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Useful Music Publishing Links

Just Sheet Music - this site lets you find sheet music in a fast and easy way. They have collected all the commercial and free sheet music that is available on the internet. You can use the search box at the top to find your sheet music or use the menu items to navigate through the site.
Classical Guitar Library - this site offers free sheet music for classical guitar.
Sheet Music Maestro - a project of PaperCanoe, and launches with a collection of Early American sheet music. The Early American collection contains about 300 pieces of sheet music, available to download, and catalogued on a couple of different axes - contributor, type of song (for example, Rondo, Waltz, Patriotic, Ballad, Folk), culture of origin, notation, and instrument. This collection of music comes from the Brooklyn Public Library and has incredibly not been viewed for many decades, but was brought out of storage by the good people of the Arts, Media, Music and Sports Division - with special thanks to Harold Stern, Music Librarian - for the purpose of scanning and cataloguing by PaperCanoe officer Claire Cunningham in April 2012.

RYCUN Music Company - educational music and jazz
Flauto Dolce - original music and arrangements for recorder and other instruments - premier online, digital sheet music publishing for Scottish composers - listen, view and download direct to your printer
The New Encyclopedia of the Flute
Grancino Editions - publishers of 17th and 18th century music in modern edition and facsimile
Breitkopf and Härtel - book and music publishers
Acadia Early Music Archive
Hawthorn Music - medieval & recorder music publishers
Music Publishers Database - a good way of finding music publishers online
Corda Music Publications - including music for viols
Les Edition J.M. Fuzeau - excellent primary source of teaching and early music materials
Jacks Pipes & Hammers - facsimile publishers
King's Music - early music publishers
Rosemary MS Dooley - second hand books on music
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society - publishers of early dance related material
Early Dance Books - a specialist supplier
Sarabande Music - specialist publisher of early music
The Dolmetsch Library of Recorder Music - music for recorders
Amazing Music World - internet sheet music publisher
Recorder MusicMail - excellent postal service - they publish and retail a wide range of recorder music
Weald Music Services - publisher of The Festival Series by Anthony Purnell
Orpheus Music - including recorder music
Bärenreiter - the leading music publisher
Theodore Presser & Co. - leading US music publisher
Magnamusic Inc. - sole US and Canada agent for the Dolmetsch Recorder Library Series
RR Products - publishers of bassoon related music
The Full Pitcher Music Resources (Audrey Podmore) - "Attractive new music and a creative approach"
CMA Publications
Arto Wikla's Early music pages: publications
Arto Wikla's Early music pages: treatises, etc.
Bicinium Flauto Dolce sheet music and multimedia files
Virtual Sheet Music ® classical sheet music that you can download
Scottish Fiddle Music