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Recorder Group

This group is open to all recorder enthusiasts. You may ask questions, offer advice, seek assistance or just watch & listen. This is called 'lurking'.

To subscribe click here.

Leave the subject line blank, or type a space there. AOL users type one character.

Type in capital letters in the body of the message:

SUBSCRIBE RECORDER e-mail address 

typing your e-mail address in place of e-mail address.

The e-mail address is needed ONLY if the address for the subscription differs from the one from which the subscribing message is sent.

A message confirming your subscription, along with instructions about posting to RECORDER GROUP, will follow.
It will be sent to the e-mail address you have given above.
Please save that confirming message!

Recorder e-Group

Recorder e-Group is another excellent active group.
To subscribe to Recorder eGroup which is now part of YAHOO!
you go to and click on join.
It's that simple!

Other Lists

The following lists are given as server followed by list name and description. If there is a name in brackets then the list is administered by that person who should be contacted by e-mail. The list address for articles is obtained by removing the first word from the server address and substituting the list name. Internet addresses are normally given in lower case but this is not significant.

For example to join the scholarly mediaeval and renaissance music mailing list at Newcastle University you would address the following command:


but to submit an article to the list you would address it to

Early Music Mailing Lists

Todd M. McComb maintains an excellent list at Early Music Mailing Lists