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FPreferring to the catalogue prepared by Carl B. Schmidt of music by Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
fp., fpp.fortepiano, 'loud, then immediately p. or pp.'
fpf.abbreviation for forte-piano-forte, where the sound starts loudly before softening and then finally growing back to its original strength
Frafter E. W. Frisch, the cataloguer of music by Frédéric François Chopin (1810-1849)
Fr.abbreviation of 'French'
Fraasi(Finnish) (musical) phrase
Fracas(French) disturbance, uproar, a noisy quarrel
Fracción(Spanish f.) fraction, fragment, faction (political, etc.)
Fracción medio(Spanish f.) one half fraction (½)
Fracción tres cuartos(Spanish f.) three quarters fraction (¾)
Fracción un cuarto(Spanish f.) one quarter fraction (¼)
fraccionamiento(Spanish) division, splitting up, breaking up
fraccionario (m.), fraccionario (f.)(Spanish) fractional
Fracción de compás(Spanish f.) a meter (time signature) set out with one figure above another (for example, 3/4, 2/2, 6/8, etc.)
Fracht (s.), Frachten (pl.)(German f.) cargo, freight, carriage, carriage charges, haulage, transportation charges, cost, insurance and freight
Fracht-(German) cargo (prefix)
Fracht abandonnieren(German) to abandon the cargo
Fracht am Zielort zahlbar(German) freight forward
Frachtannahme(German f.) acceptance of a consignment
Frachtannahmestelle(German f.) goods office
Frachtaufkommen(German n.) volume of cargo
Frachtberechnung(German f.) freight calculation
Fracht bezahlt(German) carriage paid, freight paid
Frachtbrief (s.), Frachtbriefe (pl.)(German m.) advice note, consignment note, way bill, carriage note, bill of consignment
Frachtbriefdoppel(German m.) duplicate consignment note
Frachtbriefduplikat(German n.) duplicate consignment note
Frachtbriefnummer(German f.) air waybill number
Frachtdienst(German m.) cargo service, cargo-ship
Frachtdokument(German n.) freight document
Frachteingänge(German pl.) arrivals
Frachtempfangsbescheinigung(German f.) freight receipt
Fracht entladen(German) to discharge cargo, to unload cargo
Frachter (s./pl.)(German m.) freighter, cargo boat, cargo ship, cargo steamer, cargo vessel, carrier
Frächter(German m. - Austria) haulier
Frachtfähre(German f.) cargo ferry, freight ferry
Frachtflug(German m.) cargo flight
Frachtflugzeug(German n.) air freighter, cargo aircraft, cargo plane, carrier plane, freighter
frachtfrei(German) carriage free, carriage paid, carriage prepaid, free from transportation charges, freight paid, carriage-free
frachtfrei bis(German) carriage paid to, freight paid to
frachtfrei geliefert(German) delivered free
frachtfrei versichert(German) carriage and insurance paid to
frachtfrei versichert bis(German) freight and insurance paid to
Frachtführer(German m.) carrier, haulier, haulage contractor, hauler, transport carrier
Frachtgebühr (s.), Frachtgebühren (pl.)(German f.) freightage, charge for carriage, carriage charge, freight charge
Frachtgröße(German f.) size of freight
Frachtgut (s.), Frachtgüter (pl.)(German n.) freight, cargo
Frachthubschrauber(German m.) cargo helicopter
Fracht im Voraus bezahlt(German) freight prepaid, carriage paid
Fracht im Voraus zu zahlen(German) freight to be prepaid
Frachtkahn(German m.) barge
Frachtkonto(German n.) carriage account, freight account
Frachtkosten(German pl.) freight charges, freight costs, carrying charge, cost of freight, freight charge, freightage
Frachtkosten per Nachnahme(German pl.) carriage forward
Frachtliste(German f.) ships manifest, tally
Fracht löschen(German) to discharge cargo
Frachtluke(German f.) cargo hatch
Frachtmaschine(German f.) cargo plane
Fracht mit verderblichen Gütern(German f.) perishable freight
Frachtnachnahme(German f.) collect charges
Frachtnummer(German f.) tracking number
Frachtpapiere(German pl.) freight documents
Frachtpreise(German pl.) freight rates
Frachtrate (s.), Frachtraten (pl.)(German f.) cargo rate, freight rate
Frachtraum(German m.) cargo compartment, cargo hold, freight capacity, hold, cargo-space
Frachtraum buchen(German) to book freight
Frachtrechnung(German f.) freight note
Frachtrückerstattung(German f.) refund of freight
Frachtsatz (s.), Frachtsätze (pl.)(German m.) freight rate, shipping rate, freight tariff
Frachtsatz für Schüttgut(German m.) bulk rate
Frachtschiff(German n.) cargo ship, freighter, cargo boat, freight ship, cargo vessel
Frachtschuppen(German m.) cargo shed
Frachtspediteur(German m.) cargo agent
Frachtspeditionsfirma(German f.) freight forwarding company
Fracht-Terminal(German n.) cargo terminal
Frachtterminal(German n.) cargo terminal
Frachttür(German f.) cargo door (aircraft)
Fracht über Bord werfen(German) to sacrifice cargo, to throw cargo overboard
Frachtumschlagplatz(German m.) freight terminal
Fracht unbezahlt(German) freight unpaid
Frachtunternehmen(German n.) carrier
Frachtverfolgung(German f.) freight tracking
Frachtverkehr(German m.) freight traffic
Fracht verladen(German) to load cargo
Fracht verschieben(German) to shift cargo
Frachtversicherung(German f.) cargo insurance, carriage insurance, freight insurance, insurance on freight
Frachtversion(German f.) cargo freighter
Frachtvertrag (s.), Frachtverträge (pl.)(German m.) freight contract, freight charter
Fracht vom Empfänger einzuziehen(German) freight collect
Fracht von offen verladenem Gut(German f.) bulk freight
Fracht vorauszahlbar(German) freight prepayable
Frachtvorauszahlung(German f.) advance freight
Frachtvorschuss(German m.) advance freight
Frachtwaage(German f.) freight (weighing) scale
Frachtwinde(German f.) cargo winch
Fracht zahlbar am Bestimmungsort(German) freight payable at destination
Frachtzahlung(German f.) payment of freight charges
Frachtzuschlag(German m.) additional carriage, additional freight
Frack(German m.) dress coat, dress-coat, evening dress, tail-coat, tailcoat, swallowtail, evening attire (tails), tails
Fractalgenerally "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole," a property called self-similarity. The term was coined by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fractus meaning "broken" or "fractured
  • Fractal from which this extract has been taken
Fractio modi (s.), Fracta modi (pl.)(Latin, literally 'the breaking of the mode') ornamental notes that break into the steady pattern of rhythmic modes
Fractional beamwhere a beam does not join a group of notes, for example a beam joining a dotted quaver (eighth note) to a semiquaver (sixteenth note), the secondary beam attached to the semiquaver (sixteenth note) is called a fractional beam.
Fractional time signaturea meter (time signature) in which the top number includes or is a fraction
Fractura(Spanish f.) fracture
frag(s).abbreviation of 'fragment(s)'
Frag besser deine Mutter.(German) Better ask your mother.
Frag doch nicht andauernd.(German) Don't keep asking me.
Frage (s.), Fragen (pl.)(German f.) interrogation, query, demand, issue (political, etc.), question
Frage aus dem Publikum(German f.) question from the floor
Frage aus der Praxis(German f.) practical question
Fragebogen (s.), Fragebögen (pl.)(German m.) questionnaire, form, question paper
Fragebuch(German n.) catechism book
Frage der Auslegung(German f.) question of interpretation
Frage der Zeit(German f.) question of time, matter of time
Frage des Prinzips(German f.) question of principle
Frageform(German m.) interrogative form
Frage für sich(German f.) separate question
Fragefürwort (s.), Fragefürwörter (pl.)(German n.) interrogative
Fragehaltung(German f.) questioning attitude
Frage ihn nach dem Preis!(German) Ask him the price!
Frage ihn nach dem Weg!(German) Ask him the way!
Frage ihn nach der Zeit!(German) Ask him the time!
Frageliste(German f.) list of questions
Frage mich etwas Leichteres!(German) Ask me something easier!
fragen(German) to ask, to request, to interrogate, to query, to question
Frage nach Fakten(German f.) question of fact
Fragen aufwerfen(German) to prompt questions
fragend(German) interrogating, asking, inquiring, interrogatively, interrogatorily, prompting, querying, questioning, requesting, queryingly, interrogative, enquiringly, questioningly, quizzically, wondering (doubtful), interrogatory, quizzical (look, manner)
Fragender (m.), Fragende (f.), Fragende (pl.)(German m.) inquirer, person asking, enquirer
fragender Blick(German m.) inquiring look, look of inquiry, questioning look
Fragen, die ... betreffen(German) questions relating to ...
Fragenkatalog(German m.) questionnaire
Fragenkomplex(German m.) (problem) area, topic, subject, battery of questions
Fragen kostet nichts!(German) It doesn't hurt to ask!
fragen ob(German) to query if, to query whether
Fragen Sie ruhig.(German) Feel free to ask questions.
Fragen stellen(German) to ask questions
Fragen wie aus der Maschinenpistole(German pl.) quick-fire questions
Frager(German m.) questioner, inquirer
Fragerei(German f.) questions
Fragesatz(German m.) interrogative clause
Fragespiel(German n.) twenty questions (figurative: reference to a well known panel game)
Fragesteller (m.), Fragestellerin (f.), Fragesteller (pl.)(German) inquirer, questioner, enquirer, interrogator
Fragestellung(German f.) question, posing of a question, problem, questioning, interrogating, interrogation
Fragestunde(German f.) question time
Frage- und Antwortspiel(German n.) quiz
Frageverhalten(German n.) questioning behaviour
Frage von Bedeutung(German f.) question of substance
Fragewort (s.), Fragewörter (pl.)(German n.) interrogative, interrogative particle
Fragezeichen(German n.) ?, sign of interrogation, note of interrogation, mark of interrogation, question mark, interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point, query or eroteme
Frage zur Diskussion stellen(German) to moot
Frag ihn, ob er kommen kann.(German) Ask him whether he can come.
Frag ihn, ob er kommen wird.(German) Ask whether he will come.
Frag ihn!(German) Consult him!
fragil(German) fragile
frágil(Spanish) fragile, breakable, frail, weak
Fragilidad(Spanish f.) fragility, breakability, frailty, weakness
Frag lieber nicht!(German) Don't ask!
Fragilität(German f.) fragility
Fragilityfrail, easily broken, damaged, or destroyed
delicate, lacking physical or emotional strength
lacking substance, tenuous or flimsy
fraglich(German) doubtful, questionable, debatable, problematic, in question, moot, disputable, in dispute, relevant
fragliche Angelegenheit(German f.) matter in question, problematic matter
fragliche Ergebnisse(German pl.) doubtful results
fragliche Firma(German f.) firm (business) in question
fragliche Person(German f.) person in question
fraglicher(German) more doubtful
fraglicherweise(German) doubtfully (questionably)
fragliche Sache(German f.) moot point
fragliche Ware(German f.) goods in question
Fraglichkeit(German f.) questionability
fraglichste(German) most doubtful
fraglos(German) unquestionably, unquestionable, undoubtedly
Fragment (s.), Fragmente (German pl.)(English, German n., French m.) a small part, broken piece (particularly a part broken off), snipping (part snipped off)
an incomplete piece of literature or music, one the author/composer never finished entirely
Fragmentación(Spanish f.) fragmentation
fragmentar(Spanish) to fragment, to divide up
fragmentario (m.), fragmentaria (f.)(Spanish) fragmentary
fragmentarisch(German) fragmentarily, fragmentary
fragmentarse(Spanish) to break up
Fragmentationbreaking up a subject into small segments, any one of which may form the basis for further development
fragmentieren(German) to fragment
fragmentierend(German) fragmenting
fragmentiert(German) fragmented
Fragmentierung(German f.) fragmentation
Fragmento(Spanish m.) fragment, piece (of an object), passage (from a book)
Frag mich doch nicht andauernd.(German) Don't keep asking me.
fragt(German) interrogates, inquires, prompts
fragt aus(German) quizzes
fragte(German) interrogated, queried
Frag, was du willst!(German) Ask any questions you like!
fragwürdig(German) questionably, questionable, shady, suspect, debatable, doubtful, dubious, wildcat
fragwürdige Anfrage(German f.) dubious inquiry
fragwürdige Angelegenheit(German f.) shady business
fragwürdige Entscheidung(German f.) dubious decision
fragwürdige Geschäfte(German pl.) shady dealings, shady enterprises
fragwürdiger Partner(German m.) shady partner
fragwürdiger Segen(German m.) dubious blessing
fragwürdiges Beweisstück(German n.) shaky piece of evidence
Fragwürdigkeit (s.), Fragwürdigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) dubiousness, questionableness (pl.)
Fraîcheur(French f.) freshness
frailesco (m.), frailesca (f.)(Spanish) monkish, like a monk
Frailing(English, German n.) fingerpicking technique, as for example, on the banjo
see 'clawhammer'
frailuno (m.), frailuna (f.)(Spanish) monkish, like a monk
frais (m.), fraîche (f.)(French) fresh
frais et dispos(French) fresh and alert
Fraktal(German n.) fractal
fraktal(German) fractal
Fraktion(German f.) fraction, contingent, parliamentary group, parliamentary party, faction (of a polical movement)
fraktionell(German) fractional
fraktionieren(German) to fractionate
Fraktionieren(German n.) fractionation
fraktionierend(German) fractioning
Fraktionierkolben(German m.) fractionating flask
fraktioniert(German) fractional, fractionated
fraktionierte(German) fractioned
fraktionierte Destillation(German f.) fractional distillation
Fraktionierung(German f.) fractionation, fractionisation
Fraktionschef(German m.) whip
Fraktionsführer(German m.) floor leader (US), party whip, political group chairman
fraktionslos(German) independent (politically)
Fraktionsmitglied(German n.) parliamentary party member
Fraktionssitzung (s.), Fraktionssitzungen (pl.)(German f.) caucus
Fraktionsvorsitzender (m.), Fraktionsvorsitzende (f.)(German) parliamentary party leader, party whip
Fraktionszwang(German m.) obligation to vote in accordance with party policy
Fraktur(German f.) breach, fraction, fracture
(German f.) German text (script), German type (typeface), Gothic type (typeface), black letter (typeface)
a Blackletter script used to write the German language from the beginning of the sixteenth century until 1945
in the United States, Fraktur is used to describe highly artistic and elaborate eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries illuminated folk art drawings created by the Pennsylvania Dutch (perhaps more strictly Pennsylvania Deitsch or Pennsylvanian German). Most Fraktur were created between 1740 and 1860
Frakturenbehandlung(German f.) fracture treatment
Frakturhalter(German m.) redresser
Frakturheilung(German f.) fracture healing
frakturiert(German) fractured
frakturierter Zahn(German m.) fractured tooth
Frakturschrift(German f.) German type, German text
Frakturvereinigung(German f.) fracture union
FRAMabbreviation of 'Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, London'
Frambuesa(Spanish f.) raspberry (botanical)
Frame(English, German m.) the structural members in the interior of a keyboard instrument (under the soundboard) which strengthen the case
of a piano, the skeleton of case iron on which the strings are stretched
in dance, 'frame' is the position maintained by dancers during partner dancing. Maintenance of the frame provides connection
  • Frame an extract of which provides the second entry
Frame narrativethe result of inserting one or more small stories within the body of a larger story that encompasses the smaller ones. Often this term is used interchangeably with both the literary technique and the larger story itself that contains the smaller ones, which are called pericopes, "framed narratives" or "embedded narratives."
Frame of referenceset of standards or principles governing behaviour, thought, belief, etc.
Frame storyframe narrative
Framework(English, German n.) essential supporting structure, basic system
Framing methodusing the same features, wording, setting, situation, or topic at both the beginning and end of a literary work so as to "frame" it or "enclose it." This technique often provides a sense of cyclical completeness or closure
Frammento(Italian m.) fragment
franc (m.), franche (f.)(French) frank, open-hearted, bluff
Francachella(Spanish f.) feast (familar)
français (m.), française (f.)(French) French
Française(French f.) a round dance in triple or compound duple time, whose full name is contredanse Française
francamente(Italian) boldly, ingenuously
(Italian) performed in a free style
Francarabe(French) a term coined by Elie "Lili" Boniche (1922-2008), for his own unique oeuvre, combining the North African style with French chanson, Latin American and other influences and singing in a mixture of French and Arabic
Francés (m.), Francésa (f.)(Spanish) Frenchman, Frenchwoman
francés (m.), francésa (f.)(Spanish) French
Franceschi, Francesco
(d. c.1599)
a printer in the Italian Renaissance. His roots were in Siena, though the bulk of his work was done in Venice. Franceschi was also known for printing music. He printed the works of Gioseffo Zarlino and several volumes of writing on music. Two probable relatives, Giovanni Antonio de' Franceschi (who worked in both Palermo and Venice) and Giacomo Franceschi of Venice, printed music as well
Francesilla(Spanish f.) buttercup (botanical)
Francfort(Spanish) Frankfurt (German city)
Franchezza(Italian f.) freedom of spirit, boldness, frankness, confidence
franchir le cap de(French) to go beyond, to go beyond the point of
Franchise(German f.) permission given by a person or entity permitting the distribution of goods or services under his trademark
(German f.) a privilege or right officially granted a person or a group by a government
(French f.) freedom of spirit, boldness, frankness, candour
Franchisegeber(German m.) franchiser, franchisor, licensor
Franchiseklausel(German f.) franchise clause
Franchisenehmer(German m.) franchisee
Franchising(German n.) franchising
Franciscanorder of friars founded by St Francis of Assisi in the early 13th century in Italy; also known as the Friars Minor or the Grey Friars
Franco-Belgian bowingthe most flexible and "springy" bowing technique which is really the Italian bowing that Viotti brought out of Italy. This is the bow hold which Paganini made his own. The fingers gently curve over the stick, and the bow contacts the first joints of the fingers. For the Italian bow hold the bow hair is made very taught
[taken from]
Franco-countrya musical style originating from French Canada. It is characterised mainly by the rhythms and styles of American country music but with the twangy Québécois Jouale accent. Sometimes the songs are sung in French, but not always
franco-flamenco(Spanish) Franco-Flemish
Franco-Flemish schoolthe school of Josquin Desprez (c.1440-1521), the third of the three 'Netherlands Schools'
regional designation given to composers from the present-day countries of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
françoise(French) French, in the French style
Franconian moteta motet based on the mensural notation championed by Franco of Cologne (fl. c.1250-1280), where there is a movement away from rhythmic modes, the voices are generally rhythmically stratified, with each voice having a faster line than the voice below
Franconian notationthe mensural notation system championed by Franco of Cologne (fl. c.1250-1280)
Franc tireur(French m.) a sharpshooter (in the French army), a French irregular soldier (specifically one who is a guerrilla or sniper)
Frangipanepastry with a creamy almond-flavoured filling
Franglais(English, German n.) French heavily interlarded with English words and expressions
Frankatur(German f.) postage
frankaturgültig(German) valid for postage
Franke (m.), Fränkin (f.), Franken (pl.), Fränkinnen ( Franconian (man), Frank
Franken(German n.) Franconia (German region)
Frankenkönig(German m.) king of the Franks
Frankenreich(German n.) Frankish Empire, kingdom of the Franks
Frankenvieh(German n.) German yellow
Frankenwald(German m.) Franconian Forest
Frankenwein(German m.) Franconian wine
Frankfurter(German f.) frankfurter (sausage)
Frankfurter (m.), Frankfurterin (f.)(German) Frankfurter (person)
Frankfurter Kranz(German m.) Frankfurt crown cake
Frankfurter Messe(German f.) Frankfurt Trade Fair
Frankfurter Würstchen(German n.) Frankfurt sausage, frankfurter
frankfurterisch(German) Frankfurt
Frankfurt Groupthe four British composers Norman Houstoun O'Neill (1875-1934), Henry Balfour Gardiner (1877-1950), Cyril Meir Scott (1879-1970) and Roger Quilter (1877-1953) together with the Australian pianist/composer Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961) all of whom were at the same time students at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany
frankfurtisch(German) Frankfurt
frankieren(German) to stamp, to prepay, to frank (letter, parcel)
frankierend(German) franking
Frankiermaschine(German f.) franking machine, postage meter
frankiert(German) post-paid, postpaid, stamped, franked
frankierter Rückumschlag(German m.) stamped addressed envelope, self-addressed stamped envelope
frankierter und adressierter Rückumschlag(German m.) stamped addressed envelope
frankiertes und adressiertes Rückantwortkuvert(German n.) stamped addressed envelope
Frankierung(German f.) prepayment, franking
Frankingthe means of sending mail either free of postage or, using of a machine that prints out a postage-paid receipt which can be adhered or printed directly on to the mail, with postage prepaid
Fränkisch(German n.) Franconian (dialect)
fränkisch(German) Frankish, Franconian
Fränkische Alb(German f.) Franconian Alb, Franconian Mountains
Fränkische Reichsannalen(German pl.) Royal Frankish Annals
Fränkische Schweiz(German f.) Franconian Switzerland
fränkische Sprachen(German pl.) Franconian languages
Fränkischer Kreis(German) Franconian Circle (created in 1500, an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire)
Fränkischer Rechen(German m.) Franconian rake (a heraldic symbol of the bishops of Wüzburg)
Fränkisches Reich(German n.) Frankish kingdom
fränkisch-römisch(German) Franco-Roman
Franklina medieval profession akin to a cross between a landlord and a real estate agent. The reputation for being social climbers was perhaps well deserved, given that many of these new landowners attempted to "buy" their way into aristocratic ranks by marrying their sons and daughters into the ranks of nobility in return for cash payments
franko(German) post paid, free of all charges
Frankoamerikaner(German m.) French American, Franco-American
frankobelgisch(German) Franco-Belgian
frankoflämische Schule(German f.) Franco-Flemish school
Frankokanadier (m.), Frankokanadierin (f.)(German) French Canadian
frankokanadisch(German) French-Canadian, Franco-Canadian
frankophil(German) Francophile
Frankophiler (m.), Frankophile (f.)(German) Francophile
frankophob(German) Francophobe
frankophon(German) francophone, French-speaking
Frankophoner (m.), Frankophone (f.), Frankophone (pl.)(German) francophone
frankophones Afrika(German n.) French-speaking Africa
Frankreich(German n.) France
frankreichfreundlich(German) Francophile
Frankreichrundfahrt(German f.) Tour de France (cycle race)
Franse (s.), Fransen (pl.)(German f.) fringe, frazzle
Fransen-BH(German m.) fringe bra, fringed bra
Fransenbluse(German f.) fringe blouse, fringed blouse
Fransenhemd(German n.) fringed shirt, fringe shirt
Fransenhose(German f.) fringe trousers, fringed trousers
Fransenkleid(German n.) fringed dress, fringe dress
Fransenrock(German m.) fringe skirt, fringed skirt
Fransensaum(German m.) fringed edge
Fransenslip(German m.) fringe panties, fringed panties
fransig(German) having a fringe
Franz(German m.) Francis (male name)
franz.abbreviation of französisch (German: French, francais (French))
Franzbrötchen(German n.) sweet cinnamon-flavoured Northern German pastry
franzese(Italian) French, in the French style
Franzien(German n.) Francia (or France)
Franziska(German f.) Frances (female name), francisca (throwing axe), francesca (throwing axe)
Franziskaner (m.), Franziskanerin (f.), Franziskaner (pl.)(German) Franciscan, Grey Friars (pl.), Franciscan nun (f.)
Franziskanerinnenkloster(German n.) Franciscan convent
Franziskanerkirche(German f.) Franciscan church
Franziskanerkloster(German n.) Franciscan monastery
Franziskaner-Minorit(German pl.) Minorites
Franziskanermönch(German m.) Franciscan monk
Franziskanernonne(German f.) Franciscan nun
Franziskanerobservanten(German pl.) Observant Franciscans
Franziskanerorden(German m.) Order of St. Francis, Franciscan order
Franziskanerschwester(German f.) Franciscan sister
Franziskaner-Terziaren(German pl.) Third Order of St. Francis
franziskanisch(German) Franciscan
Franz-Joseph-Bart(German m.) handlebar whiskers
Franzmann(German m.) Frenchman
Franzose (s.), Französin (f.), Franzosen (pl.), Französinnen ( Frenchman (m.), monkey wrench (m.), adjustable spanner (m.), French people (pl.), Frenchwoman (f.), French girl (f.)
Franzosenfeind(German m.) Francophobe
franzosenfeindlich(German) Francophobe
Franzosenfreund (m.), Franzosenfreundin (f.)(German) Francophile
franzosenfreundlich(German) Francophile
Franzosenhass(German m.) Francophobia, Gallophobia
Franzosenhasser(German m.) Francophobe
Franzosenkrankheit(German f.) French disease (syphilis)
französieren(German) to Frenchify
Französisch(German n.) French
französisch (m.), französische (f.), französisches (n.)(German) French, in the French style
französisch-amerikanische Beziehungen(German pl.) Franco-American relations
Französisch-Äquatorialafrika(German n.) French Equatorial Africa
Französische Antillen(German pl.) French Antilles
französische Besatzungszone(German f.) French occupation zone
Französische Bohne(German f.) flageolet bean, French bean
Französische Bulldogge(German f.) French bulldog
französische Balken(German m.) French beaming
französische Fremdenlegion(German f.) (French) Foreign Legion
Französische Gebiete im südlichen Indischen Ozean(German pl.) French Southern Territories
französische Kanadier(German pl.) French Canadians
französische Küche(German f.) French cuisine, French cookery, French cooking
französische Namen(German pl.) French names
französische Ouvertüre(German f.) French overture
Französische Politur(German f.) French polish
französischer Abstammung(German) French by blood
französischer Einfluss(German m.) French influence
Französische Republik(German f.) Republic of France (official name of France)
französische Republikaner(German pl.) French Republicans
französischer Herrensitz(German m.) chateau
französischer Kronprinz(German m.) dauphin
Französischer Nationalfeiertag(German m.) Bastille Day
französischer Philosoph der Aufklärung(German m.) philosophe
französischer Revolutionskalender(German m.) French Revolutionary Calendar, French Republican Calendar
französischer Violinschlüssel(German m.) French violin clef, French clef
Französischer Zopf(German m.) French braid
französische Salatsauce(German f.) vinaigrette
französische Salatsoße(German f.) vinaigrette
französisches Bett(German n.) double bed
französisches Brot(German n.) baguette, French bread
französisches Feingebäck(German n.) patisserie, patisseries
französisches Horn(German n.) or Horn (German n.), French horn
Französische Somaliküste(German f.) French Somali Coast (now Djibouti)
französische Spitze(German f.) French lace
französisches Roulette(German n.) French roulette, European roulette
französisches Schloss(German n.) chateau
französisches Stangenweißbrot(German n.) baguette
Französische Staatsbahn(German f.) French National Railways
Französische Süd- und Antarktisgebiete(German pl.) French Southern and Antarctic Territories
Französische Südpolar-Territorien(German pl.) French Antarctic Territories (Adélie Land)
Französische Suiten(German f.) J. S. Bach's French Suites BWV 812-817
französisches Überseedepartement(German n.) French overseas department
französisches Ventil(German n.) Presta valve
Französisch-Guayana(German n.) French Guiana
Französisch-Guayaner (m.), Französisch-Guayanerin (f.)(German) French Guianan
französisch-guayanisch(German) French Guianan
Französisch-Guyana(German n.) French Guiana
Französisch-Indochina(German n.) French Indochina
Französischlehrer (m.), Französischlehrerin (f.)(German) French teacher, teacher of French
Französisch-Polynesien(German n.) French Polynesia
französischsprachig(German) francophone, French speaking
Französischunterricht(German m.) French lesson, French class
Französisch-Westafrika(German n.) French West Africa
Französisch-Westindien(German n.) French West Indies
Französischwörterbuch(German n.) French dictionary
französisieren(German) to Frenchify, to Gallicise
französisiert(German) Frenchified
Französistik(German f.) French studies
Franzton(German, archaic) a pitch below standard concert pitch
Franz von Assisi(German) Francis of Assisi
Franz von Sales(German) Francis de Sales
fra poco(Italian) shortly
frappant(French, German) striking
(French) struck
Frappé(French m., German n.) liqueur poured over shaved ice
frappé(French) struck, stamping, striking
(French) iced, chilled, thick, viscous
the term may also signifies the accented part of a bar - its opposite is levé
a particular manner of beating time, or of striking notes
Frappee(French f., German f.) patterned fabric
frapper(French) to strike, to hit, to beat the time
frapper dans les mains(French) to clap one's hands
frappieren(German) to chill, to astonish, to astound
frappierend(German) astonishing, remarkable, striking
Fras(Swedish) (musical) phrase
Fräsbearbeitung(German f.) milling
Fräsdorn(German m.) milling arbor, milling-machine arbor, cutter arbor
Frase(Danish, Dutch, Italian f., Spanish f., Portuguese) (musical) phrase
Fräse(German f.) milling machine
fra sè(Italian) to himself
fraseeraus(Finnish) phrasing
Fräse für Holz(German f.) shaper (for wood)
fraseggiare(Italian) to phrase
fraseggio(Italian) phrasing
Frase large(Italian f.) a broad (musical) phrase, largamente
Frase musical (s.), Frases musicales (pl.)(Spanish f.) musical phrase
Fräsen(German n.) milling, cutting
fräsen(German) to mill, to shape (wood), to till (soil)
fräsend(German) milling, shaping
fraseo(Spanish) phrasing, phrased, phrasé (French)
Fräser (s./pl.)(German m.) milling cutter, cutter, mill
Fräserdorn(German m.) cutter arbor, milling arbor, milling-machine arbor
Fräserhülse(German f.) milling collet
Fräsersatz(German m.) gang cutter
Frase van 12 maten(Dutch) twelve bar phrase
frasering(Dutch, Danish, Swedish) phrasing
Fraseringsboog(Dutch) slur
Fraseringsbue(Danish) slur
Frasi(Italian f. pl.) phrases, short musical sentences
Fräskopf(German m.) cutter head, cutting head, milling head
Fräsmaschine(German f.) milling machine
Fraß(German m.) muck (food), grub (colloquial)
Fraßgang(German m.) gallery (termites), burrow (passage in parts of plants by insects or larvae)
Fraßschäden(German pl.) feeding damage
Frässpindel(German f.) milling spindle
Frästisch(German m.) router table
fräste Loch aus(German) countersank
fräst Loch aus(German) countersinks
Fräswerkzeug (s.), Fräswerkzeuge (pl.)(German n.) milling cutter, milling tool
Fräszentrum(German n.) milling centre
Fratellastro(Italian m.) stepbrother
Frater(English, German m.) the communal refectory of a monastic establishment
fraternell(German) fraternal, fraternally
fraternisieren(German) to fraternise
fraternisierend(German) fraternising
fraternisiert(German) fraternise, fraternised
fraternisierte(German) fraternised
Fraternisierung(German f.) fraternisation
Fratricellimore properly 'The Fraticelli', medieval Roman Catholic groups that could trace their origins to the Franciscans
Fratizellen(German pl.) Fraticelli
Fratz(German m.) rascal, scallywag, hussy
Fratze (s.), Fratzen (pl.)(German f.) grimace, antic, visage (ugly), hideous face, mug (colloquial: face)
Fratzengesichtigkeit(German f.) gargoylism
fratzenhaft(German) grotesque, hideous
Frau (s.), Frauen (pl.)(German f.) a (German) housewife, femme (French f.), woman, lady, female, wife, Mrs. (before name), Ms. (before name), Miss (before name), signora (Spanish f.), womankind (pl.)
Frauchen(German n.) wifey, mistress (of a dog or cat)
fraude pleuse(French) a pious deceit, a dishonest deed performed in the interests of religion or morality
Frau des Dekans(German f.) dean's wife
Frau des Kanzlers(German f.) chancellor's wife
Frau des Konsuls(German f.) consul's wife
Frau des Oberst(German f.) colonel's wife
Frau des Schmieds(German f.) blacksmith's wife
Frau Dingenskirchen(German) Mrs So-and-So
Frauen-(German) female (prefix)
Frauenabend(German m.) girls night out (colloquial), hen night (colloquial)
Frauenabteil(German n.) ladies' compartment
Frauenabteilung(German f.) women's section (club, society)
Frauen am Steuer.(German) Women drivers.
Frauenanteil(German m.) percentage of women, proportion of women, share of women
Frauenarbeit(German f.) female labour, women's work, woman's job, work for the cause of women
Frauenarzt (m.), Frauenärztin (f.)(German) gynaecologist
Frauenarzthelferin(German f.) gynaecologist's assistant (female), gynaecologist's receptionist (female)
Frauenarzt (und) Geburtshelfer (m.), Frauenärztin (und) Geburtshelferin (f.)(German) obstetrician-gynecologist
Frauen aufreißen(German) to pick up women
Frauen aus der Arbeiterschicht(German pl.) working-class women
Frauen aus der Oberschicht(German pl.) upper-class women
Frauenband(German f.) all-women band, all-female band
Frauenbeauftragter (m.), Frauenbeauftragte (f.)(German) women's representative
Frauenbeilage(German f.) ladies' supplement
Frauenbeine(German pl.) woman's legs
Frauenbekanntschaft(German f.) female acquaintance
Frauenberuf(German m.) female profession
Frauenbewegung(German f.) women's movement, feminist movement, women's lib (colloquial)
Frauenbild (s.), Frauenbilder (pl.)(German n.) image of women, perception of women
Frauenbildnis (s.), Frauenbildnisse (pl.)(German n.) female portrait, portrait of a woman
Frauenbildung(German f.) women's education, female education
Frauenbuchladen(German m.) women's bookshop
Frauenbüste(German f.) female bust, bust of a woman
Frauenchor(German m.) women's choir, women's chorus
Frauendarstellungen(German pl.) female portraits
Frauendienst(German, literally 'service of the lady') the medieval code of courtly love, according to which the lover is a vassel of his lady
Ulrich von Lichtenstein (c.1200/10-c.1275), a Middle High German Minnesänger, collected some 60 songs, under his own title Frauendienst (Vrouwen dîenest), and connected them with an autobiographical narrative written in rhyming couplets
Frauendomäne(German f.) women's domain
Fraueneis(German n.) gypsum
Frauenemanzipation(German f.) women's liberation, women's lib (colloquial), emancipation of women
Frauenfachschule(German f.) women's technical college
Frauenfeind(German m.) woman-hater, misogynist
frauenfeindlich(German) anti-women, misogynous, sexist (towards women), misogynistic, misogynic, woman-hating (of a person)
Frauenfeindlichkeit(German f.) hostility towards women, misogyny
Frauenfigur(German f.) figure of a woman, female figure
Frauenfilm(German m.) feminist movie, feminist film, chick flick (colloquial)
Frauenfrage(German f.) question of women's rights, issue of women's rights
frauenfreundlich(German) favourable to women, pro-women, women-friendly
Frauenfunk(German m.) women's radio (programme)
Frauengefängnis(German n.) women's prison
Frauengemach(German n.) bower, zenana
Frauengeschichte (s.), Frauengeschichten (pl.)(German f.) herstory, women's history, affair with a woman, women's trouble (colloquial), womanising (pl.)
frauengeschichtlich(German) women's history
Frauengesicht(German n.) woman's face
Frauengestalt(German f.) female figure, female form
Frauenglas(German n.) selenite, mica
Frauengruppe(German f.) group of women, women's group
Frauenhaar(German n.) maidenhair, women's hair, haircap moss
frauenhaft(German) womanlike, feminine
Frauenhand(German f.) woman's hand
Frauenhandel(German m.) trafficking in women, women trafficking
Frauenhandschuh(German m.) lady's glove
Frauenhass(German m.) hatred of women, misogyny
Frauenhasser(German m.) misogynist, woman hater
Frauenhaus (s.), Frauenhäuser (pl.)(German n.) women's refuge, refuge for battered women, women's centre, women's house
Frauenheilkunde(German f.) gynaecology
Frauenheilkundler (m.), Frauenheilkundlerin (f.)(German) gynaecologist
Frauenheld(German m.) ladykiller, womaniser, lady-killer (colloquial)
Frauenhemd(German n.) chemise, shimmy
Frauenherrschaft(German f.) matriarchal rule, matriarchy, female domination
Frauenherz(German n.) woman's heart
Frauen im fruchtbaren Alter(German pl.) women of child-bearing age
Frauen in der Kunst(German pl.) women in art
Frauen in ein Amt berufen(German) to appoint women to an office
Frauenjäger (s./pl.)(German m.) womaniser, skirt chaser (colloquial)
Frauenkenner(German m.) connoisseur of women
Frauenkirche(German f.) Church of Our Lady
Frauenkleid (s.), Frauenkleider (pl.)(German n.) woman's dress, kirtle
Frauenkleider tragen(German) to be in drag (colloquial: of a man dressed in women's clothing)
Frauenkleidung(German f.) women's clothing, drag (colloquial: man dressed in women's clothing)
Frauenklinik(German f.) gynaecological hospital, gynaecological clinic, women's hospital
Frauenkloster (s.), Frauenklöster (pl.)(German n.) nunnery, (women's) convent
Frauenkopf(German m.) head of a woman, woman's head, female head
Frauenkörper(German m.) woman's body
Frauenkrankheit(German f.) gynaecological disorder
Frauenkreis(German m.) women's circle
Frauenleben(German n.) life of women
Frauenleiche(German f.) female corpse
Frauenleiden(German n.) gynaecological disorder
Frauenliebling(German m.) favourite with the ladies
Frauenliteratur(German f.) women's literature, literature written by women, feminist writing, feminist literature
Frauenlöhne(German pl.) women's wages
frauenlos(German) womanless
Frauenmagazin(German n.) women's magazine
Frauenmannschaft(German f.) women's team
Frauenministerin(German f.) Minister for Women (female)
Frauenmode(German f.) fashion for women
Frauenmörder(German m.) ripper, murderer of a woman, woman's killer, murderer of women, women's killer
Frauen nachlaufen(German) to chase after women
Frauen nachstellen(German) to chase women
Frauenorden(German m.) women's order
Frauenparkplatz(German m.) parking space (reserved) for women, women's parking area, women drivers' car space
Frauenportrait (s.), Frauenportraits (pl.)(German n.) female portrait, portrait of a woman
Frauenporträt (s.), Frauenporträts (pl.)(German n.) female portrait, portrait of a woman
Frauenprofil(German n.) profile of a woman
Frauenquote(German f.) proportion of women
Frauenraub(German m.) abduction of women, raptio
Frauenrechte(German pl.) women's rights
Frauenrechtler (m.), Frauenrechtlerin (f.)(German) feminist, suffragette (f.), women's libber, campaigner for women's rights
Frauenrechtlertum(German n.) feminism
Frauenrechtsbewegung(German f.) women's rights movement
Frauenreferat(German n.) department for women's affairs
Frauenrock(German m.) skirt
Frauenrolle(German f.) female part, role of women
Frauenrücken(German m.) woman's back
Frauenschänder(German m.) rapist, raper
Frauenschwarm(German m.) female heart throb
Frauenseite(German f.) women's page
Frauenskulptur(German f.) female sculpture
Frauensleute(German pl.) womenfolk
Frauensperson(German f.) skirt (colloquial, figurative), female
frauenspezifisch(German) women-specific, female-specific
Frauensport(German m.) women's sport, women's sports
Frauenstation(German f.) women's ward (hospital, clinic, etc.)
Frauenstatuette(German f.) female figurine
Frauenstimme (s.), Frauenstimmen (pl.)(German f.) female voice (singing), woman's voice, women's votes (pl.)
Frauenstimmrecht(German n.) women's suffrage, women's right to vote
Frauenstrafanstalt(German f.) women's prison
Frauenteam(German n.) women's team
Frauenthema(German n.) women's issue
Frauentracht(German f.) woman's costume
Frauentreff(German m.) women's meeting place, women's haunt, women's hangout (colloquial)
Frauenturnen(German n.) women's gymnastics
Frauentyp (s.), Frauentypen (pl.)(German m.) type of woman, lady's man (colloquial), ladies' man (colloquial)
Frauenüberschuss(German m.) surplus of women, excess of women
Frauenumkleide(German f.) women's dressing room, women's changing room, women's locker room, women's bathing cabin, women's fitting room
Frauenumkleidekabine(German f.) women's changing cubicle, women's changing room, women's locker room, women's bathing cabin, women's bathing cubicle
Frauen-Umkleidekabine(German f.) women's changing cubicle, women's bathing cubicle
Frauenumkleideraum(German m.) women's changing room, women's locker room
Frauen verachtend(German) misogynous, misogynistic
Frauenverein(German m.) women's association
Frauenvereinigung(German f.) sisterhood
Frauenwahlrecht(German n.) women's suffrage, votes for women, woman suffrage
Frauenwelt(German f.) womankind
Frauenzeitschrift(German f.) women's magazine
Frauenzimmer (s./pl.)(German n.) wench, dame, gentlewoman (archaic)
Frau im Pelz(German f.) woman in a fur
Frau im Profil(German f.) profile of a woman
Fräulein (s./pl.)(German n.) a young unmarried (German) woman, signorina, waitress, miss, young lady, (shop) assistant (female), sales girl, damsel (archaic or literary), governess (to young children), Miss
(in English) a German governess in an English household
Fräuleingeld(German n.) trousseau
Fräulein vom Amt(German n.) operator (switchboard operator), switchboard operator
fraulich(German) wifelike, wifely, womanlike, womanly, feminine
fraulicher(German) more womanly, more feminine
Fraulichkeit(German f.) womanhood, femininity, womanliness, womanly quality, womanly qualities
fraulichste(German) most womanly
fraulos(German) womanless
Frau mit Temperament(German f.) woman of temperament
Frau mit Vergangenheit(German f.) woman with a past
Frauschaft(German f.) women's team
Frausein(German n.) womanhood
Frau vom Chef(German f.) boss's wife
FRCMabbreviation of 'Fellow of the Royal College of Music, London'
FRCOabbreviation of 'Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, London'
...freak(German m.) ... freak
Freak(English, German m.) A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual, irregular, seemingly capricious or with a whimsical quality
freakig(German) freakish, freaky (colloquial)
frech(German) impudent, cheekily, cheeky, insolent, insultingly, perkily, ribald, saucily, saucy, sassy (colloquial), insulting, barefaced, barefacedly, boldfaced, insolently, audacious, bold, brazen, brazen-faced, daring, defiant, impertinent, pert, shameless, fresh (colloquial: impertinent), brash, impudently, brazenly, unblushingly (shameless), impertinently
frech antworten(German) to answer back, to answer saucily
Frechdachs(German m.) jackanapes, rascal, cheeky monkey, whippersnapper, cheeky devil, scamp (colloquial)
freche Antwort(German f.) backtalk, impertinent answer
freche Bemerkung(German f.) impudent remark
freche Dessous(German pl.) saucy lingerie
freche Gegenfrage(German f.) back answer
freche Göre(German f.) cheeky girl
freche Lüge(German f.) audacious lie, bare-faced lie, blazing lie
freche Person(German f.) cheeky person
frecher(German) cheekier, perkier, saucier, more impudent, more brazen
frecher Blick(German m.) provoking look
frecher Gesprächston(German m.) impertinent tone
frecher Hut(German m.) saucy hat
frecher Junge(German m.) cheeky boy, naughty boy, nasty boy
frecherweise(German) brazenly
frech erwidern(German) to answer (somebody) back
freches Benehmen(German n.) impertinent behaviour
freches Gör(German n.) cheeky girl
freches Luder(German n.) cheeky thing, cheeky brat (colloquial)
freches Verhalten(German n.) bold behaviour
freche Unterwäsche(German f.) saucy lingerie
freche Widerrede(German f.) backchat (colloquial)
Frechheit (s.), Frechheiten (pl.)(German f.) immodesty, barefacedness, brashness, brassiness, cheekiness, effrontery, frivolity, insolence, perkiness, ribaldry, sassiness, sauce (colloquial), assurance, impudence, audaciousness, boldness, brazenness, impertinence, piece of impudence, sauciness, contumely, cheek (impertinence), freshness (colloquial: cheekiness), temerity, gall (impudence)
frech hinausschmettern(German) to brazen out
frech kommen(German) to ask back
Frechling(German m.) scamp (colloquial)
frechste(German) cheekiest, most impudent, perkiest, sauciest (colloquial)
frech werden(German) to answer back, to get cheeky
frech wie Oskar(German) as bold as brass
frech zu(German) cheeky to
Frecuencia(Spanish f.) frequency
Frecuencia de muestreo(Spanish f.) sampling rate, sampling frequency, frequenza di campionamento (Italian f.), Abtastrate (German f.), fréquence d'échantillonnage (French f.)
Frecuencia fundamental(Spanish f.) fundamental frequency (of the harmonic series)
Frecuencia relativa(Spanish f.) relative frequency (that is, one frequency relative to another)
Frecuentes cambios de ánimo(Spanish frequent mood changes
Fredaine(French) an escapade, indiscreet behaviour
freddamente(Italian) coldly, frigidly
Freddezza(Italian f.) coolness, indifference, heaviness, frigidity
Freddo(Italian m.) cold, frigid, devoid of sentiment
Freddy, Thea short-lived 1960s dance craze
Fredon(French) a rapid run, usually diatonic and on a single syllable
(French) a quavering voice in singing
(French) a roulade with a shake on every note, trilling
Fredonnement(French) humming, canturreo (Spanish)
fredonner(French) to hum, to sing in an undertone, canturrear (Spanish)
(French) to trill, to quaver, to shake
Freein jazz, see 'play free'
Free, Freelysciolto (Italian), frei (German), librement (French)
Free aerophonean instrument that produces sound by using air directly as the primary vibrating means rather than through the use of a performer's breath or by constricting the air in a tube, so for example, the bull-roarer sets the air into vibration by simply spinning the instrument through the air
Free bass left hand systeman alternative to the Stradella left hand system, the free bass system has a series of single buttons in an arrangement similar to the chromatic button accordion. The free bass system facilitates the playing of bass melodies and counterpoint. It also allows for chord inversion and invention of chords not present in the Stradella system
see Stradella system
see 'converter bass system'
Freebopone of the earliest forms of 'avant-garde' jazz in which the general approach is similar to bebop, but the chord progression is not used as an organizing principle. Thus, there is freedom in harmony, which in turn loosens restrictions on other elements of the performance
  • Freebop from which this extract has been taken
Free bowinga performance technique used by a string section in a symphony orchestra to create a fuller sound than can be achieved by synchronized bowing. Free bowing was popularized by Leopold Stokowski, who as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra experimented with many musical conventions. Brandon Hendrix has written that this technique is called for in John Corigliano's "Symphony No. 1", first movement, mm. 102-103
Free canonunlike a 'strict canon' where the consequents follow exactly the intervals and rhythmic values of the antecedent, a 'free canon' allows intervals to be modified, for example, to avoid unwanted changes in key when the voices are not at the octave or unison
Free chordal stylesee 'strict chordal style'
Free contentor free information, is any kind of functional work, artwork, or other creative content having no significant legal restriction relative to people's freedom to use, redistribute, and produce modified versions of and works derived from the content
Free dancea twentieth-century dance form that preceded Modern dance. Rebelling against the rigid constraints of 'classical ballet', Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis developed their own styles of free dance and laid the foundations of American modern dance with their choreography and teaching. In Europe Rudolf Laban, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Francois Delsarte developed their own theories of human movement and methods of instruction that led to the development of European modern and Expressionist dance
Free embellishmentornamentation that is not indicated by symbols and has no set form, passeggi (Italian pl.), Passagen (German pl.), roulades (French pl.)
Freeform hardcorederived from its sister genre happy hardcore (4-beat & bouncy techno), freeform hardcore was introduced in 1999
Free fugueone that is written without following any of the particular rules of the form
Free imitationwhere the antecedent and consequent are not identical
Free improvisationor 'free music', improvised music without any rules beyond the taste of the musicians involved, and not in any particular style. The music generally thought of as "Free Improvisation" developed mainly in Europe in the mid and late 1960s, largely as an outgrowth of free jazz and modern classical musics. Free improvisation is both a musical genre and a technique
Free indirect discourse(from French, style indirect libre) a style of third-person narration that mingles within it traits from first-person narration, often shifting pronouns, adverbs, tense, and grammatical mode
Freejazz(German m.) free jazz
Free Jazz(German m.) free jazz
Free jazza jazz style from the early and middle 1960s originally associated with black cultural nationalism. It featured improvisation without regard to chord changes, even without chord changes, and sometimes two drummers and/or two bass players. This controversial style has become an ingredient in later jazz styles
Freelance(French m./f.) self-employed person who does work for several employers (hence, freelance editor)
to act as a freelance
from 'free lance', a medieval mercenary
Freelancersomeone who works in a freelance capacity
Freeloadersponger (slang)
Free lovesexual freedom
Freelylibrement (French), frei (German), a piacere (Italian)
Freemanperson who has the freedom of a city, etc.
person who is not a slave or serf
Free marketmarket governed by unrestricted competition
Freemasonmember of an international fraternity for mutual help and fellowship with elaborate secret rituals
Freemen's songsin use c. 1600, short compositions for three or four voices, similar to roundelays, or country ballads
Free metera type of Welsh poetry in which the meters do not correspond to the "strict meters" established in the 1400s
Free morphemeany morpheme that can function by itself as a word, such as the two morphemes 'it' and 'self' found in the word 'itself'. This is the opposite of a bound morpheme, one that only makes sense when it is part of a larger word - such as the bound morpheme 'ept' in the word 'inept', or the morpheme 'gruntle' in the word 'disgruntled'
FREE!MUSICa free music non-profit organisation based in Russia since 2004 which's aim is "popularisation and a direct embodiment of idea of free distribution of music in commercial and non-commercial purposes"
Free musicsee 'free improvisation'
music that, like free software, can freely be copied, distributed and modified for any purpose. Thus free music is either in the public domain or licensed under a free license. It does not mean that there should be no fee involved. The word free refers to freedom (as in free software), not to price
Free notea nonharmonic note that is approached by a leap and left from also by a leap
Free organumsee organum
Free parta part that is added to a canon or fugue to complete the harmony, without necessarily following the usual rules of the form
Free partya party "free" from the restrictions of the legal club scene. They can be though of as autonomous zones where all the people present create and enforce the rules. They are typically a sound system playing electronic dance music from late at night till midday the next day (or longer) and drugs are readily available
Free portport without customs duties or open to all traders
Freepostsystem of business post where postage is paid by the addressee
Free reeda reed whose edges do not overlap the wind passage, for example as found in the harmonium and concertina. It contrasts with the beating or striking reed of the organ and clarinet, in that it is smooth and free from rattling but with a less strong tone
Free-reed instrumentan instrument which produces sound by allowing air to pass across and cause to vibrate a reed which is mounted in such a fashion that it may vibrate in a narrow gap without striking anything. The designation free-reed is by contrast with reed instruments such as the clarinet, in which the reed beats against the mouthpiece, and the oboe, in which twin reeds beat against one another other
Free-reed mouth organs (Asian)
free-reed mouth-organs originated in East Asia and have been known in China since at least 1766-1122 BC. They can be broadly classified into four types:
the grouped typein which bamboo tubes bearing reeds are set in a circle and fitted into a cup bearing a mouthpiece
the raft typein which the bamboo tubes are arranged not in a circle but in two parallel rows with the reeds contained in a small air chest with mouthpiece part way down their length
the dissociated mouth organin which a single bamboo tube bearing one reed sounds a number of different pitches controlled by finger holes as in the transverse flute
a miscellaneous group of simple instrumentswhich includes those in which free reeds are fitted into animal horns and used to produce drones
  • Concertina from which this information has been taken
Free rhythma fluid line of music with an adjustable rhythm shaped by text, for example, plainchant
Free speechright of expression
Free spin
Free spiritindependent or uninhibited person
Free-standingnot supported by another structure
Freestonefruit (especially peach) whose flesh does not adhere to the pit
Freestyleswimming race in which any stroke may be used, wrestling allowing almost any hold
Free stylein composition, that where the standard rules of counterpoint are relaxed
Freestyle dancinga reference to the use, in dance, of ab lib movements with no fixed structure
Freestyle housealso called Freestyle, Latin Freestyle and, formerly, Latin Hip Hop, a form of electronic music that is heavily influenced by Hispanic (Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican,) and African-American culture. Freestyle emerged around 1982 and hit its peak in 1987. It continues to be produced today and enjoys some degree of popularity, especially in urban Latino population centers. Another popular modern genre Florida breaks evolved from this sound
Freeteknoalso called 'hardtek', a style of music which takes elements from both techno and hardcore
  • Freetekno from which this extract has been taken
Freethinkerperson who rejects dogma or authority, especially in religious belief
Free time
a type of time signature. It is used when a piece of music has no discernible beat. Instead, the rhythm is intuitive and free-flowing. There are four ways in which a piece is indicated to be in free time:
no time signature displayedcommon in old vocal music such as Gaelic psalms
no time signature but the direction 'Free time' is written above the stave
time signature (usually 4/4) and the direction 'Free time' written above the stave
the word 'Free' is written downwards across the stavethis is used most often when the piece changes to free time after having had a time signature
  • Free music from which this information has been taken
Free tonesee 'free note'
Free versealso at times referred to as vers libre or prose rythmée, a term describing various styles of poetry that are not written using strict meter or rhyme, but that still are recognizable as 'poetry' by virtue of complex patterns of one sort or another that readers will perceive to be part of a coherent whole
Free voice-leadingsee Freistimmig
Freeware(English, German f.) one or more items that may be acquired and used without payment, generally software
FreewayUS motorway
Free wheeldriving wheel of a bicycle, able to revolve with the pedals at rest
Free-wheelto ride a bicycle with the pedals at rest, to act without constraint
Free willpower of acting independently of necessity or fate, the ability to act without coercion (did it of my own free will)
Free worldthe non-Communist countries' collective name for themselves
Freezer burndiscolouration that appears on improperly or inadequately packaged frozen food
Fregatte (s.), Fregatten (pl.)(German f.) frigate
Fregattenkapitän(German m.) frigate captain
fregiare(Italian) to adorn, to embellish, to ornament
fregiato(Italian) adorned, embellished, ornamented
Fregiatura(Italian f.) ornament, embellishment
frei(German) spare, free, freed, freely, nonattached, unengaged, unenslaved, unfettered, unrestricted, untrapped, uncommitted, carriage paid, franco, clear, at liberty, blank, cavalier, frank, loose, unattached, uncontrolled, allowed, permitted, available, open, vacant, liberal (not strict), unrestrained as to style
frei adressierbarer Festspeicher(German m.) random access memory (RAM)
Freianlage(German f.) outdoor enclosure (zoo)
Freiarbeit(German f.) individualised learning methods, individualised instruction
Freiarbeitsmaterialien(German pl.) materials for individualised learning
frei ausgehandelter Lohnsatz(German m.) arbitrary wage rate
frei ausgehen(German) to go scot-free
Freibad(German n.) open-air swimming pool, open-air bath, open-air pool, outdoor (swimming) pool, lido
Freibadsaison(German f.) outdoor (swimming) pool season
Freibank(German f.) cheap meat counter
Freibauer (s.), Freibauern (pl.)(German m.) yeoman (s.), yeomanry (pl.)
Freibauernschaft(German f.) yeomanry
Freiberufler (m.), Freiberuflerin (f.), Freiberufler (pl.), Freiberuflerinnen ( freelancer, freelance, freelance professional
freiberuflich(German) free-lance, freelance, self-employed
freiberuflich arbeiten(German) to work free-lance, to freelance
freiberuflich tätig(German) freelance
freiberuflich tätig sein(German) to free-lance, to work freelance
freiberuflicher Träger(German m.) self-employed contractor
freiberuflicher Übersetzer(German m.) freelance translator
freiberufliche Tätigkeit(German f.) freelance work
Freibetrag (s.), Freibeträge (pl.)(German m.) amount of exemption, tax exempt amount
Freibeuter (m.), Freibeuterin (f.), Freibeuter (pl.)(German) freebooter, privateer, buccaneer, pirate
Freibeuterei(German f.) buccaneering, freebootery, freebooting
freibeweglich(German) freemoving, motile
frei beweglich(German) versatile
Freibewitterung(German f.) natural weathering
Freibezug(German m.) complimentary subscription
Freibier(German n.) free beer
Freibillett(German n.) free ticket
freibleibend(German) non-binding, subject to confirmation, without engagement, without obligation
freibleibend anbieten(German) to offer subject to confirmation
freibleibender Auftrag(German m.) conditional order
freibleibender Verkauf(German m.) conditional sale
freibleibendes Angebot(German n.) offer without engagement, open offer
Freibord(German m.) freeboard
Freibordmarke(German f.) Plimsoll line
freibrennende Flamme(German f.) naked flame
Freibrief (s.), Freibriefe (pl.)(German m.) charter, licence (figurative), letter of manumission
Freiburger Schule(German f.) Freiburg School
Freiburger Barockorchester(German f., 'Freiburg Baroque Orchestra') an orchestra originally founded "to enliven the world of Baroque music with new sounds." The orchestra, based in Freiburg, Germany now also performs works by later composers such as Beethoven, Schubert and Weber as well as contemporary music. They play small group chamber music as well as symphonies for large orchestras
Freiburg Schoola school of economic thought founded in the 1930s at the University of Freiburg
Freidenkender (m.), Freidenkende (f.), Freidenkende (pl.), Freidenker (pl.)(German) freethinker, latitudinarian, free thinker
freidenkerisch(German) freethinking, free-thinking, latitudinarian
Freidenkertum(German n.) freethinking, free thought
frei durchatmen(German) to breathe freely
freie Absicht(German f.) deliberate intention
freie Angabe(German f.) adjunct
freie Anlieferung(German f.) free delivery
freie Ansichten(German pl.) wide views
freie Arbeitsplätze(German pl.) available jobs
freie Arbeitsstelle(German f.) vacancy
freie Auswahl(German f.) free choice
freie Bauernschaft(German f.) yeomanry
freie Bewegung(German f.) free movement
Freie Demokratische Partei(German f.) Free Democratic Party
Freie Deutsche Jugend(German f.) Free German Youth (official youth organisation in the GDR)
freie Drehbarkeit(German f.) free rotation
freie Durchfahrt(German f.) free passage
freie Entfaltung der Persönlichkeit(German f.) free development of the individual
freie Entwicklung(German f.) spontaneous development
freie Erfindung(German f.) independent invention
freie Fahrt geben(German) to give the go-ahead
freie Geldbeträge(German pl.) uncommitted sums of money
freie Hand(German f.) spare hand
freie Hand haben(German) to have a free hand
Freie Hansestadt Bremen(German f.) Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
freie Inhalte(German pl.) open content
freie Kapazität(German f.) idle capacity, excess capacity
freie Künste(German pl.) liberal arts
freie Leitung(German f.) vacant line
freie Lizenz(German f.) copyleft (for example, GNU-Licence)
freie Marktwirtschaft(German f.) free enterprise, free enterprise economy, free enterprise system, free market economy
freie Meinung(German f.) liberal opinion
freie Meinungsäußerung(German f.) freedom of expression, free expression
freie Mitarbeit(German f.) freelance
freie Mittel(German pl.) uncommitted resources, funds to spare
frei empfangbar(German) free-to-air (television channels)
freien(German, dated) to marry
freiend(German) courting
Freiendbrücke(German f.) cantilever bridge
freien Durchgang gewähren(German) to afford free passage
freien Einblick erwerben(German) to acquire free insight
freien Lauf haben(German) to be rampant, to have free rein, to run wild, to run free (figurative)
freien Lauf lassen(German) to give full scope, to allow full bent
freien Zutritt zu allen Räumen haben(German) to have the run of the house
freier(German) freer
Freier (s./pl.)(German m.) suitor
freie Radikale(German pl.) free radicals (chemistry)
freier akademischer Beruf(German m.) profession
freier Beruf(German m.) liberal profession
freier Bewegungsraum(German m.) free scope
freie Rechtswahl(German f.) freedom of choice
freie Reichsstadt(German f.) free imperial city
freie Religionsausübung(German f.) free practice of religion
freier Einlass(German m.) free admission
freier Eintritt(German m.) free admission
freier Fall(German m.) free fall
frei erfunden(German) fictitious, mythical, fictitious (person, place, etc.)
frei erfundene Geschichte(German f.) made-up story
frei erfunden sein(German) to be a complete fabrication
freier Grundbesitz(German m.) freehold
freier Handel(German m.) free trade
freie Rippe(German f.) floating rib
freier Journalist (m.), freie Journalistin (f.)(German) freelance journalist
freier Lauf(German m.) free run
freier Makler(German m.) trader
freier Mann(German m.) freeman
freier Mitarbeiter(German m.) freelancer, stringer (reporter)
freier Moment(German m.) spare moment
freier Nachmittag(German m.) afternoon off
freier Parameter(German m.) arbitrary parameter
freier Personenverkehr(German m.) free movement of people
freier Platz(German m.) unobstructed space
freier Raum(German m.) unobstructed space, clear space, space, clear
freier Satz(German m.) free style
freier Schritt(German m.) free walk
freier Sitzplatz(German m.) vacant seat
freier Sonntag(German m.) Sunday off
freier Tag(German m.) at-home day, day out, day off
Freier Tanz(German m.) see Ausdruckstanz
freier Überschlag(German m.) aerial walkover (gymnastics)
freier Vers(German m.) free verse, vers libre (French m.)
freier Vorhalt(German m.) an appoggiatura
freier Warenverkehr(German m.) free movement of goods
freier Wechselkurs(German m.) floating exchange rate
freier Wettbewerb(German m.) open competition
freier Wille(German m.) free will
freier Zugang(German m.) free admission, free entrance, open access, right of approach
freier Zugriff(German m.) arbitrary access
freier Zutritt(German m.) free entrance
freie Schätzung(German f.) free valuation
freie Schreibart(German) a free style of composition
freie Schussbahn(German f.) clear line of fire
freie Schwingung (s.), freie Schwingungen (pl.)(German f.) free oscillation
freies Fassvermögen(German n.) excess capacity
freies Gelände(German n.) cleared area, open country
freies Geleit(German n.) safe-conduct, safe conduct
freies Gewerbe(German n. - Austria) free licence, free trade (industry)
freies Grundeigentum(German n.) freehold
freies Lenkungsspiel(German n.) free play
freies Morphem(German n.) free morpheme
freie Spalte(German f.) blank column
freies Schweben(German n.) levitation
freies Stück(German n.) complimentary copy, presentation copy
freie Stadt(German f.) burgh (Scottish, archaic)
freieste(German) freest
freie Stelle (s.), freie Stellen (pl.)(German f.) vacant post, job opening, job vacancy, opening (job), vacant job, vacant situation, vacancy
freie Straße(German f.) clear road
freies Unternehmertum(German n.) free-enterprise system, free enterprise
freies Wochenende(German n.) weekend off
freies Zimmer(German n.) vacancy
freie Teilzeitstelle(German f.) part-time vacancy
freie Übersetzung(German f.) loose translation, free translation
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg(German f.) Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Freie Universität Berlin(German f.) Free University of Berlin
freie Unterkunft(German f.) free accommodation
freie Unterkunft und Verpflegung(German) free board and lodging, free meals and lodging
freie Verfügung (über)(German f.) free disposal (of)
freie Verfügungsgewalt(German f.) discretionary power
freie Völker(German pl.) free peoples, free people
freie Wahl(German f.) free choice
freie Welt(German f.) free world
freie Wirtschaft(German f.) free enterprise, private enterprise
freie Wohlfahrtspflege(German f.) voluntary welfare
Freiexemplar(German n.) complimentary copy, free copy, specimen copy
freie Zeit(German f.) spare time
Freifach (s.), Freifächer (pl.)(German n.) optional subject
Freifahrschein(German m.) free ticket, complimentary ticket
Freifahrtwagen(German m.) chariot (stage machinery)
Freifallbär(German m.) drop hammer
Freifallramme(German f.) fall hammer
Freifallturm(German m.) drop tower
freifinanzierter Wohnungsbau(German m.) private residential construction
Freifläche(German f.) open space
freifließend(German) free-flowing
frei fließend(German) freeflow
frei flottierend(German) free-floating
Freiflug(German m.) free flight
Freiformflächen(German pl.) free formed surfaces
Freiformschmieden(German n.) hammer forging, hand forging, open die forging
Freiformschmiedestück(German n.) hand-hammer forging
Freifrau(German m.) Dame, baroness (baron's wife)
Freifräulein(German n.) baroness (baron's daughter)
Freigabe(German m.) acceptance, deallocation, enable, enabling, release, unblocking, qualification, clearance, unfreezing, liberalisation, approval, opening (to the public), declassification (of information)
Freigabeknopf(German m.) release button
Freigang(German m.) day release, day parole, day pass (from prison)
Freigang bekommen(German) to be let out on parole
Freigänger(German m.) (prison) inmate on day parole, day-release prisoner, day release prisoner
Freiganghof(German m.) recreation yard
freigebbar(German) releasable
freigeben(German) to free, to de-allocate, to deallocate, to decontrol, to release, to enable, to unblock, to uncover, to declassify, to clear, to give release, to unfreeze, to vacate, to liberalise, to share
freigebend(German) decontrolling, releasing
freigeben für(German) to clear for
freigebig(German) generous, bounteously, bountiful, bountifully, lavish, lavishly, munificently, open-handed, openhanded, profuse, generously, bounteous, freely, prodigal, munificent
freigebige Gastlichkeit(German f.) lavish hospitality
freigebiger(German) more open-handed
Freigebigkeit (s.), Freigebigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) bounty, bounteousness, largesse, munificence, beneficence, lavishness, generosity
Freigebigkeit der Natur(German f.) bounty of nature
freigebig sein(German) to spend money freely
freigebigste(German) most open-handed
freigeboren(German) freeborn
freigegeben(German) decontrolled, enabled, cleared, approved, unlocked, declassified, released
freigehabt(German) had a holiday (period away from work)
freigehalten(German) kept free
Freigehege(German n.) open-air enclosure, outdoor enclosure, outdoor pen
Freigeist(German m.) freethinker, latitudinarian
Freigeisterei(German f.) freethought
freigeistig(German) freethinking
Freigelände(German n.) open-air site, open-air area
freigelassen(German) unleashed, manumitted, unharnessed, emancipated
frei gelassen(German) unstuck
Freigelassener (m.), Freigelassene (f.), Freigelassene (pl.)(German) freedman (m.), freedwoman (f.)
freigelassen werden(German) to be set free
freigelegt(German) laid open, cleared, uncovered, exposed
freigemacht(German) disengaged
Freigepäck(German n.) free luggage, baggage allowance
Freigepäck bei Flugreisen(German n.) free (baggage) allowance
freigeschaltet(German) activated (account)
freigesetzt(German) liberated, made redundant, released
freigesetzte Arbeitskräfte(German pl.) redundant workers, workers made redundant
freigesprochen(German) acquitted, absolved, innocent
frei gesprochen(German) extemporaneous (prayer)
freigestanden(German) been vacant
freigestellt(German) optional, exempted
freigestellt sein von(German) to be exempt from
freigewählt(German) freely elected
frei gewählt(German) freely chosen
freigiebig(German) generous, bountiful, munificent
Freigiebigkeit(German f.) bounty, generosity
Freigjischsee Freygish
frei Grenze(German) free border, franco frontier
freihaben(German) to have a holiday (period away from work)
freihabend(German) having a holiday (period away from work)
Freihafen (s.), Freihäfen (pl.)(German m.) freeport, free port, free harbour, duty-free port
freihalten(German) to keep free, to treat, to keep clear
freihaltend(German) keeping free
Freihand-(German) freehand (prefix)
Freihandbibliothek(German f.) open access library
Freihandel(German m.) free trade, fair trade
Freihandelsabkommen(German n.) free trade agreement
Freihandelspolitik(German f.) free trade policy, free-trade policy
Freihandelszone(German f.) free-trade area, free trade area, free trade zone, free zone, free-trade zone
freihändig(German) freehand, without holding on
Freihandverkauf(German m.) sale by private contract
Freihandzeichnen(German n.) free-style drawing
freihängend(German) free-hanging
frei hängend(German) free-hanging
frei Haus(German) delivered free, delivered to your door, free delivered, free to the door
frei Haus liefern(German) to deliver free to the door, to deliver to one's home, to deliver to the door
Freiheit (s.), Freiheiten (pl.)(German f.) freedom, liberty, latitude (figurative: freedom)
Freiheit der Berufswahl(German f.) freedom to choose a career
Freiheit der Meinungsäußerung(German f.) freedom of expression
Freiheit der Wahl(German f.) freedom of choice
Freiheit des Bürgers(German f.) civic liberty
Freiheit von Schmerzen(German f.) absence of pain
freiheitlich(German) liberal
freiheitlich-demokratisch(German) liberal-democratic
Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs(German f.) Austrian Freedom Party
freiheitlicher(German) more liberal
freiheitlicher Denker(German m.) liberal thinker
freiheitlichste(German) most liberal
freiheitlich und demokratisch(German) free and democratic
Freiheitsberaubung(German f.) deprivation of liberty, false imprisonment, unlawful detention
Freiheitsbewegung(German f.) liberation movement
Freiheitsdrang(German m.) desire for freedom, zeal for liberty
freiheitsdurstig(German) zealous for freedom, zealous for liberty
Freiheitsentziehung(German f.) deprivation of liberty
Freiheitsentzug(German m.) imprisonment, deprivation of freedom
Freiheitsfanatismus(German m.) zeal for liberty
Freiheitsgedanken(German pl.) ideals of freedom
Freiheitsgeist(German m.) spirit of freedom, spirit of liberty
Freiheitsglocke(German f.) Liberty Bell
Freiheitsgrad (s.), Freiheitsgrade (pl.)(German m.) degree of freedom
Freiheitskampf (s.), Freiheitskämpfe (pl.)(German m.) struggle for freedom
Freiheitskämpfer(German m.) freedom fighter
Freiheitskriege(German pl.) Napoleonic Wars (1813-1815)
Freiheitsliebe(German f.) love of liberty
freiheitsliebend(German) libertarian, freedom-loving
Freiheitsliebhaber(German m.) lover of freedom
Freiheitsmedaille des Präsidenten(German f.) Presidential Medal of Freedom (USA)
Freiheitsrechte(German pl.) civil rights and liberties
Freiheitsspielraum(German m.) range of free choice
Freiheitsstatue(German f.) Statue of Liberty
Freiheitsstrafe (s.), Freiheitsstrafen (pl.)(German f.) term of imprisonment, prison term, jail term, custodial sentence
Freiheitsstreben(German n.) quest for liberty, pursuit of liberty
Freiheitssuche(German f.) quest for freedom
Freiheitstraum(German m.) dream of liberty
Freiheitsurkunde(German f.) Bill of Rights
freiheraus(German) frankly, bluntly, outright (openly)
frei heraus(German) bluntly
frei heraussagen(German) to speak forth, to speak out, to speak boldly
Freiherr (m.), Freiherrin (f.), Freiherrinnen ( m.) Baron (m.), Baroness (f.)
freiherrlich(German) baronial
Freiherrnwürde(German f.) barony, baronacy, baronage
frei herumlaufen(German) to be on the loose, to wander at large (animal), to wander free (animal), to be at large (free)
frei herumlaufende Tiere(German pl.) animals running free
frei herumstreunend(German) free-roaming
Freiin(German f.) baroness (baron's daughter)
frei in Vortrag(German) or nach Belieben (German), free in style or delivery, as you like, at (the performer's) pleasure), ad libitum (Latin), a piacere (Italian), a bene placito (Italian), à volonté (French)
Freikarte (s.), Freikarten (pl.)(German f.) free ticket, complimentary ticket, free pass, freebie (colloquial: free ticket)
Freikauf(German m.) ransom, redemption (hostage)
freikaufend(German) ransoming
Freikirche(German f.) chapel, congregational chapel, Free Church
Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten(German f.) Seventh-day Adventist Church
Freikirchentum(German n.) congregationalism
freikirchlich(German) Free Church
Freiklettern(German n.) freeclimbing, free climbing
freikommen(German) to get clear, to come loose, to come unstuck, to be released (from a duty, prison, etc.), to get out (of an obligation, jury duty, etc.), to be freed (from a requirement, etc.)
frei konvertierbar(German) freely convertible (currency)
Freikörperkultur(German f.) nudism, free body culture, naturism
Freikorps(German n.) corps of volunteers
freikriegen(German) to get the time off (work, school)
Freilager(German n.) open depot
Freilagerung(German f.) outdoor storage
Freiland(German n.) open air, open land
Freilandbewitterungsprüfung(German f.) outdoor test
Freilandeier(German pl.) free-range eggs
Freilandhuhn(German n.) free-range chicken
Freilandkultur(German f.) field cultivation, outdoor cultivation
Freilandmessung(German f.) field measurement
Freilandmuseum(German n.) open-air museum, open air museum
Freilandstraße(German f. - Austria) road outside a city, town or village
Freilandstudie(German f.) field research
Freilandversuch(German m.) field trial
freilassen(German) to manumit, to undam (figurative), to unharness, to release, to leave blank, to let out, to let loose, to set free, to turn loose, to emancipate, to set loose
freilassend(German) manumitting, unharnessing
Freilassung(German f.) manumission, emancipation, enfranchisement, release, ransom
Freilassung aus(German f.) release from
Freilassung aus dem Gefängnis(German f.) release from prison
Freilassung der Geiseln(German f.) release of the hostages
Freilassung gegen Kaution(German f.) release on bail
Freilassung mit Auflagen(German f.) release on parole
Freilassung verlangen(German) to demand release
Freilauf(German m.) free rolling, free wheel, free run, freewheel
freilaufend(German) freewheeling, free-roaming
freilaufend(German) free-range (chicken)
freilaufende Hühner(German pl.) free-range chickens
Freilaufknarre(German f.) freewheel ratchet
Freilaufknarren-Schlüssel(German m.) freewheel ratchet wrench, freewheel ratchet spanner, freewheel (ratchet) spanner, freewheel (ratchet) wrench
Freilaufknopf(German m.) film rewind button (camera)
Freilaufrad(German n.) freewheel
Freilaufsteckschlüssel(German m.) ratchet socket wrench
freilebend(German) free-living
Freilegen(German n.) exposure (of an organ, vessel)
freilegen(German) to uncover, to lay open, to expose, to reveal (to lay open to view)
Freilegen der Wurzeln(German n.) baring of roots
freilegend(German) laying open
Freilegung(German f.) uncovering, clearance, exposure, extrication
Freileitung(German f.) overhead wire, aerial cable, aerial line, landline, overhead line, overhead powerline
Freileitungsnetz(German n.) overhead transmission network (electric power)
Freilekhsan Ashkenazic folk dance, one of the typical dances of a traditional Ashkenazic wedding celebration
freilich(German) admittedly, sure enough (colloquial), certainly, of course
Freilich!(German) Indeed!
Freilich ...(German) True, ...
Freilicht(German n.) open air
Freilichtaufführung(German f.) open-air performance
Freilichtausstellung(German f.) open-air exhibition
Freilichtbühne(German f.) open-air theatre, open-air stage
Freilichtmalerei(German f.) outdoor painting, painting en plein air
Freilichtmuseum(German n.) open-air museum, outdoor museum
Freilichtspiele(German pl.) open-air theatre
Freilichttheater(German n.) open-air theatre
freiliegend(German) exposed
Freilos(German n.) bye
Freiluftaktivitäten(German pl.) outdoor activities
Freiluftaufstellung(German f.) outdoor installation
Freiluftbereich(German m.) outdoor area
Freiluftfestival(German n.) open air festival
Freiluft-Konzert(German n.) open air concert
Freiluftmarkt(German m.) open-air market
Freiluftschach(German n.) outdoor chess
Freiluftsportanlage(German f.) open-air sports facility
Freimachen(German n.) clearance (site)
freimachen(German) to disengage, to vacate, to bare, to clear, to free, to demist (windscreen), to prepay (letter), to take time off (from work), to frank (letter, stamps), to put a stamp on, to put stamps on, to free up
frei machen(German) to clear, to free, to vacate, to liberate, to emancipate (figurative), to unclog (blockage)
Ffreimachend(German) disengaging
Ffreimachen von(German) to disengage from
Freimachung(German f.) emancipation, franking (postage), stamping (postage)
Freimalerei(German f.) freestyle painting
Freimann(German m.) hangman
Freimaß(German n.) free size
Freimaßtoleranz(German f.) general tolerance
Freimaurer-(German) Masonic
Freimaurer (s./pl.)(German m.) Freemason, Mason (Freemason)
Freimaurerei(German f.) Freemasonry, Masonry
freimaurerisch(German) freemasonic, Masonic
Freimaurerloge(German f.) lodge (masonic lodge), Masonic lodge, Freemasons' lodge
Freimaurertum(German n.) Masonry
Freimut(German m.) frankness, candour, openness
freimütig(German) upfront, frank, outspoken, unreservedly, candid, plain-spoken, ingenuous, straightforward, outspokenly, straightforwardly
freimütiger(German) franker
Freimütigkeit(German f.) candour
freimütigste(German) frankest
freimütig zugeben(German) to freely admit
frei nach(German) freely adapted from, based on, based loosely on
frei nach einem Roman(German) freely based on a novel
frei nach Goethe(German) to adapt Goethe (freely), as Goethe didn't say
frei nach Schnauze(German) to make a rough guess, to give a rough estimate
frei praktizierender Zahnarzt(German m.) private dental surgeon
Freiraum(German m.) freedom, scope for development, clearance, free zone, area of freedom, open space, free space
freiräumen(German) to clear
frei reden(German) to speak without notes
freirollend(German) free rolling
frei rotierend(German) freely rotating
Freisasse (s.), Freisassen (pl.)(German m.) yeoman, franklin, yeomanry (pl.)
freischaffend(German) freelance, free-lance, self-employed
freischaffende Person(German f.) person working as a freelance
Freischaffender(German m.) freelancer
freischalten(German) to unlock, to activate, to enable
Freischaltung(German f.) activation, work clearance
Freischärler (s./pl.)(German m.) franctireur, irregular troops (pl.)
frei schweben(German) to levitate, levitating
Freischwebende(German f.) free reed, linguetta libre (Italian f.), Zungestimme (German f.), anche libre (French f.), lenguëta libre (Spanish f.)
Freischwimmbad(German n.) outdoor swimming pool, open-air swimming baths
Freischwimmbecken(German n.) outdoor (swimming) pool
freischwimmend(German) afloat, freerunning
freischwingende Stimmzunge(German f.) free reed
Freischwinger(German m.) cantilever chair
Freischwingersessel(German m.) cantilever chair
Freisein(German n.) freedom
frei sein(German) to be free, to be independent, to be off duty, to have a free hand
freisetzen(German) to release (energy, heat), to liberate, to set free, to break loose, to let loose, to make redundant, to set at liberty
Freisetzung(German f.) release, releasing, freeing
Freisetzung von Arbeitskräften(German f.) redundancy
Freisinn(German m.) liberalism
freisinnig(German) liberal
freisinnige Partei(German f.) progressive party
Freisinnige Vereinigung(German f.) Liberal Union
freisinnigste(German) most liberal
Freisprechanlage(German f.) hands-free headset, hands-free kit
freisprechbar(German) absolvable
Freisprecheinrichtung(German f.) hands-free equipment, speakerphone
freisprechen(German) to discharge, to qualify (apprentices), to clear of, to absolve
freisprechend(German) absolving, acquitting
Freisprechfunktion(German f.) speakerphone function
Freisprechgerät(German n.) hands-free telephone
Freisprechmikrofon(German n.) hands-free microphone
Freisprechung(German f.) absolution, acquittal
Freispringen(German n.) free jumping
Freispruch(German m.) acquittal, absolvitor, verdict of acquittal, verdict of not guilty, absolution
Freispruch bringen(German) to bring in a verdict of not guilty
Freistaat(German m.) Free State (South African province), free state
Freistaat Bayern(German m.) the Free State of Bavaria
Freistaat der Drei Bünde(German m.) Free State of the Three Leagues
Freistaat Sachsen(German m.) the Free State of Saxony
Freistaat Thüringen(German m.) the Free State of Thuringia
Freistatt(German f.) asylum, sanctuary
Freistätte(German f.) asylum, sanctuary
freiste(German) freest
freistehen(German) to be vacant
freistehend(German) being vacant, freestanding, free-standing, detached
frei stehend(German) free-standing
freistehende Säule(German f.) detached column, isolated column, unattached column, free-standing column
freistehendes Gebäude(German n.) detached building
freistehendes Haus(German n.) detached house
Freistelle(German f.) vacancy
freistellen(German) to exempt, to make available, to release, to set at liberty, to excuse
freistellend(German) exempting
freistellen von(German) to excuse from
Freistellung(German f.) exemption, release, leave, extraction, leave of absence, indemnification
Freistellung für einen Tag(German f.) day release
Freistellungsklausel(German f.) indemnity clause
Freistempel(German m.) meter stamp (postage), franking machine, postage meter
Freistil(German m.) freestyle, bold style, broad style, free style
Freistilringen(German n.) freestyle wrestling
Freistilschwimmen(German n.) freestyle, freestyle swimming
freistimmig(German) or 'free voice-leading', a pseudo-contrapuntal texture in which there is no strict adherence to a given number of parts, and voices (parts) are free to enter and drop out at will
Freistrahlanlage(German f.) shot blasting cabin, sandblaster
Freistunde (s.), Freistunden (pl.)(German f.) free period, free hour
Freitag (s./pl.)(German m.) Friday
Freitagabend(German m.) Friday evening
Freitag in einer Woche(German) on Friday week, a week from Friday
Freitagmorgen(German m.) Friday morning
Freitagnachmittag(German m.) Friday afternoon
freitags(German) (on) Fridays
Freitagvormittag(German m.) Friday morning
Freitauchen(German n.) free-diving
Freiterrasse(German f.) open terrace
Freitext(German m.) free text
Freitod(German m.) suicide
Freitodbegleitung(German f.) assisted suicide
freitonal(German) atonal
freitragend(German) cantilever, unsupported
freitragender Arm(German m.) cantilever (beam)
Freitreppe(German f.) perron, flight of stairs
frei übertragbar(German) negotiable
Freiübungen(German pl.) callisthenics
Freiumschlag(German m.) postage-paid envelope, prepaid envelope
frei und selbständig sein(German) to be one's own man, to be one's own woman
frei und ungebunden(German) footloose and fancy-free
frei und ungebunden sein(German) to be footloose and fancy-free, to be a free agent
frei verfügbar(German) discretionary, disposable
freiverkäufliche Medikamente(German pl.) over-the-counter medication
frei von(German) clear of, free from, devoid of
frei von Anschuldigungen(German) clear from blame
frei von Ansprüchen(German) free from pretence
frei von Bakterien(German) bacteria-free, sterile, abacterial
frei von Bäumen(German) clear of trees
frei von Baumstümpfen(German) clear of tree stumps
frei von Beschädigung(German) damage-free
frei von Fehlern(German) faultless, free from defects, flawless
frei von Gefahr(German) clear of danger
frei von Hindernissen(German) clear of obstacles
frei von Ketten(German) chainless
frei von Leckage(German) free from leakage
frei von Mängeln(German) free from defects
frei von Ratten(German) clear of rats
frei von Sand(German) clear of sand
frei von Schuld sein(German) to be free of guilt
frei von Schulden(German) afloat, clean slate, unencumbered
frei von Schulden bleiben(German) to keep out of debt
frei von Schund(German) clear of rubbish
frei von Schwierigkeiten(German) clear of difficulties
frei von ... sein(German) to be clear of ...
frei von Steinen(German) clear of stones
frei von Stress(German) free of stress
frei von totem Gang(German) no backlash
frei von Unterholz(German) clear of undergrowth
frei von Verdacht(German) clear of suspicion
frei von Wasser(German) clear of water
frei wählbar(German) arbitrary, freely selectable
Freiwasser(German n.) open water
freiweg(German) openly
frei werden(German) to become available, to be released
freiwerdend(German) redundant
Freiwerden von Energie(German n.) release of energy
frei wie ein Vogel(German) free as a bird
Freiwild(German n.) fair game
freiwillig(German) unsolicitous, voluntarily, voluntary, volunteering, by one's own choice, freely (of one's own accord), of one's own accord, spontaneous (voluntary), by choice, optional, of one's own free will
freiwillig dienen(German) to be a volunteer
freiwillige Arbeitslosigkeit(German f.) voluntary unemployment
freiwillige Auflösung(German f.) voluntary liquidation
freiwillige Beiträge(German pl.) voluntary contributions
freiwillige Dienstleistung(German f.) voluntary service
freiwillige Entlassung(German f.) voluntary redundancy
freiwillige Feuerwehr(German f.) volunteer fire brigade
freiwillige Hilfe(German f.) spontaneous help, voluntary assistance
freiwillige Leistung(German f.) ex-gratia payment
Freiwilligenagenturen(German pl.) volunteer agencies
Freiwilligenarbeit(German f.) (volunteer) charity work
Freiwilligenarmee(German f.) army of volunteers, volunteer army
Freiwilligengruppe(German f.) volunteer group, group of volunteers
Freiwilligenheer(German n.) volunteer army
Freiwilligenhelfer(German m.) volunteer (worker)
Freiwilligenkorps(German n.) voluntary corps, volunteer corps
Freiwilligenmiliz(German f.) volunteer militia
Freiwilliger (m.), Freiwillige (f.), Freiwillige (pl.)(German) volunteer
Freiwilliger aus dem Publikum(German m.) audience volunteer, volunteer from the audience
freiwilliger Feuerwehrmann(German m.) volunteer firefighter, volunteer fireman
freiwilliger Zusammenschluss(German m.) voluntary association
freiwilliger Wahlhelfer(German m.) campaign volunteer
freiwillige Sozialleistungen(German pl.) perks (colloquial), fringe benefits
freiwillige Spende(German f.) voluntary donation
freiwilliges Projekt(German n.) voluntary scheme
freiwillige Verpflichtung(German f.) voluntary undertaking
freiwillige Versicherung(German f.) optional insurance
freiwillige vertrauliche Selbstauskunft(German f.) voluntary disclosure of confidential information
freiwillige Zahlung(German f.) voluntary payment
Freiwilligkeit(German f.) gratuitousness, spontaneousness
Freiwinkel(German m.) angle of clearance, clearance angle
Freizeichen(German n.) dial tone, ringing tone
Freizeit(German f.) free time, spare time, leisure time, time off, recreation, retreat
Freizeit-(German) recreational (prefix)
Freizeitaktivität (s.), Freizeitaktivitäten (pl.)(German f.) extracurricular activity, leisure activity, spare time activity, leisure time activity
Freizeitaktivitäten im Freien(German pl.) outdoor pursuits
Freizeitangebot(German n.) recreation offer
Freizeitanlage(German f.) amenity, leisure facility
Freizeitanzug(German m.) jogging suit, leisure suit, casual suit
Freizeitareal(German n.) leisure area
Freizeitartikel(German pl.) leisure articles
Freizeitausgleich(German m.) compensatory time off
Freizeitbekleidung(German f.) leisure clothing, casual clothing, casual clothes, leisurewear, leisure wear
Freizeitbereich(German m.) recreation area
Freizeitbeschäftigung(German f.) leisure-time activity, leisure-time activities, leisure activities, spare time job, recreation, hobby, pastime, recreational pursuit
Freizeit-BH(German m.) casual bra
Freizeitbluse(German f.) casual blouse
Freizeitboot(German n.) pleasure boat
Freizeitclub(German m.) leisure club, hobby club
Freizeitdetektiv (m.), Freizeitdetektivin (f.)(German) amateur detective
Freizeitdienstleistungen(German pl.) recreational services
Freizeiteinrichtung (s.), Freizeiteinrichtungen (pl.)(German f.) recreational facility, leisure facility
Freizeitforschung(German f.) leisure studies
Freizeitfußballer(German m.) amateur footballer
Freizeitgestaltung(German f.) leisure time activities, organization of one's leisure time, leisure activities
Freizeithemd(German n.) casual shirt, sports shirt
Freizeithose(German f.) casual trousers
Freizeitindustrie(German f.) leisure industry
Freizeitinteressen(German pl.) leisure-time interests
Freizeitjacke(German f.) casual jacket
Freizeitklamotten(German pl.) casual rags, casual gear (clothes)
Freizeitkleid(German n.) casual dress
Freizeitkleidung(German f.) leisure wear, casual wear, leisurewear, casual clothes
Freizeitlandwirt(German m.) spare-time farmer
Freizeitläufer(German m.) amateur runner
Freizeitmaler(German m.) amateur painter
Freizeitmöglichkeiten(German pl.) free time activities
Freizeitnutzung(German f.) recreational use
Freizeitpark(German m.) theme park, amusement park
Freizeitraum(German m.) leisure space
Freizeitreisender (s.), Freizeitreisende (pl.)(German m.) leisure traveller
Freizeitrock(German m.) casual skirt
Freizeitschuh(German m.) casual shoe
Freizeitsocke (s.), Freizeitsocken (pl.)(German f.) casual sock
Freizeitspiel(German n.) recreational game
Freizeitsport(German m.) recreational sport
Freizeitstiefel(German m.) casual boot
Freizeitstrumpf (s.), Freizeitstrümpfe (pl.)(German m.) casual stocking, casual sock
Freizeitstunden(German pl.) leisure hours
Freizeittasche(German f.) leisure bag
Freizeitwaren(German pl.) leisure goods
Freizeitwert(German m.) recreational value
Freizeitwirtschaft(German f.) leisure industry
Freizeitzentrum(German n.) leisure centre, recreation centre
Freizeitzimmermann(German m.) amateur carpenter
Freizone(German f.) free zone
frei zugänglich(German) exposable
freizügig(German) revealing, libertine, permissive, generous
freizügiger(German) more generous
freizügiges Paar(German n.) open-minded couple, swinging couple (uninhibited)
Freizügigkeit(German f.) generosity, liberality, freedom, freedom of movement, largess
Freizügigkeitsprinzip(German n.) principle of freedom of movement
freizügigste(German) most generous
freizuhaltende Fläche(German f.) area to be kept clear
frei zur Verladung(German) ready for shipment
fremd(German) foreign, strange, alien, alien to, external, extraneous, extraneous to the matter, extrinsic, new, different, other
Fremdanbieter(German m.) third-party supplier
Fremdanschaltung(German f.) remote access
Fremdarbeiter (s./pl.)(German m.) foreign worker, migrant worker (Switzerland)
fremdartig(German) outlandish, outlandishly, unfamiliar, alien, repugnant, strange, exotic
Fremdartigkeit(German f.) extraneousness, foreignness, strangeness
Fremdauftrag(German m.) outside contract
Fremdbelüftung(German f.) forced ventilation
Fremdbeschaffung(German f.) outsourcing
Fremdbestandteil(German m.) impurity (in water, etc.)
fremdbestimmt(German) heteronomous
Fremdbestimmung(German f.) heteronomy
Fremdbevölkerung(German f.) alien population
Fremdbezug(German m.) outsourcing
fremde Anleger(German pl.) outside investors
fremde Dame(German f.) strange lady
fremde Einflüsse(German pl.) foreign influences
fremde Flagge(German f.) foreign flag
fremde Gebräuche(German pl.) strange customs
fremde Hilfe(German f.) outside help
fremde Ideen(German pl.) alien ideas, foreign ideas
fremde Länder(German pl.) foreign countries, strange lands
fremde Rasse(German f.) alien race
fremde Sitten(German pl.) strange customs
fremde Sitten übernehmen(German) to adopt foreign ways
fremde Sprache(German f.) foreign language
fremde Sprachen sprechend(German) foreign-speaking
fremde Vorstellungen(German pl.) alien ideas
Fremdeinmischung(German f.) foreign intrusion, outside interference
Fremdeinschätzung(German f.) external assessment
Fremdeinspeisung(German f.) third party supply
Fremdelement(German n.) foreign element
Fremdenbeherbergung(German f.) tourist accommodation, providing accommodation for visitors
Fremdenbuch(German n.) visitors' book, guestbook
Fremdenfeind(German m.) xenophobe
fremdenfeindlich(German) xenophobic, xenophobically, anti-immigrant, hostile to strangers, hostile to foreigners
fremdenfeindliche Parolen(German pl.) anti-immigrant slogans, anti-immigrant slogans
Fremdenfeindlichkeit(German f.) xenophobia, hostility toward strangers, hostility to foreigners
fremdenfreundlich(German) xenophilous
Fremdenführer (m.), Fremdenführerin (f.)(German) guide, cicerone, tourist guide, tour guide
Fremdenführer sein(German) to act as guide
Fremdenführung(German f.) conducted tour, guided tour
Fremdenfurcht(German f.) xenophobia
Fremdenhass(German m.) hatred of foreigners
Fremdenhasser (m.), Fremdenhasserin (f.)(German) xenophobe
Fremdenheim(German n.) boarding house
Fremdenindustrien(German pl.) tourist industries
Fremdenlegionär(German m.) Foreign Legionnaire
Fremdenliste(German f.) list of arrivals
Fremdenpaß(German m., old form) alien passport
Fremdenpass(German m.) alien passport
Fremdenpolizei(German f.)immigration authorities
Fremdenverkehr(German m.) tourism
Fremdenverkehrsamt(German n.) tourist information, tourist (information) bureau, tourist (information) office
Fremdenverkehrsbüro(German n.) tourist office, tourist information office, tourist (information) bureau
Fremdenverkehrsförderung(German f.) promotion of tourism
Fremdenverkehrsgewerbe(German n.) tourist industry, tourist trade
Fremdenverkehrsindustrie(German f.) tourist industry
Fremdenverkehrsort(German m.) tourist centre, tourist resort
Fremdenverkehrswerbung(German f.) tourist advertising
Fremdenverkehrswirtschaft(German f.) tourist industry, tourist trade
Fremdenverkehrszentrum(German n.) tourist centre
Fremdenzimmer(German n.) guest room, spare room
Fremder (m.), Fremde (f.), Fremde (pl.)(German) stranger, alien, tramontane (foreigner), (the) other, newcomer, tourist
Fremdes(German n.) (the) other
fremdes Brauchtum annehmen(German) to adopt foreign customs
fremdes Gesicht(German n.) strange face
fremdes Land(German n.) alien land, foreign country, outland (poetic)
Fremdfabrikat(German n.) third-party product
fremdfinanziert(German) sponsored (financially), leveraged, financed with outside capital, externally financed
fremdfinanzierte Übernahme(German f.) leveraged buyout
Fremdfinanzierung(German f.) borrowing, finance through borrowing, debt financing
Fremdfirma(German f.) external company
fremdgehen(German) to be unfaithful, to have an affair, to have affairs (while married)
Fremdgeher(German m.) two-timer (colloquial)
Fremdgerät(German n.) alien machine
Fremdgeräusch(German n.) extraneous noise
Fremdgeschmack(German m.) foreign taste
Fremdgruppe(German f.) out-group
Fremdheit(German f.) strangeness, foreignness, unfamiliarity, otherness, alienness
Fremdheitserfahrung(German f.) experience of unfamiliarity
Fremdherrschaft (s.), Fremdherrschaften (pl.)(German f.) foreign rule, foreign domination
Fremdhersteller(German m.) third-party manufacturer
Fremdhilfe(German f.) outside help, outside assistance
Fremdkapitalkosten(German pl.) borrowing costs
Fremdkapitalzinsen(German pl.) interest on borrowed capital
fremd klingen(German) to sound strange
Fremdkörper (s./pl.)(German m.) foreign substance, foreign body, foreign matter, alien element
Fremdkosten(German pl.) third-party costs
Fremdkühlung(German f.) forced cooling
fremdländisch(German) alien, extraneous, foreign, outlandish (archaic: foreign, alien), exotic
Fremdleistung(German f.) external service
Fremdlieferanten(German pl.) external suppliers, outside suppliers
Fremdling (s.), Fremdlinge (pl.)(German m.) stranger, alien
Fremdmittel(German pl.) external funds, outside funds, outside resources
Fremdmittelbedarf(German m.) borrowing requirements
Fremdmittelbeschaffung(German f.) outside resourcing
Fremdnutzung(German f.) utilisation by third parties
Fremdobjekt(German n.) foreign object
Fremdorgan(German n.) foreign organ
fremdorganisiert(German) externally organised
Fremdprodukt(German n.) third-party product
Fremdrechte(German pl.) third-party rights
Fremdschlüssel(German m.) foreign key
Fremdschwingungen(German pl.) external vibrations
Fremdsoftware(German f.) third-party software
Fremdspannung(German f.) external voltage
Fremdsprache (s.), Fremdsprachen (pl.)(German f.) foreign language
Fremdsprachen-Akzent-Syndrom(German n.) foreign accent syndrome
Fremdsprachenassistent (m.), Fremdsprachenassistentin (f.)(German) foreign language assistant
Fremdsprachenausbildung(German f.) foreign language training
Fremdsprachenerwerb(German m.) foreign language acquisition
Fremdsprachenkenntnisse(German pl.) knowledge of foreign languages
Fremdsprachenschule (German f.) foreign language school
Fremdsprachensekretär (m.), Fremdsprachensekretärin (f.)(German) multilingual secretary, bilingual secretary
Fremdsprachenstudium(German n.) foreign-language study
Fremdsprachenunterricht(German m.) teaching of foreign languages
Fremdsprachenwörterbuch(German n.) foreign language dictionary
fremdsprachig(German) foreign-language
fremdsprachige Korrespondenz(German f.) foreign-language correspondence
Fremdsprachiger(German m.) non-native speaker
fremdsprachlich(German) foreign language
fremdsprachliches Wörterbuch(German n.) foreign-language dictionary
fremdstaatlich(German) foreign
Fremdstämmiger (m.), Fremdstämmige (f.)(German) alien, foreigner
Fremdstoff (s.), Fremdstoffe (pl.)(German m.) xenobiotic, foreign matter, impurity
Fremdstrom(German m.) external power supply
Fremdstromquelle(German f.) external power source
Fremdsystem(German n.) external system, non-(name of company / manufacturer) system
Fremdtransplantat(German n.) xenograft
Fremdunternehmer(German m.) outside contractor
Fremdvergabe(German f.) contracting out
Fremdvergleichsgrundsatz(German m.) arm's length principle
Fremdverschulden(German n.) third-party responsibility, third party negligence
Fremdvölker(German pl.) foreign peoples
Fremdwahrnehmung(German f.) external perception
Fremdwährung(German f.) foreign currency
Fremdwasser(German n.) infiltration, inflow
Fremdwort (s.), Fremdwörter (pl.)(German n.) a foreign word, word of foreign origin, borrowed word (a word that has been borrowed from another language)
Fremdwörterbuch(German n.) dictionary of borrowed words, dictionary of foreign words
Fremdzubehör(German n.) non-(name of company / manufacturer) accessories
Fremdzündungsmotor(German m.) petrol engine
fremente(Italian) furiously
Frémissement (s.), Frémissements (pl.)(French m.) humming, singing in a low voice, shudder, shiver, quivering (string, etc.), shiver (light shaking movement), trembling, simmering, quivering (simmering water)
un frémissement de plaisir French: a thrill or quiver of pleasure
un frémissement parcourut la salle French: a quiver ran through the room
frenando(Italian) braking, bremsend
French beamingwhen notes are beamed according to French custom, stems are not drawn all the way to the 8th beam, but extend only as far as the beam closest to the notehead. Sometimes staff lines are even removed from the spaces between the beams to increase legibility
French bow/gripthe French grip is an overhand grip, much like a violin or a cello bow, adopted by double-bass players who use a French bow, also called the Bottesini bow, after the player who made it famous. The French style bow resembles a violin or cello bow, with a small frog (the large piece of wood, usually ebony, that you hold and that holds the mechanism for adjusting hair tension) and a narrow space between the stick and hair. You put your thumb into the opening at the frog and your fingers are placed at the top of the stick
the alternative is the 'German grip' employed with a 'German bow' - see 'German bow/grip'
French braidor French plait, a popular hairstyle socalled because it was invented by a French hair stylist, Unlike a regular three-strand braid, a French braid starts with small sections of hair at the crown of a person's head, and intermittently, more hair is added to each section as the braid progresses down the head. The classic French braid is a single braid at the back of one's head
French Cancana highly choreographed routine lasting ten minutes or more, with the opportunity for individuals to display their "specialities". The main moves are the high kick or battement, the rond de jambe (quick rotary movement of lower leg with knee raised and skirt held up), the port d'armes (turning on one leg, while grasping the other leg by the ankle and holding it almost vertical), the cartwheel and the grand écart (the flying or jump splits). Additionally, performance practice of the can-can almost always includes the dancers screaming, yelling, cat-calling and trilling while dancing
  • Can-can from which this information has been taken
French chalka kind of talc used for marking cloth, as a dry lubricant, etc.
French chansonchanson is a French word for song. In English language contexts, the word is often applied to any song with French words, but it can also be applied more specifically - to refer to classic, lyric-driven French songs, to refer to European songs in the 'cabaret style', or to refer to a diverse range of songs interpreted in this style. A singer specialising in chansons is known as a chansonnier
French clefsee 'French violin clef'
French Dressing(German n.) French dressing
French dressingsalad dressing of seasoned vinegar and oil
French flageoletsee flageolet
French folda sheet of paper that is folded twice at right angles. For cards this forms a double fold with an underside that is left blank and a outside on both sides of one fold that is printed upon
French gripa technique used to hold drum sticks and mallets to play percussion instruments. In this form of matched grip, the palms of the hands face directly toward each other and the stick is moved primarily with the fingers rather the wrist as in German grip. This allows a greater degree of finesse, which is why many timpanists prefer French grip. For louder strokes, the wrist rotates much in the same way as when hammering a nail
French harpsee 'harmonica'
French hip hop
French Hood(in use 1530-1630) a small bonnet made on a stiff frame and worn far back on the head. Folds of material fell below the shoulders from a short flat panel at the back. They were usually dark in colour but decorated with biliments (borders of silk, satin, or velvet, and trimmed with gold or jewels) and worn over a crespin
French horncorno (Italian m.), corno francese (Italian m.), Horn (German n.), cor (French m.), cor d'harmonie (French m.), cor français trompa (de pistones) (Spanish m.), corno francés (Spanish m.)
the French horn is a valved brass wind instrument with a circular shape, tapering from a narrow mouthpiece to a flaring bell at the other end, as opposed to the cylindrical bore and cup-shaped mouthpiece of the trumpet family, and producing a mellow tone. Often played with the right hand inside the bell, it is said to be the most difficult instrument to play. It is referred to in most countries without any nationalistic reference and is known as the "French" horn only in English-speaking countries
the horn was actually developed in the Alps of the Germanic countries, commonly used to warn animal intruders that threatened a shepherd's flock. Since the French dominated most of the alpine region at that time, the term "French Horn" became popular. The instrument was originally constructed entirely of wood and straw, and the conical mouthpiece was also wooden. In the late 16th and 17th centuries the horn, from this time usually made of brass, was lengthened and coiled - first in a small, spiral coil, later in a wider, open loop. By the late seventeenth century, the cor de chasse ("hunting horn") emerged in France with a wide, flaring bell and a tube length of up to 4.37 m (14 ft.), the obvious prototype of the modern instrument. Responsive to a greatly increased number of its natural overtones, the cor de chasse possessed a wide enough range of pitches for use in the orchestra of the early eighteenth century. French horns are now made of brass
the horn gained greater flexibility about 1750 with an invention, attributed to the Dresden virtuoso Anton Joseph Hampel, of the technique called hand stopping. Hand stopping involves placing a hand in the bell of the horn to alter the pitch of the natural notes by as much as a whole tone. Despite this advance, cumbersome lengths of tubing, called crooks, were necessary for playing in many keys. Also at this time (the late eighteenth century) the cup-shaped, trumpet-like mouthpiece was abandoned for the funnel-shaped mouthpiece of the modern horn, resulting in a smoother, less raucous sound
the invention of valves (patented in 1818 by Heinrich Stolzel and Friedrich Bluhmel in Berlin) in the early nineteenth century revolutionized the horn, allowing the player to alter the length of the tubing by the motion of a finger and yielding an instrument virtually chromatic (proceeding by semitones) throughout its range. Although it was slow to be accepted, the valve horn prevailed by the end of the nineteenth century. Modern players still use hand stopping to affect intonation and tone color. Composers from Bach, Beethoven, Strauss and Tchaikovsky to Bernstein and Gershwin have all written for the French horn. Aubrey Brain was the first horn player ever to record an entire horn concerto, Mozart's Concerto No. 2, in 1927. Most orchestras today include four horns. The modern French horn is usually pitched in F, and has three valves and a tube length of about 3.75 m (12 ft.). The great demands on the resources of the horn have led to the widespread adoption of the "double horn," in which a separate set of coils for a horn in B-flat is added to a horn in F, a fourth valve acting as a switch between the two sets of coils. They are also used in concert and marching bands and brass ensembles. However, single horns in F or B-flat still see use, notably in operatic settings. Their lighter weight renders them much more suitable for the extended and strenuous playing required of Wagnerian operas
French horna colour reed stop found in 'romantic' organs
French Housea late 1990s form of house music, greatly influenced by 1970s and 1980s disco and funk , as well as the productions of Thomas Bangalter. The music can be noted by the infamous "filter effect" (e.g. Daft Punk). French house may have vocal samples. French House is also known as "filter house" or "tekfunk"
Frenchifyto make French in form, manners, etc. (colloquial)
French jivesee 'modern jive'
French Knickers(German pl.) French knickers
French knickersa type of lingerie, wide-legged underpants
French leaveabsence without permission
French mandolinesee 'mandolin, mandoline'
French overturea work for orchestra, originating in the 1650s, that is usually used as an introduction to a ballet, opera, or suite which is in four linked sections arranged slow (often strongly dotted) - quick (lively, often fugal) - slow (in imitation of the first section) - quick (lively)
French pitchin the eighteenth century, there were three pitch standards used for concerted music in France. The modern version of the middle one is a'=415 Hz. The others were about a tone higher and a semitone lower than the middle one. The lower pitch, a'=392 Hz, approximately a tone lower than standard modern pitch (a'=440 Hz), was called 'very low French chamber pitch' by Quantz in 1752
in the nineteenth century, the French adopted by legal decree a new French pitch, called Diapason Normal (a'=435 Hz), which they set for a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). In America, Theodore Thomas as far back as 1883, ordered his concert halls to be kept at a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, or as near to that as possible which meant that French-made wind instruments tuned to A=435 Hz at 59 degrees Fahrenheit would actually play at a'=440 Hz when played at 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius)
French poetic meterin French poetry, meter is determined solely by the number of syllables in a line. A silent 'e' counts as a syllable before a consonant, but is elided before a vowel (where h aspiré counts as a consonant). At the end of a line, the "e" remains unelided but is hypermetrical (outside the count of syllables, like a feminine ending in English verse). The most frequently encountered meter in French is the alexandrine, composed of two hemistichs of six syllables each. Classical French poetry also had a complex set of rules for rhymes that goes beyond how words merely sound. These are usually taken into account when describing the meter of a poem
French polishshellac polish for wood
French Press(German f.) coffee press
French reel(Montserrat) a skin drum that produces an ominous sound, said to attract the jumbie spirits
French scenea numbering system for a play in which a new scene is numbered whenever characters exit or enter the stage
French School (ballet)the French School of ballet began in the court ceremonies of the French monarchs. Louis XIV studied with the famous ballet master Pierre Beauchamp and established the first academy of dancing, known as the Académie Royale de Musique et de Danse, in Paris in 1661. The École de Danse de l'Opéra was founded in 1713 and is now known as the École de Danse du Théâtre National de l'Opéra. Among its most famous ballet masters were Beauchamp, Pécour, Lany, Noverre, G. and A. Vestris, M. and P. Gardel, F. Taglioni, Mazilier, Saint-Léon, Mérante, Staats, Aveline and Lifar. The French School was known for its elegance and soft, graceful movements rather than technical virtuosity. Its influence spread throughout Europe and is the basis of all ballet training
French sixth chordan augmented sixth chord consisting of a major third, augmented fourth, and augmented sixth above the bass. The French sixth chord is sometimes called an 'augmented six four three chord'
French tablaturea system of musical notation most commonly used in England and France and with some differences also in Italy and Spain. A different system came into use in Germany - see 'German tablature'
French time namessee 'Galin-Paris-Chevé system'
French violin clefor 'French clef', chiave di violino francese (Italian f.), französische Violinschlüssel (German m.), clé de sol 1re (French f.), clef de sol 1re (French f.), clave de sol en primera (Spanish f.), clave de violín francés (Spanish f.)
French violin G clef
or 'violin clef', one of the 'so-called' G-clefs
French windowglazed door in an outside wall
Frenetic(also phrenetic) frantic, frenzied
frenetico (m.), frenetica (f.)(Italian) frenzied
frenetisch(German) frenetic, frenetically, phrenetic
Frenzywild or delirious excitement, agitation or fury
freq.abbreviation of 'frequently', 'frequentative'
Fréquence(French f.) frequency
Fréquence d'échantillonnage(French f.) sampling rate, sampling frequency, frequenza di campionamento (Italian f.), Abtastrate (German f.), frecuencia de muestreo (Spanish f.)
Freqüência(Portuguese) frequency
Frequencythe number of vibrations per second of a musical pitch, usually measured in hertz (Hz), where one hertz is one vibration per second. The human frequency range is divided into three rough areas or bands. High frequencies (between about 5 kHz and 20 kHz), mid frequencies (between about 200 Hz and 5 kHz) and low frequencies (between about 20 Hz and 200 Hz)
Frequency analysisin mathematics, physics and signal processing, frequency analysis is a method to decompose a function, wave, or signal into its frequency components so that it is possible to have the frequency spectrum
Frequency banda range of frequencies, for example that might be allocated to carry certain kinds of electromagnetic signal such as television or radio
Frequency comba very precise tool for measuring different colours, or frequencies, of light
Frequency generatorsee 'signal generator'
Frequency modulated screeningsee 'stochastic screening'
Frequency modulationthe encoding of a carrier wave by variation of its frequency in accordance with an input signal
Frequency rangein singing, the distance between one's highest and lowest frequency
pitch range
Frequency responsea graph which shows how a system or piece of equipment or even an environment such as a room responds to different frequencies. Ideally, for audio work the graph should plot a flat line from below 20 Hz to above 20 kHz. In practise this is often not achieved, and the line will fluctuate up and down between these points, indicating that the equipment or environment makes some frequencies louder or quieter than others. Humans have a well documented "non-flat" response and this is the response used to specify the dB(A) scale for determining loudness. The term should not be confused with bandwidth which concerns itself only with the attenuation above an upper limit frequency and below a lower limit frequency and does not concern itself with the range between them
Frequency spectrumthe vast majority of sounds we hear in real life are mixtures of simpler tones called sine waves, each with a characteristic frequency and amplitude, the combination of which give a note its distinct timbre or tone colour. A frequency spectrum, or 'spectrogram', is a graphic display or other representation of the frequency content of a signal. Two-dimensional graphic spectra usually plot amplitude (vertical axis) versus frequency (horizontal axis). There are two general types of spectra. A 'partial' spectrum portrays discrete frequencies and is suitable for graphic descriptions of harmonics. A 'continuous' spectrum portrays bands of contiguous frequencies and is suitable for graphic displays of noise bands. The frequency spectrum of a pure sine wave displays only a single component
Frequentto visit often, done or occurring often
frequent(German) frequent
frequentativ(German) frequentative
Frequentativereference to a subclass of imperfective verbs that denotes a continuously repeated action
Frequentie(Dutch) frequency
frequentieren(German) to frequent, to haunt
frequentierend(German) frequenting
frequentiert(German) frequents, frequented
Frequenz (s.), Frequenzen (pl.)(German f.) frequency, rate, periodicity
Frequenza(Italian f.) frequency
frequenzabhängig(German) frequency-dependent
Frequenzabhängigkeit(German f.) frequency-dependence
Frequenzabstimmung(German f.) frequency tuning
Frequenza di campionamento(Italian f.) sampling rate, sampling frequency, fréquence d'échantillonnage (French f.), Abtastrate (German f.)frecuencia de muestreo (Spanish f.)
Frequenzänderung(German f.) change in frequency
Frequenzantwort(German f.) frequency response
Frequenzausgang(German m.) frequency output
Frequenzband(German n.) wave band, frequency band
Frequenzbereich (s.), Frequenzbereiche (pl.)(German m.) frequency range, band (radio), frequency response, band of frequencies
frequenzbestimmend(German) frequency determining
Frequenzfilter(German m.) frequency filter
Frequenzgang(German m.) frequency response
frequenzgeregelt(German) frequency-controlled
Frequenzhub(German m.) frequency swing
Frequenzkamm(German m.) frequency comb
Frequenzkennlinie(German f.) frequency characteristic
Frequenzkomponente(German f.) frequency component
Frequenzkonstanz(German f.) frequency stability
Frequenzmodulation(German f.) frequency modulation, FM (abbreviation)
see 'FM'
frequenzmoduliert(German) frequency-modulated
Frequenzregelung(German f.) frequency control
Frequenzregler(German m.) frequency control, frequency controller
Frequenzsignal(German n.) frequency signal
Frequenzspektrum(German n.) frequency spectrum
Frequenzsynchronisierung(German f.) frequency synchronisation
frequenzunabhängig(German) frequency-independent, untuned
Frequenzverschiebung(German f.) frequency shift
Frequenzvervielfacher(German m.) frequency multiplier
Frequenzwechsel(German m.) frequency change
Frequenzzähler(German m.) frequency counter
frescamente(Italian) coolly, freshly, vigorously, lively
Fresco(Italian m.) the technique of painting on lime plaster, either dry (dry fresco, or fresco secco) or wet (true fresco or buon) - in the latter method, the pigments are mixed with water and become chemically bound to the freshly laid lime plaster
the painting itself is also sometimes called a fresco
fresco(Italian) fresh, cool, vigorous
Fresco secco(Italian m.) a method of painting on plaster that has been allowed to dry (strictly, this method of painting is not fresco at all)
Freshetsudden overflow of a stream resulting from a heavy rain or a thaw, a stream of fresh water that empties into a body of salt water
Freskenzyklus(German m.) fresco cycle
Fresko (s.), Fresken (pl.)(German n.) fresco (painting)
Freskogemälde(German n.) fresco
Freskomalerei(German f.) fresco (method), fresco painting
Freskotechnik(German f.) fresco technique
Fresnellinse(German f.) Fresnel lens
Fresnelreflektor(German m.) Fresnel reflector
Fresnelspiegel(German m.) Fresnel mirror
Fressalien(German pl.) eatables
Fresse(German f.) kisser (slang: mouth), mug (colloquial: face)
Fressen(German n.) food, grub (colloquial), fretting, dinner (for a pet), fretting
fressen(German) to gormandise, to guzzle, to munch, to rankle, to eat (animal), to devour, to gorge (pejorative), to eat (pejorative)
fressend(German) cankerous, guzzling, munching, rankling, eating
fressen wie ein Schwein(German) to eat like a pig
Fresser (s./pl.)(German m.) devourer, glutton, overeater, eater
Fresserei (s.), Fressereien (pl.)(German f.) guzzling, gluttony, excessive eating (pl.)
Fressfeinde(German pl.) natural enemies
Fressgelage(German n.) eating binge (colloquial)
Fressgewohnheiten(German pl.) dietary habits
Fressgier(German f.) voraciousness, gluttony
Fressladen(German m.) eating-house
Fresslokal(German n.) eatery
Fressmeile(German f.) food mall
Fressnapf(German m.) feeding bowl
Fressneigung(German f.) susceptibility to corrosion (metalwork)
Fressorgie(German f.) orgy of eating
Fresssack(German m.) glutton
Fresssucht(German f.) bulimia, craving for food
Frethorizontal strip fixed in or tied around the fingerboard of some stringed instruments to act as a guide to where the fingers should be placed (normally close to and above the fret) to stop for a particular note
Fretboardsee 'fingerboard'
Frethand muting
Fretlessa string instrument that usually bears frets but where the frets are absent; usually found with bass guitars, the effect being to give a smoother sound
Fretless basselectric bass guitar made without frets or from which the frets have been removed, known for the smoothness of glissando and similarity in tone to the double bass, that require very precise fingering. They are used mainly in jazz, jazz-fusion, and funk music, although they are used by some players in other genres as well
Fretless zither
Andreas Michel in his work Zithern: Musikinstrumente zwischen und Burgerlichkeit (1995) lists three categories of fretless zither:
fretless zithers with chromatic or diatonic strings from low to high (one or two courses)
fretless zithers with strings set in chords without melody strings (which allow only chords to be played)
a combination of these two, so having single melody strings, accompanied by five to seven chords of strings together (usually four chords on American models). This allowed the melody to be played with some limited accompaniment
Fretssee 'fret'
Fretta(Italian f.) haste, celerity, speed
frettando(Italian) hurrying, accelerating the movement
Frettchen (s./pl.)(German n.) ferret
Frette(French) fret
Frettedtastato (Italian), mit Bünden versehen (German), avec sillets (French), a string instrument bearing frets. An instrument that would usually have frets but where the frets are absent is termed 'fretless' or 'unfretted'
Fretted clavichorda fretted clavichord shares two or more notes per string (usually pair of strings)
the 12 notes in an octave might be shared across only seven pairs of strings thus:
string pair 1C + C#
string pair 2D
string pair 3E-flat + E
string pair 4F + F#
string pair 5G + G#
string pair 6A
string pair 7B-flat + B
Fretted harp-guitara classification introduced by Gregg Miner for a plucked instrument that is fully fretted (and therefore cannot qualify as a "true" harp guitar) but is clearly designed to be played very much like an intricate harp guitar
  • Harpolyres from which this extract has been taken
Fretted zithersynonymous with 'concert zither'
frettevole(Italian) hasty, hurried
Frettingthe fitting of frets on a stringed instrument to mark the semitones (half steps) or tones (whole steps) of a scale
there are two types of fretting: chromatic fretting, where every semitone (half step) of a scale is marked with a fret, and diatonic fretting, where only the frets relevant to a diatonic scale are fitting on the fingerboard. The latter arrangement is characteristic of the old-time Appalachian dulcimer
frettolosamente(Italian) hasty, hurriedly
frettoloso(Italian) in a hurry, hasty, hurried
frettoso(Italian) hasty, hurried
Freude (s.), Freuden (pl.)(German f.) pleasure, blitheness, enjoyment, gladness, gratification, fun, joyousness, comfort, delight, elation, joy, rejoicing, zest, glee, mirth (poetic), gratification, joyfulness
Freude am Fahren(German f.) driving pleasure
Freude an der Arbeit(German f.) enjoyment of work
Freude an der Tätigkeit(German f.) delight in what one is doing
Freude bringen(German) to bring joy
freudebringend(German) joyful
Freude bringend(German) bringing joy
Freude daran haben, ... zu tun(German) to take delight in doing ...
Freude einer Mutter(German f.) a mother's joy
Freude finden(German) to delight
Freude gewähren(German) to afford pleasure
Freude haben(German) to be happy
Freude machen(German) to give pleasure
Freude mit einem Schuss Schmerz mischen(German) to dash joy with pain
Freudenbotschaft(German f.) glad tidings
Freuden der Freundschaft(German pl.) comforts of friendship
Freuden der Freundschaft(German pl.) pleasures of friendship
Freuden der Liebe(German pl.) pleasures of love
Freudenfest (s.), Freudenfeste (pl.)(German n.) whoopee, saturnalia (pl.)
Freudenfeuer (s./pl.)(German n.) bonfire, balefire
Freudengefühl(German n.) feeling of joy
Freudengesang(German m.) hymn of rejoicing, song of gladness
Freudenhaus (s.), Freudenhäuser (pl.)(German n.) house of ill repute, house of pleasure, brothel
Freudenhymne(German f.) hymn of gladness
Freudenjauchzer(German m.) crow of delight
Freudenlieder singen(German) to carol
Freudenmädchen (s./pl.)(German n.) whore, prostitute
freudenreich(German) gladsome, gladsomely
freudenreiche Geheimnisse(German pl.) joyful mysteries
Freudenschrei(German m.) cry of joy, shout of joy, whoop of delight, shout of delight, whoop of joy
Freudenspender(German m.) source of joy
Freudensprung(German m.) dido, frisk, bounce, joyful leap
Freudensprünge machen(German) to jump for joy
Freudentag(German m.) day of rejoicing
Freudentanz(German m.) dance of joy
Freudentänze aufführen(German) to dance with glee
Freudentaumel(German m.) paroxysm of joy
Freudentränen(German pl.) tears of joy
Freuden und Leiden(German) joys and sorrows
Freude schenken(German) to bring joy
freudestrahlend(German) radiant with joy
freudetrunken sein(German) to be drunk with joy
Freude über(German f.) joy at
Freude verbreiten(German) to radiate joy
Freude zum Ausdruck bringen(German) to show pleasure
Freudianrelating to or being in accordance with the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
Freudianer(German m.) Freudian
freudianisch(German) Freudian
Freudianismthe psychoanalytic school of psychiatry founded by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
Freudianismus(German m.) Freudianism
Freudian slipa slip of the tongue in which a person means to say one thing, but accidentally substitutes another word or phrase in a suggestive or revealing manner
freudig(German) jocose, merry, glad, joyful, joyfully, joyously, gladly, joyous, happy, happily, merrily
freudige Bejahung(German f.) joyous affirmation
freudige Erregung(German f.) exhilaration, elatedness, a thrill of joy, a thrill of pleasure
freudige Erwartung(German f.) gleeful anticipation
freudige Nachricht(German f.) pleasant news
freudiger(German) more joyful
freudiger Aufschrei(German m.) yelp of pleasure
freudiger Blick(German m.) look of pleasure
freudig erregt(German) elated
freudiges Ereignis(German n.) happy event, blessed event (colloquial: birthday, etc.)
freudiges Gemüt(German n.) cheerful disposition
freudiges Herumspringen(German n.) gambol
freudig überrascht(German) pleasantly surprised
Freudigkeit(German f.) joyfulness, propensity
Freudigkeit(German) joyousness, joyfulness
freudigste(German) most joyful
freudlos(German) cheerless, joyless, joylessly, mirthless, mirthlessly, bleak, dark (mirthless)
freudloser(German) more cheerless
freudloses Dasein(German n.) drab existence
freudloses Lächeln(German n.) bleak smile
freudloseste(German) most cheerless
freudlose Zukunft(German f.) dark future, bleak future
Freudlosigkeit(German f.) cheerlessness, joylessness, drabness (of life)
Freudloskeit(German f.) joylessness
Freudo-Marxisma loose designation of several twentieth-century critical theory schools of thought that sought to synthesise the philosophy and political economy of Karl Marx with the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud
Freudomarxismus(German m.) Freudo-Marxism
Freud'sch(German) Freudian
freudsch(German) Freudian
freudsche Fehlleistung(German f.) Freudian slip
Freud'sche Fehlleistung(German f.) Freudian slip
Freudsche Sichtweise(German f.) Freudian perspective
Freudsche Theorie(German f.) Freudian theory
Freudscher Versprecher(German m., old form) Freudian slip
freudscher Versprecher(German m.) Freudian slip
Freud'scher Versprecher(German m.) Freudian slip
freudvoll(German) joy-filled, joyfilled, joyful, joyfully, filled with joy
freuend(German) being glad
Freund (m.), Freundin (f.), Freunde (pl.), Freundinnen ( friend, boy (m.), boyfriend (m.), girlfriend (f.), girl (f.), lover, acquaintance, mate (friend of the same sex), amigo (Spanish), pal, companion, lady friend (f.), woman friend (f.), lass (f.)
Freund aus Kindertagen(German m.) childhood friend
Freundchen(German n.) buster (colloquial), matey (colloquial: warningly), pal (colloquial: aggressive form of address)
Freund der Familie(German m.) friend of the family
Freunde aussuchen(German) to select friends
Freunde besuchen(German) to visit friends
Freunde bleiben(German) to remain friends, to stay friends
Freunde {pl} der Familie(German pl.) family friends
Freund eines Freundes(German m.) friend of a friend
Freunderlwirtschaft(German f. - Austria, Southern Germany) jobs for the boys (colloquial), cronyism, patronage, backscratching (figurative)
Freundeskreis(German m.) friends, circle of friends, connections, clique
Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis(German m.) circle of friends and acquaintances
Freundin eines verheirateten Mannes(German f.) the other woman
freundlich(German) befriending, benign, benignly, friendly, genially, affable, suavely, nice, affably, bland, charitable, considerate, cordial, debonair, genial, neighbourly, obliging, pleasant, pleasantly, gracious, chummy (colloquial), amicable, amiable, jovially, charitably, cordially, kindly, amiably, friendlily, smiley (eyes, face), gentle (persuasion), polite
-freundlich(German) -phile (suffix)
freundlich bleiben(German) to keep friendly
freundliche Begegnung(German f.) amicable meeting
freundliche Beziehung(German f.) amicable relationship
freundliche Ferienorte(German pl.) friendly holiday places
freundliche Note(German f.) happy touch
freundlichen Umgang mit ... pflegen(German) to mix with ...
freundliche Person(German f.) amicable person
freundlicher(German) friendlier, gentler, kindlier, more friendly
freundlicher Blick(German m.) pleasant look
freundlicher Empfang(German m.) warm reception
Freundlicher Gruß(German) With regards, (at the end of a letter)
freundlicher Helfer(German m.) cheerful helper
freundlicher Mann(German m.) nice man
freundlicher Rat(German m.) piece of friendly advice
freundlicher Wettstreit(German m.) friendly strife
freundlicherweise(German) kindly, very kindly
freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt von(German) (by) courtesy of
freundliches Benehmen(German n.) charming manners, pleasant manners
freundliches Gesicht(German n.) pleasant face
freundliches Lächeln(German n.) friendly smile, sweet smile
freundliche Stimmung(German f.) cheerful sentiment
freundliches Zimmer(German n.) pleasant room
freundliche Übernahme(German f.) amicable merger, friendly acquisition, friendly takeover
freundliche Urlaubsorte(German pl.) charming resorts
freundliche Worte(German pl.) bland words, fair words, warm words
freundlich gegenüber(German) affable to
freundlich gesinnt(German) well-disposed
freundlich gestimmt(German) mild-mannered
freundlich gestimmt sein(German) to be well disposed towards something
freundlich gewesen(German) befriended
freundlich handeln(German) to act in a kindly manner
Freundlichkeit (s.), Freundlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) kindness, cheerfulness, friendliness, geniality, pleasantness, gentleness, affability, benignity, neighbourliness, amicability, kindliness
freundlich oder feindlich gesinnt(German) friendly or hostile
freundlich sein(German) to befriend, to be friendly, to be kind
freundlichste(German) friendliest, gentlest (persuasion), kindliest
freundlos(German) friendless, without friends
Freundlosigkeit(German f.) friendlessness
freundlos sein(German) to be friendless
Freund meines Bruders(German m.) friend of my brother's
Freund meines Vaters(German m.) friend of my father's
Freundschaft(German f.) friendship
Freundschaft (s.), Freundschaften (pl.)(German f.) amity, friendship, kin
Freundschaft!(German) traditional greeting of social democrats, socialists and communists
Freundschaften schließen(German) to make friends
Freundschaft erweisend(German) befriending
freundschaftlich(German) amicable, amicably, friendly, in a friendly way
freundschaftliche Basis(German f.) friendly basis, amicable basis
freundschaftliche Beziehung (s.), freundschaftliche Beziehungen (pl.)(German f.) friendly contact, cordial relations (pl.), amicable relations (pl.), friendly relations (pl.)
freundschaftliche Einigung(German f.) amicable settlement
freundschaftliche Geste(German f.) act of friendship, friendly turn, gesture of friendship, friendly gesture
freundschaftlicher Kontakt(German m.) amicable contact
freundschaftlicher Rat(German m.) friendly advice
freundschaftliches Einverständnis(German n.) comity
freundschaftliche Trennung(German f.) amicable break-up
freundschaftliche Trennung der Wege(German f.) amicable parting of the ways
Freundschaftlichkeit(German f.) amity, amicableness, friendliness
Freundschaftsbesuch(German m.) friendly visit
Freundschaftsbuch(German n.) friendship book
Freundschaft schließen(German) to become friends
Freundschaftsdienst(German m.) friendly turn
Freundschaftsgrad(German m.) degree of friendship
Freundschaftsinseln(German pl.) Friendly Islands (Tonga)
Freundschaftskuss(German m.) friendship kiss
Freundschaftspakt(German m.) friendship pact
Freundschaftspreis(German m.) special price for a friend
Freundschaftsring(German m.) promise ring
Freundschaftsspiel (s.), Freundschaftsspiele (pl.)(German n.) friendly game, friendly match, friendly, exhibition match, exhibition game
Freundschaftsvertrag(German m.) treaty of friendship
Freundschaft von langer Dauer(German f.) friendship of long standing
Freundschaft zwischen Staaten(German f.) amity
Freund oder Feind(German) friend or foe
Frevel(German m.) iniquity, sacrilege, sacrileges, crime, outrage
frevel(German) daring, outrageous
frevelhaft(German) sinful, sacrilegious, sacrilegiously, outrageous, blasphemous, wicked, wickedly, criminal, sinful, malicious, wanton
freveln(German) to commit an outrage
frevelnd(German) committing an outrage
Freveltat (s.), Freveltaten (pl.)(German f.) outrage, heinous crime, wicked deed
freventlich(German) sacrilegious, sinful, wicked, wickedly, criminal
Frevler (m.), Frevlerin (f.)(German) evildoer, wicked person, sacrilegious person, malefactor, blasphemer
frevlerisch(German) outrageous, sacrilegious, sinful, blasphemously, blasphemous, wicked, wickedly, criminal
frevle Tat(German f.) wicked deed
Frêvoa wide range of musical styles originating from Recife, Brazil, all of which are traditionally associated with carnival
  • Frêvo from which this extract has been taken
Frêvo-de-Ruaoriginating from Recife, Brazil, an instrumental style, played in a fiery fast tempo with brass instruments, namely trumpets, trombones, saxophones and tuba
Frey(German, archaic) frei
Freygishthe most important of the Klezmer gust or modes, also called the 'Eight Note Spanish Scale' because of its use in Spanish music
fri(Danish, Norwegian) free (also used as a suffix), complimentary
Friandisespetit fours or sweetmeats
(from Latin frater, 'brother', 'one of the same community or society') members of one of the mendicant orders who lived in regular fashion but were extensively involved with the outside community
Order of St. Dominicalias the Dominicans, the Order of the Friars Preachers, or the Black Friars
Order of Friars Minoror Grey Friars (more recently known as Observants or Recollects) - an autonomous branch of the Franciscan Order
Order of Friars Minor Conventualsan autonomous branch of the Franciscan Order
Capuchin Friars Minoran autonomous branch of the Franciscan Order
Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmelalias the Carmelites, or the White Friars
The Hermits of Saint Augustinealias Austin Friars, or Augustinian Friars
Friars of the Sackalias the Saccati (forced to disband)
Pied Friarsalias the Friars of Blessed Mary or St Mary de Arens, or Friars of the Penance of Jesus Christ (forced to disband)
the major difference between friars and other regular monks was that friars were not bound by a votum stabilitatis (a vow of permanency to remain in one place). Instead, they were at liberty to wander from place to place teaching if given the permission of the "general" of their order. Indeed, such mobility was necessary, since the friars' primary task was, as it states in their mission statement, "to save souls." Thus, while other monks sought to follow an eremitical tradition that would remove them from worldly concerns, and isolate themselves from the general public beyond the monastery's walls, the mendicant orders deliberately reinserted themselves into the world so they could preach, teach, and beg
Friars of the Sackalso called the Friars of the Penance of Jesus Christ; the largest of the lesser groups of friars in England, all of their houses were abandoned by 1314 and the members obliged to join one of the major mendicant orders
Friarya community of friars
Friaulisch(German n.) Furlan, Friulian
Friaul-Julisch-Venetien(German n.) Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Fricandeau(French) stewed veal served with a savoury sauce
Fricasséein cooking, a dish consisting of small pieces of flesh cut up, fried or stewed, and served in a white sauce
(French f.) in the sixteenth century, a quodlibet that includes chanson, folk tunes, popular song and street cries
Fricativealso called spirant, in linguistics, any sound made by tightening but not completely closing the air passage, example of which are /s/ and /f/
Friction boarda percussion instrument in which sound can be produced by friction between a board-shaped instrument and, for example, the player's hand
Friction druma percussion instrument consisting of a single membrane stretched over a sound box, whose sound is produced by the player causing the membrane to vibrate by friction. The sound box may be a pot or jug or some open-ended hollow object. To produce the friction, the membrane may be directly rubbed with the fingers or through the use of a cloth, or a stick or cord which is attached to the centre of the membrane and then rubbed or moved with a hand, sponge or cloth, generally wet. The membrane may be depressed with the thumb while playing to vary the pitch. When a cord is used the instrument may be referred to as a "string drum" or "lion's roar"
Frieda(German f.) Freda
Friede(German m.) peace, quietude, pax
Friede auf Erden(German m.) peace on earth
Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen(German) love, peace and harmony
Frieden(German m.) peace
Frieden aushandeln(German) to negotiate peace
Frieden erklären(German) to declare peace
Frieden finden(German) to win peace
Frieden halten(German) to keep peace
Friedensabkommen(German n.) peace accord, peace agreement
Friedensaktivist (m.), Friedensaktivistin (f.)(German) peace activist
Friedensangebot(German n.) proposal of peace, peace offer, offer of the olive branch (figurative), olive branch (figurative), peace offering
Friedensappell(German m.) appeal for peace
Friedensbedingungen(German pl.) peace conditions
Friedensbedrohung(German f.) threat to peace
Friedensbemühungen(German pl.) peace efforts, peace effort
Friedensbereitschaft(German f.) readiness for peace
Friedensbewegung(German f.) peace movement
Friedensbote(German m.) messenger of peace
Friedensbruch (s.), Friedensbrüche (pl.)(German m.) breach of the peace, affray, breach of peace
Frieden schließen(German) to make peace, to conclude peace
Frieden stiften(German) to bring about peace
Frieden wiederherstellen(German) to establish peace, to restore peace
Friedensdemonstration(German f.) peace demonstration
Friedenseinsatz(German m.) peacekeeping operation
friedenserhaltende Maßnahmen(German pl.) peacekeeping activities, peacekeeping measures
Friedenserhaltung(German f.) peacekeeping
Friedensfahrplan(German m.) road map to peace, road map for peace
Friedensforschung(German f.) peace studies, irenology
Friedensfrist(German f.) cooling-off period (in an industrial dispute)
Friedensgesellschaft(German f.) peace society
Friedensgespräche(German pl.) peace talks
Friedensgipfel(German m.) peace summit
Friedensinitiative(German f.) peace initiative
Friedenskampagne(German f.) peace campaign
Friedenskonferenz(German f.) peace conference
Friedenskorps(German n.) Peace Corps (US organisation)
Friedenskundgebung(German f.) peace rally
Friedenskuss(German m.) kiss of peace
Friedensmärsche(German pl.) peace marches
Friedensmission (s.), Friedensmissionen (pl.)(German f.) peace mission
Friedensnobelpreis(German m.) Nobel Peace Prize
Friedensnobelpreisträger (m.), Friedensnobelpreisträgerin (f.)(German) Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Nobel peace laureate
Friedensoffensive(German f.) peace offensive
Friedensordnung(German f.) blueprint for lasting peace
Friedenspfeife(German f.) calumet, peace pipe
Friedenspflicht(German f.) peace obligation
Friedensplan(German m.) road map for peace
Friedenspolitik(German f.) policy of peace
Friedenspreis(German m.) peace award
Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels(German m.) Peace Prize of the German Book Trade
Friedensprozess(German m.) peace process
Friedensregelung(German f.) peace settlement
Friedensrichter (m), Friedensrichterin (f.), Friedensrichter (pl.)(German) justice of the peace, magistrate
Friedensschluss(German m.) peace settlement, peace agreement
Friedenssicherung(German f.) peacekeeping
Friedenssicherungskräfte(German pl.) peacekeeping force
Friedenssicherungstruppe(German f.) peacekeeping force
friedensstiftend(German) peacemaking
Friedensstifter (m.), Friedensstifterin (f.)(German) pacifier, peacemaker, peace maker
Friedensstörer(German m.) peace-breaker, disturber of the peace
Friedenssymbol(German n.) peace symbol
Friedenstaube(German f.) peace dove, dove of peace
Friedenstruppe (s.), Friedenstruppen (pl.)(German f.) peacekeeping force, peacekeepers (UN)
Friedensverhandlung (s.), Friedensverhandlungen (pl.)(German f.) peace negotiation, peace talks (pl.)
Friedensverhandlungen führen(German) to negotiate about peace
Friedensvermittler(German m.) peace broker
Friedensvertrag (s.), Friedensverträge (pl.)(German m.) peace treaty
Friedensvorschlag(German m.) peace proposal
Friedenswächter (m.), Friedenswächterin (f.), Friedenswächter (pl.)(German) peacekeeper
Friedenswahrung(German f.) peacekeeping
Friedenswille(German m.) desire for peace
Friedenswirtschaft(German f.) peacetime economy
Friedenszeichen(German n.) peace sign
Friedenszeit (s.), Friedenszeiten (pl.)(German f.) peacetime, time of peace
Friede sei mit euch!(German) Peace be with you!
Friede von ...(German m.) Treaty of ...
friedfertig(German) pacific, peaceably, inoffensive, peaceable, dovish (figurative), placid
friedfertige Person(German f.) placid person, inoffensive person
friedfertiger(German) more peaceable
Friedfertigkeit(German f.) peaceableness, placidity
friedfertigste(German) most peaceable
Friedhof (s.), Friedhöfe (pl.)(German m.) cemetery, graveyard, burial ground, church yard, churchyard
Friedhofkerze(German f.) corpse candle
Friedhofsatmosphäre(German f.) gloomy atmosphere
Friedhofsbesuch(German m.) visit to the cemetery
Friedhofsgelände(German n.) cemetery grounds
Friedhofshalle(German f.) cemetery hall
Friedhofskapelle(German f.) cemetery chapel
Friedhoftor(German n.) cemetery gate
friedlich(German) peaceful, pacific, peaceable, peaceably, peacefully, placid, pacifically, placidly, amicable, quietly, tranquil, dovish, orderly, halcyon, tame (harmless)
friedliche Demonstration(German f.) orderly demonstration
friedliche Gesellschaft(German f.) settled society
friedliche Gesinnung(German f.) peaceable disposition
friedliche Koexistenz(German f.) peaceful coexistence
friedliche Menge(German f.) orderly crowd
friedlicher Bürger(German m.) peaceable citizen, orderly citizen
friedlicher Protest(German m.) peaceful protest
Friedliches(German n.) placidness
friedliche Welt(German f.) world at peace
friedliche Zeiten(German pl.) peaceful times
Friedlichkeit(German f.) peacefulness
friedlichste(German) tamest
friedliebend(German) pacific, peace-loving, peaceable
friedlos(German) peaceless
friedloser(German) more peaceless
friedloseste(German) most peaceless
Friedlosigkeit(German f.) peacelessness
Friedrich(German m.) Frederic, Frederick
Friedrich I.(German) Frederick I
Friedrich II. der Eiserne
Friedrich II. der Eisenzahn
(German) Frederick II the Iron or Irontooth (Prince-Elector of Brandenburg)
Friedrich der Große
(German) Frederick the Great (king of Prussia, 1740-1786)
Friedrich der Schöne
(German m.) Frederick the Fair (Frederick III of Austria)
Friedrich Wilhelm(German) the German equivalent of 'John Hancock' (colloquial: signature)
Friedrich Wilhelm I. von Brandenburg
(German) Frederick William (Elector of Brandenburg, 1640-1688)
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg(German f.) University of Erlangen Nuremberg
friedvoll(German) peaceful, halcyon, peacefully
Friedwald(German m.) a forest that serves as natural cemetery
friemeln(German) to tinker
Friend(English, German m.) a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts
a person whom one knows, an acquaintance
a person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause
Friendship booksalso known as "FBs", small booklets made by stapling paper together, or are sometimes just sheets or strips of paper. They are usually decorated and the person who starts the book writes their name and address as the first person sending the book. People often include a list of interests as well. The FB is then passed around from penpal to penpal, and can often also become a way for one to meet new penpals. Most people hope to see the book again once it is full so they add their return address to the back cover of the book too, or inscribe "Return to Sender" on it. People also sometimes make FBs for someone else rather than themselves, in which case they write the name and address of the recipient on the front or at the top
frieren(German) to be cold, to freeze, to feel cold
friert neu ein(German) refreezes
Fries(German m.) frieze, moulding, cornice (moulding)
Friese(German m.) Friesian horse, Frisian horse
Friese (m.), Friesin (f.), Friesen (pl.), Friesinnen ( Frisian, Friesian
Friezea plain or decorated horizontal part of an entablature between the architrave and cornice (that is, above doorways and windows or below the cornice)
Frisiaan ancient region of northwestern Europe on the North Sea between the Scheldt and Weser rivers and including the Frisian Islands
Friesisch(German n.) Friesian, Frisian
friesisch(German) Frisian, Friesian
Friesland(German n.) Frisia, a region of northern Europe on the North Sea between the Scheldt and Weser rivers
(English, German n.) one of the northernmost provinces of the Netherlands
Frigidsexually unresponsive
frigid(German) frigidly, sexless, frigid
Frigidarium(English, German n., Latin) the cold room in a Roman bath
frigide(German) cold, frigid, sexless
Frigidität(German f.) frigidity
frigio(Italian) Phrygian
frigio (m.), frigia (f.)(Spanish) Phrygian
frígio(Portuguese) Phrygian
Frikadelle (s.), Frikadellen (pl.)(German f.) hamburger, rissole, burger, meatball
Frikadelle aus Innereien(German f.) faggot (meat ball)
Frikassee(German n.) fricassee
frikassieren(German) to fricassee
frikassierend(German) fricasseeing
frikassiert(German) fricasseed
frikassierte(German) fricasseed
Frikativ(German m.) fricative
Frikativlaut(German m.) fricative
Friktion(German f.) friction
Friktionstrumma(Swedish) also Rummelpott or Rommelpott, friction drum [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Frippertronicsa term coined by Joanna Walton, guitarist Robert Fripp's poet girlfriend in the late 1970s, an analog delay system consisting of two reel-to-reel tape recorders situated side-by-side. The two machines are configured so that the tape travels from the supply reel of the first machine to the take-up reel of the second, thereby allowing sound recorded by the first machine to be played back some time later on the second. The audio of the second machine is routed back to the first, causing the delayed signal to repeat while new audio is mixed in with it. The amount of delay (usually 8 to 10 seconds) is controlled by increasing or decreasing the distance between the machines
Frissee Csárdás
Frisbee(English, German m.) flying disc
Friscalettua Sicilian traditional cane flute
frisch(German) brisk, lively, vigorous, brioso, fresh, recent, dewy, freshly, cool, alive, boldly, briskly, newly, crisp (air), crisply, nippy (colloquial: cold), new (bread, vegetables, etc.), newly laid (eggs)
frisch aus dem Garten(German) garden-fresh
frisch aus der Produktion kommen(German) to come fresh off the production line
frisch aus der Rösterei(German) freshly roasted
frisch ausgeflogen(German) newly fledged
Frischbeton(German m.) fresh concrete, wet concrete, ready-mixed concrete
Frische(German f.) freshness, newness, briskness, crispness, dew
frische Brise(German f.) refreshing breeze, fresh breeze (5 on the Beaufort scale)
frische Eier(German pl.) new-laid eggs
frische Farbe(German f.) wet paint
frische Farben(German pl.) lively colours
frische Luft(German f.) fresh air
frische Luft hereinlassen(German) to admit fresh air
frische Luft holen(German) to get a sniff
frische Spuren(German pl.) recent traces
frische Triebe der Konjunktur(German pl.) green sprouts of recovery
Frischei(German n.) newly laid egg
frischen Wind in ... bringen(German) to breathe new life into ...
frischer(German) dewier, fresher, newer (bread, vegetables, etc.)
frischer Bruch(German m.) fresh cleavage
frischer Orangensaft(German m.) orange squash
frischer werden(German) to freshen
frischer Wind(German m.) brisk wind
frischer Zitronensaft(German m.) lemon squash
frisches Blut(German n.) new blood
frisches Brot(German n.) new bread
frisches Grün(German n.) verdancy
Frisches Haff(German n.) Vistula Lagoon
frischeste(German) freshest
Frischfisch(German m.) fresh fish
Frischfleisch(German n.) fresh meat
frisch-fröhliche Art(German f.) breeziness
Frischfutter(German n.) fresh food
frischgebacken(German) fledgling, newly minted (figurative), freshly baked
frisch gebacken(German) freshly baked, newly minted (figurative), freshly graduated
frischgebackene Ehefrau(German f.) newly married wife
frischgebackener Ehemann(German m.) benedick, newlywed husband
frischgebackener Rechtsanwalt(German m.) fledgling lawyer
frischgebackenes Ehepaar(German n.) newly-weds
Frisch gedruckt.(German) Hot off the press.
frisch geduscht(German) freshly showered
frisch gefallener Schnee(German m.) newly fallen snow
frisch gelegt(German) newly laid
frisch gelegtes Ei(German n.) new-laid egg
frisch gemahlen(German) freshly ground
frisch gemörsert(German) freshly ground
Frischgemüse(German n.) fresh vegetables
frischgepflückt(German) freshly picked
frisch gepresst(German) fresh-squeezed
frisch gepresster Orangensaft(German m.) freshly squeezed orange juice
frisch geschieden(German) just divorced
frisch geschlüpft(German) newly hatched
frisch gestärkte Bluse(German f.) newly starched blouse
frisch gestrichen(German) newly painted
Frisch gestrichen!(German) Wet paint!
Frisch gewagt ist halb gewonnen.(German) Well begun is half done. A good start is half the battle.
Frisch gewagt ist halb gewonnen!(German) Let's get on with it!
frisch gezapftes Bier(German m.) freshly tapped beer, freshly drawn beer
Frischhaltebeutel(German m.) airtight bag
Frischhaltebox(German f.) food storage box
Frischhaltefolie(German f.) cling film, clingfilm, cling wrap
Frischhefe(German f.) fresh yeast
Frischkaa Slavonic form of the Magyar Fris or Friss, the quicker part of a Csárdás
Frischkäse(German m.) cream cheese, fromage frais, curd cheese
Frischkäsemesser(German n.) cream cheese knife
Frischkompost(German m.) fresh compost
Frischkost(German f.) fresh food
Frischling(German m.) rookie, newbie (public school slang), (boar) piglet
Frischluft(German f.) fresh air
Frischluftanlage(German f.) air supply system
Frischluftdüse(German f.) fresh air nozzle
Frischlufteinrichtung(German f.) fresh-air device
Frischlüfter(German m.) forced draft fan
Frischluftfanatiker (m.), Frischluftfanatikerin (f.)(German) fresh air fiend, fresh air fanatic
Frischluftfanatiker sein(German) to be a fanatic for fresh air
Frischluftstrom(German m.) flow of fresh air
Frischluftsystem(German m.) air supply system
Frischluftversorgung(German f.) supply of fresh air
Frischluftzufuhr(German f.) fresh air supply
Frischmilch(German f.) fresh milk
Frischobst(German n.) fresh fruit
Frischöfen(German pl.) fineries
Frischöl(German n.) clean oil
frisch rasiert(German) clean-shaven
frischste(German) dewiest
frischt auf(German) refreshes
frisch und munter(German) canty (lively and brisk)
frisch und munter sein(German) to be (as) fresh as a daisy
frisch verheiratet(German) newlywed, newly married, just married, just hitched (colloquial)
frisch verliebt (in)(German) newly enamoured (of)
frisch verlobt(German) newly engaged, just engaged
frisch vermählt(German) newlywed, just married
Frischvermählter (m.), Frischvermählte (f.), Frischvermählte (pl.)(German) newlywed
frisch von der Druckerpresse(German) fresh from the press
frisch von der Leber weg sprechen(German) to speak up
frisch von der Schule sein(German) to be hot from school
Frischwaren(German pl.) fresh produce
Frischwasser(German n.) fresh water
Frischwassertank(German m.) fresh water tank
Frischwasserversorgung(German f.) supply of fresh water
Friseur (m.), Friseurin (f.), Friseure (pl.), Friseurinnen ( hair dresser, coiffeur, hairdresser, hairstylist, hair salon, barber (for men)
Friseurbedarf(German m.) hairdressing equipment
Friseurgewerbe(German n.) barbering
Friseurhocker(German m.) hairdresser stool, hairdresser's stool
Friseurladen (s./pl.)(German m.) barber shop, barber's, barber's shop, hairdresser's, barbershop
Friseursalon(German m.) hairdresser's, hair salon, beauty salon (for women), barber shop (for men)
Friseurschere(German f.) barber's clippers
Friseurschild(German n.) barber's sign
Friseurstuhl(German m.) hairdresser chair, hairdresser's chair
Friseuse (s.), Friseusen (pl.)(German f.) woman hairdresser, hairdresser
Frisieren(German n.) hairdressing, manipulation
frisieren(German) to dress the hair, to coif, to coiffure, to tweak, to tune, to fudge, to soup up (colloquial: car)
frisierend(German) fudging
Frisierkommode(German f.) dressing-table, dressing table
Frisiermantel(German m.) peignoir
Frisiersalon(German m.) hairdressing salon, hairdresser's
Frisierspiegel(German m.) vanity mirror
Frisierstab(German m.) styling brush, curling tongs
Frisierstuhl(German m.) barber chair, hairdressing chair
frisiert(German) fudges, coiffured, coiffed, souped-up (colloquial: engine, motor-vehicle), doctored (colloquial: figures, etc.)
frisierte(German) fudged
frisierte Bücher(German pl.) cooked books
frisierte Konten(German pl.) cooked accounts
frisiertes Auto(German n.) hot rod (slang: souped up car)
Frisiertisch(German m.) dressing table, vanity table
Frisiertoilette(German f.) toilette (archaic: from cloth on which items used for grooming are placed, the acting of grooming), vanity (table), dressing table
Frisierumhang(German m.) hairdressing cape
Frisistik(German f.) Frisian studies
Frisör (m.), Frisörin (f.), Frisöre (pl.)(German) barber, hair-dresser, coiffeur, hairdresser
Frisörladen (s.), Frisörläden (pl.)(German m.) barbershop
Frisörsalon(German m.) hairdressing salon
Frisöse (s.), Frisösen (pl.)(German f.) woman hairdresser
Frisssee Csárdás
Friss!(German) Eat!
Friss oder stirb!(German) It's Hobson's choice.
Frisson(French) a shiver, a shudder, a thrill
frisst(German) gormandises, guzzles, rankles
Friss, Vogel, oder stirb!(German) It's a case of sink or swim.
Frist (s.), Fristen (pl.)(German f.) period of time, reprieve, respite, time limit, period, term, time, appropriate time-limit, deadline, grace period
Fristablauf(German m.) deadline, expiry of the term
Fristablauftermin(German m.) deadline
Fristarbeiten(German pl.) fixed-period maintenance
Fristbeginn(German m.) commencement of the term, commencement of a term
Frist bis zur Fälligkeit der Zahlung(German f.) term of payment
fristenlos(German) without respite
Fristen setzen(German) to set deadlines
Fristenüberschreitung(German f.) failure to meet a deadline
Fristenverlängerung(German f.) extension of a period
Frist für die Rückzahlung(German f.) term of repayment
Frist für eine Rückantwort(German f.) time for a reply
Frist für Reklamationen(German f.) time for complaints
fristgemäß(German) at the agreed date, within the prescribed time period, in time, within the time stipulated
fristgemäße Kündigung(German f.) dismissal with notice
fristgerecht(German) at the due date, on-time, on time, in due time (within a deadline)
fristgerechte Kündigung(German f.) termination with notice, due and proper notice
fristlos(German) without notice, without previous notice
fristlos entlassen werden(German) to be dismissed summarily
fristlose Entlassung(German f.) dismissal without prior notice
fristlose Kündigung(German f.) summary dismissal, instant dismissal, termination without notice, termination with immediate effect
Fristsetzung(German f.) setting a deadline
Fristverlängerung(German f.) deadline extension, extension of time limit
Fristversäumnis(German f.) default
Frist verstreichen lassen(German) to allow a right to lapse
Frist von einem Monat(German f.) period of one month
Frisur(German f.) hair style, hairdo, hairstyle, headdress, coiffure (formal)
Frisur im Afro-Look(German f.) Afro hairdo
Frisurdebakeltag(German m.) bad hair day
frisurzerstörend(German) hair-mussing
Fritatten(German pl.) sliced pancakes
Friteuse(German f., old form) deep fat fryer, chip pan, deep fryer
fritieren(German, old form) to deep-fry, to French-fry
Fritieröl(German n.) frying oil
fritierte Zwiebelringe(German pl.) fried onion rings
Frittata(German f.) frittata (type of Italian omelette)
Frittatensuppe(German f. - Austria) soup with strips of pancake, pancake soup
Fritten(German pl.) French fries, chips
Fritteporzellan(German n.) soft paste china
Fritter(German m.) coherer
Fritteuse(German f.) chip pan, deep fat fryer
frittieren(German) to deep-fry
Frittierfett(German n.) deep-frying fat
Frittiergerät(German n.) deep fat fryer
Frittiergut(German n.) deep-fried food
Frittierkorb(German m.) chip basket
Frittieröl(German n.) deep-frying oil
frittiert(German) deep-fried
Frittiertes(German n.) fritter
frittiertes Gemüse(German n.) vegetable fritter
frittierte und gewürzte Kartoffelecken mit saurer Sahne(German) potato wedges with sour cream
Fritto misto(Italian m.) a mixed dish of fried sea-food
Frittung(German f.) vitrification
Frittüre(German f.) hot frying oil, hot fat (deep-frying)
Friturein cooking, a deep fryer
Friulanisch(German n.) Friulian
Friulianor Furlan, a Romance language belonging to the Rhaetian family, spoken in the Friuli region of northeastern Italy. Friulian has around 800,000 speakers, the vast majority of whom also speak Italian. It is sometimes called Eastern Ladin, since it shares the same roots as Ladin, although over the centuries it has diverged under the influence of surrounding languages, including German, Italian, Venetian, and Slovene. Documents in Friulian are attested from the 11th century, and poetry and literature dating as far back as 1300. By the 20th century, there was a revival of interest in the language, which has continued to this day
  • Friulian from which this extract has been taken
frivol(German) flippant, frivolous, flippantly, frivolously
Frivolität (s.), Frivolitäten (pl.)(German f.) flippancy, frivolity
Frivolitätenspitze(German f.) tatting
frivolo(Italian) frivolous, trifling, trashy
Frogalso called the 'nut', part of the violin bow to which the hair is attached and which slides along the bow stick as the screw at the end of the bow is turned, either to slacken or tighten the bow hair, tallone (Italian m.), talone (French m.), Frosch (German m.), talón (Spanish m.)
(in woodworking) a sliding iron wedge that holds the plane iron at the proper angle in a plane
Froggingbraided fastenings usually looped over a button or braided toggles in the same fabric; often used in military uniform and traditionally Asian garments
froh(German) blithe, cheerily, cheery, glad, gladly, lucky, bright, merry, cheerful, joyous, joyful, mirthful (poetic)
frohe Botschaft(German f.) good news (Gospel)
Frohe Feiertage!(German) Happy holidays!
Frohe Festtage(German pl.) Happy Holidays
frohe Laune(German f.) natural buoyancy
frohen Mutes sein(German) to be in good spirits
frohen Sinnes(German) cheerfully
Frohe Ostern!(German) Happy Easter!
froher(German) cheerier, gladder
Frohes Chanukah!(German) Happy Hanukkah!
Frohes Chanukka!(German) Happy Chanukka!
frohes Ereignis(German n.) happy event
Frohes Fest(German n.) Happy Holidays
frohes Gemüt(German n.) cheerful disposition
frohes Gesicht(German n.) bright face
frohes Herz(German n.) cheerful heart
Frohes Neues!(German) Happy New Year!
froheste(German) gladdest, cheeriest
frohe Stimmung(German f.) cheerful mood
Frohe Weihnacht!(German) Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas!
Frohe Weihnachten!(German) Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas!
frohgemut(German) debonair, with a cheerful heart
fröhlich(German) blithesome, gladsome (literary), gleeful, happily, joyous, lighthearted, liltingly, merrily, merry, mirthful (poetic), mirthfully, cheerful, bright, rackety, festive, cheerfully, blithely, gladsomely, gleefully, lightheartedly, blithe, blitheful, gaily, jolly, breezy, sportive, eupeptic (figurative), hilarious, happy, jovial, jaunty, gay (dated: light-hearted), jauntily, jovially, jocund, cheerily, cheery, glad (marked by joy), light-hearted, convivial, upbeat (colloquial), lusty (archaic), brisk, briskly, lively, allegramente (Italian), flott (German), allégrement (French), allègrement (French)
fröhlich dreinschauend(German) cheerful looking
fröhliche Disposition(German f.) cheerful disposition
fröhlicher(German) gladder, more cheerful
fröhlicher Anblick(German m.) cheerful sight
fröhlicher Ausdruck(German m.) cheerful expression
fröhlicher Bursche(German m.) cheerful fellow
fröhlicher Charakter(German m.) cheerful character
fröhlicher Geistlicher(German m.) happy clappy (colloquial)
fröhlicher Junge(German m.) winsome boy
fröhliches Gesicht(German n.) cheerful face
fröhliches Lied (s.), fröhliche Lieder (pl.)(German n.) carol, cheerful song
fröhliche Stimmung(German f.) cheerful atmosphere, merry mood
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!(German) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!(German) Happy Christmas! Merry Christmas!
fröhliche Wesensart(German f.) cheerful disposition
fröhlich feiern(German) to make merry
fröhlich hereinschneien(German) to breeze in (figurative)
Fröhlichkeit (s.), Fröhlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) joyfulness, gaiety, joyousness, blithesomeness, cheerfulness, conviviality, festiveness, gladness, glee, gleefulness, happiness, jolliness, lightheartedness, merriment, mirth, jollity, festivity, merriness, hilarity, joviality, jauntiness
fröhlich sein(German) to be gay (happy), to be merry, to be all smiles
fröhlichste(German) most cheerful, gladdest
Frohlocken(German n.) glee (happiness)
frohlocken(German) to exult, to rejoice
frohlockend(German) exultant, crowing, exulting, rejoicing, rejoicingly, jubilant
frohlockt(German) rejoices, rejoiced
frohlockte(German) rejoiced
Frohmut(German m.) buoyancy
Frohnatur(German f.) cheerful person, cheerful soul, optimist, cheerful nature, happy nature, blithe spirit
froh sein(German) to be delighted, to be glad, to be happy
Frohsinn(German m.) cheerfulness, exhilaration, mirth, glee, gaiety
frohsinnig(German) cheerful
froh über(German) glad of, glad at, glad about
Froid(French m.) cold
froid(French) cold
froidement(French) coldly
froissé (m.), froissée (f.)(French) vexed, offended, ruffled, hurt (emotionally)
frôlant(French) striped
frôlé(French) striped
fromda (Italian), von (German), depuis (French)
Fromage(French m.) cheese
Fromage blanc(French m.) a fat free, fresh cheese made from skimmed milk
Fromager (m.), Fromagère (f.)(French) cheese maker, cheesemonger
fromager (m.), fromagère (f.)(French) cheese
Froment(French m.) wheat
from hereda qui (Italian), vin hier ab (German), depuis ici (French)
fromm(German) godly, pious, piously, calm, religious, quiet, devout, divine, devoutly, devotional, meek, docile
fromme Handlung(German f.) piety (act)
fromme Hoffnung(German f.) pious hope
Frömmelei (s.), Frömmeleien (pl.)(German f.) religiosity, sanctimony, churchyness (mostly pejorative)
frömmeln(German) to cant (dated)
frömmelnd(German) pietistic, sanctimonious
fromme Meinung(German f.) pious opinion
frömmer(German) godlier, more pious
frommer Betrug(German m.) pious fraud
frommer Grund(German m.) pious foundation
frommer Jude(German m.) observant Jew
frommer Wunsch(German m.) pious hope
Frömmigkeit(German f.) devoutness, piety, religiousness, saintliness, godliness, Christianity
Frömmigkeitsübung(German f.) devotional exercise
Frömmler (s./pl.)(German m.) bigot, sanctimonious hypocrite (pejorative)
Frömmlertum(German n.) religiosity
fromm machen(German) to religionise
frommste(German) godliest, most pious
frömmste(German) godliest
fromm werden(German) to get religion
from the beginningdesde el principio (Spanish), da capo (Italian), vom Anfang (an) (German), du début (French)
from the beginning to the endda capo al fine (Italian), wieder vom Anfang an bis zum Schluss (German), du début à la fine (French)
from the beginning to the signda capo al segno (Italian), wieder vom Anfang an bis zum Zeichen (German), du début au signe (French)
from the signdal segno (Italian), vom Zeichen (German), du signe (French)
from the sign to the enddal segno al fine (Italian), vom Zeichen bis zum Schluss (German), du signe à la fine (French)
from the topin jazz, play the tune from the beginning