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Useful Keyboard Links

Introduction to the Harpsichord and Clavichord
Harpsichord Nomenclature
Harpsichord Bibliography
Multilingual Harpsichord Lexicon
Harpsichord Users Manual - online and free
Harpsichord Services of London - harpsichords for hire
The Harpsichord Hub - does what it says
Books on the Harpsichord - useful list including publishers
The Lute Harpsichord - Bach favourite instrument?
Historical Keyboard Instruments Page by Justin Renquist
Hot Harpsichord Information Center by Barbara Cadranel
John Sankey's project to record all surviving works for the harpsichord in General MIDI format

The British Harpsichord Society has been created to promote the awareness, enjoyment, study, performance and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments in Britain. Harpsichords, spinets and virginals are included. Pianos, fortepianos and clavichords are not. It is intended to complement many existing resources and sources of information, to be as comprehensive as possible. It is also intended to arrange meetings, talks and concerts to bring together people interested in harpsichords.

Arnold Dolmetsch's 'Beethoven' Pianos

Clavichord Technique and Performance Practice - an excellent bibliography
Clavichord International - an international magazine for clavichordists
The British Clavichord Society
The German Clavichord Society

Goethenburg Organ Art Center - an International Research Center for Organ History, Organ Building, etc.
Het Orgel - internet magazine on organ music and organ building (pub: Royal Dutch Organists Association)
Organ Specifications on Demand

Early Keyboard Instruments in the Bate Collection, Oxford
Books on Early Keyboard Instrument Making - surveys and histories
Early Stringed Keyboard Instrument Drawings
Books on making Early Keyboard Instruments - DIY guides
Books on making Early Keyboard Instruments - an annotated version of the DIY guides above
Micromark Tools - a recommended source for small tools (US)
Early Keyboard Resources - building materials sources