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Before setting off blindly into your research, think carefully about which keywords you can use and aim to be as precise as possible.
Steer clear of terms that are too general and avoid "buzzwords", as they tend to give back too many results.
For quality results, use quality keywords.
  1. Watch your cases. Some search engines are case sensitive, so you must ensure that words that are spelled correctly, i.e. with the right letters in upper case or lower case.
  2. Take care with the order of the words used.
  3. Use lower case where possible.
  4. Use speech marks if your search contains several words and you want the engine to take all the words into account, e.g. "compound meter"
For more advice read How to optimize your searches on the Internet [Howto in English and French] written by Alexa Dubreuil - from which this advice has been taken
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