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Repertoire for Two Recorders and Continuo
Jean Allison Olsen (Honeysuckle Music)

Bach, J. S., Triosonate F-Dur, BWV 1028, MK 2532
Boismortier, La Matignon, Primiere Gentilesse, TR 28
Boismortier, Triosonate, Sonata II, G major, OFB 8
Boismortier, Triosonate. B flat Major, Op. 41/3, OFB 162
Bononcini, 15 Dances for Two Treble Recorders, UE 18747
Castello, Zwei Sonaten für zwei Altblockflöten und Bc, Libro Primo, Sonata I, Sonata II, BP 811
Corelli, Six Sonatas for Two Treble Recorders and Bc, Vol. II, op. 2/8, 4/3, 4/4, UE 18743
Corelli, Sonata a tre in F major (WoO 8) transposed, BP 714
Corelli, Sonatas for 2 Recorders and Continuo, Op. 2/5, 2/7, 2/8, EP4567
Handel, Triosonata F-Dur for two Treble Recorders and Basso continuo HWV 405, BA4261
Paisible, Suite I for 2 Alto Recorders and Bc, F major, OFB 70
Paisible, Suite II for 2 Alto Recorders and Bc, d minor, OFB 71
Purcell, Chaconne for 2 Treble Recorders and Keyboard, ST 11716
Purcell (Mageau), Chaconne from The Prophetess, LMP 156
Purcell, Draghi, Chaconnen für zwei Altblockflöten und Bc, BP 712
Quantz, Trio Sonata, OFB 173
Sammartini, Twelve Sonatas, Vol. I; 1. F major, 2. F major, 3. G major, 4. F major, OFB 81
Sammartini, Twelve Sonatas, Vol. II; 5. F major, 6. d minor, 7. F major, 8. F major, OFB 82
Sammartini, Twelve Sonatas, Vol. III; 9. G major, 10. F major, 11. F major, 12. B flat major, OFB 83
Schultze, Suite, OFB 92
Telemann, Sonata a tre, in C Major, TWV 42:C1 either BP 732 or HM 10
Telemann, Triosonata in C major, No. 14, TWV 42:CA1, BP 764
Telemann, Sonata, g minor, TWV 42:e8 transposed, either OFB 107 or BP 754
Telemann, Sonate, F major, TWV 42:F7 either OFB 106 or BP 2441
Telemann, Trio Sonata in a minor, TWV 42:a9 either HM 256 or BP 2510
Uccelini, Two Arias, B 3001
Vivaldi, Sonata Follia, RV 63 transposed, BP 880

There are also some that might have originally been for flute or oboe and recorder that work. The BP editions are from Amadeus, OFB, ST, and HM are Schott.

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