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u(Spanish) or
u.abbreviation of und (German: and)
u.a.abbreviation of und andere (German: and others, et al. - et autres (French)) and unter anderem (German: among others - entre autres (French))
Uaktia character from Brazilian Indian mythology who charmed the local women by turning the wind into sound with the holes in his body. The local men became jealous, killed Uakti, and buried him in the forest. Legend has it that four palm trees grew from his grave, and the Indians made instruments from the trees' branches
Ubahan Igede (Nigeria) wooden drum, covered with skin at one end
U-Bahn(German f.) underground (railway), subway (US railway)
Ubbia (s.), Ubbie (pl.)(Italian f.) delusion, prejudice, groundless fear, foolish superstition
ubbidiente(Italian) obedient
Ubbidienza(Italian f.) obedience
ubbidire(Italian) to obey
ubbidire a(Italian) to obey
ubbioso(Italian) superstitious, full of foolish fears and prejudices
ubbriaco(Italian) or ubriaco, drunk, drunken, intoxicated, tipsy
Übel(German n.) evil
übel(German) bad, nasty, nastily
Übelkeit(German f.) nausea
Übelklang(German m.) cacophony, dissonance, a discord
Übellaut(German m.) cacophony, dissonance, a discord
übelnehman(German) to take amiss
Übeltäter(German m.) a culprit
übel umspringen(German) to treat badly
üben(German) to practice
sich in ... üben (German: to practise ...)
über(German) over, above, across (cross over), about, on (journey), for (bill)
überall(German) everywhere
überall schnell abdämpfen(German) damp quickly throughout (the orchestra)
überanstrengen(German) to overtax, to strain (eyes)
überarb.abbreviation of überarbeitet (German: revised)
überarbeiten(German) to revise
überarbeitet(German) revised
überarbeitung(German f.) revision, overwork
überaus(German) extremely
Überbesetzung(German f.) overmanning
überbewerten(German) to overrate
überbieten(German) to outbid, to outdo (figurative), to surpass
überblasen(German) to overblow
Überblick(German m.) an overall view, a summary
überblicken(German) to overlook, to assess
überbringen(German) to deliver
überbrücken(German) to bridge (figurative)
über das ganze Gesicht grinsen(German) grin from ear to ear
überdauern(German) to survive
überdenken(German) to think over
[information provided by Michael Zapf]
überdies(German) moreover
überdimensional(German) oversized
Überdosis(German f.) an overdose
überdrehen(German) to strip (for example, das Gewinde überdrehen (German: to strip the thread))
Überdruss(German m. - modern spelling) a surfeit
bis zum Überdruss (German - modern spelling: ad nauseum)
überdrüssig sein(German) to be tired (of)
überdrüssig werden(German) to grow tired (of)
übereignen(German) to transfer
übereilt(German) hurried, over-hasty, hurriedly, over-hastily
übereinander(German) one on top of the other, one above the other, about each other (speaking)
übereinanderschlagen(German) to cross (legs), to fold (arms)
übereinkommen(German) to agree
Übereinkunft(German f.) an agreement
übereinstimmen (mit)(German) to agree (with), to be in agreement (with), to tally (with), to coincide (with), to match (colours), to harmonize (with), to be identical (with), to conform (to), to consort (with), to correspond (with), to answer (to)
übereinstimmend(German) accordingly, concordant, unisonant, corresponding, correspondingly, matching
Übereinstimmung(German f.) an agreement, an accord, a congruence, a concurrence, a coincidence, a consonance, a unison, sympathy, an alignment, a homology, consent, consilience
überempfindlich(German) over-sensitive, hypersensitive (medical condition), allergic, allergenic
überfahren(German) to run over
Überfahrt(German f.) a crossing
Überfall(German m.) an attack, a (bank-)raid
überfallen(German) to attack, to raid, to bombard, to come over, to surprise (familiar)
überfällig(German) overdue
überfliegen(German) to fly over, to skim over
überflügeln(German) to outstrip
Überfluß(German m.) an abundance, affluence
überflüssig(German) superfluous
überfluten (German) to flood
überfordern(German) to overtax
überführen(German) to transfer, to convict
Überführung(German f.) a transfer, a flyover, a foot-bridge
überfüllt(German) overcrowded
Übergabe(German f.) a handing over, a transfer
Übergang(German m.) a crossing
(German m.) in music, a transition, a bridge passage, modulation from one key to another
Übergangsnote(German f.) a passing note
Übergangsstadium(German n.) a transitional stage
übergeben(German) to hand over, to transfer
übergehen(German) to pass, to go over, to turn
übergehen(German) to pass over (figurative), to ignore, to leave out
Übergewicht(German n.) excess weight, predominance (figurative)
Übergewicht haben(German) to be overweight
überglücklich(German) overjoyed
übergreifen(German) spread
(German) or Hände kreuzend, to cross the hands (in piano playing)
übergreifend(German) crossing hands
Übergriff(German m.) an infringement
übergroß(German) outsize, exaggerated
Übergröße(German f.) outsize
überhaben(German) to have on, to be fed up with
überhandnehmen(German) to increase alarmingly
überhängen(German) to overhang
überhäufen (mit)(German) to inundate (with)
überhaupt(German) altogether, anyway, besides
überhaupt nicht(German) not at all
überhaupt nichts(German) nothing at all
überheblich(German) arrogant, arrogantly
Überheblichkeit(German f.) arrogance
überhetzt(German) tumbling
überholen(German) to overtake, to overhaul
überholt(German) out-dated
Überholung(German f.) an overhaul
überhören(German) to fail to hear, to ignore
Überinstimmung(German f.) consonance, harmony, accordance
überirdisch(German) supernatural
überkochen(German) to boil over
über kurz oder lang(German) sooner or later
überladen(German) to overload, to over-ornate (a work of art), to over-embellish (music)
überlasten(German) to overload, to overtax (a person)
Überlauf(German m.) an overflow
überlaufen(German) to overflow, to defect (politics, military)
überlaufen(German) over-run, over-subscribed (course)
Überläufer(German m.) a defector
überleben(German) to survive
Überlebende (m.), Überlebender (f.)(German) a survivor
überlegen(German) to put over
überlegen(German) to think, to reflect
überlegen(German) superior, supercilious, superciliously
Überlegenheit(German f.) superiority
Überlegung(German f.) a reflection
überleitung(German f.) an intervening passage which forms the transition from one subject of a composition to another
überliefern(German) to hand down
Überlieferung(German f.) tradition, inheritance, surviving original sources
überlisten(German) to outwit
Übermacht(German f.) superiority
übermächtig(German) superior, overpowering
übermannen(German) to overcome
Übermass(German n.) an excess
übermäßig(German) augmented, superfluous, superfluously, excessive, excessively
übermäßige Dezime(German f.) augmented tenth
übermäßige Diodezime(German f.) augmented twelfth
übermäßige None(German f.) augmented ninth
übermäßige Oktave(German f.) augmented octave
übermäßige Prime(German f.) augmented unison, superfluous unison
übermäßige Quarte(German f.) augmented fourth, superfluous fourth
übermäßige Quint(German f.) augmented fifth, superfluous fifth
übermäßiger Akkord(German m.) augmented chord
übermäßiger Dreiklang(German m.) augmented triad
übermäßiger Sextakkord(German m.) augmented sixth chord
übermäßige Sekunde(German f.) augmented second
übermäßige Septime(German f.) augmented seventh
übermäßige Sexte(German f.) augmented sixth
übermäßiges Intervall(German n.) augmented interval, superfluous interval
übermäßige Terz(German f.) augmented third
übermäßige Tredezime(German f.) augmented thirteenth
übermäßige Undezime(German f.) augmented eleventh
Übermensch(German m.) a superman, a man who is superior to ordinary mortality and has no pity on those feebler than himself
übermenschlich(German) superhuman
übermitteln(German) to convey, to transmit
übermorgen(German) the day after tomorrow
übermüdet(German) overtired
Übermut(German m.) high spirits
Übermütig(German) high-spirited, in high spirits
übernächste(German) next ... but one
übernächstes Jahr(German) the year after next
übernachten(German) to stay overnight
Übernachtung(German f.) an overnight stay
Übernachtung und Frühstück(German) bed and breakfast
Übernahme(German f.) a taking over, a take-over (business)
übernatürlich(German) supernatural
übernehmen(German) to take over, to take on
über Ostern(German) over Easter
überprüfen(German) to check
Überprüfung(German f.) check
überqueren(German) to cross
überragen(German) to tower above, to surpass (figurative)
überragend(German) outstanding
überraschen(German) to surprise
überraschend(German) surprising, surprisingly, unexpected, unexpectedly
überrascht tun(German) pretend to be surprised
Überraschung(German f.) a surprise
überreden(German) to persuade., to coax
überredend(German) coaxing
überreichen(German) to present
Überreinstummung(German f.) concord, consonance
überreizt(German) overwrought
überrennen(German) to overrun
Überreste(German m. pl.) remains
überrrumpeln(German) to take by surprise
Überschall-(German) (prefix) supersonic
überschatten(German) to overshadow
überschätzen(German) to overestimate
Überschlag(German m.) a rough estimate, a somersault
the second voice, in a two part song, which lies above the main voice carrying the tune
überschlagen(German) to estimate roughly, to skip, to happen fast
(German) tepid
(German) to cross (for example, to cross hands on a keyboard instrument)
(German) to crack (voice), to overblow (wind instruments)
überschnappen(German) to go crazy (familiar)
überschreiben(German) to entitle, to transfer
überschreiten(German) to cross, to exceed (figurative)
Überschrift(German f.) heading, title, headline (newspaper)
Überschuss(German m.) surplus
überschüssig(German) surplus
überschütten mit(German) to cover with, to shower with (gifts, money, etc.)
überschwemmen(German) to flood, to inundate (figurative)
Überschwemmung(German f.) a flood
überschwenglich(German) effusive, effusively
Überschwingungen(German f.) harmonics
Überseedampfer(German m.) an ocean liner
Übersee, aus(German) from overseas
Übersee, in(German) overseas
überseeisch(German) overseas
Übersee, nach(German) overseas
Übersee, von(German) from overseas
übersehen(German) to look out over, to assess, to overlook, to miss, to ignore
über sein(German) to be left over
etw über sein (German: to be fed up with something)
über seine Verhältnisse leben(German) to live beyond one's means
übersenden(German) to send
übersetzen(German) to cross over, the passing of fingers over the thumb when playing a keyboard instrument
(German) to cross over, passing one foot over the other when playing the pedal keyboard of on organ, etc.
(German) to translate
Übersetzer (m.), Übersetzerin (f.)(German) a translator
Übersetzung(German f.) a translation
Übersicht(German f.) an overall view, a summary, a table
übersichtlich(German) clear, clearly
Übersichtsvortrag(German m.) initial lecture, introductory lecture
übersiedeln (nach)(German) to move (to)
Übersiedlung(German f.) a move
übersinnlich(German) supernatural
überspannen(German) to cover, to overarch, to bestride, to span, to overdo, to overstrain
überspannen mit(German) to cover with
Überspannheit(German f.) eccentricity, extravagance
überspannt(German) exaggerated, eccentric, extravagant, gushing, grotesque, quixotic, gushing, highflown, airy (or windy - for example, of prose, speech, etc.)
überspannte Wesen(German f.) eccentricity
Überspannung(German f.) covering, excess voltage
überspielen(German) to cover up (figurative)
überspitzt(German) exaggerated
überspringen(German) to jump, to jump over, to skip
überstehen(German) to project, to jut out
(German) to come through, to get over (an illness, etc.), to survive
übersteigen(German) to climb, to climb over, to exceed (figurative)
überstimmen(German) to outvote
überstreifen(German) to slip on
Überstunden(German f. pl.) overtime
Überstunden machen(German) to work overtime
überstürzen(German) to rush, to tumble out (words)
überstürzt(German) precipitate, hasty, precipitately, hastily
Ubertà(Italian f.) fertility, abundance
ubertoso(Italian) fruitful, fertile
übertölpeln(German) to dupe
Überton(German m.) supertonic
übertönen(German) to drown, to drown out
übertönend(German) drowning out
übertragbar(German) transferable, infectious (medical), transferred, figurative
übertragen(German) to transfer, to assign, to transmit (technical), to broadcast (radio, TV), to translate, to apply, to transcribe, to make a transcription
Übertragung(German f.) a translation,a transcription, a reduction, a transfer, a transmission, a broadcast, an application
übertreffen(German) to surpass, to exceed
übertreiben(German) to exaggerate, to overdo
Übertreibung(German f.) an exaggeration
übertreten(German) to step over the line, to go over (to the other side), to convert (to another religion)
übertreten(German) to infringe, to break (the law)
Übertretung(German f.) an infringement, a breach
über und über(German) all over
übervölkert(German) overpopulated
übervorteilen(German) to cheat
überwachen(German) to supervise, to monitor, to keep under surveillance
überwachsen(German) overgrown
überwältigen(German) to overpower, to overwhelm (figurative)
überwältigend(German) overwhelming
überweisen(German) to transfer, to refer (a patient)
Überweisung(German f.) a transfer, a referral (to a medical specialist)
Überweisungsauftrag(German m.) a credit note
überwerfen(German) to throw on (a coat, etc.)
überwerfen (mit)(German) to fall out (with)
überwiegen(German) to predominate, to outweigh
überwiegend(German) predominant, predominantly
überwinden(German) to overcome
Überwindung(German f.) an effort
Überwurf(German m.) a wrap, a bedspread
Überzahl(German f.) a majority
überzählig(German) spare
überzeugen(German) to convince
überzeugend(German) convincing, convincingly
Überzeugung(German f.) a conviction
überziehen(German) to put on
überziehen(German) to cover, to overdraw (a bank account, etc.)
Überzug(German m.) a cover, a coating
Ubetonet taktslag(Danish) weak beat
Ubicazione(Italian f.) whereabouts, position, situation
Ubicuidad(Spanish f.) ubiquity
Ubiquità(Italian f.) ubiquity
Ubiquitythe state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)
Ubi sunt?(from a longer Latin phrase, Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerent?, 'Where are those who were before us?') a motif that is commonly found in medieval Latin lyrics, in which a speaker mourns the lost past by repeatedly asking, 'what happened to the good-old days?'. Although the motif is similar to the Roman carpe diem motif in its emphasis on transitory existence, the medieval ubi sunt motif usually does not call on the reader to embrace this world's pleasures before the end comes, but instead grimly or sorrowfully urges the reader to prepare spiritually for the afterlife
üblich(German) usual, customary
UbohNigerian thumb piano made with a decorated gourd
U-Boot(German n.) a submarine
Ubre(Spanish f.) udder
ubriacare(Italian) to make drunk, to intoxicate
ubriacarsi(Italian) to get drunk, to become intoxicated
Ubriacatura(Italian f.) intoxication
Ubriachezza(Italian f.) drunkenness
Ubriaco(Italian m., literally 'tipsy') traditional hard cheese from Italy made from cows milk, so named because the young cheese is soaked in wine and covered with crushed grape skins during the maturing process
ubriaco (s.), ubriachi (pl.)(Italian) drunk, drunken, intoxicated, tipsy
Ubriacone (m.), Ubriacona (f.)(Italian) drunkard
übrig(German) reamaining, other
alles übrige (German: the rest, all the rest)
im übrigen (German: besides, apart from)
übrig sein(German) to be left, to be left over
übrigbehalten(German) to have left, to have left over
übrigbleiben(German) to be left, to be left over
übrigens(German) by the way
übriglassen(German) to leave, to leave over
Übung (s.), Übungen (pl.)(German f.) an exercise, a practice, a study
u.c.abbreviation of una corda (Italian: single string)
Uccellagione(Italian f.) feathered game (partridge, snipe, grouse, pheasants, etc.)
uccellare(Italian) to snare birds, to go fowling (hunting birds), to dupe (figurative), to gull (figurative)
Uccellatore(Italian m.) bird-catcher, fowler, deceiver (figurative), trickster (figurative)
Uccellatura(Italian f.) trickery (figurative), deceit (figurative)
Uccelliera(Italian f.) aviary
Uccello(Italian m.) bird, fowl
Uccello da gabbia(Italian m.) cage bird
Uccello di mal augurio(Italian m.) bird of ill omen
Uccello mosca(Italian m.) humming bird
uccidere(Italian) to kill, to slay, to slaughter
Uccisione(Italian f.) killing, slaughter
ucciso(Italian) killed, slain, dead (in battle)
Uccisore(Italian m.) killer, slayer, murderer
Uchideshi(Japanese) a disciple or pupil of a great musician, who might also be his teaching assistant
this expression conveys the concept that [in the Japanese cultural tradition] music is not only music but also a way of life and an expression of the person, too, and if a pupil wanted to learn music from a teacher, he firstly had to learn how to live and what the teacher's musical source was, as well as the reason for the teacher's source. In old times Japanese music was a form of research aiming to find out the truth of living
Uchiwa-daiko(Japanese) fan taiko drum
UCLAabbreviation of 'University of California at Los Angeles'
Ucraina, (l')(Italian f.) (the) Ukraine
Ucraniano(Spanish m.) Ukranian
ucraniano(Spanish) Ukranian
Ud(Spanish) abbreviation for Usted (Spanish: you)
Ud, 'Ud(Arabic, 'ud means 'twig', 'flexible rod' or 'aromatic stick' and by inference 'piece of wood'). In Ibn Khaldun (14th-century), 'ud denoted the plectrum of the lute which was called the barbat. The etymology of the word has occasioned numerous commentaries, among them Farmer's alluring thesis that the Arabs adopted the term to differentiate the instrument, with its wooden sound-table, from the similar Persian barbat, whose belly is covered with skin. Versions of the instrument have made their mark in various civilizations from Spain to China. The 'ud first appears in Mesopotamia during the Kassite period with a small oval body. A larger variety, similar to the instruments present day dimensions, appears at Alaca Huyuk in Anatolia dating from the Hittite New Kingdom. As early as the 11th-century, the 'ud was being made in Sevilla, and the city was a centre for exportation of musical instruments to North Africa. It was, wrote al-Makkarî quoting an earlier chronicler, a city where "musical instruments of all sorts may at any time be procured . . . where they are manufactured with the greatest skill. . . . Many of these instruments may, it is true, be found in other cities of Andalus, as also players on them, but nowhere in such numbers as in Seville." Today, the instrument is known as ut or ud in Turkey and udi or oud, a short necked, fretless Middle Eastern and North African lute with five double-courses of strings tuned in fourths and traditionally played with an eagle's quill. It is one of the most important instrument in Arabic classical music and the direct ancestor of the European lute
Udäkkihourglass drum from Sri Lanka
Udarnik(Russian) a member of a special labour-force dispatched to perform or help perform an urgent task
uddragne(Danish) selected
Uddukai(Tamil Nadu) a hand-held drum used in accompanying narrative style song as well as by village diviners who exorcise demons and invoke gods in the village shrines and temples
  • Uddukai from which this extract has been taken
Udgave(Danish) edition
Udgiver(Danish) editor, publisher
udgivet(Danish) edited
udibile(Italian) audible
Udienza(Italian f.) audience, hearing (court)
udire(Italian) to hear, to listen to
Udita(Italian f.) hearsay
Udito(Italian m.) (sense of) hearing
udito (m.), udita (f.)(Italian) heard
Uditore (m.), Uditrice (f.)(Italian) auditor, auditress (f.), listener, hearer
Uditorio(Italian m.) audience, hearers
uditorio(Italian) auditory
UdSSR(German f.) USSR (acronym for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
Uduclay pot drums from Nigeria, that have two holes that are variously struck and covered with the hands, the sound being produced by the compression and release of the air inside it
Udubooa new bamboo percussion instrument that combines elements of a double-headed drum and the African udu drum (a ceramic pot with two sound holes)
udvalgt(Danish) selected
udvidet(Danish) enlarged
U.E.abbreviation of Union européenne (French: EU - European Union)
Uedhlaewor uzlyau, a style of overtone singing from Bashkortostan, often sung while playing the quray, a similar technique of vocalizing into a flute also to be found in Balkan and Hungarian folk music
uf(Spanish) phew! (relief, exhaustion, etc.) ugh! (repugnance)
ufanarse(Spanish) be proud, to boast
ufanarse con(Spanish) to be proud of, to boast about
ufanarse de(Spanish) to be proud of, to boast about
ufano(Spanish) proud
Ufer(German n.) the shore, a (river-)bank
uff!(Italian) what a bore! what a nuisance!
u.ff.abbreviation of und folgende (German: and following)
UffataArabic reed pipe
Ufficiale(Italian m.) official, officer
ufficiale(Italian) official
Ufficiale del genio(Italian m.) (military) engineer
Ufficiale della stato civile(Italian m.) registrar (of births, deaths, marriages, etc.)
Ufficiale di giornata(Italian m.) orderly
Ufficiale di marian(Italian m.) naval officer
ufficiare(Italian) to officiate
Ufficio(Italian m.) office, department, service, duty
ufficioso(Italian) officious, informal, semi-official, unofficial, obliging
Uffizio(Italian m.) office, service, worship
ufo (a.)(Italian) gratis, gratuitously, uselessly
Ugab(Hebrew, literally 'double pipe') shepherd's pipe, syrinx or Panpipe, possibly resembling the bagpipe (Genesis 4:21)
Ugalan instrument of the Indonesian gamelan orchestra, a bronze metallophone which is played with a small hammer
Ugandan hip hop
Ugeblad(Danish) week
Ughniyya(Arabic, literally 'song') from about the 1930s, the wasla lost favour in Arab music performance and was soon replaced by a new genre called ughniyya or ughniyyah. Of approximately the same length in performance as the earlier wasla, the ughniyya featured a multi-sectional song sung by a solo singer, with an instrumental introduction for the song as a whole and for each of the song's internal sections. The ughniyya has reigned as the dominant genre of urban-based Arab music up through the 1970s and 1980s
Ughniyyahsee ughniyya
Uggia(Italian f.) deep shade, gloom, dislike (figurative), annoyance (figurative), boredom (figurative)
uggiolare(Italian) to howl, to whine
Uggiolio(Italian m.) constant whining, howling
uggioso(Italian) tiresome, troublesome, dull, boring, gloomy
Ugna(Italian f.) or unghia (Italian f.), hoof, claw, nail
Ugola(Italian f.) uvula (anatomical)
Ugonotto(Italian m.) Huguenot (French Protestant)
Uguagliamento(Italian m.) equalisation, equalising
Uguaglianza(Italian f.) equality, similarity
uguagliare(Italian) to equal, to be equal to
uguale(Italian) equal, (a)like, same, similar, uniform, balanced, level
Ugualità(Italian f.) equality, similarity, smoothness, evenness
ugualmente(Italian) equally, all the same, nevertheless
uguazmente(Italian) equally, alike
Ugubhuan African music bow
Uh(Korean) a percussion instrument that makes sounds by scraping a bamboo stick over a set of wooden 'teeth' set onto the back of a wooden tiger
uh!(Italian) ah! oh!
UHFabbreviation of 'ultra-high frequency'
Uhlan(German, from Turkish) a lancer (usually one in a quasi-Oriental uniform that was popular particularly in Slavonic countries latterly in the German empire)
uhm!(Italian) hum! h'm!
Uhr(German f.) a clock, a watch, a meter
Uhrarmband(German n.) a watch-strap
Uhrmacher(German m.) a watch-maker, a clock-maker
Uhrwerk(German n.) a clock mechanism, a watch mechanism
Uhrzeiger(German m.) a hand (of a clock or watch)
entgegen dem Uhrzeigersinn (German: anticlockwise - the reverse of the circular direction in which the hands of a clock normally move)
im dem Uhrzeigersinn (German: clockwise - the circular direction in which the hands of a clock normally move)
Uhrzeit(German f.) time
Uhu(German m.) an eagle owl
Uhuru(Swahili) freedom
Ui`Are`are (Malaita, Solomon Islands) struck instruments made from bamboo
Uilleann pipe(Gaelic, literally 'elbow' pipe) an Irish bagpipe that is different from the Scottish bagpipe because it is filled with air by means of a bellows activated by the player squeezing the bellows against his side with his elbow and has a softer, more melodic sound
uitdrukken van emotie(Dutch) express emotion
Uitdrukking (gevoel)(Dutch) expression
uit elkaar gelegen(Dutch) apart
Uitgever(Dutch) publisher
Uitgave(Dutch) edition
uitgebeid(Dutch) enlarged
uitgegeven(Dutch) edited, published
uitgekozen(Dutch) selected
Uitgeverij(Dutch) publishing house
uit het hoofd spelen(Dutch) playing from memory
uitkomen(Dutch) come out (of a publication)
Uitlander(Dutch) an alien settler in the South African Republic (the term being most prevalent in the Transvaal)
Uitlegging(Dutch) commentary
uitverkocht(Dutch) out of print
Uitvoering(Dutch) exposition, performance
Uitweiding(Dutch) digression
Ujier(Spanish m.) usher
Ukase(Russian) a decree or edict issued by the Russian government, although now applied more widely for any arbitrary or peremptory proclamation or decree
Uke(Norwegian) week
Ukelelesee ukulele
Ukelina bowed stringed musical instrument (bowed psaltery or chord zither) which combines the Hawaiian ukulele ('uke') with the violin ('lin'). Also known as the Violin Uke and the Hawaiian Art Violin, it was manufactured and sold from the 1920s until 1972. Ukelins have two levels of strings. The first set of sixteen strings, played with a short violin-like bow, is tuned to the scale of C (from middle C on a piano to the C two octaves above - in the key of G for the violin uke). This set fans out in a configuration also found in African instruments such as the thumb piano and the kora. Beneath these strings run four groups of four strings, each group tuned to a chord. Decals are pasted beneath the strings, indicating the note the string should be tuned to. These decals also have numbers corresponding to a unique system of notation. Ornamental decals sometimes surround the sound hole as well
UK Garagesee 'speed garage'
UK hardcorea broad term to describe the evolved United Kingdom rave hardcore lineage 4/4-kick drum fuelled sound, which emerged there around the start of the 21st-century
Ukr.abbreviation of 'Ukrainian'
Ukrainian-Dorianone of the Jewish synagogue modes (G-A-Bb-C#-D-E-F) that is used not only in prayers like Mi Sheberakh and Ov Horahamim, but also in folk songs like Dos Fertsente Yor
Ukrainian hip hop
Ukrainian liraa hurdy-gurdy. Contrary to most European hurdy-gurdy forms, the Ukrainian lira has never had a trompette (drone string with rhythmical function). Supposedly the instrument was imported from France by the Ukrainian Cossacks of colonel Ivan Sirko, who took part in The Thirty Years War (1618-1648)
(English, German f.) or ukelele, a guitar-like instrument originating from Portugal but often associated with Hawaii with four strings and a long fingerboard. The ukulele comes in four sizes:
sopranothe original size. Common tuning is G-C-E-A, with the G-string traditionally tuned an octave up (re-entrant), so it is pitched between the E- and A-strings. Sometimes the soprano may be tuned a tone (whole step) higher
concertsame tuning as the soprano ukulele
tenorcreated in the 1920s, the strings may be doubled: six strings (where first and third strings are doubled) or eight strings (where all fourth strings are doubled with second and fourth course)
baritonecreated in the late 1940s. The common tuning is D-G-B-E, similar to a tenor guitar
UKWabbreviation of Ultrakurzwelle (German: VHF - acronym for 'very high (radio) frequency')
Ulaan ancient Tongan dance, already reported by early European navigators like captain Cook
  • Ula from which this extract has been taken
Ulano(Italian m.) uhlan
Úlcera(Spanish f.) ulcer
Ulceramento(Italian m.) ulceration
ulcerare(Italian) to ulcerate
ulcerarsi(Italian) to become ulcerated
Ulcerazione(Italian f.) ulceration
Ulcère(French m.) ulcer
ulcérer(French) to embitter, to vex
ulceroso(Italian) ulcerous
'Uli 'Ulian Hawaiian percussion instrument made of a small hollow gourd filled with seeds, sea shells or pebbles, to which a handle is attached, the tip of which is fringed with cock feathers. The dancer holds the 'uli 'uli in the right hand, shaking and striking it against the left hand, hip, knee, shoulder, or other parts of the body
Uli' Uli'Sumatran kite bow
uliginoso(Italian) damp, moist
Ulisse(Italian m.) Ulysses
Uliva(Italian f.) olive
Ulivo(Italian m.) olive-tree, olive branch
Ulk(German n.) fun, trick
ulken(German) to joke
ulkig(German) funny, odd, oddly
Ulla(Korean) a set of ten tuned plate-shaped small gongs set in a wooden frame. It produces a sound by striking each small gong with a small hammer
UllogaunIrish lament
Ulm(English, German) a city in the German Bundesland of Baden-Württemberg, situated on the River Danube
  • Ulm from which this extract has been taken
Ulma(Italian f.) Ulm (place in Germany)
Ulme(German f.) elm (tree)
Ulstera historic division of Ireland located in the northeastern part of the island; six of Ulster's nine counties are in Northern Ireland
a loose, long overcoat made of heavy, rugged fabric and often belted
ult.abbreviation of ultimo (Latin: of the previous month, of last month)
ultérieurment(French) later
Ulterior(English) lying beyond what is evident, revealed, or avowed, especially being concealed intentionally so as to deceive
(English) later, coming at a subsequent time or stage
ulterior(Spanish) later, subsequent, further
ulteriore(Italian) subsequent, ulterior, further
ulteriormente(Spanish) subsequently, further on, later on
Última actualización(Spanish f.) latest update
últimamente(Spanish) recently, finally, as a last resort
ultimamente(Italian) lately, of late, recently, at last
Última nota(Spanish f.) last note
Última obra de un artista(Spanish f.) swan song (figurative)
ultimar(Spanish) to complete, to finish, to bring to an end
ultimare(Italian) to finish, to complete, to bring to an end
Ultimate sourcein linguistics, the earliest known or most ancient etymon for a particular word, as opposed to a direct source, the most recent source for a word
ultima Thule(Latin) the uttermost point accessible to exploration or discovery, originally supposed to be an island north of Britain beyond which there was no other land
see Thule
Ultimatum (s.), Ultimata (pl.)(German n., French m., Italian m., from Latin ultimatum) a final statement of terms made by one party to another (the rejection of which is assumed to lead to the breaking of diplomatic relations and a state of hostility)
Ultimátum(Spanish m.) ultimatum
Ultimazione(Italian f.) completion, termination, finishing
ultime(French) final
Ultimi giorni di carnevale(Italian m. pl.) Shrovetide
Ultimo(Latin) or ult., of the previous month, of last month
ultimo (m.), ultima (f.)(Italian) last, latest, newest, utmost, ultimate
último (m.), última (f.)(Spanish) last, latest, furthest, top, bottom, extreme (also figurative)
último aviso para los pasajeros ...(Spanish) last call for passengers ...
Ultimogenito(Italian m.) last-born child
ultimogenito(Italian) last-born, latest born
Ultore (m.), Ultrice (f.)(Italian) avenger
Ultra(French m./f.) a hardliner
ultra(Latin) extreme, extremely, extravagantly
(English, Spanish) extreme
ultra-(English, French, Italian) used as a prefix to signify 'in the highest degree', 'extremely', 'ultimate', 'beyond', etc.
ultrajante(Spanish) outrageous
Ultraje(Spanish m.) outrage
Ultrakurzwelle(German f.) very high (radio) frequency, VHF
Ultramar(Spanish m.) overseas countries
ultramarino(Spanish) overseas
Ultramarinos(Spanish groceries
Ultraschall(German m.) ultrasound
Ultraschallschweißgerät(German n.) ultrasound welding equipment
Ultraschallwandler(German m.) ultrasound transducer
Ultrason(French m.) ultrasound
Ultrasonicpertaining to ultrasound
ultrasónico(Spanish) ultrasonic
Ultrasonido(Spanish m.) ultrasound, ultrason (French)
Ultrasoundof or relating to acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the human ear, or above approximately 20,000 hertz
Ultraviolet lighta wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum that lies outside the range of human perception. The association of this shorter wavelength light with higher energy is the reason that UV light causes some colourants to fade, especially dyes which have a weaker molecular structure that UV photons can break. It can also cause molecules in dyes to reradiate producing fluorescent colours or to act as optical brighteners
ultravioleta(Spanish) ultraviolet
ultraviolett(German) ultraviolet
ultravioletto(Italian) ultraviolet
Ultra vires(Latin) beyond the legal power of an authority, a person, an institution, etc.
in law, an act that falls outside or beyond the jurisdiction of the court
ulular(Spanish) to howl, to hoot (owl)
ululare(Italian) to howl
Ululationa long, wavering, high-pitched sound resembling the howl of a wolf
Ululato(Italian m.) howl, howling
Ululo(Italian m.) howl, howling
um(German) round, around, at, for, over, about, out of, by
einen Tag um den andern (German: every other day)
Umakweyanaa one string gourd instrument played by the women of Swaziland
umanamente(Italian) humanly, humanely
umanare(Italian) to make human, to humanise, to render humane
umanarsi(Italian) to become human, to become man, to become humane
umändern(German) to alter
Umane lettere(Italian pl.) belle-lettres, fine writing (applied to literature), literature
Umanesimo(Italian m.) humanism
Umanista (s.), Unamisti (pl.)(Italian m.) humanist
Umanita(Italian m.) humanity, mankind
Umanitario(Italian m.) humanitarian (person)
umanitario(Italian) humanitarian
umanizzare(Italian) to humanise
umano (m.), umana (f.)(Italian) human, humane, natural
umarbeiten(German) to alter, to revise
umarmen(German) to embrace, to hug
Umarmung(German f.) an embrace, a hug
Umbau(German m.) the rebuilding, the conversion
umbauen(German) to rebuild, to convert
Umbesetzung(German) recasting
umbilden(German) to change, to reorganize, to reshuffle (of a government, etc.)
Umbildung(German f.) a reorganisation, a reshuffle (politics)
umbinden(German) to put on
umblättern(German) to turn, to turn over, to turn the page
umblicken(German) to look round, to look back
Umbral(Spanish m.) threshold
umbratile(Italian) shady, dark, imaginary
umbringen(German) to kill
umbrío(Spanish) shady
Umbro(Italian m.) Umbrian
umbro(Italian) Umbrian
umbroso(Spanish) shady
Umbruch(German m.) radical change (figurative)
umbuchen(German) to change, to transfer, to change one's booking
Umdeutung(German m.) reinterpretation
see 'reinterpretation'
umdrehen(German) to turn round, to turn over, to turn (a key), to turn inside out, to double back, to reverse, to revolve,
Umdrehung(German f.) a turn, a revolution (of a motor)
umeinander(German) around each other
Umettamento(Italian m.) moistening, wetting
umettare(Italian) to moisten, to wet, to damp
Umettazione(Italian f.) moistening, wetting
umfahren(German) to run over
(German) to go round, to bypass
umfallen(German) to fall over, to fall down (a person)
Umfang (s.), Umfänge (pl.)(German m.) range (musical), compass (range), extent, diapason, girth, circumference (geometry), size
Umfang der Stimme(German m.) the compass or range of the voice
umfangen(German) to embrace, to envelop (figurative)
umfangreich(German) extensive, big
umfassen(German) to consist of, to comprise, to surround
umfassend(German) comprehensive
Umfrage(German f.) or Meinungsumfrage (German f.), a survey, a poll, an opinion poll
umfüllen(German) to transfer
unfunktionieren(German) to convert
Umgang(German m.) a social contact, a contact, dealing
Umgang haben mit(German) to associate with
umgänglich(German) sociable
Umgangsformen(German f. pl.) manners
Umgangssprache(German f.) colloquial language
umgangssprachlich(German) colloquial, colloquially
umgangssprachlicher Ton(German m.) a 'colloquial' sound, calculated to engender feelings of déjà vu or familiarity
umgeben(German) to surround
umgeben von(German) surrounded by
Umgebung(German f.) surroundings
Umgebungsgeräusch(German n.) ambient noise
Umgebungstemperatur(German f.) ambient temperature
umgedreht(German) reverse, upside down
umgehen(German) to go round
(German) to avoid, to evade, to bypass (a street)
umgehend(German) immediate, immediately
umgehen mit(German) to treat, to handle, to associate with
Umgehungsstraße(German f.) a bypass
umgekehrt(German) reverse, inverse, conversely, vice versa
es war umgekehrt (German: it was the other way round)
und umgekehrt (German: and vice versa)
umgekehrtes Intervall(German n.) inverted interval
umgraben(German) to dig, to dig over
umhaben(German) to have on
Umhang(German m.) a cloak
umhauen(German) to knock down, to chop down (to fell)
umhergehen(German) to walk about
Umiak(Eskimo) or oomiak, a large Eskimo boat made of skins stretched over a wooden frame, built originally for whaling
Umidezza(Italian f.) dampness
Umidità(Italian f.) humidity, damp, dampness, moisture
Umido(Italian m.) stew, stewed meat
umido(Italian) moist, damp, wet, humid
umile(Italian) humble, lowly, modest, simple
umiliante(Italian) humiliating, mortifying
umiliare(Italian) to humiliate, to humble
Umiliazione(Italian f.) humiliation, mortification
umilmente(Italian) humanly
Umità(Italian f.) humility
Umkehr(German f.) a turning back
umkehren(German) to turn back, to turn round, to turn inside out, to reverse (figurative), to invert (interval, chord)
Umkehrintervalle(German n.) inverted interval
Umkehrungsintervalle(German n.) inverted interval
Umkehrung(German f.) a turning round, a reversal, an inversion (for example, of a chord or interval)
Umkehrungsintervalle(German n.) inverted interval
Umkehrungskanon(German m.) an inverted canon
umkippen(German) to tip over, to knock over, to fall over, to capsize (a boat), to faint (to pass out)
Umkleidekabine(German f.) a changing-cubicle
Umkleideraum(German m.) changing-room
umknicken(German) to bend, to fold, to bend, to go over on one's ankle (to twist one's ankle)
umkommen(German) to perish
umkommen lassen(German) to waste
Umkreis(German m.) surroundings
im Umkreis von (German: within a radius of)
umkreisen(German) to circle, to revolve around (astronomy), orbit (of a satellite)
umkrempeln(German) to turn up, to turn inside out, to change radically
Umlauf(German m.) circulation, revolution (astronomy)
Umlaufbahn(German f.) orbit
Umlaut(German) in linguistics also known as metaphony, a mutation, a change in the quality of a vowel induced by the influence of a vowel or semivowel in the following syllable. The word Umlaut is sometimes used to denote the diacritic sign (¨) although this is more properly called a diaeresis or dieresis
umlegen(German) to lay down, to put down, to flatten, to turn down, to put on, to throw, to transfer, to knock down, to kill
umleiten(German) to divert
Umleitung(German f.) a diversion
umliegend(German) surrounding
Umore(Italian m.) humour, mood, temper, moisture
Umorismo(Italian m.) humour, humorousness
Umorista (s.), Umoristi (pl.)(Italian m.) humorist
umoristico (s.), umoristici (pl.)(Italian) humorous, facetious, funny, comic
umpflanzen(German) to transplant
umrahmen(German) to frame
umranden(German) to edge
umräumen(German) to rearrange
umrechnen(German) to convert
Umrechnung(German f.) a conversion
umreißen(German) to tear down, to knock down (a person)
(German) to outline
umringen(German) to surround
Umriß(German m.) an outline
Umrißzeichnung(German f.) contour drawing
Umrubhea bowed mouth bow traditional to the Xhosa and Pondo peoples from South Africa, where the string is bowed with a thin dry stick, while the tune is produced in the mouth
umrühren(German) to stir
Umsatz(German m.) turnover (business)
umschalten(German) to switch over
Umschau halten nach(German) to look out for
Umschlag(German m.) a cover, a jacket, an envelope, a compress (medicine), a turn-up (on a pair of trousers), change (small coins, etc.)
umschlagen(German) to turn up, to turn over (page), to chop down (to fell), to topple over, to capsize (boat), to change (weather), to veer (wind)
umschließen(German) to enclose
umschnallen(German) to buckle on (a sword, etc.)
umschreiben(German) to rewrite
umschreiben(German) to define, to paraphrase (to express in another usually shorter way)
Umschreibung(German f.) a definition, a paraphrase
giro di parole (Italian m.) circonlucozione (Italian f.) circumlocution, Weitschweifigkeit (German f.), circonlocution (French f.), circunloquio (Spanish m.)
umschulen(German) to retrain, to transfer to another school
Umschwung(German m.) a sudden change (of opinion), a re-orientation (note that unlike volte-face, in French, there is no implication of reversal in Umschwung)
umsein(German) to be over (to come to an end), to be up (time)
um sein etwillen(German) for his sake
umseitig(German) overleaf
umsetzen(German) to move, to transplant, to sell (trade)
Umsicht(German f.) circumspection
umsichtig(German) circumspect, circumspectly
umsiedeln(German) to resettle, to move
Umsiedlung(German f.) a resettlement
ums Karree(German) round the block
ums Leben kommen(German) to lose one's life
um so besser(German) all the better
umsonst(German) in vain, without reason, free (gratis)
Umspielung(German f.) elaborate playing around a given theme or melody, a form of 'decoration' where a simple melody undergoes a form of variation, of which numerous examples appear throughout the cantatas of J. S. Bach
umspringen(German) to change, to veer (wind)
Umstand(German m.) a circumstance, a fact, a fuss, trouble
Umstande machen(German) to make a fuss
umständlich(German) laborious, laboriously, involved, fussy (person)
Umstandskleid(German n.) a maternity dress
Umstandswort(German n.) adverb (part of speech)
umstehen(German) to surround
Umstehende(German pl.) bystanders
umsteigen(German) to change
umstellen(German) to surround
(German) to rearrange, to transpose (words), to reset, to convert (units, etc.), to change
Umstellung(German f.) a rearrangement, a transposition, a resetting, a conversion, a change, an adjustment
umstimmen(German) to tune to another pitch, to tune in a non-standard manner (that is to use scordatura tuning)
... umstimmen (German: to change ...'s mind)
Unstimmung(German f.) a change of tuning or of keys, for example, in the case of the horn or of the kettle-drums
umstoßen(German) to knock over, to overturn (figurative), to upset (plan)
umstritten(German) controversial, disputed
umstrittene Frage(German) controversial question, vexed question
umstrittenes Buch(German n.) controversial book
umstülpen(German) to turn upside down, to turn inside out
Umsturz(German m.) coup
umstürzen(German) to overturn, to overthrow, to fall over
umtaufen(German) to rename
Umtausch(German m.) an exchange
umtauschen (gegen)(German) to change, to exchange (for)
Umtshingoa traditional South-African end-blown, bamboo flute, with one finger hole at the bottom end
Umuduri(Burundi, Rwanda) a musical bow
Umui(Okinawa) songs, particularly those sung in Okinawa and the Amami islands. Umui is a corruption of the Japanese word omoi, which means feelings but Umui came to mean the poetic expressions of feelings
U-Musik(German f.) abbreviation of Unterhaltungsmusik (German f.), light music (for the purposes of entertainment - for example, pop music, rock, etc.) but also including jazz and folk music
umwälzend(German) revolutionary
umwandeln(German) to convert, to transform (figurative)
umwechseln(German) to change
Umweg(German m.) detour
Umwelt(German f.) the environment
umweltfreundlich(German) environmentally friendly
Umweltschutz(German m.) the protection of the environment
Umweltschützer(German m.) an environmentalist
umwenden(German) to turn over
umwerfen(German) to knock over, to upset (a plan - figurative), to bowl over (person - familiar)
Umwironge(Burundi) a flute
umziehen(German) to move, to change
umzingeln(German) to surround
um zu(German) to, in order to
zu müde, um zu ... (German: too tired to ...)
Umzug(German m.) a move, a procession