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un', una, uno(Italian) a, an, one
un (m.), una (f.), uno (m.), unos (pl.)(Spanish) a, an, one
un (m.), una (f.), uno (m.)(Italian) one
Un (m.), Une (f.)(French) one (number)
un (m.), une (f.)(French) a, an, one
un (s.), unos (pl.)(Spanish) one, some (plural form)
un', una (f.), uno (m.)(Italian) a, an
Una (f.), Uno (m.)(Italian) one (number), one (indefinite pronoun)
Uña(Spanish m.) fingernail, claw (animal), hoof
unabänderlich(German) irrevocable, unalterable
unabhängig(German) independent, independently
unabhängig davon, ob(German) irrespective of whether
Unabhängigkeit(German f.) independence
unabkömmlich(German) busy
unablässig(German) incessant, incessantly
unabsehbar(German) incalculable
unabsichtlich(German) unintentional, unintentionally
unacc. abbreviation of 'unaccompanied'
Unaccented beator 'weak beat', tiempo débil (Spanish), movimento in unaccentato (Italian), tempo debole (Italian), arsi (Italian), temps faible (French), unbetonter Taktteil (German), unbetonter Taktschlag (German), schwacher Takttheil (German), schwacher Taktteil (German), schlechter Takttheil (German), schlechter Taktteil (German)
Unaccented notenota inaccentato (Italian), unbetonte Note (German), note non accentuée (French)
unachtsam(German) careless, carelessly
Unachtsamkeit(German f.) carelessness
Una corda(Italian f., literally 'one string') in piano music, indicating the use of the soft pedal. It is cancelled with the marking tre corde (Italian, 'three strings') or tutte le corde (Italian, 'all the strings')
[corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Una-Corda-Pedal(German n.) soft pedal (on the piano)
una decina(Italian) about ten
Unaffected free from affectation, semplice (Italian), naiv (German), naïf (French m.), naïve (French f.)
una grande quantita(Italian) a great deal, a lot, lots
un amigo mío(Spanish) a friend of mine
unangebracht(German) inappropriate
unangemeldet(German) unexpected, unexpectedly
unangemessen(German) inappropriate, inappropriately
unangenehm(German) unpleasant, unpleasantly, embarrassing
unangenehm auffallen(German) make a bad impression
unangenehme Fragen stellen(German) or kreuz und quer fragen (German), to heckle
unanime(French) unanimous
unànime(Italian) unanimous
unánime(Spanish) unanimous
unanimemente(Italian) unanimously
Unanimidad(Spanish f.) unanimity
Unanimità(Italian) unanimity, consensus
Unanimité(French f.) unanimity
Unannehmlichkeiten(German f. pl.) trouble
unansehnlich(German) shabby, plain (person)
unanständig(German) indecent, indecently
unantastbar(German) inviolable
unappetitlich(German) unappetizing, mildly repulsive
Una quindicina (di giorni)(Italian f.) a fortnight
Unart (s.), Unarten (pl.)(German f.) a bad habit
unartig(German) naughty
una semana después(Spanish) a week later
unauffällig(German) inconspicuous, inconspicuously, unobtrusive, unobtrusively
unauffindbar sein(German) be nowhere to be found
unaufgefordert(German) without being asked
unaufhaltsam(German) inexorable, inexorably
unaufhörlich(German) incessant, incessantly
unaufmerksam(German) inattentive
unaufrichtig(German) insincere
unausbleiblich(German) inevitable
unausführbar(German) unplayable
unausgeglichen(German) unbalanced, unstable (person)
unauslöschlich(German) indelible, indelibly (figurative)
unaussprechlich(German) indescribable, indescribably
unausstehlich(German) insufferable
Unauthorised arrangementsee 'arranger'
un autre(French) another
Una volta(Italian f.) once
unbarmherzig(German) merciless, mercilessly
unbeabsichtigt(German) unintentional, unintentionally
unbedacht(German) rash, rashly
unbedeckt(German) uncovered, unmuffled (referring to drums)
unbedenklich(German) harmless, without hesitation
unbedeutend(German) insignificant, slight, slightly
unbedingt(German) absolute, absolutely
unbefangen(German) natural, naturally, impartial
unbefriedigend(German) unsatisfactory
unbefriedigt(German) dissatisfied
unbefugt(German) unauthorized, without authorization
unbegreiflich(German) incomprehensible
unbegrenzt(German) unlimited, indefinitely
unbegründet(German) unfounded
Unbehagen(German n.) unease, discomfort (bodily)
unbehaglich(German) uncomfortable, uncomfortably
unbeholfen(German) awkward, awkwardly
unbekannt(German) unknown, unfamiliar
Unbekannte (m.), Unbekannter (f.)(German) a stranger
unbekümmert(German) unconcerned, carefree
unbeliebt(German) unpopular
Unbeliebtheit(German f.) unpopularity
un bel niente(Italian) absolutely nothing
unbemannt(German) unmanned
unbemerkt(German) unnoticed
unbenutzt(German) unused
unbequem(German) uncomfortable, uncomfortably, awkward
unberechenbar(German) unpredictable
unberechtigt(German) unjustified, unauthorized
unberufen(German) touch wood!
unberührt(German) untouched, virgin (figurative), unspoilt (view)
unbescheiden(German) presumptuous
unbeschrankt(German) unguarded
unbeschränkt(German) unlimited, without limit
unbeschreiblich(German) indescribable, indescribably
unbeschwert(German) carefree
unbesiegbar(German) invincible
unbesiegt(German) undefeated
unbesonnen(German) rash, rashly
unbespielt(German) blank
unbeständig(German) inconsistent, unsettled (weather)
unbestechlich(German) incorruptible
unbestimmt(German) indefinite, indeterminate, uncertain, vague (unclear), vaguely
Unbestimmtheit(German f.) indeterminacy
unbestreitbar(German) indisputable, indisputably
unbestritten(German) undisputed, indisputably
unbeteiligt(German) indifferent
unbeteiligt an(German) not involved in
unbetont(German) unstressed
unbetonter Taktschlag(German m.) weak beat
unbetonter Taktteil(German m.) weak beat
unbewacht(German) unguarded
unbewaffnet(German) unarmed
unbeweglich(German) motionless, still
unbewohnt(German) uninhabited
unbewußt(German) unconscious, unconsciously
unbezahlbar(German) priceless
unbezahlt(German) unpaid
unbezogen(German) unstrung, not furnished with strings
Unbilligkeit(German f.) unfairness
un brin de(French) a bit of
unbrauchbar(German) useless
Unca(Latin) quaver, eighth-note
Uncalleda dance that does not require a caller, for example, 'set dances' when performed in Ireland
Uncellobuilt of rock maple with standard cello strings and bridge, and a glass bowl as a resonator, it is tuned with harpsichord pegs at the top of its high arc, and the tailpiece was made of plexiglas. The entire instrument, except for the arc, is bolted together and can be taken apart for travel and storage. The Uncello is still quiet and needs to be amplified with a contact microphone on the bridge. The sound was very reedy, more like a gamba than a cello
un certain temps(French) some time
Unciala form of writing in which the letters are not joined and are typically all upper-case
uncinare(Italian) to hook, to seize with a hook, to grapple
Uncinetto(Italian m.) small hook, crochet-hook
Uncino(Italian m.) hook
Unctionthe sacrament of absolution of sins performed by a priest for a person who is sick or at the point of death, sometimes called "extreme unction"; can also be used more generally for any rite which entails anointing with oil for religious purposes
und(German) and
Unda maris(Latin, literally 'wave of the sea') an organ stop which, being tuned a little too sharp or flat, produces an undulating effect when played with a foundation stop. The effect can be produced with two pipes so tuned, or, alternatively, by cutting two 'mouths' into a single pipe, one placed slightly higher than the other, each generating a note but at slightly different pitches
und andere(German) and others, et al.
Undank(German m.) ingratitude
undankbar(German) ungrateful, thankless
Undankbarkeit(German f.) ingratitude
und dergleichen(German) and the like
undecim(Latin) eleven
Undecima(Latin, Italian) the eleventh, an interval of an eleventh
undecimo(Italian) eleventh
undécimo(Spanish) eleventh
Undecimole(German) a group of notes which divides a bar or part of a bar into eleven equal parts
Undecupleta group of eleven equal notes to be performed in the time of six or eight notes of the same value
undefinierbar(German) indefinable
undenkbar(German) unthinkable, inconceivable
undenklich(German) immemorial
Undersotto (Italian), unter (German), sous (French)
Undercrofta vaulted room, sometimes underground, below an upper room
Undergroup rapsee 'alternative hip hop'
Undersökning(Swedish) investigation [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Undersongalso called burden or foot, a ground or drone accompaniment to a song, which was sustained by another singer
Under-third cadencesee 'Landini cadence'
Undertone(in speaking) hushed or subdued voice, as in 'to speak in undertones' meaning 'to speak quietly'
(in music) notes that lie below the melody or at the bottom of the harmony, for example, in the bass line
under trykking(Danish, Norwegian) being printed
Underworldthe land of the dead, often depicted as beneath the surface of the earth in a variety of religious literatures
undeutlich(German) indistinct, indistinctly, vague, vaguely
undeviginti(Latin) nineteen
Undezime(German f.) (interval of an) eleventh
und folgende(German) and following
un dia de estos(Spanish) one of these days
un dia si y otro no(Spanish) every other day
undicenne(Italian) eleven years old
undicesimo(Italian) eleventh
undicht(German) leaking
undichte Stelle(German f.) a leak
undici(Italian) eleven
Unding(German n.) an absurdity
undiplomatisch(German) undiplomatic, undiplomatically
un disparate(Spanish) a lot, an awful lot
und so weiter(German) and so on, and so forth, etc.
Undulatingondeggiante (Italian), schwebend (German), ondulé (French)
Undulating vibratoin violin music of the eighteenth century, a tremolo known, in Italian, as ondeggiando, and in French as ondule. It is produced by an undulating motion of the bow arm, resulting in alternate bowing on two strings (or more when the technique is applied to the playing of arpeggios). This bowing can be used to produce either a reiteration of a single pitch alternately on a stopped string and an open string (in which case it is called bariolage) or an alteration between two (or more) pitches. It is indicated by a wavy line
Undulazione(Italian f.) on a bowed instrument, a vibrato effect produced by the variation of pressure on the string with the finger(s) of the left hand
unduldsam(German) intolerant
undurchdringlich(German) impenetrable, inscrutable (manner)
undurchführbar(German) impracticable
undurchlässig(German) impermeable
undurchsichtig(German) opaque, doubtful (figurative)
und zwar(German) to be precise
unesee un
l'une (French: the front page of a newspaper, magazine, etc.)
uneben(German) uneven, unevenly
Unebenheit(German f.) unevenness, bump (for example, in the road)
unecht(German) false
unechter Pelz(German m.) imitation fur
unechter Schmuck(German m.) imitation jewellery
Une corde(French f.) one string, una corda
une économie de(French) a saving of
unehelich(German) illegitimate
unehrenhaft(German) dishonourable, dishonorably
unehrlich(German) dishonest, dishonestly
Unehrlichkeit(German f.) dishonesty
uneigentliche Fuga(German f.) a fuga irregularis
uneinig(German) divided (figurative)
uneinig sein(German) disagree
Uneinigkeit(German f.) a disagreement, discord (strife)
uneins sein mit(German f.) to be at odds with, to be at variance with
une légion de(French) a crowd of
unempfindlich(German) insensitive, tough, immune (medical)
unempfindlich gegen(German) insensitive to
unendlich(German) infinite, infinitely, endless, endlessly
unendliche Melodie(German f.) an unending melody
unendlicher Canon(German m.) infinite canon, perpetual canon
unendlicher Kanon(German m.) infinite canon, perpetual canon
Unendlichkeit(German f.) infinity
unentbehrlich(German) indispensable
unentgeltlich(German) free, unpaid, free of charge, gratuitous, without pay (work)
unentschieden(German) undecided, drawn (result in sport)
unentschieden spielen(German) to draw (to end with scores level)
Unentschieden(German n.) a draw
unentschlossen(German) indecisive, undecided
Unentschlossenheit(German f.) indecision
unentwegt(German) persistent, persistently, incessant, incessantly
Unequal temperamenta non-equal temperament where the interval between successive semitones is not indentical, for example, meantone, Werkmeister, Viotti, etc.
Unequal voicesmixed voices, for example, male and female voices
une quantité de(French) a lot of
unerbittlich(German) implacable, implacably, inexorable
unerfahren(German) inexperienced
Unerfahrenheit(German f.) inexperience
unerfreulich(German) unpleasant, unpleasantly
unergründlich(German) unfathomable
unerhört(German) enormous, enormously, outrageous, outrageously
unerklärlich(German) inexplicable
unerläßlich(German) essential
unerlaubt(German) unauthorized, without permission
unermeßlich(German) immense, immensely
unermüdlich(German) tireless, tirelessly
unersättlich (German) insatiable
unerschöpflich(German) inexhaustible
unerschütterlich(German) unshakeable
unerschwinglich(German) prohibitive
unersetzlich(German) irreplaceable, irreparable
unerträglich(German) unbearable, unbearably
unerwartet(German) unexpected, unexpectedly
unerwünscht(German) unwanted, unwelcome
Unessential notessee 'non-harmonic notes'
un et l'autre, l'(French) both, each other
unfähig(German) incompetent
unfähig, ... zu tun(German) incapable of doing ..., unable to do ...
Unfähigkeit(German f.) incompetence, inability
Unfair(German f.) inequity
unfair(German) unfair, unfairly, inquitable, inequitably
unfair handeln(German) to poach (to take birds, etc. off somebody else's land))
un fait bien établi(French) a well-established fact
Unfall(German m.) accident
Unfallflucht(German f.) failure to stop after an accident
Unfallstation(German f.) a casualty department
unfaßbar(German) incomprehensible, unimaginable
unfehlbar(German) infallible
Unfehlbarkeit(German f.) infallibility
unfolgsam(German) disobedient
unförmig(German) shapeless
unfreiwillig(German) involuntary, involutarily, unintentional, unintentionally
Unfrettedthe term applied to the clavichord denotes that each note has its own string
for stringed instruments, the neck does not bear frets but is smooth, for example as on a violin
unfreundlich(German) unfriendly, unpleasant, unpleasantly
Unfreundlichkeit(German f.) unfriendliness, unpleasantness
Unfriede[n](German m.) discord
unfruchtbar(German) infertile, unproductive (figurative)
Unfruchtbarkeit(German f.) infertility
un fuerte abrazo de(Spanish) with best wishes from (in a greetings card)
Unfug(German m.) mischief, nonsense
Ungar (m.), Ungarin (f.)(German) a Hungarian
ungarisch(German) Hungarian, any dance of Hungarian origin
Ungarn(German n.) Hungary
ungastlich(German) inhospitable
ungeachtet(German) in spite of
ungebärdig(German) unruly
ungebeugt(German) uninflected (grammar)
ungebraucht(German) unused
ungebührlich(German) improper, improperly
ungebunden(German) free, unconstrained
non-legato (Italian), slegato (Italian), not slurred, non lié (French)
on stringed or keyboard instruments, unfretted
ungedeckt(German) uncovered, unmarked (player), unlaid (table)
Ungeduld(German f.) impatience
ungeduldig(German) impatient, impatiently
ungeeignet(German) unsuitable
ungefähr(German) approximate, about, rough (estimate, guess), approximately, roughly
ungefährlich(German) harmless
ungehalten(German) angry, angrily
Ungeheuer(German n.) a monster
ungeheuer(German) enormous, enormously
ungeheuerlich(German) outrageous
ungehobelt(German) uncouth
ungehörig(German) improper, improperly, impertinent, impertinently
Ungehörigkeit(German f.) unfairness
Ungehorsam(German m.) disobedience
ungehorsam(German) disobedient
ungeklärt(German) unsolved, unsettled (question), unknown (cause, reason)
ungeladen(German) unloaded, uninvited (guest)
ungelegen(German) inconvenient
Ungelegenheiten(German f. pl.) trouble
ungelernt(German) unskilled
ungemein(German) tremendous, tremendously
ungemütlich(German) uncomfortable, uncomfortably, unpleasant, unpleasantly
ungenau(German) inaccurate, inaccurately, vague, vaguely
Ungenauigkeit(German f.) inaccuracy
ungeniert(German) uninhibited, openly
ungenießbar(German) inedible, undrinkable
ungenügend(German) inadequate, inadequately, unsatisfactory (performance at school, etc.)
ungepflegt(German) neglected, unkempt (person)
ungerade(German) odd (number)
ungerade Parität(German f.) odd parity
ungerader Takt(German m., literally 'uneven time') ternary, or triple, time
ungerade Taktart(German m., literally 'uneven time') ternary, or triple, time
ungerade Zahl(German f.) odd number
ungere(Italian) to grease, to smear, to anoint, to flatter (figurative)
ungerecht(German) unjust, unjustly
Ungerechtigkeit(German f.) unfairness, injustice
ungern(German) reluctantly
ungesalzen(German) unsalted
ungeschehen machen(German) undo
Ungeschicklichkeit(German f.) clumsiness
ungeschickt(German) clumsy, clumsily
ungeschminkt(German) without make-up, unvarnished (truth)
ungeschrieben(German) unwritten
ungesehen(German) unseen
ungesellig(German) unsociable
ungesetzlich(German) illegal, illegally
ungestört(German) undisturbed
ungestraft(German) with impunity
ungestüm(German) impetuous, impetuously
ungestüm(German) impetuous, boisterous, impetuously, boisterously
ungestüm(German) impetuous
ungesund(German) unhealthy
ungesüßt(German) unsweetened
ungetrübt(German) perfect, unalloyed, unclouded
Ungetüm(German n.) monster
ungewiss(German) uncertain
Ungewißheit(German f.) uncertainty
ungewöhnlich(German) unusual, unusually
ungewohnt(German) unaccustomed, unfamiliar
ungewollt(German) unintentional, unintentionally, unwanted (pregnancy)
Ungeziefer(German n.) vermin
ungezogen(German) naughty, naughtily
ungezwungen(German) easy-going, natural, unforced, informal, informally, naturally
Unggosee sakgo
Ungherese(Italian m.) Hungarian (person)
ungherese(Italian) Hungarian
Ungheria, (l')(Italian f.) Hungary
Unghia(Italian f.) fingernail, toenail, claw, hoof
Unghiata(Italian f.) scratch
unghiato(Italian) furnished with nails or claws
Unghiolo(Italian m.) small claw
Unghione(Italian m.) big claw
Unghiuolo(Italian m.) small (sharp) claw
unghiuto(Italian) furnished with nails or claws
ungir(Spanish) to anoint
ungläbig(German) incredulous
unglaublich(German) incredible, incredibly, unbelievable, unbelievably
ungleich(German) unequal, unequally, different
ungleicher Contrapunkt(German m.) unequal counterpoint, a counterpoint where the notes are of different value from those of the canto fermo, in contradistinction to gleicher Contrapunkt, which is note-against-note
Ungleichheit(German f.) inequality
ungleichmäßig(German) uneven, unevenly
ungleichschwebende Stimmung(German f.) unequal temperament
ungleichschwebende Temperatur(German f.) unequal temperament
Unglück(German n.) misfortune, bad luck, a mishap, an accident
Unglück bringen(German) to be unlucky
unglücklich(German) unhappy, unhappily, unfortunate, unfortunately
unglücklicherweise(German) unfortunately
unglückselig(German) unfortunate
Unglücksfall(German m.) an accident
Ungu(Angola) a musical bow, exported to Brazil under the name berimbau
Unguento(Italian m.) ointment, unguent
Ungüento(Spanish m.) ointment, unguent
ungulato(Italian) hoofed, furnished with hooves or claws, ungulate
ungültig(German) invalid, void (contract, etc.)
ungünstig(German) unfavourable, unfavourably, inconvenient, inconveniently
ungut(German) uneasy
unhandlich(German) unwieldy
unharmonisch(German) inharmonic
unharmonischer Querstand(German m.) a false relation
unharmonischer Umstand(German m.) a false relation
Unheighted neumeneumatic notation, especially in early sources, that does not have horizontal guidelines and is probably indicative of the general melodic shape rather than of specific notes and pitches
Unheil(German n.) a disaster
Unheil anrichten(German) to cause havoc
unheilbar(German) incurable, incurably
unheimlich(German) uncanny, eerie, creepy, terrific (familiar), eerily, terribly (familiar)
unhöflich(German) rude, rudely
Unhöflichkeit(German f.) rudeness
unhörbar(German) inaudible, inaudibly
unhygienisch(German) unhygienic
Uni(German f.) university (familiar)
uni(German) plain
uni, unie, unis, unies(French) united, smooth (surface), close (couple), plain (unadorned)
unicamente(Italian) solely, uniquely, only
únicamente(Spanish) only
Unicameralismo(Italian m.) single chamber system (of government)
Única sinfonía(Spanish) only symphony, unique symphony
Unicità(Italian f.) uniqueness
unico (m.), unica (f.)(Italian) single, only, sole, one, unique
único (m.), única (f.)(Spanish) single, only, unique (also figurative)
unicolore(Italian) of one colour
Unicordum(Latin) a monochord
(Latin) synonymous with troma marina
Unicornio(Spanish m.) unicorn
Unicorno(Italian m.) unicorn
unicus(Latin) single
Unidad(Spanish f.) unit, unity
unido(Spanish) united
unième(French) -first (as a suffix)
vingt et unième (French: twenty-first)
trente et unième (French: thirty-first)
cent unième (French: one hundred and one)
Unificación(Spanish f.) unification
unificar(Spanish) to unite, to unify
unificare(Italian) to unite, to unify, to consolidate, to standardise
Unificazione(Italian f.) unification
Unified fieldin music unified field is often used to refer to the "unity of musical space" created by the free use of melodic as harmonic and harmonic as melodic material
Unification(English, French f.) the bringing together of previously separated elements to form a single entity
unifier(French) to unify
Uniform(English, German f.) a standardised form of clothing worn by a group of people, for example, in the military
uniformar(Spanish) to standardise, to put into uniform
uniformare(Italian) to render uniform, to bring into line
uniformarsi(Italian) to conform, to comply
Uniforme(French m., Spanish m., Italian m.) a uniform
uniforme(French, Spanish, Italian) uniform, even, regular
uniformément(French) uniformly
uniformemente(Italian) uniformly, evenly
Uniformidad(Spanish f.) uniformity
uniformiser(French) to standardise
Uniformità(Italian f.) uniformity
Uniformité(French f.) uniformity
Uniform titlea standardized title assigned to a specific work according to a detailed set of rules, in order to simplify locating the work in a library catalogue
Unigenito(Italian m.) only son
unigenito(Italian) only-begotten
unigénito(Spanish) only-begotten
unilateral(English, Spanish) involving only one part or side
unilatéral(French) unilateral, one-sided
unilaterale(Italian) unilateral, one-sided
Uninflected genitivea genitive that has no case ending to signal its function
Uninflected plurala plural word identical to its singular form
uninteressant(German) uninteresting
uninteressiert(German) uninterested, disinterested
Uninverted chordschords that are in 'root position' or 'normal form'
Union(English, French f., German f.) an association
L'Union soviétique (French: the Soviet Union)
Unión(Spanish f.) union, unity, joint (technical)
Union der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken(German f.) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR
Unione(Italian f.) union, unity
Unione delle Repubbliche Socialiste Sovietiche(Italian f.) USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Unione Sud-africana(Italian f.) Union of South Africa
Union pipe(English, Unionpipe (German f.)) see 'Uilleann pipe'
unique(French) only, one, unique (incomparable)
unir(Spanish) to join, to unite, to mix (liquids)
unire(Italian) to join, to unite, to enclose (in a letter)
unirse(Spanish) to join together, to unite, to combine
unis.abbreviation of unisono (s.), unisoni (pl.)
Unisonunisono (Italian), Prime (German - the interval), Einklang (German - two instruments sounding the same note), unisson (French m.), unísono (Spanish m.), unisono (Italian m.)
(English, Danish, Catalan m.) the interval between two identical notes, also called 'perfect unison' or 'perfect prime'
when an ensemble sings or plays the same notes even when these are an octave or several octaves apart, they are said to 'playing in unison'
Unisonantin unison, at the same pitch
Unisoni(Italian pl.) unisons, where two or more parts are to play in unison with one another, or where this is not possible then in octaves
Unisono(Dutch, Italian m., Finnish) harmony, unison (two or more sounds having the same pitch), concord
unisono(Italian) in unison
Unísono(Spanish m.) harmony, unison (two or more sounds having the same pitch), concord
Unison off couplerson larger organs, unison off couplers, prevent the stops pulled in a particular division from sounding at their normal pitch. These can be used in combination with octave couplers to create innovative aural effects, and can also be used to rearrange the order of the manuals to make specific pieces easier to play
Unísono justo(Spanish m.) unison
Unisonoricon a free-reed instrument, where the same note is presented on both press and draw
unisonoustwo or more sounds in unison
Unison stringson a piano, the two or three strings (each called a 'unison string') tuned to the same note and struck by the same hammer
the term unision is sometimes applied also to notes that are an octave apart
Unisonus(Latin) unison
Unisson(French m.) unison, Einklang (German), unisono (Italian m.), unísono (Spanish m.)
Unisson augmenté(French m.) augmented unison
Unisson parfait(French m.) perfect unison
unitasee unito
Unità(Italian f.) unity, unit
unità a(Italian) in company with, with
unitamente(Italian) unitedly, (con)jointly, together with
unitario(Italian, Spanish) unitary, unitarian
Unitarismo(Italian m.) unitarianism
Unité(French f.) a unit, unity (harmony)
Unité de mesure(French f.) the note sign that represents the total time duration of a single bar or measure (for example, in 4/4, the total time value of a bar or measure is a semibreve or whole note)
Unité de valeur(French f.) a credit towards the attainment of an academic degree, diploma, etc.
Unitezza(Italian f.) compactness, firmness, smoothness, uniformity
Unities, Thealso known as the 'three dramatic unities' - in the 1500s and 1600s, critics of drama expanded Aristotle's ideas in the Poetics to create the rule of the 'three unities'. A good play, according to this doctrine, must have three traits. The first is unity of action (realistic events following a single plotline and a limited number of characters encompassed by a sense of verisimilitude). The second is unity of time, meaning that the events should be limited to the two or three hours it takes to view the play, or at most to a single day of twelve or twenty-four hours compressed into those two or three hours. Skipping ahead in time over the course of several days or years was considered undesirable, because the audience was thought to be incapable of suspending disbelief regarding the passage of time. The third is unity of space, meaning the play must take place in a single setting or location
uniti(Italian, literally 'united') a mark used after a section marked divisi (i.e. divided) indicating that the divided parts come together and now play their parts in unison
unito (m.), unita (f.)(Italian) united, uniform, reunited
Unit seta series of lowered or raised platforms on stage, often connected by various stairs and exits, which form the various locations for all of a play's scenes. A unit set enables the scene to change rapidly - without intermissions or the drawing of the curtain in order to place new sets
Units of measurement, dictionary of
Units of paper quantity
Unitythe sense that all the elements in a piece of writing (music, prose, etc.) fit together to create a harmonious effect
Univers(French m.) the universe
Universalterm, characteristic, or concept of general application
universal(English, German, Spanish) of, belonging to, or done, etc. by all - applicable to all cases
Universalclavicymbelthe name given by Michael Pretorius, in his Syntagma Musicum (1624), to an instrument built by Charles Luython (1556-1620) which had 18 keys in each octave, namely c sharp, d flat, d sharp, e flat, f sharp, g flat, g sharp, a flat, b flat, e sharp, b sharp and the diatonic scale on c. This arrangement permitted enharmonic change and modulation in all keys without using equal-temperament
universale(Italian) universal, general
universaleggiare(Italian) to make general or universal
Universalità(Italian f.) universality, whole
Universalitythe quality, fact, or condition of being universal (, i.e. of existing everywhere), as opposed to particularity
universalizzare(Italian) to make general or universal
Universalsqualities of literature that appeal to readers in a wide variety of cultures and across a wide variety of historical periods - i.e., basic emotions, situations, values, and attitudes that readers can relate to regardless of other cultural or historical differences
Universal symbolanother term for an archetype
universel (m.), universelle (f.)(French) universal
universell(German) universal, universally
Universidad(Spanish f.) university
Universidad a Distancia(Spanish f.) Open University
Università(Italian f.) university
Universitaire(French m./f.) an academic
universitaire(French) a university
Universitario(Italian m.) university man
universitario(Spanish, Italian) university
Universität(German f.) university
Université(French f.) university
Universo(Italian m., Spanish m.) universe
Universum(German n.) universe
univoco(Italian) consisting of one voice or sound, alike in name, with a single meaning
unkenntlich(German) unrecognizable
Unkenntnis(German f.) ignorance
unklar(German) unclear, uncertain, vague, vaguely
Unklarheit(German f.) uncertainty, lack of clarity, blur, indistinctness, haze, obscurity, turbidity, vagueness
unklug(German) unwise, unwisely
unkompliziert(German) uncomplicated
unkorrekt(German) wrong, incorrect
Unkosten(German pl.) expenses
Unkraut(German n.) a weed, weeds (collective)
Unkraut jäten(German) to weed
Unkrautvertilgungsmittel(German n.) a weed-killer
unkultiviert(German) uncultured
unkundig(German) guiltless
unlängst(German) recently
unlauter(German) dishonest, unfair (competition, advantage, etc.)
unlautere Wettbewerb(German m.) unfair competition
unleserlich(German) illegible, illegibly
unleugbar(German) undeniable, undeniably
unlogisch(German) illogical, illogically
unlösbar(German) insoluble (figurative)
unlöslich(German) insoluble (chemistry)
unlustig(German) listless, listlessly
unmäßig(German) excessive, excessively, extreme, extremely
Unmeasured musicmusic where the performer is free to determine the rhythm, for example, plainchant, troubadour-trouvère material, organum purum and early organum styles; also called 'free rhythm'
Unmeasured tremoloan unmeasured tremolo (on one note) is indicated by placing three lines through the stem and adding the abbreviation trem. above the note (most often seen in notation for strings, percussion and fretted instruments))
Unmenge(German f.) an enormous amount, an enormous number
Unmensch(German m.) a brute
Unmenschlich(German) inhuman, appalling, appallingly
unmerklich(German) imperceptible, imperceptibly
unmerklich drängend(German) imperceptibly pressing forward
unmißverständlich(German) unambiguous, unambiguously, unequivocal, unequivocally
unmittelbar(German) immediate, immediately, direct, directly
unmittelbar bevorstehend(German) imminent
unmöbliert(German) unfurnished
unmodern(German) old-fashioned
unmöglich(German) impossible, impossibly
Unmöglichkeit(German f.) impossibility
Unmoral(German f.) immorality
unmoralisch(German) immoral, immorally
¡un momento, amigo!(Spanish) now, just a minute, mate! (colloquial)
unmündig(German) under-age
unmusikalisch(German) unmusical
Unmut(German m.) displeasure
unnachahmlich(German) inimitable
unnachgiebig(German) intransigent
Unnatural accentor 'irregular accent', a stress that falls on a normally weak beat in the bar
Unni(Italian Huns
unnormal(German) abnormal, abnormally
unnötig(German) unnecessary, unnecessarily
unnütz(German) useless, needlessly
Uno (m.), Una (m.)(Italian m., Spanish m.) one
uno (m.), una (m.)(Italian, Spanish) one
(Spanish) some (plural), someone, somebody
Uno à uno(Italian) one by one, one after another
uno a otro(Spanish) each other
unorchdabbreviation of 'unorchestrated'
unordentlich(German) untidy, untidily, sloppy, sloppily
Unordnung(German f.) disorder, a muddle
Unordered pitch intervalin atonal or musical set theory there are numerous types of intervals, the first being ordered pitch interval, the distance between two pitches upward or downward. For instance, the interval from C to G upward is 7, but the interval from G to C downward is -7. One can also measure the distance between two pitches without taking into account direction with the unordered pitch interval, somewhat similar to the interval of tonal theory
unorganisiert(German) disorganized
unorthodox(German) unorthodox, in an unorthodox manner
un ou l'autre, l'(French) either
uno y otro(Spanish) both
unparteiisch(German) impartial, impartially
un par un(French) one by one
unpassend(German) inappropriate, inappropriately, inopportune (moment)
unpäßlich(German) indisposed
unperf.abbreviation of 'unperformed'
unpersönlich(German) impersonal
un peu(French) a little, ein wenig, poco, rather
un peu animé(French) somewhat faster
un peu haut(French) moderately high
un peu lent(French) somewhat slower
un peu plus(French) a little more
without further qualification, in a musical score, usually meaning 'more speed', i.e. a little quicker
un peu plus allant(French) a little more quickly
un peu plus lent(French) a little slower, a little more slowly
un pochettino(Italian) a very, very little
un pochino(Italian) a very little
un pochino più mosso(Italian) a very little more lively
un poco, un po'(Italian) a little, rather
un poco accelerando(Italian) accelerating a little
un poco più(Italian) a little more
un poco più allegro(Italian, literally 'a little more quick') a little quicker
un poco più lento(Italian, literally 'a little more slow') a little slower
un poco ritenuto(Italian) a little slower
un po' lontani(Italian) a little further away
un poquito más acá(Spanish) a little closer (to me), a little nearer (to me)
unpraktisch(German) impractical
unpubdabbreviation of 'unpublished'
unpünktlich(German) unpunctual, late
unrasiert(German) unshaven
Unrast(German f.) restlessness
Unravellingan arpeggiation or spinning out of structures, for example, chord arpeggiation
unrealistisch(German) unrealistic, unrealistically
unrecht(German) wrong, wrongly
... unrecht tun (German: to do ... an injustice)
... unrecht geben (German: to disagree with ...)
unrechthaben(German) to be wrong
Unrecht(German n.) a wrong
unrechtmäßig(German) unlawful, unlawfully
unregelmäßig(German) irregular, irregularly
Unregelmäßigkeit(German f.) irregularity
unreif(German) unripe, immature (figurative)
unrein(German) impure, polluted (air), bad (skin), out of tune (an instrument)
Unreiner Reim(German m.) approximate or slant rhyme
Unreleased stopin linguistics, a stop sound without explosion (i.e., a puff of air) in the place where articulated stoppage would normally take place
Unreliable narratoror imperfect narrator, an imaginary storyteller or character who describes what he witnesses accurately, but misinterpets those events because of faulty perception, personal bias, or limited understanding
unrentabel(German) unprofitable, unprofitably
Unrestfulrestless, disturbed, unquiet, inquieto (Italian), ruhelos (German), inquiet (French), inquiète (French)
unrichtig(German) incorrect
Unrounded vowelsee 'spread vowel'
Unroundingthe process of changing from a rounded vowel to a spread vowel
Unruhe(German f.) disquiet, without peace, restlessness, unrest (political), agitation, anxiety
unruhig(German) erregt (German), restless, agitated, excited, noisy, restlessly, agitatedly, anxious, anxiously, concitato (Italian), agitato (Italian), agité (French)
uns(German) us, ourselves, each other
unsagbar(German) indescribable, indescribably
unsäglich(German) indescribable, indescribably
unsanft(German) rough, roughly
unsauber(German) dirty, sloppy, sloppily, dishonest, dishonestly
unschädlich(German) harmless
unscharf(German) blurred
unschätzbar(German) inestimable
unscheinbar(German) inconspicuous
unschicklich(German) improper, improperly
unschlagbar(German) unbeatable
unschlüssig(German) undecided
Unschuld(German f.) innocence, virginity
unschuldig(German) innocent, innocently
unselbständig(German) dependent
unselbständig denken(German) to not think for oneself
unser(German) our, ours
(German) when followed by name, the sense can often be ironic, in the sense of a claim to proprietary rights that are unjustified
unsererseits(German) for our part
unserethalben(German) for our sake
unseretwegen(German) for our sake, because of us, on our account
uns et les autres, les(French) each other
unsicher(German) unsafe, uncertain, unreliable, unsteady (hand, writing), insecure (person), unsteadily
Unsicherheit(German f.) uncertainty, unreliability, insecurity
unsichtbar(German) invisible
Unsinn(German m.) nonsense
unsinnig(German) nonsensical, absurd
Unsitte(German f.) a bad habit
unsittlich(German) indecent, indecently
unspielbar(German) unplayable
Unspoolto screen a film (colloquial)
unsportlich(German) not sporty, unsporting (unfair), unsportingly (unfairly)
unsterblich(German) immortal
Unsterblichkeit(German f.) immortality
unstet(German) restless, restlessly, unstable
Unstimmigkeit(German f.) an inconsistency, a difference (quarrel)
Unstressedlightly stressed as opposed to heavily stressed - i.e., a syllable that has little prominence when spoken aloud
un style aisé(French) a free, easy style
Unsumme(German f.) a vast sum
unsymmetrisch(German) not symmetrical
unsympathisch(German) unpleasant
untar(Spanish) to grease, to rub (ointment, etc.), to bribe (also figurative)
untätig(German) idle, idly
Untätigkeit(German f.) idleness
untauglich(German) unsuitable, unfit (for military service)
unteilbar(German) indivisible
unten(German) at the bottom, underneath, downstairs (the floor below)
unter(German) under, below, inferior, sub-
Unterabteilung(German f.) branch (of a firm), bureau, subdivision
unter aller Kritik(German) unter aller Würde (German), beneath contempt
unter aller Würde(German, literally 'beyond words') unter aller Kritik (German), beneath contempt
unter anderem(German) among others
Unterarm(German m.) the forearm
unter Aufgebot aller Kräfte(German) with all one's strength
unter Ausschluß de Öffentlichkeit(German) in camera
Unterbass(German m.) the double bass
(German m.) a sub-bass, the deepest flue-stop of the organ, usually no smaller than 16ft.
Unterbewußtsein(German n.) subconscious mind, subconsciousness
im Unterbewußtsein (German: subconsciously)
unterbieten(German) to undercut, to beat (a record)
unterbinden(German) to stop
unterbleiben(German) to cease
unterbrechen(German) to interrupt, to break (journey, trip, voyage)
Unterbrechung(German f.) an interruption, a suspension, a break
unterbreiten(German) to present
unterbringen(German) to put, to put up
unterbrochene Cadenz(German f.) an interrupted cadence
unterbrochene Kadenz(German f.) an interrupted cadence
unterbrochener Schluss(German m.) an interrupted cadence
Unterbügel(German m.) lower bout, courbe inférieure (French f.), sagoma inferiore (Italian f.), volta inferiore (Italian f.)
unter den Klängen der Kapelle(German) to the strains of the band
unter der Leitung von ...(German) under the direction of
unter der Stimme(German) or mit leiser Stimme (German), sotto voce (Italian), sottovoce (Italian), under the breath, in lowered tones, softly, as an aside, in an undertone, à voix basse (French)
unter der Woche(German) during the week
unterdessen(German) in the meantime
Unterdominante(German f.) subdominant
unterdrücken(German) to suppress, to oppress (people)
unter Drucksetzen(German) to pressurise (figurative)
Unterdrückung(German f.) suppression, oppression
untere (m.), unterer (f.), unteres (n.)(German) lower
untereinander(German) one below the other
unterernährt(German) undernourished
Unterernährung(German f.) malnutrition
Unterfangen(German n.) a venture
Unterführung(German f.) an underpass, a subway (a path under a road)
Untergang(German m.) setting (astronomy), sinking (ship, etc.), disappearance, decline (implying end)
Untergang des Abendlandes, (der)(German) the Decline of the West
taken from the title of a work by the German historian and philosopher Oswald Swengler (1880-1936), whose interests also included mathematics, science, and art. Spengler suggested that contemporary western civilization was in a state of decline (twilight or sunset) and proximal collapse
Untergebene (m.), Undergebener(German) (f.) a subordinate
untergehen(German) to set (astronomy), to go under (to sink), to go down (ship), to sink, to disappear, to come to an end (the world)
untergeordnet(German) subordinate
untergeschoben(German) falsely attributed
Untergeschoss(German n.) a basement
unter Gewaltanwendung(German) by forcible means
untergraben(German) to undermine (figurative)
Untergrund(German m.) the foundation, the background, the underground (politics)
Untergrundbahn(German f.) or U-bahn, an underground railway
untergehakt(German) arm in arm
unterhalb(German) below
Unterhalbton(German m.) the leading note
Unterhalt(German m.) maintenance
unterhalten(German) to maintain, to support, to entertain, to run
unterhaltsam(German) entertaining
unterhaltsames Buch(German n.) enjoyable book, entertaining book
Unterhaltung(German f.) maintenance, conversation, entertainment
Unterhaltungsindustrie(German f.) show business
Unterhaltungsmusik(German f.) or U-Musik (German), music for entertainment, light music
Unterhaltungsstück(German) entertainment, short play, short piece of music
unterhandeln(German) to negotiate
Unterhaus(German n.) the lower house (politics), the House of Commons (UK)
Unterhemd(German n.) a vest
Unterholz(German n.) the undergrowth
Unterhose(German f.) underpants
unterirdisch(German) underground
unterjochen(German) to subjugate
Unterkiefer(German m.) the lower jaw
Unterklavier(German n.) lower manual (on an organ or double-manual harpsichord)
unterkommen(German) to find accommodation, to get a job
unterkriegen(German) to get down (familiar)
Unterkunft(German f.) accommodation
Unterlage(German f.) (note) pad
Unterlagen(German f.) papers
... unterlassen(German) to refrain from (doing) ...
es unterlassen, ... zu tun (German: to fail to do ..., to omit to do ...)
Unterlassung(German f.) an omission
unterlaufen(German) to occur
unterlegen(German) to put underneath
(German) inferior, losing (sport)
Unterlegene (m.), Unterlegener (f.)(German) a loser
Unterlegscheibe(German f.) washer (engineering)
Unterleib(German m.) the abdomen
unterliegen(German) to lose, to be subject
Unterleitton(German m.) the fourth degree of the scale
Unterlippe(German f.) the lower lip
Untermediante(German f.) the submediant, the superdominant
Untermieter (m.), Untermieterin (f.)(German) a lodger
unterminieren(German) to undermine
unternehmen(German) to undertake, to take (a walk, etc.)
Unternehmen(German n.) an undertaking, an enterprise, a concern
unternehmend(German) enterprising
Unternehmer(German m.) an employer, a contractor, an industrialist
Unternehmung(German f.) an undertaking, (commercial) venture
unternehmungslustig(German) enterprising, adventurous
Unteroffizier(German m.) a non-commissioned officer
unterordnen(German) to subordinate
unter örtlicher Betäubung(German) under local anaesthetic (medicine)
Unterquart(German f.) under-fourth (for example, the interval of a second voice a fourth below the primary voice)
Unterrahmen(German m.) bottom frame
Unterredung(German f.) a talk
Unterricht(German m.) instruction, information, teaching, tuition, lesson, lessons
Unterricht geben(German) to give lessons
Unterricht haben(German) to have lessons
unterrichten(German) to teach, to inform
Unterrichtsstunden(German pl.) lessons
Unterrock(German m.) a slip
untersagen(German) to forbid
Untersattel(German m.) sillet du bas (French m.), capo-cordiera (Italian m.), (on a violin, etc.) the lower saddle takes the pull of the tailgut off the edge of the belly
Untersatz(German m., literally 'supporter') stand (for the foot), coaster (for a glass)
(German m.) (in an organ) sub-bass or sub-bourdon, a pedal register, double-stopped bass of 32 ft. tone
unterschätzen(German) to underestimate
unterscheiden(German) to distinguish, to tell apart
Unterscheidung(German f.) a distinction
Unterschied(German m.) difference, distinction
unterschiedlich(German) different, varying
unterschiedslos(German) equal, equally
unterschlagen(German) to embezzle, to suppress
Unterschlagung(German f.) embezzlement, suppression
Unterschlupf(German m.) a shelter, a hiding-place
unterschreiben(German) to sign
Unterschrift(German f.) signature, caption (of a picture)
Unterseeboot(German n.) submarine
untersetzen(German) passing the thumb under the other fingers when playing a keyboard instrument, or, on the organ, to pass one foot behind the other
untersetzt(German) stocky
unter sich(German) by themselves
Unterstand(German m.) a shelter
unterste, unterster, unterstes(German) lowest, bottom
unterstehen(German) to shelter
unterstehen(German) to be answerable, to be subject
unterstellen(German) to put underneath, to store
unterstellen(German) to place under the control, to assume, to impute
Unterstimme(German f.) the lower or lowest part of a composition
(German f.) in a two part song, the second voice below the main voice
unterstreichen(German) to underline, to emphasize
Unterstück(German n.) lower joint (of a wind instrument), lower section (of a wind instrument), pezzo inferiore (Italian m.), Unterstück (German n.), troisième corps (French m.), patte (French f.), cuerpo inferior (Spanish m.)<
unterstützen(German) to support, to aid (to help)
Unterstützung(German f.) support, aid (financial), an allowance, benefit (for example, state payments)
untersuchen(German) to examine, to investigate, to test, to check, to search
Untersuchung(German f.) an examination, an investigation, a test, a check, a search
Untersuchungshaft(German f.) detention on remand
in Untersuchungshaft (German: on remand)
Untersuchungsrichter(German m.) an examining magistrate
Untertan(German m.) a subject
Untertasse(German f.) a saucer
Untertaste(German f.) white key (on a piano)
Untertasten(German f.) the lower, usually 'white', keys on a keyboard
untertauchen(German) to duck, to go under, to disappear (figurative)
Unterteil(German n.) the bottom (part)
unterteilen(German) to subdivide, to divide
Unterterzklausel(German f.) under-third cadence
Untertitel(German m. s., pl.) caption(s), subheading(s), subtitle(s)
Unterton(German m.) undertone
unter Umstanden(German) possibly
unter uns gesagt(German) between ourselves
untervermieten(German) to sublet
unter vier Augen(German) in private
unterwandern(German) to infiltrate
Unterwäsche(German f.) underwear
Unterwasser-(German) underwater (prefix)
unterwegs(German) on the way, out, away
unterweisen(German) to instruct
Unterwelt(German f.) the underworld
unterwerfen(German) to subjugate
Unterwerk(German n.) choir organ
unterzeichnen(German) to sign
Unterzeichnung(German f.) signature
unterziehen(German) to put on underneath, to fold in (in cooking)
etwas einer Überprüfung unterziehen (German: to check something)
etwas einer Untersuchung unterziehen (German: to examine something)
Untier(German n.) a monster
Untilsino (Italian), bis (German), jusqu'à (French)
untragbar(German) intolerable
untrennbar(German) inseparable
untreu(German) disloyal, unfaithful
Untreue(German f.) disloyalty, infidelity
untröstlich(German) inconsolable
untrüglich(German) infallible
Untugend(German f.) a bad habit
Untuned percussionpercussion instruments on which any particular sound produced has no clear pitch: for example, bass drum, crash cymbals, gong, snare drum, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, tenor drum and tom-toms
unüberlegt(German) rash, rashly
unübersehbar(German) obvious, immense (large)
unübertroffen(German) unsurpassed
unumgänglich(German) absolutely necessary
unumschränkt(German) absolute
unumwunden(German) frankly
ununterbrochen(German) incessant, incessantly
Unus(Latin) one
unveränderlich(German) invariable, unchanging
unverständlich(German) incomprehensible, indistinct
Unverständnis(German n.) lack of understanding
unverträglich(German) incompatible, quarrelsome (person), indigestible
unverwandt(German) fixed, fixedly
unverwundbar(German) invulnerable
unverwüstlich(German) indestructible, irrepressible (humour, personality), robust (health)
unverzeihlich(German) unforgivable
unverziert(German) unornamented, simple
unverzüglich(German) immediate, immediately
Unvocalnot suitable for singing
Unvocal aira vocal sound that lacks beauty or sonority of tone, as for example, when air escapes as a hiss or a sigh
unvollendet(German) unfinished
unvollkommen(German) imperfect, incomplete
unvollkommene Cadenz(German f.) imperfect cadence, incomplete cadence
unvollkommene Kadenz(German f.) imperfect cadence, incomplete cadence
unvollkommener Ganzschluss(German m.) imperfect authentic cadence, incomplete authentic cadence
unvollkommener Schluss(German m.) imperfect cadence, incomplete cadence
unvollkommener Tonschluss(German m.) imperfect cadence, incomplete cadence
Unvollkommenheit(German f.) imperfection
unvollständig(German) incomplete
unvorbereitet(German) unprepared
unvoreingenommen(German) unbiased
unvorhergesehen(German) unforeseen
unvorsichtig(German) careless, carelessly
Unvorsichtigkeit(German f.) carelessness
unvorstellbar(German) unimaginable, unimaginably
unvorteilhaft(German) unfavourable, unattractive, unflattering (clothes, etc.)
unwahr(German) untrue
Unwahrheit(German f.) an untruth
unwahrscheinlich(German) unlikely, improbable, incredible, incredibly
unweigerlich(German) inevitable, inevitably
unweit(German) not far
unwesentlich(German) unimportant, slightly
Unwetter(German n.) a storm
unwichtig(German) unimportant
unwiderlegbar(German) irrefutable
unwiderruflich(German) irrevocable, irrevocably
unwiderstehlich(German) irresistible
Unwille(German m.) displeasure
unwillig(German) angry, angrily, reluctant, reluctantly
unwillkürlich(German) involuntary, involuntarily, instinctive, instinctively
unwirklich(German) unreal
unwirksam(German) ineffective
unwirsch(German) irritable, irritably
unwirtlich(German) inhospitable
unwirtschaftlich(German) uneconomic, uneconomically
unwissend(German) ignorant
Unwissenheit(German f.) ignorance
unwohl(German) unwell, uneasy
Unwohlsein(German n.) an indisposition
unwürdig(German) unworthy, undignified
Unzahl(German f.) vast number
unzählig(German) innumerable, countless
unzerbrechlich(German) unbreakable
unzerstörbar(German) indestructible
unzertrennlich(German) inseparable
un zeste de(French) a pinch of (figurative)
Unzucht(German f.) a sexual offence
gewerbsmäßige Unzucht (German: prostitution)
unzüchtig(German) indecent, indecently, obscene (book, etc.)
unzufrieden(German) dissatisfied, discontented
Unzufriedenheit(German f.) dissatisfaction, discontent (social)
unzulänglich(German) inadequate, inadequately
unzulässig(German) inadmissible
unzumutbar(German) unreasonable
unzurechnungsfähig(German) insane
Unzurechnungsfähigkeit(German f.) insanity
unzusammenhängend(German) incoherent
unzutreffend(German) inapplicable, incorrect (wrong)
unzuverlässig(German) unreliable
unzweckmäßig(German) unsuitable, unsuitably
unzweideutig(German) unambiguous
unzweifelhaft(German) undoubted, undoubtedly
Uomo(Italian m.) man
Uomo universale(Italian m.) the Renaissance 'universal man', a many-talented man with a broad-ranging knowledge of both the arts and the sciences
UPabbreviation of 'University Press'
Upsee 'up-tempo'
upa(Spanish) up!
Up and down bows
upbow sign downbow sign
up-bow sign down-bow sign
on members of the violin family, the up bow (traveling from point to frog) has a weaker sound than the down bow, and therefore is often used on upbeats. The somewhat heavier down bow (moving from frog to point) is then used to emphasise the down beat in the music. Usually there is no need to indicate bowing unless a specific pattern of up and down bows is required, in which case symbols shown are used above the music. Experienced players can play up and down bows so evenly that it is often impossible to tell which is which just by listening. However, when a particularly heavy attack is required there is no substitute for a strong downbow
Upanishad(Sanskrit) Ancient Hindu philosophical treaties, appended to the Vedas and regarded as equally authoritative as the Vedas
'upa'upaan ancient fire-dance from Tahiti
Upa-Upa(Cuba) an Eastern style, that arrived in Santo Domingo in the mid-1800s, imported from Puerto Rico, that contains a section called merengue
Up-beataccento debole (Italian), Aufschlag (German), levé (French)
a weak beat, an unaccented part of a bar (generally an anacrucis), the raising of the hand when beating time
Up-bowarco in su (Italian m.), arcata in su (Italian f.), Aufstrich (German m.), Anstrich (German m.), pouseé (French m.)
for further comments see 'down-bow'
Upfrontin TV, commercial time sold in advance of the TV season
UPICIannis Xenakis formed CEMAMu (Centre d'Etudes de Mathématiques et Automatiques Musicales / Center for Studies in Mathematics and Automated Music) in Paris in 1972. He then developed UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu) in 1977. The original UPIC was a graphics tablet used as an input device to a Hewlett-Packard computer. Xenakis drew lines and shapes that were interpreted as controls for music. He used it to compose La Legende d'Eer in 1977. But he also saw the system as a 'universal' interface
  • UPIC from which this extract has been taken
Uplifting trancealso known as 'anthem trance' or 'epic trance', a subgenre of trance music that emerged in the wake of progressive trance in the late 1990s
Uponsopra (Italian), auf (German), sur (French)
Upper extensionsin jazz, chords are always assumed to have four notes - root, 3rd, 5th and 7th. Extensions above the 7th are called upper extensions - namely, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths
Upper mordentalso called 'inverted mordent', 'tied trill', 'prepared half-shake', 'half-shake', a musical ornament
Upper nutObersattel (German m.), sillet du haut (French m.), capotasto (Italian m.), on the violin, etc., the piece of ebony, ivory or some other hard material, that lies at the scroll end of the fingerboard and which has grooves cut into its surface each groove locating one of the strings that passes over it
Upper partialssee 'overtones'
Upper structurein jazz, a triad used in the upper register over a chord of a different root, such as an A major triad over a C7 chord. From the standpoint of C7, the A triad consists of the 13th, the flat 9th, and the 3rd; at the same time it has the unified sound of a major triad
üppig(German) luxuriant, luxuriantly, lavish, lavishly, voluptuous (bust, figure)
Upplaga(Swedish) edition, impression
Uppsats(Swedish) essay
Upptakt(Swedish) anacrusis, upbeat, the initial note of a melody that occurs before the first barline
Uprightany piano constructed with strings in a vertical position. The term is often applied to the large vertical pianos popular around the turn of the century. Modern uprights are primarily classified by their height, spinet, console, studio
Upright basssee 'double bass'
Upright harpsichordaufrechtes Cembalo (German n.) see 'clavicytherium'
Upright pianoa piano in which the strings are vertical, as opposed to the 'grand' piano where the strings are horizontal
Upright serpentin the cavity of the dragon head's opened mouth is a tongue that vibrates when played. the ensuing dark, raw and bitter tone. These bass horns, a feature of 18th and 19th century military bands, came in many forms, but their tubing was often bent in a way similar to that of a bassoon; indeed, another name for the upright serpent is 'Russian bassoon'. The upright serpent was heard mainly in France. It was made of leather-covered wood with brass fittings
Upstagetowards the back of the stage
that half of the stage that is farthest from the audience
to outshine another's performance, especially when the other has a larger part or is more well-known. This meaning derives from the simplest means of "upstaging" another actor:, namely, to walk "upstage" of an actor, thereby forcing the other actor to turn his or her back to the audience while the "upstage" actor, standing full front, faces the audience
Up-tempomusic, particularly jazz, that is played with a fast, lively beat
Uptown and Backone of the figures unique to, or traditionally associated with, square dancing
Uraemiaor uremia, accumulation in the blood of nitrogenous waste products (urea) that are usually excreted in the urine
Uraeus(Latin, from Greek) a representation of the sacred asp worn on the head-dress of an ancient Egyptian monarch or deity as a symbol of supreme power
Ural-Altaica hypothetical language family thought to include Uralic and Altaic
Uralica non-Indo-European language family including Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic
uralt(German) ancient
Uraniaor Ourrania, one of the nine Muses, goddesses of music, song and dance. In Classical times she Urania came to be titled the muse of astronomy and astronomical writings and as such was usually depicted pointing to a globe with a staff
  • Ourania from which this entry has been taken
Uraniona glass harmonica
Urano(Spanish m.) Uranus
Uraufführung(German f.) the first performance, the first night (of a play, etc.), the première (of a film)
Urban Crunk musica specific style of Go Go music, based out of the Southern United States, particularly on the upper east edge of the south Washington, D.C.
urbain (m.), urbaine (f.)(French) urban
Urbanidad(Spanish f.) politeness
Urbanisme(French m.) town-planning, the proper organisation of urban life
Urbanismo(Spanish m.) town-planning
urbanístico(Spanish) urban
Urbanización(Spanish f.) development
urbanizar(Spanish) to civilize, to develop (land)
urbano(Spanish) urban
urbar machen(German) to cultivate
Urbe(Spanish f.) big city
Urbi et orbi(Latin, literally 'to the city and to the world') (a formal proclamation) made by the Pope
Urdimbre(Spanish f.) warp
urdir(Spanish) to plot (figurative)
Urdua composite Hindi-Arabic language (based on Persian and Sanskritic dialects of North India) evolved by Moghul soldiers, which is the mother tongue of Hindustani Muslims and popular for its lyrical beauty
Ureinwohner(German m. pl.) the native inhabitants
Urenkel(German m.) great-grandson (singular form), great-grandchildren (plural form)
Urfassung(German f.) the original recension (of a text, etc.). Recension is a part of the process known as textual criticism, in which scholars examine available manuscripts to determine which version is the best or most trustworthy
Urganettu(Corsica) a diatonic accordion
Urgence(French f.) an emergency, urgency
Urgencia(Spanish f.) urgency, emergency, urgent need
urgent (m.), urgente (f.)(French) urgent
urgente(Italian, Spanish) urgent
Urgeräusche(German m. pl.) primitive noises
urgir(Spanish) to be urgent
Urgroßmutter(German f.) great-grandmother
Urgroßvater(German m.) great-grandfather
Urheber(German m.) the originator, the author
Urheberrecht(German n.) copyright
Urkunde(German f.) a certificate, a document
urlando(Italian) screaming, yelling
Urlaub(German n.) holiday, leave (a period away from work)
Urlaub haben(German) to be on holiday, to be on leave
Urlauber (m.), Urlauberin (f.)(German ) a holiday-maker
Urlaubsort(German m.) holiday resort
Urlinie(German f.) an element in Schenkerian analysis
Urna(Spanish f.) a ballot-box, an urn (vase)
Urne(French f.) a ballot-box, an urn (vase)
Urraca(Spanish f.) magpie
Ursache(German f.) a cause, a reason
Ursatz(German m.) an element in Schenkerian analysis
Ursprung(German m.) root, origin
Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie(German m.) the 'family tree' prepared by J. S. Bach of the ancestry of the musical Bach Family which was printed in 1735
ursprünglich(German) original, originally, initial, initially, natural
ursprüngliches Zeitmass(German) the original speed
Ursprungsbezeichnung(German f.) indication of origin
URSSabbreviation of Union des Républiques Socialistes Soviétiques (French f.: Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, USSR), Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas (Spanish f.: Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, USSR), Unione delle Repubbliche Socialiste Sovietiche (Italian f.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR)
Urteil(German n.) judgement, opinion, verdict, sentence (judicial)
urteilen(German) to judge
Urteilsbegründung(German) a (judicial) summing up
Urteilsvermögen(German n.) judgement
Ur-text(German m., 'original text') or Urtext, a hypothetical "best" version of a lost literary text based on correlating later manuscripts and examining the differences between them. An Ur-text is not an actual physical manuscript we can examine or see in a museum, but rather an imaginary reconstruction of one that must have existed at some past point in time based on available evidence. This reconstruction cannot be absolutely certain, but it is a useful thought experiment for helping editors decide between textual variants when creating an edition of a literary work
in music, an edition giving the composer's intention free of later editorial additions
there is no such thing as as Urtext. The best an editor can do is to make an informed decision using the evidence of the (often conflicting) sources, explain the cruces, and leave it to players to make up their own minds
[taken from Haydn 6 String Quartets Op. 76 ed. by Simon Rowland-Jones. Edition Peters 7619 (2009)]
it is common knowledge that the musical text of eighteenth-century operas was not inviolable, but varied from production to production, this being definitely a matter of course. The composers took an active part in these transformations; Christoph Willibald Gluck, for example, remodelled his opere serie Orfeo ed Euridice and Alceste, which were decisively important for the contemporary discussion of opera, into French Tragédies en musique. Joseph Haydn arranged the repertoire for performance at the princely court opera house at Eszterháza; he shortened, transposed, changed the instrumentation, the musical form, or the formal design of certain numbers, added new arias and exchanged others
[taken from The Handling of Ideas - Luigi Cherubini's practice of arranging his own Italian operas' by Christine Siegert]
urticaire, une crise d'(French f.) nettle rash
Uruguayo(Spanish m.) Uruguayan
uruguayo(Spanish) Uruguayan
Urwald(German m.) primeval forest, (tropical) jungle
urwüchsig(German) natural, earthy
Urzeit(German f.) primeval times
usado(Spanish) used, worn (rope, etc.)
Usagein language, the choice among grammatical, syntactic, or semantic options when the idea that one or the other option is correct or preferred to the other. Usage changes and language changes over time
(French m.) use, custom (behaviour), usage (language)
usagé(French) worn
Usager(French m.) user (one who uses)
Usanza(Spanish f.) usage, custom
usar(Spanish) to use, to wear
usar papel de lija para quitar las asperezas(Spanish) use sandpaper to remove any roughness
US Army Bandas far back as 1633, in the Colony of Virginia, drummers performed for marching practice during militia drills. In 1659, the Dutch supplied the militia of their new colony with drums. In 1687, the importance of music to the militia was further demonstrated when Virginia voted to purchase musical instruments for its militia. All free white males were required to serve in these units and supply their own rifles. Drummers received money for their services and public funds furnished their instruments. The first known band in the colonies was a band in New Hampshire in 1653 comprising of 15 hautbois (oboe) and 2 drums. The elite militia units in the colonies obtained the services of bands. Officers funded these bands. In 1747, the Pennsylvania colonists formed regiments and Colonel Benjamin Franklin was the regimental commander in Philadelphia. In 1756, the Regiment of Artillery Company of Philadelphia, commanded by Franklin, marched with over 1000 men accompanied by "Hautboys and Fifes in Ranks." It is likely that the term "hautboy" did not refer solely to oboes, but to military musicians, and that Franklin had a well-balanced band. This marks the first recorded appearance of an American military band in the colonies
uscare(Italian) come out (as in the appearance of a magazine)
uscire dai gangheri(Italian) to get into a rage (figurative)
Uscita(Italian f.) output
(Italian f.) exit
usé(French) worn, worn out, trite (banal)
usean tahdin mittainen tauko(Finnish) multibar rest
user(French) to wear, to wear out, to use, to use up
user de(French) to use
user d'expédients(French) to resort to expedients
Us et coutumes, les(French m. pl.) habits and customs
u.s.f.abbreviation of und so fort (German: and so forth)
Usignolo(Italian m.) nightingale
Usine(French f.) a factory, works
usité(French) common
Uso(Spanish m.) use, usage, custom
USSRabbrevation for 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' (the equivalent abbreviation in French f., Italian f. or Spanish f. is URSS, in German f. UdSSR, in Russian CCCP)
usted(Spanish) you
Ustna harmonika(Slovanian) mouth organ, harmonica
US State dances
US State songs
usted es bombero(Spanish) ¿no es así?, you are a fireman, aren't you?
Ustensile(French m.) utensil
Usual(English, Spanish) common, commonly encountered, normal, in accordance with regular practice or procedure
usuario(Spanish) user
usuel (m.), usuelle (f.)(French) ordinary, everyday
Usulin the Uzbeck music and dance tradition, the rhythmic accompaniment of dances and singing with the doira (which can produce tender sounds resembling rustling of the wind, or loud drumming, like a spring thunder) or some other percussion instrument(s)
in Ottoman classical music, usul is an underlying rhythmic cycle that complements the melodic rhythm often to help shape the overall structure of a composition
see oussoul
Usura(Spanish f.) usury
Usure(French f.) wear, wear and tear (deterioration)
Usurero(Spanish m.) usurer
usurpar(Spanish) to usurp
usurper(French) to usurp
Usus(Latin) the act of making use of sonething, the right to make use of something
Uusuta(Spanish f. - Argentina) sandal
usw.abbreviation of und so weiter, meaning (German: and so on, etc.)
Utthe original name for the key-note of a diatonic scale, which today is usually called do (sometimes doh); in the 'fixed do' solfeggio, ut or do is always the note 'C'
Ut(French) the note 'C'
note C
(French m.) or, do, in solfeggio, C natural, the first note (tonic) of the ascending chromatic scale; in the 'fixed do' system ut, do or doh is always the note 'C'
Uta(Japanese) another term for the Japanese genre of poetry also called a waka or tanka
Utanskrift(Swedish) address
utarbeidet(Norwegian) revised, compiled
utarbetad(Swedish) prepared
Utazawa(Japanese) from the end of the Edo period (1603-1867), hauta that in terms of elegance and artistic elaboration is more refined
Ut bémol
note C flat
(French m.) the note 'C flat', the flattened key note of the scale of C major
Ut bémol majeur
key of C flat major(French) the key of 'C flat major'
scale of C flat major
the scale of 'C flat major'
Ut bémol mineur(French) the key of 'C flat minor'
utbyte(Swedish) exchange
Ut dièse
note C sharp
(French m.) the note' C sharp', the sharpened key note of the scale of C major, which in 'fixed do' solfeggio is called di
Ut dièse majeur(French) the key of 'C sharp major', do diesis maggiore (Italian), Cis dur (German), do sostenido mayor (Spanish)
key of C sharp majorthe key of 'C sharp major'
the scale of C sharp
the scale of 'C sharp major'
Ut dièse mineur(French) the key of 'C sharp minor', do diesis minore (Italian), Cis moll (German), do sostenido menor (Spanish)
key of C sharp minorthe key of 'C sharp minor'
ut.dict.abbreviation of ut dictum (Latin: as directed)
Ut dictum(Latin) as directed
Ut double bémol
C double flat
(French m.) the note 'C double flat', the doubly flattened key note of the scale of C major
Ut double dièse
C double sharp
(French m.) the note 'C double sharp', the doubly sharpened key note of the scale of C major
utenlandsk(Norwegian) foreign
Utensilien(German n. pl.) utensils
Utensilio(Spanish m.) tool, (cooking) utensil
Utensilios(Spanish equipment
Útero(Spanish m.) uterus, womb
Utérus(French) uterus, womb
utgången(Swedish) out of print [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
Utgåva(Swedish) edition [suggested by Lars Hellvig]
Utgave(Norwegian) edition
utgitt ved ...(Norwegian) edited by ...
Utgivare(Swedish) editor
utgiven(Swedish) edited, published
Utgiver(Norwegian) editor
utgjeve ved ...(Norwegian) edited by ...
útil(Spanish) useful
utile(French) useful
utilement(French) usefully
Útiles(Spanish implements
Utilería(Spanish f.) props (theatre)
Utilidad(Spanish f.) usefulness
utilisable(French) usable
Utilisation(French f.) use
utiliser(French) to use
utilitaire(French) utilitarian
utilitario(Spanish) utilitarian, utility
Utilité(French f.) use, usefulness
Utility music(in German, gebrauchmusik) music to be played by anyone utilising idioms in everyday use, a term coined by Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Utilización(Spanish f.) use, utilization
utilizar(Spanish) to use, to utilize
Ut infra(Latin) as (stated or cited) below, see further below (used to refer forward to a later passage in a book, article, etc.)
utkomma(Swedish) appear, come out
utkomme(Norwegian) appear, come out
utkommen(Swedish) published
Ut majeur
key of C major(French) the key of 'C major'
scale of C major
(French) the scale of 'C major'
Uto-Azrecana non-Indo-European language family found in Central America and the western sections of North America
ütögardonthe gardon is an ancient stringed percussion instrument of the Székelys of Csík and Csángós of Gyimes. Made from a single piece of beech, maple or willow, that has been hollowed out, it resembles, in shape, a cello. The three strings are tuned to a single note and struck with a stick, while a thinner string is plucked simultaneously so that it recoils on the finger board. It sounds like the dob. Together with the violin the gardon is used for dance music. It is not uncommon that the band has two members: the husband plays the violin, the wife strikes the gardon
Utopiaan imaginary place or government in which political and social perfection has been reached in the material world as opposed to some spiritual afterlife as discussed in the Christian Bible or the Elysian fields of The Odyssey. The citizens of such utopias are typically universally clean, virtuous, healthy, and happy, or at least those who are criminals are always captured and appropriately punished. A utopian society is one that has cured all social ills
Utopian literatureThe term utopia comes from a Greek pun. In Greek, eu + topos ("good" + "place") and ou + topos ("no" + "place") sound very similar. Thus, utopia at once suggests a perfect society and an impossible one. Utopian literature is a term for any writing that presents the reader with (or explores the idea of) a perfect society in the physical world, as opposed to a perfect society existing in an afterlife
Utopie(French f.) Utopia, an Utopian idea
utopique(French) Utopian
utopisch(German) Utopian
utrykt(Danish) unpublished
utsåld(Swedish) sold out [corrected by Lars Hellvig]
utselt (fra forlaget)(Norwegian) out of print
utsolgt (fra forlaget)(Norwegian) out of print
Ut supra(Latin) as (stated or cited) above, as (stated or cited) before, come sopra, see further above (used to refer back to an earlier passage in a book, article, etc.)
Uttarangain Indian music, the higher tetrachord - in sargam notation, from Pa to Sa
Utterancesomething said during a speaking turn. It may consist of a word, a sentence, or several sentences
utvald(Swedish) selected
Utvalg(Norwegian) committee
utvalgt(Norwegian) selected
Utveksling(Norwegian) exchange
utvidet(Norwegian) enlarged
utvidgad(Swedish) enlarged
Uubi'Are'are (Malaita, Solomon Islands) blown instruments made from bamboo
Uujiru(Okinawan, literally 'man-string') the thickest of the three strings of the sanshin
UVabbreviation of unité de valeur (French: a credit - towards a degree, diploma, etc.)
Uva(Spanish f.) grape
Uva pasa(Spanish f.) raisin
Üveg-harmonika(German f.) glass harmonica
Uvevean African duct whistle
Uvulathe fleshy area of the soft palate at the back of the mouth
Uxor(Latin) wife
Uxorialwifely, of or relating to a wife, regarded as befitting or characteristic of a wife, excessively fond of one's wife
Uxoriallyin an uxorial fashion
Uxoriumin ancient Rome, a fine for not marrying (a tax on batchelors)
Uzlyausee 'uedhlaew'