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Hoarwhite or greyish-white colour, of a white or greyish-white colour
Hobafter Anthony van Hoboken (1887-1983), the cataloguer of the works composed by Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Hobbel(German pl.) hobbles
Hobbesianof or pertaining to the theories of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)
Hobbes'sche(German) Hobbesian
Hobbledehoyan awkward rustic adolescent boy or teenager. A hobbledehoy is naïve, gawky, and shy around women. He is neither a boy nor a man, and so is also called a 'halfling'. The root word 'hob' is also used to describe the little men of fairy tales, like hobs, hobgoblins, and hobyahs
Hobbock(English, German m.) pail with a press-on lid
Hobby (s.), Hobbies (English pl.), Hobbys (German pl.)(English, German n.) fad, leisure-time activity pursued for pleasure rather than profit
Hobbyarchäologe (m.), Hobbyarchäologin (f.)(German) amateur archaeologist
Hobbydetektiv(German m.) amateur detective
Hobbyfotograf (m.), Hobbyfotografin (f.)(German) amateur photographer
Hobbygärtner (m.), Hobbygärtnerin (f.)(German) amateur gardener
Hobbygeologe (m.), Hobbygeologin (f.)(German) amateur geologist
Hobby-horsechild's toy consisting of a stick with a horse's head
favourite subject or idea
Hobbykoch(German m.) amateur chef
Hobbyladen(German m.) crafts store, arts and craft store
Hobbylandwirt(German m.) hobby farmer
Hobby-Landwirtschaft(German f.) hobby farm
Hobbymaler (m.), Hobbymalerin (f.)(German) amateur painter
Hobby-Mensch(German m.) hobbyist
Hobbymusiker (m.), Hobbymusikerin (f.)(German) a person for whom music is a hobby
Hobbypolitiker(German m.) amateur politician
Hobbyraum(German m.) hobby room, den (colloquial: private room)
Hobbyrechner(German m.) home computer
Hobbystratege (s.), Hobbystrategen (pl.)(German m.) armchair general (colloquial)
Hobel(German m.) plane
Hobelbank (s.), Hobelbänke (pl.)(German f.) slicer, carpenter's bench, workbench, joiner's bench
Hobeleisen(German n.) plane blade
Hobelmaschine(German f.) planer, planing machine
Hobelmaul(German n.) mouth (an opening in the bottom of the plane down through which the blade extends, and up through which wood shavings pass)
Hobeln(German n.) planing
hobeln(German) to plane, to shred (cabbage), to dress (timber), to slice (with a knife, etc.)
hobelnd(German) planing
Hobelscharten(German pl. - Austria) wood shavings
Hobelsohle(German f.) bottom surface or sole of a plane
Hobelspan (s.), Hobelspäne (pl.)(German m.) shaving, facings (from steel)
Hobelwerk(German n.) planing mill
Hobo(Dutch) oboe
Hoboe (s.), Hoboen (pl.)(German f.) oboe, hautboy
Hoboist(German) hautboy player
Hobokensee 'Hob'
Hobokenverzeichnis(German n.) Anthony van Hoboken's catalogue of the works composed by Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
[entry provided by Brian A. Jefferies]
Hoboy(English) old word for 'oboe', derived from the French hautbois
Hocetus(Latin) hocket
Hoch(German n.) high, anticyclone (meteorology: associated with high pressure), cheer (for example, when drinking a toast)
hoch(German) high, highly, lofty, loftily, trebly, up, tall, sharp (pitch of note too high), high-pitched (note), portrait (orientation of an image), upright (orientation), high-toned (colloquial), exalted, exacting (for example, Anforderungen sind hoch (German: demands are exacting)
Hoch-(German) elevated
hoch-(German) highly
hochabriebfest(German) highly wear-resistant, highly abrasion-resistant, ultra-wear (resistant), high-abrasion resistant
hoch abriebfest(German) highly abrasion resistant
Hochachse(German f.) vertical axis
hochachtbar(German) highly respectable
hochachten(German) to venerate
Hochachtung(German f.) high esteem, estimation, esteem, deep respect, deference, veneration, high regard
Hochachtungsvoll(German) Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely (as at the end of a formal letter)
hochachtungsvoll(German) respectfully, yours respectfully, yours sincerely, yours truly, yours faithfully, respectfully yours
Hochachtung vor ...(German f.) deference to ... (somebody)
Hochachtung vor ... haben(German) to hold ... in high regard (somebody, something)
Hochadel(German m.) aristocracy, high nobility
hochaktiv(German) highly active
hochaktuell(German) highly topical (of current interest), up-to-the-minute, bang up-to-date (colloquial), bang up to date (colloquial)
Hochalpenstraßen(German pl.) high alpine roads
hochalpin(German) (high) alpine
Hochaltar (s.), Hochaltäre (pl.)(German m.) high altar, altarpiece (of a high altar)
Hochamt(German n.) High Mass
hochangereichertes Uran(German n.) highly enriched uranium
hochangesehen(German) highly respected
hoch angesehen(German) highly regarded, highly esteemed, eminently respectable
hochangesehene Firma(German f.) highly respectable firm
hoch angesetzter Hals(German m.) high-set neck
hochanständig(German) very decent
hochansteckend(German) highly contagious
Hochantenne(German f.) elevated aerial, elevated antenna
Hocharabisch(German n.) standard Arabic
hocharomatisch(German) highly aromatic
hochattraktiv(German) highly attractive
hochaufgelöst(German) high-resolution
hoch aufgeschossen(German) gangling, gangly, lanky, long-bodied
hochauflösend(German) high-resolution, high-definition, (with) high resolution, fine-grained (figurative: high-resolution)
hochauflösende Bilder(German pl.) high-resolution images
hochauflösende Computertomographie(German f.) high-resolution computer tomography
hochauflösender Fernseher(German m.) high definition television (set)
hoch auflösender Film(German m.) high definition film (camera)
hochauflösendes Fernsehen(German n.) HDTV, high definition TV, high definition television (medium)
Hochauflösung(German f.) high-resolution, high definition
hoch aufragend(German) towering, soaring (lofty)
hochaufragende Klippen(German pl.) towering cliffs
hoch aufragender Berg(German m.) soaring mountain
hoch aufspringender Ball(German m.) bouncer (cricket, also figurative)
hochausgezeichnete Person(German f.) highly distinguished person
hochautomatisiert(German) highly automated
Hochbahn(German f.) elevated railway, overhead railway, elevated (in proper nouns), Hamburg underground (in Hamburg)
Hochbahnsteig(German m.) high platform
Hochbahnstrecke(German f.) elevated railway section
Hochbarock(German m./n.) high baroque
Hochbau(German m.) structural engineering, building engineering, building construction
Hochbauingenieur (m.), Hochbauingenieurin (f.)(German) civil engineer (building engineer)
hochbeansprucht(German) highly stressed
hoch beansprucht(German) highly stressed
Hochbeet(German n.) raised bed
hochbegabt(German) highly gifted, highly talented
hoch begabt(German) highly talented
Hochbegabte(German pl.) highly gifted people
hochbegabter Student(German m.) brilliant student
hochbegabt sein(German - archaic) to be highly gifted
hoch begabt sein(German) to be highly gifted
Hochbegabung(German f.) intellectual giftedness
hochbeglückt(German) highly delighted
hoch beglückt(German) highly delighted
Hochbehälter(German m.) elevated tank, water tower, reservoir (elevated), store (off the ground)
hochbeinig(German) long-legged
hochbejahrt(German) (very) much advanced in years
Hochbelgien(German) Upper Belgium
hochberühmt(German) illustrious
hoch besteuert(German) heavily taxed
hochbetagt(German) at a ripe old age, aged
Hochbetagte(German pl.) very old people (collective)
hochbetagt sterben(German) to die at an old age
Hochbetrieb(German m.) great activity, intense activity, rush (colloquial), peak period, peak season, high season
Hochbett(German m.) loft bed, bunk bed
hoch bewertet(German) high-flying
hochbezahlt(German) highly paid, high-paid
hoch bezahlt(German) highly paid
hoch bieten(German) to bid a high price, to bid high (in an auction)
hochbinden(German) to stake (plants), to tie up (hair, plants, etc.)
Hochblüte(German f.) heyday, golden age (figurative)
Hochbocken(German n.) jacking up
Hochbordwagen(German m.) high-sided wagon
hochbrisant(German n.) highly charged (issue, topic), highly explosive, extremely explosive, highly volatile (situation, issue)
Hochbunker(German m.) concrete blockhouse, surface air-raid shelter
Hochburg(German f.) stronghold (figurative), citadel, heartland
Hochchinesisch(German n.) Mandarin (language)
hochdekoriert(German) bemedalled, highly decorated
hochdekorierte Person(German f.) highly decorated person
Hochdeutsch(German n.) standard German, High German (a form of the German language)
hochdeutsch(German) standard German, High German
hochdeutsche Lautverschiebung(German f.) High German sound shift, High German consonant shift
Hochdeutsche Mennoniten(German pl.) High German Mennonites
hochdichte Faserplatte(German f.) high density fibreboard, HDF
Hoch die Tassen!(German) Cheers! Bottoms up! (colloquial) Down the hatch! (colloquial)
hochdifferenziert(German) highly differentiated
hochdosiert(German) highly dosed
Hochdosistechnik(German f.) high-dose technique
hoch dotiert(German) highly remunerated, highly remunerative
hochdramatisch(German) highly dramatic
hoch-dramatischer Sopran(German m.) Wagnerian soprano
hochdrehen(German) to wind up (window of a car, etc), to rev up (colloquial - engine of a car, etc.)
hoch drei(German) cubed (number: raised to the power of three)
hoch droben(German) aloft, overhead, high up (Southern Germany, Austria)
Hochdruck(German m.) high pressure
Hochdruck(German m.) high pressure, relief printing, letterpress printing, letterpress
Hochdruckbehälter(German m.) high-pressure vessel
Hochdruck-Direkteinspritzung(German f.) high-pressure direct injection
Hochdruckeinfluss(German m.) influence of high pressure
Hochdruckentladungslampe(German f.) high pressure discharge lamp
Hochdruckfarbe(German f.) relief printing ink
Hochdruckflüssigkeitschromatographie(German f.) high pressure liquid chromatography
Hochdruckgasentladungslampe(German f.) high pressure gas discharge lamp
Hochdruckgebiet(German n.) high pressure area, area of high pressure, high-pressure region, anticyclone
Hochdruckgürtel(German m.) belt of high pressure (weather)
Hochdruckkammer(German f.) high pressure chamber
Hochdruckkranker(German m.) hypertensive (person, patient)
Hochdruckleitung(German f.) high-pressure pipeline
Hochdruckmanometer(German n.) high-pressure manometer
Hochdruckmedikament(German pl.) hypertension drug
Hochdruckpatient (m.), Hochdruckpatientin(German) hypertensive patient
Hochdruckpumpe(German f.) high-pressure pump
Hochdruckreifen(German m.) high pressure tyre
Hochdruckreiniger(German m.) pressure washer
Hochdruckrohrleitung(German f.) high-pressure pipeline
Hochdruckrücken(German m.) ridge of high pressure (weather)
Hochdruckschlauch(German m.) high-pressure hose
Hochdrucktherapie(German f.) hypertension therapy
Hochdruckverdichter(German m.) high-pressure compressor
Hochdruckwasserstrahl(German m.) high-pressure water jet
Hochdruckwasserstrahlschneiden(German n.) high pressure water jet cutting
Hochebene(German f.) plateau, elevated plain, high plain, mesa
hochedel(German) of high nobility
hocheffektiv(German) highly effective
hocheffizient(German) highly efficient
hoch eingeschätzt(German) highly valued
hoch einschätzen(German) to prize, to value highly, to estimate generously
Hochelaga-Archipel(German m.) Hochelaga Archipelago, Montreal Islands
hochelastisch(German) highly elastic
hochelegant(German) silk-stocking (American slang)
hochelegante Person(German f.) silk stocking (American slang)
Hochelf (s), Hockelven (pl.)(German m.) high elf, high elves (plural form)
hochemotional(German) hugely emotive (issue)
hochempfindlich(German) highly sensitive, high-speed (film)
hochempfindlicher Film(German m.) high-sensitivity film, fast film
hochenergetisch(German) ultrahigh-energy, high-energy
Hochenergiephysik(German f.) high-energy physics
Hochenergiestrahlung(German f.) high-energy radiation
hochentwickelt(German) sophisticated, highly developed, advanced (highly developed)
hoch entwickelt(German) sophisticated, highly developed
hocherfreut(German) exhilarated, overjoyed, delighted, chuffed (colloquial)
hoch erfreut(German) very pleased
hocherfreut über(German) delighted with
hoch erhoben(German) erect (head)
Hochet(French m.) clapper
hochevakuiert(German) highly evacuated
hochexplosiv(German) high explosive, highly explosive
hochfahren(German) to go up, to start up, to flare up, to run up, to boot up (computer), to boot (computer), to raise (an examination table, to ramp up (energy input, investments, etc.), to increase
hochfahrend(German) imperious, haughty, high-handed
hoch favorisiert(German) hotly favoured
hoch favorisiert sein(German) to be the hot favourite
hochfeierlich(German) extremely solemn
hochfein(German) choice, delicious
Hochfeldmagnet(German m.) high-field magnet
hochfest(German) high-strength
Hochfest(German n.) solemnity, Feast
Hochfest der Gottesmutter Maria(German n.) Feast of Mary, Mother of God
Hochfest des Leibes und Blutes Christi(German n.) officially named Fronleichnam, Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ
Hochfest Peter und Paul(German n.) Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Hochfeste (der Orthodoxen Kirche)(German pl.) Great Feasts (of the Orthodox Church)
hochfester Beton(German m.) high performance concrete, high-performance concrete
hochfester Stahl(German m.) high-tensile steel
Hochfeuerfeststein(German m.) heavy-duty brick
hoch fiebernd(German) hyperpyretic
Hochfinanz(German f.) high finance
Hochfläche(German f.) plateau
hochflexibel(German) highly flexible, ultraflexible
hochfliegen(German) to soar
hochfliegend(German) ambitious (figurative), soaringly, lofty, high-flown (ideas, plans), high-flying, grand (ideas, plans), soaring (ideals)
hoch fliegend(German) high-flying
hochfliegende Hoffnungen(German pl.) soaring hopes
hochfliegende Ideen(German pl.) soaring thoughts
hochfliegende Pläne(German pl.) ambitious plans
hochfliegender Adler(German m.) soaring eagle
hochfliegende Träume(German pl.) soaring dreams
hochflüchtig(German) highly volatile
hochflurig(German) high-floor
Hochformat(German n.) portrait format (as opposed to landscape / horizontal format, e.g. of images), portrait mode, vertical format
hochfrequent(German) high frequency
hochfrequenter Dauerschwingversuch(German m.) high-frequency fatigue test
Hochfrequenz-(German) high-frequency
Hochfrequenz(German f.) high frequency (HF), HF radio frequency, radio frequency
Hochfrequenzenergie(German f.) high-frequency energy
Hochfrequenzfeld(German n.) high-frequency field
Hochfrequenzgenerator(German m.) high-frequency generator
Hochfrequenzgerät(German n.) high-frequency unit, radiofrequency unit
Hochfrequenzkauterisation(German f.) high-frequency cautery
Hochfrequenzleistungsverstärker(German m.) radio frequency power amplifier
Hochfrequenzmassenspektrometer(German n.) high-frequency mass spectrometer
Hochfrequenzmassenspektrometrie(German f.) high-frequency mass spectrometry
Hochfrequenz-Schwerhörigkeit(German f.) high-frequency hearing loss
Hochfrequenzstrom(German m.) high frequency current
Hochfrequenztechnik(German f.) radio technology
Hochfrequenztherapie(German f.) high-frequency therapy
Hochfrequenz-Wärmetherapie(German f.) diathermy, heat treatment
Hochfrisur(German f.) (pinned) updo (colloquial: pinned and piled up hair), (pinned) up-do (colloquial: pinned and piled up hair)
Hochgarage(German f.) multi-storey car park
hochgeachtet(German) of high renown
hoch geachtet(German) considered
Hochgebet(German n.) Eucharistic Prayer
hochgebettet(German) elevated (for example, legs)
hochgebildet(German) highly educated, highly cultivated
hochgebildeter Mann(German m.) highly educated man
Hochgebirge(German n.) high mountains (plural), high mountain range, high mountain region, highlands (plural)
Hochgebirgslandschaft(German f.) alpine landscape
Hochgebirgsregion(German f.) high mountain region
Hochgebirgsstraße(German f.) high mountain road
hochgebockt(German) jacked up
hochgeboren(German - dated) highborn (nobility)
hochgebrannt(German) high-fired
hochgeehrt(German) highly honoured
hoch geehrt(German) highly honoured
Hochgefühl (s.), Hochgefühle (pl.)(German n.) elation, exhilaration, high (feeling), feeling of elation, exultation, elevated mood, higher feelings (plural form)
hochgehalten(German) upheld
hochgehandelt(German) high profile
hoch gehandelt(German) high profile
hochgehäufter Teller(German m.) heaped plate
hochgehen(German) to run high, to bristle, to go off (bomb), to go through the roof (colloquial), to get nabbed (colloquial), to go upstairs
hochgehoben(German) uplifted, raised
hochgejubelt(German) overhyped
hochgekohlter Stahl(German m.) high-carbon steel
hochgeladen(German) uploaded, loaded up
hochgelagert(German) propped up (e.g. head, leg, upper body), elevated (e.g. head, leg, upper body)
hochgelegen(German) elevated, high-lying (usually: lying above sea level)
hoch gelegen(German) elevated
hoch gelobt werden(German) to be highly praised, to draw high praise
hochgeliebt(German) dearly beloved
hochgelobt(German) highly praised
hochgenau(German) highly accurate, high-precision
Hochgenuss(German m.) delectation
hochgerechnet(German) extrapolated
hochgereinigt(German) highly purified
Hochgericht(German n.) place of execution
Hochgerichtsbarkeit(German f.) high justice
Hochgesang(German m.) ode, hymn
hochgeschätzt(German) highly considered, much-valued
hoch geschätzt(German) highly esteemed, highly prestigious
hochgeschätzter Freund(German m.) highly-valued friend, highly esteemed friend
hoch geschätzt für(German) highly valued for
hochgeschlagener Kragen(German m.) popped collar
hochgeschleppt(German) hauled up
hochgeschleuderter Stein(German m.) thrown-up stone
hochgeschlitzter Rock(German m.) high-slit skirt
hochgeschlitztes Kleid(German n.) high-slit dress
hochgeschlossen(German) high-necked
hochgeschnitten(German) high-cut
hochgeschossen(German) rocketed
hochgeschraubte Erwartungen(German pl.) high hopes
Hochgeschwindigkeit(German f.) high speed
Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahnnetz(German n.) high-speed rail network
Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahnsystem(German n.) high-speed rail system
Hochgeschwindigkeitsbohren(German n.) high-speed drilling
Hochgeschwindigkeitsfertigung(German f.) high speed production
Hochgeschwindigkeitsflattern(German n.) high speed wobble
Hochgeschwindigkeitsfotografie(German f.) chronophotography
Hochgeschwindigkeitsinternetzugang(German m.) high-speed Internet access
Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera(German f.) high speed camera
Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke(German f.) high-speed line, high-speed route, high-speed rail link, high-speed track
Hochgeschwindigkeits-Verfolgungsjagd(German f.) high-speed pursuit
Hochgeschwindigkeitsvermessung(German f.) high-speed measurement
Hochgeschwindigkeitsvideo(German n.) high-speed video
Hochgeschwindigkeitszentrifuge(German f.) high-speed centrifuge
Hochgeschwindigkeitszerspanung(German f.) high speed cutting
Hochgeschwindigkeitszug(German m.) bullet train (colloquial: in Japan), high-speed train
hochgesinnt(German) high-minded (intentions)
hochgespannt(German) high-strung
hochgespannte Erwartungen(German pl.) high-wrought expectations
hochgespielt(German) factitious
hochgesteckt(German) pinned-up (hair), ambitious (aims)
hoch gesteckt(German) ambitious (figurative)
hochgestecktes Haar(German n.) pinned-up hair
hochgesteckte Ziele(German pl.) ambitious aims
hochgestellt(German) high-ranking, high ranking, superior (status/rank), superscript, raised, top-ranking
hochgestochen(German) high-flown, highbrow, purple (prose, language), high-toned (colloquial), high-faluting (colloquial)
hochgestochen reden(German) to talk posh (colloquial)
hochgestuft(German) upgraded
hochgewachsen(German) tall (person)
hochgewachsener(German) taller
Hochgewinnantenne(German f.) high-gain antenna
hoch gewinnen(German) to win handsomely
hochgewirbelt werden(German) to be carried skyward
hoch gewölbt(German) high arched, bombé (French), voûté (French), molto bombata (Italian), bombatura alta (Italian)
hochgezogen(German) hoisted
hochgezogene Schultern(German pl.) hunched shoulders
hochgezüchtet(German) fancy (colloquial), over-developed, overdeveloped, overbred, souped-up (colloquial: engine, motor vehicle)
hochgiftig(German) highly toxic, highly poisonous
Hochglanz-(German) glossy, high-polish
Hochglanz(German m.) high gloss, mirror finish
Hochglanzbroschüre(German f.) glossy brochure
Hochglanzdruck(German m.) glossy print
hochglänzend(German) high gloss finished, high-gloss, very glossy
Hochglanzfarbe(German f.) polish coating
Hochglanzfolie(German f.) glazing sheet
Hochglanzfoto(German n.) glossy print
hochglanzgestrichen(German) high-gloss coated
Hochglanzmagazin(German n.) glossy magazine, glossy (colloquial)
Hochglanzpapier(German n.) high gloss paper
Hochglanzpolierer(German m.) high-gloss polisher
hochglanzpoliert(German) high gloss polished, highly polished
Hochglanzpolitur(German f.) mirror finish, mirror polish
Hochglanzseiten(German pl.) glossy pages
Hochglanzwerbung(German f.) high-gloss ad (colloquial)
hochglazial(German) high glacial
Hochglazial(German n.) high glacial (period)
Hochgotik(German f.) High Gothic period
Hochgott(German m.) High God
hochgradig(German) extreme, extremely, high-grade, high grade, intense, high, to a high degree, of high degree, drastic (loss of hearing, of eyesight, etc.)
hochgradig schwerhörig(German) profoundly deaf
hochgradige Schwerhörigkeit(German f.) severe hearing loss
hochgradige und an Taubheit grenzende Schwerhörigkeit(German f.) profound hearing loss
hochgreifen(German) to reach high
hochhackig(German) high-heeled
hochhalten(German) to hold up (raise), to uphold (figurative), to keep up (maintain in a raised position), to venerate, to hold in high esteem
Hochhaus-(German) high-rise
Hochhaus(German n.) high-rise building, multi-storey building, high rise (building), tower block, highrise, tower
Hochhaushotel(German n.) high-rise hotel
Hochhaussiedlung(German f.) high-rise estate
Hochhauswohnung(German f.) high-rise flat
hochhebeln(German) to lever up
Hochheben(German n.) elevation
hochheben(German) to lift up (hand, child, etc.), to raise (head, hand), to elevate, to upheave (poetic), to uplift, to heave, to lift, to purchase (lift)
hochhebend(German) heaving, uplifting
hochheilig(German) sacrosanct, most holy
Hochheit(German f.) supremeness
hochheizen(German) to raise the temperature, to heat (up)
hochherrschaftlich(German) lordly (house)
hochherzig(German) magnanimous, magnanimously, noble-minded, generous
Hochherzigkeit(German f.) greatness of heart, munificence
hochhieven(German) to heft
hoch hinaufstreben(German) to aim high, to aspire to great heights
hoch hinauswollen(German) to be ambitious, to aim high (figurative), to set one's sights high (figurative), to have great ambitions
hoch hinaus wollen(German) to aim high, to want to fly high
Hochhorn(German n.) hautboy
Hochhornbläser(German m.) player on the hautboy
hoch im Kurs(German) high-priced
hoch im Kurs stehen(German) to be popular, to be high (value of shares)
hoch im Preis(German) high-priced
hoch in den Bergen(German) high in the mountains
hoch industrialisiert(German) highly industrialised
Hochinflationsländer(German pl.) high-inflation countries
hoch in Mode sein(German) to be the height of fashion
hochintegrierter Baustein(German m.) highly integrated circuit
hochintellektuell(German) highbrow
hochintelligent(German) brilliant, highly intelligent
hochinteressant(German) most interesting
hochinteressiert(German) afire (figurative)
hochisoliert(German) highly insulated
hochkämmen(German) to comb up, to put up (hair; by combing)
hochkant(German) on end, on edge, upright (on end)
hochkant gestellt(German) upended
hochkantig(German) on edge
hochkantig rausfliegen(German) to get kicked out (colloquial)
Hochkantlamellenparkett(German n.) industrial parquet
hochkant rausfliegen(German) to be chucked out on one's ear (colloquial)
hochkant stellen(German) to upend
hochkarätig(German) top-class, high-quality, high-carat (gold, diamond)
hochkarätig besetzter Film(German m.) film with a top-class cast
hochkarätige Besetzung(German f.) top-class cast
Hochkirche(German f.) High Church (Anglican)
hochkirchlich(German) High Church
hochklappbar(German) swing-up (seating, etc.)
hochklappen(German) to tilt up, to turn up (collar), to fold up, to hinge up
hochklassig(German) high-class, high-quality
hochklettern(German) to climb
hochklingend(German) bombastic, high-sounding
hochklingende Worte(German pl.) bombastic lines
hochkochen(German) to boil over, to boil up (figurative: emotions, debate)
hoch kohlenstoffhaltiger Stahl(German m.) high-carbon steel
Hochkomma(German n.) inverted comma, tick mark, apostrophe, single quotation mark
hochkommen(German) to come up (mountain, etc.), to get up, to get on in the world (figurative), to surface (figurative), to come up in the world, to come up in life, to (manage to) get up (on a chair, stool, etc.)
Hochkommissar(German m.) high commissioner
Hochkommissariat(German n.) high commissioner, High Commission
hochkomplex(German) highly complex, extremely sophisticated
hochkompliziert(German) very difficult
hoch komprimiert(German) highly compressed
Hochkonjunktur(German f.) a boom, a period of execeptional economic activity, a boom, the peak holiday period (for example, in the tourist industry)
Hochkonjunktur(German f.) boom, booming economy
Hochkontrast-(German) high-contrast
Hochkontrast(German m.) high contrast
Hochkontrastauflösung(German f.) high-contrast resolution (image)
Hochkontrastbild(German n.) high dynamic range image
hochkonzentriert(German) highly concentrated, high concentration
hochkrempeln(German) to roll up, to pull up, to hitch up (sleeves)
Hochkreuz(German n.) high cross
hochkristallin(German) highly crystalline
Hochkultur (s.), Hochkulturen (pl.)(German f.) advanced civilisation, high culture
Hochladen(German n.) uploading, upload
hochladen(German) to upload
Hochlage(German f.) high level
Hochlager(German n.) high camp
Hochland (s.), Hochländer (pl.)(German n.) highland, upland, highlands, high plateau, high country, uplands (plural)
Hochland an die Küste(German n.) coastal highland
Hochlandbewohner(German m.) highlander
Hochländer(German m.) highlander
hochländisch(German) highland
Hochlandmütze(German f.) glengarry
Hochlandregion(German f.) highland region, upland region
Hochlandrinder(German pl.) Highland cattle
Hochlandschotten(German pl.) Highland Scots
hochlangen(German) to reach up
Hochlast-(German) high-load
Hochlauf(German m.) start-up, run up, run-up (of a machine)
hochlaufen(German) to run up, to start up (a machine)
hochleben lassen(German) to give three cheers for
Hochlied(German n.) ode, hymn
hochlegiert(German) high-alloyed
hochlegierte Sonderedelstähle(German pl.) high-alloyed special stainless steels
hochlegierter Stahl(German m.) high-alloy steel, high-grade alloy steel
Hochleistung(German f.) high performance
Hochleistungs-(German) high-performance, high-output, high performance, heavy-duty
Hochleistungsantenne(German f.) high-gain antenna
Hochleistungsbatterie(German f.) high-performance battery
hochleistungsfähig(German) high-duty, high performance, heavy-duty
Hochleistungskultur(German f.) high-performance culture
Hochleistungslautsprecher(German m.) high-performance loudspeaker
Hochleistungsmaterialien(German pl.) high-performance materials
Hochleistungsmotorenöl(German n.) heavy-duty motor oil
Hochleistungsöl(German n.) heavy-duty oil
Hochleistungsschmierstoff(German m.) high performance lubricant
Hochleistungssportler (m.), Hochleistungssportlerin (f.)(German) top athlete
höchlich(German) highly, in a high degree, to a high degree
hochliquide(German) flush with money (colloquial), highly liquid
hochlöblich(German - dated) highly praiseworthy, honourable
Hochlohnland(German n.) high-wage country
Hochmair-Schulz-Moser-Satztest(German m.) Hochmair-Schulz-Moser sentence test
Hochmair-Schulz-Moser sentence testthe German HSM Sentence Test consists of 30 lists of 20 everyday sentences. It was developed for the repeated evaluation of speech understanding of cochlear implant users
hochmargig sein(German) to have a high profit margin
Hochmeister der Deutschherren(German m.) Grand Master of Teutonic Knights
Hochmesse(German f.) High Mass
Hochmittelalter(German n.) High Middle Ages
hochmobil(German) highly mobile
hochmodern(German) state-of-the-art, ultra-modern, ultramodern, very modern, up-to-the-minute, highly contemporary, very contemporary
hochmodisch(German) highly fashionable, very fashionable, the height of fashion
hochmolekular(German) high-molecular-weight
hochmolekulares Polyethylen(German n.) high molecular weight polyethylene
Hochmoor(German n.) raised moss, moor, hill moor, raised bog
Hochmoortorf(German m.) raised-bog peat
hochmotiviert(German) highly motivated
hoch motiviert(German) highly motivated
Hochmut, Hochmuth(German m.) dignity, aloofness, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur (literary), superbia (pride: deadly sin)
hochmütig(German) superbo (Italian), altero (Italian), haughty, arrogant, arrogantly, prideful, cavalier, haughtily, proud, supercilious, superciliously, lofty, sniffy (colloquial), lordly (proud, haughty), hubristically, pridefully, disdainfully, sublime (rare: haughty), hautain (French)
hochmütige Antwort(German f.) arrogant answer
hochmütiger(German) haughtier, sniffier (colloquial)
Hochmütigkeit(German f.) superciliousness, hauteur (literary)
hochmütig sein(German) to be proud
hochmütigste(German) haughtiest
Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall(German) Pride comes before a fall
hochnäsig(German) uppish (colloquial), stuck-up (colloquial), snobbishly, arrogant, conceited, sniffy (colloquial), stand-offish, hoity-toity, uppity (colloquial), superciliously, supercilious, priggish (snobbish), snootily (colloquial), snooty (colloquial), swanky (neighbourhood), toffee nosed (colloquial, pejorative)
hochnäsige Person(German f.) stuck-up person (colloquial)
hochnäsiger(German) snootier (colloquial), sniffier (colloquial)
hochnäsiger Depp(German m. - Southern Germany) supercilious oaf
hochnäsiger Schnösel(German m.) supercilious oaf
Hochnäsigkeit(German f.) snootiness, standoffishness, hauteur (literary), priggishness (snobbishness), superciliousness, stuck-upness (colloquial)
hochnäsig sein(German) to be stuck-up (colloquial), to be haughty, to ride the high horse (figurative)
hochnäsigste(German) snootiest (colloquial, pejorative), sniffiest (colloquial, pejorative)
hochnehen(German) to pick up, to tease (familiar)
hochnotpeinlich(German) cringeworthy (colloquial)
Hochofen(German m.) blast furnace, furnace, smelting furnace
Hochofenkoks(German m.) (blast) furnace coke
hochoffiziell(German) very official
hochohmig(German) high-impedance, high-resistance
hochoktanig(German) high-octane
hochoktaniger Kraftstoff(German m.) high-octane fuel
Hochorthodoxie(German f.) high orthodoxy (esp. Lutheran)
Hochparterre(German n.) raised ground floor
Hochpaß-Filter(German m./n. - archaic) high-pass filter
Hochpass-(German) high-pass
Hochpass-Filter(German m./n.) high-pass filter
Hochpassfilter(German m./n.) low-cut filter
hochpigmentiert(German) highly pigmented
hochplastisch(German) highly plastic
Hochplateau(German n.) (high) plateau
hoch pokern(German) to push one's luck (figurative)
hochpolitisch(German) highly political
Hochpotenz(German f.) high potency
hochpräzise(German) high-precision
Hochpreishütte(German f.) very expensive shop, very expensive restaurant
hochpreisig(German) high-priced
hochpriesterlich(German) high-priestly
hochprofitabel(German) highly profitable
hochprozentig(German) high percentage, high in alcohol content, high-proof (alcohol)
Hochprozentiges(German n.) hard liquor
hochpuschen(German) to play up (colloquial), to blow up (colloquial), to hype up (colloquial), to psyche up (colloquial)
hochputschen(German) to psyche up (colloquial)
hochqualifiziert(German) highly qualified, high-skilled, highly skilled
hoch qualifiziert(German) highly qualified
hochqualifizierte Arbeitskraft (s.), hochqualifizierte Arbeitskräfte (pl.)(German f.) highly trained employee, highly qualified employee, highly qualified staff (plural form), highly trained staff (plural form)
hochqualitativ(German) high quality
Hochquellenwasser(German n.) mountain spring water
Hochrad(German n.) penny farthing (bicycle)
hochrädrig(German) with high wheels, high-wheeled
hochragen(German) to rise, to rise up, to tower, to soar (tower)
hochragender Plafonds(German m.) soaring ceiling
hochragendes Gebäude(German n.) soaring building, towering building
hoch rangieren(German) to rate highly
hochrangig(German) high-ranking, high-level, ranking, exalted (of persons, at a high or powerful level)
hochrangige Anlässe(German pl.) ranking events
hochrangige Beamte(German pl.) high-ranking officials, high-level officials, senior officials
hochrangige Militärs(German pl.) high-ranking officers, top brass (slang: plural)
hochrangige Vertreter(German pl.) senior figures, senior executives
hochrangiges Straßennetz(German n.) trunk road system
hochrangiges Ziel(German n.) high-value target
Hochrasanztrauma(German n.) high speed trauma
hochrechnen(German) to project, to make a projection, to extrapolate
Hochrechnung(German f.) projection, extrapolation, computer prediction
Hochregal(German n.) high-rise rack, high-level rack, high rack
Hochregallager(German n.) high rack warehouse, high-rise storage, high-rise installation, high-level installation, high-rise warehouse, high-bay warehouse
Hochregallagerbereich(German m.) high-bay storage, high-rise storage
hochregeln (bis)(German) to adjust (up to) (voltage, control)
hochrein(German) high-purity, highly pure, highly purified
hochreines Heroin(German n.) pure (slang)
hochreißen(German) to hoick, to hoik
Hochrelief(German n.) high relief
Hochreligion(German f.) high (form of) religion
Hochrenaissance(German f.) High Renaissance
Hochrhein(German m.) High Rhine
Hochrippe(German f.) prime rib
hochriskant(German) high-risk
hochrollen(German) to roll up
Hochromatik(German f.) High Romantic, high romanticism
hochromantisch(German) highly romantic (refers to the quality of a work of art, not necessarily to the period in which it was produced), high romantic (period, style, repertoire, etc.)
Hochrot(German n.) crimson
hochrot(German) angry red, crimson
Hochrotationsglocke(German f.) high-rotation bell
hochrote Gesichtsfarbe(German f.) high colour
hochroter Farbstoff(German m.) crimson
hochrot färben(German) to crimson
hochrot werden(German) to crimson (figurative)
Hochruf (s.), Hochrufe (pl.)(German m.) cheer
hochrufen(German) to cheer
Hochrüsten(German n.) upgrade (system, equipment)
hochrüsten(German) to upgrade (system, equipment)
Hochrüstsatz(German m.) upgrade kit
hochrutschen(German) to ride up (skirt, etc.), to ruck up (shirt, etc.)
Hochsaison(German f.) high season, peak season
hochschäftige Stiefel(German pl.) wellington boots
Hochschalten(German n.) fallforward
hochschalten(German) to fall forward, to change up, to upshift, to turn up (amplitude, control)
hochschätzen(German) to appreciate, to value highly, to esteem, to prize
hoch schätzen(German) to rate highly, to respect highly, to appreciate, to value highly, to estimate generously
Hochschätzung(German f.) high esteem, dearness
hochschicken(German) to send up
hochschieben(German) to boost, to push up, to ruck up (sleeves, skirt), to shove up
hochschießen(German) to shoot up, to rocket (values, prices, etc.)
hochschießend(German) rocketing
hochschießende Kurse(German pl.) ballooning prices
hochschießende Verluste(German pl.) ballooning deficit
Hochschiffstrebe(German f.) flying buttress (architecture)
hochschlagen(German) to surge up (waves, enthusiasm), to turn up (collar, brim)
(hoch) schlagzäh(German) high-impact
hochschnellen(German) to jolt up, to shoot up, to rocket (values, prices, etc.)
Hochscholastik(German f.) High Scholasticism
Hochschrank(German m.) tall cupboard
hochschrechen(German) to start up
Hochschul-(German) tertiary, collegiate
Hochschulabgänger(German m.) graduate
Hochschulabschluss(German m.) university degree
Hochschulabsolvent (m.), Hochschulabsolventin (f.), Hochschulabsolventen (pl.)(German) university graduate, college graduate, graduate, postgraduate
Hochschulassistent (m.), Hochschulassistentin (f.)(German) assistant professor
Hochschulausbildung(German f.) university education, college education
Hochschulbibliothek(German f.) university library, college library
Hochschulbildung(German f.) university education, college education, higher education
Hochschuldozent(German m.) university lecturer
Hochschule (s.), Hochschulen (pl.)(German f.) college, university, institution of higher education, tertiary institution, academy (art, music)
Hochschule Darmstadt(German f.) Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Hochschule für Aufbaustudien(German f.) graduate school
Hochschule für Bodenkultur(German f.) University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Hochschule für jüdische Studien(German f.) Academy for Jewish studies, Academy of Jewish studies
Hochschule für Musik(German f.) conservatoire
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft(German f.) University of Applied Sciences
Hochschuleinrichtung (s.), Hochschuleinrichtungen (pl.)(German f.) higher education institution
Hochschülerschaft(German) or ÖH, official representation of university students in Austria
Hochschulgebiet(German n.) university area
Hochschulgelände(German n.) campus, college grounds
Hochschulinstitut(German n.) (university) college, university
Hochschulkarriere(German f.) college career
Hochschulklinik(German f.) university hospital
Hochschulkrankenhaus(German n.) university hospital
Hochschullehrer (m.), Hochschullehrerin (f.)(German) professor, faculty member, college professor, university professor
Hochschulleiter(German m.) provost
Hochschulpartnerschaft(German f.) university twinning
Hochschulpersonal(German n.) university staff
Hochschulpolitik(German f.) higher education policy, higher education policies, university policy
Hochschulprofessor (m.), Hochschulprofessorin (f.)(German) university professor
Hochschulprofessur(German f.) university professorship
Hochschulprojekt(German n.) university project
Hochschulrahmengesetz(German n.) Framework Act for Higher Education (Germany)
Hochschulraum(German m.) framework of standards for higher education
Hochschulreife(German f.) matriculation standard, higher education entrance qualification
Hochschulschriften(German pl.) theses
Hochschulsport(German m.) collegiate sports, college sports
Hochschulstadt(German f.) college town
Hochschulstudent(German m.) university student, college student
Hochschulstudium(German n.) university education
Hochschulsystem(German n.) higher education system
Hochschulverpflichtungen(German pl.) college commitments
hochschulweit(German) university-wide
Hochschulwesen(German n.) university education, higher education
Hochschulzugang(German m.) university admission
Hochschwabgebiet(German n. - Austria) Hochschwab region (in Austria)
hochschwanger(German) big with child, heavily pregnant, well advanced in pregnancy, heavy with child (dated)
hochschwanger sein(German) to be in the late stages of pregnancy
hochschwefelhaltig(German) high-sulphur
hochschwenken(German) to elevate
hochscrollen(German) to scroll up
Hochsee(German f.) open sea, high seas
Hochseefisch(German m.) deep-sea fish
Hochseefischen(German n.) sea angling
Hochseefischerei(German f.) deep sea fishing
Hochseeinsel(German f.) deep-sea island
Hochseejacht(German f.) ocean-going yacht
Hochseekutter(German m.) ocean cutter, deep-sea cutter
Hochseeschiff (s.), Hochseeschiffe (pl.)(German f.) deep-sea vessel, seagoing vessel
Hochseeschifffahrt(German f.) deep-sea navigation
Hochseeschlepper(German m.) ocean-going tug
hochseetauglich(German) ocean-going
hochseetüchtig(German) seafaring (boat), ocean-going
Hochseewindpark(German f.) offshore wind farm
hochsehen(German) to look up
Hochseil(German n.) high wire
Hochseilakt(German m.) tightrope act, tightrope walk, high-wire act
Hochseilartist(German m.) tightrope artiste, tightrope artist
hochsensibel(German) highly sensitive
Hochsensitivität(German f.) hypersensitivity
hochsetzen(German) to raise
Hochsicherheitsgefangener(German m.) category 'A' prisoner
Hochsicherheitsgefängnis (s.), Hochsicherheitsgefängnisse (pl.)(German n.) high-security prison, maximum security prison, maximum-security prison
Hochsicherheitstrakt(German m.) high-security wing, maximum security unit
Hochsicherheitszone(German f.) high security zone
hochsichtbar(German) high-visibility
hochsiedend(German) high-boiling
hoch singen(German) to sing high
hochsinning(German) high-minded
Hochsitz(German m.) deerstand, perch (figurative: for person, etc.), high seat
hochskalieren(German) to upscale
Hochskalierung(German f.) upscaling
Hochsommer(German m.) midsummer, high summer
hochsommerlich(German) midsummery, midsummer
hochspannend(German) white-knuckle (colloquial)
Hochspannung(German f.) high tension, high voltage, great tension (figurative)
Hochspannungsgleichstromübertragung(German f.) high-voltage direct-current transmission
Hochspannungskabel(German n.) high-voltage cable
Hochspannungsleitung (s.), Hochspannungsleitungen (pl.)(German f.) high-voltage (power) line, high-tension (power) line
Hochspannungsmast(German m.) electricity pylon
Hochspannungsquelle(German f.) high-voltage source
Hochspannungsschutz(German m.) high-voltage protection
hochspannungssicher(German) surge-proof
Hochspannungsteil(German m.) high-voltage unit
hochspekulativ(German) highly speculative
hoch spekulativ(German) highly speculative
hochspezialisiert(German) highly specialised
hoch spezialisiert(German) highly specialised
hochspielen(German) to magnify (figurative)
hoch spielen(German) to play for high stakes
hochspindeln(German) to wind up
Hochsprache(German f.) standard language, high-level language
hochsprachlich(German) standard
hochsprachliches Englisch(German n.) Queen's English, King's English
hochspringen(German) to jump up
Hochspringer (m.), Hochspringerin (f.)(German) high jumper
Hochsprung(German m.) high jump
Hochsprungtechnik(German f.) high jump technique
höchst-(German) highest
höchst(German) most, extremely, extreme, hegemonic, paramount, superlatively, supreme, topmost, sovereign, supremely, superlative, deeply (strange, interested)
Höchstabfluggewicht(German n.) maximum take-off weight (aircraft)
Höchstabgabemenge(German f.) maximum daily quantity
Höchstabmessungen(German pl.) maximum dimensions
Höchstalter(German n.) age limit, limiting age, maximum age
Hochstamm(German m.) standard (of a tree)
höchst amüsant(German) hilarious
Höchstanbieter(German m.) highest bidder
Hochstand(German m.) raised stand, high seat, elevation (for example, shoulder)
höchst angenehm(German) delightful
höchst angenehme Sache(German f.) delightful thing
Hochstapelei(German f.) imposture, high-class robbery, confidence trick
Hochstapler (m.), Hochstaplerin (f.), Hochstapler (pl.)(German) confidence trickster, imposter, con man, confidence man, con artist (colloquial), fake, conman, fraud (charlatan)
Höchstarbeitszeit(German f.) maximum working hours, maximum working time
Hochstart(German m.) launching
höchstauflösend(German) maximum-resolution, (with) maximum resolution
Höchstbeanspruchung(German f.) highest stress
höchst bedenklich(German) highly questionable
Höchstbelastung(German f.) highest stress, maximum duty
Höchstbelegung(German f.) maximum occupancy
Höchstbeschäftigung(German f.) maximum employment
Höchstbestand(German m.) maximum stock level
Höchstbetrag(German m.) maximum amount, maximum sum, highest amount, ceiling (amount)
höchstbewertet(German) highest-priced
höchstbezahlt(German) highest paid
höchstbietend(German) highest-bidding
Höchstbietungsbetrag(German m.) maximum bid limit
Höchstbietungssatz(German m.) maximum bid rate
Höchstbreite(German f.) width limit, maximum width
Höchstdauer(German f.) maximum duration, maximum time
Höchstdrehzahl(German f.) peak revolutions
Höchstdruck(German m.) extreme pressure, maximum pressure
höchste, höchster, höchsteres(German) highest, tallest, top, maximum, uppermost, ultimate, utmost, paramount, primary
höchste Achtung(German f.) highest consideration
höchste Aktivität(German f.) peak of activity
höchste Alarmbereitschaft(German f.) red alert
höchste Autorität(German f.) ultimate authority
höchste Bedeutung(German f.) highest significance, paramount importance, primary importance
höchste Belastung(German f.) maximum load
höchste Belohnung(German f.) highest award
höchste Dauerleistung(German f.) maximum continuous rating
höchste Dauernennleistung(German f.) maximum continuous rating
höchste Dichte(German f.) maximum density
höchste Dringlichkeitsstufe(German f.) or höchste Priorität (German f.), top priority
höchste Ebene(German f.) top level
höchste Eleganz(German f.) height of elegance
höchste Erhebung(German f.) highest peak, highest point, highest elevation
höchste Frequenz(German f.) maximum frequency
höchste Geheimhaltung(German f.) utmost secrecy
höchste Genauigkeit(German f.) pinpoint accuracy
höchste Geschwindigkeitsstufe(German f.) full speed
höchste Gesellschaftskreise(German pl.) upper-class circles
höchste Höhe(German f.) maximum height
höchste Laufzeit(German f.) maximum maturity
höchste Liebeslust(German f.) absolute love (literary)
höchste Macht(German f.) supreme power
höchste militärische Überlegenheit(German f.) maximum military advantage
höchste Perfektion(German f.) ultimate perfection
höchste Priorität(German f.) top priority, highest priority
höchste Regierungskreise(German pl.) highest echelons of the government
höchste Regierungsstellen(German pl.) highest reaches of government
höchste Staatsgewalt(German f.) sovereignty
höchste Terrorwarnstufe(German f.) highest terror warning level
höchste Vollendung(German f.) pink of perfection, height of perfection
höchste Wichtigkeit(German f.) supreme importance
höchst fraglich(German) most doubtful, highly doubtful
hochstecken(German) to pin up, to put up (hair)
Hochsteckfrisur(German f.) pinned-up hairstyle, pinned-up hair (style), put-up hair (style), put-up hairstyle, put-up hairdo, (pinned) up-do (colloquial), (pinned) updo (colloquial), French pleat (hairstyle)
hochstehend(German) superior, of high standing
hoch stehend(German) highly advanced (intellectually), highly intellectual
hochstehende Persönlichkeit(German f.) person of high consequence
hochsteigen(German) to ascend, to soar
(German - dated) in person
hochsteigende Rakete(German f.) soaring rocket
hochstellen(German) to raise
Hochstelltaste(German f.) shift key, caps key (shift key)
höchstempfindlicher Film(German m.) ultrahigh-speed film
höchsten Ansprüchen genügen(German) to be fit for a king
höchstenfalls(German) at the most
höchstens(German) at most, at the most, at the utmost, not exceeding, no more than, not more than, tops (colloquial), at the longest (of time), except perhaps
höchstens eine Woche(German) a week at longest, a week at the most, not exceeding a week
höchstens zwanzig(German) twenty at most, not exceeding twenty
höchste Priorität(German f.) or höchste Dringlichkeitsstufe (German f.), top priority
höchster Einfuhrzoll(German m.) maximum import duty
höchst erfolgreich(German) highly successful
höchster Gang(German m.) top gear
Höchster Gerichtshof(German m.) Supreme Court (in the UK)
höchster Herr(German m.) Lord Most High
höchster Kurs(German m.) highest price
höchster Lohn(German m.) wage ceiling
höchster Punkt(German m.) highest point, high, peak
höchster Satz(German m.) highest rate
höchster Stand(German m.) culmination, highest level
höchster Stand aller Zeiten(German m.) all-time high
höchster Stand in 12 Jahren(German m.) 12-year high
höchst erstaunt(German) wonderstruck
höchst erstaunt sein (über)(German) to be astounded (at), to be astounded (by)
höchster Stimme(German f.) the highest part
höchster tragbarer Preis(German m.) highest affordable price
höchster Umsatz(German m.) maximum turnover
höchstes Gebot(German n.) best bid, closing bid, highest bid
höchstes Lob(German n.) fulsome praise, sweetest praise
Höchstes Wesen(German n.) Supreme Being
Hochsteuerland(German n.) high-tax country
Höchstfassungsvermögen(German n.) maximum capacity
Höchstflugdauer(German f.) endurance
Höchstform(German f.) top form, peak form
Höchstfracht(German f.) maximum rate
Höchstgebot(German n.) highest offer, highest bid, highest tender, best offer
Höchstgebühr(German f.) maximum fee
höchst geehrte(German) most distinguished
Höchstgehalt(German m.) maximum content, maximum concentration (of sulphur, etc.), maximum salary, peak salary
höchst gekonnt(German) perfectly judged (performance, etc.)
höchstgelegen(German) highest situated
Höchstgeltung(German f.) supremacy
Höchstgericht(German n.) Supreme Court
Höchstgeschwindigkeit(German f.) maximum speed, speed limit, top speed
Höchstgewicht(German n.) maximum weight
Höchstgrenze(German f.) ceiling, limit, maximum limit
Höchstgrenze für Emissionen(German f.) permissible level for emissions
Höchsthöhe(German f.) height limit
Hochstift(German n.) bishopric
hochstilisieren zum(German) to talk up as
Hochstimmung(German f.) euphoria, festive mood
höchstinteressant(German) extremely interesting, deeply interesting
höchst interessant(German) extremely interesting, deeply interesting
Höchstkapazität(German f.) ultimate capacity
Höchstkontingent(German n.) maximum quota
Höchstkonzentration(German f.) maximum concentration
Höchstkurs(German m.) all time high, all-time high, high, highest price, maximum rate, peak price, top price
Höchstlademarke(German f.) Plimsoll line (on a ship)
Höchstlagerdauer(German f.) maximum duration of storage
Höchstlagerzeit(German f.) maximum storage time
Höchstlänge(German f.) maximum length
höchst langweilig(German) as dry as dust
Höchstlast(German f.) maximum load, peak load
Höchstlaufzeit(German f.) maximum life
Höchstlaufzeit von(German f.) maximum term of
Höchstlaufzeit von drei Jahren(German f.) maximum term of three years
Höchstleistung(German f.) tilt, maximum capacity, maximum output, record, maximum efficiency, maximum output, peak power, peak performance, maximum power
Höchstleistungs-(German) maximum performance
Höchstlohn (s.), Höchstlöhne (pl.)(German m.) maximum wage, top wages
Höchstmarke(German f.) all-time high
Höchstmaß(German n.) maximum, upper limit, greatest measure (also figurative)
Höchstmaß an ...(German n.) highest possible degree of ... (something)
Höchstmaß an Flexibilität(German n.) maximum flexibility
Höchstmaß an Hilfeleistung(German n.) maximum possible assistance
Höchstmaß an möglicher Unterstützung(German n.) maximum possible guidance
Höchstmenge(German f.) maximum quantity, maximal amount
höchstmöglich(German) highest possible, best possible (health)
höchstmöglicher Gewinn(German m.) maximum return
höchstmöglicher Preis(German m.) highest possible price
Höchstnote(German f.) highest mark (also figurative)
Höchstparkdauer(German f.) maximum parking time
höchstpersönlich(German) in person, in the flesh, personally, as large as life (ironic), himself, herself
Höchstposition(German f.) highest position, peak
Höchstpreis(German m.) top price, maximum price, ceiling price, price limit, highest price, peak price
höchstpreisig(German) highest-priced
Höchstproduktion(German f.) peak output
Höchstpunkt(German m.) peak
Höchstpunktzahl(German f.) perfect score, highest possible score, maximum score
Höchstquote(German f.) maximum quota
(hoch) strahlungsgefährdeter Bereich(German m.) high-radiation area
höchstrangig(German) highest-ranking, top-tier
hochstrapazierfähiges Klebeband(German n.) heavy-duty tape
Hochstraße(German f.) elevated road, elevated highway, flyover
hochstrebend(German) ambitious, aspiring
hochstrebende Pläne(German pl.) ambitious plans
hochstrebendes Unternehmen(German n.) ambitious enterprise
hochstrebig(German) ambitious
Höchstrekord(German m.) all-time record
höchstrichterlich(German) of the Supreme Court
höchstrichterliche Entscheidung(German f.) decision of the Supreme Court
Höchstsatz(German m.) maximum, maximum rate
Höchstschaden(German m.) maximum loss
höchstselbst(German) in person
höchst selten(German) extremely rare, extremely rarely, extremely seldom
Höchstsicherheitstrakt(German m.) maximum security wing
Höchstspannungskabel(German n.) extra-high voltage cable, EHV cable
Höchststand(German m.) high, highest level, peak, peak level
Höchststeuersatz(German m.) top (tax) rate
Höchststrafe(German f.) maximum sentence, maximum penalty
Höchststrom(German m.) maximum current
Höchsttemperatur (s.), Höchsttemperaturen (pl.)(German f.) maximum temperature, highest temperature
höchst überzeugend(German) most convincing
hochstufen(German) to upgrade
Hochstufung(German f.) upgrade
Hochstuhl(German m.) high chair
höchstumstritten(German) highly controversial
höchst unwahrscheinlich(German) most unlikely, most improbable, highly unlikely, highly improbable
Höchstvakuum(German n.) ultrahigh vacuum
höchstwahrscheinlich(German) most probably, highly probable, highly likely, highly probable, most likely, as likely as not, in all probability, very probably, in all likelihood, most probable, very likely, more than likely, quite likely
Höchstwert(German m.) peak, extreme value, highest value, maximum, maximum value, peak value, top rate
höchstwertig(German) of the highest order, of the first order, leftmost, most significant
höchstwertiges Bit(German n.) highest-order bit, most significant bit
hochstylen(German) to doll up, to tart up (colloquial)
Höchstzahl(German f.) maximum figure, maximum number
Höchstzeit(German f.) maximum time
Höchstzinssatz(German m.) maximum rate of interest
höchst zufrieden sein(German) to be highly pleased
höchst zugelassene Dosis(German f.) maximum permissible dose
höchstzulässig(German) maximum (permissible) (speed, weight, etc.), maximum permitted (level, concentration)
höchstzulässige Geschwindigkeit(German f.) maximum speed
höchstzulässiger Betriebsdruck(German m.) maximum allowable working pressure
höchst zuverlässig(German) loyal and faithful
höchst zuverlässig sein(German) to be loyal and faithful
Hochs und Tiefs(German) highs and lows
hochtailliert(German) high-waisted
Hochtal(German n.) high valley, high mountain valley
hochtalentiert(German) highly talented
hochtechnisiert(German) high-tech
Hochtechnologie(German f.) high-technology, high-tech
Hochtechnologieprodukt(German n.) high-tech product
hochtechnologisch(German) high-tech
hoch technologisch(German) high-tech
hoch technologisiert(German) high-tech
Hochtemperatursupraleiter(German m.) high-temperature superconductor
hochtönend(German - rare) grandiloquent
Hochtöner(German m.) tweeter (loudspeaker)
Hochtonlautsprecher (s.), Hochtonlautsprecher (pl.)(German m.) tweeter
Hochtonsteilabfall(German m.) ski-slope hearing loss
Hochtour(German f.) alpine tour
hochtourig(German) high-revving, high-speed
hochtourig fahren(German) to drive at high speed, to drive with high revs (colloquial)
hochtourig laufen(German) to run at high revs (engine)
hochtrabend(German) grandiloquent, highfalutin (colloquial), grandiloquently, consequential (self-important), pompous, pretentious, pretentiously, highfaluting (colloquial), purple (prose, language), fancy (language), bombastic, pompously
hochtrabende Art(German f.) grandiloquence
hochtrabende Eigenart(German f.) stiltedness
hochtrabende Manier(German f.) pompous manner
hochtrabende Worte(German pl.) big words (pejorative)
hochtrabendes Wesen(German n.) consequential manner (self-important manner), loftiness
hochträchtig(German) heavily pregnant (of animals)
hochtragend(German) bombastic
hochtransformieren(German) to step up (voltage)
hochtreiben(German) to push up (price), to bump up (auction price), to force up (price)
hochtreibend(German) boosting
Hochtrockner(German m.) vertical dryer
hoch und heilig versprechen(German) to promise faithfully
Hoch- und Niedertourenschalter(German m.) high/low speed switch
hoch und quer(German) vertical and horizontal (formats)
Hoch- und Tiefbau(German m.) civil engineering
Hoch- und Tiefpunkte(German pl.) highs and lows
Hochvakuum(German n.) high vacuum
Hochvakuumtechnik(German f.) high vacuum technology
hochverdichtet(German) highly compressed, densely populated (for example, region)
hoch verdichtete Industrieregion(German f.) densely populated industrial region
hochverdient(German) richly deserved, of outstanding merit (scientist, etc.)
hochverehrt(German) esteemed
hochverfügbar(German) high-availability
hoch verlieren(German) to lose heavily
Hochverrat(German m.) high treason, treason
hochverräterisch(German) treasonous
hochverräterisches Verhalten(German n.) treasonableness
hoch verschuldet(German) heavily in debt, badly in debt, deep in debt, heavily indebted, debt-ridden
hoch versichert(German) heavily insured
hochverschuldet(German) deep in debt, heavily in debt, with a huge debt, highly indebted, debt-ridden
hochverstärkend(German) high-gain, high-speed (film, screen systems)
hochverzinst(German) high-interest
hochvirulent(German) highly virulent
hochviskös(German) highly viscous
Hochwald(German m.) forest of full-grown trees
hochwarmfester Stahl(German m.) high-temperature (resistant) steel
Hochwasser(German n.) high tide, floods, deluge, floodwaters, high water (river), flood
Hochwasserbekämpfung(German f.) flood protection
hochwasserbeschädigt(German) flood-damaged
Hochwasserdeich(German m.) flood protection dam
Hochwasser führen(German) to be in flood, to be in (full) spate, to be swollen
Hochwasserganglinie(German f.) flood hydrograph
Hochwassergefahr(German f.) danger of flooding, flood hazard
hochwassergefährdet(German) flood-prone
Hochwassergeschädigter(German m.) flood victim
hochwassergeschützt(German) flood-protected
Hochwasser haben(German) to be in flood, to be swollen (river, stream)
Hochwasserkatastrophe(German f.) flood disaster
Hochwassermarke(German f.) high-water mark, flood mark
Hochwassermauer(German f.) floodwall
Hochwasserpolder(German m.) flood plain
Hochwasserregulierung(German f.) flood control
Hochwasserrisiko(German n.) flood risk
Hochwasserschaden (s.), Hochwasserschäden (pl.)(German m.) flood damage
Hochwasserscheitel(German m.) flood peak
Hochwasserschutz(German m.) flood control, flood protection, flood prevention
Hochwasserschutzdamm(German m.) flood (protection) dam, dyke, flood levee
hochwassersicher(German) flood-proof
Hochwassersperre(German f.) flood barrier
Hochwasserstand(German m.) high-water level, flood level
Hochwasserüberlauf(German m.) spillway, overflow, overfall
Hochwasserwarnung(German f.) flood warning
hochwerfen(German) to cast up, to toss
hochwertig(German) high-class, high-grade, high-cost, high-quality, high-value, of high quality, of higher value, valuable, high-octane (figurative), top-quality, high-end (colloquial), premium-quality, premium (of quality), upmarket (of goods)
hochwertige Ware (s.), hochwertige Waren (pl.)(German f.) quality goods, speciality goods
hochwertiger(German) more high-grade
hochwertiger Ausdruck(German m.) high quality print, high-quality print
hochwertiger Druck(German m.) high quality print, high-quality print, (fine) art quality print
hochwertiger Stahl(German m.) highest-quality steel
hochwertiges Papier(German n.) high-grade paper
hoch wetten(German) to place high bets
hochwichtig(German) all-important, vital
Hochwild(German n.) deer, big game
hochwinden(German) to hoist, to winch up, to jack up
hochwirksam(German) highly efficient, highly effective, high-potency
hochwohlgeboren(German - dated) high-born
hochwüchsig(German) tall-growing
Hochwürden(German m.) Reverend, Father
Hochwürgen(German n.) regurgitation
Hochzahl(German f.) exponent
hochzählen(German) to increment (re. numbering for example, when identifying successive versions of a document, publication, etc.)
hoch (zehn)(German) to the power of (ten)
hochzeilig(German) high-definition
hochzeiliges Fernsehen(German n.) high-definition TV, HDTV
hochzeiliges Video(German n.) high-definition video
Hochzeit (s.), Hochzeiten (pl.)(German f.) wedding, nuptials, marriage, hymen (archaic: marriage), heyday, glory days (plural form)
hochzeiten(German - Austria) to marry, to wed
Hochzeiter (m.), Hochzeiterin (f.)(German) bridegroom (m.), bride (f.)
Hochzeitfeiern(German) to get married
Hochzeitgedicht(German n.) epithalamium, nuptial poem, wedding song
Hochzeit haben(German) to be married
Hochzeit im Himmel(German f.) marriage made in heaven
Hochzeit im kleinsten Kreis(German f.) private wedding
Hochzeit im Schloss(German f.) castle wedding
hochzeitlich(German) nuptial, bridal, nuptially
Hochzeitlied(German n.) epithalamium, nuptial poem, wedding song
Hochzeitmarsch(German m.) wedding march, festival march
Hochzeits-(German prefix) nuptial, bridal, wedding, sponsal (relating to marriage)
Hochzeitsalbum(German n.) wedding album
Hochzeitsanzeige(German f.) wedding announcement, marriage announcement
Hochzeitsanzug(German m.) wedding suit
Hochzeitsausstellung(German f.) wedding exhibition
Hochzeitsauto(German n.) wedding car
Hochzeitsbett(German n.) bridal bed
Hochzeitsbild(German n.) wedding picture, wedding photo, wedding image
Hochzeitsblumen(German pl.) wedding flowers
Hochzeitsbrauch (s.), Hochzeitsbräuche (pl.)(German m.) wedding tradition, wedding custom, nuptial rites (plural form)
Hochzeitschmuck(German m.) wedding jewellery
Hochzeitsdatum(German n.) date of the wedding
Hochzeitseinladung(German f.) invitation to a wedding, wedding invitation
Hochzeitseinladungskarte(German f.) wedding invitation card
Hochzeitsempfang(German m.) wedding reception
Hochzeitsfeier(German f.) wedding feast, wedding ceremony, wedding party, wedding celebration
Hochzeitsfeierlichkeiten(German f.) wedding reception, wedding festivities
Hochzeitsflug(German m.) nuptial flight
Hochzeitsfoto(German n.) wedding photo, wedding snap (colloquial)
Hochzeitsfotograf(German m.) wedding photographer
Hochzeitsfrisur(German f.) wedding hairstyle, wedding hairdo
Hochzeitsgast (s.), Hochzeitsgäste (pl.)(German m.) wedding guest
Hochzeitsgedicht(German n.) wedding poem
Hochzeitsgesang(German m.) hymen (archaic: wedding song)
Hochzeitsgeschenk (s.), Hochzeitsgeschenke (pl.)(German n.) wedding present, wedding gift
Hochzeitsgeschenkidee(German f.) wedding gift idea, wedding present idea
Hochzeitsgesellschaft(German f.) wedding guests, wedding party
Hochzeitsglocken(German pl.) wedding bells
Hochzeitskapelle(German f.) wedding chapel
Hochzeitskarten(German pl.) wedding cards
Hochzeitskerze(German f.) wedding candle
Hochzeitskleid(German n.) wedding dress, bridal gown, wedding gown
Hochzeitskuchen(German m.) wedding cake, bridecake
Hochzeitskutsche(German f.) bridal carriage, (horsedrawn) wedding carriage, (horsedrawn) wedding coach
Hochzeitslied(German n.) wedding song
Hochzeitslimousine(German f.) wedding limousine
Hochzeitsmagazin(German n.) bridal magazine
Hochzeitsmahl(German n.) marriage meal, wedding feast, wedding breakfast
Hochzeitsmaskenspiel(German n.) wedding masque
Hochzeitsmode(German f.) wedding fashion
Hochzeitsnacht(German f.) wedding night, bridal night
Hochzeitspaar(German n.) happy couple (just married), bride and bridegroom, bridal pair, bridal couple, bride and groom
Hochzeitsparty(German f.) wedding party, reception (colloquial: wedding reception)
Hochzeitsphotograph(German m.) wedding photographer
Hochzeitspläne(German pl.) wedding plans
Hochzeitsplaner(German m.) wedding planner
Hochzeitsrede(German f.) wedding speech
Hochzeitsreise(German f.) honeymoon trip, wedding trip, wedding journey, wedding tour
Hochzeitsreisender (m.), Hochzeitsreisende (f.), Hochzeitsreisende (pl.)(German) honeymooner
Hochzeitssaal(German m.) marriage room
Hochzeitssänger (m.), Hochzeitssängerin (f.)(German) wedding singer
Hochzeitssari(German m.) wedding sari
Hochzeitsschleier(German m.) wedding veil
Hochzeitsschmaus(German m. - dated) wedding reception
Hochzeitsschuh(German m.) wedding shoe
Hochzeitsstrauß(German m.) bridal bouquet
Hochzeitssuite(German f.) bridal suite
Hochzeitstafel(German f.) wedding table
Hochzeitstag(German m.) wedding day, (wedding) anniversary
Hochzeitstanz(German m.) wedding dance
Hochzeitstermin(German m.) wedding date
Hochzeitstorte(German f.) wedding cake
Hochzeitstourismus(German m.) wedding tourism
Hochzeitstradition (s.), Hochzeitstraditionen (pl.)(German f.) wedding tradition
Hochzeitsvorbereitung(German f.) wedding preparation
Hochzeitszeremonie(German f.) wedding ceremony
Hochzeitszeremoniell(German n.) wedding ceremony
Hochzeitszimmerflucht(German f.) bridal suite
Hochzeitszug(German m.) wedding procession
hochziehbar(German) liftable, raisable
Hochziehen(German n.) hoist
hochziehen(German) to pull up, to hoist, to hike up (prices), to raise (eyebrows), to throw up (colloquial: building)
hochziehend(German) hoisting
hochzufrieden(German) very satisfied
hoch zu Ross(German) on horseback
hoch zwei(German) squared (number: raised to the power of 2)
Hock dich!(German - regional) Sit down.
Hocke(German f.) crouch, shock
hocken(German) to cower (squat), to squat, to crouch, to perch (bird, also figurative: person), to hunker, to sit
hockenbleiben(German - Southern Germany) to remain sitting
hockend(German) crouching, cowering, squatting, asquat
Hocker (s.), Hocker (pl.)(German m.) stool, taboret, crouched skeleton
Höcker (s.), Höcker (pl.)(German m.) bump, hump (camel), knob, cusp, hunch
Hockerbestattung(German f.) crouched inhumation
Höckerchen(German n.) small knob
Hockergrab(German n.) flexed burial, crouched burial
höckerig(German) tubercular, bumpy, humped, gibbous, puckered (for example, skin)
höckerlos(German) humpless
Höckernase(German f.) hooked nose, hump nose (hooked nose)
Hockerstellung(German f.) squatting
Hocket('hocket' is an old word for 'hiccup') the term hocket is used in various ways. In modern parlance it refers to a musical technique by which two or more voices or instruments sing or play in alternation. When one voice stops after one or a few notes, another begins, and so on. Singing or playing instruments in this way is found in music of various style periods and locales. According to late medieval Latin treatises a hocket is made by cutting up sound, and the term designates both that musical technique and the type of music that features it. In medieval French poetry it denotes various kinds of music in addition to learned polyphonic hockets. It is not known how the hocket technique came about in Western medieval music
Hocketus(Latin) hocket
Hockey(German n., English) a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent's goal using a hockey stick
Hockeyhelm(German m.) hockey helmet
Hockeyschläger(German m.) hockey stick
Hockeyspiel(German n.) shinty
Hocksprung(German m.) tuck jump, crouch jump, squat vault
Hockstellung(German f.) crouch, squatting position, crouched position
Hocquetus(Latin) hocket
Hodajot(German pl.) Hodayot (Dead Sea scrolls)
HodayotThe Thanksgiving Scroll or Hodayot was one of the first seven Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1947 by the Bedouin. The scroll gets its name from the recurring use of the phrase "I thank you" in many of the poems, thus 'Thanksgiving Scroll' or Hodayot (the Hebrew word referring to 'thanks' or 'thanksgiving'). Other names include Thanksgiving Hymns, Thanksgiving Psalms, Hymns Scroll and Scroll of Hymns
Hoddenor wadmel, a coarse cloth made of undyed wool, formerly much worn by the peasantry of Scotland
Hoddu(Senegal) or molo, a Tukolor lute with four, five, or nine strings
Hoden (s.), Hoden (pl.)(German m.) testicle
Hodenkrebs(German m.) testicular cancer
Hodgkinsche Krankheit(German f.) Hodgkin's disease
Hodologie(German f.) hodology
Hodologyscience or study of roads, and movement along them
Hodophobiathe fear of traveling, the most common form of which is the fear of traveling on airplanes
Hodophobie(German f.) hodophobia
Hoedown(German m., English) similar to a jig or reel, usually associated with square dancing, syncopated American dance in 2/4 time
Hoek van Holland(German n.) Hook of Holland
Hoenerafter Hans Hoener, the cataloguer of music by Georg Phillip Telemann (1681-1767)
Hof(German m.) corona, aureole (because of haze), ring (halo), halo
Hof (s.), Höfe (pl.)(German m.) farm, lot (yard), court (royal, ducal, etc.), farmyard, yard
Hof-aulic (of or pertaining to a royal court)
Hofamt(German n.) office at court
Hofarchitekt(German m.) court architect
Hofarzt(German m.) court physician
Hofastronom(German m.) Astronomer Royal
Hofaufsicht(German f.) playground supervision
Hofbaumeister(German m.) architect to the imperial court
Hofbeamter(German m.) court official
Hofbediensteter(German m.) household servant (royal household)
Hofberichterstatter(German m.) court reporter (court correspondent)
Hofbibliothek(German f.) court library
Hofbildhauer(German m.) court sculptor
Hofbücherei(German f.) court library
Hofcapelle(German f., archaic) court chapel
Hofchronist(German m.) court chronicler
Hofclique(German f.) court clique
Hofconcert(German n.) court concert
Hofdame (s.), Hofdamen (pl.)(German f.) court lady, gentlewoman, lady-in-waiting
Hof des Bauerngehöfts(German m.) farmyard
Hofdichter(German m.) poet laureate, court poet
Hofdienstwohnung(German f.) grace and favour lodging
Hofdünger(German m.) farmyard manure
Höfe der Burg Windsor(German pl.) Precincts of Windsor Castle
Hof eines Königs(German m.) household of a king
Hofetikette(German f.) court etiquette
Hoffafter Adolph Hoffman, the cataloguer of music by Georg Phillip Telemann (1681-1767)
hoffähig(German f.) acceptable at court, presentable (socially acceptable)
Hoffähigkeit(German f.) right of presentation at court
Hoffaktor(German m.) court Jew (a term, typically applied to the Early Modern period, for historical Jewish bankers who handled the finances of, or lent money to, European royalty and nobility)
Hoffart(German f.) pride (pejorative), haughtiness, arrogance
hoffärtig(German) arrogant, proud (pejorative), misproud (archaic, pejorative)
Hoffärtigkeit(German f.) arrogance (pejorative)
hoffen(German) to hope, to trust (hope)
hoffend(German) hoping, awaiting
hoffend(,) bald von Ihnen zu hören(German) hoping to hear from you soon
hoffend(,) bis Freitag von Ihnen zu hören(German) hoping to hear from you by Friday
Hoffende(German pl.) (the) hopeful ones
Hoffentlich.(German) I hope so. Let's hope so.
Hoffentlich!(German) Hopefully!
hoffentlich(German) hopefully
... hoffentlich ...(German) I hope ... ...
Hoffentlich bleibt's so.(German) I hope it stays that way.
Hoffentlich nicht.(German) I trust not.
Hoffen wir das Beste.(German) Let's hope for the best.
hoffen, wo es keine Hoffnung mehr gibt(German) to hope beyond hope
hoffen, ... zu erreichen(German) to hope to accomplish ...
hoffen, ... zu tun(German) to hope to do ...
Hoffest(German n.) court festival, courtyard festival
Hoffestlichkeiten(German pl.) court festivities
Hoffmanns Erzählungen(German) The Tales of Hoffman (opera by Jacques Offenbach)
Hoffnung (s.), Hoffnungen (pl.)(German f.) hope
Hoffnung auf(German f.) hope for
Hoffnung aufgeben(German f.) to shed hope
Hoffnung beflügeln(German f.) to wing hope
Hoffnung bringen(German f.) to yield hope
Hoffnungen auf ... setzen(German) to invest hope in ...
Hoffnungen bauen(German) to build hopes
Hoffnungen enttäuschen(German) to deceive hopes
Hoffnungen knüpfen an(German) to pin one's hopes on
Hoffnungen machen(German) to raise hopes
Hoffnungen nähren(German) to fuel hopes
Hoffnungen wecken(German) to spark hopes
Hoffnungen zu hoch schrauben(German) to pitch one's hopes too high
Hoffnung erwecken(German) to raise hope
Hoffnung geben(German) to give hope
Hoffnung hegen(German) to nourish hope
Hoffnung machen (auf ...)(German) to hold out hope (of ...)
Hoffnungsdämmerung(German f.) dawn of hope
hoffnungsfreudig(German f.) sanguine, hopeful
hoffnungsfroh(German) hopeful
Hoffnungslauf(German m.) repêchage (especially rowing)
hoffnungsleer(German) hopeless (literary)
hoffnungslos(German) hopeless, irredeemably, unhopeful, hopelessly, unhopefully, beyond all hope, beyond hope, desperate, past all hope, past hope, desolate
hoffnungslose Angelegenheit(German f.) hopeless cause
hoffnungslose Krankheit(German f.) hopeless disease
hoffnungsloser Fall(German m.) hopeless case, basket case
hoffnungsloser Romantiker(German m.) hopeless romantic
hoffnungsloser Zustand(German m.) desperate condition
hoffnungslose Sache(German f.) hopeless cause
Hoffnungslosigkeit (s.), Hoffnungslosigkeiten (pl.)(German f.) desperateness, hopelessness, irredeemability, desperation, irredeemableness (plural form)
hoffnungslos sein(German) to be in a hopeless state
hoffnungslos verliebt(German) lovey-dovey
Hoffnungsmarkt (s.), Hoffnungsmärkte (pl.)(German m.) promising market
Hoffnungsschimmer(German m.) flicker of hope, ray of hope, glimmer of hope, dawn of hope
Hoffnungsstrahl(German m.) ray of hope
Hoffnungsträger (m.), Hoffnungsträgerin (f.)(German) person on whom hopes are pinned, (great) white hope, bearer of hope
hoffnungsvoll(German) hopefully, hopeful, full of hope, in a hopeful way
hoffnungsvoller(German) more hopeful
hoffnungsvoller junger Mann(German m.) hopeful young man
hoffnungsvolles Gefühl(German n.) hopefulness
hoffnungsvolles Zeichen(German n.) sign of hope
hoffnungsvollste(German) most hopeful
Hoffnungszeichen(German n.) hopeful sign (good sign)
hofft(German) weens
Hofgang(German m.) yard exercise
Hofgarten(German m.) courtyard garden
Hofgärtner(German m.) court gardener
Hofgericht(German n.) court-baron, court-leet, manorial court
Hofgeschichte(German f.) court history (of a noble family)
Hofglocke(German f.) court bell
Hofintrige(German f.) palace intrigue, court intrigue
höfisch(German) courtly
Hof halten(German) to hold court (also figurative)
Hofhaltung(German f.) court (holding of court)
Hofhäuser(German pl.) courtyard houses
Hofhund(German m.) yard dog
Hofierer(German m.) sycophant
Hofiifrom Algeria, a Tlemcenian women's vocal music, first mentioned by Ibn Khalduun in his Muqqadima in the fourteenth century, and still sung today most often to the accompaniment of the kwitra, a local four-course lute
höfisch(German) court
höfische Gewandtheit(German f.) suavity
höfischer Tanz(German m.) historical dance
Hofjude(German m.) court Jew
Hofjuwelier(German m.) court jeweller
Hofkammer(German f.) court chamber
Hofkapelle(German f.) royal chapel, Chapel Royal, court orchestra
Hofkapellemeister(German m.) court musical director, court Kapellmeister
Hofkaplan(German m.) court chaplain (of a ruler)
Hofkirche(German f.) chapel of a palace, chapel royal
Hofknicks(German m.) curtsy (to royalty)
Hofkomponist(German m.) court composer
Hofkonzertmeister(German m.) court music director
Hofkreise(German pl.) court circles
Hofkultur(German f.) court culture
Hofkünstler(German m.) court artist
Hofladen(German m.) farm shop
Hofleute(German pl. - dated) tenants
höflich(German) pleasing, graceful, bland (polite), blandly, civilly, complimentarily, courteous, debonair, fairspoken, polite, politely, urbane, urbanely, civil (polite), civilised (polite), obliging, courteously, debonairly, gallant, cordially, fair-spoken, well-spoken (in speech)
höflich aber bestimmt(German) politely but firmly
höfliche Antwort(German f.) civil answer
höfliche Ausdrucksweise(German f.) polite way of talking
höfliche Äußerlichkeiten(German pl.) varnish of politeness
höfliche Bemerkungen(German pl.) complimentary remarks
höfliche Floskel(German f.) pleasantry (polite remark)
höfliche Manieren(German pl.) polite manners
höflicher(German) blander, courtlier, more polite, politer
höflicher Empfang(German m.) polite reception
höflicher junger Mann(German m.) polite young man
höfliches Benehmen(German n.) polite manners
höfliches Lächeln(German n.) polite smile
höfliches Wort(German n.) polite word
höflich fragen(German) to ask nicely
höflich gegen(German) polite to
Höflichkeit (s.), Höflichkeiten (pl.)(German f.) pleasing and graceful style, courtesy, blandness, civility, comity, politeness, suavity, act of courtesy, politesse (courtesy), urbanity (civility)
Höflichkeiten austauschen(German) to exchange courtesies, to exchange pleasantries
Höflichkeits...(German) courtliness
Höflichkeits-(German) complimentary
höflichkeitsbedingt(German) formal
Höflichkeitsbesuch(German m.) courtesy visit, courtesy call
Höflichkeitsbezeigung(German f.) compliment, mark of respect, compliment
Höflichkeitsfloskel(German f.) polite phrase (pejorative)
Höflichkeitsform(German f.) polite form (of address), honorific (title)
Höflichkeitsformel(German f.) polite phrase
höflichkeitshalber(German) out of courtesy, (in order) to be polite
Höflichkeitstitel(German m.) courtesy title
Höflichkeitsübersetzung(German f.) courtesy translation
Höflichkeit üben(German) to practise politeness
höflich sein(German) to be polite, to use tact
höflichste(German) courtliest, blandest, most polite, politest
höflich zu ... sein(German) to be polite to ...
Höflich zu sein kostet nichts.(German) Politeness costs nothing.
Hoflied(German n.) Renaissance song originating within courtly or aristocratic circles rather than from the middle classes (Gesellschaftslied) or from folksong (Volkslied)
Hoflieferant (m.), Hoflieferantin (f.)(German) purveyor by appointment, Royal Warrant Holder, purveyor to the court, purveyor to the Royal Household
Höfling (s.), Höflinge (pl.)(German m.) courtier, gentleman (of the Court)
Hofmagier(German m.) court magician
Hofmaler(German m.) court painter
Hofmann(German m.) courtier
hofmännisch(German) courtly
Hofmauer(German f.) courtyard wall
Hofmeister(German m.) Master of Household, major domo, private tutor (dated)
Hofmoschee(German f.) courtyard mosque
Hofmusicus(German m.) court composer
Hofmusikant(German m.) court musician
Hofmusiker(German m.) court musician
Hofnachrichten(German pl.) court circular
Hofnarr(German m.) (court) jester, fool (jester)
Hofoper(German f.) royal opera house, imperial opera house, Court Opera House
Hoforchester(German n.) court orchestra, Court Orchestra
Hoforganist (m.), Hoforganistin (f.)(German) court organist
Hofporzellan(German n.) Court Porcelain
Hofprediger(German m.) court chaplain
Hofrat(German m.) privy councillor
in Austria, an honorary title for civil servants, teachers, etc.
Hofraum(German m.) courtyard, yard (pit in a Shakespearean Theatre)
Hofreiterei(German f.) Household Cavalry
Hof rund um den Mond(German m.) corona around the moon
Hofsänger(German m.) court minstrel, minstrel
Hofsitte(German f.) etiquette
Hofsondervorstellung(German f.) royal command performance, command performance
Hofstaat(German m.) court (household and entourage of a sovereign)
Hofstallungen(German pl.) Royal Mews (Buckingham Palace)
Hofstelle(German f.) farm-stead, farmstead
Hofstil(German m.) court style
Hoftag(German m.) (great) court council
Hoftanz(German m.) in the sixteenth century, the German counterpart to the French basse dance
Hoftheater(German n.) court theatre, Theatre Royal (Drury Lane, Stratford)
Hoftheologe(German m.) court theologian
Hoftier(German n.) farm animal
Hoftor(German n.) yard gate
Hoftradition(German f.) court tradition
Hoftraktor(German m.) farmyard tractor
Hoftrauer(German f.) court mourning
Hoftyp(German m.) farm type
Hof- und Gebäudefläche(German f.) yard and buildings
Hofunterhaltung(German f.) court revel
Hofverkauf(German m.) farmyard sale
Hofzeremonial(German n.) court ceremonial
Hofzeremoniell(German n.) court ceremonial
Hofzwerg(German m.) court dwarf
HogakuJapanese classical music
Höhe (s.), Höhen (pl.)(German f.) height, elevation, acuteness, altitude, highness, level (of damages), extent, tallness, treble (acoustics), amount (financial), quantum (of damages), highs (plural form), ups (plural form)
hohe(German) high
hohe Abfindung(German f.) golden handshake (colloquial)
hohe Absätze(German pl.) high heels
hohe Achtung(German f.) great respect
hohe Adelige(German pl.) peers
hohe Adlige(German pl.) peers
hohe Anforderungen an sich (selbst) gestellt haben(German) to have set oneself high standards
hohe Anforderungen an sich (selbst) stellen(German) to set oneself high standards
hohe Ansprüche stellen(German) be very demanding
hohe Arbeitslosigkeit(German f.) high unemployment
hohe Auflösung(German f.) high resolution
Höhe baulicher Anlagen(German f.) height of construction
hohe Belohnung(German f.) high reward
hohe Besorgnis rechtfertigen(German) to justify high anxiety
hohe Besucherzahl(German f.) high attendance, large attendance
hohe Brandung(German f.) surf's up
hohe Breiten(German pl.) high latitudes
hohe Decke(German f.) high ceiling
Höhe der Aufregung(German f.) level of anxiety
Höhe der baulichen Anlage(German f.) height of physical structure
hohe Dichte(German f.) high density
hohe Durchsatzgeschwindigkeit(German f.) high throughput (speed)
Hohe Esche(German f.) European ash (Fraxinus excelsior), common ash
Hohe Feiertage(German pl.) High Holy Days (Jewish)
hohe Gebirgszüge(German pl.) high mountain ranges
hohe Geburtenzahl(German f.) baby boom
hohe Gefängnisstrafe(German f.) heavy jail sentence
hohe Geistlichkeit(German f.) high clergy
hohe Geschosszahl(German f.) large number of storeys
hohe Geschwindigkeit(German f.) high speed
hohe Gewinne abwerfender Bereich eines Unternehmens(German) cash cow (colloquial)
hohe Gewinnspanne(German f.) high profit margin
hohe Häuser(German pl.) tall houses
hohe Herrschaften(German pl.) ladies and gentlemen (of the house) (humorous)
hohe Ideale(German pl.) high ideals
Hoheit (s.), Hoheiten (pl.)(German f.) majestic-dignity, Highness, majesty (especially as title), sublimity, grandeur, sovereignty
hoheitlich(German) sovereign, sceptred, official, majestic
hoheitliche Aufgabe (s.), hoheitliche Aufgaben (pl.)(German f.) sovereign function, official duty
hoheitliche Maßnahme(German f.) act of sovereignty
Hoheitsaufgabe(German f.) sovereign function
Hoheitsgebiet(German n.) sovereign territory, territory
Hoheitsgebiet des Landes(German n.) the country's territories
Hoheitsgewalt(German f.) sovereignty
Hoheitsgewässer (s.), Hoheitsgewässer (pl.)(German n.) territorial water
Hoheitsrecht(German n.) sovereign right, regalia
Hoheitsträger(German pl.) public authorities
hoheitsvoll(German) majestic, regally (say, carry oneself, walk, sit, etc.)
hoheitsvoller(German) more majestic
hoheitsvollste(German) most majestic
Hoheitszeichen (s.), Hoheitszeichen (pl.)(German n.) national emblem, insignia (plural form)
hohe Kaiserzeit(German f.) high empire (Roman history)
hohe Klangtreue(German f.) high fidelity
hohe Klarinette(German f.) or Piccolo-Klarinette (German f.), high clarinet
hohe Kommode(German f.) tallboy (piece of furniture: chest)
hohe Kosten(German pl.) great cost
hohe Kosten verursachender Besitz(German m.) white elephant (figurative)
hohe Kriminalitätsrate(German f.) high incidence of crime
Hohe Küche(German f.) haute cuisine
hohe Lage(German f.) of the register of a voice or instrument, 'high'
hohe Lebenserwartung(German f.) long lifespan
hohe Leistung(German f.) high performance
Hohe Lied(German n.) the Song of Solomon
hohe Lippenlinie(German f.) high lip line
hohe Literatur(German f.) high literature
(Hohe) Messe feiern(German) to celebrate (high) mass
hohe Moral(German f.) high standard of morals, high morale
hohen(German) high, upper
Höhenabstand(German m.) vertical interval, height distance
Höhenänderung(German f.) change in altitude, change of altitude
Höhenangabe(German f.) elevation, height indication, altitude reading
Höhenangst(German f.) acrophobia, vertigo, fear of heights
höhenängstlich(German) acrophobic
Höhenanpassung(German f.) height adjustment, altitude acclimatization
Höhenanzeiger(German m.) altitude indicator
Höhenausgleich(German m.) height adjustment, treble compensation (acoustics)
Höhenausgleichung(German f.) height adjustment
Höhenbergsteiger(German m.) extreme mountain climber (high altitude)
Höhenbewegung(German f.) vertical movement
Höhendifferenz(German f.) height difference, difference in altitude
Höhenfeststeller(German m.) height-adjuster
Höhenflieger(German m.) highflier, high-flier, highflyer, high-flyer
Höhenflug(German m.) high-altitude flight
Höhenfluganzug(German m.) high-altitude pressurized suit
Höhenfuß(German pl.) feet in height, feet in altitude
... Höhenfuß(German) height of ... feet, altitude of ... feet
Höhenfußpunkt einer Pyramide(German m.) height of a pyramid
höhengleicher Bahnübergang(German m.) level crossing
Höhenkammer(German f.) hypobaric chamber, decompression chamber
Höhenkarte(German f.) relief map
Höhenklima(German n.) mountain climate
Höhenklinik(German f.) high altitude clinic
Höhenkoller(German m.) mountain fever, high-altitude euphoria
höhenkrank(German) sick at high altitude
Höhenkrankheit(German f.) altitude sickness, mountain sickness
Höhenkurort(German m.) mountain (health) resort, high altitude health resort
Höhenlage(German f.) altitude
Höhenlage über dem Meeresspiegel(German f.) height above sea level
Höhenleitwerk(German n.) tailplane, horizontal stabilizer
Höhenlinie (s.), Höhenlinien (pl.)(German f.) contour line
Höhenlinienkarte(German f.) contour map
Höhenluft(German f.) mountain air
Höhenlungenödem(German n.) high-altitude pulmonary oedema
Höhenmarkierung(German f.) bench mark
Höhenmaß(German n.) height (dimension)
Höhenmedizin(German f.) high-altitude medicine
Höhenmesser(German m.) altimeter
Höhenmessung(German f.) altimetry, height measurement
Höhenmeter(German pl.) metres in height, metres in altitude
... Höhenmeter(German) height of ... metres, altitude of ... metres
Höhenmeter unter(German pl.) metres below, metres under
Höhenpegel(German m.) treble level
Höhenrausch(German m.) high-altitude euphoria
Höhenreaktion(German f.) altitude acclimatisation
Höhenregler(German m.) treble control, altimetric corrector
Höhenreißer(German m.) vernier height gauge
Höhenrekord(German m.) altitude record
Höhenrücken(German m.) ridge, ridge of hills, mountain ridge
Höhenschicht(German f.) contour level
Höhenschichtlinie(German f.) contour line
Höhenschlag(German m.) out-of-round
Höhenschnittpunkt(German m.) orthocentre (of a triangle)
Höhensiedlung(German f.) hilltop site, hilltop settlement
Höhenskala(German f.) altitude scale
Höhensonne(German f.) alpine sun, sun lamp, sunlamp
hohen Standard ansetzen(German) to apply high standards, to set high standards
Höhenstrahlung(German f.) cosmic radiation
Höhentoleranz(German f.) height tolerance
Höhentraining(German n.) altitude training, high altitude training, training at high altitudes
Höhen und Tiefen(German) ups and downs, highs and lows
Höhen und Tiefen des Marktes(German) ups and downs in the market
Höhen- und Tiefenregler(German pl.) bass and treble controls
Höhenunterschied(German m.) altitude difference, drop (altitude difference), height difference, floor level difference
Höhenverlust(German m.) loss of height, loss of altitude
Höhenverschiebung(German f.) vertical displacement
höhenverstellbar(German) height-adjustable, vertically adjustable, adjustable for height
höhenverstellbare Duscharmaturen(German pl.) height-adjustable shower fittings
höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch(German m.) height-adjustable desk
Höhenverstellbarkeit(German f.) height adjustability
Höhenverstellschraube(German f.) height adjustment screw, elevation screw
Höhenverstellung(German f.) height adjustment
Höhenverstellungsbereich(German m.) height adjustment range
Höhenweg(German m.) high route
Höhenwinkel(German m.) elevation angle, angle of elevation
Höhenzug(German m.) ridge of mountains, range of hills, mountain range
(Hohe) Pforte(German f.) Ottoman Porte
hohe Popularität(German f.) broad popular appeal
hohe Preise(German pl.) high prices
hohe Preise verlangen(German) to charge high prices
Hohepriester (m.), Hohepriesterin (f.), Hohepriester ( pontiff, high priest, high priestess (f.)
hohepriesterlich(German) pontifical
hohe Priorität(German f.) high priority
Höhepunkt (s.), Höhepunkte (pl.)(German m.) acme, climax, heyday, highlight, apogee, height, high point, culmination, maximum, peak, point of culmination, apex, summit, zenith, pinnacle, high, crescendo (figurative: peak), finial (figurative: pinnacle), crisis (climax), pitch (highest point, degree), prime (perfection), climactic scene (in a film, book, play, etc.)
Höhepunkt der Lust(German m.) height of (physical) pleasure
Höhepunkt der Saison(German m.) height of the season
Höhepunkt einer Karriere(German m.) zenith of a career
hohe Qualität(German f.) high grade, high quality
hohe Quantität(German f.) large quantity
hohe Quoten(German pl.) long odds
höher(German) superior, above, higher, upper, greater
hoher Absatz(German m.) high heel
höher als(German) above, in excess of
höher als im Vorjahr(German) up on previous year (for example, by a percentage)
höher als üblich(German) above the usual
höher angesehen werden(German) to prevail
hoher Annäherungsschlag(German m.) pitch (golf)
höher an Rang(German) superior in rank
hoher Anteil(German m.) high ratio
hoher Auftragsstand(German m.) pile of orders
hoher Ball(German m.) high ball
Hoherbass(German m.) or Heldenbariton, dramatic or heroic baritone
the term Hoherbass may also be applied to a lyric bass
hoher Beamter(German m.) high official
hoher Bekanntheitsgrad(German m.) high profile
höher benoten(German) to grade up (exam paper)
hoher Berg(German m.) ben (Scottish: mountain)
höher besteuert werden(German) to be taxed more
hoher Betrag(German m.) large sum
höher bewerten(German) to uprate
höher bewertet(German) higher-priced
Höherbewertung(German f.) appreciation (increase in value)
höher bieten(German) to bid higher
höher bieten als(German) to bid higher than
Hoher Donnerstag(German m.) Holy Thursday
höhere(German) upper
höhere Altersgruppen(German pl.) aged population (demographics)
höhere Autorität(German f.) higher authority
höhere Bildung(German f.) higher education
hohe Rechnung(German f.) heavy bill, huge bill
höhere Dinge anstreben(German) to aspire to higher things
höhere Ebene(German f.) higher plane
höhere Einstufung(German f.) upgrading
höhere Fähigkeiten(German pl.) higher faculties
höhere Fügung(German f.) decree of fate
höhere Gefühle(German pl.) higher feelings
höhere Gewalt(German f.) act of nature, force majeure, act of God
höhere Gewalt ausgeschlossen(German) acts of God excepted
Höhere-Gewalt-Klausel(German f.) force majeure clause (in a contract, etc.)
höhere Handelsschule(German f.) commercial college
höher eingestuft(German) upgraded
höher einstufen(German) to grade up
höhere Klasse(German f.) higher class
höhere Lagen(German pl.) higher elevations, upper elevations
höhere Lagen der Alpen(German pl.) higher reaches of the Alps
höhere Lebensdauer(German f.) longer life (of a thing)
höhere Lehranstalt(German f.) institution of higher education
höhere Macht (s.), höhere Mächte (pl.)(German f.) higher power
höhere Mathematik(German f.) higher mathematics
höhere Nachfrage(German f.) greater demand
höheren Orts(German) in high places (figurative)
höherentwickelte Pflanzen(German pl.) higher plants
höherentwickelte Tiere(German pl.) higher animals
Höherentwicklung(German f.) higher development
höhere Position(German f.) seniority (in rank)
höhere Preise(German pl.) higher prices
höhere Programmiersprache(German f.) high level programming language
höhere Qualität(German f.) superior quality
höherer Angestellter(German m.) white-collar employee
höherer Betrag(German m.) largish sum of money
höherer Bildungsabschluss(German m.) higher educational qualification
höherer Dienst(German m.) senior service, upper-level civil servants
höhere Rechenart(German f.) advanced arithmetic operation
höherer Gerichtsbeamter(German m.) marshal
höherer Gewalt weichen(German) to yield to superior force
höherer Offizier(German m.) superior officer, senior officer
höherer Ordnung(German) higher-order
höherer Schüler(German m.) collegian
höherer Standard(German m.) higher standard
hoher Ertrag(German m.) high yield, heavy crop (high yield), high returns
höherer Zinssatz(German m.) higher interest rate
höheres Angebot(German n.) higher bid
höhere Schulbildung(German f.) secondary education, college education
höhere Schule(German f.) college, high school, secondary school, seminary (dated - college)
höheres Gericht(German n.) higher court
höhere Spezifität(German f.) increased specificity
höhere Stellung(German f.) major position
höheres Tier(German n.) higher-up (colloquial: person in authority)
Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt(German f. - in Austria) federal higher technical institute
höhere technische Lehranstalt(German f. - in Austria, formerly in Switzerland) polytechnic
höhere technische und gewerbliche Lehranstalt für Berufstätige(German f.) industrial college
höhere Tierarten(German pl.) higher animals
höhere Tiere(German pl.) higher animals
höhere Verantwortung übernehmen(German) to take (on) greater responsibility
höhere Verkaufszahlen als ... haben(German) to outsell (somebody)
höhere Weisheit(German f.) superior wisdom
höhere Wesen(German pl.) higher beings
höhere Wirtschaftsschule(German f.) commercial high school
Hoher Flüchtlingskommissar der Vereinten Nationen(German m.) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Hoher Freitag(German m.) Good Friday
Höhergebot(German n.) higher bid
hoher Gehalt an Eisenoxid(German m.) high iron
hoher Geldbetrag(German m.) large sum of money
höhergelegen(German) more highly positioned, more highly situated
höher gelegen(German) superior
Hoher Gerichtshof(German m.) High Court (England)
höhergestellt(German) senior, superior
höhergestuft(German) upgraded
höher gestuft(German - dated) upgraded
hoher Gewinn(German m.) large profit
hoher Grad(German m.) high degree, high level (degree, amount)
hoher Grad an Genauigkeit(German) high degree of accuracy
hoher Grad an handwerklichem Können(German) high level of craftsmanship
hoher Handelsüberschuss(German m.) large trade surplus
höher hinaufklettern(German) to climb higher
höher im Kurs stehend(German) higher-priced
höher im Rang sein(German) to rank before
hoher Integrationsgrad bei komplexen Schaltungen(German m.) large scale integration
hoher Kommissar(German m.) high commissioner
Hoher Kommissar der Vereinten Nationen für Menschenrechte(German m.) United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
hoher Kurs(German m.) high price
hoher Leistungsgrad(German m.) high efficiency
höherliegend(German) located at a higher level
höher liegen um(German) to be up by (amount, per cent, etc.)
höher nachkaufen(German) to average up
Höhernotierung(German f.) uptick
höher oben(German) above, higher up
hoher Offizier(German m.) brass hat (colloquial)
hoher Preis(German m.) high price, heavy price, stiff price
höherpreisig(German) higher-priced
hoher Rang(German m.) high position, dignity
höherrangig(German) higher-ranking, senior (in hierarchy)
hoher Regierungsbeamter(German m.) high-placed government official, senior administration official (US)
hoher Saitenabstand(German m.) high action (stringed instrument)
hoher Seegang(German m.) large swell, heavy swell
hoher Stand der Zivilisation(German m.) high degree of civilization
hoher Standard(German m.) high standard
höher stehen(German) to prevail
höherstehend(German) superior (rank, etc.)
höher stehend(German) superior (rank, etc.)
hoher Stiefel(German m.) jackboot
höher stimmen(German) to tune up
höherstufen(German) to upgrade
höher stufen(German - dated) to upgrade
Höherstufung(German f.) upgrading
hoher Ton(German m.) sharp tone
hoher Umsatz(German m.) large turn-out
höher und höher steigen(German) to creep higher and higher (water)
Höherverdienende(German pl.) higher earners
hoher Verwaltungsbeamter(German m.) senior civil servant, provost (US university, college, etc.)
höherviskos(German) higher viscosity
hoher Vorrang(German m.) high precedence (due to rank)
hoher Wert(German m.) dearness
höherwertig(German) high-order, higher-value, superior
höherwertige Sorte(German f.) superior grade
hohes Alter(German n.) great age, old age
hohes Ansehen(German n.) high renown
hohes Ansehen genießen(German) to be held in high esteem
hohes C(German n.) top C
Höhe schinden(German) to point
hohe Schulden(German pl.) heavy debts, large debts
hohe Schule(German f.) haute école, classical dressage, university
(hohe) Schule des Lebens(German f.) (high-)school of life
hohe See(German f.) deep sea, high sea, main (archaic or literary)
hohes Einkommen(German n.) large income, high income
hohes Gebäude(German n.) high building, pile (colloquial)
hohes Gehalt(German n.) high salary, large salary
Hohes Gericht!(German) Your Lordship, Members of the Jury!
hohes Haus(German n.) parliament
Hohes Haus!(German) Mr Speaker, Sir!
hohes Kellergeschoß(German n.) English basement
hohes Maß(German n.) high degree
hohes Maß an Intelligenz(German n.) high level of intelligence
hohes Maß an Transparenz(German n.) high degree of transparency
hohes Nominalvolumen(German n.) high nominal volume
hohe Stelle(German f.) high position
hohe Stellung(German f.) altitudes, eminence
hohes Tier(German n.) brass hat (colloquial), bigwig (colloquial), big cheese (figurative: important person), big shot (colloquial), swell (colloquial - dated: important person), big noise (colloquial), hot shot (slang)
hohe Stimme(German f.) high voice, treble (voice)
hohe Stirn(German f.) high forehead
hohe Stoffdichte(German f.) high consistency
hohes Umweltschutzniveau(German n.) high level of environmental protection
hohes Zimmer(German n.) high-ceilinged room
hohe Teilnehmerzahl(German f.) large attendance
hohe Temperatur(German f.) high temperature
hohe Verantwortung(German f.) heavy responsibility
hohe Verbrechensquote(German f.) high incidence of crime
hohe Verbrechensrate(German f.) high incidence of crime
Hohe Vertreterin(German f.) High Representative (female)
hohe Wahlbeteiligung(German f.) heavy polling, large ballot, massive turnout (elections)
hohe Wasserstiefel(German pl.) jack boots
hohe Wellen schlagen(German) to make massive waves
hohe Wette(German f.) heavy bet
hohe Wiedergabetreue(German f.) high fidelity
hohe Wolken(German pl.) high clouds
hohe Zielgenauigkeit(German f.) pinpoint accuracy (missile, shot)
hohe Ziffernstelle(German f.) high order position
hohe Zinsen(German pl.) high interest (financial)
hohl(German) cavernous, concave, hollow, hollowly, cupped, concavely, addled, empty, vacant, sunken, cavernously, frothy (talk), mindless (stupid and meaningless)
hohläugig(German) hollow-eyed, sunken-eyed
Hohlbeitel(German m.) gouge
Hohlblockstein(German m.) hollow block
Hohldecke(German f.) false ceiling
Höhle (s.), Höhlen (pl.)(German f.) hollow, antrum, cave, cavern, cavity, hole, lair (cave), socket (eye), inner surface (of the scissors blade), grotto, den
hohle Augen(German pl.) cavernous eyes
hohle Beschaffenheit(German f.) concavity
höhlenartig(German) cavernous
höhlenbewohnend(German) cave-dwelling
Höhlenbewohner (m.), Höhlenbewohnerin (f.), Höhlenbewohner (pl.)(German) troglodyte, cave dweller, caveman (m.), cavewoman (f.), cave dwellers (pl.), cave dwelling community (pl.)
Höhlenbilder(German pl.) cave paintings
Höhlenbildung(German f.) cave formation
Höhlenboden(German m.) cave floor
Höhlendecke(German f.) cave ceiling
Höhleneingang(German m.) mouth of a cave, entrance to the cave
Höhlen erforschen(German) to pothole
Höhlen erforschend(German) potholing
Höhlenforscher (m.), Höhlenforscherin (f.), Höhlenforscher (pl.)(German) potholer, cave explorer, speleologist
Höhlenforschung(German f.) speleology, cave exploration, potholing
Höhlenfund(German m.) cave find
Höhlenfundplatz(German m.) cave site
Höhlengang(German m.) cave passage, cave passageway
Höhlengänger(German m.) potholer
Höhlengrabung(German f.) cave excavation
Höhlenkirche(German f.) cave church
Höhlenkletterer(German m.) caver
Höhlenklettern(German n.) caving
Höhlenkloster(German n.) cave monastery
Höhlenkunde(German f.) speleology
Höhlenkunst(German f.) cave art
Höhlenmaler(German m.) cave painter
Höhlenmalerei (s.), Höhlenmalereien (pl.)(German f.) cave painting
Höhlenmensch (s.), Höhlenmenschen (pl.)(German m.) cave man, cave dweller, caveman
höhlenreich(German) cavernous
Höhlensystem(German n.) cave system
Höhlentemperatur(German f.) cave temperature
Höhlentier(German n.) cave animal
Höhlentourist(German m.) amateur potholer
Höhlenwand(German f.) cave wall
Höhlenwasser(German n.) cavern water
Höhlenwohnung(German f.) cave dwelling, dugout (shelter)
Höhlenzeichnung (s.), Höhlenzeichnungen (pl.)(German f.) cave drawing
Höhlenzugang(German m.) entrance to the cave
hohle Phrase (s.), hohle Phrasen (pl.)(German f.) empty phrase, platitude
hohler(German) more hollow
hohler Klang(German m.) cavernous sound
hohler Kopf(German m.) addle brain
hohler Ruf(German m.) hollow hooting
hohler Zahn(German m.) hollow tooth
hohles Geschwätz(German n.) piffle (colloquial)
Hohlflöte(German f., literally 'hollow-toned flute') a flute-stop on the organ which is found from 1 ft. down to 16 ft. It has a thick, powerful hollow tone, each pipe having two holes in it, both near to the top and opposite to each other
Hohlform(German f.) hollow pattern, counter die, male die
Hohlgebiss(German n.) curb bit (used in horse riding)
Hohlgefäß(German n.) hollow vessel
hohlgegossen(German) hollow-cast
Hohlgewinde(German n.) female thread
Hohlgriff(German m.) hollow handle
Hohlguss(German m.) hollow casting
Hohlhand(German f.) palm (of the hand)
Hohlheftgriff(German m.) hollow handle
Hohlheit(German f.) hollowness
Hohlkasten (s.), Hohlkästen (pl.)(German m.) box girder, box beam
Hohlkehle(German f.) channeling, fillet (shape), fuller (of a knife/sword), cove (profile)
Hohlkehlfuge(German f.) gutter
Hohlkehlleiste(German f.) cornice profile
Hohlkehlpräparation(German f.) chamfer preparation, groove preparation
Hohlkehl- und Rundstabhobel(German m.) hollows and rounds
Hohlkehlzange(German f.) hollow chop pliers
Hohlkeil(German m.) saddle key
Hohlkernbohrer(German m.) core drill
hohl klingen(German) to sound hollow (also figurative)
hohl klingend(German) tympanitic (hollow-sounding)
Hohlkopf(German m.) blockhead (colloquial, pejorative), dunce, numbskull (colloquial), twerp (colloquial)
hohlköpfig(German) weak-headed, empty-headed, brainless, foolish, addlepated, featherbrained (pejorative)
Hohlkörper(German m.) hollow body, tubular body, tubular part, hollow part
Hohlkreuz(German n.) hollow back
Hohlkugel(German f.) hollow sphere
Hohlleiter(German m.) waveguide
Hohllichtleiter(German m.) light tube, light pipe
Hohllochstein(German m.) hollow chequer brick
Hohlmaß(German n.) measure of capacity
Hohlmauer(German f.) cavity wall
Hohlmeißel(German m.) gouge, hollow reamer
Hohlnadel(German f.) hypodermic needle, cannula
Hohlniet(German m.) tubular rivet, hollow rivet
Hohlorgan(German n.) hollow organ
Hohlprofil(German n.) hollow section, hollow profile
Hohlquinte(German) a quint stop of the Hohlflöte species
Hohlrad(German n.) gear ring, hollow wheel
Hohlraum (s.), Hohlräume (pl.)(German m.) lacuna, cavity, hollow, void, cavern, hollow space
hohlraumfrei(German) free of voids
Hohlraumresonator(German m.) cavity resonator
Hohlrinne(German f.) chamfer,channel
Hohlrohrleitung(German f.) hollow conductor
Hohlrücken(German m.) hollow back
Hohlrundrücken(German m.) hollow round back
Hohlsaum(German m.) hemstitch
Hohlsaumarbeit(German f.) drawn-thread work
Hohlschaber(German m.) hollow-ground scraper
Hohlschaftkegel(German m.) hollow shank taper
hohl scheinen(German) to appear hollow, to seem hollow
hohlschlagen(German - rare) to emboss
Hohlschliff(German m.) hollow grinding
Hohlschraube(German f.) banjo screw, female screw, hollow screw
Hohlschraubenstutzen(German m.) banjo union
Hohlschraubverbindung(German f.) banjo nut
Hohlspatel (s.), Hohlspatel (pl.)(German m.) trowel
Hohlspiegel(German m.) concave mirror, curved mirror
Hohlspitzgeschoss(German n.) hollow-point bullet
Hohlstift(German m.) female pin
Hohlstopfen(German m.) hollow stopper
Hohlstunde(German f.) free period
Hohltaube(German f.) stock pigeon, stock dove (Columba oenas)
Hohlteil(German n.) hollow part
Höhlung(German f.) cavity, hollow, bowl, concavity, ventricle
Hohlvene(German f.) vena cava
Hohlvenenverengung(German f.) stenosis of the vena cava
Hohlvenenverschluss(German m.) occlusion of the vena cava
Hohlwand(German f.) cavity wall
hohlwangig(German) lantern-jawed, hollow-cheeked
Hohlweg(German m.) hollow-way, sunken road, ravine (path, defile), defile
Hohlwelle(German f.) quill, hollow shaft
Hohlziegel(German m.) gutter tile, hollow tile, cavity brick, box tile, hollow brick
Hohlzirkel(German m.) inside caliper
Hohlzylinder(German m.) hollow cylinder
Hohn(German m.) scoff, contumely, scorn, derision, libel, taunt, cynicism, ridicule, scornfulness, sneer, mockery
Hohn auf die Gerechtigkeit(German m.) travesty of justice
höhnen(German) to jeer, to sneer
höhnend(German) scoffing (jeering)
höhnen über(German) to scoff at
Hohngelächter(German n.) scornful laughter, sneer, jeering (laughter), derisive laughter
höhnisch(German) derisive, scornful, sneering, taunting, derisory, derisively, snidely, snide, sardonically, jeering, jeeringly, mocking, mockingly, snidey, deridingly
höhnisch antworten(German) to sneer a reply
höhnisch aufgezogen(German) twitted
höhnisch aufziehen(German) to twit
höhnische Bemerkung (s.), höhnische Bemerkungen (pl.)(German f.) taunt, jeering (remark), gibe
[höhnische] Grimassen schneide(German) to mow (archaic - to make faces)
[höhnische] Grimassen ziehen(German) to mow (archaic - to make faces)
höhnischer(German) more scornful
höhnisches Lächeln(German n.) sardonic smile
(höhnisches) Gejohle(German n.) hooting
(höhnisches) Johlen(German n.) hooting
höhnisch grinsen(German) to sneer
höhnisch grinsend(German) sneering
höhnisch lächeln(German) to sneer
höhnisch lächelnd(German) sneering
höhnischste(German) most scornful
höhnisch vorwerfen(German) to taunt
Hohnlächeln(German n.) sneer
Hohnruf(German m.) shout of derision
Hoijakkasee 'ring polska'
Hoi polloi(Greek) the masses, the common throng
Hojas de partitura(Spanish sheet music (plural)
Höker (m.), Hökerin (f.)(German) hawker, huckster, pedlar, costermonger
Hökerhandel(German m.) hawking
hökern(German) to hawk
Hökerwaren(German pl.) hawker's goods
Hökerweib(German m. - dated) basket-woman, huckstress (archaic)
Hoketus (s.), Hoketi (pl.)(German m.) hocket
Hokey Cokey, thesee 'Hokey-Pokey'
Hokey Pokey, theknown in the UK as the 'Hokey-Cokey', a participation dance that became popular in the USA in the 1950s
Hokku(Japanese) in Japanese poetry, the term hokku literally means "starting verse." A hokku was the first starting link of a much longer chain of verses known as renga or linked verse. The hokku was traditionally three lines long, with a syllable count of 5/7/5 syllables in the three lines (i.e., the hokku was identical in structure to the modern haiku, the independent genre that later developed out of the hokku). The hokku was always the the most important and best known part of a renga much in the way that the first verse and chorus of a popular song are often well-known even when the other verses are poorly known or ignored. Because the hokku ultimately evolves into what we today call the haiku, it is common to the find scholars make a distinction between "modern haiku" (haiku) and "classical haiku" (hokku)
Hokum(probably blend of hocus-pocus and bunkum - derived form Buncombe county, N.C., from a remark made by its congressman, who defended an irrelevant speech by claiming that he was speaking to Buncombe, meaning insincere or foolish talk) a sub-genre in urban blues which was popular in the late 20s/early 30s. It is characterized by danceable rhythms and clever lyrics which heavily relied on double entendres
Hokuspokus(German m.) hanky-panky (colloquial), mumbo jumbo, hocus-pocus, hokum
HolarcticThe Holarctic ecozone refers to many of the habitats found throughout the northern continents of the world. This region is divided into the Palearctic, consisting of Northern Africa and all of Eurasia, with the exception of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and the Nearctic, consisting of North America north of southern Mexico. These are further subdivided into a variety of ecoregions
  • Hokum - from which this extract has been taken
holarktisch(German) Holarctic
Holdin the U.S., a pause, fermata
(German) pleasing, agreeable, graceful, lovely, meek, fair (lovely), propitious
holde Kunst(German f.) gracious art
holde Maid(German m.) fair maiden (dated, poetical)
Holder's commasee 'Holdrian comma'
Hol der Teufel ... !(German) To hell with ... !
Hold High the Gateone of the two-couple figures danced in a circle of four people traditionally associated with square dancing
Hol dich der Teufel!(German) Damn you! To hell with you!
Holding(German f.) skeleton company
Holding back the speed, Holding back the temporitardando (Italian), ritenuto (Italian), slentando (Italian), verweilend (German), en retenant (French)
Holdinggesellschaft(German f.) controlling company, holding company
Holding notea note sustained in one part, while other parts move
Hol dir bitte Hilfe.(German) Please get help.
Hold overin the film industry, when a director decides to use an actor for an extra day not originally scheduled
Hold pedala MIDI effect, which when on, holds (i.e. sustains) notes that are playing, even if the musician releases the notes. (i.e. the 'Note Off' effect is postponed until the musician switches the 'Hold Pedal' off). On a multitimbral device, each Part usually has its own 'Hold Pedal' setting
Holdrian commaor Holder's comma (sometimes called the Arabian comma), a musical interval equivalent to 1/53 of an octave (i.e. 2^(1/53))
Holdrian's comma originates from setting each tone or a major scale equal to 9 Holdrian commas (that is 2^(9/53)) and each semitone equal to 4 Holdrian commas (that is 2^(4/53)), so that the succession of tones and semitones in a major diatonic scale is made up of 53 commas
holdselig(German) fair (lovely)
Hold-to-light carda postcard that alters its appearance when held up to a source of light. When most cards of this type are held to a light they glow in areas where holes were die-cut into the front piece of card stock and a translucent coloured paper, usually red and yellow, is inserted between it and a backing card. The most desired effect was to transform a daylight scene into a night view. On some hold-to-light cards a thin printed image is pasted over another on card stock and when backlit the two layered images combine into a new one often altering its narrative
HoldudwaEthiopian trumpet-like animal horn, similar to the shofar
Hole mir ...(German) Bring me ...
Hole mir jenes Buch!(German) Bring me that book!
holen(German) to get (fetch), to call, to scoop (prize / jackpot / award)
Holen Sie mir die Akte.(German) Get me the file.
Holen Sie tief Atem!(German) Draw a deep breath!
Hol Hilfe!(German) Get help!
Holisee Phagwa
Holiday cardspostcards containing the iconic imagery and symbolism of a collective commemorated holiday
Hol ihn der Teufel!(German) Curse him!
Holisman idea or philosophical concept diametrically opposed to atomism. Where the atomist believes that any whole can be broken down or analyzed into its separate parts and the relationships between them, the holist maintains that the whole is primary and often greater than the sum of its parts. The atomist divides things up in order to know them better; the holist looks at things or systems in aggregate and argues that we can know more about them viewed as such, and better understand their nature and their purpose
  • Holism - from which this extract has been taken
Holismus(German m.) holism
holistisch(German) holistic, holistically
Holla, die Waldfee!(German) Well, I never! (colloquial)
Holland(English, German n.) Netherlands
Hollandaisea rich egg and butter sauce served warm
Hollandgänger(German pl.) German migrant workers in Holland
Holländisch(German n.) Dutch
holländisch(German) Dutch
Holländische Beize(German f.) Dutch mordant
holländische Sauce(German f.) hollandaise, hollandaise sauce, sauce hollandaise
holländische Soße(German f.) hollandaise, hollandaise sauce, sauce hollandaise
Holländisches Bad(German n.) Dutch mordant
holländisches Frühstück(German n.) Dutch breakfast
Holländischlehrer (m.), Holländischlehrerin (f.)(German) Dutch teacher
Hölle(German f.) hell, pandemonium, abyss, inferno, the bottomless pit, netherworld, purgatory (figurative)
Höllen-(German) infernal
Höllenangst(German f.) terrible fear
Höllenbrut(German f.) hellspawn, fiendish mob (dated)
höllendämlich(German) thick (as a board) (colloquial)
Höllenengel(German m.) Hells Angel (motorcycle gang member)
Höllenfahrt(German f.) descent into hell
Höllenfeuer(German n.) hellfire, hell fire
Höllenfürst(German m.) Prince of Darkness
Höllengerät(German n.) machine from hell
Höllenglut(German f.) hellish heat (figurative)
Höllenhund (s.), Höllenhunde (pl.)(German m.) hound of hell, hellhound
höllenklar(German) mad clear (colloquial)
Höllenkräfte entfesseln(German) to unleash hell
Höllenkreis(German m.) pit of hell
Höllenlärm(German m.) charivari, pandemonium, hellish noise, hell of a row (colloquial)
Höllenmaschine(German f.) infernal machine, time bomb
Höllenpein(German f.) agony (poetic)
Höllenqual (s.), Höllenqualen (pl.)(German f.) agony, terrible agony, torment of hell
Höllenqualen ausstehen(German) to go through the purgatory, to go through hell
Höllenscheu(German f.) hadephobia
Höllenspaß(German m.) fantastic fun
Höllenspektakel(German n.) infernal noise
Höllenstein(German m.) nitrate of silver,lunar caustic, silver nitrate (AgNO3)
Höllenstoff(German m.) explosive
Höllenstrafe (s.), Höllenstrafen (pl.)(German f.) eternal punishment, torment of hell
Höllentemperaturen(German pl.) hellish temperatures
Höllentor(German n.) gates of hell
Höllenwesen(German n.) denizen of hell
Holler(German m. - Austria, Southern Germany) black elder (Sambucus nigra), elder, nonsense (Austria)
Hollerbeere(German f. - Austria, Southern Germany) elderberry
Hollerithkarte(German f.) Hollerith card
Hollerithmaschine(German f.) Hollerith machine
Hollermarmelade(German f. - Austria, Southern Germany) elderberry jam
Hollesley Bay Colony
a 1300 acre site of former Agricultural Training College acquired by Joseph Fels for the Central Unemployment Committee. The college could accommodate 355 men. There were eight glasshouses and 200 acres of gardens, thirty cottages, four groups of farm buildings, an open-air swimming bath, workshops, a warehouse on the river front, a wharf and a tramway connecting the wharf to the farmers' gardens. 300 unemployed men worked there. George Lansbury, and others from Toynbee Hall came down at week-ends to organise classes and recreation. In the end the Local Government Board turned it back into a deterrent workhouse
höllisch(German) hellish, hellishly, infernal, infernally, blazing, purgatorial (figurative), fiendishly, terribly (very)
höllischer Lärm(German m.) hell of a noise, infernal noise
höllischer Preis(German m.) hell of a price
höllisches Glück haben(German) to have the luck of the devil
höllische Zahnschmerzen haben(German) to have the devil of a toothache (colloquial)
höllisch fluchen(German) to swear like a trooper
höllisch heiß(German) hot as the hinges of hell
höllisch lange Zeit(German f.) hell of a long time
Hollow-body guitaran electric guitar body style with a thin body similar to an acoustic guitar
Holly(German Stechpalme, French Houx, Dutch Hulst, European Species: Ilex aquifolium, American Species: I. opaca: Average Weight: ranges from 45 to 55 pounds per cubic foot) Holly is a dense wood that stains well. It was used for inlays and marquetry from at least the sixteenth century on and for small carving pieces
Hollywoodfilm(German m.) Hollywood film, Hollywood movie
Hollywood-Film(German m.) Hollywood film, Hollywood movie
Hollywood-Ikonen(German pl.) Hollywood icons
Hollywoodproduktion(German f.) Hollywood production
Hollywoodschaukel(German f.) swing hammock, garden swing, porch swing
Hollywoodschauspieler (m.), Hollywoodschauspielerin (f.)(German) Hollywood actor, Hollywood actress (f.)
Hollywood-Schriftzug(German m.) Hollywood Sign
Holm (s.), Holme (pl.)(German m.) arbor, cross beam, bar, hillock, tie bar, tie rod, islet, crosspiece, spar, stem (tobacco pipe), cross-piece
Hol' mich der Teufel!(German) Stone the crows!(old-fashioned)
Hol mir ...!(German) Bring me ...!
Hol' mich der Teufel!(German) Stone the crows!(old-fashioned)
Hol mir ...!(German) Bring me ...!
Holocaust(English, German m.) in classical Greek literature, a holocaust was a sacrifice offered to the gods through burning
Holocaust-Gedenkstätte(German f.) holocaust memorial
Holocaust-Leugner(German m.) Holocaust denier
Holocaustleugner(German m.) Holocaust denier
Holocaustleugnung(German f.) Holocaust denial, denial of the Holocaust
Holocaust-Mahnmal(German n.) Holocaust Memorial (in Berlin)
Holocaustopfer (s.), Holocaustopfer (pl.)(German n.) victim of the Holocaust
Holocaust-Syndrom(German n.) survivor guilt
Holocaustüberlebender (m.), Holocaustüberlebende (f.), Holocaustüberlebende (pl.)(German) Holocaust survivor
Holocaust-Überlebender (m.), Holocaust-Überlebende (f.), Holocaust-Überlebende (pl.)(German) holocaust survivor
Holocenea geological epoch which began at the end of the Pleistocene (around 12,000 to 11,500 years ago) and continues to the present. The Holocene is part of the Quaternary period
Holograf(German m.) holograph
Holografie(German f.) holography
holografisch(German) holographic, holographical, holographically
holografischer Speicher(German m.) holographic memory
Hologram3-dimensional image
Hologramm(German n.) hologram (3-dimensional image)
hologrammfrei(German) hologram-free (polishing)
Holographa manuscript wholly in the hand of its composer, author, etc.
Holographic willa will and testament that has been entirely handwritten and signed by the testator
Holographie(German f.) holography
holographisch(German) holographic, holographical, holographically
hologyn(German) hologynic
Hologynicof or pertaining to a heritable trait appearing only in females
Holozän-(German - prefix) Holocene
holozän(German) Holocene
Holozän(German n.) Holocene
holperig(German) bumpily, doggerel, clumsy, bumpy (road, path, etc.), rough (bumpy)
holperige Fahrt(German f.) bumpy ride
holperiger(German) bumpier
holperige Straße(German f.) bumpy road, rough road
holpern(German) to jolt
Holpern(German n.) jolting
Holpern der Räder(German n.) rumble of wheels
holpernd(German) bouncy
Holperpiste(German f.) rutted lane
holprig(German) stuttering, humped, humpy, rough (uneven, bumpy), roughly, jarring, doggerel, clumsy, halting (speech), bumpy (road, path, etc.)
holprige Landung(German f.) bumpy landing
holpriger Weg(German m.) uneven path
holprige Straße(German f.) rough road
Hol's der Teufel.(German) The Devil take it.
Holschuld(German f.) debt collectible by the creditor
Holst du ihn an der Bahn ab?(German) Will you meet him at the train?
Holstein(English, German n.) southern part of Schleswig-Holstein
Holsteiner(German pl.) holsteins
holsteinisch(German) Holstein, Holsteinian
Holsteinische Schweiz(German f.) Holstein Switzerland
Holstein-Rind(German n.) Holstein-Friesian cattle (also known as Holstein or Friesian cattle)
Holsteinrinder(German pl.) Holstein cattle
Holstentor(German n.) Holsten Gate (in Lübeck)
Holster(German n.) holster
holterdiepolter(German) helter-skelter
Holt-Oram-Syndrom(German n.) Holt-Oram syndrome
Holt-Oram syndromean inherited disorder that causes abnormalities of the hands, arms, and heart
Holunder(German m.) elder (genus Sambucus)
Holunderbeere(German f.) elderberry
Holunderblatt (s.), Holunderblätter (pl.)(German n.) elder leaf
Holunderblüte(German f.) elderflower
Holunderblütensaft(German m.) elderberry juice
Holunderblütentee(German m.) elderberry tea, elder blossom tea
Holunderbusch(German m.) elder bush
Holunderstrauch(German m.) elder bush
Holunderwein(German m.) elderberry wine
Holy Communionthe sacrament of the Eucharist
Holy Evesee 'All Hallows Eve'
Holy Ordersthe higher grades of the Christian ministry; those of bishop, priest and deacon
Holy Seethe diocese of the Bishop of Rome; commonly used to denote the authority and jurisdiction of the papacy
Holy Trinitythe three persons of God; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Holy water stoupa small stone basin containing holy water
Holz-(German, prefix) wooden, wood
Holz (s.), Hölzer (pl.)(German n.) wood, timber, lumber, forest, billet (of wood), blade (table tennis)
Holzabfall (s), Holzabfälle (pl.)(German m.) wood waste, wood chips (pl. form), waste wood (pl. form)
Holzabfuhrstraße(German f.) logging road
Holz abhauen(German) to cut timber
Holzachterbahn(German f.) wooden roller coaster
Holzanatomie(German f.) wood anatomy
Holzapfel(German m.) crab apple (fruit), crabapple (tree), crabapple (rather sour fruit), European wild apple
Holzapfel und Schlehwein(German) Dogberry and Verges (characters in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing)
Holzapfelgelee(German m./n.) crabapple jelly
Holzarbeit(German f.) wood work, woodwork
Holz bei der Keuschn haben(German - Austrian) (said of a woman) to be well endowed (colloquial, humorous)
Holzarbeiter (s., pl.)(German m.) woodworker, logger, lumberjack
Holzart (s.), Holzarten (pl.)(German f.) wood species, type of wood, kind of wood, timber species
Holzartenbestimmung(German f.) wood identification
Holzasche(German f.) wood ash
Holzaufbau(German m.) structure of wood
Holzauge, sei wachsam!(German) Keep your eyes peeled!
Holzbalken (s., pl.)(German m.) timber beam, wooden beam
Holzbalkendecke(German f.) wooden beam ceiling, wooden beam flooring
Holzbank(German f.) wooden bench
Holzbarriere(German f.) wooden barrier
Holzbau(German m.) wood construction, timber technology, timber structure, wooden structure
Holzbaustein (s.), Holzbausteine (pl.)(German m.) wooden block
Holzbauten(German pl.) joinery
Holzbauweise(German f.) timber construction
Holzbearbeitung(German f.) woodworking
Holzbearbeitungsmaschine(German f.) wood working machine
holzbefeuert(German) wood-burning, wood-fired
Holzbein(German n.) wooden leg
Holzbeize(German f.) wood stain, woodstain
holzbewohnend(German) wood-dwelling
Holzbiene(German f.) carpenter bee
Holzbildhauer(German m.) wood-carver
Holzbirne(German f.) wild pear (Pyrus pyraster)
Holzbläser(German m. pl.) woodwind
(German m.) woodwind player
Holzbläsergruppe(German f.) woodwind section
Holzbläserquintett(German n.) an ensemble made up of one each of flute (German: Flöte), oboe (German: Oboe), clarinet (German: Klarinette), French horn (German: Horn) and bassoon (German: Fagott)
Holzbläsersextett(German n.) woodwind sextet
Holzblasinstrument (s.), Holzblasinstrumente (pl.)(German n.) woodwind instrument, woodwind(s) (plural form - collective)
Holzblatt(German n.) leaf of wood
Holzblock(German m.) log, wood block
Holzblock im Korpus einer halbakustischen Gitarre(German m.) centre block (in a guitar)
Holzblocktrommel(German f.) wood block (percussion instrument)
Holzbock(German m.) sawing trestle
Holzboden(German m.) wood floor, wooden floor, wood-loft
Holzbodenpflege(German f.) wood floor maintenance
Holzbohle (s.), Holzbohlen (pl.)(German f.) plank
holzbohrend(German) wood-boring
Holzbohrer(German m.) carpenter's brace, wood drill, wood bit, gimlet (hand tool)
Holzbolzen(German m.) nog (a wooden block built into a masonry wall to hold nails that support joinery structures; a wooden peg or pin)
Holzbox(German f.) wooden box
Holzbrandmalerei(German f.) poker work
Holzbrett(German n.) wooden board
Holzbrücke(German f.) wooden bridge
Holzbündel(German n.) faggot
Hölzchen(German n.) small piece of wood, match
Holzdach(German n.) timber roof
Holzdiele (s.), Holzdielen (pl.)(German f.) floorboard
Holzdose(German f.) wooden box (small)
Holzdrechseleinrichtung(German f.) woodworking equipment
Holzdrechseln(German n.) woodturning
Holzdrechsler(German m.) woodturner
Holzdreher(German m.) woodturner
Holzdübel(German m.) peg, wooden dowel, nog, wooden plug, dowel
Holzeinlage(German f.) wood insert
Holzeinschlag(German m.) logging, lumbering
Holzeisenbahn(German f.) wooden train (set)
hölzeln(German - Eastern Austria) to lisp
holzen(German) to play dirty, to play rough, to cut back (dated)
Holzer(German m. - Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland) woodchopper (dated)
hölzern(German) ligneous, woody, of wood, wood, wooden (also figurative), woodenly (figurative), clumsy (figurative), stiff (figurative - of people), awkward (figurative), wooded
hölzerne Abtrennung(German f.) brattice (an often temporary partition of planks or cloth)
hölzerne Gliederpuppe(German f.) Dutch doll
hölzerne Hochzeit(German f.) wood wedding anniversary
hölzerne Kiste(German f.) wooden box
hölzerne Rolle(German f.) round log of wood
hölzerne Schraube(German f.) wooden screw
hölzernes Gelächter(German n.) xylophone
hölzerne Treppe(German f.) wooden stairs
hölzernes Eisen(German n.) wooden iron
Holzernte(German f.) timber harvesting
Holzerzeugnisse(German pl.) timber products
Holzerzeugung(German f.) wood production
Holzessig(German m.) wood vinegar, pyroligneous acid
Holzetui(German n.) wooden case
Holzfachwerk(German n.) timber framework
Holzfällen(German n.) woodcutting (tree felling)
Holz fällen(German) to cut down timber, to fell timber
Holzfäller (s., pl.)(German m.) lumberjack, woodcutter, tree feller, logger, timberjack, wood cutter, timber worker
Holzfällerei(German f.) logging, woodcutting
Holzfällerhemd(German n.) lumberjack shirt
Holzfällerlager(German n.) logging camp
Holzfällerstadt(German f.) logging town
Holzfällerunternehmen(German n.) logging company
Holzfällsaison(German f.) cutting season
Holzfällung(German f.) logging
Holzfarbe(German f.) wood colour
Holzfaser(German f.) wood fibre, (wood) grain
Holzfaserplatte(German f.) fibreboard
Holzfass(German n.) wooden barrel
Holzfassade(German f.) timber facade, wooden facade
Holzfäule(German f.) fungal decay, wood rot, dry rot
Holzfehler(German m.) wood defect
Holzfenster (s., pl.)(German n.) wooden window
Holzfensterläden(German pl.) wooden shutters
Holzfeuchte(German f.) moisture (in wood)
Holzfeuchtemessgerät(German n.) moisture meter (for wood)
Holzfeuchtigkeit(German f.) moisture (in wood)
Holzfeuer(German n.) log fire, wood fire
Holzfigürchen(German n.) wooden figurine
Holzfiguren(German pl.) wooden figures, wooden pieces (chess)
Holzfloß(German n.) raft
Holzflößer (s., pl.)(German m.) raftsman
Holzflöte(German f.) wooden flute, an organ stop
Holzfrachter(German m.) timber carrier
holzfrei(German) wood-free (paper)
holzfreies Papier(German n.) paper free from wood pulp, wood-free paper
Holzfurnier(German n.) wood veneer
Holzfuß(German m.) wooden base
Holzfußboden(German m.) parqueted floor, wood flooring, wood floor, timber flooring, wooden floor
Holzgegenstände(German pl.) articles of wood, wooden articles
Holzgehäuse(German n.) wooden casing
Holzgeist(German m.) methyl alcohol, wood spirit, wood alcohol
Holzgerüst(German n.) timber scaffolding, wooden scaffolding
Holzgestaltung(German f.) wood design
holzgetäfelt(German) wood-panelled
Holzgewächs (s.), Holzgewächse (pl.)(German n.) woody plant
Holzgewebe(German n.) xylem
Holzgewehr(German n.) wooden gun, wooden rifle
Holzgewindeschneider(German m.) screw box
Holzgliedermaßstab(German m.) wooden folding rule
Holzgriff(German m.) wooden handle
Holzhacker(German m.) woodchopper, tree feller, lumberjack
Holz hacken(German) to chop wood
Holzhaken(German m.) wooden hook
holzhaltiges Papier(German n.) wood-containing paper
Holzhammer (s.), Holzhämmer (pl.)(German m.) (wooden) mallet, sledgehammer
Holzhammermethode(German f.) brute-force method
Holzhandel(German m.) timber trade
Holzhändler(German m.) timber dealer, timber merchant
Holzhandwerk(German n.) wood crafts
Holzharmonika(German f.) xylophone
Holzhauer(German m.) woodcutter
Holzhaufen (s., pl.)(German m.) woodpile, pyre (of material to be burned)
Holzhaus (s.), Holzhäuser (pl.)(German n.) framehouse, wooden house, timber cottage
Holzheft(German n.) wooden handle
Holzhof(German m.) timber yard
Holzhütte (s.), Holzhütten (pl.)(German f.) wooden hut, shanty
Holzidol(German n.) wooden idol
holzig(German) woody, ligneous, stringy (vegetables)
holzige Beschaffenheit(German f.) woodiness
holzige Pflanzen(German pl.) woody plants
Holz im Ofen trocknen(German) to kiln-dry wood
Holzindustrie(German f.) timber industry, woodworking industry, wood industry
Holzingenieur (m.), Holzingenieurin (f.)(German) wood engineer
Holzingenieurwesen(German n.) wood engineering
Holzinstrumente(German n.) the woodwind, woodwind instruments
Holzkäfer(German m.) wood beetle (various species)
Holzkassettendecke(German f.) wooden coffered ceiling
Holzkästchen(German n.) little wooden box
Holzkasten(German m.) box made of wood, wooden (storage) box
Holzkeil(German m.) wooden wedge
Holzkern(German m.) wooden core
Holzkeule(German f.) wooden club
Holzkirche(German f.) wooden church
Holzkiste(German f.) wooden box, wooden crate, wood box (for firewood)
Holzkitt(German m.) wood putty
Holzklapper(German m.) whip, slap stick
Holzklapper-Oper(German f.) clapper opera (China)
Holzklasse(German f.) third class, economy class
Holzkleber(German m.) wood glue, wood adhesive
Holz klein machen(German) to chip wood
Holzklotz(German m.) log, block of wood, wooden block, clog
Holzknecht(German m. - Austria) woodcutter
Holzkohle(German f.) charcoal
Holzkohlefragment(German n.) charcoal fragment
Holzkohlegrill(German m.) charcoal grill
Holzkohlenbrikett(German n.) charcoal briquette
Holzkohlenfeuer(German n.) charcoal fire
Holzkohlengrieß(German m.) granulated charcoal
Holzkohlengrill(German m.) charcoal grill
Holzkohlenmeiler(German m.) charcoal kiln
Holzkohlenstaub(German m.) charcoal dust
Holzkohlenstift(German m.) charcoal marker, fusain (fine charcoal in stick form, made from the wood of the spindle tree)
Holzkohlereste(German pl.) charcoal remains
Holz köhlern(German) to burn charcoal
Holzkonservierung(German f.) preservative treatment of wood
Holzkonservierungsmittel(German n.) wood preservative
Holzkonstruktion(German f.) wooden construction, wood construction, timber structure
Holzkopf(German m.) blockhead (colloquial), bonehead (colloquial), numbskull (colloquial), pinhead (colloquial)
holzköpfig(German) wooden-headed
Holzkorb(German m.) log basket
Holzkrug(German m.) noggin
Holzkugel(German f.) bowl
Holzlack(German m.) wood varnish
Holzlager(German n.) lumberyard, timber yard
Holzlatte(German f.) wood lath, wooden slat
Holzlattensitz(German m.) wood slat seat
Holzlege(German f. - regional) woodshed
Holzleim(German m.) wood glue
Holzleiste(German f.) strip of wood, wooden strip
Holzlöffel(German m.) wooden spoon
Holzmaserung(German f.) wood grain
Holzmaske (s.), Holzmasken (pl.)(German f.) wooden mask
Holzmasse(German f.) wood pulp
Holzmehl(German n.) wood flour
Holzmeter(German n./m.) wooden folding rule
Holzmöbel(German n.) wooden furniture
Holznagel(German m.) nog, trenail
Holznutzung(German f.) utilization of wood
Holzoberfläche(German f.) wood surface, wooden surface
Holzofen(German m.) wood-burning stove, wood fired oven, woodstove
Holzöl(German n.) wood oil
Holzölbaum(German m.) tung oil tree
Holzoptik(German f.) (natural) wood look
Holzpalette(German f.) wooden pallet
Holzpantine(German f.) patten, clog
Holzpantoffel(German m.) clog
Holzparkett(German n.) wood parquet
Holzpellet (s.), Holzpellets (pl.)(German n.) wood pellet
Holzperle (s.), Holzperlen (pl.)(German f.) wooden bead
Holzpfahl(German m.) wooden stake
Holzpfeifen(German pl., literally 'wooden pipes') in contrast to the metal pipes in the organ, wooden pipes have a square (very occasionally triangular) cross-section, and give a very soft, quiet sound. They are often included in the main pipe display, not for their acoustic properties, but because of their decorative potential
Holzpfeiler(German pl.) wooden pillars
Holzpferd(German n.) wooden horse
Holzpfette(German f.) timber purlin (timber framing)
Holzpflanze(German f.) woody plant
Holzpflaster(German n.) wood paving, cobblestone wood flooring, wooden paving
Holzpflock (s.), Holzpflöcke (pl.)(German m.) dowel, peg
Holzpier(German m.) wooden pier
Holzplastik(German f.) wooden sculpture
Holzplatte(German f.) wooden board, wooden panel
Holzplatz(German m.) lumberyard, log yard, timber yard
Holzpolitur(German f.) wood polish
Holzpritsche(German f.) wooden pallet
Holzprodukte(German pl.) timber products
Holzproduktion(German f.) wood production
Holzpuppe(German f.) wooden doll, wooden puppet
Holzräder(German pl.) wooden wheels
Holzrahmen(German m.) wooden frame
Holzrahmenbau(German m.) wood frame construction
Holzrahmenbauweise(German f.) wood frame construction, timber frame construction
Holzrahmenhaus(German n.) (timber) frame house
Holzraspel(German f.) wood rasp
Holzraubbau(German m.) over-exploitation of forests
Holzregal(German n.) wooden rack
Holzreichtum(German m.) abundance of timber
Holzrelief(German n.) wood relief
Holzrest(German m.) scrap
Holzring(German m.) wooden ring
Holzrost(German m.) boardwalk
Holzrumpf(German m.) wooden fuselage
Holzsäge(German f.) wood saw
Holzsäger(German m.) sawyer
Holzsarg(German m.) wood coffin
Holzschädling(German m.) wood pest
Holzschale(German f.) wooden bowl
Holzschalenrumpf(German m.) wooden monocoque fuselage
Holzschatulle(German f.) wooden box (for example, a presentation box)
Holzscheit (s.), Holzscheite (pl.)(German n.) log, log of wood, billet of wood, wood billet
Holzscheune(German f.) wood barn, woodbarn
Holzschiff(German n.) wooden ship
Holzschild(German m.) wooden shield
(German n.) wooden sign
Holzschindel(German f.) wooden shingle, timber shingle
Holzschlag(German m.) cutting of timber
Holzschlägel(German m.) wooden stick
Holz schlägern(German - Austrian) to fell timber
Holzschlägerung(German f. - Austria) tree felling
Holzschliff(German m.) wood sanding
Holzschneidekunst(German f.) xylography
Holzschneider(German m.) woodcutter
Holzschneiderkunst(German f.) wood engraving
Holzschnitt (s.), Holzschnitte (pl.)(German m.) woodcut, wood engraving, xylograph, woodblock print, xylography
holzschnittartig(German) wood cut-like, woodcut-like, in a simplistic manner (figurative), broad-brush (figurative)
Holzschnittfolge(German f.) series of woodcuts
Holzschnittkünstler (m.), Holzschnittkünstlerin (f.)(German) woodcut artist
Holzschnitzarbeit(German f.) a wood sculpture, wood carving
Holzschnitzel(German pl.) wood chips
Holzschnitzen(German n.) wood carving (art work)
Holzschnitzer (m.), Holzschnitzerin (f.)(German) woodcarver, wood carver, woodcutter, whittler
Holzschnitzerei (s.), Holzschnitzereien (pl.)(German f.) wood carving, woodcarving, carvings (pl. form)
Holzschopf(German m. - Switzerland) woodshed
Holzschraube(German f.) woodscrew, wood screw, wooden screw
Holz schruppen(German) to plane off timber
Holzschuh (s.), Holzschuhe (pl.)(German m.) (wooden) clog, sabot, patten, wooden shoe
Holzschuhmacher(German m.) clog-maker
Holzschuh mit Korksohle(German m.) cork-soled clog
Holzschuhtanz(German m.) clogging (dancing in clogs), clog dance, wooden shoe dance
[entry extended by Michael Zapf]
Holzschuppen (s., pl.)(German m.) woodshed, wood shed, wooden shed
Holzschutz(German m.) timber proofing, wood preservation
Holzschutzimprägniermittel(German n.) wood preservative
Holzschutzimprägnierung(German f.) preservative wood impregnation, wood preservative (chemical solution used for wood protection)
Holzschutzlasur(German f.) wood varnish
Holzschutzmittel(German n.) wood preservative, timber preservative, (wood) preserver, wood protection agent
Holzschwelle(German f.) wooden sleeper
Holzschwert(German n.) wooden sword
Holzschwindung(German f.) wood shrinkage
Holzskulptur(German f.) wood sculpture, wooden sculpture
Holzsockel(German m.) wooden base
Holzspalthammer(German m.) woodsplitting hammer
Holzspaltkeil(German m.) woodsplitting wedge
Holzspan (s.), Holzspäne (pl.)(German m.) splint, chip of wood, wood shavings (pl. form), wood chippings (pl. form)
Holzspatel(German m.) wooden spatula, tongue depressor
Holzspeichenrad(German n.) wooden-spoked wheel
Holzspielzeug(German n.) wooden toys
Holzspielzeugmacher (m.), Holzspielzeugmacherin (f.)(German) wooden toy maker
Holzspieß(German m.) spit of wood
Holzspiritus(German m.) wood alcohol
Holzspitze(German f.) wooden tip
Holzsplitter(German m.) splinter of wood
Holzstab (s.), Holzstäbe (pl.)(German m.) wooden staff, claves (plural form)
Holzstäbchen(German n.) wooden pick
Holzstadel(German m.) wooden barn
Holzstämme(German pl.) logs
Holzständerwand(German f.) wooden wallboard
Holzstange(German f.) wooden pole, wooden rod
Holzstapel(German m.) wood pile
Holzstatue(German f.) wooden statue
Holzsteige(German f.) wooden crate
Holzstich(German m.) wood engraving
Holzstock(German m.) wood block, woodblock
Holzstoff(German m.) mechanical pulp, lignin
Holzstopfen(German m.) wooden plug
Holzstoß(German m.) pile of wood, woodpile, stack of logs
Holzstruktur(German f.) wood structure, wood texture, wooden structure
Holzstück(German n.) piece of wood
Holzstückchen(German n.) bit of wood
Holzstufe (s.), Holzstufen (pl.)(German f.) wooden step
Holzstuhl(German m.) wooden chair
Holzstütze(German f.) timber stud
Holztafel(German f.) wooden tablet (for writing)
Holztafeldruck(German m.) woodblock printing
Holztäfelung(German f.) wood panels
Holztaube(German f.) wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)
Holztechnik(German f.) wood technology
Holztechniker (m.), Holztechnikerin (f.)(German) wood technician, wood engineer
Holzteer(German m.) wood tar, pine tar
Holzteil(German m.) xylem (of a plant), wooden part
Holzteller(German m.) trencher (wooden plate)
Holztempel(German m.) wooden temple
Holztisch(German m.) wooden table
Holztor(German n.) wooden gate
Holztransport(German m.) transport of wood, timber transport, transport of timber
Holztreppe (s., pl.)(German f.) wooden staircase, wooden stair
Holztrocknungsanlage(German f.) wood drying plant
Holztrommel(German f.) hand drum
Holztrompete(German f.) wooden trumpet (employed in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde)
(German f.) see 'clarinet'
Holztür(German f.) wooden door
Holzturm(German m.) wooden tower
Holz- und Fasertechnologie(German f.) wood and fibre technology
Holz und Strohinstrumentean instrument called for in some Richard Strauss scores, an early xylophone in which the wooden bars are laid on straw ropes, all set on the top of a large table
Holzung(German f.) felling, cutting (trees), logging
Holzunternehmen(German n.) timber company
Holzunterstand(German m.) wood shelter
holzverarbeitend(German) woodworking
holzverarbeitende Industrie(German f.) woodworking industry
Holzverarbeitung(German f.) wood processing
Holzverarbeitungsindustrie(German f.) forest industry
Holzverbundmaterial(German n.) wood composite
Holzvergütung(German f.) modification of wood
Holzverkleidung(German f.) wooden panel, board, panel, wainscot, wood panelling
Holzverpackung(German f.) wooden packaging
Holzverschalung(German f.) wood planking, weather boarding
Holzverschlag(German m.) wooden shed, crate (to transport goods), crating (for transporting goods)
Holzversteigerung(German f.) wood auction sale
Holzvertäfelung(German f.) wood panelling
Holzvollernter(German m.) wood harvester
Holzvorkommen(German pl.) timber resources
Holzvorleger(German m.) wooden bath mat, wooden bathmat
Holzwagenrad(German n.) wooden wagon wheel
Holzwand(German f.) wooden wall
Holzwäscheklammer(German f.) spring-loaded wood clamp
Holzwerkstatt(German f.) wood workshop
Holzwerkstoff (s.), Holzwerkstoffe (pl.)(German m.) wood-based material
Holzwerkstoffindustrie(German f.) wood material industry
Holzwind(German m.) woodwind
Holzwirtschaft(German f.) timber industry
Holzwolle(German f.) wood shavings, wood wool, excelsior
Holzwurm (s.), Holzwürmer (pl.)(German m.) woodworm, wood worm, deathwatch (beetle) (Anobium punctatum)
Holzzaun(German m.) wooden fence
Holzzement(German m.) wood cement
holzzerstörend(German) wood-destroying (for example, insect)
Holzzinn(German m.) wood tin
Holzzockeln(German pl. - Austria) clogs
Holzzucker(German m.) xylose, wood sugar
Holzzuschnitt(German m.) wood cutting
Homagetribute, expression of reverence
Homburg hata style of hat popularized by King Edward VII who was often a guest at the spa town Bad Homburg vor der Höhe in Germany
Homburghut(German m.) Homburg hat
Hombre(Spanish m.) man, humankind
¡hombre!(Spanish) Good Heavens!
Hombre de acción(Spanish m.) man of action
Hombre de estado(Spanish m.) statesman
Hombre de la calle(Spanish m.) man in the street
Hombre de negocios(Spanish m.) businessman
Hombre rana(Spanish m.) frogman
Hombrera(Spanish f.) epaulette, shoulder pad
Hombro(Spanish m.) shoulder
hombruno(Spanish) masculine
Homenaje(Spanish m.) homage, tribute (figurative)
Home notethe note that is the tonic of the home key, for example, on the accordion, C is the home note on a 'C/F Club System' instrument
Homepage(English, German f.) homepage (web page), home page
Homer(English, German m.) ancient Greek poet from c. 8th century BC
Homericof or pertaining to Homer, an ancient Greek poet
Homeric Age of Greeceanother term for the Heroic Age of Greece
Homeric epithetan adjective (usually a compound adjective) repeatedly used for the same thing or person; ‘the wine-dark sea’ and ‘rosy-fingered Dawn’ are famous examples
Homeric laughterloud unrestrained laughter, such as that of the gods
Homeric scholiaancient commentaries on the works of Homer, sometimes written into the margins of ancient manuscripts of Homer
homerisch(German) Homeric
homerische Epen(German pl.) Homeric poems, Homer's epics
homerische Götterwelt(German f.) Homeric theotechny
homerisches Gelächter(German n.) Homeric laughter (figurative)
homerisierend(German) in the style of Homer
Home rowon an accordion, the row of a multiple-row button accordion that is in the home key, the row central to the diatonic arrangment of notes on the instrument. On a 'C/F Club System' accordion, the home row is the C row. On a 'G/C/F International System' accordion, C is the home key and the C row is the home row
Homerscholien(German pl.) Homeric scholia
Homesitter(German m.) house sitter
Hometrainer(German m.) exercise bike
Homilarybook containing the homilies or teachings of the early fathers of the Christian church
Homilet(German m.) homiletician
Homileticiaone who engages in homiletics
Homileticsthe study of the analysis, classification, preparation, composition and delivery of sermons, homilies and the like
Homiletik(German f.) homiletics
homiletisch(German) homiletic, homiletical
Homiliar(German n.) homiliarium, homilary (book of homilies)
Homiliarium(Latin, German n.) homiliarium, homilary
Homilie (s.), Homilien (pl.)(German f.) homily
Homilya sermon, or a short, exhortatory work to be read before a group of listeners in order to instruct them spiritually or morally
hominal(English, German) of humankind as a species
Hominide(German m.) hominid (family Hominidae)
Hominidenfossil(German n.) hominid fossil
Hominisation(English, German f.) the evolutionary process leading to the development of human characteristics that distinguish hominids from other primates
Hominya farinaceous dish made of maize
Hominologie(German f.) hominology
Hominologythe study of hominids, specifically, relict hominid
homizid(German) homicidal
Homizid(German m.) homicide
Hommage(German f., French m.) tribute, homage
Homme de bien(French m.) a respectable man
Homme de coeur(French m.) a sensitive man, a man of feeling
Homme de lettres(French m., German m.) a professional literary man, a man of letters
Homme de qualité(French m.) a man of quality
Homme d'esprit(French m.) a wit, a man of sparkling repartee
Homme du monde(French m.) a man of the world, a man who inhabits good society
Homme du peuple(French m.) a working-class man, a man who betrays his humble origins
Homme moyen sensuel(French m.) the man in the street
Homme-orchestre(French m.) one-man band, a man who performs several skills simultaneously
Homme sensible(French m.) a sensitive man, a man of feeling
Homme sérieux(French m.) an earnest man, one not given to the frivolous
Homo(English, German m.) the genus Homo, as in Homo sapiens
Homocorean alternate term for 'queercore'
Homoeoteleuton (s.), Homoeoteleuta (pl.)(Greek) the occurrence of two words or phrases with the same ending, the result of inaccurate copying (for example, through omission)
Homo erectus(English, German m.) an extinct species of hominid that lived from the end of the Pliocene epoch to the later Pleistocene, with the earliest first fossil evidence dating to around 1.8 million years ago and the most recent to around 300,000 years ago
Homoerotik(German f.) homoeroticism, homoerotism
homoerotisch(German) homoerotic
Homo faber(English, German m.) a philosophical concept articulated by Hannah Arendt and Max Scheler that refers to humans as controlling the environment through tools
Homo floresiensis(English, German m.) a possible species, now extinct, in the genus Homo. The remains of an individual were discovered in 2003 on the island of Flores in Indonesia
homofon(German) homophonic, homophonous
Homofon(German n.) homophone
Homofoni(Danish, Swedish) homophony
Homofonia(Finnish) homophony
Homofonía(Spanish f.) homophony
homofónica(Spanish) homophonic
Homofonie(German f., Dutch) homophony
homogen(German) homogeneous, homogeneously, uniform (homogeneous), homogenous
Homogeneoussimilar or the same as something else, having the same composition throughout, uniform
in music, the term is met when discussing those cultures that have remained relatively free of outside influences. Irish music, particularly that associated with Irish dancing, has been consciously preserved and is still celebrated as part of the island's rich history. One may hear the influence of Irish music on the culture of other lands, but within the island itself the old tunes and the old way of dancing, continue to flourish relatively untouched by the cultures of other societies. This may not be the case for much longer. Voice of America reports: "in just one decade, Ireland has gone from being a net-exporter, to being a net-importer of people. The country that famously supplied the United States with more than a million and a half immigrants between 1845 and 1860, and which continued to flood America's shores well into the 20th century, is now home to about four hundred thousand immigrants from as far away as China and South Africa"
in music, the term is met also when discussing music that changes little rhythmically or texturally as the piece progresses. This is generally a characteristic of pieces of relatively short duration but would be considered a limitation were the work to be more extended in which case one might expect some variety both in rhythm and texture
homogenisiert(German) homogenised
homogenisierte Milch(German f.) homogenised milk
homogenisierte Sahne(German f.) homogenised cream
Homogenität (s.), Homogenitäten (pl.)(German f.) homogeneity
Homograf (s.), Homografe (pl.)(German n.) homograph
homografisch(German) homographic
Homograph (s.), Homographe (pl.)(English (s.), German n.) one of two or more words that have the same spelling but differ in origin, meaning, and sometimes pronunciation
homographisch(German) homographic
Homo habilis(English, German m.) a species of the genus Homo, which lived from approximately 1.4 to 2.33 million years ago, during the Gelasian Pleistocene period
Homoiostase(German f.) homeostasis
homolog(German) homologous
Homolog(German n.) homologue
Homólogo (m.), Homóloga (f.)(Spanish) opposite number
homólogo (m.), homóloga (f.)(Spanish) homologous, comparable
Homologouscorresponding or similar in position
homónimo (m.), homónima (f.)(Spanish) homonymous
homonym(German) homonymous
Homonym (s.), Homonyme (pl.)(English (s.), German n.) one of a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings
Homonymie(German f.) homonymy
Homonymität(German f.) homonymity
Homonymitythe property of a group of words pronounced the same but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not
Homonymyaspect of language in which, through historical accident, two or more words may sound and look alike
Homo oeconomicus(English, German m.) a term that describes the rational human being assumed by some economists when deriving, explaining and verifying theories and models
Homöodynamik(German f.) homeostasis
Homöopath (s.), Homöopathen (pl.)(German m.) homoeopath
Homöopathie(German f.) homoeopathy
Homöopathika(German pl.) homoepathics, homoeopathic agents
Homöopathikum(German n.) homoeopathic (agent)
homöopathisch(German) homoeopathic, homoeopathically
homöopathische Arzneimittelprüfung(German f.) homoeopathic drug proving
Homöostase(German f.) homoeostasis
Homöostasestörung(German f.) homoeostatic imbalance
Homöostasie(German f.) homoeostasis
Homöostasis(German f.) homoeostasis
homöostatisch(German f.) homoeostatic, homoeostatically
homophob(German) homophobic
Homophober (m.), Homophobe (f.)(German) homophobe
Homophobie(German f.) homophobia
homophob sein(German) to be homophobic
homophon(German) homophonic, homophonous
Homophon(German n.) homophone
Homophonein music, two strings tuned to produce the same note
in phonetics, different words that sound alike, whether or not they are spelled alike
(French) homophonic
Homophoniccommonly used to mean music written in a chordal or familiar style (i.e. homophony), as opposed to music that is polyphonic (having many independent parts) or antiphonic (where musical lines alternate)
many commentators use this term for music in which one voice leading melodically, is supported by an accompaniment in chordal or in a somewhat more elaborate style. On the basis of this definition, practically all music of the nineteenth century is homophonic, the term being used as the opposite of polyphonic, which is where every part is making an equivalent contribution to the musical whole
Homophonie(German f.) homophony, that is part-music in which all the voices move in the same rhythm (which is, in fact, the literal meaning of the Greek term), equivalent to the terms 'strict chordal style' or 'familiar style'. Some American writers have adopted this meaning for the word 'homophonic'
(French) monophonic music
(French) enharmonic change
Homophonyhomofonía (Spanish), omofonia (Italian), homophonie (French), Homophonie (German)
a musical composition for 2 or more parts with a single melody line, all other parts serving as accompaniments with matching rhythm, i.e. homorhythmic
Homorhythmicalso called 'note-against note', polyphonic lines played together have the same rhythm but independent melodies resulting in a 'block chord' effect, for example, some medieval conductus and many modern day hymns
homorhythmisch(German) homorhythmic
homorrítmica(Spanish) homorhythmic
Homo sapiens(Latin, German m.) rational man, (a member of) the human species
homosexualitätsfeindlich(German) homophobic
Homosexuellenehe(German f.) same-sex marriage
Homosexuellenverfolgung(German f.) persecution of homosexuals
Homosocialitya term describing same-sex relationships that are not of a romantic or sexual nature, such as friendship, mentorship, or others
Homosozialität(German f.) homosociality
Homo trium litterarum(Latin, literally 'three letter man') a thief (a reference to the three letters f, u and r which, in Latin, spell 'thief')
Homo unius libri(Latin, literally 'a man of one book') a man exceedingly well versed in a single favourite book (generally implying that he is ignorant of everything else)
Homunculus (s.), Homunculi (pl.)(Latin) a tiny man, a pigmy, a miniature man made by artificial means
Homunkulus (s.), Homunkuli (pl.)(German m.) homunculus (s.), homunculi (pl.)
honderd(Dutch) hundred
Hondo(Spanish, literally 'deep and profound') also cante hondo, a sad, Andalusian song employing microtones
Honahle(German f.) honing tool
Honduraner (m.), Honduranerin (f.), Honduraner (pl.)(German) Honduran
honduranisch(German) Honduran
honen(German) to hone
Honen(German n.) honing
Honey songs(Central African Pygmies) campfire songs from the Mbuti people
Hongkonger (m.), Hongkongerin (f.)(German) Hong Konger, Hong Kong man (m.), Hong Kong woman (f.)
Hongkong-Grippe(German f.) Hong Kong flu
Hong Kong hip hop
Hongkong-popsee 'Canto pop'
Honig(German m.) honey
Honigbecher(German m.) honey jar
Honigbiene (s.), Honigbienen (pl.)(German f.) honeybee
honigbraun(German) honey brown
Honigbraun(German n.) honey brown
honigfarben(German) honey (colour)
honiggelb(German) honey (colour)
Honigglas(German n.) honey jar
Honigkuchen(German m.) honey cake
Honig-Limetten-Dressing(German n.) honey lime dressing
Honiglöffel(German m.) honey spoon, honey dipper
Honigmond(German m.) honeymoon
Honig produzierend(German) melliferous
Honig schleudern(German) to extract honey
Honigseim(German m.) virgin honey
honigsüß(German) honeyed (speech, voice), oversweet, syrupy (smile, voice), as sweet as honey, candied, treacly (figurative), mellifluous (word)
Honigtau(German m.) honeydew
Honigtauhonig(German m.) honeydew honey
Honigtopf(German m.) honeypot
Honigwabe(German f.) honeycomb, bees' nest, honey-comb
Honigwein(German m.) mead
Honi soit qui mal y pense(Old French) 'shame on him who thinks evil of it' (motto of the Order of the Garter)
Honky punka mix of honky tonk music and punk rock
Honky-tonk effectsome upright pianos use the middle pedal as a practice pedal, which lowers a thick piece of felt between the hammers and strings, muffling the tone. A special feature is the honky-tonk effect produced with the middle pedal being used to lower metal studded tap strips between the hammer and the string. This is often called a 'zither', 'harp' or 'mando'
there is a method for creating the 'Honky-Tonk' effect via tuning. However, there is no agreement about exactly how it should be accomplished. One point of agreement is that the effect is created by shifting the pitch of one string per note in the entire tri-chord section by 2-5 Hz, which causes a very noticeable 'twanging' sound. A few people also said that the lower couple of octaves should be left alone.
Another point that was mentioned by a few people was the need for a fairly high degree of consistency. Realistically speaking, this seems to eliminate deviating the pitch by any particular number of cents since a 3 Hz shift at A=440 Hz would be about a 12 cent shift, while the same cents shift at A=880 Hz would be about a 7 Hz shift in frequency.
Honky-tonk (music)(English, Honkytonk (German n.)) named after a type of bar common throughout the southern United States, also called 'Honkatonk' or 'Honkey-tonk', the first 'honky tonk' music was first played by country music bands in and around Texas during the 1930s and 1940s. Honky Tonk bands often used electric instruments and produced a strong, rhythm-centred style of piano playing related to ragtime that went on to influence boogie woogie and rock and roll. Honky Tonk music is associated with uprooted rural people, and its lyrics deal chiefly with the social problems associated with their migration. The music of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, and Ernest Tubb is perhaps most representative of the Honky Tonk style. By the last third of the twentieth century, the term was being applied to what had formerly been called 'Hillbilly Music' and more recently 'Country Music'
Honleiste(German f.) honing stone retainer
Honmaschine(German f.) honing machine
Honnête homme(French m.) a decent, respectable man
honnête(French) honest, good, virtuous, upright, respectable, decent, polite
Honöl(German n.) honing oil
Honoluluer (m.), Honoluluerin (f.)(German) Honolulan
Honorar (s.), Honorare (pl.)(German n.) honorarium (s.), honoraria (pl.), fee (payment to professional people; for example, doctors), remuneration, professional fee, royalty (s.), royalties (pl.)
Honorar als ehrenhafte Vergütung(German n.) honorarium
Honorarangebot(German n.) remuneration offer
Honorar des Arztes(German n.) doctor's fee
Honorarios(Spanish m. pl.) fees
Honorarium (s.), Honoraria (pl.)(Latin) a fee for professional service
Honorarkonsul(German m.) honorary consul
Honorarkonsulat(German n.) honorary consulate
Honorarmitarbeiter(German m.) honorary co-worker, co-worker paid a fee, co-worker paid royalties
Honorarnote(German f.) fee note
Honorarordnung(German f.) official scale of fees for services by architects and engineers
Honorarpauschale(German f.) retainer
Honorarprofessor(German m.) honorary professor (one who is not primarily an academic and has no voice in faculty matters)
Honorar-Professor(German m.) honorary professor (one who is not primarily an academic and has no voice in faculty matters)
Honorarprofessur(German f.) honorary professorship (a position, not primarily academic, where the holder has no voice in faculty matters)
Honorarvereinbarung(German f.) contingency fees (for example, fees paid on a 'no-win-no-fee' basis)
Honorarverteilungsmaßstab(German m.) remuneration distribution scale
Honorarvorschuss(German m.) retainer fee
Honoratior (s.), Honoratioren (pl.)(German m.) notable (prominent person), dignitary
honorieren(German) to honour, to meet (obligations, etc.), to pay, to appreciate, to acknowledge
honorig(German) honourable, respectable (dated)
Honoris causa(Latin) an honorary degree (for example, an honorary doctorate, awarded without the customary examination)
Honorar zahlen(German) to pay a fee
Honstein(German m.) honing stone
Hoodoo(German n.) conjure (African folk magic)
Hoodoozauberin(German f.) 'conjure woman' (in Hoodoo)
Hoochee-Coocheesee 'Hootchy-Kootchy'
Hoochie Coochie(German m.) Hoochie-Coochee
Hoochy Coochy(German m.) Hoochie-Coochee
Hood moulda projecting moulding on an arch, above a door or over a window
Hoofdmelodie(Dutch) voice part
Hoofdvorm(Dutch) sonata form
Hooferintroduced in the 1920s, originally a general term for any dancer although the term is now more specifically applied to a tap dancer
Hooghlimost western branch of the River Ganges on the banks of which Calcutta is situated
Hoog van toon(Dutch) treble
parts of the note   synonymous with 'flag'
(German f, English - in French, motif accrocheur) a musical idea, a passage or phrase, that is believed to be catchy and helps the song stand out; it is "meant to catch the ear of the listener", a term that applies generally to popular, especially pop music
in composition and professional fiction writing, a hook is a snappy, quick-moving opening that gets the reader's attention early in an essay or short story
in linguistics, a diacritical mark used in some eastern European languages like Polish and Lithuanian
Hookah(Arabic) Oriental pipe in which the smoke bubbles through secented water before being inhaled through a long flexible tube
Hook harpor 'hooked harp', called arpa anottolini in Italian, the name describes a series of U shaped hooks set in its wooden neck of a harp which enable a performer to change keys relatively quickly. The hooks, adjusted by hand, shorten the length of a string which raises the pitch of the note
Hooked harpsee 'hook harp'
Hooke's lawa first order linear approximation to the real response of springs and other elastic bodies to applied forces
hookesches Gesetz(German n.) Hooke's law
Hooke'sches Gesetz(German n.) Hooke's law
Hookline(German f.) hook (popular music)
Hooligan(English, German m.) a tough and aggressive or violent youth
Hooliganismus(German m.) hooliganism
HöömeïTuvan throat singing
Hoomisee höömeï
Hoon(Korean) a tear-shaped globular ocarina made out of clay
Hootchy-Kootchyor 'Hoochee-Coochee', shimmy and shake, all terms used to describe the 'belly dance' first performed by Farida Mazar Spyropoulos at Sol Bloom's 'Egyptian Theater' in thew 1890s
Hoover soundin electronic music, a 'Hoover' is a synth sound commonly used in Hard House music and other styles
Hopafter Cecil Hopkinson, the cataloguer of music by John Field (1782-1837)
Hopak(English, German m.) see gopak
Hopcorea fusion of hardcore punk and hip hop music
hopfen(German) to hop (to flavour with hops)
Hopfen(German m.) hop (genus Humulus), hops
Hopfenaroma(German n.) aroma of hops
Hopfendarre(German f.) hop kiln, oast house
Hopfenfeld(German n.) hop field
Hopfengarten(German m.) hop garden
Hopfengeschmack(German m.) hoppy taste, taste of hops
Hopfenhainbuche(German f.) witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana L.)
Hopfenkaltschale(German f.) beer
Hopfenpflanzer(German m.) hop grower
Hopfenpflücken(German n.) hop-picking
Hopfenpflücker(German m.) hop-picker
Hopfenpflug(German m.) hop plough
Hopfenstange(German f.) hop pole
Hopfentee(German m.) hop tea, beer (humorous)
hopfig(German) hoppy
hopfiger Geruch(German m.) hoppy odour
Hoplit(German m.) hoplite
Hoplitecitizen-soldiers of Ancient Greek city-states who were primarily armed as spearmen and fought in phalanx formation
Hoppala!(German) Oops-a-daisy! (colloquial)
hoppande rörelse(Swedish) disjunct motion
Hoppelhäschen(German n.) bunny
hoppeln(German) to scamper (squirrel, rabbit), to lollop, to scuttle
Hoppelpoppel(German n.) eggnogg, breakfast made from scrambled egg with ham and fried potatoes
hopp, hopp!(German) chop-chop! (colloquial)
hoppla(German) upsa-daisy, upsadaisy, upsy-daisy, whoops, oops
Hoppla!(German) Whoops! (colloquial), Uh-oh!, Oops!, Whoa there!
hopplahop(German) slapdash
Hops (s.), Hopse (pl.)(German m.) hop, hopscotch (plural form)
hopsen(German) to hop, to jump
Hopser(German m. - literally, 'a little jump') an old German dance in 2/4 time, the origin of the nineteenth-century dances galop, écossaise and Rheinländer
Hopserei(German f.) jumping about, jumping around, leaping about, leaping around
Hopserlauf(German m.) high knee skips
hopsgehen(German) to get broken, to kick the bucket (colloquial - to die), to croak (colloquial - to die), to bite the dust (colloquial - to die), to pack up (colloquial - to break down), to go missing, to get lost
hopsnehmen(German) to nab (colloquial - to apprehend a wrong-doer)
Hopstanz(German m.) a hop-dance, that is one where the dance movement consists of a combination of steps with a hop
Hopswalzer(German m.) an old 'hopping' waltz in a lively 3/4 time
Hoquet(French m.) in music, hocket
(French m.) hiccough
hoqueter(French) to hiccough
Hoquetus (s.), Hoqueti (pl.)(German m., Latin) hocket
Hör-(German - prefix) audio, auricular, auditory, aural, audible
Hor(German m.) Horus (ancient Egyptian god)
Hora (s.), Hore (pl.)(from the ancient Greek art form chorea) Isreali and Balkan ring dance, popular during wedding celebrations, popular festivals, an essential part of the social entertainment in rural areas. It also features on the concert platform, for example, Hora staccato by Grigoras Dinicu & Jascha Heifetz
Horaalso horagai, bai or bonbai, a large shell used as trumpet-type instrument. The horagai is not a Conch shell, but either the Pacific Triton or the Shank shell
(65-8 BC)
Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus
hora de (name of country, city, time zone)(Spanish) local time (for example, if the city is Paris, the translation will be 'Parisian local time')
Horae(Latin) hours
Horae canonicae(Latin) canonical hours
Horae lungasee cîntec lung
Horae regulares(Latin) chants sung at prescribed hours in convents and monasteries
Horae subsecivae(Latin) moments of leisure, periods away from one's normal duties
Horagaisee hora
Hörakustik(German f.) audiology, auditory acoustics, hearing acoustics
Hora lungasee cîntec lung
Höranforderungen(German pl.) hearing requirements
Höranpassung(German f.) adaptation (of hearing)
Hörapparat (s.), Hörapparate (pl.)(German m.) hearing aid
Horario(Spanish m.) schedule, timetable, hour hand (of a clock, watch)
la empresa ofrece horario flexible (Spanish: the company offers flextime, the office offers flexitime)
Horario continuo(Spanish m.) continuous working day (usually from eight to three) with no break for lunch
Horario corrido(Spanish m. - Latin America) continuous working day (usually from eight to three) with no break for lunch
Horario de atención al público(Spanish m.) hours of business, opening hours
Horario de visitas(Spanish m.) visiting hours
Horario intensivo(Spanish m.) continuous working day (usually from eight to three) with no break for lunch
Horario partido(Spanish m.) working day with a long break for lunch
Horas de consulta(Spanish surgery hours
Horas de máxima audiencia(Spanish peak viewing, prime time
Horas de mayor audiencia(Spanish peak viewing, prime time
Horatianof or pertaining to the Roman poet, Horace
Horatio Alger talenamed for the American author Horatio Alger (1832-1899), the phrase is applied to any 'rags to riches' story no matter how far-fetched
Hör auf!(German) Stop it!, Quit it!
Hör auf damit!(German) Cut it out! (colloquial), Don't go on like that!, Stop it!, Pack it in! (colloquial), Cut that out! (colloquial), Knock it off! (colloquial)
Hör auf dein Herz.(German) Listen to your heart.
Hör auf, dir Sorgen zu machen!(German) Stop worrying!
Hör auf herumzualbern!(German) Quit messing around!
Hör auf, in Rätseln zu sprechen.(German) Stop talking in riddles.
Hör auf, mich zu belästigen!(German) Stop bothering me!
Hör auf, mich zu nerven!(German) Get off my back! (colloquial)
Hör auf mit der Frotzelei!(German) Stop teasing!
Hör auf zu flüstern.(German) Stop whispering.
Hör auf zu jammern.(German) Stop whining., Stop complaining., Stop wailing!
Hör auf zu reden!(German) Stop talking!, Stop chatting!
Hör auf zu schreien!(German) Stop screaming!
Hör auf zu stänkern!(German) Stop being so spiteful!
Hör auf zu träumen!(German) Get real. (colloquial)
Horaysee 'walkaround'
Horaz(German m.) Horace
horazisch(German) Horatian
Hörbahn(German f.) auditory pathway, auditory system
hörbar(German) audible, perceptible, audibly, distinguishable (audible)
hörbar einrasten(German) to click into place
hörbare Frequenz(German f.) audible frequency
hörbare Reichweite(German f.) audible range
hörbares Alarmsignal(German n.) audible alarm
hörbares Flüstern(German n.) stage whisper
Hörbarkeit(German f.) audibility, audibleness
Hörbarkeitsbereich(German m.) range of audibility
Hörbarkeitsgrenze(German f.) limit of audibility, hearing threshold level
Hörbarkeitsschwelle(German f.) absolute threshold (hearing threshold)
hörbar-sichtbar(German) audio-visual
hörbeeinträchtigt(German) hearing-impaired
Hörbeeinträchtigung(German f.) hearing impairment
hörbehindert(German) hearing-impaired, with impaired hearing, hard of hearing, partially deaf (hard of hearing)
Hörbehinderter (s.), Hörbehinderte (pl.)(German m.) hearing-impaired (person)
Hörbeispiel(German n.) audio example
Hörbereich(German m.) audible range, acoustic range, range of audibility
Hörbericht(German m.) running commentary
Hör bitte auf, so einen Wirbel zu machen.(German) Please, stop fussing.
Hör bloß damit auf.(German) Don't get me started. (colloquial)
Hörbrille(German f.) hearing-aid glasses, hearing-aid spectacles
Hörbuch (s.), Hörbücher (pl.)(German n.) audio book, talking book (for the blind)
Hörbücherei(German f.) talking-book library
Hörbuch-Fan(German m.) audio book fan
Hörbuchfassung(German f.) audio version (of the book)
Hörbuchsprecher (m.), Hörbuchsprecherin (f.)(German) audio book narrator, audiobook narrator
Hörbuchverlag(German m.) audio publisher (firm)
Hörbuchvorleser(German m.) audiobook reader
Hörcharakteristik(German f.) range of audibility
Horchatathe original and ancient recipe for horchata uses chufa ('tiger nut'). Today, in Mexico, horchata is made from rice and has a completely different taste from the original
horchen(German) to hark, to harken (archaic), to listen, to eavesdrop
horchen auf(German) to listen to, to listen for
horchend(German) harking (archaic), hearkening (archaic)
Horcher (m.), Horcherin (f.), Horcher (pl.), Horcherinnen (f. pl.)(German) eavesdropper
Horchgerät(German n.) sound locator, sound detector, hydrophone
Horchposten(German m.) listening post
Horchstelle(German f.) communications intercept station
Horchtest(German m.) listening test
Hör damit auf!(German) Cease that!
Hördauer(German f.) time spent by people listening to the radio
Horde (s), Horden (pl.)(German f.) mob, crowd, horde, rack
Hördefizit(German n.) hearing deficiency
Hordentrockner(German m.) cabinet dryer, tray dryer
Hordeolum(German n.) hordeolum (or stye, a common disorder of the eyelid)
Hör dir den an!(German) Hark at him! (colloquial)
Hördistanz [außer](German f.) [out of] earshot
Hördistanz [in](German f.) [within] earshot
Hör doch auf!(German) Give it a rest!, Get out of here! (colloquial)
Hör doch endlich auf!(German) (Will you) stop it!
Hör doch zu!(German) Do listen!
Hordoleum(German n.) stye (a common disorder of the eyelid)
Hore (s), Horen (pl.)(German f.) (canonical) hour, horae (plural form)
Höre ich da einen leisen Vorwurf?(German) Do I detect a rebuke?
Hörempfindlichkeit(German f.) hearing sensitivity, auditory sensitivity
Hörempfindung(German f.) auditory sensation, hearing sensation
Hören(German n.) hearing, listening
horen(Dutch) to hear, to listen to
hören(German) to listen, to get to know, to hear, to hearken (archaic), to learn, to read (for a degree), to obey
hörend(German) hearing, listening, auditive, auditory
Hör endlich auf damit!(German) Don't keep harping on about it!
hörengesagt(German - dated) by hearsay
Hören im Raum(German n.) spatial hearing
Hörensagen(German n.) hearsay
Hören Sie.(German) Look.
Hören Sie auf meinen Rat!(German) Take my advice!
Hören Sie mal!(German) I say!
Hören Sie, was ich sage?(German) Do you hear what I'm saying?
hörenswert(German) worth hearing
Hörentfernung [außer](German f.) [out of] earshot
Hörentfernung [in](German f.) [within] earshot
hören von(German) to hear of, to hear about, to hear from
Hörer (m.s.), Hörer ( earpiece, handset, phone, receiver, earphone
Hörer (m.s.), Hörerin (f.s.), Hörer ( hearer, listener, student
Hörer abheben.(German) Lift the handset.
Hörer auflegen.(German) Replace the handset.
Hörerbefragung(German f.) radio audience survey
Hörereignis(German n.) auditory event
Hörereignisrichtung(German f.) direction of (the) auditory event
Hörerfolg(German m.) hearing success
Hörergabel(German f.) receiver cradle
Hörerhalt(German m.) hearing preservation
Hörerkabel(German n.) phone receiver cable
Hörerkreis(German m.) audience
Hörerlebnis(German n.) listening experience
Hörermüdung(German f.) hearing fatigue
Hörerpost(German f.) listeners' response
Hörerschaft(German f.) audience, listeners (collective)
Hörerschlauch(German m.) acoustic tube (hearing tube), earpiece tube
Hörerschnur(German f.) handset cord, phone cord
Hörerwunsch(German m.) a listener's request
Hörerziehung(German f.) auditory education
Hör es dir an!(German) Give it a listen! (piece of music, etc.)
Höre zum richtigen Zeitpunkt auf!(German) Quit while you're ahead!
Hörfächer(German m.) acoustic fan (fans with acoustic lined chambers to reduce noise emission)
hörfähig(German) able to hear
Hörfähigkeit(German f.) hearing ability, ability to hear
Hörfaser(German f.) Corti's rod (an element of the auditory system, one of a series of rodlike bodies in the inner ear, having their heads joined and their bases on the basilar membrane widely separated so as to form a spiral tunnel)
Hörfehler(German m.) auditory defect, hearing defect
Hörfeld(German n.) audible range, auditory field, auditory (sensation) area
Hörfläche(German f.) hearing range, audible range, auditory sensation area, auditory field
Hörfrequenz(German f.) audio frequency, audible frequency
Hörfrequenzbereich(German m.) audible frequency range
Hörfunk(German m.) sound radio, radio, radio broadcasting
Hörfunkanstalt(German f.) radio broadcasting company
Hörfunkbeitrag(German m.) radio report
Hörfunkdienste(German pl.) radio broadcasting services
Hörfunkjournalismus(German m.) radio journalism
Hörfunksender(German m.) radio station
Hörfunksendung(German f.) audio transmission, radio programme, radio show
Hörfunkspot(German m.) radio spot, radio commercial
Hörfunkstudio(German n.) radio studio
Hörfunktion(German f.) auditory function, hearing function
hörgemindert(German) hearing-impaired
Hörgerät (s.), Hörgeräte (pl.)(German n.) acoustic instrument, deaf-aid, deaf aid, hearing instrument, hearing aid
Hörgerätbenutzer(German m.) hearing aid user
Hörgeräteakustiker(German m.) hearing aid audiologist, hearing aid technician
Hörgeräteanpasser(German m.) hearing aid fitter
Hörgeräteanpassung(German f.) hearing aid fitting
Hörgerätebenutzer(German m.) hearing aid user
Hörgeräte-Fachgeschäft(German n.) hearing aid dealer
Hörgerätefachmann(German m.) audioprosthologist
Hörgerätehändler(German m.) hearing aid dealer
Hörgerätemikrofon(German n.) hearing aid microphone
Hörgerätemikrophon(German n.) hearing aid microphone, hearing aid's microphone
Hörgerätetechnologie(German f.) hearing aid technology
Hörgerätetyp(German m.) type of hearing aid
hörgeschädigt(German) hearing-impaired, aurally handicapped
Hörgeschädigter (m.), Hörgeschädigte (f.), Hörgeschädigte (pl.)(German) hearing-impaired person
hörgestört(German) hearing-impaired
Hörgewinn(German m.) hearing gain
Hörgewohnheiten(German pl.) listening habits
Hör-Gleichgewichtsnerv(German m.) vestibulocochlear nerve, auditory vestibular nerve
Hörgrenze(German f.) auditory threshold, limit of audibility
Hör gut zu.(German) Listen carefully.
Hörhilfe(German f.) acoustic instrument, deaf-aid, hearing aid
Hörhilfegerät(German n.) hearing aid device
Hörhilfsmittel(German pl.) assistive listening devices
hörige Leihe(German f.) villein tenure, villein socage
Höriger (s.), Hörige (f.), Hörige (pl.)(German) villein, bondman (m.), bondwoman (pl.), socman (a tenant holding land by socage)
Hörigkeit(German f.) bondage, enslavement, serfdom
hörig sein(German) to be in bondage
Hörillusion(German f.) auditory illusion
Hörimplantat(German n.) hearing implant
Horizont (s.), Horizonte (pl.)(German m.) horizon, skyline, field of vision, ken (a person), context (figurative)
horizontal(German) horizontally, horizontal, level
Horizontalablenkung(German f.) horizontal deflection, horizontal deviation
Horizontale(French f.) a high-class prostitute
horizontale Ablenkung(German f.) horizontal deflection
horizontale Achse(German f.) horizontal axis
Horizontalebene(German f.) transverse plane, horizontal plane
horizontale Bettfräsmaschine(German f.) (horizontal) bed-type milling machine
horizontale Dimension(German f.) horizontal dimension
horizontale Fläche(German f.) horizontal plane
horizontales Versetzen(German n.) horizontal displacement (by a step)
horizontale Teilung(German f.) horizontal split (for example, on a screen)
Horizontalfläche(German f.) horizontal surface
Horizontalkraft(German f.) horizontal force
Horizontallage(German f.) horizontal position
Horizontalschleifmaschine(German f.) horizontal grinding machine
Horizontalschnitt(German m.) horizontal cut
Horizontalsonnenuhr(German f.) horizontal sundial
Horizontalsperre(German f.) damp-proof course
horizontal spiegeln(German) to flip horizontally
horizontal unterteilt(German) transomed (window)
Horizontalverschiebung(German f.) horizontal shift, horizontal displacement
Horizonte erweitern(German) to widen horizons
Horizontierschraube(German f.) jack screw
Horizontlinie(German f.) horizon line
horizontrieren(German) to level
Hörkabine(German f.) auditory booth
Hörkapsel(German f.) earphone
Hörkomfort(German m.) hearing comfort
Hörkunstsee 'acoustic art'
Hörkurve(German f.) hearing curve, audiogram
Horlepijp(Dutch) hornpipe
Horloge à carillon(French f.) chiming clock
Hör mal ...(German) Listen ...
Hör' mal!(German) Hark! (archaic)
Hör mal rein!(German) Give it a listen! (piece of music, etc.)
Hör mal zu!(German) Listen!
Hörmedium(German n.) audio medium
Hormigón(Spanish m.) concrete
Hormigón armado(Spanish m.) reinforced concrete
Hörminderung(German f.) hearing impairment, hearing deficiency, hearing loss
Hör mir ganz genau zu!(German) Listen very carefully.
Hör mir genau zu.(German) Read my lips.
Hör mir zu!(German) Listen to me!
Hör mit dem Nörgeln auf!(German) Stop nagging!
Hör mit dem Unsinn auf!(German) Stop this nonsense!
Hör mit diesem Quatsch auf!(German) Stop being silly!
Hörmittel(German pl.) hearing aids
Horn(English, German n.) a family of instruments made variously of metal, animal horn or wood, corno (Italian m., Spanish m.), Waldhorn (German n.), cor (French m.), cuerno (Spanish m.)
the generic jazz name for any wind instrument, although usually for saxophones and trumpets
an 8 ft. organ reed stop with a smooth, full tone
horn has been referred to as a natural plastic and is similar to modern thermoplastics in that it tends to revert to its original shape. Despite the simple processes that remain unchanged in working horn, the horner's experience and judgement are critical in overcoming this tendency to revert to its original shape. The colours of horn range from ebony to shades of cream and when subjected to heat and pressure it can become translucent. The use of horn was universal wherever there were herds of cattle, goats and flocks of sheep and certain antelopes. Despite being a unique and extremely versatile resource horn is almost forgotten as a raw material. Its use since ancient times for drinking horns, containers and sounding horns is well documented. It was also used for many items essential to daily life such as combs, spoons, knife and tool handles, horn cups and objects of great beauty. In some cases horn objects had a symbolic significance
Horn banda band of trumpeters
Horn band, Russiansee 'Russian horn band'
Horn, baroquesee 'baroque horn'
Hornbeam(German Weissbuche or Hainbuche, French Charme, Dutch Haagbeuk, European Species: Carpinus betula: Average Weight: 51 pounds per cubic foot) Hornbeam produces a very tough, hard, and heavy wood which was a favoured material for mill gears and the like. It is too hard and heavy for furniture or building purposes and rarely available in large sizes
Hornbostel-Sachsor Hornbostel-Sachs-Systematik (German f.), see Sachs-Hornbostel
Hornbrille(German f.) horn-rimmed glasses, horn-rimmed spectacles (one pair)
Hörnchen(German n.) croissant
Horn, chromatic basssee 'chromatic bass horn'
Horn dancethe Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance, performed at the Barthelmy Fair in August 1226, is one of the few ritual rural customs to survive the passage of time. Today the Horn Dance takes place annually on Wakes Monday, the Monday following the first Sunday after 4 September. Six of the dancers wear reindeer antlers suggesting that the dance's origin is either as part of a hunting or fertility rite
Horn diapsaonan open diapson of somewhat reedy tone
Hornensemble(German n.) an ensemble formed of between 3 and 6 French horns
Horner(German m., archaic Swiss) February
Hörner(German n. pl.) horns, corni, cornets
Hörnerhelm(German m.) horned helmet
Hörnerkrone(German f.) horned crown
hörnern(German) horny (i.e. made of horn)
Hörnerv(German m.) acoustic nerve, cochlear nerve, auditory nerve
Hörnervenfaser(German f.) auditory nerve fibre
Hörneuron(German n.) auditory neuron
Horn-fifthsa two-part harmonic progression, associated particularly with horn players, in which the first horn plays scale degrees 3,2 and 1 successively while the second horn plays a major third, perfect fifth and minor sixth below those tones, and the same in reverse
hornförmig(German) corniculate, corniform, horn-shaped
Horn, Frenchsee 'French horn'
hornfressend(German) keratophagous
Hornhaut(German f.) callous (of skin), horny (of skin), cornea (of the eye)
Hornhaut-(German) corneal (re. the eye)
Hornhautverkrümmung(German f.) astigmatism
Hornhöhe(German f.) flange height
Hornist (m.), Hornistin (f.)(German) French horn player, bugler, blower of a horn
Hornknopf (s), Hornknöpfe (pl.)(German m.) horn button
Hornkonzert(German n.) horn concerto
Hornlöffel(German m.) horn spoon
hornlos(German) hornless
Hornmusik(German f.) music for brass instruments
Horn, naturalsee 'natural horn'
Hornpfeife(German f.) hornpipe (musical instrument)
Hornpipe(English, German m.) a lively dance resembling a jig in triple time in the early sixteenth century, and in 4/4 time from the mid-eighteenth century onwards, during which time it became associated with sailors. It is danced wearing a hard shoe
a single or double pipe with a reed mouthpiece, each pipe fitted with a bell made from the tip of a cow's horn
Hornpipean instrument formed of a French horn connected to a circuit that analyzes and responds to the resonant frequencies of the performance space
  • Hornpipe from which this information has been taken
Hornquinten(German pl.) horn-fifths
Hornquintett(German n.) horn quintet
Hornsignal(German n.) bugle call
Hornsignal blasend(German) bugling
Hornsolo(German n.) horn solo
Hornspiel(German n.) horn playing
Hornstimme(German f.) horn part
Horn, Viennesesee 'Viennese horn'
Hornwerkduring the Middle ages numerous cities, monasteries and cloisters had mechanical organs built into their gateways and fortification towers. The only organ to have survived in its entirety until today is the organ at the fortress of Hohensalzburg. Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach supposedly had it built in 1502 in order to wake the town inhabitants at four in the morning and to signal the time for bed at seven in the evening. This open air instrument was constructed in the manner of a block organ; it has only metal pipes - 135 of them, for the most part original - bellows and wind box. There is no key board to play it. If the bellows are operated a much amplified F-A-C chord results in a pronounced third; the signalling "roar" that can be heard over a wide distance and which, in Salzburg, has led to the addition of the name "bull" to the descriptive term "horn"
  • Hornwerk from which this information has been taken
Horo(German m.) hora
Horologe(German m., rare) horologist, watchmaker, clockmaker
Hörorgan(German n.) organ of hearing
Horoskop(s.), Horoskope (pl.)(German n.) horoscope, astrological chart
Hörpartitur(German f.) graphic score
Hörperspektive(German f.) auditory perspective
Hörphysiologie(German f.) auditory physiology
Hörprobe(German f.) sound clip, audio sample
Hörprobleme(German pl.) hearing problems
Hörprüfung(German f.) hearing test, audiometry, acoumetry
horrend(German) horrendous, horrendously, horrifically, horrific (particularly prices) eye-watering (high re. prices, figures, amounts), eye-wateringly
Horresco referens(Latin) I shudder to think
hörrestig(German) profoundly deaf
Horribile dictu(Latin) horrible to relate
Hörrinde(German f.) auditory cortex
Hörrohr (s.), Hörrohre (pl.)(German n.) ear trumpet, stethoscope
Horrorcorea style of hip hop with graphic and explicit lyrics
Horror punka fusion genre combining the sound of punk rock with imagery and themes borrowed from horror movies
Hörsaal(German m.) lecture hall or theatre (in a university, college, etc.)
hors catalogue(French) not mentioned in the catalogue (of an exhibition, or of the complete works of an artist)
hors champ(French) off-camera
hors de combat(French) out of action, disabled from fighting
hors de question(French) out of the question
hors d'état de(French) not in a position to
hors d'oeuvre(French) (a savoury dish) to whet the appetite at the beginning of a meal
hors du jeu(French) not practical
hors du temps(French) timeless
Horse operaWestern film (colloquial)
Hörspiel(German n.) see 'acoustic art'
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
hors série(French) not included in the series, an afterthought
hors service(French) out of service
hors texte(French) (an illustration) on a separate leaf tipped or folded into a book, not printed with the text
Hörst du auch zu?(German) Are you paying attention?
Hörst du mich noch?(German) Are you still with me?
Hörst du mich?(German) Are you receiving me?
Hörst du Musik?(German) Do you listen to music?
Hörstöpsel(German m.) earplug
Hörstörung(German f.) hearing disorder, hearing defect
Hörsturz(German m.) sudden deafness
Horst Wessel Liedalso known as Die Fahne Hoch (German: the flag on high - from its opening line), the anthem of the German Nazi party
Hörsystem(German n.) auditory system
Hort(German n. poetic) hoard (of treasure)
(German n.) stronghold (figurative), refuge, shelter, hotbed (of vice), cradle (figurative)
Hört!(German m.) hark! (to a gathering) (archaic)
horten(German) to hoard, to stockpile
Horten(German n.) hoarding, stockpiling
hortend(German) hoarding, stockpiling
Horter(German m.) stockpiler, hoarder
Hörtest(German m.) aural examination, hearing test
Hortfund(German m.) hoard, stockpile
Hört, hört!(German) Aha, listen to this!, Hear ye, hear ye! (archaic)
Hörtrichter(German m.) ear trumpet
Hört sich gut an(German) Sounds good
Hortus conclusus(Latin) a picture portraying the Madonna seated in an enclosed garden
Hortus inclusus(Latin) an enclosed garden, an area to which access is strictly controlled or limited
Hortus musicus(Latin) musical garden
Hortus siccus(Latin) a collection of dried plants systematically arranged
Hört zu!(German) Check it out! (addressing more than one person)
Hörübung(German f.) listening exercise
Horuck!(German) Heave-ho!
Hörumgebung(German f.) listening environment
Hör- und Sehbehinderung(German f.) (combined) hearing and visual impairment
Hör- und Sprachakustik(German f.) auditory and speech acoustics
hörunfähig(German) deaf
Hörverbesserung(German f.) hearing improvement
Hörvergnügen(German n.) listening pleasure
Hörverlag(German m.) audio publisher (firm)
Hörverlust(German m.) loss of hearing, hearing loss
Hörverschlechterung(German f.) hearing impairment
Hörweite(German f.) earshot, as in in or außer Hörweite, meaning within or out of earshot
Hörweitung(German f.) a sound
Hör zu.(German) Listen up.
Hosanna(Latin) part of the Sanctus in a Mass
Höschen(German n.) pair of panties, briefs
Hose (s.), Hosen (pl.)(German f.) trousers (pl.) (one pair), pair of trousers
Hosen anziehen(German) to change into trousers, to put on trousers
Hosenanzug (s.), Hosenanzüge (pl.)(German m.) trouser suit, pantsuit
Hosenaufschlag(German m.) turn-up, trouser cuff
Hosenband(German n.) knee-band
Hosenbein(German n.) trouser leg
Hosen bügeln(German) to press trousers
Hosen kürzen(German) to cut down trousers
Hosen nähen(German) to sew trousers
Hosenrolle(German f.) see travesti
Hosho(Zimbabwe) a rattle-gourd (shaker) played together with the mbira
hospitalisiert(German) hospitalised, admitted into hospital
Hospitallersmilitary order first recognised in 1113, founded to assist in the Crusades; their full name was Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
Hospitant(German m.) guest student
Hospitation(German f.) sitting in on lectures, sitting in on classes
hospitieren(German) to sit in on
Hospitium(Latin) a monastic guesthouse
Hoss basssee 'double bass'
Hostsee 'trope'
the communion wafers which form the bread which is miraculously transformed during the ritual of the Eucharist
Hostie(German f.) communion wafer, host
Hostienkelch(German m.) pyx, chalice
Hot(German m., short for Hot Jazz) hot jazz
Hôte(French m.) host, guest
Hotel(German n.) hotel
Hôtel(French m.) hotel
Hôtel des impots(French m.) tax office
Hôtel des vents(French m.) auction room, saleroom
Hôtel de ville(French m.) town-hall
Hoteldiener(German m.) bell boy, valet
Hôtel-Dieu(French m.) general hospital
Hoteldirektor(German m.) hotel manager
Hotel garni(German n.) bed and breakfast establishment
Hotelhalle(German f.) hotel foyer
Hotelhandtuch(German n.) hotel towel
Hôtelier(French m.) a proprietor or manager of a hotel
Hôtellerie(French f.) inn, hostelry, hotel business (profession)
Hôtel-meublé(French m.) lodging house, residential hotel
Hôtel particulier(French m.) private mansion
Hôtel-restaurant(French m.) hotel with a public restaurant
Hotel- und Gastgewerbe(German n.) hospitality industry
Hotel- und Tourismusmanagement(German n.) hospitality and tourism management
Hôtesse(French f.) hostess, landlady, air hostess, stewardess, flight attendant
Hôtesse d'accueil(French f.) receptionist (office, hotel), hostess (exhibition)
Hôtesse de l'air(French f.) air hostess, stewardess, flight attendant
Hot-foila printing technique using very thin aluminium foil in a variety of metallic colours, such as gold, silver, red and blue. The metallic foil is released from carrier base onto a substrate by the application of heat and pressure from a metal printing plate which bears the image to be hot-foiled
Hot Jazz(German m.) hot jazz
Hot melt adhesiveor HMA, also known as thermoplastic adhesive or hot glue, a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly supplied in solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters, designed to be melted in an electric hot glue gun
Hot schottischesee 'ragtime schottische'
Hotte(French f.) basket (carried on the back), (cooker) hood
Hotte aspirante(French f.) cooker hood
Hotte du Père Noël(French f.) Father Christmas' sack
hou!(French) boo! tut-tut!
Houblon(French m.) hop (ingredient of beer)
Houille blanche(French f.) hydro-electric power
Houleursee rouleur
Hounds-tootha slightly larger and more noticeable version of the 'Dogs tooth' check print
Houpelandor Houppelande, (French f.), a garment common to nobility during end of the fourteenth century, characterised by long flowing sleeves, sometimes dagged in many interesting patterns, and often worn as court attire and later adopted in place of the surcoat, particularly in Germany during the late fourteenth century
Houppelande(French f.) loose fitting great-coat
Houppement(French m.) wind sag (instability in an organ pipe due to unsteady wind supply), Schwankung (German f.), Windschwankung (German f.), Windstößigkeit (German f.)
Houppette(French f.) powder puff
Hourglass corseta corset designed to produce a silhouette resembling the hourglass shape, particularly, a wide bottom, narrow waist (wasp waist) and a wide top
Houri(Persian, from Arabic, literally 'with gazelle-like eyes') a seductively beautiful woman
in Islam, one of the virgins of the Moslem paradise, described as "(splendid) companions of equal age (well-matched)", "lovely eyed", of "modest gaze", "voluptuous", "pure beings" or "companions pure" of paradise, denoting humans and jinns who enter paradise after being recreated anew in the hereafter
  • Houri from which most of the second entry has been taken
Hourra(French m.) hurrah
Hoursthe times specified for the recitation of divine office: Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, Nones, Vespers and Compline
Hours of the Officesee 'divine office'
Housea performance hall or theatre, for example the opera house
the area of the theatre or perfomance hall where, during a performance, the audience sits
the audience in an theatre or opera house
(German m.) House music (electronic dance-music)
[entry provided by Michael Zapf]
House bandin French, groupe en résidence, the group of musicians that feature regularly at a venue for dancing, the group of musicians that may provide live opening and closing music for a live TV show, etc.
Housebooka book of drawings with watercolour produced by an engraver and painter working in South Germany in the last quarter of the 15th century. The author is known today as the Master of the Housebook or Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet
  • Housebook from which this extract has been taken
House correctionin printing, corrections in gallery or page proofs, other than those made by the author
House music(English) House (German m.), a collection of electronic-based dance styles created in Chicago clubs early-to-mid-1980s
House-rent partysee 'rent party'
Housse(French f.) (instrument) cover (generally a loose dust cover), astuccio (Italian), custodia (Italian - e.g. for a violin), Kasten (German - for a violin, cello, etc.), Etui (German - for a flute, oboe, etc.), étui (French)
Houtblazers(Dutch) woodwind
houten blaas-instrument(Dutch) woodwind
Hout van de strijkstock(Dutch) bow stick
Houx(French m.) holly
Hovedredaktor(Norwegian) chief editor
Hovering accentanother term for spondee
Howdah(Persian) a seat with a rail and a canopy, placed on the back of an elephant
hoy cumple ... años(Spanish) she's ... (years old) today
hpabbreviation of 'harp'
Hp.abbreviation of 'harpsichord'
H.p.abbreviated form of Hauptwerk
hpdabbreviation of 'harpsichord'
Hpscd.abbreviation of 'harpsichord'
HPSCHDa collaboration between John Cage and Lejaren Hiller, a former chemist professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), first performed on May 16, 1969 at UIUC, that called for 7 harpsichords playing randomly-processed music by Mozart and other composers, 51 tapes of computer-generated sounds, approximately 5,000 slides of abstract designs and space exploration, and several films, all of which were performed or presented simultaneously in an asynchronous and exuberant anarchy of activity
Hptw.abbreviation of Hauptwerk (German n.: great organ)
HQabbreviation of 'headquarters'
Hr.abbreviation of Hörner (German pl.: horns)
Hreol(Danish) a Danish peasant's dance, very similar to the Reel
Hrn.abbreviation of Hörner (German pl.: horns)
Hromka see garmon
Hrp.abbreviation of 'harp'
Hrsg.abbreviation of Herausgeber (German m.: editor, publisher)
hrsg. vonabbreviation of herausgeben von (German: edited by, published by)
Hrvatski tanacor misnjaca (the term deriving from mijeh, the instrument that commonly accompanies the dancers) are dances found is found in Lika, a mountainous part of Croatia. The tanac dances are almost always made up of a number of figures. Dancing in a circle interchanges with dancing in two lines facing each other and with dancing in couples around the circle. These are couples in which the female dancers often rotate intensively, while the male dancers make fast mincing steps, sometimes clapping their hands perform various figures
HSabbreviation of Hors service (French: out of order, i.e. not working)
Hsaing waingBurmese percussion ensemble which includes the circle of 21 drums known as the patt waing, pa'tala, saung gauk and hne
H-Saite(German f.) B string
Hsiaosee xiao
hStabbreviation of hohe Stimme (German: high voice - voix haute (French))
HTabbreviation of Hors taxe (French: tax not included)
HTML characterssee HTML symbols
HuChinese bowed lute
Huacainvented in 1980 by Sharon Rowell, the huaca is a multiple chambered vessel flute. The three large chambers are tuned to a specific key and to each other. A split mouthpiece allows one, two or three notes to be played simultaneously
HuadaChilean maracas
Huagu(China) barrel drum
Hualaychosee walaycho
Hualaychosgroups of roving Bolivian street musicians that play during Christmas and New Year
Huamei jiaoziChinese bamboo whistle
Huan ba(Chinese) on the erhu, changing positions with the left hand
Huangjing yinyue(Chinese) an ancient traditional music of the Naxi (Nakhi or Nahi) people of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China which, unlike Baisha xiyue and dongjing yinyue, has not survived
Huangmei operaoriginally called Huangmei tune or 'tea-picking opera', Huangmei opera was a folk opera that was formed in the regions of Anhui, Hubei, and Jiangxi at the end of the eighteenth century. One of the brands shifted to Huaining County, which was the centre of Anqing, and mixed with its local art, using its local language to sing and narrate
Huantou(China) iron clapper
Huapangueraa 9-string large-bodied Mexican guitar from the Jarocho region. It is used to play the huapango (son Huasteco) song and dance
Huapengu(Chinese) a type of drum
Hua yin(Chinese) on the erhu, left hand slides
HuayñitosBolivian dance in which couples make small jumps and choreographed stunts
Huayno(Andes, South America) a lively a two-step dance and narrative song, the music for which consists of high-pitched vocals, accompanied by a variety of instruments, including flute, harp, panpipe, accordion, saxophone, charangos, lute, violin, guitar, harmonica and mandolin
  • Huayno from which some of this information has been taken
Hubarbeitsbühne(German f.) mobile elevating work, working platform, cherry picker
hüben und drüben(German) on either side
hüben wie drüben(German) on either side
Hubgetriebe(German n.) hoist gear
Hublot(French m.) porthole
hubo concesiones por ambas partes(Spanish) concessions were made on both sides
Hubris(Greek) or hybris, wanton arrogance deserving a rebuke from the gods (in English, the 'pride' before a fall). It is the opposite of the Greek term arête, which implies a humble and constant striving for perfection and self-improvement combined with a realistic awareness that such perfection cannot be reached
hübsch(German) pretty, dainty, attractive, prettyish, attractively
hübsch aussehen(German) to be pleasing to the eye
hübsch aussehend(German) nice-looking
hübsche Farben(German pl.) nice colours
hübsche Frau(German f.) canny wife, charming woman, pretty woman
hübsche Note(German f.) nice touch (detail)
hübscher(German) comelier, prettier
hübscher Bursche(German m.) handsome fellow
hübscher Junge(German m.) bonny lad (Scottish, Northern England), cute boy
hübsches Baby(German n.) bonny baby
hübsches Bild(German n.) pretty picture
hübsches Fleckerl(German n., Austria, Southern Germany) delightful spot
hübsches Kleid(German n.) nice dress
hübsches Mädchen(German n.) bonny lass, nice girl, pretty girl
hübscheste(German) prettiest
Hübschheit(German f.) prettiness
Hub- und Senkbewegungen(German pl.) raising and lowering movements, up and down movements
Huch!(German) Oops!, Gasp!
Huche à pain(French f.) breadbin
Huchet(French) a huntsman's, or postboy's horn
Hu-ch'inone of most widely used chinese bowed lutes
Huckabacka coarse linen or cotton cloth with a rough surface, used for towelling
huckepack(German) piggy-back, piggyback
Hudasee 'jâhiliyah, music of the'
Huddlemeeting (colloquial)
Hudelei(German f., Austria, Southern Germany) sloppiness (regarding work)
(German f.) slapdash work
hudelig(German, Austria, Southern Germany) slapdash, sloppy, sloppily, slipshod
hudeln(German, Austria, Southern Germany) to skimp (to work slovenly), to work sloppily
Hudie qinsee yangqin
hudlig(German, Austria, Southern Germany) slipshod
Hue and cryin common law, a hue and cry (Latin, hutesium et clamor, literally 'horn and shouting') is a process by which bystanders are summoned to assist in the apprehension of a criminal who has been witnessed in the act of committing a crime
Huées(French boos
Huehuetlpre-Hispanic Mexican long vertical drum made from a hollow trunk that stands on three legs. The upper end is covered with animal skin
Huella dactilar(Spanish f.) fingermark
Huella digital(Spanish f.) fingerprint, fingermark
huer(French) to boo
Hueserasee arrabel
Hufbeschlag(German m.) shoeing (of horses)
hufeisenförmig(German) horseshoe-shaped, U-shaped
Hufeisenwerfen(German n.) horseshoes (collective singular)
Hufgeklapper(German n.) clopping (sound of horses' hooves)
Hufkleber(German m.) hoof glue
Hufnagel(German m., literally 'horse-shoe nail') alternative term for Gothic neume notation, named for the shape of its virga
Hufnagelschrift(German f.) Gregorian chant notation
Hufner (s.), Hufnerin (f.)(German) farrier
Hüfthorn(German n.) bugle horn
Hüftschwung(German m.) swinging of one's hips (gait)
Hüfttasche(German f.) waist bag, bum bag (colloquial)
Hüftverletzung(German f.) hip injury
Hüftverrenkung(German f.) dislocation of the hip
Huilacapiztlia whistle with a chamber designed to be partially filled with water
Huile(French f.) oil, (person) bigwig (familiar)
Huile de foie de morue(French f.) cod-liver oil
huiler(French) to oil
huileux (m.), huleuse (f.)(French) oily
Huippusointu(Finnish) dominant
Huissier(French m.) usher, bailiff (judicial)
Huit(French) eight
Huitaine(French f.) week
Huitième(French m./f.) eighth
huitième(French) eighth
Huitième de soupir
demisemiquaver rest(French m.) a demisemiquaver rest (thirty-second rest), a rest one thirty-second the time value of a semibreve rest (whole rest), Zweiunddreißigstelpause (German)
Huit jours(French, literally 'eight days') a week
Huit pieds(French, literally 'eight feet') an organ in which those of 8 ft. pitch are the largest pipes
Huître (French f.) oyster
HujiaChinese ribbon reed. Sound is made by a thin metal ribbon, a reed, that is held at one end and free at the other, like a ruler on the edge of a table top
Hulaoriginally a sacred dance of Hawaii supposedly created by the younger volcano Kala to please his sister Pele, with sensual overtones, performed by women who rock their hips back and forth. The dance is accompanied by chant or song called a mele. The hula dance, which dramatizes or comments on the mele, is unique to the Hawaiian Islands
Hula auana(Hawaiian Islands) the modern style of the traditional Hawaiian dance that uses guitars, ukulele and other modern instruments
Hula kahiko(Hawaiian Islands) hula kahiko encompassed an enormous variety of styles and moods, from the solemn and sacred to the frivolous. Many hula were created to praise the chiefs and performed in their honour, or for their entertainment. The old-style dance is accompanied by chant and traditional instruments
Huldigung(German f.) homage
Hülfslinie (s.), Hülfslinien (pl.)(German f.) leger line, ledger line
Hülfsnote(German f.) auxiliary note, accessory note, a note standing one degree above, or below, the principal note
Hülfston(German m.) auxiliary note, accessory note, a note standing one degree above, or below, the principal note
Hüllkurve(German f.) envelope (of a curve)
Hüllkurvengenerator(German m.) envelope generator
Hully Gully, thea type of unstructured line dance originating from the 1960s
Hulohula(Tongan) mixed dancing, that while practiced at parties and clubs in the Western world is not a feature of village life, and can be found only in the cities
Hulplijntje(Dutch) ledger line, leger line
Hülse(German f.) tube, staple
Hulusheng(Chinese, literally 'gourd sheng') found in southern China and in the mountains of northern south-east Asia, the naw or hulusheng is perhaps one of the oldest members of the sheng family
Hulusi(China) hulusi or bilangdao, a hollow gourd fitted with three bamboo pipes
Huluxiao(China) a gourd flute similar to the hulusi
Humthe act of producing a wordless sound, such as in 'scat singing' or 'vocables' (wordless forms of singing), but with the mouth completely closed so that the sound emerges from the nose. This necessarily keeps the volume at a low level
people will hum, either individually or when in group singing, when they don't know the words of a song
any low frequency sound that may emanate from industrial activity, or from the Earth itself
humain (m.), humaine (f.)(French) human, humane
humainement(French) humanly, humanely
Humanatonea nose whistle, a musical novelty, that via a sort of plastic shield, held under the nose, directs the player's breath through a whistle slot, lying over the mouth opening, acting as a resonator. The notes produced, are varied by changing the shape of the player's mouth cavity with different vowel and consonant formations
Humanismalthough the term 'humanism' was coined in 1808 by F.J. Niethammer, to describe a program of study distinct from science and engineering, umanista, or 'humanist', as employed in the fifteenth century, described a professional group of teachers whose subject matter consisted of those areas that were called studia humanitatis. The studia humanitatis originated in the middle ages and comprised the trivium and the quadrivium, educational disciplines that lay outside theology and natural science. Humanism was opposed to a particular brand of logic known as Scholasticism (where language was used to produce certainty, focussing on syllogism, which is the construction of a truthful conclusion from truthful premises); rather, it developed a science of logic based on discovering arguments that would persuade people of the truth of what they were saying rather than convincing them of the certainty of that truth. While the 'humanist' scholars of the Renaissance made great strides and discoveries in this field, humanistic studies were really a product of the middle ages, of what others have called the Italian proto-Renaissance, of those who looked to Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) (1304-1374) as their inspiration
Humanisme(French m.) humanism
Humaniste(French m./f.) humanist (person)
humaniste(French) humanist, humanistic
humanitaire(French) humanitarian
Humanitas(Latin) the study of the liberal arts (also the attitutde towards moral and human questions inculcated by such a study)
Humanité(French f.) humanity
Human voicevoce umana (Italian), Menschliche Stimme (German), voix humaine (French)
Humbucking pickup(English, Humbucking-Pickup (German), Humbucking-Tonabnehmer (German)) or humbucker, on an electric guitar, 2 single coil pickups, side by side, and wired to that the electronic hum you get with most single coil pickups is cancelled out
humecter(French) to moisten
humer(French) to smell
Humeur(French f.) frame of mind, mood, temper (temperament)
Humeur de bonne(French f.) good mood, good frame of mind
Humeur de mauvaise(French f.) bad mood
Hummel(German f.) a drone
(German) an obsolete organ stop with two drone pipes, either 'C and F' or 'C and G'
Dutch/Flemish instrument of the dulcimer family
humide(French) damp, humid (climate), moist (eyes)
Humidité(French f.) humidity
humilier(French) to humiliate
Humiliation(English, French f.) state of disgrace or loss of self-respect, strong feelings of embarrassment
Humilité(French f.) humility
Humility toposa common rhetorical strategy in which an author or speaker feigns ignorance or pretends to be less clever or less intelligent than he or she really is. Often donning such a persona allows a writer, poet, or playwright to create humorous, self-deprecating effects, or in the case of an argument, may cause the opponent to underestimate the opposition
Hümmelchen(German f.) a small bagpipe with an arm-operated bellow, mentioned in Syntagma Musicum (1619) by Michael Praetorius
Hummingsee 'hum'
choral humming occurs in many works including the Humming Chorus from the opera Madame Butterfly by Puccini, and Penderecki's St. Luke Passion
Hum notethe lowest frequency of a bell, a term used in nineteenth-century bell foundries. In the carillon bell it is one octave lower than the prime tone
Humor(German m.) humour
Humoresca(Spanish) humoresque
Humoreske(German f.) humoresque
Humoresquea term, first used by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), applied to piano music that is of a capricious character
Humor haben(German) to have a sense of humour
Humoristhumorous writer, talker, or actor
humoristisch(German) humorous
Humorousshowing humour or a sense of humour
humorvoll(German) humorous, humorously
Humoura quality of being amusing or comic, the expression of humour (in literature, speech, etc)
(in 'full sense of humour') ability to perceive or express humour, state of mind, inclination (bad humour)
(in full cardinal humour) historically, each of the four fluids (blood, phlegm, choler, melancholy), thought to determine a person's physical and mental qualities
to gratify or indulge (a person or taste, etc.)
Humourlesslacking a sense of humour, said or done without humour
Humour noir(French m.) mordid humour, 'sick' humour, Galgenhumor (German)
Humours, The Foursee 'four humours, the'
Humour, withsee 'with humour'
humpeln(German) to hobble
Humpen(German m.) tankard
Humppaa type of music from Finland. It is related to jazz and very fast foxtrot, played two beats to a bar
the name of certain social dances danced to humppa music
Hum tonesee 'hum note'
HunKorean clay ocarina
Hund(German m.) dog, hound
Hundehalsband(German n.) dog-collar
Hundehütte(German f.) kennel
Hundeleine(German f.) dog lead
Hundert(German n.) hundred
hundert(German) hundred
Hundertjahrfeier(German f.) centenary, centennial
hundertprozentig(German) one hundred per cent
hundertste(German) hundredth
Hundertstel(German n.) hundredth
semihemidemisemiquaver(German f.) or Hundertundachtundzwanzigstelnote, semihemidemisemiquaver, a one hundred and twenty-eighth note or a note having the time duration of one hundred twenty-eighth of the time duration of a semibreve (whole note)
Hundertundachtundzwanzigstelnote(German f.) see Hundertundachtundzwanzigstel
Hundert und achtundzwanzigstelpause
semihemidemisemiquaver rest(German f.) semihemidemisemiquaver rest, a one hundred and twenty-eighth rest, a rest having the time duration of one hundred twenty-eighth of the time duration of a semibreve rest (whole rest)
Hündin(German f.) bitch
hundra(Swedish) hundred
hundre(Norwegian) hundred
hundrede(Danish) hundred
Hundred Flowers Campaignalso 'Double Hundred Campaign', a Chinese Communist Party-sponsored initiative to permit greater intellectual and artistic freedom. Introduced first into drama and other arts in the spring of 1956 under the official slogan Let a hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend. With Mao's encouragement in January 1957, the campaign was extended to intellectual expression and, by early May 1957, was being interpreted as permission for intellectuals to criticise political institutions of the regime. The effect was the large-scale exposure and purge of intellectuals critical of party and government policies
Hüne(German m.) giant
Hung.abbreviation of 'Hungarian'
Hungarian Gypsy (scale)see 'Gypsy scale'
Hungarian hip hop
Hungarian minor (scale)see 'Gypsy scale'
Hungarian waltzthe name refers not to its origins but to a specific dance type that appeared in the mid-19th century and it is derived from the dance form called the Rheinlander or Schottische
Hunguhungu(Honduras, Belize) a Garifuna circular dance in a three beat rhythm, which is often combined with punta
Hunting CantataJ. S. Bach's Cantata (Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd!) BWV 208
Hunting horncorno da caccia (Italian m.), Signalhorn (German n.), Jagdhorn (German n.), cor de chasse (French m.), bugle (French m.), trompeta de caza (Spanish f.), fashioned from animal horn and used to give signals while hunting, whether on horseback or on foot
Hupe(German f.) or Autohupe, car horn
Hupen(German n.) honk (of a car horn), hoot (of car horn), toot (of car horn)
hupen(German) to hoot the car horn, to sound one's horn, to toot, to honk the horn
hupend(German) honking, hooting
Hupensignal(German n.) honk
Hüpfburg(German f.) bouncy castle
Hupfdohle(German f.) chorus girl, ballet dancer (female member of the corps de ballet) (dated)
Hüpfekästchen(German) hopscotch (children's playground game)
hüpfen(German) to leap around, to skip, to hop, to leap, to jump, to bound (spring), to bob (object on water), to bounce
hüpfend(German, literally 'hopping') spiccato, jigging, skipping, hopping
Hüpferlinge(German pl.) cyclops
Hüpfseil(German n.) skipping rope
Hüpfspiel(German n,) hopscotch (children's playground game)
Hüpfstange(German f.) pogo stick
Hüpfstelze(German f.) pogo stick
Hupkonzert(German n.) cacophony of car horns, chorus of horns, chorus of hooting
huppen(German - regional) to hop
Huppi(German n. - Switzerland) bun (hairstyle)
Hupsala!(German) Oops-a-daisy! (colloquial)
Hupsignal(German n.) honk
hupt(German) hoots
Hupverbot(German n.) ban on sounding one's horn
Huqinthe huqin was introduced into China at the time of Han dynasty (140 B.C.), and has been one of the most prevailing of Chinese string instruments since then. The huqin in Chinese music is equivalent to the violin. The erhu, ching-hu, gao-hu and ban-hu are the better known members of the huqin family
HuraTahitian vernacular for hula, a Polynesian dance for women
Hurdy-gurdyghironda (Italian), Drehleier (German), Radleier (German), Leier (German), vielle à roue (French)
the vielle of the French, and the Leyer or Bauernleyer of the Germans, a stringed instrument in which the strings are set into vibration by the action of a hand-cranked rosined wheel, some strings being stopped with small wooden levers to produce tunes, other strings being left open to act as drones
Huren haolaibao(Inner Mongolia) one of the forms of Mongolian quyi known as haolaibao, specifically one in which the singer is accomapnied by the huqin
Hurried, Hurriedlyin fretta (Italian), eilig (German), pressé (French)
hurtig(German) quick, brisk, nimble, agile, headlong, allegro, quickly
Hurtigkeit(German) swiftness, quickness, agility
Huschdämfer(German m.) hush mute
HuslaGerman folk fiddle, similar to the Slavic gusle
Husle(Czech) violin
Hussitessect founded in early 15th century Bohemia; the founder was much influenced by the ideas of John Wycliffe
husten(German) to cough
Hustlea catchall name for many disco or nightclub partner social dances which were extremely popular in the 1970s. Today it mostly refers to a 3-count version of the New York Hustle, which itself was a catchall name
  • Hustle from which this short extract has been taken
Huta structure on the top of the stage cover in the Globe theatre. Here, stagehands produced special effects such as thunder and lightning and operated the machinery to let actors dressed as gods or spirits descend through a trapdoor in the heavens
Hutdämpfer(German m.) hat mute
[corrected by Brian A. Jefferies]
HVor H, abbreviation of Herrman-Verzeichnis, a reference to Hildegard Hermann's Thematisches Verzeignis der Werke von Joseph Eybler (pub. Munich, 1976)
Hvot scenethe hvot is a conventional scene in Icelandic sagas in which a grieving or insulted woman incites a man to violent revenge, which usually triggers or perpetuates a blood-feud
HWafter Hanssdieter Wohlforth, the cataloguer of music by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732-1795)
Hwi-geumsee geum
Hwistle(Old English) also pipe, sangpipe, a bone whistle, always end blown and have a variable number of finger holes, from none to six, although two and three holed examples are the most common. Reed whistles were also known as were wooden whistles, although these tend not to be preserved on archaeological sites
HWVHandel-Werke-Verzeichnis catalogue of the works of George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) by Bernd Bäselt (1934-1993)
abbreviation of Healey Willan Verzeichnis, the catalogue of music by Healey Willan (1880-1968)
Hwvabbreviation of Heinichen-Werke-Verzeichnis, catalogue of music by Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729) prepared by Günther Hausswald
Hwyl(Welsh) a sing-song intonation adopted by Welsh preachers in moments of exaltation, the emotional fervour characteristic of gatherings of Welsh people
Hyaloidglassy or transparent in appearance
Hyang-aksee 'Korean court music'
Hyang-bipaa Korean string instrument with five strings and a body that is joined to a neck. There are 10 kwae (frets) set according to the required scale and the strings are plucked with a suldae (plectrum). The term bipa refers to the motion used when plucking the strings: i.e. pushing a string from one side and then pulling it from the other
Hyang-piriKorean shawm used primarily as a melody instrument in traditional ensembles
Hybrid formationin linguistics, a new expression made by combining together two or more words (or two or more morphemes) whose etyma come from multiple languages
Hybrid pickingin hybrid picking, the plectrum is held, as usual, between the thumb and index finger while the remaining fingers are used for fingerpicking
Hybrid rudiments"unofficial" rudiments (i.e. not one of the 40 international rudiments defined by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers and later the Percussive Arts Society) that are usually created by combining one or more of the standard rudiments in new ways to create new sticking patterns. Over the years, many hybrid patterns have been informally identified and given creative names, although most of these are based upon the original 40
Hybrissee 'hubris'
Hydra(Latin, from the Greek) a fabulous many-headed water-monster, whose heads grew again as fast as they were cut off
any mischief or menace which renews itself in spite of efforts to eliminate it
Hydraulic organsee hydraulus
Hydraulikon(Greek) hydraulus
Hydraulon(Greek) an organ blown by the action of water
Hydraulus (s.), Hydrauli (pl.)(Latin from the Greek hydraulikon, literally 'water pipe') Ktesibios (Ctesibios) of Alexandria who lived between 300-230 BC, invented the hydraulus, in which water pressure was used to stabilize the wind supply. The pipes were arranged in rows upon the wind chest and the air was permitted to enter any pipe at will by means of wooden sliders. The hydraulus was the prevailing organ for several centuries and reappeared at intervals throughout the Middle Ages
Hydrodaktulopsychicharmonicaa glass harmonica
Hydrographa graph that shows some property of groundwater or surface water as a function of time
Hydrophonea powerful high-frequency ultrasonic echo-sounding device, developed by the French physicist Paul Langévin and Russian scientist Constantin Chilowsky. The transducer of the hydrophone consisted of a mosaic of thin quartz crystals glued between two steel plates with a resonant frequency of 150 KHz
Hydropowered organthe Banu Musa brothers, three 9th century Persian scholars, based in Baghdad, invented "the earliest known mechanical musical instrument", a hydropowered organ which played interchangeable cylinders automatically. According to Charles B. Fowler, this "cylinder with raised pins on the surface remained the basic device to produce and reproduce music mechanically until the second half of the nineteenth century." The borthers also invented an automatic flute player which appears to have been the first programmable machine
Hylsung(Old English) an early Anglo-Saxon drum although nothing is known of its construction
Hymenaion(Greek) a wedding song
Hymeneala marriage song
Hymeneana marriage song
Hymn(English, Swedish) inno (Italian m.), Hymne (German f.), cantique (French m.), hymne (French m.), himno (Spanish m.), A religious song of praise (consisting of one or more repeating rhythmical stanzas) or anthem. Strictly speaking, a hymn is directed to Deity or celebrates divine attributes or activity, as contrasted with a gospel song or devotional lyric. Examples of hymns are A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Martin Luther), Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (Walter C. Smith) or Crown Him with Many Crowns (Matthew Bridges)
Thomas Aquinas, in the introduction to his commentary on the Psalms, defined the Christian hymn thus: Hymnus est laus Dei cum cantico; canticum autem exultatio mentis de aeternis habita, prorumpens in vocem (Latin: a hymn is the praise of God with song; a song is the exultation of the mind dwelling on eternal things, bursting forth in the voice)
Andrew Wymer, writing to Sharper Iron Forums-Church and Ministry Matters, answering a query 'What makes a song a hymn", comments: the definition of the term 'hymn' has changed throughout the centuries to a more stringent meaning presently in part due to the emergence of the need to delineate between the somewhat recent (beginning in full with English hymnody and translating into American hymnody) influx of subjective and emotionally based repertoire which some hymnologists don't believe merits the 'hymn' title, but rather should be called a spiritual song. (to use the convenient yet possibly extra-biblical meanings some read into this tri-partite understanding of Christian song) Thus, the terms for Christian song have in some cases become more specialized and clearly delineated from the early patristic simplicity
Hymnaire(French) hymn-book
Hymnalcollections of hymns, which may or may not include music
Hymn, Christiansee 'Christian hymn'
Hymne(French m., German f.) inno (Italian m.), cantique (French m.), himno (Spanish m.), a hymn, an anthem
Hymne national(French m.) national anthem, inno nazionale (Italian m.), Nationalhymne (German f.), himno nacional (Spanish m.)
Hymnista writer of hymns
Hymn, metre ofsee 'English hymn metre'
Hymnodista writer of hymns
Hymnodythe process of writing hymns
the body of hymns written and/or used by a particular denomination or period
Hymnos(Greek) hymn
Hymnus, Hymnen (German pl.)(Latin, German m.) anthem, hymn
Hymnus Ambrosianus(Latin) Ambrosian chant
Hyon'gumsee komun'go
Hyonhakkumsee komun'go
Hyoshigiconcussion blocks or hyooshigi, wooden blocks, each of which has one side slightly convex, used as clappers, struck at the tips or by bringing to to convex faces together to produce a high-pitched, very penetrating sound
Hypallagecombining two examples of hyperbaton or anastrophe when the reversed elements are not grammatically or syntactically parallel
see 'transferred epithet'
Hypate(Greek) the first, and lowest, string of the lyre
Hypathoides(Greek) the lower sounds in the ancient Greek scale
Hypemanufactured promotional buzz (from 'hyperbole')
Hyper(Greek) over, above
Hyper-in the ancient Greek modal system, a term applied to transposition scales
as a prefix to the names of intervals, it means 'super' or 'upper'
Hyperacusisor auditory hypersensitivity, an abnormal degree of discomfort or aversion to sounds that would not be regarded as loud by average standards
Hyperaeolian modein the ancient Greek system, one of the transposition scales, a mode based on the seventh tone of the major scale (in the key of C the Hyperaeolian mode is based on B), also called 'locrian' mode
Hyperaesthesia(Greek) gesteigerte Erregbarkeit der Affektivität (German f.), morbid sensitiveness, a preternatural sensitivity, a 'sixth' sense
Hyperbationa generic term for changing the normal or expected order of words, including anastrophe, tmesis, hypallage, and other figures of speech
Hyperbeatone unit of hypermetre, generally a bar (measure), which is to a hypermeasure what a beat is to a bar (measure)
Hyperbole(Greek) exaggeration, an extravagant statement (generally, not intended to be taken too literally)
Hypercatalectica hypercatalectic line is a line of poetry with extra syllables in it beyond the expected number due to anacrusis, as opposed to a acatalectic line (which is missing one or more expected syllables) or a catalectic line (which has the number of syllables that would normally be expected)
Hyperchondria(Greek) a morbid state of depression, a morbid anxiety about one's own state of health
Hypercorrectiona grammatical form created when grammarians, on the basis of too little information or incorrect generalization, mistakenly try to correct a nonexistent error
Hyperdiapason(Greek) the upper octave
Hyperdiatonus(Greek) the third above
Hyperdorian and Hypodorian modesin the ancient Greek system, the Dorian mode was based on the Dorian tetrachord: a sequence of rising intervals of a semitone followed by two whole tones. Applied to a whole octave, the Dorian mode was built upon two Dorian tetrachords separated by a whole tone. This is the same as playing all the white notes of a piano from E to E: E F G A | B C D E. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at bottom of the scale produces the Hypodorian mode (i.e. below Dorian): A | B C D E | (E) F G A. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at the top of the scale produces the Hyperdorian mode (i.e. above Dorian), which is effectively the same as the Mixolydian mode: B C D E | (E) F G A | B. The ancient Greek Dorian mode is the same as the mediaeval and modern Phrygian mode while the ancient Greek Hypodorian mode is the same as the mediaeval and modern Aeolian mode
Hyperinstrumentsthe composer Tod Machover composed Begin Again Again ... in 1991 as the first in a series of 'hyperinstruments' compositions. Designed for expert performers and drawing upon their virtuoso skills to augment the musicality, virtuosity, and creativity of their performances, Hyperinstruments collect information via sensors that measure aspects of performance technique, such as hand position or bow pressure, and use that information to affect different aspects of the music. Machover observes: "The better you play, the better the computer reacts."
Hyperlydian and Hypolydian modesin the ancient Greek system, the Lydian mode was based on the Lydian tetrachord: a sequence of rising intervals of two whole tones followed by a semitone. Applied to a whole octave, the Lydian mode was built upon two Lydian tetrachords separated by a whole tone. This is identical to the modern major mode: C D E F | G A B C. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at bottom of the scale produces the Hypolydian mode (i.e. below Lydian): F | G A B C | (C) D E F. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at the top of the scale produces the Hyperlydian mode (i.e. above Lydian), which is effectively the same as the Hypophrygian mode: G A B C | (C) D E F | G. The ancient Greek Lydian mode is the same as the mediaeval and modern Ionian mode or major mode
Hypermeasuregrouping of bars or measures in which the bar or measure acts itself as the beat
Hypermetrelarge-scale metre (as opposed to surface-level metre) created by hypermeasures which consist of hyperbeats
Hyperphrygian and Hypophrygian modein the ancient Greek system the Phrygian mode was based on the Phrygian tetrachord: a sequence of rising intervals of a whole tone, followed by a semitone, followed by a whole tone. Applied to a whole octave, the Phrygian mode was built upon two Phrygian tetrachords separated by a whole tone. This is the same as playing all the white notes on a piano keyboard from D to D: D E F G | A B C D. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at bottom of the scale produces the Hypophrygian mode (i.e. below Phrygian): G | A B C D | (D) E F G. Placing the two tetrachords together, and the single tone at the top of the scale produces the Hyperphrygian mode (i.e. above Phrygian), which is effectively the same as the Hypodorian mode: A B C D | (D) E F G | A. The ancient Greek Phrygian mode is the same as the mediaeval and modern Dorian mode
Hypertext novelalso called hyperfiction, a hypertext novel is one written using some variant of HTML programming languages and published online or on CD-ROM
HypertextualityGérard Genette, in his book Palimpsestes: la littérature au second degree, defines hypertextuality as the modeling of a new text (the hypertext) on a previous text (the hypotext). 'Parody', which is defined as the alteration of subject matter while retaining style characteristics, and its converse 'travesty', in which the subject matter is retained but the style is altered, fall under this category. Also, included in the category of hypertextuality are 'pastiche', 'covering', 'copying', 'translation', 'instrumental cover', and various types of 'remixes'
Hypo-(Greek) under, below
(Greek) a prefix added to the names of 'authentic' modes when in the 'plagal' form, i.e. starting a fourth below the tonic of the 'authentic' mode
as a prefix to the names of intervals, it means 'sub' or 'lower'
Hypoaeolian mode(literally, 'under aeolian') in the medieval ecclesiastical modal system set out in Dodecachordon (1547) by Heinrich Glareanus (1488-1563), the tenth mode, the plagal version of the aeolian mode
Hypocrites(Greek, 'one who plays a part') the classical Athenian word for an actor
Hypocycloidthe plane locus of a point fixed on a circle that rolls on the inside circumference of a fixed circle
Hypodermic needlea hollow, sharp-pointed needle to be attached to a hypodermic syringe for injection of solutions
Hypodiapason(Greek) the lower octave
Hypodiapente(Greek) the lowered fifth, the subdominant, the fifth below
Hypodiatonus(Greek) the third below
Hypodorian modesee hyperdorian mode
Hypogeum (s.), Hypogea (pl.)(Greek) an underground room or vault
Hypoiastian modein the medieval ecclesiastical modal system, the seventh plagal mode
Hypoionian modein the medieval ecclesiastical modal system, the seventh plagal mode
Hypolydian modesee hyperlydian mode
Hypomixolydian modein the medieval ecclesiastical modal system, the fourth plagal mode
Hypophrygian modesee hyperphrygian mode
Hypoproslambanomenos(Greek) the note below the proslambanomenos - namely G
Hyporchema(Greek) a dance accompanied with singing
Hypostasisa subsidiary ornamental sign in Byzantine musical notation
Hypotaxisusing clauses with a precise degree of subordination and clear indication of the logical relationship between them - i.e., having clear subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, as opposed to parataxis. Hypotactic style involves long complex sentences
Hypothesis (s.), Hypotheses (pl.)(Latin) an explanation (usually one that has not yet been tested)
Hypothesis non fingo(Latin, literally 'I do not invent suppositions') the best explanation is that which requires the fewest suppositions
Hyssop(in medieval cookery) a blue-flowered plant of the mint family whose leaves cut the grease in fatty meats and fish
Hysterion-proteron(Latin, from Greek) using anastrophe in a way that creates a catachresis, an impossible ordering on the literal level becuase the natural sequence of ideas has been inverted (in other words, putting the cart before the horse)
hyvin nopeasti(Finnish) presto
Hz(English, German n.) abbreviation of 'hertz' or Hertz (German), the unit of wave frequency, equivalent to 1 cycle per second (cps)