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He(Chinese) old Chinese name for the sheng
He!(German) Hey! Eh! (colloquial) Oy! (colloquial) Oi! (colloquial)
Heada tight membrane, originally of animal skin but now of a plastic material, stretched across the end of a drum that is struck by a stick to create sounds. When made of natural materials, the tension of the head is sensitive to changes in humidity, for example, damp conditions may cause the pitch to fall which the heat generated by television lights may cause the head to 'dry out' and pitch to rise. Plastic heads can reduce these problems and many timpanists have switched to them
the carved elements at the top of the neck of a string instrument including the scroll and pegbox, which is where the tuning pegs are inserted
the tip of sticks used to strike drums with
point of a bow
abbreviation of 'notehead', that part of a note, black or white, that is placed on a line or space to denote its pitch
in jazz, the composed melody and changes of a tune
in jazz, a tune composed by a jazz musician based on the changes to a standard
in jazz, the first time through the melody of a tune, before the solos begin
Head arrangementin jazz, when a band plays an arrangement, worked out during rehearsal but never written down, that is, from memory
headbangen(German) to headbang
Headbanginga type of dance which involves violently shaking the head in time with music, most commonly heavy metal music
Headline(English, German f.) the heading or caption of a newspaper article
Headline actthe top act in a vaudeville or revue bill
Headliner(English, German m.) or, in English, 'headline act', the top act or performer on a vaudeville or revue bill
Head-motivsee 'motto theme'
Head of bellthe top of the bell proper and the main node of its vibrations. In England, it is known as the crown
Headphonesalso known as earphones, stereophones, headsets, or the slang term 'cans', a pair of transducers that receive an electrical signal from a media player or receiver and use speakers placed in close proximity to the ears (hence the name earphone) to convert the signal into audible sound waves
Head registersee 'head voice'
Headroom(electronics) the difference between the average operating power level of a circuit and the point at which distortion occurs
Head rhymeanother term for alliteration - especially alliteration of consonants at the beginning of words, rather than alliteration of internal consonants within the bodies of words. The name is something of a misnomer, since "head rhymes" usually involve no rhyme at all!
Headset(English, German n.) a pair of headphones often with a voice transmitter (microphone) attached
Headstockor 'peg head', on a guitar, that part of the neck where the tuning pegs or machine heads (called 'tuners') are attached
Head tonesee 'head voice'
Head voice'head tone' or 'head register', the highest register of the voice, producing light, flute-like tones, conducive to soft and high singing, so named because when sung the singer feels that the vibrations are being produced in the head
may also be referred to as 'light register'
see also 'chest voice'
the term is used as an alternative to falsetto
Hearingor 'audition', one of the traditional five senses and refers to the ability to detect sound. In human beings, hearing is performed by the ears, which also perform the function of balance, a sense in itself but not one of the traditional list (due to Aristotle). This is in common with most mammals. Many other organisms also have some form of hearing, either by some sort of ear, or by other structures, or by a combination
see 'auditory apparatus' and 'auditory system'
Hearing impairmenta hearing impairment is a decrease in one's ability to hear (i.e. perceive auditory information). It is important to note that the term "hearing-impaired" is considered offensive by many deaf and hard-of-hearing people, who prefer the two latter terms
Hearpere(Anglo-Saxon, literally 'harper') a poet or storyteller who, we may imply from this word, used the instrument or the lyre from which it developed
Heartland rockin the late 1970s and 1980s, one of the most popular forms of rock and roll was heartland rock. It was characterized by a straightforward musical style, a concern with the average American life, and a conviction that rock music had a social or communal purpose beyond just entertainment
Heat-set dryingin printing, drying a web or sheet of paper or board by passing it through a drying unit which forms part of the machine. Special heat-setting inks have to be used
Heavenssometimes used synonymously with "the aloft" and "the above," the term refers more specifically to the canopy over the stage in open-air theatres to protect actors and their costumes from the elements
Heavy, Heavilypesante (Italian), schwer (German), gewichtig (German), lourd (French)
Heavy jiga jig danced in an aggressive manner in heavy shoes, which produce a stamping sound. The heavy jig, Saint Patrick's Day, is the only dance all Irish dancing schools have in common. It is a traditional set dance, with eight people in jig time
Heavy metal(English, Heavymetal (German n.)) genre developed from late-1960s blues progressions played by 'power trios' like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. According to, "Of all rock & roll's myriad forms, heavy metal is the most extreme in terms of volume, machismo, and theatricality. There are numerous stylistic variations on heavy metal's core sound, but they're all tied together by a reliance on loud, distorted guitars (usually playing repeated riffs) and simple, pounding rhythms."
Heavy-stress rhymeanother term for a masculine ending in a rhyme
Heb.abbreviation of 'Hebrew'
Hebamme (s.), Hebammen (pl.)(German f.) female midwife, delivery nurse, accoucheuse (f.), midwife (Austria: male midwife, accoucheur)
Hebammendienst(German m.) midwifery (assistance at childbirth)
Hebammenkunst(German f.) midwifery
Hebammenpraxis(German f.) midwifery (practice)
hebbar(German) removable
Hebbarkeit(German f.) removability
Heb die Hand!(German) Hold up your hand!
Hebdomadaire(French m.) weekly
hebdomadaire(French) weekly
Hebe- (German) lifting (prefix)
Hebeanlage(German f.) lift station, lifting system, pumping station, pumping equipment
Hebearm(German m.) lifting arm
Hebebrücke(German f.) lifting bridge, lift bridge
Hebebühne(German f.) lifting platform, hydraulic ramp, tail lift (vehicle), service lift, hydraulic lift, hoist
Hebeeisen(German n.) pinch bar
Hebegeräte(German pl.) lifting gear
Hebegeschirr(German n.) lifting gear
Hebegriff(German m.) lifting handle
Hebegurt(German m.) hoisting sling
Hebei bang zisee 'clapper opera'
Hebel (s.), Hebel (pl.)(German m.) hand gear, lever, leverage
Hebelanordnung(German f.) leverage
Hebelansatz(German m.) leverage
Hebelarm(German m.) lever arm, lever
hebelbetätigt(German) lever-operated, lever-actuated
Hebelbewegung(German f.) lever movement
Hebeleistung(German f.) lifting capacity (lift, hoist, crane)
hebelgeschaltet(German) lever-controlled
Hebelgriff(German m.) lever handle
Hebelift(German m.) lifting device
Hebelkorkenzieher(German m.) lever corkscrew
Hebelkraft(German f.) leverage
Hebellagerung(German f.) lever bearing
Hebelmechanismus(German m.) lever mechanism
hebeln(German) to leverage, to lever
hebelnd(German) levering
Hebelprinzip(German n.) lever principle
Hebelschneider(German m.) paper cutter
Hebelstein(German m.) ruby pin
Hebelsteuerung(German f.) lever control
Hebelventil(German n.) lever valve
Hebelverhältnis(German n.) leverage ratio
Hebelwirkung(German f.) lever action, leverage, leverage effect
Hebemagnet(German m.) lifting magnet
Hebemittel (s.), Hebemittel (pl.)(German n.) means of lifting means
Heben(German n.) lifting, hoisting, lift, raising (also parts of the body: eyes, arms, legs, etc.)
heben(German) to heave, to lift, to hoist, to elevate, to heighten, to raise, to uphold (raise, lift upward: eyes, etc.), to enhance
hebend(German) heaving, lifting, levating, hoisting
Heben und Senken(German n.) lifting and lowering
Heben wir uns den Spaß für später auf.(German) Let's save the fun for later.
Hebeöse(German f.) lifting eye
Hebephreniaa type of schizophrenia characterised by foolish mannerisms, senseless laughter, delusions, hallucinations and regressive behaviour
Hebephrenie(German f.) hebephrenia
Hebepunkt(German m.) lifting point
Heber(German m.) (weight) lifter, lever (for example, on a clarinet), jack (to lift a car)
Heber, Reginald (1783-1826)Bishop of Calcutta (1822-26), writer of hymns including From Greenland's icy Mountains, Brightest and Best and Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
Hebestange(German f.) crowbar
Hebestange mit Nagelklaue(German f.) wrecking bar (with nail claw)
Hebestutzen(German m.) jack socket
Hebevorrichtung(German f.) lifting gear, lifting device
Hebewerk(German n.) elevator, pumping station
Hebezeug(German n.) lifting gear, hoist
Hebezug(German m.) hoist
hebr.abbreviation of hebräisch (German - hébraïque (French)), Hebrew (English)
Hebräer (m.), Hebräerin (f.), Hebräer (pl.)(German) Hebrew
Hebräerbrief(German m.) Epistle to the Hebrews, Letter to the Hebrews
hébraïque(French) Hebrew, hebräisch (German)
hebräisch(German) Hebrew, hébraïque (French)
Hebräisch(German n.) Hebrew
hebräisch(German) Hebrew, Hebraic
hebräische Bibel(German f.) Tanakh, Hebrew Bible
hebräische Brailleschrift(German f.) Hebrew Braille
hebräische Sprache(German f.) Hebrew (language)
hebräischsprachig(German) Hebrew-speaking
Hebräismus(German m.) hebrewism
Hebraistik(German f.) Hebraic studies
Hebriden-(German) Hebridean (prefix)
Hebrideninsel(German f.) Hebridean island (island off the coast of mainland Scotland)
Hebu mataro(Warao, literally 'spirit calabash') the sacred rattle of the wisiratu, the shaman of the Warao of Venezuela, also called the hebu-arotu (the keeper of the hebu)
Hebung (s.), Hebungen (pl.)(German f.) recovery, raising, elevation, improvement, heightening, lifting, arsis, stressed syllable, accented syllable, heaving, heave, uplift
as a result of a misunderstanding of the context of the original Greek writings on this subject, Roman and medieval writers reversed the original meaning of arsis and thesis so that for a considerably time Hebung was taken to be the strong beat and Senkung to be the weak beat
Hecate(ancient Greek) or Hekate, a chthonic Greco-Roman goddess associated with magic, witches, ghosts and crossroads
Hecatomba large-scale sacrifice or slaughter, in particular, a sacrifice to the ancient Greek and Roman gods consisting originally of 100 oxen or cattle
Hechel(German f.) hackle (flyfishing), heckle (flax)
Hechelatmung(German f.) panting, rapid shallow respiration, rapid shallow breathing
Hechelkamm(German m.) gill (spinning)
Hecheln(German n.) panting (for breath)
hecheln(German) to pant, to heckle (flax), to tattle, to gossip
hechelnd(German) panting
hecho un basiliscos(Spanish) furious
Hecht (s.), Hechte (pl.)(German m.) pike (fish)
hechten(German) to dive headlong, to jackknife, to throw oneself sideways
Hechtsprung(German m.) dive, jackknife (dive)
Hechtsuppe(German f.) pike broth
Heck(German n.) stern, rear, back, tail, poop, tailpiece
Heckantrieb(German m.) rear-wheel drive
Heckausleger(German m.) tail boom
Heckbalken(German m.) transom
Heckdeckel(German m.) boot lid
Hecke (s.), Hecken (pl.)(German f.) covey, hedge, hedgerow, quickset (hedge)
Heckelfon(German n.) Heckelphone
Heckelklarina(German f.) or Klarina (German f.), alternative name for Heckel's clarina (see 'clarina')
Heckelphon(Italian m. from German n.) Heckelphone
Heckelphone(English, French m.) Heckelphon (Italian m., from German n.)
(English, French m.) a double-reed woodwind instrument with the fingering of an oboe, pitched an octave lower (it is about 4 feet long), descending to the bottom of the bass clef (low A). It is similar to a bass oboe (also called 'baritone oboe' or 'baryton oboe'), but has a wider bore. The "general rule" for increasing the bore width when making a bass version of an instrument is to double the cross-sectional area of the bore for each octave down. The Heckelphone has a bore twice the diameter of an oboe bore. The instruments were created after composer Richard Wagner visited the Heckel factory in the 1880s and asked for an instrument that was in the range of a bass oboe and that had some of the qualities of an alphorn. By the time the instrument had been completed Wagner was dead. Fortunately, Richard Strauss 'fell under it's spell' and used it in his operas Salome and Elektra, as well as in his Alpine Symphony. Paul Hindemith wrote a trio for Heckelphone, Viola and Piano
hecken(German) to breed, to hatch
Heckenahorn(German m.) hedge maple, field maple (Acer campestre)
Heckenausdruck(German m.) hedge
Heckenbogen(German m.) hedge arch
Heckenbraunelle(German f.) dunnock, hedge sparrow, hedge warbler (Prunella modularis)
Heckengehölze(German pl.) hedging shrubs
heckenhüpfen(German) to hedgehop
Heckenlandschaft(German f.) hedgerow country, landscape of fields and hedgerows
Heckenpflanze(German f.) hedge plant,hedging plant
Heckenrose(German f.) dog rose (Rosa canina)
Heckenschere(German f.) hedge trimmer, hedge shears, hedge clippers, a pair of shears, clippers (hedge clippers)
Heckenschneider(German m.) hedge cutter, hedge trimmer
Heckenschütze (m.), Heckenschützin (f.), Heckenschützen (pl.)(German) sniper
Heckenschützenfeuer(German n.) sniper fire
Heckenschützengewehr(German n.) sniper rifle
Heckentor(German n.) hedge door
Hecken trimmen(German) to prune hedges, to trim hedges
Heckenzaun(German m.) hedge fence
Hecker(German m. - Southern Germany) hiccup
Heckersche Realschule(German f.) Hecker's Realschule
Hecker's Realschuleestablished at Berlin in 1747 by Hecker, the ökonomisch-mathematische Realschule may be regarded as the prototype of the modern-day Realschule to be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. The Realschule was an outgrowth of the rationalism and empiricism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. While efforts were made to introduce more science into the classical schools generally, the Realschule offered a more scientific emphasis than the Gymnasium, with its emphasis on classics and humanities
Heckfederung(German f.) rear suspension (car, etc.)
Heckfenster(German n.) rear window
Heckflosse(German f.) tail fin
Heckflügel(German m.) rear wing
Heckgeländer(German n.) taff rail
Heckgeschütz(German n.) tail gun
Heckkamera(German f.) rearview camera
Heckkastell(German n.) sterncastle
Heckklappe(German f.) tailgate (of car), stern flap
Heckkonus(German m.) boat tail
Heckkorb(German m.) stern pulpit
Heckkotflügel(German m.) rear wing
hecklastig(German) back-heavy, tail-heavy
Hecklea comb with long metal teeth for cleansing raw flax or hemp. Flax straw pulled through the iron teeth to separate fibres
Hecklera person who shouts a disparaging comment at a performance or event, or interrupting set-piece speeches, for example at a political meeting, with intent to disturb its performers or participants
Heckleuchte(German f.) tail-light, tail-lamp
Hecklicht (s.), Hecklichter (pl.)(German n.) tail-light, tail-lamp
Heckmeck(German m./n.) nonsense
Heckmotor(German m.) rear engine, rear-mounted engine
Heckrad(German n.) stern wheel
Heckruder(German n.) tail fin
Heckscheibe(German f.) rear window, back window
Heckscheibenaufkleber(German m.) rear window sticker
Heckscheibenheizung(German f.) rear window heating
Heckscheibenwischer(German m.) rear wiper, rear window wiper
Heckscheinwerfer(German m.) tail-light, tail-lamp
Heckschott(German n.) aft bulkhead (aircraft)
Heckschraube(German f.) tail rotor
Heckspiegel(German m.) transom
Heckspoiler(German m.) rear spoiler (car)
Hecksporn(German m.) tail bumper
Hecktür(German f.) hatchback, tailgate, rear door
Hecktürmodell(German n.) hatchback
Heckverkleidung(German f.) rear panelling, rear cover
heckwärts(German) aftward, aftwards, abaft, towards the stern, sternwards
Heckwelle(German f.) wake (ship, etc.)
Hecto-a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of one hundred (102)
Hectograma metric unit of mass equal to 100 grams
Hectographa machine employing a glycerin-coated layer of gelatin in order to make copies of typed or written material
Hectolitrea volumetric unit equal to 100 litres
Hectometrea unit of length equal to 100 metres
Hectopascala unit of pressure to 100 pascals (100 newton per square meter)
Heda!(German) Hey!
Hede(German f.) buckwheat
(German f. - North German) tow
Hedera-Zeichen(German n.) floral heart (small heart-shaped bullet)
Hedonie(German f.) hedonism
Hedonismthe pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle
Hedonismus(German m.) hedonism
Hedonist (m.), Hedonistin (f.), Hedonisten (pl.)(German) hedonist
hedonistisch(German) hedonistic, hedonistically, hedonic
hedonistisches Interesse(German n.) vested interest
Hedonophobiaan abnormal fear of pleasure
Hedonophobie(German f.) hedonophobia
Hedschra(German f.) Hegira (also written as Hejira, Hijra or Hijrah)
Hedwigs-Kathedrale(German n.) St. Hedwig's Cathedral (in Berlin)
Heelthe end of the violin bow at which it is held
on a guitar, that part of the neck where it curves or is reduced to join the body
Heer (s.), Heere (pl.)(German n.) army, host (figurative, archaic: army)
Heerdenglocken(German f. pl.) cow bells
Heeres-(German) army (prefix)
Heeresabteilung(German f.) corps
Heeresdienst(German m.) military service
Heeresdienstvorschrift(German f.) army regulation
Heeresdivisionen(German pl.) army divisions
Heeresdruckvorschrift(German f.) army manual
Heereseinheit(German f.) army unit
Heeresflieger(German m.) army aviator
Heeresflugzeug(German n.) army plane
Heeresführer(German m.) army commander
Heeresführung(German f.) army command
Heeresgerät(German n.) army equipment
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum(German n.) Military History Museum
Heereshubschrauber(German m.) army helicopter
Heereslager(German n.) army camp, military camp
Heereslieferant(German m.) army contractor
Heeresrichter(German m.) (chief) military judge (Ottoman Empire: kazasker)
Heeresschar(German f.) army troop
Heeresspital(German n. - Austria) military hospital
Heeresvorschrift(German f.) field manual
Heereszeugamt(German n.) army ordnance depot
Heerführer(German m. - dated) commander-in-chief, general
Heergewedde(German n. - dated) heriot (archaic: feudal death duty)
Heer-horn (s.), Herr-Hörner (pl.)(German n.) military trumpet
Heerkörper(German m.) corps
Heerlager(German n.) army camp, military camp
Heer-pauke(German) kettle-drum, tymbal
Heer-pauker(German m.) kettle-drum player, military drummer
Heerschar(German f.) host
Heerzug(German m.) campaign (military), army train (army on the march)
Hefe (s.), Hefen (pl.)(German f.) yeast, leavening, leaven, barm
Hefebrot(German n.) yeast bread
Hefebrötchen(German n.) barm
Hefeextrakt(German m.) yeast extract (including Marmite®, Vegemite®, Promite, Cenovis)
Hefegebäck(German n.) yeast pastry
Hefekranz(German m.) savarin
Hefekuchen(German m.) leavened cake, yeast cake
Hefekultur(German f.) yeast culture
Hefepulver(German n.) yeast powder
Hefeschnecke mit Rosinen(German f.) Chelsea bun
Hefestück(German n.) yeast pastry, Danish pastry
Hefeteig(German m.) leavened dough, yeast dough
hefetrüb(German) yeast-clouded (beer)
Hefeweißbier(German n.) wheat beer
Hefeweizen(German n.) wheat beer
Hefewürfel(German m.) yeast cube
Hefezopf(German m.) challah, plaited yeast bun, braided yeast bun
hefig(German) yeasty, barmy (yeasty), dreggy (beer, etc.)
hefiger(German) yeastier
hefigste(German) yeastiest
Heft (s.), Hefte (pl.)(German n.) book, notebook, booklet, pamphlet, magazine, fascicle, exercise book, issue, number (magazine, etc.), part (single number of a volume issued in parts), helve, haft, hilt, grip, handle
Heftchen(German n.) booklet
Heftdraht(German m.) stitching wire
Heftdrahtschere(German f.) stitching-wire scissors (cutters)
Hefte(Danish, Norwegian) part
Heftel(German n.) hook and eye
heften(German) to tack, to crimp, to baste
heftend(German) tacking
Hefter(German m.) stapler, tacker, stitcher (magazines, etc.), file (folder)
Heftfaden (s.), Heftfäden (pl.)(German m.) tacking thread, basting thread
Heftgarn(German n.) basting cotton
Heftgerät(German n.) stapler
heftig(German, Dutch) violent, impetuous, passionate, boisterous, fervent, vehement, hard, boisterously, impetuously, testily, vehemently, heavy, bold, acute, deeply, eager, ferocious, fierce, fiercely, hefty, intense, intensive, keen, severe, shrewd, tempestuously, violently, stormy, virulent (figurative), strenuously, vivid (intense), volcanic (figurative), tempestuous (argument, rage), irascible, vigorous, stormily, forcefully (push, knock), vicious (headache), ferociously, rough-and-tumble, furious (storm, wind, etc), vigorously, powerful, stiff (critic, etc.), staggering (blow)
heftig aneinandergeraten(German) to clash violently
heftig aneinander geraten(German - old form) to clash violently
heftig angreifen(German) to attack furiously, to attack vigorously, to attack violently, to excoriate
heftig beschimpfen(German) to rate
heftig blasen(German) to blow heavily
heftig bluten(German) to bleed copiously, to bleed profusely
heftig drängend(German) violently pressing forward
heftige Abwehr(German f.) sturdy defence
heftige Anstrengungen(German pl.) strenuous efforts
heftige Auseinandersetzung(German f.) battle royal, donnybrook (heated argument)
heftige Beleidigung(German f.) stinging insult
heftige Debatte(German f.) ferocious debate, passionate debate
heftige Diskussion(German f.) full discussion
heftige Erregung(German f.) violent temper
heftige Erwiderung(German f.) sharp reply
heftige Gegenwehr(German f.) strenuous opposition
heftige Gewissensbisse(German pl.) pangs of remorse
heftige Herausforderung(German f.) vehement challenge
heftige Konkurrenz(German f.) keen competition
heftige Kritik(German f.) flak (colloquial: criticism), loud criticism, diatribe
heftige Kritik an(German f.) diatribe on
heftige Kritik einstecken(German) to take flak (figurative)
heftige Nachfrage(German f.) passionate demand, vehement demand
heftiger(German) violent, more passionate, testier
heftiger Anfall(German m.) severe attack
heftiger Angriff(German m.) fierce attack, savage attack, vehement attack
heftiger Atem(German m.) heavy breathing
heftiger blasen(German) to blow harder
heftige Regenfälle(German pl.) heavy rain
heftiger Einwand(German m.) vehement objection
heftigere Worte einsetzen(German) to sharpen one's words
heftiger Kampf(German m.) sharp struggle
heftiger Protest(German m.) strong protest, vehement protest
heftiger Regen(German m.) fierce rain, severe rain
heftiger Schlag(German m.) smart blow, stinging blow, ferocious blow, huge blow, savage blow, vehement blow, violent blow
heftiger Schlag auf die Finger(German m.) smart rap over the knuckles
heftiger Schmerz(German m.) acute pain, keen pain, severe pain, agony
heftiger Schneesturm(German m.) heavy snowstorm, blizzard
heftiger Stoß(German m.) bump
heftiger Streit(German m.) violent altercation, bitter quarrel, heated quarrel
heftiger Sturm(German m.) strong gale, violent storm, wild storm
heftiger Wettkampf(German m.) close contest
heftiger Widerspruch(German m.) vehement protest
heftiger Widerstand(German m.) vehement resistance, bitter opposition
heftiger Wind(German m.) strong wind, vehement wind
heftiger Zorn(German m.) wild rage
heftige Schmerzen(German pl.) intense pain, throes, violent pain
heftiges Erdbeben(German n.) heavy earthquake
heftiges Leugnen(German n.) strenuous denial
(heftiges) sexuelles Verlangen(German n.) sexual craving
heftige Strömung(German f.) riptide
heftiges Verlangen(German n.) craving, sharp desire
heftige Verteidigung(German f.) vehement defence
heftige Worte(German pl.) hot words, passionate words
heftig gegen ... sein(German) to be fiercely against ... (something)
Heftigkeit (s.), Heftigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) intensity, impetuosity, vehemence, tempestuousness, sharpness, vehemency, violence, acuteness, fierceness, virulence, severity (of pain, storm), fury (of war, storm)
Heftigkeit des Sturms(German f.) intensity of the storm
Heftigkeit eines Kampfes(German f.) sharpness of a struggle
Heftigkeit eines Sturmes(German f.) violence of a storm
Heftigkeit eines Temperaments(German f.) sharpness of a temper
Heftigkeit eines Verlangens(German f.) intensity of a desire, sharpness of a desire, acuteness of a desire
heftig leugnen(German) to deny strenuously
(heftig) pochen(German) to bang
heftig pochend(German) banging
(heftig) reißen (an)(German) to tug (at)
heftig regnen(German) to rain hard, to rain heavily
heftig schelten(German) to rate
(heftig) scheltend(German) objurgatory
heftig schlagen(German) to batter
heftigste(German) testiest
heftig umkämpfter Markt(German m.) fiercely competitive market
heftig wehen(German) to blow furiously
Heftinhalt(German m.) content of the magazine
Heftklammer (s.), Heftklammern (pl.)(German f.) staple, stapler, clip, retaining clip
Heftmappe(German f.) binder
Heftmaschine(German f.) stapler
Heftnadel(German f.) sewing needle
Heftpflaster(German n.) adhesive plaster, plaster, sticking plaster, adhesive tape
Heftpflasterverband(German m.) (adhesive) strapping
Heftroman(German m.) dime novel
Heftschweißen(German n.) tack welding, tacking
eftschweißen(German) to tack-weld
Heftstich(German m.) saddle stitch (bookbinding)
Heftung(German f.) sewing
Heftzwecke(German f.) drawing-pin, push pin, thumbtack (US)
Heftzwinge(German f.) clamp
Hege(German f.) gamekeeping
HegedüHungarian violin
Hegelianer (s.), Hegelianer (pl.)(German m.) Hegelian
Hegelianisma collective term for schools of thought following or referring to G. W. F. Hegel's philosophy which can be summed up by the dictum that "the rational alone is real," which means that all reality is capable of being expressed in rational categories
Hegelianismus(German m.) Hegelianism
Hegelian Leftthe Young Hegelians, later known as the Left Hegelians, were a group of students and young professors at the University of Berlin following Georg Hegel's death in 1831
hegelsch(German) Hegelian
Hegel'sch(German) Hegelian
hegelsche Linke(German f.) Hegelian Left
(Hegel'sche) Trias These-Antithese-Synthese(German f.) (Hegelian) triad thesis-antithesis-synthesis
Hegemon(English, German m. from Greek) the predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others
hegemonial(German) hegemonic, hegemonial, hegemonical
Hegemonialmacht(German f.) hegemonic power
Hegemonie(German f.) hegemony
hegemonisch(German) hegemonic
Hegemonythe dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others
Hegen(German n.) nurture
hegen(German) to feed, to nourish, to care for, to cherish, to treasure, to foster, to nurture (idea, ambitions), to tend (deer, plants), to harbour (hopes, ambition), to nurse (hopes, ambition), to bear (grudge, hatred), to conceive (wish)
Hegen und Pflegen(German n.) loving care (baby, infant)
hegen und pflegen(German) to nourish and cherish
Heger(German m.) gamekeeper
Hegira(Latin, from the Arabic) or Hijra (the withdrawal), is the emigration of Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622. Alternate spellings of this Arabic word in the Latin alphabet is Hijrah
Hegumen(Greek & Russian Orthodox) also hegumenos, igumen, or ihumen, the head of a monastery of the Eastern Church
Hegumenos(English, German m., from Greek) hegumen
Hegung(German f.) nurturance
Hehl(German m./n.) secret
hehlen(German) to receive stolen goods
Hehler(German m.) concealer, fence (colloquial: dealer in stolen goods), receiver of stolen goods, dealer in stolen goods
Hehlerei(German f.) fencing (colloquial), receiving (stolen goods), receiving of stolen goods, receiving of stolen property, dealing in stolen goods
Hehlerei treiben(German) to receive stolen goods
Hehlerware (s.), Hehlerwaren (pl.)(German f.) stolen goods
hehr(German) sublime, august, noble
hehre Motive(German pl.) noble motives
Hei!(German) Hey!
Heia(German f.) beddy-byes (child-speak)
Heia machen(German) to go beddy-byes
Heiabettchen(German n.) beddy-byes (child-speak)
Heide(German f.) heath, heather, moor
Heide (m.), Heidin (f.), Heiden (pl.)(German) pagan, Gentile (non-Jew), heathen, non-Christian, paynim
Heidegrütze(German f.) buckwheat
Heidekorn(German n.) buckwheat
Heidekraut(German n.) heather, heath, erica (genus Erica), moorland herb (unspecific)
Heidekrautgewächse(German pl.) heath family (family Ericaceae)
Heideland(German n.) moor land, wold, heath, wolds, moorland, heathland
Heidelandschaft(German f.) heath, moor
Heidelbeere (s.), Heidelbeeren (pl.)(German f.) bilberry, huckleberry, blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), whortleberry, whinberry
Heidelbeerkraut(German n.) bilberry bush
Heidelbeerkuchen(German m.) blueberry pie
Heidelbeermarmelade(German f.) blueberry jam
Heidelbeermilch(German f.) blueberry milk
Heidelbeerstrauch(German m.) bilberry bush
Heidelberger Fass(German n.) Heidelberg Tun
Heidelberger Kapsel(German f.) Heidelberg capsule
Heidelberger Katechismus(German m.) Heidelberg Catechism
Heidelberg capsulea diagnostic device, a miniature transmitter that is swallowed, and used to monitor acid secretions and pH of the stomach
Heidelberg Catechisma Protestant confessional document taking the form of a series of questions and answers, for use in teaching Reformed Christian doctrine. It has been translated into many languages and is regarded as one of the most influential of the Reformed catechisms
Heidelberg TunGroßes Fass (German), an extremely large wine vat in the cellars of Heidelberg Castle, the last of four known to have been constructed. The present one, of 220,000 litre capacity and using 130 oak trees, was made in 1751. Rarely used as a wine barrel, it is today little more than a tourist attraction and since one was constructed on top of it, a dance floor
Heidelerche(German f.) woodlark (Lullula arborea)
Heidemoor (s.), Heidemoore (pl.)(German n.) moorland
Heiden(German m. - Austria) buckwheat
Heidenangst(German f.) mortal fright, jitter
Heidenapostel(German m.) apostle to the Gentile (St. Paul)
Heidenarbeit(German f.) a lot of work
Heidenaufwand(German m.) heck of a lot of effort (colloquial)
Heidenchristen(German pl.) Gentile Christians
Heidenchristentum(German n.) Gentile Christianity
Heidenelke(German f.) maiden pink Dianthus deltoides)
Heidenglaube(German m.) heathen faith
Heidenmehl(German n. - Austria) buckwheat flour
Heidenrespekt(German m.) healthy respect
Heidenspaß(German m.) huge fun
Heidentum(German n.) paganism, heathenism, heathendom, pagandom
Heideröslein(German) Little Rose of the Field (also: Rose on the Heath: text by Goete, music by Franz Schubert)
Heidevegetation(German f.) heath vegetation
heidnisch(German) heathen, pagan, heathenish, heathenistic, Gentile (non-Jewish)
heidnische Rituale(German pl.) profane rites
Heidrun(English, German f.) a goat in Norse mythology
Heidschnucke(German f.) German heath
Heiduck(German m.) (Hungarian) herdsman
Heiermann(German m.) five-mark piece
Heightened neumesneumes displaced vertically in order to give some indication of relative pitch
heikel(German) subtle, fussily, fussy, queasily, queasy, scabrous, scabrously, touchily, trickily (situation, problem), awkward, dainty, delicate, picky, precarious, shaky, ticklish (figurative), thorny (figurative), dodgy (colloquial), fastidious, particular, sensitive (mission, issue), touchy (subject), tricky (situation, problem)
heikeler(German) fussier, queasier, touchier, trickier, pickier (colloquial)
heikelste(German) fussiest, pickiest (colloquial), queasiest, touchiest (subject), trickiest (situation, problem), sorest (subject)
heikle Angelegenheit(German f.) touchy subject, delicate issue, delicate matter, delicate business (issue, matter)
heikle Frage(German f.) delicate question, fishy question
heikle Lage(German f.) pretty kettle of fish (colloquial), precarious situation, delicate situation, sticky situation (colloquial)
heikle Mission(German f.) delicate mission
heikle Operation(German f.) delicate operation
heikle Sache(German f.) slippery affair
heikle Situation(German f.) awkward situation, delicate situation, sticky situation (colloquial)
heikler(German) sorer (subject), fussier
heikler Gedanke(German m.) delicate thought
heikler Mechanismus(German m.) delicate piece of mechanism
heikler Punkt(German m.) tender spot, sore point, subtle point, tender point, tricky spot
heikles Problem(German n.) prickly problem
heikles Thema(German n.) sensitive topic, tender subject, sore subject, fishy subject
heikles Werkstück(German n.) delicate piece of machinery
heiklig(German - Austria) difficult, ticklish (situation, problem, etc.), finicky (choosy eating)
Heil(German n.) salvation, health (dated: soul's health), well-being
heil(German) hail (salutory), whole, in one piece
Heiland(German m.) saviour, Redeemer
Heilandsack!(German) Holy cow! (colloquial)
Heilanstalt (s.), Heilanstalten (pl.)(German f.) sanatorium
Heilbad (s.), Heilbäder (pl.)(German n.) therapeutic bath, spa, health spa
heilbar(German) curable, curably, healable, remediable, remediably
Heilbarkeit (s.), Heilbarkeiten (pl.)(German f.) curability, curableness (plural form)
Heilbehandlung(German f.) treatment
Heilberufler(German m.) health professional, healthcare professional
heilbringend(German) salutary, salvific
Heilbutt(German m.) halibut (fish)
Heilbutte(German f.) halibut (fish)
Heilbuttleberöl(German n.) halibut liver oil
Heilbuttschnitte(German f.) flitch (halibut steak)
Heileigenschaften(German pl.) healing properties
Heilen(German n.) healing
heilen(German) to heal, to cure, to remedy, to mend (fracture)
heilend(German) curative, curing, healing, curatively, remedial, medicative, sanative (dated: curative)
heilende Wirkung(German f.) medicinal properties
Heilen mit Steinen(German n.) crystal healing (alternative therapy)
Heiler (m.), Heilerin (f.), Heiler (pl.)(German) healer, leech (archaic)
Heilerde(German f.) healing earth
Heilerfolg(German m.) successful cure
heile Welt(German f.) idyllic world, ideal world
(Heil- und) Pflegeanstalt(German f.) mental asylum (archaic), mental hospital
heil und gesund(German) safe and sound
heil und unversehrt(German) safe and sound
heil zurückgelangen(German) to get back safely
Heilfasten(German n.) therapeutic fasting
heilfroh(German) delighted
heilfroh sein(German) to be jolly glad
Heilfürsorge(German f.) remedial care, therapeutic care
Heilgehilfe(German m. - dated) nursing auxiliary
Heilgymnastik(German f.) remedial gymnastics, therapeutic gymnastics
heilig(German) holy, sacred, saintly, sacredly, divine, sacramental, sacramentally, inviolable (law, etc.), Saint
Heiligabend(German m.) Christmas Eve
Heilige Allianz(German f.) Holy Alliance
Heilige Birma(German f.) (Sacred) Birman (breed of cat)
Heilige Drei Könige(German f.) Epiphany
Heilige Familie(German f.) Holy Family
Heilige Jungfrau(German f.) Blessed Virgin
Heilige Kommunion(German f.) Holy Communion
heilige Kuh(German f.) sacred cow (also figurative)
Heilige Lanze(German f.) Spear of Destiny, Holy Lance
Heilige Liga(German f.) Holy League
heilige Messe(German f.) (Holy) Mass
Heilige Mutter Kirche(German f.) Holy Mother Church
heiligen(German) to hallow, to sanctify
Heilige Nacht(German f.) night before Christmas, Christmas night, Holy Night, Christmas Eve
Heiligenanrufung(German f.) invocation of the saints
heiligend(German) hallowing, sanctifying
Heiligendarstellung(German f.) depiction of saints
Heiligengebete(German pl.) prayers to the saints
Heiligengeschichte(German f.) hagiography
Heiligengrab (s.), Heiligengräber (pl.)(German n.) shrine
Heiligenkalender(German m.) calendar of saints
Heiligenlegende (s.), Heiligenlegenden (pl.)(German f.) Act of the Saints
Heiligenlitanei(German f.) Litany of the Saints
Heiligenreliquien(German pl.) saint's relics, sacred relics
Heiligenschein (s.), Heiligenscheine (pl.)(German m.) nimbus, gloriole, glory, halo, aura, aureole
Heiligenverehrung(German f.) veneration of saints, cult of the saints
Heiligenverzeichnis(German n.) canon (sacred text)
Heiligenviten(German pl.) lives of the saints
heilige Pflicht(German f.) sacred duty
heiliger(German) hallower, holier
Heiliger (m.), Heilige (f.), Heilige (pl.)(German) saint, hallow (archaic: saint)
Heiliger Abend(German m.) Christmas Eve
(Heiliger) Berg Athos(German m.) Mount Athos
Heiliger Christ(German m.) Christmas
Heiliger Donnerstag(German m.) Holy Thursday
heiliger Eid(German m.) solemn oath
Heiliger Feigenbaum(German m.) bo tree (Ficus religiosa)
Heiliger Geist(German m.) pneuma
heiliger Hain(German m.) sacred grove (pre-Christian)
heiliger Krieg(German m.) holy war
heiliger Kriegszug der Mohammedaner(German m.) crescentade
heiliger Ort(German m.) sanctuary
heiliger Rasen(German m.) hallowed turf
Heiliger Rock(German m.) Holy Coat (of Trier)
Heiliger Stuhl(German m.) Apostolic See (used today to denote the Pope as well as the Curia)
Heiliger Vater(German m.) Holy Father
heiliger ... von ...(German m.) Saint ... of ... (male saint named for a place)
Heiliges Antlitz(German n.) Holy Face
heiliges Blut(German n.) Precious Blood (of Christ)
Heilige Schrift (s.), heilige Schriften (pl.)(German f.) Holy Scripture, Holy Writ (dated), scripture, sacred writing
Heiliges Kanonenrohr!(German) Good grief!
Heiliges Kreuz(German n.) tree (archaic or literary)
Heiliges Land(German n.) a reference to Palestine and Israel
Heiliges Römisches Reich(German n.) Holy Roman Empire
heilige Stadt(German f.) holy city, sacred city
heilige Stätte (s.), heilige Stätten (pl.)(German f.) sacred site, holy site
heilige ... von ...(German f.) Saint ... of ... (female saint named for a place)
Heilige Wandlung(German f.) transubstantiation
heiliggesprochen(German) sainted, canonised
heilig gesprochen(German) canonised, declared a saint
Heiligkeit (s.), Heiligkeiten (pl.)(German f.) sacredness, saintliness, sanctity, sainthood, holiness
Heiligkeitsbewegung(German f.) Holiness movement
Heiligkeitsgesetz(German n.) Holiness Code (Leviticus 17-26)
heiligmäßig(German) saintly
Heiligs Blechle!(German - schwäbisch) Holy cow! (colloquial)
heiligsprechen(German) to canonise, to declare a saint
heilig sprechen(German - old form) to canonise, to declare a saint
Heiligsprechung(German f.) canonisation
heiligste(German) holiest
Heiligtum (s.), Heiligtümer (pl.)(German n.) sainthood, sanctuary, shrine, temple
Heiligung(German f.) hallowing, sanctification, sacralisation, (religious) observance, justification
Heiligungsbewegung(German f.) Holiness movement
heilklimatisch(German) with a healthy climate
Heilkraft (s.), Heilkräfte (pl.)(German f.) curativeness, healing power
heilkräftig(German) curative, sanative
heilkräftiger(German) more curative
heilkräftigste(German) most curative
Heilkraut (s.), Heilkräuter (pl.)(German n.) (medicinal) herb
Heilkunde(German f.) medical science, (the practice of) medicine, healing arts, leechcraft (archaic)
Heilkunst(German f.) medicine, art of healing
heillos(German) unholy (colloquial), hopeless, hopelessly, terrible, frightful, awful, utter
heilloses Durcheinander(German n.) utter confusion, bedevilment
heillos verschuldet sein(German) to be up to one's ears in debt
Heilmagnetiseure(German pl.) mesmerists
Heilmassage(German f.) therapist massage, remedial massage
Heilmasseur (m.), Heilmasseurin (f.)(German) massage therapist, therapeutic masseur (m.), therapeutic masseuse (f.)
Heilmittel (s.), Heilmittel (pl.)(German n.) elixir, cure, remedy, medicinal substance, healer (herb, etc.)
Heilmittellehre(German f.) pharmacology
Heilnahrung(German f.) therapeutic diet, therapeutic food
Heilpädagoge (m.), Heilpädagogin (f.)(German) remedial teacher
Heilpädagogik(German f.) orthopaedagogy, therapeutic pedagogy, remedial teaching
Heilpflanze (s.), Heilpflanzen (pl.)(German f.) medicinal plant, simple (medicinal plant), officinal plant
Heilpflanzengarten(German m.) medicinal plants garden
Heilphase(German f.) healing period
Heilpraktiker (m.), Heilpraktikerin (f.)(German) healer, alternative practitioner, non-medical practitioner, natural health professional
Heilquelle(German f.) mineral spring, spa, medical spring
Heilsalbe(German f.) healing ointment, salve
heilsam(German) beneficial, healthful, healthfully, medicative, salubrious, salutary, wholesome
heilsame Erfahrung(German f.) salutary experience
heilsame Lehre(German f.) salutary lesson
heilsame Lektion(German f.) wholesome lesson
Heilsamkeit(German f.) salubrity
Heilsanstalt(German f.) institution of salvation (the church)
Heilsarmee(German f.) Salvation Army
Heilsbedeutsamkeit(German f.) relevance to salvation
Heilsbedeutung(German f.) salvific meaning, soteriological significance
Heilsbotschaft(German f.) message of salvation, gospel
Heilsbringer(German m.) saviour
Heilsediment(German n.) medicinal mud
Heilsereignis(German n.) event of salvation, saving event
Heilserwartung(German f.) hope of salvation, expectation of salvation
Heilsgeschehen(German n.) saving event
Heilsgeschichte(German f.) salvific history, history of salvation, salvation history
heilsgeschichtlich(German) salvation-historical
Heilsgewissheit(German f.) certainty of salvation, conviction of salvation, assurance of salvation
Heilshandeln(German n.) saving action, saving work
Heilshoffnung(German f.) hope of salvation
Heilslehre(German f.) doctrine of salvation
Heilsmächtigkeit(German f.) power to save, salvific power
Heilsmittel(German n.) means of salvation
Heilsmittler(German m.) mediator of salvation
heilsnotwendig(German) necessary for salvation
Heilsökonomie(German f.) economy of salvation
Heilsopfer(German n.) peace offering, selamim (Hebrew)
Heilsordnung(German f.) order of salvation (Christian jargon)
Heilsplan(German m.) plan of salvation
heilsschaffend(German) salvific
Heilssicherheit(German f.) assurance of salvation
Heilsspiegel(German m.) Mirror of Human Salvation (Speculum humanae salvationi)
Heilssuche(German f.) quest for salvation
Heilstätte(German f.) sanitarium
heilste(German) safest
Heilstein(German m.) healing stone
heilstiftend(German) salvific
Heilsuniversalismus(German m.) universal salvation
Heilsvermittlung(German f.) mediation of salvation
Heilsverwirklichung(German f.) realisation of salvation
Heilsweg(German m.) way of salvation
Heilswerk(German n.) work of salvation
Heilswille Gottes(German m.) God's saving will
heilswirksam(German) salvific
Heilswirksamkeit(German f.) salvific efficacy
Heilswort(German n.) salvific word, word of salvation
Heiltrank(German m.) elixir
Heiltum(German n. - dated) relic
Heilung(German f.) cure, healing
Heilung aus der Begegnung(German f.) healing through meeting
Heilung durch Gesundbeten(German f.) faith cure
Heilung eines Aussätzigen(German f.) cleansing of a leper
Heilungsevangelist(German m.) healing evangelist
Heilungsgottesdienst(German m.) healing service
Heilungsprozess(German m.) healing process
Heilungsrate(German f.) cure rate
Heilverfahren(German n.) therapy, cure, care process, healing process
heilvoll(German) salvific
Heilwasser(German n.) healing waters, curative waters, curative water
Heilwunder(German pl.) miraculous cures
Heim (s.), Heime (pl.)(German n.) home, fireside, retirement home, asylum (institution), hostel (institution), home (dated - for people needing care)
Heimabend(German m.) social evening
Heimanwender(German m.) home user
Heimarbeit(German f.) homework, outwork, piece of homework, home-work, telework
Heimarbeiter(German m.) home worker, homeworker, outworker
Heimat(German f.) home country, home, habitat, native country, native land, homeland
Heimat-(German) native, home (prefix)
Heimatabend(German m.) cultural evening, folkloric evening
Heimatanschrift(German f.) home address
heimatberechtigt(German f. - Switzerland) having civil rights, place of origin (entry in Swiss passports)
Heimatbezirk(German m.) home county
Heimatboden(German m.) native soil
Heimatdichter(German m.) regional writer, regional poet
Heimatdichtung(German f.) regional literature, regional poetry
Heimatdorf (s.), Heimatdörfer (pl.)(German n.) home village, native village
Heimaterde(German f.) native soil, home soil
Heimatfilm(German m.) sentimental film in idealised regional setting
Heimatflughafen(German m.) home airport
Heimatflugplatz(German m.) home airfield
Heimatforscher(German m.) local history researcher, local historian
Heimatforschung(German f.) research into local history
Heimatfront(German f.) home front
heimatgebunden(German) attached to one's native soil
Heimatgefühl(German n.) sense of home
Heimathafen(German m.) port of registry, home port
Heimatinsel(German f.) home island, native island
Heimatkunde(German f.) local history
heimatkundlich(German) local history
Heimatkunst(German f.) regional art
Heimatland(German n.) mother country, homeland, native land, home country, native country
heimatlich(German f.) native, local, homelike
heimatliche Gefilde(German pl. - dated) home pastures (poetical)
heimatliche Gewässer(German pl.) home waters
heimatliche Scholle(German f. - dated) native soil
Heimatliebe(German f.) love of one's native country
heimatlos(German) homeless, homelessly, unhoused
heimatlose Kinder(German pl.) waifs and strays
Heimatloser (m.), Heimatlose (f.), Heimatlosen (pl.)(German) waif, displaced person
heimatloses Kind(German n.) waif (child)
Heimatlosigkeit(German f.) rootlessness, homelessness (lack of a homeland)
Heimatmarkt(German m.) domestic market, home market
Heimatmuseum(German n.) local museum, museum of local history
Heimatort(German m.) home town, native place, home village, place of origin (on a birth, marriage or death certificate), one's native heath
Heimatplanet(German m.) home planet
Heimatprovinz(German f.) home province
Heimatrecht(German n.) right of residence, right of domicile
Heimatregion(German f.) native region
Heimatschein(German m. - Switzerland) certificate of family origin
Heimatscholle(German f.) the old sod
Heimat sein für(German) to be home to
Heimatsort(German m.) home town
Heimatsprache(German f.) vernacular, native dialect, native language, native tongue
Heimatstaat(German m.) home state
Heimatstadt(German f.) home town, native town, native city, home city
Heimatstandort(German m.) home base
Heimatstil(German m.) Domestic Revival
Heimat- und Geschichtsmuseum(German n.) heritage centre
Heimaturlaub(German m.) home leave, furlough, R & R (rest and recuperation, rest and recreation)
Heimatverlust(German m.) forced displacement
Heimatvertreibung(German f.) forced displacement
heimatvertrieben(German) displaced
Heimatvertriebener (s.), Heimatvertriebene (pl.)(German m.) displaced person
Heimatwelt(German f.) homeworld
Heimatzugehörigkeit(German f.) homeland affiliation
heimbegleiten(German) to see home
heimbegleitend(German) seeing home
heimbegleitet(German) seen home
Heimbewohner (m.), Heimbewohnerin (f.), Heimbewohner (pl.)(German) resident of a home, home resident
heimbringen(German) to bring home
Heimbüro(German n.) home office
Heimchen(German n.) cricket, house cricket, domestic cricket Gryllus domesticus or Acheta domestica)
Heimcomputer(German m.) home computer
heimeilen(German) to hurry home
Heimeinweisung(German f.) institutionalisation (placement in an institution)
heimelig(German) homelike, cosy
heimeliger(German) more homelike
heimeligste(German) most homelike
heimfahren(German) to drive home
Heimfahrt(German f.) journey home, return voyage, voyage home, return journey, drive home
Heimfall(German m.) devolution, reversion
heimfallen(German) to revert
heimfällig(German) revertible
Heimfarben(German pl.) home colours (sport kit)
heimfinden(German) to find one's way home
Heimfindevermögen(German n.) homing instinct, homing ability
heimführen(German) to take home
Heimführung(German f.) repatriation
Heimgang(German m.) passing (on, away) (death)
heimgegangen(German) returned home
Heimgegangene(German pl.) deceased (people)
heimgehen(German) to return home, to go home, to pass away (to die)
heimgehend(German) returning home
heimgeleuchtet(German) told off (scolded)
heimgesucht(German) infested, obsessed, afflicted, smitten, stricken, haunted, beset
heimgesuchtes Gebiet(German n.) afflicted area
heimgesucht sein(German) to be smitten
heimgesucht werden von(German) to be afflicted with
heimgezahlt(German) paid back
heimgurken(German) to head home (to set off for home)
Heimhelferin(German f. - Austria) home help
heimholen(German) to fetch home
Heimindustrie(German f.) home industry, cottage industry
heimisch(German) homelike, indigenous, native, domestic, home, regional, home-like, local, familiar
heimische Erzeugnisse(German pl.) home-produced products
heimische Industrie(German f.) domestic industry, national industry
heimischer Markt(German m.) domestic market, home market
heimischer Wertschöpfungsanteil(German m.) domestic content
heimisches Publikum(German n.) home crowd
heimische Vogelart(German f.) native (species of) bird
heimische Wirtschaft(German f.) domestic industry, home industry, national industry
heimisch in(German) endemic to
heimisch in Nordeuropa(German) native to Northern europe
heimisch sein(German) to be a native (resident)
Heimkampf(German m.) home match (sport), home fight (boxing, etc.)
Heimkehr(German f.) home coming, homecoming, returning home
heimkehren(German) to return home, to come home, to home (pigeon)
heimkehrend(German) homing (pigeon)
Heimkehrer (m.), Heimkehrerin (f.)(German) homecomer, repatriate, returnee
Heimkind (s.), Heimkinder (pl.)(German n.) institutionalised child
Heimkino(German n.) home cinema, home (movie) theatre
heimkommen(German) to come home, to get home
heimkönnen(German) to be able to go home
Heimkunft(German f.) homecoming
heimlaufen(German) to go home
Heimleiter(German m.) warden, housemaster
Heimleitung(German f.) management (of a home)
Heimleuchte(German f.) domestic luminaire
heimleuchten(German) to tell off (colloquial: to reprimand)
heimleuchtend(German) telling off
heimlich(German) secret, furtive, stealthy, gioioso, secretly, mysteriously (with an air of mystery), hidden, clandestine, clandestinely, cryptical, on the sly, stealthily, thievishly, underhand, covertly, underhandedly, underhanded, backdoor, by stealth, in secret, on the quiet, privily, sly, on the QT (colloquial), furtively, surreptitious, secretively, surreptitiously, closet, covert (surveillance), sneaking
heimlich abheuern(German) to jump ship (sailor)
heimlich anstoßen(German) to nudge
heimlich ausziehen(German) to flit (to move house)
heimlich beobachten(German) to tout (colloquial)
heimliche Begünstigung(German f.) connivance
heimliche Ehe(German f.) hedge marriage
heimliche Eheschließung(German f.) clandestine marriage
heimliche Geschäfte(German pl.) clandestine dealings, under-the-counter dealings
heimliche Liebe(German f.) secret love
heimliche Neigung(German f.) sneaking inclination
heimlich entnehmen(German) to abstract
heimlich entweichen(German) to abscond
heimlich entwischen(German) to sidle off
heimliche Presse(German f.) clandestine press
heimlicher Abzug(German m.) decampment
heimlicher Aufbruch(German m.) decampment
heimlicher Ehrgeiz(German m.) sneaking ambition
(heimlicher) Homosexueller(German m.) closet homosexual
heimlicher Sieger(German m.) secret winner
heimlicher Verdacht(German m.) sneaking suspicion
heimlicher Vorrat(German m.) secret hoard
heimlicherweise(German) sneakily
heimlicher Wunsch(German m.) sneaking desire
heimliches Einverständnis(German n.) connivance
heimliches Treffen(German n.) clandestine meeting
heimliches Vergnügen(German f.) guilty pleasure
heimliche Veröffentlichung(German f.) clandestine publication
heimliche Zahlung(German f.) backhander (colloquial: secret payment)
heimliche Zusammenkunft(German f.) conventicle
(heimlich) gucken(German) to peep
Heimlich-Handgriff(German m.) Heimlich manoeuvre
heimlich heiraten(German) to elope (figurative: to get married secretly)
Heimlichkeit (s.), Heimlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) covertness, furtiveness, secrecy, stealth, privacy, stealthiness (plural form)
Heimlich manoeuvrean emergency technique used to eject an object, such as food, from the trachea of a choking person
heimlich ... mit den Füßen berühren(German) to play footsies secretly with ... (somebody)
(heimlich) mit einem Betäubungsmittel versetzen(German) to spike (slang: a drink)
(heimlich) spähen(German) to peep
heimlich, still und leise(German) on the QT (colloquial: quietly and secretly)
heimlich tun(German) to be secretive
heimlich verliebt(German) secretly in love
heimlich verschwinden(German) to take French leave, to slope off (colloquial)
heimlich weitergeben(German) to sneak
heimlich zusammenspielen(German) to collude
Heimlichtuerei(German f.) secretive manner, sneakiness, slyness, secretiveness
heimlichtuerisch(German) secretive
heimlichtun(German) to be secretive
Heimmannschaft(German f.) home side, home team
Heimmarkt(German m. - Austria, Switzerland) home market
heimmüssen(German) to have to go home
Heimordnung(German f.) house rules
Heimorgel(German f.) home organ
Heimreise(German f.) homeward journey, journey home, return journey
heimreisen(German) to travel home
Heimsauna(German f.) home sauna
heimschicken(German) to send home
Heimsparbüchse(German f.) home safe
Heimstatt(German f.) homestead, home (literary)
Heimstatt der Vorfahren(German f.) ancestral estate
Heimstätte (s.), Heimstätten (pl.)(German f.) homestead
heimsuchen(German) to infest, to obsess, to afflict, to distress, to haunt, to trouble, to visit on, to visit upon, to befall, to stalk
heimsuchend(German) infesting, obsessing, besetting
Heimsuchung (s.), Heimsuchungen (pl.)(German f.) infestation, visitation, plague, affliction
Heimtextilien(German pl.) household textiles, home textiles
Heimtier(German n.) pet
Heimtierfutter(German n.) pet food
Heimtierhaltung(German f.) pet keeping
Heimtiernahrung(German f.) pet food
Heimtonanlage(German f.) home audio system
Heimtrainer(German m.) exercise bike
Heimtücke(German f.) dastardliness, insidiousness, maliciousness, treachery, malice, treacherous nature, malevolence
heimtückisch(German) dastardly, insidious, insidiously, perfidiously, sneakily, perfidious, catty (figurative), sneaky, sneakingly, malignant, underhand, malicious, treacherous, treacherously, cattish, malevolent
heimtückischer(German) sneakier
heimtückischer Blick(German m.) leer (evil look)
heimtückischste(German) sneakiest
Heim und Herd(German) house and home
Heimunterhaltungsmarkt(German m.) home entertainment market
Heimunterhaltungstechnik(German f.) home entertainment technology
Heimunterricht(German m.) home schooling
heimwärts(German) homeward, home, homewards
heimwärts steuern(German) to head homewards, to head for home, to head home (head for home)
Heimweg (s.), Heimwege (pl.)(German m.) way home
Heimweh(German n.) homesickness, nostalgia, home sickness
Heimweh bekommen(German) to become homesick
Heimweh haben(German) to be homesick, to long for (one's) home
Heimwehgefühl(German n.) nostalgia
heimwehkrank(German) homesick
Heimwerken(German n.) do it yourself, home improvement, DIY (do-it-yourself)
Heimwerker (m.), Heimwerkerin (f.), Heimwerker (pl.)(German) handyman (colloquial), handywoman (f.), do-it-yourself enthusiast, do-it-yourselfer (colloquial), DIY'er (colloquial)
Heimwerker-(German) do-it-yourself (prefix)
Heimwerkerbedarf(German m.) do-it-yourself products
Heimwerkermarkt(German m.) do-it-yourself store
heimwollen(German) to want to go home
heimzahlen(German) to pay back
heimzahlend(German) paying back
Heimzahlung(German f.) retaliation
heimzu(German) homewards
Heini(German) Harry
Heinichen's circle of fifthssee 'circle of fifths'
Heinrich(German m.) Harry, Henry
Heinrichskapellen(German n.) Henri-Chapelle
Heinz(German m.) Henry
Heinzelbank(German f.) shaving horse
Heinzelmännchen (s.), Heinzelmännchen (pl.)(German n.) brownie, leprechaun, good folk
Heiopei(German m.) dumbo (pejorative)
Heirarchyan arrangement of objects, people, elements, values, grades, orders, classes, etc., in a ranked or graduated series/td>
Heirarchy of scalein art, an artistic convention in which greater size indicates greater importance
Heirat(German f.) marriage
Heirat des Geldes wegen(German f.) marriage for money
Heirat des Vorteils wegen(German f.) marriage of convenience
Heirate in Eile, bereue mit Muße.(German) Marry in haste, repent at leisure.
Heirate mich.(German) Marry me.
heiraten(German) to marry, to wed, to tie the knot (colloquial), to splice (colloquial), to get spliced (colloquial)
Heiraten (s.), Heiraten (pl.)(German n.) marriage
heiratend(German) marrying
Heiraten in Eile bereut man in Weile.(German) Marry in haste, repent at leisure.
Heiratsabsichten(German f.) marriage plans, intentions (relating to courtship and marriage)
Heiratsallianz(German f.) marriage alliance
Heiratsalter(German m.) marital age
Heiratsangebot(German n.) proposal of marriage, marriage proposal
Heiratsannonce(German f.) marriage announcement
Heiratsantrag(German m.) proposal of marriage, marriage proposal, suit, wedding proposal
Heiratsanzeige(German f.) marriage announcement, wedding announcement
Heiratsbund(German m.) alliance
Heiratsdatum(German n.) date of marriage
Heiratserlaubnis(German f.) marriage licence
heiratsfähig(German) eligible, marriageable, nubile
heiratsfähiges Alter(German n.) marriageable age
Heiratsfähigkeit(German f.) marriageableness, marriageability, nubility
Heiratsgut(German n.) dowry
Heiratsinserat(German n.) (wedding) banns
heiratslustig(German) eager to get married, keen to get marriage
Heiratsmarkt(German m.) marriage market
Heiratspolitik(German f.) marriage politics (dynastic)
Heiratsregister(German n.) register of marriages, marriage register
Heiratsschein(German m.) marriage certificate
Heiratsschwindler(German m.) marriage impostor
Heiratsurkunde(German f.) marriage certificate, certificate of marriage
Heiratsverbot(German n.) prohibition of marriage
Heiratsvermittler(German m.) matchmaker, marriage broker
Heiratsversprechen(German n.) promise of marriage
Heiratsvermittlung(German f.) marriage bureau, matchmaking, marriage brokering
Heiratsversprechen(German n.) promise to marry, promise of a marriage, promise of marriage
heiratswillig(German) wanting to get married
Heirat unter Blutsverwandten(German f.) consanguineous marriage
Heirat untereinander(German f.) inter-marriage (within groups)
Heirat zwischen Cousin und Cousine(German f.) cousin marriage
Heirmologiona codex containing heirmoi (sing. heirmos)
Heirmosthe leading stanza of a kontakion
Heischebrauch(German m.) cadging custom
heischen(German) to beg for, to ask for (dated), to demand
heiser(German) croaky, hoarse, hoarsely, huskily, husky, raucous, throaty (hoarse)
heisere Stimme(German f.) hoarse voice, husky voice
heiserer Schrei(German m.) squawk (from a bird), caw (crow)
Heiserkeit(German f.) hoarseness, croakiness, huskiness, raucousness
heiser machen(German) to hoarsen (make hoarse)
heiser werden(German) to hoarsen (become hoarse)
heiß(German) hot, ardent, ardently, fervent, fervently, torrid, very warm, hot (figurative: stolen, radioactive), steamy (colloquial: torrid, sexy)
heiss(German - old form) hot, ardent
Heißarbeiten(German pl.) hot work
heiß argumentieren(German) to argue hotly
heiß baden(German) to have a hot bath
heißbegehrt(German) much sought-after, much sighed-for
heiß begehrt(German) highly coveted
heißbegehrter Gegenstand(German m.) sighed-for object, highly coveted object
heiß biegen(German) to bend hot
heißblütig(German) passionate, red-blooded, hot-blooded, hot-tempered, full-blooded, sultry
heißblütiger(German) more passionate
Heißblütigkeit(German f.) hot-bloodedness
heißblütigste(German) most passionate
heiß darauf sein, ... zu tun(German) to be fired up about doing ... (something)
heiß duschen(German) to take a hot shower
heiße Aktien(German pl.) hot issues
heiße Atmosphäre(German f.) heated atmosphere
heiße Diskussion(German f.) heated discussion
heiße Emission(German f.) hot issue
heiße Getränke(German pl.) hot beverages
heiße Kompresse(German f.) hot compress
heiße Luft(German f.) warm words (colloquial)
heiße Malzmilch(German f.) Horlicks (malted milk drink)
heiße Mineralquellen(German pl.) hot mineral springs
heißen(German) to be called, to mean, to signify
heißend(German) being called
heiße Phase(German f.) crunch mode
heiße Probe(German f.) walk through
heiße Quelle (s.), heiße Quellen (pl.)(German f.) boiling spring, hot spring
heißer(German) hotter
heißer Draht(German m.) hot wire
heißer Draht(German m.) hotline (between governments)
heißer Favorit(German m.) hot favourite (colloquial)
heißer Kaffee(German m.) hot coffee
heißer Kakao(German m.) hot chocolate
heißer Krieg(German m.) shooting war
heißer Punkt(German m.) hot spot
heißer Raum(German m.) furnace
heiß ersehnt(German) much longed for, eagerly anticipated
heißer Stuhl(German m.) hot seat (special seat in group therapy)
heißer Tag(German m.) hot day
heißer Tipp(German m.) hot tip
heiß erwartet(German) eagerly-awaited
heißer werden(German) to hot up (colloquial)
heißer Wettbewerb(German m.) keen competition
heißer Wettkampf(German m.) well-contested race
heißer Wunsch(German m.) ardent wish, burning desire
heißes Bad(German n.) hot bath
heiße Schokolade(German f.) hot chocolate
heißes Eisen(German n.) hot potato (figurative)
heißes Geld(German n.) hot money
heißes Interesse(German n.) warm interest
heißes Klima(German n.) warm climate
heiße Sommer(German pl.) hot summers
heiße Spur(German f.) hot scent
heißes Rendezvous(German n.) hot date
heißeste(German) hottest
heißes Verlangen(German n.) ardent desire, ardent longing, greed
heißes Wetter(German n.) warm weather
heißes Würstchen(German n.) hot dog (frankfurter, wiener)
heiße Tränen(German pl.) scalding tears, burning tears
heiße Verfolgung(German n.) hot pursuit
heiße Verfolgungsjagd(German n.) hot pursuit
heiße Zitrone(German n.) hot lemonade
heiße Zone(German n.) torrid zone
Heißfolienprägung(German n.) hot foil stamping
Heißformgebung(German n.) hot-pressing
heiß geführte Diskussion(German n.) passionate discussion
heißgelaufen(German) overheated, red-hot (figurative)
heißgeliebt(German) beloved, ardently loved
heiß geliebt(German) dearly beloved
heißgemischt(German) hot-mix, hot-mixed
heißgeräuchert(German) hot-smoked
Heißgetränk (s.), Heißgetränke (pl.)(German n.) hot beverage
Heißhunger(German m.) ravenous appetite, greed, ravenousness, voracious appetite, ravenous hunger
Heißhunger auf ... haben(German) to have a craving for ... (something)
Heißhunger auf ... verspüren(German) to feel a craving for ... (something)
Heißhungeressen(German n.) binge-eating
Heißhunger nach(German m.) voracious appetite for
heißhungrig(German) ravenous, voracious, voraciously, ravenously
Heißkanal(German m.) hot runner (injection moulding)
Heißkanalsystem (s.), Heißkanalsysteme (pl.)(German n.) hot runner system (injection moulding)
Heißkanalwerkzeug(German n.) hot runner mould (injection moulding)
Heißklebepistole(German f.) hot glue gun
Heißkleber(German m.) hot glue (also known, in English, as hot melt adhesive, HMA, thermoplastic adhesive)
Heißlauf(German m.) overheating
heißlaufen(German) to overheat, to chafe, to become heated, to run hot (also figurative)
heiß laufen(German) to run hot
heißlaufend(German) overheating
Heißläufer(German m.) hot box
Heißleim(German m.) hot glue
Heissleim(German m. - Switzerland) hot glue (also known, in English, as hot melt adhesive, HMA, thermoplastic adhesive)<
Heißleiter(German m.) thermistor
Heißluft(German f.) hot air
Heißluftballon(German m.) hot-air balloon
Heißluftballonfahren(German n.) hot air ballooning
heißluftbeständig(German) resistant to hot air
Heißluftdesinfektion(German f.) hot-air disinfection
Heißluftdusche(German f.) hot air (blower) (as therapeutic agent), electric hair dryer (dated)
Heißlüfter(German m.) hot air blower
Heißluftgerät(German n.) hot air blower
Heißluftheizung(German f.) hot-air heating
Heißluftherd(German m.) fan-assisted oven
Heißluftpistole(German f.) heat gun, hot air gun
Heißlufttrockner(German m.) hot-air dryer
Heißmangel(German f.) rotary iron
Heißöse(German f.) lifting eye, lifting eyebolt
Heißplatte(German f.) heat plate (in book-binding machine)
Heißpolymerisat(German n.) hot-cure acrylic
Heißprägemaschine(German f.) hot stamping machine
heißprägen(German) to hot-stamp
Heißprägen(German n.) hot stamping
Heißprägepresse(German f.) hot stamping press
Heißprägung(German f.) hot stamping
Heißpunkt(German m.) hotspot, hotshot
Heißquelle(German f.) hot spring (rare)
Heißsäge(German f.) hot saw
heiß sein(German) to be on fire (colloquial)
heiß-siegelfähig(German) heat-sealable
Heißsporn(German m.) hothead, firebrand, hotspur
Heißspritzen(German n.) hot spraying
Heißstempel(German m.) hot stamp
Heißt das ... ?(German) Does that mean ... ?
Heißtrub(German m.) hot break
heiß umkämpft(German) hotly contested, fiercely fought over, fiercely contested, fiercely disputed
heiß umkämpfte Wahl(German f.) tightly contested election, hotly contested election
heiß umstritten(German) hotly debated, highly controversial
heiß und fettig(German) hot and greasy
Heißverleimung(German f.) hot gluing
Heißwachsmalerei(German f.) hot wax painting (encaustic painting)
heiß waschen(German) to wash in hot water, to wash with hot water
Heißwasser(German n.) hot water
Heißwasserbereiter(German m.) hot-water boiler
Heißwasserfluss(German m.) hot (water) spring
Heißwasserpumpe(German f.) hot water pump
Heißwasserspeicher(German m.) boiler
heiß wie in einem Backofen(German) baking hot, scorching hot
Heißwind(German m.) hot blast
heiter(German) calm, cheerful, clear, alacritous, cheerfully, cheery, gay (dated: light-hearted), genially, jovial, jovially, mirthfully, sanguine, serenely, fair (weather: fine and dry), blithe, alacritously, sanguinely, jocular, smiling, debonair, gaily, buoyantly, humorous, humorously, light-hearted, sunnily, mirthful (poetic), jocund, fine, sunny (also figurative), funny (amusing), merry (also: slightly drunk), hilarious (exuberant), buoyant (lively, cheery), bright (colours, room), cheerful, serene (sky), bright (weather)
heitere Gegend(German f.) serene landscape
heitere Landschaft(German f.) smiling landscape
heiteren Sinnes(German) cheery
heitere Perioden(German pl.) bright patches
heiterer Gleichmut(German m.) serenity
heiterer Himmel(German m.) bright sky, clear sky, serene sky, smiling sky
heitere Seite(German f.) bright side
heiteres Gemüt(German n.) buoyant disposition, buoyant spirit, serene mind
heiteres Gesicht(German n.) bright face
heiteres Temperament(German n.) cheerful temperament, sanguineness
heiteres Wetter(German n.) serene weather
heiterhell(German) very bright
Heiterkeit (s.), Heiterkeiten (pl.)(German f.) serenity, hilarity, hilariousness, brightness, exhilaration, jauntiness, cheeriness, merriment, gaiety, mirth, cheerfulness, amusement (as reaction), jovialness, joviality, jocularity
Heizanlage(German f.) heating system
Heizapparat(German m.) heater
Heizbalg(German m.) diaphragm, bladder
Heizband(German n.) heating tape
heizbar(German) heatable
Heizblock(German m.) heating block
Heizdecke(German f.) electric blanket, heating blanket
Heizdraht(German m.) filament, heating wire, heated filament
Heizelement(German n.) heating element (electric kettle, etc.)
Heizelementschweißen(German n.) hotplate welding
Heizen(German n.) heating
heizen(German) to heat, to stoke, to have the heating on, to have one's heating on, to speed (travel too fast), to burn, to give off heat
Heizer (s.), Heizer (pl.)(German m.) fireman, stoker, boilerman, radiator, heating element
Heizfaden(German m.) filament
Heizfläche(German f.) heating surface
Heizform(German f.) heating mould
Heizgas(German n.) heating gas, fuel gas
Heizgerät(German n.) space heater, heater, heating appliance
Heizkabel(German n.) heating cable
Heizkessel(German m.) furnace, boiler, heating boiler
Heizkissen(German n.) electric pad, heating pad
Heizkörper (s.), Heizkörper (pl.)(German m.) radiator, heater
Heizkörperhitze(German f.) radiator heat
Heizkörperlack(German m.) radiator enamel
Heizkörperverkleidung(German f.) radiator cover
Heizkosten(German pl.) heating costs, fuel bill
Heizkostenrechnung(German f.) heating bill
Heizkraft(German f.) heating power
Heizkraftwerk(German n.) combined heat and power station
Heizlüfter(German m.) fan heater
Heizmantel(German m.) jacket heater, heating jacket
Heizmantelrohr(German n.) jacketed pipe
Heizmaterial(German n.) heating fuel, fuel (heating)
Heizmatte(German f.) heating pad
Heizofen(German m.) heating stove, heating furnace
Heizöl(German n.) fuel oil, heating oil, fuel (oil)
Heizöleinsatz(German m.) use of heating oil
Heizölhändler(German m.) (heating) oil dealer
Heizpatrone(German f.) heating cartridge
Heizperiode(German f.) heating period
Heizpilz(German m.) heating mantle, patio heater, umbrella heater, mushroom heater
Heizplatte(German f.) hot plate
Heizplattentrockner(German m.) jacketed shelf drier
Heizraum(German m.) boiler room
Heizrippe(German f.) radiator
Heizschlange(German f.) heating coil
Heizsonne(German f.) electric bowl fire
Heizspirale(German f.) heating element
Heizspule(German f.) heating coil
Heizstab(German m.) heating element, heater rod
Heizstoff verbrauchen(German) to consume heating fuel
Heizstrahler(German m.) electric fire, radiant heater
Heizsystem(German n.) heating system
Heiztechnologie(German f.) heating technology
Heiztherme(German f.) boiler
Heiztisch(German m.) hot plate
Heizung (s.), Heizungen (pl.)(German f.) heater, firing, heating, radiator, filament
Heizung, Lüftung, Klima(German) heating, ventilation, air conditioning
Heizungsanlage(German f.) heating system
Heizungsbauer(German m.) heating engineer, heating contractor (firm)
Heizungsgebläse(German n.) heater blower
Heizungsinstallateur(German m.) heating engineer, heating installer, heating and ventilation fitter, heating contractor (firm)
Heizungskeller(German m.) boiler room
Heizungskessel(German m.) boiler
Heizungsmonteur(German m.) heating engineer, heating installer, heating contractor (firm)
Heizungspumpe(German f.) heating pump
Heizungsrippe(German f.) radiator rib
Heizungsrohr (s.), Heizungsrohre (pl.)(German n.) steam heating pipe
Heizwärme(German f.) thermal heat
Heizwasser(German n.) heating water
Heizwasser-Verrohrung(German f.) hot water piping
Heizwendel(German f.) heating coil
(German m./f./n.) filament
Heizwerkzeuge(German pl.) heated tools
Heizwicklung(German f.) heating coil
Heizwiderstand(German m.) heating resistor
Heizzone(German f.) heating zone
Hejaza coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea, which includes Jeddah and both Mecca and Medina
HejjujArabic word for Gnawan lute, the sintir
Hekatesee 'Hecate'
Hekatombe(German f.) hecatomb (also figurative)
Hekt1/13000 part of a pure twelfth. The Hekt was defined by Heinz Bohlen as the hundredth part of a step of the equal tempered version of the Bohlen-Pierce scale: the 13th root of 3/1. Hekt are therefore the BP analogon to cents. See H. Bohlen, 13-Tonstufen in der Duodezime, Acustica vol. 39, 1978. There are 820.2086796 Hekt to the octave
Hektar (s.), Hektare (pl.)(German m./n.) hectare (10,000 square metres)
Hektare (s.), Hektaren (pl.)(German f. - Switzerland) hectare (10,000 square metres)
Hektik(German f.) hecticness, rush, flurry of activity, fuss (flurry, rush)
hektisch(German) hasty, hectic, hectically, frenzied, frantic, frenetic (activity, pace, period)
hektisch arbeiten(German) to work frantically
hektische Betriebsamkeit(German f.) a frenzy of activity
hektischer(German) more hectic
hektisches Fieber(German n.) hectic fever
hektischste(German) most hectic
Hekto-(German) hecto- (102)
Hektografie(German f.) hectography
hektografieren(German) to hectograph
Hektogramm(German n.) hectogram
Hektographie(German f.) hectography
hektographieren(German) to hectograph
Hektoliter(German m.) hectolitre
Hektometer(German m./n.) hectometre
Hektopascal(German n.) hectopascal
Hektor(German m.) Hector
Hel(English, German f.) Norse goddess of the underworld
Hel, hel(Swedish, Danish) whole [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Heldtenuto (Italian), ausgehalten (German), tenu (French)
Held (m.), Heldin (f.), Helden (pl.), Heldinnen ( hero (m.), heroine (f.), brave man (m.), brave woman (f.), heroic character (hero/heroine), heroic figure (hero/heroine), champion (hero/heroine)
Held backritenuto (Italian), zurückgehalten (German), retenu (French)
Held der Arbeiterklasse(German m.) working class hero
Heldenbariton(German m.) or Hoherbass, dramatic or heroic baritone
Heldendichtung(German f.) heroic poetry, epic poetry
Heldenepos(German n.) heroic epic
Heldenfigur(German f.) heroic figure
Heldenfriedhof(German m.) military cemetery, war cemetery
Heldengedenktag(German m.) Memorial Day (US)
Heldengedicht (s.), Heldengedichte (pl.)(German n.) epic poem, heroic poem
Heldengeschichte(German f.) heroic story
Heldengestalt(German f.) heroic character, heroic figure
heldenhaft(German) heroic, heroically, valiant, brave, courageous, valiantly, bravely, courageously, heroical, lion-hearted
heldenhafte Leistung(German f.) heroic feat
heldenhafter(German) more heroic
heldenhafter Abenteurer(German m.) heroic adventurer
heldenhafterweise(German) heroically
heldenhafteste(German) most heroic
Heldenlied(German) heroic song
Heldenmut(German m.) valour, bravery, heroism, prowess, heroic courage
Heldenmut besitzend(German) heroic
Heldenmut beweisend(German) heroic
heldenmütig(German) heroically, heroic
Heldenrolle(German f.) heroic part
Heldensage(German f.) heroic saga, hero tale, heroic legend
Heldentat (s.), Heldentaten (pl.)(German f.) heroic deed, exploit, achievement, act of heroism, brave action, act of bravery, brave deed, brilliant feat, brilliant feat of arms, daring exploit, deed of arms, feat, heroic action, heroic feat, derring-do (dated), heroics (plural form)
Heldentenor (s.), Heldentenöre (pl.)(German m.) or Tenorbariton, full dramatic tenor, heroic tenor
Heldentod(German m.) death of a hero, heroic death
Heldentum(German n.) heroism
Helden verehren(German) to venerate heroes
Heldenverehrung(German f.) hero worship
Heldenzeitalter(German n.) heroic age
Helder(German m./n. - Northern Germany) marshland wiythout dykes
heldisch(German) heroically, heroic
Heldreichs Ahorn(German m.) Greek maple, Heldreich's maple Acer heldreichii)
Helena(German f.) Helen
Helene(German f.) Helen
Hele(Finnish) (musical) ornament
Hele noot
semibreve(Dutch) whole note, semibreve
Hele rust
semibreve rest(Dutch) a semibreve rest, a whole rest
Hele toon(Dutch) whole tone, the interval of a major second
Hele toonsafstand(Dutch) whole step, tone
Hele-toons toonladder(Dutch) whole note scale
helfen(German) to assist, to help, to aid, to lend a hand, to support, to avail, to second, to give a hand, to befriend, to bestead, to bolster
helfend(German) helping, aiding, assisting, assistant, auxiliary, helpful, adjuvant
helfen, ... zu finanzieren(German) to help finance ... (something)
Helfer (m.), Helferin (f.), Helfer (pl.), Helferinnen ( aide, aide worker, assistant, backer, helper, auxiliary, hand (helper, helping hand), reliever, cohort (assistant, colleague), accomplice (in a crime), domestique (cycling)
Helfer bei der Autopsie(German m.) assistant at an autopsy
Helfer bei Dreharbeiten(German m.) grip (film industry)
Helfer {m} in Steuersachen(German m.) tax expert
Helferlein(German n.) little helper
Helfer {m} nach der strafbaren Handlung (m.), Helferin nach der strafbaren Handlung (f.)(German) accessory after the fact
Helfer nach der Tat (m.), Helferin nach der Tat (f.)(German) accessary after the fact
Helfer- oder Rettergeschwister(German pl.) saviour siblings
Helfershelfer (m.), Helfershelferin (f.), Helfershelfer (pl.)(German) abetter, abettor, accessory, accomplice, confederate
Helfersyndrom(German n.) (helpless) helper syndrome
Helfer vor der strafbaren Handlung (m.), Helferin vor der strafbaren Handlung (f.)(German) accessory before the fact
Helfer vor der Tat (m.), Helferin vor der Tat (f.)(German) accessary before the fact
Helferzimmer(German n.) assistants' room
Helfet einander!(German) Help one another!
Helfgott!(German - Southern Germany, Austria) Bless you! (reaction to somebody sneezing)
Helfs-(German) auxiliary
Helft einander!(German) Help one another!
Helicicultureor snail farming, the process of farming or raising land snails specifically for human consumption
Heliconelicon (Italian m.), Helikon (German n.), hélicon (French m.), helicón (Spanish m.), a type of tuba, invented in Vienna in 1845, that coils around the players body, the precursor of the sousaphone
a mountain in central Greece, on which was situated a spring and a sanctuary sacred to the Muses
(ancient Greek) or Helikon, an ancient instrument or construction invented by Ptolemy, for demonstrating, or measuring, consonances, or sounds
a mountain in central Greece, that was believed to be the legendary abode of the Muses and was considered sacred to Apollo
Helicón(Spanish m.) helicon, elicon (Italian m.), Helikon (German n.), hélicon (French m.)
Hélicon(French m.) helicon, elicon (Italian m.), Helikon (German n.), helicón (Spanish m.)
helikal(German) helical, helically
helikale Form(German f.) helical form
Helikon(German n.) helicon, elicon (Italian m.), hélicon (French m.), helicón (Spanish m.)
(ancient Greek) or Helicon, an ancient instrument or construction invented by Ptolemy, for demonstrating, or measuring, consonances, or sounds
(German m.) Helicon (mountain in Greece)
Helikopter (s.), Helikopter (pl.)(German m.) helicopter
Helikopterpilot(German m.) helicopter pilot
Heliogabalusor Elagabalus, a Syro-Roman sun god
heliografisch(German) heliographic
Heliographor heliogravure, a process invented by Nicephore Niepce in which a metal plate is coated with photosensitive bitumen and exposed to light, either through a positive transparency, or directly by placing the plate in a camera. Light makes bitumen insoluble so the image areas can be washed out with solvent that exposes the plate. The plate can now be etched and printed in the intaglio method resulting in a gravure-like continuous toned print. The process was mostly used for commercial printing between 1870 and 1914, though it is occasionally still used today
(English, German m.) a device for transmitting messages by reflecting sunlight, a device for photographing the sun
heliographieren(German) to heliograph
heliographiert(German) heliographed
heliographisch(German) heliographic
Heliogravur(German f.) heliogravure
Heliogravüre(German f.) heliogravure, photogravure
heliophob(German) heliophobic
Heliophobiain psychology, a morbid fear of sunlight
in medicine, where it is more commonly termed photophobia, an excessive sensitivity to sunlight
Heliophobie(German f.) heliophobia
Heliopolis(English, German n.) an ancient city of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta north of modern Cairo, the center of worship of the sun god Ra
Helios(English, German m.) (Greek mythology) ancient god of the sun, who drove his chariot across the sky each day (identified with Roman god Sol)
Heliosphäre(German f.) heliosphere
Heliospherethe region inside the heliopause containing the sun and solar system through which the solar wind extends
heliotrop(German) heliotropic
Heliotrop(German m.) heliotrope (semi-precious stone)
Heliotropeor bloodstone, green chalcedony with red spots that resemble blood
Heliotropisman orienting response to the sun
Heliotropismus(German m.) heliotropism
Heliotypea variant of the collotype process developed by the London photographer Ernest Edwards in 1869 (patented 1870)
heliozentrisch(German) heliocentric, heliocentrically
heliozentrisches Weltbild(German n.) heliocentrism
Heliocentrismor heliocentricism, the astronomical theory that posits that the movement of the planets as seen from Earth can be best explained by assuming that the Earth and planets orbit around a stationary Sun
Heliozentrismus(German m.) heliocentrism
Heliport(English, German m.) a place for helicopters to land and take off
Heliskiing(German n.) heli-skiing
Heli-skiingoff-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, not a ski lift
Helium(English, German n.) an inert, gaseous element present in the sun's atmosphere that occurring naturally on Earth as a product of radioactive decomposition
heliumgefüllt(German) helium-filled
heliumgekühlt(German) helium-cooled
Helium-Neon-Laser(German m.) helium-neon laser
Heliumsucher(German m.) helium leak detector
Heliumverbrauch(German m.) helium consumption
Heliumverlust(German m.) helium loss
Helium voiceWARNING - Breathing helium can be very dangerous
many people, on hearing the voice of someone who has breathed helium, believe wrongly that the person's speech pitch has increased
a cavity will have certain resonant frequencies. These frequencies depend on the shape and size of the cavity and on the velocity of sound within the cavity. Human vocal cords vibrate non-sinusoidally in the vocal tract, giving rise to a range of frequencies above the fundamental. The vocal tract mainly enhances lower frequency components imparting the recognizable voice spectrum
the velocity of sound in helium is much greater than in air, so breathing helium will raise the vocal tract's resonant frequencies. Although the vocal cords' vibrational frequencies are little affected by helium, the effect of higher cavity resonances is to alter substantially the relative amplitudes of the voice spectrum components thus leading to apparent pitch change
Helix (s.), Helices (pl.)(English, German f., from Latin from Greek) anything have the shape of the thread of a screw
Helizikultur(German f.) heliciculture
Helizität(German f.) helicity
hell(German) clear, bright, light, lucid, brightly, radiant, fair (of skin), radiantly, light-toned (colour, shade), lightish (in colour), pale (colour)
Helladic (era)a modern archaeological term meant to identify a sequence of periods characterising the culture of mainland ancient Greece during the Bronze Age
Helladikum(German n.) Helladic era
helladisch(German) Helladic
hellauf(German) highly (enthusiastic, indignant)
hell auf der Platte(German) canny
hellauf lachen(German) to yell with laughter
Hellbeige(German n.) oatmeal (colour)
hellbeige(German) oatmeal (colour)
hellblau(German) light blue
hellblond(German) very fair, tow-coloured, light blonde
Hellbraun(German n.) tan (colour)
hellbraun(German) fawn, light brown, tan (colour)
hell brennen(German) to burn brightly, to burn briskly
Helldunkel(German n.) chiaroscuro
Helldunkelmalerei(German f.) chiaroscuro
Helle(German f.) brightness
helle(German) bright (colloquial: clever)
helle Augenblicke(German pl.) lucid moments
Hellebarde (s.), Hellebarden (pl.)(German f.) halberd, halbert
Hellebardier(German m.) halberdier
Hellebardist(German m.) halberdier
helle Eiche(German f.) light oak (wood)
helle Farbe (s.), helle Farben (pl.)(German f.) light colour, bright colours
helle Flamme(German f.) bright flame
helle Köpfe(German pl.) bright minds
Hellen(English, German m.) the mythological patriarch of the Hellenes
Hellene (m.), Hellenin (pl.)(German) Greek, a native or inhabitant of Greece
Hellenenbund(German m.) Hellenic League
Hellenicin linguistics, the branch of Indo-European including classical and modern Greek
Hellenic Leaguethe association of Greek city states against the Persians during the Greco-Persian Wars, 5th century BC
the League of Corinth, an association of Greek city states under the domination of Philip of Macedon and Alexander the Great, 4th century BC
the association of Greeks under Antigonus and Demetrius I Poliorcetes against Cassander, 302 BC
the association of Greek states, also known as the Symmachy, under Antigonus III Doson originally formed to fight Cleomenes III of Sparta, 226 BC
the association of Greek cities under Hadrian, 131 AD
hellenisch(German) Hellenic
Hellenische Republik(German f.) Hellenic Republic (official name of the country Greece)
hellenisch-römisch(German) Helleno-Roman
hellenisieren(German) to Hellenise
Hellenisierung(German f.) Hellenisation
Hellenisman idiom or custom peculiar to the Greeks, the civilization and culture of ancient Greece
Hellenismus(German m.) Hellenism
Hellenisten(German pl.) Hellenists
hellenistisch(German) Hellenistic
heller(German) brighter, clearer
hellere Seite(German f.) bright side
heller Fleck(German m.) bright spot
heller Himmel(German m.) bright sky
heller Klang(German m.) high, clear sound
heller Kopf(German m.) bright guy (colloquial)
hellerleuchtet(German) brightly lit
heller machen(German) to lighten
heller Mond(German m.) bright moon
heller Neid(German m.) pure envy
heller Schal(German m.) bright shawl
heller Sonnenschein(German m.) bright sun, bright sunshine, brilliant sunshine
heller Tag(German m.) bright day, clear day, daytime
heller Ton(German m.) high, clear sound
heller Unsinn(German m.) sheer nonsense
heller Wahnsinn(German m.) sheer madness
heller werden(German) to dawn
(heller) Zuckersirup(German m.) golden syrup
Helles(German n.) pale beer
helles Bier(German n.) lager, pale ale, light beer
helles Blau(German n.) light blue
helles Feuer(German n.) blaze, bright fire
helles freundliches Zimmer(German n.) cheerful room
helles Gelb(German n.) maize
helles Grün(German n.) bright green
helles Haar(German n.) light hair
helles Holz(German n.) bright wood, blond wood (furniture)
helles Lachen(German n.) ringing laughter
helles LED-Nählicht(German f.) bright LED sewing light
helles Licht(German n.) bright light, intense light, vivid light
helles Tageslicht(German n.) broad daylight, bright daylight
helle Stimme(German f.) high and clear voice, silver voice
helles Weiß(German n.) brilliant white
helles Zimmer(German n.) bright room
hellfarbig(German) blond, light-coloured
Hellfeld(German n.) bright field
Hellfeldmikroskop(German n.) bright-field microscope
hellgelb(German) pale yellow, straw yellow, light yellow, bright yellow
hell glänzen(German) to shine brightly
hell glühend(German) blazing
hellgrau(German) light grey
Hellgrün(German n.) bright green, chartreuse
hellgrün(German) light green, chartreuse, bright green
hellhäutig(German) Caucasian, fair-skinned, pale-skinned, light-skinned
Hellhören(German n.) clairaudience, clear hearing
hellhörig(German) sensitive, keen-eared (figurative), poorly soundproofed (house, room), badly soundproofed (house, room), keen of hearing (dated), sharp-eared (figurative), wafer-thin (wall)
Hellhörigkeit(German f.) clairaudience
hellhörig sein(German) to have keen senses
hellhörig werden(German) to start to listen attentively
hellicht(German) lightsome
Helligkeit(German f.) brightness, brilliancy, brilliance, intensity, light, lightness (brightness)
Helligkeitsausbruch(German m.) outburst
Helligkeitsniveau(German n.) brightness level
Helligkeitsregelung(German f.) brightness control, brilliance control
Helligkeitsregler(German m.) brightness control, brilliance control, intensity control, dimmer (control)
Helligkeitssteuerung(German f.) brightness control
Helligkeitssteuerung am Monitor(German f.) brightness control (on a monitor screen)
Helligkeitswahrnehmung(German f.) brightness perception
hell in der Birne sein(German) to be bright (colloquial)
Helling (s.), Hellings (pl.), Hellinge (pl.)(German f.) launch slip, slipway
Hellin-Regel(German f.) Hellin's rule
Hellin's Rulethe ratio of of twin births to single births is 1 out of 86, of triplet births is 1 out of 862 (= 862), and so forth
hellklingend(German) high-pitched
hell lachen(German) to give a ringing laugh
hell leuchtend(German) incandescent (figurative)
hell leuchtende Farben(German pl.) dazzling colours
hellleuchtende Lampe(German f.) shining lamp
helllicht(German) bright (of daylight, etc.)
helllichter Tag(German m.) broad daylight
Hell mouthwhen medieval theatre developed, it was common to paint the entry onto a stage so the entry would resemble a gaping demon's mouth. This "hell mouth" would either be located on one side of the stage or it would be a trap-door in the floor. During morality plays and mystery plays, actors playing demons would enter through the hell mouth in order to dramatically grab sinners and drag them off to hell. By the time of the Renaissance, the term 'hell mouth' was used to refer to any trap-door in the bottom of the stage. At Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, for instance, the cellerage, or the entire area under the stage was referred to as "hell," and the area above the stage, where musicians played, was often referred to as "the heavens"
hellorange(German) bright orange
Hellraumprojektor(German m. - Switzerland) overhead projector
hellrosa(German) light pink, bright-pink
Hellrot(German n.) bright red
hellrot(German) light red, bright red, bright scarlet, bright-red
hellroter Rock(German m.) bright-red skirt
hellrotes Kleid(German n.) bright red dress
hellrötlich(German) bright reddish
Hellschreiber(English, German m.) facsimile-based teleprinter invented by Rudolf Hell
Hellsehen(German n.) clairvoyance, second sight, divination
hellsehend(German) clairvoyant
hellsehen können(German) to be psychic, to have second sight
Hellseher (m.), Hellseherin (f.)(German) clairvoyant, visionary, psychic
Hellseherei(German f.) clairvoyance
hellseherisch(German) clairvoyant, fey (clairvoyant)
hellsichtig(German) clear-sighted
hellsichtiger(German) more clear-sighted
hellsichtigste(German) most clear-sighted
hellste(German) brightest, clearest
hellste Bildteile(German pl.) highlights
Helltasten(German n.) highlighting
helltasten(German) to intensify, to highlight
hellwach(German) wide awake, awakened
Hellwachsein(German n.) wide-awakeness
hellwach sein(German) to be wide awake
hell werden(German) to get light (in the morning)
Helm (s.), Helme (pl.)(German m.) helmet, tin hat (colloquial), casque (helmet), spire
Helm ab!(German) Helmets off! Helmet off!
Helm ab zum Gebet!(German) Helmets off for prayer!
Helmbarde(German f.) halberd, halbert, halberd
Helmbusch(German m.) panache
Helmdach(German n.) polygonal spire, helm roof
Helmdecke (s.), Helmdecken (pl.)(German f.) mantling
helmförmig(German) helmet-shaped
Helmholtz pitch notation
Helmholtz resonatorsresonance in acoustics occurs when some mass-spring combination is supplied with energy. Many musical instruments rely on air resonance to improve their sonority. If you blow across the mouth of a bottle you can often get a note. The bottle behaves as a Helmholtz resonator. The main volume of air inside the bottle is analogous to a spring, whilst the "plug" of air in the neck acts as an attached mass
the resonant frequency of a Helmholtz resonator is roughly given by
f = { c (S/LV) } / 2π
c is velocity of sound
S is the surface area of the neck opening
V is bottle volume
L is the effective length of the neck, i.e. the actual length plus end correction
End correction ~ 1.5 times radius of neck opening
Example: A 75 cl (7.5E-4 m3) wine bottle with neck diameter 19 mm, bottle neck length 8 cm, air temp = 20 deg C
calculated resonance = 109 Hz (actual resonance was 105 Hz)
Helmholtz resonators are sometimes employed as a means of passive noise control in air conditioning ducts. They may also be hidden in the wall design of auditoria and offices in order to improve the acoustics
Helmholtz temperamentsee 'schismatic temperament'
Helminthe (s.), Helminthen (pl.)(German f.) helminth, intestinal worm
Helmintheninfektion(German f.) helminth infection
helminthophob(German) helminthophobic
Helminthophobiafear of worms or of being infested with them
Helminthophobie(German f.) helminthophobia
Helmpflicht(German f.) requirement to wear a helmet
Helmvisier(German n.) helmet visor
semibreve(Swedish, Danish) whole note, semibreve [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
semibreve rest(Danish) a semibreve rest, a whole rest
semibreve(Swedish, Danish) whole note, semibreve [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Helotsone of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, neither a slave nor a free citizen
Heloten(German pl.) Helots
semibreve rest(Swedish) a semibreve rest, a whole rest
Help Desk(German m.) help desk
Helpdesk(German m.) help desk
Helper accidentalson an accordion, buttons with assigned notes which fall outside the diatonic system, notes often needed by players but which either do not appear in the diatonic system, or appear only in one bellows direction
Helper rowon an accordion, the row closest to the bellows on the 'Club System' instrument, the helper row contains only helper accidentals
Helton(Swedish) whole tone, the interval of a major second
Heltone(Danish) whole tone, the interval of a major second
Helvetia Figuresone of the big circle figures danced by all couples in one large circle facing the centre which are traditionally associated with square dancing
Helvetic Confessionthe name given to two documents expressing the common belief of the Reformed churches of Switzerland
Helvetic Republic(Swiss history) the Helvetic Republic (1798-1803) represented an early attempt to impose a central authority over Switzerland, which until then consisted mainly of self-governing cantons united by a loose military alliance, and conquered territories such as Vaud. A constitutional arrangement imposed by French military might, the Republic existed as a state for only five years but failed to achieve widespread popular support among its citizens. However, some aspects of it have survived into present-day Switzerland.
Helvetier(German pl.) Helvetii
Helvetiia Celtic people inhabiting western Switzerland during the time of Julius Caesar
helvetisch(German) Helvetian (Swiss)
Helvetische Konfession(German f.) Helvetic Confession
Helvetische Republik(German f.) Helvetic Republic
Helvetisches Bekenntnis(German n.) Helvetic Confession
Helvetismone of a large group of words typical for Swiss Standard German, which do not appear in either of Standard German or Standard German dialects
Helvetismus(German m.) Helvetism
Hembrathe larger of any two paired percussive instruments (e.g. bongos, clave, timbales) generally considered to be the 'female' element
Hemd (s.), Hemden (pl.)(German n.) chemise, shirt, sark (Scottish)
Hemdärmel(German m.) shirtsleeve
Hemdbluse (s.), Hemdblusen (pl.)(German f.) shirt blouse, shirt
Hemdblusenkleid(German n.) shirt-waist dress
Hemdbrust(German f.) dickey or dicky (false shirt-front)
Hemdenkragen(German m.) collar of a shirt, shirt collar
Hemdenmacher (m.), Hemdenmacherin (f.)(German) shirtmaker
Hemden nähen(German) to sew shirts
Hemdenstoff(German m.) shirting
Hemdentasche(German f.) breast pocket
Hemden wechseln(German) to change shirts
Hemden zur einmaligen Benutzung(German pl.) throwaway shirts
Hemdjacke(German f.) shirt jacket
Hemdkleid(German n.) chemise dress
Hemdknopf (s.), Hemdknöpfe (pl.)(German m.) shirt button
Hemdkragen(German m.) shirt collar
Hemdsärmel(German m.) shirt sleeve
hemdsärmelig(German) shirt-sleeved, in shirtsleeves, shirt-sleeve, casual (figurative), down-to-earth (figurative)
Hemdschlitz(German m.) shirt slit, shirt-slit
Hemdtasche(German f.) shirt pocket
Hemdzipfel(German m.) shirt tail
Hemeraloper (m.), Hemeralope (f.), Hemeralope (pl.)(German) hemeralope
Hemeralopiainability to see clearly in bright light
Hemeralopie(German f.) hemeralopia
Hemiachromatopsiapartial or complete colour-blindness involving one half of the field of vision
Hemiachromatopsie(German f.) hemiachromatopsia
Hemianesthesiaor unilateral anesthesia, the inability to feel sensations from touch on one side of the body
Hemianästhesie(German f.) hemianaesthesia (unilateral anesthesia)
Hemianopsiaor hemianopia, blindness in one half of the visual field of one or both eyes
bitemporal hemianopsia is blindness in the temporal field of vision of both eyes
Hemianopsie(German f.) hemianopsia (hemianopia)
Hemiachromatopsiacolour vision deficiency in half, or in corresponding halves, of the visual field
Hemichromatopsie(German f.) hemiachromatopsia
hemisemidemisemiquavera sixty-fourth note, a note one sixty-fourth the time value of a whole note or semibreve, Vierundsechzigstelnote (German), quadruple croche (French f.)
Hemidemisemiquaver rest
hemidemisemiquaver resta sixty-fourth rest, a rest one sixty-fourth the time value of a whole note rest or semibreve rest, Vierundsechzigstelpause (German), seizième de soupir (French)
Hemidiapente(Greek) an imperfect or diminished fifth
Hemiditonea minor third
Hemiditonos(Greek) a lesser, or minor, third
hemifazial(German) hemifacial
hemifazialer Spasmus(German m.) hemifacial spasm
Hemiglossalor hemilingual, of or pertaining to one half of the tongue
Hemiglossitis(English, German f.) inflammation of one half of the tongue
Hemihyperaesthesiaincreased sensibility to tactile stimulation and pain on one side of the body
Hemihyperästhesie(German f.) hemihyperaesthesia
hemilingual(German) hemiglossal, hemilingual
Hemiola(Greek hemiolios, literally 'the whole and a half') also called 'cross-rhythm', a rhythmic pattern where two notes are played in the time allotted to three or where three notes are played in the time allotted to two (the latter is also called a 'triplet')
an interval of a fifth, so called because expressed in string-lengths the interval represents two sounding strings of identical gauge and under identical tension the ratio of whose lengths is 3:2
Hemiole(German f.) hemiola
Hemiolia(English) hemiola
Hemiope(Greek) a small ancient fife or flute with three holes
Hemiparese(German f.) hemiparesis
Hemiparesisweakness on one side of the body
not to be confused with hemiplegia, which is total paralysis of the arm, leg and trunk on the same side of the body
Hemiplegiatotal paralysis of the arm, leg and trunk on the same side of the body
Hemiplegie (s.), Hemiplegien (pl.)(German f.) hemiplegia
hemiplegisch(German) hemiplegic
Hemisphäre (s.), Hemisphären (pl.)(German f.) hemisphere
Hemisphärenkonvexität(German f.) hemispheral convexity
hemispherisch(German) hemispherical, hemispheric
Hemitonea semitone (half-step)
Hemitonic scalea term describing a scale that includes, between successive notes, one or more intervals of a semitone (half step)
Hemitoniuma semitone, a half-step
Hemlocktanne(German f.) hemlock (,i>Tsuga spp)
hemmbar(German) inhibitable
hemmen(German) to inhibit, to clam, to clog, to retard, to frustrate, to arrest, to block, to dam, to delay, to embarrass, to estop, to obstruct, to stop, to stunt, to manacle (figurative), to hamper, to hinder, to check, to stem (flow)
hemmend(German) obstructing, clamming, clogging, dwarfing, inhibiting, arrestive, obstructive, repressive, retarding, inhibitory, debilitating
hemmender Faktor(German m.) inhibiting factor
Hemmer (s.), Hemmer (pl.)(German m.) inhibitor
Hemmklotz(German m.) brake shoe
Hemmnis(German n.) restraint, baulk, damp, bar (hindrance), barrier, check, clog, delay, constraint, hindrance, impediment
Hemmnisse {pl} für die Fortentwicklung(German pl.) barriers to progress
Hemmschuh (s.), Hemmschuhe (pl.)(German m.) skid, stumbling block, brake shoe, obstacle (figurative), impediment (figurative)
Hemmschuh für(German m.) obstacle to (figurative), impediment to (figurative)
Hemmschwelle(German f.) inhibition threshold, inhibition level
Hemmstoff(German m.) inhibitor, retardant
hemmte(German) dwarfed
Hemmung (s.), Hemmungen (pl.)(German f.) stoppage, inhibition, suspension, arrest, check, delay, restraint, repression, escapement (clock)
Hemmungslappen(German m.) pallet
hemmungslos(German) unarrested, self-indulgent, free from restraint, free from restraints, incontinent, unbridled (figurative), unrestrainedly, out-and-out, unrestrained, unscrupulous, unscrupulously, without restraint, uncontrollably (laugh, cry, scream)
hemmungslose Kampagne(German f.) no-holds-barred campaign
hemmungsloser(German) more uncontrolled
hemmungsloseste(German) most uncontrolled
Hemmungslosigkeit(German f.) self-indulgence, abandon (literary), incontinence, lack of restraint, unscrupulousness
Hemmungsrad(German n.) escape wheel
Hemmwerk(German n.) escapement mechanism
hemos tenido una charla muy amena(Spanish) we had a very pleasant chat
Henan operacommonly called Henan bangzi, the name 'Henan Opera' began to be used after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Henan Opera is popular among the provinces or regions of Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hubei, Ningxia, Xinjing, and so on, making it one of the most influential operas in China
Hendecagon(in geometry) also undecagon, an 11-sided polygon
Hendekagon(German n.) hendecagon
Hendiadyoin(German n.) hendiadys
(German n.) two for one
Hendiadys(Latin from Greek) in linguistics, a figure of speech in which a concept normally expressed by adjective and noun is expressed by two nouns joined by 'and'
  • Hendiadys from which this extract has been taken
Hendl(German n. - Southern Germany, Austria) chicken, (roast) chicken
Hendlhaxe(German f. - Austria) chicken drumstick
Hendljunge(German n. - Austria) chicken giblets
Hendrix chordHendrix chord
in music, the dominant 7#9 chord, now known among guitarists as the Hendrix chord, or the Purple Haze chord, is an extended dominant chord using the sharpened or augmented ninth, named for guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The notes of the chord are G B D F A#
  • Hendrix chord from which this information and image have been taken
Hengchui(Chinese, literally 'blowing horizontally') the name given to flutes during the the reign of the second emperor of the Han Dynasty, first century BC
Henge(English, German n.) primarily neolithic, a roughly circular or oval-shaped flat area enclosed and delimited by a boundary earthwork - usually a ditch with an external bank
Hengitysmerkki(Finnish) breath mark
Hengst (s.), Hengste (pl.)(German m.) stallion, male (horse, etc.), jack (ass), jackass, stud (also human)
Hengstfohlen(German n.) colt
Henkel (s.), Henkel (pl.)(German m.) handle (of cup, vase, etc.), handhold
Henkelattasche(German f.) handle attachment
Henkelkorb(German m.) market basket
Henkelkreuz(German n.) ankh, handled cross
Henkelmann(German m.) lunch pail, tiffin box (especially in India)
Henkel ziehen(German) to pull a handle
henken(German) to gibbet, to execute by hanging (on a gibbet)
Henker (s.), Henker (pl.)(German m.) hangman, executioner
Henkersbaum(German m.) hanging tree (for example, Tyburn near London)
Henkersbeil(German n.) executioner's axe
Henkerschlinge(German f.) hangman's noose
Henkersknecht(German m.) hangman's assistant
Henkersknoten(German m.) slipknot, hangman's knot
Henkersmahl(German n.) last meal (of a condemned person or, figuratively, before an exam, etc.)
Henna(German f./n.) a reddish-brown dye obtained from leaves of the henna plant and used especially on hair
Hennarot(German n.) henna red
hennarot(German) henna red
Hennastrauch(German m.) henna shrub (Lawsonia inermis)
Henne (s.), Hennen (pl.)(German f.) hen, layer, biddy (colloquial)
Henne-Ei-Problem(German n.) chicken-and-egg problem
Hennenküken(German n.) pullet chick
Henotheismbelief in one particular god without denying the existence of others
Henotheismus(German m.) henotheism
Henotheistthe worship of one god without denying the existence of other gods or spiritual powers, as opposed to monotheism (the belief in and worship of one god), dualism (the belief that one good and one evil deity of equal power exists, often with one associated with the spiritual world and the other associated with the material world), or polytheism (the belief in and worship of multiple gods)
Heortologarionin the Orthodox rite, a codex containing all the chants to be sung on the Great Feasts of the Church
Hepar(German n.) liver
Heparin(English, German n.) a type of blood thinner used by physicians to thin the blood, so as to prevent new blood clots from forming
heparinisieren(German) to heparinise
heparinisiert(German) heparinised
Heparintoleranztest(German m.) heparin tolerance test
hepatisch(German) hepatic
hepatische Erkrankung(German f.) hepatic disease, disease of the liver
Hepatisierung(German f.) hepatisation
Hepatitis(German f.) hepatitis
Hepatomancyalso haruspicy or hepatoscopy, a Roman and Etruscan religious practice in which a haruspex (plural haruspices) or auspex (plural auspices), a man trained to practice divination by examining the liver of an animal, practised divination with animal entrails
Hepatomantie(German f.) hepatomancy
Hepatotoxizität(German f.) hepatotoxicity
Hephaestus(Greek mythology) the lame god of fire and metalworking in ancient mythology, identified with the Roman Vulcan
Hephaistos(German m.) Hephaestus
Hephäst(German m.) Hephaestus
Hephästus(German m.) Hephaestus
Hep-Hep Unruhen(German pl.) Hep-Hep riots (early 19th-century pogroms against German Jews)
Hephthaliten(German pl.) Hephthalites
Hephthalitesa Central Asian nomadic confederation of the AD 5th-6th centuries whose precise origins and composition remain obscure. According to Chinese chronicles, they were originally a tribe living to the north of the Great Wall and were known as Hoa or Hoa-tun. Elsewhere they were called White Huns, known to the Greeks as Hephthalite and the Indians as the Turukshas
Hepp-Hepp-Krawalle(German pl.) Hep-Hep riots (early 19th-century pogroms against German Jews)
Heptachord(English, German m.) the interval of a seventh (heptachord), a collection of seven diatonic notes (heptatonic scale)
(English) an instrument having seven strings, a seventh chord
Heptachordon(Greek) the major seventh
Heptacorde(French m.) heptachord
Heptacordo(Spanish m.) heptachord
Heptadecagon(in geometry) or 17-gon, a seventeen-sided polygon
Heptadekagon(German n.) heptadecagon
Heptagon(English, German n.) a seven-sided polygon
Heptamérideor eptaméride, 1/301 part of an octave. Both spellings are used by Sauveur (see méride and savart). Sauveur's rule to find the number of heptamérides of intervals smaller than 7/6 is as follows: multiply the difference of numerator and denominator with 875 and divide by the sum of numerator and denominator and round the result to the nearest integer. This is known as the bimodular method of approximating logarithms and can be used for other measures as well
Heptameteralso called 'septenary', a line consisting of seven metrical feet
Heptanesian cantatha(Greek) or Eptanissian song', an urban popular song usually sung by three male voices in chorus, it is characterized by simple harmonic improvisations and accompanied by guitar, mandolin or other similar instruments. Although Italian music greatly influenced this serenading type of music with its sweet, nostalgic melody and romantic words based primarily on love, it originated in Kephalonia. at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Due to its popularity, it spread rapidly to other Ionian islands, especially Zakynthos and Kerkyra before eventually reaching the mainland of Greece
Heptarchie(German f.) heptarchy
Heptarchythe seven territories or kingdoms making up Anglo-Saxon England, namely, Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Kent, Essex, Sussex, and Wessex
Heptatonia secondaascending melodic minor scale
Heptatonic scalea scale of seven notes
Heptatonik(German f.) heptatonic
heptatonisch(German) heptatonic
her(German) fro
Hera(English, German f.) Greek Mythology. The goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth; the wife and sister of Zeus
herab(German) down
herabblicken(German) to look down
herabdrücken(German) to press down, to depress
herabdrückend(German) pressing down
Herabfallen(German n.) falling off
herabfallend(German) falling
herabgedrückt(German) pressed down
herabgehängt(German) sagged
herabgelassen(German) lowered
herabgesetzt(German) at a discount, at a reduction, knocked down, degraded, reduced, lowered, commuted, depreciated (in worth), disparaged
herabgesetzter Preis (s.), herabgesetzte Preise (pl.)(German m.) bargain price, marked-down price
herabgesetzter Tarif(German m.) reduced rate
herabgesetztes Gehalt(German n.) reduced salary
herabgesetzte Version(German f.) cut-rate version
herabgesetzte Ware (s.), herabgesetzte Waren (pl.)(German f.) cut-price line, cut-price goods (plural form)
herabgestiegen(German) climbed down
herabhandeln(German) to beat down, to cheapen
herabhängen(German) to droop, to dangle (towards observer)
herabhängend(German) droopy, sagging, drooping, droopily, dangly
herabhängender(German) droopier
herabklettern(German) to come down
herabkommen(German) to come down
herabkühlen(German) to cool down (lowering of temperature)
Herabkunft(German f.) descent (for exmaple, of the Holy Spirit)
herablassen(German) to let down, to lower
herablassend(German) condescending, condescendingly, high and mighty, deigning, patronising, contemptuous, disdainfully, disdainful, patronisingly, supercilious, dismissively, cavalierly (arrogantly)
herablassende Haltung(German f.) air of condescension
herablassender(German) more patronising
herablassender Ton(German m.) condescending tone
herablassendes Lächeln(German n.) condescending smile, deprecating smile
herablassendste(German) most patronising
herablassend nicken(German) to give a condescending nod
Herablassung(German f.) condescension, condescendence
herabmindern(German) to belittle, to disparage, to minimise (problem, difficulty, etc.)
herabregnen(German) to shower down
Herabschätzung(German f.) slight
herabscheinen auf(German) to shine down on
herabschießen(German) to swoop
herabsehen (auf)(German) to look down (at)
herabsehend(German) looking down at
Herabsenkung(German f.) depression (dejection)
herabsetzbar(German) depreciable
herabsetzen(German) to degrade, to depreciate, to disparage, to belittle, to remit (reduce), to reduce, to decrease, to abate, to bring down, to cheapen, to curtail, to depress, to lessen, to lower, to mark down, to price down, to cut (reduce), to diminish (price, authority), to level down (prices), to deflate (prices)
herabsetzend(German) degrading, depreciating, detractive, disparaging, pejorative, depreciatory
herabsetzende Bemerkung(German f.) put-down
Herabsetzung (s.), Herabsetzungen (pl.)(German f.) abatement, decrement, detraction, curtailment, debasement, degradation, mark-down, reduction, decrease, put-down (colloquial), depreciation, disparagement
Herabsetzung der Ware(German f.) slander of goods
Herabsetzung des Rentenalters(German f.) lowering of the retirement age
Herabsetzung durch falsche Darstellung(German f.) defamation
Herabsetzung von Preisen(German f.) mark-down (prices)
herabsinken(German) to degenerate, to decay
herabsinkend(German) degenerative, alighting
herabsteigen(German) to climb down, to come down, to descend (from)
herabsteigend(German) climbing down
herabsteigen von(German) to descend from
herabstrich(German) down-bow on a violin or viola
herabstufen(German) to downgrade, to degrade
Herabstufung(German f.) demotion, downgrading
Herabstürzen(German n.) precipitation
herabstürzen(German) to come crashing down, to descend rapidly (avalanche), to come rushing down (rocks, water, etc.), to cascade (waterfall, etc.)
herabtropfend(German) dripping down
herabwünschen(German) to imprecate
herabwünschend(German) imprecating
herabwürdigen(German) to debase, to vilify, to disparage, to vulgarise, to degrade
herabwürdigend(German) derogatory, derogative, degrading
herabwürdigende Bemerkung(German f.) abusive remark
Herabwürdigung(German f.) prostitution, vilification
herabziehen(German) to pull down
Heraclides, Ponticus
(387-312 BC)
also known as Heraklides, a Greek philosopher who lived and died at Heraclea, now Eregli, Turkey, the first to state that the earth rotates on its axis
(c.535-c.475 BC)
Greek philosopher of Ephesus
Heraea Gamesdedicated to the goddess Hera (also spelled Heraia) these Games were the first sanctioned (and recorded) women's athletic competition to be held in the stadium at Olympia, possibly in the Olympic year, prior to the men's events. It is dated as early as the 6th century BC
Heräen(German pl.) Heraea Games
Herakles(German m.) Heracles
Heraklestaten(German pl.) labours of Hercules
Herakliden(German pl.) Heraclides (descendants of Hercules)
Heraklides(English, German m.)
Heraklit(German m.) Heraclitus
heraklitisch(German) Heraclitean
Heraldic compositionin art, a composition that is symmetrical on either side of a central figure
Heraldik(German f.) heraldry
heraldisch(German) heraldic
Heraldrythe study of coats-of-arms and aristocratic insignia, or the creation of such items according to medieval custom
heranbilden(German) to train (up)
Heranbildung des Führungsnachwuchses(German f.) management development
heranbrausend(German) onrushing
heranbringen(German) to transport to the spot, to bring on
heranbringend(German) transporting to the spot
heranfahren(German) to pull over
heranfahren an(German) to track in on
heranführen(German) to lead to
herangebracht(German) transported to the spot
Herangehen(German n.) approach
herangehen(German) to approach, to go up
Herangehen an(German n.) approach to
Herangehensweise(German f.) approach, strategy, take
herangekommen(German) come near
herangeschlichen(German) sneaked up to
herangetragen werden(German) to waft
herangezogen(German) consulted
herankommen(German) to close in, to come on
herankommend(German) coming near
Herannahen(German n.) approach
herannahen(German) to approach, to come nearer
herannahend(German) approaching (storm)
heranorgelnde Granate(German f.) whistling incoming shell
heranpreschend(German) onrushing
heranreichen an(German) to touch
heranreiten(German) to ride up (on horse)
heranrücken(German) to approach, to move closer
heranrückender Sturm(German m.) advancing storm, approaching storm
heranschleichen(German) to sneak up to, to sneak, to stalk
heranschleichend(German) sneaking, sneaking up to, stalking
Heranschnitt(German m.) cut-in (film editing)
heranstürmend(German) fast-approaching
herantraben(German) to trot up
heranwachen(German) to stay up late expectantly
Heranwachsen(German n.) growing up
heranwachsen(German) to grow up
heranwachsend(German) adolescent, growing up
Heranwachsender (m.), Heranwachsende (f.), Heranwachsende (pl.)(German) adolescent, youth
heranziehen(German) to pull up, to raise, to grow, to adduct, to bring up (children), to use (evidence, resources), to gather (clouds), to call on
heranziehende Wolken(German pl.) gathering clouds
Heranziehung(German f.) citation (of)
heranzoomen(German) to zoom in
heranzüchten(German) to rear, to cultivate
herauf(German) upstairs, up, uphill, upwards
heraufbeschworen(German) evoked
heraufbeschwören(German) to conjure up, to provoke, to magic up, to evoke, to summon (evoke, provoke), to invoke (spirits)
heraufbeschwörend(German) evocative
heraufbitten(German) to ask up, to invite up
heraufbringen(German) to bring up
herauffahren(German) to drive up, to ride up
heraufgehen(German) to ascend
heraufgekommen(German) come up
heraufgezogen(German) pulled up
heraufkommen(German) to come up
heraufkommend(German) coming up
Heraufladen(German n.) upload (process of uploading), uploading
heraufpumpen(German) to pump up
heraufreden(German) to talk up
heraufrufen(German) to call up
heraufschalten(German) to gear up, to shift up (car), to change up (car)
heraufschrauben(German) to level up (price)
heraufsetzen(German) to raise, to scale up, to price up, to up (to raise)
Heraufsetzung(German f.) markup
Heraufsetzung der Ansprüche(German f.) upgrading of requirements
heraufspielen(German) to talk up
heraufsteigen(German) to walk up (towards me), to dawn (day, era), to break (dawn), to well up (memories, etc.)
heraufstrich(German) up-bow on a violin or viola
heraufwachsend(German) growing up on
heraufziehen(German) to pull up, to loom (storm), to draw near, to draw night (literary), to gather (storm), to dawn (day, era)
[entry partly provided by Michael Zapf]
heraufziehend(German) pulling up, looming, approaching (storm, thunderstorm)
heraus(German) forth, out
herausarbeiten(German) to work out (bring about by work, effort or action), to carve out (wood, stone)
herausbekommen(German) to get out, to find out (detect, determine), to figure out, to glean (information)
herausbilden(German) to evolve
Herausbildung(German f.) forming, development
herausbohren(German) to gouge out
herausbrechen(German) to break out, to quarry, to lever out, to quarry out
herausbringen(German) to bring out, to issue, to produce
herausbringen aus(German) to sift from
herausbringend(German) bringing out
herausdrehen(German) to unscrew
herausdrücken(German) to press out
Herausfallen(German n.) dropping out
herausfallen(German) to drop out, to fall out
herausfiltern(German) to filter out, to sift out (also figurative), to select
herausfiltern aus(German) to filter from, to select from
herausfinden(German) to spy out, to spot, to find out (ascertain), to come to know, to make out, to search out, to sift out, to work out (find the answer to something), to figure out (ascertain)
herausfinden, dass(German) to suss (out) that (colloquial)
herausfinden, wann der Zug abfährt(German) to find out when the train starts, to find out when the train departs, to find out when the train leaves
herausfinden, woher der Wind bläst(German) to find out how the wind blows
herausfindend(German) finding out
Herausforderer (m.), Herausforderin (f.), Herausforderer (pl.), Herausforderinnen ( challenger, contender, defier
herausfordern(German) to defy, to challenge, to provoke, to ask for, to brave, to call out
herausfordernd(German) challenging, defying, defiantly, defiant, provocative, provoking, provocatively, teasingly (provocatively), challengingly, arrogant, inviting
herausfordernde Haltung(German f.) defiantness
herausfordernde Idee(German f.) challenging idea
herausfordernder Blick(German m.) provoking look, come-hither look
herausforderndes Projekt(German n.) challenging project
herausforderndes Verhalten(German n.) defiantness
Herausforderung (s.), Herausforderungen (pl.)(German f.) challenge, defiance, provocation, dare (challenge), call out (duel)
Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts(German pl.) challenges of the 21st century
herausfühlen(German) to sense
Herausgabe (s.), Herausgaben (pl.)(German f.) issuance, publishing, surrender, redaction (a book)
Herausgabeanordnung(German f.) production order
herausgearbeitet(German) worked out, carved out (wood, stone)
Herausgeben(German n.) editing
herausgeben(German) to edit, to publish, to issue, to redact, to put out, to release, to bring out
(German) to hand over, to give change (in return for sum proffered), to surrender, to return (give back)
herausgebend(German) surrendering, redacting, releasing
Herausgeber (m.), Herausgeberin (f.), Herausgeber (pl.), Herausgeberinnen ( editor, editress (f.), publisher, anthologist [entry corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
see Redakteur
Herausgeberschaft(German f.) publishership
Herausgeber- und Mitarbeiterverzeichnis(German n.) credits
herausgebildet(German) evolved
herausgebracht(German) brought out
herausgedrängt(German) squeezed out
herausgefischt(German) fished out (colloquial)
herausgefordert(German) challenged, defied
herausgeforderte Person(German f.) challengee (the person challenged)
herausgefunden(German) found out
herausgegeben(German) surrendered, released, redacted, edited, published, published by
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
see publiziert
herausgegeben von ...(German) edited by ...., published by ...
herausgegriffen(German) picked
herausgehen(German) to come off, to come out
herausgehoben(German) stressed (accentuated)
herausgekommen(German) come out
herausgenommen(German) taken out
herausgeplatzt(German) blurted out
herausgeputzt(German) smartened, tarted up, bedizened, dandified
herausgeputzt sein wie ein Pfau(German) to be (all) dressed up to the nines, to be (all) dolled up to the nines, to be dressed up like a peacock
herausgeputzt sein wie ein Zirkuspferd(German) to be dolled up like a dog's dinner, to be dressed up like a dog's dinner
herausgeragt(German) projected, risen
herausgerissen(German) torn out, ripped out
herausgerissene Seite(German f.) torn-out page
herausgerufen(German) called out
herausgerutscht(German) slipped out
herausgesägt(German) sawn out
herausgeschält(German) emerged
herausgeschmückt(German) decked out
herausgeschrien(German) vociferated
herausgesprungen(German) jumped out
herausgestellt(German) exposed, put out
herausgestreckt(German) puffed out, protruded
herausgestreckte Zunge(German f.) outstretched tongue
herausgewachsen aus(German) outgrown (clothes)
herausgewagt(German) ventured out
herausgewunken werden(German) to be flagged down (by the police)
herausgreifen(German) to single out
herausgreifend(German) picking
heraushalten(German) to keep out of something
heraushämmern(German) to beat out, to hammer out
heraushängen(German) to stick out, to hang out (towards observer), to loll (tongue)
heraushauen(German) to quarry out
herausheben(German) to lift out, to single out (emphasise), to haul out (a boat), to bring out (to make clear), to stress
Herausholen(German n.) extraction (of confession, money)
herausholen(German) to retrieve (to bring back out of a place), to haul out, to withdraw
Herausholung (s.), Herausholungen (pl.)(German f.) elicitation
herausjagen (aus)(German) to put to rout
herauskippen(German) to tilt out
herauskitzeln(German) to tease out (figurative), to winkle (out) (rare: information, facts)
herausklappen(German) to swing out, to pull out (to extend outwards), to unfold
herausklatschen(German) curtain call
herauskommen(German) to issue, to be published, to come forth, to come out, to come up, to get out, to result, to seep out, to out, to come to light (figurative), to emerge, to eventuate (formal)
herauskommend(German) coming out
herauskommen sollen(German) to be due out (magazine, CD, etc.)
herauskonfigurieren(German) to unconfigure
herauskopieren(German) to copy out
herauslassen(German) to let out (air, dress)
herauslesen(German) to read out
Herauslocken(German n.) elicitation
herauslocken(German) to decoy a person out, to elicit
Herauslocker(German m.) elicitor
herauslösen(German) to liberate, to dissolve out, to unhinge
herausmarschieren(German) to debouch
herausmessen(German) to size off
Heraus mit der Sprache!(German) Spit it out! Come out with it! Speak up!
Herausnahme(German f.) removal
herausnehmbar(German) removable
Herausnehmen(German n.) extraction, detachment
herausnehmen(German) to take out, to gut (fish), to draw (chicken, etc.), to fleece (familiar), to rarefy, to unbag, to uncase, to abstract (draw out), to remove, to take from, to detach
[clarified by Michael Zapf]
herausnehmend(German) taking out
herauspicken(German) to choose, to pick out
herausplatzen(German) to burst out laughing
herausplatzen(German) to blurt, to blunder out
herausplatzend(German) blurting, blurting out
herausplatzen mit(German) to blurt out
herauspräparieren(German) to extract surgically
herauspressen(German) to screw out
herauspumpen(German) to evacuate, to pump out
herausputzen(German) to bedizen, to dandify, to smarten, to smarten up, to array
herausputzend(German) dandifying
herausquellen(German) to well forth, to ooze out, to ooze
herausquetschen(German) to squeeze out
Herausragen(German n.) saliency, protrusion
herausragen(German) to jut, to protrude, to stick up, to stick out, to project, to shoot out, to stand out, to poke out, to be proud (protrude), to stand proud (nail, etc.), to rise
herausragend(German) projecting, jutting, outstanding, prominent, shining, singular, protruding, excellent, rising, stellar, pre-eminent, proud (protruding), preeminent, larger-than-life, summa cum laude (US: outstanding)
herausragende Bedeutung(German f.) outstanding importance
herausragende Persönlichkeit(German f.) outstanding personality, leading light
herausragende Position(German f.) high position, prominent position
herausragendes Beispiel(German n.) signal example
(herausragendes) Können(German n.) mastery
herausragendes Talent(German n.) shining talent
herausragendes Teil(German n.) protruding part
herausragen über(German) to rise above
herausrechnen(German) to subtract out
herausreden(German) to make excuses
herausreißen(German) to pull out (to extract), to tear out, to root out, to root up, to rip out
herausreißend(German) tearing out, ripping out, rooting out
herausretuschieren(German) to airbrush out (also figurative)
Herausrollen(German n.) rolling out
herausrollen(German) to roll out
herausrücken(German) to debouch
herausrufen(German) to call out
herausrufend(German) calling out
herausrutschen(German) to slip out
heraussägen(German) to saw out
herausschaffen(German) to bring out
herausschaufeln(German) to roll out
herausschießen(German) to shoot out, to sluice out, to spout (water), to leap out (flames), to shoot out (flames)
herausschlagen(German) to drive out
herausschmuggeln(German) to smuggle out
herausschneiden(German) to resect, to cut out, to excise (cut out)
herausschneidend(German) resecting
herausschöpfen(German) to bail out
herausschrauben(German) to unscrew
herausschreiben(German) to write out
herausschreiend(German) vociferating
herausschwenken(German) to pan
heraussickern(German) to seep out, to ooze out
herausspringen(German) to jump out, to exit, to hop out, to yield (profit)
Herausspringen der Kniescheibe(German n.) dislocation of the patella
herausspringend(German) jumping out
herausspritzen(German) to spout, to squirt, to spout out, to spurt
herausspritzen aus(German) to spurt from
herausspritzend(German) spouting, squirting
heraussprudeln(German) to bluster forth, to bluster out, to bubble out, to spout, to gush (out) (liquid)
herausspucken(German) to spit out
herausstechen(German) to stand out, to protrude (figurative), to shine out, to stick out
herausstehen(German) to stick up, to stick out, to protrude, to stand out (protrude)
herausstehend(German) salient
herausstellen(German) to expose, to emphasise, to underline, to put out (ready)
herausstellend(German) exposing, putting out
Herausstellung(German f.) singularisation
herausstemmen(German) to lever out
herausstolzieren(German) to flounce out
herausstottern(German) to stutter out
herausstrecken(German) to protrude
herausstreckend(German) protruding
herausstreichen(German) to blazon abroad, to blazon forth, to boast, to stress
herausströmen(German) to ooze out, to stream out, to pour out, to gush out
herausströmend(German) gushing
herausstürzen(German) to bolt out (rush out)
heraussuchen(German) to seek out, to pick out, to select, to choose, to single out
heraustragen(German) to bring out
heraustreiben(German) to charm a thing out of a person
heraustrennen (aus)(German) to separate (from)
heraustreten(German) to step out
herausverlagern(German) to outsource
herausverlangen(German) to reclaim
herauswachsen(German) to outgrow
herauswachsen aus ...(German) to grow out of ... (something)
herauswachsend(German) growing out
herauswagen(German) to venture, to venture out
herauswagend(German) venturing (out)
herauswickeln(German) to untuck
herauswindend(German) squirming
herauswinken(German) to flag down
herauszaubern(German) to charm
herausziehbar(German) extensible (pull-out)
herausziehbarer Griff(German m.) retractable handle
Herausziehen(German n.) extraction
herausziehen(German) to yank, to extract, to abstract, to extract from, to pull out (to extract), to extricate
herausziehend(German) pulling out, yanking, extractive, unplugging
herauszoomen(German) to zoom out
herauszüchten(German) to breed out
herb(German) harsh, harshly, tart (flavour), tartly, sour, dry, bitter, not sweet, brut (of wine, especially champagne), rough, austere (manner)
Herbarium (s.), Herbaria (pl.), Herbarien (German pl.)(English, German n., Latin) a collection of plants, originally dried, systematically arranged
(German n.), herbal
Herbartianpertaining to the German philosopher Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841), or to his system of philosophy
Herbartianer(German m.) Herbartian
Herbe(German f.) acerbity, austerity
herbe Enttäuschung(German f.) bitter disappointment
herbefehlen(German) to summon
herbefohlen(German) summoned
herbeibringen(German) to bring, to bring on, to fetch up
herbeieilen(German) to come running
herbeieilend(German) coming running
herbeiführen(German) to precipitate, to induce, to bring about, to bring to pass, to cause, to effect
herbeiführend(German) precipitating
Herbeiführung(German f.) bringing about
herbeigeführt(German) precipitated, brought about
herbeigeführt durch(German) brought about by
herbeigelaufen kommen(German) to come running
herbeigerufen(German) sent for, hailed
herbeigesehnt(German) long yearned for
herbeigezaubert(German) conjured
herbeiholen(German) to fetch
herbeirufen(German) to send for, to call forth, to call in, to call, to summon
herbeirufend(German) sending for
herbeiwinken(German) to beckon, to flag down (taxi)
herbeizaubern(German) to conjure, to conjure up, to knock up
herbeiziehen(German) to attract
Herbeiziehung(German f.) citation, enlisting (help)
herbeizitieren(German) to summon
herber(German) drier (wine)
Herberge (s.), Herbergen (pl.)(German f.) harbourage, hostel, shelter, lodging house, hostelry (archaic)
Herberge einer Poststation(German f.) coaching inn
herber Geschmack(German m.) harsh taste
Herbergseltern(German pl.) youth hostel wardens
Herbergsgast(German m.) (youth) hosteller
Herbergssuche(German f.) Joseph and Mary asking for lodging (Christmas custom)
Herbergsvater(German m.) warden, warden of a youth hostel
herber Schock(German m.) rude shock
herbestellen(German) to ask to come
herbestellt(German) asked to come
herbeten(German) to rattle off (colloquial)
Herbheit(German f.) acerbity, acridness, sourness
Herbivore (s.), Herbivoren (pl.)(German m.) herbivore
Herbivorie(German f.) herbivory
Herbizid (s.), Herbizide (pl.)(German n.) herbicide, weed killer
herbizidtolerant(German) herbicide-tolerant
herbringen(German) to bring
Herb salta salt flavoured with herbs
Herbst(German m.) autumn, harvest, fall (autumn)
Herbst-(German) autumnal
Herbstabend(German m.) autumn evening, autumn eve (chiefly literary)
Herbstanfang(German m.) beginning of autumn
Herbstäquinoktium(German n.) autumnal equinox
Herbstbeginn(German m.) beginning of autumn
Herbstblatt (s.), Herbstblätter (pl.)(German n.) autumn leaf
Herbstblume(German f.) autumn flower
herbste(German) driest
Herbstfarbe (s.), Herbstfarben (pl.)(German f.) autumnal colour, autumn colour
Herbstfärbung(German f.) autumn tints, autumn colouring
Herbstferien(German pl.) autumn holiday, autumn vacation
Herbsthimmel(German m.) autumn sky
Herbsthochwasser(German n.) autumn flood
Herbstkalender(German m.) autumn calendar
Herbstkatalog(German m.) autumn catalogue
Herbstkleidung(German f.) autumn wear
Herbstkollektion(German f.) autumn collection
Herbstlandschaft(German f.) autumn landscape, autumn scenery
Herbstlaub(German n.) autumn foliage, autumn leaves
herbstlich(German) autumn, autumnal, autumnally, autumn-like
herbstliche Dunkelheit(German f.) autumn darkness
herbstliche Kälte(German f.) autumnal cold
herbstliche Tag-und-Nachtgleiche(German f.) autumnal equinox
Herbstlied(German n.) autumn song
Herbstmesse(German f.) Autumn Fair
Herbstmode(German f.) autumn fashion
Herbstmonate(German pl.) autumn months
Herbstmond(German m.) harvest moon, month of September (old name)
Herbstmorgen(German m.) autumn morning
Herbstnachmittag(German m.) autumn afternoon
Herbstnacht(German f.) autumn night
Herbstpflanzen(German pl.) autumn plants
Herbstregen(German m.) autumn rain
Herbstrose(German f.) hollyhock (Alcea rosea)
Herbstsaat(German f.) autumn sowing
Herbstsaison(German f.) autumn season
Herbstsemester(German n.) Michaelmas term (legal, college), fall term, autumn term, autumn semester
Herbstsonne(German f.) autumn sun
Herbststimmung(German f.) autumnal atmosphere
Herbststurm(German m.) autumn storm
Herbsttag (s.), Herbsttage (pl.)(German m.) autumn day, day in autumn, autumnal day
Herbst-Tagundnachtgleiche(German f.) autumn equinox
Herbsttrimester(German n.) autumn term
Herbstwetter(German n.) autumn weather, autumnal weather
Herbstwind(German m.) autumn wind
Herbstwoche(German f.) week in (the) autumn
Herbstzeit(German f.) autumn time
Herbstzeitlose(German f.) autumn crocus, meadow saffron, naked lady (Colchicum autumnale)
hercio (s.), hercios (pl.)(Spanish m.) hertz, Hz (unit of frequency = 1 cycle per second)
Herd (s.), Herde (pl.)(German m.) stove, hearth, cooker, fireside, cockle, range (cooker), lesion, focus, epicentre, seat (focus)
Herdapfel(German m. - Switzerland) potato
Herdboden(German m.) hearth
Herdbuch (s.), Herdenbücher (pl.)(German n.) stud book, breed registry, herd book (for cattle, etc.)
Herdbuchführung(German f.) herd registry
Herde (s.), Herden (pl.)(German f.) herd, drove, fold (deer), flock (sheep)
Herd einer Infektion(German m.) seat of an infection
Herde Känguruhs(German f. - old form) mob of kangaroos
Herde Kängurus(German f.) mob of kangaroos
herdenartig zusammenhaltend(German) gregarious
Herdendenken(German n.) herd thinking
Herdengeist(German m.) herd mentality
Herdenglocke(German f.) cowbell (also percussion instrument)
Herdengröße(German f.) size of the herd
Herdenhaltung(German f.) herding
Herdeninstinkt(German m.) herd instinct
Herdenleben(German n.) herd life
Herdentier(German n.) gregarious animal
Herdentrieb(German m.) herd instinct
Herdenvieh(German n.) the herd (derogatory)
herdenweise(German) in herds
Herde von 50 Stück Vieh(German f.) herd of 50 head of cattle
Herde von Milchkühen(German f.) dairy herd
Herdfeuer(German n.) open hearth
herdförmig(German) focal
Herdinfektion(German f.) focal infection
Herdöpfel(German m. - Switzerland) potato
Herdplatte(German f.) hotplate, stove top, hob (hotplate)
Herdringen manuscripts 9820/9821copied by a German speaker probably in the 1540s, the Herdringen manuscripts 9820 and 9821 contain some sixty works presented in score. The selection of pieces is rather different from that of most other retrospective collections of these years, such as those of the Glareanus circle or the printers in Nuremberg and Frankfurt. The works of Josquin chosen include otherwise unknown or obscure chansons and the motet Misericordias Domini as well as his four-voice En l'ombre d'ung buissonet ascribed to Ockeghem. And they appear alongside a surprising group of works by Agricola, Brumel, Antoine de Févin and others, including many apparently unknown pieces. The books represent what is, in the context of other known collections, a fresh and original view of the years around 1500. In addition, the copyist plainly looked at the works with an analytical intent. Marks on the scores draw attention to parallel movement, difficult suspensions, odd simultaneities, and so on
Herdruk(Dutch) reprint
Herdsteuer(German f.) hearth tax
Herd und Heim verteidigen(German) to defend hearth and home
hereditär(German) hereditary
Heredität(German f.) heredity
Hereditythe process by which characteristics are transmitted from parent to child by genes
Heredodegeneration(English, German f.) A disease process in which the nervous system progressively and irreversibly deteriorates
Heredofamilial(medicine) of or pertaining to a disease or disorder having a familial pattern of occurrence and thought
heredofamiliär(German) heredofamilial
herein(German) in
Herein!(German) Come in! In!
hereinbekommen(German) to get in (colloquial: fresh stocks, etc.)
hereinbittend(German) inviting in
Hereinbrechen(German n.) irruption
hereinbrechen(German) to befall
hereinbrechend(German) befalling, irruptive, onrushing
hereinbrechende Dunkelheit(German f.) falling night
hereinbringen(German) to introduce, to bring in
hereindrängen(German) to pile (colloquial)
hereinfallen(German) to fall into a trap
hereinfallend(German) being taken in
hereinfegen(German) to breeze in
hereinführen(German) to show in, to usher in
hereinführend(German) showing in
hereingebeten(German) invited in
hereingebracht(German) brought in
hereingebrochen(German) befallen
hereingefallen(German) been taken in
hereingefallen sein(German) to be taken in, to be bitten (figurative)
hereingeflitzt kommen(German) to dart in
hereingeführt(German) shown in
hereingehen(German) to go in, to go inside
hereingekommen(German) come in
hereingelegt(German) cheated, deceived, taken in
hereingelegt werden(German) to be fooled, to be taken in, to be tricked, to get suckered (colloquial)
hereingeplatzt(German) burst in
hereingeschaut(German) looked in
hereingeschnauft kommen(German) to come in panting
hereingeschneit(German) snowed into
hereingeschossen kommen(German) to dash in
hereinholen(German) to canvass, to rack up
hereinkommen(German) to come inside, to step in, to enter, to walk in, to roll in (figurative: money, profits, etc.)
hereinkommend(German) coming in, incoming, inward bound
hereinkommende Nachricht(German f.) breaking story
hereinkommender Anruf(German m.) inbound call
hereinkommender Ruf(German m.) inbound call
hereinkommen zu(German) to come in for
hereinlassen(German) to admit to, to let in, to admit, to show in
hereinlegen(German) to trick, to take in, to hoodwink, to double-deal, to bite (colloquial: cheat)
hereinlegend(German) taking in
hereinlocken(German) to decoy a person in
Hereinnahme(German f.) acceptance, taking in, introduction
Hereinnahme(German f.) ehrenhalber acceptance for honour
hereinnehmen(German) to take in
Hereinnehmer(German m.) taker
Hereinnahme {f} von Einlagen(German f.) deposit taking
hereinplatzen(German) to bolt in (rush in), to burst in, to break in on, to barge in (colloquial: abruptly enter)
hereinplatzend(German) bursting in
hereinrufen(German) to call in
hereinschauen(German) to look in, to drop by, to drop in, to come by
hereinschauend(German) looking in
hereinschaufeln(German) to roll in
hereinschicken(German) to send in
hereinschießen(German) to dart in, to dash in
hereinschleichen(German) to sneak in, to creep in, to slip in
hereinschneien(German) to snow into, to turn up unexpectedly, to drop in
hereinschneiend(German) snowing into
hereinschweben(German) to sail in (colloquial: enter)
hereinspaziert kommen(German) to wander in
hereinstolzieren(German) to flounce in, to strut in
hereinströmen(German) to roll in (crowds of people, etc.)
hereinstürmen(German) to come rushing in
hereinstürzen(German) to dash into, to bolt in (rush in)
hereintragen(German) to carry in
hereintreten(German) to step in, to step inside
hereintrudelnd(German) inswinging
hereinwählen(German) to vote in
hereinziehen(German) to draw in, to come in (wind, breeze)
hereinzoomen(German) to zoom in
Herero(English, German n.) the Bantu language of a pastoral people living in Namibia, Botswana, and Angola
Heresiarchthe founder or head of a heresy or heretical sect
Heresiographya treatise on heresy, a systematic exposition on heresy
Heresiologythe study of heresy
Heresy(from Greek, 'choice') the formal denial or doubt of any defined doctrine of the church
Hereticperson who has expressed formal denial or doubt of any defined doctrine of the church
Herfahrt(German f.) journey here
herfallen über(German) to attack, to infest
herfinden(German) to find one's way here
Hergang(German m.) course of events
hergeben(German) to give away, to yield
hergebend(German) giving away
hergebeten(German) invited
hergebracht(German) conventional, brought here
hergebrachte Form(German f.) conventionalism
hergegeben(German) given away
hergehören(German) to be pertinent (to an ongoing discussion)
hergekommen(German) come here
Hergelaufener(German m.) perfect stranger (pejorative)
hergelaufener Kerl(German m.) johnny (slang)
hergeleitet(German) derivated
hergemacht(German) set about
hergenommen(German) taken from
hergerichtet(German) arranged
hergerufen(German) called over
hergerührt(German) come from
hergeschaut(German) looked here
Hergeschaut!(German) Look here!
hergesehen(German) looked here
hergestellt(German) constructed, fashioned, made, compounded, manufactured, produced
hergestellte Menge(German f.) manufactured quantity, produced quantity
hergestellt von(German) produced by, made by
hergewagt(German) ventured to come near
hergezogen(German) pulled near
Herhaal(Dutch) repeat
Herhaling(Dutch) repetition, reprise
herhalten(German) to serve as something
herhören(German) to pay attention by listening (attentive)
Hering (s.), Heringe (pl.)(German m.) herring, tent peg
Heringsfilet(German n.) herring filet
Heringsfischer(German pl.) herring fishermen
Heringssalat(German m.) pickled herring salad
Heringszeit(German f.) herring season
herinnen(German - Southern Germany, Austria) in here
Heriot(Anglo-Saxon here + geatwe, "army-gear") Heriot has two different meanings, depending upon whether we speak of the early Anglo-Saxon period or the later part of the medieval period. In its earliest sense, heriot was the gift of arms and armour an Anglo-Saxon chieftain or hlaford would give to his thegn, a warrior who vowed to serve him, to fight for him, and to avenge his master's death. Upon the thegn's death, the heriot would return to the hlaford. This gift of weaponry was a essential part of Anglo-Saxon warrior culture. In later historical periods, when the custom of direct military service became less vital, heriot degenerated into a tribute or service given to a lord on the death of his tenant, in which the eldest son of the tenant would provide the service much like the eldest son of the ancient thegn might return the arms and armour to the chieftain who originally gave it to the thegn
Heritage Craft Schoolestablished in Chailey, Sussex, in 1903 as a spin off from the Bermondsey Settlement, set up by Grace Kimmins under the banner of the "Guild of the Brave Poor Things". The Heritage Craft Schools and Hospitals for Cripples believed that disabled children could not be trained to their full capacity in city slums and so set up residential schools in the country. The Guild motto was "Happy in My Lot"
Herkommen(German n.) convention, conventionality
herkommen(German) to come, to come of, to come here, to come from, to hail from
herkommend(German) coming here
herkommen von(German) to come here, to come from, to hail from
herkömmlich(German) conventionally, customarily, traditionally, conventional, customary, traditional, time-honoured, plain old
herkömmliche Gewohnheiten(German pl.) accepted customs
herkömmliche Meinung(German f.) accepted opinion, conventional wisdom
herkömmliche Methoden(German pl.) conventional methods
herkömmlicherweise(German) traditionally
Herkömmlichkeit(German f.) conventionality
Herkules(German m.) Hercules, Heracles
Herkulesarbeit(German f.) Herculean task (figurative)
Herkules-Aufgabe(German f.) Herculean task
Herkulestat(German f.) Herculean effort
herkulisch(German) Herculean
Herkunft(German f.) descent, parentage, provenance, sources, origin, birth, fountain, ancestry, point of origin, source (money, capital, revenue, etc.), extraction (ancestry), derivation, background (for example, to be of German background), nativity, stock (descent)
Herkunftsangabe(German f.) indication of source
herkunftsbedingt(German) class-related
Herkunftsbezeichnung(German f.) designation of origin
herkunftsbezogen(German) source-related
Herkunftsfamilie(German f.) family of origin
Herkunftsgarantie(German f.) guarantee of origin
Herkunftsgebiet(German n.) region of origin
Herkunftskennzeichnung(German f.) mark of origin
Herkunftskultur(German f.) culture of origin
Herkunftsland(German n.) country of origin, state of origin, country of provenance, home country, the old country (familiar)
Herkunftsnachweis(German m.) proof of origin
Herkunftsort(German m.) place of origin, point of origin
Herkunftssprache(German f.) language of the old country
Herkunftsstaat(German m.) country of origin
Herkunftstäuschung(German f.) mispresentation of origin
Herkunftswörterbuch(German n.) dictionary of etymology, etymological dictionary
Herkunftszeugnis(German n.) certificate of origin
herlaufend(German) running here
herleiern(German) to drone
herleihen(German) to lend
herleitbar(German) deducible
herleiten(German) to affiliate, to deduce, to establish (a bound)
herleiten aus(German) to deduce from
herleitend(German) deriving
herleiten von(German) to derive from, to deduce from
Herleitung(German f.) derivation
Herleving(Dutch) revival
Herm (s.), Herma (pl.), Hermai (pl.)in Greco-Roman archeology, a herm is a stone, bronze, or terracotta marker - originally placed at cross-roads or at estate and territorial boundaries, though in classical Athens, homeowners would erect herma outside the entrances of their houses for good luck
hermachend(German) setting about
Hermana(Spanish f.) sister
Hermanastro(Spanish m.) stepbrother
Hermanastra(Spanish f.) stepsister
Hermannor HV (Herrman-Verzeichnis), reference to Hildegard Hermann's Thematisches Verzeignis der Werke von Joseph Eybler (pub. Munich, 1976)
(German m.) Herman
Hermannsschlacht(German f.) Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
described as clades Variana, the Varian disaster by Roman historians) took place in AD 9 when an alliance of Germanic tribes led by Arminius (also known as "Hermann"), the son of Segimer of the Cherusci, ambushed and destroyed three Roman legions
Hermano(Spanish m.) brother
Hermaphrodit(German m.) hermaphrodite
hermaphroditisch(German) hermaphrodite, hermaphroditic
Hermaphroditismus(German m.) hermaphroditism
Hermelin(German m.) ermine (fur), ermine (Mustela erminea)
Hermelinmantel(German m.) ermine coat
Hermeneut(English, German m.) a practitioner of hermeneutics, someone who interprets texts
Hermeneuticsthe development and study of theories of the interpretation and understanding of texts
Hermeneutik(German f.) hermeneutics, hermeneutic (one strand of interpretation)
Hermeneutiker(German m.) hermeneuticist, hermeneut
hermeneutisch(German) hermeneutic, hermeneutical
Hermes(English, German m.) (Greek mythology) messenger and herald of the gods, god of commerce and cunning and invention and theft, identified with the Roman Mercury
Hermesianisma rationalising theory of the relation of reason to faith, propounded by Georg Hermes (1775-1831), a German Roman Catholic theologian, and accepted by many German Catholics, but condemned after his death by the Holy See
Hermesianismus(German m.) Hermesianism
Hermessäule(German f.) Mercurial statue
Hermesstab(German m.) caduceus (symbol of the medical profession: winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it)
Hermeticismor the Western Hermetic Tradition, a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based primarily upon the Hellenistic Egyptian pseudepigraphical writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus
a historiographical phrase describing the work that attempts to reconstruct the mode of thought held by 17th century scientists. It primarily traces out the connections of Renaissance (16th century) modes of thought with those of the Scientific Revolution (17th century)
(not Hermetism) a poetic movement originating in Italy in the early 20th century. Its works were characterised by unorthodox structure and illogical sequences
Hermetik(German f.) Hermeticism (Western Hermetic Tradition)
hermetisch(German) hermetic, hermetical, hermetically
hermetisch abdichten(German) to seal hermetically
hermetisch abgeriegelt(German) hermetically sealed (figurative: world, existence)
hermetische Abdichtung(German f.) air-tight sealing
hermetische Trennwand(German f.) watertight bulkhead
hermetisch verschlossen(German) air-tight, hermetically sealed
Hermetizität(German f.) hermeticity (the property of being sealed so that the object is gas tight)
hermitesch(German) Hermitian
hermitescher Operator(German m.) Hermitian operator (mathematics)
Hermunduren(German pl.) Hermunduri
Hermundurior Hermanduri, Hermunduri, Hermunduli, Hermonduri, or Hermonduli, an ancient tribe of Germanic people who occupied the area around what is now Thuringia, Saxony, and Northern Bavaria, from the first to the third century. The Thuringii may have been the descendants of the Hermunduri
hermüssen(German) to be a must (colloquial)
hernach(German) hereafter, afterwards, after that
hernehmend(German) taking from
Hernie (s.), Hernien (pl.)(German f.) hernia
hernieder(German) downward
herniederbrennen(German) to beat down (sun)
herniederprasseln(German) to spatter down
Hernienchirurgie(German f.) hernia surgery
Herodes(German m.) Herod
Herodianer(German pl.) Herodians
Herodians(Jewish history) a party among the Jews, composed of partisans of Herod of Galilee
herodisch(German) Herodian
Herodot(German) Herodotus
Heroen(German pl.) heroes
Heroengeschichten(German pl.) heroic tales
Heroicof, fit for, or like a hero, very brave, eroico (Italian), heroisch (German), héroïque (French)
Heroic Age of Greecealso known as the Homeric Age, the period between 1200-800 BC
Heroic couplet(English, Heroic Couplet (German n.) two successive rhyming lines of iambic pentameter. The second line is usually end-stopped. It was common practice to string long sequences of heroic couplets together in a pattern of aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, and so on. Because this practice was especially popular in the Neoclassic Period between 1660 and 1790, the heroic couplet is often called the neoclassic couplet if the poem originates during this time period
Heroicomicala humorous poem taking the conventions of heroic Greek literature and using them to comic effect
Heroicshigh-flown language or sentiments, unduly bold behaviour
Heroin(German f.) heroine
(English, German n.) a white, odourless, bitter crystalline compound, that is derived from morphine and is a highly addictive narcotic
Heroin spritzen(German) to shoot heroin (colloquial)
Heroinabgabe(German f.) heroin distribution, heroin prescription
heroinabhängig(German) addicted to heroin, dependent on heroin, heroin-dependent, heroin-addicted
heroinabhängig sein(German) to be on heroin
Heroinabhängiger (m.), Heroinabhängige (f.)(German) heroin addict
Heroinabhängigkeit(German f.) heroin addiction
Heroindealer(German m.) heroin pusher, heroin dealer
Heroine (s.), Heroinen (German pl.)(English, German f.) a woman noted for courage and daring action, awoman noted for special achievement in a particular field, the principal female character in a work of literature
Heroinentzug(German m.) heroin withdrawal
Heroinhändler(German m.) heroin dealer
Heroinkonsument(German m.) heroin user
Heroinlieferant(German m.) heroin supplier
Heroinrausch(German m.) heroin high
Heroinspritze(German f.) heroin syringe
Heroinsucht(German f.) heroin addiction, addiction to heroin
heroinsüchtig(German) addicted to heroin, heroin-addicted
Heroinsüchtiger (m.), Heroinsüchtige (f.)(German) heroin addict
heroinsüchtig sein(German) to be on heroin, to be a heroin addict, to be hooked on heroin (colloquial)
Herointoter (m.), Herointote (f.), Herointote (pl.)(German) heroin victim
Heroinverschreibung(German f.) heroin distribution, heroin prescription
Héroïque(French) heroic
heroisch(German) heroical, heroic, valiant
heroische Gestalt(German f.) heroic character, heroic figure
heroischer Vers(German m.) heroic verse
Heroisierung(German f.) heroisation
Heroísmo(Spanish m.) heroism
Heroismus(German m.) heroism
Herold(German m.) herald, harbinger
Heroldsamt(German n.) College of Arms, College of Heralds
Heroldsbild(German n.) division of the field
Heroldsstab(German m.) caduceus
Heroldstab(German m.) caduceus
Heroldstrompete(German f.) herald trumpet
Heroon(English, German n.) also called heroum, a shrine, often erected over his supposed tomb or cenotaph, dedicated to an ancient Greek or Roman hero and used for the commemoration or worship of the hero
Heros(German m.) hero
Herostrat(German m.) a person in constant pursuit of fame, who plans to commit a crime as a means of achieving fame
Herr (s.), Herren (pl.), Herrin (f.), Herrinnen (pl.)(German) Mr (m.: title), Mrs (f.: title), gentleman (m.), gentlewoman (f.), master (m.), mistress (f.), mister (colloquial: m.: title), signor (m.), signora (f.), sir (m.), mam (f.), guv (colloquial)
Herr ... (German) Mister ... (address)
Herramienta artística(Spanish f.) artistic device, artistic tool
Herr aus dem Weg(German m.) cross-body lead (dancing)
Herrchen eines Hundes(German n.) master of a dog
Herr der alten Schule(German m.) gentleman of the old style
Herr der Daten(German m.) data owner
Herr der Finsternis(German m.) spirit of the dark
Herr der Lage(German m.) master of the situation
Herr der Lage sein(German) to be in control of a situation, to have the ball at one's feet (figurative), to have the situation under control
Herr der Marken (s.), Herren der Marken (pl.)(German m.) Marcher lord
Herr der Tiere(German m.) lord of the animals
herreichen(German) to pass
Herren(German) men (pictogram: symbol indicating toilet facility)
Herrenabend(German m.) stag party
Herrenanzug(German m.) man's suit, suit
Herrenartikelgeschäft(German n.) haberdashery (store)
Herrenausstatter(German m.) haberdasher, man's clothier, gentlemen's outfitters
Herrenbekleidung(German f.) men's wear, menswear, men's apparel, men's clothing
Herrendiener(German m.) valet stand, clothes valet
Herrendoppel(German n.) men's double, men's doubles, men's pairs (tennis, etc.)
Herrenduft(German m.) men's fragrance, fragrance for men
Herreneinzel(German n.) men's single
Herrenfahrer(German m.) gentleman driver
Herrenfahrrad(German n.) men's bicycle, men's bike, gents' bicycle, man's bicycle
Herrenflorett(German n.) men's foil
Herrenfriseur(German m.) barber
Herrenfriseurladen(German m.) barber's, barber's shop
Herrengedeck(German n.) boilermaker
Herrenhalbschuh(German m.) men's low shoe, brogue (good quality shoe)
Herrenhandtasche(German f.) man's handbag
Herrenhaus(German n.) manor-house, manor, manor house, mansion
(German n.) House of Lords, upper house of the Austrian Imperial Assembly (1867-1918)
(German n.) House of Peers, variant name of the upper house of the Imperial Assembly, Cisleithania (1867-1918)
Herrenhäuser Gärten(German pl.) Herrenhausen Gardens (Hannover)
Herrenhemd(German n.) man's shirt
Herrenhemdhosen(German pl.) cami boxers (underwear)
Herrenhintern(German m.) man's bottom, man's behind, man's backside (colloquial)
Herrenhose(German f.) pair of men's trousers, men's trousers
Herrenjacke(German f.) man's jacket
Herrenjackett(German n.) (men's) jacket
Herrenjock(German m.) jockstrap
Herrenkleidung(German f.) clothes for men
Herrenklub(German m.) gentleman's club
Herrenkollektion(German f.) men's collection, men's wear, men's ready-to-wear clothes, men's (wear) department
Herrenkorsett(German n.) male corset
herrenlos(German) abandoned, unappropriated, unowned, ownerless, adrift, derelict, stray (animal), masterless, unclaimed (goods, property)
herrenloser Besitz(German m.) abandoned property
herrenloser Regenschirm(German m.) unclaimed umbrella
herrenloses Eigentum(German n.) unclaimed property
herrenloses Gut(German n.) abandoned property
herrenloses Tier(German n.) estray (archaic)
herrenloses Vieh(German n.) maverick
Herrenlosigkeit(German f.) abandonment
Herrenmahl(German n.) Lord's Supper
Herrenmantel(German m.) man's overcoat
Herrenmode(German f.) men's fashion, menswear, fashion for men
Herrenmoral(German f.) master morality
Herrennachthemd(German n.) nightshirt
Herrenpo(German m.) man's bottom
Herrenrad(German n.) men's bike, men's bicycle
Herrenrahmen(German m.) men's frame (bicycle)
Herrenrasse(German f.) master race
Herrenring(German m.) men's ring
Herrenschneider(German m.) men's tailor
Herrenschnitt(German m.) Eton crop (hair cut for women)
Herrenschuhe(German pl.) gents' shoes
Herrensitz(German m.) manor, stately home
Herrenslip(German m.) (men's) briefs
Herrenspeise(German f.) food for the upper classes
Herren-String(German m.) posing pouch
Herrentag(German m.) or Vatertag (German m.), Father's Day
Herren-Taillenformer(German m.) mirdle (male girdle or bodyshaper)
Herrentier(German n. - dated) primate
Herrentoilette(German f.) gents' toilet, men's lavatory, men's toilet, the Gents, Gentlemen (on signs)
Herrentrikotagen(German pl.) men's clothing
Herrenturnier(German n.) men's tournament
Herrenuhr(German f.) men's watch, man's watch
Herrenumkleide(German f.) men's dressing room, men's changing room, men's fitting room, men's bathing cubicle (swimmming baths)
Herrenumkleidekabine(German f.) men's dressing room, men's changing room, men's fitting room, men's bathing cubicle (swimmming baths)
Herrenumkleideraum(German m.) men's changing room, men's dressing room, men's locker room (sports centre)
Herrenunterwäsche(German f.) men's underwear
Herrenvelo(German n. - Switzerland) men's bicycle
Herrenvolk(German n.) the master-race, a race predestined to rule the world
Herrenworte(German pl.) dominical sayings
Herrenzimmer(German n.) study (room)
Herr, erbarme dich unser.(German) Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy upon us. (religious formula)
Herrgott!(German) Jesus!
Herr Gott (nochmal)!(German) Jesus Christ!
Herrgott nochmal!(German) For God's sake!
Herrgottsakra!(German) By God!
Herrgottskäfer(German m.) regional alternative to Marienkäfer (German m.: ladybird (beetle))
Herrgottswinkel(German m.) family altar
(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) domestic shrine (Christian shrine often placed in a corner)
herrichten(German) to adapt, to adjust, to arrange, to get in order, to prepare, to get ready, to put in order, to renovate
herrichtend(German) furbishing
Herrichtung(German f.) arrangement, preparation
Herrin der Lage(German f.) mistress of the situation
Herrin vom See(German f.) Lady of the Lake
herrisch(German) authoritative, imperious, authoritatively, imperiously, masterfully, bossy (colloquial), dictatorial, domineering, lordly (tone of voice), overbearing, overbearingly, bullying, masterful (imperious: manner, tone, person)
herrische Art(German f.) bossiness, imperiousness
herrischer(German) more imperious
herrischer Ton(German m.) peremptory tone, tone of command
herrischste(German) most imperious
Herrje!(German) Crumbs! (colloquial) Jesus!
Herrjemine!(German) Hell's bells! Heavens (above)!
Herr Lehrer!(German - dated) Sir! (addressing a teacher)
herrlich(German) blissful, funny, glorious, gloriously, magnificent, pretty, splendiferous, superb, splendiferously, superbly, capital, delightful, delightsome, glamorous, lovely, ripping (colloquial: dated), splendid, marvellous, gorgeous, gorgeously, august, beautiful (excellent), luscious (figurative)
herrliche Aussicht(German f.) wonderful view
herrliche Landschaft(German f.) superb landscape
herrliche Plätze an den Seen(German pl.) wonderful lake-side sites
herrlicher Anblick(German m.) delightful sight
herrlicher Ausblick(German m.) glorious view, panoramic view, superb view
herrlicher Ausflug(German m.) delightful excursion, delightful trip
herrlicher Feiertag(German m.) delightful holiday
herrlicher Garten(German m.) delightful garden
herrlicher Sonnenuntergang(German m.) gorgeous sunset
herrliches Wetter(German n.) jolly weather
Herrlichkeit(German f.) delightfulness, glory, grandeur, superbness, wonderfulness, loveliness, magnificence, splendour, marvellous thing, treasure
(German f.) territory of the fiefdom of a lord, in which he exercised his full feudal rights
herrlichster Urlaub des Lebens(German m.) vacation of a lifetime
herrlich und in Freuden leben(German) to live a life of ease
Herrn ...(German) Mr. ... (written)
Herrnhuter (s.), Herrnhuter (pl.)(German m.) one of the Moravians, so called from the settlement of Herrnhut (literally: the Lord's Watch) made, about 1722, by the Moravians at the invitation of Nicholas Lewis, count of Zinzendorf, upon his estate in the circle of Bautzen
Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine(German m.) the Moravian Church (also known as Unitas Fratrum (literally: United Brethren), or as the Bohemian Brethren). This evangelical Protestant denomination, inspired by the life and death of Jan Hus (c.1369-1415), that embraces certain doctrines associated with Eastern Orthodoxy, places a high premium on Christian unity, personal piety, missions and music
Herr Ober!(German) Waiter!
Herr Rat! (m.), Frau Rat!(German - Austria) Your Honour! (address)
Herr Wichtig (m.), Frau Wichtig (f.)(German) busy-body
Herr sein(German) to be the master
Herr seiner Leidenschaften sein(German) to be in control of one's passions
Herr sein über(German) to be master of
Herrschaft (s.), Herrschaften (pl.)(German f.) dominion, lordship, masteries, mastery, rule, regimen, governance (of), dominance, domination, command, control (power), leadership, sovereignty, sway (dominion), regiment (archiac: government, rule), hegemony, barony, lordship, seignory, manor, reign
(German f.) territory of the fiefdom of a lord, in which he exercised his full feudal rights
Herrschaft der Demagogen(German f.) demagogism
Herrschaft der Hundert Tage(German f.) (Napoleon's) Hundred Days
Herrschaft der Neuen(German f.) neocracy
Herrschaft der Plünderer(German f.) kleptocracy
Herrschaft des Rechts(German f.) rule of law
Herrschaft des Terrors(German f.) reign of terror
Herrschaft Gottes(German f.) kingdom of God
herrschaftlich(German) grand, lordly (house)
herrschaftlicher Wohnsitz(German m.) mansion
herrschaftliches Anwesen(German n.) stately home
herrschaftliches Zimmer(German n.) stateroom
Herrschaft nochmal!(German f.) For heaven's sake!
Herrschaftsanspruch(German m.) claim to power
Herrschaftsantritt(German m.) accession to power
Herrschaftsbereich(German m.) domain, territory
Herrschaftselite(German f.) ruling elite
Herrschaftsform(German f.) form of rule, type of rule, form of sovereignty, form of governing
Herrschaftsgebiet (s.), Herrschaftsgebiete (pl.)(German n.) barony, dominion, territory (dominion)
Herrschaftsgewalt(German f.) political authority
Herrschaftsinstrument(German n.) instrument of power
Herrschaftsjahre(German pl.) years of reign
Herrschaftslosigkeit(German f.) anarchy
Herrschaftsordnung(German f.) system of rule
Herrschaftsraum(German m.) territory
Herrschaftsstruktur (s.), Herrschaftsstrukturen (pl.)(German f.) power structure, hegemonic structure
Herrschaftssystem(German n.) system of government
Herrschaftsträger(German pl.) rulers
Herrschaft über sich selbst(German f.) command over oneself
herrschen(German) to rule, to govern, to dominate, to reign, to obtain (conditions), to prevail, to have dominion (especially biblical)
herrschend(German) commandingly, dominantly, dominating, prevailingly, regent, regently, prevalent, controlling, dominant, ruling, prevailing, regnant, current (trend, etc.)
Herrschende(German pl.) rulers
herrschende Elite(German f.) ruling elite, meritocracy
herrschende Gesellschaftsschicht(German f.) ascendant class (of society)
herrschende Klasse(German f.) ruling class, master class
herrschende Kraft(German f.) controlling force
herrschende Meinung(German f.) prevailing opinion
herrschender Block(German m.) ruling bloc
herrschendes System(German n.) regime
herrschendes Unternehmen(German n.) controlling enterprise
herrschen über(German) to dominate over
Herrscher (m.), Herrscherin (f.), Herrscher (pl.)(German) sovereign, ruler, monarch, patriarch, swayer, lord
Herrscherbild(German n.) portrait of a ruler
Herrscherfamilie(German f.) ruling family
Herrschergeschlecht(German n.) ruling dynasty
Herrscherhaus(German n.) dynasty, ruling house
Herrscherkult(German m.) ruler cult
Herrscherschicht(German f.) ruling class
Herrscherstellung(German f.) position as a ruler
Herrschsucht(German f.) imperiousness, bossiness (colloquial)
herrschsüchtig(German) domineering, bossy (colloquial)
herrufen(German) to call over
herrufend(German) calling over
herrühren(German) to arise, to originate
herrührend(German) coming from, issuing from, stemming from, arising from (coming from)
herrühren von(German) to issue from, to spring from, to arise from, to stem from, to proceed from (illness)
Herr und Gebieter(German) lord and master
Herr und Meister(German) lord and master
Herr Vorsitzender(German m.) your honor (US spelling: male judge)
Herr Wachtmeister(German m.) officer, constable (police)
Herr werden(German) to overcome
(Herr) Zebaoth(German m.) Jehovah
hersagen(German) to recite
herschauen(German) to look here
herschicken(German) to send along
herschreibend(German) coming from
hersehen(German) to look here
hersehend(German) looking here
hersingen(German) to sing, to recite in a singing manner
Herr Soundso(German) Mr Such-and-such, Mr So-and-so, Mr Such-and-such
herstammen(German) to descend from, to originate, to hail from, to spring
herstammend(German) descending from
herstammen von(German) dating from, to originate from, to spring from, to hail from
Hersteld Apostolische Zendingkerk(German f.) Restored Apostolic Mission Church
herstellbar(German) producible, contrivable, manufacturable
Herstellbarkeit(German f.) producibility
Herstelldatum(German n.) date of construction
herstellen(German) to produce (manufacture), to manufacture, to fabricate, to confect, to make, to prepare, to establish
herstellend(German) manufacturing, fashioning, fabricating
Hersteller (m.), Herstellerin (f.), Hersteller (pl.)(German) fabricator, manufacturer, producer, maker
Herstellerangabe (s.), Herstellerangaben (pl.)(German f.) manufacturer information, manufactuer's data (plural form)
Herstellerbezeichnung(German f.) manufacturer's designation
Hersteller eines Originalsystems(German m.) original equipment manufacturer
Herstellererklärung(German f.) manufacturer's declaration
Herstellerfirma(German f.) manufacturing company
Herstellergarantie(German f.) manufacturer's warranty
Herstellergewährleistung(German f.) manufacturer's warranty
Herstellerhaftpflichtversicherung(German f.) producer's liability insurance
Herstellerhaftung(German f.) manufacturer's liability, producer's liability
Herstellerkennung(German f.) manufacturer identifier
Herstellermarke(German f.) manufacturer's brand
Herstellername(German m.) manufacturer's name
Herstellerpreis(German m.) manufacturer's price, producer price
Herstellersiegel(German n.) manufacturer's seal
herstellerspezifisch(German) manufacturer-specific
Hersteller von Augenprothesen (m.), Herstellerin von Augenprothesen ocularist (f.)(German) ocularist
Hersteller von Kämmen(German m.) comb manufacturer, comb-maker
Hersteller von Rüstungsgütern(German m.) armaments manufacturer
Hersteller von Süßwaren(German m.) confectionery manufacturer
Hersteller von Wolldecken(German m.) blanket maker
Herstellerwerbung(German f.) manufacturer's advertising
Herstellerwerk(German n.) manufacturer's works
natural(Dutch) the sign placed before a note that is neither sharpened or flattened
Herstellkosten(German pl.) production cost
Herstelltoleranz(German f.) manufacturing tolerance
Herstellung (s.), Herstellungen (pl.)(German f.) make, fabrication, making, preparation, manufacturing, manufacture, production, creation, manufacturing
Herstellung einer Geschäftsverbindung(German f.) establishment of a business connection
Herstellungs...(German) producing, manufacturing (prefix)
Herstellungsablauf(German m.) production process
Herstellungsanweisungen(German pl.) manufacturing directions
Herstellungsaufwand(German m.) production costs, manufacturing costs
Herstellungsbereich(German m.) manufacturing sector
Herstellungsdatum(German n.) date of manufacture, date of production, manufacturing date
Herstellungsdefekt(German m.) manufacturing defect
Herstellungserfahrung(German f.) manufacturing experience
Herstellungsfehler(German m.) manufacturing defect, manufacturing fault, construction fault, manufacturing flaw, manufacturing error
Herstellungsgemeinkosten(German pl.) production costs
Herstellungsgenauigkeit(German f.) manufacturing accuracy
Herstellungsjahr(German n.) year of manufacture
Herstellungskosten(German pl.) cost of production, cost of manufacture, factory costs, manufacturing costs, production costs, costs of manufacturing
Herstellungsland(German n.) country of production, country of manufacture
Herstellungsleiter(German m.) production manager
Herstellungslizenz(German f.) manufacturing licence
Herstellungsmethode(German f.) method of manufacturing, production technique, fabrication technique
Herstellungsnebenkosten(German pl.) manufacturing expenses
Herstellungsort(German m.) place of manufacture
Herstellungsprozess(German m.) process of manufacture, production process, manufacturing process
Herstellungsstufe(German f.) manufacturing stage
Herstellungstoleranzen(German pl.) fabrication tolerances
Herstellungsverbot(German n.) ban on production
Herstellungsverfahren(German n.) manufacturing method, manufacturing process, manufacturing technique, production process, processing method
Herstellungsvorschriften(German pl.) manufacturing instructions
Herstellungsweise(German f.) manner of preparation, production method
Herstellungszentrum(German n.) manufacturing centre
Herstellung von Käse(German f.) cheesemaking
Herstellung von Kleidung(German f.) clothing manufacture
Herstellung von Konfektionsware(German f.) apparel production
Herstellung von Wolldecken(German f.) blanketing
Herstrich(German m.) the stroke of the bow from heel to point on the cello or double-bass, which corresponds to the down stroke on a violin or viola
Hertz (German), hertz (English)(English, German n.) the unit in which the frequency of a note is measured where one hertz is one cycle per second (cps), named for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894) a German physicist who was the first to produce radio waves artificially - the frequency range of human hearing is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). It is abbreviated using an upper-case initial letter (Hz) and is written in full using an lower-case initial letter (hertz)
one kHz = 103 Hz = 1000 Hz; one MHz = 106 (one million) Hz; one GHz = 109 Hz
hertzio(Spanish) hertz (unit of frequency, cycles per second)