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Useful HTML Resource Links

A Resource Guide for Web Developers (link suggested by Olivia Ingram's student Cora)
Building a website using Squarespace (link suggested by Destinie Wallace)
HTML cheat sheet (link suggested by Gary Stevens)
Learn about Domains and HTML (link suggested by Cindy Powell and her Girl Scouts)
A Beginner's Guide to Computer Programming and Web Development (link suggested by Sandra Beals)
Website design for businesses (link suggested by Anna Jones)
Guide to HTML (link suggested by Anna Jones)
HTML5 cheat sheet (link suggested by Julia Duong)
HTML5 cheat sheet (link suggested by Laura Ramonaitytė)
HTML5 cheat sheet - (with new HTML5 tags) (link suggested by Robert Mening)
The Ultimate HTML5 cheat sheet (link suggested by Samantha Wilson)
HTML5 cheat sheet by Jamie Spencer (link suggested by Jamie Spencer)
CSS3 cheat sheet by Jamie Spencer (link suggested by Jamie Spencer)
Web design cheat sheets by Jamie Spencer (link suggested by Jamie Spencer)
HTML5 cheat sheet (link suggested by Karla Whitlow)
Copernic Agent - a free advanced search engine
Wolfram Alpha - a different kind of search
Free Download Manager - never lose another download
Site Builder
Markup Validation Service - checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.
Firefox browser - a superb totally free web browser
LibreOffice - a superb totally free office suite
Filezilla - a superb free FTP solution
Irfanview - view, convert, optimize, scan & print images
Videolan - a highly portable multimedia player (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg)
Winamp - the ultimate media player
Skype - free telephone calls to other Skype users

HTML Tutorials 

Web Development & Design 101 (link recommended by John Stevens)
HTML Tutorial for Beginners (link recommended by Rachel Hussey)
A Detailed HTML Overview (link recommended by Tom Coner and members of his seminar group)
Website Design 101: Store Your Ideas and Build a Great Site (link recommended by Mrs. Alyssa Miles, Lexington Middle School - Room 705)
WEBalley - Web Publishing For Beginners
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML Tutorial
World-Wide Web FAQ
HTML Guides and Tutorials
About: Guide to HTML
HTML Clinic
The Webmaster's Reference Library
HTML Goodies
The Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML for Beginners - Ultimate Guide
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
Style Guide for HTML
HTML Validation Service
Free HTML-Guides
CSS Pointers Index
House of Style
HTML Station
HTML Writers Guild
Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity
Accredited Online Graphic Design Degree Guide (link courtesy of April West)
Web Design Guide
Web Graphics 101
Graphic Design Classes - useful advice for those contemplating working in graphic design, including web design
Graphic Design and Marketing - useful advice on graphic design, including web design (link courtesy of Jaclyn and Faith Hill)
Yale Web Style Manual
Color Worqx - useful information (link prompted by Sarah Washington and Chris)
Web Design Color Schemes (link recommended by Rachel Hussey)
The Art of Web Design: Color Wheel & Color Relationships (link recommended by Christian and Tracy Cavanaugh)
Business Skills - Adobe Flash - useful guide (link recommended by Caitlin and Diane Miller)
Top graphic design trends, Chris Do’s expert tips, and the best creative tools for 2023 (recommended by Patrick S Dennis of Adobe Express)
Canva Logo Maker - this includes pay-to-use services
Learn CSS Today In 7 Easy Steps (Complete With Code Examples) (link recommended by Jenny Kim)
CSS3 Button Generator (WYSIWYG, get the html and css in 3 steps) (recommended by Jenny Kim)
Web Design Tutorials At Envato Tuts+ (recommended by Jenny Kim)
Getting Started With SASS (with Interactive Examples) (recommended by Jenny Kim)
Over 1,000 Free CSS Gradients (with copy and paste code generator) (recommended by Jenny Kim)
Converting HTML to WordPress (step-by-step) (authored by Rob Mening)


Netscape's Introduction to Frames
Tutorial on using Frames


HTML Forms Tutorial


Mapedit software for Windows and X-Windows
The Imagemap Help Page

Javascript, DHTML and XHTML

General JavaScript Tutorials
Introduction to XHTML, With eXamples
JQuery Cheat Sheet (link recommended by Rachel Hussey)

Image Libraries and Fonts

The Stanford University Collection
Cheryl's Image Gallery
Digital artworks portfolio
Texture Land

Web Hosting Guide