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Latest News

Our new Partnership program is designed to continue the work of the Dolmetsch family members as they retire from their businesses. The first change is to bring the Summer School under the auspices of another leading summer school adminstration allowing the family to spend more time teaching and lecturing without day-to-day responsibility for meals, bedrooms, etc.

The Dolmetsch Summer School

The Dolmetsch Summer School now takes place as a part of the Language and Music for Life Summer School at Clifton College in Bristol.
Details of this new association are given in full on the Dolmetsch Summer School (DSS) pages.

Wooden and Plastic Recorders

The manufacturing business will continue to rely on partnerships with other manufacturers and suppliers. For example, Aafab b.v. (makers of Aura and Coolsma recorders in Holland) have long worked closely with the Dolmetsch family in the research, design and production of our School, Academy and Conservatoire recorders. Similarly, top key-maker and designer Peter Worrell has been supplying and fitting all the keywork for our recorders for the last five years and this arrangement will continue.

Craftmen who have been making recorders with the Dolmetsch family for over twenty five years will continue to be involved in production while hand-made and mid-priced instruments will continue to be voiced and tuned by Marguerite Dolmetsch. All repair work involving voicing or tuning will also be undertaken by Marguerite.

Dr. Brian Blood will continue to act as recorder designer and can be contacted via the Dolmetsch Organisation telephone number and e-mail address. The development of the web site as a major educational resource will continue.

Nova plastic recorders will continue to be available from our partners AAFAB b.v. and orders may be sent by e-mail, fax, letter or ordered by 'phone.

Early Keyboard Instruments

The organisation of the our early keyboard repair and restoration department has been managed for many years by Tim Bayliss, former senior keyboard department craftsman at Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd. Those wishing advice about new instruments or the care, repair or maintenance of old Dolmetsch early keyboard instruments should contact him at the address or telephone number given on our early keyboard repair/restoration pages.

Sheet Music

The Dolmetsch Library of Early and Modern Recorder Music are being produced in association with Peacock Press (who also run Recorder Music Mail) and this has led to a catalogue of forty or so works in the space of two years work. This series will continue to provide fine arrangements of wonderful music both from the recorder's twentieth century revival and from times past.