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Useful Early Music Links

Early Music Courses at Fontys Conservatorium Tilburg (The Netherlands) directed by Jacqueline Dubach (leader of Ensemble Fortuna)
Ensemble Fortuna - specialists in 14th and 15th century music
Miguel Serdoura, lutenist and lute music
The History of Recorded Music - illustrations including some by Rudolph Dolmetsch
Spanish Keyboard Music Festival - FIMTE Website
The Lute Society of America
The Belgian Lute Society Page
The German Lute Society Page
The Swedish Guitar and Lute Society Page
The Lute Society (UK)
The French Lute Society
Lute Society of New France (pages mostly in French)
Lutes by Wayne Cripps
Lute and Guitar page by Allan Alexander
The Guitar and Lute Music Page by Stanley I.Drasky
Le Luth - Lute page by Christophe Bernard (in French)
The Lute Page in Greece by Angelos Nikolopoulos
Peter Oljelund Page - lutes, etc.
Lute Page for Guitarists by Conrad Leviston - contains lute tabulature reading instructions
The Lute and Early Music Page by Bill Good
The Vihuela Page by Romulo Vega Gonzales
The Guitar pre-1650 by Joe Bethancourt
Czech Lute and Viola da Gamba Society
The Dutch Lute Society
Societa' Italiana del liuto
The Internet Lute Society
English Lute Manuscripts and Scribes 1530-1630 - Julia Craig-McFeely's PhD Thesis
Tsar Teh Yun - Master of the Guqin, the 7-stringed zither from China, it's oldest musical instrument
Atlanta Early Music Alliance (US)
Early Music Search Engine - excellent!
Early Music Network (US)
Early Music Network and Early Music News (UK)
Early Music Forum of Scotland
Website dedicated to William Lawes
Francesco Durante, Grande Maestro of Neapolitan Baroque
Northern Renaissance Strings
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments
Early Music - FAQ
Period Web Links
Gregorian Chant Home Page
14th Century Music Database
Journal and Society for 17th Century Music
18th Century Music Resources
Early Oboes with Matthew Peaceman
National Early Music Association UK (NEMA)
American Musicological Society
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society
The Hendrickson Group - publishers of early dance source material
Pastime Historical Dance
Early Music and Early Musical Instruments in Switzerland
Han Hartog's Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque Music Homepage
Early Music Women Composers Page
Early Dance Books
Baroque Music Performance - some interesting thoughts by Michael Sartorius
Ars Antiqua Pages - Italian Choir
Ars Mvsica - Spanish University Choir directed by Emilio Cano Molina
Web Site Dedicated to Musicologists
George Stevens, Luthier (lutes, guitars,early harps)
The Beethoven Mystique by Jeffrey Dane
Courtly love & Guillaume de Machaut
Dos volúmenes del siglo XIX, con música de cámara con guitarra en el Conservatorio de Sevilla, España
Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Survey of his Guitar Music
Marin Marais
The Moscow Weiss Lute Manuscript
The Oboe Solo Before 1800 - A Survey
Quand la musique fait mal, C'est la faute à Schubert
Rafael Adame and the First Guitar Concerto of the Twentieth Century
Rafael Adame y el Primer Concierto Para Guitarra y Orquesta Del Siglo
A Singer's Guide to Bibliographic Resources for Medieval and Renaissance Early Music
Songs with Guitar from the Age of Napoleon by John McCortmick
Timba - New Styles in Afro-Cuban Popular Music
A Tribute to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach by T.L. Hubeart Jr.
Two Nineteenth Century Volumes of Chamber Music with Guitar at the Seville(Spain) Conservatory
Une nouvelle approche de l'enseignement du violon
The Gregorian Chant Home Page by Peter Jeffery in Princeton
Musica - International Database of Choral Repertoire
Washington's Baroque Cello Home Page
La Universalización de las Músicas Regionales
Hurdy-gurdy Home Page by Alden and Cali Hackmann
Ghironda Home Page (hurdy-gurdy) by Marcello Bono (in Italian)
Index of Ocarina world by Giorgio Pacchioni
Historic percussion page
Baltimore Consort page: Real Audio examples of Lute, Cittern, etc. (a page by Minnesota Public Radio)
A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments by Musica Antiqua of Iowa State University
Renaissance Consort by Yasuhiko Higaki
Electronic Early Music by Yasuhiko Higaki
The Mandolin and Cittern Pages (not strictly EM) by Dan Beimborn
Information from the book "Technical Exercises for Baroque Oboe" by Matthew Peaceman
Musical Instruments Page of TCAnet - Texas Arts 6 Cultural Network
Die neue mitteltönige Orgel in Bremen-Walle - das besondere Orgelbauprojekt an der Jahrtausendwende
Catgut Acoustical Society application of scientific principles to the construction of instruments in the violin family
The Andreas Scholl Mailing List discussion group for baroque music enthusiasts, the countertenor voice and Andreas Scholl
Viola d'amore Page by Thomas Georgi
The Renaissance Cittern Page by Andrew Hartig
Early Music Connect Ltd. suppliers of early musical instruments