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Jonathan Blood and Jasmine Punatar's Wedding (4th April 2009)

1. Jonathan and Jasmine's mother Jayshree Punatar dealing with soft ground

2. Jonathan and Jasmine's mother Jayshree Punatar

3. Chitra Punatar, Jasmine's sister

4. Loseley Park

5. Arabella with Jayraj Punatar, Jasmine's father - with Jasmine in the foreground

6. Jeanne Dolmetsch (Jonathan's aunt) with Jasmine

7. The best men, Jasmine and Jonathan

8. Jayshree Punatar with Alexander Curtis (Arabella's son) and Jayraj Punatar

9. Alexander holding court

10. The wedding cake

11. Jasmine and Jonathan

12. Jonathan and Jasmine

13. Jonathan and Jasmine

14. Jasmine and Jonathan

15. Jonathan and Jasmine

16. Benjamin with one of Jasmine's uncles

17. Preparing for a family photograph