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Useful Free Software Links

Free Wintel Software

Why pay for PC software when you can use excellent programs for the cost of a download.

Portable Apps - run a wide range of free software from USB drives
Scribus - desktop publishing
Inkscape - open source vector graphics editor
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - download manager
FlashGet - download manager
Free Download Manager - never lose partial downloads
LibreOffice - a suite of open source office programs
Web Tutor - a fine introductory HTML Tutor
VideoLAN - free media player
Mozilla Firefox - excellent customisable web browser
Notepad++ - replacement for Notepad
Mozilla Thunderbird - excellent e-mail client
PDFCreator - create PDF format output from any Windows application
PDF Split and Merge - a free open source tool to split and merge pdf documents
CDex - Extract Tracks From Audio CDs to Your Computer/Web Site
Scorch Plugin - Essential If You Want To Listen To Sibelius Scores Online or Use Our Recorder Tutor
Winamp - play music, online radio, and more
Dirsync Pro - directory synchronization
Skype - phone for free
Filezilla - FTP for free
Thunderbird - free email client
Metronome and Pitch-Tuner - free software you can install on your PC
Miro - open-source, non-profit video player and podcast client
7-Zip - excellent data compression utility
Sources for Free Fonts

Free non-Wintel Software

Why pay for software when you can use excellent programs for the cost of a download. If you know of other free software you would like us to consider for this page do send us an email.

Free MP3 Player - for Linux
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux - including excellent Linux Links

Useful Online Resources 

List of Open Source Software Packages - maintained by Wikipedia
Who needs to pirate software with a list like this?
The Free Site (Freeware, Samples, Freebies und much more)
Linx2go - Graphics, clipart, buttons, banners, logos, fonts etc.
Freeware Download (Germany)
Die Freewarepage (Germany)
Free and open-source software
Free data compression software (Germany) (Germany)
Download Shareware: Free Software Downloads
Decent Downloads - Windows Problem Solving Community
Free Downloadable Software (FDS)
Video Help
Premium-Freeware optimal nutzen (Book, Germany)
Das grosse Homepagebuch
25 open source web design programs and tools you should already know about