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String instrument servicing

Dolmetsch has been long involved in the manufacture and restoration of early stringed instruments. Most recently we have worked on a number of fine instruments made in the early 1900s as well as a further antique made in the 1600s.

Roger Rose, for many years was the manager of The Dolmetsch Workshop stringed-instrument department, is our recommended source for fine instruments, early bows, all types of repair-work and restoration. Roger has recently retired as Head of Stringed Instrument Making at West Dean College.

To contact Roger use the details below:

tel: 01730 810199
mobile tel: 07887 518840

Web site:

Roger Rose is always happy to give you a quotation for work proposed with a detailed breakdown where this would be helpful. Where conservation is required suitable techniques and materials would be used and a detailed 'logging of condition and of work carried' out can be undertaken and supplied. It is surprisingly inexpensive to restore modern instruments which can be purchased at well below 'as new instrument' prices making the whole operation a good route to owning what many see as rather expensive items.

Stringed instruments deteriorate through use. Indeed, even standing in a room unused, some loss in performance will occur. The common problems with stringed instruments are:

  • soundboard splits, warped bridges and loose frets
  • broken strings
  • tight, loose or 'sticky' pegs
  • dropped sound-post
  • loss or wear of the varnish where the instrument has been handled
  • glue joints parting
  • incorrect setting up of the instrument

Information on the repair of stringed instruments