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Useful Recorder Links

Recorder MusicMail - publisher and distributor of recorder music
Löbner Blockflöten - Margret Löbner - a German recorder maker and dealer
Andrea Bornstein's Flauto Dolce - subscription service for sheet music
Philippe Bolton - French recorder maker
Music 88 Recorder Resource
Markus Zahnhausen's Homepage
Jill Kemp's Page - an English recorder player
David Bellugi's Homepage
Nick Lander's The Recorder Homepage
Bob Redman's International Recorder Page
American Recorder Teachers Association
The Society of Recorders Players (U.K.)
Sonoma County Recorder Society (SCRS)
The Seattle Recorder Society
The South Bay Recorder Society
The Recorder and Early Music Society of WA
The Sacramento Recorder Society
Victorian Recorder Guild - based in Australia
The Hampshire Recorder Orchestra
Revista de Flauta de Pico, Spanish Recorder Magazine
La flûte à bec en France
The Recorder in Japan (in Japanese and English)
The Friends' Recorder Consort
Physics of The Recorder
Berkshire Recorder Consort
Peregrine Recorder Orchestra - an amateur recorder orchestra based in the UK
The Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra, Palo Alto, CA - an amateur recorder orchestra - Informationen, Services, Shopping, Interaktives und News
The new German recorder playing community
Jacob van Eyck Homepage - maintained by Thiemo Wind
Saunders Recorders
Kent Music School
North East Recorder Orchestra (NERCO)
Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius
Spark - that includes Andrea Ritter and Daniel Koschitzki (both formerly of Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet)
Hong Kong Recorder & Music Education Centre (information in Chinese only)