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Dafter Otto Erich Deutsch (1883-1967), the cataloguer of music by Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828)
after Minos Dounias, the cataloguer of music by Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
D, d
note D
(English, German n.) the second note (or supertonic) in the musical scale of C major: in 'fixed do' solfeggio the note called ray, re (Italian) or (French)
Din music theory, designating the triad of D-major
dabbreviation of 'day', 'deci' (literally, 'one tenth', as in 'decibel' i.e. one tenth of a 'bel'), 'diameter', 'doh' (in Tonic sol-fa), 'died'
din music theory, designating the triad of d-minor
D.abbreviation of da (as in da capo), dal (as in dal segno), 'December', 'demy' (a paper size), Destra (Italian: right), Deus (Latin: God), 'Director', Diretto (Italian: slow train), doctor, dogana (Italian: customs), Dom (monastic title), Dominus (Latin: God, Christ), Don (Spanish title), douane (French: customs), Dutch, Droite (French: right)
d.abbreviation of 'date', 'day', 'dead', 'deceased', 'degree', 'density', 'depth', destro (Italian: right), 'diameter', 'died', 'distance', droite (French: right), denarius (Latin: a penny - an old unit of currency in pre-decimal UK), denarii (Latin: pence - plural of penny)
d'(French) of
shortened form of de when placed before a vowel
DAabbreviation of 'Doctor of Arts'
Da ...(German) What with ..., See that ...
da(Italian) of, from, by, about, for, to, at, through, since, with, as, like
(German) yet, inasmuch as, whereas, for (because), because, there, here, then, in that case, as, since, seeing as, seeing that
Daak(German m. - Northern Germany) fog
DABabbreviation of 'Dictionary of American Biography'
DabachiJapanese temple bell
da ballo(Italian) in dance style, specifically 'light and spirited'
dabbasso(Italian) downstairs
dabbene(Italian) honest
Dabbuda(Italian) psaltery
dabehalten(German) to keep there
dabei(German) nearby, with it, included, about it, during this, at the same time, and yet, thereby, in doing so, in the course of this, in the process, withal (archaic), at that (point), near by
dabeibleiben(German) to stay with, to stick to ...
dabei bleiben(German) to remain adamant (figurative)
dabeibleibend(German) staying with
dabeigeblieben(German) stayed with
dabeigewesen(German, dated) been present
dabei gewesen(German) been present
dabeihaben(German) to carry (to have with oneself)
Dabei hat er eine glückliche Hand gehabt.(German) He intuitively made the right decision.
Dabei kann ich mich nicht recht entfalten.(German) It cramps my style.
dabeisein(German, dated) to be present, to be involved, to be game
dabei sein(German) to be present, to be game, to be involved
dabeisitzen(German) to sit there
dabeistehen(German, dated) to stand by
dabei stehen(German) to stand by
Da bin ich überfragt(German) You've got me there! You've got me stumped. (colloquial)
Da bis du also!(German) There you are!
Dabkehalso dabkah, dabke or debke, an Arab line dance
dableiben(German) to stay there, to stay on, to stick around (colloquial)
Dabofrom China, a pair of cymbals, sounded by striking togethe or by striking the rim with a beater
  • Dabo from which this extract has been taken
d'abord(French) first, at first
da camera(Italian) for or of the chamber
da capo(Italian, literally 'from the head') from the beginning, depuis le commencement (French), von Anfang (German)
da capo
see da capo aria
da capo al fine(Italian) return to the beginning and end at the point marked by the word fine
da capo al fine
da capo al segno(Italian) return to the beginning and end at the point marked with a sign
da capo al segno, poi [segue] la coda(Italian) return to the beginning and end at the point marked with a sign, then go straight to the coda
da capo ariaa lyric song in ternary or A (the theme) - B (a more tranquil, richly harmonised second section) - A (a repeat or da capo of the original theme often decorated) form commonly found in operas, cantatas and oratorios
Da-capo-Arie(German f.) da capo aria
da capo dal segno(Italian) repeat from the sign
da capo, e poi la coda(Italian) begin again, and then play the coda
da capo senza replica(Italian) return to the beginning and then play without repeats
da capo senza ripetizione(Italian) return to the beginning and then play without repeats
da capo senza ripetizione, e poi la coda(Italian) return to the beginning and then play without repeats, finally proceeding to the coda
da capo sin' al fine(Italian) return to the beginning and conclude where the word fine is placed
da capo sin' al segno(Italian) return to the beginning and conclude where the sign is placed
da cappella(Italian, literally 'of or for the church') a term used in German music of the eighteenth century, to imply a work in the older stile antico, with imitative writing, and often marked 'alla breve', as, for example, several movements from Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer's 6 Concerti Armonici which were written between 1725 and 1740, and a number of masses from Vienna in the second half of the eighteenth century by Albrechtsberger, Tuma, Wagenseil, etc.
[entry prompted by Bonnie Jo Dopp]
daccapo(Italian) again, from the beginning
dacchè(Italian) since
d'accord(French) in tune (figurative), agreed, granted
d'accordo(Italian) in tune (figurative), agreed, granted
Dach (s.), Dächer (pl.)(German n.) roof (s.), rooves (plural form), housetop, vault, panoply (figurative)
(German n.) the table or belly of a stringed instrument's soundbox
(German n.) sound-board
Dacha(Russian) a country house or villa in Russia
Dachantenne(German f.) roof antenna, roof aerial
Dachaufsatz(German m.) clerestory
Dachausbau(German m.) loft conversion
Dachbalken(German m.) roof beam, beam of a roof, roof joist, truss
Dachbegrünung(German f.) roof greening, rooftop greening (a thin layer of vegetation installed on top of a flat or sloping roof)
Dachbelag(German m.) roof cladding
Dachboden(German m.) loft, attic, garret
Dachbodenantenne(German f.) loft antenna
Dachbodenisolierung(German f.) loft insulation
Dachbodenleiter(German f.) loft ladder
Dachdecken(German n.) (roof) tiling
Dachdecker (m.), Dachdeckerin (f.), Dachdecker (pl.)(German) roofer, slater, thatcher, roof tiler
Dachfenster(German n.) dormer, dormer window, attic window, skylight, roof window
Dachfirst(German m.) roof ridge, crest (top of a pitched roof)
Dachflächenfenster(German n.) skylight window, roof-top window
Dachform(German f.) roof shape
Dachgarten(German m.) roofgarden, roof garden, roof-top garden
Dachgaube(German f.) dormer (a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window)
Dachgebälk(German n.) roof beams
Dachgepäckträger(German m.) roof rack, roof-rack
Dachgeschoß(German n., old form) attic
Dachgeschoss(German n.) top floor, attic
Dachgeschosswohnung(German f.) attic flat
Dachgesellschaft(German f.) holding company, parent company
Dachgesims(German n.) eaves
Dachgleiche(German f.) topping out
Dachgleichenfeier(German f. - Austria) topping-out ceremony
Dachhohlraum(German m.) roof void
da chiesa(Italian) for the church
Dachisolation(German f.) roof insulation
Dachjuchhe(German n.) attic room
Dachjuhe(German n.) attic room
Dachkammer (s.), Dachkammern (pl.)(German f.) attic, garret, loft room, attic room
Dachlinie(German f.) roofline
dachlos(German) roofless
Dachlüfter(German m.) roof vent
Dachluke(German f.) skylight
Dachorganisation(German f.) parent organization, umbrella organisation
Dachpappe(German f.) roofing felt, roofing paper, bitumen felt, bituminous felt
Dachpfanne(German f.) pantile
Dachpolice(German f.) blanket insurance policy
Dachraum(German m.) attic
Dachrestaurant(German n.) rooftop restaurant
Dachrinne(German f.) gutter, roof gutter
Dachs (m.), Dächsin (f.), Dachse (pl.)(German) badger
Dachsbau (s.), Dachsbauten (pl.)(German m.) badger's sett, badger's earth
Dachschaden(German m.) mental injury
Dachschalung(German f.) timber roofing, roof boards
Dachschindeln(German pl.) shingles (roofing shingles)
Dachshaar(German n.) badger hair
Dachshaarpinsel(German m.) badger (hair) brush
Dachshund (s.), Dachshunde (German pl.)(English, German m.) basset, basset hound
Dachsparren (s./pl.)(German m.) rafter
Dachspeicher(German m.) loft
Dachstock(German m.) attic
Dachstroh(German n.) thatch
Dachstromabnehmer(German m.) pantograph
Dachstube (s.), Dachstuben (pl.)(German f.) attic, garret
Dachstuhl mit Stichbalken(German m.) hammer-beam roof
Dachstuhldurchstichbalken(German m.) hammer beam
Dachsvertreiber(German m.) badger blender (brush)
Dachswimmingpool(German m.) rooftop swimming pool
dachte(German) thought
dachte aus(German) devised
Dachte ich mir.(German) I thought so.
dachte nach(German) cogitated, deliberated
Dachterrasse(German f.) roofgarden, roof garden, roof terrace, deck
dachte vorher aus(German) preconceived
Dachtreppe(German f.) attic stairs, loft stairs
Dachverband(German m.) umbrella association, governing body, holding organization, umbrella organisation
Dachvertrag(German m.) blanket insurance
Dachvorsprung(German m.) eaves
Dachwohnung (s.), Dachwohnungen (pl.)(German f.) penthouse, attic apartment, attic flat
Dachzeile(German f.) teaser, kicker, subheadline
Dachziegel (s./pl.)(German m.) (roof) tile, roofing tile, (roof) tiles
Dachzimmer (s./pl.)(German n.) attic room, garret
Dacianof or pertaining to Dacia or the Dacians (a nation whose homeland lay on the north side of the lower Danube, and was roughly equivalent to modern Romania)
in medieval Latin, Dacian, related to Denmark or the Danes, a usage that was rare
Dackel (s./pl.)(German m.) dachshund, sausage dog (colloquial), silly clot (colloquial: person)
Dackelblick(German m.) innocent look
Dactilógrafo(Spanish m.) typist
Dactyla musical foot consisting of one long note or syllable, followed by two short
Dactylion(from the Latin dactylus, literally, a finger) a device invented by Henri Herz in 1835, consisting of ten rings fitted to a pianist's fingers and thumbs, each ring attached to springs, as a way of strengthening and training the digits
Dactylo(French f.) typist
Dactylographe(French f.) typist
Dactylo-graphie(French f.) typing
dactylographier(French) to type
Dactylographythe study of fingerprints as a method of identification
Dactylonomythe art of counting on the fingers
Dactyloscopythe examination of fingerprints as a method of identification
Dactylus(Latin) dactyl
Dada(French m.) hobby-horse
(German m.) abbreviation of Dadaismus (German m.: Dadaism)
see 'Dadaism'
Dadaikolarge Japanese barrel drum, usually around two metres in diameter
Dadaismaccording to its proponents, Dada was not art - it was anti-art. For everything that art stood for, Dada was to represent the opposite. Where art was concerned with aesthetics, Dada ignored aesthetics. If art was to have at least an implicit or latent message, Dada strove to have no meaning - interpretation of Dada is dependent entirely on the viewer. If art is to appeal to sensibilities, Dada is to offend. It is perhaps then ironic that Dada became an influential movement in modern art. Dada became a commentary on art and the world and thus became art itself. Not strictly a visual arts or literary movement, Dada influence reached into sound and music. Kurt Schwitters developed what he called 'sound poems' and composers such as Erwin Schulhoff, Hans Heusser and Albert Savinio wrote Dada music, while members of Les Six collaborated with Dada movement members and their pieces played at Dada gatherings
  • Dadaism from which this extract has been taken
Dadaismus(German m.) Dadaism
Dadaist(German m.) Dadaist
dadaistisch(German) Dadaistic
Dada-mamaa mnemonic for playing the sequence LLRR or RRLL on the side drum, where L indicates left stick and R the right stick
da dentro(Italian) from within
Dado(Italian m.) dice, (stock) cube
Dado(Spanish m.) dice
dado(Spanish) given, gone
dado que(Spanish) since, given that
Dados(Portuguese) data
Dadralight classical Indian song sung a dadra time cycle
in Indian music, a time cycle of six beats (3 + 3)
da draußen(German) out there
da drin(German) in there, inside it, inside them
da drinnen(German) in there
da droben(German) aloft there
da drüben(German) across there, over there
DadukBulgarian flute
Da du noch nicht fertig bist ...(German) As you are not ready ... Seeing that you are not ready ... Since you are not ready ...
dadurch(German) thereby, thus, as a result, through it, through them, by it, because of that
DAEabbreviation of 'Dictionary of American English'
Daechwita(Korean) processional military music
Daedalionin Greek mythology, a son of Hesperos and brother of Ceyx, who is described as cruel and warlike
Daedaluslegendary Greek craftsman who, at the command of Minos, King of Crete, designed and built the Labyrinth
Daegeum(Korean) a bamboo flute
Daegum(Korean) a large gong, slightly bigger than the jing
Daemon(Latin from the Greek) a demi-god or deified hero
Dae-piria Korean shawm
da eseguirsi(Italian) to be executed
Da es spät war ...(German) As it was late ...
d.a.f.abbreviation of 'described as follows'
Dafsee def
Da fällt die Auswahl schwer!(German) That's a tough choice!
Daffsee def
Daffare(Italian m.) work
Dafria very small Indian frame drum, usually only several centimetres in diameter. The frame is sometimes ornamental and the head is made from snake skin
Daftsilly, foolish, mad
Daft-dayssee 'festival of fools'
dafür(German) for it, for that reason, for that, for them, instead, but (on the other hand), therefore, therefor (archaic), in return
dafür aber(German) but on the other hand, although
dafür ausgelegt(German) designed to
dafür bekannt sein, dass(German) to have a reputation for
dafür da sein, um(German) to be supposed to
Dafür, dass ...(German) Considering (that) ...
dafür sein(German) to be for it, to be in favour of it
dafür sorgen(German) to make sure
dafür sorgen, dass ...(German) to see to it that ... to arrange it so that ...
Dagaa gyil(Ghana) a long xylophone, about 1.5 metres long, with seventeen keys, each with a corresponding gourd resonator, also known simply as gyil
dagegen(German) against it, again them, against that, against this, for it, by comparison, however, in contrast, by contrast, on the other hand
dagegenhalten(German) to put up some resitance, to argue
Dagegen ist keiner gefeit.(German) That could happen to anyone.
Dagegen ist nichts einzuwenden.(German) (Well that's) fair enough.
Dagegen lässt sich nichts einwenden.(German) There are no objections to it.
dagegen reden(German) to speak to the contrary
dagegen sein(German) to oppose, to disapprove
dagegen stimmen(German) to vote against, to dissent
Dagehusee gehu
dagesessen(German) sat there
dagestanden(German) stood there
Daggasee tabla
Daghestan(English, German n.) an autonomous republic of southwest Russia bordering on the Caspian Sea
dagli, dai, dal, dall', dalla, dalle, dallo(Italian) contractions of the preposition da and the masculine and feminine, singular and plural, forms of the definite article il, lo (m. s.), i, gli (m. pl.), la (f. s.) and le (f. pl.)
Dagularge Chinese drum
alternative spelling of dagehu
Dagu(China) dagu and gushu are terms that denote the same category of qu under the collective heading of quyi. Leting dagu, Northeast dagu, Shandong dagu (as well as Beijing qinshu, Henan zhuizi and Wenihou guci) present narratives mainly in song form, to a musical accompaniment. There are dozens of such art forms, popular in townships and rural areas as well as in cities in North China. They are usually performed with one person beating a drum or playing clappers, accompanied by one or more musicians playing the sanxian or three-stringed lute, which is indispensable, and sometimes the sihu, pipa and dulcimer
  • Dagu from which this information has been taken
Daguanzi(China) a double reed instrument pitched one octave lower than the guanzi, one of the principal instruments in wind and percussion ensembles, and in theatrical accompaniment ensembles
Daguerreotypeor 'daguerrotype', a photograph made by an early photographic process in which the image was produced on a silver plate, or a copper plate covered with silver, rendered sensitive to iodine and developed through exposure to mercury vapour
Daguerreotypie(German f.) daguerrotype, daguerreotype (early photographic process)
daguerrotypieren(German) to daguerreotype, to make a daguerrotype
dahaben(German) to have (got) in
Da haben sich zwei gefunden.(German) Those two are made for each other.
Dahabiyeh(Arabic) a large sailing boat used to carry passengers in the Nile
Da hast du es.(German) Here you are. I told you so! There, you see!
Da hast du Recht.(German) You're right.
Daheim(German n. - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) home
daheim(German) at home, at one's house, at one's home, at-home, home
daheimbleiben(German) to stay in
Daheimgebliebene(German pl.) people who stayed at home
daher(German) from there, hence, thence, so, thus (therefore), therefore, as a result, for that reason
[additional entry by Brian A. Jefferies]
Daher ...(German) That is why ...
Daher der Name.(German) Whence the name.
daher der Name(German) hence the name
Dahergelaufener(German m.) nonentity (person)
daherkommen(German) to come in
daherum(German) thereabouts
da herum(German) thereabouts
dahin(German) there, thither (old-fashioned)
Dahinasee tabla
dahinbrausen(German) to tootle along (colloquial)
dahinbrettern(German) to tank along (colloquial)
dahinbummeln(German) to dawdle along
dahindämmern(German) to be semi-conscious
dahindösen(German) to slumber
da hinein(German) in it, in them
dahinfahren(German) to bowl along
dahinfegend(German) sweeping
dahingegen(German) on the other hand
dahingehen(German) to walk along, to pass (time), to pass away (to die)
dahingehend(German) to that effect
dahingehend, dass ...(German) to the effect that ...
dahingejagt(German) skittered
dahingerafft werden(German) to be removed by death
dahingeschlendert(German) moseyed, ambled, walked in a leisurely manner
dahingestellt sein lassen(German) to leave open (figurative), to leave undecided
dahingleiten(German) to slide
dahinjagen(German) to skitter
dahinjagend(German) skittering
dahinkriechen(German) to crawl along
dahinraffen(German) to carry off (to cause to die)
dahinrasen(German) to barrel (along) (colloquial), to bomb along (colloquial)
dahinrollen(German) to bowl along
dahinrosten(German) to rust away
dahinsausen(German) to sweep along, to spin along, to tank along (colloquial)
dahinscheiden(German) to pass away
dahinschlängeln(German) to wriggle along
dahinschlendern(German) to mosey (colloquial), to amble, to walk in a leisurely manner
dahinschlendernd(German) moseying (colloquial), ambling, walking in a leisurely manner
dahinschmelzen(German) to melt away
Dahinschwinden(German n.) evanescence
dahinschwinden(German) to decline, to dwindle away, to dwindle, to fade away, to melt away, to wane, to drain away (figurative)
dahinschwindend(German) evanescent, evanescently, waning
dahinsein(German) be gone
dahinsiechen(German) to waste away, to fall into decline, to pine away
dahinsiechend(German) ailing
dahinstehen(German) to be pending
dahinten(German) back there (behind a person), over there
dahinter(German) behind, behind it, behind them
dahinter bleiben(German) to remain behind
dahinterkommen(German) get to the bottom of it (figurative)
dahinter kommen(German) to find out, to come behind
dahintergesteckt(German) having been behind it
dahinter stecken(German) to be behind it
dahinterkommen(German) to figure it out, to discover (despite attempts at concealment)
dahinterstecken(German) to be behind it
dahintersteckend(German) being behind it
dahintippeln(German) to scuttle
dahintraben(German) to urge forward, to drive briskly, to jog along, to move or work briskly, to whig
dahintrabend(German) steadily pounding
dahintreiben(German) to drift
dahintreibend(German) drifting
dahintrotten(German) to jog on
dahinvegetieren(German) to vegetate
dahinwatscheln(German) to shamble
dahinwelken(German) to fade away, to pine away
dahinwursteln(German) to muddle through
dahinziehen(German) to roll by (years)
dahinziehende Wolken(German pl.) drifting clouds
Dahlia(English, French m.) any of several plants of or developed from the species Dahlia pinnata having tuberous roots and showy rayed variously-coloured flower heads
Dahlie(German f.) dahlia
Dahnso(Korean) there are two forms of this Korean wind instrument, the ordinary dahnso, with it's pirecing clear sound, and the pyongjo-dahnso, adjusted to be more suitable for playing in the pyongjo (major) mode
Dahlie(German f.) dahlia
Daigeneral Japanese term for a drum stand
see dagli
d.a.i.abbreviation of 'died from accidental injuries'
Daidalion(German m.) Daedalion (in Greek mythology, a son of Hesperos and brother of Ceyx, who is described as cruel and warlike)
Daidalos(German m.) Daedalus (legendary Greek craftsman who, at the command of Minos, King of Crete, designed and built the Labyrinth)
daigner(French) to deign
Daikoor tsuri-daiko, a generic term for many styles of Japanese cylindrically shaped drums that have their drum head either tacked directly on to the body or attached by ropes or cords
Dáil(Irish) the Parliament of the Republic of Ireland
Daily officethe daily cycle of choir services performed by clergy; also referred to as divine office
Daim(French m.) fallow deer, suede (leather)
Daimio(Japanese) a Japanese prince or nobleman
Daina (s.), Dainos (pl.)the central role of the Latvian folk song or daina in Latvian life has long been viewed as one of the distinguishing features of Latvian culture. The aesthetically refined daina is a form of oral literary art, and it is a symbol that has both shaped and epitomised Latvia's national identity for the last two centuries. To the Latvian, the daina is not just any commonly sung popular song. It is classically defined as a song in quatrain form that is specifically Latvian in its structure, sentiments and worldview. Dating back well over a thousand years, more than 1.2 million texts and 30,000 melodies have been identified
Daino(Italian m.) deer, buckskin
Daiquirian iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar
Daiquiri-Cocktail(German m.) Daiquiri
Dairaa frame drum or tambourine found in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East, with jingles inside the frame. In Afghanistan it is traditionally played by women. In Iran it is covered with one or two stretched skins, usually goatskins although a good quality daira is covered with fish skin which is more expensive
Mozambican term for drums
Dairëa round, single-headed drum of the Balkans
Da ist doch ein Trick dabei.(German) There is a trick to it.
Da ist ein Trend zu ...(German) There is a tendency to ...
Da ist eine Nummer drauf.(German) It has a number on it.
Da ist es schön zu hören, dass ...(German) So it's just nice to hear (that) ...
Da ist nichts dabei.(German) There's nothing to it.
Da ist offensichtlich ein Fehler.(German) There is evidently an error.
Da ist überhaupt nichts Geheimnisvolles daran.(German) There's no mystery about it.
Da ist überhaupt nichts Wahres dran.(German) There's not a jot of truth in it.
Da ist was dran.(German) Good point. (colloquial)
Daisy chainin electronic music, the term daisy chain refers to a series of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, or various other MIDI devices connected to one another in a chain via MIDI cables. Each device may receive MIDI data from devices higher up in the chain. However, long daisy chains may result in a lag between the time information is originally sent from a master device and when it is received further down the chain. This is known as MIDI delay. Because of this, many musicians prefer to use MIDI patch bays rather than creating daisy chains
Daivi sampadhigher propensities of the mind that lead to man's upliftment
da ja(German) since
Dak(Hindi) travel by a system of relays of horses or bearers, the carriage of mail by relays of bearers
Da kann ich doch nur lachen.(German) I can't help laughing (at that).
Da kann ich nicht mitreden.(German) I don't know anything about that.
Da kann ich nicht viel tun.(German) There is only so much I can do.
Da kann man nichts machen.(German) It can't be helped.
dakisch(German) Dacian
Da komme ich nicht mehr mit!(German) I can't understand it at all! I can't follow it at all!
Da kommt Freude auf.(German) That's a real pleasure.
daktylisch(German) dactylic
Daktylogramm(German n.) dactylogram
Daktylographie(German f.) dactylography
Daktyloskopie(German f.) dactyloscopy
daktyloskopisch(German) dactyloscopic
Daktylus(German m.) dactyl
DalIndian culinary dish whose principal ingredient is the split lentil
dal(Italian) also dall', dalla, dalle, dallo, from the
Da lag ich wohl falsch.(German) I stand corrected.
Dalangthe word dalang comes from juru udalan (juru, 'an expert or a skilful man', and udalan abbreviated to dalan, which is modified to dalang, 'to tell stories'). Thus, dalang has come to mean a 'story teller'. The dalang is the puppet-master of Javanese shadow-puppet theatre, wayang kulit
dalassen(German) leave there
Dalaunaa form of Palestinian popular song
Dalben(German m.) mooring post
dalend(Dutch) descending
Dalend interval(Dutch) descending interval
dal giardino(Italian) from the garden
Dalia(Italian f., Spanish f.) dahlia
daliegen(German) to lie there
Da liegt ein Fehler vor.(German) There happens to be a mistake.
Dalk(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) clumsy person
dall', dalla, dalle, dallosee dagli
Dallage(French m.) paving
Dalle(French f.) paving stone, slab
Dalle de verre (s.), Dalles de verres (pl.)(French f.) a slab of coloured glass used as a building material
Dalli, dalli!(German) Look sharp!
d'allora in poi(Italian) from then on
Dalmaticitem of mass vestments; a fringed tunic with split sides, worn under the chasuble by a bishop and as an upper garment by a deacon
Dalmatien(German n.) Dalmatia
Dalmatik(German f.) dalmatic (vestment)
Dalmatiner (s./pl.)(German m.) Dalmatian (dog), Dalmatian (person)
Dalmatinerwelpe(German m.) Dalmatian puppy
dalmatinisch(German) Dalmatian
Dalmatisch(German n.) Dalmatian
dal mezzo della scena, gridando(Italian) shouting at her across the set (stage or scene)
dal niente(Italian) from nothing
da lontano(Italian) at a distance (the music is to sound as though it is coming from a long way off)
dal S.abbreviation of dal segno
dal segno(Italian) (repeat) from the sign, depuis le signe (French), ab dem Zeichen (German)
dal segno
dal segno al segno(Italian) from sign to sign
dal segno ariasimilar to a da capo aria, except that instead of returning to the opening, the music begins at a point in the music designated by the segno
daltoniano(Spanish) daltonian, colour-blind
daltoniene (m.), daltonienne (f.)(French) colour-blind
daltonischdaltonian, colour-blind
Daltonismus(German m.) daltonism
daltronde(Italian) on the other hand
Daluo(China) large gong
Dama(Italian f.) lady, partner (in a dance), draughts (board game)
Dama(Spanish f.) lady, lady in waiting (at court)
Damaha(Nepal) a frame drum that features in the Panche Baja ensemble
damalig(German) at that time, then (as in 'the then manager'), that, at the time
damals(German) at that time, at the time when, at the time, in those days, then, back then, way back (colloquial), back in the days
damals berechtigt(German) then entitled
damals gültig(German) then in force
Damar(German n.) Dhamar (a style of classical vocal music, using more grace notes than dhrupad. It is set to a tala of 14 beats. It is seen as a light musical form, and associated with the Holi (hori) Spring Festival of colours)
Damarusmall Tibetan drum shaped like an hourglass with two pieces of string at the end of which are small round strikers. The drum is turned rapidly left and right. The strikers whip around and alternately strike each drum head. Also known as ton dhar or, when made from two human skulls, thod-rnga
Damas(Spanish m. pl.) draughts (board game)
Damasceneor 'damaskeen', an object created using the processes involved in damascening
Damasceningthe art of inlaying different metals into one another, particularly, inlaying gold and silver into grooves gouged out of a metal surface
Damasco(Spanish m.) damask
Damascusan ancient city (widely regarded as the world's oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria
Damascus steelor Damask steel, a hard resilient steel often decorated and used for sword blades
Damaska figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, with a pattern formed by weaving. Made with one warp and one weft in which, generally, warp-satin and weft sateen weaves interchange. Twill or other binding weaves may sometimes be introduced. The term originally referred to ornamental silk fabrics, which were elaborately woven in colours, sometimes with the addition of gold and other metallic threads. Damask weaves are commonly produced today in silk, linen or linen-type fabrics which feature woven patterns featuring flowers, fruit, forms of animal life, and other types of ornament
  • Damask from which this extract has been taken
Damaskeenor 'damascene', of or pertaining to the art of damascening, to produce wavy lines on (as in Damascus steel), of or pertaining to the city of Damascus
damaskisch(German) damaskeen (archaic)
Damaskus(German n.) Damascus
Damast(German m.) damask, Damascus steel
Damastdolch(German m.) damask dagger
Damastseide(German f.) damask silk
Damaststahl(German m.) damask steel
Damasttischtuch(German n.) damask tablecloth
Damasttuch(German n.) damask cloth
Damaszener(German m.) Damascene
Damaszenerklinge(German f.) Damascene blade
Damaszenerpflaume(German f.) damson plum, damson
Damaszenerpflaumenbaum(German m.) damson tree
Damaszenerpflaumenmus(German n.) damson cheese
Damaszenerrose(German f.) damask rose (Rosa × damascena)
Damaszenerstahl(German m.) Damascus steel
damaszenisch(German) Damascene
damaszieren(German) to damascene, to damaskeen
damasziert(German) pattern-welded
Damaszierung(German f.) damascening, damaskeening
Damayantiin Hindi mythology, wife of Nala and heroine of the tale of Nala and Damayanti; she is also known by her patronymic Bhaimi
Dame (s.), Damen (German pl.)(German f., French f.) lady, queen (in chess, draughts, checkers), madam, signora, gentlewoman
Damebrett(German n.) checkerboard, draughtboard, chequerboard
Dame de compaigne(French f.) a paid (female) companion
Dame der Gesellschaft(German f.) lady of society
Dame des Hauses(German f.) landlady
Dame d'honneur (s.), Dames d'honneur (pl.)(French f.) lady-in-waiting (to a member of the Royal family)
Dame gesetzten Alters(German f.) woman of mature years
Damen-...(German) prefix meaning ladies' or lady's ...
Damenabend(German m.) hen party (colloquial)
Damenbart(German m.) facial hair (of a woman)
Damenbegleitung erwünscht(German) please bring a lady, please bring a partner
Damenbekanntschaft(German f.) female acquaintance
Damenbekleidung(German f.) ladieswear, women's apparel, women's clothing
Damenbesuch (s./pl.)(German m.) lady visitor
Damenfahrrad(German n.) ladies' bike, ladies' bicycle
Damenfriseur(German m.) hairdresser
Damengesellschaft(German f.) company of ladies, company of a lady, ladies' gathering
damenhaft(German) ladylike
Damenhalbschuh(German m.) ladies' low shoe
Damenhalbstiefel(German m.) bootee
Damenhandschuh(German m.) lady's glove
Damenhandtasche (s.), Damenhandtaschen (pl.)(German f.) lady's handbag
Damenhose(German f.) a pair of ladies' trousers, (ladies') slacks, ladies' trousers
Damenisationa system of solmization using the syllables da, me, ni, po, tu, la and be invented, for vocal exercises, by Carl Heinrich Graun (c.1703-1759)
Damenjacke(German f.) coat
Damenkleidung(German f.) women's clothing
Damenkonfektion(German f.) ladies' wear (department)
Damenkostüm(German n.) ladies' suit
Damenkränzchen(German n.) hen party, hen-party
Damenlederhose(German f.) ladies' leather slacks
Damenlederjacke(German f.) ladies' leather jacket
Damenmode(German f.) ladieswear, ladies' fashion, women's fashion, fashion for women
Damenmodeartikel(German f.) confection
Damennachthemd(German n.) nightie (colloquial)
Damenoberbekleidung(German f.) women's wear (in a department store)
Damenoberteil mit Nackenträger(German n.) halter-neck top
Damenorchester(German n.) women's orchestra
Damenplumphosen(German pl.) bloomers
Damenrad(German n.) ladies' bicycle, ladies' bike
Damenrasierer(German m.) ladies' shaver, lady shaver, lady's shaver
Damenring(German m.) ladies' ring
Damenrock(German m.) skirt
Damenrunde(German f.) ladies' company, ladies' circle
Damensattel(German m.) side saddle, side-saddle, pillion (sidesaddle, lady's saddle), sidesaddle
Damenschlüpfer(German pl.) knickers
Damenschneider ( m.) ladies' tailor, dressmaker
Damenschneiderei(German f.) couture, dressmaking (trade), dressmaker (female)
Damenschuhe(German pl.) women's shoes
Damentaschen(German pl.) ladies' handbags
Damentrikotagen(German pl.) women's clothing
Damenuhr(German f.) ladies' watch, lady's watch
Damenunterhose(German f.) bloomers (old-fashioned)
Damenuntertaille(German f.) camisole
Damenunterwäsche(German f.) lingerie
Damenvelo(German n. - Switzerland) ladies' bicycle
Damenwahl(German f.) ladies' choice
Damenwäsche(German f.) lingerie
Damenzimmer(German n.) boudoir
Dames(French f.) draughts (game), checkers (US game)
Dame spielen(German) to play checkers
Dame von Adel(German f.) noblewoman
Dame von heute(German f.) woman of today
Dame von Welt(German f.) woman of the world
Damian(India) a popular six-string instrument used by nomadic people of Tibetan origin living in Ladakh
Damier(French m.) draught-board, checker-board (US)
Damigella(Italian f.) bridesmaid, damsel, young maid
(Italian f.) the ancestress of the soubrette, the damigella derived from the commedia dell'arte was pretty, flirtatious and shrewder than she appeared character who played a crucial part in manipulating the plot
Damigiana(Italian f.) demijohn
damisch(German f.- Southern Germany) dizzy, stupid
damit(German) therewith, with it, with them, by it, so that (in order that), for this reason, so (in order that), thereby, with this
Damit bleibt mir nur noch zu sagen, dass ...(German) It only remains for me to add that ...
Damit erhebt sich die Frage.(German) This begs the question.
damit fertig werden (German) to take it (colloquial) (referring to criticism, abuse, etc.)
Damit ist die Sache endgültig entschieden.(German) That settles the matter once and for all.
Damit ist es endgültig aus.(German) That's over for good.
Damit kann man nichts falsch machen.(German) One can't go wrong with this.
Damit kann man nichts reißen.(German) That's not going to impress anybody.
Damit lockt man keinen Hund hinterm Ofen hervor.(German) It's nothing to write home about.
damit nicht(German) lest
damit rechnen(German) to reckon
damit sollte gesagt sein(German) as much as to say
dämlich(German) stupid, stupidly, dimwitted, dopey (colloquial), dim-witted, silly, dumb (stupid), asinine, moronic, gormless (colloquial)
dämlicher(German) dopier (colloquial)
Dämlichkeit(German f.) dimwittedness, dopiness
dämlichste(German) dopiest (colloquial)
Damm (s.), Dämme (pl.)(German m.) dam (to hold back water, etc.), causeway, bank (river bank), embankment, levee, perineum, dike, dyke, carriageway, barrier, roadway, (harbour) wall, sea wall
Damm-(German) perineal (of or relating to the perineum) (prefix)
Damman(Indian) a set of two kettledrums called fo and mo, meaning male and female. Fo has a hole under it so that water can be poured into it to produce a heavy, deep sound. They are played with small sticks called damshing. The damman provides a deep pulsating, resonant beat and is played with dances and singing in Ladakh
Damman-ishkundouble-headed Iranian bass drum
Dammbruch(German m.) breach of a dike, dam break, crevasse, breach in a dam, bursting of a dam
(German m.) perineal hernia (Hernia perinealis)
Dammbruchargument(German n.) slippery slope (logical argument)
Dämmeigenschaft (s.), Dämmeigenschaften (pl.)(German f.) insulating property
Dämmelement(German n.) silencer (as part of sound insulation)
dämmen(German) to repress, to dam
Dämmer(German m.) twilight
Dammerde(German f.) black earth (for example, dark fertile soil in the Amazon Basin that contains wood, fish, animal bones and pottery shards and is the result of centuries of slash-and-char)
dämmerig(German) dim, dusky
Dämmerlicht(German n.) twilight, gloaming
dämmern(German) to dawn (morning), to grey, to grow dusky (evening)
dämmernd(German) twilit, dawning
Dämmerschlaf(German m.) twilight sleep
Dämmerschoppen(German m.) sundowner
dämmert(German) dawns
dämmerte(German) dawned
Dämmerung (s.), Dämmerungen (pl.)(German f.) dawn (morning), dusk (evening), gloaming, twilight, nightfall
Dämmerung einer neuen Zeit(German f.) dawn of a new era
dämmerungsaktiv(German) crepuscular, active at twilight
Dämmerungssehen(German n.) mesopic vision
Dämmerzustand(German m.) semiconsciousness, semi-consciousness, twilight state
Dämmgrad(German m.) (sound) absorbance
Dämmmasse(German f.) insulating compound
Dämmmaterial(German n.) insulating material, insulation (material)
Dämmpaket(German n.) noise attenuation package
Dämmplatte(German f.) insulating wall panel, insulating board
dämmrig(German) crepuscular, dark (during dawn or dusk)
Dämmschicht(German f.) damp course
Dämmschicht(German f.) insulating layer, insulation layer, insulating course
Dämmschichtbildner(German m.) intumescent paint (a paint that provides flame spread and fire propagation protection)
Dammschüttung(German f.) embankment
Dämmstoff (s.), Dämmstoffe (pl.)(German m.) insulating material, insulation (material)
Dammstraße(German f.) causeway
Dämmung(German f.) insulation
Dammweg(German m.) causeway
Dämmzahl(German f.) sound absorption coefficient, sound insulation coefficient, insulation coefficient (heat)
Dämmziegel(German m.) insulating brick
Damnation(English, French f.) eternal punishment in hell
damner(French) to damn
damnosa haereditas(Latin) a ruinous inheritance (one that imposes hardship on the legatee)
Damnatio memoriae(Latin) the Roman decree condemning those who ran afoul of the Senate. They had their memorials demolished and their names erased from public inscriptions
Damnum(German n.) loss
Damoklesschwert(German n.) sword of Damocles
Dämon (m.), Dämonin (f.), Dämonen (pl.)(German) demon, daemon (archaic), demoness (f. form)
Dämonen austreiben(German) to exorcise demons
dämonenhaft(German) demoniac
Dämonenlehre(German f.) demonology
dämonisch(German) demoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonically, demoniacally
dämonisieren(German) to demonise
dämonisiert(German) demonised
Dämonisierung(German f.) demonisation
Dämonismus(German m.) demonism
Dämonist (m.), Dämonistin (f.)(German) demonist
Dämonograph (m.), Dämonographin (f.)(German) demonographer
Dämonolatrie(German f.) demonolatry
Dämonologe (m.), Dämonologin (f.)(German) demonologist
Dämonologie(German f.) demonology
Dämonomanie(German f.) demonomania
Dämonopathie(German f.) demonopathy
Dampslight diffused or condensed moisture, esp. when unwelcome
to make damp (slightly wet), to temper (reduce expectation, etc), to make a fire burn less strongly
or 'dampen', to quieten or deaden the sound of a stringed instrument or drum by touching the string(s) or drum-skin with a soft material. The effect is to reduce both the initial sound volume (quieten) and the time the sound will be sustained (deaden)
Dampedsordo (Italian), gedämpft (German), étouffé (French), the condition where the sound is deadened, choked or muted
Dampento make wet
to deaden the sound of, to mute or to choke the sound of an instrument
Dampeningthe musical technique of muting an instrument while playing it, or soon after, before it has lost its sustain (stopped ringing). It can be used on a wide variety of string and percussion instruments. This may be done with a mute
  • Dampening from which this extract has been taken
Damperdiscouraging person or thing (for example, 'to put a damper on' meaning to take the vigour or enjoyment out of), metal plate in a flue to control the draught
sordina (Italian), sordino (Italian) [however, sordina is more correct], Dämpfer (German), étouffoir (French)
a device that checks the vibration (i.e. damps the sound) of part of an instrument
on a piano, a felt-topped strip of wood which, when in place on a piano string, keeps the string from vibrating
see 'damper pedal'
see 'dampers'
see 'mute'
dampers are also used on bells, drums and certain other effects in large orchestrions and organs
a fine quill or wire mounted under the tip of a cylinder music box tooth and held in place by a tapered brass or steel brad (known as the 'damper pin'), serves the same purpose
Damper pedala mechanism on a piano operated via a pedal, usually the right-hand pedal, that lifts all the dampers away from the strings
or 'damping pedal', a mechanism operated via a pedal that realigns a piano hammer under the instrument's strings so that the hammer will strike only one string to give a more veiled tone as well as a reduced volume; more properly, this device should be called the una corda pedal
'sustain' pedals on electronic pianos are often called 'damper' pedals
Damperson a piano, small, felt covered pieces of wood which rest against the piano strings in normal position. The dampers (both treble and bass) are "lifted" from the strings when a key is struck. When the key is released, the damper returns to the string, thus "dampening", or causing the string to cease vibrating
the term 'lifted' is applied generally to the movement of the dampers away from the string whether the dampers lie beneath the strings (called 'under-damper action') in which case they fall away from the strings, or the dampers lie above the strings (called 'over-damper action') in which case they are raised or lifted from the strings
Dampf (s.), Dämpfe (pl.)(German m.) steam, vapour, damp, fume
Dampf ablassen(German) to blow off one's steam, to blow off steam, to let off steam
Dampfabzug(German m.) cooker hood ventilator
Dampfauto(German n.) steam car
Dampfbad (s.), Dampfbäder (pl.)(German n.) steam bath, Turkish bath
Dampfbefeuchter(German m.) steam humidifier
Dampfbefeuchtung(German f.) steam moistening
dampfbeheizt(German) steam-heated
dampfbetrieben(German) steam-powered, steam-driven
Dampfbügeleisen(German n.) steam iron
Dampf dahinter machen(German) to put some oomph into it
Dampfdruck(German m.) steam pressure, vapour pressure
Dampfdrucktopf(German m.) pressure cooker
Dampfen(German n.) steaming
dämpfen(German) to steam (cooking), to fume
(German) to lower (i.e. drop the volume level), to dampen (enthusiam), to cast a chill over, to chasen, to curb, to damp down, to deflate, to lessen, to put a wet blanket on
(German) to choke, to absorb, to extenuate, to mute, to baffle, to muffle, to damp, to soften, to stifle, to deaden or restrain the tone of an instrument, as in mit Dämpfer meaning 'with the mute', to dull (enthusiasm, light, colour, sound, etc.), to temper (enthusasm, hope), to slake (activity, enthusiasm)
dämpfend(German) reeky, steaming, stewing, fuming
(German) attenuando (Italian), smorzando (Italian) extinguished, put out, lessening, gradually dying away to a whisper, soothing, dulling, calming down, muting, depressant, subduing, abschwächend (German), en amortissant (French), en attenuant (French)
Dampfentwickler(German m.) steam generator
Dampfer (s./pl.)(German m.) steamer (a device for producing steam), steamship, steamboat
Dämpfer (s./pl.)(German m.) muffler, silencer, vibration damper
(German m.) damper, damping pedal (on a piano)
(German m.) mute(s) (on a violin, etc.), sourdine (French f.)
(German m.) plunger (mute for a brass instrument)
Dämpfer ab(German) also Dämpfer abnehmen, Dämpfer absetzen, without mute(s) (also ohne Dämpfer, keine Dämpfer)
Dämpfer abnehmen see Dämpfer ab
Dämpfer absetzen see Dämpfer ab
dampferhitzt(German) steam-heated
Dämpferkochtopf(German m.) pressure-cooker
Dämpfermaschine(German f.) steam engine
Dämpfer nach und nach abnehmen(German) remove the mutes, one by one
Dämpferpedal(German n.) damper pedal, sustaining pedal
Dämpferwalze(German f.) steamroller
Dämpfer weg(German) mute off, take of the mute
Dampf erzeugen(German) to raise steam
dampfförmig(German) in the vapour state, vaporous
Dampfgarer(German m.) steam cooker, steamer, steam oven, food steamer
dampfgetrieben(German) steam-driven, steam-powered
Dampfhammer(German m.) steam hammer
Dampfhaube(German f.) vapour hood
Dampfheizkessel(German m.) steam heating boiler
Dampfheizung (s.), Dampfheizungen (pl.)(German f.) steam heating
dampfig(German) steamy, vaporous, vaporously
Dampfigkeit(German f.) steaminess
(German f.) recurrent airway obstruction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, broken wind
Dampf inhalieren(German) to inhale steam
Dampfkessel(German m.) boiler, steam generator
Dampfkesselanlage(German f.) steam-boiler plant
Dampfkesselversicherung(German f.) steam boiler insurance
Dampfkochtopf (s.), Dampfkochtöpfe (pl.)(German m.) autoclave, pressure cooker
Dampfkraft(German f.) steam power
Dampfkraftwerk(German n.) steam power plant
Dampfleistung(German f.) steam power
Dampfleitung(German f.) steam piping, steam pipe
Dampf machen(German) to shake a leg (colloquial)
Dämpfung (s.), Dämpfungen (pl.)(German f.) decay (attenuation), attenuation, abatement, loss, moderation, damping, muffling, muting, on a piano 'using the soft pedal', also called 'soft-pedalling'
(German f.) the dampers on a pianoforte
Dämpfungsblättchen(German n.) felt pad
Dämpfungseigenschaften(German pl.) damping characteristics, dampening characteristics
Dämpfungselement(German n.) attenuator
Dämpfungsfaktor(German m.) damping factor, decay factor
Dämpfungskonstante(German f.) attenuation constant
Dämpfungsleiste(German f.) damping board (clavichord)
Dämpfungspedal am Klavier(German n.) damper pedal (on a piano, etc.)
Dampfwalze (s.), Dampfwalzen (pl.)(German f.) steamroller, steam roller
Dampfwolke(German f.) cloud of steam
Dampfzug(German m.) steam train
Dampfzugmaschine(German f.) traction engine
Damping pedalsee 'damper pedal'
Damp squibunsuccessful attempt to impress etc.
Damsel(from French) archaic or literary young unmarried woman
Damselflyinsect like a dragonfly but with wings folded when resting
Damson(in full 'damson plum', sometimes called 'bullace') small dark-purple plum, dark-purple colour
da multos annos(Latin) a wish for a long life (on the occasion of a birthday)
Da muss ein Irrtum vorliegen.(German) There must be some mistake.
Damwild(German n.) fallow deer
Dan.abbreviation of 'Danish'
Dan(English, Japanese) grade of proficiency in judo, holder of such a grade
danach(German) after it, after that, hereafter, thereafter, after, after which, following which, subsequently, thereupon, whereupon, after them, for it, for them, of it, afterwards, accordingly (following which)
danach benannt(German) named for it (US), named after it
Danach sehen wir weiter.(German) We take it from there. (colloquial)
dañado(Spanish) damaged
Danaergeschenk(German n,) Greek gift (a gift given with the intention of tricking and causing harm to the recipient)
Dana O'Sheein Irish folklore, they are small, graceful creatures. The Dana o'Shee live in a realm of eternal beauty and remain eternally young as nobles from the age of chivalry with their own king and queen and royal household. They wear beautiful clothes enriched with precious jewels. They love music, dancing and hunting and can often be seen riding in a procession, led by the king and queen
dañar(Spanish) to damage, to harm (a person)
Dan bauthe dan bau is a one-string zither native to Vietnam. It is constructed with a long narrow sound box, with a tall curved stem made from water buffalo horn inserted at one end. The single string runs between the soundbox and a small wooden gourd attached to the stem. The stem is bent to change the pitch of the string. The player touches the string lightly with the heel of the hand at harmonic producing nodal points while plucking with the fingers. This produces the dan bau's characteristic high clear sound. The Vietnamese group Khac Chi has added frets to the instrument's already complex array of pitch production mechanisms. As the sound box of the dan bau is very narrow, it is not a loud instrument, and was traditionally used in more intimate environments. In recent years an electric version has been introduced, to be played in ensembles and large concerts. The bass danbau was adapted from the dan bau to provide a musical range equivalent to that of a bass guitar. It is simply an electric dan bau with a very thick string on it. Due to the thickness of the string, it is quite a difficult instrument to play
Dança(Portuguese f.) dance
Dança a caráter(Portuguese f.) or dança folclórica (Portuguese), danse de caractere (French)
Dança clássica(Portuguese f.) classical dance (ballet)
Dança Dionisíaca(Portuguese f.) Dionysian dance
Dança erudita(Portuguese f.) academic or serious dance
Dança folclórica(Portuguese f.) folk dance
Dança Hebraica(Portuguese f.) (ancient/Biblical) Jewish dance
Dança macabra(Portuguese f.) dance performed in or around cemeteries
Dança moderna(Portuguese f.) contemporary dance, modern dance
Danças populares(Portuguese f.) popular dance
Dança religiosa(Portuguese f.) religious or ritual dance
Dance(English) a form of expression using movement
Ballo (Italian), Danza (Italian), Tanz (German), Danse (French)
Dance, academicsee 'academic dance'
Dance anthemor 'floor filler' (also floorfiller) or 'club anthem', a dance (or disco) track that receives almost timeless status, being played commonly many years after its release
Dance banda group of instrumentalists that play music for dancing, usually comprising saxophones, trumpets, trombones and percussion with maybe a piano and a double bass
Dance, Baroquesee 'Baroque dance'
Dance callera person who calls dance figures in such dances as line dance, square dance, and contra dance. The 'caller' might be one of the participating dancers, though in modern country dance circles this is rare. In round dance, a person who performs this function is called a 'cuer'. Their role is fundamentally the same as a 'caller', in that they tell dancers what to do in a given dance, though they differ on several smaller points
Dance compositionsynonymous with 'choreography'
Dance crazesthe public's reaction to 'fad dances'
Dance cuersee 'dance caller'
Dancehallpublic hall for dancing
a type of Jamaican popular entertainment which developed around 1979
Dance improvisationthe creation of improvised movement and is usually associated with twentieth-century concert dance but is not exclusive to that genre
Dance, Medievalsee 'Medieval dance'
Dance movesin order to perform different dances, one needs different moves although some may share some basic moves with a completely different dance
Dance musicmusic composed, played, or both, specifically to accompany social dancing
Dance, Nineteenth-centurysee 'nineteenth-century dance'
Dance notationchoreology
Dance organor café organ, a style of mechanical barrel organ manufactured for use in dancehalls, cafés, etc. These instruments could be large. For example, Molzer jnr. built a 112 key dance organ in 1923 for a jubilee exhibition in Göteborg, Sweden. However, those used in Belgium and Holland were softly voiced, as least when compared with band organs
Dance popcontemporary form of dance music with pop music structures
Dance positionthe position of a dancer or a mutual position of a dance couple assumed during a dance. Describing and mastering proper dance positions is an important part of dance technique
Dance, Renaissancesee 'Renaissance dance'
Dance rondeBreton dance tune
Dances of Universal Peacea form of spiritual meditative dance conducted in the company of a number of other dancers in a circle. The dances draw on all the world's spiritual traditions and are led by a teacher who plays guitar or drum accompaniment. Each dance usually has a chant which is sung as the dance is performed
Dance-songsee 'operatic air'
Dancesportan official term to denote dance as competitive, sport activity
Dance style categories
Dance technologya dance form in which existing and emerging technologies are used to extend traditional dance practice and develop new dance practices
Dance, Twentieth-centurysee 'twentieth-century dance'
Danceur (m.), Danceuse (f.)(French) dancer, ballerina
Danceuse(Dutch) ballet-dancer
DanceWritinga form of dance notation, developed in 1972 by Valerie Sutton, that forms part of a greater body of work called 'MovementWriting' or the 'International Movement-Writing Alphabet'. DanceWriting uses figurative and abstract symbols on a five-staff stave (the Western music notation stave). It is similar in appearance to Benesh Movement Notation
Dancing(French m.) dance-hall
Dancing and deray(archaic) disorderly mirth and revelry at a dance or some similar festivity
Dancing master's fiddlealso know as a 'kit' or by its French name, pochette, a small violin designed to be carried in the pocket of a large coat to provide a means of playing the latest dance tune while the steps were being taught
Dancing Master, The (English)see 'The Dancing Master', 'Playford Dances'
Dan da(Vietnam) a 6,000-year old stone xylophone tuned to the notes D-F-G-A-C-D, six notes of the pentatonic scale, playing by striking them with heavy wooden mallets
Dan day(Vietnam) a long-necked lute with three silk strings and 10 frets, a feature of ca tru or 'tally card singing'
Dandelion(English from French dent-de-lion, 'lion's tooth) wild plant with jagged leaves, a yellow flower, and a fluffy seed-head
Dander(colloquial) temper, indignation (for example, 'get one's dander up' meaning to become angry
small scales from animal skins or hair or bird feathers that can cause allergic reactions in some people
DandiaGujerati Dandia is a form of traditional folk stick dance performed mainly at temples at the end of Navaratri, festival of the nine goddesses. Young and old, men and women all come together to perform this annual dance in honour of the Goddesses. Dandia also provides parents of unmarried men and women the opportunity to glean prospective in-laws and introduce potential brides and grooms
Dandie Dinmont Terrier(English, German m.) a breed of small terrier with long wiry coat and drooping ears
Dandifyto make a dandy
Dandi Marchmarch undertaken by Gandhi from March 12 to April 5, 1930, from his Sabarmati Ashram to the coastal village of Dandi, about 100 miles distant, with a view to breaking the Salt Law by picking up natural salt from the sea-shore. His arrest at Dandi was followed by a country-wide movement of Civil Disobedience famous as the Salt Satyagraha
Dandleto bounce (a child) on one's knees etc.
dando vueltas de aquí para allá(Spanish) going to and fro, going from one place to another
Dandruffflakes of dead skin in the hair and the condition itself
Dandy(English, German m.) also known as a beau, gallant, fop or flamboyant person, a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies
or yawl, a sailing vessel with two masts
excellent thing
Dandy-brushbrush for grooming a horse
Dandyisma form of aestheticism which pretends to give aesthetic value to a smart life
Dandy rollduring the paper making process while the paper is still 90% water, it passes over a wire mesh cylinder (dandy roll), which imparts surface textures on the paper such as wove or laid. This is also the stage where the watermark is put onto the paper
Däne (m.), Dänin (f.), Dänen (pl.), Däninnen ( Dane, Danes (plural form), Danish (plural form)
Danenative or national of Denmark, Viking invader of England in the 9th-11th centuries
daneben(German) aside, beside it, beside them, next to it, besides, in addition, by comparison, withal (archaic)
danebengehen(German) to miss, to fail, to go wrong, to miscarry, to misfire, to be wide (of the target)
daneben gehen(German) to go awry
danebengeraten(German) to turn out badly
daneben greifen(German) to blunder
daneben liegen(German) to be off the mark
danebenliegend(German) adjacent
danebentreffen(German) to miss
daneben treffen(German) to be off the mark
Danegeld(English, German n.) a tax raised to pay tribute to the Viking raiders to save a land from being ravaged
Danelag(German n.) Danelaw
Danemark(French m.) Denmark
Dänemark(German n.) Denmark
Dänemarkstraße(German f.) Denmark Strait (strait between Greenland (northwest) and Iceland)
Dänenkrone (s.), Dänenkronen (pl.)(German f.) Danish krone (monetary unit)
Dänenprinz(German m.) Danish prince, prince of Denmark (for example, Hamlet)
Danés(Spanish m.) Dane, Danish (as in 'The Danish')
danés(Spanish) Danish
Danese(Italian m.) Danish (language)
(Italian m./f.) Dane
danese(Italian) Danish
Dang-aksee 'Korean court music'
Dangbipaa Korean string instrument with four strings and neck, with a body curved at the back like a lute. The term bipa refers to the motion used when plucking the strings: i.e. pushing a string from one side and then pulling it from the other
Dangdutpopular Indonesian dance music with influences from Arabic and Indian music
Dangerliability or exposure to harm, thing that causes or may cause harm (for example, 'in danger of' meaning likely to incur or to suffer from)
dangereux (m.), dangereuse (f.)(French) dangerous
Danger listlist of those dangerously ill
Danger moneyextra payment for dangerous work
Dangerousinvolving or causing danger
Dangjeoka Korean flute, the dangjeok is played horizontally. It is slightly smaller than the junggeum but is similar to the sogeum both in size and in its method of playing, structure and use. The sogeum and dangjeok are distinguishable by the number of holes: the dangjeok has six fingerholes
Dangpiria Korean shawm
Dangzi(China) gong
daniederliegen(German) to be laid low (ill), to be prostrate
daniederliegen(German) to be depressed (trade, economy)
Danimarca(Italian f.) Denmark
Däninsee Däne
dañino(Spanish) harmful
Dänisch(German n.) Danish
dänisch(German) Danish
Dänische Dogge(German f.) Great Dane (breed of dog)
dänische Krone (s.), dänische Kronen (pl.)(German f.) Danish krone (monetary unit), Danish kroner (plural form)
dänische Minderheit(German f.) Danish minority
dänisches Blätterteiggebäck(German n.) Danish pastry
dänische Übersetzung(German f.) Danish translation
dänischsprachig(German) Danish-speaking
dänischstämmiger Amerikaner(German m.) Danish American
Dänischwörterbuch(German n.) Danish dictionary
Danish hip hop
Dank(German m.) thanks
dank(German) thanks to, due to, (by) courtesy of, owing to, through the kindness of
Dankadresse(German f.) (official) letter of thanks
Dank annehmen(German) to accept thanks
dankbar(German) grateful, gratefully, thankful, thankfully, rewarding, obliged, appreciative, appreciatively
dankbare Aufgabe(German f.) rewarding task
dankbare Rolle(German f.) rewarding part
dankbarerweise(German) thankfully
dankbares Publikum(German n.) grateful public, appreciative audience
Dankbarkeit(German f.) gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness
dankbar sein (für)(German) to appreciate
dankbar sein für das, was man hat(German) to count one's blessings
Dankbrief(German m.) bread-and-butter letter
danke(German) thank you, thanks, cheers (thanks)
Danke!(German) Thank you!
Danke, dass ich kommen durfte.(German) Thanks for having me.
Danke, dass ihr gekommen seid!(German) Thanks for coming!
Danke, dass Sie mich beherbergen.(German) Thanks for letting me stay.
Danke, dass Sie sich die Zeit nehmen mich zu sehen.(German) Thank you for taking the time to see me.
Danke für den Anruf!(German) Thanks for calling!
Danke für den Tipp.(German) Thanks for the advice.
Danke für die Einladung.(German) Thanks for having me.
Danke für die Mühe!(German) Thanks for the trouble!
Danke für Ihr Kommen!(German) Thanks for coming!
Danke für Ihre Bemühungen!(German) Thank you for your efforts!
Danke im Voraus!(German) Thanks in advance!
danken(German) to thank
dankend(German) reciprocating, thanking
dankend ablehnen(German) to decline with thanks
dankenswert(German) deserving of thanks
dankenswerterweise(German) generously
Dank entgegennehmen(German) to accept thanks
dankerfüllt(German) grateful
Dankesbrief(German m.) thank-you letter
Dankeschön(German n.) thankyou, thank-you
Danke schön.(German) Thank you
Danke schön!(German) Thanks a lot!
Danke sehr!(German) Thank you very much!
Dankesgabe(German f.) thanks-offering (figurative)
Dankeskarte(German f.) a note of appreciation
Dankesrede(German f.) speech of thanks, acceptance speech
Dankesritus(German m.) rite of thanksgiving
Danke vielmals!(German) Thanks a million!
Dankfest (s.), Dankfeste (pl.)(German n.) thanksgiving
Dankgebet (s.), Dankgebete (pl.)(German n.) thanksgiving prayer, benediction
Dankgottesdienst(German m.) a service of thanksgiving, thanksgiving service
Dankkarte(German f.) thank-you card
Danklied(German n.) Thanksgiving song
Dankopfer (s./pl.)(German n.) thanks offering
danksagen(German) to give thanks
Danksagung (s.), Danksagungen (pl.)(German f.) a note of thanks, acknowledgment, expression of thanks, acknowledgement (in prefaces, forwards, introductions, etc.), benediction, thanksgiving
Danksagung an das Publikum(German f.) curtain call
Danksagungsbrief(German m.) a note of thanks
Dankschreiben(German n.) thank-you letter, letter of thanks
Dank sei dem Herrn.(German) Thank the Lord.
Dank sei dem Herrn!(German) Thanks be to God!
dankt(German) reciprocates, thanks
dankte ab(German) abdicated, resigned
Dan moVietnamese set of wood blocks and bamboo rasps used for percussive effect
Danmyé(Martinique) a combined dance and martial art, similar to the better known Brazilian capoeira
dann(German) then, after that, next
dannare(Italian) to damn
Dannazione(Italian f.) damnation
dannaggiare(Italian) to damage, to harm
dann erst(German) only then
Dann kann ich mir einen Strick nehmen.(German) I may as well pack it all in.
Dann mal los!(German) Here goes!
Danno(Italian m.) damage, harm (a person)
dann und nur dann(German) if and only if, only as and when
dann und wann(German) now and then, between whiles, in snatches, ever and anon, (every) once in a while, every now and then, at times
Dann will ich dir mal einen kleinen Tipp geben.(German) Let me give you a word of advice.
Daño(Spanish m.) damage, harm (a person)
Danois(French m.) Danish language
Danois (m.), Danoise (f.)(French) Dane
danois (m.), danoise (f.)(French) Danish
danoso(Italian) harmful
dañoso(Spanish) harmful
Daños y perjuicios(Spanish m. pl.) damages
Danpigu(China) single headed drum
de quando(Italian) since, ever since
dans(French) in, into, inside, about (approximation)
dans ce livre il s'agit de(French) this book is about
dans cette éventualité(French) in that event
Danse(French f.) dance, (the art of) dancing, dance tune
Danse champêtre(French f.) a peasant dance, to be danced in the open
Danse comique(French f.) or danse grotesque comique, one of the three dance genres as set out by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre in 1760 in his Lettres sur la danse et les ballets
in particular: "... la musette champêtre et montagnarde, le menuet de genre et comique et grotesque, le 4 temps louré, le 3/8-6/8 et 12/8, le tambourin et généralement tous les airs de pâtre, contre-danses françaises, allemandes et les caractères comiques ou de genre, tels que le chinois, le lapon, l'anglaise, la cosaque, les furies, les sauvages, etc."
Danse Cosaque(French f.) Cossack dance
Danse de caractère(French f., literally 'character dance') dança a caráter (Portuguese), dança folclórica (Portuguese), any national or folk dance, or a dance based on movements associated with a particular profession, trade, personality or mode of living, as, for example, the mazurka and the polonaise
Danse d'école(French f.) the classical style of ballet, akademisches Ballett (German n.)
Danse demi-sérieuse(French f.) or danse mixte
in particular: "... la romance, la sicilienne, la musette galante, le menuet gracieux, l'andante, la pastorale agréable, le 6/8 idem, la gigue ordinaire, la gavotte, le passe pied et généralement tous les caractères de zéphirs, sylphes, troubadours, bergers français, grecs, romains, etc."
Danse des mirlitonsfrom Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker, where the term 'mirlitons', here, is a reference to reed-pipes or panpipes
Danse de vertige(French f.) a whirling dance (likely to cause dizziness in the performer)
Danse du ventre(French f.) belly dance
Danse grotesque(French f.) or danse comique, one of the three dance genres as set out by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre in 1760 in his Lettres sur la danse et les ballets
Danse haut(French f.) dancing 'off the floor', the style of ballet that in about 1730 replaced danse basse or terre à terre, that is 'on the ground'
Danse macabre(French f.) dance of Death, Totentanz (German), a favourite late medieval picture subject. It generally shows skeletons forcing the living to dance with them, usually in matching pairs, e.g. a live priest dancing with a skeleton priest. Holbein's woodcut series the Dance of Death is one of the most famous
Danse mixte(French f.) or danse demi-sérieuse, one of the three dance genres as set out by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre in 1760 in his Lettres sur la danse et les ballets
dansen(Dutch) to dance
Danse noble(French f.) also called danse sérieuse et héroïque, one of the three dance genres as set out by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre in 1760 in his Lettres sur la danse et les ballets
in particular: "... la sarabande, la passacaille, l'adagio à 3 et 4 temps, la loure, le menuet noble, la chaconne à 2 et 3 temps, l'air marché à 2 temps, tel que marche, etc., la gigue lourée, la gavotte noble, qui approche du mouvement de chaconne à 2 temps, et généralement tous les grands caractères tels que faunes, tartares, polonais, furies, etc."
Danse Oriental(French f.) belly dance
Danser (m.), Danseres (f.)(Dutch) dancer
danser(French) to dance
Danseries(French) collections of dances
Danse sérieuse et héroïque(French f.) also called danse noble, one of the three dance genres as set out by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre in 1760 in his Lettres sur la danse et les ballets
Danseur (m.), Danseuse (f.)(French) a dancer, a ballet-dancer
Danseur noblea title that given to principal male dancers in a ballet company
Dansje(Dutch) dance
dans la dèche(French) broke
dans la gêne(French) in financial straits
dans le but de(French) with the intention of
dans le civil(French) in civilian life
dans le coin(French) locally
dans le coma(French) in a coma
dans l'ensemble(French) on the whole
dans le principe(French) as a rule
dans l'erreur(French) mistaken
dans les coulisses(French) backstage
dans les plus brefs délais(French) as soon as possible
dans le temps(French) at one time
dans le temps jadis(French) in days of old, in days gone by, once upon a time
dans l'expectative(French) still waiting
Dansmuziek(Dutch) dance music
Dansoa Korean flute played vertically
Dansorkest(Dutch) dance
Danspas(Dutch) dance step
dans quelque temps(French) in a while
dans tous les azimuts(French) all over the place
Danswijsje(Dutch) dance-tune
dantesk(German) Dantesque
Dantesqueof or relating to the Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) or his writings, in particular his most famous work the Commedia later later christened Divina by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375): the work is known in English as 'The Divine Comedy'
d'anticipation(French) science fiction (book, film, story)
Dan tranhsixteen string zither from Vietnam
Dan trongsmall single-headed Vietnamese barrel drums of varying sizes and depths
Dantzarispecialist dancers who perform the more difficult sequences in Basque folk dance
Danube New Wavemixture of Viennese schrammelmusik and American blues and rock and roll
Danubio(Italian m., Spanish m.) Danube
Danxiansee quyi
Dánza(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) a dance, a ball
Danza(Spanish f.) dance, dancing
(Spanish f.) shady business, shady deal, rumpus, row, affair
(Italian f.) dance, dancing
a nineteenth-century musical and dance form emanating from the contradanza and a predecessor to the danzón
danza is the most characteristic artist expression of Puerto Rica, a musical form from the New World that most resembles European classical music. It is a form rich in melodic and harmonic content with a wide range of emotional expression. Some are melancholic and romantic: with long phrases, rich harmonies and three or more clearly defined parts (for example, paseo, merengue). Others are fast and lively: very short pieces of a playful character. Some are hard to classify in one or the other category, but all retain the essence that characterizes this musical form
Danza antigua de Hermigua(Spanish f.) ancient warrior dance from the Hermigua region in the Gomera Island (Canary Islands, Spain), accompanied by drums and chácaras (large castanets)
Danza de damas y galanes(Spanish f.) religious dance of the men and women of La Coruña (Galicia, Spain), in which a drum and bagpipe accompany four ladies, eight gentlemen and a lead dancer. The dancers come out of a church backwards and start dancing once they get to the atrium. The dancers mimic reverence and greetings
Danza dei coltelli(literally 'the dance of the knives'), a knife dance derived from the tarantella healing ritual
Danza de las ánimas(Spanish f., literally 'dance of the souls') an ancient folk dance from Albaladejo in the Spanish region of La Mancha. Seven dancers plus a captain hold swords and cover their heads while a musician plays a melody on the tiplillo (a tiny guitar). The dancers weave and unweave a cord out of ribbons tied to a pole
Danza del cordón(Spanish f., full name: danza del cordón de la carrera y del paloteo al Cristo de la Viga) a series of dances from the village of Villacañas (Toledo, Spain). It honours Christ of la Viga. On April 27 the eight dancers kneel to a banner representing Christ asking for forgiveness. During several days, the participants run and dance across town. On May 1st they dance playing castanets. A man nails a stick to the ground that holds eight ribbons of different colours. Every dancer holds a ribbon and makes a number of crossings with the other dancers, tying the ribbons until a cord is made. After that, the dancers run, performing the running dance throughout the town
Danza de los diablos(Spanish f., literally 'dance of the devils') an ancient dance from the town of Huete (Cuenca, Spain) in which three groups of men or women carry sticks and chains. The dancers create a percussive sound by pairing with other dancers and hitting their respective sticks and chasing away a man representing the devil
Danza del paloteo(Spanish f., full name: danza del paloteo y el cordón a La Virgen de La Piedad) a dance from the La Mancha region of Toledo (Spain). Eight dancers and a young man are needed. The young man dances in the middle of the other eight participants using a whip. The eight dancers use castanets and canes to create the rhythm, accompanied by a drummer and a dulzaina. They march through town dancing and running
Danza del venado, La(Spanish f., Yaqui Indian dance from the state of Sonora (Mexico) known as 'the dance of the deer'. The dance honours the deer's endurance of spirit, as depicted through the deer's struggle against pursuing hunters
Danza española(Spanish f.) a dance in simple duple rhythm originating from Spain
Danza guerrera(Spanish f.) war dance
Danza mora(Spanish f., literally 'Moorish dance') a flamenco style which was influenced by the Moors of North Africa as well as the Arabic style of music and dance. It is normally played with the sixth string of the guitar tuned to D
Danzante(Italian, Spanish m./f.) dancer
(Spanish m./f.) enterp, busybody, meddler, scatterbrain, featherbrain
danzante(Spanish) dancing
Danzantes y pecadoseucharistic dance of sinners from the town of Camuñas (Toledo, Spain), which some believe could be the remnant of an ancient pagan dance assimilated by Christianity. The dancers arrive to the Eucharist bringing symbols of the passion of Christ and wearing strange masks, one of the penitents using a large wooden hammer to pound on a block of wood, thus providing a beat that accompanies the dancers
Danza Paraguayaalso called the Paraguayan polka, the Danza Paraguaya is a style of music created in Paraguay in the nineteenth century, very different from the traditional polka, mainly because the Paraguayan version combines ternary and binary rhythms, whereas the European only uses binary
danzar(Spanish) to dance, to meddle, to interfer
danzare(Italian) to dance
danzáre(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) to dance
Danzarín (m.), Danzarina (f.)(Spanish) a (professional) dancer
Danzaríno(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) a dancer
Danza tedesca(Italian f., literally 'German dance') Ländler, an earlier type of waltz
Danzatore (m.), Danzatrice (f.)(Italian) dancer
Danzatóre(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) a dancer
Danzetta(Italian) a short dance
Danzig(German n.) Gdansk
a port city of northern Poland near the mouth of the Vistula River on a gulf of the Baltic Sea which in the 14th century was a member of the Hanseatic League
Danziger Bucht(German f.) Gulf of Danzig or Bay of Gdansk (a southeastern bay of the Baltic Sea, it is named after the adjacent port city of Gdansk in Poland)
Danzón(English, German m., Spanish m.) a Cuban song style and dance form derived from the contradanza (brought to Cuba by Haitian immigrants), danza, danza Habanera and interpreted by the charanga orchestras and instrumentation. Miguel Failde has been credited with composing the first danzón, La Altura del Simpson in 1879. Originally an ABAC form (A, paseo (introduction); B, parte de (la) flauta (flute melody); A, repeat of the paseo; C, parte del violín (string trio). Later a D section (the nuevo ritmo) was added, creating an ABACD form. This nuevo ritmo section integrated elements of the Cuban son and generated the mambo as well as the development of the montuno section of arrangements, and later the cha-cha-cha
Danzón-cháor danzón-mambo, a variation, that typically added another part D to the danzón), an open vamp in which soloists can improvise, creating an ABACD or, more common, ABACAD
Danzón-mambosee danzón-chá
da oben(German) up there
Daoismor Taoism, a principal philosophy and system of religion of China based on the teachings of Lao-tzu in the sixth century BC
Daoismus(German m.) Daoism, Taoism
Daoulitwo headed goatskin drum from Greece
Dapa Chinese frame drum with a round mulberry frame covered with python skin on one side
Daphnomancyor 'pyromancy', the art of divination by means of fire
Daphnomantie(German f.) daphnomancy
Da phon thai(Thailand) a two-headed drum, about 48 cm long, fashioned from a hollowed out cylindrical teak or the Jack fruit tree log. The two drumheads, usually made of cow skin, are of different sizes, the larger 25 cm in diameter, while the smaller is 22 cm in diameter. The tone of the drums is created by applying a mixture of cooked rice and ashes to the drumhead centre
d'aplomb(French) steady, balanced, upright
(French) a duple meter is beaten along a perpendicular line or d'aplomb
Da Ponte, Lorenzo (1749-1838)born Emanuele Conegliano, this professor of Italian is best known to music lovers as Mozart's librettist for Le Nozze di Figaro (1786), Don Giovanni (1787), and Così Fan Tutti (1790). His "Mozart period" had been over by a third of a century when he was appointed professor at Columbia University (USA) in 1825, at the age of 76! He could have found no composer-collaborator at Columbia; the first Columbia professor of music was not appointed until 1896
d'apparat(French) ceremonial
Dappenglas(German n.) dappen glass, dappen dish
a dappen dish, often made of thick porcelain or glass, is used to hold acrylic liquid or powder that are used in the preparation of finger and toe nails
Dappen glassa glass dish used in the cosmetic industry as a mixing dish for eyelash tint and peroxide, as a dish for use with Tip & Dip nails, for mixing acrylic liquid and powder that are used in the preparation of finger and toe nails, etc.
dappertutto(Italian) everywhere
dappoco(Italian) worthless
dappresso(Italian) near, closely
dapprima(Italian) at first
d'aprés(French) according to
da prima(Italian) at first, from the beginning
Daqinsee yangqin
da quando(Italian) since
da questa parte(Italian) from this place
da qui(Italian) from here, from now
da qui in poi(Italian) from now on
Dara hybrid of traditional Moroccan music with house, breakbeat, garage and other British electronic dance beats
dar(Spanish) to give, to deliver, to hand over, to pass, to pass on, to tell, to announce, to report, to deal, to apply (paint, etc.), to put on (make-up, etc.), to give off (odour), to turn on (light, gas)
dara(Spanish) look on to, face (a building)
dar abasto(Spanish) to supply
Darabukasee darabukka
Darabukkadurbekki, dumbek, tarambukka, derbouka (French), tambour arabe (French), Darabukka (German), arabische Trommel (German), tamburo arabo (Italian), tambor árabe (Spanish)
an Arabic goblet-shaped drum made from earthenware or terra-cotta pottery, wood or metal with a single drum head (the other end being left open), made from stretched parchment, bayard-fish, goatskin or other leather, attached directly to the frame by nails and glue or laced onto the head which is struck directly with hand or fingers with the body held under the player's arm
Darabukkahsee darabukka
dar achares(Spanish) to make jealous
dar addietro(Italian) to draw back
dar alcance(Spanish) to catch up
dar alcance a(Spanish) to catch up with
dar aliento a ...(Spanish) to encourage ...
dar alojamiento(Spanish) to accommodate
dar a luz(Spanish) to give birth
dar amparo a ...(Spanish) to give ... refuge
daran(German) on it, on them, at it, at them, of it, thereon, thereto
Daran besteht kein Zweifel.(German) Of that there is no doubt.
daran denken(German) to remember, to notice
darangeben(German) to sacrifice
darangegangen(German) to set to work
darangehen(German) to set about
darangehend(German) setting to work
daran glauben müssen(German) to be topped
daranmachen(German) to set about
dar asco(Spanish) to be disgusted, to be infuriated
darauf(German) on it, on them, for it, to it, after that, as a result, hereon, hereupon, thereon, thereupon, upon (archaic), on top of
darauf achten(German) to make sure
darauf ankommen(German) to matter, to come down to
darauf bedacht(German) anxious
darauf bedacht, geheiratet zu werden(German) anxious to be married, anxious to get married
darauf bedacht zu(German) anxious to
darauf bestehen, dass(German) to be adamant that
darauf brennen(German) to be impatient to do ...
darauffolgend(German) following (day, etc.), proximate, ensuing, subsequently, subsequent
darauf herumreiten(German) to rub it in (colloquial)
daraufhin(German) as a result, thereupon, subsequently, consequently, after that
darauf hinauslaufen(German) to imply
darauf hindeuten, dass ...(German) to indicate that ...
darauf hinweisen(German) to point out
darauf schließen lassen, dass ...(German) to imply that ...
daraufsetzen(German) to superimpose
Darauf trinken wir.(German) Let's drink to that.
darauf vorbereitet sein müssen(German) to stay on one's toes
Darauf wäre ich nie gekommen.(German) It would never have occurred to me.
daraus(German) hence, out of it, out of them, from it, from them, thereof
daraus ergibt sich(German) that implies
daraus erhellt, dass(German) from this it appears that
daraus folgend(German) consequential, consequent, hence
daraus folgende Wirkungen(German pl.) consequential effects
daraus folgender Verlust(German m.) consequential loss
daraus folgt, dass(German) from this it follows that
Daraus geht hervor, dass ...(German) It follows that ... This shows that ...
Daraus kann man folgern, dass ...(German) From this one can infer that ...
daraus resultierend(German) consequent
daraus wird ersichtlich, dass(German) thus it appears that
Daraus wird ersichtlich, dass ...(German) This shows that ... This indicates that ...
Daraus wurde nichts.(German) It didn't come off.
darben(German) to starve
darbieten(German) to present, to serve (dishes)
darbietend(German) presenting
Darbietung (s.), Darbietungen (pl.)(German f.) performance, item (number in a concert, show, etc.), presentation, show, offering, representation, skit, act, showing
Darboukasee darabukka
dar brillo(Spanish) to polish
dar brillo a unos zapatos(Spanish) to polish one's shoes
darbringend(Spanish) offering
Darbringung(German f.) performance (of religious sacrifice)
Darbringung Christi im Tempel(German f.) Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
Darbuccasee darabukka
Darbuka(English, German f.) darabukka (goblet drum)
Darbukkasee darabukka
dar clase(Spanish) to teach, to lecture (university)
dar com(Spanish) to meet, to find
dar con la puerta en las narices a ...(Spanish) to slam the door in ...'s face (somebody's)
Dard(French m.) string (of an animal)
dar de alta a un enfermo(Spanish) to discharge a patient
dar de alta en la Seguridad Social(Spanish) to be registered with Social Security
dar de cabeza(Spanish) to fall flat on one's face
dar dentera a uno(Spanish) to set someone's teeth on edge, to make someone green with envy
dar destino a(Spanish) to find a use for
dar disculpas(Spanish) to make excuses
Dardo(Italian m., Spanish m.) dart
Dare(Italian m.) debit (commerce)
dare(Italian) to give, to yield (produce)
dare ascolto a(Italian) to pay attention to
dare cibo con le mani(Italian) to hand-feed
(Italian) hand-feeding
dare gas(Italian) to accelerate (vehicle)
darein(German) in it, in them
dare in escandescenze(Italian) to lose one's temper
dareinmischen(German, dated) to meddle (in someone else's affairs)
dareinreden(German, dated) to meddle (in someone else's affairs)
Dareios III.(German) Darius III (of Persia)
dar el alta(Spanish) to discharge from hospital
dar el alta a un enfermo(Spanish) to discharge a patient
dare le dimissioni(Italian) to resign
dar en el blanco(Spanish) to hit the mark
Dar es Salaamthe capital and largest port city of Tanzania, lying on the Indian Ocean
Daressalam(German n.) Dar es Salaam
dare su(Italian) to give on to
dare un concerto(Italian) to hold a concert
dare un esame(Italian) to take an exam
dare un'occhiata(Italian) to have a look at
darf(German) may (is permitted), can (may)
Darf ich Ihnen mein herzliches Beileid ausdrücken?(German) May I offer you my sincere condolences?
Darf ich Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf ... lenken? (German) May I draw your attention to ... ? May I direct your attention to ... ?
Darf ich mich vorstellen?(German) Allow me to introduce myself.
Darf ich mit Ihnen unter vier Augen sprechen?(German) May I talk to you privately?
Darf ich raten?(German) May I venture a guess?
Darf ich Sie erinnern ... ?(German) May I remind you that ... ?
Darf ich Sie erinnern an ...(German) May I remind you of ...
Darf ich Sie um ein Wort im Vertrauen bitten?(German) May I have a word in your ear, please?
Darf ich um den nächsten Tanz bitten?(German) May I have the next dance?
Darf ich um Ihre Aufmerksamkeit bitten?(German) May I have your attention?
Darf ich vorstellen, ...(German) May I introduce ... Allow me to introduce ...
darf nicht(German) must not
darf nicht erlassen werden(German) may not be waived
darfst(German) may (are permitted), can (may)
Darfst du das machen?(German) Are you allowed to do that?
darfst nicht(German) must not
Dargasonalso known by the name of Sedanny, an English country dance, published in the first (1651) edition of John Playford's The English Dancing Master. The figure for Dargason is somewhat unusual (in fact, it is unique in Playford's collection), in that it is neither a round dance nor a dance for longways sets of couples; rather, it is danced by an equal number of gentlemen and ladies in a single line, the gentlemen all on one side and facing the ladies, the ladies on the other side and facing the gentlemen. The tune forms the principal theme of the fourth movement of Gustav Holst's orchestral work St. Paul's Suite, first published in 1922, where it is set against the better-known tune of Greensleeves
dargeboten(German) presented
dargebracht(German) offered
dargelegt(German) presented, posed (problem, etc.)
dargereicht(German) handed
dargestellt(German) posed, depicted, shown, represented
dargestellt als(German) figured as
DaridranarayanaGod in the form of the poor and the destitute
darin(German) in it, in them, therein
darin genannt(German) specified therein
darintraben(German) to bowl along
Darioleor dariole mould, a small mould as used for crème caramels
Darioleform(German f.) dariole mould
Darius III.(German) Darius III (of Persia)
Dark ambienta subgenre of ambient music which emerged in the 1990's with the introduction of new synthesizers in the electronic music genre and other technical advances in music. It is often closely linked with industrial music, noise and black metal, yet can be free from any derivatives and connections to other genres or styles
Dark Cabareta new music genre emerging from the underground minglings of 'German Cabaret', 'Burlesque', 'Vaudeville', 'folk', 'punk', 'darkwave', 'death rock' and 'Gothic rock' music styles as well as 'film noir' influences. Dark Cabaret is characterized by driving piano and by deep female or male vocals influenced by the style of Kurt Weill and Marlene Dietrich
Darkcorea music genre that became popular in the United Kingdom hardcore rave scene in 1993. It is recognized as being one of the direct precursors of the modern subgenre of electronica known as drum and bass
  • Dark core from which this extract has been taken
Dark Lady SonnetsSonnets 127-147 of the Shakespearean collection published in 1609 are known loosely as the "Dark Lady" sonnets because most of them have an implied audience or implied subject-matter of a mysterious sexually promiscuous woman with dark features. This contrasts with the traditional Petrarchan conceits of a fair-haired and fair-skinned lover who is coldly aloof to the male speaker's wooing
Dark metala subjective term used to describe European metal bands from various genres that have used traits from gothic metal and doom metal, such as synthesizer use, acoustic guitar experimentation and/or operatic female vocals
  • Dark metal from which this extract has been taken
Darkstepa sub genre of Drum and Bass which became popular in the late 1990s. It is the result of a combination of the dark elements of Darkcore with highly energetic breaks like the 'amen break' and the 'firefight break'
  • Darkstep from which this extract has been taken
Darkwavea generic term which refers to an 80s movement that coincided with the popularity of New wave music. Building upon the basic principles of New wave, Darkwave evolved through the addition of dark, thoughtful lyrics and an undertone of sorrow
  • Dark wave from which this extract has been taken
dar la alerta(Spanish) to raise the alarm
dar la coincidencia(Spanish) to happen
dar la enhorabuena(Spanish) to congratulate
dar la mano a ...(Spanish) to shake hands with ...
dar las boqueadas(Spanish) to be dying
dar las buenas noches a ...(Spanish) to say good night to ...
dar las cartas(Spanish) to deal the cards
dar las gracias por ...(Spanish) to say thank you for ..., to give thanks for ... (familiar)
dar la voz de alarma(Spanish) to sound the alarm, to raise the the alarm
dar la voz de alerta(Spanish) to raise the alarm
darle albergue a ...(Spanish) to take ... in, to give ... shelter, to give ... refuge, to give ... accommodation
darle ánimo(s) a ...(Spanish) to encourage ..., to cheer ... on (somebody)
darle aventón a ...(Spanish - Mexico) to give ... a lift, to give ... a ride
darlegen(German) to expose, to clarify, to explain, to state, to demonstrate, to present, to propound, to unveil, to set forth, to expound, to declare, to show, to exhibit, to pose (problem, etc.)
darlegend(German) explaining
Darlegung (s.), Darlegungen (pl.)(German f.) demonstration, declaration, statement, explanation, interpretation, elucidation
Darlegungslast(German f.) burden of producing evidence
Darlehen(German n.) loan, credit, advance (of money)
Darlehen aushandeln(German) to arrange a loan
Darlehen mit beweglichen Zinssätzen(German n.) variable rate loan
Darlehen mit festem Zinssatz(German n.) fixed-rate loan
Darlehen mit festgelegter Laufzeit(German n.) fixed-term loan
Darlehen mit niedrigen Zinsen(German n.) low interest loan
Darlehensantrag(German m.) loan application, request for a loan
Darlehensbedingungen(German pl.) conditions of a loan, loan conditions, terms of a loan
Darlehensgrenze(German f.) credit limit
Darlehensmöglichkeiten(German pl.) credit facilities
Darlehensrückzahlung(German f.) loan repayment
Darlehenssumme(German f.) amount borrowed
Darlehensvertrag(German m.) loan agreement, loan contract
Darlehenszins (s.), Darlehenszinsen (pl.)(German m.) interest rate of a loan, loan interest (plural form)
dar los buenos días a ...(Spanish) to say good morning to ...
dar lugar a(Spanish) to give rise to
Darm (s.), Därme (pl.)(German m.) intestine, skin (of a sausage), bowel, gut
Darm-(German) intestinal, enteric (prefix)
Darmabführung(German f.) catharsis
Darmgeräusch(German n.) borborygmus
Darmgrippe(German f.) gastric flu, gastric influenza
Darmkollern(German n.) borborygmus
Darmkrebs(German m.) bowel cancer, colon cancer
Darmsaite (s.), Darmsaiten (pl.)(German f.) catgut, gut string, corda di budello (Italian f.), corde de boyau (French f.)
Darmspiegelung(German f.) colonoscopy
Darmspülung(German f.) irrigation, colonic irrigation
dar muestras de alegría(Spanish) to look happy
dar muestras de tristeza(Spanish) to look sad
dar muerte a ...(Spanish) to kill ... (familiar: somebody)
Darne(French) a slice of round fish on the bone
darniederliegen(German) to be laid low (ill)
darniederliegend(German) languishing
dar palmadas(Spanish) to clap
dar parte de(Spanish) to report
dar por(Spanish) to assume, to decide
dar por descontado(Spanish) to take for granted
Darrabukasee darabukka
dar razón (de)(Spanish) to gice an account (of)
Darre(German f.) oast house, drying kiln
darreichen(German) to administer
darreichend(German) handing
Darreichung(German f.) presentation
Darren(German n.) drying (hops, etc.)
Darrieus-Rotor(German m.) eggbeater (colloquial)
darse(Spanish) to happen
darse aires (de grandeza)(Spanish) to put on airs, to give oneself airs
darse de baja(Spanish) to take sick leave
darse de bofetadas(Spanish) to clash
darsela a gambe(Italian) to take to one's heels
Darsena(Italian f.) dock
Dársena(Spanish f.) dock
darse por aludido(Spanish) to take it personally
darse un atracón(Spanish) to stuff oneself
Darshanthe vision of the sanctity
DasharathaKing of Ayodhya, father of Rama, in the Ramayana
darsi a(Italian) to give oneself to
darsi al bere(Italian) to take a drink
darsi pace(Italian) to calm down, to be resigned
darsi pena con(Italian) to trouble yourself with
darsi per vinto(Italian) to give up
darsi su(Italian) to give on to
darstellbar(German) presentable, educible, representable, presentably, portrayable
darstellbares Zeichen(German n.) displayable character
Darstellbarkeit(German f.) presentability
darstellen(German) to represent, to portray (picture, a role), to interpret (theatre), to allegorise, to play, to describe, to denote, to depict, to indicate, to embody, to constitute, to demonstrate, to display, to express, to illustrate, to outline, to present, to embody, to enact (role), to epitomise, to impersonate, to picture, to show, to delineate
darstellend(German) representative, depicting, illustrating, personating, descriptive, representative, posing, demonstrative
darstellende Geometrie(German f.) descriptive geometry
darstellende Kunst(German f.) dramatic arts, performing arts
darstellende Künstler(German m.) performing artist
Darsteller (m.), Darstellerin (f.), Darsteller (pl.)(German) actor, actress (f.), performer, impersonator, act (a performer)
darstellerisch(German) acting, representational
darstellerisches Talent(German n.) dramatic talent, acting talent
Darsteller tragischer Rollen (m.), Darstellerin tragischer Rollen (f.)(German) tragedian (m.), tragedienne (f.)
Darstellung (s.), Darstellungen (pl.)(German f.) interpretation, representation, phantom, embodiment, statement (report), portrayal, picture, image, characterisation, description, display, figure, illustration, notation, outline, presentation, version, depiction, exposition, mimesis, account (report), rendering, tapestry (figurative), enactment
Darstellung Christi im Tempel(German f.) Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
Darstellung der Angelegenheit(German f.) version of the affair
Darstellung der Tatsachen(German f.) statement of facts
Darstellung des Ereignisses(German f.) version of the event
Darstellung des Falles(German f.) statement of the case
Darstellung des Herrn(German f.) Presentation of the Lord
Darstellung Jesu (im Tempel)(German f.) Presentation of Christ (in the Temple)
Darstellungsart(German f.) notation
Darstellungsform(German f.) form of expression
Darstellungskunst(German f.) dramatics
Darstellungsmethode(German f.) method of presentation
Darstellungsweise(German f.) manner of representation, way of representing
Dartington Hall
originally founded by Leonard & Dorothy Elmhirst, as a successful experiment in rural regeneration financed by the New York heiress's fortune. It included 800 acres of farms & forestry, experimental school, art college & open-air theatre, cider press, glassworks and various research projects. It became a series of trusts in 1931 and managed to maintain its radical edge beyond the death of its founders
Dartscheibe(German f.) dart board, dartboard
Dartspiel(German n.) game of darts
Da ruanruan
dartun(German) to state, to explain, to demonstrate
darüber(German) over it, over them, above it, above them, (speak) about it, more, in the meantime, overhead, across
Darüber besteht kein Zweifel.(German) There's no question about it. There's no question about that.
darübergelegt(German) superimposed
darübergießen(German) to dash over, to pour over
darüberhinaus(German) in addition to it, on top of this
darüber hinaus(German) beyond, furthermore, above, in addition, moreover, over and above, further, into the bargain, on top of that, what is more, beyond that
darüber hinweggesehen(German) connived
darüber hinwegsehen(German) to connive
darüber hinwegsehend(German) conniving
darüber hinwegziehen(German) to browse
Darüber ist längst Gras gewachsen.(German) That's dead and buried. (colloquial: over and done with)
darüberlackieren(German) to varnish over
Darüber lässt sich diskutieren.(German) This is a legitimate subject for debate.
Darüber lässt sich möglicherweise reden.(German) That's a possibility.
Darüber lässt sich reden.(German) That's a matter of argument.
Darüber lässt sich streiten.(German) That's open to dispute.
darüberlegen(German) to superimpose
darüberliegend(German) overlying
darüber, ob ...(German) as to whether ...
Darüber scherzt man nicht.(German) This is not a joking matter.
darübersetzen(German) to superimpose
Darüber war heftig diskutiert worden.(German) It had provoked a lot of controversy. It had provoked a lot of discussion.
darum(German) round it, round them, for it, that is why, for that reason, therefore, so, that's why
Darum!(German) That's why!
Darum geht es gar nicht.(German) That's not the point.
Darum geht es hier nicht.(German) That's not the point here.
Darum geht's.(German) That's what it's all about.
Darum handelt es sich nicht.(German) That's not the issue.
Darum liebe ich dich.(German) That's why I love you.
dar un acelerón(Spanish) to put one's foot down (figurative: to increase the pace)
dar una palmada(Spanish) to clap one's hands
dar una vuelta a la manzana(Spanish) to go round the block
dar un brinco(Spanish) jump
dar un paso atrás(Spanish) to step backwards
darunter(German) under, underneath, under it, under them, under there, below, below it, below them, less, beneath, among them, thereunder, among (archaic), including
Darunter ...(German) These include ...
darunter auch(German) including
Darunter auch ...(German) These include ...
darunter gehören(German) to belong under
darunterliegend(German) underlying
darunterliegend(German) lying beneath, lying underneath
darunter liegend(German) underlying
Darwinianalso Darwinistic, of or pertaining to the work of the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
Darwinisma term used for various movements or concepts related to ideas of transmutation of species or evolution including, although not exclusively, the ideas and evidence provided by the English naturalist, Charles Darwin (1809-1882). In modified form, Darwin's scientific discovery remains the foundation of biology, as it provides a unifying logical explanation for the diversity of life
Darwinismus(German m.) Darwinism
Darwinist (m.), Darwinistin (f.)(German) Darwinist, Darwinite, Darwinian
darwinistisch(German) Darwinian, Darwinist, Darwinistic
das(German) the, that, what, which, who
das 1. Buch der Könige(German n.) the 1st Book of Kings (books from the Old Testament)
das 2. Buch der Könige(German n.) the 2nd Book of Kings (books from the Old Testament)
das Abendmahl(German n.) Holy Communion
das Abendmahl austeilen(German) to distribute (Holy) Communion
das Abendmahl empfangen(German) to receive Holy Communion
das Abendmahl nehmen(German) to receive Communion
das Abendmahl reichen(German) to administer Holy Communion
das Abenteuer liebend(German) adventure-loving
das Abenteuer suchend(German) adventure-seeking
das Abgeschöpfte(German n.) skimmings
das Absolute(German n.) absoluteness
das Adrenalin in Wallung bringen(German) to get the adrenalin flowing
das Allerbeste(German) all the best
das Allerbeste auswählen(German) to choose the very best
das allererste Mal(German) the very first time
Das Allerschlimmste war ...(German) Worst of all was ...
das Allerwesentlichste(German) the most essential thing of all
Das alles gehört sich so nicht.(German) This is all backwards.
Das alles ist schon so lange her.(German) It all happened so long ago.
das Allumfassende(German) catch-all
das alte Ägypten(German) ancient Egypt
das Alte Testament(German) the Law
das Alter von ... Jahren erreichen(German) to reach (the age of) ...
Das Alter zeigt sich.(German) Age is beginning to tell.
das Altniederdeutsche(German) Old Low German
das amerikanische Volk(German) the American people
das Amt antretend(German) coming into office
das Andenken aufrechterhalten(German) to preserve the memory
das andere Ende erreichen(German) to reach the other end
das andere Extrem(German n.) the other extreme, the contrary extreme
das andere Geschlecht(German) the opposite sex
Das ändert die Lage.(German) That alters the case.
das Angebot annehmen(German) to take the offer
Das Angebot steht (noch immer).(German) The offer still holds.
das Angebot überdenken(German) to consider the offer
das Angelsächsische(German) the Anglo-Saxon
das Angenehme mit dem Nützlichen verbinden(German) to combine business with pleasure
das Animalische in ihm(German) the animal in him
das Arbeitsende registrieren(German) to clock out
Das Argument zieht nicht.(German) That argument doesn't hold.
das Ätzende(German) astringency (figurative)
Das auch noch!(German) What next?
das Aufgebot aushängen(German) to publish the banns
das Aufgebot bestellen(German) to call the banns
das Aufgebot verkünden(German) to publish the banns
das Auge anpassen an ...(German) to accommodate the eye to ...
das Auge ansprechen(German) to appeal to the eye
Das Auge der Kamera ist unbestechlich.(German) The camera cannot lie.
das Auge ergötzen(German) to delight the eye
das Auge laben(German) to delight the eye
das Augenlicht verlieren(German) to lose one's sight
das A und O(German) the be-all and end-all (figurative)
das auserwählte Volk(German n.) the chosen people
das Aussehen verändern(German) to change appearance
Das Auto springt nicht an.(German) The car won't start.
das Auto stehen lassen und zu Fuß gehen(German) to leave the car behind and walk
das Baby baden(German) to bath the baby, to bathe the baby, to give the baby a bath
Das Baby hat einen Zahn bekommen.(German) The baby has cut a tooth.
das Becken schlagen(German) to play the cymbals
das bedeutet(German) that implies, this means that
Das bedeutet eine große Arbeitserleichterung.(German) That makes the work much easier.
Das bedeutet mir nichts.(German) That's nothing to me.
das Befriedigende(German) satisfactoriness
Das beruht auf Gegenseitigkeit.(German) The feeling is mutual.
das Beste(German) the best
das Beste aus seinen Talenten machen(German) to make the most of one's talents
Das Beste daran ist ...(German) The best thing about it is ...
das Beste denken(German) to think the best
das Beste erhoffen(German) to hope for the best
das Beste hinter sich haben(German) to be past one's sell-by date (figurative)
das Beste vom Besten(German) the cream of the crop
das beste, was man sich nur denken kann(German) the best one could possibly imagine
das bestgehütete Geheimnis(German) the most closely guarded secret
das Bett hüten(German) to stay in bed, to keep to one's bed
das Bett machen(German) to make the bed
das Bett nass machen(German) to wet the bed
das Bett neu überziehen(German) to change the bed, to change the sheets, to change the bedclothes, to change the bed-linen
Das beunruhigt mich etwas(German) I'm slightly worried about it.
das Beweismaterial durchgehen(German) to sift the evidence
das Beweismaterial sichten(German) to sift the evidence
das Bewusstsein verlieren(German) to fall senseless, to pass out, to lose consciousness
das Bewusstsein wiedererlangen(German) to regain consciousness
das Bewusstsein wiedergewinnen(German) to regain consciousness
Das bezweifle ich.(German) I doubt that.
Das Bild hängt schief.(German) The picture is crooked.
Das Bild ist gut gelungen.(German) The picture has turned out well.
Das bin ich.(German) This is me. That's me.
Das bin ich ihm schuldig.(German) I owe it to him.
das bisher beste Ergebnis(German) the best result so far
Das bist du dir schuldig.(German) You owe it to yourself.
das Blatt einseitig beschreiben(German) to write on one side of the paper
Das Blatt hat sich gewendet.(German) The tide has turned. The luck has turned.
das Blatt wenden(German) to turn the tables (figurative)
das Blatt (zu seinen Gunsten) wenden(German) to turn the tide (in one's favour)
das Blaue vom Himmel (herunter) reden(German) to talk one's head off (colloquial)
das Blaue vom Himmel herunterlügen(German) to lie one's head off
das Blaue vom Himmel versprechen(German) to promise everything under the sun
Das bleibt abzuwarten.(German) That remains to be seen.
das bleibt dahingestellt(German) that remains to be seen
Das bleibt unter uns.(German) That's just between (the two of) us. That will not go any further. (of a secret)
Das Blut gefror ihm in den Adern.(German) His blood ran cold.
das Boot erreichen(German) to catch the boat
Das Boot ist abgefahren.(German) It's too late.
das Boot umkippen(German) to upset the boat
das Boot verpassen(German) to miss the boat
das Böse(German n.) evil (per se)
das Böse abwehren(German) to ward off evil
das Böse in Person sein(German) to be the embodiment of evil
Das brauchen Sie vielleicht.(German) You may need this.
Das braucht dich nicht zu bekümmern!(German) There is no need for you to worry about that!
Das bringt das Ergebnis zu Tage.(German) That's the pay-off.
Das bringt der Job mit sich.(German) It's part of the job.
Das bringt mich zur Frage ...(German) This leads me to the issue of ...
Das bringt nichts.(German) It's pointless.
(das Buch der) Chronik(German) (Book of) Chronicles
(das Buch der) Könige(German) (Book of) Kings
(das Buch der) Richter(German) (the Book of) Judges
das Buch Esra(German) (the Book of) Ezra
das Buch Esther(German) (the Book of) Esther
Das Buch geht gut.(German) The book sells well.
Das Buch hatte eine Auflagenhöhe von ...(German) ... copies of the book were published.
das Buch Hiob(German) the Book of Job
Das Buch ist unbeschreiblich schlecht.(German) The book is just too awful for words.
das Buch Jeremia(German) (the Book of) Jeremiah
das Buch Jona(German) the Book of Jonah
das Buch Josua(German) (the Book of) Joshua
das Buch Nehemia(German) (the Book of) Nehemiah
das Buch Ruth(German) the Book of Ruth
Das Buch verkauft sich gut.(German) The book sells well.
das Büßerhemd anziehen(German) to put on sackcloth and ashes (figurative)
das Büßerhemd tragen(German) to wear sackcloth and ashes (figurative)
Da scheint eine Bevorzugung vorzuliegen.(German) There appears to be a preference.
Da scheint ein Fehler vorzuliegen.(German) There seems to be a mistake.
Da scheint ein Fehler zu sein.(German) There appears to be a mistake. There seems to be a mistake.
Da scheint ein Irrtum vorzuliegen.(German) There appears to be an error.
Da scheint etwas verkehrt zu laufen mit ...(German) There seems to be something wrong with ...
da scherzo(Italian) in jest, in a playful manner
das Dach anzünden(German) to set the roof on fire
das Dach ausbessern(German) to repair the roof
das Dach der Welt(German) the roof of the world
Das dachte ich mir.(German) I anticipated as much.
das dänische Festlandgebiet(German) continental Denmark
Das darf nicht unwidersprochen bleiben.(German) We can't let this pass unchallenged.
Das darf nicht wieder vorkommen.(German) Let there be no more of this.
das Datum, ab dem ...(German) the date from which ...
das Datum, ab wann ...(German) the date from which ...
das Datum ändern(German) to alter the date, to change the date
Das Datum ist mir entfallen.(German) The date slipped my mind.
Das dauert genauso lange.(German) That takes just as long.
das Deck scheuern(German) to scrub the deck
das Defizit ausgleichen(German) to finance the deficit
das dem Untergang geweihte Schiff(German) the doomed ship
das Design ändern(German) to alter the design
das Deutsche(German) the German language
Das dicke Ende kommt noch.(German) The worse is yet to come. There will be hell to pay.
das Ding an sich(German) the thing-in-itself (colloquial)
das diplomatische Korps(German n.) the diplomatic corps
das dritte Geschlecht(German) the third sex (transexual)
das Dritte Reich(German n.) Third Reich
Das Dumme ist nur, dass ...(German) The trouble is ...
das Dümmste(German) the stupidest thing
Das dürfen Sie nie vergessen.(German) You must never forget that.
Das dürfte der Fall sein.(German) That might well be so.
Das dürfte Ihnen bekannt sein.(German) You're probably aware of it.
das Eigentliche(German n.) the essence
das Eigentum erwerben(German) to acquire ownership, to obtain ownership
das Eigentum geht über auf(German) the property passes on to
das Eigentum übernehmen(German) to assume ownership
Daseian notationan unique type of musical notation called Daseian was introduced in the musica enchiriadis and scolica enchiriadis treatises, written about 860 AD in the Carolingian Frankish Empire
Das eilt nicht!(German) That's not urgent!
Dasein(German n.) existence, being, entities, entity, presence
dasein(German, dated) to be there, to be here, to exist
da sein(German) to be on hand, to be there, to be around
das Eine oder Andere(German) one or two things
das Einmaleins(German n.) the basics
das ein oder andere(German) the one or other
Daseinsberechtigung(German f.) raison d'être (French: right to exist)
Daseinsform(German f.) way of life
Daseinsfreude(German f.) joie de vivre (French: love of life)
Daseinszweck(German m.) raison d'être (French)
das einte Mal(German - Switzerland) the first time
das Eintrittsgeld (nicht) wert sein(German) to be (not) worth the admission money
das Ein und Alles(German) the be-all and the end-all
das einzige seiner Art weltweit(German) the only one of its kind in the world
Das einzige, was ich daran zu beanstanden habe ...(German) The only criticism I have ... The only objection I have ...
das einzig Gute (an)(German) the saving feature (of)
das einzig Gute daran(German) the only good thing about it
das einzig Sinnvolle(German) the only thing that makes sense
das einzig Wahre(German) the real deal
das Eis brechen(German) to break the ice (also figurative), to break the spell
das Eisen schmieden, solange es heiß ist(German) to strike while the iron is hot, to make hay while the sun shines (figurative)
das Eiweiß steif schlagen(German) to beat the egg white until stiff
daselbst(German) thereat, in said place
das Elend lindern(German) to alleviate the misery
das Ende bedenken(German) to have the end in view, to signify the end
Das Ende der Welt ist nah.(German) The end of the world is nigh.
das Ende vom Lied(German) the upshot, the end of the story
Das Ende vom Lied war, dass ...(German) The upshot was that ...
das englische Wesen hassend(German) anglophobe, Anglophobic
Das Entscheidende dabei ist ...(German) The decisive factor is ...
Das entspricht nicht den Anforderungen.(German) That doesn't come up to scratch.
das Ergebnis akzeptieren(German) to accept the results
das Ergebnis beeinträchtigen(German) to affect the result
das Ergebnis bekannt geben(German) to announce the result
Das ergibt jede Menge Sinn.(German) This makes a lot of sense.
Das ergibt keinen Sinn.(German) That doesn't make sense.
das Erhabene(German) the sublime
Das erinnert mich an zu Hause.(German) This reminds me of home.
Das erledigte die Sache endgültig.(German) That clinched the matter.
das Erschreckende daran ist, dass ...(German) the frightening thing is that ...
das erste Gebot machen(German) to open the bidding
das erste Mal(German n.) the first time
Das erste Mal habe ich davon gehört, als ...(German) The first I heard about it was when ...
das Erzbistum Canterbury(German n.) the see of Canterbury
das Essen auftragen(German) to serve up dinner
Das Essen ist angerichtet!(German) Dinner is served!
Das Essen ist fertig!(German) Dinner is ready!
das Essen kochen(German) to cook the dinner
Das Essen, soweit vorhanden, ...(German) The food, such as it was, ...
das Establishment(German n.) the Establishment
das europäische Festland(German) the Continent
das Extrem vermeiden(German) to avoid extremes
das Fähnchen nach dem Wind drehen(German) to jump on bandwagons
das Fahrgeld abgezählt bereithalten(German) to tender the exact fare
das Falsche(German) the wrong thing
das falsche Gesangbuch haben(German) to belong to the wrong (religious) denomination
das Familienleben beeinträchtigend(German) affecting family life
das Fazit ziehen (aus)(German) to sum up, to consider the results (of)
Das fehlt mir noch!(German) That's just what I needed! (colloquial - ironic)
das Feinste vom Feinsten(German) the creme de la creme
Das Fenster bietet eine schöne Aussicht.(German) The window commands a fine view.
das Fenster schließen(German) to close the window
das Fenster zumachen(German) to shut the window
das Feuer anfachen(German) to fan the flames, to blow on the fire
das Feuer austreten(German) to trample out the fire
das Feuer schüren(German) to stir the fire
das Flämische(German) Flemish
das französische Festland(German) continental France
das Freie(German) the open (air)
das (frühe) Mittelalter(German n.) the Dark Ages
Das führt vom Thema ab.(German) That's a red herring. (irrelevant)
Das führt zu nichts.(German) That will get you nowhere. That will lead to nothing.
das Fundament eines Hauses errichten(German) to build the foundations of a house
das Für und Wider(German) the pros and cons
das Für und Wider abwägen(German) to study the pros and cons, to weigh up the pros and cons
Das gab bei ihm den Ausschlag.(German) That clinched it for him.
Das galt für ihn.(German) That was true of him.
das Ganze(German) the ensemble, the whole thing, the whole issue
das ganze Haus zusammenbrüllen(German) to shout the house down
das ganze Haus zusammenschreien(German) to shout the house down
das ganze Jahr(German) all the year
das ganze Jahr durch(German) all year round, all the year round
das ganze Jahr hindurch(German) all the year round, throughout the whole year, perennial, at any time of the year
das ganze Jahr lang(German) the whole year round
das ganze Jahr über(German) all year round
das ganze Jahr über besucht(German) year-round (tourist centre, vacation spot)
das ganze Jahr über lebendig(German) year-round (town)
das ganze Kroppzeug(German) all this junk, all that junk
Das ganze Lager muss geräumt werden.(German) All stocks must be cleared.
das ganze Land mit einer Sendung erreichen(German) to broadcast nationwide
das Ganze (nur) noch schlimmer machen(German) to add insult to injury
das ganze Theater(German) the whole rigmarole
Das Gebäude hatte eine gesunde Bausubstanz.(German) The building was structurally sound.
das Gebiet betreffende Probleme(German pl.) problems affecting the region
Das gebietet der Anstand.(German) That is common decency.
Das gebietet die Höflichkeit.(German) This is common courtesy.
Das gefällt mir irgendwie.(German) I kind of like it.
das Gefühl, das schon einmal gesehen zu haben(German) a feeling of déjà vu, a sense of déjà vu
das Gefühl haben, dass ...(German) to have the sense that ..., to sense (that) ...
Das Gefühl kenne ich.(German) I know the feeling.
das Gegebene(German n.) datum
das Gegenteil(German) the other thing (colloquial)
das Gegenteil bedeutend(German) to the contrary
Das Gegenteil trifft zu.(German) The reverse is true.
das Geheimnis aufklären(German) to clear up the mystery
das Gehirn schädigen(German) to affect the brain
Das gehört alles zu seiner Anmachtour.(German) That's all part of his act.
Das gehört dir.(German) This is yours.
Das gehört in meine Kompetenz.(German) That is my department.
Das gehört nicht hier her.(German) That's irrelevant.
Das gehört nicht zu seinen (großen) Stärken.(German) That's not his strong point.
Das gehört nicht zur Sache.(German) That's beside the point.
Das gehört sich nicht.(German) That's just not done. That's out of place.
Das gehört zu meiner Aufgabe.(German) That's all part of my job.
das Gehörte(German) the things heard
Das geht an die Substanz.(German) That really takes it out of you.
Das geht auf keine Kuhhaut.(German) It beggars description.
Das geht auf meine Rechnung.(German) This is on me.
Das geht einfach nicht.(German) This just isn't on. (colloquial: This is not acceptable.)
Das geht etwas zu weit.(German) This is a bit of a stretch.
Das geht ganz und gar nicht!(German) That will never do!
Das geht mich nichts an.(German) That's no concern of mine. It does not concern me. That is no concern of mine. That is not my affair.
Das geht mir auf die Nerven.(German) That gets on my nerves.
Das geht mir contre coeur.(German) I don't like that at all.
Das geht mir gegen den Strich.(German) It goes against the grain for me.
Das geht mir über die Hutschnur.(German) That's going too far.
Das geht nicht mit rechten Dingen zu.(German) There is something odd here.
Das geht über meinen Horizont.(German) That's over my head. That's too deep for me.
Das geht über meinen Verstand.(German) That's over my head.
Das geht zu weit.(German) That's going too far. That's stretching it too far!
Das geht zum einen Ohr hinein und zum anderen wieder hinaus.(German) It goes in one ear and out the other.
das Gejammere und Geplärre(German) the wailing and gnashing of teeth
das Geld locker halten(German) to loosen the purse strings
Das Geld macht's.(German) Money talks.
das Geld wert(German) worth the money
das Gelenk einrichten(German) to case the joint
das Gelernte anwenden(German) to apply what you have learned
das Gelobte Land(German) the Promised Land
das Gemälde zu Ende führen(German) to complete the painting
das gemeine Volk(German n.) commonality, commonalty
das gemeine Volk(German) the common people
das Gemüt beruhigen(German) to quiet the mind
das Gemüt zerrütten(German) to shatter the mind
das genaue Gegenteil(German) the exact opposite, the very reverse, the very antithesis
das genaue Porto(German) the exact postage
das Genick brechend(German) breakneck
Das genügt.(German) That will do.
Das genügt mir völlig.(German) That'll do me fine.
Das genügt nicht.(German) This won't do.
Das genügt vollauf.(German) That will do nicely.
Das genügt völlig.(German) That's quite enough.
das geringere Übel(German) the lesser of two evils
das gesamte Ausmaß(German) the sheer magnitude
das gesamte Spektrum von ... durchlaufen(German) to run the (whole) gamut of ...
das Geschäft aufgeben(German) to go out of business, to give up business
Das Geschäft ist geplatzt.(German) The deal is off.
Das Geschäft ist sehr flau.(German) Business is very slack.
das Geschäft wieder aufnehmen(German) to resume business
Das geschah gegen meinen Willen.(German) That was done against my will.
das Geschaute(German) the things being looked at
Das geschieht ihm recht.(German) That serves him right.
das Geschirr abtrocknen(German) to dry the dishes, to do the drying (up)
das Geschirr spülen(German) to wash the dishes, to do the dishes
das Geschlecht der Bourbonen(German) the House of Bourbon
das Gesetz befolgend(German) law-abiding
das Gesetz missachten(German) to treat the law with contempt
das Gesetz übertreten(German) to perpetrate, to commit an offence
das Gesicht entstellen(German) to deface
das Gesicht freilassend(German) off the face (hat, hairstyle)
das Gesicht schwärzen(German) to black one's face
das Gesicht verziehen(German) to raise one's eyebrow
das Gesicht verziehen(German) to grimace
das Gespräch abbrechen(German) to stop talking
das Gespräch alleine bestreiten(German) to do all the talking
das Gespräch aufzeichnen(German) to record the conversation
das Gespräch führen(German) to do the talking
das Gesprächsthema wechseln(German) to vary the topic
das Gewicht mehren(German) to add to the weight
das Gewicht prüfen(German) to check the weight
das Gewicht reduzieren(German) to reduce weight
das Gewinde einer Schraube brechen(German) to break the thread of a screw
das gewisse Etwas(German) that certain something
das Gewissen ansprechen(German) to appeal to one's conscience
das Gewissen beruhigen(German) to silence the conscience
das Gewöhnliche(German) ordinariness
das Gewünschte erhalten(German) to get one's wish
Das gibt der Sache erst den richtigen Pfiff.(German) That gives it that extra something.
Das gibt zu denken!(German) It makes one think. It makes you think!
Das gibt's doch nicht!(German) That's impossible!
Das gilt auch für ...(German) The same is true for ...
Das ging ja noch, was?(German) That wasn't so bad, was it?
das Glas erheben(German) to raise the glass
das Glas in einem Zug leeren(German) to down a drink in one swig
das Glas leer trinken(German) to drink the whole glass
das Glas zum Mund führen(German) to bring one's glass to one's mouth
das glaube ich gern(German) I dare say (confirming)
Das glaube ich nicht.(German) I don't think so.
Das glaubst du vielleicht.(German) That's what you think.
das gleiche alte Lied(German n.) the same old song
das gleiche Maß benutzen(German) to apply the same yardstick
das Gleichgewicht ändern(German) to alter the balance
das Gleichgewicht halten(German) to balance, to hold the balance, to keep one's balance
das Gleichgewicht stören(German) to unbalance, to upset the balance, to upset the balance, to upset the equilibrium
das Gleichgewicht verlieren(German) to become unbalanced, to lose balance, to lose one's balance, to overbalance
das Gleichgewicht wahren(German) to preserve the balance
das Gleichgewicht wiederherstellen(German) to redress the balance
das Goldene Kalb verehren(German) to worship the golden calf
das Göttliche(German) the divine
das Gras mähen(German) to cut the grass, to mow the grass
das große Bibbern haben(German) to get a touch of the jitters (colloquial)
das große Ganze(German n.) the big picture
das große Los ziehen (mit)(German) to hit the jackpot (with)
das große Sterben(German n.) the great mortality (the Black Death)
das Großherzogtum Luxemburg(German) the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
das Größte(German n.) the bee's knees (colloquial: the best)
das größte Glück der größten Zahl(German) the greatest happiness of the greatest number (Utilitarian principle)
das Größte seit der Erfindung der Bratkartoffel(German) the greatest thing since sliced bread (colloquial - jocular)
das Gute(German) the good thing
das gute alte England(German) Merry England (the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England)
das gute Leben lieben(German) to be fond of good living
a mark placed above a note to indicate how it should be articulated
a vertical dash (or wedge) above a note means 'play the note staccatissimo', where a dot above the note means play the note staccato
a horizontal dash or line above a note means 'sustain the note for its full length', i.e. tenuto
a horizontal dash appearing in a figured bass part indicates that the preceding harmony should be continued
in a vocal piece, a horizontal dash appearing after a piece of the libretto but over which a musical passage comprising more than one note is written indicates a melisma
in figured bass, a dash passing through a figure indicates that the note represented by such a figure is to be raised a semitone (a half-step)
as a fluid measure (for example, recipes may ask for a dash of something) the generally accepted measure is 1/6th of a teaspoon, or 1/48th of an ounce
das Haar hochstecken(German) to pin one's hair up
das Haar waschen(German) to shampoo (one's hair)
Das habe ich nicht (ganz) verstanden.(German) I didn't (quite) follow that.
Das habe ich nicht gemeint.(German) That is not what I meant.
Das habe ich schon lange nicht mehr gehört.(German) I haven't heard that one in a long time.
Das habe ich selbst gemacht.(German) This is of my own making.
das haben wollen, was andere haben(German) to keep up with the Joneses
das Handgelenk verstauchen(German) to strain one's wrist
das Handtuch werfen(German) to throw in the towel
Das hat bis morgen Zeit.(German) That can wait till tomorrow.
Das hat einen Pferdefuß.(German) There's a catch to it. There's a snag to it.
Das hat er sich sicher aus den Fingern gesogen.(German) He surely made that up out of thin air.
Das hat er so an sich.(German) That's just the way he is.
Das hat etwas für sich.(German) There's something to be said for that.
Das hat geschmeckt.(German) That was good.
Das hat gute Wege.(German) There is no hurry.
Das hat ihn tief gerührt.(German) That affected him deeply.
Das hat keine Eile.(German) There's no rush.
Das hat keinen Sinn.(German) It doesn't make sense. There's no point in that.
Das hat mir einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht.(German) That has upset my plans.
Das hat mir sehr weitergeholfen.(German) That was a great help.
Das hat nicht viel auf sich.(German, dated) That is of little consequence.
Das hat nichts auf sich.(German) That is of no consequence. That doesn't mean anything.
Das hat nur Alibifunktion.(German) That is just tokenism.
Das hat Schule gemacht.(German) That set a precedent.
Das hatte ich mir schon gedacht.(German) I guessed as much.
Das hatte ich nicht gesagt.(German) That is not what I said.
Das hätte ich nie gedacht.(German) I never would have guessed.
Das hätte mir eine Warnung sein müssen.(German) That should have told me something.
Das hättest du dir sparen können!(German) That was unnecessary!
Das hättest du nicht tun sollen.(German) You shouldn't have done that.
Das hättest du wohl gern!(German) That's wishful thinking!
Das hatte zur Folge, dass ...(German) The effect was to ...
Das hat uns gerade noch gefehlt!(German) That's all we needed!
Das hat viel Staub aufgewirbelt.(German) That caused a great stir.
Das hat Zeit.(German) There's no hurry. There is no rush.
Das hat zur Folge, dass ...(German) As a consequence, ...
das Haupt entblößen(German) to bare one's head
Das Hauptproblem ist ...(German) The main problem is ...
das Haus Bourbon(German) the House of Bourbon
das Haus putzen(German) to clean the house
das Haus zum Beben bringen(German) to raise the roof
Dashed barlines
dotted barlinealso a dotted or auxiliary barline, commonly used when transcribing unbarred music from the Medieval or Renaissance for modern usage (when barlines have been added) or by some composers in music employing mixed metres. The choice of dashed barlines indicates that the barlines are not necessarily marking periodic agogic accents in the music
das Heft aus der Hand geben(German) to hand over the reins
das Heft in der Hand behalten(German) to remain at the helm
das Heft in der Hand haben(German) to remain in control, to call the shots (colloquial), to call the tune (colloquial)
das heilige Abendmahl nehmen(German) to commune, to partake of the Lord's Supper
das Heilige Offizium(German) Holy Office
das Heilige Römische Reich Deutscher Nation(German) the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
das heißt(German) that is, scilicet, meaning
Das heißt nicht viel.(German) That doesn't mean a lot.
Das heißt noch lange nicht, dass ...(German) That's a far cry from saying that ...
Das Hemd wird blind geknöpft.(German) The shirt has concealed buttons.
das Herz auf der Zunge tragen(German) to wear one's heart on one's sleeve
das Herz erfreuen(German) to warm the cockles of the heart, to cheer the heart, to soften the heart
Das Herz fiel mir in die Hose.(German) My heart missed a beat.
Das Herz rutschte mir in die Hose.(German) My heart sank.
Das Herz schlägt.(German) The heart beats.
das Herz zerreißen(German) to lacerate the heart
das heutige Amerika(German) modern-day America
das heutige Datum(German) today's date
Das hieße, sie hätten ...(German) This would mean they would have ...
Das hilft uns nicht weiter.(German) That does not help us further.
Dashing(of style) taken quickly, bravura (Italian), mit Bravour (German), avec élan (French)
das Hochamt feiern(German) to celebrate mass
das höchste Amt erreichen(German) to attain the highest office
das höchste Strafmaß(German) the maximum sentence, the maximum penalty
das Hohe Lied(German) the Song of Songs
das Hohelied Salomos(German) the Song of Solomon
Das hört sich viel besser an.(German) That sounds much better.
das Humane(German n.) the essence of what it means to be human
Dasia-Notation(German f.) or Dasia-Zeichen (German pl.), Daseian notation
Dasiattamsee mohiniyattom
Dasia-Zeichen(German f. pl.) or Dasia-Notation (German f.), Daseian notation
das Ich(German n.) the self
Da Sie vertraut sind mit ...(German) As you are familiar with ...
das Imaginäre(German n.) (the) imaginary
das Immunsystem unterdrückend(German) immunosuppressive
Da sind Sie ja!(German) There you are!
Da sind Sie ja endlich.(German) There you are at last.
das Innerste(German n.) core, marrow, innermost part, heart
das irgendwie missverstehen(German) to get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick (colloquial)
das ist(German) that is
Das ist alles!(German) And that's all!
Das ist alles gesponnen.(German) It's all fairy tales.
Das ist alles noch Zukunftsmusik.(German) That's all still up in the air.
Das ist alles nur Kulisse.(German) That is only a façade. (figurative)
Das ist alles Schnee von gestern.(German) That's (all) past history (now). (colloquial)
Das ist alles Schnee von vorgestern.(German) That's (all) ancient history (now). (colloquial)
Das ist alles, was zählt.(German) Nothing else matters.
Das ist alles, woran ich mich erinnere.(German) And that's all I remember.
Das ist also ..., ja?(German) So this is ... ?
Das ist Ansichtssache.(German) That's a matter of opinion.
Das ist auch so schon genug.(German) It's (already) enough as it is.
Das ist aus der Luft gegriffen.(German) That has (got) nothing to do with the facts.
Das ist ausgeschlossen.(German) That's out of the question.
Das ist Bach reinsten Wassers.(German) This is quintessentially Bach.
Das ist bedeutungslos.(German) That is not relevant.
Das ist bei ihm möglich.(German) This is possible with him.
Das ist das Ei des Kolumbus.(German) That's a solution of striking simplicity.
Das ist das reinste Kinderspiel.(German) That's mere child's play.
Das ist dasselbe.(German) It's the same thing.
Das ist deine Vorstellung von einer Überraschung?(German) This is your idea of a surprise?
Das ist der absolute Hammer.(German) That's just about the limit.
Das ist der Gipfel!(German) That just takes the biscuit! That beats everything!
das ist der Grund weshalb(German) that is why
Das ist die Crux an der Sache.(German) That's the crux of the matter.
Das ist die Höhe.(German) That's the limit.
Das ist die reine Wahrheit.(German) That's the absolute truth.
Das ist diskussionswürdig.(German) This is a (legitimate) subject for debate.
Das ist doch kalter Kaffee!(German) That's old hat!
Das ist doch kein Argument!(German) But that's no argument!
Das ist doch nicht der Rede wert.(German) That goes without saying.
Das ist doch nicht möglich.(German) That really isn't possible.
Das ist doch nicht zumutbar (für)(German) That's expecting a bit much (of)
Das ist doch selbstverständlich.(German) That goes without saying. That's obvious.
Das ist (doch) kein Kunststück.(German) There is nothing to it.
Das ist eher möglich.(German) That's more likely.
Das ist ein Argument.(German) That's a good point.
Das ist ein bisschen happig.(German) That's a bit pricey. (colloquial: rather expensive)
Das ist ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln für mich.(German) This is a closed book to me.
Das ist eine falsche Fragestellung.(German) The question has to be put differently.
Das ist eine Frage des Gebens und Nehmens.(German) It's a matter of give and take.
Das ist eine ganz andere Sache.(German) That's a whole new ball game.
Das ist eine Kleinigkeit!(German) That's nothing!
Das ist einer dieser ...(German) That's one of those ...
Das ist eine Sache für sich.(German) That's another story.
Das ist eine Tatsache!(German) That's a fact!
Das ist eine wunde Stelle bei ihm.(German) That is a sore point with him.
Das ist einfach nicht wahr!(German) That's quite untrue!
Das ist einfach nur dumm.(German) That's just plain stupid.
Das ist ein Gerücht.(German) It's a myth. (figurative)
Das ist ein Kapitel für sich.(German) That's another story.
das ist ein Kinderspiel(German) that is dead easy, that is child's play
Das ist ein Machwerk des Teufels.(German) That is the work of the devil.
Das ist ein Märchen.(German) It's a myth. (figurative)
Das ist ein nicht zu unterschätzendes Problem.(German) This is a problem not to be underestimated.
Das ist ein Pappenstiel.(German) That's chicken feed. (cheap), That's childplay. (easy)
Das ist ein reines Kinderspiel.(German) That's mere child's play.
Das ist ein schlechter Trost.(German) That's small comfort.
Das ist ein Streit um des Kaisers Bart.(German) That's just splitting hairs.
Das ist ein Topfen.(German) That's nonsense.
Das ist ein Überfall!(German) This is a hold-up!
Das ist ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht.(German) It's a completely different ball game.
Das ist ein Wein für Liebhaber.(German) That is a wine for connoisseurs.
Das ist ein wunder Punkt.(German) That is a sore point.
Das ist erledigt.(German) Already done.
Das ist es nicht.(German) That's not it.
Das ist etwas, woran wir arbeiten müssen.(German) That's something we have to work on.
Das ist Fakt.(German) That's a fact.
Das ist fehl am Platz.(German) That is inappropriate.
Das ist Frauensache.(German) That's women's business.
Das ist ganz gut.(German) That's not bad.
Das ist ganz in meinem Sinn.(German) That suits me fine.
Das ist gar nicht so schlimm.(German) It's not so bad.
Das ist gar nicht übel.(German) That isn't half bad.
Das ist gehupft wie gesprungen.(German) That's six of one and half a dozen of another.
Das ist gelogen!(German) That's a lie!
Das ist guter Stoff für eine Zeitung.(German) This makes good copy for a paper.
Das ist gut möglich.(German) That's quite possible.
Das ist Haarspalterei.(German) That's splitting hairs.
Das ist heller Wahnsinn.(German) That's sheer madness.
Das ist in der Schwebe.(German) That's up in the air. (figurative: pending)
Das ist ja alles gut und schön, aber ...(German) That's all very well, but ...
Das ist ja eine unerwartete Freude!(German) Now, this is an unexpected pleasure.
Das ist ja fürchterlich!(German) Why, that's outrageous!
Das ist ja schön und gut, aber ...(German) That's all well and good, but ...
Das ist ja unglaublich!(German) That's unbelievable!
Das ist ja was Neues.(German) Well, that's a first. (colloquial)
Das ist ja wohl nicht schwer zu erraten!(German) There are no marks for guessing!
Das ist Jacke wie Hose.(German) That's six of one and half a dozen of another.
Das ist jetzt Schnee von gestern.(German) It's all water under the bridge now.
Das ist kein Argument.(German) That's neither here nor there.
Das ist keine Kritik an ...(German) It is no reflection on ...
Das ist kein Problem.(German) That's not an issue.
Das ist kein Spaß!(German) This is no laughing matter!
Das ist kein Trost für mich.(German) That's no comfort to me.
das ist kein Kinderspiel(German) that is not easy, that is not child's play
Das ist mehr Schein als Sein.(German) It's all (on the) surface. It's more illusion than reality.
Das ist mein voller Ernst.(German) I'm really serious about this. I'm really serious about that.
Das ist mir bekannt.(German) I know that.
Das ist mir einerlei.(German) I've no preference. I have no preference.
Das ist mir gleich.(German) It's all the same to me.
Das ist mir neu.(German) That's news to me.
Das ist mir recht.(German) That's OK with me. That's OK by me. (colloquial)
Das ist mir sehr unangenehm!(German) How embarrassing!
Das ist mir unbegreiflich.(German) That beats me.
Das ist mir völlig egal.(German) I don't give a damn. I couldn't care less.
Das ist mir völlig wurscht.(German) I couldn't care less. (colloquial)
Das ist mir (völlig) schleierhaft.(German) That's a (complete) mystery to me. (colloquial)
Das ist mit großen Kosten verbunden.(German) That involves a great deal of expense.
Das ist Musik in meinen Ohren.(German) That's music to my ears.
Das ist nach meinem Gusto.(German) That is to my taste.
Das ist (natürlich) ein Argument.(German) You've got a point there.
Das ist Nebensache.(German) That's a minor matter.
Das ist nicht arg viel besser.(German) It's not an awful lot better.
Das ist nicht der Rede wert.(German) That's not worth mentioning.
Das ist nicht der richtige Zeitpunkt.(German) Now is not the time.
Das ist nicht ganz unrichtig.(German) There is some substance to that.
Das ist nicht gerade berauschend.(German) That's nothing to make a song (and dance) about. (colloquial)
Das ist nicht gerade das Gelbe vom Ei.(German) It's not exactly brilliant.
Das ist nicht immer so.(German) This is not invariably the case.
Das ist nicht nach unserem Geschmack.(German) That's not to our taste.
Das ist nicht ohne.(German) That's not half bad.
Das ist nichts Besonderes.(German) It's all in the day's work. It's nothing to write home about. It's no big deal. (colloquial). That's nothing to make a song (and dance) about. (colloquial)
Das ist nicht schlecht.(German) That's not bad.
Das ist nicht seine starke Seite.(German) That's not his strong point.
Das ist nicht so einfach.(German) That won't be simple.
Das ist nicht so toll.(German) That's nothing to make a song (and dance). (colloquial)
Das ist nicht so wild.(German) Never mind.
Das ist nicht von der Hand zu weisen.(German) That can't be denied.
Das ist noch Musik.(German) That's what I call music.
Das ist noch nicht alles.(German) There's more to it than that.
Das ist noch nicht spruchreif.(German) That's not definite yet. It's not official yet.
Das ist noch nie passiert.(German) This has never happened before.
Das ist nun einmal so.(German) That's just the way it is.
Das ist nur die halbe Wahrheit.(German) That's only half the story.
Das ist nur recht und billig.(German) That's only fair.
Das ist nur Schönfärberei.(German) This is just spin.
Das ist Pech.(German) That's bad luck.
Das ist reine Phantasie.(German) It's all in the mind.
Das ist reine Übungssache.(German) It's just a matter of practice.
Das ist reine Vermutung.(German) That's anyone's guess.
Das ist reinigungsbedürftig.(German) This wants cleaning.
Das ist schon besser.(German) That's more like it. (colloquial)
Das ist schon besser!(German) This is more like it! (colloquial)
Das ist schon die halbe Miete.(German) That's half the battle.
Das ist schon ganz richtig, aber ...(German) That's all very true, but ...
Das ist schon wahr.(German) That's true, of course.
Das ist sehr freundlich von Ihnen.(German) It's very good of you.
Das ist Sinn und Zweck der Sache.(German) That's the general idea.
Das ist so klar wie dicke Tinte.(German) That's as clear as mud.
Das ist streng verboten!(German) That's strictly forbidden!
Das ist unter seiner Würde.(German) That's beneath him.
Das ist unwichtig.(German) That's of no importance.
Das ist unzureichend begründet.(German) This begs the question.
Das ist Vergangenheit.(German) That's in the past.
Das ist völlig sinnlos.(German) This makes no sense at all.
Das ist wahrhaftig zu viel.(German) That's really too much.
Das ist wirklich schlimm!(German) How awful!
Das ist wirklich sehr schade!(German) That's a real shame!
Das ist wohl nicht möglich.(German) That is hardly possible.
Das ist Wucher!(German) That's extortionate!
Das ist ziemlich dasselbe.(German) It's much the same thing.
Das ist zweideutig.(German) This argument cuts both ways.
Dasitana form of quyi popular among the Uygur people in Xinjiang
dasitzen(German) to sit there
dasitzen und Däumchen drehen(German) to sit on one's hands (colloquial)
dasitzen und nichts tun(German) to sit on one's hands (colloquial)
dasjenige(German) that
das Joch abwerfen(German) to cast off the yoke
Das kann doch jedem passieren.(German) That can happen to anybody.
Das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein?(German) You're not serious, are you?
Das kann doch nicht wahr sein!(German) Come off it!
Das kann ernste Folgen haben.(German) This may have serious consequences.
Das kann gut sein.(German) That may very well be.
Das kann ich nicht nachvollziehen.(German) I can't understand it.
Das kann Ihnen als Richtschnur dienen.(German) This may serve you as a guide.
Das kann man nicht so leicht beschreiben.(German) That cannot be described easily.
Das kann (schon) sein.(German) That may (well) be.
Das kannst du knicken.(German) Nothing doing. (colloquial)
Das kannst du laut sagen!(German) You can say that again!
Das kannst du mir nicht weismachen!(German) You can't expect me to believe that!
Das kannst du unmöglich ernst meinen!(German) You can't possibly be serious! You can't possibly mean that!
Das kapiere ich nicht.(German) I don't get it. (colloquial)
das Kind beim Namen nennen(German) to call a spade a spade
das Kinn in die Hand stützen(German) to cup one's chin in one's hand
das Klassenziel (nicht) erreichen(German) (not) to reach the required standard, (not) to make the grade
das kleinere Übel(German) the lesser of the two evils
das Kleingedruckte(German n.) the small print
das kleinste(German) the least
das Klima ändern(German) to alter the climate
Das klingt gut.(German) That sounds fine.
Das klingt interessant.(German) That sounds interesting.
Das klingt recht und billig.(German) That sounds reasonable.
Das klingt viel besser.(German) That sounds much better.
Das Knaben Wunderhorn(German n., literally 'The Boy's Magic Horn') German folk stories and songs (1805-1808) collected by Ludwig Achim von Arnim (1781-1831) and Clemens Brentano (1778-1842), several of which were set to music by Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
das Knie aufschürfen(German) to scrape one's knee
das Knie beugen(German) to bend the knee, to bend one's knee, to bow the knee, to genuflect
das Kommen und Gehen(German) the comings and goings
das kommende Jahr(German) the year to come
Das kommt aufs Gleiche hinaus.(German) It amounts to the same thing.
Das kommt daher, weil(German) That's because
Das kommt darauf an!(German) That depends!
Das kommt gar nicht in Frage.(German) This is quite out of the question.
Das kommt mir komisch vor.(German) That seems funny to me. That sounds funny to me.
Das kommt mir Spanisch vor.(German) That's Greek to me.
Das kommt nicht in Betracht.(German) That's out of the question.
das Kompliment erwidern(German) to return the compliment
Das können Sie mir glauben.(German) Trust me on this one.
Das konnte keiner vorhersehen.(German) Nobody could have foreseen (predicted) that.
das Konzept geht zurück auf(German) the idea goes back to
das Kostbarste(German n.) the choicest
Das kostet ... Euro.(German) That costs ... euros.
Das krieg ich schon wieder hin.(German) lt's nothing I can't fix.
das Kriegsbeil begraben(German) to bury the hatchet
das Lachen unterdrücken(German) to choke back laughter, to restrain laughter
das Lächerlichste(German) the most ridiculous thing
das Lager abbrechen(German) to decamp, to raise camp, to break camp
das Lager auffüllen(German) to supplement stocks
das Lager aufschlagen(German) to camp, to pitch camp
das Lager heimlich verlassen(German) to decamp
das Lager räumen(German) to clear the stock
das Lager überfüllen(German) to overstock
das Lamm Gottes(German) the Lamb of God
das Land der Verheißung(German n.) the Promised Land
das Land bereisen(German) to tour the country
das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten(German) the land of opportunity
Das lass mal stecken.(German) Forget about that. (colloquial)
Das lasse ich mir nicht bieten!(German) I won't put up with that! I won't stand for that!
Das lasse ich nicht auf mir sitzen!(German) I won't accept that! (unacceptable comment or behaviour)
Das lässt sich hören.(German) That sounds reasonable. This is something like it! That's good to hear!
Das lässt sich nicht ändern.(German) That can't be helped.
Das lässt sich nicht leugnen.(German) There's no denying.
Das lässt sich praktisch nicht durchführen.(German) That won't work in practice.
Das lässt sich schon machen.(German) That can be done. That's manageable.
Das lässt tief blicken.(German) That provides a deep insight.
Das läßt sich an ... ablesen.(German) That can be deduced from ...
das Läuten der Sterbeglocke(German) the death knell
das Leben auf Tour(German) life on the road
das Leben bereichern(German) to enrich life
das Leben besser gestalten(German) to alter life for the better
das Leben erhalten(German) to preserve one's life
Das Leben geht weiter.(German) Life goes on.
das Leben im Gefängnis(German) prison life
Das Leben ist kurz.(German) Life is short. Vita brevis
das Leben kennen lernen(German) to see life
das Leben nehmen wie es ist(German) to take the rough with the smooth
das Leben noch einmal anpacken(German) to take a fresh lease on life
das Lebensnotwendige(German pl.) life's essentials, the bare necessities (of life)
Das Lebewohl(German n.) the farewell
Das lenkt ab.(German) That takes one's mind off things.
das letzte Mal(German) last, last time
das letzte Wort haben(German) to have the final say, to get the last word, to get the final word, to have the last word, to have the final word
das letzte Wort zu einem Thema(German) the last word on a subject
das letzte zurücknehmen(German) to undo
das Letzte zusammenkratzen(German) to be scraping the (bottom of the) barrel (figurative)
das (Letzte) Abendmahl(German) the Last Supper
Das leuchtet mir nicht ein.(German) That doesn't make sense to me.
das Licht ausmachen(German) to turn off the light, to switch off the light
das Licht der Öffentlichkeit meiden(German) to avoid the limelight
das Licht der Welt erblicken(German) to see the light of day (figurative)
Das Licht erlosch.(German) The light faded.
das Licht fernhalten(German) to obstruct the light
Das Licht schien mir ins Gesicht.(German) The light was shining in my face.
Das Lied wurde sehr oft im Radio gespielt.(German) The song received extensive airplay.
Das lief alles an ihm ab.(German) It was (like) water off a duck's back to him.
Das liegt daran, dass ...(German) That is because ... That's because ...
das liegt lange zurück(German) that was long ago
Das lohnt den Arbeitsaufwand nicht.(German) It's not worth the effort (involved).
das lyrische Ich(German) poetic persona
Das mache ich im Schlaf.(German) I can do it on my head.
Das macht durchaus etwas!(German)It does indeed matter!
Das macht insgesamt ...(German) That comes to a total of ...
Das macht jede Menge Sinn.(German) This makes a lot of sense.
Das macht keinen Unterschied.(German) That makes no difference.
Das macht mir bestimmt keiner nach!(German) I'd like to see anyone else do that!
Das macht mir Kopfzerbrechen.(German) That worries me.
Das macht nichts.(German) That doesn't matter.
Das macht überhaupt keinen Sinn.(German) This makes no sense at all.
Das macht's erst recht schlimm.(German) That makes it all the worse.
Das mag ja alles sein, aber ...(German) All that may be so but ...
Das mag sein, aber ...(German) Quite possibly, but ... That may be true, but ...
Das mag wohl sein.(German) That (very) well may be.
Das mag wohl stimmen.(German) That may be so.
Das Maß ist voll!(German) Enough is enough!
das Maß vollmachen(German) to fill the cup to the brim
das Meiste abbekommen(German) to bear the brunt
das meistgelesene Buch(German) the most-read book
das menschliche Geschlecht(German n.) the human race
das menschliche Moment(German n.) the human factor
das Milchkännchen umkippen(German) to upset the milk jug
das Mindeste(German) the least
das mündige Alter(German) years of discretion
Das muss er gar nicht.(German) He doesn't have to.
Das muss gefeiert werden.(German) This calls for a celebration.
das muss gesagt werden(German) it has to be said
Das muss ich nicht machen.(German) I don't have to do it.
Das muss ich rot anstreichen.(German) I must make a special note of that.
Das muss man ihm lassen.(German) Give him his due. You've got to hand it to him.
Das muss man wissen.(German) You need to know that.
Das muss reichen.(German) That'll have to do.
Das muss so kommen.(German) It's bound to happen.
Das musst du selbst entscheiden.(German) You pays your money (and you takes your choice). (colloquial)
Das müsste heute noch geschehen.(German) That ought to be done by today.
Das müsste schon mit dem Teufel zugehen.(German) That really would be a stroke of bad luck.
das Muster ändern(German) to alter the pattern
das Mystische(German) that which is mystical
das Nachsehen haben(German) to be left with nothing
das nächste große (neue) Ding(German) the next big thing
das nächste Mal(German) next time
das neue Jahr begrüßen(German) to see the New Year in
das Neueste von(German) the latest from
Das Nibelungenlied(German) (The) Song of the Nibelungs
das Nichts(German n.) the void
das Nötige(German) needful
das Numinose(German n.) the numinous
das oberste Gebot(German n.) the highest precept
das Oberste zuunterst kehren(German) to turn everything upside down
das Oberste zu unterst kehren(German, old form) to turn upside down
das Obige(German) the above, the above-mentioned
das öffentliche Vertrauen genießen(German) to enjoy public confidence
das O.K. geben(German) to give the okay
das Okkulte(German) the occult
das Opfer werden von(German) to fall victim to
das Orakel befragen(German) to consult the oracle
das papierlose Büro(German) the paperless office
das Parlament auflösen(German) to dissolve parliament
Das passiert ständig.(German) It happens all the time.
Das passt mir gut.(German) It suits me fine.
Das passt mir nicht in dem Kram.(German) That doesn't suit my plans.
das Pensionsalter erreichen(German) to reach retirement age
das Pfeifen der Dudelsäcke(German) the skirl of the pipes
das Pfeifen im Walde(German) whistling in the dark
das Pferd beim Schwanz aufzäumen(German) to put the cart before the horse
das Pressewesen(German) the press (newspapers)
das Priesteramt entziehen(German) to unfrock
das Problem erkennen(German) to understand the problem
das Problem ist(German) the trouble is
Das Projekt ist in den Anfangsstadien steckengeblieben.(German) The project didn't get beyond the early stages.
das Protokoll annehmen(German) to adopt the minutes
das Protokoll aus dem Gedächtnis niederschreiben(German) to write the minutes from memory
das Protokoll führen(German) to keep the minutes, to take the minutes
das Protokoll niederschreiben(German) to draw up the minutes, to write the minutes
das Protokoll verlesen(German) to read the minutes
das Publikum mitreißen(German) to carry an audience
das Rad der Zeit zurückdrehen(German) to turn back the clock
das Rad neu erfinden(German) to reinvent the wheel
das Radio anlassen(German) to leave the radio on
das Radio auf Zimmerlautstärke stellen(German) to turn one's radio down to moderate volume
das Rauchen aufgeben(German) to give up smoking, to quit smoking
das Rauchen einschränken(German) to cut down on cigarettes, to cut out smoking
das Rauchen einstellen(German) to stop smoking, to quit smoking
das Rauchen verbieten(German) to ban smoking
das Reale(German) the real
das Recht beugen(German) to bend the law
das Recht haben zu(German) to have the right to, to be entitled to
das Recht verdrehen(German) to pervert the course of justice
das Recht vorbehalten(German) to reserve the right
Das reicht.(German) That's good enough.
Das reicht doch hinten und vorne nicht!(German) That's nothing like enough!
Das reicht nicht.(German) That's not good enough.
das reinste Museum für(German) a shrine to (figurative)
das rettende Ufer erreichen(German) to reach dry land (figurative), to reach terra firma (figurative)
das richtige Gesangbuch haben(German) to belong to the right (religious) denomination
das Richtige tun(German) to do the proper thing, to do the right thing
das Risiko hat sich gelohnt(German) the gamble paid off
Das Risiko ist (mir) zu groß.(German) The stakes are too high.
Das Risiko ist (mir) zu hoch.(German) The stakes are too high.
das Risiko meiden(German) to avoid danger
das Rote Meer(German) the Red Sea
Das rückt die Sache in ein anderes Licht.(German) That puts a different complexion on things.
das Ruder abgeben(German) to hand over the reins (figurative)
dass(German) insomuch, that
daß(German) that
Das sag ich ja gar nicht, aber...(German) I'm not saying that, but....
Das sage ich lieber nicht.(German) I'd rather not say.
das Sagen haben(German) to be top dog
das Sagen haben(German) to call the shots, to call the tune, to be in charge
Das sagten Sie schon.(German) You've said that already.
das Salz der Erde(German) the salt of the earth
Das saß.(German) That hit home. (colloquial)
Das schafft einen Präzedenzfall.(German) This constitutes a precedent.
das Schafott besteigen(German) to ascend the scaffold
das scharfe S(German) the German letter ß
das Schaufenster dekorieren(German) to trim the window, to dress the window
Das scheint naheliegend.(German) This seems natural.
das Schicksal besiegeln(German) to seal the fate
das Schicksal herausfordern(German) to tempt fate, to tempt providence
das Schicksal teilen(German) to share the fate
Das Schiff ist überfällig.(German) The ship is overdue.
Das Schiff kommt nicht vor ... an.(German) The ship will not arrive before ...
das Schiff verlassen(German) to abandon ship
das Schiff wechseln(German) to jump ship
Das schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus.(German) That's outrageous.
das schlechte Ende erwischen(German) to get the worst of it
Das schlechte Wetter dauert an.(German) The bad weather continues.
das Schlichtungsangebot annehmen(German) to accept arbitration
Das schließt alles ein.(German) That covers everything.
das Schlimme wie das Gute hinnehmen(German) to take the good with the bad
das Schlimmste(German) worst
das Schlimmste an der ganzen Sache(German) the worst part about all this
das Schlimmste befürchten(German) to assume the worst
das Schlimmste befürchten(German) to fear the worst
das Schlimmste erwarten(German) to anticipate the worst, to expect the worst
das Schlimmste herausholen(German) to bring out the worst
Das Schlimmste ist vorbei.(German) The worst part's over.
Das Schlimmste kommt noch.(German) The worst is yet to come.
das Schöne(German n.) the beautiful
das schöne Geschlecht(German) the fair sex
das schottische Hochland(German) the Scottish Highlands
das schottische Tiefland(German) the Lowlands of Scotland
das schwache Geschlecht(German) the weaker sex
das schwächste Glied(German n.) the weakest link
das Schwarze(German n.) bull's eye
das Schweigen brechen(German) to break the silence
daß du nicht fällst!(German) mind you don't fall!
das Segel laufen lassen(German) to douse
Das sehe ich auch so.(German) I agree.
Das sehe sich einer an!(German) Just look at that!
das Seine tun(German) to do one's bit
das Seinige beitragen(German) to pull one's weight
das Seinige tun(German) to do one's bit, to play one's part
dasselbe(German) the same, same, sic, ditto
dasselbe besagend(German) tautological
dasselbe gilt für ...(German) the same is true of ...
das selbe Problem aufwerfen(German) to raise the same issue
dasselbe Schicksal erleiden(German) to suffer the same fate
dasselbe Tempo(German) the same speed, l'istesso tempo (Italian) (beat remains the same even though the meter changes)
dasselbe tun(German) to do likewise
dasselbe Zeitmaß(German) the same pace, l'istesso tempo (Italian) (beat remains the same even though the meter changes)
dasselbe Zeitmass(German) the same pace, l'istesso tempo (Italian) (beat remains the same even though the meter changes)
Dass ich nicht lache!(German) Don't make me laugh! (ironic)
das Siebenfache(German) septuple
Das sieht doch ein Blinder.(German) It is blindingly obvious.
Das sieht ihm gar nicht ähnlich.(German) That's very unlike him.
das signifikante Andere(German) significant other
Das sind bloße Vorurteile!(German) This is mere prejudice!
Das sind gute Nachrichten.(German) That is good news.
Das sind keine Tatsachen.(German) It's all make believe.
Das sind kleine Fische.(German) That's no big deal.
das sinkende Schiff verlassen(German) to leave a sinking ship
Das sitzt wie angegossen.(German) That's a perfect fit. It fits like a glove.
das, so unglaublich es auch klingt, ...(German) which, incredible as it sounds, ...
Das soll mir erst mal einer nachmachen!(German) I'd like to see anyone else do that!
Das sollte eigentlich nicht passieren.(German) That was not supposed to happen.
Das sollte ein Witz sein.(German) It was meant as a joke.
das Sorgerecht behalten(German) to retain custody
das Sortiment erweitern(German) to broaden the range
das Spektakel anschauen(German) to view the spectacle
Das Spiel ist aus.(German) The game is up. The jig is up. The game is over.
das Spiel machen(German) to make the running
Das spielt keine Rolle.(German) That's quite immaterial.
Das spricht für ihn.(German) That says something for him. That speaks in his favour.
Das spricht für sich selbst.(German) That speaks for itself.
dass-Satz(German m.) that-clause
das starke Geschlecht(German) the stronger sex
Das steht auf einem anderen Blatt.(German) That is another story.
Das steht bombensicher fest.(German) That's absolutely certain.
Das steht fest.(German) And no mistake about it.
Das steht nicht in meiner Macht.(German) That's beyond my power.
das Steuer herumreißen(German) to change course, to alter course
Das stimmt.(German) That's right.
Das stimmt nicht.(German) That doesn't make sense.
Das stimmt nicht, und das weißt du auch!(German) You're wrong, and what's more you know it!
Das stimmt nicht!(German) That's not so!
Das stimmt zwar, aber ...(German) That may be true, but ...
Das stimmt!(German) That's for sure! Quite (so)!
das Strafmaß verkünden(German) to pass sentence, to pronounce (the) sentence
das Studium aufnehmen(German) to take up one's studies
das süße Nichtstun(German) dolce far niente, carefree idleness
das Symbolische(German n.) (the) symbolic
das System perfektionieren(German) to perfect the system
daß zusehen(German) to see that, to see to it that
das Tagesgespräch sein(German) to be the topic of the day
Das Tageslicht ließ nach.(German) Daylight was ebbing. Daylight was fading.
das tägliche Leben(German n.) daily routines
das Tanzbein schwingen(German) to shake a leg, to take to the floor (cololoquial: to engage in social dancing)
das Tauende loswerfen(German) to douse
das Täuschende(German) the deceptiveness
Da steckt mehr dahinter.(German) There's more behind it. There is more to it than meets the eye.
das Teewasser aufsetzen(German) to put the kettle on, to put on the water for (some) tea, to put on the kettle for (some) tea
dastehen(German) to stand there
dastehend(German) standing there
dastehen wie der Ochs vorm Berg(German) to be at a complete loss (as to what to do)
dastehen wie der Ochs vorm Scheunentor(German) to be at a complete loss (as to what to do)
das Telefon anzapfen(German) to tap the phone
Das Telefon oder Die Liebe zu dritt(German) The Telephone, or L'Amour à trois (an English-language comic opera in one act by Gian Carlo Menotti who wrote both the words and the music)
das Tempo bestimmen(German) to set the pace
das Tempo der Reformen(German) the pace of reforms
das Tempo drosseln(German) to slow down, to decelerate
das Tempo erhöhen(German) to accelerate the pace, to up the tempo (colloquial)
das Tempo mitgehen(German) to hold the pace
das Terrain sondieren(German) to test the water (figurative)
DastgâhIranian modal system, made up of twelve modes, divided into seven principal modes (called dastgâh) and five secondary modes (called avaz, which are sub-dastgâhs). A parallel can be drawn between the concepts of dastgâh and the Indian raga, in that they both define tonal relationships. This modal system appears to have evolved sometime after the last golden era of Persian music, during the Abbassids regime. Excellent musicians and theoreticians of that era, Farabi, and Safi-edin Urmavi had laid the foundation of the Persian music based on a set of maghams, a specific series of note intervals, or modes. Since each mode produces a specific mood, musicians started to combine these modes to produce pleasant combinations that would not startle the audience or jarring their ears by abrupt changes of mode. Eventually the system of dastgâhs was developed with a set of gushes or pieces. In a dastgâh the transition from one gusheh to another takes place in such a subtle and smooth way that the audience is often unaware of the change
Das Theater kannst du dir sparen.(German) You can drop the act. (colloquial)
das Thema ändern(German) to vary the theme
das Thema anschneiden(German) to broach the subject, to raise the subject
das Thema erledigen(German) to settle the issue
Das Thema kam nie zur Sprache.(German) The subject never came up.
das Thema wechseln(German) to change the subject, to change the conversation, to veer off
das Thermometer ablesen(German) to read the thermometer
das Tier in ihm(German) the animal in him
Da stimmt etwas nicht.(German) Something is wrong. There's something amiss.
das Tischgebet sprechen(German) to say grace
das Tischtuch abnehmen(German) to remove the cloth
Das Tollste dabei ist ...(German) The funniest part about it is ...
Das tönt interessant.(German) That sounds interesting.
das tote Holz ausschneiden(German) to cut out the dead wood (also figurative)
Das Totenglöckchen läutete.(German) The death knell sounded.
das Tragische und das Komische(German) the tragic and the comic
Das trifft im Großen und Ganzen zu.(German) This is generally true.
Das tut man einfach nicht.(German) That's just (simply) not done.
das tut man nicht(German) it isn't done, one doesn't do that
Das tut mir in der Seele weh.(German) That cut me to the quick.
Das tut mir ja so Leid.(German, old form) I'm so very sorry about that.
Das tut mir ja so leid.(German) I'm so very sorry about that.
Das tut mir leid.(German) I'm sorry about that.
das tut nichts(German) it doesn't matter
Das tut nichts zur Sache.(German) That doesn't matter. That's irrelevant. That's got nothing to do with it. That is not relevant.
Dasuona(China) a loud Chinese shawm that is used in theatre ensembles to doubles the suona, at the lower octave
  • Dasuona from which this information has been taken
das Übel des Trinkens(German n.) the curse of drink
das Übel an der Wurzel packen(German) to get down to the root of the trouble
das übernächste Haus(German n.) the next house but one
Das übersteigt mein Fassungsvermögen.(German) It's beyond me.
das übertriebene Pathos des Schauspielers(German) the actor's heroics
Das übertrifft alles!(German) That beats everything!
das Übliche(German) the usual
das Ufer erreichen(German) to reach shore
das Umfassende (von)(German) catch-all
das Umgreifende(German) the encompassing
das Umweltziel(German n.) the environmental objectives
das Unbekannte(German) the unknown
das Unbewusste(German n.) (the) unconscious mind
das Unbewusste(German) the unconscious
das und das(German) such and such
das Unendliche(German) the infinite
das Unerfahrbare(German n.) (the) unexperienceable
das Unerträgliche(German n.) (the) unbearable, (the) intolerable, (the) insufferable
das Ungleiche Paar(German n.) the ill-matched couple
das Unglück komplett machen(German) to complete the misery
das Unheimliche(German n.) weirdness
das Unmögliche schaffen(German) to manage the impossible
das Unmögliche verlangen(German) to ask for the impossible, to attempt the impossible
das Unmögliche zuwege bringen(German) to achieve the impossible
das Unterbewusste(German n.) the subconscious
das Unternehmen abbrechen(German) to abandon the undertaking
das Unvergängliche(German n.) that which endures forever
das Unvergleichliche(German) nonpareil
das Unvermeidliche akzeptieren(German) to accept the inevitable
das Unvermeidliche akzeptieren(German) to make the best of a bad job
das Urheberrecht liegt bei(German) copyright by
das Ursprungsrecht erhalten(German) to obtain the copyright
das Vereinigte Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland(German) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Das Vergnügen ist ganz meinerseits.(German) The pleasure is all mine.
das Verhalten der Tiere(German) animal behaviour
das Verlangen erhöhen(German) to sharpen the desire
das Versäumte nachholen(German) to make up leeway
das Versprechen erfüllen(German) to do what it says on the tin (figurative)
das Versprochene tun(German) to carry out a promise
das versteht sich von selbst(German) that goes without saying
Das verstößt gegen meine Prinzipien.(German) It's against my principles.
das Vertrauen verlieren(German) to lose confidence
das Verwirrende bei ...(German) the confusing thing about ...
das Volk(German n.) the people
das volle Programm(German) the whole nine yards, the whole gamut
das völlig falsch interpretieren(German) to get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick (colloquial)
das Vorgefühl des nahenden Todes(German) the sentience of approaching death
das vorliegende Problem(German n.) the problem in hand
das Wahlergebnis bekannt geben(German) to declare the poll, to declare the result of the voting
das Wahlrecht entziehen(German) to disenfranchise
das Wahlrecht verleihen(German) to enfranchise
das Wahlrecht verleihend(German) franchising
das Wahre(German) the true, the truth
Das Waisenkind wurde in die Familie aufgenommen.(German) The orphan was adopted into the family.
Das walte Gott!(German) Amen to that!
Das wär abgehakt!(German) That takes care of it!
Das war doch das mindeste, was wir tun konnten.(German) (It) seemed the least we could do.
Das war dümmer als die Polizei erlaubt.(German) That was as stupid as you can get. (colloquial)
Das war ein Fehler.(German) This has been a mistake.
Das war eine kalte Dusche für ihn.(German) That really brought him down to earth (with a bump).
Das war eine schwere Geburt.(German) That took some doing. (colloquial)
Das war etwas ganz Neues.(German) It was quite a novelty.
Das war nicht besonders geschickt.(German) That wasn't overly clever.
Das war nicht meine Absicht.(German) I didn't mean to.
Das war schon seit jeher so.(German) It had always been like that.
Das war sehr ungeschickt von mir.(German) That was clumsy of me.
Das war ungefähr so, als ob ...(German) This was something like ...
Das war zu erwarten.(German) That was to be expected.
Das war zum Brüllen (lustig).(German) That was a hoot. (colloquial)
Das war zum Schreien.(German) That was a scream. That was too funny for words.
Das wäre dann erstmal alles.(German) That's about it. That's about all for now.
Das wäre das Mindeste gewesen.(German) That's the (very) least one could have expected.
Das wäre doch nicht nötig gewesen!(German) You shouldn't have! (used to thank somebody politely)
Das wäre erst möglich, wenn ...(German) That would only be possible if ...
Das wäre geschafft!(German) It's a wrap!
Das wäre sehr nett von dir.(German) I'd really appreciate that.
Das waren noch Zeiten.(German) Those were the days.
Das waren Zeiten!(German) What times they were!
Das war's.(German) That's it.
Das war's dann wohl mit meiner Karriere!(German) There goes my career!
Das war's für heute.(German) That was it for today.
das Warum und Weshalb(German) the whys and wherefores
Das, was ...(German) That which ... (What)
das Wasser bis zum Hals haben(German) to be in deep water
Das Wasser läuft mir im Mund zusammen.(German) My mouth is watering.
das Wasser zum Kochen bringen(German) to bring the water to the boil
das weibliche Geschlecht(German) womankind
das weiße Gold(German) the white gold (figurative: porcelain)
das Weiße im Auge(German) the whites of the eye
Das weiß ich bis heute noch.(German) I can still remember that today.
Das weiß ich genau so wenig wie du!(German) You tell me!
Das weiß ich schon längst.(German) I've known that for ages.
das Weitere(German) further details
Das werde ich mir merken!(German) I'm going to remember this! (colloquial)
Das werde ich oft gefragt.(German) I often get asked that.
Das werden Sie nicht mehr brauchen.(German) You won't be needing this.
Das werden wir schon sehen.(German) We'll see about that. (colloquial)
das Wesentliche(German n.) substance, the basics, basic facts, the nitty-gritty, the bare essentials
das Wesentliche erfassen(German) to capture the essence
das Wesentliche nicht begreifen(German) to miss the point
Das Wetter ist schlecht.(German) The weather is bad.
Das Wetter ist sehr drückend.(German) The weather is very close.
Das Wetter klärt auf.(German) The weather is clearing up.
Das Wetter sieht drohend aus.(German) The weather looks threatening.
Das Wetter verspricht gut zu werden.(German) The weather looks promising.
das Wichtigste in Stichworten(German) an outline of the main points
Das Wichtigste zuerst.(German) First things first.
Das will getan sein.(German) It's got to be done.
Das will ich auch tun.(German) I intend to do just that.
Das will ich nicht bestreiten.(German) I won't argue that point.
Das will mir nicht in den Schädel.(German) I can't grasp it.
Das will nicht viel heißen.(German) That doesn't mean much. That's nothing to write home about.
Das will nicht viel sagen.(German) That doesn't mean much.
Das will viel sagen.(German) That's saying a lot.
Das wird dich aufmuntern.(German) This will cheer you up.
Das wird dir noch leidtun.(German) You'll be sorry.
Das wird genügen.(German) That will do (be enough).
Das wird Gerede geben.(German) Tongues will wag.
Das wird gesagt.(German) People are saying that.
Das wird ihm wohltun.(German) That will do him good.
Das wird ja immer besser!(German) It just keeps getting better! (ironic)
Das wird man mir nie vergessen.(German) I will never live it down.
Das wird nicht den geringsten Unterschied machen.(German) It won't make a scrap of difference.
Das wird nicht ganz leicht sein.(German) I'm afraid it's not so easy.
Das wird nicht klappen.(German) It won't work.
Das wird nie was.(German) This is never going to work.
Das wird schwer zu erklären sein.(German) That will take some explaining.
Das wird sein Verderben sein.(German) That will be his undoing. That will be his ruin.
Das wird sich alles finden.(German) Everything will turn out all right.
Das wird sich finden.(German) We'll see about that.
Das wird sich schon einspielen.(German) Things will sort themselves out all right.
das wird sich zeigen(German) we shall see
Das wird sich zeigen.(German) That remains to be seen.
Das wird wohl ganz richtig sein.(German) I dare say it's quite true.
Das wissen Sie doch!(German) But you know that!
Das Wohltemperirte Claviersee Wohltemperierte Klavier, Das
Das Wohltemperirte Klaviersee Wohltemperierte Klavier, Das
das, woran ich dachte(German) what I had in mind
das Wort ergreifen(German) to rise to speak, to take the floor, to begin to speak
das Wort führen(German) to be the main speaker (in a discussion)
das Wort haben(German) to have the floor
das Wort in die Tat umsetzen(German) to suit the action to the word(s)
Das würde ich auch gerne mal wissen.(German) You may well ask.
Das würde ich nicht sagen.(German) I wouldn't say so.
Das würde mich wundernehmen!(German) That would surprise me!
Das würde mir zuwiderlaufen.(German) That'd be against my principles.
Das wüsstest du wohl gerne.(German) Wouldn't you like to know?
Das zählt alles nicht.(German) None of that counts at all.
das zarte Geschlecht(German) the gentle sex
Das zeigt sehr deutlich, dass ...(German) This shows very plainly that ...
das Zeitalter der Gotik(German) the Gothic age
das Zeitgefühl verlieren(German) to lose track of time
das Zeitliche segnen(German) to cease to be, to pass on
das Zeitungswesen(German) the press (newspapers)
das Zepter niederlegen(German) to abdicate
das Zepter übernehmen(German) to take the reins (figurative)
das Zeug haben zu(German) to have the makings of, to have the making of
das Zeug zum Hochschulstudium haben(German) to be university material
Das zieht nicht.(German) That cuts no ice.
das Ziel erreichen(German) to attain the end one has in view
Das Ziel ist es, ...(German) The goal is to ... The aim is to ...
das Zimmer beleuchten(German) to lighten the room
das Zimmer lüften(German) to change the air in a room
das Zünglein an der Waage sein(German) to tip the scales
das zweite Gesicht haben(German) to have second sight