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Fafter Martin Falck, the cataloguer of music by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784)
or Fa (Fanna-Verzeichnis, after Antonio Fanna, the cataloguer of music by Antonio Vivaldi (1676-1741)
(Italian f.) or foro armonico (Italian m.) trou d'F (French m.) or ouïe (French f.) F-hole, soundhole (on a string-instrument), F-Loch (German n.) or Schallloch (German n.), f or sound hole(s) of instruments of the violin family, etc.
identifying works by Frescobaldi as listed in the Frescobaldi Thematic Catalogue Online
Fin music theory, designates an F-major triad
F, f
note F
(English, German n.) the fourth note (or subdominant) in the musical scale of C major; in 'fixed do' solfeggio the note called fa; also fa in Italian or French
fin music theory, designates an f-minor triad
f, f., ff, ff.abbreviation of 'following page(s)' (as in pp. 38f. which means 'pages 38 and one following' - i.e. pages 38 and 39, or pp 38ff. which means 'pages 38 and many following' - i.e. pages 38, 39 and so on)
F., f.abbreviated form of fine (Italian: end) and forte (Italian: loud)
f.abbreviation of 'folio', 'folios', Folio (German n.), 'feminine'
F3, F4, F5see 'clef'
Faor F, after Antonio Fanna, the cataloguer of music by Antonio Vivaldi (1676-1741)
note F
(French m., Italian m.) or fah (in English), in 'moveable-do' solfeggio, the fourth degree (subdominant) of the scale
in 'fixed do' solfeggio, the name of the note 'F'
fa(s)abbreviation of farsa(s) (Spanish)
note F
(Portuguese) the note 'F', the fourth note (or subdominant) in the musical scale of C major
Fa altrettanto(Italian) in a similar manner
Fa'atetea short Tahitian drum covered with a tight, single membrane. It is played with two sticks
Fabbro(Italian m.) blacksmith, Grobschmied (German m.), Hufschmied (German m.), Schmied (German m.)
Fabel (s.), Fabeln (pl.)(German f.) fable, tale, fairy tale
Fabeldichter (m.), Fabeldichterin (f.)(German) fabulist
fabelhaft(German) scrumptious (colloquial), scrumptiously (colloquial), fabulous, phenomenal, marvellous
Fabelhaftigkeit(German f.) scrumptiousness, fabulousness
Fabel in Versen(German f.) fable in verse
Fabelnsammlung(German f.) book of fables
Fabeltier(German n.) mythical creature
Fabelwesen(German n.) chimera (mythical), mythical creature, legendary creature, fabulous creature
Fa bémol
note F flat
(French m.) F flat, the flattened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fa bemolle
note F flat
(Italian m.) F flat, the flattened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fabergé-Ei(German n.) Fabergé egg
Fabianer(German pl.) Fabians
Fabianisten(German pl.) Fabians
Fabiansa British intellectual socialist movement, whose purpose is to advance the principles of social democracy via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary means
  • Fabians from which this short extract has been taken
Fablea tale, often featuring animal characters, told to illuminate a specific moral point, and often ending with a proverb, as for example those of Aesop
Fabliau (s.), Fabliaux (French pl.), Fablieaux (French pl.)(French, German n.) a comic, usually anonymous tale written by jongleurs, who traditionally wrote the story in octosyllabic couplets, in thirteenth-century northeast France. They are generally bawdy in nature, and several of them were reworked by Geoffrey Chaucer for his Canterbury Tales. Some 150 French fabliaux are extant depending on how narrowly fabliau is defined
  • Fabliau from which this short extract has been taken
Fabordón(Spanish) fauxbourdon (French)
Fabrik (s.), Fabriken (pl.)(German f.) mill, factory, manufactory, works, plant (factory)
Fabrikabgabepreis(German m.) selling price ex works, price ex factory
Fabrikangestellter(German m.) factory employee
Fabrikanlage(German f.) factory, plant (factory)
Fabrikant(German m.) factory owner, fabricant, maker, manufacturer
Fabrikantensohn(German m.) manufacturer's son
Fabrikarbeit(German f.) work in a factory, factory work
Fabrikarbeiter (m.), Fabrikarbeiterin (f.), Fabrikarbeiter (pl.)(German) factory worker, operative, blue-collar worker, factory employee, industrial worker, factory hand, factory girl (f.), factory woman (f.), workgirl (pl.)
Fabrikarzt (m.), Fabrikärztin (f.)(German) factory doctor, works doctor
Fabrikat(German n.) make, manufacture, brand
Fabrikation (s.), Fabrikationen (pl.)(German f.) manufacture, making, manufacturing
Fabrikationsanlagen(German pl.) plant facilities
Fabrikationsbetrieb(German m.) manufacturing company
Fabrikationsfehler(German m.) defect in manufacture, manufacturing-defective, flaw, manufacturing fault, manufacturing defect
Fabrikationsgeheimnis(German n.) industrial secret
Fabrikationsnummer(German f.) serial number
Fabrikationsstraße(German f.) assembly line
Fabrikbesitzer(German m.) factory owner
Fabriketage(German f.) factory floor
Fabrikgebäude(German n.) factory building, factory premises, factory site
Fabrikgrundstück(German n.) plant site, factory site
Fabrikhalle(German f.) factory building
Fabrikhilfsarbeiter(German m.) factory hand
Fabrikinspektor(German m.) factory inspector
Fabrikkollege(German m.) colleague at the factory, factory colleague
Fabrikladen(German m.) outlet
Fabrikleitung(German f.) factory management
Fabrikmädchen(German n.) factory-girl
fabrikmäßig hergestellt(German) factory-made
fabrikmäßig hergestellte Ware(German f.) manufactured goods
fabrikmäßig herstellen(German) to manufacture
fabrikneu(German) virgin (unused), brand-new
Fabrikraum(German m.) factory floor
Fabrikschornstein(German m.) industrial chimney, factory chimney, chimney stack (at a factory)
Fabriktor(German n.) factory gate
Fabrikverkauf(German m.) factory outlet
Fabrikware (s.), Fabrikwaren (pl.)(German f.) manufactured goods, factory goods
Fabrikwasserzeichen(German n.) maker's watermark
Fabrikwesen(German n.) manufacturing industry
Fabrikwesen(German n.) factory system
fabrizieren(German) to fabricate (to manufacture, to concoct lies, alibis, etc.), to manufacture, to make, to concoct
fabrizierend(German) manufacturing
fabriziert(German) manufactures, fabricated
fabrizierte(German) manufactured
fabulieren(German) to invent stories, to fabulate, to romance
fabulieren über(German) to romance about
fabuliert(German) invented stories
Fabulista person who tells or invents fables, a liar
fabulös(German) fabulous
Faburden(English, German m.) meaning 'false bass', a part added to a plainsong melody that moves at the same rate
a drone bass (e.g. as on a bagpipe or hurdy-gurdy) although the use of faburden in this sense has been questioned
a tenor part in a metrical psalm tune that carries the tune
a refrain to the verses of a song
a line added above the top part (also called a 'descant' or 'discant') although the use of faburden in this sense has been questioned
Faburdon(German m.) faburden
Façade(French f.) or façade d'orgue, the front of the organ chamber or case
(French f.) or façade d'honneur, the main front of a large building
an appearance of respectability that conceals unworthy motives
see 'Sitwell, Edith'
Faccende(Italian f. pl.) housework, Hausarbeit (German f.)
Faccia(Italian f.) face
faccia a faccia con(Italian) face to face with, nose to nose with, face-to-face with (idiomatic)
Facciata(Italian f.) façade, page
Faccia tosta(Italian f.) cheek
Facchinaggio(Italian m.) porterage
Facchino(Italian m.) porter, Portier (German m. - hotel porter/doorman), Schaffner (German m. - station porter), Pförtner (German m. - janitor/porter/doorkeeper)
Facethe large surface area of an electric guitar generally regarded as the "front" of the instrument, the surface to which the sides, fretboard, and neck are attached, which is the principal source of a guitar's amplified tone (especially one fitted with piezo and contact pickups)
Face-à-main(French f.) an eye-glass with a folding handle, a lorgnette
Face, ensee en face
Face framethe front facing of a cabinet typically constructed of hardwood. The vertical pieces, called stiles, and the horizontal pieces, called rails, reinforce the cabinet structure and provide mounting support for doors and drawers
Facelift(English, German n.) plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from the face
Facelifting(German n.) face lifting, acelift
Face-Lifting(German n.) face lifting
facendo una riverenza(Italian) curtseying, knicksend (German)
Faces d'un accord(French f. pl.) positions of a chord, for example, root position, first inversion, etc.
Facetiae(Latin) jokes, witticisms, short humorous paragraphs
a bookseller's term for obscene or humorous books
Face-to-Face-Kommunikation(German f.) face-to-face communication
Facette (s.), Facetten (pl.)(German f.) facet
Facettenauge(German n.) compound eye
facettenreich(German) multifarious, multifaceted, multi-faceted
facettiert(German) faceted
facettierter Glasstein(German m.) faceted glass stone
Face veneerthe outer veneer on a piece of plywood
-fach(German) -fold, ... times (suffix)
Fach(German n.) panel, shelf, pocket, case, subject (of study, of expertise), compartment, discipline, field (of study), line (of business), trade (profession)
(German n.) vocal fach, voice type
(German n.) fold, as in zweifach to mean 'two-fold', ranks (in organ specifications, thus, Cornet, fünf-fach, cornet, five ranks)
Fach-(German) technical (prefix)
Fachabitur(German n.) vocational baccalaureate diploma, Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education
Fachabteilung(German f.) (specialist) department, speciality department
Fachanalyse(German f.) technical analysis
Fachanwalt(German m.) specialist solicitor
Facharbeit(German f.) skilled work, skilled labour
Facharbeiter (m.), Facharbeiterin (f.), Facharbeiter (pl.), Facharbeiterinnen ( skilled worker, craftsman, craftswoman, skilled labour, skilled tradesman, skilled trade worker
Facharbeiterbrief(German m.) certificate of proficiency, craft certificate, trade proficiency certificate
Fachartikel(German m.) professional article
Facharzt (m.), Fachärztin (f.), Fachärzte (pl.)(German) specialist, consultant
Facharztausbildung(German f.) residency (medicine)
Facharzt für Allergien(German m.) allergist
Facharzt für Augenchirurgie(German m.) consultant ophthalmic surgeon
Facharzt für Chirurgie(German m.) consultant surgeon
Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde(German m.) gynaecologist
Facharzt für Gerichtsmedizin(German m.) coroner
Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie(German m.) plastic surgeon
Facharzt für Psychiatrie(German m.) consultant psychiatrist, psychiatric consultant
fachärztliche Versorgung(German f.) specialist medical care
Fachausbildung(German f.) special training, professional training, technical education, technical training
Fachausdruck (s.), Fachausdrücke (pl.)(German m.) technical term, specialist term, technicality (technical expression), nomenclature (pl.), terminology (pl.)
Fachausschuss(German m.) technical committee
Fachbauleiter(German m.) specialist engineer
Fachbegriff (s.), Fachbegriffe (pl.)(German m.) technical term, term
Fachberater (m.), Fachberaterin (f.), Fachberater (pl.)(German) technical adviser, consultant, expert adviser, professional adviser
Fachberatung bieten (s.), Fachberatungen bieten (pl.)(German) to provide expert service (s.), to provide expert services (pl.)
Fachbereich(German m.) faculty, department, school, area of studies
Fachbereichsleiter(German m.) unit manager, (team) supervisor, team manager
Fachbereichssekretärin(German f.) faculty secretary (female)
Fachbesucher (s.), Fachbesucher (pl.)(German m.) qualified visitor
Fachbetrieb(German m.) specialised company
Fachbezeichnung(German f.) nomenclature
fachbezogen(German) specialised
Fachbibliothek(German f.) technical library, special library
Fachblatt(German n.) specialist magazine, professional magazine, trade journal, professional journal
Fachbuch (s.), Fachbücher (pl.)(German n.) specialist book, reference book, textbook
Fachbücherei(German f.) specialist bookshop
Fachbuchhandlung(German f.) specialist bookshop
Fachchinesisch(German n.) technical jargon, gobbledygook (colloquial: technical jargon)
fachdidaktisch(German) subject-didactic
Fachdienst (s.), Fachdienste (pl.)(German m.) special service
Fachée(French f.) see 'Angrismene, the'
Fächeln(German n.) fanning
fächeln(German) to fan
fächelnd(German) fanning
fächelt(German) fans
fächelte(German) fanned
Fachen(German n.) doubling-folding
Fächer(German) the collective characteristic of singers as classified using the Fach system
Fächer (s./pl.)(German m.) fan
Fächer der philosophischen Fakultät(German pl.) the humanities
Fächerbesen(German m.) wire rake, fan rake
Fächerecholot(German n.) multi-beam echo sounder, multibeam echosounder
fächerförmig(German) fan-shaped, lamellate
Fächergewölbe(German n.) fan vault, fan vaulting
Fächergruppe(German f.) subject group
Fächerkrümmer(German m.) header
fächern(German) to fan (out)
Fächerschale(German f.) compartmented tray
Fächerscheibe(German f.) fan washer, serrated lock washer
Fächertanz(German m.) fan dance
fächerübergreifend(German) interdisciplinary
Fächerung(German f.) diversity
Fachfirma(German f.) specialist company, specialist firm
Fachfrau(German f.) person skilled in the art (female), specialist (female), expert (female)
Fachgebiet (s.), Fachgebiete (pl.)(German n.) specialist area, specialism, area of studies, field, subject, subject area, subject group, speciality, area of expertise, field of expertise, province (figurative: area of knowledge), branch (area of knowledge)
fachgebundene Hochschulreife(German f.) subject-linked university entrance qualification
Fachgelehrter(German m.) pundit
fachgemäß(German) skilled, professional, expert, specialist, expertly, competent
fachgemäß und mit der erforderlichen Sorgfalt(German) with due skill, care and diligence
fachgemäßer(German) more competent
fachgemäßeste(German) most competent
fachgerecht(German) skilled, professional, competent, workmanlike
Fachgeschäft(German n.) specialized dealer, one-line business, one-line shop, speciality shop, specialist shop
Fachgespräch(German n.) shop talk, technical discussion
fach getheilt(German) divisi (as in 4 fach getheilt, 4-part divisi)
Fachgruppe(German f.) professional group
Fachgutachten(German n.) expert opinion
Fachhandel(German m.) specialised trade, specialist shops
Fachhandel für ...(German m.) dealer specialising in ...
Fachhändler(German m.) stockist, specialist supplier, specialist retailer
Fachhochschule(German f.) polytechnic, college, senior technical college, university of applied sciences
Fachhochschulreife(German f.) advanced technical certificate (college)
Fachidiot(German m.) idiot savant (colloquial)
Fachinformatiker(German m.) IT specialist
Fachinformation(German f.) expert information
Fachjargon(German m.) lingo, trade language, technical jargon, vernacular (jargon)
Fachjargon der Kaufleute(German n.) commercialese
Fachjournal(German n.) professional journal
Fachjournalist(German m.) specialised journalist
Fachkenntnis (s.), Fachkenntnisse (pl.)(German f.) expertise, expert knowledge, specialised knowledge, know-how, knowledge, technical know-how, technical knowledge
Fachklinikum(German m.) specialist clinical centre
Fachkompetenz(German f.) functional responsibility, professional competence
Fachkönnen(German n.) skill
Fachkraft (s.), Fachkräfte (pl.)(German f.) skilled employee, specialist, professional, trained assistant, qualified employee
Fachkräftemangel(German m.) shortage of skilled workers
Fachkreis (s.), Fachkreise (pl.)(German m.) circle of experts
Fachkunde(German f.) skills, vocational studies
fachkundig(German) competent, expert, learned
fachkundige Beratung(German f.) expert advice, professional advice
fachkundige Geschäftsführung(German f.) professional management
Fachkundiger(German m.) connoisseur, expert
fachkundiger(German) more expert
fachkundigste(German) most expert
Fachlehrer(German m.) specialist subject teacher
Fachleute(German pl.) specialists, experts, professionals, peers (superior in knowledge or experience)
Fachleute einsetzen(German) to appoint experts
Fachleute im Gesundheitswesen(German pl.) health professionals
fachlich(German) technical, functional, subject-specific
fachlich erfahren(German) skilled
fachliche Ausbildung(German f.) technical training
fachliche Kompetenz(German f.) professional competence
fachliche Qualifikation(German f.) professionalism, technical qualification
fachliche Zuständigkeit(German f.) functional responsibility
fachlicher(German) more professional
fachlicher Leiter(German m.) technical manager
fachlichste(German) most professional
Fachliteratur(German f.) technical literature, specialist literature, trade literature, professional literature
Fachmagazin(German n.) specialist magazine
Fachmann(German m.) technician, professional, specialist, authority, expert, practitioner, person skilled in the art
fachmännisch(German) workmanlike, professional, expert, expertly, specialist, competent
Fachmesse(German f.) trade fair, trade show
Fachmonteur(German m.) qualified technician, professional technician
Fachoberschule(German f.) College of Further Education, technical secondary school, vocationally-oriented upper secondary school
Fachobmann(German m.) head of department
Fachpersonal(German n.) qualified personnel, technical staff, trained personnel, professionals
Fachpresse(German f.) trade press, specialist press
Fachprüfung(German f.) subject examination
Fachpublikationen(German pl.) professional publications
Fachrechnen(German n.) applied mathematics
Fachreferat(German n.) subject specialisation
Fachreferent(German m.) subject specialist
Fachrichtung(German f.) subject area, field, branch of ..., subject, speciality
Fachschulbildung(German f.) technical training
Fachschule (s.), Fachschulen (pl.)(German f.) technical college, professional school
Fachschule für Maschinenbau(German f.) engineering school
Fachschulreife(German f.) entrance qualification for a technical college
Fachschulung(German f.) technical training
Fachsimpelei(German f.) shoptalk
fachsimpeln(German) to talk shop
Fachsortiment(German n.) specialised range of products
fachspezifisch(German) specialist, technical (problems, vocabulary)
Fachsprache(German f.) special language, technical terminology, jargon, lingo, nomenclatures, professional jargon, technical language, language for special purposes, terminology, vernacular (jargon)
fachsprachlich(German) technical, in technical terminology, technically speaking (in technical language)
fachsprachliche Kompetenz(German f.) specialised language competence
fachsprachlicher Charakter(German m.) technicality (of book, text, style)
fachsprachliche Sprachgewohnheit(German f.) technical parlance
Fachstudium(German n.) professional studies
Fach systemor Stimmfach (German: vocal category), where the German Fach (pl. Fächer) system is a method of classifying singers, primarily opera singers, by the range, weight, and color of their voices. It is used primarily in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries and in repertory opera houses
  • Fach from which this short extract has been taken
Fachtagung(German f.) conference of experts, symposium
Fachterminologie(German f.) professional terminology, technical terminology
Fachterminus(German m.) specialist term, technical term
Fachthema(German n.) specialist subject
fachübergreifend(German) interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary
Fachübersetzer (m.), Fachübersetzerin (f.)(German) specialist translator
Fachübersetzung(German f.) technical translation
Fachunternehmen(German n.) specialized enterprise, expert company
Fachverband(German m.) trade association, professional association
Fachverlag(German m.) specialist publisher
Fachvokabel(German f.) technical term
Fachwahl(German f.) subject choice
Fachwerk-(German) timber-framed, half-timbered (prefix)
Fachwerk(German n.) frame-work, timber framework, timber framing, wooden framework, framework
Fachwerkbau(German m.) half-timbered building
Fachwerkhaus(German n.) half-timbered house, half-timber house
Fachwerkträger(German m.) truss
Fachwirt (m.), Fachwirtin (f.)(German) business administrator
Fachwissen(German n.) specialised knowledge, know how, expert knowledge, knowledge, know-how, specialist knowledge, professional knowledge
Fachwissenschaft(German f.) scientific discipline
Fachwissenschaftler(German m.) expert scientist
Fachwort(German n.) technical term
Fachwörterbuch(German n.) special dictionary, specialist dictionary, technical dictionary
Fachwortschatz(German m.) terminology
Fachzeichnen(German n.) technical drawing
Fachzeitschrift (s.), Fachzeitschriften (pl.)(German f.) professional journal, trade journal, periodical, journal, technical journal, technical magazine, specialist journal, trade magazine
Faciasee fascia
Facies (s./pl.)(English, German f.) (in medicine) distinctive facial expressions associated with specific medical conditions
Fácil(Spanish) easy, likely, easygoing
facile(Italian) easy, likely, ready
(French) easy, easy going, compliant, easily influenced
(English) easily achieved but of little value, glib, fluent
facile à savoir(French) easy to ascertain
facilement(French) easily, fluently, effortlessly
facilemente(Italian) easily, fluently, effortlessly
facile princeps(Latin) easily first, the acknowledged leader
Facilità(Italian f.) ease, fluency, facility
(Italian f.) simplification, as, form example, applied to an alternative score or score line which is technically less demanding
Facilité(French f.) ease, fluency, facility
(French f.) simplification, as, form example, applied to an alternative score or score line which is technically less demanding
facilmente(Spanish) easily, fluently, effortlessly
facinoroso(Italian) violent
Fackel (s.), Fackeln (pl.)(German f.) flambeau, torch, brand (firebrand), cresset
fackelähnlich(German) torchlike
fackelbeleuchtet(German) torch-lit
fackeln(German) to shilly-shally, to dither (to be indecisive)
Fackelschein (s.), Fackelscheine (pl.)(German m.) torchlight, torch light
Fackeltanz(German m.) a 'torch dance', a kind of polonaise, associated particularly with German royal weddings
"Nor do I remember seeing Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) at any of the festivities attending the marriage of the present Emperor William, who was then merely the son of the crown prince. One reason for his absence, perhaps, was his reluctance to take part in the Fackeltanz, a most curious survival. In this ceremony, the ministers of Prussia, in full gala dress, with flaring torches in their hands, precede the bride or the groom, as the case may be, as he or she solemnly marches around the great white hall of the palace, again and again, to the sound of solemn music. The bride first goes to the foot of the throne, and is welcomed by the Emperor, who gravely leads her once around the hall, and then takes his seat. The groom then approaches the throne, and invites the Empress to march solemnly around the room with him in the same manner, and she complies with his request. Then the bride takes the royal prince next in importance, who, in this particular case, happened to be the Prince of Wales, at present King Edward VII; the groom, the next princess; and so on, until each of the special envoys from the various monarchs of Europe has gone through this solemn function. So it is that the ministers, some of them nearly eighty years of age, march around the room perhaps a score of times; and it is very easy to understand that Bismarck preferred to avoid such an ordeal"
Fackelträger (s./pl.)(German m.) torch bearer, torchbearer, torch-bearer
Fackelzug(German m.) torchlight procession
Facolta(Italian f.) faculty, power
facoltativo(Italian) optional
facoltoso(Italian) wealthy
Façon(French f.) way, cut (of clothes)
Façon de parler(French f.) a manner of speaking, something said more for effect than for sincerity
Façon de jouer (s.), Façons de jouer (pl.)(French f.) modo di suonare (Italian s.), modi di suonare (Italian pl.) playing technique (s.), playing techinques (pl.), Spielart (German f.), Spielarten (German pl.)
faconieren(German - Austria) to trim (hair, eyebrows)
façonné(French) (a fabric) woven with a design made up of small regular figures
façonner(French) to shape, to make
Façons(French f. pl.) fuss
facs.abbreviation of 'facsimile(s)'
Facsimileorioginally fac simile or fac-simile, an edition that consists of an exact (for example, photographic) reproduction of an original source, either in manuscript or published
Facsimile reprintas defined by Robert Spencer: "a copy of the original printed (or manuscript) music, which can be reproduced by photography, photocopy (xerox), photo-lithography or electronic scanning, depending on the detail required and how much we are prepared to pay. The producers of these facsimiles should state the location of the copy used and take infinite pains to select a complete and clear original. If the reprint has been retouched in any way there must be a full confession. Too many of those printed in the past have been touched up without confession, been difficult to read, or even incomplete."
Facteur(French m.) postman, factor (an element)
Facteur de piano(French m.) pianomaker
Facteur d'orgue(French m.) organ builder
factice(French) artificial
Facticité(French f.) facticity
Facticityfacticité (French f.), Faktizität (German f.), a term with a multiplicity of meanings from "factuality" and "contingency" to the intractable conditions of human existence
Factory outleta shop specialising in the sale of the products of a particular factory
Factory-Outlet(German n.) factory outlet
Factoryoutlet(German n.) factory outlet
Factotum(Latin) a Jack-of-all-trades, a servant who can turn his hand to any task
Facture(French f.) the design or plan of a composition
(French f.) the dimensions or scale of the pipes in an organ
(French f.) bill, invoice
facturer(French) to invoice
facultatif (m.), facultative (f.)(French) optional
Faculté(French f.) faculty, power (possibility)
fad(German) stalely, undistinctive, undynamic, vapid, vapidly, stuffy, insipidly, soggy (dull), stale (food), boring (Austria, Southern Germany)
Fädchen(German n.) thread (short, thin)
Fad dancesdances characterized by a short burst of popularity, while 'Novelty dances' typically have a longer-lasting popularity based on their being characteristically humourous or humour-invoking, as well as the sense of uniqueness which they have
Faddingan Irish dance of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Fadein audio engineering, a fade is a gradual increase or decrease in the level of an audio signal. The term can also be used for lighting in theatre. The term fade is also used in multi-speaker audio systems to describe the balancing of power between front and rear channels
fade(French) insipid
(German) insipid, tastelessly, commonplace, dismal, trite, tasteless, flavourless, dull, bland, jejune (dull), tame (unexciting)
fädeln(German) to thread
fädelte ein(German) threaded
Fädelung(German f.) wire wrap
Faden (s.), Fäden (pl.)(German m.) filament, twine, thread (also figurative), strand (thread), clue, fathom, suture, crosshair, stitch
Fadenabschneider(German m.) thread cutter
Fadenbruch(German m.) cord breakage, thread breakage (sewing)
Faden der Geschichte(German m.) clue of the story
fadenförmig(German) filamentous, filiform
Fadenknäuel(German n.) clew of thread
Fadenkreuz(German n.) crosshairs (telescopic sight), reticle (in an optical instrument)
Fadenlauf(German m.) grain, texture, weave, run of thread
Fadennetz(German n.) reticle
Fadennudeln(German pl.) vermicelli
Fadenriss(German m.) thread breakage
Fadenrolle(German f.) reel (for thread, etc.)
fadenscheinig(German) threadbare, threadbarely, specious, cardboard (figurative), sleazy, shabby, raddled, spurious (argument), flimsy (argument), fragile (excuse)
fadenscheinige Ausrede(German f.) flimsy excuse, shabby excuse
fadenscheinige Person(German f.) specious person
fadenscheiniger(German) more threadbare
fadenscheiniges Argument(German n.) specious argument
Fadenscheinigkeit(German f.) flimsiness, threadbareness
fadenscheinigste(German) most threadbare
Fadensonde(German f.) telltale
Fadenspannung(German f.) thread tension (sewing machine)
Fadenspiel(German n.) cat's cradle
Fadenspinnerei(German f.) thread mill
Fadenstärke(German f.) denier
Fadenzahl(German f.) thread count
Fadenzähler(German m.) linen tester (magnifier), magnifying glass, thread counting glass (textile production), thread counter (textile production)
Fadenzieher(German m.) snag
Fader(English, German m.) any device used for fading, especially when it is a knob or button that slides along a track or slot. A knob which rotates is usually not considered a fader, although it is electrically and functionally equivalent. A fader can be either analogue, directly controlling the resistance or impedance to the source (e.g. a Potentiometer); or digital, numerically controlling a digital signal processor (DSP)
fader(German) soppier (colloquial), more tasteless
Fadesse(German f.) boredom
fadeste(German) most tasteless, soppiest (colloquial)
fade Unterhaltung(German f.) stuffy conversation
Fadheit(German f.) vapidness, blandness, banality, tastelessness, vapidity
Fa dièse
note F sharp
(French) F sharp, fa diesis (Italian), Fis (German), fa dièse (French), the sharpened fourth degree of the scale of C major, which in 'fixed do' solfeggio is called fi
Fa dièse majeur
key of F sharp major(French m.) the key of 'F sharp major'
scale of F sharp minor
the scale of 'F sharp major'
Fa dièse mineur
key of F sharp minor(French m.) the key of 'F sharp minor'
Fadingan Irish dance of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Fadinhosee fado
Fadistaa woman who sings fado
Fado(English, German m., from Portuguese, literally 'fate') or fadinho, a type of Portuguese song and dance to guitar accompaniment dating from the 1820s, the outcome of the fandango meeting the Brazilian dances fofa and lundu in eighteenth-century Lisbon. In the words of Jose Ramos Tinhorao, "in the nineteenth century, fado was to undergo a transformation, moving out of taverns and into the halls, to become a song."
Fado de Coimbraa genre of fado originating in the city of Coimbra, Portugal
Fa doppio bemolle
note F double flat
(Italian m.) F double flat, the doubly flattened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fa doppio diesis
note F double sharp
(Italian m.) F double sharp, the doubly sharpened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fa double bémol
note F double flat
(French m.) F double flat, the doubly flattened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fa double dièse
note F double sharp
(French m.) F double sharp, the doubly sharpened fourth degree of the scale of C major
Fa feint(French, literally 'feigned fa') notes lowered a semitone by a flat were so called in medieval theory. So flattening B, the resultant B flat will bear the same relationship to A as F (fa) to E (mi)
Fa fictum(Latin) see fa feint
Fa fintosee fa feint
Fag.abbreviated form of fagotto (Italian m.: bassoon), Fagott (German n.: bassoon), fagot (Spanish m.: bassoon)
Faggio(Italian m.) beech (tree)
Faggiolo(Italian) flauto piccolo, petite flûte à bec, flageoloet
Fagiano(Italian m.) pheasant
Fagot(French m. Dutch, Spanish m.) bassoon, fagotto (Italian m.), Fagott (German n.), basson (French m.)
(Spanish m./f.) a bassoon player
(French m.) bundle of firewood
Fagote(Portuguese) bassoon
fagoter(French) to rig out (familiar)
Fagot ruso(Spanish m.) Russian bassoon, upright serpent, ophibaryton (French m.), basson russe (French m.)
Fagott (s.), Fagotte (pl.)(German n.) in the organ, a reed stop of the oboe family
(German n.) bassoon, fagotto (Italian m.), basson (French m.), fagot (Spanish m.)
Fagotti(Italian m. pl.) plural form of fagotto (Italian m.: bassoon)
Fagottina(Italian) a small bassoon sounding a fifth higher than the standard bassoon
Fagottino(Italian m.) soprano bassoon, pitched a fifth higher that the standard bassoon, although the term is sometimes applied to a basson one oactave above the standard instrument
on the various unusual sizes of Fagott : the Quintfagott is a fifth higher as the bassoon is, so an instrument "in c" with as the lowest note an F. The Quartfagott is, an instrument in b-flat going down to G, a fourth above the bassoon. Confusing can be that also a Quintbassfagott and a Quartbassfagott did exist, a fifth and a fourth lower than the regular bassoon. And then we had the Tenoroon or Octavfagott or Fagottino, one octave above the bassoon, and the Contrafagott one octave below
[information taken from the Contrabass-list 2 Jan 1998 Vol 1 No. 80]
Fagottist (m.), Fagottistin (f.)(German) bassoon player
Fagottista(Italian m./f.) a bassoon player
Fagottkonzert(German n.) bassoon concerto
Fagotto (s.), Fagotti (pl.)(Italian m., literally 'bundle') bassoon, Fagott (German n.), basson (French m.), fagot (Spanish m.)
(Italian) also called Bassoon, a soft reed stop on the organ, 8 ft. pitch on the manual and 16 ft. pitch on the pedal
Fagottone(Italian) double-bassoon, contra-bassoon
Fagottspiel(German n.) bassoon playing
Fagottzug(German m., literally 'bassoon stop') an organ reed-stop
a harpsichord stop
Fahsee fa
Faha'i-ula(Tongan, literally 'split dance') or faha'iula, alternative name for the ula
Fah clefsee 'clef (sign)'
Fähe(German f.) female fox, female wolf, female ferret, female badger, vixen, jill (female animal)
fähig(German) able, capable, apt, competent, accomplished (player, etc.)
...fähig(German) ...-enabled (for example, web-enabled)
fähiger(German) abler, more capable, more able
fähiger Lehrer(German m.) capable teacher
fähiger Mann(German m.) man of ability
fähiger Musiker(German m.) skilled musician
Fähigkeit (s.), Fähigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) ability, capability, faculty, feature, accomplishment, competence, competency, power, proficiency, property, skill, aptitude, capacity (ability)
Fähigkeiten {pl} eines großen Staatsmannes(German pl.) qualities of a good statesman
Fähigkeiten entwickeln und anpassen(German) to develop and adapt skills
Fähigkeit nachzuahmen(German f.) imitativeness
Fähigkeit, sich gut auszudrücken(German f.) articulateness
Fähigkeit sich zu beteiligen(German f.) capacity to participate
Fähigkeit zu diskutieren(German f.) dialectic
Fähigkeit zu lernen(German f.) ability to learn
Fähigkeit zu lesen und zu schreiben(German f.) literacy
Fähigkeit zum Mitdenken(German f.) ability to think for oneself
Fähigkeit zur Einsicht(German f.) capacity to understand
fähig sein zu(German) to be capable of
fähig sein, ... zu tun(German) to be enabled to do ...
fähig, sich zusammenzuziehen(German) contractile
fähigste(German) ablest, most able
fähig zu erfassen(German) appreciative
fahl(German) livid (ashen), sallow, pale, wan, wanly, pallid
fahle Farbe(German f.) sallowness
fahler(German) paler
Fahlheit(German f.) sallowness, lividity, lividness
fahlste(German) palest
Fähnchen(German n., literally 'small flag') the flag attached to the tail of a note to show its duration, for example, one flag for a quaver (eighth note), two flags for a semiquaver (sixteenth note), etc.
(German n.) skimpy dress
fahnden(German) to search
Fahnder(German m.) searcher
Fahndung(German f.) search, tracing, manhunt
Fahndungs-(German) wanted (prefix)
Fahndungsliste(German f.) wanted list
Fahndungsplakat(German n.) wanted poster, reward poster
Fahndungssystem(German n.) search facility
Fahne (s.), Fahnen (pl.)(German f.) a flag, a banner, a ensign (flag), a standard (banner), a rag, a galley (in typography), lug (attachment point), streak (in a video picture)
(German f., literally 'flag') the flag attached to the tail of a note to show its duration, for example, one flag for a quaver (eighth note), two flags for a semiquaver (sixteenth note), etc.
(German f.) smell of booze (on the breath)
Fahnenabzug(German m.) or Korrekturfahne (German f.), galleyproof (typography)
Fahnenappell(German m.) flag raising or flag lowering ceremony
Fahnenappell(German m.) flag ceremony
Fahneneid(German m.) oath of allegiance, soldier's oath
Fahnenflucht(German f.) desertion
Fahnenflüchtiger(German m.) deserter
fahnenflüchtig werden(German) to desert
Fahnengeschwenke(German n.) flag waving
Fahnenkunde(German f.) vexillology (the scholarly study of flags)
Fahnenmarsch(German m.) the march, or tune, that is played to accompany the lodging of the colours
Fahnenmast (s.), Fahnenmasten (pl.)(German m.) flagpole, flagstaff, flag staff
Fahnenschwenker(German m.) flag-waver, flag throwing, flag thrower
Fahnenstange (s.), Fahnenstangen (pl.)(German f.) flagstaff, flag staff, flagpole, shaft of a flag
Fahnenträger (m.), Fahnenträgerin (f.)(German) banner-bearer, standard bearer, flag bearer, flagbearer
Fahnentuch(German n.) bunting
Fahnenweihe(German f.) consecration of the flag
Fähnlein(German n.) bannerette, pennon
Fähnrich(German m.) cadet, ensign
Fähnrich zur See(German m.) petty officer, midshipman
Fahr-(German) driving (prefix)
fahren(German) to go
Fahranfänger(German m.) new driver
Fahranweisungen(German pl.) driving instructions
Fahrausweis(German m.) driving licence
Fahrbahn(German f.) lane, roadway, carriageway, lane of traffic
Fahrbahnbeleuchtung(German f.) roadway illumination, roadway lighting
Fahrbahngeräusch(German n.) road noise
Fahrbahnhöcker(German m.) speed bump, road hump
Fahrbahnmarkierung(German f.) road marking
Fahrbahnrand(German m.) roadside
Fahrbahnschwelle(German f.) sleeping policeman (colloquial)
Fahrbahnseite(German f.) side of the road
fahrbar(German) navigable, rideable, wheeled, mobile
fahrbare Bibliothek(German f.) mobile library, travelling library
fahrbare Krankentrage(German f.) hospital trolley
fahrbare Verkaufsstätte(German f.) mobile shop
fahrbarer(German) more travelling
fahrbares Gerät(German n.) mobile unit
fahrbares Stativ(German n.) mobile stand
fahrbarste(German) most travelling
fahrbereit(German) ready to start, in running condition
Fahrbereitschaft(German f.) motor pool
Fährbetrieb(German m.) ferry service
Fahrbetrieb(German m.) amusement ride
Fahrbibliothek(German f.) mobile library, travelling library
Fährboot(German n.) ferry boat, ferryboat
Fahrbücherei(German f.) circulating library
Fährbuchung(German f.) ferry booking
Fahrdamm(German m.) causeway, dyke (causeway)
Fährdienst(German m.) ferry service
Fahrdienstleiter (m.), Fahrdienstleiterin (f.)(German) dispatcher
Fahrdraht(German m.) catenary wire, contact wire, trolley wire
fahrdynamisch(German) dynamic (driving, handling)
Fähre (s.), Fähren (pl.)(German f.) ferry, ferry boat, trail bridge
Fahreignung(German f.) driving ability
Fahren(German n.) driving, travel
fahren(German) to navigate, to ride, to drive, to go (by vehicle), to chauffeur, to run (buses, trains, etc.)
Fahren auf der Autobahn(German n.) motorway driving
fahrend(German) carting, driving, travelling (form of life), vagrant (dated)
Fahrende(German pl.) travellers (vagrant peoples), vagrant peoples, vagrants (dated)
fahrender Gesell(German m.) travelling journeyman (dated)
fahrender Händler(German m.) pedlar
fahrender Musikant (m.), fahrende Musikantin (f.)(German) touring minstrel
fahrender Ritter(German m.) knight errant, knight-errant
fahrendes Volk(German n.) travelling people, wandering people
Fahrenheitskala(German f.) Fahrenheit scale (temperature scale)
Fahren mit hoher Geschwindigkeit(German n.) high speed driving
Fahren ohne Führerschein(German n.) driving without a licence
Fahren ohne Licht(German n.) driving without lights
Fahren ohne Luft(German n.) running flat
Fahrensmann(German m., dated) seafarer, seafaring man
Fahren trotz Fahrverbots(German n.) driving while banned
Fahren unter Alkohol(German n.) driving under the influence of alcohol
Fahren unter Alkoholeinfluss(German n.) driving under the influence of alcohol
fahren zwischen(German) to ply between
Fahrer (m.), Fahrerin (f.), Fahrer (pl.)(German) driver, conductor (bus), chauffeur (m.), rider (motorcycle), chauffeuse (f.)
fahrerbezogen(German) driver-related
Fahrerflucht(German f.) hit and run
Fahrerhaus(German n.) driver's cab
Fahrerlaubnis(German f.) driving licence
Fahrerseite(German f.) driver's side, offside
Fahrersitz(German m.) driver's seat, dickey (driver's seat on a carriage)
Fahrertür(German f.) driver's door
Fahrerwechsel(German m.) change of driver
Fähre zwischen den Inseln(German f.) interisland ferry
Fahrgast (s.), Fahrgäste (pl.)(German m.) passenger, fare (passenger in a taxi)
Fahrgastbetreuung(German f.) passenger service
Fahrgäste aufnehmen(German) to pick up passengers
fahrgastfreundlich(German) passenger-friendly
Fahrgastraum(German m.) passenger compartment
Fahrgastsitz(German m.) passenger seat
Fahrgastzelle(German f.) passenger cabin
Fahrgeld (s.), Fahrgelder (pl.)(German n.) fare, coach fare
Fahrgelder einnehmen(German) to collect fares
Fahrgeld für Bootsfahrt(German n.) boatage
Fahrgemeinschaft(German f.) car pool, car sharing, carpool
Fahrgeräusch(German n.) road noise
Fahrgeschäft(German n.) (funfair) ride, fairground ride, carnival ride
Fahrgeschäft mit Nervenkitzel(German n.) thrill ride
Fahrgeschwindigkeit(German f.) driving speed, vehicle speed
Fahrgestell (s.), Fahrgestelle (pl.)(German n.) chassis, carriage (train), landing gear (aircraft)
Fährhafen(German m.) ferry terminal, ferry port
fahrig(German) erratic, nervous, agitated (movements)
fahriger(German) more erratic
Fahrigkeit(German f.) nervousness
fahrigste(German) most erratic
Fahrkarte (s.), Fahrkarten (pl.)(German f.) ticket, train ticket
Fahrkarte erster Klasse(German f.) first-class ticket
Fahrkarte für den ganzen Bezirk(German f.) rover ticket
Fahrkarte für mehrere Fahrten(German f.) multi-journey ticket
Fahrkarte nach London(German f.) ticket for London
Fahrkarten zum ermäßigten Preis(German pl.) tickets at reduced fare
Fahrkarten zwicken(German) to clip tickets
Fahrkarte zum verbilligten Tarif(German f.) cheap fare
Fahrkartenausgabe(German f.) ticket office
Fahrkartenautomat(German m.) ticket machine
Fahrkartenkontrolleur(German m.) ticket collector
Fahrkartenlocher(German m.) clipper, ticket punch
Fahrkartenschaffner(German m.) ticket collector
Fahrkartenschalter(German m.) booking office, ticket office, ticket window
Fahrkartenverkäufer (m.), Fahrkartenverkäuferin (f.)(German) ticket agent, ticket office clerk
Fahrkomfort(German m.) ride comfort, travel comfort
Fahrkorb(German m.) car
Fahrkosten(German pl.) travelling costs, travel costs
Fahrkünste(German pl.) driving skills
fahrlässig(German) careless, negligent
fahrlässig handeln(German) to act carelessly, to act negligently
fahrlässige Aufgabe(German f.) reckless abandoment
fahrlässige Handlung(German f.) negligent act
fahrlässige Tötung(German f.) (involuntary) manslaughter, involuntary homicide
fahrlässiger Verzug(German m.) laches
fahrlässigerweise(German) by carelessness
fahrlässiges Fahren(German n.) careless driving
fahrlässiges Verhalten(German n.) negligence
Fahrlässigkeit(German f.) negligence, carelessness, act of negligence
Fahrlehrer (s./pl.)(German m.) driving instructor
Fahrleine(German f.) driving reins (carriage)
Fahrleistung (s.), Fahrleistungen (pl.)(German f.) mileage, driving performance, road performance
Fahrleitung(German f.) overhead contact line, trolley system, overhead line, overhead-contact system, catenary
Fährleute(German pl.) watermen
Fährmann (s.), Fährmänner (pl.)(German m.) ferryman, waterman
Fahrmischer(German m.) ready-mix truck, concrete mixer
Fährnis (s.), Fährnisse (pl.)(German f.) danger
Fahrpedal(German n.) accelerator pedal, accelerator (foot pedal)
Fahrplan (s.), Fahrpläne (pl.)(German m.) time table, time-table, timetable, railway schedule, roadmap, schedule, road map
Fahrplanänderung(German f.) alteration in the time-table, change in the timetable
Fahrplanauskunft(German f.) timetable information
Fahrplanbuch(German n.) timetable (in book form)
fahrplanmäßig(German) scheduled, on schedule
fahrplanmäßiger Zug(German m.) regular train
Fahrplantabelle(German f.) timetable
Fahrplantreue(German f.) timekeeping (keeping to the timetable)
Fahrplanwechsel(German m.) change in the timetable
Fahrpraxis(German f.) driving experience
Fahrpreis (s.), Fahrpreise (pl.)(German m.) fare, bus fare
Fahrpreiserhöhung(German f.) fare increase
Fahrpreisverzeichnis(German n.) tariff of fares
Fahrpreiszone(German f.) fare
Fahrprüfer(German m.) driving examiner
Fahrprüfung(German f.) driving test
Fahrrad (s.), Fahrräder (pl.)(German n.) bicycle, cycle (bicycle), push bike (colloquial), pushbike (colloquial)
Fahrrad für Lieferungen(German n.) delivery bicycle
Fahrrad mit 10-Gang-Schaltung(German n.) ten-speed bicycle
Fahrrad mit Hilfsmotor(German n.) motor-assisted pedal cycle
Fahrrad fahren(German) to ride a bicycle, to bike (colloquial: to cycle)
Fahrradanhänger(German m.) bicycle trailer, cycle trailer, bike trailer
Fahrradaufbewahrung(German f.) bicycle storage
Fahrradausflug(German m.) bicycle trip, bike trip
Fahrradbeleuchtung(German f.) bicycle lighting
Fahrradbote (m.), Fahrradbotin (f.)(German) bike messenger, cycle messenger
Fahrradbrille(German f.) bicycle goggles, bicycle glasses
Fahrradbügel(German m.) cycle stand
Fahrraddiebstahl(German m.) bicycle theft
Fahrraddynamo(German m.) bicycle dynamo
Fahrradfahren(German n.) bicycling
Fahrradfahrer(German m.) cyclist
Fahrradfelge(German f.) bicycle wheel
Fahrradferien(German pl.) cycling holidays
fahrradfreundlich(German) cycle-friendly
Fahrradgepäckträger(German m.) carrier, bicycle rack (luggage carrier on the bike)
Fahrradhalter(German m.) bicycle rack (carrier to hold bikes on buses, cars, etc.)
Fahrradhändler(German m.) bicycle dealer
Fahrradhandschuhe(German pl.) bicycle gloves, cycling gloves
Fahrradhelm(German m.) bicycle helmet, cycle helmet
Fahrradkette(German f.) bicycle chain
Fahrradklingel(German f.) bicycle bell
Fahrradkurier (s.), Fahrradkuriere (pl.)(German m.) bike courier, bicycle messenger, cycle courier
Fahrradladen(German m.) cycle shop, bicycle shop
Fahrradlampe(German f.) bicycle lamp, bicycle light
Fahrradmechaniker(German m.) bicycle mechanic, bike-mender
Fahrradpacktasche(German f.) bicycle saddle-bag
Fahrradparkplatz(German m.) bicycle parking lot
Fahrradpedal(German n.) bicycle pedal
Fahrradpumpe(German f.) bicycle pump, cycle pump
Fahrradreifen(German m.) bicycle tyre, cycle tyre
Fahrradreise(German f.) bicycle tour, bike tour
Fahrradrennen(German n.) bicycle race
Fahrradreparaturwerkstatt(German f.) cycle repair shop
Fahrradrikscha(German f.) trishaw (tricycle rickshaw), cycle rickshaw
Fahrradrückstrahler(German m.) bicycle rear reflector
Fahrradsattel(German m.) bicycle saddle, bicycle seat
Fahrradschaltung(German f.) bicycle gearing
Fahrradscheinwerfer(German m.) bicycle headlight
Fahrradschlauch(German m.) inner tube, bicycle inner tube
Fahrradschloss(German n.) bike lock
Fahrradschuppen(German m.) bicycle-shed, cycle shed
Fahrradständer(German m.) bicycle stand, bike rack, kick stand, kickstand, cycle stand, bicycle rack (bicycle stand), bike parking rack
Fahrradtasche(German f.) pannier
Fahrradtaxi(German n.) cycle taxi
Fahrradtour(German f.) bike ride, cycling tour
Fahrradträger(German m.) bicycle carrier, bike rack, car rack, bike carrier (for car), bicycle rack (carrier to hold bikes)
Fahrradverkehr(German m.) bicycle traffic, cycle traffic
Fahrradverleih(German m.) bicycle rental, bicycle hire
Fahrradvermietung(German f.) bicycle rental
Fahrradweg(German m.) cycle path, cycleway, bicycle lane, bicycle path
Fahrrecht(German n.) wayleave, way leave (a right of use over the property of another)
Fahrrichtung(German f.) direction of travel
Fahrrinne(German f.) fairway, shipping lane, shipping channel, navigable channel, navigation channel, waterway
Fahrrolle(German f.) castor
Fahrschacht(German m.) elevator shaft, lift shaft
Fahrschein (s.), Fahrscheine (pl.)(German m.) ticket
Fahrscheinautomat(German m.) ticket (vending) machine
Fahrscheine abholen(German) to collect tickets
Fahrschein für einfache Fahrt(German m.) single ticket
Fahrscheinheft(German n.) book of tickets, ticket book
Fahrscheinkontrolle(German f.) ticket control
Fährschiff(German n.) ferry-boat, boat, ferry, ferryboat
Fährschiffreeder(German m.) ferry operator
Fahrschule(German f.) driving school
Fahrschüler (m.), Fahrschülerin (f.)(German) learner driver, pupil or student who has to commute to school, student driver
Fahrschulprüfer(German m.) driving test supervisor
Fahrspur (s.), Fahrspuren (pl.)(German f.) lane, rut (cart tracks)
Fahrspurwechsel(German m.) lane change
Fährst du morgen ab?(German) Are you leaving tomorrow? Will you be leaving tomorrow?
Fährst du (über) Weihnachten nach Hause?(German) Are you going home for Christmas?
Fahrsteig(German m.) moving pavement, moving walkway (in an airport)
Fahrstrecke(German f.) route
Fahrstreifen(German m.) lane (road)
Fahrstreifenmarkierungen(German pl.) lane markings
Fahrstuhl (s.), Fahrstühle (pl.)(German m.) elevator, lift
Fahrstuhlbegleitung(German f.) elevator attendant
Fahrstuhleffekt(German m.) trickle-down effect
Fahrstuhlmusik(German f.) muzak, lift music, elevator music
Fahrstuhlschacht(German m.) lift shaft
Fahrstunde (s.), Fahrstunden (pl.)(German f.) driving lesson
Fahrstunden nehmen(German) to take driving lessons
Fahrt(German f.) drive, run (drive), journey, ride, cruise, trip, way, walkthrough, walkaround, outing, speed (tempo), progress, crossing (in a ship), passage, hike (journey)
Fahrtänderung(German f.) change of route
Fahrtantritt(German m.) travel commencement (rail, bus)
Fahrt aufnehmen(German) to pick up pace, to gather speed
Fahrtdauer(German f.) length of the trip, travel time, journey time, duration of travel
Fährte (s.), Fährten (pl.)(German f.) track, scent, tracks (of animals), wanderings (pl.), ways (pl.)
Fährt ein Zug nach ... ?(German) Are there any trains to ... ?
Fahrtenbuch(German n.) logbook, driver's logbook
Fährtenfinder(German m.) tracker
Fährtenhund(German m.) tracking dog
Fährtenleser(German m.) tracker
Fahrtenmesser(German n.) travelling knife
Fahrtenschreiber (s.), Fahrtenschreiber (pl.)(German m.) tachograph
Fahrt flussaufwärts(German f.) ascent of a river
Fahrt im Reisebus(German f.) coach journey
Fahrt ins Blaue(German f.) trip into the blue, trip to nowhere in particular, mystery tour
Fahrt ins Ungewisse(German f.) journey into the unknown
Fahrtkosten(German pl.) travelling costs, travel costs, fares
Fahrtkostenersatz(German m.) travel reimbursement
Fahrtkostenpauschale(German f.) travel allowance
Fahrtlicht(German n.) dipped headlights
Fahrt mit dem Auto(German f.) car trip
Fahrt mit dem Fahrrad(German f.) cycle ride, cycle tour, cycling tour
Fahrt mit dem Rad(German f.) bicycle ride
Fahrt mit dem Wagen(German f.) car drive, car journey
Fahrt nach München(German f.) journey to Munich, run to Munich, drive to Munich
Fahrtreppe(German f.) escalator, moving staircase
Fahrtrichtung(German f.) direction (of travel), driving direction, direction of traffic
fahrtrichtungsabhängig(German) according to direction of travel
Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger(German m.) direction indicator, turning indicator, turn indicator, trafficator
Fahrtrichtungswechsel(German m.) change of direction
Fahrtroute(German f.) route (journey), travel route
Fahrtsignal(German n.) proceed signal
fahrtüchtig(German) capable of driving, fit to drive, roadworthy
Fahrtüchtigkeit(German f.) fitness to drive, roadworthiness
Fahrtunterbrechung(German f.) break of journey, stop
Fahrtwind(German m.) airstream, turbulence (from passing traffic)
Fahrtzeit(German f.) travelling time, journey time
Fahrtziel(German n.) destination
Fahrt zum Mond(German f.) voyage to the moon
Fahrtzweck(German m.) purpose of the journey
Fährüberfahrt(German f.) ferry crossing
Fährunglück(German n.) ferry disaster
Fahrunterbrechung (s.), Fahrunterbrechungen (pl.)(German f.) break of journey
fahruntüchtig(German) unfit to drive, unroadworthy
Fährverbindung(German f.) ferry service, ferry connection, ferry link
Fahrverbot(German n.) ban on driving, driving ban, ban on vehicles, no vehicular traffic
Fahrvergnügen(German n.) pleasure in driving, driving pleasure, fun of driving
Fahrverhalten(German n.) road behaviour, handling, ride comfort, driveability
Fährverkehr(German m.) ferry traffic
Fahrvorschrift (s.), Fahrvorschriften (pl.)(German f.) driving rule
Fahrwasser(German n.) navigable water, channel, navigation channel
Fahrwassertiefe(German f.) channel depth
Fahrweg (s.), Fahrwege (pl.)(German m.) drive, road way, driveway
Fahrweise(German f.) way of driving, quality of driving
Fahrwerk (s.), Fahrwerke (pl.)(German n.) chassis, landing gear, undercarriage (aircraft), bogie
Fahrzeit(German f.) length of the trip, travel time, journey time
Fahrzeug-(German) automotive, vehicular (prefix)
Fahrzeug (s.), Fahrzeuge (pl.)(German n.) craft, vessel, vehicle
Fahrzeugabstand(German m.) separation distance
Fahrzeugart(German f.) vehicle type
Fahrzeugaufbau(German m.) vehicle body
Fahrzeugaufbereiter(German m.) vehicle finisher
Fahrzeugaußenbereich(German m.) vehicle exteriors
Fahrzeugbatterie(German f.) vehicle battery
Fahrzeugbau(German m.) vehicle construction
Fahrzeugbauer(German m.) vehicle builder
Fahrzeugbeschreibung(German f.) vehicle description
Fahrzeugbesitz(German m.) vehicle ownership
Fahrzeugbesitzer (m.), Fahrzeugbesitzerin (f.)(German) vehicle owner
fahrzeugbezogen(German) vehicle-related
Fahrzeugbrand(German m.) vehicle fire
Fahrzeugbreite(German f.) vehicle width
Fahrzeugbrief(German m.) vehicle registration document
Fahrzeug der Kompaktklasse(German n.) compact car
Fahrzeug der Mittelklasse(German n.) mid-range car
Fahrzeug der oberen Mittelklasse(German n.) mid-size executive car
Fahrzeug der Oberklasse(German n.) large executive car
Fahrzeugdiebstahl(German m.) motor vehicle theft
fahrzeugeigen(German) vehicle's (own)
Fahrzeugelektriker(German m.) auto electrician
Fahrzeugelektronik(German f.) automotive electronics
Fahrzeugemissionen(German pl.) vehicular emissions
Fahrzeugerprobung(German f.) vehicle testing
Fahrzeugflotte(German f.) vehicle fleet
Fahrzeugführer(German m.) driver, motorist, vehicle driver
Fahrzeuggeräuschpegel(German m.) vehicle noise level
Fahrzeuggeschwindigkeit(German f.) vehicle speed
Fahrzeughalter(German m.) car owner, owner of a car, motor vehicle owner, vehicle owner
Fahrzeughandel(German m.) automotive trade
Fahrzeughersteller(German m.) motor vehicle manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer, automaker
Fahrzeughöhe(German f.) vehicle height
Fahrzeugidentifikationsnummer(German f.) vehicle identification number
Fahrzeug-Identifikationsnummer(German f.) vehicle identification number
Fahrzeug mit Anhänger(German n.) vehicle drawing a trailer
Fahrzeug mit Personenantrieb(German n.) human-propelled vehicle
Fahrzeug mit Überlänge(German n.) long vehicle
Fahrzeug mit Wasserstoffantrieb(German n.) hydrogen-powered car
Fahrzeug mit Zweistoffbetrieb(German n.) dual fuel vehicle
Fahrzeugingenieur(German m.) automotive engineer
Fahrzeuginnenbereich(German m.) vehicle interiors
Fahrzeuginsassen(German pl.) vehicle occupants, passengers
Fahrzeuginspektion(German f.) vehicle inspection
Fahrzeuginterieur(German n.) vehicle interior
Fahrzeugkarosserie(German f.) vehicle body
Fahrzeugkolonne(German f.) queue of vehicles, motorcade, convoy (of vehicles)
Fahrzeugkontrolle(German f.) vehicle inspection
Fahrzeugkonvoi(German m.) convoy (of vehicles)
Fahrzeugkonzept(German n.) vehicle concept
Fahrzeugkran(German m.) mobile crane
Fahrzeuglänge(German f.) vehicle length, car length
Fahrzeugmasse(German f.) vehicle weight
Fahrzeugmontage(German f.) vehicle assembly
Fahrzeugnummer(German f.) car number
Fahrzeugpanne(German f.) mechanical breakdown
Fahrzeugpapiere(German pl.) documents, car documentation, car documents
Fahrzeugpark(German m.) automobile fleet, fleet (of cars)
Fahrzeugräder(German pl.) vehicle wheels
Fahrzeugschaden(German m.) car damage, damage to a motor vehicle
Fahrzeugschein(German m.) registration (colloquial), (car) registration book, registration certificate
Fahrzeugschlüssel(German m.) vehicle key, car key
fahrzeugseitig(German) on-board, vehicle-mounted
Fahrzeugsicherheit(German f.) vehicle safety
Fahrzeugtechnik(German f.) automotive engineering
Fahrzeugteile(German pl.) car parts
Fahrzeugtuning(German n.) car tuning
Fahrzeugtyp(German m.) vehicle type
Fahrzeugverkehr(German m.) (vehicular) traffic
Fahrzeugvermietung(German f.) vehicle hire, vehicle rental
Fahrzeugverzögerung(German f.) vehicle deceleration
Fahrzeugzulassung(German f.) vehicle licence
Faible(French m.) weakling, weakness, partiality (for a thing or a person), predilecton
(German n.) weakness, predilection, foible, soft spot
faible(French) feeble, weak in tone, slight, low (intensity)
faible d'esprit(French) feeble-minded
faiblement(French) lightly
Faiblesse(French f.) weakness
faiblir(French) to weaken
Faïence(French f.) or fayence, any kind of glazed earthenware or porcelain (for example, majolica)
Faille(French f.) fault (geological), flaw (figurative)
(French f.) a kind of heavy ribbed silk fabric
faillir(French) to practically do something (for example, fall)
Faillite(French f.) bankruptcy, collapse (figurative)
Fáilte(Irish) welcome
Faim(French f.) hunger
fainéancesee fainéantise
Fainéant (m.), Fainéante (f.)(French) idler, one who takes no action
fainéant (m.), fainéante (f.)(French) idle, indolent, indifferent
fainéantise(French) or fainéance, indolence, indifference, apathy
fair(German) decent, sporting, squarely, equitable, sportingly, sportsmanlike, fair (just), nondiscriminatory
Fair copya corrected, although not necessarily entirely correct, manuscript that a dramatist might submit to a theatre company, as distinct from the draft version known as "foul papers"
faire(French) to do, to make, to cause (something to happen), to have (something done)
faire 5 heures(French) to be on the road for 5 hours
faire 5 kilomètres(French) to go 5 km
faire ... à contre-coeur(French) to do ... unwillingly
faire acte de présence(French) to put in an appearance (for example, at a party)
faire allusion à(French) to allude to, to hint at
faire ... à moitié(French) to do ... halfway
faire à sa tête(French) to act impulsively, to have one's way
faire attention à(French) to pay attention to, to mind out for, to watch out for
faire attention à faire(French) to be careful to do
faire autorité(French) to be authoritative
faire beau(French) to be nice weather
faire bombance(French) to revel
faire bon accueil(French) to welcome
faire bon effet(French) to make a good impression
faire bouillir(French) to boil
faire cas de(French) to set great store by
faire chanter(French) to blackmail
faire chambre à part(French) to sleep in different rooms
faire circuler(French) to move on
faire claquer les cordes sur la touche(French) to slap (the strings)
faire claquer sa langue(French) to click one's tongue
faire concurrence à(French) to compete with
faire connaître(French) to make known
faire corps avec(French) to form part of
faire courir un bruit(French) to spread a rumour
faire de dures journées(French) to put in a hard day's work
faire défaut(French) to be lacking (money, etc.)
faire défection(French) to desert
faire dégeler(French) to thaw (as in cooking)
faire dégorger(French) to soak (as in cooking)
faire de la musique(French) to make music, music-making
faire de la peine à ...(French) to hurt ... (emotionally or morally)
faire de la photographie(French) to do photography as a hobby
faire de la réclame(French) to advertise
faire de l'autostop(French) to hitchhike
faire de l'effet(French) to have an effect, to be effective
faire demi-tour(French) to turn back
faire des bêtises(French) to get into mischief
faire des cabrioles(French) to caper about
faire des cachotteries(French) to be secretive
faire des châteaux en Espagne(French) to build castles in the air
faire des cours(French) to give classes, to lecture
faire des démarches auprès de(French) to make approaches to
faire des économies(French) to save money, to make economies
faire des emplettes(French) to do one's shopping
faire des excuses(French) to apologize
faire des fredons(French plural form, literally 'make free') to trill, to improvise when singing
faire des gammes(French) to practise scales
faire des jaloux(French) to make people jealous
faire des moulinets(French) to twirl around
faire de son mieux(French) to do one's best
faire des progrès(French) to make progress
faire des projets(French) to make plans
faire disparaître(French) to get rid of
faire dodo(French) to go to byebyes (infantile language: to go to bed in order to sleep)
faire du bouche-à-bouche à ...(French) to give ... mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
faire du bricologe(French) to do odd jobs, to putter around
faire du camping(French) to go camping
faire du cheval(French) to ride (a horse)
faire du commerce(French) to trade
faire du frou-frou(French) to show off (to behave in an ostentatious manner)
faire du lèche-vitrines(French) to go window-shopping
faire du mieux qu'on peut(French) to do the best one can
faire d'une pierre deux coups(French) to kill two birds with one stone
faire du piano(French) to study piano
faire du sport(French) to play sports
faire du sur-place(French) to mark time
faire du théâtre(French) to act, to be an actor, to do some acting
faire du tort à(French) to harm
faire du tourisme(French) to do some sightseeing
faire du violin(French) to study violin
faire école(French) to 'found' a school (in art, music, etc., a group of disciples)
faire encore des siennes(French) to be up to one's old tricks again
faire ... en dépit du bon sens(French) to do ... anyway
faire enrager(French) to annoy
faire enregistrer(French) to register, to check in (baggage)
faire entrer(French) to show in (person, guest, etc.), to bring, to call in, to fit in, to put in, to smuggle in
faire entrer en ligne de compte(French) to take into consideration
faire entrer en vigueur(French) to implement
faire escale à(French) to stop over at (flight), to put in at (ship)
faire étalage de(French) to show off
faire état de(French) to mention (cite)
faire exception(French) to be an exception
faire exploser(French) to explode, to blow up
faire face à(French) to oppose
faire faute sur faute(French) to make one mistake after another
faire fi(French) to scorn
faire gaffe (à)(French) to be careful (of)
faire jaillir les étincelles(French) to make sparks fly
faire jour(French) to be daytime
faire la bête(French) to act like a fool
faire la causette(French) to have a chat
faire la charité(French) to give to charity
faire la charité à(French) to give to
faire la classe(French) to teach
faire la connaissance de(French) to meet (for the first time), to get to know (person), to make the acquaintance of
faire la cuisine(French) to cook
faire la fine bouche(French) to turn one's nose up
faire la foire(French) to make merry (familiar)
faire la grasse matinée(French) to sleep in, to sleep late
faire la journée continue(French) to stay open all day, to stay open during lunch
faire la leçon à(French) to lecture
faire la lessive(French) to do the laundry
faire la moue(French) to pull a long face, to pout
faire la navette(French) to shuttle back and forth
faire la petite bouche(French) to turn one's nose up
faire la quête(French) to take (the) collection, to go round with the hat, to collect for charity
faire la queue(French) to queue up, to line up (stand in a line), to stand in line
faire la sourde oreille(French) to turn a deaf ear
faire la tête(French) to sulk
faire la tournée (de)(French) to make the rounds (of)
faire la vaisselle(French) to do the dishes
faire le bien(French) to do good
faire le bilan de(French) to assess
faire l'ecole buissonnière(French) to play truant, to play hooky
faire le compte de(French) to count
faire le coup d'être malade(French) to pretend to be sick
faire le dégouté(French) to look disgusted
faire le dosage de(French) to measure out, to balance
faire le jacques(French) to play the fool, to act the fool, to fool about
faire le jardin(French) to do the gardening
faire le linge(French) to do the laundry
faire le lit(French) to make the bed
faire l'éloge de(French) to praise
faire le marché(French) to do the shopping
faire le ménage(French) to do housework, to do the dishes
faire le mieux qu'on peut(French) to do the best one can
faire le nécessaire(French) to do what is necessary
faire l'enfant(French) to act like a child
faire le pont(French) to make it a long weekend
faire les achats(French) to go shopping
faire les bagages(French) to pack
faire les carreaux(French) to do the windows
faire les courses(French) to run errands, to go shopping
faire le singe(French) to act the fool
faire les quatre cents coups(French) to sow one's wild oats, to get into a lot of trouble
faire les valises(French) to pack
faire le tour de(French) to go round, to walk round, to survey (to ask questions)
faire l'Europe(French) to travel to, to visit Europe
faire l'exposé de la situation(French) to give an account of the situation
faire mal à ...(French) to hurt ..., to do harm to ...
faire marcher à ...(French) to pull ...'s leg
faire mariner(French) to keep hanging around (familiar)
faire mauvais(French) to be bad weather
faire mauvais effet(French) to make a bad impression
faire monter des blancs en neige(French) to beat egg whites into stiff peaks
faire monter ses valises(French) to have one's luggage taken up
faire naufrage(French) to be shipwrecked
faire nuit(French) to be nightime
faire part de ... à ...(French) to inform ... about ...
faire partie de(French) to be a part of
faire peau neuve(French) to turn over a new leaf
faire penser à(French) to make one think of, to remind one of
faire peu de cas de(French) to ride roughshod over
faire peur à ...(French) to frighten ...
faire plaisir à ...(French) to please ...
faire preuve de(French) to display a quality, to display a virtue
fairer Handel(German m.) fair trade
fairerweise(German) to be fair, in (all) fairness
faire salle comble(French) to draw a full house, to attract a full house
faire sa toilette(French) to wash (and get ready), to wash up (US), to get up and get dressed
faire savoir ... à ...(French) to inform ... of ...
faire semblant de faire ...(French) to pretend to do ...
faire ses adieux(French) to say good-bye
faire ses amitiés à ...(French) to give one's regards to ...
faire ses débuts(French) to make one's début (in public)
faire ses dents(French) to teethe (a baby)
faire ses devoirs(French) to do one's homework
faire ses études à(French) to study at
faire ses quatre cents coups(French) to sow one's wild oats, to get in trouble
faire ses quatre volontés(French) to do exactly as one pleases
faire ses valises(French) to pack, to pack one's bags
faires Gerichtsverfahren(German n.) due process (of law)
faire son bac(French) to study for the baccalaureate
faire son droit(French) to study for a law degree
faire son lit(French) to make one's bed
faire son possible(French) to do one's best
faire son temps(French) to serve one's time (in the army/jail), to have one's day
faires Spiel(German n.) fair game
faire suer ...(French) to get on ...'s nerves (familiar)
faire suite (à)(French) to follow
faire suivre (ses lettres)(French) to forward (one's mail)
faire taire(French) to silence
faire tic-tac(French) to go tick tock (sound made by a clock)
faire tiédir(French) to warm slightly
faire toujours bande à part(French) to always keep to oneself
faire toute une histoire de ...(French) to make a federal case of ...
faire tout un foin(French) to make a fuss (familiar)
faire un beau gâchis(French) to make a fine mess of it
faire un bond(French) to leap in the air, to jump (in surprise)
faire un bout de chemin ensemble(French) to be together for a while, to walk together for a while, to work together for a while
faire un cadeau à ...(French) to give ... a gift
faire un carton(French) to take a pot-shot
faire un chèque(French) to write a cheque
faire un clin d'oeil à(French) to wink at
faire un cours(French) to give class(es), to lecture
faire une bêtise(French) to make a blunder, to do something stupid
faire une connerie(French) to do something stupid
faire une croix dessus(French) to give up on, to kiss something goodbye
faire une drôle de tête(French) to make a strange face, to make a funny face
faire une fugue(French) to run away from home
faire une gaffe(French) to blunder, to make a mistake
faire une malle(French) to pack a trunk
faire un emprunt(French) to take out a loan
faire une partie de(French) to play a game of
faire une promenade(French) to take a walk
faire une promenade en voiture(French) to take a ride
faire un fredon(French singular form, literally 'make free') to trill, to improvise when singing
faire un sale coup à ...(French) to play a dirty trick on ...
faire un tabac(French) to be a hit
faire un tour(French) to take a walk
faire un tour en voiture(French) to take a ride
faire un voyage(French) to take a trip
faire une question(French) to ask a question
faire une réclamation(French) to make a complaint
faire une toilette de chat(French) to wash quickly, to give oneself a lick and a promise
faire une visite(French) to pay a visit
faire usage de(French) to make use of
faire valoir(French) to put forward to advantage, to assert (a right)
faire venir(French) to send for
faire venir l'eau à la bouche(French) to make one's mouth water
faire voir 36 chandelles à ...(French) to beat the living daylights out of ..., to knock seven bells out of ...
Fairfield Moravian Settlementfounded in 1779 in Lancashre, a settlement of the Church of the United Brethren, an early Protestant sect from Moravia, now part of Czech Republic. Houses, communal choirs for men & women, workshops and farm as well as a chapel, school and burial ground. The success of the settlements inspired Robert Owen. The Settlement became known for the quality of their schools
Fairground organsee 'carousel organ'
Fair unknown, thesee bel inconnu, le
Fairneß(German f.) fairness
Fairness(English, German f.) equity, sportsmanship
Fairnesshalber muss man sagen, dass ...(German) In (all) fairness it must be said that ...
Fairplay(German n.) fair play
fair spielen(German) to play fair
fairste(German) fairest
Fair usea doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as use for scholarship or review. It provides for the legal, non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test. It is based on free speech rights provided by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The term "fair use" is unique to the United States, and since lately to Israel as well; a similar principle, fair dealing, exists in some other common law jurisdictions. Civil law jurisdictions have other limitations and exceptions to copyright. United States trademark law also incorporates a "fair use" defense, which also stems from the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution
  • Fair use from which this information has been taken
Fairy balladsoften included in the category of border ballads, for example, Thomas the Rhymer
Fairy talein common parlance, a tale about elves, dragons, hobgoblins, sprites, and other fantastic magical beings set vaguely in the distant past ("once upon a time"), often in a pseudo-medieval world. The most famous compilers include Danish-born Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875), the German-born brothers Jakob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859), and French-born Charles Perrault (1628-1703)
faisandé(French) mildly indecent, in doubtful taste, highly seasoned, highly-flavoured
Fais do-do(Louisiana French, literally 'go to sleep', from the French faire and dormir) children were urged to go to sleep by their parents so that they, especially the mothers, could dance and otherwise enjoy themselves at community gatherings. In the Louisiana French music tradition, fais do-do provides the title and lyrics for lullabies, and it also came to be used as the name for community dances. It is believed that at the old-time house dances and dancehalls, the children slept in a side room while the adults danced on in the main room
Faiseur de mots(French m.) a word-spinner (one who can talk and write but generally about very little)
Fais voir!(French) Show me!
Fait accompli(German n.) fait accompli
fait accompli(French) an accomplished fact, something done that cannot now be easily reversed
faites(French) do, make
Faites au mieux.(French) Do what you think best.
faites bien sentir la mélodie(French) play the melody very distinctly
Faites comme chez vous.(French) Make yourself at home.
Faits divers(French m. pl.) news in brief, short passages on interesting but unimportant items of news
Faites pour le mieux.(French) Do what you think best.
Faja(Spanish f.) strip of land, corst, sash (military)
Fajfa(Croatia) or strancica, this six-hole flute is an old traditional wind instrument usually made of elder, that was played in south west of Croatia
Fajitas(English, German pl.) a generic term used in Tex-Mex cuisine, referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn
Fajo(Spanish m.) bundle, wad (of notes)
Fäkaliensammler(German m.) night-soil man
Fäkalsprache(German f.) scatology, sanguinary language
Fakanausa praise song that was an important part of Tuvaluan culture
Fakanutraditional dance of Tuvalu, which was was a rhythmic dance, performed by people standing on their feet, swaying their body, that since the arrival of European missionaries, has died out
Fakaseaseatraditional dance of Tuvalu performed only by elders. It is a slower song with few formal rules on how it should be danced
Fake(English, German m./n,) something this is neither genuine nor real, something that is a counterfeit, something that is not what it seems to be, something that is an imitation, something that has a misleading appearance
Fake book(English, Fakebook (German n.)) a collection of lead sheets, that is simplified scores showing chords, melodies, etc., occasionally used by musicians to "fake" tunes that are not part of their regular repertoire.
[we thank Anders Griffen for providing this entry]
Fakelorethe inauthentic, manufactured folklore presented as if it were genuinely traditional. The term can refer to new stories or songs made up, or to folklore that is reworked and modified for modern tastes. The element of misrepresentation is central; artists who draw on traditional stories in their work are not producing fakelore unless they claim that their creations are real folklore
Fake musicsee 'lead sheet'
faken(German) to fake
Fakingthe arranging, or rearranging, of a musical work for a group of instruments not originally specified by the composer or original arranger
the simplification of a part in a piece of music in order to reduce or eliminate its technical difficulties
the improvisation of a musical line
and fakery, the passing off as a work of art, a manuscript, an instrument, etc. by one maker, that of another. This might be the result of an honest error on the part of the seller (the result of incomplete knowledge of the background of the work) or might be purely in order to boost the price the buyer might expect to pay for it
Fakir (s.), Fakire (German pl.)(English, German m., Arabic) an ascetic of any Oriental sect
Faksimile(German n.) facsimile
Faksimile-Ausgabe(German f.) Facsimile reproduction
Faksimileübertragung(German f.) facsimile transmission
Faksimileunterschrift(German f.) facsimile signature
Fakt (s.), Fakten (pl.), Facta (pl. old form)(German m.) fact, lowdown (pl.)
Faktenbezug(German m.) relation to fact
Fakten im Gedächtnis behalten(German) to retain facts in memory
Fakten kombinieren(German) to combine facts
Fakten nachprüfen(German) to ascertain facts
Fakten übersehen(German) to ignore facts
Fakten und Behauptungen(German pl.) facts and factoids
Fakten und Zahlen(German) hard data
Faktenverfälscher(German m.) gerrymander
Fakten vorlegen(German) to produce facts
Faktenwissen(German n.) factual knowledge
Fakten zusammentragen(German) to compile facts
Faktion(German f., dated) faction
faktions-(German) factional (prefix)
faktiös(German) factious
faktisch(German) actual, in effect, in actual fact, de facto, effectively (for all practical purposes, in effect), virtual, virtually, more or less
Faktizität(German f.) facticity, factuality
Faktor(German m.) factor, coefficient
Faktorei(German f.) factory (trading post)
faktoriell(German) factorial, factorially
Faktorielle(German f.) factorial
faktorisieren(German) to factorise
Faktotum (s.), Faktoten (pl.)(German n.) factotum, general dogsbody (colloquial)
Faktum(German n.) fact
Faktur(German f.) make (especially of a work of art), invoice (dated)
Faktura(German f. - Austria, Switzerland) bill, invoice
Fakturen ausstellen(German) to invoice
Fakturenbuch(German n.) book of invoices
fakturierbar(German) billable
fakturieren(German) to invoice, to bill
fakturiert(German) invoiced
Fakturierung(German f.) invoicing, billing
Fakturist (m.), Fakturistin (f.)(German) billing clerk, invoice clerk
Fakultas(German f.) qualification to teach a subject at university, faculty, factorial
Fakultät (s.), Fakultäten (pl.)(German f.) school (of medicine, law)
fakultativ(German) facultative, optional, voluntary
fakultative Ergänzung(German f.) adjunct
Fakultätsschreibweise(German f.) factorial notation
Fa lathe burden and name of songs popular in the latter half of the sixteenth century
Fala(Samoa) a rolled-up mat beaten with sticks, used as a percussion instrument to accompany singing
Falafel (s./pl.)(English, German f./n.) or felafel, small croquette of mashed chick peas or fava beans seasoned with sesame seeds
FalakTajik folk music
Falangist(German m.) falangist, Falangist
Falascha(German pl.) Falasha (Beta Israel, a member of an Ethiopian people who speak a Hamitic language and who practice a form of Judaism)
Falaschmura(German pl.) Falasha Mura (the descendants of Beta Israel who converted to Christianity)
falb(German) fallow (pale yellowish-brown), dun (horse)
Falbala(French f.) a flounce, decoration or trimming on a woman's petticoat or dress
Falbe(German m.) dun (horse), claybank
Falbel(German f.) a flounce, decoration or trimming on a woman's petticoat or dress
Falchion(English, German n.) a short broad slightly convex medieval sword with a sharp point
falciform(English, German) curved or sickle-shaped
Falco(Italian m.) hawk
Falconnamed after Marie Cornélie Falcon (28 Jan. 1812-25 Feb. 1897), a French soprano, the term is used to describe the dramatic soprano roles that she made famous, and the type of soprano voice most suited to performing them
Falcone(Italian m.) falcon
Falconerthe general term for a person who trains and hunts with any bird of prey, including buzzards, eagles and owls
Falda(Spanish f.) skirt, side (of a mountain)
(Italian f.) stratum, flake (snow), brim (of a hat), slope
Falegname(Italian m.) carpenter
Falegnaria(Italian f.) carpentery
falende Interval(Danish) descanding interval
Falke (s.), Falken (pl.)(German m.) falcon, hawk (figurative), tercel (male falcon)
falkenartig(German) hawkish
Falkenauge(German n.) eagle eye (figurative), hawk's-eye (gemstone)
Falkenbeize(German f.) falconry
Falkenjagd(German f.) falconry
Falkländer (m.), Falkländerin (f.), Falkländer (pl.)(German) Falkland Islander, Falklander
Falkland-Inseln(German pl.) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Falklandinseln(German pl.) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
falkländisch(German) of the Falkland Islands
Falklandkrieg(German m.) Falklands War
Falkner (s./pl.)(German m.) falconer
Falknerei(German f.) falconry
Falkonett(German n.) falconet
Fall (s.), Fälle (German pl.)(German m.) fall, case (issue, affair, cause - Im Fall: 'in case'), instance, affair, matter, event, occurrence, opportunity, issue, drop, plunge, slump, circumstance, cause
(Old English, German m.) cadence
in jazz, an effect in which the pitch of a note fall dramatically after it has been sounded
Falla(Italian f.) leak
fallace(Italian) deceptive
Fallakte(German f.) case record
Fallanalytiker (m.), Fallanalytikerin (f.)(German) (criminal) profiler
fallande Intervall(Swedish) descending interval
Fallarbeit(German f.) casework, case work
Fällaxt(German f.) felling axe
Fallazien(German pl.) fallacies
fällbar(German) precipitable
Fallbefund(German m.) case history
Fällbehälter(German m.) precipitation tank
Fallbeil(German n.) guillotine
Fallbeispiel (s.), Fallbeispiele (pl.)(German n.) case study, example case
Fallbelastung(German f.) caseload
Fallbericht(German m.) case report
Fallbeschleunigung(German f.) acceleration due to gravity
Fallbesprechung(German f.) case review
fallbezogen(German) case-related
Fallbö(German f.) down gust
Fallboardor fall-back, on a piano, the swinging cover for the keys. The Boston fall is made in two pieces which fold together. The European fall is in one piece
Fall der Temperatur(German m.) drop in the temperature
Falle (s.), Fallen (pl.)(German f.) pitfall, mantrap, trap, latch, booby trap, contraption, snare, gin (trap), set-up (colloquial), setup, frame-up, halyard
Fallen(German n.) descent. felling (trees)
fallen(German) to drop (to fall), to tumble, to fall, to impinge (on), to decline, to go down, to plunge, to sink, to slump, to spiral downwards, to be killed, to lower (sink, descend), to shorten (price)
fällen(German) to precipitate, to cut down, to hew, to chop down, to fell, to render (judgment)
fallen an(German) to pass to (region, town, etc.)
Fallen aufstellen(German) to set traps
Fallen aus dem Wege gehen(German) to avoid traps
fallend(German) cascading, falling, tumbling, declining, decreasing, downward, sagging, tending downwards, dropping, plummeting
fällend(German) felling
fallende Aktien(German pl.) declining stocks
fallende Blätter(German pl.) falling leaves
fallende Kurse(German pl.) dropping prices, sinking prices
fallende Kurve(German f.) downward curve, sloping curve
fallende Nachfrage nach(German f.) falling demand for
fallender Preis (s.), fallende Preise (pl.)(German m.) price going down, price on the decline, falling price
fallendes Barometer(German n.) sinking barometer, falling glass (weather glass, barometer)
fallendes Intervall(German) descending interval
fallende Temperatur (s.), fallende Temperaturen (pl.)(German f.) decreasing temperature, falling temperature
fallende Tendenz(German f.) downward drift, downward tendency
Fallendung(German f.) case ending
Fallenlassen(German n.) dropping
fallenlassen(German) to abandon, to scrap (idea, plan, etc.)
fallen lassen(German) to drop (let go), to let fall, to dump down
fallenlassend(German) dropping
Fallenstellen(German n.) entrapment
Fallensteller (s./pl.)(German m.) trapper
fallen unter(German) to come under, to come within
Fällen von Bäumen(German n.) cutting of trees, felling of trees
Fällen von Entscheidungen(German n.) decision making
Fällen von Holz(German n.) cutting of timber
Fallgatter(German n.) portcullis
Fallgeschichte(German f.) case history
Fallgeschwindigkeit(German f.) velocity of fall, rate of fall
Fallgesetz(German n.) law of falling bodies
Fallgewicht(German n.) falling weight
Fallgitter(German n.) portcullis
Fallgrube (s.), Fallgruben (pl.)(German f.) pit, trap, pitfall
Fallhand(German f.) flaccid drop of the hand
Fallhöhe(German f.) drop height, waterfall drop
fallibel(German) fallible
fallieren(German) to go bankrupt, to fail
fällig(German) due, payable, receivable
fällige Forderung (s.), fällige Forderungen (pl.)(German f.) debt due
fällige Gebühren(German pl.) fees due
fällige Hypothekenschulden(German pl.) mortgages payable
fälligen Zahlungen nachkommen(German) to meet payments when due
fälliger Betrag(German m.) amount due, sum due
fällige Rechnung(German f.) due bill, due invoice
fälliger und nicht erhaltener Betrag(German m.) amount due and not received
fälliger Wechsel (s.), fällige Wechsel (pl.)(German m.) bill due, bill payable
fällige Schuld (s.), fällige Schulden (pl.)(German f.) debt due
fälliges Geld(German n.) money due
fälliges Geld einholen(German) to collect money owing
fälliges Geld sammeln(German) to collect money due
fällige Steuer (s.), fällige Steuern (pl.)(German f.) tax payable
fällige Zahlung(German f.) debt due, due payment, payment due
fällige Zinsen(German pl.) interest payable
fällig sein(German) to be due, to be payable
Fälligstellung(German f.) repayment
fällig werden(German) to fall due, to become due, to mature
fällig werdend(German) coming due
fällig zur Zahlung(German) due for payment
Falliment(German n.) bankruptcy
Fallimento(Italian m.) bankruptcy, failure (figurative)
Falling bandor falling collar, in use 1540-1670, any turned-down collar, often lace-edged, and worn instead of a ruff
fallire(Italian) to go bankrupt, to fail (figurative), to miss (blow)
Fallito(Italian m.) bankrupt
fallito(Italian) unsuccessful, bankrupt
Fällkasten(German m.) zinc box
Fallkerbe(German f.) kerf
Fallklappe(German f.) trapdoor
Falllaub(German n.) fallen leaves
Fallleitung(German f.) downpipe
Fällmittel(German n.) flocking agent, flocculating agent
Fallo(Italian m.) fault, mistake (error), flaw (imperfection)
Fallobst (s./pl.)(German n.) windfall
Fall offan unusual type of portamento
see 'spill'
Fallreep(German n.) gangway
Fallrohr(German n.) down-pipe, downspout
falls(German) if, in the case of, in the event of, if and when, in case, provided
falls abweichend von(German) if different from
falls als Original gekennzeichnet(German) if marked as original
falls benötigt(German) if required
Falls dem so sein sollte, ...(German) If true, ...
falls die Anschrift unrichtig ist(German) if the address is incorrect
falls die Anschrift unvollständig ist(German) if the address is incomplete
falls die Parteien wünschen(German) if the parties wish that
Falls die Symptome es erfordern, ...(German) If symptoms dictate, ...
falls die Ware nicht am Lager ist(German) if the goods are not in stock
falls dies dem Handelsbrauch entspricht(German) if customary
falls du eine Entschuldigung findest(German) if you can find any excuse
Falls du es dir anders überlegen solltest, lass es mich wissen.(German) If you should change your mind, do let me know.
Falls er es versäumt ...(German) Should he fail to ...
Falls er sich vorbehalten hat ...(German) In case he may have reserved ...
falls erforderlich(German) if necessary, if required
falls erwünscht(German) if required
falls es brennt(German) in case of fire
Fallschirm (s.), Fallschirme (pl.)(German m.) parachute
Fallschirmabsprung(German m.) parachute jump, parachute descent
Fallschirmjäger-(German) paratroop
Fallschirmjäger (s./pl.)(German m.) paratrooper
Fallschirmjägerregiment(German n.) paratroop regiment
Fallschirmkappe(German f.) canopy
Fallschirmlandung(German f.) parachute landing
Fallschirmsegeln(German n.) parasailing
Fallschirmseide(German f.) parachute silk
Fallschirmspringen(German n.) parachuting, skydiving
Fallschirmspringer (m.), Fallschirmspringerin (f.), Fallschirmspringer (pl.)(German) parachutist, skydiver
Fallschirmspringerschule(German f.) parachute school
Fallschirmsprung(German m.) parachute jump
Fallschirmsprungnovize(German m.) first-time parachutist
Fallschirmtruppe(German f.) paratroop
..., falls es das Wetter erlaubt.(German) ..., weather permitting.
Falls es die Verkehrslage erlaubt, ...(German) Traffic permitting, ...
falls es eilt(German) in case of urgency
falls es nicht vielleicht regnet(German) barring (the possibility of) rain
Falls es regnen sollte ...(German) In case it should rain ..., if it were to rain
Falls es regnet ...(German) In case it rains ...
falls es regnet(German) if it's raining, in case it should rain
falls gewünscht(German) if desired
Falls ich ihn zuerst finden sollte, ...(German) If I found him first, ...
Falls ich Ihnen irgendwie dienen kann ...(German) If I may be of any use to you ...
falls möglich(German) if possible
falls nicht(German) unless
falls nicht anders angegeben(German) unless otherwise specified (standard phrase on drawings and other documents), if not otherwise specified
falls nicht erfüllt bis(German) if not satisfied by
falls nichts anderes bestimmt ist(German) failing an agreement to the contrary
falls nichts passiert(German) barring any accidents
Fallsonde(German f.) dropsonde
fallspezifisch(German) case-specific
falls sich die Gelegenheit ergibt(German) should the occasion arise
falls Sie ab Lager liefern können(German) if you can supply from stock
Fallstrick (s.), Fallstricke (pl.)(German m.) snare, gin (trap), pitfall
Fallstudie (s.), Fallstudien (pl.)(German f.) case study
Fallsucht(German f., dated) falling sickness (archaic)
fallsüchtig(German) epileptically
falls vonnöten(German) if necessary
falls wir die Ware nicht erhalten(German) if we do not receive the goods
falls zutreffend(German) if applicable
fällt(German) tumbles
fällt ab(German) secedes
fällt durch(German) flunks
fällte(German) felled
fällt hin(German) tumbles
Fällt Ihnen etwas auf?(German) Do you notice anything?
Fällt Ihnen etwas ein, wo Sie gerne hinmöchten?(German) Any thoughts on where you might go?
Falltor(German n.) paddle (lock gate)
Falltür (s.), Falltüren (pl.)(German f.) trap door, trapdoor, trap-door, hatch
Fallturm(German m.) drop tower
Falltürspinne(German f.) trapdoor spider
fällt zurück(German) relapses
Falludscha(German n.) Fallujah
Fällung(German f.) rendition, precipitation, felling (trees)
Fällungsmittel(German n.) precipitating agent, precipitant
Fällungsort(German m.) felling site
Fällungsreagenz(German n.) precipitating agent
Fallunterscheidung(German f.) case differentiation, definition by cases
Fall von Bestechlichkeit(German m.) corruption case
Fall von Brandstiftung(German m.) case of arson
Fall von Fahrerflucht(German m.) case of hit-and-run driving
Fall von Totschlag(German m.) case of manslaughter
Fall vor dem Gericht(German m.) case before the court
fallweise(German) ad hoc, case-by-case, on a case-by-case basis, occasionally
Fallwind(German m.) down draught
Fallzahl(German f.) number of cases
Falotico(Italian) fantastical, whimsical
Falott(German m. - Austria) cardsharp, sharper (a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games)
Falsa(Latin, Italian m., Portuguese) false, dissonance
Falsa musica(Latin) feigned music, false music, musica ficta
Falsa relazione(Italian) false relation
Falsas(Spanish f. pl.) wrong notes intentionally added to improvised performances to test the musician's ability to return to the intended key using the rules of harmony, for example, in Mudarra's Fantasia de Luduvico written in imitation of a sixteenth century Spanish harpist
falsch(German) cattishly, fake, false, falsely, incorrect, nonfactual, unsounded, wrong, wrongly, phonily, insincerely, awry, base, bogus, faulty (reasoning, logic), phoney (colloquial), pseudo, inaccurate, brummagem, faultily, counterfeit, ersatz (not real or genuine), off-key, fraudulent, deceitful, at fault, feigned, cattish, erroneous, fallacious, mistaken, fictitious (assumed), forged (passport), false-hearted, spurious, two-faced, improper, illegal, invalid, bad (wrong, faulty), perverted, insincere, put-on (colloquial), shoddy
falsch ablegen(German) to misfile
falsch ablegend(German) misfiling
falsch adressieren(German) to misdirect, to misaddress
falsch adressiert(German) incorrectly addressed, misaddressed, misdirected (mail), wrongly addressed
Falschadressierung(German f.) misdirection
falsch angeben(German) to misquote (price), to misstate
falsch angepasst(German) mismatched
falsch angepaßt(German, old form) mismatched
falsch angesetzte Werbung(German f.) misplaced advertising
falsch angewandt(German) misapplied
falsch annehmen(German) to misaccept
falsch anpassen(German) to mismatch, to mis-adjust
falsch anpassend(German) mismatching
falsch anwenden(German) to misapply, to apply wrongly
falsch anwendend(German) misapplying
Falschanzeige(German f.) incorrect indication
falsch auffassen(German) to misconceive, to mistake, to misperceive
falsch auffassend(German) misconceiving
falsch aufgefasst(German) misconceived
falsch ausgeben(German) to misspend
falsch ausgesprochen(German) mispronounced
falsch auslegen(German) to misconstrue, to misinterpret
Falschausrichtung(German f.) misalignment
Falschaussage(German f.) false statement, false testimony, untrue statement
falsch aussprechen(German) to mispronounce, to misarticulate, to misspeak
falsch aussprechend(German) mispronouncing
falsch auswerten(German) to misinterpret
Falschauswertung(German f.) misinterpretation
falsch behandeln(German) to mishandle, to mistreat
Falschbelastung(German f.) phantom withdrawal (from cash dispenser)
falsch benennen(German) to misname, to miscall
falsch benennend(German) misnaming
falsch beraten(German) to misadvise, to miscounsel
Falschberatung(German f.) negligent advice
falsch berechnen(German) to miscount
falsch berechnend(German) miscounting
falsch berichten(German) to misaccount, to misinform, to misreport
falsch beschreiben(German) to misdescribe
falsch beschuldigen(German) to accuse wrongfully
falsch beurteilen(German) to misjudge
falsch bewerten(German) to misinterpret, to misvalue
falsch bewertet(German) misvalued
falsch buchstabieren(German) to misspell
falsch buchstabierend(German) misspelling
falsch buchstabiert(German) misspelt
Falschbuchung(German f.) erroneous entry, false entry, misentry
falsch darstellen(German) to misrepresent, to misstate, to mispresent
falsch darstellend(German) misrepresentative
Falschdarstellung von Tatsachen(German f.) misrepresentation of the facts
falsch datieren(German) to misdate
falsch datierend(German) misdating
falsch datiert(German) misdated
falsch deuten(German) to misinterpret, to misread
falsch diagnostizieren(German) to misdiagnose
falsch drucken(German) to misprint
falsche Abbuchung(German f.) phantom withdrawal (from cash dispenser)
falsche Adressierung(German f.) misaddressing
falsche Angabe (s.), falsche Angaben (pl.)(German f.) false statement, wrong statement
falsche Angabe des Preises(German f.) mispricing
falsche Annahme(German f.) incorrect assumption, wrong assumption
falsche Anschrift(German f.) incorrect address, wrong address
falsche Anschuldigung (s.), falsche Anschuldigungen (pl.)(German f.) calumny, false accusation, false charge, malicious prosecution, aspirsions (pl.)
falsche Ansicht(German f.) false delusion
falsche Antwort(German f.) incorrect answer, wrong answer
falsche Anwendung(German f.) misapplication
falsche Auffassung(German f.) misapprehension
falsche Auskunft(German f.) misinformation
falsche Auslegung(German f.) false interpretation, misinterpretation, misconstruction
falsche Ausrichtung(German f.) incorrect alignment
falsche Aussage(German f.) false evidence
falsche Aussprache(German f.) mispronunciation
falsche Auswahl(German f.) faulty selection
falsche Bedingungen(German pl.) false conditions
falsche Behandlung(German f.) mistreatment
falsche Behauptung (s.), falsche Behauptungen (pl.)(German f.) false allegation, false assertion, false pretences (pl.)
falsche Beratung(German f.) miscounselling
falsche Berechnung(German f.) miscalculation
falsche Berichterstattung(German f.) misinformation
falsche Bescheidenheit(German f.) false modesty
falsche Beschreibung(German f.) false description, misdescription
falsche Beschriftung(German f.) misdescription
falsche Beurteilung(German f.) misjudgment
falsche Bewegung(German f.) wrong move, false move
falsche Bewertung(German f.) misinterpretation
falsche Bombenwarnung(German f.) hoax bomb call
falsche Buchung(German f.) wrong entry
falsche Darstellung(German f.) deceit, false presentation, misrepresentation, misstatement
falsche Deutung(German f.) misinterpretation
falsche Dominanz(German f.) false dominance
falsche Eingabe(German f.) misentry
falsche Einschätzung(German f.) misestimation, wrong estimate, error of judgement, misjudgment
falsche Entscheidung(German f.) wrong decision
falsche Erklärung(German f.) misstatement
falsche Gepflogenheit(German f.) bad practice
falsche Gründe(German pl.) wrong reasons
falsche Handhabung(German f.) mishandling
falsche Hoffnungen(German pl.) false hopes
falsche Hoffnungen entwickeln(German) to build up false hopes
falsche Hoffnungen hegen(German) to cherish false hopes
falsche Hoffnungen wecken(German) to raise false hopes
falsche Information(German f.) misinformation
falsch eingefädelt(German) misthread
falsch einschätzen(German) to miscalculate, to misjudge, to misgauge
falsche Klassifizierung(German f.) misclassification
falsche Lage(German f.) misplacement
falsche Länge(German f.) incorrect length, wrong length
falsche Lautbildung(German f.) misarticulation
falsche Lüge(German f.) factitious lie
falsche Meinung(German f.) false delusion, wrong opinion
falsche Methode(German f.) wrong approach
falsche Münze(German f.) bad coin, base coin
Fälschen(German n.) counterfeiting
fälschen(German) to fudge, to counterfeit, to falsify, to forge, to fake, to imitate, to tamper, to replicate, to rig
falschen Alarm geben(German) to cry wolf
fälschend(German) counterfeiting, faking, falsifying
Fälschen der Bücher(German n.) cooking the books (falsifying the accounts)
falsche Note(German f.) or Misston, wrong note, false note
falsche Nummer(German f.) wrong number
falsche Person(German f.) wrong person, serpent (figurative: person)
falsche Perspektive(German f.) false perspective
falsche Platzierung(German f.) misplacement
falsche Politik(German f.) mistaken policy
falsche Position(German f.) false position
falsche Preisangabe(German f.) misquotation
falsche Quinte(German f.) diminished fifth
Fälscher (s.), Falscherin (f.), Falscher (pl.)(German) forger, counterfeiter, faker, falsifier, adulterator, manipulator
falscher(German) phonier (colloquial), shoddier, falser
falscher Alarm(German m.) false alarm
falscher Ausweis(German m.) fake ID
falscher Bart(German m.) false beard, fake beard
falscher Bericht(German m.) misreport
falscher Busen(German m.) falsies (colloquial)
falscher Denkansatz(German m.) wrong approach
Fälscherei begehen(German) to commit forgery
falscher Eindruck(German m.) false impression
falscher Eintrag(German m.) wrong entry
falscher Freund(German m.) false friend, faux ami
falscher Gebrauch(German m.) misusage
falscher Gebrauch eines Geräts(German m.) misuse of a device
falscher Gebrauch eines Wortes(German m.) misuse of a word
falscher Glaube(German m.) wrong belief
falscher Handschuh(German m.) wrong glove
falscher Hase(German m.) meat loaf
falsche Rippe(German m.) false rib
falscher Kerl(German m.) sly one, bad one
falsch erklären(German) to misstate
falscher Mensch(German m.) double dealer
falscher Name(German m.) false name
falscher Notruf(German m.) hoax call (to emergency services)
falscher Plan(German m.) mistaken plan
falscher Preis(German m.) incorrect price
falscher Prophet(German m.) false prophet
falscher Schluss(German m.) wrong conclusion, false conclusion
falscher Schlüssel(German m.) wrong key
falscher Schmuck(German m.) sham jewellery, fake jewellery
falscher Tag(German m.) wrong day
falscher Vorwand(German m.) false pretences, false pretence
falscher Weg(German m.) wrong way
falsch erzählen(German) to misnarrate
falsch erzählt(German) misnarrated
falscher Zahn(German m.) false tooth
falscher Zug(German m.) wrong move
falscher Zungenschlag(German m.) slip of the tongue
Falsches anstreben(German) to aim wrong
falsches Bild(German n.) perverted picture
falsche Scham(German f.) false shame
falsche Schlange(German f.) snake in the grass (colloquial)
falsches Datum(German n.) misdate
falsches Dilemma(German n.) false dilemma, false dichotomy, either-or fallacy
falsches Dokument(German n.) wrong document
falsche Seite(German f.) wrong side
falsches Ende(German n.) wrong end
falsches Erwachen(German n.) false awakening
falsches Geld(German n.) base coin, phoney money (colloquial)
falsches Geständnis(German n.) false confession
falsches Gold(German n.) Dutch gold, Dutch foil or Dutch leaf, a kind of brass rich in copper, rolled or beaten into thin sheets
falsche singen(German) to sing out of tune
falsches Konto(German n.) wrong account
falsches Projekt(German n.) mistaken project
falsche Spur(German f.) red herring (false lead)
falscheste(German) falsest, shoddiest, phoniest (colloquial)
falsche Stelle(German f.) wrong spot
falsche Summe(German f.) wrongly done sum
falsches Zeichen(German n.) wrong character
falsches Zitat(German n.) misquotation
falsche Tatsachen vorspiegeln(German) to twist the facts
falsch etikettiert(German) mislabelled
falsche Triggerung(German f.) false trigger
falsche Verbindung(German f.) false relation
falsche Vermutung(German f.) bad guess
falsche verstehen(German) to misunderstand
falsche Verwendung(German f.) misapplication
falsche Verwendung ausschließen(German) to eliminate malpractice
falsche Verwendung von Mitteln(German f.) misappropriation of funds
falsche Vorhersage(German f.) wrong forecast
falsche Vorstellung(German f.) mistaken idea, false pretence
falsche Wahrnehmung(German f.) misperception
falsche Warenbeschreibung(German f.) false trade description
falsche Wimpern(German pl.) false (eye)lashes
falsche Zahl(German f.) incorrect number
falsche Zähne(German pl.) false teeth
falsche Zungenschlag(German m.) or Versprecher (German m.), a slip of the tongue
Falschfahrer(German m.) wrong-way driver
Falschfarbe(German f.) pseudocolour
Falschfarbenbild(German n.) pseudo colour image, false colour image
falsch festsetzen(German) to misdetermine
falsch formatiert(German) improperly formatted
Falsch gedacht.(German) Think again. (colloquial)
falsch gehen(German) to go wrong (for example, a watch)
falsch gekennzeichnet(German) mistagged
falsch geknöpft(German) buttoned up the wrong way
Falschgeld(German n.) counterfeit money, bad money, bogus money, counterfeited money, false money, phony money, funny money, forged money
Falschgeld annehmen(German) to pass counterfeit money
falsch gelesen(German) misread
falsch gelocht(German) mispunched
falsch geparkt sein(German) to be wrongly parked
Falsch geraten.(German) Wrong guess.
falsch gerechnet(German) miscalculated
falsch geschrieben(German) wrongly spelled, misspelt
falsch geschworen(German) perjured
falsch gesetzt(German) misplaced (incorrectly placed)
Falschgold(German n.) fake gold
falsch handhaben(German) to mishandle
Falschheit(German f.) deceitfulness, fallaciousness, falsehood, falseness, falsity, nontruth, phoniness, shoddiness, baseness, deceit, factitiousness
falsch herum(German) the wrong way up, the wrong way round
falsch hören(German) to mishear
falsch in Bezug auf(German) incorrect in regard to
Falschinformation(German f.) incorrect information, misinformation
falsch informieren(German) to misinform
falsch informiert(German) misinformed
falsch interpretieren(German) to misinterpret
falsch kalkulieren(German) to miscalculate
falsch kaufen(German) to mispurchase
falsch klassifizieren(German) to misclassify
falsch kombinieren(German) to mis-match, to mismatch
falsch konfigurieren(German) to misconfigure
falsch lesen(German) to misread
falsch lesend(German) misreading
fälschlich(German) wrongly, falsely, mistakenly, erroneously, accidental, accidentally
fälschlich beschuldigen(German) to accuse falsely, to accuse wrongfully
fälschlicherweise(German) by mistake, erroneously, wrongly, mistakenly, spuriously, falsely
Falschlicht(German m.) veiling glare
Falschlieferung(German f.) wrong delivery, misdelivery, incorrect delivery
falsch liegen(German) to be at fault, to be wrong, to be mistaken
falsch machen(German) to misdo
falsch markieren(German) to mislabel
falsch markiert(German) mislabelled
Falschmeldung (s.), Falschmeldungen (pl.)(German f.) false report, hoax, canard
Falschmünzen(German pl.) counterfeited coins
Falschmünzer(German m.) forger
Falschmünzerei(German f.) counterfeiting, false coining, forgery (of money)
falsch negative Diagnose(German f.) false negative result (diagnosis)
falsch nennen(German) to miscall
falsch nennend(German) miscalling
falsch numerieren(German, old form) to misnumber
falsch nummerieren(German) to misnumber
Falschparken(German n.) illegal parking
falsch parken(German) to park illegally
falsch planen(German) to misplan
falsch positiv(German) false positive (for example, findings)
falsch positive Diagnose(German f.) false positive result (diagnosis)
falsch raten(German) to guess wrong
falsch rechnen(German) to miscalculate
falsch rechnend(German) miscalculating
falsch rum(German) the wrong way round
falsch sagen(German) to misspeak
falsch schreiben(German) to misspell
Falschschreibung(German f.) misspelling
falsch schwören(German) to perjure
falsch schwörend(German) perjuring
falsch sein(German) to be a double-dealer
falsch singen(German) to sing off-key
falsch sortieren(German) to missort
falsch sortiert(German) missorted
Falschsortierung(German f.) missorting
falsch spielen(German) to misplay, to cheat (for example, at cards)
falsch spielend(German) misplaying
Falschspieler(German m.) cardsharp, cardsharper, cheat (at cards), hustler (colloquial: cheat at cards), card sharp
Falschspielerei(German f.) card-sharping
falsch stehend(German) malplaced (tooth)
Falschstempel(German m.) forged postmark
fälscht(German) fakes, falsifies
fälschte(German) faked, falsified
falsch tippen(German) to mistype
falsch übersetzen(German) to mistranslate
falsch übersetzt(German) wrongly translated
falsch übertragen(German) to misassign
Fälschung (s.), Fälschungen (pl.)(German f.) fudge, imitation, adulteration, falsification, forgery, sham, forging, counterfeit, fake, fabrication (fake)
Fälschung der Bücher(German f.) falsification of accounts, tampering with the books
Fälschung der Kreditkarte(German f.) manipulation of a credit card
Fälschung eines Schecks(German f.) alteration of a cheque (with intent to defraud), forgery of a cheque
Fälschungen begehen(German) to commit forgery
fälschungssicher(German) unforgeable, forgery-proof
Fälschungsvorwürfe(German pl.) accusations of forgery
Fälschung von Banknoten(German f.) forgery of banknotes
Fälschung von Konten(German f.) doctoring of accounts, manipulation of accounts
falsch unterrichten(German) to misinform
falsch unterrichtend(German) misinforming
falsch unterrichtet(German) misinformed
falsch verbuchen(German) to mis-enter, to misenter
falsch verstanden(German) misunderstood, misread (misinterpreted)
falsch verstehen(German) to misapprehend, to misconceive, to misunderstand, to misperceive, to misread (misinterpret), to mistake (misunderstand)
falsch verwenden(German) to misspend, to misapply, to misuse
falsch verwendend(German) misspending
falsch verwendet(German) misspent
falsch wählen(German) to choose wrongly
falsch wahrnehmen(German) to misperceive
falsch wie eine Schlange(German) serpentine
falsch wiedergeben(German) to misquote (facts)
falsch zählen(German) to miscount
falsch Zeugnis geben(German) to bear false witness
falsch Zeugnis reden(German) to bear false witness
falsch zitieren(German) to misquote
falsch zitierend(German) misquoting
falsch zitiert(German) misquoted
falsch zuordnen(German) to mismatch
Falsenot correct, not true, falso (Italian), falsch (German), faux (French m.), fausse (French f.)
falsear(Spanish) to falsify, to distort
False cadencealternative name for an interrupted or deceptive cadence
False closealternative name for an interrupted or deceptive cadence
False cognatessee 'false friends'
Falsedad(Spanish f.) falseness, lie, falsehood
False dronesee fauxbourdon
False fifthan alternative name for 'diminished fifth' or 'imperfect fifth'
False fingeringsee 'alternative fingering'
False friendspairs of words in two languages (or letters in two alphabets) that look and/or sound similar, but differ in meaning. False cognates, by contrast, are similar words in different languages that appear to have a common historical linguistic origin (regardless of meaning) but actually do not. The phrase false cognates is also sometimes used to mean false friends
False harmonicsnatural harmonics produced on the double bass, where the thumb stops the note and the octave or other harmonic is activated by lightly touching the string at the relative node point
False harmonyinharmonic or false relation
discord caused by wrong notes or chords or by an imperfect resolution
False intaglioan image with a plate mark surround it in order to give the impression that it has been hand printed when it was most likely produced by some other means. When the paper holding the image is dry, it is passed over a blank intaglio plate that creates an embossed plate mark without disturbing the picture
False intonationsinging or playing out of tune
False modulationsee 'tonicisation'
False relationfalsa relazione (Italian), falsche Verbindung (German), Querstand (German), fausse relation (French), a progression in harmony, in which a certain note in a chord appears in the same chord or the next chord chromatically altered, for example, prefixed by a flat or a sharp, specifically in the case where the altered note is in a different part
False relation of the tritoneso-called and strictly forbidden by the early school of contrapuntists, the false relation of the tritone arises when the two notes of a scale which form the melodic interval of an augmented fourth (or its inversion, a diminished fifth) occur in adjacent chords, the parts moving by step, and the melodic interval discovered between notes in different parts. The rule, as expressed by the theorists, says: Mi contra fa est diabolus in musica, which is today abbreviated to Mi contra fa
False stringone that does not produced a true note
falset.abbreviated form of falsetto
Falset(German - although Falsett is more usual today) falsetto (Italian f.)
(Dutch) falsetto (Italian f.)
Falsetasmelodic variations played on a flamenco guitar
Falsete(Spanish m.) falsetto, a high pitched voice
Falsetista(Spanish m.) falsettist
False tonessome large conical instruments like tubas have a strong and useful resonance that is not in the well-known harmonic series. For example, most large B-flat tubas have a strong resonance at low E-flat (39 Hz), which is between the fundamental and the second harmonic (an octave higher than the fundamental). These alternative resonances are often known as false tones or privileged tones
Falset-register(Dutch) falsetto register
Falsett (s.), Falsette (pl.)(German n.) falsetto, head voice
Falsettista singer who uses a method of voice production called falsetto or voce di testa, in which the vocal chords are allowed only partially to vibrate, a result that is weak in timbre and incapable of much expressive variety. For this reason, the effect is used only rarely, mainly to produce extreme tonal softness or refinement, whether intentionally or for the purposes of satire, for example, when a male singer might mimic a female voice
the art of falsetto singing was part of an old, long-standing tradition among German university student groups, as a way of replacing the use of castrati in countries or regions which abhorred them. This attitude was only strengthen as a distinction in Germany between Protestants and those Catholic courts, like the ones in Dresden and Munich, that continued to employ Italian castrati. The opera houses of Hamburg and Leipzig would never have survived without employing falsettists. The same is true for the "Collegium musicum" of any university city. When Melchior Hoffmann conducted the former Telemann - 'Collegium' (1707), there was a 'mixed male quartet' (called "Singing Choir") consisting of the following men: 1) Bass - Langmasius, who later became privy councilor to the prince in Eisenach; 2) Tenor - Helbig, later poet and secretary to the prince in Eisenach; 3) Contralto - Krone, later a chamber musician at the court in Weimar; 4) Soprano - Margrave, later deputy headmaster in Augsburg; all of these individuals are listed as enrolled at the University of Leipzig. Much later Telemann praised, as being one of the best altos, a certain Schneider (who may later have been Bach's pupil and later yet assumed the position of organist at St. Nicholas Church). The situation will not have been any different when Bach took charge of the "Collegium musicum")
Falsettista(Italian m.) countertenor voice
Falsetto(Italian f., English) fausset (French), Falsett (German), falsete (Spanish), the name given to the vocal registers higher than the 'head voice', produced via expansion and separation of vocal cords where only the edges of the vocal cord vibrate, not the entire vocal cord.
in opera, falsetto is sometimes used for comic effect, for example, when a male singer 'imitates' the voice of a woman
Falsettstimme(German f.) falsetto, head voice
Falsettonealso called falsetto rinforzato, a nineteenth-century Italian specializing in singing falsetto
Falsificación(Spanish f.) forgery
Falsificafor(Spanish m.) forger
falsificar(Spanish) to forge
Falsifikat(German n.) fake, falsification, forgery
Falsifikation(German f.) falsification
falsifizierbar(German) falsifiable
Falsifizierbarkeit(German f.) falsifiability
falsifizieren(German) to falsify
Falsifizierung(German f.) falsification
falso (m.), falsa (f.)(Italian, Spanish) false, wrong, (in the world of art) fake
falsobordone (s.), falsobordoni (pl.)(Italian, literally 'false bass') synonymous with fauxbourdon (French) and faburden (English). From the late sixteenth century onwards, falsobordone was a polyphonic psalm setting consisting of simple triad chord progression harmony with parallel motion in the voice parts: typically, the chant melody is in the top voice
[entry provided by Ed Batutis]
falta(Spanish f.) lack, absence, shortage, fault, defect, fault, mistake, foul (sport), fault (tennis)
falta de delicadeza(Spanish) tactlessness
faltbar(German) foldable
Faltblatt(German n.) leaflet, folder, flyer, pull-out, foldout
Faltboot(German n.) folding canoe, folding boat
Fältchen(German n.) wrinkle, crow's-feet, (little) crinkle
Faltcontainer(German m.) folding container
Faltdach(German n.) folding roof
Faltdipol(German m.) folded dipole (antenna)
Falte (s.), Falten (pl.)(German f.) pleat, ply, plait, ruck, line (wrinkle), double, crimp, corrugation, crinkle, convolution, wrinkle, fold, crease, pucker
Falte an der Stirn(German f.) wrinkle of the forehead
fälteln(German) to pleat
Falten(German n.) folding
falten(German) to fold, to pleat, to wrinkle (up)
Falten am Faltenrock(German pl.) box pleat
Falten ausbügeln(German) to smooth out creases
Faltenbalg(German m.) boot, bellows, gaiter, pair of bellows
Faltenbalgpumpe(German f.) bellows pump
Faltenbalgventil(German n.) bellows valve
Faltenbesatz(German m.) smocking, furbelow (archaic)
Faltenbildung(German f.) wrinkling, wrinkle formation
faltend(German) folding, pleating, creasing
Faltenfilter(German m.) pleated filter
faltenfrei(German) crease-free, wrinkle-free, unlined (face)
faltenlos(German) uncreased, unpleated, unwrinkled, unlined (face)
Faltenreduzierung(German f.) wrinkle reduction
faltenreich(German) (heavily) lined (face), wrinkled (skin)
Faltenriss(German m.) fold split
Faltenrock(German m.) fustanella, pleated skirt, plaid skirt
Faltenschlauch(German m.) pleated hose
Faltenunterspritzung(German f.) wrinkle treatment (by injection)
Falten werfen(German) to wrinkle (up), to crinkle, to pucker (material)
Faltenwespe(German f.) social wasp
Faltenwurf(German m.) arrangement of the folds, fall of the folds
Faltenzunge(German f.) plicated tongue
Falter (s./pl.)(German m.) folder, butterfly (order Lepidoptera), moth
Faltet das Papier so.(German) Fold the paper like this.
faltete neu(German) refolded
faltet neu(German) refolds
faltig(German) wrinkled, wrinkly, wrinkling, lined (old people)
faltiger(German) more wrinkled
Faltigkeit(German f.) crinkliness
faltig machen(German) to crinkle
faltigste(German) most wrinkled
Faltkamera(German f.) folding camera
Faltkarte(German f.) folding map, pull-out map
Faltmappe(German f.) folder
Faltprospekt (s.), Faltprospekte (pl.)(German n.) folder
Faltrad(German n.) folding cycle, folding bicycle, folding bike, collapsible bicycle
Faltrollstuhl(German m.) collapsible wheelchair, folding wheelchair
Faltschachtel(German f.) folding box, folded box, collapsible box
Faltschiebetür(German f.) folding door
Faltsitz(German m.) fold-away seat
Faltstuhl(German m.) collapsible chair, deck chair
Falttrage(German f.) flexible stretcher
Falttür(German f.) folding door
Faltung(German f.) convolution
Faltverdeck(German n.) folding top, convertible top, folding soft top
Falun reda Swedish, deep red paint well known for its use on wooden cottages and barns
Falunrot(German n.) Falu red, Falun red
Falz(German m.) beading, rebate (in carpentry), hinge (stamp hinge), fold, pleat, notch, mortice, mortise, seam
Falzdeckeldose(German f.) open top can
Falzen(German n.) hemming
falzen(German) to notch, to fold, to rebate
falzend(German) grooving, folding
Falzhobel(German m.) fillister plane, rebate plane
falzlos(German) never hinged, hingeless
Falzmesser(German n.) knife folder
Falzperforation(German f.) folding perforation
Falzpresse(German f.) clinching press
Falzrest(German f.) hinge mark
Falzspur(German f.) hinge mark
falzt(German) grooves
falzte(German) grooved
Fá maior
key of F major(Portuguese m.) the key of 'F major'
the scale of F major
the scale of 'F major'
Fa majeur
key of F major(French m.) the key of 'F major'
the scale of F major
the scale of 'F major'
Fa major
key of F major(Catalan m.) the key of 'F major'
the scale of F major
the scale of 'F major'
Fa mayor
key of F major(Spanish m.) the key of 'F major'
the scale of F major
the scale of 'F major'
Fa menor
key of F minor(Spanish m.) the key of 'F minor'
Fa miin the old solmisation, the name of the semitone progressions, F-E, then Bb-A, Eb-D, etc.
Familiar addressthe familiar address is the use of informal pronouns in Middle English and Early Modern English. Pronouns such as "Thou, thy, thee, and thine" are familiar or informal pronouns used to speak either affectionately to someone of equal or lesser rank, or to speak contemptuously and callously to a lesser. Pronouns such as You [nominative], your, you [objective], and yours imply a more formal and respectful sort of address. This division in Middle English and Early Modern English is akin to the division in Spanish between tu and usted, or the similar observance of tu and vous in French
familäre Verpflichtungen(German pl.) family commitments
familiarizzarsi (con)(Italian) to acquaint (to become familiar (with))
Familiar stylesee 'strict chordal style'
Familiar, witch'ssee 'witch's familiar'
established in Kent, Cambridge, Essex, Devon and London, inspired by Henry Niclaes, an Anabaptist from Munster. The communities lived communally and tried to establish 'heaven on earth'. As their message spread they were persecuted by the authorities
Familenstandsnachweis(German m.) certificate of marital status
Familia Caritatissee 'Familists'
familial(German) familial, familiar, family, informal, familial, domestic (family)
familiäre Belastung(German f.) family history
familiäre Beziehung(German f.) family connection
familiäre Probleme(German pl.) family problems
familiärer(German) more familiar
Familiarität(German f.) familiarity
familiärste(German) most familiar
Familie (s.), Familien (pl.)(German f.) family, stock, Mr & Mrs (when addressing the family)
Familie des Künstlers(German f.) artist's family
Familie mit Doppeleinkommen(German f.) two-income family
Familien-(German) domestic (family) (prefix)
Familien in größter Not(German pl.) desperate families
Familien mit einem Elternteil(German pl.) single parent families
Familienabend(German m.) family evening at home
Familienähnlichkeit(German f.) family likeness
Familienalbum(German n.) family album
Familienanamnese(German f.) family history
Familienangehöriger (m.), Familienangehörige (f.), Familienangehörige (pl.)(German) member of the family, dependant, relative, family member
Familienangelegenheit (s.), Familienangelegenheiten (pl.)(German f.) family affair, family matter, domesticities (pl.)
Familienanzeigen(German pl.) personal announcements
Familienausflug(German m.) family outing, family getaway
Familienbande(German pl.) family ties
Familienberatungszentrum(German n.) family counselling centre
Familienbesitz(German m.) family property
Familienbetrieb(German m.) family business, family enterprise, family establishment, family-run shop
familienbetrieben(German) family-run
Familienbeziehung (s.), Familienbeziehungen (pl.)(German f.) family relationship
Familienbild(German n.) family portrait
Familienbuch(German n.) family register
Familienchronik(German f.) family chronicle
Familiendrama(German n.) family drama
Familienehre(German f.) family's honour, family honour
Familieneinkommen(German n.) family income
Familienerbstück(German n.) heirloom, family heirloom
Familienerinnerungen(German pl.) family memories
Familienermäßigung(German f.) family discount
Familienfarm(German f.) family farm
Familienfehde(German f.) family feud
Familienfeier(German f.) family celebration
familienfeindlich(German) inimical to the family
Familienferien(German pl.) family holiday
Familienfilm(German m.) family movie, family film
Familienfirma(German f.) family firm
Familienfotos(German pl.) family photographs
familienfremd(German) non-family, from outside the family
familienfreundlich(German) family-friendly
familiengeführt(German) family-run
Familiengeschichte(German f.) family history
Familienglück(German n.) domestic happiness, domestic bliss
Familiengrab(German n.) family grave, family tomb
Familiengröße(German f.) family size, size of family
Familiengruft(German f.) family vault, family tomb
Familiengründer(German m.) ancestor, founder of a family
Familiengruppe(German f.) family group
Familienhaus(German n.) family home
Familienhaushalt(German m.) family household
Familienhintergrund(German m.) family background
Familienhund(German m.) family dog
Familienjuwelen(German pl.) family jewels
Familienkonflikt(German m.) family conflict
Familienkrach(German m.) family row
Familienkreis(German m.) family circle
Familienleben(German n.) family circle, family life, domesticity
Familienmahlzeit(German f.) family meal
Familienmedizin(German f.) family medicine
Familienmensch(German m.) family man
Familienmitglied (s.), Familienmitglieder (pl.)(German n.) family member, member of the family, dependant, relative
Familiennachzug(German m.) family reunion
Familienname (s.), Familiennamen (pl.)(German m.) surname, family name, last name
Familienoberhaupt(German n.) patriarch, family patriarch
familienorientiert(German) family-oriented
Familienpackung(German f.) family size package
Familienplanung(German f.) family planning
Familienportrait(German n.) family portrait
Familienrecht(German n.) family law
Familienrichter (m.), Familienrichterin (f.)(German) divorce court judge, family judge
Familienroman(German m.) domestic novel
Familiensache(German f.) family matter, family affair
Familiensaga(German f.) roman-fleuve (French m.), family saga
Familienschmuck(German m.) family jewels
Familiensilber(German n.) family silver
Familiensinn(German m.) sense of family
Familiensitz(German m.) seat of the family, family seat
Familienskandal(German m.) family scandal
Familienstammbaum(German m.) family tree, family register
Familienstand(German m.) marital status, family status, personal status, civil status
Familienstandsnachweis(German m.) proof of marital status
Familienstreit(German m.) family dispute, family quarrel, family argument
Familiensystem(German n.) family system
Familientag(German m.) family day
Familientarif(German m.) family plan
Familientherapeut(German m.) family therapist
Familientherapie(German f.) family therapy
Familientradition(German f.) family tradition
Familientreffen(German n.) family reunion, family gathering, family get-together
Familienunterhalt(German m.) family upkeep, family maintenance
Familienunternehmen(German n.) family business, family company, family enterprise, family establishment, family-owned enterprise, family-run concern, family firm
Familienurlaub(German m.) family vacation, family holiday
Familienvater(German m.) paterfamilias, pater familias (Latin), father of a family, family man
Familienverbände(German pl.) family groups
Familienverbindungen(German pl.) family relations
Familienverhältnisse(German pl.) marital status, family circumstances, family background
Familienvermögen(German n.) family assets
Familienvorstand(German m.) head of the family, head of the household
Familienwappen(German n.) family coat of arms
Familienzentrum(German n.) family centre
Familienzimmer(German n.) family room
Familienzusammenführung(German f.) family reunion
Familienzusammengehörigkeitsgefühl(German n.) family sentiment
Familienzusammenhalt(German m.) family ties
Familienzusammenhänge(German pl.) family relations
Familienzuwachs(German m.) addition to the family
Familienzweig(German m.) branch of the family
Familienzyklus(German m.) family cycle
Familie ohne Einkommen(German f.) work-poor family (no wage earner)
Familie von Armeeangehörigen(German f.) service family (army family)
Familisten(German pl.) Familists
Familistsor The Family of Love, a mystic religious sect known as the Familia Caritatis, founded in The Netherlands by Hendrik Niclaes (c.1501-c.1580). Members of the Familists included cartographer Abraham Ortel (Ortelius), and publisher Christopher Plantin. Plantin worked by day as Philip II of Spain's printer of Catholic documents for the Counter Reformation, and otherwise surreptitiously printed Familist literature
Famille (with a colour)thus, famille jaune, famille noir, famille rose, famille verte, types of Chinese porcelain of the Ch'ing dynatsy (1644-1912) named for their predominant colours
Familyinstruments with a common characteristic, for example, violin family (violin, viola, cello & double bass), saxophone family (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones)
famos(German) clinking, capital, splendid, swell (colloquial, dated)
famoser(German) more excellent
famoser Kerl(German m.) jolly good fellow, good egg (figurative, colloquial, dated)
famoser Spaß(German m.) rare fun
famoseste(German) most excellent
famosus libellus(Latin) libelous writing
Famulant(German m.) student apprentice
Famulatur(German f.) clinical traineeship, medical clerkship
famulieren(German) to work as an extern, to do some practical work
Famulus(German m.) intern, amanuensis