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Dolmetsch Writings on the Viol

The Dolmetsch family was one of the pioneers in the performance on the viol as a solo instrument and in consort. Arnold Dolmetsch first became attracted to early English music when, searching for music for the viola d'amore he discovered previously unknown works for the viol family. His daughter Helene was one of the first virtuosi of the twentieth century and, later, his third wife Mabel, their sons Rudolph and Carl and daughters Cecile and Nathalie all performed as soloists and in consort. The Dolmetsch family continues to this day to perform professionally on all sizes of viol, from a pardessus de viole by Guersan to a bass viol by Stainer and, in Haslemere, we used to house a rare violone made by Maggini, now part of the Dolmetsch Collection of Instruments owned by the Horniman Museum, London.

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