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Hafter Eugene Helm who catalogued the music by C.P.E. Bach (1714-1788)
after Willy Hess who catalogued the unpublished works of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), used only for works not catalogued by Kinsky & Halm
after H. Wiley Hitchcock (1923-2007) who catalogued the music of Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1645-1704)
or Hop, after Cecil Hopkinson, the cataloguer of music by John Field (1782-1837)
catalogue of the music of George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) by Bernd Bäselt (1934-93)
catalogue of music by Gustav Holst (1874-1934) prepared by his daughter Imogen Holst (1907-1984)
after Ronald M. Huntington, the cataloguer of music by Leo Sowerby (1895-1968)
after Harry Halbreich, the cataloguer of the music of Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959) and Arthur Honegger (1892-1955)
after D. Kern Holoman, the cataloguer of the music Hector Berloz (1803-1869)
after Paul Hindmarsh, the cataloguer of music by Frank Bridge (1879-1941)
habbreviation of heure (French: o'clock - when telling the time) abbreviation of 'horn'
in organ music, an abbreviation of 'heel'
in keyboard music, an abbreviation of 'hand'
abbreviated form of Hauptstimme, the main polyphonic voice in a composition, a term coined by Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951)
H, h
note B natural in German
(German n.) German for the note 'B natural' (in German, 'B' is reserved for 'B flat')
Hä?(German) Eh? (colloquial) Huh? (colloquial)
Haager Konvention(German f.) Hague Convention (of which there are several)
Haar (s.), Haare (pl.)(German n.) hair
Haaranalyse(German f.) hair analysis
Haaranalytik(German f.) hair analysis
Haaransatz(German m.) hairline
Haararbeiten(German pl.) hair work
Haaraufheller(German m.) hair lightener
Haaraufwickler(German m.) curler
Haarausfall(German m.) loss of hair, hair loss, alopecia, falling out of hair
Haarausfall verursachen(German) to cause loss of hair
Haarbalg (s.), Haarbälge (pl.)(German m.) hair follicle
Haarband(German n.) hair band, braid (band entwined with hair), fillet (headband), (hair) ribbon
Haarboden(German m.) scalp
Haarbürste (s.), Haarbürsten (pl.)(German f.) hairbrush, hair-brush
Haarbusch(German m.) helmet plume made from horsehair
Haarbüschel(German n.) wisp of hair, tuft of hair
Haarclip(German m.) hair clip
Haardingfele(Italian m.) Hardanger fiddle, Hardanger Fiedel (German), violon de Hardanger (French)
(Haare) anklatschen(German) to slick down (hair)
Haare ausreißen(German) to rip out hair
Haare entfeuchten(German) to pre-dry hair (before styling)
Haare in der Suppe finden(German) to find something to complain about
Haarekämmen(German n.) hair combing
Haare lassen müssen(German) to come off badly
Haaren(German n.) shedding (hair)
haaren(German) to moult, to lose its coat, to lose its hair
haarentfernend(German) depilatory
Haarentferner(German m.) depilatory (cream), hair remover
Haarentfernung(German f.) epilation, hair removal
Haarentfernungsmittel(German n.) hair remover, depilatory
Haarersatz(German m.) artificial hair, wigs and toupets
Haarerweichung(German f.) softening of (the) hair
Haaresbreite(German f.) hairbreadth, hair's breadth
Haare schneiden(German) to cut hair
Haare spalten(German) to split hairs
Haare verlieren(German) to shed hair
Haarewaschen(German n.) hair washing
Haare waschen(German) to shampoo (hair)
Haarfarbe(German f.) hair colour, colour of hair, colour of the hair
Haarfärbemittel (s.), Haarfärbemittel (pl.)(German n.) hair dye, hair dye product
Haarfärbestoff(German m.) hair dye (hair colouring component)
Haarfärbung(German f.) hair colouring, hair dyeing
Haarfeder(German f.) hairspring
haarfein(German) subtle (figurative), hairline (crack)
Haarfestiger(German m.) (hair) setting lotion, hair mousse, (hair) setting spray
Haarfett(German n.) pomade
Haarfeuchtigkeitsmesser(German m.) hair hygrometer
Haarfilz(German m.) hair felt, fur felt
Haarflechte(German f.) plait, braid
Haarflut(German f.) great shock of hair
Haarfollikel(German n.) hair follicle
Haarfraktur(German f.) hairline fracture
haarfrei(German) hairless
Haar ganz kurz schneiden(German) to cut hair close, to cut hair very short
Haargarn(German n.) hair yarn
Haargefäß(German n.) capillary (blood vessel)
Haargel(German n.) hair gel, styling gel
haargenau(German) (very) precise, exact, exactly, (very) precisely, spot-on (colloquial), to a T (colloquial), meticulous
haargenau so aussehen wie (ein bestimmter Stereotyp)(German) to look every inch a (certain type of person)
haargenau wie ein (bestimmter Schlag von Menschen) aussehen(German) to look every inch a (certain type of person)
Haarglätter(German m.) hair straightener, flat iron (hair straightener), straightening iron
Haargummi (s.), Haargummis (pl.)(German m./n.) scrunchy, hair tie, scrunchie
Haarhygrometer(German n.) hair hygrometer
haarig(German) hairily, hairy, hirsute, thorny (figurative), nasty
haariger(German) hairier
haarigste(German) hairiest
Haarkamm(German m.) hair comb
Haarklammer(German f.) hair clip, bobby pin (US)
Haarkleid(German n.) coat (of hair)
haarklein(German) down to the last cent, down to the last detail
Haarklemme(German f.) bobby pin, hair clip, (hair) grip (hairpin)
Haarknoten (s.), Haarknoten (pl.)(German m.) topknot, bun, bob
Haarknotenfrisur(German f.) bun hairstyle
Haarkranz(German m.) coil (of hair), (horseshoe-shaped) fringe of hair
Haarkristall(German m.) (crystal) whisker (early radio set)
Haarkünstler (m.), Haarkünstlerin (f.)(German) hair stylist
Haar kurz schneiden(German) to bob
Haarlack(German m.) hair lacquer
Haarlänge(German f.) hair length
Haarlineal(German f.) straightedge, straight-edge
Haarlinie(German f.) hairline
Haarlocke(German f.) ringlet, curl of hair
Haarlockerung(German f.) unhairing, dehairing
haarlos(German) hairless, bald, hair-free
Haarmittel(German n.) hair restorer
Haarmode(German f.) hair fashion, hairstyle, hairstyling
Haar nach oben kämmen(German) to comb one's hair upwards
Haarnadel (s.), Haarnadeln (pl.)(German f.) hairpin, bodkin
Haarnadelkurve(German f.) hair-pin bend, hairpin curve, hairpin bend
Haarnest(German n.) bun (hair style)
Haarnetz(German n.) hair net, snood
Haaröl(German n.) hair oil
Haarpflege(German f.) care of the hair, hair care
Haarpflegemittel(German n.) hair-care product
Haarpflegeöl(German n.) hair-care oil
Haarpflegeprodukt(German n.) hair-care product
Haarpomade(German f.) brilliantine, hair pomade
Haarpracht(German f.) superb head of hair, magnificent head of hair
Haarprobe(German f.) hair sample
Haarreif(German m.) hair circlet, hairband, Alice band
Haarreifen(German m.) headband
Haarriss (s.), Haarrisse (pl.)(German m.) hairline crack, craze, cracking
Haarrolle(German f.) puff (hair style)
Haarschaft(German m.) hair shaft
haarscharf(German) very precise, pinpoint
haarscharf am Bankrott vorbeischrammen(German) to come within an inch of bankruptcy
haarscharf an ... entlangschrammen(German) to escape ... by the skin of one's teeth (something)
haarscharfe Präzision(German f.) pinpoint precision
Haarschaum(German m.) hair mousse
Haarschleife(German f.) hair bow, hairbow, (hair) ribbon, topknot
Haarschmuck(German m.) ornaments for one's hair, hair ornaments, hair accessories, hair jewellery
Haarschneidemaschine(German f.) hair clippers, hair trimmer, clippers, hair cutting machine, hair clipper
Haarschneiden(German n.) haircutting
Haarschneider(German m.) hairdresser, hair clippers, hair trimmer
Haarschneideumhang(German m.) hair cutting cape
Haarschnitt(German m.) haircut, clip, hair cut, hairdo (colloquial)
Haarschopf (s.), Haarschöpfe (pl.)(German m.) shock of hair, head of hair, mane (of hair), bob
Haarschuppen(German pl.) dandruff
Haarseilschuss(German m.) tangential wound
Haarseite(German f.) fleece side (sheep skin), hair side (hide), fur side, grain side, pile side (carpet)
Haarshampoo(German n.) hair wash (product)
Haarspalter(German m.) pettifogger, hair-splitter, quibbler
Haarspalterei(German f.) quibble, hair-splitting (figurative)
Haarspalterei betreiben(German) to split hairs
haarspalterisch(German) hair-splitting
Haarspange (s.), Haarspangen (pl.)(German f.) slide, hair slide, hair grip, hairslide
Haarspitzen(German pl.) hair-ends
Haarspliss(German m.) split ends (hair)
Haarspray(German m./n.) hair spray, hair-fixing spray, hair lacquer
Haarspülung(German f.) conditioner, hair rinse
Haarstab(German m.) hair stick
Haarstäbchen(German n.) hair stick
Haarstoff(German m.) haircloth
Haarstoppeln(German pl.) (hair) stubble
Haarsträhne (s.), Haarsträhnen (pl.)(German f.) strand (of hair)
haarsträubend(German) bloodcurdling, crass, appalling, dreadful, ludicrous (idea, suggestion), outlandish (theory, proposal), hair-raising, outlandishly (expensive), spine-chilling, ludicrously (appallingly), outrageous, incredible
haarsträubende Arroganz(German f.) breathtaking arrogance
haarsträubende Nachricht(German f.) shocking news
haarsträubender Fehler(German m.) (really) big blunder, shocking blunder, appalling blunder
haarsträubendes Abenteuer(German n.) hair-raising adventure
haarsträubendes Erlebnis(German n.) hair-raiser (figurative)
Haarstrich (s.), Haarstriche (pl.)(German m.) hairline, hair stroke, lie of the hair, serif
Haarstudio(German n.) hair stylist's
Haar stutzen(German) to clip hair
Haarteil(German n.) hairpiece, hair piece, switch (hairpiece for women)
Haartolle(German f.) (hair) quiff, cockscomb
Haartönung(German f.) hair tint, hair colour
Haartracht(German f.) hairstyle, coiffure (formal)
Haartransplantation(German f.) hair transplant, hair transplantation
Haartrimmer(German m.) hair trimmer
Haartrockner(German m.) hairdryer, hair-dryer, hairdrier, hair-drier, hair dryer
Haarverlängerung (s.), Haarverlängerungen (pl.)(German f.) hair extension
Haar verlieren(German) to shed hair
Haarverlust(German m.) hair loss
Haarverpflanzung(German f.) hair transplant, hair transplantation
Haar versengen(German) to singe hair (burn the ends)
Haarwachs(German n.) hair wax
Haarwachstum(German n.) hair growth
Haarwäsche (s.), Haarwäschen (pl.)(German f.) shampooing, shampoo (wash), hair wash
Haarwaschmittel (s.), Haarwaschmittel (pl.)(German n.) shampoo, hair wash (product)
Haarwasser(German n.) hair tonic
Haarwechsel(German m.) change of coat, moult
Haar wellen(German) to wave hair
Haarwild(German n.) (furred) game animals
Haarwinkel(German m.) bevelled steel square
Haarwirbel(German m.) cowlick, crown (of the head)
Haarwuchs(German m.) growth of (the) hair, hair
Haarwuchsmittel(German n.) hair restorer
Haarwurzel (s.), Haarwurzeln (pl.)(German f.) (hair) root
Haarzange(German f.) curling tweezers
Haarzotteln(German pl.) tangles of hair
Haas effecta psychoacoustic effect, also known as the Precedence Effect or law of the first wave front. A listener hears two identical sounds (i.e. identical soundwaves of the same intensity) from two sources: A and B. The sound created at source A, which is closer to the listener than source B, arrives first. To the listener, this creates the impression that A is the only source of the sound. This effect occurs for only 40 milliseconds
haasten(Dutch) to rush, to hurry
Habanera(Italian f., Spanish f., German f., havanaise (French f.)) owing its name to the Cuban capital Havana (in Spanish, La Habana), where, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the dance developed from the contradanza and danza, it was the final precursor to the danzón style. With its duple meter, slow tempo and distinctive dotted or syncopated rhythm, the Habanera was brought back to Spain by returning Spanish soldiers where the songs, with their compelling mix of Antillean musical elements and sad folksong, became an important part of Spain's own musical culture
Habachtstellung(German f.) position of attention
Hab-Acht-Stellung(German f.) position of attention
Habakuk(German m.) Habakkuk (biblical prophet)
hab dich ganz doll lieb(German) Love You Lots
Hab' dich lieb.(German) Love you lots. (colloquial)
Hab dich nicht so!(German) Don't be like that!
Hab' dich sehr lieb.(German) Love you lots. (colloquial)
Habe(German f.) possession, chattel, belongings, property
Habe ich das richtig verstanden?(German) Do I have this right?
Habe ich dich je belogen?(German) Have I ever lied to you?
Habe ich es nicht gleich gesagt?(German) Didn't I tell you before?
Habe ich hier meinen Schirm stehen lassen?(German) Did I leave my umbrella here?
Habe ich mich klar und deutlich ausgedrückt?(German) Have I made myself clear?
Habe ich Post bekommen?(German) Is there any post for me?
Habe ich recht?(German) Am I right?
Habe ich recht gehört?(German) Did I hear right?
Habe ich recht, ja?(German) I'm right, am I not? I'm right, aren't I?
Habe ich Sie richtig verstanden?(German) Did I hear you right?
Habemus Papem(Latin, literally 'we have a Pope') the declaration made upon the announcement of a new Pope
Haben(German n.) credit
haben(German) to have got, to have, to possess
habend(German) having
Haben die Züge Anschluss?(German) Do the trains connect?
Habenichts (s.), Habenichtse (pl.)(German m.) have not, have-not
haben müssen(German) to have to have, to must have
Habenseite(German f.) credit side, credit column (accounts)
Haben Sie ... ?(German) Do you have ... ?
Haben Sie da jemanden im Sinn?(German) You have someone in mind?
Haben Sie das alles selbst gemacht?(German) Is this all your work?
Haben Sie das (auch) in einer anderen Größe?(German) Do you have that in another size?
Haben Sie das verstanden?(German) Is that understood?
Haben Sie (dazu) etwas zu bemerken?(German) Do you have any comments to make? Would you like to comment?
Haben Sie die Sache erledigt?(German) Did you straighten out the matter?
Haben Sie Durst?(German) Are you thirsty?
Haben Sie eine Minute Zeit?(German) Can you spare a minute?
Haben Sie eine Minute Zeit für mich?(German) Can you spare me a minute? Can you spare me a moment?
Haben Sie etwas Billigeres?(German) Do you have something cheaper?
Haben Sie etwas gegen Husten?(German) Do you have anything for a cough?
Haben Sie etwas zu verzollen?(German) Do you have anything to declare?
Haben Sie Feuer?(German) Do you have a light? Have you got a light?
Haben Sie Hunger?(German) Do you feel hungry?
Haben Sie jemanden in Verdacht?(German) You suspect someone?
Haben Sie Kleingeld?(German) Have you any change?
Haben Sie mal kurz Zeit?(German) You got a minute?
Haben Sie mir etwas vorenthalten?(German) Have you been keeping things from me?
Haben Sie noch einen Wunsch, Sir?(German) Will there be anything else, sir? Can I get you anything, sir?
Haben Sie sich auf die Prüfung in ausreichender Weise vorbereitet?(German) Are you adequately prepared for your exam?
Haben Sie sich gut unterhalten?(German) Did you have a nice time?
Haben Sie sich jemals gefragt, warum ...?(German) Ever wonder why ...? (formal address)
Haben Sie so etwas?(German) Do you have such a thing?
Haben Sie viel zu tun?(German) Are you busy?
Haben Sie vielen Dank!(German) Many thanks!
Haben Sie was für mich zu tun?(German) Have you got any work for me?
Haben Sie zufällig ...(German) Do you happen to have ...
Haben wir alle Platz genommen?(German) Are we all seated?
Haben wir denn gar nichts zu sagen?(German) Aren't we even allowed to talk?
Haben wir uns nicht irgendwo schon einmal gesehen?(German) Haven't we met before somewhere?
haben wollen(German) to want
Hab Erbarmen!(German) Have mercy!
Haberei(German f. - Austria) cronyism
Haberer(German m. - Austria) henchman, friend
Haberl, Franz Xaver
working for church music reform, in 1874 Haberl founded a famous school for church musicians at Regensburg (Ratisbon). This school began with three professors - Dr. Haberl, Dr. Jacob, and Canon Haller - and only three pupils, and attracted reform-minded church music programs. Haberl not only secured permanency for the school in the shape of endowment, but he built next to it a church, dedicated to St. Cecilia, where pupils are given opportunities for practising the knowledge they have acquired in theory. As president of the St. Cecilia Society, which position he held from 1899 until his death, as editor of Musica Sacra and Fliegende Blätter für Kirchenmusik, the official organ of the society, as the author of Magister Choralis, now in the twelfth edition, and of innumerable articles on historical, theoretical, and scientific subjects, but especially as director of the school which he founded, Haberl championed the spirit and authority of the Church in musical matters against modernizing influences
habern(German - Austria) to eat
Haberrohr(German) shepherd's flute
Habersack(German m. - dated) haversack
Habeus corpus(Latin, literally 'you have the body') a term used to describe an application to court (a writ) requiring that an imprisonment be justified by showing grounds acceptable to a court
Habgier(German f.) avarice, cupidity, greed, possessiveness, rapaciousness, acquisitiveness
habgierig(German) avaricious, graspingly, greedily, avariciously, grasping, greedy, possessive, rapacious, rapaciously (greedily), acquisitive
habgieriger(German) greedier, more avaricious
habgierigste(German) most avaricious, greediest
habhaftes Essen(German n. - dated) filling food
había demasiadas personas(Spanish) there were too many people
había sucedido tres años atrás(Spanish) it had happened three years earlier, it had happened three years before
había una cierta tensión en el ambiente(Spanish) there was a feeling of tension in the air
Hab ich dir das nicht gleich gesagt?(German) What did I tell you?
Hab ich mir gedacht.(German) That's what I figured. (colloquial)
Hab ichs nicht gesagt?(German) There you are. (I told you so.)
Habicht (s.), Habichte (pl.)(German m.) hawk
Habichtsaugen(German pl.) eyes like a hawk
Habichtsnase(German f.) hawk nose
Habidere!(German - Austria) Oh my God! Hello!
(German - Austria, Southern Germany, dated) Good day!
habile(French) skilful, clever
Habileté(French f.) skill
Habilidade artística(Portuguese) artistry
Habilitation(German f.) qualification for a teaching career in higher education, postdoctoral qualification (university)
Habilitationsschrift(German f.) habilitation thesis, professorial dissertation, habilitation dissertation
habilité à faire(French) entitled to do
habilitiert(German) habilitated
habiller(French) to dress, to clothe, to cover
habiller de(French) to dress in, to cover with
habillé(French) (costume) dressy
Habillement(French m.) clothing
Habit (s.), Habits (French pl.)(French m., German m.) dress, outfit, tails (i.e. tailcoat), clothes (plural form)
L'habit ne fait pas le moine. (French: clothes don't make the person.
the distinctive clothing worn by members of monastic orders
an established custom
Habitabilität(German f.) habitability
Habitant (m.), Habitante (f.)(French) occupant (of a house), inhabitant (of a country)
Habitat (s.), Habitate (German pl.)(French m., German n.) housing conditions
(Latin, literally 'it lives) the native region of a plant or animal
Habitatansprüche(German pl.) territorial claims
Habitation(French f.) a living, a house
Habitatpräferenzen(German pl.) habitat preferences
habité(French) inhabited
habiter(French) to live, to live in, to inhabit
habiter par (ici)(French) to live around (here)
Habiti(German pl. - rare) habits
Hábitos alimenticios(Spanish eating habits
Hábitos alimentarios(Spanish eating habits
Hábitos alimentos(Spanish eating habits
Habituationsee 'adaptation'
Habitude(French f.) habit
Habituè(Italian m./f.) regular (customer)
Habitué (m.), Habituée (f.)(French) a regular visitor, a regular (client)
Habitué de la maison(French m.) a regular visitor to a house, a regular customer (at a café)
habituel (m.), habituelle (f.)(French) usual
habituell(German) habitual
habituellement(French) usually
habituer à(French) to accustom to
Habitus (s.), Habitus (pl.)(German m.) habit (disposition)
Hab keine Angst.(German) Don't be afraid.
habla más alto(Spanish) speak up a little
hablar a borbollones(Spanish) to gabble
hablar a borbotones(Spanish) to gabble
hablar a destajo(Spanish) to talk nineteen to the dozen
hablar con apasionamiento(Spanish) to speak passionately, to speak with passion
hablar entre dientes(Spanish) to mumble
hablar por los codos(Spanish) to talk too much
Hab Nachsicht!(German) Bear with me!
HabonCuban classical music, lighter and more rhythmic than the Cuban contradanza
Habsburger(German pl.) Hapsburgs
Habsburgerreich(German n.) Habsburg empire
habsburgisch(German) Habsburg, Hapsburg
Habseligkeiten(German pl.) belongings, possessions
Habsucht(German f.) avarice, covetousness, avariciousness, greediness, greed, eagerness
habsüchtig(German) acquisitive, avaricious, greedy
habt acht!(German) attention!
habt acht stehen(German) stand at attention
Habt ihr alle Platz gefunden?(German) Are you all set?
Habt ihr Spaß?(German) Are you enjoying yourselves?
Habt-Acht-Stellung(German f.) position of attention
Habtachtstellung(German f.) position of attention
Hab und Gut(German n.) belongings, chattel, goods and chattels, worldly goods
hace algunos años(Spanish) some years ago, a few years ago
hace años que no lo veo(Spanish) I haven't seen him for years, I haven't saeen him in years
hace apenas dos horas(Spanish) only two hours ago
Haček(see small letter s with haček, š) or háček, also known as caron, wedge, inverted circumflex, inverted hat, a diacritic placed over certain letters to indicate present or historical palatalization, iotation, or postalveolar pronunciation in the orthography of some Baltic, Slavic, Finno-Lappic, and other languages
hace la comida cuando se le antoja(Spanish) he cooks when he feels like it
hace lo que se le antoja(Spanish) he does as he pleases
hacer acopio de paciencia(Spanish) to gather all your patience
hacer acrobacias(Spanish) to perform acrobatics
hacer acto de presencia(Spanish) to put in an appearance
hacer agua(Spanish) to leak (boat, ship, etc.)
hacer alarde de fuerza(Spanish) to show off strength
hacer alharacas(Spanish) to make a fuss
hacer alusión a ...(Spanish) to make reference to ... (something, somebody), to make an allusion to ... (something, somebody)
hacer añicos(Spanish) to smash to bits, to smash to pieces, to wear out, to smash to smithereens
hacer arpegios(Spanish) to arpeggiate, arpéger (French)
hacer ascos de algo(Spanish) to turn up one's nose at
hacer aspavientos(Spanish) to make a big fuss, to make a song and dance (about something), to wave one's arms about, to gesticulate, to get into a flap (figurative)
hacer astillas(Spanish) to smash
hacer autostop(Spanish) or hacer auto-stop (Spanish), to hitch-hike, to thumb a lift, to thumb a ride, to hitch a lift, to hitch a ride
hacer ayuno(Spanish) to fast
hacer bancarotta(Spanish) to go bankrupt
hacer ... con amor(Spanish) to do ... lovingly, to do ... out of love, to do ... for love (something)
hacer constar(Spanish) to point out
hacer deporte(Spanish) to take part in sports
hacer destrozos(Spanish) to ruin
hacer ejercicios especiales(Spanish) to do special exercises
hacer el amor(Spanish) to make love
hacer el amor a ...(Spanish) to make love to ...
hacer el amor con ...(Spanish) to make love with ...
hacerle la autopsia a ...(Spanish) to perform an autopsy on ..., to perform a post mortem on ... (somebody)
hacer la cama(Spanish) to make the bed
hacerle arreglos a ...(Spanish) to carry out repairs on ... (something)
hacerle la cama a ...(Spanish) to frame ... (to prejudice)
hacerle la prueba de la alcoholemia a ...(Spanish) to breathalyze ...
hacer (mucho) teatro(Spanish) to playact
hacer música(Spanish) to make music
hacer resaltar(Spanish) to emphasise, to stress, to underline
hacerse abortar(Spanish) to have an abortion
hacerse agujeros en las orejas(Spanish) to have one's ears pierced
hacerse amigo de ...(Spanish) to become friends with ...
hacerse añicos(Spanish) to shatter
hacerse arrumacos(Spanish) to kiss and cuddle
hacerse astillas(Spanish) to shatter
hacerse el ánimo de hacer ...(Spanish) to bring oneself to do ... (something)
hacerse el desentendido(Spanish) to pretend not to hear
hacerse la América(Spanish) to make a fortune, to get rich
hacer señales a ...(Spanish) to signal to ... (somebody)
hacerse un análisis de sangre(Spanish) to have a blood test
hacer su agosto(Spanish) to feather one's nest (figurative), to make a fortune (figurative), to make a killing (colloquial, figurative)
hacer tabla rasa de(Spanish) to disregard
hacer una buena acción(Spanish) to do a good deed
hacer una campaña(Spanish) to run a campaign, to conduct a campaign
hacer un adelantamiento(Spanish) to overtake
hacer un alto(Spanish) to stop (parade, event)
hacer un amago(Spanish) to make a feint (for example, in the sport of fencing)
hacer un examen(Spanish) to do an exam, to do an examination
hace tiempo que está alejado de la música(Spanish) he has been away from music for some time, he has been out of music for some time
haché(French) in cooking, finely chopped or minced
HachiJapanese cymbals used in Buddhist rites
Hachse (s.), Hachsen (pl.)(German f.) hock, knuckle
hacia abajo(Spanish) down, downwards
hacia adelante(Spanish) forward
hacia arriba(Spanish) upwards
hacia atrás(Spanish) backward (for example, step), backwards
Hacienda(English, German f. from Spanish f.) country estate, plantation
Hackbällchen (s.), Hackbällchen (pl.)(German n.) meatball
Hackbau(German m.) hoe-farming
Hackbeil (s.), Hackbeile (pl.)(German n.) chopper, cleaver
Hackblock(German m.) block, chopping block
Hackbräde(Swedish) hammered dulcimer
Hackbraten(German m.) meat loaf, meatloaf
Hackbrett (s.), Hackbretter (pl.)(German n.) chopping board
(German n.) (hammered) dulcimer, salterio tedesco (German m.), tympanon (French m.)
Hackbretter(German n. pl.) the name given to crank-operated pianos built by Andreas Ruth
the firm of A Ruth u. Sohn built organs in Waldkirch im Breisgau from 1841 to 1938. The firm's founder Andreas Ruth (1817-1888) learned the organ building trade from Ignaz Bruder, whose wife was a relation of Ruth. He settled in Waldkirch in 1841 where he built clocks with playing mechanisms, crank-operated pianos, which were known to insiders as Hackbretter and later barrel organs
Hackbrett geschlagen(German n.) dulcimer played by beating the strings with wooden mallets
Hackbrett gezupft(German n.) dulcimer played by plucking the strings with a plectrum
Hacke (s.), Hacken (pl.)(German f.) hoe, mattock, heel, axe (Austria), pick (pickaxe), pickaxe
hacke(German) smashed (colloquial: drunk), hammered (colloquial: drunk), tight (colloquial: drunk), pie-eyed (colloquial: drunk)
Hackebeil(German n.) chopper, cleaver
hackedicht(German) completely sloshed (colloquial: drunk), legless (colloquial: drunk)
hackeln(German - Austria) to work
Hacken(German m.) hoe
hacken(German) to chop, to hack, to chip, to pick, to peck, to hoe
hackend(German) hoeing, hacking
Hackepeter(German m. - Northern Germany) (seasoned) raw minced pork
Hacker (m.), Hacker (pl.)(German m.) cleaver
Hacker (m.), Hackerin (f.), Hacker (pl.), Hackerinnen (pl.)(German) (general usage) a person who cuts or chops with repeated and irregular blows - used pejoratively for a crafts-person who does careless or particularly poor work
(German) ( computer science ) a person who uses a computer system without a specific, constructive purpose or without proper
Hackerangriff(German m.) hacker attack
Hacker-Attacke(German f.) hacker attack
hackezu(German) plastered (colloquial: very drunk)
Hackfleisch(German n.) minced meat, mincemeat, hash, mince, ground meat, hamburger (pattie)
Hackfleisch aus ... machen(German) to make mincemeat (out) of ... (somebody) (colloquial)
Hackfleischbällchen (s.), Hackfleischbällchen (pl.)(German n.) meatball
Hackfleischsoße(German f.) minced meat sauce
Hackfräse(German f.) rotary hoe
Hackfrüchte(German pl.) root crops
Hackgrubber(German m.) weeding cultivator
Hackgut(German n.) wood chips, woodchips
Hackklotz(German m.) chopping block
Hackleany of the long, slender, often glossy feathers on the neck of a bird, especially a male domestic fowl
Hackler(German m. - Austria) worker (blue-collar)
Hackmaschine(German f.) chipper
Hackmesser(German n.) chopper, choppers, cleaver, chopping knife
Hackney(German n.) a trotting horse used chiefly for driving
Hackordnung(German f.) pecking order
Hackschnitzel (s.), Hackschnitzel (pl.)(German n.) wood chip, (wood) chip
Häcksel (s.), Häcksel (pl.)(German m./n.) chaff, chopped straw (plural form)
Häckseln(German n.) chaff
häckseln(German) to produce chaff
Hacksilber(German n.) hack-silver
Hack silveror hack-sliver, fragments of cut and bent silver items treated as bullion
Häcksler(German m.) chopper, chaff-cutting machine, chaff cutter
Hadaikum(German n.) Hadean
Haddock(English, German m.) lean white flesh of fish similar to but smaller than cod; usually baked or poached or as fillets sauteed or fried
Haddsch(German m.) hadj, haj
Hadean(mythology) of or relating to or characteristic of Hades or Tartarus
Hadean Timethe geological time period during which Earth formed, from the start of the solar system (4.6 billion years ago) until accretion
Hadephobiaa morbid fear of hell
Hadephobie(German f.) hadephobia
Hader(German m.) strife, discord
Haderlump(German m. - Austria, Southern Germany) good-for-nothing
Hadern(German pl.) rags
(German pl. - Southern Germany, Austria) rags (generally, also for making paper)
hadern(German) to bicker, to wrangle, to be at odds
hadern mit(German) to quarrel with
Hadernpapier(German n.) rag paper
Hadersack(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) good-for-nothing
hadersüchtig(German - rare) quarrelsome, contentious
Hades(English, German m.) the home of the dead, beneath the earth; the god of the underworld
Hadith (s.), Hadithat (Arabic pl.), Hadiths (English pl.), Hadithe (German pl.)(English, German m./n. from Arabic) traditions relating to the words and deeds of Muhammad. Hadith collections are regarded as important tools for determining the Sunnah, or Muslim way of life, by all traditional schools of jurisprudence
  • Hadith from which this information has been taken
Hadjsee 'haj'
Hadjdj(German m.) hadj, haj
Hadjior hajji, an Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
Hadjouj(Arabic) or hadjuj, a North African bass oud
Hadjujsee hadjouj
hadrianisch(German) Hadrianic
Hadrianswall(German m.) Hadrian's Wall
Hadsch(German m.) hadj, hajj
Hadscha(German n.) Hajjah
Hädscher(German m.) hiccup
Hadschi(German m.) hadji, hajji
Häduer(German pl.) Aedui
Haefte(Danish) part
Haegeum(Korean) or haegum, two-string spike fiddle, of Chinese origin, which is played with the bow inserted in between the two strings called choonghyon and yuhyon
Haegumsee haegeum
Haeman iron-containing molecule that binds with oxygen in the blood
Haematiteor hematite, the principal form of iron ore consisting of ferric oxide in crystalline form that occurs in a red earthy form. Native American folklore tells of the belief that war paint made from haematite will make the wearer invincible in battle. People in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wore hematite jewellry during mourning
Haemophiliacongenital tendency to uncontrolled bleeding, most usually affecting males, which is transmitted from mother to son
ha estado de juerga con sus amiguetes(Spanish) he has been partying with his chums
Haeduisee Aedui
Hafen (s.), Häfen (pl.)(German m.) port, harbour, haven
Häfen (s.), Häfen (pl.)(German m./n. - Austria) pot
(German m.. - Austria) prison
Hafenanlagen(German pl.) docks, port facilities, harbour installations
Hafenansicht(German f.) harbour scene
Hafenansteuerung(German f.) harbour approach
Hafenarbeiter (s.), Hafenarbeiter (pl.)(German m.) docker, dock worker, dockworker, dock labourer, stevedore
Hafenaufenthalt(German m.) stay in a harbour, stay in the harbour
Hafenbahn(German f.) harbour railway
Hafenbassin(German n.) harbour basin
Hafenbecken(German n.) harbour basin, dock
Hafenbehörde(German f.) harbour authority, port authority
Hafenbetrieb(German m.) port operations
hafenbezogen(German) port-oriented
Hafendamm(German m.) jetty (harbour breakwater), pier, breakwater
Hafeneinfahrt(German f.) port entrance, harbour entrance
Hafeneingang(German m.) harbour entrance
Hafenfähre(German f.) harbour ferry
Hafenfestung(German f.) harbour fortress
Hafengebäude(German n.) harbour (office) building
Hafengebiet (s.), Hafengebiete (pl.)(German n.) harbour area, port area, waterfront
Hafengelände(German n.) harbour area
Hafenkapitän(German m.) harbourmaster
Hafenkneipe(German f.) dockland pub, dockside bar, quayside bar, quayside pub
Hafenlandschaft(German f.) harbour landscape
Hafenlotse(German m.) harbour pilot
Hafenmeister(German m.) harbour master
Hafenmeisterei(German f.) harbour master's office
Hafenmole(German f.) harbour mole
Hafenordnung(German f.) harbour regulations
Hafenrundfahrt(German f.) harbour tour
Hafenschlepper(German m.) harbour tug
Hafenschutz(German m.) harbour defence
Hafenstadt (s.), Hafenstädte (pl.)(German f.) seaport (city, town), port city, harbour town, port town
Hafenverwaltung(German f.) port administration, port authority
Hafenviertel(German n.) dock area, waterfront, dockland
Hafer(German m.) oat, oats, corn (Scotland)
Haferbrei(German m.) porridge
Haferbrot(German n.) oat bread
Haferbrötchen(German n.) oat roll
Haferflocken(German pl.) oat flakes, oatmeal, rolled oats, porridge oats
Haferflockenbrei(German m.) porridge
Hafergrütze(German f.) groats (oats)
Haferkeks(German m.) flapjack
Haferkleie(German f.) oat bran
Haferl(German n. - Austria, Southern Germany) chamber pot, mug (cup)
Häferl(German n. - Austria) cup, mug (cup)
Häferlkaffee(German m. - Austria) mug of coffee with milk
Haferln(German pl. - Austria) mugs (cups)
Häferln(German pl. - Austria) mugs (cups)
Hafermehl(German n.) oatmeal, oat flour, cornmeal (Scotland, Ireland)
Hafermilch(German f.) oat milk
Haferpflaume(German f.) damson (plum)
Haferplätzchen(German n.) oatcake
Haferschlehe(German f.) damson (plum)
Haferschleim(German m.) gruel
Haferstroh(German n.) oat straw
Haff(German n.) lagoon
Hafner(German m. - Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland) stove setter (of tiled stoves), potter
Häfner(German m. - Southern Germany) stove setter (of tiled stoves)
-haft(German) -ish (suffix)
Haft(German f.) arrest, detainment, confinement (imprisonment), jail, imprisonment, detention, custody
häftad(Swedish) sewn, stitched (ref. binding of books) [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Haftanordnung(German f.) arrest order
Haftanstalt(German f.) gaol, detention centre
Haftband(German n.) adhesive tape
haftbar(German) responsible, accountable, liable
Haftbarhaltung(German f.) notice of liability
Haftbarkeit(German f.) liability
haftbar machen(German) to hold responsible
haftbar nur für(German) only liable for
haftbar sein für(German) to be liable for
haftbar werden(German) to become liable
Haftbedingungen(German pl.) conditions of detention, conditions of imprisonment, prison conditions
Haftbefehl (s.), Haftbefehle (pl.)(German m.) arrest warrant, detention order, writ of attachment, mittimus (warrant of commitment to prison)
Haftbelag(German m.) adhesive layer
Haftbeschwerde(German f.) appeal against a remand in custody
Haftbrief(German m.) bond
Haftbrücke(German f.) bonding course
Haftcreme(German f.) adhesive cream
Häfte(Swedish) part, number [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Haftel(German n. - Austria, Southern Germany) hook and eye
Haften(German n.) adherence
haften(German) to grip, to adhere, to stick, to cling
haften an(German) to adhere to, to stick to, to cling to
haften bleiben(German) to stick
haftend(German) adhering, adherent, adherent to, clingy (thing), emplastic (adhesive), liable
haftend für(German) liable for
haften für(German) to be liable for
Haftentlassung(German f.) release from prison
Haftetikett(German n.) adhesive label, sticky note (for example, a Post-It note or Post-It Notiz (German f.))
Haftfähigkeit(German f.) adhesion
Haftfestigkeit(German f.) adhesive strength, adherence
haftfrei(German) non-stick
Haftgrenze(German f.) limit of adhesion, sticking point
Haftgrund (s.), Haftgründe (pl.)(German m.) undercoat (paint), wash primer, grounds (for detaining somebody in custody), reason for arrest
Haftharz(German n.) adhesive resin
Haft in einer Dunkelzelle(German f.) confinement in a dark cell
haftklebend(German) pressure-sensitive
Haftkleber(German m.) pressure-sensitive adhesive
Haftklebstoff(German n.) adhesive
Haftkraft(German f.) holding force, adhesion, adhering force
Häftling (s.), Häftlinge (pl.)(German m.) jailbird, detainee, prisoner, inmate (in a prison)
Häftlingsdusche(German f.) prisoners' shower room
Häftlingskleidung(German f.) prisoner's garb
Haftmittel(German n.) adhesive agent
Haftnahme(German f.) commitment
Haftnotiz(German f.) post-it, Post-it T note
Haftpflicht(German f.) third-party liability, liability
haftpflichtig(German) liable
Haftpflichtrisiko(German n.) third-party liability risk
Haftpflichtversicherung(German f.) third-party insurance, indemnity insurance
Haftpflichtversicherung des Arbeitgebers(German f.) employer's liability insurance
Haftprimer(German m.) adhesive primer
Haftpulver(German n.) adhesive powder
Haftputz(German m.) adhesive plaster
Haftreibbeiwert(German m.) coefficient of friction
Haftschalen(German pl.) contact lenses
Haftschalen-BH(German m.) stick-on bra, adhesive bra
Haftstelle(German f.) trap
Haftstrafe(German f.) prison sentence, jail term, prison term, period of imprisonment, jail sentence
Haftstrafenregister(German n.) prison record
Haftstreifen(German m.) adhesive strip
haftunfähig(German) unfit for prison, unfit to be kept in prison
Haftung(German f.) liability, adhesion, accountability, liabilities, responsibility, bonding
Haftungsausschluss(German m.) non-warranty, disclaimer of liability, non-liability, (legal) disclaimer, exclusion of liability
Haftungsdauer(German f.) indemnity period
Haftungsumfang(German m.) accountability
Haftungsverhältnisse(German pl.) contingencies, guarantees and other commitments
Haftunterbruch(German m. - Switzerland) prison furlough
Hafturlaub(German m.) parole, furlough
Haftverkürzung(German f.) sentence reduction
Haftvermittler(German m.) bonding agent, adhesion promoter, adhesion agent
Haftvermögen(German n.) adhesion, adhesiveness
Haftwesen(German n.) prison system
Haftzeit(German f.) term of imprisonment
Haftzettel (s.), Haftzettel (pl.)(German m.) post-it label, removable self-stick note
Haftzugfestigkeit(German f.) pull-off strength
Hag(German m. - dated) hedge, enclosure, grove
hagamos una votación(Spanish) let's vote on it
Hagana(German f.) Haganah
Haganahthe clandestine military wing of the Jewish leadership during the British rule over the mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948
Hagebuche(German f.) white beech (Gmelina leichhardtii), European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), common hornbeam
Hagebutte (s.), Hagebutten (pl.)(German f.) haw, (rose) hip, rosehip, dog rose (Rosa canina)
Hagebuttenmark(German n.) rosehip puree
Hagebuttensirup(German m.) rosehip syrup
Hagebuttenstrauch(German m.) dog rose, brier
Hagebuttentee(German m.) rosehip tea
Hagedorn(German m.) common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)
Hagel(German m.) volley, hail, shower
Hagelgewitter(German n.) hailstorm
Hagelkorn (s.), Hagelkörner (pl.)(German n.) hailstone, chalazion
hageln(German) to hail
hagelnd(German) hailing
Hagelsalz(German n.) large-grained salt
Hagelschaden(German m.) damage by hail,damage caused by hail, damage from hail, hail damage
Hagelschauer (s.), Hagelschauer (pl.)(German m.) hailstorm
Hagelschlag(German m.) hailstorm
Hagelsturm(German m.) hail storm, hailstorm
Hagel von Briefen(German m.) shower of letters
Hagel von Geschossen(German m.) hail of missiles
Hagel von Pfeilen(German m.) volley of arrows
Hagel von Steinen(German m.) hail of stones
Hagelwarnung(German f.) hail warning
Hagelwetter(German n.) hailstorm
Hagelzucker(German m.) sugar crystals
Hägenmark(German n. - Southern Germany) rosehip puree
hager(German) gaunt, lean, angular, lank, haggard, scraggy
hagerer(German) leaner
Hagerkeit(German f.) gauntness, scragginess
hagerste(German) leanest
Hagestolz(German m. - dated) (wilful) old bachelor
Haggada(German f.) Haggadah
HaggadahTalmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition
haggadisch(German) haggadic
Haggis(English, German m.) made of sheep's or calf's viscera minced with oatmeal and suet and onions and boiled in the animal's stomach
Hagiograf(German m.) hagiographer
Hagiografie(German f.) hagiography
Hagiograph(German m.) hagiographer
Hagiographie(German f.) hagiography
hagiographisch(German) hagiographic
Hagiographythe study of saints - a hagiography refers literally to writings on the subject of such holy persons, and specifically the biographies of ecclesiastical and secular leaders. Though many hagiographies focus on the lives of men and women canonized by the Christian Church, other religions such as Buddhism and Islam also create and maintain hagiographical texts concerning saints and other individuals believed to be imbued with the sacred. The related term hagiology refers to the study of saints collectively, without focusing on the life of an individual saint. The term "hagiography" has also come to be used as a pejorative reference to the works of contemporary biographers and historians whom critics perceive to be uncritical and even "reverential" in their writing
Hagiologie(German f.) hagiology
Hhagiologyliterature narrating the lives (and legends) of the saints
Hagioscopeor squint, a narrow opening in an inside wall of a medieval church to let those in a side aisle, or transept, see the main altar
Hagioskop(German n.) squint (hagioscope)
Hagrose(German f.) dog rose (Rosa canina)
Ha-Ha(German m.) ha-ha (ditch often forming the boudary of a garden of park)
Häher(German m.) jay
Hahn (s.), Hähne (pl.)(German m.) tap, chanticleer, cock, spigot, trigger, valve, hammer
Hähnchen(German n.) chicken, cockerel
Hähnchenbrust(German f.) chicken breast
Hähnchenbrust nach Kiewer Art(German f.) chicken Kiev
Hähnchenbrustfilet(German n.) chicken breast fillet
Hähnchenfleisch(German n.) chicken meat
Hähnchenflügel(German m.) chicken wing
Hähnchenhaxe(German f. - rare) chicken drumstick
Hähnchen in Rahmsoße(German n.) chicken supreme
Hähnchen in Rotweinsoße(German n.) coq au vin
Hähnchenkeule (s.), Hähnchenkeulen (pl.)(German f.) chicken drumstick, chicken leg
Hähnchenschenkel(German m.) chicken drumstick
Hähnchenschlegel(German m. - Austria, Switzerland) chicken leg
Hähnchenschnitzel(German n.) escalope of chicken, chicken escalope
Hähnchen-Unterschenkel(German m.) chicken drumstick
hahnebüchen(German) coarse, heavy
Hahneküken(German n.) cockerel chick
Hahnenfeder(German f.) cock's feather
Hahnenfuß(German m.) buttercup (Ranunculus spp.), crowfoot, ranunculus
Hahnenfuß-Ringschlüssel(German m.) flare-nut crowfoot wrench
Hahnenfußschlüssel(German m.) crowfoot wrench, crowfoot spanner, open-end crowfoot wrench
Hahnenfuß-Schlüssel(German m.) crowfoot wrench, crowfoot spanner, open-end crowfoot wrench
Hahnenkamm(German m.) cock's comb, cockscomb, coxcomb
Hahnenkampf (s.), Hahnenkämpfe (pl.)(German m.) cockfight, rooster fight, cockfighting
Hahnenkampfplatz(German m.) cockfight pit, cockpit
[entry by Michael Zapf]
Hahnenschrei(German m.) cock crow, cockcrow, cock-crow
Hahnensporn(German m.) cockspur
Hahnentritt(German m.) dog's-tooth (check pattern), hound's-tooth (check pattern)
Hahnentrittmuster(German n.) dog-tooth check, houndstooth check, hound's-tooth (check pattern), dog's-tooth (check pattern)
Hahnepot(German m.) crowfoot
Hahnerei (s.),Hahnereien (pl.)(German f.) cuckold
Hahn im Korb(German m.) cock of the roost
Hahnloch(German n.) tap hole
Hahnlochbank(German f.) tap hole bench
Hahnrei(German m.) cuckold
Hahnschlüssel(German m.) plug key
Hahnspannung(German f.) single action (pistol, revolver)
Hahn- und Abzugspannung(German f.) double action (pistol, revolver)
Hai(German m.) shark
haiähnlich(German) shark-like
Haiangriff(German m.) shark attack
Haiart(German f.) shark species
haiartig(German) sharklike
Haibun(German n.) a literary composition that combines prose and haiku
Haidi(Chinese, literally 'sea flute') double-reed shawm, a smaller suona pitched a fourth higher
Haikaianother term for haikai renga or renku
Haikai rengaanother term for renku
Haiku(English, German n., from Japanese) or hokku, the shortest form of Japanese poem, consisting of three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Many Japanese poets have used the form, the two acknowledged masters being Bashó (a nom de plume for Matsuo Munefusa, 1644-94); and Kobayashi Issa (a nom de plume for Kobayashi Nobuyuki). The Imagist Movement in twentieth-century English literature has been profoundly influenced by haiku. The list of poets who attempted the haiku or admired the genre includes Ezra Pound, Amy Lowell, Robert Frost, Conrad Aiken, and W. B. Yeats
Hail ColumbiaHail Columbia is the prescribed honours music for the Vice President of the United States of America. The Department of Defense arrangement of Hail Columbia is performed following the completion of Ruffles and Flourishes
Hail to the ChiefHail to the Chief is the prescribed honours music for the President of the United States of America. The Department of Defense arrangement of Hail to the Chief is performed following the completion of Ruffles and Flourishes
Hain (s.), Haine (pl.)(German m.) grove, copse, holt (archaic: wood, grove, copse)
Hainbuche(German f.) common hornbeam, European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)
Hain-Veilchen(German n.) common dog-violet (Viola riviniana)
Hairthe material, usually long, white hair from the tail of horses raised in cold climates (since their hair is stronger), used to 'string' the bow of certain stringed musical instruments, although occasionally synthetic (i.e. fiberglass) hair is supplied but it fails to hold resin satisfactorily and feels 'wrong'
Hair metala derogatory term for a popular music genre, 'glam metal'
Hairpin lace crochetalso called Maltese crochet, a crochet technique that uses a crochet hook and a hairpin lace loom
crescendo and decrescendo marksin French, symboles de crescendo/decrescendo, first used in the violin sonatas of Giovanni Antonio Piani (1678-1760) published in 1712, the colloquial term for signs indicating graded dynamic change, i.e. crescendo (marked '‹') and decrescendo or diminuendo (marked '›')
Hair sidethe side of a sheet or parchment or vellum that once carried the animal's hair
Hair stickalso hairstick, a straight, pointed device, usually between five and nine inches in length, used to hold a person's hair in place
Hairstylist(English, German m.) hairdresser, someone who cuts or beautifies hair
Haiti(English, German n.) a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola, that achieved independence from France in 1804
Haitian dancean expression of traditional African way of life since African peoples were taken from various nations, enslaved and brought to the Caribbean Island Ayiti, during the colonial period. To this day, Haitian people remain true to their roots in the Dahomey region and Congo where many of their ancestors originated practicing rituals and cultural traditions through dance, music, religion and everyday life
Haitianer (m.), Haitianerin (f.), Haitianer (pl.)(German) Haitian
Haitianisch(German n.) Haitian
haitianisch(German) Haitian
Haitian merenguesimple and smooth in its slow version, colourful and exciting in its faster forms
haitisch(German) Haitian
Haj(Arabic) a pilgrimage to Mecca during Dhu'l Hijja, made as an objective of the religious life of a Muslim
Hajhoujan alternative Gwana name for the guembri
Hajji(Arabic) a Moslem who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
Hajnalsee Nachtwächter, Der
Haka(English, German m., from Maori) the gestures, or dance movements, that form part of the traditional dances from many Polynesian Islands
the generic name for Maori dance
Haka laufola(literally 'outstretched arm gestures') arm movements that, in Polynesian tradition dances, are supposed to be performed away from the body
Haka nounou(literally 'close armed gestures') arm movements that, in Polynesian tradition dances, are supposed to be performed close the body
Häkchen(German n.) (small) hook, tick (mark), (small) clasp, check mark
Häkchenverschluss(German m.) hook closure
Hakeany of various edible sea fishes resembling or related to the cod
Häkelarbeit(German f.) piece of crochet work, crochet (work)
Häkel-BH(German m.) crochet bra
Häkelbikini(German m.) crochet bikini
Häkel-Bikini(German m.) crochet bikini
Häkelbluse(German f.) crochet blouse
Häkeldeckchen(German n.) small crochet tablecloth
Häkeldecke(German f.) crocheted cover,crochet tablecloth
Häkelei(German f.) crochet (work)
Häkelgalomaschine(German f.) crochet (galloon) machine
Häkelgalon(German m.) crochet fabric
Häkelgardine(German f.) crochet curtain
Häkelgarn(German n.) crochet thread, crochet yarn
Häkelhandschuh (s.), Häkelhandschuhe (pl.)(German m.) crochet glove
Häkelhöschen(German n.) crochet panties
Häkelhose(German f.) crochet trousers
Häkeljäckchen(German n.) little crochet jacket
Häkeljacke(German f.) crochet jacket
Häkelkleid(German n.) crochet dress
Häkelmasche(German f.) crochet stitch
Häkelmode(German f.) crochet fashion
Häkelmütze(German f.) crochet cap
Häkeln(German n.) crochet (work)
häkeln(German) to crochet, to tease (Austria)
Häkelnadel(German f.) crochet needle, crochet hook
häkelnd(German) crocheting
Häkelpulli(German m.) crochet sweater, crochet jumper
Häkelpullover(German m.) crochet pullover, crochet jumper, crochet sweater
Häkelrock(German m.) crochet skirt
Häkelslip(German m.) crochet briefs
Häkeltischdeckchen(German n.) small crochet tablecloth
Häkeltischdecke(German f.) crochet tablecloth
Häkeltop(German n.) crochet top
Häkel-Top(German n.) crochet top
Häkelunterwäsche(German f.) crochet lingerie
Häkelweste(German f.) crochet waistcoat
Haken(German m.) crook (shepherd), clasp, snag, hook, tick, snag (familiar), piton, crux (figurative), catch (figurative), hitch (figurative: problem), peg, retractor (medicine)
(German pl.) blades (on some harps) - simple devices found on some harps to raise, by one semitone, the pitch of individual strings
[entry prompted by Michael Zapf]
haken(German) to hook, to snag, to catch (snag)
Hakenbüchse(German f.) historical name for Schusswaffe, arquebus, harquebus, hackbut
hakend(German) hooking
hakenförmig(German) hooked, hook-shaped
Hakenförmigkeit(German f.) hookedness
Hakenharfe(German f.) harp blades
Hakenkette(German f.) hook-ended chain sling
Hakenklinge(German f.) hooked blade
Hakenkopfschraube(German f.) hook bolt
Hakenkreutz (s.), Hakenkreuze (pl.)(German n.) swastika, fylfot, crooked cross, Twisted Cross
Hakenkreuzfahne(German f.) swastika flag
Hakenleiter(German f.) hook ladder
Hakenmaul(German n.) hook aperture
Haken mit einem Köder versehen(German) to bait the hook
Haken mit Köder(German m.) baited hook
Haken mit Köder versehen(German) to bait a hook
Haken mit Widerhaken(German m.) barbed hook
Hakennase(German f.) hooked nose, beak, beaked nose, hook nose
hakennasig(German) hook-nosed
Hakenpinzette(German f.) hooked forceps
Hakenschlagen(German n.) sidestepping (avoidance manoeuvre)
Haken schlagen(German n.) sidestepping (avoidance manoeuvre)
Hakenschlüssel(German m.) C-wrench, hook spanner, C-spanner, hook wrench
Hakenschlüssel mit Stift(German m.) pin wrench
Hakenschlüssel mit Zapfen(German m.) adjustable pin wrench
Hakenschraube(German f.) clip bolt
Hakenstacheln(German pl.) hooked bristles
Hakenstil(German m.) 'run-on-lines', enjambement or enjambment, a poetic style in which the sense is run on from line to line (as opposed to Zeilenstil)
Haken- und Flauschband(German n.) fabric hook-and-loop fasteners (Velco ®)
Haken und Öse(German) hook and eye
Haken- und Ösenverschluss(German m.) hook and eye closure
Hakerl(German n. - Austria) check mark, tick (mark)
hakig(German) hooky
Hakim(Arabic) a Moslem physician, practitioner of an indigenous form of medicine
(Arabic) a Moslem judge or ruler
in Arabic the spelling of hakim is different in each case although in English the spellings are usually the same
Hakka (s.), Hakka (German pl.), Hakkas (English pl.)(English, German n.) a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century
Hakkebord(Dutch) dulcimer
Halacha(English, German f.) also Halakhah or Halakah - (Judaism) the legal part of Talmudic literature, an interpretation of the laws of the Scriptures
halachisch(German) halakhic
halakhisch(German) halakhic
Halalor Haalal, the Islamic term for "permissible," similar to the Jewish kosher
Halal-Fleisch(German n.) halal meat (meat prepared so that it is acceptable to an observant Muslim)
HalamSenegalese plucked lute, also known as kontingo, xalam, ngoni and koni
Halauthe schools in which Hawaiian hula is taught
Halawa(German n.) sugaring, Persian waxing (a method of epilation similar to waxing)
Halawachl(German m. - Austria) rotter
Halaya square dance, originally from the west and south of Turkey, in which the participants join hands, making a circle, and the music and the dance start slowly but gets faster and faster. It is danced with the accompaniment of a drum and shrill pipe, especially on holidays and weddings
halb(German) half
Halb-(German) demi- (prefix)
halb-(German) semi- (prefix)
Halbachse (s.), Halbachsen (pl.)(German f.) half-axis
halb acht(German) half (an hour after) seven (o'clock)
Halbaffe (s.), Halbaffen (pl.)(German m.) prosimian
Halbakt(German m.) semi-nude
halbamtlich(German) semi-official, semi-officially, quasi-official
Halbansicht(German f.) half view
halbarchaisch(German) semi-archaic
Halbatlas(German m.) satinet, satinette
halbaufgegeben(German) half-abandoned
halb aufgegessen(German) half-eaten
halb ausgetrunken(German) half-drunk (glass of wine, cup of tea, etc.)
halbausländisch(German) semi-foreign
Halbautomat(German m.) semi-automatic weapon
halbautomatisch(German) semi-automatic, semi-automatically
halbautomatische Pistole(German f.) semi-automatic pistol, automatic (colloquial: semi-automatic pistol)
halbautomatische Waffe(German f.) semi-automatic weapon
halbautomatisches Gewehr(German n.) semi-automatic rifle
halbautomatisiert(German) semi-automated
Halbband(German m.) part, half-volume (book)
Halbbd.(German) part, half-volume (book)
halbbekleidet(German) half-dressed
halbbeleuchtet(German) semi-lighted
halbbeweglich(German) semi-mobile
halbbewusst(German) semi-consciously, semi-conscious
halb bewusstlos(German) semi-conscious
Halbbildung(German f.) smattering of knowledge (pejorative)
halbbirnenförmig(German) half-pear-shaped
halbblickdicht(German) semi-opaque (for example, stockings)
halb blickdicht(German) semi-opaque (for example, stockings)
halbblind(German) half-blind
halb blind(German) half-blind, partly blind, purblind, starblind
Halbblut(German n.) half-caste
Halbbrachse(German f.) white bream (fish)
Halbbruder (s.), Halbbrüder (pl.)(German m.) half-brother
halbbürtige Geschwister(German pl.) half-brothers and sisters, half siblings
Halbbyte(German n.) nibble (half-byte)
Halbcadenz(German f.) (in music) half close, semi-cadence
halbdauerhaft(German) semi-permanent
halbdauernd(German) semi-permanent
Halbdauerware(German f.) semi-perishable food
halb Deutschland(German) half of Germany
halbdokumentarisch(German) semi-documentary
halbdokumentarischer Film(German m.) semi-documentary film
Halbdollarmünze(German f.) half-dollar
halbdomestiziert(German) semi-domesticated
Halbdunkel(German n.) semi-darkness, half-dark, half-light, dimness, dusk (twilight), twilight
halbdunkel(German) half-dark, dim
halbduplex(German) half-duplex
Halbduplexbetrieb(German m.) alternate communication, half-duplex operation mode
halb durch(German) medium-rare (cooking of meat), halfway through
halb durchgeknallt(German) semi-crazed (colloquial), half crazed
halbdurchlässig(German) semi-permeable
halbdurchlässiger Spiegel(German m.) half-mirror, two-way mirror, one-way glass
Halbdurchlässigkeit(German f.) semi-permeability
halb durchscheinend(German) semi-translucent
halbdurchsichtig(German) semi see-through, half-sheer
halbdurchsichtige Bluse(German f.) half-sheer blouse
halbdurchsichtiges Kleid(German n.) semi see-through dress
Halbe(German f. - Southern Germany, Austria) half (1/2 litre of beer)
minim(German f.) a minim (half note), a note half the value of a semibreve (whole note)
halbe(German) half
halbe Breite(German f.) half width
halbedel(German) semi-precious
Halbedelstein(German m.) semi-precious stone
halbe Drehung(German f.) half-twist, half-turn
halbe Flasche(German f.) half bottle
halbe Gruppe(German f.) half the group
halbe-halbe(German) fifty-fifty
Halbe Halbe machen(German) to go halves (share with somebody)
Halbe Halbe machen mit ...(German) to go halves with ... (somebody)
halb eingetaucht(German) semi-immersed, half immersed
halben Herzens(German) half-heartedly
halbe Note
minim(German f.) a minim (half note), a note half the value of a semibreve (whole note)
halb entkleidet(German) half-undressed
halbe Parade(German f.) half-halt
halbe Pause
minim rest(German f.) minim rest, half rest, a rest half the value of a semibreve rest (whole note rest)
halbe Periode(German f.) half cycle, half term
halbe Portion(German f.) little twerp (colloquial)
halber(German) on account of, for the sake of
Halberdor halbert, A weapon of the 15th and 16th centuries having an axelike blade and a steel spike mounted on the end of a long shaft
halber Durchmesser(German m.) semi-diameter
halber Fahrpreis(German m.) half-fare
halber Feiertag(German m.) half-day holiday
halber freier Tag(German m.) half-day holiday
halb erhaben(German) en bas relief
halberhabene Arbeit(German f.) bas-relief
halb erhabene Arbeit(German f.) bas-relief
halber Inch(German m.) half-inch
halber Lohn(German m.) half pay, half-pay
halber Mittenabstand(German m.) half dual spacing
halbe Rolle(German f.) half roll
halb ernst, halb heiter(German) serio-comic, serio-comical
halber Penny(German m.) half penny, half a penny, halfpenny, ha'penny (dated)
halber Pfennig(German m.) halfpenny
halber Preis(German m.) half-price
halber Schlag(German m.) half hitch (knot)
Halber Ton(German m.) a semitone, a half-step
halber Wind(German m.) wind abeam
halber Zeitraum(German m.) half-life
halber Zoll(German m.) half-inch
halbes Dutzend(German n.) half dozen, half a dozen, half-dozen
halbe Seite(German f.) half page
halbes Hemd(German n.) pushover (colloquial: person)
halbes Licht(German n.) edge light (a light from behind the subject)
halbes Stäbchen(German n.) half double crochet (crochet stitch)
halbe Stelle(German f.) half-time position, part-time position
halbe Stimme(German f.) half vote
halbe Stunde(German f.) half-hour, half an hour
halbes Werk(German n.) reduced organ
halbe taktieren(German) to beat half-notes, to beat minims
halbe Wendung(German f.) caracole (dressage)
Halbfabrikat(German n.) semi-finished product, sub-assembly
Halbfallfenster(German n.) half-drop window
halbfertig(German) half-done, half-finished, semi-finished
halb fertig(German) half-done, half-finished
Halbfertigerzeugnis(German n.) semi-finished good
halbfertiges Produkt(German n.) semi-manufactured product
Halbfertigfabrikate(German pl.) semi-finished goods
Halbfertiggut(German n.) semi-finished good
Halbfertigprodukt(German n.) semi-finished good
Halbfertigware (s.), Halbfertigwaren (pl.)(German f.) semi-finished article, unfinished good
Halbfertigwarenbestand(German m.) stock of semi-finished products
halbfest(German) semi-solid
halbfester Käse(German m.) semi-firm cheese, semi-hard cheese
halbfester Schnittkäse(German m.) semi-soft cheese
halbfett(German) semi-bold (font), medium faced (font)
Halbfettmilch(German f.) semi-skimmed milk, medium-fat milk
Halbfigur(German f.) half-length (figure)
Halbfigurenporträt(German n.) half-length portrait
Halbfinalaus(German n.) semi-final elimination
Halbfinale(German n.) semi-final
Halbfinaleinzug(German m.) reaching the semi-finals, heading into the semi-final, reaching the semi-final
Halbfinaleteilnehmer (s.), Halbfinaleteilnehmer (pl.)(German m.) semi-finalist
Halbfinalist (m.), Halbfinalistin (f.)(German) semi-finalist
Halbfinalniederlage(German f.) semi-final loss
Halbfinalsieg(German m.) semi-final win
Halbfinalspiel(German n.) semi-final
Halbfinalteilnehmer (s.), Halbfinalteilnehmer (pl.)(German m.) semi-finalist
Halbfingerhandschuh (s.), Halbfingerhandschuhe (pl.)(German m.) fingerless glove, half-fingered glove
Halbfliegengewicht(German n.) light flyweight (up to 48 kg) (boxing)
halbflüssig(German) semi-liquid, semi-fluid
halbförmlich(German) semi-formal
Halbfranzband(German m.) half-calf
Halbfreilandtest(German m.) test in natural and controlled conditions or environment
halb freistehend(German) semi-detached
halb freistehendes Gebäude(German n.) semi-detached building
Halbgamasche(German f.) spat
halbgar(German) underdone, medium rare, half-cooked, undercooked, half-baked (colloquial)
halb gar(German) medium rare, half-cooked
Halbgardine(German f.) half-curtain
halb (gar) kochen(German) to parboil
halbgebacken(German) partly baked
halbgebildet(German) semi-educated, parcel-learned
halbgefertigt(German) semi-fabricated
halb gekocht(German) parboiled
Halbgelehrte (m.), Halbgelehrter (f.)(German) a half-educated person, one with a mere smattering of a subject
halbgemäßigt(German) semi-moderate
halbgeöffnet(German) half-opened, half-open
halb geöffnete Klappscheinwerfer(German pl.) lazy eyes (slang)
halbgeschlossen(German) semi-enclosed, half-closed
halb geschlossen(German) half-closed
halbgeschlossener Vokal(German m.) close-mid vowel
halbgeschmolzen(German) semi-molten
Halbgeschoß(German n. - old form) mezzanine
Halbgeschoss(German n.) mezzanine
Halbgeschwister (s.), Halbgeschwister (pl.)(German n.) half sibling, half-brothers and sisters (plural form)
halb getrunken(German) half-drunk (glass of wine, cup of tea, etc.)
Halbgeviertstrich(German m.) en dash (-)
Halbgiebel(German m.) half gable
Halbglanz(German m.) semi-gloss
halbglänzend(German) semi-gloss, semi-glossy
Halbglatze(German f.) half-bald head
Halbgott (m.), Halbgöttin (f.)(German) demigod (m.), demi-goddess (f.), hero (m.), heroine (f.)
Halbgraphik(German f.) semi-graphic
Halbhandschuh(German m.) mitt (glove)
halbhart(German) medium-hard
halbharter Käse(German m.) semi-hard cheese, semi-soft cheese
Halbheit(German f.) half measure (pejorative)
halbherzig(German) half-hearted, lukewarm (figurative), faltering, ineffectually (half-heartedly), ineffectual (half-hearted), lackadaisical, desultorily, desultory, half-heartedly
halbherzige Unterstützung(German f.) lukewarm support
Halbherzigkeit(German f.) desultoriness
halbhoch(German) half-height, half-grown (tree)
halbhohe(German) half-height, half-grown (tree)
halbhohe Flanke(German f.) waist-high cross
Halbhöhle(German f.) rock shelter
halbieren(German) to halve, to bisect, to cut into halves, to cut in half, to cut in halves, to divide in half
halbierend(German) bisecting, halving
Halbierende(German f.) bisector
halbierende Linie(German f.) bisecting line
halbiert(German) halved, bisected
Halbierung(German f.) bisection, halving
Halbierungsebene(German f.) bisecting plane
Halbierungslinie(German f.) bisecting line, bisector (of a line)
halbimmergrün(German) semi-deciduous, semi-evergreen
Halbinsel (s.), Halbinseln (pl.)(German f.) peninsula
Halbinsel-(German) peninsular (prefix)
halbinselförmig(German) peninsular
halbintelligentes Terminal(German n.) smart terminal (electronic transactions)
Halbinvalide(German m.) semi-invalid
Halbjahr(German n.) half-year, period of six months, half year, half a year
Halbjahresbericht(German m.) mid-year review
Halbjahreserhebung(German f.) six-monthly survey
Halbjahresvergleich(German m.) half-year comparison
halbjährig(German) six-month (duration: course, contract, etc.), six-month old (child; aged cheese, wine, etc.), six months (for example, notice, warning)
halbjährlich(German) half-yearly, semestral, semiannual, biannual, semi-annual, semi-annually, semi-yearly, six-monthly, biannually (every six months), every six months
Halbjude (m.), Halbjüdin(German f.) half-Jew
Halbkanton(German m. - Switzerland) half canton, demicanton
Halbkettenfahrzeug(German n.) half-track vehicle
halb kochend(German) parboiling
Halbkonserve(German f.) half-preserve
Halbkonzertflügel(German m.) parlour grand (piano), parlor grand (piano) (US), small concert grand (piano), music room grand (piano)
Halbkreis (s.), Halbkreise (pl.)(German m.) half circle, semicircle, semi-circle
halbkreisförmig(German) semicircular, semicircularly, semi-circular
Halbkreisfräser(German m.) radius milling cutter, radius cutter
Halbkrone(German f.) half crown (coin)
Halbkugel (s.), Halbkugeln (pl.)(German f.) hemisphere
halbkugelförmig(German) semi-spherical, hemispherical
halbkugelig(German) hemispheric
halbkundig(German) half-informed
Halbkuppel(German f.) semi-dome
Halbkutsche(German f.) chaise
halblang(German) chin-length (hair), half-length, mid-calf length (skirt, tunic, shirt, etc.)
halblaut(German) moderately loud (volume of sound), in an undertone (or half voice), in a low voice
in terms of volume, the equivalent terms are mezzo forte or mezzoforte (Italian), mittelstark (German), mi-fort (French)
halb laut(German) mezzo forte, medium loud
Halbleder(German n.) half leather, half calf
halbleer(German) half-empty
halb leer(German) half-empty
halblegal(German) semi-legal, grey (semi-legal)
halbleinen(German) half-linen
Halbleinen(German n.) half cloth, half linen, flax cotton
Halbleinenhose(German f.) trousers made of fifty-per-cent linen
Halbleinwand(German f.) half cloth (book binding)
halbleise(German) moderately soft (volume of sound), in an undertone (or half voice)
in terms of volume the equivalent terms are mezzo piano or mezzopiano (Italian), mittelleise (German), mi-doux (French)
halbleitend(German) semi-conducting, semiconducting
Halbleiter(German m.) semiconductor, semi-conductor
Halbleiterbauelement(German n.) semiconductor device
Halbleiterdiode(German f.) semiconductor diode
Halbleiterhersteller(German m.) semiconductor manufacturer
Halbleiterindustrie(German f.) semiconductor industry
Halbleiterlaser(German m.) semiconductor laser, laser diode
Halbleitermaterial(German n.) semiconductor material
Halbleiterphysik(German f.) semiconductor physics
Halbleiterschaltung (s.), Halbleiterschaltungen (pl.)(German f.) semiconductor circuit, semiconductor circuitry (plural form)
Halbleiterspeicher(German m.) solid state memory
Halbleitertechnik(German f.) solid-state technology
Halbleitertechnologie(German f.) semiconductor technology
halb lichtdurchlässig(German) semi-translucent
Halbliterflasche(German f.) half litre bottle
Halbliterhumpen(German m.) pint mug, pint pot
halb losgelöst(German) semi-detached
Halbmarathon(German m.) half marathon
halbmast flaggen(German) to fly a flag at half-mast, to fly flags at half-mast
Halbmesser(German m.) radius
Halbmetall(German n.) metalloid
halbmeterdick(German) half metre thick
halbmilitärisch(German) paramilitary
Halbmittelgewicht(German n.) light middleweight (67-71 kg) (boxing)
halbmonatlich(German) fortnightly, semimonthly, bimonthly, semi-monthly
Halbmonatsschriften(German pl.) biweeklies (publications appearing at two-weekly intervals)
Halbmond (s.), Halbmonde (pl.)(German m.) half moon, crescent, demi-lune
(German m.) the Hanoverian Halbmond, made of copper, had a U-shaped wide bore and leather cross straps. It was pitched in D. The Halbmond developed from the older flugelhorn, a German hunting bugle, an example of which may be seen in the Brussels Collection. A military version of the Halbmond was in use in the Hanoverian forces in 1758
Halbmond-(German) demilune, crescent (prefix)
Halbmondbrille(German f.) half-moon glasses, half-moon spectacles
Halbmondform(German f.) half-moon shape, semicircular shape
halbmondförmig(German) semilunar, half-moon-shaped, crescent-shaped
Halbmond-Kantenstecher(German m.) half-moon lawn edger
Halbmondkeil(German m.) Woodruff key (engineering)
Halbmondring(German m.) circlip, snap ring
Halbmondtisch(German m.) demi-lune table, semi-circular table, half-moon table
halbnackt(German) half-naked, half-nude, semi-nude, semi-naked, half-clad
halb nackt(German) half-naked
Halbnackttanz(German m.) seminude dance
Halbnackttänzer(German m.) seminude dancer
Halbnahe(German f.) medium shot, mid shot, waist shot (colloquial: medium shot)
halbnatürlich(German) semi-natural
Halbnelson(German m.) half nelson (wrestling hold)
Halbnomade(German m.) semi-nomad
halbnomadisch(German) seminomadic, semi-nomadic
halboffen(German) ajar, half-open, half-undone (shirt)
halb offen(German) half open, half-open, half-undone (shirt), ajar
halboffene(German) semi-open
halboffener Vokal(German m.) open-mid vowel
halb offen sein(German) to be half-open
halböffentlich(German) semi-public
halboffiziell(German) semi-official
Halbordnung(German f.) partial order
halbpart machen(German) to go halves (share the cost)
Halbpension(German f.) half board
halbpensioniert(German) semi-retired
Halbprincipal(German m.) an organ stop of 4ft. pitch
halbprivat(German) semi-private
halbprofessionell(German) semi-professional
Halbprofi (s.), Halbprofis (pl.)(German m.) semi-pro, semi-professional
Halbprofil(German n.) half profile
Halbraum(German m.) half space
halbregulärer Körper(German m.) semi-regular solid
Halbring(German m.) half ring
halbrituell(German) semi-ritual
halbrohes Steak(German n.) underdone steak
Halbrund(German n.) semicircle
halbrund(German) half-rounded, semicircular, half-round, hemispheric, hemispherical
Halbrund-Blechschraube(German f.) round-head tapping screw
Halbrundfeile(German f.) half round file
Halbrundkerbnagel(German m.) round-head grooved pin
Halbrundkopf(German m.) round head, button head (screw, bolt)
Halbrundkopfschraube(German f.) panhead bolt, button head screw
Halbrundniet(German m.) button-head rivet, round-head rivet
Halbrundschraube(German f.) round-head screw
halbrussisch(German) half Russian
Halbsatz(German m.) half sentence
Halbsäule(German f.) half-column
Halbschale(German f.) semi-monocoque, open channel
Halbschalen-BH(German m.) demi-cup bra
Halbschatten(German m.) penumbra, half-shade, medium shade, partial shade
halbschattig(German) half-shaded, semi-shaded, penumbral
Halbschlaf(German m.) doze, half-sleep
halbschlafend(German) semi-dormant
Halbschluss (s.), Halbschlüsse (pl.)(German m.) half cadence, imperfect cadence
Halbschnitt(German m.) half-section
Halbschranke(German f.) half-barrier
Halbschuh(German m.) flat shoe, low shoe
Halbschürze(German f.) half apron
Halbschwergewicht(German n.) cruiser weight, light heavyweight (75-81 kg) (boxing)
Halbschwester (s.), Halbschwestern (pl.)(German f.) half-sister, half sister
halb sechs Uhr(German) half past five
Halbseide(German f.) half-silk
halbseiden(German) half-silk, shady (figurative), louche (figurative), dubious (figurative), flashy (appearance), fast (woman: morally questionable behaviour)
halbseidene Dame(German f.) demimonde
halbseidenes Mädchen(German n.) demimonde
halbseitengelähmt(German) hemiplegic
Halbseitenlähmung(German f.) hemiplegia, hemiparalysis
halbseitig(German) half-page
halbseitige Anzeige(German f.) half-page advertisement
halbsesshafte Lebensweise(German f.) semi-nomadic lifestyle
halb so alt wie ... sein(German) to be half ...'s age
halb so großer Junge(German m.) boy half his size
Halbsohle(German f.) half sole
Halbsold(German m.) half-pay
Halbsoprano(German m.) mezzo-soprano
halbsouverän(German) semi-sovereign
halb soviel(German) half as much
Halb so wild!(German) Never mind!
halbspaltiges Porträtfoto(German n.) thumbnail (small portrait photograph)
Halbspur(German f.) half track
halbstaatlich(German) semi-governmental
halbstaatliche Organisation(German f.) semi-governmental organization
Halbstädte(German pl.) half cities (referring to the former cities of East and West Berlin)
halbstädtisch(German) semi-urban
Halbstamm(German m.) half-standard
halbstark(German) rowdy (pejorative)
halb Stark(German) moderately loud
Halbstarke (m.), Halbstarke (f.), Halbstarken (pl.)(German) young hooligan, juvenile delinquent, yob (m.), teenager (derogative), beatnik
halbstarr(German) semi-rigid
halbstarres Luftschiff(German n.) semi-rigid airship
halbstationär(German) semi-stationary, semi-fixed
halbsteif(German) semi-stiff
halbsteifes Material(German n.) semi-rigid material
halbstetig(German) semi-continuous
Halbstiefel (s.), Halbstiefel (pl.)(German m.) buskin, bluchers (plural form), half-boots (plural form)
Halbstock(German m.) mezzanine
Halbstoff(German m.) pulp
Halbstrümpfe(German pl. - dated) knee socks
halbstündig(German) half-hourly, half-hour, 30-minute
halbstündlich(German) half-hourly, every half (an) hour
halbsüß(German) semi-sweet, medium sweet
halb synthetisch(German) semi-synthetic
halbszenisch(German) semi-staged
Halbtag(German m.) half-day, half a day
halbtags(German) half-time, half-day
Halbtagsarbeit(German f.) part-time job
halbtags arbeiten(German) to work part-time
Halbtagsbeschäftigung(German f.) half-time employment
Halbtagskraft(German f.) half-timer
Halbtagsstelle(German f.) part-time job
Halbtaxabonnement(German n. - Switzerland) half-fare travelcard
Halbtax-Abonnement(German n. - Switzerland) half-fare card
Halbtenor(German m.) baritone
Halbton (s.), Halbtöne (pl.)(German m.) half-tone (print, photograph)
(German m.) (in music) half tone , half step, semitone, in the equal temperament scale one twelfth of an octave, hemitonium
(in music) chromatischer Halbton (German: chromatic semitone), also called übermäßige Prime (German: augmented unison)
(in music) diatonischer Halbton (German: diatonic semitone), also called kleine Sekunde (German: minor second)
Halbton-(German) continuous tone (prefix)
Halbtonbild(German n.) half-tone (picture)
Halbton-Photogravur(German f.) half-tone photoengraving
Halbtonschritt(German m.) half step
halbtot(German) dead-alive, half-dead
halbtotale Einstellung(German f.) medium long shot, complete view, figure shot
halbtransparent(German) semi-transparent
halbtransparente Blende(German f.) semi-transparent diaphragm
halbtrocken(German) medium-dry (wine), demi-sec (sparkling wine or champagne), semi-arid (region, area)
Halbtrockengebiete(German pl.) semi-arid areas
Halbtür(German f.) hatch, Dutch door
halbumschlossen(German) semi-enclosed
halb und halb(German) fifty-fifty, half and half
halbunterirdisch(German) semi-subterranean
halbverdaut(German) half-digested
halb verfallen(German) near-derelict
halbverglast(German) partly glazed
halbverminderter Septakkord(German m.) half-diminished seventh chord
Halbvers(German m.) hemistich, half-line
halb verschleiert(German) semi-veiled
Halb-Violin(German m.) the smallest double basses, the so-called Halb-Violons or German basses, are tuned like and one octave below the violin, and were mainly used in small towns for dance music
Halbvokal(German m.) semivowel
halbvoll(German) half-full
halb vorbei sein(German) to be half over
Halbwahrheit(German f.) half-truth, factoid
Halbwaise(German f.) half-orphan, semi-orphan
halbwegs(German) half-way, more or less, partly, partway, halfway, to a certain degree, halfway through, half way, reasonably, to some extent
halbwegs gescheit(German) halfway decent (colloquial)
halbweißer Fuß(German m.) boot (marking)
Halbwelle(German f.) alternation, half-shaft, half cycle, half-wave, halfshaft
Halbwellendipol(German m.) half-wave dipole (antenna)
halbwellenförmig(German) half-wave-shaped
Halbwelt(German f.) demimonde
Halbweltdame(German f.) demi-mondaine, demimondaine
Halbweltergewicht(German n.) light welterweight (60-63.5 kg) (boxing)
Halbwendung(German f.) caracole (horse-riding)
Halbwertszeit (s.), Halbwertszeiten (pl.)(German f.) half-life period, half life, half-life (radioactive elements)
Halbwertzeit(German f.) half life, half-life period, half-life (radioactive elements)
halbwild(German) half wild, semi-feral
halbwildes Pferd(German n.) bronco
Halbwintertag(German m.) Christian feast-day, January 25, Conversion of St. Paul
Halbwissen(German n.) superficial knowledge, sciolism
Halbwisser(German m.) semi-informed person (pejorative)
halbwöchentlich(German) semiweekly, semi-weekly
halbwollenes Zeug(German n.) linsey-woolsey
Halbwort(German n.) half-word, half word (computing)
halbwüchsig(German) adolescent
Halbwüchsiger (m.), Halbwüchsige (f.), Halbwüchsige (pl.)(German) adolescent
Halbwüste(German f.) semi-desert, semidesert
Halbwüstenklima(German n.) semi-desert climate
Halbzeit (s.), Halbzeiten (pl.)(German f.) half time, half-time, halftime, half (football)
Halbzeitbewertung(German f.) mid-term evaluation
Halbzeitbewertung(German f.) mid-term review
Halbzeitergebnis(German n.) half-time score
Halbzeitevaluierung(German f.) mid-term evaluation
Halbzeitpause(German f.) half-time break, half-time interval
Halbzeitpfiff(German m.) half-time whistle
Halbzeitshow(German f.) halftime show
Halbzeitstand(German m.) half-time score
Halbzeitüberprüfung(German f.) mid-term review
Halbzelle(German f.) half cell
Halbzeug(German n.) semi-finished product
halb zivilisiert(German) half-civilised
Halbzoll-(German) half-inch
halbzollig(German) half-inch
halbzöllig(German) half-inch
Halbzyklus(German m.) half-cycle
Halde (s.), Halden (pl.)(German f.) heap, dump, waste dump, waste tip, pile, tip, pithead (coal) stocks
Halewijn Liedone of the oldest known Dutch songs
Halfmezzo (Italian), halb (German), demi (French)
Half barréor 'partial barré', a barré in which the barré finger lies across only some of the strings
Half cadenceimperfect cadence, cadenza imperfetta (Italian, Halbschluss (German), cadence imparfaite (French)
the terms 'half close' and 'half cadence' are sometimes applied to 'plagal' cadences which are authentic but in which the chord is not in root position, or the melody does not end on the tonic
Half closehalf or imperfect cadence
Half clothcloth spine and paper covered sides (book binding)
Half-colorationsee 'coloration'
in jazz, the name given to:
a minor 7th chord with a flat 5th
the chord built off of the sixth mode of the melodic minor scale
the chord built off of the seventh mode of the major scale
Half-diminished seventh chordhalbverminderte Septakkord (German), which, when written slightly differently, as the notes F, B, D# and G#, consisting successively of the intervals, an augmented fourth, a major third, and a perfect fourth, is called the Tristan chord), the half-diminished seventh chord is made up of a diminished triad with an added minor seventh; for example, F, Ab, Cd, Ed, the intervals being successively minor third, minor third, major third. The fully diminished seventh chord has successive intervals minor third, minor third and minor third, that is a diminished triad with an added diminished seventh
in functional analysis, naming a chord and deciding which enharmonic choices to make when writing it should be determined by how the chord is perceived to function. In non-functional (or structural analysis) the notes alone tell us what it is. The half-diminished seventh chord, which we have already noted can be rewritten as the Tristan chord, may also be further rewritten, using the notes B, D#, F, A, in which case it could be interpreted as a suspended altered subdominant II chord
see 'diminished seventh chord'
Half, final callthe time, traditionally half an hour before 'curtain up', by which all the actors must be present in the theatre
halfjaarlijk(Dutch) half-yearly
Half loudmezzo forte (Italian), Halbstark (German)
Half mordentthe 'turn-with-a-line-through-it' is a mystery ornament that occurs in Haydn's piano music, which he called a "half mordent" but for which he offered no explanation as to how it should be played. The confusion is made greater by the fact that his use of the symbol was inconsistent. In similar places he sometimes substitutes the normal turn as a symbol or even writes the turn out. Today, pianists play a normal turn or a mordent since, in his use of the ornament, it is generally indistinguishable from a mordent. This strange ornament is discussed in the preface to the Weiner Urtext Edition of Haydn's Piano Sonatas. Sonja Gerlach, in the Preface to the Henle edition of the Violoncello Concerto in D major (Hob. V11b:2), writes "Haydn's "half mordent" Q should usually be regarded as a quick turn performed on the beat, though it may also be intended as an inverted mordent
Half noteblanca (Spanish), minima (Italian), blanche (French), minim (English), Halbe (German), halbe Note (German)
minima minim, a note half the value of a semibreve (whole note)
Half-pedal marksee 'variable pedal'
see 'musical symbols page'
Half positiondemi-position (French f.), a hand position between open position and first position on stopped stringed instruments
Half restsilencio de blanca (Spanish), pausa de blanca (Spanish), pausa di minima (Italian), demi-pause (French), minim rest (English), halbe Pause (German)
minim resta minim rest, a rest half the value of a semibreve rest (whole rest)
Half-rhymesee 'inexact rhyme'
Half-shiftsee 'shift'
Half sovereignan English gold coin worth 10 shillings
Half-Sovereign(German m.) half sovereign
Half stepa semitone, the smallest interval in the tempered scale, equivalent to a minor second
Half step trilla trill between two notes a semitone (half step) apart. Depending on the period of composition and the instructions given by the composer, the trill may begin on the upper or lower note
Half stopsee 'organ stop'
Half stopped hornsometimes called 'echo horn', these notes are performed by closing the bell nearly totally and fingering the notes a half step above the note you want to sound. This effect is specifically requested by some composers to obtain a very distant sound, like an echo. Paul Dukas calls for this effect (for example, by writing sons d'écho (prenez le doigté un 1/2 ton au dessus)) in the well-known horn solo Villanelle and in Sorcerer's Apprentice where the composer asks that the opening solo on the first horn to be played half-stopped. It makes it very, very difficult to play and most players will either play it fully stopped or will possibly even use a mute
Hälfte (s.), Hälften (pl.)(German f.) half, moiety
(German f.) or, alternatively, die Hälfte - half the section (referring to an orchestra)
Hälfte der verkauften Eintrittskarten(German f.) half the tickets sold
Halfter (s.), Halfter (pl.)(German m./n.) holster
Halfter (s.), Halftern (pl.)(German m./n. - in Switzerand also f.) headcollar (horse, dog), headstall (less often), halter
halftern(German) to halter, to put a halter on
Halfterriemen(German m.) halter strap
Halfterstrick(German m.) halter rope
Half-thrashsee 'groove metal'
Half timea tempo half as fast
Half time feela time that feel half as fast, although the chords are played at the same speed as in the original time
Half titlesee 'bastard title'
Halftonein printing, the result of a process by which an image is reduced to a patterned series of small dots on a transparency or negative film. The varying dot size creates the illusion of full tonal range that was carried by the original image, while in actuality it is completely black & white
Half tonein music, a minor or chromatic second
Half-valvethe opening of stops or valves on instruments like the trumpet, French horn, cornet and tuba, used by jazz musicians when they are approaching a glissando, attempting to change the pitch of a tone without hitting the note or its closest interval, and in the process of highlighting blue notes, for vibrato effects and tremolos
Halicarnassusan ancient Greek city on the southwestern coast of Asia Minor (what is now Bodrum, Turkey), site of the mausoleum at Halicarnassus. This tomb was built between 353 and 350 BC for Mausolus (377-353 BC), a satrap in the Persian Empire, and Artemisia II of Caria, his wife and sister. She is renowned in history for her extraordinary grief at the death of her husband (and brother). She is said to have mixed his ashes in her daily drink, and to have gradually pined away during the two years that she survived him. The structure was designed by the Greek architects Satyros and Pythis. It stood approximately 45 m (148 ft) in height, and each of the four sides was adorned with sculptural reliefs created by each one of four Greek sculptors - Leochares, Bryaxis, Scopas of Paros and Timotheus. The finished structure was considered to be such an aesthetic triumph that Antipater of Sidon identified it as one of his Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Halikarnass(German n.) Halicarnassus
Halikarnassos(German n.) Halicarnassus
Halimeter(German n.) an instrument used in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic halitosis
Halitose(German f.) halitosis
Halitosis(English, German f.) in English also malodor, bromopnea or fetor ex ore (Latin), bad breath
Halitus(Latin) vapour, exhalation
Halkgeneral term for Turkish folk music
Halkett-Boot(German n.) Halkett boat (inflatable dinghy)
halkyonisch(German) halcyon
halkyonische Tage(German pl.) halcyon days
Hall(German m.) reverberation, reverb (colloquial abbreviation of reverberation), sound, clangour
¿ha llamado alguien?(Spanish) has anybody call, has anyone called?
Hall churcha church in which nave and aisles are of approximately equal height
Hall-drommete(German) a powerful trumpet (mentioned in Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible)
Halle (s.), Hallen (pl.)(German f.) hall, hanger
Hall effectHall-Effekt (German m.) the production of a voltage difference (the Hall voltage) across an electrical conductor, transverse to an electric current in the conductor and a magnetic field perpendicular to the current. Edwin Hall discovered this effect in 1879
Halleffekt(German m.) echo effect
Hall-Effekt(German m.) Hall effect
Hallel(Hebrew, "celebrate") a hymn of praise, specifically in Psalms 113-18, each of which is headed with the plural imperative verb, Hallelujah. The hallel was to be sung at the four main Jewish festivals: Passover, Pentecost, Dedication, and Tabernacles
Hallelujah(English, German n., from Hebrew, literally 'Praise ye the Lord') a song in praise of God, its Latinized form being Alleluia
Hallelujah metercommonly appearing in English hymns, verse written in stanzas with each stanza containing six iambic lines, four trimeter lines, and two tetrameter lines
Hallen(German n.) clangour
hallen(German) to clang, to resound, to echo
Hallen-(German) indoor (prefix)
Hallenbad(German n.) indoor swimming pool, indoor aquatic centre
hallend(German) reverberating, clangorous
Hallenfußball(German m.) indoor football
Hallenkirche(German f.) hall church
Hallenkran(German m.) indoor crane
Hallenplan(German m.) hall plan
Hallenschwimmbad(German n.) indoor swimming pool
Hallensport(German m.) indoor sports
Hallensportschuhe(German pl.) indoor sports shoes
Hallenturnier(German n.) indoor tournament
Hallen und Widerhallen(German n.) echoing and reechoing
Hallenverplanung(German f.) space layout planning (for example, exhibition)
Halle Pietismthree magistrates belonging to the Pietist society founded in Leipzig by Philipp Jakob Spener, including August Hermann Francke who was to found the famous orphanage at Halle (1695), commenced courses of expository lectures on the Scriptures of a practical and devotional character, and in the German language, which were zealously frequented by both students and townsmen. The lectures aroused, however, the ill-will of the other theologians and pastors of Leipzig, and Francke and his friends left the city, and with the aid of Christian Thomasius and Spener founded the new University of Halle. The movement, guided by Francke, spread from Halle throughout the whole of Middle and North Germany. Among its greatest achievements, apart from the philanthropic institutions founded at Halle, were the revival of the Moravian Church in 1727 by Count von Zinzendorf, Spener's godson and a pupil in the Halle School for Young Noblemen, and the establishment of Protestant missions
Hallescher Pietismus(German m.) Halle Pietism
Hallgerät(German n.) reverberator
Hallig(German f.) any of several small undiked islands off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein
hallig(German) reverberant
hallige Umgebung(German f.) reverberant environment
Hallinga lively Norwegian folk dance generally in 2/4 time and danced by a solo man
Hallischer Pietismus(German m.) Halle Pietism
Halljahr(German n.) jubilee (year) (Judism)
Hallmarkmark indicating the standard of gold, silver, and platinum
distinctive feature
to stamp with a hallmark
Hallo (s.), Hallos (pl.)(German n.) hello, fuss
Hallo!(German) Hi! Hello! Hiya!
Hallo allerseits!(German) Hello everybody!
Hallöchen!(German) Hello there!
Hallodri(German n. - Austria, Southern Germany) rogue, lightheaded man
"Hallo, hier ist ..."(German) "Hi, this is ..." (caller on telephone)
Hallo, Leute!(German) Hi, folks!
"Hallo, mein Name ist ..."(German) "Hi, this is ..." (caller on telephone)
Hallo nochmal!(German) Hi again!
Hallooinciting dogs to the chase or calling attention
Halloumi(English, German m.) a salty white sheep's-milk cheese from Greece or Turkey, usually eaten grilled
Hallowto make holy, to consecrate, to honour as holy
Halloween(English, German n.) see 'All Hallows Eve'
Hallowe'ensee 'All Hallows Eve'
Halloweenkostüm(German n.) Halloween costume
Halloween-Kürbis(German m.) Jack O'Lantern, Halloween pumpkin
Halloweenkürbis(German m.) Jack O'Lantern, Halloween pumpkin
Hallo, wie läuft's?(German) How are you doing?
Hallo zusammen!(German) Hi everybody!
Hallraum(German m.) reverberation room
Hallstattof or relating to a dominant Iron Age culture of central and western Europe, probably chiefly Celtic, that flourished from the ninth to the fifth century (BC)
Hallstätter See(German m.) Lake of Hallstatt
Hallstatt-Kultur(German f.) Hallstatt culture
Hallstattschwert(German n.) Hallstatt sword
Hallstattzeit(German f.) Hallstatt period
Hall-trompete(German) a powerful trumpet
Hallucinateto experience hallucinations
Hallucinationillusion of seeing or hearing something not actually present
Hallucinogendrug causing hallucinations
Hallucinogeniccausing hallucinations
Hallucinosisa mental state in which the person has continual hallucinations
halluzinär(German) hallucinational
Halluzination (s.), Halluzinationen (pl.)(German f.) hallucination
Halluzinationen auslösend(German) hallucinogenic
Halluzinationen hervorrufend(German) hallucinatory, hallucinogenic
halluzinatorisch(German) hallucinatory (state, effect, vision, experience)
Halluzinieren(German n.) hallucination
halluzinieren(German) to hallucinate
halluzinierend(German) hallucinating
halluziniert(German) hallucinated
Halluzinogen (s.), Halluzinogene (pl.)(German n.) hallucinogen
halluzinogen(German) hallucinogenic, hallucinatory
halluzinogener Pilz (s.), halluzinogene Pilze (pl.)(German m.) hallucinogenic mushroom
Halluzinogenintoxikation(German f.) hallucinogen intoxication
Halluzinose(German f.) hallucinosis
Hallwayentrance-hall or corridor
Halm (s.), Halme (pl.)(German m.) culm, stalk, haulm, (drinking) straw, blade (of grass), stem (flower)
Halma(German n.) Chinese chequers
Halmfrucht (s.), Halmfrüchte (pl.)(German f.) cereal crop, cereals (plural form)
Halo (s.), Halonen (German pl.), Halos (English, German plural)(English, German m., from Greek halos, disc of the sun or moon) disc or circle of light shown surrounding the head of a sacred person, circle of white or coloured light round a luminous body (especially the sun or moon), glory associated with an idealized person, etc.
(English) to surround with a halo
Halo effecta cognitive bias whereby the perception of one trait (i.e. a characteristic of a person or object) is influenced by the perception of another trait (or several traits) of that person or object. An example would be judging a good-looking person as more intelligent. A corollary to the halo effect is the reverse halo effect where individuals, brands or other things judged to have a single undesirable trait are subsequently judged to have many poor traits, allowing a single weak point or negative trait to influence others' perception of the person, brand or other thing in general
Halo-Effekt(German m.) halo effect
Halogen (s.), Halogene (German pl.)(English, German n.) any of the non-metallic elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine) which form a salt (e.g. sodium chloride) when combined with a metal
Halogenbeleuchtung(German f.) halogen lighting
Halogenbirne(German f.) halogen bulb
halogenfrei(German) halogen-free, free of halogens
Halogen-Kaltlichtspiegellampe(German f.) halogen cold-light mirror lamp
Halogen lampincandescent lamp with halogen gas fill and a quartz glass capsule, used for highlighting trade show graphics or creating environments within booth and in slide projectors. Halogen lamp projected images look very white compared to those from incandescent lamps but less white than those from metal halide lamps
Halogenlampe(German f.) halogen lamp
Halogenscheinwerfer(German m.) halogen headlight, halogen headlamp
Halogenstrahler(German m.) halogen spotlight
Halon(English, German n.) a compound in which the hydrogen atoms of a hydrocarbon have been replaced by bromine and other halogen atoms, the resultant compound being very stable and suitable for use in fire extinguishing systems
Halonlöschung(German f.) halon extinguishing system
Halophänomen(German n.) halo phenomenon
halophil(German) halophilic, halophile
Halophilicpertaining to or characterised by an affinity for salt
Halotolerancethe adaptation of living organisms to conditions of high salinity
Haloxazolam(English, German n.) any of various gaseous compounds of carbon, bromine and other halogens, used to extinguish fires
Hals (s.), Hälse (German pl.)(German m., Dutch, Danish) manico (Italian m.), manche (French m.), neck (for example, of a harp, lute, violin, viola, etc.)
(German m., Dutch, Danish) stem (of a note sign)
(German m.) scrag, neck (person, animal, etc), throat
Hals-(German) cervical (relating to the neck)
Halsabschneider (s.), Halsabschneider (pl.)(German m.) cutthroat, cut-throat (dated), rip-off merchant (colloquial), racketeer
Halsabschneiderei(German f.) daylight robbery (colloquial), highway robbery (colloquial)
halsabschneiderisch(German) extortionate (prices, demands, etc.)
halsabschneiderische Forderung(German f.) extortionate demand
halsabschneiderischer Preis(German m.) cut-throat price, extortionate price
halsabschneiderischer Schurke(German m.) cut-throat villain
halsabschneiderischer Wettbewerb(German m.) cut-throat competition
Halsader(German f.) jugular
Halsausschnitt(German m.) neckline
Halsband(German n.) neckband, necklace, collar (for dogs and cats), dog's collar (for a dog)
Halsbekleidung(German f.) neckwear
Halsbinde(German f.) necklet, neck stock, stock, necktie
halsbrecherisch(German) breakneck, break-neck, highly dangerous, risky, hazardous
halsbrecherische Geschwindigkeit(German f.) break-neck speed, breakneck speed, breakneck pace
halsbrecherischer(German) more breakneck
halsbrecherische Straße(German f.) breakneck road
halsbrecherische Treppe(German f.) breakneck stairs
halsbrecherisch fahren(German) to drive at breakneck speed
halsbrecherischste(German) most breakneck
Halse(German f.) tack (sailing)
Halseisen(German n.) jougs
halsen(German) to gybe, to gibe, to embrace (dated)
Halsentzündung(German f.) sore throat, strep throat (colloquial)
Halserkrankung(German f.) infection of the throat, throat infection
Halsgeige(German f.) shrew's fiddle
Halsgrube(German f.) hollow of the throat, throat pit
-halsig(German) -necked
Halskehre(German f. - Switzerland) stiff neck
Halskettchen(German n.) necklet
Halskette (s.), Halsketten (pl.)(German f.) necklace, collar
Halskragen(German m.) collar
Halskrause(German f.) ruff, neck brace, ruffle, cervical collar
Halskrebs(German m.) neck cancer
Halslappen(German m.) dewlap
Halsleiden(German n. - dated) throat disease
Halsluitinstrumenten(Dutch) necked lutes
Hals mit Bünden(German m.) fretted neck (on a stringed instrument)
Halsmuskelentzündung(German f.) trachelomyitis
Halsmutter(German f.) round-neck nut
Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Arzt (m.), Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Ärztin (f.)(German) otolaryngologist, ENT specialist, ear, nose and throat specialist
Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Facharzt (m.), Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Fachärztin (f.)(German) otolaryngologist, ENT specialist, ear, nose and throat specialist
Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde(German f.) otolaryngology
Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Spezialist (m.), Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Spezialistin (f.)(German) ENT specialist, ear, nose and throat specialist
Halspartie(German f.) neck area
Halsreif(German m.) necklace
Halsrohr(German n.) neck pipe
Halsschlagader (s.), Halsschlagadern (pl.)(German f.) carotid
Halsschmerzen(German pl.) sore throat
Halsschmerzen haben(German) to have a sore throat
Halsschmuck(German m.) necklace
Halsschraube(German f.) collar screw
Halssenker(German m.) piloted counterbore
Halsstab(German m.) truss rod
halsstarrig(German) obstinate, stubborn, unrepentant (obstinate), stiff-necked (obstinate)
halsstarriger Junge(German m.) wilful boy
Halsstarrigkeit(German f.) obstinacy, stubbornness
Halstuch (s.), Halstücher (pl.)(German n.) kerchief, neckerchief, bandanna, bandana, scarf, necktie, shawl, neckpiece, handkerchief (around the neck), neckcloth (archaic)
Halstuchknoten(German m.) woggle
Halstuchring(German m.) woggle
Hals über Kopf(German) on the spur of the moment, in a mad rush, helter-skelter, harum-scarum, precipitately
Hals über Kopf in Schulden(German) over one's head in debt
Hals- und Beinbruch!(German) Mud in your eye! - also the German equivalent of the stage phrase, 'Break a leg!', said just before a performer goes on stage, the phrase implying 'Good luck!'
[entry suggested by Michael Zapf]
Hals- und Kopfkrebs(German m.) neck and head cancer
Hals- und Rachentherapeutika(German pl.) throat preparations
Halsvene (s.), Halsvenen (pl.)(German f.) jugular vein, veins of the neck (plural form)
Halsweh(German n.) sore throat
Halswickel(German m.) throat compress
Halswinkel (die Griffbrettlage)(German m.) angle of fingerboard or 'neck projection', renversement (French m.), inclinazione del manico (angolazione della tastiera) (Italian)
Halswirbel (s.), Halswirbel (pl.)(German m.) vertebra of the neck, cervical vertebra, cervical vertebrae (plural form)
Halswirbelbruch(German m.) cervical fracture, fracture of cervical vertebra
Halswirbelsäule(German f.) cervical vertebrae, cervical spine
Halswirbelsäulendegeneration(German f.) cervical spondylosis
Halt (s.), Halte (pl.)(German m.) halt, stop, stay, hold, purchase (grip, footing), foothold, footing, stability (mental), support, crutch (support)
fermata(German) fermata or pause, a musical symbol placed over a note or rest to be extended beyond its normal duration
halt(German - Austria, Switzerland) just (simply), simply
(German) just
hält(German) upholds
Halt!(German) Steady on! Stop!
haltbar(German) maintainable, savable, supportable, tenable, tenably, vindicable, durable, keeping, substantial, holeproof, supportably, long-lasting, stable, sustainable (position)
haltbar bis ...(German) good until ... (food)
haltbarer(German) more durable
haltbarer sein(German) to last longer (be more durable)
Haltbarkeit (s.), Haltbarkeiten (pl.)(German f.) wear, defensibility, supportability, tenability, durability, stability, shelf life, preservability, storability
Haltbarkeitsdatum(German n.) sell-by date, best-before date, date of expiry, shelf life
Haltbarkeitsgarantie(German f.) guarantee of durability
Haltbarkeitsprüfung(German f.) endurance test, durability test
Haltbarmachen(German n.) preserving (especially food)
haltbarmachen(German) to cure (meat, fish, etc.)
haltbar machen(German) to cure (meat, fish, etc.)
Haltbarmachung(German f.) curing (meat, fish, etc.), preservation (meat, fish, etc.)
Haltbarmilch(German f. - Austria) long-life milk
haltbarste(German) most durable
Halt dein Lügenmaul!(German) Shut your trap! (colloquial: pejorative)
Halt den Mund!(German) Hold your tongue! Shut up!
Halt den Rand!(German) Shut up! (colloquial)
Halt dich da raus!(German) Stay out of this!
Halt dich fest!(German) Hang on to your hat! (colloquial)
Halt dich gut fest!(German) Cling on tight!
Halt dich tapfer!(German) Be brave! Have courage!
Halt die Augen offen!(German) Keep your eyes peeled!
Halt die Fresse!(German) Shut your face! (colloquial)
Halt die Klappe!(German) Keep your trap shut! (colloquial)
Halt die Ohren steif!(German) Keep a stiff upper lip!
Halte-(German) retaining (prefix)
Halteband(German n.) retaining strap, support strap
Halteblech(German n.) retaining plate, holding plate
Haltebogen (s.), Haltebögen (pl.)(German m.) tie
Haltebolzen (s.), Haltebolzen (pl.)(German m.) retaining pin, retaining bolt
Haltebremse(German f.) holding brake
Haltebrille(German f.) retaining clamp
Haltebucht(German f.) lay-by, bus bay
Haltebügel(German m.) retaining bracket, retainer
Halteclip(German m.) retaining clip
Haltedauer(German f.) holding period
Halte deine Augen offen!(German) Keep your eyes open!
Halte dich fest!(German) Hold on tight!
Halte durch!(German) Hang in there!
Halteeinrichtung(German f.) fixture device
Haltefeder(German f.) retention clip, fitting spring
Haltefestigkeit(German f.) holding strength
Haltefrist(German f.) lock-up period
Haltegriff (s.), Haltegriffe (pl.)(German m.) strap, grab handle, handle, handhold
Haltegurt(German m.) tether, retaining strap
Halte immer eine Antwort bereit!(German) Always have a ready answer!
hält eine Ansprache(German) harangues
Halt einfach die Fresse!(German) Just shut your mouth! (colloquial)
Halteklammer(German f.) retaining clamp, holding clamp
Halteknopf(German m.) stop button
Haltekraft(German f.) retention force, holding force
Haltelasche(German f.) retaining tab
Halteleiste(German f.) fixing rail (for example, for awnings)
Haltelinie(German f.) stop line, stop bar
Haltemarke(German f.) breakpoint
Halte mich oder lass mich fallen.(German) Back me or sack me.
Haltemoment(German n.) holding torque
Haltemutter(German f.) retaining nut, holding nut
Halten(German n.) waiting (in the street)
halten(German) to uphold, to hold, to save (football), to deliver (speech, sermon, lecture), to halt, to bring to a standstill, to bring to a stop, to stop, to bear up, to retain, to keep, to clamp, to bear, to rear (cattle), to cradle (hold closely), to sustain
Haltenase(German f.) retaining collar
haltend(German) retentive, holding, keeping, retentively, stopping, upholding
halten für(German) to take for, to deem, to reckon as, to regard as, to account
halten in ...(German) to call at ... (of a train)
Halten Sie dieses Handbuch zur späteren Einsichtnahme griffbereit.(German) Keep this manual handy for future reference.
Halten Sie es geheim!(German) Keep it dark!
Halten Sie ihn für vertrauenswürdig?(German) Do you consider him trustworthy?
Halten Sie ihn sicher für ... ?(German) Do you consider him safe for ... ?
Halten Sie Ihr Geld bereit!(German) Have your money ready!
Halten Sie irgendwo.(German) Pull up where you can.
Halten Sie sich bitte weiterhin zur Verfügung.(German) Please continue to be available.
Halten Sie sich rechts.(German) Keep to your right.
Halten verboten!(German) No waiting! (road sign)
halten, was man verspricht(German) to be as good as one's word, to deliver what one promises
halten, was man versprochen hat(German) to deliver (figurative: to fulfil promise)
halten zu(German) to stick with
Haltepedal(German n.) hold pedal (piano), loud pedal (piano), sustaining pedal (piano)
a MIDI effect, which when on, holds (i.e. sustains) notes that are playing, even if the musician releases the notes. (i.e. the 'Note Off' effect is postponed until the musician switches the 'Hold Pedal' off). On a multitimbral device, each Part usually has its own 'Hold Pedal' setting
Haltepegel(German m.) sustain level
Halteplatte(German f.) retaining plate
Halteplatz (s.), Halteplätze (pl.)(German m.) stopping place,drive-in, halt (stopping place)
Haltepunkt (s.), Haltepunkte (pl.)(German m.) breakpoint, station, stopping place, stop, hold point, stopping point
Halter(German m.) bracket, holder, retainer, herder (Austria)
Halter für Bohreisen(German m.) bit-holder (engineering)
Halteriemen(German m.) retaining strap
Haltering(German m.) retaining ring, holding ring
halterlose Strümpfe(German pl.) hold-ups, hold-up stockings
Halter neckdress or top shape with a high panel on the front, which is then tied around the neck, exposing the back and shoulders
Halterung(German f.) retainer, mounting, holder, clasp
Halterungsring(German m.) retaining ring
Haltescheibe(German f.) support plate
Halteschelle(German f.) holding clamp, retaining clamp
Halteschiene(German f.) support rail
Halteschild(German n.) stop sign (at bus stop, etc.)
Halteschlaufe(German f.) strap (in bus, tram)
Halteschraube(German f.) retaining screw
Haltesignal(German n.) halt signal, stop signal
Haltestelle (s.), Haltestellen (pl.)(German f.) stop, bus stop, station (small), way station
Haltestellenabstände(German pl.) distances between stops (bus, tram, etc.)
Haltestellenhäuschen(German n.) bus stop shelter, tram stop shelter
Haltestellung(German f.) hold position
Haltestift(German m.) peg, holding pin, locking pin
Haltestreifen(German m.) holding strip
Haltestrick(German m.) tether
Haltet den Dieb!(German) Stop thief!
Haltet den Kopf in Deckung!(German) Keep your heads down! (also figurative)
Haltet euch da raus!(German) Keep out of this!
Haltetank(German m.) holding tank
Halteverbot(German n.) stopping restriction
Halteverbot (s.), Halteverbote (pl.)(German n.) No waiting (traffic sign), stopping restrictions (plural form)
Halteverbotsschild(German n.) no stopping sign, no waiting sign
Haltevorrichtung(German f.) retaining jig, lug
Haltevorrichtung zur Montage(German f.) (assembly) jig
Haltewinkel(German m.) fixing bracket, angle bracket, retaining bracket, angled bracket, mounting bracket
Haltezeit(German f.) hold time, holding time
Halt für Fußspitzen(German m.) toe-hold
Halt geben(German) to stabilise, to stay (sustain, strengthen, support)
hält kurz(German) skimps
haltlos(German) unstable, boneless, baseless (accusations, allegations, claims, rumours), unrestrained, disoriented (person), adrift (figuratvie: morally, psychologically), floundering (person), untenable (theory), unfounded
haltlose Anschuldigung (s.), haltlose Anschuldigungen (pl.)(German f.) baseless accusation
haltlose Behauptung(German f.) untenable assertion
haltlose Persönlichkeitsstörung(German f.) insecure personality disorder
haltloser(German) more unstable
haltloseste(German) most unstable
haltlose Verdächtigung(German f.) groundless suspicion
Haltlosigkeit (s.), Haltlosigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) instability, lack of footing, groundlessness
haltmachen(German) to halt
Halt machen(German) to stop
Halt machen an ...(German) to make a stop at ...
Halt machen in ...(German) to make a stop in ...
Halt mal.(German) Hold this.
Halt mal die Klappe!(German) Put a sock in it! (colloquial)
Halt (mal) die Luft an!(German) Pipe down! (colloquial)
Halt mich auf dem Laufenden.(German) Keep me posted.
Halt mich auf dem Laufenden!(German) Keep me informed!
Halt still!(German) Stay still!
Haltung (s.), Haltungen (pl.)(German f.) posture, manner, attitude, composure, deportment, poise (composure, good carriage), demeanour, stand (position), husbandry, stance (attitude), morale, approach, countenance (composure), conduct (behaviour, attitude), bearing (attitude), bearing (deportment), carriage (bearing), pose (attitude), position, keeping (for example, driving to the right)
Haltung annehmen(German) to brace, to snap to attention
Haltung bewahren(German) to keep one's composure
Haltungs-(German) postural (prefix)
Haltungsänderung(German f.) change of attitude, change of one's attitude
Haltungsfehler(German m.) bad posture, poor posture
Haltungsschaden(German m.) postural defect
Haltungsstörung(German f.) postural abnormality
Haltungswechsel(German m.) change in posture, change of posture
Halt! Wer da?(German) Halt! Who goes there?
Halunke(German m.) scoundrel, rascal, varlet, wretch (colloquial)
minim(Swedish, Danish) a minim (half note), a note half the value of a semibreve (whole note)
Halva(English, German n.) halvah
Halvahor halva, a confection consisting of crushed sesame seeds in a binder of honey
halvarlig(Danish, Norwegian) half-yearly
halvårs-(Swedish) half-yearly (suffix) [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Halvbind(Danish, Norwegian) part (of), half-volume
halvfems (indstyve)(Danish) ninety
halvfjerds (indstyve)(Danish) seventy
halvmanedlig(Danish) fortnightly
Halve noot
minim(Dutch) minim, half-note
Halve rust
minim rest(Dutch) minim rest, half rest
minim(Danish) minim, half note
minim rest(Danish) minim rest, half rest
minim(Swedish) minim, half note
minim rest(Swedish) minim rest, half rest
Halv toon(Dutch) a semitone, a half note, the interval of a minor second
Halve toonsafstand(Dutch) semitone, half tone, helf step
Halvton(Swedish) a semitone, a half note, the interval of a minor second
Halvtone(Danish) a semitone, a half note, the interval of a minor second
halvtreds (indstyve)(Danish) fifty
Halwa(German n.) halva, halvah
Hama bad actor, usually one who, in some way, draws the audience's attention away from his fellow actors
also used as a term of endearment for a good but over-exuberant actor
Hama(China) friction drum
Hamada(English, German f.) type of desert landscape consisting of largely barren, hard, rocky plateaus, with very little sand
Hamadryada wood nymph who lives only as long as the tree of which she is the spirit
Hamadryade(German f.) hamadryad
Hamam(German m./n., from Turkish) or hammam, the Turkish variant of a sauna, distinguished by a focus on water as opposed to steam
the bride's pre-wedding visit to the hamam was a distinctive custom in ancient Turkey. One of the prerequisite gifts of the family of the groom was a vest, and a pair of loose trousers, the shalvar made of fine felt cloth. This outfit was worn on the special day for going to and coming back from the bath during the winter months. Another item of clothing worn specifically on the day of the bride's visit to the hamam, was a silk robe open at the front similar to the Japanese kimono. The collar, the sleeves, and the front borders were all embroidered. In this ornate robe, the bride would sit on an elevated seat, much like a throne in the tepidarium, or the warm room of the hamam. Maidens and young attendants carried candles as they walked in circle around the would-be bride. Then, with the bride leading the way, the procession would move slowly behind a woman beating the tambourine, around the hamam's main pool. Singing and chanting joyously, the candle-bearing procession would go around the pool several times. Following this ritual, the bridal veil is produced and used to cover the bride's head. After the procession comes the ceremony of wishing. Unmarried girls, wishing to find an ideal husband, tossed coins into the pool
  • Hamam from which this information has been taken
Hamameliswasser(German n.) witch hazel
Haman dollan element in the celebration of the Jewish holiday Purim, an effigy of Haman, the Agagite, who plotted to kill all the Jewish people living throughout the ancient Persian Empire, but was executed by the Persian king
  • Purim from which this information has been taken
Hamanpuppe(German f.) Haman doll (Purim)
Hamartia(Greek) a tragic error or flaw, a mistake or defect of character involving tragic consequences, or precipitating tragedy
Hamartie(German f.) hamartia
Hamartiologie(German f.) hamartiology
hamartiologisch(German) hamartiological
Hamartiologythe doctrine of sin in Christian theology
hamartophob(German) hamartophobic
Hamartophobiafear of sinning
Hamartophobie(German f.) hamartophobia
Hämatit(German m.) haematite
Hämatitarmband(German n.) haematite bracelet
Hämatiterz(German n.) haematite ore
hämatitisch(German) haematitic
Hämatitring(German m.) haematite ring
Hämatologe (m.), Hämatologin (f.)(German) haematologist
Hämatologie(German f.) haematology
hämatologisch(German) haematological
Hämatom(German n.) bruise, haematoma
hämatophob(German) haematophobic
Hamboa fairly difficult traditional dance originally from Sweden, performed by couples, to music in 3/4 meter
  • Hambo from which this information has been taken
Hambonesee 'Juba dance'
Hambopolska(Swedish) a subtle syncopated provincial form of the polska
hambre aguza el ingenio, el(Spanish) hunger sharpens the wits
Hamburger (m.), Hamburgerin (f.), Hamburger (pl.), Hamburgerinnen ( citizen of Hamburg, inhabitant of Hamburg
Hamburger (s.), Hamburger (pl.)(German m.) hamburger, ground beef patty sandwich
Hamburgerbrötchen(German n.) hamburger bun
hamburgisch(German) Hamburg
Hamdaniden(German pl.) Hamdanids
Hamdanidsa Shi'a Muslim Arab dynasty of northern Iraq (Al-Jazirah) and Syria (890-1004). They claimed to have been descended from the ancient Banu Taghlib Christian tribe of Mesopotamia Anizzah northern Arabia. In 1003, the Fatimids deposed the Hamdanids
  • Hamdanids from which this information has been taken
Häme(German f.) malice, gleefulness (malice)
Hämeisen(German n.) haem iron
Hamelina town in northern Germany (near Hanover) that is famous as the setting for the legend of the Pied Piper
Hameln(German n.) Hamelin
Hamer(Dutch) hammer
hamerend(Dutch) hammering
Hamersteel(Dutch) hammer shank
Hamiltonoperator(German m.) Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics)
hämisch(German) gloating, bitter, sardonic, malicious, gleeful (maliciously), spiteful, saturnine, derisive (malicious), villainously, sneering
hämischer(German) more sneering
hämisches Gelächter(German n.) sardonic laughter
hämisches Grinsen(German n.) sardonic grin
hämisches Lächeln(German n.) bitter smile, sardonic laughter
hämisch frohlocken(German) to crow (person)
hämisch frohlocken über ...(German) to crow over ... (something) (person)
hämischste(German) most sneering
Hamite (m.), Hamitin (f.), Hamiten (pl.)(German) a member of a group of peoples of northern and northeast Africa, including the Berbers, Tuaregs, and the ancient Egyptians and their descendants
hamitisch(German) Hamitic
Hamleta very small village
or the Prince of Denmark, the central character in the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare
Hamlet darstellen(German) to act Hamlet
Hamlet spielen(German) to act Hamlet, to play Hamlet
Hammada(German f.) hamada
Hammam(Arabic) see hamam
Hammarharpa(Swedish) the hammered dulcimer
Hammel (s.), Hammel (pl.)(German m.) mutton, wether, castrated ram
Hammelbraten(German m.) roast mutton, mutton roast
Hammelbrust(German f.) breast of mutton
Hammeleintopf(German m.) mutton stew
Hammelfett(German n.) mutton fat
Hammelfleisch(German n.) mutton (meat)
Hammelgeld(German n., literally 'mutton fee' - dated) a non-specific small coin
Hammelkeule(German f.) leg of mutton, gigot
Hammelkotelett(German n.) mutton chop
Hammelragout(German n.) mutton stew
Hammelrippchen(German n.) mutton-chop
Hammelrücken(German m.) saddle of mutton
Hammelschulter(German f.) shoulder of mutton
Hammelsprung(German m.) voting procedure similar to a division in the House of Commons where MPs re-enter the floor through one of three doors
Hammeltalg(German m.) mutton tallow
Hammer (s.), Hämmer (German pl.)(German m.) hammer, gavel, sledge, beater, mallet (croquet), malleus (bone in the ear), striker (clock), blockbuster (colloquial)
(English, German m.) part of the action of a piano that strikes the strings to produce a note, a wooden shaft with a compressed-felt tip
(English, German m.) a beater (one used to strike a percussion instrument such as a bell or chimes, for example, a tubular bell)
(English, German m.) marteau (French), martello (Italian), martillo (Spanish), which may signify a hammer blow (for example in Mahler's Sixth Symphony) where the percussionist must strike some part of the stage or building's structure to produce the required effect with the necessary resonance
Hammerbacken(German m.) die and hammer
hämmerbar(German) malleably, malleable, ductile
Hammerbeama horizontal bracket supported by braces, designed to carry arched braces and struts which support a roof
Hammerbohren(German n.) hammer drilling, percussive drilling
Hammerbohrmaschine(German f.) percussive drill
Hammerbrecher(German m.) hammer crusher, swing-hammer crusher
Hämmerchen(German n.) little hammer, tack hammer, pin hammer
Hammerclavier(German n.) the name of Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas Op. 90, 101, 106, 109, 110, the name used to distinguish the hammered strings of the pianoforte from the plucked strings of the harpsichord
Hammer dulcimersee 'dulcimer'
Hammeredstruck with a hammer, struck strongly as though with a hammer, martellato (Italian), gehämmert (German), martelé (French)
Hammered dulcimerthe hammered dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument with the strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. The instrument is typically set at an angle on a stand in front of the musician, who holds a hammer in either hand with which to strike the strings (for the plucked Appalachian dulcimer, see Appalachian dulcimer). The hammered dulcimer comes in various sizes, identified by the number of strings that cross each of the bridges. A 15/14, for example, has two bridges and spans three octaves
Hammerfinger(German m.) drop finger, hammer finger, mallet finger (Digitus malleus)
Hammer fingeralso drop finger, or mallet finger, references to the involuntary flexion of the distal phalanx of a finger caused by the disruption or tearing of its extensor tendon
Hammerflügel(German m.) fortepiano
Hammergriff(German m.) manubrium (a body part or process shaped like a handle - for example, a process of the malleus of the ear)
hammerhart(German) smashing (colloquial), ossified (slang: drunk)
Hammer hardento harden a metal by hammering it in the cold state
hammerhärten(German) to hammer-harden
Hammerklavier(German n.) fortepiano, early pianoforte
Hammerkopf(German m.) tup (a heavy metal body, especially the head of a power hammer)
Hammerkopfschraube(German f.) hammer-head bolt
Hammerkreuz(German n.) cross potent (crutch cross)
Hämmerlein(German n.) tack hammer, pin hammer, little hammer
Hämmerling(German m.) three-wattled bellbird (Procnias tricarunculata)
Hammermagnet(German m.) hammer magnet
hammermäßig(German) awesome (colloquial)
Hammer mit Bleifüllung(German m.) lead-filled mallet
Hammer mit Kreuzpinne(German m.) pein hammer
Hammermühle(German f.) hammer mill
hämmern(German) to hammer, to beat, to beat out, to beat out with a hammer, to pound, to belt out (on a piano), to pound out (on a piano), to throb
[entry corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
hämmernd(German) hammering
Hammer on(English, Hammer-On (German)) slurs on the guitar are known as 'hammer on' and 'pull off'. Another type of slur is known as the 'slide'
Hammerpreis(German m.) hammer price (at an auction)
Hammer pricethe amount of the last bid accepted by the auctioneer on the fall of the hammer, signifying the end of the sale for each lot
Hammerschlag(German m.) hammer-blow, hammer blow, stroke of hammer, blow of a hammer, blow of the hammer, hammer finish, hammer fist
hammerschlaggrau(German) grey hammertone
Hammerschlaglack(German m.) hammertone finish
Hammerschlaglackierung(German f.) hammer(tone) paint
Hammerschmied(German m.) blacksmith
Hammerschmiede(German f.) hammer mill
Hammerschraube(German f.) T-head bolt
Hammerschweißen(German n.) forge welding
Hammersmith Arts & Crafts 'Colony'established in about 1900, a loose circle of Arts & Crafts practitioners living in West London that included Arthur Penny, Romney Green, Emery Walker, Cobden-Sanderson & May Morris - also from 1905, E. Johnston and Eric Gill
Hammersperre(German f.) hammer lock
Hammerstiel(German m.) hammer handle
Hammer toe or Digitus malleus, a deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second, third, or fourth toe causing it to be permanently bent
Hammertone finisha paint finish that makes a surface look like it was textured with a ball-pein hammer
Hammer und Sichelhammer and sickle
Hammerwerfen(German n.) hammer throwing (sport)
Hammerwerk(German n.) hammer mill
Hammerwerk(German n.) trip hammer
Hammerwerk(German n. - dated) hammer mill
Hammerzeh(German m.) hammer toe
Hammerzehe(German f.) hammer toe (Digitus malleus)
Hamming codenamed for its inventor, Richard Hamming, a type of binary code that is used to detect and correct data transmission errors
Hamming-Code(German m.) Hamming code
Hammond organ(English) Hammondorgel (German), an electronic organ developed by Laurens Hammond in the early 1930s for Hammond Clock, which later became Hammond Organ. The 'Hammond B3 organ', a tone wheel organ made by the Hammond factory, is considered to be the most popular Hammond organ and has been used in many popular rock bands and jazz-ensembles. It is also popular as a theatre organ
Hammondorgel(German f.) Hammond organ, electric organ
Hämophiler (m.), Hämophile (f.)(German) haemophiliac
Hämophilie(German f.) haemophilia
Hämophilie B(German f.) Christmas disease (Haemophilia B)
Hämorrhagie(German f.) haemorrhage
hämorrhagisch(German) haemorrhagic, bleeding
hämorrhagisches Fieber(German n.) haemorrhagic fever
Hämorrhoid (s.), Hämorrhoiden (pl.), Hämorriden (pl.)(German n.) haemorrhoid
hämorrhoidal(German) haemorrhoidal
Hampe(French f.) stem
Hampelmann(German m.) jumping jack
hampeln(German) to jump about, to fidget
Hampstead Artists Colonyfounded in the 1930s, a loose group of artists and sculptors that included Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Paul Nash and Ben Nicholson. In the mid 1930s, following the closure of the Bauhaus in Germany, the enclave was joined by László Moholy-Nagy, Walter Gropius and Piet Mondrian
Hamsachamsa, khamsa, hand of friendship or hand of Fatima, a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The hamsa is often incorporated in jewellery and wall hangings, as a defence against the evil eye
Hamsterer (m.), Hamsterin (f.), Hamsterer (pl.)(German) hoarder, stockpiler
Hamsterkauf(German m.) panic buying
hamstern(German) to forage, to hoard
Hamstern(German n.) stockpiling
hamsternd(German) foraging, hoarding
Hamsterrad(German n.) hamster wheel, rat race (figurative)
Hanacca(German) or Hanakisch, Moravian dance in simple triple time, like the polonaise, only quicker
Hanaise(French) hanacca, hanakisch
Hanakischsee Hanacca
Hanamokugyofrom Japan, a portable woodblock used by Buddhist priests to accompany the chanting of sutras. A piece of wood is attached by a wire to the middle of the handle. It is either shaken or struck with something so that the piece of wood produces a sound
Hanche(French) anche
Hand (s.), Hände (German pl.)(English, German f.) mano (Italian, Spanish), main (French)
scrittura (Italian), Handschrift (German), écriture (French), escritura (Spanish), the distinctive features of the handwriting of an individual
operaio (Italian), Arbeiter (German m.), Arbeiterin (German f.), ouvrier (French m.), ouvrière (French f.), obrero (Spanish), worker (as in farm-hand, etc.)
lancetta (Italian), Zeiger (German), aiguille (French), manecilla (Spanish), hand of a clock
Hand-(German) manual (prefix: of or pertaining to the hand)
Handabdruck (s.), Handabdrücke (pl.)(German m.) hand print
Handabroller für Packband(German m.) hand-held tape dispenser
Handabstützung(German f.) hand rest, hand support
Handadapter(German m.) hand adapter
Hand-Aeolinesee Konzertina
Handakte(German f.) reference file, file
Hand an sich legen(German) to commit sauicide, to attempt suicide, to take one's own life
Handapparat(German m.) telephone receiver, handset, hand set (telephone)
Handarbeit (s.), Handarbeiten (pl.)(German f.) handmade article, handiwork, handwork, manual labour, needlework, handicraft, manual operation, manual work, sewing, piece of needlework
Handarbeiten(German n.) needlework
Handarbeiter (s.), Handarbeiter (pl.)(German m.) workman, manual labourer, manual worker
Handarbeitsheft(German n.) needlework book
Handarbeitslehrer (m.), Handarbeitslehrerin (f.)(German) needlework teacher
handartig(German) hand-like, handlike
Handauflage(German f.) hand rest, palm rest
Handauflegen(German n.) laying on of hands
Handauflegung(German f.) laying on of hands, imposition of hands
Hand aufs Herz!(German) Cross my heart! Cross my heart (and hope to die)! Put your hand on your heart!
Hand aufs Herz, ich habe ihn nicht gesehen.(German) I haven't seen him, word of honour. I haven't seen him, cross my heart. (colloquial)
handausgelesen(German - rare) hand-picked
Handauslöser(German m.) manual release
Handballen(German m.) ball of the hand, ball of the thumb, heel of hand
Handballenauflage(German f.) wrist rest
Handballenblase(German f. - rare) squeeze bulb (for example, of a puffer)
Handballenschalter(German m.) palm switch
Handballenstütze(German f.) support for the heel of the hand
Hand-Bandsäge(German f.) portable band saw
Handbedieneinheit(German f.) hand-held control unit
Handbediengerät(German n.) hand-held control (device)
handbedient(German) hand-operated
Handbedienteil(German n.) manual control unit
Handbedienung(German f.) manual control, manual operation, hand control
handbedruckt(German) hand-printed
Handbeil(German n.) hatchet
Hand bellhand bells, classified as percussion instruments, come in various sizes, each size sounding a separate pitch, and are usually played by a group of musicians, either each holding a bell in each hand, or lifting them from a table, in sets ranging in number from six to sixty
Handbellesee belle
handbemalt(German) hand-painted
Handbesen(German m.) hand brush
handbetätigt(German) manually operated, hand-operated, manual
Handbetrieb(German m.) manual operation, manual mode
handbetrieben(German) hand-operated, manually operated
Handbewegung(German f.) gesture, gesticulation, (hand) action
(German f.) hand movement (as, for example, in piano playing or conducting)
[additional entry provided by Brian A. Jefferies]
Handbibliothek(German f.) reference library
Handbohrer (s.), Handbohrer (pl.)(German m.) gimlet, hand auger
Handbohrmaschine(German f.) hand drill
Handbrause(German f.) riser rail shower, hand shower
Handbreit(German f.) hand's breadth, hand's width, palm (as a unit of measurement)
Handbremse(German f.) handbrake, hand brake
Handbremshebel(German m.) hand brake lever, handbrake lever
Handbremsseil(German n.) handbrake cable, parking brake cable
Handbruch(German m.) broken hand, hand fracture
Handbuch (s.), Handbücher (pl.)(German n.) handbook, manual, compendium, guide, desk book, enchiridion, compendia (plural form)
Hand der Fatima(German f.) hamsa, chamsa, hand of Fatima, hand of friendship
Handbuch des Rechnungswesens(German n.) accounting manual
Handbuch für die Aufstellung(German n.) installation manual
Händchenhalten(German n.) holding hands
Händchen halten(German) to hold hands
Händchen haltend(German) holding hands
Händchen haltend gehen(German) to walk hand in hand
Handchirurg(German m.) hand surgeon
Handchirurgie(German f.) hand surgery
handcoloriert(German) hand-coloured, coloured by hand
Handcomputer(German m.) hand-held computer
Handcreme(German f.) hand cream
Handdrahtbürste(German f.) wire hand brush
Hand drauf!(German) Let's shake on it!
Handdruck(German m.) squeeze of the hand
Handdruckball(German m.) squeeze ball (often used to strengthen the hand)
Handdrücken(German m.) back of the hand
Händeauflegung(German f.) laying-on of hands, imposition of hands
Händedesinfektion(German f.) hand disinfection
Händedruck (s.), Händedrücke (pl.)(German m.) handshake
Händehandtuch(German n.) hand towel
Hände hoch!(German) Hands up!
Hände hoch, oder es knallt!(German) Hands up or I'll shoot!
Hände hoch oder ich schieße!(German) Hands up or I'll shoot!
Hände ineinander pressen(German) to clasp one's hands
Handeingabe(German f.) manual input
Handeingriff(German m.) manual operation
Händeklatschen(German n.) hand clapping, applause
hände kreuzend(German) or übergreifen, crossing hands
Handel(German m.) deal, commerce, trafficking, bargain, trade, acting, business, commercial intercourse, dealing, trading
Händel(German pl. - dated) brawl
Handel aufbauen(German) to develop trade
Handel auf dem schwarzen Markt(German m.) black marketeering, trading on the black market
handelbar(German) dealable, tradeable
Handel beleben(German) to stimulate trade
Handel einstellen(German) to cease trading
Handelektrode(German f.) hand electrode
Handelingen(Dutch) proceedings
Handel in Luxusgütern(German m.) luxury trade
Handel mit(German m.) trading with
Handel mit ... ablehnen(German) to refuse to deal with ... (somebody)
Handel mit Amerika(German m.) trade with America
Handel mit Delikatessen(German m.) delicatessen trade
Handel mit England(German m.) trade with England
Handel mit Japan(German m.) trade with Japan
Handel mit Luxusgütern(German m.) trade in luxury goods
Handel mit Rauschgift(German m.) trade in narcotics
Handeln(German n.) acting, action, actions (collectively)
handeln(German) to deal, to merchandise (trade), to bargain for something, to barter, to haggle, to move (figurative: to initiate action), to act, to bargain, to take action, to trade, to behave as something, to handle, to negotiate, to do business, to tarffick (archaic: trade), to quote
handeln als(German) to act as
handelnd(German) acting, agitating, bargaining, dealing, merchandising, trading
Handelnder (m.), Handelnde (f.)(German) doer, agent
handeln mit(German) to trade in, to deal in, to do business, to quote at
handeln um(German) to bargain for, to haggle over
handeln von(German) to relate to (have reference)
Handels-(German) marketing, mercantile, trading, commercial (prefix)
Handelsabkommen(German n.) trade agreement, commercial agreement
Handelsadreßbuch(German n. - old form) commercial directory, trade directory
Handelsadressbuch(German n.) trade directory, commercial agency
Handelsarterie(German f.) trade artery
Handelsartikel(German pl.) merchandise
Handelsattaché(German m.) commercial attaché, trade commissioner
Handelsaufmachung(German f.) trade dress
Handelsauskunft(German f.) commercial inquiry agency
Handelsauskunft(German f.) trade reference
Handelsbank(German f.) commercial bank, merchant bank
Handelsbarriere (s.), Handelsbarrieren (pl.)(German f.) trade barrier
Handelsbarrieren abbauen(German) to dismantle trade barriers
Handelsbarrieren errichten(German) to erect trade barriers
Handelsbeauftragter(German m.) Trade Commissioner
Handelsbedingungen(German pl.) terms of trade, trade terms, trading conditions
Handelsbericht(German m.) trade report
Handelsbeschränkung (s.), Handelsbeschränkungen (pl.)(German f.) restraint of trade, trade restrictions (plural form)
Handelsbetrieb(German m.) commercial undertaking, trading enterprise
Handelsbezeichnung(German f.) trading name
Handelsbeziehung (s.), Handelsbeziehungen (pl.)(German f.) commercial relationship, trade relationship, trade connections, trade ties (plural form)
Handelsbezirk(German m.) commercial district
handelsbezogen(German) trade-related
Handelsbilanzdefizit(German n.) trade deficit
Handelsbilanzen(German pl.) balances of trade
Handelsbilanzüberschuss(German m.) trade surplus
Handelsblatt (s.), Handelsblätter (pl.)(German n.) commercial journal, commercial paper, financial paper, trade journal, trade paper
Handelsblock(German m.) trading bloc
Handelsblockade(German f.) embargo
Handelsboykott(German m.) trade boycott
Handelsbrauch(German m.) commercial custom, commercial practice, custom, customary business practice, established practice, practice, practices
Handelsbuch(German n.) account book
Handelsbuchführung(German f.) commercial bookkeeping
Handelsbüro(German n.) trade office
Handelsdelegation(German f.) trade mission, trade delegation
Handelsdelegierter(German m. - Austria) Trade Commissioner
Handelsdisposition(German f.) trading arrangements
Handelsdokumente(German pl.) commercial documents
Handelseinheit(German f.) trading unit
handelseinig(German) in agreement
Handelsembargo(German n.) trade embargo
handelsfähig(German) tradeable, merchantable, marketable
Handelsfazilitäten(German pl.) trading facilities
Handelsfirma(German f.) trading company, trading firm
Handelsflaute(German f.) trade recession
Handelsflotte(German f.) merchant navy (merchant fleet of a country)
Handelsfragen(German pl.) trade-related matters
Handelsgärtnerei(German f.) market gardening
Handelsgeist(German m.) commercialism, mercantilism, commercial spirit
Handelsgelegenheit(German f.) trading opportunity
Handelsgenossenschaft(German f.) trading cooperative, trading cooperative society
Handelsgericht(German n.) industrial court, commercial court, commercial tribunal
Handelsgeschäft(German n.) commercial transaction, transaction, trade business
Handelsgesellschaft (s.), Handelsgesellschaften (pl.)(German f.) trading company, trading partnership
Handelsgespräche(German pl.) trade talks, trade negotiations
handelsgewichtet(German) trade-weighted
Handelsgut (s.), Handelsgüter (pl.)(German n.) commodity, merchandise (plural form), trade goods (plural form)
Handelshafen(German m.) commercial harbour, commercial port, trade port
Handelshaus(German n.) trading house, business house
Handelshemmnis (s.), Handelshemmnisse (pl.)(German n.) trade barrier, obstacle to trade
Handelsherr(German m.) merchant prince
Handelshindernis (s.), Handelshindernisse (pl.)(German n.) trade barrier, obstacle to trade
Handelshochschule(German f.) business college
Handelshürden abbauen(German) to lower trade hurdles, to dismantle trade hurdles
Handelsinteresse (s.), Handelsinteressen (pl.)(German m.) trading interests, commercial interests
Handelskammer (s.), Handelskammern (pl.)(German f.) chamber of commerce, board of trade
Handelskarawane(German f.) trade caravan
Handelskette (s.), Handelsketten (pl.)(German f.) chain (of stores), trade chain, chain store
Handelsklub(German m.) business club
Handelskolonie(German f.) trading colony
Handelskommissar(German m.) trade commissioner
Handelskompanie(German f.) trading company
Handelskonflikt(German m.) trade dispute
Handelskonkurrenten(German pl.) competitors in trade
Handelskonzern(German m.) business group
Handelskorrespondent(German m.) commercial correspondence, business correspondence
Handelskosten(German pl.) trading costs
Handelskreise(German pl.) commercial circles
Handelskrieg(German m.) economic warfare, tariff war, trade war
Handelskunden(German pl.) commercial customers
Handelsleute(German pl.) trades people
Handelsliberalisierung(German f.) trade liberalisation
Handelsmacht(German f.) trading power, commercial power
Handelsmakler(German m.) agent middleman
Handelsmann(German m. - dated) merchant, tradesman
Handelsmarine(German f.) merchant navy, mercantile marine
Handelsmarke (s.), Handelsmarken (pl.)(German f.) trademark, brand, trade brand, trade mark, brand name
Handelsmesse(German f.) trade fair
Handelsminister(German m.) Minister of Trade, Trade Secretary, Secretary of Commerce
Handelsministerium(German n.) Board of Trade, Department of Commerce, Department of Trade and Industry, trade ministry
Handelsmission(German f.) trade mission
Handelsmonopol(German n.) commercial monopoly, trade monopoly
Handelsname(German m.) brand, trade name, trading name
Handelsnation(German f.) trading nation
Handelsnetz(German n.) trading network, trade network
Handelsniederlassung(German f.) commercial settlement, trading station
Handelsorgan(German n.) trade body
handelsorientiert(German) trade-oriented
Handelsort(German m.) place of trade
Handelspapier (s.), Handelspapiere (pl.)(German n.) commercial instrument, document, paper, commercial paper
Handelspartner (m.), Handelspartnerin (f.)(German) trade partner, trading partner
Handelsplattform(German f.) trading facility
Handelsplatz(German m.) emporium, trade centre, commercial centre
Handelspolitik(German f.) commercial policy, trade policy
handelspolitische Schutzmaßnahmen(German pl.) measures to protect trade
Handelsposten(German m.) trading post
Handelspraktiken(German pl.) commercial practices, trading practices
Handelsprivilegien(German pl.) trading privileges, trade priviledges
Handelsprobleme(German pl.) trading problems
Handelsrabatt(German m.) trade discount, trade allowance
Handelsrechnung(German f.) commercial invoice
Handelsrecht (s.), Handelsrechte (pl.)(German n.) commercial law, mercantile law, business law, trade rights (plural form)
Handelsreferenz (s.), Handelsreferenzen (pl.)(German f.) trade reference
Handelsregister(German n.) commercial register, trade register, companies register, register of companies
Handelsregisterauszug(German m.) certificate of registration, excerpt from the trade register
Handelsregistereintrag(German m.) entry in the Commercial Register
Handelsregistereintragung(German f.) entry in the Commercial Register
Handelsregisternummer(German f.) Commercial Registration Number, Commercial Register Number, company registration number
Handelsreisender (m.), Handelsreisende (f.), Handelsreisende (pl.)(German) commercial traveller, travelling salesperson
Handelsrichter(German m.) commercial judge
Handelsroute(German f.) trade route
Handelsrückgang(German m.) downturn in trade
Handelssachen(German pl.) commercial matters, commercial causes
Handelssanktion(German f.) trade sanction
Handelsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit(German f.) commercial arbitration
Handelsschiff(German n.) cargo vessel, merchant ship, merchantman, merchant vessel, trading vessel, trader (vessel)
Handelsschiffahrt(German f. - old form) merchant shipping
Handelsschifffahrt(German f.) merchant shipping, commercial shipping
Handelsschranke (s.), Handelsschranken (pl.)(German f.) trade barrier
Handelsschranken abbauen(German) to lower trade barriers
Handelsschranken aufbauen(German) to put up trade barriers
Handelsschule(German f.) business school
Handelsschwierigkeiten(German pl.) trading difficulties
Handelsspanne(German f.) mark-up, markup
Handelssperre(German f.) embargo
Handelssprache(German f.) business language
Handelsstaat(German m.) trading state
Handelsstadt(German f.) trading town, commercial town, trade city
Handelsstation(German f.) trading post, trading station
Handelsstatistik(German f.) commercial statistics, trade statistics
Handelsstelle(German f.) trading post, trading room
Handelsstraße (s.), Handelsstraßen (pl.)(German f.) trade route
Handelsstützpunkt(German m.) trading base
Handelssystem(German n.) trading system
Handelssysteme entwickeln(German) to develop trading systems
Handelstag(German m.) trading day
Handelstätigkeit(German f.) commercial activity, trading activity, trading operations
Handelsteilnehmer(German m.) participant in trade
Handelstradition(German f.) mercantile tradition
Handelstreibender (m.), Handelstreibende (f.)(German) dealer, trader
Handelsüberschuss(German m.) trade surplus
handelsüblich(German) according to custom and usage, customary, commercial practice, off-the-shelf
handelsübliche Qualität(German f.) commercial quality, merchantable quality
handelsübliche Verpackung(German f.) customary packing
Händel suchen(German - dated) to pick a quarrel
Händelsucher(German m.) bully
händelsüchtig(German - dated) quarrelsome
Handels- und Geschäftsbank(German f.) commercial bank
Handelsunternehmen(German n.) business (or commercial) enterprise, trading company, trading concern, trading establishment
Handelsverband(German m.) trade association
Handelsverkehr(German m.) flow of trade, trading, traffic, commerce
Handelsvertrag (s.), Handelsverträge (pl.)(German m.) commercial treaty, trade agreement, trade treaty, commercial contract
Handelsvertreter (s.), Handelsvertreter (pl.)(German m.) trade representative, sales representative, agent, commercial agent, representative, sales agent, sales rep (colloquial), selling agent, traveller (travelling salesperson), commercial representative
Handelsvertretung(German f.) trade mission
Handelsvorteil (s.), Handelsvorteile (pl.)(German m.) commercial advantage, trade advantage
Handelsware (s.), Handelswaren (pl.)(German f.) merchandise, article of merchandise, article of trade, commodities, commodity, trade goods (plural form)
Handelsweg (s.), Handelswege (pl.)(German m.) commercial route, trade channel, trade road, trade route
Handelswert(German m.) trade-in value, trading value
Handelszeichen(German m.) trade mark, brand name
Handelszentrum (s.), Handelszentren (pl.)(German n.) mart, emporium, trading centre, commercial centre, trading hub, commercial hub
Handelszulassung(German f.) trading licence
Handelszweig (s.), Handelszweige (pl.)(German m.) branch of trade
handelte mit(German) dealt in
Handel treiben(German) to trade, to carry on in commerce
Handel und Gewerbe(German) trade and commerce
Handel und Industrie(German) commerce and industry, trade and industry
Handel und Wandel(German m. - dated) doings and dealings
Handel untereinander(German m.) reciprocal trade
Handel-Werke-Verzeichnissee HWV
Handel zwischen zwei Ländern(German m.) commerce between two countries
Handel zwischen zwei Staaten(German m.) bilateral trade
Handerheben(German n.) raising of hands
Handerhebungsgebete(German pl.) prayers of the lifting of the hand (Babylonian religion)
Händeringen(German n.) hand-wringing (figurative)
händeringend(German) wringing one's hands, imploringly (figurative), desperately (figurative)
Hände schmutzig machen(German) to smirch hands, to soil hands, to dirty hands
Händeschütteln(German n.) handshake, handshaking, shake of hands, pressing palms
Hände schütteln(German) to shake hands, to press the flesh (colloquial)
Händetrockner(German m.) hand dryer
Handeule(German f. - Northern Germany) hand brush
Händewaschen(German n.) hand washing
Hände weg!(German) Hands off!
Handexemplar(German n.) personal copy
Handfackel(German f.) hand flare
Handfeger (s.), Handfeger (pl.)(German m.) hand brush
Handfertigkeit(German f.) manual skill, skill, dexterity, ability, manual dexterity
Handfertigung(German f.) manual production
Handfessel (s.), Handfesseln (pl.)(German f.) handcuff, manacles (plural form)
Handfesseln anlegen(German) to manacle
handfest(German) stalwart, stout, stoutly, sturdy, tangible, hand-tight, substantial, concrete (figurative)
handfest angezogen(German) finger-tight (screw, nut, etc.)
Handfeste(German f.) handfast
handfeste Argumente(German pl.) solid arguments
handfester(German) more stalwart
handfester Beweis(German m.) solid evidence
handfester Bursche(German m.) stout fellow
handfester Vorschlag(German m.) concrete proposal
handfesteste(German) most stalwart
Handfestigkeit(German f.) sturdiness
Handfeststellvorrichtung(German f.) manual locking device
Handfeuerlöscher(German m.) hand-held (fire) extinguisher
Handfeuerwaffe (s.), Handfeuerwaffen (pl.)(German f.) handgun, small arm
Handfläche (s.), Handflächen (pl.)(German f.) palm, palm of the hand
Handflächenleser(German m.) palm reader
Handformgriff(German m.) hand-shaped handle
handförmig(German) palmate, palmated
Handfraktur(German f.) fracture of the hand
Handfunkgerät(German n.) walkie-talkie (portable two-way radio)
Hand-Fuß-Mund-Krankheit(German f.) hand, foot and mouth disease
Handfütterung(German f.) hand feeding
handgearbeitet(German) hand made, hand worked, hand-made, hand-worked, handmade, handworked, handcrafted, hand-crafted
handgearbeitetes Produkt(German n.) hand-crafted product
Handgebläse(German n.) hand bulb (for a puffer, hand-pump, etc.)
handgefertigt(German) hand worked, handworked, handcrafted, hand-made, handmade, hand-crafted
handgefertigte Kerze(German f.) hand-made candle
handgefertigter Artikel(German m.) hand-made article
handgeführt(German) hand-operated
handgefüttert(German) hand-fed
handgeklöppelt(German) hand-laced
handgeknüpfter Teppich(German m.) hand-made carpet
Handgeländer(German n.) hand railing
Handgeld(German n.) bounty, earnest, hand money, prest money, prestation money
Handgelenk (s.), Handgelenke (pl.)(German n.) wrist
Handgelenkauflage(German f.) wrist rest
Handgelenkextension(German f.) wrist extension
Handgelenkflexion(German f.) wrist flexion
Handgelenkschoner(German m.) wrist guard
Handgelenkschutz(German m.) wristguard
Handgelenktasche(German f.) wrist bag
Hängelsaite(German f.) Anhängesaite (German f.), attache cordier (French f.), reggi-cordiera (Italian m.), tailgut
handgemacht(German) hand-made, crafted, hand-crafted
handgemachtes Produkt(German n.) hand-crafted product
handgemahlen(German) hand-grind
handgemein(German) at grips with
handgemein werden(German) to close with an enemy, to come to blows, to scuffle, to come to close quarters, to grapple (in-fighting)
Handgemenge(German n.) hand to hand fight, scuffle, melee, close scuffle, scrimmage, grapple, brawl, scrummage, mix-up (colloquial)
handgenäht(German) hand-sewn
Handgepäck(German n.) carry-on baggage, hand luggage, hand baggage
Handgepäckstück(German m.) carry-on baggage
handgepflückt(German) hand-picked
Handgerät(German n.) handheld unit, handheld device
handgerollt(German) hand-rolled
handgerollte Zigarren(German pl.) hand-rolled cigars
handgeschält(German) hand-peeled
handgeschliffen(German) hand-cut, hand-sanded
handgeschmiedet(German) hand-forged
handgeschnitzt(German) hand-carved
handgeschöpft(German) hand-made (paper)
handgeschöpftes Papier(German n.) hand-made paper
handgeschreiben(German) hand-written
handgeschroppt(German) hand-scraped
handgesponnene Seide(German f.) handspun silk
handgesteuert(German) manually-controlled
handgestrickt(German) hand-knitted, hand-knit, homespun (figurative)
handgewebt(German) hand-woven
handgewebter Teppich (s.), handgewebte Teppiche (pl.)(German m.) hand-woven carpet
Handgewindebohrer(German m.) hand tap (for thread-cutting)
handgezeichnet(German) hand-drawn
Handglocke(German f.) handbell
Handgranate (s.), Handgranaten (pl.)(German f.) (hand) grenade
handgraviert(German) hand-engraved
handgreiflich(German) palpable
handgreiflich werden(German) to get rough, to get violent, to resort to fisticuffs
Handgreiflichkeit(German f.) palpability
Handgriff (s.), Handgriffe (pl.)(German m.) handle, grip, pull, handle bar, handgrip, movement (of the hand)
Handgriffhalter(German m.) handle holder
Hand-guidesee guide-main or chiroplast
handhabbar(German) manageable
handhabbarer(German) more manageable
Handhabbarkeit(German f.) manageability
handhabbarste(German) most manageable
Handhabe(German f.) manubrium (figurative)
handhaben(German) to handle, to manage, to wield, to ply, to operate, to administer, to manipulate
Handhaber(German m.) handler
Handhabung(German f.) management, handling, manipulation (handling)
Handhabungsgerät(German n.) handling device
Handhabungsgewicht(German n.) handling weight
Handhabungshinweise(German pl.) handling instructions
Handhacke(German f.) hand hoe
Handharmonika(Germany f., literally, 'hand-harmonica') (small) accordion, concertina
Handhebel(German m.) hand-operated lever, hand lever
Handhebelpresse(German f.) hand-lever press
Handheld(German m.) Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), personal information manager
Handholdin dance, one of the element of 'connection', the way the partners hold each other by hands
Hand hornor hand-horn, a natural French horn without valves or pistons, in which the player places a hand into the bell to produce certain notes
Handicap(German n.) disability, limitation
handicapen(German) to handicap
handicapieren(German - Switzerland) to handicap
handicappare(Italian) to handicap
Händigkeit(German f.) handedness
Handikap(German n.) handicap
Hand-in-den-Mund-Kauf(German m.) hand-to-mouth buying
Hand in Hand gehen(German) to go hand in hand
Hand in Hand gehend(German) collateral (figurative: aims, etc.)
Hand in Hand gehen mit ...(German) to go hand in hand with ... (something)
Handinnenfläche (s.), Handinnenflächen (pl.)(German f.) palm (of the hand)
Handinstrument(German n.) hand-held instrument
händisch(German - Austria) by hand, manual, manually
Handkamera-Aufnahme(German f.) hand-held camera shot
Handkante(German f.) side of the hand
Handkantenschlag(German m.) karate chop
Handkarre(German f.) handcart, handbarrow
Handkarren(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) handcart
Handkarten(German pl.) hand (of cards)
Handkäse(German m.) hand cheese
Handkäse mit Musik(German m.) marinaded (German) hand cheese (with onions)
Handkasse(German f.) petty cash
Handkasten(German m.) tool box
Handkerchieffazzoletto (Italian), Taschentuch (German), mouchoir (French), pañuelo (Spanish), a square of cloth, often cotton or silk, kept usually in a pocket, and used for wiping one's nose, etc.
Hand-klapper(German f.) castanet
Handklaver(Sweden, literally 'hand-piano') accordion
Handklonus(German m.) wrist clonus
Handkoffer(German m.) portmanteau, suit case, suitcase, grip (small suitcase)
handkoloriert(German) hand-coloured
Handkreissäge(German f.) portable circular saw
Handkurbel(German f.) crank handle, hand crank
Handkuss(German m.) kiss on the hand
Handlampe(German f.) inspection lamp, portable lamp
Handlanger (s.), Handlanger (pl.)(German m.) odd-job man, dogsbody (colloquial), handmaid (figurative), handyman, henchman, stooge, hod carrier, sidekick, tool (figurative: person), spear carrier (figurative, pejorative: henchman)
Handlanger sein(German) to fetch and carry
Handlauf(German m.) handrail, hand rail (stairway)
Handle dementsprechend!(German) Act accordingly!
Handleiste(German f.) handrail
Handleiter(German m.) see chiroplast
Handle-pianoa mechanical piano operated by a barrel organ mechanism
Händler (m.), Händlerin (f.), Händler (pl.)(German) monger, dealer, retailer, outfitter, salesperson, trader, agent, distributor, tradesperson, tradesman (m.), tradeswoman (f.), salesman (m.), saelswoman (f.)
-händler(German) monger (suffix)
Händler am schwarzen Markt(German m.) black marketeer
Händleranfragen erwünscht.(German) Dealer inquiries welcome.
Händleranfragen willkommen.(German) Dealer inquiries welcome.
Händlerfamilie(German f.) merchant family, family of merchants, mercantile family
Händler für Keramikbedarf(German m.) ceramic supplier
Händler für Kleinmengen(German m.) odd-lot trader
Händlergilde(German f.) merchant guild
Händler in Gemälden(German m.) picture dealer
Händler in Schiffsbedarf(German m.) ship chandler
Händlerklasse(German f.) merchant class
Händlermarke(German f.) dealer's brand, private brand
Händlerpreis(German m.) trade price
Händlerrabatt(German m.) trade discount, trading discount, distributor discount, dealer discount
Händlerwerbung(German f.) trade advertising
Handlesekunst(German f.) palmistry, chiromancy
Handlesen(German n.) chiromancy, palmistry, palm reading
Handleser (m.), Handleserin (f.)(German) palmist
Händler von falschen Kunstwerken(German m.) dealer in fake works of art
handlich(German) handily, manageable, manageably, handy, wieldy, convenient
handlicher(German) handier
handliches Format(German n.) handy size
Handlichkeit(German f.) manageability, handiness
handlichste(German) handiest
Handling(German n.) handling
Handlinien(German pl.) lines (hand), creases of the hand
Handliniendeuter (m.), Handliniendeuterin (f.)(German) palmist
Handliniendeutung(German f.) palmistry
Handlinienleser (m.), Handlinienleserin (f.)(German) palmist
Handloch(German n.) hand hole
Handlocher(German m.) perforator, card perforator, hand punch
Handlot(German n.) lead (sounding line)
Handlöten(German n.) manual soldering
Handlüfthebel(German m.) manual release lever
Handlung (s.), Handlungen (pl.)(German f.) act, action, deed, plot (of an opera, play, film, etc.), story line, activity, operation (act), shop, trade (dated), activity
Handlung eines Romans(German f.) plot of a novel
Handlung eines Theaterstücks(German f.) plot of a play
Handlungen oder Unterlassungen(German pl.) acts or omissions
Handlung in grober Fahrlässigkeit(German f.) act of gross negligence
Handlung in gutem Glauben(German f.) act in good faith, acting done in good faith
Handlung nach falscher Annahme(German f.) act on a false assumption
Handlungsablauf(German m.) plot, course of action
Handlungsalternative(German f.) alternative for action
Handlungsanstöße(German pl.) impulses for action
Handlungsanweisung (s.), Handlungsanweisungen (pl.)(German f.) instruction, directive
handlungsarm(German) actionless
Handlungsaufforderung(German f.) call to action
Handlungsbedarf(German m.) call for action, need for action, demand for action
Handlungsbereich(German m.) range of action
Handlungsbevollmächtigter(German m.) officer, assistant manager
Handlungsbogen(German m.) story arc
Handlungsdiener(German m. - dated) merchant's apprentice, shopkeeper's apprentice, errand boy, messenger, office boy
Handlungsempfehlung (s.), Handlungsempfehlungen (pl.)(German f.) guidance, recommendation for action
Handlungsentwicklung(German f.) plot development
Handlungsfaden(German m.) strand (figurative)
handlungsfähig(German) capable of acting, able to act
Handlungsfähigkeit(German f.) capacity to act, legal capacity, ability to act, agency (capacity to act)
Handlungsfeld(German n.) sphere of activity
Handlungsfreiheit(German f.) discretion, freedom of action, free hand
Handlungsfreiheit haben(German) to be free to act
Handlungsgefüge(German n.) (whole) complex of actions
Handlungsgehilfe(German m.) commercial clerk
Handlungsgerüst(German n.) plot (of a film, play, etc.)
Handlungshilfen(German pl.) guidance
Handlungskompetenz(German f.) decision-making and responsibility, ability to perform, agency (capacity to act)
Handlungslinie(German f.) storyline
Handlungsmacht(German f.) agency (capacity to act)
Handlungsmittel(German pl.) means (used with singular or plural verb)
Handlungsmuster(German n.) pattern of action
Handlungsobjekt(German n.) object of action
Handlungsoption(German f.) course of action
handlungsorientiert(German) activity-oriented, action-oriented
handlungsorientierter Unterricht(German m.) active learning
Handlungsort(German m.) setting
Handlungsort des Dramas(German m.) scene of the drama
Handlungsplan(German m.) action plan
Handlungspotential(German n. - old form) discretion to act
Handlungspotenzial(German n.) discretion to act
Handlungsprinzip(German n.) principle of action
Handlungsprogramm(German n.) action programme, programme of action
Handlungsrahmen(German m.) confines, framework of action, scope of action
Handlungsraum (s.), Handlungsräume (pl.)(German m.) space of action, scope of action
Handlungsreisender(German m.) travelling salesman
Handlungsschema(German n.) plot
Handlungsschritt(German m.) action step
Handlungssituation(German f.) action situation
Handlungsspielraum(German m.) room for manoeuvre, radius of operation, scope, scope of action, sphere of influence
Handlungsstrang(German m.) plot line (play, novel, etc.), line of action, storyline
Handlungsstruktur(German f.) plot (structure)
Handlungssubjekt(German n.) acting subject
Handlungstheorie(German f.) action theory, theory of action
Handlungsträger(German m.) agent (person or means by which something is done)
handlungsunfähig(German) incapable of acting
handlungsunfähig machend(German) incapacitating
Handlungsunfähigkeit(German f.) incapacity, lack of power to act
Handlungsverlauf(German m.) plot (story line)
Handlungsverpflichtung(German f.) obligation to act
Handlungsverzögerung(German f.) action lag
Handlungsvollmacht(German f.) authority, power of attorney, power to act, power to negotiate
Handlungsweise (s.), Handlungsweisen (pl.)(German f.) behaviour, methods, procedure, conduct, action, dealing, course of action
Handmessgerät(German n.) portable measuring instrument, portable measuring equipment
Handmikrofon(German n.) hand-held microphone
Handmixer(German m.) hand mixer
Handmühle(German f.) hand mill, quern
Handmuskel (s.), Handmuskeln (pl.)(German m.) hand muscle, muscles of the hand (plural form)
Handmuskeltrainer(German m.) hand muscle trainer, hand muscle developer (equipment)
Handmuskeltraining(German n.) hand muscle training
Handmuskulatur(German f.) hand muscles, hand musculature
Handmuster(German n.) dummy, hand sheet
Hand mutesee 'echo horn'
Handnähen(German n.) hand sewing
Handnotbetätigung(German f.) manual emergency override
Hand notea stopped note on the horn, produced by the hand being inserted in the bell of the instrument
Hand organa portable barrel organ
Handorgel(German f.) accordion
Handout(German n.) handout
Handpeeling(German n.) hand scrub
Handpflege(German f.) manicure, hand care
Handpfleger (m.), Handpflegerin (f.)(German) manicurist
Handpickel(German m.) hand pick
Handpiecethat part of a mechanised device designed to be held or manipulated by hand
Handpistole(German f.) manual spray gun, hand spray gun
handpoliert(German) hand-polished
Hand pressany non-mechanised press operated by hand. The term usually refers to screw presses where paper is pressed between the plate or form on the press bed and another heavy plate that applies pressure from above
Handpumpe(German f.) hand pump, hand operated pump, manually operated pump
Handpuppe(German f.) hand puppet, glove puppet, (hand) puppet, sock puppet
Handpuppenspiel(German n.) glove puppetry, glove puppet show
Handqa(Arabic) small North African cymbals
Handrad(German n.) hand wheel, jogwheel, balance wheel (sewing machine)
Handrassel(German f.) sistrum
Handregisterzug(German m.) hand stop (organ, harpsichord, etc.)
Handreibahle(German f.) hand reamer
Handreichung(German f.) handout, helping hand
Handrücken (s.), Handrücken (pl.)(German m.) back of the hand, back of one's hand, dorsum of (the) hand
Handrührer(German m.) hand mixer
Handrührgerät(German n.) electric whisk, hand mixer
Hands, TheMichel Waisvisz conceived of The Hands in the early 1980s. The Hands are aluminum plates containing touch sensitive keys, thumb pressure sensors, and tilt and proximity sensors, held under a performer's hands with velcro fasteners. Waisvisz' idea was to perform with large overt body motions as well as small fingertip control
Handsäge(German f.) handsaw, hand saw
handsam(German - Austria) wieldy, handy
Handsawa saw used with one hand for cutting wood
Handscanner(German m.) hand-held scanner
Hand-Schafschere(German f. - dated) blade shears (for shearing sheep)
Handschalter(German m.) hand switch, manual switch
Handschaltgetriebe(German n.) manual transmission
Handschalthebel(German m.) hand lever
Handschatten(German pl.) hand shadows (shadows made with the hands)
Handschaufel(German f.) hand-shovel, dust pan, dustpan
Handschelle (s.), Handschellen (pl.)(German f.) handcuff, manacles (plural form)
Handschellen anlegen(German) to apply cuffs, to manacle
Handschellen anlegend(German) handcuffing
Handschlaufe(German f.) hand strap
handschleifen(German) to hand cut, to hand sand
Handschleifen(German n.) manual grinding
Handschleifer(German m.) hand grinder
Handschleifmaschine(German f.) hand grinder
Handschließen(German pl.) handcuffs
Handschraube(German f.) handscrew
Handschrauber(German m.) handheld screwdriver
Handschraubstock(German m.) hand vice
Handschreiben(German n.) handwritten letter
Handschrift (s.), Handschriften (German pl.)(German f., Dutch) handwriting, hand (style of handwriting), autograph (although Originalhandschrift is more specific), script, manuscript, chirograph
Handschriftenabteilung(German f.) handwriting department
Handschriftendeutung(German f.) graphology
Handschriftenexperte (s.), Handschriftenexpertin (f.)(German) handwriting expert, graphologist
Handschriftenkunde(German f.) codicology
Handschriftenprobe(German f.) specimen of handwriting
Handschriftensammlung(German f.) manuscript collection, autograph collection
Handschrift enträtseln(German) to decipher handwriting
Handschriften vom Toten Meer(German pl.) Dead Sea scrolls
handschriftlich(German) handwritten (manuscript), in writing, in longhand, manuscript, written by hand
handschriftliche Aufzeichnung(German f.) handwritten record
handschriftliche Entwertung(German f.) handwritten cancellation
handschriftlicher Brief(German m.) handwritten letter
handschriftliches Dokument des Verfassers(German n.) holograph
handschriftliches Zeichen(German n.) handwritten character
Handschuh (s.), Handschuhe (pl.)(German m.) glove, pair of gloves (plural form)
Handschuhe abstreifen(German) to strip off gloves, to draw off gloves
Handschuhe ausweiten(German) to stretch gloves
Handschuhehe(German f.) proxy marriage, marriage by proxy
Handschuhfach(German n.) glove locker, glove compartment, glove box, glovebox
Handschuhfachbeleuchtung(German f.) glovebox light
Handschuhfachbeleuchtungsschalter(German m.) glovebox light switch
Handschuhhochzeit(German f.) proxy marriage
Handschuhe in allen Größen(German pl.) all sizes of gloves, gloves in all sizes
Handschuhkasten(German m.) box for gloves, glove box, glovebox
Handschuhkraut(German n.) (purple) foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
Handschuhmacher (m.), Handschuhmacherin (f.)(German) glover, glovemaker
Handschuhpaar(German n.) pair of gloves
Handschutz(German m.) hand guard (of a knife, sword, hand-weapon, etc.)
Handschweißung(German f.) manual welding (as opposed to automatic welding)
Handseife(German f.) hand soap
Handsender(German m.) portable transmitter, handheld transmitter
Handshake(English, German m.) initialization of a data connection
Handsignal(German n.) hand signal
handsigniert(German) autographed
Handskizze(German f.) freehand sketch, rough sketch
Handskrift(Swedish) autograph, a work written in the composer's own hand [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Håndskrift(Danish, Norwegian) autograph, a work written in the composer's own hand [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Handspannfutter(German n.) manual lathe chuck
Handspeinapf(German m.) hand-held spittoon
Handspiegel(German m.) hand mirror
Handspiralbohrer(German m.) hand auger
Handsprechfunkgerät(German n.) walkie-talkie
Handspritzpistole(German f.) spray gun
Handspucknapf(German m.) hand-held spittoon
Hand stampa designed marking of ink imprinted over the postage on a letter or card by hand to indicate its official arrival into a government postal system, and to cancel its value to keep it from further use
Handstand(German m.) handstand
Handstandüberschlag(German m.) front handspring (tumbling)
Handstaubsauger(German m.) hand-held vacuum cleaner
Handstempel(German m.) hand stamp
Handsteuergerät(German n.) hand-held control (unit)
Handsteuerung(German f.) hand control, hand operation, manual control
Hands Threeone of the figures unique to, or traditionally associated with, square dancing
Handstichsäge(German f.) pad saw
Handstopa mechanism operated by hand, on a keyboard instrument, which moves the register or the buff stop batten
Handstreich(German m.) coup de main
Handstrichziegel(German pl.) hand-made bricks
Handstück (s.), Handstücke (pl.)(German n.) technical exercise
(German n.) handpiece
Handstückzähler(German m.) hand tally counter (handheld)
Handstütze(German f.) hand rest, hand support
Handstützüberschlag rückwärts(German m.) back handspring (tumbling)
Handtasche (s.), Handtaschen (pl.)(German f.) handbag, hand-bag, purse (US), bag, pocket book (US)
Handtasche mit Kordelverschluss(German f.) Dorothy bag
Handtaschendieb (m.), Handtaschendiebin (f.)(German) bag-snatcher, purse snatcher
Handtaschenräuber(German m.) bag-snatcher, handbag snatcher
Handtaschenträgerin(German f.) handbag carrier
Handtaschl(German n. - Austria) handbag
Handteller(German m.) palm (of the hand)
handtellergroß(German) palm-sized
Handtrainer(German m.) hand exerciser
Handtrockner(German m.) hand dryer, hand drier
Handtrommel(German f.) tambourine, tympan (small hand-drum), taboret (small tabor)
Handtuch (s.), Handtücher (pl.)(German n.) towel, face towel
Handtuch für den Strand(German n.) beach towel
Handtuchhalter(German m.) towel rail
Handtuchheizkörper(German m.) hand towel heating element
Handtuchrolle(German f.) towel roll
Handtuchstoff(German m.) towelling (fabric)
Handtuchtrockner(German m.) towel warmer
Hand übersetzen(German) (in keyboard playing) to pass on hand over another
Hand und Fuß haben(German) to hold water (figurative), to make sense
Hand- und Nagelcreme(German f.) hand and nail cream
Hand- und Nagelpflege(German f.) hand and nail care
Handventil(German n.) hand valve
Handverkauf(German m.) over-the-counter sale
Handverkaufstisch(German m.) counter
handverlesen(German) hand-picked, carefully selected (figurative)
Handvermittlung(German f.) manual (telephone) exchange, manual switchboard
handverputzt(German) hand-plastered
Handverstelleinrichtung(German f.) manual adjusting device
Handverwiegung(German f.) manual weighing
Handvoll(German f. - old form) fistful, handful, palmful
Hand voll(German f.) fistful, palmful
Handvorrat(German m.) bench stock
Handwaage(German f.) steelyard (dated: balance)
Handwaffe (s.), Handwaffen (pl.)(German f.) hand weapon, small arms (plural form)
Handwagen(German m.) trolley, truck, pushcart, handcart
Handwahrsager (s.), Handwahrsager (pl.)(German m.) palmist
handwarm(German) warm to the touch, hand-hot (water)
Handwärme(German f.) hand warmth
Handwaschbecken(German n.) hand basin
Handwäsche(German f.) washing by hand, hand wash (laundry)
Handwebstuhl(German m.) hand loom
Handwerk (s.), Handwerke (pl.)(German n.) craft (trade), trade, crafts, mechanical arts (plural form), handwork, handcraft, handicraft
Handwerk des Krieges(German n.) warcraft
Handwerker (m.), Handwerkerin (f.), Handwerker (pl.), Handwerkerinnen ( artisan, manufacturer, mechanic, artificier, tradesman (m.), tradeswoman (f.), craftsman (m.), craftswoman (f.), tradeperson
Handwerkergilde(German f.) guild of craftsmen
Handwerkerhäuschen(German n.) artisan's cottage
Handwerkerschaft(German f.) craftspeople
Handwerkerstand(German m.) artisan class
handwerklich(German) technical, technically, mechanical, mechanically
handwerklich begabt sein(German) to be good with one's hands
handwerkliche Arbeit(German f.) skilled manual work
(handwerkliche) Ausführung(German f.) workmanship
handwerkliche Fertigkeit (s.), handwerkliche Fertigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) mechanical skill, inductrial arts (plural form)
handwerkliche Produktion(German f.) artisan production
handwerklicher Beruf(German m.) skilled trade
handwerkliches Geschick(German n.) craftsmanship
handwerkliches Können(German n.) craftsmanship, workmanship (skilfulness)
handwerkliches Produkt(German n.) hand-crafted product
handwerkliche Tätigkeiten(German pl.) activities of craftsmen
handwerklich genutzte Räume(German pl.) industrial premises
handwerklich ordentlich(German) workmanlike
handwerklich routiniert(German) workmanlike
handwerklich solide(German) workmanlike
Handwerksberuf(German m.) craftman's trade, handicraft trade
Handwerksbetrieb(German m.) craft enterprise, handicraft business
Handwerksbursche(German m.) apprentice
Handwerkschirurg(German m.) barber surgeon
Handwerksgeist(German m.) artisan spirit
Handwerksgesell(German m.) journeyman
Handwerksgeselle(German m.) journeyman
Handwerkskunst(German f.) craftsmanship, handicraft
Handwerksleute(German pl.) craftspeople
Handwerksmann(German m. - dated) workman, tradesman (carpenter, etc.), craftsman, mechanic
Handwerksmeister (m.), Handwerksmeisterin (f.)(German) master craftsman
Handwerksrolle(German f.) register of qualified craftsmen
andwerkszeichen(German n.) trade-sign
Handwerkszeug(German n.) stock-in-trade, armamentarium, tools of the trade (figurative)
Handwerkszunft(German f.) craft guild
Handwerk und Gewerbe(German n.) crafts and trades
Handwerkzeuge(German pl.) hand tools
Handwörterbuch (s.), Handwörterbücher (pl.)(German n.) pocket dictionary, concise dictionary, little dictionary
Handwurzelknochen (s.), Handwurzelknochen (pl.)(German m.) carpal bone, wristbone
Handy (s.), Handys (pl.)(German n.) mobile phone, mobile (mobile phone), cell phone (US)
Handyaner(German m.) mobile phone user, cell phone user
Handyanhänger(German m.) mobile phone strap, cell phone strap
Handybetriebssystem(German n.) mobile operating system
Handyempfang(German m.) mobile reception (mobile phones)
Handygespräch(German n.) mobile phone conversation
Handygespräch unter Verwendung der Freisprechfunktion(German n.) hands-free mobile phone call
Handyhersteller(German m.) handset manufacturer
Handyhülle(German f.) mobile phone case
Handyklau(German m.) phone-jacking (colloquial)
Handymast(German m.) mobile phone mast
Handy mit Guthabenkarte(German n.) pay-as-you-go (mobile phone)
Handynetz(German n.) mobile phone coverage
Handynummer(German f.) mobile phone number
Handynummern austauschen(German) to trade cell phone numbers
Handynutzer(German m.) mobile phone user
Handyrechnung(German f.) mobile phone bill
Handyspiel(German n.) mobile phone game
Handytasche(German f.) mobile phone case
Handytelefonate(German pl.) mobile phone calls
Handy zum Aufschieben(German n.) slide phone
handzahm(German) tame (wild creature that will come to the hand)
handzahm machen(German) to tame (birds, etc.)
Handzahnbürste(German f.) manual toothbrush
Handzange(German f.) crimping tool (electonics)
Handzeichen(German n.) hand signal, show of hands, hand gesture
Handzeichnung(German f.) hand drawing, freehand drawing, drawing
Handzettel (s.), Handzettel (pl.)(German m.) handbill, flier, handout, leaflet
Handzuführung(German f.) hand feed
Handzug(German m.) hand stop (organ, harpsichord, etc.)
hanebüchen(German) outrageous, incredible, scandalous, outrageously
Hanf(German m.) hemp (Cannabis sativa)
Hanfbauer(German m.) hemp grower
Hanf brechen(German) to break hemp
hanfen(German) to hempen
Hanferntemaschine(German f.) hemp harvester
Hanfgarn(German n.) hemp yarn
Hanf kämmen(German) to heckle
Hänfling(German m.) linnet (Carduelis cannabina), house finch, weed (colloquial: person)
Hanföl(German n.) hemp oil
Hanfpapier(German n.) manila paper
Hanfsamenöl(German n.) hemp-seed oil
Hanf schlagen(German) to beat hemp
Hanfschuhe(German pl.) hemp shoes
Hanfseil(German n.) hemp rope
Hanftau(German n.) hempen hawser
Hang (s.), Hänge (pl.)(German m.) slope, hillside, inclination, incline, leaning, addictiveness, addictedness, propensity, penchant (tendency), vein (tendency), tendency, bias (tendency), strain (streak), proclivity
Hängebacken(German pl.) flabby cheeks
Hängebahn(German f.) overhead track
Hängebauch(German m.) drooping belly, pendulous abdomen
Hängebauchschwein(German n.) pot-bellied pig
Hängebirke(German f.) weeping birch (Betula pendula)
Hängeboden(German m.) flies (theatre), dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling
Hängebrücke (s.), Hängebrücken (pl.)(German f.) suspension bridge, chain bridge
Hängebrücke für Fußgänger(German f.) suspension bridge for pedestrians
Hängebrust (s.), Hängebrüste (pl.)(German f.) sagging breast, pendulous breast
Hängebühne(German f.) hanging scaffold
Hängebusen(German m.) sagging breasts, sagging bust, sagging bosom
Hängedach(German n.) suspension roof
Hängedecke(German f.) suspended ceiling
Hängeetikett(German n.) hang-tag, hangtag
Hängeförderer(German m.) overhead conveyor
Hängeform(German f.) pendulous habit
Hängegerüst(German n.) hanging scaffold
Hängegleiter(German m.) hang-glider
Hängekleid(German n.) loose-fitting dress, loose dress
Hängekonstruktion(German f.) suspended construction
Hängekran(German m.) overhead crane
Hängelampe(German f.) drop-light, hanging lamp
Hängeleiter(German f.) hook ladder, hanging ladder
Hängelicht(German n.) pendant light
Hängematte (s.), Hängematten (pl.)(German f.) hammock
Hängemikrofon(German n.) hanging microphone
Hängen(German n.) hanging, lynching
hängen(German) to hang, to impend (archaic)
hängen an(German) to be attached to
hängenbleiben(German - old form) to get caught, to get stuck
hängen bleiben(German) to get caught, to catch, to hang (computer, computer program)
hängenbleibend(German - old form) getting caught
hängen bleibend(German) getting caught
hängend(German) hanging, pendulous, suspensory, pendulously, pendent, trailing, weeping (trees, shrubs), drooping, sagging, gibbeting
hängende Gärten(German pl.) hanging gardens
Hängende Gärten der Semiramis(German pl.) Hanging Gardens of Semiramis
Hängende Gärten von Babylon(German pl.) Hanging Gardens of Babylon
hängende Initiale(German f.) dropped capital (often abbreviated to 'drop cap')
hängender Einzug(German m.) hanging indent (word processing)
hängender Tropfstein(German m.) stalactite
hängendes Becken(German n.) suspended cymbal
hängende Schultern(German pl.) sagging shoulders, sloping shoulders
hängende Tür(German f.) hinged door
Hängen die Bilder gerade?(German) Are the pictures straight?
hängengeblieben(German - old form) got caught
hängen geblieben(German) got caught
hängenlassen(German) to hang
Hängen Sie es nicht an die große Glocke!(German) You don't have to shout it from the housetops!
Hängeohren(German pl.) lop ears, drooping ears
Hängepartie(German f.) impasse (figurative), deadlocked situation (figurative)
Hängepfeife(German f.) bent pipe (for smoking)
Hängepflanze(German f.) trailing plant, hanging plant
Hängepunkt(German m.) suspension point
Hänger (s.), Hänger (pl.)(German m.) dropper, hang-up, lapse of memory, hanger, jam (blockage), hang, cipher (on the organ, a note that persists in sounding through some failure in the action), drop, smock, loose dress, loose coat, loose-fitting coat, sag (paint), trailer, layabout (colloquial), deadbeat (colloquial), dry, pendant earring, drop earring
[entry adjusted by Michael Zapf]
Hängeregister(German n.) hanging file folder, hanging file
Hängerkleid(German n.) loose dress, loose-fitting dress
Hängerkleid mit Trägern(German n.) sack dress with shoulder straps
Hängerzug(German m.) tram with trailer, rigid truck with trailer
Hängesäule(German f.) truss post
Hängeschild(German n.) hanging sign
Hängeschrank(German m.) wall cupboard, hanging locker
Hängeschultern(German pl.) drooping shoulders
Hanggrundstück(German n.) hillside plot
Hanglage(German f.) hillside, slope, sloping site
Hanglandschaft(German f.) hilly landscape
Hangmoor(German n.) hanging bog
Hangrutsch(German m.) landslide
Hangsturz(German m.) toppling
Hang-taga tag attached to an article of merchandise, giving instructions for its use and care
Hangterrasse(German f.) lynchet
Hängung(German f.) hanging (of pictures)
Hangwinkel(German m.) angle of slope
Hang zu(German m.) liability to
Hang zu ...(German m.) strain (streak), proclivity for ... (something)
Hang zum Geld(German m.) love of money
Hang zur Gewalt(German m.) propensity for violence
Hang zur Gewalttätigkeit(German m.) propensity to violence, propensity towards violence
Hang zur Übertreibung(German m.) propensity to exaggerate
Hang zur Paranoia(German m.) tendency to paranoia
Hannover(German n.) Hanover (German city)
Hannoveraner ...(German) Hanover (of or pertaining to the German city of Hanover)
Hannoveraner (m.), Hannoveranerin (f.)(German) Hanoverian
hannoverisch(German) Hanoverian
hannoversch(German) Hanoverian
Hans(German m.) John, Sean, Jack
Hansa(German f.) Hanseatic League
Hansaplast T(German n.) Band-Aid T
Hansdampf in allen Gassen(German m.) jack-of-all-trades, jack of all trades
Hans-Dampf in allen Gassen sein(German) to be a Johnny-on-the-spot
Hanse(German f.) Hanseatic League
Hanseat(German m.) citizen of a Hanseatic town, member of the Hanseatic League
Hanseatic Leaguea commercial and defensive confederation of free cities in northern Germany and surrounding areas; formed in 1241 and most influential in the 14th century when it included over 100 towns and functioned as an independent political power; the last official assembly was held in 1669
hanseatisch(German) Hanseatic
Hansekogge(German f.) Hanseatic cog
Hänselei(German f.) pleasantry, chaffing (teasing), teasing
hänseln(German) to josh (colloquial), to banter, to quiz, to tease
hänselnd(German) teasing, teasingly (playfully)
Hanseraum(German m.) Hanse area, Hanse region
Hansestadt (s.), Hansestädte (pl.)(German f.) Hanseatic city, hanseatic town, hanse town, hansa town
Hansestadt Lübeck(German f.) Hanseatic City of Lübeck
Hansestadt Stralsund(German f.) Hanseatic city of Stralsund
Hansezeit(German f.) Hanseatic era
hansezeitlich(German) of the Hanseatic era
Hans-guck-in-die-Luft(German m.) Johnny Head-in-the-Air
Hanshosee den-sho
hansisch(German) Hanseatic
Hanslick, Eduard
a Bohemian-Austrian writer on music, perhaps the most influential music critic of the nineteenth century
Hansom(German m.) hansom (cab)
Hanswurst (s.), Hanswürste (pl.)(German m.) tomfool, clown, droll, zany, buffoon, pantaloon, Punchinello
Hantel (s.), Hanteln (pl.)(German f.) dumb bell, dumbbell, barbell, free weights (plural form)
Hantierbarkeit(German f.) operability
hantieren (mit)(German) to ply
hantierend(German) plying
hantiert(German) handled
hantig(German - Austria) bitter
Hanumanthe 'Monkey-God' who serves Rama in the Ramayana
Hanuri(Finnish) accordion