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Useful Music Processing Links

Music Notation Software
ABC Music Processor - all you need to know, and then some....
ABC Frequently Asked Questions
Lilypond Music Processor
Intelliware (distributor and representative for MusicTime, Encore (Notation, Composition and Publishing) and Master Tracks Pro (Sequencing Software))
Macintosh music-processing programs: Passport MusicTime, Opcode Musicshop, MusicTime/MasterTracks Pro Bundle, Passport Rhapsody, MOTU Freestyle, Coda Finale Allegro
Macintosh music-processing and music scanning programs: Nightingale, Notescan
Notation Software Inc - producers of the shareware MIDI-viewer and player MidiNotate
Mod12 for Dos/Windows and for Macintosh (downloadable generic tool for work in set-class theory and related areas, Tom Demske, Yale University)
Mozart - program for Windows written by David Webber
Mup - ambitious music typesetting utility
MusEdit - program for Windows, for any music application but particularly resourceful for guitar notation
Opus 1 web page, including demos of NoteAbility (for the NEXT platform) and Notewriter
Score Previewer - free plug-in to read Score scores online.
Score Users' site - possibly the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of Music Notation Software available on the Web.
Individual Score Sites
Score Preview: A Viewer for Score Music Files (free download)
Online Samples of Score Notation (including complete scores)
Braille Music Notation: Opus Technologies
Computer Music Journal
Ghostscript & Ghostview
Passport Notation Software Comparison Chart
Scan Score - Optical music recognition scanning software [product review - product overview]
Opcode Systems (MIDI sequencing and digital audio recording software)
Shareware Music Fonts by Ronald Caltabiano
Sibelius Software
Finale Software
Forte Notation website
Forte MidiToAudio converter
Fronimo 3.0 for Windows, a tablature editor by Francesco Tribioli. Fronimo is also available in German, French and Italian

Sites of interest to blind musicians
Toccata - a Braille music notation & transcription program by Optek Systems has come out with a BRAND NEW software program, named after the site. Now you can use the powerful notation software to make your own sheet music from MIDI files. NotationMachine still offers the powerful MIDI search features available before.

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