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Dolmetsch Family & Business Contact Dr. Brian Blood
Friends of the Haslemere Festival Peter Andrews
Southern Early Music Forum Newsletter Editor Tim Samuelson
Baroque Oboes Matthew Peaceman
US Recorder Repairsman Lee Collins
Florentine Flutist David Bellugi
Early Music in Ireland Douglas Gunn
The Recorder Homepage Nicholas Lander
Boulder (US) Early Music Ruth Harvey
Early Music in Latvia Solvita Sejane
The British Clavichord Society BCS
ARS - the American Recorder Society
Early Music Magazine Early Music
The Recorder Magazine Ruth and Jeremy Burbidge
Boston (US) Early Music News Sheila Beardslee Bosworth - Editor
The Recorder in Hong Kong Peter Wong Wing Hon
Saraband Music - Specialist Early Music Publisher Patrice Connelly
George Stevens - luthier: George Stevens' web site
Language and Music For Life - summer school organisers

The Dolmetsch Foundation

Dolmetsch Foundation
e-mail: Dolmetsch Foundation

Editor of The Consort
e-Mail: Elizabeth Rees

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