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Sending instruments through the post

How To Pack Your Recorder Safely

Pack your recorder in a rigid case or box with each section wrapped individually in thin foam sheet or newspaper. This is most important - recorder keys and thumb rests may be damaged or may mark other sections. Fill the box with paper to prevent sections moving around inside. Pad the outside of the case or box with newspaper or foam sheet to protect it too from damage. If you can use a strong cardboard box rather than the original instrument case you may be able to reduce the weight of the parcel (and thereby reduce the cost of postage) without any greater risk to the instrument. We find that some maker's cases are a lot more susceptible to damage than their instruments.

How To Send Instruments From Abroad

If you wish to send instruments from outside the EU please contact us first so that we can advise how best to do this.

Our Contact Details

From within the EU send instruments to:
Dolmetsch Organisation
Grayswood Road
Surrey GU27 2BS

telephone from within UK:01428-651473
telephone from outside UK:+44-1428-651473
SKYPE VoIP user name:brianedmundblood

Instruments posted to us are sent at your own risk. You should insure them.

Classification of Goods: Community Number (CN) Codes

When sending instruments, books, music, etc. to us from outside the EC, you may be required to provide a Community Number so that the goods are correctly classified.

ItemHow classifiedCN Code
RecordersOther wind instruments (for example, clarinets, trumpets, bagpipes) - OtherCN 92059000
Sheet musicMusic, printed or in manuscript, whether or not bound or illustratedCN 49040000
BooksPrinted books, brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter, whether or not in single sheetsCN 49010000
RecordingsRecords, tapes and other recorded media for sound or other similarly recorded phenomena, including matrices and masters for the production of recordsCN 85240000

Information in the table above has been drawn from ICN Online