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Useful General Music Links

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music;s new free website SoundJunction

The site is based around three inspiring new pieces by composers from different musical traditions (West African, classical and Jazz) and a series of specially commissioned remixes.
Other features of the site include:

    • 1,000 pages
    • 2,000 images
    • 50 hours audio footage
    • 40 hours video footage
    • 200 contributors including musicians, writer, teachers and students

FlexiMusic Audio/Mp3 Editor by develops shareware, user-friendly audio editing, recording and composing software for professional and home music makers

Music/Audio Books, Videos & Software by describe themselves as the Web's Ultimate Variety of Music/Audio Books, Videos & Software

Music Education & Instruction for the Aspiring Musician by
Music Advisor Blog with approachable introductions to music theory prepared by Stephanie Su, a music teacher and music therapist

Music Theory & History Online - a comprehensive tutorial on the theory and history of music
Links to Ear Tests, Drills and other online Music Theory Resources
Intermusica - music courses for amateur players and singers
Note-ability - prepare for all theory grade examinations in the U.K. and other countries up to Grade 5
Basic Music Theory - written by Neil V. Hawes
Teoria - an excellent music theory resource - site offering online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and information about classical music
Essential Links - at least, that's what they call it
A History of The Dolmetsch Workshops
Musical Instruments in Pictures
Friends of Square Pianos - information about square pianos, their makers and restorers
The Shakespeare Homepage
Rachel Portman - Haslemere-born, 1997 Oscar winning composer
Classical Music UK -
Classical Net Early Music Links
The Arts in Melbourne, Australia - occasionally early music content
Museums around the United Kingdom - some with musical instrument collections
Anne Bell's Clarinet Website Index
Classical Music Search Engine
Hypermusic Online - online history of music
Classic Cat - directory with links to over 1200 free to download classical performances on the internet
Free Score : Mundial directory of free sheet music - a collection of links to music related websites and newsgroups
Classical Composers Biographies
mp3 Classical Downloads
Articles about Music - very interesting site
Twentieth Century Music Links
A beginner's guide to alternative tunings
Algunos temperamentos históricos para instrumentos de teclado by Barbara Wang
Cordes vibrantes et consonances chez Beeckman- Mersenne et Galilée
Definitions of tuning terms index by Joe Monzo
Just Intonation Explained by Kyle Gann
Name This Tune - a remarkable and useful musical tool
The Just Intonation System of Nicola Vicentino by Bill Alves
A Music Site
Human Pitch Perception: New Findings by Paul Pietromonaco
Mathematics and Music by Dave Rusin
The measurement of Aristoxenus's Divisions of the Tetrachord by Joe Monzo
La musique, une pratique cachée de l'arithmétique?
La Musique traduite en Mathématiques: Leonhard Euler
Pythagorean Tuningand Medieval Polyphony
Research on the work of other composers and theorists on Microtonal Music Theory
Tempéraments musicaux et mathématiques
A Tour Up The Harmonic Series by David Canright
Tuning by Ratios - by Robert Asmussen
Musical Instrument Makers Forum Links Page
Beginning Band and Orchestra Information - lots of useful articles and advice
Djembe African Drums
Djembe African Drums - in Australia
Djembe African Drums - the largest Hand Drum Manufacturer & Exporter in Indonesia
Guitar Chords Magic Guitar chord charts, lessons, pictures, songs, music theory and chord finder
Pro Quality Drum Kit wav sample CD or Downloads
Musical Instruments Guide - information
Fort Worth Music Teachers Association
Classical Music Online from Naxos - Free Sample Tracks for all Genres/Categories
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek online
Scottish Fiddle Music
Find guitar tabs for popular tunes with Imusictabs

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