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Important News

1 August 2005

We have had to move to a new server following the closure of FIDPAC, our previous host. As the withdrawal of service by FIDPAC is likely to become the subject of litigation between the service owner, Steve Gunnels, and those businesses he was hosting, we have nothing else to add on that subject.

Our new host, ICDsoft, has provided us with excellent service which has enabled us restore our service within two days of the closure of FIDPAC.

2 February 2002

We have relocated our web site from the U.K. to a U.S. provider. The old site has been reduced to a single page advising vistors of our relocation.

If you have bookmarked Dolmetsch web pages to the old web site these will need to be reset.

The easiest way to reset the bookmark is to delete the old mark and then find the equivalent page on our new site and make a new bookmark to it.

Those who do not mind doing a bit of editing need only replace any reference to with the new site address with the appropriate file name following.

So, for example, the music theory online contents page which used to have the address has now been relocated to