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General Information
2022 Publications (this year)
  • Bulletin #41 was published and circulated in March 2022
  • Consort #78 will be issued in September 2022
  • Bulletin #42 will be published and circulated in October 2022
  • Invoices or advice notes relating to subscriptions for the year 2023 will be mailed out in October 2022

2021 Publications (last year)
  • Bulletin #39 was published and circulated in March 2021
  • Consort #77 was issued in June 2021
  • Bulletin #40 will be published and circulated in October 2021
  • Invoices or advice notes relating to subscriptions for the year 2022 were mailed out in October 2021

Contents of latest issue of The Consort, #78  

Flageolets, whistles and recorders in relation to the English folk tradition: an organological overview
Silva Box 17-1: an English eighteenth-century compilation of sonatas and other compositions for cello in Greensboro
Subscribers to William Bird’s The Oriental Miscellany (1789): an insight into late eighteenth-century Anglo-Indian Society
Polemics of Imperfection
Dr Bull and a motet in 80 parts
Japanese Perspectives on Arnold Dolmetsch: an article of 1932 by 大野正夫 Masao Ohno

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Complete Index For Volumes 1 - 77 

Back Issues and Past Articles

  • The Foundation holds a small number of back issues that are available to purchase
  • Individual articles can be provided as scanned images (in pdf format)
  • The charges for back issues and back articles are available on request
  • Please contact Dr. Brian Blood for further information

Articles for The Consort
Would you be interested in writing an article on a musical subject of your choice for The Consort, a journal that appears annually, and specialises in early music, i.e. music up to 1800. 

A suitable length for an article would be about 5000 words. Black and white illustrations are welcome as long as you have obtained any necessary permissions.

For purposes of publication, the most helpful format for submitting an article is on a CD together with a print-out.

If you send it to the editor, by the end of December, it can appear in the Summer issue following.

The fee for an article is £60.
Please supply a short biography about yourself when you send the article.

Please contact the editor if you have any queries or would like to discuss this further.

The Editor
c/o 22 Haslemere Road
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Advertising in The Consort
The Consort is one of the world's leading Early Music Journals. It is published annually by the Dolmetsch Foundation, and has a wide readership both in Britain and abroad. University libraries in many countries subscribe to The Consort, which carries articles on current musical research and reviews of recent books, music and recordings.
Advertising Rates
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£100whole page
£125inside back cover


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Other Information  
  • Cheques, Money Orders, etc. should be made to The Dolmetsch Foundation Inc.
  • Payments, bank-to-bank, should be made to our bankers (see details above) with all charges borne by the payer.
  • The Consort's page dimension is A5
  • Copy deadline for the next issue is March 25, 2023
Please provide camera-ready artwork on floppy disk or CD (black and white), together with hard copy. These can be sent to the editor with your payment.