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herüben(German - Southern Germany, Austria) on this side
herüber(German) over here, across, over
herüberbitten(German) to ask to come over
herüberbringen(German) to bring over, to bring across
herüberdürfen(German) to be allowed (to come) over, to be allowed (to come) across
herüberfahren(German) to drive over, to drive across, to come over, to come across
herüberfliegen(German) to fly over, to fly across
herübergeben(German) to pass
herüberholen(German) to fetch
herüberkommen(German) to come over, to come across, to pop round (colloquial), to call round
herüber kommend(German) coming over
herüberlassen(German) to allow (to come) over, to allow (to come) across
herüberlaufen(German) to run over, to run across
herüberreichen(German) to hand over, to hand, to pass, to reach across, to deliver up
herüberschicken(German) to send over, to send across
herüberschwenken(German) to pan over (camera)
herüberschwimmen(German) to swim across
herübersehen(German) to look over, to look across
herüberwehen(German) to blow over, to blow across, to be blown over, to be blown across, to waft over, to waft across
herüberwerfen(German) to throw over, to throw across
herüberwollen(German) to want to come over, to want to come across
herüberziehen(German) to draw over, to pull over, to pull across, to move over, to move across
Heruler(German pl.) Heruli
Heruli(spelled variously in Latin and Greek) a nomadic Germanic people, who were subjugated by the Ostrogoths, Huns and Byzantines in the 3rd to 5th centuries. The name is related to earl and was probably an honorific military title. One of the Heruli, Odoacer, deposed the last Western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustus
herum(German) around, about
herum-(German) circum-
herumalbern(German) to get up to nonsense, to do something stupid, to muck about (colloquial), to slobber, to act the goat (colloquial), to fool around, to lark around, to horse around (colloquial), to horse about (colloquial), to lark about (colloquial), to muck around (colloquial), to monkey about, to fool about, to clown around
herumbalgen(German) to romp about
herumballern(German) to fire in all directions
herumbasteln(German) to tinker, to tinker around
herumbasteln an(German) to tinker around with
herumbauen(German) to build around
herumbefehlen(German) to order about
herumbeugen(German) to bend round
herumbiegen(German) to bend round
herumblättern(German) to browse (books, magazines, etc.)
Herumblödeln(German n.) fooling around
herumblödeln(German) to goof around (colloquial: fool around), to monkey about, to lark about (colloquial), to lark around (colloquial), to horse around (colloquial), to horse about (colloquial), to act the goat (colloquial), to muck around (colloquial)
herumbohren(German) to drill (bore a hole), to poke around
herumbrassen(German) to brace about, to brace round
herumbrüllen(German) to yell
Herumbummeln(German n.) lingering
herumbummeln(German) to dawdle, to loiter about, to loaf about, to mess about (colloquial), to stroll round, to stroll around
herumdrehen(German) to reverse, to turn around, to turn over
herumdrückend(German) hanging about
herumdrucksen(German) to hem and haw (colloquial), to hum and haw (colloquial)
herumerzählen(German) to blow about, to broadcast
herumexperimentieren(German) to noodle around (slang)
Herumfahren(German n.) touring
herumfahren(German) to cruise, to ride about, to ride around, to drive around, to travel around, to move around (machine), to spin round
herumfantasieren(German) to fantasise
herumflacken(German - Southern Germany, Austria) to lie about (around)
herumflattern(German) to flutter about
herumflegeln(German) to loll about, to loll around
herumfliegen(German) to fly around, to fly about
herumflirten(German) to flirt around, to dash round
herumfragen(German) to ask around
herumfriemeln(German) alternative to herumbasteln or herumnesteln, to tinker
herumfuchteln(German) to fidget with
herumfuchtelnd(German) fidgeting with
herumfuchteln mit(German) to flourish (wave about)
herumführen(German) to show around, to conduct, to show round
herumführend(German) showing around
herumfuhrwerken(German) to bustle about, to potter around, to potter about
herumfummeln(German) to fumble around, to grope around, to mess about (colloquial), to tinker about, to fiddle about, to monkey around (colloquial)
herumgammeln(German) to hang around (colloquial), to loiter, to hang about
Herumgeballer(German n.) banging around
Herumgeballere(German n.) banging around
herumgeben(German) to hand round, to hand around, to pass round to pass around
Herumgeblödel(German n.) fooling around
herumgedrückt(German) hung about
herumgefahren(German) spun round
herumgefuchtelt(German) fidgeted with
herumgeführt(German) shown around
herumgegeistert(German) spooked
herumgehen(German) to circulate
herumgehend(German) skirting
Herumgehüpfe(German n.) hopping around
herumgehüpft(German) scampered
herumgeistern(German) to spook (colloquial), to haunt, to wander round , to wander around, to wander like a ghost, to rattle around (figurative)
herumgeisternd(German) spooking
Herumgekasper(German n.) clowning around
herumgekriegt(German) won over
herumgepfuscht(German) tampered
herumgeredet(German) quibbled
herumgereicht(German) handed round
herumgereist(German) travelled about
herumgeritten(German) ridden about
Herumgeschleime(German n.) bootlicking
herumgesprochen(German) got about
herumgestanden(German) stood about
herumgestöbert(German) fossicked, rummaged around, rummaged about
herumgestoßen(German) badly knocked about
herumgetollt(German) rollicked, romped (around)
herumgetrieben(German) roved about
herumgewirbelt(German) swirled
herumgezappelt(German) fidgeted
herumgezogen(German) wandered about
herumgondeln(German) to swan about, to drive around
herumhacken auf(German) to hammer away at
herumhängen(German) to dangle about, to hang around (colloquial), to loll about, to hang out (colloquial), to hang about
herumhantieren(German) to putter around, to tamper, to fiddle about
herumhantieren an(German) to fiddle about with, to tamper with
herumhetzen(German) to bustle, to rush around, to chase around, to chase about
Herumhocken(German n.) sitting around
herumhopsen(German) to hopscotch (figurative: to jump irregularly from one location to another)
herumhorchen(German) to keep one's ears open
herumhüpfen(German) to scamper, to gambol, to skip about, to prance, to hop about, to cavort, to jig about
herumhüpfend(German) scampering, jigging
herumhuren(German) to fornicate, to sleep around (colloquial)
herumirren(German) to stray, to wander round, to wander around
herumjagen(German) to bustle about, to chase about, to chase around, to dash around, to scamper
herumkarren(German) to cart around
herumkaspern(German) to clown around
herumkauen auf(German) to chew away on
herumkicken(German) to kick about
herumkommandieren(German) to order about, to bully, to boss around (colloquial), to bully about, to bully around, to order around
herumkommandierend(German) ordering about
herumkommandiert(German) ordered about
herumkommen(German) to get around
herumkrabbeln(German) to crawl around, to crawl about
herumkramen(German) to rummage about, to rummage around
herumkratzen(German) to scrape around, to scrape away
herumkratzen an(German) to scrape away at
herumkrebsen(German) to struggle, to drag oneself about, to drag oneself around, to trudge round, to trudge around
herumkreuzen(German) to cruise
herumkriechen(German) to crawl about
herumkriegen(German) to win over
herumkriegend(German) winning over
herumkurven(German) to cruise around
herumlaufen(German) to run round, to run around, to run about, to walk around, to mill about, to walk about, to wander (walk around casually), to kick around
herumliegen(German) to lie about, to lie around, to be lying around, to lounge around
(herumliegender) Abfall(German m.) litter
herumliegen lassen(German) to leave (lying) about
Herumlungern(German n.) loitering
herumlümmeln(German) to loll around
herumlungern(German) to mooch about (colloquial), to hang about, to loaf, to hang around, to loiter, to mooch around (colloquial), to muck about (slang), to hang out (colloquial)
herumlungernd(German) mooching, loiteringly
herummeckern(German) to moan, to grumble
herumnörgeln(German) to nag, to grumble
herumpfuschen(German) to goof about (colloquial), to goof around (colloquial)
herumpfuschend(German) quackish, tampering
herumpicken(German) to peck at
herumposaunen(German) to blaze abroad
herumprahlen(German) to brag
herumpuzzeln(German) to puzzle around
herumradeln(German) to ride about (bicycle), to ride around (bicycle)
herumraten(German) to guess
herumreden(German) to quibble
herumredend(German) quibbling
herumreichen(German) to hand round, to circulate, to hand around
herumreichend(German) handing round, circulating
herumreisen(German) to travel about, to travel around, to go places (travel), to tour around
herumreisend(German) travelling about
herumreißen(German) to pull around (hard)
herumreiten(German) to ride about, to ride around
herumreitend(German) riding around, riding about
herumrennen(German) to run about the place, to zip around (colloquial), to race about, to career about, to run about, to run around
herumrennen wie ein Bekloppter(German) to run around like a lunatic (colloquial)
herumrollen(German) to roll over
herumrutschen(German) to fidget about
herumsausen(German) to go haring about, to flit about (bird, etc.)
herumschalten(German) to zap (around) (colloquial: channel-hop)
herumscharren(German) to scrape around
herumscharwenzeln(German) to dance attendance, to suck up (slang)
herumscharwenzeln um(German) to dance attendance on, to suck up to (slang)
herumschauen(German) to look about
herumscherzen(German) to joke around
herumschicken(German) to send round
herumschlafen(German) to sleep around (colloquial)
herumschlagend(German) grappling
herumschleichen(German) to skulk, to prowl around, to sneak about, to lurk about, to lurk around
herumschleichend(German) skulking
herumschlendern(German) to saunter about, to stroll about, to potter, to mill (move around aimlessly)
herumschleppen(German) to lug round, to lug around, to drag round, to drag around
herumschlurfen(German) to slop (around) (in a casual and idle way)
herumschmökern(German) to browse (books, magazines, etc.)
herumschnellen(German) to whip round (turn quickly)
Herumschnüffelei(German f.) snooping around
herumschnüffeln(German) to nose around, to poke about, to snoop, to snoop around, to pry about, to pry around, to sniff round, to sniff around, to sniff about (pejorative)
herumschnuppern(German) to sniff about
herumschreien(German) to shout out loud
herumschupfen(German - Southern Germany, Austria) to jostle
herumschwänzeln (um)(German) to dance attendance (on)
herumschwappen(German) to slop around (liquid)
herumschwenken(German) to veer round
herumschwirren(German) to bustle about, to hurry-scurry
herumschwirrend(German) milling around
herumsitzen(German) to sit about, to sit round, to sit around, to sit idle (person, animal)
herumspazieren(German) to walk around, to stroll around
herumspielen(German) to fiddle about, to play about, to run around, to muck around (colloquial), to toy
herumspielen (mit)(German) to fiddle around (with)
herumspintisieren(German) to have random thoughts
herumspionieren(German) to snoop, to snoop around, to spy, to sniff about
herumspionierend(German) snooping, snooping around
herumspioniert(German) snooped around
herumspringen(German) to bounce around, to flounce around, to bop around (dancing), to jump around, to jump about
herumspritzen(German) to splash around
herumspuken(German) to haunt
herumstänkern(German) to moan, to gripe (colloquial), to bellyache (colloquial), to kick up a stink (colloquial)
herumstapfen(German) to clump about (in snow, mud, etc.)
herumstehen(German) to stand about, to stand around, to be standing around, to mingle
herumstehend(German) standing about
herumstöbern(German) to fossick around, to rummage about, to rummage around, to snoop round, to snoop around, to pry, to poke about
herumstöbernd(German) fossicking, rummaging
herumstochern(German) to poke around
herumstolzieren(German) to swagger about, to flounce around, to strut around, to strut about, to swank around (colloquial)
herumstoßen(German) to bang about, to push around, to shove round, to shove around, to shove about
herumstreichen(German) to creep round, to creep around, to prowl round, to prowl around
herumstreichende Katzen(German pl.) prowling cats
herumstreichender Teenager(German m.) vagrant teenager
herumstreifen(German) to scour about, to roam around, to prowl, to roam about, to squabble
herumstreuen(German) to scatter about, to strew about
herumstreunen(German) to stray, to prowl round, to prowl around
herumstreunende Katze(German f.) stray cat
Herumstrolchen(German n.) vagabonding
herumstrolchen(German) to prowl round, to prowl around
herumstromern(German) to wander about, to wander around, to roam about, to roam around
herumsuchen(German) to dig around (colloquial)
herumtanzen(German) to frisk, to gambol, to dance about, to dance around, to prance, to cavort, to have a gambol (less common)
herumtanzend(German) gamboling
herumtasten(German) to fumble around, to fumble, to grabble, to grope, to grope around, to grope about
herumtasten nach ...(German) to grope about for ... (something)
herumtauschen(German) to swap about, to swap around, to exchange
herumtelefonieren(German) to phone around
Herumtoben(German n.) rampage
herumtoben(German) to rage about, to romp about, to romp round, to romp around, to rampage, to frolic (around), to romp, to shout and scream
Herumtollen(German n.) frolic, scamper
herumtollen(German) to frolic, to rollick, to romp, to lark, to romp about, to romp around, to gambol around, to gambol about, to scamper, to frisk, to cavort, to frolic around, to have a gambol (less common)
herumtollend(German) romping
herumtragen(German) to carry about, to carry round, to carry around
herumtrampeln(German) to clatter around, to clatter about, to clump about, to trample around, to stamp around, to trample about
herumtrampeln auf(German) to trample underfoot, to trample around, to stamp around on, to trample around on, to trample about on
herumtreibend(German) prowling, roving about
Herumtreiber (m.), Herumtreiberin (f.), Herumtreiber (pl.)(German) prowler, gadabout (colloquial), tramp, drifter
herumtreten (auf)(German) to trample (on)
herumtrödeln(German) to fiddle around, to fiddle about, to dawdle, to dawdle about, to dilly-dally (colloquial), to linger about, to linger around, to loiter (proceed slowly, go slowly)
herumtrödelnd(German) dawdling
Herumtrödler (m.), Herumtrödlerin (f.)(German) dawdler
herumturnen(German) to clamber about, to scramble about
herumvagabundieren(German) to roam about
herumwälzen(German) to roll around, to turn over
Herumwandern(German n.) roaming
herumwandern(German) to cruise, to ramble, to roam, to wander from place to place, to wander about, to roam around
herumwerfen(German) to throw around, to fling around, to fling about, to throw about
herumwerkeln(German - Southern Germany, Austria) to potter around, to potter about
herumwetzen(German) to fidget
herumwickeln(German) to wrap, to wind round, to wind around, to wrap round, to wrap around
herumwinden(German) to coil round
herumwirbeln(German) to spin around, to swirl, to twirl, to reel, to gyrate, to whirl around
herumwirbelnd(German) dancing
herumwirtschaften(German) to potter about
herumwühlen(German) to rout, to scrabble, to rummage around, to rummage about, to nose about, to snoop around, to root around (pig)
herumwursteln(German) to bumble about
herumwüten(German) to go on the rampage
herumzanken(German) to squabble
herumzappeln(German) to fidget
herumzappelnd(German) fidgeting
Herumzappen(German n.) channel-hopping (colloquial)
herumzappen(German) to channel-hop (colloquial), to zap around (colloquial)
herumzeigen(German) to show round, to show around
Herumziehen(German n.) rambling
herumziehen(German) to wander about, to move around, to gallivant (to go out for amusement with no particular destination)
herumziehend(German) wandering about, itinerant, strolling, migrant
herumzigeunern(German) to wander around, to roam around
herunten(German - Austria) down here
herunter(German) downward, down (to a lower position or place), downwards
herunterblicken(German) to look down
herunterbrennen(German) to beat down (sun), to burn low (candle, etc.), to die down (fire)
herunterbringen(German) to bring down, to bring low
herunterbringend(German) bringing down
herunterdonnern(German) to plummet
herunterdrücken(German) to bring it down, to depress
Herunterfahren(German n.) shutdown
herunterfahren(German) to shut down (machine), to phase down (light, sound), to power down (computer), to shut down (computer), to bring down (reduce), to ramp down (power, etc.)
herunterfallen(German) to fall off, to fall down, to plunge, to drop down
herunterfegen(German) to whip off (wind)
heruntergebracht(German) brought down
heruntergebrochen(German) broken down (to something, into something)
heruntergehen(German) to come down, to sink
heruntergekommen(German) come down, corrupt, degenerate, run-down, two-bit (slang), down at heel, dilapidated, decayed, decrepit, in a bad state, down-and-out (slang), sordid, déclassé, déclassée (rare: of a woman, having lost social standing), sleazy, rundown, derelict, seedy, shabby
heruntergekommen aussehen(German) to look the worse for wear
heruntergekommene Gegend(German f.) skid row (colloquial)
heruntergekommene Gesundheit(German f.) seedy health
heruntergekommener Mensch(German m.) tatterdemalion, ragamuffin
heruntergekommener Zustand(German m.) decayed state, decrepitude (of house, industry, etc.)
heruntergekommenes Gebäude(German n.) run-down building
heruntergekommenes Geschäft(German n.) run-down business
heruntergekommenes Haus(German n.) run-down house, seedy house, dilapidated house
heruntergekommenes Wohngebiet(German n.) seedy living area
Heruntergekommenheit(German f.) dereliction (state: of property)
heruntergeladen(German) downloaded
heruntergelassen(German) lowered
heruntergerissen(German) pulled down
heruntergerutscht(German) skidded down
heruntergewirtschaftet(German) run-down, run down
heruntergleiten(German) to slip down
herunterhageln(German) to rattle down
herunterhandeln(German) to beat down, to negotiate down (terms, price)
herunterhängend(German) saggy
herunterholen(German) to bring down, to get down (fetch, move)
herunterkippen(German) to swig (down)
herunterklappen(German) to flap down, to fold down (chair, seat)
herunterklappendes Menü(German n.) pull down menu
herunterknallen auf(German) to beat down on (sun)
herunterkochen auf(German) to boil down to
herunterkommen(German) to descend, to become degenerate, to come down, to come down in the world, to decay, to deteriorate, to run to seed (figurative), to go to rack, to go to rack and ruin
herunterkommend(German) coming down, descending (coming down)
Herunterkühlen(German n.) cooling down
herunterkühlen(German) to cool down, to reduce the temperature
herunterkurbeln(German) to wind down
herunterladbar(German) downloadable
Herunterladen(German n.) download, downloading
herunterladen(German) to download
herunterlangen(German) to reach down
Herunterlassen(German n.) flying in
herunterlassen(German) to let down, to lower, to shut down, to drop (curtain, hem)
herunterlaufen lassen(German) to bawl
herunterleiern(German) to phone in (one's lines, performance, role, etc.) (colloquial: of an actor), to drone out (colloquial), to patter (rattle out)
herunterlesen(German) to read off
heruntermachen(German) to cut up, to excoriate, to do down (disparage), to run down (disparage)
herunternehmen(German) to take down
herunterprasseln(German) to rattle down (hail), to beat down (rain), to pelt down
herunterrasseln(German) to rattle through, to rattle off
herunterreichen(German) to hand down, to reach down
herunter reichen(German) to hand down
herunterreißen(German) to pull down, to tear down, to whip off (snatch off)
herunterreißend(German) pulling down
herunterrevidieren(German) to adjust downward
herunterrollen(German) to roll down
herunterrutschen(German) to slide down, to work down (stockings, socks)
Herunterschalten(German n.) fallback, downshift
herunterschalten(German) to shift down, to change down (gears), to fall back, to downshift
herunterschauen(German) to look down
herunterschieben(German) to push down, to shove down
herunterschneiden(German) to cut down, to cut low
herunterschrauben(German) to scale down, to soft-pedal (figurative: demands, etc.)
herunterschreiben(German) to write off (quickly, off the cuff)
heruntersehen(German) to look down
heruntersetzen(German) to price down
herunterspielen(German) to play down, to underplay, to understate, to soft-pedal (figurative: play down, tone down), to de-emphasise, to trivialise, to run through (music, reading of a play, etc.)
herunterspülen(German) to flush down
Heruntersteigen(German n.) descent
heruntersteigen(German) to alight, to climb down
herunterstimmen(German) to tune a string down to a specified note
herunterstreifen(German) to slip down, to take down (piece of clothing)
Herunterstrich(German m.) Herabstrich, down-bow on the violin or viola
herunterstufen(German) to downgrade
herunterstürzen(German) to fall off
Heruntertaktung(German f.) downsampling
herunterwirbeln(German) to whirl down
herunterwirtschaften(German) to run down
herunterwirtschaftend(German) running down
herunterziehen(German) to draw down, to pull down, to move down, to hike down, to yank off (colloquial: stocking), to pull off
hervor(German) out, forth
hervor aus(German) out of
hervorbrechen(German) to burst out, to issue (break forth, burst forth), to break forth, to break out, to burst forth, to erupt, to debouch (troops)
hervorbrechend(German) eruptive
hervorbringen(German) to produce (create, bring forth), to utter (word), to spawn (figurative), to create, to bear, to yield, to beget, to bring forth, to bring out, to call forth, to generate, to put forth, to send forth, to author (produce, generate), to give birth (figurative), to engender
hervorbringend(German) spawning
Hervorbringung(German f.) product
hervordringen(German) to issue forth (literary), to come up (plant), to come through (bulb, seedling, etc.)
Hervorgang(German m.) emergence
hervorgebracht(German) spawned, begotten, originated
hervorgegangen(German) arisen
hervorgehen(German) to come, to emerge, to follow (logically)
hervorgehen aus(German) to follow from, to develop from, to come from, to originate from, to emerge from, to result from, to arise from, to come out of
hervorgehoben(German) highlighted, elevated, emphasised (a melody, etc.), risaltato (Italian), mis en relief (French)
hervorgehobene Stellung(German f.) elevated position
hervorgelockt(German) elicited
hervorgeragt(German) jutted
hervorgerufen(German) evoked, generated, provoked, caused
hervorgesprungen(German) leapt, leaped
hervorgetreten(German) stepped forward, bulging (muscle, vein)
hervorgezaubert(German) conjured up
hervorgucken(German) to peep out
Hervorheben(German n.) highlighting
hervorheben(German) to stress, to emphasise, to elevate, to highlight, to accentuate, to distinguish, to blazon forth, to bring a thing into prominence, to point out, to set off (accentuate, highlight), to underline, to underscore (emphasise), to signalise, to bring out (emphasise)
hervorhebend(German) accenting, highlighting
Hervorhebung (s.), Hervorhebungen (pl.)(German f.) stress, emphasis, accentuation, highlighting, singularisation
see Betonung
Hervorhebung des Autors(German f.) emphasis added (note written by author, editor, etc.)
Hervorhebung des Verfassers(German f.) emphasis mine (note written by author, editor, etc.)
Hervorhebung von mir(German) emphasis mine, my italics (note written by author, editor, etc.)
hervorholen(German) to fetch, to pop, to produce, to bring out, to take out
hervorholen aus(German) to take out of, to bring out of
hervorkehren(German) to emphasise
hervorkommen(German) to come out from behind, to emerge
hervorleuchten(German) to shine out
hervorlocken(German) to elicit, to lure out
hervorlocken aus(German) to lure out of (person, animal)
hervorlockend(German) eliciting
hervorquellen(German) to stream out, to spring up, to gush (out) (smoke, blood, tears), to pour out (smoke), to well up, to bulge out (eyes)
hervorquellen aus(German) to billow from
hervorquellend(German) protuberantly
hervorquellende Augen(German pl.) protruding eyes, bulging eyes
hervorragen(German) to jut (out), to stand out (figurative), to project
hervorragend(German) underlined, prominent, emphasised (for example, a melody), superb, outstanding (for example, when describing a performance), saliently, surpassingly, terrific (colloquial: excellent), preeminently, brilliant, choice, conspicuous, exceeding, famous, first-rate, magnificent, paramount, prominent, shining, signal, super, superb, superlative, pre-eminent, pre-eminently (excellently), transcendent, outstandingly, beautiful (excellent), excellently, proud (protruding)
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
hervorragend abschneiden(German) to pass with distinction (exam, test, etc.)
hervorragend ausgebaut(German) splendidly constructed, splendidly put together (constructed)
hervorragende Arbeit(German f.) tremendous work
hervorragende Arbeitsleistung(German f.) an excellent piece of workmanship
hervorragende Aufführung(German f.) outstanding performance
hervorragende Aussicht(German f.) magnificent view
hervorragende Dienste(German pl.) conspicuous service
hervorragende Eigenschaften(German pl.) outstanding properties
hervorragende Juristen(German pl.) distinguished lawyers
hervorragende Leistung (s.), hervorragende Leistungen (pl.)(German f.) brilliant achievement, outstanding achievement, top performance, distinguished accomplishment
hervorragende Leistungen aufweisen(German) to have an excellent record
hervorragende Qualität(German f.) outstanding quality, exceptional quality, superior quality
hervorragender Beweis(German m.) signal proof
hervorragender Gelehrter(German m.) brilliant scholar
hervorragender literarischer Aufsatz(German m.) distinguished literary essay
hervorragender Mann(German m.) man of distinction
hervorragende Rolle(German f.) conspicuous part
hervorragende Rolle in einer Angelegenheit(German f.) conspicuous part in an affair
hervorragender Produzent(German m.) first-rate producer
hervorragender Redner(German m.) brilliant speaker
hervorragender Schüler(German m.) first-rate pupil
hervorragender Student(German m.) excellent scholar
hervorragender Wein(German m.) excellent wine
hervorragendes Talent(German n.) brilliant talent, splendid talent
hervorragende Tapferkeit(German f.) conspicuous gallantry
hervorragend funktionieren(German) to fire on all cylinders (also figurative)
hervorragend sein (in ...)(German) to excel (in ... (something))
Hervorruf(German m.) curtain call
Hervorrufen(German n.) evocation
hervorrufen(German) to cause (figurative), to evoke, to arouse (provoke, engender), to induce, to produce, to give rise to, to excite, to occasion, to bring about, to bring on, to bring out, to call forth, to give birth to, to provoke, to elicit, to generate, to engender, to educe
hervorrufend(German) evoking, causing, provoking, evocative
Hervorrufung(German f.) evocation
hervorschießen(German) to dash forward
hervorsehen(German) to show (undergarment), to look out (person), to be visible (unintended or undesired)
hervorsprießen(German) to spring up
Hervorspringen(German n.) salience
hervorspringen(German) to leap, to stick out (nose), to lunge out, to project (cliff), to jut out, to jump out
hervorspringend(German) salient, saliently, prominent, leaping
hervorspringen hinter(German) to jump out from behind
hervorsprudeln(German) to spout
hervorstechen(German) to stand out, to stick out, to be prominent
hervorstechend(German) conspicuous, striking, prominent, outstanding, preeminent, noticeable, impressive, salient
hervorstechende Eigenschaft(German f.) feature
hervorstechende Ereignisse(German pl.) salient events
hervorstechendes Merkmal(German n.) notable feature
hervorstecken(German) to stick out
hervorstehen(German) to protrude, to overhang, to bulk large, to bulk out, to stick out
hervorstehend(German) overhanging, prominent, protrudent, salient, gibbous (eyes)
hervorstehende Augen(German pl.) bulging eyes, goggle eyes
hervorstehende Ohren(German pl.) ears sticking out
hervorstehende Venen(German pl.) prominent veins
hervorstehendste(German) proudest (most protruding)
hervorstoßen(German) to ejaculate (words)
hervorstoßend(German) jetting
hervorströmen(German) to gush
hervorstürzen(German) to lunge out, to rush out, to burst out
hervorstürzen hinter(German) to rush out from behind, to burst out from behind
hervorsuchen(German) to look out (in search of something)
hervortr.abbreviation of hervortretend
Hervortreibung(German f.) protrusion
Hervortreten(German n.) protuberance, prominence, emergence
hervortreten(German) to protrude (eyes, cheekbone), to bulge (figurative: eyes), to stand out (figurative: against a background), to step forward, to come forward, to come to the fore, to step forth, to become apparent (similarity, etc.), to become evident (similarity, etc.), to emerge, to make a name for oneself, to make one's mark
hervortretend(German) prominently, emphasised, protuberantly, protuberant, stepping forward, prominent, protrudent, bulging (muscle, vein)
hervortreten hinter(German) to emerge from behind
hervorzaubern(German) to conjure forth, to conjure into existence, to conjure up
hervorzerren(German) to yank out
hervorziehen(German) to pull out (from behind, from under, etc.)
hervorziehen hinter(German) to pull out from behind
hervorziehen unter(German) to pull out from under
herwagen(German) to venture to come near
Herz (s.), Herzen (pl.)(German n.) heart, soul, hearts (suit in cards)
Herz-(German) cardiac, heart (prefix)
Herz aus Gold(German n.) heart of gold
Herz aus Stein(German n.) flinty heart
Herz einer Frau(German n.) a woman's heart
Herz einer Stadt(German n.) heart of a town
Herz Jesu(German n.) Sacred Heart (of Jesus)
Herz- und Kreislauferkrankungen(German pl.) cardio-vascular diseases
Herzaktion(German f.) heartbeat
Herzakzeleration(German f.) heart rate acceleration
herzallerliebste(German) dearest
Herzaneurysma(German n.) cardiac aneurysm
Herzanfall (s.), Herzanfälle (pl.)(German m.) heart attack
Herzangst(German f.) cardiophobia
Herzarterie(German f.) coronary artery
Herzas(German n. - old form) ace of hearts
Herzass(German n.) ace of hearts
Herz-Ass(German n.) ace of hearts
Herzattacke(German f.) heart attack
herzaubern(German) to conjure up, to throw together (meal)
Herzauskultation(German f.) heart auscultation, cardiac auscultation
Herzbeer(German m.) guelder rose (Viburnum opulus)
Herzbehandlung(German f.) cardiac treatment
herzbeklemmend(German) oppressive
Herzbeklemmung haben(German) to have a feeling of oppression
Herzbeschwerden(German pl.) heart trouble, heart complaint
Herzbeutel(German m.) pericardium, pericardial sac
Herzbeutelentzündung(German f.) pericarditis, pericardial inflammation
herzbewegend(German) heart-rending
Herzbewegung(German f.) cardiac movement, heart movement, heart motion
Herzblatt(German n.) sweetness (colloquial)
Herzblut(German n.) heart's blood (figurative), lifeblood (literary) (figurative)
Herzbräune(German f.) chest pain (Angina pectoris)
Herzbube(German m.) jack of hearts, knave of hearts
Herzchen(German n.) honey (colloquial)
Herzchirurg(German m.) cardiac surgeon, heart surgeon
Herzchirurgie(German f.) heart surgery, cardiac surgery
Herzdame(German f.) queen of hearts
Herz-Dame(German f.) Queen of Hearts (game of cards)
Herzdruckmassage(German f.) cardiac massage
Herzdurchschuss(German m.) shot through the heart
Herze(German n. - dated) heart
Herzegowina(German f.) Hercegovina
herzegowinisch(German) Herzegovinian
herzeigbar(German) presentable
herzeigen(German) to show
Herzeleid(German n. - dated) heartbreak, heartache
herzen(German) to cuddle, to hug
Herzenge(German f.) angina (pectoris)
Herzen höher schlagen lassen(German) to make hearts leap for joy
Herzensangelegenheit (s.), Herzensangelegenheiten (pl.)(German f.) affair of the heart
Herzensanliegen(German n.) matter close to one's heart
Herzensbezwinger(German m.) charmer
Herzensbildung(German f.) nobleness of the heart
Herzensbrecher (m.), Herzensbrecherin (f.)(German) amorist, ladykiller, breaker of hearts, heart-breaker
Herzensdrang(German m.) heart's desire
Herzensergießung(German f. - dated) emotional outpourings
Herzensergüsse(German pl. - dated) emotional outpourings
Herzensgebet(German n.) Prayer of the Heart
herzensgut(German) kind-hearted, good-hearted
Herzensgüte(German f.) kindheartedness, goodness (kindheartedness)
Herzensqual(German f.) great emotional torment
Herzensreinheit(German f.) purity of heart
Herzenssache(German f.) matter of the heart
Herzenstakt(German m. - dated) sensibility
Herzentzündung(German f.) carditis, heart inflammation, cardiac inflammation, inflammation of the heart
Herzenwunsch(German m.) heart's desire
herzerfreuend(German) heart-warming
herzerfrischend(German) truly refreshing
herzergreifend(German) deeply moving, soul-stirring, heart-rending, pathetic (pitiful), heart-touching, pathetically (pitifully)
Herzerkrankung(German f.) heart disease, cardiac disease
herzerwärmend(German) heart-warming, heart-rending, heart-rendingly, heart-melting
Herzfehler(German m.) cardiac defect,(organic) heart defect, heart failure, cardiac anomaly
Herzflimmern(German n.) heart flutter
herzförmig(German) heart-shaped, cordate, cordiform
herzförmige Blätter(German pl.) cordate leaves, heart-shaped leaves
herzförmige Brille(German f.) heart-shaped glasses
Herzfrequenz(German f.) heart rate
Herzfrequenzmessgerät(German n.) heart rate monitor
Herzfrequenzvariabilität(German f.) heart rate variability
Herzgegend(German f.) cardiac region, area of the heart (also figurative)
Herzgeräusch (s.), Herzgeräusche (pl.)(German n.) heart murmur, cardiac murmur, murmur (cardiac murmur)
herzgesund(German) heart-healthy (diet, etc.)
Herzgesundheit(German f.) heart health
Herzglykosid (s.), Herzglykoside (pl.)(German n.) cardiac glycoside
herzhaft(German) hearty, charming, heartily, savoury, lusty (appetite)
herzhaftes Gelächter(German n.) hearty laugh
herzhaft gähnen(German) to yawn loudly, to have a good yawn
Herzhaftigkeit(German f.) heartiness
herzhaft lachen(German) to laugh lustily
herzhaft schmecken(German) to be hearty and tasty
herziehen(German) to pull near
herziehend(German) pulling near
herzien(Dutch) revised
herzig(German) tenderly, sweet, cute, delightful, lovely, sweetly, delightfully, dear
-herzig(German) -hearted (suffix)
herziger(German) sweeter
herzigste(German) sweetest (cutest)
Herzinfarkt(German m.) (cardiac) infarction, myocardial infarction, heart attack
Herzinnenhautentzündung(German f.) endocarditis
Herzinsuffizienz(German f.) heart failure
Herzjagen(German n.) tachycardia
Herz-Jesu-Verehrung(German f.) devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Herzkammer (s.), Herzkammern (pl.)(German f.) ventricle, chamber of the heart
Herzkammerflimmern(German n.) ventricular fibrillation
Herzkasper(German m.) heart attack
Herzklappe (s.), Herzklappen (pl.)(German f.) heart valve
Herzklappen-(German) valvular
Herzklappenersatz(German m.) (heart) valve replacement, cardiac valve replacement (operation)
Herzklappenprothese(German f.) prosthetic heart valve, prosthetic cardiac valve
Herzklappenstenose(German f.) heart valve stenosis
Herzklinik(German f.) cardiology clinic
Herzklopfen (s.), Herzklopfen (pl.)(German n.) beating of the heart, palpitation, heart throb, heart consciousness (patient's awareness of own heart)
Herzkönig(German m.) king of hearts
Herz-König(German m.) King of Hearts (in a card game)
Herzkraftversagen(German n.) heart failure
herzkrank(German) suffering from a heart condition, cardiac (patient)
Herzkranker (s.), Herzkranke (pl.)(German m.) person suffering from a heart condition
Herzkrankheit(German f.) heart disease, cardiac disease
herzkrank sein(German) to have a heart condition, to be suffering from a heart condition
Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankung(German f.) cardiovascular disease
Herz-Kreislauf-Stillstand(German m.) cardiac arrest
Herz-Kreislauf-System(German n.) cardiovascular system
Herz-Kreislaufzwischenfall(German m.) cardiovascular event
Herzkurve(German f.) cardioid
Herzland(German n.) heartland
Herzleiden(German n.) heart disease, heartache, heart condition
herzlich(German) heartfelt, affectionate, tenderly, delicate emotion, cordial, cordially, heartily, dearly, open-hearted (affectionate), jovial, genially, folksy (US), jovially, warm-hearted, warm (hearty, warm-hearted), expansive (welcome, etc.), warmly (welcoming somebody, saying something), cordially (letter ending), sincere (thanks, etc.), hearty (laughter)
herzliche Begrüßung(German f.) cordial welcome, warm welcome
herzliche Beziehungen(German pl.) affectionate terms
herzliche Freundschaft(German f.) cordial friendship, warm friendship
herzliche Gemütsart(German f.) cheerful disposition, genial disposition
Herzliche Glückwünsche zur Eheschließung!(German) Congratulations on your marriage!
herzliche Grüße(German pl.) best wishes, affectionate regards, warm regards, kind regards, love (letter ending)
Herzliche Grüße von ...(German) Compliments of ...
Herzliche Hochzeitsglückwünsche!(German) Congratulations on your wedding!
herzlich eingeladen(German) cordially invited
Herzlichen Dank!(German) Cordial thanks! Many thanks! Thank you so much!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!(German) Best wishes! Congratulations!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!(German) Belated best wishes! Belated happy birthday!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!(German) Happy Birthday!
herzlicher(German) heartier, more cordial, warmer (heartier, warmer-hearted, more warm-hearted)
herzlicher Dank(German m.) warm thanks
herzlicher Empfang(German m.) hearty welcome, affectionate reception, hearty reception, warm reception
herzliches Beileid (zu)(German) my commiserations (on)
herzliches Willkommen(German n.) cordial welcome
herzliches Willkommen gewähren(German) to accord a hearty welcome
herzlich froh(German) heartily glad
Herzlichkeit (s.), Herzlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) cordiality, cordialness, heartiness, joviality, geniality, warmth (of friendship, of feeling), warmness (towards people, feelings)
herzlichst(German) whole-hearted
herzlichste(German) heartiest, most cordial
herzlich wenig Aussicht(German f.) fat chance (colloquial)
herzlich wenig(German) precious little, a fat lot
Herzlich willkommen!(German) Welcome!
Herzlich willkommen zurück!(German) Welcome back!
Herzlieb(German n. - dated) sweetheart
Herzliebchen(German n.) sweetheart, dearest
Herzliebster (m.), Herzliebste (f.)(German) dearest, darling (terms of endearment)
Herzlinie(German f.) heart line (palmistry)
herzlos(German) callously, heartless, heartlessly, ungiving, unkindly, cruel, soulless, callous, unfeeling
herzloser(German) more heartless
herzloseste(German) most heartless
Herzlosigkeit(German f.) heartlessness, bloodlessness
herzlos sein(German) to be heartless
Herz-Lungen-Maschine(German f.) heart-lung machine, life-support machine
Herz-Lungen-Transplantation(German f.) heart and lung transplantation
Herzmassage(German f.) cardiac massage
Herzmonitor(German m.) heart monitor, cardiac monitor
Herzmund(German m.) heart-shaped mouth
Herzmuskel-(German) cardiomuscular (prefix)
Herzmuskel(German m.) cardiac muscle, myocardium, heart muscle
Herzmuskelentzündung(German f.) myocarditis
Herzmuskelinfarkt(German m.) myocardial infarction
Herznote(German f.) heart note, middle note (perfume)
Herzog (m.), Herzogin (f.), Herzöge (pl.), Herzoginnen ( duke (m.), duchess (f.)
Herzogenbusch(German n.) 's-Hertogenbosch (city in The Netherlands)
Herzoginkartoffeln(German pl.) or Herzoginnenkartoffeln (German pl.), duchess potatoes, duchesse potatoes
Herzoginwitwe(German f.) duchess dowager
herzoglich(German) ducal, ducally
Herzogs-(German) ducal (prefix)
Herzogspalast(German m.) ducal palace
Herzogswürde(German f.) dukedom (title)
Herzogtum (s.), Herzogtümer (pl.)(German n.) duchy, dukedom
Herzoperation(German f.) heart surgery, cardiac operation, heart operation
Herzpatient (m.), Herzpatientin (f.)(German) cardiac patient
Herzprobleme(German pl.) heart problems
Herzrasen(German n.) racing heart, tachycardia, rapid heartbeat
Herzrate(German f.) heart rate
Herzreha(German f.) cardiac rehab (colloquial)
Herzrhythmus(German m.) cardiac rhythm, heart rhythm
Herzrhythmusstörung (s.), Herzrhythmusstörungen (pl.)(German f.) cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac irregularity (colloquial: cardiac arrhythmia)
Herzriss(German m.) heart rupture, myocardial rupture
Herzruptur(German f.) myocardial rupture, heart rupture, rupture of the heart, cardiac rupture
Herzschäden(German pl.) heart damage
Herzschallschreiber(German m.) phonocardiograph
Herzschlag (s.), Herzschläge (pl.)(German m.) heartbeat, heartthrob, beat of heart, beating of the heart
Herzschmerz (s.), Herzschmerzen (pl.)(German m.) stabbing pain in the chest, heartache, angina (pectoris)
Herzschmerz-Geschichte(German f.) sentimental story
Herzschrittmacher(German m.) pacemaker, cardiac pacemaker, heart pacemaker
Herzschwäche(German f.) weak heart
Herzspezialist (m.), Herzspezialistin (f.), Herzspezialisten (pl.)(German) heart specialist, cardiologist, cardiac specialist
herzstärkend(German) cardiotonic, cordial
herzstärkendes Mittel(German n.) cordial (agent)
Herzstärkungsmittel (s.), Herzstärkungsmittel (pl.)(German n.) cordial (agent)
Herzstillstand(German m.) cardiac arrest, asystole, cardio-respiratory arrest, cardio-pulmonary arrest
Herzstillstand erleiden(German) to flatline (US)
Herzstück(German n.) core, centrepiece, linchpin (figurative), heart (figurative)
Herztätigkeit(German f.) action of the heart, working of the heart, heartbeat, cardiac activity, cardiac action
Herztherapie(German f.) cardiac therapy
Herzthrombose(German f.) cardiac thrombosis
Hertzton (s.), Herztöne (pl.)(German m.) cardiac sound, heart sound
Herztransplantat(German n.) heart transplant, cardiac transplant
Herztransplantation(German f.) heart transplant, heart transplantation, cardiac transplantation, heart-transplant operation
Herzüberwachungsgerät(German n.) heart monitor
Herzunterstützung(German f.) cardiac support
herzutreten(German - dated) to approach
Herzvergrößerung(German f.) enlargement of the heart, cardiac enlargement
Herzverpflanzung (s.), Herzverpflanzungen (pl.)(German f.) heart transplant
Herzversagen(German n.) heart failure, cardiac failure
Herzwiederbelebungsgerät(German n.) cardiac resuscitation apparatus
Herzzentrum(German n.) cardiac centre, heart centre
herzzerbrechend(German) heartbreaking, heartbreakingly
herzzerreißend(German) heart-rending, piteous, heartbreaking, heartbreakingly, gut-wrenching, heart-rendingly, heart-wrenching, heart-splitting
note B flat
(German n.) the note 'B flat' (which in German is called 'B')
Hesekiel(German m.) Ezekiel
Heses, heses
note B double flat
(German n.) the note 'B double-flat' (written in Germany as Bb)
we have also included Bes as a translation for the note B double flat, although Michael Zapf confirms that, in Germany today, Bes is considered incorrect. The correct German word is Heses
hesiodeisch(German) Hesiodic
Hesiodicof, pertaining to, or resembling the style of Hesiod, a Greek poet of about the eighth century BC, or to a poetical school of which he was founder or leading member. The Hesiodic poems are didactic
hésitant(French) hesitating
Hesitationsmomentary stoppages of flow
in regard to speech, pauses in speech flow
Hesitation stepsimilar to a step used in the pavane, the 'hesitation step' survives today in weddings
Hesitation waltzsee 'Boston'
a variety of the true Valse that can very easily be performed once the Valse is known. Defined in a nutshell, the "Hesitation" is a halt on one foot (with the other foot suspended in the air) during the whole "1-2.3" of the beat of the music, or during the "2.3" only of every alternate "1-2.3." The ways of performing the "hesitation" are many and varied, and no way can be said to be more orthodox or correct than any other
hésiter à(French) to hesitate to
Hesperiden(German pl.) Hesperides
Hesperides(Greek mythology) group of 3 to 7 nymphs who guarded the golden apples that Gaea gave as a wedding gift to Hera
Hesse (m.), Hessin (f.), Hessen (pl.), Hessinnen ( Hessian
Hessen(German n.) Hesse
Hessenlied(German n.) official anthem of the German federal state of Hesse
Hesses gesammelte Werke(German) the collected works of Hesse
Hesses sämtliche Werke(German) the complete works of Hesse
Hessing-Korsett(German n.) Hessing's corset (for the treatment of scoliosis)
hessisch(German) Hessian, Hesse
Hestia(English, German f.) (Greek mythology) the goddess of the hearth and its fire in ancient mythology, identified with the Roman goddess Vesta
Hesychasm(from the Greek hesychia, quiet, silence, detachment), also called palamitism, the quietistic practices of a 14th-century ascetic sect of mystics drawn from the monks of Mt. Athos
Hesychasmus(German m.) Hesychasm
Hesychast(German m.) Hesychast
hesychastisch(German) Hesychastic, Hesychast
Hetaera (s.), Hetaerae (pl.)(Latin from the Greek, hetaira (s.), hetairai (pl.)) a mistress, a prostitute
the Greek hetaira was often a very highly-educated woman
Hetäre (s.), Hetären (pl.)(German f.) hetaera
he tenido alguno que otro(Spanish) I've had one or two
Heterarchie(German f.) heterarchy
heterarchisch(German) heterarchic, heterarchical
Heterarchya system of organization replete with overlap, multiplicity, mixed ascendancy, and/or divergent-but-coexistent patterns of relation
heterochromaticvaricoloured, of or characterised by different colours
heterochromatisch(German) heterochromatic
heterochromatische Strahlung(German f.) heterochromatic radiation
Heterochromiaa condition in which the two irises of an individual have different colors, or in which one iris has
Heterochromie(German f.) heterochromia
heterocl.abbreviation of 'heteroclite' (an irregularly declined or inflected word)
Heteroclitesomething or someone that deviates from the ordinary rule, an anomaly
heterodox(German) heterodox
Heterodoxie(German f.) heterodoxy
Heterodoxyany opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position
Heterofonie(German f.) heterophony
heterofonisch(Dutch) heterophony
heterogen(German) heterogenous, heterogeneously, heterogeneous, heterogenic
Heterogeneousmade up of dissimilar components, a large degree of variation within a population
heterogenes Polypol(German n.) monopolistic competition
Heterogenität (s.), Heterogenitäten (pl.)(German f.) heterogeneity
Heteroglossiaa diversity of voices, styles of discourse, or points of view in a literary work and especially a novel
Heteroglossie(German f.) heteroglossia
heteroglossisch(German) heteroglossic
Heteroglot reeda reed that is separate to the instrument, and which might be tied to the upper side of the mouthpiece and therefore vibrates between the mouthpiece and the player's upper lip
see 'idioglot reed'
heteromorph(German) heteromorphic
Heteromorphic(biology) having different forms in different stages of the life cycle
Heteromorphisma diversity of form
Heteromorphismus(German m.) heteromorphism
Heteronomie(German f.) heteronomy
Heteronomy(opposed to autonomy) subordination or subjection to the law of another, political subjection of a community or state
Heteronormativität(German f.) heteronormativity
Heteronormativitythe view that all human beings are either male or female, both in sex and in gender, and that sexual and romantic thoughts and relations are normal only when between people of different sexes
Heteronym(English, German n.) two words are heteronyms if they are spelled the same way but differ in pronunciation
Heterophobiaa term used to describe irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against heterosexuals
Heterophobie(German f.) heterophobia
Heterophonie(German f.) heterophony
Heterophonie(German f.) heterophony
Hétérophonie(French) heterophony
Heterophonytwo or more lines performing the same melody, maybe anticipating it or following it a beat or more behind, or applying different embellishments, a conjectural way of performing medieval repertoire, for example, songs of the troubadour and trouvère tradition, although similar traditions continue even today
the term heterophony was coined by Plato (c.428-c.347 BC)
Heterophoriaa type of eye condition where the motion of the eyes are not parallel to each other
Heterophorie(German f.) heterophoria
Heterosexismus(German m.) heterosexism
heterosexistisch(German) heterosexist
Heterosexualität(German f.) heterosexuality
heterosexuell(German) heterosexual, straight (colloquial)
Heterosexueller (m.), Heterosexuelle (f.), Heterosexuelle (pl.)(German) heterosexual, straight (colloquial)
Heterotopiain medicine, displaced or abnormally places organ, tissue, etc.
in general, occuring or appearing in different habitats
heterotopias: "[r]eal places ... which are something like counter-sites, a kind of utopia in which all of the real sites that can be found within a culture are simultaneously represented, contested and inverted. Places of this kind are outside of all places ..." [Michel Foucault (1926-1984), French historian and philosopher]
Heterotopie(German f.) heterotopia, heterotopy
Hethiter (m.), Hethiterin (f.), Hethiter (pl.)(German) Hittite
Hethiterherrscher(German m.) Hittite ruler
Hethiterkönig(German m.) Hittite king
Hethiterreich(German n.) Hittite empire
Hethitisch(German n.) Hittite
hethitisch(German) Hittite
Hethitologe(German m.) Hittitologist
Hethitologie(German f.) Hittitology
Hetman(English, German m.) the title of the second highest military commander (after the monarch) used in 15th to 18th century Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Hetschipetsch(German n. - Austria) rose hip
het stemmen(Dutch) accordance (in an instrument)
het van het blad lezen(Dutch) sight-reading
het van het blad zingen(Dutch) sight-singing
het Volkslied(Dutch) national anthem
Hetz(German f. - Southern Germany, Austria) fun
Hetz nicht so!(German) Don't be in such a rush!
Hetzartikel(German m.) inflammatory article
Hetzblatt(German n.) hate sheet, smearsheet
Hetze(German f.) chevy, chevvy, chivy, chivvy, coursing, hunt, hustle, rabble-rousing, dash, rat race, agitation
Hetze gegen ...(German f.) agitation against ... (somebody, something)
Hetze gegen die Juden(German f.) Jew-baiting
Hetzen(German n.) baiting, hustling
hetzen(German) to chevy, to bait, to chevvy, to chivy, to chivvy, to hustle, to agitate (incite), to rush, to scamper, to chase (also figurative)
hetzend(German) badgering, chevying, hounding, rushing, scampering, chevvying, chivying, chivvying
hetzen gegen(German) to stir up hatred against
Hetzer (m.), Hetzerin (f.)(German) baiter, agitator, rabble-rouser, instigator
hetzerisch(German) rabble-rousing
hetzhalber(German - Austria) just for fun
Hetzhund (s.), Hetzhunde (pl.)(German m.) foxhound, staghound, stag hound, hunting hound
Hetzjagd(German f.) chevy, chevvy, chivy, chivvy, coursing, hunt, deer-hunting, persecution, hounding
Hetzkampagne(German f.) vendetta, malicious campaign, hate campaign (pejorative), smear campaign (pejorative)
Hetzparole(German f.) demagogic slogan
Hetzpresse(German f.) yellow press (pejorative)
Hetzpropaganda(German f.) inflammatory propaganda
Hetzrede (s.), Hetzreden (pl.)(German f.) diatribe, provocative speech, inflammatory speech, rabble-rousing speech
Hetzreden halten(German) to make rabble-rousing speeches
Hetzredner(German m.) demagogue
Hetzschrift(German f.) inflammatory pamphlet
Hetztiraden(German pl.) rants of hate, tirade of hate
Heu(German n.) hay
Heuballen(German m.) hay bale, bale of hay, hay roll, hay bail
Heubier(German n.) hay beer
Heublumen(German pl.) hay flowers (mixture of seeds, flowers, and grasses, sieved from hay and used for medical purposes)
Heuboden(German m.) hayloft
Heuboden(German m.) mow
Heubündel(German n.) bundle of hay, bottle of hay
Heuchelei (s.), Heucheleien (pl.)(German f.) hypocrisy, cant, dissemblance, factitiousness, sham, simulation, affectation, dissimulation, Pecksniffery, duplicity
heucheln(German) to feign, to pretend, to sham, to simulate, to dissemble, to front (slang: sham, simulate, pretend), to cant
heuchelnd(German) dissembling, feigning, canting, shammed
Heuchler (m.), Heuchlerin (f.), Heuchler (pl.)(German) chadband, dissembler, hypocrite, shammer, simulator, canter, fraud (hypocrite), sham (person), pretender, dissimulator
heuchlerisch(German) dissembling, hypocritical, hypocritically, duplicitous, two-faced (figurative), insincere, Pecksniffian, duplicitously
heuchlerischer(German) more dissembling
heuchlerisch wirken(German) to have a hollow ring (colloquial)
Heudiele(German f. - Switzerland) hayloft
Heudieme(German f. - Low German)) hayrick
Heu einbringen(German) to bring in the hay, to save hay
Heuen(German n.) haymaking
heuen(German - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to make hay
Heuer(German f.) pay
heuer(German - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) this year
Heuerbüro(German n.) shipping office
Heuerling(German m.) hireling, hired hand
heuern(German) to hire
Heuernte(German f.) hay harvest, hay making, haymaking
Heuerntezeit(German f.) haymaking season
Heuert(German m.) or Heuet (German m.) the old name for July in the German calendar)
Heufeld(German n.) hay field
Heufieber(German n.) hay fever
Heugabel(German f.) pitchfork, hay fork
Heugewinnung(German f.) haymaking
Heuharfe(German f. - Austria) rickstand
Heu häufeln(German) to cock hay
Heuhaufen (s.), Heuhaufen (pl.)(German m.) haycock, haystack, hay-cock
Heul doch!(German) Cry me a river! (sarcastic)
Heul nicht ständig!(German) Don't keep crying!
Heulanfall(German m.) cry (fit of weeping)
Heulboje(German f.) whistle buoy, whistling buoy, bawler (dated: child), caterwauler (dated: singer)
Heulen(German n.) whine, howling, howl, wail (figurative: of wind, etc.), hoot (of an owl)
heulen(German) to hoot (owl, etc.), to ululate, to scream, to bawl, to bellow, to blare (trumpet, etc.), to blubber (colloquial: to cry), to wail (wind, siren), to snivel, to whine, to howl (also wind, etc.), to waul, to blub (colloquial: to cry), to have a blubber (colloquial: to have a cry), to cry
heulend(German) hooting, blubbering, howling, ululating, ululant, wailing
heulender Sturm(German m.) howling gale
heulender Wind(German m.) screaming wind, wailing wind, howling wind
heulender Wolf(German m.) howling wolf
heulend hervorbringen(German) to blubber out
Heuler(German m.) baby seal, seal pup, wailing banshee (firework), whine (wailing sound)
Heulerei(German f.) wailing (siren, buoy), howling
Heulkrampf(German m.) crying fit
Heulmeier(German m.) sniveller
Heulpeter(German m.) sniveller
Heulsuse (s.), Heulsusen (pl.)(German f.) crybaby, sniveller, whiner, cry-baby, sissy (colloquial), whimperer
heult(German) hoots
Heulton(German m.) siren (sound), wailing sound, wail (siren)
Heultonne(German f.) whistle buoy
Heumachen(German n.) haymaking
Heu machen(German) to be hay-making, to make hay
Heumacher (m.), Heumacherin (f.)(German) haymaker
Heumahd(German f.) haymaking
Heu mähen(German) to cut hay
Heumäher(German m.) hay mower
Heumiete(German f.) hayrick, haystack
Heumond(German m.) or Heumonat (German m.), old name for July in the German calendar
Heunetz(German n.) haynet
Heupferd(German n.) grasshopper (Tettigoniinae), bush cricket (insect)
Heupferdchen(German n.) grasshopper
Heureiter(German m. - Austria) rickstand
Heureka!(German) Eureka!
heures de grande écoute(French) peak time
Heureuter(German m. - Southern Germany) rickstand
Heureux au jeu, malheureux en amour.(French) Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.
Heuriers-matiniers(French) or heuriers et matiniers, officials who were required to sing the Office and the Mass on a regular basis at Chartres Cathedral. It is reported that they were expected to be able to sing Matins in the dark and were liable to pay a fine if unable to sing the Psalter from memory
heurig(German - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) this year's
Heurige(German pl. - Austria) early potatoes
Heuriger(German m. - Austria) tavern selling homegrown wine, new wine
Heuristik(German f.) heuristics
heuristisch(German) heuristic, heuristical, heuristically
Heurolle(German f.) hay roll, hay bail (round)
Heuscheune(German f.) hay barn
Heuschnupfen(German m.) hay fever, hayfever
Heuschnupfenmittel(German n.) hay fever remedy, remedy for hay fever
Heuschnupfentablette(German f.) hay fever pill
Heuschnupfenzeit(German f.) hay fever season
Heuschober(German m.) haystack, haystacks, rick, hayrick
Heuschreck(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria) grasshopper
Heuschrecke (s.), Heuschrecken (pl.)(German f.) grasshopper, locust (also figurative), cicada, corporate raider (pejorative)
Heuschreckenplage(German f.) plague of locusts, locust infestation
Heustadel(German m. - Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) hay barn
Heustock(German m. - Switzerland) hayrick
Heute(German n.) today
heute(German) today, this day, nowadays, present day
heute Abend(German) tonight, this evening
heute aufgegeben(German) posted today
heute bekannt unter dem Namen(German) now known as
Heute bin ich nicht ganz auf der Höhe.(German) I'm a bit under the weather today.
heute früh(German) earlier today, this morning
Heute geht es ihr gar nicht gut.(German) She is very bad today.
Heute geht mir alles schief.(German) This is an off-day for me. Everything's going wrong.
Heute hier, morgen dort.(German) Here today, gone tomorrow.
heute in 14 Tagen(German) this day fortnight, today fortnight
heute in acht Tagen(German) a week today, in a week's time, a week from today
heute in einer Woche(German) a week from now, a week from today, this day next week, today week
Heute ist der dritte, oder?(German) Today's the 3rd, isn't it?
Heute ist ein Wetterchen zum Eierlegen.(German) It's really lovely today! (ironic)
Heute ist es so weit.(German) Today is the day.
Heute ist es soweit.(German - old form) Today is the day.
Heute ist schlechtes Wetter.(German) It's foul weather today.
Heute ist schönes Wetter.(German) The weather is fine today.
heute kein Unterricht(German) no school today
Heute kommt spät am Abend ein guter Film.(German) There's a good film on late.
Heute kommt spätabends ein guter Film.(German) There's a good film on late.
heute Mittag(German) at midday today
heute morgen(German) this morning
heute Nachmittag(German) this afternoon
heute Nacht(German) tonight, last night
heute nicht mehr bestehend(German) now-defunct
heute nicht mehr existierend(German) now defunct
heute nicht mehr vorstellbar(German) no longer imaginable today
heute vor einer Woche(German) a week ago today
heute vor sechs Jahren(German) six years ago today
heutig(German) present, present-day, modern (present-day), contemporary, hodiernal (rare), today's, of today
heutige(German) today's
heutige Kinder(German pl.) contemporary children, today's children
heutigentags(German - dated) nowadays
heutiger(German) today's
heutiger (m.), heutige (f.), heutiges (n.)(German) today
heutiger Wert(German m.) current worth
heutiges(German) today's
heutiges Tagesziel(German n.) today's target, target for today, destination for today, today's destination
heutzutage(German) nowadays, these days, at the present day
Heuwagen(German m.) haywain (archaic), hay cart
Heuwiese(German f.) hay meadow
he visto algunas(Spanish) I've seen some
Hexachord(English, German m./n., Latin, hexachordum) esacordo (Italian m.), hexacorde (French m.), hexacordo (Spanish m.), a group of six consecutive notes separated by a tone (whole-step) or semitone (half-step), in particular with reference to the solmization syllables proposed by Guido d'Arezzo
there are three hexachords
hard or durumfrom G (i.e. G, A, B natural, C, D, E), i.e. hexachordum durum
natural or naturalefrom C (i.e. C, D, E, F, G, A), i.e. hexachordum naturale
soft or mollefrom F but using B flat (i.e. F, G, A, B flat, C, D), i.e. hexachordum molle
Hexachordon(Greek) a major sixth
Hexacorde(French m.) hexachord
Hexacordo(Spanish m.) hexachord
Hexadactylythe presence of six digits on one or both hands or feet
Hexadaktylie(German f.) hexadactylism, hexadactyly, sexdactyly (hexadactyly)
hexadezimal(German) hex, hexadecimal
Hexadezimalcode(German m.) hex code, hexadecimal code
hexadezimale Darstellung(German f.) hexadecimal notation
hexadezimales Zahlensystem(German n.) hexadecimal number system
Hexadezimalsystem(German n.) hexadecimal system
Hexadezimalzahl(German f.) hexadecimal number
Hexagon(English, German n.) a six-sided polygon
Hexagrama regular polygon, shaped as a six-pointed star, formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon to form two equilateral triangles
Hexagramm(German n.) hexagram
Hexalogie(German f.) hexalogy
Hexalogya compound literary or narrative work that is made up of six distinct works, just as a trilogy is made up of three
Hexameron(Greek) a set of six musical pieces or songs
Hexameter(English, German m.) very common in Greek and Latin literature, less common in English, a line consisting of six metrical feet
Hexateuch(German m.) the first six books of the Hebrew Bible
Hexatonicof or using only six notes
Hexatônica(Portuguese) hexatonic
Hexatonic scalea scale with six notes
Hexe (s.), Hexen (pl.)(German f.) hag (witch), sibyl, witch, sorceress, tangle (in hair)
hexen(German) to conjure
Hexenbesen(German m.) witches' besom, witches' broom
Hexenbrett(German n.) ouija board, witch board
Hexeneinmaleins(German n.) magic formula
Hexenflasche(German f.) witch's bottle, witch bottle
Hexengebräu(German n.) witches' brew
Hexenglaube(German m.) belief in witches
hexenhaft(German) haggish
Hexenhasel(German f.) witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana L.]
Hexenhaus(German n.) witch's cottage
Hexenhäuschen(German n.) gingerbread house (Hänsel und Gretel German: Hansel and Gretel)
Hexenjagd(German f.) witch-hunt, witch-hunting, witch-hunt (figurative)
Hexenjäger(German m.) witch hunter
Hexenkessel(German m.) witch's cauldron, inferno, seething cauldron, bubbling cauldron (figurative), witches' kitchen (figurative)
Hexenkunst(German f.) witchcraft
Hexenmeister (m.), Hexenmeisterin (f.), Hexenmeister (pl.)(German) conjuror, sorcerer, sorceress (f.), wizard (m.), witch (f.), warlock (m.)
Hexenprozess (s.), Hexenprozesse (pl.)(German m.) witch trial
Hexenprozesse von Salem(German pl.) Salem witch trials (1692)
Hexenring(German m.) fairy ring
Hexenrock(German m.) witch skirt
Hexensabbat (s.), Hexensabbate (pl.)(German m.) coven, esbat, (witches') sabbat
Hexensalbe(German f.) magic salve
Hexenschuss(German m.) lumbago
Hexenspiel(German n.) cat's cradle (child's game)
Hexenstich(German m.) Russian (cross) stitch
Hexentanz(German m.) witches' dance, a witches' sabbath (especially as represented in art or music), pandemonium (figurative)
Hexenverbrennung(German f.) burning of a witch
Hexenverfolgung(German f.) witch-hunt, witch-hunting, persecution of witches
Hexenwahn(German m.) witch craze, witch-hunt, witch hunting
Hexenwerk(German n.) sorcery
Hexenwesen(German n.) witchcraft
Hexenzirkel(German m.) coven
Hexer (s.), Hexer (pl.)(German m.) wizard, witcher, sorcerer, warlock, spellcaster, wicca (Old English: wizard)
Hexerei (s.), Hexereien (pl.)(German f.) witchcraft, witchery, wizardry, witching, sorcery, pishogue (Irish)
Heysee 'haye'
Heyesee 'haye'
HF-Abstrahlung(German f.) RF emission
Hfeabbreviation of Harfe (German: harp - harpe (French))
H-förmig(German) H-shaped
HFPAHollywood Foreign Press Association - they present the Golden Globes
HF-Schweißen(German n.) high frequency welding
H-Gas(German n.) high caloric gas (natural gas)
HHAabbreviation of Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (German: Halle Edition of music by Handel)
Hialemos(Greek) an elegy, a lament
Hiasl(German m. - Southern Germany) dolt
Hiatalof, relating to, or involving a hiatus
hiatal(German) hiatal
Hiatus (s.), Hiatus (pl.)(English, German m., Latin) a gap (for example, in some logical or continuous sequence), a lacuna
in linguistics, the juxtaposition of two vowels (not forming a dipthong) with no intervening consonant
Hiatus-(German) hiatal
Hiatushernie(German f.) hiatus hernia, hiatal hernia
hibbelig(German) nervous, jittery (colloquial)
Hibernalor brumal, characteristic of or relating to winter
hibernal(German - dated) hibernal
Hiberniathe Latin and poetic name for the island of Ireland
Hibernianof or pertaining to Hibernia, the Latin and poetic name for the island of Ireland
Hibernien(German n.) Hibernia
Hibernier (m.), Hibernierin (f.)(German) Hibernian
hibernisch(German) Hibernian
Hibernistik(German f.) Irish studies
Hibiskus(German m.) hibiscus (genus)
Hibiskusblüte(German f.) hibiscus flower
Hibiskustee(German m.) hibiscus tea
Hichirikia Japanese double-reed wind instrument similar to the oboe
Hic jacet(Latin, literally 'here lies') an epitaph, an inscription on a tomb, etc.
Hickhack(German m./n.) argy-bargy (colloquial), squabbling, wrangling, bickering
Hickory(German m.) hickory (tree), hickory (wood)
Hickorybaum(German m.) hickory (tree)
Hickorynuss(German f.) hickory nut
Hickorynussbaum (s.), Hickorynussbäume (pl.)(German m.) hickory (tree)
Hickorystiel(German m.) hickory handle, hickory shaft
hicksen(German - regional) to hiccup
Hick rocksee 'alternative country'
Hidalgo(Spansh m.) a gentleman by birth
Hidalguense, elthe state of Hidalgo, named after Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, is located in the mid-eastern Mexico. It is rich with important mineral deposits of gold, silver and zinc. El Hidalguense one of the many Huasteco musical pieces used in dancing
hidastaen(Finnish) ritenuto, reduce tempo immediately
hidastuen(Finnish) ritardando, reduce tempo gradually
Hidden consecutiveshidden consecutives occur when two independent parts approach a single perfect fifth or an octave by similar motion instead of oblique or contrary motion. Conventional style dictates that such an interval, often called an exposed fifth or exposed octave, be avoided. But this is sometimes permitted under certain conditions, such as the following: the interval does not involve either the highest or the lowest part, the interval does not occur between both of those extreme parts, the interval is approached in one part by a semitone step, or the interval is approached in the higher part by step. The details differ considerably from period to period, and even among composers writing in the same period
Hidden fifthsapproaching fifths by similar motion can produce the same effect as approaching fifths by parallel motion. Adding a passing tone to a hidden fifth produces a parallel fifth, for example. Since the parallel fifth is implied by a missing note, approaching fifths by similar motion are called hidden fifths
Hidden octavesapproaching octaves by similar motion can produce the same effect as approaching octaves by parallel motion. Adding a passing tone to a hidden octave produces a parallel octave, for example. Since the parallel octave is implied by a missing note, approaching octaves by similar motion are called hidden octaves
Hide gluean animal glue that is created by the prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue and used, in the music trade, particularly for gluing the joints of stringed instruments
Hidjas(German m.) Hejaz
Hidrotichaving to do with sweat, causing sweat, sudorific
Hidrotika(German pl.) hidrotics
Hidschab(German m.) hijab
Hidschra(German f.) Hijra
hie und da(German) hither and thither (old-fashioned), now and then
Hieb (s.), Hiebe (pl.)(German m.) clip, hack, stroke, blow, hit, bang, chop (blow with edge of hand), skit, cut (sword, whip)
Hiebnummer(German f.) grade of cut (file)
hieb- und stichfest(German) watertight (figurative), airtight (figurative)
Hiebwaffe(German f.) baton
Hief(German) sound given by a bugle or hunting horn
Hief-horn(German) bugle-horn, hunting horn
Hief-stoss(German) sound given by a bugle or hunting horn
hieher(German - dated) hither
hielt irrtümlich für(German) mistook for
hienieden(German - Austria - dated) here below
hier(German) here, herein, of our city, this is where
Hier abtrennen.(German) Detach here.
hieran(German) here
hier anheben(German) lift here
Hier arbeitet es sich besser.(German) One can work better here.
Hierarchie (s.), Hierarchien (pl.)(German f.) hierarchy, command structure, totem pole (figurative)
Hierarchieabbau(German m.) de-layering
Hierarchieebene(German f.) hierarchical level
Hierarchiestruktur(German f.) hierarchical structure
hierarchisch(German) hierarchic, hierarchical, hierarchically, hierarchal
hierarchisch aufgebaut(German) hierarchically structured
hierarchische Festlegung(German f.) hierarchical definition
hierarchischer Aufbau(German m.) hierarchic structure, hierarchal organisation, hierarchical composition
hierarchisches Speichermanagement(German n.) hierarchical storage management
hierarchisches System(German n.) chain of authority
hierarchische Struktur(German f.) hierarchic structure
hierarchische Strukturierung(German f.) hierarchical structuring
hierarchische Zerlegung(German f.) hierarchical decomposition
Hierarchisierung(German f.) hierarchisation
Hieraticsacertodal, priestly, of or associated with sacred persons, offices or duties - also designates a style in art that manifests adherence to religious styles or conventional depictions or methods
constituting or relating to a simplified cursive style of Egyptian, which developed alongside the monumental hieroglyphic system, a script almost always written in ink with a reed pen on papyrus and used for administrative and economic purposes and also for works of literature. After about 660 BC it was replaced in most secular documents by the demotic script
hieratisch(German) hieratic
hierauf(German) hereunto, hereupon, afterwards, subsequently, upon this, on this
hieraufhin(German) hereupon
hieraus(German) from it, out of this
Hieraus folgerte er ...(German) From this he argued that ...
hierbei(German) at this, here (on doing this, in this connection)
hierbei ...(German) in so doing, ...
hier bei uns(German) over here
Hier bist du richtig.(German) This is the place to be.
Hier bitteshort for Stell es bitte hierhin. (German: Put it here, please.)
Hier bitte schön.(German) There you go. (colloquial) There you are.
(Hier) bitte schön.(German) Here you are.
Hier, bitte sehr.(German) There you are. Here you are!
hier drin(German) in here
hier drüben(German) over here
hierdurch(German) hereby, through this, as a result of this, because of this, thus, through here, by this means
hierdurch entstanden(German) resulting
hierein(German) in here
hier entlang(German) along here
Hier entlang.(German) This way.
Hier erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte über ...(German) Here you'll find everything you want to know about ...
Hier erfahren Sie Wissenswertes über ...(German) Here you learn about ...
hierfür(German) for it, for this, for this purpose
hiergegen(German) against this, in comparison with this, by comparison with this, compared with this
Hier geht es schlecht zu.(German) Things are bad here.
Hier geht's zu wie bei den Hottentotten.(German) It's like bedlam in here.
Hier ging es nie um Rache.(German) It was never about revenge.
Hier habe ich das Sagen.(German) I'm the boss here.
hierher(German) hither, here, this way
hier heraus(German) out here
Hier herein, bitte!(German) This way in, please!
hierhergehören(German) to belong here
hierher gehören(German) to belong here
hierherkommen(German) to come here, to approach, to come (here)
hierherum(German) hereabouts, around here, round here
hier herum(German) hereabout, hereabouts
hierher wagen(German) to dare to come here
hierhin(German) here
hierhinab(German) down here
hierhinauf(German) up here
hierhinaus(German) out (of) here
hier hindurch(German) through here
hierhinein(German) in here
hier hinten(German) back here
hierhinter(German) behind here
hierhin und dorthin(German) here and there, hither and yon
hierhinunter(German) under here, down here
hierin(German) herein, in here, in this
hier in der Gegend(German) around here, in these parts
Hier ist die ganze Geschichte.(German) Here is the whole story.
Hier ist etwas Brot.(German) Here's some bread.
Hier ist jede Menge Platz.(German) There's acres of room in here.
Hier ist meines Bleibens nicht länger.(German) I cannot stay here any longer.
Hier ist Platz für alle.(German) There's room for everybody.
Hier ist zu merken, dass ...(German) It should be noticed here that ...
Hier klicken.(German) Click here.
Hier kommt ... ins Spiel.(German) This is where ... comes in.
hiermit(German) with this, with these, herewith, with these words, saying this, hereby
hiermit beglaubigt(German) certified herewith
Hiermit bestätigen wir Ihnen ...(German) We hereby acknowledge ...
Hiermit bestätigen wir unser Schreiben ...(German) This is to confirm our letter ...
hiermit bestätigt(German) certified herewith
Hiermit bewerbe ich mich um ...(German) I am writing to apply for ...
Hiermit bin ich einverstanden.(German) I'll agree to that.
hiermit erkläre ich eidesstattlich, dass ...(German) herewith I affirm that ...
Hiermit erkläre ich euch zu Mann und Frau.(German) I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Hiermit erkläre ich Sie zu Mann und Frau.(German) I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Hiermit erklären wir, dass ...(German) We hereby declare that ...
hiermit gegeben(German) hereby assigned
Hiermit lade ich Sie ein, ...(German) I am writing to invite you to ...
Hiermit möchte ich mich verabschieden.(German) And that's all from me (for today).
Hiermit senden wir Ihnen ...(German) Herewith we send you ... Herewith we enclose ... Herewith we are sending you ...
Hiermit teile ich Ihnen mit, dass ...(German) I am writing to inform you that ...
Hiermit teilen wir Ihnen mit ...(German) This is to inform you that ...
Hiermit teilen wir Ihnen mit, dass ...(German) This is to inform you of ... Please be advised that ...
Hiermit wird bekannt gegeben, dass ...(German) This is to notify that ... Notice is hereby given that ...
Hiermit wird bescheinigt ...(German) This is to certify ... It is herewith certified ...
Hiermit wird bescheinigt, dass ...(German) This is to certify that ...
Hiermit wird bestätigt ...(German) This is to certify ... It is herewith certified ...
Hiermit wird bestätigt, dass ...(German) This is to certify that ...
Hier muss ein Komma stehen.(German) There should be a comma here.
Hier muss man sein.(German) This is the place to be.
hiernach(German) after this, hereafter, after that, according to this, according to these, in accordance with this, in accordance with these
hierneben(German) beside this, next to this
hier oben(German) up here
Hier oben!(German) This way up! (sign on a case)
hier öffnen(German) open here
Hieroglypha picture or symbol used in hieroglyphic writing
used pejoratively for writing that resembles hieroglyphics (usually by being illegible)
Hieroglyphe (s.), Hieroglyphen (pl.)(German f.) hieroglyph, hieroglyphic
Hieroglyphenschrift(German f.) hieroglyphic script, hieroglyphic writing
Hieroglyphentext(German m.) hieroglyphic text
hieroglyphisch(German) hieroglyphic, hieroglyphically
hierokratisch(German) hierocratic
Hieronymiten(German pl.) Hieronymites (hermits)
Hieronymitesa common name for several congregations of hermits living according to the rule of St Augustine with supplementary regulations taken from St Jerome's writings. Their traditional habit is a white tunic with brown hooded scapular and brown mantle
Hieronymus(German) Jerome
Hierophanie(German f.) hierophany
Hierophanya physical manifestation of the holy or sacred, serving as a spiritual eidolon for emulation or worship
Hierophobiaa morbid fear of priests or sacred things
Hierophobie(German f.) hierophobia
Hierophon(German) a singer of sacred music
hierorts(German) hereabouts, here
Hieroscopydivination by interpreting sacrificial objects such as burnt offerings or slaughtered animals, similar to aruspicy (interpretation of animal entrails)
Hieroskopie(German f.) hieroscopy
Hierro(Spanish m.) iron
Hierroa term used to describe the guataca (the hoe blade) or other metal sound used as the cowbell accompaniment to the rumba Columbia and other folkloric Afro 6/8 styles
Hierro forjado(Spanish m.) wrought iron
Hier schließt sich der Kreis.(German) We've come full circle.
hier sein(German) to be around
Hier sind einige Beispiele.(German) Here are some examples.
Hier sind Sie willkommen.(German) You are welcome here.
Hier sitzt es sich bequem.(German) This seat is comfortable.
Hier spukt es.(German) This place is haunted.
Hier steht Aussage gegen Aussage.(German) It's his word against hers.
Hier steht, dass...(German) It says here that...
Hier steht (geschrieben), dass...(German) It reads here that...
Hier teilen sich die Meinungen.(German) In this point opinions differ.
Hier trennen sich unsere Wege.(German) This is where we part company.
hierüber(German) over this, about this, over here, above here
hierum(German) about this
Hierum geht es gar nicht.(German) That's not the point.
hier und da(German) passim, in patches, here and there, every so often, now and then, from time to time
hier und dort(German) here and there, hither and yon (dated)
Hier und Jetzt(German n.) here and now
hier unten(German) down here
hierunter(German) beneath this, hereunder, under here
hiervon(German) hereof, thereof, from here
hiervor(German) in front of this, in front of here
Hier war heute der Teufel los.(German) It's been a madhouse here today. (colloquial)
Hier waren Stümper am Werk.(German) This has been botched. (colloquial)
Hier wohne ich.(German) This is where I live.
hierzu(German) for this purpose, concerning this, as to that, hereunto, hereto, on this, to that end
Hierzu besteht keine Pflicht.(German) There is no obligation to do so.
Hierzu fehlt ihm der Mut.(German) He lacks the courage to do it.
Hierzu gehören ...(German) To these belong ...
hierzulande(German) (here) in this country, (here) in these parts, over here (colloquial), in this part of the world
hiesig(German - Southern Germany) local
hiesige(German) local, of this place, of this town, of this country
Hiesiger (m.), Hiesige (f.)(German) man of this place (m.), man of this town (m.), man of this country (m.), woman of this place (f.), woman of this town (f.), woman of this country (f.)
hiesiger Kaufmann(German m.) merchant of our town
Hieve(German f.) heave (pull, lift, etc. heavy items)
hieven(German) to heave, to manhandle (heavy items)
Hiffenmark(German n. - Southern Germany) rosehip puree
Hi-Fi-Anlage(German f.) hi-fi system
HiFi-Center(German n.) entertainment cabinet (containing hi-fi system)
Hi-Fi-Freak(German m.) audiophile
Hifthorn(German n.) type of bugle
the Hifthorn was carried on a chain over the shoulder and served nightwatchmen, fire attendants, farmhands, cowherds and others. Later, the instrument developed into the posthorn, for which it would have been attached to longer cord at the hip
Highalta (Italian), hoch (German), haut (French)
High archedhoch gewölbt (German), bombé (French), voûté (French), molto bombata (Italian), bombatura alta (Italian)
High comedyelegant comedies characterized by witty banter and sophisticated dialogue rather than the slapstick physicality and blundering common to low comedy
High Energya mix of 'Breakbeat' rhythm and 'German Techo' sound
Highest partparte superiore (Italian), höchste Stimme (German), dessus (French)
High, extremelyaltissimo (Italian), ausserordentlich hoch (German), très élève (French)
High fidelity(English, Highfidelity (German f.)) or 'hi-fi' reproduction, a quality standard in which the reproduction of sound or images is very faithful to the original
High frequency limit of hearingthe upper extent to which a particular animal can perceive sound
Highland dancingthe term 'Highland dancing' is used today to refer to a style of athletic solo dancing which evolved into its current form during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of competitions at public events (namely, Highland games), where it is typically performed to the accompaniment of bagpipe music. In some regions of the Scottish Highlands, Highland dancing formed the main part of social entertainment
the term is somewhat misleading, however, in that it is only one form of dancing to have been done in the Scottish Highlands and, in addition, it has been subject to many influences from outside the Scottish Highlands. For example, it has been heavily influenced by the urban aesthetics of the patrons and judges of dance competitions since the nineteenth century
Highland fling(English) or Highland Fling (German m.), a lively folk dance originating in the Highlands of Scotland
Highland pipesScottish bagpipes that are played standing, usually in pipe bands. The chanter has eight holes. There are two tenor drones, tuned an octave below the chanter and a bass drone a further octave down
Highlandsa 4/4 tune based on Scottish strathspeys, which are played in Donegal, a remote, partly Irish-speaking county in northwestern Ireland, and are one of the most commonly played types of tune in the county
Highlifeor 'Hi-life', music that conjures up images of African nightclubs, shiny dance-floors, champagne, fine clothes and the spirit of hope and expectation that marked the end of the colonial era. Based on the kpanlogo rhythm, that originated in Ghana in the 1920s and became popular in neighboring Nigeria, it is a combination of tribal rhythms with various European, American-style big band sounds, and even Caribbean influences. Calypso, jazz, waltz and merengue were cross-pollinated with indigenous styles such as osibisiba and gome to form an infectious dance music. It reached its maximum popularity in the 1950s and 1960s in dance clubs throughout West Africa, the name mocking the high living lifestyle of its patrons
highlighten(German) to highlight (on a screen)
High Massa celebration of the Roman Catholic Mass where the prayers are sung, distinguishing it from a low Mass where all the prayers are read or recited without music
High modernisma belief that society is in a state of crisis and that mass culture is modernism's other, the spectre that haunts it, the threat against which high art has to shore up its terrain. The modernist aesthetic, so prominent this century in literature, music, architecture, the visual arts, so influential in cultural criticism and theory, should be seeb as a reaction formation. The modernist aesthetic defines itself by its opposition not only to bourgeois culture, but to the mass culture and entertainment which it sees not as a manifestation of the culture of the lower classes themselves but as the primary forms of bourgeois cultural articulation: the "essential enemy", the "bourgeois norm", as Barthes says in the 1970 preface to Mythologies. The modernist aesthetic must work by permanent contrast, it must never be contaminated by mass culture, nor should it be realist, that is, try and reflect everyday life. It must be self-referential, separate, pure
Highschool(German f.) high school (secondary school: especially US)
Highschoollehrer(German m.) high school teacher
Highschool-Liebe(German f.) high school sweetheart (person)
High Society(German f.) high society, bon ton
Highspeed-Internetzugang(German m.) high-speed Internet access
High vowelany vowel sound made with the jaw almost shut and the tongue elevated near the roof of the oral cavity
Hi-hat(English, Hi-Hat (German n.)) or sock cymbal, a pair of matched cymbals of the same diameter mounted horizontally (the bottom cymbal fixed, the top cymbal is moved up and down via a pedal action). They are an essential part of a drum kit
Hi-Hat-Maschine(German f.) hi-hat, sock cymbal
Hi-hat sock jinglesee 'ching ring'
hihi(German) tee-hee (giggle)
Hija(Spanish f.) daughter
Hijab(English, German m.) a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face
Hijacker (m.), Hijackerin (f.)(German) hijacker
Hijacking(German n.) hijacking
Hijacking(English, German n.) in social dancing, that strongly relies on 'leading' and 'following', this term means the temporary assuming of the leading role by the follower, and is known also as 'stealing the lead'
Hija política(Spanish f.) daughter-in-law
Hijastra(Spanish f.) stepdaughter
Hijastro(Spanish m.) stepson
Hijo político(Spanish m.) son-in-law
Hijraalso Hijrah, or in Latin, Hegira, the migration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622 AD
in the culture of South Asia, usually considered a member of "the third gender" - neither man nor woman. In India, they are commonly transexual entertainers
Hiketo increase or raise prices (ratings, etc.) or, less commonly, to promote
Hikikomori(English, German pl. from Japanese) a state or condition of acute social withdrawal, especially among adolescents or young adults
Hilarius(German m.) Hilary
Hilde(German f.) Hilda
Hilf Dir selbst, so hilft Dir Gott.(German) Heaven helps those who help themselves.
Hilfe(German f.) help, aid, assistance, ancilla, support, relief, assistance (in), succour, facility, guidance, help (information), instrumentality, remedy, rescue, standby
Hilfe!(German) Help!
Hilfe ablehnen(German) to turn down (any) help
Hilfe anbieten(German) to volunteer, to offer help, to offer to help
Hilfe anfordern(German) to ask for help
Hilfeangebot(German n.) offer of help, offer of assistance
Hilfe ausschlagen(German) to turn down (any) help
Hilfe beantragen(German) to apply for assistance
Hilfe bei der Beschaffung(German f.) assistance in obtaining
Hilfe bei der Standortsuche(German f.) site location assistance
Hilfe benötigen(German) to need help
Hilfe beschaffen(German) to procure help
Hilfe bieten(German) to lend assistance
Hilfe bieten bei(German) to provide assistance with
Hilfe brauchen(German) to be in need of help
Hilfe bringen(German) to bring help
Hilfe erhalten(German) to obtain help
Hilfeersuchen(German n.) application for help, request for help
Hilfefile(German n.) helpfile
Hilfefunktion(German f.) help function, help
Hilfe für sozial Benachteiligte(German f.) aid to disadvantaged groups
Hilfe holen(German) to bring help
Hilfegesuch (s.), Hilfegesuche (pl.)(German n.) request for help
Hilfehund(German m.) assistance dog
Hilfe im Notfall(German f.) emergency aid
Hilfe leisten(German) to aid, to give aid, to give assistance, to lend aid, to provide assistance
Hilfeleistung(German f.) assistance, rescue, help
Hilfeleistung bei einem Unfall(German f.) assistance after an accident
Hilfe-Menü(German n.) help menu
Hilfe-Programm(German n.) help program
Hilferuf(German m.) cry for help, appeal for help
Hilferuf (s.), Hilferufe (pl.)(German m.) distress signal, cry for help
Hilfeschrei(German m.) cry for help
Hilfeseite(German f.) help page
Hilfestellung(German f.) assistance, support (also figurative)
Hilfestellung geben(German) to render assistance
Hilfestellung leisten(German) to assist
Hilfesuchen(German n.) searching for help
hilfesuchend(German) seeking help
Hilfesuchender (m.), Hilfesuchende (f.), Hilfesuchende (pl.)(German) person seeking help
Hilfesystem(German n.) help system
Hilfetext(German m.) help text
Hilfe verschaffen(German) to secure help
Hilfeversprechen(German n.) promise of help
hilflos(German) helpless, shiftless, shiftlessly, helplessly, adrift, awkward, defenceless, stranded, powerless, defencelessly, footless (helpless)
hilflos aussehen(German) to look lost
Hilflose(German pl.) derelicts
hilfloser(German) more helpless
hilfloser Absturz(German m.) tailspin (figurative: moving uncontrollably towards some financial or personal disaster)
hilfloses Lämmchen(German n.) babe in the woods
hilfloseste(German) most helpless
Hilflosigkeit(German f.) helplessness, shiftlessness, awkwardness, defencelessness
hilflos wie ein neugeborenes Kind(German) a babe in the woods
Hilf mir herunter!(German) Help me down!
Hilf mir hinauf!(German) Help me up!
Hilf mir mal!(German) Give me a hand! (colloquial)
Hilfreich(German) helpful
hilfreich(German) administrable, helpful, helpfully, assistant, auxiliary, helping, adjuvant
hilfreiche Hinweise(German pl.) helpful hints
hilfreicherweise(German) helpfully
hilfreiche sonstige Dienste(German pl.) auxiliaries
hilfreich sein(German) to bear a helping hand, to lend a helping hand
hilfreichste(German) most helpful
Hilfs-(German) auxiliary, ancillary, adjunct, assistant
Hilfsabteilungen(German pl.) auxiliaries
Hilfsaggregat(German n.) auxiliary power unit, donkey engine
Hilfsaktion(German f.) relief action, relief effort, aid programme
Hilfsangebote vor Ort(German pl.) frontline services
Hilfsarbeit(German f.) unskilled labour, menial job, menial work
Hilfsarbeiter (m.), Hilfsarbeiterin (f.), Hilfsarbeiter (pl.)(German) unskilled labourer, navvy (colloquial), labourer, unskilled labour
Hilfsassistent(German m.) tutorial assistant (university)
Hilfsaufruf(German m.) emergency appeal (for help)
hilfsbedürftig(German) needy, in need of help, in need
Hilfsbedürftige(German pl.) people in need of help
hilfsbedürftige Person(German f.) person in need of care
Hilfsbedürftigkeit(German f.) need for help, need of help
hilfsbedürftig sein(German) be in need of help
Hilfsbereich(German m.) additional area
hilfsbereit(German) helpful (of a person), cooperatively, bountiful, ready to help, obliging, obligingly, cooperative
hilfsbereiter(German) more helpful
hilfsbereiter Diener(German m.) willing servant
hilfsbereiteste(German) most helpful
Hilfsbereitschaft(German f.) cooperativeness, helpfulness, co-operativeness, readiness to help, willingness to help
Hilfsbischof(German m.) auxiliary bishop
Hilfsbuchhalter(German m.) assistant accountant, assistant bookkeeper
Hilfsdiakon(German m.) lay reader
Hilfsdienst(German m.) emergency service, aid agency
Hilfseinrichtung(German f.) aid organisation
Hilfsflug(German m.) aid flight, relief flight
Hilfsfonds(German m.) aid fund, relief fund
Hilfsfunktion (s.), Hilfsfunktionen (pl.)(German f.) auxiliary function, help function
Hilfsgeist(German m.) auxiliary spirit
Hilfsgeistlicher(German m.) curate
Hilfsgelder(German pl.) aid money
Hilfsgerät (s.), Hilfsgeräte (pl.)(German n.) auxiliary equipment, assistive device (especially for disabled persons)
Hilfsgriffe(German m.) alternative fingerings
Hilfsgüter(German pl.) relief supplies
Hilfskoch(German m.) commis chef, assistant cook, cook's assistant
Hilfskonvoi(German m.) aid convoy
Hilfskraft (s.), Hilfskräfte (pl.)(German f.) helper, temporary worker, temp (colloquial), assistant, aide, help, ancillary, auxiliary, ancillary staff (plural form), back staff (plural form)
Hilfskrankenpfleger (m.), Hilfskrankenschwester (f.)(German) auxiliary nurse
Hilfslehrer (m.), Hilfslehrerin (f.), Hilfslehrer (pl.)(German) supply teacher, assistant teacher
Hilfslehrkraft(German f.) teaching auxiliary
Hilfslieferung (s.), Hilfslieferungen (pl.)(German f.) relief supply, aid supplies (plural form), emergency supplies (plural form), aid deliveries (plural form)
Hilfslinie (s.), Hilfslinien (pl.)(German f.) ledger line, leger line, auxiliary line, guide (DTP)
Hilfsmaßnahmen(German pl.) supporting measures
Hilfsmittel (s.), Hilfsmittel (pl.)(German n.) aid, (auxiliary) means, resource, tool, auxiliary agent, facility, implement, means, organ, jig, expedient, assistive equipment, accessory, consumable, therapeutic appliance, auxiliary device, aids and appliances (plural form)
Hilfsnadel(German f.) stitch holder
Hilfsname(German m.) surrogate name
Hilfsnote(German f.) auxiliary note
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
Hilfsorgane(German pl.) subsidiary bodies
Hilfsorganisation (s.), Hilfsorganisationen (pl.)(German f.) relief organisation, aid organisation, aid agency, relief agency, aid group
Hilfspaket(German n.) aid package
Hilfspersonal(German n.) auxiliary personnel, ancillary staff
Hilfspfarrer(German m.) curate
Hilfspfleger(German m.) nurse's aide (male)
Hilfspolizei(German f.) auxiliary police
Hilfspolizist(German m.) auxiliary policeman
Hilfsprediger(German m.) curate (assistant cleric), assistant preacher
Hilfsprofessor(German m.) adjunct professor
Hilfsprogramm(German n.) auxiliary routine, tool (computing), aid programme, aid scheme, relief programme, bailout plan
Hilfsprojekt(German n.) aid project, aid scheme
Hilfsprüfer(German m.) assistant examiner
Hilfsprüfer(German m.) assistant accountant
Hilfsquelle (s.), Hilfsquellen (pl.)(German f.) resource
Hilfsroutine(German f.) workaround (computing)
Hilfsschule(German f. - dated) backward school (derogatory)
Hilfsschutzmann bei besonderen Anlässen(German m.) special constable
Hilfsschwester(German f.) auxiliary nurse (female)
Hilfssheriff(German m.) deputy sheriff, sheriff's deputy
Hilfssprache(German f.) auxiliary language
Hilfsstelle(German f.) aid centre
Hilfsstoff (s.), Hilfsstoffe (pl.)(German m.) consumables, auxiliary material (plural form), auxiliary supplies (plural form)
Hilfstransport(German m.) transport of relief supplies
Hilfsursprung(German m.) arbitrary origin
Hilfsvariable(German f.) auxiliary variable
hilfsverb (s.), Hilfsverben (pl.)(German) auxiliary (verb)
Hilfsverband(German m.) relief organisation
Hilfsverein(German m.) benevolent society
hilfsweise(German) alternatively, in the alternative
Hilfswerk(German n.) relief organisation, aid organisation
Hilfswerkzeuge(German pl.) auxiliary tools
Hilfswissenschaft(German f.) complementary science
Hilfszeitwort(German) auxiliary verb
Hilfszusage(German f.) aid commitment
hilft(German) aides
Hi-lifesee Highlife
hiljaa(Finnish) piano (dynamic marking)
hiljentyen(Finnish) diminuendo, decrescendo
Hillbilly musica term used to describe Appalachian and Southern fiddle-based and religious music, a sub-genre of 'old-time music'
Hilltop Writers Colony
a writers colony among the Surrey Hills, in and around Haslemere where some 65 Victorian writers came to make a permanent home, rent lodgings or stay with friends, while writing their books during the fifty years or more following the arrival of the railway in 1859. Amoung them; Alfred Tennyson, Christina Rossetti and William Allingham; the novelists George Eliot, Conan Doyle, Grant Allen, Richard Le Gallienne, Margaret Oliphant, Mrs Humphry Ward and H.G. Wells; playwrights Bernard Shaw and Arthur Pinero; the essayist, Logan Pearsall Smith and Flora Thompson
Himalaja(German m.) the Himalayas, the Himalaya (mountain range)
Himalaya(German m.) the Himalaya, the Himalayas (mountain range)
Himbeere (s.), Himbeeren (pl.)(German f.) raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Himbeeressig(German m.) raspberry vinegar
himbeerfarben(German) raspberry-coloured
Himbeerkonfitüre(German f.) raspberry jam
Himbeerkuchen(German m.) raspberry pie, raspberry cake
Himbeermarmelade(German f.) raspberry jam
himbeerrot(German) raspberry-red
Himbeersaft(German m.) raspberry juice
Himbeerstrauch(German m.) raspberry bush
Himbeertarte(German f.) raspberry tart
Himbeertörtchen(German n.) raspberry tart
Himbeertorte(German f.) raspberry tart
Himene taravaa form of singing common in French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, unaccompanied vocal Christian music that is distinguished by a unique drop in pitch at the end of the phrases, which is a characteristic formed by several different voices; it is also accompanied by steady grunting of staccato, nonsensical syllables
Himmel (s.), Himmel (pl.)(German m.) heaven, sky, vault (poetic), headliner, roof lining, headlining
Himmelbett (s.), Himmelbetten (pl.)(German n.) tester bed, four-poster bed, canopy bed
Himmelblau(German n.) sky blue
himmelblau(German) azure, sky-blue, cerulean, baby-blue
Himmelfahrt(German f.) ascension to heaven
Himmelfahrtsinsel(German f.) Ascension Island
Himmelfahrtskommando(German n.) forlorn hope (figurative: dangerous or hopeless venture), suicide mission, kamikaze, one way ticket (colloquial)
Himmelfahrtsnase(German f.) snub nose
Himmelfahrts-OratoriumJ. S. Bach's Ascension Oratorio (Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen) BWV 11
Himmelfahrtstag(German m.) Ascension Day
Himmelherrgott!(German) For crying out loud! (colloquial)
himmelhoch(German) sky-high, skyhigh, towering, skyscraping, high into the sky (rise up, etc.)
himmelhoch jauchzend(German) (excessively) enthusiastic
himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt(German) up one minute - down the next, on top of the world, down in the dumps
himmelhohe(German) sky-high, sky-reaching, skyscraping
himmelhohe Berge(German pl.) soaring mountains
Himmelkreuzdonnerwetter!(German) Blimey! (colloquial)
Himmelreich(German n.) kingdom of heaven
Himmelsäquator(German m.) celestial equator, equinoctial line
Himmelsbahn(German f.) celestial path, celestial orbit
Himmelsbestattung(German f.) sky burial, celestial burial
Himmelsblau(German n.) sky blue
Himmelsbote(German m.) angel
Himmelsbrot(German n.) manna
Himmelschlüssel(German m.) cowslip
himmelschreiend(German) outrageous, scandalous, appalling, arrant, blatant
himmelschreiende Ungerechtigkeit(German f.) blatant injustice, glaring injustice
himmelschreiender Unsinn(German m.) blatant nonsense
Himmelsereignisse(German pl.) astronomical events, celestial events
Himmelserscheinung (s.), Himmelserscheinungen (pl.)(German f.) celestial phenomenon
Himmelsforscher (m.), Himmelsforscherin (f.), Himmelsforscher (pl.)(German) astronomer
Himmelsfürst(German m.) king of heaven
Himmelsgewölbe (s.), Himmelsgewölbe (pl.)(German n.) welkin, firmament, sphere, vault (of heaven) (poetic)
Himmelsglobus(German m.) celestial globe
Himmelsgott (m.), Himmelsgöttin (f.)(German) god of the sky (m.), sky god (m.), goddess of the sky (f.), sky goddess (f.)
Himmelskarte(German f.) star chart
Himmelskörper (s.), Himmelskörper (pl.)(German m.) celestial body, luminary, orb, heavenly body
Himmelskugel(German f.) celestial sphere
Himmelskunde(German f.) astronomy
Himmelskundler(German m.) astronomer
Himmelskuppel(German f.) cope of heaven
Himmelslicht(German n.) Heaven's light
Himmelsmechanik(German f.) celestial mechanics
Himmelsmeridian(German m.) celestial meridian
Himmelsmitte(German f.) midheaven, Midheaven
Himmelsnordpol(German m.) north celestial pole
Himmelsobjekt(German n.) celestial object
Himmelspforte(German f.) pearly gates, gates of heaven
Himmelsphänomene(German pl.) celestial phenomena
Himmelspol(German m.) celestial pole
Himmelsreise(German f.) ascension to heaven, journey to heaven, heavenly journey
Himmelsrichtung(German f.) point of the compass, cardinal direction
Himmelsscheibe von Nebra(German f.) Nebra sky disk (associatively dated to c.1600 BC)
Himmelsschreiben(German n.) skywriting, skywriter
Himmelsschrift(German f.) skywriting, sky-writing
Himmelssphäre(German f.) celestial sphere
Himmelsstrich(German m.) climate, clime (archaic, poetic)
Himmelssüdpol(German m.) south celestial pole
Himmelstempel(German m.) Temple of Heaven
Himmelstor(German n.) gates of heaven
Himmelstür(German f.) pearly gates, gates of heaven
himmelstürmend(German) heaven-assailing
Himmelszelt(German n.) firmament, cope of heaven, heaven's tent (poetic)
Himmel und Erde in Bewegung setzen(German) to move heaven and earth
Himmel und Hölle(German n.) hopscotch (children's game)
Himmel-und-Hölle-Spiel(German n.) hopscotch (children's game)
himmelwärts(German) skywards, skyward, heavenward, heavenwards
himmelwärts gerichtet(German) skywards
himmelweit verschieden sein(German) to be poles apart
himmlisch(German) pearly, celestial, celestially, elysian, empyreal, heavenly, ambrosial, divine, out of this world, beatific (heavenly), paradisial, paradisical, ethereal, empyrean
Himmlisch!(German) (Pure) heaven! (colloquial)
himmlische Erscheinungen(German pl.) celestial phenomena
himmlische Freude(German f.) heavenly joy
himmlische Heerscharen(German pl.) host of heaven, heavenly host, angelic hosts
himmlische Phänomene(German pl.) celestial phenomena
himmlischer(German) more heavenly
himmlischer Anblick(German m.) lovely sight
himmlischer Friede(German m.) celestial peace
himmlischer Segen(German m.) celestial bliss
himmlische Ruhe(German f.) celestial peace
himmlischer Vater(German m.) heavenly father
himmlisches Geschenk(German n.) blessing
himmlisches Getränk(German n.) divine drink
Himmlisches Reich(German n.) Celestial Empire (China)
himmlisches Wesen(German n.) celestial being
himmlischste(German) most heavenly
Himno(Spanish m.) hymn, anthem, inno (Italian m.), Hymne (German f.), cantique (French m.), hymne (French m.)
Himno a San Juan Bautista(Spanish m.) the chant, Ut queant laxis, from which the Aretinian syllables were originally drawn
Himno nacional(Spanish m.) national anthem, inno nazionale (Italian m.), Nationalhymne (German f.), hymne national (French m.)
Himnos délficos(Spanish m.) Delphic hymns (of ancient Greece)
hin(German) kaput (colloquial)
hinab(German) down
hinabfallen(German) to drop down
hinabfließen(German) to flow down
hinabgegangen(German) gone down
hinabgehen(German) to go down, to walk down, to go downhill
hinabgehend(German) going down
hinabhängen(German) to dangle
hinabklettern(German) to climb down (as observed from above)
hinabrutschen(German) to slide down
hinabsteigen(German) to descend (to)
hinabsteigen zu(German) to descend to
Hinabstürzen(German n.) precipitation
hinabstürzen(German) to precipitate
hinan(German) upward, upwards, up
hinarbeiten auf(German) to aim at, to plan
hinauf(German) up (to higher position, place), upwards, to the top, upstairs
hinauffahren(German) to drive up, to lead upwards, to lead up (a path uphill, etc.)
hinaufgehen(German) to go up, to go uphill, to walk up, to climb
hinaufgeklettert(German) clambered up, shinned up
hinaufgestiegen(German) climbed up
hinaufgleiten(German) to slither up
hinaufklettern(German) to shin (up), to climb up, to scale up
hinaufklettern auf(German) to climb onto
hinaufkletternd(German) shinning up
hinauflaufen(German) to run up
hinaufragen(German) to tower up
hinaufreichen(German) to hand up
hinaufschauen(German) to look up
hinaufschicken(German) to send up
hinaufschrauben(German) to push up
hinaufsetzen(German) to write up
hinaufsteigen(German) to climb up, to soar up, to ascend, to climb, to go up, to mount, to step up (ladder, etc.), to go uphill, to walk up
hinaufsteigend(German) climbing up
Hinaufstrich(German m.) an upbow on the violin or viola
hinauftransformieren(German) to step up (voltage, etc.)
hinauftreiben(German) to force up
hinaus(German) out
hinausbegleiten(German) to show out, to see out
hinausbegleitend(German) showing out
hinausbegleitet(German) shown out (ejected, expelled)
hinausbeugend(German) leaning out
hinausblasen(German) to blare out, to puff out
hinausdampfen(German) to pull out (to depart: of a train)
hinausdrängen(German) to expel, to squeeze out
hinausdringen(German) to transpire
hinauseilen(German) to hurry out
hinausfahren über(German) to overrun (station platform)
hinausfegen(German) to breeze out
hinausfinden(German) to win out, to find one's way out
hinausflitzen(German) to dart out
hinausführen(German) to show out, to lead out
hinausführen aus(German) to lead out of
hinausführend(German) deferent
hinausgebeugt(German) leaned out, leant out
hinausgegangen(German) exited
Hinausgehen(German n.) leaving (exit), exiting, departing, exit (from room)
hinausgehen(German) to go out (exit), to back out, to clear out, to exit, to walk out
hinausgehen auf(German) to front ... (something: the street, etc.), to give onto (room, window)
hinausgehen über(German) to exceed
hinausgelangen(German) to win out
hinausgelaufen(German) run out
hinausgereicht(German) reached out
hinausgeschoben(German) deferred, delayed (actively)
hinausgeschossen(German) overshot
hinausgestoßen(German) adrift on the world
hinausgeworfen(German) thrown out
hinausgeworfen werden(German) to be kicked out (colloquial), to be sacked (colloquial)
hinausgezögert(German) delayed
hinausgezögerte Pensionierung(German f.) deferred retirement
hinaushängen(German) to hang out
hinausjagen(German) to chase out, to hunt out, to drive out
hinauskommen (aus)(German) to come out (of), to get out (of)
hinauskomplimentieren(German) to bow out
hinauskönnen(German) to be able to go out
hinauslassen(German) to show out
hinauslaufen(German) to hurry out
hinauslaufen auf(German) to amount to, to be equivalent to, to be tantamount to, to come to, to add up to, to come down to (to be reduced to)
hinauslaufend(German) running out
hinauslaufend auf(German) amounting to
hinausmüssen(German) to have to get out
hinausplärren(German) to bleat out
hinausposaunen(German) to blare out, to blaze abroad (to shout out), to broadcast (colloquial)
hinausragen(German) to jut out, to project
hinausragen (über)(German) to tower above, to overtower
hinausreichen(German) to reach out
hinausreichend(German) reaching out
hinausreichen über(German) to outreach
hinausrennen(German) to run out, to shoot out
hinausrollen über(German) to overrun (runway)
hinausrutschen(German) to slide out
hinausschauen(German) to look out
hinausschicken(German) to send out
hinausschiebbar(German) deferable, deferrable, delayable
hinausschieben(German) to defer, to put off, to delay, to postpone
hinausschiebend(German) protractile, delaying
hinausschießend(German) overshooting
hinausschleichen(German) to sneak out
hinausschleudern(German) to project
hinausschmettern(German) to blare, to brazen it out
hinausschmuggeln(German) to smuggle out
hinausschreien(German) to bawl out, to bray out, to shriek out
hinausschwimmen(German) to swim out, to float out
hinaussehen(German) to look out (a window, etc.)
hinausseufzen(German) to sigh out
hinausspringen(German) to leap out
hinausstürmen(German) to bolt out (rush out), to rush out, to storm out
hinausstürzen(German) to bolt out (rush out), to rush out
hinaustreiben(German) to turn out (to expel), to herd out
hinaustreten(German) to debouch, to step out
hinauswachsen(German) to outgrow, to rise above
hinauswerfen(German) to eject, to turn out (to expel), to throw out, to fire, to chuck out, to expel
hinauswerfend(German) throwing out
hinauswollen auf(German) to drive at (figurative: strive to convey a message), to get at (figurative: strive to convey a message)
Hinauswurf(German m.) ejection, sacking (colloquial)
hinauszögern(German) to delay, to prolong, to retard, to stall (decision, process, etc.)
hinblättern(German) to fork out (colloquial)
Hinblick(German m.) regard, view
hinbringen(German) to take there, to bring
hinbringend(German) afferent, taking there
Hind.abbreviation of Hindi
hinderlich(German) obstructive, obstructively, hindering, impedimental, impedimentary, debilitating (impairing)
hinderlicher(German) more hindering
hinderlichste(German) most hindering
hindern(German) to hamper, to embarrass, to impede, to stymie, to hinder, to prevent, to incapacitate, to frustrate, to inhibit, to detain, to baulk, to interrupt, to estop
hindernd(German) detaining, embarrassing, hampering, handicapping (disadvantaging, disabling), impeding, incapacitating, stymieing, impedient
Hindernis (s.), Hindernisse (pl.)(German n.) hindrance, hump, impediment, obstacle, check (obstacle), stumbling block, fence, baulk, hazard, barrier, block, drawback, hurdle, handicap, snag (hidden obstacle)
Hindernisbahn(German f.) assault course (military training)
Hindernis des Fortschritts(German n.) obstacle to progress
Hindernis für den Fortschritt(German n.) obstacle to progress
Hindernislauf(German m.) steeplechase, obstacle course
Hindernisläufer (m.), Hindernisläuferin (f.)(German) steeplechaser
Hindernisparcours(German m.) assault course (military training), obstacle course (military training)
Hindernisrennen(German n.) steeplechase (horse race), obstacle race
Hindernisse aus dem Weg räumen(German) to remove obstacles in the way
Hindernisse in den Weg stellen(German) to put obstacles in the way
Hindernisstrecke(German f.) obstacle course
Hinderungsgrund(German m.) impediment, obstacle (figurative)
hindeuten(German) to indicate, to portend, to suggest
hindeuten auf(German) to prefigure, to point to, to purport (convey, mean)
hindeutend(German) indicative, portending
Hindi(English, German n.) a group of vernacular Indic dialects spoken in northern India, the literary and official language of northern India that is based on these
Hindilehrer (m.), Hindilehrerin (f.)(German) Hindi teacher, teacher of Hindi
Hindin(German f.) hind
Hindostan(German n.) Hindustan
Hindu (m.), Hindu (f.), Hindus (pl.)(English, German) a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India
hinduisieren(German) to Hinduise
Hinduismthe religion of most people in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal
Hinduismus(German m.) Hinduism
hinduistisch(German) Hindu
Hindukusch(German m.) Hindu Kush
hindurch(German) through, throughout
hindurchdrängen(German) to shove through
hindurchfinden(German) to win through
hindurchgelangen(German) to win through
hindurchgucken(German) to peep through
hindurchleiten(German) to channel (water, river)
Hindurchscheinen(German n.) translucency (porcelain)
hindurchschieben(German) to shove through
hindurchschlängeln(German) to wriggle through
hindurchschlüpfen(German) to slip through, to sneak through
hindurchstolpern(German) to blunder through
hindurchwinden(German) to wriggle through
Hindustan(English, German n.) northern region of India where Hinduism predominates
Hindustani classical music
there are five significant stages in the evolution of the melodic experience in Hindustani music:
until the early nineteenth centurythe era dominated by dhrupad as a vocal art form
mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries defined by the khayal as the dominant interface between musicians and their audiences
late nineteenth century onwardsdefined by the emergence of the fretted lute, sitar, as the major force in Hindustani music
from the 1950scharacterised by the influence of the semi-polychord, sarod
from the mid-1970sthe rise of the santoor, a polychord
Hindustani classical songHindustani, or Northern Indian, classical song has many genres, including dadra, kajri, chaiti, hori and khyal. Thumri was the pre-eminent song genre of Punjabi tawaif (female courtesan) performers. With their honed performance skills, renowned tawaif vocalists such as Gauhar Jan and Jankibai were among the Indian subcontinent's first recording stars. The twist was that it became born-again high art, though not necessarily as an exclusively female preserve - the walrus-moustached Bade Ghulam Ali Khan was renowned for his authoritative damsel roles. Female vocalists such as Begum Akhtar and Siddheshwari Devi assisted its passage into modern times. Shobha Gurtu was their natural successor, the quintessence of thumri
Hindustanisch(German n.) Hindustani (language)
hindustanisch(German) Hindustani
hinein(German) in
hineinarbeiten(German) to work into
hineinarbeitend(German) working into
hineinbeißen(German) to bite into
hineinblasen(German) to blow in, to blow into, to insufflate
hineinblicken(German) to see into, to look in
hineindenkend(German) trying to understand
hineindrängen(German) to interlope, to press in, to squeeze in, to pile (colloquial)
hineindrängend(German) interloping
hineindrehen(German) to screw in
hineindrücken(German) to press in
hineinfallen(German) to fall in
hineinfinden(German) to win in
hineinfräsen(German) to cut into
hineinführen(German) to usher in
hineinführend(German) ushering
hineingearbeitet(German) worked into, inwrought (in)
hineingedacht(German) tried to understand
hineingedrängt(German) interloped
hineingegangen(German) gone into
hineingehen(German) to go in, to go inside, to go into
hineingehend(German) going into
hineingelangen(German) to win in
hineingelaufen(German) run in
hineingelegt(German) put inside
hineingeraten(German) to blunder into a thing
hineingesogen(German) sucked in
hineingezogen(German) involved
hineingleiten(German) to slide into
hineingraben(German) to dig into
hineinjagen(German) to chase into
hineinkommen(German) to come into (room), to enter
hineinlaufen(German) to run in
hineinlegend(German) putting inside
hineinpacken(German) to pack into
hineinpassen(German) to fit into, to go in, to fit in
hineinpassen in(German) to slot in, to slot into, to fit into
hineinplatzen(German) to bolt in (rush in)
hineinplumpsen(German) to slump, to bump into
hineinpressen(German) to squeeze in
hineinragen(German) to project in, to project into
hineinreden(German) to interrupt
hineinrennen(German) to run into
hineinrühren(German) to work in
hineinrutschen(German) to slide in, to slide into
hineinschieben(German) to shove in, to slide in
hineinschlagen(German) to bump into
Hineinschlagen von(German n.) beating in of
hineinschlüpfen(German) to slip in
hineinschneiden in(German) to cut into
hineinsehen(German) to see into
hineinspaziert kommen(German) to wander in
hineinspringen(German) to hop in
hineinstecken(German) to put in, to stick into, to insert, to plug in, to put into, to poke in, to poke into, to slot in
hineinstolpern(German) to blunder into
hineinstoßen(German) to bump into
hineinströmen(German) to pour in
hineinstürmen(German) to rush in
hineinstürzen(German) to dash into, to bolt in (rush in), to rush in
hineintorkeln(German) to barge into
hineintragen(German) to carry indoors
hineintun(German) to put in
Hineinwachsen(German n.) ingrowth
hineinwerfen(German) to pitchfork (figurative)
hineinziehen(German) to involve, to drag in
hineinziehen in(German) to involve in
hineinziehend(German) involving
hineinzwängen(German) to squeeze in, to sandwich (in)
hineinzwängen in (...)(German) to cram into (...) (something), to jam into (...) (something)
hinfahren nach(German) to travel to
Hinfahrt(German f.) journey there, outward run, outward journey
hinfallen(German) to tumble, to fall down, to fall over, to go flying (person: tumbling)
hinfallend(German) tumbling
hinfällig(German) decrepitly, invalid, brittle, lapsed, obsolete, decrepit, untenable (argument), frail
hinfälliger(German) frailer
hinfälliger Leib(German m.) frail body
Hinfälligkeit (s.), Hinfälligkeiten (pl.)(German f.) decrepitude, lapse, frailness, invalidity (argument)
hinfälligste(German) frailest
hinfällig werden(German) to lapse
Hinflug(German m.) outward flight, outbound flight
hinfort(German) henceforth
Hinfort!(German) Begone! (old-fashioned)
Hinfracht(German f.) cargo outward
hinführen(German) to lead to, to go (of tunnel)
hinführend(German) leading, afferent
Hinführung(German f.) introduction
Hingabe(German f.) devotedness, devotion, abandon, addiction, consecration to, dedication, commitment, voluptuousness, devoutness, surrender (total commitment), abandonment (abandon)
Hingabe an den Beruf des Arztes(German f.) dedication to medicine
Hingabe der Jugend(German f.) dedication of youth
Hingang(German m.) demise (death), death
hingebend(German) devoting, devoted
hingebracht(German) taken there
Hingebung(German f.) devotion
hingebungsvoll(German) dedicative, devotedly, abandoned, dedicated, voluptuously, voluptuous, devoted, with abandon (dance, play), raptly (listen), with rapt attention (listen), with devotion, freely, unrestrained, abbandonamente (Italian), abbandonatamente (Italian), con abbandone (Italian), mit Hingabe (German), avec adandon (French)
hingebungsvoller(German) more devoted
hingebungsvollste(German) most devoted
hingedeutet(German) portended
hingegangen(German) gone there
hingegeben(German) addicted to
hingegen(German) whereas, on the contrary, however, again (on the other hand), by contrast, on the other hand
hingehen(German) to go there, to go forth, to go (to somewhere)
hingehend(German) going there
hingehören(German) to belong (somewhere)
hingekniet(German) kneeled down
hingekritzelt(German) scribbled
hingelegt(German) deposited, laid down
hingenommen(German) acquiesced, tolerated, accepted
hingepfuschte Arbeit(German f.) shoddy work
hingeraten(German) to get there (by chance)
(German) got there (by chance)
hingerichtet(German) executed (judicially killed)
hingerissen(German) rapturous, ravished, carried away, rapt, raptured, enrapt, enraptured, bowled over (colloquial, figurative), sent (colloquial), with rapt attention (listen), spellbound, rapturously
hingerissen sein(German) to be in raptures, to be smitten
hingerissen sein von(German) to be smitten with, to be sweet on, to be in raptures about, to be in raptrues at, to be in raptures over
hingerissen werden(German) to be swept away (figurative)
hingerissenes Entzücken(German n.) rapturous delight
Hingerissenheit(German f.) rapture
hingeschmierte Handschrift(German f.) scrawly writing
hingesehen(German) looked there
hingestreckt(German) prone
hingewiesen(German) referenced, pointed out
hingewiesen(German) referred, adverted
hingeworfen(German) thrown down, jotted
hingezogen(German) protracted, elongated, long-drawn, enamoured
hingezogene Verhandlungen(German pl.) protracted negotiations
Hingezogensein(German n.) attraction
hingleiten(German) to glide along, to slip away (time)
Hingucker(German m.) looker (colloquial : person), eye-turner, head-turner
hinhalten(German) to delay, to stall (delay), to put off, to tantalise
hinhalten bis(German) to put off till, to put off until
hinhaltend(German) delaying, temporising
hinhaltender Kampf(German m.) delaying action (tactical)
hinhaltendes Gefecht(German n.) delaying action
hinhalten mit(German) to tantalise with
Hinhaltetaktik(German f.) stalling tactics, delaying tactics
Hinhaltetaktiker(German m.) temporiser (one who acts to gain time)
Hinhaltung(German f.) holding back
hinhauen(German) to work (well)
hinhören(German) to listen
hinhörend(German) listening
Hinkel(German n. - regional) chicken, chick (young chicken)
Hinkelstein(German m.) menhir
Hinken(German n.) limping, limp
hinken(German) to limp, to go lame, to hobble, to halt (archaic), zoppicare (Italian), boiter (French)
to be inappropriate (example, etc.), to be clumsy (verse, etc.)
hinkend(German) limping, haltingly, alla zoppo (Italian), alla zoppa (Italian), boiteux (French)
Hinkender(German m.) limper
Hinkjambus(German m.) choliamb ("limping" iambic verse), choliambic (verse)
hinklotzen(German) to throw up (for example, a building)
hinknallen(German) to slap down
hinkniend(German) kneeling
hinkommen(German) to reach it, to be about right
hinkritzeln(German) to scrawl, to scribble
hinkünftig(German - Austria) in (the) future, future
hinlangen(German) to be sufficient, to suffice
hinlänglich(German) sufficient, adequate, adequately, sufficiently
Hinlänglichkeit(German f.) sufficiency
hinlaufen(German) to run or walk there (to a particular place)
hinlegen(German) to lay down, to put down, to fork out (money, etc.), to turn in (colloquial: performance, show), to rattle off (win)
hinlegend(German) laying down
hinmachen(German) to kill
hinmetzeln(German) to slaughter
hinmorden(German) to massacre
Hinnahme(German f.) acceptance
hinnehmbar(German) acceptable
hinnehmen(German) to acquiesce, to accept
hinnehmend(German) pocketing, acquiescing, putting up with
Hinneigung(German f.) addiction
hinpfuschen(German) to bodge (colloquial, pejorative)
hinplumpsen(German) to flop
hinpurzeln(German) to topple down
hinraffen(German) to decimate
hinreichen(German) to suffice, to hand in, to give in (hand in), to pass using the hand, to stretch, to extend, to be adequate, to be sufficient, to be enough
hinreichend(German) sufficient, enough, sufficiently, adequately, adequate, ample
hinreichende Bedingung(German f.) sufficient condition
hinreichende Gelegenheit(German f.) ample opportunity
hinreichende Menge(German f.) sufficiency
hinreichende Qualität(German f.) sufficiency
hinreichender Grund(German m.) sufficient reason
hinreichender Verdacht(German m.) probable cause
hinreichendes Einkommen(German n.) decent income, decent living
hinreichende Sorgfalt(German f.) adequate care
hinreichend schuldig(German) guilty beyond (all) reasonable doubt
hinreichlich(German) ample
hinreichliche Mittel(German pl.) ample resources
Hinreise(German f.) outward journey, outward leg (of a journey)
hinreißen(German) to ravish, to carry away, to enrapture, to thrill
hinreißend(German) enrapturing, ravishing, gorgeous, smashing (colloquial), adorably, adorable, enchanting, captivating, enchantingly, fantastic
hinreißender Sprecher(German m.) compelling speaker
hinreißende Schönheit(German f.) gorgeous beauty, ravishing beauty
hinreißendes Mädchen(German n.) smashing girl, gorgeous girl
hinreißend gekleidet(German) ravishingly dressed
hinreißend spielen(German) to wail (singing style in jazz)
hinrichten(German) to put to death, to execute (to put to death)
(German - Southern Germany) to prepare, to arrange
hinrichtend(German) electrocuting, executing
Hinrichtung(German f.) electrocution, execution (killing), hanging
Hinrichtungsaufschub(German m.) stay of execution
Hinrichtungsbefehl(German m.) death-warrant, warrant of execution
Hinrichtungsblock(German m.) beheading block
Hinrichtungsstätte(German f.) place of execution
Hinrichtungstermin(German m.) execution date
Hi-NRGsee 'High Energy'
hinrotzen(German) to spew out (colloquial)
hinschauen(German) to look (there)
Hinscheiden(German n.) decease, passing (death), demise (death)
hinscheiden(German) to decease
hinschicken(German) to send along
hinschlagen(German) to hit, to fall down, to fall over
hinschlagend(German) hitting
hinschleudern(German) to dash
hinschmeißen(German) to plonk down (colloquial), to slap down
hinschmieren(German) to scrawl, to scribble, to shove down (write)
hinsehen(German) to look there
hinsehend(German) looking there
hin sein(German) to be shot (colloquial: broken), to be broken
hinsetzen(German) to sit down, to put (down), to set down
hinsetzend(German) sitting down
Hinsicht(German f.) respect, regard
hinsichtlich(German) with respect to, in terms of, in respect of, concerning, in regard to, vis-a-vis, with regards to, in view of, with regard to, regarding, as to
Hinsichtlich der Frage, ob ...(German) In relation to the question as to whether ...
hinsichtlich der Umwelt(German) environmental
hinsichtlich der Ware(German) in respect of the goods
hinsichtlich des Nutzens für ...(German) in terms of service to ... (somebody, something)
hinsichtlich ihrer Voraussetzungen(German) with respect to their prerequisites
Hinstellen(German n.) placement
hinstellen(German) to arrange, to put down, to situate
hinsterbend(German) dying away, fading away, spirando, en expirant
hinstrecken(German) to hold out (hand, etc.)
hinstreuen(German) to scatter
Hinstrich(German m.) the stroke of the bow from the point to the heel on a cello or double-bass, which corresponds to the up-stroke on a violin or viola
hintanhalten(German) to impede
Hintanhaltung(German f.) avoidance
hintanstellen(German) to neglect
hinten(German) aft, behind, astern, at the back, in the rear, back, at back, posterior
hinten an ... grenzen(German) to back on to ... (something: garden), to back onto ... (something: garden)
hinten anfangen(German) to begin at the back
hinten doppelt bereift(German) with dual rear wheels
hintendran(German) behind schedule, at the back
hintendran sein(German) to be behind, to be behindhand, to lag behind
hintendrauf(German) on the back
hintendrein(German) behind
hinten einfach bereift(German) with single rear wheels
hinten gehen(German) to walk behind
hintenheraus(German) out of the back
hintenherum(German) on the crook, from behind, round the back
hinten im Buch(German) at the back of the book
hinten im Garten(German) at the back of the garden
hinten im Laden(German) back-store
hinten im Mund(German) back of the mouth
hinten im Nacken(German) at the back of the neck
hinten im Schiff(German) aft
hinten im Zimmer(German) at the back of the room
hintennach(German - Southern Germany, Austria) behind, afterwards
hinten offene Schuhe(German pl.) open-back shoes
hintenrum(German) from behind, round the back
hinten sitzen(German) to ride behind (pillion)
hintenüber kippen(German) to topple over backwards
hinten zuknöpfen(German) to button at the back
hinter(German) behind, abaft, rearward, after, astern of, at the back of, at the rear of, aft of, in the rear of, on the back of, on the far side of, adrift of
Hinter-(German) after-, rear
Hinterachsantrieb(German m.) rear wheel drive, rear axle drive
Hinterachsdifferential(German n.) rear axle differential
Hinterachse(German f.) rear axle, back axle
Hinterausgang(German m.) rear exit, back exit
Hinterbacke (s.), Hinterbacken (pl.)(German f.) buttock, hindquarter
Hinterbank(German f.) back bench, back-bench, backbench
Hinterbänkler (s.), Hinterbänkler (pl.)(German m.) back-bencher (in parliament)
Hinterbein (s.), Hinterbeine (pl.)(German n.) hind leg, rear legs (plural form)
hinterblieben(German) bereaved
Hinterbliebener (m.), Hinterbliebene (f.), Hinterbliebene (pl.)(German) surviving dependant, survivor, bereaved (plural form)
Hinterbremse(German f.) rear brake
hinterbringen(German) to inform (against a person)
Hinterbühne(German f.) backstage
Hinterdeck(German n.) afterdeck, rear deck
hinter dem Dorf(German) behind the village
hinter dem Hauptmast(German) abaft the mainmast
hinter dem Haus(German) at the back of the house
hinter dem Haus(German) behind the house
hinter dem Horizont(German) beyond the horizon, over the horizon, beneath the horizon
hinter dem Horizont verschwinden(German) to disappear over the horizon
hinter dem Laden(German) back of the shop
hinter dem Mast(German) aft of the mast
Hinter-dem-Ohr-Gerät(German n.) behind-the-ear hearing instrument
hinter dem Plan nachhinkend(German) behind schedule
hinter dem Rücken(German) sly
hinter dem Rücken von ....(German) behind ... back (somebody's)
hinter dem Sattel sitzen(German) to ride pillion (on horse)
hinter dem Schiff(German) astern of a ship
hinter dem Sperrsitz(German) back of the stalls
hinter dem Tresen(German) behind the counter
hinter dem Zeitplan(German) behind schedule
hinter dem Zeitplan zurückbleiben(German) to fall behind schedule
hinter den Bergen(German) behind the mountains
hinter den Erwartungen zurückbleiben(German) to underachieve, to underperform
hinter den Erwartungen zurückliegen(German) to fall short of expectations
hinter den Frauen her sein(German) to womanise
hinter den gerade Hinausgegangenen(German) behind those who have gone out, behind those who had just gone out
hinter den Kulissen(German) behind the scenes, offstage, behind the curtain, off the stage, off (for example, noises off), off-stage, backstage (figurative)
hinter den Kulissen ausgeheckter Plan(German m.) backstage plan
hinter den Kulissen tätig sein(German) to work backstage (figurative)
hinter den Linien(German) behind the lines
hinter den Planvorgaben(German) short of plan
hinter den Vorhang schauen(German) to see behind the curtain (figurative)
hinter der Bühne(German) at the rear of the stage, backstage, behind the stage (figurative)
hinter der Kehle(German) back of the throat
hinter der Küste gelegen(German) coastal
hinter der Scene(German) behind the scene
hinter der Tür(German) behind the door
hinter der Zunge(German) back of the tongue
(hinter die Binde) kippen(German) to toss down (informal)
hinter die Fassade schauen(German) to see behind the curtain
hinter die Wahrheit kommen(German) to get to the truth
hinterdrein(German) in behind it, in behind him, in behind her, in behind them
hintere(German) rear, ulterior, hind, posterior, hinder (hind, posterior)
hintere Abdämmung(German f.) post dam
hintere Achse(German f.) back axle, rear axle
hintere Austastschulter(German f.) back porch
hintere Bremse(German f.) rear brake
hintere Felgenbremse(German f.) rear brake
hintere Gasse(German f.) back lane
hintereinander(German) consecutively, in a row, one after another, (in) tandem (one behind the other), in succession, one behind the other, on the trot (colloquial), one after the other, behind one another
Hintereinanderausführung(German f.) composition
hintereinander dreingehen(German) to walk one after another
hintereinander fahren(German) to drive one behind the other, to ride in single file (cyclists)
hintereinandergehen(German - old form) to walk one after another
hintereinander gehen(German) to walk one after another, to walk one behind the other
hintereinander geschaltet(German) series-connected
hintereinanderher(German) behind one another
hintereinander hereinkommen(German) to come in one by one, to come in one at a time
hintereinander im Gespann(German) (in) tandem (horses)
hintereinander marschieren(German) to defile
hintereinanderschalten(German) to cascade
hintereinander schalten(German) to connect in series
Hintereinanderschaltung(German f.) series connection
hintereinander stehen(German) to stand one behind the other
hintereinanderweg(German) one after the other, in a row
Hintereingang(German m.) rear entrance, back entrance, back way, postern
hinter ein Geheimnis kommen(German) to find out a secret, to unravel a secret
hinter einem(German) on one's rear (behind one)
hinter einem größeren Fisch her sein(German) to be after bigger fish (figurative)
hinter einem Projekt stehen(German) to back a project
hinter einer Mauer Schutz suchen(German) to seek shelter behind a wall
hintere Kabine(German f.) aft cabin, after cabin
hintere Kante(German f.) trailing edge (wing)
hintere Küche(German f.) back kitchen
hintere Mauer(German f.) back wall
Hinterende des Hobels(German n.) heel
Hinterendfutter(German n.) rear end chuck
Hintere Propheten(German pl.) Latter Prophets (Writing Prophets: Isaiah - Malachi)
hinterer Backenzahn(German m.) molar (tooth)
hintere Reihe(German f.) back row
hinterer Garten(German m.) back garden
(hinterer) Gehschlitz(German m.) back slit
hinterer Hof(German m.) backyard
hinterer Oberschenkelmuskel (s.), hintere Oberschenkelmuskeln (pl.)(German m.) hamstring (muscle)
hinterer Teil(German m.) rear, tonneau (of an open car)
hinterer Vokal(German m.) back vowel
hinter ... Erwartungen zurückbleiben(German) to fall short of ... expectations (somebody's)
hinterer Zahn(German m.) back tooth
hinteres Abdämmgebiet(German n.) post-dam area
hintere Schwarzschulter(German f.) back porch
hinteres Ende(German n.) back end, back-end, bottom
hinteres Kragenknöpfchen(German n.) back collar-stud
hinteres Tischende(German n.) bottom end of the table
hinteres Tor(German n.) back gate
hintere Stoßstange(German f.) rear bumper
hintere Stuhllehne(German f.) back of chair
hintere Tastenauflage(German f.) back-rail (clavichord)
hinterfotzig(German) underhand
Hinterfotzigkeit(German f.) underhandedness
hinterfragbar(German) disputable
hinterfragen(German) to question, to scrutinise
Hinterfragung(German f.) closer examination
Hinterfräsen(German n.) relief milling
hinterfräsen(German) to relief-mill
Hinterfront(German f.) rear façade
Hinterfuß (s.), Hinterfüße (pl.)(German m.) hind foot
hintergangen(German) deceived, defrauded
hintergangener Ehegatte(German m.) deceived husband
hintergangener Partner(German m.) deceived partner
Hintergasse(German f.) back street, back-street, backstreet
Hintergaumenlaut(German m.) velar
Hintergedanke (s.), Hintergedanken (pl.)(German m.) hidden agenda, ulterior motive
hintergehbar(German) circumventable
hintergehen(German) to hoodwink, to beguile, to cheat, to deceive, to defraud, to delude
hinter ... gehen(German) to walk behind ... (somebody)
hintergehend(German) hoodwinking, defrauding, deceiving
Hintergehung(German f.) beguilement, cheat
Hinterglasmalerei(German f.) verre églomisé, reverse painting on glass, verre églomisé picture
Hinterglastechnik(German f.) verre églomisé technique
Hintergliedmaße (s.), Hintergliedmaßen (pl.)(German f.) hindlimb
hinter Gitter(German) behind bars
hinter Gitter bringen(German) to send down (send to prison)
hinter Gittern(German) behind bars
hinter Gittern sein(German) to be behind bars, to be inside (colloquial: in prison)
Hintergrund (s.), Hintergründe (pl.)(German m.) background, backdrop, back, rear, after-image
Hintergrund eines Romans(German m.) setting of a novel
hintergrundbeleuchtet(German) backlit, back-lit, back-lighted
hintergrundbeleuchtetes Display(German n.) backlit display
Hintergrundbeleuchtung(German f.) backlight, background illumination, background lighting
Hintergrundbereich(German m.) background area
Hintergrundbericht(German m.) background report
Hintergrundbild(German n.) background image
Hintergrund-Bildschirm(German m.) background screen
Hintergrundeinzelheiten(German pl.) background details
Hintergrundfarbe(German f.) background colour
Hintergrundfiguren(German pl.) figures in the background
Hintergrundgeräusch(German n.) background noise, ambient noise
Hintergrundgesang(German m.) backing vocals
Hintergrundgespräch(German n.) off-the-record conversation
hintergründig(German) profound, subtle, enigmatic, enigmatical, hidden, cryptically
Hintergründigkeit(German f.) subtleness
Hintergrundinformation (s.), Hintergrundinformationen (pl.)(German f.) background information, piece of background information
Hintergrundkenntnis(German f.) background knowledge
Hintergrundkommentar(German m.) voice-over
Hintergrundlicht(German n.) background light
Hintergrundmaterial(German n.) background material
Hintergrundmusik(German f.) background music, ambient music, incidental music (background music)
Hintergrundpinsel(German m.) background brush
Hintergrundrauschen(German n.) background noise
Hintergrunds-(German) backing (prefix)
Hintergrundsänger (m.), Hintergrundsängerin (f.)(German) backing singer
Hintergrundspiel(German n.) playback
Hintergrundsüberprüfung(German f.) background check
Hintergrundtext(German m.) background text
Hintergrundwissen(German n.) background knowledge
Hinterhalt (s.), Hinterhalte (pl.)(German m.) ambush (place), ambuscade (dated)
hinterhältig(German) perfidious, snaky (figurative), snakily (figurative), ambidextrous, furtive, sly, sneaky, conniving, underhanded, disingenuous, scheming, guileful, designing, insidious, devious, backstabbing, malicious
hinterhältige Methoden(German pl.) underhand methods
hinterhältiger(German) snakier (figurative), more perfidious
hinterhältiger Feigling(German m.) dastard (archaic: malicious coward)
hinterhältiger Typ(German m.) backstabber, back-stabber
Hinterhältigkeit(German f.) deviousness, furtiveness, disingenuousness
hinterhältigste(German) most perfidious
hinterhältigste(German) snakiest (figurative)
Hinterhand(German f.) hind quarters (horse)
Hinterhandwendung(German f.) turn of the haunches
Hinterhaupt(German n.) occiput, back of the head
Hinterhaus(German n.) part of a tenement house accessible only through a courtyard
hinterher(German) after the event, with the wisdom of hindsight, in hindsight, after, behind, afterwards
hinterherfahren(German) to ride behind (on different bicycle)
hinter ... hergehen(German) to walk along behind ... (somebody)
hinterherhinken(German) to trail behind, to lag (behind), to drag behind
hinterherlaufen(German) to run after
hinterherreiten(German) to ride behind (on different horse)
hinterherrennen(German) to run after
hinter ... her sein(German) to chase after ... (somebody), to run after ... (somebody), to be after ... (somebody), to come after ... (somebody), to be after ... (something), to be out for ... (something), to chase after ... (something)
Hinterhof(German m.) backyard, back yard, back courtyard
Hinterhof-(German) backstreet, backyard, back-yard
Hinterhofatmosphäre(German f.) backstreet atmosphere
Hinterhofverkauf(German m.) yard sale
Hinterhuf (s.), Hinterhufe (pl.)(German m.) back hoof
hinter ihm(German) after him, at his back, behind him
hinter ihnen(German) behind them
Hinterindien(German n.) Indochina Peninsula, South-East Asia (dated)
Hinterindische Halbinsel(German f.) Indochina Peninsula
hinter jungen Frauen her sein(German) to run after young women
Hinterkante(German f.) trailing edge (wing)
Hinterkipper(German m.) rear dump truck
Hinterkopf(German m.) back of the head, back part of the head, occiput
Hinterlader(German m.) breech-loader, breech-loading gun
Hinterladergewehr(German m.) breechloading rifle
Hinterland(English, German n.) interior, upstate, outback (Australia), back country, the district lying behind a coastal district
(English) a term used also for a sphere of activity on the fringe of law-abiding society
hinterlassento leave behind, to leave, to bequeath, to consign, to be survived by (in obituaries)
(German) posthumous, left behind, bequeathed
hinterlassend(German) leaving behind
hinterlassene Familie(German f.) bereaved family
hinterlassene Kinder(German pl.) bereaved children
Hinterlassenschaft (s.), Hinterlassenschaften (pl.)(German f.) legacy, bequest, inheritance, remains (plural form)
hinterlässt(German) leaves behind
Hinterlauf (s.), Hinterläufe (pl.)(German m.) hind leg
hinterlegen(German) to consign, to deposit, to lodge
Hinterlegung(German f.) deposit, filing, lodgment (of documents)
Hinterlegung bei Gericht(German f.) payment into court
Hinterlegung einer Eingabe(German f.) filing of a petition
Hinterleib(German m.) hindquarters
hinterleuchtet(German) back-lit
Hinterlist(German f.) insidiousness, deceit, guile, skulduggery
hinterlistig(German) perfidious, artful, insidious, deceitful, shrewd, underhand, guileful, disingenuous, cunning, Janus-faced, underhanded, two-faced (figurative), wily, deceitfully, guilefully, sneaky
hinterlistige Person(German f.) deceitful person
hinterlistiger(German) more artful
hinterlistiger Angriff(German m.) back-handed blow
hinterlistiger Feigling(German m.) sneaking coward
hinterlistiger Trick(German m.) deceitful trick
Hinterlistigkeit(German f.) deceit
hinterlistigste(German) most artful
hinterlüftet(German) ventilated at the rear, rear-ventilated
Hinterlüftung(German f.) rear ventilation, back ventilation
hinter Mädchen her sein(German) to chase after girls
Hintermann (s.), Hintermänner (pl.)(German m.) backer, backseater
Hintermannschaft(German f.) rearguard
Hintermauerung(German f.) back-up
hinterm Berg halten(German) to beat about the bush
hinter meinem Haus(German) behind my house
hinter meinem Rücken(German) behind me
hinterm Mond leben(German) to live under a rock (colloquial)
hinterm Steuer(German) behind the wheel
Hintern (s.), Hintern (pl.)(German m.) posterior, backside (colloquial), behind (colloquial), bottom, buttocks, prat (slang), rear (colloquial)
Hinternversohlen(German n.) spanking
Hinternwackeln(German n.) backside-wiggle, bottom-wiggle
hinternwackelnd(German) backside-shaking, bottom-wiggling, backside-wiggling (colloquial)
Hinterohrgerät(German n.) behind-the-ear hearing instrument
Hinterohr-Hörgerät(German n.) behind-the-ear hearing instrument
Hinterohrhörgerät(German n.) behind-the-ear hearing instrument
Hinterpfote(German f.) hind paw (animal)
Hinterpommern(German n.) Eastern Pomerania
Hinterposemuckel(German n.) hicksville (colloquial)
Hinterrad (s.), Hinterräder (pl.)(German n.) rear wheel, back wheel
Hinterradantrieb(German m.) rear wheel drive
Hinterradfederung(German f.) soft tail
Hinterradgepäckträger(German m.) rear rack
Hinterradlenkung(German f.) rear-wheel steering
Hinterradreifen(German m.) rear tyre
Hinterreifen(German m.) back tyre, rear tyre
hinter ... Rücken(German) behind ...'s back (somebody's)
hinter ... Rücken reden(German) to backbite ... (somebody)
hinter ... Rücken tuscheln(German) to whisper behind ... back (somebody's)
hinterrücks(German) from behind, sly, behind somebody's back
hinters(German) behind the
hinters Licht führen(German) to dupe
Hintersatz(German m.) apodosis
Hinterschiff(German n.) afterbody, aft ship, stern
hinter Schloss und Riegel(German) behind bars, under lock and key
hinterschneiden(German) to undercut
Hinterschneidung(German f.) undercut, indentation
Hinterschnitt(German m.) undercut, indentation
hinter schwedischen Gardinen sitzen(German) to be behind bars
hinter seinem Rücken(German) behind his back
hinter seiner coolen Fassade(German) underneath his cool exterior
Hinterseite(German f.) back side
Hintersetzer(German m.) flat, backing
hinter sich her ziehen(German) to trail, to trail behind
hinter sich herschleifen(German) to trail
hinter sich lassen(German) to outperform
hinter sich lassend(German) outpacing
Hintersinn(German m.) deeper meaning
hintersinnig(German) with a deeper meaning, with a hidden meaning, cryptically
hinterst(German) rearmost
hinterste(German) hindmost, rear (rearmost), rearmost, sternmost, backmost
hinter ... stecken(German) to be behind ... (something) (figurative)
hinter ... stehen(German) to be behind ... (somebody), to support ... (somebody), to back ... (somebody)
hinterste Provinz(German f.) backwoods (pejorative)
hinterstes(German) rearmost
Hinterstraße(German f.) back street, back road
Hinterstübchen(German n.) back office, back parlour
Hinterteil (s.), Hinterteile (pl.)(German n.) rump, posterior (also colloquial), rear part, back, back part, rear, breech, hindquarters, derrière, tail (end) (colloquial), backside (colloquial), behind (colloquial), rear end (colloquial), prat (slang: for example, prat-fall), stern (figurative)
Hintertiefe(German f.) far limit
hintertreiben(German) to thwart
hintertreibend(German) thwarting
hintertreibt(German) thwarts
Hintertreppe(German f.) back stairs, rear stairs, back staircase, back steps
Hintertreppenpolitik(German f.) backstairs politics (pejorative)
hintertrieben(German) thwarted
Hintertür (s.), Hintertüren (pl.)(German f.) back door, backdoor, loophole, escape hatch, rear door
Hintertürchen(German n.) backdoor, loophole
hinter turmhohen Mauern(German) behind towering walls
hinter verschlossenen Türen(German) behind closed doors, in camera (behind closed doors)
Hinterviertel(German n.) hindquarter
hinter vorgehaltener Hand(German) on the quiet
Hinter was bist du her?(German) What are you after?
Hinterwälder(German pl.) backwoods (place)
Hinterwäldler (s.), Hinterwäldler (pl.)(German m.) backwoodsman, hick (US: colloquial), yahoo (colloquial), yokel, bumpkin (pejorative)
Hinterwäldler-Film(German m.) backwood film (genre)
hinterwäldlerisch(German) backwoods, hillbilly
Hinterwand(German f.) back wall, rear wall, rear panel
Hinterzange(German f.) end vice
Hinterzehen(German pl.) hind toes
hinterziehen(German) to alienate
Hinterziehung(German f.) alienation, evasion
Hinterzimmer(German n.) back room, back-room, backroom
hinterzogene Einkommensteuer(German f.) evaded income tax
hinter zugezogenen Vorhängen(German) behind drawn curtains
Hinterzungenvokal(German m.) back vowel
hinter ... zurückbleiben(German) to lag behind ... (somebody)
hinter ... zurückliegen(German) to trail ... (somebody)
hinter ... zurückfallen(German) to drop behind ... (somebody)
hinter ... zurückstehen(German) to take a back seat to ... (something)
hintnach(German - Austria) behind (spatially)
hintun(German) to put
hinüber(German) across, over, knackered (colloquial), kaput (colloquial)
hinüberbegleiten über(German) to see across
hinüberbeugen(German) bending over
hinüberbringen(German) to bring over
hinüberbringen über(German) to see across
hinüberdämmern(German) to drift off (to sleep)
hinüberdämmern(German) to pass away in one's sleep (to die in one's sleep)
hinübergehen(German) to go over, to walk over
hinüberklettern(German) to climb over
hinüberlaufen(German) to walk over
hinüberschicken(German) to send across
hinüberschlendern(German) to make one's way over at a leisurely pace
hinüberschwimmen(German) to swim across
hinüber sein(German) to be shot (colloquial), to have had it (colloquial: beyond repair)
hinübertragen(German) to carry across
hinüber wechseln(German) to change over
hinüberwerfen(German) to throw over
Hin und Her(German n.) toing and froing, flip-flopping (figurative), to-ing and fro-ing
hin und her(German) back and forth, to and fro, hither and thither (dated), forwards and backwards, from pillar to post
hin und her bewegen(German) to sway
Hin- und Herbewegung(German f.) reciprocating motion
hin- und herbewegen(German) to reciprocate, to clap
hin und her eilen(German) to bustle
hin- und herfahren(German) to shuttle
hin- und hergehend(German) reciprocating
hin- und hergerissen sein(German) to be conflicted, to be on the fence (figurative)
hin- und hergerissen sein, was ... angeht(German) to be of two minds about ... (something)
hin- und hergerissen sein zwischen(German) to be torn between
hin- und hergeschaltet(German) toggled (between two positions)
hin- und hergeschleudert(German) buffeted
(hin und her) hasten(German) to hurry-scurry
Hin- und Herpendeln(German n.) vacillation, commuting back and forth (getting to work and back)
hin- und herpendeln(German) to swing to and fro, to swing back and forth
Hin- und Herrennen(German n.) to and froing
hin und her rennen(German) to run to and fro
Hin- und Herrollen(German n.) rolling to and fro
hin- und herrutschend(German) squirming
hin- und herschalten(German) to toggle (switch)
hin- und herschlagen(German) to bandy (words)
hin- und herschleudern(German) to bandy (words)
hin und her schlingern(German) to lurch about
hin und her schwanken(German) to sway to and fro
hin und her schwanken lassen(German) to sway (mast, tree, etc.)
hin- und herspringen(German) to toggle (switch)
hin- und herstürmen(German) to dash to and fro
hin- und herüberlegen(German) to hum and haw (colloquial)
(hin und her) wanken(German) to wobble
hin- und herwechseln(German) to switch back and forth
Hin- und Rückfahrkarte(German f.) return ticket
Hin- und Rückfahrt(German f.) round trip, return journey
Hin- und Rückflug(German m.) round trip (by air)
Hin- und Rückflugticket(German n.) return ticket
Hin- und Rückreise(German f.) outward and return journey
hin und wieder(German) hither and thither (dated), every once (in) a while, every now and then, once in a while, at odd times, at times, now and again, now and then, on and off, every so often, every now and again, from time to time, occasionally, ever and anon (archaic), off and on
hin und zurück(German) there and back, round trip
Hin und zurück, bitte.(German) Round trip, please.
hinunter(German) under, down, to the bottom
hinunterblicken(German) to look down
hinunterdrücken(German) to push down (press down)
hinuntereilen(German) to hurry downstairs
hinunterfahren(German) to go down, to drive down (journey), to ride down (journey)
hinunterfallen(German) to fall down, to drop down
hinunterfließen(German) to flow down
hinuntergehen(German) to go downhill, to walk down, to go below
hinuntergehen zu(German) to go down to
hinuntergespült(German) washed down, flushed down
hinuntergießen(German) to dash down
hinunterkippen(German) to knock back (colloquial: to swig)
hinunterklettern(German) to scale down (wall), to shin down (drainpipe)
hinunterrieseln(German) to trickle down
hinuntersausen(German) to hurtle down
hinunterschalten(German) to change down
hinunterschauen(German) to look down
hinunterschicken(German) to send down
hinunterschleudern(German) to dash down
hinunterschlingen(German) to gobble, to gulp, to wolf, to wolf down, to gulp down, to bolt down (food)
hinunterschlingend(German) gobbling, gulping, bolting (food)
hinunterschlucken(German) to swallow, to choke down, to drink down, to swallow down, to gulp, to gulp down
hinunterschluckend(German) swallowing
hinunterschütten(German) to down (drink), to toss back (a drink)
hinuntersehen(German) to look down
hinunterspülen(German) to flush down, to flush, to wash down (food, tablet)
Hinuntersteigen(German n.) descent
hinuntersteigend(German) descendent
hinunterstoßen von(German) to knock off
hinunterstürzen(German) to plunge down, to quaff (drink), to gulp down (drink)
hinuntertrinken(German) to drink down
hinunterziehen(German) to suck under, to suck down
hinwärts(German) on the way there
Hinweg(German m.) way there
hinweg(German) away
Hinweg von mir, Satan!(German) Get thee behind me, Satan! (archaic)
hinweggekommen(German) got over
hinweggeschwemmte Brücke(German f.) bridge swept away by the torrent
hinweggesetzt(German) ignored
hinweghelfen über(German) to tide over
hinwegkommen über(German) to overcome (a disappointment)
hinwegsehen(German) to see over
hinwegsehen über(German) to overlook, to ignore
hinwegsetzen(German) to ignore, to jump over
hinwegtäuschen(German) to cheat
Hinweis (s.), Hinweise (pl.)(German m.) consideration, clue, hint, index, indices (plural form), indication, reference, evidence, tip (advice, suggestion), allusion, guideline, link, pointer (lead), suggestion, advice, lead (clue), piece of advice, cue (pointer, clue)
Hinweis:(German) Please note:
Hinweis auf(German m.) indication of
Hinweis auf ...(German m.) pointer to ... (something)
Hinweisdefinition(German f.) applicative definition
Hinweisen(German n.) advertence
hinweisen(German) to allude, to indicate, to portend, to suggest
hinweisen auf(German) to point out, to bespeak, to point to
hinweisend(German) advertent, indicative, pointing out, advertently, deictic, indicating, leading, suggestive, demonstrative
hinweisend auf(German) pointing at
hinweisende Definition(German f.) ostensive definition
hinweisendes Fürwort(German n.) demonstrative pronoun
Hinweisgabe(German f.) advice
Hinweisgeber(German m.) whistleblower
Hinweispfeil(German m.) indicator arrow
Hinweispflicht(German f.) duty to notify
Hinweisschild(German n.) sign, guide marker (for example, highway guide marker), direction sign
Hinweistafel(German f.) information board, sign, sign-board
Hinweistext(German m.) legend (to a picture, diagram, etc.), guidelines
Hinweisung (s.), Hinweisungen (pl.)(German f.) advertency
Hinweiszeichen(German n.) sentinel
Hinwendung(German f.) orientation, loving devotion, bhakti
Hinwendung zu(German f.) steering towards
hinwerfen(German) to throw down, to jot down, to jot, to dash off, to fling down, to shove down, to drop (throw down: also, remark, etc.)
hinwerfend(German) jotting (down), throwing down, dashing off (jotting down)
Hinz und Kunz(German) every Tom, Dick and Harry (colloquial), all and sundry (colloquial), the butcher, the baker, (and) the candlestick-maker
Hinziehen(German n.) protraction
hinziehen(German) to protract
hinziehend(German) protracting, protractive
hinzögern(German) to retard
hinzu kam, dass er ...(German) added to that he ...
Hinzu kommt, dass ...(German) It should be added that ...
hinzudenken(German) to understand (supply mentally)
hinzufügen(German) to add, to add on, to append
Hinzufügen einer Tonspur(German n.) adding of a sound-track
hinzufügen(German) to piggyback
hinzufügen auf(German) to piggyback on
hinzufügen zu(German) to superimpose on, to add to, to piggyback on
Hinzufügung(German f.) addition, annexation, apposition, add-on
Hinzugabe(German f.) addition
hinzugeben(German) to add
hinzugefügt(German) accessory, added
hinzugefügt sein(German) to be added
hinzugekommen(German) come along, added
hinzugewählt(German) co-optative
hinzugewähltes Mitglied(German n.) co-opted member
hinzugezogen(German) called in, consulted
hinzukommen(German) to add, to supervene
Hinzukommen(German n.) supervention
hinzukommen(German) to accrue (grow by addition)
hinzukommend(German) adventitious, coming along, adventitiously, accessory, additional
hinzukommen zu(German) to accrue to (grow by addition)
hinzunehmend(German) adding
hinzurechnen(German) to add on
hinzuschalten(German) to switch on in addition
hinzutreten(German) to join in
Hinzuwahl(German f.) co-optation
hinzuwählen(German) to co-opt
hinzuzählen(German) to add
hinzuziehen(German) to call in
hinzuziehend(German) calling in, consulting
Hinzuziehung (s.), Hinzuziehungen (pl.)(German f.) enlistment, bringing in, consultation with
Hiob(German m.) Job (biblical figure)
Hiobsbotschaft (s.), Hiobsbotschaften (pl.)(German f.) Job's news, bad news, bad tidings, jeremiad, Job's message
HIPacronym for 'historically-informed performance'
see 'authenticity'
hip(German) go-go, hip (colloquial), hep (colloquial, dated)
Hip, hip, hurra!(German) Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip hop (music)
(English, Hip-Hop or Hiphop (German m.)) from the 1970s, a cultural movement and a music genre (a subgenre of R & B tradition) that grew out of 'rap' which exists in a number of forms:
old school hip hopfrom the late-1970s and early 1980s
East Coast hip hopbased out of New York City, the most successful of the region styles
West Coast hip hopbased out of Los Angeles
G funkin 1992, Dr. Dre's The Chronic revolutionized the West Coast sound, using slow, stoned, lazy beats
Southern rapbased out of Atlanta and New Orleans
Dirty Southa distinctive sound characterised by Atlanta-based performers like OutKast and Goodie Mob
alternative hip hopin the mid 1990s, popular among critics and long-time fans of the music
jazz rapfor example, De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), making use of live instrumentation and/or jazz samples
reggaetona South American variant, based out of Puerto Rico
electro hip hopinvented in the 1980s, but is distinctly different from most old school hip hop
go goanother old style of hip hop
trip hopcreated by fusing hip hop with techno
rapcorecreated by fusing hip hop with heavy metal
Miami bass musicfrom the late 1980s, characterised by bass-heavy grooves designed for dancing
Christian hip hophip hop with Christian themes in the lyrics
hip hop dance elements include:
Breakdancingalso known as 'B-boying' or 'B-girling' by its practitioners and followers, is a dynamic style of dance. The term 'breakdancer' originates from the dancers at DJ Kool Herc's parties, who saved their best dance moves for the 'break' section of the song
Hip-Hopa form of dance that is becoming more popular. Hip hop dance comes from breakdancing, but does not consist wholly of breakdancing moves. Unlike most other forms of dance, which are often at least moderately structured, hip hop dance has few (if any) limitations on positions or steps
Hip-hoperasee 'rap opera'
Hip-Hopper(German m.) hip-hopper
Hip-hoppersomeone part of the hip hop culture
Hip hop portuguêsliterally 'Portuguese hip hop' which is also known as 'Hip Hop Tuga', the Portuguese variety of hip hop music, although distinct because it has mixed African music from Lusophone Africa with reggae. It is often performed by African-Portuguese, descendants of African immigrants that came to Portugal after the independence of the former African colonies
  • Hippie from which this information has been taken
Hip hop tugasee 'Hip hop português'
Hip housealso known as house rap, a mixture of house music and hip hop which arose during the 1980s in New York and Chicago
  • Hip house from which this information has been taken
Hippe(German f.) pruning knife, gardener's knife, billhook, bill hook, bitch (derogatory term for a woman), scythe (relating to the figure of Death)
Hipp-Hipp-Hurra-Veranstaltung(German f.) rah-rah rally (rally involving cheerleaders)
Hippie (s.), Hippies (pl.)(English, German m.) also 'hippy' or 'flower child', a term originally used to describe some of the rebellious youth of the 1960s and 1970s among whose characterists was listening to psychedelic rock, blues, traditional Eastern music, rock music with eastern influences, soulful funk, jam bands and folk music. Neo-hippies (twenty-first-century people who still believe in the hippy philosophy) frequently participate in the bluegrass music scene. In addition they would perform music casually, often with guitars, in friends' homes, or for free at outdoor fairs and festivals
  • Hippie from which this information has been taken
Hippiebewegung(German f.) hippie movement
Hippiekultur(German f.) hippie culture
Hippiezeit(German f.) hippie era
Hippocampus (s.), Hippocampi (pl.)(English, German m.)a part of the brain, in the medial area of the cerebral cortex, that is thought to be critical for storing memories
(c.460-377 BC)
medical practitioner, the author of the Hippocratic oath. who is regarded as the father of medicine
Hippodamicof or pertaining to Hippodamus of Miletos (498-408 BC), an ancient Greek architect, urban planner, physician, mathematician, meteorologist and philosopher, who is considered to be the 'father' of urban planning, the namesake of the Hippodamian plan of city layouts (grid plan)
hippodamisch(German) Hippodamic
Hippodrom(German m./n. - Austria only n.) hippodrome
Hippodromeoriginally, an open-air stadium with an oval course for horse and chariot races in ancient Greece and Rome. Today, the term is applied mainly to arena for equestrian shows
Hippokrates(German m.) Hippocrates
hippokratisch(German) hippocratic
hippokratischer Eid(German m.) Hippocratic oath
Hippolyt(German) Hippolytus (person)
Hippolytos(German) Hippolytus (play by Euripides)
Hyppolytusa son of Theseus and either Antiope or Hippolyte. He was identified with the Roman forest god Virbius
an Ancient Greek tragedy by Euripides, based on the myth of Hippolytus, son of Theseus. The play was first produced for the City Dionysia of Athens in 428 BC and won first prize as part of a trilogy
Hippophiliaa love of, or obsession with, horses
Hippophilie(German f.) hippophilia
Hippotherapie(German f.) hippotherapy
Hippotherapya physical, occupational and speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine (horse) movement
hippste(German) hippest (colloquial)
Hipsterstyle for skirts and trousers where the waist band fits low on the hip rather than the waist, made popular in the 1960s when they were often worn with a large belt
Hipsterssee 'detuners'
in the 1940s and 1950s the term hipster came into usage by the American Beat generation to describe jazz and swing music performers, and evolved to also describe the bohemian-like counterculture that formed around the art of the time
Hipsterslip(German m.) hipster briefs, hipster brief
Hipster-Slip(German m.) hipster brief, hipster briefs
Hira-daiko(Japanese) flat taiko drum
a general term for a drum that is wider than it is deep
Hiragana(English, German f./n. from Japanese) Japanese syllabary, one of four Japanese writing systems (the others are katakana, kanji and romaji)
Hiratsuri-daiko(Japanese) a double headed frame-drum suspended vertically from a wooden frame by means of three rings on the body, or suspended horizontaiiy from a tripod
Hirmológicas(Spanish f. pl. from the Greek Heirmoi) melodies from the Byzantine rite, usually quick (120-180 bpm) and syllabic
Hirn (s.), Hirne (pl.)(German n.) brain
Hirn-(German) cerebral (prefix)
Hirnanhangdrüse(German f.) pituitary (gland)
Hirnanhangsdrüse(German f.) pituitary gland
Hirnblutung(German f.) cerebral haemorrhage, brain haemorrhage, cerebral bleeding
Hirnchirurg (m.), Hirnchirurgin (f.)(German) brain surgeon
Hirnchirurgie(German f.) brain surgery
Hirndruck(German m.) intracranial pressure
Hirnforscher (m.), Hirnforscherin (f.)(German) brain researcher
Hirnforschung(German f.) brain research
Hirnfrost(German m.) ice cream headache
hirngeschädigt(German) brain-injured, brain-damaged
Hirngespinst (s.), Hirngespinste (pl.)(German n.) phantasm, chimera, fantasy, pipe dream (colloquial), figment, vapour (figurative), phantom, flight of fancy
Hirnhaut-(German) meningeal (prefix)
Hirnhaut (s.), Hirnhäute (pl.)(German f.) meninx, cerebral membrane, meninges (plural form)
Hirnhautentzündung(German f.) meningitis
Hirnholz(German n.) end grain (wood)
Hirnholzhobel(German m.) block plane
Hirnholzparkett(German n.) end grain wood block flooring
Hirni(German m.) idiot
Hirninfarkt(German m.) stroke
Hirnleiste(German f.) breadboard end (wood technology)
hirnlos(German) brainlessly, brainless, mindless, mindlessly (stupidly), anencephalous (dated)
Hirnoperation(German f.) brain surgery
hirnrissig(German) nutty (colloquial), crazy, whacky (colloquial)
hirnrissiger(German) nuttier (colloquial)
Hirnrissigkeit(German f.) craziness, wackiness (colloquial), crazy deed
Hirnschaden(German m.) brain damage
Hirnschädigung(German f.) brain damage
Hirnschläge(German pl.) apoplexies
Hirnströme(German pl.) brain waves
Hirntätigkeit(German f.) cerebral activity
Hirntod(German m.) brain death
hirntot(German) brain-dead
hirnverbrannt(German) madcap, inane
Hirnverletzung (s.), Hirnverletzungen (pl.)(German f.) brain injury
Hirsch (s.), Hirsche (pl.)(German m.) stag, hart, deer
Hirsch-(German) cervine
hirschartig(German) cervine
Hirschbock(German m.) stag
Hirschbraten(German m.) roast venison
Hirschcarpaccio(German n.) venison carpaccio
Hirschfänger(German m.) cutlas, hunting knife
Hirschfeld-Eddy-Stiftung(German f.) Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation (promoting human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people)
Hirschfell(German n.) deer skin
Hirschgeweih(German n.) antlers of a stag, stag's antlers (set or pair), deer antlers (set or pair)
Hirschhorn(German n.) staghorn
Hirschhorngeist(German m.) ammonium hydroxide
Hirschhornsalz(German n.) ammonium bicarbonate, salt of the hartshorn, hartshorn, sal volatile, baker's salt
Hirschhund(German m.) deerhound
Hirschjagd(German f.) stag-hunting, stag hunt, stag hunting, deer hunt
Hirschjäger(German m.) deer hunter
Hirschkäfer(German m.) stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)
Hirschkalb (s.), Hirschkälber (pl.)(German n.) fawn
Hirschkeule(German f.) haunch of venison
Hirschkuh (s.), Hirschkühe (pl.)(German f.) hind, doe
Hirschleder(German n.) buckskin
Hirschlederhosen(German pl.) buckskin breeches
Hirschragout(German n.) deer stew
Hirschrudel(German n.) herd of stags
Hirschsteak(German n.) venison steak
Hirschtötung(German f.) cervicide (rare)
Hirschwechsel durch Unterholz(German m.) abature
Hirse(German f.) millet, sorghum
Hirsebällchen(German pl.) millet dumplings
Hirsebrei(German m.) millet gruel
Hirsebrot(German n.) millet bread
Hirsebrötchen(German n.) millet roll
Hirseernte(German f.) millet crop, yield of millet, millet yield, millet harvest
Hirsefeld(German n.) millet field
Hirsekolben(German m.) millet spike
Hirsekorn (s.), Hirsekörner (pl.)(German n.) milium, white head, millet (seed)
Hirsemehl(German n.) millet flour
Hirsenudeln(German pl.) millet pasta
Hirseöl(German n.) millet oil
Hirsesamen(German pl.) millet seed, millet seeds
Hirsespelze (s.), Hirsespelzen (pl.)(German f.) millet husk
Hirsutismexcessive growth of hair, particularly on a woman's face, torso and limbs, and is generally caused by increased androgens
Hirsutismus(German m.) hirsutism
Hirt(German m.) herd, herdsman, shepherd
Hirte (m.), Hirtin (f.), Herten (pl.)(German) shepherd (m.), shepherdess (f.), herdsman (m.), herdswoman (f.), pastoralist, herder
Hirtenamt(German n.) pastorate
Hirtenbrief(German m.) pastoral letter, pastoral (letter)
Hirtenflöte(German) syrinx, shepherd's flute, shepherd's pipe
Hirtengedicht(German) pastoral peom, ecologue, idyl
Hirtengott(German m.) god of shepherds
Hirtenhund(German m.) shepherd's dog, herding dog, sheepdog
Hirtenjunge(German m.) shepherd boy
Hirtenkreuzzug(German m.) Shepherds' Crusade (1251 and 1320)
Hirtenleben(German n.) pastoral life
Hirtenlied(German n.) herdsman song, pastoral song, shapherd's song (Christmas carol)
Hirtenmädchen(German n.) shepherd girl
Hirtenpfeife(German f.) Hirtenschalmei. rustic pipe, pastoral pipe
(German f.) or shawm, ciaramella (Italian f.), cennamella (Italian f.), Schalmei (German f.) , chalumeau (French m.), pipeau (French m.), simple rustic reed pipe, ancestor of clarinet, with 6 to 8 finger holes
Hirtenschalmei(German) a capped double-reed shepherd's shawm
Hirtensonnenuhr(German f.) shepherd's dial
Hirtenspiel(German n.) pastoral play
Hirtenstab(German m.) crook, shepherd's crook, crosier, crozier
Hirtenuhr(German f.) shepherd's dial
Hirtenvolk(German n.) pastoral people, pastoral tribe
His, his
note B sharp
(German n.) the note 'B sharp'
Hisbollah(German f.) Hezbollah, Hizbullah
His-Dur(German n.) the key of 'B sharp major', enharmonically equivalent to the key of 'C major'
His-genitivean unusual use of his, her, and their as the sign of the genitive by attaching them to the end of a word or locating them immediately after a word
Hishigi(Japanese) the highest note on the bamboo transverse flute, nohkan
Hisis, hisis
note B double sharp
(German n.) the note 'B double sharp'
Hiskia(German m.) Hezekiah (king of Judah)
his-Moll(German n.) the key of 'B sharp minor', enharmonically equivalent to the key of 'C minor'
Hispanien(German n.) Hispania
Hispanic chantsee 'Mozarabic chant'
Hispanic neumessee 'Mozarabic neumes'
Hispaniola(English, German n.) Haiti and the Dominican Republic
hispanisch(German) Hispanic
hispanisieren(German) to Hispanicise
Hispanistik(German f.) Spanish studies
Hispano (m.) Hispana (f.), Hispanos (pl.), Hispanas ( Hispano, Hispanic
Hispanoamerikaner (m.), Hispanoamerikanerin (f.), Hispanoamerikaner (pl.), Hispanoamerikanerinnen ( Hispanic
hispanoamerikanisch(German) Hispanic American
Hisperic Latinor Hiberno-Latin, a learned sort of Latin literature created and spread by Irish monks during the period from the sixth century to the tenth century. Notable for its curiously learned vocabulary, while neither Hebrew nor Greek was widely known in Europe during this period - and it is unlikely the Irish monks were fluent themselves - odd words from these sources, as well as from Celtic sources, were added to Latin vocabulary for effect. It has been suggested that the unique vocabulary of the poems was caused by the monks learning Latin words from dictionaries and glossaries, so as to mix together unfamiliar words with ordinary ones; unlike many others in Western Europe at the time, the Irish monks did not speak a language descended from Latin. During the sixth and seventh centuries, Irish monasticism spread through Christian Western Europe; Irish monks who founded these monasteries often brought with them Hiberno-Latin literary styles
hisperisch(German) Hisperic
Hissa category of noise, more properly called 'white noise'
hissen(German) to hoist up, to run up (flag), to wind up, to hoist
Histamin(German n.) histamine
Histaminkopfschmerz(German m.) histamine headache
Histamin-Kopfschmerz(German m.) histamine headache
Histogram(statistics) a bar graph in which the area of each bar is proportional to the frequency or relative frequency represented
Histogramm(German n.) histogram
Histoire(French f.) story, history
Histoire à dormir debout(French f.) cock-and-bull story
Histoire de la musique(French f.) music history, history of music
histoire de voir(French) just to see
Histoire sans queue ni tête(French f.) cock-and-bull story
Histokompatibilität(German f.) histocompatibility
Histologe(German m.) histologist
Histologie(German f.) histology
histologisch(German) histological, histologically
histologische Untersuchung(German f.) histological examination
histologisches Präparat(German n.) histological specimen
Histopathologie(German f.) histopathology
histopathologisch(German) histopathological, histopathologic, histopathologically
Histörchen(German n.) anecdote, little tale, little story
Historia (s.), Historiae (pl.)in ancient times, the word historia meant roughly the same thing as the modern English word "story" (i.e., any narrative whether factual or fictional). Latin writers, especially in medieval times, might on occasion use the word historia refer to history, to legends, to vitae (lives), mythology, folklore, hearsay, gossip, and rumouin ancient times, the word historia meant roughly the same thing as the modern English word "story" (i.e., any narrative whether factual or fictional). Latin writers, especially in medieval times, might on occasion use the word historia refer to history, to legends, to vitae, mythology, folklore, hearsay, gossip, and rumorsrs
musical setting of a biblical story, associated with Protestant, particularly Lutheran communities
Historia(Spanish f.) history
Historiador(Spanish m.) historian
Historia europea(Spanish f.) European history
Historia sacra (s.), Historiae sacrae (pl.)(Latin) one of the early forms of oratorio, a combination of dialoghi (drama-narrative) and laudi spirituali (songs of praise), similar to the 'recitative' and 'aria' forms in oratorio
Historiated (initial)see 'decorated initial'
Historia von D. Johann Faustenthe first "Faust book", a chapbook of stories concerning the life of Johann Georg Faust, written by an anonymous German author. It was published by Johann Spies (1540-1623) in Frankfurt am Main in 1587. This book became the main source for the play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, Goethe's play Faust, and also served as the libretto of the opera by Alfred Schnittke, also entitled Historia von D. Johann Fausten
Historical albuma collection of songs around a unified theme with a basis in the documented history of a person or place. This differs from a concept album, which may have a unified theme, but is usually comprised of fictional stories not linked with actual historical facts even though the subject could be a real person or place. Historical albums are often considered concept albums due to the broad nature of that more recognizable category
Historical dancealso called 'early dance', a collective term covering a wide variety of dance types from the past as they are danced in the present
Historical dictionarya dictionary that traces the changes in a word's meaning by listing its entries chronologically and providing quotations using the word in that particular sense as illustrative examples
Historical editionworks of the past published in collections prepared from studies of the original sources or manuscripts. Historical editions are usually published to preserve a musical heritage (Musica Britannica, for example, focuses on English music), disseminate repertory, and make authentic editions available for study and performance. They can be the complete works of a composer, "monuments" of a specific type of music, or a series of performing editions
Historical instrumentmany writers distinguish the terms 'historic instrument' and 'historical instrument'. The former refers to an original, the latter to a later reconstruction or 'copy'. The term 'copy', when applied to musical instruments raise,s its own problems as the examination of modern copies quickly demonstrates. Invariably, the 'copies' differ not only from the original but even from one another. In many cases, this is easy to understand. What makes a musical instrument is much more than the material from which it has been made or the sum of the skills used to fashion it. The important relationship between instrument and player too is very important and generally must be highly personal. In a similar way, every maker of a copy is drawn too into the complexities of that association so that the modern instrument is a reflection of the modern maker as much, if not more so, as that of the original maker
Historically awaresee 'authenticity'
Historically informedsee 'authenticity'
Historical novela novel in which fictional characters take part in, influence, or witness real historical events and interact with historical figures from the past
Historical romancesee 'romance, historical'
Historic instrumentmany writers distinguish the terms 'historic instrument' and 'historical instrument'. The former refers to an original, the latter to a later reconstruction or 'copy'. The term 'copy', when applied to musical instruments raise,s its own problems as the examination of modern copies quickly demonstrates. Invariably, the 'copies' differ not only from the original but even from one another. In many cases, this is easy to understand. What makes a musical instrument is much more than the material from which it has been made or the sum of the skills used to fashion it. The important relationship between instrument and player too is very important and generally must be highly personal. In a similar way, every maker of a copy is drawn too into the complexities of that association so that the modern instrument is a reflection of the modern maker as much, if not more so, as that of the original maker
HistoricismHerder in his philosophy of history presented the first extensive formulation of historicist principles, and rejected the Enlightenment conception of a unilinear development of human civilization. Mankind was indeed one but, he maintained, this mankind can only be understood in its historical manifestations in diverse national cultures. Religion, philosophy, science, and art thus do not exist in any absolute sense; there are only the religions, philosophies, sciences, and arts of specific cultures at specific stages in their development. All cultures, Herder held, European and non-European, primitive and civilized are thus equally worthy of study, in a sense the primitive more so insofar as they are closer to the original genius of a people. Any attempts to use abstract tools of analysis to understand national cultures were mechanistic and unhistorical. History as life can only be grasped through empathy (Mitfühlen)
Historicityhow history is discussed and how its form is interpreted (linear, circular, repetitive etc)
histórico(Spanish) historic, historical
Historic pitch
Historicus(Latin) or testo (Italian m.), narrator in an oratorio (one of the features that distinguish the oratorio from early opera)
Historie (s.), Historien (pl.)(German f.) history, history play
Historien (m.), Historienne (f.)(French) historian
Historienbild(German n.) history painting
Historien de salon (m.), Historienne de salon (f.)(French) amateur historian, populariser of history
Historiendrama (s.), Historiendramen (pl.)(German n.) historical drama, period piece
Historienepos(German n.) historical epic
Historienfilm(German m.) period film
Historiengemälde(German n.) history painting
Historienmaler(German m.) historical painter, history painter
Historienmalerei(German f.) history painting (genre)
Historienspiel(German n.) pageant (show)
Historik(German f.) science of history, history (science of history)
Historiker (m.), Historikerin (f.), Historiker (pl.)(German) historian
Historikerstreit(German m.) dispute between historians
Historiograf(German m.) historiographer
Historiografie(German f.) historiography
Historiograph(German m.) historiographer
Historiographie(German f.) historiography
historiographisch(German) historiographic
Historiographyhistoriography has a number of related meanings. It can refer to the history of historical study, its methodology and practices (the history of history). It can also refer to a specific body of historical writing (for example, "medieval historiography during the 1960s" means "medieval history written during the 1960s"). Historiography can also be taken to mean historical theory or the study of historical writing and memory. As a meta-level analysis of descriptions of the past, this third conception can relate to the first two in that the analysis usually focuses on the narratives, interpretations, worldview, use of evidence, or method of presentation of other historians
historique(French) historical
historisch(German) historical, historic, historically, ancient
Historisch bedingt sind wir ...(German) Historically, we are ...
historisch betrachtet(German) in historical terms, from a historical viewpoint
historische Anerkennung(German f.) historical validation
historische Aufführungspraxis(German f.) historic performance practice
historische Bedeutung(German f.) historical significance
historische Dosen und Schachteln(German pl.) vintage tins and boxes
historische Entscheidung(German f.) landmark decision
historische Folge(German f.) historical sequence
historische Gelegenheit(German f.) historic opportunity
historische Geologie(German f.) historical geology
historische Hilfswissenschaften(German pl.) auxiliary science of history
historische Instrumente(German pl.) (authentic) period instruments
historische Klimaverhältnisse(German pl.) ancient climates
historische Kostüme(German pl.) historical costumes
historische Kursschwankungen(German pl.) historic volatility
historische Landschaft(German f.) historically distinct landscape
historische Linguistik(German f.) historical linguistics
historische Persönlichkeit (s.), historische Persönlichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) historical character, character from history
historische Rechtsschule(German f.) historical school of law, historical school of jurisprudence
historischer Festumzug(German m.) historical parade
historischer Film(German m.) period drama
historischer Höchststand(German m.) all-time high, historical high
historischer Liebesroman(German m.) historical romance
historischer Moment(German m.) historic moment
historischer Ort(German m.) historic site
historischer Roman(German m.) historical novel, historical fiction (genre)
(historischer) Stadtkern(German m.) (historic) town centre
historischer Tiefstand(German m.) all-time low, historical low
historischer Tiefststand(German m.) historical low
historischer Überblick(German m.) historical review
historische Schwankungsbreite(German f.) historical volatility
historisches Ereignis(German n.) historic event, historical incident
historisches Gebäude(German n.) historical building, period building
historisches Handbuch(German n.) historical compendium
historisches Präsens(German n.) historical present
historisches Stück(German n.) chronicle play
historische Stadt(German f.) historic town
historische Stätte (s.), historische Stätten (pl.)(German f.) historical site
historische Studien(German pl.) historical studies
historisches Viertel(German n.) historic district
historisches Wertpapier(German n.) historical security
historische Ton- und Lichtschau(German f.) son et lumière
historische Überlieferung(German f.) historical tradition
historisch-genetisch(German) historico-genetic
historisch gesehen(German) in historical terms, from a historical viewpoint
historisch gesichert(German) historically verified, historically confirmed
historisch interessante Stätten(German pl.) places of historical interest
historisch korrektes Erscheinungsbild(German n.) historically correct appearance
historisch-kritische Ausgabe(German f.) historico-critical edition, historical-critical edition
historisch-kritische Methode(German f.) historical-critical method
historisch-vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft(German f.) comparative linguistics
historisieren(German) to historicise
Historisierung(German f.) historicisation
Historismus(German m.) historism, historicism
Historizismus(German m.) historicism
Historizität(German f.) historicity
History of musicthe history of music has a long and complex history. It may predate language (and certainly predates the written word) and is found in every known culture, past and present, varying wildly between times and places. A culture's music is influenced by all other aspects of that culture, including social and economic organization, climate, and access to technology. The emotions and ideas that music expresses, the situations that music is played and listened to in, and the attitudes toward music players and composers all vary between regions and periods. "Music history" is the distinct subfield of musicology and history which studies music (particularly Western art music) from a chronological perspective
History playplay dealing with a historical subject, for example, Shakespeare's Henry V
histozytologisch(German) histocytologic, histocytological, histocytologically
Histrio(Latin) actor
histrionic(of behaviour) theatrical, dramatic, istrionico (Italian)
Histrionic codein early film, the acting style characterised by broad gestures, grotesque facial grimaces and contorted body movements which it may be assumed was derived from culturally prevalent conceptions of "correct" performance style, was coupled with editing and filming techniques in use at that time. By that means the producers (actors and directors) encoded their messages and the audience would have had to decode them
Histrionicsinsincere and dramatic behaviour designed to impress, commedia (Italian f.)
histrionisch(German) histrionic
histrionischer Stil(German m.) histrionic code
Histrionismo(Spanish m.) histrionics
Hit (s.), Hits (pl.)(English, German m.) a commercially successful recording, song, play, etc. - a chartbuster
hitaasti(Finnish) largo, adagio
Hitchhiker (s.), Hitchhiker (German pl.)(English, German m.) a person who travels by getting free rides from passing vehicles
Hitch-pinthe pin which retains the end of a string opposite the wrestpin or tuning pin on a keyboard instrument like a piano or harpsichord. The hitch-pins are driven into the hitch-pin rail
Hi-Tech(German n.) high-tech
Hi-Tech-(German) high-tech
Hitlergegner (m.), Hitlergegnerin (f.)(German) opponent of Hitler
Hitlergruß(German m.) Hitler salute, Nazi salute
Hitlerjugend(German f.) Hitler Youth
Hitlerjunge(German m.) member of the Hitler youth
Hitler-Tagebücher(German pl.) Hitler Diaries
Hitlerzeit(German f.) Hitler era
Hitliste(German f.) charts (pop music)
Hitoyogiri(Japan) an end-blown flute
  • Hitoyogiri from which this information has been taken
Hitparade(German f.) hit parade, chart show, top of the pops
Hit paradeor chart, a ranked group or listing of the currently most popular recorded songs
Hitparadenerfolg(German m.) chart success
Hitpotenzial(German n.) hit potential (potential for chart success)
Hittite cultic musicone main element of Hittite rituals is the musical performances frequently mentioned in ritual literature. The sacred acts were accompanied by sacred words recited in a whispered or murmured tone, in metrical form, in responsorial antiphony of precentor and choir or in archaic foreign languages. Music and singing accompanied ritual acts such as the sacrifice, the libation, and the appearance of the king or the royal couple. The use of or ban on music were regulated by ritual instructions mentioning instruments, singing, recitation, and clapping. Most frequently lyres can be found, more rarely harps and lutes (chordophones), drums, different rattles, cymbals (idiophones, membranophones), double oboes, and horns (aerophones). Songs were performed by individuals or choirs, had diffentiating titles, and were sometimes attributed to particular deities. Music served for calling deities and entertaining them, for communication with them (trance), contact with the deceased, threatening enemies and encouraging fighters. It had an apotropaic, captivating, and erotic effect and was used to entertain feasting parties
hitverdächtig(German) potential hit
Hitzdraht(German m.) hot-wire
Hitzdraht-(German) hot-wire (prefix)
Hitzdrahtmikrofon(German n.) hot wire microphone, hot-wire microphone
Hitze(German f.) ardency, heat, hotness, ardour, fieriness
Hitze ableiten(German) to conduct away heat
Hitze ausstrahlen(German) to radiate heat
hitzebedingte Krankheiten(German pl.) heat-related illnesses
hitzebehandelt(German) heat-treated
Hitzebehandlung(German f.) heat treatment
hitzebeständig(German) heat-resistant, heat-proof, fireproof, refractory, heat-resisting
hitzebeständige Handschuhe(German pl.) heat-resistant gloves
hitzebeständiger(German) more heat resistant
hitzebeständiger Anzug(German m.) heat-resistant suit
hitzebeständiger Handschuh(German m.) heat-resistant glove
hitzebeständiges Glas(German n.) silex
Hitzebeständigkeit(German f.) resistance to heat, heat stability
hitzedenaturiert(German) heat-denatured
hitzeempfindlich(German) sensitive to heat
Hitzeentwicklung(German f.) generation of heat, heat generation
hitzefeste Handschuhe(German pl.) heat-proof gloves
hitzefester Handschuh(German m.) heat-proof glove
hitzefestes Geschirr(German n.) ovenware
hitzefrei haben(German) to have time off from school on account of excessively hot weather
Hitzegrad (s.), Hitzegrade (pl.)(German m.) degree of heat
hitzehärtend(German) thermo-hardening
Hitze-Index(German m.) temperature-humidity index
hitzeisolierend(German) heat-insulating
Hitzekonservierung(German f.) heat preserving
Hitze leiten(German) to conduct heat
Hitzeperiode(German f.) hot spell, spell of hot weather, period of hot weather, heat wave
Hitzepickel(German pl.) prickly heat
Hitzerekord(German m.) heat record
hitzeresistent(German) heat-resistant
Hitzeschaden(German m.) heat damage, heat injury
Hitzeschlag(German m.) heat stroke
Hitzeschleier(German m.) heat haze
hitzestabil(German) thermostable, heat-stable
Hitzestau(German m.) hotspot, heat build-up, heat accumulation
Hitzetote(German pl.) heat-related fatalities
Hitze transferieren(German) to convect heat
hitzeunempfindlich(German) not sensitive to heat
hitzeverträglich(German) heat-tolerant (plant)
Hitzewallung (s.), Hitzewallungen (pl.)(German f.) hot flush, hot flushes, flushing (plural form)
Hitzewarnung(German f.) heat warning
Hitzewelle (s.), Hitzewellen (pl.)(German f.) heatwave, wave of heat, hot spell, heat wave, sizzling spell of weather
Hitze zurückwerfen(German) to reflect heat
Hitzgi(German m. - Switzerland) hiccup
hitzig(German) hotly, hot tempered, stormy, quick-tempered, sulphurously, highly charged (debate), heatedly, stormily, heated (debate, etc.), fiery (temper), red-hot (figurative), fervid
hitzige Debatte (s.), hitzige Debatten (pl.)(German f.) violent debate, heated debate, fray (heated discussion), contentious debate
hitzige Debatten auslösen(German) to cause heated debates
hitzige Diskussion(German f.) heated discussion, crossfire (discussion)
hitziger(German) more hot-tempered
hitziges Gemüt(German n.) quick temper, fiery temperament
hitziges Rot(German n.) violent red
hitziges Temperament(German n.) hot temper, quick temper
hitzige Worte(German pl.) hasty words, hot words
Hitzigkeit(German f.) highly-charged atmosphere
hitzigste(German) most hot-tempered
Hitzkopf (s.), Hitzköpfe (pl.)(German m.) hothead, hotspur, spitfire, hot-head, firebrand
hitzköpfig(German) hot-headed, hotheaded
Hitzschlag(German m.) heat stroke, heatstroke
Hiva kakala(literally 'fragrant songs') love songs or poems, an important part of semi-traditional Tongan secular music
HIV-Antikörpertest(German m.) HIV antibody test
Hiva usain the smaller Tongan churches and the minority Methodist sects, hymn singing is unaccompanied, hiva usa. A strong singer will sing the first notes alone (a practice called hua or opening) and the rest of the congregation will then join. Church choirs are popular, practice is frequent, and most congregations sing all hymns in harmony
  • Hiva usa from which this information has been taken
Hiver(French m.) winter
HIV-Erkrankung(German f.) HIV disease
HIV-Infektion(German f.) HIV infection
HIV-infiziert(German) HIV-infected
HIV-negativ(German) HIV-negative
HIV-positiv(German) HIV-positive
HIV-Präventionskampagne(German f.) HIV prevention campaign
HIV-Test(German m.) HIV test
HIV-Therapie(German f.) HIV therapy
HIV-Virus(German m./n.) HIV virus (colloquial: human immunodeficiency virus)
Hiwiabbreviation for Hilfswilliger (German m.: dogsbody (colloquial), drudge (pejorative)
or HiWi, abbreviation for Hilfswissenschaftler or wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (German m.: research assistant
hizo ademán de levantarse(Spanish) he made as if to get up
hizo amistad con ella(Spanish) he struck up a friendship with her
hizo aparecer un ramo de flores(Spanish) he produced a bouquet of flowers
hizo un calor achicharrante(Spanish) it was scorching
Hjælpelinie(Danish) ledger line, leger line
Hjälplinje(Swedish) ledger line, leger line
HJ-Führer(German m.) or Hitlerjugendführer, Hitler Youth leader
HJ-Junge(German m.) member of the Hitler youth
HK-popsee 'Canto pop'
hl.(s.), hll (pl.)(German) Saint (s.), Saints (pl.) (equivalent to the English abbreviation St.)
Hlafdigalso called a hlaefdieg, hladig, or cwen, an Anglo-Saxon wife of a warlord
Hlafordan Anglo-Saxon warrior chieftain who was served by a number of loyal warriors called thegns. His wife, called the hlafdig, hlaefdieg, hladig, or cwen may have been responsible for overseeing communal provisions
Hlinka-Garde(German f.) Hlinka Guard
Hlinka Guardor Hlinkova garda, the militia, named after Andrej Hlinka, maintained by the Slovak People's Party in the period from 1938 to 1945
Hlzbl.abbreviated form of Holxbläser, that is, the woodwind section in an orchestra or band
hm humph, hem(German) um (in decision, answering)
H-Milch(German f.) homogenised milk, long-life milk, UHT milk
Hmmm, ...(German) Ermm, ...
hmnabbreviation of 'harmonium'
key of B minor(German n.) the key of 'B minor'
h-moll Messe(German f.) see 'B minor Mass'
Hmong harp(Laos) a double-tongued brass Jew's harp
HMVabbreviation of 'His Master's Voice'
Hn, hnabbreviation of Horn (German - cor (French)), 'horn'
Hne(Burmese) a small double-reed instrument, of which a larger version, the hne gyi, is used on ceremonial occasions
Hne-gji(Burmese) or hne gyi, a larger version of the hne
Hne gyisee hne-gji
HNOan abbreviation for Hals-Nasen-Ohren (German: ear, nose and throat - the English equivalent is ENT)
HNO-Abteilung(German f.) ENT department
HNO-Arzt (s.), HNO-Ärztin (f.)(German) ENT physician
HNO-Chirurg(German m.) ear, nose and throat surgeon
HNO-Facharzt (m.), HNO-Fachärztin (f.)(German) ENT specialist
HNO-Heilkunde(German f.) ENT medicine
HNO-Klinik(German f.) ENT clinic (ear, nose, and throat clinic)
HNO-Medizin(German f.) ENT medicine
HNO-Sonde(German f.) ENT probe
HNO-Spezialist (m.), HNO-Spezialistin (f.)(German) ENT specialist