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el.abbreviation of 'elected', 'electric', 'electricity', 'element', 'elevated', 'elevation', 'elongation', elektrisch (German: electric), électrique (French: electric)
ELAabbreviation of 'electronic learning aid'
E-lain solmisation, the name of the note e''
Elaborat(German n.) written work, concoction (pejorative: of written work)
Elaboration(English, German f.) amplification (addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail), refinement (the result of improving something), expansion (a discussion that provides extra information), elaborateness (marked by elaborately complex detail)
in music, development or expansion of a musical idea or theme
in music, development section of the sonata-allegro form based on thematic material introduced in the exposition
Élaboration(French f.) elaboration
Elaboratore(Italian m.) computer
Elaboratore musicale(Italian m.) a music computer, a computer dedicated to the composition and/or performance of music
élaborer(French) to elaborate
elaborieren(German) to elaborate
elaboriert(German) elaborated
el-acabbreviation of 'electro-acoustic'
E-la-fain solmisation, the name of the note E flat which came into use only at a later date
Elafrolaïkó(Greek) light popular songs, what some have called 'soft-pop' or 'middle of the road'
Elagabal(German) Elagabalus, Heliogabalus
Elagabalusor Heliogabalus, a Syro-Roman sun god
élaguer(French) to prune
Elaman ancient civilization located in what is now southwest Iran
Elamer(German pl.) Elamites (people of Elam)
Elamiter(German pl.) Elamites (people of Elam)
E-la-miin solmisation, the name of two note, of e (Elami grave) and of e' (Elami acutum)
Elan(English, German m.) pep, verve, vim, dash, elan, vigour, zest, brio, pizzazz, pizazz, pizzaz, panache, get-up-and-go (colloquial)
Élan(French m.) run-up (sports), momentum, ardour, impetuousness, surge (figurative), moose
élancé(French) slender
élancement(French m.) twinge
el año passado(Spanish) last year
el año que viene(Spanish) next year
Élan vital(French m.) life force
élargi(French) broadened
élargissant(French) broadening, allargando
élargir(French) to take more slowly, to broaden
élargir subitement(French) to suddenly broaden
élargissement(French m.) broadening, widening
élargissez(French) broaden! (out the time)
elas.abbreviation of 'elasticity'
el-Assiri harpan Egyptian double-strung harp
Elastan(German n.) spandex, Lycra ®, elastane
Elastanz(German f.) elastance (the reciprocal of capacitance)
Elaste(German f. - East German) rubber
Elasthan(German n.) Lycra ®, spandex
Élasticité(French f.) elasticity
Elastikstoff(German m.) elastic fabric
Élastique(French m.) elastic band, elastic (material)
élastique(French) elastic
elastisch(German) elastic, resilient, resiliently, springily, bouncy, elastically, buoyant, flexible, elasticated, whippy, flexibly
elastische Binde(German f.) elastic bandage, crêpe bandage
elastische Masse(German f.) elastic compound
elastischer(German) springier
elastischer Verband(German m.) crêpe bandage
elastischste(German) springiest
elastisch sein(German) to be elastic, to be springy
Elastizität (s.), Elastizitäten (pl.)(German f.) resilience, resiliency, springiness, elasticity, flexibility, stretch, spring
Elastizitätsgrenze(German f.) elastic limit
Elastizitätskoeffizient(German m.) coefficient of elasticity
Elastizitätsmodul(German m.) modulus of elasticity, Young's modulus
Elastomer(English, German n.) any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber (resumes its original shape when a deforming force is removed)
Elastomerdichtung(German f.) elastomer seal
Elat(German n.) Eilat (Israel's southernmost city, a busy port as well as a popular resort, located at the northern tip of the Red Sea)
Elath(German n.) Eilat (Israel's southernmost city, a busy port as well as a popular resort, located at the northern tip of the Red Sea)
Elathalamor ilathalam, a miniature cymbal made entirely from bronze that features in Panchavadyam performances
Elativ(German m.) absolute superlative
E-Latte(German f.) level staff, levelling rod
ELBBachelor of English Literature
Elbe(English, German f.) a river in central Europe that arises in northwestern Czechoslovakia and flows northward through Germany to empty into the North Sea
Elbfähre(German f.) ferry across the Elbe
Elbflorenz(German n.) Florence on the Elbe (i.e. Dresden)
Elbkahn(German m.) beetlecrusher (colloquial: thick-crepe soled shoe favoured by "teddy boys")
Elbow Swingone of the two-couple figures danced in a circle of four people traditionally associated with square dancing
ELBSabbreviation of 'English Language Book Society'
Elbsegler(German m.) fisherman's cap
Elbslawen(German pl.) Polabian Slavs, Elbe Slavs
Elch (s.), Elche (pl.)(German m.) elk (Alces alces), moose
Elchbulle(German m.) bull moose, bull elk
Elcherthal(German n.) Nobressart (a village in Luxembourg Province, in southern Belgium)
Elchkuh(German f.) cow elk, cow moose
Elchtest(German m.) elk test, moose test (a test to determine how a certain vehicle acts when the driver evades a suddenly appearing obstacle, for example, a moose or elk on the road)
El clave bien temperadothe Spanish title for what in German is known as Das wohltemperierte Klavier and in English as The Well-Tempered Clavier or the 48 Preludes and Fugues composed between 1722 and 1740 by J. S. Bach
eld.abbreviation of 'elder', eldest'
E-Learning(German n.) in English, e-learning, learning conducted via electronic media, especially via the Internet
Elder(German Holunder, French Sureau, Dutch Vlier, European Species: Sambucus nigra (among others): Average Weight: 44 pounds per cubic foot) Elder grows as a shrub or small tree that produces a hard wood that splits easily. Elder was used for turning and simple musical instruments
el dia de hoy(Spanish) today
el dia de mañana(Spanish) tomorrow
el doble(Spanish) twice as much
Eldorado(Spanish) a fictitious country rich in gold (believed by the Spaniards of the sixteenth century to lie on the upper Amazon - the name is used for any region or prospect of enormous wealth)
Eleate(German m.) Eleatic
Eleaticsa school of pre-Socratic philosophers at Elea, a Greek colony in Campania, Italy
eleatisch(German) Eleatic
Eleatische Schule(German f.) Eleatic school
elec.abbreviation of 'election', 'elector', 'electoral', 'electric', 'electrical', 'electrically', 'electrician', 'electron', 'electronic'
Elección(Spanish f.) choice (option), election
elect.abbreviation of 'election', 'elector', 'electoral', 'electric', 'electrical', 'electrically', 'electrician', 'electron', 'electronic'
Électeur (m.), Électrice(French) voter, elector
Élection(French f.) election
Électorat(French m.) electorate, voters
electr.abbreviation of 'electrical', 'electrically'
Electrain Greek mythology, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
Electra complexin psychoanalysis, a daughter's unconscious libidinal desire for her father
Electret microphonea type of condenser microphone, which eliminates the need for a power supply by using a permanently-charged material
Electrica term applied to musical instruments requiring electrical amplification, for example, an electric guitar (English), elektrische Gitarre (German)
Electric actionsee 'electric key action'
Electrical insulation papera paper type that are used as electrical insulation in many applications due to pure cellulose has outstanding electrical properties. Cellulose is a good isolator and is also polar, having a dielectric constant
Electric banjoa solid body banjos, one such being the 'Crossfire' (manufactured by Deering), which has two powerful magnetic pickups under the drumhead. A metal footed bridge ensures that pickups draw sound from both the strings and the head
Electric bass guitarsee 'bass guitar'
Electric bass kalimbaalso called 'eKalimba', the catamaran-style electric bass kalimba has ten keys. It spans 2 octaves in a modified pentatonic setup. It has large clear plastic overtone dampers which allow the bass tones to predominate and cuts down on any unwanted sustain. It also has an inset angle bridge. The top is cherry wood and the back is quarter-sawn fir. Acoustically this eKalimba is just about inaudible but plugged into a good system one hears the keys evenly
Electric bluesa type of blues music distinguished simply by the amplification of the guitar, or, more rarely, the bass or harmonica. Electric blues can be any other kind as well, most commonly Chicago, Texas or Memphis blues
Electric boogaloosee 'popping'
Electric folksee 'British folk-rock'
Electric guitara guitar that uses pickups to convert the vibration of its steel-cored strings (sometimes nickel) into an electrical current, which is made louder with an instrument amplifier and a speaker. The signal that comes from the guitar is sometimes electronically altered with guitar effects such as reverb or distortion. While most electric guitars have six strings, seven-string instruments are used by some jazz guitarists and metal guitarists (especially in nu metal), and 12-string electric guitars (with six pairs of strings, four of which are tuned in octaves) are used in genres such as jangle pop and rock
Électricien(French m.) electrician
Electricista(Spanish m./f.) electrician
Électricité(French f.) electricity
Electric key actionin an 'electric key action', a wire, an electrical circuit and an electro magnet cause the valve below each organ pipe to open and close. When you press the key, you close an electrical contact. Electricity flows to the circuit which causes an electro-magnet to open and close the valves under each pipe
Electric pianoor 'e-piano', an electric musical instrument whose popularity was at its greatest during the 1960s and 1970s. Many models were designed to replace a (heavy) piano on stage, while others were originally conceived for use in school or college piano labs for the simultaneous tuition of several students using headphones. Unlike a synthesizer or an electronic piano, the electric piano is not an electronic instrument, but electro-mechanical. Electric pianos produce sounds mechanically and the sounds are turned into electronic signals by pickups. In other words, an electric piano is to an acoustic piano as an electric guitar is to an acoustic guitar
any electrical-operated piano, as opposed to one operated by a hand-crank, etc.
see 'Nickelodeon'
Electric Slidea four wall line dance
Electric violoncelloa solid-body four-string instrument tuned to the same notes as an acoustic cello but relying on pickups and an external amplification to produce tonal volume
Electric mandolinesee 'mandolin, mandoline'
électrifier(French) to electrify
électrique(French) electric, electrical
Electrosee 'electro music'
Electro acousticas applied to guitars, an acoustic instrument with a built in, often piezo electric, pickup
Electroacoustic musicthe terms 'Electroacoustic' or 'Electroacoustic music' have been used to describe several different musical genres or musical techniques. While generally seen as a branch of electronic music, the definition and characteristics of electroacoustic music have been subject to much debate
see 'electronic music'
Électro-acoustique(French f.) electroacoustics
Electrochordinvented by Peter Eötvos, an amplified Hungarian zither, with fifteen strings, that is linked to a sythesizer
Electrochromismthe phenomenon displayed by some materials of reversibly changing color when a burst of charge is applied
Electroclasha term that describes a style of fashion, music, and attitude that fuses new wave, punk, & electronic dance music with somewhat campy and absurdist post-industrial detachment - alongside vampy and/or campy sexuality
Electrocochleographyabbreviated ECochG or ECoG, a test that measures the electrical potentials generated in the inner ear in response to stimulation by sound. Electrocochleography may be done, for example, to confirm the diagnosis of Meniere disease
électrocuter(French) to electrocute
Electrodynamicsor classical electrodynamics, a branch of theoretical physics that studies consequences of the electromagnetic forces between electric charges and currents
Electro funksee 'electro music'
Electrographya form of electroplating in which wood engravings can be cast in metal for use in xylography. A paper or plaster cast is made of the wood block, which is then coated with a very thin layer of lead. By placing the coated cast into a solution containing iron, and creating an electric circuit between them, the iron molecules slowly deposit themselves onto the lead until it has formed a sturdy duplicate of the original image. While wood blocks could only be used on flatbed presses since they could not be bent, this metal replica could be made strong yet thin enough to be stereotyped onto rotary presses
Electro hopa form of dance music mixed with hip hop which arose in Southern California in the early 1980s. While hardcore hip hop dominated the East Coast, electro hop was the dominant form of West Coast hip hop during the early part of the decade
Electro jazzsee 'nu-jazz'
Electrolarynxa mechanical larynx, a medical device used to produce clearer speech by those who have lost their original voicebox
Electromagnetic radiationlight we see is one kind of electromagnetic radiation - it has a special range of wavelengths that our eyes can respond to. Radio waves, too, are a form of electromagnetic radiation. In general, electromagnetic radiation is radiation that travels through vacuous space at the speed of light and propagates by the interplay of oscillating electric and magnetic fields. This radiation has a wavelength and a frequency and transports energy
Electromagnetic spectrumthe entire range of all the various kinds or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, including (from short to long wavelengths) gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, optical (visible), infrared, and radio waves
Électroménager(French m.) household appliances
Electro musicalso known as 'electro', 'robot hip hop' and 'electro funk', an electronic style of hip hop directly influenced by Kraftwerk and funk records (unlike earlier rap records which were closer to disco)
  • Electro from which this extract has been taken
Electromyographan instrument used in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders that produces an audio or visual record of the electrical activity of skeletal muscles
Électron(French m.) electron
electron.abbreviation of 'electronic'
Electronica term applied to instruments whose sound is generated electronically, for example, a synthesizer
Electrónica(Spanish f.) electronics
Electronicaelectronic music (as a pop genre) that does not fall into the new age, techno or dance categories are often referred to as 'left-field' or 'electronica' (although there are critics who maintain that the term 'electronica' is an invention of the media). Styles of 'electronica' include 'ambient', 'downtempo', 'illbient' and 'trip-hop' (among countless others), which are all related in that they usually rely more on their atmospheric qualities than electronic dance music, and make use of slower, more subtle tempos, sometimes excluding rhythm completely
Electronic Art Centersee 'EAC'
Electronic art musicelectronic music has existed, in various forms, for more than a century. Between the time that recording sounds was first made possible and the computer technology of today, a vast amount of change has occurred. Technology has been developed for creating sounds, for recording sounds, composing, and for altering sounds. Some technology involved electronics, but some important conceptual changes that did not depend on electronics still had a profound impact on the advent of electronic music
Electronic bagpipeinvented before digital sound processing, the 'electronic bagpipe' is the creation of Michael O'Neill. The instrument is fingered like a mandolin and sounds like a bagpipe. It is particularly good at imitating bagpipe ornamentation and does a good job rendering tunes that are idiomatic to that instrument
Electronic body musicor 'EBM', a musical genre combining elements of industrial music and electronic dance music
Electronic instrumentssystems that play in real time include electronic instruments, synthesizers, gestural controllers, and performance interfaces
electronic instruments generally fall into one of four groups:
original inventionstheremin, ondes Martenot, etc.
acoustic instruments that have been altered by adding electronic elementselectric guitar, electronic organ, etc.
acoustic instruments that have been coupled to electronic equipmentelectronic violin, etc.
non-musical objects linked to electronic equipmentTrimpen's Floating Klompen (in which a bunch of clogs were set afloat on a pond, clicking in response to a sequencer or interactive human controlling wooden shoes), etc.
Electronic luk thunga dance-ready form of Thai pleng luk thung
Electronic musicformerly called 'electroacoustic music', music that is pre-recorded (usually onto tape) or that has been written for original inventions like the theremin and the ondes Martenot and now that written for synthesizers that have taken musicians into sound worlds that are completely new and original
Karlheinz Stockhausen believes that: "In electronic music, generators, tape recorders and loudspeakers should yield what no instrumentalist has ever been capable of. In instrumental music, on the other hand the player, aided by the instrument and the notation, should produce what no electronic music could ever yield, imitate or reproduce"
Electronic music (as a pop genre)
there are now many subgenres of electronic music which include:
technomechanical sounding dance music featuring little melody and more noise
trance musicwith a distinct style of instrumentation focused on complex, uplifting chord progressions and melodies
Goa trancespawning from industrial music and tribal dance, focusing on creating psychedelic sound effects within the songs
house musicfully electronic disco music
big beatusing older drum loops and more melodic elements sampled and looped
drum and bassan offshoot of hardcore and Jamaican dancehall, utilizing quick tempos with sampled break beats, most notably the amen break and the funky drummer
gabber or gabbaa Dutch development on techno, which features extremely high tempos and lots of overdrive and distortion on the music, especially the base drum being distorted into a square wave tone
happy hardcorea slightly more palatable version of Gabba, fusing elements of drum and bass as well
of these subgenres, trance and house are probably the most widespread
Electronic musiciana musician who composes or plays music from synthetic sounds generated with synthesizers, samplers, drum machines or music sequencers. A large portion of today's electronic music is based on samples, which are sampled (digitized) from original instruments or other audio sources. These samples are then edited, transformed and sequenced again to create new musical compositions
electrónico(Spanish) electronic
Electronic organan organ that relies not on pipes but on the generation of sound by electronic devices
Electronic paperalso called e-paper, a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike a conventional flat panel display, which uses a backlight to illuminate its pixels, electronic paper reflects light like ordinary paper and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity, while allowing the image to be changed later
Electronic sackbutan instrument devised by Hugh Le Caine in 1947
Electronic separationan electronically scanned image stored as digital information, which is then easily separated into colours by using a computer
Électronique(French f.) electronics
électronique(French) electronic
Électronique musicale(French f.) electronics related to music
Electroniumdeveloped by Raymond Scott in 1959, the 'Electronium' was a large-scale composing machine
Electrophonegeneric term used for two classes of electronic instrument, namely, instruments that generate their sound electronically, and acoustic instruments that have their sounds amplified and modified electronically
a telephone-distributed audio system which operated in the United Kingdom between 1895 and 1926, relaying live theatre and music hall shows and, on Sundays, live sermons from churches via special headsets connected to conventional phone lines. This was similar to the French Theatrophone system and the Hungarian Telefon Hírmondó which carried news, entertainment and fiction readings. These systems can be seen as important forerunners of radio broadcasting
(French) record player
Électrophone(French m.) electrophone
Electrophotographyor xerography, a dry photocopying technique invented by Chester Carlson in 1938, in which the photocopy printing process uses static electricity to transfer images from one surface to another
Electro-pneumatic actiona control system for pipe organs, whereby air pressure, controlled by an electric current and operated by the keys of an organ console, opens and closes valves within wind chests, allowing the pipes to speak. This system also allows the console to be physically detached from the organ itself. The only connection was via an electrical cable from the console to the relay, with some early organ consoles utilizing a separate wind supply to operate combination pistons
Electropopalso called 'Technopop', a subgenre of synth pop music which flourished during the early 1980s, although the first recordings were made in the late 1970s. Numerous bands have carried on the electropop tradition into the 1990s and 2000s. Electropop is often characterised by a cold, robotic, electronic sound, which is largely due to the limitations of the analog synthesizers used to make the music
Electrostatic printingor 'electron photography', a plateless printing method invented by Chester F. Carlson in 1938, in which a copy of an original can be made by creating a temporary printing surface through electrostatic means. When an electrically charged selenium coated cylinder (drum) is illuminated with small beams of light reflecting off an image's surface, the cylinder loses its electrical charge in those specific areas. After a powdered toner is applied, it only sticks to the non-charged parts of the cylinder. Paper is then pressed against the cylinder transferring the toner to its surface to which it is then bonded with heat. Powders utilising the four colours of the CYMK-process are used to make colour copies. This technology is widely used in copy machines and laser printers
Electro-tangoa blend of tango and electronic music
Electro-thereminsee 'Tannerin'
Elefant (s.), Elefanten (pl.)(German m.) elephant, blunderer (socially)
elefantenartig(German) elephantine
Elefantenbaby(German n.) baby elephant
Elefantenbulle(German m.) bull elephant
Elefantenfolio(German n.) elephant folio
Elefantenfuß(German m.) elephant's foot, rolling step stool
Elefantengedächtnis(German n.) infallible memory
Elefantenhaut(German f.) thick skin
Elefantenstoßzahn(German m.) elephant tusk
Elefantentreiber(German m.) mahout
Elefantiasis(German f.) elephantiasis
elefantös(German) ginormous (colloquial), elephantine
élégamment(French) elegantly, gracefully
Élégance(French f.) elegance, grace
Elegantrefined and tasteful in appearance or behaviour or style
elegant(German) smart, elegant, elegantly, niftily, nifty (colloquial), fashionable, smartly, stylish, stylishly, swanky (colloquial), classy (colloquial), graceful, dainty, neat, sophisticated, dapper, ritzy (colloquial), gracefully, svelte (sophisticated), dressy, snappy (colloquial), gracious (elegant)
élégant (m.), élégante (f.)(French) elegant, graceful
Elegant, Elegantlytasteful, refined, graceful, elegante (Italian), con eleganza (Italian), elegant (German), élégant (French)
elegante(Italian) elegant, graceful
elegante Dame(German f.) woman of style
elegante Figur(German f.) elegant figure
elegante Läden(German pl.) elegant shops
elegante Lösung(German f.) neat solution
elegante Manieren(German pl.) polished manners
elegantemente(Italian) elegantly, gracefully
elegante Prostituierte(German f.) cocotte (dated)
eleganter(German) dressier, ritzier (colloquial), more elegant, smugger, smarter (more stylish)
eleganter Dankesbrief(German m.) graceful letter of thanks
eleganter Herr(German m.) dashing fellow, gentleman of style
eleganter Schriftsteller(German m.) elegant writer
eleganter Stadtteil(German m.) 'silk' district (colloquial: high class district)
eleganter Stil(German m.) neat style, smooth style
elegantes Benehmen(German n.) polished behaviour
elegante Sprache(German f.) polished language
eleganteste(German) dressiest, most elegant, ritziest (slang)
elegante Wohnung(German f.) elegant flat
elegant gekleidet(German) sartorially dressed
elegant gekleidete Leute(German pl.) stylish people
elegant wie ein Schwan(German) graceful as a swan
Eleganz(German f.) classiness, dressiness, elegance, fashionability, jauntiness, poshness, ritziness, smartness, stylishness, fashionableness, style, pizazz, pizzazz, pizzaz
Eleganza(Italian f.) elegance, grace
Eleganz der Kleidung(German f.) sartorial elegance
Elegia(Italian f.) elegy, monody, élégie (French)
Elegía(Spanish f.) elegy, monody, élégie (French)
elegiacplaintive, mournful, expressing sorrow
elegiaco(Italian) elegiac, mournful, plaintive
élégiaque(French) elegiac, mournful, plaintive
Elegie(German f.) elegy
Élégie(French f.) a lament, an elegy, elegía (Spanish f.), elegia (Italian f.), Elegie (German f.)
a type of musical work, usually in a sad and somber attitude
see déploration
Elegiker(German m.) elegiac poet
elegisch(German) elegiac, elegiacal, plaintive
Elegyelegia (Italian f.), Elegie (German f.), élégie (French f.), elegía (Spanish f.)
originally used for a type of poetic metre (elegiac meter - alternating hexameter and pentameter lines), but is also used for a poem of mourning, from the Greek elegos, a reflection on the death of someone or on a sorrow generally (in fact, like the classical epic, although somewhat shorter, a typical classical elegy begins with an invocation of the muse, and then continues with allusions to classical mythology). In addition, an elegy (sometimes spelled elegíe) may be a type of musical work, usually in a sad and somber attitude. It should not be confused with a eulogy
  • Elegy from which part of this entry has been taken
Elekt(German m.) bishop elect
Elektion(German f.) election
elektiv(German) elective
Elektra(German) Electra
Elektra chordElektra chord
a "bitonal synthesis of E major and C-sharp major" which may be regarded as a polychord related to conventional chords with added thirds, in this case an eleventh chord
  • Elektra chord from which this information and image have been taken
Elektrakomplex(German m.) Electra complex
Elektret-Mikrofon(German n.) electret microphone
Elektret-Mikrophon(German n.) electret microphone
Elektretmikrophon(German n.) electret microphone
Elektriker (s.), Elektrikerin (f.) Elektriker (pl.)(German) electrician, electrical worker
Elektriker-Doppelmaulschlüssel(German m.) compact open-end spanner, miniature offset open-end wrench, electrical spanner (colloquial)
Elektrikerlehrling(German m.) apprentice electrician
elektrisch(German) electric, electrical, electrically, by electricity
elektrisch bedienbar(German) electrically operated
elektrisch betreiben(German) to operate electrically
elektrisch betrieben(German) operated by electricity
elektrische Bohrmaschine(German f.) power drill
elektrische Brücke(German f.) jumper
elektrische Energie(German f.) electric power, electrical energy, power
elektrische Felder(German pl.) electric fields
elektrische Feldstärke(German f.) electric field strength
elektrische Flussdichte(German f.) electric flux density
elektrische Geräte(German pl.) electrical appliances
elektrische Gitarre(German f.) electric guitar
elektrische Impedanz(German f.) electrical impedance
elektrische Installation(German f.) wiring
elektrische Küchen- und Haushaltsgeräte(German pl.) white goods
elektrische Ladung(German f.) electric charge, electrical charge
elektrische Leistung(German f.) electrical power, wattage
elektrische Leitung(German f.) electric main
elektrische Leitung legen(German) to wire
elektrische Maschinen und Anlagen(German) electrical machines and devices
elektrischer Bass(German m.) electric bass
elektrischer Funke(German m.) electric spark
elektrischer Herd(German m.) electric stove
elektrischer Kaminofen(German m.) electric fire
elektrischer Kontrabass(German m.) electric upright bass
elektrischer Lötkolben(German m.) electric soldering iron
elektrischer Rasierapparat(German m.) electric shaver, electric razor
elektrischer Rasierer(German m.) electric razor, electric shaver
elektrischer Schlag(German m.) electric shock
elektrischer Strom(German m.) electric current
elektrischer Stuhl(German m.) electric chair
elektrischer Zünder(German m.) spark ignitor (for a gas oven)
elektrisches Bügeleisen(German n.) electric iron
elektrische Schreibmaschine(German f.) electric typewriter
elektrisches Feld(German n.) electrical field, electric field
elektrische Sicherheit(German f.) electrical safety
elektrische Sicherung(German f.) fuse
elektrisches Instrument(German n.) electric instrument
elektrisches Klavier(German n.) electric piano
elektrisches Moment(German n.) electric moment
elektrische Spannung(German f.) electrical potential, electrical voltage
elektrisches Potential(German n.) electric potential
elektrische Stichsäge(German f.) sabre saw
elektrische Stromstärke(German f.) strength of electric current, amperage
elektrische Uhr(German f.) electric clock
elektrische Zahnbürste(German f.) electric toothbrush
elektrisch hinrichten(German) to electrocute (judicially)
elektrisch nicht leitend(German) dielectric
elektrisch positiv(German) plus
elektrisch schweißen(German) to electroweld
elektrisieren(German) to treat using electricity, to electrify (figurative: to enthuse)
elektrisierend(German) electrifying, galvanic
elektrisiert(German) electrifies, electrified
elektrisierte(German) electrified
Elektrizität(German f.) electricity
Elektrizität erzeugen(German) to generate electricity, to produce electricity
Elektrizität leiten(German) to conduct electricity
Elektrizität liefern(German) to supply electricity
Elektrizität verbrauchen(German) to consume electricity
Elektrizitätswerk(German n.) power station, generating plant, power generation plant, electric company, power utility, electricity plant
Elektrizitätszähler(German m.) wattmeter
Elektro-(German) electrical, electric (prefix)
Elektroakustik(German f.) electroacoustics
elektroakustisch(German) electroacoustic, electro-acoustic
elektroakustische Musik(German f.) electroacoustic music
elektroakustisches Gerät(German n.) acoustoelectric device
Elektroauto(German n.) electrically powered car, electric car
Elektrobassgitarre(German f.) or E-Bassgitarre (German f), electric bass
elektrochrom(German) electrochromic
Elektrochromismus(German m.) electrochromism
Elektrocochleographie(German f.) electrocochleography
Elektrode (s.), Elektroden (pl.)(German f.) electrode
Elektrodynamik(German f.) electrodynamics
elektrodynamisch(German) electrodynamic
elektrodynamisches Mikrophon(German n.) electrodynamic microphone
Elektroenzephalografie(German f.) electroencephalography
Elektroenzephalogramm(German n.) electroencephalogram
Elektroenzephalographie(German f.) electroencephalography
Elektroerhitzer(German m.) electric heater
Elektrofahrzeug(German n.) electric vehicle, electrically powered vehicle
Elektrofon(German n.) electrophone
Elektrofotografie(German f.) electrophotography
Elektro-Fuchsschwanz(German m.) electric reciprocating saw
Elektrofuchsschwanz(German m.) electric reciprocating saw
Elektrogerät(German m.) electrical appliance
Elektrogeschäft(German n.) electrical shop
Elektrogitarre(German f.) electric guitar
Elektrohändler(German m.) electrical retailer
Elektroherd(German m.) electric range, electric stove, electric cooker
Elektroimpulswaffe(German f.) Taser, stun gun, electroshock gun, taser gun, taser
Elektroingenieur (s.), Elektroingenieure (pl.)(German m.) electrical engineer, electronics engineer
Elektroinstallateur(German m.) electrician
Elektroisolierstoffe(German pl.) electrical insulating materials
Elektrokabel(German n.) electric cable
Elektrokardiografie(German f.) electrocardiography
elektrokardiografisch(German) electrocardiographic, electrocardiographical, electrocardiographically
Elektrokardiogramm(German n.) electrocardiogram
Elektrokardiograph(German n.) electrocardiograph
Elektrokardiographie(German f.) electrocardiography
elektrokardiographisch(German) myocardial, electrocardiographic, electrocardiographical, electrocardiographically
Elektrokettensäge(German f.) electric chain saw
Elektrokettenzug(German m.) electric chain hoist
Elektroklavier(German n.) alternatively, E-Piano (German n.) or E-Klavier (German n.), electric piano
Elektrokonvulsionstherapie(German f.) electroconvulsive therapy
Elektrokrampftherapie(German f.) electroconvulsive therapy
Elektrolarynx(German m.) electrolarynx
Elektrolyt (s.), Elektrolyte (pl.), Elektrolyten (pl.)(German m.) electrolyte
Elektrolythaushalt(German m.) electrolyte balance
elektrolytisch(German) electrolytic, electrolytically
elektrolytisch aufgebrachtes Zink(German n.) electroplated zinc
elektrolytisch verzinken(German) to zinc-electroplate
Elektromagnet (s.), Elektromagneten (pl.)(German m.) electromagnet
elektromagnetisch(German) electromagnetic, electromagnetically, electro-magnetic, electro-magnetically
elektromagnetische Beeinflussung(German f.) electromagnetic interference
elektromagnetische Induktion(German f.) electromagnetic induction
elektromagnetischer Tonabnehme(German m.) electromagnetic pickup
elektromagnetische Schwingung(German f.) electromagnetic oscillation
elektromagnetisches Mikrophon(German n.) electromagnetic microphone
elektromagnetische Spule(German f.) electromagnetic coil
elektromagnetisches Spektrum(German n.) electromagnetic spectrum
elektromagnetische Strahlung(German f.) electromagnetic radiation
elektromagnetische Wechselwirkung(German f.) electromagnetic interaction
elektromagnetische Welle(German f.) electromagnetic wave
Elektromagnetismus(German m.) electromagnetism
Elektromagnetventil(German n.) solenoid valve
Elektromechanik(German f.) electromechanics
Elektromechaniklabor(German n.) electromechanics laboratory
elektromechanisch(German) electromechanic, electromechanical
Elektromonteur(German m.) electrician
Elektromotor(German m.) electric motor, electromotor
elektromotorisch(German) electromotive
elektromotorisch angetrieben(German) driven by an electric motor
elektromotorische Kraft(German f.) electromotive force
Elektromyograf(German m.) electromyograph
Elektromyografie(German f.) electromyography
elektromyografisch(German) electromyographic, electromyographical, electromyographically
Elektromyogramm(German n.) electromyogram
Elektromyograph(German m.) electromyograph
Elektromyographie(German f.) electromyography
elektromyographisch(German) electromyographic, electromyographical, electromyographically
Elektron (s.), Elektronen (pl.)(German n.) electron, electrum (natural alloy of gold and silver)
Elektron ® is the trademark for a range of magnesium alloys
elektronegativ(German) electronegative
Elektronegativität(German f.) electronegativity
Elektronenrechner(German m.) computer
Elektronenröhre(German f.) valve, thermionic tube
Elektronik(German f.) electronics
Elektronik-Ingenieur(German m.) electronic engineer
Elektronik-Zange(German f.) electronics pliers
elektronisch(German) electronic, electronically
elektronische Anmeldung(German f.) e-filing
elektronische Ausrüstung(German f.) electronic equipment
elektronische Bauelemente(German pl.) electronic components
elektronische Baugruppen(German pl.) electronic devices
elektronische Geräte(German f.) electronic equipment
elektronische Musik(German f.) electronic music
elektronische Orgel(German f., literally 'electronic organ') or E-Orgel (German f.), also known as 'home organs', these miniaturized instruments, some with pedals (in most cases, a limited range of short sprung levers, known as Stummelpedal'), still use some of the terminology of the huge pipe organ ancestors. For economic and practical reasons, they are often used in small halls and churches
Elektronische Post(German f.) electronic mail, e-mail
elektronischer Brief(German m.) e-mail
elektronischer Briefkasten(German m.) electronic mailbox, electronic mail, mailbox
elektronische Rechenanlage(German f.) computer
elektronischer Handel(German m.) e-commerce
elektronischer Organizer(German m.) Personal Digital Assistant, personal information manager
elektronischer Rechner(German m.) electronic calculator, electronic computer
elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr(German m.) electronic payment transactions
elektronisches Bauelement(German n.) electronic component
elektronisches Bauteil(German n.) electronic component
elektronisches Buch(German n.) e-book
elektronische Schaltung(German f.) electronic circuit
elektronisches Instrument(German n.) electronic instrument
elektronisches Piano(German n.) or E-Piano (German n.), electronic piano
elektronisches Schlagzeug(German n.) electronic drums
elektronische Tasteninstrumente(German n. pl.) electronic keyboards
elektronische Zeitschrift(German f.) e-zine (electronic magazine), e-journal (electronic journal)
Elektrookulografie(German f.) electrooculography
Elektrookulogramm(German n.) electrooculogram
Elektrookulographie(German f.) electrooculography
Elektrophon(German n.) electrophone, electrophonic instrument
elektro-optisch(German) electro-optic
Elektropermanentmagnet(German m.) electro-permanent magnet
Elektrophon(German n.) electrophone
Elektrophotographie(German f.) electrophotography
elektrophotographisch(German) electrophotographic
elektroplattiert(German) electroplates, electroplated
elektropneumatisch(German) electro-pneumatic, electropneumatically
elektropoliert(German) electropolished
Elektropost(German f.) electronic mail
Elektrorasierer (s./pl.)(German m.) shaver, electric razor, electric shaver
elektroresistiv(German) electro-resistive, electroresistive
Elektroretinografie(German f.) electroretinography
Elektroretinogramm(German n.) electroretinogram
Elektroretinographie(German f.) electroretinography
Elektroschalterbrett(German n.) electrical panel
Elektroschock(German m.) electroshock, electric shock
Elektroschocker(German m.) stun gun
Elektroschockpistole(German f.) stun gun
Elektroschocktherapie(German f.) electroshock therapy, electroconvulsive therapy
Elektroschockwaffe(German f.) electroshock gun, Taser, stun gun
Elektroschrauber(German m.) electric screwdriver
Elektrostatik(German f.) electrostatics
elektrostatisch(German) static, electrostatic, electrostatically
elektrostatische Aufladung(German f.) electrostatic charge
elektrostatische Entladung(German f.) electrostatic discharge
elektrostatischer Drucker(German m.) electrostatic printer
Elektrostrahler(German m.) electric fire
Elektrosystem(German n.) electrical system
Elektrotauchlack(German m.) electrodeposition paint
Elektrotechnik(German f.) electrical engineering
Elektrotechniker(German m.) electrical engineering technician, electrical engineer
elektroverzinken(German) to zinc-electroplate
Elektrowagen(German m.) electric vehicle
Elektrowarenhändler(German m.) electrical retailer
Elektrowerkzeug(German n.) power tool
Elektrozahnbürste(German f.) electric toothbrush
Elektrum(German n.) electrum (natural alloy of gold and silver)
elem.abbreviation of 'element', 'elements', 'elementary'
Élémens(French) the rudiments, or elements, of the science of music
Element (s.), Elemente (German pl.)(English, German n.) item, cell, elementary item, member
Elemente (German pl.) Eucharistic elements
Élément(French m.) element, unit (furniture)
Elementa Harmonicawritten by Aristoxenus of Tarentum (in Italian, Aristosseno di Taranto) (364BCE-304BCE), a Greek peripatetic philosopher and the first Greek musical theorist of note. In music he held that the notes of the scale are to be judged, not as the Pythagoreans held, by mathematical ratio, but by the ear. The only works of his that have come down to us are the three books of the Elementa Harmonica, an incomplete musical treatise
in his Encyclopedia of Tuning, Joe Monzo writes, "When [Aristoxenus'] work was rediscovered by the Italians in around 1450, the idea of 12-tone equal-temperament (the ordinary scale in everyday use today) was a topic of much debate, and many theorists who advocated that tuning interpreted Aristoxenus's approximations of small intervals as a justification for it. They were wrong, or at any rate not entirely correct, but the idea has persisted for over 500 years"
élémentaire(French) elementary
elementar(German) elementarily, elemental, elementary, elementally, basic, fundamental, rudimentary
Elementarbuch(German n.) primer
elementare Mathematik(German f.) elementary mathematics
elementarer Bestandteil(German m.) primary ingredient
Elementarereignis(German n.) elementary event
elementare Zahlentheorie(German f.) elementary number theory
Elementarfehler(German m.) elementary mistake
Elementargeist(German m.) sprite, elemental spirit
Elementargewalt(German f.) elemental force
Elementarkenntnisse(German pl.) rudimentary knowledge
Elementarrisiken(German pl.) natural hazards
Elementarschadenversicherung(German f.) storm and tempest insurance
Elementarschule(German f.) primary school
Elementarteilchenphysik(German f.) elementary particle physics
Elementarwissen(German n.) elementary knowledge
Element der Bewegung(German n.) basic motion
Element der Gefahr(German n.) element of danger
Element der Handarbeit(German n.) manual element, element of handwork
Element der Überraschung(German n.) element of surprise
Element des Zweifels(German n.) element of doubt
Elemente der Natur(German pl.) elements of nature
Elementhäufigkeit(German f.) abundance of (chemical) elements
Elementi(Italian pl.) the rudiments, or elements, of the science of music
elementiert(German) unitized, unitised
Elements of musicpitch (melody), rhythm, harmony, dynamics, timbre (tone colour), texture (including instrumentation), form and tempo
Elements, The Fourthe alchemical theory that all matter was composed of four components: earth, air, fire, and water. Each element had two spectrums of quality: hot/cold and dry/wet. For instance, earth was cold and dry. Water was cold and wet. Fire was hot and dry, and so on. Varying combinations of elements resulted in the four bodily humours of the physical body
Elementumwandlung(German f.) elementary conversion
Elemi(English, German n.) fragrant resin obtain from trees of the family Burseraceae and used as incense
Elemiharz(German n.) elemi
Elen(German n.) elk
Elenchen(German pl.) parish register transcripts
Elenchus(Latin) critique, critical appreciation
Elenco(Italian m.) list
Elenco artistico(Italian m., literally 'list of artists') a complete listing of works to be performed in an operatic season including the conductors, performers, producers and designers
Elenco telefonico(Italian m.) telephone directory
Elend(German n.) misery, calamitousness, squalor, unhappiness, woefulness, wretchedness, distress, need, sordidness, penury, destitution, hardship (condition), forlornness, affliction
elend(German) abject, calamitous, calamitously, miserably, woeful, woefully, wretched, wretchedly, seedy, sordid, miserable, baleful (archaic: wretched, miserable), balefully (archaic: wretched, miserable)
elend(German) forlorn (look, etc.)
elend aussehen(German) to look seedy
elende Behandlung(German f.) shabby treatment
elender Feigling(German m.) abject coward
elender Hemmschuh(German m.) awful drag
elender Wicht(German m.) miserable wretch
elendig(German) miserably, miserable
elendiglich(German) miserably
elendig sterben(German) to die a wretched death
Elend im Gefolge haben(German) to bring misery in its wake
Elendsquartier(German n.) slum, miserable living quarters
Elendsschilderungen(German pl.) portrayals of misery
Elendsviertel (s./pl.)(German n.) slum, seedy quarter, shanty town
Elendsviertel räumen(German) to clear slums
Elend über ... bringen(German) to bring misery upon ...
elend verkommen(German) to dwindle into misery
Eleonore(German f.) Eleanor
Éléphant(French m.) elephant
Elephant bellssmall brass bells, spherical in shape. The upper half is decorated and has a handle, whilst the bottom half consists of several pointed claws
Elephantenzahn(German m.) elephant tusk
E-Lernen(German n.) e-learning
Elettricista(Italian m.) electrician
Elettricità(Italian f.) electricity
Elettroacustica(Italian f.) electroacoustics
Elettrofono(Italian m.) electrophone
Elettronica musicale(Italian f.) electronics related to music
Eleusinian Mysteries(Greece) annual initiation ceremonies for the cult of Demeter and Persephone based at Eleusis in ancient Greece. Of all the mysteries celebrated in ancient times, these were held to be the ones of greatest importance. These myths and mysteries later spread to Rome. The rites, cultic worships, and beliefs were kept secret, for initiation rites united the worshipper with god, and included promises of divine power and rewards in life after death
eleusinisch(German) Eleusinian
elev.abbreviation of 'elevation', 'elevator'
Elevação(Portuguese m.) elevation
Élevage(French m.) (stock-)breeding
Elevamento(Italian) grandeur, sublimity, loftiness of expression
Elevatio(Latin, literally 'elevation') the upbeat when beating time
the unaccented part of the bar
the rising of a chant above the ambitus of the mode
a motet or other vocal or instrumental composition that accompanies the elevation of the Host during the Mass
Elevationdrawing or diagram showing one side of a building, etc.
elevating or being elevated, angle with the horizontal, height above sea level, etc., high position
from élévation (French f.), the ability of a dancer to attain height in dancing
see elevatio
see 'conjunct double appoggiatura'
Élévation(French f.) raising (e.g. prices, etc.), rise, elevation (plan)
(French) elevação (Portuguese), in dance, the ability of a dancer to attain height in dancing. It is a term used to describe the height attained in springing steps such as entrechats, grands jetés and so on, combined with ballon so that the dancer jumps with a graceful elasticity like the bouncing movement of a rubber ball which touches the ground a moment and then rebounds into the air. The elevation is reckoned by the distance between the pointed toes of the dancer in the air and the ground. In alighting after a pas d'élévation the tips of the toes should reach the ground first, quickly followed by the sole and then the heel. All steps of elevation begin and end with a demi-plié
Elevationswinkel(German m.) angle of elevation
elevato(Italian) elevated (of spirit), sublime, lofty
Elevatorium(German n.) elevator
Elevator musicsee Muzak
Elevazione(Italian f.) elevation (of spirit), grandeur, sublimity, loftiness of expression
Eleve (m.), Elevin (f.)(German) young actor or actress (after finishing their training)
(German) disciple
Élève(French m./f.) pupil, student
Élevé(French) high, lofty, exalted, elevated, raised
(French) in dance, a partial relevé
(French, 'raised') in string instrument playing, to lift the bow off the string between strokes, thus creating a space or 'breath' between phrases
Eleventha compound fourth, a compound interval of an octave plus a fourth,
Eleventh chorda six-note chord built in thirds
éleverraise (for example, the hand when beating time), bring up (children), breed (animals), instruct
élever les cymbals en les frappent(French) to raise the cymbals after they have been sounded together
Éleveur (m.), Éleveuse (f.)(French) (stock-)breeder
ELFin radio engineering, abbreviation of 'extremely low frequency'
Elf (m.), Elfe (f.), Elfen (pl.)(German) puck (m.), elf (m./f.), elfin (m.), peri (m./f.), pixie (f.), sprite (f.), pixy (f.), fay (f.), fairies (pl.), elves (pl.), the little people (pl.)
elf(Dutch, German, Norwegian) eleven
(Dutch) a compound interval of an octave plus a fourth
elf akkoord(Dutch) eleventh chord
Elfeck(German n.) eleven-sided figure (11-sided figure)
Elfen-(German) elfin (prefix)
elfenartig(German) elfin, elfishly, elfish
Elfenartigkeit(German f.) elfishness
Elfenbein(German n.) ivory, bone
Elfenbein schnitzen(German) to carve in ivory
elfenbeinern(German) ivory
elfenbeinfarben(German) ivory (colour), ivory-coloured
elfenbeinfarbig(German) ivory (colour)
Elfenbeinhandel(German m.) ivory trade
Elfenbeinküste(German f.) Côte d'Ivoire, Ivory Coast
Elfenbeinrelief(German n.) ivory relief
Elfenbeinsammlung(German f.) collection of ivories
Elfenbeinschnitzer(German m.) ivory sculptor, scrimshander (carver of scrimshaw)
Elfenbeinschnitzerei(German f.) ivory carving
Elfenbeinschwarz(German n.) ivory black
Elfenbeintafel(German f.) ivory tablet
Elfenbeinturm(German m.) ivory tower (also figurative)
elfenbeinweiß(German) ivory-white
Elfenbeinzahn(German m.) ivory tooth
elfenhaft(German) elfish, elfin
Elfenkönig(German m.) king of elves
Elfenreigen(German) elfin dance, dance of the elves, fairy dance, for example, Elfenreigen Op. 79 for flute and harp by Willy Hess (1906-1997)
Elfer-Akkorde(German f.) eleventh chords
elffach(German) elevenfold
elfhundert(German) eleven hundred
elfisch(German) elfish, elfin
elfjährig(German) eleven-year-old
Elfjähriger (m.), Elfjährige (f.)(German) eleven-year-old (person)
Elfling(German m.) undecuplet
elfmal(German) eleven times
Elftel(German n.) eleventh (fraction)
elftens(German) in the eleventh place
elfter (m.), elfte (f.), elftes (n.)(German) eleventh (11th)
elftgrößter (m.), elftgrößte (f.), elftgrößtes (n.)(German) eleventh largest
Elftklässler (m.), Elftklässlerin (f.), Elftklässler (pl.)(German) junior
Elia(German m.) Elijah (biblical prophet)
Elias(German m.) Elijah (biblical prophet)
Eliaskette(German f.) Saint Elias Mountains (are a subgroup of the Pacific Coast Ranges, located in southeastern Alaska in the United States)
Elicon(Italian m.) helicon, Helikon (German n.), hélicon (French m.), helicón (Spanish m.)
Elideverb form of elision
Eliden(German pl.) Elides
elidierend(German) eliding
elidierte(German) elided
Elien.abbreviation of Eliensis (Latin: (Bishop) of Ely)
éligible(French) eligible
Elija(German m.) Elijah (biblical prophet)
élimé(French) worn thin
Élimination(French f.) elimination
Éliminatoire(French f.) heat (competition)
éliminatoire(French) eliminating
éliminer(French) to eliminate
Eline(Greek) the ancient song of the weavers
eliminierbar(German) eliminable
eliminieren(German) to eliminate, to wipe out, to purge, to eradicate
eliminiert(German) eradicated, eliminated
Eliminierung(German f.) elimination
élire(French) to elect
Elisa(German m.) Elisha (biblical prophet)
Elisabeth von Thüringen(German f.) Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) - Hungarian Catholic saint, princess of Hungary
elisabethanisch(German) Elizabethan
elisabethanische Tragödie(German f.) Elizabethan tragedy
elisabethanisches England(German n.) the England of Elizabeth I, Elizabethan England
Elision(English, German f.) a deliberate act of omission - in music, the omission of notes from a melodic line, thereby truncating it
in music, the shortening of a theme or phrase by removing particular notes - see also 'interpolation'
in keyboard music, one slur might end at the samepoint where another slur begins. The two slurs share the centre of the notehead (elide) without touching each other. When the elision occurs on tied notes, the first phrase may end on the first tied note, while the second phrase can begin on the second tied note
in poetry, when the poet takes a word that ends in a vowel, and a following word that begins with a vowel, and blurs them together to create a single syllable, the result is an elision
in linguistics, elision refers more generally to the omission of any sound (although usually a vowel and the end of one word or the beginning of the next) in speech and writing
elitär(German) elitist, elite
elitäre Internatsschule(German f.) public school (in Great Britain)
elitäres Denken(German n.) elitism
Elite (s.), Eliten (German pl.), Elites (English pl.)(English, German f.) élite, choice
Élite(French f., English from the French) elect, select group or class
Elite-(German) elite (prefix)
Elite culturethat culture and knowledge that is handed down, learned, and taught officially through formal institutions such as schools, colleges, museums, and conservatories as opposed to folk or popular culture
Elitedenken(German n.) elitism, élitist thinking
Elitehochschule (s.), Elite-Hochschulen (pl.)(German f.) elite university (Russell group of universities in the UK), Ivy League college (US), Ivy League university (US)
Eliteregiment(German n.) elite regiment
Eliteschule(German f.) elite school
Élitism(from the French) advocacy of leadership by a select class or group
Elitismus(German m.) elitism
Elixier(German n.) elixir, tonic
Eliz.abbreviation of 'Elizabethan'
Elizabethanoccurring in the time of Queen Elizabeth I's reign (1558-1603)
Elizabethan musicEnglish music composed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (reigned: 17 Nov. 1558-24 Mar. 1603)
Elizabethan Stage Societya British theatrical society founded and directed by William Poel (né Pole) who, as a boy posed for William Holman Hunt. Poel decided very early on to go on the stage. After working for a time as an actor, stage manager, theatre manager, he founded the Elizabethan Stage Society (1894-1905), which by holding performances free of scenery and modern staging approximated the theatrical conditions under which Shakespeare wrote. He spent much of his career researching and lecturing on Elizabethan performance and influenced many theatre practitioners, most of all Harley Granville Barker. His presentations included Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (1893) and Two Gentlemen of Verona (1910), plays by Marlowe and Ben Jonson and Milton's Samson Agonistes (1900). Many of these performances employed Arnold Dolmetsch (1858-1940) to provide contemporaneous music (Lawes, Purcell, and instruments contemporaneous to the period of the drama. Dolmetsch performed in a number of Poel's productions including that of Milton's Samson Agonistes (1900)
  • William Poel from which some of this material has been taken
Elizabeth Regina(Latin) Queen Elizabeth
Elkesaiten(German pl.) Elkesaites
Elkesaitesmember of a Jewish sect that arose in the vicinity of Trans-Jordanic Palestine around 100 AD. The group followed most Jewish laws, believed in the power of total-immersion baptism to remit sins, and may have practiced a form of communion with bread and salt. The group had virtually died out by 400 AD
Elko(German m.) electrolytic capacitor
Ellthe distance from the shoulder to the wrist, once the usual measure in large parts of Europe for textiles such as woollen cloth (at one time about 26 inches, but later fixed by acts of Parliament to be 45 inches)
ella no se amilana con nada(Spanish) nothing daunts her
Ellbogen(German m.) elbow
Ellbogenfreiheit(German f.) elbow room, elbowroom
Ellbogenkachel(German f.) couter (the defense for the elbow in a piece of plate armour)
Ellbogenschützer(German m.) elbow pad
Ellbogen spreizen(German) to spread elbows
Ellbogentaktik(German f.) pushiness (colloquial)
Elle (s.), Ellen (pl.)(German f.) cubit, ell, ulna, sister (also friend)
elle(French) she, her, it
elle-même(French) herself, itself
Ellenbeuge(German f.) crook of the arm
Ellenbogen (s./pl.)(German m.) elbow
Ellenbogengesellschaft(German f.) dog-eat-dog society (figurative)
Ellenbruch(German m.) ulnar fracture, ulna fracture, fracture of the ulna
Ellenfraktur(German f.) fracture of the ulna, ulnar fracture
ellenlang(German) interminable, lengthy, incredibly tall (colloquial), mile-long (colloquial), terribly long (colloquial - of a letter, sermon, etc.), as long as your arm (colloquial), incredibly long (colloquial)
Ellenlänge(German, literally 'Ell-length') two foot size, speaking of the scale of pipes
Ellern(German pl. - Northern German) alder trees
elles(French) they, them
elles-mêmes(French) themselves
Ellesmere-Insel(German f.) Ellesmere Island (part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region of the Canadian territory of Nunavut)
elleve(Danish) eleven
ellevete(Danish) eleventh
ellig(German) of two foot length (when referring to the scale of organ pipes)
Ellipse (s.), Ellipsen (German pl.)(English, French f., German f.) regular oval, resulting when a cone is cut obliquely by a plane
Ellipsenbahn(German f.) elliptical orbit
ellipsenförmig(German) ellipsoidal, elliptical
Ellipsenschablone(German f.) ellipse template
Ellipsis (s.), Elipses (pl.)a group of three dots, thus (...), that show that a portion of a quotation has been omitted
in its oldest sense as a rhetorical device, ellipsis refers to the artful omission of a word implied by a previous clause
an ellipsis is similar to an eclipsis, but differs in that an eclipsis has a word or words missing that may not be implied by a previous clause
Ellipsoid (English, German n.), Ellipsoiden (German pl.)solid of which all the plane sections through one axis are circles and all the other plane sections are ellipses
ellipsoid(German) ellipsoidal
ellipt.abbreviation of 'elliptical', 'elliptically'
Elliptic(also elliptical) of or in the form of an ellipse
Ellipticalof or pertaining to the ellipse, egg-shaped, oval
characterised by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements, concise, having a word or words omitted, condensed
of, or showing ellipsis
Elliptical chordone in which the note of resolution is implied but omitted in the melodic progression
elliptique(French) elliptical
elliptisch(German) ellipsis, elliptical, elliptic, elliptically
elliptische Geometrie(German f.) elliptic geometry
elliptische Kurve(German f.) elliptic curve
Elm(German Ulme, French Orme, Dutch Iep, European Species: Ulmus procera (Common elm), U. x hollandica (Dutch elm), U. glabra (Wych elm), American Species: U. americana (White or soft elm), U. thomasii (Rock elm): Average Weight: 35 pounds per cubic foot) Elm was widely used, but liable to warp and subject to worm. Elm has an interlocking grain and thus does not split, making it useful for wheel hubs, chair seats, and other high-stress applications. It is also water-resistant and used for pipes and coffins. A large number of the Mary Rose chests were of elm, possibly indicating that it was more commonly used for furniture than previously thought
ELMAabbreviation of 'electro-mechanical aid'
Elmset Community
ambitious wartime venture, established in Suffolk, by E. Cocksedge, as a practical Christian based community based on 41 acre mixed farm. Its aim was to "lay the foundations of a new order" whilst restoring buildings, running study groups, setting up a community library, holding peace Pledge Union meetings, Sunday services and selling Peace News in Ipswich market each Saturday. All decisions were made by consensus and links were made with neighbours and with the local retail co-op. The group hoped that by example they could demonstrate "the soundness of community as a new order of voluntary and non-violent communism"
Elmsfeuer(German n.) St. Elmo's fire
Elmuahim(Arabic) a rhomboid/semibreve, often drawn obliquely
Elmuarifa(Arabic) plicated rhomboid, described as being irregular, with a line descending on the left side
El Niño(German m., Spanish m.) a warm ocean current that flows along the equator from the date line and south off the coast of Ecuador at Christmas time
elo.abbreviation of 'elocution', 'eloquence'
Elocutionart of clear and expressive speech
Élocution(French f.) diction
Eloge(German f.) eulogy
Éloge(French m.) praise
elogiare(Italian) to praise
élogieux, élogieuse(French) laudatory
Elogio(Italian m.) praise, eulogy
Elohistone of four sources of the Torah described by the Documentary Hypothesis. Its name comes from the term it uses for God: Elohim. It portrays a God who is less anthropomorphic than YHWH of the earlier Jahwist source ("J")
  • Elohist from which this extract has been taken
Elohisticrelating to Elohim as a name of God, said of passages in the Old Testament
elohistisch(German) Elohistic
éloigné (m.), éloignée (f.)(French) remote, further away
éloigné de(French) far away from
Éloignement(French m.) removal, distance, estrangement
éloigner(French) to place further away, to take away, to remove, to estrange, to ward off (danger), to put off (visit)
elong.abbreviation of 'elongate', 'elongated', 'elongation'
Elongatelengthen, extend
Elongation(English, German f.) the act of elongating or the condition of being elongated
Élongation(French f.) strained muscle
elongieren(German) to elongate
elongiert(German) elongated
Elopeto run away to marry secretly
Elopementthe act of running away to marry secretly
Eloquencefluent and effective use of language
Éloquence(French f.) eloquence
Eloquent(English) having eloquence, expressive
eloquent(German) having eloquence, expressive, expressively, eloquently, silver-tongued
éloquent (m.), éloquente (f.)(French) eloquent
eloquenter Mann(English m.) man of eloquence
Eloquenz(English f.) eloquence
el otro barrio(Spanish) the other world (figurative)
eloxieren(German) to anodise
eloxierend(German) anodising
eloxiert(German) anodised
eloxiertes Aluminium(German n.) anodized aluminium, anodised aluminium
Eloxierung(German f.) anodisation
El Salvador(English, German n.) a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America
El Salvador music
Elsass(German n.) Alsace
Elsässer (m.), Elsässerin (f.)(German) Alsatian
Elsässerdeutsch(German n.) Alsatian (Germanic dialect)
Elsässisch(German n.) Alsatian (Germanic dialect)
elsässisch(German) Alsatian
Elsass-Lothringen(German n.) Alsace-Lorraine
Elsbeere(German f.) wild service tree, chequer tree
Elsbeerebaum(German f.) wild service tree wood, chequer tree wood
elsewh.abbreviation of 'elsewhere'
ELSIEabbreviation of 'electronic sppech information theory'
Elster (s.), Elstern (pl.)(German f.) common magpie [Pica pica]
ELTabbreviation of 'English language teaching' (for foreign students)
Elter (s.), Eltern (pl.)(German m./n.) parent
elterlich(German) parental, parentally
elterliche Fürsorge(German f.) parental care
elterliche Gewalt(German f.) parental authority
elterliche Sorge(German f.) parental care, parental custody, parental responsibility
Elternabend(German m.) parents' evening
Elternbeirat(German m.) parents' council
Elterngrab(German n.) parents' grave
Elternhaus(German n.) parents' house, parental home, parents' home
Eltern-Kind-Beziehung(German f.) parent-child relationship
Elternkompetenz(German f.) parenting
Elternkuss(German m.) parental kiss
Elternliebe(German f.) parental love
elternlos(German) parentless
Elternmord(German m.) parricide
Elternmörder(German m.) parricide
Elternpaar(German n.) parental couple, parents
Elternpflicht(German f.) parental responsibility, parental duty
Elternrechte(German pl.) parental rights
Elternschaft(German f.) parenting, parentship, parenthood
Elternschlafzimmer(German n.) parents' bedroom, master bedroom
Elternschule(German f.) parenting classes
Elternteil(German m.) parent, parental unit
Elterntiere(German pl.) parents
Elternurlaub(German m.) parental leave
Elternzeit(German f.) parental leave
Élu (m.), Élue (f.)(French) elected representative (politics)
élu, élue(French ) elected
élucider(French) to elucidate
éluder(French) to elude
Elusionthe act of avoiding capture, especially by cunning
elva(Swedish) eleven
ely.abbreviation of 'easterly'
Elysée Palacethe official residence of the President of the French Republic, containing his office, and is where the Council of Ministers meets. It is located near the Champs-Élysées in Paris
Élysée-Palast(German m.) Elysée Palace
Elysion(German n.) Elysium
elysische Gefilde(German pl.) Elysian fields, Elysium
Elysium(English, German n.) a place or condition of ideal happiness, (in Greek mythology) the abode of the blessed after death
EMabbreviation of 'electrical and mechanical', 'electromagnetic', 'electronic mail', 'equipment module', equitum magister (Latin: master of the horse)
Em.abbreviation of 'Eminence'
e.m.abbreviation of 'electromagnetic', 'emergency maintenance', 'expanded metal', 'external memorandum'
émacié(French) emaciated
E-Mail (s.), E-Mails (pl.)(German f.) e-mail message
(German f./n.) e-mail (electronic mail), email (short for electronic mail)
Email(German n.) enamel
emailalso e-mail or E-mail, electronic mail
Émail (s.), Émaux (pl.)(French m.) enamel
E-Mail-Adresse(German f.) email address, e-mail address
E-Mail-Anhang(French m.) e-mail attachment
E-Mail-Etikette(German f.) email etiquette
Emailfarbe(German f.) enamel paint, enamel colour
Emailgeschirr(German n.) enamelware (articles coated or decorated with enamel)
E-Mail-Kopie(German f.) carbon copy
Emaille(German f.) enamel
émaillé(French) enamelled
émaillé de(French) studded with
Emaillelack(German m.) enamel varnish
Emailleschild(German n.) enamel sign
Emailleschmuck(German m.) enamelled jewellery
Emailleschüssel(German f.) enamel bowl, enamel dish, enamel basin
emaillieren(German) to enamel
emaillierend(German) enamelling
Emaillierer(German m.) enamellist
Emaillierofen(German m.) enamelling furnace
emailliert(German) enamels, enamelled
emaillierte(German) enamelled
emaillierter Stahl(German m.) stove-enamelled steel
Emaillierung(German f.) enamelling
Emailmaler(German m.) painter in enamel
Emailmalerei(German f.) enamel, enamel painting
Emailschild(German n.) porcelain enamel sign
Emailschmuck(German m.) enamelled jewellery
Emailtechnik(German f.) enamelling technique
E-Mail-Versand(German m.) emailing
E-Mail-Verteilerliste(German f.) e-mail distribution list
emailweiß(German) enamel white
E major
key of E majorthe key of 'E major'
the scale of E major
the scale of 'E major'
Emanation(English, German f.) emission, the act of emitting, causing to flow forth, something that is emitted or radiated
(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (thus, "the emanation of the Holy Spirit", "the rising of the Holy Ghost", "the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son")
Emancipateto liberate, to free from bondage, to free from oppression, to free from restraint
Emancipationliberation, liberation from bondage, liberation from oppression, liberation from restraint
Émancipation(French f.) emancipation
Emancipation Proclamationissued by President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, the proclamation became effective on January 1, 1863. It was a declaration freeing the slaves in those territories still rebelling against the Union
émanciper(French) to emancipate
Émanation(French f.) emanation
émaner(French) to emanate
Emanuel(German m.) Immanuel
Emanze(German f.) women's libber
Emanzipation (s.), Emanzipationen (pl.)(German f.) emancipation
Emanzipationsbewegung(German f.) emancipation movement
Emanzipationserklärung(German f.) Emancipation Proclamation
emanzipativ(German) emancipatory
emanzipatorisch(German) emancipatory
emanzipieren(German) to emancipate
emanzipierend(German) emancipating
emanzipiert(German) emancipates, emancipated
emanzipierte Frau(German f.) emancipated woman
emanzipierte junge Frau(German f.) emancipated young woman
émarger(French) to initial
Emasculationthe state of being deprived of force or vigour, castration
Emaskulation(German f.) emasculation
Emb.abbreviation of 'embassy'
emb.abbreviation of 'embargo', 'embossed'
Embairélarge Ugandan log xylophone
embaixo(Portuguese) dessous (French)
Emballage(French m.) package, wrapping
emballer(French) to pack, to wrap, to enthuse
emballieren(German) to bale
Embarcadère(French m.) landing-stage
Embarcation(French f.) boat
Embardée(French f.) swerve
Embargo (s.), Embargoes (English pl.) Embargen (German pl.)(English, French m., German n.) order forbidding foreign ships to enter, or any ships to leave, a country's ports
official suspension of an activity
to embargo (to forbid publication of news, etc. before a certain time or date)
Embark(often followed by for) to put or to go on board a ship or aircraft (to a destination)
(followed by on, in) to begin an enterprise
Embarquement(French m.) embarkation, loading
embarquer(French) to embark, to load (cargo, etc.), to cart off
Embarras(French m.) obstacle, embarrassment, difficulty
Embarrassto make (a person) feel awkward or ashamed
figuratively, 'to be embarrassed' can mean 'to be encumbered with debts'
embarrasser(French) to clutter up, to hinder (movement), to embarrass (figurative)
Embassya residence or offices of an ambassador, and his staff
deputation to a foreign government (historically, a deputation to a head of state, etc.)
Embattledprepared or arrayed for battle, fortified with battlements, under heavy attack or in trying circumstances
Embauche(French f.) hiring, employment
embaucher(French) to hire, to take on
Embauchoir(French m.) shoe tree
embaumer(French) to make smell fragrant, to embalm
Embellimenti(Italian pl.) embellishments, ornaments
embellir(French) to embellish, to adorn, to ornament, to brighten up
Embellissement(French) embelishment
Embellishmentornament, adornment
Embellishmentsornaments, adornments
Emery papera type of paper that can be used for sanding down hard and rough surfaces. It can also be used for resistant technology purposes to give a smooth, shiny finish to manufactured products and is often used in the finishing of high-end watch movements. Similar to sandpaper, it is made by gluing small particles of the mineral emery (also called iron spinel or hercynite) to paper
embêtant (m.), embêtante (f.)(French) annoying
Embêtement(French m.) annoyance
embêter(French) to annoy
Embiltasimple Ethiopian one-note flute used in ceremonial rituals
emblée, d'(French) right away
Emblem(English, German n.) symbol, heraldic or representative device
Emblematicserving as a visible symbol for something abstract, being or serving as an illustration of a type
Emblematicsthe study of the history of symbolic representation in text and image
Emblematik(German f.) emblematics
emblematisch (für)(German) emblematic (of)
Emblème(French m.) emblem
Emblem oftype, embodiment (the very emblem of courage)
embobiner(French) to get round
Embocadura(Spanish f.) or boquilla, mouthpiece (of a musical instrument, etc.), becco (Italian m.), Schnabel (German m.), bec (French m.)
(Spanish f.) a small musical instrument mouthpiece (for example, that of a brass instrument), bocchino (Italian m.), Mundstück (German n.), embouchure (Frenc f.)
(Spanish f.) embouchure, mouth-hole, imboccatura (Italian f.), Mundloch (German n.), Ansatz (German m.), embouchure (French f.)
(Spanish f.) mouth, bit (reins), taste (wine, etc.), flavour (wine, etc.)
embocar(Spanish) to put in the mouth
Embodyto make (an idea etc.) actual or discernible, (of a thing) to be a tangible expression of, to include, to comprise
Embolada(Portuguese, literally 'rolling ball') a poetic-musical form with stanza-and-refrain structure, declamatory melody and fast tempo. It is very popular in northeastern Brazil. It may be improvised or not, and recited by one person or more, as in the desafios (challenges) between two singers and the côcos, traditional dances of northeastern Brazil
Emboldento make bold, to encourage
Embonpoint(English, French m., German m., German n., from the French en bon point, literally 'in good condition') stoutness, plumpness (the bodily property of being well rounded, chubby or buxom)
Embossto carve or decorate with a design in relief
Embossingin printing, the process of pressing a moulded die form into a flat sheet of paper to create a design in relief. After printing, paper is embossed by running it through two die forms, a bas-relief die (male) which is placed on the press bed, and a mould-like die (female) that applies pressure to the paper from above. The female die is sometimes heated to help recast the paper around the male die. Because it was more difficult to align paper over an irregular die, pins were often used for precise registration but they left small holes behind in the image. Paper can be embossed for affect without the need for ink and registration. Embossing was used on novelty postcards and greeting cards. Embossing is met also in leather, or as a moulding or carving in relief on the surface of a coin, of a medal, etc.
Embouchure(French f.) mouth
(French f.) bocchino (Italian m.), a small musical instrument mouthpiece (for example, that of a brass instrument), Mundstück (German n.), embocadura (Spanish f.)
(French f., English) mouth-hole, imboccatura (Italian f.), Mundloch (German n.), Ansatz (German m.), embocadura (Spanish f.)
(French f., English, German f.) the relationship of the mouth and lips to a brass or woodwind-instrument, which includes the mouthpiece of the instrument (flute, oboe, etc.) and the setting of the lips, etc. when the instrument is being played
Embout(French m.) tip
Embouteillage(French m.) traffic jam
emboutir(French) to crash into
embr.abbreviation of 'embroider', embroidery'
Embranchement(French m.) (road) junction
embraser(French) to set on fire, to fire
Embrassades(French f. pl.) kissing
embrasser(French) to kiss, to embrace
Embrasure(French f.) opening
Embrayage(French m.) clutch
embrayer(French) to let in the clutch
embrigader(French) to enrol
embrocher(French) to spit (meat)
embrouiller(French) to mix up, to tangle (hair)
embroussaillé(French) bushy
Embryo (s.), Embryonen (German pl.), Embryos (English pl., German pl.)(English, German m., German n.) unborn or unhatched offspring, something undeveloped or immature, thing in a rudimentary stage
Embryon(French m.) embryo
Embryonalstellung(German f.) fetal position (figurative)
embryonnaire(French) embryonic
Embûches(French f. pl.) traps
embuer(French) to mist up
Embuscade(French f.) ambush
EmbutuUgandan drum
Emceemaster of ceremonies (colloquial)
em cima(Portuguese) dessus (French)
em cruz(Portuguese) en croix (French)
Emebaclan songs of the Indigenous Australians of Groote Eylandt
éméché(French) tipsy
emendatus(Latin) corrected
Emendationa correction by emending, a correction resulting from critical editing
emendatior(Latin) corrected
Emer.abbreviation of 'Emeritus'
emer.abbreviation of 'emergency'
Emeraldbright-green gem, the colour of such a gem
Emerald greenbright green
Emerald IsleIreland
Émeraude(French f.) emerald
Emergeto come up or out into view, (of facts, etc.) to become known, to be revealed, to become recognized or prominent, (of a question, difficulty, etc.) to become apparent
Emergencethe gradual beginning or coming forth
Emergencysudden state of danger etc., requiring immediate action
a condition requiring immediate treatment
Emergenz(German f.) emergence
émerger(French) to emerge, to stand out (figurative)
Emergingcoming to maturity, coming to full develpment
Emerging traditiona new tradition that springs up in a geographical region or within a folk group
Émeri(French m.) emery
émérillonne(French) sprightly, merry, bisk
Emerit (s.), Emeriti (pl.)(German m.) emeritus (s.), emeriti (pl.)
Émérite(French) honorary title given to a professor who has retired from his professorial duties
emeritierter Professor (m.), emeritierte Professorin (f.)(German) professor emeritus
Emeritus (m.), Emerita (f.)(English, German, from Latin) honorary (by merit), retired but retaining one's title as an honour (for example, emeritus (m.) or emerita (f.) professor)
Émerveillement(French m.) amazement, wonder
émerveiller(French) amaze
Emerycoarse corundum for polishing metal, etc
Emery-boardemery-coated nail-file
Emesis(German f.) emesis (vomiting)
Emetikum (s.), Emetika (pl.)(German n.) emetic (agent)
emetisch(German) emetic
Émetteur(French m.) transmitter
émettre(French) to give out, to transmit (message), to issue (stamp, etc.), to express (opinion)
Émeute(French f.) riot
Émeutier (m.), Émeutière (f.)(French) rioter
Emfangsbescheinigung(German f.) confirmation note
emfas(Swedish) emphasis (in music and elsewhere) [entry by Lars Hellvig]
em frente(Portuguese) devant (French)
EMGabbreviation of 'electromyogram', 'electromyograph'
EMIabbreviation of 'Electric and Musical Industries'
Emicthe neologisms 'emic' and 'etic', which were derived from an analogy with the terms 'phonemic' and 'phonetic', were coined by the linguistic anthropologist Kenneth Pike (1954). He suggests that there are two perspectives that can be employed in the study of a society's cultural system, just as there are two perspectives that can be used in the study of a language's sound system. In both cases, it is possible to take the point of view of an insider ('emic') or the point of view of an outsider ('etic'). As Pike defines it, the emic perspective focuses on the intrinsic cultural distinctions that are meaningful to the members of a given society while the etic perspective relies upon the extrinsic concepts and categories that have meaning for scientific observers
Emiciclo(Italian m.) hemicycle
Emicrania(Italian f.) headache, hemicrania (medical term)
Emigrant (m.), Emigrantin (f.)(German m.) emigrant, émigré (French m./f.)
Émigrant (m.), Émigrante (f.)(French) emigrant
Emigrante(Italian m.) emigrant
emigrante(Italian) emigrant
emigrare(Italian) to emigrate, to migrate (birds, etc.)
Emigration(English, German f.) the leaving of one's own country to settle in another
émigration(French f.) emigration
Emigrato(Italian m.) refugee, political exile
Emigrazione(Italian f.) emigration, migration
Émigré(French m./f.) emigrant, especially a political exile
émigrer(French) to emigrate
emigrieren(German) to emigrate
emigriert(German) emigrant, emigrated
Emilia-Romagna(Englisah, German f., from Italian) a region of north central Italy on the Adriatic
émincer(French) to cut into thin slices
emincé(French) thinly sliced
éminemment(French) eminently
Eminencedistinction, recognized superiority, piece of rising ground, title used in addressing or referring to a cardinal
Éminence(French f.) eminence, hill
Éminence grise (s.), Éminences grises (pl.)(French n.) person who exercises power or influence without holding office
Eminentdistinguished, notable, outstanding
eminent(German) eminent
éminent (m.), éminente (f.)(French) eminent
eminente(Italian) eminent, high (status), distinguished, prominent
eminentemente(Italian) eminently, highly (status), prominently
Eminenz(German f.) eminence
Eminenza(Italian f.) eminence (for example, when addressing a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church: 'your Eminence'), height
E minor
key of E minorthe key of 'E minor'
Emiola(Latin) hemiola, hemiolia
Emiplegia(Italian f.) hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body)
Emir(English, German m.) also amir, title of various Muslim rulers
Emirat (s.), Emiraten (pl.)(German n.) emirate
Emiraterank, domain, or reign of an emir
Emirate (m.), Emiratin (f.), Emirate (pl.)Emirian
emiratischEmirian, of the United Arab Emirates, Emiral, Emirati
Emirianthe Emirian culture represents the transition between the Middle Paleolithic and the Upper Paleolithic in the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine)
Emiro(Italian m.) emir, amir
emisch(German) emic
Emisfero(Italian m.) hemisphere
Emisión(Spanish f.) broadcast, transmission
Émissaire(French m.) emissary
Emissär(German m.) emissary
Emission(English, German f.) the act of emitting, causing to flow forth, something emitted (particularly, something discharged into the air)
Émission(French f.) speech, response
(French f.) broadcast, telecast, transmission (message), issue (stamps, etc.)
Emissione(Italian f.) emission, speech, response, issue (of currency)
Émission musicale(French f.) music broadcast, music programme (on the radio, etc.)
Émission originale(French f.) live broadcast
Emissionselektronenmikroskop(German n.) emission electron microscope
Emissionsmikroskop(German n.) emission microscope
Émission télévisée(French f.) television broadcast, television programme
Emistichio(Italian m.) hemistich, half-line of verse
Emittente(Italian m.) issuer
(Italian f.) (radio) transmitting station
emittente(Italian) emitting, issuing
emittere(Latin) publish
emittieren(German) to issue, to eject, to emit, to expel, to radiate
emittierend(German) issuing, emitting
emittiert(German) issued, emitted
emmagasiner(French) to store
Emmanchure(French f.) armhole
Emme(Italian f.) the letter 'M'
emmêler(French) to tangle
emménager(French) to move in
emménager dans(French) to move into
emmener(French) to take, to take away
emmerder(French) to bother (slang)
Emmetropiathe condition of the normal eye when parallel rays are focused exactly on the retina and vision is perfect
Emmetropie(German f.) emmetropia
Emmy(English, German m.) a trademark for an award presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for excellence in the creation and production of television programming
E.Mn.E.abbreviation of 'Early Modern English'
Emoor 'emocore', a subgenre of hardcore punk music
(English, German m.) a term often misapplied to post-2003 'melodic metalcore' which is actually a fusion of 'melodic hardcore' and 'metalcore', not 'hardcore punk'
  • Emo from which this extract has been taken
Emocoresee 'emo'
E-Modul(German n.) modulus of elasticity, Young's modulus, E-modulus
Emofilia(Italian f.) haemophilia (medical term)
Émoi(French m.) excitement
key of E minor(German n.) the key of 'E minor'
Emolliens (s.), Emollientia (pl.), Emollientien (pl.)(German n.) emollient
Emollienta substance added to a formulation that gives it softening ability
anything soothing the mind, or that makes something more acceptable
Emolumento(Italian m.) remuneration, emolument
Émoluments(French m. pl.) remuneration, emolument
Emo-metalcorea fusion of metalcore and emo
émonder(French) to prune
Emoragia(Italian f.) haemorrhage (uncontrollable bleeding)
Emoticon(English, German n.) a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email
émotif (m.), émotive (f.)(French) emotional
Émotion(French f.) emotion, fright
Emotion (s.) Emotionen (pl.)(German f.) emotion, affect
Emotion, withsee 'with emotion'
emotional(German) emotional, emotionally, emotive (theme)
emotional aufgeladen(German) emotionally charged
emotionale Aufladung(German f.) emotional charge
emotionale Aufwühlung(German f.) emotional turmoil
emotionale Belastung(German f.) emotional drain
emotionale Betäubung(German f.) emotionally numbing
emotionale Erstarrung(German f.) emotionally numbing
emotionale Intelligenz(German f.) emotional intelligence
emotionaler(German) more emotional
emotionaler Schockzustand(German m.) emotional state of shock
emotionales Kapital(German n.) benefit on an emotional level
emotional gefärbt(German) sentimental
emotional gestört(German) emotionally maladjusted
emotional instabil(German) emotionally instable
emotional instabile Persönlichkeitsstörung(German f.) emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline personality disorder
emotionalisieren(German) to emotionalise
Emotionalität(German f.) emotiveness, emotionality
Emotional memoryan aspect of method acting, in which an actor draws on his own personal prior emotions in order the represent the emotions of their character
emotionalste(German) most emotional
émotionnel (m.), émotionnelle (f.)(French) emotional
emotionsarm(German) lacking in emotion
emotionsfrei(German) emotionless
emotionsgeladen(German) loaded with emotion, charged with emotion, emotionally laden, emotionally charged
emotionslos(German) unemotional, unemotionally, free of emotion, clinical (lacking emotion), emotionless
Emotionslosigkeit(German f.) lack of emotion
emotiv(German) emotive
Emotivismexpounded by A. J. Ayer in Language, Truth and Logic (1936) and developed by Charles Stevenson in Ethics and Language (1945), in metaethics, the view that moral judgments do not function as statements of fact but rather as expressions of the speaker's or writer's feelings
Emotivismus(German m.) emotivism
Emotività(Italian f.) sensibility, emotionalism
Emotivität(Italian f.) emotivity
Emotrasfusione(Italian f.) blood-transfusion (medical)
émousser(French) to blunt
émouvant, émouvante(French) moving
émouvoir(French) to move
Emozione(Italian f.) emotion, agitation
Emp.abbreviation of 'Emperor', 'Empress', 'Empire'
empailler(French) to stuff
empaqueter(French) to package
empâter les sons(French) to sing or play in a smooth, sweet, mellow and particularly masterly manner, without defects or any imperfections
Empathie(German f.) empathy
empathisch(German) empathic, empathetic
Empathythe idea that the vital properties which we experience in or attribute to any person or object outside ourselves are the projections of our own feelings and thoughts. The word 'empathy' was coined by the American psychologist, Edward Titchener, as a trans- lation of the German Einfühlung
  • Empathy from which this extract has been taken
Empêchement(French m.) hitch, difficulty
empêcher(French) to prevent
empêcher de faire(French) to prevent (from) doing, to stop (from) doing
Empêcheur de tourner en rond(French m.) spoilsport
Empeigne(French f.) upper
Empereur(French m.) emperor
empeser(French) to starch
empester(French) to make stink, to stink out, to stink of, to stink
Empfang(German m.) radio reception, receiving, reception, receipt, welcome, function (reception), levee (reception)
(German) (in a hotel) (front) desk, reception desk
empfangbar(German) receivable
empfangen(German) conceived, receipted, received
(German) to receipt, to accept, to conceive (a child), to receive
empfangend(German) receipting, receiving
empfangene Information(German f.) information received
empfangene Nachricht(German f.) received message
empfangenes Signal(German n.) received signal
empfangenes Wort(German n.) received word
empfangen werden(German) to be received
Empfänger (m.), Empfänger (pl.)(German m.) receiver (device), receptor, radio receiver
Empfänger (m.), Empfängerin (f.), Empfänger (pl.)acceptor, addressee, listener, receptionist, receiver (person), recipient, consignee, donee, remittee, beneficiary
Empfängerantenne(German f.) receiver antenna
Empfänger einer Leistung(German m.) recipient of a benefit
Empfänger einer Lizenz(German m.) licensee
Empfänger einer Medaille(German m.) recipient of a medal
Empfänger einer Pension(German m.) holder of a pension
Empfänger einer Sendung(German m.) addressee of a consignment, addressee of a shipment, receiver of a consignment, receiver of a shipment, recipient of a consignment, recipient of a shipment
Empfänger einer Subvention(German m.) recipient of a subsidy
Empfänger einer Warensendung(German m.) consignee
Empfänger einer Zahlung(German m.) recipient of a payment, payee
Empfänger eines Briefes(German m.) addressee of a letter, receiver of a letter, recipient of a letter
Empfänger eines Paketes(German m.) addressee of a parcel, receiver of a parcel, recipient of a parcel
Empfänger eines Stipendiums(German m.) holder of a scholarship
Empfänger eines Zuschusses(German m.) recipient of a grant
Empfänger eines Zuschusses sein(German) to be in receipt of a grant
Empfänger unbekannt(German) addressee unknown
Empfänger von Leistungen(German m.) recipient of benefit
empfänglich(German) receptive, receptively, susceptible, susceptibly, susceptive, susceptively, conceptive, impressable, impressible, predisposed, responsive, appreciative, accessible
empfänglich für(German) receptive to, correspondent to
empfänglich für neue Ideen(German) sensible to new ideas
empfänglich für Schmeichelei(German) susceptible to flattery
empfänglich für Schmerzen(German) alive to pain
Empfänglichkeit (s.), Empfänglichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) susceptibility, receptivity, impressibility, predisposition, responsiveness, receptiveness
Empfänglichkeit für(German f.) predisposition for, receptiveness to
Empfängnis(German f.) conception (in utero)
Empfangsantenne(German f.) receiving aerial, receiving antenna
Empfangsanzeige(German f.) advice of arrival, advice of receipt, notice of receipt
Empfangsapparat(German m.) receiving apparatus
empfangsbedürftig(German) requiring acknowledgment of receipt
Empfangsbekenntnis(German f.) acknowledgement of receipt
Empfangsbereich(German m.) reception area (radio, TV), reception area (of hotel, etc.), lobby
Empfangsbescheinigung(German f.) certificate of receipt, receipt voucher, acknowledgement of receipt
Empfangsbestätigung (s.), Empfangsbestätigungen (pl.)(German f.) acknowledgement of receipt, acknowledgement, receipt
Empfangsbestätigung des Lagerhauses(German f.) warehouse receipt
Empfangsbevollmächtigter(German m.) receiving agent, authorized recipient
Empfangschef (m.), Empfangschefin (f.)(German) receptionist, reception clerk, desk clerk, front office manager, head porter
Empfangsdame(German f.) receptionist (female), desk clerk (female)
Empfangsgerät(German m.) slave (unit), receiver terminal, receiving set, receive terminal, receiving unit
Empfangshalle(German f.) entrance hall, foyer, booking hall, arrival hall, lobby, reception hall
Empfangshalle des Hotels(German f.) hotel lobby
Empfangskomitee(German n.) reception committee, welcoming committee
Empfangsleiter(German m.) front office manager
Empfangsmitarbeiter(German m.) hotel desk clerk
Empfangspersonal(German n.) reception staff
Empfangsportier(German m.) doorman
Empfangsqualität(German f.) reception quality (radio / TV signals etc.)
Empfangsquittung(German f.) consignment receipt, receipt of delivery
Empfangsraum(German m.) best room, lobby
Empfangssaal(German m.) reception room
Empfangssalon(German m.) reception room
Empfangsschalter(German m.) reception desk, reception counter
Empfangsschein(German m.) acknowledgement of acceptance, confirmation receipt
Empfangsschein(German m.) counterfoil
Empfangssekretärin(German f.) reception secretary, reception desk secretary, front desk secretary (all female)
Empfangstag(German m.) date of receipt
Empfangstresen(German m.) reception counter, reception desk
Empfangszimmer(German n.) reception room, best room, front room, parlour
empfängt(German) receipts
empfehlen(German) to suggest, to commend, to advise, to recommend
empfehlen ... zu tun(German) to recommend doing ...
empfehlend(German) commending, proposing, recommending, recommendatory, commendatory
empfehlenswert(German) recommendable, advisable, commendable, to be recommended
Empfehlung (s.) Empfehlungen (pl.)(German f.) advice, reference, commendation, recommendation, referral, letter of introduction, letter of recommendation
Empfehlungen aussprechen(German) to make recommendations
Empfehlungen herausgeben(German) to publish recommendations
Empfehlungs-(German) commendatory (prefix)
Empfehlungsschreiben(German n.) credentials, introduction, commendatory letter, letter of recommendation, letter of reference, recommendatory letter, testimonial(s), reference letter, recommendation letter
Empfehlungszettel (s./pl.)(German m.) compliment slip
Empfiehl mich an ...(German) Commend me to ...
empfiehl!(German) recommend!
Empfinden(German n.) feeling, opinion
empfinden(German) to sense, to feel, to conceive
empfindend(German) sentient, feeling
empfindlich(German) sensitive, delicately, pettish, queasily, queasy, sensitively, touchily, touchy, damageable, spiky (colloquial: personality), tender (sore, easily hurt), pettishly, delicate, soft, squeamish, thin-skinned, huffy (colloquial: easily offended), ticklish (touchy), tetchy, susceptible, sore (painful to the touch, tender)
empfindlich ansprechendes Gerät(German n.) sensitive instrument
empfindlich ansprechendes Organ(German n.) sensitive organ
empfindlich auf magnetische Einflüsse(German) sensitive to magnetism
empfindliche Gesundheit(German f.)frail health
empfindliche Haut(German f.) delicate skin
empfindlicher(German) more sensitive
empfindlicher Teppich(German m.) carpet that marks easily
empfindlicher Verlust(German m.) considerable loss
empfindliches Fleisch(German n.) quick (sensitive area of the nail)
empfindliches Gehör(German n.) nice ear
empfindliches Gleichgewicht(German n.) delicate equilibrium, fragile balance
empfindliches Instrument(German n.) delicate instrument
empfindliches Material(German n.) sensible material
empfindliche Stelle(German f.) sensitive spot, raw point, soft spot, sore point, tender spot
empfindliche Stoffe(German pl.) delicate fabrics
empfindliche Zähne(German pl.) sensitive teeth
empfindlich für(German) alive to
empfindlich gegen elektrische Strahlung(German) sensitive to electric radiation
empfindlich in einer Angelegenheit(German) sensitive about ...
Empfindlichkeit (s.), Empfindlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) selectivity, pettishness, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, touchiness, susceptibility, huffiness, film speed (of a photographic film), speed (photographic film)
Empfindlichkeit einer Feldplatte(German f.) magneto-resistive sensitivity
Empfindlichkeit eines Films(German f.) speed of a film, (film) sensitivity
Empfindlichkeit gegen Unregelmäßigkeiten(German f.) sensitivity to irregularities
Empfindlichkeitsgrad(German m.) degree of sensitivity (photographic film, the senses)
Empfindlichkeitsindex(German m.) sensitivity index
Empfindlichkeitsklasse(German f.) sensitivity class (photographic film)
Empfindlichkeitsschwelle(German f.) threshold of sensitivity
empfindlich reagieren auf(German) to be sensitive to
empfindlich sein(German) to play the woman, to be touchy
empfindlichste(German) most sensitive
empfindsam(German) sensitive, sentimentally, sentimental, sore (tender)
empfindsamer Stil(German m.) sensitive style
empfindsames Gemüt(German n.) sentimental mind
empfindsame Stelle(German f.) tender spot, sore place
Empfindsamkeit(German f.) emotionalism, sensibility, sentimentality, touchiness, sentimentalism
so-called 'sensitive' style of the mid eighteenth century, characterized by melodic directness and homophonic texture, the North German equivalent of Style Galant (1750-1780) and the romantic version of the Rococo style. The volkstumliche Lied, Singspiel and the mid- to late-eighteenth century aesthetic movement Sturm und Drang all rooted in Empfindsamkeit
In his Allgemeine Theorie der schönen Künste und der Ästhetik (1771-1774), Johann Georg Sulzer (1720-1779) argues that sensibility has both a psychological and a moral dimension: an emotion is a psychological experience, which can subsequently lead to a moral knowledge of good and evil. "Since the real job of the artist is to depict the emotions [Empfindungen] and that which stirs them as lively as possible, and both can have an important influence on the education of the soul, therefore it is natural that he should aim at stirring them. [...]. The artist, therefore, who takes his profession seriously and feels his powers, should consecrate himself to being the teacher and guide for his fellow citizens."
Empfindung (s.), Empfindungen (pl.)(German f.) percept, sentience, sentiment (emotion conveyed through art), perception, sensation, feeling, expression, passion
empfindungsfähig(German) impressible, sentient, impressibly, impressionable, sentiently
empfindungslos(German) insensate, insentient, insensately, anaesthetic, numb, insensitive, insensible
empfindungsloser(German) more insensitive
empfindungsloseste(German) most insensitive
Empfindungslosigkeit(German f.) insensateness, insensitiveness, anaesthesia
Empfindungsnerven(German pl.) sensitive nerves
Empfindungsschwelle(German f.) sensory threshold
Empfindungsvermögen(German n.) sensitive faculty, sense, sensibility, aesthesia, sentience
empfindungsvoll(German) with emotion, full of feeling
Empfindungswort(German n.) interjection
empfohlen(German) commended, recommended, endorsed
empfohlene Absicherung (20 mA)(German) recommended fuse (20 mA)
empfohlene Dosis(German f.) recommended dose, recommended dosage
empfohlener Arbeitsbereich(German m.) recommended operating range
empfohlener Einzelhandelsabgabepreis(German m.) recommended retail selling price
empfohlener Endverbraucherpreis(German m.) recommended retail price
empfohlener Preis(German m.) recommended price
empfohlener Verkaufspreis(German m.) suggested retail price
empfohlene Strategie(German f.) recommended strategy
empfohlene Tagesdosis(German f.) recommended daily allowance
empfohlene Tagesmenge(German f.) recommended daily allowance
empfunden(German) felt
Emphase(French f.) pomposity, emphasis
Emphase(German f.) emphasis
Emphasisstress, enfasi (Italian), Nachdruck (German), Betonung (German), emphase (French), énfasis (Spanish), emfas (Swedish), eftertryck (Swedish) [Swedish entries supplied by Lars Hellvig]
in music, marked expression, a particular stress or accent on any note marked with an accent sign
Emphasis, withsee 'with emphasis'
Emphasizeto stress, accentuare (Italian), mettere in evidenza (Italian), betonen (German), souligner (French), insister sur (French - a syllable), subrayar (Spanish), destacar (Spanish - single out)
Emphaticstressed, enfatico (Italian), risoluto (Italian - manner), nachdrücklich (German), catégorique (French), énergique (French - manner), emphatique (French), categórico (Spanish), decidido (Spanish)
emphatique(French) emphatic
emphatiquement(French) emphatically
emphatisch, emphatische(German) emphatic, emphatically
empiéter sur(French) to encroach upon
Empire(French m.) empire, control (figurative)
(German n.) Empire style (decorative)
Empirekleid(German n.) empire dress
Empire linetypical style worn by 17th-century ladies, low cut dress with a high waist line and short bodice
Empiremode(German f.) empire fashion
empirer(French) to worsen
Empirical theologyempirical theology seeks to understand the nature and source of human fulfilment while affirming a dynamic, relational naturalism and limitations of the human knower, thereby making religious knowledge tentative
Empirie(German f.) empiricism (method)
Empiriker (m.), Empirikerin (f.)(German) empiricist, empiric
empirique(French) empirical
empirisch(German) empiric, empirical, empirically, observational, empiricist, experiential
empirisch beobachtbar(German) empirically observable
empirische Analyse(German f.) empirical analysis
empirische Erkenntnisse(German pl.) empirical findings
empirische Sozialforschung(German f.) empirical social research
empirisches Testen(German n.) empirical testing
empirisches Vorgehen(German n.) empirical method
empirische Untersuchung(German f.) empirical study
empirische Wahrheit(German f.) actual truth
empirische Wahrscheinlichkeit(German f.) empirical probability
empirische Wirklichkeit(German f.) empirical truth
empirische Wirtschaftsforschung(German f.) empirical economic research
empirische Wissenschaft(German f.) empirical science
empirisch festhaltbar(German) empirically recordable
Empirismus(German m.) empiricism, experientialism, empirism
Empirrikiosan ancient Cretan dance from Psiloritis, which has steps similar to those of the pentozalis
empito(Italian) impetuosity
empituosamente(Italian) impetuosly
Emplacement(French m.) site
Emplâtre(French m.) plaster (medicine)
empldabbreviation of 'employed'
Empleo con futuro(Spanish m.) job with good prospects
Empleo sin futuro(Spanish m.) job with no prospects
Emplettes(French f. pl.) purchase
Emploi(French m.) a colloquial term for a concert, a 'gig'
Emploi du temps(French m.) timetable
Emploi, l'(French m.) employment (political term)
Employé (m.), employée (f.)(French) employee
employer(French) to use, to employ (person)
Employeur (m.), employeuse (f.)(French) employer
Employment agencyan organisation that matches those seeking employment with businesses seeking staff, ufficio di collocamento (Italian), Stellenvermittlung (German), agence de placement (French), agencia de colocaciones (Spanish)
emplumer(French) to pen (write with a pen, originally a quill pen), to fit quills to harpsichord jacks
empocher(French) to pocket
empoigner(French) to grab
Empoisonnement(French m.) poisoning
empoisonner(French) to poison, to stink out, to annoy
empor(German) upwards
empordringen(German) to break forth, to emerge
Empore (s.), Emporen (pl.)(German f.) gallery
Empore des Lettners(German f.) rood loft, roodloft
empören(German) to disgust, to shock
empörend(German) outrageous, revolting, scandalous, shocking, flagrant
empörende Niederträchtigkeit(German f.) shocking villainy
empörende Undankbarkeit(German f.) black ingratitude
emporgehoben(German) upheaved
emporgekommen(German) jumped-up (colloquial)
emporgeragt(German) towered
emporgerankt(German) clambered
emporgeschossen(German) shot up
emporgestrebt(German) aimed high
emporhalten(German) to hold aloft, to arch up
Emporheben(German n.) elevation
emporheben(German) to raise, to lift up
emporhebend(German) upheaving
Emporium(English, German n.) department store, a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise (commonly part of a retail chain)
Emporkommen(German n.) advent, rise
emporkommen(German) to get up, to get on in life
Emporkommen der Demokratie(German n.) advent of democracy
Emporkömmling (s.), Emporkömmlinge (pl.)(German m.) parvenu, upstart
emporquellend(German) shooting up
emporragen(German) to tower, to stick up, to tower up, to dominate
emporragend(German) towering, dominant
emporragen über(German) to dominate over
emporschießen(German) to shoot up, to spring up, to jump up rapidly, to leap up rapidly, to mushroom, to gush up
emporschießend(German) shooting
emporschnellen(German) to jump, to skyrocket
emporschnellend(German) shooting up
emporsteigen(German) to rise
emporsteigend(German) ascending
emporstreben(German) to aim high
emporstrebend(German) aiming high
empört(German) indignantly, disgusted, indignant, scandalised, disgustedly (angrily), resentful
emporté(French) excitedly, fiery, impetuous, quick tempered, passionate, hurried
Emportement(French m.) anger, passion, transport
emporter(French) to take, to take way, to carry away, to carry off (prize, etc.), to tear off
emporter, l'(French) get the upper hand
empört sein(German) to be shocked, to be highly indignant, to be outraged
empört über(German) indignant at
Empörung (s.), Empörungen (pl.)(German f.) indignation, indignations, disgust, insurrection, rebellion, shock, outrage, revolt
emporwerfen(German) to toss
emporziehen(German) to pull up, to draw up
empoté(French) silly
empourpré(French) crimson
empreint de(French) marked with
Empreinte(French f.) mark
Empreinte digitale(French f.) fingerprint
Empreinte de pas(French f.) footprint
Empresa(Spanish f.) company, firm, venture, undertaking, task
Empresa de ámbito nacional(Spanish f.) nationwide company
Empresa muy arriesgada(Spanish f.) very risky venture
Empresa pública(Spanish f.) state-owned company
empressé(French) eager, hurried, prompt, in haste
Empressement(French) haste, eagerness, in a hurried manner
Emprise(French f.) influence
Emprisonnement(French m.) imprisonment
emprisonner(French) to imprison
Emprunt(French m.) loan
emprunté(French) awkward
emprunter(French) to borrow, to take (road), to assume (figurative)
emprunter à(French) to borrow from
Emprunteur (m.), Emprunteuse (f.)(French) borrower
Empty fifthsee 'bare fifth'
empuñar el bastón(Spanish) to take command
EmpunyiUgandan drum
empyräisch(German) empyreal
Empyrealof the empyrean, celestial, heavenly, elevated, sublime
Empyreanof or relating to the sky or heavens
empyreisch(German) empyreal
Empyreum(German n.) empyrean
EMRICabbreviation of 'Educational Media Research Information Center'
EMS / University of Illinoisin 1958, Lejaren Hiller founded the Experimental Music Studio (EMS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The second electronic music studio to be established in the United States, it provided the context for major accomplishments in hardware and software invention, including James Beauchamp's Harmonic Tone Generator, Salvatore Martirano's SalMar Construction, Carla Scaletti and Kurt Hebel's Kyma, Herbert Brun's Sawdust programs, Hiller and John Cage's HPSCHD ...
emsig(German) assiduous, sedulous, diligent, hardworking, industrious, sedulously, assiduously, strenuous, busy (person), bustling, industriously, busily
emsig damit beschäftigt sein, ... zu tun(German) to be busy doing ...
emsige Biene(German f.) sedulous bee
emsige Fürsorge(German f.) sedulous care
emsiger(German) busier
emsiger Arbeiter(German m.) demon for work (colloquial)
Emsigkeit(German f.) sedulity, sedulousness, activity, industriousness, business, industry (industriousness), bustle
emsigste(German) busiest
Emu(English, German m.) large flightless bird (Dromaius novaehollandiae)
ému(French) moved, affected, touched, with emotion, nervous, excited
Emulation(English, German f.) ambition to equal or excel, imitation of the function of another, successful competition with another, rivalry
(English, German f.) (in music) see imitatio
Émulation(French f.) emulation
Emulationsmodus(German m.) emulation mode
Emulator(German m.) emulator
Émule(French m./f.) imitator
Emulgator (s.), Emulgatoren (pl.)(German m.) emulsifier, emulsifying agent
emulgatorfrei(German) emulsifier-free
emulgierbar(German) emulsifiable
emulgieren(German) to emulsify
emulgierend(German) emulsifying
emulgiert(German) emulsifies
emulgiert(German) emulsified
emulgierte(German) emulsified
Emulgierung(German f.) emulsification
emulieren(German) to emulate
emulierend(German) emulating
emuliert(German) emulated
Emulsion (s.), Emulsionen (pl.)(German f.) emulsion (surface layer on photographic film)
Emulsiona mixture of oil and water which does not separate
Émulsion(French f.) emulsion
Emulsionsfarbe(German f.) emulsion paint (decorating)
Emu oilmoisturising oil, extracted from the large flightless bird, the emu, which has skin softening properties
Emuöl(German n.) emu oil
E-Musik(German f.) abbreviation of erhobene Musik (German f., literally 'elevated music') or ernste Musik (German f., literally 'serious music')
ENabbreviation of Emissora Nacional (Portugal: national broadcasting station), Estrada Nacional (Portugal: national highway), 'exceptions noted'
En.abbreviation of 'Engish', 'Engineer'
en(French) in, to, on, by, made of, whilst
(French) of it, of them, with it, from it, from there
(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) one
en abaissant(French) abbassando (Italian), calante (Italian), calando (Italian), waning, lowering, absinkend (German), en faisant descendre (French), en descendant (French)
en absoluto(Spanish) absolutely, not at all (or 'at all' with a negative), by no means, for a minute (figurative: at all)
in reply to ¿te gustó? (Spanish: did you like it?), en absoluto means 'no', 'not at all' or 'absolutely not'
en abstracto(Spanish) in abstract terms
en abundancia(Spanish) plenty (of)
en accélérant(French) accelerando
en accroissant(French) increasing, augmenting, accrescendo (Italian), vermehrend (German), zunehmend (German)
en acto de servicio(Spanish) in action
en adelante(Spanish) from now on
en ademán de(Spanish) as if to
en adoucissant(French) raddolcente (Italian), raddolcendo (Italian), addolcendo (Italian), sweetening, becoming gentler, becoming softer by degrees, softening, becoming more dolce, sanft werdend (German), abmildernd (German)
en affaiblissant(French) becoming weaker, weakening, indebolendo (Italian), affievolendo (Italian), abschwächend (German), schwächer werden (German)
en agitant(French) shaking
en agradecimiento por todo lo que ha hecho(Spanish)in appreciation of all you have done
en agrandissant(French) amplifying, ampliando (Italian), erweiternd (German)
en agraz(Spanish) prematurely
en el acto(Spanish) instantly, immediately
en algún lugar(Spanish) somewhere
Enallage(from Greek, 'interchange') intentionally misusing grammar to characterize a speaker or to create a memorable phrase
en allant(French) walking pace, going on, andante, andando
en allongeant(French) stretching out, allungando
en alta mar(Spanish) on the high seas
en alternance(French) alternately
en alto(Spanish) aloud, out loud
en alza(Spanish) rising (prices), on the rise, up-and-coming (performer, musicians, writer, etc.)
enam.abbreviation of 'enamel', enamelled'
Enamel(English, German n.) hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth
(English, German n.) a vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating baked on metal, glass, or ceramic ware
Enamelum(German n.) hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth
(English, German n.) a vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating baked on metal, glass, or ceramic ware
en amenuisant(French) diminishing, softening, assottigliando (Italian), verringernd (German)
en amoindrissant(French) deficiendo, (Italian), scemando (Italian), getting less (i.e. diminishing in volume, decreasing in force,), dying away, becoming quieter, abnehmend (Geman)
en amortissant(French) smorzando (Italian) extinguished, put out, gradually dying away to a whisper, calming down, subduing, dämpfend (German), abschwächend (German)
Enanga(Great Lakes region) a six or seven string zither that first entered East Africa with nomadic cattle keepers who migrated from what is now Southern Ethiopia, and accompanies the epic chants of the Ganda people
en animant(French) becoming more lively, becoming more animated, faster
en animant, peu à peu(French) faster by degrees, gradually faster
en antena(Spanish) on the air
en apaisant(French) mitigando (Italian), placando (Italian), appeasing, besänftigend (German)
en apariencia(Spanish) apparently
en aparté(French) in private
en apparence(French) outwardly, apparently
en aras de(Spanish) in honour of
Enarmonia(Italian f.) harmony
(Italian f.) an enharmonic, enharmonie (French)
Enarmonía(Spanish f.) an enharmonic, enharmonie (French)
enarmonico(Italian) enharmonic, enharmonique (French)
enarmónico(Spanish) enharmonic, enharmonique (French)
en arrière(French, literally 'backwards') in dance, used to indicate that a step is executed moving away from the audience, as, for example, in glissade en arrière
en arrière de(French) behind
en arriver à faire(French) get to the stage of doing
en articulant(French) articolando (Italian), articulating, artikulierend (German)
en attente(French) stand by
en attenuant(French) attenuando (Italian), lessening, dämpfend (German)
en aucun cas(French) on no account
en augmentant(French) increasing the tone, crescendo, augmenting, aumentando (Italian), steigernd (German), vermehrend (German), zunehmend (German)
en ausencia de(Spanish) in the absence of
en autobús(Spanish) by bus
en auxilio de(Spanish) in aid of
en avançant(French) moving forward, avanzando
en avance(French) early, fast (clock, watch), ahead
en avance sur(French) ahead of
en avant(French) forward
in dance, a direction for the execution of a step, used to indicate that a given step is executed moving forward, toward the audience, as, for example, in glissade en avant
  • Avant, en from which the second entry has been taken
en avant de(French) in front of
en avoir(French) have some
en avoir sa claque (de)(French) be fed up (with)
en ayunas(Spanish) with an empty stomach, completely in the dark
estoy en ayunas (Spanish: I haven't eaten anything)
debe tomarse en ayunas (Spanish: it should be taken on an empty stomach)
ENBabbreviation of 'English National Ballet'
en badinant(French) playfully, scherzando
en baisse(French) falling
en balde(Spanish) in vain
en bandoulière(French) across one's shoulders
en bas(French) down below, downstairs
en bas âge(French) young
en bas de(French) at the bottom of
en basse(French) in organ music, an indication that the position of the solo stop in a récit or of the chant melody in a setting is to be in the bass range
en beaué(French) magnificently
en berne(French) at half mast
en biais(French) at an angle
en bisbille(French) at loggerheads
en bisbille avec(French) at loggerheads with
en bloc(English, German from French) all together
en bloque(Spanish) all together
en bois(French) wooden
en bon état(French) in good condition
en bons termes (avec)(French) on good terms (with)
en bordure de(French) on the edge of
en bouillie(French) crushed, mushy
en bras de chemise(French) in one's shirtsleeves
en breve(Spanish) soon, shortly
en brève(French) in short
en breves momentos(Spanish) soon
en broma(Spanish) in fun
en brosse(French) crew cut (haircut)
en butte de(French) exposed to
enc.abbreviation of 'enclosed', 'enclosure'
en cachette(French) in secret
en cadeau(French) as a present
encadeamento(Portuguese) enchainment, enchaînement (French)
en cadence(French) in time
Encadrement(French m.) framing, frame (door)
encadrer(French) frame, circle, surround
Encadreur(French m.) a picture framer
encaisser(French) collect (money), cash (cheque), take (a blow)
Encaisseur(French m.) debt-collector
en calmant(French) calming, calmando, beruhigend
en capilotade(French) reduced to a pulp
en caressant(French) carezzevole (Italian), accarezzevolmente (Italian), accarezzevole (Italian) or accarezzando (Italian), caressing, coaxing, liebkosend (German), câlin (French)
Encargado de almacén(Spanish m.) store keeper
en carton-pâte(French) cardboard
Encart publicitaire(French m.) (advertising) insert
En-cas(French m.) snack
en cas de(French) in the event of, in case of
encastré(French) built-in
en catimini(French) on the sly
en cause(French) involved (in a game, in an enterprise)
Encausticthe method of painting in heated wax, or in any way where heat is used to fix the colours
Encaustic paintingpainting by means of wax with which the colors are combined, and which is afterwards fused with hot irons, thus fixing the colours
Encaustic tilean earthenware tile which has a decorative pattern and is not wholly of one colour
Encaustique(French f.) wax polish, wax
encaustiquer(French) to wax, to polish
Encaustumoriginally the purple red ink with which the Roman emperors signed their edicts. Later an ink used in the production of manuscripts on parchment, a metal-gall ink, usually iron gall, made by mixing a solution rich in tannic and gallic acids with ferrous sulphate. Gum would be added as a thickener. The blackness is the result of a chemical reaction. The high tannic acid content led sometimes to the ink 'eating' through the parchment leaving a hole where originally there was a letter
Enc.Brit.also Ency.Brit, Encyc.Brit, abbreviation of 'Encyclopaedia Britannica'
en cédant(French) cedendo (Italian), getting slower, yielding, nachgebend (German)
Enceinte(German f., French f.) enclosure
enceinte(French) pregnant
Enceinte acoustique(French f.) loudspeaker
enceinte de 3 mois(French) 3 months pregnant
Encens(French m.) incense
en cercle(French) in a circle
encercler(French) surround
en chaîne(French) multiple (accidents)
Enchaînement(French m.) chain, link, linking, linked sequence, encadeamento (Portuguese)
Enchaînement d'accords(French m.) a sequence of chords
enchaîner(French) to chain, to chain up, to link, to link up, to continue
enchaînez(French, literally 'join together') play two movements 'without a break', attacca
Enchainment(ballet) a series of steps linked together in a sequence
en chair et en os(French) in the flesh
en chamade(French, from chamade, a military signal intended to be heard in the enemy camp) a term describing organ pipes placed horizontally instead of vertically, and often projecting from the front of the organ case. This method is generally used for powerful reeds, like trompette en chamade, whose tone becomes more intense and penetrating through such placement
enchanté(French) delighted
Enchantement(French m.) delight, enchantment (magic)
enchanter(French) to delight, to enchant
en charpie(French) in shreds, into shreds
enchâsser(French ) to set
Encheiridionsee enchiridon
en chemin de fer(French) by rail
Enchère(French f.) bid
enchevêtrer(French) to tangle
en chevrottant(French) tremolando
Enchiridon(from Greek enkheiridion) or encheiridion a handbook, a manual, a short treatise serving as a book of reference
en choeur(French) in chorus
en chômage(French) unemployed
Enciclica (s.), Encicliche (pl.)(Italian f.) a Papal letter, an encyclical
Enciclopedia(Italian f.) encyclopedia
en cinglant(French) whipping, sferzando (Italian), peitschend (German)
en circulant(French) circulating, circolando
en civil(French) in plain clothes
encl.abbreviation of 'enclosed', 'enclosure'
en clair(French) in plain language (that is, not in code or cypher)
Enclave(French f.) a district belonging to one country, but entirely surrounded by the territory of another
enclencher(French) to engage
enclin, encline(French) inclined (having an inclination)
enclin à(French) inclined to
enclit.abbreviation of 'enclitic' (see 'clitic')
Enclitica linguistic formation in which a separate word, during the process contraction, becomes part of the word preceding it
see 'clitic'
enclore(French) to enclose
Enclos(French m.) enclosure
Enclosing methodanother term for framing method
Enclume(French f.) anvil, incudine (Italian), Amboß or Amboss (German), yunque (Spanish)
Encoche(French f.) notch
Encodera software application that converts an audio file into another format. For example, an MP3 encoder converts a WAV file into an MP3 file
encodieren(German) to encode
Encoignure(French f.) corner
a corner-cupboard with short legs, designed to stand on the floor
en colère(French) stizzito (Italian), adirato (Italian), angry, angered, irate, irritated, annoyed, infuriated, erzürnt (German)
en colimaçon(French) spiral
encoller(French) to paste
en colonne par deux(French) in double file
Encolure(French f.) neck
encombrant, encombrante(French) cumbersome
Encombrement(French m.) congestion, traffic jam, bulk (volume)
encombrer(French) to clutter, to clutter up, to hamper
encomiare(Italian) to commend, to praise
Encomio (s.), Encomi (pl.)(Italian m.) encomium
Encomium (s.), Encomia (pl.)(Latin) a formal expression of praise, a panegyric
en comprimant(French) calcando (Italian), accelerando (Italian), pressing forward, hurrying the time, compressing the time, premendo (Italian), betonend (German), drängend (German)
en conséquence(French) consequently, accordingly
en conserve(French) tinned, canned
en contraignant(French) forcing, forzando (Italian), forcierend (German), stark betonend (German)
encontrará el pueblo arriba de la montaña(Spanish) you will find the town at the top of the mountain
en contrario(Spanish) against
encontre de (à l')(French) against
en contrepoint(French) contrapuntal
Encore(French) still, again, more, also, yet
(French, although origin of this usage is obscure) a universal term of encouragement to a performer to perform something more, the 'something more' being either a new piece or a repeat of the whole or part of what has already been performed, except that in France or Italy the call is bis, from bis meaning 'twice'
encore mieux(French) even better
encore plus grand(French) even larger
encore plus vite(French) still faster
encore un café(French) another coffee
encore une heure(French) another hour
Encouragement(French m.) encouragement
encourager(French) to encourage
en courant(French) running
encourir(French) to incur
encrasser(French) to clog up (with dirt)
Encratites("self-controlled") an ascetic second-century sect of Christians who forbade marriage and counselled abstinence from meat
Encre(French f.) ink
encrer(French) to ink
Encrier(French m.) ink-well
en croissant(French) growing increasingly loud, lauter werden, anwachsend (German), anschwellend (German), crescendo (Italian)
En croix(French) em cruz, in ballet, exercises, step sequences, etc. in which the legs are crossed are named en croix
Encuadernacion(Spanish) binding
en cuotas mensuales(Spanish) in monthly instalments
ency.also encyc. or encycl., abbreviation of 'encyclopedia', 'encyclopedic', 'encyclopedism', 'encyclopedist'
Encyclicalan official statement by the papacy, normally refered to by their opening words (in Latin)
Encyclopédie(French f.) encyclopaedia
Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers(French f.) a general encyclopedia published in France between 1751 and 1772, with later supplements and revisions in 1772, 1777 and 1780 and numerous foreign editions and later derivatives
encyclopédique(French) encyclopaedic
End-(German) terminal, terminative, concluding, final (prefix)
End, thethe point where something stops (for example, the moment when the last note ceases sounding or the last word has been uttered), fine (Italian), Ende (German), fin (French, Spanish)
Endabteil(German n.) end compartment
Endalter(German n.) age at expiry
Endanflug(German m.) final (leg of a journey), final approach
en danger(French) in danger
Endanschlag(German m.) end stop
Endanwender(German m.) end-user
Endaural(English) in the ear
endaural(German) endaural
Endaural phenomenasounds that are heard without any external acoustic stimulation, including transient ringing in the ears (that sound like sine tones), white noise-like sounds, and subjective tinnitis. Endaural phenomena need to be distinguished from otoacoustic emissions, in which a person's ear emits sounds. The emitter typically cannot hear the sounds made by his or her ear. Endaural phenomena also need to be distinguished from auditory hallucinations, which are associated with psychosis
Endausschalter(German m.) limit switch
Endausscheidung(German f.) finals
Endauswahl(German f.) final selection
en d'autres mots(French) in so many words
Endbahnhof(German m.) terminal, terminus
endbearbeiten(German) to finish
Endbearbeitung(German f.) finishing operation, finishing
Endbenutzer(German m.) end-user
Endbericht(German m.) final report
Endbescheid(German m.) definite decision
Endbestand(German m.) amount at the end of a period, final stock, closing inventory
Endbestandsaufnahme(German f.) closing inventory
Endbestimmung(German f.) final destination
Endbetrag(German m.) final amount, total amount, amount, sum
End blockon acoustic guitars, the end block is usually glued to the top, back, and sides at the bottom end of the guitar
endblöd(German) hopelessly stupid
End blown fipple fluteor duct flutes', wind-instruments such as the recorder, the tin whistle, native American flutes
End-blown flutea variation on the 'notched flute' which is without a notch but has instead an open, tapered upper end to produce a continuous edge around the circumference, for example, the eastern European kaval
EndbuttonSaitenhalterknopf (German m.), Endknopf (German m.), bouton (French m.), bottone (Italian m.), a small projection at the bottom of a stringed instrument (violin, cello, etc.) to which the tailpiece may be attached or through which an endpin may be fitted (for example, on a cello)
Enddruck(German m.) ultimate pressure, discharge pressure
Ende (s.), Enden (pl.)(German n.) ending (film, play, etc.), bit (piece), tail, bottom, end, exit, quietus, expiration, finish, upshot, closure, cessation, close, closing, conclusion, stop, termination, death, finis, point (antlers), prong (of antler), tine (of antler)
Ende April(German) at the end of April, end of April, late April
en deçà(French) this side
en deçà de(French) this side of
Endecasillabo(Italian) hendecasyllable, consisting of eleven syllables
(Italian) a short lyric poem composed of verses consisting of eleven syllables each
Endecha(Spanish f.) lament (a sad song), complainte (French)
en declive(Spanish) sloping
en décroissant
decrescendo(French) decrescendo (Italian), diminuendo (Italian), to get gradually softer, leiser werden (German), decreasing, abnehmend (German)
en dedans(French) inward, on the inside
para dentro (Portuguese), in dance, when a movement, step or turn of the body is towards the supporting leg, as, for example, in rond de jambe à terre en dedans. In pirouettes the term indicates that a pirouette is made inward toward the supporting leg, as opposed to en dehors
Ende der Beschäftigung(German n.) cessation of employment, termination of employment
Ende der Debatte(German n.) end of debate
Ende der Reihe(German n.) bottom of the line
Ende der Sitzung(German n.) end of a meeting
Ende der Straße(German n.) end of the road
Ende der Versicherungsdauer(German n.) expiration of the insured period, expiry of the policy
Ende der zwanziger Jahre(German n.) the late twenties
Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts(German n.) end of the 20th century
Ende des Arbeitsverhältnisses(German n.) cessation of employment
Ende des Balgtremolos(German) bellows normal
Ende des Jahres(German n.) end of the year
Ende des Kapitels(German n.) end of the chapter
Ende des Monats(German n.) end of the month
Ende des Semesters(German n.) end of term
Ende des Streiks(German n.) end of a strike
Ende des Tages(German n.) end of the day
Ende des Zitats(German n.) end of quote, unquote
Ende einer Ehe(German n.) breakdown of a marriage
Ende einer Sitzung(German n.) end of a meeting
Ende eines Streiks(German n.) end of a strike
Ende eines Vertrags(German n.) lapse of a treaty
en défaillant(French) lacking
en défaut(French) at fault
en definitiva(Spanish) in short
en définitive(French) in the final analysis
Ende Gelände!(German) That's it! (figurative)
Ende gut, alles gut.(German) All's well that ends well.
en dehors(French, literally 'on the outside') emphasized, prominently
(French, literally 'outward') para fora (Portuguese), in dance, when a movement, step or turn of the body is performed away from the supporting leg, as, for example, in rond de jambe à terre en dehors. In pirouettes the term indicates that a pirouette is made outward toward the working leg, as opposed to en dedans
en dehors de(French) outside, apart from
en delà de(French) beyond
Ende letzten Jahres(German) late last year
Ende letzten Monats(German) late last month
en demanda de(Spanish) asking for, in search of
en demasia(Spanish) too much
endemisch(German) endemic, vernacular (for example, vernacular disease)
endemische Krankheit(German f.) endemic
Endemisches Fleckfieber(German n.) endemic typhus
endemisch und epidemisch(German) endemo-epidemic
Endempfänger(German m.) final recipient
enden(German) to end, to cease, to conclude (with), to close, to come out, to come to an end, to conclude, to expire, to finish, to terminate, to go off air (broadcast)
Ende nächsten Monats(German) at the end of next month
enden als(German) to wind up as
endend(German) ceasing, ending
enden in(German) to wind up (colloquial - in bed, in one's house)
enden zum ...(German) to terminate on ... (a date)
en dépit de(French) despite
en dépit du bons sens(French) against all common sense
en déployant(French) becoming louder, spiegando (Italian), entfaltend (German)
en dérangement(French) out of order
EndereUgandan bamboo flute
Endergebnis (s.), Endergebnisse (pl.)(German n.) final result, final score, final outcome, net effect, end result
endermal(German) endermic, endermically, endermatic
Endermicacting by absorption through the skin
en dernier(French) last
en dérobant(Italian) rubato
EnderreUgandan bamboo flute
Enderwerber(German m.) ultimate purchaser
en descendant(French) abbassando (Italian), calante (Italian), calando (Italian), waning, lowering, absinkend (German), en faisant descendre (French), en abaissant (French)
Ende ... sein(German) to be in one's late ... (enter a decade, for example, thirties, forties, etc.)
en désespoir de cause(French) as a last resort
en déshabillé(French) in a state of undress, dressed informally
en dessous(French) underneath
en dessus(French) above
in organ music, an indication that the position of the solo stop in a récit or of the chant melody in a setting is to be in the soprano or treble range
en détail(French) in detail
en detalles(Spanish) in detail
en detrimento de(Spanish) to the detriment of
endeuiller(French) to plunge into mourning
Ende vom Lied, das(German n.) the bottom line (figurative), the upshot (figurative)
Ende von(German n.) end of
Endfassung(German f.) final cut, final version
Endfeld(German n.) end panel
Endfertigung(German f.) completion, finishing
Endgegner(German m.) final enemy
Endgehalt(German n.) final salary
endgeil(German) wicked (colloquial)
endgespeist(German) end-fed (antenna)
Endgestalt(German f.) final form
Endgewinn(German m.) output earnings
Endglied(German n.) distal phalanx (finger, etc.)
endgültig(German) conclusive, for good, once and for all, final, finally, ultimate, definitely, definitive, once for all, definitively, decisive, definite, conclusively, irretrievable, peremptory, permanent, permanently
endgültige Ablehnung(German f.) final rejection
endgültige Antwort(German f.) definitive answer
endgültige Diagnose(German f.) final diagnosis
endgültige Entscheidung(German f.) final judgement, ultimate decision, final decision
endgültige Erledigung(German f.) ultimate settlement
endgültige Formgebung(German f.) finalisation
endgültige Lösung(German f.) ultimate solution
endgültig entscheidend(German) decretory
endgültiger(German) more final
endgültiger Bescheid(German m.) definite decision
endgültiger Bestimmungsort(German m.) final destination, place of final destination
endgültiger Beweis(German m.) conclusive proof
endgültige Regelung(German f.) clinch
endgültiger Entwurf(German m.) final draft
endgültiger Verfall(German m.) ultimate downfall
endgültiges Abkommen(German n.) definitive treaty
endgültiges Angebot(German n.) definitive offer
endgültiges Scheidungsurteil(German n.) decree absolute
endgültiges Urteil(German n.) definitive verdict
endgültige Vereinbarung(German f.) ultimate arrangement
endgültige Version(German f.) final version
endgültige Zeichnung(German f.) final drawing
endgültige Zustimmung(German f.) final approval
endgültig festlegen(German) to make it definite, to finalise
Endgültigkeit(German f.) definitiveness, finality, peremptoriness, ultimateness, conclusiveness, ultimacy
endgültig regeln(German) to clinch
endgültig sein(German) to be final
endgültigste(German) most final
endgültig verloren(German) irrecoverable
endgültig vorbei(German) well and truly over
Endhaltestelle(German f.) terminus, last stop, final stop
endiablé(French) wild
en diagonale(French) diagonally
(French) in dance, indicates that a step is to be done traveling in a diagonal direction
Endice(Italian m.) nest-egg
en différé(French) recorded (broadcast, transmission, etc.)
endigen(German) to accommodate, to end, to finish, to terminate, to come to an end, to end up, to expire
Endigidisee endingidi
endiguer(French) to dam, to check (figurative)
en diluant(French) diluendo (Italian), fading away, dying away, diminishing in loudness, growing softer until the sound is extinct, thinning out, weakening, auflösend (German), verdünnend (German)
endimanché (m.), endimanchée (f.)(French) in one's Sunday best, a style that is deliberately ornate
en diminuant(French) diminishing, decreasing, gradually softer, dying away, diminishing in loudness, decreasing in tone, diminuendo (Italian), decrescendo (Italian), sminuendo (Italian), vermindernd (German)
sometimes a decrease in tone and tempo, although in French 'decreasing in tempo' is more properly en retenant
Endingin jazz, the last part of a tune
Endingidior endigidi, an Ugandan one-string fiddle
en direct(French) live (transmission, broadcast)
en directo(Spanish) live (TV, etc.)
Endive(English, French f.) chicory, (Cichorium endivia)
Endivie(German f.) endive (Cichorium endivia), chicory
Endiviensalat(German m.) endive (Cichorium endivia), chicory
Endkappe(German f.) end cap
Endkäufer(German m.) ultimate buyer
Endklassement(German n.) final ranking
Endknopf(German m.) Saitenhalterknopf (German m.), bouton (French m.), bottone (Italian m.), endbutton, a small projection at the bottom of a stringed instrument (violin, cello, etc.) to which the tailpiece may be attached or through which an endpin may be fitted (for example, on a cello)
Endkonsument (m.), Endkonsumentin (f.)(German) end user, end consumer
Endkontrolle(German f.) final inspection, final check
Endkunde (m.), Endkundin (f.)(German) end customer, final customer, consumer
Endkundenhandel(German m.) retail trade
Endloswiedergabe(German f.) endless repetition
Endlage(German f.) stop position, end position, final position
Endlager(German n.) final repository, final disposal site, permanent storage depot, permanent repository (for nuclear waste)
endlagern(German) to dispose of (permanently)
Endlauf(German m.) running finish
endlich(German) at length, at last, finitely, ultimately, finally, at long last, finite, in the end, eventually, limited, eventual
endlich allein(German) alone at last
Endlich bin ich ihn los.(German) At last I am free of him.
endliche Geometrie(German f.) finite geometry
endlicher Dezimalbruch(German m.) proper decimal fraction
endlich erzeugbar(German) finitely generated
endlich erzeugt(German) finitely generated
endliche Zahl(German f.) finite integer, finite number
Endlich fiel der Groschen.(German) At last the penny dropped.
Endlich! Ich habe schon gedacht, Sie würden es nie erraten.(German) At last! I was beginning to think you would never guess.
Endlich ist der Groschen gefallen.(German) It finally sunk in.
Endlich ist der Groschen gefallen!(German) At last the penny's dropped!
Endlichkeit (s.), Endlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) finiteness
Endlich sind wir sicher.(German) At last we are safe.
endlich soweit(German) ready at last
endlich wieder(German) again at last
endlos(German) dateless, endless, endlessly, infinite, interminable, interminably, unending, unendingly, continuous, never-ending, boundless, ad infinitum
Endlosband(German n.) continuous tape, endless tape, continuous loop, continuous belt (sander)
endlose Ebene(German f.) vast plain
endlose Fortsetzung(German f.) perpetuation
endlose Geschichte(German f.) saga (interminable story - often pejorative)
endlose Mühe(German f.) no end of trouble
endlose Rede(German f.) peroration (literally: lengthy speech)
endloser Streit der Meinungen(German m.) endless controversy
endloses Band(German n.) endless tape
endlose Schleife(German f.) continuous loop
endlose Spirale(German f.) endless spiral
Endlosformular(German n.) continuous form, endless form
Endlosigkeit(German f.) ceaselessness, infinity, interminableness, boundlessness, endlessness
endlos klagen(German) to complain endlessly
Endlosknoten(German m.) eternal knot, endless knot
Endlospapier(German n.) fanfold paper, fanfold form, fan-fold paper, listing paper, continuous paper
Endlosrekursion(German f.) infinite regression
Endlosrolle(German f.) continuous roll
Endlosschleifband(German n.) endless sanding belt
Endlosschleife(German f.) infinite loop
Endlosschraube(German f.) endless screw
Endlosvordruck(German m.) continuous form
Endmarke(German f.) end mark
Endmaterial(German n.) waste, spoil
Endmontage(German f.) final assembly
Endmontagelinie(German f.) final-assembly line
Endnachfrage(German f.) final demand
Endnote(German f.) final score, overall mark, overall grade
Endnotessimilar to footnotes, endnotes differ in that rather than appearing at the foot of the particular page, they are collected together at the end of the chapter or at the end of the work. Endnotes are generally harder to read than footnotes, as moving back and forth between the main text and the endnotes takes additional time and effort
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Endoberfläche(German f.) finish plating, surface finish
Endocardiumthe membrane that lines the cavities of the heart and forms part of the heart valves
Endocentricfulfilling the grammatical role of one of its constituents (when `three blind mice' serves as a noun it is an endocentric construction)
Endocrinologie(French f.) endocrinology
Endocrinologue(French m./f.) endocrinologist
Endoctrinement(French m.) indoctrination
endoctriner(French) to indoctrinate
Endocytosisthe process by which cells absorb material (molecules such as proteins) from outside the cell by engulfing it with their cell membrane
endogam(German) endogamous, endogamic
Endogamie(German f.) endogamy
Endogamymarriage within a particular group in accordance with custom or law
endogen(German) endogenous, endogenously
endogene Variable(German f.) endogenous variable
endogenes Asthma(German n.) endogenous asthma
Endogenität(German f.) endogeneity
Endogenousproduced or growing from within
Endogenous variablesin a mathematical model, the dependent variables
Endokard(German n.) endocardium
Endokardgeräusch(German n.) endocardial murmur
endokardial(German) endocardial
Endokardialgeräusch(German n.) endocardial murmur
Endokarditis(German f.) endocarditis
endokrin(German) endocrine
endokrine Disruptoren(German pl.) endocrine disruptors
endokrine Drüse(German f.) endocrine gland
endokrine, Ernährungs- und Stoffwechselkrankheiten(German pl.) endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
endokrine Funktion(German f.) endocrine function
endokriner Disruptor(German m.) endocrine disruptor
endokrines System(German n.) endocrine system
Endokrinologe (m.), Endokrinologin (f.)(German) endocrinologist
Endokrinologie(German f.) endocrinology
endokrinologisch(German) endocrinological, endocrinologic
Endolithan organism (archaeum, bacterium, fungus, lichen, alga or amoeba) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores
Endolithe(German pl.) endoliths
endolithisch(German) endolithic
endoluminale Gefäßprothese(German f.) stent
endometrial(German) endometrial
Endometriose(German f.) endometriosis
Endometrium-(German) endometrial
endommager(French) to damage
Endonymalso called an autonym or self-appellation, the name used by the people or locals themselves for a place or personal name is called endonym. An exonym is a name for a place or a personal name that is not used within that place or for that person by the local inhabitants (neither in the official language of the state nor in local languages), or a name for a people or language that is not used by the people or language to which it refers
endormi(French) asleep, sleepy
endormir(French) to send to sleep, to allay
Endorphin(German n.) endorphin, enkephalin
Endorphinrezeptor (s.), Endorphinrezeptoren (pl.)(German m.) endorphin receptor
Endoskelett(German n.) endoskeleton
Endoskop(German n.) borescope, endoscope
Endoskopie(German f.) endoscopy
endoskopisch(German) endoscopic
Endosmosisthe inward flow of a fluid through a permeable membrane toward a fluid of greater concentration
endosser(French) to put on (clothes), to assume, to endorse (commerce)
endothelial(German) endothelial
Endothelium(English, German n.) a thin layer of flattened cells that lines the inside of some body cavities
endotherm(German) endothermic
Endotonticsthe branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of the tooth root, dental pulp, and surrounding tissue
Endotonie(German f.) endotontics
Endotoxine(German pl.) endotoxins
Endotoxina toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die
Endotrachealwithin, or through the trachea
endotracheal(German) endotracheal
endotracheale Intubation(German f.) endotracheal intubation
Endotrachealtubus(German m.) endotracheal tube
en doublant le mouvement(French) double the speed, doppio movimento
en douceur(French) smoothly
endow.abbreviation of 'endowment'
endozentrisch(German) endocentric
Endozytose(German f.) endocytosis
endp.abbreviation of 'endpaper'
Endphalanx(German f.) distal phalanx (Phalanx distalis)
Endphase(German f.) final stage, terminal phase, final phase, sunset (figurative: final stage), end game, endgame
Endpina small component at the bottom of a violin, viola, cello, etc. to which, the tailpiece can be attached, and where, on a cello, a spike may be fitted to support the instrument
(endpin for cello) Stachel (German m.), pique (French f.), puntale (Italian m.)
the Belgian Adrien-François Servais (1807-1866), one of the most influential cellists of the nineteenth century, is credited as the inventor of the endpin/spike on the cello
Endplatte(German f.) end plate, cover plate
Endprodukt (s.), Endprodukte (pl.)(German n.) end product, end-product, final product, finished product
Endprüfung(German f.) final inspection
Endpunkt (s.), Endpunkte (pl.)(German m.) endpoint, terminal, terminus, final destination, termini (pl.)
Endreim(German m.) end rhyme
Endreinigung(German f.) final cleaning
End-repeat sign
end-repeat signalso called 'close repeat sign' or 'repeat end sign', marking the end of a passage to be repeated, often used in conjunction with a 'repeat start' sign
Endresultat(German n.) end result, final result, final outcome
Endröhre(German f.) output valve
Endroit(French m.) place, right side (of a piece of cloth)
Endrunde(German f.) finals (of a tournament), final stage, final tournament
Endrundeneinzug(German m.) reaching the finals
End rhymerhyme in which the last word at the end of each verse is the word that rhymes. This contrasts with internal rhyme, in which a word in the middle of each line of verse rhymes, or so-called head rhyme, in which the beginning consonant in a word alliterates with another beginning consonant in a different word
Endsaldo(German m.) closing balance (accountancy)
Endschalter(German m.) limit switch, end switch
Endschliff(German m.) final sanding, final polishing
Endschluss(German) end, conclusion, ending piece
Endsee(German m.) lake without an outlet
Endsieg(German m.) ultimate victory, final victory
Endsilbe (s.), Endsilben (pl.)(German f.) final syllable
Endsinkflug(German m.) final descent
Endspalte(German f.) end column
Endspiel (s.), Endspiele (pl.)(German n.) final, end game (chess), endgame (chess), finals (pl.)
Endspielgegner (m.), Endspielgegnerin (f.)(German) opponent in the final
Endspielteilnehmer(German m.) finalist
endständig(German) terminal
Endstation (s.), Endstationen (pl.)(German f.) terminus, terminal, ultimate destination, last stop (bus, tram, etc.), final destination, final stop, end of the line (also figurative), termini (pl.)
Endstelle(German f.) terminus, terminal, terminal station
Endstellung(German f.) final position, end position
Endstopp(German m.) end stop
End-stopped rhymein poetry, a line ending in a full pause, often indicated by appropriate punctuation such as a period or semicolon. This contrasts with enjambement or run-on lines, in which the grammatical sense of the sentence continues uninterrupted into the next line
Endstöpsel(German m.) end plug
Endstück(German n.) end, end piece
Endstufe(German f.) power amplifier, final stage, output stage
Endsumme (s.), Endsummen (pl.)(German f.) final total, sum total, total sum, grand total
Endsystemadresse(German f.) network address
Endsystemverbindung(German f.) network connection
Endtermin(German m.) finish date, target date, terminal date, time limit
Endtest(German m.) final test
Endtitel(German m.) end title
Endtitelsong(German m.) end title song
Endung (s.), Endungen (pl.)(German f.) ending
Endung eines Wortes(German f.) suffix
endungslos(German) without an ending (grammar)
Endungsproblem(German n.) problem of (word) endings
Endungsvarianten(German pl.) alternate (word) endings
enduire (French) to coat
Enduit(French m.) coating
Endurance(French f.) endurance
endurant (m.), endurante (f.)(French) tough
endurcir(French) to harden
endurer(French) to endure
Endursache(German f.) ultimate cause
Endurteil(German n.) final judgment, final decision
Endverbinder(German m.) end connector
Endverbrauch(German m.) end use
Endverbraucher (m.), Endverbraucherin (f.), Endverbraucher (pl.)(German) ultimate consumer, the ultimate consumer, end-consumer, end-user, final consumer
Endverbrauchereinkaufspreis(German m.) consumer price
Endverbraucherpreise(German pl.) retail prices
Endverkaufspreis(German m.) retail price
Endwuchshöhe(German f.) mature height (plants, trees)
Endymion(English, German m.) a handsome young man who was loved by Selene and whose youth was preserved by eternal sleep
a poem by John Keats, first published in 1818, which begins famously with the line "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"
Endzeit(German f.) Eschaton, Last Judgement, Last Day, day of reckoning, doomsday, crack of doom, end of the world
endzeitlich(German) eschatological
Endziel (s.), Endziele (pl.)(German n.) final aim, ultimate aim, ultimate object, end goal, final goal
Endziffer(German f.) last digit
End-zu-End-(German) end-to-end
Endzustand(German m.) final state, end state
Endzwanziger(German pl.) people in their late twenties
Endzweck(German m.) end in itself, final aim, final cause
en ébullition(French) boiling
en échange(French) in exchange
en échange de(French) in exchange for
en écharpe(French) in a sling (arm)
en échec(French) in check (in chess)
en échelon(French) in staggered formation (originally military)
en efecto(Spanish) quite!, yes indeed!
en effet(French) quite!, yes indeed!
Enèide(Italian f.) Aeneid (of Virgil)
ÉnekmondásHungarian minstrel song still practiced as a form of music making. It is part of Hungary's Oriental musical heritage
en el acto(Spanish) immediately, instantly, at once, on the spot (fired from job)
en el aire(Spanish) in the air (figurative), unfinished, unresolved
en el ámbito económico(Spanish) in the economic field
en élargissant(French) allargando (Italian), slargando (Italian), breiter werdend (German), largando (Italian), broadening, widening
en el auge de su carrera(Spanish) at the peak of his career, at the height of his career
en el cajón de abajo(Spanish) in the drawer below
en el Chile actual(Spanish) in present-day Chile
en el consulado lo asistirán(Spanish) you will receive assistance at the consulate
en el estante de abajo(Spanish) on the shelf below, on the bottom shelf
en el estante de arriba(Spanish) on the shelf above, on the top shelf
en élevant(French) rising, alzando (Italian), erhebend, (German)
en el futuro(Spanish) in future
en el hotel ...(Spanish) into the ... Hotel, in the ... Hotel
en el mundo actual(Spanish) in the modern world, in today's world
en el que estaban alojados(Spanish) where they were staying, in which they were staying, in which they were put up
en el terreno político(Spanish) within the field of politics, within the sphere of politics
en el último cajón de abajo(Spanish) in the bottom drawer
en entier(French) entirely
en &eaccute;pocas anteriores(Spanish) in earlier times
energeticamente(Italian) energetically, forcibly
energetico(Italian) energetic, with emphasis
energetisch(German) energetic
energetische Person(German f.) energetic person
energetische Sanierung(German f.) energy-saving measures
energetische Strahlung(German f.) energetic radiation
Energia(Italian f.) energy, force, emphasis, vigour
energicamente(Italian) energetically, forcibly
energico(Italian) energetic, forcible, vigorous
Energie (s.), Energien (pl.)(German f.) energy, power, élan (literary), dash, vigour
Énergie(French f.) energy, power (technology), force, emphasis
Energie abbauen(German) to dissipate energy
Energieabgabe(German f.) release of energy, energy output
Energieabhängigkeit(German f.) energy dependency
Energieäquivalent(German n.) energy equivalent
energiearm(German) low-energy
energiearme Strahlung(German f.) low-energy radiation
Energiearmut(German f.) fuel poverty
Energieaufnahme(German f.) energy intake, absorption of energy
Energieaufwand(German m.) expenditure of energy
Energie aufwenden(German) to spend energy
Energieausnützung(German f.) energy utilization
Energieaustausch(German m.) exchange of energy, energy exchange
Energieband(German n.) energy band
Energiebedarf(German m.) energy requirement, energy needs
Energiebündel(German n.) live wire (colloquial)
Energiedefizit(German n.) energy deficit
energieeffizient(German) energy-efficient, energy efficiency
Energieeffizienzklasse(German f.) energy efficiency category
Energieeinheit(German f.) unit of energy, energy unit
Energieeinsatz(German m.) use of energy
Energieeinsparung(German f.) conservation of energy, saving of energy, energy saving, energy conservation
Energieeintrag(German m.) energy input
Energieerhaltung(German f.) conservation of energy
Energieerhaltungssatz(German m.) law of conservation of energy
Energieersparnis(German f.) energy conservation, saving of energy
Energie erzeugen(German) to generate energy, to produce energy
Energiefeld(German n.) energy field
Energie freisetzen(German) to release energy
Energiefluss(German m.) energy flow
Energieflussdiagramm(German n.) energy flow diagram
Energieflussdichte(German f.) energy flux density
Energieform (s.), Energieformen (pl.)(German f.) form of energy
Energiefreisetzung(German f.) energy release
energiegeladen(German) bursting with energy, energetic, full of energy, energized
Energiegewinnung(German f.) production of energy, energy recovery, energy generation, power generation, energy production
Energieknappheit(German f.) energy scarcity
Energiekonzern(German m.) energy company
Energiekosten(German pl.) energy costs, cost of energy
Energiekrise(German f.) energy crisis
energielos(German) weak, shiftless
Energielosigkeit(German f.) shiftlessness
Energiemangel(German m.) energy scarcity, lack of energy
Energiemenge(German f.) amount of energy
Energienutzung(German f.) use of energy
Energienutzungsgrad(German m.) energy efficiency
Energiepreise(German pl.) energy prices
Energieprobleme(German pl.) energy problems
Energieproduktion(German f.) energy production
Energiequelle(German f.) energy source, source of energy, source of power, power source, power point
Energierechnung(German f.) energy bill
Energiereduzierung(German f.) energy reduction
energiereich(German) energy-rich, high-energy, energized
energiereiche Strahlung(German f.) high-energy radiation
Energierückgewinnung(German f.) energy recovery, energy recuperation, energy retrieval
Energiesatz(German m.) law of conservation of energy
Energieschwelle(German f.) energy barrier, energy threshold
Energiesparen(German n.) energy conservation, energy savings
Energie sparen(German) to conserve energy, to save energy
energiesparend(German) energy-saving
Energie sparend(German) energy-saving
Energiesparlampe(German f.) energy-saving bulb, energy saving lamp
Energiesparmaßnahmen(German pl.) energy efficiency measures
Energiespeicher(German m.) energy storage
Energiespeicherung(German f.) storage of energy, energy storage
Energiespender(German m.) source of energy
Energiestrom(German m.) energy flux
Energieträger(German m.) source of energy, energy source
Energieübertragung(German f.) transfer of energy
Energieumformung(German f.) transformation of energy
Energieumsetzung(German f.) energy transformation
Energieumwandler(German m.) transducer
Energieumwandlung(German f.) energy conversion, conversion of energy
Energie- und Klimapolitik(German f.) policy on energy and climate
Energieunternehmen(German n.) electric company, power company, energy firm
Energieverbrauch(German m.) consumption of energy, energy consumption, energy expenditure, energy use
Energie verbrauchen(German) to spend energy
Energie vergeuden(German) to waste energy
Energieverlust(German m.) energy loss, power loss
Energie verschwenden(German) to waste energy
Energieverschwendung(German f.) waste of energy, dissipation of energy
Energieversorger(German m.) power supplier, electricity supplier, energy provider
Energieversorgung(German f.) energy supply
Energieverteilung(German f.) energy distribution
Energiezufuhr(German f.) energy input
Energiezustand (s.), Energiezustände (pl.)(German m.) energy state
energisch(German) energetic, vigorous, vigorously, thoroughgoing, forceful, pushing, energetically, trenchant, thrustful, thrusting, forcefully (vigorously), emphatically (to deny)
this marking indicates that the music should be strongly accented and phrased distinctly
energisch auftreten(German) to put one's foot down
energisch bewegt(German) moving energetically
energische Art(German f.) forcefulness, pushiness
energische, energiegeladene Person(German f.) human dynamo
energische Gesichtszüge(German pl.) spirited features
energischer(German) more vigorous
energisches Klopfen(German n.) rap
energisch protestieren(German) to protest in strongest terms
energischste(German) most vigorous
énergétique(French) energy
Energia(Italian f.) energy, power, vigour, resolution, efficacy (of a remedy)
Energia atomica(Italian f.) atomic energy
energico(Italian) energetic, vigorous, powerful
énergique(French) energetic, with emphasis
énergiquement(French) energetically, forcibly
energisch(German) energetic
energoabbreviated form of energicamente (Italian: energetically)
Energumeno(Italian m.) one possessed by the devil, enthusiastic, fanatic
Energy musicin jazz, a term synonymous with 'expressionism', one type of 'avant-garde' jazz
Energy, withsee 'with energy'
énervant (m.), énervante (f.)(French) irritating, annoying
énerver(French) to irritate
en ese aspecto tienes razón(Spanish) in that respect you're right
en estado de alerta(Spanish) on alert
en estado de gravidez(Spanish) pregnant
en état de(French) in a position to
en état de légitime défense(French) acting in self-defence
en état de marche(French) in working order
en éteignant(French) extinguishing, dying away, spegnendo (Italian), estinguendosi (Italian), verlöschend (German), auslöschend (German)
en être de ... de sa poche(French) ... to the bad (sum of money)
en éveil(French) alert
en évidence(French) much in evidence, in the forefront, conspicuous
en exclusivité à(French) exclusively at (for example, the showing a film)
en exercice(French) in office, in practice (medicine)
en expirant(French) fading away, dying out, spirando
En-face-(German, pseudo-French) full-face
en face(pseudo-French) de frente (Portuguese), from the front, full-face (in English - in French, the correct expression for 'full-face' is de face)
en faisant(French) by doing, on doing, while doing
en faisant descendre(French) abbassando (Italian), calante (Italian), calando (Italian), waning, lowering, absinkend (German), en descendant (French), en abaissant (French)
en famille(French) (treated like) like one of the family, without formality, with the family alone (that is, without guests)
Enfance(French f.) childhood
enfance, la petitesee petite enfance, la
Enfant(French m./f.) child
Enfant chéri (m.), Enfant chérie (f.), Enfants chéris (pl.)(French) a pampered child, a much-loved child
Enfant de choeur(French m./f.) singing child (usually a boy)
Enfant de miracle(French m./f.) the product of a welcome but unexpected birth (one born late in its parents' life)
Enfant de son siècle(French) a child of his century, one whose character and actions seems to reflect the spirit of the period in which he lived
Enfant doué(French m.) gifted child
Enfant en bas âge(French m./f.) infant
enfanter(French) give birth, give birth to
Enfant gâté (s.), Enfants gâtés (pl.)(French m.) a spoilt child
Enfantillage(French m.) childishness, a foolish prank
enfantin (m.), enfantine (f.)(French) childlike, childish, children's (game, etc.)
Enfant perdu (s.), Enfants perdus (pl.)(French m.) an expendable child
Enfant terrible (s.), Enfants terribles (French pl.)(French m., German n.) any person (not just a child) who embarrasses others by being indiscrete or by engaging in ill-considered actions or words
Enfasi(Italian f.) emphasis, stress, earnestness. bombast, pomposity, exaggeration
Énfasis(Spanish f.) emphasis, stress, earnestness
enfaticamente(Italian) emphatically
enfatico(Italian) emphatic, with earnestness, bombastic, pompous, over-emphatic
enfático (m.), enfática (f.)(Spanish) emphatic
enfatizado(Spanish) marcato
enfatizar(Spanish) to emphasise, to stress
Enfer(French m.) hell
enfermar(Spanish) to become ill, to fall ill, to be taken ill
enfermar de agotimiento(Spanish) to suffer from exhaustion
enfermar de corazón(Spanish) to suffer heart trouble
Enfermedad(Spanish f.) illness, disease, sickness, malady
enfermer(French) to shut up
Enfermería(Spanish f.) sick bay, infirmary
Enfermero (m.), Enfermera (f.)(Spanish) nurse
Enfermizo (m.), Enfermiza (f.)(Spanish) sick person, patient
enfermizo (m.), enfermiza (f.)(Spanish) unhealthy, sickly
enfermucho (m.), enfermucha (f.)(Spanish) ailing, sickly
enfervorizar(Spanish) to arouse passion, to arouse fervour in, to enthuse
en fête(French) in festval array, keeing a high holiday
enfiatamente(Italian) proudly, pompously
enfiestarse(Spanish, Latin America) to enjoy oneself
enfiévré(French) feverish
Enfilade(French f.) string, row
a suite of rooms in a straight line offering an open vista from one end to the other
enfilar(Spanish) to make for, to go along, to go down, to go through (tunnel), to direct
enfiler(French) to thread, to string, to slip on (clothes), to take (road), to insert
enfin(French) at last, finally, after all, well (in conclusion)
en flagrant délit(French) in the act, flagrante delicto (Latin)
enflammer(French) to set fire to, to inflame (medical)
enflé(French) swollen, a swelling of tone of a stringed instrument (the volume is increased and then decreased within a single bow stroke)
en flèche(French) at the head (of a literary or artistic movement, etc.)
enfler(French) to swell, to increase the tone
Enfleurage(English, German f.) a process in making perfume in which odourless fats or oils absorb the fragrance of fresh flowers
Enflure(French f.) swelling
Enfoncement de touche(French f.) on a keyboard instrument, key travel (the distance between a key's resting position and when it has been fully depressed)
enfoncer(French) push in, drive in, push down (hat), break down (door), thrust, put
en fonction de(French) according to
en forçant(French) or forcé (French), forced, forcing, sforzando (Italian), sforzato (Italian), stark hervergehoben (German)
en forma de canción(Spanish) song form
en forme de(French) in the shape of
enfouir(French) to bury
enfourcher(French) to mount
enfourner(French) to put in the oven
enfreindre(French) to infringe
en freinant(French) braking
en frôlant(French) stiped, touching lightly, strisciando (Italian), streifend (German)
enfumer(French) to fill with smoke