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Gafter Sir Charles Grove (1915-1992) who catalogued the music of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
also Ger. or Gy, after Yves(-René-Jean) Gérard (b. 1932), the cataloguer of the music of Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) - Thematic, Bibliographical, and Critical Catalogue of the Works of Luigi Boccherini (1969)
after Franz Giegling (b. 1921), the cataloguer of music by Giuseppe Torelli (1658-1709) and by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784)
after Remo Giazzoto (1910-1998), the cataloguer of the music of Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824). The famous Albinoni Adagio was actually composed by Giazzoto in the 1940s
G.abbreviation of gauche (French: left) or 'gong'
G, g
note G
(English, German n.) the fifth note (dominant) in the musical scale of C major; in 'fixed do' solfeggio the note called sol or so; sol in French and Italian
the lowest string on a violin, the third on the viola and violoncello
Gin music theory, designates the G-major triad
gin music theory, designates the g-minor triad
G1, G2see 'clef'
GAabbreviation of Gesamtausgabe (German: complete or collected edition - edition intégrale (French))
GABabbreviation of guichet automatique de banque (French: ATM, cash dispenser)
Gabán(Spanish m.) overcoat, cappotto (Italian m.), Mantel (German m.), pardessus (French m.)
Gabardine(English, German m./f.) see 'gaberdine'
Gabarra(Italian f.) barge, Lastkahn (German m.), Schleppkahn (German m.), chaland (French m.), barcaza (Spanish f.)
(Italian f.) cargo-boat, Frachter (German m.), cargo (French m.), buque de carga (Spanish m.), carguero (Spanish m.)
gab auf(German) forsook
Gabbasee gabber
Gabbacristiani(Italian m.) or gabbadeo (Italian m.), cheat, Betrüger (German m.), Betrügerin (German f.), escroc (French m.), tramposo (Spanish m.)
(Italian m.) or gabbadeo (Italian m.), hypocrite (English, French m./f.), Heuchler (German m.), Heuchlerin (German f.), hipócrita (Spanish m./f.)
Gabbamondo(Italian m.) cheat, Betrüger (German m.), Betrügerin (German f.), escroc (French m.), tramposo (Spanish m.)
(Italian m.) swindler, Schwindler (German m.), escroc (French m.), estafador (Spanish m.)
(Italian m.) imposter, Betrüger (German m.), Betrügerin (German f.), imposteur (French m.), estafador (Spanish m.)
Gabbanella(Italian f.) white coat worn by a doctor, patient, etc.
(Italian f.) any loose gown
Gabbangfrom Indonesia, xylophone, consisting of 16 slabs of bamboo arranged on a boat-shaped resonating box, that is played with mallets
  • Gabbang from which this extract has been taken
Gabbano(Italian m.) cloak, Umhang (German m.), (grande) cape (French f.), manteau ample (French m.), capa (Spanish f.)
(Italian m.) loose overcoat, gaberdine (English, French f.), Gaberdine (German m.), gaberdina (Spanish f.)
Gabbasanti(Italian m.) hypocrite (English, French m./f.), Heuchler (German m.), Heuchlerin (German f.), hipócrita (Spanish m./f.)
Gabbatore (m.), Gabbatrice (f.)(Italian) imposter, Betrüger (German m.), Betrügerin (German f.), imposteur (French m.), estafador (Spanish m.)
Gabber(Dutch) or gabba, a type of electronic music, also known as hardcore, that was born in Rotterdam
  • Gabber from which this extract has been taken
Gabbia(Italian f.) cage (Emglish, French f.), Förderkorb (German m.), jaula (Spanish f.)
(Italian f.) prison (English, French f.), Gefängnis (German n.), cárcel (Spanish m.)
(Italian f.) crate, Kiste (German f.), cageot (French m.), cajón (Spanish m.)
(Italian f.) hen-coop, Hühnerhaus (German n.), poulailler (French m.), gallinero (Spanish m.)
(Italian f.) dock, Anklagebank (German f.), banc des accusés (French m.), banquillo de los acusados (Spanish m.)
(Italian f.) look-out post, Ausguck (German m.), poste de guet (French m.), atalaya (Spanish f.)
Gabbia dell'ascensore(Italian f.) lift-cage
Gabbiaio(Italian m.) a maker of bird-cages
Gabbiano(Italian m.) sea-gull, Möwe (German f.), mouette (French f.), gaviota (Spanish f.)
Gabbiata(Italian f.) cageful (of birds, etc.)
Gabbiere(Italian m.) top-man (man who attends to the top sails on a ship)
Gabbione(Italian m.) large cage
Gabbo(Italian m.) jest, mockery, derision
gab den Geist auf(German) conked out (colloquial)
Gabe (s.), Gaben (pl.)(German f.) gift, endowment, dispensation, boon, donation, knack, talent, offering, present (gift), administration (of drugs)
Gabe der Natur(German f.) gift of nature, bounty of nature
Gabe Gottes(German f.) gift from above, gift of the gods
Gabel(German f.) fork, pitchfork, yoke, cradle (of a telephone), hook (telephone cradle)
Gabelbecken(German pl.) metal castanets
gabelförmig(German) furcate
Gabelfrühstück(German n.) lunch, tiffin, brunch
Gabel für kaltes Fleisch(German f.) cold-meat fork
Gabelgriff(German m.) (on wind-instruments) cross-fingering, fork fingering
Gabelhäkelei(German f.) hairpin lace (crochet)
Gabelhochhubwagen(German m.) pallet stacker
Gabelhubwagen(German m.) (hand) pallet truck
Gabella(Italian f.) duty (tax), tax
Gabellader(German m.) pallet loader
gabellare(Italian) to tax, to raise duty
gabellare per(Italian) (figurative) to pass off as, to make ... pass for, to make ... appear as
Gabelle(French f., German f.) salt tax introduced in France in 1790
Gabelliere(Italian m.) or gabellotto (Italian m.) exciseman, (tax) collector
gabelnd(German) bifurcating, pitchforking
Gabel-Ringschlüssel(German m.) combination wrench
Gabelschlüssel(German m.) open-jaw wrench, jaw spanner, open-end spanner, open-ended spanner
Gabelstapler(German m.) forklift, forklift truck, fork-lift truck, pallet transporter, fork lift truck, fork stacker, fork lifter, fork lift
Gabelung(German f.) bifurcation, fork, crotch, forking, point of separation, furcation
Gabelungszwiesel(German m./f.) forked growth
Gabelwuchs(German m.) forked growth
Gabentausch(German m.) gift exchange
Gabentisch(German m.) table with (the) presents
Gaberdineor gabardine, a loose coverall (coat or frock with long sleeves), reaching down to the ankles - originally, a garment worn by a pilgrim
a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suits, overcoats, trousers and other garments. The fibre used to make the fabric is traditionally worsted wool, but may also be cotton, synthetic or mixed
Gabe sich zu konzentrieren(German f.) concentrativeness (the quality of concentrating)
gab Gesetze(German) legislated
gäbig(German - Switzerland) convenient
Gabinete(Spanish m.) room (in a museum)
Gabinetto(Italian m.) cabinet, private room, study, closet
Gabinetto di consultazione(Italian m.) consulting room (for a doctor, etc.)
Gabion(from Italian gabbione, literally 'big cage'; from Italian gabbia and Latin cavea meaning 'cage') originally a wicker basket filled with earth and stones formerly used in building fortifications - now a wire mesh cage, usually rectangular, filled with rock and used to protect channel banks and other sloping areas from erosion
Gabione(German f.) gabion
gablig(German) forked
Gablung(German f.) crotch
Gabona country of west-central Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, formerly a French territory but independent since 1960, previously inhabited by Pygmy and then Bantu-speaking peoples - it is now officially called the Gabonese Republic
Gabun(German n.) Gabon
Gabuner (m.), Gabunerin (f.), Gabuner (pl.), Gabunerinnen (pl.)(German) Gabonese
gabunisch(German) Gabonese
Gabusifrom the Comoros islands, a five stringed lute or 'ud, with two doubled strings and one single
gab nach(German) humoured, indulged, yielded
Gackerer(German m.) cackler
gackern(German) to cluck
Gackern(German n.) cackling
gackern(German) to cackle
gackernd(German) cackling
gackerndes Lachen(German n.) cackle
gackernd lachen(German) to cackle
Gadget (s.), Gadgets (pl.)(English, German n.) a contrivance, an appliance, a device or control that is very useful for a particular job
Gadon(Javanese) a style of chamber music, for a small court gamelan ensemble without vocalists often featuring the bowed-string rebab. The compositions are generally abstract
Gadulka(English, German f.) to the south of Romania lie Bulgaria and Macedonia, which have in common a dance music noted for the outrageous complexity of its rhythm, and the remarkable gadulka on which it is played. This ancient relative of the fiddle is probably descended from the medieval rebec. It is held upright on the knee or hangs from a belt, and is bowed with an underhand grip. The three melody strings, tuned AEA, are pressed with the nails or finger pads, as the neck has no fingerboard. Two sets of sympathetic strings lie against the pear-shaped body, giving the gadulka a haunting echoey sound
gab vor(German) pretended
gab wieder aus(German) reissued
gab zurück(German) returned
Gadzotall cylindrical peg-tuned drum from Ghana. The head is made of antelope skin. The drum is played with the hands or with one hand and a stick
a war-dance drama of the southeastern Anlo Ewe of Ghana, which came from Notsie in the Republic of Togo. Originally, this music and dance was performed after wars so that the warriors could reenact battle scenes for those at home. Presently, gadzo is performed during ancestral stool festivals, zikpuiza, state festival hogbetsotso, funerals of important chiefs and members of the group, and by professional and amateur groups for entertainment
Gadza(Comoros) a type of maracas
Gaela Gaelic-speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland or the Isle of Man
a Celtic language that includes the speech of ancient Ireland and the dialects that have developed from it, esp. those usually known as Irish, Manx, and Scots Gaelic. Gaelic constitutes the Goidelic subbranch of Celtic
Gael.abbreviation of 'Gaelic'
Gaele(German m.) Gael
Gaelico(Italian m.) Gaelic (the language)
gaelico(Italian) Gaelic
gaélico(Spanish) Gaelic
Gaengalso called qeej or kehn, a free-reed mouth organ of the Hmong people of Laos and northern Thailand, considered an older version of the Chinese lusheng, still found in parts of China, and with the same basic construction. Gaeng usually have brass reeds
Gafa(Spanish f.) hook
Gafas(Spanish f. pl.) glasses, spectacles
Gafas de sol(Spanish f. pl.) sun-glasses
Gaffa large iron hook attached to a pole or handle and used to land large fish
a sharp metal spike or spur that is fastened to the leg of a gamecock
a spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail
(German n.) boom-sail
Gaffa(Italian f.) boat-hook
Gaffe(French f.) blunder, clumsy tacklessness, saying the wrong thing (social error)
Gaffel(German f.) gaff
Gaffelkutter(German m.) gaff-rigged cutter
Gaffelschoner(German m.) gaff-rigged schooner, fore-and-aft schooner
Gaffen(German n.) gape
gaffen(German) to gape, to make eyes at, to ogle, to stare, to gaze
gaffen(German) to rubberneck (colloquial), to gawp (colloquial), to gawk (colloquial)
gaffend(German) agape, astare (archaic), gaping
Gafferthe master craftsman in charge of a chair, or team, of hot-glass workers
Gaffer (s./pl.)(German m.) gawper, gazer, gaper, rubberneck (colloquial), rubbernecker (colloquial)
gaffer(French) to blunder
gafft(German) gapes
gaffte an(German) gaped
GafieiraBrazilian ballroom dance music, popular particularly in Rio de Janeiro, and influenced by Afro-Brazilian samba rhythms, French dance forms, Argentine tango, and North American big-band music, performed by gafieira bands that include guitar, cavaquinho, flute and pandeiro, and more recently extended to include trombone, trumpet, bass, drums and piano
Gag (s.), Gags (pl.)(English, German m.) stunt, gimmick, gimmickry (pl.)
Gagá(Dominican Republic) a musical form that developed in parallel with Haitian rara. It evolved on plantations and is often spiritual and is used during baptisms and other religious ceremonies
gaga(German) crazy, gaga (colloquial: crazy, 'lost it')
Gagaku(Japanese, literally 'refined' ga 'music' gaku) music of the Japanese imperial court, perfectly in line with the Heian cultural value of courtly refinement, miyabi, that was imported in the third century from Korea, and later, during the seventh- and eighth-centuries, from China and India, but that, by the ninth century, had become standardised
gagaku is divided into:
kogaku(literally 'old music') that from before the T'ang Dynasty (618-906) or compositions of Indian or Chinese origin
shingaku(literally 'new music') that from after the T'ang Dynasty or compositions of Korean or Manchurian origin
gagaku is divided further into:
komagaku(literally 'music of the right') performed on instruments such as hichiriki (oboe-like double reed), komabue (flute with 6 finger holes), taiko or gaku-daiko (large suspended barrel drum), san no tsuzumi (large hourglass shaped drums), shoko (muted brass gong)
togaku(literally 'music of the Left') performed on instruments such as hichiriki, ryuteki or fue (flute, slightly larger than komabue), sho (mouth organ with 15-17 pipes with free reeds), taiko, kakko (small barrel drum), shoko, biwa (4-stringed lute played with plectrum), so-no-koto (long zither with 13 strings) (although string instruments are used only for kangengaku, not to accompany dance)
There are three genres associated with gagaku:
kangena sub-division of togaku, instrumental music that does not accompany dance
bugakua sub-division of togaku, instrumental music that is to accompany dance
kayosongs and chanted poetry
Gage(German f.) fee (theatre, concert)
(French m.) pledge, forfeit (in a game)
Gages(French wages (salary)
Gagat(German m.) jet
Gagausen(German pl.) Gagauz
Gagauza Turkic ethnic group
Gage (s.), Gagen (pl.)(German f.) fee, honoraria (pl.)
Gagelstrauch(German m.) bayberry (myrica gale)
gagerlgelb(German - Austria, Southern Germany) egg yolk yellow
Gageure(French f.) wager (against all the odds)
Gagger(German m.) gagman
Gaggia(Italian f.) acacia, acacia-flower
Gagliarda(Italian f.) galliard
Gagliárda(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) a dance called a galliard
gagliardamente(Italian) spirited, merry, vigorous, vigorously, boldly, strongly
Gagliarde(French) galliard
Gagliardézza(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) see gagliardía
Gagliardía(Italian, mentioned in John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words (1611)) lustinesse, galliardise, force, strength or nimblenesse of body
(Italian f.) strength, vigour
gagliardo(Italian) strong, vigorous, hardy, powerful, brave, bold
Gaglioffo(Italian m.) lout
gaglioffo(Italian) clumsy, loutish
Gagman(English, German m.) gag writer, joke writer
Gagnant (m.), Gagnante (f.)(French) winner
gagnant (m.), gagnante (f.)(French) winning
Gagne-pain(French m.) job
gagner(French) to win, to earn (money), to gain (time, ground), to reach, to win over, to gain (figurative)
gagner sa vi(French) to earn one's living
gagnolare(Italian) to yelp, to howl, to whine
Gagnolio(Italian m.) continual yelping or whining
Gagok(Korean) lyric song
Gagschreiber(German m.) gagman, gag writer, joke writer
Gähnen(German n.) gape, yawn
gähnen(German) to yawn, to gape, to give a yawn
gähnend(German) yawning, cavernous (hole), gaping
gähnende Kluft(German f.) yawning chasm
gähnende Leere(German f.) yawning void
gähnende Leere im Kopf haben(German) to not have two brain cells to rub together (colloquial)
gähnender Abgrund(German m.) yawning abyss, yawning chasm, gaping chasm
gähnt(German) gapes
gähnte(German) gaped
Gahusee gao-hu
gahu emanated from the musical traditions associated with marriage and wedding rites of the Yoruba of Nigeria. This historic origin can be seen today in the rich Yoruba costume worn by dancers. The Southern Ewe of Ghana and Togo presently perform the dance on most social occasions
gai (m.), gaie (f.)(French) gaily, gaiety, being joyful, being sprightly and jolly, cheerful, merry
"In musical terms, is said of the tempo of an air and corresponds to the Italian allegro" - Dictionnaire de l'Académie Françoise (1762)
"Allegro means gai and also indicates a mouvement [tempo] that is gai. ... Next to presto, the fastest of all. But this must not lead one to believe that this tempo is appropriate only for gay subjects; it is also applicable to fits of fury, anger and despair, which are not gay at all." - Rousseau (1768)
  • Ranums' Panat Times from which the quotations from Dictionnaire de l'Académie Françoise and Rousseau have been taken
Gaia(English, German f.) (in Greek mythology) goddess of the earth who married Uranus and became the mother of Cronus and the Titans and the Cyclopes
gaiamente(Italian) gaily, cheerfully, lively
GaidaGreek bagpipe
Bulgarian/Macedonian version of mountain/shepherd pipes, with a single drone and an eight-hole chanter
the Thracian gaida, also called the avlos, is very different from the Macedonian or Bulgarian bagpipes. The Thracian instrument is higher in pitch then the Macedonian gaida, but less high-pitched than the Bulgarian gaida (also called dura)
Gaidunitzathe melody chanter of a Balkan bagpipe, a smaller tube with a conical bore (in Bulgaria) or cylindrical bore (in Macedonia and other regions), made from boxwood (shimshir) cornel wood, plum wood or other fruit wood
gaiement(French) gaily, joyful, lively, with mirth, cheerfully
"Allegretto means a bit gaily but with a gaiety that is gracieuse, pretty, playful, etc. Allegro always means gaiement and quite animé; very often vite and légèrement, but also sometimes at a moderate tempo, although gay and animé." - Brossard (1703)
Gaieté(French f.) joy, gladness, good humour, cheerfulness
Gaietés(French delights
Gaiezza(Italian f.) gaiety, vivacity, sprightliness, brightness (colour of a dress, etc.)
Gaillard (m.), Gaillarde (f.)(French) hale and hearty fellow, fellow (familiar)
gaillard (m.), gaillarde (f.)(French) hale and hearty, coarse
Gaillarde(French f., German f.) a simple triple time dance usually coupled with the slower pavan, from the Italian word gagliardo meaning vigorous. It was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries
gaillardement(French) merrily, gaily, briskly
Gailyin a gay or careless manner, gajamente (Italian), fröhlich (German), gaiement (French)
gaîmente(French) gaiement
Gain(electronics) an increase in a signal's strength or amplitude
(French m.) earnings, gain (advantage), saving (economy)
Gaine(French f.) girdle (corset), sheath (case)
Gains(French profits, winnings
gaio (m.), gaia (f.)(Italian) gay, brisk, lively, spritely, vivacious, gaudy (of clothes, etc.)
Gaita(Venezuela) one of the best-known folk music genres in Venezuela
gaita margariteñafrom Galicia
gaita de furrofrom Maracaibo, in the Zulia state. Some believe that the furruco originates from the Canary Islands or maybe even from the Congo. The Congo furruco is very similar to the Brazilian cuica
gaita de tamborafrom the South of Lake Maracaibo, from where the tamborera rhythm originates. The tamborera is based on the gaita de tambora. The gaita de tambora uses a tamborin to carry the main beat
see gaïta
Gaïta(Spanish f.) or gaita, traditional bagpipe, usually with a single drone, and a plain leather bag. Several variations of the instrument can be found in Galicia, Asturias, Aragon and other parts of the country
(Spanish f.) a double-reed instrument that is widespread throughout the Basque Country, and in the neighboring region of Navarre
(Colombia, Spanish f.) vertical long flute made out of wood. It is used in cumbia music
(Spanish f.) the name given to the dulzaina in Aragon
Gaita aragonesa(Spanish f.) gaita from Aragon, cornemuse aragonaise (French)
(Spanish f.) see gaita de boto
Gaita asturiana(Spanish f.) gaita from Asturias, cornemuse asturienne (French)
Gaita bretona(Spanish f.) binou (kozh), cornemuse bretonne (French)
Gaita (charra)(Spanish f.) three-holed pipe from the Iberian peninsula
Gaita de boto(Spanish f.) also cornemuse aragonaise (French), Aragonese bagpipe, gaita aragonesa or gaita de fuelle, consisting of a chanter, or melody pipe, called a clarín, with double reed and two accompanying drones, one longer (called the bordón) and the other shorter (called the bordoneta). The bag is covered with a vestido that resembles a skirt
Gaita-de-fol(Spanish f.) Zamoran or Galician bagpipe
Gaita-de-fole transmontana(Portuguese f.) bagpipe from the Trás-os-Montes region, similar to the Galician gaita-de-fol, but has only one drone (like the Asturian bagpipes) and a more variable scale. It is played accompanied only by drums, usually played in a group along with the caixa and bomba, both kinds of drums found also in Galician ensembles
Gaita de fuelle(Spanish f.) see gaita de boto
Gaita escocesa(Spanish f.) the Great Highland bagpipe
Gaita extremeña(Spanish f.) three-holed pipe from the Iberian peninsula
Gaita gallega(Spanish f.) or cornemuse galicienne (French), a folk bagpipe from the Iberian peninsula, comprising a punteiro (chanter), a roncón (drone), as well as a ronqueta (little drone) and, less often, a ronquilla (even smaller drone) all attached to the fol (air reservoir)
Gaita mirandesa(Spanish f.) gaita-de-fole transmontana
Gaita portuguesa(Spanish f.) gaita-de-fole transmontana
Gaita transmontana(Spanish f.) gaita-de-fole transmontana
Gaita trasmontana(Spanish f.) gaita-de-fole transmontana
gaîté(French) gaity
Gaitero(Spanish m.) a player upon the gaita or bagpipes
Gaius Julius Cäsar(German m.) Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar
(100-44 BC)
Roman military leader, conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC). Gaius Octavius Thurinus, who was adopted by his great-uncle Gaius Julius Caesar in 44 BC, was officially named Gaius Julius Caesar between then and 31 BC. In 27 BC the Senate awarded him the honorific Augustus ('the revered one'), and thus consequently he was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus
gajasee gajo
gajamente(Italian) gaily, merrily, lively
Gajda(Macedonia) goat-skin bagpipe
Gajdas(Croatia) bagpiper
Gajde(Croatia) bagpipe
GajdySlovakian bagpipe
gajo (m.), gaja (f.)(Italian) gay, lively, merry
Gala(Italian f., English, German f., French m.) festive occasion, an occasion suitable for fine clothes, etc., (a theatrical performance, etc.) conducted with special pomp and ceremony
(Italian f.) finery, frill (of a lady's dress)
(German f.) ceremonial dress, gala dress, full dress
Gala-(German) fulldress (prefix)
Galaabend(German m.) gala evening, gala night
Gala-Auftritt(German m.) gala display
Galaauftritt(German m.) brilliant performance
Gala-Ballkleid(German n.) gala ball gown
Galadegen(German m.) dress sword
Galahad(English, German m.) (in Arthurian legend) the most virtuous knight of the Round Table; was able to see the Holy Grail
galaktisch(German) galactic
galaktisches Jahr(German n.) galactic year
galamment(French) prettily, pleasingly, gallantly, graciously (de bonne grâce), ably, adroitly, delicately
Galan(German m.) gallant (man), beau (man)
Galán(Spanish m.) male lead (in a theatrical production)
galan(German) gallant, gallantly
galant(French, German) a term, originating in Germany, to describe a mid-eighteenth-century homophonic, formal style, style galante or galanter Stil, as, for example, the music of C.P.E. Bach (1714-1788) that contrasts with the older contrapuntal style exemplified in the music of C.P.E.'s father J.S. Bach (1685-1750). Musically, it is associated with periodic melodies in a singing manner, light textrues, simple harmony, formulaic cadences and a variegated rhythmic palette often including triplet, alla zoppa and Lombardic figures
(German) gallant, gallantly, chivalrous, chivalrously
(French) technically accomplished (music)
They say at court, "A man is galant, that he says and does everything galamment, that he dresses galamment," and a thousand other things. One wonders what a gallant man or woman of that sort is. ... In the past I noted that this question was causing a stir among courtiers and among the most gallant of either sex, who were having a great deal of trouble defining the word. Some maintained that it was that je ne sais quoi [undefinable something] that is almost like bonne grâce. Others said that it was more than this je ne sais quoi or this bonne grâce, which are purely natural things, but that both had to be accompanied by a certain air that one assumes at court and that is only acquired by frequenting men and women of the high nobility. Others said that these external things did not suffice, and that the word galant was broader than that, that it embraced a number of qualities, in a word that it was a compound made up of that je ne sais quoi or bonne grâce, a courtly air, esprit, judgment, civility, courtesy, gaiety, and all without constraint, without affectation and without vice. These are the raw materials of which an upright man of the courtly type is made." - Vaugelas, Remarques (1647, p. 208)
galant (m.), galante (f.)(French) graceful, pleasing, gallant, bold, courteous, romantic, polite, in good taste
galante(Italian, Spanish) gallant (towards women), bold, graceful, pleasing, in good taste, gracefully, polite, courteous
galantement(French) gallantly, politely, gracefully, tastefully, romantic (mood, scene in a play, etc.)
galantemente(Italian) boldly, prettily, pleasingly, gallantly, gracefully, tastefully
Galante Musik(German f.) music in the galanter Stil
galanter(German) more gallant
Galanteria(Italian f.) politeness, courtesy, gallantry, delicacy, dainty (of food)
Galanterie (s.), Galanterien (German pl.), Galanteries (French pl.)(French f., German f.) gallantry
(French f.) flattering attention to women, mild flirtation
(Italian, German f., French f.) an ornament of the early classical period (similar to the mordents and flattement of the Baroque era)
(German) (in the plural form Galenterien) galanteries (French pl.)
(French) (in the plural form galanteries) optional dances, for example, polonaise, minuet, gavotte, air and bourrée, added to eighteenth-century suites (usually made up of allemande, courante, sarabande and gigue), and generally placed between the sarabande and gigue
Galanteriefuge(German f.) a fugue in the free style
Galanteriekunst(German f.) a style (of painting, etc.) which aims chiefly at elegance and technical accomplishment
Galanterie-stücke(German pl.) pieces in a free, ornamental style
Galanteriewaren(German pl.) fancies, fashion accessories (dated)
galanter Stil(German m.) see 'galant'
galantes Benehmen(German n.) chivalry
galanteste(German) most gallant
Galantine(French) in cooking, boned white meat (usually veal or chicken) poached or roasted and served hot or cold in its own jelly
Galant stylestyle galant (French) or Galanter stil (German), a clear, elegant, uncomplicated style that contrasted with the earlier, more complex baroque counterpoint, a style that replaced the old figured bass with the Alberti bass, and employed dance movements such as the minuet, gavotte, bourrée, passepied, loure, polonaise and air
Galantuomo(Italian m.) a gentleman, a man who is decent and respectable, a man of honour
Galao(China, Dong people) 'grand songs', known as galao among the locals, are the most representative public chorus of the Dong people, and popular mainly in Liping, Rongjiang, and Congjiang of Guizhou Province, and Sanjiang in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. 'Grand songs' comes in a number of different styles: for example, narrative style, with stories and dialogues; lyrical style, about love; morality style, usually religious and/or moral stories; vocal style, desgiend to show off a beautiful written melody. In addition there are also songs about etiquette-and-custom, drum-tower, and local opera grand songs
  • Galao from which this information has been taken
Galapagosinseln(German pl.) Galapagos Islands
Galassia(Italian f.) galaxy, the Milky Way
Galatag(German m.) gala day
Galateo(Italian m.) book of manners, code of politeness, good breeding
Galater(German pl.) Galatians
Galaterbrief(German m.) Letter to the Galatians, Epistle to the Galatians
Galatiaan ancient country of central Asia Minor in the region surrounding modern Ankara, Turkey - settled by Celtic tribes in the third century BC and made a Roman province in about 25 AD - site of an early Christian community
Galatien(German n.) Galatia
galatisch(German) Galatian
Galauniform(German f.) gala uniform, full dress uniform
Galavorstellung(German f.) gala performance, gala display
Galaxie (s.), Galaxien (German pl.)(French f., German f.) galaxy
Galaxis(German f.) galaxy
Galbanharz(German n.) galbanum
Galbanuma bitter, aromatic gum resin extracted from an Asiatic plant (Ferula galbaniflua) or any of several related plants and used in incense
Galbe(German m.) (in art) curve, contour, outline, sweep, line, style, elegance
(French m.) curve
galbé(French) shapely
Gäle (m.), Gälin (f.)(German) Gael
Galea(Italian f.) galley (ship, historical)
Galeazza(Italian f.) large galley
Galeere (s.), Galeeren (pl.)(German f.) galley
Galeerensklave(German m.) galley slave
Galéjade(French f.) tall tale (familiar)
Galenic pharmacythat branch of pharmacy which relates to the preparation of medicines by infusion, decoction, etc., as distinguished from those which are chemically prepared
Galenicsmedicines prepared according to the formulae of Galen
Galenik(German f.) galenics
galenisch(German) galenic
galenische Mittel(German pl.) galenics
Galenismthe medical system based on the theories or practices of Aelius Galenus or Claudius Galenus (AD 129-200/217), better known as Galen of Pergamum, a prominent Roman physician and philosopher of Greek origin, and probably the most accomplished medical researcher of the Roman period
Galenismus(German m.) Galenism
Galeone(German f., Italian m.) galleon (large ship, historical)
Galeophobiaa morbid fear of cats
Galeophobie(German f.) galeophobia
Galeotta(Italian f.) galliot, small galley (ship, historical)
Galeotto(Italian m.) galley slave, convict, cunning fellow (popular)
in poetry, the word is used for a go-between
Galera(Italian f.) a galley, a convict prison, a jail
Galère(French f.) galley (ship), set-up, set of people, circle
galérer(French) to have a hard time
Galería(Spanish f.) gallery
Galerie (s.), Galerien (German pl.)(German f., French f.) gallery, circle (theatre), roof-rack (car), blacony, galleria, the gods (highest gallery in a theatre), tribune, arcade (shopping)
Galeriegrab (s.), Galeriegräber (pl.)(German n.) gallery grave
Galerist(German m.) gallery owner
Gales(Spanish m.) Wales
Galés (m.), Galesa (f.)(Spanish) Welshman, Welshwoman
Galet(French m.) pebble
Galette(French) a French pastry, breakfast roll or flat cake
galeux (m.), galeuse (f.)(French) (animal) mangy
Galgen (s./pl.)(German m.) gallows, gibbet (archaic), bough (archaic), gallows tree
Galgenfrist(German f.) reprieve (familiar), last reprieve, short shrift (archaic)
Galgenhumor(German m.) gallows humour, morbid humour, 'sick' homour, grim sense of humour
Galgenmann(German m.) hangman
Galgenmännchen(German n.) hangman
Galgenmast(German m.) gallows pole
Galgenstrick(German m.) (hangman's) noose, rogue
Galgenvogel(German m.) gallows bird, hangdog
Galgenwitz(German m.) gallows joke
Galgo(Korean) an hourglass-shaped drum, similar to the janggu in shape and size, but where the galgo has a thinner leather drumhead and is struck with two drumsticks, whereas the janggu is played with a single stick
Galicia(Spanish Galicia) a region (and former kingdom) in northwestern Spain on the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay. Exploited by the Romans for its mineral resources, it later became a Goth kingdom and a stronghold of the Moors
(Polish Galicia) a historical region of central Europe in southeast Poland and western Ukraine. An independent principality after 1087 it was conquered by Russians in the 12th century and later passed to Poland and Austria. The territory was returned to Poland after World War I, and the eastern portion was ceded to the USSR after World War II
Galicien(German n.) (Spanish) Galicia
Galicier (m.), Galicierin (f.), Galicier (pl.)(German) (Spain) Galician
Galicisch(German n.) Galician (language of Spanish Galicia)
galicisch-portugiesisch(German) Galicio-Portuguese
Galiläa(German n.) Galilee
Galiläer (m.), Galiläerin (f.)(German) Galilean
galiläisch(German) Galilean
Galiläisches Meer(German n.) Sea of Galilee
Galileea vestibule or occasionally a chapel, originally for penitents and usually at the west end of a church
Galileischer Mond(German m.) Galilean moon
Galileitransformation(German f.) Galilean transformation
Galimathias(German m./n.) galimatias
Galimatiasa word denoting either unintelligible speech (gibberish) or a motley or medley of things (usually nonsense)
Galingalean aromatic root, the main ingredient of galyntyne, a pungent medieval sauce
Galin-Paris-Chevé systema sight singing method named after Pierre Galin [Exposition d'une Nouvelle méthode (1818)] and Émile-Joseph Chevé (1804-1864), Chevé's wife Nanine Paris and Nanine's brother Aimé Paris (1798-1866) [E. Chevé (Mme Nanine Paris) Méthode élémentaire de musique vocale (1864); E. Chevé (M. & Mme) Méthode élémentaire d'harmonie (1846); E. Chevé (M. & Mme) Exercices élémentaires de lecture musicale à l'usage des écoles primaires (1860)]
the system marked the degrees of the scale with arabic numerals (1, 2, etc) but employed sol-fa syllables (do, , mi, fa, sol, la, si) to sing them. In addition, they devised note names for the duration of notes, arranged rhythmically which are to this day called 'French time names', rhythm syllables, or, in French, langue des durées
Galionsfigur(German f.) figurehead (on a ship)
Galipette(French f.) somersault
Galipot(English, German m.) a small glazed pot used by apothecaries for medicines, confections, or the like
(English, German m.) an organic compound, referring specifically to an impure resin of turpentine
Gälisch(German n.) Gaelic
gälisch(German) Gaelic
Galizien(German n.) Galicia (in Southeast Poland and West Ukraine)
galizisch(German) Galician
galizische Küche(German f.) Galician cuisine
Galla(Italian f.) an oak-apple (or gall), a blister, a bubble, an inconstant person (figurative)
Gallapfel(German m.) spangle, oak apple
Gallarda(Spanish) see 'galliard'
Gallardia(Spanish f.) elegance
gallardo(Spanish) elegant
Galle(German f.) bile, gall, gall bladder, choler
Galle-(German) biliary (prefix)
gallebitter(German) bitter as gall, caustic, acrid, very bitter, acridly
Galleggiamento(Italian m.) buoyancy
Galleggiante(Italian m.) a float
galleggiante(Italian) floating
galleggiare(Italian) to float, to keep afloat, to lie of top (figurative), to rise (of stomach)
Gallego(Spanish m.) Galician
Gallen-(German) bilious, biliary
gallenartig(German) bilious
Gallenbeschwerden(German pl.) bilious complaint
gallenbitter(German) caustic, acrid
Gallenblase(German f.) gall-bladder, gall bladder, gallbladder
Gallenfarbstoff (m.), Gallenfarbstoffe (pl.)(German n.) bile pigment
Gallenfett(German n.) cholesterol
Gallenflüssigkeit(German f.) bile, bile fluid
Gallenkolik(German f.) bilious attack
Gallenkrankheit(German f.) biliousness
Gallenleiden(German n.) bilious complaint
Gallenpigment (s.), Gallenpigmente (pl.)(German n.) bile pigment
Gallenstein (s.), Gallensteine (pl.) (German m.) gall stone, gallstone, bile-stone, bilestone, biliary calculus (Calculus biliaris)
Gallensteinerkrankung(German f.) calculous biliary disease, calculous biliary illness, calculous biliary sickness
Gallensteinlithotripsie(German f.) cholelithotripsy
Gallensteinzertrümmerung(German f.) gallstone lithotripsy, cholelithotripsy (using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL))
Gallenweg(German m.) bile duct
Galleria(Italian f.) gallery, tunnel, arcade, subway, 'the Gods' (in a theatre)
Gallert(German n.) jelly, gelatinous mass
gallertartig(German) colloidal, gelatinous, gelatinously
Gallerte(German f.) (meat) jelly, gelatinous mass
Galleryin the theatre or opera house, the highest level of seating, or a raised section set at the back or sides of a theatre where an audience may stand to watch a performance, known colloquially as 'the Gods' (in English), le paradis (French m.) or galleria (Italian f.)
also called a tribune, in a church, an upper storey over an aisle, opening on to the nave
Gallery cardA postcard published by an artist or art gallery to announce an upcoming exposition
Galles, le pay de(Italian m.) Wales (country)
Gallese(Italian m.) Welsh (language), Welshman
gallese(Italian) Welsh
Galleta(Spanish f.) biscuit, cookie (US)
Galleta pequeña(Spanish f.) finger biscuit
Galletta(Italian f.) a ship's biscuit, a cocoon
Galletto(Italian m.) a cockerel, a young cock
Gallia(Italian f.) Gaul (region)
Galliardlively dance originating from the fifteenth century, generally in triple time, which was often coupled with and followed the stately pavan
"He who would learn to dance the galliard must come to us, who are accomplished masters," goes the 1541 villanella from Giovan Domenico da Nola, who spent most of his life in Naples
Galliarde(French) galliard
Gallic acidfound in gallnuts, sumac, witch hazel, tea leaves, oak bark, and other plants, gallic acid was one of the substances used by Angelo Mai (1782-1854) among other early investigators of palimpsests to clear the top layer of text off and reveal hidden manuscripts underneath. Mai was the first to employ it, but did so "with a heavy hand," often damaging manuscripts for future study. Early photographers also used it, Joseph Bancroft Reade (1801-1870) for instance and William Fox Talbot (1800-1877) for developing latent images in calotypes. It has also been used as a coating agent in zincography
  • Gallic acid from which some of this information has been taken
Gallicanof or pertaining to Gaul or France, and partlcilarly of the Roman Catholic Church in France, especially before 1870
Gallican chantcanto gallicano (Italian), Gallicanische Gesang (German), chant gallican (French), canto galicano (Spanish)
the Celtic and Mozarabic rites are liturgically related to the Gallican, an early chant that forms part of the rite of a historical sub-grouping of Christianity in western Europe. All three are sometimes collectively referred to as 'Gallican' to distinguish them from the different structure of the Roman rite. The 'Gallican' rite comprised the majority use of most of Christianity in western Europe for the greater part of the 1st millennium AD. The rites were first developed in the early centuries as the Syriac-Greek rites of Jerusalem and Antioch were first translated into Latin in various parts of the Roman West. The rites can considered part of what is now the Western Rite Catholic Church
Gallicanisma movement originating in France and advocating administrative independence from papal control for the Roman Catholic Church in each nation. The term is applied also to the body of doctrines, chiefly associated with the Gallican church, advocating the restriction of papal authority in certain matters
Gallican Ritea historical sub-grouping of Christianity in western Europe; it is not a single rite but actually a family of rites within the Western Rite which comprised the majority use of most of Christianity in western Europe for the greater part of the 1st millennium AD. The rites were first developed in the early centuries as the Syriac-Greek rites of Jerusalem and Antioch were first translated into Latin in various parts of the Roman West. The rites can considered part of what is now the Western branch of the Catholic Church. No chantbooks of Gallican chant have survived, although the first documented reference to a book of Western plainchant is of a Gallican text with psalms and chants. What we know of Gallican chant comes from contemporary descriptions of the chant, and Gallican elements that survived in later Gregorian sources
Gallican translationone of the two generally used translations of the Psalms in the Vulgate Bible, based on Jerome's revision of the Old Latin version, used in all later medieval Bibles
Gallicismo(Italian m.) Gallicism
Gallien(German n.) Gaul
Gallier (m.), Gallierin (f.), Gallier (pl.)(German) Gaul (a person from the region known as Gaul)
gallig(German) acrid, liverish, bilious (also figurative: irritable, cranky), bad-tempered, biliary, acridly, caustic
Galligaskinssee 'Venetians'
a Kentish term for a type of leggings, rough leather overalls, worn by thatchers, hedgers, and labourers
gallige Beschaffenheit(German f.) biliousness
galliger Humor(German m.) bitter humour
gallikanisch(German) Gallican
gallikanischer Gesang(German m.) Gallican chant
Gallikanismus(German m.) Gallicanism
Gallimaufrya hotchpotch or hodgepodge, jumble or confused medley
Gallina(Italian f.) a hen
Gallinaccio(Italian m.) a turkey-cock, a type of mushroom
Gallinella(Italian f.) a young hen, a pullet
gallisch(German) Gallic, (typical) French, Gaulish
Gallischer Krieg(German m.) Gallic War (58-51 BC) (associated with Julius Caesar)
gallisch-römisch(German) Gallo-Roman
Gallizismus(German m.) Gallicism
Gallo (s.), Galli (pl.)(Italian m.) cock (male bird)
(Italian m.) Gaul (an inhabitant of Gaul)
galli was the Roman name for the Gauls in the area that is now known as France
Galloi(German pl.) galli
Gallois(French m.) Welsh (language)
Gallois (m.), Galloise (f.)(French) Welshman (m.), Welshwoman (f.)h
gallois (m.), galloise (f.)(French) Welsh
gallonare(Italian) to decorate (with stripes), to trim with braid or lace
Gallone(Italian m.) a chevron, a stripe
Gallone (s.), Gallonen (pl.)(German f.) gallon
Gallonen pro Minute(German pl.) gallons per minute
Gallopfastest pace of a horse etc., with all the feet off the ground together in each stride
Galloria(Italian f.) mirth, merriment, noisy merrymaking
galloromanisch(German) Gallo-Roman
galloromanische Sprachen(German pl.) Gallo-Romance languages
Galloromanistik(German f.) French studies
Gallos(Spanish m. pl., literally 'roosters') in Cuba, contests between pairs of competing singers. During the years of slavery, slave owners would invite slaves around the area to a 'festival' featuring gallos, dancing and drumming
Gallozza(Italian f.) or gallozzola (Italian f.), a blister, a bubble
Gallseife(German f.) oxgall soap (used to remove stains)
Gallup-Meinungsumfrage(German f.) Gallup poll
Gallussäure(German f.) gallic acid
Galmei(German m.) calamine
Galmgat(Dutch) sound hole
Galon(French m.) braid, stripe (on uniform)
Galop(French m.) a lively nineteenth-century 'line-' or 'round-dance' in simple duple time, popular in Paris, Vienna and Victorian England. It was derived from a German dance known as the Hopser. It was often used as the last dance in the Quadrille. The name is derived by the galloping motion used to move up and down the line
(French) in ballet, a galop often forms the conclusion of a divertissement
Galopade(English, from the French galopade, 'wild rush') gallop
Galopp(German m.) gallop, galop (dance)
Galoppade(German) gallop
galoppante(Italian) galloping
galoppare(Italian) to gallop
Galoppeta(Italian f.) galloping, gallop
Galoppieren(German n.) galloping
galoppieren(German) to gallop, to career (horse, rider), to canter
galoppierend(German) galloping, soaring (figurative: rising rapidly)
Galoppierer(German m.) galloper
galoppiert(German) gallops, galloped
galoppierte(German) galloped
Galoppino(Italian m.) an errand-boy, a messenger
Galoppo(Italian m.) gallop
Galopprennbahn(German f.) racecourse (horses)
Galopprhythmus(German m.) gallop rhythm
Galoscia(Italian f.) galosh or golosh (a rubber overshoe, usually used in the plural)
Galoschen(German pl - Austria) galoshes
Galoubéor galoubet, a French tabor or three-holed pipe
Galoubetsee galoubé
Galt als ausgestorben, bis ...(German) Thought to be extinct, until ...
Galton whistlevery high frequency sound waves, above the limit of human hearing, were generated by the English scientist Francis Galton in 1876, through his invention, the Galton whistle
Galvanic(generally) sudden and remarkable, stimulating, full of energy
galvanico(Italian) galvanic
Galvanic skin responsealso known as electrodermal response (EDR), psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), or skin conductance response (SCR), a change in the electrical conductivity of the skin caused by an emotional reaction to a stimulus such as fear
Galvanik(German f.) electroplating
Galvanikanlage(German f.) galvanic equipment
galvanisch(German) galvanic, galvanical, galvanically
galvanisch aufgebrachtes Zink(German n.) electroplated zinc
galvanische Beschichtung(German f.) electroplating
galvanische Elektrizität(German f.) galvanic electricity
galvanischer Überzug(German m.) electroplated coating
galvanisches Element(German n.) galvanic cell, voltaic cell
galvanisches Kautern(German n.) galvanic cautery
galvanische Trennung(German f.) galvanic isolation
Galvaniseur(German m.) electroplater, galvaniser
galvanische Verzinkung(German f.) electrogalvanising
galvanische Zelle(German f.) voltaic cell, galvanic cell
galvanisch gekoppelt(German) DC coupled
galvanisch getrennt(German) galvanically isolated, electrically isolated
galvanisch verzinken(German) to zinc-electroplate
galvanisch verzinkt(German) electrogalvanised
Galvanisieranstalt(German f.) electroplating plant, electroplating works
Galvanisierbad(German n.) electroplating bath, galvanising bath
Galvanisieren(German n.) galvanising
galvanisieren(German) to galvanise, to electroplate, to plate, to galvanise
galvanisierend(German) electroplating
galvanisiert(German) tinsel-plated, galvanised, electroplated
Galvanisierung (s.), Galvanisierungen (pl.)(German f.) galvanisation
Galvanismor voltaism, direct-current electricity, especially when produced chemically
Galvanismus(German m.) galvanism
Galvanizeto rouse forcefully especially by shock or excitement, to stimulate by or as by electricity, to coat iron with zinc to protect against rust
galvanizzare(Italian) to galvanise
Galvanoforming(German n.) electroforming
Galvanographya method of reproduction in which a printing plate can be duplicated exactly in copper by electroplating a cast of the original. Though this method can be used to duplicate any surface in relief, galvanography is used mostly to reproduce engraved copper plates
Galvanokaustik(German f.) galvanic cautery
Galvanometer(German n.) galvanometer
galvanometrisch(German) galvanometric
Galvanoplastik(German f.) electroplating (procedure)
Galvanotechnik(German f.) electroplating
Galvanotherapie(German f.) galvanotherapy
Galumphmove noisily or clumsily
Gama(Spanish f.) scale, range
Gama de colores(Spanish f.) range of colours
Gamaka melodic embellishment in Hindustani classical music that combines a particular note with the one that precedes or succeeds it, giving a special vibratory effect
Gamasche (s.), Gamaschen (pl.)(German f.) gaiter, legging, spat, puttee, spatter dashes (pl.), horse boots (pl.)
Gamba(Italian f.) leg
see 'viol'
(Italian f.) stem (of a note, or of a letter)
see 'gamba stop'
(German f.) king prawn
Gamba-bassa stop on the pedals in an organ, of 16 ft. pitch
Gambale(Italian m.) legging
Gamba-majora stop in an organ, of 16 ft. pitch, sometimes called a Double-gamba
Gambang(German n., Javanese) wooden bars (in Java and Sunda usually made from teak, in Bali, usually made from bamboo) laid over a wooden frame struck with two sticks of supple buffalo horn ending with a small, round, padded disc
Gamba stopin German, Gambe, an organ stop with a pungent, string-like tone, with cylindrical or conical metal pipes of small scale, and at 16 ft., 8 ft. or 4 ft. pitch
Gambe(German f.) viol, viola da gamba
see 'Gamba stop'
Gamberetto(Italian m.) shrimp
Gambero(Italian m.) prawn, crayfish
Gambeson (s.), Gambesons (pl.)(English, German n.) quilted linen jacket stuffed with flax or rags, worn as a body defense by infantry and over the hauberk by poor knights and sergeant
Gambette(German) a small, or octave gamba stop, in an organ
Gambetto(Italian m.) the act of tripping someone
Gambia(German m.) Gambia River
(English, German n.) Gambia, The Gambia, Republic of The Gambia
country on the West coast of Africa, surrounded on three sides by Senegal - formerly a British colony and protectorate, it became independent in 1965
Gambian hip hop
Gambier (m.), Gambierin (f.), Gambier (pl.), Gambierinnen ( Gambian
Gambierinseln(German pl.) Gambier Islands
Gambier Islandsa group of islands in the south central Pacific, part of French Polynesia
gambisch(German) Gambian
Gambist (m.), Gambistin (German f.)(English, German) a performer on the viola da gamba or bass viol
Gambit(English, German n., from the Italian gambetto, literally the act of tripping someone) stratagem, ploy, scheme (ploy), an opening remark intended to secure an advantage for the speaker, an opening in chess in which a pawn or other piece is sacrificed to get an advantage in position, a military manoeuvre designed to deceive one's opponent and thereby gain an advantage
Gambo(Italian m.) stem, stalk (of a plant)
Gambogea brownish or orange resin obtained from several trees of the genus Garcinia of south-central Asia and yielding a golden-yellow pigment
GambuhGambuh belongs to the bebali or semi-secular class of dances which are performed without masks in the second courtyard of Balinese temples. Bebali dances are inevitably connected with odalan or other important religious occasions. The historical and aesthetical role of Gambuh comparable to that of Noh in Japan and Kathakali in Kerala
Gambus(Brunei) a folk-lute with six strings
Gamelan(English, Spanish m., German n., from the Javanese word gamel, literally 'blacksmith's hammer') an orchestra originating from the East Indies (Java, Sunda and Bali) formed mainly of tuned iron or bronze percussion (gongs, drums, rattles, marimbas), bowed and woodwind instruments formed of up to fifty musicians
Gamelan angklunga Balinese orchestra of tuned bronze percussion combined with flute and tuned bamboo rattles, that are shaken laterally, usually employing a high-pitched four-note tuning
Gamelan degunga type of gong-chime ensemble found only in Sunda, the mountainous region of West Java. For the Sundanese, gamelan degung is an important expression of their cultural identity, quite different from the gamelan traditions of Java and Bali, in that originally it did not include singing. The ensemble may include goong, jengglong, panerus, peking/saron, bonang, kendang and suling. Recent ensembles have added the following instruments: cempres, kempul, demung, kacapi, salentem, et al - instruments originally found in other ensembles, such as gamelan Sunda and kacapian
Gamelan gambuha rare Balinese orchestra of meter-long flutes (suling), bowed spike fiddle (rebab), drums (kendang), cymbals (ceng-ceng) gongkettles, hanging gongs and other archaic percussion instruments; a court ensemble that has a large repertoire based on seven tone scales played pentatonically
Gamelan gender wayanga Balinese quartet of ten-keyed genders (ten-keyed metallophones) used to accompany traditional shadow-puppet plays, the wayang kulit
Gamelan gongthe most common Balinese orchestra with five-tone tuning, pelog, metallophones (gangsa), gongkettles (reyong), hanging gongs, drums (kendang), cymbals (ceng-ceng) and flutes (suling)
Gamelan gong kebyara modern style or genre of Balinese gamelan music. Kebyar means 'the process of flowering', and refers to the explosive changes in tempo and dynamics characteristic of the style. It is the most popular form of gamelan in Bali
Gamelan joged bumbunga gamelan ensemble of bamboo instruments that accompanies Balinese joged dances. The ensemble typically consists of up to half a dozen marimba-like instruments called grantang or tingklik, suling (flute), kendang (drum) and ceng-ceng (cymbals)
Gamelanmusik(German f.) gamelan music
Gamelan-Orchester(German n.) gamelan (orchestra)
Gamelan salendroprimarily used for accompanying wayang golek (rod puppetry) and dance. Ordinary Sundanese people without social pretensions tend to prefer it to gamelan degung, from which it differs by having more instruments, but they each have a smaller range
Gamenwudu(Old English, literally 'harp') this instrument appeared in England sometime in the late ninth or early tenth century, although it may have been known earlier in Scotland and Ireland. Although no harps have survived from the period there are numerous pictorial representations. From these illustration we find that most have only twelve strings, giving a range of an octave and a half, about the same as an untrained human voice although we cannot tell the range of string thickness or gauge. The images of harps are often misleading and sometimes show the strings strung from the wrong section of the harp altogether. It could be that these harps had more strings than the illustrations show, although the twelve-stringed harp may have been the type that would be passed around the hall after feasting, where generally it would be used to accompany untrained voices. Scops and gleemen may have employed harps with a greater number of strings, possibly 20 or so, which would have better matched the range of a trained voice. The harp from this period would have been made with wood, with bone or, perhaps, metal pegs. The strings would probably have been gut or horsehair, or even bronze. There is a suggestion that the bronze strings were part of an Irish tradition, with gut strings being the more usual in England. Unlike modern harps, the soundbox would have be hollowed out from a single piece of wood and finished with a thin belly-panel to form the sound box
Gameshow(German f.) game show
Game showa television show in which contestants compete for prizes by playing games of knowledge or chance
Gamin (m.), Gamine (f.)(French) a street-urchin, a man or woman with the same attractive impertinence that is supposedly the characteristic of street-urchins
Gaminerie(French f.) the characteristic impertinence associated with street-urchins
Gamma(Dutch) gamut
the third letter of the Greek alphabet (Γ, γ)
(Italian f.) musical scale, range (figurative)
(Greek) in Guido d'Arezzo's scale (called the Guidonian scale), the note G on the bottom line of the bass clef, as well as the name of the scale itself
(Greek) in the sense of compass of a voice or an instrument
Gammaastronomie(German f.) γ-ray astronomy
Gammablitz(German m.) gamma-ray burst
Gammakamera(German f.) gamma camera
Gammakorrektur(German f.) gamma correction
Gammakorrekturfaktor(German m.) gamma correction factor
Gammaldans(Swedish) popular old-time dancing
Gammastrahl (s.), Gammastrahlen (pl.)(German m.) gamma ray
Gammastrahlenastronomie(German f.) gamma-ray astronomy, γ-ray astronomy
Gammastrahler(German m.) gamma emitter
Gammastrahlung(German f.) gamma radiation
Gamma utthe full name of the bottom note in the Guidonian scale, the note on the bottom line of the bass clef
Gamme(French f.) gamma
(French f.) scale, Tonleiter (German)
(French f.) range (of musical notes, colours, emotions, etc.)
Gamme ascendante(French f.) ascending scale
Gamme chromatique(French f.) chromatic scale, chromatische Tonleiter (German)
Gamme d'accord(French f.) chord scale
Gamme de produits(French f.) range of products
Gamme de Pythagore(French f.) or Gamme pythagoricienne, Pythagorean scale
Gamme descendante(French f.) descending scale
Gamme de Zarlino(French f.) or Gamme zarlinienne, a seven note scale, spanning the octave, made up of intervals expressable with as rational fractions using 2, 3 or 5 in the demominator
Gamme diatonique(French f.) diatonic scale, diatonische Tonleiter (German)
Gamme diatonique majeur(French f.) major diatonic scale
with increasing numbers of sharps in the key signature, the major diatonic scales are: Sol, , La, Mi, Si, Fa#, Do#
with increasing numbers of flats in the key signature, the major diatonic scales are: Fa, Sib, Mib, Lab, b, Solb, Dob
Gamme diatonique minor(French f.) minor diatonic scale, of which there are three forms:
gamme du mode mineur ancien (also called gamme mineure naturelle), gamme mineur harmonique, and gamme mineur mélodique
with increasing numbers of sharps in the key signature, the minor diatonic scales are: Mi, Si, Fa #, Do #, Sol #, Ré #, La #
with increasing numbers of flats in the key signature, the minor diatonic scales are: , Sol, Do, Fa, Si b, Mi b, La b
Gamme du mode mineur ancien(French f.) or gamme mineur naturelle, the natural minor scale
Gamme heptatonic(French f.) a heptatonic scale
Gammelei(German f.) loafing around
Gammelfleisch(German n.) rotten meat
gammelig(German) scruffy
gammeliges Fleisch(German n.) rotten meat
gammeln(German) to loaf around (colloquial), to laze around (colloquial), to loaf about (colloquial), to laze about (colloquial), to spoil (go bad), to go off
Gammler(German m.) layabout, loafer, bum (US), vagabond, beatnik (colloquial), deadbeat (colloquial)
gammelt Nummer(Danish, Norwegian) back number
Gamme majeure(French f.) a major scale, Dur-Tonleiter (German)
Gamme majeure ascendante(French f.) an ascending major scale
Gamme majeure descendante(French f.) a descending major scale
Gamme mineure(French f.) a minor scale, Moll-Tonleiter (German)
Gamme mineure ascendante(French f.) an ascending minor scale
Gamme mineure descendante(French f.) a descending minor scale
Gamme mineure harmonique(French f.) the harmonic minor scale, harmonische Moll-Tonleiter (German)
Gamme mineure mélodique(French f.) the melodic minor scale, melodische Moll-Tonleiter (German)
Gamme mineure mélodique ascendante(French f.) an ascending melodic minor scale
Gamme mineure mélodique descendant(French f.) a descending melodic minor scale
Gamme mineure naturelle(French f.) or gamme du mode mineur ancien, the natural minor scale, natürliche Moll-Tonleiter (German)
Gamme par tons(French f.) whole tone scale
Gamme pythagoricienne(French f.) or Gamme de Pythagore, Pythagorean scale
Gamme relative(French f.) relative scale, Paralleltonleiter (German)
Gammes(French f. pl.) exercises based around scales
Gammes décatoniques(French f. pl.) or mode bi-pentaphonique, a scale formed of the superposition of two sequences each of the same form but one a transposition of the other, for example, C, C#, D, E, F, F#, G, A, Bb, B, made up of two sequences on F and F# respectively
Gammes pentatoniques(French f. pl.) or gammes pentaphoniques, pentatonic scales
Gammes octatoniques(French f. pl.) the scales formed the repeated intervals 'semitone-tone' or 'tone-semitone'
Gammes relatives(French f. pl.) two scales, one major and the other minor, both with the same key signature, Paralleltonleiter (German)
Gamme tempérée(French f.) tempered scale, often used specifically to mean gamme au tempérament égal or tempérament égal, although gamme tempérée may properly be used for gammes des tempéraments inégaux
Gamme unitonique(French f.) whole tone scale
Gamme usuelles(French f.) the major, harmonic minor, melodic minor and chromatic scales
Gamme zarlinienne(French f.) or Gamme de Zarlino, a seven note scale, spanning the octave, made up of intervals expressable with as rational fractions using 2, 3 or 5 in the demominator
gammlig(German) scruffy
gamophob(German) gamophobic
Gamophobiaa morbid fear or dislike of marriage
Gamophobie(German f.) gamophobia
Gams(German f. - Austria, Southern Germany) chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
Gamsbart(English, German m.) tuft of chamois hair worn as a hat decoration
Gämsbock(German m.) chamois buck
Gämse(German f.) chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
Gämsenkitz(German n.) kid (of the chamois)
Gämshorn (s.), Gämshörner (pl.)(German n.) gemshorn
Gamuta contraction of gamma ut, G one octave and a fourth below middle C
the scale
the range of notes in a piece, that is, from the lowest to the highest
the counterpart to the word 'palette' in painting, the range of 'colour' available to an arranger or composer
Gamsleder(German n.) chamois, chamois (leather)
Gamslederschritt(German m.) chamois leather crotch (cycling trousers)
Gamut Gor Gamma ut, the G which is on the first (that is the lowest) line of the bass stave
Gamuza(Spanish f.) chamois leather
Ganathe mouth bow of the African Nama people
ganar(Spanish) to win (a competition)
ganarse la vida(Spanish) to earn a living
ganar terreno(Spanish) to gain ground
Ganascia(Italian f.) jaw
Ganascione(Italian) an Italian lute
Ganawasee gnawa
Gancho (s.), Ganchos (pl.)(Spanish m., literally 'hook') flag (part of a note)
Gancio(Italian m.) hook
Gandul(Spanish m./f.) good-for-nothing
Ganeff(German m.) ganef (Yiddish: spiv, crook, hood, hoodlum), berk (colloquial)
Ganesha(German m.) Ganesh (Hindu god)
Gang (s.), Gänge (pl.)(German m.) passage (way), passageway, alley, hallway, corridor, gangway (corridor), walkway, aisle (between rows of seats), path, pace, rate of movement or motion, running, gear, walk, working, action, operation, way, visit, speed, duct, vein, bout, tread, reef, cross, seam, gait (way of walking), course (part of a meal), errand, tenor (line of thought or reasoning)
(German m.) a period not symmetrically articulated
(English, German m., in which case the plural is Gangs) group, band (group), posses (colloquial)
Ganga(Spanish f.) bargain, easy job, cushy job
(India) the sacred river Ganges of Northern India
(Ghana) a cylindrical double headed drum
(Nigeria) a Nigerian drum, played under the arm
(Bosnia) a shouted polyphonic vocal style
Gan ganor gangan, see 'talking drum'
Gangan sarakiWest-African double-headed drum
Gangara Norwegian walking dance
Gängart(German m.) gait (horse), way of walking, pace (horse), pace (horse)
gangauf und gangab(German) up and down the corridor
gangbar(German) saleable, practicable, passable
gangbare Aktie(German f.) saleable stock
gangbare Regelung(German f.) practicable settlement
Gangbild(German n.) postural control, gait (pattern)
Gang der Ereignisse(German m.) course of events
Gang der Geschäfte(German m.) course of business
Gang einlegen(German) to engage gear, to put into gear
Gängelei(German f.) patronising
gängeln(German) to spoon-feed (figurative)
Gängelung(German f.) patronising
Ganges(English, German m.) the sacred river Ganges of Northern India
Gangesdelta(German n.) Ganges Delta
Gänge wechseln(German) to shift gears
Gangfenster(German f.) hallway window
Ganggenauigkeit(German f.) accuracy (of clocks)
Ganggestein(German n.) matrix
Ganggrab(German n.) passage grave, passage tomb
Ganghebel(German m.) gear lever, gear stick
gängig(German) current, (very) common, fast-selling, popular, usual, established (word, phrase), well-established (word, phrase)
gängige Methode(German f.) current method
gängige Produkte(German pl.) fast movers (merchandising)
gängiger Preis(German m.) popular price
gängiges Verfahren(German n.) valid method
Gängige Teile schmieren!(German) Lubricate moving parts!
gängige Ware(German f.) goods in general supply, marketable goods, saleable goods, staple goods
Gängigkeit(German f.) mobility, free movement
gängigste(German) trendiest, most common, most popular
Gangkoguisee gankogui
Ganglagerstätte(German f.) vein
Ganglinie(German f.) hydrograph
Ganglion (s.), Ganglia (English, Greek pl.), Ganglien (German pl.)(English, German n., Greek) a knot on a nerve from which nerve-fibres radiate
ganglos(German) ductless
Gangmitglied (s.), Gangmitglieder (pl.)(German n.) gang member
Gangplatz(German m.) aisle seat
Gang printor 'Gang run', the printing of more than one print job on a single press at the same time. As presses grew larger so did their ability to print many small objects simultaneously on large paper sheets or webs that would later be cut apart. The plates however were usually multiples of the same image. Gang printing combined the different forms from different images and from different clients on one press bed where the printing requirements such as the size of the run and the paper to be used were the same
Gangrad(German n.) gear wheel, escapement wheel (clock mechanism)
Gangrän(German f./n.) gangrene
Gangräne(German f./n.) gangrene
gangränös(German) gangrenous
Gangreihe(German f.) aisle
Gangsacollective term for the metallophones used in Balinese and Javanese gamelan music, each consisting of several, tuned metal bars which are hit with a mallet. The gangsa, usually made up of pemades and kantillan, are similar to the gendér and the saron
Gangschaltung(German f.) gear change, gear shift, gear box
Gangsta Rap(English, German m.) gangsta rap (slang)
Gangster (s.), Gansterin (German pl.), Gangster (German pl.)(English, German) mobsman, gunman, racketeer, thug, mobster, raider, hoodlum (member of a gang), hood (slang)
Gangsterbande(German f.) gang of criminals
Gangsterbraut(German f.) moll
Gangsterfilm(German m.) gangster film
Gangstermilieu(German n.) underworld
Gangstertum(German n.) racketeering, gangsterism
Gangsystem(German n.) burrow system
gang und gäbe sein(German) to be common practice, to be commonplace, to be quite usual, to be quite common (usual)
Gangway(English, German f.) steps, walkway
Gangwechsel(German m.) change of gear
Gangwerk(German n.) gait
Gang zur Unterhausabstimmung(German m.) division lobby
Gang zwischen Sitzbänken(German m.) passage-way
Gañido(Spanish m.) yelping
gañir(Spanish) to yelp
Ganjanarcotic from the flower of Indian hemp
Gankoguior gangkogui, from Ghana, double clapperless iron bell that is struck with a wooden beater
Ganove (s.), Ganoven (pl.)(German m.) crook, hoodlum, spiv (colloquial), hood (colloquial)
Ganovenehre(German f.) honour amongst thieves
Gans (s.), Gänse (pl.)(German f.) goose
Gansásee ganzá
Gansada(Spanish f.) silly thing
GansadanBurmese whirling gongs
Gansbraten(German m.) roast goose
Gänschen(German n.) gosling
Gans, die goldene Eier legt(German f.) goose that lays golden eggs
Gänse-(German) anserine (prefix)
Gänseblümchen (s./pl.)(German n.) (common) daisy (Bellis perennis), daisy
Gänseblümchenkette(German f.) daisy chain
Gänseblümchenkranz(German m.) daisy chain
Gänseblume(German f.) daisy
Gänsebraten(German m.) roast goose
Gänsebrust(German f.) goose breast, breast of goose
Gänsedaune(German f.) goose down
Gänseei(German n.) goose egg
Gänsefeder(German f.) goose quill
Gänsefett(German n.) goose grease
Gänsefingerkraut(German n.) silverweed (Potentilla anserina), tansy
Gänsefuß(German n.) goose foot (Pes anserinus)
Gänsefüßchen(German pl.) inverted commas, double quotes, quotes (colloquial)
Gänsegeier(German m.) griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), Eurasian griffon
Gänsehaut(German f.) goose-flesh, goosepimples, gooseflesh, goosebumps, goose bumps
Gänsehautfeeling(German n.) goose bumps, goosebumps
Gänsekiel(German m.) goosequill
Gänseklein(German n.) goose giblets
Gänsekraut(German n.) mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Gänseleber(German f.) goose liver
Gänseleberpastete(German f.) pâté de foie gras, goose liver pâté
Gänseleberwurst(German f.) goose-liver sausage, goose liverwurst
Gänsemarsch(German m.) single file
Ganser(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) gander
Gänserich(German m.) gander
Ganser-Syndrom(German n.) Ganser syndrome
Ganser syndromea rare dissociative disorder previously classified as a factitious disorder. It is characterized by nonsensical or wrong answers to questions or doing things incorrectly, other dissociative symptoms such as fugue, amnesia or conversion disorder, often with visual pseudohallucinations and a decreased state of consciousness. It is also sometimes called nonsense syndrome, balderdash syndrome, syndrome of approximate answers, pseudodementia or prison psychosis. This last name, prison psychosis, is sometimes used because the syndrome occurs most frequently in prison inmates, where it may represent an attempt to gain leniency from prison or court officials
Gänsesäger(German m.) goosander (Mergus merganser), common merganser
Gänseschar(German f.) gaggle of geese
Gänseschmalz(German m.) goose dripping, goose fat
Gänsestopfleber(German f.) foie gras
Gänsevögel(German pl.) waterfowl (collective)
Gänsewein(German m.) Adam's wine, Adam's ale (water)
Gänse zum Braten füllen(German) to stuff geese for roasting
Gansjung(German n.) goose giblets
Gansklein(German n. - Southern Germany, Austria) goose giblets
Gansleber(German f. - Austria) goose liver
Gänslein(German n.) gosling
Gansljunge(German n.) goose giblets
Gant(German f. - Switzerland) auction
Ganter(German m.) gander
Gantry (English, German f.) structure supporting a travelling crane, railway or road signals, rocket-launching equipment, etc.
Gantt charta type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule
Gantt-Diagramm(German n.) Gantt chart
Ganxo(Catalan m.) flag (part of a note)
Ganymed(German m.) Ganymede
Ganymedein Greek legend, a Trojan prince of great beauty carried off by Zeus to be his cupbearer
ganz(German) also, all (of), very, quite. whole, perfect, entire, full, total, outright (entirely), intact, unbrokenly, unmitigated, fully, integrally, complete, wholly, rather
Ganzá(Brazil) alternatively gansá or chocalho, a large tube shaker filled with small pellets. Most are made out of metal and some are multiple tubes attached together
ganz abgelegen(German) miles from anywhere
ganz abgesehen davon, dass ...(German) not to mention the fact that ...
ganz abgesehen von ...(German) not to mention ...
ganz abgesehen von den Ausgaben!(German) let alone the expense!, not to mention the expense!
ganz allein(German) all by one's self, all by oneself, all alone
ganz alleine(German) quite alone, all alone
ganz allgemein(German) in the most general sense
ganz allmählich(German) little by little
ganz als(German) just as if
ganz am Anfang(German) at the outset, at the very start, at the very beginning
ganz am Ende(German) right at the end
ganz am Ende des Tisches(German) at the very end of the table
ganz amerikanisch(German) all-American
ganz an der Front(German) at the very front
ganz andere Fragestellung(German f.) completely different issue
ganz anders(German) completely different, entirely different, much different
ganz anders als(German) quite different from
ganz anders aussehen als ...(German) to not look anything like ...
ganz aufgewühlt sein(German) to be all churned up inside
ganz aufmerksam sein(German) to be all attention, to be all ears
Ganzaufnahme(German f.) full length portrait
ganz auf ... verzichten(German) to dispense with ... (something) altogether
ganz aus dem Häuschen(German) cock-a-hoop
ganz aus dem Häuschen sein(German) to be all of a tizzy (colloquial)
Ganz aus dem Stegreif.(German) Right off the bat.
Ganzausgabe(German f.) complete edition
ganz aus Seide(German) all silk
ganz aus Wolle(German) all wool
ganz außer Atem(German) all out of breath
ganz außer sich(German) as mad as hell
ganz außergewöhnlich(German) absolutely extraordinary
ganz ausgeben(German) to exhaust
ganz ausgeformt(German) fully formed
Ganz ausgezeichnet!(German) Splendid! (answer to an enquiry about one's health)
(ganz) ausschreiben(German) to write out (in full)
(ganz) außer sich vor Freude(German) giddy with pleasure
ganz ausverkauft(German) all sold out
ganz automatisch(German) as a matter of routine
ganz bedeckt mit(German) all over with
(ganz) bei ... sein(German) to agree with ... (somebody)
ganz besiegt(German) completely defeated
ganz besonders(German) unique, eminently
ganz besonders erpicht darauf sein, ... zu tun (German) to be particularly keen to do ... (something)
ganz besonders trifft das zu(German) none more so than
ganz besonders, wenn ...(German) all the more if ...
ganz bestimmt(German) without fail, for sure, most certainly
ganz bezahlen(German) to pay in full
ganz billig(German) dirt cheap
ganz blass(German) white as a sheet (look)
ganz böses Grinsen(German n.) very evil grin
ganz brav sein(German) to be as good as gold
Ganz deiner Meinung!(German) My sentiments exactly.
ganz deutsch(German) all German
ganz Deutschland(German) all Germany, the whole of Germany
ganz dreckig(German) black all over
ganz dringend brauchen(German) to be in dire need of
ganz dumm(German) completely stupid
ganz durchlesen(German) to read through the lot
ganz durchnässt(German) (all) wet through
Ganze(German n.) whole, entirety, total
semibreve(German n.) also ganze Note or Ganzetaknote, a semibreve (whole note), ronde (French)
Gänze(German f.) entireness, entirety
ganze(German) whole
Ganze Abteilung kehrt!(German) About face! (order when marching)
ganze Arbeit leisten(German) to make a good job of it, to do a good job
ganze Bände schreiben(German) to write volumes
ganze Bände von ... schreiben(German) to write reams of ... (colloquial)
ganze Emission(German f.) entire issue
ganze fünf Tage(German) a whole five days
Ganz egal, ...(German) Either way, ...
Ganz egal wie . (German) No matter how .
ganz egal wie viel(German) however much
Ganz egal!(German) Like it matters!
ganze Geschichte(German f.) complete history, complete story
ganze Haselnusskerne(German pl.) whole hazelnuts
ganz ehrlich(German) dead honest, in all honesty, with all one's heart (colloquial)
Ganz ehrlich, hättest du je gedacht, dass ...(German) Honestly, did you ever think (that) ...
ganz einfach(German) plain vanilla (colloquial)
..., ganz einfach.(German) ..., simple as that.
Ganz einfach.(German) Very simple.
ganz eingekrampft(German - Austria) all tensed up
ganz eingenommen(German) completely taken in
ganze Ladung(German f.) full load
ganze Länge(German f.) full length
ganze Mahlzeit(German f.) full meal
ganze Meile(German f.) full mile
ganz England(German) all England
ganz englisch(German) all English
ganze Note(German f.) semibreve, whole note (US)
(German) see Ganze
ganz entschieden(German) in the strongest terms, in strong terms (to object, condemn, criticise, deplore, praise, etc.)
(German) very strongly (condemn, support, etc.)
ganz enttäuscht(German) quite disenchanted
ganze Palette(German f.) full range
ganze Pause
semibreve rest(German f.) or ganztaktige Pause, semibreve rest, whole rest (US)
ganzer(German) whole
ganzer Betrag(German m.) whole amount
ganzer Bogen(German m.) a whole-bow
ganze Reihe von Ideen(German f.) whole train of ideas
ganz erheblich(German) monumental
ganzer Käse(German m.) whole cheese
ganzer Kerl(German m.) he-man (colloquial)
ganz erledigt sein(German) to be all knocked out
ganzer Plan(German m.) entire plan
ganzer Roman(German m.) complete novel
ganzer Satz(German m.) full set, complete sentence, complete set
ganz erschöpft(German) completely worn out
ganz erschöpft sein(German) to be worn out (tired, exhausted)
ganzer Tag(German m.) whole day
ganzer Takt(German m.) a whole bar
ganzes Buch(German n.) complete book
ganze Seite(German f.) full page
ganze Sendung(German f.) whole consignment, whole order, whole shipment
ganzes Essen(German n.) complete dinner
ganzes Jahr(German n.) full year, whole year
ganzes Stäbchen(German n.) double crochet
ganze Struktur(German f.) entire structure
ganzes Vertrauen(German n.) complete confidence
Ganzetaknote(German f.) semibreve, whole note (US)
(German) see Ganze
Ganze-ton(German) whole tone
ganz Europa(German) all Europe
ganze verhallend(German) entirely dying away, very faintly
ganze Werk(German) full organ
ganze Woche(German f.) solid week, full week
ganze Zahl (s.), ganze Zahlen (pl.)(German f.) whole number, integer
ganze Züge voller Urlauber(German pl.) trainloads of holidaymakers (colloquial)
ganz ... Fall sein(German) to be right up ... alley (somebody's)
ganz falsch(German) all wrong, completely wrong, quite wrong
Ganzfeld(German n.) whole field
Ganzfeldexperiment(German n.) ganzfeld experiment
Ganzfeld experimenta technique used in the field of parapsychology to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP)
ganz fertig gestellt(German) completely finished
ganz feuchte Augen bekommen(German) to go all dewy-eyed
Ganzfigurenporträt(German n.) full-length portrait
ganzfiguriges Porträt(German n.) full-figure portrait
ganz Frankreich(German) all of France
ganz fremd sein(German) to be quite strange
ganz gehörig(German) with a vengeance
ganz genau(German) to a hair's breadth
Ganz genau so isses!(German) (So) let it be written! (colloquial, figurative)
(ganz) genau wissen, dass ...(German) to know for sure that ...
ganz genau wissen, dass dies nicht geht(German) to know full well that this is no good
ganz gerissen(German) dead smart (colloquial)
ganzgeschweißter Stahl(German m.) all-welded steel
ganz gewiss(German) sure enough, (most) assuredly, most certainly
(ganz) gewöhnlich(German) common-or-garden (colloquial)
ganz gleich(German) all the same, no matter
ganz gleich, was passiert(German) no matter what (happens)
ganz gleich wer(German) whoever, whosoever
ganz gleich wie klein die Sendung ist(German) no matter how small the shipment is
ganz groß(German) big-time (colloquial)
ganz groß in Schale sein(German) to be dressed up to the nines (colloquial)
Ganz gut.(German) Pretty good.
ganz harmlos(German) innocuous enough, harmless enough
ganz heimlich(German) on the quiet
ganz heißer Favorit(German m.) red-hot favourite (competitor, horse, etc.)
Ganzheit (s.), Ganzheiten (pl.)(German f.) unbrokenness, wholeness, integrity, entireness, entirety, whole (thing complete in itself), totality (a whole)
ganzheitlich(German) holistic, integrated, holistically, all in all, integral
ganzheitliche Betrachtung(German f.) holistic view
ganzheitliche Betrachtungsweise(German f.) holistic view
ganzheitliche Gestaltung(German f.) holistic designing
ganzheitliche Praxis(German f.) holistic clinic, holistic health practice, holistic practice (approach)
ganzheitlicher Ansatz(German m.) holistic approach
ganzheitliches Denken(German n.) holistic thinking
ganzheitliches Gestalten(German n.) holistic design
ganzheitliche Therapie(German f.) holistic therapy
Ganzheitslehre(German f.) holism
Ganzheitsmedizin(German f.) holistic medicine
Ganzheitspsychologie(German f.) holistic psychology
Ganzheitstherapie(German f.) holistic therapy
ganz hervorragend(German) outstanding
ganz hinauf klettern(German) to climb right up
ganz hinten(German) aftmost, at the farthest end, backmost
ganz hinten am Tisch(German) at the bottom of the table, at the far end of the table
ganz hinten in der Bucht(German) at the far end of the bay
ganz hinten in der Reihe(German) at the far end of the line
ganz horizontal(German) dead horizontal
Ganz im Ernst, ...(German) On a serious note, ...
ganz im Gegensatz zu(German) in marked contrast to
ganz im Gegenteil(German) quite the opposite, quite the reverse, quite the contrary, on the contrary, au contraire
ganz im Gegenteil zu(German) quite contrary to
ganz in Anspruch genommen(German) absorbed
ganz in Anspruch nehmen(German) to absorb
ganz in der Nähe(German) at close quarters, a few steps from here, close by here, near at hand
ganz in Flammen(German) all ablaze
ganz in Flammen gehüllt(German) completely enveloped in flames
ganz in Gold(German) all-golden
ganz in Mode sein(German) to be all the rage
ganz in Ordnung(German) quite correct
ganz in schwarz(German) all-black
ganz in schwarz gekleidet(German) clad all in black
ganz in Schwarz gekleidet sein(German) to be (dressed) all in black
ganz in Transistorbauweise(German) all-transistor
ganz inoffiziell(German) strictly off the record
Ganzjahres-(German) year-round (prefix)
ganzjährig(German) all-the-year, all-year, perennial, all (the) year round, throughout the year, all-season, year-round
ganzjähriges Skifahren(German n.) all-the-year skiing, all-year skiing
ganzjährig wasserführend(German) perennial (river, etc.)
ganz jung(German) quite young
ganz kalt(German) completely cold
ganz kaputt(German) completely wrecked
ganz klein(German) minute (extremely small)
ganz klein anfangen(German) to start from scratch
ganz knapp(German) by a hair's breadth
ganz knapp schneiden(German) to cut quite close
ganz konkret gesprochen(German) concretely
Ganzkörperanzug(German m.) overall
Ganzkörperbehandlung(German f.) full-body treatment
Ganzkörperbewegung(German f.) full body movement
Ganzkörperbildgebung(German f.) whole-body imaging, whole body imaging
Ganzkörpergips(German m.) bodycast
Ganzkörpermassage(German f.) full body massage
Ganzkörperpackung(German f.) body wrap
Ganzkörperscanner(German m.) body scanner, full-body scanner
Ganzkörperschleier(German m.) full-body veil, full veil
Ganzkörperverschleierung(German f.) wearing the full (body) veil
Ganzkörpervibration(German f.) whole-body vibration
Ganzkörperwassermassage(German f.) full-body water massage
ganz langsam(German) very slowly, dead slow
Ganzleder-(German) full-leather (prefix)
Ganzlederdecken(German pl.) full-leather covers
ganz leicht(German) dead easy
Ganzleinen-Buch(German n.) fully-bound book, full-bound book
gänzlich(German) wholly, well, all over, altogether, clean (total / totally), outright, sheer, stark, totally, utterly, well and truly, quite, completely, total, entirely
(gänzlich) ausrotten(German) to eradicate
gänzlich ersterbend(German) completely dying away
gänzlich falsch(German) altogether wrong
gänzlich unbekannt(German) unheard-of (unknown)
gänzlich unerwartete Folgen(German pl.) entirely unforeseen results
gänzlich unvermutet(German) entirely unexpected
gänzlich verklingend(German) completely dying away
gänzlich verschwindend(German) completely dying away
ganz links(German) leftmost
ganz löcherig sein(German) to be full of holes
ganz löchrig sein(German) to be full of holes
Ganz meinerseits.(German) Same here. It was my pleasure. Nice to meet you, too. (standard reply to: Nice to meet you.)
(ganz) ... Meinung sein(German) to be (entirely) of ... opinion (somebody's)
ganz nach Belieben(German) just as you like
ganz nach dem Gefühl(German) visceral
ganz nach Lust und Laune(German) as the whim takes me
ganz nach unten fallen(German) to fall below the floor
ganz nackt(German) completely naked
ganz nahe bei(German) on the brink of
ganz nass(German) all wet
ganz nebenbei(German) apropos of nothing
(ganz) nett(German) middling
ganz neu(German) brand-new, entirely new, newly made
ganz neue Version(German f.) all-new version
ganz neues Ballspiel(German n.) whole new ball game (colloquial)
ganz normal(German) run-of-the-mill, ordinary
ganz normales Mädchen(German n.) ordinary girl
ganz oben(German) at the very top, at the top of
ganz oben auf dem Baum(German) at the very top of the tree
ganz oben auf der Tagesordnung stehen(German) to be at the top of the agenda (figurative)
ganz oben auf ... Wunschliste stehen(German) to be top of ... wish list (somebodies)
ganz oben liegen(German) to be uppermost
ganz objektiv betrachtet(German) in all objectivity
ganz objektiv gesehen(German) in all objectivity
ganz oder teilweise(German) all or part of, in whole or in part
ganz oder teilweise unwirksam(German) void in whole or in part
ganz offen(German) wide open
ganz offensichtlich(German) evidently
ganz ohne Geld(German) completely broke (colloquial)
ganz ohne sich zu schämen(German) quite without shame
ganz Ohr sein(German) to be all ears
ganz passabel(German) competent (of a good standard but not very good)
ganz persönliche Angelegenheit(German f.) private matter
ganz plötzlich(German) all of a sudden, overnight (figurative), quite suddenly
ganz präzise(German) like clockwork
ganz pünktlich(German) dead on time
ganzrandig(German) entire
ganz recht(German) all right, quite so
Ganz recht.(German) That's right. Certainly.
ganz rechts(German) rightmost, at the far right
ganz regelmäßig(German) clocklike
ganz Rom(German) all Rome
ganz ruhig(German) at ease (relaxed)
Ganz ruhig!(German) Relax!
ganz rund(German) all round
Ganzsache(German f.) entire, cover, postal stationery
ganz schief(German) completely askew
ganz schlimmes Grinsen(German n.) very wicked grin
ganz schlimmes Lächeln(German n.) very wicked smile
Ganzschluss(German m.) full cadence
ganz schön(German) pretty
ganz schön angeschlagen sein(German) to have been in the wars recently (colloquial)
ganz schön durcheinander(German) in a pretty mess
(ganz schön) einen in der Krone haben(German) to be well-oiled (colloquial: to be drunk)
ganz schön gescholten werden(German) to get a nice scolding
ganz schön in der Klemme sitzen(German) to be in a nice mess, to be up a gum tree (colloquial)
ganz schön in der Patsche sitzen(German) to be in a pretty pickle (colloquial)
ganz schön schnell(German) pretty damn quick (colloquial)
ganz schön viel(German) quite a lot
ganz schön was abkriegen(German) to get a nasty bashing (colloquial)
ganz schrecklicher Mensch(German m.) perfect horror (person)
ganz schwerer Fehler(German m.) vital error
ganz sehr dicht neben ...(German) really very close beside ... (somebody, something)
Ganzseide(German f.) pure silk
Ganzsein(German n.) wholeness
ganzseitig(German) full-page
ganzseitige Anzeige(German f.) full-page advertisement, full page spread (advertisement)
ganz selbstverständlich(German) as a matter of course, quite natural
ganz selten(German) once in a blue moon (colloquial), on rare occasions
ganz sicher(German) cocksure, dead certain, dead sure, perfectly safe, quite certain, sure as death, most certainly, positively
ganz sicher gehen(German) to be on the safe side
ganz sichtbar sein(German) to be in full view
ganz spontan(German) under the impulse of the moment
Ganzstahl-(German) all-steel (prefix)
Ganzstahlgehäuse(German n.) all-steel casing
Ganzstahlkarosserie(German f.) all-steel body, all steel body, pressed-steel body, steel body
Ganzstahlkonstruktion(German f.) all-steel construction
Ganzstahl-Konstruktion(German f.) all-steel construction
Ganzstahlschweißkonstruktion(German f.) all-steel welded construction
Ganzstahl-Schweißkonstruktion(German f.) all-steel welded construction
ganz staubig(German) all dusty
ganz still(German) dead calm, very quiet
ganz still sein(German) to be absolutely silent
ganztägig(German) whole-time, full time, full-time, all-day, full-day
ganztägig arbeiten(German) to work full time, to work full-time
ganztägig geöffnetes Restaurant(German n.) all-day restaurant
ganztags(German) (work) full-time
Ganztags-(German) all-day (prefix)
Ganztagsarbeit(German f.) full-time employment, full-time job, full-time work
ganztags arbeiten(German) to work full-time
Ganztagsausflug(German m.) all-day excursion
Ganztagsbeschäftigung(German f.) full time job, full-time employment, full-time job, full-time work, full-time occupation
Ganztagsbetreuung(German f.) full-day care, all-day care
Ganztagsschule(German f.) all-day school, full-time school
Ganztagsstelle(German f.) full-time job
Ganztagstätigkeit(German f.) full-time job
Ganztagsunterricht(German m.) full-time education, all-day education
Ganztagszahlentabelle(German f.) table of degree days (see degree days)
ganztaktige Pause(German f.) see ganze Pause
Ganz toll!(German) Well done!
ganz tolles Erlebnis(German n.) thrilling experience
Ganzton (s.), Ganztöne (pl.)(German m.) the interval of a whole tone, which in the equal temperament system would be equal to 200 cents
Ganztonleiter(German f.) whole-tone scale
Ganztonskala (s.), Ganztonskalen (pl.)(German f.) whole-tone scale
ganz transistorisiert(German) all-transistorised
ganz trocken(German) bone-dry, bonedry
ganz überrascht(German) smitten with surprise
ganz überzeugend sein(German) to be absolutely convincing
ganz um uns herum(German) all round us
ganz und gar(German) altogether, downright, all over, throughout, wholly, entirely, completely, utterly, lock, stock and barrel, completely and utterly
ganz und gar nicht(German) not at all, by no means
Ganz und gar nicht.(German) Anything but. Far from it.
ganz und gar nicht begeistert(German) less than thrilled
ganz unglaublich(German) beyond all belief, bitterly unhappy
ganz unten ankommen(German) to hit rock bottom (colloquial)
ganz unten auf der Leiter(German) at the bottom of the ladder
ganz unten im Fass(German) at the bottom of the barrel
ganz unten landen(German) to reach rock bottom (colloquial)
ganz unten sein(German) to be on the rocks
ganz unterschiedliche Dinge(German pl.) different things
ganz unwissend(German) completely ignorant
ganz verändert(German) completely altered
ganz verdorben(German) bloody rotten (colloquial)
ganz vereinzelt(German) few and far between
ganz verkommen(German) completely rotten
ganz verlassen(German) completely deserted
ganz verlassenes Tal(German n.) completely deserted valley
ganz verrückt(German) stark-mad, nuttier than a fruitcake (colloquial)
ganz verschieden(German) widely different
ganz verschiedener Meinung sein(German) to differ widely in opinion
ganzverschüttet(German) completely buried (by an avalanche)
(ganz) versessen (auf)(German) hell-bent (on)
ganz versessen darauf sein, ... zu tun(German) to be hellbent on doing ... (something) (colloquial)
ganz viele(German) quite a lot
ganz voll(German) completely full
(ganz) von Anfang an(German) from the (very) first, all over again, from scratch, since the very beginning
ganz von vorne(German) from scratch
(ganz) von vorne anfangen(German) to start from scratch
ganz vorne(German) at the very front
(ganz) vorne anfangen(German) to start from scratch
ganz vorne sein(German) to be in the vanguard
ganz wach(German) wide awake, wide-awake
ganz wach sein(German) to be wide awake
ganz weiß(German) all white, white as a sheet
ganz weiß gekleidet(German) dressed all in white
ganz weit dahinten(German) way over yonder (archaic or dialect), way over there (colloquial)
Ganzwellendipol(German m.) full-wave dipole
ganz wertlos(German) quite worthless
ganz wichtig(German) all-important
Ganz wie du willst.(German) That's up to you.
ganz wie ein Kind(German) much like a child
Ganz wie Sie wollen.(German) Just as you like.
ganz wie Sie wünschen(German) just as you wish
ganz wild(German) out of hand
Ganzzahl-(German) integer (prefix)
Ganzzahl (s.), Ganzzahlen (pl.)(German f.) integer
ganzzahlig(German) integer, integral (of or denoted by an integer)
ganzzahliger Anteil(German m.) integer part, integral part
ganzzahliger Wert(German m.) integral value
ganzzahliges Verhältnis(German n.) whole-number ratio
ganzzeitig(German) fulltime
ganz zu Beginn(German) right at the start
ganz zumachen(German) to shut to (door)
ganz zurück(German) go back, keep back
ganz zu schweigen von(German) to say nothing of
ganz zu schweigen von ...(German) let alone ..., much less ...
ganz zufällig(German) quite accidentally, coincidentally (ironic)
ganz zurückgehen bis(German) to go all the way back to
ganz zusammengeschlagen(German) completely smashed up
ganz zuunterst(German) bottommost
ganz zuverlässig(German) absolutely reliable
ganz zuversichtlich(German) cocksure
Gao-hualso called the 'alt erhu', 'high-toned er-hu or yue-hu, the gao-hu is especially designed for playing guang-dong folk melodies. Gao-hu is best used for performing vivid and brisk rhythms, particularly used to cover the higher-toned compass that the er-hu cannot play. In comparison with the er-hu, gao-hu has a louder yet brighter tone, and thus serves well both as solo and leading instrument
Gaon (s.), Geonim (pl.)(English, German m.) the title accorded to the Jewish spiritual leaders and scholars who headed Talmudic academies that flourished, with lengthy interruptions, from the 7th to the 13th century in Babylonia and Palestine
gaonisch(German) Gaonic
Gapped scalea scale in which degrees of the standard diatonic scales have been omitted, for example, the pentatonic scale
gar(German) cooked, done (fully cooked), e'en (poetic: even), really (Southern Germany, Austria: intensifying), very
Gara(Italian f.) competition, race (motor)
garabatear(Spanish) to scribble
Garabato(Spanish m.) scribble
Garagabcastanets played by the Moroccan Gnaoua Sufi brotherhood, as part of their trance ceremonies (deiceba)
Garage (s.), Garagen (German pl.)(English, German f., Italian m.) building used to store a motor vehicle, business that sells petrol, motor vehicles, etc.
Garage (dance music)any of several different varieties of modern electronic dance music generally connected to house or disco. Usage is different in the US and UK
Garagenanlage(German f.) garaging facility
Garagenflohmarkt(German m.) garage sale
Garagengebäude(German n.) garage building
Garagengeschoss(German n.) garage level
Garagenpunk(German m.) garage punk
Garagenrock(German m.) garage rock
Garagentor(German n.) garage door
Garagentoröffner(German m.) garage door opener
Garagenverkauf(German m.) garage sale
Garagenwohnung(German f.) garage apartment (US)
Garagenzufahrt(German f.) driveway
Garage rocka byproduct of the rock and roll explosion of the late 1950s and 1960s and the relative cheapness of musical equipment at the time
garagieren(German - Austria, Switzerland) to garage
Garagist(German m. - Switzerland) owner of a garage (for repairing and servicing motor vehicles)
Garamanten(German pl.) Garamantes
Garamantesa name given by the Greeks to a Saharan people of Berber origin who used an elaborate underground irrigation system, and founded a kingdom in the Fezzan area of modern-day Libya, in the Sahara desert. The water resource, if not the tribe themselves could date back to the time of the Green Sahara. They were a local power in the Sahara between 500 BC and 500 AD
Garam masalaa combination of Indian spices
Garamutmassive slit logs from Papua New Guinea
Garanitasee guaranita
Garante(Italian m./f.) guarantor
Garantie(German f.) guarantee, security, warranty, assurance (guarantee)
Garantieanspruch(German m.) claim under guarantee, warranty claim
Garantiebedingungen(German pl.) terms of guarantee, warranty conditions
Garantiebrief(German m.) letter of guarantee
Garantiedauer(German f.) duration of guarantee, period of guarantee
Garantieerklärung(German f.) warrant
Garantiefrist(German f.) term of guarantee
Garantiehaftung(German f.) liability under a guarantee
Garantiekarte(German f.) warranty card
Garantieklausel(German f.) warranty clause
Garantie leisten(German) to warrant
Garantieleistung(German f.) guaranteeing, guarantees
Garantien(German pl.) guarantees, warranties, safeguards
garantire(Italian) to guarantee, to vouch for, to assure
garantieren(German) to avouch (archaic), to guarantee, to underwrite, to warrant, to safeguard, to give a guarantee
garantierend(German) avouching, ensuring, guaranteeing, underwriting
garantieren, dass ... funktionieren wird(German) to undertake that ... will work (something)
garantiert(German) underwritten, warrants, guaranteed, warranted, without fail, most certainly
Garantiert ...(German) It's a safe bet (that) ...
garantiert farbecht(German) guaranteed not to fade
garantiert für 2 Jahre(German) warranted for 2 years
garantierte Löhne(German pl.) guaranteed wages
garantierte Mindestbeschäftigung(German f.) guaranteed employment
(garantierte) Mindestverzinsung(German f.) (guaranteed) minimum interest return
garantierte Preise(German pl.) guaranteed prices
garantierte Qualität(German f.) guaranteed quality
garantierte Quote(German f.) guaranteed percentage
garantierter Anteil(German m.) guaranteed portion, guaranteed share (portion)
garantierter Betrag(German m.) amount guaranteed
garantierter Betrag(German m.) guaranteed sum
garantierter Jahreslohn(German m.) guaranteed annual wage
garantierter Kredit(German m.) guaranteed facility
garantierter Lohn(German m.) guaranteed wages
garantierter Maximalpreis(German m.) guaranteed maximum price
garantierter Mindestlohn(German m.) wage floor
garantierter Mindestwert(German m.) minimum guaranteed value
garantierter Preis(German m.) guaranteed price
garantiertes Jahreseinkommen(German n.) guaranteed annual income
garantierte wechselseitige Zerstörung(German) guaranteed mutual destruction
Garantieschein(German f.) guarantee (card)
(German m.) certificate of guarantee, certificate of warranty
Garantiestempel(German m.) warranty stamp
Garantiesumme(German f.) amount guaranteed
Garantiesyndikat(German n.) underwriters
Garantieverletzung(German f.) breach of warranty
Garantieverpflichtung(German f.) guarantee obligation
Garantievertrag(German m.) guarantee, contract of guarantee, contract of indemnity, guarantee agreement
Garantiezeit(German f.) guarantee, duration of cover, guarantee period, period of guarantee, period of the guarantee, period of warranty, term of guarantee
Garantiezertifikat(German n.) warranty certificate
Garantungxylophone from Sumatra
Garanzia(Italian f.) guarantee
Garapungor kamaru, a small clapper drum
gärbar(German) fermentable
garbare(Italian) to like
Gärbarkeit(German f.) fermentability
garbatamente(Italian) elegantly, gracefully
Garbatezza(Italian f.) gracefulness
garbatissimo(Italian) very graceful
garbato(Italian) amabile (Italian), courteous, elegant, graceful, lovable, sweet, tender, graceful, gentle, pleasant, lovingly, tenderly, elegantly, gracefully, liebenswürdig (German), aimable (French)
Garbe (s.), Garben (pl.)(German f.) sheaf (s.), sheaves (plural form), truss, burst of fire (gunshots)
Garbehälter(German m.) frying / cooking container (in a deep-fat fryer, etc.), fermenting vessel
Garbleto reproduce some message or information in a confused or distorted way
Garbo(Italian m., Spanish m.) simplicity, elegance, manners, bearing, grace, courtesy
(Italian m., Spanish m.) style (in writing)
Gärbottich(German m.) fermenter, fermenting vat
Garbuglio(Italian m.) muddle
Garçon(French m.) a boy, a (French) waiter
Garçon gratuit(French m.) an unwanted boy, a boy who feels himself or is felt to be alien to his family
Garçon manqué(French m.) tomboy
Garçonne(French f.) a bachelor girl, an ostentatiously independent woman
Garçonnière(German f. - Austria) studio apartment (US)
(French f.) a bachelor flat
Gardasee(German m.) Lake Garda
Garde (s.), Garden (pl.)(German f.) guard
Garde champêtre(French m.) game-keeper, a rural constable
Garde-corpsa fourteenth-century garment which evolved from the surcoat, which was either sleeveless or had elbow-length wide sleeves
Garde-manger(French) the cold preparation section of a kitchen
Gardemaß(German n.) height required for eligibility for the Guards (regiment)
Gardemaß haben(German) to be high, wide and handsome (figurative), to be as tall as a tree (humorous)
Garde mobile(French m.) a corps of militia (in nineteenth-century French)
Gardenia(German f.) Cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides)
Gardenie(German f.) Cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides)
Gardeoffizier(German m.) Guards officer
garder(French) to keep, to hold
Garderegiment(German n.) Guards regiment
garder la bouche close(French) to keep one's mouth shut
garder le meilleur pour la fin(French) to save the best for last
garder le sourire(French) to keep smiling
Garderobe(German f.) cloakroom, dressing room, wardrobe, cloak room, coatroom, coat rack, clothes (collective), changing room, hall stand, downstairs cloakroom (Southern Germany, Austria), a medieval privy
Garderobenannahmeschein(German m.) cloak-room ticket, cloakroom receipt
Garderobenbedienung(German f.) cloakroom service
Garderobenfrau(German f.) cloakroom attendant (female), hat-check girl, coat-check girl
Garderobenfräulein(German n.) hatcheck girl (US)
Garderobengebühr(German f.) cloakroom fee
Garderobenmarke(German f.) ticket (cloakroom), cloakroom ticket
Garderobenräume(German pl.) backstage
Garderobenschrank(German m.) clothes cabinet, locker
Garderobenständer(German m.) coat rack, cloak hanger, coat stand
Garderobier (m.), Garderobiere (f.)(German) dresser, wardrobe supervisor, wardrobe lady (f.)
garder ... pour la bonne bouche(French) to save the best for last
gardez le silence(French) keep silent, tacet
Gardine (s.), Gardinen (pl.)(German f.) curtain, drape (US), net curtain, drapery (US)
Gardinen aufhängen(German) to put up curtains, to hang curtains
Gardinenpredigt(German f.) curtain-lecture, telling-off (colloquial)
Gardinenrock(German m.) net curtain skirt
Gardinenschiene(German f.) curtain track
Gardinenstange(German f.) cornice, curtain pole, curtain-rod, curtain rod
Gardinenstangenendstück(German n.) curtain rod finial
Gardinenstangen-Endstück(German n.) curtain rod finial
Gardist (s.), Gardisten (pl.)(German m.) guardsman
Gardonsee ütögardon
Gare(German f.) mellowness
gareggiare (con)(Italian) to compete (with), to vie (with)
Garen(German n.) cooking
garen(German) to cook
gären(German) to brew, to ferment, to fester, to seethe (figurative)
gärend(German) fermenting, barmy
gärender Aufstand(German m.) simmering rebellion
gären lassen(German) to ferment
gärfähig(German) fermentable
Gärfähigkeit(German f.) fermentability
Gärfutter(German n.) silage
Gargalesisscientific term, coined in 1897 by psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Arthur Allin, used to describe forceful tickling
Garganta(Spanish f.) throat
Gargarisma gargle
Gargarisma(German n.) gargarism
Gargarismo(Italian m.) a gargle
Gargoylea water spout carved in the form of a grotesque human or animal
Gargoylisma condition characterised by coarsened facial surface and distorted features and associated with Hurler's syndrome and Hunter's syndrome
Gargoylismus(German m.) gargoylism
Garifuna musicGarifuna music is similarly different from the rest of Central America; the most famous form is punta. An evolved form of traditional music, still usually played using traditional instruments, punta has seen some modernization and electrification in the 1970s; this is called punta rock. Traditional punta dancing is consciously sexy and competitive
gar keiner(German) no one
Gärkeller(German m.) fermentation cellar
Garkleinblockflöte(German f.) garklein (recorder)
Garklein Flötleina "C" recorder written in the treble clef, sounding two octaves higher than written and one octave above the descant/soprano in C
gar kochen(German) to cook well
Garküche(German f.) cookshop, cook-shop
Garlandscollection of songs and ballads in chapbooks
Gärmittel(German n.) ferment
Garmon(English, German n.) also called Garmonik, Garmonika, Garmoshka, 25x25, Hromka or Harmonica, the Russian diatonic button accordion. The buttons are arranged (i) bass side: 25 buttons set in three rows, (ii) treble side: 25 buttons set in three rows. This is why the instrument is called 25x25. The right-hand buttons are laid out so that the diatonic scale is played by alternating rows top to bottom. A few useful accidentals are often included at the top of the keyboard. The two outer rows of the left-hand are in a bass-chord arrangement, with a combination of major and minor chords that fit in with the major and relative harmonic minor key of the instrument
Garmoniksee Garmon
Garmonikasee Garmon
Garmoshkasee Garmon
Garn (s.), Garne (pl.)(German n.) yarn (thread, also figurative), thread, cotton (thread), twine
Garn aus Rohseidenabfällen(German n.) waste-spun silk
Garnbehälter(German m.) twine can
Garnele (s.), Garnelen (pl.)(German f.) shrimp, prawn
Garnelenpaste(German f.) shrimp paste
Garnfärbung(German f.) yarn dyeing
garni(French, literally 'garnished') (a dish) accompanied by the appropriate vegetables, etc.
gar nicht(German) not at all, not a bit
gar nicht so ...(German) not all that ... (colloquial)
gar nicht so leicht(German) none too easy (less easy than one had expected)
gar nicht so übel(German) not bad at all
Gar nicht so übel!(German) Not half bad!
gar nicht zu reden von(German) let alone
gar nicht zu reden von ...(German) not to mention ...
gar nichts(German) not a dreg
gar nichts(German) zilch (US: colloquial), nothing at all, nothing whatsoever
gar nichts taugen(German) to be absolutely good for nothing
garnieren(German) to garnish, to decorate, to adorn, to embellish a dish, to embellish food, to trim (decorate)
garnierend(German) garnishing
Garniermesser(German n.) garnishing knife
Garnierspritze(German f.) piping syringe (for applying decorative icing)
garniert(German) garnished
Garnierung (s.), Garnierungen (pl.)(German f.) topping, garnish
garnir un violon de cordes(French) to string a violin
Garnishtrimmings on a dish for presentation purposes (as in, 'with all the trimmings')
Garnison (s.), Garnisonen (pl.)(German f.) garrison
Garnisonsstadt(German f.) garrison town
Garnisonstruppen(German pl.) garrison troops
Garnitur (s.), Garnituren (pl.)(German f.) set of, set, trimming, uniform, set of (matching) underwear
Garniture(French f.) cushion
Garnknäuel(German n.) clew, ball of yarn, ball of thread, twist of thread
Garnmesser(German n.) twine knife
Garnrolle(German f.) cotton reel
Garnspule(German f.) yarn bobbin
Garofano(Italian m.) carnation
semihemidemisemiquaver(Spanish f.) semihemidemisemiquaver, a one hundred and twenty-eighth note, a note having the time duration of one hundred twenty-eighth of the time duration of a semibreve (whole note)
garrapatear(Spanish) to scribble
Garrapato(Spanish m.) scribble
garrire(Italian) to chirp, to sing, to warble like a bird
Garrotinsee flamenco
Garotte(English, German f.) garotte, garrotte
garottieren(German) to garrotte, to garotte
Garprozess(German m.) cooking process, fermentation process
Garrotte(German f.) garrotte, garrote, garotte
garrottieren(German) to garrotte, to garotte
garrulo(Italian) garrulous
gárrulo(Spanish) garrulous
Garsington Manor
the house of Ottoline Morrell which became an artistic salon and wartime refuge for artistic conscientious objectors including D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Lytton Strachey, Bertrand Russell, Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton-Murry, Virginia Woolf and countless others
garstig(German) nasty, nastily, beastly, bloody, foul, ugly, villainous, bad
garstige Angelegenheit(German f.) nasty affair, beastly affair
garstige Kälte(German f.) nasty cold
garstiger(German) nastier
garstiges Wetter(German n.) beastly weather, foul weather
Garstigkeit(German f.) nastiness
garstigste(German) nastiest
Gärtank(German m.) fermentation tank
Gärtchen(German n.) little garden, small garden
Garten (s.), Gärten (pl.)(German m.) (back) garden, backyard, garth (archaic), yard (US)
Garten der Lüste(German) Garden of Earthly Delights
Garten Eden(German m.) Garden of Eden, Paradise
Garten Gethsemane(German m.) Garden of Gethsemane
Garten hinter dem Haus(German m.) garden behind the house, back garden
Garten voller(German m.) gardenful of, garden full of
Garten- und Landschaftsbaubetrieb(German m.) gardening and landscaping company
Gartenabfall (s.), Gartenabfälle (pl.)(German m.) garden waste, garden rubbish, garden prunings (plural form), green waste (plural form)
Gartenamarant(German m.) love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus)
Gartenanlage(German f.) gardens
Gartenarbeit(German f.) gardening
Gartenarchitekt (m.), Gartenarchitektin (f.)(German) landscape gardener
Gartenarchitektur(German f.) landscape architecture, garden architecture
Gartenbank(German f.) garden bench
Gartenbau(German m.) horticulture, gardening, market gardening
Gartenbauausstellung(German f.) horticultural show
Gartenbaubetrieb(German m.) market garden, gardening firm
Gartenbaukunst(German f.) horticulture
Gartenbaukünstler (m.), Gartenbaukünstlerin (f.)(German) horticulturist
Gartenbauprodukte(German pl.) horticultural products
Gartenbauunternehmen(German n.) market garden
Gartenbauwirtschaft(German f.) horticulture industry
Gartenbereich(German m.) garden area
Gartenblumen(German pl.) garden flowers
Gartenboden(German m.) garden soil
Gartenbohne(German f.) French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), haricot bean, green bean
Gartenbuch (s.), Gartenbücher (pl.)(German n.) gardening book
Gartencenter(German n.) garden centre
Gartenerbse(German f.) (sweet) pea (Pisum sativum)
Gartenerdbeere(German f.) strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa), (garden) strawberry
Gartenerde(German f.) garden soil
Gartenfest(German n.) garden party
gartenfrisch(German) garden-fresh
Gartenfrüchte(German pl.) fruit from the garden
Gartenführung(German f.) guided garden tour
Gartengemüse (s), Gartengemüse (pl.)(German n.) garden produce (vegetables)
Gartengerät (s.), Gartengeräte (pl.)(German n.) gardening tool, gardening implement, garden tool
Gartengerätehaus(German n.) garden shed
Gartengeschäft(German n.) garden centre
Gartengestaltung(German f.) landscape gardening
Gartengrillfest(German n.) barbecue
Gartenhacke(German f.) garden hoe
Gartenhandschuh (s.), Gartenhandschuhe (pl.)(German m.) gardening glove
Gartenhaue(German f.) garden hoe
Gartenhaus (s.), Gartenhäuser (pl.)(German n.) summer house, summerhouse, garden shed
Gartenhäuschen(German n.) pavilion, garden shed
Gartenhof(German m.) garden courtyard
Gartenhütte(German f.) garden shed
Garteninspektor(German m.) garden inspector
Gartenkarre(German f.) wheel barrow
Gartenkolonie(German f.) allotments
Gartenkonzert(German n.) garden concert
Gartenkorb(German m.) trug
Gartenkultur(German f.) horticulture
Gartenkunst(German f.) garden art
Gartenkünstler (m.), Gartenkünstlerin (f.)(German) landscape artist
Gartenkürbis (s.), Gartenkürbisse (pl.)(German m.) marrow
Gartenlaube(German f.) arbour, summer house, bower
Gartenliege(German f.) sunbed
Gartenmauer(German f.) garden wall, (garden) stone wall
Gartenmesse(German f.) garden fair
Gartenmesser(German n.) pruning knife
Gartenmöbel(German pl.) garden furniture, outdoor furniture
Gartennelke(German f.) gillyflower, clove pink (Dianthus caryophyllus)
Gartenobst(German n.) garden produce (fruit)
Gartenparty(German f.) garden party
Gartenpavillon(German m.) summer house, garden pavilion
Gartenpflanze(German f.) garden plant
Gartenpflege(German f.) garden upkeep, garden maintenance
Gartenprimel(German f.) polyanthus, primrose (Primula x polyantha)
Gartenpumpe(German f.) garden pump
Gartenrechen(German m.) garden rake
Gartenschach(German n.) outdoor chess
Gartenschau(German f.) horticultural show
Gartenschaukel(German f.) garden swing
Gartenschere (s.), Gartenscheren (pl.)(German f.) secateurs, pruning shears, garden shears
Gartenschlauch(German m.) garden hose
Gartenschuppen(German m.) potting shed, tool shed
Gartenschürze(German f.) garden apron
Gartenskulptur(German f.) garden sculpture
Gartenstadt(German f.) garden city
Gartenstadtbewegung(German f.) garden city movement
Gartenstuhl (s.), Gartenstühle (pl.)(German m.) garden chair
Gartentee(German m.) single estate tea
Gartenteich(German m.) garden pond
Gartenterrasse(German f.) garden terrace
Gartentisch(German m.) garden table
Gartentor(German n.) garden gate, gate (to a garden)
Gartentür(German f.) garden gate, garden door
Gartenunkraut (s.), Gartenunkräuter (pl.)(German n.) garden weed
Gartenverkauf(German m.) garden shop
Gartenweg(German m.) garden path, alley
Gartenwicke(German f.) sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus)
gartenwürdig(German) garden-worthy
Gartenzaun (s.), Gartenzäune (pl.)(German m.) garden fence
Gartenzwerg(German m.) garden gnome
Gärtlein(German n.) little garden
Gärtner (m.), Gärtnerin (f.)(German) gardener, horticulturist, nurseryman, grower
Gärtnerdienste(German pl.) gardening and plant care
Gärtnerei(German f.) market garden, nursery
Gärtnerfarbe(German f.) garden paint
gärtnerisch(German) horticultural, horticulturally
gärtnern(German) to garden
Gärtnern(German n.) gardening
Garum(English, German n.) garum (sauce)
Gärung(German f.) fermentation
Gärungsalkohol(German m.) grain alcohol
Gärungserreger(German m.) ferment
Gärungsessig(German m.) fermentation vinegar
gärungsfähig(German) fermentable
Gärungsprodukt(German n.) fermentation product
Gärungsprozess (s.), Gärungsprozesse (pl.)(German m.) process of fermentation, fermentation, fermentation process, vinification
Gärwirkung(German f.) fermentational effect
Garza(Italian f.) gauze
Gärzeit(German f.) fermenting time, cooking time
Garzone(Italian m.) boy
Garzone di stalla(Italian m.) stable-boy
gar zu(German - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) only too, rather too
Gas(English, Italian m.) one of the three states of matter. In the gaseous state, there is little attraction between the particles, which have continual, random motion. The gas has no fixed shape or volume, can expand indefinitely, and can assume the shape of the space in which it is held
Gas-(German) gas-fired (prefix)
Gas (s.), Gase (pl.)(German n.) gas, fluid
Gasa(Korean) song form
Gasableser (s.), Gasableser (pl.)(German m.) gas meter reader, gasman (meter reader)
Gasalarm(German m.) gas alert
gasanalytische Methoden(German pl.) gas analysis methods
Gasangriff (s.), Gasangriffe (pl.)(German m.) gas attack
Gasanschluss(German m.) gas connection
Gasanzünder(German m.) gas lighter
gasartig(German) gaseous, gassy, aeriform
Gasaustausch(German m.) gas exchange, gaseous exchange
Gasaustritt(German m.) gas leakage, gas leak
Gasbaha reed instrument from Algeria and Morocco
gasbefeuert(German) gas-fired
Gasbehälter(German m.) gas tank, gas holder
Gasbeleuchtung(German f.) gas light
gasbetrieben(German) gas-powered, gas-fired
Gasbombe (s.), Gasbomben (pl.)(German f.) gas bomb
Gasbrand(German m.) gangrene (wound), gas gangrene
Gasbrenner(German m.) blowtorch, gas burner, camping stove
Gasbrennerzange(German f.) pipe pliers
Gas-Brennwertkessel(German m.) condensing gas boiler
Gäßchen(German n., archaic) alley
Gaschromatographie(German f.) gas chromatography, gas-liquid chromatography
Gascogne(German f.) Gascony
Gascogner(German m.) Gascon
Gasconyan area of southwest France that was part of the "Province of Guyenne and Gascony" prior to the French Revolution. Gascon, the language of the region, is usually considered as a dialect of Occitan, even though some specialists regularly consider it a separate language
Gasdetektion(German f.) gas detection
gasdicht(German) gas-proof, gas-tight
Gasdruck(German m.) gas pressure
Gasdruckregler(German m.) gas pressure regulator
gasdurchlässig(German) gas-permeable
Gaserzeugung(German f.) gas production
Gasexporteur(German m.) gas exporter
Gasfackel(German f.) flare, gas torch
Gasfeuerzeug(German n.) gas lighter
Gasflamme(German f.) gas flame, gas jet (flame)
Gasflasche(German f.) gas cylinder, cylinder, gas bottle, gas canister
Gasflaschenventil(German n.) gas cylinder valve
Gasförderung(German f.) gas production
gasförmig(German) aerially, gaseous, gassy
gasförmige Phase(German f.) gaseous phase
gasförmiger Zustand(German m.) gas phase, gaseous phase
Gasgangrän(German n.) gas gangrene
Gas geben(German) to accelerate, to open the throttle, to step on the gas
Gasgebrechen(German n. - Austria) burst of a gas line or main
gasgefeuert(German) gas-fired
gasgefüllt(German) gas-filled
Gasgeräte(German pl.) gas appliances, gas equipment
Gasgeruch(German m.) smell of gas, odour of gas
Gasglühstrumpf(German m.) gas mantle
Gashahn (s.), Gashähne (pl.)(German m.) gas tap, fuel valve
Gasheizkessel(German m.) gas boiler
Gasheizung(German f.) gas heating
Gasherd (s.), Gasherde (pl.)(German m.) gas stove, gas range (US), gas cooker
gasig(German) gaseous
Gasinstallateur(German m.) gas fitter
Gasinstallation(German f.) gas installation
Gaskabinett(German n.) gas cabinet
Gaskamin ohne Rauchabzug(German m.) flueless gas fire
Gaskammer(German f.) gas chamber
Gaskartusche(German f.) gas cartridge
Gasklimageräte(German pl.) gas-fired air-conditioning units
Gaskocher(German m.) gas ring (used for cooking), gas cooker
Gaskohle(German f.) gas coal
Gaskoks(German m.) gas coke
Gas-Kombiwasserheizer(German m.) gas combination water heater
Gaskompressor(German m.) gas compressor
Gaskraftwerk(German n.) gas-fired power plant, gas-fired power station
Gaskrieg(German m.) chemical warfare
Gaskühlung(German f.) gas cooling system
Gaslampe(German f.) gas lamp
Gaslaser(German m.) gas laser
Gasleck(German n.) gas leak
Gasleitung (s.), Gasleitungen (pl.)(German f.) gas main, gas line
Gaslicht (s.), Gaslichter (pl.)(German n.) gaslight, gas light
Gaslieferer(German m.) gas supplier
Gas-Luftgemisch(German n.) gas-air mixture
Gasmann(German m.) gas meter reader
Gasmaske(German f.) gas mask
Gasmelder(German m.) gas detector
Gasmesser(German m.) gas meter
Gasmessgerät(German n.) gas measurement equipment
Gasmischung(German f.) mixture of gases
Gasofen(German m.) gas oven, gas cooker, gas-fired furnace, gas heater, gas stove
Gasöl(German n.) gasoil
Gasolin(German n.) gasoline
Gasolio(Italian m.) diesel oil
Gasometer(German m.) gasometer, gas holder
Gaspatrone(German f.) gas cartridge
Gaspedal(German n.) throttle control, accelerator, accelerator pedal, gas pedal (US)
Gaspipeline(German f.) gas pipeline
Gasrechnung(German f.) gas bill
Gas riechen(German) to smell gas
Gasrohr(German n.) gas pipe
Gassack(German m.) gasbag
gassare(Italian) to aerate
Gässchen(German n.) alley
Gasschlauch(German m.) gas hose
Gasschweißbrenner(German m.) oxyacetylene torch
Gasschweißgeräte(German pl.) gas welding equipment
Gasse (s.), Gassen (pl.)(German f.) alley, lane, alleyway, street (Southern Germany, Austria), side street
Gassenhauer(German m.) popular (folk-like) song
Gassenjargon(German m.) gutter language
Gassenjunge (s.), Gassenjungen (pl.)(German m.) ragamuffin, street urchin, mudlark (figurative)
Gassenkind(German n.) ragamuffin, gutter snipe, urchin
Gassenmädchen(German n.) street urchin (female), street kid (female)
Gassensor(German m.) gas sensor
Gassi gehen(German) to go walkies (colloquial: taking a dog for a walk)
Gassigehen(German n.) dog walk
Gassoso(Italian m.) lemonade
gassoso(Italian) gassy (drink)
Gasspeicher(German m.) gas storage, gas stores
Gasspürer(German m.) (gas) leak detection specialist
Gasspürgerät(German n.) gas detector
Gasstrecke(German f.) gas line
Gasstrom(German m.) stream of gas
Gasstrumpf(German m.) gas mantle
Gast (s.), Gäste (pl.)(German m.) guest, visitor (at a hotel, etc.), patron (bar), customer (restaurant), company (plural form)
Gast-(German) visiting (prefix)
Gastarbeiter (m.), Gastarbeiterin (f.), Gastarbeiter (pl.)(German) foreign worker, guest-worker, itinerant worker, migrant worker
gastarbeiter, a term applied particularly to an immigrant worker, especially one who came to the former West Germany in the 1960s and 70s
Gastarif(German m.) gas rate, gas tariff
Gastauftritt(German m.) guest appearance, cameo role, cameo appearance
Gastbeitrag(German m.) guest contribution
Gastbett(German n.) spare bed
Gastdarsteller (m.) Gastdarstellerin (f.)(German) guest actor, guest actress (f.)
Gastdirigent (m.), Gastdirigentin (f.)(German) guest conductor
Gastdozent (m.), Gastdozentin (f.)(German) guest lecturer, visiting lecturer, visiting scholar, visiting scientist
Gastdozentur(German f.) guest lectureship
Gäste aufnehmen(German) to take in guests
Gäste begrüßen(German) to greet guests
Gästebett(German n.) spare bed
Gästebetreuung(German f.) looking after guests
Gästebett (s.), Gästebetten (pl.)(German n.) spare bed, hotel bed, guest bed
Gästebewertung(German f.) guest rating
Gäste bewirten(German) to entertain guests
Gästebuch(German n.) visitor's book, guest book, register (in hotel, guesthouse, etc.)
Gäste empfangen(German) to receive guests, to receive visitors
Gastechnik(German f.) gas engineering
Gästefragebogen(German pl.) guest questionnaires
Gästeführer(German m.) tourist guide, tour guide
Gäste haben(German) to receive company
Gästehandtuch(German n.) guest towel
Gästehaus (s.), Gästehäuser (pl.)(German n.) guest house, guesthouse, bed and breakfast inn, bed and breakfast house, B & B (UK)
Gästekabine(German f.) stateroom (US)
Gästekarte(German f.) guest card
Gästeliste(German f.) guest list
Gästemäntel(German pl.) guests' coats
Gästeschaft(German f.) guests
Gästeschicht (s.), Gästeschichten (pl.)(German f.) class of guests
Gästeseife(German f.) guest soap
Gästesuite(German f.) guest suite
Gästetoilette(German f.) guest bathroom
Gästeunterkunft(German f.) guest lodging, guest accommodation
Gäste vernachlässigen(German) to neglect guests
Gäste-WC(German n.) guest toilet
Gästezahl(German f.) number of guests
Gästezimmer (s.), Gästezimmer (pl.)(German n.) (hotel) room, spare room, residents' lounge, guestroom, guest room
Gästezufriedenheit(German f.) guest satisfaction
Gäste zum Tee haben(German) to have company for tea
Gastfamilie(German f.) host family, guest family
Gastflagge(German f.) courtesy ensign
gastfrei(German) hospitable, hospitably
Gastfreiheit(German f.) hospitability
Gastfreund (m.), Gastfreundin (f.), Gastfreunde (pl.)(German - dated) guest
gastfreundlich(German) hospitable, hospitably
Gastfreundlichkeit(German f.) hospitality
Gastfreundschaft(German f.) hospitality
Gastgarten(German m. - Austria) pub garden
Gastgeber (m.), Gastgeberin (f.)(German) host (m.), hostess (f.), entertainer
Gastgeber sein(German) to host, to act as host, to act the host
Gastgeber ... sein(German) to play host to ... (something)
Gastgeberland(German n.) host country, host nation
Gastgeberstadt(German f.) host city
Gastgeschenk(German n.) present for the guest, present for one's host
Gastgewerbe(German n.) catering and hotel industry, hospitality industry
Gastgewerbebereich(German m.) hospitality sector
gastgewerblich(German) catering and hospitality
Gasthaus (s.), Gasthäuser (pl.)(German n.) (German) hotel, inn, tavern restruant, guest-house
Gasthaus auf halbem Weg(German n.) halfway house
Gasthausbrauerei(German f.) craft brewery
Gasthausuhr(German f.) tavern clock
Gastheorie(German f.) theory of gases
Gasthof (s.), Gasthöfe (pl.)(German m.) (German) hotel, inn, pub (Austria)
Gasthörer(German m.) (guest) auditor
gastieren(German) to make a guest appearance, to perform (for example, in a circus)
gastieren in(German) to guest in, to guest at, to visit
Gastjuror(German m.) guest judge (in a talent show)
Gastkolumnist(German m.) Op-Ed columnist
Gastkommentar(German m.) guest commentary
Gastkörper(German m.) host body
Gastland(German n.) host country
gastlich(German) convivial, convivially, hospitable, inviting, cosy (UK), homey (US)
gastlich(German) hospitable, hospitably
Gastlichkeit(German f.) hospitality
Gastmahl(German n.) symposia, banquet
Gastmusiker (m.), Gastmusikerin (f.)(German) guest musician
Gastorchester(German n.) guest orchestra
Gastprofessor (m.), Gastprofessorin (f.), Gastprofessoren (pl.)(German) visiting professor, visiting scholar
Gastprofessur(German f.) guest professorship, visiting professorship
Gastraum(German m.) seating area (restaurant), dining area
Gastrecht(German n.) right to hospitality
Gastredner(German m.) guest speaker, outside speaker
Gastreferent(German m.) guest speaker
gastrico(Italian) gastric
gastrisch(German) gastric
Gastritis(German f.) gastritis
Gastroenteritis(German f.) gastro-enteritis, gastroenteritis
Gastroenterologie(German f.) gastroenterology
gastrointestinal(German) of or pertaining to the gastrointestinal tract
Gastrointestinaltrakt(German m.) gastrointestinal tract
Gastrolle(German f.) guest role
Gastronom (m.), Gastronomin (f.)(German) caterer, restaurateur, restaurant proprietor
Gastronome(French) an expert on the pleasures of the table
Gastronomia(Italian f.) gastronomy
gastronomico(Italian) gastronomic, gastronomical
Gastronomie(German f.) gastronomy, catering, catering trade, food service industry
Gastronomiewörterbuch(German n.) gastronomy dictionary
gastronomisch(German) gastronomic, gastronomical
gastronomische Spezialitäten(German pl.) gastronomic specialties
Gastropode (s.), Gastropoden (pl.)(German m.) gastropod
Gastroskop(German n.) gastroscope
Gastroskopie(German f.) gastroscopy
Gastsänger (m.), Gastsängerin (f.)(German) guest singer
Gastspiel (s.), Gastspiele (pl.)(German n.) stand (performance), visit, guest appearance
Gastspielreise(German f.) (theatrical) tour
Gaststadt(German f.) host city
Gaststar(German m.) guest star
Gaststätte(German f.) restaurant, public house (UK)
Gaststättengewerbe(German n.) catering trade, catering industry
Gaststättenpreise(German pl.) restaurant prices
Gaststättenrechnung(German f.) restaurant bill
Gasttochter(German f.) female exchange student
Gaststube(German f.) bar (for drinking)
Gasturbine(German f.) gas turbine
Gastvorlesung (s.), Gastvorlesungen (pl.)(German f.) guest lecture
Gastvortrag(German m.) guest lecture
Gastwirt (m.), Gastwirtin (f.)(German) landlord, innkeeper, barkeeper, proprietor, ale-house keeper, alehouse keeper, restaurateur, publican (UK), patron, landlady (f.)
Gastwirtschaft(German f.) restaurant, inn (UK)
Gastwissenschaftler (m.), Gastwissenschaftlerin (f.)(German) visiting researcher, guest researcher, guest scientist
Gastzimmer(German n.) spare room, guest room
Gastzimmer im Hotel(German n.) coffee room
Gastzimmerspielreise(German f.) (theatrical) tour
Gasuhr(German f.) gas meter
Gasundichtigkeit(German f.) gas leak
Gas- und Staubhülle {f} eines Kometen(German f.) coma (of a comet)
Gasventil(German n.) gas valve
Gasverbrauch(German m.) gas consumption
Gas verbrauchen(German) to consume gas
Gasvergiftung(German f.) gas poisoning
Gasversorger(German m.) gas provider
Gasversorgung(German f.) gas supply
Gasverteilungssystem(German n.) gas distribution system
Gasverwendung(German f.) gas usage
Gas-Wärmepumpe(German f.) gas fired heat pump
Gaswärmepumpe(German f.) gas fired heat pump
Gaswerk(German n.) gas works, gasworks
Gaswerkkoks(German m.) gas coke
Gaswolkenbrand(German m.) flash fire
Gaszähler(German m.) gas meter
Gaszählerkasten(German m.) gas meter box
Gaszentralheizung(German f.) gas central heating
Gaszufuhr(German f.) gas supply
Gaszug(German m.) accelerator cable (in a car)
Gaszünder(German m.) gas lighter
Gaszustand(German m.) gaseous state
Gaszylinder(German m.) gas cylinder
Gatin Indian classical music, a strongly rhythmic instrumental composition
Gate(English, German n.) entry or departure point for passengers at an airport
Gâteau(French m.) a cake of more than one portion and usually more than one layer
Gâteau (s.), Gâteaux (pl.)(French m.) a (German) hotel
Gâteau sec(French m.) a biscuit, a cookie (US)
Gatehousea building constructed over a gateway
gâter(French) to spoil
Gâterie(French f.) a little treat
gâteu (m.), gâteuse (f.)(French) senile
Gateway, thein dance, this is a position of the arms in which the arms are held rounded in front of the body with the fingertips on a level with the bottom of the breastbone. The backs of the hands face outward with the arms rounded so that the elbows are a little below the shoulders and the wrists a little below the elbows with the point of the elbows imperceptible. This position corresponds to the fifth position en avant of the Cecchetti method and the first position of the Russian and French Schools. When the arms are raised from a low position to a high one, the arms generally pass through the gateway
Gathas(English, German pl.) 17 hymns believed to have been composed by Zarathusthra (Zoroaster) himself. They are the most sacred texts of the Zoroastrian faith
Gatheringa bundle of rectangular parchment sheets, folded and stitched to form a section of a book prior to binding; also called a quire
in printing, to place in their correct order the sections or sheets to make up a book
Gathering notein chanting, a held note sung on the last syllable of a recitation
in hymn-singing, a note played by the organist before a hymn or each verse of a hymn to set the pitch of the first note
Gatherersmoney-collectors employed by an acting company to take money at the admissions or entrances to a theatre
Gatoa popular dance from Argentina performed by two couples, that resembles a very fast waltz
Gato con pelacionesa popular form of the Gato in which dancing coupled with a diverse range of amorous, political or philosophical stories
Gatorraa musical instrument invented by the Brazilian musician Tony da Gatorra, a hyrid of an electric guitar and a primitive drum machine
Gatte (s.), Gattin (f.), Gatten (pl.)(German m.) husband (m.), wife (f.), spouse
Gattenliebe(German f.) married love
Gattenmord(German m.) murder of one's husband, murder of one's wife
Gattenpflicht(German f.) duty as a husband
Gatter(German n.) gate (electrode), gangsaw, framesaw, preserve, yard (corral), trellis, grating, grid, saw gate, log frame, enclosure, fence
Gattersäge(German f.) log frame saw, gang saw, gate saw, rift saw, mill saw
Gattersägemaschine(German f.) gang saw, log frame saw, sawmill saw
Gatterschaltung(German f.) gate
Gatterwagen(German m.) saw carriage
gattieren(German) to blend
Gattino (m.), Gattina (f.)(Italian) kitten
Gatto(Italian m./f.) cat
Gattopardo(Italian m.) leopard
Gattung (s.), Gattungen (pl.)(German f.) species (in music, as in 'species counterpoint' - also more generally), genus, genre, style, art form, sort, kind, type, category, class, generic group, genera (plural form)
Gattung Mensch(German f.) human species
Gattungsbegriff(German m.) generic term
Gattungsbezeichnung(German f.) generic term, generic name
Gattungsforschung(German f.) form criticism
Gattungsgeschichte(German f.) generic history
Gattungsmarke(German f.) generic brand
gattungsmäßig(German) generically, generic
Gattungsmerkmal(German n.) attribute of (the) genus
Gattungsname (s.), Gattungsnamen (pl.)(German m.) generic name, common noun, generic term
Gattungsschuld(German f.) generic debt, obligation in kind
Gattungstradition(German f.) stylistic tradition
Gattungsverkauf(German m.) sale of unascertained goods
Gattungsware(German f.) unascertained goods
Gattungszahlwort(German n.) numeral showing how many different kinds, with -erlei (suffix)
Gattungszugehörigkeit(German f.) genre
Gau (s.), Gaue (pl.)(German m.) district, county (district), nome (ancient Egypt)
Gaube(German f.) dormer
Gauch(German m. - archaic, regional) fool (as at court), travelling performer, (common) cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)
gauche(French) left
(French) awkward, lacking in tact or social grace
Gaucher (m.), Gauchère (f.)(French) left-handed (person)
gaucher (m.), gauchère (f.)(French) left-handed
Gaucherie(French f.) awkwardness, tactlessness, lack of good manners or social grace
Gaucher-Krankheit(German f.) Gaucher's disease
Gaucher's diseasea genetic disease in which a fatty substance (lipid) accumulates in cells and certain organs
Gaucho(English, German m., Spanish m.) a half-breed mounted herdsman in South America
Gaudeamus igitur (juvenes dum sumus)(Latin) therefore, let us rejoice (while we are young)
Gaudee(German f. - Austria) fun
gaudente(Italian) blithe, merry, sprightly, pleasure-loving
gaudentemente(Italian) merrily, joyfully
Gaudete(Latin, 'rejoice!') a sacred Christmas carol, composed sometime in the sixteenth century, most likely in reference to Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday in Advent. It is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church falling between December 11 and December 17 inclusive. The song was published in the Piae Cantiones, a collection of Finnish/Swedish sacred songs published in 1582. No music is given for the verses, but the standard tune comes from older liturgical books
  • Gaudete from which this information has been taken
Gaudi(German n./f.) jamboree, fun (Austria, Southern Germany)
gaudioso(Italian) in a merry or joyful manner
Gaudium(Latin, German n.) amusement
Gaudium certaminis (s.), Gaudia certaminis (pl.)(Latin) the enjoyment of a good argument
Gaufrage(English, German f.) method of embossing patterns onto the surface of fabrics with heated metal rollers (often used with velvets), embossing (especially on paper)
Gaufre(French f.) waffle
Gaufrette(French f.) a wafer-biscuit, a sugar-wafer, a lattice cut potato dish cut wafer thin
gaufrieren(German) to goffer
gaufriertes Gewebe(German n.) seersucker
Gaufürst(German m.) nomarch
Gaugestandard measure, especially of the capacity or contents of a barrel, fineness of a textile, diameter of a bullet, or thickness of sheet metal
instrument for measuring pressure, width, length, thickness, etc.
distance between rails or opposite wheels
capacity, extent
criterion, test.
(on a stringed musical instrument) the thickness of a string, usually thinner in the treble and thicker in the bass
Gaukelei (s.), Gaukeleien (pl.)(German f.) jugglery
gaukeln(German) to juggle
Gaukler (m.), Gauklerin (f.), Gaukler (pl.)(German) juggler, legerdemainist, imposter, gleeman, travelling entertainer
Gaul (s.), Gäule (pl.)(German m.) horse, nag (colloquial: horse)
Gauleiter (s.), Gauleiter (pl.)(German m.) a district leader, a petty dictator (figurative)
Gaullismus(German m.) Gaullism
Gaullist (m.), Gaullistin (f.)(German) Gaullist
gaullistisch(German) Gaullist
Gaulois (m.), Gauloise (f.)(French) Gaul
gaulois (m.), gauloise (f.)(French) Gallic, bawdy (figurative)
Gauloise(French) a brand of (French) cigarette (for many years, cheap and popular)
Gaumbaor gayumba, an Afro-Cuban dance
Gaumen-(German) palatal (prefix)
Gaumen(German m.) palate, roof of the mouth, gums (the mouth)
Gaumenfreude (s.), Gaumengenüsse (pl.)(German f.) bonne bouche, treat, delicacy (treat)
Gaumenkitzler(German m.) palate tickler
Gaumenlaut(German m.) guttural
Gaumenplatte (s.), Gaumenplatten (pl.)(German f.) upper denture, palate plate
Gaumenschmaus(German m.) treat for one's taste buds, culinary delight
Gaumenspalte(German f.) cleft palate (Palatum fissum), palatine cleft
Gaumenzäpfchen-(German) uvular (prefix)
Gaumenzäpfchen(German n.) uvula, palatine uvula (Uvula palatina)
Gauner (m.), Gauerin (f.), Gauner (pl.)(German) chiseler (US: colloquial), rook, trickster, crook, rascal, racketeer, rogue, shark, sharper, (smooth) operator (pejorative), hustler (US: colloquial), grifter (US: colloquial), scoundrel, con (slang), knave (archaic)
Gaunerbande(German f.) racket
Gaunerei (s.), Gaunereien (pl.)(German f.) knavery, roguery, trickery, scam (colloquial), fiddle, sharp practice, caper, skulduggery, racket (colloquial: dishonest business)
Gaunerkomödie(German f.) caper movie
gaunern(German) to shark
Gaunersprache(German f.) thieves' slang, (thieves') cant, thieves' argot
Gauntleta medieval glove, usually of leather covered with metal plates, worn to protect the hand from injury in combat
a long glove with a flaring cuff covering the lower part of the arm
Gaussor Gauß (German n.), a unit of magnetic field strength. The Earth's magnetic field has a strength of about 0.5 Gauss at the surface
Gaußkurve(German f.) bell curve
Gauß-Poisson-Verteilung(German f.) Gauss-Poisson distribution
Gaußsche Glockenkurve(German f.) Gaussian bell curve, normal curve
Gaußscher Weichzeichner(German m.) Gaussian blur (image processing)
Gauten(German pl.) Geats (member of a Scandinavian people of southern Sweden to which the legendary hero Beowulf belonged)
G clef(Finnish) a clef sign that shows the position of G on the staff, for example, the treble clef
Gavalan Azerbaijani tambourine with the jingles fastened inside the frame. The head is made from fish skin
Gavaror Gavarr, city and provincial capital of the Armenian province of Gegharkunik
gave-(Norwegian) complimentary (as a suffix)
gaver(French) to force-feed, to cram (figurative)
Gaveta(Spanish f.) drawer
Gavioli-Orgel(German f.) book-organ
[entry provided by Michael Zapf]
Gavotalternative spelling of gavotte
Gavota(Spanish f.) gavotte
Gavotta(Italian f.) gavotte
Gavotte(English, French f., German f.) a dance in simple quadruple time, each bar starting on the third beat, gavotta (Italian f.), gavota (Spanish f.)
Gavotte(French) Breton dance tune
Gawaq(Arabic) vertical whistle flute
Gawar(German n.) Gavar
Gaylight-hearted, joyful, cheerful, gajo (Italian), giojoso (Italian), fröhlich (German), gai (French), alegre (Spanish)
Gayageum(Korean) a twelve-string zither fitted with twisted silk strings on which, while the left-hand presses the strings to produce shaking and bending of the pitch, the right hand plucks or strokes the strings
Gayakeeor gayaki, a style of singing of the Hindustani classical tradition
Gayakisee gayakee
GayatriVedic mantra of immense potency
GaydaYugoslav bagpipe
Gayumbasee gaumba
Gaz(French m.) gas
Gaze(German f., French f.) gauze
Gazebinde(German f.) gauze bandage
Gazeboa small roofed building affording shade and rest, usually in a garden and, importantly, with a good view
Gazel(Turkish) the vocal equivalent of a taksim. The Ottoman singer would often take a quatrain from classical Ottoman poetic repertoire and improvise a gazel suitable to the mood of the lyrics. The gazel, like the amanes, became a vehicle for the singer, allowing him or her to display their musical talent, a showpiece for the sophisticated artist, just as the taksim was for the master instrumentalist
Gazelle (s.), Gazellen (German pl.)(English, German f.) or corinne, small swift graceful antelope of Africa and Asia having lustrous eyes (Gazella dorcas)
gazellenhaft(German) gazelle-like
Gazestreifen(German m.) strip of gauze
Gazette (s.), Gazetten (German pl.)(French f.) newspaper
(German f.) newspaper, rag (colloquial: newspaper),
printed sheet published periodically, especially the official journal published by the British government, containing legal and state notices
to announce the status of in an official gazette; for example, appointments and bankruptcies
gazeux (m.), gazeuse (f.)(French) fizzy (drink)
Gaz lacrymogène(French m.) tear-gas
Gazoduc(French m.) gas pipeline
Gazomètre(French m.) gasometer
Gazon(French m.) lawn, grass
gazoullier(French) to chirp (bird), to babble (baby)
Gazpacho(English, Spanish, German m.) a highly-seasoned cold vegetable soup (from Andalusia)
Gbedunsee dondon
G'bendiearth bow from the Baka forest people of southeast Cameroon. It's a single stringed instrument that uses the earth itself as a sound box. A hole is dug and a thin piece of wood placed over it and pegged down firmly. A springy sapling is driven into the ground, bent over and attached to the centre of the wooden board with a strong cord
Gbe-Sprachen(German pl.) Gbe languages
G.C.abbreviation of gran cassa (Italian: bass drum)
G-clefclave de sol (Spanish f.), chiave di sol (Italian f.), clé de sol (French f.), G-Schlüssel (German m.), Violinschlüssel (German m.)
G clefa clef sign that shows the position of G on the staff, for example, the treble clef
G double flat
note G double flat
sol doppio bemolle (Italian), Geses (German), sol double bémol (French), the doubly flattened fifth degree of the scale of C major
G double sharp
note G double sharp
sol doppio diesis (Italian), Gisis (German), sol double dièse (French), the doubly sharpened fifth degree of the scale of C major
GDTGenossenschaft Deutscher Tonsetzer, founded in 1903 with the composer Richard Strauss as its first president, a German performing rights organisation open only to composers. It merged with GEMA in 1922
key of G major(German n.) the key of 'G major'
G-Dur-Tonleiter(German f.) the 'G major' scale
geachtet(German) respected, esteemed, outlawed, considered, proscribed, ostracised
Geächteter (m.), Geächtete (f.), Geächtete (pl.)(German) outlaw
Geächze(German n.) groaning, groans
geackert(German) worked hard
geadelt(German) gentled, ennobled
Geäder(German n.) veins
geadert(German) veined
geädert(German) grained, veined
geahndet(German) avenged
geähnelt(German) resembled
gealbert(German) fooled about, simpered
gealtereerd(Dutch) altered
gealtereerd Akkoord(Dutch) altered chord
gealtereerd Noot(Dutch) inflected note
gealtert(German) grown old, aged, wintery (aged), wintry (aged)
gealterte Person(German f.) aged person
gealterter Mann(German m.) aged man
geändert(German) altered, changed, modified, amended
geändert durch ...(German) as amended by ...
geänderte Aufgabenstellung(German f.) changed responsibility
geänderte Umstände(German pl.) altered circumstances
geändertes Kleid(German n.) altered dress
geangelt(German) fished
geängstigt(German) afraid, worried
geankert(German) anchored
Geantraisee sean nos
geantwortet(German) answered, responded
gearbeitet(German) operated, worked, wrought
geärgert(German) irritated, nettled (figurative), vexed, galled, irked
geärgert werden(German) to get riled up (colloquial)
Gearsstrictly, are toothed, interlocking wheels that drive the machine heads on stringed instrument fitted with them to allowing the player to change the tension and thereby the pitch of individual strings
geartet(German) mannered, natured
Geasa (s.), Geissi (pl.)(also spelled geisa or geis) a magical taboo or restriction placed on a hero in Old Irish literature
Geäst(German n.) branchwood, branches, boughs
geatmet(German) breathed
Geatsmember of a Scandinavian people of southern Sweden to which the legendary hero Beowulf belonged
geätzt(German) etched, seared, cauterized
geätzter Zahnschmelz(German m.) etched enamel
geäußert(German) uttered, voiced, expressed
Geb(English, German m.) Egyptian god of the earth - father of Osiris and Isis
geb.(German) geboren, born
Gebabbel(German n.) babble
Gebäck(German n.) cakes, pastry, biscuits, cookies, pastries, bread rolls (Austria: bread rolls in various shapes)
Gebäckdose(German f.) box of biscuits
gebacken(German) baked, breaded (Austria: fish, etc.)
gebackene Bohnen(German pl.) baked beans
gebackene Kartoffel(German f.) baked potato, jacket potato
gebackene Eiskremtorte(German f.) baked Alaska
gebackener Eierrahm(German m.) custard
gebackener Käse(German m.) fried cheese
gebackener Käse mit Schinken(German m.) fried cheese with ham
gebacken werden(German) to be baked
Gebäckzange(German f.) pastry tongs
gebadet(German) bathed
gebäht Brot(German - Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland) toasted bread
Gebälk(German n.) beams, entablature, frames, wooden truss, timberwork, woodwork (colloquial: goal posts and bar in football or rugby)
Gebälkfries(German m.) entablature frieze
Geballer(German n.) banging
Geballere(German n.) banging
geballt(German) clenched (fist), cumulative, conglomerate
geballte Faust(German f.) clenched hand
geballte Ladung(German f.) demolition bomb, satchel charge, concentrated charge (explosive)
geballte Leidenschaft(German f.) concentrated passion
geballte Masse(German f.) solid mass
geballte Nachfrage(German f.) accumulated demand
geballter Hass(German m.) concentrated hate
geballte Sprengladung(German f.) demolition bomb
geballte Werbung(German f.) mass advertising
geballte Wolkenmassen(German pl.) solid masses of clouds
gebändert(German) banded, striped
gebändigt(German) subdued
gebannt(German) spellbound, under a spell, excommunicated, mesmerised (figurative)
gebannt sein(German) to be taken in, to be under a spell
Gebäralter(German n.) child-bearing age, childbearing age
Gebärbecken(German n.) birthing pool
Gebärde (s.), Gebärden (pl.)(German f.) gesture, gesticulation
gebärden(German) to gesticulate
Gebärdenkunst(German f.) pantomimicry, the art of pantomime
Gebärdenschrift(German f.) signwriting
Gebärdenspiel(German n.) gestures, gesticulation, pantomime
Gebärdensprachdolmetscher (m.), Gebärdensprachdolmetscherin (f.)(German) sign language interpreter
Gebärdensprache (s.), Gebärdensprachen (pl.)(German f.) mimicry, sign language
Gebaren(German n.) behaviour, conduct, mien, bearing (behaviour), demeanour, childbirth
gebären(German) to bear (to give birth), to bring forth, to give birth to
gebärend(German) birthing
gebärfähiges Alter(German n.) child-bearing age
gebärfähig(German) prolific, capable of bearing children
gebärfreudiges Becken(German n.) (good) child-bearing hips
Gebärhocker(German m.) birthing stool
Gebärmaschine(German f.) baby machine (pejorative of a woman)
Gebärmutter (s.), Gebärmütter (pl.)(German f.) womb, uterus
Gebärmutterhals-(German) cervical (relating to the cervix)
Gebärmutterhals(German m.) cervix
Gebärmutterhals-Abstrich(German m.) cervical smear test
Gebärmutterhalskrebs(German m.) cervical cancer, cancer of the cervix
Gebärmutterhalskrebs vorbeugen(German) to prevent cervical cancer
Gebärmutterhalskrebsimpfstoff(German m.) cervical cancer vaccine
Gebärmutterhalskrebsimpfung(German f.) cervical cancer vaccination
Gebärmutterkrebs(German m.) uterus cancer, uterine cancer
Gebärmutterschleimhaut(German f.) endometrium
Gebärmutterschleimhautentzündung(German f.) endometritis
Gebärneid(German m.) womb envy
Gebärrad(German n.) birthing wheel
Gebärstuhl(German m.) birthing chair
Gebarung(German f. - Austria) conduct, running of a business, management
gebastelt(German) tinkered
gebatikt(German) tie-dyed
Gebäude (s.), Gebäude (pl.)(German n.) building, edifice, structure
Gebäudeabbruch(German m.) building demolition
Gebäudeansicht(German f.) view of the building
Gebäude an neue Verwendungen anpassen(German) to adapt a building to new uses
Gebäude geringer Höhe(German n.) low-rise building
Gebäude im Bau(German n.) building under construction
Gebäude in einer Baulücke(German n.) infill
Gebäude mit differenzierten Wohnebenen(German n.) split-level building
Gebäude mit Eigentumswohnungen(German n.) condominium building (US)
Gebäude mit mehreren Stockwerken(German n.) multi-storey building
Gebäude mit sechs Stockwerken(German n.) six-storey building
Gebäude restaurieren(German) to restore a building
Gebäude unter Denkmalschutz(German n.) listed building
Gebäudebeschreibung(German f.) building description
Gebäudeblock(German m.) block of buildings
Gebäudedämmung(German f.) building insulation
Gebäudeeigentümer(German m.) proprietor of a building
Gebäudeeingang(German m.) building entrance
Gebäudeerweiterung(German f.) extension of building
Gebäudefassade(German f.) building facade
Gebäudefeuerversicherung(German f.) building fire insurance
Gebäudeflügel(German m.) wing of a building
Gebäudefundament (s.), Gebäudefundamente (pl.)(German n.) building foundation
Gebäudegruppe(German f.) group of buildings, cluster of buildings
Gebäudehaftpflichtversicherung(German f.) building liability insurance
Gebäudehülle(German f.) cladding
Gebäudeinneres(German n.) inside of the building
gebäudeintern(German) inside the building
Gebäudekomplex(German m.) complex of buildings, building complex
Gebäudekosten(German pl.) building costs, construction costs
Gebäudemanagementsystem(German n.) building management system
gebäudenah(German) close to the building, near (to) the building
Gebäudenutzung(German f.) occupancy
Gebäudereiniger(German m.) cleaner, building cleaner
Gebäudereinigung(German f.) industrial cleaning
Gebäudesanierung(German f.) building refurbishment
Gebäudeschaden(German m.) damage to property
Gebäudeschätzung(German f.) assessment of a building
Gebäudesicherheit(German f.) building security
Gebäudesteuerung(German f.) building control
Gebäudetechnik(German f.) building services engineering
Gebäudetechniker(German m.) facility manager
Gebäudeteil(German m.) part of the building, section of the building
Gebäudetrakt(German m.) section of the building, wing of the building
Gebäudeverkleidung(German f.) cladding
Gebäudeversicherung(German f.) building insurance, buildings insurance, insurance of buildings
Gebäudezeichnung(German f.) building plan
gebaumelt(German) dangled
gebauscht(German) bouffant, full flared, puffy
gebaut(German) bodied, built, constructed
gebaut werden(German) to be built, to go up (building)
Gebe Gott, dass ...(German) God grant that ...
gebeamt(German) beamed
gebefreudig(German) with open hands, generous, open-handed
Gebefreudigkeit(German f.) generosity
gebeichtet(German) confessed, shriven
Gebein (s.), Gebeine (pl.)(German n.) bone, (mortal) remains (plural form)
Gebeinhaus(German n.) charnel house
gebeizt(German) teinté (French), tinto (Italian), stained, coloured
gebeizter Stahl(German m.) pickled steel
Gebelfer(German n.) yapping (dog), yowling (dog), yelling (people), bawling (people)
Gebell(German n.) bay (of hounds), baying, barking, cry (of hounds), yapping
Gebelle(German n.) latration (barking)
gebellt(German) barked, bayed
geben(German) to perform, to deal, to administer (support, medicine), to bestow, to give, to allow (a goal), to award (a penalty, free-kick, throw-in :football), to furnish (information, reason, excuse)
gebend(German) giving
gebenedeit(German) blessed
Geben ist seliger denn nehmen.(German) It is more blessed to give than to receive.
geben lassen(German) to cause to give
Geben Sie acht auf seine Worte!(German) Pay heed to what he says!
Geben Sie bitte Ihre Bankverbindung an.(German) Please give your account details.
Geben Sie den Auftrag zur Ausführung!(German) Put the order in hand!
Geben Sie uns den Vorzug!(German) Give us preference!
Geben Sie uns eine Möglichkeit ...(German) Put us in a position ...
Geben Sie unserer Ware eine Chance!(German) Give our products a chance!
geben und nehmen(German) to give and receive
Geben-und-Nehmen-Prinzip(German n.) give and take, give-and-take
Geber (m.), Geberin (f.)(German) donor (m./f.), giver (m./f.), presenter (m./f.), encoder, transducer, dealer (m./f.: cards)
Geberkonferenz(German f.) donor conference
Geberland (s.), Geberländer (pl.)(German n.) donor country
Geberlaune(German f.) generous mood
Gebersprache(German f.) source language, donor language
gebessert(German) amended, improved, reformed (person's behaviour)
Gebet (s.), Gebete (pl.)(German n.) prayer, supplication, worship, orison, supplication (prayer)
Gebetbuch(German n.) prayer book, service book, book of prayers
Gebetbuch der anglikanischen Kirche(German n.) Book of Common Prayer
gebeten(German) asked, bid, bidden, prayed
Gebet für Sterbende(German n.) commendatory prayer
Gebetsbergbewegung(German f.) Prayer Mountain movement (Korea)
Gebetsbuch(German n.) book of prayers
Gebetsfahne(German f.) prayer flag
Gebetshalle(German f.) prayer hall
Gebetshaus(German n.) house of prayer
Gebetshilfe(German f.) aid to prayer
Gebetskerze(German f.) prayer candle
Gebetskissen(German n.) prayer cushion
Gebetsmantel(German m.) prayer shawl, tallit
Gebetsmühle(German f.) prayer wheel
gebetsmühlenartig(German) like a mantra (in a repetitive way), mantra-like (repetitive), repetitive (pejorative), repetitious (pejorative), continual (pejorative)
... gebetsmühlenartig wiederholen(German) to repeat the same ... over and over again (pejorative)
gebetsmühlenhaft(German) constant, constantly, mantra-like (repetitive), like a mantra (in a repetitive way)
Gebetsperlen(German pl.) prayer beads
Gebetsraum (s.), Gebetsräume (pl.)(German m.) prayer room, prayer area
Gebetsrichtung(German f.) direction of prayer
Gebetsriemen (s.), Gebetsriemen (pl.)(German m.) phylactery
Gebetsruf(German m.) call to prayer, prayer call
Gebetsschnur(German f.) prayer rope, chaplet
Gebetsstunde(German f.) prayer meeting
Gebetstag(German m.) day of prayer
Gebetsteppich(German m.) prayer rug, prayer mat
Gebetstexte(German pl.) prayers (written texts)
Gebetstreffen(German n.) day of prayer
Gebetswache(German f.) prayer vigil
gebettet(German) bedded, pillowed, embedded
gebeugt(German) bowed, inflected, weighed down, bent, flexed, hunched, stooping
gebeugte Form(German f.) inflected form
gebeugte Haltung(German f.) stoop
gebeugtes Knie (s.), gebeugte Knie (pl.)(German n.) bent knee
gebeugt gehen(German) to walk with a stoop
Gebeugtheit(German f.) stoop
gebeutelt(German) shaken, stricken
Gebiet (s.), Gebiete (pl.)(German n.) field, territory, tract (of land), area, department, region, sphere, zone, turf (slang), stretch (of land), province (figurative: area of knowledge), domain
Gebiete erobern(German) to conquer territories
gebieten(German) to command, to demand, to mandate
gebietend(German) imperious
Gebieter (m.), Gebieterin (f.), Gebieter (, Gebieterinnen ( lord, arbiter, commander, ruler, master (m., archaic), mistress (f., archaic)
gebieterisch(German) imperious, peremptory (tone), authoritative (commanding), imperiously, authoritarian, dictatorial, imperative, magisterial, domineering, commandingly, magisterially, lordly (tone of voice), commanding, masterful [person, tone, voice)
gebieterischer Ton(German m.) authoritative air
Gebiete zusammenlegen(German) to consolidate territories
Gebiet mit Fremdenverkehrsfunktion(German n.) area of tourism
Gebietsabgrenzung(German f.) zoning
Gebietsabtei(German f.) territorial abbey
Gebietsabtretung(German f.) cession of land
Gebietsanspruch (s.), Gebietsansprüche (pl.)(German m.) territorial claim
Gebietsaufteilung(German f.) division of territory, territorial allocation
Gebietsaustausch(German m.) land swap
Gebietsdisput(German m.) territorial dispute
Gebietserweiterung(German f.) territorial expansion
Gebietserwerb(German m.) acquisition of territory
gebietsfremde Arten(German pl.) alien species
Gebietsfremder (m.), Gebietsfremde (f.), Gebietsfremde (pl.)(German) non-resident
Gebietsgewinne(German pl.) territorial gains
Gebietsgrenze(German f.) border
Gebietshoheit(German f.) territorial jurisdiction, territorial sovereignty
Gebietskarte(German f.) region map
Gebietskörperschaft(German f.) regional corporation, body politic (when referring to a smaller political entity of a state)
gebietskörperschaftsspezifisch(German) local authority related
Gebietsleiter (m.), Gebietsleiterin (f.)(German) area manager, regional manager
gebietsmäßig(German) territorial
Gebiets- oder Bestandsänderung(German f.) local government reorganisation
Gebietsreform(German f.) local government reorganization
Gebietsschema(German n.) locale
Gebietsstreitigkeit (s.), Gebietsstreitigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) territorial dispute
Gebietsverkaufsleiter(German m.) area manager
Gebietsverlust(German m.) loss of territory
gebietsweise(German) in some areas, locally
gebietsweise Unterschiede(German pl.) regional distinctions
Gebiet von gemeinschaftlicher Bedeutung(German n.) Site of Community Importance
Gebiet von landschaftlicher Schönheit(German n.) area of great scenic beauty
Gebiet wieder zurückgewinnen(German) to regain territory
Gebilde (s.), Gebilde (pl.)(German n.) shape, fabric, entity, form, formation, figure, construct, object (thing), figment (fantasy), creation, feature
gebildet(German) educated, cultured, unprimitive, literately, intellectual, refined (well-mannered), learned, literate, shaped (formed), formed, erudite, gentlemanly, well-bred, civilised
gebildet durch eine Zusammenlegung(German) formed by an amalgamation
Gebildete(German pl.) intelligentsia
gebildete Frau(German f.) cultured woman, well-educated woman, woman of culture
gebildete Person(German f.) refined person
gebildete Reserve(German f.) accumulated reserve
gebildeter(German) more educated
gebildeter Mann(German m.) cultured man, well-educated man, man of culture
gebildeter Mensch(German m.) person of good breeding
gebildetes Benehmen(German n.) refined manners
Gebildetsein(German n.) literacy
gebildetste(German) most educated
gebildet von(German) composed of, made up of, formed of
Gebildvotiv(German n.) ex voto (sculpture, object)
gebilligt(German) approved, correct, accepted
gebilligte Methode(German f.) approved method
gebilligter Plan(German m.) approved plan
gebilligter Preis(German m.) approved price
gebilligt und unterschrieben(German) approved and signed
Gebimmel(German n.) tinkling, jingle
gebimmeln(German) tinklings
Gebinde (s.), Gebinde (pl.)(German n.) wreath, container, barrel
gebindepflichtig(German) always bundled
Gebirge(German n.) mountain, mountain chain, mountains, rock (mining, tunnelling), mountain range
gebirgig(German) mountainous
gebirgiger(German) more mountainous
Gebirgler (m.), Gebirglerin (f.)(German) mountain dweller
Gebirgs-(German) mountain (prefix)
Gebirgsausläufer (s.), Gebirgsausläufer (pl.)(German m.) foothill
Gebirgsbach (s.), Gebirgsbäche (pl.)(German m.) mountain stream, gill (mountain stream), mountain brook, mountain creek, alpine brook, alpine stream
Gebirgsbahn(German f.) mountain railway
Gebirgsbau(German m.) tectonics
Gebirgsblume(German f.) mountain flower
Gebirgsbogen(German m.) curved mountain range
Gebirgsdorf(German n.) mountain village
Gebirgsflora(German f.) mountain flora
Gebirgsfluss(German m.) mountain river
Gebirgsgebiet(German f.) mountainous region
Gebirgsgegend(German f.) mountainous region
Gebirgsgletscher(German m.) alpine glacier
Gebirgskamm(German m.) (mountain) ridge, ridge of mountains, (mountain) crest
Gebirgskette(German f.) mountain chain, range (mountain range), mountain range
Gebirgsklima(German n.) mountain climate
Gebirgslandschaft(German f.) mountain scenery, mountainous region, mountainscape
Gebirgspass(German m.) col, mountain pass
Gebirgsquelle(German f.) mountain spring
Gebirgsregion(German f.) mountain region, mountainous region
Gebirgsrücken(German m.) mountain ridge
Gebirgssee(German m.) mountain lake
Gebirgsstraße(German f.) mountain road
Gebirgsstrecke(German f.) mountain railway line, mountain route (path, road)
Gebirgsvorland(German n.) piedmont
Gebirgswald (s.), Gebirgswälder (pl.)(German m.) mountain forest, alpine forest
Gebirgsweide(German f.) hill pasture, mountain pasture, upland meadow
Gebirgszug(German m.) cordillera, mountain range
Gebiß(German n., old form) (set of) teeth
Gebiss (s.), Gebisse (pl.)(German n.) set of teeth, bit (horse), ivories (colloquial)
Gebissabdruck(German m.) dental impression
Gebissanomalie(German f.) deformity of the teeth
Gebissausrichtung(German f.) orthodontics
Gebissbürste(German f.) denture brush
gebissen(German) bitten
gebisslose Zäumung(German f.) bitless bridle
Gebissreinigungsbürste(German f.) denture cleaning brush
Gebissschluss(German m.) occlusion (dentistry)
geblacklistet(German) blacklisted
gebläht(German) distended, swelled
Gebläse(German n.) blower, supercharger, fan, bellows, blowing-machine, demister (car)
(German n.) Windwerk or Balgwerk, the bellows of an organ
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
geblase(German) trumpeting, blowing
Gebläselampe(German f.) blowlamp
geblasen(German) blown, tooted
geblasenes Glas(German n.) blown glass
gebläut(German) blued
gebläuter Stahl(German m.) blued steel
gebleicht(German) bleached, blanched, prefaded (denims), whitened
gebleichte Mandeln(German pl.) blanched almonds
gebleichtes Haar(German n.) bleached hair
geblendet(German) dazzled, blinded, dazed, infatuated, bedazzled, impressed
geblendet sein(German) to be blinded
geblickt(German) glanced
geblieben(German) abode, remained, stayed
geblindet(German) blinded (masked / blind study)
geblinkt(German) blinked
geblinzelt(German) winked
geblitzt(German) clocked (radar speed trap)
geblitzt werden(German) to be caught speeding (by a speed camera)
geblockt(German) blocked
Geblödel(German n.) fooling around, larking about, goofing off
Geblök(German n.) baa, baaing
Geblöke(German n.) baaing, lowing (cattle), bleating (sheep)
geblüht(German) blossomed, flowered, flowery
geblümt(German) floral (decorated with flowers)
geblümter Rock(German m.) flowered skirt
geblümtes Kleid(German n.) flowered dress
Geblüt(German n.) bloods
geblutet(German) bled
Geblütsadel(German m.) nobility by blood
gebogen(German) aquiline, bent, convoluted, convolutely, inflected, bended, crooked, curved, arcuate, buckled
gebogene Hülse(German f.) bent tube
gebogener Griff(German m.) curved handle
gebogener Ton(German m.) bent note (harmonica)
gebogenes 90-Grad-Ventil(German n.) right angle valve
gebogenes Gleis(German n.) curved track
gebogenes Rohr(German n.) bent pipe
gebogene Wand(German f.) bentside (harpsichord, spinet)
gebohnert(German) polished
gebohrt(German) bored, drilled
gebolzt(German) bolted
gebombt(German) bombed
gebonden(Dutch) slurred, tied
(Dutch) bound (as in the pages in a book)
gebootet(German) booted
geboren(German) born
geboren 1920(German) born in nineteen twenty
geborene(German) née, nee, né
geborener Anführer(German m.) born leader
geborener Dichter(German m.) born poet
geborener Engländer(German m.) English born, native of England
geborener Geschäftsmann(German m.) born businessman
geborener Idiot(German m.) congenital idiot
geborener Londoner(German m.) native of London
geborener Lügner(German m.) congenital liar
geborener Narr(German m.) born fool
geborener Redner(German m.) natural orator
geborener Schauspieler(German m.) born actor
geborener Tänzer(German m.) natural dancer
geboren in(German) born at, born in
geboren in Deutschland(German) born in Germany
geboren und aufgewachsen(German) born and reared, born and raised
geboren und aufgewachsen in New York(German) born and raised in New York
geboren unter dem Sternzeichen(German) born under the sign of
geboren von(German) born of
geboren werden(German) to be born
Geborenzeichen(German n.) asterisk used to denote "date of birth" (for example, *1920)
geboren zu(German) born to
geborgen(German) salvaged, secure, rescued, snug, contained
Geborgenheit(German f.) security, concealment, protection, freedom from danger, feeling of security, safety
geborgt(German) borrowed
geborsten(German) burst, cracked (up), shattered, split
geböscht(German) inward-sloping
Gebot (s.), Gebote (pl.)(German n.) bidding, commandment, command, bid, offer, precept, order, imperative, decree, fiat
Gebot, das den Zuschlag erhält(German n.) winning bid
Gebot der Liebe(German n.) commandment of love
geboten(German) bidden, imperative, due (attention, care), offered, required
gebotene Feiertage(German) holy days of obligation
gebotener Preis(German m.) bid
Gebotsbetrag(German m.) bid amount
Gebotsschild(German n.) mandatory-sign, traffic sign (giving an instruction)
Gebotszeichen(German n.) mandatory sign
Gebrabbel(German n.) mumbling, muttering, jabbering, prattling
gebrabbelt(German) gabbled, babbled
gebracht(German) brought, carried
gebrandmarkt(German) branded, marked, stigmatized (figurative)
gebrannt(German) blazed, burnt, fired (earthenware)
gebrannte Creme(German f.) crème brûlée
gebrannte Mandel (s.), gebrannte Mandeln (pl.)(German f.) praline, roasted almonds (pural form), burnt almonds (plural form)
gebrannte Nuss(German f.) praline
gebrannte Siena(German f.) burnt sienna
gebrannter Ton(German m.) fired clay, terra cotta
gebrannter Zucker(German m.) caramel
Gebranntes Kind scheut das Feuer.(German) Once bitten, twice shy.
gebrannte Umbra(German f.) burnt umber
gebrannt werden(German) to bake
gebraten(German) roasted, roast, fried
gebratene Hähnchenbrust(German f.) roasted chicken breast
gebratener Käse mit Schinken(German m.) fried cheese with ham
gebratener Reis(German m.) fried rice
gebratener Tintenfischring(German m.) fried squid ring
gebratenes Hähnchen(German n.) fried chicken
gebratenes Zicklein(German n.) roast kid
Gebräu(German n.) mixture, concoction, brew, brew-up
Gebrauch (s.), Gebräuche (pl.)(German m.) use, way (manner), custom (convention), convention, application, usage, utilization, exercise, practice, more (convention)
Gebrauch {m} des Wortes(German m.) use of the word
Gebrauche deinen Kopf!(German) Use your head! (i.e. think!)
Gebrauchen(German n.) use
gebrauchen(German) to use, to exert, to employ (to use), to apply
Gebräuche übernehmen(German) to adopt customs
Gebrauch in geschlossenen Räumen(German m.) indoor use
gebräuchlich(German) useable, general, ordinary, current, in use, usual, customary, conventional, common
gebräuchliche Definition(German f.) definition in use
gebräuchlicher(German) more common
gebräuchlicher Ausdruck(German m.) common expression
Gebräuchlichkeit(German f.) customariness, conventionality
gebräuchlichste(German) most common
Gebrauch machen(German) to avail, to exert
Gebrauchsanleitung(German f.) instructions for use, directions
Gebrauchsanweisung(German f.) directions for use, directions, operating instructions, instruction sheet, instructions for use, (user) manual, operator manual, instruction leaflet, operating manual
Gebrauchsartikel(German m.) article in daily use
Gebrauchsdauer(German f.) useful life, lifespan (of equipment), operating life
Gebrauchseigenschaft (s.), Gebrauchseigenschaften (pl.)(German f.) performance characteristic
gebrauchsfähig(German) serviceable, ready for use
Gebrauchsfähigkeit(German f.) serviceability
Gebrauchsfahrzeug (s.), Gebrauchsfahrzeuge (pl.)(German n.) utility vehicle
gebrauchsfertig(German) ready for use, ready-made, cut and dried, ready to use, off-the-shelf
Gebrauchsform(German f.) form of usage
Gebrauchsgegenstand (s.), Gebrauchsgegenstände (pl.)(German m.) everyday object, everyday article, everyday utencil, implement
Gebrauchsgeschirr(German n.) domestic ware, tableware
Gebrauchsgrafik(German f.) advertising art, applied art, commercial art
Gebrauchsgrafiker(German m.) commercial artist
Gebrauchsgraphik(German f.) advertising art, applied art, commercial art
Gebrauchsgraphiker(German m.) commercial artist
Gebrauchsgut(German n.) consumer durable, consumer good, commodity, non-consumable
Gebrauchshäufigkeit(German f.) frequency of use
Gebrauchshund(German m.) working dog
Gebrauchsliteratur(German f.) functional literature
Gebrauchslyrik(German f.) functional poetry
Gebrauchsmusik(German f.) utility music, music written to satisfy a particular commercial need, for example, music for the amateur to play at home (Hausmusik), a form whose chief proponent was the German composer and violist Paul Hindemith (1895-1963). Hindemith wrote many works speifically for performance by amateur school groups or chamber music organizations. His aim was to establish closer contact between composer and public. Included in this group are the children's opera Wir bauen eine Stadt [We are building a city] (1931) and numerous sonatas and chamber works
(German f.) the term is also applied to music written for a specific purpose (for example, film music)
Gebrauchsmuster (s.), Gebrauchsmuster (pl.)(German n.) registered design, utility model
Gebrauchsname(German m.) common name
Gebrauchssprache(German f.) ordinary language
Gebrauchsspuren(German pl.) traces of usage, signs of usage
Gebrauchstauglichkeit(German f.) usability
Gebrauchsüberlassung an Dritte(German f.) transfer for use to third parties
Gebrauchswert(German m.) practical value, utility value
Gebrauchszertifikat(German n.) utility certificate
Gebraucht-(German) pre-owned (prefix)
gebraucht(German) second hand, second-hand, used, pre-owned, needed
Gebrauchtautos(German pl.) used cars
gebrauchte Briefmarke(German f.) used stamp
gebrauchte Fässer(German pl.) used drums
gebrauchte Kisten(German pl.) second-hand cases
gebrauchte Kleidung(German f.) second-hand clothes
gebrauchte Patrone(German f.) spent cartridge
gebrauchter Computer(German m.) second-hand computer
gebrauchtes Kleidungsstück(German n.) hand-me-down, reach-me-down (colloquial)
gebrauchtes Spülwasser(German n.) used washing water, used rinsing water
gebrauchtes Streichholz(German n.) spent match
gebrauchtes Zündholz(German n.) used match
gebrauchte Ware(German f.) second-hand goods, used goods
gebrauchte Zeit(German f.) time of performance, time taken, time used
Gebrauchtfahrzeug (s.), Gebrauchtfahrzeuge (pl.)(German n.) pre-owned vehicle, used vehicle, second-hand vehicle
Gebrauchtinstrument(German n.) used instrument
gebraucht kaufen(German) to buy second hand
Gebrauchtkleidung(German f.) used clothing
Gebrauchtladen(German m.) charity shop
Gebrauchtmaschine(German f.) second-hand machine
Gebrauchtpreis(German m.) second-hand price
Gebrauchtwagen (s.), Gebrauchtwagen (pl.)(German m.) used car, second-hand car, pre-owned car
Gebrauchtwagenhändler(German m.) second-hand car dealer, second-hand car salesman, used car dealer, used car salesman
Gebrauchtwagenkäufer(German m.) used-car buyer
Gebrauchtwagenmarkt(German m.) second-hand car market
Gebrauchtwagenverkäufer(German m.) used-car salesman
Gebrauchtwagenwert(German m.) second-hand car value
Gebrauchtwaren(German pl.) second hand articles
Gebrauchtwarenhändler(German m.) dealer in used goods, dealer in second-hand goods
Gebrauchtwaren-Kaufhaus(German n.) second-hand shop
Gebrauchtwarenladen(German m.) charity shop
Gebrauchtwarenmarkt(German m.) second-hand market
Gebrauchtwarenpreis(German m.) secondhand price
gebraucht werden(German) to be needed, to be wanted
Gebrauchtwert(German m.) second-hand value, trade-in value
Gebrauch von Drogen(German m.) drug usage
Gebrauch von harten Drogen(German m.) hard drugs usage
Gebrauch von weichen Drogen(German m.) soft drugs usage
gebräunt(German) bronzy, bronzed, tanned, embrowned (poetic)
gebräunt von der Sonne(German) browned by the sun
gebräunte Butter(German f.) browned butter
Gebraus(German n.) roar
gebraust(German) blustered
gebraut(German) brewed
Gebrechen (s.), Gebrechen (pl.)(German n.) defect, deficiency, infirmity, disability, affliction
gebrechen(German) to lack
gebrechlich(German) invalid, rickety, frail, fragile, infirm, slight (delicate), delicate
gebrechliche Gesundheit(German f.) delicate health, frail (health)
gebrechlicher(German) more fragile
Gebrechlicher (m.), Gebrechliche (f.)(German) invalid
gebrechlicher Gesundheitszustand(German m.) delicate state of health
Gebrechlichkeit(German f.) infirmity, frailness, frailty, decay, ricketiness, fragility
gebrechlichste(German) most fragile
gebremst(German) braked, with brakes
gebrettert(German) boarded
gebrochen(German) broken, brokenly, fractionally, fractured, refracted, ruptured, broken, fractional
(German) (in music) arpeggiated
gebrochene Achse(German f.) broken axle
gebrochene Farbe(German f.) broken colour
gebrochene Kante(German f.) bevelled edge, chamfer, chamfered edge
gebrochene Linie(German f.) broken line
gebrochenen Herzens(German) broken-hearted, broken-heartedly, heartbroken
gebrochene Oktave (s.), gebrochene Oktaven (pl.)(German f.) broken octave
gebrochener Akkord (s.), gebrochene Akkorde (pl.)(German m.) broken chord(s), rolled chord, i.e. an arpeggiated chord
gebrochener Anteil(German m.) fractional part
gebrochene Rippe (s.), gebrochene Rippen (pl.)(German f.) cracked rib
gebrochener Kiefer(German m.) broken jaw
gebrochener Knochen (s.), gebrochene Knochen (pl.)(German m.) fractured bone
gebrochener Zahn(German m.) broken tooth
gebrochenes Bein(German n.) broken leg
gebrochenes Deutsch(German n.) broken German, fractured German
gebrochenes Deutsch sprechen(German) to speak broken German
gebrochenes Englisch(German n.) broken English, fractured English
Gebrochenes-Herz-Syndrom(German n.) broken heart syndrome
gebrochenes Versprechen (s.), gebrochene Versprechen (pl.)(German n.) broken promise
gebrochenes Weiß(German n.) off-white
gebrochene Taste(German f.) split key (on an organ, harpsichord, spinet, etc.)
gebrochen weiß(German) off-white
gebrodelt(German) bubbled
gebroken Akkoord(Dutch) broken chord, rolled chord, i.e. a chord that is arpeggiated
Gebrüder(German pl.) brothers
Gebrüder Grimm(German pl.) Grimm Brothers
Gebrüll(German n.) roar, bellow, braying (ass), screaming, bawling, roaring (lion), bellowing (bulls), shouting, yelling
gebrüllt(German) bellowed, blared, hollered (colloquial), roared
Gebrumm(German n.) (loud) hum, (loud) humming (sound), growling (bear), drone (insect, also singing), droning (insect, also singing), buzz, buzzing, grumbling
Gebrumme(German n.) boom
gebrummt(German) hummed
gebrunstet(German) rutted
gebrütet(German) hatched, bred, incubated
gebrutzelt(German) sputtered
Gebt euch die Hand!(German) Shake hands!
Gebt fein acht!(German) Pay attention! Listen up! (US)
gebucht(German) booked, entered, posted, reserved, expensed
gebuchte Aufträge(German pl.) orders booked
gebuchte Einheiten(German pl.) units booked
gebuckelt(German) humped (back)
gebuckelter Holzhammer(German m.) bossing mallet
gebückt(German) stooped, bent over, crouched, bowed, leaning over
gebückt gehen(German) to stoop, to walk with a stoop
gebückte Haltung(German f.) stoop
gebüffelt(German) swotted (colloquial)
gebügelt(German) ironed, pressed (ironed)
Gebühr (s.), Gebühren (pl.)(German f.) tax, duty (tax), toll, fee, due (fee), charge (fee), levy
Gebührenauflistung(German f.) listing of charges
Gebührenaufschlag wird berechnet.(German) Surcharge will apply.
Gebührenaufstellung(German f.) details of charges, scale of fee, table of charges
gebührenbefreit(German) exempt from fees
Gebührenbefreiung(German f.) remission (of fees)
Gebührenberechnung(German f.) charging
Gebührenbescheid(German m.) notification of charges
gebührend(German) due (attention, consideration, credit), condign, fitting, appropriate, duly
gebührender Respekt(German m.) proper respect
Gebührendes(German n.) due
gebührende Sorgfalt(German f.) due diligence
gebührende Wertschätzung(German f.) appreciation
Gebühreneinheit(German f.) unit
Gebühreneinnahmen(German pl.) licence fee income
Gebühren einnehmen(German) to collect charges
Gebührenerhebung(German f.) collection of charges
Gebühren erhöhen(German) to increase fees
Gebührenerlaß(German m. - old form) remission of charges
Gebührenerlass(German m.) remission of fees, remission of charges
Gebühren erlassen(German) to waive fees
Gebühren ermäßigen(German) to reduce fees
Gebührenermäßigung(German f.) reduction of fees, abatement of fees
Gebührenerstattung(German f.) refund of charges
gebührenfinanziert(German) fee-financed
Gebührenfinanzierung(German f.) fee financing
gebührenfrei(German) free of charge, nonchargeable, toll-free, at no charge, non-billable, non-chargeable, royalty-free
gebührenfreie Autobahn(German f.) toll-free motorway
gebührenfreie Bankleistungen(German pl.) free banking
gebührenfreie Telefonnummer(German f.) freephone number
gebührenfreier Telefonanruf(German m.) freephone
Gebühren für die Ausbildung(German pl.) fees for schooling
Gebühren für die Handhabung(German pl.) handling charges
Gebühren für private Behandlung(German pl.) fees for private treatment
Gebühren für Sonderleistungen(German pl.) charges for special services
Gebühren für zusätzliche Leistungen(German pl.) charges for additional services
gebührengünstig(German) low-charge
Gebühren im Voraus bezahlt(German) charges paid in advance, fees paid in advance
Gebühren je Stück(German pl.) charges per item
gebührenlos(German) unmetered
Gebührenmarke(German f.) fee stamp
Gebührennachlass gewähren(German) to grant remission of charges
Gebührenordnung(German f.) scale of fees, scale of charges, scale of charges and fees, tariff
Gebührenordnung (s.), Gebührenordnungen (pl.)(German f.) medical fee schedule (medical care/treatment)
gebührenpflichtig(German) liable to charges, billable, chargeable, metered, fee required, toll, subject to charges
Gebührenpflichtig.(German) Fees apply.
gebührenpflichtige Autobahn(German f.) turnpike (US), toll-booth (UK)
Gebührenpflichtige Parkplätze(German) Entrance to controlled parking zone (UK traffic sign)
gebührenpflichtige Straße(German f.) tollroad, toll road
Gebührenplan(German m.) fee schedule
Gebührenrechnung(German f.) bill of charges, bill of costs
Gebührenrückerstattung(German f.) refund of charges
Gebührensatz(German m.) charging rate, rate, tariff
Gebührenschinderei(German f.) churning
Gebührenstruktur(German f.) structure of charges, structure of rates and charges
Gebührentabelle(German f.) schedule of charges, table of fees, tariff schedule
Gebührenübernahme(German f.) absorption of charges
Gebührenverzeichnis(German n.) table of charges, table of costs, tariff of fees
Gebührenzone(German f.) tariff zone
Gebühr für Anlieferung(German f.) delivery charge
Gebühr für Anruf(German f.) call charge
Gebühr für den Geschäftsabschluss(German f.) transaction fee
Gebühr für die Benutzung einer Einrichtung(German f.) facility fee
Gebühr für die Einschätzung(German f.) appraisal fee
Gebühr für die geschäftliche Transaktion(German f.) amount of transaction fee
Gebühr für ein Ortsgespräch(German f.) local call fee
Gebühr für einen Nachforschungsauftrag(German f.) enquiry fee
Gebühr für Mehrgepäck(German f.) excess baggage charge
Gebühr für vorzeitige Kündigung(German f.) early termination fee
Gebühr für vorzeitiges Abheben(German f.) early withdrawal penalty
gebührlich(German) proper, duly
Gebühr zahlt Empfänger(German) Postage will be paid by addressee
gebummelt(German) strolled
gebumst(German) thumped
gebündelt(German) pencilled (rays), bunched, packaged, bundled, packed, focussed
gebündelte Information(German f.) multiplexed information
gebündelte Kraft(German f.) accumulated power
gebündelte Ware(German f.) packaged goods
gebunden(German) tied, slurred, legato, trussed, ligated, thickened, bound, in verse, hardcover (US: bound book), controlled (prices), constrained, committed, bonded (goods, person), bound
a term, meaning 'fretted', applied to clavichords where different notes are played on a single string struck at different points
gebunden an(German) bound to
gebunden durch einen Eid(German) bound by an oath
gebundene Ausgabe(German f.) hardcover edition
gebundene Energie(German f.) latent energy
gebundene Mittel(German pl.) funds tied up, tied-up money
gebundene Note(German f.) a tied note, that is the note to which an earlier note is tied and which must not, therefore be repeated or, on a wind instrument, retongued
gebundene Preise(German pl.) maintained prices
gebundener Betrag(German m.) amount committed
gebundene Rotation(German f.) synchronous rotation
gebundener Preis(German m.) controlled price, fixed price, maintained price
gebundener Stil(German m.) a style of connected harmony, as for example, in strict counterpoint
gebundener Vertreter(German m.) tied agent
gebundenes Buch(German n.) hardcover book, hardback (book), bound book, hard cover (book)
gebundenes Morphem(German n.) bound morpheme
gebundenes Wasser(German n.) bound water
Gebundenheit(German f.) ligation, bondage, boundedness, restriction (for example, of capital, prices, freedom)
gebunden mit(German) bound with
gebunden sein(German) to be tied, to be bound
gebürgt(German) bailed, guaranteed
gebürstet(German) brushed
gebürsteter Beton(German m.) brushed concrete
Geburt (s.), Geburten (pl.)(German f.) birth, nativity, descent, delivery, childbed, accouchement
Geburt Christi(German f.) the Nativity
Geburt eines Kindes(German f.) childbirth, delivery of a baby
Geburtenberg(German m.) birthrate bulge
Geburtenbeschränkung(German f.) birth control
Geburtenbuch(German n.) register of births
Geburteneinschränkung(German f.) birth control
Geburtenhäufigkeit(German f.) birth rate
Geburtenkontrolle(German f.) birth control
Geburtenniveau(German n.) birth rate
Geburtenrate(German f.) birthrate, birth rate
Geburtenregelung(German f.) birth control
Geburtenregister(German n.) register of births
Geburtenrückgang(German m.) decline in the birth rate, drop in the birth rate
geburtenschwach(German) low-birthrate
geburtenstark(German) high-birthrate
Geburtenzahl(German f.) birth rate, number of births
Geburtenziffer(German f.) birth rate
gebürtig(German) native-born, by birth, true-born, native
(gebürtiger) Aachener (m.), (gebürtige) Aachenerin (f.)(German) native of Aachen
gebürtiger Amerikaner sein(German) to be a native-born US citizen
(gebürtiger) Hamburger (m.), (gebürtige) Hamburgerin (f.)(German) native of Hamburg
gebürtiger Kanadier(German m.) native Canadian
(gebürtiger) Münchner (m.), (gebürtige) Münchnerin (f.)(German) native of Munich
gebürtiger Staatsbürger(German m.) native-born citizen
gebürtig in(German) native of
Geburts-(German) natal (prefix)
Geburtsadel(German m.) hereditary nobility, nobility by birth
Geburtsanzeige(German f.) announcement of birth, birth announcement
Geburtsanzeige(German f.) registration of a birth, registration of the birth
Geburtsbegleiterin(German f.) doula
Geburtsbeihilfe(German f.) maternity benefit
Geburtsdatum(German n.) date of birth, date of one's birth
Geburtsdauer(German f.) duration of labour
Geburtsdefekt(German m.) birth defect
Geburtseinleitung(German f.) induction of labour
Geburtseintrag(German m.) birth registration, entry of birth (in the official register of births)
Geburtsfehler(German m.) congenital defect,birth defect
Geburtsgebrechen(German n. - Switzerland) birth defect
Geburtsgeschichte(German f.) nativity story
Geburtsgewicht(German n.) birth weight, weight at birth
Geburtsgöttin(German f.) goddess of childbirth
Geburtsgrotte(German f.) Grotto of the Nativity
Geburtshaus(German n.) birthplace
Geburtshelfer (m.), Geburtshelferin (f.), Geburtshelfer (, Geburtshelferinnen ( obstetrician, accoucheur (m. dated), accoucheuse (f. dated), midwife
Geburtshelferkröte(German f.) midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans)
Geburtshilfe (m.), Geburtshilfen (pl.)(German f.) obstetrics, midwifery
Geburtshilfe leisten(German) to assist at a birth, to assist at the birth
Geburtshilfestation(German f.) obstetric ward
geburtshilflich(German) obstetric, obstetrical, obstetrically
Geburtshocker(German m.) birthing stool
Geburtsjahr(German n.) year of birth
Geburtsjahrgang(German m.) cohort
Geburtskarte(German f.) (baby) crib card
Geburtskirche(German f.) Church of the Nativity
Geburtsklinik(German f.) maternity clinic, maternity home, maternity hospital, lying-in-hospital
Geburtskunde(German f.) obstetrics
Geburtslähmung(German f.) birth palsy
Geburtsland (s.), Geburtsländer (pl.)(German n.) native country, country of birth
Geburtslied(German n.) birthday song
Geburtsmal(German n.) birthmark
Geburtsname(German m.) birth name, name at birth, maiden name (woman)
Geburtsort(German m.) birth-place, place of birth
Geburtsortsprinzip(German n.) birthright citizenship (jus soli)
Geburtsrecht(German n.) birthright
Geburtsschein(German m.) birth certificate, certificate of birth
Geburtsschmerz(German m.) birth pang (also figurative)
Geburtsstadt(German f.) native town, home town
Geburtsstätte(German f.) birthplace
Geburtsstein(German m.) birthstone
Geburtsstunde(German f.) hour of birth, natal hour, date of founding (of an institution, etc.)
Geburtstag (s.), Geburtstage (pl.)(German m.) birthday, day of birth
Geburtstagsbillett(German n. - Austria) birthday card
Geburtstagseinladung(German f.) birthday invitation
Geburtstagserinnerung(German f.) birthday reminder
Geburtstagsfeier(German f.) birthday party
Geburtstagsfeierlichkeiten(German pl.) birthday celebrations
Geburtstagsfest(German n.) birthday party
Geburtstagsgast(German m.) guest (at birthday party)
Geburtstagsgeschenk(German n.) birthday gift, birthday present
Geburtstagsglückwünsche(German pl.) birthday greetings, birthday wishes
Geburtstagsgruß(German m.) birthday greeting
Geburtstagskarte(German f.) birthday card
Geburtstagskind(German n.) birthday child, birthday boy, birthday girl
Geburtstagskuchen(German m.) birthday cake
Geburtstagslied(German n.) birthday song
Geburtstagsparadox(German n.) birthday paradox
Geburtstagsparadoxon(German n.) birthday paradox
Geburtstagsparty(German f.) birthday party
Geburtstagsproblem(German n.) birthday paradox
Geburtstagsständchen(German n.) birthday serenade
Geburtstagstisch(German m.) table laden with birthday presents
Geburtstagstorte(German f.) birthday cake
Geburtstagsüberraschungsparty(German f.) surprise birthday party
Geburtstagswunsch(German m.) birthday wish
Geburtsurkunde(German f.) birth certificate, certificate of birth, certificate of parentage, certificate of ancestry, genealogical certificate
Geburtsurkundenfälschung(German f.) fake birth certificate
Geburtsvorbereitung(German f.) preparation for a birth, preparation for the birth
Geburtsvorbereitungskurs(German m.) antenatal classes
Geburtswehen(German pl.) labour pains, throes, uterine contractions, labour, pangs of childbirth, birth pangs (also figurative)
Geburtszeit(German f.) time of birth
Geburturkunde(German f.) birth certificate
Geburt von Drillingen(German f.) birth of triplets
Geburt von Vierlingen(German f.) birth of quadruplets
Geburt von Zwillingen(German f.) birth of twins
Gebüsch (s.), Gebüsche (pl.)(German n.) bushes, shrubbery, boscage, clump of bushes, shrubs, brush, scrub (plural form)
Gebüschbereich(German m.) shrubbery (of a garden)
gebüßt(German) atoned
gebuttert(German) buttered
gecached(German) cached
gecampt(German) camped
gecancelt(German) cancelled
gechartert(German) chartered
gechartertes Schiff(German n.) chartered ship
gechlort(German) chlorinated
Geck (s.), Gecken (pl.)(German m.) fop, buck, dandy, popinjay (old-fashioned), spark (foppish young man), beau (s. - dated), beaux (plural form - dated)
geckenhaft(German) foppish, dandiacal, dandy, dandyish
geckenhaftes Auftreten(German n.) foppish appearance
geckenhaftes Benehmen(German n.) dandyism
geckenhaftes Gerede(German n.) la-di-da way of speaking
Geckenhaftigkeit(German f.) dandyism, foppishness, peacockery
gecrimpt(German) crimped
ged.abbreviated form of gedämpft
Gedächtnis(German n.) memory
Gedächnisgottesdienst(German m.) service of remembrance
Gedächtnisschwund(German m.) amnesia
gedächtnislos(German) amnesiac
Gedächstnisfehler(German m.) slip of the memory
gedacht(German) thought, imaginary, commemorated, notional (imagined), imagined, conceived (thought of)
gedacht für(German) intended for
Gedächtnis (s.), Gedächtnisse (pl.)(German n.) remembrance, memory, retention, mind (memory)
Gedächtnis (an)(German n.) remembrance (of)
Gedächtnisaufgabe(German f.) memory task
Gedächtnis der Schmerzen Mariens(German n.) Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Gedächtnisfeier(German f.) commemorative service
Gedächtnishilfe (s.), Gedächtnishilfen (pl.)(German f.) memory aid, aid to memory, mnemonic, reminder (memory aid)
Gedächtniskirche(German f.) Memorial Church
Gedächtniskunst(German f.) mnemotechnics, mnemonics
gedächtnislos(German) amnesic, memoryless
Gedächtnislücke(German f.) lapse of memory, memory lapse, gap in one's memory
Gedächtnisprobleme(German f.) memory problems
Gedächtnisschwäche(German f.) weakness of memory, defect of memory
Gedächtnisschwierigkeiten(German pl.) memory problems
Gedächtnisschwund(German m.) amnesia, loss of memory
Gedächtnisschwund eines Materials(German m.) fading memory of a material
Gedächtnisspanne(German f.) span of memory
Gedächtnisstärke(German f.) strength of memory
Gedächtnisstätte(German f.) memorial site
Gedächtnisstiftung(German f.) memorial foundation
Gedächtnisstörung (s.), Gedächtnisstörungen (pl.)(German f.) disturbance of memory, memory disorder, memory defect
Gedächtnisstütze (s.), Gedächtnisstützen (pl.)(German f.) aid to memory, mnemonic device, aide-mémoire, reminder (memory aid), mnemonic, memory aid
Gedächtnistests(German pl.) memory tests
Gedächtnistraining(German n.) memory training
Gedächtnisverlust(German m.) loss of memory, amnesia
Gedackt(German n.) gedackt (covered or stopped organ stop)
gedacktsee gedact
gedackt Curtalsee dulcian
gedackt Dulciansee dulcian
gedackte Pfeifen(German f. pl., literally 'stopped or covered pipes') on the organ, pipes that are closed at the top. They sound an octave lower than open-topped pipes of the same length
gedackte Stimmen(German pl., literally 'stopped or covered pipes') on the organ, pipes that are closed at the top. They sound an octave lower than open topped pipes of the same length
gedackt Flöte(German) a stopped-flute, a stop in an organ
gedact(German, literally 'covered') also gedackt or gedakt, covered or stopped (pipes in an organ)
gedaktsee gedact
Gedaliahson of Jeremiah's protector Ahikam and guardian under Nebuchadnezzar of the Jews who were exempt from the Captivity, appointed governor of Judah by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar following the conquest of Jerusalem
Gedalja(German m.) Gedaliah
Gedämmer(German n.) twilight
gedämpft(German) steamed, stewed, cautious, curbed, cushioned, dulled, attenuated, chastened (mood)
(German) damped (keyboard instruments), deadened (percussion), muted (string or wind-instruments), muffled (drum), coperto (Italian), voilé (French), assourdi (French), hushed (voice), soft (music), subdued
(German) subdued (light, voice, mood), soft (light, voice), low-key (colours), hushed (voice), amorti (French), smorzato (Italian)
gedämpft beleuchtet(German) softly lit
gedämpfte Farbe(German f.) soft colour, subdued colour
gedämpfte Leitung(German f.) lossy transmission line
gedämpfte Miesmuscheln(German pl.) steamed mussels
gedämpfter Hammer(German m.) cushioned hammer
gedämpfter Pudding(German m.) steamed pudding
(gedämpfter) Trommelwirbel(German m.) ruffle
gedämpfte Schwingung(German f.) damped oscillation
gedämpftes Licht(German n.) dim light, subdued light, dimmed lighting, soft lighting
gedämpfte Stimme(German f.) subdued voice, hushed voice, undertone
gedämpfte Stimmung(German f.) subdued mood
gedämpfte Unterhaltung(German f.) conversation in low tone, hushed conversation
gedämpfte Venusmuscheln(German pl.) steamed clams
gedämpfte Welle(German f.) damped wave
Gedanke (s.), Gedanken (pl.)(German m.) thought, idea, notion, conception, concept, sentiment (expression of view), cogitation
Gedankenabbrechen(German n.) disrupted thoughts
Gedankenabwesenheit(German f.) preoccupation of the mind
Gedankenarbeit(German f.) consideration (thinking)
Gedankenarmut(German f.) lack of thought, dearth of ideas, lack of originality
Gedanken auf ... richten(German) to bend thoughts to ... (something)
Gedankenausbreitung(German f.) thought diffusion, thought broadcast
Gedankenaustausch(German m.) exchange of ideas, interchange of ideas, exchange (of views, arguments)
Gedankenbild(German n.) mental image
Gedankenblase(German f.) thought bubble
Gedankenblitz (s.), Gedankenblitze (pl.)(German m.) sudden inspiration, flash of insight, brainwave
Gedanken der Rebellion hegen(German) to nourish rebellion
Gedankeneingebung(German f.) thought insertion
Gedankenentzug(German m.) thought withdrawal
Gedankenexperiment(German n.) gedanken experiment, thought experiment
Gedankenfaden (s.), Gedankenfäden (pl.)(German m.) train of thought, line of reasoning, line of thought
Gedanken fallen lassen(German) to abandon thoughts
Gedankenfigur(German f.) figure of thought
Gedankenflut(German f.) flood of thoughts
Gedankenfolge(German f.) chain of thoughts, line of thought
Gedankenfreiheit(German f.) freedom of thought
Gedankengang (s.), Gedankengänge (pl.)(German m.) train of thought, train of thoughts, line of thought, reasoning, thread (figurative)
Gedankengebäude(German n.) (mental) construct
Gedankengut(German n.) mindset, body of thought, ideas
Gedankeninhalt (s.), Gedankeninhalte (pl.)(German m.) thought content
Gedankenkarte(German f.) mindmap, line of thought
Gedankenkontrolle(German f.) thought control, mind control
Gedankenlautwerden(German n.) audible thoughts
Gedankenlesen(German n.) thought-reading, mind reading, telepathy
Gedankenleser(German m.) mind reader, thought-reader, mentalist
gedankenlos(German) thoughtless, thoughtlessly (unthinkingly), absent-minded, absent-mindedly, unreflecting, unreflectingly, unthinking, unthinkingly, scatterbrained, brainless, flippant, witless, light-headed, mindlessly, vacuous, without thought, carelessly
gedankenlose Person(German f.) thoughtless person
gedankenloser(German) more thoughtless
gedankenloser Mensch(German m.) brainless man
gedankenloseste(German) most thoughtless
gedankenlos handeln(German) to act thoughtlessly
Gedankenlosigkeit(German f.) thoughtlessness, thoughtless action, brainlessness, absentmindedness
gedankenlos starren(German) to gaze in abstraction
gedankenlos vorgehen(German) to act carelessly
Gedankenlyrik(German f.) reflective poetry
Gedankenmuster (s.), Gedankenmuster (pl.)(German n.) thought pattern
Gedanken nachhängen(German) to dwell on thoughts
Gedankenpolizei(German f.) thought police
Gedankenprozess(German m.) thought process
gedankenreich(German) rich in ideas, copious
Gedankenreichtum(German m.) wealth of ideas
gedankenschnell(German) quick as thought
gedankenschwer(German) deep (of thoughts)
Gedankenspiel(German n.) intellectual game
Gedankensplitter(German m.) aphorism
Gedankensprung(German m.) mental leap
Gedankenstopp(German m.) thought stop technique
Gedankenstrang(German m.) train of thought
Gedankenstrich(German m.) dash (-), break (pause), pause (typography)
Gedankenstrom(German m.) stream of thought
Gedankenstütze(German f.) mnemonic device
Gedankenübertragung (s.), Gedankenübertragungen (pl.)(German f.) telepathy, thought transference, thought transmission
Gedankenverbrechen(German n.) thought crime
Gedanken verknüpfen(German) to connect ideas
Gedankenverknüpfungen entstehen lassen(German) to arouse associations
gedankenverloren(German) lost in thought, preoccupied, absentmindedly, absently (absentmindedly)
Gedankenverlorenheit(German f.) absent-mindedness
gedankenversunken(German) buried in thought
gedankenversunken sein(German) to be absorbed in thought
gedankenvoll(German) pensive, pensively, thoughtful, thoughtfully, museful
Gedankenwelt(German f.) intellectual world, world of thought
gedanklich(German) mental, intellectually, intellectual, conceptual, conceptually
gedankliche Klarheit(German f.) clarity of thought
gedanklicher Fehler(German m.) error in reasoning
gedanklicher Vorbehalt(German m.) mental reservation
gedankt(German) thanked
Gedärm (s.), Gedärme (pl.)(German n. pl.) intestine, entrails (plural form), bowels (both forms), guts (plural form)
gedauert(German) lasted
Gedeck (s.), Gedecke (pl.)(German n.) cover, place setting (one person's cutlery etc. at a table), table setting, set meal (menu)
gedeckelt(German) capped (figurative)
gedeckt(German) tiled, covered, roofed (with a specific material), muted (colour), synonymous with gedackt
gedeckt durch Lebensversicherung(German) backed by life assurance
gedeckter Gang(German m.) cloister
gedeckter Güterwagen(German m.) box car
gedeckte Risiken(German pl.) perils insured against
gedeckter Tisch(German m.) table ready laid, well-laid table, table
gedeckte Terrasse(German f.) covered terrace
gedeckt gekleidet(German) staidly dressed
gedeckt werden(German) to take the horse
gedehnt(German) sustained, stretched, drawn out, prolonged (period of time), held back, largamente, steso, slow
gedehnt aussprechen(German) to dwell
gedehnter(German) more sustained, more prolonged
gedehnter Einschwingvorgang(German m.) prolonged transient response
gedehntes Sprechen(German n.) drawl
gedehnt sprechen(German) to drawl
gedeichselt(German) wangled (colloquial)
Gedeihen(German n.) prosperousness, prosperity, thrive (vigorous growth on a plant)
gedeihen(German) to batten, to prosper, to flourish, to thrive
gedeihend(German) battening, thriving, blooming, flourishing, prosperous
gedeihliche Vegetation(German f.) vigorous vegetation
Gedeihstörung(German f.) failure to thrive
gedempt(Dutch) damped, muffled, muted
gedemütigt(German) humbled, abased, humiliated, mortified
Gedenkbriefmarke(German f.) commemorative stamp
Gedenkbuch(German n.) memorial book
Gedenken(German n.) memory, commemoration, remembrance
gedenken(German) to remember, to recall, to propose (doing something)
gedenkend(German) commemorating, thinking of
gedenken ... zu tun(German) to intend to do ... (something)
gedenken, ... zu tun(German) to be looking to do ... (something), to propose to do ... (something)
Gedenkfeier(German f.) commemoration, memorial (event)
Gedenkgottesdienst(German m.) memorial service, commemoration (church serice), remembrance service, service of remembrance
Gedenkhalle(German f.) memorial hall
Gedenkjahr(German n.) commemorative year
Gedenkkapelle(German f.) memorial chapel
Gedenkkonzert(German n.) memorial concert
Gedenkkreuz(German n.) memorial cross, commemorative cross
Gedenkkundgebung(German f.) commemorative rally
Gedenkmarke(German f.) commemorative stamp
Gedenkminute(German f.) minute's silence
Gedenkmünze(German f.) commemorative medal, commemorative coin
Gedenkplakette(German f.) memorial plaque
Gedenkplatz(German m.) memorial plaza (US)
Gedenkrede(German f.) commemorative address, memorial address
Gedenkschrift(German f.) commemorative volume
Gedenkstätte(German f.) memorial, memorial place, memorial site
Gedenkstein(German m.) memorial stone
Gedenktafel (s.), Gedenktafeln (pl.)(German f.) commemorative plaque, memorial plaque, tablet (commemorative), plaque (commemorative plaque), brasses (plural form)
Gedenktag(German m.) day of remembrance, anniversary, commemoration day, memorial day, feast day (Holy day)
Gedenkzeichen(German n.) memorial sign
gedeutet(German) pointed, interpreted (construed)
Gedicht(German n., Dutch) ode, piece of poetry, poem, fable, tale, verses
Gedichtanalyse(German f.) poem analysis
Gedichtband (s.), Gedichtbände (pl.)(German m.) book of poetry, book of poems, volume of verse, volume of poetry, volume of poems
Gedichte (s.), Gedichte (pl.)(German f.) poetry, ode, poem
Gedichte lassen sich (für) gewöhnlich nicht leicht übersetzen.(German) Poetry doesn't usually translate easily.
Gedichte schreiben(German) to compose poems
gedichtet(German) versified
Gedichtform(German f.) poetic form
Gedichtsammlung (s.), Gedichtsammlungen (pl.)(German f.) anthology, collection of poems, poetry collection
gediegen(German) quality, well-made, upright (character), pure (gold, copper), dignified, solid (upright, pure), sterling, in a dignified manner, sedate (furnishings, décor), genuine (solid)
gediegener(German) more dignified
gediegenes Gold(German n.) pure gold, solid gold
gediegenes Silber(German n.) native silver, solid silver
gediegen gebaut(German) well built
Gediegenheit(German f.) sterling quality, solidity, soundness, uprightness, tastefulness, substantiality, purity (of precious metal)
gediegen speisen(German) to wine and dine
gediegenste(German) most dignified
gediehen(German) thrived, battened
gedient(German) conduced, served
gedimmt(German) dimmed
gedingt(German) hired
GEDOKabbreviation of Gemeinschaft Deutscher Organisationen von Künstlerinnen und Kunstfreundinnen (German)
gedolmetscht(German) interpreted (translated orally)
gedonnert(German) thundered
Gedöns(German n.) kerfuffle, fuss, hullabaloo (colloquial), to-do
gedopt(German) wasted (US - slang), doped
gedörrt(German) dehydrated, dried
gedörrte Zwetschge(German f.) prune
gedöst(German) snoozed
Gedränge(German n.) crush, crowd, jostle, throng, concourse, hustle, press (of the crowd), scrimmage, scrum (rugby: also figurative), squash (pressing of a crowd), squeeze, jam (crowd, squeeze), mêlée, jostling crowd
Gedrängel(German n.) scramble, pushing (and shoving)
gedrängt(German) crushed, thronged, thrusted, compendious, crowded, urged, hustled, thrust, tightly, serrato, concise, terse
gedrängter(German) terser
gedrängte Ränge(German pl.) compact ranks
gedrängter Stil(German m.) condensed style
Gedrängtheit(German f.) density, compactedness, compendiousness, shortness, crowdedness, conciseness (figurative - for example, style), compactness (figurative - for example, style), terseness (figurative - for example, style)
gedrängt voll(German) packed, bulging with
gedrängt wie die Sardinen(German) packed like sardines
gedrechselt(German) turned, lathed, prim (proper)
gedreht(German) revolved, revved, rotated, turned, twiddled (knob), twisted, veered, contorted, shot (film)
gedrehter Ball(German m.) googly (cricket - also figurative)
gedrehter Zahn(German m.) rotated tooth
gedrehtes Bild(German n.) rotated image
gedrehtes Seil(German n.) (twist-) laid rope
Gedröhn(German n.) droning, roaring (loud)
gedröhnt(German) boomed
gedröhnte(German) thudding
gedroht(German) impended, menaced, threatened
gedroschen(German) threshed, flailed
gedrosselt(German) curbed, throttled
gedruckt(German) listed, printed, depressed, depressing, pressed, shirked, squeezed, gloomy, chastened (mood)
Gedruckt auf 100 Prozent Recyclingpapier.(German) Printed on 100 per cent recycled paper.
(gedruckte) Noten(German pl.) sheet music
(gedruckte) Partitur(German f.) sheet music
gedruckter Katalog(German m.) printed catalogue
gedrückter Markt(German m.) subdued market
gedruckte Schaltung(German f.) printed circuit, printed circuit board
gedruckte Speisekarte(German f.) menu card
(gedruckte) Stimme(German f.) sheet music
gedrückte Stimmung(German f.) heaviness of spirit, gloom, glumness (atmosphere)
gedruckte Zeile(German f.) printed line
gedrückt halten(German) to hold down (key on a keyboard)
Gedrücktheit(German f.) depression, dejection
gedrückt volle Ränge(German pl.) close ranks
gedruckt werden(German) to be printed
gedrungen(German) compact, squat, stout, thickset, stocky (person, animal), urged
gedrungener(German) more compact
gedübelt(German) dowelled
gedübelte Verbindung(German f.) dowelled joint
geduckte Haltung(German f.) crouch
Gedudel(German n.) tootling, racket (from a radio, etc.)
geduftet(German) smelt
Geduld(German f.) patience, endurance, forbearance
Geduld einüben(German) to school oneself in patience
Geduld haben(German) to have patience
Geduld haben mit(German) to bear with
Gedulden Sie sich bitte einen Augenblick!(German) Wait a minute, please!
geduldet(German) tolerated, connived
geduldeterweise(German) on sufferance
Geduldhabender(German m.) forbearer
geduldig(German) tolerating, patient, patiently, uncomplaining, acquiescent, tolerantly, forbearing
geduldig mit ...(German) patient with ... (somebody)
geduldig sein mit(German) to be patient with
geduldig warten(German) to wait patiently
geduldiger(German) more patient
geduldigste(German) most patient
Geduldsfaden(German m.) thread of patience
Geduldspiel(German n.) puzzle, waiting game
Geduldsprobe(German f.) ordeal, trial of patience
gedumpt(German) dumped
gedungen(German) hired, engaged (hired)
gedungener Mörder(German m.) hired killer, hired assassin, contract killer, hatchet man (hired killer)
gedüngt(German) mucked, fertilised (soil: with fertiliser), manured
gedunsen(German) bloated
gedünstet(German) steamed, stewed, sauteed
gedünstete Miesmuscheln(German pl.) steamed mussels
gedünstete Venusmuscheln(German pl.) steamed clams
gedünsteter Fisch(German m.) poached fish
gedünstetes Gemüse(German n.) braised vegetables
gedürstet(German) thirsted
geduscht(German) douched, taken a shower, showered
geduzt(German) addressed as "du"
geebnet(German) smoothed (out)
Geedala Pygmy harp with five to seven strings
geeggt(German) harrowed
geehelicht(German) married (dated - humorous)
geehrt(German) venerated, revered, honoured
Geehrter (m.), Geehrte (f.)(German) honoured person
geehrt sein(German) to be honoured
geeicht(German) gauged, calibrated, well-calibrated
geeichte Waage(German f.) calibrated scale
geeichtes Messgerät(German n.) calibrated meter
geeifert(German) striven
geeignet(German) suitable, applicative, applicatively, apt, eligible, eligibly, practical, properly, qualified, suitably, fit (suitable), decent, adapted, appropriate, calculated, convenient, proper, suited, workable, applicable, fitted (suitable), apposite, appropriately, adequate, likely (colloquial: suitable), fitting (appropriate, for example moment)
geeignet bleiben(German) to remain suitable
geeignete Bedingungen(German pl.) suitable conditions
geeignete Behandlung(German f.) proper treatment
geeignete Einzelheiten enthalten(German) to include appropriate detail
geeignete Maßnahmen(German pl.) appropriate steps
geeignete Maßnahmen ergreifen(German) to take appropriate measures
geeignete Methode(German f.) appropriate method
geeignetenorts(German) in an appropriate place
geeignete Person(German f.) suitable person
geeigneter(German) fitter (more suitable), more suitable
geeigneter Kandidat(German m.) eligible candidate
geeigneter Spender(German m.) suitable donor
geeigneterweise(German) fittingly
geeignetes Angebot(German n.) suitable offer
geeignete Schritte(German pl.) appropriate action
geeignetes Gerät(German n.) convenient tool
geeignete Sicherheit(German f.) suitable security
geeignete Strategie(German f.) appropriate strategy
geeignete Weisungen erteilen(German) to give appropriate instructions
geeignet für(German) qualified for, adapted to, adapted for, suitable for
geeignet für ...(German) congenial to ... (something), right for ... (something), suited for ... (something)
Geeignetheit(German f.) suitability
Geeignetheitsprüfung(German f.) appropriateness review
geeignet machen(German) to qualify
geeignet sein(German) to be fit, to fit the bill, to fill the bill
geeignet sein für(German) to be adapted for, to be geared for (figurative)
geeignetste(German) most suitable
geeignet zu(German) fit for, suited to
geeignet zum allgemeinen Gebrauch(German) suitable for general use
geeilt(German) sped, hastened
geeinigt(German) unified
geeint(German) united
geeintes Europa(German n.) united Europe
geeist(German) frappé (of a drink)
geeitert(German) suppurated, ulcerated
Geek(English, German m.) a person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy (although today also someone who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits to the exclusion of a normal pursuits)
Geeksta rapsee 'nerdcore hip hop'
geendet(German) finished, ended
geendigt(German, dated) concluded
geen muziek makend(Dutch) tuneless
geerbt(German) inherited
geerdet(German) earthed, grounded (electricity)
geerdete Antenne(German f.) earthed antenna
geerdeter Stromkreis(German m.) grounded circuit
geerntet(German) harvested, reaped
Geest(German f.) coastal sandy heathland in north Germany
geest(Dutch) spirit
Geetpopular Indian song or composition