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Fan (s.), Fans (pl.)(German m.) fan (devotee), bigot, buff (colloquial), lover (devotee), supporter
Fanal (s.), Fanale (pl.)(German n.) beacon, torch (figurative)
Fanal der Hoffnung(German n.) beacon of hope
Fanartikel(German pl.) memorabilia
Fanatico(Italian m.) a fanatic or passionate admirer
Fanatico per la musica(Italian m.) an ardent lover of music
Fanatiker (m.), Fanatikerin (f.), Fanatiker (pl.), Fanatikerinnen ( fanatic, maniac, zealot, bigot, fiend (colloquial), nut (colloquial: fan)
fanatisch(German) fanatical, fanatically, zealotic, rabid, rabidly, fanatic
fanatischer Diensteifer(German m.) zealotry
fanatischer Sammler(German m.) magpie (collector)
Fanatismus(German m.) fanaticism, zealotry, fanatism, rabidness, bigotry
Fanatismus entfachen(German) to arouse fanaticism
Fanbasis(German f.) fan base
Fanbeauftragter(German m.) fans' representative
Fanbrief(German m.) fan letter
Fancifulimaginary, capriccioso (Italian), fantastico (Italian), kapriciös (German), fantastisch (German), capriceux (French m., capriceuse (French f.), fantastique (French)
Fanclub(German m.) fan club
Fan cluban organized group of admirers of a particular pop singer, film star, etc.
Fancy (s.), Fancies (pl.)(English) an alternative to 'fantasy', a composition mainly for viols in consort
Christopher Simpson, writing in England in 1667, comments about the Fancy: "this kind of music is now much neglected, by reason of the scarcity of auditors that understand it; their ears are better acquainted and more delighted with light airy music."
before the nineteenth century, the word fancy meant roughly the same thing as imagination as opposed to the mental processes of reason, logic, and memory. The Romantic poets, however, made a pivotal distinction between the two terms that proved integral in their theories of creativity. They used fancy to refer to the mental process in which memories or sensory perceptions are jumbled together to create new chimerical ideas. This process was similar but inferior to the higher mental faculty of imagination, which in its highest form, would create completely new ideas and entirely novel images rather than merely reassemble memories and sensory impressions in a different combination
Fandango(English, German m.) an ancient Andalucian folk song and dance whose roots probably go back as far as the Arab invasion in 711 AD. It is believed to have derived from the jota, a lively paired dance from Aragon located in Northern Spain. There are fandangos in virtually every the region, but the most popular ones are those of Almería and Huelva. The dance begins slowly and tenderly, the rhythm marked by the clack of castanets, snapping of fingers, and stomping of feet. The speed gradually increases to a whirl of exhilaration. There is a sudden pause in the music toward the end of each figure when the dancers stand rigid in the attitude caught by the music. They move again only when the music is resumed
there are two types of fandago
fandango grande or fandango naturalesliterally, 'great fandango', an abstract song form which evolved as a serious version of the original fandangos. It is sung without compás
fandanguillosliterally, 'little fandangos, this being more of a festive form
Fandanguero(Spanish m.) one who is skilled in dancing the fandango, one who is fond of dancing the fandango
Fan de musique(French m.) music fan
Fanderwagensee 'bell carriage'
Fandromboa(Madagascar) two pieces of wood struck together
fane(Danish) flag (part of a note symbol)
Fanfara(Italian f.) fanfare, brass band, a flourish of trumpets
Fanfare(English, German f., French f.) flourish (of trumpets)
(German f.) multitone horn
a trumpet-call or trumpet tune
a musical work that makes use of trumpet-like passages even if it does not employ trumpets
(French f., Dutch) brass band (a musical ensemble formed of wood and brass wind instruments is called harmonie (French f.) or harmonie-fanfare (French f.), or in Switzerland fanfare mixte)
Fanfare mixte(French f. - Switzerland) a band formed principally of brass instruments with some woodwind and/or saxophones possibly including some percussion, the equivalent of a French harmonie-fanfare
Fanfare Trompeten(German f.) a flourish of trumpets, a fanfare
Fanfare vor zeremonieller Musik(German f.) ruffles and flourishes
Fanfariste(French m./f.) a member of a fanfare
Fanfaron (m.), Fanfaronne (f.)(French) boaster, a boastful person, a braggart, fier-à-bras
fanfaron (m.), fanfaronne (f.)(French) boastful
Fanfaronade(from French, fanfaronnade) arrogant or boastful talk, 'blowing one's own trumpet'
Fanfaronnade(French f.) arrogant, ostentatious speech or behaviour
Fanfarrón(Spanish m.) a braggart or blusterer
Fanfouille(French f.) an orchestra, band or group that plays loudly and badly (pejorative)
Fang(German m.) haul, catch, capture, catch of fish, clutch, fang (tooth of a dog, etc.), muzzle (of a dog, etc.), claw (bird of prey), talon (bird of prey)
Fangarm(German m.) tentacle
Fangedamm(German m.) cofferdam
Fangemeinde(German f.) fanbase
Fangen(German n.) trapping, tag (child's game)
fangen(German) to catch, to trap, to capture, to entrap, to tag, to take (capture)
fangend(German) captivating, snaring, catching
Fangen Sie an zu lesen!(German) Begin reading!
Fangen spielen(German) to play tag
Fangen wir direkt an.(German) Let's get right into it.
Fangen wir noch mal von vorne an.(German) It's back to the drawing board.
Fänger (s./pl.)(German m.) fielder, catcher, backstop (catcher)
Fangflotte(German f.) fishing fleet
Fangfrage(German f.) trick question, loaded question
Fangfrage(German f.) a catch question, a trick question
fangfrisch(German) freshly caught (fish)
Fanggebiete(German pl.) fishing areas
Fanggeschirr(German n.) fishing gear
Fanggründe(German pl.) fishing grounds
Fanghandschuh(German m.) catcher's glove (baseball)
Fangleine(German f.) painter (mooring rope)
Fangmethode(German f.) trapping method
Fang mich!(German) Catch me!
Fangnetz(German n.) gin (snare), net (fishing), dragnet (police)
Fango(English, German m.) a mud from the thermal springs at Battaglia in Italy, formerly used to treat certain medical complaints such as gout and rheumatism
Fango-Fango(Tonga) or Fangufangu, nose flute
Fangopackung(German f.) mud pack
Fangrechte(German pl.) fishing rights
Fangruppen(German pl.) group of fans
Fangsheng(Chinese, literally 'square sheng") less popular, although much older, than the tradition circular sheng or Chinese mouth-organ, the fangsheng is mainly found in Hunan province of China. The pipes are set in three straight rows or 5 pipes, 4 (inside) and 5
Fangschuss(German m.) coup de grâce
Fangspitze(German f.) lightning spike, lightning rod
Fangstoß(German m.) impact force (rope quality)
fängt(German) captivates, catches, snares
fängt auf(German) intercepts
fängt mit einem ... an(German) begins with a(n) ... (for example, b, j, h, etc.)
Fangufangusee Fango-Fango
Fangvorrichtung(German f.) retainer
Fangzahn (s.), Fangzähne (pl.)(German m.) fang, canine (tooth), goofy teeth (pl. colloquial)
Fangzahn eines Ebers(German m.) tusk
Fangzaun(German m.) catch fence, safety fence, snow fence
Fanion(French m.) pennant
Fanklub(German m.) fan club
Fanmagazin(German n.) fanzine
Fanpost(German f.) fan mail
Fanprojekt(German n.) fan project
Fanschal(German m.) football scarf
Fanschar(German f.) set of fans
Fanso(Japan) transverse bamboo flute used in classical Okinawan music and also to accompany the shishimai (lion dance) and festival music
  • Fanso from which this information has been taken
Fant(German m., dated) jackanapes
Fantaisie(French f.) fantasy, an improvisation, imagination run riot, eccentric desire, whim (caprice)
Fantaisiste(French m./f.) one how indulges in extravagent fancies or eccentric whims
fantaisiste(French) unorthodox
Fantasia(Italian f., English, Spanish f.) fantasy, an improvisation, fantaisie (French)
originally synonymous with anabole, ricercar, prelude, preambulum, and prooemium
Fantasia Contrappuntistica (1912)the completion of the last fugue, left unfinished by the death of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), from The Art of the Fugue, written for two pianos by Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924)
Fantasia-suitea suite of dances that usually, but not always, opens with a fantasia, for example, the Fantasia Suites of John Jenkins (1592-1678) for violins, viols and continuo
Fantasie (s.), Fantasien (pl.)(German f.) fantasy, fantasia, improvisation, imagination
Fantasiebild(German n.) fantasy
Fantasiefreunde(German pl.) imaginary friends
Fantasiegebilde (s./pl.)(German n.) figment of the imagination, phantoms of the imagination (pl.)
Fantasielandschaft(German f.) fantasy landscape
fantasielos(German) unimaginative, earth-bound, fanciless, prosaic
fantasiereich(German) fanciful, fancifully
Fantasiereichtum(German m.) fancifulness
fantasieren(German) to improvise (music, speech), to fantasise, to dream up
[entry corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
Fantasiestück(German n.) a short piece not unlike a capriccio or intermezzo
fantasievoll(German) imaginatively, fanciful, fancifully, imaginative
fantasievoller Zugang(German m.) imaginative approach
Fantasievorstellung(German f.) figment of the imagination
Fantasievorstellungen haben von(German) to fantasize about
Fantasiewelt(German f.) never-never land, world of make-believe, imaginary world, fantasy world
Fantasiewesen(German n.) fantasy character
fantasiosamente(Italian) fantastically, capriciously
fantasioso(Italian) fantastic, capricious
fantasiren(German, older spelling) to improvise, to play extemporaneously
Fantasme(French m.) fantasy
Fantast (m.), Fantastin (pl.)(German) fantasist
Fantasterei(German f.) fantasy, pipe dream
fantasticamente(German) fantastically, in a fantastical style
fantastico(Italian) fantastic, whimsical, capricious
Fantastik(German f.) speculative fiction
Fantastique(French) a French term for a literary and cinematic genre that overlaps with science fiction, horror and fantasy. The fantastique is a substantial genre within French literature. Arguably dating back further than English fantasy, it remains an active and productive genre which has evolved in conjunction with anglophone fantasy and horror and other French and international literature
fantastique(French) fantastic, whimsical, capricious
fantastisch(German) stupendous, fantastic, fancifully, sensational, fab (colloquial: fabulous), terrific (colloquial: excellent), splendid, stunning, stunningly, mythical, awesome (colloquial), fabulous, tremendous (colloquial), tremendously (colloquial), fanciful (story, idea), gorgeous, whimsical, capricious
fantastische Kunstschätze(German pl.) fantastic art treasures
fantastisches Werk(German n.) extravaganza
Fantasy(English) fantasia (Italian), Phantasie (German), fantaisie (French)
(English, German f.) a book, film or comic with a speculative, often exotic theme
(in music) a piece with an improvisatory feel to it
a consort piece for viols, recorders, etc. with a strongly contrapuntal flavour
(in music) a 'fancy'
(in music) a 'paraphrase' or potpourri
Fantasy filma film with a fantastic theme, usually involving magic, supernatural events, make-believe creatures, or exotic fantasy worlds
Fantasy-Film(German m.) fantasy movie, fantasy film
Fantasy novelany novel that is disengaged from reality. Often such novels are set in nonexistent worlds, such as under the earth, in a fairyland, on the moon, etc.
Fantasyroman(German m.) fantasy novel
Fantasy-Roman(German m.) fantasy novel
Fantoche(French) marionette, puppet
Fantôme(French m.) in music, ghost note
(French m.) in general, ghost
fantôme(French) bogus
Fan vaultvault consisting of half cones nearly meeting at the apex of the vault, with decorative panelling between the ribs
Fanzine(English, German n.) an amateur periodical published by or for fans, originally of science fiction, but now of almost any popular art
Faon(French m.) fawn
Farab1/144 part of an octave, a measure proposed by al-Farabi in the tenth century, from Mehdi Barkeshli, Perfect scale of Farabi and his proposed scales - Iranian music, a collection of articles
FarabiMuhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tarkhan ibn Uzalagh al-Farabi also known in the West as Alpharabus, Alfarabi, or Farabi, (870-950 CE) was a Persian philosopher and scientist. He wrote many important books including a notable book on music titled Kitab al-Musiqa (The Book of Music). He played and invented a varied number of musical instruments and his pure Arabian tone system is still used in Arab music
Farad(English, German n.) (symbol: F) is the SI unit of capacitance
Faradola(Italian f.) farandole
faramineux (m.), faramineuse (f.)(French) astronomical
Farandole(French) a lively dance in compound duple time, accompanied by pipe and tabor, from southern France (particularly Provence) and northern Spain
Farandoule(French) farandole
Farándula(Spanish) farandole
far anticamera(Italian) to be kept waiting
Farbabbildung(German f.) colour illustration
farbabgestimmt(German) colour-coordinated
Farbabstimmung(German f.) colour co-ordination
Farbabweichungen(German pl.) colour deviations
far baldoria(Italian) to make merry
Farbänderung(German f.) change of colour
Farbanordnung(German f.) colour scheme
Farbanstrich(German m.) coat of paint
Farbanstrich(German m.) coat of paint
Farbanwendung(German f.) colour application
far baruffa(Italian) to quarrel
Farbauflösung(German f.) colour resolution
Farbaufnahme(German f.) colour photo, colour photograph
Farbauftrag(German m.) paint application
Farbauftrag mit Malfarben und Glasur(German m.) staining and glaze
Farbauszug(German m.) colour separation
Farbbad(German n.) dip, dye bath
Farbband(German n.) ink ribbon, bar of colour, coloured band, inked ribbon, colour ribbon (printer)
färbbar(German) dyeable
Farbbeilage(German f.) colour supplement (newspaper)
Farbbenennungen(German pl.) colour naming
Farbbereich(German m.) colour range
Farbbeschichtung(German f.) colour coating, colour plating
farbbezogen(German) colour-related
Farbbild(German m.) colour picture
Farbbildschirm(German m.) colour monitor, colour terminal, colour screen
Farbbooklet(German n.) (full) colour booklet
Farbcode(German m.) colour code
Farbcodierung(German f.) colour coding
Farbdiafilm(German m.) colour transparency film, colour slide film
Farbdiapositiv(German n.) colour slide
Farbdichte(German n.) ink density
Farbdose(German f.) paint tin (decorating)
Farbdruck (s.), Farbdrucke (pl.)(German m.) chromatic printing, colour print, colour printing
Farbdrucker(German m.) colour printer (machine)
Farbdurchlässigkeit(German f.) colour transparency
Farbe (s.), Farben (pl.)(German f.) tone colour, stain (dye, colourant), tint, hue, ink (printing), suit (cards), colour, dye, paint, timbre (sound, music)
Farbe abbeizen(German) to remove paint
Farbe abkratzen(German) to scrape off paint
Farbe ablösen(German) to scrape off paint
Farbe annehmen(German) to assume colour
Farbe auftragen(German) to apply paint, to lay on colour, to spread paint
Farbe auftupfen(German) to dab paint on something
Farbe bekennen(German) to show one's colours, to take a stand, to stand up and be counted (figurative), to show one's cards, to put one's cards on the table (figurative), to nail one's colours to the mast (figurative)
farbecht(German) colourfast, colour-fast, orthochromatic, fade-resistant, true-colour
Farbechtheit(German f.) colour fastness
Farbechtheitsprüfung(German f.) colour fastness test
Farbe, die in der Wäsche ausläuft(German f.) colour that runs in the wash
Farbe draufschmieren(German) to daub on paint
Farbeffekt (s.), Farbeffekte (pl.)(German m.) colour effect
Farbe hat sich gelöst.(German) Paint has come off.
Farbe hinzufügen(German) to add colour
Färbemethode(German f.) dyeing method, method of dyeing
Färbemittel (s./pl.)(German n.) dyer
Farbempfänger(German m.) colour receiver
Farbempfinden(German n.) colour perception
farbempfindlich(German) panchromatic, panchromatical, colour-sensitive
Farbempfindlichkeit(German f.) colour sensitivity
Färben(German n.) dyeing, staining
färben(German) to dye (hair, fabric), to stain (paper, glass), to dip, to colour, to tint, to tinge, to imbue (to tinge), to colourise
Farbenabart(German f.) colour variety, variety of colour
Farbenanalysator(German m.) colour analyser
Farbenausgleich(German m.) colour balance
Farbenbehandlung(German f.) colour-treatment
farbenblind(German) colour-blind, colourblind
Farbenblinder(German m.) colour-blind person, daltonian
Farbenblindheit(German f.) colour blindness, daltonism, achromatopsia, acritochromacy
färbend(German) colouring, dyeing, tincturing, tinting
Farben des Sonnenaufgangs(German pl.) dawn colours, sunrise colours
Farben des Spektrums(German pl.) colours of the spectrum
Farben, die sich beißen(German pl.) colours that clash
Farben, die sich vertragen(German pl.) colours that blend well, colours that harmonise
Farbendreieck(German n.) colour triangle
Farbendruck(German m.) coloured print, colour printing, chromolithography
Farbenfabrik(German f.) paint factory
farbenfreudig(German) colourful, gaily coloured
farbenfroh(German) colourful, gaily coloured, brightly coloured, multicoloured, gay (dated: brightly coloured)
farbenfroher(German) more colourful
Farbengeschäft(German n.) paint shop
Farbengoben(German pl.) painted slips
Farben ineinander übergehen lassen(German) to blend colours
Farbenkarte(German f.) colour chart
Farbenkasten(German m.) paint-box, paintbox
Farbenkode(German m.) colour code
Farbenkodierung(German f.) colour coding
Farbenkombination(German f.) colour combination
Farbenkünstler(German m.) colourist
Farbenlehre(German f.) chromatics, theory of colours, colour theory
Farben mischen(German) to blend colours
Farbenmusik(German f.) or Farbmusik (German f.), colour music
Farbennapf(German m.) saucer
Farbennummer(German f.) colour number
Farbenphotographie(German f.) an old German reference to colour photography, sometimes also called heliochromy. These early colour photographs were largely produced through the autochrome process
Farbenplan(German m.) colour scheme
Farbenpracht(German f.) blaze of colours, colourfulness
farbenprächtig(German) gaudy, gorgeous, gaudily, colourful, flamboyant
farbenprächtiger Stil(German m.) colourful style
farbenreich(German) richly coloured
Farbenreinheit(German f.) colour purity
Farben schätzen(German) to appreciate colours
Farbenschlüssel(German m.) colour code
Farbenschmelzofen(German m.) enamelling furnace
Farbenschwelgerei(German f.) polychromatic opulence
Farbensehen(German n.) colour vision
Farbensinn(German m.) colour sense
Farben spachteln(German) to apply the paint with a palette knife
Farbenspiel(German n.) play of colours
Farbentest(German m.) colour test
Farbentferner(German m.) paint remover, (paint) stripper
Farbentrennung(German f.) colour separation
Farbentreue(German f.) colour fidelity
Farben und Lacke(German pl.) paint and varnish
Farben wahrnehmen(German) to discern colours
Farbenverständnis(German n.) an eye for colours
Farbenvielfalt(German f.) wide range of colours
Farbenvorurteil(German n.) colour prejudice
Farbenzentrum(German n.) colour centre
Farbenzusammenstellung (s.), Farbenzusammenstellungen (pl.)(German f.) combination of colours, scheme of colour
Färbepinsel(German m.) tint brush
Färber (m.), Färberin (f.)(German) dipper, dyer
Farberde(German f.) colouring earth
Färberdistel(German f.) safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
Färberdistelöl(German n.) safflower oil
Färberei(German f.) dyeworks, dye-works
Färbereiche(German f.) (eastern) black oak (Quercus velutina)
Färberginster(German m.) dyer's greenweed (Genista tinctoria)
Färberkrapp(German m.) common madder (Rubia tinctorum)
Färberröte(German f.) red dye (madder, Turkey red)
Färberwaid(German m.) (Dyer's) woad (Isatis tinctoria)
Färbeschale(German f.) tint bowl
Färbetablett(German n.) tint tray
Färbetablette(German f.) (plaque) disclosing tablet
Farbe verlieren(German) to lose colour (complexion, skin colour)
Farbfächer(German m.) colour chart
Farbfassung(German f.) colour version
Farbfeld (s.), Farbfelder (pl.)(German n.) colour field
Farbfernsehen(German n.) colour television
Farbfernseher(German m.) colour TV set
Farbfernsehröhre(German f.) colour television tube
Farbfilm(German m.) technicolor, colour film
Farbfilmverfahren(German n.) technicolor
Farbfilter(German m.) colour screen, colour-filter
Farbfilterfolie(German f.) lighting gel filter
Farbfläche(German f.) colour field
Farbfleck (s.), Farbflecken (pl.)(German m.) blotch of colour, stain of paint, spot (of colour), fleck (of colour)
Farbflüssigkeit(German f.) coloured liquid
Farbfoto(German n.) colour photo, colour photograph
Farbfotografie(German f.) colour photograph, colour photography
farbfotografisch(German) colour-photographic
Farbgebung(German f.) colouring, colour scheme
Farbgefühl(German n.) colour sense
Farbglas(German n.) stained glass
Farbgrundlage(German f.) base paint
Farbholzschnitt(German m.) colour woodcut
farbig(German) coloured, chromatic, non-white, in colour, black (skin colour)
farbige Bevölkerung(German f.) coloured population, nonwhite population
farbige Brillen(German pl.) coloured spectacles
farbige Darstellung(German f.) coloured illustration
farbige Frau(German f.) coloured woman
farbige Haut(German f.) coloured skin
farbige Illustration(German f.) coloured illustration
farbige Kante(German f.) coloured edge
farbige Karte(German f.) coloured map
farbige Kleider(German pl.) coloured garments
farbige Leute(German pl.) coloured people
farbige Menschen(German pl.) people of colour
farbiger(German) more coloured, more colourful
Farbiger (m.), Farbige (f.), Farbiger (pl.)(German) coloured man (m.), coloured woman (f.), coloured person, non-white, non-whites (pl.), coloureds (pl.)
farbige Rasse (s.), farbige Rassen (pl.)(German f.) coloured race
farbiger Futterstoff(German m.) coloured lining
farbiger Lack(German m.) coloured lacquer
farbiger Reflexanstrich(German m.) polychromatic finish
farbiges Band(German n.) coloured ribbon
farbiges Bild(German n.) coloured picture
farbiges Glas(German n.) coloured glass, stained glass
farbiges Oberteil(German n.) coloured top
farbiges Papier(German n.) coloured paper
farbige Spülung(German f.) coloured wash
farbige Stoffe(German pl.) coloured fabrics
farbige Strähne(German f.) streak
farbiges Wachsmodell(German n.) moulage
farbige Tinte(German f.) coloured writing ink
farbige Zeichnung(German f.) coloured drawing
farbige Zungenregister(German pl.) colour reeds (organ stops)
Farbigkeit(German f.) colourfulness
farbig machen(German) to colour
farbigste(German) most coloured, most colourful
farbig unterlegt(German) highlighted in colour
farbig verputzte Bürgerhäuser(German pl.) colourful houses
Farbintensität(German f.) colour intensity
farbintensiv(German) vividly coloured
Farbkarte(German f.) colour chart, suit (card)
Farbkasten(German m.) paintbox, box of colours, box of paints, colour box, ink supply (printing machine), ink well (printing machine)
Farbkatalog(German m.) colour catalogue
Farbkennzeichnung(German f.) colour coding
Farbkissen(German n.) inking pad
Farbklecks(German m.) blur of colour, dab of paint
Farbkombination(German f.) colour combination
Farbkontrast(German m.) colour contrast
Farbkopie(German f.) colour copy
Farbkopierer(German m.) colour (photo) copier
Farbkörper(German m.) pigment
Farbkorrektur(German f.) colour correction
Farbkreide(German f.) coloured chalk, coloured crayon
Farbkreis(German m.) colour circle, colour wheel
Farblack(German m.) colour varnish
Farblaserdrucker(German m.) colour laser printer
farblich(German) in terms of colour
farbliche Anpassung(German f.) synchromatism
farblich gekennzeichnet(German) colour-coded
Farblichtdruck(German m.) collotype
Farblinolschnitt(German m.) colour linocut
Farblithografie(German f.) colour lithography
Farblithographie(German f.) colour lithography
farblos(German) colourless, colourlessly, sallow, achromatic, mousey, bland (unexciting), plain-Jane (colloquial), pale, drab (person), lacklustre
farbloser(German) more colourless
farbloses Glas(German n.) colourless glass
farbloseste(German) most colourless
Farblosigkeit(German f.) paleness, colourlessness, deadness, drabness, blandness (person, character), flabbiness (character)
Farbmanagement(German n.) colour management
Farbmarkierung(German f.) colour marking
Farbmischanzeige(German f.) composite video
Farbmischung(German f.) colour blend, colour mixing
Farbmittel(German n.) colourant, dyestuff
Farbmonitor(German m.) colour monitor
Farbmusik(German f.) or Farbenmusik (German f.), colour music
[entry by Michael Zapf]
Farbmuster(German n.) colour sample
Farbmusterkarte(German f.) shade card
Farbnegativ(German n.) colour negative
Farbnegativfilm(German m.) colour negative film
Farbnuance(German f.) colour shade
far boccacce(Italian) to make faces
Farborgel(German f.) colour organ
Farborgie(German f.) riot of colours
Farbort(German m.) colour point, colour location
Farbpalette(German f.) colour palette, range of colours
Farbpaste(German f.) colour paste
Farbphotographie (s.), Farbphotographien (pl.)(German f.) colour photography
Farbpinsel(German m.) paintbrush
Farbplotter(German m.) colour plotter
Farbproofing(German n.) colour proofing
Farbpsychologie(German f.) colour psychology
farbreich(German) colourful
Farbreihenfolge(German f.) colour sequence
Farbreinheitseinstellung(German f.) purity adjustment (TV)
Farbroller(German m.) paint roller
Farb-Rührquirl(German m.) paint stirrer
Farbsättigung(German f.) colour saturation, chroma
Farbsatz(German m.) colour set
Farbschalter(German m.) sampler
Farbschaltung(German f.) sampling
Farbschattierung(German f.) colour shade, hue
Farbschicht (s.), Farbschichten (pl.)(German f.) coat of paint, coating, coating of paint, layer of paint
Farbschlüssel(German m.) shade guide
farbschön(German) beautifully coloured
Farbschwäche(German f.) colour deficiency
Farbsehen(German n.) colour vision
Farbseparation(German f.) colour separation
Farbskala(German f.) gamut, colour scale
Farbspektrum(German m.) range of colours
Farbspritzer(German m.) dash (of paint), dash of colour
Farbspritzkabine(German f.) paint spraying booth
Farbspritzpistole(German f.) paint spraying gun
Farbsprühdose(German f.) (aerosol) can of spray paint
Farbsprühdüse(German f.) spray painter
Farbspülung(German f.) colour rinse
Farbstabilisator(German m.) colour stabiliser
Farbstellung(German f.) colour combination
Farbsteuerung(German f.) colour control
Farbstich(German m.) tint
farbstichig(German) tinged
Farbstift(German m.) coloured chalk, coloured pencil, crayon, coloured pen (felt-tip pen)
Farbstoff (s.), Farbstoffe (pl.)(German m.) pigment, dye stuff, dyestuff, stain, colouring, dye, colouring agent
farbstoffhaltig(German) containing dye, containing dyes
Farbstofflaser(German m.) dye laser
Farbstoffteilchen(German n.) pigment
Farbstudie(German f.) colour study
Farbsymphonie(German f.) colour symphony
färbt(German) tinges, tints
Farbtafel(German f.) colour chart
färbte(German) tinted
Farbtemperatur(German f.) colour temperature
färbte neu(German) recoloured
Farbtextur(German f.) colour texture
Farbtheorie(German f.) colour theory
Farbtiefe(German f.) colour depth, colour intensity
färbt neu(German) recolours
Farbton(German m.) tone, hue, tint, colour hue, colouring, shade
Farbtonabweichung(German f.) hue error
Farbtonkarte(German f.) colour code book
Farbtontabelle(German f.) colour code book
Farbtönung(German f.) hue
Farbtopf(German m.) paint pot
Farbträger(German m.) colouring agent
Farbtrennung(German f.) colour separation
Farbtreue(German f.) colour fidelity
Farbtupfer(German m.) dash of colour, spot of colour
Farb-TV(German n.) colour TV
Farbübereinstimmung(German f.) colour matching
Farbübergang(German m.) colour shift
Farbübertragung(German f.) colour transmission
Farbumkehrfilm(German m.) film for colour transparencies
Färbung (s.), Färbungen (pl.)(German f.) colouring, inking, staining, colouration, tinge, hue
Farbunterscheidung(German f.) colour discrimination
Farbunterschied(German m.) colour difference
Farbvariante(German f.) colour variant, colour variety
Farbveränderung(German f.) colour change
farbverbindlich(German) colour-proof
farbverbindlicher Proof(German m.) contract proof
Farbverdünner(German m.) paint thinner
Farbverlauf(German m.) gradient, colour gradient
Farbversion(German f.) colour version
Farbvision(German f.) colour vision
Farbwahrnehmung(German f.) colour perception
Farbwalze(German f.) paint roller, inker (printing machine), ink roller (printing machine), inking roller (printing machine)
Farbwanne(German f.) paint tray (decorating)
Farb-Wasserbalance(German f.) ink-water balance, ink / water balance
Farbwechsel(German m.) colour change, change of colour, ink change (printing)
Farbwert(German m.) colour value, tonal value, chrominance
Farbwertsignal(German n.) chrominance signal, colour signal
Farbwirkung(German f.) colour effect
Farbzuordnung(German f.) colour mapping
Farbzuordnungstabelle(German f.) colour lookup table (CLUT), colour palette
Farbzusammenstellung(German f.) colour combination, colour scheme
Farce(English, French f., from the Italian farsa (f.), and the Latin farsus, 'stuffed') a one-act comical or 'burlesque' opera or operetta, a genre even lighter than opera buffa
a form of low comedy designed to provoke laughter through highly exaggerated caricatures of people in improbable or silly situations
(English, French f., German f.) (in cookery) stuffing, forcemeat
(French f., German f.) practical joke, mockery (figurative)
(German f.) charade, mockery (figurative)
farcé(French) stuffed, or used to described a dish that has been stuffed
Farceur (m.), Farceuse (f.)(French) a buffoon, a (practical) joker, one who tries to be funny, someone who is not to be taken too seriously
farci(French) stuffed (culinary)
farcir(French) to stuff
far coppia con(Italian) to team up (with)
Farcyor glanders (from Middle English glaundres or Old French glandres, both meaning glands) also known as equinia and malleus, an infectious disease that occurs primarily in horses, mules, and donkeys but can be communicated by contagion to men attending on those animals. In its aggravated form it is generally fatal
Fard(French m.) make-up
Fardeau(French m.) burden
fare a botte(Italian) to come to blows
fare affari con(Italian) to do business with
fare a gara (con)(Italian) to compete (with) (in a race, competition, etc.)
fare amicizia con(Italian) to make friends with
fare atto di presenza(Italian) to put in an appearance
fare bancarotta(Italian) to go bankrupt
fare causa comune con(Italian) to make common cause with
fare cenno con il capo(Italian) to beckon
fare con(Italian) to do with
fare con quello che si ha(Italian) to get by on
fare coppia con(Italian) partnered with
fare dell'accademia(Italian) to talk to no purpose
fare domande con insistenza(Italian) to pump (to question insistently)
fare i gargarismi(Italian) to gargle
fare il balancio(Italian) to strike the balance
fare il bilancio della situazione(Italian) to assess the situation (figurative)
fare il broncio(Italian) to sulk
fare il buffone(Italian) to play the fool
fare il provino(Italian) to audition
fare la corte a ...(Italian) to court ...
fare la pace con(Italian) to propitiate (make peace with)
fare le bizze(Italian) to play up
fare le pulizie con la macchina a vapore(Italian) steam cleaning (carpets, etc.)
fare quattro passi(Italian) to take a stroll
fare spicco(Italian) to stand out, to catch the eye
fare testa o croce (con una moneta)(Italian) to flip a coin
fare una corsa(Italian) to run
fare una stecca(Italian) to fluff a note
fare un discorso con(Italian) to have a talk with, to have a word with
fare un dispetto a ...(Italian) to spite ...
Farfala(Spanish) a flounce, decoration or trimming on a woman's petticoat or dress
Farfalle(German pl., Italian pl., plural of farfalla (Italian: butterfly)) pasta shaped with scalloped edges and pinched in the middle, suggestive of bow ties
Farfelu (m.), Farfelue (f.)(French) an eccentric
farfelu (m.), farfelue (f.)(French) eccentric
far fiasco(Italian) to fail, to make no impression as an artist, to displease the public
Far flat-seventha chord often used in folk and popular music to denote a distance in time and space between the singer and his beloved one. Under this chord we can find such lyrics as "Far away from home," "She's gone and left me," and so on. To this end in a song in a Major key, usually the Major flat-seventh chord is applied (Kramarz, 1983: 53; Tillekens, 2002: 125-129)
far furore(Italian) to excite a high degree of admiration
Farinafine meal made from cereal grain especially wheat; often used as a cooked cereal or in puddings
Farine(French f.) flour
farineux (m.), farineuse (f.)(French) floury
Faringe(Italian f., Spanish f., Portuguese f.) pharynx
Färinger (m.), Färingerin (f.), Färinger (pl.)(German) Faeroese, Faroese
Farinzucker(German m.) brown sugar, icing sugar (brown)
Farkas systema tuning system used on tamburas in which four strings are arranged in two double courses, usually the notes g-d. The system is now rarely used
farla finita con ...(Italian) to have had it with ... (reason for ending a relationship, etc.)
Farm (s.), Farmen (pl.)(German f.) farm, grange, ranch
Farm der Ahnen(German f.) ancestral farm
Farmer (s./pl.)(German m.) rancher, farmer, farming people (pl.)
Farmersfrau(German f.) farmer's wife
Farmhaus(German n.) farmhouse
Farmpächter (s./pl.)(German m.) sharecropper
Farn (s.), Farne (pl.)(German m.) fern
farnartig(German) ferny, fern-like
farnbewachsene Gegend(German f.) bracken
Farneticamente(Italian) frenzy, madness
Farnkraut(German n.) bracken, fern
Farnkrautwedel(German m.) frond
Farnpflanzen(German pl.) ferns
Farnwedel(German m.) fern frond
Färöer (m.), Färöerin (f.), Färöer (pl.), Färöerinnen ( Faeroese, Faroese
Färöer(German pl.) Faröe Islands, Faeroe Islands, Faroe Islands
Färöer Inseln(German pl.) Faeroe Islands, Faroe Islands
Färöer-Inseln(German pl.) Faroe Islands
Färöisch(German n.) Faeroese, Faroese
färöisch(German) Faeroese, Faroese
farouche(French) sullen, ill at ease, unused to company, shy, unsociable, fierce, savage
farouchement(French) fiercely
Farrago(Italian m.) an incongruous mixture, a confused jumble
Farruca(English, German f.) a dramatic Spanish gypsy dance for men of a light form typical of cante chico, usually in A minor, in 2/4 time, never sung and consisting of heel work, fast double turns and falls. It is considered one of the most exciting of all flamenco dances
Farsaa medieval Spanish religious play, usually performed in sets rather than alone, with a comic interlude between plays or between acts
(Italian f.) an early nineteenth-century Italian comic opera in light style and usually in one act. An example is il Signor Bruschino by Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)
Farsa in musica(Italian f.) musical farce usually in the form of a one-act comic opera
Färse (s.), Färsen (pl.)(German f.) heifer
Farsed epistlessee épîtres farcies
far segno (col capo)(Italian) to nod
far segno (con la mano)(Italian) to beckon
farsene un baffo(Italian) not to give a damn
Farsi(English, German n.) the modern Iranian language, dating from about the ninth century AD
farsisch(German) Farsi (a person of Iranian descent)
far soldi con(Italian) to make money by
Farthingalethe canvas or linen petticoat containing whalebone hoops worn in the sixteenth century
Farwoudiara popular Wolof (Senegal) dance rhythm for women, the name referring to a woman's love for her fiancé
fas(Latin) right and proper (socially or conventionally)
Fasapraise song performed by West African jalis
Fasan (s.), Fasane (pl.), Fasanen (pl.)(German m.) (common) pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
Fasanenbrust(German f.) breast of pheasant, pheasant breast
Fasanenfleisch(German n.) pheasant meat
Fasanengalantine(German f.) pheasant galantine
Fasanenhenne(German f.) pheasant hen
Fasanenjagd(German f.) pheasant hunt
Fasanerie(German f.) pheasant house, pheasant run
fasc(s).abbreviation of 'fascicle(s)'
faschieren(German - Austria) to mince
Faschiermaschine(German f.) meat grinder
faschierte Laibchen(German pl. - Austria) rissoles
Faschiertes(German n. - Austria) minced meat, mincemeat, mince
faschiertes Laiberl(German n. - Austria) rissole
Faschine(German f.) fascine
Fasching(German) Karneval, Fastnacht, a carnival celetrated in Catholic Bavaria and Austria
Fasching(German m.) carnival, Mardi Gras
Faschingsball(German m.) Mardi Gras party
Faschingsdienstag(German m.) Pancake Day (colloquial), Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Tuesday (colloquial)
Faschingskostüm(German n.) fancy dress, carnival costume
Faschingsmaske(German f.) carnival mask
Faschingsneuheiten(German pl.) carnival novelties
Faschingsprinz (m.), Faschingsprinzessin (f.)(German - Southern Germany, Austria) carnival prince (m.), carnival princess (f.)
Faschingstreiben(German n.) carnival revellry
Faschingszeit(German f.) carnival days, carnival period, Shrovetide
Faschingszug(German m.) carnival procession
Faschismus(German m.) fascism
Faschist (m.), Faschistin (f.), Faschisten (pl.)(German) fascist, blackshirt
faschistisch(German) fascistic, fascistically, fascist
faschistoid(German) fascistic, akin to fascism
Fascia (s.), Fascie (pl.)(Italian f.) Zarge (German f. s.), Zargen (German f. pl.), Zargenkranz (German), éclisse (French f.), armazón (Spanish), rib or side that is bent to shape and then attached to the belly and back of the instrument
(Italian f.) shell or body of a drum
(Italian f.) a tie or a bind
(Latin) or facia (which is an incorrect spelling), the board over a shop-front bearing the name of the owner or of the business
(Latin) a board running round the top of a wall under the eaves of a house
(Latin) the control or instrument panel of any mechanical or electronic device
Fasciclesee fasciculus
Fascicolo(Italian m.) issue, number, part
Fascicule(French m.) volume
Fasciculo(Spanish m.) issue, number, part
Fasciculus (s.), Fasciculi (pl.)(Latin, Anglicized to 'fascicle') issue, number, part
Fascie(Italian f. pl.) the sides of string instrument, for example, the violin, the violoncello, the guitar, etc.
fasciner(French) to fascinate
Fascinatingcapable of arousing and holding the attention, bewitching, capturing interest as if by a spell
Fascination(English, French f.) a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual, the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror), the capacity to attract intense interest
Fascinator(English, German m.) old-fashioned a woman's light scarf, usually knitted or crocheted, worn around the head or neck
Fascinea rough bundle of brushwood used for strengthening an earthen structure, or making a path across uneven or wet terrain. Typical uses are protecting the banks of streams from erosion, covering marshy ground and so on
Fase(Italian f.) phrase
(German f.) or Abschrägung (German f.), chamfer
(German f.) bevel, bezel
Faselei (s.), Faseleien (pl.)(German f.) blather, drivel (nonsensical speech)
faseln(German) to maunder, to babble, to prate, to gas (colloquial: prate), to ramble (on)
faselnd von(German) raving about
Fasen(German n.) chamfering (forming or making a chamfer)
fasen(German) to bevel
Faser-(German) fibrous
Faser (s.), Fasern (pl.)(German f.) fibre, filament
Faserabweichung(German f.) grain (in wood)
faserartig(German) fibroid, filamentary, filamentous
Faserbeton(German m.) fibre reinforced concrete
faserig(German) fibrous, fibrously, stringily, thready, fuzzy, fibrillar, filamentous
faseriger(German) threadier, more fibrous
Faserigkeit(German f.) stringiness
faserigste(German) most fibrous, threadiest
Faserleder(German n.) reclaimed leather
fasern(German) to feaze
Faseroptik(German f.) fibre optics
faseroptisches Kabel(German n.) fibreoptic cable
faseroptisches System(German n.) fibre-optic system
Faserpapier(German n.) granite paper
Faserplatte(German f.) fibreboard
Faserprotein(German n.) fibrous protein
Faserrichtung(German f.) grain direction
Faserschichtmatte(German f.) fibrous laminated mat
Faserseil(German n.) fibre rope
Faserstoff(German m.) fibrous material, non-woven fabric
fasert aus(German) roves
Fasertauwerk(German n.) cordage
faserte aus(German) roved
Fasertorf(German m.) peat fibre, peat moss
Faserverbundwerkstoff(German m.) fibre-reinforced plastic
Faserverlauf(German m.) fibre orientation
faserverstärkt(German) fibre-reinforced
Faservlies(German n.) non-woven fabric
Fashion(English, German f.) the prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behaviour
Fashioncorea pejorative term used for bands/musicians viewed as non-substantial or derided emo, hardcore or, more frequently, Emotional Metalcore musicians and their fans. As is usually the case with condescension in subcultures, it is often used by veterans of a particular scene, in this case, the hardcore/metalcore one
Fasilsee 'Ottoman classical music'
there is a modern lighter form of fasil, which is generally performed by a clarinet, violin, qanún (zither), darbuka (drums) and, less often, ud (lute) and cümbüs (banjo-like lute)
Fasler(German m.) prater (chatterer, an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker)
Fasnacht(German f. - Southern Germany, Switzerland) Carnival
Fasrigkeit(German f.) fibrousness
Fasolaan American solmization derived from Lancashire or Old English Sol-fa that used only four syllables
Fa sostenido mayor
key of F sharp major(Spanish m.) the key of 'F sharp major'
the scale of F sharp major
the scale of 'F sharp major'
Fa sostingut major
key of F sharp major(Catalan m.) the key of 'F sharp major'
the scale of F sharp major
the scale of 'F sharp major'
Fa sostenido menor(Spanish m.) the key of 'F sharp minor'
Fass (s.), Fässer (pl.)(German n.) barrel, cask, vat, tun, butt, puncheon (archaic), drum (oil, etc.)
(German n.) barrel joint (clarinet)
see Birne
Fass-(German) barrelled (prefix)
Faß(German n., old form) barrel, cask
Fassade (s.), Fassaden (pl.)(German f.) storefront, front, façade (also figurative), frontage, persona (image), veneer (figurative)
Fassade erneuern(German) to reface
Fassade mit einem Erker(German f.) bowfront
Fassadenausschnitt(German m.) detail of façade
Fassadengestaltung(German f.) facade design, façade design
Fassadenkletterer(German m.) cat burglar
Fassadenmalerei(German f.) facade painting
Fassadenplatte(German f.) curtain panel
Fass anschlagen(German) to broach (a barrel)
Fass anstechen(German) to tap (a barrel)
fassartig(German) tubby, tubbish
fassbar(German) subsumable, physical, comprehensible
Fassbarkeit(German f.) conceivability
Fassbier(German n.) draught beer, draught ale, keg beer
Fassbinder (m.), Fassbinderin (f.), Fassbinder (pl.)(German) cooper, barrel-maker
Fassboden(German m.) bottom of a cask
Fäßchen(German n., old form) keg
Fässchen (s./pl.)(German n.) keg (small barrel), firkin, casket, drum (keg)
Fassdaube(German f.) stave, barrel stave
Fasse dich kurz.(German) Keep it short and simple.
Fasse dich kurz!(German) Make it short!
Fass' dir mal lieber an die eigene Nase!(German) Look who's talking.
Fass mich nicht an!(German) Don't touch me!
Fass Mut!(German) Cheer up! Take heart!
Fass Öl(German n.) drum of oil
Fassen(German n.) stonesetting (gemstones)
fassen(German) to subsume, to grip, to catch, to contain, to hold (capacity of a tank, etc.), to grasp, to carry (contain), to seize, to receive, to comprehend, to set (precious stone), to apprehend, to conceive, to express (thanks), to take hold of, to parse (comprehend)
fassend(German) grabbing, collaring, subsuming, containing
Fassen Sie sich kurz!(German) Be brief!
Fässer machen(German) to cooper (make barrels)
fässerweise(German) by the barrel
Fassette (s.), Fassetten (pl.)(German f.) facet
fassettenreich(German) multifarious, multifacetted
fassförmig(German) barrelled, barrel-shaped
Fassinhalt(German m.) contents of a cask
fasslich(German) comprehensible, apperceptible
fasslich darstellen(German) to express comprehensibly
Fassmacherei(German f.) cooperage (barrel making)
Fassmalerei(German f.) sculpture painting
Fasson(German f.) style, shape, fashion
Fassschaber(German m.) inshave
fasst(German) subsumes
fasst ab(German) indites
fasste(German) subsumed
fasste ein(German) welted
fasste falsch auf(German) misconceived
fasste zusammen(German) recapitulated, summarised
fasst falsch auf(German) misconceives
Fasstrommel(German f.) barrel-shaped drum
fasst zusammen(German) summarises, recapitulates
Fassung(German f.) socket, cap, setting, countenance, edition, version (edition), frame (picture, spectacles), rims (spectacles), rim, setting (gemstone), wording (phrasing), formulation (framing), (bulb) holder, holder, equanimity, mounting, cell (optics), impoundment (spring water), mounting (framework), collectedness, composure, form, dubbing (film), receptacle
Fassung eines Diamanten(German f.) setting of a diamond, setting of a gem
Fassungseinsatz(German m.) holder insert
Fassungsgabe(German f., dated) grasp, apprehension
Fassungskraft(German f.) mental capacity, apprehension, comprehension, conception, grasp, reach of comprehension
fassungslos(German) bewildered, stunned, aghast, speechless, perplexed
fassungsloser(German) more bewildered
fassungsloses Schweigen(German n.) silence of disbelief
fassungsloses Starren(German n.) wild stare
Fassungslosigkeit(German f.) complete bewilderment, bewilderment, discomposure, consternation, disbelief
Fassungsvermögen(German n.) capacity, content, comprehensive faculty
Fassung von Beschlüssen(German f.) taking of decisions
Fassventil(German n.) barrel valve
Fass voll Geld(German n.) barrel of money
Fasswein(German m.) cask wine
Fasswender(German m.) drum turner
Fastquick, speedily, allegro (Italian), schnell (German), rasch (German), vite (French)
fast(German) almost, nearly, little short of, all but (almost), just about
fast 100 Jahre lang(German) for nearly 100 years
fast abbezahlt(German) almost paid for
fast alle(German) almost all
fast alles(German) almost everything
fast auf den Tag genau(German) almost to the day
fast auf ganzer Länge schiffbar(German) navigable for most of its length (river)
fast augenblicklich(German) almost immediately
fast aus(German) almost out
fast ausschließlich(German) almost exclusively
fast ausverkauftes Haus(German n.) near-capacity crowd, near-capacity hall
fast bis zum Tod(German) almost to death
fast den ganzen Vormittag(German) most of the morning
fast die ganze Zeit(German) most of the time
fast die gleiche Wirkung(German) much the same effect
Fast die Hälfte aller ...(German) Almost half of all ...
fast durchsichtig(German) almost transparent
faste Fortegn(Danish) key signature
fast eiförmig(German) subovate
fast ein Dutzend(German) almost a dozen
fast eine Stunde(German) for the better part of an hour
fast eine Woche(German) almost a week
Fasten (s./pl.)(German n.) fasting, abstinence, fast, Lenten fast, Lent (pl.)
fasten(German) to go on a fast, to fast, to starve (go without food)
Fasten-(German) Lenten (prefix)
Fastenbrechen(German n.) fast-breaking
Fastenbrief(German m.) Lenten pastoral letter
fastend(German) fasting
Fastenglocke(German f., rare) pancake bell
fastenmäßig(German) Lenten
Fastenmonat(German m.) fasting month
Fastenpredigt(German f.) Lent sermon, Lenten sermon
Fastensonntag(German m.) Sunday in Lent
Fastensynode(German f.) Lenten synod
Fastentag(German m.) fast day
fast entgegengerichtet(German) almost opposite
Fastentuch(German n.) Lenten veil
Fastenzeit(German f.) Lent, fast, Lenten season, fasting period
Fasterquicker, more quickly, speedier, more speedily, at a greater rate, più allegro (Italian), più mosso (Italian), schneller (German), plus vite (French)
Faster by degreessteadily quicker, accelerando (Italian), stretto (Italian), stringendo (Italian), allmählich schneller (German), 'en animant, peu à peu' (French)
fast erledigt(German) almost done
fast erreichen(German) to approach
Faster, somewhatsee 'somewhat faster'
fastet(German) fasts
fastete(German) fasted
Fast, extremelysee 'extremely fast'
fast fehlerfrei(German) near-faultless
Fast Food(German n.) fast food
fast gar keine(German) none to speak of
fast gar keinen(German) none to speak of
fast gar nicht(German) hardly ever
fast gar nichts(German) almost nothing, hardly anything, next to nothing
fast gelöscht(German) almost out (fire), nearly out (fire)
fast genauso(German) in almost the same manner
fast genauso wie(German) much the same as
fast geschenkt(German) ten a penny, two a penny
fast geschenkt sein(German) to be a steal
fast gleich(German) almost even
fast gleich groß(German) almost equally big
fast gleich viele(German) almost as many
fast immer(German) almost always, nine times out of ten
fast ... Jahre lang(German) for nearly ... years (for example, 100, 200, etc.)
fast jeder(German) almost everyone
fast kein(German) hardly any
fast keine(German) hardly any
Fast könnte man meinen ...(German) You'd almost think ...
Fastnacht(German f.) Shrove Tuesday, shrovetide, Mardi Gras, Carnival
Fastnachtsdienstag(German m.) Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day (colloquial), Pancake Tuesday (colloquial)
Fastnachtsprinz (m.), Fastnachtsprinzessin (f.)(German) carnival prince
Fastnachtszeit(German f.) shrovetide, Shrove tide
fast nicht(German) hardly
fast nicht existierend(German) almost non-existent
fast nichts(German) almost nothing, next to nothing, scarcely anything, barely audible, quasi niente (Italian), presque rien (French)
fast nie(German) hardly ever, almost never
fast niemals(German) hardly ever
fast noch größer(German) almost bigger
fast null(German) next to nought
fast ohne Zweifel(German) almost without any doubt
fast ohnmächtig vor Schmerz sein(German) to be almost passing out with pain
fastosamente(Italian) pompously, proudly
fastoso(Italian) pompous, stately, in a lofty pompous style
fast perfekt werden(German) to come close to perfection
fast schon(German) little short of
fast schon zum Inventar gehören(German) to be part of the furniture (colloquial)
fast senkrechter Hang(German m.) sheer ascent
fast sicher(German) almost surely
fast sieben Jahre alt sein(German) to be six, going on seven (colloquial)
fast so alt(German) almost as old
fast so alt wie(German) almost as old as
fast so weiß wie Schnee(German) almost as white as snow
Faststeinzeug(German n.) near-stoneware
fast sterben vor lachen(German) to almost die laughing (colloquial)
Fasttag(German m.) banian-day, day of fasting, fast day
fast totgeschlagen werden(German) to be beaten within an inch of one's life
fast überall(German) almost anywhere, almost everywhere
fast unerträglich(German) almost unbearable
fast unglaublich(German) almost unbelievable
fast unhörbar eintreten(German) to enter almost inaudibly
fast unmerklich(German) subtle, subtly
fast unübersetzbar sein(German) to defy translation
fast ununterbrochen(German) near-continuous
fast voll(German) almost full
fast vollständig(German) near-complete
fast wie neu(German) in near mint condition
Fastzeit von drei Tagen(German f.) a fast of three days
fast zu(German) almost too
fast zu gut(German) almost too good
fast zu kurz(German) almost too short
Fastzusammenstoß(German m.) near miss
fast zu spät(German) almost too late
fast zum Stillstand kommen(German) to slow to a crawl
fast zur Gewohnheit werden(German) to become almost routine
fast zur gleichen Zeit(German) almost at the same time
Faszes(German pl.) fasces
Faszie(German f.) fascia
Faszienarchitrav(German m.) fasciated architrave
Faszikel(German m.) fascicule, fascicle
faszikulär(German) fascicular (fascicularis), fascicularly (fascicularis)
Faszination (s.), Faszinationen (pl.)(German f.) fascination, spell
Faszinationskraft(German f.) fascination (power to fascinate)
faszinieren(German) to fascinate, to mesmerise, to cast a spell on, to spellbind, to captivate, to intrigue
faszinierend(German) fascinating, fascinatingly, intriguing, bewitching, alluring, spellbinding, arresting
faszinierende Aufgabe(German f.) attractive task, fascinating assignment, fascinating task
faszinierender(German) more fascinating
faszinierender Redner(German m.) spell binder, spellbinder
faszinierenderweise(German) fascinatingly
faszinierendste(German) most fascinating
fasziniert(German) charmed, under a spell, intrigued, spellbound, enamoured, fascinated, mesmerised (figurative)
fasziniert sein(German) to be under a spell
fasziniert von(German) riveted by (figurative)
Faszinosum(German n.) fascination
Fata Morgana(English, German f.) a mirage in the Strait of Messina (attributed to the Arthurian sorcerer Morgan le Fay)
Fatalcausing ruin or destruction, disastrous
fatal(German) fatal, disastrous, awkward, embarrassing, dire
fataler(German) more fatal
fataler Fehler(German m.) fatal mistake
fataler Irrtum(German m.) vital error
Fatalisma belief in or attitude determined by the doctrine that all events are predetermined by fate and are therefore unalterable, as well as the doctrine itself
Fatalismus(German m.) fatalism
Fatalist (s.), Fatalisten (pl.)(German m.) fatalist
fatalistisch(German) fatalistic, fatalistically
Fatalität(German f.) great misfortune, fatality
Fatalitätsrate(German f.) fatality rate
fatalste(German) most fatal
FateleTuvaluan dance music which is competitive. The form traditionally begins with the older men singing a song in a meeting hall (maneapa), then gradually repeating it louder and quicker as the others join in; they also use empty cabin cracker cans to play the rhythm and a wooden box. Dancers enact the story being enacted and, after the music finally climaxes, it ends abruptly
Fatalisme(French m.) fatalism
fate come vi piace(Italian) do as you like
fatidique(French) fateful (consequences, etc.), fatal (crucial)
Fatimiden(German pl.) Fatimids
Fatimiden-Kalifat(German n.) Fatimid Caliphate
Fatimidsan Arab Shi'a dynasty that ruled over varying areas of the Maghreb, Egypt, Sicily, Malta and the Levant from 5 January 909 to 1171. The Fatimids were also known to some extent for their arts. A type of ceramic, lustreware, was prevalent during the Fatimid period. Glassware and metalworking was also popular. Many traces of Fatimid architecture exist in Cairo today, like the Al Azhair University and the Al Hakim mosque
  • Fatimids from which this extract has been taken
Fatiguesmilitary combat apparel
Fatras(French m.) jumble (things, thoughts, etc.), hotchpotch (ideas, etc.)
Fatrasie(French, "medley," or "rubbish") nonsense verse popular between 1200-1400 in medieval France, usually in eleven-line verse form, often in macaronic text. Their purpose appears to be mocking traditional closed-form poetry
Fatsche(German f.) bandage
fatschen(German) to bandage, to swaddle
Fatsuit(English, German m.) a bodysuit-like undergarment used to thicken the appearance of an actress or actor of light to medium build into a heavy-set or obese
Fattura(Italian f.) the construction of a musical composition
(Italian f.) invoice
Fatuité(French f.) self-complacency, self-conceit
Fatum(German n.) fate
Fatwaa ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority
Fatzke(German m.) luvvie, mummer, bighead, stuffed-shirt (slang, pejorative)
Faubourg(French m.) or fauxbourg, part of a town lying outside the walls, an inner suburb
the connotation is that the suburbs are the home of the working-class, hence l'accent des faubourgs (French: working-class accent)
faubourien (m.), fauborienne (f.)(French) Paris working-class (accent, behaviour, taste, etc.)
Faucet(French) synonymous with fausset
Fauchaison(French f.) reaping (time), sowing (time), mowing (time)
fauché (m.), fauchée (f.)(French) (stony-)broke, hard-up (having very little or no money)
Fauchen(German n.) hiss, hissing
fauchen(German) to hiss, to spit, to snort (drugs), to snarl
fauchende Katze(German f.) spitting cat
Faucheur (m.), Faucheuse (f.)(French) mower, sower, reaper
Fauchon(German n.) falchion
faucht(German) hisses
fauchte(German) hissed
Faucille(French f.) sickle
Faucille et le marteau, la(French) the hammer and sickle
Faucon(French m.) hawk, falcon
Fauconnerie(French f.) falconry
Fauconnier(French m.) falconer
Faufil(French m.) a tacking or basting thread
Faufilage(French m.) tacking, basting
faufiler(French) to tack, to baste
Faufilure(French f.) (in dress-making) a tacked or basted seam
faul(German) lazy, rottenly, slothful, sluggard, sluggish, sluggishly, lazily, slothfully, sluggardly, addle, addled (especially eggs), corrupt, dawdling, inert (inactive), indolent, flimsy, lame (figurative: excuse), foul (taste), putrid, idle, phoney (colloquial), fishy (colloquial: suspicious), bad, rotten, decayed (tooth)
Faulbehälter(German m.) septic tank
Fäule(German f.) rot
Faule(German pl.) lazy people
faule Ausrede (s.), faule Ausreden (pl.)(German f.) lame excuse, bad excuse, sorry excuse, weasel words (pl., colloquial)
faule Eier(German pl.) bad eggs, addled eggs
faule Geschäfte finanzieren(German) to finance shady dealings
faule Geschäfte machen(German) to fiddle with money
faule Kredite(German pl.) bad loans
faulen(German) to decompose, to rot, to putrefy, to decay (tooth)
faulend(German) putrescent, rotting, decaying, putrefying
faulenzen(German) to idle, to laze, to lounge, to loaf, to chill (out) (colloquial), to laze about
faulenzend(German) idling, lazing, lounging
Faulenzer (m.), Faulenzerin (f.), Faulenzer (pl.)(German) idler, lazybones, loiterer, lounger, sluggard, layabout, idle fellow, loafer, slacker, drone (figurative)
Faulenzerei(German f.) loafing
faulenzt(German) idles, lazes, lounges
faulenzte(German) idled, lazed, lounged
faule Praktiken(German pl.) vile practice
fauler(German) lazier, more rotten
fauler Apfel(German m.) rotten apple
fauler Gestank(German m.) pestilential vapours
fauler Junge(German m.) sluggish boy
fauler Kerl(German m.) dosser
fauler Knochen(German m.) lazybones
fauler Kompromiss(German m.) rotten compromise
fauler Scherz(German m.) bad joke
fauler Trick(German m.) mean trick, con trick, dirty trick
fauler Zahn(German m.) decayed tooth
fauler Zauber(German m.) mumbo-jumbo, monkey business, humbug, hanky-panky (colloquial)
faules Ei(German n.) addled egg, bad egg (also colloquial, figurative: dubious person)
faules Geschäft(German n.) phoney business (colloquial)
faules Vorgehen(German n.) foul play
faule Tage(German pl.) days of idleness
faule Tricks(German pl.) monkey business (colloquial), hocus-pocus
faule Zähne(German pl.) decayed teeth
faul im Kern(German) rotten at the core
faul und träge(German) sluggardly
Faulheit(German f.) idleness, laziness, sloth, slothfulness, sluggishness, rottenness (vegetation, tooth, egg, etc.)
faulig(German) rotten, putrefactive, foul, putrid, musty (odour)
fauliges Fleisch(German n.) carrion
faulig riechend(German) foul-smelling
Faulleiche(German f.) putrefied corpse, decomposing body
Fäulnis(German f.) putrefaction, putrescence, rottenness, decomposition, corruption, decomposing, rot, putridity
Fäulnisgeruch(German m.) putrid smell
Fäulnis in einem Zahn(German f.) decay in a tooth
fäulnissicher(German) rot-proof
Faulpelz (s.), Faulpelze (pl.)(German m.) lazybones, slacker, sluggard, slug, sloth bear, sloth-bear, lazy man
Faulsein(German n.) laziness
faulste(German) laziest, most rotten, rottenest
faulte(German) rotted
Faun (s.), Faune (German pl.)(English, German m.) ancient Italian deity in human shape, with horns, pointed ears and a goat's tail, equivalent to the Greek satyr
Fauna (s.), Faunae (Latin pl.), Faunen (German pl.)(English, German f., from Latin) the range of animal life found in an area (the equivalent range of plant life is the flora)
Fa una riverenza(Italian) make a curtsey
Faune(French m.) faun (mythological)
faunesque(French) faun-like, shy (but sensual)
Faussaire(French m.) forger
fausse(French, feminine form of faux) false, wrong
Fausse corde(French f.) false string, a string that is out of tune
Fausse devoté(French f.) a pious hypocrite
Fausse maigre(French f.) a woman who uses dieting, massage, etc. to achieve a slender figure
faussement(French) wrongly, wrongfully, erroneously, falsely
faussement modeste(French) falsely modest
faussement indifférent(French) feigned indifference (tone of voice), deceptively detached (tone of voice)
faussement intéressè(French) superficially or falsely interested
Fausse note(French f.) or canard, wrong note, false note
Fausse quinte(French f.) diminished fifth
Fausse relation (des voix)(French f.) false relation
Fausset(French m.) falsetto, high-pitched voice
Faust (s.), Fäuste (pl.)(German f.) fist
Faustor Faustus (Latin, 'auspicious' or 'lucky') the protagonist of a classic German legend who makes a pact with the Devil in exchange for knowledge. Faust's tale is the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic and musical works
  • Faust from which this extract has been taken
Faustbecher(German m.) palm cup
Faust booksee Historia von D. Johann Fausten
Fäustchen(German n.) little fist
faustdicke Lüge(German f.) whopper (of a lie) (colloquial), whopping lie (colloquial), bare-faced lie
Fäustel (s./pl.)(German m.) sledge hammer, sledgehammer, miner's hammer, stonemason's hammer, club hammer, mitten
Fäustel-Minenhammer(German m.) club hammer
Faustfeuerwaffe(German f.) handgun, hand gun (revolver, pistol)
Faustformel(German f.) rule of thumb
Faustgelenk(German n.) carpus
Fausthandschuh (s.), Fausthandschuhe (pl.)(German m.) mitten
Fausthieb(German m.) punch
Faustiana story that involves a deal with the devil, selling ones soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge, wealth, or power, known as the Faustian bargain
Faustian societyaccording to German historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler (1880-1936), synonymous with the Western World
faustisch(German) Faustian
Faustkampf (s.), Faustkämpfe (pl.)(German m.) pugilism, fist fight, fistfight
Faustkämpfer(German m.) pugilist
faustkämpferisch(German) pugilistic
Faustkeil (s.), Faustkeile (pl.)(German m.) hand axe, biface (two-sided stone tool)
Fäustling (s.), Fäustlinge (pl.)(German m.) mitten
Faustmesser(German n.) push dagger
Faustpfand (s.), Faustpfänder (pl.)(German n.) dead pledge
Faustrecht(German n.) law of the jungle, rule of force
Faustregel (s.), Faustregeln (pl.)(German f.) rule of the thumb, rule of thumb, rule-of-thumb, rough-and-ready rule
Faustschild(German m.) buckler (archaic)
Faustschlag (s.), Faustschläge (pl.)(German m.) punch, blow with one's fist, blow with the fist, fisticuffs (pl.)
Faustskizze(German f.) rough draft, rough sketch
Faute(French f.) mistake, fault, sin, error, misdeed, offence, lapse (from virtue), sin (of the flesh), Vergehen (German n.)
Faute civil(French f.) civil wrong (judicial), Unrechtshandlung (German f.)
Faute d'accord(French f.) mistake in the agreement
Faute de calcul(French f.) miscalculation, Rechenfehler (German m.), Fehlkalkulation (German f.)
Faute de français(French f.) grammatical mistake (in French)
Faute de frappe(French f.) typing error, Tippfehler (German m.)
Faute de goût(French f.) error of taste, bad taste, Geschmacksstörung (German f.)
Faute de grammaire(French f.) grammatical error
Faute de grives, on mange des merles.(French) Beggars can't be choosers.
Faute de mieux, une(French f.) for want of something better
Faute de ponctuation(French f.) error in punctuation
Faute de service(French f.) act of (administrative) negligence
Faute d'impression(French f.) misprint, Druckfehler (German m.)
Faute d'inattention(French f.) careless mistake, thoughtless mistake
Faute d'orthographe(French f.) spelling mistake, Rechtschreibfehler (German m.), orthographische Fehler (German m.)
Faute pénale(French f.) criminal offence
Faute professionelle(French f.) professional misconduct
fauter(French) (of a young girl) to sin
Fauteuil(French m., German - Austria) armchair, easy chair, seat with arms (in the theatre, etc.), the seat of a Member of the Académie Française, wingback (chair), wing chair
Fauteuil à bascule(French m.) rocking-chair, Schaukelstuhl (German m.)
Fauteuil club(French m.) leather easy chair
Fauteuil de balcon(French m.) balcony seat, seat in the dress circle (theatre), Mittelloge (German - balcony stall)
Fauteuil de jardin(French m.) garden seat, garden chair
Fauteuil dentaire(French m.) dentist's chair
Fauteuil d'orchestre(French m.) seat in the front, seat in the orchestra stalls, seat in the orchestra, Parkett (German n.), Sperrsitz (German m.)
Fauteuil pivotant(French m.) swivel chair, Drehstuhl (German m.)
Fauteuil pliant(French m.) folding seat, Klappsessel (German m.), Klappstuhl (German m.)
Fauteuil roulant(French m.) wheelchair
Fauteuils de (première) balcon(French m. pl.) dress circle (theatre), erste Rang (German m.)
Fauteuils de deuxième balcon(French m. pl.) upper circle (theatre), zweite Rang (German m.)
Fauteuils d'orchestre(French m. pl.) front or opera stalls (seats in a theatre, cinema, etc.), Cercles (German/Austria pl.), Rang (German m.)
Fauteuil tournant(French m.) swivel chair, Drehstuhl (German m.)
fauve(French) tawny (colour), savage, like a beast
Fauves, Les(French) a term of opprobrium applied to Matisse and his school after the Paris Autumn Salon (1905)
Fauvismsee Fauves, Les
Fauvisme(French m.) fauvism
Fauvismus(German m.) fauvism
Fauvisten(German pl.) fauvists
Faux (m.), Fausse (f.)(French) false, untrue, out of tune, faked
Faux accord(French m.) a dissonance
Fauxamis(German pl.) false cognates, false friends
Faux amis(French m. pl., literally 'false friends') words in two languages that may technically be cognates with each other (i.e., descended down two separate etymological branches to a common root word), but which are not equivalent in meaning because one or both of them have changed meaning over time from the original root word
Faux bonhomme(French m.) a hypocritical good fellow
Fauxbourdon(English, German m., French m., literally 'false bass') or faux-bourdon, in plainsong, simple three-part harmony, where, on the continent, the plainsong is the top voice, the two other voices lying each, respectively, a sixth and a fourth below the plainsong. It is this harmonic structure that, over time, gave us the consecutive 6/3 (first inversion) chords that became a feature of music from the 'classical' period. The alternative term 'false drone' probably reflects the use of a 'false bass' which is not usually the tonic but its mediant. Scholars have long debated over the true evolution of the practice of fauxbourdon. They argue over whether it was a reproduction of an English method of cantus supra librum, or if it was conceived independently on the continent. The technique first appeared in the Communion of Dufay's Missa Sancti Jacobi, but the term faburden was in use in England by 1430. In English, it evolved from a tradition of improvised polyphony that involved three voices singing in a primarily parallel style. The borrowed cantus firmus appeared in the middle voice, a technique that sets English practice apart from the continental one, where the cantus firmus appears in the treble
simple harmonization of plainsong in four parts with no polyphonic elaboration
in hymn singing, a fauxbourdon is a treble descant superimposed upon the melody sung by the congregation
Fauxbourgsee faubourg
Faux dévot (m.), Fausse dévote (f.)(French) a pious hypocrite
Faux frais(French m.) incidental expenses, Nebenkosten (German pl.), anfallende Nebenkosten (German pl.), gelegentliche Nebenausgaben (German pl.)
Faux ménage(French m.) a marriage of incompatibles
Faux monnayeur(French m.) forger (of money), Falschmünzer (German m.)
Faux naïf(French m.) one whose apparent simplicity is merely assumed
Fauxpas (s./pl.)(German m.) faux pas, solecism, clanger (colloquial), gaffe
Faux pas(French m.) a mistake, a social solecism, Fauxpas (German m.), Fehltritt (German m.) Mißgriff (German m.), Taktlosigkeit (German f.)
F clef(Finnish) a clef sign that shows the position of F on the staff, for example, the bass clef
Favela(English, German f.) shantytown (in Brazil)
favete linguis(Latin) listen in silence!
Favismus(German m.) favism
Favola in musica(Italian f., literally 'fable to music') one of the seventeenth-century terms for an opera libretto based on a legendary or mythical subject
Favola per musica(Italian f., literally 'fable to music') one of the seventeenth-century terms for an opera libretto based on a legendary or mythical subject
favorisieren(German) to favour, to pet
favorisiert(German) favoured
Favorit (m.), Favoritin (f.), Favoriten (pl.)(German) favourite, minion, (official) mistress (of a king, prince) (f.)
Favoritenschreck(German m.) giant killer
Fawnerapple polisher, someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect, someone who behaves as if he had no self-respect
Fax(English, German n.) (short for facsimile) the document received as a result of the telephonic transmission of scanned-in printed material (text or images)
Faxbestellformular(German n.) fax order form
Faxbestellung(German f.) fax order
Fax-Bestellung(German f.) fax order
Fax-Deckblatt(German n.) fax banner sheet
Faxe (s.), Faxen (pl.)(German f.) grimace, prankster, shenanigans (pl.)
faxen(German) to fax
Faxen machen(German) to make grimaces
Faxenmacher (s./pl.)(German m.) clown
Faxformular(German n.) facsimile template
Faxgerät(German n.) fax (machine), facsimile (machine)
Faxkopie(German f.) fax
Faxmitteilung(German f.) fax message, facsimile message
Faxnachricht(German f.) telefax message
Faxnummer(German f.) fax number
Faxpapier(German n.) fax paper
Fayto join or fit closely or tightly
Fayencesee faïence
(German f.) faience, faïence, tin-glazed earthenware
Fazies (s./pl.)(German f.) facies
Fazilität(German f.) facility (ease)
Fazit (s.), Fazite (pl.)(German n.) result, upshot, bottom line, résumé, conclusion
Fazit: ...(German) The lesson is clear: ...
FbWVreferring to the catalogue prepared by Siegbert Rampe of music by Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)
FChabbreviation of Frauenchor (German: women's choir - choeur des femmes (French))
F-clefclave de fa (Spanish), chiave di fa (Italian), clé de fa (Fench), F-Schlüssel (German)
F clefa clef sign that shows the position of F on the staff, for example, the bass clef
FdH machen(German: FdH abbreviation for Friss die Hälfte) to eat half as much (diet)
F double flat
note F double flat
fa doppio bemolle (Italian), Feses (German), fa double bémol (French), the doubly flattened fourth degree of the scale of C major
F double sharp
note F double sharp
fa doppio diesis (Italian), Fisis (German), fa double dièse (French), the doubly sharpened fourth degree of the scale of C major
key of F major(German n.) the key of 'F major'
FD-Zug(German m.) long-distance express train
Fethe tonic sol-fa name for the sharpened fah
fe.abbreviation of facit (Latin: made by, after which is written the engraver's name), facerunt (Latin: made by, after which is written the engraver's name)
Feadóg(Gaelic) whistle, flute
Feadóg stáin (s.), Feadóga stáin (pl.)(Gaelic) tin whistle
Feast of foolssee 'Festival of fools'
Feat.abbreviation of 'featuring', 'featured'
Feather beda bed filled with feathers
Feather dustera dusting brush of feathers
Featheredgedor deckled, having a rough edge (used of handmade paper or paper made to look handmade)
Feather floweran artifical flower made of feathers, for ladies' headdresses, and other ornamental purposes
Featheringa term sometimes applied to a particularly delicate, and lightly detached manner of bowing certain passages on the violin
a spray form of decoration, consisting of short, slightly curving pen lines often ending in a lobe (after c. 1410 usually tinted green), gold motifs, and coloured motifs; [. . .] a basic element of 15th-century book decoration
[quoted from Kathleen Scott]
Feather makerone who makes plumes, etc., of feathers, real or artificial
Feather step
Featurehave as or be a central participant or topic in a film, broadcast, etc.
a motion picture that is over an hour in length
Feature(German f./n.) feature (on radio / television, in newspaper)
Feature-Request(German m.) feature request
Featured artistcommonly found in popular music where one or more tracks on a CD may involve the lead artist performing with a number of guest artists. The guest artists are described as 'featured' artists because they appear only on some of the tracks
Feber(German m. - Austria) February
febril(German) febrile
Febrilefeverish, of or relating to or characterised by fever
Febriphobiaan abnormal fear of fever
Febriphobie(German f.) febriphobia
Febronianisma powerful movement within the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, in the latter part of the 18th century, directed towards the nationalising of Catholicism, the restriction of the power of the papacy in favour of that of the episcopate, and the reunion of the dissident churches with Catholic Christendom. It was thus, in its main tendencies, the equivalent of what in France is known as Gallicanism
Febronianismus(German m.) Febronianism
Februar(German m.) February
Februarabend(German m.) February evening
Februarmorgen(German m.) February morning
Februarnacht (s.), Februarnächte (pl.)(German f.) February night, night in February
Februarrevolution(German f.) February Revolution
Februartag (s.), Februartage (pl.)(German m.) February day, day in February
Februarwoche (s.), Februarwochen (pl.)(German f.) week in February
February RevolutionRussian Revolution 1917: the revolution against the czarist government which led to the abdication of Nicholas II and the creation of a provisional government
fec.abbreviation of facit (Latin: made by, after which is written the engraver's name), facerunt (Latin: made by, after which is written the engraver's name)
Fecha (s.), Fechas (pl.)(Spanish f.) date, time (plural form: epoch)
Fecha de caducidad(Spanish f.) sell-by date
Fechador(Spanish m.) date stamp
fechar(Spanish) to date, to put the date on (something)
Fechoría(Spanish f.) misdeed, misdemeanour, mischief (of children)
fechsen(German - Austria) to harvest
Fechser(German m.) sapling
Fechten(German n.) fencing, swordplay
fechten(German) to fence, to battle, to fight, to beg one's way (Austria, Southern Germany: of journeymen)
fechtend(German) fencing
Fechter (m.), Fechterin (f.), Fechter (pl.)(German) fencer, swordsman (m.), swordswoman (f.)
Fechterschnecke(German f.) conch
Fechtgang(German m.) bout
Fechthandschuh(German m.) fencing glove
Fechthieb(German m.) fencing cut
Fechtkampf(German m.) fencing bout
Fechtkunst (s.), Fechtkünste (pl.)(German f.) art of fencing, swordsmanship (fencing), fencing
Fechtmaske(German f.) fencing mask
Fechtmeister(German m.) fencing master
Fechtschule(German f.) fencing academy
Fechtsport(German m.) fencing
Fechtstellung(German f.) fencing stance
Fechtstunden(German pl.) fencing lessons
Fechtunterricht(German m.) fencing lessons
Fechtwettkampf(German m.) fencing contest
Fecit(Latin) made by (always followed by a proper name)
fécond (m.), féconde (f.)(French) fertile (imagination, etc.)
Feculefine potato flour
Fedel(Dutch) fiddle
Feder (s.), Federn (pl.)(German f.) spring, pinna, nib (pen), tongue (woodwork, etc.), quill (pen), feather, plume (headgear), pen
Federal Theatre ProjectFederal Theatre units presented more than 1,000 performances each month before nearly one million people. Nearly 80% of the audience received free admission. It produced over 1,200 plays and introduced 100 new playwrights. It also broadcast "Federal Theatre of the Air" over all major networks and was able to reach over 10 million listeners. Among the actors employed in FTP were Orson Welles, John Houseman, Burt Lancaster, E.G. Marshall and Joseph Cotton
Federantrieb(German m.) spring drive
federartig(German) feathery, plumelike, cirrous
Feder aus Schweinsborste(German f.) bristle spring (harpsichord jack)
Federbalg(German m.) bellows
Federball(German m.) badminton, shuttlecock
Federballschläger(German m.) battledore
Federballspiel(German n.) badminton
federbelastet(German) spring-loaded
Federbett (s.), Federbetten (pl.)(German n.) eiderdown, duvet, comforter, feather-bed
Federbiegezange(German f.) spring-bending pliers
Federblatt (s.), Federblätter (pl.)(German n.) spring leaf, leaf spring
Federboa(German f.) feather boa
Federbrett(German n.) the spring-board of an organ
Federbronze(German f.) phosphor-bronze
Federbügel(German m.) spring clip
Federbusch(German m.) aigrette, hackle, panache, plume
Federclavier(German n.) spinet
federdicht(German) feather-proof (fabric)
Federdruckkörner(German m.) automatic centre punch
Federende(German n.) feather finish (slowfox, foxtrot)
Federfuchser(German m.) quilldriver, petty-minded pedant (pejorative)
federführend(German) in charge, leading
Federführung(German f.) overall control
federfüßig(German) feather-footed
federgelagert(German) spring-loaded
federgeschmückt(German) plumed
Federgewicht(German n.) featherweight, featherweight (in boxing: 54-57 kg)
Federgewichtler(German m.) featherweight (boxer)
Federhalter(German m.) dip pen, penholder
federhart(German) spring-tempered
federhart gezogen(German) hard-drawn
Federharz(German n.) India rubber
Federhebel(German m.) spring lever
Federhut(German m.) plume hat
Federhütchen(German n.) little feather hat
federig(German) feathery
Federkästchen(German n.) pencil case
Federkasten(German m.) pen-case, pencil box (dated)
Federkern(German m.) barrel-arbor
Federkernmatratze(German f.) innerspring mattress
Federkiel(German m.) quill, quill pen
Federkielstickerei(German f.) quill embroidery
Federkissen(German n.) feather pillow
Federklammer(German f.) spring clip
Federkleid(German n.) ptilosis (feathering)
Federkörner(German m.) spring centre punch
Federkörper(German m.) bellows
Federkraft(German f.) bounce, elastic force, elasticity, spring force, springiness, spring action
Federkrone(German f.) feather headdress
federleicht(German) as light as a feather, featherly, as light as snow, as light as thistledown, featherweight
federleichtes Papier(German n.) feather-weight paper
Federleiste(German f.) clip connector, receptacle
federlos(German) unfeathered, bald (bird), springless
Federmäppchen(German n.) writing case, pencil case
Federmappe(German f.) pencil case
Federmappe(German f.) pencil case
Federmechanismus(German m.) spring mechanism
Federmesser(German n.) penknife
Federmilben(German pl.) feather mites
Federn(German n.) resilience (of material)
federn(German) to spring, to bounce
Federn abwerfen(German) to cast feathers
federnd(German) springy, give (of an elastic material), elastic, resilient, springily, bouncy, flexible
Federn lassen(German) to shed feathers
Federn rupfen(German) to pluck feathers
Federn verlieren(German) to shed feathers
Federohr(German n.) feather tuft (owls)
Federpennal(German n. - Austria) pencil case
Federring(German m.) lockwasher, snap ring, split washer, spring ring
Federsammlung(German f.) collection of feathers
Federschalter(German m.) snap switch
Federscheibe(German f.) spring washer, crinkled spring washer
Federschmuck(German m.) plumage, feather trimming, headdress (worn by Native Americans)
Federschritt(German m.) feather step (slowfox, foxtrot)
Federspannung(German f.) spring tension
Federspiel(German n.) lure (falconry)
Federspitze(German f.) pen nib
Federstahl(German m.) spring steel
Federstahldraht(German m.) steel spring wire (used for springing instrument keys)
Federstaub(German m.) dander (from feathers)
Federsteife(German f.) spring stiffness
Federstrich(German m.) dash
Federstrich(German m.) scratch of the pen, stroke of the pen, stroke of a pen
Federtasche(German f.) pencil case
Federung (s.), Federungen (pl.)(German f.) spring, suspension (of a car, etc.), flexibility
Federunterlegscheibe(German f.) spring washer (valve)
federunterstützt(German) spring-loaded
Federvieh(German n.) poultry
Federwaage(German f.) spring balance
Federweg(German m.) spring deflection (leaf spring)
federweich(German) feathery
Federweiße(German m.) federweisse (young wine)
Federweißer(German m.) federweisser, freshly made wine, (fermenting) new wine
Federwolke (s.), Federwolken (pl.)(German f.) cirrus, feathery cloud
Federzeichnung(German f.) pen-and-ink drawing
Federzirkel(German m.) spring dividers, spring compasses
Fedorapopular hat shape of the 1950s, made from a soft felt and noticeable by a centre crease on the head, a pinched front and a snapped brim
fedrig(German) feathery
Fee (s.), Feen (pl.)(German f.) fairy, pixy, fay, faerie (literary), pixie, peri
Feedback(English, German n.) a whining, howling noise that is created when two electrical devices interfere with one another, for example, a loudpseaker and a microphone. The American guitarist Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) is credited with introducing 'feedback' as an expressive device in rock music
Feed-back(German n.) feedback
Feedera portion of the bellows in organs and harmoniums
Feeling, withsee 'with feeling'
feenhaft(German) fairylike
feenhafter(German) more fairylike
feenhafteste(German) most fairylike
Feenkönigin(German f.) fairy queen
Feenkostüm(German n.) fairy costume
Feenschach(German n.) fairy chess
Feenstaub(German m.) pixie dust
Féerie(French f.) magical spectacle, a theatrical representation of fairyland
féerique(French) magical, bewitching, fairylike
Fegefeuer(German n.) purgatory, fire and brimstone, purgatorial fire
fegen(German) to bomb, to sweep, to rub off the velvet (deer), to winnow (wheat, etc.), to hasten (speed up), to tear off (hasten)
fegend(German) sweeping, low drifting (snow, sand, etc.)
fegen über(German) to sweep across (storm)
Fehde(German f.) feud, vendetta, belligerence
Fehde auf Leben und Tod(German f.) deadly feud
Fehdehandschuh(German m.) gauntlet
Fehhaar (s.), Fehhaare (pl.)(German n.) squirrel hair (brush)
Fehl(German m.) (moral) fault
Fehl an ...(German m.) lack of ...
fehl am Platze(German) out of place, de trop, misguided, incongruous
fehl am Platze sein(German) to be out of place, to be uncalled for
Fehlablesung(German f.) misreading
Fehlalarm(German m.) false alarm
fehlangepasst(German) mismatched
Fehlannahmen(German pl.) misperceptions
fehlanpassen(German) to mismatch
Fehlanpassung(German f.) maladjustment, mismatch, mismatching
Fehlanreiz(German m.) disincentive
Fehlanzeige(German f.) negative report, nil return
Fehlanzeige!(German) Wrong! No chance! (colloquial)
fehlbar(German) fallible, fallibly, guilty (Switzerland), blamable (Switzerland)
Fehlbarkeit(German f.) fallibility
Fehlbedienung(German f.) operating error, accidental misuse, accidental operation
Fehlbehandlung(German f.) mistreatment
Fehlbenennung(German f.) misnomer
fehlberaten(German) ill-advised (falsely advised)
fehlberechnen(German) to miscalculate
Fehlberechnung(German f.) miscalculation, miscomputation
fehlbesetzen(German) miscast
fehlbesetzend(German) miscasting
Fehlbesetzung(German f.) miscasting (play, role, etc.), wrong choice
Fehlbestand(German m.) shortage, deficiency, shortfall
Fehlbetrag (s.), Fehlbeträge (pl.)(German m.) deficit, shortfall, deficiency, wantage
Fehlbetrag in der Kasse(German m.) shortage of cash
Fehlbewertung(German f.) mispricing
Fehlbezeichnung(German f.) misnomer
Fehlbildung(German f.) dysplasia, abnormality of development, malformation, deformity
Fehlbiss(German m.) dysgnathia (dentistry: incorrect bite)
Fehlbitte(German f.) inappropriate request
Fehlbogen(German m.) spoil sheet, waste sheet, imperfect sheet, misprint (printing)
Fehlbrand(German m.) misfired pottery
Fehlbuchung(German f.) bookkeeping error, erroneous entry, false entry, misentry
fehldeuten(German) to misconstruct, to misconstrue
Fehldeutung(German f.) misconstruction
Fehldiagnose (s.), Fehldiagnosen (pl.)(German f.) wrong diagnosis, misdiagnosis, misdiagnoses (pl.)
Fehldruck(German m.) misprint, printing error, spoilage
Fehleingabe(German f.) keying error, misentry
Fehleinschätzung(German f.) misjudgement, miscalculation, error of judgement
Fehlen(German n.) absence (of), absenteeism, dearth, deficiency, want, being absent, shortage, default
fehlen(German) to be missing, to be absent (from school, work, etc.), to be lacking, to miss, to lack, to fail, to misdo, to err, to do wrong
fehlen bei(German) to miss
fehlend(German) missing, absent (school, works, etc.), amiss, being absent, lacking, nonexisting, omitted, unavailable, wanting, destitute, a lack of
fehlende Akte(German f.) missing file
fehlende Bücher(German pl.) missing books
fehlende Dateien(German pl.) missing files
fehlende Daten(German pl.) missing data
fehlende Eigenreflexe(German pl.) areflexia
fehlende Ermüdung(German f.) lack of tiredness
fehlende Information(German f.) missing information
fehlende Kompromissbereitschaft(German f.) lack of willingness to compromise
fehlende Kontodeckung(German f.) insufficient funds
fehlende Orientierung(German f.) disorientation
Fehlender (m.), Fehlende (f.), Fehlende (pl.)(German) absentee
Fehlen der Brustwarze(German n.) athelia (the congenital absence of one or both nipples)
Fehlen der Brustwarzen(German n.) athelia (the congenital absence of one or both nipples)
fehlender Eintrag(German m.) missing entry
fehlende Reue(German f.) lack of remorse
Fehlen der Gegenleistung(German n.) absence of consideration (law)
Fehlen der Geschäftsgrundlage(German n.) absence of valid subject matter
Fehlen der Vollmacht(German n.) absence of authority
fehlender Sinn für Humor(German m.) sense of humour failure
fehlender Wert(German m.) missing value
fehlender Zahn(German m.) missing tooth
Fehlen der Zustimmung(German n.) absence of consent
fehlendes Bindeglied(German n.) missing link
fehlendes Gewicht(German n.) deficiency in weight
fehlendes Glied(German n.) missing link
fehlendes Stück(German n.) missing item
Fehlen des Pulses(German n.) lack of pulsation
fehlendes Teil(German n.) missing part
fehlende Unterschrift(German f.) missing signature
fehlende Zeichensetzung(German f.) missing punctuation
Fehlen einer Aufgabe(German n.) aimlessness
Fehlen einer Methode(German n.) absence of method, aimlessness
Fehlen einer Organanlage(German n.) agenesia (imperfect development, nondevelopment of a part)
Fehlen einer schriftlichen Vereinbarung(German n.) absence of a written agreement
Fehlen einer Vereinbarung(German n.) absence of an agreement
Fehlen eines Testaments im Todesfall(German n.) intestacy
Fehlen gesunden Menschenverstandes(German n.) lack of common sense
Fehlentscheidung(German f.) wrong decision, mistake
Fehlentwicklung(German f.) dysplasia, undesirable development, maldevelopment
Fehlen von(German n.) lack of
Fehlen von Selbstachtung(German n.) absence of self-respect
Fehlen von Vorsichtsmaßnahmen(German n.) failure to take precautions
Fehlen wegen eines Trauerfalls(German n.) absence due to mourning
Fehlen wegen Krankheit(German n.) absence due to illness
Fehler (s./pl.)(German m.) mistake, error, flaw, fault (figurative). slip (mistake), boo-boo (colloquial), blemish, blunder, bug (software, etc.), deficiency, imperfection, incident, lapse, non-conformance, stumble, vice, demerit (defect)
Fehler(German m.) defect, flaw (character, goods)
Fehlerabschätzung(German f.) error estimation
Fehler absichtlich übersehen(German) to turn a blind eye to
Fehlerabweichung(German f.) variance of error
fehleranfällig(German) prone to error, error-prone, fault-prone
Fehler an der Maschine(German m.) defect in the machine
Fehleranzeige(German f.) error display, error message
Fehlerart(German f.) fault type, kind of error, kind of fault, kind of mistake, type of error
Fehlerausschluss(German m.) elimination of errors
Fehler begehen(German) to commit errors
fehlerbehaftet(German) error-prone, having errors, containing errors
Fehler beheben(German) to troubleshoot, to patch (software)
fehlerbehebend(German) corrective
fehlerbehebende Wartung(German f.) corrective maintenance
Fehlerbehebung(German f.) debugging, error-correcting, troubleshooting, trouble-shooting, rectification of faults
Fehler bei der Auslegung(German pl.) interpretation errors
Fehlerbereich(German m.) margin of error, range of error
Fehlerbereinigung(German f.) correction
Fehler berichtigen(German) to amend errors, to correct errors
Fehlerberichtigung(German f.) correction of errors, error correction
Fehler beseitigen(German) to debug, to smooth away faults
Fehlerbeseitigung(German f.) debugging, deletion of errors, elimination of error, error deletion, fault recovery
Fehlerbeseitigungsprogramm(German n.) debugger, debugging program
Fehlerdiagnose(German f.) diagnostics, error diagnosis, fault diagnosis
Fehler, die bei ... auftreten(German) errors associated with ...
Fehlerdiffusion(German f.) dithering (colour representation)
Fehler rster Art(German m.) type I error
Fehler finden(German) to carp at, to locate errors
Fehlerfindung(German f.) fault finding, finding fault
fehlerfrei(German) error-free, faultless, faultlessly, accurate, exact, free from defects, perfect, sound (defect free), zero-defect, free from error, infallibly, bug-free, flawless, flawlessly
fehlerfrei arbeiten(German) to work properly
fehlerfrei funktionieren(German) to function properly
fehlerfreie Kopie(German f.) faultless copy
fehlerfreier Betrieb(German m.) error-free operation
Fehlerfreiheit(German f.) accuracy, correctness, perfection
Fehlergrenze(German f.) margin of error, margin for error, tolerance
Fehlergröße(German f.) magnitude of error
fehlerhaft(German) incorrect, defective, erroneous, faultily, faulty, flawed, flawed, mistakenly, failing, offending, abnormal, at fault, awry, corrupt, deficient, imperfect, non-conforming, unclean, vicious (faulty), corrupted, rogue, buggy, solecistic
fehlerhaft anordnen(German) to misarrange
fehlerhaft anzeigen(German) to show incorrect readings (meter)
fehlerhafte Annahme(German f.) incorrect assumption
fehlerhafte Anordnung(German f.) misarrangement
fehlerhafte Auslieferung(German f.) bad delivery
fehlerhafte Ausrichtung(German f.) misalignment
fehlerhafte Aussprache eines Wortes(German f.) mispronunciation of a word
fehlerhafte Bearbeitung(German f.) defective workmanship
fehlerhafte Beschreibung(German f.) faulty description
fehlerhafte Daten(German pl.) erroneous data
fehlerhafte Grammatik(German f.) bad grammar
fehlerhafte Information(German f.) faulty information
fehlerhafte Lieferung(German f.) defective delivery
fehlerhafte Linien(German pl.) clumsy lines
fehlerhafte Logik(German f.) faulty logic, lack of logic
fehlerhafte Platte(German f.) faulty disk (computer)
fehlerhafter(German) more faulty
fehlerhafter Aufbau(German m.) incorrect construction
fehlerhafter Spannungszustand(German m.) dystonia, muscle disorders
fehlerhafter Stil(German m.) vicious style
fehlerhafter Text(German m.) corrupt text, vicious text
fehlerhaftes Arbeiten(German n.) incorrect operation
fehlerhaftes Arbeitsstück(German n.) ragged piece of work, flawed piece of work
fehlerhaftes Gerät(German n.) defective device, defective equipment
fehlerhaftes Material(German n.) defective material, faulty material
fehlerhaftes Porzellan(German n.) defective china
fehlerhafte Sprache(German f.) vicious language
fehlerhaftes Programm(German n.) faulty program (US)
fehlerhafteste(German) faultiest
fehlerhafte Stelle(German f.) flaw
fehlerhafte Verarbeitung(German f.) faulty workmanship
fehlerhafte Verpackung(German f.) defective packing, faulty packing, faulty packaging
fehlerhafte Ware(German f.) faulty goods
fehlerhafte Ware ersetzen(German) to replace faulty goods
fehlerhaft geführter Prozess(German m.) mistrial
Fehlerhaftigkeit(German f.) faultiness, defectiveness, viciousness
Fehler in der Abrechnung(German m.) statement error
Fehler in der Beobachtung(German m.) observational error
Fehler in der Beurteilung(German m.) error of judgement
Fehler in der Einschätzung(German m.) estimation error
Fehlerinhaltsverzeichnis(German n.) error listing
Fehler innerhalb des Ausdrucks(German m.) error in expression
Fehlerkontrolle(German f.) error checking
Fehlerkorrektur(German f.) error-correcting, error correction
Fehlerkurve(German f.) error curve
fehlerlos(German) flawless, flawlessly, immaculate, immaculately, correct, correctly, impeccable, impeccably, free from error, without fault, faultless, faultlessly
fehlerlose Leistung(German f.) perfect performance, faultless performance
fehlerlose Übersetzung(German f.) correct translation
Fehlerlosigkeit(German f.) flawlessness
Fehler machen(German) to misdo
Fehler(German m.) meinerseits mistake on my part
fehlernährt(German) malnourished
Fehlernährung(German f.) malnourishment, nutritional deficiency, malnutrition
Fehlerquelle (s.), Fehlerquellen (pl.)(German f.) source of error, source of trouble
Fehlerrobustheit(German f.) fault tolerance
fehlersicher(German) fail-safe, failsafe
Fehlersignal(German n.) alarm, error signal
Fehlerspanne(German f.) margin of error
Fehlerspielraum(German m.) margin (of error)
Fehlerstelle(German f.) flaw, void, bug
Fehlerstromschutzschalter(German m.) earth leakage circuit breaker, leakage current circuit breaker, surge protector
Fehlersuche(German f.) debugging, trouble-shooting, troubleshooting, diagnostics, fault finding, fault tracing, trouble shooting
Fehler suchen(German) to troubleshoot, to debug
Fehlersuchprogramm(German n.) debug program (US), diagnostic routine
Fehlertext(German m.) error text (software, etc.)
fehlertolerant(German) fault-tolerant, (fault) tolerant
Fehlertoleranz(German f.) margin of error, fault tolerance
fehlerträchtig(German) buggy (error-strewn)
Fehler über Fehler(German) mistake after mistake
Fehlerüberprüfung(German f.) error checking
Fehlerursache(German f.) cause of failure, cause of error, cause of trouble
Fehlerverbesserung(German f.) correction
fehlerverdächtig(German) suspect
Fehler verdecken(German) to whitewash
Fehlerverfolgung(German f.) bug tracking
Fehlervermeidung(German f.) elimination of errors
Fehlerverzeichnis(German n.) errata
Fehler von ihm(German m.) mistake of his making
Fehler von uns(German m.) mistake of ours
Fehlerwahrscheinlichkeit(German f.) error margin, error probability, probability of error
Fehlerzahl(German f.) number of defects
Fehlerzeit(German f.) down time
Fehler zweiter Art(German m.) type II error
Fehlführung(German f.) misdirection
Fehlfunktion(German f.) malfunction, dysfunction
Fehlgebären(German n.) abortiveness
fehlgebären(German) to abort
fehlgeboren(German) stillborn
Fehlgeburt(German f.) miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, abortive birth
fehlgehen(German) to go wrong, to miss, to be mistaken (figurative), to go astray
fehlgeleitet(German) missent, misdirected, misguided, misrouted, misled
fehlgeschlagen(German) failed, aborted, abortive, backfired
fehlgeschlagene Gespräche(German pl.) ill-fated talks
fehlgeschlagene Rettung(German f.) abortive rescue
fehlgeschlagene Übernahme(German f.) abortive takeover bid
fehlgezündet(German) misfired
Fehlgriff(German m.) mistake, blunder, faux pas
Fehlhaltung(German f.) incorrect posture
Fehlinformation(German f.) misinformation, faulty information, incorrect information
fehlinformieren(German) to misinform
Fehlinterpretation (s.), Fehlinterpretationen (pl.)(German f.) wrong interpretation, misinterpretation
fehlinterpretieren(German) to misinterpret
fehlinterpretiert(German) misinterpreted
fehlinvestiertes Kapital(German n.) misguided investment
Fehlinvestition(German f.) bad investment, false investment, mistaken investment
Fehlkalkulation(German f.) miscalculation
Fehlkauf(German m.) mispurchase, mispurchasing
Fehlkommunikation(German f.) miscommunication
Fehlkonfiguration(German f.) misconfiguration
Fehlkonstruktion(German f.) bad design
Fehlkopie(German f.) bad copy
Fehllandung(German f.) abortive landing
Fehlleistung(German f.) slip, misperformance, mistake, parapraxis
fehlleiten(German) to misroute, to missend, to misdirect, to misguide
fehlleitend(German) misdirecting, missending
Fehlleitung(German f.) miscarriage, misallocation, misdirection
Fehlleitung eines Briefes(German f.) misdirection of a letter
Fehllieferung(German f.) incorrect delivery, erroneous delivery
fehllochen(German) to mispunch (holes)
Fehllochung(German f.) mispunching
Fehlmeldung(German f.) deficiency report
Fehlmenge(German f.) shortage, account deficit, deficit, shortfall, shortfall in quantity
Fehlorientierung(German f.) misorientation
Fehlpassung(German f.) misfit, mismatching
Fehlplanung(German f.) misplanning
fehlprogrammiert(German) misprogrammed
Fehlprozess(German m.) mistrial
Fehlrechnung(German f.) fallacy
Fehlschaltung(German f.) faulty circuit
Fehlschärfe(German f.) ricasso (of knife, sword, etc.)
Fehlschätzung(German f.) misestimation
Fehlschlag(German m.) failure, pretty kettle of fish (colloquial), abortion, collapse, flop (colloquial), miscarriage, miscue
Fehlschlag eines Unternehmens(German m.) failure of an enterprise
Fehlschlagen(German n.) failure
fehlschlagen(German) to abort, to go wrong, to miss, to backfire, to fail, to come to nothing, to collapse, to fall through, to go amiss, to misfire, to come adrift (figurative)
fehlschlagend(German) backfiring
Fehlschluss (s.), Fehlschlüsse (pl.)(German m.) wrong conclusion, false conclusion, logical fallacy, paralogism, fallacy
Fehlschnitt(German m.) miscut, misstep
Fehlsichtigkeit(German f.) defective vision
Fehlstart(German m.) false start
Fehlstelle (s.), Fehlstellen (pl.)(German f.) bad spot, blemish, vacancy, imperfection
Fehlstellung(German f.) false position, out of position, malposition
Fehltag (s.), Fehltage (pl.)(German m.) day absent (from school or work)
fehlte(German) lacked
Fehlt Ihnen es gar nicht?(German) Don't you miss it at all?
Fehlt Ihnen etwas?(German) Is anything wrong with you?
fehltreten(German) to misstep
Fehltritt (s.), Fehltritte (pl.)(German m.) false step, (moral) lapse, misstep, slip, stumble, stumbling, faux pas, devious step, miscue, indiscretion (love affair), frailties (pl.)
Fehltritt verzeihen(German) to condone
Fehlübersetzung(German f.) mistranslation
Fehlurteil (s.), Fehlurteile (pl.)(German n.) misjudgement, error of judgement, misjudgment, lapse of judgement, miscarriage of justice, wrongful conviction
Fehlverhalten(German n.) bad behaviour, malfunction, misbehaviour, misconduct, misdemeanour, wrongdoing
Fehlverhalten begehen(German) to commit misconduct
Fehlverladung(German f.) misloading
Fehlversuch(German m.) unsuccessful attempt, abortive attempt
Fehlverurteilung(German f.) condemnation by default
Fehlvorstellung(German f.) misconception
Fehlwahrnehmung(German f.) misperception
Fehlwert(German m.) defaults
Fehlzeit (s.), Fehlzeiten (pl.)(German f.) miss-out (colloquial), absence from work, times absent (pl.), absenteeism (pl., institutional)
Fehlzüchtung(German f.) misbreed
fehlzünden(German) to misfire
fehlzündend(German) misfiring
Fehlzündung (s.), Fehlzündungen (pl.)(German f.) misfire (car engine), backfire
Fehlzündungen haben(German) to backfire (car engine)
Feier-(German) celebratory (prefix)
Feier(German f.) Festival, celebration, solemnity, ceremony, party, festivity, bash (colloquial: party, social event), do (colloquial: festivity), function (official ceremony), observance
Feierabend(German m.) end of the working day, finishing time (during the day), closing time (factory, etc.), evening (time after work)
Feierabendheim(German n., dated) retirement home
Feierabend machen(German) to knock off (work) (colloquial), to call it a day, to leave work for the day, to close (office), to stop work (for the day)
Feierabendverkehr(German m.) evening rush hour (traffic)
Feier der Walpurgisnacht(German f.) celebrating of Walpurgis night
Feier des Weihnachtsfestes(German f.) celebration of Christmas
Feier-gesang(German m.) solemn hymn, anthem
Feier im Voraus(German f.) celebration in advance
feierlich(German) slow, grave, solemn (related to Holy Days), rejoicing (related to Holidays), festive, formal, formally, solemnly, ceremonial, ritualistic, ceremoniously, ritually, ritualistically, celebratory, ritual, ceremonious, in state
feierlich abhalten(German) to celebrate
feierlich aufgebahrt sein(German) to lie in state
feierlich begehen(German) to solemnise
feierlich begehend(German) solemnising
feierliche Anlässe(German pl.) ceremonial occasions
feierliche Anrufung(German f.) conjuration
feierliche Ansprache(German f.) allocution
feierliche Begehung(German f.) solemnisation
feierliche Beteuerung(German f.) solemn assertion
feierliche Erklärung(German f.) solemn declaration
feierliche Musik(German f.) serious music
feierlich entsagen(German) to abjure
feierlicher(German) more solemn
feierlicher Anlass(German m.) ceremonial occasion, auspicious occasion
feierlicher Appell(German m.) solemn appeal
feierliche Rede(German f.) ceremonial oratory
feierlicher Eid(German m.) solemn oath
feierlicher Gesang(German m.) chant
feierlich erklären(German) to affirm solemnly, to declare solemnly
feierlich eröffnen(German) to inaugurate
feierlicher Umzug(German m.) procession
feierlicher Vollzug(German m.) solemnisation
feierliches Gebet(German n.) solemn prayer
feierliches Gelöbnis(German n.) solemn pledge
feierliches Opfer(German n.) solemn sacrifice
feierliche Stille(German f.) solemn silence
feierliche Stimmung(German f.) solemn atmosphere, solemn mood
feierliches Versprechen(German n.) solemn promise, vow, pledge
feierliche Zusicherung(German f.) solemn assertion
feierlich geloben(German) to vow
feierlich getragene Musik(German f.) solemn music
Feierlichkeit (s.), Feierlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) festivity, solemnity, festivities (plural form), pomp, solemnities (plural form), ceremoniousness, ceremony, gravity, function (official ceremony), festiveness
feierlich schwören(German) to covenant, to swear solemnly
feierlichste(German) most solemn
feierlich stimmen(German) to solemnise
feierlich stimmend(German) solemnising
feierlich versichern(German) to aver
feierlich versprechen(German) to give a solemn promise
feierlich vortragen(German) to declaim
Feiern (s./pl.)(German n.) feasting, celebration
feiern(German) to celebrate, to hold (party), to fête, to celebrate, to make merry, to feast, to revel, to commemorate, to solemnise, to party (colloquial)
feiernd(German) celebrating, feting, solemnising, revelling, partying, feasting, celebratory, acclaiming
Feiernder(German m.) reveller
Feiertag (s.), Feiertags (pl.)(German m.) holiday (feast day), public holiday, feast-day, public holidays (plural form), festive period (plural form), holiday season (plural form), festive season (plural form)
Feiertagslohn(German m.) holiday pay
Feiertagsstimmung(German f.) holiday mood
Feiertagsvorstellung(German f.) holiday performance
Feiertagswochenende(German n.) bank holiday weekend
feierte(German) feted
feig(German) cowardly, coward, yellow (colloquial), chicken (colloquial)
feige(German) cowardly, coward, cravenly, craven, gutless (colloquial), dastard, skulking, chicken-hearted (colloquial), dastardly, yellow (colloquial: cowardly), sissy (colloquial), faint-hearted, lilylivered, lily-livered, weak-kneed (figurative), chicken (colloquial), fainthearted, yellow-bellied (colloquial), pusillanimous
Feige (s.), Feigen (pl.)(German f.) fig
feige Handlung(German f.) act of cowardice
feige Memme(German f.) dastard (archaic: mean coward)
Feigenbaum(German m.) fig tree, fig (Ficus carica)
Feigenblatt(German n.) fig leaf (also figurative), figleaf (also figurative)
Feigenblattaktion(German f.) tokenism
Feigenhain(German m.) fig grove
Feigenkaffee(German m.) coffee substitute made from figs
Feigenpudding(German m.) figgy pudding
feige Person(German f.) chicken-hearted person
feiger(German) more cowardly
feiger Kerl(German m.) chicken-hearted fellow (colloquial)
feiger Wicht(German m.) coward
feige sein(German) to be a coward, to be yellow (colloquial)
Feigheit(German f.) cowardice, gutlessness, recreance
Feigheiten(German pl.) cowardliness
feigherzig(German) chicken-hearted (colloquial)
Feigling(German m.) wimp (colloquial), coward, faintheart, poltroon (archaic or literary), chicken-hearted person, dastard, sissy (colloquial)
Feigned voicefalsetto
feigste(German) most cowardly
feil(German) venal (corrupt), for sale
feilbieten(German) to prostitute, to keep for sale, to put up for sale, to offer for sale, to peddle
feilbietend(German) prostituting
Feildirne(German f., dated) whore
Feile(German f.) file
feile Dirne(German f., dated) whore
Feilen(German n.) filing, rasping (using a rasp)
feilen(German) to file, to rasp (use a rasp)
feilend(German) filing
Feilenheft(German n.) file handle
Feilensatz(German m.) file set
feilgeboten(German) prostituted
feilhalten(German, dated) to keep for sale
Feilheit(German f., dated) venality
Feilkolben(German m.) pin vice
Feilschen(German n.) chaffer, bargaining, haggling
feilschen(German) to haggle, to bargain for, to bargain, to deal
feilschend(German) haggling, barbaining
feilschen um(German) to haggle over, to bargain over
Feilscher (m.), Feilscherin (f.), Feilscher (pl.)(German) bargainer, haggler
feilscht(German) haggles
feilschte(German) haggled
Feilspäne(German pl.) filings, swarf
Feilstrich(German m.) file stroke, stroke of the file
feilt(German) rasps
feilte(German) rasped
fein(German) fine, delicate, sensitive, choice, elegant, excellent, nicely, polite, quick, keen, refined, royal, subtle, tenuous (wispy), sheer (stockings), thin (fine), urbane, fine, finely, delicately, great (excellent), finely, pretty, nice, beautiful, classy (colloquial: girl), delicious, genteel, dainty, wispy, subtly, choice, keen (highly sensitive), gentlemanly
Fein!(German) Great!
fein abgestimmt(German) well-orchestrated, finely tuned, fine-tuned
Feinabgleich(German m.) fine adjustment, fine tuning
Feinabru(German m.) just-in-time delivery
Feinabstimmung(German f.) delicate adjustment, fine tuning
feinadrig(German) delicately veined, fine-veined
Feinanpassung(German f.) fine adjustment, fine tuning
Feinarbeit(German f.) precision work, finishing touch
Feinbäckerei (s.), Feinbäckereien (pl.)(German f.) confectionery
Feinbackwaren(German pl.) pastry products
feinbärtig(German) barbellate
Feinbearbeitungswerkzeug(German n.)finishing tool
feinblasig(German) fine bubble
Feinbohrmeißel(German m.) precision boring tool
Feind-(German) hostile (prefix)
-feind (m.), -feindin (f.)(German) -phobe (suffix)
Feind (s.), Feindin (f.), Feinde (pl.)(German) enemy, fiend, foe
Feind der menschlichen Gemeinschaft(German m.) public enemy
Feindberührung(German f.) contact with the enemy
Feindbild(German n.) bogeyman, concept of an enemy, image of an image (mental), enemy stereotype
Feindeinwirkung(German f.) enemy action
Feindes-(German) hostile (prefix)
Feindesland(German n.) enemy country
Feindesmacht(German f., dated) enemy power
Feindflüge(German pl.) sorties (flights)
feindifferenzierte Studie(German f.) exquisitely precise and subtle study
Feindkontakt(German m.) contact with the enemy
Feindkräfte(German pl.) enemy forces
feindlich(German) hostile, adverse, adversely, antagonistic, hostile (to), inimical, inimically, antagonistically, adversarial, enemy
-feindlich(German) -phobic (suffix)
feindlich gesinnt (gegen)(German) hostile (to)
feindlich gesinnt sein(German) to be adverse, to be opposed
feindliche Bemerkung(German f.) adverse remark
feindliche Gegenüberstellung(German f.) confrontation
feindliche Gruppierung(German f.) hostile group
feindliche Kritik(German f.) adverse criticism
feindliche Übernahme(German f.) hostile acquisition, hostile take-over, hostile takeover
feindliche Umgebung(German f.) hostile environment
feindlicher(German) more hostile
feindlicher Einfall(German m.) incursion, inroad
feindliches Übernahmeangebot(German n.) hostile take-over bid, hostile takeover bid
Feindlichkeit(German f.) animosity, hostility
feindlichste(German) most hostile
feindrähtig(German) multi-strand, fine-strand, fine-wired
Feindschaft (s.), Feindschaften (pl.)(German f.) enmities, enmity, hostility, ill will, feud
feindschaftlich(German) hostile
feindselig(German) hostilely, inimical, hostile
feindselige Umgebung(German f.) hostile environment
feindseliger Akt(German m.) act of hostility
Feindseligkeit (s.), Feindseligkeiten (pl.)(German f.) animus, hostility, bitter feeling, enmity, resentment, antagonism, ill will, bad blood (pl.)
Feindseligkeit gegenüber(German f.) animosity towards
Feine Andeutungen nützen bei ihm nichts.(German) Subtlety is wasted on him.
feine Dame(German f.) fine lady, accomplished lady
feine Erbsen(German pl.) petits pois
feine Geschichte(German f.) nice story
feine Gesellschaft(German f.) polite society
feine Gesichtszüge(German pl.) delicate features, delicately chiselled features
fein einstellen(German) to adjust finely, to tweak (colloquial: adjust)
Feineinstellung(German f.) vernier, fine adjustment
feine Ironie(German f.) subtle irony
feine Lebensart(German f.) elegant way of life
feine Manieren(German pl.) refined manners
feine Parfümnote(German f.) subtle perfume
feiner(German) subtler, finer
Feinerde(German f.) fine soil
feiner Duft(German m.) nice smell
feiner Geschmack(German m.) refined taste
feiner Haarpinsel(German m.) fine (animal-hair) brush
feiner Kerl(German m.) fine fellow
feiner Krümelzucker(German m.) caster sugar
feiner Nebel(German m.) mist
feiner Pinkel(German m.) stuck-up prig, toff (colloquial)
feiner Riss(German m.) hairline crack, craze (glaze)
feiner Schrot(German m.) bird shot, birdshot
feiner Sprung(German m.) hairline crack
feiner Streuzucker(German m.) caster sugar
feiner Unterschied(German m.) fine distinction, minute difference, nice distinction, subtle difference, subtle distinction
feines Benehmen(German n.) delicate manners
feines Kammgarn(German n.) gaberdine, garbardine
feines Mehl(German n.) farina
feines Porzellan(German n.) bone china
feines schwarzes Tuch(German n.) broadcloth
feines Urteilsvermögen(German n.) nice judgement
feines Wolltuch(German n.) barathea
feines Ziegenleder(German n.) cordovan, Cordovan leather
feine Unterscheidungen(German pl.) delicate distinctions
feine Unterschiede(German pl.) nice distinctions, fine distinctions
feinfaserig(German) fibrillar
feinfühlend(German) sensitive
feinfühlende Nerven(German pl.) sensitive nerves
feinfühlig(German) delicate, sensitive
feinfühliges Gewissen(German n.) tender conscience
Feinfühligkeit(German f.) delicacy of feeling
Feingebäck(German n.) viennoiserie, petit-four (confectionery)
Feingefühl(German n.) sensitiveness, tactfulness, sensitivity, tact
fein gehackt(German) minced, finely chopped
Feingehalt(German m.) alloy, fineness, assay (for example, gold)
Feingehaltsstempel(German m.) hallmark, hall-mark
Feingehaltstempel(German m.) hallmark
Feingehaltswert(German m.) assay value
fein gemahlen(German) finely ground
feingeschliffen(German) honed
Feingewicht(German n.) troy weight (precious metal)
Feingewinde(German n.) fine-pitch thread, fine thread (screw, etc.)
feingewuchtet(German) precision-balanced
feingliedrig(German) slender, small-boned (person)
Feingold(German n.) fine gold, refined gold
Feinheit (s.), Feinheiten (pl.)(German f.) acuteness, fineness, nicety, subtlety, delicacy, delicateness, niceness, finer point, fine touch, finer detail, intricacy, nuance, detail
Feinheitsgrad(German m.) degree of fineness, fineness (precious metal)
feinhörig(German) quick of hearing
feinhöriger(German) quicker of hearing
feinhörigste(German) quickest of hearing
Feinjustierung(German f.) vernier adjustment
Feinkies(German m.) fine gravel
Feinkitt(German m.) cement
Feinkohle(German f.) slack (coal)
Feinkonzept(German n.) detailed concept
Feinköper(German m.) twill
feinkörnig(German) close-grained, fine-grained, fine-grain
feinkörniger(German) finer-grained
feinkörnigste(German) finest-grained (for example, photographic film)
Feinkost(German f.) delicatessen, delicacies
Feinkostgeschäft (s.), Feinkostgeschäfte (pl.)(German n.) delicatessen, delicatessen shop, deli (colloquial: delicatessen)
Feinkostladen(German m.) deli (colloquial), delicatessen shop, delicatessen
Feinkostrestaurant(German n.) deli restaurant
Feinkostsalat(German m.) delicatessen salad
Feinkupfer(German n.) refined copper, fine copper
fein machend(German) sprucing (decorating or making neat)
feinmaschig(German) finely woven
Feinmechanik(German f.) precision engineering
Feinmechaniker(German m.) precision engineer
Feinmechaniker-Schaber(German m.) precision scraper
feinmechanisch(German) precision
Feinmeßgerät(German n.) precision instrument
Feinmesslehre(German f.) vernier gauge
Feinmotorik(German f.) fine motor skills
Feinoptik(German f.) precision optics
Feinplanung(German f.) detailed planning
feinporig(German) finely pored, fine-pored, close-grained (wood)
fein raus(German) off the hook
Feinregelung(German f.) fine adjustment
Feinreinigung(German f.) fine cleaning
Feinsäge(German f.) dovetail saw
Feinsand(German m.) fine sand
feinschleifen(German) to hone
Feinschliff(German m.) final touch, fine sanding, fine-tuning (figurative)
Feinschmecker(German m.) gourmet, gourmand, gastronome, epicure, epicurean
feinschmeckerisch(German) gastronomic, gastronomically, gastronomical
Feinschmeckerlokal(German n.) gourmet restaurant
Feinschmeckermenü(German n.) gourmet menu
Feinschmeckersalat(German m.) gourmet salad
Feinsicherung(German f.) fine wire fuse, micro fuse, microfuse
Feinsicherungshalter(German m.) miniature fuse-holder
Feinsieb(German n.) fine sieve
Feinsilber(German n.) fine silver
Feinsinn(German m.) subtlety
feinsinnig(German) subtle, sophisticated, sophisticatedly, sensitive
Feinsinnigkeit(German f.) subtlety
Feinsitz(German m.) medium fit
Feinsliebchen(German n., dated) lady-love
Feinstaub(German m.) particulate matter, fine particulates, fine dust, particulates, fine particles
feinstdrähtig(German) extra fine-wired
feinste(German) finest, subtlest
Feinsteinzeug(German n.) porcelain stoneware
Feinsteinzeugfliesen(German pl.) porcelain stoneware tiles
feinste Mode(German f.) pink of fashion
fein steuern(German) to finetune
feinste Ware(German f.) choice brand
feinstimmen(German) to finetune
Feinstimmer(German m.) string adjuster (a device fitted to stringed instruments to assist in the fine tuning of individual strings)
feinstoffliche Hülle(German f.) aura
Feinstrumpf (s.), Feinstrümpfe (pl.)(German m.) fully-fashioned stocking
Feinstrumpfhose(German f.) (fine) panty hose
Feinsttröpfchen(German pl.) very fine droplets
Feinstudie(German f.) detailed study
Feinsuche(German f.) fine search
feint (m.), feinte (f.)(French) feigned, ficta
Feinteile(German pl.) fines (no singular)
Feintuning(German n.) fine tuning
fein unterscheiden (zwischen)(German) to distinguish nicely (between)
Feinunze(German f.) troy ounce
Feinvakuum(German n.) high vacuum
fein verteilt(German) dispersed
Feinverteilung(German f.) dispersion
Feinwaage(German f.) micro scales
Feinwäsche(German f.) delicates (pl.)
Feinwerktechnik(German f.) precision engineering
feinwürzig(German) fine-aromatic
feinzahniger Kamm(German m.) fine-tooth comb
feinzeichnend(German) high-definition (transparencies)
feinzeichnende Verstärkerfolie(German f.) high-definition intensifying screen
fein zerstäuben(German) to atomise
feinzerteilt(German) finely divided
fein zerteilt(German) colloidal
feinziehschleifen(German) to hone
Feinzucker(German m.) castor sugar
Feis (s.), Feiseanna (pl.)(Gaelic) (an Irish) competitive festival including singing, dancing, music, etc.
one of the greatest events in Ancient Ireland, the Feis of Tara, was a harvest festival held tri-annually for one week, three days before November Day and three days after. The Feis was first initiated, some 1300 years before Christ, by Oliam Fodla, known to Ireland as the Doctor of Wisdom. At this great Feis, laws were recited and new laws enacted, matters of national interest were discussed, and the tribal disputes of the Chieftains were settled. And, of course, the Feis was a time for much feasting and merry making
  • Tara from which this extract has been taken
feist(German) plump, stout
Feistheit(German f.) fatness, obesity, grossness
Feistigkeit(German f.) grossness, fatness
feixen(German) to smirk
feixend(German) smirking
Fekundität(German f.) fecundity
Felbern(German f., dated) willow
Feld (s.), Felder (pl.)(German n.) array, field, pad, plane, scope, land, area, panel (of a door, wainscoting, etc.), square (chess), pitch (sports)
Feldanzug(German m.) battle dress, field dress
Feldapotheke(German f.) field dispensary
Feldarbeit(German f.) field work
Feldarchäologie(German f.) field archaeology
Feldarmee(German f.) field army
Feldartillerie(German f.) field artillery
Feldartillerieregiment(German f.) field artillery regiment
Feldarzt(German m.) army doctor
Feldausrüstung(German f.) field equipment
Feldbahn(German f.) light railway
Feldbau(German m.) tilth
Feldbett(German n.) camp bed, folding cot
Feldblume (s.), Feldblumen (pl.)(German f.) field flower, wild flower
Feldblumenstrauß(German m.) bunch of wild flowers
Feldbluse(German f.) blouse, field blouse
Feldeffekttransistor(German m.) field-effect transistor (FET)
Feldelektronenmikroskop(German n.) field electron microscope
Feldemissionselektronenmikroskop(German n.) field emission electron microscope
Feldemissionsrasterelektronenmikroskop(German n.) field emission scanning electron microscope
Felder bebauen(German) to cultivate fields
Felderfahrung(German f.) field experience
felderprobt(German) field-proven
Felderprobung(German f.) field trial
Feldfernsprecher(German m.) field telephone
Feldflasche(German f.) canteen (flask)
Feldflöte(German f.) Bauernflöte
Feldforschung(German f.) field research, field studies
Feldfrucht (s.), Feldfrüchte (pl.)(German f.) field crop, crop
Feldfruchtertrag(German m.) crop yield
Feldgeistlicher(German m., dated) army chaplain
Feldgendarm(German m.) military policeman (Germany, mid 19th century until 1945)
Feldgendarmerie(German f.) military police
Feldgericht(German n.) military court, court martial
Feldgeschütz(German n.) field gun, fieldpiece
Feldglas(German n.) binoculars
feldgrau(German) field-grey, a darkish bluish-grey, the traditional colour of a German army uniform
Feldhaubitze(German f.) field howitzer, towed howitzer
Feldherr (s.), Feldherren (pl.)(German m.) general, commander, captain
Feldherrnkunst(German f.) generalship
Feldionen-/Feldelektronenmikroskop(German n.) field-ion/field-electron microscope
Feldionenmikroskop(German n.) field-ion microscope, field ion microscope
Feldjacke(German f.) combat jacket
Feldjäger (s./pl.)(German m.) member of the military police
Feldkaplan(German m.) field chaplain
Feldkommandeur(German m.) field commander
Feldküche(German f.) field kitchen, army field kitchen
Feldkurat(German m. - Austria, dated) army chaplain
Feldlager(German n.) bivouac, camp, encampment
Feldlandschaft(German f.) field scenery, landscape with fields
Feldlazarett(German n.) ambulance, field hospital
Feldmagnet(German m.) field magnet
Feldmark(German f.) estate, parish land
Feldmarschall(German m.) field marshal
Feldmesser(German n.) survival knife
Feldmikroskop(German n.) field microscope
Feldmusik(German f., literally 'field music') music performed out-of-doors on wind instruments, i.e. Feldpartiten, Feldstücke, etc.
(German f.) fanfares played out-of-doors by military trumpeters, military music
Feldmütze(German f.) forage cap, garrison cap, field cap
Feldpartie (s.) Feldpartiten (pl.)(German f.) or Feldpartita, a type of partita or divertimento for wind band
Feldpartitasee Feldpartie
Feldpfeife(German f.) Bauernflöte
Feldpipe(German) Bauernflöte
Feldpost(German f.) forces postal service, field post, forces' mail (service)
Feldpostamt(German n.) army post-office, army post office
Feldpostbrief(German m.) military letter, forces letter
Feldpostdienst(German m.) army postal service
Feldposten(German m.) picket
Feldprediger(German m.) army chaplain
Feldschanze(German f.) breastwork
Feldscher(German m.) army surgeon
Feldschlacht(German f.) battle (on land)
Feldschmiede(German f.) battlefield forge
Feldschwester(German f.) combat nurse
Feldspat(German m.) feldspar, felspar
Feldspatglasur(German f.) feldspathic glaze
Feldspital(German n.) field hospital
Feldstecher(German m.) field glasses, binoculars
Feldstein(German m.) boulder, cobble
Feldsteinmauer(German f.) stone wall
Feldstiefel(German pl.) field boots
Feldstücke(German n. pl.) pieces of music to be played out-of-doors on wind instruments
Feldstudie(German f.) field study, field work, field research
Feldstuhl(German m.) camp canvas chair, camp chair, camp-stool, camp stool
Feldtag(German m.) field day
Feldtelefon(German n.) field telephone
Feldtone(German) the key note of the trumpet and of other military wind-instruments
Feldtrompete(German) military trumpet
Feldtrompeter(German m.) military trumpeter
Felduntersuchung(German f.) field inquiry, field investigation
Feldversuch(German m.) field experiment, test run, field test, field trial (testing)
Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen-(German) run-of-the-mill, common or garden (colloquial) (prefix)
Feldweg(German m.) country lane, field cart road, cart track, cartway, track (between fields), path, farm track, field road, farm road, farm lane, dirt track
Feldwerkstatt(German f.) field workshop (ordnance)
Feldwespe(German f.) paper wasp
Feldzeichen(German n.) standard (flag, etc.)
Feldzeugmaterial(German n.) ordnance
Feldzeugwesen(German n.) ordnance
Feldzug (s.), Feldzüge (pl.)(German m.) campaign, expedition
Félibrigea literary and cultural association founded by Frédéric Mistral and other Provençal writers to defend and promote the Provençal language and Provençal literature. It was founded on 21 May 1854 in Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne (Vaucluse), by Frédéric Mistral, Joseph Roumanille, Théodore Aubanel, Jean Brunet, Paul Giéra, Anselme Mathieu and Alphonse Tavan. The word félibrige is derived from félibre, a Provençal word meaning pupil or follower. Félibrige now promotes Occitan culture
felice(Italian) happy
féliciter de(French) to congratulate
Felidomancydivination by interpreting the appearance and behaviour of cats
Felidomantie(German f.) felidomancy
feliz(Spanish) happy, forutnate, lucky (fortunate)
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!(Spanish) Happy New Year!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!(Spanish) happy birthday!
felizmente(Spanish) luckily, happily
¡Feliz Navidad!(Spanish) Merry Christmas!
¡Feliz viaje!(Spanish) have a good trip!
Felizitas(German f.) Felicity
Fell (s.), Felle (pl.)(German n.) coat, fur, hide, head (of drum),drum-head, pelt, skin (figurative)
Fellache (s.), Fellachen (pl.)(German m.) fellah
Fellachin(German f.) fellah
Fellah (s.), Fellahin (pl.), Fellaheen (pl.)(Arabic) an Egyptian peasant
Fellasha chantthe Kibre Negest (Glory of Kings), one of the most important historical books written in Ge'ez, elaborates on the exodus of the Hebrews from Jerusalem to the Ethiopian Empire at Axum about 2,000 years ago. It clearly explains the conditions under which the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia and how Judaic practices, including chanting, started; and this information is supported by the Gospels. The Fellasha oral tradition regarding their Hebraic origin and their present musical practices appears to be reasonably accurate. There is, in addition, a solid historical foundation for these tradition. The Fellasha claim to be not only ethnically Jewish but also direct descendants from those Hebrew nobles and priests who came to Ethiopia accompanying Menelik I, King of Axum. They call themselves "The Children of Israel;" they call their community Bete Israel or "House of Israel." As their ancestors were men who intermarried with the native African women in Ethiopia, the Felasha consider themselves Afro-Semitics. Fellasha chant has great significance not only for an understanding of music in the context of Ethiopian culture but as well for the comparative study and understanding of sacred chant, intercultural influences, and uses of music in religious worship in the context of Hebraic and Christian cultures around the world. The Fellasha tradition certainly consists of the oldest Jewish chant in the world
Fellbesatz(German m.) fur trimming
Fell-BH(German m.) fur bra
Felleisen(German n., dated) knapsack
Fellfarbe(German f.) coat colour (fur, etc.)
Fellfärbung(German f.) coat colour (fur, etc.)
Fellfäustling (s.), Fellfäustlinge (pl.)(German m.) fur mitten
Fellfutter(German n.) fur lining
Fellhaare(German pl.) hair of the fur
Fellhandel(German m.) fur trade
Fellhändler(German m.) furrier, fur trader
Fellhandschuh (s.), Fellhandschuhe (pl.)(German m.) fur glove
Fellklinger(German m.) membranophone
Fellkragen(German m.) fur collar
Fellpflege(German f.) grooming
Fellwechsel(German m.) change of coat
Fellzeichnung(German f.) coat pattern
Felo de se (s.), Felones de se (pl.)(Latin) one who kills himself, either accidentally or deliberately, while committing a felony
the use of the term to mean suicide, although strictly incorrect, is now well established
Felonie(German f.) felony
Fels(German m.) rock, crag, bluff
Fels der Ewigkeit(German m.) Rock of Ages
Fels in der Brandung(German) tower of strength
Felsband(German n.) ledge
Felsbarriere(German f.) rock barrier
Felsbild(German n.) petroglyph
Felsblock (s.), Felsblöcke (pl.)(German m.) boulder, (piece of) rock
Felsbrocken(German m.) boulder, (piece of) rock, rock fragment
Felsbuckel(German m.) mound of rock
Felsdach(German n.) rock shelter
Felsen (s./pl.)(German m.) rock
Felsen umschiffen(German) to steer clear of rocks
Felsenbucht(German f.) cliff-lined bay
Felsendom(German m.) Dome of the Rock (in Jerusalem)
felsenfest(German) steadfast, steady as a rock, unwavering, unshakeable, imperturbable, as firm as a rock, firm, firmly
felsenfest überzeugt sein(German) to be profoundly convinced
Felsenfestung(German f.) rock fortress
Felsengebirge(German n.) Rocky Mountains
Felsengrab(German n.) rock tomb, rock-cut tomb
Felsenhöhle(German f.) rock cave
Felseninsel(German f.) rocky island
Felseninselchen(German n.) rocky islet
Felsenkessel(German m.) circus
Felsenklippe(German f.) rocky cliff
Felsenküste(German f.) rocky coast, rocky shore
Felsenlandschaft(German f.) rocky landscape
Felsenriff(German n.) (rocky) reef
Felsenstrand(German m.) rocky beach
Felsentempel(German pl.) rock temples
Felsenufer(German n.) rocky shore
Felsenwand(German f.) rock face
Felsenwohnung(German f.) cliff dwelling
Felsformation(German f.) rock formation
Felsgebilde(German n.) rock formation
Felsgravierungen(German pl.) rock engravings
Felshang(German m.) precipice
Felshügel(German m.) rocky hill
felsig(German) craggy, rockily, rocky, rugged, stony, stonily, bouldery, abounding in rocks, abounding in stones
felsige Küste(German f.) forbidding coastline
felsiger(German) craggier, rockier
felsiger Untergrund(German m.) bedrock
felsiges Ufer(German n.) rocky shore
Felsigkeit(German f.) cragginess
felsigste(German) craggiest, rockiest
Felskammer(German f.) rock-cut tomb
Felskopf(German m.) rocky knoll
Felsmalerei (s.), Felsmalereien (pl.)(German f.) rock painting, rock pictures
Felsnase(German f.) rock outcrop
Felsritzung(German f.) petroglyph, rock carving
Felsschlucht(German f.) couloir
Felsschutt(German m.) debris, scree (material)
Felssohle(German f.) bedrock
Felsspalte(German f.) crevice, cleft
Felssporn(German m.) rocky promontory
Felssturz(German m.) rock fall, rockfall, rock avalanche
Felsturm(German m.) butte
Felsüberhang(German m.) overhanging rock, rock peak
Felsvorsprung(German m.) cliff, rock spur, ledge, bluff, promontory (inland), shoulder of rock, rock overhang
Felswand(German f.) scarp, escarpment, crag, rock face
Felszahn(German m.) tooth-like rock
Felszeichnung(German f.) petroglyph, rock drawing, rock painting
Felszitadelle(German f.) rock citadel
Felszunge(German f.) rock outcropping, tongue of rock
Felta cloth of wool or fur, often in combination with natural or synthetic fibres, used particularly to cover the hammers and dampers of pianos
Feltro(Italian m.) felt
Felucca(Arabic) a small Mediterranean ship propelled by oars or sails, or both
fem(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) five
Feme(German f.) kangaroo court
Feme covert(old French) a woman under the protection of her husband
Femegericht(German n.) secret court, Vehmic court
Fememord(German m.) assassination by some secret political organization
Feme sole(old French) a woman not under the protection of her husband
the woman is a spinster, a widow, or a married woman whose husband has no control over her property
feminin(German) feminine
Feminine cadencealso 'feminine ending', 'non-accented ending' or weibliche Endung (German f.); although it is usual for the final chord of a cadence to fall on an accented beat, sometimes it can be effective when the final chord is placed on an unaccented beat, often midway through a bar. Such a cadence is called a feminine (perfect, interrupted, etc.) cadence. The feminine cadence is the preference in Romantic music (for example, Beethoven, in his late-period works or as a typical feature of the Polonaise)
Feminine endingsee 'feminine cadence'
Feminine ordinalindicador ordinal feminino (Spanish m.: ª)
femininer(German) more feminine
Femininität(German f.) femininity
femininste(German) most feminine
Femininum(German n.) feminine, female gender
feminisieren(German) to feminise
feminisierend(German) feminising
Feminisierung(German f.) feminisation
Feminisma doctrine that advocates equal social, political and economic rights for women
Feminismus(German m.) feminism
Feminist (m.), Feministin (f.), Feministinnen ( feminist
feministisch(German) feminist, feministic
feministische Autorinnen(German pl.) feminist authors (female pl.)
Femme de chambre(French f.) a lady's maid, a (French) chambermaid
Femme de trent ans(French f.) a 'woman of thirty'
Femme du monde(when used in English) a woman not easily shocked, a woman of the world
(French f.) a society woman
Femme du peuple(French f.) a working-class woman, a woman whose manners betray her humble origins
Femme fatale(English, German f., from French f., 'deadly woman') a stock character, usually a villainous woman, who deceptively misleads and ensnares the hapless hero and/or other males in order to gain some end they would not freely help her achieve
Femme incomprise(French f.) a misunderstood woman, a woman whose good qualities are not appreciated
Femme savante(French f.) a learned woman, a blue stocking
Femme sérieuse(French f.) an earnest woman, a woman who is not frivolous
femte(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) fifth
femten(Danish, Norwegian) fifteen
femtende(Danish) fifteenth
femti(Norwegian) fifty
femtio(Swedish) fifty
Femto-(English, German) femto- (10-15) (prefix)
Femtofarad(English, German n.) femtofarad, 10-15 farad
Femtometer(German m./n.) femtometre, 10-15 metre
femton(Swedish) fifteen
Femur(English, German n.) the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton, which extends from the pelvis to the knee
Fenaa traditional rhythm from Mozambique
Fence, Thesince the early 1980s, in addition to his work about the violin, Jon Rose has been building very long string instruments (up to 20 metres in length). These constructions found their original inspiration in the wind triggered outback 'fences' of Australia. The 'fence' of course is one of the most powerful analogies for everything that separates, controls & isolates the human race; in particular when the 'fence' is used as a regional or national border
  • The Fence from which this extract has been taken
Fenchel(German m.) fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
Fenchelöl(German n.) fennel oil
Fenchelsamen(German m.) fennel seed
Fencheltee(German m.) fennel tea
Fender(English, German m.) anything that fends off or protects something else
Fender-Rhodes pianothe name of the Rhodes piano range after the Rhodes company had been acquired by the Fender company
see 'Rhodes piano'
Fenestration(English, German f.) the design and placement of windows in a building
fenestriert(German) fenestrated
Fengthe Chinese folk song or air, one of the forms of poetry found in the Shi Jing
Feng huang xiaosee xiao
Feng Shui(English, German n.) the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi). The favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into consideration in designing and siting buildings and graves and furniture
Feng-Shui(German n.) feng shui
FengzhengChinese wind harp
Fenier(German pl.) Fenians (Republican Irish)
Fenn(German n. - Northern Germany) fen
Fennoscandiaregion in Northern Europe, including Scandinavia, Finland, and the part of North-Western Russia west of the White Sea
Fennistik(German f.) Fennistics, Finnish Studies
Fennoskandien(German n.) Fennoscandia
Fennoskandinavien(German n.) Fennoscandia
Fenster-(German) windowed
Fenster (s./pl.)(German n.) window, screen window
Fensterabzieher(German m.) squeegee
Fensteranordnung(German f.) fenestration
Fensterband(German n.) ribbon window, window hinge
Fensterbank(German f.) window seat, window sill, sill, windowsill, window board
Fensterbauer(German m.) window fitter
Fensterbereich(German m.) splitter pane
Fenster bis zum Boden(German n.) French window
Fensterbrett (s.), Fensterbretter (pl.)(German n.) windowsill, window sill, window ledge, window board
Fensterbriefumschlag(German m.) window envelope
Fensterbrüstung(German f.) breast wall
Fenstereinstellung(German f.) window setting
Fenster einwerfen(German) to smash windows
Fensterfasche(German f.) window surround
Fensterflügel (s./pl.)(German m.) casement, wing of a window
Fenstergeschoss(German n.) clerestory
Fenstergitter (s./pl.)(German n.) window screen
Fensterglas(German n.) window glass, plain glass
Fensterglasbrille(German f.) plain-glass spectacles, plain glass spectacles
Fenstergriff(German m.) window catch
Fensterhaken(German m.) window hook
Fensterkitt(German m.) window putty, glazier's putty
Fensterkreuz(German n.) mullion and transom (of a cross window)
Fensterkurbel(German f.) window crank
Fensterladen (s.), Fensterläden (pl.)(German m.) shutter, window shutter, blinds (pl.)
Fensterlaibung(German f.) window reveal
Fensterleder(German n.) chamois leather, chamois, shammy (colloquial), shammy leather (colloquial), pompier
Fensterleiter(German f.) window ladder
fensterln(German - Southern Germany, Austria) to climb through one's sweetheart's window
fensterlos(German) windowless
Fenster mit Glasbemalung(German n.) stained-glass window
Fenster nach vorne(German n.) window to front
Fensternische(German f.) bay
Fensteröffnung(German f.) windowcase
Fensterplatz (s.), Fensterputzen (pl.)(German m.) window seat
Fensterputzen(German n.) window cleaning
Fenster putzen(German) to clean the windows
Fensterputzer (s./pl.)(German m.) window washer, window cleaner
Fensterputzmittel(German n.) window cleaner (cleaning fluid)
Fensterrahmen (s./pl.)(German m.) window frame
Fensterreihung(German f.) ribbon window
Fensterreinigung(German f.) window cleaning
Fensterrollo(German n.) blind
Fensterrose(German f.) rose window
Fensterrosette(German f.) rose window
Fensterscheibe (s.), Fensterscheiben (pl.)(German f.) pane, window pane
Fensterschließung(German f.) window closing
Fenstersims(German m./n.) window ledge, window sill, windowsill
Fensterspiegel(German m.) spy-mirror
Fensterstellung(German f.) window position
Fenstersturz(German m.) window lintel
Fenstertür(German f.) French door
Fensterumschlag(German m.) panel envelope, window envelope
Fensterung(German f.) fenestration
Fenstervorhang(German m.) blind
Fenster vom Boden zur Decke(German n.) floor-to-ceiling window
Fensterwerk(German n.) fenestration
Fensterwischer(German m.) window squeegee
Fensterzarge(German f.) window frame, window case
Fenster zur Welt(German n.) window on the world
Fer(French m.) iron
Ferae naturae(Latin) undomesticated, (animals) of a savage disposition
Feral(English) undomesticated, (animals) of a savage disposition
Fer blanc(French m.) tin-plate
(Indian Ocean) a dented milk can, used as a percussion instrument
Ferdinand II. von Aragón(German) Ferdinand II of Aragon
Fereone of the oldest Mandinka rhythms used in songs improvised in praise of friends, also known as seyuruba
Fer forgé(French m.) wrought iron
Fergah(Arabic, literally, 'empty') the purely instrumental section of a nuba
Ferge(German m.) ferryman
Feria del libro(Spanish f.) book fair
Ferialmusic for church use on ordinary, not feastal, days
ferial(German - Austria) holiday
Ferial-(German - Austria) holiday (prefix)
Ferialarbeit(German f. - Austria) holiday work
Ferialjob(German m. - Austria) holiday job
Ferial psalterliturgical book containing the Book of Psalms in the order that they are performed in the liturgy, or with aids to indicating that order
Ferial responsesresponses for church use on ordinary, not feastal, days
Ferien(German pl.) holidays, holiday, vacation, hols (colloquial)
Ferienanlage(German f.) holiday complex, holiday resort, vacation resort
Ferienapartment(German n.) holiday apartment
Ferienappartement(German n.) holiday apartment, vacation apartment
Ferienarbeit(German f.) holiday work
Ferienarbeitsstelle(German f.) vacation job, vacation work
Ferien auf dem Bauernhof(German pl.) farmhouse holidays (pl.)
Feriendorf(German n.) holiday village, small resort town
Ferienflieger(German m.) holiday airline
Feriengast (s.), Feriengäste (pl.)(German m.) holiday maker
Feriengebiet(German n.) holiday area, tourist region
Feriengefühle(German pl.) holiday feelings
Ferienhaus (s.), Ferienhäuser (pl.)(German n.) holiday home, cottage
Ferienhausgebiet(German n.) holiday-home area
Ferienheim(German n.) vacation home
Ferienhotel(German n.) holiday hotel
Ferienhütte(German f.) holiday cabin
Ferien in Heilbädern(German pl.) health resort holidays
Ferieninsel(German f.) holiday island
Ferienjob(German f.) vacation job, holiday job
Ferienkalender(German m.) holiday calendar
Ferienkolonie (s.), Ferienkolonien (pl.)(German f.) holiday colony
Ferienkurs(German m.) holiday course, vacation course, summer school, summer workshop
Ferienlager(German n.) holiday camp
Ferienland(German n.) tourist region
Ferien machen(German) to go on holiday, to go on vacation
Ferienort(German m.) resort, holiday resort
Ferienparadies(German n.) tourist paradise, holiday paradise
Ferienpark(German m.) holiday park
Ferienpraktikum(German n.) holiday internship
Ferienregion(German f.) holiday region, holiday area
Ferienreisender (m.), Ferienreisende (pl.)(German) holiday maker
Feriensaison(German f.) holiday season
Ferienschule(German f.) holiday course, vacation school
Feriensiedlung(German f.) holiday resort, holiday complex
Ferienstelle(German f.) vacation job, vacation work
Ferientätigkeit(German f.) vacation job, vacation work
Ferienunterkunft(German f.) holiday accommodation
Ferienverkehr(German m.) holiday traffic
Ferienwohnung (s.), Ferienwohnungen (pl.)(German f.) holiday flat, holiday home, holiday apartment
Ferienwohnung zur Vermietung(German f.) holiday let
Ferienzeit(German f.) holiday time, holiday season
Ferienzentrum (s.), Ferienzentren (pl.)(German n.) holiday resort
Ferienziel(German n.) holiday destination
Fering(English, German n.) North Frisian language still spoken on the Island of Föhr
Ferkel (s./pl.)(German n.) young pig, piglet, baby pig, hog (colloquial: person)
Ferkelei (s.), Ferkeleien (pl.)(German f.) dirty joke, ribald comment
ferkeln(German) to farrow, to litter
ferkelnd(German) farrowing
ferkelt(German) farrows
ferkelte(German) farrowed
ferma(Italian) firm, resolute, steady
fermata(Finnish) a musical symbol placed over a note or rest to be extended beyond its normal duration
fermamente(Italian) firmly, decisively, steadily
Ferman(German m.) firman
fermando(Italian) stopping
Fermat(Swedish, Danish) fermata
Fermatacalderón (Spanish), corona (Italian), punto coronato (Italian), point d'orgue (French), point d'arrêt (French), Fermate (German)
fermata(Italian f.) a musical symbol placed over a note or rest to be extended beyond its normal duration, and occasionally printed above rests or barlines, indicating a pause of indefinite duration
Gustav Mahler sometimes added the word lunga (Italian, 'long') to some fermatas, to indicate an even longer duration. Some modern composers (for example, Francis Poulenc and Krzysztof Penderecki) have expanded the symbol's usage to indicate approximate duration, incorporating fermatas of different sizes, square- and triangle-shaped fermatas, and so on, to indicate holds of different lengths
Fermata sospesa(Italian f., literally 'surprise stop') a sudden halt in a melodic line, a vocal device mentioned in various treatises of Agricola (Martin Sore or Sohr (1486-1556)), Pier Francesco Tosi (c.1646-1732) and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788)
Fermate(German f.) fermata, hold, bird's eye (colloquial)
fermate(Italian) firmly, steadily, resolutely
Fermate-Zeichen(German n.) fermata, bird's eye (figurative)
fermato(Italian) perform a certain passage firmly, decidedly, steadily or resolutely
fermé(French) closed, closed-in, shut, shut-up (shop), locked (car), narrow (angle), fastened (garment), done up (garment)
(French) select (club), exclusive (club)
(French) inscrutable, impassive, uncommunicative
in ballet, a closed position of the feet
ferme jeuxsee 'cancel'
fermemente(French) firmly, resolutely
Ferment(English, German n.) something, such as a yeast, bacterium, mould, or enzyme, that causes fermentation
Fermentation(German f.) fermentation
Fermentationsbehälter(German m.) fermentation vessel
Fermente(German pl.) enzymes
fermentierbar(German) fermentable
fermentieren(German) to ferment
fermentiert(German) fermented
fermentierte Milch(German f.) fermented milk
Fermentierung(German f.) fermentation
Fermentierungsprozess(German m.) process of fermentation
fermer(French) to close, to close off
fermer la bouche à ...(French) to shut ... up
fermer la porte sur vous(French) to close the door behind you
Fermeté(French) firmness, resolution, steadiness
Fermeture(French f.) a catch, a lock, a clasp, a clip, a fastener
Fermeture à glissière(French f.) zip fastener
Fermeture éclair(French f.) zip fastener
Fermezza(Italian f.) firmness, resolution, steadiness, decisiveness
fermo(Italian) firm, resolute, steady
(Italian) fixed, unchanged
Fermoir(French m.) a clasp (a catch)
Fern-(German) long-distance, remote, distal (prefix)
fern(German) remote, distant, afar, aloof, far, aloofly, faraway, far-away, abstracted, far away
Fernabsatz(German m.) distance marketing, distance selling, long-distance transactions
Fernabstimmung(German f.) televoting
fernab von(German) away from
Fernalarm(German m.) remote alarm
Fernansicht(German f.) view from a distance, distant view
Fernaufnahme(German f.) longshot
Fernaufzeichnung(German f.) remote recording
Fernbahn(German f.) main-line railway
Fernbahnhof(German m.) main-line station
fernbedienen(German) teleguide
fernbedient(German) remote-control, remote-controlled
Fernbedienung(German f.) remote control, remote operation, remote (colloquial), zapper (colloquial), remote control unit
Fernbedienungsgerät(German n.) remote control unit
Fernbestellen(German n.) teleshopping
Fernbeziehung(German f.) long-distance relationship
Fernbild (s.), Fernbilder (pl.)(German n.) telephoto, telephotograph
fernbleiben(German) to stay away from an event, to fail to appear, to stay away
Fernbleiben(German n.) absence, absenteeism
fernbleibend(German) absenting, absent
fernbleiben von(German) to absent oneself from, to stand clear of
Fernblick(German m.) view from a distance, distant view
Fernbrille(German f.) distance glasses, distance spectacles
Fernbusbahnhof(German m.) long distance bus station
fern der Welt(German) aloof from the world
Ferne(German f.) distance, remoteness, faraway place, (the) yonder (archaic or dialect)
ferne(German) afar
ferne Gegenstände erkennen(German) to distinguish distant objects
Fernempfang(German m.) distant reception, long-distance reception (of radio and TV transmissions)
Ferner(German m. - Austria, Southern Germany) glacier
ferner(German) further, also, moreover, farther, additional, again, besides, in addition, furthermore
Ferner gibt es einen Mangel ...(German) In addition there is a shortage ...
fernerhin(German) moreover, in (the) future
ferner Horizont(German m.) distant horizon
Ferner meint er, dass ...(German) In addition he thinks that ...
Ferner Osten(German m.) Far East
Ferner Osten Russlands(German m.) Russian Far East
ferner Verwandter(German m.) distant relation, distant relative
ferne und fremde Länder(German pl.) alien lands
ferne Zukunft(German f.) remote future, mañana (Spanish)
Fernfahrer(German m.) long-distance lorry driver
Fernfahrerkneipe(German f.) transport cafe
Fernfahrerlokal(German n.) transport cafe
Fernflug(German m.) long-distance flight
ferngeblieben(German) absented himself, absented herself
ferngehalten(German) kept away
ferngelenkt(German) remote-controlled, radio-controlled, remotely controlled, guided
ferngelenktes Geschos(German n.) guided missile
Ferngeschäft(German n.) long distance business relationship
ferngesehen(German) watched television
Ferngespräch(German n.) long-distance call, trunk call
ferngesteuert(German) remote-controlled, remotely operated, controlled remotely, radio-controlled, remotely controlled, guided
ferngesteuertes Geschoss(German n.) guided missile
ferngesteuertes Modellfahrzeug(German n.) remote-controlled toy
ferngetraut(German) married by proxy
Fernglas (s.), Ferngläser (pl.)(German n.) binoculars, field glass, spyglass, pair of binoculars, spy-glass
Fernglas mit justierbarer Einstellung(German n.) adjustable-focus binoculars
fernhalten(German) to keep away, to keep at arm's length, to keep from, to keep out
fern halten(German) to hold off, to keep away, to keep from, to keep out
fernhaltend(German) keeping away
fernhalten von(German) to keep off from, to keep away from
Fernhandel(German m.) long-distance trade, overseas trade
Fernheizung(German f.) district heating, long-distance heating
Fernheizwerk(German n.) district heating plant
fernher(German) from far away
fern jeder Zivilisation(German) far from any semblance of civilization
Fernkamera(German f.) telephote
Fernkopie(German f.) telecopy, mailgram
Fernkopierausstattung(German f.) facsimile communication equipment
fernkopieren(German) to telecopy
Fernkopieren(German n.) facsimile communication, telecopying, facsimile transmission, remote copier, facsimile unit, telecopier
Fernkopier-Flachbettgerät(German n.) facsimile flatbed equipment
Fernkopiergerät(German n.) telecopier
Fernkurs(German m.) correspondence course
Fernlaster(German m.) juggernaut (colloquial)
Fernlastfahrer(German m.) trucker
Fernlastverkehr(German m.) long distance haulage
Fernlehrer(German m.) teleteacher
Fernlehrgang (s.), Fernlehrgänge (pl.)(German m.) telecourse, correspondence course
Fernlehrinstitut(German n.) correspondence college
Fernleihbestellung(German f.) interlibrary loan request
Fernleihe(German f.) interlending, inter-library loan, interlibrary loan
Fernleihverkehr(German m.) inter-library lending
Fernlenkanlage(German f.) radio control system
Fernlenkung(German f.) radio control
Fernlenkwaffe(German f.) guided missile, guided weapon, guided missile
Fernlicht(German n.) full beam (headlights)
fernliegend(German) abstruse
Fernmaschinenschreiber(German m.) teletypist
Fernmeldeapparat(German m., dated) telephone
Fernmeldedienst(German m.) telecommunications service
Fernmeldeeinrichtungen(German pl.) communications facilities
Fernmeldetechnik(German f.) telecommunication, telecommunications
Fernmeldetruppe(German f.) signal corps
Fernmeldeturm(German m.) telecommunication tower
Fernmeldeverkehr(German m.) telecommunication
Fernmeldewesen(German n.) communications, telecommunications
fernmündlich(German) telephonically, by phone, by telephone, telephonic
Fernobjektiv(German n.) telephoto lens
Fernost(German) Far East
fernöstlich(German) Far Eastern
fernöstliche Küche(German f.) Far Eastern cookery
Fernregler(German m.) remote control
Fernreise(German f.) long-distance journey, long-haul journey, long-distance travel
Fernreisebus(German m.) long-distance coach
Fernreisecar(German m. - Switzerland) long-distance coach
fernreisetauglich(German) suitable for long journeys
Fernrohr (s.), Fernrohre (pl.)(German n.) telescope
Fernrohr mit starker Vergrößerung(German n.) telescope of high power
Fernsatz(German m.) teletypesetting
Fernschach(German n.) correspondence chess
Fernschnellzug(German m.) long-distance express train
Fernschreibanschluss(German m.) teleprinter terminal
Fernschreibbediener(German m.) teleprinter operator
Fernschreib-Code(German m.) Baudot code
Fernschreibcode(German m.) telegraph code
Fernschreiben(German n.) teleprinted message, teleprinter communication, telex, teletype message
fernschreiben(German) to teleprint, to telescript, to teletype, to telegraph
Fernschreiber (s./pl.)(German m.) teletype, teletype machine, telex (telex machine, teleprinter), teleprinter
Fernschreibgerät(German n.) teleprinter
Fernschreibmaschine (s.), Fernschreibmaschinen (pl.)(German f.) teletype
Fernschreibnachricht(German f.) telegraph message
Fernschreibnetz(German n.) telex, telegraphic network, telex network, telegraph network
Fernschreibstation(German f.) teleprinter terminal
Fernschreibsystem(German n.) telex system
fernschriftlich(German) by telex
Fernschule(German f.) correspondence school
Fernseh-(German) televisual (prefix)
Fernsehansprache(German f.) television address, televised address
Fernsehantenne(German f.) television antenna, television aerial
Fernsehapparat(German m.) television set, TV (set)
Fernsehaufnahme(German f.) television recording
Fernsehaufnahmeröhre(German f.) television camera tube
Fernsehauftritt(German m.) television appearance, TV gig
Fernsehbearbeitung(German f.) dramatisation
Fernsehbeiträge(German pl.) contributions on TV
Fernsehbericht(German m.) TV report, television report
Fernsehberichterstattung(German f.) TV coverage
Fernsehbild (s.), Fernsehbilder (pl.)(German m.) television picture, television image
Fernsehbildröhre(German f.) television (picture) tube, monitor tube
Fernsehbildschirm(German m.) telescreen, TV screen
Fernsehdarsteller (m.), Fernsehdarstellerin (f.)(German) television actor (m.), television actress (f.)
Fernsehdebatte(German f.) televised debate
Fernsehdebüt(German n.) television debut
Fernsehdiskussion(German f.) television debate
Fernsehdoku(German f.) TV documentary
Fernsehdokumentarfilm(German m.) television documentary
Fernsehdokumentation (s.), Fernsehdokumentationen (pl.)(German f.) TV documentary, TV report
Fernsehdrama(German n.) television drama
Fernsehduell(German n.) television duel
Fernsehempfang(German m.) television reception
Fernsehempfangsstörung(German f.) television interference
Fernsehen(German n.) TV, television, the tube (colloquial), watching TV (activity)
fernsehen(German) to watch TV, to watch television
fernsehend(German) watching television
Fernseher (s./pl.)(German m.) television set, TV (set), the tube (colloquial), television
Fernsehereignis(German n.) TV event
Fernsehfilm (s.), Fernsehfilme (pl.)(German m.) television film, telefilm, TV movie (usually movie made for TV)
Fernsehformat(German n.) TV format
Fernsehgebühren(German pl.) TV licence fee
Fernsehgerät(German n.) television set, TV (set), television receiver
Fernsehgeschichte(German f.) TV history
Fernsehgesellschaft(German f.) television network, network
Fernsehgucker(German m.) TV watcher
Fernsehinterview(German n.) television interview
Fernsehjournalismus(German m.) television journalism
Fernsehjournalist (m.), Fernsehjournalistin (f.)(German) television journalist
Fernsehkamera(German f.) telecamera, TV camera, television camera
Fernsehkanal(German m.) television channel
Fernsehkarriere(German f.) television career
Fernsehkassette (s.), Fernsehkassetten (pl.)(German f.) video tape
Fernsehkoch (m.), Fernsehköchin (f.)(German) TV chef, television cook, television chef
Fernsehkommentator(German m.) television commentator
Fernsehkomödie (s.), Fernsehkomödien (pl.)(German f.) sitcom (colloquial)
Fernsehkrimi(German m.) television crime thriller
Fernsehkritiker(German m.) television critic, TV critic
Fernsehmaterial(German n.) television footage
Fernsehmehrteiler(German m.) serial
Fernsehmoderator (m.), Fernsehmoderatorin (f.)(German) TV host, television presenter
Fernsehnachrichten(German pl.) TV newscast
Fernsehnutzung(German f.) television use
Fernsehpersönlichkeit(German f.) broadcaster (personality)
Fernsehproduktion(German f.) TV production, television production
Fernsehprogramm(German n.) television programme, TV guide (publication)
Fernsehpublikum(German n.) television audience
Fernsehquoten(German pl.) TV ratings
Fernsehredakteur (m.), Fernsehredakteurin (f.)(German) television editor, TV editor
Fernsehröhre(German f.) television tube
Fernsehrundfunk(German m.) television broadcasting
Fernsehsatellit(German m.) television satellite, TV satellite
Fernsehschärfe(German f.) distance visual acuity
Fernsehschauspieler (m.), Fernsehschauspielerin (f.)(German) television actor (m.), television actress (f.)
Fernsehschirm(German m.) television screen, TV screen
Fernsehsender(German m.) television broadcaster, TV broadcaster, television network (US), television channel, television station, television transmitter
Fernsehsendung (s.), Fernsehsendungen (pl.)(German f.) telecast, television programme
Fernsehserie(German f.) TV series, television series, serial
Fernsehsessel(German m.) television chair, recliner
Fernsehshow(German f.) TV show, television show
Fernsehspecial(German n.) TV special
Fernsehspiel(German n.) television play
Fernsehspot(German m.) TV commercial
Fernsehstaffel(German f.) season (US)
Fernsehstar(German m.) TV star, TV personality, television personality
Fernsehstudio(German n.) television studio
Fernsehteam(German n.) television crew
Fernsehtechniker(German m.) television technician
Fernsehteilnehmer(German m.) televiewer
Fernsehtelefon(German n.) video phone
Fernsehtisch(German m.) TV stand
Fernsehturm(German m.) television tower, TV tower
Fernsehübertragung(German f.) television transmission, television coverage (of events), TV broadcast, television broadcast
Fernsehunternehmen(German n.) television broadcasting company
Fernsehverbot(German n.) ban on watching TV
Fernsehverfilmung(German f.) TV version (of a cinema film)
Fernsehwerbespot(German m.) television commercial
Fernsehwerbung(German f.) television advertising, TV spot, commercials (US), television commercials
Fernsehzeitschrift(German f.) TV guide (magazine)
Fernsehzeitung(German f.) TV paper
Fernsehzentrum(German n.) television centre
Fernsehzimmer(German n.) TV room
Fernsehzuschauer (m.), Fernsehzuschauerin (f.), Fernsehzuschauer (pl.)(German) viewer, TV viewer, television viewer, viewing public (pl.)
Fernseh-Zuschauer (s./pl.)(German m.) TV viewer
Fernsicht(German f.) visibility
fernsichtig(German) long-sighted
Fernsichtigkeit(German f.) distance vision
Fernsprechamt (s.), Fernsprechämter (pl.)(German n.) telephone exchange, telephone office
Fernsprechanschluss (s.), Fernsprechanschlüsse (pl.)(German m.) telephone connection, telephone terminal
Fernsprechapparat(German m.) telephone
Fernsprechauftragsdienst(German m.) answering service
Fernsprechautomat(German m.) coin box telephone
Fernsprechbuch(German n.) telephone directory
Fernsprecher(German m.) telephone, phone
Fernsprechgebühren(German f.) telephone charges
Fernsprechgerät(German n.) telephone terminal
Fernsprechhaube(German f.) phone booth
Fernsprechkabine(German f.) telephone booth, telephone box
Fernsprechkanal(German m.) voice channel
Fernsprechwesen(German n.) telephony
Fernsprechzelle (s.), Fernsprechzellen (pl.)(German f.) telephone kiosk, booth, call box, call-box, telephone booth
Fernspruch(German m.) message
fernste(German) farthest, furthest
Fernstecher(German m.) field glasses
Fernsteuerung(German f.) remote control, telecontrol
Fernstraße(German f.) arterial road, highway, through road, trunk road, motorway
Fernstraßennetz(German n.) network of trunk roads
Fernstrecke(German f.) long distance, long haul
Fern St School Settlementfounded in London, a small women's settlement begun in Clara Grant's flat from where she served children's breakfasts, a friend ran a clinic, and a small food cooperative was started. On Saturday mornings "farthing bundles" containing a toy, cheap candy, yarn, bits of cloth, and other oddments were distributed to children below a certain height
Fernstudent(German m.) long-distance learner
Fernstudienkurs(German m.) correspondence course
Fernstudium(German n.) (degree by) correspondence course, distance learning
Ferntourismus(German m.) long-haul tourism
Ferntransport(German m.) long distance transport
fernübertragen(German) to telecommunicate
Fernübertragung(German f.) telecommunication
Fernübertragungseinrichtungen(German pl.) telecommunications equipment
Fernuniversität(German f.) distance learning institute, the Open University, distance university
Fernunterricht(German m.) correspondence courses, correspondence tuition, distance teaching, correspondence course, distance education, distance learning
Fernunterrichtskurs(German m.) correspondence course
Fernverkehrsstraße(German f.) highway, superhighway, trunk road
Fernverkehrszug(German m.) long-distance train
Fernverwaltung(German f.) remote management
fern von(German) distal
Fernwanderweg(German m.) long-distance walking trail
Fernwärme(German f.) district heating, long-distance heat
Fernwartung(German f.) remote maintenance
Fernwasserversorgung(German f.) long-distance water supply
Fernweh(German n.) yen to see distant places, wanderlust, itchy feet
Fernwerk(German) also called Choir organ or Echo organ, either incorporated into the main organ console with a row of keys particularly distant from the player, or set in its own case whcich can be sited at a distance from the main instrument
Fernziel(German n.) long-term objective
Fernzug(German m.) long-distance train
Féroce(French) wild, ferocious
feroce(Italian) ferocious, violent, wild, resolute, bold, fiercely
Ferocità(Italian f.) ferocity, violently, boldly
Ferraiuolo(Italian m.) or ferraiolo, a garment worn by priests, consisting of a width of cloth hanging from the shoulders almost to the ground and fastened round the neck
Ferrareze(Italian) in the style of Ferrara
Ferrinho(Cape Verde) another name for the reco-reco, a scraper, usually made out of iron
Ferritkern(German m.) ferrite core, magnetic core
Ferritmagnet(German m.) ferrite magnet
Ferro da stiro(Italian m.) iron
Ferro battuto(Italian m.) wrought iron
Ferroelektrikum (s.), Ferroelektrika (pl.)(German n.) ferroelectric
ferroelektrisch(German) ferroelectric
Ferrolegierung(German f.) ferrous alloy
ferromagnetisch(German) ferromagnetic
Ferromagnetismus(German m.) ferromagnetism
Ferrotypinga process of drying photographs with a silver gelatin emulsion while pressed against a sheet of polished metal or glass. A high gloss finish is imparted when the photo is peeled off. Ferrotyping can also refer to a type of damage done to a photograph when it is inadvertently stored under pressure against a smooth surface. Pressure can impart irregular patches of gloss to a photo
Ferrulemetal band that, together with a wedge, grips the bow-hair on a modern bow used with members of the violin family