-Tüpfelchen(German) right down to the last detail (figurative)
bis auf den Knochen(German) as far as the bone, to the bone
bis auf den letzten Mann(German) to a man
bis auf den letzten Platz besetzt(German) filled to capacity
bis auf den letzten Tropfen(German) to the last drop
bis auf den Millimeter genau(German) correct to a millimetre
bis auf den Namen(German) in all but name
bis auf die Grundmauern niedergebrannt(German) burnt down to the ground, burned down to the ground
bis auf die Haut durchnässt(German) soaked to the skin
bis auf eine Ausnahme(German) with one exception
Bis auf eine waren alle ... ...(German) All but one of the ... were ...
bis aufs Äußerste(German) to the bitter end
bis auf weiteres(German) bis auf Weiteres, until further notice, for the time being, pending further notice
bis auf Widerruf(German) subject to withdrawal, until cancelled, until recalled
bis bald(German) bye for now
Bis bald!(German) See you soon!
Bisbetica(Italian f.) shrew
bisbetico(Italian) badtempered
bisbigliando (arpa)(Italian, literally 'whispering') a soft tremolo performed on a harp by lightly moving fingers rapidly back and forth across the strings
bisbigliare(Italian) to whisper, to murmur
bisbigliato(Italian) whispered, murmured
bisbigliato (arpa)(Italian) a special tremolo effect on the harp where a chord or note is repeated rapidly at a low volume, tremolo (Harfe) (German), trémolo (harpe) (French)
bisbiglio(Italian m.) whisper, murmur
bisbisear(Spanish) to whisper
Bisbiseo(Spanish m.) whisper, whispering
Bisc.abbreviation of 'Biscayan'
Bisca(Italian f.) gambling-house
biscantare(Italian) to sing often, to sing and sing again
biscantarellare(Italian) to sing often, to sing and sing again
Biscano(Italian m.) a duet where two are singing
Bischero (s.), Bischeri (pl.)(Italian m.) tuning peg(s) or pin(s) on a stringed instrument, pirolo (Italian m.), pirolo caviglia (Italian m.), Wirbel (German m.), cheville (French f.), clavija (Spanish f.)
Bischkek(German n.) Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan in the north-central part of the country on the Chu River west-southwest of Almaty, Kazakhstan, formerly known as Frunze 1926-1991)
Bischof (s.), Bischöfin (f.), Bischöfe (pl.)(German) bishop
bischöflich(German) episcopal, episcopally, episcopalian
Bischöfliche Methodistenkirche(German f.) Methodist Episcopal Church
bischöflicher Stuhl(German m.) episcopal see (domain of authority of a bishop)
Bischofsamt(German n.) office of bishop, bishopric (function), episcopal office
Bischofshut(German m.) bishop's mitre
Bischofskonferenz(German f.) episcopal conference, conference of bishops
Bischofsmütze(German f.) mitre
Bischofspalast(German m.) episcopal palace
Bischofspfalz(German f.) bishop's castle
Bischofsring(German m.) bishop's ring
Bischofsrobe(German f.) chimere
Bischofssitz(German m.) episcopal see, seat of a bishop, bishop's see, diocesan town, see
Bischofsstab(German m.) crook, pastoral staff, crosier
Bischofsstuhl(German m.) episcopal throne
Bischofssynode(German f.) episcopal synod, synod of bishops
Bischofsvikar(German m.) episcopal vicar
Bischofswahl(German f.) episcopal election
Bischofsweihe(German f.) episcopal consecration
Bischofswürde(German f.) episcopal dignity
Biscia(Italian f.) snake
biscornu(French) crooked, weird
Biscotto (s.), Biscotti (pl.)(Italian m.) biscuit
demisemiquaver(Italian f.) a demisemiquaver (thirty-second note), a note one thirty-second the time value of a whole note or semibreve, triple croche (French), Zweiunddreißigstelnote (German), triple croche (French f.)
when placed under a succession of notes of greater value, the term denotes that they are to be divided into demisemiquavers (thirty-second notes)
demisemiquaver(French f.) a demisemiquaver (thirty-second note), a note one thirty-second the time value of a whole note or semibreve, triple croche (French), Zweiunddreißigstelnote (German), biscroma (Italian)
bis dahin(German) until then, till then, by then, up to there, heretofore (up until that time), before then, in the meantime
bis dann(German) by then
bis dass(German) until
bis dass der Tod uns scheidet(German) till death do us part
bis dato(German) to date, hitherto
Bisdiapason(Greek, Latin) or disdiapason, a double octave, or fifteenth, a compass of two octaves
bis dorthin(German) as far as there
... bis dorthinaus(German) ... as anything (colloquial)
Bise(French f.) kiss
(French f.) north wind (specifically a cold dry north wind prevalent in Switzerland and neighbouring districts)
Biseau(French m.) block, aperture
(French m.) a stopper of an organ pipe, to make the tone sharper or flatter
bis eben(German) up to now, up until now
bis einschließlich(German) up to and including
bisemanal(Spanish) twice-weekly
bis Ende des Monats(German) by the end of this month
bis Ende Juni(German) by the end of June
Bisernicasee prim
Bisexualität(German f.) bisexuality, ambisexuality
bisexuell(German) bisexual, hermaphroditic, ambisexual
bis Freitag(German) by Friday
bis fünf Jahre abgelaufen(German) up to five years out of date
bis gegen 10 Uhr(German) until about 10 o'clock, by about 10 o'clock
Bish.abbreviation of 'bishop'
bisher(German) up to now, hitherto (literary), so far, yet, until now, heretofore, to date, as yet
bisherig(German) so far, up to now, up till now, up until now, previous (prior), present, outgoing (prime minister)
bisherige Arbeitgeber(German pl.) previous employers
bisherige Erfahrungen(German pl.) previous experiences, experiences so far
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
bisherige Erkenntnisse(German pl.) preliminary findings
bisherige Reglung(German f.) previous arrangement
bisheriger Höchststand(German m.) all-time high
bisheriger Höchstwert(German m.) highest level to date
bisher kaum bekannt(German) hitherto hardly known
bisher nicht notiert(German) not previously listed
bisher nicht schlecht(German) so far, so good
bisher (noch) nicht(German) not (as) yet
bisher unveröffentlicht(German) previously undisclosed
bis heute(German) to date, till this day, down to the present day, until today, up to today, to this day
bis hierhin(German) up to here, up to this point
bis hierher und nicht weiter(German) so far and no further
bis hinunter zu(German) down to
bis hinunter zum(German) down to
bis hinunter zur(German) down to
bis hin zu(German) right up to
bis hin zur Gegenwart(German) up to the present day
Bishopthe highest order of minister in the church, with the power to confer holy Orders and administer the rite of Confirmation; consecrated to rule a particular diocese or see
BishurMongolian shawm
bisiesto(Spanish) leap
Bisillo(Spanish) duplet
bis in(German) till
bis in alle Ewigkeit(German) for all eternity, to to all eternity
Bisinia(Latin) a term meaning that the notes played by one hand, are to be regularly repeated by the other
bis in den Tod(German) till death
bis in die Frühe dauern(German) to go on till the early hours
bis in die mittleren bis späten 20er Lebensjahre(German) until the mid to late 20s
bis in die Nacht hinein arbeiten(German) to work late hours
bis in die Puppen(German) until the small hours (of the morning)
bis in die Puppen aufbleiben(German) to stay up till all hours
bis in die Puppen feiern(German) to celebrate into the small hours (of the morning)
bis in die Puppen pennen(German) to sleep till all hours
bis in die Puppen schlafen(German) to sleep till all hours
bis ins Aschgraue(German) ad nauseam
bis ins Detail(German) in every detail
bis ins einzelne(German) elaborately
bis ins Feinste konstruiert(German) finely wrought
bis ins Herz(German) to the core
bis ins kleinste Detail(German) in the minutest detail, right down to the last detail
bis ins Mark(German) to the core
bis ins Mark getroffen sein(German) to be touched to the quick (figurative)
bis ins Tal hinab(German) as far down as the valley
bis jetzt(German) until now, as yet, till now, up to now, heretofore (formal), by now, hitherto (literary), so far, up to the present, up until now, thus far
bis jetzt ist nichts getan worden(German) as yet nothing has been done
Biskotte(German f.) ladyfinger (a light and delicate sponge cake that is shaped somewhat like a large, fat finger)
Biskra scalean Arabic scale consisting of D, F, F# and G#. Thus, it contains a minor third (D-F), a major third (D-F#) and an augmented fourth or tritone (D-G#). It is part of the Bartokian melodic style (for example, the first movement of his Music for Strings, Percussions and Celesta)
Biskuit(German m./n.) (fatless) sponge, biscuit, sponge cake
Biskuitkuchen(German m.) sponge cake
Biskuitporzellan(German n.) biscuit china
Biskuitrolle(German f.) Swiss roll (cake)
Biskuitrolle mit Marmelade(German f.) jam roll
Biskuitroulade(German f.) Swiss roll
Biskuitteig (s.), Biskuitteige (pl.)(German m.) sponge mixture (cooking)
[corrected by Michael Zapf]
Biskuittorte(German f.) sponge cake
bislacco(Italian) peculiar
bislang(German) up to now, so far, as yet, yet, thus far, hitherto (literary), heretofore, until now
bis London durchbuchen(German) to book through to London
Bismarck-Archipel(German m.) Bismarck Archipelago
Bismarck Archipelagoa group of islands off the northeastern coast of New Guinea in the western Pacific Ocean and part of Papua New Guinea
Bismarck Seaan arm of the South Pacific to the southwest of the Bismarck Archipelago
Bismarcksee(German f.) Bismarck Sea
bis mittags(German) up to midday
bis Montag(German) by Monday
bis morgen(German) by tomorrow
bis morgen!(German) see you tomorrow
Bismut(German n.) bismuth
Bismutha white, crystalline, brittle, highly diamagnetic metallic element used in alloys to form sharp castings for objects
bis nach ...(German) until after ...
bis nachher(German) till then
Bis nächste Woche!(German) See you next week!
Bisnieto (m.), Bisnieta (f.)(Spanish) great-grandson, great-granddaughter
Bisnietos(Spanish m. pl.) great-grandchildren
Bisnonno (m.), Bisnonna (f.)(Italian) great-gransfather, great-grandmother
bisogna(Italian) is necessary, must
Bisogno(Italian m.) need, poverty
bisognoso(Italian) needy, poor
bisognoso di(Italian) in need of
Bison (s.), Bisons (pl.)(English, German m.) (American) bison (Bison bison)
Bisonoricin German, wechseltónig, a term applied to a free-reed instrument that presents two different notes on press and draw
[entry clarified by Michael Zapf]
Bisoprolol(English, German n.) drug belonging to the group of beta blockers, a class of drugs used primarily in cardiovascular diseases
Bisou(French m.) kiss
Bisqueas applied to pottery, the term 'bisque' is not a French word but an abbreviation of 'biscuit' or 'biscuitware', pottery fired once without a glaze
(French) a thick shellfish soup
bis rauf zu(German) all the way up to
Biß(German m., older spelling) bite, nip, occlusion, bit (end of pipe mouthpiece held between teeth), sting (wasp, etc.)
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
Biss(German m., current spelling) bite, nip, occlusion, bit (end of pipe mouthpiece held between teeth), sting (wasp, etc.)
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
Bisschen(German n.) small bite
bisschen(German) whit, shred, a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
bißchen, ein(German, older spelling) a bit, a little
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bisschen, ein(German, current spelling) a bit, a little
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bißchen, kein(German, older spelling) not a bit
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bisschen, kein(German, current spelling) not a bit
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
Bissen(German m.) bite, morsel, bit, mouthful
bisser(French) to call out 'encore'
Bisseratwo flutes joined together, a double flute stop in organs, made of pewter and of four foot register
bisserl(German - Southern Germany, Austria) a little
Bissex(Latin, literally 'twice six') a guitar-like instrument with twelve strings, invented in about 1770
bissfest(German) firm to the bite
Biss haben(German) to have punch
bis sie platziert sind(German) until they have been placed
bis sieben(German) up to seven
bissig(German) vicious, ratty (colloquial), snappily, snappy (colloquial), bitchy (colloquial) (remark), snappish (also figurative), cutting (remark), caustically (figurative), acrimonious (person, words), cuttingly (figurative), barbed (figurative), trenchant (figurative), waspish (figurative), waspishly (figurative), caustic (figurative)
bissige Anmerkung(German f.) vicious remark
bissige Kritik(German f.) vicious criticism
bissiger(German) edgier, rattier (colloquial)
bissiger Humor(German m.) acute sense of humour, scathing humour
bissiger Hund(German m.) vicious dog, savage dog
bissiges Gesicht(German n.) grim visage
Bissigkeit(German f.) mordancy, rattiness, bitchiness, snappishness
bissigste(German) edgiest, rattiest (colloquial)
bis spät in die Nacht hinein arbeiten(German) to burn the midnight oil
bis spätestens(German) by no later than
bis spätestens 10. April(German) by the 10th of April at the latest
bis spätestens Ende dieser Woche(German) by the end of this week
bis spätestens nächste Woche(German) by next week
bis spätestens Sonntag(German) by Sunday at the latest
bis spät in die Nacht hinein(German) until late at night
Bissspuren(German pl.) bite marks
Bisswunde(German f.) bite wound, bite injury
Bißwunde(German f., old form) bite injury
biss zusammen(German) clenched
bist(German) are, art (archaic)
bisticciare(Italian) to quarrel
Bisticcio(Italian m.) quarrel, pun
bis tief in die Nacht(German) deep into the night
bis tief in die Nacht hinein(German) till late at night
Bistouri(English, German n.) a long, narrow surgical knife for minor incisions
Bistre(French) pigment prepared from soot which is used often for monochrome water-colour painting
bistre(French) dark brown (colour)
Bistro(English, German n., French m.) café, bar, a wine-shop, a public house
Bistum (s.), Bistümer (pl.)(German n.) diocese, see (of a bishop), bishopric (diocese)
Bistumsblatt(German n.) diocesan newspaper
Bistumsverweser(German m.) diocesan administrator
Bistum Würzburg(German n.) Bishopric of Würzburg
Bisturi(Italian m., Spanish m.) scalpel
bis über beide Ohren drinstecken(German) to be in over one's head
bis über beide Ohren grinsen(German) to grin like a Cheshire cat, to grin from ear to ear
bis über beide Ohren in ... stecken(German) to be up to one's eyeballs in ... (figurative), to be up to one's eyebrows in ... (figurative)
bis über den Kopf(German) above one's head, up to one's neck (figurative)
bis über die Ohren in Arbeit sein(German) to be up to one's ears in work
Bis unca(Latin) a semiquaver, a sixteenth note
Bisuteria(Spanish f.) imitation jewellery, costume jewellery
bis vor kurzem(German) till recently, until lately, (up) until not so long ago, until of late, until shortly, until some time ago, until recently, up to recently
bis Weihnachten(German) by Christmas
bisweilen(German) occasionally, now and then, at times, from time to time, sometimes
bis weit in(German) until well into
bis wir uns wiedersehen(German) until we meet again
bis zu(German) till, as far as, up to, as low as, as deep as, pending
bis zu dem Punkt(German) to the point where
bis zu dem Zeitpunkt(German) until such time as
bis zu den Knien hinaufreichen(German) to reach up to the knees
bis zu den Knien im Dreck stecken(German) to be up to one's knees in mud
bis zu den Knien im Wasser stehen(German) to be up to one's knees in water
bis zu den Ohren erröten(German) to blush right up to the ears, to blush to the roots of one's hair
bis zu den Ohren in Schulden(German) up to your ears in debt
bis zu den Zähnen bewaffnet(German) armed to the teeth
bis zu deren Ankunft(German) until their arrival
bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt(German) by then, up to that point (in time)
bis zu drei Bücher ausleihen(German) to borrow up to three books
bis zu einem bestimmten Betrag(German) to a predetermined limit
bis zu einem bestimmten Tag verkaufen(German) to sell by a specific date
bis zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt(German) up to a specific date
bis zu einem Betrag von(German) up to a figure of
bis zu einem festgesetzten Zeitpunkt(German) up to a fixed date
bis zu einem gewissen Grad(German) to a certain degree, (up) to a certain extent, up to a (certain) point, to some degree
bis zu einem gewissen Grade(German) to some extent
bis zu einem gewissen Punkt(German) up to a (certain) point
bis zu einem Wert von(German) up to a value of
bis zu einem Zinssatz von(German) up to a level of
bis zu einer Tiefe von ...(German) as low as ..., as deep as ...
bis zuletzt(German) until last, to the last
bis zum Abwinken(German) ad nauseam
bis zum Akzept(German) pending acceptance
bis zum angegebenen Tag(German) until the date specified
bis zum Äußersten(German) to the utmost
bis zum Äußersten treiben(German) to carry to extremes, to carry to the limit
bis zum Bersten gefüllt(German) full to bursting, filled to the bursting point
bis zum Bersten gefüllt sein(German) to be bulging at the seams (colloquial), bursting at the seams (colloquial)
bis zum bitteren Ende(German) to the bitter end
bis zum bitteren Ende verteidigen(German) to defend to the death
bis zum Einbruch der Dunkelheit(German) until dark
bis zum Ende(German) as far as the end, to the end, down-the-line
bis zum Ende bleiben(German) to sit out, to sit something out
bis zum Ende des Jahrhunderts(German) by the end of this century
bis zum Ende des Tages(German) by the end of the day
bis zum Erbrechen(German) ad nauseam
bis zum Erfolg durchführen(German) to carry through
bis zum festgelegten Termin(German) by the time stipulated
bis zum gänzlich Aufhören(German) until completely ceased (sound)
bis zum Geht-nicht-mehr(German) ad nauseam
bis zum heutigen Tag(German) down to the present day, up to date, to this day
bis zum jüngsten Tag(German) until doomsday, till doomsday (colloquial)
bis zum letzten Atemzug(German) to the last breath
bis zum letzten Mann(German) to the last (man)
bis zum letzten Moment(German) to the last moment
bis zum Monatsende(German) by the end of the month
bis zum nächsten Geschäftstag(German) until the following business day
bis zum Nichts(German) to nothing, al niente (Italian), hasta la nada (Spanish)
a diminuendo that fades through pianississimo until nothing is heard
see smorzando
bis zum Rand gefüllt(German) loaded to the gunwales
bis zum Rande füllen(German) to brim
bis zum Rande voll(German) brimful
bis zum Sankt Nimmerleinstag(German) until the cows come home
bis zum Schluss(German) until the end
bis zum Tode(German) to the death
bis zum Tor(German) as far as the gate
bis zum Überdruß(German, older spelling) ad nauseam
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bis zum Überdruss(German, current spelling) ad nauseam
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
bis zum Wahnsinn lieben(German) to love to distraction
bis zum Weißbluten zahlen müssen(German) to be bled white
bis zum Zeitpunkt der Verladung(German) up to the time of loading
bis zur Auslieferung(German) pending delivery
bis zur Begleichung(German) pending settlement
bis zur Grenze(German) up to the border
bis zur Grenze der Belastbarkeit(German) to breaking point
bis zur letzten Minute(German) down to the wire (US)
bis zur Lieferung(German) pending delivery
bis zur Stunde(German) as yet
bis zur Unhörbarkeit abnehmen(German) to decrease to inaudibility
[corrected by Nicholas Carthy]
bis zur Unkenntlichkeit verändert(German) changed out of recognition
bis zur Zahlung(German) pending payment
Bit (s.), Bits (pl.)(English, German n.) in computing, a binary digit, taking a value of either 0 or 1. The binary number 101 is three bits long, which is equivalent to the number 5 in the decimal system
Bit (s.), Bits (pl.)(English, German m.) small part (of something larger)
Bitewinga dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography
Bitheismbelief in the existence of two gods
Bitheismus(German m.) bitheism
Bitmap(English, German f.) an image arranged accordingly to bit location in columns. Resolution of a PostScript file processed through a RIP will have a bitmap image with the characteristics and resolution of the particular output device (for example, laser printer at 300 up to 1200 dpi - dots per inch, imagesetters at 1270 up to 5080 dpi)
Bitmap-Bild(German n.) bitmap image
Bitonal(English, German) a piece of music exhibiting the characteristics of bitonality is said to be 'bitonal'
bitonaler Husten(German m.) bitonal cough
Bitonalitywhere two keys are used simultaneously, originating from the use of modes, common in pre-baroque, folk-style and more modern works
Bitonalität(German f.) bitonality
Bitonaliteit(Dutch) bitonality
Bitorzolo(Italian m.) lump
Bitpop(English, German m.) a type of electronic music, where at least part of the music is made using old 8-bit computers or game consoles
Bit ratethe average number of bits that one second of audio data will consume. Standard MP3 bit rates are 64kbps (kilobits per second), 96kbps, 128kbps, and 160kbps. The higher the bit rate, the better the sound quality
Bits je Sekunde(German pl.) bits per second
Bits je Zoll(German pl.) bits per inch
Bits per inchor bpi, a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium. A bit is the smallest unit of information on a computer
Bits per secondor bps, a measurement of the speed at which data is sent over transmission lines. A bit is the smallest unit of information on a computer
Bits pro Sekunde(German) bits per second
Bits pro Zoll(German) bits per inch
Bittbrief(German m.) letter of request
Bitte (s.), Bitten (pl.)(German f.) request, petition, please, plea, adjuration, appeal, entreaty, solicitation, pleadings (plural form)
bitte(German) please, come in, don't mention it, you're welcome, sure (US) (colloquial), prithee (archaic)
Bitte!(German) Please! You are welcome!
bitten(German) to request, to plead, to ask, to adjure, to beg, to bid, to entreat, to invite
bittend(German) appellative, begging, appealing, appellatively, petitionary, appealingly, asking, entreating, entreatingly, pleading, pleadingly
bitten eingetragen zu werden(German) to ask to be entered
bitten gehen zu dürfen(German) to ask to be allowed to go
bitten heimzukommen(German) to ask to come home
bitte nimm Kontakt auf(German) please contact
bitten mitgenommen zu werden(German) to ask for a lift
bitten um(German) to beg for, to ask for, to approach for
bitten wegen(German) to approach on
bitten zu gehen(German) to ask to go
bitten zurückzugeben(German) to ask to give back
Bitter(English, German n.) a British term for a style of beer or pale ale. The expression first appeared in the UK in the early 19th century as part of the development and spread of pale ale
bitter(German) acrimoniously, bitter, bitterly, acerbic, acrid, rancorous, sardonic, severe, acrimonious, abject, sour (figurative)
bitterböse(German) very angry
bittere Armut(German f.) abject poverty
bittere Arznei(German f.) bitter pill
bittere Bemerkung(German f.) acrimonious expression
bittere Enttäuschung(German f.) keen disappointment
bittere Erfahrung(German f.) bitter experience, bitter lesson of experience
bittere Kälte(German f.) heavy cold, severe cold, bitter cold
bittere Lektion(German f.) bitter lesson of experience
bittere Mandel (s.), bittere Mandeln (pl.)(German f.) bitter almond
bittere Not (s.), bittere Nöte (pl.)(German f.) destitution
bitter enttäuscht(German) bitterly disappointed, desperately disappointed
bittere Pille(German f.) bitter pill
bittere Rache(German f.) bitter vengeance
bitterer Geschmack(German m.) acrid taste, bitter taste, bitterness
bitterer Verlust(German m.) grievous loss
bitterer Wettstreit(German m.) bitter competition
bitteres Bier(German n.) bitter beer
bittere Schokolade(German f.) bitter chocolate
bitteres Ende(German n.) bitter end
bittere Seufzer(German pl.) bitter sobs
bitteres Gefühl(German n.) acrimonious feeling
bitteres Lächeln(German n.) bitter smile
bitteres Schicksal(German n.) bitter fate, hard fate
bittere Tränen weinen(German) to shed bitter tears, to weep bitterly
bittere Trauer(German f.) poignant grief
bittere Wahrheit(German f.) bitter truth
Bittere Wicke(German f.) bitter vetch (also referred to as the health pea, is a type of grain legume originating from the Mediterranean)
Bitterfelder Weg(German m.) programme to develop a socialist culture in the former German Democractic Republic (East Germany)
bitterkalt(German) bitterly cold, bitingly cold, bitter (weather, wind)
bitter kalt(German) biting cold
Bitterkeit(German f.) bitterness, acrimony, grievousness, sourness
Bitterlemon(German n.) bitter lemon
Bitter Lemon(English, German n.) a carbonated soft drink flavoured with quinine and lemon
bitterlich(German) slightly bitter, bitterish, bitterly
bitterlich weinen(German) to weep bitterly
Bittermandel(German f.) bitter almond
Bittermandelgeschmack(German m.) bitter almond taste
Bittermandelöl(German n.) bitter almond oil
Bittermittel(German pl.) bitters
Bitternis(German f.) bitterness
Bitterorange(German f.) bitter orange
Bitterorangenöl(German n.) bitter orange oil
Bitterorangenschale(German f.) bitter orange peel
Bittersalz(German n.) acrid salts, Epsom salts
Bitterschokolade(German f.) bitter chocolate
Bitterstoff (s.), Bitterstoffe (pl.)(German m.) bitter-tasting compound, bitters (plural form)
bittersüß(German) bittersweet, bittersweetly
bittersüßer Geschmack(German m.) bitter-sweet taste
Bitte sagen(German) to say please
Bitteschön(German n.) please
bitteschön(German) you're welcome (colloquial)
bitte sehr(German) please
bittet(German) asks for, begs
bittet dringend(German) solicits
bittet inständig(German) solicits
Bitte um Auskunft(German f.) request for information
Bitte um ein Angebot(German f.) request for quotation
Bitte um eine Erklärung(German f.) request for statement
Bitte um Gerechtigkeit(German f.) plea for justice
Bitte um Gnade(German f.) appeal for clemency, plea for mercy
Bitte um Gottes Segen!(German) Benedicite!
Bitte um Hilfe(German f.) appeal for help
Bitte um Ruhe(German f.) appeal for calm
Bitte um Überprüfung(German f.) request for an examination
Bitte um Zeugenaussagen(German f.) appeal for witnesses
bitte wenden(German) please turn over
Bitte zu Tisch(German) Dinner is served.
Bittgebet(German n.) invocation, prayer of petition
Bittgesuch (s.), Bittgesuche (pl.)(German n.) petition, supplication
Bittprozession(German f.) suplicatory procession
Bittschrift(German f.) petition, petitionary letter
Bittsteller (s./pl.)(German m.) petitioner, applicant, appellant, solicitant, suer, suitor, supplicant, pleader, postulant
Bittstellerei(German f.) suppliance
Bitumen(German n.) bitumen
Bitumenanstrich(German m.) bitumen coating, bituminous coat
Bitumenbahn(German f.) bituminous sheeting
Bitumenpapier(German n.) bitumen paper
Bitumenpappe(German f.) bituminized felt, bituminous felt
bitumenreich(German) bituminous
Bitumenschweißbahn(German f.) asphalt sheeting
bituminieren(German) to bituminise
bituminös(German) bituminous
bivariat(German) bivariate
Bivariateinvolving two variables, especially, when attempting to show a correlation between two variables, the analysis is said to be bivariate
BiV-Brille(German f.) low-light goggles, image intensification goggles
Bivio(Italian m.) crossroad, crossroads, fork (in the road)
Bivoquesee quadrivoque
Bivouac(French, from Swiss-German) an open-air encampment
bivouac(French, from Swiss-German) to set up an open-air encampment
Biwaa short-necked Japanese lute, used in the seventh century in gagaku, with a cranked neck. It developed from the Chinese pipa and is played with an oversized plectrum called a bachi. The number of frets varies from 4 to 6 and the number of strings vary from 3 to 5, although there are usually 4
Biwagaku(Japanese) music played on the biwa
Biwa hoshi(Japanese, literally 'lute priests') travelling performers of the biwa, one of the most famous, the legendary Hoichi, the subject of 'The Story of Earless Hoichi'
Biwak (s.), Biwaks (pl.)(German m.) bivouac
biwakieren(German) to bivouac
biwakierend(German) bivouacking
biwakierte(German) bivouacked
Biwaksack(German m.) bivouac sack
Bi-Xenonscheinwerfer(German pl.) bi-xenon headlamps
Bizshorthand for 'business' or 'the business', that is show business
bizarr(German) bizarre, bizarrely, quaint, weird, pythonesque (a reference to Monty Python)
bizarre(French) odd, peculiar, eccentric, extravagant, grotesque (said of something that is noted more for its oddity than for its beauty)
bizarrement(French) oddly
bizarrer(German) more bizarre
Bizarrerie(English, German f., from French f.) peculiarity, oddity, grotesqueness, eccentricity, bizarreness
Bizarrheit(German f.) bizarreness
Bizarria(Italian) a species of fantasie
bizarrste(German) most bizarre, bizarrest
bizco(Spanish) cross-eyed
Bizcocho(Spanish m.) sponge (cake)
bizentrisch(German) bicentric
Bizeps (s.), Bizepse (pl.)(German m.) biceps
Bizone(English, German f.) British and US zones of occuptation after World War II
bizquear(Spanish) to squint
bizyklisch(German) bicyclic
Bizza(Italian f.) tantrum
bizzarramente(Italian) fantistically, oddly, bizarrely, whimsically, strangely
Bizzarria(Italian f.) oddity, whim, extravagance, eccentricity
(Italian f.) written in an irregular and fantastic style
(Italian f.) the term may be applied to a sudden, unprepared transition or modulation
bizzarro (m.), bizzarra (f.)(Italian) fantastical, bizarre, whimsical