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Drabbreviation of 'doctor', Docteur (French: doctor)
Dr.abbrevated form of Doktor (German: doctor)
Draailier(Dutch) hurdy-gurdy
Draaiorgel(Dutch) hand-cranked barrel organ, usually of the barrel or cardboard music type
Drabanta Polish ceremonial dance with a march-like opening followed by an Obertass
Drabbeta coarse, unbleached linen
Drache (s.), Drahcen (pl.)(German m.) dragon, drake (archaic)
Drachen (s./pl.)(German m.) hang-glider, kite, dragon (familiar term for 'wife'), gorgon (figurative), vixen (quarrelsome woman)
Drachen fliegen(German) to hang-glide
Drachenflieger(German n.) hang-gliding
(German) hang-glider
drachenähnlich(German) dragon-like
Drachenblut(German n.) dragon's blood
Drachenboot(German n.) dragonboat
Drachenbootfest(German n.) Chinese dragon boat festival
Drachenbootrennen(German n.) Chinese dragon boat race
Drachenfliegen(German n.) hang-gliding
Drachenflieger (m.), Drachenfliegerin (f.)(German) hang-glider (person)
Drachenform(German f.) deltoid
Drachenhaus(German n.) Dragon House (Potsdam)
Drachenhaut(German f.) dragonhide pelt
Drachenhaut-Lederfell(German n.) dragonhide leather pelt
Drachenhöhle(German f.) dragon's lair
Drachenodem(German m.) dragon's breath
Drachensteigenlassen(German n.) kite flying
Drachentöter(German m.) dragon slayer, dragonslayer
Drachme(German f.) drachm, dram (eighth of an ounce), drachma (former Greek currency)
Draconianmarked by extreme severity or cruelty, especially about laws or governments
Drafting linenfrom the late 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, drafting linen, also known as drafting cloth, was commonly used as an alternative to wood-pulp and rag papers in creating technical drawings
Draftmodus(German m.) draft mode
Dragon a side-drum, where two rapid strokes come before the main one
dragar(Spanish) to dredge
Dragbasun(Swedish) slide trombone
Dragee(German n.) sugar-coated tablet, sugar-coated pill
Dragée (s.), Dragées (pl.)(French f., German n.) sugared almond, a chocolate drop, a small silvered ball for decorating iced cakes, a sugar-coated pill
Dragging, withoutsee 'without dragging'
dragiert(German) sugar-coated, coated with sugar
Dragoman (s.), Dragomans (pl.), Dragomen (English pl.)(English, French from Arabic) an interpreter or guide in countries where Arabic, Turkish, or Persian is spoken
Dragon(English, French m.) mythical monster, usually winged, able to breathe fire
Dragón(Spanish m.) dragon
Dragon dancea form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. Like the lion dance it is most often seen in festive celebrations
Dragoner(German m.) dragoon, battleaxe (colloquial: determined woman)
Dragonetti bowsee 'German bow/grip'
Drag paradiddlea drum rudiment consisting of a paradiddle with a drag before the first note
Dragqueen(German f.) drag queen (colloqial)
Dragracing(German n.) drag racing
Drag showan entertainment consisting of a variety of songs, monologues or skits featuring either single performers or groups of performers in drag meant to entertain an audience
Dragspel(Swedish, literally 'pull-play') accordion [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Dragster(German m.) dragster
Dragsterrennen(German n.) drag race
Drague(French f.) dredger (ship)
draguer(French) to dredge, to chat up (girls), to try to pick up (girls)
Draht (s.), Drähte (pl.)(German m.) wire, filament, strand
Draht an einer Maschine befestigen(German) to connect wire to a machine
Drahtantenne(German f.) wire antenna
Drahtauslöser(German m.) cable release
Drahtauslöseranschluss(German m.) cable release connection
Drahtbahn(German f.) funicular (railway)
Drahtbiegemaschine(German f.) wire bending and forming machine
Drahtbiegezange(German f.) wire bending plier, wire bending pliers
Drahtbruch(German m.) wire breakage, wire break
Drahtbrücke(German f.) wire strap, brass jumper, jumper, wire jumper
Drahtbürste (s.), Drahtbürsten (pl.)(German f.) wire brush
Drahtdarstellung(German f.) wireframe graphics
Drahtdipol(German m.) wire dipole (antenna)
Drahterodieren(German n.) wire-cut EDM (EDM wire cutting uses a metallic wire to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece)
Drahterodiermaschine(German f.) wire eroding machine (using the same basic principles as apply for spark erosion except that the electrode is in the form of a continuously renewed brass or coated brass wire)
Drahtesel(German m.) bike
drahtete neu(German) rewired
drahtet neu(German) rewires
Drahtfunk(German m.) radio by wire
Drahtgaze(German f.) wire gauze
drahtgebundenes Fernsteuerungssystem(German n.) steer-by-wire system
Drahtgeflecht (s.), Drahtgeflechte (pl.)(German n.) wire netting, wire mesh
Drahtgestrick(German n.) wire mesh
Drahtgewebe(German n.) wire cloth, wire mesh
drahtgewickelt(German) wire-wound
Drahtgitter(German n.) wire frame, wire rack
Drahtgittermodell(German n.) wire frame model, wireframe graphics, wireframe
Drahtglas(German n.) wire (reinforced) glass, wired glass, armoured glass
Drahthaar-Foxterrier(German m.) wire fox terrier
drahthaarig(German) wire-haired, wirehaired
Drahthaarterrier(German m.) wire-haired terrier
Drahtheftung(German f.) wire stitching
Drahthindernisse(German pl.) wire entanglements
drahtig(German) wiry (figurative)
Drahtlehre(German f.) wire gauge
Drahtligatur(German f.) wire ligature
Drahtlitze(German f.) wire strand
drahtlos(German) wireless, wirelessly
drahtlos senden(German) to radio
drahtlose Telegraphie(German f.) radio telegraphy
drahtloser Internetzugang(German m.) wireless Internet access
drahtloser Rundfunk(German m.) wireless broadcasting
drahtloses lokales Netzwerk(German n.) wireless local area network
drahtloses Mikrofon(German n.) microport
Drahtlossender(German m.) wireless transmitter
Drahtmodell(German n.) wire frame model
Drahtnetz(German n.) wire gauze, wire mesh
Drahtöse(German f.) wire eyelet
Drahtsäge(German f.) wire saw
Drahtsaite (s.), Drahtsaiten (pl.)(German f.) wire string(s), music wire
Drahtschere(German f.) wire cutter, cutting pliers, wire cutters, wire shears
Drahtschlinge(German f.) wire, wire loop
Draht schneiden(German) to cut wire
Drahtschneider(German m.) wirecutter, wire cutter
Drahtschneidezange(German f.) wire cutting pliers
Drahtseil(German n.) wire rope, stranded wire, wire cable, tightrope (circus)
Drahtseilakt(German m.) balancing act
Drahtseilbahn(German f.) cable railway, cable-railway
Drahtseillitze(German f.) wire rope strand
Drahtseilschere(German f.) wire rope shears
drahtsichern(German) to secure with wire
Drahtspeiche(German f.) wire spoke
Drahtspeichenrad(German n.) wire (-spoked) wheel
Drahtsperren(German pl.) wire entanglements
Drahtspion(German m.) wire feeler gauge
Drahtsteckanschluss(German m.) wire wrapping
Drahtstift(German m.) brad (pin), wire nail
Drahttuch(German n.) wire cloth, wire mesh
Draht- und Klammerbiegezange(German f.) wire and clasp bending plier
Draht unter Spannung(German m.) live wire
Draht unter Strom(German m.) live wire
Drahtverhau(German m.) wire entanglement, barbed wire
Drahtverspannung(German f.) bracing wire
drahtverstärkt(German) wire-reinforced
drahtverstärktes Glas(German n.) wire reinforced glass
Drahtwickel(German m.) wire wrap
Drahtwickeltechnik(German f.) wire-wrap technique
Drahtwirbelzange(German f.) (wire) twisting pliers
Drahtwolle(German f.) wire wool
Drahtwurm(German m.) wireworm
Drahtzange (s.), Drahtzangen (pl.)(German f.) wire cutter
Drahtzaun(German m.) wire fence
Drahtziehen(German n.) wire drawing
Drahtzieher(German m.) manipulator, string puller (figurative), wire-drawer, wiredrawer, wire drawer, wire-puller (figurative)
Drain(English, French m., German m.) channel, conduit or pipe (carrying off liquid, etc.), tube (drawing off liquid, etc.)
in cooking, to remove liquid with a strainer
Drainage(English, German f.) the emptying of something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it
drainer(French) to drain
drainieren(German) to drain
drainiert(German) drained
Drainpipevery narrow fitting trousers often tighter around the ankle
Draisine (s.), Draisinen (pl.)(German f.) handcar, (rail) trolley
Drakensberge(German pl.) Drakensberg
Drakestraße(German f.) Drake Passage
drakonisch(German) draconian
drakonische Maßnahmen(German pl.) draconian measures
drakonische Strafe(German f.) draconian penalty
Drall(German m.) twist, swirl, rifling (barrel of gun), (intrinsic) angular momentum, spin (electron, etc.), torsion
drall(German) plump, buxom (woman), buxomly, rounded, full (breated), strapping (girl), sturdy, round
dralles Mädchen(German n.) bouncing girl
Drallheit(German f.) buxomness
Drallwinkel(German m.) angle of twist
Dram(English, German m.) monetary unit of Armenia
Drama, Dramas (Spanish, English pl.,), Dramen (German pl.)(English, German n., Spanish m.) play, whether tragedy or comedy, for the stage or for broadcasting, dramatic event
dramalos(German) undramatic
Dramas musicales(Spanish f.) musical dramas
Dramaticsudden and exciting, vividly striking, theatrical, drammatico (Italian), dramatisch (German), dramatique (French)
Dramatic coloraturaa very rare type of singer. They are considered 'weird' sopranos because their vocal cords are so special that they have the range and agility of a coloratura, and the stamina and power of a dramatic soprano. Their upper notes extend to E-flat or higher (staccato F6 in the Queen of the Night's arias) and they have the ability to hold notes for a long period of time
Dramatic ironya situation where the words and actions of the characters of a work of literature have a different meaning for the reader than they do for the characters. This is the result of the reader having a greater knowledge than the characters themselves
Dramatic monologuea poem in which a poetic speaker addresses either the reader or an internal listener at length. It is similar to the soliloquy in theare, in that both a dramatic monologue and a soliloquy often involve the revelation of the innermost thoughts and feelings of the speaker
Dramatic musicprogramme music
music written to accompany a staged drama
dramático(Spanish) dramatic
Dramatic sopranoa soprano voice type with a heavier tone color and more power throughout her range, advantageous when performing dramatic roles
a soprano with a range slightly lower than that of a lyric soprano
Dramatic tenora tenor voice type with a heavier tone color and more power throughout his range, advantageous when performing dramatic roles
a tenor with a range slightly lower than that of a lyric tenor
Dramatik(German f.) drama, dramatic art
Dramatiker (m.), Dramatikerin (f.)(German) dramatist, playwright
Dramatique(French f.) television drama
dramatique(French) dramatic, tragic
dramatisch(German) dramatically, dramatic, scenic, sweeping, white-knuckle (colloquial)
dramatische Ausmaße annehmen(German) to take on a sweeping scale
dramatische Musik(German f.) dramatic music
dramatischer Alt(German m.) (dramatic) contralto
dramatischer Dichter(German m.) a dramatist, a writer for the stage
dramatischer Koloratursopran(German m.) dramatic coloratura soprano
see 'Fach'
dramatischer Mezzosopran(German m.) dramatic mezzo-soprano
see 'Fach'
dramatischer Sopran(German m.) full dramatic soprano
see 'Fach'
dramatischer Tenor(German m.) dramatic tenor
see 'Fach'
dramatische Wirkung(German f.) scenic effect
dramatiser(French) to dramatise
dramatisieren(German) to dramatise, to emote (derogatory)
dramatisierend(German) dramatising, emoting
dramatisiert(German) emoted, dramatised
Dramatisierung(German f.) dramatisation
Dramatis personae(Latin) (a list of) characters in a play or story
Dramatistthe author of a play
dramatizar(Spanish) to dramatise
Dramaturg, Dramaturgin (German f.)(English, German) or dramaturge, the member of staff in a German opera house who combines many functions including programme editor, script editor, libretto adapter, press officer and maybe even actor or producer
Dramaturge(French m./f.) dramatist
Dramaturgie(German f.) dramaturgy, script department, dramatic composition
dramaturgisch(German) dramaturgic, dramaturgical
dramaturgisches Können(German n.) stagecraft
Dramaturgo(Spanish m.) playwrght, dramatist
Dramaturgythe art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage. Some dramatists combine writing and dramaturgy when creating a drama. Others work with a specialist, called a dramaturg, to adapt a work to the stage. Dramaturgy can also be defined, more broadly, as shaping a story or like elements into a form that can be acted. Dramaturgy gives the work or the performance a structure. More than actual writing, a dramaturg's work can often be defined as designing
Drame(French m.) drama
Drame à tnèse(French m.) a drama that is designed primarily to illusated some doctine or theory
Drame bourgeois(French m.) a play about every day life (what, in English, might be called 'kitchen-sink' drama)
Dramedy(English, German f.) comedy-drama, a theatre show, film or TV show that could be labelled both a comedy and a drama
Drame forain(French m., literally 'fair drama') eighteenth-century French comedies performed at the Paris fairs, an ancestor of opéra comique
Drame lyrique(French m.) an alternative term for a serious opera, opera seria
Dramentheorie(German f.) dramatic theory
Dramma(Italian m.) drama
Dramma burlesca(Italian m.) a comic or humorous drama
Dramma giocoso(Italian m., literally 'jocular drama' or plural drammi giocosi) an Italian term applied to a type of comic opera originating about 1750, with plots filled with sentiment, pathos and tragedy rather than traditional lighthearted comedy
Dramma lirico(Italian m.) an alternative term for serious opera, opera seria
Dramma musicale(Italian m.) an alternative term for serious opera, opera seria
Dramma per (la) musica(Italian m., literally 'drama with music') an Italian term, popular in the 17th- and 18th-centuries, for opera, one of the first examples of which is Orfeo (1607) by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
the libretto of an opera
drammaticamente(Italian) dramatically, in a theatrical or declamatory style
drammatico(Italian) dramatic
Drammaturgo(Italian m.) playwright
Dramolett(German n.) mini-drama
Drän (s.), Dräne (pl.), Dräns (pl.)(German m.) drain
Dränage(German f.) drainage, draining
dranbleiben(German) to stay with it, to hang on (telephone), to hold (on) (telephone)
dran bleiben(German) to stay on the ball (figurative: to remain alert)
Drang (s.), Dränge (pl.)(German m.) urge, pressure, drive (figurative), compulsion
drang(German) urged
drang ein(German) invaded, irrupted
Drängelei(German f.) pushing (and shoving)
Drängeln(German n.) shoving
drängeln(German) to push, to scramble, to shove, to pester
Drängen(German n.) solicitation (formal: request)
drängen(German) to push, to urge, to be urgent, to press, to hustle, to rush, to edge (on), to cajole, to coax, to crowd, to throng
drängen auf(German) to press for
drängend(German) hastening, hurrying, elbowing, thronging, thrusting, hustling, urging, urging forward, pressing forward, stringendo (Italian), incalzando (Italian), en talonnant (French). en pressant (French), en serrant (French)
(German) calcando (Italian), accelerando (Italian), pressing forward, hurrying the time, compressing the time, premendo (Italian), betonend (German), en comprimant (French)
drängenderes Problem(German n.) more immediate problem, more pressing problem, more urgent problem
Dränger(German m.) hustler
dran glauben müssen(German) to bite the dust (colloquial)
Drängler (m.), Dränglerin (f.)(German) pushy person, pushy driver
Drängraben(German m.) drainage ditch, drainage trench
Drangsal(German f.) tribulation, distress, hardship, trouble
Drangsalieren(German n.) bullying (with violence)
drangsalieren(German) to pester, to pick on, to torment, to bully, to harass, to hassle (colloquial)
drängt(German) throngs, prompts
drängte(German) elbowed, thronged
drängte auf(German) obtruded
drängt hinein(German) interlopes
drang völlig durch(German) interpenetrated
Drang zu kaufen(German m.) desire to buy
dranhängen(German) to attach (email)
Dränieren(German n.) draining
dränieren(German) to drain
drankommen(German) to come up (in an exam), to have one's turn
dran sein(German) to be next
dranstückeln(German) to add a piece (to lengthen something)
Drap(French m.) sheet, (woollen) cloth
Drapeau (s.), Drapeaux (pl.)(French m.) flag
draper(French) to drape
Draperie(French f.) drapery
Draperie mouillée(French f., literally 'wet drapery') clinging drapery, as portrayed in painting and sculpture
Drap-housse(French m.) fitted sheet
Drapierbarkeit(German n.) drapability, drapeability
drapieren(German) to drape
drapierend(German) draping
drapiert(German) drapes, draped
drapierte(German) draped
drapierter Rock(German m.) drape skirt, draped skirt
Drapierung(German f.) drapery
Drapingtechnique of hanging fabric in folds or cover with fabric in loose folds; in draped garments, hemlines are often uneven
drástico(Spanish) drastic
drastisch(German) drastic, drastically, radical, radically, extreme, swingeing (cuts, etc.)
drastische Kürzung(German f.) slash
drastische Lösung(German f.) drastic solution
drastische Maßnahme (s.), drastische Maßnahmen (pl.)(German f.) radical measure
drastische Maßnahmen ergreifen(German) to adopt drastic measures, to take drastic action
drastische Preiserhöhung(German f.) drastic rise in prices
drastischer Preisnachlass(German m.) drastic reduction of prices, drastic slashing of prices
drastische Restrukturierung nach Verlusten(German f.) turnaround after burn-out
drastische Schritte(German pl.) drastic steps
drastisch kürzen(German) to slash
drastisch reduzieren(German) to slash
Drau(German f.) Drava (River)
dräuen(German) to loom, to threaten, threatening (clouds, glances, etc.)
Draufgänger (m.), Draufgängerin (f.), Draufgänger (pl.)(German) daredevil, dare-devil, no shrinking violet (feminine form)
draufgängerisch(German) reckless, swashbucking, gritty (colloquial)
draufgängerischer Abenteurer(German m.) daredevil
Draufgängertum(German n.) recklessness, bravado
draufgehen(German) to go west, to snuff it (slang), to kick the bucket (colloquial), to fall apart
Draufgeld(German n.) bargaining money, forfeit money
drauflegen(German) to fork out (colloquial: provide money)
drauflos essen(German) to eat away
drauflos feuern auf(German) to blaze away at (soldiers, guns)
drauflosballern(German) to blast away (with gun)
drauflosplappern(German) to rattle away, to babble away
drauflosreden(German) to rattle on
drauflosschießen(German) to blast away (with gun)
drauflosschnattern(German) to gabble away (geese, people)
draufpassen(German) to fit on, to fit in to
drauf reinfallen(German) to fall for it (colloquial)
Draufsicht(German f.) plan, topview, aerial view, top view, plan view
drauf und dran sein, ... zu tun(German) to be about to do ...
draufzahlen(German) to pay extra
Draupadiconsort of the Pandava Princes, in the Mahabharata
draußen(German) outside, out of doors, afield, outdoors, out there, in the open, abroad (archaic: outside, outdoors), out front (outside the entrance)
draußen am Fenster lauschen(German) to eavesdrop outside the window
draußen bleiben(German) to stay out
draußen in der Welt(German) out in the world
Draußensein(German n.) outdoorness
Draußen tobt ein Sturm.(German) It's blowing a gale outside.
Dravidianonce, the aboriginal tongue of all India, but now spoken primarily in only the southern regions of that subcontinent
Drawon an accordion, pulling the bellows apart to draw air in through the reeds whose valves are open
drawidische Sprache(German f.) Dravidian language
Drawing-room balladat the beginning of the nineteenth century, the English ballad was an 'art song', that is, original compositions by composers of the period, borrowing neither text nor music from pre-existing sources. Although first heard in theatres to an orchestral accompaniment, they were published as 'parlour songs' for voice and piano and later with guitar accompaniment. By the latter half of the nineteenth century, the Victorian drawing-room ballad had emerged, heavy with sentiment, using only simple harmonic progressions and with quasi-religious undertones in both words and music. A number of the songs from Sullivan's 'Savoy Operas' were modified to make them more suitable for the Victorian home. In Patience, the corpulent middle-aged spinster, Lady Jane, incurred W. S. Gilbert's cruel mockery in the ballad Silver'd is the raven hair at the beginning of Act 2, accompanying herself on a double bass as she sings grimly a text alluding to her aging figure. When the song was issued as a drawing-room ballad the lyrics were changed; In the twilight of our love had been turned into a popular parlour ballad
Drawing togethergetting faster, stringendo (Italian), beschleunigtes Tempo (German), en pressant (French)
Drawknobsdrawknobs turn the different kinds of organ pipe sounds on or off. Pulling the knob out turns the stop on and pushing it in turns it off. Some builders use stop tabs which flip up and down in place of drawknobs
Draw stopa type of handstop which moves the register when it is pushed in or drawn out
the draw stops, on an English organ, are generally grouped in the following order:
left sideright side
Swell organSolo organ
Pedal organGreat organ
CouplersChoir organ
Drawn-on covera paper book cover which is attached to the sewn book by gluing the spine
Drbakkasee darbuka
Drbekkisee darbuka
D'rbukasee darbuka
Dreadnought guitar(English, Dreadnought-Gitarre (German f.)) a term used to describe one of the shapes for a 'traditional' acoustic guitar, where the body style is quite large and full, so contributing to a bigger sound
Dream housea music genre that combines simple 'House' with elements of 'Trance' set over a pounding 'techno' drum beat
Dream popa type of alternative rock that originated in the early 1980s. Several varieties of dream pop emerged, primarily in Britain. These included 'shoegazing', 'space rock', 'Britpop' and 'twee pop'
  • Dream pop from which this extract has been taken
Dream vision or visio, a genre of poetry popular in the Middle Ages. By convention, a fictionalized version of the writer goes to sleep in a pleasant, natural springtime setting (May mornings being particularly popular). He has a dream that he relates to the reader
Drechselarbeit(German f.) turnery
Drechselbank(German f.) lathe
Drechseln(German n.) woodturning
drechseln(German) to turn (wood)
drechselnd(German) turning (wood)
Drechsler (s./pl.)(German m.) turner
Drechslerei(German f.) turnery
Dreck(German m.) mud, dirt, trifle, muckiness, smut, raunchiness, scruffiness, muck, soil, filth, crud (colloquial), squalor, gunk (colloquial), grime
Dreck auf ... spritzen(German) to splash mud on ...
Dreckding(German n.) filthy thing, damn thing
Dreckfleck (s.), Dreckflecken (pl.)(German m.) spatter, spot
dreckig(German) dirty, muddy, cruddy (colloquial), mucky, raunchily, scruffy, raunchy, filthy, squalid, messy, grubby, manky (colloquial)
dreckige Lüge(German f.) dirty lie (colloquial)
dreckiger(German) muckier, raunchier (colloquial), scruffier
dreckige Tricks(German pl.) dirty tricks
dreckig im Gesicht(German) black in the face
dreckigste(German) muckiest, raunchiest (colloquial), scruffiest
Dreckloch (s.), Drecklöcher (pl.)(German n.) sinkhole, hellhole, kip (Irish - colloquial: dirty place)
Dreckpfoten(German pl.) dirty paws (also figurative), filthy paws (also figurative)
Drecksarbeit(German f.) beastly job, filthy job, donkey work (colloquial), dirty work
Dreckschleuder(German f.) polluter (vehicle), mud-slinger, nasty piece of work (colloquial), nasty bit of work
Dreckspritzer(German m.) spatter
Dreh(German m.) knack (familiar)
Dreh(German m.) film shooting, spin (also figurative), kicker (colloquial)
Dreh-(German) rotary (prefix)
Drehachse(German f.) axis of rotation
Drehantrieb(German m.) rotary drive
Dreharbeit (s.), Dreharbeiten (pl.)(German f.) turning operation, turnery, filming (plural form), shooting (plural form), shoots (plural form)
Drehbank(German f.) lathe, engine lathe, chuck lathe, dead-centre lathe (US)
drehbar(German) hinged, revolvable, rotatable, turnable, rotating, pivotable, rotary
drehbar gelagert(German) pivoted
Drehbarkeit(German f.) rotatability
Drehbewegung(German f.) rotation, turn, gyration, rotating movement, rotary movement, pivoting movement
Drehbleistift(German m.) propelling pencil, mechanical pencil, revolving pencil
Drehbrücke(German f.) swing bridge, swivel bridge, swingbridge
Drehbuch (s.), Drehbücher (pl.)(German n.) screenplay, script, scenario, screen-play
Drehbuchautor (m.), Drehbuchautorin (f.), Drehbuchautoren (pl.)(German) screenwriter, screen-writer, screenplay writer, script writer, scriptwriter
Drehbuchbearbeitung(German f.) scénarisation (French f.), screen writing, screen adaptation
Drehbuchentwurf(German m.) draft script
Drehbuchschreiber(German m.) scriptwriter, scenarist
Drehbühne(German f.) revolving stage
Drehdorn(German m.) turning mandrel
Drehdurchführung(German f.) rotating union, rotary union, rotary joint
Drehe(German f.) area (vaguely described location)
drehelastisch(German) torsionally elastic, torsionally flexible
Drehen(German n.) swerve, jiggering, swerving, veering, rotation, turning
drehen(German) to turn, to rotate, to twist, to roll, to shoot (film), to revolve, to spin, to pirouette, to twiddle, to twirl, to veer, to wangle, to wind
drehend(German) pirouetting, revolving, revving, rotary, swivelling, turning, twiddling, twirling, twisting, wangling, spinning, rotational
drehender Ruck(German m.) wrench
Dreher (s./pl.)(German m.) a triple meter, waltz-like dance of Bohemian and Austrian origin
(German m.) turner, lathe operator, second vertebra (of the neck)
Dreherei(German f.) turning shop, turnery
drehfest(German) torque-proof
Drehfeuer(German n.) rotating beacon, rotary beacon
Drehflügel(German m.) rotor
Drehflügler(German m.) (rotor) helicopter, rotating wing, rotary-wing aircraft
Drehfrequenz(German f.) rotary frequency
Drehfutter(German n.) lathe chuck
Drehgeber(German m.) rotary position transducer, rotary encoder
Drehgelenk(German n.) swivel joint, swivel, pivot joint, hinge joint, turning knuckle, rotary joint
Drehgenehmigung(German f.) permission to film, permission to shoot (film)
Drehgeschwindigkeit(German f.) rotating speed (rotary speed)
Drehgeschwindigkeit um die Querachse(German f.) pitch rate
Drehgestell(German n.) truck
Drehgestellfahrwerk(German n.) articulated trolley
Drehgewinde(German n.) screw thread
Drehgriff (s.), Drehgriffe (pl.)(German m.) turning handle, twist grip
Drehhahn(German m.) turncock
Drehherz(German n.) driving dog, lathe dog, lathe drive carrier
Drehhülse(German f.) rotating sleeve
Drehimpuls(German m.) angular momentum
Drehimpulserhaltung(German f.) conservation of angular momentum
Drehknopf(German m.) knob, rotary knob
Drehkondensator(German m.) variable capacitor
Drehkraft(German f.) operating torque, torque, torsional force
Drehkran(German m.) derrick
Drehkreuz (s.), Drehkreuze (pl.)(German n.) turnstile, hub, star handle
Drehlager(German n.) swivel
Drehleier(German f.) hurdy-gurdy, symphonia (Latin), ghironda (Italian), Radleier (German), Leier (German), vielle à roue (French)
Drehleiter(German f.) turntable ladder
Drehleiterwagen(German m.) turntable ladder (fire vehicle)
Drehleyersynonymous with Drehleier
Dreh mal lauter!(German) Crank up the volume! (colloquial)
Drehmaschine(German f.) lathe, engine lathe, screw machine, turning lathe
Drehmaschinenfutter mit einzeln verstellbaren Backen(German n.) independent chuck
Drehmaschinen-Spannfutter(German n.) athe chuck
Drehmeißel(German m.) lathe tool, turning tool
Drehmoment (s.), Drehmomente (pl.)(German n.) torsional moment, torque, turning moment
Drehmoment-(German) torsional (prefix)
Drehmomentanzeige(German f.) torque indicator
Drehmomenteinstellung(German f.) torque adjustment
drehmomentfrei(German) torque-free
Drehmomentschlüssel(German m.) torque wrench, torque-controlled spanner
Drehmomentschlüssel für Einsteckwerkzeuge(German m.) torque wrench body, interchangeable head torque wrench
Drehmomentschraubendreher(German m.) torque driver, torque screwdriver
Drehmomentschrauber(German m.) torque screwdriver, torque driver
drehmomentschwach(German) low-torque
drehmomentstark(German) high-torque
Drehmomentwerkzeuge(German pl.) torque wrenches and equipment
Drehorgel(German f. from drehen, 'to turn') barrel-organ, street organ, hurdy-gurdy
Drehort(German m.) location, shooting location
Drehort des Films(German m.) location of the film
Drehpunkt (s.), Drehpunkte (pl.)(German m.) centre of rotation, fulcrum, pivot, pivot point
Drehpunktakkord(German m.) pivot chord
Drehpunkteffekt(German m.) fulcrum effect
Drehrestaurant(German n.) revolving restaurant
Drehrichtung(German f.) rolling direction, sense of rotation, direction of rotation
Drehring(German m.) swivel
Drehschalter(German m.) rotary switch, turn-switch
Drehscheibe (s.), Drehscheiben (pl.)(German f.) (potter's) wheel, turntable, dial, hub
Drehschwingung(German f.) torsional vibration, rotary oscillation, torsional oscillation
Drehsessel(German m.) swivel armchair
Drehspiegel(German m.) cheval glass, cheval mirror
Drehspiegelleuchte(German f.) rotating mirror beacon
Drehspule(German f.) moving coil
Drehspul-Messgerät(German n.) moving-coil instrument
Drehspulstrommesser(German m.) moving-coil current meter
Drehst Du den Spieß um?(German) Are you turning the tables on me?
Drehstahl(German m.) turning tool, lathe tool
Drehstapelbehälter(German m.) rotary stacking container
drehstarr(German) torsionally rigid, torsion-proof, torsionally rigid
Drehsteifigkeit(German f.) torsional rigidity
Drehstift(German m.) mandrel, fulcrum pin, cross bar, tommy bar
Drehstrom(German m.) rotary current, three-phase current, three-phase alternating current, three-phase AC
Drehstromantrieb(German m.) three-phase drive, AC drive
Drehstromgenerator(German m.) three-phase generator, three-phase alternator
Drehstromgetriebemotor(German m.) three-phase current geared motor
Drehstromlichtmaschine(German f.) alternator
Drehstrommaschine(German f.) three-phase machine
Drehstrommotor(German m.) three-phase a.c. motor
Drehstromsystem(German n.) three-phase system
Drehstromtransformator(German m.) three-phase transformer
Drehstuhl (s.), Drehstühle (pl.)(German m.) swivel chair, music stool
Drehsymmetrie(German f.) radial symmetry
drehsymmetrisch(German) rotationally symmetric
dreht(German) revolves, swivels, twiddles, twirls, twists, veers, wangles, turns
Drehtabak(German m.) handrolling tobacco, hand rolling tobacco, hand-rolled tobacco
Drehtag(German m.) day of shooting (film-making)
dreht auf(German) untwists
dreht durch(German) spins
drehte(German) twirled, wangled, turned, swivelled
drehte auf(German) untwisted
Drehteil (s.), Drehteile (pl.)(German n.) turned part
Drehtermin(German m.) shooting date (film-making)
Drehtisch(German m.) lazy Susan, rotary table
dreht nach links(German) rotates to the left, rotates counter-clockwise
Drehtrommel(German f.) rotary drum, rotary tumbler
Drehtür(German f.) revolving door
Drehtüreffekt(German m.) revolving door effect
Drehturm(German m.) turret (on a tank)
Dreh- und Angelpunkt(German m.) linchpin, pivot (figurative)
Drehung (s.), Drehungen (pl.)(German f.) turn, twist, twisting, gyration, rotation, torsion, turning, circumgyration, slewing, wrench
Drehung des Rades(German f.) turn of the wheel
Drehungen und Wendungen(German) twists and turns
Drehungsvermögen(German n.) rotary power, angle of rotation
Drehventil(German n.) rotary valve (on a brass instrument), válvula rotatoria (Spanish f.), válvula rotativa (Spanish f.), cilindro rotativo (Italian m.), Zylinderventil (German n.), cylindre à rotation (French m.)
Drehvorschub(German m.) rotary feed
Drehwinkel(German m.) rotation angle, angle of rotation
Drehzahl (s.), Drehzahlen (pl.)(German f.) number of rotations, speed of rotation, engine speed, rotational speed, revolutions per minute, speed, revs (colloquial)
Drehzahlabfall(German m.) drop in speed, speed decrease
Drehzahleinstellung(German f.) speed setting
Drehzahlerhöhung(German f.) speed-up
drehzahlgeregelt(German) speed-controlled
Drehzahlmesser(German m.) revmeter, tachometer, revolution counter, rev counter
Drehzahlmessgerät(German n.) revolution counter
Drehzahlmessung(German f.) speed measurement
Drehzahlsensor(German m.) rotation sensor
drehzahlvariabel(German) variable-speed
drehzahlvariabler (m.), drehzahlvariable (f.), drehzahlvariables (n.)(German) variable-speed
drehzahlveränderlich(German) variable-speed
Drehzahlverminderung(German f.) slow-down
Drehzapfen(German m.) pivot, king pin, swivel pin, centre pin
[supplied by Michael Zapf]
Drehzentrum(German n.) machining centre, centre of rotation
Drei(German f.) three
drei(German) three
drei Achtel(German pl.) three-eighths
Dreiachteltakt(German m.) 3/8 time
dreiadriges Kabel(German n.) three wire cable
Dreiangel(German f.) triangle
drei aufeinanderfolgende Tage(German pl.) three consecutive days
drei aufeinander folgende Tage(German pl., old form) three consecutive days
dreiäugig(German) three-eyed
Dreibackenfutter(German n.) three-jaw chuck
Dreibackenfutter mit Aufsatzbacken(German n.) three-jaw chuck with interchangeable jaws
Dreibacken-Kraftspannfutter(German n.) three-jaw power chuck, geared screw chuck with three jaws
Dreibein(German n.) tripod, three-legged stool
dreibeinig(German) three-legged, tripodal
Dreibeinstativ(German n.) tripod
dreiblättrig(German) trifoliate, three-leaved
Drei-Buchstaben-Akronym(German n.) three letter acronym
Dreibund(German m.) Triple Alliance
dreichörig(German) (a pianoforte) with three strings to each note
(German) trichord (of a string instrument) in which the strings are tuned in triples
(German) triple chorus
dreidimensional(German) three-dimensional, three-d, in three dimensions, solid, three-dimensionally
Dreidimensionalität(German f.) three-dimensionality
dreidoppelt(German) three-fold, triple, of three ranks (reference to an organ)
Dreieck(German n.) triangle
Dreieck (s.), Dreiecke (pl.)(German n.) triangle, triangle (pool, billiards)
Dreieckflagge(German f.) pennant
dreieckig(German) triangular, triangularly, three-cornered
Dreiecksbeziehung(German f.) ménage à trois, triangle (figurative), love triangle
Dreieckschleifer(German m.) delta sander, triangular sander
Dreieckschwingung(German f.) triangle wave, triangular oscillation
Dreiecksgeschäft(German n.) triangular trade, triangular transaction, triangulation
Dreiecksgeschichte(German f.) love triangle
Dreieckshandel(German m.) triangular trade
Dreiecksmethode(German f.) triangulation
Dreieckstuch(German n.) triangular scarf
Dreiecksverhältnis(German n.) ménage à trois, love triangle, eternal triangle
Dreieckwelle(German f.) triangle wave
dreieinhalb(German) three and a half
dreieinig(German) triune
Dreieinigkeit(German f.) Trinity
Dreieinigkeitslehre(German f.) trinitarianism
Dreierabkommen(German n.) tripartite agreement
Dreiergruppe(German f.) threesome, triplet, group of three, triad, trio
dreierlei(German) three things, three kinds, three sorts of, three different
Dreierpackung(German f.) triple pack
Dreierschritt(German m.) three step (Slowfox, Foxtrot)
Dreierset(German n.) triple pack
Dreier-Set(German n.) triple pack
Dreierstreifen(German m.) strip of three
Dreiertakt(German m.) triple meter, triple time
dreifach(German) three-fold, triple, of three ranks (reference to an organ), ternary, treble, trebly, triplex, threefold, triplicate, triple fold, thrice (archaic)
dreifach gemahlene Seife(German f.) triple-milled soap
dreifach verglast(German) triple-glazed
dreifach verheiratet(German) trigamous
Dreifachansatz(German m.) triplicate
Dreifachbindung(German f.) triple bond
Dreifache(German n.) triple fold, treble
dreifacher Mord(German m.) triple murder
dreifaches Munus Christi(German n.) triple office of Christ
Dreifachgriff(German m.) triple stop (on a stringed instrument)
Dreifachkonsonant(German m.) triple consonant
Dreifachmord(German m.) triple murder
dreifachsträngig(German) triple-stranded
Dreifachverglasung(German f.) triple glazing
dreifältig(German) thrice (archaic)
Dreifaltigkeit(German f.) Trinity
Dreifaltigkeitsfest(German n.) Trinity Sunday
Dreifaltigkeitskirche(German f.) Holy Trinity Church
Dreifarbendruck(German m.) three-colour printing
dreifarbig(German) three-coloured, tricoloured, in three colours, tricolour
Dreifeldersystem(German n.) three-field system
Dreifelderwirtschaft(German f.) three-field (crop) rotation
Drei-Finger-Regel(German f.) right-hand rule
Dreifingerregel(German f.) right-hand rule
dreiförmig(German) triform
dreifunktionell(German) trifunctional
Dreifuß (s.), Dreifüße (pl.)(German m.) tripod, trivet, tribrach, three-legged stool
dreifüßig(German) tripodal
Dreifußstativ(German n.) tripod stand
Dreigängemenü(German n.) three-course menu
dreigängig(German) three-course (meal)
Dreigesang(German) trio, for three voices
Dreigespann (s.), Dreigespanne (pl.)(German n.) troika, triumvirate (figurative)
Dreigestirn (s.), Dreigestirne (pl.)(German n.) triumvirate
dreigestrichen(German) in the octave two above middle C (c'''-b''')
dreigestrichene Oktave(German f.) three-line octave
dreigestrichenes C(German n.) top C
drei gestrichene Teelöffel(German) three level teaspoons, three level teaspoonfuls
dreigliedrig(German) three-part
dreigliedriges Schulsystem(German n.) Tripartite System, three-tier school system
Dreigroschenoper, Die(German f.) The Threepanny Opera (English), L'opera da tre soldi (Italian), L'opéra de quat'sous (French)
(German f.) an opera expressing social satire in modern popular idiom (the term deriving from the theatre-opera by Brecht and Weill)
Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) is a revolutionary work of musical theatre (not in fact an opera), adapted from an eighteenth-century English ballad opera, John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht and composer Kurt Weill, in collaboration with translator Elisabeth Hauptmann. Premiering on August 31, 1928, at Berlin's Schiffbauerdamm Theatre, Die Dreigroschenoper offers a socialist critique of the capitalist world
Dreihalbetakt(German m.) 3/2 time
drei Hand voll(German) three handfuls
Dreiheit(German f.) triality, trinity
dreihundert(German) three hundred
Dreihundertjahrfeier(German f.) tercentenary (celebration), tercentenary celebrations
dreihundertjährig(German) tercentennial, tercentenary, tricentennial
dreihundertjähriges Jubiläum(German n.) tercentenary
dreihundertster Jahrestag(German m.) tercentenary (anniversary)
dreijährig(German) triennial (lasting three years), triennially (lasting three years), triannual, three-year, three-year-old
Dreijähriger (m.), Dreijährige (f.), Dreijährigen (pl.)(German) three-year-old
dreijährlich(German) triennial, triennially (every three years)
Dreikaiserbund(German m.) Three Emperors' League
Dreikammer-(German) tricameral (prefix)
Dreikantfeile(German f.) three-square (engineer's) file, triangular file, three-cornered file (colloquial)
Dreikant-Hohlschaber(German m.) three-square hollow scraper, triangular hollow-ground scraper
dreikantig(German) triangular, three-sided
Dreikant-Löffelschaber(German m.) triangular scraper
Dreikantschaber(German m.) triangular scraper
Dreikäsehoch(German m.) little kid (colloquial)
Dreiklang (s.), Dreiklänge (pl.)(German m.) a triad (a chord consisting of the tonic, its third and fifth), a common chord
dreiklassige Grundschule(German f.) three-form entry school
Dreikönigsfest(German n.) Epiphany, Twelfthtide
Dreikönigstag(German m.) Three Kings Day, Twelfth Day, (feast of the) Epiphany
dreiköpfig(German) three-person
dreiköpfige Familie(German f.) family of three
drei Kreuze machen(German) to feel relieved
drei Kreuze schlagen(German) to feel relieved
Dreiländerreise(German f.) three-nation tour
Dreilaut(German m.) triphthong
Dreileiterkabel(German n.) triplex cable (a cable used for residential or commercial service drops consisting of two or three insulated conductors spiralled around a bare neutral wire which provides support for the cable)
Dreiling(German) Tierce
Dreilinien-Diagramm(German n.) three-line diagram
dreimal(German) three times, thrice (archaic), triply
Dreimal auf Holz!(German) Knock on wood!
Dreimal auf Holz geklopft!(German) Touch wood!
Dreimal darfst du raten.(German) You have three guesses.
Dreimal darfst du raten, was ...(German) No prizes for guessing what ...
dreimal hoch für(German) three cheers for
dreimalig(German) triple, three times
dreimal in der Woche(German) thrice weekly
dreimal pro Tag(German) three times a day
dreimal so viel(German) three times as much
dreimal teilen(German) to trisect
dreimal teilend(German) trisecting
dreimanegiger Zirkus(German m.) three-ring circus
Dreimaster(German m.) bark (ship), barque
drei Monate nach Sicht(German) at three months
dreimonatig(German) three-monthly
dreimonatlich(German) trimonthly, quarterly
drein(German) in it, in them
Dreingabe(German f.) bonus, give-away
dreingeben(German) to allow
Drei-Noten-Akkorde(German f.) three-note chord
dreinschlagen(German) to lay about one, to swipe
Dreipass(German m.) trefoil
drei Pence(German pl.) thruppence (dated: three pence, threepence)
Dreipennystück(German n.) threepenny bit
Dreiphasen-(German) three-phase (prefix)
Dreiphasenpunkt(German m.) triple point
Dreiphasenwechselstrom(German m.) three-phase alternating current, three-phase current, three-phase AC
dreiphasig(German) three-phase, triphase, tri-phase
dreiphasisch(German) triphasic, three-phase
dreipolig(German) tripolar, three-pole, three pin
Dreirad (s.), Dreiräder (pl.)(German n.) tricycle, three wheeler, trike (colloquial), velocipede
dreirädrig(German) three-wheeled
dreirädriges Auto(German n.) tricar, three-wheeled car
Dreireim(German) triplet, stanza of three verses
Dreirumpfboot(German n.) trimaran
drei Saiten(German f. pl.) three strings, tre corde
Dreisang(German) a trio
Dreisatz(German m.) rule of three
dreisätzige Sonate(German f.) sonata in three movements
dreischichtig(German) three-layered, triple-layered, trilaminate
dreischiffig(German) three-aisled
Dreischnitt(German m.) trisection (of an angle)
dreiseitig(German) three-sided, trilateral, tripartite, trilaterally
dreisilbig(German) trisyllabic, of three syllables (metrical foot)
dreisilbiges Wort(German n.) trisyllable
Drei sind einer zu viel.(German) Two's company, three's a crowd.
Dreisitzer(German m.) three seater
Dreispiel(German) a trio
Dreispitz(German m.) cocked hat, three-cornered hat, tricorn
dreisprachig(German) trilingual, tri-lingual, in three languages
dreisprachige Sekretärin(German f.) trilingual secretary (female), tri-lingual secretary (female)
Dreispringer (m.), Dreispringerin (f.)(German) triple jumper
Dreisprung(German m.) triple jump
dreispurig(German) three-lane
dreispurige Fahrbahn(German f.) three-lane carriageway
dreißig(German) thirty
dreißiger(German) thirties
Dreißigerjahre(German f.) thirties (1930s)
dreißigjährig(German) thirty-year-old
Dreißigjähriger (m.), Dreißigjährige (f.), Dreißigjährigen (pl.)(German) thirty-year-olds
Dreißigjähriger Krieg(German m.) Thirty Years' War (1618-1648)
dreißig Silberlinge(German pl.) thirty pieces of silver
Dreißigstel(German n.) thirtieth (fraction)
dreißigster (m.), dreißigste (f.), dreißigstes (n.)(German) thirtieth (30th)
dreist(German) confident, impudently, audaciously, brash, perkily, perky, uppity (colloquial), forward (brazen), bold, brazen, cool, daring (crime), impudent, shameless, unapologetic, audacious, cocky, insolent, cheeky, brashly, presumptuous
dreiste Unwahrheit(German f.) humbug
dreistellig(German) three-figure, three-digit, in three figures
dreistellige Zahl(German f.) three-digit number
dreister Kunde(German m.) cool customer
dreister Versuch(German m.) bold attempt
Dreisterne-(German) three star
dreistes Benehmen(German n.) bold behaviour
dreistes Gehabe(German n.) brash bearing
Dreistigkeit (s.), Dreistigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) boldness, confidence, cockiness, assurance, impertinence, forwardness, chutzpah, hardihood, brashness, resolution, impudence, audacity, effronteries (plural form)
dreistimmig(German) in three parts, for three voices, a tre voci (Italian), für drei Stimmen (German), à trois voix (French), a trés voces (Spanish)
dreistöckig(German) three-storey, three-floor
dreistöckige Hochzeitstorte(German f.) three-tier wedding cake
Dreistufen-(German) three-step, three-phase
Dreistufenplan(German m.) three-phase plan, three-step plan
Dreistufenrakete(German f.) three-stage rocket, three-stage missile
Dreistufen-Rakete(German f.) three-stage missile, three-stage rocket
dreistufig(German) three-step, three-stage
dreistufige Rakete(German f.) three-stage missile, three-stage rocket
dreistündlich(German) every three hours
Dreitagebart(German m.) three-day stubble, three-day beard, designer stubble (colloquial)
drei Tage nacheinander(German) three days running (three days in succession)
dreitägig(German) three-day
dreitägige Gnadenfrist(German f.) three days' grace
dreitägige Klausurtagung(German f.) three-day retreat
dreitaktig(German) in three-bar phrases
dreitausend(German) three thousand
Dreiteiler(German m.) 3-episode series, three-piece suit (clothing)
dreiteilig(German) ternary, threepart, triform, three-part, in three parts, three-piece, tripartite
dreiteilige Couchgarnitur(German f.) three-piece suite (furniture)
dreiteilige Form(German f.) ternary form
dreiteilige Garnitur(German f.) three-piece set
dreiteiliger Anzug(German m.) three-piece suit
dreiteiliger Schalenstern(German m.) (3 arm) cup anemometer
Dreiteilung (s.), Dreiteilungen (pl.)(German f.) trisection, tripartite, tripartite division
dreitheilig(German) ternary, threepart, triform, three-part, in three parts, three-piece, tripartit
dreitheilige Form(German f.) ternary form
drei Treppen hoch(German) three flights up
dreitürig(German) three-door
dreiundachtzig(German) eighty-three
dreiundachtzigjährig(German) eighty-three-year-old
Dreiundachtzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundachtzigjährige (f.)(German) eighty-three-year-old
dreiunddreißig(German) thirty-three
dreiunddreißigjährig(German) thirty-three-year-old
Dreiunddreißigjähriger (m.), Dreiunddreißigjährige (f.)(German) thirty-three-year-old
dreiundfünfzig(German) fifty-three
dreiundfünfzigjährig(German) fifty-three-year-old
Dreiundfünfzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundfünfzigjährige (f.)(German) fifty-three-year-old
dreiundneunzig(German) ninety-three
dreiundneunzigjährig(German) ninety-three-year-old
Dreiundneunzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundneunzigjährige (f.)(German) ninety-three-year-old
dreiundsechzig(German) sixty-three
dreiundsechzigjährig(German) sixty-three-year-old
Dreiundsechzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundsechzigjährige (f.)(German) sixty-three-year-old
dreiundsiebzig(German) seventy-three
dreiundsiebzigjährig(German) seventy-three-year-old
Dreiundsiebzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundsiebzigjährige (f.)(German) seventy-three-year-old
dreiundvierzig(German) forty-three
dreiundvierzigjährig(German) forty-three-year-old
Dreiundvierzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundvierzigjährige (f.)(German) forty-three-year-old
dreiundzwanzig(German) twenty-three
dreiundzwanzigjährig(German) twenty-three-year-old
Dreiundzwanzigjähriger (m.), Dreiundzwanzigjährige (f.)(German) twenty-three-year-old
dreiundzwanzigster (m.), dreiundzwanzigste (f.), dreiundzwanzigstes (n.)(German) twenty-third
drei unterschiedliche Varianten(German pl.) three different versions
Dreiviertel(German n.) three-fourths, three-quarters
dreiviertel(German) three-quarter
drei Viertel(German pl.) three quarters, three out of four
drei viertel ...(German) quarter to ... (time)
Dreiviertel-(German) gibbous (moon) (prefix)
Dreiviertelarm(German m.) three-quarter (length) sleeve
Dreiviertelärmel(German m.) three-quarter (length) sleeve
Dreiviertelhose(German f.) three quarter trousers
Dreivierteljacke(German f.) three-quarter length coat
Dreivierteljahr(German n.) nine months, nine-month period
dreivierteljährig(German) nine-month-old
Dreiviertelkrone(German f.) three-quarter crown
dreiviertellang(German) three-quarter-length
Dreiviertelliterflasche(German f.) 75 cl bottle, three-quarter-litre bottle
Dreiviertelmehrheit(German f.) three-quarters majority
Dreiviertelprofil(German n.) three-quarter profile
Dreiviertelstunde(German f.) three-quarters of an hour
Dreivierteltakt(German m.) or 3/4 Takt, 3/4 time, three-four time, three-quarter time, waltz time
drei Viertel zwölf in der Nacht(German) a quarter to midnight
drei Viertel zwölf mittags(German) a quarter to noon
Dreiwegeventil(German n.) three-way valve
Dreiwegschalter(German m.) three-way switch
dreiwöchig(German) three-week
dreiwöchiger Urlaub(German m.) three weeks' leave
Dreizack(German m.) trident
dreizehig(German) three-toed, tridactyl
dreizehn(German) thirteen
Dreizehner-Akkorde(German pl.) thirteenth chords
Dreizehn Kolonien(German pl.) Thirteen Colonies
dreizehnjährig(German) thirteen-year-old
Dreizehnjähriger (m.), Dreizehnjährige (f.)(German) thirteen-year-old
dreizehnte (m.), dreizehnter (f.), dreizehntes (n.)(German) thirteenth
Dreizehntel(German n.) thirteenth (fraction)
dreizehnter (m.), dreizehnte (f.), dreizehntes (n.)(German) thirteenth (13th)
dreizehntes Monatsgehalt(German n.) thirteenth salary
Dreizeiler(German m.) tiercet, tercet, tristich
dreizeilig(German) of three lines
Dreizimmerwohnung(German f.) three-room flat, three-roomed flat
drei zuletzt einstudierte Werke(German) three recently rehearsed works
Drell(German m.) ticking (a general term applied to fabrics used for mattress covers, pillows, etc.)
Dreschboden(German m.) threshing floor
Dresche(German f.) thrashing, walloping
Dreschen(German n.) thrashing, threshing
dreschen(German) to thresh, to flail, to thrash, to slog
dreschend(German) flailing, threshing
Drescher (s./pl.)(German m.) threshing machine, thresher
Drescherlunge(German f.) farmer's lung
Dreschfieber(German n.) farmer's disease
Dreschflegel(German m.) (threshing) flail
Dreschmaschine(German f.) threshing machine
Dreschschlitten(German m.) threshing board
dreschte(German) flails
Dresden Amena setting of the Amen, the concluding word of many Christian prayers, composed by Johann Gottlieb Naumann (1741-1801) for use in the royal chapel at Dresden (and also used throughout Saxony)
Dresdner (m.), Dresdnerin (f.)(German) Dresdener (citizen of Dresden)
Dresdner Frauenkirche(German f.) Dresden Frauenkirche
Dresdner Stollen(German m.) Dresden stollen
Dressage(French m.) training
Dress circlein a theatre, a shallow gallery set above the main seating, or, in certain larger and more traditional opera houses, a large balcony set above the stalls
Dress-Code(German m.) dress code (the manner of dress appropriate to the event, occasion, time of day, etc.)
dresser(French) to put up, to erect, to raise (head), to train (animal), to draw up (list)
dresser l'oreille(French) to prick up one's ears
Dresseur (m.), Dresseuse (f.)(French) trainer
dressieren(German) to train, to tame, to dress, to truss up (chiken)
dressiert(German) trained
Dressing(German n.) dressing (decoration of a window display, etc.)
Dressman(German m.) (male) model, male model
Dress rehearsalor 'dress', a final rehearsal of a play or opera with all the actors or singers wearing full costume
Dressur (s.), Dressuren (pl.)(German f.) training (conditioning, drill), dressage
Dressurpferd(German n.) dressage horse
Dressurreiten(German n.) dressage, dressage riding
Dressurreiter (m.), Dressurreiterin (f.)(German) dressage rider
Dressurturnier(German n.) dressage competition
Dreydlekhthe ornaments used in Klezmer music including trills, appoggiaturas, bent notes, glissandi, chirps and moans (called Krechts)
D.R.G.M.abbreviation for Deutsche Reichsgebrauchmuster (German: design registration - found on some German printed cards as a type of copyright notice)
dribbeln(German) to dribble
drie(Dutch) three
drie-achtste-Maat(Dutch) 3/8 time
driedelige Maatsoort(Dutch) triple meter
driedelige Vorm(Dutch) ternary form
drieklank(Dutch) triad
drie-kwarts-Maat(Dutch) 3/4 time
Driemaandelijks(Dutch) quarterly
driessig(German) thirty
drie tegen twee(Dutch) three against two
Driftsee 'tuning drift' and 'commatic drift'
driften(German) to drift
Driftfehler(German m.) drift error
Dril-buor drilbu, Tibetan hand bells used by monks in Buddhist rites, usually in conjunction with the damaru. Also palyed in conjunction with do-rje in Buddhist ceremonies
  • Dril-bu from which this information has been taken
Drill(Swedish) trill
(German m.) (military) drill, exercise
Drillbohrer(German m.) push drill, Archimedean drill
Drillcorea cross between breakcore and drill 'n bass
Drillen(German n.) drilling
drillen(German) to drill (military), to exercise
Drillich(German m.) canvas, ticking
Drillichzeug(German n.) cotton-twill overalls
Drilling (s.), Drillinge (pl.)(German m.) triplet, triple-barrelled shotgun, three of a kind
Drillingspaar(German n.) set of triplets
Drillmaschine(German f.) seed drill
Drill 'n bassor 'drill and bass', the popular name for a type of electronic music that emerged from drum 'n bass in the mid-1990s
Drillschraube(German f.) drill screw
drillte(German) drilled
Drillung(German f.) torsional
drin(German) inside, within
drinbleiben(German) to stay in, to stay indoors
drin bleiben(German) to stay indoors
dringen(German) to penetrate, to come through, to get through
dringen auf(German) to insist upon
dringen aus(German) to come out of
dringend(German) urgent, urgently, pressing on, imperatively, admonitory, compulsive, pressing, imperative, desperately, badly (urgently), strongly, instant (urgent)
dringend benötigt(German) required urgently, badly needed, urgently needed, much-needed, desperately needed, vitally needed
dringend bitten(German) to solicit, to urge, to beseech, to entreat, to implore, to plead
dringend bittend(German) soliciting
dringend bitten um(German) to appeal for
dringend brauchen(German) to want badly
dringende Angelegenheit(German f.) burning question, urgent matter
dringende Aufforderung(German f.) urgent request
dringende Behandlung(German f.) acute treatment
dringende Bestellung(German f.) rush order
dringende betriebliche Erfordernisse(German pl.) exigencies of duty
dringende Bitte(German f.) appeal, solicitation, urgent request
dringende Bitte an(German f.) appeal to
dringende Bitte um(German f.) appeal for
dringende Bitte um Hilfe(German f.) urgent request for help
dringend empfohlen(German) strongly recommended
dringende Not(German f.) pressing need
dringender Bedarf(German m.) urgent need, urgent needs
dringend erbitten(German) to solicit
dringender Blick(German m.) acute glance
dringender Verdacht(German m.) strong suspicion
dringendes Bedürfnis(German n.) necessity
dringendes Ersuchen(German n.) urgent request
dringendes Geschäft(German n.) pressing business
dringendes Gespräch(German n.) urgent call
dringend gebeten(German) solicited
dringend nachsuchen(German) to solicit
dringend reformbedürftig(German) in urgent need of reform
dringend sein(German) to be pressing, to be urgent
dringendst(German) most urgently
dringendste(German) most urgent
dringend Tatverdächtiger (m.), dringend Tatverdächtige (f.)(German) strong suspect
dringlich(German) urgent, pressing, exigent, urgently
dringliche Angelegenheit(German f.) matter of urgency
dringliche Mitteilung(German f.) priority message
dringlicher Auftrag(German m.) priority order, rush job
dringlicher Fall(German m.) exigency
dringliches Problem(German n.) acute problem
Dringlichkeit(German f.) exiguity, instancy, urgency, pressure, precedence, emergency, exigence, priority, immediacy, instance (archaic: urgency)
Dringlichkeitsantrag (s.), Dringlichkeitsanträge (pl.)(German m.) urgent application
Dringlichkeitsgipfel(German m.) emergency summit
Dringlichkeitsgrad(German m.) degree of urgency
Dringlichkeitskomitee(German n.) emergency committee
Dringlichkeitsstufe(German f.) degree of urgency, priority
Dringlichkeitsvermerk(German m.) urgent memorandum
dringt durch(German) permeates, penetrates
dringt ein(German) intrudes, irrupts, infiltrates, invades, trespasses
dringt völlig durch(German) interpenetrates
Drink (s.), Drinks (pl.)(German m.) (alcoholic) beverage
drinnen(German) inside, indoors, within
drinnen im Haus(German) within the house
drinnen sein(German) to be inside
drinsitzen(German) to be in a jam, to be in a fix, to be in trouble, to be in a tight spot
drinstehen(German) to be inside (of it), to stand inside (of it)
drischt(German) threshes
Dritta(Italian f.) diritta
(Italian f.) also mano dritta, right hand, mano destra
drittältester (m.), drittälteste (f.), drittältestes (n.)(German) third-oldest
Drittausfertigung(German f.) third copy
drittbester (m.), drittbeste (f.), drittbestes (n.)(German) third-best
Dritte (s.), Dritten (pl.)(German) third party, third
dritte Ausfertigung(German f.) triplicate
dritte Klasse(German f.) third class
Drittel(German n.) third (fraction)
drittel(German) third
dritteln(German) thirds
Drittelton(German m.) third tone
drittens(German) thirdly, in third place (thirdly)
dritte Person(German f.) third party
dritte Position(German f.) third position
dritte Potenz(German f.) cube (number raised to the third power)
dritter (m.), dritte (f.), drittes (n.)(German) third
dritter Akt(German m.) act three
dritter Klasse(German) third-class
Dritter Punischer Krieg(German m.) Third Punic War
dritter Weg(German m.) third way
drittes(German) thirds
dritte Stufe(German f.) third stage
dritte Umschlagseite(German f.) inside back cover
dritte Wache(German f.) morning watch
dritte Wahl(German f.) thirds
Dritte Welt(German f.) Third World
dritte Zählzeit(German f.) third beat
dritte Zähne(German pl.) false teeth, dentures
drittgrößter (m.), drittgrößte (f.), drittgrößtes (n.)(German) third largest, third biggest, third highest
drittklassig(German) third-class
drittkleinster (m.), drittkleinste (f.), drittkleinstes (n.)(German) third smallest
drittletzter (m.), drittletzte (f.), drittletztes (n.)(German) last but two, antepenultimate, third from last
Dritto(Italian m.) right
Drittperson (s.), Drittpersonen (pl.)(German f.) third party
Drittplatzierter(German m.) second runner-up
drittplaziert(German) third-placed
drittrangig(German) third-rate, tertiary, third rate
Drittsprache(German f.) third language
Drittweltländer(German pl.) Third World countries
drittwichtigste(German) third most important
Drive(English, French m.) computer drive (a storage device from which data can be read and to which data can be written)
driven(German) to drive (golf)
Drivingwhere music is performed with a strong forward motion as the energy intensifies
Driving notea syncopated note, one that begins on a weak beat and is held through to the next accented beat, thus anticipating the accent
Driving Range(German f.) driving range (golf)
Drive-in-Kino(German n.) drive-in theatre
Drive-in-Lokal(German n.) drive-in restaurant
Drive-In-Restaurant(German n.) drive-in restaurant
Drmes(Croatia) the island tanac is similar to the balun dance in Istria, the peninsula in the northern part of coastal Croatia. It is believed that some elements of an older dance, the tanac, which was widely danced in the nineteenth century in Croatia, have been adopted in the drmes couples-dance, which is similar in some details to the Hungarian czardas. This is the best-known and most popular dance in north-western Croatia, and two basic dance figures are performed. The first is done in small steps with relatively little movement through the dance area, but with marked vertical shaking of the entire body (drmati in Croatian means to shake, hence the name of the dance). In the second figure, the dancers rotate at unusual speed
droben(German) aloft, up there, above, overhead, up
droben auf dem Hügel(German) up on the hill
Dröbisch Angle1/360 part of an octave. The Angle was proposed by Moritz Dröbisch in the nineteenth century as a cycle of 360 degrees to the octave. Andrew Pikler has suggested this name in his article Logarithmic Frequency Systems (1966)
Droga(Spanish f.) drug
Drogadicto(Spanish m.) drug addict
Drogado(Spanish m.) drug addict
drogado(Spanish) drugged
drogar(Spanish) to drug
drogarse(Spanish) to take drugs
Drogata(Spanish m./f.) drg addict
Droge (s.), Drogen (pl.)(German f.) drug, dope (plural form)
dröge(German - North German) dry (also figurative), drily (also figurative)
Drögeler(German m. - Switzerland) drug abuser
drogenabhängig(German) drug-dependent, drug-addicted
Drogenabhängige (m.), Drogenabhängiger (f.)(German) drug addict, drug abuser
Drogenabhängigkeit(German f.) drug addiction, drug dependency
drogenabhängig sein(German) to be addicted to drugs
Drogenabusus(German m.) drug abuse
Drogenbande(German f.) drug gang
Drogenbaron(German m.) drug baron
drogenbedingt(German) drug-related
Drogenbehörde(German f.) drug agency
Drogen beimischen(German) to drug
Drogenberatung(German f.) drug-counselling service
Drogenberatungsdienst(German m.) drug-counselling service
drogenberauscht(German) drug-fuelled
Drogen beschlagnahmen(German) to seize drugs
Drogenbesitz(German m.) drug possession
drogenbezogen(German) drug-related
Drogenbuch(German n.) book about drugs, book on drugs
Drogendealer(German m.) drug trafficker, dope peddler, drug dealer, dope pusher
Drogendelikt(German n.) narcotics offence
Drogeneinnahme(German f.) drug-taking
Drogenentzug(German m.) drug withdrawal
Drogenentzugsklinik(German f.) drug rehabilitation clinic
Drogenfahnder (m.), Drogenfahnderin (f.)(German) drug squad officer, narcotics officer
Drogenfahndung(German f.) drug squad
Drogengang(German f.) drug gang
Drogengebrauch(German m.) drug use
Drogengeld(German n.) drug money
Drogengenuss(German m.) drug consumption, drug use
Drogengeschäft(German n.) drugs business
Drogenhalluzinationen haben(German) to trip (colloquial)
Drogenhandel(German m.) drugs racketeering, drug trafficking, drug trade, drug dealing, narcotics trafficking, drug peddling
Drogenhändler(German m.) drug pedlar (of illicit drugs), drug trafficker, drug dealer, dope peddler, dope pusher, drugs trafficker
Drogenhändlerring(German m.) drugs ring
Drogenhandlung(German f., dated) pharmacy, druggist's (shop)
Drogenkartell(German n.) drug cartel
Drogenkonsum(German m.) drug consumption, drug use, drug-taking, use of drugs
Drogenkonsument (m.), Drogenkonsumentin (f.)(German) drug taker, drug user
Drogenkrieg(German m.) drug war
Drogenkriminalität(German f.) drug-related crime
Drogenkultur(German f.) drug culture
Drogenkurier(German m.) mule (slang), drug courier
Drogenmissbrauch(German m.) drug abuse, substance abuse, abuse of drugs
Drogenmissbrauch betreiben(German) to be a drug abuser
Drogen nehmen(German) to trip out, to do drugs (colloquial)
Drogenopfer(German n.) drug victim
Drogenprävention(German f.) drug prevention
Drogenproblem (s.), Drogenprobleme (pl.)(German n.) drugs problem, drug problem
Drogenpsychose(German f.) drug-induced psychosis
Drogenrazzia(German f.) drugs raid
Drogenrehabilitationszentrum(German n.) drug rehabilitation centre
Drogenschieber(German m.) drug pusher (colloquial), drug trafficker
Drogenschmuggel(German m.) drug smuggling
Drogenschmuggler(German m.) drug runner, drug smuggler
Drogenspürhund(German m.) drug-sniffing dog, narcotics detection dog
Drogensuchhund(German m.) drug-sniffing dog
Drogensucht(German f.) a monkey on one's back (colloquial), drug addiction, drug dependence, drug dependency
drogensüchtig(German) drug addicted, drug-dependent
drogensüchtig sein(German) to be addicted to drugs
Drogensüchtiger (m.), Drogensüchtige (f.), Drogensüchtigen (pl.)(German) user (colloquial: drug addict), drug addict, dope addict (slang)
Drogenszene(German f.) drug scene
Drogentest(German m.) drug test
Drogentote(German pl.) drug-related deaths
Drogentourismus(German m.) drug tourism
Drogen verchecken(German) to push drugs
Drogenverkäufer(German m.) drug seller
Drogerie(German f.) chemist's, chemist's shop, drugstore (US), drug store (US)
Drogerieladen(German m.) drugstore (US)
Drogist (m.), Drogistin (f.)(German) (non-dispensing) chemist
Drogistenlehrling(German m.) chemist's apprentice
Drogue(French f.) drug
Drogué (m.), Droguée (f.)(French) drug addict
droguer(French) to drug heavily, to dose up, to drug (a person)
Drogueria(Spanish f.) hardware shop
Droguerie(French f.) hardware and chemist's shop, drugstore (US)
Droguiste(French m./f.) owner of a droguerie
Drohbrief (s.), Drohbriefe (pl.)(German m.) threatening letter, poison-pen letter
drohen(German) to threaten, to menace, to bluster
drohend(German) impending, menacing, threatening, blusterous, blustery, imminent, lowering (threatening), threateningly, minatory
drohend blicken(German) to lower (to threaten)
drohende Blicke(German pl.) black looks, threatening looks
drohende Erstickungsgefahr(German f.) impending suffocation
drohende Gefahr(German f.) imminence, menacing danger, imminent danger, imminent peril, imminent risk, threatening danger
drohende Haltung zeigen(German) to bristle
drohender Schaden(German m.) pending loss
drohendes Aus(German n.) imminent end
drohende Verschärfung(German f.) impending aggravation
drohend ins Blickfeld rücken(German) to loom
drohend näher rücken(German) to loom
drohend sichtbar werden(German) to loom up
Drohgebärde(German f.) threatening gesture
Drohlaut(German m.) threatening sound
Drohn(German m.) drone (bee)
Drohne (s.), Drohnen (pl.)(German f.) drone, unmanned aerial vehicle, sluggard (figurative)
Dröhnen(German n.) boom, roar, clang, din
dröhnen(German) to thunder, to resound, to boom (sound). to din, to thud, to drone, to bang, to roar, to blast away (radio, rock band, etc.), to blast out (music)
dröhnend(German) thundering (laughter), dinning, booming (sound), roaring (laughter), resounding, echoing, humming (droning)
dröhnend die Stunde schlagend(German) booming out the hour
dröhnender Donner(German m.) peal of thunder
dröhnender Lärm(German m.) booming noise
dröhnender Sturm(German m.) roaring storm, rolling storm
dröhnende Stimme(German f.) booming voice
Dröhnen einer schweren Kanone(German n.) boom of a big gun
Dröhngeräusch(German n.) boom
dröhnt(German) dins
dröhnte(German) dinned, thudded
droht(German) impends, menaces
Drohung (s.), Drohungen (pl.)(German f.) threat, menace
Drohungen anwenden(German) to use threats
Drohungen ausstoßen(German) to launch threats
droit (m.), droite (f.)(French) right (as in main droite, right hand)
(French) straight, loyal, upright
(French m.) right (in law)
Droit d'auteur(French m.) copyright
Droit de cité(French m.) freedom of the a city, free admission to an organisation, etc.
Droit de seigneur(French m.) also droit du seigneur, droit de cuissage or droit de jambage, a term now popularly used to describe the purported legal right of the lord of an estate to deflower its virgins. The term is often interpreted today as a synonym for ius primae noctis, although it originally referred to a number of other rights as well, including hunting, taxation, and farming
Droite(French f.) straight line
Droitier (m.), Droitière (f.)(French) right-handed person
droitier (m.), droitière (f.)(French) right-handed
Droit naturel(French m.) the natural right of a man (of women) to a decent livelihood (as the bais of a political philosophy)
Droits(French m.) duty (tax), fee, fees
Droits d'auteur(French m. pl.) royalties
Droits d'execution(French m. pl.) performing rights
drôle(French) funny, comic, amusing, odd
drôle d'air(French) funny look
drôlement(French) funnily, dreadfully (extremely)
Drolerien(German pl.) drolleries
Droll(English from the French drôle) funny, comic, amusing, odd
drollig(German) droll, jocose, jocosely, comical, facetious, ludicrous, whimsical, quizzical (odd), funny, odd (strange)
drollige Gestalt(German f.) droll figure
drollige Idee(German f.) droll idea
drolliger(German) droller
drolliger Kerl(German m.) droll fellow
drollige Sache(German f.) drollery
drollige Szene(German f.) droll scene
Drolligkeit(German f.) drollness, drollery
drolligste(German) drollest
Dromadaire(French m.) Arabian camel, dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)
Dromedar (s.), Dromedare (pl.)(German n.) Arabian camel, dromedary (camel) (Camelus dromedarius)
Dromedario(Spanish m.) Arabian camel, dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)
Drommete(German) trumpet (found in Marthin Luther's German translation of the Bible)
Dromomaniaor 'travelling fugue', an irrational impulse to wander or travel without purpose
Dromomanie(German f.) dromomania
Dromone(German f.) dromon (Byzantine warship)
Dromophobiaan abnormal fear of walking about
Dromophobie(German f.) dromophobia
Dromos (s.), Dromoi (pl.)(Greek, literally 'avenue or entranceway to a building') Greek modal types (for example, minoré, rasti, houzam, hijaz, ousak, niaventi, sabak, tabachaniotiko, etc.) many of which have taken their names from the Turkish makam system
dromotrop(German) dromotropic
Dromotropica dromotropic agent is one which affects the conduction velocity of the AV node, and subsequently the rate of electrical impulses in the heart
Drone(English, German f.) a note fixed in pitch held throughout the performance of a melody
a pipe on the bagpipe, or a string on the hurdy-gurdy that when speaking serves this function
Drone-bassa persistant bass on tonic, or tonic and dominant, that is sustained throughout a piece
Drongo(English, German m.) a person who lacks good judgment (slang)
Dronologyalso known as drone music, drone-based music, drone ambient or ambient drone, and sometimes simply dronescape or drone, dronology describes music dominated by sustained sounds and tones. Although the 'drone' can be traced beyond traditional Irish music and American bluegrass to the ancient music of Central Asia and India, the point of departure which led to modern 'dronology' is the 1960s work of pioneers like Tony Conrad, LaMonte Young, and Terry Riley
Dronte(German f.) dodo (Raphus cucullatus - now extinct)
Dropsee 'spill'
Drop Don the guitar, where the low E string is tuned down to D
Dropdown-Liste(German f.) drop-down list (on a computer screen)
Drop-Down-Liste(German f.) drop-down list (on a computer screen)
Drop headsee 'detuner'
Dropping bombsback in the late 1930s, Kenny Clarke, the father of be-bop drumming, got tired of playing like Buddy Rich - boom boom boom boom on the bass drum. He took the main beat away from the bass drum and put it up on the ride cymbal. The beat became lighter. The bass drum was then used only for kicking accents. It was called "dropping bombs"
Drops(German m.) (fruit) drop (i.e. boiled sweet)
Dropsondea radiosonde dropped by parachute from a high-flying aircraft to measure weather conditions and report them
Drop voicingdrop voicings are formed by taking a close position voicing and dropping one of the notes down an octave. A drop 2 voicing is formed by dropping the second to the top note in the close position chord. Drop voicings are normally formed from ordinary seventh chords or sixth chords, and they do not generally contain any extensions or alterations
see 'close position'
drosch(German) flailed
Droschke (s.), Droschken (pl.)(German f.) cab, hackney, taxi
Droschkengaul(German m.) hackney
Droschkenkutscher (s./pl.)(German m.) cabman, cab driver
Droschkenstand(German m.) cabstand
Drossel (s.), Drosseln (pl.)(German f.) thrush (bird), throstle, bluebird, robin
(German f.) choke, throttle, flow control valve
drosseln(German) to throttle (engine), to cut back (figurative), to restrict, to damp, to curb, to curtail, to suffocate, to choke
drosselnd(German) throttling
Drosselspule(German f.) inductance coil, choke coil
drosselt(German) throttles
drosselte(German) throttled
Drosselung(German f.) slow-down, choking, curb, curbing, cut-back, restriction, reduction, throttling, clamping off
Drosselung der Produktion(German f.) restriction of output
Drosselventil(German n.) throttle valve, butterfly valverestrictor valve
Drosslung(German f.) throttling
dru(French) thick
drüben(German) over there, beyond, over there (on the other side of the Berlin wall, in America)
drüben an(German) over by
drübergucken(German) to look over (an assignment) (to proofread)
drüber schreiben(German) to write at the top, to write over it
drüber stehen(German) to be above such things (person), to be (written) above it
Druck (s.), Drucke (pl.)(German m.) print, printing, impression, impress (impression)
Druck (s.), Drücke (pl.), Drucke (pl., old form)(German m.) pressure, oppressiveness, compression, thrust, clasp, press, squeeze, strain, stress, fix (drugs) (slang)
Druckabdichtung(German f.) pressure seal
Druckabfall(German m.) drop in pressure, pressure decrease, pressure drop
Druckabnahme(German f.) decrease of pressure
Druckabsenkung(German f.) pressure drop
Druck ansetzen(German) to bring pressure, to bring pressure to bear
Druckanstieg(German m.) increase in pressure, rise in pressure
Druck anwenden(German) to apply pressure, to bring pressure to bear, to put pressure upon
Druckanzeige(German f.) pressure reading, pressure indication, pressure indicator
Druckanzug(German m.) pressurized suit, pressure suit, high-altitude suit
Druck auf(German m.) pressing
Druckaufbau(German m.) pressure build-up
Druckaufbereitung(German f.) editing
Druckauflage(German f.) print run
Druckaufnehmer(German m.) pressure transducer
Druckauftrag (s.), Druckaufträge (pl.)(German m.) print job, print order, printing order
Druck aufwenden(German) to apply pressure
Druckausfall(German m.) pressure failure
Druckausgabe (s.), Druckausgaben (pl.)(German f.) printout, print output, printed output, printer output
Druckausschuss(German m.) printer's waste, printers waste
Druck ausüben(German) to press, to exert pressure, to apply pressure
Druck ausüben auf(German) to put pressure on
druckbar(German) printable
druckbarer Zeichensatz(German m.) printable character set
druckbares Zeichen(German n.) printable character
Druckbarkeit(German f.) printability
Druckbeaufschlagung(German f.) pressurisation
Druckbefehl(German m.) print command, printing command
druckbereit(German) ready for the press, ready for printing
Druckbereitschaftsstatus(German m.) ready for printing status
Druckbleistift(German m.) mechanical pencil, drop-action pencil, retractable pencil
Druckbogen (s.), Druckbögen (pl.)(German m.) print sheet
Druckbolzen(German m.) pressure bolt, clamping bolt
Druckbreite(German f.) print span, print width
Druckbuchstabe (s.), Druckbuchstaben (pl.)(German m.) block letter, printed characters (plural form)
Druckdatei(German f.) print file (a file with the extension .prn)
Druckdaten(German pl.) print data
Druck der Geschäfte(German m.) pressure of business
Druck der Hand(German m.) clasp of the hand
Druck der Umstände(German m.) stress of circumstances
Druckdezimalpunkt(German m.) actual decimal point
druckdicht(German) pressure-proof, pressure-tight
Druckdichte(German f.) print density, printing density
Druckdichtung(German f.) pressure seal
Druckdienste anbieten(German) to provide printing services
Druckdifferenz(German f.) pressure difference
druckdolent(German) pressure-sensitive
Drückeberger (m.), Drückebergerin (f.), Drückeberger (pl.)(German m.) shirker, quitter, slacker, draft dodger, cop-out (colloquial), skiver (colloquial)
Drückebergerei(German f.) shirking, cop-out (colloquial)
drückebergerisch(German) skiving
Druckeinstellschraube(German f.) pressure adjusting screw
druckelektrisch(German) piezo-resistive
druckempfindlich(German) pressure-sensitive, sensitive to pressure
Druckempfindlichkeit(German f.) tenderness
Drucken(German n.) printing
Drücken(German n.) hitting, spinning (forming)
drucken(German) to print, to strike off (print)
drücken(German) to press, to squeeze, to pinch (shoe), to hug, to weigh down (figurative), to depress, to push, to shirk, to strike, to actuate, to beat down, to squeeze down, to level down (prices)
druckend(German) printing, writing
drückend(German) heavy, pressing, pressuring, sultrily, oppressive, oppressively, burdensome, depressive, onerous, muggy (heat), close (stifling)
drückende Armut(German f.) grinding poverty
drückende Bewegung(German f.) pushing movement
drückende Hitze(German f.) oppressive heat
drückende Last(German f.) heavy burden, oppressiveness (of taxes)
drückende Luft(German f.) close air
drückende Schulden(German pl.) burden of debts
drückende Sorge(German f.) heavy sorrow
drückende Steuerlast(German f.) oppressive taxation
drückende Steuern(German pl.) burden of taxes
drückende Steuern erheben(German) to tax oppressively
drückend heiß(German) oppressively hot, sweltering
Drucken mit Doppelanschlag(German n.) double strike print
Drücken Sie die Daumen!(German) Cross your fingers!
Druckentlastung(German f.) decompression, relieving of pressure, pressure release
Druckentlastungskammer(German f.) decompression chamber
Drucker (s./pl.)(German m.) printer, lineprinter
Drücker(German m.) sticker, push-button, door-knob, latchkey, push start (stopwatch), door-to-door seller (hawker)
Druckeranpassungsglied(German n.) printer adapter
Druckerausgabe(German f.) printer output
Druckerei(German f.) printing works, printers, print shop, printers' shop, printing plant, printing shop, printing office, printing company
Druckereibetrieb(German m.) printing shop
Druckereierzeugnisse(German pl.) printed matter
Druckereileiter(German m.) pressmen
Druckerelektronik(German f.) printer electronics
Druckerfarbe(German f.) printing ink
Druckerfunktion(German f.) printer function
Drückerfuß(German m.) presser foot (sewing machine)
Druckergewerkschaft(German f.) print union
Druckerkabel(German n.) printer cable
Druckerlaubnis (s.), Druckerlaubnisse (pl.)(German f.) imprimatur, printing licence
Drucker mit Typenwalze(German m.) drum-type printer
Druckerpatrone(German f.) ink cartridge
Druckerpresse(German f.) printing press
Druckerpuffer(German m.) printer buffer
Druckerschwärze(German f.) newsprint, printer's ink, printing ink, ink
Druckertreiber(German m.) printer driver
Druckerwagen(German m.) printer carriage
Druckerwarteschlange wird nicht abgearbeitet.(German) Print jobs in the queue are not processed.
Druckerzeugnisse(German pl.) printed material
Druckerzubehör(German n.) printing equipment
Druckexemplar(German n.) printer's copy
druckfähig(German) printable
Druckfähigkeit(German f.) printability
Druckfahne(German f.) a (printer's) proof
Druckfahne (s.), Druckfahnen (pl.)(German f.) galley proof, galley
Druckfallkrankheit(German f.) decompression sickness, caisson disease, the 'bends'
Druckfarbe(German f.) printing ink, ink
Druckfarbenentfernung(German f.) de-inking
Druckfassung(German f.) print version
Druckfeder(German f.) compressing spring, compression spring, pressure spring
Druckfehler (s./pl.)(German m.) printing error, printing mistake, misprint, erratum, typo (colloquial), literal mistake, typographical error, corrigendum, printer's error, literal (error), errata (plural form)
Druckfehlerverzeichnis (s.), Druckfehlerverzeichnisse (pl.)(German n.) corrigenda
druckfertig(German) ready for press, printable, ready to print, print-ready
druckfertiges Manuskript(German n.) copy
druckfest(German) pressure-resistant
druckfest machen(German) to pressurise
druckfest machend(German) pressurising
Druckfläche(German f.) print area
Druckformat(German n.) print format, printing format
druckfreier Rand(German m.) print exclusion margin
druckfreundlich(German) printer-friendly
druckfrisch(German) fresh from the press
Druckgang(German m.) print cycle, printing cycle
Druckgasspeicher(German m.) compressed gas storage
Druckgasversorgung(German f.) compressed gas supply
Druckgefälle(German n.) pressure drop, pressure gradient
druckgegossen(German) die-cast, diecast
Druckgeschwindigkeit(German f.) printing speed, print speed
Druckgeschwür (s.), Druckgeschwüre (pl.)(German n.) decubitus ulcer, pressure ulcer, bedsore, pressure sore
druckgetrieben(German) pressure-driven
druckgießen(German) to die-cast
Druckgießen(German n.) die casting
Druckgießmaschine(German f.) die casting machine, diecasting machine
Druckgradient(German m.) pressure gradient
Druckguss(German m.) die casting, pressure casting
Druckgussteil(German n.) die-cast component
Druckhammer(German m.) impression hammer, print hammer
Druckhöhe(German f.) pressure head (hydraulics)
Druckimprägnierung(German f.) pressure impregnation
Druck in Briefqualität(German m.) letter print
Druckindustrie(German f.) printing industry
Druck in Tischanordnung(German m.) table book
Druckjahr(German n.) year of printing
Druckkammer(German f.) compression chamber, pressure chamber
Druckkette(German f.) print chain
Druckknopf(German m.) press-stud, push-button, press-stud, button, snap fastener, press fastening, popper (colloquial), snap (US)
Druckknopfschalter(German m.) push-button switch
Druckknopfschalter-Mechanik(German f.) push-button switch mechanism
Druckknopftaster(German m.) pushbutton switch
Druckkopf(German m.) printhead, print head
Druckkopfpatrone(German f.) printer cartridge
Druckkosten(German pl.) printing costs
Druckkugelschreiber(German m.) retractable ballpoint pen
Druckkunst(German f.) printer's art
Drucklegung(German f.) printing
Druckleitung(German f.) pressure line
drucklos(German) depressurised, unpressurised, pressure-free
drucklos machen(German) to depressurise
drucklos sein(German) to be depressurised
Druckluft(German f.) compressed air, air comprimé (French m.) aria comprimato (Italian f.), arie comprimado (Spanish m.)
Druckluftanlage(German f.) compressor unit
Druckluftanschluss(German m.) compressed air supply
Druckluftbehälter(German m.) air pressure tank, compressed air reservoir
druckluftbetätigt(German) pneumatic, air-actuated
Druckluftbohrer(German m.) compressed-air drill
Druckluftbohrhammer(German m.) pneumatic hammer
Drucklufteingang(German m.) compressed air input
Drucklufterzeuger(German m.) air compressor
Druckluftflasche(German f.) compressed air bottle, compressed air cylinder, diving tank
druckluftgetrieben(German) pneumatically driven
Drucklufthammer(German m.) air hammer
Druckluftkessel(German m.) air pressure tank
Druckluftkompressor(German m.) air compressor
Druckluftkrankheit(German f.) caisson disease
Druckluftleitung(German f.) pneumatic line
Druckluftmeißel(German m.) pneumatic chipping hammer
Druckluftmesser(German m.) air pressure gauge
Druckluftmessgerät(German n.) air pressure gauge
Druckluftnagler(German m.) pneumatic stapler, air nailer (gun)
Druckluftniethammer(German m.) compressed-air riveting hammer, pneumatic riveting hammer
Druckluftramme(German f.) air hammer
Druckluftschlauch(German m.) compressed-air hose
Druckluftspannzange(German f.) pneumatic collet chuck
Druckluftspeicher(German m.) compressed air reservoir
Druckluftversorgung(German f.) compressed air supply
Druckluftzuführungsschlauch(German m.) compressed-air supply hose
Druckmaschine(German f.) printing machine, printing-press
Druckmesser(German m.) manometer, pressure gauge
Druckmessgerät(German n.) pressure gauge, manometer, pressure meter
Druckmessumformer(German m.) pressure transducer
Druckmessung(German f.) pressure measurement
Druckminderer(German m.) pressure regulator, pressure reducer
Druck mindern(German) to decompress
Druckminderung(German f.) decompression, pressure reduction
Druckminderventil(German n.) pressure reducing valve, pressure reduction valve, pressure regulator
Druckmittel(German n.) leverage, means of exerting pressure, lever (figurative), form of pressure
Druckmittel bei Verhandlungen(German n.) bargaining chip
Druckort(German m.) place of printing
Druckpapier(German n.) printing paper
Druckphase(German f.) spell of pressure
Druckplatte(German f.) pressure plate, printing plate
Druckplenum(German n.) pressure plenum
Druckpresse(German f.) press, printing press
Druckprobe(German f.) pressure test
Druckprüfer(German m.) pressure gauge
Druckprüfung(German f.) pressure test
Druckpuffer(German m.) (print) spooler, print buffer
Druckpunkt(German m.) pressure point
Druckraum(German m.) pressroom
Druckregler(German m.) pressure regulator
Druckregulation(German f.) pressure regulation
druckreif(German) ready for (the) press, ready for printing, well-worded, in a polished style
Druckrock(German m.) printed skirt
Druckrohrleitung(German f.) penstock
Druckrolle(German f.) print roller
Drucksache (s.), Drucksachen (pl.)(German f.) printed matter, printed papers (plural form)
Druckschalter(German m.) pressure switch
Druckschelle(German f.) snap-in clamp
Druckschlauch(German m.) pressure hose
Druckschluss(German m.) printing deadline
Druckschmerz(German m.) pressure pain
Druckschmerzhaftigkeit(German f.) tenderness
Druckschmierung(German f.) pump-fed lubrication
Druckschraube(German f.) pressure screw
Druckschrift(German f.) type, publication, blockletters, print, brochure, printing
Druckschwankung(German f.) pressure fluctuation
Druckschwelle(German f.) pressure threshold
Druckseite(German f.) printed page, page
drucksen(German) to hum and haw, to hem and haw
Drucksensitivität(German f.) pressure sensitivity
Drucksensor(German m.) pressure sensor
Drucksituation(German f.) pressure situation
Drucksorte(German f. - Austria) form
Druckspalte(German f.) column, print column
Druckstange(German f.) printbar, push bar
Druckstein(German m.) printing stone
Druckstelle(German f.) print position
Drucksteuerung(German f.) print control, printing control
Druckstimme(German f.) squeaker (in a children's toy)
Druckstock(German m.) printing block, cliché
Druckstockzeichnung(German f.) silkscreen
Druckstrebe(German f.) strut
Drucksystem(German n.) pressure system
drückt(German) presses, pressures
drückt anders aus(German) rephrases
Drucktank(German m.) pressure tank
Drucktaste(German f.) push-button, push button
Drucktastenreihe(German f.) row of keys
Drucktastenschalter(German m.) pushbutton switch, press-button switch, push-button switch
Drucktastensperre(German f.) pushbutton lock, push-button lock
Drucktastensteuerung(German f.) pushbutton control
Drucktaster(German m.) push button
drückt auf(German) imprints
drückt aus(German) enunciates
drückte(German) pressured
drückte anders aus(German) rephrased
druckte auf(German) imprinted
drückte aus(German) enunciated, phrased
druckte neu(German) reprinted
drückte zusammen(German) compressed
Drucktechnik(German f.) printing technique
drucktechnisch(German) typographic, typographical
Drucktiefziehgerät(German n.) pressure thermo-forming unit
Drucktiegel (s./pl.)(German m.) platen
drückt nieder(German) depresses
Drucktopf(German m.) pressure-cooker
Druckturm(German m.) printing tower
Drucktype(German f.) letter
Drucktype mit Oberlänge(German f.) bold type
Druckumlaufschmierung(German f.) forced lubrication, forced oil circulation
Druckunterbrechung(German f.) interruption in printing
Druckunterschied(German m.) pressure gradient
Druckverband(German m.) compressor, tourniquet, compressing dressing
druckverdüsen(German) to atomise
Druckverdüsung(German f.) atomisation
Druckverfahren(German n.) printing method, printing process
Druckverhältnis(German n.) pressure ratio
Druckverlust(German m.) pressure loss, pressure drop
Druckverminderung (s.), Druckverminderungen (pl.)(German f.) decompression
Druckversion(German f.) print version, printable version
Druckverteilung(German f.) pressure distribution
Druck von außen(German m.) external pressure
Druck von Kollegen(German m.) peer pressure
Druckvorgang(German m.) printing, printing process
Druckvorlage(German f.) manuscript, lithograph, setting copy
Druckvorschau(German f.) print preview
Druckvorstufe(German f.) pre-press
Druckwalze(German f.) print cylinder, compression roll
Druckwelle(German f.) shock wave, blast, blast wave, compression wave
Druckwerk(German n.) printing mechanism, printed matter, publication, printed work
Druckwunde(German f.) pressure sore
Druckzeile(German f.) line of print, print line, printed line
Druckzone(German f.) pressure area
Druckzunahme(German f.) pressure increase
Druckzylinder(German m.) impression cylinder, printing cylinder
Drudenfuß (s.), Drudenfüße (pl.)(German m.) pentagram, pentacle
druff(German) drugged
Drugstore(English (US), French m., German m.) hardware and chemist's shop
Druide (m.), Druidin (f.)(German) druid
Druidenloge(German f.) (Druids') grove
druidische Religion(German f.) druidism
Druk(Dutch) edition
Drukkerij(Dutch) printers
Drum(English, German f.) a percussion instrument, generally a hollow cylindrical frame with a skin or membrane, called the drum head, at one or both ends, which is struck with the hands or with a drumstick
side drumtamburokleine Trommeltambourtambor
kettle drums
timpaniPauke (s.), Pauken (pl)timbalestimbales
snare drumcassa chiarakleine Trommel
caisse clairecaja clara
piccolo snare drumtamburo piccolo
Taroletambour petittarol
military snare drumtamburo militareMilitärtrommeltambour militairetambor militar
tenor drumcassa rullante
tamburo rullante
caisse roulante
caja rodante
caja redoblante
bass drum
Turkish drum
tamburo grande
tamburo grosso
gran cassa
Grosse Trommelgrosse caissebombo
drums may be classified according to the type of sound they produce when struck with a mallet, stick or the hand:
instruments producing sounds of definite musical pitch such as the kettledrum
instruments that produce a sound of indefinite pitch
drums may be classified according to their shape and mode of construction:
instruments having a skin stretched over one end of the resonant cavity, the other being open, for example, tambourine, darabukkeh, etc.
instruments consisting of a cup-shaped receptacle of metal, wood or earthen-ware entirely closed by a skin or vellum stretched across the opening, as in the kettledrum
a receptacle in the shape of a cylinder closed at both ends by skins, as in the bass drum, side drum, etc.
Drum and bassfast paced polyrhythmic electronic dance music that is primarily instrumental. It is divided in sub-genres known as: 'jump-up', hard step', 'tech-step', 'hardcore', 'happy hardcore', 'ragga', 'darkside', 'ambient/intelligent'
drum(German) for that reason, so
Drum and bugle corpsa group that plays anything from jazz to orchestral, military to popular music while marching on a football field, without being a true marching band, is called a drum and bugle corps. All drum corps perform on brass and percussion instruments only, and some corps perform on bugles in the key of G, while others perform on brass instruments in multiple keys, depending on the group. Drum and Bugle Corps are known for maximizing power and pagentry in their performances, while performing incredibly difficult programs
Drum bassa type of repeated-note bass accompaniment common in the galant style
Drum beatany single strike on a single drum, drum machine, or a series of beats on various percussion instruments creating a rhythmic or metric pattern. Many drum beats define or are characteristic of specific music genres
  • Drum beat from which this extract has been taken
Drum dancing(Western Arctic Native People) usually performed at a festival honouring deceased relatives, the drummers, wearing costumes and masks, stand or sit in a half circle and sing and play their drums, while the dancers (male and female) dance in a half circle in front of them
Drumfunka subgenre of drum & bass sometimes referred to as "edits" or "choppage". The term came into widespread use c. 2000, when drumfunk itself began to expand. The hallmarks of drumfunk records are complex breakbeats which sound as though they are being played live on a drumkit, but are actually comprised of samples which have been processed and rearranged electronically
  • Drumfunk from which this extract has been taken
Drum gongalso called 'kettle gong', this version of the deep basin gong indigenous to Indochina and environs in made in bronze. It was first used around the time of Christ by aboriginal tribes (the Miao) in regions bordering on the south of China for a war summons and to accompany prayers for rain. Its stylized, decorative flat head, in the centre of which a 12-rayed sun radiates 21 concentric zones containing geometric designs, suggests the taut skin of a drum. Some gongs possess ornamental frog figures symbolizing fertility, others the a bird figure (the egret). Many of the gongs that have survived are still used
Drumheada membrane stretched over one or both of the open ends of a drum. The drumhead is struck with sticks, mallets, or hands so that it vibrates and the sound resonates through the drum
  • Drumhead from which this extract has been taken
Drumherum(German n.) trappings
drumherum reden(German) to beat around the bush (colloquial)
Drumica(Slovenia) jew's harp
Drum kit(English, Drumkit German n.)) also 'drum set' or 'trap set', a specific group of non-pitched percussion instruments usually consisting of a kick drum, floor tom, two tom-toms, a snare drum, a hi-hat cymbal and a ride cymbal
Drumljice(Croatia) Jew's harp
Drum machinethe electronic equivalent of a traditional acoustic drum (see above) which can be pre-programmed with various rhythmic patterns and in which the sound is generated synthetically
Drum majorthe leader of the marching band whose duties include running rehearsals, teaching drill charts and conducting the field shows and who should be a trained musician and accomplished performer
Drummaschine(German f.) drum machine
Drummer (s.), Drummerin (German f.), Drummer (German pl.), Drummerinnen (German, German m.) person who plays the drums (in Jazz, Rock or Pop)
Drum 'n' bass(English, German m.) drum and bass
Drum pada block on which a drummer can practice away from a drum
Drum rolla quick, succession of strokes on the drum using two sticks
Drum set(English Drumset (German n.)) see 'drum kit'
Drum set notationonce commonly employing the bass clef, today a neutral staff of two parallel vertical lines is usually preferred. Each line and space of the staff represents a different instrument making up the 'drum-set'
Drumsladeold name for a drummer
Drum stickor drumstick, an item used to hit percussion instruments, including but not only drums, to produce sound. Some specialized drum sticks are called beaters, mallets, or brushes. The French composer Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) was the first to indicate, in his percussion parts, the type of stick required, whether wooden, leather covered or sponge head
  • Drum stick from which part of this extract has been taken
Drum tablaturealso known as drum tab, a tablature in use for drums
Drum und Dran(German n.) paraphernalia, trappings
drunten(German) down there
drunter und drüber(German) higgledy-piggledy
Druse (m.), Drusin (German f.)(English, German) or, in English, Druze, an adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the mountains of Syria and Lebanon
Druse (s.), Drusen (pl.)(German f.) geode (a hollow, usually spheroidal rock with crystals lining the inside)
Drüse (s.), Drüsen (pl.)(German f.) gland (anatomy)
Drusen(German m.) dregs of wine
Drüsen-(German) adenoid (prefix)
drüsenähnlich(German) adenoid
drüsenartig(German) adenoid, adenoidal
drüsig(German) glandular, glandularly
drut(Hindustani) fast laya (tempo), usually the climax of a performance
Dr. WattsDr. Isaac Watts (1674-1748) was an English minister who published several books: Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in 1707, The Psalms of David in 1717. The various Protestant denominations adopted his hymns, which were included in several hymnals, at that time
Dryada divinity presiding over forests and trees, a wood nymph
Dryade(German f.) dryad
Dryknackingor drynacking, slang or colloquial term for music-copying by hand (expression used since c. 1920s) (entry prompted by Steve Waters)
Drymbathe Ukrainian vargan
Drynackingsee 'dryknacking'
Drysaltersdealers in a range of chemical products, including glue, varnish, dye and colourings. They might supply salt or chemicals for preserving food and sometimes also sold pickles, dried meat or related items. The name drysalter or dry-salter was in use in the United Kingdom by the early eighteenth century when some drysalters concentrated on ingredients for producing dyes, and it was still current in the first part of the twentieth century
  • Drysalter from which this extract has been taken
D.S.(Italian) abbreviation of dal segno meaning 'from the sign'
dal segno
in percussion parts, an abbreviation of 'dead stroke'. A dead stroke is achieved by holding the mallet on the instrument after the attack to dampen the vibration. Dead strokes are commonly notated with a plus sign (+) over the note. Ringing notes in a passage with dead strokes can be indicated with a circle (o) over them; this is not necessary but can help to clarify. D.S. or staccato dots are other common indications for dead stroke. These notations are not standard and should be explained at the top of the score and part
D.S. al segno(Italian) abbreviation of dal segno al segno meaning 'from sign to sign'
DScabbreviation of 'Doctor of Science/Historical Sciences'
DSCHin German usage, the notes D, Eb, C and B which correspond to one form of the name of Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich (1906-1975), namely D. SCHostakovitch, which appear as a motiv in his musical works
Dschibuti(German n.) Djibouti
Dschibutier (m.), Dschibutierin (f.), Dschibutier (pl.), Dschibutierinnen ( Djiboutian
Dschibuti-Franc(German m.) Djiboutian franc
dschibutisch(German) of Djibouti, from Djibouti, Djiboutian
Dschihad(German m.) jihad
Dschingis Khan(German m.) Jenghiz Khan, Genghis Khan, Jenghis Khan
Dschinn (s./pl.)(German m.) djinn (in Arabian stories), jinn, genie, jinni
Dschuba(German n.) Juba (dance)
Dschugdschur(German m.) Dzhugdzhur Mountains (a mountain range in the far east of Siberia)
Dschugdschurgebirge(German n.) Dzhugdzhur Mountains (a mountain range in the far east of Siberia)
Dschungel(German m.) jungle
dschungelartig(German) jungle-like
Dschungelfieber(German n.) yellow fever
Dschungelgesetz(German n.) law of the jungle
Dschungelkind(German n.) jungle child
Dschungelkrieg(German m.) jungle warfare
Dschunke (s.), Dschunken (pl.)(German f.) junk (boat)
Dschunkensegel(German n.) junk rig
Dserschinsk(German n.) Dzerzhinsk (city in central European Russia on the Oka River)
D sharp
note D sharp
or re diesis (Italian), Dis (German), ré dièse (French), the sharpened second degree of the scale of C major, which in 'fixed do' solfeggio is called ri
D sharp majorthe key of 'D sharp major', enharmonically equivalent to the key of 'E flat major'
scale D sharp major
the scale of 'D sharp major'
D sharp minor
key of D sharp minorthe key of 'D sharp minor'
Dschungel(German m.) jungle
DSCM, D.S.C.M.abbreviation of 'Diploma of the State Conservatorium of Music (NSW)'
DSMabbreviation of 'Doctor of Sacred Music'
D-sol-rein solmisation the name of the note d
d.s.p.abbreviation of decessit sine prole (Latin: died without issue - an expression found in genealogical works and family trees)
D.S.S. al coda(Italian) same as D.S. al coda, but with a double segno
D.S.S. al fine(Italian) from the double sign to the end (i.e., return to place in the music designated by the double sign and continue to the end of the piece)
D-stringthe third string on the violin, the second string on the viola, cello and double-bass
d.t.abbreviation of delirium tremens (Latin: alcoholic hallucination)
DTBIX/2abbreviation of Denkmäler der Tonkunst, the catalogue of music by (Johann Georg) Leopold Mozart (1719-1787) prepared by Max Seiffert
du(French) of the
(German) you (familiar address), thou (archaic), ye (archaic)
(French m.) due, dues (payments)
du(French) due
du à(French) due to
Duanairí(Irish) anthologies of Irish bardic poetry from between 1150-1500 AD, an example of which is the Yellow Book of Lecan (Trinity College Manuscript 1363)
Du ahnungsloser Engel!(German) Sweet innocence! (figurative)
dual(German) binary
dual verschlüsselt(German) binary-coded
Dualband-(German) dual band (prefix)
duales Studium(German n.) integrated degree program
Dualismus(German m.) dualism
dualistisch(German) dualistic, dualistically
Dualität(German f.) duality
Dualitätsprinzip(German n.) principle of duality
Dualsystem(German n.) binary system
Dualzahl(German f.) binary numeral
Dualziffer(German f.) binary digit
Du Armer.(German) Poor you. (colloquial)
Du armes Lämmchen!(German) You poor lamb!
Duasi(Mozambique) drum
Duassisee duasi
DubOld English word for tabor
Jamaican roots electronic music, created by skillful, artistic re-engineering of recorded tracks. Dub emerged when sound system DJs began taking away the vocals from songs so that people could dance to the beat alone. Soon, pioneers like King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry began adding new vocals over the old beats; the lyrics were rhythmic and rhyme-heavy. After the popularity of 'reggae' died down in the early 1980s, derivatives of 'dub' dominated the Jamaican charts. These included 'ragga' and 'dancehall', both of which remained popular in Jamaica alone until the mainstream breakthrough of American 'gangsta rap' (which evolved out of dub musicians like DJ Kool Herc moving to American cities). 'Ragga' especially now has many devoted followers
Dubai(English, German) port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf
dubbel(Dutch) double
double flat(Swedish) double flat sign, the sign that lowers a note by two semitones [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
dubbel-conische Trom(Dutch) double conical drum
Dubbeldrill(Swedish) double trill
dubbele Maatstreep
double bar(Dutch) a pair of vertical lines at the end of a section of a work which if preceded by a pair of vertical dots, called repeat dots, indicate that the section should be played twice
dubbele Triller(Dutch) double trill
dubbele Voorslag(Dutch) double appoggiatura
dubbelgepuncteerde Noot(Dutch) double dotted note
Dubbelgreep(Dutch) double stopping
[entry provided by Martin McGarry]
double sharp(Swedish) double sharp sign, the sign that raises a note by two semitones
double sharp(Dutch) double sharp sign, the sign that raises a note by two semitones
double flat(Dutch) double flat sign, the sign that lowers a note by two semitones
dubbelpunkterad Not(Swedish) double dotted note
Dubbelslag(Dutch, Swedish) turn (ornament), double appoggiatura
Dubbelslagteken(Dutch) turn (ornament)
double bar(Swedish) a pair of vertical lines at the end of a section of a work which if preceded by a pair of vertical dots, called repeat dots, indicate that the section should be played twice
Dubbingputting all the elements of sound, dialogue, sound effects and music, on to one soundtrack
sound in motion pictures is generally taken for granted by audiences, but the soundtrack digested in the cinema is seldom that which was recorded when the photographed images were taken. Dialogue is invariably re-recorded later; off-screen sound effects are added; on-screen sound effects replaced or enhanced; aural atmospheres are created; and the whole soundtrack made available without dialogue for foreign sales. This whole process is the province of the dubbing (originally "doubling") editor, often credited as sound editor or latterly, and pretentiously, as sound designer
[extract taken from Independent obituary of Alan Bell, editor of classic film soundtracks (21 August 2006)]
Dübel (s./pl.)(German m.) or Rundholzstab (German m.), dowel, wooden rod, plug, brad, peg
Dübelankerschmiermittel(German n.) dowel lubricant
Dübelkopf(German m.) dowel head
Dübelkrone(German f.) dowel crown
dübeln(German) to dowel, to plug, to peg
dübelnd(German) dowelling
Dübelschmiermittel(German n.) dowel lubricant
dübelt(German) dowels
dübelte(German) dowelled
Dübelverbindung(German f.) dowelled joint
du beschwörest(German) thou wouldst conjure up (archaic)
Du bewegst dich auf ausgefahrenen Gleisen.(German) You're in a rut.
Du bewegst dich auf dünnem Eis.(German) You're treading on thin ice, You're skating on thin ice. (figurative)
dubios(German) bad (dubious), dubious, shady, equivocal, shaky (figurative)
Dubiose (s./pl.)(German n.) bad debt
dubiose Methoden(German pl.) dubious methods
dubiose Praktiken(German pl.) shady practice
du bist(German) you're
Du bist als Nächstes dran.(German) You're next.
Du bist am Zug.(German) It's your move.
Du bist der Nächste.(German) You're next.
Du bist dran.(German) It's your turn. It's your shot.
Du bist gefragt.(German) This is your chance.
Du bist mein Ein und Alles.(German) You mean the world to me.
Du bist mir ein feiner Freund!(German) A fine friend you are!
Du bist noch nicht trocken hinter den Ohren.(German) You're still wet behind the ears.
Du bist unausstehlich!(German) You're a pain in the neck!
Du bist unbezahlbar!(German) You are priceless!
Du bist wohl aus Dummsdorf!(German) You must be stupid!
Du bist wohl nicht recht gescheit.(German) You must be out of your mind.
Dublasa backward shudra community of Gujarat
Dublee(German n.) rolled gold
Dublette(German f.) duplicate copy, duplicate, doublet (counterfeit gem made of two pieces)
dublieren(German) to double (fold something double)
Dublierung(German f.) doubling
Dubliner ...(German) Dublin
Dubliner(German m.) a person from Dublin
Dublone(German f.) doubloon
Dublüre(German f.) doublure (an elaborately decorated leather flyleaf in a book)
Dubplate(English, German n.) an acetate disc - usually 12", 10" or 7" in diameter - used in mastering studios for quality control and test recordings before proceeding with the final master, and subsequent pressing of the record to be mass produced on vinyl
  • Dubplate from which this extract has been taken
Du brauchst es nicht zu tun!(German) You need not do it!
Du brauchst keine Angst zu haben.(German) You need not be afraid. You need not fear.
Du brauchst mich gar nicht mit (so) großen Augen anzusehen.(German) You needn't look at me with those big eyes.
Du brauchst nicht zu ...(German) There is no need for you to ....
Du brauchst nicht zu gehen.(German) You needn't go.
Du brauchst unbedingt Hilfe.(German) You definitely need help.
Dubreq Stylophonea miniature stylus-operated synthesizer invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis. It consists of a metal keyboard played by touching it with a stylus - each note being connected to a cheap voltage-controlled oscillator via a different-value resistor - thus closing a circuit. Some three million Stylophones were sold, mostly as children's toys
Dubrovnik(English, German n.) formerly Ragusa, a city of southern Croatia on a promontory jutting into the Adriatic Sea
Dub techno(Jamaica) although derived from reggae, 'dub techno' is downtempo, thick and echo-drenched 'techno', but not necessarily containing the signature reggae 'One-drop'
Duc (m.), Duchesse (f.)(French) duke, duchess
Duce(Italian m.) the leader of a group
Ducec(Croatia) a folk dance with energetic jumps, found in the northern part of Croatia
duces tecum(Latin, literally 'bring with you') an order to produce a document or documents to the court
Ducha(Spanish f.) shower
ducharse(Spanish) to have a shower
Duchenne-Muskeldystrophie(German f.) Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Duchesse(French f.) a chaise-longue with a concave head and foot curving round along the open side
(French f.) a chaise-longue consisting of two arm-chairs joined by a matching upholstered stool which can be removed
(French f.) a set of covers for a dressing-table (usually, one large and two small mats)
duchesse(French) lustrous and smooth (satin fabric, etc.)
Duchesse-Bindung(German f.) satin weave
Duck(English, German m.) or cotton duck (from Dutch doek, 'linen canvas'), sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas, commonly called 'canvas' outside of the textile industry, is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. There is also linen duck, which is less often used
ducken(German) to duck, to humiliate
duckend(German) crouching
Duck for the Oysterone of the two-couple figures danced in a circle of four people traditionally associated with square dancing
Duck gongs(Brunei) gongs which are small thick metal discs
Duckmäuser(German m.) moral coward, sneak, hypocrite
Duckmäuserei(German f.) moral cowardice
duckt(German) crouches
duckte(German) crouched
du coin(French) local
for example, le boulanger du coin (French m.: the local baker)
Duct fluteor 'duct whistle', an end-blown flute, for example, the recorder
DuctiaJohannes de Grocheio (c. 1300) refers to a dance form, a "light and fast cantilena", which he calls the ductia in his manuscript of c. 1300. However, no extant manuscripts contain pieces labelled as such. He describes the ductia as like the estampie but more regular. Perhaps this refers to an estampie with verses all of the same length. There are a few examples (generally labelled simply as dances) that fit this description
Ductusreferring to hand-written manuscripts, the order and direction in which the pen strokes were made, which make up a letter or neumatic symbol
melodic movement, or order of successive notes, which may be:
rectusdirect, i.e. ascending
reversed, i.e. descending
circumcurrenscircumcurrent, i.e. ascending and descending
Ductus(German m.) duct, passage
Ductus litterarum(Latin) the process by which the true readings of a text are corrupted in copying
Duct whistlesee ' duct flute'
Duda(Spanish f.) doubt
Duda(Poland, Hungary, Latvia) a primitive bagpipe from the sixteenth century has its origins in the Near East. In Hungary it was, up to the sixteenth century, an instrument of the hussars (cavalry), when it was replaced by the shawm (töröksíp). A single bagpiper was often the 'whole orchestra' at weddings, carnivals and dances. Herdsmen bagpipers gave homage to the Christ-child in Nativity plays
the Hungarian duda has three pipes: the melody-pipe, the assistant or 'contra' pipe and the drone or 'bass' pipe. Air is blown into the leather bag through the mouthpiece made of reed or elder. The bag is made out of a single goat, sheep or dog skin with the fur on the inside. The chanter and contra pipes are connected to the bag through a common attachment. The drone is attached separately. The Hungarian bagpipe produces three notes at the same time, two from the chanter and 'contra' pipe, and a third from the drone
Du da drüben!(German) You there!
dudar(Spanish) to doubt
Du darfst es niemandem sagen, nicht einmal deiner Mutter.(German) You can't tell anyone, not even your mother.
Dudeancient Croatian bagpipe
du début(French) from the beginning
Düdelingen(German n.) Dudelange (a commune with city status in southern Luxembourg)
Dudelkasten(German m.) barrel organ, radio
Dudelkastensack(German m.) bagpipe, cornamuse, hornpipe
dudeln(German) to play on the bagpipe, to tootle (a contemptuous term for playing badly on the flute, etc.), to yodel (Viennese)
Dudelsack (s.), Dudelsäcke (pl.)(German m.) cornamusa (Italian f.), piva (Italian f.), bagpipe(s), Sackpfeife (German m.), cornamuse (French f.)
Dudelsackkapelle(German f.) pipe band
Dudelsackpfeifer (m.), Dudelsackpfeiferin (f.), Dudelsackpfeifer (pl.)(German) bagpiper, piper
Dudelsackspieler (m.), Dudelsackspielerin (f.)(German) bagpipe player, piper
du dernier bateau(French) in the height of fashion, in the very latest fashion
du dessous(French) bottom, downstairs
du dessus(French) top, upstairs
Dudler (m.), Dudlerin (f.)(German m.) bagpipe-player, bagpiper, yodeller (Viennese)
dudoso(Spanish) doubtful, dubious
Düdükor duduk, Armenian oboe dating to Armenia's pre-Christian times that is made of apricot wood and capable of sustaining drone notes for long periods of time. The düdük's range is only one octave and requires considerable skill to play, its dynamics being controlled by constantly adjusting lips and fingers. The düdük has a warm, soft, slightly nasal timbre and is used in folk songs and dance music
flute of Western Bulgaria, 20 - 100cm long, with six finger holes
a large wooden pipe from Serbia
DudukiGeorgian short cylindrical oboe, related to the Armenian düdük
Dudumbalarge drum that produces the underlying beat in Guinean music
DudyBohemian bagpipe
due(Italian) two
see à deux, a due
due corde(Italian) two strings, a term used in piano music to indicate that the soft pedal (called una corde, one string) should be released, or, on an instrument with three strings, where the pedal shifts the hammers under the strings, that the soft pedal should be pressed halfway down
(Italian) a term used in string playing for playing the same note on two strings simultaneously
due cori(Italian) two choirs, two choruses
Due film con un solo biglietto(Italian) double bill
Duel(English, French m.) a contest to the death between two people
Duell(German n.) duel, affair of honour, affaire d'honneur
Duellant (s.), Duellanten (pl.)(German m.) dueller, duellist
duellierend(German) duelling
duellierte(German) duelled
Duelo(Spanish m.) duel, mourning
Duelo musical(Spanish m.) musical duel (a competition between musicians to determine which is the finer player, for example Johann Jakob Froberger vs Matthias Weckmann (1650), Georg Friedrich Händel vs Domenico Scarlatti (1707), Johann Sebastian Bach vs Louis Marchand (1717), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Muzio Clementi (1781), Ludwig van Beethoven vs Daniel Steibelt (1800), Franz Liszt vs Sigismund Thalberg (1837)
Dueña(Spanish f.) owner, proprietress, landlady, chaperon
Duende(Spanish m.) imp
(Spanish m.) the 'soul' of flamenco
Duenna(English from the Spanish dueña) owner, proprietress, landlady, chaperon
Dueño(Spanish m.) owner, proprietor, landlord
due pedali(Italian) two pedals are to be used
Due punti(Italian m.) colon (punctuation mark)
Du erkennst es, wenn es soweit ist.(German) You'll know it when it happens.
Duetduetto (Italian), Duett (German), duo (French)
a piece of music for two players, sometimes on a single instrument such as a piano
an organ work to be played on two independent manuals
a vocal work performed by two singers
strictly speaking, the distinction between a duo and a duet is as follows: a duo is for two instruments of the same type while a duet is for two different instruments or two voices, although it is not uncommon for two performers playing violin and piano being called a 'violin and piano duo'
Duet concertinas
less common than Anglo and English concertinas, the features all duet concertina systems have in common are:
button layouts that provide the lower (bass) notes in the left hand and the higher (treble) notes in the right, with some overlap (like a two-manual organ)
they are unisonoric (each key produces the same note on press and draw)
they are fully chromatic
Dueto(Portuguese m., Spanish m.) (vocal) duet
Dueto de piano(Spanish m.) duet, four hands, one piano
Dueto instrumental(Spanish m.) duet for two instruments (which may be the same or different, i.e. two violins, or violin and cello)
Dueto vocal(Spanish m.) duet for one voice with accompaniment (usually a piano)
Duett (s), Duette (pl.)(German n.) (vocal) duet(s)
Duettinoa short duet
Duetto(Italian m.) duet
Duetto da camera(Italian m., literally 'chamber duet') popular from the late seventeenth century, a duet for two voices because, by the mid-eighteenth century, an important element of opera, for example, the love duet
due volte(Italian) twice
Du fehlst mir.(German) I miss you.
DuffNubian frame drum
Düffel(German m.) duffel
Düffelmantel(German m., archaic) duffel coat
Dufflecoat(German m.) duffel coat
Duffmuttualso known as aravanamuttu, a group performance popular among the Muslims of Malabar. Duffmuttu is staged as a social event during festivals and nuptial ceremonies. The artistes beat on frame drums called Duffu, the leader of the group sings the lead, while the others form the chorus and move in circles. The songs are often tributes to martyrs, heroes and saints
Duft (s.), Düfte (pl.)(German m.) fragrance, scent, aroma, perfume, aura, redolence, bloom, bouquet, flavour, odour, (pleasant) smell, haze
Duftbad(German n.) scented bath
Duftbadeöl(German n.) scented bath oil
dufte(German) great, smashing (colloquial), swell (US, dated)
Dufte!(German) Neat! (colloquial)
duften(German) to smell, to scent, to be fragrant
duftend(German) ambrosial, balmily, fragrant, fragrantly, odoriferously, redolently, ambrosially, ambrosian, odorant, odoriferous, perfumy, nice-smelling, aromatic, smelling, scented
duftende Kräuter(German pl.) sweet herbs
duftend (nach)(German) redolent of, redolent with
duften mach(German) to smell of
duften nach(German) to be sweet with
duftet(German) smells
Duftfläschchen(German n.) scent bottle
Duftholz(German n.) scented wood
duftig(German) misty, filmy, hazy, fine, delicate, aromatical, filmily, gossamery, frothy, fluffy
duftiger(German) filmier
duftigste(German) filmiest
Duftkarte(German f.) scratch and sniff card
Duftkerze(German f.) scented candle
Duftkissen(German n.) (scented) sachet
Duftlabor(German n.) perfume laboratory
Duftlampe(German f.) oil burner
duftlos(German) scentless
Duftmarke(German f.) scent-mark, scent mark
Duft nach Heu(German m.) scent of hay
Duftnoten(German pl.) notes (perfumery)
Duftöl(German n.) perfume oil, scented oil, aromatic oil
Duftölschale(German f.) dish of perfumed oil
Duftqualität(German f.) aromatic quality
Duftreis(German m.) fragrant rice
Duftrose(German f.) scented rose, fragrant rose
Duftsättigung(German f.) enfleurage (a process in making perfume in which odourless fats or oils absorb the fragrance of fresh flowers)
Duftseife(German f.) scented soap
Duftstoff (s.), Duftstoffe (pl.)(German m.) scent, fragrance, perfume, aromatic substance
Duftstreifen(German pl.) fragrance strips
Dufttherapie(German f.) aromatherapy
Duftwasser(German n.) toilet water, eau de toilette
Duft wilder Blumen(German m.) bouquet of wild flowers
Duftwolke(German f.) fragrance, whiff
Dugazonnamed after Louise Dugazon (18 Jun. 1755-22 Sep. 1821), a noted French mezzo-soprano, for whom many opera roles were created, the term is used to describe voices suited to these roles as they relate to different periods in her long career:
jeune Dugazon, première Dugazon, forte première Dugazon, mère Dugazon
Du gehörst zu mir.(German) You belong to me.
du gehst(German) thou goest (archaic, poetic)
Du gehst mir auf die Nerven.(German) You're a pain in the neck.
Du gehst mir sehr ab!(German) I miss you a lot!
Du genierst dich.(German) You are embarrassed.
Du geruhtest es zu tun.(German) You condescended to do it.
Duggismall kettledrum worn around the waist by Baul performers in Bangladesh and India during the singing of philosophical and devotional songs
Du gibst.(German) It's your deal. (card games)
Du gibst nie auf das Acht, was ich sage.(German) You never pay attention to what I say.
Du gleichst deinem Bruder.(German) You resemble your brother.
Du Glückliche!(German) You lucky thing! (female)
Du Glücklicher!(German) You lucky thing!, You lucky thing! (male)
Du hältst dich wohl für witzig, was?(German) You think you're funny, do you?
Du hast Besuch.(German) You have a visitor. You have visitors.
Du hast das Mundwerk am rechten Fleck.(German) You know all the answers.
Du hast das Pulver nicht erfunden.(German) You won't set the world on fire.
Du hast davon gewusst!(German) You knew about it!
Du hast den Nagel genau auf den Kopf getroffen!(German) You hit that nail square on the head!
Du hast dich nicht gerade mit Ruhm bekleckert.(German) You haven't exactly covered yourself with glory.
Du hast dich prachtvoll erholt.(German) You've made a splendid recovery.
Du hast die Wahl.(German) It's your choice.
Du hast doch gesagt, ...(German) You said that ...
Du hast doch nicht etwa Angst?(German) You're not scared, are you?
Du hast doch noch das ganze Leben vor dir.(German) You've still got all your life in front of you.
Du hast es also doch geschafft!(German) So you made it after all!
Du hast gar nichts zu wollen.(German) You have no say in the matter.
Du hast gerufen?(German) You called?
Du hast gesagt, du würdest mich immer lieben.(German) You said you'd always love me.
Du hast gut lachen!(German) It's all right for you to laugh!
Du hast gut reden.(German) You can talk.
Du hast ja leicht reden!(German) It's easy for you to talk!
Du hast klug daran getan.(German) You acted wisely.
Du hast mich schon verstanden.(German) You heard me.
Du hast mir (gar) nichts zu sagen!(German) You can't tell me what to do!
Du hast Recht.(German) You're right. You are right!
Du hast sicher schon mal gehört, dass ...(German) You are bound to have heard that ...
Du hast versprochen, dass du es nie verrätst.(German) You promised you'd never tell.
Du hast viel auf dem Kerbholz.(German) You've much to answer for.
Du hast vielleicht Nerven, ...(German) You've got some nerve, ...
Du hast was?(German) You did what?
Du hast wirklich einen Nerv getroffen.(German) You really touched a nerve.
Du hast's erfasst!(German) You've got it! You've cracked it! You've got there! (ironic)
du hattest(German) you'd (you had)
Du hättest das tun sollen.(German) You should have done that.
Du hättest es besser wissen müssen.(German) You ought to have known better.
Du hättest mich wenigstens anrufen können.(German) You could have at least rung me up. You could have at least called me. The least you could have done was to ring me. The least you could have done was to call me.
Du hättest nichts damit zu tun.(German) It wouldn't involve you.
duhn(German - Northern Germany) drunk
Duholesee dhol
Duina(Italian) or doppietta, duplet
Du irrst dich gewaltig!(German) You're way off!
Duixiao(China) a double clarinet
Duixie(Tibetan) duixie has two meanings because dui can mean 'upper' or 'highland'. The term refers therefore both to the round dance popular in rural areas of Ngamring, Dingri, Lhaze, and Sagya counties, and to a tap dance performed by the urban population after the folk dance in dui areas was introduced into Lhasa
  • Duixie from which this information has been taken
du jour au lendemain(French) overnight
Du kannst auf mich zählen!(German) You can count on me!
Du kannst dich auf mich verlassen!(German) You can count on me!
Du kannst es auch.(German) So can you.
Du kannst es mir glauben.(German) You can take my word for it.
Du kannst es nicht wegreden.(German) You can't argue it away.
Du kannst gerade reden!(German) You can talk! (colloquial)
Du kannst mich ruhig fragen.(German) Don't hesitate to ask me.
Du kannst ruhig reinkommen.(German) You're welcome to come in.
Du kannst uns gern jederzeit besuchen.(German) Feel free to visit any time you like.
Dukaten(German m.) ducat
Du kennst den Ort nicht.(German) It's nowhere you know.
Du kennst kein Risiko mehr.(German) You have lost all sense of danger.
Düker(German m.) culvert
Dukinfield Moravian Settlement
founded in Lancashire, the community started with `choirs' in private houses, reorganised in 1757 when a house for single brethren was obtained, and houses for the single brethren and single sisters were built, then enlarged. A trombone band was formed, a school for girls built in 1760, and another for boys in 1766
Dukkapair of Indian drums similar to tabla
du (kleiner) Hosenmatz(German) my little darling, my little chap, my little fellow
Du kommst drüber hinweg.(German) You'll get over it.
Du könntest eine Pause vertragen.(German) You could use a break. (colloquial)
duktal(German) ductal, ductile
Duktilität(German f.) ductility
Duktus(German m.) style, characteristic style, ductus (paleography)
Dulali(local name 'mbitu vaka tangi) Fijian nose flute
Dulcana name sometimes erroneously applied to the Dolcan
Dulcana(Spanish) Dolciano
Dulcaynas(Spanish) Dolciano
Dulce(Spanish m.) sweet
dulce(Spanish) sweet, fresh (water), soft, gentle
Dulce domum(Latin) home, sweet home
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori(Latin) it is pleasant and proper to die for one's country
Dulce memoriaSpanish for doulce memoire
Dulce melosfrom the early fifteenth century, this instrument is one of the earliest string keyboards. The only source of information is a manuscript treatise by Arnault de Zwolle c. 1440. It is essentially a keyed dulcimer whose action is a precursor of certain early pianos and in many ways similar to the clavichord. A staple-shaped 'hammer' carries a slip of wood hinged to the key at the back, and when a key is depressed it is thrown up against the strings and returns instantly. There are no dampers, and it is possible, played sensitively, to obtain limited dynamics, which gave it an advantage over the harpsichord which was being developed at the same period. Some people believe the mysterious chekker, the eschequier and the dulce melos to be one and the same instrument. There is also good evidence (Henry George Farmer: Studies in Oriental Music I & II, Frankfurt 1986 Institut für Geschichte der Arabisch-Islamischen Wissenschaften) that the chekker (or chekkers) was the shaquira, a 'stringed organ' mentioned by Arab theorists of the ninth century. There is mention of a dulce melos being used in Spain in 1490 to celebrate Corpus Christi
see eschequier
dulcemente(Spanish) sweetly, gently, softly, delicately (entry provided by Weed)
Dulcetsee dulciana principal
Dulcetoneor dulcitone, a piano-like musical instrument with hammers that strike tuning forks
Dulcian(French) an organ stop
dulciana (Italian f.), Dulzian (Getrman m.), douçaine (French f.), a bassoon-like family of instruments from the 17th- and 18th-centuries, also called the curtal or bajón. The dulcian combines the conical expanding bore of the shawm with the two folded parallel bores of the sordune and kortholt. There is a variant, called the gedackt dulcian, which has a differently bore shape, a stopper on the end which rounds the sound and an exterior covered in leather to further reduce the resonance
sizerange (top/bottom)
Dulciana(Latin) a metal organ stop, of 8 ft. register, with a sharp, thin tone
(Latin) a small reed stop, of 8 ft. register, on the organ with a soft, delicate tone
(Italian f.) a small bassoon, dulcian, Dulzian (Getrman m.), douçaine (French f.)
the dulciana principal or Dulcet is the octave above the dulciana, i.e. of 4 ft. length
Dulciana principalor Dulcet, a delicate, sweet-toned organ stop of 4 ft. scale
dulcicanoro(Italian) harmonious
Dulcimer(English, German m.) a box shaped instrument across which strings are stretched, the strings being struck with a pair of small wooden hammers, occasionally the term is applied to an instrument (really a pasltery or zither) on which the strings are plucked with the fingers or with a plectrum
scholars have tried to distinguish between psaltery and dulcimer, proposing that a 'psaltery' is plucked while a 'dulcimer' is hit, and that both belong to a generic 'zither' family (distinct from specific instruments called 'zither' by their players); but this usage is an abstraction and has no basis in the traditional use of these names: there are plenty of illustrations where psalteries are hit and traditions where dulcimers are plucked
Dulcimettea small dulcimer tuned an octave higher than the standard dulcimer
Dulcin(English, German n.) also known by the names sucrol amd valzin, an artificial sweetener about 250 times sweeter than sugar discovered in 1884 by Joseph Berlinerbau
  • Dulcin from which this extract has been taken
Dulcinealadylove, a woman who is a man's sweetheart
Dulciniansa movement was a religious sect of the Late Middle Ages that originated in the Apostolic Brethren. The Dulcinians (sometimes called "Dulcinites") and Apostolics were inspired by Franciscan ideals, influenced by the Joachimites, but were considered heretical by the Catholic Church. The name derives from the movement's leader, Fra Dolcino of Novara (c.1250-1307), who was burnt as a heretic on the orders of Pope Clement V. The Apostolic/Dulcinian sects can be viewed as a manifestation in North Italy of the older Cathar movement, that was also suppressed by a Papal crusade and was finally eliminated around the time of the assault on the Dulcinians
Dulcinosee Dolciano
Dulcitonesee 'dulcetone'
Dulden(German n.) bearing, sufferance
dulden(German) to tolerate, to suffer, to connive, to acquiesce, to endure, to forbear, to brook
duldend(German) acquiescing, conniving
Dulder (m.), Dulderin (f.)(German) patient sufferer
duldet(German) endures, acquiesces, connives, tolerates
duldete(German) tolerated, acquiesced, connived
duldsam(German) tolerant, indulgent, passive, meek (uncomplaining)
Duldsamkeit(German f.) forbearance, indulgence
Duldung(German f.) toleration, sufferance, tolerance, acquiescence, indulgence
Dulia(Latin from Greek douleia) the veneration of angels and saints
Du liebe Zeit!(German) Dear me!
Du lieber Gott!(German) Good heavens!
Du lieber Himmel!(German) Bless me!
DultzainaBasque traditional reed instrument closely related to the dulzaina, which , although originally made of wood, is nowadays commonly made of iron
Du lügst doch, nicht wahr?(German) You're lying, aren't you?
Dulzainsee Dolciano
Dulzaina(Spanish f.) dulcimer
(Spanish f., French f.) Spanish traditional, oboe-like, double-reed instrument made from wood, about 70 cm long, hautbois traditionel aragonais (French)
two metal flutes joined by a single mouth piece. capable of producing harmony and heard in traditional Ecuadorian music
Dulzaino (m.), Dulzaina (f.)(Spanish) confectioner
dulzaino (m.), dulzaina (f.)(Spanish) sweetish, sugary, soppy (figurative)
dulzarrón (m.), dulzarrona (f.)(Spanish) sickly, oversweet
Dulzflöte(German f.) an open pleasant-sounding organ stop of 8 or 4 ft. scale
Dulzian(German m.) dulcian, dulciana (Italian f.), douçaine (French f.)
in the organ, a reed stop
Dulzimer(German m.) dulcimer
Dulzinea(German f.) dulcinea (ladylove, a woman who is a man's sweetheart)
dulzón (m.), dulzona (f.)(Spanish) sickly, oversweet
Dulzor(Spanish m.) sweetness, gentleness (figurative), sweetness (figurative), softness (figurative)
Dulzura(Spanish f.) sweetness, gentleness (figurative)
Dumaan epic poem of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Cossack Ukraine. Historically, dumas were recited by travelling kobzars and accompanied by the music of a kobza
(English, German f.) any of various representative assemblies in modern Russia and Russian history
Dumaafrom Benin, the Hausa name for the bendré
Du machst mich krank.(German) You make me sick.
Du machst nur Spaß, oder?(German) You are kidding, right?
Du machst wohl Witze!(German) You must be joking!
DumbakMiddle Eastern tabla, a drum that is used as an accompanying instrument and in folk ensembles
  • Dumbak from which this information has been taken
Dumbecksee dumbek
Dumbegsee dumbek
Dumbekanother name for the darabukka, this name comes from the two principle notes that the drum produces: a deep thump (dum) and a tight snap (bek)
DumbélekiGreek drum
Dumb pianoa silent piano without hammers or strings, designed to be used for silent practice
Dumbralute of the Tartar people
Dumb shakein 1793, John Gunn describes the change that had taken place in the taste about ornaments in general and the flattement technique especially; the latter was now looked upon as old fashioned. "The Modern refinements in the performance of music, however multifarious and complicated they might be thought, have certainly not increased the number of what may be called graces, but on the contrary, have considerably reduced their number, and greatly simplified them. The performers of the old school had much more of what may be called the graces of the finger, than the modern, which cultivates more expression and powers of the bow, and management of tone. There was formerly in use a numerous list of graces, some with and others without characters to represent them, and for the most part discontinued. Among these was the dumb shake, on stringed instruments, corresponding to what the French call Flattement, on the flute, and in our language, I think, called Sweetenings, ... like [in] the dumb shake, [the finger is] producing a trembling palsied expression, inconsistent with just intonation, and not unlike that extravagant trembling of the voice which the French call chevrotter, to make a goat-like noise; for which the singers of the Opera at Paris have so often been ridiculed."
Dumb showin English theatre tradition, a dumb show is a masque-like interlude of silent pantomime usually with allegorical content that refers to the occasion of a play or its theme, the most famous being the pantomime played out in Hamlet (III.ii). Dumb shows might be a moving spectacle, like a procession, as in Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy (1580s), or they might form a pictorial tableau, as one in the stilted Shakespeare collaboration, Pericles, Prince of Tyre (III,i) - a tableau that is immediately explicated at some length by the poet-narrator, Gower. Dumb shows were a Medieval element that continued popular in early Elizabethan drama, but by the time Pericles (c 1607-08) or Hamlet (ca. 1600-02) were aired, they were perhaps quaintly old-fashioned: "What means this, my lord?" is Ophelia's reaction. In English masques, purely musical interludes might be accompanied by a dumb show
  • Masque from which this extract has been taken
Dumb spinetsynonymous with clavichord
Dumb waitera small, portable stand for serving food, often with shelves
a small elevator for sending food, trash, etc. from one floor to another
Dumchuktaarbest described as throat humming, in which the singer creates a sound similar to sygyt using only the nasal passage. The word means to sing through the nose (dumchuk)
du meilleur rang(French) belonging to the highest rank in society, aristocratic
Du meine Güte!(German) Good Lord! My goodness! Oddsbodikins! (archaic)
Dumka (s.), Dumky (pl.)(English, German f., from Czech dumat, literally 'to ponder') a Slavonic folk ballad from Ukraine, alternately slow and quick, often in a minor key
this dance form might never have gained international familiarity but for Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904) who used it in his Piano Quintet in A, Op. 81, in his Piano Trio in E Minor, Op 90 "Dumky" (1891), which has six movements each based on a dumka, and in a string sextet. The same form can be found elsewhere, for example, in Franz Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody
dumm (m.), dümmer (f.), dümmst (n.)(German) stupid, stupidly, foolish, foolishly, awkward, thickheaded, gormless, dull, purblind, asinine, oafish, ignorant, booby, brainless, bovine, dimwitted, idiotic, inane, silly, simpleminded, simple, zany (colloquial), dopey, dull-witted, imbecile, dense (stupid), inanely, wooden-headed (colloquial), lumpen (colloquial), daft (colloquial), dopy (colloquial), dizzy (colloquial)
dumm aus der Wäsche gucken(German) to look a proper Charlie
Dummbart(German m.) dumbo
Dummbartel(German m.) dumbo, fool
Dummbatz(German m.) dumbo (colloquial)
Dummbeutel(German m.) stupid twerp (colloquial)
dumm bleiben(German) to stay stupid
Dummbratze(German f.) dumbo (colloquial)
Dummchen(German n.) boob, bimbo (slang), silly-billy (colloquial), silly (colloquial)
dumm dastehen(German) to look stupid, to be left with egg on one's face (colloquial)
dummdreist(German) insolent, impertinent, impudent
dumme Frage(German f.) silly question
dumme Fragen stellen(German) to ask silly questions
Dummejungenstreich(German m.) silly prank
dumme Lage(German f.) silly situation
Dummen(German pl.) dimwits
Dümmer(German m.) or Dümmersee,Duemmer (lake in Northern Germany)
dümmer(German) dumber (colloquial), sillier, stupider, more stupid
Dummerchen(German n.) dottle (Scottish), dullard, silly (colloquial), silly-billy (colloquial), silly boy, silly girl
Dummerjan(German m.) silly-billy (colloquial), silly (colloquial), dunderhead, silly dope (colloquial)
dummer Jungenstreich(German m.) practical joke
dummer Schwätzer(German m.) blatherer
dummer Streich(German m.) antic
dummer Tor(German m.) bloody idiot
dummerweise(German) stupidly, unfortunately, foolishly
dummes Endgerät(German n.) dumb terminal (computer system)
dummes Gehabe(German n.) silly behaviour
dummes Geschwätz(German m.) blather
dummes Getue(German n.) silly behaviour
dummes Huhn(German n.) stupid fool (figurative)
dumme Streiche(German pl.) monkeyshines (a mischievous or playful trick, a prank - often used in the plural)
dummes und unvernünftiges Tier (s.), dumme und unvernünftige Tiere (pl.)(German n.) dumb animal, brute animal
Dummes Weibsbild!(German) Stupid tart!
dummes Zeug(German n.) nonsense, tosh, poor stuff, humbug, rubbish (colloquial), twaddle (colloquial)
dummes Zeug daherreden(German) to talk drivel
dummes Zeug reden(German) to talk through one's hat, to blether (colloquial)
dumme Tat(German f.) silly act, stupidity
dummfrech(German) cheeky, insolent
dumm geboren(German) born a fool
Dummheit (s.), Dummheiten (pl.)(German f.) stupidity, foolishness, folly, dullness, brutishness, foolery, oafishness, witlessness, asininity, ignorance, blunt intellect, inanity, silliness, simplemindedness, blockheadedness, idoicy, thick-headedness, silly mistake, stupid thing to do, bêtise (French f.)
Dummi(German m.) dummy
Dummkopf (s.), Dummköpfe (pl.)(German m.) fool (pejorative), booby (colloquial: stupid person), dullard, blockhead (colloquial), blundering fool, bonehead, fathead, numbskull (colloquial), clot (colloquial), dunderhead, dimwit, nit (colloquial), chump (colloquial), dunce (pejorative), pinhead (colloquial), ass (pejorative), ignoramus (pejorative), simpleton (stupd person), nitwit (colloquial), jackass (stupid person), prat (colloquial), idiot, clod (colloquial), oaf (pejorative),
dummköpfig(German) block-headed, bone-headed, boneheaded (colloquial), thick-skulled (colloquial)
dümmlich(German) dottled (Scottish), dizzily (figurative: foolishly), inane, inanely, dumb (simple-minded), simple-minded, foolish, silly
dümmliche Blondine(German f.) dumb blonde
dümmliches Gehabe(German n.) silly behaviour
dümmlich grinsen(German) to grin stupidly
Dümmlichkeit(German f.) denseness (colloquial), inanity
dumm machen(German) to besot
dummquatschender Idiot(German m.) drivelling idiot
Dummschwätzer(German m.) drivelling idiot
dümmste(German) most stupid, dumbest (colloquial), stupidest
dumm wie Bohnenstroh(German) as daft as a brush, (as) thick as two short planks (colloquial)
dumm wie Brot(German) (as) thick as two short planks (colloquial)
Dummyin printing, a sample of a proposed job made up with the actual materials and cut to the correct size to show bulk, style of binding, etc. Also a complete layout of a job showing position of type matter and illustrations, margins etc.
Dummy keyboardalso called a 'traveling piano', a mechanical device upon which a keyboard player can practice which produces no sound
Dummy pipessilent organ pipes used purely for show
Dumpalso 'dumpe', 'domp' or 'dompe', a sixteenth- and seventeenth-century slow, melancholy old English dance form usually in 4/4 time, of which there are about something over twenty examples, the title's meaning possibly that mentioned in Ralph Roister Doister, the comedy written by Nicholas Udall (1504-1556), namely a melancholy induced by love
Dumpesee 'dump'
dümpeln(German) to bob up and down (boat, etc.)
dumper(German) dark (during dawn or dusk)
dumpf(German) dull, dully, musty, muted, hollow (sound), tubby sound, dead (lifeless, for example, sound), dead (flat), stifling (atmosphere), with a thud, gloomy, vague, muffled (sound)
dumpf aufschlagen(German) to thud
Dumpfbacke(German f.) dimwit (colloquial), dope (colloquial)
Dumpfbeutel(German m.) stupid twerp (colloquial)
dumpfe Aufschläge(German pl.) thuds
dumpfe Luft(German f.) close air
dumpfer Aufschlag(German m.) thud
dumpfer Klang(German m.) dead sound
dumpfer Schlag(German m.) thump, bump
dumpfer Schmerz(German m.) dull pain
dumpfe Schläge(German pl.) thuds
dumpfes Geräusch(German n.) thud
dumpfe Verzweiflung(German f.) black despair
Dumpfheit(German f.) dullness (of sound), numbness, torpor (sluggishness), apathy
dumpfig(German) musty, dank, stuffy (atmosphere)
Dumpfigkeit(German) hollowness or dullness of sound
dumpf brummend(German) droning (sound)
Dumping(English, German n.) selling goods in another country below their cost of production, etc.
Dumpingverbot(German n.) ban on dumping
Dumpingverbotsgesetz(German n.) antidumping
dum sola (et casta)(Latin) so long as she shall live alone (and chaste)
dum spiro, spero(Latin) while there's life there's hope
Du musst bedenken, dass ...(German) You must take into account that ...
Du musst begreifen, dass ...(German) You must understand that ...
Du musst dich schonen.(German) You must look after yourself.
Du musst fünfe gerade sein lassen.(German) You mustn't be so critical. You must take a more relaxed view of things.
Du musst nicht kommen.(German) You need not come.
Du musst versuchen, über solchen Dingen zu stehen.(German) You must try not to let that kind of thing bother you.
dum vivimus, vivamus(Latin) eat, drink, for tomorrow we die!